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Name: 20180612_Tue_Alex
Air Date: June 12, 2018
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Alex Jones discusses InfoWars’ struggle against dominant social media platforms due to lack of resources and questions their motives for not charging users. He suggests taking action and getting off social media, while also discussing issues such as addiction, liberal propaganda in media, government corruption, and censorship.

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If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
And thank you for joining us.
We are live broadcasting worldwide.
I am your host, Alex Jones.
We're going to have Owen Shroyer co-hosting from the ATX with us today.
We have Katie Hopkins from Moscow with some big developments from there joining us via Skype and so much more.
We're obviously going to be opening the phones up so all of you have a chance to give your take, your view on what's happening in North Korea.
But here's the final equation.
Mainstream media is trying to spin this that it's a good thing for communist China, that it's a good thing for North Korea.
The Washington Post is, you've got the Democrats apoplectic, we've got compilation videos on InfoWars.com, just running the whole thing down.
Here's what's happening.
The globalists were using North Korea as a set piece, giving it the weapons, giving it the missiles, but keeping it in a very, very controlled collapse fashion as a set piece to control that whole region.
If Trump can come in and swoop in like we did 40 years after being enemies with Vietnam and turn into an American ally, it's a giant coup for humanity, especially the people of North Korea.
Kim Jong-un, the third generation dictator, and they have committed unbelievable communist crimes against their people.
But it was our CIA in 49 that put Mao in.
It was the leftists, the Ford Foundation, this is all declassified, that made MacArthur stand down in 53.
And not take out the 3 million Chinese troops that have come in to supplement the millions that have already come in.
And so this has all been part of a UN action since then, 60 plus years ago, July 27th, 1953.
We do the math.
60 plus years ago.
And so Trump's coming in and saying, listen, you're the land between two lands.
South Korea, with the highest GDP for any one nation in the world, per capita.
With China, with the third largest GDP in the world.
Per total numbers, for a second, because it would be US, China, and then for total GDPs, it would then look like something like the EU.
But for individual nations, South Korea has the largest GDP in the world.
And they've got a $12.3 billion GDP in North Korea and a $1.4 trillion GDP, 113 times bigger in, and that's according to the IMF and World Bank, in
South Korea.
So they have 113 times bigger.
So Trump comes in and is trying to cut North Korea out from communist China and out from the globalists that have used it for strategic tension.
And it's simply saying, listen, the best way for you to empower your people and let them eat meat and let them have a high calorie diet.
And for an American, you know, people make jokes about that.
Most North Koreans have never had meat.
Might have had fish.
I mean, that's how enslaved they are.
That's the true dark ages of communism they're in.
So if he can go in there and at least create some type of capitalist system with a ruling class, that will trickle down to the people and be a better system and reform them over time.
Like we've seen in China.
China's still terrible and horrible in the slave factories and kills political dissidents, but compared to Mao killing 80-plus million people, they probably only killed, most estimates are, 15 million since Mao was in?
It's a reform of sorts.
Well, if you've got hundreds of thousands of people in slave camps, millions that have been killed, starving to death in North Korea,
The sanctions only work if you crush the regime.
That still hurts the people, but then get them to get off the people's back and then allow liberalization as it's called economically in these regimes.
That doesn't mean liberalization as in the liberals turning us into North Korea.
So Trump is shaking it up.
He's had a lot of smart advisors doing this.
I agree with it.
It doesn't mean I like back slapping of Kim Jong-un.
It doesn't mean I like all the glad-handing, but it shows that Trump understands the Asian system of face as well, and that he has to do that for their own propaganda in North Korea, almost forcing Kim Jong-un to accept the deal of a carpet of gold instead of a carpet of bombs.
We'll break it all down straight ahead.
I'm Alex Jones.
History's happening.
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Welcome, ladies and gentlemen.
Thank you so much for joining us.
Here is President Trump going to shake hands with the North Korean hereditary dictator, Kim Jong-un.
This is just yesterday.
All right.
Again, ladies and gentlemen, it is Tuesday.
We are broadcasting worldwide, ladies and gentlemen.
Of course, it's really now Wednesday over in North Korea, over in Singapore.
Let's look at the calculus of what's happened here.
Trump has said he wants planetary victory.
He wants free market, truly open societies that aren't run by the globalists, that aren't anti-human, that aren't anti-family, that aren't based in an austerity plan to create neo-feudalistic fascism in the globalist's own terms.
The ultimate example of neo-feudalistic authoritarianism is North Korea.
Third generation hereditary dictator, the land between South Korea and North Korea.
And Trump rightfully said, look at yourself.
As the land between these two giant economic superpowers, you have a $12.3 billion gross domestic product in North Korea, and that's probably puffed up numbers.
South Korea has a 1.4 trillion GDP.
That is the largest for a population that size in the world per capita.
They have the number one economy in the world, the most connected Internet-wise.
Highest level test scores, you name it, South Korea.
Now you have the genetically identical people of the North, and geographically almost the same amount of land, and they can't produce one automobile or tie their shoelaces, because that's communism.
Something that all these kids with skinny jeans and smartphones that don't want to have a job, and their little, you know, sailor outfits and stuff that, you know, make fun of them for wars, can hardly talk, but they want to live under communism or socialism.
And they like Bernie Sanders, who likes, you know, he likes $100,000 Audis and million-dollar houses and million-dollar vacation homes.
But you dirty Americans don't have it.
So Trump goes in there and he rightfully shows him a video.
In fact, I sent that video to you guys.
If you haven't, we can roll it in the background for him.
He just shows them a real estate development video from Miami.
And how they took real areas a decade ago and built them up outside Miami and the media said, well, that wasn't even North Korea.
That's Miami.
The point is, is it's how they can develop things very quickly.
And the fastest thing North Korea can do versus raw material they've already been selling to China and others is and Russia is become a big tourist attraction.
Open up.
They got great beaches.
They got great land.
End all the tyranny.
And you're talking in five years you could already have six or seven big resorts, building like Cancun did, you name it.
People want to go somewhere new.
They want to go check out North Korea if it wasn't so authoritarian.
And so that's what Trump's telling him.
Now again, China wants to keep them poor.
They want to keep North Korea, Korea period, under their control.
China has had more than 20 wars
With Korea.
China absolutely hates Korea.
Korea has always been nothing but problems for China for 2,000 years.
The Japanese can't stand Korea.
They're constantly invading it.
So these three groups have always been at war with each other.
And Trump is going in there and saying, look at South Korea.
They went with us, and they've got a $1.4 trillion economy.
Their average person makes like $80,000 a year.
Your average person makes, what, a couple hundred dollars a year?
You want to join us.
They have the top medicine.
They have the top everything.
You want to go that direction.
Look at the culture.
Look at the music.
Look at everything coming out of South Korea.
It's super successful all over the world.
Movies, music, art, literature, computers, science, technology, weapons.
It's all out of South Korea.
It's rivaling Japan.
What happened to you?
What happened to you?
Well, you've been under communism.
And so Trump shows them art, literature, culture, shows them a video with cut ends of North Korea of symphonies and music and industry and things, you know, to show them the difference
Of what you've been under, just like he'd show Eastern Germans a video if he could, a film clip of what you're living under versus what you could do.
And our sickening evil media, when you've got the West and capitalism and freedom of religion and everything, literally reaching a hand out to North Korea, something our elites since 1949 have not done.
Our corrupt Ford Foundation and Annenberg Foundation and these big globalist foundations, since 49, put Mao Zedong in power, had him invade
And they use it as a model of UN control to practice just like Hitler and Stalin had split up Poland or split up other areas of Europe before World War II or in the first years of it before the big war kicked off during the German expansion.
Russia and Germany would divide countries.
Well, the UN set it up where it'd be the arbiter, set up by the Rockefellers on record, to decide how land would get divided up.
If you look all over the world, the West and Russia would divide up land, or the West and China would divide up land.
So that's basically what happened.
They tested that whole police action that killed hundreds of thousands of Americans, three million Koreans on both sides.
Now, 60 plus years later,
To the grandson of the first communist dictator, Trump is, turn it loose.
We'll have no more drills.
We'll pull our military out 80%.
You've got to cut your military.
You've got to get rid of all the nukes.
We will instantly come in with power stations.
We'll come in with sewer treatment.
We will come in and we will start building giant hotels here.
Next year.
By next year, we will start building gigantic hotels.
The South is ready to pour in with hundreds of billions of dollars.
We're ready to come in.
There will be a gold rush into your country, the likes of which you've never seen.
Just put down all the communist flags.
Stop it.
Stop starting people to death.
You just need to be powerful and lord over them.
Stop being devil worshipers.
I mean, it's that simple.
Put down the red devil flags.
Just stop it.
If you'll just do that, and you notice they were using their national flag at these events, not their Communist Party flags.
See, they're already starting to remove that a little bit.
So, that's the reality of what Trump went in and showed him, and it's the right thing to do because you could leave it where China gets all the raw materials for nothing.
China uses it as an absolute slave colony, just like China uses its own people as slaves.
The Communist Chinese see the poor farmers and all their people as just dog meat.
They see them as absolute food.
They see them as absolute garbage.
The Chinese told the U.S.
go ahead and nuke us, we want to get rid of half our population.
Well, they signed up with the Rockefellers to reduce their population massively with a one-shot policy and killed 500, you know, I mean, per town.
In some areas.
We're talking about 50 million children, little girls nationwide that got killed.
But we're talking about massive, massive, massive numbers of people and in mobile execution vans and just this ruthless, cold-blooded, anti-human, perfectly communist, perfectly technocrat attitude of China, who really is the villain.
China owns Hollywood.
China owns our debt.
China's all over the South China Sea.
China's expanding.
China's threatening everybody.
China got the Office of Personnel Management files.
21 million from Obama.
China is the dominant force expanding.
Russia's not in our business.
Russia's trying to stabilize itself.
The U.S.
is trying to stabilize itself.
And Trump's trying to use our power.
He's trying to use that to parlay it into unifying Korea, basically, with economic power into the next decade.
And into the decade after that, having real unification like Eastern
We're good to go.
You know, this is a terrible thing Trump's done.
If Obama could have done one-tenth of this, they would have given him another Nobel Peace Prize.
I don't think Trump wants one of these so-called peace prizes because Kissinger and Al Gore and people have got them and Obama has them.
It's a albatross around your neck.
When we come back, we'll play some clips of Trump's powerful press conference.
Owen Schroer is going to chime in as well.
And we've got Katie Hopkins from Moscow coming up, bottom of the hour.
But straight ahead, Trump says, I said, look at it.
They think you're a goldfish!
I've been betting on you my whole life!
I believe in you!
I don't think you're stupid!
One man ever raped a woman!
All genitals were cut off!
And we're kicking these traitors' asses politically!
And we're not backing down on her!
I want to kick these people!
We're winning!
I can feel the spirit rising!
Can't you?
We have broken their back!
Yes, I can feel it!
Let's go!
Come on!
Come on!
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If you use a knife to mutilate your daughter's vagina, will the full force of the law be brought down on you?
Asking for a Muslim.
It's on all of us to tackle this problem.
Social media companies, governments, politicians, the media, and you.
Let's work together to end this hate.
So, if you point out that
Almost all the girls in Pakistan, you name it, now it's happening to tens of thousands in England, sexual grooming.
They spin it, they don't address what they're doing.
Oh my God, you just talked bad about a child!
I want to ban you, you're hateful!
Hobbs is the daughter of a Pakistani Muslim father and Scottish Catholic mother, born in Glasgow, Scotland, and raised in a polygamous home.
She was forced into marriage when she was 18 years old.
She left after almost
Three years of hell, the only time in her life when she thought of suicide.
She now writes at Alt News Media about her biggest passion to raise awareness about the abuse of Muslim children by Muslim men.
Again, she is at Alt News Media, altnewsmedia.net.
And Khan spinning it as if you saying please stop mutilation was some type of threat on him.
You know, he read out a few different tweets as well.
He read out one where he said that somebody called him a sparrow.
I don't see anything hateful about that at all.
He read out another one that somebody had called him a pigeon.
And then he read out the tweet that I asked him, you know, I asked him, will the full force of the law be brought down on parents who mutilate their daughter's vaginas?
And he read that out as a hate speech, which is just absolute nonsense.
We don't have an exact number of how many girls have been cut in the UK.
They estimate the figure at 137,000.
We have FGM clinics open to deal with the aftermath.
We have a zero-tolerance day for FGM.
We have BME charities that are giving funding.
But we have not one single parent that has been punished.
It's child abuse.
We made it illegal in 1985 in the UK.
We never ever should have had a special law for FGM.
It's child abuse.
It's just completely wrong.
Why do you think Khan misrepresented you and demonized you and sided with millions of little girls having their genitals cut off?
I have no idea, honestly.
I really don't know why.
I can't understand how he could stand there.
Like, how can he stand there and read that out and think that people are going to believe it's hate speech?
It's just, it's just, it's really bad.
But that's what the left does.
They just misrepresent what we say.
That's what they do.
Yeah, that's pretty true.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
Defending the Republic from enemies, foreign and domestic.
It's Alex Jones.
As an example, they have great beaches.
You see that whenever they're exploding their cannons into the ocean, right?
I said, boy, look at that, wouldn't that make a great condo behind?
And I explained, I said, you know, instead of doing that, you could have the best hotels in the world right there.
Think of it from a real estate perspective.
You have South Korea, you have China, and they own the land in the middle.
How bad is that, right?
It's great.
But I told them, I said, you may not want to do
Here's the bottom line.
Trump is trying to save North Korea.
The UN and the globalists are on record putting Mao in power, letting him invade, trying to take it over.
Having to be a UN police action blocking MacArthur from winning was a model of Vietnam to come.
Then China exploits North Korea for its raw material, just like China is exploiting us, everybody else and their own people.
And now Trump is reaching out and trying to break the stalemate.
And bring North Korea in out of the dark.
A huge victory for America and the world.
And the North is moving towards giving up its weapons to do this, because he's first brought them to their knees.
And our mainstream media that praised Obama, trying to have meetings and praised others, praised Jimmy Carter, is now saying Trump's a bad guy.
Now, Jimmy Carter's saying Trump is a good guy.
Vladimir Putin says that Trump's acting like an adult.
This is the right thing to do.
I don't like Kim Jong-un and third-generation dictators, but he was born into it.
And he's signaling he's ready to get out of it.
This is the reality of what's happening.
Trump is trying to save North Korea.
This is a major victory for the world.
It's very, very exciting.
We're ready to rewrite a new chapter between our two nations.
Trump declares victory, boasting that he trusts Kim Jong-un and persuaded him to sign a very comprehensive agreement for complete denuclearization after nearly five hours of meetings.
Now, that's just breaking.
Let's expand on this.
Why was he patting him on the back?
Because everybody knows in body language, not just in Asia, but face-saving, he's got to do that so that can be shown to their people.
And that propaganda is so powerful that they'll have to show it to their people.
Propaganda just means political information.
It can be white, black, or gray.
This is white propaganda.
It's truthful.
By doing that, they will show it to their people, and that will start dominoes falling
Where that will get the entire state apparatus behind moving towards the West and prosperity, the biggest thing those starving, dying people need in North Korea.
Again, you have a GDP in the north of 12.3 billion.
You have a GDP in the south of 1.4 trillion, 113 times bigger.
And the South just continues to grow.
