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Name: 20180717_Tue_Alex
Air Date: July 17, 2018
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Alex Jones talks about members of Congress, former head of the CIA, and former deputy director of the FBI calling for President Trump to be removed from office with no evidence. He mentions their plan to remove Trump and overturn the entire 2016 election in order to have Homeland Security under their control take charge of future elections. In another segment, Jones discusses his experiences standing up against Antifa, threats faced by conservatives, and Congressman Matt Gates standing up for free speech protection against social media giants. He also talks about Infowars' Facebook shares being affected by social media algorithms and encourages viewers to support Infowars by signing up for their newsletter and sharing content.

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Well, there's no longer any doubt.
It is completely official.
Multiple members of Congress
Former head of the CIA, former deputy director of the FBI, they're all on the news, and Fox News is agreeing, saying remove President Trump from office, he is a Russian agent.
They're saying remove President Trump from office with no evidence, total fraud.
They are calling for the military to have a coup against the president.
And then Brian Stelter, strangely enough, comes out and does a five minute piece calling for me to be removed from the air because I say they're making a move on the president.
Meanwhile, I said, hey, watch the House Judiciary Committee hearings on censoring conservatives, where they're calling for it.
We turn on the YouTube live feed of it five minutes ago, and they're talking about me saying I said nobody died at Parkland and I bullied the students.
Total lie!
But they don't care because they're lying scum.
They're absolute criminals making their move on this country.
Now what do they do when they get ready to launch a coup against the president?
With the media backing whatever small paramilitary force they get to do it, they'll still say that represents our military and they hope to bluff the military into going along with it.
We are literally in the middle of history right now.
They're making their move.
They need a crackdown on the internet.
And I've said they're going to build up towards the end of the summer, end of the fall, with fake indictments, all of this, beating the drum.
The summer of raids, they're activating all their anti-foe, their communists, you name it.
And then they are going to try to set the precedent to have the 25th Amendment take place to remove the president ahead of a military coup, or have them claim 25th Amendment during a coup, and then have
Members of the Cabinet, at least, play ball with the Democrats and claim that they're going along with it, but then those individuals will also be set up and removed as well.
Because the Democrats, a year and a half ago in Atlantic Monthly, put out a plan to the establishment of how they would do this.
First remove Trump, get Republicans to go along with it out of fear, then they'll overturn the entire 2016 election.
Homeland Security under Democrat control come in and take control of future elections, we'll be like Venezuela and never have a new real election again.
Tomorrow's news today, next year's news today, they are in over a thousand publications a day saying ban InfoWars.
They're having judiciary hearing committees lying about us right now to set the precedent to ban InfoWars off the internet as we know it.
In fact, we're grabbing the clip right now.
It just happened like seven, eight minutes ago.
This is a concerted effort.
This would not be done unless they were making their move.
So, this is it, ladies and gentlemen.
Toe to toe with the globalists.
It's incredible.
It's absolutely incredible that on the Russia issue, Trump has been manipulated into sending TOW missiles into Ukraine to attack the Russians, massive sanctions on them, massive energy deals, crushing Russian companies, which is fine with me, that's free market.
I mean, Trump has been kicking the Russians upside the head.
And then they sit there in the media and act like he's Putin's puppet, and Arnold Schwarzenegger, the admitted Nazi, Roydhead, drug addict, you know, total joke fraud, comes out and says he was a wimp, that Trump was a wet noodle.
No, you are a wet noodle.
You're the one that's had over 100 surgeries.
You're the one that fried his body with massive, you know, steroid use.
You're the joke.
Trump is 72 years old and a bull.
You are 70 years old and look like the Crypt Keeper.
So you'll be shoveled into your grave soon enough, you Nazi pig.
Just like your stinking father and your stinking brother.
So go to hell, you Nazi piece of filth.
America will trust you, don't worry.
Excuse me.
And the Southern Poverty Law Center and ADL and your other Nazi collaborators that fund your stinking Nazi ass.
Alright, I'm done getting angry.
Excuse me, I'm gonna be a good person now.
Start your engines for the main battle for the Republic.
The energy level is now reaching a stratospheric level.
Get ready.
Tomorrow's news today.
Everybody watch your six.
Oh, and did I mention spread the live links?
You are the resistance.
We'll be back.
Frank in North Carolina, thanks for holding so long.
Go ahead.
Yeah, Alec, I just have to say something, man.
It seems like every time I turn on your broadcast, you're bragging.
It just gets old, man.
I'm gonna shut you down right now, okay?
We're taking calls about your nomination.
Do you understand they're having congressional hearings trying to shut us down?
Do you understand I'm ringing the alarm?
If that was happening to anybody else, I'd be freaked out.
I mean, what's it gonna take?
Us being shut down?
Is that what you want, Frank?
You know what, Alex?
Put him on pause again.
Hey, Frank!
Do you understand it's not bragging to say, we are the tip of the spear, we're under attack, we need your help.
As much bagging as I do, we can barely pay the bills and grow in the face of this.
I'm not gonna just stop growth and let them start pushing us backwards.
You understand?
I need your help, Frank!
I need your help, Frank!
Go to InfoWarsStore.com right now and help fund the InfoWars.
Do you understand?
I need your help, Frank!
Crashing through the lies and disinformation, it's Alex Jones coming to you live from the front lines of the InfoWars.
I'm going to step back even just a short time after this and say, what next?
You've seen senators come out in the past.
We've seen a senator who's in the midst of a painful illness, Senator McCain.
You've seen senators like Jeff Flake who are leaving the Senate.
Now you see Marco Rubio still obviously in the fight, speaking out.
My question would be, when do members of the President's inner circle start to say, look,
We have an overseas dilemma where you are portraying us, in terms of the American government, as worse than a tyrant.
That is Vladimir Putin.
Secretary of Homeland Security came out with statements this week about continued Russian interference.
This was not on Obama's watch.
That's this week.
FBI Director continues the investigation.
Department of Justice continues support for the investigation.
Congress continues saying that this investigation is legitimate.
Curious point in American government, when do we see almost a shadow government come out and say, we cannot side with the government, whether it's the cabinet or the senate.
I think that's the big question.
Let me give you one bottom line.
As a former government official, government's gonna kill this guy.
Phil Mudd, former CIA director Brennan, all the usual suspects.
Congressman Cohen are out saying the military should be used against the president for meeting with Putin.
A lot of weak-minded conservatives have jumped on the bandwagon.
Fox News has had its contributors come out.
All these folks that act like they're supporters of Make America Great Again, supporters of the president, all completely turned on him and said there's a consensus in America that Trump threw America under the bus by being cordial with Vladimir Putin.
The second biggest nuclear arms country in the world and a country that Trump has sent tow missiles to fight in Ukraine.
Trump's put crippling sanctions on him.
He's done energy deals, further decimating Russian energy sales and putting Russia into a serious recession.
America first!
China is who is selling our country out.
China is who owns our debt.
Who owns Hollywood.
China is the group that is absolutely working with the Democratic Party and financing them publicly.
And involved in massive censorship of US media.
Even the New York Times admits that.
And buying up our universities.
But here are the traitors.
Here are the globalists.
Here's the big takeaway.
That don't want America to be great again.
That want China and all these countries to have huge tariffs on us.
But we have no tariffs on them.
The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals saying you can't wear American flags in schools.
They're a gang symbol.
Flyover country.
Bitter clingers.
They're the ones that don't want to fix the VA.
They're the ones that want open borders.
They're the anti-American globalists.
They're the people that openly hate sovereignty.
They're the people that don't want America to be successful again.
They're the ones that don't want free market for the general public.
They're the crony capitalists that create these horrible blue state, blue city areas that everybody's fleeing, like Chicago and San Francisco.
We have video of their mayor touring it saying, I've never seen so much feces anywhere.
All the conferences are getting canceled.
The tourism's getting canceled.
Same thing in Paris, but they don't care because they're bringing in client populations that are fully dependent on government, like Chicago's moving forward with a universal
Wage, where everyone's just paid money without working.
They're just paid a guaranteed wage.
Chicago, to test universal basic income program.
So, this is the plan.
Just draw as many people as you can from all over the world, get them under your political control, with no jobs, totally dependent on you, now you've got an army, you've got a group to control things.
Same thing was done by
That yogi, conman, bogline, you know, out in Oregon, in the wild, wild country.
And they brought in 10,000 homeless people to then vote the county out and take over.
It's just a basic Democrat Party operation.
And they're the traitors.
They're the enemy.
Trump gets in, immediately thousands of new factories come back.
Immediately the stock market gains 2 trillion, 3 trillion.
Immediately we see wages explode.
Immediately we see all these good things happening.
Because the globalists have been siphoning off the country.
The CFR is an anti-American institution that talks about the Chinese century and how America's over.
Everybody knows the Democrats hate America.
Everybody knows the blue-blood Republicans are these New World Order people.
And then they've got the nerve to all get up there.
Fox News a year and a half ago was anti-Trump, remember?
But that killed their ratings in half.
So then they came back and were pro-Trump a little bit at the time.
And then now they made their move.
And so they've got all these hosts and all these people saying Trump did it.
It's a consensus.
It's over.
Oh my gosh, those are all the same cowards that said he'd never win, all the same cowards that never backed him, all the same cowards that would never talk about all the real things that are happening and unfolding with real Russiagate and Hillary and Mueller on tarmacs in Moscow with weapons-grade uranium samples so that Russia could then buy off 20 plus percent of our uranium stockpile in Uranium One.
True espionage?
Russia is involved in espionage against this country.
It's probably
It's not even one-tenth the Chinese level.
I mean, it's just the Chinese are dominating this country.
Because they have elites here that worked with them day one to set it up and do it.
So if Russia was a threat, other than nuclear weapons, I'd be talking about it.
Russia has more resources than even Africa.
And it's not a continent, it's a country.
And we need to go in there.
Russia is wanting
To merge with the West.
Russia is wanting to be free market.
Russia is wanting to be Americana, with its own flair.
That's why the globalists are panicking, because it's the perfect alliance against the Chai Koms and the EU and the globalists.
We get Russia on our side, just because of their geographic control of Eastern Europe, right through the Stans, into Central Asia, into Asia, all the way into Far East Asia.
We have global domination of the chessboard, as it's called by Brzezinski.
But Russia's sovereign, just like America's becoming sovereign, and they can't have that happen.
When we come back from break, we have Congress members, just 30 minutes ago, saying we want Alex Jones taken off social media for questioning MSM narratives.
That's what they actually say.
And then they lie about what I say, even though I have the right to say nobody died at Parkland, but I didn't.
And I have a right to say they're crisis actors.
I didn't.
I said they picked four kids out of 3,000 to be the spokespersons who happen to be in the drama club so they can read off a script.
And then we have them reading off scripts on video at the drama club saying that.
And Hogg saying he wasn't at school when it happened and then saying he was.
That's video of Hogg!
I don't think it didn't happen.
I think there's some scripting going on here on how they respond.
This is incredible, ladies and gentlemen, and it ties in.
Facebook kills pro-Trump account hours after calling for Infowars to be censored.
It's all coming up, ladies and gentlemen.
It's an amazing time to be alive.
Now, that said, why are they making such a dangerous move to call for us to be banned on major internet platforms when it's so un-American, so authoritarian?
Because they're getting ready to make their move on Trump?
And on the entire electoral process and on the 2016 election, they say they're going to overthrow that whole election, have new elections run by the Democrats and the new Homeland Security Group.
They'll have some ceremonial Republicans in there, but they know there's a political realignment against the Democrats.
They know their party's dead, so they're making their move to end elections.
That's what authoritarians do.
They'll still have staged ones.
This is America fighting for its life now.
People better understand.
They want us shut down because we study their game plan.
I'm going to go to break and come back with all of this straight ahead.
And then clips of what Putin said during his Wallace interview.
It's all pretty amazing.
But first, the biggest thing you can do is spread our articles and videos and pray for us.
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We'll be back.
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You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
You are listening to an InfoWars.com Frontline Report.
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the Resistance.
From deep in the heart of FEMA Region 6, Austin, Texas, transmitting worldwide, it's Alex Jones.
So, the Democrats have openly called for a civil war.
USA Today says we're in a civil war.
But Brian Stelter says I should be taken off the air because I said the Democrats are launching a civil war this summer.
I also said they were trying to take the president out.
I have all these video clips and mainstream news articles with former head of the CIA, former deputy director of the FBI, Congressman Cohen, saying we need a military coup against the president.
So because I'm up here saying that's wrong, they go, oh you're crazy, it doesn't exist.
Just during the break, and we're grabbing all of this,
I was watching the House Judiciary Committee.
Jim Jordan's talking right now.
But they had the Democrat before him say, well, Diamond and Silk and Alex Jones are fake news.
And Facebook, Twitter, and Google, you're private companies, so just take them off!
Oh, kind of like Google said all Republican candidates are Nazis?
Because you see, they don't just take you off these things they say are public commons and public utilities that are monopolistic.
90 plus percent of web searches are Google.
They then lie about you once they silence you.
You notice the Judiciary Committee didn't ask me to come testify, even though every time I go to break and I go watch it for a minute or two, they're talking about me.
Or Diamond and Silk.
Why are they so scared of them?
You could never even claim any form of fake news with them.
I mean, any big news operation makes mistakes sometimes.
They go, oh, you're fake news.
Diamond and Silk are just charming, smart black ladies, and the Democratic Party thinks they own black people.
And so they've been demonetized, they've been blocked on Facebook, and there are the Democrats going, oh, you're a private company, just deep six them.
They said bury Alex Jones and Diamond and Silk.
Bury us!
There you go.
Bury us.
Well, that's what you do once you take somebody's speech.
You then intend to actually financially and then physically bury them.
And how are they doing it?
They're saying, I said Parkland didn't happen.
Total lie.
There is no clip.
But they don't care.
This is how the lynching happens.
And they're making their move.
That's why we have the emergency report, the censorship master plan decoded by Mike Adams, working with myself and Paul Watson.
I'm going to retweet it right now, guys.
At Real Alex Jones, please retweet Paul's article that has it in it.
I need everybody to send this.
To Jim Jordan.
I need this to be in his email a thousand times.
I know it's been given to the president.
I know it's been given to the campaign head.
I know it's been given.
But this is the blueprint, and they admit in their own statements in this report that once they get me shut down, and I guess Diamond and Silk's been chosen, the main target's the president.
You can read the quotes where they say they want him silenced.
They want him silenced.
So, here's just one of the clips.
We don't have a big crew, but I've got one person, Matt, just in there watching it right now.
It is unbelievable.
This is America right now, because they're launching, they're called for the coup, they're called for civil insurrection, they're called for hashtag hunt Republicans, they're called for the border to be collapsed.
This is them making their move.
Emergency report.
The censorship master plan decoded.
Jit it from Infowars.
Jit it out to everybody.
This is a fight.
Now they've got more articles going, well we are Pavlovianly using conditioning to block conservatives that promote Trump or Alex Jones and we don't need to totally ban them because we're using it for social engineering.
But we're not animals.
We can go through pain to make our objective.
We understand they're trying to condition us and block us and demonize us so that we don't win a war.
Hitler said bad things about our troops when they were invading.
The Japanese said bad things about our troops when we were fighting them.
You think we listen to their propaganda in World War II?
But there are a lot of Americans who don't realize America was close to being shut down.
Under Hillary.
