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Name: 20180527_Sun_Alex
Air Date: May 27, 2018
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Alex Jones talks about the censorship of news related to Tommy Robinson, who reported on child kidnapping rings in the UK. The government has implemented a media blackout on reporting about Robinson, causing articles to be deleted from major news sources. Additionally, Amazon's Alexa device allegedly recorded private conversations and sent them to a contact in one family's phone list. Jones discusses how this censorship is part of globalist control and compares it to the gradual heating of water that eventually leads to the death of a frog. The speaker also encourages listeners to support InfoWars by purchasing products from the InfoWars store, arguing that their purchases fund "The revolution" against globalist and satanic pedophile armies.

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Waging war on corruption.
It's Alex Jones, coming to you live from the front lines of the InfoWar.
Ladies and gentlemen, this is going to be one of the most important broadcasts we've ever engaged in.
We are seeing true communist Chinese style, or Nazi style, police state behavior in the UK, where Tommy Robinson, frequent guest of this show,
Has been disappeared, given a 13-month sentence in one hour, and there's a national ban on talking about it.
And I've talked to scores of reporters and others who are afraid to even come on air.
Fox News then talked to his lawyer who said, I can't tell you I'll be arrested.
What was Tommy Robinson reporting on?
Giant confirmed child kidnapping rings nationwide.
But then, yesterday, as I saw hundreds of articles about it, late at night, by the morning time they were all disappeared, including U.S.
news stories denoticed by the British government.
That's why this is so huge.
Then, Roger Stone joins us.
To break the biggest Mueller news yet.
He is going to break exclusive news here.
He believes he may be arrested or grabbed anytime starting tomorrow for the next two weeks.
But he's been told, you make up stuff about Trump, you roll on Trump, or you are going to be destroyed.
He will be joining us in the second hour.
There's so much more Chinese ships.
Came into the South China Sea, the most navigated area in the world, like a giant superhighway of the ocean, and said, we own this.
All ships out.
You must have our authorization to come in.
ships went in.
The Chinese threatened to attack them today, but they backed down.
But China said, we vow retaliation.
This is unbelievable.
So this is just an incredible time to be alive to show what the appeasement of our government's done.
Now, here's part of a Mike Cernovich video.
He caught this early in the morning.
Before they deleted the articles.
Because at first you'd click through and it'd say, de-notice or depending on the publication, Sky Television, Breitbart, you name it, it would just say, oops, an error.
So it all disappeared.
This is proof.
People didn't believe me.
On Monday morning when I was tweeting that there was a denotice out, they have that in England, banning news reportage or citizens talking about news.
It's beyond Communist China and it's expanded and expanded and expanded from court gags to total gags.
Here's part of that video that he dubbed the scariest thing you'll see today.
I say this whole move of tyranny is one of the scariest things you'll see this year or in your lifetime if we don't turn this around.
Here's part of that report.
So what's going on here?
If you go into Google News and you type in Tommy Robinson, you can find out there's all these articles written about him.
When you click on it, there's now a reporting ban.
You are not allowed to report.
Look, this is not like a one-off thing here, right?
Let's open RT, Breitbart.
Birmingham Live has got to steal the record.
Let's just go see one by one.
It got to itself going to Google News.
So here, we'll just show you how to do it.
Just go to... Just go to Google News, type in... Tommy Robinson.
Alright, he goes on for another three minutes breaking it down.
I retweeted it, real Alex Jones.
Now, if you're watching us on TV, you can see this.
Oh look, he's got articles about Tommy Robinson.
Activist Tommy Robinson arrested outside UK court.
Jailed for 13 months on the same day.
Third link, judge orders media blackout.
Fox News.
Fox News, folks.
Something has gone wrong.
It seems you clicked on a bad link and stumbled upon a 404 error.
So now that's been taken down.
Then they reposted it, but obviously to another link not on servers available in the UK.
They somehow geolocated it or geoblocked it.
This is happening everywhere in live time, and it's all coming up today as the censorship in the West goes into overdrive.
Frank in North Carolina, thanks for holding so long.
Go ahead.
Yeah, Alec, I just have to say something, man.
It seems like every time I turn on your broadcast, you're bragging.
It just gets old, man.
I'm gonna shut you down right now, okay?
We're taking calls about your nomination.
Do you understand they're having congressional hearings trying to shut us down?
Do you understand I'm ringing the alarm?
If that was happening to anybody else, I'd be freaked out.
I mean, what's it gonna take?
Us being shut down?
Is that what you want, Frank?
You know what, Alex?
Hey, put him on pause again!
Hey, Frank!
Do you understand it's not bragging to say, we are the tip of the spear, we're under attack, we need your help.
As much bagging as I do, we can barely pay the bills and grow in the face of this.
I'm not gonna just stop growth and let them start pushing us backwards.
You understand?
I need your help, Frank!
I need your help, Frank!
Go to Infowarsstore.com right now and help fund the Infowars.
Do you understand?
I need your help, Frank!
There's a need for a new world order.
But it has different characteristics in different parts of the world.
Live from Austin, Texas, broadcasting worldwide, it's Alex Jones.
There's a point where you put the frog in the pot of water, and at first it's cold and nice, and then the temperature slowly, incrementally, the successive approximation goes up.
And once the frog gets to, you know, 104 degrees or so, like a hot tub, it tends to pass out.
It tends to go into a trance and then it never wakes up and ends up as frog legs on somebody's Louisiana or Mississippi or South Texas Cajun plate.
And America and Europe and Australia and Canada are now deep, deep into censorship, deep into globalist control.
And the level is just getting more and more intense every day.
We're seeing some of the death struggles of nationalist and populist movements and the Trump movement here in this country.
The globalists believe, but then,
If we decide to actually take our culture back and realize just how serious the threat is, this won't be our death throes.
This will be our rebirth.
Now, that said,
I'm trying to pick my words here as judiciously as I can, because I really want to be calm about this.
But when you see somebody like Tommy Robinson, who 11 years ago was the first person to expose Muslim grooming and mass sex trafficking rings, that we know are run in Africa, the Middle East, and Central Asia, and are part and parcel
of that Stone Age culture.
There have been slave caravans and slave women and slave children being sold for 6,000 plus years of recorded history in North Africa, in the Middle East, and in Central Asia.
By the way, there are other cultures were selling slaves as well.
It's just those cultures never came up
to the
Recruited and then put into sex slavery by age 9, 10, 11.
And if the parents, the poor parents, get up and say no, the police come and set them up and arrest them and have CPS, Child Protective Services, take their children.
They're now having parliamentary hearings on this.
So they could cover it up for decades, but because of Tommy Robinson breaking the ice, blowing a hole in the lie, being put in prison for a year, five years ago over this,
And not shutting up, others had the courage to go public.
So the pedophile rings that run England, that's the mainstream news, are really angry.
So now they've ordered in the courts that no one report on the trials, period.
Don't even say they exist.
And so Tommy Robinson was arrested on Friday.
He already had a suspended sentence from last year after serving three months in prison.
He had 13 months of it suspended as long as he, quote, wouldn't go into trials and cover them live, which he'd done before.
Like press should be able to do until a few years ago anywhere in the Western world.
They have to protect the pedophilia.
You can go to any other trial you want.
So he just went outside one, I watched the whole live stream after it was archived, and just said they're having a grooming trial here.
Didn't say the details, any of that.
And so they arrested him, took him to jail, and within one hour, I've now talked to some of his crew that's joining us at the bottom of the hour, they said, don't worry, don't call your family, don't call your kids, any of that.
You don't need a lawyer.
You'll be out in an hour.
The judge laughed at him.
It was even caught on video, smiling and laughing.
There's photos and videos of that outside.
And the judge said, you're going to jail for 13 months in a high security prison.
Where the Islamists are the majority in London and have promised to kill you.
He's now in whole prison.
So, by the next day, thousands marched on 10 Downing Street, that's their White House, began climbing the fences, saying, free Tommy Robinson.
There was then a D-notice issued, saying, do not report anywhere in the press on his arrest.
And so more articles on that gut pull.
Now this is all confirmed.
We reported on it Friday and Saturday.
Fox News has a big article that details it.
It's up on Infowars.com because they removed the Fox News article.
It just disappeared.
Not corrected.
The one that Drudge is linked to, it's just gone.
Fox News confirms Tommy Robinson sentenced to 13 months for reporting on pedophile grooming trial.
Here's the Fox News article that's been deleted.