This is the reality.
Meanwhile, back in America, CNN that defended
The Clintons giving nuclear missile secrets and fissile material to the North, that defended Obama, on record folks, helping transfer the Office of Personnel Management database to the Communist Chinese, letting Apple move to Communist China, the total sellout of our country.
We have MSNBC panel saying that Trump is a wannabe despot.
A wannabe despot going over there.
Well, I mean, just hear it for yourself.
Here it is.
From our closest ally in the north, that's of course Canada.
It causes us no trouble.
And then you see him huddling, these pictures of him huddling, you know, with the other guy, with Putin.
You know, it's really, it's a statement.
He can relate.
He likes Putin.
Donald Trump can relate to authoritarians.
He, as a former businessman, he likes absolute control.
Is he a wannabe despot?
Yeah, I've conceded that for years now.
I mean, we're going on years.
All of his behavior, his attacks on the free press, his attacks on alliances that are designed to strengthen our security, this is not... He has, feels more... He calls Kim Jong-un honorable, yet Justin Trudeau in Canada... He can be, he can be... Let's comment on that.
Yeah, Trump's the wannabe despot.
So, here's what's going on.
Trudeau is an enemy.
Trudeau has a 260 plus percent tariff on us on dairy alone.
Trudeau is taking the word mother and father out of government documents and out of the national anthem, mankind.
Trudeau is a globalist.
Trudeau is a puppet.
Trump knows when he's meeting with Putin, or he's meeting with Kim Jong-un, or he's meeting with the Chinese president, he's meeting with people that are actually in charge.
And over in those areas of the world, people hug each other and stuff unless they're an enemy.
So Trump is over there buttering that
Preacher, uh, show that just look, take a bunch of money.
Stop enslaving your people like a vampire.
You idiot.
You could be like the South.
So Trump's doing a great job.
And so these scumbags that normally we're criticizing Trump, we could pull this up just six months ago, calling him rocket man and a dictator and where we might nuke you, but the pressure on, oh, how dare you talk like this to Kim Jong-un?
Remember MSNBC, CNN?
Oh, how dare you talk bad to, uh, to Kim Jong-un now?
Oh my gosh.
Oh, you're so horrible being nice to him because he's making the deal.
He made the deal back in March.
And then the deal's been agreed to, and now they've had the public deal.
That was just the marriage you just saw.
We were already engaged in March.
We went through the engagement process up until now, and now you just saw them get married.
The agreement's done.
If they pull out of it, there's going to be hell to pay.
That's how real business gets done.
It's how America used to do things, called straight shooting.
Gaddafi came in, eight years invested over $100 billion in the West.
Did everything we said.
We sent in spies, overthrew his ass, killed him, and brought in radical Muslims to blow everything up.
Because the globalists don't want any independent areas around the world that are doing well.
They want to keep you like Africa, or like North Korea, starving to death.
Just like China keeps its people.
Here's another clip.
Here's Chris Hayes saying similar garbage.
Here's Chris Hayes.
Then we've got Max Boot and more.
Here's Chris Hayes.
I mean, you know, he does have a... What he is able to do is not care enough to get through every successive interaction.
And other people are burdened by caring.
Other people are burdened by a set of conceptions of their fidelity or duties to the state they represent.
Trump is not burdened by caring or actually doing what he says he'll do.
He's completely doing what he said he would do 95% when you guys 95% lie.
It's a total 180.
He totally cares.
He's totally committed.
He's getting nothing but results.
From the VA, the economy, you name it.
Unlocking the secret technologies for medicine, all of it, like I told you he'd do.
And then Chris Hayes is inverting reality about how he's unburdened from the truth.
He's unburdened from caring.
He lies.
These are the ultimate liars telling us this.
He is kind of unburdened by that.
And so you've got a situation now where no one, I don't think anyone cares, thinks that Donald Trump cares in some deep way, just as a person, whether, about the substance of the matter.
Like, is there verified denuclearization?
Is there a move towards liberalization?
Oh yeah, any of the human rights issues that Nick was talking about.
I imagine him making that case.
He cares about the headlines and everyone knows that who's on the other side of the table.
That's good.
They're not budging on the human rights.
It's getting worse.
Putting the pressure on them killed a lot of people.
But he had to get them to the table to save the rest.
So this is pure crap.
They're the ones that helped prop this up.
The literal foundations that put Mao in and then allowed that war.
These are the grandchildren of those folks.
Let's play CNN.
This is from when he was going.
Said he'll be jet-lagged, it'll fail, nothing's gonna happen, blah blah blah.
Now before the agreement's even dry, they're saying it isn't a real agreement.
No, North Korea has been begging for a hand, but the Chinese communists have kept them down on the ground.
You watch what happens.
This isn't going to succeed unless the neocons and leftists kill Trump.
When we come back, I'm going to play this clip.
Katie Hopkins from St.
Totally different area.
Not Moscow.
Beautiful St.
Petersburg, I'm told.
I'm getting my orders from Putin.
We're going to talk to Katie Hopkins, the great analyst from Fox News.
Straight ahead, InfoWars.com, NewsWars.com.
Stay with us.
We'll be right back.
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That's right.
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You're listening to Alex Jones!
So, global peace is breaking out.
Prosperity also, as the return of the West begins to happen, as globalism is put on its heels worldwide.
But I just played clips, if you joined us, of MSNBC host Chris Hayes, Chris Matthews, you name it, saying that
Trump is a despot.
Trump doesn't care.
Trump's helping the human rights abuses.
Trump's going in to get a peace deal to denuclearize and then bring in the less economic investment to try to save those people.
Just like we did in East Germany.
But the media is completely freaking out and demonizing it.
And I wanted to go to old neocon Max Boot on CNN.
Uh, saying that, oh, any president, any president could have done this.
Uh, no, not any president could have gone and got these deals because they didn't.
And the West helped prop this up and let China continue to use North Korea for raw materials as a slave state.
Communist China hates North Korea and has been controlling it all along.
This is a major move by Trump to go in there and try to free these people, and it should only be saluted.
You know, if Trump hadn't been taking action the last few years as a maverick and winning every time, I'd say maybe it is a gamble.
Maybe it's a possibly negative gamble.
But with him coming up like a slot machine, you know, triple cherries every time, 10 pulls in a row, I'm betting on Trump.
The guy has got
Right on his side.
He's charmed right now.
And this is amazing.
He's shaking things up.
So here's Max Booth.
He wants a place on the international stage.
He wants to be recognized as an equal by the President of the United States.
He wants to be seen as a nuclear power and he's achieving all that.
This is a tremendous propaganda victory for him.
Now Scott just suggested it was a huge victory for Donald Trump simply to come to the summit.
You know I beg to differ because in fact any previous president could have easily had a summit with any previous leader of North Korea because they've all been very eager to be legitimated by the President of the United States and Donald Trump is the first one to agree to do that.
Well I mean this was just a fiasco at the G7.
I've never seen anything like this and the contrast is all the greater when we see the way that Donald Trump is glad-handing Kim Jong-un who is the enslaver of his people.
Yeah, that's right.
No, it was his grandfather, and it was the big banks that put Mao in and the CIA, and they wouldn't let MacArthur defeat the Communist Chinese.
So it was the West splitting that country up with Communist China and letting China use it for raw materials that did this, and now Trump's trying to fix it.
Max Boot, it's you guys that launched all the illegal Iraq wars.
It's you guys that helped get Bill Clinton elected.
It's you guys that helped get Obama elected.
It's you guys that told us about the New World Order.
You're the anti-gun, anti-family, anti-American, neocon Republicans
That when Trotsky got his butt kicked out of Russia, he came here to Mexico and got killed, and then Crystal's dad and all of them came up here literally on record and set up the neocons to take over the Republican Party.
Well, guess what?
We're taking it back from you, Max Booth.
Now, incredible journalist, researcher, Katie Hopkins, contributor to Fox News,
is in St.
Petersburg, Russia, and I want to get her take on this and her whole geopolitical view.
I mean, what do you think, Katie?
Now the neocons, the Democrats, all the usual suspects of combined forces, and they're saying anybody could have done this.
This means nothing.
This is bad.
Just a few months ago, they were saying if Trump could do this, he'd go down in history as a great president, but he couldn't do it.
So I'm telling you, he could find the cure for cancer and they'd get upset, Katie.
It's a joy watching their heads explode today, because they cannot cope with this at all.
And it's been really fun watching them try to cover it.
They pull the same faces that they pulled when we got Brexit, when Trump was elected.
They just don't know how to articulate the words, because they can't bear that he's successful.
And what we see today is the path to a Peace Prize, because of course it means now that
All did the Nobel people have this first meet John, but of course they could never give the prize to a. I think it's a joint state for any Trump supporter and yet another reminder that if you want to silence a Democrat, all you have to ask them is who have you got to beat Trump in 2020 and they don't have an answer.
Katie Hobbs is our guest.
I am in Hawaii, in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.
She is in St.
Petersburg, right there at the heart of Russian culture, and so much of European culture as well.
And her Skype's a little choppy to me.
Is that choppy to you, or is it just choppy to me, Craig?
Okay, we'll try to work on that chop here, because Katie's always so riveting with her information.
Looking at this, we can pull these articles up, Katie.
Just six months ago, just three months ago, they were saying, how dare Trump be saying, rocket man, we may have to take you out, fire and fury.
How dare you be talking bad about Kim Jong-un?
He's a leader.
CNN said he's a great man.
I mean, even conservative media said, my God, you're like cheerleading.
For Kim Jong-un.
That was the process of bringing him to the table.
As you know, Katie, the art of the deal.
So we should get the clips of them saying, don't ever be nice to Kim Jong-un.
Now they're saying it's bad to be nice to Kim Jong-un, to get him to come in out of the dark.
Absolutely, and I think it's something we've, anybody that's a Trump supporter like you or I, knew when we saw that the meeting was called off.
I tweeted, other people tweeted to say, you know, we knew that was going to be back on.
We knew this meeting would happen.
This is just the way he works.
Explain that to people who don't know.
It's very formulaic.
It's very straight shooting.
It's why people now, foreign leaders, people are starting to like Trump.
It's because what you say is what you get.
If he's going to attack you, if you don't give up the nukes, take money and hotels and your people being rich, or we're going to invade you because you're threatening everybody.
You're either going to die or you're going to be rich and live long and prosper.
Explain the art of the deal to the libtards.
So the art of the deal is always negotiating from a position of strength.
And you've seen that repeatedly with Trump's work.
So he will talk about
Adding tariffs, of course, to oil and gas or steel or whatever in order to put himself in the strength, in the position of strength at the negotiating table, meaning other countries have to come to Trump to beg for favours.
So he's completely turning the tables for America.
As he says, for too long, America has been everybody's piggy bank.
Everybody's been raiding America.
He makes it so that America is in the position of strength.
Everybody else has to come crawling to him
For him to allow them into the deal.
And that's exactly what he did with North Korea as well.
You'll remember the point where he called off that meeting in order to reassert his position as the position of strength and for Kim Jong-un to feel in some way grateful that that meeting happened.
And we'll see him carry on doing this throughout his presidency, which is putting Americans back where he said he would, which is putting America first.
And it's been brilliant
To see the eunuchs of Europe, Merkel, Macron, others just absolutely fall apart.
I think you'll have seen that picture of Donald Trump at the meeting.
Katie, I was about to ask them, I was about to ask them to pull it up from my Twitter.
I know you tweeted it as well from last Saturday or so.
Where they're all around the table.
He's sitting down like the king.
No need to be on the throne.
He's sitting there with his arms crossed.
And of course there's video of it as well.
You've got the Chinese delegation behind him.
You've got the Japanese.
You've got the South Koreans all lined up with the U.S.
And again, the United States paid for this whole world system.
But then now, all Trump is saying is, listen, we're not going to be the only ones paying for it anymore.
And they're having to come to their knees.
And they don't know what to do.
Please continue.
It was a perfect picture.
You know, it's a picture, I think, that perfectly encapsulated Trump's presidency to date.
You've got Merkel leaning on the table, Macron trying to get his little face in the picture because he's desperate for attention at all times, and then right in the back corner, just like meat in the room, you know, irrelevance, there's Justin Trudeau from Canada.
Who Trump spectacularly ignores.
And then Trump's there.
He's very much the central figure in that room.
He's got the Japanese with him.
It's all about Trump.
And in many ways, that's so true of the whole media narrative right now.
It is all about Trump.
And that's one thing CNN can't see and the Liberals can't see.
They might want to hate him, but they cannot stop talking about him.
And that's only going to do great things for 2020.
It's amazing to see how weak Europe is right now.
It's incredibly divided.
The populists are on the march.
You know, we've seen the league victory in Italy, very strong now, pushing away the migrants.
That's what I wanted to hit next.
Segwaying out of Korea with Katie Hopkins.
I want to now get into the fall of the authoritarian Europe.
How Russia ties into that, what's happening with Brexit, she's been at the heart of that, and more.
Katie Hopkins, Fox contributor, will tell you her websites and more on the other side.
Be sure to follow her on Twitter as well.
We'll be right back.
This is a global revolution against tyranny.
It was early on in the Revolutionary War, when the U.S.
Navy had less than ten major surface ships, that John Paul Jones, the father of the U.S.
Navy, while engaging a British ship three times the size of his, said, I've only begun to fight.
And that's when the ship was sinking and was on fire.
But he didn't give up.
And he won.
That's part of the ethos of this country.
But not everybody is brought right to the wall and given victory.
The Alamo stood and fought victory or death of Colonel Travis.
And they all died.
All 180 plus men.
But the seed of that example led to the victory that came.
So I don't know how Infowars fight is gonna end.
But I know this.
Faced with the same challenges that John Paul Jones and Colonel Travis faced.
With this country under attack by foreign evil forces, hell-bent on enslaving us and destroying the promise of the Renaissance.
I will quote Colonel Travis 110% and hope that I can man up to be in his shoes and say victory or death.
Let me tell you something, I get tears in my eyes when I think about that because I love America.
It's not fear that makes me get tears in my eyes, it's will and strength boiling to defeat these tyrants and these globalists.
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So thank you all.
And please continue to support us because without you, we will fall to Soros and Hillary.
But I know in my gut we're going to win this one way or the other.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
We now take you live to the Central Texas Command Center, in the heart of the resistance, rallying patriots worldwide.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
And we are back live, ladies and gentlemen, on the heels of the historic summit.
They said it would never happen.
They said the economy would never go past 3%.
They said the EU would never start breaking up.
Katie Hopkins isn't just a journalist, she's just a...
Fox News analyst isn't just a best-selling author, researcher, writer.
She's also, I mean, what I would call just eyes-in-the-ear's top analyst.
And from everything I'm seeing, the EU is now in full collapse.
They finally admitted it's in full collapse.
Soros is panicking.
A, is that accurate, Katie Hopkins?
B, break down the waterfront for us.
And what do you think comes next in this unraveling of the unelected authoritarian EU?
And then Owen Schroer is in the ATX studio.
Owen, feel free to jump in any time.
Katie Hopkins.
It's absolutely correct.
I think Europe is as weak as it's ever been and more divided than it's ever been in peacetime.
So just how that breaks down for you, in Italy the populists are resurgent.
The Five Star plus the League just got in.
So a populist movement supported by Putin and others
And in a really great move that's supported really widely across Europe, they've just rejected an NGO boat, a charity rescue boat across the Med, 629 African Libyans on board.
