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Name: 20180622_Fri_Alex
Air Date: June 22, 2018
3442 lines.

In his show, Alex Jones discusses various topics including fake news about US government's treatment of migrants at the border, criticism of the Democratic party, and encouragement to spread information from InfoWars. He also talks about turmeric supplements, FDA regulation, effects of Atrazine on frogs and mammals, Infowars Life products, immigration policies, credibility of mainstream media outlets like CNN, Plato's writings, ultra-old age of the planet, existence of evil and good, population control theories, honesty in politics, boxing challenge to Donny Deutch, InfoWars Life products, leftist propaganda, Disease X, water filtration, corruption, need for Donald Trump to run for a second term, migrant crisis, liberal violence in Hollywood, Maoist plan of projecting power through colleges and other institutions, state of cities like Detroit and Chicago, IG report on FBI conduct during the 2016 election, FBI being corrupt from top to bottom, InfoWars Life Select Storable Food, Prebiotic Fiber by InfoWars Life, comparison of political climate to Joe McCarthy's era, support for President Donald Trump among Never Trumpers, and the influence of the deep state on democracies.

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Fear is the passion of slaves, and this man knows no fear.
He is Alex Jones.
You know...
They produced that line without asking about a year ago, and it's in the computer, and they run it, and I don't like it.
So I might even do the show today, because there's just something about that false start of that that I've got to address.
It becomes a pet peeve.
It's almost like sonic water torture, something that happens over and over and over and over and over again that I can't change.
I can't stop it.
I guess I could burn the computer up in there, throw it out a window, throw it off a cliff,
No, I do know fear.
Fear of the globalists winning.
Fear of them running our lives.
Fear of their endgame plan succeeding.
I think the person that wrote that line is no longer here.
What type of egomaniac would run a promo liner like that?
I'm going to control myself now.
I'm going to take a break.
Because it's 50 times I've asked that it be taken off.
lot of really important stuff to cover today.
I'm gonna do the very very best job I can here on air to break it all down today.
Let's let's hear a report and then I'm gonna try to come back on the other side of this break.
Let's air Instant Karma, at least part of it, the time we have.
From Darren McBrain, Liberals, Instant Karma, here it is.
That line of officers is in decline.
You just saw one of the protesters go up there and actually take a can of that.
They're kicking the pepper spray back.
The guy tries to steal a Trump sign from his neighbor's lawn.
Watch this.
Alright, so there's no sound.
You can see the guy running on the lawn, trying to steal the sign.
Gets buzzed.
You get electrocuted when you touch the sign.
The homeowner of Washington State was sick of thieves stealing his sign, so he booty-trapped it.
His neighbor now being charged with trespassing.
This is kind of serves him right, though.
Look at that!
Good night.
Yep, goodbye.
What are you doing?
What's up?
What's up?
You're gonna pepper spray a man that looks like he's about 6'4", 250?
Yeah, good luck!
They blocked traffic on a major interstate.
You guys ain't stopping the government!
You guys are stopping people from getting home from work!
You guys are freaking idiots!
What the f*** are you doing again?
I'm not a Nazi.
What are you doing, man?
You got a problem?
I'm standing here.
I don't want to fight, man.
I don't want to fight.
I don't want to fight, man.
He attacked.
This is self-defense.
This is self-defense.
This is self-defense.
This is self-defense.
This is self-defense.
This is self-defense.
This is self-defense.
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Live from Austin, Texas, broadcasting worldwide, it's Alex Jones.
I am completely overwhelmed right now.
Like Robby the Robot, when he gets too much information, he says, cannot compute.
I've got information so heavy on so many fronts that I feel like I just can't do it justice.
You ever have that feeling when you're trying to describe something?
And it's the quickening of it too.
The accelerated, bizarre, mega-level lying of corporate weaponized terror media.
And how the left and mainstream corporate media are trying to cause a civil war, in their own words, and are trying to terrorize the public, and are the biggest premeditated liars the planet has ever seen.
And then I've got other information hiding in plain view.
And I've talked to a bunch of people high up, and we have Trump's plan for the country and the fact that he is currently not going to run for re-election and was never intending to run for re-election.
He wants to turn the country around, get a whole bunch of peace deals,
And then right off in the sunset, even George Washington served two terms and didn't do that.
It's genius.
And his goal, you know how Trump is obsessed with finishing buildings under budget and ahead of schedule.
He's OCD about fixing things.
And about things working really well.
And you can see, since he became president, this incredible maverick,
The way he got in, everything, and the way he's turned the country around, much of the world around, in just a year and a half.
And then the response by the evil corrupt forces because they were artificially keeping us in that state.
It's just epic.
And then it makes me very, very sad and upset for my fellow countrymen and women that so many of them have bought into the hype and are just acting like idiot babies who buy
Whatever lies they're told day to day and don't feel insulted when they learn they were lied to.
That's what's really crazy.
About all of this and... It really, really frustrates me.
Because... Trump really is good.
He really is telling the truth.
He really is pragmatically trying to fix things.
And I've known the Democrat leadership is bad news and corrupt, but just to see them doing it on a mass scale boggles the mind.
And then I saw Roger Stone, you know, a few weeks ago in the news and then when he's here saying he thinks Trump will probably only run for one term and that it's going to be Pence and Nikki Haley.
And then I talked to some high level people connected to Trump.
I'll just leave it at that.
And I ran it by him.
And they basically said, well, we're not going to talk about it.
But yeah, that's how he does things.
That's what we think he's planning.
And he's told people that his goal is to get out in four years.
Now, the re-election he's running is in case he has to stay in.
But it's just basically to lobby the country to get the policies in place that turn it around fully.
And then he'll just step back in the primaries.
Pence is in.
And the country's turned around.
And he just says,
Hope you enjoy your 5% growth rate, that's his goal, and just walks off.
And that's a fact!
And then it goes into his whole goal of turning it around super quick historically.
If he pulls this off, it'll be so historic, it'll be so good for humanity, and it'll also discredit collectivism, globalism, and MSM in an irrevocable way.
They're already irrevocably discredited, even if they derail what he's doing.
They're such nasty crooks.
And the president's so genuine, so hardworking, so real.
It's just crazy.
And then you compare him to Pelosi and all these, Schumer, and all, and Maxine Waters, and just the dysfunctional evil.
It just blows me away.
I mean, that's big news.
And I guarantee you, when Trump says he's not going to run for re-election,
If he thinks things are good enough to step out, and the plan's in place, the bigger plan, that the left go, oh look, we ran you out, oh look, you're a failure, during all the success.
They're like delusional children.
Or in Monty Python, the knight that says nyit, that wants the shrubbery, and it's got its arms and legs cut off, but it keeps attacking?
Saying it's merely a flesh wound?
I mean...
And they just go on like self-perpetuating motion machines off into the distance with their lies.
I mean, here's one of them, okay?
But how bombshell is that, that I actually asked around a lot of smart people, and they said, no, no, that's actually Trump's plan.
How heavy is that?
How good is that?
He doesn't want the power, he doesn't want his butt kissed, he wants to go play golf.
He likes to go see music shows.
He's disgusted by DC.
He's disgusted by the traitors.
He's disgusted by the dysfunctionalism.
And he even brings in groups to power share with him and says, here, Goldman Sachs, you'll make even more money than you ever did.
Just get off America's back.
And they're still after him because they've got a hard-on for the country.
The globalists hate America because they were hired by foreign multinationals to do it.
And you've got to hate your country if you're going to sell it out.
So it's a collection of them whose culture is really rooting against this nation.
And then there's this.
I looked at the footage a couple days ago and I said, that looks staged.
How the little girl, it's only photos, and you hear the crying dubbed over it.
And then they were like, how dare Alex Jones in the news?
There were news articles.
He says that she was a crisis actor.
I didn't say that.
I said, you got a little girl crying out in the dark of the desert.
What little kid wouldn't cry when they're four years old?
Again, my little daughter cries every day when I go to work.
She's 14 months old.
My wife walks out of the room, you know, she starts crying.
She's in that separation point.
They're like, oh, Jones claims she's a crisis actor.
No, I didn't say she's a crisis actor.
I said it looked staged.
And now we know.
The little boy had already drowned out there in the Mediterranean.
They took him and put him on the side of the shore.
That was staged.
That's admitted.
And guess what?
The cover of Time, all of it staged, and they knew it was staged.
It's got the article.
Breitbart's got it and it's now admitted.
The government's released the documents.
Fake news!
Crying child used by Time Magazine and CNN was never separated from her mother and sent to a family center.
Because they had IDs and could be checked.
Most of the people go to a family center.
The little kids, if they're not with an adult because their parents got killed, then they go.
And are separated from the adults because they don't know who they are.
And all of this comes out, but the gall, the will of the media to lie like this and to know it was fake, and it turns out that night the media, CNN, talked to the Border Patrol and they told them, no, they've been taken to a family center, they're united, because the Border Patrol's releasing all the information.
I mean, you think about evil, man.
CNN knew that night she wasn't separated.
And now they got caught.
There's another article on Infowars.com, we'll read all these when we come back.
New York Times mocked after video of unaccompanied migrant children appears to be grown men.
Well, they are grown men.
I mean, that's how desperate this is.
So, oh there's the children being separated and the New York Times goes, look at the babies!
They're alone without their mommies!
The average age looks about 25.
Where's their mommy?
Where's their mommy?
I mean, this isn't media, this is terrorist disinfo, criminal groups, allied with Communist China.
They hate Christians, they hate prosperity, and they're hired guns!
They are the true enemies of this country, as the President has said, and they are absolutely crazy!
They think you're a goldfish!
I've been betting on you my whole life!
I believe in you!
I don't think you're stupid!
One man ever raped a woman!
All genitals were cut off!
And we're kicking these traitors' asses politically!
And we're not backing down on her!
I want to kick these people!
We're winning!
I can feel the spirit rising!
Can't you?
We have broken their back!
Yes, I can feel it!
Let's go!
Come on!
Come on!
Come on!
Come on!
Come on!
Come on!
Come on!
Come on!
Come on!
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Come on!
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Come on!
Come on!
Come on!
Come on!
Come on!
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Come on!
Come on!
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Come on!
Come on!
Come on!
Come on!
Come on!
Come on!
Come on!
Come on!
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Western Europe has already banned free speech, and an iron curtain of censorship is descending down over the UK.
They're set to pass rules, not a law, that if you criticize Islam or gays, you'll get six months in prison.
We know we're only about a year or two behind what's happening in the UK.
CNN and many others are calling for InfoWars to be shut down, taken off the web.
Slate Magazine has a professor and others saying, go beyond censorship.
Brainwash young people against InfoWars.
Psychologically inoculate them with lies so they don't actually hear what we have to say.
We are the most hated news source in the world by globalists.
It is so critical that you go to Infowars.com forward slash newsletter and sign up for the free newsletter so we can be in contact with you and so the censors can't bully their way in and block us being able to engage in free open dialogue as a society.
That is critical to this fight.
We will prevail if you take action and I know you will.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones!
Ladies and gentlemen, think about the magnitude of the arrogance.
Think about the magnitude of the criminality.
Think about the...
It's a criminal intent to create civil war in this country, to create physical attacks on people that the Democrats have put out the call, along with their other globalist operatives, the former CIA director, pulling disinformation operations against the US population last weekend, saying Trump is like a Nazi, sending children to Auschwitz.
And then they show photos from 2014 when they didn't have the new centers they have, with the space blankets, with the people, segregated into chain-link rooms that you could call cages.
And now we have Time Magazine caught in another gigantic deception, along with CNN, who was there that night,
And then dubbed the audio of a girl crying over the photo of the little girl standing crying in the night when her mother just took her through the deadly scrub brush desert where over a hundred thousand people have died just on that border with Texas.
But in the inversion of reality world, Time Magazine has Trump lording over her.
Turns out
The articles are on Infowars.com.
Turns out the families talked to the media.
Turns out ICE has released the information.
She was never separated from her mother.
It was all a giant evil hoax.
But does that stop the media?
Oh no!
Donnie Douche on MSNBC, excuse me, Donnie Doish, Donnie Dodo Bird,
Is thugging out as usual.
He's always threatening people.
And he says Trump supporters are Nazis and they need to be targeted.
So they're going on the media saying target and attack people and shut down conservative speech.
And they send Antifa to places like Charlottesville to attack people.
And then when somebody gets killed, they sue me and blame me.
You're like, how does that happen?
Exactly, how does that happen?
Because it's about the PR, it's not about the lawsuit being real.
Fake news!
Crying child used by Time Magazine and CNN was never separated from her mother.
They are safer now than when they were making the journey to the border.
Boy, that puts it lightly.
The image of the crying child on the border that has been used by Time Magazine and CNN to push open border propaganda has been proved completely misleading given that the Honduran girl was never separated from her mother.
The two-year-old girl, Yanela, and her mother, Sandra, were detained in Texas after attempting to cross the Rio Grande River.
They were detained together and never separated.
I know now they are not in danger.
They are safe now than when they were making the journey to the border.
Dennis Javier Hernandez, the little girl's father, told the Daily Mail.
And there's photos of them all now together.
He added that the two were doing fine, but that it was irresponsible of her to take the baby with her in her arms because we don't know what could happen.
Yeah, the father's like, yeah, don't run off into the desert with the baby.
That's a good idea.
But, oh, see, it's Trump's fault.
Despite the fact that the mother and daughter were never separated, the image has become a poster child for bashing the Trump administration.
Zero tolerance, border policy, and highlighting the heartlessness of separating children from their parents.
Time Magazine released its latest cover yesterday with an image of Trump looking down on a crying child alongside the words, welcome to America.
And then it goes on documenting the fact that it's all fake.
And there's other articles from Breitbart with I statements, you name it.
But don't stop there.
The New York Times thinks you're so dumb.
They run footage of full-grown men being detained because they can't find any footage of children.
And there's like, look at these poor children without their mommies.
It actually says it, without their mommies.
A few of those guys look like they might be 16.
A couple of them are 25 years old.
Nobody's younger than 16 there.
But, why not?
Why not show old people on walkers and say, here are the babies left by their mommies.
Why, the stork just dropped these people off.
That's up on Infowars.com.
So, New York Times mocked, but it gets better.
Venezuela now has no rule of law.
Reuters is reporting that it basically has totally collapsed.
Thousands are starting to death a week now, but they passed a law saying you can't call starvation, and millions are on their way north.
I'm sure that'll be my fault, too, and your fault.
Because us gringos are so evil, everybody's killing themselves to get up here around all the evil gringos.
Here's the bad news.
Gringos are all dying off.
Gringos will be 30% of the population in just 20 years.
We're half the population now.