The link that Drudge is linked to has been deleted.
Right-wing activist Tommy Robinson reportedly jailed after filming outside child grooming trial.
This is Fox News!
Confirming everything we already told you.
But it says, it's shocking, his lawyer isn't allowed to talk to us.
He says this is a police state.
The grooming trials.
All of it.
You've got to read this article.
We have excerpts of it on Infowars.com.
In Kit Daniel's article.
Fox News confirms Tommy Robinson's sentence of 13 months, reporting on pedophile grooming gangs.
Now, in case you just joined us and don't believe all this, because believe me, my own listeners yesterday afternoon, I was shooting live reports, they were like, Alex, there's not a ban on reporting on Tommy Robinson.
And they started commenting in the feeds going, oh, we apologize, there is.
Oh my God, you can do that in England?
If you say you don't like radical Islam, they arrest you now, okay?
Right-wing activist Tommy Robinson reportedly jailed for filming outside a grooming trial.
Fox News.
Now let's look at some of the mainstream news articles even reporting on this.
A look back at the pedophile scandals that swallowed Britain whole.
But remember, they just banned free speech after that to shut it down.
That was 2014.
That's Vice saying that.
What was the Rotterham scandal?
All you know about the sickening systematic abuse.
And here's all the Muslim men and the workers they worked with.
That's the sun.
Rotterham sexual exploitation of children scandal.
That's a whitewash but go read about it.
Who exposed that?
Where was Tommy Robinson from?
That town.
So that's why he's in jail.
Out of a real movie, fighting real pedophile rings, and trying to report on it, and gone.
And the government says you don't report on it.
Telford child abuse.
New victims come forward after a Member of Parliament says she has been inundated with reports from all over the country.
Now the Independent won't even report on this.
That's from earlier this year, but now they're just there covering it up.
Here's another one.
Toronto Sun.
PC cops, social workers ignored Brit pedophilic gang that raped over 1,000 girls in one town.
Don't tell you it's Islamic.
It's not Brits, it's Islamic.
But you've got now, since then it turns out the social workers were working with the whole thing.
Telford social services chief is one of the three counselors exposed as pedos.
The mirror.
And it goes way back to previous governments.
So, that's going on.
You've got the brave activist, the father, the family man, in prison for 13 months, a suspended sentence for covering the last thing last year.
This time he didn't even say names or go in.
And now, oh, well let's go further.
Let's tell everybody they can't report on Tommy Robinson or even say his name.
And later I'm gonna read part of the Fox News article.
You gotta hear it from them.
It sounds like Alex Jones is saying it.
Saying how incredible and how dangerous this is.
And then everybody shows up and starts climbing the fences at 10 Downing.
So then there's a news blackout on that and then more big demonstrations today.
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You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
He aligns himself with the truth.
And it's time for you to choose a side.
You're listening to Alex Jones.
So, Fox News is reporting exactly what I've been told by Tommy Robinson's associates.
The British activists exposing giant pedophile rings.
Exposing the UK's government's sellout to radical Islam.
Fox News is confirming by talking to Robinson's lawyer that the British public has been told not to speak his name and not to say that he's been imprisoned and not to discuss why he was in prison.
That is in official newspapers in the U.S.
and Breitbart
And others that have UK offices have complied and now the DrudgeReport.com Fox News link to that article that I printed out has been deleted.
But I went and found a new URL where it's been reposted but not available in the UK.
You understand the magnitude of this?
It's about a nine on the Richter scale of tyranny.
When they are arresting people for reporting on corruption
And then disappearing them and then saying, none of you talk about it or you'll be arrested too.
That's Nazi Germany level.
That's Soviet Russia level.
That's Chinese Communist level.
And you look at the universities are anti-free speech.
You look at the left attacking not just me with water, but I saw video over the weekend of two different Fox News reporters having
Coffee and tea thrown on them at restaurants.
People videotape it, they walk over, they throw it on you.
Next person does that, that's assault.
I'm gonna clobber you.
But that's how authoritarian the left's gotten worldwide trying to force us into their control.
Just got a message from Nizel Farage during the break.
He said, Italy is about to explode.
And we need to send reporters there.
Humanity is awakening.
So, if you just joined us, I've got a ton of news coming up.
I've got Tommy Robinson's main editor and cameraman joining us, coming up as soon as he gets back in the next few minutes from the huge demonstrations that are ongoing in downtown London at Speaker's Corner at 10 Downing Street, now into day two of thousands
Taking to the streets, running over the police, climbing over the gates, and the mainstream media is only showing close-up shots.
I showed shots yesterday that we found of showing the thousands and thousands of people.
In fact, if the crew wants to find it, you can just go to any of my reports from yesterday in studio, and I started each report with those, where you'll see wide shots that are unbelievable.
Now, Colin Robertson, filmmaker, political writer, social commentator,
He was banned by the university for critiquing Islam.
He is a frequent contributor to TommyRobinson.online.
He will be joining us.
But this is the reign of terror going on in the UK and in Europe, where you do not criticize Islam in any way, because they have put the police in, they put the head of the Border Patrol in, and in the UK they've got the major mayors in place.
It is unbelievable.
Now, let's go ahead and go over the Fox News report confirming all this.
Just so you know, this is mainstream.
But there's a blackout on the reporting, and you think you're reading something about North Korea or the old Soviet Union.
This is going on.
And now the story's been deleted.
Right-wing activist Tommy Robinson reportedly jailed after filming outside child grooming trial.
UK right-wing activist and journalist Tommy Robinson was arrested and reportedly jailed Friday after he filmed members of an alleged child grooming gang entering a court for trial.
He's about as radical as your average Fox News report.
Maybe Brian Kilmeade.
But the details of his purported sentence remain murky after the judge ordered the press not to report on the case.
Oh wow!
Robertson, the former head of the English Defence League and a long-time activist against Islam and Islamic migration, was arrested after he was filming men accused of being part of a gang that groomed children.
That's not on the tape, so they just say that.
Britain has been rocked by a series of child sex scandals perpetrated by gangs of predominantly Muslim men.
Video shows Robinson, whose real name is Stephen Lennon, being surrounded by as many as seven police officers as he live-streamed the incident on his phone.
He never puts out his real name because they attack his children, they come to his house.
He's been put in jail for a year for exposing the grooming gangs years ago.
So, there they are, outing his real name so they can find out where he lives.
The police informed him he was being arrested for breach of the peace.
But shortly after his arrest, a source with knowledge of the case told Fox News that he had been jailed for 13 months on contempt of court charge.
A court listing indicated the case was closed by Friday afternoon, one hour after his arrest.
One source said he was jailed in Hull Prison.
That's confirmed.
The prison declined to comment to Fox News on whether Robinson was there.
Leeds Crown Court also did not return a request for information.
Won't even tell you where someone is and say don't talk about it.
And don't talk about the pedophiles.
According to the Independent, Robinson was already on a suspended sentence for contempt of court over a gang rape case in 2017 that he was exposing.
The judge in the case on Friday slapped a reporting ban on the case.
The order bans reporters from reporting on the case if there's reason to believe the reporting could prejudice the trial.
The trial's over, folks.
It's in deliberations.
So see how that works?
The order prevents reporting until the conclusion of the trial Robertson was reporting on.
So they're saying, don't report on him being disappeared to prison.
The gag order led to news outlets in the UK removing their reporting.
See, people on Twitter couldn't believe me when I first told them this.
It's like, oh, you don't, they don't tell people not to report.
That's, England's a free country.
I look at the Royal Wedding.
The gag order led to news outlets in the UK removing the reporting from their websites to comply with the order.
Most remaining reporting in the UK comments on his arrest but not on the reason he was arrested or sentenced.
Reporting on government-backed child kidnapping rings.
Sources with knowledge of Robinson's case spoke on condition of anonymity in the part because they fear they would be arrested for contempt.
So we're having one of the few people who has the courage to come on next segment.
One told Fox News, off record, that Robinson's lawyer warned that, considering the presence of Muslim gang members in the prison, a 13-month sentence was tantamount to a death sentence for Tommy Robinson.
We can't tell you why this hero is even in jail, if you're in England.
Tommy's lawyer said he will likely die in jail, given his profile and previous credible threats, and the judge basically said he doesn't care.
The source said he sentenced him to 13 months.
Reaction to Robinson's sentencing from commentators and right-wing politicians was fierce, particularly as is the latest in a series of commentators, particularly those who are critical of Islam and mass Islamic immigration in the UK being locked up by British authorities.