He's absolutely forcing ahead secure borders, Christian culture, no Muslim invasion of Hungary.
And then in Austria, they've just shut down seven mosques and they are going to repatriate the extremist imams that have been preaching out of the mosques.
So if you see that this pattern building of the populist resurgence, Merkel was crippled in the polls.
The alternative for Deutschland, the populist, they are the main opposition party in Germany.
So everywhere we look there is hope now and we have our little heads up and I really believe with the Spanish just taking that migrant vote saying yes okay we'll take it, the Spanish will be the next to see the populists in power in about a year's time and I look forward to that as well.
Katie, you are reading my mind.
I was telling him earlier, pull up the photo of Trump with everybody like he's the king and they're in the court, because we hold the power of economics and history and we've been financing these globalists.
And I was just now telling them via text message, because I'm in Hawaii, they're in Texas, you're in St.
Petersburg, Russia, for those that just joined us.
I'm texting, I'm saying, pull up the Zodiac boats landing, just like the old African invasions of the Moors, show they have this on screen.
10 million people, Soros publicly funding this, saying we're going to Islamify Europe.
I mean, this is a true invasion.
Not trying to help these people.
That's why they're all military-aged men.
They're saying, come invade.
How did the left think that everybody would accept this?
Because I saw the thing in Germany.
It's on Infowars.com.
Talk about that right now.
The thing in Germany that just came out where they have the moment of silence for the young girl, you know, raped and attacked and people that have been and the left is chanting against her like when the illegal alien shoots the young woman in the back in San Francisco and the media, you know, defends that and the jury lets them go and this is getting insane.
Tell us about this EU Parliament video we're showing.
So I think one of the things we've really noticed in terms of this migrant crossing across the Med, this sense, finally, so many people like myself since 2014 have been saying, stop the boats.
We must stop the boats.
Criticised for saying that.
I spent a lot of time in southern Italy and Sicily trying to stop the boats.
I think?
Fighting against their own people.
People don't want these migrants in their country.
Germany's just seen what's happened where a migrant with a previous conviction for rape, he took that 14 year old girl, she was strangled and raped and dumped in bushes by the rail tracks.
She was from the Jewish community.
And of course it's one of the problems we're seeing a lot in Germany and other places.
It's the Jewish community, thanks to Soros bringing over these Muslim migrants, it's the Jewish community that are persecuted once again.
And a number of people I know in Germany are looking to migrate out of Germany again.
They say that this is the second wave of the Jewish people needing to leave Germany, which is frightening.
And I also get emails
I sent one to your team earlier if they're able to pull it up.
Very sad emails, Alex, from elderly men and women the age of my parents, 75, you know, proud Brits, and they say to me, your viewers might be able to see it on screen, I'm not sure, they say that I'm glad I'm old.
I'm glad I'm old and I won't live to see my country fall.
And they feel sorry for young people in Britain and Europe because their country will never be the country that they used to know.
And those are really hard emails to get, actually, from the elderly.
I never know quite how to respond.
Well, it's the sad resignation, but here's the good news.
The spirit of liberty is coming back.
The globalists admit this is an organized invasion, to quote, in Christianity.
We have George Soros' statements.
We had Peter Sutherland, who died this year, his statements.
These are the admitted
Insane statements.
Why do you think the left and these billionaires have such a hatred of the West and hatred of Christianity and almost like a cuckolding or a fetish?
I guess like a Satanist wants to torture a child to death for no reason.
They want to destroy something good.
Be one thing if these were real migrants and some migration and people and all that's wonderful, but total invasion saying we're going to overwrite Europe.
Hollywood, every movie demonizing Christianity or families.
The top educator in England, as you know, just two weeks ago said, thank God we're getting rid of the family, the nuclear family's bad.
The judge says, well, you're seven times more likely to be in prison if you're not.
I mean, what is this full-out assault on anything normal?
It seems to me, you know, observing leaders across Europe in particular, because they're the ones that have been so determined to see the fall of the Christian culture and so determined to perpetuate this globalist agenda, it seems to me that managed decline, you know, that phrase of managed decline, they make just as much profit, they make just as much political gain by overseeing managed decline as they do for fighting for
Or a new renaissance!
Yeah, it's just as easy for our guys to manage the decline of their countries and make that a profitable thing for themselves politically because the more Muslims you import, if you're able to attract the Muslim vote, of course you're going to get yourself re-elected and that's exactly what you see in America and California with this push for illegals because it's the only way Democrats to know to get themselves re-elected is to import voters that will of course vote for them.
But the best laid plans of mice and men often go astray, Katie Hopkins of Hopkinsworld.com.
So let me ask you this question.
As the EU accelerates its collapse, as they threaten Eastern Europe with, you know, 100,000 euro fines, they don't take in the illegals.
It seems it's only waking people up faster.
Looking at the tea leaves, what do you expect to see happening in the next few years?
It seems like globalism is just being routed.
Yes, and this is the exciting thing, and that's what that picture said to me of Trump with his arms crossed with Merkel and Macron and Trudeau in the back of the room, stood there with Japan.
You'll have heard, given that I'm reporting from Russia for you today, you'll have heard Trump say very clearly, very carefully, on a number of occasions, Putin should be back in the room.
Putin should be back with the G8 and that's precisely what I see happening.
A realignment between Putin, America and Japan as the fight back against the globalists really begins.
Where people here in Russia, they believe they are Russian first and they will put the Russian culture first and they are 85% Christians here in St.
Same for America with Trump and I think Japan coming in very nicely.
This is the fight back
Against the globalists and this is where it all starts and I'm I'm thoroughly thrilled and excited by it That's right.
Well, Japan's taken zero refugees just like Saudi Arabia And in Japan, you look at the photos, but also policy South Korea fully aligned with us Australia is now aligning the UK you're leading the way with Brexit So it's the UK the United States a few pockets in Europe waking up Australia
And just free market people worldwide, Brazil's starting to wake up, aligning against the communist Chinese, the radical Islamists, the corrupt Vatican, the unelected EU, and Hollywood.
I think we're going to win this, Katie Hopkins.
We're going to come back in just two minutes to five more minutes with you.
I want to ask you about free Tommy Robinson, a powerful video you have at Hopkinsworld.com.
You also have it on your Twitter.
We're going to play some of that when we come back and get Owen Schroer to pop in with his take.
Hopkins at Twitter.
Be sure and follow that.
I'm Alex Jones.
Real Alex Jones on Twitter.
Be sure and retweet those.
They hate it when we do it.
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Stay with us.
Desiree, thanks for holding her on the air from California.
Go ahead.
Just wanted to let you know I've been listening to you for about six years now.
My husband turned me on to you and absolutely I could not stand you.
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Here in California, fighting, trying to survive with the demon rats.
How they're demonizing my state, I just can't stand it anymore.
You have changed my life, InfoWars has changed my family's life.
I bought property in a no-fly zone, no cell phone service, got my own well water.
My mind is so open to everything that's going on, but I need to know what else we can do.
Well, you're on the right track, Desiree.
What you're doing right now is absolutely working, and thank you for calling and sharing that.
I think she should just share her testimony.
By the way, Desiree, again, thank you for your call.
Absolutely, sweetheart.
We love you and tell your husband we love him.
We really appreciate you.
Keep up the fight.
We need to take California back.
Thank you, Desiree.
We're going to come back and take more calls.
Thank you, sweetheart.
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Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order, it's Alex Jones.
Waging war on corruption, it's Alex Jones.
So history is happening all around us.
Incredible things are unfolding.
We have some amazing guests coming up in the next segment as Democrats being confronted.
Bill Clinton, Joe Biden for their criminal activities are being confronted everywhere.
That's coming up.
A ton of other breaking news with Owen Schroer who's riding shotgun from the ATX.
Katie Hopkins is here.
We're going to air her powerful video after she leaves us.
At the start of the next segment from the free Tommy Robinson rally.
I mean all the different HD cuts you didn't see in the live feeds.
That's going to be coming up at the start of the next segment.
But Katie, just an update on Tommy Robinson from your sources.
I'm also talking to his crew later today.
How that's ignited people, how that's awakened people and other tidbits of what you've observed there in Christian Russia.
Thank you.
So I just wanted to update you with some breaking news.
Parliament, so this is in the UK, and today the House of Lords were voting on Brexit, and it's been very tense.
It's about whether Parliament will get a final meaningful vote on Brexit, which meant that Parliament could have overturned Brexit, so the Remainers could have
Managed to have a final say on the Brexit I voted for and Brexiteers voted for and it's just been announced our breaking news Parliament will not get a meaningful vote on the final Brexit deal after MPs voted to reject the House of Lords amendment so what that means is
Theresa May goes into this final negotiating round with the EU with a much-strengthened hand because Parliament will not get a final say on the deal and that's a very great thing for Brexiteers like myself.
So, sorry for that.
Well, no, please don't say sorry.
We should have led with that.
I didn't even realise that that vote had already come up.
Well, spend another minute before we get to Tommy, I mean, because he's important, but wow, that'd be good news for him as well.
I mean, just recapping that, so this is a big victory for sovereignty.
Yes, so MPs voted by 324 votes to 298, a majority of 26, to reject the amendment passed in the Lords, enabling Parliament to take charge of the negotiating strategy.
If MPs voted against the Brexit deal.
So that will not happen.
Parliament will not be able to take charge of the negotiating strategy.
Which means a much better deal for Brexiteers because we are much more likely to get the Brexit we wanted.
Because MPs, the people we voted for, won't be able to overturn the decision of 17.4 million people.
So that's a fantastic thing.
But it does show the House of Lords working against
Democracy in the UK, effectively, because the House of Lords wants to put Parliament in control.
And no longer is it actual Lords that go back to England.
For people that don't know, that's now bureaucratically installed, folks.
Almost like the EU permanent bureaucracy.
It's this dictator show.
It's almost like a Communist Politburo.
Oh absolutely, and I can see in my lifetime that House of Lords being abolished.
The British people aren't going to take this lying down at all.
Most of them are geriatrics over the age of 85.
They have to have waterproof flooring because they're all doubly incontinent.
So it's time they were all got rid of.
I totally agree.
They need to abolish it and create another House of Parliament.
You need two systems.
You mean... Yeah, yeah.
They all got told off last week for sleeping, sleeping while they're in there.
They go in there, they get their $500 expenses today and then they go to sleep.
Listen, I know it's night time over in Russia and you've got important things to do but we've got to do the Tommy Robinson update.
We've got a one minute break and then I'm going to come back and just give me two minutes on how Tommy is doing and then we'll play your video but you'll be gone.
Katie, thank you so much for just in 50 seconds we had going to break.
What's the spirit in Russia right now?
It's fantastic over here.
You know, we have this idea that Putin's a monster.
It doesn't seem like that.
Everybody's out in the street partying.
It's white nights here.
Only four hours of darkness a night.
And it's very open.
It's very Russian.
It's very Catholic and Christian.
There's no litter on the streets.
People here don't over-consume.
I love it.
So, Russia looks strong from your perspective.
Absolutely, it looks strong, and I think for too long we've made Putin out to be the monster, and I don't see a monster here at all.
In fact, I see a Russia very like America that's willing to put Russia first.
And that's a positive thing for America, and it's a positive thing in the fight against the globalists.
And that makes Hollywood so upset.
Boy, the Hollywood folks had control of Russia for 80-something years, but that's all coming to an end, scumbags.
We'll be back in 60 seconds with Katie Hopkins.
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Coming to you from the former United States of America, from deep in the heart of Texas, it's Alex Jones.
Well, this just broke minutes ago.
They have voted.
...in the UK Parliament to not allow the Brexit to be derailed and to have Brexit continue and to honour the vote of the people, despite what Theresa May and the neocons they've got over there are doing on the left.
This is another big defeat for the unelected EU bureaucracy.
This is a big defeat for the globalists, a big win for nationalism on the heels.
Of course.
The psychic vampires.
But the sad news is our political prisoners.
She'll leave us here in a few minutes.
We'll air a compilation of free Tommy Robinson and then move to our next big stories.
But we do have political prisoners.
They like to make us all political prisoners.
We forget the EU wants to make it illegal to even criticize the EU or talk about how they're tax-exempt.
At the top, the latest on Tommy Robinson.
Yeah, so, you know, he's inside for 13 months and it still is one of those crucial points of argument.
There's a great deal of people here in the UK that say, well, he knew what he was doing, he had an order out against him, he was told not to be outside the court, it's contempt of court, he pled guilty, case closed.
But of course there's much more rational people, people like myself, who understand that all he was trying to do was shine a light on the majority Pakistani Muslim grooming gangs, the rape squads that have been raping our children.
And my message to all these people that criticise Tommy is always this.
If he had turned a blind eye, just like the police turned a blind eye, just like the social services turned a blind eye to the victims,
You know, we wouldn't be in this mess in the first place if all those people who had turned a blind eye continued to speak the truth.
And that's all Tommy Robinson's trying to do is shine a light on this issue.
The idea that he was sentenced to 13 months in just
Five hours?
You know, where was the swift justice for the Muslim paedophiles that were abusing our children?
And 13 months inside?
It's a known fact.
Some of the people I work with, the work inside prisons that talk to me, they say, we'll just take one warden who's paid or bribed by the Muslim gangs that control a lot of our prisons, one warden
To be bribed to open that cell door and Tommy will not survive his time inside.
So that's really the worry.
And when I see people criticizing Putin for silencing journalists like Majinsky here, there's a big Majinsky act.
You know, I don't see the UK as being much different.
The establishment don't like what Tommy Robinson have to say.
He stands against their ultimate being cowed to Islam.
And because he got in the way,
They've thrown him inside and it's just the same for us.
It's the establishment way of cleansing people whose voices they don't want heard.
So I don't see any difference between the allegations levelled at Putin and the actions of Theresa May and the establishment putting Tommy Robinson inside.
He definitely needs to be out of prison for his own safety and there's no reason for him to be behind bars.
Well, I totally agree with you, and if the Islamists are so stupid as they've almost killed him before in prison, to think if they kill him that that will defeat him, that will only make him 100 times bigger, it just shows their total and complete disconnect.
But again, people that don't understand, in parliamentary systems, if you've got 5-10% of the population that votes as a bloc, you can then put whatever party you want in, pushing them over the top.
That's why Europe's rolled out a giant red-bloody carpet to Islam.
And of course the biggest victim of Islam are Muslims who aren't radical.
Many Muslims are nice people.
They're called heretics.
But the whole orthodoxy is targeting them.
So, I just want to make this point.
Judges using the quote, you know, gag orders inside the courts, one thing, but saying outside, don't even be out there pointing out that there's a trial happening.
That is a absolute violation of jurisprudence.
English common law, our common law is the same thing.
I know the law.
I've talked to lawyers.
I've talked to lawyers over in your country.
This is a giant power grab.
These D notices, all of it.
They are using this to suppress speech.
They ban Michael Savage from coming to your country.
Uh, they've asked me when I'm flying, am I going to be political?
If so, I can't come in.
Uh, and absolutely, Russia has targeted a few journalists that have been proven to be CIA funded, foreign funded.
Uh, you know, like the, uh, you know, rock bands they send over there whose names I can't even say on air because FCC rules, but the P riot.
They're there.
Admittedly, to overthrow the country.
Well, I don't want China over here.
