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Name: 20180729_Sun_Alex
Air Date: July 29, 2018
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In this monologue, Alex Jones discusses the "smile" people give when they're in deep trouble or facing serious consequences. He criticizes the left for trying to take control of children away from parents, saying that his own experience as a father proves otherwise. Jones encourages listeners to sign up for the Infowars newsletter to stay informed and supports the Infowars team and their supporters who are changing the world.

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From deep in the heart of FEMA Region 6, Austin, Texas, transmitting worldwide, it's Alex Jones.
It only happens to me every couple years.
I go to sleep, in a deep sleep, face down, and wake up with one of my eyes open, stuck to the pillow.
You ever done that?
Right over here, this eye is just blasted out, big cut on the side.
Had a doctor look at it, they said it should be fine.
But, let's just say this, if I seem a little bummed out on air, it's not because we're the number one news story in the country and they're trying to shut us down.
That bums me out, but there is a little bit of pain going on over here in the eye.
So that may actually make me settle down a little bit today and actually be a little bit more congruent than I can be sometimes.
We're going to be live here for the next two hours.
And then Mike Adams produces every week, usually on about a Friday, a one-hour special called CounterThink.
Counter thought to the establishment, that's very informative.
And then, we're not live until 8am the next day when David Knight comes on with the real news.
We're going to do a couple hours live tonight, just an exercise of free speech, on the state of the internet, and really where the planet is right now, in relation to the mark of the beast.
That's really what it is.
And we're going to talk to Mike Cernovich and some other folks that are also going to be, not just on the InfoWars platform, but streaming on their own platforms, from their own studios, their own broadcast, that we'll just be interfacing with, just to give people an example of how this deplatforming operation works.
So it's a little legal test that we're doing just to illustrate to people what the real plan is here.
Infowars is being watched, obviously, extremely closely right now.
Tucker Carlson's weighed in.
Senator Ted Cruz has weighed in, supporting Infowars and pointing out that there is a test case going to deplatform us off the internet, to set the precedent to do it to conservatives and nationalists and whoever else the establishment wants to muzzle into the future.
So that is all coming up during the broadcast as well.
Regular listeners know that we've been spot-on about what was going to happen, when it was going to happen with the globalists, because we read their trade publications.
They are really upset at how influential we are.
They're very, very upset about how accurate we are.
They're really upset that government agencies, not just here, but around the world, are increasingly tuning in and that it's decompartmentalizing
They're global plant.
So I'm going to do my best today to just go 35,000 foot view.
So I tend to get on air and then I just say, let me prove it all to you.
And I show you each and every little factoid and then tie it all together.
We've done that.
We'll do that later in the broadcast.
I think it's important just to lay out the big picture here and what we're facing.
Now that said,
They're making their move.
Not just against Infowars, but against everybody.
And it's not just ahead of the midterms, it's a global crackdown on free speech.
And they're very brazen about who's helping them do it, who's honchoing.
And it's so historical.
History is happening now.
This is outrageous tyranny.
It's extremely naked.
And it operates like you're completely unconscious and aren't consciously looking at what's happening.
There's no logical 2 plus 2 equals 4 to any of it.
And it's just unbelievable.
How naked it is.
I mean, it's really stunningly ridiculous.
So we're going to break it all down straight ahead.
I cannot stress enough to all of you out there how critical word of mouth is in this information war.
We all know.
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You are listening to an InfoWars.com Frontline Report.
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
From deep in the heart of FEMA Region 6, Austin, Texas, transmitting worldwide, it's Alex Jones.
The United States of America and hundreds of other nations are now locked in a struggle against multinational corporations backed up by the communist Chinese and the elites that own Hollywood.
They're attempting to dominate humanity and bring in an anti-human world government where normal human processes are taken control of and then artificiality is then enforced to set up a new paradigm of complete and total synthetic corporate
Technological, scientific, elite, military, industrial complex, elite, control.
The brave new world is here.
It is the establishment's plan.
And we are here simply trying to ring the alarm bell and expose it.
Because the information is so on target about the globalist program, because it's from their own admissions, they were so arrogant they bragged about for decades, they're scared of this broadcast and they want it shut down.
They're obsessed with knocking it out.
And they want to set the precedent to be able to shut everyone else down.
It's also the fact that we have a spirit of fighting back.
And we have a spirit of victory.
That those that wish to break the will of free peoples everywhere hate Infowars.
If you looked at the amount of demonization attacks on Infowars in the last 23 years, it starts out at a trickle, and then just exponentially goes up by 2016, and then goes into stratospheric, straight-up convulsions in the last six months.
And now, tens of thousands of articles, news programs, local shows, fake letters to the editor,
The entire leftist deep state, the entire foundation combine, is launching attacks on Infowars, the likes of which you only see before the country is tricked into invading some third world country.
It's war level propaganda.
But see, Infowars has been chosen as the test case for everybody else's speech to be taken.
And we've worked really hard.
The listeners have pushed really hard to get information into Congress's hands.
And Congress has now seen the reports that we and others have put together detailing all of this.
So we have a real fighting chance.
To get them educated about algorithms and shadow bans and community guidelines that are really run by the Southern Poverty Law Center, where they can say very, very subjectively, just up to them, what they say is offensive and what isn't.
And then the key is, misrepresent what you've said or done and not even show what you say or do that they claim is wrong.
I mean, clearly you're covered under the First Amendment already, but then they misrepresent what you say, remove it, and then never show you what it is you supposedly said.
Over 10,000 articles in the last four days in a Google search with the headline, Alex Jones bullying.
Alex Jones child endangerment.
They never tell you what it is.
They never tell you what I did.
They never have a police report.
They don't have a screenshot.
Now, the first day they did, Forbes and others said that in a video, I push a child to the ground.
No, it was video from ABC News a month and 15 days ago in early June.
When a ten-year-old, the police have been called but they're not there yet, is beating up adults and punching people in the face.
He starts punching one adult four times in the face, the adult pushes him to the ground.
We showed that video.
It was national news.
Thousands of other publications and groups did.
They then misrepresented it to say Jones needs to be completely banned
YouTube and Facebook have only banned him live streaming and blocked his pages.
That's not enough.
We cannot, I will not though, show you the video.
Because even on other streaming services we're using, the Southern Poverty Law Center has been signed up as judge, jury, and executioner, and they will go do the same fraud again.
I've been on the phone with lawyers.
They're forcing me to sue them, to sue Time Warner.
They've got me fighting their other fake suits.
But it has to be done.
This is all of our fights.
This is for the First Amendment.
Because they don't just censor you, they lie about you when they do it.
We posted on InfoWars.com the videos on our own servers, if you want to go see them.
But now the New York Daily News, the New York Times, the Washington Post are celebrating.
Facebook and YouTube said yesterday, OK, we're set to totally ban Jones forever off our platforms.
They just had to act like they did due process first.
That's all this is.
Because Americans still believe in the First Amendment, so it's got to be, oh, he beat up a kid.
Oh, okay.
But imagine when a jury sees that.
What Forbes and others said, I beat up a kid and it's not true.
And then I show the jury all the other publications that ran the video.
That they're allowed to have it up, but I can't.
And that CNN and all of you knowingly lie about it to your viewers.
What, what, what venom?
What evil?
But it's like they do a lot about WMDs in a country and they go kill a couple million innocent people.
Our military just has to do the fightin'.
They do the lyin'.
So, that's what they do, ladies and gentlemen.
That's how they kill the truth.
That's how they murder it.
But beyond InfoWars, they're getting ready to make their big move.
It's a very small part of what we do streaming on YouTube or Facebook.
But they want the precedent for all the thousands of other channels that grab clips of the show and do things that that's not allowed, period.
To set that precedent, just like they shadow banned a bunch of members of Congress last week where they couldn't even, no one could see their tweets.
They could tweet, but it went into a black hole.
Just like they've done to all these members of Congress, runnin' again, and they're not allowed to put their campaign ads up on their Facebook or Twitter or YouTube, but the Democrats all can.
There are now criminal Federal Elections Commission investigations launched by Nunes and others into this.
And it is criminal.
Just as the President said on Thursday.
He said, this shadow banning is discriminatory and it's illegal.
We've got a lot of complaints.
We're looking into it.
And we've got reports.
Just like Nunes has come out and said, we've got a report detailing how all this banning works, that I got to a week and a half before.
Mike Adams' report, that I commissioned?
And then, right in live time, they went from 90% banning the conservative Republicans in Congress, to total shadow ban, where they went from having thousands of retweets, already constricted 89%, to zero.
