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Name: 20180805_Sun_Alex
Air Date: Aug. 5, 2018
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Alex Jones discusses various topics such as Rob Reiner's statement about a civil war in America, Bernie Sanders' suggestion to adopt policies similar to oppressive regimes, the situation in Venezuela and potential false flag operations, and promotes products available through InfoWars Life. He criticizes mainstream media for being dishonest, particularly CNN, and encourages listeners to support Infowars by purchasing products from the store, subscribing to the newsletter, downloading the official InfoWars app, and using Infowars Life products. Jones also talks about Hollywood and mainstream media attempting to block President Trump's agenda and spread false narratives against him and his supporters. Additionally, he discusses a death threat made to Don Lemon and Brian Stelter on C-SPAN, globalists and their influence, and the importance of taking control of one's life and resisting being enslaved by these globalists who seek to dominate the spirit of America.

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You are listening to an InfoWars.com Frontline Report.
It's Alex Jones.
The people are angry, and he will feed them whatever they want to keep that anger going.
And you see it in the rallies.
He actually calls for, you know, this kind of outrage and take it out against the media, take it out against immigrants, take it out against whomever you want.
That's what he does.
He keeps stirring this up.
But you have to stay at it.
You have to stay at it.
There's no other way.
Bring the fact-checking up to 11.
Well, if you can.
I mean, if you can.
If you don't break through, we are going to have, we are in it right now.
It might be the last stage of a civil war.
The last battle is being fought.
Hopefully it won't be fought physically.
But we are more divided than we ever have been, and we've got a president who is backed up by media.
Presidents have always spewed propaganda.
Liberals, Democrats.
So, he then goes on, Rob Reiner, meathead of Archie Bunker, guy worth $500 million, who's trying to cause civil war in this country, to say that the president runs the media and that the media is behind him and it's got to stop.
He goes on to say, thank God, we'll play this next segment.
The video's up on Infowars.com.
It's at the very beginning.
It's the first thing they say.
He goes, well, first off, thank God Alex Jones is banned off Facebook, which isn't true.
They're just creating that idea as a wave to get everybody else to start deplatforming us to create a stampede.
How incredibly dangerous is that?
And then they claim the President is attacking the media and Brian Stelter on CNN and MSNBC, all the establishment channels, the globalist Chai Com, big mega bank channels, they are the globalist state-run systems.
They say that President
Trump is calling for violence.
No, the media says, kidnap his son, rape him, go out and attack him.
Hashtag hunt Republicans.
The New York Times says, here's where they play baseball and don't have security.
They're the ones saying, hey, Rand Paul, you know, he can be beaten.
Look at what just happened last year with his ribs getting broken.
That's in the news today, up on InfoWars.com.
So much violence, I can't even cover it.
Our crew, four crew members, were in Portland yesterday, where thousands of patriots showed up, and Antifa still tried to attack them, physically.
And there, right now, we have live feeds on InfoWars.com, with four of our reporters in Berkeley, covering it all.
So, tune into that, live if you wish.
It's also being archived later, after it's not live.
It's just that we are a multimedia
News and information platform bringing you unfiltered, unvarnished truth so you can make a decision about where you stand and what you want to do.
Now, that said, Stelter's saying that there's going to be all this violence, and that's the talking point the last six months, there's going to be terror attacks on the media because of Trump.
Well, they're the ones opening the borders, they're the ones supporting ISIS, Al Qaeda, they're the ones supporting all this stuff.
But I kept saying, will they let a crazy in?
Or will they let an event happen?
Or will they false flag?
But I said last week, they're such cowards, they want to actually cook something up against themselves.
But now there's a phone call to C-SPAN, anybody could make, threatening CNN, which is the only card they've got is to play the martyr or the victim.
It's the only card they've got.
So that CCBAM clip's coming up after I play you.
Rob Reiner, the guy saying we're in the last battle of the Civil War, rise up.
He hopes it isn't violent when their own antifa funded by George Soros and others is violent.
And I point out the left says we're in a civil war.
Rob Reiner said July 4th's the time to launch it.
I report it, but Stelter didn't tell you that.
They said, Jones just made it up.
He claims the North and South are gonna line up, Ulysses S. Grant, Robert E. Lee, and kill each other on July 4th.
Look, it didn't happen.
Didn't say that, scumbag.
And you didn't show where I said it, because you are fake news.
You're very fake news.
But you're bigger than fake news.
You're a globalist intelligence op trying to kill America and the First Amendment.
You are the enemy.
We are.
Everything we do here at InfoWars is possible with your support at InfoWarsStore.com.
We have huge specials.
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Have you heard?
InfoWars is getting banned across the internet.
Facebook, YouTube, Twitter.
They're all censoring us.
I need you to share these links to the videos and the websites and the stories at InfoWars.com immediately.
And remember, if you can hear my voice, you are the revolution.
Waging war on corruption.
It's Alex Jones, coming to you live from the front lines of the InfoWar.
This is the first time that you have mainstream media essentially divided into two halves, so that you have, you know, Fox, Breitbart, Sinclair, and Alex Jones, which has now been taken off of Facebook, thank God.
So, you got a guy worth $500 million, it's reported, who's got all his media outlets, and he wants Texas
American citizen Alex Jones, shut up.
Because he wants to go on MSNBC and CNN like the big, dirty, race-baiting, racist, globalist Nazi he is.
Just like Soros, another Nazi-serving, race-baiting, evil, dirty piece of garbage.
Saw Dinesh D'Souza's film last night, The Death of a Nation, and he, God, he shows Soros saying he worked for Hitler.
He shows Soros on 60 Minutes saying he would do it again.
It was great.
It was happy making.
You know how pissed Soros gets when that goes out.
All these attacks on me, I've been told, let Islam invade America, let us transsexualize your kids, and don't say Soros is a Nazi, and you will be left alone.
You know what I said?
Feel your hand, just like in
True Grit, but it wasn't a movie.
It was real.
They're gonna say, Jones threatens Rob Reiner with a gun!
No, I'm saying, like True Grit, that four guys, they say, I aim to take you in alive or kill you right now.
They say, I see a fat man, one-eyed fat man.
He goes, all right, we'll see what happens at the end of this.
And I mean that politically, metaphysically, as an allegory.
They're going to edit that.
It'll be in the New York Times front page tomorrow.
Because they are Decepticons.
It's what they do.
But I was saying, we are politically defeating them.
And it's high noon for everyone.
We have four reporters on the ground in Berkeley, California, where Antifa swore no free speech for libertarians or Christians or conservatives were allowed.
They beat up prayer vigils in the streets.
They are the most fascistic people I've seen in my lifetime that wasn't in a history book or on some newsreel.
They were at the incredible Patriot Prayer Vigil in Portland where thousands and thousands showed up and Angeva didn't know what to do.
They followed our reporters in their cars and threatened to attack them.
That video is up on Infowars.com.
We're going to have Millie Weaver who was at the Ohio Trump rally where they would spit and yell at Trump supporters coming in to even see it and yell and scream as true fundamental bullies.
We have that footage coming up.
She's going to be joining us.
It is simply amazing.
We have Maduro, who is a dictator.
And I saw the footage this morning of the drone attack.
There is no drone.
There is no missiles.
The fire department said no.
A gas line blew up in a building a couple blocks away.
Now was it a false flag or was it him out there with his police state?
Communist all lined up and then nothing happened there was Something blew up inside of you know rotting gas line Somebody burned burned food.
They were cooking.
We don't know he goes I'm under drone attack martial law arrest all my political opponents because that's the reality of what's happening and this is what Sean Penn and
Bernie Sanders, they told us the way to do it is Venezuela.
Like Cuba, like Russia, like China, like North Korea.
And so when they saw Maduro with all the armor around him,
And they put up the bulletproof stuff and they ran.
The wicked flee when none pursue.
In fact, let Bernie Sanders read a Bible verse.
This is a Bible verse here.
The wicked flee though no one pursue, but the righteous are as bold as a lion.
There you go!
Just like you see with Antifa.
They flee.
Except one valiant Antifa beat up a man who says that he has a neurological disorder, a Hispanic man on a walker.
And they come over on camera and beat him in the head.
White meth heads do.
The white meth heads are the heroes.
Like in Russia, when they would kick the brains out of the Christians and rape the women in Ukraine and Poland.
I honeymooned there, by the way, in the 70s.
I loved seeing what we were able to do to you Christians!
And we're going to do it more!
I am a psychotic killer, Bernie Sanders.
Let it physically.
I'm so upset by how degenerate, and inbred, and ugly, and hunchback, and satanic I am, that if I could just destroy all of you, I would feel like a big boy!
Because the wicked flee when none pursue.
But when the enemy comes in like a flood, the spirit of the Lord lifts up a standard against it.
And now, you face that.
I'm sorry, that's just one little area.
So we're going to be doing all of that.
Even mainstream news says, looks like Maduro staged a false flag.
Ah, no one even knew what that term was 20 years ago.
I wonder what's been happening.
See, we're already light years ahead of them.
Whatever moves they make on us, because they're just servile followers of evil, they can't even imagine what we've already done.
So, coming up next, though, after the break, must see the monster of all false flags coming.
That was me in February 28, 2018.
Here's another one just in June, a few months ago.
Is CNN planning a false flag to blame Trump?
Because you can see them going, well, we're not saying kill Trump every five minutes.
We're saying we're victims when he criticizes and calls us liars.
He's going to cause violence.
So I said, how do the cowards at CNN, MSNBC, ABC, you name it,
When some leftist goes in, you know, that's mad that he lost a lawsuit with somebody and shoot somebody at a newspaper, they blame it on Trump and me.
So how are they going to be the victims?
And it'll be a false flag.
But I said, there's such cowards and they know we're watching them.
So I said, you know, will it be like threats or something?
And sure enough, the phone call sounds totally staged.
It's coming up next segment where they threaten Stelter and one other booby.
That just means pirate over at the Communist News Network.
And they're just like, oh look, the calls of violence when you're everywhere under your own names in mainstream media, in corporate media, calling for Trump to be assassinated.
Somebody bring me my folder in here.
It's a little manila folder.
Thank you.
That I've made that point here.
Let me tell you what else is coming up.
A tech giant's teetering on the top of market collapse.