The jobs of the Hispanics that are the future of America will be taking care of the old white people.
And then vice versa after that.
But it doesn't matter.
The Democratic Party wants to inoculate you with total racism and total brainwashing.
And that leads me now to Mr. Deutsch, MSNBC analyst, saying we're all Hitler now.
That's right!
All of us need to be attacked because we're all helping Hitler.
We're all Nazis for separating children when it was going back to 1630 in quarantine at Ellis Island.
Right through to today.
But instead of six months, it's two days on average.
And then, that's in rarer cases, because 70, no, 83 percent, according to the president, of the children coming in don't even have parents with them.
And in many cases, they were killed in Mexico by the smugglers, by the coyotes, by the banditos.
But that doesn't matter!
Just put a fake, you know, story out and feel all good about yourself.
And you just watch the thuggishness of MSM.
I mean, how far will they go?
When will they stop?
Because they had America under their control, and their religion is dominating and destroying this country.
Read the WikiLeaks.
Read their own statements.
Hell, listen to Bill Maher.
Wants to make you poor.
Wants a depression.
These are jerks!
Thank God a sane person's in there, like Trump, trying to stop them.
Thank you, Jesus, for delivering us with the prayers.
Let's go to Deutsch.
What has to happen now, this can no longer be about who Trump is.
It has to be about who we are.
If we are working towards November, we can no longer say Trump's the bad guy.
If you vote for Trump, you're the bad guy.
If you vote for Trump, you are ripping children from parents' arms.
The mistake that
What we've made in the past is look at that bad guy over there, look at that bad guy.
What the Democrats have to do is make the next election a referendum on not who Trump is, but who you are.
If you vote for Trump, then you, the voter, you not Donald Trump, are standing at the border like Nazis, going you here, you here.
And I think we now have to flip it, and it's a given the evilness of Donald Trump.
You've already been bullying us, you've already been attacking us.
Yeah, you guys have already been saying rape, baron, trump, kidnap, and we get it.
You're a thug!
You're a thug!
I think somebody's gonna check you!
Patrick, in the great nation of Australia, you're on the air worldwide.
Thanks for holding.
Hey Alex, mate.
I've been following you since I was 14, and I'm 32 now.
I remember back when InfoWars and Prison Planet, it was just blue text on a white screen, and I had to load down the page on my dial-up internet, and I thought it was pretty cool, and read all the books, and seen all the DVDs, and followed all your guests.
And I've been using your product since the first iteration of Survival Shield.
And since then, I'm on the X2, the Super Male Vitality, the Caveman, the Real Red Pill, Micro ZX Body.
It's all amazing.
Thank you, brother.
Yeah, and I wanted to say that by following you so much, it's like you're just detoxing the mind, you're detoxing the body, you're detoxing the spirit.
And it's just the more you know God, the more you fear God, but the more you chase God.
And I wanted to say that it's an honor to stand side by side
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You're listening to The Alex Jones Show.
Waging war on corruption.
It's Alex Jones coming to you live from the front lines of the InfoWar.
Okay, yesterday I dropped the ball and I apologize.
But I intend to open the phones up throughout the next two and a half plus hours that we have left of my main broadcast on this Friday and to take your calls.
First-time callers, long-time callers, all I ask is that you have a good clean telephone so I can hear you.
And that you be on the specific topics that we're laying out here.
Trump really is planning to not run for re-election.
But his campaign to turn the country around is a thousand percent real.
It's just that his goal is to get so much done
That he sets the country back on the right track and then pulls back.
That's the classiest thing you could ever do.
And I'm going to talk about that more later in the broadcast than I did earlier, but I first heard that from Roger Stone and then it clicked.
That's exactly how Trump operates.
And I talked to some other folks and they said, that's the working goal.
And so that cuts into the whole theory that Pence wants to try to, you know, get in there or run after in 2024.
No, he's being readied.
I mean, this is just so 21st century stuff here.
An executive comes in, turns the company around, pulls out.
The second term's never as good as the first, even if you have a good president.
This is real executive action.
I'm just going to leave it at that, that I've talked to a lot of high-level people.
I talked to some folks a couple days ago, and I made some more phone calls yesterday.
And I'm going to stop right there.
There's a lot of delicate points to this that I probably shouldn't get into, but just the mere fact that I'm telling you that this is really the working model, it's not just something that Roger Stone thinks, knowing the President.
It's really the working plan.
How classy is that?
And the President's totally pragmatic.
He'll work with anybody.
He's just not here to destroy the country.
It's very sick that the globalists have done everything they can to shell this country out to their own enrichment.
And I've got stacks of news here today where the Communist Chinese are being rolled up at 50 U.S.
They've been caught running, many of them.
Well, yeah, we've been wide open.
And that's why Hillary and all them are so scared.
Because they're trying to remove these guys and have them just go away.
In a peaceful way?
But they're going to be removed one way or the other.
But they just don't know how to quit.
So it's going to make it a lot worse for them.
Now, you probably notice, you always hear about stuff here first, because truth is so outlandish, other people who are libertarians or conservatives don't want to say it,
Because everybody was preconditioned that none of this globalism was going on for decades.
So there's still like this thing of it's not polite to talk about it.
Or you might get attacked.
So it's recognized that my job is to hit the barbed wire.
And I've been told just yesterday to continue exactly what I'm doing.
Well, I'd do that anyways.
But I've been
Told again, you are on target.
This is an operation of anybody that wants to turn the country around, you can join it.
And all of you globalists that side with Hollywood, and the EU, the unelected EU, and the chi-coms, and all you, shame on you.
Shame on you.
I mean, we have been totally, basically taken over, and at the eleventh hour, a desperate group of patriots, already awakened through the American people, came together and we put somebody in who wanted to turn it around and had the courage.
Who is on a kamikaze mission to carry this out and to try to get out of there as quick as possible.
This is the opposite of those governmental sycophants.
Trump can't stand D.C.
He can't stand all of this.
He wants to retire.
But he's sentimental and will not watch the country torn into pieces.
And the military pissed all over.
And the veterans drugged to the mud.
And just why?
He's like, why?
It's a beautiful big country.
We could dominate the whole world with soft power.
Why do you want to piss all over it?
Because they hate the country because they're our enemies.
And that's what he says now.
And for the president, it's been an awakening.
He knew a lot of this.
And his dad always told him this?
But once he became president and learned all the secrets, it was worse than he knew.
And he's like, you gotta be kidding.
We've got all these high-tech space weapons and platforms, and we're not gonna tell everybody?
We've got cures for cancer, we're not gonna tell everybody?
Because you watch, that's the next stuff he's going to start bringing out.
And they are so pissed.
Because that's all supposed to be the globalists, and theirs, and they dole it out to who they want.
And then I see all of you that don't want to get on board with this.
I feel sorry for you.
And now you got Donny Deutch saying, get in Trump voters' faces.
They're Nazis.
They're trying to cause a civil war.
Meanwhile, you guys are literally funded by a known Nazi collaborator who helped round up thousands of Jews and send them to their deaths, and then you tell us we're Nazis?
Uh, no, we're the Americans!
HE served Hitler.
Not me.
Not my grandfathers.
Not my country.
Not my country.
And I am sick of MSNBC and everybody thinking that we're so weak-minded that you tell us we're Nazis and we go, please don't do that!
You people are the closest things to the Nazis.
The EU.
It's all backing you up.
Juncker is the heir to the Nazi fortune.
But see, I have the disease of information.
I'm actually informed.
So when I see these liars, it makes me mad.
The toll-free number to join us is 877-789-ALEX.
What do you think about the hoax of CNN coming out?
Time, and knowing that girl was taken to an immigrant family living center that night, and that they had actually talked to them and knew where it was going.
They're like, no, we're not separating them.
We're going to the family center.
This is where it's at.
And the family's up there days later.
Everything's going on.
The father says, I can't believe she ran off with my daughter to the U.S.
This is so dangerous.
Why'd she do that?
Why'd she run to the desert?
He's apologizing to America?
Yeah, because that's a normal person who isn't completely crazy.
We didn't do anything but save a mother who's crazy!
And her sweet little daughter!
But that's our fault!
See, we're the Nazis, remember?
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It was about 25 years ago that I began to read publicly available books that had been written for the State Department and for the CIA by top professors at Georgetown, Harvard, and Yale.
So that the CIA and other agencies could understand the complex political system they were building.
And in short, it was going to be called a technocracy.
But it was going to fund communism and socialism and fascism.
But really what it was, was crony capitalism.
So decades later, after fighting against this, humanity is somewhat awake to the threat.
But at the same time, despite all our successes, changing this paradigm really is an inside job.
It's up to us personally.
So, I don't feel sorry for myself being demonized by mainstream media and being attacked and the globalists filing frivolous lawsuits.
I expected that to happen.
This is 21st century warfare.
I just wanna make sure that you, the listeners, and you, the viewers, many of you already understand this, so I'm not patronizing those of you that are already awake, but I wanna make sure all of you realize this isn't just some more entertainment.
This isn't just some other talking head.
The reason they hate what we cover is because I and others have researched what they actually are planning, and it is nightmarish, it is authoritarian, it is eugenics-based, it is anti-human.
And we've already come so far together
Then I know that if each and every one of you will just go research these issues for yourself, you will find out how real it is and understand it's not your duty.
It is your basic survival to stand up against this anti-human onslaught.
If you go back into history, it was 3% that volunteered for the Revolutionary War back in 1776.
But if you look at the InfoWars audience, it's maybe 10% of the United States, another 10% or so worldwide.
That's a conservative estimate.
But we have 50, 60, 70 million people listening.
We have more than that that have tuned in over the years.
The point is, is that if you look at that, that's less than 3% of the world population.
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Thank you so much for being part of the Second American Revolution.
You're listening to The Alex Jones Show.
Live from Austin, Texas, broadcasting worldwide, it's Alex Jones.
We are back live on this Friday.
Global Transmission 877-789-ALEX is the number.
Getting your calls queued up.
We have a member of the European Union Parliament joining us, who's been on before, who's been valiantly fighting against the draconian actions of the EU permanent bureaucracy that's over the Parliament.
And is engaging in all sorts of criminal activity, trying to keep the UK in Brexit, despite the fact that they voted to pull out.
And she's fighting the passage of Article 13 and 11 that passed committee two days ago.
And that even liberal publications like Wired say, breaks the internet, ends the internet.
So we're in a global war with the EU and the globalists.
I mean, they are really trying to shut things down.
That's all coming up.
And your phone call.
She's on for two segments.
Now, House Republicans threaten DOJ, FBI officials with contempt in document fight.
Rosenstein, what did we say in January of last year?
Find out about those FISA warrants and how they were illegally obtained and you bring them down.
Now you notice that's the top story in the country.
Because we know our stuff.
And I just keep pointing that out.
Policy wonks, governments, foreign governments, intelligence agencies, the White House.
Pentagon, the CIA, the Trump re-election campaign, which is just a plan B if they can't turn the country around completely by the next year and a half or so.
They listen because this is the only place you tune in where you're gonna get the real dope.
And I keep explaining that to people.
That's why Soros or somebody listens, they're horrified.
They reportedly told people I've talked to, it's like, yeah, you know, does Jones have intelligence agencies telling them all this?
How does he know it all?
Because I've been studying you guys forever!
I know your moves!
And I just want the listeners to understand, we know what we're talking about here.
I said that photo and the dubbed-in audio looked fake to me, and it turns out the whole thing was fake.
A little girl went to a family center and stayed with her mother.
But the Democrats are now saying that's Nazi.
Just don't even stop people, period?
Just have no border?
We're all Nazis?
That doesn't even make sense, does it?
But that's the point these people have gotten to.
And we know what's in the Rosenstein memos.
We know it's in the FISA court warrants.
They say they have proof.
That Trump has been paid by Russians, and they lied to get the information.
The FISA Court put a memo out last year saying we were lied to three times for warrants.
They've already tried to cover their butts.
So that later when this all comes out, oh, well look, we didn't know, the court says, we were just lied to.
But it's bigger than that.
Because there's then notes going back to POTUS, and that would be Barack Hussein Obama.
Barack Hussein Obama.
If they release all the files that DOJ has, that Congress has total oversight right to see, it doesn't expose intelligence, doesn't hurt national security, unless you're a globalist that sees national security being them staying in charge.
Arrogant Obama, arrogant Comey, arrogant Mueller, all of them, arrogant Strzok, arrogant McCabe, and their wives and people at Fusion GPS, and a half million dollars from Hillary to McCabe.
I mean, this is criminal on its face.
And Obama telling ABC News and the world he never had anything to do with Hillary's server.
And he's all in her server using a codename.
Heard the codename's Frank Marshall Davis, his dad's name.
I'm being sarcastic.
That'd be a funny tweet, though.
That is his dad.
The whole Kenya thing got inserted in the fake.
Documents and stuff and his wife saying he was from Kenya and you know him saying at the Harvard Review that he was the editor of the Law Journal that he was born in Kenya.
That was all his earlier story.
He's such a liar.
We finally found out his dad was one of the leaders of the Communist Party, the leader in Hawaii and a famous pornographer.
And there's videos and photos of his mom in lesbian sex scenes with Betty Page style actresses.
It's pretty tasteful stuff actually.
The point is, is that we now know who he is.
He's got a rock and roll past, let me tell you.
Barack Hussein Obama more than meets the eye.
Obama had direct contact with Clinton on private email server IG Report.
Running the whole big fat stinking ball game, weren't they?
We're not going to let him get elected.
We're not going to let him get the White House.
We've got an insurance policy.
We're going to stop him.
I just briefed President Clinton.
President Clinton.
You know she was known in Obama's cabinet as the co-president.
That was their deal.
That woman was co-governor.
For what, three terms?
Then she was co-president for two terms.
And now she was co-president for two more.
She's been in the White House for four terms.
And she wanted a fifth and a sixth if she could get it.
Like Matt Drudge said, they'd have her brain in a jar up there.
They won't let me die, they won't let me go.
It's such a joke to them.
So she can run us in the ground more and sell us out to the chi-coms.
This is a woman out of college.
She got her law degree.
She got thrown off the Watergate Committee for falsifying evidence.
And then she went and her first job was representing child rapists and child kidnappers.
She chose to go into that.
Why would you do that?
Because you're letting the world of that type of stuff know.
She would represent rich men.
She was letting him know, hey, I'll paddle around, I'll drink whiskey, I'll smoke cigars, I'll pick up chicks with you, and I like hurting people too.
You know, there's audiotapes of her laughing.
I knew he really raped her.
I knew they raped her.
Which made me not believe in polygraphs anymore because he passed it.
I mean, he told me he raped her.
Want to sign on to that?
I'm not signing on to that.