We're talking maybe five tweets, because only their office could see it.
Perfect timing!
We got them the report, the next week they had the hearings, said banned conservatives off the web, told a bunch of lies, and then the next day they went to 100% shadow ban of hundreds of members of Congress.
Here's chairman of the committee talking about it.
Here's Chairman Nunes.
And then you had a report that came out where in fact there were four people in the House of Representatives, and the only four politicians in the country, the elected officials that were being quote-unquote, well they don't call it shadow banning, but effectively we were getting caught up in some type of trap to where people couldn't see our Twitter feed.
That was Mr. Gates, Mr. Meadows, Mr. Jordan, and myself.
So, I don't know what Twitter's up to.
It sure looks to me like they're censoring people, and they ought to stop it, and we're looking at any legal remedies that we can go through.
Now, why do they want him full war shutdown?
Because nine times out of ten, and by the way, I don't say that with pleasure, because I don't want to be the only one that gets it, along with Matt Drudge.
We're the first people to report it.
We push it for months.
I explain to audience, hey, sometimes I repeat stuff over and over again because it's not even for you.
It's to finally get through to Congress and others to get what's happening.
And now we've gone from the president not knowing he's been shadow banned for years on Twitter.
You're like, well, he still gets hundreds of thousands.
That's who go to his page.
He should be getting hundreds of millions.
So now he knows about it.
Nunes knows about it.
We've triggered the debate.
And that's why they're trying to totally ban us off the internet, because they're tired of us being the one that raised the alarm.
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You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
Alright, Alex Jones here, back live.
I want to get to all the other big news that we haven't gotten to the last few days because I've been focused on the fallout assault of the First Amendment.
We're going to be looking at all of that.
The websites are NewsWars.com, Infowars.com, PrisonPlanet.com.
Those are more important than ever because
The globalists tried to take the internet over the last 10 years with social media and these big giant sites like Google, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter.
And they let everybody build up these big systems on there and to advertise and to push our big audiences off TV, talk radio, billions of people advertise in local papers and local TV to promote their Facebook pages.
They got the power of billions of people to build their combines.
But now,
They're rolling it up.
They're not just doing it to Christians or Conservatives or Libertarians.
They're just 100% banning us ahead of the elections in the midterms.
They're doing it to bands, hip-hop, rock and roll, people that aren't part of the big labels, Christian groups.
Anything successful that they don't control, they won't even let you buy advertising for now on many of these platforms.
Because the big corporations have weighed in and said, listen, just like how the record companies created a monopoly the last 50 years, they want one on all information.
And so YouTube is becoming Hollywood Tube.
Google is becoming BeEvil.
Jack Dorsey at CEO said six months ago, we will crush conservatives.
We will win the midterms.
We will crush them.
We will isolate them.
We will block them.
We will stop them.
He didn't say we're going to stop hate speech and all their cover stories.
He said we're going to crush conservatism.
We're going to absolutely shut it off and humiliate it and not let them communicate and break their will.
Well, guess what?
That hasn't happened yet.
People understand what's happening.
But then they're going after drudge with the Federal Elections Commission.
They're going after us.
They're going after World Debt Daily.
They're going after Fox News with internal battles trying to take it over.
The globalists are going after anything that's pro-America, anything that's free market.
So that's why I'm talking about this so much, is because it's about the midterms.
And it's about the future of the country.
And it's about their attempt to impeach Trump.
And it's about their attempt, once they get us kicked off Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter, and all the rest of it, they admit they're going after everybody's servers.
They're going after their credit card providers.
They're going after their merchants.
That's why I call it the mark of the beast.
Even if you don't believe in God and the devil,
If you read Revelation, a world government with a mark on the hand, the forehead, where you can't buy or sell unless you serve this world system, and a one world religion that's anti-family, anti-God, with big giant talking machines, standing so the beast can talk worldwide, in these huge temples it describes, with these hundred foot tall images of the beast, and everyone can see him.
It's a hologram!
I mean, somebody was time-traveling, somebody got revelation from God, whether you believe it or not, it's manifesting!
A world planetary government, and it's anti-God, it's anti-family, it's targeting children, they just caught that top cardinal in the U.S.
had to step down for pedophilia.
The top cardinal in Australia had to step down.
I mean, it's every week, but it barely gets coverage.
And again, it's a global pedophile ring.
It's not a global Catholic ring, or a global Hollywood ring, or a global... It's a global pedophile ring.
And what do they want?
The innocence of the children.
Cardinal steps down amid mushrooming sex abuse scandal.
What did we tell you was going to happen when Trump got in?
There is a eight-fold, according to the Uniform
Crime statistics put up with the FBI just last month.
An eight-fold in arrest and indictment of pedophiles.
But the courts are just now jam-packed.
And it's not just pedophiles with some child porn on their computer.
It's people with little kids in cages.
And then it gets shut down in the news.
But from Australia, to Russia, to Germany, to Mexico, to the US, to Chile, to South Africa, to Nigeria, they are rolling these gangs up.
And you go, why is it pedophiles?
Because if you'll rape kids, you'll do anything.
And you notice there's 400,000 signatures, last time I checked, let's see what it is now, for James Gunn, who made thousands of jokes about raping little girls and little boys, and how much he enjoyed doing it, and how, you know, leave Nambla alone.
And a bunch of people came out and defended him and said, let kids love, let them have free will, let them do what they want.
That's actual Nambla speak.
Yeah, so it's 332,000.
I guess there's another one with a couple hundred thousand.
They want 500,000 signatures.
And look, it's going up.
Our petition has 50,000 signatures at change.org to save the internet and stop shadow banning.
But they want 500,000 to deliver to Trump to say, let this pedo-apologist get his job back.
He looks just like the Subway founder, doesn't he?
They got the look.
It's a look.
And it's also their own words and their own actions.
So it's just like Christ is being tried by Pilate, and Pilate says, I find no guilt in this man.
I find no sin in him.
And he says, it's the Jewish holy day.
You're allowed to have one person go free who's scheduled to be executed.
I suggested it be Jesus Christ.
And they said, who else is there that can be executed?
Only one more man, a rapist, a killer, a thief, one of the most hated people in Jerusalem, named Barabbas.
And they began to howl, give us Barabbas.
And I'm not comparing Trump to Christ or anything, but the economy's turning around 4%, 4.1, trying to do good things, trying to be positive, being lied about, being demonized, and they want him dead, they want his family dead, they want Infowars destroyed.
They say, no, no, no, we don't want what's good.
They say, give us James Gunn.
Give us Barabbas.
So it's America's judgment, it's America's choice.
But worldwide, China has a system that's going worldwide of a digital social score for everything you do, even outside the internet, where if you're not a good little communist, you get demoted, then you can't even have a job, then you can't even get food, you can't travel, you starve to death.
We first reported it five years ago, now it's mainstream news.
That is the model coming in, being phased in.
And they think
Congressman Nunes and Congressman Cruz and Congressman Jordan and Congressman Gates and Congressman Senator Paul are stupid.
And they're not.
And I'm not.
And now, finally, the ball's rolling where people get this isn't old-fashioned censorship.
This isn't leftists doing it here and there.
This is full-tilt, maximum total control.
And if we let them get away with it, we deserve what happens to us.
So, when we come back,
I'm gonna get into why they hate Trump, why they hate InfoWars, and how we defeat these globalists, and how we take it to the next level.
But whatever you do, download the free app.
It's the new official app at InfoWars.com forward slash app on Droid and on iPhone.
And tell everybody to download it.
This is the forbidden info.
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Let's push it to number one.
Make no mistake, we're all living in one of the most important times in human history as populist and nationalist.
Pro-free market forces reawaken and ignite in our darkest hour and see success everywhere.
And we wouldn't be here today if it wasn't for Dinesh D'Souza, the second highest grossing documentary filmmaker in history, best-selling author, and for that, falsely imprisoned, as the president has pointed out, announcing his pardon yesterday for a nine-month false prison sentence for getting five friends to donate Hillary, again, billions of dollars.
You know, I think, Alex, that when we hear words like dangerous from CNN, we have to learn to decode or translate what they actually mean.
So what they mean is that Mark Rich
Uh, no matter whether he's an arms dealer or a drug trafficker, he's not dangerous to them.
In fact, he's on their side in the sense that he is willing to lavish billions of dollars, I mean, not millions, but tens of millions of dollars into progressive and left-wing causes.
I actually am dangerous to them.
Because I'm actually out there undermining their ideology at every turn.
And so to pardon me is to unleash me in an even bigger way.