Or, conservatives and libertarians, they just search engine you when you fly into the country and you're there with your wife and kids, but if you're a conservative or libertarian or a Christian activist, you're banned from coming in.
That's Fox News, folks.
And that's a whitewash compared to what's really going on.
This is coming here.
This is what the left is already doing here.
And I guess the Fox News story is they have Sky Television, a division of News Corp over there in the UK.
At least it used to be.
They're changing things up right now.
They have New Fox, that's just media and sports, splitting off of entertainment.
Getting bought by Disney.
But the article's gone.
Something has gone wrong, it says in the URL.
Yes, something has gone wrong.
That's certainly true when you expose pedo trials and you get sent to a secret prison and no one can report on it.
That's a problem.
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After losing the presidential election in 2016, Hillary Clinton says she wants to be the next CEO of Facebook.
It's the biggest news platform in the world.
But how exactly would she run Facebook if given the chance?
During the 2016 presidential campaign, Hillary Clinton campaign staffers were acting as assignment editors for the mainstream media by telling reporters what to cover and what to keep secret from the public.
A batch of Clinton campaign emails released by WikiLeaks revealed that her staffers were directly working with mainstream journalists to develop new stories favorable to Clinton.
The New York Times granted Hillary Clinton veto power over their articles.
Politico's Glenn Thrush asked Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta to approve his story prior to publication.
And another email shows the campaign was given the heads up on a story coming out of the Wall Street Journal so that the campaign would have the opportunity to push back.
Clinton was effectively the editor-in-chief of the mainstream media.
Leanne McAdoo, Infowars.com.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
Crashing through the lies and disinformation, it's Alex Jones, coming to you live from the front lines of the InfoWar.
So, there have been massive demonstrations at 10 Downing Street, again, that's the White House equivalent in London, and at Speaker's Corner, and at the Parliament the last two days.
Colin Robinson, right-hand man of Tommy Robinson, is on the subway, almost back to his house, his flat, so that he can get on the Skype with us.
And then Roger Stone called me today, we talked for about 30 minutes, and he said,
Alex, this is the biggest Mueller news ever I'm going to break on your show.
And so that's coming up.
He said it's confirmed Mueller is planning to frame him.
Not on Russia related stuff, but on other made up things.
And is asking all these personal sexual questions, you name it, of just hundreds of people, going back decades, to absolutely smear the daylights out of him.
And just like they raided Trump's lawyer and then gave the private info about porn stars or whatever to the media, and about Sean Hannity, having phone conversations with him, like that was dirty or bad.
Now you're Russian if you're Sean Hannity and you talk to Trump's lawyer, who's been your friend for many years.
This is the craziness of it.
They have all his text messages, all his emails, going back for a decade, and they're trying to find something.
And they're threatening people.
They find enough of Roger's friends or associates over the years, they'll find somebody's got a problem themselves, so they'll make stuff up on Roger, in hopes that Roger makes stuff up on Trump, and even Politico,
And the Hill both reported that Mueller wants Roger to flip.
Roger just told me, and it's true.
None of it's true.
There's nothing there.
I remember telling Roger, well, if you've got that guy that knows Assange, that DJ,
I know this New York talk show host that knows him good and he's going to go to London in a few months and hopefully we get something.
And I remember Roger going, yeah, no, he won't come on.
Everybody was trying to get Assange on.
The New York Times had him on.
Sean Hannity had him on.
Anderson Cooper had him on around that time.
We're like, why aren't you coming on our shows, Assange?
You want the establishment?
But as soon as they shut his internet off, oh, now he can't talk to anybody.
Now he's persona non grata.
So the idea that we're Russian because we never talked to Assange, and there's no proof he got his info from the Russians, is thousands of degrees of separation, and it's cuckoo land!
But now, more than a dozen people, I've learned, have been questioned by Mueller and his team intensely.
About my relationship with Stone.
And they keep asking about personal stuff.
Like, well, what goes on between them?
And they're like, I don't know anything about it.
I know he goes on the show.
I know he works some of them for us as a contributor.
Until last year.
Until this year, Stone was a contributor at Fox.
They have thousands of people that are on the payroll there.
He was on the payroll at Fox.
Does that mean Fox isn't a Russian agent group?
But it's just crazy to know this.
And so I'll tell the FBI right now, I've not had sex with Roger Stone.
I'm not even kissed him.
Since you want to know.
Yes folks, that's the type of things that are now going on in this country.
It came out in a press report that I won't even name, two weeks ago, that lawyers talking to former people that worked here,
said, I don't know, we don't want employment disputes.
We have the witnesses.
I'm just waiting until this gets down to brass tacks and our counteraction.
We want you to say Jones wants to have sex with you.
And to those folks' credit, they said, well, he never said it, but I telepathically thought it.
And again, I hadn't seen the new Beavis and Butthead series.
Beavis and Butthead came out 25 years ago, but
I had seen the new season they did three years ago.
I was flipping through channels the other night and I saw Beavis and Butthead, the new season, and I watched like three of them with my son.
The girls had already gone to bed.
And I said, is this an old?
This is hilarious.
He was, no, no.
My son said, this came out a few years ago, dad.
Because Beavis and Butthead believe people are telepathically sexually harassing them and they go to court and the judge agrees.
And now I understand.
My life is a literal Beavis and Butthead episode.
Where people telepathically believe I want to have sex with them.
It says in the EEOC complaint.
Jones never made gay advances but I felt like he wanted it.
Oh my god, I mean that is the mo- that's like a science fiction comedy!
That is a literal Beavis and Butthead episode.
Can you guys find it?
I bet it's on YouTube.
Beavis and Butthead sexual harassment, um, sexual harassment episode, new season.
The lawyer's like, we are going to sue the school, we are going to sue the teachers, we are going to sue the principals,
And then finally they go into court and they go, she's looking at me, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, she wants me, she wants me, yeah, yeah, yeah.
The judge goes, that's it, I agree, you are sentenced for harassing Beavis and Butthead.
And then finally they go over to the judge and she goes, good job boys.
And they go, you're harassing us, yeah, yeah, yeah.
And then the show ends.
Because that's where this insanity ends.
Meanwhile, giant child kidnapping rings in Hollywood, in the Vatican, from Boys Town, USA, to Melbourne, Australia, to Vatican City, Italy.
It's all confirmed massive child kidnapping rings and they're using Islam to do it because they've always had sex harems and underage people that's authorized in the Quran to have sex with nine-year-olds if you want.
That's a fact.
And if you are someone that has a tanning salon and you're 23 years old like Tommy Robinson,
And you see little nine-year-old girls being pimped out on the street corner, and you go up and get in fistfights with the Muslims.
He started kicking their butts and saving the little girls.
And then he'd take them back to their poor parents, it was always poor kids, and they'd say, we tried to do something, Tommy, but the police say they'll take our children if we don't let the muzzies have sex with them.
These are quotes.
So Tommy organized the town and they took his business, took his house, the government came and said mortgage fraud, claiming that he didn't make as much as he said on some form, and put him in maximum security for over a year and they almost killed him.
All because he saw little girls from the kebab shop
Next door, being put in cars with men, and crying for mommy.
I see white guys, Christian guys, Muslim guys, a Catholic priest, a Muslim, anybody with a little kid crying, like a pimp with men pulling up, the pimp's putting them in there, I'm gonna beat the hell out of them.
And folks, that's a normal response, and that's why Tommy's a hero, and that's why he's in jail, and they have a national ban on him.
So as soon as Colin Robertson gets back on that
London Underground at his house.
He'll be on with us.
He's very close, I'm told.
We're in the last break.
He may be there now.
We'll see.
Infowars.com, Newswars.com.
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It's not about Donald Trump.
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It's an intelligence operation.
And when you fund us and you spread the articles and the links, you are literally standing up to this network.
But I've learned that's who's at the heart of it.
That's who we're fighting.
And radical Islam fits like a hand in glove.
We're going to break with so much more coming up, ladies and gentlemen.
These are epic times, the day before Memorial Day.
We salute all our veterans.
We have a Memorial Day special running for a couple more days.
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You're listening to The Alex Jones Show.
Resistance to tyrants is obedience to God.
It's Alex Jones.
Kalen Robertson is an amazing camera person.
He has a lot of courage.
He was kicked out of university a few years ago for daring to even critique Islam that they're force-fed then.
It's now confirmed that Europe is being forcibly merged under the EU with Islam.
