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Name: 20180522_Tue_Alex
Air Date: May 22, 2018
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Alex Jones discusses topics such as purchasing products from InfowarsStore.com to fund the revolution against globalists, healthcare reform, A.I., censorship in media, vaccines, and disease outbreaks among vaccinated individuals. He also promotes various products related to outdoor adventure, thyroid support supplements, Super Blue Silver Immune Gargle, child pornography control by government and UN, Elite plans revealed in books written by Nick Begich, globalist control grid and admitted science, mind control through electromagnetic carrier systems and surveillance used for real-time behavioral influence. He criticizes mainstream media's suppression of free speech while urging listeners to sign up for Infowars newsletter despite censorship attempts. The interview with Dr Nick Begich touches upon self-empowerment, truth-telling, future of humanity, and InfoWars products supporting the fight against globalists and their satanic pedophile armies. Recent polling data shows Republicans leading Democrats in upcoming midterm elections; CNN's ratings have dropped due to credibility issues while MSNBC does better despite similar leanings. InfoWars offers 50% off toothpaste, mouthwash, and goggles with free shipping at InfowarsStore.com using natural ingredients without fluoride. European issues discussed include rising Sweden Democrats in upcoming elections, sexual assault rates tied to migration influx, Swedish authorities arresting journalists for publishing critical comments about mass immigration, and UK focusing on online hate crime instead of knife crime despite increase in stabbings. The show urges listeners to sign up for Infowars newsletter at InfoWars.com/newsletter and explore various products available including MycoZX Plus and The Real Red Pill while reminding them they're tuned into the Alex Jones Show.

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You are listening to an InfoWars.com Frontline Report.
It's Alex Jones.
Ladies and gentlemen, it can officially be announced.
President Trump and the return of the Republic is turning the tide, and now you can officially say, is defeated.
The Clinton-Obama globalist moles inside the DOJ and other sectors of the government.
We have a critical live feed on the front page of InfoWars.com and I'm asking all listeners to tweet and Facebook and email everyone you know so that folks who are not aware of the show or not aware of what's happening will get this vital information.
The live Facebook
Twitter and YouTube feeds of the show, as well as our feed, are posted in the article.
Be sure and hit refresh.
And David Knight's earlier coverage, that was live, is now archived, is also there.
Watch live.
Trump winning war against Obama-Clinton infiltrators inside DOJ.
Deep State panics as Trump prepares to drain the swamp.
He had to turn the economy back on.
Had to get some key judges in.
Had to try to secure the border.
Moving towards a peace deal with North Korea, and then now he can move against the swamp in the middle of year two as he pledged to do.
He said, give me a year, maybe two.
I think you'll be impressed.
And that's exactly what he's done.
That said, we have got a lot of other really, really serious news we're going to be breaking down today that ties into that.
We have identified another mole inside of the White House, not just inside the campaign, not just inside the President-elect's operation.
There is just so much to get to today that it makes my head spin and we're going to be presenting that information coming up.
But we also have other individuals who worked on the campaign like Caputo, Michael Caputo, also
Saying that there were other moles, but that he is not allowed to get into it because of his lawyers.
But we separately are going to name a mole that we know was feeding information to the media and to the Clintons and to George Soros.
So that is coming up, ladies and gentlemen, in the second segment of the broadcast when we come back after this quick break.
Also, China is becoming very belligerent in the South China Sea.
Now they say they're going to begin patrolling Taiwanese airspace.
That means Chinese fighter jets are going to be flying over the military of Taiwan and their defense forces, basically in a prelude to physically taking it over.
This is unbelievable.
They've also said they may physically take the Philippines.
It's World War II in the Pacific all over again.
That's coming up.
Then I have an insane stack just today of the tens of millions of Islamic invaders, 80-plus percent military-age men, involved in industrial sex slavery, raping, murder, torture, and the governments are actually saying in court rulings they're allowed to do it, and it gets even more insane.
They're telling women in Europe, don't go out at night, don't wear short skirts.
This is unbelievable.
We're going to cover it all today.
Also, China celebrates their new social credit system, that's the mark of the beast, blocking people from over 11 million flights.
Starts out with a few hundred, now it's millions of people being blocked from travel.
China makes first use of law banning defamation of heroes and martyrs.
And that ties into this news.
London hospitals to replace doctors and nurses with AI.
It's already been done at the VA.
The Thomas Watson system named after the top eugenicist who advised Hitler on every step of his operations and who had IBM technicians in World War II immune even after the war.
Now they are going to be in full control of your health care.
Watson will run your life.
Audience, radio affiliates, TV affiliates, thank you for your support.
But they've cut off the sponsors, they've blocked us advertising on Google, they have filed 13 lawsuits, we've beaten six.
But understand this, I am your soldier, you're my soldier, we're all in this together.
And we're fighting hard for American values, what we know works, and what brings liberty and freedom to our children.
So I salute you and I thank you.
But whatever you do, the live video links on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Infowars.com.
Local stations you're listening to, every person you get to tune in to this local radio station is a victory in this war.
And when you financially go to Infowarsstore.com,
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Infowarsstore.com, Infowarslife.com.
Please shop with the good guys.
We now take you live to the Central Texas Command Center in the heart of the resistance.
It's Alex Jones!
Ladies and gentlemen, we are back live broadcasting worldwide.
Thank you so much for joining us.
We're going to be here for the next four hours live in the War Room with Owen Schroyer and Roger Stone is coming up.
We are in the thick of the battle against the globalists right now.
Michael Caputo, a former Trump campaign member who's been targeted by Mueller, says that he's aware of other moles inside the campaign.
Well, we're aware and have outed previously.
Moles inside the White House, and got the information directly to the President, and he removed them.
So we're going to reveal a major mole here right now.
But first I want to play a clip of Michael Caputo.
Says another informant, as they're called.
First, oh, we're never spying on you.
We're monitoring your digital transmissions, not wiretapping.
That's an old term.
So technically we're not wiretapping, we're just intercepting everything you do illegally.
Oh, we always said we didn't have moles inside the campaign.
We had informants for your own safety.
Run by Hillary Clinton, and run by Strzok, and run by McCabe, and run by Mueller, and all the rest of these people.
Who've all testified before Congress, there was no surveillance, and now they've been caught lying.
This is so sensational.
Ladies and gentlemen, it's so incredible that we are at this point and the media is desperately trying to cover it up.
Desperately trying to not give it any coverage because they've all told you on late night comedy and on all the fake dinosaur media and all the fake news that there is no spying on the campaign because it dwarfs
Watergate by magnitudes.
It's in its own class of industrial-level behavior.
Operation Crossfire Hurricane.
Operation Crossfire Hurricane.
Now, the precious New York Times broke that last Friday.
They did not break it last Friday.
We broke it last year.
We broke it this year.
We broke it on Sunday, saying Stefan Halperin.
We specifically fingered him.
We pointed the whole thing out.
And I only point that out because they're trying to shut us down.
Because they know, time and time again, we're patient zero.
They see freedom as a disease.
They see liberty and free market and wealth and religious freedom and family freedom and true classical liberalism as a threat.
And so they are doing everything they can to destroy Infowars and then all the rest of the free independent media.
So here is a breakdown of this by Michael Caputo that I'm going to give you
Another mole, even more powerful, even more dangerous, even more out of control.
Here is that clip.
Michael, so you see a pattern here?
Former Obama administration officials justifying, spying on, surveilling, whatever you want to call it, putting a mole in, on an opposing campaign, and a hotly contested election year.
Final thoughts.
I'll tell you, you've spent time in Russia.
Carter and I both have.
We're back live again, ladies and gentlemen.
This is the Alex Jones Show.
You just heard Michael Caputo break that down.
I was thinking about this this morning and it gave me a headache because there are so many known FBI, Democratic Party, George Soros Foundation, Defense Intelligence, CIA, globalist operatives
Who were openly surveilling Trump when he was a candidate, when he was the nominee, when he was the president-elect, and even once he was president.
They're all on record to the Atlantic Monthly, and the New Yorker Magazine, and the New York Times, and all the establishment publications, after Trump won, started on November
I read the news every day.
I look at hundreds of news articles.
I look at hundreds of video clips.
And I saw them going, don't worry.
The intelligence community's got seven ways this Sunday to bring him down and get back at him.
And don't worry, we had him surveilled.
We had him wiretapped.
We had him watched.
We had electronic intercepts.
And boy, let me tell you, he is in bed with the Russians and he's going down.
So government, hold on, don't do what Trump says.
He'll be out before he's inaugurated in a couple months.
This is November 2016.
He's gone.
And so they deployed all the late night comedy and they deployed all the fake news to say Trump is not even going to get inaugurated.
Remember that?
And then they said, electors, don't on January 7th go into Congress and give your votes to him in the Electoral College.
Remember that?
And they had Nancy Pelosi's daughter on Fox News going, we're not going to let him be seated.
And then she went, but Alex Jones threatened me, and he needs to be shut down.
Never said a word about her.
I said they're traitors, they're enemies, trying to overthrow our country.
And then I learned later from the Justice Department, patriots in there, that they had meetings with Pelosi and others demanding my arrest.
And then a month later, they were having congressional hearings saying Alex Jones is a Russian and we want him arrested.
And I'm up here watching all this happen, all because I'm going, hey, they tried to steal the nomination.
They did steal it from Bernie Sanders.
On record.
They're trying to not seat his electors.
They're trying to block the Electoral College and have the people that are supposed to deliver the votes say that they represent the voters and that they're not going to follow the popular vote.
Remember all that?
Do we have amnesia?
I'm making a film on this.
This is so important.
Zack had a great idea.
So they were all over the news saying, he's a Russian, he will not get put into office.
And then I was there on January 20th, when they wouldn't let people in to the inauguration.
And I was there where there was the front page of the New York Times saying, we have wiretaps of Trump Tower.
We know he's a Russian.
And I go, look, they admit they're spying on him.
They go, you're crazy.
We're not spying.
Because it was illegal.
So they wanted to say, we're spying, don't worry, he's a Russian, hold on government, don't do what he says.
But on the other side of their mouth, they were saying, oh, we're not doing it.
So when we come back, I'm going to reveal the biggest mole confirmed inside the White House with all these fake leaks, because they use the fact that they're inside to mix truth with lies and disinfo.
Now, we're going to go to break.
We're going to come back and go over all of this, ladies and gentlemen, but my source on them spying on Trump is Barack Hussein Obama.
My source is Hillary Clinton.