So when I hear these kinds of things from CNN, far from like trying to refute them, I essentially look behind the curtain and I go, I know why you're saying that, and in a certain sense you're right.
And of course the word is that the president's told you that he wants to unleash you.
Can you talk about that?
Yeah, I was in my study two days ago, working away, and the phone rang, you know, unknown caller, and I picked it up, and it was the White House operator.
She just goes, she confirmed it was me, I hold the line for the President of the United States, and Trump comes on, and the first thing he said to me was, hey Dinesh, you know, I'm sitting here with John Kelly, Chief of Staff, and we both want to let you know that we think that you're a great voice for freedom and for America.
And he said, I gotta tell you man to man that, you know, your case, you know, you got screwed.
He goes, you should have gotten it, it was a technicality, you should have gotten a fine and move on with life, but no, these guys went after you with everything they got.
And he goes, it was a terrible injustice.
He goes, the good thing is, you know, I'm in a position to correct it.
So I want to, I want to clear your slate.
I'm going to give you a full pardon tomorrow morning.
And I am just, I want you to go out there and just do what you're doing at an even bigger scale than ever.
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You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
Rallying patriots worldwide in defense of human liberty.
It's Alex Jones.
We're back live.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
So, the globalists worldwide are launching attacks on free speech.
I remember three years ago reporting on former head members of the East German secret police who were involved in the torture and murder of hundreds of thousands of people being hired to
Work for Facebook to flag political incorrectness and then give it to the German police to arrest and indict people that were critical of radical Islam.
And now the reports pour in daily of hundreds of arrests in Germany.
I mean, if you just say radical Islam is not compatible, you are arrested.
And so you see the headlines, Jones's YouTube and Facebook blocked from live streaming may be banned because Jones
Has been found guilty by YouTube and Facebook of hate speech.
Hate speech is just an old Soviet Union term they used for people they wanted to arrest.
It's not a law.
It's here in America now.
It's a chilling effect.
I'm gonna get to more of that
Here in a moment, but this is how the death of logic works.
I'm going to give you two examples of the death of logic here in just a moment.
First off, let me introduce the exhibits.
Here's one out of the Austin American Statesman.
Another failed establishment newspaper that now is just a pure disruptor.
City report on Confederate monuments.
Raises idea of renaming Austin.
Now that's their politically correct way of letting that out.
If you actually read it, it says they recommend, because it's named after Stephen F. Austin, that the city be renamed.
See, because that's why this works.
Once you get rid of one statue, then you can get rid of everything.
Remember, Trump said, well if you want to
Get rid of any monument of anybody that ever was involved in slavery.
You have to take down George Washington and Thomas Jefferson.
They went, oh, you're a crazy kook.
And then one week later, the Democrats officially said, get rid of the American flag and get rid of George Washington and rename Washington, D.C.
You're like, well that'll never happen.
Now think of the mental illness.
It was Europe and England that first started getting rid of slavery.
Then the United States came along.
They still have slavery in three African countries right now.
Six Islamic countries still have it.
But they sell women into sex slavery in Libya and Sudan and other countries right now.
No one covers it, no one cares.
We've covered it, I think it's incredible.
I mean, Al Jazeera's reported, BBC has, there's been a few articles, but it's like, it's going on!
Because under radical Islam, Wahhabism, black people are not fully human.
That's actually where they got that thing in the early voting rights, you know, two-thirds human and all that, that actually came from the Muslims.
And I'm not here bashing the Muslims, man, but if we're gonna rename Austin,
Or rename Washington, D.C.?
Well, baby, let's rename Africa.
Let's rename Asia.
The Bible, the Old Testament, has free and bond, because that's what happened.
Most of the white people that came to this country came here as indentured servants on seven- or ten-year terms, who were signed on with no rights, could be chained up if they tried to run away.
No one's defending that institution.
But the idea that
You can sit there with every junior high and high school student and go, we're not going to teach you about anything in history but how America had slaves.
Okay, yeah, 2% had slaves or whatever.
And then we're going to harp on that all day and not talk about how we got rid of it.
It's just that issue.
Total mental illness.
And then, oh, Santa Ana, who was a dictator,
Had all these people called peons in forced labor, but they didn't call them slaves.
So then his moral authority was claiming, oh, well, the South was expanding into Texas, and there might be some slaves brought in.
And so that was his excuse to invade.
It had nothing to do with it.
And so it became this whole debate.
And then today, if you're in college or you're in high school, all they teach you is Texas is bad because they didn't want to ban slavery in 1836.
And so, that's the one little piece of history that's there, nothing else.
But that's not even the issue.
China sells political dissidents' organs, Buddhists and Christians, by the millions.
There's no discussion of the Chinese Communists, there's no discussion of the millions that are in slave camps, there's no discussion of any of it.
It's all just some dude named Stephen F. Austin
And let's look at slavery, so let's ban the name Austin.
It's about being able to take control of everything.
And this is what the CHICOMS, who are the biggest funders of Hollywood and the media, are pushing when you tune into any Hollywood program and whites are told, you're inherently evil, you're inherently bad, you have inherent guilt.
Even though 2% of the South, not even the North, had slaves.
And so, how many people are descendants of 2% of people that were in the South before 1868?
They've done the numbers.
It's very small.
But then let's expand further.
Most people came here after the 1880s.
They have no connection to slavery.
So in what world is that going on?
But see, poor white Europeans who'd just been serfs, and who had just been freed off the land, it's the same thing, serf means slave.
They picked it up on the East Coast when they came in, and they were, I'm not bashing them, they were very tribal people, they finally got to be one cast above somebody.
So all the black slaves run to the North, which, big problems in the South, and it gets even worse in the North, because people have never even seen black people!
And they've just been slaves on their land, and they get told by race baiters, Democratic Party mainly on the East Coast, you're finally above somebody.
You don't have any rights, but at least you're better than these people.
And that's where the Democrats come from, with their race baiting and their control, and it's the same trick.
And it worked great in Chicago and New York and Boston and all these other big
East Coast and Second City areas, and that's the whole Democratic Party ethos of control.
That's how they manipulate, that's how they dominate, that's how they play groups off against each other.
Instead of, as an American, we all have these basic rights, we all work together for these rights, and this system all makes us more wealthy, more successful, and more happy, we go to a caste system yet again.
Where everything is race-based and on what color you are and where you came from or blah blah blah what group you're in rather than what Martin Luther King talked about what you do, what you stand for, what you produce.
Because isn't that really the system?
What we all want to be based on is how good at accounting are you?
How honorable are you?
How good at farming are you?
How good at teaching are you?
How good at football are you?
How good of a doctor are you?
If somebody's got the top ratings and is cool and great, I don't care if they're a black doctor or a white doctor.
I want who people told me is the best and who treats me like a good person when I come talk to them.
I don't care what color you are, if you've got nice good food and you make me feel welcome, I'm gonna eat in your restaurant.
That's what Martin Luther King talked about.
The opposite of what the Democratic Party pushes.
But they think you're stupid.
They think you're tribal.
They think you're dumb.
So there you go.
The city of Austin recommends that the people we've elected, these virtue signalers, they recommend renaming the city something else.
Well, since this is all part of Fantasyland, why don't we rename it George Soros.
He's a good Nazi collaborator, but he's worshipped by the left.
He actually helped round people up for the Nazis, but he's worshipped by everybody.
So let's rename Austin Soros City.
It'll be perfect.
Soros City.
Soros City.
You see, because forget Stephen F. Austin.
He came here, braved the dictator, set something up, an economic system so much more free.
Two hundred and something years later, everybody wants to come here.
Or 190 years or whatever.
See how that works?
We'll be back.
Everybody knows I'm not an infighter.
I don't fight libertarians.
I don't fight nationalists.
I don't fight capitalists.
I don't fight patriots.
But I've also noticed that I wait too long with people like, you know, the guy that took over Breitbart.
When I knew from good sources he was bad news, I sat on the information because I didn't want to be an infighter.
It's this holier-than-thou thing.
I'm talking about Stephen Bannon.
And now I have sat there and I've watched Glenn Beck go to Fox News, do the book deals, do everything he did.
I was offered that exact position about a year before Beck showed up.
Basically the very same people I'll leave it at that.
So many stations would say, we've got to drop you.
Glenn Beck is going to leave.
Sinclair Channel says you can't be on here if we have Glenn Beck.
And then Glenn Beck was always getting my sponsors and in my business.
And then I learned that Ben Shapiro is coming in trying to buy up the remnants of that.
And then I notice how mainstream media force-feeds him constantly.
And I notice how we get force-fed Jordan Peterson.