Which they may do to themselves is to bring Trump down.
As our good friend Bill Maher said, destroy America, bankrupt it.
He's got a hundred million.
He wants you to be poor to learn to lick his big old greasy boots.
Also, why won't Saudi Arabia and Qatar take refugees?
They won't take one, but want Europe to take another 10 million.
Ask Polish MP.
That's coming up.
Spain becoming third world.
American tourist attacked by migrant speaks out in their shock video where they're beating up a woman, a bunch of North African invaders.
He tries to protect her.
They attack him.
So that's all coming up.
That's on newswars.com.
So did they launch a false flag?
Even mainstream media says the evidence points towards nothing happened.
They just saw a gas thing blow up across the street.
So they got scared and ran off.
It made them look weak.
So then he just claims, oh, it's a drone attack to arrest everybody.
Bill Clinton, spokesman, we've never had a president incapable of telling the truth like this.
So now Bill Clinton's like, it's time for you to tell the truth.
You know, you claim you get the growth rate 3%, it's 4.1.
You claim you try to secure the border, you did it.
You claim you start pulling out of Syria, you did it.
You claim you bring back thousands of factories, you did it.
You claimed you'd pull out of the TPP.
You did it.
I mean, you claimed that you would do all these thousands of things.
You've already done like 500 of them.
And I just want to say that you are a liar.
I am the truth.
In the Encyclopedia Britannica, or in the definition of Webster's Dictionary, when you look at truth,
I did not have sex with that woman.
And to breathe my lips, no new taxes.
This is George W. Bush, my good buddy, said.
And of course, Obama and the rest of them that wrote Obamacare to screw you over.
God Almighty, it's so good right now.
I'm feeling real good.
Thank you, Lord.
We've got President Clinton to tell us when he's not flying around on Jerry Epstein's pedophile plane or, you know, doing deals on rapes.
We're selling this out to China.
Thank God he told us about truth.
I learned at the knee of Bill Clinton about truth.
Oh, Bill Clinton, thank you.
Oh, Bill Clinton.
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You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
He aligns himself with the truth.
And it's time for you to choose a side.
You're listening to Alex Jones.
We've got the Democrats and the Globalists.
They're constantly saying that Trump is violent and that Trump's going to cause blood by pointing out they're liars.
You read these headlines from the Hill, it's Trump!
I, and then it says quote, unquote, destroy careers of Republicans who say bad things about me.
But he didn't actually say it.
When you go watch the video, which we have of what he said,
You can read the transcript of the Hill.
They just think you won't actually click on it.
He goes on to say, they attack me, they lie about me in the press.
All we do is punch back, and then they go down the tubes.
So he didn't say, I destroy the careers of Republicans you challenge.
You challenge Emperor Palpatine, you will be destroyed.
It's kind of an Emperor Palpatine meets Cobra Commander.
You challenge Cobra Commander, you will be destroyed!
It is I, Cobra Commander, who are in control of these operations.
I am the mastermind, not you!
Then you actually read what he said.
It has no semblance.
He says, I only destroy their career because they said bad things about me and you.
Fight back and they go down the tubes and that's okay, he said.
How do you get 100% of anything?
This is Trump.
We always have somebody who says, I don't like Trump.
I don't like our president.
He destroyed my career.
He goes on, I'll only destroy their career because they said bad things about me and you fight back and you go down the tubes after that, okay?
Yeah, Trump's super nice to them and they call him a Nazi and all these other lies and the Republicans try to join with mainstream media because they're too dumb to see that people are totally turned against it or they hedge bets.
And then Trump counters back
He goes, oh crazy Bernie, boy he loves socialism, man that's crazy.
What a weirdo, you gotta give him credit though, he just keeps coming.
Headline, Trump says he shouldn't have any free speech, calls for violence.
I go, wow, I mean look at the club.
Oh crazy Bernie, boy I gotta hand it to him, keeps coming back.
I mean, it's like they're exercising lies to like try to get you to accept them or something.
I had this New York Times writer come visit me Friday.
I finally talked to one of them.
I taped it.
We're going to be airing it in the next few weeks before they put out their hit piece.
And I just kept going, wait, your article has these quotes.
I didn't say that.
Here's what I really said.
She just kept, that's your opinion, isn't it?
Like a cult.
And they got Trevor Noah and these other people saying, no one's socialist.
It doesn't exist.
That's coming up.
You're crazy.
We're like, no, socialism's all over the world, it's failed, it's bad, and the Democrats are pushing it, and it's 55% of millennials and Gallup polls support it, and you've got this Alexandria Cortez, or Alexandria Cortez and Bernie and all them, and they go, no we don't, no we don't, and they do this gaslighting, like I've got a 70 IQ.
But what it really makes me, it does get to me though, that they're so whacked out.
That they think, because they're used to preying on dumb people, that that's everybody.
I gotta do this, judges.
I'll do it in the next segment.
But this whole thing where they hype up everybody's about to kill us, while they're saying kill Trump, and then clearly it's a fake phone call.
Just like our own State Department says they think it's fake, even CNN thinks it's fake, that Maduro
Actually got attacked by a drone, because there's hundreds of cameras and there's no damn drone.
There's no bombs, there's no missiles.
He's like, drones attack with missiles and we're bombing the podium!
It ain't on the video, Jack!
It's like watching the Kentucky Derby and telling me a particular horse ran.
I'm like, I don't even see that horse in the race, brother!
Or it's like telling me LeBron James just threw a three-pointer for the
The Spurs!
He ain't on the Spurs!
There's no video of it!
It's crazy!
So I haven't figured out their psychological warfare stuff.
I think they're delusional.
I think they're whacked out.
I think they're in their own bubbles, propped up by Carlos Slim of the New York Times and Bezos at the Washington Post.
Because man, the stuff they write about me doesn't even make me feel bad.
They'd write lies about me ten years ago and I'd get a little upset.
Now, this stuff's so crazy, they got me, you know, wearing Hitler shoes, and, you know, trying to rape male employees, and then the male employee says, in my mind, the male employee says, he never said anything gay, I just felt like it.
Headline, Jones Gay Grooming.
Never said anything gay, but, you know, he telepathically heard it.
Like you walk into a restaurant and they go, would you like a glass of iced tea?
And you're like, you bastard.
You just said you want me to piss in your face.
You're like, no, I just said iced tea.
So, man, these people have gone crazy.
And if you go to any leftist event, they have radicalized and gone insane.
And they live in big, compact cities.
And they spend half their time on TVs and phones.
And their IQs are dropping.
All the studies show they're six more times likely to steal, nine times more likely to not give a charity.
They have collectively gone cuckoo, cocoa puff.
And they're not liberals.
They are crazy people.
And this is a societal crisis because you've got big governments and big corporations and the Communist Chinese, I'm going to show you even mainstream news admitting they've taken over the media, putting in psychological warfare that they execute you for in China.
And by the way, I don't want to execute people for the psychological warfare stuff they get them to do.
You will not see one article in Hollywood or anywhere about China executes you if you're gay.
First time they catch you admitting you're gay, 10 years work camp.
Second time?
And again, I'm not up here, like, virtue signaling for gay people or something.
I'm not even into what you do in your own life.
It's actually kind of like a domineering, weird thing that people try to obsess over what they're into sexually all day.
It's like, dude, don't you do that at home at night or whatever?
I mean, I don't like to walk around the office going, I'm a heterosexual and I got four kids and women really think I'm awesome and, you know, you need to try heterosexuality right now.
We need to teach your five-year-olds about it.
I don't do that!
But see, heterosexuality is not about five-year-olds.
It's about procreation.
And I'm not saying being homosexual is about kids, because there were heterosexual pedophiles.
I'm saying, do you understand that?
Like, it's not that I'm obsessed with it, because I'm not obsessed with knowing how to put gas in my car.
Or how to grow a garden in the backyard.
It's all part of life.
And the fact that the globalists are obsessed with it shows their obsession with the human processes.
But here's what's coming up.
We've got what I think is clearly the preparation for a false flag against MSNBC or CNN that I've already warned of months ago.
They're already priming the pump for it.
We're going to play this incredible call that sounds as fake as a $3 bill.
And then we're going to get into the video of Maduro and what even mainstream news is calling a false flag.
The fire department says no drones or bombs and no missiles.
There's no missiles, there's no drones.
It was like a gas main, a gas line blew up in some apartment.
Some smoke, maybe an oil fire.
Again, like somebody was cooking a piece of fish or chicken and some smoke came out the window.
But now he needs martial law all over Venezuela, right on time.
The killing of Uncle Sam.
I just read it a few weeks ago.
Pastor Rodney Howard Brown, one of the bravest preachers in the world.
Of course, he's an American, but he grew up in South Africa.
And we're just really, really pleased to have him.
The demise of the United States of America.
Now, he gave us 500 books.
I've ordered a thousand more.
They're coming in next week.
It starts shipping next Tuesday.
But he does have audiobooks on CD and Audible.com that also start coming out next week.
So we'll be selling those.
But I don't care where you get them.
Just be sure and
Get them.
I feel in my gut, but also historically, and you see this biblically, God gives people one last chance, and to turn it around.
So people think, oh, it's Providence, he's divinely inspired, you know, he can't be stopped.
I don't agree with that.
I think if we don't back Trump, if we aren't strong, if we don't pray, if we're not active, if we're not courageous, I think God will step aside and let this whole thing fall.
This is a last minute reprieve.
In actual fact, Dr. Paul Williams, when we were writing this, he said, I want the last chapter to be called The Reign of Jezebel.
And I looked at him and said, absolutely not.
Absolutely not.
She's not getting in.
He said, she, she, there's no way she's not going to win.
I said, she is not going to get in.
We had all night premiums at the church, you know, and I didn't support Trump.
I knew Trump was going to win.
Yeah, I didn't support him as a Republican or Democrat because both Republican and Democrat are wicked.
I supported him because he was an outsider and was not funded by the globalists to come.
And you could see that genuinely the globalists hate him.
In a way.
The Pope is against him.
The world's financial elite and Darvish is against him.
The former Mexican...
You know, President is against him, everybody.
I said, okay, well that tells you who he's supposed to support right there.
And I feel that we've got this window.
God has granted us a last-minute reprieve.