Put a gun to my head.
I'm not signing on to that.
Chose to represent pedophiles and rapists of children specifically.
That was her specialty.
And of course she's into Aleister Crowley rituals.
Of course it came out in the news she does all this witchcraft.
She told Larry Nichols, she said, I worship the devil.
And she told Libya.
Let's hear some of her laughing real quick.
Go ahead and turn this up.
It's not a laughing matter.
I take it really seriously.
And this is who the Democrats worship and love.
And then it's about Bill Clinton.
And he's got all the rape stuff in Lolita Express, and Epstein, and Weinstein, and sex cults, and torture cults, and devil cults, and cults where the women are all anorexic and brainwashed into their slaves.
But she cares about a woman, a woman, a woman, a woman, a woman, a woman, a woman.
She made her bones, didn't she?
Helping women.
Because the next best thing to hurting babies is hurting women.
You get high marks with Beelzebub for that.
We came, we saw, we died.
We're gonna break your will, Hillary.
We already have.
We came,
And he died.
It's called karmic enforcement, witch.
Vengeance belongs to God.
God sends instruments of vengeance.
And you know the instrument of your destruction, don't you, witch?
Yes, demon, I see you.
Get her off.
She will pay, and is already paying.
Now... Oh, see, I don't take on women and children.
I take on devil worshippers and those that abuse women and children.
And then you'd say, oh, I'm a woman, and I'd say, whoever says you was one... You're just a woman's body a demon's wearing, like a sheet.
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Let's talk to Victor in Florida.
Victor, you're calling.
Go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
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If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
I believe that we are the enemy of the American people, and that is really, really an awful situation.
We are not the enemy of the American people.
We love the American people.
We are not the enemy of the American people.
We love the American people.
We love the American people.
We love the American people.
We are not the enemy of the American people.
We love the American people.
This is CNN.
And this is InfoWars.
If you are receiving this transmission, you are resistance.
All right.
We have a guest joining us for two segments.
Coming up here in about four minutes, and then I am going directly to Johnny, Chris, Gregory, James, Mike, Julian, Jeff, Gay Frog, and others.
And you know, it used to, I would always just go from the top to the bottom.
Oh, your newest, or oldest to newest caller.
And then I was really like picking this caller or that caller on topics.
But I think today I'm just going to go top down.
Johnny, Chris, Gregory, Dushaw,
My eyes are not 2015 anymore.
I need to get a bigger screen over there.
James, Mike, Julian, Jeff, Gay Frog, and others.
And I'm going to go bam, bam, bam though.
Bam, bam, bam.
In the spirit of that, let's just go ahead and get one in here right now.
Let's talk to Johnny in Ontario, Canada.
Go ahead, Johnny.
Hey my friend, how are you?
I'm alright.
That reminds me of Johnny B. Goode.
I think we got that in the player.
Well, I gotta say Johnny, bravo.
But I gotta say one sidebar for you really quick.
That X2, I had a massive cut on the back of my hand from a saw last week, and I didn't have any iodine, so I used that, and the thing is knitting up great.
I don't know, it's not a doctor's ointment, but there's no infection or anything.
Well, real pure iodine, no one ever decided to actually find it or put it out like we did.
It's very hard to get at a deep-earth crystal source.
It's a building block of the body, and the globalists know that.
So again, they target us with all the bad halogens, and then don't want us to know about the good halogen.
It really is the missing link.
Yeah, as far as the girl goes crying for her mommy, that was all friggin' political theater.
Crudope, the golden boy up here, he won an election by it, and uh...
I'm just disgusted with them.
Hey, I'm a vet and I've served with American soldiers.
A friend of mine is an American soldier trying to get a
If you're an honorably discharged member of the military, sir, they have the Office of Personnel Management, the Chinese do.
They have a whole spy base at UT.
It's run by the Chinese Communist Intelligence Agencies.
That's even in the news.
And they have the Office of Personnel Management data files.
And then they run it through that.
And if you are a patriot or a nationalist, you don't get a job.
Think of the level of the sabotage we're under.
I've been there all the way, buddy.
You take care.
Have a good weekend.
I'm serious.
I really appreciate you, Johnny.
Alright, we got the Member of Parliament on with incredibly important information for two segments, and then...
I'm going to your phone calls.
I've been a good boy.
I just went to one.
So I want to hear what you have to say.
By the way, it's in mainstream news today that they caught the Communist Chinese taking over 50 U.S.
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Waging war on corruption.
It's Alex Jones, coming to you live from the front lines of the InfoWar.
Can you believe
That just what we thought.
The little girl, it was all staged.
Dubbed over crying.
Her mother came from Central America.
The father is mad at her.
Saying, oh my god, she risked our baby's life.
This is crazy.
Thank you, USA, for saving her.
That's the thing about some of these immigrants themselves.
They're really nice people.
And they're common sense.
They're not blaming America.
It's our media doing it.
And it turns out it's all fake.
She's at the migrant center with her mother and was never separated.
The family's gone public to the Daily Mail.
Now they're giving the ICE permission to come out and make statements.
This is going to really blow up in their face.
And I think President Trump should invite the mother and the father, fly him here, and the baby girl up and have a discussion about the collapsing stuff going on in the country they came out of.
and why they're doing this and and and and you know we want to try to help you but we can't encourage more of this this is dangerous and so you were in the center you were never taken from your mommy and then CNN comes out and the New York Times comes out and they're now running video of military-age men being put in vans that come across the border saying look at the babies they don't have their mommies
The leap it takes for them to think you're so dumb, that I'm so dumb, that they would show guys that look like they're ages 25 to 16 and go, look, this group of boys without their mommies.
It's like if you put a crocodile on screen and say it's a giraffe.
Just because you put it on screen, little babies without their mommies.
So desperate for propaganda.
And you know, there's nobody more awake than Hispanic Americans on the border.
You go down there, they're like, are you kidding?
We need more people down here.
This is dangerous.
It's a few miles over there.
Death, destruction.
It's pouring over.
We need help.
What do you mean?
Just let people walk over here.
We're going to become Mexico.
We have our guest.
Work on that.
We're getting our guests lined up via Skype from Europe.
EU Parliament Chair cuts off Janice Atkinson, who is a shining example of the whole Brexit party that's spreading across Europe.
And she got cut off during her parliamentary speech, saying you're going too fast.
This is how they're trying to keep people from having their speech.
And the same EU system, the unelected bureaucracy that's on top of it,
Is telling them that they're going to now try to pass, next month, Article 13 and Article 11 that we're going to be going over for you, that details the end of the internet as we know it.
And that's even leftist tech publications say that.
I mean, it's not just banning memes.
It's unbelievable.
So that's all coming up.
But first, let's play a clip.
EU Parliament chair cuts her off, cuts her mic off.
Romanian MEP tells her, go home.
And then we have a nasty verbal exchange with her and the leader of the UK Conservatives about Tommy Robinson.
Let's play both of those.
The fireworks are heating up.
Month after month.
Trump and Kim that celebrate it.
Austria, Italy, Hungary, Poland, Slovenia.
We're all moving on.
Your regime has become more and more irrelevant.
In London on Saturday, 20,000 people attended a rally to free political prisoner Tommy Robinson.
And those 20,000 people supported Brexit.
In May, another 10,000 people marched in support of free speech.
They, too, support Brexit.
17.4 million people voted for Brexit.
They still support Brexit.
The majority of the people want the government to get on with Brexit.
You people entertain UK Ramoners.
The modern-day devil, George Soros, a foreigner kicked out of his own country.
An open borders billionaire who openly fights democracy.
He openly pays MEPs to dance to his tune.
You're all suffering from DDD.
Democracy Deficit Disorder.
And that's why we're marching again in London on the 23rd of June.
We want our country back.
Don't cut me off!
It's one minute to now.
No, you're going too fast.
No, you're going... Could I just ask...
Can you listen, because I think we both speak English, so we can be very clear.
What I was trying to do was help you communicate.
You are going far too fast for the interpreter.
Yeah, but do you know I'm not speaking to all of them in here.
I'm speaking to the UK.
I'm speaking to Mrs. May.
I wasn't sent here to talk to any of you.
I was sent here to defend the British people!
Can I just... Colleagues, please.
Please, just a little bit of quiet, please.
You understand English.
English is the language of the world.
English is the language of this parliament.
She cuts her off.
Okay, let's calm down.
Let's calm down.
Let's calm down.
Can I ask you, madam, to sit down with respect?
And could I just say to you, as somebody who speaks very clear English, in this chamber, we are all elected by citizens.
And the one remark that I had some concern about was your opening line where you said, you lot.
Because as far as I'm concerned, we are all elected by citizens to represent our citizens many points of view.
Cuts her mic off so she can take her time.
And then say, no, the EU didn't lose when England voted to leave.
And again, that's the ceremonial parliament.
They have the bureaucracy above it.
And it runs it.
So, this is how they want to silence everybody.
This is emblematic of it.
Here it is.
...your contribution.
Mr. Wolf, one minute please.
Thank you.
Thank you very much.
It seems that you, Mrs. Atkinson, as well, you are speaking only to UK, to Mrs. May, and to the British people.
Why are you here within the European Parliament?
You should have to go home to speak, because here you speak to the Europeans.
Back us up for a second.
This is so incredible.
You've got this Romanian member of Parliament.
Saying, you need to go home, you need to get out of here if you don't want to address us.
So they do this little bureaucratic leftist nudge, where they go, oh, you're speaking too fast.
She's not speaking fast, on a regular cadence.
You're going too quick for the interpreter.
Then they cut her off, dress her down, then another guy jumps in.
Oh, let me jump in and bully the lady.
We don't have uppity ladies around here.
Why don't you go home?
Why don't you go?
She's trying to get out of the EU.
That's what she just said.
We want to leave.
You're a corrupt thing.
We don't want to be part of it.
We pulled out.
Follow our vote.
He's like, you do not want to be with us.
You go.
We run you.
We tell you what to do.
We open you up to Islam.
But then you do what we say now.
Let's finish up with it.
Just unbelievable.
Here it is.
Speaking only to UK, to Mrs. May and to the British people.
Why are you here within the European Parliament?
You should have to go home to speak.
Because here you speak to the Europeans, you speak to all the European Union countries and people.
Why don't you go home?
Probably it might be time.
Thank you.
Well thank you.
I will be going home at the end of March in 2019 thanks to the 17.4 million people that decided Brexit was a brighter future for Britain outside of the European Union.
But I also do speak for those people up there who understand that there is a class war going on in Europe as well.
A class war that is seeking to deny those who have been voted in in Poland and Hungary
...in Slovenia, those people who have voted for those in Germany in the AFD, for those in Holland, those in France, those who seek a different future for Europe, not a ...orientated future.
...and many MEPs in this chamber support... And then they cut his mic off.
We're going to break here.
We've got our guest Janice Atkinson on with us.
But just the 40 seconds we have, is the irony not lost on them that you're trying to leave them and they're telling you shut up and go home?
Yeah, but do you know, Alex, that was a Romanian MEP and he's a socialist as well.
I shouted across the chamber, why don't you take back the 50,000 Romanians that have been invading my country for the past few years?
We've had 50,000 arrive ever since we allowed them to exceed the European Union.
So for four years, we've got about 200,000 of them leaving my country.
And most of them, 90% of them, are committed
All right, we'll be back on the other side with Janice Atkinson.
I'm Alex Jones, InfoWars.com, NewsWars.com.
Spread those live links.
Soros is getting run out of Europe.
It's a beautiful thing.
We're winning.
It was early on in the Revolutionary War, when the U.S.
Navy had less than ten major surface ships, that John Paul Jones, the father of the U.S.
Navy, while engaging a British ship three times the size of his, said, I've only begun to fight.
And that's when the ship was sinking and was on fire.
But he didn't give up.
And he won.
That's part of the ethos of this country.
But not everybody is brought right to the wall and given victory.
The Alamo stood and fought victory or death of Colonel Travis.
And they all died.
All 180 plus men.
The seed of that example led to the victory that came.
So I don't know how Infowars fight is gonna end.
But I know this.
Faced with the same challenges that John Paul Jones and Colonel Travis faced.
With this country under attack by foreign evil forces, hell-bent on enslaving us and destroying the promise of the Renaissance.
I will quote Colonel Travis 110% and hope that I can man up to be in his shoes and say victory or death.
Let me tell you something, I get tears in my eyes when I think about that because I love America.
It's not fear that makes me get tears in my eyes, it's will and strength boiling to defeat these tyrants and these globalists.
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That's fine.
I'm not funded by any of that.
I'm funded by you.
So thank you all.
And please continue to support us because without you, we will fall to Soros and Hillary.
But I know in my gut we're going to win this one way or the other.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
Alex Jones back live.
Next segment your phone calls folks.
Janice Atkinson is an amazing member of the EU Parliament.
It's ceremonial.
But they voted a lot of things, and if the permanent bureaucracy likes it, they then go along with it.
But more and more, they're shutting down the nationalist, patriot movements within it that are using the Parliament as a bully pulpit to expose the authoritarian nature of the EU that was actually hatched by Adolf Hitler.
So in this 10 minutes we have, you've got the floor, Janice.
I'm glad we fixed your Skype problems.
The people just joined us, the amazing footage of them silencing you and other nationalists just from your speech.
Uh, saying you speak to us, not to your country.
Uh, just next level and you tie that in with people trying to pull out all over Europe.
You tie that in to the GDPR.
You tie that in to Article 13, Article 11, that even leftist media says, ends free speech as we know it.
I mean, they are really panicking.
What's going on over there right now?
You know, Alex, we might have got rid of Soviet communism, but we've really got Eurocommunism and it's alive and well with centralised state control.
And no free speech is allowed unless it's approved by the dear leaders.
Because actually, we took the brick out of the wall for Brexit and what we've seen is that
The edifice is now coming down.
So across Poland, across Hungary, in Italy, in Austria, the people are revolting.
They're actually voting in the populist leaders.
So, yeah, the equivalent of Brexit in Italy.
My good friend Matteo Salvini is now the Interior Minister and he's shutting down mosques and he's sending home imams and he is rejecting 500,000 immigrants.
They're doing exactly the same.
With my friends who are in the Freedom Party for Austria.
And of course over in Poland and Hungary, they're saying that they're not going to accept the migrants that could be imposed upon us.
So what's actually happening is that you are seeing a fight, a very existential threat, to their actual federalist being.
So they've got elections in May 2019.
Hopefully the UK won't be there.
But they're fighting for their real life.
They're fighting for the ideal of this Europe that they've sent up with this centralised state control.
And because the people are revolting all over the Europe, as you did in America with Trump, and you've got to get rid of Trudeau in Canada, you know, the edifice is falling down.