We're just coming back from the dead right now, but we haven't won the fight.
And they want this country under global government.
And Trump's saying, no, I'm going to be a U.S.
president, I'm going to stand up for our country.
And what's good?
And you've seen the results.
Night and day.
And they are angry.
They want to stop it.
They are the enemies.
But all these cowards get on the fence.
Jim Jordan's not a coward, so they look back 25 years ago, no police reports, no allegations, no nothing, that he didn't abuse any young people, but that somebody might have abused somebody.
Well that's the Justice Department, still run by the Clintons.
Trump never got control of it.
Just putting that crap out because he has the courage to get ready to impeach Rosenstein.
So I stand with Trump and Jordan and everybody else.
But the hearings are going on right now.
They're happening right now.
Can we punch up and show TV viewers the Judiciary Committee hearings?
Here it is.
They want Alex Jones taken off social media for questioning MSM narratives.
That's it.
They don't want us questioning narratives.
Then they misrepresent.
That's Mr. Dutch.
Here it is.
I represent Parkland, Florida, and in this discussion of social media, the first thing that comes to mind for me is the savage attacks on the student survivors of Stoneman Douglas.
One of the most virulent strains of these attacks was that the students didn't survive a school shooting, that they were crisis actors.
Hey, boss!
How do you pronounce his name?
Is that Dutch?
Yeah, Dutch.
I think I'm gonna go to his office.
Nicely friendly, though.
And I need constituents of his to go to his office and I need to go to his home office and go to his office in D.C.
and just come to his door and say, hey man, show me a video of me saying nobody died.
Show me a video of saying that they're crisis actors.
That's a lie of Brian Stelter and CNN and they know it.
That's what they do.
So he can be the victim and say, I'm beating up these kids, the four chosen out of thousands to go out and be anti-gun, because they're anti-gun, their parents are anti-gun.
They're spokespersons.
They're floating around on Democrat Party airplanes.
They have speeches.
They say gun owners are bad people.
Hogg calls me names and calls me a con man.
All I say is, come on and debate me, Hogg.
He won't do it.
But here he is misrepresenting that I'm hurting children, so let's get rid of the First Amendment.
This guy wants to steal your birthright.
Here he is.
By some mysterious cabal to finally get Congress to do something about gun violence.
And in the weeks after the shooting, Alex Jones' YouTube channel posted a video that was seen by 2.3 million subscribers, alleging that these were merely
That these were actors and not real students who had experienced the most horrific thing anyone could possibly imagine.
The video violated YouTube's rules against bullying and it was removed.
An article posted to Slate.com describes this as a strike against the channel, Ms.
How many strikes does a channel get?
Typically a channel gets three strikes and then...
Let's finish up.
The video we were just playing?
Can we play that?
Downs, does Google think that this is a problem?
And what is the solution that you're coming up with to address it?
Alright, stop right there.
We're going to come back.
Just imagine if we could respond at the hearings.
Those strikes were removed.
They were fraudulent.
Because you and the Democrats lied because you're a bunch of anti-American trash.
Spread the live links.
Get past the censors.
Tell folks about local stations.
We will save America.
We will defeat these lying scum.
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He aligns himself with the truth.
And it's time for you to choose a side.
You're listening to Alex Jones.
The globalists and their allied traders, their collaborators, think you're stupid.
They think I'm dumb.
They think we're weak.
They think they've got us.
Coming up, I've got a bunch of clips of Putin being interviewed by Wallace on Fox.
I've got clips of Putin pointing out the 400 million laundered out of Russia.
To manipulate the election, what really happened, and now they've got giant anti-Russian forces in Russia that Soros and Obama were funding and Hillary was funding.
Now they use those forces, including Ukrainian forces they had in the election, which is all admitted.
Now the real meddling is by the Democrats.
And then Media Matters, run by George Soros, the Nazi collaborator.
Has headlines like, Jones backs Putin!
Puts out Russian propaganda!
It's admitted that 80% of the bots out of Russia were Hillary funded.
It's admitted 80% of the money in the campaign was Hillary.
That's all admitted!
Just like they spied on Trump during the campaign, they denied it, they admitted it before!
Now, I don't want to make this broadcast about me, but here's the headline.
They're having House Judiciary Committee hearings that aren't even on C-SPAN, they're online.
That we're trying to watch in live time, and all they're talking about is me.
And Diamond and Silk trying to ban those poor black ladies from being on the internet, and they're defaming them.
But they've got immunity in Congress.
You've got this Congressman Dutch from the Parkland area reading a Southern Poverty Law Center script.
I mean, I know what he's going to say next.
That is Southern Poverty Law Center.
We'll play it in a minute.
He just joined us saying,
Jones says nobody died at Parkland and bullied the students and said that they were crisis actors.
And he says YouTube took down the video and bid a strike.
Uh, no.
They took down our video on the police stand down that was later confirmed with eyewitness students on the show.
And we posted ourselves and got 14 million views.
Put Bloomberg up, please.
We're going to send this to the Google and the Congressman and all of them.
YouTube's new moderators mistakenly pull right-wing channels and they go on to admit that they took our videos down and had to put them back up and that indeed we didn't even do what they said.
But why would you take our video down if we didn't believe their official story?
They're, I'm now told, I haven't seen it yet, they're talking about moon hoaxes saying I said we didn't go to the moon.
I say we went to the moon.
But Fox News has had specials about nobody going to the moon.
Does that mean Fox News is banned?
CNN's been caught lying about WMDs and staging debates and giving the questions to Hillary.
Should they ever get a debate again?
They shouldn't be able to hold the debate again.
They're totally discredited, but they shouldn't be taken off the air.
They should just be discredited and go bankrupt because people know they're a lie.
So you think about the magnitude.
This is just one clip I've been given.
I'm told there's a bunch of others.
I can't watch it in live time.
Of going, he hurt the children, he bullied them, he need to be... David Hogg's a politician flying around the day after, on Democratic Party George Soros funded planes, as an anti-gun spokesperson.
Then they call for me to be taken down for pointing that out.
That doesn't mean... David Hogg said he wasn't at the school, and then he said he was.
I'm not saying it didn't happen, I'm saying the guy's saying a bunch of different stuff.
So which David Hogg do I believe?
And again, people don't believe mainstream media anymore.
That's why you guys just can't get rid of me and have all this get better, and they know that.
They're setting the precedent with Diamond and Silk, Alex Jones, and Wikileaks.
And oh, I was watching a video about how they're lying about those sweet ladies, calling them fake news.
They're fake because their average video got a couple million views.
They're fake because they can, in their house, have more viewers than CNN anytime they want, and you guys don't like it because you're a bunch of liars.
And you don't want me to be able to counter you, Mr. Dutch.
So, they're there calling for them to be taken off air as well.
So let's start over with his lies.
Here it is.
I represent Parkland, Florida, and in this discussion of social media, the first thing that comes to mind for me is the savage attacks on the student survivors of Stoneman Douglas.
One of the most virulent strains of these attacks was that the students didn't survive a school shooting, that they were crisis actors, that they were planted by some mysterious cabal to finally get Congress to do something about gun violence.
And in the weeks after the shooting, Alex Jones' YouTube channel posted a video that was seen by 2.3 million subscribers, alleging that these were merely... Pause again.
They don't let us go to our subscribers.
That's the shadow ban.
Everything he says is wrong.
Because he's a liar and he's ignorant.
This is the frauds that run our country.
And they're trying to say that Trump's an enemy when they're the people holding the country back.
Just all lies.
But that isn't the issue.
They were all removed.
And they had so many people.
They had like six or seven at once.
People will go, well, you're supposed to be removed at that point.
It was all fake!
They had CNN on TV saying, we've gone and filed complaints.
We want Alex off the air.
I just showed that.
Think about the organized crime nature of another media outlet, who's the kings of fake news, trying to smother the truth, then lying Democrats up there talking to Google,
The head of YouTube knows full well there was a mutiny, full well they lied about us, full well they had to put it up, but look what she says.
Typically a channel gets three strikes and then we terminate the channel.
So the reason I ask is Alex Jones obviously is a well-known conspiracy theorist whose brand is bullying.
I'm a conspiracy theorist.
Like I said Trump would win, he did win.
I said cell phone radiation causes brain cancer, it's all admitted.
So you just labeled me a conspiracy theorist whose brand is bullying.
No, you're branding me as bullying.
Because you're the Democrats who use tragedies to bully gun owners and Americans.
You're the bullies saying, hashtag hunt Republicans, go out and get in our face, make us uncomfortable everywhere, have a civil war.
God, these people are scum.
Families whose six and seven-year-old kids were slaughtered at Sandy Hook.
Back it up ten seconds.
The internet did not believe some of the anomalies at Sandy Hook.
I looked at both sides.
Megyn Kelly came down here.
I said, I believe it happened.
She edited the tape.
That's all going to come out in court.
These lawsuits are all getting thrown out.
So then he brings in his next lie.
Let's continue.
...whose brand is bullying.
He launched similar attacks against the families whose six- and seven-year-old kids were slaughtered at Sandy Hook.
And he's not the only one.
Truthers have spread these lies, claiming that Sandy Hook never happened at all.
In a Slate article,
A reference is a study by Jonathan Albright, director of the Tau Center for Digital Journalism at Columbia, who found 9,000 videos on YouTube with titles that are, and I quote, a mixture of shocking, vile, and promotional themes that include rape game jokes, shock reality, social experiments, celebrity pedophilia, false flag rants... And pause again.
They let Google got caught, YouTube got caught, remember, in a big national scandal?
Where they let all the pedophilia stuff and all the leftist shock videos that they sponsored stay up, then they mix us into that.
See the next trick?
Buy this scumbag?
Thank you for the question.
So as you noted, when Alex Jones posted the video you described saying that the survivors of the Parkland massacre were crisis actors, that violated our harassment policy.
We have a specific policy that says if you say a well-documented violent attack didn't happen,
And you use the name or image of survivors or victims of that attack.
That is a malicious attack and it violates our policy.
In terms of conspiracy theory content generally, our goal is to promote authoritative content to our users.
So we have two principles... Establishment!
Pause again.
They force-feed mainstream garbage and then they force-feed mainstream lies about us.
She knows it was a big controversy and our videos are reinstatement.
She heads it.
So she's there knowingly defaming me.
It's all for the lawsuits.
It's all for the antitrust stuff.
We're gonna go to break.
I just can't even watch the end.
I'm told there's even worse stuff I haven't seen yet.
More clips.
I gotta get into these Putin clips.
And Fox News turning against the President.
They were just waiting to make their move.
And Putin bombshell Deep State.
Moved $400 million from Russia to Hillary Clinton.
Stay with us.
We'll be back.
Tomorrow's news today.
We're only here because of you, though.
Not your support.
As you see, I'm not joking.
They're trying to shut us down.
If they can do that, they can shut you down.
However you're listening, spread those links now or they will win.
It was about 25 years ago that I began to read publicly available books that had been written for the State Department and for the CIA by top professors at Georgetown, Harvard, and Yale.
So that the CIA and other agencies could understand the complex political system they were building.
And in short, it was going to be called a technocracy.
But it was going to fund communism and socialism and fascism.
But really what it was, was crony capitalism.
So decades later, after fighting against this, humanity is somewhat awake to the threat.
But at the same time, despite all our successes, changing this paradigm really is an inside job.
It's up to us personally.
So, I don't feel sorry for myself being demonized by mainstream media and being attacked and the globalists filing frivolous lawsuits.
I expected that to happen.
This is 21st century warfare.
I just wanna make sure that you, the listeners, and you, the viewers, many of you already understand this, so I'm not patronizing those of you that are already awake, but I wanna make sure all of you realize this isn't just some more entertainment.
This isn't just some other talking head.
The reason they hate what we cover is because I and others have researched what they actually are planning, and it is nightmarish, it is authoritarian, it is eugenics-based, it is anti-human.
And we've already come so far together
Then I know that if each and every one of you will just go research these issues for yourself, you will find out how real it is and understand it's not your duty.
It is your basic survival to stand up against this anti-human onslaught.
If you go back into history, it was 3% that volunteered for the Revolutionary War back in 1776.
But if you look at the InfoWars audience, it's maybe 10% of the United States, another 10% or so worldwide.
I think that's a conservative estimate.
But we have 50, 60, 70 million people listening.
We have more than that that have tuned in over the years.
The point is, is that if you look at that, that's less than 3% of the world population.
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So, thank you all for remembering InfoWarsStore.com and remembering that it's not just you that's already awake, but it's other people that aren't awake, and it's so essential to spread the word.
Again, thank you so much for being part of the Second American Revolution.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
We've got it.
This transmission is coming to you.
Waging war on corruption.
It's Alex Jones, coming to you live from the front lines of the InfoWar.
The year is 1995, and InfoWars launches the last of America's counter-globalist probes.
In a freak mishap, InfoWars.com and Alex Jones are blown out of their trajectory into an orbit which freezes his life support systems and returns Alex Jones to Earth 25 years later.
Transdimensionally, over the space-time continuance, or full space-time.
Where people are extremely lazy, the social engineers are there laughing.
What we envisioned 100 years ago, 20 years ago, is now reality.
While the society unravels, men run around totally frantic, not knowing how to be men, and women run around frantic, not knowing how to be women, and they don't understand that it's an animating contest of life, and that it's fulfilling to be informed, it's fulfilling to be involved, it's fulfilling!
Tomorrow's news.
They're having hearings in the House Judiciary Committee with the head of YouTube and others completely lying.
I've been watching it during the breaks, it's made me so upset.
Saying things I never said, saying things I never did, and then lying about their response when they had to remove their strikes against me because they were frauds.
Because it was a lie!
And the Democrat Congressman Dutch and the rest of them, this is sick to watch.
CNN, the New York Times, the Washington Post, all the mainstream media.
Lying about the free press, lying about us, lying about Trump, and then lying in hearings and calling for an end to the First Amendment.
It is outrageous.
It is incredible.
And America needs to stand up.
There needs to be antitrust suits.
There needs to be unlimited lawsuits.
There needs to be serious racketeering charges for fraud.
This is a coordinated evil attack on America's basic underpinning principles and it is incredible.
We've got more of the clips coming up later.
But first, let's get into what happened with Trump and Putin and all the rest of it.
There's a viral article up on InfoWars.com that's very, very important.
Putin bombshell, deep state moved 400 million from Russia to Hillary Clinton campaign.
Jamie White article, InfoWars.com.
Collusion actually between U.S.
intelligence and Democrats.
Here's another article out of Zero Hedge.
Putin claims U.S.
intelligence agents funneled $400 million to Clinton campaign by U.S.
State Department money they sent into Russia, which they admit they spend billions a year trying to overthrow Putin, that's on record, and then bringing the money back.
It's been confirmed Ukrainian money that the West put in, billions, then came back to Hillary as well.
So again, they're the ones caught red-handed meddling.
They're the ones caught involved in all of this.
Let's go ahead and play a clip of Putin's from yesterday's press conference with President Trump talking about it.
For instance, we can bring up Mr. Browder in this particular case.
Business associates of Mr. Browder have earned over one and a half billion dollars in Russia.
They never paid any taxes, neither in Russia nor in the United States.
And yet the money escaped the country.
They were transferred to the United States.
They sent a huge amount of money, 400 million, as a contribution to the campaign of Hillary Clinton.
Well, that's their personal case.
It might have been legal, the contribution itself, but the way the money was earned was illegal.