And I like a lot of what Peterson says, but you can't miss that they don't get censored, they get force-fed, they go on all the shows.
Which is fine, but then when you get in my business and tell people don't come on my show, and that I'm bad, and I'm evil, and you promote fake New York Times articles about me, and it seems like your job is coming after me,
I'm not putting up with Glenn Beck Part 2, where I put up with six, seven years of his crap before I unloaded on him, and he went under.
I'm self-made, you're not.
Vox Day's self-made, you're not.
Get out of our way.
So Vox Day, thanks for coming on with us.
Well, I call the two of them Tweedlefake and Tweedlefaker.
The reality of Ben Shapiro is that he was made back when he was a little kid.
And I was at World Nut Daily at the time, and he was just a little kid.
...regurgitating Republican Party talking points.
And he actually had a crisis of confidence after a couple years of doing that, and emailed me and said, hey, you know, what should I do?
Should I keep doing this?
And I had encouraged him to go off and really go off on his own.
You know, figure out what you believe.
What do you think is right?
But it became very clear back in the, around the time of the Iraqi war, that he made the wrong decision.
And, you know, I published a column called The Littlest Chicken Hawk.
Because what he was doing was saying that it was the most important thing for us to go and fight that war.
But he wasn't willing to go and do it himself, despite the fact that he was about 18 years old at the time.
And that's when I realized that, you know, this is a guy who is not intellectually honest.
He's a guy who doesn't have any personal integrity.
And what he's attempting to do is get other young men to go and fight and die in his place.
And that's not right.
And what we've seen since then is that Ben Shapiro
Along with Jordan Peterson, are essentially there to replace William F. Buckley.
You know, neoconservatism has failed.
It's no longer possible for them to read out the Sam Francis's, the Pat Buchanan's, the Joe Sobrin's, and the Alex Jones's from the right.
Because the neoliberal world order has failed.
Multiculturalism has failed.
Neoconservatism has failed.
And so...
They're trying to come up with a way to keep the right on the reservation.
And that's what Ben Shapiro is doing in the world of politics, and that's what Jordan Peterson is doing in the world of philosophy.
But the key thing is, with Jordan Peterson and with Ben Shapiro and with all other charlatans, the way that you can always identify them is the way that they redefine simple, commonly understood words.
Mother and father become G-Z, exactly.
It is a very, very reliable tell, and whenever you see someone doing that, dig a little deeper.
And beyond that, you can also tell because the left-wing media and the mainstream media is willing to allow them to be the official opposition.
And they do that because, in one way or another, these individuals are serving the mainstream narrative.
You're listening to The Alex Jones Show.
Live, raw, and unfiltered by globalist propaganda.
It's The Alex Jones Show.
Tomorrow's news today.
See what they don't want you to see.
Share what they don't want you to share.
We're on over 250 stations during the week, over 150 on the Sunday broadcast.
And then, that's just radio stations.
We're on a lot of TV stations and cable systems as well.
But, we've reached billions and billions and billions of people just on our official YouTube and Facebook channels with videos that have been watched.
And it's changed the world.
I've had documentaries that have been seen more than 200 million times online that I produced.
I personally have directed and made films that have been seen 100 million times, like Endgame.
I don't know.
That people want alternative grassroots information, but it makes them madder and madder and madder that they can't stop you with their algorithms and their shadow bands and all of it, spreading the word yourselves.
Now, why is the city of Austin officially coming out, the people that run it, and recommending
That the name of the city be changed.
They say in the report, action needs to be taken.
We need to take immediate action.
But changing the name of the city needs to be done.
But it's not a simple matter.
We need to change the name of Austin.
It's not a simple matter.
Because we're not going to report on the millions and millions of Buddhists and Christians who've had their organs taken as we speak in the last decade in China.
We're not going to talk about Islamists in a bunch of Middle Eastern and North African countries selling people into slavery because they're black and they claim the Koran says they can do it.
No, no, no.
We're not going to talk about people, 30% of the population on psychotropic drugs, enslaved to it.
We're not going to talk about tens of millions enslaved to opioids.
We're not going to talk about all the real forms of slavery, people having their brains rewired, the screen sickness, world government.
The family breaking up, depression.
We're going to say some guy 190 years ago, why he, you know, he wasn't perfect.
So we're going to ban the name of the city, even though it's the founder of it and the founder of a system everyone's killing to get into.
Not because it's perfect, but it's a lot better than everywhere else.
The people that want to control language are in charge of, because here's the secret.
They don't want you recognizing slavery.
And medical tyranny beyond any science fiction horror movie you could ever imagine.
And human cloning, and animal-human splicing, and all the new diseases, and the deformities, and the IQs dropping, and cancer in children up 10,000%, breast cancer up 3,000%.
They don't want to talk about all that!
They want a bunch of bumbling basket cases, obsessed over, what's the name of that?
And who had the name of this?
And who's, you know, if you're white, you might have had ancestors that did something wrong.
Can you imagine if they told you, we need some taxes from you because your great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-grandpa might have done something?
You'd say, you're crazy.
If my daddy was a bank robber, doesn't mean I'm guilty.
Everybody knows that.
But that's what this authoritarianism is.
In Soviet Russia, in Nazi Germany.
If your dad did something wrong, you got sent to a death camp.
If one of your neighbors
Punched an SS officer in the face, you got sent to a gulag.
So you see, that's how crazy this gets.
And then you read Anne Hathaway, another failed nobody actress, virtue signals because they're told to, they read off scripts.
All black people fear for their lives daily in America.
We must ask our white selves, because you're not a person, you're not an individual, you're white!
You're not a black person, you're not a person, you're black.
You're not a person that is Asian, you are Asian.
See how crazy that is?
See how evil that is?
But that's the whole push, the whole propaganda of these kook balls.
According to actress Anne Hathaway, all black people, all,
Live in constant fear!
How insulting.
In America, because white people could kill them any moment.
Even though the statistics, and look, I'm sorry, it's just the facts.
For every white person that attacks a black person, there's a 10 or 12 to 1 ratio.
It's still a minority of blacks that do it, but it is a fact that has been culturally pushed.
It's acceptable, and a lot of your new Black Panther Party and others say, and the whole
Black Lives Matter group.
They say, you know, whites are inherently bad, like she's saying here about herself, virtue signaling.
And so, you know, if you're going to go out and mug somebody or attack somebody, do it in a white area.
I've had the head of the New Black Panther Party on from Houston.
He was in the paper saying, don't mug black people.
Why go mug a white person?
How about you don't mug anybody?
But think of the condescension there.
Anne Hathaway, all black people fear for their lives daily in America.
We must ask our white selves.
So you're not just a red-blooded human that has a soul and a destiny and your own ideas.
You're white!
Who you are is white!
Because you got pink skin or whatever your color.
Good God!
We must ask our white selves how decent are we really, she says.
She's telling you you're guilty, you're bad, but don't actually go out and help some black person.
Just do what Hollywood says, follow our orders.
Privileged white people don't have equivalence for their fear of violence.
90% of black people are killed by black people.
But see, it doesn't matter if statistics don't even exist.
She just puts it out because it's the talking point by the big banks and the chi-coms and the globalists that run this country.
And it doesn't mean that some of that stuff isn't true.
It doesn't matter.
It's being pushed to divide and conquer and bring down the country, period.
Now, that said, I talked about equivalence and logic not being in play.
Here's one even bigger.
I'll have Democrats, when I run into them on the street that are being more civil, they'll say, Alex, this president just needs to stop being so mean to the media and stop being so divisive and undermining our First Amendment.
I go, he's not trying to get rid of free speech.
He's responding to people.
That is free speech.
They go, well, he's just been saying some threatening things to the press that that really upsets me.
I go, oh, really?
Like what?
Well, you know, I mean, you heard it.
Just like he supposedly said Mexicans are all criminals.
There's no video, there's no audio.
It's a lie.
Just like they lie about me.
And say I'm being removed off YouTube and Facebook for child endangerment, and it's an ABC News video of some kid punching an adult in the face, and the guy pushes the kid down.
But see, they won't show you what I supposedly did.
Anybody with half a brain knows, journalistically, if you're hearing somebody committed a crime, and then they don't show you the proof, what world is this?
So, when we come back, I'm gonna open the phones up, but I'm gonna get into... Time publisher asked Trump to reconsider anti-media rhetoric.
That's the big story.
AP, it's everywhere.
He met with him and said, sir, it's dangerous to say the media is evil and bad and liars.
No, he says specific people are liars.
He says, sir, it's going to cause violence.
So they run with that and Trump responds by saying, powerfully, it's on Infowars.com, I will not allow our country to be sold out by MSM haters.