China just got banned from buying up U.S.
universities and putting out communist Chinese propaganda.
Trump just did that a few weeks ago with executive action because that's a foreign power.
That's what I see Putin doing, is going after foreign powers in his country.
No, no, no.
In England and the UK, it's people standing up for your sovereignty, standing up for your nation, are the ones being targeted and silenced.
That's what I call treason by the government.
What do you say in closing?
I agree with you 100%.
There's this real sense now in the UK that it's the people versus the establishment.
The crowds are not dissipating.
They are growing in size, in number.
The mainstream media won't report it.
And I think it will be very interesting if Tommy Robinson does make it out of prison alive, his voice is going to be louder than ever.
And it's really this resurgent idea
That the British people are going to be standing up for Great Britain, supported by populists in Europe and supported by Donald Trump in America.
And for him and for you, we're very grateful.
All right, Hopkinsworld.com.
Thank you, Katie Hopkins.
Always amazing.
Thank you.
Ladies and gentlemen, Robbins is the real deal.
11 years ago, finding out they were at rape gangs right next door to his tanning salon.
He started exposing them.
They got in his face.
He got in fistfights with them.
He's done a win.
It's like you've seen all the people attacking me, fights back, started kicking their ass.
They were loading girls in cars.
That's what a normal man does.
And all these years later, years in prison, attack, lost his house, everything.
He's not backing down.
It's that leadership that ignites real revolutions.
And we're going to win.
But some of us are gonna have to make some big sacrifices.
And Tommy's really made a big one.
I'm trying to finance him and expansion of media with his organization right now.
And that's just a meeting I'm actually gonna have tomorrow.
That's why, again, ladies and gentlemen, I want to do a bunch of stuff.
I want to grow.
That's why Soros and Hillary's law firms are openly suing me.
They brag about it.
The goal, they say, is to shut us down.
The good news is the suits are fraudulent.
The problem is they're launching them in areas like Travis County and other areas where they believe that they're going to have a group of their own people to basically electronically lynch me.
Doesn't matter, folks.
I've already done the victories.
We've already exposed them.
They're already in flames.
They're trying to take us out, though.
We're needed for future battles.
Now, maybe that's not God's plan.
It's up to you whether InfoWars will stand and grow or whether we will be destroyed or reborn or whatever it is.
But right now,
We're in position to do more damage to the globalists than we've ever done.
That's why I need all of you.
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Now, Owen's got a special guest coming up.
He'll get to that Katie Hopkins video, too, coming up.
I'm going to hand the baton to him.
I love you.
I appreciate you all.
Please stay with us and spread the live links.
Tell folks what the local radio and TV stations you're watching and listening to.
That's critical.
You've got a decision to make.
Do you want to be part of history or just a bystander who turns control of their destiny and the destiny of humanity over to the most psychotic cold-blooded people the planet's ever seen?
I'm Alex Jones and in my 23 years I've proven that if you take action
Against the globalists, you can have powerful effects against them, because their ideology is weak, their ideology is a complete fraud.
At its base, it's a lie, because they exempt themselves from the regulations, the taxes, and the controls that they foist upon us.
And right now, the entire world is turning against them.
But it's more important than ever that we realize that yes, the planet is awakening, but the enemy is striking back.
And now, those of you that took action and have already changed history for the better need to understand you are the catalyst for the next offensive against the enemy that we must launch now.
Online, in the streets, at church, everywhere we work, wherever we are.
We have to be involved.
We have to realize that the globalists are fundamentally authoritarians, that they're fundamentally very, very wicked control freaks who lust after total control of our lives.
If you go to a Democrat meeting, if you go to a liberal rally,
If you are in LAX and run into Bernie Sanders and actually witness some of his supporters come out of the woodwork to defend him, you will see that they have a bizarre, almost lunatic glow in their eyes.
Jack-o'-lantern smiles.
They hop around in an animated way.
And that's the uppercast, sort of the so-called soon-electual brain bug that then controls the zombie class beneath them.
But if you go to a major university,
Anywhere in the country or you go to a leftist institution the people look like that it's some type of psychic vampire Sucked the soul out of them, and they look emaciated.
They say stumble around they can hardly walk I mean everyone's seen this and they just begin to yell and scream
I think?
Projecting it onto everyone else who they haven't soul-sucked.
And that's what it comes down to.
You've got the soul-suckers, the Hillarys, and the Bernie Sanders up on top, always virtue-signaling how good they are, and always promoting an ideology of leftist collectivism, socialism, communism, that's killed close to 200 million people.
So never forget what we're up against, understand what we're dealing with, and understand that the children of this planet are looking to you and are counting on you to help them into the future not be under the parasitic control of these monsters.
But whatever you do, spread the live links to newswars.com.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show!
Live from the Infowars.com studios, you're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
And now, your host, Owen Troyer.
Try ignoring this crowd.
For far too long, the victims of rape squads in the UK were ignored.
Rotherham, Telford, Rochdale, Oxford, Newcastle, the list goes on.
But Tommy Robinson refused to look away.
Despite known risks to his freedom, he persisted, reporting known facts from the street outside a court in Leeds where a rape squad faced justice.
He was arrested simply for being there.
Arrested, charged and sentenced in five hours, given 13 months inside Hull Prison for contempt of court, together with a sinister media ban to silence reporting of anything to do with his story.
And so, here today, outside Whitehall, people protest.
Some are here to protest the injustice of his sentence.
The moment we live in a country where you can get locked up for reporting on industrialized rape of young white girls, the moment we reach that point is a complete disaster.
And the moment we reach a point where you can't criticize something, that's the moment we lose who we are.
This country's known for free speech and people being able to say and do what they want.
And it has to be protected.
Many can see the cruelty of a system where rapists and pedophiles walk free, but a journalist reporting on them is jailed.
There's a problem with a grooming epidemic from the Muslim community, and I will say Muslim community, and that needs to be tackled.
And there is also a massive problem with Islamic extremism.
I know because I've grown up with Muslims.
We can't say anything about Pakistani Muslim pedophile gangs.
When we speak about these, you know, we're called racist, we're called Islamophobic.
But there is something else.
The crowd are drawn by something bigger than Tommy.
Something greater than one man.
Old, young, mothers, daughters and dads.
Drawn together by a shared sense that our country has got it all wrong.
And Britain has lost its way.
That we side with the criminal.
And we have to speak out the truth.
Because if we don't, we're going to end up living in a place we don't want to live.
We're already seeing that freedom of speech is endangered.
I think Tommy's tremendously brave in what he does.
He's a very young man.
I'm not a very young man.
But I'm going to say what I have to say because I feel that I have a duty to say it for the benefit of other people who can't.
But Islam is taking over the place we used to call home.
We need to stand up against this persecution of people who criticise Islam, and it is a persecution.
And we need to stand up to it.
We need to stand up and oppose it.
And we are not alone in this fight.
International leaders like Geert Wilders from the Freedom Party are here from the Netherlands to show solidarity in our battle against the Islamification of the UK.
But what unites all of us here?
What has brought these people to this place outside Whitehall in London is to show we will not be silenced.
We will not be told to look away from what is wrong.
British people are here to show that there are still right-minded people in our country prepared to stand up for what is right.
The establishment will not silence us.
Tommy Robinson will not survive 13 months in prison.
What purpose does his sentence serve, I wonder?
But to silence his voice, a voice the establishment don't want to hear.
We stand together.
We stand with Tommy Robinson.
And this is just an example of people around the world getting more activated to engage in their politics, whether it be
You know, millions of women marching for the hashtag MeToo thing, totally propped up by Hollywood.
It's amazing how Hollywood creates the rape culture, and then Hollywood creates the protest of the rape culture.
But people are sick of it, and again, on both sides of the table, you're seeing people marching, you're seeing people fired up, getting active about their politics, but where does the rubber meet the road?
And where do people start to declare victory outside of just elections?
Now, to just put a bow on the Tommy Robinson deal, when you hear about this case and you know that it went from Tommy Robinson reporting in front of the courthouse to in front of a judge to sentencing
And then jail within five hours.
Anybody with any legal experience will tell you that is so obviously premeditated, it's not even funny.
Now typically when you have a situation like this and you can tell that there's a premeditated conclusion to sentencing, it's usually because you have a set precedent and a common case.
Like a drinking and driving or a speeding ticket or something like that.
These judges see them all day so they already know what they're going to sentence.
It's already built in the books.
But this deal with Tommy Robinson is not like that.
Judges don't hear these cases daily.
Judges don't even hear these cases
In any way, shape or form, annually.
So they had to preconceive what they were going to do the next time Tommy Robinson landed in their courtroom.
And that was jail.
Thirteen months is what he got.
So he went from on the street reporting, free speech, to in front of the judge, to sentencing, to jail in five hours.
That tells you this entire thing was premeditated, and it's not the healthy kind of premeditated you get from judges in the courtroom, where you have a case-by-case basis every day that forms a precedent.
No, this was judges
That have political leanings and then inject their political leanings into their courtrooms and they premeditate what they're going to do to people like Tommy Robinson.
That's what this is.
To me that is not just unethical when it comes to justice, it should be also illegal.
And I also think it should be illegal, and this is another thing that courts are doing all around the world, this happens to Tommy Robinson, where they put you in a bind.
So they arrest you, now you're in a total discomfort zone, now you're arrested, you're handcuffed, you have no power.
You're powerless.
And they put you in this situation, then they get you in front of a judge, and they simply
Put it in front of you to say, look, basically admit you're guilty, say you're guilty, we'll take the handcuffs off, and you can go and be in jail for 13 months.
So they do this, this is a new tactic, and they're doing this in America too.
They're doing this everywhere.
They do this all the time in America.
Mostly for petty offenses, non-violent offenders.
And they'll put you in a powerless situation, have you feeling intimidated, have you arrested, have you in cuffs, sit you in front of the judge.
You don't get a lawyer.
You don't get proper proceedings for a fair legal trial.
You are put in a situation where you're powerless so that the judge can say, admit you're guilty and we'll give you some freedom back, we'll give you some power back.
And it's a psychological
In fact, they know this, they're going to get that admittance of guilt 99% of the time.
That's why they do that.
So there's so many different issues around this Tommy Robinson thing, but you would think it would be an event that would bring both sides of the issue together.
But you're not getting that, are you?
Because they already dehumanized Tommy Robinson, so half the people don't want to stand with him for free speech because they don't think he's human.
We'll be right back.
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Israel claims the attack was accidental, but some former U.S.
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They described the day's action as part of a continuing cover-up.
They've now said that there were 11 hostages.
Two were killed in their rooms this morning, yesterday morning.
Nine were killed at the airport tonight.
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By far the greatest number of the claims, two-thirds of them, are for neurological damage or even death.
If you are receiving this transmission, you are in resistance.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
Owen Troyer here taking over for Alex.
We may hear again from Alex before the four hours is over, but in the meantime, we've got Howard Kaplan coming up this segment and then wide open, so I may even open up the phone lines later on.
But first,
You heard from Howard last week after he confronted Bill Clinton's book tour.
I believe that was in Philadelphia, and that video went viral.
Now, check out Howard Kaplan again, this time confronting Joe Biden.
What about the girls that you molested on C-SPAN at the Senate swearing-in?
No, no, no, no, no!
He did it!
No, no, no!
You see, pause it right there.
Pause it right there.
This is actually incredible.
This is footage on C-SPAN.
And listen to how the crowd reacts.
Play it one more time.
I just want to provide a little context to this.
There are dozens and dozens, hours of footage, Joe Biden groping young girls, kissing young girls, being awkward with young girls, inappropriately touching young girls.
So much so, in fact, that Jeff Sessions is aware of it.
His grandchild is in the
Well, what about the girls that you molested on C-SPAN at the Senate swearing-in?
No, no, no, no!
Let him answer.
The scumbag?
He did.
No, no, answer.
Answer your question.
It's inappropriate for you to ask that question.
Oh, but Joe Biden groping young girls is perfectly fine.
Alright, so the whole video you can find on his Twitter, at PGHowie2.
At PGHowie2 is where you can find it on Twitter.
You know, Howard, it's amazing.
I mean, what is it like, like, you just look at the video, you just know things, you have a memory, and you just say, hey Joe, why are you inappropriately touching all these girls?
And then the whole audience comes to his defense.
I mean, and it's just undeniable footage here.
Well, I was kind of expecting it because that was in Wilmington, Delaware, and obviously that's his home turf.
He had a lot of fans in the audience, so I was kind of expecting that reaction.
What about the heckling that you received on your way out?
I mean, what were people saying to you?
Uh, well I had people behind me, they got into it and they said this is not the time or the place, something to that effect.
Oh yeah, this is inappropriate, but Biden, you know, touching girls in the government building, that's perfectly fine.
And, you know, usually I'm a little more vocal, but I was, I mean, I was real close to him this time, Owen.
I see that.
I was, like, right up against the stage.
I was actually, apparently I read an article where I was sitting behind Biden's sister.
I didn't know that.
Yeah, so the way it went down was he was talking about Beau Biden and it was like a real teary kind of moment and I'm like trying to plan my strategy.
And of course that's his deceased son whose other son is now, I don't know, maybe is married to his ex-wife but still married to his other wife.
It's a whole weird deal with that too.
And so he's talking about Bo in this real sentimental kind of way.
So I'm like, all right, let me just see how this plays out.
Well, Bo was like Attorney General of Delaware, I think.
And he started talking about Bo's passion for protecting children.
And he went after a child molester who was who was molesting girls as young as four years old.
Like he just he just said that out of nowhere.
That's when, and I wish I got that on video, but I wasn't, like, prepared to, like, confront him at that point.
And as soon as he said that, that's why I just got up and I said, well, what about the girls that you molested on C-SPAN?
And that's what I'm saying.
This is hours and hours of footage.
This isn't hidden.
This isn't secret.
This should be well known, yet these people are more offended by you bringing up the truth than by Joe Biden's actual actions.
It's really shocking and incredible to me, but that's why what you're doing is so important.
So Howard, talk about why it's so important.
Talk about why for the second week in a row you confront these criminals, these scumbags that have infiltrated our government.
Talk about why it's so important to face these people down.
Well, I mean, for me, it's my only opportunity.
Like, this is the way I can speak.
You know, I got involved in like, quote-unquote, street action and going to events, you know, during the 2016 election just because I felt like I had no voice.
So I said, well, I can go outside and do something.
I can hold a sign, I can go to a rally, and I can get my voice heard.
And it just...
It just gives, you know, just gives me the opportunity and, you know, with social media and getting it out there, you know, it lets other people know that what you're being told is not the truth.
Like, this is the truth and you can go out there and you can confront things, you know, in real life and, you know, turn off the TV.
You know, and the incredible thing to me, honestly, it drives me crazy, Howard,
You've got this whole uprising right now from the radical street activist liberals.
They'll have millions of people marching in the Women's March, all this stuff.
And the basis is honestly, it's all anti-Trump.
They put different spin on it, the Women's March, the Me Too movement, whatever.
It's really all anti-Trump.
But that's fine.
They can try to spin it off however they want.
It shows how phony the whole thing is when Bill Clinton goes on a book tour and the same people that would go march in the Women's March and the Me Too March will pay $100 to see Bill Clinton.
The same people that will march in a Me Too March, that will march in the Women's March, will go stand up for Joe Biden when someone like yourself, a true American hero and patriot, says, hey, why are you touching children on C-SPAN video?