So we have a solid reason to believe that some intelligence officers accompanied and guided these transactions.
So we have an interest of questioning them.
That could be a first step, and we can also extend it.
Options abound.
And they all can be found in an appropriate legal framework.
And that's Bill Browders, who he's talking about.
The article's up on Infowars.com.
We'll retweet it right now.
Real Alex Jones.
This is a total war.
They don't want this being discussed.
Trump brought up Hillary's server.
Who cares who got into it?
She had it illegally.
She was letting all these countries get into it, selling out our secrets.
That was a dropbox to foreign countries.
All these fake indictments by Mueller, they keep getting thrown out, so he files new ones.
But then you get into the Republican leadership, and all these Fox News hosts saying, there's a consensus.
Trump threw America under the bus.
It goes on and on and on.
So the question is, even the London Independent's reporting on this, who is Bill Browder and why did Russia issue an Interpol arrest warrant for the British Putin critic?
And then it goes into all of it.
But the claim that the Russians are involved in our elections, when they can barely stabilize their own country, and RT is a bunch of watered down CNN crud,
When the West spends billions trying to overthrow Russia every year.
That's public!
That's public!
And they hate Russia now.
The left loved it.
Bernie Sanders' honeymoon there, when it was a place to go torture and kill Christians and, you know, piss all over the cross.
I mean, that's where little devil-worshippers like Bernie Sanders go to have their way.
You know how much the socialists and communists hate Christians.
But now you see it's Christian again.
Now it's free market.
Now it's coming back.
Now they're letting white farmers being murdered in South Africa.
The thousands immigrate there as real refugees.
And so that's why Russia is now the big fat enemy.
That's why Russia has to be destroyed.
I haven't even gotten to Brian Stelter who says Infowars should be banned.
Of course he does.
Brian Stelter.
You already banned yourself, Stelter.
You're so stupid.
You're so condescending.
You're so pathetic.
You're such a known liar.
I don't call for you to be taken off air because you are a disgusting example of the lying crap the establishment puts out.
You just stay right there with no viewers and listeners, Stelter.
They'll have some viewers though when we
When we play some clips of you.
Coming up.
We got Phil Mudd and all the establishment Democrats saying take Trump out, have military coups.
We are totally vindicated exposing all of this.
Now coming up, I've got a ton.
Of course.
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Oh, look, I meant that against the globalists.
We are in the middle of a savage war for free speech and the future of humanity.
Hour number two, and the man that took out Antifa live on air, straight ahead.
Stay with us.
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
As one who has been targeted by the Deep State, I cannot tell you how important it is to continue to have InfoWars as an outlet to expose the truth.
When Alex Jones and I appeal for your help,
We're not exaggerating.
We are not giving you hype.
InfoWars is under attack as never before.
Alex Jones and InfoWars are facing multi-million dollar lawsuits, fueled by the radical left and in some cases George Soros.
And they have a two-pronged approach.
Use the negative headlines generated by their lawsuits as a rationale to take us off of YouTube, take us off of Facebook, take us off of Twitter, take us off social media entirely, and shut us down.
There is no exaggeration here.
Every one of these lawsuits against Alex Jones and InfoWars are frivolous.
They're bogus.
They're harassment.
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We will fight for America to the bitter end, and we will prevail.
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the Resistance.
We now take you live to the Central Texas Command Center in the heart of the resistance.
You're listening to Alex Jones.
We are living in incredibly epic times.
There are powerful multinational forces headed up by the CHICOMS, the EU, the Vatican and Hollywood, and the big banks trying to bring this country down once and for all.
We come back, we've got a bunch of Putin and Trump clips.
We've got the Fox News turning against the President.
We knew that was coming.
It's all coming up.
But first, the critical John Bowne report, where he breaks down the campaign of bullying and PC culture to take over capitalism.
Don Rickles, Richard Pryor.
What do you think that these executives are afraid you're going to do to white America?
Um, probably, uh, stop some racism.
Stop racism?
They're probably afraid of that, because then people, people don't hate each other, and people start talking to each other, and then they start talking to each other, they find out who's the problem.
Which is?
Uh, greedy people.
Mel Brooks.
Hitler on ice!
They wouldn't exist today.
Once upon a time, offended snowflakes, Americans actually had the fortitude and intelligence to respect their fellow citizens' First Amendment right.
And your rhetoric lived or died by the sword of public acceptance.
But today, the social justice warrior guillotine is wet with the blood of PC culture sacrifices.
Recently, Scarlett Johansson dropped out of a role playing a transgender character due to PC backlash.
Yet, according to the New York Post, the royalty of PC culture were offended for other reasons.
Trace Lysette, a transgender actress who plays a transgender character on the Amazon series Transparent, didn't protest the casting of Johansson because the character was an insult to the transgendered.
Lysette was offended that Johansson was taking work from people like her.
Lysette complained on Twitter that not only do you play us and steal our narrative and our opportunity, but you pat yourselves on the back with trophies and accolades for mimicking what we have lived.
So twisted.
I'm so done.
Forget acting chops.
Transgenders should get every role in Hollywood because of their sexual identity.
That's straight-up PC racketeering.
And recently, Papa John's founder John Schnatter faced the PC mob after complaining during a conference call that KFC's Colonel Sanders used the N-word but never faced public criticism.
Of course, Schnatter actually used the N-word.
You used the word.
Tell us the regret.
As soon as it came out, did you regret?
What prompted the use?
They were promoting that kind of vocabulary, and they kept hitting it.
I'm like, no, we're not going to go, we're not going to do that.
That's not how we, that's not what we're about in our heart and soul at Papa John's, and they kept going.
I said, listen, so-and-so used the N-word.
I don't use the N-word.
We don't use the N-word, and we've never used the N-word, so that's dead in the conversation.
They had another party that they wanted us to partner with, and this other party used that word a lot.
Nothing against the other party, but...
I don't want to be part of it.
And by the fourth or fifth pass, I just said no.
We're not going to be part of any such thing.
Papa John's CEO Steve Ritchie responded to the mob saying,
To be clear, those words in no way represent my views or the values of our company.
As the leader of Papa John's, I'm sorry, racism and insensitive language, no matter the context, will not be tolerated at any level of our company.
Richie ignored that Schnatter was simply making a point, but the adults in the room were nowhere to be found.
We all know why Schnatter is in the hot seat.
He's a Trump supporter.
But it's fine with the blood-drenched PC culture mob if every other word used by the now dominant music genre of rap is the N-word.
No problem there.
Just complete totalitarian, politically correct hypocrisy.
John Bowne reporting for InfoWars.com.
They take our basic real rights and then give us all these fake rights and teach us how to fight with each other.
We'll be back.
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From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
I want to go back to some of the press conference yesterday because the media is totally ignoring what actually happened there and is calling it treasonous that Trump would meet with the Russian leader and not tell him that he hated him or punch him in the nose.
It's just incredible when all other presidents have done that, even back when there was a Cold War going on, and said nice things to each other.
But meanwhile, Trump has a very, very strong stance on Russia, and I think has actually been bamboozled into expanded sanctions, a lot of things that are extreme, or backing these Ukrainians with tow missiles.
And Rand Paul has made that point.
He's been demonized by CNN and others, being called a traitor.
So these are the guys that love socialism, love Venezuela, love communism, hate America, but now they're the guardians of America.
And then I'll get to some clips.
of Chris Wallace and the Putin interview that was really shameful.
I mean, Putin tore him up, and Wallace was just going for political stunts.
And then Rufio Panman, you know, the guy that knocked out three Antifa just at that one event.
We actually have the other footage as well.
And he goes out to these events where they try to attack men, women, and children and fights them.
He's going to be riding shotgun with us coming up at the bottom of the hour.
We're going to open the phones up on all these issues as well.
The congressional hearing's going right now.
They're misrepresenting what I've said, calling for us to be banned.
Not admitting that YouTube had to remove the strikes against us and admit that they were fraudulent.
The head spokesperson for YouTube just glazed over all that.
Pretty incredible when you're in the middle of this and history's happening.
But the big news is we've got four articles on Infowars.com with Mudd, former deputy director of the FBI and CIA.
He's Mueller's literal aide-de-camp.
Call him Mueller.
Mueller's aide-de-camp.
And then you've got Brennan saying Trump's guilty of treason and Congressman Cohen saying we need a military coup.
Mudd also said we need a military coup.
This is all yesterday and today.
They're calling it a civil war.
But then Brian Stelter comes out and says I should be taken off the air because I said the Democrats were launching a civil war this summer and I saw the demarcation line of when you could say they were going to escalate as July 4th.
I was very clear.
They semantically use that to deceive their audiences with a giant rollout over July 4th and ongoing and thousands of publications on every major TV news program that I've seen.
ABC, NBC, MSNBC, CNN, you name it.
That I said that there'd be war in the streets and the North and South killing each other on July 4th.
Never said any such thing.
I quoted USA Today saying, we're already in a civil war.
USA Today, June 25th, America is headed towards a civil war.
And it's already begun.
Already begun.
USA Today.
Oh, but see, they think you're not paying attention.
But without further ado, ladies and gentlemen, I just want to ask you...
They're launching their attacks.
They're getting violent.
Uber drivers are throwing conservatives and Christians out of their cars.
People are being bike locked and stabbed every day.
People are being knockout gamed.
People are being shot.
Rand Paul's been shot at.
Scalise has been shot.
Rand Paul's had six ribs broken and a lung perforated.
All these Republican city council members have been shot in the head, run over by neighbors, people been run over, they've been drugged by cars.
I've had hot coffee thrown on me, iced tea thrown on me, been told people hope I die, had liberals try to start a fight with my son at the airport instead of me.
Saying, you want some, you want some?
F your family.
I see articles everywhere, let's target Trump's children.
And then they sit there and go, nothing's happening, nobody's attacking, that is a military
Yeah, there it is.
Democrat strategist defends hashtag hunt Republicans.
There's all these so-called American men who want to sit it out so you don't get called a Russian agent.
Tucker Carlson's been called a Russian agent.
I've been called a Russian agent.
Rand Paul's been called a Russian agent.
They literally have articles out showing a joke video I did.
They have this place called Russia House that serves Eastern European food.
We went there.
They have a hat rack and stuff where you can joke and put on Russian hats and uniforms.
And we did a joke video and it's being shared by major news organizations as real.
And then they have linguists and people going, one of them sounds like a real Russian.
Well, yeah, Daria is Russian.
She moved here when she was a kid.
Parents are anti-communist.
She's been in Army Special Operations Command, a patriot, honorably discharged.
But that's not enough, you see.
Yes, a real, live Russian works here.
I was thinking about doing a stunt and going to Russia a few months ago.
I went ahead and got my Russian visa.
I tweeted it.
The media grabbed it and said that they had gotten a copy of it that they'd found a secret document.
This is the next level.
Meanwhile, I support making the country great again, rebuilding our military, cutting taxes, getting thousands of factories back, unifying the nation, coming together.
Russia's doing that for us?
Well, I guess they did support Trump.
Putin said he liked Trump over Hillary, because he thought there might be better chances at better relations.
Well, you can't say that, you evil Christian nation.
Meanwhile, there's congressional hearings right now going on calling for us to be taken off the air.
Democrat for Democrat.
Lies about us and then says take us off air.
And they lie about Diamond and Silk and say take them off.
Because they really fear black people saying they support Trump.
That's a no-no.
They've already seen double poll numbers for Trump with the black Americans.
They are scared.
The Democrats are dying.
People are leaving them, so now they're panicked.
Let's go ahead and go to Trump on Hillary's secret server.
And the Awan brothers.
This is what they changed the subject off of.
Here it is.
You have groups that are wondering why the FBI never took the server?
Haven't they taken the server?
Why was the FBI told to leave the office of the Democratic National Committee?
I've been wondering that.
I've been asking that for months and months and I've been tweeting it out and calling it out on social media.
Where is the server?
I want to know where is the server and what is the server saying?
With that being said, all I can do is ask the question.
My people came to me.
Dan Coats came to me and some others.
They said they think it's Russia.
I have President Putin.
He just said it's not Russia.
I will say this.
I don't see any reason why it would be.
But I really do want to see the server.
But I have confidence in both parties.
I really believe that this will probably go on for a while.
But I don't think it can go on without finding out what happened to the server.
What happened to the servers
Of the Pakistani gentlemen that worked on the DNC.
Where are those servers?
They're missing.
Where are they?
What happened to Hillary Clinton's emails?
33,000 emails.
Just gone.
I think in Russia they wouldn't be gone so easily.
I think it's a disgrace that we can't get Hillary Clinton's 33,000 emails.
I have great confidence in my intelligence people, but I will tell you that President Putin was extremely strong and powerful.
Because the Russians showed up in court three months ago.
Their companies, basically the U.S.
said we, most our money was from Hillary.
Yeah, we do show some PACs, ran some pro-gun stuff on Facebook and Twitter, yes.
Yes, we ran some pro-Trump stuff here, here, here.
Like $20,000 worth, and then from Hillary groups, over a couple hundred thousand.
Yeah, we ran pro, here's our books.
And we're not in Russian intelligence.
We're a PR firm.
That's what we do.
And Putin's like, come on, come on in, and by the way, let us in your stuff too.
Because 400 million we saw shipped over out of money, and Trump knows full well billions are being used currently to try to overthrow Russia.
He knows what a joke it is.
We're like just punching them in the nose, moving troops up their borders, tow missiles into Ukraine, totally attacking Russia, huge sanctions, after they helped us take out ISIS, and Trump can't even get Deep State to stop doing that.
Let's go out to break with Putin on Mueller indictments.
You can trust no one.
How did you get this idea that President Trump trusts me or I trust him?
He defends the interests of the United States of America and I do defend the interests of the Russian Federation.
We do have interests that are common.
We are looking for points of contact.
There are issues where our postures diverge and we are looking for ways to reconcile our differences, how to make our effort more...
That was total straight shooting from Putin.
He just said, he's got Eric's, we've got ours.
We want to work together if it works, if it doesn't, it doesn't.
Just total straight shooting.
I'm telling you, every day I am shocked at how the left is becoming more and more unhinged.
If you are receiving this transmission,
It's probably gonna get hot and heavy.
Portland, it was absolutely crazy.
We were at the park, peacefully having a rally, decided to go on the march, and the Portland police
They seem like they knew our path.
They left a wide street, wide open for NC for to come down to deliberately attack us.
And the police saw them coming and did nothing about it until it was just too late.
People were fighting with each other.
Anti-fascists pelting eggs, water bottles, and even firecrackers at the Patriot Prayers Group.
Portland police making several arrests and seizing knives, pepper spray, and clubs.
We're peacefully marching.
And not a single time did we go up to Antifa and try to hit them or any of that.
It was when Antifa came at us trying to hit us with pints, rocks.
They were throwing these little explosives.
Well, what you just said
This is so brilliant.
Oh my gosh.
This needs to get to Trump's desk.
The Democrat Party is now a terrorist organization.
We have the video clips.
You have the undercover video of Aaron Black saying we're starting riots.
We're proud of it.
You got Maxine Waters calling for violence.
Harassed people in the streets.
Antifa going out hitting people with bikes.
I mean, the Democrat Party is now a domestic terror group.
That is it.
Nobody's really supposed to know about this.
Some of the Chicago protest on the shuttle that that was us was more him than me, but none of this is supposed to come back to us.
