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Air Date: May 30, 2018
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In this podcast, Alex Jones discusses political correctness, patriotism, immigration issues, Hollywood's loss of power, and George Soros' past. He interviews Kevin Shipp, a former CIA officer, about the shadow government causing a constitutional crisis in America. Jones promotes various InfoWars products aimed at supporting health and maintaining truth in history while discussing alternative news sources and censorship.


We now take you live to the Central Texas Command Center, in the heart of the resistance, rallying patriots worldwide.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
And finally, new rule, now that he's suing me for five million dollars because he says he's proved that he is not the love child of an orangutan.
Donald Trump must learn two things, what a joke is and what a contract is.
Let me catch you up on how all this got started.
During the last week of the presidential campaign last year, Donald Trump, who previously... Now, the big question here is obviously, will Bill Maher of real time be fired by HBO for calling the president a racially insensitive term?
Because if you compare someone with strawberry blonde hair to an orangutan, you're being racist against white people for comparing them to a primate.
But of course, Bill Maher should not be fired.
Because you could argue that Donald Trump does have orangutan colored orange hair.
At least used to, he did.
It's more gray blonde now.
And it's a funny joke.
When I saw it at the time, I thought it was funny.
I've called Trump the golden toad.
I've called myself a pumpkin head.
I have a very large head.
That said, this is the death of comedy.
It's the same thing that Seinfeld's talked about, and many others, where you can't even go on universities anymore and tell basic jokes.
Remember, Seinfeld's own 13-year-old daughter said, we're going to move back from upstate New York, our ranch, our farm, back to the cities.
You can meet more boys.
And his daughter said, Dad, this is two years ago.
That's sexist to even say boy.
That's the cultural brainwashing.
That's the real authoritarianism here.
And you know, I don't have a dog in the fight for Roseanne Barr.
She's come on the show before.
She says she's a listener.
I think one of her personalities listens to the show.
I think Roseanne Barr obviously is on substance abuse.
A lot of people are.
I'm not putting the lady down.
But the point is, is that
She's now coming out, falling on her sword, apologizing, groveling, saying, I was on Ambien, I had a bad experience.
She says that, you know, it's rough having seven personalities.
Roseanne Barr says she has seven personalities.
Whether it's true or not, this whole show, I actually watched a few of the episodes, and it's exactly what I thought it was.
It was a way to lure libertarian and conservative viewers back in.
And then have a bunch of Islamists on the show and basically another Archie Bunker versus Meathead rerun to sit there and social engineer people.
And as they added more and more political correctness in, people tuned out.
The show spiked up, it was then sliding down, plunging into oblivion.
And they activated their MKUltra multiple personality operative, Roseanne Barr, to then go into a complete conniption fit.
That's really what I believe.
I believe that she is an MKUltra mind control slave, as many people in Hollywood are, and that John Goodman is also a Martian robot.
I'm being sarcastic, but when she's over there saying, I got seven personalities and I'm on tranquilizers, which might be true, it certainly
Opens the door.
Yeah, she says, I am large.
I contain multitudes.
Well, she has a personality that loves us that says she's going to come on all the time and then doesn't.
So maybe it's true or maybe she's just full of prunes.
Roseanne says having seven personalities is tough.
After issuing an apology, Roseanne Barr overnight slammed some of her former co-stars and retweeted defenses of her racist comments that prompted ABC to cancel her TV series.
Is it racist?
Is it racist if somebody looks simian, and humans are primates, to say it?
I mean, I look like a gorilla with my shirt off.
No, it's not.
This is a political correctness.
Is it racist to target blacks for abortion?
Oh, yeah, that is.
Or to ship drugs in their neighborhood?
Oh, yeah, that is.
But the left will never talk about that because they're the engineers.
By the way, China's threatening to start a war with the U.S.
We'll tell you about that when we come back.
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Waging war on corruption.
It's Alex Jones.
Who is he?
He's an absolute total tool of Chuck Schumer.
He's a tool.
Of Chuck Schumer, and of course, the MS-13 lover, Nancy Pelosi.
This vicious gang has transformed once peaceful, beautiful communities that I know so well, I know them all, into blood-stained killing fields, savagely murdering, raping, and mutilating their victims.
And this is why we call the bloodthirsty MS-13 gang members exactly the name that I used last week.
What was the name?
But in the end, Mexico's paying for the wall.
They make all of this money, and they do absolutely nothing to stop people from going through Mexico, from Honduras, and all these other countries.
The caravan, all of this stuff, they do nothing to help us.
They're gonna pay for the wall, and they're gonna enjoy it, okay?
They're gonna enjoy it.
The reason I opened the broadcast up with that today is the only place you'd see that would be either on Infowars.com or DrudgeReport.com or Fox News.
It got blacked out all over the news with the Roseanne Barr distractions.
A few leftist publications picked it up.
But Mexico now has opened its border specifically for people not to stay there but to come here in a very aggressive military
The UN admits that they're using giant collapsing third world populations as weapons against the West to fully make us compitulate to their form of government globalism.
Just like the Maharishi famously in the 80s shipped in over 10,000 homeless people into a tiny county in Oregon so he could outvote and take over the county.
It's the same thing.
The Democrats admit it.
They've got 14 states letting illegal aliens get driver's licenses and vote.
The Democrats are now telling illegals to vote.
Nobody would put up with this.
So I open the broadcast up that Trump is continuing to try to defend our republic.
He's pressuring the Democrats with very, very fair immigration deals to make it easier to become a citizen, easier to come in if you're not a criminal, easier for people that actually are real dreamers and have lived here for a long time and aren't criminals and contribute to become citizens, to be fast-tracked.
But if you're criminals or you're MS-13 or you've got serious convictions, you are going to have your criminal butt, whether you're from Europe or whether you're from Asia or whether you're from Latin America, thrown out of here.
The media has branded controlling our borders a Hispanic thing because that was the majority.
It's now Chinese women.
For three years running, Chinese women are the number one group here illegally week by week.
And they come here to have their babies for free.
They fly in the last month, the government knows it, they get in a hotel, they go have the baby, everything's paid for, and that baby's now a U.S.
citizen and gets benefits.
And it's middle-class Chinese doing it.
It's crazy, you go up to the domain in North Austin, and sometimes a third of the people you'll see are pregnant Chinese women.
Don't speak a lick of English, and they're up there, they're shopping, they're enjoying themselves, they've got an apartment, they're right next to the big women's center that's right down the road there, where my wife just had our baby a year ago, and they are milking the systems.
There it is.
China, now the biggest group.
So it's a joke.
Now you go to China,
And you try that, they will put you in a forced labor camp, or they will execute you, and they will take your organs.
But see, just like the EU filing suit on thousands of U.S.
companies claiming that we abused people's data, which in many cases is true, the EU basically exempts itself, and China hasn't had one suit filed on them.
It's China and the EU ganged up on us, and I keep going back to that because how can leftists not join with the fight for America?
When everything Trump's doing is pragmatically Eisenhower meets JFK.
It's just standard, turn the economy on, go after corruption, kick out most of the lobbyists, nothing's perfect.
And just follow an economic policy that's good for the country and good for the world but not good for ultra-rich people worth hundreds of billions of dollars like Bezos and Slim and Gates and Buffett and all the rest of these people.
They are above the law and they are at war with free economies and they are at war with the West because they are monopoly men and they want total consolidation.
Trump is a renaissance guy.
He's a capitalist.
He is a entertainer.
He is somebody that wants largess and wants big, juicy economies.
So he can skim off the top.
In a legal and lawful way.
Not off some skimming to take it, you know, some business.
Riding in on the return of America.
A big hit.
A big cornucopia.
The ghost of Christmas present.
Big, beautiful orangutan.
But remember, Bill Maher can call him an orangutan, and Bill Maher is not going to get his show cancelled.
But Roseanne Barr, you can see it.
They set her up, brought in the new show.
It was really an anti-conservative program, the pieces I saw of it.
Luring people in.
It's simply amazing.
They could call George W. Bush a chimpanzee, a monkey, over and over again.
If you're a TV viewer, we've got the meme on screen.
Let's go back to that.
You got Valerie Jarrett that doesn't completely look like the chimpanzee scientist lady from the first excellent Charlton Heston Planet of the Apes movie.
She looks more like a toad or a snapping turtle.
More like a fish creature.
Now, Trump doesn't really look like an orangutan other than the orangutan color of his hair.
It's dead on back when he was just, I guess, dyeing it with Just For Men or whatever.
Reportedly, that's what that color is.
Okay, yes, Trump does make chimpanzee-like or orangutan-like lip faces because humans do that.
And they've got studies how humans with the same emotions make the same faces as great apes.
And you can see the comparisons.
They teach that in sociology, psychology, anthropology.
It's well known.
So, if you compare some black lady to looking simian, well, there's a reason.
Because we are primates.
That's why there's so many comparisons to humans and monkeys and to apes.
Because some people look more like it than others.
There are some white people that look more like apes than other white people.
There are some black people that look more ape-like than other black people.
I look ape-like.
With my shirt off, you know, in my birthday suit, I look like a gorilla.
I mean, I have to work out.
I got big chest, big arms, big legs.
I'm bow-legged.
My feet are flat.
My dad is somewhat simian looking, too.
It's just the way it is.
And I'm proud of it.
But... I mean, this whole thing is just absolutely ridiculous.
I'm hairy like an ape, too.
By the way, I'm proud of it.
Women don't seem to mind.
They seem to like it.
So... I would say...
That I look more Simeon than most black people.
But this mental illness of political correctness to say that we don't all, at one way or another, look Simeon is just a complete joke.
I mean, it's like species of horses.
Does a mule look a lot like a horse, even though it's not a horse?
Does a donkey look a lot like a horse?
It's a different species, but it's in the same family.
So if you're watching on TV, you can see that footage they did where I did a whole joke deal where I decided I supported Hillary and I'm ripping my shirt off.
And I look semi in there.
But this is the mental illness.
This is what they've pushed.
This is what they've said where they can decide who's fired, who's taken off the air.
And that sets the precedent, monkey see, monkey do, where then all of us are watching television and we think, oh, let's reenact that in our own lives.
It's incredible.
I call my own little daughter, my little monkey.
She hangs onto my fingers.
And you know what?
She looks like a cute little pink monkey.
So this is the mental illness, ladies and gentlemen.
And it's out of control.
So are they going to fire anybody that compares white people to apes?
No, it's not going to happen.
They'll be back with Russia and China and major threats.
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Western Europe has already banned free speech.
And an iron curtain of censorship is descending down over the UK.
They're set to pass rules, not a law, that if you criticize Islam or gays, you'll get six months in prison.
We know we're only about a year or two behind what's happening in the UK.
CNN and many others are calling for InfoWars to be shut down, taken off the web.
Slate Magazine has a professor and others saying, go beyond censorship.
Brainwash young people against InfoWars.
Psychologically inoculate them with lies, so they don't actually hear what we have to say.
We are the most hated news source in the world by globalists.
It is so critical that you go to InfoWars.com forward slash newsletter and sign up for the free newsletter so we can be in contact with you and so the censors can't bully their way in and block us being able to engage in free open dialogue as a society.
That is critical to this fight.
We will prevail if you take action and I know you will.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
Drugged out!
We are following other people's opinions!
We are controlled by the media.
Today, it all changes.
This reality has been forced upon us.
It is a choice, just like when I said slavery is a choice.
Einstein said the death of insanity is doing the same thing expecting a different result.
So we keep on saying, I hate you, I hate you, f*** you, f*** you, f*** you.
How are we going to get a different result out of hate?
Why don't we just try love?
Why don't we just try love?
We have the resources.
Sometimes you need some crazy motherf***ers to change something.
Steve Jobs is crazy, now we all on Steve Jobs' phones.
They say Trump's crazy, they say I'm crazy, but I'm here to show love.
It's a bigger plan and I'm just doing what the universe told me.
Resistance to tyrants is obedience to God.
It's Alex Jones.
I'm your host Alex Jones.
Coming up the next segment, I'm going to get into Senators seek stronger action on China and South China Sea.
China is now threatening military action against our ships.
That means war.
That is a huge issue.
Also, Soros has thrown a big fit.
Everything has gone wrong.
Soros warns major financial crisis is coming.
When he's the one that's famous for engineering,
Financial crises and I'm also at the start of the next segment gonna air the definitive clip Of Soros on NPR and Soros on 60 minutes and other programs saying the best time of his life Was going around with his father While his stepfather rounded up the Jews and now he feels no guilt for it and then he's attacking Roseanne Barr For pointing it out.
I think that's the real reason she got canned
Now here's what you really need to know about Roseanne Barr.
Roseanne Barr is extremely... Here's what you need to know about Roseanne Barr.
Roseanne Barr is extremely eccentric.
Roseanne Barr was basically picked.
By the corporate media who have imploding ratings to come on television and launch a conservative quasi-reboot.
But as soon as the show launched it began to just be a
Sucker punch or a sucker play where they lured people back into the top rated show to get viewers back into ABC and then they baited and switched it from the episodes I watched and it had more social justice warrior stuff.
It had more pro open border Islamic crap than anything you can imagine.
So we praise it as this great conservative program and this trailblazing thing.
When Roseanne is the token free thinker, she's the token open-minded person, and then she's billed as a crazy person, she's billed as a substance abuser, she's billed as a person with multiple personalities, and so we hail mainstream media and say thank you so much for giving us a voice in mainstream news and mainstream sitcoms.
That's right, sitcoms.
Let us tune in to your fraud.
And let us buy into it, and let us feel like we've got a seat at the table, when all you're doing is laughing at us and suckering us.
And then when Roseanne gets a little bit off the reservation, you ignore it.
But as soon as the ratings start to plunge, from record ratings in the last four or five years, for any other show out there, to only a decent show, with a trajectory showing it going straight down,
Well then the controversy you've been pushing her to engage in, well the last stage of the setup was brought in and ABC bragged to CNN, an article I read this morning, that they were already looking at cancelling the show because of her activities, that they were proud of how quick they took action and how they flushed her so quickly because they're not going to put up with hate.
They're going to virtue signal just like
Major Fortune 100 companies, like Starbucks.
Starbucks is admittedly being funded by the Open Society Foundation and George Soros, that's the main funder of the PR group, in their own press release, along with the Ford Foundation, running the whole, oh, we're racist, we're gonna close our doors for a few days to be a re-education camp, and then we're gonna ask every white patron that comes in, are you a racist?
Would you virtue signal today and tell a black person you're sorry?
Will you take on some guilt?
This is being pushed as divide and conquer from the people up on the top of the pyramid to control those at the bottom of the pyramid.
It's simple.
It's in the WikiLeaks.
It's called social engineering.
It's called divide and conquer.
It's called balkanization.
Now the truth about Roseanne Barr was, as soon as she made the statement, she apologized.
Because in the past, they would let her apologize for publicity, but this time, they were ready to get rid of her.
Yeah, there it is.
If you're watching on TV.
The Perception Institute.
Research, representation, reality.
That means controlling reality.
And who was one of their main funders?
Ford Foundation and the Open Society Foundation.
That's all divide-and-conquer, race-war garbage, and so are the other organizations.
Why are the ultra-rich, why are the super-blue-bloods that only marry other white people, who only allow Oprah Winfrey into their eugenics meetings that are even in the Wall Street Journal and New York Times?
Remember six years ago?
The world's richest meet in secret to establish a world government for depopulation.
Just type in, the world's richest meet in New York to discuss depopulation.
ABC News, London Guardian, you name it.