They're the ones specifically saying, he's a traitor, he's a Russian agent, kill his family.
And then they send their publisher to go, oh shucks, we haven't done anything but been sweet to you.
Will you stop being mean?
As if we don't remember MSM and all of them constantly hating and lying.
They're like, we've been so sweet and nice to you.
Why are you being so mean to us?
You need to stop.
They've gotten Trump to lower his guard four or five times for like a month.
And his poll numbers go down, and they attack him, and he starts losing.
When he's like, okay, I'm nice, be nice, everybody, let's be friends, and they just stab him in the back.
I'm gonna go to break.
They're trying to shut us down.
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It was, it was, they knew she'd run.
It was like, and then I remember thinking, or two years before, I thought, we've got to do that.
And it, we went to the RNC, and a third of the people were wearing it.
It was the chance.
It was, we had planes flying around saying it behind them.
It was incredible.
It was a magic moment.
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That he's mean as a wolverine.
Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order, it's Alex Jones.
You want to stop tyranny?
Well, so does he.
Live from the InfoWars.com studios, it's Alex Jones.
All right, Carpe Duncan.
They're very talented folks.
They put together a little Spaceballs parody with Space Force.
Coming up, a great Mel Brooks movie.
And then I'm going to give the number out next segment.
I'm going to get into Trump's very powerful tweets that are up on Infowars.com.
I will not allow country to be sold out by MSM haters.
That's his response to the hoax that he's the one being mean to the media.
You gotta be kidding.
I can't believe he still talks to the New York Times and all the rest of them.
So here is this satirical report.
All rise in the presence of Dark Helmet.
I can't breathe in this thing!
We're closing in on them, sir.
In less than a minute, Lone Star will be ours.
Prepare to attack.
Prepare to attack!
On the count of three.
Where are they?
I don't know, sir.
They must have hyperchats on that thing.
And what do we got on this thing?
A Cuisinart?
No, sir.
Well, find them!
Catch them!
Yes, sir.
Prepare ship for light speed.
No, no, no.
Light speed is too slow.
Light speed too slow?
We're going to have to go right to ludicrous speed.
Ludicrous speed?
Sir, we've never gone that fast before.
I don't know if this ship can take it.
What's the matter, Colonel Sanders?
Prepare ship!
Prepare ship for ludicrous speed!
Ludicrous speed!
Stop this thing!
We can't stop.
It's too dangerous.
We've got to slow down first.
Let me help you, sir.
Are you alright, sir?
How have you been?
Fine, sir.
It's a good thing you were wearing that helmet.
What should we do now, sir?
Well, are we stopped?
We're stopped, sir.
CNN will call for this to be banned, to claim it endangered children, or that it's homophobic.
I'm not kidding.
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Waging war on corruption.
It's Alex Jones coming to you live from the front lines of the InfoWar.
The mainstream corporate media is 100% scripted with talking points.
That was a video like on Wednesday.
We never played it.
There was a compilation of like 20 different shows and four or five networks all saying, Trump is very Orwellian.
Trump is very Orwellian.
And then Dan Rather came out and said the same thing when Trump said, don't believe your eyes or ears when you're watching mainstream media.
They cut off the mainstream media part.
They said, it's very Orwellian.
He's saying, don't believe your eyes or ears.
Well, everybody knows mainstream corporate media.
Has been putting the president down, calling him a Nazi, calling him a traitor, calling him a criminal, saying everything he says is a lie.
It's been comical, if it wasn't so serious.
And I've gotten to enjoy their lies.
Did you hear Alex Jones got banned on YouTube and Facebook?
This week?
What was it?
Well, we're not going to show you in thousands of articles and dozens of CNN shows.
I mean, literally, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, if you turn CNN on, they're talking about me.
Everybody's been calling me that just kind of tunes through, or they're at bars, or they're in a hotel, or it's always an airport, like my aunt called.
I'm in an airport here in Albuquerque.
I've seen you twice on CNN.
Something about endangering children?
What is this?
I had other family call me.
I'm like, I showed an ABC News clip a month ago of a guy getting punched in the face four times by some punk young 10, 11 year old.
The guy pushes him down and they said I beat the kid up and I blocked my channels.
And she's like, wow, they're that big a liar?
And I said, yeah.
It's just unbelievable.
But that's what they do.
That's the level that they've gotten to.
And it just gets worse and worse and worse and worse.
And they will create their own political demise.
Their own political destruction.
I don't mean literal.
Like when I say it's high noon between Trump, myself and Mueller and everybody else.
We're having a shootout politically.
And there's no quarter given, none received.
Jones threatens to shoot Mueller!
No, that's not what I did.
So, this is how they deceive, but I want to give the number out.
Specifically for folks that want to talk about the censorship war and what's coming next because they've never engaged in so much censorship.
It's everybody I know is being blocked.
Veterans groups, gun groups, just total bans, Congress.
And how do we get Congress to act on the racketeering, on the organized crime, on the illegal mass persecution?
Really the Facebook, Google, Twitter,
Hacking of the Internet.
Hacking of our Republic.
They're the ones involved in the election.
They're the ones blocking people's regular political discourse while force-feeding Anderson Cooper, who was paid 18 million dollars, Tom Warner was, CNN was, to put out this new Anderson Cooper show that shot in the wrong aspect ratio with like bad audio and video to make you think it's shot out, you know, like he's doing himself.
Like, if it looks totally different, they'll watch us.
Well, it's the same lying scumbags.
It's top viewership was 5,400.
It's average viewership, 4,000.
Total galactic failure.
Can you imagine?
On Facebook and YouTube, when they don't put The Shadow Man on us, the average live feed had 1 million viewers.
86 million viewers in one week before The Shadow Man.
Again, I already know I'm the winner.
It's like I'm a boxer that did KOs 50 times in a row and now you won't let me box.
And then I just sit here and watch these people I could KO every time.
And it's like, you're jokes, man.
You're total jokes.
But to me it isn't about being the most popular.
Even though I've been number one in dozens of cities on little stations against big stations.
I've already done that and I know how the system's rigged.
It isn't about me being number one or I could have worked with the system and played that game.
I don't want to do that.
I want to see real freedom and I'm pushing for it.
But oh look, talk about fake news.
Toll-free number to join us is 877-789-ALEX, 877-789-2539, 877-789-2539.
It's always good to give that number up before we actually rack up the phone system.
I know it's filled up in there, but we probably need to get to some folks that haven't called, you know, in a while.
All I ask is you have good phones.
We're going to continue on.
Mike Adams has an hour tape program, Counterthink that's excellent.
And then we're going to continue for two hours on the total attack on the web and how serious it is now to counterstrike to it.
Because the more they censor us, the more we work, the more we do, the more we innovate, the more we take action.
So there'll be an hour of that, very powerful, on the streams and on TV stations, radio stations.
Adams will be on the satellite.
But we're going to break in on the satellites to the radio stations and to the TV stations, so no cussing for our guests that are coming on.
And we're going to go to the radio stations and to the TV stations, some of which carry us 24 hours a day.
In fact, over 100 of the stations carry us 24 hours a day, including places like Kansas City and Houston and Rochester, New York.
Little towns in Los Angeles, places like that.
So, there's a lot happening with the Streisand effect.
As they try to kick us off, people are going, hey, we better find out what it is that's so evil, you know, we're not supposed to see it or hear it.
The people tune in, they go, wow, this is really truthful.
No wonder they don't want this.
So, this is all over the news.
Times publisher asked Trump to reconsider anti-American rhetoric.
They're like, come on, man.
We're just beating you over the head and stabbing you in the liver every day and saying we're going to kill your family and everything and saying you're the biggest liar in history and a Nazi and we say all these fake quotes about you and then you call us fake news, man.
That's horrible.
Don't talk bad about mainstream media.
Just let us destroy you and lie about you.
The publisher of the New York Times.
Said the publisher, not Carlos Slim, the Mexican kingpin owner, but the publisher.
of the New York Times, dun dun dun, said Sunday he implored President Trump at his private White House meeting this month to reconsider its broad attacks on journalists, calling the president's anti-press rhetoric, not just divisive, but increasingly dangerous.
You're the ones pushing race war, saying all whites are bad, everybody that wants free markets, a Russian agent, arrest everybody, you know, shut down your competitors, blah blah blah.
We should investigate how the Times and the Washington Post are funded by offshore money.
In a statement, publisher A.G.
Slushenberger said he decided to comment publicly.
Well, I'm right.
After Trump revealed their off-the-record meeting to his more than 53 million Twitter followers on Sunday.