So what they're trying to do is control our speech.
And I wasn't just shut down talking about Brexit.
I have my one minute.
You're only allowed to have a minute.
You're not allowed to have any more.
They cut you down.
They stop you just before that minute, whereas others go on for ad infinitum.
I also asked a question, an urgent human rights question, about Tommy Robinson to UK Conservatives.
I don't call on the European Parliament to do anything, so my question was directly to the UK Conservatives.
As soon as I said,
You know,
I have several articles here today where, as you said just a few months ago, you were talking about your colleague might be able to form a coalition and take back Italy, and then, boom, it's happened.
And you have to understand, these are mosques openly calling for the overthrow of Europe, for killing of Christians.
These are imams that are connected to ISIS, Al-Qaeda, that they're shutting down.
These aren't moderate things.
And then now you've got these major, quote, refugee NGOs.
That are funded by Soros, and now Italy's announcing that they're going to use their navy to seize those ships.
And so the EU responds saying, no, we're going to have an EU navy to counter you.
There it is.
Italy moves to seize two migrant rescue ships.
Well, no, those are migrant ferries out of North Africa.
I mean, it's just a brazen globalist invasion.
It's incredible.
And Europe is awakening and Soros is panicking.
He's being run out of Hungary.
Tell us what else is happening.
Yeah, of course, if you've got the NGOs and the charities that are funded by us, the taxpayer, and of course the UN.
So you've got Medicines on Frontier, the Red Cross, etc.
They're aiding and abetting these people across the Mediterranean.
And the UN is just opining on Twitter every single day.
So many people lost at sea.
So many people are dying.
But my message and our message is to the refugees, the real refugees, you should be registering in the first port that you actually come to.
But the EU wants to stop that.
Next month there is a vote to say let's get rid of the Dublin rules.
I think?
We need to develop Africa, they need to be made first world, stabilize their population.
We can't bring them in as a permanent client state, what 90% of the refugees five years later don't have a job, of the leftists, of the socialists.
They're just bringing in a detonator of people that are not compatible because of radical Islam, who they can detonate politically.
I mean, well that's my opinion.
Why do you think the globalists are trying to bring in these populations that don't assimilate?
I think there's this white guilt that they've had, this colonialism guilt, from France to Germany to us, etc.
They absolutely hate our culture and identity.
And don't forget, those open borders have let 50,000 jihadis in.
And we've got another 1,000 jihadi wives that want to come back to the Middle East.
These bleeding heart left liberals think that these people should be allowed back into our country.
And don't worry, they'll re-assimilate.
We can de-radicalize them.
You can't de-radicalize them.
You can't strip away.
Well, I was going to add, just like Italy and Germany, now Spain is throwing thousands of people, old people, out of their government housing and sometimes people's own hotels to house them and then don't even pay them.
And then you've got the federal police laughing about it.
I mean, what does the left think this is going to do?
You don't have the leftist like J.K.
Rowling letting people in her mansions.
She just wants poor people thrown out to put them in there.
I mean, the left has become like
It's just crazy psychotics!
Yeah, they'll produce a Twitter feed and they're just virtually sickling.
I was down in southern Spain a couple of weeks ago and I was talking to their Guardia Civil, which is a bit like a sort of militarized police force, and he said they had 20,000 migrants come to southern Spain last year.
I think?
In Morocco, in Melilla and Kuta.
So these Guardia Civil are there.
They built the wall, just like Trump wants to build.
But these migrants, they take 49 seconds to jump over.
And when they come over, they've got knives, they've got weapons.
But you know what?
The guys, the Guardia Civil, are not allowed to shoot.
They're not allowed to defend themselves.
And these guys are hurtling at them, all fit, young men,
Well, here's the deal.
I don't want to capture the Islamic areas, and I'm not against all Muslims, but we need a little Reconquista all over Europe that the Spanish originally launched that led in the Crusades.
The Crusades were a response to being invaded and being attacked.
And Europe needs to re-establish its borders, not give over Kosovo, not just like we gave away Turkey and Constantinople.
This is, we're being conquered.
Now, we've got loaded phones.
I'm going to write to you when we come back.
But I want to do a few more minutes with you just to ask, looking at your crystal ball, the exploding nationalism, populism awakening, how strong is it?
How far will it go?
And how will Soros and others strike back?
Janice Atkinson is our guest.
And when we come back, we'll have a side.
We'll also look a little bit at Article 1311 that passed out a committee to end the internet as we know it.
It's Friday.
I'm Alex Jones.
Stay with us.
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I grew up without a father, and I always spent more time with computers, and so I've always... I grew up in a father's home, just to give you my backstory, beep beep, and I spend a lot of time with computers, beep beep, and I just have a strong connection with them, beep beep, and that's how... More so than people.
And mostly even the people, and that's kind of why I'm a computer now.
I identify as a computer.
I don't know if that's okay.
Beep beep.
And if you all think about it, really the human brain is just an advanced CPU processor.
If you think about it, the human brain is just like another computer, right?
Beep beep, just processing things.
So, yeah.
Well, my name is Sven Computer.
My pronouns, I don't really care.
You can call me anything.
Just don't call me Windows 2000.
That would be very offensive.
And that's about it, and I'm a raging f***.
And Steven Crowder is on with us.
Heavily censored.
You've got Twitter, you've got YouTube banning the video.
We just showed you some of it.
Leanne, you found his gender from this Gender Fluidity Conference.
I didn't get the name right.
I'm sorry.
Yeah, the Gender Fluidity, which is, you know, that's why they just let this guy in and they hear Sven Computer out because there's so many different genders.
They don't even know perhaps there really is this computer gender.
I knew I would find it if I just looked through this list, the complete list of all genders, and Sven Computer is video gender.
Video gender is a gender that feels too robotic technological to be classified by human standards.
Note, this gender is for the use of any robotic mechanical kin types
I'm the last guy who wants to get into any of this.
I'm a late-night host and comedian.
I mean, I'm not even, you know, I'm not even a radio guy.
I'm a comedian.
I started out as a comedian.
We do a late-night show.
Really, I grew up my whole life watching early Letterman.
That was me.
My dad used to record on the VHS, so I'd get to watch the top ten list, and he'd fast-forward the too-naughty parts, you know?
And I remember then, as I grew up, and I realized that every single one of these people was far, far left, um, and I was, I was going, you know, man, it would be great to be able to watch late-night and not get sucker-punched.
That's all.
I don't even want to be political.
I'd say 80% of our content isn't political.
I'm just open about my views.
It's a late night entertainment show.
I don't want to sue anybody.
I don't want to have to deal with the Twitter police and the YouTube violations.
This was a guy going in as a... I didn't even know that was a gender.
This is very enlightening.
But it's hysterical to me.
Probably someone out there could file a class action lawsuit for discriminating against, what was it called?
Video gender?
Video gender.
If you go back, I don't know, 10, 20 years, you go back to Carson, they were joking about Nixon, they were joking about what was going on in the culture.
You have to joke about what's happening.
This is what's happening now!
And you couldn't even have Richard Breyer!
You couldn't even have any Murphy today!
You couldn't do anything!
And that's what it is!
It's clogging culture!
It's shutting down speech!
It's dividing everybody!
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show!
Big Brother, mainstream media, government cover-ups.
You want to stop tyranny?
Well, so does he.
Live from the Infowars.com studios, it's Alex Jones.
Ladies and gentlemen, major history is happening.
The unelected global government model of the Communist Chinese, the EU, the rest of it,
It is imploding.
It is falling apart right now.
And nationalism and free market populism is coming back.
It's surging.
We're going to finish up with Janice Atkinson of janiceatkinson.co.uk.
And folks, the videos.
There's hundreds of them of what she and others are doing.
There's all these new great people from more than 25 countries in the EU that won out.
Because the EU is this bureaucracy that the elites are tax-exempt that are in the EU bureaucracy.
It's just crazy how arrogant they are.
But most of them are former Eastern Bloc bureaucrats.
And then they're making Europe fall apart and the UK is trying to pull out so she was silenced.
So finishing up, Janice.
Your prognosis, other experts' prognosis, Nizel Farage's prognosis, and I remember the week before they voted in Italy and all this happened, I talked to him on the phone, he predicted it all, he said, watch Alex, Europe's on fire, Italy's about to explode, you've got coalition governments of leftists and right-wingers coming together, because even the leftists know they're about to lose their pension funds and everything.
I mean, this is the perfect storm.
Soros is panicking, he's being kicked out of Hungary.
Merkel, they say, could be removed by as early as two weeks from now.
Even their fake polls have 60% against her.
So, looking at the trajectory of this, as a member of the EU Parliament, where's it going?
I think the young people are going to change their countries.
In Eastern Europe, in Hungary, Poland, etc., they haven't had the liberal left education system that has blown our children's minds.
So that's happening.
There's great patriotic movements amongst the youth there.
And in the southern European states like Italy, Spain,
I don't
The way they've been educating people, we've got to try and change that in our schools and our universities.
Where's it all going?
We've got movements like Generation Identity.
They're groups of patriotic young people that are growing very, very fast because what they're trying to do is preserve our culture and our heritage and our identity.
And in the UK tomorrow, we've got another march for freedom for Brexit, because tomorrow it's two years since we voted for Brexit.
Still hasn't been delivered yet, but we expect 20,000, 30,000 people on the streets tomorrow.
Those people are not voting Conservative.
They're not voting Socialist.
They're looking for something new to vote for.
Two weeks ago, we had a
20,000 people on the streets outside Downing Street and Whitehall just demanding that Tommy Robinson has been released.
So you've got 50,000, 20,000, 100,000 people going on these marches demanding that they want their freedom, their freedom of speech to free Tommy Robinson and also to leave the European Union.
They're demanding this.
And if Whitehall doesn't listen to them, then those people are looking for a new home.
And I think something new will arise.
There is definitely room on the centre-right to harness this growing belief in our nation-state, in our freedom.
And just because the leftist, globalist, identity politics media obsesses on it, I want to point something out.
Just when I watch EU Parliament meetings, there is a large amount of smart, good-looking, dynamic women, from Marie Le Pen to you, that are leading so much of this now, instead of what we've got with Theresa May.
I saw Kurt singing to the Prince the other day.
She looks like a retarded spider.
I'm sorry.
I mean this whole dichotomy, that's got to scare them too of all the women that it seemed to be that are coming into leadership roles just in nationalist and populist movements.
Yeah, you're absolutely right.
I was talking to a couple of people last week.
It's strange that it's me, Lauren Southern, Katie Hopkins that have all been to South Africa and we're highlighting it.
Then somebody said to me, are you speaking together?
Are you coordinating your campaigns?
I said, no, we're not.
But you know, we are speaking now.
All three of us have been to Russia recently and saying, look, they're not our enemy.
It's China who is an economic enemy, but certainly not Russia who is our enemy.
The Cold War is over.
And then we start talking about sort of right-wing politics, freedom of speech and expression, and what we want for our children and our grandchildren.
It's all just an understanding.
For women.
Exactly, for women.
And then Marie Le Pen pointed out to Trump a year ago, don't trust Mercon, this is bull.
Well, Macron's calling nationalism today and populism leprosy.
I know.
I'm a leper.
I'm a spreader of leprosy.
I'm good.
And long may it continue because we will stop people like him because he's like a clone.
You know, there's no difference between him and Trudeau and Renzi and Blair in his younger days and Cameron.
In his younger days as well.
They've all come, they've all been cut out of the same suit.
They all wear the same suits, they wear the same ties, they go to the same hairdressers and they've all had the chip put in there that is liberal leftism that we all have to adhere to.
And we're saying no, enough is enough.
We've had enough.
We're at tipping point in this country Alex and it can go totally the other way to
We're almost out of time, folks.
I promise when I come back, I'm going to write your calls.
You've been real troopers.
We had some Skype and got her on one segment late.
That's why I had to change plans.
I promise.
Next segment, we're going to bam, bam, bam.
So get ready.
Just in closing, the bureaucracy wants
All of this garbage and they've now got Article 13, Article 11 that openly says the end of internet freedom.
Even Wired and Gizmodo say they can't believe this is happening.
So it looks like they're striking back with just an attempt to break the internet.
It's very brazen.
So what's going on?
This passed the committee two days ago in the EU Parliament.
Where's that going?
What's the word?
OK, so they go on about the digital economy week after week, month after month, year after year, but the truth is they haven't got the capabilities like America has and like we have.
We're light years ahead in the UK in developing software and the internet, etc., along with you.
And there's this deep-hated jealousy of that as well.
And because they can't control the freedom of speech on there, they want to tax it, they want to shut it down.
So that's what's behind it.
But this bill will come before us, the elected parliamentarians, in the next few months, and there is a big campaign to actually get it stopped.
I hope it will.
They don't actually like being told, but the trouble is with the EU, they just recycle something.
So we may vote against it, we may get one small victory, but it doesn't stay... Well sure, it shows... It goes straight back to the Commission, and it will come back in another guise, and eventually it will be passed.
Well, it shows their mindset.
You know, I talked to some senior folks in the government yesterday.
I'll just leave it at that.
And I just said, you know how bad the attacks are.
You know about Google and Facebook and Twitter.
And you know about what's happening.
And you know about 13 and 11.
And they didn't know about 13 and 11.
So the president's being educated about 13 and 11.
And I know our people talked to Congressman Jordan about it.
He's aware.
We're trying to get Congressman Gates to kind of be the leader of this and get on the floor every day and talk about it.
This is the winning issue, plus it's the right issue.
It's free speech.
The left and the average young people don't want a censored internet.
The establishment thinks they can sneak it by because Trump's 72 and all this.
And a lot of the folks in Congress don't understand it.
We do.
So, when I'm lobbying, it's not how I want some weapons contract or something.
I'm lobbying for a free internet, and folks, I am doing it.
We need everybody to be doing it and doing it very, very strong.
I'm not at liberty to talk about the discussions we're involved in, but that's what we're doing.
And we also asked the president...
Again, six months ago, to stop the decriminalization of marijuana, that Sessions is trying to put everybody in prison for, and he's done that now, they're fighting him there.
So, the President's very responsive, I can tell you that.
And if you want to know where it's coming from, folks, the President is just, he's fighting 24-7, but he needs your input on the trail, when he's out on the street, everywhere, he's listening to you.
Because he's listening to me, he's listening to Roger Stone.
Okay, janiceackinson.co.uk, Janice, thank you so much, you're awesome, we'll talk to you soon, have a great weekend.
You too.
Bye, everyone.
Alright, yeah.
And I'm not bragging, folks, but, you know, I'm fighting hard.
And what's crazy is, the intel, you'd think everybody knew this in Congress.