Six years ago, they tried a coming out.
They said David Rockefeller, Ted Turner, Bill Gates.
They're all there with Oprah Winfrey, the one black lady, meeting in secret in New York, and then they put out a press release admitting, we're establishing world government, and we're going to shrink your population, and we're going to teach you how to fight with each other, and we're going to bring down the first world because we shouldn't have a middle class, only a super elite.
These guys all run global scams where they pay basically zero taxes, all their money's tax-exempt, and they get called philanthropists while they lecture all of us about how we're bad and how we shouldn't have a middle class.
And they also work around the clock to shut down any small businesses or any regional businesses or factories and de-industrialize the West to bring us to our knees so they can dictate to us the terms of our total surrender.
And then once they've got you under their control, they can dictate inoculations.
They can dictate number of children you can have.
They can dictate total control.
But first, they're going to let the third world population run rampant until we approve a global fascist order that will then exterminate, with race-specific bio-weapons, the entire third world.
Now that's the real plan!
And that's why they hate me, because I've reverse-engineered their own documents, their own admissions, their own plans.
Now, if you want to stop this and you want to fight back,
It is absolutely critical that you understand what we're really dealing with here.
And you don't defeat these people by apologizing or by groveling.
They want to bring in a total climate of witch hunt and fear, where we all roll over.
If you want to stop them, you spread the word, you tell the truth.
You don't care if you get criticized sharing a newswars.com link.
You don't care if your family gets in your face when you promote Americana and Donald Trump.
And Trump, under all the attack, has broken through their conditioning, through their control, through their bullying, through their demonization, and things are getting better right away.
And so that's why they're panicking more now, going, well, we can bully Alex Jones.
Or we can bully somebody else then.
We can bully Roseanne, and then we can bully you!
So Trump has broken through.
He's the model to show how he broke through the lies.
The American people voted for him and broke through the lies.
They bet on something different.
It's working.
The globalists are panicking, so they're tripling down on race war garbage.
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You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
It was actually probably the happiest year of my life, that year of German occupation.
For me it was a very positive experience.
It's a strange thing, you know, because you see incredible suffering around you and in fact you are in considerable danger yourself.
But you're 14 years old and you don't believe.
You're a...
I don't know.
Lots of people get shipped off to the death camps.
I was 14 years old.
And I would say that that's when my character was made.
In what way?
That one should think ahead, one should understand and anticipate events.
And one is threatened.
It was a tremendous threat of evil.
I mean, it was a very personal experience of evil.
My understanding is that you went out with this protector of yours, who swore that you were his adopted god son.
Yes, yes.
Went out, in fact, and helped in the confiscation of property from the Jews.
That's right.
I mean, that sounds like an experience that would send lots of people to the psychiatric couch for many, many years.
Was it difficult?
Not at all.
Not at all.
Maybe as a child you don't see the connection, but it created no problem at all.
No feeling of guilt?
For example, I'm Jewish and here I am watching these people go, I could just as easily be there, I should be there.
None of that.
Well, of course I could be on the other side, or I could be the one from whom the thing is being taken away.
But there was no sense that I shouldn't be there, because that was...
Well, actually, funny way, it's just like in markets, that if I weren't there, of course I wasn't doing it, but somebody else would be taking it away anyhow.
Whether I was there or not, I was only a spectator, the property was being taken away.
So I had no role in taking away that property.
So I had no sense of guilt.
Are you religious?
Do you believe in God?
You may have heard that Starbucks is closing up shop today to implement mandatory implicit bias training.
The move will cost an estimated $12 million in lost revenue, and critics say that it amounts to no more than virtue signaling.
What's worse, experts claim that when you mandate this type of training, it actually does more harm than good.
So why would Starbucks go through with such a controversial move when it's costly and ineffective?
Meet the Perception Institute, a think tank with the goal of propping up intersectionality, which is at the cornerstone of the liberal thought plantation.
Here's the kicker.
The Perception Institute is supported by, you guessed it, the George Soros Open Society Foundation, as well as another globalist foundation, the Ford Foundation.
Now that we're able to follow the money, we can see exactly how the story turns.
The Perception Institute has partnered with Starbucks to set the precedent for other companies to mandate this type of training and make it a cultural norm.
If this is something you're opposed to, try supporting a local coffee shop, where you can check out more reports like these at InfoWars.com.
Matt Weber reporting.
And that's how it all ties together, ladies and gentlemen.
If you look at who's on the board of Starbucks, she's also some of the ladies on the board with Oprah Winfrey's big global depopulation group.
Oprah Winfrey, of course, has been in mainstream news, meeting secretly with the Global Eugenics Board with David Rockefeller and Ted Turner, Bill Gates, and others, and she is for global depopulation.
And so, what was Roseanne's big crime?
Well, it was tweeting that George Soros was a Nazi collaborator, something George Soros responded to and said was false, and the media dutifully yesterday said that he's actually a Holocaust survivor.
Well, I guess he did survive the Holocaust by being a collaborator and helping actively with his uncle round up Jews.
We just played him earlier saying it, but saying he felt no guilt.
Because it's like markets, he just filled that slot.
Speaking of eugenics...
It was Thomas Watson who received the highest award ever given during the reign of the Nazis from 1933 to 1945.
He won the highest award ever given to anyone in the Reich for international business machines running the Hollerith machines in the slave camps and in the death camps.
So the tattoos were numbers to track you to put into that how long you'd worked, how much you'd be fed, would you be right away killed or gotten rid of, or how long you'd be worked to death.
That's an absolute fact.
And IBM now has a computer named Thomas that is their main AI system that is running most hospitals in Europe and the U.S.
on their bioethics boards deciding who lives and who dies.
That's right.
So that's the new AI deciding who lives and who dies.
Truth is stranger than fiction.
If that's your right to death, it's actually the government's right to kill you.
I'm all for somebody's right if they don't want to seek treatment or, you know, don't want to go through pain anymore.
But this is the state coming in saying, no, we're going to decide who lives and who dies with our bioethics boards programming the computers so no one has any guilt when they kill people.
Well, President Trump just finished, minutes ago, live, this is in near time, signing the right
Not the right to live, the right to try.
All these thousands of drugs and things that are known to help people who are terminal live longer, maybe even save them, those are being held up by the drug companies and by government.
Trump just, as he promised to innovate in the State of the Union, he just innovated massively.
Let's go to that.
He said that this puts the access in the hands of all of Americans who are terminally ill.
Some groups, like the American Cancer Society, have pushed against this.
Some Democrats have pushed against it, saying that it puts those patients, who again are terminally ill, at risk.
The FDA may not have vetted this drug.
The American Cancer Society runs the cancer.
They developed the cancer viruses in the vaccine.
Let's watch and listen together.
To me, this is a very important moment, a very important day.
I've been looking forward to this for a long time, along with Senator Ron Johnson.
And I will tell you, we worked hard on this.
I never understood why it was hard.
They've been trying to have it passed for years.
I never understood why.
Because I'd see people, friends of mine, and other people I'd read about, where they'd travel all over the world looking for a cure.
And we have the best medical people in the world, but we have trials, and we have long time, 12 years, 15 years, even when things look really promising, so many years.
And I never understood why they didn't do this, and we worked very hard.
We're going to come back with more of this on the other side, because this is a near time, the speech is still ongoing.
It is a fact that they have suppressed thousands of treatments.
I don't want to call them cures, but in some cases it cures people.
And all we get is 50-year-old bug poison.
They call it chemotherapy.
And then they suck everything out of you.
And the doctors aren't allowed to get the new treatments.
They're blocking it all.
This is the eugenics control, the Rockefeller control.
It keeps going back to the same people of our medicine.
And Trump is breaking it all up.
It is amazing.
If you're already going to die, and you want to take some risky treatments, that's how you should develop new stuff, let them do it.
But no, instead the globalists take all the real stuff for themselves, in very expensive Swiss clinics and other areas, and then you don't get access to it.
Well, guess what globalists?
You're not going to hoard the life extensions to yourself.
Watch my film Endgame.
I know the President's seen it, I've been told.
That's already what's going on.
See, it's not like he learned it from Endgame.
He understands what's already happening.
And it's all about them suppressing new medical developments.
It's all happening.
Unlocking the secrets of the universe.
Everything Trump promised.
We're gonna go to break, come back with more.
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We'll be back with more positive news straight ahead from our champion.
One of the things I'm really proud of is the fact that doing my own research, talking to top scientists, we knew that there was an iodine conspiracy.
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Iodine deficiency is the commonest preventable cause of brain damage and loss of IQ in the world.
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Iodine used to be used in bread as a dough enhancer.
Then in the early 1970s, most commercial manufacturers switched to bromide instead.
Since 1970, the iodine they collected in urine is 50% less now than it was then.
Research from a World Health Organization study show that 10 to 50 percent of people worldwide are deficient in iodine.
Most people, I think everybody, for the most part, should be supplementing with iodine.
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And so in our own search to get the purest form,
We discovered that oil companies and gas drilling companies had a byproduct that they were selling to pharmaceutical companies and also drug makers.
They used to make drugs.
That's why the FDA is involved.
And that's why the DEA is involved.
So it's a major industrial product being used and that we could actually bring to the public pure.
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And I hope, like a few years ago...
That we can work this out.
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You're listening to The Alex Jones Show.
You're listening to the antidote for fake news.
It's Alex Jones.
Everything about globalism is suppressing American innovation, American dominance, but also ensuring that the general public of the world doesn't get life extension technologies, doesn't get clean air conditioning, clean cars.
They don't want innovation.
They want a post-industrial world.
That's the official goal of the UN, UNESCO, Agenda 21.
That's a fact.
Remember Obama went to Africa and said you can't have cars or air conditioning.
He went to South America and said you're going to live in communism.
I'm not.
And the people are like, look at him, the graduate students.
So I feel so good backing Trump because you have a lot of terminally ill people in this country with thousands of treatments that are known to extend their lives or even save them, that sometimes they wait 20 years and then never even approve something because they don't want Americans having access to this.
And yeah, people are going to die with some of these treatments, but they're already dying.
They have a right.
If the left says you have a right to kill yourself,
And I think if you make the decision, you do.
But you don't want the state involved.
But the larger issue is, do you have a right to take then whatever treatment you want?
You better believe it.
But they want less treatments.
And man, I was just watching him live.
I gotta air this into the next hour, because we backed up at the start.
He was saying, Americans have always been fighters, and we never give up!
This is very personal to me, and he went on and talked about that.
So, he's the real deal, folks.
And, you know, I'm being sued by The Globalist.
I'm being attacked.
The left admits they're lying about me.
They're trying to shut us down.
But it's worth it for the children that we're going to save through restricting abortion.
And we're already cut it back through what we're doing with the right to fight.
They should have called it the right to fight, not just the right to try.
Sounds like Trump wants to rename it the Right to Fight.
And they have, you know, the New Republic and the New York Times all this week saying, Alex Jones is waking America up.
He must be silenced.
Here's the New Republic.
The legal war on Alex Jones.
And they admit the Democrats are financing it.
This is the New York Times.
The Alex Jones presidency.
They say in Rolling Stone it's not about the First Amendment and they totally misrepresent what I've done and what I've said and say it's time to be platforming and get rid of the First Amendment.
Because nobody reads you anymore!
Because you're a joke!
The average Rolling Stone article has like zero comments.
Write about me, it has thousands!
So, I'm on the right side of history.
I'm so proud I backed Trump.
I'm so proud I've been proven right.
He's not perfect.
He's not a dictator.
He can't do it all.
But he's the real deal.
And he is scaring these globals to death.
And so, yeah, I got mad at Trump when he bombed Syria again, because I know the rebels did the chemical attack or staged it, and this time they confirmed they didn't even do it.
It didn't happen.
And Trump withdrew the funding from the White Helmets after.
But he was putting Iraq in a hard place.
If he didn't act, they would have been able to launch a wider war.
So I just more and more just trust Trump in my spirit, in my gut, but also in his action.
They don't want you having access to the technology we developed.
Folks, they got cures to almost everything now.
They can definitely extend your life.
And they don't know how to roll this out without the public learning about it.
So that's what globalism is all about.
We're all fighting about racism while we're all getting hit with chemical and biologicals and binary weapons.
And Trump knows all about it.
That's why he said to the State of the Union, I'm going to get that health care and the cures and treatments they're blocking released.
It's your right if you want to take it or not.
It's your right to read the insert.
You're already dying anyways.
And he said, and we're learning the secrets of the universe.
I'm getting chills right now.
He goes, we're learning the secrets.
They already got a bunch of them.
He goes, we're going to deploy those new technology, new economies.
Getting massive chills right now.
Every time God knows I'm on the right track, I just get the chills.
It's like, yes, talk about this.
The innovation, the action we're going to take, what we're doing together, standing together.
It's a bigger plan, like Kanye said.
Doesn't mean there's not racism, or stobs, or weirdos on every front.
But it means we, the people that have love, to stand up for what's right, are coming together, and we see through the globalists, trying to steal the future.
Trying to steal everything we've got.
So I'm going to go back to this powerful Trump speech until we're done with it in the middle of the next hour.
He's still going.
He's on fire.
And then we're going to take your phone calls today, a toll-free number to talk about Roseanne Barr's firing, the Right to Try, the Right to Fight, I'm telling you, Act, China threatening to attack our ships if they come back in.
Our ships are still going in.
That's like the biggest ocean highway in the world they've just grabbed.
The Chinese are attempting a blockade, basically the South China Sea, claiming they control the navigation of it when it's always been an open seaway.
This is just, this is incredible.
That's all coming up.
We'll hear from military folks on that front.
I'll go back to Trump in a moment.
Please don't forget, we, let me tell you something.
I got a lot of aces up my sleeve with The Globalist, with all their attacks and things to fund and expand the operation.
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Until, of course, you know they won't come up here because we know what they're going to do next.
When these people don't succeed, you know what they do.
Scum of the Earth.
So, Infowarslife.com, Infowarsstore.com, or 888-253-3139.
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We just want freedom in the future.
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It's a win-win across the board.
Alright, I'm going to try to shut up now and just get through, in this segment and the next few, Trump's powerful on-fire speech.
Because about 10 minutes ago, he was wound up.
Here it is.
Mike was in there and I said, Mike, how are we doing on that?
We've got to get it approved.
And he was really working it.
And in my State of the Union address four months ago, I called on Congress to pass Right to Try.
It's such a great name.
Some bills, they don't have a good name.
They really don't.
But this is such a great name.
From the first day I heard it, it's so perfect.
Right to try.
And a lot of that trying is going to be successful.
I really believe that.
I really believe it.
So, we did it.
And we went through the Senate.
We went through the House.
The House had a bill.
The Senate had a bill.
We go and mish them together.
We got to go back and take votes.
And I said, do me a favor, tell me, which is the better bill for the people?
Not for the insurance company, not for the pharmaceutical companies.
I don't care about them.
I really don't.
I couldn't care less.
They are so pissed right now, folks.
They've been blocking us for so long.
And that's the bill.
I won't tell you which one, but I took the one that was good.
They said one in particular was great for the people.
Not so good for the others.
Great for the people.
We don't care about the others right now.
And it's giving terminally ill patients the right to try experimental, life-saving treatments.
And some of these treatments are so promising.
And we're moving that timeline way up anyway, beyond this.
We're moving it way up.
But it's still a process that takes years.
Now it takes up to 15 years, even 20 years, some of these treatments are going.
But for many years, patients, advocates and lawmakers have fought for this fundamental freedom.