Trump's aides had requested the July 20th meeting not be made public.
And it goes on.
Show, we're gonna punch you in the face 50,000 times, you don't even raise your arm and say you're under attack.
Do you understand us?
Our war on reality is paramount.
How dare you question us?
We have a right of kings to piss on America.
When we come back, I'm gonna read some of these tweets, the President's counter to this, and then we'll go to your phone calls.
But, they think you're done, they think you're over, they think you're defeated.
They think, you know, that Hillary was going to win 97% with all their lies, fake polls, giving her the question beforehand.
That failed.
So now they're coming in with real censorship, thinking conservatives in the last year and a half of censorship would just go, I'll be a Democrat now, don't censor me on social media.
People don't care they're leaving you.
You failed to censor.
You failed to break our will.
That's why the stocks of Facebook are plunging and Google and Twitter are all about to go down.
Because you broke your algorithm, you became a police state to try to deliver it to the globalists, and you still failed because all the internal polls show a huge landslide for the Republicans in the midterm election.
Them keeping the House, keeping the Senate, maybe even expanding, except for all the people voting the names of dead folks and the illegal aliens, all these Democrats have legalized in 14 states voting.
Even though they always said it was a conspiracy theory, no illegal aliens are voting.
Now they've legalized it in a bunch of Democrat cities and states.
There you go.
Just don't forget the free app.
Now official.
Brand new app.
We had a great app before.
A couple apps got old.
Had one app that didn't work too well.
This is the new awesome app.
When we go live on our own feeds, on our own podcasts, get published, you get live alerts.
Infowars.com forward slash app.
The globalists think you're lazy and stupid.
They think you won't go get it.
They think you won't share it, but I know you're getting it and I know you're sharing it.
It's in the top 30 news apps already.
How about we push it to number one and shove it down the throat of these globalists?
Infowars.com forward slash app.
Not only is the president looking to take away Brennan's security clearance, he's also looking into the clearances of Comey, Clapper, Hayden, Rice, and McCabe.
The president is exploring the mechanisms to remove security clearance because they've politicized and in some cases monetized their public service and security clearances.
Making baseless accusations of improper contact with Russia or being influenced by Russia against the president is extremely inappropriate.
And the fact that people with security clearances are making these baseless charges provides inappropriate legitimacy to accusations with zero evidence.
President Trump's response to the corrupt globalist deep state is equivalent to what they're doing.
They're calling him a traitor.
They're saying remove him from office for meeting with Vladimir Putin publicly when Hillary met with him illegally and secretly.
They're saying he needs to be overthrown all over the news.
They're circulating it in government publications and white papers that are public.
And then Trump comes out and says, we'll pull your security clearances.
John Brennan,
Clapper and others.
Because you can't be trusted.
You're anti-American.
You're totally partisan, working against the election of our last president.
You are working as seditious operatives.
And if you look at people like John Brennan, in college and then out of college, he was in the Communist Party, voted for the Communist Party, and bragged about it to the New Yorker magazine and other publications.
But Snopes says it's not true.
Go look it up for yourself.
Then Brennan joined the most radical form of Islam, a Wahhabist.
Of course Obama put this radical in.
And it was Brennan, and it was Clapper, and it was Rice and others who illegally spied on Trump from 2015 on.
It's all come out now that they were illegally spying without warrants and then they did the famous system of parallel construction.
To go back and get warrants on false info, and now their whole criminal cabal that makes Richard Nixon look like a choir boy is all starting to calm down.
And that's why they're at their most dangerous point right now.
And they're saying, how dare you say you'll pull our security clearances?
Oh, by the way, we don't need them.
Oh, they need them so that moles in the government that are still there can give them classified info, which they can then parlay and sell with these lucrative jobs they've got.
And then they can spin the info, leak the president's agenda, spin it, and then derail it and sabotage it, like the Korean peace deal and so many other issues.
They're openly rooting to crash the economy.
On Bill Maher's show and others, they are the enemies.
They hate America.
They're the coastal elites that absolutely hate the people on the East and West Coast as well.
They are the traitors.
They are the plague.
And finally, Trump is awake and taking action and getting aggressive and pointing out these people cannot be trusted.
It is the standard first move you make to cut off the deep state that is working for multinational corporations, the communist Chinese and others.
They are the enemy.
They have stood in the way of American prosperity and peace and security.
And now they're in deep trouble and they know it.
So I salute President Trump for what he's done.
I want to just remind the listeners that you heard all of this a year and a half ago here first about the illegal FISA warrants, about the deep state spying.
We got demonized because we have the sources, we have the research, we have the understanding of the globalist model, and we know how to defeat it.
So whatever you do,
Spread the word about InfoWars.com and NewsWars.com today and realize we're under attack because we know what we're talking about.
And if you want to find out what's going to happen next week, next month, next year, just like we told you in the past and we're right, then tune in today and spread the word because it's you out there that helps us get around the electronic Berlin Wall of shadow banning and all the rest of it.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
Live from Austin, Texas, broadcasting worldwide, it's Alex Jones.
What's happening now, Donald Trump is authoritarian.
He wants people to believe that the only truth, the one and only truth, comes from him.
This is the hallmark, historically, of authoritarian regimes.
And that's, when he says, don't believe what you see and read, you know that old story.
You compared it to Orwell's and what you wrote.
You said, when he said, don't believe what you see or what you hear, that's not what's happening.
You said it's like 1984, it's dystopian.
Well, it is.
It's straight out of Orwell.
And Orwell, what he wrote, it's practically a shooting script for Donald Trump.
I'm not suggesting that Donald Trump read it.
The evidence says he doesn't read very much.
I don't think he's read Orwell.
But the point being, there is a method to this, and the method is to convince people
That the only truth is the truth that comes from me.
The ultimate power.
I'm the fantasy of the ultimate power.
And he has made some way in getting that.
It is, as several people have said before me, he is not just attacking the truth.
He wants to annihilate the truth.
He wants to move us completely into the post-truth political era.
Oh, that mainstream media told us Hillary's gonna win 97%?
I mean, this is the corrupt sellout media owned by multinationals that think they've got control of the country.
The country's coming back.
And then every major news program in the country this week came out and said, this is 1984.
He says, don't believe your eyes and ears.
No, he said, if you see something on mainstream media, don't believe it.
Let me tell you something.
Anybody can do a test right now for themselves.
Go to Google, click News, type in Alex Jones, A-L-E-X J-O-N-E-S.
And I've spent hours every day clicking on articles, hundreds of them.
It's like the same person wrote them all.
They say, Jones has been restricted on YouTube and Facebook for bullying a child.
For child endangerment.
They don't show who the child is.
You know, remember the old days, they'd say, this person was arrested for reportedly doing this to a child, at this address, in this city, at this time, and they face bail.
It's just, Alex Jones has been kicked off for Islamophobia, endangering a child.
And then, the video they banned was from ABC News, of a kid trying to beat up an adult, and the guy pushes the kid back.
But they don't show it!
Now, that's Orwellian.
In 1984, they don't tell you what you've done.
In 1984, you can't face your accuser.
There's a Community Standards Board that reports you.
They don't even say what you've done, and then you disappear.
That's Orwellian.
The president says, a lot of great people coming out of Latin America, but we also have open borders and a lot of criminals, a lot of rapists, a lot of robbers.
That turns into, all Mexicans are rapists and robbers.
There's no video, there's no text, but they always say it, say it, say it on every show, every day, like it's true, like it's true, like it's true, like it's true, like it's true.
Trump says MS-13, killing some little girl, torturing her to death in a satanic ritual were animals!
I say animals aren't that bad.
Most of them don't torture for fun.
I guess killer whales do.
And you turn that into, he said, migrants are animals.
That's their hoaxing.
Or he threw the Martin Luther King bust out.
Or, you know, he didn't visit congressmen.
Scalise when he was shot.
I mean, you all know the lies, folks.
And that's how stupid they think you are.
They are 1984.
They are the ones that want to suppress the economy.
They are the ones that won't talk about communist China and what it's doing.
They are the liars.
And they're losing, and they don't know what to do.
So they target low-hanging fruit like InfoWars, and if they can set the precedent to shut us down, they can shut you down.
Let's go over some of his tweets.
It's on InfoWars.com.
It's on NewsWars.com.
Get this article out to everybody.
Do it in your email.
Do it by hand.
They are so scared of you hitting the streets, you calling into talk radio, you calling into C-SPAN, going around Facebook, around Twitter.
They're so scared of you going to InfoWars.com.