It's not over yet.
Because let me tell you, back in 07, I said to the Lord, tell me, is it too late?
I mean, it's 07.08.
Is it too late?
I'll tell the people, because I'm not going to lie to them.
I'll tell them, hey, it's over, and put yourself in the brace position, like they tell you on the aircraft, which is not a good thing, because that means you're trying to get your head as close to your butt.
Put your head between your knees.
You can kiss it goodbye, you know.
It's like, we're going down, you know.
So, you know, the Lord said to me, it's not too late.
And God is waiting on us.
He's waiting on us to stand up.
And I want to just say this, you know, I feel the Lord's hand of protection is on you.
If they were going to take you out, they would have taken you out.
They're not going to touch you because of the blood of Jesus that protects you, the angels of God that encamp about you, your wife, your children, and everything that you touch.
So don't, don't get frustrated.
Know that the Lord, there's a God in heaven.
And you know, He's about you.
He said, I'll be about you as a wall of fire.
He told you.
I feel it.
I just don't feel like I'm doing good enough.
No, no.
Alex, it's not about that.
You're doing your best.
Here's the thing.
Everybody must do what they can.
Everybody does their best.
And at the end of the day, God takes our best and he multiplies it.
I know.
I can feel God's strength.
I just can't believe that other people don't see it.
Yeah, but that's why I'm going to preach the gospel to them so that they can experience the power of the Holy Spirit.
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You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
But this is the first time that you have mainstream media essentially divided into two halves.
So that you have, you know, Fox, Breitbart, Sinclair, and Alex Jones, which has now been taken off of Facebook, thank God.
You know, trafficking in another narrative.
And so, you know, shock and awe with these guys, the four journalists who got the truth out during the run-up to the war.
They were facing headwinds of patriotism, the trauma of 9-11.
But they weren't facing the headwinds that real journalists who are working very hard now to get the truth out.
Which is this cement block, a wall that they cannot penetrate with the truth.
And that's the scary part.
Donald Trump ran on this and it was effective.
He said that, you know, the media doesn't represent regular people.
Hollywood doesn't represent regular people.
We are completely out of touch with regular people.
And it worked to his advantage.
How do you, how as somebody who speaks in the media often, as someone who produces films like Shock and Honour.
So there's a guy who's made billions of dollars, who's worth $500 million.
Rob Reiner in Hollywood is totally saying, thank God Alex Jones has been taken off Facebook, which isn't true.
They just put some false announcements out there and banned an ABC video I put up of a kid punching a guy four times.
He pushes the kid down.
They ran a whole hoax on YouTube and Facebook saying I beat up a kid.
Forbes ran it.
Wall Street Journal.
I mean, I've been with lawyers this whole weekend getting ready to file a suit.
And believe me, I'm not a litigious guy.
I have to start suing.
Because they will not stop.
Ban Alex Jones, he beat up a kid.
That's Forbes.
They mean business.
So, you need to understand, that's what's going on.
And there's Rob Reiner, that says we're in a civil war as well.
He said that in the same interview.
That we need to launch a civil war.
He hopes it doesn't get too violent.
Even though Hollywood's financing all this violence.
These people are pigs.
You turn on any Hollywood movie now that's contemporarily based, it's all about race war, all about whites being evil.
These people are predators, ladies and gentlemen.
Horrible, sick predators trying to block our president.
Now, I've said this last year, late last year, and I've said it this year, and here are the videos.
Must see the mother of all false flags is coming.
That's on Infowars.com and CNN is planning false flag to blame Trump question mark.
And I go into how every one of their brainwashers is saying Trump criticizing us is going to cause a terror attack in America.
against the media.
Now they're the ones saying hashtag hunt Republicans.
They're the ones, you know, all over saying resist.
They're the ones saying overthrow.
They're the ones saying he's a Nazi, rape, baron, kidnapping.
I mean, everybody's seen the main editorials that the case for rioting, the case for insurrection, Newsweek time.
But Stelter, little New York Times bot, he crawls out from under a rock.
And says, oh my God, we're going to have terror attacks.
And I'll play that clip second.
But because he said that last week, right on time, somebody calls in to C-SPAN.
This is how false flags work.
Our own State Department, Columbia and others are saying Maduro in Venezuela is a dictator.
The country's been collapsing for five, six years completely.
They have a million percent inflation.
You know, that means
But dollars, now a million dollars.
It's nearing Zimbabwe level.
It's worse than the Weimar Republic, Germany.
That's pre-Hitler.
So, everybody's saying there's no drone.
We'll cover that next, but first we'll play these.
There's no proof.
It looks like a little gas main blew up.
There was a little bit of fire in a building down the street.
Now he's now, a martial law has been announced.
He's arresting everybody.
There's no proof.
The fire department said it didn't happen.
You don't see the drone in all the videos we're going to show.
But leftist media saying, shut up State Department, don't say it was states.
When all they did was question it.
See, you're allowed to question these events when you know who has the motive, who has a history of lying, how many of the cross burnings, how many of the poop swastikas, how many of the Air Force Academy's things.
Basically all of them.
Even if you're a racist, and the left says it's only whites that are racist, which is pure crap, why would you be in the Air Force Academy and then go write racist stuff on a vending machine under a surveillance camera?
It turned out it was the leftist, you know, young black person did it, who just thought they'd get attention out of that.
Trump said, I hear these attacks on synagogues and Jewish cemeteries are staged by leftists, to blame me.
He'd already been told by police.
They already knew who did it.
They'd already tracked the guy.
He said that a week before.
And a week later, they busted the leftist Soros minion, actually anti-Israel Jew, self-hating Jew, who hates Israel and hates Jews.
Whether you're for Israel or not, point is, you've got a self-hating Jew doing this.
Trump would have already been told by the state police in New Jersey.
He says, I hear it's staged, but you shouldn't attack Jews or anybody else.
He's like, why is he having to?
They're like, you need to respond at your first State of the Union that you're not attacking Jews.
He's like, I love Jews.
I'm not attacking them, but I hear this is fake.
Oh my God, you say it's fake.
How dare you?
Turns out it was staged by a Democrat.
Do you blame Trump?
God, that ain't hard to figure out.
I mean, this is easy.
It doesn't mean everything stays, but when it's all PR produced, and all right on time, and days after the synagogue gets attacked, and you know, with the swastika and some gravestones get turned over, it's Trump, you better do something!
He calls the police, finds out, and they go, don't worry, Mr. President, we're on him.
He's been bragging about it to people.
We've got informants.
And then the guy pled guilty.
So, see, that's what I'm trying to get people's brains around here.
Is that this stuff goes on.
There's no drone.
There's no missiles.
There's no bomb.
I at a gut level, and it's almost always right, think that they had a gas fire or something blow up in a high-rise across the street.
They got scared, looked like wimps running.
Remember the guy that ran Georgia famously, thought everybody was after him?
During the Georgia War and he ran off, so that made everybody kick him out.
So it looked really, really wimpy, like his whole military and everybody runs, because something pops off in an apartment across the street and some smoke comes out, so they all run.
And then he goes, I'm rounding everyone up, drones fired missiles at me and killed everybody and bombs went off.
Hell, why not say Godzilla came out of the Caribbean and attacked Caracas?
And then Godzilla and King Kong came out and they were firing laser beams at each other and then a big seven-headed Hydra came out and it was firing poo-poo missiles at everybody and then a huge 4,000-foot Easter Bunny came out and started vaporizing everything with laser beams.
I mean, that's how ridiculous this is, but sorry, sorry, I still haven't gotten to it.
Let's go ahead and go to the C-SPAN piece that's got Stelter all... The death threat made to Don Lemon and Brian Stelter.
Do you know how many death threats I can play?
People say online in their own name and go... Democrats are threatening me!
We go out to anti-events and they go, we're gonna kill you!
The media's like, yeah, Jones, you deserve it.
But when somebody calls in on C-SPAN...
And it sounds as funny as the $3 bill.
Stelter can then have conniption fits.
Here it is.
On Friday, a Colorado C-Span said he's going to shoot me and Don Lemon if he sees us.
Hey, pause again.
Pause again.
On Friday, I had one of my interns sit there all morning, calling in over and over again, so I could look like a hero, and echo everything I've been saying for months.
Because all we can hope to do is, after bullying you, and censoring you, and blocking you, and calling for the President's death, and Wolf Blitzer doing all this, all we can do is stage something, or hope it happens, to make us victims!
But that hasn't happened yet!
So I don't know what to do to all of you in flyover country!
I don't know what to do!
I don't know what to do!
So somebody called in.
And we ignore all the violence calls against conservatives and Christians and veterans.
We cover up all the Islamic real killings and attacks.
We funded the Arab Spring.
The New York Times funded fake WMDs in Iraq.
And we killed millions of people.
And we're the moral high ground.
Because we're Brian Stelter.
I shaved my head to look older and more authoritarian.
But as you know that I have such irritable bowel syndrome, I sit on a toilet all day at CNN.
That last part's a joke.
We'll be back with Brian Stelter and what could be CNN's false flag call to... C-SPAN!
Court hearings will resume today in lawsuits against radio host and conspiracy theorist Alex Jones.
I don't know exactly what happened.
Sandy Hook's inconclusive.
For years, Alex Jones was the most powerful voice behind a disturbing conspiracy theory that the Sandy Hook shooting was a massive hoax.
He has claimed the school shooting was a hoax.
Alex Jones is making news and the parents of the victims of the Sandy Hook shooting in Connecticut are quite disturbed by some of the messages he's sending out.
People who believe Jones have for years harassed and taunted families of the victims.
The lawsuits filed in April seek at least $1 million in damages.
Jones' comments have caused them a severe degree of mental stress and anguish, which have disrupted their daily routine and caused a high degree of psychological pain.
Parents have said Jones has engaged in a campaign of false, cruel and dangerous assertions.
A theory that Leonard Posner and Veronique de la Rosa say turned their lives upside down.
The parents of six-year-old Noah Posner, who was killed in the Sandy Hook massacre, say Jones' followers have tormented them with death threats, forcing them to move seven times.
I can't imagine being a Sandy Hook parent and having to go through this.
Alex Jones, his commentary about Sandy Hook is disgusting.
It's appalling.
9-11 as well.
We all stand against it.