And if you see anybody from that cabinet in a restaurant, in a department store, in a gasoline station, you get out and you create a crowd!
And you push back on them!
And you tell them they're not welcome!
Hey, enough is enough.
This country is on the verge, and I truly believe that we are in a super war right now.
It's a cold super war, but because you have Mad Maxine Waters, who I like to call her, and then you have Naska Pelosi and the rest of them, they are pushing for a hot super war, but they don't want to be the ones to do it.
They want to push their foot soldiers to do it, and people of BLM and BAM.
And now you got the Brown Berets here in California.
We've got to change things.
We've got to change it.
People have got to wake up.
They want to have a blue wave.
We need to have a red tsunami come over and just completely wipe them out.
I want to crush the Democratic Party because they are doing no good for the American people.
You're listening to The Alex Jones Show.
History is passing in front of us right now.
I have more articles coming in with Democrats calling for the overthrow of Trump, military coups, his death.
The 25th Amendment, his removal, they have Fox News hosts saying the President of the Consensus is, you know, is a traitor and he needs to be removed and he's going to regret this day.
All these Fox hosts that I've watched the President be nice to, they are making their move, as I told you, they called it a civil war, a coup, you name it.
And to do that ahead of 2018,
Not just in the election, but whatever they've got planned.
They are shadowbanning Diamond and Silk.
They are shadowbanning Infowars.
They are shadowbanning all the major pro-Trump sites, and then lying about them.
The defamation I saw in hearings today that are still ongoing in the House Judiciary against Diamond and Silk are unbelievable.
They're such sweetie pies.
They're so charming and nice.
They're not even political, they're just pro-America and like Trump.
But because they're so lovable and likable, they were defamed today.
They were mixed in with child molesters.
They would say, YouTube lets child molesters on and people that show death art and suicide, that's all the sponsored channels of YouTube.
Then they said, and Jones says no kids died at Parkland and he bullies them.
Total defamation!
And there was the head of YouTube saying, well, we banned those videos of Alex Jones.
No, you reinstated him, because I had lawyers send you letters and sent you the real videos, and you went, oh, we had moderators that lied from the Southern Poverty Law Center.
We can put it on screen.
Bloomberg even admitted it.
So now they've gone and defamed us again, but it's bigger than Infowars.
Understand this, folks.
They're making their move.
They're saying, overthrow the president on television, on CNN.
Look at this headline.
Facebook kills pro-Trump account hours ahead of censorship hearing that's now ongoing.
Tom Pappert has the very popular God Emperor Trump.
That's a tongue-in-cheek deal.
A lot of satire, a lot of fun Reddit stuff.
Really nice mainline nationalist conservative stuff.
I like God Emperor.
At Facebook it was at God Emperor Trump.
That's gone now.
At Twitter, real
Well, that's still there.
And so they started with Alex Jones and Milo, and then it's everybody else.
So give us your take on what happened to you.
I know you've been persecuted a lot because you're so popular, dominant on Reddit.
And now they're trying to silence you.
And then, of course, they defame you while they do it.
They silence you and then defame you.
So you can't defend yourself.
They're claiming, oh, it's a private thing.
No, they operate as a utility.
People communicate now over Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, just like telephones are about to be obsolete.
And then they tell you it's a commons, and then don't let you go to the lunch line because you're a conservative.
So, Tom, tell us what's happened, and do you agree with me that clearly the censorship is
A thousand times what it was two years ago.
It's exponential going towards complete.
Clearly ahead of some move.
This is such a bold move.
I don't see how they think they're going to get away with it.
Well, you're absolutely right, because it's escalating.
You know, a lot of people say, well, what do you want, Tom?
And I say, well, it would be nice if they would just go back to how it was two years ago, where I could share an InfoWars article and people would actually get to see it.
But, of course, now we all get so punished in the algorithm, it's impossible for anybody to get out there.
This is the sixth time they've come after my Facebook page, God Emperor Trump, which is just a fun, joking page.
You know, we are not bad people, we're just Trump supporters.
Like you say, we're just mainstream Trump supporters.
Sixth time they've gone after us, what they did at one in the morning, as soon as everybody was in bed and going to sleep,
They took down the page.
They unpublished it.
They didn't remove any content.
They didn't give us an explanation as to what we did wrong.
Nobody individually was punished.
So it's kind of like, yeah, you did a bad thing, but we're not going to tell you what it is.
And then as you say, Alex, they won't let us defend ourselves because, you know, they come after us elsewhere.
Reduce the reach of our organic posts on our remaining Facebook page.
So they take us down, they remove our ability, or at least mitigate our ability to defend ourselves, and then that leaves people like yourself and other conservative journalists and conservative media outlets when you guys yourselves are being punished.
So it's just this all across the board, multi-front assault on what's left of freedom of speech in this country by these power-mad leftists at Facebook.
That's right.
And something's different now, though.
Starting last week, or about a week and a half ago, thousands of articles against Infowars, misrepresenting what I've said, never actually showing a clip or a link, just saying outrageous, you know, there's slave colonies on Mars.
Never said that.
No kids died at Parkland.
All out of context, all lies.
And then they brag that, oh, we're making our move.
Once Jones is gone, we'll ban everybody.
And then you got CNN, The Washington Post, all of them, New York Times, saying, we want him completely banned.
It isn't enough.
And then they go on to say, and all conspiracies and all hate.
Well, that means everybody who is right of mouth to tongue.
That's exactly right.
They want to remove everybody, I say, to the right of Stalin.
Because that's exactly what it will take.
And I love when they do that, don't they?
They say, you know, they'll throw out three nasty, horrible names you never want to hear.
And then they'll say, comma, Alex Jones.
And it's like, one of these things is not like the other.
Alex Jones is not like these other people you've mentioned.
But that's how they trick the masses.
That's how they slip the Kool-Aid into the water supply, I guess.
They tell you, well you see Alex Jones is just like these bad people.
God Emperor Trump is just like these bad people you've heard about.
And so when we punish Alex, when we punish this little Facebook page, it's okay because we're helping fake news.
And it's just, you know, it's the it's the laziest non-argument I've ever heard of.
This person's bad, let's gun them down.
That's essentially what it amounts to.
It's the
It's childlike.
And I think, like you say, I don't think they can get away with it because Americans and patriots all across the globe, anybody who hates the globalists, really, we're all very smart people and they expect us to believe this nonsense that, you know, probably wouldn't have worked if it had been pushed in the 1960s.
Exactly, and a month ago they started hitting Amazon over films I uploaded years ago.
We weren't even making any money.
Now we've actually, Streisand in effect, we've actually gotten some decent revenue off old films we just put on Facebook, not on Facebook, on Amazon.
And they went to Amazon and said, all over the news, in a major rollout, ban his videos, they're evil and hateful.
They called Endgame a Nazi movie.
The film is about the Nazis and says they're bad and exposes eugenics and how the Nazis were leftist.
And you know what that does?
It removes people's ability to learn what made you famous.
I mean, back when I was a kid, when I was a teenager, I had a friend who would bring over his Alex Jones documentary collection and we would watch that over the weekend.
And if people can't go back and see what you were saying at the beginning of your career, well then the media just gets to say what you were saying at the beginning of your career.
And so it just layers this propaganda.
So you know, you can no longer defend yourself.
You can no longer say, well look what I was saying back in 2004.
Which is the credibility, because we laid out the whole thing about globalism, the New World Order.
It became the operating system of the New Republic launch, and they know that we helped reboot the deal, so they want to get rid of that history because the credibility goes straight up.
We've got Rufio the Antifa...
Slayer coming on, but stay with us when he comes on.
Let's talk about all this while he rides shotgun with us.
We have the gentleman who heads up Trump God Emperor that is so feared by the globalists, and that's Tom Papert is our guest.
Still follow him on Twitter for now, at RealGTTrump.
But I'm sure obviously you're launching your own websites, your own platforms, your own shows, and they bitch and complain about that in these articles.
They say all these pro-Trump people do, and we censor them, is they proliferate.
They're beating us, yeah, because our ideas are more popular.
America and free market is sexy.
Communism sucks, a-holes!
Infowars.com, Newswars.com.
Tomorrow's news today.
You have to go to our sites.
We're already shadow banned everywhere.
We've already been banned.
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Joining us is F. William Engdahl.
He is an award-winning geopolitical analyst, strategic risk consultant, author, professor, and lecturer.
WilliamEngdahl.com is the website.
The new book is Manifest Testing.
Big picture here.
Nationalism rising.
Globalism's in trouble.
How would you describe this fight?
What we should do to really expose it?
And what you think the tricks are they have up their sleeves to try to keep this world corporate government going?
One of the major tricks they've developed since the Reagan era is the color revolutions that I talk about in the Manifest Destiny book.
These things have become so refined, they have techniques called swarming, where they have hit-and-run street protests like they did recently in Yerevan and across Armenia to topple the government in that country and bring in someone who's more friendly to the United States, although he claims
They're siege.
They're forms of blockades.
Diabolical forms, very precise targeting individual key industrialists in the key countries for the oil sales of Iran.
So it's about crippling your adversaries.
It's the old Wolfowitz plan from 1992 when Dick Cheney was Secretary of Defense.
No rival country or nation or group of countries will be allowed to challenge American hegemony.
The globalists make us pay for it.
They hate America too.
They're targeting flyover country.
Christians, they're trying to enslave us here as well.
This is not America doing this.
This is America basically hijacked like a slave to carry out this crime.
That's why I always refer to Washington and not the United States, because it's not... Most Americans, most of my friends are, unless they read alternative media, have not a clue.
They can't believe something different from the Washington Post.
So, you know, if that's all you're exposed to, and you're trying to hold down two jobs just to keep your family fed and the roof over your head, you don't have time to do a lot of this
And so it's difficult, but we're the human guinea pigs.
The American people are the human guinea pigs of this, I would call it global fascist elite.
I use that term.
Very, very carefully and very economically precise.
But they want top-down total control.
They're totalitarians.
They're not Democrats in any way, shape, or form.
No matter how much they yell at Russia for being undemocratic.
You're listening to The Alex Jones Show.
Political outrage turns bloody in Berkeley.
Our KPIX 5 crews were right in the middle of the chaos as both Trump supporters and anti-Trump activists come to blows.
Protesters followed Trump supporters to their cars as they left the convention center.
Around the corner and away from police protection on San Carlos Street, a mob mentality took over.
Who voted Trump?
Who voted Trump?
What do you say to the people who dragged a poor white guy out of a car and beat him?
Oh my goodness, poor white people, please, stop!
These were pure attacks.
Trump supporters, men, women, even the elderly, left this building last night and walked right into danger.
This Trump supporter was the first casualty of the day, with blood streaming out of his face.
Pro-Trump and anti-Trump protesters got into it.
And now they're rushing him.
We're saying, if you're out there and you're trying to represent your First Amendment right to free speech, if somebody comes and attacks you, it's your right to defend yourself.
It got ugly.
Violence erupting at the event as fights broke out, fists flying between Trump supporters and anti-Trump supporters.
It gets pretty ugly.
Yeah, I want to warn the folks watching at home, you're about to see some very violent footage.
Organizers say today's rallies were meant as a show of unity against what they call a seditious fringe allegedly trying to sabotage the president.
You can see there a FedEx delivery driver jumping in to try to put an end to the protest.
You don't like, you don't like to get the f*** out.
Just to strike the numbers.
I'll give it to you.
Liv, if you want to come out, you better be up a hundred of you against one of me, because that's what it's going to take.
This is the heart of 1776.
Rufio Panman is our guest and of course he's been going out to a lot of these events on the west coast where the left comes out and beats up women, children, you name it.
And then when actually they have another rally and a few men show up ten to one they also beat him.
Same thing's happening in England.
He's riding shotgun with us for the rest of the broadcast.
He'll also be in the war room with Owen Schroer today and they're going to be having a
Proud Boys event tonight.
I don't know if you want us to announce where it is.
We will.
Maybe Antifa will show up.
We're not hoping for that, but they're such cowards.
But Rufio, good to have you here with us.
Glad you flew here.
Yeah, it's my pleasure.
We're going to be getting into all the censorship you've gone through.
This is a war.
And just pointing out that we are the underdog.
We're not the establishment.
They always go, oh, the Republicans have the House, the Senate, the Judiciary, the Legislature.
The executive, the three branches of government, the legislator, the executive, the judiciary.
But that's not the real power.
All the big corporations, Hollywood, all the big money, all of it is attacking nationalists, attacking conservatives.
And this is like America's last stand.
We're going under globalist control if we don't turn this around.
They're having hearings right now.
On banning Infowars and banning Diamond and Silk, Tom Papert of Trump God Emperor, millions of fans, hundreds of thousands, 300 plus thousand on their one fan page.
Obviously everybody knows Trump God Emperor is just, you know, fun Reddit type stuff.
But because he's popular, he was banned today ahead of these hearings.
We're going to go back to him in a moment, but coming up the next hour and 15 minutes, we have Rufio.
What are some of the areas you want to get into?
Well, just like you said, you know, Patriots are being attacked all over the place, whether it's funding, support, just, you know, living their daily lives on any level.
Whether you're as involved as I am out on the streets or just barely supporting by, you know, using Facebook, people are attacking you and it's a serious problem a lot of us are facing.
I never asked you this question when you were last on, because I know you use a gnome to plume, which is great.
It's good to have your cake and eat it too.
Have your free speech, but not have them target your family.
I would imagine you're quite the target now at these Antifa rallies where there's a prayer vigil and they try to come attack folks.
I mean, I would imagine you're now kind of like one of the top guys they're gunning for.
Oh yeah, I'm sure.
It's all over Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, everything.
But what they need to realize is I have my boys too.
And just like a lot of people say, it takes about ten of them to take out one of us.
So, you know, that's where we stand in the situation.
Why is it that case all over Europe, all over the U.S.?
I mean, a woman will beat up three or four of them.
Yeah, and that's a victory to them.
You know, they'll go and brag about that to their comrades.
Which shows what man would be proud of attacking a woman.
Yeah, there is no man.
No man that can claim being an actual man.
That's that's what I would say.
Let me ask that question of the fella who heads up Trump got Emperor Tom Pappard who just got censored out of these hearings today.
What do you think's going on in the mind of these mentally ill people?
Well you know I think they're very very lonely first of all and so part of it is you know you go out you get five of your your toughest little stick friends together and you go and you beat up a woman and that is to them that's a wonderful social event and it's an opportunity for them to all come together and really fight back and resist the evil Trump administration and so you know it just it goes
A lot of
Sad people, and I think that going and beating up a woman, or getting beat up by a woman, as it more than often ends up being, I think that's just an exciting way for them to get out and make friends, to be completely honest.
And then they're backed by all these tech heads who own slave factories in China, who don't allow free speech, who don't pay taxes, and then they run around beating up middle class people saying, we're communist, we're anti-free market.
They couldn't be a more pathetic group.
Yeah, definitely.
Yeah, they're attacking everybody.
This is where their strength is, is just by attacking everybody on social media, trying to take away your funds, trying to ruin your reputation any way they can.
They're the ultimate bullies.
And then they say we're bullies.
They just said that in Congress today.
Congressman Dutch said that Alex Jones's media system is bullying.
He is bullying.
No, they're the bullies.
In the three minutes we've got left, Tom, other points you want to add about the systemic censorship manipulation you've seen?
And how do you think Trump should counter this?