And as I said, incredibly, they couldn't get it.
And there were reasons.
A lot of it was business, a lot of it was pharmaceuticals, a lot of it was insurance, a lot of it was liability.
I said, so you take care of that stuff, and that's what we did.
Today, I'm proud to keep another promise to the American people as I sign the Right to Try legislation into law.
They want to bully us, and if we support the President, we'll be destroyed.
So be it.
I'm not going to turn my back on the President.
If I looked like that, I would have been president ten years earlier.
If I had that face, if I had that head of hair, I would have been president so long ago.
That's great.
So I want to thank a couple of people.
Secretary Azar is here.
Secretary, Secretary, please stand up.
You have worked so hard on this.
We're going to go to break now.
He really gets wound up here in a few minutes.
He's just thanking people right now.
We're going to start the second hour here.
And you just see the progress.
It's like we had the boat tied up at the dock.
You ever been trying to leave the dock in a boat?
You're like, oh, whoa, we got a rope still on.
Well, he's just hacking the ropes off, and there's only a few ropes left.
And the globalists know that if he gets the economy fully back, it's over for them.
It's over.
They're not going to probably get the House and Senate.
For the first time since the Civil War, that hasn't happened.
To a party out of power.
They are losers.
They are exposed.
They're on the CHICOM payroll, and they're going to prison.
Stay with us.
Hour number two.
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Planetary death.
That's it.
This is planetary death we're fighting.
Find our operation and we will rampage forward.
Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order.
It's Alex Jones.
Crashing through the lies and disinformation, it's Alex Jones, coming to you live from the front lines of the InfoWar.
You know, there are a lot of cowards out there who want to hedge their bets and talk trash about Trump, talk trash about me, out the sides of their mouth, play along with the mainstream media so they don't get blocked and censored on the web.
If they're successful shutting us down, they're going to shut all of you down.
I'm not talking to our audience, I'm talking to the establishment and wannabes out there.
The world is changing, we're trailblazing.
And Trump has kept another giant promise.
He's kept already, he's already gotten half of what he said he'd do done in a year and a half, unprecedented.
He's had about an 85% accuracy rate on how he implemented those things.
A dictator couldn't execute that well.
Dictators can't run anything, everything falls apart.
I mean, it's magic what Trump's been able to do.
And yeah, he's done some things I haven't liked.
Went back on his promise on Afghanistan.
Went a little bit sideways on Syria, but overall he's been keeping his promise after that.
Pulled the money out of the white helmets that were caught staging the attacks.
The last ones that almost got us into war, that's four times they've been caught.
The first three they did, the last one they didn't even do the attack.
That's confirmed.
Boy, they sure walked that one back suddenly.
You don't hear about that anymore, do you?
Even the BBC had to admit they staged it.
Pouring water on kids' heads.
Oh, but I'm not supposed to question other big events or I get sued.
And then they misrepresent what I've even said.
Because they don't want you questioning.
They want the precedent that you've got to believe mainstream media.
That's what they're actually saying.
In this article out of the New Republic, they say, well, Jones isn't protected.
By New York Times versus Sullivan, because he's not really news.
Only we in the newspapers are protected.
You are unbelievable.
You are unbelievable, as you spew a bunch of lies about me in your article.
It's just these people are such liars.
They're what they claim we are.
I trailblazed.
I got censored.
Mike Cernovich got the news last December that they were paying millions to have me delisted off Google, outside of their algorithm, having other companies go out and put out lies about us and vote us down.
And they said, because I exposed the chemical attacks that year, that April, with Ron Paul and others.
But, I mean, the rebels admitted they launched a chemical attack to get us in there.
They had the motive, too.
But that, okay, fine.
People are like, oh, you're going to get delisted.
You won't make as much money if you don't plan.
I'm not playing along with Al Qaeda and ISIS launching chemical attacks to go blow up another country protecting Christians so I get more shares on the internet.
Don't give a flippin' flip!
And it's not because I'm a hero, I'm a real pragmatist.
I got into media to defend the Second Amendment and the family and to expose abortion.
I got into it to expose the eugenicists and the globalists.
I got into it to expose the whole global system and to have a better system.
I got into things to change things, not to take over the existing system.
Now we got a beachhead with Trump, and that's why I know he's not perfect, but he's getting a lot done.
And that's why I'm now a cheerleader for that beachhead.
And he is starting to drain the swamp, and they are screaming, they are yelling, they are gnashing, they are flipping out, they are bending over backwards.
They don't know what to do.
We come back and we'll play the rest of the speech, and then go to your calls.
But they're trying to break our will.
Soros, admittedly, we broke the sheshte.
It's on Infowars.com.
Kit Daniels did a blurb, we did a video, got almost no attention.
Let's retweet that, because it broke in the afternoon.
I want to retweet that out, that... Breaking!
George Soros is the main funder behind... Everybody gets a chip on their shoulder, everybody has a race war Starbucks.
Of course they are!
It's the biggest franchise in the country.
And it's meant to create mental illness.
And even the psychological studies we show in our article...
Say it makes racism worse!
Of course it does!
What kills racism is inviting people over to your house to barbecue.
What invites racism... What invites it is all of this hyping up constantly.
And banning comedy and chips on the shoulders.
It's crazy.
When we come back, we're going to finish up with Trump's powerful speech.
The right to try.
The right to fight back.
The right to fight for your life act.
Because if you're already terminal, and it's your decision, if you've got a right to kill yourself, the left wants, with poison and Jack Kevorkian, why wouldn't you have the right to fight for your life?
Climb to the top of the food chain with Alpha Power by Infowars Life.
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Everyone thinks so, but I would never say it.
You know what I want to do?
I want to get it finished.
The prize I want is victory for the world.
It's also what happens when you listen to the radio host, Alex Jones.
Move, bitch!
Get out the way!
Infowars helped fuel the rumor that President Obama is an ISIS supporter.
It's been a cozy relationship from the beginning.
I will not let you down.
You will be very, very impressed, I hope.
And I think we'll be speaking a lot.
Donald Trump and Alex Jones.
This means that Donald Trump will be the 45th President of the United States.
Waging war on corruption.
It's Alex Jones!
Well, ladies and gentlemen, just four months ago at the State of the Union, Trump promised to fight as hard as he could to get the right to try legislation through that they've tried to get through for decades to allow people who are terminally ill to try experimental treatments before they've been approved.
Some are totally safe, some are very, very dangerous.
Many hundreds have already been approved in other countries.
Big U.S.
drug companies that have the patents on deadly chemotherapy and other bug poison, where they charge you $1,000 per treatment for something that costs them 30 cents, they don't want competition.
They want to cut and burn Americans.
They want to make sure they can kill you slow.
Not the doctors, but the big pharma and the big control arms, like Bayer that knowingly shipped out HIV and hepatitis blood to over a million hemophiliacs.
And Monsanto, who's merging with them, who's even more evil.
Well now, Trump is keeping that promise again.
The right to fight.
Again, the left wants everybody to be able to commit suicide and have state-sponsored systems killing old people.
That's what right to die is.
It's the state's right to kill you.
Well then don't people have a right then to go out and take an experimental treatment if they're already dying?
The governments around the world that are left as controlled are trying to make it where if someone just doesn't want to live because they're depressed, they can kill themselves.
Okay, well then, does someone have a right then if they're dying to fight for their life?
Oh no.
The left all over the U.S.
and all over the world, they fight against this because they want governmental control of healthcare and to decide what you get.
Because they're control freaks.
Donald Trump is a progress freak.
Donald Trump's got a bigger plan.
Donald Trump's part of the bigger plan Kanye's talking about.
We're all part of that bigger plan, unlocking the secrets of the universe.
Show, he just signed it a few minutes ago.
Here's President Trump, the promise keeper, four months ago.
We also believe that patients with terminal conditions, terminal illness,
Should have access to experimental treatment immediately that could potentially save their lives.
People who are terminally ill should not have to go from country to country to seek a cure.
I want to give them a chance right here at home
It's time for Congress to give these wonderful, incredible Americans the right to try.
And now it's law.
And already the big pharma and the big insurance companies, the ones that gave you Obamacare, to double and triple your prices, thank God you're so dumb, Gruber said.
They're all Obama's guys, said you're dumb, thank God you're so dumb.
I don't think you're dumb.
Trump doesn't think you're dumb.
In fact, I saw Trump in a speech last week.
I met him at the club.
He said, you know, there are a lot of smart Americans.
You know, I think Americans are smarter than some people say they are.
You know, I think if we treat them like they're smart, we put out information and have a real debate, I think we'll turn the country around.
He totally gets the enemy's attitude.
And more and more, I watch Trump and it's magic, man.
He's got it!
And they wonder how he'll say the same thing I say the same day.
Even simultaneously sometimes.
Or how I predicted.
The New York Times came to me on the inauguration day and they said, how did you predict?
He'd talk about bringing God back into America and the covenant.
He'd talk about unlocking secret technology.
And the New York Times guy, right there as I was leaving the inauguration, he was waiting.
Outside, you know, the VIP area.
And he said,
He said, how did you know that?
You talked to the president today?
Did somebody give you the speech?
And I said, no.
We're synced up.
And that New York Times guy, he wrote a big hit piece.
He just went... He took a deep breath.
He kind of shook.
Because you get it.
Because you're synced up with your people, screwing everybody over, running your scams, telling people how good you are when you're not.
You're a bunch of broken, weak people, and that's why you hate everybody.
Because scum like you wants to see everybody else suffer, you rats.
You seek out your power because you don't have any innate power in your soul.
Well, we're getting you off our backs.
And you can feel it metaphysically, and so I'm happy to be persecuted by you people.
Because no matter what happens to me in the end, we are going to defeat you, and you know it!
Alright, let's go back to the speech.
I promise I'm going on a load of phone lines.
Here it is.
What do you think?
We have great healthcare.
We got rid of the individual mandate.
Without that, we couldn't be doing what we're doing in a few weeks.
We're going to have great, inexpensive, but really good healthcare.
And we have two plans coming out.
We also have, through our great Secretary of Labor,
We have a great plan coming out, and that's through associations.
And so we're going to have two plans coming out.
Oh, hit pause again.
And for the most part... Do you have any idea what this is going to do to health care costs?
They're going to plunge because they're blocking so many other alternative treatments, just calling them experimental, never even letting them get to the process for over a decade of being tested.
The big pharma wrote these laws to do this, okay?
Nobody else puts up with this.
Now, this is going to be a whole new boom in the economy.
Prices will go down, choices will go up, and there'll be all these new treatment centers, and all this new stuff, and all these new choices, and then people rating what worked for them, and then synergistically, the good treatments will get more support, and our medicine will become good again, and not eugenics-based, run by AI computers from IBM, named after the top Nazi.
The top Nazi, Hitler said, above him!
He was given like the quadruple eagle.
Look up the award Thomas Watson got from Hitler.
I know it's the highest award ever given in the Third Reich.
And that's who's going to run our healthcare?
You will not!
But again, they've got captive audiences, don't they?
They've got captive audiences.
Like our VA, and poor people, and the National Health Service in England, now run by Thomas the Demon Computer.
Thomas Watson, you cannot make this stuff up!
But, oh, there's Nazis everywhere, oh, the average white person's Nazis, oh, somebody says a lady looks like an ape, it's because they're racist, no, she looks like a fish!
Here, let's go back, let's go back to Trump, here it is.
Gotten tremendous.
Could have had it done a little bit easier, but somebody decided not to vote for us.
That's one of those things.
I want to thank Secretary Azar, and I want to thank Commissioner Gottlieb.
Where's Scott?
Scott, stand up.
I like those socks.
I like those socks, Scott.
And Scott, let me ask you, so it takes years and years to get this approved, right?
You're bringing down, beyond this, you're bringing down that period of time.
What is the average time now it takes for, you know, a major, a major medicine or cure?
What's the average time it takes to go through the system and get an approval?
Three to seven.
And some go long over ten, right?
And you're bringing that down?
You're trying to bring that down?
You know, for safety.
Very good.
And you in particular, you're very happy with this, aren't you?
You have a lot of good things in the wings that, frankly, if you moved them up, a lot of people would have a great shot, right?
Right, that's fantastic.
Well, thank you, Scott.
We're very proud of the job you're doing.
By the way, you know why Trump is obsessed with this, too.
He knows what other rich people have access to.
He knows what he has access to.
And he knows what they've got in Thailand, what they've got in Switzerland, what they've got in other areas.
It is just unbelievable.
And he also knows that he's the president.
And so over at the Naval Center and at the other places where he gets health care, and those special wings, oh boy do they have some stuff.
He knows all about it.
So that's what's going on.
This is breaking free folks, technology for the people.
I'm going to finish up because he gets on fire in a minute.
And we're going to come back, go to all your phone calls.
I'm Alex Jones, NewsWars.com, PrisonPlanet.com.
Please spread those links.
They censor those less than InfoWars.com.
It was early on in the Revolutionary War, when the U.S.
Navy had less than ten major surface ships, that John Paul Jones, the father of the U.S.
Navy, while engaging a British ship three times the size of his, said, I've only begun to fight.
And that's when the ship was sinking and was on fire.
But he didn't give up.
And he won.
That's part of the ethos of this country.
But not everybody is brought right to the wall and given victory.
The Alamo stood and fought victory or death Colonel Travis.
And they all died.
All 180 plus men.
But the seed of that example led to the victory that came.
So I don't know how Infowars fight is gonna end.
But I know this.
Faced with the same challenges that John Paul Jones and Colonel Travis faced.
With this country under attack by foreign evil forces, hell-bent on enslaving us and destroying the promise of the Renaissance.
I will quote Colonel Travis 110% and hope that I can man up to be in his shoes and say victory or death.
Let me tell you something, I get tears in my eyes when I think about that because I love America.
It's not fear that makes me get tears in my eyes, it's will and strength boiling to defeat these tyrants and these globalists.
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The PQQ, the CoQ10, and then all the other concentrated organic herbs and things that go into this so your body can actually upload it.
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Every other major conservative website or talk show host is funded by the Mercers or some other billionaire family.
That's fine.
I'm not funded by any of that.
I'm funded by you.
So thank you all.
And please continue to support us because without you, we will fall to Soros and Hillary.
But I know in my gut we're going to win this one way or the other.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
By the way, we were going to have a Tommy Robinson update today, but his guys got threatened.
They're talking to lawyers today.
They think they'll be back on tomorrow.
So that's what's going on behind the scenes.
Well, Tommy has now been in prison since last Friday.
And the judge bragged, because we had the eyewitness from the court, Tommy's manager, on that this isn't about you and the covering the last grooming thing.
You covered this trial, the trial that judge is over.
I'm putting you in jail for 13 months.
But I'm going to your calls next segment.
I was just thinking during the breakout, the FDA, under Democrat and globalist control, has been trying to shut down people even getting regular supplements, how the EU's been trying to lower the amount of vitamin C and stuff you need, how they took the iodine out of the salt and they put the bad halogen in the water, fluoride.
I mean, it's just diabolical.
And then you read the documents, how they're trying to make us dumb and stupid and weak.
And so just like they're blocking good medicines and good drugs from us, and good treatments that have been around for decades,
And then keeping prices up, they're going after the supplements as well.
Don't keep them from that.
Get the best supplements out there from our research.
Some of the biggest sales ever.
50% off on most of the items and free shipping at InfoWarsTore.com.
But those, the sale isn't going to last past this week.
We've got to stop it soon.
Some of this stuff's getting ready to sell out like Brain Force Plus.