There's deals made with Saudi Arabia and others.
Saudi Arabia's come out and said, we've been told to build mosques in Europe.
We've been told to do this.
It's what the Catholic Church wants.
It's what the new Pope wants.
They want abortion.
Ireland just legalized abortion.
It'll be a sacrament soon.
Well, Kalen Robertson has been there when this happened to Tommy.
He's been covering the live events as they scaled the gates there at 10 Downing Street.
Almost total news blackout.
Now they're at Speaker's Corner.
He just got back to his place after all of this.
They're in London, and if you just joined us on all those radio and TV stations out there, I think it's better if Kaelin describes to you, just in a snapshot, who Tommy is.
Most people know, now they do.
And then the order that the press, thousands of different comments online taken down, hundreds of mainstream news articles from BBC to Sky Television just deleted the articles and said, we've been given a de-notice.
So again, England is not as free as folks think, certainly not if you are actually someone from there.
So thank you for coming on.
You're at Kaylin Robb on Twitter, and of course also are the main contributor with the work and the great work we see there at TommyRobinsonOnline.com.
So thank you for coming on with us, sir.
Oh, thanks for having me.
And you very accurately described what's been going on in this country in the last few days.
We've seen news articles completely wiped out.
I've spoken to journalists who are really, really keen for information, who have then later said, sorry, we had to pull the whole story.
We can't talk about any of this.
It's very, very, very, very worrying.
There were even journalists, I mean,
There's lots of technicalities about what I can and can't talk about.
I was in the courtroom when all of this happened.
Obviously, there's a reporting restriction.
But, you know, when the judge even said that there's a reporting restriction, they closed the books.
They wouldn't report on it after that.
And it's a very, very, very bizarre situation.
Usually reporting restrictions like this are only placed in very, very extreme cases, very, very high profile cases.
And there's not really any reasoning for them to do this in this particular scenario, other than so that people don't know that they've done something wrong.
Thank God that you guys are reporting it.
Thank God InfoWars is making a deal out of it, and I think Fox News have just spoken about it.
And that information is going to the UK.
Thousands and thousands, tens of thousands of people have been rioting and protesting about this now.
They've all been talking about it in the streets.
And that information is getting to the general public, despite their attempts to stop it.
And so
Hopefully the ball will just keep rolling and more and more people will look to the US to find out information about this.
But in this country, the situation, how it feels, going to pick up a copy of the local newspaper, going to look on any articles, there's a complete blackout.
We can't see anything.
The only people talking about it are people on Twitter.
It's actually very strange.
It's a massive news story and it's completely unreported.
The feeling in this country right now
It's absolutely bizarre.
It's intensified the mistrust in the media.
People are furious.
I actually met with someone today who is from the left, who works for a very left-wing, very well-known media outlet, and they said they've never seen anger like this before.
They said it's actually very, very worrying where this could go.
If something happens to Tommy in prison,
No, I understand.
You weren't able to get back to your house, and so you just got out of the vehicle and are talking to us on the side of the road.
It sounds great.
We totally understand.
Again, we're talking to the main camera person, the main right-hand guy, Tommy Robinson is with us right now.
Kalen Robertson is here with us.
And we're talking about an iron curtain of censorship that's taking place and multiple levels of a total power grab with political correctness where they arrest police chiefs that talk about Muslim rapes in Sweden, where the Stasi has been reactivated and works for Facebook.
You can't make this up to arrest people that criticize Islam.
Twitter and Facebook help.
The government of Pakistan find people that are atheists, they call it blasphemy, and they are executed.
You have to understand, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube, Google, especially Apple, they're already working with the Communist Chinese rounding up the Christians and Buddhists.
They're already working helping the Arab Spring throw gays off buildings.
The West funded that.
The elites are allied with Islam, because there's 1.8 million of them, the West is dying, and the decision hasn't been made to rehabilitate the Muslims and bring them into the West.
I don't care if they got brown skin, a bunch of them.
But their culture is pure, absolute evil, many of them.
The biggest threat to a Muslim is other Muslims, as you know, Kalen.
So get into... I understand this is this iron curtain of tyranny.
He simply reported that they were having, as you know, huge trials on the child kidnapping rings that he had first exposed and been put in prison for.
They give him a sentence for that.
Then he's given 13 months commuted.
He simply goes and covers they're having a trial.
Nothing about the details of the trial.
Just that there is a trial.
That's totally normal under jurisprudence, English common law, Magna Carta, Bill of Rights, Constitution, and your own law.
Everybody knows that.
They take him to jail for that, and then they order everyone not to talk about it, period, and denotice hundreds of publications.
As you said, talking to the members of the press, this is unprecedented, and we have seen thousands hit the streets.
Describe what you've witnessed, the level of awakening here.
This is beyond the old Soviet Union.
Well, this is very, very different.
I've been with Tommy for about a year and a half now.
We've gone to lots of protests.
We've been to universities.
We've been around the UK.
But something very different has happened.
And that's that people are now absolutely furious about this.
There's electricity almost in the air of people who have completely had enough of all of it.
You're right about what you said with
People being terrified and the establishment and our very establishment and our police being terrified about reporting on these grooming gang scandals.
We haven't seen press restrictions on any cases with, you know, people like Rolf Harris and all these big, big, massive, high-profile cases with white pedophiles and things like that.
We have the BBC with helicopters outside their house as soon as there's any accusations.
This is completely unprecedented and people can see straight through it.
And you can feel the tension in the air of this country right now.
You can cut it with a knife.
It's so
It's quite scary, actually, seeing where this could go.
And obviously, if any harm comes to him, I can predict mass violence across the UK.
I can predict towns and cities coming to a standstill.
What's about to happen is a change
In a way we have never seen before in this country.
People, everything is shifting.
There are journalists and there are mainstream people.
I've had met MPs and very, very high profile people contacting and talking to me and saying that they want to go straight out gun blazing and going against this but they'll probably lose everything.
It's torn apart the fabric of the country right now and everything's sort of fractured.
I can't really describe how insane all this is.
I was in an LGBT
Because the general public, whether you're liberal, conservative, black, white, whatever, you're against pedophilia.
Even the average Muslim.
But you've got this strand of Islam that doesn't.
Sex traffic going on.
Blacks being sold in cages in Libya.
All this.
And now we're finding out it's there.
And as you said, they find a dead girl at Jimmy Savelle's place.
It's national news.
It should be.
You've got helicopters at the Royal Palace when they find a dead kid buried in the backyard.
But now, suddenly, there's a total blackout on these grooming gangs because, well, don't we know?
It came out, what, a month ago, before they did a blackout, that it turns out the major police and other social worker leaders were using the Muslims in many of these cases
Don't say which ones, I know you can't.
Even though it's in the news there, you'll be arrested.
Think about that, folks.
Delivering, they have the Muslims like Renfield, somewhat the Muslims off the hook here, are delivering it to the pedo British elites.
Well, they don't.
Yes, exactly.
And they don't quite know what they've done.
I think the people who have instigated this, the people who have orchestrated it, the people who thought it was a good idea to silence him, are so out of touch, they don't quite realise that it's not going to work.
In 2007, at the beginning of the EDL, when Tommy was starting out,
They used to use these very tactics.
They used to silence him, they used to throw him in jail, and no one knew about it.
There wasn't the internet, there wasn't social media, there was no one to cause outrage.
You do a press blackout and nobody knows what's going on.
They do not realize what they have done.
In fact, if they wouldn't have put this press back out, maybe not as many people would have known about this because it's caused such a scandal.
They're so out of touch, they don't realize how this is going to erupt and how this is going to completely fail.
This is, it's unprecedented.
So it's fair to say, I think you can mark this point as the beginning of the real explosion, the pushback against what's happening.
They've jumped the metaphorical shark here by folks know that these massive grooming scandals are happening in every city, they know Muslims and pedos are above the law, and folks are angry across the board.
Oh yes, of course they do.
I mean, a lot of people in this country, millions of people have known this is going on for ages.
This is why we had Brexit.
This is why in America you had Trump.
We knew that the establishment was covering up cases since Hillsborough and since before then.
It's been proven.
Kalen Robertson, you're a hero as well with Tommy the Antifa attacking you guys.
Stay there.
Back in two minutes, we're going to do a few more segments with you.
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This is a human!
This is what we look like!
This is what we act like!
This is what everybody was like before us!
This is what I am!
I'm a throwback!
I'm here!