I think one of his only big failings is he really needs to go with antitrust.
They need to really go... I mean, I've been watching these hearings.
I've got our tech people watching it.
And just these congressmen and women are so ignorant.
The Republicans just don't understand.
It's why we wrote this big report for them.
They just need to get this.
Well, I think reading that report is a good place to start for all legislators.
You know, those are the people who need to read it.
You know, what was it?
Ten years ago, you had the one legislator saying, well, the Internet, that's tubes, right?
You know, these are not the most tech-savvy people out there, first of all.
So, we need to somehow have a big public
We're good to go.
This is a war.
They're trying to cut our supplies off.
I mean, hell, they won't even let Christian groups have music videos on Facebook now.
Zion's Joy just singing about Jesus.
That's banned.
I mean, they've banned Christian stuff off their calendars.
It's Google and Apple.
Yeah, there's no link, so they won't go.
Let me ask you this, Tom, in closing.
They're making their move.
I want to have you back up again.
I love the work you do.
Actually, hearing you, you're a really smart guy.
Gut level, where do you think this is going?
I think they're losing.
But if listeners and others don't support all of us and realize it's a war, if people don't resupply us who are listening and don't understand they can't just count on others now, we could lose.
See, that's the trick.
We need support.
You know, as we're being crushed down, it just makes us need people's support even more.
And that's why it's so important that people go to Infowarsstore.com and people go to my remaining social media presences and try to find us while they still can.
Because I honestly believe if we can outlast them, they are driving people away.
They're driving the leftists, mainstream leftists, into political apathy.
That's right.
Do you have a specific website?
Do you have a website so people can go to it, Tom, and bypass them?
Our two main websites are DepartmentOfMemes.com.
That's where you can go read our news articles.
And then we have DailyRedPill.com.
That's a brand new website.
Oh, I look at those all the time.
You're awesome.
We'll talk to you soon.
You're awesome.
Get that guy back on soon.
We'll be right back.
Thank you.
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Let's go ahead and go to Lloyd in Washington.
You're on the air.
Thanks for holding.
Mr. Alex Jones.
Hey, brother.
Good, man.
Thank you for calling.
Hey, hey.
I just want to say thanks for your products and everything that you're doing to try to save the country.
I mean, I've tried your Secret 12, Super Male, Anthroplex, the Silver Bullet, Biome Defense, Micro ZX.
I mean, that's all good stuff.
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Yeah, that stuff will wake you up.
And the clarity of mind that comes along with that is just amazing.
As one who has been targeted by the Deep State, I cannot tell you how important it is to continue to have InfoWars as an outlet to expose the truth.
When Alex Jones and I appeal for your help,
We're not exaggerating.
We are not giving you hype.
InfoWars is under attack as never before.
Alex Jones and InfoWars are facing multi-million dollar lawsuits fueled by the radical left and in some cases George Soros.
And they have a two-pronged approach.
Use the negative headlines generated by their lawsuits as a rationale to take us off of YouTube, take us off of Facebook, take us off of Twitter, take us off social media entirely, and shut us down.
There's no exaggeration here.
Every one of these lawsuits against Alex Jones and InfoWars are frivolous.
They're bogus.
They're harassment.
But that doesn't mean that they are inexpensive.
They could, in the end, cost millions to keep InfoWars alive.
And therefore, we ask you to go to the InfoWars site and find the donate button.
You can give a generous contribution today if you're not in the market for one of our great nutraceutical products, or a book, or a t-shirt, but you want to help the fight for freedom, then go to the donate button and send us 25 bucks.
Yes, some Info Warriors have actually sent $1,000 or more.
It will be the best investment you have ever made, because we will continue to broadcast the truth here at Info Wars.
We are not weak sisters.
We are not sunshine patriots.
We will fight for America to the bitter end, and we will prevail.
You're listening to The Alex Jones Show.
Oh, we've got a treat for you.
Believe it.
The Alex Jones Show.
Because there is a war on.
Or you're mine.
Would you support a group that uses racial slurs like the n-word?
Would you support a group that hits women and disabled veterans and attacks minorities and transgenders?
Would you support a group that intimidates the public with weapons of war?
What if that same group had been caught lobbying explosives into a crowd of innocent people?
I wouldn't support that group.
Would you?
This has been a public service announcement from InfoWars.com.
And Rufio Panman is here.
We're going to go out to break with that famous punch, but there's other videos.
We should compile them of you knocking these guys out when they try to kill you or try to assault other people with clubs, weapons, you name it.
We have a real treat.
Coming up for you in a moment.
One congressman understands the internet.
One congressman tore them up just minutes ago in the House Judiciary Committee meeting, where the Democrats are up there defaming and slandering and libeling conservatives, libertarians, myself mainly, Diamond and Silk, saying horrible lies, we need to be deplatformed, we're Holocaust deniers, we're Nazis, we say no kids died at Parkland.
None of that's true.
YouTube had to put our videos back up.
It didn't mention that part when they brought it up.
And now we have Congressman Matt Gaetz.
I just wonder who briefed him on all this.
Blast social media giants over free speech.
Protection hypocrisy.
It is powerful.
It's coming up at the end of this segment in a moment.
But riding shotgun with me is Rufio Panman.
On Facebook for now at Rufio Panman.
Yes, we know they don't let us share on Facebook, Twitter or YouTube.
We're there to fight because they don't want us there to then reach out to people and bring them to our own websites to build a resistance so that we're able to reach out to Congress, educate the President.
I've written a report with Mike Adams, with Paul Watson.
It's gone to the President.
It's gone to the Congressman.
We are forming the resistance.
Just like 25 years ago we began forming the resistance against globalism, now it's all over the world.
We defined it, exposed it, it was a covert operation.
Now if we expose their censorship, things don't happen right away.
But it's going to happen in just a year or so or less.
If you look at history.
So now things are compressed and our victories are assured.
If you, the listeners on AM, FM, on TV, you name it.
Every time you're watching, you spread the word.
You do that with people power.
We'll override their machines.
We will override their algorithms that we've already beaten them and they don't know what to do.
So they're going to pure censorship, which calls them out and pulls them out.
Rufio, you've got the floor here.
You're a nice, polite guy.
You came to Austin, Texas.
I want to talk about working with you and getting you and some of the guys to be reporters for us.
There's auxiliary reporters, but hopefully set up a paid gig.
But folks got to financially buy products for us to do that.
Just what's most on your mind?
The sense of where we are historically.
It's all over the news.
They say kill the president.
Military coup against him, congressmen are saying military, Congressman Cohen of Tennessee, move against the president.
I mean, they are really moving, and we're just kind of sitting here like, oh well, we're America, that'll never happen.
But you're on the front line, you see what's happening.
CNN, Anderson Cooper, Phil Mudd, said Deep State needs to remove Trump last night.
I mean, this is intensifying, and I just think people don't realize this.
Why are you so upset?
Why do you have so much energy?
Well, I'm sitting around fishing or sitting around with my family around the campfire.
I hardly talk.
This is history happening and people need to get out of their comfort zone.
Yeah, exactly.
I mean, whether you're going to be as involved as I am or barely involved at all, the second people start to wake up and start to act on what's going on, they get attacked.
Whether it's fear tactics, showing up to your house, slashing your tires, or trying to remove any kind of donation funding, like you want to go out on the streets, you want to go travel the country and be involved at these free speech events and just protect people, protect yourself.
That requires finance, and a lot of people out there are willing to donate, but what's happening is these platforms are being attacked, they're being bombarded by Antifa.
Now let's get into that.
You've got the courage to go out 10 to 1 when these guys are trying to beat women, and defensively beat their ass, but just like a soldier, if he doesn't have backing, or he doesn't have a ship to get him to the foreign shore, or he doesn't have a pack with food in it, you've got the heart and guts to fight, but they've cut off your funding, which is... tell folks about that.
Well yeah, you're certainly right.
That does affect a lot of us.
I would say for Proud Boys, we go out there completely voluntarily.
That's Gavin McGinnis' group.
Yes, Gavin McGinnis is the founder of our fraternity.
We're all going out there without any financial backing, and also we're going out there knowing that there's a possibility that we're going to get injured or that our property is going to get vandalized, so we have to deal with that as well.
And you were talking about that you've had GoFundMes, you name it, they kick off.
Yeah, just thousands of dollars just gone when you need it most when you're out in the middle of these cities and all of a sudden your funding's gone.
And so it can be a very dangerous situation for some people.
Well, Trump and Congress need to do something.
How do we educate them?
Um, you know, I would say just bring more awareness to what's going on, more people showing up, more optics on this situation, the better.
People need to get as involved as possible, whether that's, you know,
You know, helping out a patriot with financial support or being out there yourself on the street or whatever that may look like for you, whatever you can do.
Send a letter, write a letter to your local politician.
Whatever you can do, it helps.
The smallest thing helps.
The thing is, not a lot of people are really going out and doing it because they don't think it'll really make a difference.
Well, yeah, we have tens of millions of listeners, but only a fraction ever buy any products or do anything, and I'm not complaining to the other listeners.
Okay, fine, at least spread the word, but you have to understand, this is a real war.
This is real, you know, nip and tuck.
This is like down to the wire with horrible, evil authoritarians backed by the CHICOMS trying to take the country down.
Yeah, and I don't think people realize how easy it is to become a target.
You don't have to go to a free speech event like me and be out there on the front lines in front of Antifa to become a target to where you and your family are now vulnerable.
It takes a simple Facebook post, a simple like or share of a video.
Maybe you support President Trump mildly or maybe you support him 100%.
Any one of those things could make you a target and then now you're a part of this fight that... And if we give in to this cult,
Next, they dictate everything.
It's like, once you give in to that, it's like their own cult members.
Scarlett Johansson tries to make a movie praising transgenderism, but because she's a woman, they don't want her playing it and all gang up on her.
It's all a bunch of infighting, weird people that want to control reality.
It's all fear tactics.
In person, they don't really amount to anything.
But in the age we live in with social media and everything tied in, your whole life is tied in over, you know, your finances and things like that.
Fear tactics become very... And take how Uber, you know, says, oh, you're conservative, get out of my car.
Or, oh, you work for the president, get out of my restaurant.
I wish they'd hang a shingle in their window saying, conservatives, libertarians, Christians, nationals, it's not wanted.
We've got the money.
We're the hard workers.
So I think they're creating a system that will further isolate the coastal elites.
Right, yeah.
It's bad business.
It's horribly bad business.
And if they want to keep doing that, you know, so be it.
But other businesses are going to rise and they're going to overcome as long as we keep pushing forward, you know.
There's tons of patriots out there establishing businesses right now.
We've got to hold the line and we've got to continue.
We're on the front lines, so we're going to get the main brunt, but we're winning the war.
Go and support your fellow patriots and their businesses.
If you know somebody who loves America and they're running a business, go support their business.
Because right now, business is being attacked and it's on a grand scale.
All over the nation.
Yeah, I admire him 100%.
He's renewed hope in me for the political system and definitely put a spark under my butt to get out there and do what I can as an American.
It's amazing to see somebody like him committed and then the fact that he stepped into that office with that power of commitment and the power of the office and it just it terrifies him because he just he's gonna do the right thing and that's it and they don't know what to do.
It's hilarious, really.
When you stand back and you really see the reactions of everybody, whether it be Russia or Stormy Daniels, it's just funny how they keep going back and forth trying to find something to pin on him, and he just keeps moving forward and he keeps achieving all of these things that he said he was going to.
It's amazing to watch.
Well, it's thanks to the listeners of this broadcast.
The enemy has identified the truth that we are the main core that helped launch the whole Trump operation.
And Trump knows that.
His campaign knows that.
And they're great people, by the way.
They listen all the time.
And they just say, keep it up.
We're not going to betray you.
Don't betray us.
We're going to win.
And then they say, we don't have a choice.
Think about how bad the globalists are.
If they get control, that's what we should be worrying about.
It's not a sacrifice we're making.
We can trick ourselves and say, oh, we're making these sacrifices.
The real sacrifice would be letting real tyranny come in.
Because they want to break America's back and teach us a lesson.
Yeah, definitely.
Ben, go ahead.
Now I want to talk about your awakening when we come back in a moment and what got you out in the field and then what you think is coming next in a bunch of clips.
Okay, perfect.
We'll be right back with Rufio, and you can still see him on Facebook at RufioPanmanPB.
We'll be right back, stay with us.
Flawless victory.
It's all happening.
Trump is a nationalist.
The country's coming back.
The globalist forces in this country, the Democrats and the establishment Republicans, are openly saying they want to remove him through a military coup, or through the 25th Amendment.
It's unbelievable.
It's all happening right now.
That's why it's more important than ever that every viewer, every listener, to local radio, to TV, or over the internet, understand, your voice isn't just critical, it's essential.
If you don't stand up and speak out, and stand up against these bullies, and point out that it's the globalists that are the ones that sold out America, not Trump, and that they're the enemy,
They're the traitors.
They may be successful removing our president.
This is an amazing time to be alive, ladies and gentlemen.
Trump is so real, he's so hardcore, and it's so unbelievable to see that we are at this point.
We are in the middle of a second American Revolution.
This time, not against King George III, but against the globalists.
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All of it.
We're coming through the storm thanks to you.
Shop with the good guys.
Pay it forward.
Infowarsstore.com, Infowarslife.com, or 888-253-3139.
This is the battle for the future.
This is the war for the future.
And I need all of you to commit even more to this fight.
Thank you.
I'm counting on you, and I salute you.
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the Resistance.
Another world.
Another time.
In the Age of Wonder.
Another time.
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
Live from Austin, Texas, broadcasting worldwide, it's Alex Jones.
All right, I said I'd get to the Congressman Gates, devastating the anti-free speech hearing, still ongoing out in this area, where I've gone back there like eight times.
They've got it.
On the TV, and every time I walk back there, I'm being talked about.
I mean, this is getting surreal, okay?
And they're just lying, and they're banning everybody.
I keep explaining, it's not just me.
They're using me as the poster child.
And now Diamond and Silk, I guess they pick on the two black ladies because they're so effective.
Ruvio Panman is our guest in studio here.
There's a bunch of videos.
We keep showing the one that I forgot to give them the crew of just Anthony trying to hit him with metal batons, attacking ladies, and him knocking them out.
We've obviously shown the Tommy Robinson footage of him taking on a bunch of them and knocking a couple of them down.
He's not even a big guy like Rufio.
We'll play some of those clips in the next segment and the Congressman Gates clip.
But in the four or five minutes we have here, get into just your background, your life, type of Americana guy that never got politically involved until he saw women and children getting beaten up.
Well, you know, I've always been pretty patriotic.
You know, I grew up on country music.
You know, I've always just kind of been very passive and kind of a shy person.
And it wasn't until recently after Trump got elected, obviously, where everything started to get crazy.
And I started seeing people getting attacked in the streets for wearing a Trump hat.
And I just knew that that wasn't something I could stand for.
I didn't want to see that come to my city.
I didn't want to see, you know, my future children have to deal with that.
So I started getting involved, and that's when I met Proud Boys, Gavin McGinnis' group that he created back in 2016.
And it's ever since then, it's just been a, you know, been a huge learning experience and seeing what's really happening.
You know, once you kind of test the waters, you start to see what's under the surface, and it's really ugly when you start to, you know, see what's under the surface.
A lot of evil stuff going on.