No, I tell people, they look it up, and then a week later I see them on TV doing something.
The left's listening, though.
You go to Media Matters, Soros' outfit, they're like, Jones says it, and three days later they're word for word saying it.
We gotta shut him down.
That's what's so scary, though.
It's like, why don't other people know all this?
Why don't they study it?
It's like,
Trump does the right thing when he has all the information, like Stone says, but everybody has got to make this the big issue.
You've got to call C-SPAN, you name it.
You've got to burn up the phone lines of the White House.
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That's pretty cool and read all the books and seen all the DVDs and followed all your guests and I've been using your products since the first iteration of Survival Shield and since then I'm on the X2, the Super Male Vitality, the Caveman, the Real Red Pill, Micro ZX, Body, it's all amazing.
Yeah, and I wanted to say that by following you so much, it's like you're just detoxing the mind, you're detoxing the body, you're detoxing the spirit.
And it's just the more you know God, the more you fear God, but the more you chase God.
And I wanted to say that it's an honor to stand side by side with you, the crew, and the listeners out there, 1776 worldwide.
Audience, radio affiliates, TV affiliates, thank you for your support.
But they've cut off the sponsors, they've blocked us advertising on Google, they have filed 13 lawsuits, we've beaten six.
But understand this, I am your soldier, you're my soldier, we're all in this together.
And we're fighting hard for American values, what we know works, and what brings liberty and freedom to our children.
So I salute you and I thank you.
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There must be some kind of way out of here!
...formation war.
It's Alex Jones.
There must be some way out of here.
There's too much confusion!
I can't get no relief!
Bob Dylan wrote this.
Bob Dylan really is a great songwriter.
But he admitted, he said, I served Lucifer.
He said I sold my soul to the devil.
You gotta serve somebody.
He tried to be a Christian for a while, but he had to go back to Papa Devil.
Too bad.
It's a little bit more.
This song spells it all out.
There are some of them among us.
Who think that life is but a joke.
But you and I, we've been through that.
It's not our game.
So let us quit talking softly now.
And falsely now.
The hour's getting late.
And you can even hear how Jimi Hendrix changed some of the words.
Because he said there are many here among us.
Hendrix says there are some here among us.
There's a lot of music I've loaded in there that we never play.
I'm glad you guys are getting deeper into some of that music.
All right!
From now on, I am going to just go to your phone calls at the end of the broadcast.
But if you don't remember that InfoWars is building a news operation against the globalists and is sponsored by you, we will not succeed.
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InfoWarsStore.com, InfoWarsLive.com, or 888-253-3139.
I apologize to Chris, Gregory, Dashaun, Posse, James, Mike, Julian, Jeff, Knowledge, Gay Frogs.
We're going to all of you right now.
So, I'm going top to bottom.
Let's talk to Chris in Virginia.
Thanks for holding.
Go ahead.
Hey, what's going on Alex?
I was just saying I disagree with you and Roger Stone about Trump four years.
He made a best-case scenario, was thinking about four years, but it's going to take two terms to get what he needs to get done with them blood-sucking vampires on the border and in Washington because they're going to fight him tooth and nail.
I think their plan now is to run out the clock on Trump because they know he's getting a lot of stuff done.
And it's probably, that's pretty much the only way that they can stop him right now is to run out the clock on him.
I actually agree with you.
And I was having discussions yesterday with people saying, please, but imagine how cool it'd be if he turned it all around and Pence was loyal and things kept going.
I just don't know if Pence has the energy or the star power.
I'm not saying he isn't smart to continue it.
But I mean, just look at what Trump's doing.
He is reversing
More than 20, 30 years of their garbage in just a year and a half.
They're hating him more than ever.
Now they're going on TV saying attack Trump supporters.
They're having an antifa on CNN saying they're heroes.
I mean, I agree.
They're trying to get a civil war going here and it's just getting crazier and crazier.
What do you think they're going to do as Trump and all of us continue to succeed?
I think the media is playing a game with the Civil War.
I think it's more Civil War culturally than it would be physically.
Oh, I agree.
Like the media would portray it to be.
I think maybe last year was their best chance for Civil War.
This year, I think more people are seeing prosperity and they're looking towards the future now.
I agree with you.
So as they get more and more desperate, more and more insane, I think it's going to accelerate their demise.
But I don't want to be too confident.
Is there a blind spot?
What is it we should, what should we be worried about?
I think they're contemplating right now the chemical and biological warfare aspect of it.
Because if they, the only thing is it would take their whole self out.
So that would be the problem.
They could run to their bunkers, they could run and hop.
It would take out a whole bunch of people and a lot of...
Well, you see Bill Maher saying, let's have the economy crash.
You see him saying, let's depopulate the earth.
This is their attitude, but you're right.
Do they really have the guts to pull the switch?
And then the news is, since we've already exposed it, they've got to know, even if they kill half of us, they're not going to get away with it.
They're going to take billions of people who lose their mommies, their daddies, their kids, who are going to be on suicide missions against them to get them.
They're never going to pull this off now.
That's why I'm saying, Chris,
Trump ought to go into a press conference and offer the left and the globalists amnesty, political amnesty from prosecution if they surrender.
But they've got to come to the table and sign.
I mean, that's happened a lot in history to stop bloodshed.
I mean, is there anything we can do to get them to just run up the white flag?
I think some of them are hell-bent on taking this as far as it's going to go.
There's some that will legitimately come to the table and try to make a deal for a better world, but some of them are hell-bent on it, and it's driven by evil.
You know, that's a lot of things that people don't mention.
That spiritual part of it is deep, because a lot of these people are pushed by evil,
The will to do harm to man and woman, you know, and child, you know, especially to children because, you know, it is the blood of the innocent is powerful.
Chris, I think you've been calling for years and there's been like six or seven callers that I said I'm gonna get your name and number and I'm gonna start a podcast with callers.
We finally got it built.
We finally got crew hired.
I want to set a deadline.
Within three weeks, I want to launch at least a one-hour show a week.
That we do live with like four or five of those callers and we'll expand from there.
And I want Chris to be the host of it.
Let's fly Chris here.
Let's fly Chris to Austin.
Everything he says just touches me in my soul.
Like everything he says is on target.
And I'm not just saying that to sound all sweetie pie.
What you're saying is absolutely on target and what my gut is picking up as well.
And it's just such a historic time that we're in here.
Can you imagine what it would be like if Hillary had gotten in, Chris?
It would be, we'd be well on the path to single-payer, it'd be invasion, and our Second Amendment would be gone.
Most of us don't even know about the Second Amendment and what that means.
I'm one of the ones that's leading the game to our rights as citizens.
We're at a time now that, more than ever, people need to know their rights, their constitutional rights, and know that this is a constitutional republic that practices democracy, not a democracy.
That's right.
Well, listen, I want to get you and the three or four other people that we, over the years, I've been having this idea for years, and they're in there written down on the board.
Maybe we should fly all you guys to Austin.
There wasn't any ladies yet.
I think it was one lady, too.
And, like, get them all together for the inaugural launch of a show.
But we'll see, Chris.
God bless you.
I'm going to put you on hold.
If I haven't gotten your name and number, I want to get you on, because everything you're saying is on target.
I mean, they're having real discussions about releasing bioweapons to depopulate us at the academic level.
And all I want to say is, I got four kids.
And you guys go to that type of level, your minions and all you don't have anywhere you're gonna run.
Because the truth is, when you piss people off, you can't stop it.
Stop them.
And so I want the globalists to know, and it's not some macho thing when I do this, because they know I'm a serious person.
So it's dangerous for me to be like this, but I have to do it for my children.
We're not stupid.
We know this bird flu and all the rest of it's been engineered.
I've had scientists on that have looked at it.
They've killed hundreds of microbiologists that tried to expose it.
If you globalists go to your final red plan, as you call it, and release bioweapons on us, I swear, I know in my gut you're all going to pay.
And you're not going to get away with it.
So you need to understand you're beaten.
But, as Chris said, that's the key to everything, he said, driven by evil.
Why do they do it when it's not good for their own body, their own life?
Yeah, they're driven!
They're driven!
They're driven!
To do bad things, to be evil, to hurt people, lie, to cheat, steal.
They're driven!
Well, we have to be driven to stop them!
Alright, Gregory, Deshaun, Kasi, James, Mike, everybody, your calls are two minutes away!
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Live from Austin, Texas, broadcasting worldwide, it's Alex Jones.
They talk about Energizer or Duracell inside.
What are you driven by?
Who do you serve?
Back to Bob Dylan.
You gotta serve somebody.
Can we pull up Bob Dylan's, uh, you gotta serve somebody?
I think it's in the, in the, in the rundown in there.
And he just goes through everything.
Might be a billionaire.
You gotta serve something.
Might be a school teacher.
You gotta, what do you serve?
What do you serve?
I serve protecting innocence.
But I'm not innocent.
Because I have to know what the enemy is.
And that's what I do.
But the last caller nailed it.
He just said, it doesn't make sense.
It isn't supposed to.
These people are driven to evil.
Like child molesters, or devil worshippers, or Nazis, or whatever.
They're driven to it.
Doing bad.
Those of us that have conscience, that means your God-fear is driven to want to please God.
Because you feel the presence of it and it's so good, you're embarrassed.
There's the lyrics.
You may be an ambassador to England or France.
You may like to gamble.
You might like to dance.
You might like to be a heavyweight champion of the world.
You might be a socialite with a long string of pearls.
But you're going to have to serve somebody.
Yes, indeed, you're going to have to serve somebody.
Well, it may be the devil or it may be the Lord, but you're going to have to serve somebody.
And then after that, let's play the clip.
He did it on two TV shows saying, I made a deal with the devil.
This industry is run by the devil.
And that's really a warning from Bob Dylan.
That at a point in time, he did sell his soul to the devil, then tried to get out of it, but then was so guilty about it, doesn't think he can get out.
Hey, read Faust, which is an archetype of he could have gotten out of it at any time, Bob.
He may have rejected the Holy Spirit.
But even understanding that is another mystery.
Now there is with Morley Safer.
You think the real devil gets up there and says, I sold my soul to the devil?
That's a cry for help right there.
Bob, you don't have to do it.
Let's go to another caller here.
I appreciate everybody holding.
Gregory in Texas and Dashaun Cossey.
Gregory, thanks for holding her on the air.
Hey Alex.
Can I make a plug real quick about bodies?
Like, it really did help.
I had like a real bad... Oh.
Yes sir?
No, but go ahead.
Please do.
Oh, okay.
Yeah, I really had a bad pain in my ear.
I thought it was an ear infection and it turned out to be
A joint pain called TMJ.
TMJ, I have it.
Oh yeah, it works.
Our bodies works better for my TMJ.
That's why I grind and clench my teeth at night.
I have to wear a splint.
When I forget to wear it, I can break my teeth off.
But that's why I look like a chipmunk now.
It's stress.
I used to have these.
They're three times the size they should be, exactly.
Well, I'm going to shut up.
Go ahead and tell people what happened for you, because in my experience, real bodies, really strong tumor, works better than Advil for me.
Well, yeah, like, um, I just noticed one day, like, when I was eating, like, it just, it was like a, it was like a sharp pain.
It's right here.
It's right here.
It's right where the joint goes in.
It's real close to the ear, so I'm thinking I might have an ear infection.
It can make your whole ear get numb.
It hurts so bad.
So I went to the hospital because it was hurting real bad and they told me to go to... I forgot how to pronounce the doctor...
You know, the ears, nose, and throat specialist?
I don't know how to pronounce the whole title of it, but the specialist, like, when I went to him, he was saying, like, a lot of people get confused about that because it's a joint pain.
This is important, and I always run over everybody.
We're going to go to break.
I'm going to come back and finish up with this, and then your point about news and information and the whole hoax with them admitting a little girl that was sent with her mother to the emergency center, the family center, and was never separated, and CNN that was there knew that and was told that by the Border Patrol.
But it's not.
And we know they're liars, so all they can do is disrupt.
Why do we believe anything they say?
We'll be back with Gregory.
Everybody else, boom, boom, boom.
We're back in 60 seconds.
As the years go by, it gets harder and harder to keep up with your body's nutritional needs.
With changes in diet, unnatural ingredients and stress, you may not be able to get all the necessary nutrients, amino acids, vitamins and minerals needed daily.
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We're good to go!
You may be an ambassador to England or France You may like to gimbal You might like to dance You may be the heavyweight champion of the world You may be a socialite with a long string of pearls But you're gonna have to serve somebody Yes, indeed, you're gonna have to serve somebody
And then let's cue it up.
Bob Dylan said he made a deal with the devil.
He's got to do that to be in the music industry.
And people think that sounds crazy.
I've had him say it to me.
Mark Dice had it when he was getting ready to sign a big contract for reality TV with a major rock star.
They called him in.
They said, listen, this isn't just some litmus test.
We want to see if you're a Christian.
We believe in the Lucifer and we worship the devil here.
And if you don't sign on to that, you don't get this job.
And Mark Dice was like, you're joking, right?
They're like, no, we're not.
We're deadly serious.
Did they just make movies like Devil's Advocate as a joke?
It's real.
The devil's real.
And these people are driven by evil.
Let's play that clip of him on 60 Minutes.
This was probably 15 years ago with Morley Safer.
Here it is.
You're still out here doing these songs?
You know, you're still on tour?
I do, but I don't take it for granted.
Why do you still do it?
Why are you still out here?
Ask who you made the bargain with?
With the chief commander.
On this earth?
On this earth and in a world we can't see.
Bob Dylan has been nominated with the master and the commander.
Gregory in Texas.
Sorry, I got cut off of the break.
Start over.
This is very important because I never really talk about products, and the FDA doesn't want people to even say what they can do, but no one denies what Saul Palmetto does for prostate.
And our product has a really strong level of that.
And no one talks about turmeric.
I mean, it's a known superfood.
Well, the average turmeric is 3% curcumin and ours is 95.
We set out to find the best concentrated system of it in the world.
And you can say maybe somebody's got something as strong, but it's as strong as it gets at a lower price.
So you talk about bodies.
I've got a torn Achilles.
I've not gone in to have it reconstructed because it's totally gone.
It's going to be six weeks off my feet.
I got TMJ really bad.
You look at videos of me.
You know, 20 years ago, I didn't have this ear.
This is like a chipmunk.
My muscles are three times the size they should be because I deal with stress by clenching at night after I wear a splint.
And yeah, the first time I was like 20 and I went to my dad.
He said, Dad, I got a huge earache.
My whole ear is numb.
He goes, Oh, you got TMJ, you're clenching.
And so then I went to, I know is your doctor, all that stuff.
They said, yeah.
And they started doing the splints.