They were quoted in the New York Times on January 7th and 8th.
Saying so that the electors from the Electoral College would read it and go, okay, the President says, it said, Obama is quoted by the New York Times as telling this reporter that he won't get seated because he's a Russian agent and they're going to bring him down.
And people, when the President's telling people that, they're believing it!
So of course I was saying they were surveilling him!
They were on the news saying it!
And they think you have amnesia!
They think you're a goldfish!
Remember Gruber said, thank God you're so dumb and have no memory!
We're gonna triple their healthcare prices!
Because you're so stupid!
I don't think you're stupid!
I've been betting on you my whole life!
I believe in you!
And we got Trump elected!
And we got the economy coming back!
And we're kicking these traitors' asses politically!
And we're not backing down ever!
I wanna get these people!
We're winning!
I can feel the spirit rising.
Can't you?
The turning point was yesterday.
I was sick all day, spiritually.
I feel the enemy launching with all its hate.
But now, the tide turned today!
The tide turned on the 22nd day of May 2018!
We have broken their back!
Yes, I can feel it!
The enemy's still gonna come after those of us that are hard-charging and leading the spiritual ignition of this rocket.
So I need you to spread the articles, the videos, and break their back fully in the information war and override the enemy.
Because there will be counter-offenses, but I can tell you we've broken their back.
I can feel it.
Let's go!
Frank in North Carolina, thanks for holding so long.
Go ahead.
Yeah, Alec, I just have to say something, man.
It seems like every time I turn on your broadcast, you're bragging.
It just gets old, man.
I'm gonna shut you down right now, okay?
We're taking calls about your nomination.
Do you understand they're having congressional hearings trying to shut us down?
Do you understand I'm ringing the alarm?
If that was happening to anybody else, I'd be freaked out.
I mean, what's it gonna take?
Us being shut down?
Is that what you want, Frank?
You know what, Alex?
Hey, put him on pause again.
Hey, Frank!
Do you understand it's not bragging to say, we are the tip of the spear, we're under attack, we need your help.
As much bagging as I do, we can barely pay the bills and grow in the face of this.
I'm not gonna just stop growth and let them start pushing us backwards.
Do you understand?
I need your help, Frank!
I need your help, Frank!
Go to Infowarsstore.com right now and help fund the InfoWars.
I had a caller about two weeks ago named Frank.
I've been calling him for over a decade.
And he was mad.
He goes, I'm sick of you talking about you brag how you're under attack and you know how important you are.
And I'm like, dude, I'm not doing that.
They're having congressional hearings saying they want me completely banned.
The Democrats want me arrested.
They're suing me.
I'm under attack, Frank!
Okay, they banned us off Google Ads.
We were bringing five million in a year.
It cost a lot to run this.
They're just chopping off all my tentacles.
I keep growing more as fast as I can, and as fast as I cut them off, I'm shooting out tentacles.
Tell Frank why we need support.
Tell him right there.
Hey, Frank!
Frank, this is not bragging.
We don't say, oh, we're under attack for attention or because we like the attention, although of course everybody likes a little bit of attention.
It's nice.
But I can't do TV, and I can't do radio, and I can't publish books, and I can't sell anything, and I can't do live events, because they systematically strangle you out of existence using every... Where are the heretics?
Yeah, exactly, using every resource at their disposal.
So it's not bragging, it's a daily reality, and that's why you've got to support things like Infowars and...
Sure, and we didn't do it for the last hour and thirty-something minutes.
We're doing it now.
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Infowarsstore.com, Infowarslife.com, or 888-253-3139.
Everybody wants somebody to fight?
We're fighting!
And we love you and we appreciate you.
All we're saying is, we kicked their ass, but they're doubling down on us to make examples of us.
If you make examples of us and fund us, we will be victorious and you win.
Do you understand?
I need your help, Frank!
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You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
We are drugged out!
We are following other people's opinions!
We are controlled by the media.
Today, it all changes.
This reality has been forced upon us.
It is a choice, just like when I said slavery is a choice.
Einstein said the death of insanity is doing the same thing, expecting a different result.
So we keep on saying, I hate you, I hate you, f*** you, f*** you, f*** you.
How are we going to get a different result out of hate?
Why don't we just try love?
Why don't we just try love?
We have the resources.
You know, sometimes you need some crazy motherf***ers to change something.
Steve Jobs is crazy.
Now we all on Steve Jobs' phones.
They say Trump's crazy.
They say I'm crazy.
But I'm here to show love.
It's a bigger plan and I'm just doing what the universe told me.
Resistance to tyrants is obedience to God.
It's Alex Jones.
You can just hear in Kanye's voice that spirit of liberty breaking through.
He is on fire!
And I'm on fire with the same spirit.
It's love.
It's liberty.
It's freedom.
The globals are trying to infect us all with fighting with each other and lies to make it worse, not to make it better.
You know why I got really excited earlier?
Because I can feel it and I can see it and I can, you know when something's happened.
You feel the energy.
It's like when you're in the room and you know somebody died even though you weren't paying attention.
You look over and grandma's dead.
She just went.
You felt it.
You feel somebody looking at you, you know, from the back in a restaurant.
You turn around.
Sure enough, they're looking at you.
It's been scientifically proven.
It's much more complex than that.
And I'm not
But I've put my name, my energy, my guts, my will, my soul, my energy, everything I've poured in to resisting these people.
And as I feel them weakening and imploding, I feel like I'm coming up out of the water like I'm alive.
That's why I was just...
Like bursting out of the water, you're down there a thousand feet, clawing up for that air, and you bust up out of there and it's like being born!
So good!
I'm telling you right now, everybody can feel it too, it's like the storm clouds are parting, and it's still gonna be rough, it's gonna be bad because we're gonna face some big stuff coming down the road, but humanity is coming out of the fog right now.
You ever been driving on the highway and it's so dark you can't even see and it's raining and you gotta pull over and it's like 45 mile an hour wind, your car's blowing around and then all of a sudden you go out of the storm and it's like, it's not even any wind and it's all beautiful blue skies and you're like, you get out of your car, park at some road stop and you look back at the big storm and the lightning and everything and you're like, it's like two different universes.
And that's what's happening.
And their power over our minds and our souls, it's spiritual.
They're losing power right now.
Yeah, look at Michael Flynn Jr.
sent this tweet out today.
Everybody should retweet it.
You're all going down.
You know who you are.
Mark my word.
Michael Caputo came out and he said,
That, of course, there's other moles and he's ready to name them from the FBI and the campaign.
But it's pretty obvious who they are.
They're the ones that kept going to all these meetings that had minutes and saying, hey, what about Russia?
Let's meet with the Russians.
Are the Russians pretty cool?
Couldn't we, you know, disarm the Russians?
Couldn't we sell the Russians?
I mean, I had people when I was in D.C.
walking over to me while I was at dinner tables, while I was sitting there with Navy SEALs, active duty.
And the people walking over the table, they did it twice, they knew what Navy SEALs I was with.
One of them was the leader of a major submarine group.
A bunch of classified stuff.
And this guy walks over to the middle of the table and says, you know, I really want to learn about selling some submarine technology to the Taiwanese.
And the Navy SEALs go,
I mean, that's the kind of stuff we're dealing with, where these people coming in have files on not just me, but who we're with.
And imagine if we just joked around, oh yeah, I'll sell you some submarine technology.
That's the level we're at here.
So, a lot of this I can't even get into, but I'm going to give you
One of the moles.
Because Fox News has the big exclusive that, oh my gosh, you know, Halperin was the mole.
We told you that five days before the New York Times, and they did.
And I've got a lot of other information here.
I just want you to know that here's the headline.
Another informant attempted to infiltrate Trump's campaign under Obama campaign, aide says, Michael Caputo.
And Caputo, I've been talking to him.
His lawyer didn't want him to come on, but I'm trying to get him on right now.
Let us give you who one of the bigger moles is who was leaking it to the media and to everybody else.
And it's a mole that we exposed in dozens of articles last year and that Trump became aware of and removed and then removed who the mole brought in.
And that, of course, was H.R.
McMaster's and his aide.
So let's get into this right now.
Infowars.com, Clifford Cunningham.
May 31st, 2017, bombshell, Soros insider infiltrates Trump campaign.
Isn't that precious?
Trump insider Roger Stone warned, globalist billionaire George Soros has infiltrated the Trump administration through a newly appointed member of the National Security Council tied to CFR and Soros funded school in Hungary.
Where his command base was.
This is very hard to believe, but I am confirming the facts again this morning.
George Soros has penetrated the Trump White House, said Stone during an appearance on the Alex Jones Show.
Soros has planted a mole infiltrating the national security apparatus, a woman named Fiona Hill, who has a Harvard background.
She has been on the Soros payroll and the payroll of the Open Society Institute.
Well media matters that Soros funds bragged to Politico five years ago that they were infiltrating conservative media outlets and trying to set people up.
This is espionage.
So of course they infiltrated.
Of course they were spying and they've been caught.
So all of this is coming out.
See how that is in May 19th of The Intercept and Glenn Greenwald?
Go to last Sunday.
Go to our article from the Sunday before last.
We broke it first.
You can see it right there.
FBI mole inside Trump campaign exposed.
And it's right there.
And the only reason I keep going back to that is
That's why they fear us.
That's why they hate us.
Because other people are all scared to do this.
If we do it first, over and over and over again, then it makes it safe for others to do it.
And that's why they say, where does Trump get all this?
He gets it from Alex Jones.
And where does Sean Hannity get it?
Alex Jones.
And where does Rush Limbaugh get it?
Alex Jones.
And the truth is, those people already all know this stuff too.
They've got better sources than I do.
Sean Hannity talks to the President every day, but Fox News tries to keep him on a leash.
So I can put it out, then that allows other people to research it, then it breaks on local talk radio and other areas, and then it's safe for them to cover it, and that's how we're breaking the globalists and ripping them to pieces right now.
So, there it is.
And we're going to reveal other moles.
We know a bunch of them.
We're going to be exposing them.
Actively leaking, lying about what they put out.
The leaks themselves are fake.
They use their proximity to the President to mix some truth with lies.
This is what they're doing.
They've got electronic leaking going on, all of it.
But the big news here is criminal investigation now opened.
They have them open and shut.
Lying to Congress.
We have them now.
We have the whole Clinton crime cabal at the top of the DOJ in desperate, deep trouble.
And you can see all the sold-out media starting to realize this and starting to hedge their bets.
Starting to say, hey, we need to impeach Trump and let's get some real dirt first.