Leftist cities, leftist police defending people that attack women and children.
Yeah, exactly.
It doesn't really get any worse than that.
But hopefully, you know, we'll cross our fingers and hope it doesn't get worse than that and we can kind of get a handle on it.
But again, you know, that requires a lot of support from other people other than just us.
When I see you knock one of these guys out or other people when they're trying to kill you, I mean, when you're talking about the metal baton that'll kill somebody, break an arm, you name it, break somebody's neck, knock their eye out, give them a concussion, subdermal hematoma.
Because always, you know, it's footage.
We don't get all the audio or the little details or all what happens.
But they just cut and run when one person fights back.
It's the archetypal coward.
What are the little images that people don't catch because they weren't there?
Well, you know, obviously it's very chaotic.
Everything happens very fast when you're hyped up on adrenaline.
But I'll tell you right now, when our boys are out there, when our proud boys are out there strong, it's the strongest feeling.
It's almost palpable, the energy, the freedom, the American spirit running through the streets.
And I think that once they start to see
You know, these quote-unquote casualties happen around them.
It's extremely intimidating to see the, you know, the American spirit and raw force like that.
And, you know, that's what we have going for us and as long as we can keep that going, we can be extremely effective.
Who's the Christian fellow that puts on these prayer vigils since he saw women getting beaten up?
What's his name?
Joey Gibson.
There's iconic photos, like the Marines raising the flag or whatever, but it's very iconic where he's pointing at some of these people and you're looking with some other folks and it's like you just pick up the image of folks ready to exercise the First Amendment.
They see the enemy.
They're ready.
You're confident.
It's just a very iconic photo if they can try to find that.
Do you know the photo?
I've seen multiple photos.
I don't know which one specifically you're talking about.
I think he's wearing like a red hat and he's pointing and then you're sitting there looking where he's pointing.
It's just a very iconic photo.
It might have been from a Seattle rally.
I think I know what you might be talking about.
This is all very iconic.
Yeah, it's very easy to capture.
The optics are so easy.
It's all organic.
None of this stuff is scripted out.
It's a bunch of rats attacking people's free speech.
I keep saying this, I can't imagine being a bunch of men and going out and trying to target someone in a wheelchair or a woman.
I would never kill myself, but if I was like that, I would kill myself.
We'll be right back.
They think you're a goldfish!
I've been betting on you my whole life!
I believe in you!
I don't think you're stupid!
One man, emirates a woman, old genitals are cut off!
And we're kicking these traitors' asses politically!
And we're not backing down, ever!
I want to kick these people!
We're winning!
I can feel the spirit rising!
Can't you?
We have broken their back!
Yes, I can feel it!
Let's go!
Come on!
Come on!
Come on!
Come on!
Come on!
Come on!
Come on!
Come on!
Come on!
Come on!
Come on!
Come on!
Come on!
Come on!
Come on!
Come on!
Come on!
Come on!
Come on!
Come on!
Come on!
Come on!
Come on!
Come on!
Come on!
Come on!
Come on!
Come on!
Come on!
Come on!
Come on!
Come on!
Come on!
Come on!
Come on!
Come on!
Come on!
Come on!
Come on!
Come on!
Come on!
Come on!
Come on!
Come on!
Come on!
Come on!
Come on!
Come on!
Come on!
Come on!
Come on!
Come on!
Come on!
Come on!
Come on!
Come on!
Come on!
Come on!
Come on!
Come on!
Come on!
Come on!
Come on!
Come on!
Come on!
Come on!
Come on!
Come on!
Come on!
Come on!
Come on!
Come on!
Come on!
Defending the Republic from enemies foreign and domestic.
It's Alex Jones!
Rufio Panman is in studio with us.
He's a member of Gavin McInnes' Proud Boys, and he got involved in the last year and a half seeing women and children beaten up by Antifa, prayer vigils, pro-gun rallies, not even Trump supporters sometimes being attacked, so he's become well known.
He just joined us going out and standing up for people and, you know, famously knocking a lot of these guys out.
And I forgot you were coming to town.
I invited you.
There's several other films of you clocking these guys out.
So maybe during the break you can tell the crew where to find those.
I've seen them.
But it's just amazing.
That guy's swinging one of those extendable metal batons that is a deadly weapon at you.
And he's swinging it at you like it's a switch.
Thank God he didn't know how to put it above his head or the side and use it properly.
But you still, he still swings at you pretty good and tries to hit you in the head with it.
And you're strong enough to catch him in full swing.
That would have broken your hand easily.
It looks like you grab it in flight when he's swinging it over 100 miles an hour.
So I don't know if I could myself have made that catch.
So just congratulations.
Yeah, man.
You know, adrenaline does great things for you, but this isn't my first time going out to these things.
I've been, you know, I'm pretty well-versed with dealing with Antifa and, you know, like-minded people.
By the way, slow that down.
Because you do this Popeye wind-up, but then you decide not to go full power.
Why was that?
Um, I couldn't tell you, you know?
I think everything happens in the moment.
I think your gut was, don't break your hand, you're going to have more to fight.
Right, yeah, because my hands have been roughed up pretty good from defending myself against these guys on multiple occasions.
I've been hit with clubs and stuff on my hands, and so, you know, going full power, obviously, in defense is sometimes makes you vulnerable.
You know, I did the best I could, and obviously... The thing about the brain, though, like you said, in adrenaline, everything slows down, and your body's like, no, I'll take this guy out with a half-punch.
You see, like, the governor kick in, he goes, it's just awesome.
Yeah, yeah, you know, everything happened naturally and organically there.
How did you not smack the chick that was, like, when she was gonna hit you?
That was real control.
Gotta show it really, really slow.
Yeah, go ahead.
Yep, there you go.
Those sunglasses are still flying.
Good job not smacking her, but how did you not do it?
Because that's what they try to do.
When I was at the inauguration, they kept punching me, pushing me, trying to get me to do something.
Well, I saw that it was a female, you know, and she wasn't wearing a mask, so that was instantly my thought was, okay, she's not an immediate threat, even if she decides to be aggressive with me, she doesn't have a weapon.
And then my focus became on grabbing that baton that went to the ground and confiscating that weapon.
Well, obviously, again, you use an alias because they'll threaten your family and come after you, they've attacked a reporter's car, you name it, we know how dangerous they are.
But just your family background, because it seems like you have a lot of control.
A lot of cops and military that watch the video comment on Infowars that they were really impressed with the control you had.
Yeah, you know, it's hard to say.
Yeah, I was raised pretty well.
I've always been kind of a patient person, shy.
And I do really well in chaotic environments.
That's my strong suit.
So, you know, obviously in this type of environment, it's where I thrive and where I try and take leadership.
And a lot of my boys are the same way.
So we're really effective out there when we work together.
Not that we're afraid of Antifa, but I may actually go there tonight.
And so it's up to you guys if you want to tell folks where we're going to eat tonight.
Antifa is here in Austin.
They are Mal Brigade.
They've threatened to kill Owen, myself, and others.
Obviously we'll be packing, but for defensive purposes.
But do we want to tell folks where we're having dinner tonight?
You know, are you coming?
I think so, but I might bring my wife, so I don't want to bring her into something like this.
I'm serious, but we've got to get to a point where, as a man, I want to kind of say where we're going to eat, but at the same time, you know, the guys I got around here, you know, packing, they won't like it if I do that.
So at a certain point, you know, I don't know, it's just we get to this point where I want to invite folks out where we're going tonight, but at the same time, I don't want to literally give the enemy, who will show up like cowards, hiding behind trash cans, to do Lord knows what.
Oh, definitely.
Yeah, they would definitely show up, especially if you and I are there.
Even if it was just Proud Boys in general or one of your guys, you know, guys out there.
So, you know, that's your call.
Our guys are always ready to go anytime, any day.
But yeah, you know, I always welcome it because it's a challenge.
It's a challenge to show them their weakness.
But at the same time, I don't want to make other people, you know, vulnerable.
Well it's almost tempting fate and see that's why I haven't gone to a lot of events publicly because...
Once I get to them, I feel great and I love it, but then I've got a wife, children, and I know I'm a major target, and I've seen what they've done to so many other people, and then my gut level says just hold back.
But then you just get sick of doing that, you know?
I was talking about this earlier today.
How much attacks can you endure before you're less of a man?
What is the line for you that tells you, I need to stand up and do something?
And I ask people that all the time, and it seems like people don't really know, you know?
They weren't raised to have that long.
Because we've had it so good as our ancestors.
Exactly, yeah.
We've had it so good for so long, and we're used to being comfortable, and we don't have that line established in our life.
And I'm one of those people that has had that line, and a lot of other like-minded patriots out there, that line has been crossed a long time ago.
And expanding on that, that's so critical.
I was ever anti-police.
I didn't want the left and the globalists who were trying to take police over and turn them into their political police against patriots for that to happen.
So the media would always misrepresent that I hated cops.
But then when I saw Obama and the Justice Department trying to cause race wars, we got the documents, when they knew the police shootings were justified, they were lying about it like the latest Chicago one where the guy pulls the gun to shoot the cop, the cop shoots him and they say it's racially motivated, and they still have riots.
And I feel sad for everybody no matter what color they are.
It's all manipulation.
That's when you pull back and you realize, wait a minute, they're literally on CNN when cops were getting killed by Black Lives Matter folks.
Bunch of cops got shot protecting their rally in Dallas.
Five cops killed.
Cops got killed in Louisiana.
Couple of black cops again by other racist black folks who were so brainwashed that CNN said,
But what, two, three years ago, CNN said, well, the police, they do bad things, so they need to clean themselves up.
As if a cop does something bad, a thousand miles away, and it's proven it didn't even happen, didn't do anything bad, and then you go randomly shoot a cop pumping gas in Houston, or you go randomly shoot cops responding to a murder scene in Louisiana, or you go shoot five cops guarding your Black Lives Matter event, and you're like, my God, this is really an attempt at overthrow.
So imagine what it's like for the police
And this isn't some butt-kissing event for the police.
I just get the whole corporate media attacking them because they want to bully them like us under their globalist control.
And the whole Strong Cities initiative run by the UN, where they were going to federalize and internationalize all our police.
You really see it.
And then I always thought of the cops as kind of neutral.
Then I now realize that once the fight for America really kicked off, the police are at the heart of stopping the globalists.
And that's another thing that really makes the establishment mad, except for the few blue cities.
And that's what's a shame because
Those police departments at the top have really criminal individuals running them.
Well, like we've seen previously in Berkeley and what we've seen recently in Portland, that police presence has been completely stood down.
DHS, Department of Homeland Security, they do a fantastic job, but once you have to rely on major city police like Portland and Berkeley sometimes, you know, it's crazy to see.
As an American, when you see the police standing down in a riot situation, explosives going off a couple feet from you, women and children all over the place, elderly, you know, what do you do?
It's really hard to be in that situation when you're in a major city in America where you should feel protected.
And, you know, that's just where we're at right now.
And the media and the controlled left, they want to get their little meth-head scumbags.
We're going to come back with Congressman Gates' powerful video defending free speech.
He devastated them in the ongoing hearings, calling for free speech to be banned with us as the poster child.
This is surreal.
Rufio, in the minute we have left, what is the profile of the average anti?
I kind of see the young meth-head type, but then I kind of see the professor type in the background directing them.
Yeah, well I always say it seems like they all kind of came from the same kind of like inbred family, you know?
They just come out of these holes, you don't really know where they come from.
I'm sure they congregate from somewhere.
But yeah, they're all just shmeagle looking people.
Or they're women.
So, you know, they have the women on the front line and then they have these, you know, sketchy looking cockroaches kind of, you know, wandering in the back with weapons.
And there's nobody really prominent in there.
Uh, within their stature there, and it's... It's very odd, to say the least.
If you had to define them, it's weakness and dishonor and what you don't want to be.
It's like, wow, they don't even know they are the literal stench of cowardice.
They're, they're, they're... What I would embody is just demonically possessed meat suits of human beings.
They're just... They aren't anything prominent.
They're, they're not... They don't have anything to show as a public figure.
They're the enemy.
They're the enemy.
We'll be back.
Infowars.com, Newswars.com.
We'll have Congressman Gates' powerful statement straight ahead.
It was early on in the Revolutionary War, when the U.S.
Navy had less than ten major surface ships, that John Paul Jones, the father of the U.S.
Navy, while engaging a British ship three times the size of his, said, I've only begun to fight.
And that's when the ship was sinking and was on fire.
But he didn't give up.
And he won.
That's part of the ethos of this country.
But not everybody is brought right to the wall and given victory.
The Alamo stood and fought victory or death Colonel Travis.
And they all died, all 180 plus men.
The seed of that example led to the victory that came.
So I don't know how the Infowars fight is gonna end.
But I know this.
Faced with the same challenges that John Paul Jones and Colonel Travis faced, with this country under attack by foreign evil forces, hell-bent on enslaving us and destroying the promise of the Renaissance, I will quote Colonel Travis 110% and hope that I can man up to be in his shoes and say victory or death.
Let me tell you something, I get tears in my eyes when I think about that because I love America.
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So thank you all.
And please continue to support us because without you, we will fall to Soros and Hillary.
But I know in my gut we're going to win this one way or the other.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
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It's Alex Jones.
All right, Rufio Panman is a cool cat, great patriot.
He's here with us, learned a lot about him.
And I said, what are the threats like?
And he said, well, Antifa obviously is doxing us.
They've got law enforcement help in these blue city areas.
And he just laid incredible stuff of attempted murder in the last week on him and the rest of the Proud Boys there on the West Coast.
So this war is hot.
Just like our law enforcement sources told us months before it came out that they were planning all this violence, that they were targeting police, Republican members of Congress who are in the Freedom Caucus.
I think a big part of this is you get this on record, it makes a move.
I think you guys need to go into the FBI.
I mean, I personally have done that before on this stuff.
And the average FBI person ranking files good.
It's the Democrats on top that are bad.
The scum on top, as the President's pointed out.
We'll get to that in the next segment, though.
But man, that's amazing what you told me they've been doing to you guys.
So, I tell you, this is a two-way street, though, punks.
I tell you, they are really pushing it, aren't they?
I mean, you know, like I said, what's your line?
You know, how much are you willing to take until you go full-blown retaliation?
Well, I don't want to say too much, but I know there's a lot of former military and people that live right here in Austin, former SEAL Team 6 leaders, you name it, that just everything they said they were trained to do, you know, help the oppressed, you know, the Marine
Motto all of it.
They said finally we're seeing what we trained to fight in America and I don't know what's going on or what's happening but let me tell you Antifa Antifa is being closely watched by just private operators and when the stuff kicks off they think we're flat-footed that we're not.
Yeah well if this bill this law comes through that the the de-masking law who knows what that'll do to Antifa you know I don't think they'll have a whole lot of confidence coming out to these things without a mask so
It'll be interesting to see how that pans out.
Well, but let's remember these are the meth-head scum hired by the globalists.
They're just throwaway.
They're the cover for the detonators.
These documents we have will show next segment show, but it's only blue cities that allow this.
The police are in on it.
It's been admitted.
And a lot of the cops low-level are the reason we have the documents, is they don't like this.
They have to stand there while bottles are thrown at them, and stuff is burned, and they're told to stand down.
Yeah, I've talked to multiple police officers, and a lot of them are saying, you know, we'd love to be out there with you guys fighting these people, but this is just what we have to do.
These are our orders.