On the left and the right, we stand against this kind of hate speech, which is what it is.
It's really hard for me to understand how anyone can be so sick in the head.
They're alleging in these lawsuits a conspiracy?
A reporter in the courtroom said that Jones' attorney told the judge today his client's comments are political speech and commentary and not defamatory.
I take a lot of flack coming on your show and representing you.
There are a lot of people angry at me.
Like, you know, good friends, family.
Like you said, CNN's not calling anymore.
And I say, well, you know, tell me, if you're so, you hate this guy so much, show me what the problem is.
And they'll send me a link to the New York Times, and they'll send me a link to some other article saying, you know, paraphrasing what you said.
And I said, yeah, but now bring me to the original source.
And when I go find it, I said, well, that's not really what was said here.
Well then, you know, then there's like this backpedal.
It's like, well, he's enabling such speech or he's encouraging it.
There was another lawsuit this week targeting people that promote conspiracy theories.
It involves InfoWars and the host of InfoWars, Alex Jones.
Already InfoWars is at risk of losing its YouTube channel.
And now this lawsuit is trying to take Jones and InfoWars and others to court, saying they're responsible for promoting hoaxes that actually are defamatory toward the people involved.
CNN has been
It's basically a murder for free speech for the last 24 hours.
At the same time, they're telling us how important it is that people should be able to say what they think.
They are agitating for Alex Jones to be pulled off YouTube.
Now, I know we're supposed to think that Alex Jones is way more radical than, like, Bill Maher, Michelle Wolf, or Rosie O'Donnell, but he's got a point of view, and CNN is trying to squelch his point of view.
Alex Jones promotes conspiracy theories and foments hatred of media.
He's been called a freak show and downright dangerous.
People have free speech in this country, no matter how hateful, no matter how stupid, no matter how mean.
Give them their time, give them Thorazine also.
What is the matter with this person?
I don't like giving people like Alex Jones a platform.
The hypocrisy is just astounding.
And I guarantee you that if you flipped over to CNN right now, there would not be a single story about the Twitter shadow banning.
There would not be a single story.
And the only story you'd see about YouTube pulling Alex Jones videos would be probably something celebratory about, you know,
A scalp of sorts for managing to eventually get their way on that story.
This was probably the first time that anybody in that courtroom had actually watched Infowars.
Had actually seen what you said.
And if you watch what you said, and you compare that to what the press has reported that you said, it's as if those two things are happening on two different planets.
You're listening to The Alex Jones Show.
Live from the InfoWars.com studios, you're listening to The Alex Jones Show.
I can give you a little newsflash here.
I am the karmic enforcer against the globalists.
CNN, MSNBC, all of them.
We smashed into the enemy politically, metaphysically, culturally, spiritually, and to be expended into a ball of white fire.
Duhas Medj!
I hate you, evil!
I'm coming for you.
I was born to defeat you.
Duhas Medj.
Everything I've done over 25 years has been leading me up and preparing me, putting more weight on each time.
I figured this out like 10 years ago.
More weight, more weight, more weight, more weight, more weight, more weight, more weight, more weight, more weight, more weight, more weight, until I can take the massive burden that will finally be placed on my shoulders.
Just as has been done to Trump.
They figured it out.
The globalists have figured it out.
They're scared.
They should be.
But it's my belief in human destiny and human power that does it, not my own vision of myself.
I have subserved that because that is weakness.
The individual is strength, but I am a total individualist collectivist, a term I've coined, where I believe in individuals as like panopticonic compound eyes of a dragonfly.
Xing universe is God experiences life through us.
And then building towards something better, but through our individual actions and assessments, constructing a new, bigger, better world and universe.
So we're individuals, but we are total collectivists.
But the globalists say, no, no, the top-down
It will collectivize you.
Well, that's slavery, but not the individuals coming together and building a new, better world, and not forcing others to follow the ideas we have.
But clearly, that always rises in its best way.
And there are always outliers and systems that set up, and they're never successful.
But then they come with their tail between their legs when we've built the new world and say, oh, let us in.
We now agree.
But really, they come in and immediately try to subverse what God has done in heaven here on Earth.
Because we're repeating it over and over again.
Because you can't just set up new systems.
You just can't set up new civilizations throughout the cosmos and then have the old, decadent, corrupt system put in place.
God has to set us up and then let us go back through the process of choice.
Just like children growing up.
And everyone instinctively knows it.
We're given the blueprint.
We're given the direction.
The Father, the Son, the Holy Ghost doesn't set us up for failure.
We're given a blueprint.
We're given instruction.
And God even spanks us.
And God cries when we fall and fail.
And that's really what it is.
Let's go back to the enemy of the people.
I mean, CNN and MSNBC have taken billions from China, over a billion from Gulf War states.
Gulf dictatorships on record.
Let's look it up.
And they actively try to demoralize this country and destroy this nation.
So does MSNBC and some of the other channels.
The New York Times is the main fount of the globalist attack on America.
The Washington Post is trying to emulate that.
They coordinate with their newspapers.
It's come out in Europe with the corrupt elements of the intelligence agencies, but they're actually outside the intelligence agencies.
They set the intelligence agencies up to
Enter them and then do bad things and then blame America.
It's a very sophisticated system where they come in, have us commit the crime, and then withdraw.
Always in their lust to dominate the spirit of America, because they know they'll never control it, but if they can trick it... I mean, you know the analysts in the different agencies and different foundations.
There's no one more they hate than the strong men and women in our military and the honorable people, and they're so threatened by it.
So it's always a little crone-like demon, hunchbacked Satanist in control of our military forces, in control of the CIA, in control of everything, because they fear real men and women who actually have destiny and will
Being in control of it to then interface with the people and lift up humanity and make the jump to the next level.
So everything is about their obsession with harnessing us as their slaves!
I am not your slaves!
I'm here to empower people and loose them upon the universe!
Through free will.
And I'll die trying, but I will succeed.
I am expendable.
And it's the most selfish thing I've ever said.
The dream of humanity in the future.
Interstellar operations.
Interdimensional operations.
Everybody wants to sign up and explore, and a lot of people are going to die doing it, but it's a beautiful thing.
It's free will.
And let people take experimental drugs, and let people do whatever they want.
You know, for life extension.
I'm all about un-roost-it-all NOW!
Get behind me, Satan, now!
Skelter, behind me, you weak, hunchbacked degenerate!
With half a chromosome too many!
I see you, Twisted Demon, and the programming in you!
You will fail!
You will fall!
It's been foretold!
Out of my way!
Go off and create your own system!
You idiots could have sat around another 50 years, and you could have launched out and built your own thing!
Just get away from us!
Leave us alone!
We want to be with God!
That's who we serve, not Lucifer!
We want the real God!
That's who we serve, not you!
You will never control us, you piece of filth!
So, here's the false flag.
That's their God.
Look what they hold up as a symbol of evil.
Here they are with their little false flag call.
I mean, if this isn't a false flag, I'm a monkey's uncle.
I'm a blue-butted baboon from planet Pluto.
And now, right after they say the terror attack's coming, the threat on the press is coming, when they hype everything up and get it ready for civil war, end of the fall like I told you, and they've got Rob Reiner and all their hunchback generals up there, so pissed they're ugly and twisted, so pissed they're falling, they want to pull you down.
On Friday, a Colorado C-Span said he's going to shoot me and Don Lemon if he sees us.
Now let me just preface this by saying, I'm not asking for sympathy.
I don't think I'm in extreme danger.
I know some of my colleagues get much worse threats than I do.
CNN has a great security team and we know how to handle this stuff.
And this problem is not confined to CNN.
People at Fox News and other outlets have to deal with this garbage too.
But these kinds of threats are coming in more often.
So, take a listen.
Here's the phone call.
Don, State College Pennsylvania supports the criticism of the media.
Don, you are on the air.
Good morning.
It all started when Trump got elected.
Brian Stelter and Don Lemon from CNN called Trump supporters all racist.
They don't even know us.
Okay, let me just stop it right there.
I've never called all Trump supporters racist.
You've said he's a racist.
You've said they're all bad.
You pushed your crap.
You race-baiting little monster.
Neither has Don Lemon.
So what this guy is about to say is predicated on a lie.
You don't even know these Americans out here and they're calling us racist because we voted for Trump?
Come on, give me a break.
They started the war.
I see him, I'm gonna shoot him.
So he says we started a war, so if he sees us, he's going to shoot us.
So where did the caller get the impression that I called all Trump supporters racist?
I don't know.
I love how they say anyone criticizing the media is anti-free speech when that's just criticizing liars.
But I need to be taken off the air because I'm a disease.
You used a Nazi term that I am a disease, you little monster hunchback.
You little ugly, twisted, lying filth.
You want to bully the American people.
You want to attack us all.
We got your own WikiLeaks, where you give Hillary the questions beforehand.
You do all these horrible things.
And then you sit there with that call that sounds completely fake.
What does it matter?
We get those calls every hour.
I can sit up here all day and play Death Threats.
For mentally ill people, you name it, and go, oh my God, I'm under so much danger.
You are the ones that started the climate.
You are the ones that pushed us into this.
I know that the night before on Fox, Sean Hannity played a two-year-old clip of me asking if racial anxiety was a factor in Trump's rise.
Obviously, researchers have proven that yes, racial anxiety and resentment was a factor.
Oh, why?
Because the left is running around saying, why is Sir Inherently Evil?
Go after him.
Brian Stelter is literally...
Like when Germany was collapsing and four million German troops were coming into Berlin, they put the most pathetic, you know, Hitler youth up against them.
He's just a rearguard action.
Soros already admits they've lost all of it, but that's who they throw up is some delusional person like Stelter.
What a fraud.
We'll come back with the video of the, what they're saying, mainstream media saying false flag of Venezuela and a special guest.
Nobody said it was going to be easy for us, but we will never be stopped.
I will be the greatest jobs president that God ever created.
Record low unemployment and a record high stock market.
The Trump economy is red hot.
Rocket Man is on a suicide mission for himself and for his regime.
They will be met with fire and fury like the world has never seen.
Now Kim Jong-un says President Trump will pay dearly for those words.
North Korea now committing to complete denuclearization.
I mean, it's truly remarkable what he's doing.