I've got the fire of human liberty!
I'm setting fires everywhere!
And humans are turning on everywhere!
And we're gonna get our metaphysical hands around your stinking necks!
Make no mistake, parasites!
Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order.
It's Alex Jones!
It is very surreal when I got married last year without even asking.
Donald Trump got my wife's number and called her.
But let me tell you.
It's surreal when you come up with things like Hillary for prison, lock her up, see that slogan.
It's surreal to see our successes because of you, the audience, taking action.
It's all you.
I get the treat of having George Soros and Hillary come after me.
But quite frankly, that is a treat because it means I'm doing something.
I'm a man.
I don't like to go through these tribulations, but it's got to be done.
I look at Tommy Robinson.
It's Tommy that first exposed it.
Tommy that went to prison twice for it.
Tommy that didn't even break their fake rule and now saying no one can report on him disappearing.
That is like, that is beyond the stuff we hear about in old Russia.
Short segment here, another segment coming up than Roger Stone, but Kaelin, Robertson, I'm not kissing your butt here, it's true.
Will you guys get attacked by Antifa?
When the police stand down, the things you do for free speech worldwide, the examples you and Judy Brown, or is it Julie Brown?
I don't have a teleprompter.
What you guys are doing is historic.
Thank you so much.
It's really kind to hear, you know, things like that.
I mean, there are people who go to war and, you know, who join the military and have their limbs blown off and things like that.
And I find that far more incredible than anything that we would be doing, you know, in terms of fear and things like that.
And I don't see how more people aren't doing it.
This is what I find really interesting.
I don't see how more people wouldn't risk a cushy job or something like that to go out and speak out against this and to go and join this.
Let me say something on that.
They've got studies in Europe, UK and here.
And I'm not taking away with Memorial Day coming up to charging a machine gun nest and dying, but you're trained, you're in a group, it's a mission, you're empowered.
When you're going against the media, the establishment and all of it, and social constructs, saying no they found in studies is harder than charging machine gun nests.
It's rarer than that when the whole social structure is against you.
When the social structure says charge the machine gun nest, then get people to do it.
You see what I'm saying?
Well, slightly.
There's lots of cars, there's lots of things going on.
I can't really hear what you're saying, but sort of.
I think you're talking about... Moral courage sometimes is harder than physical courage.
Yes, it's very, very true.
I think this whole thing is just basically a representation about a massive gap between people who have had things far too well for far too long and people who have basically been running the country, the working people of this country, people like Tommy.
And this huge, huge gap of representation between them is what caused such a major resentment and what caused such a relaxed mentality that sort of allowed all of this to happen.
So it's quite hard to hear you because of all this chaos.
You're doing a great job.
Keep going.
Yeah, well, this is what we're talking about.
I got to know Tommy very well.
I came from the left.
I came from a very high-paying job.
My partner was in the BBC and we moved from that after we met Tommy and went for lunch and became really good friends with him.
He told us about the EDL.
He told us about the police corruption.
He told us about every single time, systematically, that the police arrested him, raided his house with his wife and children, tried to scare him, intimidate him, tried to throw him under the bus and tried to silence him.
And we said, and this is very interesting, we said that this would never happen again in the day of the internet.
This would never ever happen again when information could be freely shared and people would be able to galvanise.
And that's what's so terrifying about this case.
It's because they've done it again and they've almost succeeded because they've managed to create a media blackout.
And what's scary about this right now is that most of the people that I've been talking to, the feeling in the country, the people who know about this case,
And doesn't the establishment get that when you grab somebody who's a hero and then won't even let people know if he's in jail or prison when he is, that that is the essence of secret police and confirms the 1984 Orwellville has now finally come to London?
Oh yes, of course.
Oh, I absolutely believe this is the last time this will ever happen again.
There's no way that they can get away with this again.
I agree.
Listen, Kalen, stay there.
You're a hero, all you guys are.
I'm going to talk about what you think is coming next from the street in London, then Roger Stone with the biggest Mueller Russiagate news yet.
Wait till you hear this.
After losing the presidential election in 2016, Hillary Clinton says she wants to be the next CEO of Facebook.
It's the biggest news platform in the world.
But how exactly would she run Facebook if given the chance?
During the 2016 presidential campaign, Hillary Clinton campaign staffers were acting as assignment editors for the mainstream media by telling reporters what to cover and what to keep secret from the public.
A batch of Clinton campaign emails released by WikiLeaks revealed that her staffers were directly working with mainstream journalists to develop news stories favorable to Clinton.
The New York Times granted Hillary Clinton veto power over their articles.
Politico's Glenn Thrush asked Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta to approve his story prior to publication.
And another email shows the campaign was given the heads up on a story coming out of the Wall Street Journal so that the campaign would have the opportunity to push back.
Clinton was effectively the editor-in-chief of the mainstream media.
Leanne McAdoo, InfoWars.com.
Big Brother, mainstream media, government cover-ups.
You want to stop tyranny?
Well, so does he.
Live from the Infowars.com studios, it's Alex Jones.
We're talking to Kalen Robertson, an amazing filmmaker, journalist, researcher,
Who was kicked out of college, even though he was a very successful journalist, for just being mildly critical of Islam.
He's been working with Tommy Robinson for over a year and a half.
I've had him on many times.
He is on the street in London after huge protests all over the city.
Almost total news blackout.
An order to not cover that he's in prison.
The average Brits are everywhere.
He says even liberals, you name it, who just joined us, are saying, where's Tommy?
Is he really in prison?
Because the media won't report.
He is in prison.
He's talked to him in prison.
He can talk about that, but not why he's in prison.
But I'm in the U.S., I can tell you.
Fox News talked to the lawyer.
Talked to others on condition of anonymity.
And they admit in the Fox News article on Infowars.com, we've got even more backstory, but Fox is confirming this.
That they've told thousands of journalist groups you'll be put in jail too if you talk about Tommy being arrested, period.
Now that has finally gotten people to click out of where they're at.
Tommy Robinson, the activist that first exposed the giant child kidnapping rings with the Muslims, who was put in prison for it.
It's now all over the news, they're confirmed, but they've now put him in jail for it.
This is unbelievable.
So, Kalen Robertson, you're on fire.
In the eight minutes we have, lay out what you can say about Tommy.
You're his contact, what he's saying, how he's doing, what you witnessed, where this is going, the huge awakening you've witnessed.
Okay, well, we obviously arrived in Leeds to cover a grooming scandal of 29 men who had groomed hundreds of women.
There was no evidence of any reporting restriction on it.
We read out simply facts from a reputable, credible newspaper.
We read out the allegations.
We used the word alleged.
There was nothing unlawful at all.
We had done all the research beforehand.
All of it.
It wasn't a content of court thing.
We weren't releasing information about the case that could jeopardise it or that wasn't already publicly available in the local newspaper.
So we just decided to go out there and read out those charges and video the people who were, the defendants who were going in.
Those people have already had videos taken of them and already had pictures taken of them.
So we weren't releasing anything new.
The police immediately arrived.
Nine of them.
Walked outside a car, arrested him, took him to a prison, told us that it was for breach of the peace.
Very strange, given that it's one man with a phone.
We went to the prison cell where he was being kept at.
They said, he's been released.
He's not here anymore.
And then we found out that he's been taken to the court.
And then the court process started.
And for tyrannical law reasons, I can't tell you what happened in that courtroom.
It was
I don't know if this is legal or not, but it was minutes long.
It was three or four minutes long in that courtroom.
There was no bail.
There was no back and forth argument.
There was no proper defense.
It was minutes.
And then it was taken away.
Straight to prison.
No chance of bail.
No chance of leaving.
That's it.
That's it.
And then the press couldn't talk about it.
The journalists who were in that room, close their notepads as soon as they realized there was a press restriction.
And they went home and they didn't talk about it.
And that was it.
And they thought it was silence.
And that's where we're at now.
And now we're in a situation where hundreds of thousands of people in this country are going out and protesting, and they're furious.
And people who I never expected to be talking to, who are from the left-wing media, are saying that they've never seen anything like this before.
They've never seen anger like this before.
They're worried about the whole country being burned down.
And people have to go to the US, who fortunately have the First Amendment.
To read the information about this.
They have to go to InfoWars.
They have to go to WhatToDo.
And they're losing their minds.
Everybody is losing their minds.
They can't comprehend that this is happening in a first world democratic country.
And that's all I can report on.
I can't talk about the rest of the case.