And unfortunately, that's just the way it goes when you're a government employee, you know, and you have to abide by who's on top.
It's pretty sad, really, to say the least.
I trust the President.
He's smarter than I am in many ways, but he thinks giving this attention and admitting that his supporters are being attacked gives the enemy strength.
I don't think so.
I think if he recognizes it, like he did during the campaign, that people are being attacked, that shows they're the bad guys and it helps all of us.
I disagree with the President.
He needs to have a task force against Antifa, and these thugs need to be exposed, and he needs to stand up for his supporters.
Well, Antifa is the front line to these fear tactics being used against people being, you know, able to openly be pro-Trump.
You know, think about when you go down into Seattle or Portland or, you know, a lot of places in California, even here in Texas, wearing a MAGA hat is, you know, can be dangerous.
And so... Well, tonight, we'll go out on the street, and let me tell you, 99% of people are going to be supportive.
Black, white, old, young.
But man, when you run into the ones that don't, they are rabid.
Yeah, well, they can try.
I don't think anything will really happen in Austin.
I mean, it's always just some trendy that sneaks up.
Now, let me get to this big piece.
Congressman Gates, and I've canvassed Congress, I'll leave it at that, about who wants to be free speech champion, who understands the left's attack on free speech and how they're demonizing conservative, libertarian, pro-America speech, and then how they're pushing a program to end free speech.
And Congressman Gates gets it.
So they're having ongoing hearings in the House Judiciary right now where they misrepresent what I've said, Diamonds and Silk and others, and then call for us to be banned.
Well, I'm sorry, Jim Jordan didn't get it, the others didn't get it, but Gates did.
He is a smart cookie.
And so here's Matt Gates, blast social media giants over free speech protection hypocrisy, because the argument of the Democrats is, well, it's your own company.
Well, but you're a medium of everybody communicating.
So you're going to have live time computers watching what we say and then restricting it and saying it's hate speech because it's conservative.
So here is Congressman Gates destroying them in a big way.
I'll stand right there.
This is my bad.
I didn't realize it's a five-minute clip.
We're about to go to break.
I'm not cliffhanger-ing here.
We'll come back and reintroduce it and get to it, and then we'll get into the doxing and the attempted murder against you guys in the last week or so.
We got a few minutes before we go to break, though, because you've got so many points that I've been guiding the discussion, Rufio.
What else you want to get into for listeners and viewers?
You know, other than what we're about to talk about,
We do have the up-and-coming rally in Portland on August 4th.
Yeah, that's August 4th.
Tell folks about that.
Yeah, well, you know, obviously we're eager to get back because of the failure of the protection of the citizens that the city showed down in Portland.
It was a complete failure on their part and complete lack of leadership and people's lives were put at risk.
And thank God that the Proud Boys showed up in numbers and protect those people.
I don't know what would have happened if we weren't there, but it wouldn't have been good.
And maybe we should show the police marching Antifa up against the demonstration, the prayer vigil.
Let's show that footage if we can.
And then what transpired out of that, because this is the first ever rally a few months ago.
Women and children get beaten up.
So you guys come out, you still kick their ass with the police stand down.
So you're saying three is the trifecta, it's the charm.
Have a really huge group come out and once and for all let Antifa know this is still America.
Yeah, well it doesn't take, you know, as long as there's, you know, 50 to 100 of us, we can take on a thousand of them, that's fine.
But, you know, if you want to get involved, there's no better time than now to get involved.
Find your local chapter, hit them up.
We'll be in Portland August 4th.
And again, tell folks about the rally, why you're doing it again.
Well, we're going to see how the city reacts and we'll see if they step up their leadership and actually provide security and protection against these Antifa thugs.
We're also going to, you know, take another stand against Antifa because of their violence that they've portrayed against the people of Portland and really up and down the West Coast.
And for folks that don't know, they're throwing mortars at people that you shoot in the big cannons that every year blow people's arms or hands off.
So those are explosives.
So they're throwing explosives at people.
There was one that landed maybe three feet from me.
This was, I saw, I had a, you know, I'd seen it in person and it was a homemade explosive.
It looked like they'd taken the fireworks apart and put together something that was more, a lot more dangerous than what it originally was intended for.
Well, you can see stuff flying off from the explosives pieces.
Well, we had some people later get back with us saying that they had actually had shrapnel injuries.
Some women and one of my proud boys, actually.
And that's the part about conservatives or Christians.
We don't grandstand.
It's like, oh, there's a congressional hearing saying ban us.
Democrats say kill me.
Oh, it's no big deal.
And at a certain point, it's kind of good to be John Wayne, but we've got to tell people how bad it is.
Yeah, and thankfully we had a lot of people getting out there with the video, because there was no mainstream media there, hardly at all.
So, it was these, you know, small-time people with their cell phones and their GoPros and everything on our side doing the filming, and that's the only reason why people saw what they saw.
Otherwise, I don't think it would have been published.
Well, a mortar bomb for a mortar shell wrapped in nails is an ATF bomb, and if the police see that, they need to shoot the people doing it.
My God!
They're just hoping for another Charlottesville.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
It's all happening.
Trump is a nationalist.
The country's coming back.
The globalist forces in this country, the Democrats and the establishment Republicans, are openly saying they want to remove him for a military coup, or for the 25th Amendment.
It's unbelievable.
It's all happening right now.
That's why it's more important than ever that every viewer, every listener, to local radio, to TV, or over the internet, understand, your voice isn't just critical, it's essential.
If you don't stand up and speak out, and stand up against these bullies, and point out that it's the globalists that are the ones that sold out America, not Trump, and that they're the enemy,
They're the traitors.
They may be successful removing our president.
This is an amazing time to be alive, ladies and gentlemen.
Trump is so real, he's so hardcore, and it's so unbelievable to see that we are at this point.
We are in the middle of a second American Revolution.
This time, not against King George III, but against the globalists.
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You're listening to the Alex Jones Show!
We now take you live to the Central Texas Command Center in the heart of the resistance.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show!
Rufio Panman is our guest.
He's one of the Proud Boys, Gavin McGinnis' group.
We're going to do some live podcasting with them tonight and probably tomorrow at the War Room coming up in about an hour and 30 minutes in the fourth hour today.
Hosted by, is it PJW?
Always informative.
Paul Joseph Watson coming up in about T-minus 27 minutes.
I want to get into the attempted murders on you guys, and the doxing, and how Antifa gets government files on the ice, and really this communist invasion we're looking at, this attempted bullying and everything that's happening.
But looking at Congressman Gates, I mentioned this, they have these hearings ongoing, House Judiciary, the Democrats are lying about what I've said, lying about Diamond and Silk, lying about Trump, and saying, ban conservatives.
How are you going to stop conservatives kicking leftist butt politically with ideas online?
And Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube are like, we've already shadow banned everybody.
Listen, you effectively ban them, they know they're banned, they're going to have court cases.
That's all in the news.
We have the censorship master plan decoded by Mike Adams on Infowars.com.
Get it, get it out to folks.
But thank God, Congressman Gates knows what's going on.
Let's go ahead and hear what he had to say when they claim, oh, we're the private corporation, we can do whatever we want.
He fires big torpedoes that hit broadside.
I'll now recognize myself for five minutes and I'll begin by associating myself with some of the comments from Mr. Liu and Mr. Raskin.
When they indicate that the government should not foist upon the technology community the over-regulation of the government, I completely agree.
My question is, when you avail yourself to the protections of Section 230, do you necessarily surrender some of your rights as a publisher or speaker?
The way I read that statute now, it's pretty binary.
It says that you have to be one or the other.
You have to be a Section 230 protected, or you're a speaker with the full complement of your First Amendment rights.
I'm cool with that.
I would love you guys to make the choice.
I come from the libertarian-leaning segment of my party.
I just think it's confusing when you try to have it both ways.
When you try to say that, you know, we get these liability protections, but at the same time we have the right to throttle content.
We have the right to designate content.
And in the most extreme examples, when you have a Twitter attorney saying in court, we would never do this, but we would have the right to ban people based on their gender or their sexual orientation.
So I wanted to clear up those comments.
But my question, my next question is for you, Ms.
I've provided to you a screenshot I've taken from content that was published on Facebook from a page that is milkshakes against the Republican Party.
There are two posts.
Would you read the first one?
And there is one naughty word there that you're welcome to skip over.
Congressman, this is a post, milkshakes against the Republican Party.
It has a picture and it says, parents in the waiting area for today's school shooting in Florida.
And then it says, you remember the shooting at the Republican baseball game?
One of those should happen every week until those NRA, and then there are unpleasant words.
And then there's, I'm not sure if this is another post beneath it or not.
Yeah, that's a second post.
Will you read that?
That has no naughty words.
It says, Dear crazed shooters, the GOP has frequent baseball practice.
You really want to be remembered, that's how you do it.
Signed, Americans tired of our politicians bathing in the blood of the innocent for a few million dollars from the terrorist organization NRA.
Do these posts violate your terms of service?
Any call for violence violates our terms of service.
So why is Milkshakes Against the Republican Party still a live page on your platform?
This is critical.
Because there's Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube things with millions of views saying kill Republicans, kill Trump, rape his children, get Alex Jones.
All of this.
And that's the point.
They're out calling for violence.
They're all allowed to have a free hand.
All these different talk show hosts.
Like, Keith Olbermann can call for violence, he's got his thing up, but Roger Stone's banned.
And that's the point here, we're going to go back to it, Rufio, is that they misrepresent what we've said to ban us, but then they let the left do whatever they want.
Well, just like that Keno or Keto guy, the guy that took that MAGA hat off that kid, he got full funding and all sorts of support from the left, but the second you defend yourself against the left, like myself, you get all sorts of flack.
Let's show that in Waterburger a few weeks ago.
That guy became a hero.
He said F you threw T on somebody.
Stole their hat.
He's a hero.
Assault apparently is what gets you fame and fortune in today's day and age.
Defending yourself and other people is what gets you banned and your funding taken away.
If that's what you want to support as a business in America, go ahead and feel free.
But don't be surprised if you go bankrupt.
Again, I'm begging Democrats, these shops, put a computer program for Uber, whatever it is.
If you don't want to carry me as a libertarian, as a nationalist, a white guy, whatever, tell me.
If you don't want me in your shop, you don't want to bake my cake, just say.
Put a shingle on the window.
Not welcome.
Believe me, I don't want to give you my money.
Yeah, yeah.
They're asking people to not give them their money.
It doesn't make sense at all.
You're segregating an entire part of the country who's willing to give you money, and you're saying, well, we're not going to take your service.
It's like, OK, well, fine.
We'll move on to the next person, the next rising power to support patriots and like-minded Americans.
Yeah, this is the end of the globalists.
This is the end of this corrupt system.
There's going to be other stuff we have to face.
We're not offering some utopia.
But from the grave, they are clawing us with them.
They really want to... You're not dragging me into your grave, idiots.
My victory is destroying you.
Whatever happens to Infowars, that's secondary.
It isn't about me.
It's about defeating you.
That's my measure.
Let's go back to Congressman Gates.
Here it is.
Can't speak, I haven't reviewed this page, I can't speak to why any page is up or not up, but we can certainly follow up with it.
So a member of my staff provided these comments to Facebook and we said based on our reading of your terms of service and frankly based on your testimony today where you say we are committed to removing content that encourages real world harm, based on that this would be a facial violation but I received back
What I've provided to you and the highlighted portion of Facebook's message back to my staff includes, it doesn't go against one of our specific community standards.
So do you see the tension between your public testimony today, your terms of service, and then your conduct when you're presented with violent calls to shoot people who are members of my party at baseball practice?
Congressman, there's no place for any calls for violence on Facebook.
I will certainly follow up after the hearing and make sure that we're addressing content you bring to our attention.
Thank you.
Yeah, I mean, I brought it to your attention when I emailed it to you, and then I brought it to your attention when I went to Facebook with Mr.
We went to your corporate headquarters, I showed these posts to your executives, and the response I got from your executives is, well, we removed those specific posts, but we're not going to remove the entire page.
So I guess if a page hosts repeated content that threatens violence and that references the shooting of Republicans at a baseball game, why would you not remove the page?
Thank you, Congressman.
Okay, so these posts were removed, but the page has not been removed.
Is that correct?
So we remove pages or groups or profiles when there is a certain threshold of violations that has been met.
So, and this depends if somebody, for instance, posts an image of child sexual abuse.
All right, we've got to come back and finish this, because the Democrats jump in and say, why is InfoWars still up?
But here's the deal.
People mainly communicate through Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.
They've got all these private messengers.
It's like telephones.
So if the government jumps in or corporations jump in during your conversations with AI computers, like not letting you share an emoji of the Taiwanese flag, because Apple's owned by China now, officially,
That is prior constraint.
And so we're saying, hey, if somebody says kill somebody, send the cops.
Ban them for that.
But don't lie about Infowars and then call for us to be banned when you won't even show what we said.
Notice Gates read what they said.
Go kill a congressman.
We didn't say that.
If I said that, that's not free speech.
That's a call to action.
So when we come back, we'll finish up with this and then get into their actions against the Proud Boys.
They're on the West Coast and their attempts to savage break lines, you name it, with Rufio.
I'm Alex Jones with InfoWars.com.
Let's talk to Victor in Florida.
Victor, you're calling.
Go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
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Well, let me just say something, Victor.
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Discounted, high quality colloidal silver.
And it's not a silver bullet, but it's the closest thing you're going to find to a silver bullet.
What you're about to see are two presidents of the teachers union.
One guy named Dave Perry in Trenton, New Jersey.
Another named Kathleen Valencia in Union City, New Jersey.
And they're talking about covering up child abusers in the public schools.
Dave Perry, the statements he makes are so shocking.
He actually says, we want to turn it back around onto the child.
He says, it's my job.
He says I'm gonna backdate it, that's commit fraud after the incident of abuse.
He says that's his job at the teachers union.
He's there to protect the worst people, he's there to bend the truth, and he's there to reverse it back onto the kid.
There's me confronting Dave Perry, who denied the things he said.
Now last night, Alex,
The National Education Association and the NJEA, that's the New Jersey version of it, has suspended him.
So they've suspended one union president and then just today Alex, we released another woman in New Jersey saying that she was protecting child abuse.
I don't want him coming here with a bunch of lies.
I need to know the truth so that we can bend the truth.
I'm not here to hurt anybody.
I'm here to defend.
No matter the worst teachers in the world, I have defended.
Well yeah, I mean it was like a physical... It was bad?
Yeah, like a physical skirmish.
If he comes to me tomorrow...
I'm gonna date it back to the day after the incident.
He was upset.
He was worried.
He did shake the kid.
So if they said there was bruises he had, there was bruises where?
I gotta ask him where he hit him.
Yeah, because he was trying to put him back in the seat because he was getting physical.
We reverse it onto the kid.
Okay, yeah.
That's my job.
It's not a good job, but it's my job and what I have to do.
This file right here is from a teacher who had sex with a student.
They're not going to jail.
You know what this whole file is about?
It's about whether or not they get to keep their pension.
The sex with a teenage girl.
Is he going to jail?
I'm being as brutally honest with you as I can.
If you are afraid of a middle school child who called you a d*** and spit on you and advanced towards you, you are in the wrong profession.
Kid's fine.
Kid's not hurt.
Kid got a scratch.
He's gonna give the kid a 65, right?
He's not gonna fail the kid?