We don't have any real dirt.
When we shoot, we need to shoot to kill.
That's the quote we're going to cover straight ahead.
Alex Jones here with an extremely exciting announcement.
We are launching our biggest recruitment and hiring operation ever in our 23-year history as we prepare to go 24 hours a day live on TV and radio from the InfoWars News Center here in Austin, Texas.
We're looking for video editors, live show producers, people that can run live TV and radio, investigative journalists.
We're looking for reporters out in the field who can stay where you are currently yet.
We're looking to hire around 15 people, maybe even more, as we take the information war to the next level in the face of the globalists.
So please,
Go to InfoWars.com, go to InfoWars.com forward slash contest, and you'll find the links to our major hiring drive.
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But even if you don't want to be part of the contest and just want a shot at working here, we're looking for camera people, we're looking for video editors, we're looking for investigative journalists, and we're looking for engineers, we're looking for reporters, we're looking for it all in this major push against the globalists.
Now, we're going to be hiring right through into 2019 in this big expansion.
But it's critical that as fast as you can, you get your portfolio, your reel, into us.
Whether it be in radio, whether it be in print, whether it be in film.
Whatever your work is, we want to see it.
So send it in with your resume.
So this is a very, very exciting chance for InfoWars.
To up our game in the face of the globalists, but for you to also be a part of this operation.
So directly apply to work with us, or apply and at the same time get involved in the contest.
It's all up to you.
We are expanding in the face of the globalist onslaught.
We are not victims.
We are victorious.
And we are taking it directly to the globalists because we are the resistance.
And we're looking for men and women who are a race, color, and creed who love liberty that want to join the fight.
Again, InfoWars.com forward slash contest to find all the rules.
And I'll see you on the front lines of the fight against the NWO.
Mike in Arizona here on the air worldwide.
Go ahead.
Oh, Alex, you can rant any day of the week.
Thank you, sir, for doing what you do and being a patriot and doing your best to save America and encouraging us as fellow patriots to do that in our local areas as well.
And as a longtime InfoWars listener, I want to say thanks.
For the awesome BrainForce AnthroPlex.
My girlfriend would like to say thanks for the AnthroPlex, too.
Thank you.
I use the BioTrue Selenium, the Super Blue toothpaste for you folks who aren't big normal toothpaste fans.
The Super Blue is awesome.
And thank you so much, Alex, for the InfoWars Life products.
They are quality.
I can't wait to get some more.
And thank you so much for doing that for us to keep us healthy.
Because then we could all, as educated patriots, help our other countrymen and women understand that there's bigger problems going on, and if we can get our houses in order, and be good to each other and ourselves, we can take our country back.
You're listening to The Alex Jones Show.
Live from Austin, Texas, broadcasting worldwide, it's Alex Jones.
Coming up, we're going to play the video next segment.
Democrat representative says we'll impeach Trump if we win back the House.
But another Democrat then says, live on television, we need to shoot to kill, though.
So that is coming up with their violent rhetoric that they couch in political parlance.
That's all coming up in the next segment.
Again, I'm your host, Alex Jones.
Here in just a minute or two, I'm going to play a boil down of the media denying that there was any spying on Trump, and then later having to admit that, okay, there was spying on Trump.
But you're going to learn about
Hundreds and hundreds of people in the executive branch and in the campaign that have been turned.
There are thousands of people that were in Trump's orbit.
Many people are very weak-minded, they're very dishonorable, they've been brought up with silver spoons in their mouths, and they're very two-faced.
And so, the more pressure got put on Trump, people would hedge their bets.
People would go, oh man, everybody's out to get him.
I better go ahead and leak some stuff.
I better go ahead and work with the media.
That way, Washington will be nice to me if Trump gets destroyed.
No, now they'll never hire you or work with you because you're a traitor.
Because you're a sellout.
Do you think these globalist scumbags sell each other out?
They understand working together in their criminal enterprise.
But those of you that helped lower the drawbridge on Trump have now been discovered, and you are going to either go to prison or never work again.
You screwed yourselves over.
There's a quote here, one of my favorite quotes that I've probably read on air 50 times in the last 23 years on air.
And this time, former CIA Director John Brennan, the guy that said the president should watch his mouth two days before the inauguration,
Quote Cicero while DOJ expands IG FISA abuse investigation.
Now what's the narrative?
He's stupid.
What did Bill Gates say?
Donald Trump didn't know the difference between HPV, human papillomavirus, and HIV.
Which, you know, is just totally made up.
But it's all about the narrative of how stupid he is.
So Brennan
Has been defeated by this moron, Donald Trump.
Brennan couldn't get a 3% growth rate.
Now we're at 3.2.
The new numbers are coming out at 4, reportedly.
Heard that here first, by the way.
So you got beaten by, I guess, the idiot strength of Trump.
No, you guys are drunk on power and so crazy arrogant that you all bragged
That he would never be seated as the president on January 20th.
And then you had communists out there beating up families, trying to keep them from going in, so you could shoot photos of the mall not being full.
By the way, there's so many lies, I can't even keep track of them.
BBC tweeted out on Saturday, and tried to quote, the headline was, BBC Trolls.
I'm gonna do a whole piece on this.
BBC Trolls Trump.
This is so incredible.
And they said BBC trolls Trump because they show the royal wedding and how that entire big park was lined with people.
And then it shows Trump's inauguration right when they open the gate so it looks like it's empty.
And they say, look, nobody came to see Trump's event.
But they did go see the Queen.
That was taken, that photo, at 8.30 in the morning.
We did a whole report on this.
Just a few minutes after they opened the gates, because they were wanding everybody and getting their tickets going in, you see the giant crowds of people trying to get in, all lined up on the sides.
And the whole thing didn't kick off for a couple hours.
So they show the wedding during the middle of it, and say, look at this crowd.
And it's zoomed in, by the way, to make it look bigger, so you can see each person.
And then they show this far-off shot to deceive you, and recycle that lie.
We have the HD video, we have the HD photos from CNN, taken from the Capitol, and you can see the record crowd, according to the Capitol Police.
But again,
This is how they systematically lie at every level and every angle, at every point, perpetually.
Oh, there's the headline.
BBC trolls Trump.
No, they trolled the people watching.
Oh, look, our hereditary queen.
Our hereditary dictator.
Oh, look.
These rich welfare queens.
They live.
Off the people while thousands of old people freeze to death every year because the government cut off their gas allotment.
While old people freeze to death, the BBC worships the monarchy and then look, oh, there it is right when the mall opened.
We're good to go.
I saw women beaten up by antifa and communists while the police, still under Obama's control until the president was sworn in, allowed it.
So there's the real photo.
By the way, I'm in that crowd.
I'm right there.
In the crowd.
There I am.
I was there.
Fifty yards from the president being sworn in.
And that's how stupid.
They think you are.
That's what they show you on CNN, BBC?
They say nobody was there?
Tell them I was just taking a photo the day before.
And then, I was there.
I saw it.
I witnessed it all.
This is the criminal evil of these people.
Makes me really get upset.
Now, before I go any further,
We need to be funded.
Yes, we're starting to break their back.
Yes, we're starting to go over the top.
Yes, we're having huge victories.
Yes, a lot of amazing things are happening.
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Stay with us as the second American Revolution goes into high gear.
What do you wanna do with your life?
I wanna rock!
When this baby hits 88 miles per hour, you're gonna see some serious s***.
You know, someone very profoundly once said, many years ago, that if fascism ever comes to America, it'll come in the name of liberalism.
Those who seek to inflict harm are not fazed by gun control laws.
I happen to know this from personal experience.
I don't think that you should look back and whine and bellyache or try to hold somebody else guilty for everything you did.
Where's the peace?
Alright, what is the Trilateral Commission?
An organization founded in 1973 by David Rockefeller.
You see, what they're really up to is a scheme to plant their own loyal members in positions of power in this country.
To work to erase national boundaries and create an international community.
And, in time, bring about a one world government with David Rockefeller pulling the shot.
As Oliver North's public battle over government secrets and the illegal supply of weapons to the Nicaraguan Contras is waged in Washington, congressional investigators in recent months have tried to learn if Mena, Arkansas was an illegal staging area for shipping guns to the U.S.-backed Contra rebels.
It all begins in 1982, when this man, Adler Berryman Seal, showed up in Mena, Arkansas.
He used to smuggle drugs.
Then he got caught and he became one of the government's most valuable informants in the war against cocaine.
But last night in Louisiana, Barry Seale's enemies caught up with him and killed him.
17-year-old Kevin Ives and 16-year-old Don Henry were struck by a train.
The medical examiner has said that the boys were asleep and drugged with marijuana.
The parents, however, disputed that claim.
The boys were killed because they had stumbled upon a large shipment of drugs dropped from an airplane.
Tears in the fabric indicate that Don had been stabbed before he was run over by the train.
In light of this new evidence, the grand jury changed its ruling from probable homicide to definite homicide.
I'm scared of these people.
I'm very scared of them.
How do you think the crack drops gets into the country?
We don't own any planes.
We don't own no ships.
We are not the people who are flying and floating that shit in here.
I will tell you, Director Deutch, as a former Los Angeles police narcotics detective, that the agency has dealt drugs throughout this country for a long time.
Men who were working for the CIA's army were responsible for bringing all that cocaine into Los Angeles that sparked the crack epidemic.
My boss goes on a fishing trip with George Bush and when they come back they say that he has justified a means.
Sir, the Republicans are trying to blame you for the existence of a small air base at Mena, Arkansas.
This base was set up by George Bush and Oliver North and the CIA to help the Iran Contras
And they brought in plane load after plane load of cocaine there for sale in the United States.
And then they took the money and bought weapons and took them back to the country, all of which was illegal, as you know, under the Bowling Act.
But tell me, did they tell you that this had to be in existence because of national security?
We had nothing, zero, to do with it.
And everybody who's ever looked into it knows that.
I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Ms.
These allegations are false.
If you are assuming this transmission, you are in resistance.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
Look at these headlines on DrudgeReport.com.
A lot of them are also on Infowars.com.
We're going to be covering them coming up in the next hour with Dr. Nick Baggage.
Next, implantable health monitors inside soldiers.
It's already going on.
First reported it 15 years ago from Army sources.
Also, robots can grow human organs and are already doing it.
And it gets better.
China celebrates its new social credit system.
Not letting millions of people fly for not being good boys and girls.
Being tracked by the AI computer.
And then it gets even better.
London hospital to replace doctors and nurses with AI.