We may have to end that sale in a couple days because we're selling so much of it right now.
People love it, they know what a good deal it is.
Alright, let's go back to the president getting into signing the right to try.
Hey, the left says you're allowed to kill yourself even if you're not sick.
Why are they so against the right to try new medicines?
Just like the National Health Service.
I watch Prime Minister's questions on C-SPAN and they always ask questions about people waiting a year, two, three years for cancer surgery.
That's 100% operable.
But when you don't get it, you die.
Death sentences.
Death sentences.
Telling little girls, we're not going to fix your leg.
Use a cane.
Or we'll cut your leg off.
That's who the left is.
They're not the left.
They're evil.
All the studies show it.
They're bad people.
They're all rich pigs, like Bernie Sanders, preying on idiots.
Let's go back to Trump.
Here it is.
Drugs, right?
And Mr. Secretary, that's already happening, right?
It's already happening.
You were telling me yesterday that we're seeing a big, a tremendous improvement.
And you're going to have some big news.
I think we're going to have some big, some of the big drug companies in, in two weeks, and they're going to announce, because of what we did, they're going to announce voluntary massive drops in prices.
So that's great.
That's going to be a fantastic thing.
You know, we're working on some really great things, aren't we, when you think about it?
We're on pretty good, huh?
We could do some of those healthcare, drug prices, but this is the baby.
Right now.
We would not be here today without the tireless efforts of dedicated members of Congress.
That's so true.
I want to especially thank Senator Ron Johnson.
Stand up please, Ron.
For his tremendous leadership.
You know, I just tell you, he doesn't stop.
He doesn't give up, you know.
It's good.
It's good for all of us.
This guy, Ron, very capable, very... He just doesn't give up.
So, when we started working, I knew this was going to happen.
I also want to thank Senator Donnelly.
Senator Donnelly, thank you very much.
That's really great.
Appreciate it.
Thank you.
Thank you.
A fantastic young gentleman, Brian Fitzpatrick of Pennsylvania.
Brian, congratulations, and I know how hard you work, Brian.
And Dr. Michael Burgess.
Do you like being called doctor or congressman?
I think doctor.
I like doctor.
We'll call him doctor.
Thank you, Michael, very much.
Great job.
You worked, I know how hard everybody worked, and I really appreciate it.
Everybody appreciates it.
The country appreciates it, because nobody understood why this wasn't happening.
You know, they've been talking about this for how long, Ron?
25 years?
Long time.
A lot of talk.
Politicians, it's a lot of talk.
I also want to thank Energy and Commerce Committee Chairman Greg Walden, who's not here, but he really worked hard with us.
He really did.
And thanks as well to state and local officials here today who fought for this important cause.
They fought so hard, so many of them.
I want to thank you for the incredible work that you've done on behalf of these and all wonderful Americans.
I mean, anybody can be there someday.
Anybody can be there.
Could you all stand up, the state, local people that worked so hard on this?
Because you really have been.
Thank you.
Thank you, fellas.
Couldn't have done it without the state and local, and I appreciate it.
Really great job.
Thank you.
Most of all, we're honored to be joined by several brave Americans for whom this bill is named.
Matthew Bellina, who is battling ALS, and his incredible wife, Caitlin.
Laura McLynn and her son Jordan, who is battling muscular dystrophy.
Some good answers.
That sounds great.
See, according to Bill Gates, people should all die.
Thanks for being with us, Jordan.
I'm going to have some good answers for you.
You're going to be happy.
You are happy.
Frank Mangiello, who is battling ALS, and who is joined by his wife, Marilyn, and their six children.
Wow, that's fantastic.
That's fantastic.
Thank you.
Oh, it's fantastic.
You have children.
And finally, I want to thank for being here and introduce Tim Wendler, who tragically lost his wife, Trickett, to ALS and joined also by their three children.
So Tim, thank you very much.
Thank you, Tim.
I want to thank you all
For being here, you have extraordinary courage, determination, and love.
You have love.
Real love.
And thanks to you, the countless American lives will ultimately be saved.
We will be saving... I don't even want to say thousands, because I think it's going to be much more.
Thousands and thousands.
Hundreds of thousands.
We're going to be saving tremendous numbers of lives.
And it's so great that you're up here with us and that we're all on this front line together.
Each year thousands of terminally ill patients suffer while waiting for new and experimental drugs to receive final FDA approval.
Takes a long time.
Time's coming down.
While we were streamlining and doing a lot of streamlining, the current FDA approval process can take, as Scott just said, many years.
Many, many years.
And for countless patients, time, it's not what they have.
They don't have an abundance.
I promise I'm going to your calls.
This is really important.
Americans are fighters.
We never give up here in just a moment.
And I promise we're going to John, Wesley, Kevin, Chris, John, Michael, Nelson, John in Ontario, and many others.
Bam, bam, bam.
A lot of great points.
On Roseanne Barr, on the censorship, on China threatening to attack.
ships, on all of it.
But Trump is really breaking the obstructionist will.
They call themselves the progressives.
No, they are the regressives.
And this is a big, big deal, how they've been suppressing American medicine.
Because they want to stifle all of our innovation, but they want control of healthcare, and they want to kill you!
Clean, pure drinking water.
You can't survive without it.
But where do you get it?
Alexa Pure Pro is a brand new, groundbreaking, gravity-fed water filtration system that is like no other.
The Alexa Pure Pro transforms water from virtually any fresh source into clean, healthy drinking water.
Pairing the unprecedented superfiltration power of an all-new gravity block core with a hybrid chromatic shell, it removes up to 99.999% of impurities, including bacteria, viruses, fluoride, disinfectants, volatile organic contaminants, and hormones.
Filter capacity up to 5,000 gallons.
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Low maintenance.
Replacement filters are simple to install.
And now, as part of an exclusive limited-time introductory offer, you can save $20 off the retail price and get free shipping.
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Go to InfowarsStore.com or call 888-253-3139.
My understanding is that you went out with this protector of yours, who swore that you were his adopted godson.
Went out, in fact, and helped in the confiscation of property from the Jews.
That's right.
I mean, that sounds like an experience that would send lots of people to the psychiatric couch for many, many years.
Was it difficult?
Not at all.
Soros is very powerful.
Ezra Levant called him out for this Nazi thing many years ago, and Ezra has been in lawfare with, I'm convinced, with Soros-funded people.
Ever since.
But the irony of all this is, you know where that 60 Minutes reporter got his information from?
George Soros.
If you want to know about his Nazi involvement, check out his books.
He's the one who let the cat out of the bag.
I'm sure it's something he deeply regrets now, but he let the cat out of the bag.
I've been told, that's why I've been sued 12 times by Democrats, is that Hillary's butt hurt and that leave George Soros alone.
No, I'm going to start having giant conferences about the Nazi collaborator George Soros, and I'm calling for his arrest.
So, keep suing, brother.
I'm never giving in.
I love it.
Let's go.
You know, if you get an argument for a 14-year-old trying to survive, okay, I can get with that.
But how about the, whatever that was, the 65-year-old, 75-year-old talking about how he doesn't regret it?
I was just saying to my buddy today, I beat up David McIntosh in fourth grade.
I threw him in the creek that goes behind our school.
I feel bad about that.
But David McIntosh lived.
And he received zero Zyklon B in my grade school.
George Sos was responsible for I don't know how many... Thousands.
He was a collaborator and then said, I feel good about it.
I'd do it over again.
Someone else would have done it.
It's a very sociopathic statement.
If an enemy took over my country and said, help us round up fellow Americans or we'll kill you, I wouldn't do it.
You know what's really going on here?
Once again, it's their identity politics.
And you say something bad about a group, like globalists, and they go, well, a lot of globalists are Jews, so you hate Jews.
And you go, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.
I am an idea man.
We are ideas people.
And our idea is nationalism.
Someone else's idea is globalism.
I don't care what group, what kind of people are on either side.
I don't deal in that.
I don't deal in identity politics.
I deal with ideas.
And my idea is the West is the best.
America is the greatest nation, and I want to protect this nation.
I don't want open borders.
I don't care what color, what religion, what specifics other people have.
All I care about is those ideas.
Western show me.
If you're pro-America, pro-Western, pro-success, pro-freedom, you can be purple.
We love you.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
Live from the InfoWars.com studios, it's Alex Jones.
The promise of America is truly coming back.
The idea that we built upon that made it the greatest nation on earth that people from across the planet, around the globe, aspired to come to and be part of.
And now President Trump, four months after promising to get the Right to Try Act, through Congress, has signed it, so that Big Pharma, who's been lobbying against it, cannot continue to block
Promising treatments to people that are terminally ill.
This will accelerate many incredible treatments for everybody else.
This is true innovation.
The left, of course, has said, let everybody have the right to commit suicide.
Let the state decide if they can get rid of you if you're not needed.
Like the Netherlands on national TV has a Down syndrome man on and explains how he needs to commit suicide.
This is the sickness of these people.
But oh, the liberals, oh, the Mother Joneses and the CNNs, oh, people might get hurt in these treatments.
It's their free will, isn't it?
That's what it's all about, isn't it?
So Trump, here's the powerful video, says America has always been about fighters before he signs the historic legislation.
This just happened minutes ago, and we're going right to your phone calls.
Here it is, ladies and gentlemen.
America has always been a nation of fighters who never give up.
Here it is.
Now with the passage of this bill, Americans will be able to seek cures right here at home, close to their family and their loved ones.
We are finally giving these wonderful Americans the right to try.
So important.
America has always been a nation of fighters who never give up.
We never give up.
Never give up.
We're fighters like the amazing patients and families here today.
Now, as I proudly sign, and this is very personal for me, but as I proudly sign this bill, thousands of terminally ill Americans will finally have the help, the hope,
And the fighting chance, and I think it's going to be better than chance, that they will be cured.
That they will be helped.
That they'll be able to be with their families for a long time, or maybe just for a longer time.
That's right.
But we're able to give them the absolute best as to what we have at this current moment, at this current second.
And now we're going to help a lot of people.
And that will raise quality.
So it's an honor to be signing.
This, and if I might, I think I'll present, I think I have to do this, Ron, I have to present this good-looking guy with the first pen.
Is that okay?
You don't mind, right?
Okay, good, I'm gonna do that.
All Trump does all day is classy stuff.
Boy, the left takes this.
They're just all vicious, greedy, hateful people.
Remember all the clips we could play of Bill Gates kidnapping and telling teachers unions?
If we don't give an old lady treatment, that's ten teachers we can hire.
They're all rubbing their hands together.
When you build up higher quality economies, then everybody does better.
That's called civilization.
When you demand higher standards.
But in the new globalist system, we're supposed to live under austerity.
This is so critical.
This is so historic what's happened.
Okay, we're going to your phone calls.
You have another amazing guest joining us, but I'm gonna get to all your calls here.
Ali Alexander getting into Roseanne and the war on free speech.
That amazing individual, he's coming up.
Let's go to your phone calls right now.
Thank you for holding.
Chris in Virginia, you're welcome to join us.
Thank you.
I just wanted to talk about why it was important for Trump to wait the year two.
And year one, he wasn't going to be able to get anything done because he didn't have the power of the government.
Now, I say he's still at about 40 percent, but it gives him the opportunity to actually put pressure on Big Pharma, because that's where a lot of the swamp is.
Your thoughts?
I think, didn't you call in about a year ago and you said, just give Trump a chance, watch what he does year two?
Oh yeah, oh yeah.
Yeah, that was me.
Well I think what you said is what we should listen to because you were right.
He's, I mean, it's just what you said.
As he gets more power under the Constitution, as he finally gets through, you see exponentially it gets better.
It gives me chills.
Yeah, I definitely think that we're on the right path and we're on the right track.
If people are impatient, you know, they are very impatient with Trump.
You know, draining a swamp takes time.
It's a lot, 50 some years or more, and I'm just saying that as throwing it out there, 50 plus years of corruption.
You try going up against a whole system that's corrupt like that.
It'll probably be depression and draining, so you have to admire Trump.
I was about to say, just what they've done to me.
The media tried to come take my kids.
They've got George Soros, Hillary, all of them suing me.
And I'm not complaining, but let me tell you, I couldn't imagine being Trump and what they do to him and his family.
I mean, this is a war.
This is real.
Let me tell you, I've never felt 1-100 the heat I've gotten supporting Trump from the sides of evil.
That lets you know that he's for real.
And the second thing I just wanted to say, I just wanted to let you know that I think that a lot of people cannot understand why Alex Jones gets the intel that he does.
I think it even makes some of the people that you have on with you a little bit jealous of you, even though they're smart people.
But you have to stay dedicated to Trump, because I think you're the key in bringing a lot of outside people that normally wouldn't dig Trump or get down with Trump, bring them across to even just pay attention a little bit to what he's doing.
Well, the enemy has figured that out.
I didn't think I was that important, but they are legitimately saying, bring down Jones, we'll have Trump.
And I think it's only because, like you said, we put out the counter-talking points, they're true, that countervail their lies, and then other people pick up in talk radio and the internet what we're saying.
And so they kind of see us as the epicenter.
Not just me, but the whole InfoWars operation.
So that's why I'm telling listeners what you're saying is absolutely true.
Your hopes, your prayers, your support is critical.
Because let me tell you, they are coming after us.
And whatever happens, I'm okay with it.
I tell you, I really don't want them to win.
Because I know we're going to win in the end.
It's just that I may not do too well at the end of the equation.
And that's what I asked for.
You know, I prayed for God to put me in a position to take these people on.
But I thought it'd be in some small, junior, Bush League way.
I didn't ever envision it would be at this level.
Think of it this way.
You're doing a great service to your grandkids down the road.
God bless you.
Appreciate you, man.
Yeah, I told people, I'm not whining.
It's just, let me tell you, I used to, I knew the Globals were evil.
But let me tell you, I really know now.
And when I say they're out to get you, I mean, they're just bad people, folks.
They're really evil people.
Thank you, Chris.
God bless you.
Who's been home the next longest here?
Let's go ahead and talk to Michael in Louisiana.
Go ahead, Michael.
You're on the air.
Thanks for holding.
Thank you, Mr. Alex Jones.
I want to send you a bit of appreciation for your generosity and if you'd accept it.
I've made a design for a t-shirt.
It's a we are all Tommy Robinson now t-design.
It's very simple, black and white, but very, very elegant.
It's funny you say that.
I thought about that this weekend because that's pretty much a common sense deal.
We should have shirts that were all Trump now.
We're all Tommy Robinson now.
We're all Alex Jones now.
Because if people really want to put themselves out there to meet good people but also be persecuted to see what it's like.
I think those are three great shirts that we should immediately have produced.
Well, the designs are on the way.
I'm in the process of sending them to Owen.
He seems to be very good at answering, looking at his email.
Kevin figured this out.
You're speaking to Uncle Sam right now.
I figured I'd recognize your voice.
You're the guy that has the big TV bicycle unit that goes around and has all the viral videos.
I want to hear about that because you're down in New Orleans going around with your bike reaching thousands of people a day.
We'll finish up with Michael.
That's Uncle Sam.
We'll give you his YouTube when we come back.
He probably hasn't been on the show in a year either.
I just recognize these guys' voices.
They're awesome.
I recognize the last guy's voice too.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
Finish up with Uncle Sam and others.
Here's what you want to know.
You want to go to mfulworthstore.com and read the hundreds and hundreds of five-star third-party reviews on this product.
And also remember that when it came out four months ago, it sold out in three weeks.
Because people that know about these type of products looked at the ingredients list and looked at the potency list and people went crazy.