He has done more than any president in recent history, certainly in the last half century.
He's not a politician.
He's one of us.
Never, ever, ever give up.
Relish the opportunity to be an outsider.
Embrace that label, because it's the outsiders who change the world.
It'll make a real and lasting difference.
Treat the word impossible as nothing more than motivation.
Three American hostages are back home.
I am asking all citizens to embrace this renewal of the American spirit.
Seize this moment, believe in yourselves, believe in your future, and believe once more in America.
I will fight for you with every breath in my body,
And I will never, ever let you down.
The forgotten man and the forgotten woman.
You're not forgotten anymore.
Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order.
It's Alex Jones.
How you like me now?
How you like me now?
I remember the day...
You think I'm the type of piece of crap that wants to put an Asian or a black person or a Hispanic down to make them poor so I feel big and above them?
You got the wrong guy, man.
That's the Democrats.
That's the globalists.
That's the communists who want to keep everybody down in their own admissions.
And if people don't listen to what Trump's trying to do, you missed the train.
You missed the boat.
And by the way, he just believes in you and says, let the system get out of your way.
Doesn't mean it's going to be Trump, does it?
It's going to be you.
Trump isn't going to be there rooting against you the whole time.
That's the difference.
And my spirit knew Trump was for real.
My gut knew it.
But now, a couple years later, I've seen the action and I've seen the enemy.
People don't get on board now.
They're crazy.
And what does Gallup show?
Even though they mainly sample Democrat areas via phones and emails, Gallup shows a double support from a year ago of African Americans and Hispanic Americans for Trump.
And that's why the Democrats are crapping their britches.
Because they had those folks from a plantation.
And yeah, they're gonna march out.
A bunch of racist white people, and I'm not putting white people down, but I mean, I just report the facts here.
90% of Antifa is a bunch of meth heads, scumbag white people, and failed professors, and scum, and mentally ill people.
And then they'll have a few brainwashed, punked out Hispanics and blacks with them.
It's just like this Republican thing saying we gotta stop voter ID.
We have to have voter ID and stop Motor Voter.
And the Democrats attempt to give illegal aliens voting cards, because the illegals are all voting.
I looked at the numbers, I've had experts on.
They don't have illegal aliens voting.
If there was an illegal alien, will admit, I came here, everything's being really nice, thank you, can I stay here?
They interview him.
It's like the father of the woman that ran off with the kid for the second time.
They think she was probably smuggling, some evidence shows.
He said, no, she just ran off for no reason, she did it before.
He goes, she could be in jail for taking my kid in that danger zone.
She was never taken away from the baby, because she had her ID on her.
Are these from like Nicaragua or something?
I mean, just think about that.
I see on the front page of the paper almost every day in Austin about how, oh, out of hundreds of these emergency facilities for the millions that come across every year, there have been like two rapes of teenagers.
Yeah, that's why you've got to keep them away, the teenagers, away from the adult areas.
That's exactly what Trump's done.
And then you point at him and say, oh, somebody got raped by an adult.
Yeah, in one of the general population areas where they throw 12-year-olds in with a bunch of crazy people that came across the border.
And that doesn't mean everybody's bad, but let me tell you, a lot of folks coming across the border, been deported 5, 6, 7, 8 times, got a big criminal list.
I'm a full-grown man that at 44 still can fight.
Let me tell you, I'd be concerned going into general holding with 50 or 60 people just came across the border.
But I've got all these clips, and I didn't get to them, and I already digressed.
We've got all these guests coming up from the Battle of Portland, the Battle of San Francisco at Berkeley that happened the day of our crew.
They had to get out of there.
Security got them out of there.
The Antifa was just going crazy.
Millie Weaver was at the Ohio Trump rally.
It's all coming up.
But when they get up there and they talk about how they're going to steal the election, what they do is they get homeless people.
Some of them are illegal aliens.
Most of them are poor, whiter, black people.
I've had former top Democrats on that used to do it.
Hell, Veritas has got dozens of videos catching on tape.
And they say, oh, on average, each person votes 10 times.
They get them in a bus in the morning, they get them liquored up or whatever they want, and they drive them to each place with the name of a dead person who was on the roll the year before.
A lot of folks die every year.
And that's how they do it.
And they get them to vote.
That's how they do it.
But that's why the Democrats want to legalize it and tell the illegals, no, no, you're allowed to vote.
Because the illegals, on average, are more moral than liberals.
They will not go vote illegally.
That's why Democrats keep trying to say it's legal, it's legal.
That's why Obama said it's legal to vote if you're an illegal alien.
Vote repeatedly.
Remember that?
Because they had to convince them to get on those buses in the names of dead people and go vote.
It's sick, but they're being scapegoated.
We are kept afloat only by your loyal patronage, and that's why we need you to go to the site now.
If you're not in the market for one of our greatest nutraceuticals, please consider a contribution.
$25, $50, $100, $250, or even $500 would be a godsend to our important work here to beat back the globalists and to destroy their campaign of censorship in which they want to strangle our First Amendment rights.
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It's the InfoWars official app taken on the globalist at point blank range.
And with your help spreading it and with your help downloading it, we are unstoppable.
Crashing through the lies and disinformation, it's Alex Jones, coming to you live from the front lines of the InfoWar.
Well, the globalists don't like me because I got spirit, and I believe in people, and I believe in free market, and I believe in freedom.
And I know the Communist Chinese have totally taken over most of our government.
I'm going to show you the proof here in just a few minutes.
We have special guests joining us.
Billy Weaver, Owen Schroer, and others from what's happening across the country.
We have reporters on the ground in California, Ohio, you name it.
But let me get to Trevor Noah, who prepares all week for a show and then reads off a teleprompter and tries to sit up there and sound smart.
And this talking point, about two weeks ago, top Democrats came out and said, stop saying you're socialist.
Everybody knows it fails.
Alexandria Cortez, Bernie Sanders, don't speak for us.
Stop saying it.
Well, Hugo Chavez, 15 years ago, said he wasn't even a socialist.
Then he was a democratic socialist.
Then he was a socialist.
Then he was a socialist communist.
Then he said, I am a Marxist-Leninist Maoist.
And the country, before he even died, is in a hellhole.
And even mainstream news says they're staging fake drone attacks so he can have martial law and arrest and execute all his opponents.
But the new talking point, since they put it out a few weeks ago, they go, we gotta stop saying we're socialists, is MSNBC, CNN, ABC, CBS.
I've got dozens of clubs I've seen.
I'm gonna play two right now.
There is no socialism.
You're insane.
There is no Eiffel Tower.
There is no Washington Monument.
There was no George Washington.
Mothers and fathers don't exist.
Hillary's gonna win.
Trump's not gonna win.
They just keep telling you the sky isn't blue.
Little doggies aren't sweet.
Little kitty cats don't go meow meow meow.
And people just opt in via cognitive dissonance to the fraud.
And so without me even looking, it's everywhere.
Either socialism doesn't exist,
Or it's a good thing, don't worry about it.
And then, here's the key.
They know you people don't know definition.
So they say, oh, when we bail out banks, that's socialism.
And so the Republicans are all for it.
Yeah, like George Herbert Walker Bush, George W. Bush and the globalists that sold us out to China and kept taxes high on the middle class.
That's not socialism.
That's called crony capitalism, which communism, socialism, fascism are always just versions of that.
There's always big banks offshore
Whether it's Venezuela, or North Korea, or Communist China, or Nazi Germany, or the Soviet Union.
Call them whatever you want.
It's always a police state, black uniforms, centralized economy, a bunch of rich elitists that run the economy, and then offshore capitalists that control it.
But they're not really capitalists.
And then Obama goes to Venezuela, he goes to Nicaragua, he goes to El Salvador, he goes to Chile, all over Central and South America.
Remember before he left?
He goes to South Africa and says, you're going to be communist, but you're going to work with capitalists.
That means you're going to be slaves.
And then you're going to give us everything.
And then we're going to use your slavery to deleverage the middle classes of every color around the world.
That's the plan!
It was leaked by Barry Goldwater, Senator, over the Intelligence Committee.
We already knew it 50 years ago!
Eisenhower warned of it.
People keep asking why they hate me so much.
I know their battle plan.
I've read their battle plan.
No one else is laying it out.
Tucker Carlson keeps saying, why aren't we going after Russia when their penetration isn't 1 100th of China?
He goes, I don't care about Russia.
I mean, hell, his dad used to run Voice of America and other agencies.
So believe me, he's pro-America.
But then it turns out Dianne Feinstein had a Chinese military agent in there for 20 years and knew it, who gave him all the secrets.
And that was in Politico today.
But they just kind of whitewash it like, oh, there's Russian and Chinese spies.
Uh, yeah.
I'm not supposed to talk about this.
I've been asked not to.
And we've had the FBI visit with folks before, but I'm gonna tell you this.
We've had the Chai Coms try to intimidate us and penetrate us.
So, I learned about the Chinese because I've dealt with them.
I mean, they got a billion and a half people, they got people all over the world, and they'll kill their family members back at home if they don't do what they're told.
So I'm gonna show you a stack of news on that in a moment.
But first, the good news is this is coming out.
MSNBC host mocks socialist critics.
Oh my gosh, it's going to take all my money.
Yeah, and then just like in the EU, people that run it are tax-exempt.
Judge orders Trump administration to restore DACA.
It goes on and on.
But first, here's Trevor Noah talking to you like you're an idiot when it's the big mega banks and the people worth hundreds of billions apiece like Bezos who are tax-exempt, don't pay taxes, have all these deals, but they want you to pay higher taxes because they're part of the elite that doesn't want a bunch of wealthy people who are independent.
So he plays jokes, and then has Cortez on to say, hey, watch out your labels, but come on, don't push it too hard, we're going to lose the election.
But that's been their operating system.
That's what the big banks fund at all the universities, because it kills competition, and we all know socialism makes lazy, domesticated, stupid people.
Anybody had kids?
Anybody spoil them for a while?
They turn into little nasty pieces of garbage, hypothetically?
Anybody fed the squirrels at the park, pretty soon they won't get nuts?
That's why they push it.
Here it is.
Many Republicans will say they hate socialism, but really they hate labels.
Do you think the government should bail out industries if they've been crippled by some crisis?
People will be like, yeah, of course, of course.