That, I don't even know, like, it's the most preposterous notion, but it's real.
I mean, that's what we're dealing with.
The same people that march for the Women's March, the Me Too March, blame it all on Trump, pay money to see Bill Clinton and Joe Biden, Bill Clinton settled multiple rape cases, Joe Biden on camera touching children inappropriately.
I don't even know the words to describe it.
This is beyond brainwashing.
This is beyond phonyism.
This is beyond 1984.
It's like, I mean, how do you measure this?
You know, the same way, you know, I confronted Biden one other time a couple months ago in Long Island.
And just my initial thoughts were that the people in that audience didn't know, like, about the C-SPAN videos.
I think the people in Wilmington, Delaware, they know Biden so well.
I think they know.
I think they knew.
I mean, their reaction was immediate.
In Long Island, people were confused when I got up.
Man, there they knew, and they were ready to protect them.
And it's like they don't care.
I see what you're saying.
So it's like they know of the tapes.
They know of the video.
They've been forced to view it before, and they still have that defense.
They still have that Stockholm Syndrome defense.
Yeah, that's my feeling.
I mean, I can't prove that, but that's the feeling I get.
Well, we got a minute and a half left with you.
Can you just motivate other Patriots?
I mean, Philadelphia used to be the capital, a lot of history in Philadelphia, so I salute you for remaining patriotic in Philadelphia.
But just to other Info Warriors out there that are afraid to do this, why is this so important?
How do you feel when you get kicked out of this event?
I mean, do you feel the liberty inside you?
Do you feel the momentum building?
Oh, absolutely.
You know, I do get nervous.
More so like that I'm going to get the, I'm going to say the right thing and it's going to come out well because I want to represent myself and what I do and people that I, that support me.
I want to represent them well.
But once, you know, once it happens, once the crowd reaction goes, you know, your instincts take over and you know what you're doing is right.
And, you know, you'll, you know, stand up and fight.
You know, for what is right.
And, you know, things are, you know, I have I've never been arrested.
Nothing bad has happened to me.
And, you know, you can do this.
You can do this.
It just takes, you know, it just takes that, you know, initial step to go out there and say,
That you can.
And if I can, you know, there's nothing special about me and it's just something I fell into.
So, you know, I hope, I hope, my hope is that it motivates other people to do the same.
Well, there's certainly something special about you.
So don't, I mean, Howard Kaplan here at PG Howie 2 on Twitter, his YouTube channel, The Traffic Report Show.
We need more people like Howard that are willing to stand up and call these people out.
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We're on well over a hundred stations right now since we started our syndication push about six months ago.
Now, one TV station that's actually been picking us up for several years that I want to profile first is Phonoscope.
Phonoscopes creator and owner is the man that invented more than 50 60 years ago streaming
Television over phone lines.
That's why it's called Phonoscope, and why it's patented.
Well, he's got several channels and stations in Houston, and he's got us on 24 hours a day.
On Phonoscope, channel 9 in Houston cable systems.
So, we're talking a potential of 6 million people that are able to tune in.
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So again,
From myself and the entire InfoWars crew in Austin, Texas, we salute Phonoscope in Houston.
Thanks for all you're doing for this republic.
You've helped make America great again.
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
Broadcasting live from the U.N.
stronghold, Austin, Texas, you're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
And now, your host, Owen Troyer.
Okay, for the rest of the typical broadcast here for the three hours, before we go into the fourth hour, I'm going to try to get through all these video clips and all this news, and then in the fourth hour, I'm going to open up the phone lines to take your calls.
In the meantime, let's get back into the summit with Trump and Kim and look at how the media is covering this.
So, this is actually incredible.
And I'm sitting here in the break trying to figure out how I'm going to cover this and what the angles are and it's just, it's all insane.
That's the only angle to this.
We say the left, we say liberals, democrats, and that's fine, the proper nomenclature, but it's beyond that.
These are brainwashed minions.
That's the only way you can describe somebody that has zero logic, zero reasoning abilities, and is just essentially a hearsay puppet.
So what am I talking about?
Okay, let's go through some of these headlines.
This is from the New York Times, Nikolas Kristof, maybe he's a Russian agent, headline, Trump was outfoxed in Singapore.
Trump was outfoxed in Singapore.
So, like, what?
What does that even mean?
What negativity has come because of this?
This is how, this is what I'm talking about.
You know, the big thing is, oh, they're willing to de-nuke.
Trump says, think about the real estate opportunities.
You know, D-New, quit firing missiles, think about the real estate.
And here's the New York Times like, haha, that's a, that's a victory for Kim.
Yes, that's good.
Trump bad.
Haha, we can print the headline, Trump bad.
North Korea, ugh.
And it's like, wait a second.
If anyone else said, let's get North Korea to turn their missiles into hotels, they would be celebrating it.
And here Trump is.
Here's the story from Zero Hedge.
Trump to Kim, instead of missiles, you could have the best hotels in the world.
That's a direct quote from Donald Trump.
Why wouldn't the left love that?
They want you to turn your guns in.
They want to take the guns from American citizens.
They want to have buyback programs to take guns from American citizens.
Oh, but they want Kim Jong-un to have nukes!
So let's just get this straight.
Let's follow this path of reasoning.
In America, Americans bad.
Americans need to turn the guns in.
Repeal the Second Amendment.
Turn in your guns.
We'll even have a buyback program.
Americans can't have guns.
Okay, let's apply this same logic to North Korea.
No, let's not!
North Korea needs to have nukes and Donald Trump got outfoxed by North Korea saying they might denuclearize and go into an industrial tourism age.
Don't you see how North Korea won?
Trump wants North Korea to turn its missiles and military operations into hotels and real estate and business opportunities?
What a fool Trump is!
What a fool!
And that's what they're saying.
To everyone, Trump pledged to halt military exercises surprises Pentagon and Seoul.
Oh, Trump bad!
Again, I thought the left wanted less intervention.
I thought the left wanted peace.
Here's Trump saying, look, turn your missiles into hotels.
We'll stop doing the war games with South Korea.
We'll turn our missiles into hotels for you, too.
We'll make a big thing of it.
And the left says, no!
Oh, no!
Americans are bad.
They need to turn their guns in.
But North Korea needs nukes!
And they're out-foxing Donald Trump!
And then you have this.
You know what?
Let's just go to the videos.
Let's now go to clip 6.
Listen to how CNN reports on the North Korea summit.
That's typical.
Actually he never sleeps.
He works all the time.
They're going to, you know, go in front of the cameras for this first very formal handshake.
And then there is this one-on-one.
And we really do understand it's one-on-one.
Yeah, now he's coming to do the Inspector General report.
I mean, the guy never sleeps.
He just works all the time.
No other secondary, tertiary sources on what actually happens in the room.
Your take?
That's a bad idea.
So anyway, so you can pull it down.
The point is they keep, oh jet lag.
Jet lag is going to stop President Trump.
The jet lag.
Oh, he can't get a deal done.
He's got the jet lag.
Oh, he got the deal done.
How do you explain that?
And if it's jet lag that would have stopped President Trump from getting the deal done, even though he got the deal done, listen to now clip 10 and ask yourself, then what stopped Obama?
Do any of his people reach out to you?
The President's people?
Anybody reach out to you for insight into the other side?
Well, you know what?
I've talked to those guys the last five years.
Which guys?
I talked to Kim Jong-un and an administration over there five years ago.
And he asked me five years ago, we sat down for lunch, and he sat down and asked me,
I would like to ask you three things, if you go back to tell the President of the United States these three things, and I would be willing to talk to him.
That was Obama at the time.
And this is a true story, and I've got my people here that was there that heard the conversation.
He said things like, if they can move the ships back from South Korea, I would.
Do what I have to do to listen.
If you can move certain things or do certain things... Pause it real quick.
Do you hear what he's saying right here?
Ladies and gentlemen, he's telling you that Kim Jong-un essentially made this offer to Obama and Obama ignored it.
So then Trump comes in and actually listens to Rodman and says, hey, maybe you got some good intel here.
Let's go into that, gets the deal done.
Let's go back to Rodman here.
I used to be open.
And I tried to do that to Obama.
And Obama didn't even give me the time of day.
I asked him.
I said, I have something to say from North Korea.
Now why is this?
He just brushed me off.
I still kept going back.
I kept going back.
I kept going back.
I showed my loyalty and my trustworthiness to this country.
And I said to everybody, I said, the door will open.
I remember you saying it.
I remember you saying it.
Let me ask you something.
There was a huge viral video, too.
No, it was amazing.
It's amazing.
It's amazing.
When I said those things, when I said those damn things, when I went back home, I got so many damn threats.
I got so many duck twists while I was sitting there protecting everything.
And I believed in my career.
And when I went home, I couldn't go home.
I couldn't go home.
I had to hide out for 30 days.
I couldn't even go home.
But I kept my head up high, brother.
I knew things were gonna change.
Here's my theory on why Dennis Rodman is getting so emotional over this.
You know, here's a guy who
Look, it's kind of the same thing that burnt me out on sports and sports media.
It's great, it's fun, but it doesn't deliver you.
It doesn't have anything real to it.
It's a child's game.
And so here's Rodman, played probably 15 years in the NBA, three-time champion.
You know, Hall of Fame basketball player, finishes his career in the NBA and says, I want to actually do something.
I've got money, I've got power, I've got a platform.
And so he takes up this North Korea challenge, becomes friends with Kim Jong-un, has an opportunity to reach a deal, has an opportunity to open a doorway to negotiations, and he pours his heart and his soul into this, and he comes back to America, Obama sloughs him off multiple times.
He gets death threats.
And so now he's having his moment,
Where all the effort, all of the thought that he put into getting a deal potential with North Korea and the United States on the table finally comes to fruition under President Trump and you can see the emotion hitting him.
It's like he had been betrayed.
Every time he came back to try to get a deal done, he kept getting betrayed and betrayed by Obama, by everyone in America, and finally Trump comes in and says, alright, what do you have to say, Dennis?
Wow, that's good intel.
Let's actually look into that.
And then he gets a deal done, and you can see he's here breaking down, tears streaming from his face on CNN.
That's how real this is!
This is the perfect personification of everything in America flipping right now, folks.
That's what this is.
It's all real.
And someone like Dennis Rodman, who just genuinely wanted to make a positive impact on the world, gets this done, gets sloughed off, cast off by Obama, cast off by Americans, now finally has his deliverance.
Now finally has his moment where he can say, I did something for the world.
This can be my legacy.
And you see it.
That's where America is at right now, folks.
And it's just incredible.
You're part of this, we're part of this, and we're trying to bring this to light.
We're trying to ram this home, and it's all possible with your support at InfoWarsStore.com.
We're doing a live, 34-hour broadcast this Thursday and Friday, and then I'll just tell you there's going to be some bonus material that night, too.
I won't show my hand, but expect that.
It's all possible with your support at InfoWarsStore.com.
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Round 1.
Fight Trump.
The game where you deal for everything you ever wanted to own.
Fight Trump.
The game from Milton Bradley.
I think you'll like it.
I don't know how you feel about this, but keep a gun in your house.
If you think someone's gonna assault you or rape you, blow their head off, man!
Kinnison was born in Peoria, Illinois.
He died when a pickup truck slammed into his car near Needles, California last night.
The body of Nirvana's lead singer and songwriter was found today in a guest cottage at his Seattle home.
The medical examiner says he died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head.
All of a sudden, police brutality had a human face.
The face belonged to Rodney King, a black male seen brutally beaten and kicked by Los Angeles police officers.
Oh, look at that.
And there's no police presence down here.
Nobody's helping us.
This is attempted murder.
The Korean merchants walked out of the stores and they just started firing at everybody and anybody.
It's not right!
It's not right!
You made me do it one day!
Why didn't you invite me?
Kicked in the head.
He's laying in the street.
Terrible, terrible pictures.
All this guy did was enter this area.
Hit the siren, Doug.
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If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
Waging war on corruption.
It's Alex Jones, coming to you live from the front lines of the InfoWar.
And now, your host, Owen Troyer.
I've got a couple more video clips here.
First off, let's go... I mean, look.
Again, this is so insane.
It's... I don't understand why MSNBC, CNN... I don't get it anymore.
They've totally fallen off a cliff.
Just look.
Just go and look.
Let's go to clip 13.
Listen to the... Jim Acosta is such a piece of work.
I mean, this guy.
His credentials need to be removed immediately.
Listen to Jim Acosta inserting himself into the Kim-Trump summit.
Mr. President, how's the meeting going so far, sir?
The only one in the media shouting at him.
Trump looked back and saw him.
Oh, this could be it.
This could be it for Acosta.
The only one shouting at him.
Jim Acosta is an unhinged maniac.
All right, actually now let's go to clip 12.
Here's Jim Costa.
Jim Acosta again trying to insert himself rudely, totally classless, into this summit.
So there's Trump and Kim talking.
Shake hands.
What do you hope to accomplish, sir?
There's Acosta again.
Only one.
Now there's actually a third clip, actually, too.
I don't know if we have it, but there's actually a third clip
Where even after the signing, Acosta is sitting there screaming at Trump, asking him a question.
Asking Kim Jong-un, will you denuclearize?
Will you denuclearize?
And so then you have a moment where Kim looks at him and he's like, what is this guy's deal?
Kim Jong-un would have had that guy arrested immediately in North Korea.
Yeah, there's the story right there.
Acosta shouts at Kim Jong-un, will you give up your nuclear weapons?
Jim Acosta is so unhinged.
He's like, I don't even know, this guy needs to have his media credential removed immediately.
He's rude, he's disrespectful, he's classless, and more than anything, he's a stone-cold idiot.
A total boob.
Now, it doesn't stop there.
Let's now go to Ben Rhodes.
This is the guy who gets a job at MSNBC after a clip of him unable to even find words after Hillary Clinton lost the election.
Somehow that lands him a job speaking for a living.
Listen to the unhinged Ben Rhodes now.
So, that MOTI national agreement did not cover missiles, it didn't cover other bad behavior by Iran.
He has now raised the stakes so that this deal has to cover missiles.
It has to cover North Korean terrorism, North Korean human rights abuses, all the things that he rejected.
It also has to include a real baseline, a real accounting and verification that extends beyond what was achieved in the Iran deal.
That's right, Andrea.
I mean, you know, first of all, my concern with this summit is Kim Jong-un could make a kind of empty commitment to denuclearize at some point in the future.
But there's no clear roadmap to get that done.
There's no clear inspections regime to make sure that they are giving up their nuclear weapons.
Oh, you mean like Obama and the Iran deal?
Oh, no.
The Iran deal is actually a pretty good template for what they should be trying to accomplish with the nuclear program.
Because not only did that put strict constraints on Iran's nuclear program to prevent them from getting a weapon... Just take him off.
I just don't even know what to say anymore.
These people are such liars.
They're so unhinged.
They're such phonies.
Everything about them is fake.
There's no basis in truth.
There's no foundation in reality, man.
They're just all unhinged and then you have their little audience that goes out in the streets and shows how unhinged they are.
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The answer to 1984 is 1776.
You're listening to The Alex Jones Show.
And now, your host, Owen Troyer.
You know, it's funny because there was a story out last week.
Seven in ten Americans have news fatigue.
Do you see why?
Because news isn't news anymore.