The average male or female enhancement
Over-the-counter supplement has some real stuff in it.
It just has a little bit in it.
Because I work with the top four formulators in the country, and they say, listen, no one puts as much as you do into these.
They said your leading competitors might put $6, $7 in, and you're putting $15, $20, $30, $40, depending on the product, in them.
Nobody else does that.
Well, we do, and that's why they're so powerful.
Again, Alpha Power sold out for months.
The second shipment is now in at Infowarslife.com or Infowarslife.com.
Go to 4store.com or by calling toll free at 888-253-3139.
Let's go ahead and go to Lloyd in Washington.
You're on the air.
Thanks for holding.
Mr. Alex Jones.
Hey, brother.
Good, man.
Thank you for calling.
Hey, hey.
I just wanted to say thanks for your products and everything that you're doing to try to save the country.
I mean, I've tried your Secret 12, Super Male, Anthroplex, the Silver Bullet, Biome Defense, Micro ZX.
I mean, that's all good stuff.
Secret 12, if everybody would just drop their energy drinks and get some Secret 12, take a shot of that.
That's the thing about Secret 12.
Just a half a dropper has way more energy.
People ask, why is it sweet?
Real organic B12 is sweet.
And exactly.
When I'm super tired, I go, hey, why am I drinking coffee at 10 at night if I'm going on some show like Coast to Coast?
Secret 12, 30 minutes later, massive energy.
It's amazing.
Yeah, that stuff will wake you up.
And the clarity of mind that comes along with that is just amazing.
Melatonin's on average $19, $19.95 a bottle, and a lot of it's not even organic type.
I talked to the big organic producer companies that we have making it, and I said, how much money is really in that?
And they said, on average, about maybe a dollar of melatonin, and then the container costs 50 cents or so, or less.
And I said, so I can put the same amount of melatonin in, let's make it a bigger capsule that's powdered so you actually absorb it, and then add L-tryptophan, valerian root, lemon balm, chamomile, and then you get a sleep.
Unlike other systems.
I mean, Randall Wilhite, his name is on the Texas Family Code, the last four or five issues.
He writes the Texas Law Family Code.
He's one of the top family law lawyers in the country.
The point is, he's a smart guy.
He doesn't smoke marijuana.
He doesn't drink anything.
He goes, man, I gotta really thank you.
I am sleeping eight hours through the night.
I only have to take one knockout.
I've gone and showed, you know, UT Science this and everything else.
This is insane.
I said, yeah, you look 10 years younger.
He said, oh yeah, it's just, I'm off all the sleep drugs.
He says, this is totally free.
But he goes, do you know what it is in there?
And I said, it's the synergy of it.
Of the chamomile, the lemon balm, the L-tryptophan, the valerian root, the melatonin, and several other ingredients.
All just moderate dose.
They're all the recommended dose, and they just fuse together, and whatever they do chemically in the brain, that Mother Nature, God gave us a Mother Nature, is incredible.
So, that's available at InfoWarsTore.com or 888-253-3139.
But thank you for committing.
They get the great products, the books, the films, the t-shirts, you name it.
But it takes selling a lot of stuff to be able to fund this.
We're not like raiding countries like George Soros and stealing millions and then, you know, funding race war.
It's just selling t-shirts, selling books, selling films and, you know, just hustling to be able to get high quality products out.
So you have a great response and reorder, reorder, reorder, reorder.
It's called reap what you sow.
You're listening to The Alex Jones Show.
I thought the leaden winter would bring you down forever, but you rode upon a steamer to the violence of the sun.
Broadcasting live from the U.N.
stronghold, Austin, Texas, you're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
We're going right back to your phone calls, but Matt Drudge has made another really, really good point.
I remember seeing this this morning, and even split-second thinking, man, I ought to read the side effects of Ambien.
But sure enough, Drudge did it.
The company mocked Roseanne, saying, how dare you, Shay?
In the middle of the night, you were kind of out of it, so your filter was gone.
And so now she says, oh, you can't forgive me?
Oh, I'm so horrible?
What, because you called a lady that looked like a fish, said she looked like a monkey?
I mean, this is just, everybody called Trump monkeys and apes and everything else.
It's ridiculous.
It's absolutely ridiculous, but she's all groveling to him.
But Drudge, it's an article on Infowars.com, Drudge highlights ambient side effects after company mocks Roseanne's sleep aid claims not responsible for sitcom star's racism.
I remember a few years ago, an Asian man with no criminal record, for no reason, was walking around in a trench shooting at people and shot a cop in Walmart in Austin.
And I remember saying on air, I bet he was on something like Ambien.
Because I've known people that I've worked with, let's just say that, that are really nice, who woke up in the middle of the night on Ambien and were just walking down the street naked.
I mean, you just totally can black out on it, and that's what the insert says.
So she blames it on that.
She blames it on multiple personalities, whatever, psychotropic drugs, and they make a joke.
So what does drugs do?
We've got a link to it on Infowars.com.
He tweeted it, but we have a list of them.
Vomiting, diarrhea, impaired vision, slow breathing, memory loss, disorientation, depression, suicidal thoughts, anxiety, insomnia, nightmares, confusion, dizziness, aggression, addiction, withdrawal, which can be life-threatening.
It just goes on and on and on.
Oh, but the company that makes it says people of all races, religions, and nationalities work on it every day and improve the lives of people around the world.
So they just go, Roseanne, ha ha ha, you're crazy.
So yeah, the very big pharma that doesn't want all these other better treatments coming out, that doesn't want you to have choices, they're the ones that want to tell you that Ambien's really great or wonderful.
I've never taken Ambien.
I don't like pills.
I barely even take, you know, Advil, if I've got a sprained ankle or whatever, but I can tell you right now.
That I've talked to people who are well-meaning people in society, how they say, oh yeah, I blacked out on Ambien, or I first got my Ambien prescription and drank one beer and didn't know who I was for six hours.
It's hard core stuff.
Oh yeah, you were right on.
This is all a beard, of course.
The whole racism thing.
Because yesterday, speaking of Matt Grudge, the headline up that I saw was her talking about the 5G.
That was the main headline.
Because that fits in with the eugenics program.
That's right.
You can't have her talking about Soros.
You can't have her talking about saying he's a Nazi collaborator when he admittedly was in his own words.
You can't have any of that.
You can't have her talking about 5G when she's the number one TV star.
That's it.
That's why.
So it's a beard.
It's just shiny keys.
Here are the shiny keys, folks.
Look over here.
Get y'all fighting talking about the definition of comedy and racism and what is, you know, what is humor.
And why do you think George Soros is the main funder in their own press release of the Starbucks?
You're going there to get coffee, not to hear about how you're racist.
No, we know what this is.
The people on the street know what it is.
I'm talking every day.
I wish I would have had that.
Oh, last week I spoke.
This video is a congresswoman's daughter.
She's a congresswoman from Colorado.
Her husband is the chief, the head chief of Fort Bragg Medical Facility.
Now, of course, I go home the next day and you're talking about Watson and the veterans.
If I'd known that the day before, it's still a good video.
I still have to put up a video.
I talked two days ago to an interrogator, a senior interrogator for terrorists in Afghanistan at the largest facility they have over there.
And he told me about how many more terrorists that are in there now since Trump has got in and what's going on there.
So the reaction of the people on the street, no, they know.
I mean, twice, people from talking to from around the world, especially.
And there's hours of it every day on your YouTube channel.
A lot of times you live stream, you give people your YouTube channel's address, Uncle Sam.
Yeah, it's my name, Michael D. Barry, D-I capital B-A-R-I.
But the easiest way to get there now is the latest video I put up, is Americans Talk Tommy Robinson.
Oh yeah, just real briefly, you're great among these other callers, what's their view on Tommy Robinson being disappeared for reporting on giant pedophile trials?
Well, oddly enough, two Scottish people I ran into were very negative on Tommy, but the other people of course were appalled by the
The censorship that was going on.
Yeah, you know it's funny.
The Scots fought the hardest against tyranny historically in Europe.
And now I've seen the statistics.
They are the biggest socialists, the biggest anti-free speech people on average.
A lot of great Scots.
It's very shameful what's been done to the Scots.
I was shocked by the reaction of these two different Scottish guys I spoke to.
I mean, they sounded like the biggest social justice warriors.
So they thought it was a great idea to throw people in jail that report on giant Muslim kidnapping rings?
Oh, I hammered them.
I said, how do you even justify what you're talking about?
I mean, because you know, I have a lot of kinship with Tommy Robinson.
I'm on the street too.
I'm right there on the front lines.
But, you know, Tommy's got bigger balls than I do.
He's, you know, he goes into the bad neighborhood.
I'm out there in the middle of a tourist area.
So, you know, it's a bit different.
Well, you're a big guy too, but it doesn't mean you haven't had leftists threaten you.
So, we might have to actually play that later when we have time.
Put that video back on screen for me.
Thanks, guys.
It's Tommy Robinson versus the Scottish.
Is that it?
Well, the one, yeah, Tommy Robinson versus the Scottish, that's one.
The other one below that is, um...
We're all Tommy Robinson now.
That was the first one I posted a couple of days ago.
Listen, we're synced up.
In fact, I meant to put a t-shirt out like that.
Then I was intending to give some of the proceeds to Tommy.
So I'll say it now.
We're going to print that shirt.
It'll only take a week.
We'll get the ad up today.
We never do stuff back order, but it'll say back order.
So expect it in two weeks or so.
We'll get them printed now.
We're all Tommy Robinson now.
And I've got to do it for me, too, because they're all attacking me now.
We're all Alex Jones now, and we're all Donald Trump now.
That's like I am Spartacus when they came to the rebel leader who just overthrown most of the Romans.
They finally defeated him.
They said, we want Spartacus.
We want to torture him to death.
He was already crucified under another name on the road to Rome.
And they also were saying, I'm Spartacus.
I'm Spartacus.
So that's the attitude.
You're not going to intimidate us.
You're not going to bully us.
But yeah, send us your design and we might print that one up too.
But that's a great idea.
I'm getting on it right now.
You're a genius.
God bless you, Uncle Sam.
He's got such a great YouTube channel.
Every time I come across it.
Instead of going to all your calls here, I'm trying to be a good boy.
Let's go to, he's been holding the longest here, Kevin and then John.
Let's go to Kevin in Florida.
You're on the air, then John.
Thank you so much, Alex.
I just want to make two quick points.
The first being the total hypocrisy of the brain-dead, ignorant left with this ridiculous Roseanne Barr tweet.
Where was the left at when Joy Beyer
She openly praised that Trump Tower was on fire and that she hoped the president was in there burning with the other people.
Where were they on that?
People need to wake up to these tactics.
They've done cartoons as me as a gorilla?
I think it's funny.
They've done Trump as an orangutan.
They did Bush over and over again as a chimpanzee because he kind of looked like one.
Well, that's all fine and good because that was from the liberal perspective so, you know,
Do not do unto us.
Sooner or later, we're going to wake up one day, and we're going to be in a worse trance, and we're going to be like Britain, where if you criticize anybody, they're going to throw you in jail.
This is a process.
They've already got it in most of Europe.
They've got it in England.
They said they want to set the precedent of lying about me in the news, shutting down my speech, to shut everybody else's down.
Since you mentioned this, it's a great point, Kevin.
Stay there.
Again, here's Bill Maher calling Trump the product of an orangutan.
Here it is.
And finally, new rule, now that he's suing me for five million dollars because he says he's proved that he is not the love child of an orangutan.
Donald Trump must learn two things.
What a joke is, and what a contract is.
I agree, and the left should figure that out too.
Last point, Kevin.
And then the other point was,
Just have you seen this new active shooter game?
I believe the Daily Mail has it where... I did see it.
It's a perfect trainer for mental patients to go and shoot schools up.
It's just incredible because some of the comments on here are saying that some of the hallways resemble Columbine, Parkland, and uh...
And, uh, the place in Santa Fe, Texas.
It's totally incredible what's going on here, man.
It really is a living Twilight Zone.
100% of the mass shooters is obsessed with shooting up video games.
Not saying Bantam.
We have the best halogen out there.
X2 is from a deep earth crystal source.
All the other iodine is bound, meaning you don't absorb very much of it.
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98% rating by Power Reviews.
This has changed so many people's lives.
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Experience it for yourself.
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As soon as I went on this, I just don't have to work out as much anymore, and I don't get fat, even though I'm older, just because of what it did to my whole system, my whole metabolic system.
I think so.
Person-to-person, mouth-to-mouth, ear-to-ear, you are breaking their attempt to have an iron curtain come down across this country.
But they are pressing hard.
It's a very dangerous game because it's exposing their tyranny to everyone.
And Trump is beginning to move against them.
We've got to keep him in there to do that, and he's got to know.
They're shutting down the grassroots that is 90% of Trump's power ahead of the midterms.
They are coming, not just for Trump, but for the First Amendment now, and I cannot raise the alarm enough.
They think you're just going to incrementally censor, you're going to get sick of hearing about it, just go to sleep.
Folks, they've been persecuting the churches, they've been persecuting the veterans groups, they've been persecuting anybody that's a patriot, and now they're going to the next level.
We can't roll over to this intimidation or we'll lose everything!
Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order.
It's Alex Jones.
You are listening to an InfoWars.com Frontline Report.
It's Alex Jones.
All right, we got a very popular political commentator who's really smart, Ali Alexander of AmericanPriority.com, joining us coming up to talk Roseanne Barr, to take more of your calls on that subject, the crackdowns on free speech.
It's all coming up.
Right now, thanks for holding.
I appreciate you calling in.
I'm very, very thankful.
John in Pennsylvania, you're on the air worldwide.
Go ahead.
Hello, Alex Jones.
I am actually thrilled.
In fact, I've got goosebumps talking to you.
I just got my InfoWars hat.
Thank you for the bumper stickers.
They're being well received up here in upstate PA.
Thank you, sir.
Thank you, sir.
What I'd like to point out and tell you, especially, you know, my mouth to your ear, is that
Especially now, we've got the Tommy Robinson thing going on.
Now, I know in England they have the Magna Carta.
Here we have the Constitution that was supposedly muddled after that.
But we have our Bill of Rights, because we are a republic.
Everybody I hear, even on Infowars, says we are... Says democracy.
We are not a total democracy, we are a representative republic.
Yes, we are a republic, but nobody ever points that out.
No, I need to do it more.
I think I should cut a promo where I explain that democracy, pure democracy, is two wolves and a sheep voting on what's for dinner.
The first democracies in Greece, they would have, you know, one bucket of white rocks, one bucket of black rocks, whoever got the most, you know, yay or nay.
They would vote routinely to kill somebody who they didn't like what they said.
So in a pure democracy, 51% could vote to kill the other 49%.
People knew what it was.
They would never say, I want to live in a democracy.
But we may need to have it pointed out.
That we are a republic so that we can defend ourselves someday and not end up... That's right.
We have a Bill of Rights, we have a republican form of government, a federalist system, it's a limited democracy, and it's set up with game rules to protect the minority as well as the majority.
We have the best form of government in the world.
We've had a lot of problems, a lot of corruption, but the ideals in our system are the best.
That's why it's under attack by these multinational corporations that pay no tax, are totally lawless, and are tax-exempt, and have diplomatic immunity.
They are the enemy of the system.
They want to destroy it.
You are the only one with the audience big enough to actually start to wake people up.
Sir, I used to hammer the hell out of the Democracy vs. Republic deal.
And I just, when you've done it 10,000 times, you sound preachy, but you're right.