Then I lose them or I break them and it comes back.
But yeah.
Better than Advil for me.
I take bodies.
My wife's got some hip pain because she played tennis for a long time.
It's been helping her more than Advil.
And Advil's great.
I'm not comparing it to a drug or Advil.
I'm just saying it's a normal anti-inflammatory.
Also, what upsets my stomach, even though it's not supposed to upset my stomach, it's supposed to be the opposite.
You've got to take a lot of it.
Raw ginger root.
Throw that in a blender.
Do that.
It's powerful as well, but you're getting a big dose of that.
So tell folks what happened to you.
Go ahead.
Yeah, I just noticed it was actually last week.
Last week, like, I was trying to eat at work and I just couldn't.
I couldn't even, like, open up my mouth.
So, uh, I thought, you know, I thought, okay, when am I going to go away?
The next two days, it got, it just got worse.
I'm like, you know what, I'm going to go to the doctor because I can't even go to sleep.
Yeah, I can't even go to work right now.
So, like, you know, they went, I went to the emergency room.
And they just told me, you know, we really can't do anything.
All we could do is just give you antibiotics, but we could send you to a specialist.
I'm like, okay.
So, literally, that Wednesday, last Wednesday, I don't remember the date, but that Wednesday, I went there, and they were telling me, like, what it was.
And, like, the thing he told me is, like,
You need to take Advil, because Advil has anti-inflammatories.
So when I came home, I'm like, wait, I remember bodies have anti-inflammatories.
So, like, I started reading it.
And then, like, I mean, you say it's the best product, so I just wanted to try it.
So I took two.
I just remember taking two.
It didn't hurt that day.
I mean, it was a little recurring, but let me tell you, like I said, it was last week.
This whole week, I haven't, I don't even remember the pain.
I really don't.
Like, I just go about my business.
Well, that's, I mean, that's what, that's what tumor is known for.
It's got a bunch of other compounds that are anti-inflammatories.
Uh, and, and, you know, like I said, uh, did the, did the hospital tell you to take Advil?
It works really good too.
I mean, I'm not going to lie to folks.
Advil with TMJ saved my life.
I've had, I've had TMJ 25 years.
That was painful.
Before, yes.
Before I knew what it was.
Yes I did.
It did.
It helped me go to sleep, honestly, because I just couldn't go to sleep.
See, other painkillers just match the pain.
Advil's good because it actually lowers inflammation.
But it does it chemically versus what Mother Nature does with turmeric.
And that's why turmeric's so incredible.
I mean, I know a lot of people that, you know, take turmeric.
I mean, here's the deal.
You can go out and get curry.
But then it's so hot that, you know, the amount you put on a whole meal is not what you get in a concentrated pill.
So that's why the pills are so good, is that it's concentrated.
But yeah, I mean, just a big curry meal, if you can handle the heat.
I'm getting hungry.
It has that effect.
It's Mother Nature, God gave it to us.
And I'm glad you like bodies.
What else is on your mind?
Oh, concerning the CNN report, it's not that I knew it was fake, but like, I remember going to college and
Like, at that time, you know, they had CNN posted on the TV.
It is what it is.
So, like, I couldn't really believe those stories.
So, let me just stick to this story.
Like, I guess my question is, how did the little girl even get in that position?
You know I always have those kind of questions which always leads me to wanting to read the story.
Now this is the first time I heard about it because I've been working and I usually watch you because like you have just a just a plethora of news.
You know I could get my daily source of news you know because some some days I just don't feel like watching now but I would just
You know, read my Bible, or watch some Bible studies.
You know, just really, you know, try and be a stronger Christian.
You know, I'm 28, so that's something... But that said, the thing that binds us all together is that we love God.
And after 40-something years, I always knew this, but now it's even stronger.
It's evil versus good.
It doesn't mean we're all perfect and everything.
No, it just means we love God, we want to be good, they hate God, they want to be bad.
And so we're trying to be good, and we're scared of God because we can feel, you know, how good God is, and we're bad compared to God, but we don't want to be bad.
We're trying to serve God.
They're serving the devil.
Just like Bob Dylan just said, I serve the God of this world.
The head guy, Beelzebub.
Very, very sad.
God bless you.
I appreciate your call.
Speaking of that, fake news.
Crying child used by Time Magazine and CNN was never separated from her family.
The family's gone public.
But here's the big news.
It's crazier.
Daily Caller is reporting this.
It's up on Infowars.com.
Mother of crying child was previously deported in 2013.
And I don't blame her trying to run away and get away from Central America.
I don't blame her.
But, maybe her husband's a good guy, maybe he's a bad guy.
I know this, he's saying she's bad for running across the desert and trying to get in the U.S., and it's incredibly dangerous for our daughter.
Yeah, I gotta tell you, if my wife, or my husband, or anybody else, if I was a woman, took my daughter through northern Mexico in the most dangerous sector, I mean, you talk about child abuse, and I get you're fleeing poor countries and stuff, but, good God, I mean, I'm not scared of a lot of stuff, but let me tell you,
Down over that Texas border down there, in many areas, is scary.
Because there are people down there that'll kill you in a second.
And they're just busy robbing and killing their own people all day long, and it's bad.
And to turn that around, that Trump's bullying some little girl, is crazy!
And then it's all a lie!
It's just, good lord, I mean, huh!
We'll be right back, and I'm gonna go right to Kosse.
Who's got some key points to make about disease X. I'm glad somebody's bringing that up.
Dr. Shiva's our guest.
Great guy running for Senate.
Got a shot at winning.
And Elizabeth Warren, really a smart engineer.
Very successful businessman.
Inventor of email.
Look it up.
It's true.
And he is running against Elizabeth Warren, who will not do the genetic test, who the tribes say she has no connection to in Oklahoma or other areas.
But he's a real Indian from the subcontinent, India.
But he's a great patriot.
I'd love to get him in the U.S.
Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai, thanks for joining us with some big, breaking, exclusive news.
You know, we got this big sign out here, you may have seen it, you know, only the real Indian can defeat the fake Indian.
It's a very powerful meme, Alex, and I want to really explain why it's so powerful and why we put it out there, because it really is an expression of not only my anger, but pretty much everyone's anger at the corruption that is taking place in government, and Elizabeth Warren is the face of that corruption.
So when we put that signage up on our bus, the city of Cambridge, which is supposed to be the most liberal haven on the planet, said we had to take it down.
That was on April 5th, 2018.
We didn't do that.
In fact, we retaliated hard and we sued them, took them to federal court, and we won.
They surrendered completely.
And, you know, then based on that, we dismissed the court case.
Obviously, the mainstream media did not want to cover our victory.
So what we realize, Alex, the big news is this.
And this is something that's really, really important.
You see, for far too long, the establishment has made politics
A, uh, essentially a, uh, you know, an audience sport, right?
They do not want the everyday citizen to actually be involved in that aspect.
They want to make it the old Hollywood celebrity culture.
You put a couple of people on pedestals and we're supposed to watch them and eat our popcorn.
So what we've done here, Alex, is that's becoming really powerful is we figured out the victory to winning.
And what we realized was people say, you know what, you guys have a lot of courage to put that out there because you're bringing out something in Massachusetts that people do not want to talk about.
It's a weaponized way of getting across our message.
So what we've done is if you see these magnetic signs here, they're really easy.
So we want to replicate this all over the state, Alex.
In fact, all over the country.
And basically people can buy these magnetic signs you can see as you're showing being put on and where since we launched we have you know tons of people starting to write and wanting these and why is that and the reality is when Elizabeth Warren it's not about identity right the liberals want to convert it to a race issue but it's nothing to do with race it has to do
With integrity.
We're talking about someone who did not work hard, who cut in line.
You, me, Alex, and pretty much every American watching your show works for a living.
You know, I mowed lawns as a kid.
You know, learned to engineer software as a kid, as a 14-year-old kid.
I've been working all my life.
But Elizabeth Warren cut in front of line, and they do not want to discuss that.
So we are bringing up not just a race issue, because for far too long, down the street is Harvard University.
The white liberal racists who want us to keep us all on their reservation and plantation have bounded the discussion of race, Alex, and they don't know what to do with us.
Because when we bring up that sign, they'll say, oh, that's racist.
We'll say, really?
And we'll flip it back and we say, look, you're the racist because you're supporting a woman who took advantage of race to get in and when she's not of that race.
How do folks, even if they're not in Massachusetts, how do they get one of these babies?
It's very easy.
You just go to shiva4senate.com.
You can find it right there.
It's called a Road Warrior Kit.
Go to the store.
Get the Road Warrior Kit.
We've made it.
You get two magnetic stickers.
You get a launch sign.
You get two bumper stickers.
Oh my god.
You gotta call this Operation Road Warrior.
Is that what you're calling it?
That's what I call it.
It's called Road Warrior.
Be a Road Warrior.
That's getting back.
So if you can't come to and pass out cards, you can't do anything.
You know, you got family.
Hey, I'm fully supporting this.
But I am stealing the idea.
We're gonna launch Operation Road Warrior with our stuff too.
You're listening to The Alex Jones Show.
I hear people talking bad about the way
I don't mind
We're broadcasting worldwide from the ATX.
Thank you for joining us, ladies and gentlemen.
Globalism is collapsing.
Soros' empire is imploding.
Humanity is struggling back towards the light.
We're going right back to your calls.
We're going to go to Kosey in Minnesota, who brings up a great point, I see.
The hoax
Of the kids in the border and the little girl that's now admittedly fake.
She wasn't separated from her mother, on and on and on.
It's a cover-up, he says, for the IG report and Disease X. And I don't want to believe how bad Disease X is.
I've got children.
I don't want to know that story.
And all week, I haven't really covered it since Sunday.
And then I go check the numbers, like 100 dead, 600 dead, 5,000 dead, and then no more reporting on it.
40% death rate, airborne, bird flu?
That's the UN.
And then there's no news coverage of it.
In fact, Twitter had their bot saying, I made it up.
Then people were like, well, no, actually, it's at the World Health Organization and it's in the Chinese news.
All I'm saying is, it's biologically produced.
It's been artificially made.
I've had scientists on before.
The fact it would mutate this fast.
Normally things mutate, then they go sideways and get less lethal.
The fact that it goes 1% kills 6%, 10%.
At 11% the last time they had it, that is unprecedented.
A flu that kills 11% of people.
Now that means your street gets the flu?
20, 30 people on your street get the flu?
We're talking four or five dead people at that number.
You're talking about 10, 15 dead people at the new number.
And just like I'm always telling you about stuff before it happens, I'm guilty that at a selfish level, that I don't follow my flesh.
Because, you know, the flesh has its own guilt.
God has, you know, your conscience has also, the flesh has its own kind of guilt, your own, worrying about your own butt.
That I have not gotten the money, the time, the energy to get some redoubt in the middle of nowhere if stuff like this gets out.
Because the globalists say they're gearing up to release it.
Then they get everybody hyped up for it.
Then I start seeing stuff come online that could be it.
And there's almost no news coverage.
Normally when SARS was killing like 1% of people, it was like the end of the world.
This kills 40% and there's almost no coverage.
My gut level, I mean, I get chills when I think about this.
And it's not chills of fear, it's chills of reconcile with your ex-wife.
Because if everything goes to hell in a handbasket, I need to work with her.
But then the whole worldly thing and all that's going on with that and just all of it, it's just a mess, man.
I don't want to fight with the average liberal idiot.
I don't want to fight with some racist black guy or racist white guy, all these fools.
The globalists are anti-human exterminists.
And they're saying they're going to release a bioweapon to depopulate us.
And they might just do that to stop nationalism.
And I just, at a gut level, I see it all lining up.
Let's see what the caller in Minnesota says.
What do you think?
I totally agree with you.
We're seeing block to block, back to back coverage on CNN, MSNBC, all the news agencies, even Fox.
About, you know, something that was a non-issue a week ago.
And you're here kind of talking about Disease X. It's, you know, the last number was 5,000 people.
You know, Stroke literally got exported out of the FBI.
And now we're just, we're hearing about all of this.
And I worry that we're getting distracted.
We're letting them distract us.
Because the news, it's really just a dialogue, right?
And when we respond to people, we legitimate what they're saying.
That's why they never respond to us.
I mean, Alex, you are the news.
I don't listen.
I can't stand other media sources.
You know, I'm a young person.
I, like in my 30s, I listen to you, right?
You got you and all the alternative media are the news.
I just, you know, I almost feel like we need to start not paying attention to these kind of petty distractions.
That they're trying to force down our throats.
I mean, Donald Trump even recently signed an executive order that you even said yesterday probably won't even be able to go into effect, right?
He's spending his time working on this instead of what's going on in China with the V-Dex.
And so I'm a little concerned about that, but I think that's what's really going on with this whole media cover-up.
We all know that it wasn't an issue, you know, during Obama's rule and whatever.
The other thing I wanted to talk about was B-Shield as well.
I don't know if you know this, but it's really good in terms of like hearing the flu and colds and just viruses in general.
It's a detox.
But like I've done a kind of a my own sort of test on it with like an N of 3 and literally within two days people's flus are gone.
Serious flus.
I had them like staying home from work.
Serious cold, things of that nature.
So I think that's really cool.
And then I loved your earlier caller, Chris, as well.
I thought he was making really good points, and this spiritual point as well.
I'm seeing a lot of people in alternative media start to kind of talk about New Age things, and like, you know, like the spirit rising.
I understand their point of view, and I respect them as people, but I need them to kind of understand that that's coming from an ungodly place.
I think so.
Um, and I truly, like, it's the first church that Jesus Christ established.
That's it.
They hate Catholicism.
They hate authenticism.
Well, that's why they want to come in and take over the Catholic Church.
There's no doubt that now the Pope's had pressure put on him, so he came out against abortion, which is good.
Cozy, let me just say this.
I want to get people that are part of a podcast we do of listeners and callers.
And so maybe we should talk to you and see if you want to fly into town or, you know, over the phone or Skype.
I want to start launching new podcasts.
We're getting the crew hired.
We've got more crew hired.
So we're about to launch a bunch of new shows.
But I want to have listener-based shows where folks come on every week or, you know, every couple of weeks or every day, whatever they want to do to have a discussion about that.
But what you raise about the fact that they are totally pushing
This whole hoax, you're right, it is a distraction from the Russiagate thing falling apart and things like disease X. And I'm not saying disease X is going to spread across the planet and kill a billion people.
Top scientists saying an airborne flu is coming that kills a large percentage of people and it'll depopulate the earth.
They were saying that in January and we were warning about it and now magically it's mutated to 40%.
There's never been a flu that kills anything near that.
And so now there's nothing in the news about it, that's what concerns me.