All it is is a cold civil, this is a cold civil war that mainline leftist...
News outlets are pushing and fomenting every day.
That's all this is.
There is no news anymore.
The only news is like actual news developments.
What Trump is doing, volcanoes happening, earthquakes happening, the arrest of all these pedophiles, the shutting down of the sex trafficking, Hollywood being exposed for all the rape culture that they've created.
That's news.
That is actual news.
That is news and developments.
But that's not what you see when you tune into the quote-unquote news anymore.
You get a bunch of nonsense, and I gotta tell ya, I'm now hitting this threshold of news fatigue.
And I don't really know what I'm gonna do here, but I can't, I can't, I can't do CNN and MSNBC and, I can't do it anymore, man.
I can't do it.
These people are so fake.
They're such liars.
I don't know what's driving them anymore.
Is it insanity?
Is it madness?
Are they truly mentally deranged?
Are they really that stupid?
Are they bought and paid for?
Do they just read off a teleprompter?
Are they so filled with hate?
What is wrong with these people?
I can't deal with it anymore.
And now I understand why 7 in 10 people in this country have news fatigue.
But, there's a silver lining to this.
Every day, when CNN, and MSNBC, and ABC News, and CBS News, and NBC News, and the rest of the global news conglomerate, comes out as anti-American, anti-Trump, totally unhinged, every day they get worse and worse, they're killing themselves.
Why would they do that?
Think about that!
They're so committed to their agenda that they would destroy themselves to try to save it.
You ever heard the old cliche, cutting off your nose to spite your face?
It's just crazy!
It's just unbelievable!
And they're trying to tear this country apart at the seams
With their fake news reporting.
Their cold war of the news.
Yeah, there's Chris Hayes!
I mean, could you believe the Chris Hayes clip?
I mean, this is... Let's just go back to... You know what?
This is what I'm saying.
If I go back to this, I'm just gonna go insane again.
Trump doesn't care about the outcome of the North Korea summit.
What planet does Chris Hayes live on?
That's what I'm saying!
These people don't even live on Earth anymore!
They're gone!
They're lost!
They're hopeless!
But look!
Look at Barack Obama today.
The story from Kit Daniels is at InfoWars.com.
Obama praises hockey team but not Trump amid North Korea summit.
Now, President Obama tweets this out this morning.
Congratulations to the Capitals for winning the Stanley Cup.
First tweet in four or five days from Obama, nothing on the North Korean deal.
And by the way, the Capitals won the Stanley Cup a week ago.
If you don't think for one second this is a slimeball, Hussein Obama, totally trying to take a jab at Trump.
I don't even know what this is!
This shows you, this guy hates America, man!
A week after the Capitals won the Stanley Cup, he congratulates them on Twitter.
The morning of Donald Trump reaching a deal with Kim Jong-un, having the Korean summit, what does Obama do?
Congratulates the Capitals a week after they win the Stanley Cup.
If you don't understand how that is a direct shot at Trump, this is Obama slinging feces on social media.
That's what this is.
Rejected, loser, failed president, whose legacy has not only now been politically destroyed, but once the IG report comes out and the spy gate is all exposed, his entire legacy, not just politically, but as a human, a scandal-free president, Barack Obama will go down in history as the biggest criminal that ever occupied the White House.
And he knows it!
So what does he do?
He goes on social media and he slings the proverbial, you know what, all over the fan just to get people riled up.
Just to anger real Americans.
What's Obama's excuse?
Why didn't Obama reach a deal with Kim Jong-un?
Why didn't Obama have the North Korean summit?
He had the opportunity.
Dennis Rodman came to him multiple times saying, I've got a door open here.
I've got negotiations on the table.
What did Obama do?
Oh, don't you see?
Obama... I mean, you want to talk about agents, assets?
How is Obama not an Iranian asset?
How is Obama not an Iranian agent?
Completely ignores what would be a real thing to move the world forward with North Korea, and he ignores that.
What does he do?
He goes into Iran, gives them access to our financial system, gives them billions of dollars, releases Taliban leaders.
I mean, it's unbelievable!
And then Trump gets us out of the Iran deal.
What's been the difference?
The Iran deal was a fake deal.
The Iran deal was us, Obama, taking a wire from America's prosperity and just plugging it into Iran and saying, go for it, baby!
Rob us dry!
And it's like, I don't want to sit here and hate on Iran, but then you see the rhetoric that comes out of their government, anti-American, every day!
You're like, well screw you then!
Sorry that Obama, you know, lets you suck us dry, but we're not doing that anymore.
And so now Iran's pissed.
Yeah, we have an American president now.
Not an Iranian president.
Not a jihadi president.
Not a communist president.
An American president.
And this is what it looks like.
And John Kerry, and John McCain, and Barack Obama, and Valerie Jarrett, and all of their side deals, all their corruption in their deal with Iran, all gets exposed.
I mean, think about some of these names.
Valerie Jarrett, Loretta Lynch, Susan Rice, Ben Rhodes,
All from the Obama administration.
James Clapper, John Brennan, all from the Obama administration.
A bunch of scum!
A bunch of two-timing scum!
Or, just look into Loretta Lynch and Susan Rice.
Just total dingbats!
Total nitwits!
Total nothings!
You know, I don't know too much about their history, but I wouldn't be surprised if they both went to Harvard University.
They always come out of Harvard, folks.
You think Harvard is an Ivy League school for higher education?
Harvard is a CIA, FBI, NSA, deep state recruitment grounds, and a money laundering operation to the tune of billions of dollars.
Oh, oh, shocking.
Loretta Lynch went to Harvard.
I don't even need to look this stuff up, folks.
Once you have gone into this and you know the system and you know how it works and you know how it's fed, you see everything.
It's like the old Lego movie with the master builders.
At first, the character has no idea.
He can't see anything.
Nothing makes sense to him.
Nothing makes sense.
And then, boom, he becomes a master builder and you see everything.
You see all the parts.
You see how they fit.
You see how it builds.
You see how you create things.
And it's all falling apart right now.
And so aside from the deep state being exposed and falling apart, you also have President Trump actually getting things done!
And it shows you all it took was a little will!
How did President Trump get the GDP up over 3%?
He wanted to!
How did President Trump get black unemployment to a record low?
He wanted to!
How did President Trump save the U.S.
economy from going into a deeper recession?
Because he wanted to!
How did President Trump get a deal done with Kim Jong Un at a summit?
Because he wanted to!
Why did President Trump make Jerusalem the capital of Israel even though every other president said they would do it?
Because he wanted to, folks!
He wants to be president!
He wants to make America great again!
Everyone else in my lifetime has been a two-timing traitor!
Whether it was Obama, whether it was Bush, whether it was Clinton, they all were traitors!
Trump is the first one that's actually doing something!
Despite all the globalist attacks, all their lies, Trump is winning.
Nationalism is winning.
Capitalism is winning.
And Infowars is winning.
I'm about to say something that just two or three years ago would have been impossible in almost anyone's mind.
But it's here.
It's reality.
The worldwide plan for a corporate planetary government to carry out brutal austerity measures against the people of the planet.
is now in the crosshairs and is facing referendums and elections all over the world where this authoritarian system is being overturned.
George Soros and other globalist kingpins admit their system isn't just in retreat, it is collapsing.
My friends, they're fighting back.
The fact that President Trump could win, despite all their propaganda, all their lies, all their disinformation, is a testament to the awakening that's happened.
And you see the economy coming back.
You see technology that has been suppressed being unleashed.
You see so many good things happening.
And I'd love to give Trump credit for that, but really all he's doing is taking the globalist boot off of our neck.
But it took a lot of courage to do what Trump's done.
To go against the grain, to believe in the people.
See, the globalists don't believe in the people.
They believe in eugenics.
They believe we're crap.
They believe they've got to basically depopulate the earth because it belongs to them.
And all of us that have stood with Trump and had courage, and other nationalists, other populists across the world, are now beginning to see the
Because the tide began to turn just two years ago.
And now, Trump has basically begun to break the globalist will.
But they are in their deadly death throes right now.
Do you realize that when you spread the links from Infowars.com, when you spread the videos, you are changing the world?
It's you.
The info warriors across the planet that stood against the bullying, that stood against the peer pressure, that stood against the threats, that have now changed the world.
And that's why you've been on the team supporting us, praying for us, and spreading the word.
You are the info warrior.
And now because of their intensifying censorship, it's more important than
We're good to go.
I don't
I think?
You're listening to The Alex Jones Show.
You found it, the tip of the spear.
It is the Alex Jones Show with Owen Troyer.
You know, my biggest frustration is not that Barack Hussein Obama is a total phony, a total liar.
My biggest frustration is not that Hillary Clinton hates people.
My biggest frustration is not that MSNBC, CNN, ABC, and the corporate news conglomerate lies all day.
Those are not my biggest frustrations.
Those are a source of my biggest frustration, which is that people don't see it.
That is my biggest frustration.
People don't see how big of a phony Barack Hussein Obama is.
People don't see the truth behind agenda-driven corporate globalist news media corporations.
People don't see all of the phoniness
In the reporting against Donald Trump.
That is my biggest frustration.
And it's like beating your head against the wall when you have leftist and liberal organizations funding the Women's March, funding the Me Too movement, and then Joe Biden and Bill Clinton have the same people that go to those marches, pay hundreds of dollars to see them speak at a book tour.
Whoa, man!
Like, if that's not Twilight Zone, if that's not 1984, somebody come wake me up from this nightmare!
And that's the reality of the situation.
And I was beginning to lose my cool in the last segment, so...
I'm going to open up the phone lines and we're going to go to some of these callers before I just totally blow up here on air.
So I'm opening up the phone lines now.
I'm just going to take your calls.
We'll take your calls for the rest of the show here, interspersed with news.
We'll be taking your calls for the remainder of the show.
Mainly just for my own mental health so that I don't go absolutely crazy.
Because it's nice to hear from educated people.
It's nice to hear from people that care about the future and care about this country and understand why America is so important to the world.
So I'm going to go to the audience today to just kind of ease some of my frustration at the absolute, total ignorance of the population.
And then there's another level of frustration.
The only way that you're that ignorant in the year 2018 is because you choose to be.
The only way that you fall for a Barack Obama, the only way you fall for a CNN and an MSNBC headline is because you choose to be ignorant.
You choose to be a brainwashed fool.
It's like Kanye West said.
It's like 300 years of slavery sounds like a choice.
Still falling for the fake news on Trump?
Sounds like a choice.
Still falling for Obama and Biden?
And the deep state?
Sounds like a choice.
Still falling for Russian collusion?
Oh my god!
Can you imagine believing in Russian collusion?
Oh, even though it's Hillary and the Democrats with Russian collusion all over their damn shirt!
See, this is what I'm saying.
I'm getting mad.
So we're gonna open up the phone lines.
I need to calm down.
Because we are coming back.
I mean, we are having the victories.
I just want everybody on my team, man.
I just want everybody on the team.
That's all it is.
And I'm sitting here, and it's like, people are drowning, they've fallen off the yacht, they don't know how to swim, and I'm like, hey, you know, give me your hand, I'm gonna pull you on board, let's go, we're moving forward, come on, and they're like, no, I don't wanna touch your hand, you're trying to kill me!
You're a Russian agent, you're fake news, you're gonna pull your hand away!
It's not even a real hand!
I'm like, dude, just grab my hand!
Just grab my hand!
CNN and MSNBC said you're fake news!
I can't grab your hand!
I'm gonna drown!
I'm gonna die with President Obama in the deep state because that's what the brainwashing tells me!
But they think they're gonna get a lifeline.
They think the deep state is gonna throw them an inner tube.
You're going to drown!
Let me just calm down and we're gonna aggregate some calls here.
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This is the last chance, folks.
The last chance for the Super Summer Sale.
Now, my guess is this is probably going to last and then conclude through the 34-hour live broadcast spectacular that we're launching Thursday morning, 8 a.m.
with David Knight.
June 14th, that's President Trump's birthday.
That's also the day the Inspector General Michael Horowitz's report comes out on why Hillary Clinton received special treatment from the Obama Justice Department and from the Obama FBI.
It's going to totally destroy this whole thing, folks.
And what's crazy about it
It doesn't really seem like it in the aggregate, but this will actually be the source of everything else that followed.
The spy gate, the Russian collusion gate, all of that stuff actually can be sourced with James Comey and Loretta Lynch riding Hillary Clinton off early.
Now let me explain why that is.
Hillary Clinton cut deals with Loretta Lynch and who knows who else, maybe even Obama, maybe Comey.
They cut deals, all assuming Hillary Clinton would win.
They had the corporate media behind them.
They had the rigged elections behind them.
They had all the money behind them.
They thought they had a path to victory, but they didn't even think they would be facing Trump.
So when Trump got the Republican nomination, all of a sudden they had to kick it to the next level, even though they still assumed they would win.
Trump was a real threat because he was an outsider.
So if it was Bush that got in, it'd probably be fine.
They wouldn't really worry about it.
Even Cruz, you know, he's from the political establishment.
So, okay, they can work with that.
But Trump, an outsider, a success story, a true story of the American dream, that sent a little panic.
So what did they do?
They spied on him.
They made up the Russian collusion narrative.
And they did all this stuff.
And Hillary cut a bunch of deals.
But it all originates from Comey and Loretta Lynch dropping the email investigation so she would win.
That's the origins of all of this.
It was a rig from the beginning, folks.
Think about it.
They stole it from Bernie Sanders, okay?
And then they put Hillary Clinton in as the Democrat nominee.
A walking corpse.
A woman who couldn't even campaign because she was so sick.
A woman who fell down multiple times because she was sick.
A woman who had to wear seizure glasses because she was sick.
A woman now walking around in a back brace because she's sick.
That's who they were going to give you!
A walking corpse!
Hillary Clinton, do you see how rigged this is?
Do you see how fake it's all been?
Trump is the realest thing to happen in America
Since I don't even know!
I don't even know!
Trump is the realest thing to happen to America probably in my life!
We're going to continue to stand up for America.
We are going to call BS on the mainstream media when they lie.
This is the essence of InfoWars.
This is why your trip to the InfoWars store is so vitally important.
You see, we don't have any right-wing industrialists or multi-billionaires standing in the wings writing big checks to Alex Jones to subsidize our work here at InfoWars.
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So please go to the site now.
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Let's go ahead and go to Lloyd in Washington.
You're on the air.
Thanks for holding.
Mr. Alex Jones.
Hey, brother.
Good, man.
Thank you for calling.
Hey, hey.
I just want to say thanks for your products and everything that you're doing to try to save the country.
I mean, I've tried your Secret 12, Super Male, Anthroplex, the Silver Bullet, Biome Defense, Micro ZX.
I mean, that's all good stuff.
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Real organic B12 is sweet.
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Secret 12, 30 minutes later, massive energy.
It's amazing.
Yeah, that stuff will wake you up.
And the clarity of mind that comes along with that is just amazing.
You realize that when you spread the links from Infowars.com, when you spread the videos, you are changing the world?
It's you that has defeated Hillary and the globalists.
It is you, the Infowarriors across the planet, that stood against the bullying, that stood against the peer pressure, that stood against the threats.
That's why you've been on the team supporting us, praying for us, and spreading the word.
You are the InfoWars.
And now because of their intensifying censorship, it's more important than ever that everyone go to InfoWars.com forward slash newsletter and sign up via email so there's no way the censors can get between us with critical videos, articles, breaking news, intel, you name it.