We are a republic, not a democracy.
There is a big difference.
And you're absolutely on target.
Could you possibly someday actually entertain the idea of being back on the shortwave?
It might be in yours and everybody else's.
Back on the shortwave?
Instead of, I mean, if you get cut off of YouTube... Last time I checked, I'm still paying to be on shortwave.
Are we not on there?
I used to listen to you, I think, on WWCR, but now that I got you on YouTube, it's a lot better.
I can see your smiling face.
God, I feel sorry for you.
You're nice.
Thank you.
God bless you.
Sometimes I get sick of myself, but thank you so much, John.
I believe we're on WWCR because that's one of the things I just pay each month to be on there six hours a day because I get letters from missionaries and people in Africa and folks listening and a lot of folks in the middle of nowhere.
Listen, we better be on there.
You guys go call WWCR, just call the number off their deal and ask when we're on, or check with accounting and make sure I'm paying for that.
We pay for a lot of satellites, a lot of other stuff.
There's been some mom-and-pop stations that we've been on, you know, 15, 16, 17 years, that I send a little check to each month.
We may actually have to stop doing that, though.
These lawsuits and, you know, their plans to shut us down go further, but hopefully that's not the case.
But yeah, I'm putting all the coal in the engine here to get the water boiling, to get the pistons going, or to get the wheels turning.
So that we can go full attack speed, and the satellites, we're getting a lot of new TV stations, a lot of new radio stations, a lot of new cable systems.
But those are new listeners getting used to us, so they're not really buying a lot of stuff, but we're reaching people, we're getting contacts from them, and that's what matters.
It's our original hardcore audience that, despite all the attacks, like a lighthouse out on that promontory, that makes it all possible.
So without you, we would not be here, so I want to thank you all.
More calls straight ahead, and then Allie Alexander.
Don't forget, we make it easy to support InfoWars with the top-of-the-line supplements, and we've got free shipping on all our best-selling items right now for Memorial Week Special.
It's gonna end soon.
InfoWarsStore.com or 888-253-3139.
Stay with us.
You don't want to miss what's coming up.
They think you're a goldfish!
I've been betting on you my whole life!
I believe in you!
I don't think you're stupid!
One man ever raped a woman!
All genitals were cut off!
And we're kicking these traitors' asses politically!
And we're not backing down ever!
I wanna kick these people!
We're winning!
I can feel the spirit rising!
Can't you?
We have broken their back!
Yes, I can feel it!
Let's go!
Come on!
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Come on
Live from Austin, Texas, broadcasting worldwide, it's Alex Jones.
We are back now into our number three.
Thank you so much for joining us.
Ali Alexander is a political consultant, philosopher, and activist, an organizer of AmericanPriority.com.
He has been consulting for Republican campaigns and conservative issues for 11 years at the national level, but now he is much more interested in philosophy and building a better society.
And it's at patreon.com forward slash Ali Alexander, Twitter at Ali, well that's a coveted at Twitter, and organizer at AmericanPriority.com.
I love that name.
I love the clips and things I've seen of him over the years and I'm just glad we've got him here with us today to talk about where he sees us as a philosopher and as a political consultant at this moment in time.
If the enemy wrote the history books, or if we wrote the history books in the future,
What you would call this period.
I think it's the second Great Awakening.
The true launch of the Renaissance.
That what we've seen the last 500 years, all the problems but also the good things, was the detonator.
And so now we're gonna see exploding towards that singularity.
And if we just make it through the next 30-40 years, I think
We're going to look back on this time as right before the new golden age.
I agree with Scott Adams and others, and a lot of people in the establishment realize that.
They cover control.
But maybe I'm wrong.
And then we'll look at Roseanne Barr and, oh, I was on Ambien or I got multiple personalities.
Why is she backing off?
From a joke, they've caricatured me as an ape, Trump as an orangutan, George W. as a chimpanzee.
Because, I mean, let's face it, Trump's hair, when it was orange, looks like orangutan colored.
I mean, I've actually told, I mean, I've had girlfriends before, they get their hair bleached when it's black or brown.
I'm like, that looks horrible.
Your hair looks like an orangutan.
I mean, brunette should not bleach their hair.
It looks like an orangutan.
Now, Trump, I guess, is just bad coloring, but I mean, I don't care.
I kind of like his orange hair.
It's a funny trademark.
So we're going to cover the field here.
Thank you so much for joining us today, sir.
It's good to have you on board with us.
Well, thanks, Alex.
It's nice to finally connect.
Well, you heard me lay out the buffet, and you've got a million points I know you can cover.
What do you want to tackle first, where we are in history or the whole Roseanne thing?
Let's talk about Roseanne, because she's under fire.
In fact, just in the past half hour, one of our mutual opponents, Ben Shapiro, is giving Roseanne hell.
He's talking crap about me on the podcast.
Right now, live, he's talking crap about you.
And what we really need to protect is free speech, free thought, free expression, and free association.
So that's why I'm here on InfoWars, because we've got to start talking.
We cannot let the oligarchs and the people that, you know, Ben Shapiro is associated with control our thoughts or what we do or who we associate with.
Yeah, I love it how the left is always policing who you can talk to, who you can associate with, always misrepresenting who they're demonizing.
They want to be the policeman of discussion, the thought police.
And it's just Shapiro's always popping up saying, Alex Jones is bad.
Don't go on his show.
Roseanne's not a conservative.
Well, I mean, I tend to agree, but he's saying, you know, she's a bad person.
All this crap or what she said was racist when it clearly wasn't.
And so that's my issue, is that he's propped up by some Texas billionaires.
But the guy is not self-made.
He couldn't build anything.
And I'm just tired of him now becoming the new Glenn Beck trying to be in our business.
Yeah, look, I dropped out of college twice.
I went to Bible College in Dallas, dropped out, went to University of North Texas in Denton, dropped out, started my business in 2006-2007, hit it big when digital was coming to Republican campaigns.
So I've been really fortunate and blessed to be good at what I've done, and I've largely been behind the scenes.
Hacks like John McCain.
I made Christine O'Donnell the household name.
The Tea Party challenged the Republican Party in New York 23, if you remember way back in New York 23.
That was really the birth of the Tea Party movement.
So you're a successful intellectual in the launch of the new renaissance.
Yeah, and I'm a black, I'm a biracial black Arab in the Republican Party, but Ben Shapiro has been, you know, kind of cultivated since he was 14.
He has all these major foundations paying him $10,000, $20,000 to speak at these colleges while he's trying to de-platform people like you or Milo Yiannopoulos.
It's absolutely batshit crazy and I'm not going to tolerate it anymore.
It's time for people to start pushing against the thought police.
He's there to gatekeep.
That's why all the leftist groups fund him.
To keep conservatives and liberals...
Exactly, to keep loyal opposition, to keep liberals and conservatives apart, and to make sure that libertarian renaissance ideas of taking humanity forward don't come together.
He's a total gatekeeper calling for us to be censored while he's financed by the universities.
He is a shameful person.
And the reason we raise him is he's just such a created artificial commodity who thinks he's our God.
But when you go to his own website that has some great articles, most of the comments hate his guts.
So what does that tell you?
It tells me that he's out of touch.
You know, he might make a fine publisher and he's got encyclopedic knowledge about politics and current events.
But have you ever heard, I mean, you know, Alex, you've been in this longer than I have.
I've been in it for 11 years.
But have we ever heard an original thought from Ben Shapiro?
I've heard original thoughts from Mike Cernovich.
No, he, I mean, for me, he is the king of plagiarism.
Well, you know, that may be true, too.
An intellectual plagiarist, that's all I'm saying, because so many things I've heard him say I know are from other famous philosophers and others, which is fine, but just be clear that when I quote Cicero, I tell people it's Cicero, or I quote Nietzsche, I tell people it's Nietzsche.
And that's very, very true.
And I think that what you're doing is you're hitting the nail on the head.
He's misguiding some of these youth, you know, these college youth that, you know, worship him and worship Milo and can't understand where the beef is.
They're like, hey, you guys all need to get along.
Well, we can't get along when Ben Shapiro is trying to de-platform us and steal everyone else's ideas.
In what other era
That's right, I mean I've talked to, I mean just off record, it wasn't an off record discussion, but I've had off record discussions as well with other people, but like Shapiro's in everybody's business.
He's the one that basically ran Yiannopoulos out of Breitbart.
He was always trying to get rid of him.
He didn't want more good people at Breitbart to win, he wanted to be in total control.
Makes me sick, he's got that narcissist psycho look in his eye.
Yeah, well, after this appearance, what I'm going to do is I'm actually going to send him an email.
I'm going to offer him peace.
If he doesn't want peace, we're going to war.
I can talk about how he and his friends have stopped the friends of Abe from meeting.
I can talk about how he skipped out on Andrew Breitbart, who is a mutual friend of ours, obviously.
I can talk about how he skipped out on one of Andrew Breitbart's memorials.
In Washington, D.C., a party that I threw where everyone else was there.
Steve was there.
Larry was there.
The entire Breitbart team was there.
But Ben Shapiro couldn't make it on time and then wanted to break fire code when he came up.
So we can start a war with Ben Shapiro if he really, really wants one.
But what I want is I want more voices, not less.
And he wants less voices and he wants to say who can talk to who.
So the only reason we brought him up is because he's not that important.
I guess he's attacking you coming on today.
He thinks he's God?
He's attacking me for defending Roseanne Barr, and it just so happens that it comes at a time when I'm about to appear on your show to talk about Roseanne Barr.
And I'm happy to defend people who aren't racist.
Roseanne is not a racist.
If she was a racist, I would call her out.
Well, I can't believe she's... I agree.
She's falling on her sword like this for making jokes.
I mean, come on.
And Alex, I mean, just like me, you and the audience leveling out.
I didn't think I was going to tell anyone this, but I got on my Periscope, 15,000 people tuned in and I had a confession.
I said, look, I've actually looked at Valerie Jarrett before because she has sunken eyes, a protruded mouth.
This isn't necessarily a black feature.
Ben Stiller, who's a Jewish comedian,
Has the same features and big ears.
There's all kinds of people who look like different characters.
Snoop Dogg looks like a dog.
But I've looked at Valerie Jarrett and I said, wow, she looks like Ari from the reboot of Planet of the Apes in 2001.
And I never wanted to tell anyone that because I am aware of the racial sensitivity and I don't want anyone to go around calling black people monkeys.
But let's be clear.
Roseanne Barr did not call, did not say that black people look like monkeys.
She didn't even say that Valerie Jarrett looks like a monkey.
She said Muslim Brotherhood and Planet of the Apes equal the J. What she was saying is a hodgepodge of beliefs and a look.
And it wasn't sensitive.
She didn't know Valerie Jarrett was 65% black.
But come on, let's just be really, really honest about this.
She wasn't comparing Valerie Jarrett to a monkey because she thinks she's dumb.
Valerie Jarrett is one of the most nefarious people in all of politics.
Well, let's talk about Valerie Jarrett when we come back.
Plus, that picture of Roseanne Barr you just had up, she looks like Ursula from My Little Mermaid.
I'm not trying to be mean to her, but she does kind of look like Ursula, you know, and grabs the wand and steals the voice and everything.
Ali Alexander is our guest.
He's on fire.
I'm Alex Jones, InfoWars.com.
Your calls are coming up, too.
Stay with us.
We'll be right back.
It was about 25 years ago that I began to read publicly available books that had been written for the State Department and for the CIA by top professors at Georgetown, Harvard, and Yale.
So that the CIA and other agencies could understand the complex political system they were building.
And in short, it was going to be called a technocracy.
But it was going to fund communism and socialism and fascism.
But really what it was, was crony capitalism.
So decades later, after fighting against this, humanity is somewhat awake to the threat.
But at the same time, despite all our successes, changing this paradigm really is an inside job.
It's up to us personally.
So, I don't feel sorry for myself being demonized by mainstream media and being attacked and the globalists filing frivolous lawsuits.
I expected that to happen.
This is 21st century warfare.
I just wanna make sure that you, the listeners, and you, the viewers, many of you already understand this, so I'm not patronizing those of you that are already awake, but I wanna make sure all of you realize this isn't just some more entertainment.
This isn't just some other talking head.
The reason they hate what we cover is because I and others have researched what they actually are planning, and it is nightmarish, it is authoritarian, it is eugenics-based, it is anti-human.
And we've already come so far together
That I know that if each and every one of you will just go research these issues for yourself, you will find out how real it is and understand it's not your duty.
It is your basic survival to stand up against this anti-human onslaught.
If you go back into history, it was 3% that volunteered for the Revolutionary War back in 1776.
But if you look at the InfoWars audience, it's maybe 10% of the United States, another 10% or so worldwide.
I think that's a conservative estimate.
But we have 50, 60, 70 million people listening.
We have more than that that have tuned in over the years.
The point is, is that if you look at that, that's less than 3% of the world population.
So what you're doing has already changed the world and instead of sitting here and going into each product and telling you how great they are, I'm just going to encourage you to go research them yourselves because you're funding our operation.
Just like our information has changed the world, any products we sell
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Thank you so much for being part of the Second American Revolution.
You're listening to The Alex Jones Show.
If you are receiving this transmission, you're part of the cutting-edge, worldwide revolution against collectivism.
And the big corporations pushing it.
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
Live from the InfoWars.com studios, it's Alex Jones.
Allie Alexander is our guest, political consultant, analyst, talk show host, you name it.
Patreon.com forward slash Ali Alexander.
Twitter at A-L-I.
That's an amazingly good Twitter handle right there, isn't it?
And the point is, is that he's been private until recently.
He's been a behind-the-scenes political guru for the whole kind of Trump wave you're seeing, but even before that...
He's worked for a public establishment and now he more and more is going public to great fanfare and to a lot of support, kind of blasting onto the scene even though he's been behind the scenes for a while.
Why did you feel that this last year or so is the time for you to do this?
Because what, the ultimate culture war is now manifesting or why?
Yeah, we are, you know, Alex you hit, you know,
Your readers may not know how well read you are, how you, you know, spend time, you know, studying these topics when you're not on air.
You and I have a number, even though we've never met, we have a number of mutual friends, so I've heard, you know, the rumors, but we really are 40 or 50 years from determining
Whether we will live as corporate slaves, or whether we can be free and peaceful around the world.
And so, what I thought is that the MAGA movement needed somebody who knew what Ben knew.
Edmund Burke, Russell Kirk, you know, traditional conservatism.
Someone, the MAGA movement needed somebody to guide them through, okay, well what does the repeal process of Obamacare look like?
Because there are people who are lying to the President, and I had to get on Periscope and
Make sure that the White House Comms Department was putting stuff on the president's desk.
And so, you know, I'm willing to burn down my career because if we all pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes, our honor, then I think we can save this country.
And the world, because the globalists know they have us, they win.
For those that don't know...
Obamacare written to screw everybody over.
Trump's destroying that.
This new thing he did, this right to fight for your life, this right to try.
Think about how the left's fighting that when they're saying, have the right to commit suicide.
Well, I'm a libertarian.
I say, okay, if you don't have the state involved, that's where I say I'll fight to the death against it.
That's what Bill Gates pushes.
But now they're all pissed about the right to try.
What is wrong with these people?
Big Pharma.
Big Pharma.
It's the same thing that's wrong with, you know, when the Riddleman comments were made the other day.
It's the same thing that's wrong why the Ambien, the parent company of Ambien, attacked Roseanne Barr today.
They want us... I mean, I wish this was a conspiracy.
I'm not a conspiracist.