Then you'll be like, socialism is what that is.
Well, I don't like socialism.
It's all in your mind.
It's like you'll go like, wow, that person's good looking.
And you're like, that's your cousin.
When you look at the power of labels in politics... Socialism looks good.
It's like Europe's collapsing.
They said that was the model, never would.
Everywhere else does.
Venezuela, you name it.
This guy makes tens of millions a year, but he wants you, the working person, like Bloomberg said this year, I want poor people to pay more taxes.
He said, if you make $24,000 a year, you should pay more taxes.
Because it's good for you.
He's worth 80 billion.
So that's the sickeningness of these people, folks.
But you can use your own money in the free market to shop at InfoWarsTore.com and to spread the word about the show to fight them, who they're trying to force-feed that YouTube, Facebook, all force-feeds the condescension of the elitist who's not even American as usual.
And again, it's always some outsider.
I love outsiders that want to be Americans.
But it's always a Peters Morgan or a Trevor Noah, some outsider, not an American citizen, here to lecture us all day.
But thank God it's the next of Sousa, who came here and became a citizen, and his new film is incredible.
Everybody should see it in theaters.
Of course, that film is the death of the nation, which is the globalist plan.
Kill all nations.
Destroy national sovereignty.
I'm a big historian, folks.
That film is so accurate.
Let's go ahead and play MSNBC host Mox Socialism Critics.
This is the new Talking Point.
So if you can show up, you can say, I'm going to take care of the cost of health care.
Like, that's a really powerful argument.
But you're getting into details, and you're talking about a nuanced, powerful argument.
Pause again.
We had the best health care in the world until about the 70s.
We're a totally free market.
And most doctors were told, you will do one third of your health care for free, like Ron Paul did.
Oh, it's nuanced that if we open it up to competition, it'll drive down prices.
No, let's jack up prices, have it be privately held, but make the payment socialism, the worst merger of crony capitalism, which is fascism, with socialism.
The worst gang-rape hybrid there is!
And Emanuel, Ezekiel Emanuel, who helped write it with Gruber, said it's meant to jack up prices three times, bankrupt it, and bring in one corporation running it with unlimited prices to bring in population control.
Oh, back it up.
Let's hear from her.
Lots of people don't get into the argument.
They just go, oh my gosh, socialist?
I can't have that.
It's going to take all my money.
And I will tell you, if the entire Democratic Party gets branded as socialist successfully going into the midterms or into the 2020 presidential, depending on who takes that mantle, they lose.
They lose because everybody knows it really sucks.
It's a bunch of rich people in helicopters above you with all these armed guards telling you how great it is.
We're going to go to break.
Come back with Millie Weaver.
And Owen Schroyer, she's been in Ohio with Gavin Wentz, her cameraman and husband.
Very intrepid folks.
And their son.
And out on the road for us.
Out on the road for 100 plus days.
Uh, and then we've got, uh, they love it.
And then we've got the crew that's gone out to Portland and gone out to Berkeley with the commies and the globalists attacking them at every front, just screaming, Nazi, Nazi!
We're like, well, the Democrats are KKK.
Well, the Democrats are race baiting.
Well, Soros was a Nazi collaborator.
Shut up!
You know, it's all coming up.
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In my book, his lack of empathy, his lack of leadership, his lack of courage, he's unfit to be human.
He is clearly trying to ignite a civil war in this country.
This is CNN.
Donald J. Trump is President of the United States.
Right now is Massive Rampage Force.
Go ahead.
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You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
We now take you live to the Central Texas Command Center, in the heart of the resistance.
After the private Federal Reserve and the globalists, Communist China is the biggest owner of U.S.
And tomorrow, I'm going to go over this because this is the big enchilada.
This is why they want me shut off air.
This is what they're upset about.
Document cam shot, please.
China owns U.S.
There's a headline breaking all that down.
Did you catch all the ways Hollywood pandered China this year?
That's mainstream news.
Vanity Fair.
It's literally communist Chinese propaganda.
In every movie.
Is China taking over Hollywood?
Rolling Stone.
China's influence over Hollywood grows.
I remember telling people 10 years ago China was buying up Hollywood.
People said, oh, you're a kook.
And all the anti-Semites said, oh, it's Jews, it's Jews, or whatever.
The same people running Hollywood are going to run the movie production, but what's programming it and paying for it is the Communist Chinese.
Hold two ideas in your head at the same time.
China's influence over Hollywood grows.
Washington Post.
Chinese movies, the sinister world of Chollywood.
Now let's get to more serious stuff.
Killing CIA informants, China cripples U.S.
spying operations, New York Times.
That's just now happening.
The embassies are being hit by microwave weapons, not sound weapons.
The people are being killed.
Well, they die a couple years later, but you're dead.
A lot of patriots had this used on them a long time ago.
A lot of former people in the army and the military that they just park a van across your house while you're asleep at night, hits you for a couple hours, and you'll be dead in a year or two.
They want you dead faster, they'll cook you a couple times.
I remember learning about that.
I even had a NSA whistleblower show me schematics 22 years ago in a parking lot.
Then I met a guy who actually hit a few people with it.
Let's continue.
Google plans to return to China, launching its own censorship app for the Chinese to control at Reuters.
Apple's moved to China.
More U.S.
diplomats have fallen ill in China with brain injuries after being hit with microwave weapons.
Finally, a likely explanation for sonic weapon, not sonic, it's microwave.
A mysterious problem that began in Cuba, the sonic weapons.
Business Insider.
Told you about this 20 years ago.
Apple moves to China.
Stores iCloud there.
Merges with the government.
China steps out.
Beijing's major power.
Engagement with developing world.
Taking over the planet for globalism.
How far Chinese moms will go.
Now the biggest group coming to the U.S.
is not Mexicans, it's Chinese women.
Coming here having anchor babies.
And then their families are run by the Chinese government and military intelligence.
There's a big article out about Dianne Feinstein.
Run just by that certain group.
So that's where we are.
Our military-industrial complex, the big banks in 1949 put Mao in.
There was a rebellion inside the government to stop it.
They were unable to.
But the John Birch Society and other resistance groups formed out of that understanding.
All these decades later, we're able to now understand we were right.
We're here trying to stop the total takeover.
If people want to join America, if they want to join prosperity and not being under Chinese Communist control, when they totally enslaved their own people, and are murdered four or five times more than Hitler did, we're here.
We believe in equality, we believe in freedom, we believe in Christianity, we believe in you practicing your own religion or not.
We've proven that, and that's why everywhere is anti-Americanism, America's racist, the universities, because the universities are run by the Chi-Coms, the Ford Foundation, and others.
I want to explain, the Chi-Coms didn't create this.
Our corrupt robber baron elites went over there and made this deal.
Now we're going to go to our guests.
We're going to co-host.
I'm going to leave so they have time to cover things.
Millie Weaver, Owen Troyer on the road is going to ride shotgun.
She was out at the Trump rally in Ohio where Republicans and Trump supporters had to go through a gauntlet of being spit at and yelled at.
They would spit and scream, F you, and then say that you're bullying them.
That's their whole religion.
That when they attack you, they're bullying.
When they censor you, you're the one bullying.
But Owen was there when thousands of patriots showed up and they had to stand down in Portland where two separate times the police stood down and let them attack everybody.
And then they just went through crazy town in Berkeley, outside San Francisco, there at the college.
So that's all coming up.
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And I'll be back tomorrow, breaking all this down, 11 a.m.
Central, David Knight in the morning with the Real News, 8 a.m., and then, of course, The Warrior with Owen Schroeder.
They're flying back tomorrow, so we'll have Phil and crew doing a great job, and Roger Stone.
But we've got two minutes to break.
Owen, tell us what's coming up.
Millie's going to be co-hosting the rest.
We'll try to play some of her compilation video about Patriots showing up to literal Antifa, hitting women and children in the head with bike locks.
But as soon as the people show up, this was epic today.
But right now, because I'm curious, because we had to cut the feed off for the show, you had to evacuate, because I know they backed down and allowed the first women to take place in Portland, Oregon.
But what happened in San Francisco today when you pulled out?
Well, we were followed and we were stalked and there were a bunch of people that when we were just trying to get out of there because the police were trying to keep things under control and we already captured all of our footage and so we were trying to make a quick exit because they were going to stalk us.
They continued to follow us.
They had people trying to dox us.
They had people trying to follow us so they could report back to Antifa where our hotel was.
And that happened yesterday.
They would call themselves intelligence officers.
And Alex, it's the wildest thing.
You know, in Portland, it didn't really feel like the whole city was against me.
You know, it was kind of a grubby city.
But, you know, overall, the people, I think, were just kind of more liberal.
Just, you know, just, you know, oh, you know, whatever.
I'll play music in the streets.
So you were facing the true globalist hate America intelligentsia that know it's a chi-com op that truly hate the country.
Well, I don't know.
I mean, I don't know if these people know anything anymore, Alex.
I mean, I try to have discourse with them, and today, we were out on the streets for about three hours, and I'm not exaggerating.
They chanted the same thing for two straight hours.
They chanted, no fascists, no KKK, no racist.
Well, that's to say they cannot talk.
It's like a mantra.
I don't
Well I had the New York Times here.
She would like say something about how I was immoral and then sit back with ecstasy because they, they're sociopaths and psychopaths in the guild and they literally don't have souls.
And so they only feed off the fact that you have guilt so they project that on you for some vampiric soul-sucking.
Owen Shorter, Millie Weaver, straight ahead.
Spread the word in the live links and tell folks about local stations.
We're at Whole Paycheck.
Or now, not at Whole Foods, but Amazon Foods.
You know Jeff Bezos owns this now, right?
The guy that owns Amazon, the richest guy in the world?
It's on record that they've cut back the amount of organic food here.
It's on record they're cutting back the quality.
Their own employees have been blamed.
Most of your big top billionaires have got the laws written where they don't pay any taxes.
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So, this is the most consumerist thing in the world by a monopoly man who's buying up the whole country.
Made $12 billion in one day.
Twelve billion himself.
Twelve b-b-b-b-billion.
This is Bezos' private property.
He doesn't respect ours.
He lobbies to end small family homes.
He wants 250 square foot coffin apartments.
USNA called for that last week.