They have been using all different forms of bullying to keep libertarians, gun owners, Christians, conservatives, nationalists, populists from communicating with each other and sharing information.
And they're trying to use InfoWars as an example of demonization to keep people from sharing this critical information.
It's a model they admit they plan to use on everybody else once they're done with us.
So when you promote the black sheep trailblazing information from NewsWars.com, from PrisonPlanet.com, from InfoWars.com,
You are following in the footsteps of the forefathers of this country.
We have the light in the dark of the night.
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And so now I ask you, more than ever, to share the InfoWars.com articles, to share the videos, to tell people about the local stations you're listening to.
But the bare minimum you can do is sign up for the free newsletter at InfoWars.com forward slash newsletter.
I am the resistance to globalism.
You are the resistance to globalism.
Trump is the resistance to globalism.
And many others are across the world.
We are the future.
We are the renaissance.
And we are winning.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
Defending the Republic from enemies, foreign and domestic.
It's Alex Jones.
Alright, we're about to open up and go to the phone lines here for the first time today.
First, I just want to hit some news.
Just quickly, I promise, and I'm going to go to the phone lines.
This story is from the Wall Street Journal.
FCC chairman still receiving threats over net neutrality.
Of course, that's Ajit Pai.
Now, here's why I'm covering this.
Think about this.
Has any other FCC commissioner in the past received death threats regularly?
Has any other FCC commissioner in the past had to travel with security 24-7?
Now why would Ajit Pai be that guy?
You'd think that he'd be endeared by the liberal media.
I mean, after all, he's a minority.
He's not a white male, so he's not the devil.
But why?
And if you understand this, you understand so much about how the radical left-wing hate mob operates.
First, it all derives from their false narrative on net neutrality.
So first they create a fake narrative around net neutrality.
They use Obama's face, put it on Net Neutrality, to try to fluff Net Neutrality up like something you want.
They have a false narrative about Net Neutrality in the media.
They build it up so the brainwashed minions accept it.
Yes, we love Net Neutrality.
Ah, we don't like Internet freedom.
Yeah, we want Net Neutrality.
We want the big corporations in total control.
And then they can manipulate who gets the bandwidth.
Yeah, that's what we want.
So they spin a false narrative, they put Obama's face on it to get their brainwashed minions to think it's good.
But then what happens?
Ajit Pai does his job as the FCC Commissioner, tells you the truth about net neutrality, and then kills it, and says, no, we're not going to do that, we're going to let the Internet operate free as it has, and we're not going to bring out these new regulations that are going to give corporations more control over content on the Internet.
So then what happens?
Well, the media already created their false narrative on net neutrality and acted like it was the golden goose.
So then FCG Chairman Ajit Pai comes around, who doesn't cater and cower and bow down to the fake news.
He stands up for what's right and says, no, I'm not going to do this.
Wow, how refreshing.
Then what does the media do?
He's the bad guy.
He's the devil.
Trump is putting up to it.
And then what do the brainwashed minions do?
Now they hate Ajit Pai because he killed their golden glues of net neutrality.
They thought it was so good and it needed net neutrality and now Ajit Pai... And now he gets death threats every day.
Now he has to travel with security 24-7.
This is how the left-wing radical liberals operate.
And this shows you how manipulated and controlled they are in their thought process.
So, you sell them net neutrality, you sell them a bill of goods, you put Obama's face on it, they love it!
Ajit Pai doesn't bow down to the corporate media, stands up to it, says we're not bringing in net neutrality, then the media says, Ajit Pai, bad!
Trump telling him to do this, and now he gets death threats all day from the loving, tolerant liberals.
Oh, and let's not forget, today actually I think marks the year anniversary of the radical left-wing terrorist shooting up
The Republican baseball practice, guys?
I think that was a year today.
See if you guys can look that up.
So let's just remember, let's just remember what we're dealing with here and who the real radical terrorists are in this country.
By the way, U.S.
economic advisor Larry Kudlow is in good condition following a heart attack.
You wish the best for him and you hope that he didn't get a heart attack attack.
Now this is declassified stuff, ladies and gentlemen.
They have frequencies and machines that they can point at you to cause a heart attack.
That is declassified information.
So, I'm not saying that's what happened to Larry Kudlow, but with everything else that's going on, the intel Alex got about Anthony Bourdain, you have to wonder about this stuff.
Seth Rich, Sean Lucas, Barrington Weisenant, yeah, the Clinton body count, Vince Foster, John Ashe.
So you just have to wonder, but we hope that Larry Kudlow is doing just fine.
Alright, let me go out to the, was it a year ago today?
It was a year ago Thursday.
A year ago Thursday, on Trump's birthday, that's right, when the radical left-wing terrorist went and shot up a Republican baseball practice, which could have been a mass shooting.
Think about that.
That could have been a mass shooting.
You notice how the media didn't call for gun control after that, though, because it was a good, tolerant liberal that did it.
Alright, let's go out to Blake, calling in from Kentucky.
Go ahead, Blake.
Hey Owen, how's it going?
Going good, go ahead.
I'd just like to say that people need to go to the InfoWars store and check out Super Male Vitality, Alpha Power, Caveman.
They're all great.
Gives you more stamina when you're working out, more energy throughout the day.
Also, I just want to say keep your head up, man.
We're still winning.
Every day.
Like, I appreciate y'all's hard work down there at InfoWars.
I don't want you to think my head is down.
Trust me, it's not.
I'm loving all of this right now.
I have a genuine spirit of unity.
Like, I genuinely... I don't have to agree with people all the time.
It's just I want people to understand that we're all
No, I agree.
I agree.
And Trump just keeps outclassing them and outsmarting those globalists at every turn.
But I do hope that they continue to follow up with the Clinton investigations.
Not just into the emails, but into the
Well, I think that the Inspector General's report could be the straw that broke the camel's back.
We'll see.
They're saying they may try to smooth it out around the edges.
I hope not.
I hope they just divulge the whole thing.
And that's what this country needs.
But here's the craziest part about it, Blake.
You could, I mean, they could document
The entire thing about how they rigged the investigation to make sure Hillary Clinton could still run for president.
How they rigged the investigation to make sure Hillary Clinton wouldn't be prosecuted.
And they will.
And it's already documented.
We already have it all.
And the left still won't accept it.
They'll still say it's a right-wing conspiracy theory.
I'm telling you, you can have a blade of grass, of healthy green grass, right in front of these people's face and say, this is a blade of grass and it is green, and they'll say, no, no it's not.
That's what's going to happen, Blake.
Mark my words.
Alright, let's now move on to George in California.
Go ahead, George.
How's it going, Owen?
Just fine.
I just want to talk to you and tell you that you're doing a great job, man, and don't let the liberals get to you, because honestly, they're getting all their information from the Instagrams, the Snapchats,
All the BuzzFeeds and everything that gives them misinformation.
So, it's just a zombie culture.
Well, and let's be clear.
They're not real liberals.
That's the modern day nomenclature because it's where they fall on the political spectrum that we're presented.
But they're not real liberals.
They're brainwashed minions.
They're fools.
They're whatever.
But you, again, it's this weird thing.
Where social media, people don't understand this, social media literally dominates people's lives.
Where they will take up a set of beliefs or some narrative just so they can post about it on social media and feel good about themselves.
And that's what, it gives them a source of dopamine.
That's why people are so obsessed with Instagrams and everything because every like gives them a source of dopamine.
So that's what makes them more obsessed with the social media.
And it's just sad, the dopamine receptors that they've now been trained to fire off via these social media things and getting likes and everything.
Man, it's like faux.
Dopamine it's like decaffeinated coffee.
It's not real.
It's it's a Small rush that then you just kind of get like every second like this little rush instead of a true dopamine hit Which is like going out there challenging yourself Suffering a little bit and then having the success and then having the victory.
That's a real dopamine thing That's how you actually can get high in real life.
I Mean look at this look at running
Ask people that run.
If you run, if you go out and run five miles, your brain is pumping out dopamine like a machine!
Like a machine!
But if you sit on social media all day and tweet, you just get like this little, it's like asthma or something, like asthma for your dopamine.
It just kind of little eeks every day.
And you get more desperate for it and you just sit on there all day.
It's killing us!
Let's talk to Victor in Florida.
Victor, you're calling.
Go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
First, I just want to mention, if people just go and try the products, they will be ordering all the time.
I've ordered several of the products over and over because it's amazing.
In particular, Silver Bullet.
As soon as I start to feel like I get a little sick, you know, maybe like a little raspiness in my throat, I drop some Silver Bullet and I'll still feel a little sick, but it won't last as long.
Well, let me just say something, Victor.
It's people like you that then fund the whole operation, because a very small percentage of people buy products, and a very small percentage of them buy a lot of the products, so thank you.
But when you mention the Silver Bullet colloidal silver, it's got thousands of reviews, a 98% review.
It is our highest-reviewed product, because it is from the top lab in the country, discounted, high-quality colloidal silver.
It's not a Silver Bullet, but it's the closest thing you're going to find to a Silver Bullet.
They were deemed unsafe to the community on Facebook.
Just ridiculous.
I mean, they're unsafe to the community.
Kathie Lee Griffin can depict herself decapitating Trump.
That's cool.
Snoop Dogg can depict himself shooting Trump in the head.
No problem there.
But Diamond and Silk just having an opinion and existing is unsafe to the Facebook community.
And then Zuckerberg today says it was an enforcement error.
Do you believe Mark Zuckerberg when he says the censorship against you was an enforcement error?
No, I do not.
No, no, no, no, no.
Keep in mind, we've been back and forth with Facebook for 6 months, 29 days, 5 hours, 40 minutes and 43 seconds.
Back and forth.
We have emails, we have chats.
Well, we've been back and forth about these different issues that's been going on on our page.
That's right.
We've gotten just
Pushed to the side, told this, told that.
Well, we got to deal with the tech support team.
We don't know.
Well, there's been no restrictions on your page.
We don't see anything wrong with your page.
Check your settings.
It's been like that back and forth for almost seven months.
See, this is the thing that we're talking about.
Discrimination is wrong.
I don't care where it's coming from.
That's right.
And what I find appalling is this is how the left do things.
They take in everything.
If you are conservative, you're racist.
If you are that, you're discriminating.
If you're a Republican, you're discriminating.
This is what they do.
But now, let's fit this here.
That's right.
Now you have two black conservative women who are Republicans who support the president.
That's right.
But you have a white liberal who owns this platform
Discriminating against two people of color.
And I want them to see the hypocrisy here.
Don't point the finger at conservatives and Republicans.
Let's look at what's happening here.
Because I'm sorry, I don't care what nobody say, we were discriminated against when you deemed our brand, which is two women, when you deemed us unsafe to the community.
You tarnished and you branded us and you painted us into something because you thought we was going to go somewhere and sit down.
And Mark Zuckerberg, he's obtained the American Dream.
Diamond and Silk, we are obtaining the American Dream.
But for someone to come and pull the rug from underneath you...
Tell you to bring yourself up, make this here happen, and then when you start making it happen, they try to kick you back down and put they foot on your neck.
That's basically what happened.
Listen you all, if you are being censored and if you know you right, then you're going to have to fight.
And when we stand here, and when we're here, and we're even fighting for our cause, we're fighting for you too.
If you are a conservative,
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show!
Live from the InfoWars.com studios, you're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
And now, your host, Owen Troyer.
You know, I like analogies sometimes.
To some people,
Understand what you're saying better when they can see it through the lens of an analogy.
You had a viral video recently come from a Minnesota high school baseball tournament where it's the last inning, the last strike, and the pitcher strikes out the batter to win the game and to go to the state finals.
Here's the B-roll, they're showing it right now.
The strikeout, the punchout, and then the team goes crazy.
They're all celebrating.
But you'll see the pitcher goes to the batter that he just struck out and kind of gives him a hug.
And so the team is all celebrating behind him.
They just had a great victory.
And the pitcher kind of misses out on that moment to go hug his friend and console him after the strikeout.
Okay, Schroyer, what are you talking about?
This is my analogy.
This is what I'm saying.
We are having victory right now, so don't be confused.
I know we're having victory.
I know we've been having massive victories.
We are changing the tide.
We are restoring nationalism.
We are restoring just general humanitarianism.
The real humanitarianism, not fake faux humanitarianism.
But like that pitcher that just won the game with the strikeout, sees his fellow friend suffering, and he goes and consoles him.
That's my frustration.
That's all of these people that still hate Trump.
That's all of these people that still think America is so bad because of this, that, or the other thing.
That's all these people that still fall for the fake news.
I don't know what to do for these people!
If they can't read, if they can't think, if they don't have a memory, if they don't have logic and reasoning anymore, I don't know what we can do.
But that's just kind of an analogy of how I feel.
I genuinely feel bad for these people suffering right now because they really believe the fake news.
They really believe everything about Trump that they hear on CNN.
He's a Russian agent, he's racist, he's that.
All fake!
All fake!
Yet that's the bubble they live in.
They are miserable!
And I just want them to be on the winning team.
Speaking of winning teams, but look, this is actually kind of all, it all kind of comes together here.
Dumb and Dumber, this is from the Times in UK.
Dumb and Dumber, why we're getting less intelligent.
So now, where you had IQ scores going up, they pretty much peaked at the Second World War and now they're going back down.
Why is that?
It's the social media.
It's the dumbing down on television.
It's the flicker rates.
It's the less reading.
It's the school system.
But also don't be confused by the false assumption in our own human arrogance that we're the smartest humans to ever walk the earth.
There have been other humans in history that may have even been smarter than us.
May have had more advanced technology than us.
But humans in general have a psychology to think we're the most advanced, we're the best of the species that has ever had to offer.
Maybe that's not the case and now you see the trend.
We're getting dumber again!
You see it in the streets.
Now a lot of it, health issues, have to do with this.
American toddlers are eating more sugar than the maximum amount of sugar recommended for adults.
Now, health and what to eat and all this stuff is really relative, depending on the individual and depending on certain circumstances.
But here's one fact.
If the sugar that these toddlers are eating is processed sugar, then yes, it's killing them.
Natural sugar really, people want to make, they want to demonize all these things.
Demonize carbs, demonize calories, demonize sugar.
No, you actually, you need all that stuff.
And you can actually take it in and...
Mass quantities, if you want it, as long as you burn it off, you're actually even more healthy.
But the processed sugar now is what they're finding the issue is.
It's the processed sugar, and that's what you get for most of these fast food chains, is processed sugar.
That's what you get in the soda.
That's what you get in the drinks that these young kids are drinking.
So that's the problem.
So it's not sugar.
You need sugar.
Sugar's fine.
It's processed sugar.
It's the processed foods.
Those are the ones that are killing the human genome.
But they always demonize it and say, oh, sugar's the problem.
No, no, it's the processed sugar.
It's the processed GMOs.
That's the problem.
All right.
Let's go back out to the phone lines.
Let's go to Joe calling in from Arkansas.
Go ahead, Joe.
Oh, hi, my name is Gerald.
All right, Gerald, not Joe.
Uh, anyway, I'm hearing what you're saying there, Owen, and you're right on the money as far as the processed sugar.
It's the same thing with news.
It isn't fake news process.
I like that.
We want the truth.
The truth doesn't need to be processed.
You just tell it like it is, right?
No, that's it.