There's a lot of stuff... It's an open conspiracy!
It's an open conspiracy that CNN would not survive without Big Pharma, period.
And so what they don't want is, I'll tell you Alex, I actually made a lot of money when Trump got elected.
Because the next day I got up and I bought an ETF called Labu.
Now this is not investment advice, I'm not talking about the timing now, but the day after the election,
I bought a ton of Labu.
It's an ETF that puts together a lot of biotech stocks.
Because I was listening to the president and he said, I'm going to war with the FDA because we're going to reduce drug prices, but I'm not going to let you be dependent on it.
What Trump is doing is absolutely genius.
He wants there to be more available, cheaper drugs, but he doesn't want anyone dependent on them.
We have not seen a president
Who is this empathetic and this knowledgeable about how policy affects people and societies and communities, uh, maybe ever.
I was about to say, he is, he is so incredibly empathetic.
And, and then when you really study the policy, it, what he ends up doing is so good.
So what did he get Congress to do?
It'd be even better.
And like he said today,
I said, I don't care what bill you get through.
I want the bill that's the best for the people.
And I want real experts on that that aren't from big pharma.
And I want wide spectrum analysis.
And he said, I don't care what they think.
That's why they're so angry.
Because you and I know you're a libertarian.
I'm a conservative.
You and I know that the corporations actually want to limit the competition because then they have a monopoly.
And so the right to try breaks open those doors.
Look, I'm surprised Trump's done this good.
I'm not just a sycophant just groveling.
I was freaked out when my gut told me to endorse him, but I've gone with it and now it's been right.
I can't believe though he's gotten this much done, and I really worry what is the system going to do because they're getting, you know, we see videos now of Fox News hosts
Are having coffee and tea thrown on them at restaurants.
Not just me.
This hate by the crazed cult of the left that aren't even leftists, that are just, just, just, just, just, just crash news junkies.
They are so crazed up and so existentially threatened by us just trying to give them renaissance that I wonder what they're going to do next.
It's going to get really, really bad.
I, you know, before the Steve Scalise stuff, I said that it would be a year before the left engaged in radicalized violence.
And I was wrong.
It happened about three months after I gave a predictive analysis that any society that has engaged in this, this is where the people charged with disseminating information hide information about violence from the public.
It allows no chilling effect.
So if you study sociology, you knew this stuff was coming.
And so when the Steve Scalise shooting was coming, well of course it had to happen.
There were organized Mexican gangs, Antifa, and Democrat activists in San Jose in 2016
Who beat the living crap out of Trump supporters.
And that's when I decided, okay, I gotta support this guy because I've sat with Trump.
We've talked in 2014.
They told me that he was going to run.
I didn't believe Sam Nunberg when he told me.
They offered to hire me.
In 2011, I had spent money with the Super PAC against Trump.
So I've spent... By the way, because you're really a real progressive, I would guess that name.
Progressing humanity, not what they're doing trying to take control.
If they start this race war, this won't be good for any common people.
No, it won't.
It won't.
It will lead in utter bloodshed, and then the corporations will promise us to bring us peace, you know?
By total political correctness and school-level brainwashing, you can see him priming it.
George Soros is openly the main funder of the Starbucks brainwashing.
I mean, you can see their plan.
It's not a joke.
It's not an exaggeration.
I am not anyone who's ever peddled any conspiracy or anything like that, any one-off theory.
It's in the WikiLeaks that they want culture war.
They want a culture war.
They want a culture war.
That's how they're going to make their money.
I learned, once he was already running from folks, that he'd been drafted by the military that was already thinking about a coup against the globalists, because they were another multinational coup, but they decided, no, let's draft somebody, get behind him, reboot America, we can do it, and then this has all happened.
So now the FBI has gone from claiming we're Russians, to now behind the scenes they think Roger Schoen and I were not even involved in any of this.
Higher-level Pentagon people are now trying to claim we're the mastermind of an American coup against the Democrats.
So at least now at the rubber-meets-the-road level, 13 people have been questioned.
They're segwaying away from Russia to, okay, who's the American cabal?
Well, it's an open conspiracy of people that don't want to be slaves.
And that's the truth.
And we're fighting back.
And we as Americans are promised in our Constitution that we can take any stance on any policy.
And that's not sedition.
That doesn't violate the Logan Act.
It's entirely crazy what a faction inside the DOJ and the deep state are doing.
But thank God for Trump because now we have more whistleblowers than ever.
And after the break, I want to get more into that because the people who are doing the hard work are the whistleblowers at the DOJ.
And thank God Trump is creating this spectacle in the public that's providing.
So on target, Ali, because they make it like we're against the FBI, the DOJ.
No, we're against the Clinton criminal cancer cabal, less than one-tenth of one percent, running the whole show.
And it is the FBI, and it is the DOJ, and it is the CIA, and it is the Pentagon that is helping the American people try to remove this, because finally they understood that the country was about to be completely ended by Hillary.
She was going to sell us out to China.
It was over.
So what were they going to do?
When they lost, they freaked out and said, we're not giving up.
We're going to call Trump a Russian and flip the script on them.
We'll be back with Ali Alexander.
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Patrick, in the great nation of Australia, you're on the air worldwide.
Thanks for holding.
Hey Alex, mate.
I've been following you since I was 14 and I'm 32 now.
I remember back when InfoWars and Prison Planet, it was just blue text on a white screen and I had to load down the page on my dial-up internet and I thought it was
Pretty cool and read all the books and seen all the DVDs and followed all you get and I've been using your products since the first iteration of Survival Shield and since then I'm on the X2, the Super Male Vitality, the Caveman, the Real Red Pill, Micro ZX, Body, it's all amazing.
Yeah, and I wanted to say that by following you so much, it's like you're just detoxing the mind, you're detoxing the body, you're detoxing the spirit.
And it's just the more you know God, the more you fear God, but the more you chase God.
And I wanted to say that it's an honour to stand side by side with you, the crew, and the listeners out there, 1776 worldwide.
Let's talk to Victor in Florida.
Victor, you're calling.
Go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
First, I just want to mention, if people just go and try the products, they will be ordering all the time.
I've ordered several of the products over and over because it's amazing.
In particular, Silver Bullet.
As soon as I start to feel like I get a little sick, you know, maybe like a little raspiness in my throat, I drop some Silver Bullet in it.
Like, I'll still feel a little sick, but it won't last as long.
Well, let me just say something, Victor.
It's people like you that then fund the whole operation, because a very small percentage of people buy products, and a very small percentage of them buy a lot of the products, so thank you.
But when you mention the Silver Bullet Coalital Silver, it's got thousands of reviews, a 98% review.
It is our highest-reviewed product, because it is from the top lab in the country, discounted, high-quality coalital silver.
And it's not a Silver Bullet, but it's the closest thing you're going to find to a Silver Bullet.
You're listening to The Alex Jones Show!
Big Brother Mainstream Media Government Cover-Ups
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
Live from Austin, Texas, broadcasting worldwide, it's Alex Jones.
Ali Alexander made the point about
Close to half of mainstream news' funding is Big Pharma.
When I was famously on Piers Morgan, they admitted the top news event of that year, top ratings.
I was banned everywhere else after that because I was getting people out of the paradigm.
I was shaking them out of their trance.
They admitted that they were going to have me on for most of the hour, but as soon as I, in the second segment, talked about, don't blame American gun owners for some of the shootings, that are very rare but still out of control,
I said, blame the mass murder pills on the inserts of the Prozac class drugs.
It says it can cause you to commit suicide, megalomania, mass murder, you name it.
And boy, they were cutting that segment off at that point.
So here's a piece of that famous footage.
America's number one cause of unnatural death now is suicide.
Not automobile accident, not cancer, not... You excuse me of attacking the Second Amendment of the Constitution.
I want to get people off pills that the insert says would make you commit suicide and kill people!
Alex, let's get a vote to the Second Amendment.
I want to blame a real culprit!
Suicide pills!
Mass murder pills!
Okay, let me ask you one question.
You're believing this, I'm wrong.
First time anybody's ever heard this, by the way.
I didn't like that.
So, Alexander, I wanted you to get into, though, behind the scenes, first being told Trump would run 2014-2015, and what was going on behind the scenes, because that's critical for the history we're now witnessing, and then we'll get into the whistleblowers you were talking about and how critical that is.
So in 2014, I was the deputy director of an RNC-sponsored conference.
It was a Republican leadership conference.
And Donald Trump was flying in.
You know, he had some accommodations that he wanted.
And at this point, Alex, I did not like Trump.
Like I said, in 2011, I found a big funder to spend some money to try to keep him out of the primary.
I didn't consider him conservative.
You know, I didn't like his social or moral values.
When I walked in that room, I was hit with this burst of energy, and the dude is one of the most empathetic dudes you will ever meet.
He's an empath, really.
Everyone was so scared, they were standing, and I thought, well, I'm going to show this guy, you know.
And I sat down on the couch, and then he said, you know what?
You look like Sammy Davis Jr.
And I'm sure you know your competition.
Well, exactly.
People look like they look like.
That lady looks like a fish, you look like Sammy Davis Jr., I look like a pumpkin.
I mean, you know, and we're all God's children.
You know, we're all God's children.
Roseanne Barr believes that.
I mean, Roseanne Barr is a Jewish woman who wants peace around the world.
You know, she retweets stuff about Palestinian children and she wants to secure Israel.
And she stood up for Tommy Robinson.
Yeah, so the people think that she has this secret hate in her heart and she's been working in Hollywood for decades.
It's absolutely hogwash.
But anyway, so me and Trump,
This is what I noticed, Alex, is I'm used to writing people's speeches.
Trump had computer paper and a sharpie and was writing his own speech a half hour before.
Oh, that's what's incredible.
With Trump, they go, oh, notice he wrote a letter to a teacher.
They made fun of it because of grammatical errors and things.
Hey, you actually got a letter from him.
People do not know this man is authentic.
And I'm not going to talk about what happened for the next half hour, but I'll say that the dude's memory is very astute.
He quoted four of the most recent state polls within Louisiana because Republicans were divided there.
And he told the candidate to get out of the race.
And I thought, well, here's a man who's empathetic.
He writes his own speeches and cares about the Republican Party getting a majority.
So anyway, he gets on stage.
He gives a rousing speech.
He gets off stage.
He says, Ali, I want to walk.
Where do I have to go now?
I said, well, I have to take you through the kitchen to take you to your press conference.
And he said, no, I want to walk through the crowd.
And I said, well, you're Trump, let's do it.
And we walked through the crowd and the next governor who, our governor, our old governor got on stage and Donald Trump just walked off stage.
Here's all these Louisiana state troopers, me and Trump.
And the crowd just goes like this.
And I realized the man is a strategist's strategist.
And so I took him to Steve Bannon.
He did his hit.
Then we went to the press conference.
We ran that.
He denounced racism and Donald Sterling, you know, the NBA owner.
So anyway.
They were telling me, they said, Oli, we're really gonna run.
And I said, Sam, you guys aren't running.
This is always a joke with y'all.
But I realized that I needed to rethink how I saw this man.
When Donald Trump did run, I did not support him in the primary.
But when it came to violence, and when I saw that Donald Trump was willing to sit down with Christian leaders and conservative leaders like Mike Pence and James Dobson and... And now you see that he's marching at pro-life events that no Republican's ever done?
I mean, he's the real deal.
He's the real deal.
By the way, it's not a Trump grovel fest here.
He's changed a lot, too.
He's become a lot more Christian.
He's told me that personally.
And he said, no it's true, he said that was never really around all these real churches.
He was around these fake churches that didn't have any energy.
And he loves veterans.
He loves black churches.
He loves everybody.
But that's what Trump, the talks I've had, is what you talk about, boom, the energy.
And then he talks about the energy.
And Trump is all about good energy.
It's not mumbo jumbo.
It's that the left, he picks up an energy of death.
The energy of pro-life and patriots, he picks up the energy of life.
And that's what he gets.
He literally gets charged up by people.
But he's not vampiric.
He charges you up.
Yeah, this is not New Age bullcrap.
This is the study of psychology, and when he was a child, he studied under a pastor who was famous for talking about the power of positivity.
And so in a lot of ways, Trump went decades of his life without authentic Christians and people who wanted to return to localities, back self-governance, and when he finally came to it, like what you said, he's come our way more than we've come his way.
I'm not sick of him!
No, he said publicly and privately, he said, I've changed.
He goes, I know God's real.
He can feel that the energy of Bible believers is the strongest out there.
Yeah, it's absolutely true.
So it's obvious to me that God has a mandate on this man's life.
And this is either going to be... Exactly!
And look how much he scares true evil like Soros and Hillary and people.
They are so scared of him.
Yeah, think about it.
I mean, he can call these nasty MS-13 gangs animals, and the media will defend them.
This isn't about partisan politics.
This is about a social construct that now the right has an opportunity to meme with the left, and the left has had a total monopoly for the past 15 years.
And then Kanye talks about a bigger plan, humanity to the next level, and love, and Trump talks about love today in his speech.
I mean, I think we're really breaking the satanic will of the globalists right now.
And if you don't believe in God, folks, their energy is take, take, take, hate everybody.
Just imagine the worst day you ever had times a thousand, and they've just given in to just total destruction.
They've got to be removed.
They have to.
And what's brilliant about the time that we're living in, Alex, and you're a part of this, your viewers are a part of this, I mean, people are going to look back in 10 years and see that you were a pioneer in a field of new media.
I mean, it's honestly going to be that.
We are going to break the media.
No one trusts them anymore.
Not the Bernie Sanders, Justice Democrats, not the Tea Party, Conservatives.
And they think if they destroy me, that destroys everyone leaving them.
It does nothing.
It does absolutely nothing.
People are waking up.
Kanye is waking up.
I don't believe in a holographic simulation theory, but I do believe that there is a simulation of sorts, right?
We're told, go to college, saddle a lot of debt, get on some drugs.
That is the fake simulation.
They get us to opt into their false paradigm.
Yeah, and it offers no freedom.
It offers no love.
It offers no redemption or forgiveness.
And that was what really struck me about Hillary Clinton's comments.
And that's when I chose, I would go down with the shit.
I would go down with Donald Trump, even though my friends were saying, this will destroy your career.
I said, I don't give a damn.
She said, before she said that people were deplorable, she said they were irredeemable.
I don't know a single Methodist she claims to be.
She's saying she's a God.
She's saying she's God.
Right, right.
And she has judged us unworthy and I said, I said, no sirree, I'll leave this country if she wins.
And I'm honest, honest to God, I was going to go move to South America.
I told Trump that I might leave if she won because I'd have to.
She's coming out and he said, you're not going to leave.
You're not going to leave.
He goes, he goes, you're going to have a bigger family, a bigger house.
And in the way he said it, it didn't mean a bigger house, like, like America is a kingdom of liberty.
Our house is getting bigger.
Yeah, yeah.
Isn't that amazing?
I mean, and the Bible talks about wherever two or more gather in my name, they're all beat.
And you said people don't receive because they ask not.
And so, we're imposing our willpower against the simulation, and we're all part of that.
Your viewers are a part of that.
It is the Matrix.
You're absolutely right.
They're creating a false cultural bullying Matrix that's a haze.
The real world's right here.
We all love each other.
We're all really here.
We have infinite resources now, like Kanye said.
Next level.
Calls coming up and whistleblowers.
Audience, radio affiliates, TV affiliates, thank you for your support.
But they've cut off the sponsors.
They've blocked us advertising on Google.
They have filed 13 lawsuits.