Let me give you a little news flash, ladies and gentlemen.
There's something called bioethics.
It replaced the Hippocratic Oath of Hippocrates.
And for at least eight years, a computer program called Watson, named after Thomas Watson of IBM, Infamy, came out with the fact that they had computers deciding what troops, what veterans would be given health care.
That was the secret death list.
And hospitals are already putting these computers in because they found that they can't get the bioethics boards, even though it's all about money, to kill enough people, to refuse care to enough folks, to lie to people and turn their families off before they come out of comas if their insurance is run out.
And so now it's going to be Thomas Watson Computers all over the world running it.
And isn't that fitting?
Because it was Thomas Watson Computers, back when he was alive, called the Hollerith Machine, that ran the Nazi Holocaust.
And he received the highest award ever given by the Nazi Party or Nazi government.
For what he did.
There's a best-selling Pulitzer Prize winning book about it.
Several books.
Detailing it.
And you can find out all about it.
We've had Edwin Black on.
IBM and the Holocaust.
You might want to find out about it.
Isn't that sweet?
There it is.
IBM dealt directly with Holocaust organizers.
The London Guardian.
That's a whitewash.
It's the left that ran the Nazis.
It was all a beta test.
It's all declassified.
Because they're not the left, folks, they're the Nazis.
They fill that space and everything's race-based because the Nazis are race-based.
They just do it from a minority position to make whites hate minorities and vice versa for total control.
It's next-level Nazism.
And Bill Gates's father ran the operation for Planned Parenthood and actually wrote up the main diagrams for the takeover of the U.S.
And this is all public.
He talked about it on PBS 20 years ago.
And now his son was given control of some of the main systems to run it.
He's a complete front and is in control of none of it himself.
But meanwhile, Germany's Nazi hunters will go grab some jail guard that can't even prove it was them because it's some 95-year-old dude who can't defend themselves and go, look, we got a Nazi!
We got a Nazi!
It's all fake.
Tomorrow's news today, right here, InfoWars.com.
My film, Martial Law, Rise of the Police State, is three hours long.
The last hour is about this subject.
You might want to go watch it free online.
The leftist professors in Slate want that particular video banned, saying that it's Nazi.
You heard me right, because it exposes the Nazis.
They're nasty little fellows, aren't they?
Very, very nasty little fellows.
Very nasty.
They think you're so stupid.
I never got to the Brennan quote.
I'll do it in the next segment where he quotes Cicero.
I mentioned it earlier and went off on a side tangent.
Let's go to this report though of the egg on their face saying that no one was spying on Trump, there was no infiltration.
This is beyond Watergate.
We boil it down.
This goes back a year and a half ago right through to this week.
Here it is.
One thing that happens when you make wild, unproven claims as Trump does is that the people around you have to go to increasingly ridiculous lengths to try to defend those claims.
And this weekend we saw another example of that when White House Counselor Kellyanne Conway was asked if she had any proof for Trump's outlandish claim that Obama wiretapped him during the campaign and offered this bizarre answer.
How does he know that his phone was actually tapped?
Let me answer that globally.
He's the President of the United States.
He has information and intelligence that the rest of us do not.
You know what?
Yeah, I'll agree with that.
Trump has intelligence that I definitely do not.
I agree.
I just want to add this.
They were breaking the law to release the fact that we're first surveilling him.
He made that point.
Criminal investigations were started.
He's been letting them get the rope around their neck.
And boy, isn't it around their necks now.
Listen, people, one more time.
Trump's accusation is ridiculous and pathetic.
He's suggesting a U.S.
president enlisted a foreign intelligence service to spy on a political adversary.
That is an explosive charge.
This is a serious allegation.
This might be the most serious allegation any president has made against a previous president.
But this is a very serious allegation for a sitting president to make about his predecessor.
Trump tweeted, terrible, just found out that Obama had my wires tapped in Trump Tower just before the victory.
By the way, Trump got that from people inside the British government and from folks inside InfoPoll 9 and from the director of the NSA, Admiral Rogers, that came and briefed him.
But he's not supposed to tell you that.
So they can play these games.
We have them red-handed.
This is McCarthyism, and the other one, how low has President Obama gone to tap my phones during the very sacred election process?
This is Nixon Watergate, bad or sick guy.
He said Obama is either a bad or sick guy.
Maybe he means from his compliments, like, yeah man, he's bad, he's a bad guy.
The NSA's deputy director told the BBC it was arrant nonsense, revealing a complete lack of understanding in how the relationship works.
And for their part, GCHQ called the accusations utterly ridiculous.
And yet, rather than distancing himself from Spicer, Trump decided to back him up.
The craziest thing about Trump calling for an investigation without any evidence
Zero evidence.
Trump has not produced a shred of evidence.
There was no evidence for Trump's claims.
The evidence did not come.
So where did Trump get his info?
From the CIA?
From the FBI?
Where are you getting this information?
From a very reputable source.
The FBI?
The CIA?
Info Wars.
It's a radio show hosted by Alex Jones.
You know he's legit.
Major developments again tonight on the Deep State, spying on the Trump campaign.
James Clapper, Barack Obama's former Director of National Intelligence, is actually today saying it was a good thing that the Trump campaign had a spy for the FBI in their campaign during an election?
It turns out, according to new reports, the FBI may have had a spy in or interacting with the Trump campaign during the 2016 election.
A government spy in the campaign.
Remember when Trump was ridiculed by everyone when he said, you know, I was wiretapped?
He speaks in shorthand at Twitter, I was wiretapped or whatever that tweet was.
He meant surveilled.
Yeah, he meant surveilled.
He was right.
He was absolutely right.
Judge Andrew Napolitano was the first one to call this.
Look, this has to be seen in context.
Not only did they use a phony fabricated dossier as the underlying legal rationale
For the spying on the Republican candidate for president, using the power and the authority and the capability of the state to spy on one of the two major party candidates, an abuse of power, but now they infiltrated the Trump campaign with a FBI agent.
This makes Watergate look like small potatoes.
This is Watergate on steroids.
Remember the Nixon scandal?
It was about a third-rate burglary.
This is a deep state political hit job now spying on an opposition party campaign, FBI spies, during an election.
A human intelligence asset may have been inserted in your political rival's campaign?
I mean, how this isn't front page news on every newspaper across the globe is stunning.
We have a cabal of FBI agents who took it upon themselves
To investigate a candidate and his campaign, and then we have of course actual spies, one or more, in the Trump campaign.
What the hell is this?
The Soviet Union?
It's the United States of America.
If that's the case, this is not America.
We don't have a constitution.
This is something you'd expect from the former Soviet Union, Venezuela.
I'm not saying this as a Republican or Conservative.
I find it frightening that the power of the federal government can be used in this manner in the middle of a political season with spurious or scant evidence.
Next year's news today, InfoWars second hour.
We're teeing it up with ultra-massive key intel straight ahead.
It's on InfoWars.com exclusively.
A third mole has been discovered.
This time inside the White House.
Third mole exposed inside the White House.
It's on InfoWars.com right now.
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I think so.
Person-to-person, mouth-to-mouth, ear-to-ear, you are breaking their attempt to have an iron curtain come down across this country.
They are pressing hard.
It's a very dangerous game because it's exposing their tyranny to everyone.
And Trump is beginning to move against the law.
We've got to keep him in there to do that, and he's got to know.
They're shutting down the grassroots that is 90% of Trump's power ahead of the midterms.
They are coming, not just for Trump, but for the First Amendment now, and I cannot raise the alarm enough.
They think they're just going to incrementally censor, and you're going to get sick of hearing about it.
Just go to sleep.
Folks, they've been persecuting the churches.
They've been persecuting the veterans groups.
They've been persecuting anybody that's a patriot.
And now they're going to the next level.
We can't roll over to this intimidation, or we'll lose everything.
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
The answer to 1984 is 1776.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
We are well into the 21st century, my friends.
There are a lot of good things happening, a lot of bad things happening.
Coming up, Dr. Nick Magich is going to join us, and we're going to look at hospitals across the world are now letting AI computers decide who lives and who dies, so the doctors and nurses don't feel bad about the insurance companies and governments programming who dies.
So, you put the responsibility on a computer,
And people find it's easier to then kill people.
And of course Hitler was obsessed with IBM and Thomas Watson and gave him the highest award in Nazi Germany and it's IBM is the main system starting out eight years ago in the VA's that says, oh you got an operable cancer?
Computer says we're not gonna give you the surgery.
Go die!
The computer knows to send you to appointment after appointment and never even tells you what you've been diagnosed with.
It's all programmed with delicious precision.
Here it is.
The London Guardian though tells you about it.
It's going to save the National Health Service.
The UK pedophile government will now be in control fully.
Not the doctors.
Oh, the AI.
You mean who programs the AI.
Perhaps Cobra Commander.
London Hospital should replace doctors and nurses with AI for some task.
So they're introducing us.
Of course, you'd think of the real Terminators as looking like humans and going dun-dun-dun-dun.
You're killing humans.
Oh, no.
It'll be a nice nurse and doctor coming in and saying, all right, you're going to go home now.
You might feel a little dizzy in a few months, might lose some vision.
We'll supply with hospice.
What do I have, doctor?
What's wrong with me?
Um, that's, the computer made the decision, we're... Thank you, bye bye.
We're not allowed to know what the scan says, the computer looked at it.
You got a big ol' giant fat brain tumor, one of your eyes didn't even point in the right direction, you'll be dead in a couple months.
Your brain tumor's 97% operable, but the machine is gonna kill you because it's liberal.
Oh, it's so good!
And all the liberals think they're gonna get all these big free goodies are coming, and what you're gonna get is what the National Health Service, I told you it's like Cuba or Venezuela.
Oh, one leg's four inches shorter than the other, sweetheart?
We're not going to go in for a surgery that costs about $5,000 in the U.S.
that most places would just donate to you.
You know, they have charities that pay for it for an extension in your femur.
We're going to cut your leg off.
We're liberals!
We're liberals!
We're liberals!
We're liberals!
We're liberals!
We're liberals!
We're liberals!
We're liberals!
We're liberals!
We're liberals!
We're liberals!
We're liberals!
We're liberals!
We're liberals!
We're liberals!
We're liberals!
We're liberals!
We're liberals!
We're liberals!
We're liberals!
We're liberals!
We're liberals!
We're liberals!
We're liberals!
We're liberals!
We're liberals!
We're liberals!
We're liberals!
We're liberals!
We're liberals!
We're liberals!
We're liberals!
We're liberals!