There's lots of things that happened in there that were ridiculous.
But I can't reveal the information right now.
So as soon as I do, as soon as I hear any more contact from Tommy, anything like that, I'll pass it through InfoWars and we'll keep everything updated.
But until then, the only thing I can provide between then and now is that he is safe.
All accusations of him being assaulted are untrue.
It's not a highly Islamified prison where he's staying, so he's safe.
That's all I can talk about.
Well, all I can say is, Kalen Robertson, this is like a movie.
This is like V for Vendetta, but it's real history.
It has a Tienanmen Square feeling, where they're arresting all these thousands of people in Europe that criticize Islam, that the Supreme Courts in Finland and other areas are ruling that Muslim men can have sex with 10-year-old girls against their will.
I mean, I'm reading this in mainline papers defending it,
And then I'm seeing Tommy, who should be getting national awards from the Queen, you know, for being put in prison, exposing the very Muslim grooming deal in his town, where they've gone to prison.
And of course, the next level was, girls would disappear.
Girls would die.
And instead, I mean, this guy gets attacked everywhere.
They try to beat him up.
He fights off like six, seven people himself.
He's not even a big guy.
Talk about a lion.
I mean, this is the real deal.
And now,
His own lawyer, I know, is quoted in Fox.
You were in the courtroom.
Can't get into it.
Reportedly, the judge smiled and smirked.
He was caught on footage outside looking out the window as Tommy was arrested, smirking.
I know you can't get into this, but can you just tell us if the judge was smirking when Tommy's lawyer said he'll be killed in prison?
The judge did two things.
When we were reporting outside he, I can talk about this actually, he looked through the window of the top building and was staring down at us and he was sort of smearing and I think that's when he was smirking.
I don't think that happened in the courtroom but he was smirking and looking through the window.
I saw that on Twitter, I was trying to find it earlier.
I saw that happening.
And you know what else I can say?
I haven't mentioned this.
About five minutes before the judge looked through that window at us, the defendant, the rape gangs, were doing this and pointing at us and doing death threats to us on the street from the same window that the judge was looking at us through five minutes before.
We haven't reported this yet.
And they were making death threats at us.
And we reported it to the police right as it happened.
We said, there are people in that room, in this courtroom, who are making death threats at us and doing these sort of signals.
And what are you going to do about it?
If we did that, what would you do?
And the police responded, well, that would be a different situation.
100% true.
I think there's actually a video clip of it.
I need to go through all this.
And then the judge looked through that same video.
There's the picture.
Yeah, I blew it up on my big HD screen at my office.
I've got a big HD screen at home, and he's smiling like the Joker looking down out of the window at everybody.
I don't know if the internet with his streaming, if it can be clear, but on an HD screen, you can pull it up with the pixels.
And then I saw the video you're talking about outside them saying, oh, if it wasn't Muslims, you'd be left alone.
I mean, why are the Islamists all over Europe so protected?
Isn't it because they vote as a bloc?
And in parliamentary government, even 10% can win any election for anybody.
Isn't it that?
And isn't it also that they're spending massive amounts of political money?
Well, there's a couple of reasons.
I think the main reason is because we had a case a couple of years ago where there was a Muslim protest in a town.
A couple of them decided to... Sorry, I have to move on.
People are moving.
Someone's moving me on here.
We had to move... Sorry, I have to move down here because someone's banging on and making noise.
There was a Muslim man who was arrested for hitting a police officer over the head with a brick.
Then went to the police station where he was being held.
The imam came to that police station and said, if you do not release our man, then we will have thousands of Muslim men out here in seconds.
And the police released him.
And what the problem is, is that the Muslim population of this country are far more ready to riot and to cause mayhem and to cause massive disruption.
And they have the support of the media.
And they have the support of the politicians and whatever they do basically controls the narrative and controls the actions of the police.
So they're absolutely terrified of saying anything wrong or doing anything wrong to them.
We've seen it as evidence.
We've seen it ourselves.
I've had ex and current police officers tell me in this country, even recently, privately, that they know this is happening.
Can't release their information.
And that's why they're terrified of doing any wrongdo to the Muslim population.
And that's why we don't see press restrictions on the other side.
We don't see press restrictions for someone like Rolf Harris, even though these people got found guilty and things like that.
But in the pre-trials, we didn't see any press restrictions like that.
And that's why they're so much more protected than Tommy.
Because the police know that the government, the politicians,
And the Muslims are 1.8 billion, about to be 3 billion in 10 years.
They are the future, and so they are the new god, and they will riot, and they will kill, and they will attack, and the Brits are all polite and nice.
Yes sir, yes sir, yes sir.
But finally we see that fire waking up, what we saw yesterday.
Caelan, do you agree?
Oh, it's shocking.
The people who have told me how this country is feeling right now is absolutely insane.
People are completely... Taylor Roberts should stay there.
I'll do one more minute, then Roger Stone, because I want to tell people how they can donate when we come back.
Infowars.com, TommyRobinsonOnline.com.
Donate there.
We'll be right back.
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It's gonna get more Twilight Zone from here.
Americanism, not globalism, will be our credo!
We're saying, if you're out there and you're trying to represent your First Amendment right to free speech, if somebody comes and attacks you, it's your right to defend yourself.
It got ugly.
Violence erupting at the event.
Fight broke out.
Fists flying between Trump supporters and anti-Trump supporters.
Yeah, I want to warn the folks watching at home, you're about to see some very violent footage.
You say he's not your president?
Then you shouldn't be here!
No focus!
Bring us together!
You got that?
This is the heart of 1776!
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You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
Waging war on corruption.
It's Alex Jones, coming to you live from the front lines of the InfoWar.
All right, finishing up with Kalen Robertson, who's more than just the camera person and editor.
He's the webmaster guy.
He's the guy behind so much of getting Tommy out there.
The last year and a half, as you've seen Tommy explode, now that he has the infrastructure.
That's why I sent him 20 grand to buy cameras and better editing equipment, just so they could, you know, do better when Antifa was smashing their equipment.
Just finishing up
Kalen, you were on fire during that break talking about the singularity happening in the UK, in Italy, what's coming next, and you're the contact.
Your conversations with Tommy, where he is, how he's doing.
So, firstly, about Tommy directly, just to clear that up.
We do have direct contact with him.
He is safe.
All the rumours about him being assaulted and things like that are not true.
He's actually, fortunately, in a prison that isn't highly Islamic, that has lots of people in it that fortunately support him.
So that's something that can be put to rest.
That's really good.
If anything else happens, obviously, we'll release that straight away.
And then the second point, which you're talking about,
There is a massive, massive number of people in this country right now who are from the political establishment, who have been within that for years, who are within the media, and who are very, very well known and influential, who are waiting for
To be pulled together.
To fight against all of this.
They're all waiting.
I've spoken to them today.
I've spoken to them all throughout.
They're waiting for a nucleus.
I've had some of the top figures over there call me and say, how do we bring it together?
So they're looking for that TV network, that command base.
Keep going.
They're looking for King Arthur to pull the sword from the stone, and then they're all going to join and galvanize.
They're waiting for that first person, that first thing, that first event so that they can all rise up and do it.
Unfortunately in Britain, everyone's a little bit complacent, everyone's a little bit to the side, so no one really wants to do it.
I don't think it's that.
I mean, I think more of it, I mean, you live there, you know better than I, but I've been there many times.
I think it's more of not trying to be arrogant or grandstanding, but I think even though organizationally the stone hasn't been pulled, the sword hasn't been pulled, don't you think, Tommy, with this event, them coming after him this way has pulled the stone, pulled the sword?
Just about.
It's about 90% of the way out.
Something else is about to happen.
The energy, the electricity across Europe, across the establishment, across the media, it's just about to happen.
It's just on the cusp.
Of everybody coming out onto the streets and everybody coming together and supporting this.
There's just something we'll push it over and I think it's just a little bit more time.
The reason we're waiting is because there's a press ban and nobody can really confirm if this is true or not unless they're watching InfoWars and Pogs.
Or they're watching the biggest website, second biggest site in the world but technically the biggest site.
The largest news site in the world now has as his top banner, anti-immigration protester jailed in London.
Judge orders press blackout.
Robinson silenced.
But we have Robert's son on with us right now.
Kalen, we'll talk to you again in the next few days.
Everybody can go to TommyRobinsonOnline.com to donate or to find the latest or InfoWars.com.
Thank you so much, sir.
Thanks for having me.
Speak soon.