Yeah, exactly.
Like real news, like actually just giving the news is good.
That doesn't need to be demonized.
Like real sugar.
Real sugar is fine.
Yeah, obviously you eat too much of it, but you know, enough sugar is fine.
Demonizing sugar is wrong.
But then you hit on it's the fake sugar.
Just like it's the fake news.
The average person won't get burnt out by real news.
They want that.
They want to know what's going on.
They want to be informed.
It's the fake news.
Just like the fake sugar that's killing us.
Yeah, and here's the thing.
Everything you're saying, the foundational thing is what they've done is they've turned it around.
They've taken the lie and they've made it the truth.
Now, it's not really, but it deceived people.
Well, you've got to do your homework, and the Bible says, search and prove all things.
Well, God wouldn't tell you to do that if you couldn't do it.
Well, and now the laziness factor comes into play, which is, again, that is artificially developed with the flicker rates on the TV, the chemicals in the food and water, the fluoride, so they even
Make us lazier?
Okay, maybe they don't know it.
Maybe there's not some grand conspiracy, and they really don't know fluoride is bad for you and kills your pineal gland.
They really don't know about the flicker rates in TV that they tested for five years before they even released it, tested it on monkeys.
So maybe they don't know that's going on, but you hit the nail on the head.
People are so lazy now, it's a lot easier to just see something with a flashy light in front of you and accept it than to actually research it for yourself.
I got a quick question because I hear you talking about it all the time.
It's on the news every day how you guys are being kept from being conservatives on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.
Now, I don't know the answer to this, but if I understood you guys right, these are all private companies.
Why can't InfoWars start up a competition for Facebook and YouTube and Twitter?
Well, you got, okay, now there's a simple answer for that.
Honestly, the simplest answer is bandwidth, cloud space, storage, time, and money.
Okay, that requires maximum amounts of all of those
I mean, look at Gab.
Gab, I mean, on its surface and in its principle, could easily compete with Twitter.
But they don't have all the money.
They don't have all the bandwidth.
And think about this.
How much does the average individual in their life pay to be on Instagram, pay to be on Snapchat, pay to be on Facebook, pay to be on Twitter, pay to be on YouTube?
You know how much, Joel?
Now, how do you think these companies are making money?
It's like people can't even think that far ahead!
They're selling your information, bro!
It's like, it's like 2 plus 2 equals 4!
How do you think you can use these platforms for 10 years for free?
They're selling every piece of data you give them, and you sign your rights away when you click that box that says accept.
So I don't know if that answers your question, but we have InfoWars.com slash show, where we're independent.
We have InfoWars.com, so we have our own independent networks.
It's just...
They force everybody into those media platforms.
That's all you see on television.
That's all they promote.
That's all they advertise, because it's all part of the same system.
Gathering your data, gathering the intelligence, mapping the human genome, but they roll it out as a trendy social media thing, so that you love it, you absorb it, you use it for free, and then they use that to map out and the whole
What you're doing is conceding defeat, man.
I mean, you've got to be smarter than they are.
You attack instead of defend.
You guys are defending yourselves to them.
Let's attack them back!
I don't get it, man.
So what do you want us to do?
Okay, okay.
Here, let me put it like this.
You know how they control the masses?
It's money.
Money, right?
You guys have to have money to do your business.
Well, you know the biggest fraud is the banking system.
They don't have to print gold and silver back in your money anymore because they're supposed to by the Constitution, but they're violating it.
You can get on a computer, Owen, and you can create trillions, because it's just stupid digits and a computer!
Alright, well, okay, Joel, I'm not disagreeing with you, but, uh, that's a little existential, I think, to try to find a solution to now.
I mean, you want to talk about, you know, the private Federal Reserve.
I mean, now you're going down a different issue.
Desiree, thanks for holding her on the air from California.
Go ahead.
Just wanted to let you know I've been listening to you for about six years now.
My husband turned me on to you and absolutely I could not stand you.
For about the first two months I listened to you and now I listen every single day.
To your full skill that you do and I absolutely thank God that I have a forum that I can contribute to and I get such an amazing product.
We use your brain force, your survival shield.
I work nights, 12-14 hours a night, five days a week.
I use your winter sun, your selenium, the real red pill, your bio PCA, immune wall.
I'm just
Here in California, fighting, trying to survive with the demon rats.
How they're demonizing my state, I just can't stand it anymore.
You have changed my life, InfoWars has changed my family's life.
I bought property in a no-fly zone, no cell phone service, got my own well water.
My mind is so open to everything that's going on, but I need to know what else we can do.
Well, you're on the right track, Desiree.
What you're doing right now is absolutely working, and thank you for calling and sharing that.
I think she should just share her testimony.
By the way, Desiree, again, thank you for your call.
Absolutely, sweetheart.
We love you and tell your husband we love him.
We really appreciate you.
Keep up the fight.
We need to take California back.
Thank you, Desiree.
We're going to come back and take more calls.
Thank you, sweetheart.
Every morning before I start writing or shooting a video, I take two capsules of Brain Force for a sustainable burst of energy.
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Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order, it's Alex Jones!
You found it, the tip of the spear.
It is the Alex Jones Show with Owen Troyer.
All right, let me kind of just put a bow on that last caller.
Because I understand, and to a lot of people that see the issues with the censorship on Twitter and Facebook and all these social media platforms, you look at InfoWars and other leaders of the freedom and liberty movement here in America,
And you say, you point the finger at us and you say, why aren't you building something that can compete?
Well, many have tried.
But you have to understand that it's an uphill battle and it's a rigged battle.
Even if InfoWars created a platform that could actually compete with Facebook, we wouldn't get the traffic.
We wouldn't get the notoriety.
We wouldn't get the public promotion that Facebook, that Twitter, that YouTube gets.
So there's that aspect.
Even if we had it there, it still wouldn't get the mainstream traffic because it's not going to be promoted.
Okay, so there's one answer.
But secondly, again, because I understand where you're coming from, but this is one of the biggest frustrations and so many times people will call up here or send me messages saying, why aren't you doing this?
Why don't you do this?
Well, why don't you do that?
I mean, I'm not trying to be rude.
I understand, you know, you look at us as leaders.
You want us on the front lines to do more and we're trying to do as much as possible.
But again, why don't you do it?
Why don't you take the initiative?
So if you're sitting in a situation and you're saying, why doesn't somebody do this?
Here's a thought.
You do it.
That's how you change the world.
As far as, you know, building social media or whatever have it, okay, maybe that's one solution, but I've got a better solution.
Get off social media.
Get off Facebook.
Get off Twitter.
And I know that I'm one of the voices in the wilderness that actually says this.
A lot of people disagree with me.
In fact, Ali Alexander would disagree with me.
Maybe we could have a debate about this.
I say just get it all.
Just get rid of all of it.
Just go back out into the real world.
Have real conversations with people again.
Learn how to communicate verbally with people again.
Learn what it's like to go out into the physical realm and suffer and stride and then have victory and have success and then know what it's like to really get high off life.
Not the fake, asthmatic high that you get from social media.
That's just kind of my, to put a bow on the last caller.
If you're sitting in a situation where you say, why not you?
Why don't you do this?
Maybe you look into doing something like that.
And maybe you feel like you don't have the means, you don't have the money, you don't have the wherewithal, whatever.
Well, maybe we don't either!
You know, we're kind of spread thin right now as it is, doing everything we do here.
But again, that's a debate you can have.
I think the debate you have first is, if you see the problem on Facebook, if you see the problem on Twitter, just get off of it.
Just leave it.
Nobody's making you go on there.
Nobody's making you post on Facebook.
Nobody's making you post on Twitter.
But like they admitted, it's like a drug now.
It's like telling the heroin addict to put down the needle.
It's like telling the cocaine addict to quit snorting cocaine.
It's an addiction now.
They can't put it down.
It has become a physical addiction, and they need that dopamine release every two seconds, so they keep posting, and they keep posting, and they keep posting!
And they just wanna like!
If they could just get the like, if they could just get that follow from Justin Bieber, if they could just get that follow from their favorite athlete, if they could just get a hundred likes, if they could just get a retweet from their favorite celebrity, oh the dopamine hit would be so huge!
And so they just sit there trying to get that high, trying to reach that plateau, and it'll never be delivered!
It will never be delivered!
You want to get high off live?
Go get a paddle board and paddle five miles up the local river.
Go get a canoe and go canoeing in some canals and some creeks.
It might be a little tough to keep your balance and then you get stronger and you learn how to canoe.
That's how you get high!
That is how you win!
So you want to be a loser?
Sit on social media all day and post a bunch of selfies and post your favorite meal and just hope somebody retweets you and likes it and maybe you'll get a little dopamine hit.
But you want to be a real success?
You want to experience being high off life?
Go out into the real world with a goal and challenge yourself and suffer and strive and have a victory.
That is how you really get high.
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You are listening to an InfoWars.com Frontline Report.
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
And now, your host, Owen Troyer.
I just want to put a bow on what I'm saying here.
Because it all ties in together.
It's all about striving.
It's all about conquering challenges.
And people just think because a challenge is so big they can't do it.
No, you can do it!
You are a human!
You have incredible capabilities, man!
And I'm just sitting here thinking about how I can kind of personify this.
And I look at myself.
You can go look at videos where four or five years ago when I first started getting into politics, I was in sports media, I was on Sports Talk Radio, and I had a foot in the door in sports media, and I could have gone down that career path.
And I remember sitting in my apartment,
You know, four or five years ago, shooting rinky-dink videos for years, nobody would watch them!
I'd get like 30 views here, 100 views here, maybe max out at 200 views, but I'd keep doing them.
I'd keep cranking them out.
I'd keep doing it.
And people would say, why are you doing this?
You're wasting your time.
Invest here.
Try to sell more ad space on Sports Talk Radio.
You know, you got a foot in the door here.
You're doing, you're spending hours doing these videos.
Nobody's watching.
Nobody's watching.
You'll never make it anywhere.
You're wasting your time.
And I just kept chugging along, I kept persevering, I kept pushing through, and now here I am, sitting in for Alex Jones!
There is no obstacle that's too big for you!
As long as you continue to fight, as long as you believe in yourself, as long as you have the strength and courage to step out onto the platform, put your neck out there, give it your best, you will have a victory!
You will have deliverance!
What, you don't think you can make a social media platform because you don't have millions of dollars?
I bet you can if you apply yourself!
But like, this whole notion of human capability has just been beaten out of us.
Like, you can't do anything without the government.
You can't do anything without a bureaucracy.
You can't do anything without help from an establishment.
No, you can do everything!
So, I just want people to understand that, man.
You can change the world.
You can be anything.
It might take a year.
It might take two years.
It might take five years.
It might take ten years.
But you can have your deliverance.
You can have your victory.
And that's when you will be high off life and you won't need some stupid social media account to post Twitter hashtags all day.
Alright, I'm gonna chop that down right there, and I'm gonna go back out to the phone lines.
Let's go to Jake calling in from Ohio.
Go ahead, Jake.
How are you, Owen?
I'm doing fine!
In fact, to everybody else that ever calls into the show, I'm doing great!
So don't even bother asking me.
I'm kicking ass, Jake!
That's great, man.
I'm glad to hear it.
I'm stoked.
Hey, I just had a question for you, Owen.
I just wanted you to compare and contrast a little bit of Trump and a little bit of Bush from years ago.
I remember Bush always telling us years ago, oh, they hate you because of your freedom.
They hate you because of your freedom.
That's why they hate you.
Yeah, that's why the 9-11 attacks happened, right?
That's why Islam hates us, because of our freedoms.
But now we want to bring them all in, though.
But now we want to bring them all in.
We didn't have a debate.
We didn't have a moment in time where that narrative changed.
It just happened.
And I'm freaking out about this whole thing with the immigrants, and they're trying to bring millions of them in, and like they were saying on the news not too long ago, popping borders at 40,000 a year, or is that a small number?
I'm not exactly sure.
50,000 illegals trying to cross the border were apprehended in May.
50,000 in the month of May.
Oh my God.
That's staggering.
Well, I hope you guys keep up the good fight, and we're all with you out here, man.
Well, thank you for the call, Jake.
It's just crazy.
There's a story right there.
Border arrest exceeds $50,000 for third month in a row.
But I want to go back to the point that Jake made here, because this is actually so crucial.
And Trump knows this, folks.
Whether he decides to do something about this or not, only time will tell.
But what he just said is so key.
Let's rewind the clocks back to 2001, 2002.
I believe it was... What was the official date?
See if you guys can find the official date when President George Bush announced the war in Iraq.
The war on terror.
I remember the press conference.
I remember I was at my friend's house.
And I remember hearing it on the radio.
And it was just like the last caller was saying.
Islam hates us.
Islam attacked us on 9-11 because they hate our way of life.
They want us all to die.
And we all bought into it!
Of course we did!
They just took down the Twin Towers.
Okay, it was 2013.
Thank you, crew.
And then they launched the war in Iraq.
No Iraqis involved in the 9-11 attack.
Okay, so there's that whole thing.
They blame Osama bin Laden.
Osama bin Laden was a CIA operative for decades in the Middle East and in Russia.
Okay, so then there's that angle.
Then you have the magic, what, eight passports on a heap of lava, a heap of burning lava that lasted for two years.
No other incidents ever has there been molten lava at the base of a building that caught fire, a structure fire, that lasted for two years.
But that's just another side issue.
Magically, passports are just on top of the ash heap of Saudi Arabians.
So none of it makes sense, but because of the emotional heartstrings, they say, look at what happened at the Twin Towers, look at what happened at the Pentagon.
Radical Islam attacked us.
They hate our way of life.
So we went to war with radical Islam and terrorism.
Now, we flash forward to today.
And we never really addressed that.
We never really declared victory over that.
We never really said that that was no longer an issue.
But now all of a sudden we're saying, Islam is the religion of peace and we need to have all of our borders open and we need to bring in as many people from Muslim countries as possible to be tolerant.
And you sit here and you scratch your head and you say, wait a second, we never stopped the war on terror.
We never stopped the war on radical Islam.
Why all of a sudden are we bringing these people in?
And now you want to go really to questionable standards, think about this.
And this is where I think for most people the logic shuts down.
If you are from one of these Middle Eastern countries, whether it be Libya, whether it be Iraq, that
was destroyed because of America's foreign policy.
No matter what religion you are.
Let's say you're in Libya, you're in Iraq, your country was destroyed because of America's foreign policy.
You probably had family members die.
Now you don't think that there might be an element of citizens from those two countries that might want to come here and kill us?
But they don't even think about that.
It's, okay, let's go bomb the Middle East, let's go destroy the Middle East, let's go disrupt the Middle East.
It's a war on terror.
And then that just kind of sits out there, and then ten years later we say, look at all the people in the Middle East!
We gotta bring them here.
We gotta bring them all in, we gotta be tolerant, we gotta bring them all in.
So wait, if we were there unjustifiably to begin with, murdering and pillaging and destroying countries, wouldn't they want to come here and kill us?
If we're at war with Islam that wants to kill us and hates our way of life and we've been at war for decades, why do we want to bring them in here?
This is the general logic and reasoning that has escaped the average American.
But beyond the average American!
It's not even their fault!
This is the average logic and reasoning that we don't even get from our own government that starts these wars.
This is the logic and reasoning that we don't even get from the mainstream media that lies us into these wars.