We're liberals!
We're liberals!
We're liberals!
We're liberals!
We're liberals!
We're liberals!
We're liberals!
We're liberals!
We're liberals!
We're liberals!
We're liberals!
We're liberals!
We're liberals!
We're liberals!
We're liberals!
We're liberals!
We're liberals!
We're liberals!
We're liberals!
We're liberals!
We're liberals!
We're liberals!
We're liberals!
In fact, we've got to go back and find my show from 20 years ago and air it.
It's like prophecy.
But it's not.
They wrote books.
They wrote Brave New World.
And they said everything they were going to do to you and your family.
I remember 20 years ago, they got rid of the Hippocratic Oath of Hippocrates.
I'll do a report on that.
But don't worry, the little liberal controllers at YouTube and Facebook go, Oh, Alex put a video up about eugenics.
Oh, we're liberal.
We're wearing different color socks.
And, you know, it'll be some trendy guy.
Oh, Alex is hateful.
Block his video.
Who cares about those veterans anyways?
They're killers.
Get rid of them.
Cut their health care off.
I know I'm going to get mine.
I'm going to have a good social security system.
No, you're not.
You're the first people they're gonna get rid of.
Why do you think they jacked in New York over 100,000 people, most of them gay men with live HIV, to start the spread?
They're gonna kill you so good, you don't ever know what's gonna hit you.
Oh, you got raped by a priest?
The Pope says it's okay to be gay.
He's saying you're homophobic if you don't want an old pot-bellied man to binge you over when you're five years old and rape the hell out of you.
It's liberal.
And all you're gonna get is the death you want!
You're all gonna get euthanized!
You'll be so brain damaged and satanic when you die, you'll love it!
And you'll go directly into Satan's arms!
You will descend directly into the dimension of hell!
I want to play!
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Live from Austin, Texas, broadcasting worldwide, it's Alex Jones.
Why has Elon Musk over and over again warned you that AI is going to kill you?
Why has he said that AI is already killing you?
And he warns you to look at it when he's a multi-billionaire globalist, let's say, inside the globalist system.
But a good guy overall, probably.
He has a conscience.
Because he's gone to the same meetings that Bill Joy's gone to and talked about, where they've made the decision to euthanize you, to cut off resources, dumb you down, you psych warfare, to where you accept your servitude and your extermination.
That's pretty heavy.
But that's everything I put in Endgame that came out 11 years ago.
Elon Musk is now saying it.
The film's free online.
You might want to go watch Endgame, Blueprint for Global Enslavement.
Major professors in Slate Magazine are calling for that film and others by name to be removed.
He calls it a Nazi movie.
The film exposes the Nazis and Cold Springs Harbor and IBM.
So, how are they going to get around to that?
Well, I remember learning eight years ago, two years into Obama's administration, that there were death lists at the VA and that a computer would say, who got a surgery?
Who got anything?
And it takes it out of the hands of humans.
You say, oh, a computer can't make a mistake.
It's a god.
It's up there.
It makes the decision.
Who programs the computer?
And what is the computer's name at
The hospitals where this has been adopted.
It's called Thomas.
After Thomas Watson.
And I keep going over this because we're already under AI control.
And who's programming the AI?
And there's just ads all over TV.
Trust AI.
Let it run things.
It knows what's to do.
But AI is like a gun.
It's a tool that can be programmed a certain way.
It can do good.
It can do bad.
The hospitals have tried to get rid of the Hippocratic Oath, they've tried to bring in their bioethics boards, but still they have lawsuits, they have problems, people have ethical issues about killing folks that shouldn't be turned off, and all the rest of it, and not giving people eye surgery they need, or not giving people leg surgery they need.
Telling little girls in the National Health Service, we could straighten out your leg for $5,000, 3,000 pounds, but we're not gonna do it, because the AI said you don't get it.
The AI, the computer says, chop your leg off!
Do you see how the decision process is being removed?
Pretty soon they say cop cars are going to have cameras on the cops and everything, and AI in the ear of the cop is going to tell them procedure to follow, and tell them, you're not doing right.
I'm reporting you.
You're going to have a section 783 filing for what you've done.
That is one demerit, officers and such, that if you perfectly follow what the robot says, Sergeant Johnson, Sergeant Sanchez, you have a perfect score this quarter.
You will be given 5,000 bonus credits.
And that's the system!
So they're already taking humans out of it.
And here it is, just like, oh, no big deal.
You know, it's the London Guardian.
Oh, London hospitals replace doctors and nurses with AI.
No big deal.
And oh, they're just going to make the decisions.
It's just some...
Some tasks like, you know, deciding if we're going to get cancer treatment.
But don't worry, it's game-changing benefits.
Oh, yeah!
Oh, it's here!
Like the self-driving cars killing everybody.
And just like calculators made it where nobody can do math anymore and children can't even write any more English language.
Oh, they've got emojis, though!
Happy, sad, skull, rainbow, kitty cat, unicorn.
White face.
Black face.
Green face.
Police car.
We have MOGs now.
You can see how this is going.
It's going quite well, isn't it?
Alright, I'm done ranting about that.
I've got some big news I want to hit here.
And I also want to take a few of your phone calls.
We've got Nick Begich coming up and I want to get a few of your phone calls.
Just your quick approximation of the indictments that are forthcoming against the Deep State players for their criminal spying on the Trump campaign.
Bigger than Watergate by an order of magnitude.
Blown wide open.
The third mole exposed inside the White House exclusively at Infowars.com.
If you want to go find out about the third mole.
Caputo said there's a second mole.
We have the third mole named for you.
On Infowars.com.
It's a pretty big deal.
You might want to go read about that for yourself at Infowars.com.
And then we've got all of this other insane news that we're going to hit.
The toll-free number to join us is 877-789-ALEX.
But who even needs a number?
Just have a chip in your brain like they're announcing they're going to put the troops, that's mainstream news today, and just say, Alex Jones Show!
Call it!
See, the AI then is not going to let you call that show or not let you go to that.
That's already happening.
Hell, it's already deciding who lives and who dies, who gets healthcare, why not?
It's liberal!
877-789-ALEX, 877-789-2539, specifically on, do you think the tide's turned?
I can see it's turned.
Doesn't mean we're winning the whole war, but humanity's really starting to wake up, and we should do something about this.
But we're talking with Dr. Nick Begich about all the things that are happening.
You know, I saw it on Drudge, it's on InfoWars, he does print me that article about the troops to get implanted chips in them, just to be part of the military.
I thought people might want to know that.
Because remember, we were all insane, that was never coming, that was never going to happen, but now it's here.
And then I've got two video clips I haven't gotten to yet.
Harvard law professor Lawrence Tribe warns the Dems pushing Trump impeachment, you have to shoot to kill.
We're going to explain what that means, probably give you my take on that coming up.
And then we're also going to get to this other Democrat congressman saying, oh, we will impeach Trump.
In fact, let's just do that right now.
Let's go ahead and play first the Democrat congressman.
And of course that is Representative Al Green.
He says we'll impeach Trump if we win back the House.
That's the plan.
And we've got tribes saying shoot to kill.
Let's go ahead and play Al Green.
Here it is.
Representative Green, if Democrats take back the House in November, what is the likelihood that Speaker Nancy Pelosi will bring up an impeachment charge?
I'll let Speaker Pelosi address her actions.
But here is a point that I think is salient and one that ought to be referenced.
Every member of the House is accorded the opportunity to bring up impeachment.
This is not something that the Constitution has bestowed upon leadership.
It's something that every member has the right and privilege of doing.
So, I'm not sure that there'll be members who are going to wait for someone else if that someone else, doesn't matter who it is, is declining to do it.
We can all do it.
And I think that there's a good likelihood that there will be articles of impeachment.
Have you heard directly from the minority leader about these efforts of yours?
Specifically, asking you to stop, asking you to hold back, anything along that line?
Well, I don't think you have to ask me whether I've heard.
I think it's probably, if you've read publications, it's intuitively obvious to perhaps even the most casual observer that she and I are in different places on this.
And I respect her position.
We have A.I.
for eight years at least killing tens of thousands of U.S.
soldiers, veterans, just saying no health care.
It's on record, death list.
The government will investigate.
Then they went, don't worry, we're going to put computers in all the V.A.s.
They'll fix it.
They're the ones killing everybody.
Meanwhile, U.S.
military to spend 50 million pounds on digital brain implants to create super soldiers.
Where'd you first hear about that?
Really what it creates is people that can wipe your memory.
Yes, you'll be a super soldier now.
It'll just turn off your inhibitions and stuff, so you'll end up having heart attacks and break your back and everything.
And then, of course, we'll just wipe your memories after we're done.
That's all admitted as well.
But it's okay.
It's liberal.
We don't need men anyways.
We're getting rid of humans in combat.
That's part of the sabotage we're doing right now.
Then we've got Tribe.
Here's part of the clip.
Shoot to kill.
He's saying, oh, we want to get rid of him, but we don't want to go after something petty that's fraudulent.
We want to find something real.
Here it is.
And if the evidence that Robert Mueller is collecting forms a kind of compelling case that a overwhelming bipartisan majority of the American people find convincing that this guy is just too dangerous to keep in power, then we do have the emergency power of impeachment available.
But it will be available only
If we don't use it loosely and kind of ring the bell every time something looks amiss.
You can't be the boy who cried wolf and expect to have... Then he says shoot to kill.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
It was about 25 years ago that I began to read publicly available
Books that have been written for the State Department and for the CIA by top professors at Georgetown, Harvard, and Yale.
So that the CIA and other agencies could understand the complex political system they were building.
And in short, it was going to be called a technocracy.
But it was going to fund communism and socialism and fascism.
But really what it was was crony capitalism.
So decades later, after fighting against this, humanity is somewhat awake to the threat.
But at the same time, despite all our successes, changing this paradigm really is an inside job.
It's up to us personally.
So, I don't feel sorry for myself being demonized by mainstream media and being attacked and the globalists filing frivolous lawsuits.
I expected that to happen.
This is 21st century warfare.
I just wanna make sure that you, the listeners, and you, the viewers, many of you already understand this, so I'm not patronizing those of you that are already awake, but I wanna make sure all of you realize this isn't just some more entertainment.
This isn't just some other talking head.
The reason they hate what we cover is because I and others have researched what they actually are planning, and it is nightmarish, it is authoritarian, it is eugenics-based, it is anti-human.
And we've already come so far together
Then I know that if each and every one of you will just go research these issues for yourself, you will find out how real it is and understand it's not your duty.