We've beaten six.
But understand this, I am your soldier.
You're my soldier.
We're all in this together.
And we're fighting hard for American values, what we know works, and what brings liberty and freedom to our children.
So I salute you and I thank you.
But whatever you do, the live video links on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Infowars.com.
Local stations you're listening to, every person you get to tune in to this local radio station is a victory in this war.
And when you financially go to Infowars.com,
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Alex Jones here with an extremely exciting announcement.
We are launching our biggest recruitment and hiring operation ever in our 23-year history as we prepare to go 24 hours a day live on TV and radio from the InfoWars News Center here in Austin, Texas.
We're looking for video editors, live show producers, people that can run live TV and radio, investigative journalists.
We're looking for reporters out in the field who can stay where you are currently yet.
We're looking to hire around 15 people, maybe even more, as we take the information war to the next level in the face of the globalists.
So please,
Go to InfoWars.com, go to InfoWars.com forward slash contest, and you'll find the links to our major hiring drive.
And we're also launching, as I just alluded to, a major reporter contest with $26,000 in prizes.
First place, $20,000.
Second place, $5,000.
Third place, $1,000.
But all of you will be winners because the special reports you cut on any topic you wish
We have the rules on InfoWars.com forward slash contest will then be seen on my broadcast will then be heard on the radio and will be posted to our major websites like NewsWars.com and InfoWars.com.
It has a massive effect and you've seen many other reporters that have worked here over the years like David Knight and others they weren't even contest winners but they were runner-uppers.
But even if you don't want to be part of the contest and just want a shot at working here, we're looking for camera people, we're looking for video editors, we're looking for investigative journalists, and we're looking for engineers, we're looking for reporters, we're looking for it all in this major push against the globalists.
Now, we're going to be hiring right through into 2019 in this big expansion.
But it's critical that as fast as you can, you get your portfolio, your reel, into us.
Whether it be in radio, whether it be in print, whether it be in film.
Whatever your work is, we want to see it.
So send it in with your resume.
So this is a very, very exciting chance for InfoWars.
To up our game in the face of the globalists but for you to also be a part of this operation.
So directly apply to work with us or apply and at the same time get involved in the contest.
It's all up to you.
We are expanding in the face of the globalist onslaught.
We are not victims.
We are victorious.
And we are taking it directly to the globalists because we are the resistance.
And we're looking for men and women who are a race, color and creed who love liberty that want to join the fight.
Again, InfoWars.com forward slash contest to find all the rules.
And I'll see you on the front lines of the fight against the NWO.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
He aligns himself with the truth and it's time for you to choose a side.
You're listening to Alex Jones.
Hollywood, the big multinational corporations, and Communist China that now control it, are so nasty.
They want to break America's will so badly that they push too far.
And Trump, and you, and all of us, and Ali Alexander, are all a manifestation of that resistance.
But earlier, Ali was talking about people having a right to stand up and resist by voting, or by political ideas, or even physically if need be.
I thought of the Declaration of Independence, July 4th, 1776.
That's what July 4th is all about.
I know we all know that, but we really consciously
Think about that.
Recently, they were going to have a commencement ball at one of the buildings by Independence Hall, and the principal apologized.
I saw it in the news.
It was a professor, I forget.
The dean.
It was either a college or high school.
I saw it last week.
He apologized for the ticket saying, party like it's 1776.
And they said, oh, some people are hurt by that because 1776 was about slavery.
No, they almost got rid of it in the first declaration, in the first Bill of Rights and Constitution.
The West is what got rid of all that.
There it is.
Principal apologizes for party like in 1776.
So it's all about virtue signaling.
But if you actually read what's in this, listen to how revolutionary it is.
The unanimous declaration of 13 United States of America.
And then it goes through, I'm not going to read the whole thing, but when in the course of human events it becomes necessary for one people dissolve the political bands with which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth a separate equal status station to which the laws of nature and gods entitle them, a decent respect for the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the cause which impelled them to the separation.
And then it goes through the usurpations, the criminal activity, the behaviors.
Of course, Thomas Jefferson wrote this.
The other guys approved of it.
We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights.
But among them are life, liberty, pursuit of happiness.
That to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed.
That whenever any form of government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or to abolish it and to institute new government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizations and its powers in such form as to them shall seem most likely to affect their safety and happiness
Is Trump doing that for you folks?
Prudence indeed will dictate that governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes and accordingly all experience has shown that mankind are more disposed to suffer while evils are sufferable than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed.
But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same objective, invents a design to reduce them under absolute despotism, it is their right, it is their duty to throw off such government and to provide new guards for their future security.
Now, Thomas Jefferson grew up on his farm with a bunch of black people.
And then when he became the owner of it, when his dad died, he tried to free them, but there weren't laws to do it.
And he's on record trying to put it in the first declaration, and then the first Bill of Rights, and then the first Constitution that came a decade later.
We didn't really have a government until they had to fight a war.
This was just starting a war, signed under John Hancock.
Hollywood, the media, they all particularly demonize Thomas Jefferson now and say he was a racist because he had sex with the people he ended up freeing and had children with them.
Okay, but he was also hated around the neighborhood for being friendly to blacks.
So the guy that tried to free blacks because he was born into slavery, he's the bad guys.
So, think about the level of that, of the trailblazer, of the idea of it's hard to change.
He says that here, but we've got to do it.
He tried it then.
It took 80 years till his vision happened, and then they take the real symbol of that trailblazing to be the first guy doing it in his time and turn it into something bad, Ali Alexander.
It's really sad, but when I travel this country and I talk to people and they're like, well, you know, I'm not totally convinced.
I said, well, in 20 years, they're going to be asking your children to denounce you while you're still alive.
And that's going to be like Mao's Great Leap.
And people really need to appreciate the school of thought that was going on then.
You had Thomas Hobbes who said that man is inherently bad and might need monarchy.
And you had John Locke that said man is inherently good and we deserve a republic or democracy.
Well, what Thomas Jefferson did is he kind of combined both of them.
He said, the people have a right to self-govern if the monarch is not doing well.
And as you just read, man is probably predisposed to do horrible things.
And our system is really the convergence of the best ideas of both Western and Eastern civilization.
And people don't know, and you kind of alluded to it, we failed the first time with the Articles of Confederation.
Anyone who thinks, oh, well, America will be here all along and media is journalism because they got TVs and notepads, it's not true.
Corporate media is not journalism and we can fail again in America if we're not willing to speak up.
And it's a little embarrassing.
It's a little weird to be talking about Roseanne Barr and Planet of the Apes, but we have to speak truth to power or we don't have the ability to reason anymore.
We lose the best qualities of the Enlightenment and the Renaissance.
And I'm not willing to go down like that.
Well, that's awesome that you're informed on all this, and it's just amazing.
I just don't get how they turn a champion of somebody trying to free the slaves early into the racist.
It's just crazy.
He was born into it, he tried to end it, and then he's the bad guy?
It's Fahrenheit 451.
They've got to demantle all of history.
And then they tell you Benjamin Franklin was the first firefighter and he was burning books, you know, instead of this great author.
And he did establish the first fire department to put out fires.
So it's they're really trying to dismantle all of history so that they can retool it.
And then they can tell us, well, the Democrats have always been good.
And the KKK was a Republican thing.
And, you know, blacks need to take a backseat.
Now to, you know, what they want to do with South America and Mexico and push us all together.
It's economically... Looking into your crystal ball, Ali Alexander, smart guy.
I don't want to be too confident.
Let's look down into some of the more dangerous paths.
I don't want to give many ideas, but I mean, how do you think they could take out Trump?
Staging events, false flags, killing him?
I mean, my God, if they killed him, that would really blow up.
I don't want that to happen.
Well, I'm actually surprised something horrible has not happened yet.
We are in the Trump leg of the Russia hoax.
So that's the good thing.
The good news is that we're about to have a very eventful summer.
People are going to learn more of the realities of what's going on in the DOJ that the media has not told you.
And by the way... I was about to say, you tried to get into whistleblowers.
I apologize.
Get into that.
No, but what I think is that it's too late to take out Trump, but they want to disable him.
And so they're putting people around him who will lie to him.
They're telling him that he doesn't have this authority or that authority.
Unfortunately, Mitch McConnell is cooperating with a lot of this.
And so they're really trying to disable him.
But if we can get past November and we can maintain the House and the Senate, it's Trump's show after that.
And I promise no one's seen nothing yet.
I mean, it will look like a renaissance in America that we have not.
It will.
It will probably trump, no pun intended, the Great Awakening.
Well, my friend, you're on fire, and you're right.
It is the patriots in our government and outside.
It's all about saying no to the intimidation, the bullying, and the way you joined Trump right in the middle of the firestorm when they were, you know, the entire cover of National Review was saying you can't go with him.
Anybody that signs on will be blackballed forever.
Well, now National Review is carrying Trump's water more and more.
So, I agree.
I think Trump so far is now one.
Yeah, it's absolutely true.
And really, I would like for people to say a prayer for some of these rank-and-file career FBI agents and then lawyers inside the DOJ.
People don't understand that when
Some of these thugs started targeting Trump's family.
He was fine taking these metaphorical bullets.
But when they started saying, we're going to lock up Jared Kushner and his children are going to grow up without a dad, we're going to lock up Don Jr., Trump Christmas Eve, what I'm told, went ballistic.
And he decided then that he was going to fight fire with fire as much as he could.
And thanks to him, you know, and David Nunes, we got the memo.
And what I heard after the memo was that we had additional people go to the IG, so the Inspector General, and start whistleblowing.
So think about it.
The press is supposed to protect whistleblowers.
The Senate is supposed to protect whistleblowers.
And these people were so intimidated.
By the culture of corruption that Comey created, and the actual corruption that McCabe was creating, that they didn't want to speak up.
They thought there was no champion.
Well, Trump said, I'll be a champion, I'll protect my family, and I'll protect yours.
That's right.
He took the gloves off, and just like every other tyrant, overreaches.
They've done it again.
Ali Alexander, very impressed.
Love your work.
Please join us again soon.
I will.
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It's that simple.
I mean, look at the headlines here in mainstream news.
The war against Alex Jones, the legal war against Alex Jones.
This is the New York Times.
I mean, they say, bring down Jones, everything else falls.
It's that serious.
We'll be back.
Stay with us.
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That's it.
This is planetary death we're fighting.
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If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
Relentlessly attacking the power structure.
You're listening to Alex Jones.
Here is what the enemy fears.
Here is what, in the dark of the night, when they wake up scared, they're thinking about.
They're thinking about your energy.
They're thinking about your will.
They're thinking about your strength.
They're thinking about your fighting spirit.
America has always been a nation of fighters who never give up.
We never give up.
Never give up.
We're fighters like the amazing patients and families here today.
Now, as I proudly sign, and this is very personal for me, but as I proudly sign this bill, thousands of terminally ill Americans will finally have the help, the hope, and the fighting chance, and I think it's going to be better than chance,
That they will be cured, that they will be helped, that they'll be able to be with their families for a long time, or maybe just for a longer time.
You know, he said earlier in the speech, he said, this is very personal to me to get these cures in.
Melania has not been seen in 17, 18 days.
And they said, oh, it's not malignant, they're kidneys.
And I thought about something, because I know a lot of Eastern European folks who grew up in that area, and I went, wait a minute.
And I looked at the gas plume, and when Melania was like about 12 years old or so, Chernobyl went right over her.
And I know men and women that are from that area of the world, and every person I know
Has had tumors.
I know a woman that looks just like Melania.
And she's had tumors.
Three of them removed.
The joke is, you know, she's all like, I glow in the dark.
Think about that.
I'm not saying she's got something worse, but...
Trump, for the first time ever, got a little tear in his eye.
He said it's very personal for me and he, you know.
With Trump, it's serious.
Silence on Melania Stokes' conspiracy theories.
What is it?
I saw it two days ago.
It was 17 days?
So it's like 19 days now?
That doesn't sound good.
And God knows, they make fun of him eating McDonald's three times a day.
He has trusted people that go to different McDonald's and get his food because
You think he can trust the food he's given?
You're trying to level the war we're in right now.
And I'm not going to get off into it.
But 18 years ago, I went and spoke at a public event.
And I had feds trying to come up and say, hey, you want to plant, which now 20 days, well, they're saying, hey, you want to plant bombs?
No, no, no.
So, you read about the kings in every culture, you know, those old Roman emperors, the Japanese emperors, the Chinese emperors, the African emperors, everybody got poisoned?
They had food tasters?
You think they're trying to poison Trump?
You think they aren't jacking with Melania?
You think these people just dumped coffee on top of our heads?
They're out to get everybody, and I'm not bitching about it, but I want everybody to recognize Roger Stone, and I talked to people that were involved, he didn't make this up,
I made him show me the stuff before they came to the gag order, and I knew they'd do it.
Had the Fed show up.
He got shot last year.
He didn't even know what it was.
He goes, yeah, it slammed on my back.
He goes, but I can't find anything in me.
He got sick two days later from radiation poisoning, but it didn't go all the way in through his, it went through the shirt and deflected on his skin.
So they go, oh look, they killed the Russian agent with polonium, but it deflected.
Roger Age, I'd be honest, about 10 years after that.
But they hit him with polonium and then they T-boned him a few months later because they were going to blame him all along as the final guy.
He predicted that and now they've honed in.
He's the final guy they want to set up.
Think about that.
They shoot you with polonium, say that's how Russians kill you, and then set you up.
I'm telling you, they're trying to kill Roger right now.
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Live from Austin, Texas, broadcasting worldwide, it's Alex Jones.
Let's play some of this.
I got a point I want to make.
The late, great David Bowie.
Shut your mouth.
I'll give you television.
I'll give you eyes of blue.
I'll give you a system to rule the world.
Visions of swastikas.
Oh, you gotta ban this song.
It talks about visions of swastikas.
David Bowie's worshipping Nazis.
No, he's not.
I'll give you television.
I'll give you Eyes of Blue.
My little child, girl, you shouldn't mess with me.
I'll ruin everything you own.
We'll go to Rogerstown in a minute.
You know what?
I'll give you television.
I'll give you a man that wants to rule the world.
Great song by David Bowie.
They would ban that probably on the air today.
He says, that's visions of swastikas in my mind.
Shut your mouth.
So, that's what it comes down to.
Roger's taking over here.
But Roger really ought to get into, I guess it was last January, because I was getting married.
And Trump had literally just called my wife that day.
And then at like 5 a.m.
the next day, my phone starts ringing.
And Roger is throwing up everywhere and he's been to the hospital and he's got polonium in his blood.
And the feds show up and say don't talk about it.
And the media goes, oh, even though the Fed showed up and grabbed the hospital records and told them not to talk, Roger claims it.
Oh, Roger claims he's going to be the final guy they set up for Russiagate, that they want him dead so he can't testify to Congress.
And now he's the final guy.
He's the guy they admit they're circling in on.
And it gets even better.
It gets even better.
They're now questioning army officers and others.
Thirteen people.
And they go, no Alex, it's centering in on you, and that you're a mastermind too.
Talk about insane.
Yeah, I'm a mastermind when it comes to love and freedom, and thinking you're going to want freedom over tyranny.
But there's no masterminding crap.
I believe in you.
We put the idea out, we throw the stone in the pond, it comes back.
I'm a mastermind.
I know when it's really still weather and
You know, it's in the spring, and if I go put some stink bait on the end of a line and throw it out at 5 a.m.
in the morning, by the time I'm done drinking my coffee, I might catch that 20-pound catfish.