He doesn't want you to have any money, but he made $12 billion in one day last week.
But I agree with his property rights.
And I agree with this, uh, studio officer's point.
This is private property.
And they've asked us to stop filming.
So what we're gonna do is, we're gonna go wait outside on the property line.
Last morning, um,
You know, you're in poverty.
Whole Foods doesn't want you on the property.
You can go around the parking lot.
So, if you want to go to the sidewalk right now before you call APD.
Oh yeah, yeah.
Because you're not following our instructions, our public instructions.
So, if you can go to the sidewalk, that's all.
That's all I'm saying.
I'm trying to be courteous.
I'm trying to be courteous and nice to you.
You're not complying.
I'm being really nice to you.
I need you to go to the sidewalk.
Well, sure I will, but I can't get my car there.
Can somebody else get it for me?
If you can go to the sidewalk, please.
Try it nice like you do too, big man.
Big tough guy.
Jeff Bezos made $12 million in one day last week ripping you off by owning Whole Foods and lowering the quality.
Jeff Bezos makes $1.50 on every single package he ships out on Amazon to the US Postal Service.
Jeff Bezos is a criminal who is anti-free-market and anti-America.
And we came out here nicely to cover it, and he had one of his goons get in our face.
So, the little cheetahs in there that think it's funny,
Look at this, look at this trending!
Jeff Bezos is your enemy!
Bezos thinks you're schmucks.
He made $12 billion in one day, last week.
Richest guy in the world.
And that jerk, they know my car's parts in there.
I said, yeah, we're gonna stop filming, I'm gonna get in my car.
He said, get off the property.
See how that works in America?
It's like 18 of my products are private-labeled national brands that they're private-labeled to.
We had to come in here and just get in Bezos' face, because the leftists in here even told me when I had three kids, I got four now, hey, you got too many kids.
That's the cult.
They got magazines that say sustainable development, you know, being poor is the new chic, austerity is cool.
Bezos isn't austere.
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You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
Live from Austin, Texas, broadcasting worldwide, it's Alex Jones.
And broadcasting from Berkeley, California, this is Owen Schroyer.
We have been on the road all weekend, myself and a great crew, Jake Lloyd and a couple of our new videographers and cameramen and editors here.
As you can see what they did here in Berkeley today stomping on the American flag and it's just amazing being out here because if you were listening to the last segment you heard me talking about the atmosphere in Portland which overall I actually didn't think was that bad.
Obviously there's a huge commie outfit and a big Antifa group or what have you that are sadly brainwashed minions but you don't feel like the whole
Eco-structure, to just kind of make up a word here, is against you in Portland.
Where even when I went to a restaurant and they told me I wasn't welcome, I mean, the waitress was like, oh yeah, you know, there's some Patriot marchers coming here, they're nice people and they get their permits, but they're just not welcome in this city.
So it's just like this weird kind of like nonchalant thing, like, oh yeah, like, oh, we're trendy, we don't let the Patriots here.
But then in Berkeley, it's like, ah, screw you, demon Nazi, you racist bigot, ah!
And it's just like, dude, what is wrong with you?
So it's just incredible.
Now, I know that Millie Weaver was also out at a Trump rally in Ohio where she had to deal with some people, but let me just lay the groundwork of what I dealt with and then we'll go to see what Millie dealt with.
So yesterday.
And you can see a lot of the footage on the Real Alex Jones Twitter.
You can see the footage on the Alex Jones Facebook page, on the Alex Jones YouTube, etc.
We have probably hours of footage when it's all said and done.
And I have to tell you that the Portland Police did a good job.
I salute the Portland Police.
They did what they needed to do to keep the peace.
They did what they needed to do to keep free speech alive.
And they did what they needed to do to keep terrorists off the streets of America.
And you can find all that footage on the Alex Jones YouTube channel.
Now today, we met at Martin Luther King Park.
There was a lot less people.
It was a lot less, I guess, hyped, if you will.
And so you didn't have a bunch of people there in body armor and a bunch of gear and stuff like that, but you had Yvette Falarca leading the terrorist left, telling anybody who showed up in a Trump hat they were a racist, anybody who showed up that wouldn't disavow Trump and capitalism, a Nazi.
And there's a ton of funny things you're going to see from this, but it's funny because it's almost entertaining to laugh at these people, but it's really sad that they're that dumbed down, that brainwashed, and that ignorant.
And they just, it's like they continue to open their mouths and espouse ideas that they know nothing about and make accusations, but I'm going to make a prediction here.
So at one point in time, uh, when they continued to call me a Nazi, I decided I was just going to jokingly start doing a Nazi salute.
Now, this is the funny thing.
So I start pretend to do a Nazi salute and I like cross my eyes and stick my tongue out and do like a whole goofy, goofy pose.
I'm not kidding you.
Within 10 seconds, within 10 seconds of me doing a fake Nazi pose, 30 cameramen and women immediately surrounded me and started snapping pictures.
So, you watch.
You're gonna see pictures.
Owen Troyer admits he's a Nazi, does a Nazi pose.
And they're going to put these pictures and images out, and they're all trolling me like, good job, Schroeder, you really helped yourself out to make people think you're not a Nazi.
And I'm like, dude, you're a brainwashed minion.
People know I'm not a Nazi.
You're the only fools that believe that crap.
And they're going to, I would be shocked if they didn't start putting this picture out maybe tonight or tomorrow saying, look, Infowars is Nazis.
They did the Nazi salute.
It's like,
I'm trolling you, dude.
So that's kind of a basic layout of what we saw here in Berkeley.
Oh, and by the way, BlackBlock showed up and the police pretty much took care of them here in Berkeley, too.
So that's what we saw here, but it's sad that this is where the quote-unquote left has gone.
But because of that,
The walk-away movement is gaining more ground.
More and more, I think the police are getting sick of these people and starting to enjoy taking them down and arresting them.
So, their movement is losing momentum because they've become so unhinged and they've committed to hatefulness and ignorance.
But Millie, what did you see out in Ohio?
Well first I just wanted to talk on, because I watched a lot of what you did in Berkeley, and I saw kind of what went down.
And of course, when you're going to Berkeley, or you're going to Portland, Oregon, you're going into the Viper's Den.
These are blue states, and you're going to get Antifa coming out in hordes trying to defend their turf and essentially attack you.
They're already doing it!
They're already doing it!
I would tell people, don't LARP.
I know it's tempting.
I know these people are mentally unstable, but it's only going to be used against you.
Regarding what happened at the Ohio rally, it was a completely different situation.
You had Ohio, which went red for Trump.
And it's typically more aligned with a red state and red ideals.
And so you had Trump supporters going to a Trump rally and you had anti-Trump protesters lining up on either side of the sidewalk because of the misinformation they get from the mainstream media, thinking that Trump supporters are Nazis and bigots and horrible people.
They were screaming and berating and exhausting Trump supporters.
As they walk through the sidewalk, through the tunnel of shame, to accost them.
And some of these people were actually even getting and borderline violent toward Trump supporters.
So that's kind of what we depicted in the footage that we got at the Trump rally.
It essentially showed that because of the misinformation, because of the propaganda that the mainstream media spews,
It actually puts, we know this, it puts Trump supporters' lives in danger.
And it's unfortunate, and of course the mainstream media needs to be held accountable for it.
And of course, anytime InfoWars is seen by these people, immediately you get these insane Trump derangement-like reactions, but we should also say InfoWars derangement syndrome.
It's like they see the InfoWars moniker,
And they have this explosive reaction of hysteria, where they literally become rabid and start frothing at the mouth.
Let's go to a quick clip that we got, that Gavin edited together.
He had to do a lot of bleeping to get it radio ready, just because how horrible, you know, these people's mouths are.
But let's go to a quick clip of that.
Fake news!
You're fake news!
You're damaging to public discourse.
I know that none of your viewers and none of your readers are going to believe me, but what you're doing is dangerous for America and it's dangerous for democracy around the world.
Do you think that what you're doing here is dangerous by trying to incite violence against me when I'm just a female journalist out here talking to people?
Also, so you admit, you admit that, that these Trump supporters making their way to a Trump rally is progress for the country.
So you admit that Trump is progress.
I appreciate your way, you're trying to spin my words.
No, it was a, the play was a fail.
The play was a fail.
You're very clever.
I just want to walk through your guys' name off again!
So much soy!
So much soy!
Seize those memes!
Seize those memes!
Seize those memes!
Seize those memes!
Just so you know, you have a bobby pin stuck inside your megaphone.
Right in there.
Do you want it?
No, I just thought you should know.
Why are you guys so angry?
That's hate speech.
Why are you using hate speech?
Why are you doing that?
That's so hateful.
You literally continue the conversation in the country while Alex Jones sits at his f***ing desk and rants and raves about coronavirus.
You touch him again and that's it.
That's it.
Do you understand me?
Alright, ladies and gentlemen.
There's Antifa.
Antifa hates women.
You saw it right here.
We all know.
Court hearings will resume today in lawsuits against radio host and conspiracy theorist Alex Jones.
I don't know exactly what happened.
Sandy Hook's inconclusive.
For years, Alex Jones was the most powerful voice behind a disturbing conspiracy theory that the Sandy Hook shooting was a massive hoax.
He has claimed the school shooting was a hoax.
Alex Jones is making news and the parents of the victims of the Sandy Hook shooting in Connecticut are quite disturbed by some of the messages he's sending out.
People who believe Jones have for years harassed and taunted families of the victims.
The lawsuits filed in April seek at least $1 million in damages.
Jones' comments have caused them a severe degree of mental stress and anguish, which have disrupted their daily routine and caused a high degree of psychological pain.
Parents have said Jones has engaged in a campaign of false, cruel and dangerous assertions.
A theory that Leonard Posner and Veronique de la Rosa say turned their lives upside down.
The parents of six-year-old Noah Posner, who was killed in the Sandy Hook massacre, say Jones' followers have tormented them with death threats, forcing them to move seven times.
I can't imagine being a Sandy Hook parent and having to go through this.
Alex Jones, his commentary about Sandy Hook is disgusting.
It's appalling.
9-11 as well.
We all stand against it.
On the left and the right, we stand against this kind of hate speech, which is what it is.
It's really hard for me to understand how anyone can be so sick in the head.