That if there ever is something like this that's really spreading, they're not going to tell us.
And the fact that that was Sunday, June 16th we covered that, or Saturday, and then now no coverage of it, it's a pretty, and there's the telegraph, most countries not ready to deal with new disease outbreaks.
So that's the big thing, the flesh-eating bacteria, all of it.
Hell, pipes and pneumonia is killing millions here in the U.S.
This is real, but the media doesn't hype it.
They tell you about, oh, some little poor girl down at the border, and she was taken from her mommy, and of course, that wasn't true.
You ask, why does CNN lie so much?
They can't help it.
It's their nature.
So, Cozy, thank you so much.
Look forward to speaking to you.
Maybe you can be part of that new show.
We'll be back with more calls straight ahead.
And I always say this is the end of a segment because it's so important.
If you don't spread PrisonPlanet.com and NewsWars.com and InfoWars.com, nobody will.
It has to be hand-shared.
They're blocking it.
Patrick, in the great nation of Australia, you're on the air worldwide.
Thanks for holding.
Hey Alex, mate.
I've been following you since I was 14 and I'm 32 now.
I remember back when InfoWars and Prison Planet, it was just blue text on a white screen and I had to load down the page on my dial-up internet and I thought it was
Pretty cool and read all the books and seen all the DVDs and followed all your guests and I've been using your products since the first iteration of Survival Shield and since then I'm on the X2, the Super Male Vitality, the Caveman, the Real Red Pill, Micro ZX, Body, it's all amazing.
Yeah, and I wanted to say that by following you so much, it's like you're just detoxing the mind, you're detoxing the body, you're detoxing the spirit.
And it's just the more you know God, the more you fear God, but the more you chase God.
And I wanted to say that it's an honor to stand side by side with you, the crew, and the listeners out there, 1776 worldwide.
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Crucified for no sins!
Cemetery geeks.
Alright, where do we begin?
You've heard callers call in and go, man...
I took your bodies, and I had joint pain that never went away, and it went away completely.
Or it went away 90%.
We're not saying it's some panacea, but I've had, when I was getting into supplements, because I was promoting them 10 years ago to fund the operation, went out and got the best rated companies, because I want you to get good products, but I was like, why don't we just produce them and sell them ourselves, that way we get more of the profit to expand.
Because we couldn't expand at the money we were making.
You know, just having sponsors.
And then they try to target the sponsors and stuff like that too, as you know.
And the biggest thing ever was turmeric, turmeric, turmeric, turmeric.
And I just never got around to putting turmeric out.
And then it took, it takes a couple of years to go to the big companies and try to find out what's the best.
And then they've had only for five or six years patented system where they can take turmeric
Curry, and they can, but not yellow, it's bright orange when it's really powerful, and then concentrate.
And that's what we've got is, well there it is, Study Highlights, Progress in Turmeric Supplement Quality, and then it says people are concerned about synthetic curcumin and adulteration.
Yeah, it's gotten so popular.
We have totally organic concentrated turmeric.
It's bodies.
Ease of the body.
And, I mean, what it does, and I really should take it every day.
We got so many good supplements.
I've never really been a supplement taker.
Since I started getting on them 10 years ago, it's made my life better.
But, if you take anything routinely, it's X2 and things like turmeric.
Because, I mean, I can have really bad allergies, and
I can take a bunch of turmeric and it literally deals with inflammation of the sinus.
It's amazing.
But the FDA says, hey, you don't say that.
You're not allowed to say that.
Well, the FDA actually says, do not say you need water to live.
They've been in cases where people have argued in court with them.
Well, how dare you say you don't need vitamin C or you don't need to live?
Would you say we don't need oxygen?
They've never gone that far.
But there's certain things in this universe.
And so yeah, I'm selling this to fund my operation to defeat the globalists.
It's a win-win.
And I'm here promoting products that I know work.
And yeah, there's curcumin and improves memory and mood, new study finds.
Well, because there's a lot of brain inflammation with the stuff in the environment and this reduces that.
Boy, what is Alzheimer's?
They admit it's mainly brain inflammation.
It's chronic.
I've had brain surgeons on like... Blaylock.
And ours is the best out there.
Doesn't mean somebody else isn't using the patented process, but we are as strong as like seven different companies we approach that are top of the line can produce.
I'm going to go to your calls and stop talking about it.
We've got our great super blue fluoride free fortified with a little silver iodine.
Toothpaste we're selling.
And it's all about toothpaste.
Makes your life better.
Funds our operation.
Win, win, win, win, win.
It's like David Hogg famously went a few months ago.
You know Alex Jones does a whole video about chemicals in the water causing marine life to have problems and then he has a water filter ad after it.
Like he discovered that I was like a secret coded scam.
No, no.
There's a lot of bad stuff in the water.
The number one thing you can do is filter your water overall.
And we sell really good systems.
Yes, I said the water's got problems, you need to filter it.
And then I'm gonna sell you a filter.
Yeah, it's called being direct, dude.
In fact, can we play that audio?
One of his famous things is saying that, uh, one of his most famous statements was saying that tap water is turning the frogs gay and will turn you gay too.
First off, gay people are awesome.
I don't think that's a problem at all.
And secondly, if you notice at the end of that video, he advertises water filters.
Notice you don't hear about David Hogg anymore because the soulless psychopaths that run these anti-gun campaigns thought, because he was like a little monster like they are in my view, that this little megalomaniac was selling.
No, he hurt you bad.
He probably gave Trump five points at the polls.
By the way, son, it isn't about men that are naturally attracted to other men or women that are attracted to women.
It is, that's always happened.
I don't judge people, I don't hate him.
God judges people.
But most of the frogs now are either quasi-sterile, sterile.
And Atrazine makes male frogs go try to fertilize the eggs of other males.
There are no eggs.
There are no more frogs.
So you're like, gay people are awesome!
What's wrong with it doing it to... It's no more people, brother.
Atrazine does have the same effects in mammals as it has in frogs, and it changes areas of the brain associated with the olfactory nerve.
That's the nose, my friend.
That's the part of your brain that hooks to your nose.
Everything else that make men feel attracted to other men.
The Pentagon developed a Atrazine type spray that they would spray.
They tested it, actually.
In Iraq, that's classified, but it was, it got leaked.
You can pull it up, gay bomb.
They always take a clip of me going, gay bomb, baby.
Then I show BBC, but they, they cut the BBC, and it's basically a chemical cocktail, not just of atrazine, they add some other chemicals, it's classified, but the word is, it's like, what's ecstasy's compound?
I forgot.
They mix that with Atrazine and stuff, and then they spray that on you, and you'll start having sex with a fire hydrant, you know.
I mean, the point is, is that sex is all based not even on visual.
Men, it smells with women particularly.
But they can flip that on, and that's what?
You know everybody knows about that?
Well, they've got weaponized perfumes, basically.
That will make men attracted to other men.
And they want you to do that so you don't have kids.
And there are the gay frogs.
It's PBS, Associated Press.
What's the name of that show?
Democracy Now.
But they think you're dumb.
They think... We're actually showing gay frog porn right now.
I think that's legal.
It's like PBS.
This is from PBS.
And that is two male frogs.
And hey, if he wants to have sex with a male frog, it's like, you know, it's a cool deal.
We'll put a little pink tattoo on him.
The point is, there'll be no more frogs.
They'll be extinct.
Yeah, there it is.
Told you.
Sense of smell is linked to sexual orientation, study reveals.
So they flip a pheromone receptor that's connected to endorphins and connected to areas of the brain associated with sexual desire where you want to have sex with men.
There were studies on that, they actually did in the 70s in Europe, where they found bodybuilders that were heterosexual, when they actually went on a bunch of steroids and things, you'd think they would become more male, but it caused like a feedback loop, and most of the male bodybuilders became gay.
That also gets into all the study because the hormones break down then into female hormones and it overjacks things and then women don't smell good to a male anymore and they want to have sex with males.
Now, again, this is artificially being done and I've just read the science.
It's not like I'm a rocket scientist here.
We're gonna go to Brake, we're gonna go to James, we're gonna go to Mike, we're gonna go to Jillian, we're gonna go to Jeff, we're gonna go to Knowledge, we're gonna go to Gay Frog next.
Since I brought up Gay Frogs when we returned, and I thank you all.
But these last four or five folks that have been holding for an hour and a half, you all get...
T-shirt, supplement, whatever you want, $30 value.
It's my new rule, you hold over an hour, you get that.
And that's a hassle for the crew, but we'll do it.
We'll have customer service call you, give you whatever you like, mail to your door, from InfoWarsLive.com or InfoWarsStore.com.
That's my rule, so I don't feel guilty making you hold, but I can't get to everybody.
These callers are all great anyways, and I had to just get into that.
So if you're a radio listener, you hear me talking about this, go look it up.
They know what they're doing.
They know what they're doing.
So, that's a fact.
And facts are facts.
They're stubborn things.
We'll be back.
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That's InfoWarsLife.com.
If you use a knife to mutilate your daughter's vagina, will the full force of the law be brought down on you?
Asking for a Muslim, it's on all of us to tackle this problem.
Social media companies, governments, politicians, the media, and you.
Let's work together to end this hate.
So, if you point out that...
Almost all the girls in Pakistan, you name it, now it's happening to tens of thousands in England, sexual grooming.
They spin it, they don't address what they're doing.
Oh my God, you just talked bad about a child!
I want to ban you, you're hateful!
Hobbs is the daughter of a Pakistani Muslim father and Scottish Catholic mother, born in Glasgow, Scotland, and raised in a polygamous home.
She was forced into marriage when she was 18 years old.
She left after almost
Three years of hell.
The only time in her life when she thought of suicide.
She now writes at Alt News Media about her biggest passion to raise awareness about the abuse of Muslim children by Muslim men.
Again, she is at Alt News Media.
So, Shazia, thank you so much for joining us.
You're very polite.
You're very nice.
You're very well-spoken.
You just replied asking the mayor to lead a campaign on female genital mutilation.
What can you testify to folks goes on inside Islam with young girls, babies,
And Khan spinning it as if you saying please stop mutilation was some type of threat on him.
You know, he read out a few different tweets as well.
He read out one where he said that somebody called him a sparrow.
I don't see anything hateful about that at all.
He read out another one that somebody had called him a pigeon.
And then he read out the tweet that I asked him, you know, I asked him, will the full force of the law be brought down on parents who mutilate their daughter's vaginas?
And he read that out as a hate speech, which is just absolute nonsense.
We don't have an exact number of how many girls have been cut in the UK.
They estimate the figure at 137,000.
We have FGM clinics open to deal with the aftermath.
We have a zero-tolerance day for FGM.
We have BME charities that are giving funding.
But we have not one single parent that has been punished.
It's child abuse.
We made it illegal in 1985 in the UK.
We never ever should have had a special law for FGM.
Child abuse is just completely wrong.
Why do you think Khan misrepresented you and demonized you and sided with millions of little girls having their genitals cut off?
I have no idea, honestly.
I really don't know why.
I can't understand how he could stand there.
Like, how can he stand there and beat that out and think that people are going to believe it's his speech?
It's just, it's just, it's really bad.
But that's what the left does.
They just misrepresent what we say.
That's what they do.
Yeah, that's very true.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
We now take you live to Kentucky, where a caller named Gay Frog is calling in.
Resistance to tyrants is obedience to God.
It's Alex Jones.
I've never talked to a gay frog before, but we're about to talk to one.
Who knew that the Atrazine has a brain-increasing power where frogs can now talk, not just become sterile and die when they've taken it.
So, Gay Frog, how are you doing from Kentucky?
Hello, Alex.
I totally disagree with you, by the way, but I can't stand how the media is lambasting you.
I mean, saying that you groom your employees for gay sex.
First of all, that's totally untrue, because I've been trying to have gay sex with you for years, and nothing's worked.
I didn't put acid in your coffee, and it made you more straight.
Is Rob Due there?
Maybe we could do the Due.
I'm just kidding.
So I have to vote for Hillary, because I'm a gay Democrat.
Gay frogs gotta stick together!
She said you had a very dark heart, but I'm hoping you have a lily white bottom.
And beware that Gavin Newsom.
He's a bad news, I'm sure.
Um, have you heard from Mark Dice lately?
I mean, maybe we could go to Vegas and blow the dice.
Sorry, sorry.
Are you a comedian, Gay Frog?
Well, I'm a frog, as you know.
I identify as a frog, but comedy is subjective, so not everyone can handle my frogness.
What if I start identifying as a gay frog?
Would that be good?
Yeah, maybe we could do a little Code Hopscotch.
Know what I mean?
Sounds like a plan.
All right, seriously, what's on your mind?
The primary hot topic of immigration?
Yes, and I think it's a political football.
I've seen a lot of coverage of Gavin Newsom recently, and the rumors have it that he's a gay stateless.
I don't know if that's true or not, that's speculation, but he seems to be their poster child and Trump has to run in the second term because it's just like a bully who takes their foot off your neck.
You can reprieve yourself.
They're about to kill you if you let them go any further.
I think we can't last without Trump.
I'm just telling you, he'd like to turn stuff around and hand the baton.
And I would blame him.
He's 72.
That means he'll be running for re-election when he's 74.
And I'm just telling you, that is his wish.
I've confirmed that he'd like to turn stuff around, have a bunch of peace deals, show he can do it in four years, and leave.
But I agree.
That he needs to stick around, but you know what?
It'd be game-changing if he could turn a lot of stuff around with our help.
God bless you, gay frog.
By the way, I think frogs should be gay if they choose to be gay.
I just don't think you should be given atrazine to make you gay.
And that's a fact, but again, I'm a humble water filter merchant.
Let's go to James in Louisiana.
You're on the air, James.
Welcome to the airwaves.
What's going on, Alex?
I was going to say, I kind of feel like the executive order to keep the families together that basically pulled the political wind out of the liberal cells keeps them from being able to use that now.
Well, there's no doubt they were trying to create a civil war and just total hysteria.
And have you noticed now that he even did that, which I don't even know how you grab people when they don't even know who the parents are and put them in general population.
I think it's probably bad.
Now it turns out the mother of the crying child was previously deported in 2013 for new listeners who just joined us.
CNN knew that the little girl was taken to a migrant family center and was never removed.
They just, they lied.
They were told on the site.
So what should happen to CNN in time for lying?
Well, they'll just move on to new lies.
I mean, that's what I'm saying is...
We had a caller earlier that pointed out that at some point we've got to ignore them because they engage us in debate, always covering their last lie, and that makes us always get on their play sheet.
But, it lets them set the agenda, but at the same time, a lot of people would buy the lies if we didn't counter the lies.
So, I don't know how you walk that line dealing with it, but as time goes on, it seems like they're losing more and more credibility as they just get caught telling whoppers on purpose.