No, no.
No, he's not gonna fail the kid?
He's gonna get that kid out of his f***ing classroom and move on fresh for September.
We're facing a crisis in American education.
And this week, the NJEA is under fire.
Teachers unions would have you believe that they're fighting for our children.
But the evidence in these tapes show they're fighting for themselves, their survival, and their own dominance.
You're listening to The Alex Jones Show.
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Rufio Panman is here in studio with us at Rufio Panman, PB.
Guy that goes out in the last year or so and battles Antifa when they physically attack and kicks their butt every time.
It's just amazing.
He's here with us right now.
Be sure and follow him at Rufio Panman on Twitter.
All that's still available.
Everybody else is creating their own websites right now, going back to what was, you know, old is now the future as they got us onto all these social giants and got us to communicate there and now they've seized those communications.
It's time to go back to basics.
But going back to Congressman Gates and the points he was making about the Democrats, let people go on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and say they're going to kill everybody.
Nobody gets censored for that.
They get praised.
And Jack Dorsey says, we're in a revolution against us.
They're going to teach us Americans how to submit.
And so, uh, Gaetz, Congressman Gaetz is pointing out, you can't have your cake and eat it too.
Here it is.
Thank you, Congressman.
Okay, so these posts were removed, but the page has not been removed.
Is that correct?
So we remove pages or groups or profiles when there is a certain threshold of violations that has been met.
And this depends.
If somebody, for instance, posts an image of child sexual abuse imagery, their account will come down right away.
But there are different thresholds depending on different violations.
So I can follow up with you on that.
How many times does a page have to encourage violence against Republican members of Congress at baseball practice before you will ban the page?
Congressman, I'm happy to look into this and look at the page specifically and then come back to you.
The truth is, they're promoting a mistake, right?
CNN promotes Antifa.
Let's continue.
The post should not be on Facebook.
I have to look at a specific page with my team before we can... Do you think that this page should be hosted on Facebook with these multiple calls for violence against people in my party?
Congressman, I personally have not seen the page on Facebook, but I will look into it with my team.
Yeah, you had a question.
I'm agreeing with the chairman about this, and I think we arrived at the exact same place when we were talking about at what threshold does InfoWars have their page taken down after they repeatedly deny the historical reality of massacres of children in public schools.
And so when you follow up with it, and obviously you want to back that up because he just joined us.
I played the clip earlier where Congressman Dutch of the Parkland area lies.
And says that... Yeah, just write to the last guy.
I don't want to go all the way back.
Just write to the other congressman.
They then misrepresent and say that I said nobody died and they're all crisis actors.
I never said that.
YouTube took my YouTube down and then when I threatened to sue them and showed the real videos, they put it back up.
They never admit all that.
These Democrats just keep lying no matter how many times they publish these lies.
It doesn't make it true.
It's incredible.
So let's go back to it.
I'm agreeing with the chairman about this and I think we arrived at the exact same place when we were talking about at what threshold does InfoWars have their page taken down after they repeatedly deny the historical reality of massacres of children in public schools.
When you follow up with it, and obviously you want to look into the specifics of the case, I would love it if you would follow up also about Alex Jones and InfoWars.
If certain content you're saying has been taken down when they are taunting the students from Parkland... Pause again!
Never taunted the students!
That's the lying sick mouth of Hollywood and you!
You liar!
Again, show the video!
Show the quote like Gates did!
You can't do it, you dirty murderer of the First Amendment!
And so you want us to be taken down, which I'm not afraid of, by the way, because the lawsuits are ready, and you want to sit there and play those games and then lie about and defame me from Congress about what I said while you're using the blood of those kids, you dirtbag, to try to kill the First Amendment.
You are a sick freak, Raskin.
Here he is.
Taken down, and I agree, certainly, that these posts should be taken down.
The chairman's talking about a yield back.
I thank the gentleman and would concur with his sentiments.
My time has expired and seeing no further business before the committee, this concludes today's hearing.
Thank you to the distinguished witnesses for attending.
Without objection, all members will have five legislative days to submit additional written questions for the witnesses or additional materials for the record.
The hearing is adjourned.
So, so, you notice even though Gates kind of gets it, he doesn't fully get it.
He's just gonna, you know, play it safe.
Okay, I agree with you Raskin.
This is the fraud.
Just like you were saying during a break.
They call you white supremacist on the news.
They say go out and attack them.
And then crazy people come out and attack you when you're having a prayer vigil.
It's the same crap they're doing right there.
Yeah, and people's lives are, you know, being threatened because of it.
People like Nancy Pelosi and all these senators and what you just saw there, they're undermining the real threat that's really going on.
And they're painting people like me and other patriots, like-minded patriots, and even yourself, Alex, as these terrorists that we should be worried about.
And people are showing up in flocks to come and attack us.
And it's just not the truth at all.
If anything, we're there to support
Everybody like-minded.
So, you know, we're seeing it all over the country.
You're seeing it on your level.
I'm seeing it on my level.
So, you know... And their answer is, well, just don't go out and demonstrate.
Shut up and crawl in a hole.
This is a total intimidation of bullying at every level.
Yeah, it's an infringement of free speech all across the board.
And they're using fear tactics.
You know, whatever level you're on, however active you are within your country, or however proud you are of your country, they're finding a way to silence you.
Well, you remember they were always saying get rid of free speech because of bullying.
So now they've chosen InfoWars as the poster child that they misrepresent to end free speech.
Folks, this is important.
This is the big battle.
If they can get rid of free speech, they could win.
That's why I tell our affiliates thank you, and our listeners thank you, and our supporters thank you, and all of you, because this is an epic battle, and we need to flood.
Congressman Gates and Jordan and all these people with the articles and videos we wrote showing that we were lied about and that we were hoaxed.
But even though we said nobody died at Parkland, that's our right.
You know, David Hogg's running around demonizing the Second Amendment and saying, you know, calling people names.
But I didn't even say that.
And then Hogg goes on TV and plays along with the lie because he's putting out perfect Democratic Party talking points.
Doesn't mean the shooting didn't happen.
He's an anti-gun spokesperson.
That's a fact.
Yeah, regardless of what you say happened or didn't happen, you're talking about a past event where these people are calling for future violence.
They're encouraging future violence on things that haven't yet happened.
That's right.
They're trying to incite the president being overthrown and his son being kidnapped and raped by pedophiles.
And then they look at us and say, we're bullying kids, but never show the source.
That's all they can cling on to, just like calling us racist.
It doesn't make sense.
There's no logic behind it.
There's no evidence behind it.
But they'll keep clinging to that narrative in hopes that people, you know, that have been brainwashed will follow along with that narrative.
Well, they don't want minorities, who are the majority now in most areas, to feel like America belongs to them.
So just like, oh, you don't want guns or private property or wealth.
That's the white people.
Just don't go be a conservative.
The Nazis will get you.
Yeah, totally horrible to have property and guns and wealth.
It's unbelievable.
All right, brother.
Well, you're going to be back on The War Room tonight.
We're going to do a live podcast tonight.
You might be staying with us tomorrow.
But regardless, I want to work with you guys and get some reporters out there covering you guys on a regular basis, almost like reality TV, showing what your daily life is, not just when you have to go out and face these individuals.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
Hour number four, PJW coming up.
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You're listening to Alex Jones.
Paul Joseph Watson is taking over in T-minus six minutes to host the fourth hour of The War Room's coming up.
We're going to have more live coverage tonight with some of the proud boys here that are in town, Gavin McInnes' group, Mike Ruffio, Panman.
But first, I just saw Trump live moments ago, so we're going to back this up and play it.
I don't want to say capitulating, but saying, you know, I say I have no question that Russia did this to us.
I guess because Mueller says so.
And it just gives into this whole trap.
So I don't want to say this is a flip-flop, but they put major pressure on Trump over this, and the deep state, over him daring to meet with a Russian leader, which is totally normal.
So here's some of what President Trump just said.
So I'll begin by stating that I have full faith and support for America's great intelligence agencies.
Always have.
And I have felt very strongly that while Russia's actions had no impact at all on the outcome of the election, let me be totally clear in saying that, and I've said this many times, I accept our intelligence community's conclusion
That Russia's meddling in the 2016 election took place.
Could be other people also.
There's a lot of people out there.
There was no collusion at all.
And people have seen that, and they've seen that strongly.
The House has already come out very strongly on that.
A lot of people have come out strongly on that.
I thought that I made myself very clear by having just reviewed the transcript.
Now, I have to say, I came back and I said, what is going on?
What's the big deal?
So I got a transcript.
I reviewed it.
I actually went out and reviewed a clip of an answer that I gave.
And I realized that there is a need for some clarification.
It should have been obvious, I thought it would be obvious, but I would like to clarify just in case it wasn't.
In a key sentence in my remarks, I said the word would instead of wouldn't.
The sentence should have been, I don't see any reason why I wouldn't, or why it wouldn't be Russia, so...
Just to repeat it, I said the word would instead of wouldn't.
And the sentence should have been, and I thought it would be maybe a little bit unclear on the transcript or unclear on the actual video.
The sentence should have been, I don't see any reason why it wouldn't be Russia.
Sort of a double negative.
So you can put that in and I think that probably clarifies things pretty good by itself.
I have on numerous occasions noted our intelligence findings that Russians attempted to interfere in our elections.
Unlike previous administrations, my administration has and will continue to move aggressively to repeal any efforts and repel.
We will stop it.
We will repel it.
Alright, let's stop right there.
I think this will be blood in the water.
He went, he was nice.
We've been super tough on Russia with Trump.
Too tough buying into this neocon crap.
And I think this is blood in the water and they're just going to go more insane.
They're saying deep state him, 25th Amendment him, remove him, use the military against him.
These are the globalists that have had their boot on our neck for decades that have run the country into the ground.
Come out and say you're the traitors, you're the globalists, you're the enemy.
I should have met with Putin a year ago.
I meet with other world leaders.
You people are a joke.
But Fox News
You know, we have a compilation coming up at the start of the segment, then Paul takes over.
I'm going to play.
Fox News is like, the talking points, well, he jumped the shark.
It's over for him.
They've been trying to get rid of Trump day one, the Murdochs.
But when they lost half their ratings because of it.
About a year ago, they went back to liking Trump.
They're all a bunch of globalist scum, and all these other cowards.
And if America doesn't want to return, doesn't want our economy back, and wants to be under globalist stuff, then hell, let's get rid of Trump!
Hell, let's put Hillary and Pelosi in, bankrupt everything, and be Venezuela, and not even have sewage, or lighting, and just have feces flowing down the streets like San Francisco.
Let's do it.
Let's all be blue state, and just slit our wrists then.
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Trans-dimensionally over the space-time continuum through full space-time.
Where people are extremely lazy, the social engineers are there laughing.
What we envisioned 100 years ago, 20 years ago, is now already out.
While the society unravels, men run around totally frantic, not knowing how to be men, and women run around frantic, not knowing how to be women, and they don't understand that it's an animating contest of life, and that it's fulfilling to be informed, it's fulfilling to be involved, it's fulfilling.
Tomorrow's news, today.
Well, I could have never imagined 20-something years ago getting on air that we'd have congressional hearings saying, ban me off the air, misrepresenting what I'm saying, congressional hearings saying, ban Paul Watson just a few months ago, congressmen saying, military, take Trump out, he's a Russian agent, when Hillary was in bed with Russia.
But I want to play a compilation as we hand the baton to Paul Watson of Democrats and Republicans throwing Trump under the bus and misrepresenting what happened in that press conference yesterday, and I've got to tell you,
I think Trump coming out and clarifying will be blood in the water.
I mean, how dare a president meet with a Russian leader?
My God.
And these are the same globalists selling out our sovereignty, the same ones opening our borders, and then they turn around and us, the patriots, instead of the bad guys.
Paul Watson takes over in a minute and a half, but first, here's this compilation.
First of all, I just have to say, I'm sick to my stomach.
I'm really feeling nauseous.
Stunned, gobsmacked.
We're hearing words like, I feel sick, this is frightening.
Oh, you're such American patriots.
They care so much.
Genuinely stunning.
What is going on?
Just astonishing.
It is astonishing, it's heartbreaking, and it represents, I think... Is it a talking point?
Oh my gosh, it's so horrible.
Says the Vanderbilt.
Jimmy Shuddup, Josh Campbell, I appreciate you both being with us on what has been, uh, really a difficult day, uh, for, uh, for, uh, for- This is where they turn the pro-American guy into the anti-American guy.
He didn't even meet his own low bar for not screwing this up.
I mean, it is an absolute disgrace.
It's a parody of a disgrace.
This entire week of President Trump abroad has made Hillary Clinton seem, uh, all the more prescient.
Oh, she's such an angel.
Here's the good news.
These scumbag Democrat globalists are done.
They can destroy Trump, destroy me, whatever.
They're never putting Dumpty back together again.
Paul Joseph Watson taking over from London, England.
Thanks, Alex.
Yeah, just an illustration of the sheer level of histrionics and hyperbole with this Russian neo-McCarthyism today.
There was a writer for Mike.com, which is a big left-wing website, a headline, Fake News Mike's Emily Singer Detects Alleged Russian Spy in the Oval Office.
Literally, she had a fever dream that there was a Russian spy lurking in the background of an official White House photograph.
from the Oval Office, and of course she got it completely wrong.
This is an illustration of the atmosphere that creates these kind of fever dreams amidst this Russian collusion delusion.
As Emily Singer, a senior political reporter for Mike.com, set off a mini red scare Tuesday morning by suggesting a White House staffer pictured in the Oval Office was actually an alleged Russian spy, then scrubbed the quickly debunked claim from her verified Twitter account.
So this is actually a picture from May 10th, 2017.
Wasn't even a new picture.
Over a year old.
Showing then-Ambassador to the US Sergei Kislyak and Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov seen in a New York Times story covering that meeting and zeroed in on a red-headed woman in the door of the Oval Office.
She said on Twitter,
I thought this was a Photoshop, but it's not.
This is Maria Bettina arrested for being a Russian spy in the Oval Office with Trump.
She's literally going back over a year to White House photographs from a meeting that occurred over a year ago and having fever dreams about Russian spies in the Oval Office, tweeting it.
She attached the photo to the tweet.
But she soon expressed doubt over whether she correctly identified Bettina in the photo, conceding that it may be Kari Lutkin's a member of the White House National Security Council.
I may delete this tweet, Singer told her 20,000 Twitter followers.
Now Dan, no doubt this was shared feverishly around the blue checkmarks on Twitter before she did delete it.
Lachlan Markay of the far-left Daily Beast said that former White House staffer also suggested the picture showed Lutkens saying that her haul includes logistics for events like Labros' visit.
So she then deleted the tweet.
Tweeting, I've deleted the tweet.
I cannot confirm that it's Bettina and maybe an NSC staffer.
So even with the correction when she deleted the tweet, oh, so we can't confirm this.
No, it's a White House staffer in a year plus old photo from the Oval Office.
And she comes out and tweets, oh, we can't confirm it.
Maybe it is a Russian spy.
But Paul, that's just like them saying that he took the bust of Martin Luther King out or didn't visit Scalise.
They know it's a lie.
They know it's a fraud.
Meanwhile, they're the globalists that hate America and hate nation states and hate Brexit and are the ones trying to take us over for foreign powers.
And then Trump's clearly trying to restore America.
This is so crystal clear.
Why do you think?