It is your basic survival to stand up against this anti-human onslaught.
If you go back into history, it was 3% that volunteered for the Revolutionary War back in 1776.
But if you look at the Infowars audience, it's maybe 10% of the United States, another 10% or so worldwide.
That's a conservative estimate.
But we have 50, 60, 70 million people listening.
We have more than that that have tuned in over the years.
The point is, is that if you look at that, that's less than 3% of the world population.
So what you're doing has already changed the world and instead of sitting here and going into each product and telling you how great they are, I'm just going to encourage you to go research them yourselves because you're funding our operation.
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So, thank you all for remembering InfoWarsStore.com and remembering that it's not just you that's already awake, but it's other people that aren't awake, and it's so essential to spread the word.
Again, thank you so much for being part of the Second American Revolution.
You're listening to The Alex Jones Show.
Live from the Infowars.com studios, you're listening to The Alex Jones Show.
There was a broadcast coming out of the New World Order.
A psychic transmission.
It would say, I hate you.
I hate you.
I hate you.
I hate you.
I want to kill you.
I hate you.
I'm going to kill you.
I hate you.
And that's what it is.
Coming up, Dr. Nick Begich.
Mainstream news, brain chips already in the troops.
I have some family that's now out of the military, and he was at Fort Sam Houston University for an officer's deal, and they said, this is like 15 years ago, everybody's gonna start getting chips in the officer corps, and then we're gonna have volunteers, we're gonna get brain chips.
He told me about it, and I didn't even say who he was, I just said family.
He got in big trouble, and then didn't get a promotion over it, and said yes, I told you that, but I'm never talking to you again about the military.
But, I mean, who cares if you didn't get a promotion?
You told me you're in the meeting with like a thousand officers or whatever.
They're talking about brain chips and everybody.
Mainstream news today.
You like that?
And who programs these things?
The Southern Poverty Law Center, George Soros, and the ADL, and the Atlantic Council, are all in Facebook, Google, and Twitter, it's in the news today, running everything.
They're already programming it.
So I guess George Soros, and I guess Madame Blavatsky, and Aleister Crowley-ites, I guess they'll decide what you're programmed with.
Because that's who's running stuff now.
Hollywood's going to run your brain ship, I guess.
You just can't turn it off.
Think about that.
I just did like four segments on this subject, but it's just insane.
It's totally insane.
It's really happening.
I'm sorry.
The doctor doesn't decide what treatment you get.
The Thomas IBM computer does.
And then if you have a memory and even know how sick that is, that's the guy that ran the death camps and the machines.
It's just, if we put up with this, we deserve it.
I mean, that's all I'm saying.
Steve, Phil, Roland.
Jayvon, Josh and others.
We're going to go to you here in just milliseconds.
Who should we go to first?
Let's go ahead and talk to Phil in Georgia, then we'll go to a bunch of other callers.
Go ahead, Phil.
Hey Alex, it's an honor to speak with you.
I really appreciate this.
Hey, real briefly, a number of years ago I was asked to give some speeches about economic development.
And I couldn't believe how I was attacked because apparently I hit her nerve.
It was basically energy over manufacturing.
But the interesting part was how I was attacked.
I was attacked multiple times in audits.
I got audited like four times in a row.
That's when I started listening to you.
And it wasn't until that period of time when I figured out that, oh my God, it's really the Republicans trading me out, you know?
Anyway, I just, I love your show and I love how accurate you are.
I'm happy to speak with you.
I was former military myself and I,
I appreciate what you're saying about this.
I totally agree with you.
Obviously, the old Republicans are just the same branch of the Democrats.
They're globalists.
With Trump, I think we're seeing a real attempt to drain the swamp now, and it's accelerating, and they're panicking.
But, look, the veterans are already the target of the globalists, because they want automatons.
They want machines to carry out their bidding, not men and women that they're threatened by, who at least have courage to fight.
But what do you make of the IBM eugenics computer already in control of the VA?
Well, it's not hard for me to believe.
It's the same sickness they have everywhere.
They take control.
They don't want people stinking, but they don't want anybody actually engaged in ethics.
They want to take the thinking process out of a rancher, a police officer, a factory worker, a teacher, a military officer.
They want everybody to be centrally programmed so no one can question.
It is pure evil.
God bless you, Phil.
We're going to go to more calls here right now.
Let's talk to Roland in Texas.
You're on the air.
Thanks for calling, Roland.
It's a pleasure to be online with you.
Love your show.
Been at it for years, listening to you.
Real quick, briefly, so I just opened up a Twitter account.
Added everybody on your list as followers from InfoWars from the top to the bottom.
After, I would say an hour when I had time, I started to retweet everything that y'all were saying.
And once I retweeted everything, I ended up getting a message saying that I was blocked, uh, I guess for behavior violation.
I don't know if that means anything.
I felt it was a whistleblower.
No, that's bad behavior.
You tried to communicate with people.
Look, they have a Chinese social score.
Uh, they celebrated today, uh, by blocking 11 million flights.
So, I mean, this is a total mark of the beast, tracking everything you do, and Apple has moved to China.
They've given them all the codes to your computers, all the codes to the cloud, and they said, well, of course, that's what you do in China.
They're now tax-exempt.
They're good liberal billionaires.
They pay no tax, and they have slave workers at Foxcom Laboratories, and if anybody criticizes it, well, they can't get a job or eat, and they starve to death.
Isn't that liberal?
It's so liberal, but thank God Starbucks is going to let homeless people sleep in the
In the bathroom.
That's real freedom.
And five-year-olds can be taught how to cut their genitals off.
And little girls can be taught how to commit suicide.
And we can have this anti-female movement of weird devil worshippers that go shoot kids up at schools.
I mean, it's just Satanism.
It's mental illness.
Pure evil.
Mark of the Beast.
It's here.
Brain chips in the troops.
AI computers deciding who lives and dies.
It's insane.
I agree.
So, I mean, I'm between a rock and a hard place.
You've got the dumbed-down public being literally brainwashed and slowly killed.
You've got psycho globalists with their weaponized Hollywood.
They've got AI computers already killing people all over the world.
And we're just, it's incredible.
But again, they're not like all metal, like the Terminator.
You know, shooting people.
It's all liberal.
Oh, liberal!
The computer says bye-bye!
Isn't that trendy?
That's crazy.
Oh, but they sold to the liberals like, oh, if somebody's 95 and can't be kept alive, we won't keep them alive.
That's totally reasonable.
And then it's like, sorry, you don't get that cancer removed.
It's totally operable because you're 55.
Oh, sorry, little girl.
We're going to chop your leg off instead of giving you a $5,000 surgery.
Liberal, liberal, liberal, liberal.
You're not racist, are you?
Liberal, liberal, liberal, liberal.
You know, don't worry.
We're not going to say mother and father.
We're free.
We give you all these crazy made up rights of a lunatic asylum.
And it's all scientifically admitted.
It's in all the documents, all the white papers, all the WikiLeaks, all the plans, my brother.
It's all there.
It's all there.
The guy, Dr. Nick Begich, his dad's famous congressman, they killed.
His brother, of course, is a U.S.
Senator, formerly.
He was the guy with the patents.
With the patents, where they had cell phone technology in the 50s that could control your mind.
He broke it all down, and he's coming up next.
God bless you.
Roll anything else?
Yeah, no, I just wanted to say I'm praying for you, I'm praying for Infowars, and God bless America.
Also praying for Trump!
God bless you.
Well, the good news is record low numbers of people taking vaccines in the U.S.
just came out today.
And the other news is record numbers of new diseases by the people been vaccinated.
Take the measles shot, get the measles.
Take the shingles shot, get the shingles.
But wait, it gets better.
Give it to your baby.
Might have a convulsion.
Might be autistic for life.
A good soft kill.
Or they might die outright.
We'll be right back, ladies and gentlemen.
Stay with us.
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He goes, and Jones says the water's got toxins in it.
And then the same video, then he has an ad for water filters.
They go, ooh, yeah, scam.
Uh, no.
The water table's full of poison.
Everybody knows that.
It's admitted.
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A lot of people have gone in, famously, to good restaurants, and they've said, I want to franchise this.
I sell what I use, and I like, and I believe in.
But it shows Hogg, and the media thinks it's like a scam.
He had a water filter ad after he talked about atrazine in the water causing sterility.
Dun, dun, dun.
Like, oh my God, it's hidden!
They always go, Jones said this on air.
We caught it.
Here it is.
Like, it was a big secret.
It was a, you know, millions were watching it.
So, InfoWarsTore.com.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
Defending the republic from enemies foreign and domestic, it's Alex Jones.
We are back live broadcasting worldwide and riding shotgun with us for the balance of this hour and the next and we'll take some calls is Dr. Nick Bagachew.
Trailblaze exposing the whole technocracy situation.
So here are some of the mainstream headlines from Business Insider, Associated Press, Daily Mail, you name it.
Just, just, just this week.
Government leaks files describing remote mind control, forced memory blanking using cell towers and cell phones.
Government accidentally sends strange conspiracy theory file.
military to spend 50 million pounds on digital brain implants to create super soldiers.
Sunday Express.
Facebook and the Atlantic Council unite social media.
This is intelligence agencies, foreign ones, working with Facebook to shut up Americans.
And it just continues on from there.
I've got a big stack of news here about wiping memories in snails.
I've got a big stack of news here dealing with how IBM computers and other AI systems are already in place deciding who lives and dies, and they're programmed by government, the insurance companies, where if you're politically a patriot, veterans have noticed they're not given treatment, but if you're a globalist, you get it.
Well, that's the Chinese social score.
That's going global with your healthcare, with your ID, with your digital number.
India has it, Canada's got it.
It's coming in here.
You can't travel, you can't get on planes, you can't get a job, you can't live.
When you go in for healthcare, the AI says you don't get healthcare.
In fact, they won't even tell you what's wrong with you.
And notice they're doing it first, the National Health Service in England and the VA.
Wherever they've got government management and it's IBM Thomas computer.
I spent much of the last few hours on that.
It is unbelievable news.
It is so incredibly important that everybody be aware of that and understand it all.
We're going to get into this with Dr. Nick Begich, the 5G, all of it, with the guy that first exposed it all from the open source U.S.
Patent Office and University DARPA documents.
But when Eisenhower said, beware of the military industrial complex, before that, we should do an intro or promo of this, we play all the time, he said, beware of a technological elite
Taking control of the country and then using the military-industrial complex for total control.
So, that's the huge news here.