What do you think, James?
I mean, that's like the surface level chest that's able to be seen, that we can see through the public eye.
But also though, yesterday, I don't know, I kind of felt like I had somewhat of a download, like of some sorts.
You said you had an epiphany?
Pretty much, yeah.
I tried to call in yesterday while it was fresh on my mind, but whenever you talk about the 100th Monkey deal, and you know, you hear all about this DMT I heard you ranting yesterday.
Well, I hear, you know, throughout the research, the destroyed
Atlantis, you know, the story of Atlantis, the completely disappeared civilizations throughout the history that we can find.
And then I see how stuff can be injected into TV shows, stuff like that, cartoons, pretty much everything.
Well, I remember seeing a few cartoons, a South Park episode, where
You know, the aliens came and done a test, and we failed the test, so when they left, pretty much put the Earth and the Moon in a galactic box.
We couldn't get out, you know, because we failed the galactic test.
And then I've seen some other shows that pretty much said the same thing.
And the globalists are trying to make sure we fail the galactic test.
That is basically the summation that everyone's come up with.
You know one of the stories about Atlantis, how they tested the rulers, the subsequent rulers.
Some say there was some type of
Well, if you read what Plato wrote, everything else he wrote has been proven historically, so it's really weird when you're reading stuff 2,300 years old, and he's like, and they had flying machines and a big energy beam, and yeah, there were some visitors, and you're like, is this like some, exactly, it's wild!
But also, there was a word that certain beings couldn't say, and if they said it,
Well, here's the bottom line.
This planet's ultra-old, there's a lot of stuff going on, and evil's real.
And good's real.
And there are people that want to play God, who say they've got to get rid of world population before they become God.
That's pretty obvious.
Whatever's telling them this is bad news.
And the Bible's coming true.
And so, that doesn't mean the churches are telling the truth, but it means that transmission of John the Revelator on the Isle of Patmos is important.
God bless you, James.
Great points.
But I totally agree with him.
Just because they've had this policy of splitting parents up from kids,
Since 1630, when we were colonies, at Ellis Island right through, and they're gonna make a big thing out of this.
Technically, if somebody can prove they're their parent, okay, we'll keep you together.
But they already do that at most of these centers.
That's why the New York Times is showing a bunch of men going, look at these little boys, and they're not with their mommies.
They're like full-grown men!
So... It's the attempt for hype to override reality.
I mean, some of these guys they're calling babies have mustaches!
But that's what I'm saying, Ish.
If you have a neighbor that says they're gonna water your plants and take care of your cat or dog, you come back, your cat's run away, your plants are dead, and there's, you know, ashtrays and cigarette butts, and you totally got a party in your house, you don't ever associate with that neighbor again.
But we've had the globalists lying to us thousands of times and being caught, and we still listen to CNN, but we won't really, do we?
So I'm just wondering when this ends.
I mean, it's... Because I'm watching Trump like a hawk, man.
He does something he said he wasn't going to do, I blow up at him.
Then I kind of pull back and go, well, he's been 95% honest, and he's the president, he knows stuff, I don't know.
I kind of get ashamed.
But that's because I totally want to see him as perfect, so I get extra mad.
But at least I'm being honest.
The left thinks you're idiots.
They get off on screwing you over.
They're not the left.
They're con men.
Donnie Deutsch says everybody that supports Trump is Hitler and get in our faces?
Listen, dude, I know you're this tough.
I challenge Donnie Deutsch to a $50,000 boxing match, three rounds for the charity of his choice.
And of course he won't take it.
None of them ever take it.
And I'm not that tough, but I'll get in the ring with him.
I'm old.
Can't catch my breath.
I'll get in there and I'll beat the living snot out of that guy.
I'll pull a Mike Tyson on him.
But the point is, I mean, I'm sick of these thug punks, man, acting like they're so damn tough.
I mean, I'd love to bust him up.
If he wants to get the bare knuckle, I'll do it too.
People always get freaked out when you punch them and they split open every time.
They can't believe it.
Like, you ever been hit like that?
Try this!
I'll have you wearing your nose on top of your head, you punk.
You call the American people Nazis, you scumbag piece of crap.
But I said do it legally.
In a ring.
Bare knuckles if you want.
I'd love to bust you up, buddy.
I'll bust you up good.
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Let's go ahead and go to Lloyd in Washington.
You're on the air.
Thanks for holding.
Mr. Alex Jones.
Hey, brother.
Good, man.
Thank you for calling.
Hey, hey.
I just want to say thanks for your products and everything that you're doing to try to save the country.
I mean, I've tried your Secret 12, Super Male, Anthroplex, the Silver Bullet, Biome Defense, Micro ZX.
I mean, it's all good stuff.
Secret 12, if everybody would just drop their energy drinks and get some Secret 12, take a shot of that.
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Real organic B12 is sweet.
And exactly.
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Secret 12, 30 minutes later, massive energy.
It's amazing.
Yeah, that stuff will wake you up.
And the clarity of mind that comes along with that is just amazing.
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
There's a need for a new world order.
But it has different characteristics in different parts of the world.
Live from Austin, Texas, broadcasting worldwide, it's Alex Jones.
I'm gonna make a key point at the start of the next segment.
Remind me to do it.
I forget.
But I just don't get why people keep betting on socialism and communism and collectivism, and they buy into hype.
I mean, I watch people that toady around attacking me, and they just buy whatever the latest bull is and just put it out like trying to be pertinent, trying to matter, and it's so stupid!
Don't you see what we're doing, changing the world, fixing things?
And then you think we're the enemy?
It's crazy!
And, you know,
I talk to people like Donny Deutch like he's a thug, because he is a thug.
He's always threatening the president and threatening his family and shooting his mouth off.
And a thug like that, man, needs to deliver on what he's saying there.
We need to start intimidating and bullying Americans and calling them Nazis to their face.
You're a freaking thug, man.
You're a lying piece of crap.
And I don't appreciate your fat mouth.
You're a coward.
There's no way you're going to call me Deutsch.
Doesn't matter, you'd raise a million dollars in the ring with me.
I'll climb in that ring with you.
I mean, I want to get in that ring with you.
You run your big fat mouth.
I want to bust those lips up so bad.
I want to bust your nose up so hard.
I don't care what you do to my face.
It's not going to do nothing to me.
It's because you're a thug!
You're a bully!
Somebody needs to deal with you!
All you leftists, you'll kidnap, baron Trump, raping, fake kids on TV, all your crap!
You're a bunch of desperate thugs, so they roll you out every time to try to thug out on TV, like you're tough.
You're an un-American piece of crap.
And you know what?
I don't have to worry about you.
I think Americans are gonna deal with you.
You're gonna run into some real Americans, Deutsch.
And they're gonna get to run your fat mouth in a parking lot and see what you can do.
So sick of these guys that are tough all day, they haven't done jack crap, but sit there and lick the rear end of the globalist and grovel to a failing system.
But thank God you don't even know what you're doing.
You're going down with a ship and I love it.
I take offense him saying all Americans that voted for Trump are Nazi death camp guards, when you leftists are funded by a real guy that delivered people to death camps, George Soros.
That pisses me off, Deutsch!
Knowledge in Pennsylvania, you're on the air, go ahead.
I guess knowledge is gone.
No, I'm here.
Go ahead, sorry to keep you holding, go ahead.
Hey, what's going on, Alex?
I initially called about the ingenious optics that Time Warner put on their cover, but that's just for their minions, because no one really truly reads
Time Magazine.
I think it's something to just discard us from what's really going on.
You spoke about the disease X. They got that in, they have that in the mix.
So if Donald Trump only go four years, they're threatening him with that disease.
And I really truly feel, it's just my opinion, that if he does not run another term, they will
Implement that around America.
Right now they're doing it in China.
They're testing, but we are the ace in the yard.
If Donald Trump do not run a second election,
We may be screwed because the D-State is so in shape.
No, I totally agree, but you get why he wants to come in and turn it all around and get out with class.
He knows how second terms are.
Stay there, Knowledge.
When we come back, let Knowledge finish with Julian, then Mike, then...
He's taking over.
Joel Gilbert's got a full raft for you lined up.
And then the War Room with Owen Schroyer and others.
But boom, boom, boom.
I'm going to finish up with Knowledge and Jillian and Mike real quick.
And then we are out of here until... I'm going to do a live show Saturday and Sunday.
There's so much going on.
I'm going to be here all weekend long.
But yeah, I'm going to do an update on Disease X today, I think, because, man, I tell you, my gut level's got me concerned.
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Another world.
Another time.
In the age of wonder.
Where you turn lead into gold.
Did it really exist?
Who knows, but now they have technology where they can do it.
Receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
Live from Austin, Texas.
Broadcasting worldwide.
It's Alex Jones.
But the real alchemy is a woman from Central America, deported in 2013, bringing her little four-year-old daughter up with her to the coyotes, to the smugglers, into the U.S., crying in the dark, because she's scared, who wouldn't be, being sent to a refugee family center, never separated from her mother, and then she's the poster child that she was separated as a lie.
That's alchemy.
You take the abuse of a child through that desert, that hell,
God, if a parent gives their kid beer, they take them away.
Or if a parent, you know, doesn't give them enough meals every day, they take them away.
But you do that, and you're A-OK.
That is alchemy.
That's taking a crime by that mother, and then lying and saying Trump separated her when it wasn't even true!
That's incredible!
Joel Gilbert, filmmaker, author, researcher, he's taking over in a few minutes.
Finishing up, though, real fast, we're talking the knowledge of Pennsylvania.
You were laying out some knowledge.
What else were you going to add, my friend?
Well, are you there, Alex?
Yes, sir.
I really, truly believe, and it's just my only opinion, that if Donald Trump do not run for the next election,
They're gonna pull it out anyway.
They're gonna put that disease out on us anyway.
So Donald Trump must.
I know he has a family.
I know this is very dangerous stuff.
But he needs to be there.
Because we have no one else we can rely on.
The swamp is deep, Alex.
It's very deep.
No, I agree, but can you believe Trump's real?
We're so used to liars.
I mean, my gut told me he was good, but now everything's starting to turn around and then they're lying about everything and then it just, it gets so crazy.
I can't even believe it at this point.
So should we stand with him?
Should we stand with Donald?
Should Donald stand with us?
He must, because if he doesn't, who else is going to take his place?
I'll tell you how cool the president is, without getting into the details.
He's literally worried about me getting attacked.
And, and, and, and sees what they're doing to me.
I mean, Trump, Trump, I mean, he's so good.
It's unbelievable.
I mean, it's, it's, it's something else.
He's like superhuman, man.
Hundreds of phone calls a day, constant work, up 18 hours a day.
It's, it's actually pretty crazy.
And I'm going to get Joel Gilmer's take on that real fast here in a second, but real quick, let's go to Mike in Canada, then Julian, and that's it.
Thank you, Knowledge.
Great points.
Go ahead, Mike.
Hey Alex, just want to let you know that the fake news is neck and neck up here in Canada with what's going on in the U.S.
I had to visit my parents on this last weekend and watched Global News on Sunday completely do a hit piece on their Global BC broadcast.
And it starts off with the immigration boat being rejected in Italy.
Then it goes to the sob story about the manufactured migrant crisis on the southern border.
And the news lady starts off by, Trump has called them snakes and criminals.
Yet migrants escaping poverty and violence are being separated from their children at the border.
This stupid sob story is nothing but fake news, manufactured crisis to cover up the biggest corruption scandal in history, with both the Clinton email scandal and the Trump-Russian collusion scandal.
There is zero coverage of that anywhere in Canada.
The only one reporting on it
It's Fox News in the U.S.
That's it.
Truer words never said.
And despite that, we're beating the globalists right now.
But you're absolutely on target.
The propaganda where Obama said, bring everybody up, bring everybody.
And so it happened.
And then they show four-year-old video before they built the emergency centers and say it's Trump.
I mean, every level's a hoax.
And then they get caught, but then they move on to a new lie before we ever expose the last lie.
God bless you, Mike.
Great points.
Anything else?
Well, it's just sad that they don't have any news coverage showing the obstructionist Schumer saying, we're not going to table a bill in Congress.
Well, obviously what's Trump going to do to appease everybody in the country?
Because this is the flashpoint when really the corruption from the last election and the corruption going back even past 9-1-1 going back to JFK is just, it's just the corruption as far as I'm concerned with the Clinton scandal, the tip of the iceberg.
But here's the good news.
Trump isn't appeasing them with this executive order.
He's playing judo.
And they don't know what to do.
It's incredible.
But these people are fully committed to evil.
They have no idea how they're out there in their own little corrupt bubble like a cess tank.
And it's incredible.
All right, thank you, Mike.
Have a great weekend.
Real quick, Julian, last caller.
Then we have the great Joel Gilbert taking over.
Julian from upstate New York, go ahead.
Hi Alex, Trump will be elected to a second term because we need him, we want him, it will be him regardless of who likes it or not.
He's gonna stay president.
Listen, when Roger Stone said three weeks ago that Trump just wants to turn it around and hand the baton, I was like, and I talked to some high level folks, that's actually the game plan.
And so, but that's if Trump can get everything turned around before then.
And I agree with you, we don't, not that Pence is a bad guy.
I'll ask Joel Gibbert that question in a minute, but what do you think?
George Washington tried that already.
When he was elected for the first term, he barely wanted to be in there.
And they needed George Washington.
We need Trump even more than we needed George!
And even if we have to write his name in, whether he likes it or not, kicking or screaming, he's going to stay president because we need him.
I hear you.
I hear you.
Julian, thank you.
I'm going to turn this over to Joel Gilbert.
He's got a big raft of guests and stuff to cover.
But Joel, you heard my questions there, I mean, about where we are, what they're going to pull next scam, what's happening with Trump.
This is surreal, the point we've gotten to.
And you heard the questions I asked earlier.
Go ahead and take over.
I really appreciate Joel Gilbert, filmmaker, coming on and hosting here, joelgilbert.net.
So the show's yours.
Thank you.
Thanks, Alex.
Look, I'm going to have Jack Cashill on shortly.
He wrote a great article, How Deep is the Deep State?
He's going to talk about how McCarthy went up against the deep state 50 years ago and how similar it is today.
And I'm going to talk about also our latest embarrassment out of here in Hollywood.
Peter Fonda, known around Hollywood as having a very low IQ, a low IQ of about four, lashed out on Twitter, threatening, of course, the president's son, the children of federal agents.
So I'm going to talk about how liberal violence
is going to the mainstream through Hollywood.
Don't forget when Trump was elected, Madonna said, I thought about blowing up the White House.
Now, we didn't take it that seriously at the time.