We're getting those live feeds we've got, the special broadcast we're already doing that's going to go right to 9 o'clock tonight.
Expanded coverage with Mike Adams next hour with CounterThink.
When we come back live, this will be taped to air, special report he's got for you.
When we come back at 7 o'clock central with Mike Cernovich and others going over how do we battle the censorship and your phone calls.
Your phone calls are next segment.
We're going to be taking phone calls throughout the evening.
What happens with the power of you telling folks about the free apps?
Or you spreading that live link?
They're afraid of that chain reaction.
That's why they brought you to Facebook and YouTube and Twitter, so they could control everything you do in that gulag.
They can control what you did in that ghetto.
But now, InfoWars and others are building our own platforms.
We've been building them.
We've been warning you this is coming.
And it is good to see our platforms expanding rapidly as soon as the censorship cut in.
But I'm telling you, they're planning something bigger.
They're doing all this censorship right now because they're about to make a move in 2018.
They know now.
They're not as arrogant as they used to be.
That makes them a more dangerous enemy.
Trump, I will not allow country to be sold out by MSM haters.
Singles out failing New York Times and Amazon Washington Post.
Now that's important he's doing that, but he's 72, he still thinks they're important.
Sir, it's Google, it's Facebook, it's Twitter.
They are 50 times bigger.
Drudge, sir, is bigger than the New York Times, Washington Post combined, sir.
Why don't you write a daily article for Drudge?
He's smart, but you know, he doesn't know everything.
We got him the report, you see him saying the Shadow Man's illegal.
But, you think it gives me a power trip?
That most of the time it's us that actually get people warned?
That scares the living daylights out of me, man.
I'm sick of being absolutely ground zero and like the guy in the arena.
Because man, they are putting out bigger and bigger juggernauts on us.
I'm like a gladiator, and meaner and meaner stuff comes out of that cage every time.
Those gates come up, man, I'm seeing... And I'm just like, I don't care what happens to me, I'll be honest with you.
I'm so committed to this.
But man, the fact that I know there are people smarter and stronger than me, who are asleep and don't even know what's going on, and I'm sitting here realizing your children are going to be totally effed over if you don't wake up.
It's that simple.
This isn't a game, folks.
Trump said, when the media is driven by, insane by their Trump derangement syndrome, reveals internal deliberations of our government, it truly puts the lives of many, not just journalists, at risk.
Very unpatriotic, Trump tweeted Sunday.
Because that's what they do.
He went on to say, accurately, 90% of media coverage of my administration is negative.
It's actually like 95.
Despite the tremendously positive results we're achieving, it's no surprise that confidence in the media is at an all-time low.
I will not allow our great country to be sold out by anti-Trump haters.
And that's, he's telling you, he doesn't want to take the stock market.
We're in a war with China.
The globalists sold us out to China.
They set China up.
They set China up.
We're like, we got a billion people that are communists, let's set everything up here and screw America, and they did.
Now it's a billion and a half.
And it goes on.
Dying newspaper industry, no matter how much they try to distract and cover it up, our country is making great progress under my leadership, and I will never stop fighting for the American people.
As an example, the failing New York Times and Amazon, Washington Post do nothing but write bad stories, even about positive achievements, and they will never change.
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Destroy me.
Kill me.
Shut me up.
The spirit of the world wants to stop us.
Why is that?
It's because we want justice.
We want freedom.
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I want you to have a future.
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You're listening to the Alex Jones Show!
Defending the Republic from enemies, foreign and domestic.
It's Alex Jones.
Why do the globalists want Infowars shut down?
Because the general public tunes in, it's a big show, but the military, the intelligence agencies, foreign governments, they know I know what I'm talking about.
And it becomes a worldwide talking point what's happening.
And they know that other people don't do something unless it benefits them individually right then.
No, I will sit there and write a special report or make a film or spend time to try to educate Congress about censorship because I believe in the First Amendment.
And then we put a little bit of energy into it and now suddenly Congress understands it and is doing something.
And so now they want us totally banned because so many times they say it's info wars over and over again that is ground zero for us being defeated.
I want that to change.
I want to be made obsolete.
And that's why it's good that Tucker Carlson is doing his own research and saying the same thing and so is
Some of the big national talk show hosts, and so is Sean Hannity.
And that's great, because in many ways they're smarter and better than I am.
And I just, I just, I really want to be able to sit back and still do Infowars and still, you know, be involved.
Believe me, I'm not trying to be the big swinging, you know what.
I'm just, believe me, I've done it enough.
And I want to beat these people is what I'm looking for.
And we can do it together.
And that's why Ted Cruz came out and defended me from being banned.
That's why Tucker Carlson did.
Because they can misrepresent what I've said and done all day.
But this is about setting the precedent to shut it all down.
And they're moving very rapidly.
It's very illegal.
It's very exponential.
It's unbelievable to have all these nasty, nasty, nasty leftists.
Uh, and other so-called media organizations foaming at the mouth, CNN leading the charge to have me taken off air, claiming I put out fake news and then misrepresenting what I've said when they're the kings of fake news.
It's the height of arrogance.
All right, we're gonna go to your phone calls right now.
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Okay, thanks to the crew.
Let me go ahead now.
Ahead of Mike Adams coming up for an hour with CounterThink, and then the two-hour special broadcast we're going to do going into the censorship, how they're doing it, how to counter it.
If you want to win the midterms, if you want to finish defeating Soros, Hillary, their whole combine, it's essential.
And to do that, we've got to get the public educated and Congress educated and the courts educated.
And it's a very academic process, but we've done it.
So that's all coming up.
Okay, Cameron, Connor, Joseph, Brad, Cindy, Troy, Elizabeth, Kerry, George, Vincent, Darian, Darren, you're all coming up.
Cameron in Florida, thanks for holding.
You're on the air, Cameron.
Hi Alex.
I would like to agree with you on what you just said about what we can do to battle the censorship.
And I'd like to
Go over an article that was by the New York Times back in December 13, 2016.
I don't know if you had read up on that.
I don't know the particular article.
What happens is everybody's used to other talk radio where they screen your calls.
If you've got a clear phone on the topic, we put you on air.
So people tend to get on air with me and they want me to screen their call.
But you're on air.
Go ahead.
It was the New York Times, The Perfect Weapon, How Russian Cyberpower Invaded the U.S.
Okay, go ahead.
It boils down exactly what their plans were to do.
The DNC, the hacks, all of it.
It's a really intuitive article to really get into.
But, like I said... Oh, I get it.
I noticed you had some trouble there.
So you believe the New York Times?
It also said Hillary had a 97% chance of winning.
They were involved trying to rig the debates with CNN.
So you really believe Russia, who can barely make their stoplights work, is this superpower?
And that America wasn't sick of Hillary and the Clintons?
So did the Russians make the economy grow to 4.1% or start securing the border?
I mean, tell me about the Russians.
Tell me about the New York Times and all the proof of the Russians.
Oh, no.
I absolutely agree with you that it wasn't the Russians that... Well, I'm trying to understand that.
You just told me about the New York Times and about the Russians.
No, I was trying to see if you had read up on that article because it was... Well, I mean, there's been, like, probably five million articles saying the Russians, you know, created the Earth and then when you're... Like, women don't have babies.
Russians do.
And, like, bananas don't grow on trees.
They fall out of Russians' rear ends.
That the ocean shoots out of Russians, you know, nostrils, and the galaxy was created by Russians, and you know, when we wear a Make America Great Again hat, the Russians did it, and if you love George Washington, the Russians did it.
Hell, it's all over the news that the Second Amendment is a Russian idea, and that this Russian spy that could never, wasn't even proven to be a spy, tried to infiltrate the NRA, so the NRA's Russian, and David Hogg sent a, I appreciate your call, Cameron, the NRA sent out
You know, all this Russian-controlled garbage.
But David Hogg says the NRA's Russian!
So let's turn our guns in right now!
God, I didn't realize that was a Russian idea.
Aren't we glad that we are dealing with those Russians?
That's right.
The globalists say they hate America in their own white papers, and in their own WikiLeaks, and in their own admissions, how much they hate the country, and how bad the country is, and how, you know.
But don't worry, see, the globalists now love America.
They're protecting us from the Russians.
Oh, oh, oh, but not the chi-coms that actually own our debt.
and own Hollywood now and it was in the even the Washington Post control the big 50 universities.
Don't look at them.
No, no, no.
The New York Times owned by Carlos Slim, the Mexican kingpin.
It is going to save us from the Russians.
Oh my God, I just, oh thank God they're here to save us.
Oh my God.