And then we've got other big news.
I'm glad a caller called in about this.
We'll go to them soon.
At UM commencement, Al Gore urges graduates to reclaim the integrity of American democracy.
But the real headline, we've got to get a story on this out right now.
I'm going to strudge.
He said that
The American experiment with the Trump administration should, like some scientific ventures, be terminated early for ethical reasons.
So he's saying, abort the president, is what that statement is.
So I wanted to spend a few minutes in this segment and get into all the technical stuff for the rest of the broadcast with Nick Begich and your calls, because his dad was a famous congressman that died very mysteriously in a plane crash for fighting the system, and then his brother's also been a U.S.
Everybody knows Nick Begich for being a scientist.
I'm going to go through all his degrees and his background and all his best-selling books, exposing atmospheric manipulation, HAARP, and the thousands of patents.
He says, Alex, don't worry about the chemicals in the water.
That's bad enough.
It's the electromagnetic manipulation.
And now it's being admitted.
So this is being deployed against us.
So he joins us now.
But I wanted to ask him first.
As a smart political brain, what he makes of Trump is report card.
I think he's starting to break the back so far of the swamp, beginning to drain it as all the revelations of illegal spying come out.
I still think we're not out of the woods, but I think that
People need to stay the course, because I really see signs that Trump is strengthening, and the globalists and their whole plan are weakening, and that humanity might have some hope, not just through Trump, but through all the nationalists and populists in your work.
Understanding there's a breakaway civilization, there's a technocracy, there is a system that is breaking away from us, and it doesn't want us to be involved in it, but if we're involved in it, and just study it,
Then we can take control of it for the betterment of humanity, just like they didn't want global government being debated.
They would say, just five years ago, it didn't exist, still, when you and I covered it, and, you know, you would be on with Art Bell or George Norrie.
We'd get attacked for it.
But now it's all out in the open.
So I see that we've made giant leaps.
From where we were, and even though it seems like things are really bad now, if you look at how far we've come, I think we've come far enough in the awakening process that if we just keep pushing, it's gonna get easier and easier and easier as we go.
I think we've reached the top of the hill.
If humanity recognizes the chance and grabs at it, what do you say, Dr. Nick Baggage of EarthPulse?
I think it's true.
You know, the fact of the matter is, you know, if the public now recognizes the power that they actually have in this equation for making change, for doing it differently, we have that opportunity right now.
I mean, over 25 years ago, I started talking about this stuff and sort of where the trends were headed.
And we are there.
Unfortunately, we're like
At five minutes to midnight once again, which seems to be always the case in American politics.
We always wait short to the last minute.
Now, when I look at sort of the conditioning and what's happening, you mentioned the social scoring that China is now doing that really is
Part of the whole system right now across the globe, when you look at what China is doing, and then you look at their next door neighbor, India, in terms of facial recognition, fingerprints, I mean all of the biometrics that are being instituted now, just to get plugged into their banking system and into their system of social services, voting, etc.
You know, and they've done most of it.
I mean, I think it's 1.1 billion people already and more to come.
The whole shift is more towards the elite.
In fact, I have this conversation often with a lot of people.
I don't think Trump is part of that elite.
I think all of us know that.
And there's a lot of people who would like to see him go.
But look at the scorecard.
Lowest unemployment, highest stock market.
People are coming to the tables talking to America again.
The trade agreements are out and being revitalized in America's interest.
And I think the approach is certainly radically different than the past, and radically different is what America needed and what American citizens voted for.
And we have it.
And let's see what happens.
In terms of the control aspect, social media has been in the news.
It was engineered from the very beginning to have one purpose, and that is to move public opinion and control the culture.
I mean, when you look at media across the board, people say, oh, it doesn't have such an effect.
Yes, it does.
Right, and you look at, you know, you're talking about putting spies in someone's campaign.
This is exactly what was happening in the 1960s and early 70s here in the U.S.
under the Hoover FBI.
Who was blackmailing half the Congress, you know, really pushing a lot from that dark side of government.
And it was Hale Boggs strongly opposing him up until the point in which he was finally out of there, out of the FBI.
But the institution still had the same rot, the same structure, the same internal, you know, sort of culture that had evolved under Hoover.
That did not change.
I don't think it's changed today.
The idea that it's a political arm, think about
Think about this.
We hear all this saber-rattling about, for instance, intellectual property rights in China, as an example.
But you know, right here in the U.S., they don't defend our intellectual property rights whatsoever.
They tell us to go to civil court.
Unless you're Lucasfilms or Microsoft or someone like this, who's paying the money to run the government and to do the trade-offs, they get the laws enforced selectively for them.
This is the nature of the 21st century.
It is for the elites.
It's no longer for you and I. And that's what's changed.
That's right.
Dr. Nick Maggott, stay there.
Powerful information straight ahead.
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A citrus peel blend.
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I was talking to Sam in Texas, who came into the ATX, just experienced it wearing an InfoWars shirt, and they were very hateful to it.
Man, I walked into the Starbucks on South Lamar in my InfoWars t-shirt, and let me tell ya, I was the only InfoWarrior in the place.
We make a point to be polite, to tip well, to say please and thank you.
Hold doors for people.
But you guys experience a lot of hatred and I just appreciate you.
I commend you for holding up under that.
It's an honor to do it because these are weak people.
We have to stand strong in their face.
But yeah, living here in Austin is quite interesting now.
I got a really nice InfoWars May the Truth Be With You black t-shirt and I wear it a lot of places and I get commendations too.
People commend me for wearing it.
They kind of have a look in their eye that, man, it takes some conscience to stand up to the persecution and to tell people what we really believe and where we really stand.
But it's nothing new in Christianity.
So yes, I walked into Starbucks today and every person, every person takes a sidelong look at that shirt.
And it's so sad all we're trying to do is free market, freedom, everything that we know works and they're just brainwashed by big corporations that think of them as morons like Jeff Bezos.
It's very frustrating, and I just wish that I could deprogram them, but, you know?
And actually, I enjoy being at the grocery store and having somebody come over and scream and cuss at me only every once in a while, you know, every 50th person that goes by.
And I know that I'm upsetting them because I'm challenging their whole system.
You're listening to The Alex Jones Show.
The answer to 1984 is 1776.
You're listening to The Alex Jones Show.
Ladies and gentlemen, we have some of the most amazing news ever.
This has gotten no attention.
But a caller called in and pointed it out to us.
We'll be going to Josh in a minute.
We've got Dr. Nick Baggage here with us.
This is insane.
At a college commencement... We'll put the article on screen, please.
At a college commencement, at UM commencement, Al Gore urges graduates to reclaim the integrity of American democracy.
No, that's not the headline.
He says, when asked about Trump, we need to exterminate him for ethical reasons.
We're going to play the clip.
One of the questioner students says, isn't Trump like chemotherapy to kill the cancer of the swamp or whatever?
He goes, no.
It's like something you need to abort.
So this is next level.
You got this other professor we played earlier saying that we need to shoot to kill on the president.
He had another
Reporter a few days ago put crosshairs on him and then removed it.
This is the call to violence we continue to see.
So here is Al Gore, the man that claimed he invented the Internet decades after it was actually invented.
The man that said that the oceans would have already flooded New York by 2013.
Here is Al Gore making his really not veiled threat to abort the president.
Here it is.
As one of his supporters put it on television, he said, the way I look at it, Donald Trump is chemotherapy for America.
Well, in medicine and in science, some experiments are terminated early for ethical reasons.
Look at the politically correct cult they've created.
I don't know that that will be the case, and I do not predict it.
But I do know that whether you are a Republican or a Democrat or an Independent, the salvation of our democracy for those who support Trump or oppose Trump or those who want other candidates or not, the salvation of our democracy is with the American people and most especially with your generation.
Now we're going to have Dr. Nick Begich with us throughout the entire next hour.
We're going to get specifically into the high-tech grid, the geoengineering, the 5G, the admissions that's causing massive cancer, and the big endgame of this whole thing.
So he'll be with us.
We're taking your calls right now.
And Dr. Nick Bates is riding shotgun with us.
I'm about to go to Josh who pointed this out to us.
This is a sickening statement to the response of someone saying, again, well Trump's like chemotherapy.
I still think it's a bad analogy.
He's more like vitamin C.
And you see things turning around, as you said earlier, under Trump.
And then the vitriol from the deep state as they get outed for all the crimes they've committed and all the illegal things they've done, they are really going into panic mode.
And I can tell you this, Dr. Begich, from talking to the president quite a few times and knowing people that know him really, really well, he's not a fake.
When he likes churches and likes Christians, but he says it like this, I really like the energy.
It really feels good.
I like black churches.
I like evangelical churches.
I like people laying their hands on me.
I can feel it.
And so, he likes energy.
I mean, I don't want to be New Agey about it, but the president is pro-life in that he's not, he doesn't want stagnation, he doesn't want us to not produce and move forward.
He said in his inaugural speech, I want to unlock the secrets of the universe, I want to turn humanity loose.
He said a few weeks ago, I want planetary victory for humanity.
Talking about North Korea, this, the globalists claim they want this big one world of love, but they're creating one world of discord and evil.
Trump is the anti-New World Order guy in that he's just pragmatic and likes nice things.
And he doesn't feel good when people are poor and under him.
That makes him feel bad.
Because I've studied Trump now.
I understand what makes him tick.
So he's the anti-austerity president.
Does it mean he's perfect?
And he's a throwback in some ways.
But he is pro-human.
And I think that's why they hate him.
Dr. Begich.
Well, I think that's part of it.
And the fact that, you know, whether you like Donald Trump or not, he ran authentically.
This is the difference.
And I said this to a lot of people is what America wanted was authenticity.
And, yeah, I mean, in terms of character issues and all of that.
Yeah, we get it.
But at the same time,
We have a guy that is radically different, and I think we needed it.
I think America needed a shock, and Donald Trump is that shock.
And I think what he's done is reawaken in Americans an interest in participating on both sides.
And now this is the challenge for this generation.
It's not the challenge to participate.
It's the challenge to do it in the spirit of the Founding Fathers, which is to have that lively debate, to have that focused debate that raises the temperature in the country.
But the level of hate coming from the left and segments of the right is fundamentally wrong.
And we need to recognize the respect our Founding Fathers had for divergent opinions to the point
I think we should embrace the idea that we may find our opponent in a conversation's ideas repugnant.
But we should embrace their right to have them and express them, and we should listen and be respectful.
And that's a classical liberal idea that built the country, not the modern authoritarian liberal.