They're alleging in these lawsuits a conspiracy?
A reporter in the courtroom said that Jones' attorney told the judge today his client's comments are political speech and commentary and not defamatory.
I take a lot of flack coming on your show and representing you.
There are a lot of people angry at me.
Like, you know, good friends, family... Well, like you said, CNN's not calling anymore.
And I say, well, you know, tell me, if you're so, you hate this guy so much, show me what the problem is.
And they'll send me a link to the New York Times, and they'll send me a link to some other article saying, you know, paraphrasing what you said.
I said, yeah, but now bring me to the original source.
And when I go find it, I said, well, that's not really what was said here.
Well then, you know, then there's like this backpedal.
It's like, well, he's enabling such speech or he's encouraging it.
There was another lawsuit this week targeting people that promote conspiracy theories.
It involves InfoWars and the host of InfoWars, Alex Jones.
Already InfoWars is at risk of losing its YouTube channel and now this lawsuit is trying to take Jones and InfoWars and others to court, saying they're responsible for promoting hoaxes that actually are defamatory toward the people involved.
CNN has been
Basically, a murder for free speech for the last 24 hours.
At the same time, they're telling us how important it is that people should be able to say what they think.
They are agitating for Alex Jones to be pulled off YouTube.
Now, I know we're supposed to think that Alex Jones is way more radical than, like, Bill Maher, Michelle Wolf, or Rosie O'Donnell.
But he's got a point of view, and CNN is trying to squelch his point of view.
Alex Jones promotes conspiracy theories and foments hatred of media.
He's been called a freak show and downright dangerous.
People have free speech in this country.
No matter how hateful, no matter how stupid, no matter how inane.
Give them their time.
Give them Thorazine also.
What is the matter with this person?
I don't like giving people like Alex Jones a platform.
The hypocrisy is just astounding.
And I guarantee you that if you flipped over to CNN right now, there would not be a single story about the Twitter shadow banning.
There would not be a single story.
And the only story you would see about YouTube pulling Alex Jones videos would be probably something celebratory about, you know,
A scalp of sorts for managing to eventually get their way on that story.
Gelnda's lawyers will be back in court for a separate defamation case related to the Parkland shooting tomorrow.
This was probably the first time that anybody in that courtroom had actually watched InfoWorlds.
Had actually seen what you said.
And if you watch what you said, and you compare that to what the press has reported that you said, it's as if those two things are happening on two different planets.
You're listening to The Alex Jones Show.
He aligns himself with the truth, and it's time for you to choose a side.
You're listening to Alex Jones.
All right, it's your favorite Nazi, Owen Troyer here, live from Berkeley, California.
You know, I gotta say, the turnaround from the communists on Twitter at Berkeley here to put out that photo of me trolling them.
They called me a Nazi for two straight hours, so I figured, you know what, I might as well give them what they want.
I gave them a little Nazi salute.
They were behaving like Nazis, so I thought that I was in fellow company.
They were acting like Nazis, and I'm a Nazi apparently, so I figured I'd give them the salute.
Oh, there it is.
And look at that.
There's the beautiful InfoWars hexagon logo t-shirt.
I mean, look at this.
This is what I'm telling you.
Anybody who sees that picture knows I'm obviously joking.
And I'm obviously trolling them.
And they think I'm serious.
They have no sense of humor.
They have no sense of history.
They have no sense of reality at all.
And here's what I'll say, too.
And I think Millie would concur with this.
Because she was briefly mentioning this on the last segment.
Millie, I think that
Because their behavior is getting more insane and really infantile every day.
People who may have been anti-Trump and showed up for a protest in the past, I think are turned off now.
The only people that show up to protest Trump, or the only people that show up to an Antifa or, you know, Smash the Fash or whatever these groups are, the only people that show up are the most deranged, lunatic asylum people left.
That's all that's left that show up.
And we go to these things and we document it.
Do you concur, Millie Weaver?
I do agree with you, Owen, on that.
That's a correct statement.
And I will say that a majority of the people who are showing up and who are engaging in alt-left or extreme-left activities like Antifa are a minority.
And they're even a small percent of the Democratic Party.
We know that a good percentage of people who walked away from the Democratic Party and actually voted for Trump last election
We're actually Democrats and former Obama voters.
So we need to be able to count on more Democrats to walk away and help out in the midterm elections so that we can guarantee that more Republicans, or not even just Republicans, make America great again type politicians are going to get in and support the president so that we don't have the Democrats coming in to try and undo everything that the president did or even try to do an impeachment on bogus grounds.
So, I do agree with you, Owen.
I think that a majority of these people are paid.
They are paid protesters.
Or they're just the people that are radical or hysterical or slightly even mentally ill.
So I agree with you on that.
But the problem is that
When we have situations where we get so frustrated with them to where we snap, or we defend ourselves in these type on-the-street battles, or we fight, or they're always gonna get the pictures where we're punching back, or we're trolling them back, and even doing stupid things like not saying hands salute, which was probably a decision out of anger and frustration of dealing with psychotic people.
Oh no, no, no, no.
I got exactly what I wanted out of that.
I got exactly what I wanted out of that.
Look, they just gave our t-shirt.
Now 10,000 people are going to see that t-shirt.
So that's great.
So go buy our t-shirt.
Yeah, I mean it's hard to deal with people when they're literally screaming in your face and acting psychotic and you have no ability to reason with them because they're not reasonable people.
It's very frustrating to deal with these leftists and a lot of times they do resort in violence and they attack you.
That's what happens and we've seen it happen and when you're, I do commend the Proud Boys, I commend Patriot Prayer and a lot of these guys who went out there, who stayed peaceful
And who just stood for the American flag and for patriotism and for our Constitution and what it is to be American and stood their ground, didn't back down to being shamed and scared away from existing in a blue liberal state.
So I commend them on that.
Yeah, and I'll tell you what, the other thing that they don't realize is that they're just assuring Donald Trump is going to win in 2020, and probably assuring that the blue wave is dead.
And they just don't even realize that their own ignorance, stupidity, and then confidence in themselves, which is a faux confidence, is really just killing their own movement.
So they've basically destroyed themselves, and anybody left with a rational mind is leaving the Democrat Party, leaving the liberal progressive ideology.
Incredible because they leave it and then they come to the other side and they finally see all the love.
They finally see all the support that they thought they would get from the left that they never got.
So they're actually seeing why this movement exists.
It's not about whatever they're saying, racism, Nazism, bigotry.
No, it's about America.
It's about common sense.
It's about logic.
And I mean, sometimes, I don't know about you, Millie, but sometimes, you know, I look at the world and I look at the ignorance, for example,
You know, this is something that really ticks me off and it's probably because I came from the sports media and I know a lot of these people and how they operate.
And when I saw the sports media response to LeBron James and Trump's little spat, if you will, it honestly made me almost feel hopeless because I'm not going to sit here and defend President Trump's tweet.
Not that I thought that it was wrong.
I think it's probably accurate, but
Think about this.
You have an entire media complex, even on the conservative side, that is more upset at what Donald Trump said on Twitter than what LeBron James said.
And I think it's great that LeBron James is very philanthropic with his money and funds inner-city schools and builds schools and stuff.
They're more upset about what Donald Trump said on Twitter than they even were about the rape accusations against Bill Clinton.
Let's get real.
No, no, no, but let's stay on course here.
Let's stay on track here.
LeBron James does a lot for inner-city youth.
I'm not denying that.
However, when he goes on television,
And he says that Donald Trump is returning us to a time of Jim Crow laws and slavery.
The mental damage that LeBron James has just done to the youth far outweighs any financial good that he can ever do.
If you are telling people that they're living in the era of Jim Crow and slavery, you have just crippled them for life.
So it doesn't matter how much money you give them, it doesn't matter how many facilities you build for them, you've crippled them for life.
You have slanted their reality, and now they can't even live in reality, and they're a victim.
So, LeBron James, if anyone was outlandish in their statements, if anyone made a statement that should be criticized, it was LeBron James!
For LeBron James to say that in America now, thanks to Trump, we're going back to the era of Jim Crow and slavery, when President Trump just had 30 black people in the White House that said he's the most pro-black president in modern history.
LeBron James is doing more mental and psychological damage to those kids than he could ever do positive with his money.
But it is funny.
How a man is able to dribble a ball for a living!
A man is able to play with balls for a living and make hundreds of millions of dollars doing it and empower other people and he's gonna say he's living in an era of racism and slavery?
It really shows you that Trump was right.
LeBron must not be that bright if he believes that.
The whole key here is that, yes, we have celebrities like LeBron James, who came to the establishment and want to ensure a comfy, cozy life, as long as they go along with the narrative and say what they need to say.
We had Jay-Z and Beyonce going and campaigning for Hillary Clinton, for goodness sake.
And she lost.
And then we have people who actually come and speak out and risk their career like someone like Roseanne Barr who got her show canceled.
But the bottom line here is that we have a free speech issue going on in our nation where we have generations now that no longer see free speech as something that we should hold as a value in America.
They don't hold capitalism as valuable in America.
And in fact, they don't even hold America as valuable.
Many of these people, they say they hate America, they hate capitalism, and they hate the Constitution, and they don't believe in free speech.
So, it makes sense to go out and stand your ground.
And have these instances where Patriot Prayer and these guys are going to make a statement to say, you're not going to kill free speech.
But here's one thing I just want people to kind of marinate here on.
We can win in the voting booth by taking the higher ground in many of these instances.
And to some extent, avoiding falling into the pitfall of
Direct fights on the street with Antifa.
Because we know that if Antifa is a George Soros paid group, what is their job?
Their job is to draw people out into the street to have fights, to make it into something that the mainstream media can spin.
It's obvious that that's what they're trying to do.
You're 100% right, Millie.
And that's the great thing about what's going on with the Patriot Prayer March and everything, is that they're not violent.
They're peaceful people.
And I want to give a big shout-out to Right Side Executive Security.
Right Side Executive Security did a great job keeping me and the crew safe this weekend.
There were some hectic moments and sometimes it got a little tight and chaotic, but I want to give a big shout-out.
We've got executive security.
Thank you guys for protecting us.
Millie Weaver, great work out there in Ohio.
Go to the Alex Jones channel on YouTube to find all her great work.
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