Just briefly, I have to ask this question.
People want to know.
It keeps pouring in.
What else is Tommy telling you that you can say on air?
I know there's this totalitarian North Korean blackout, but what else has he said to you?
We have seconds on the phone, so I'll know more stuff in the next couple of days, but the main information now is just that he's safe and that he's happy for us to pursue a legal battle.
Does he know how big all this is?
He has no idea.
But there's no time to tell him.
We have seconds on the phone.
There's no time to tell him.
He has no idea what's going on right now in the outside world.
He has no idea.
That's right.
I remember when you go into UK prison, you don't get to talk to family for eight days, and that you're only allowed 30-second phone calls.
I actually went to look at Wikipedia.
Is that accurate?
Well, it depends on the prison.
Some of them are very cushy.
Some of them you're allowed phones and internet.
But this one isn't, obviously.
So he won't have access.
Kaelin, thank you so much.
Speak soon.
I mean, I am totally blown away.
And thank God Drudge Report cares about this.
Thank God Fox News at least has an article or two.
Thank God Infowars.com is there.
Go to DrudgeReport.com.
That is beautiful.
Top drudge right now, ladies and gentlemen, is what's happening.
And there's a news blackout.
You're arrested.
That poor guy.
Live feeds up on Infowars.com, Newswars.com.
Newswars.com, you're able to actually tweet that.
They're blocking InfoWars.
You can tweet it, but they shadow ban it.
Roger Stone, I'm gonna let Roger... He didn't know this was happening, but it's about to happen.
Roger Stone is going to host the rest of the show now.
Not because I don't want to be here, but because I won't shut up if I don't leave.
I talked to Roger 10 minutes this morning, 30 minutes this afternoon, 20 minutes driving.
I probably talked to Roger an hour today.
And I really think it's best
If I just stop the broadcast myself, stop right now, and let Roger take over on the other side for two segments, then I'll be back tomorrow at 11 a.m.
We'll have live feeds all of it as well.
We had a rebroadcast set tomorrow, but I'll probably end up doing some of it live.
The history's happening.
Because here's the problem.
Some of it's on record, some of it's off record.
I was writing notes while he did it, but I don't want to get it wrong.
I know a lot of inside baseball.
I know the stuff they're doing to me.
It's now 12 people that Rogers talked to that they keep obsessing on yours truly.
It's all about his personal life.
They want him to flip.
They even sent messages in the media, flip, flip on the president.
There's nothing to flip on.
So they'll try to find somebody in his entourage that they can find something on to say, we're going to put you in prison if you don't flip on Stone.
That if Stone doesn't flip on Trump, that will happen.
But the problem is that there's nothing on Trump.
None of it's true.
And I know the whole inside baseball.
It's not that I'm scared of Mueller.
I just have talked so much to Roger, and I have these notes here.
But I'm not even sure that I can go over these accurately.
So I'm going to give him the floor in the next two segments.
Know this, though.
Pedophiles run the New World Order.
It's all coming out.
Massive, unprecedented arrests.
The Deputy Pope's been arrested.
A secret trial in Melbourne, Australia.
Over 100 trafficked kids, reportedly.
Giant child kidnapping rings.
Dead bodies being dug up all over England.
It's massive news.
Now, secret trials.
Arrest of journalists that first reported it.
It's secret that they've been arrested.
This is happening.
And I've been threatened.
This year, and last year, you leave Islam, radical Islam alone, you leave the pedophile rings alone, you leave George Soros alone, and we're going to destroy you.
And every time they up the ante, they are delivering on what they said.
I will do this until I die.
Not because I'm a hero, but because I cannot turn things over to these people.
But I want listeners to understand something.
This is not a game, this is not a joke, this is not a drill.
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Straight ahead, the biggest news yet in the Mueller investigation as they attempt to make Roger Stone lie about Trump.
As they let him know the frame-up is ready.
Stay with us.
Alex Jones here with an extremely exciting announcement.
We are launching our biggest recruitment and hiring operation ever in our 23-year history as we prepare to go 24 hours a day live on TV and radio from the InfoWars News Center here in Austin, Texas.
We're looking for video editors, live show producers, people that can run live TV and radio, investigative journalists.
We're looking for reporters out in the field who can stay where you are currently yet.
We're looking to hire around 15 people, maybe even more, as we take the information war to the next level in the face of the globalists.
So please,
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We are not victims.
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Again, InfoWars.com forward slash contest to find all the rules.
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You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
Discover trends and global developments years before they happen, right here on the Alex Jones Show.
And now your host, Roger Stone.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
That's right.
I'm Roger Stone.
Well, it has become abundantly clear that having come up completely empty handed when it comes to Russian collusion on my part,
Having no evidence whatsoever that I received or trafficked in documents with WikiLeaks or Julian Assange, having no evidence that I ridiculously knew about the publication of John Podesta's emails in advance, it is now abundantly clear that Special Counsel Robert Mueller intends to frame me on some conjured-up, concocted offense
In an effort to leverage my testimony against the President of the United States.
Politico reported this week that that was the intention of the Mueller thrust.
Now, at least 12 of my current or former associates have been vigorously interrogated by Mueller or his FBI representatives.
And those questions are extraordinarily invasive in that they go far beyond politics into my personal finances.
You'll notice that that story was leaked to CNN by the special counsel.
My taxes, presumably my bank accounts, my political activities and every single molecule of my personal life.
This is, by any definition, a vendetta.
This is a witch hunt, but it has a specific purpose beyond silencing and bankrupting the Stone family.
They want me to rule on the big man.
They want me to bear false witness against President Donald J. Trump.
Now, I don't know what Michael Cohn will choose to do.
But I know what I will do.
That will never happen.
I have this president's back.
I will not betray him no matter what kind of bogus charges they trump up, pardon the expression, against me.
That's because Donald Trump is bringing real change and he's doing it quickly.
On the other hand,
I understand the extraordinary power of a runaway federal prosecutor who literally can go through your personal and business and financial records and make two and two equal six.
This is called the frame up.
Alan Dershowitz has written that the average American inadvertently commits three felonies a day.
I know that there's an intense focus on my independent political activities because I had a hand in the production of the terrific movie Banished, the Danny Williams story, using modern technology to ensure that 38,000 American voters saw that devastating documentary.
Also, the song, the ballad of Danny Williams by the Freenauts.
You can see both of these at YouTube.
Yes, I raised hundreds of thousands of dollars to ensure that literally millions of voters saw those important videos.
And then there was the steal operation, where we took steps to examine the election of non-Trump candidates in a half-dozen states where the Republican establishment was stealing in preparation for an attempt at the Republican National Convention to hijack the nomination.
Even though Donald Trump had run the tables in caucuses and primaries and state conventions, the appointees to the all-important Credentials and Rules Committee made the possibility of a 1952-style hijacking of the nomination entirely possible.
So yes, I raised money to prepare for that.
And then many of you remember that we planned to execute exit polling
In order to compare those results with the machine results in certain key precincts in certain key states.
As soon as I announced this, five different Democratic state committees plus the Democratic National Committee sued us claiming that we were trying to intimidate voters.
We won those lawsuits, every single one of them, and we were upheld in the U.S.
Supreme Court because you can't intimidate a voter by asking them voluntarily how they voted after they have cast their ballot.
So my political activities are clean, they're above board, they're legal, and I think they made a real difference.
But they can be mischaracterized, as can any niche of your political or financial being.
Of this, I am certain there is a goal.
I recognize by going on Twitter or Facebook the absolute torrent of hate that is kicked up by the fake news media.
So, for example, when the Wall Street Journal said that I was digging dirt on Hillary,
In September of 2016.
I'm sorry.
I don't think trying to find out the truth about the coup in Libya and the murder of Muammar Gaddafi constitutes digging dirt.
It's a perfectly legitimate political research and journalistic endeavor.
So this time frame is immaterial.
It does, however, miss the focus of the Wall Street Journal that the entire story reinforces what I have said.
It proves that my testimony before the House Intelligence Committee was entirely truthful.
That I had no direct contact, never spoke with, never met with, never received anything from WikiLeaks or Julian Assange.
We did demonstrate that in this story, but that wasn't the lead.
The lead was a purposely misleading claim that there was something improper within a request to my back channel, Randy Credico.
Now Credico goes on MSNBC to deny that he's the back channel, yet the email in the Wall Street Journal article proves that it is.
Mr. Credico is an extraordinarily adept liar.