I mean the Russians are building our military and put huge sanctions on Russia and are shipping TOW missiles to Ukraine and the Russians are just crushing their oil exports.
I mean, the Russians are crushing themselves and building us up.
I mean, oh my God, so evil.
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Ah, you don't want that.
They think you're a goldfish!
I've been betting on you my whole life!
I believe in you!
I don't think you're stupid!
One man ever raped a woman!
All genitals were cut off!
And we're kicking these traitors' asses politically!
And we're not backing down on her!
I want to kick these people!
We're winning!
I can feel the spirit rising!
Can't you?
We have broken their back!
Yes, I can feel it!
Let's go!
Come on!
Come on!
Come on!
Come on!
Come on!
Come on!
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You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
Do what they say can't be done.
We've got a long way to go, and a short time to get there.
I'm eastbound, just one more bandit run.
Give me liberty, or give me death.
It's Alex Jones.
Let it all hang out, cause we gotta run today.
The boys are thirsty in Atlanta, and there's beer in Texarkana.
And we'll bring it back, no matter what it takes.
Are we gonna do what they say can't be done?
We've got a long way to go and a short time to get there.
You know, I knew we were getting seminar calls.
It only happens every once in a while when we're in thousands of publications, all over the news, saying, shut us down, get rid of us.
I heard the first guy was a seminar caller, so I would go on during, I never do this, I would go on and listen to people during the break, and like, watch what I do to this guy, watch this, and I'd go to him and be like, oh Alex, you know, whatever.
And so, we're not taking calls right now.
We're going to take calls later tonight.
During the two-hour special broadcast, we're going to have specific callers and cover real issues.
But this is the full assault, the Democrats' absolute worship of tyranny.
How liberals and socialists set up nightmares everywhere of total control because it's what they want.
They want to shut down America.
They want to shut down free speech.
They want to shut it all down.
We've taken 23,000 phone calls on our digital system in two hours before.
So we have massive of real calls.
And I noticed tonight, before I give the number out, the phone bank was already full.
And I said, who turned that on early?
We don't do that.
We have to turn it on when I give the number out to the real audience or the seminar callers have their engine started.
You understand?
That's how that works.
You gotta flip it on the minute I give the number out.
That's how that works.
Or they flood in.
We normally have somebody else in there running, taking the calls.
And again, I used to say we don't screen your calls.
Just where you're calling from.
Got a good clear phone line.
You're on the air.
But we have to screen them because the left just calls in to misrepresent who we are.
Because they're just so fired up right now.
All these professors, all the antifa, all the government workers, all of them are exponential.
Their identity was, they hate America.
Their identity was, they hate families.
Their identity was, they hate Christians.
Their identity is, they're going to break up free market.
They're going to run America.
They're going to be in control.
They hate flyover country.
And now they see the economy at 4.1, they see the sovereignty coming back, they see globalism in trouble, and they are evaporating.
They are panicking.
They don't know what to do.
They don't know how to respond.
They don't understand how this could happen, because the country was asleep, and now the country is awake.
And that's why you're losing, and you're going to lose worse.
No matter how much censorship you engage in, no matter how many scams you run.
Can we punch up InfoWars on the screen?
Thank you.
No matter what you try, or what you pull, or what you do,
You are not going to ever be able to put your system back together again.
We just posted it up on InfoWars.com.
I'm gonna pull it up here on my own screen here.
Got my computer punched up right over here for me.
And you can send it out to people because it makes them so angry, because they really hate we have live feeds that can reach new people.
They're not worried about talk radio and local TV stations, even though you're spreading the word about them.
They should be worried about them.
They're worried about the internet.
They think it's theirs.
It was supposed to be their big control arm to bring it all down and bring in total control.
So watch live Alex Jones coverage of massive censorship and how to stop it, live now and running through 9 p.m.
Central Time.
The verboten information.
And then it's got
Save the Internet.
What really concerns them, right over here.
Save the Internet.
Emergency report.
The censorship master plan decoded.
You scroll down here, we've got the big report for Congress and lawmakers and others about how big tech media are engaged in this total takeover of the internet and massive censorship.
And now the president, a week and a half after the report comes out and says shadow banning is illegal and we're going to stop it and we're going to deal with it.
That is the real excitement.
But think how much they hate you.
Think how stupid they think you are.
Think what morons they think you are.
At every level.
That they think that they can get up on the news and say Trump hates all Mexicans and they're all rapists and there's no video of it.
Or they can get up and say that I'm kicked off YouTube and Facebook as I endangered a child.
Total defamation.
No such thing.
Total lie.
And in 10,000 articles, not one video or photo of what I did.
Because they're just criminal frauds, and they're running out of gas, and they think if they can wreck Trump, or wreck me, or something, they're gonna... No, you're done.
You're failures.
People can't stand you.
People see absolutely through what you're doing, on so many fronts.
But the Democrats are selectively implementing the internet kill switch right now.
They are selectively implementing the internet kill switch right now and they think everybody's just mesmerized and asleep and doesn't know what's going on but I'm here raising the alarm with our crew to let you know this is going on and they just hope that you don't tell people about the local radio stations you're listening to or the local TV stations you're listening to.
They just hope others that are aware of what's going on sit on the sidelines and hope, oh, don't get involved in the censorship fight.
You'll be left alone as long as you don't get involved.
No, you'll be shut down next.
The people that live in America that live off those that stood up and fought for liberty, you live on the down payments put down by other people.
Your cowardice, your bootlicking has only encouraged the atmosphere we're now in.
And that's why they're trying to crush and shut down those of us that are telling the truth.
Computer models show for the next four to five years, we're gonna be at 3% growth rate or more.
Could be 6, 7%.
China's had 10% for decades because all of our money was shunted to them.
Now under Trump, 20% is coming back to us.
Just a little something!
And because of that, the globalists hate his guts!
Because their whole religion is about pissing on you and your family.
Let's go to real Alex Jones on Twitter, can we?
I put a photo out of John Podesta.
And Stephen Colbert, who are good friends.
And Anthony Wiener that went to college and stayed in the same room and roommated with Jon Stewart.
There's a big Getty Images photo where there are a bunch of people together, but it's the particular photo, I just say, they call it the face.
And I love when all I said was they call it the face, but the hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of comments, my Twitter's real Alex Jones.
They call it the face.
How many times did I make you that face?
See, they make it like it's cool.
But when you see that Joker smile right there, when you see that unnatural look, you see that, buddy, that is El Diablo right there.
Because that smile is like a great white shark coming down on you.
That smile is not a happy smile.
That is the smile of a really, really bad hombre.
And that's the smile, that's the smile you see when you know you're in a lot of trouble.
And you're calling out to God and God ain't coming.
And you don't get in the club unless you got that smile.
And that's the
That's a smile that you know you're about to go through some serious times.
But somebody's got to stand up to him.
And we're going to do it.
Go read the comments for yourself.
It's called The Face.
And they said, the other guy, he goes, oh, the face they make when you had your kids taken away.
Oh, like Hillary won the election?
My kids weren't taken away from me.
See, the left's obsessed with kids.
They want you to abort your kids as fast as you can.
They're obsessed with the government running your kids, not you.
And then they're obsessed with telling parents they don't have kids.
Let me give you a little news flash out there, brother.
I've got five children.
Three with my first wife, one with my new wife, and one girl who decided to have the baby and didn't want me to be involved in it, but I got told about it by her sister later.
And I still keep waiting for that young man.
I'm told it was a boy that knocked on my door.
But I was a teenager when that happened.
I got five children.
I love children.
Today, I was with all four of my children, just like I've been
For the last five weeks.
I've been with all four of my children.
For five weeks.
And you sit there and you tell me I don't have my children.
I had my children.
I took the risk to have children.
I took care of them.
I loved them.
They loved me.
I'm their daddy.
I don't sit there and...
I can't even make the look.
I can facsimile, but I can't do it.
When you see it, it pops.
You know, you know, ooh, ah, oh.
I only know because I got to see some things when I was a teenager that most people don't get to see.
And let me tell you, it'll turn your hair gray.
All right, Mike Adams is coming up on the streams at Infowars.com forward slash show at many TV and radio stations for an hour.
Then we're back live with your phone calls and the big breakdown about how to stop the globalists, what their plan to pull in 20...
When you spread the videos, you are changing the world.
It's you that has defeated Hillary and the globalists.
It is you, the info warriors across the planet, that stood against the bullying, that stood against the peer pressure, that stood against the threats, that have now changed the world.
And that's why you've been on the team, supporting us, praying for us, and spreading the word.
You are the info war.
And now, because of their intensifying censorship, it's more important than ever
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