In fact, David Lugo, who has appeared on this program, confirmed for the Wall Street Journal that Credico admitted that he was the back channel that confirmed that Assange would drop the payload in October.
And that he was on a movie set in which I said it, in which he dispassionately watched my performance and said nothing.
Six members of his crew confirmed that.
Now, when I showed up for my filming of Sensational, a great movie that David Lugo is producing and which Alex Jones also stars, I believe I was most professional and I gave a succinct and tight performance.
Credico showed up for his interview, drunk, high, unbathed, unable to deliver his lines, literally his pants were falling down, and according to Lugo, he was wearing blue women's underwear.
Hey, whatever floats your boat, Randy.
And now, Credico's been caught in a stunning lie that involves WikiLeaks, the neocon warmonger Adam Schiff,
And MSNBC's Ari Melbourne and his show, The Beat-Off.
We'll be right back to talk about it.
In the meantime, recognize that the Mueller takedown of me, which is most definitely in the planning stages, the massive lawsuits against me by the DNC and by employees of the Democratic National Committee sponsored by an Obama group,
The Sandy Hook lawsuit against Alex Jones and all the other phony, frivolous harassment lawsuits have one goal.
Our bankruptcy.
So we have no funds to fight to stay on the internet.
Here's what you can do.
Go to StoneDefenseFund.com.
My wife and I need your help.
This is going to be an epic, expensive battle, but I'm not rolling on Donald Trump and I need your help for the fight.
And then go to the InfoWars.com site and find the donate button because Alex Jones and the entire InfoWars crew need your help to fight back their frivolous harassment lawsuits.
You can help in both ways, folks.
There you see the donation page?
Send $25, $50, $100.
God will bless you for it.
I'll be right back.
It's fun.
It's fun.
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If you needed more proof that Amazon's Alexa device is nothing more than glorified spy tech, a family in Portland, Oregon claims the device allegedly recorded their private conversations and then sent the audio files to a random person in the family's contact list.
When they received a phone call from one of the husband's employees saying, Unplug your Alexa devices right now!
You're being hacked!
The family thought it was a joke, until the employee was able to recount details of their private conversation.
The employee told them that he received audio files of recordings from inside the house.
The family's entire house was connected to Amazon devices that controlled the heat, lights, and security system.
Danielle, who has understandably asked the local news station to keep her last name anonymous at this point, said at first she and her husband thought it was a joke.
After listening to the recorded files for herself, Danielle admitted feeling invaded, saying, I'm never plugging that device in again because I can't trust it.
Leanne McAdoo, InfoWars.com.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
It's the Alex Jones Show.
And now, your host, Roger Stone.
Welcome back.
Well, you heard it here first.
Special Counsel Robert Mueller coming up empty-handed on any evidence of Russian collusion or WikiLeaks hijinks.
Will now seek to frame me by concocting some extraneous charge that has to do with my personal, financial, or political activity.
They're looking into my book sales.
They're asking questions about my personal life, about members of my family.
There is no question whatsoever at this point that my text messages, my phone calls, and my emails
are completely and totally monitored.
Everything I need to know for the combat ahead is delineated in this tome.
And now you can get your copy by going to the InfoWars.com site where there's a very special price.
As I said on Friday, anyone who buys this book on the InfoWars store site and pays to send it to me, I will be happy to sign it and pay for the return postage personally.
That's how strongly I feel about this great book.
This is my roadmap of battle.
This is what I will be consulting every day in the fight against Mueller and his gumshoes and his running dogs.
This is going to be an epic battle because, folks, they want me to testify against the president.
They want me to help them bring him down.
Now I've known Donald Trump for 30 years and I've been very discreet about my relationship with him and I always will be.
I don't know what Michael Cohen will choose to do.
I don't know what Michael Cohen has done.
I don't know what they have on him, but I do know that they are pressuring him to testify against the president.
He can go his own way.
I will never betray Donald J. Trump.
Even though I know that they will pile on bogus charge after charge in an attempt to do so.
To make me do so.
Which is why I ask you again to consider a generous contribution to StoneDefenseFund.com.
Very soon we're going to unleash the
InfoWars Legal Defense Fund.
We have no choice.
They're coming at Alex Jones and InfoWars just as hard as they're coming at me.
Federal investigators have interrogated now at least 12 of my associates about my relationship with InfoWars and Jones, wanting to know how often we speak by phone, whether we speak via WhatsApp or Signal, whether I write Jones's material.
That's ridiculous.
Nobody writes Jones's material.
But these are the kind of questions that lead me to believe
That the shutdown of InfoWars is in their agenda.
They want to silence me.
Because I talk about Robert Mueller's role in Uranium One and the fact that he's the one who brought... ...know that I have been in the forefront of those questioning his role in the Anthrax murders.
Because I have questioned his role in the Whitey Bulger scandal.
So I am a critic of Mr. Mueller, and they want to silence me, whether it is his role in 9-1-1, or whether it is, pardon me, 9-11, or whether it is the illegitimate politically-based inquisition that he is currently conducting.
Robert Mueller may think that he is Thomas Beckett and that the president is the king, King Richard II, I believe.
But in fact, Robert Mueller is Torque Mada, and this is an inquisition in which there are no rules.
In which your personal life, your family life, your business life, your political activities, your free speech, your expressions of free speech are all under attack, all under a microscope.
Poking, poking, probing, searching for anything that could be mischaracterized in a false light to frame me.
Again, I have no intention of rolling on this president.
Lesser men may do so if they wish, but I will choose, no matter what the shape of the frame-up is, to fight.
But I cannot do it alone.
Now, in recent days, there has been an interesting development where my back channel, proven now without dispute to be Randy Credico, an out-of-work radio personality in New York,
Claims that he was authorized by Julian Assange to broker a interview with Adam Schiff and Democratic House investigators.
I don't believe that to be the case, but then I think Adam Schiff showed his hand when he said that the only circumstances under which he would be interested in questioning Mr. Assange
As if Julian Assange was in custody.
In view of the fact that there are no known federal charges pending against Mr. Assange, this is either the signaling that Schiff knows that there's a secret sealed indictment against Assange, or it is further proof that Assange never approved this approach of Schiff
Folks, if you like this elementary truth, if you like the fact that we're going to fight back and we're not going to stand for efforts to
Take down this president.
And let me say at the outset, I am not John Dean.
I refuse to be John Dean.
Well, then we need your help at the InfoWars.com site.
And we need it now.
I say this because InfoWars faces the greatest challenge in its history.
Make no mistake about it.
We have some terrific Memorial Day specials where you can get Brain Force Plus, for example.
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And later that evening, you can sleep 50% off a terrific price on Brain Force Plus.
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And while you're there, stop by the donation site, send us $50 or $25 or $100, send a matching contribution to StoneDefenseFund.com,
We have one heck of a battle ahead of us.
Alex Jones will never fold.
Roger Stone will never fold.
But we are in for Armageddon.
This will be the battle of all time.
The mainstream media is intent on smearing me.
There even MSNBC has actually located an old girlfriend who will make false charges against me.
This is becoming a bloodbath of lies by the mainstream media.
Uh, Atlantic has a story today about the timeline.
The timeline doesn't matter.
The timeline shows I asked a legitimate question about the Libyan coup in September.
That's nothing wrong with that.
And it proves that Credico was my back channel.
So there you have it, folks.
Even when news breaks that exonerates us, The Wall Street Journal, The Atlantic, the other lefty fake news organizations twist it to try to make it something it is not.
I'm going to join Alex Jones tomorrow on the Alex Jones Show to bring you the very latest update on this.
But you have to understand what it is like to know that the federal government is in your email, in your text messages, in your phone calls, and that it is a political vendetta.
I folks have broken no laws and done nothing wrong.
But I will be targeted in an effort to trump up charges against me to get me to turn on Donald Trump.
Not happening.
Stay tuned for the latest information on this struggle.
Thank you so much for those who have donated at StoneDefenseFund.com and thanks to those who will donate now.
God bless you.
Western Europe has already banned free speech, and an iron curtain of censorship is descending down over the UK.
They're set to pass rules, not a law, that if you criticize Islam or gays, you'll get six months in prison.
CNN and many others are calling for Infowars to be shut down, taken off the web.
Slate Magazine has a professor and others saying,
Go beyond censorship.
Brainwash young people against InfoWars.
Psychologically inoculate them with lies so they don't actually hear what we have to say.
We are the most hated news source in the world by globalists.
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