But when you have the big corporations, the big foreign banks, the Communist Chinese at Davos saying, we'll crush America, the head of Twitter saying, we'll crush conservatives, which just means anybody
They disagree with.
I know you consider yourself a conservative.
I consider myself just a common sense pro-human Renaissance person, as you do as well.
We're friends.
We've been out to dinner many times.
You know, over the last 20 years we've known each other.
And so we're on that real page there.
The globalists are anti-Renaissance.
And I think they realize that Trump is a pro-Renaissance guy, even in his own kind of strongman vein.
And that's why I think at an energetic level, his energy is so different from theirs.
That's why they're so horrified.
They are, and you know, I just went to my mom's 80th birthday this last weekend in Anchorage with a whole variety of people from Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians, Independents, and my family has lively discussion, believe me.
And here's the thing, we have these discussions with my brothers and sisters, looking each other in the eye, lively, emotional, charged, but
We are respectful.
And when we leave, we embrace each other as brothers and sisters, the way this nation should.
Recognizing our differences.
Recognizing that the context... No, I totally agree.
What I'm saying is, this whole constellation of corporate power and universities trying to break the back of free speech worldwide, I think it's going to backfire.
What do you think?
I think so too.
In fact, I would say even more than that.
It's an opportunity right now to begin to take it back.
What they've sliced away from us, one bite at a time, it's time to get it back.
And think about the internet right now and what's happening there.
The idea of using the data against you to manipulate you, which is what is exactly happening by government and corporations.
This data belongs to us.
This is our digital doorway.
This is the digital doorway into our homes in the 21st century.
If our founding fathers were here today, they'd be fighting for protection of the new elites.
Kicking in our doorways.
Kicking in our digital doorways.
And I know you've advised the EU on this.
They've even passed laws, which I think are good overall, but I see them being selectively enforced against small companies, not big ones.
But these new EU laws, I know you advised the Parliament many times, are coming in telling big data that if we demand our data be destroyed or not used, they have to do it.
But I don't see Google, Facebook or Twitter... I mean, we're already complying with the EU rules here.
I don't usually apply with stuff, but I'm complying with them because I think they're right.
And I know you advised them on that.
Yeah, indeed we did.
And this is almost 16 years ago.
Now I tell you something else on this, is I think it shouldn't be a situation of we opt in or opt out.
I think it should be illegal for them to do it.
No, I agree, because they built the very architecture where the Internet spies, period.
Yeah, I mean, where they just have no permission that they can get from us.
Let's explain something.
I've had all these top engineers and hackers on.
The way they built the web made it have Swiss cheese and not be secure.
I've had William Benny, former head of the NSA, you name it, on.
They built the damn thing to be spied on, which makes it not work right.
It should be built to be secure and privacy-based.
That's exactly right, which means we have to change it fundamentally, structurally, from the ground up, to not be a marketing and manipulation tool, but to truly be the international library.
And by the way, they've had Sean Parker of Facebook and all of them come out and say word for word what you said.
It's to manipulate dopamine, that these things are mind control engines.
We'll be back with Nick Baggage and your call.
Stay with us.
Desiree, thanks for holding.
You're on the air from California.
Go ahead.
Just wanted to let you know I've been listening to you for about six years now.
My husband turned me on to you and absolutely I could not stand you.
For about the first two months I listened to you and now I listen every single day to your phone.
I feel that you do and I absolutely thank God that I have a forum that I can contribute to and I get such an amazing product.
We use your brain force, your survival shield.
I work nights, 12-14 hours a night, 5 days a week.
I use your winter sun, your selenium, the real red pill, your bio PCA, immune wall.
Here in California, fighting, trying to survive with the demon rats.
How they're demonizing my state, I just can't stand it anymore.
You have changed my life, InfoWars has changed my family's life.
I bought property in a no-fly zone, no cell phone service, got my own well water.
My mind is so open to everything that's going on, but I need to know what else we can do.
Well, you're on the right track, Desiree.
What you're doing right now is absolutely working, and thank you for calling and sharing that with everyone.
I think she should just share her testimony.
By the way, Desiree, again, thank you for your call.
Absolutely, sweetheart.
We love you and tell your husband we love him.
We really appreciate you.
Keep up the fight.
We need to take California back.
Thank you, Desiree.
We're going to come back and take more calls.
Thank you, sweetheart.
Every morning before I start writing or shooting a video, I take two capsules of Brain Force for a sustainable burst of energy.
This is, without question, the most powerful nootropic I've ever taken.
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It's additive-free, nothing artificial.
It's Brain Force Plus.
Read thousands of five-star independent reviews right now and get your Brain Force Plus at InfoWarsLife.com.
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the Resistance.
Crashing through the lies and disinformation, it's Alex Jones, coming to you live from the front lines of the Info War.
Listen, I love God.
I'm a Christian.
But I don't like the fake mainline churches, the way they interpret it all.
When Pastor Rodney Howard Brown was here the other day, I could just feel the Spirit was so strong.
I had tears in my eyes for like 30 minutes after the show with him, when he prayed with me.
And it's the same with baggage.
I could feel his energy.
It's the Spirit.
And we only see a very limited spectrum of what is.
That's been proven scientifically now.
And that's just this dimension.
There's dimensions above and below.
And I'm telling you, the more we go with our gut,
Which is connected to our brain and connected to all of our senses.
It's way more powerful in our conscious mind.
It knows.
And that's why I knew instinctively Trump was good.
I knew instinctively he would win.
I knew instinctively.
Because I always used to ignore my gut.
The more I follow my gut, and of course you get into that with Earth Pulse, your book, the film, all of it.
We carry those at InfoWarsTore.com.
Get them at EarthPulse.com.
But whatever you call this,
They got all these fake New Age cults and fake Christian groups trying to hijack people that are already looking for God, and they try to misdirect it all, Dr. Begich.
We'll take calls in the next segment.
This one's short.
But I'm telling you, the revolution of the soul and the body and the mind and humans next level, they have their fake counterfeit, the real thing's coming.
We see it, and that's what the globalists are trying to block so desperately.
I know you've trailblazed that.
Can you speak to it?
You know, this is my base perception of what we are.
We're created in the image and likeness of God.
That really means that we need to remember what we are and what our latent capacities are.
And I don't think it's a case of evolving to anything.
We're already there.
No, no, man, I agree.
We're already there, but we're about to learn we're there.
Yes, and this is the exciting part.
The thing that gets in the way of it is anxiety and fear.
It stops you from reaching.
I mean, this is biological.
It's biophysics.
It's the way it works.
When you look at the human body, when you look at the human brain,
In terms of what it's doing in real time against, say, the media or, say, social media.
Facebook, as an example, just before the break you were talking about the dopamine release that comes from each little charge.
It was designed to make it addictive and it worked.
50 minutes a day, 2 billion people across the planet spending one work shift a week
Doing social media which is neither social nor legitimate media.
Wheel spinning!
It is a diversion from your humanity.
It is the electronic priest put between you and the divinity that exists in another human being.
This is what they're attacking.
This is what they're dumbing down.
Just like they're attacking the relationship of men and women.
How satanic is it to have Trudeau say, don't say mother or father, and oh, it's liberal, no more families.
That, trying to get between humans and our interface, is the most evil thing.
It is.
In fact, you know, the union between two people, a marriage, the union represents the dissolving of the duality and the joining of one in an example of God on Earth.
That's what it's about.
It's about coming together.
And by the way, Plato even knew that.
And he's a top globalist to this day, but he was writing manuals to them for control.
That's what they're trying to keep that power duo from coming together, dividing men and women.
That's it.
You know, when men and women come together, it fundamentally, read in every ancient work, this is fundamental.
It's the recognition.
When you look across the globe... And it's absolute total power.
It is.
And this is the difference.
If we can remember, and we can remember the divinity in another, then we can tone the conversation down and be much more effective.
It's in that voice that we can come
I agree with Scott Adams.
Explain to me, because I really respect you.
People think I'm angry and it's fear-based.
It's not.
I'm kind of like, wake up, wake up.
Things are happening.
I've been very successful, but I do see it with some take it as fear.
It's the opposite.
I have so much energy and wanting to go after them that I see it as very positive, but it can come off as the other.
So I want your nuanced understanding, Dr. Begich, to explain from your gravitas, your diagnosis of what's going on with InfoWars, whether it be good or bad.
Dr. Nick Begich is here, earthpulse.com.
Stay with us and please spread the live links.
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We are drugged out!
We are following other people's opinions!
We are controlled by the media.
Today, it all changes.
This reality has been forced upon us.
It is a choice, just like when I said slavery is a choice.
Einstein says the death and insanity is doing the same thing, expecting a different result.
So we keep on saying, I hate you, I hate you, f*** you, f*** you, f*** you.
How are we going to get a different result out of hate?
Why don't we just try love?
Why don't we just try love?
We have the resources.
You know, sometimes you need some crazy motherf***ers to change something.
Steve Jobs is crazy.
Now we all on Steve Jobs' phones.
They say Trump's crazy.
They say I'm crazy.
But I'm here to show love.
It's a bigger plan, and I'm just doing what the universe told me.
Resistance to tyrants is obedience to God.
It's Alex Jones.
So, I'm a very positive person, because this philosophy is key, because they try to misrepresent the media, what I stand for.
They take little snippets of when I am really aggressive and upset.
As the sum total of what we do, but I found that people are in a trance.
In fact, medically they are, with the TVs and the rest of it.
And sometimes my grating voice, when it's in that mode, not on purpose, I just go into that, wakes people up.
It gets them out of their comfort zone.
Whereas NPR does it all very trance-like.
Every one of their guests, everyone, NLP, the cadence, trust us, we're the experts, it's all calm, do this.
But I find Dr. Nick Begich is in the middle of the road.
He's positive, he's a professor, you name it, and he's
Laying it out lovingly, and it's kind of in between the two, of an NPR voice versus Alex Jones.
So he was kind of saying, we should be respectful to people when we try to reach out to them and try to talk to them.
Well, I agree.
And a lot of times I am disarming with somebody that gets in my face.
But sometimes I also tell them, wake up, you know, get out of your trance.
You're an idiot.
It's time for you to understand, you know, that you've been manipulated.
So there's a time and place for everything.
I don't calculate anything I do.
I mean, it's all just, you know, done either as a moronic thing or idiot savant, however you want to see it.
But you can't argue with the results of what we've gotten.
So I think it takes all kinds.
But definitely trying to not get in a fight mode with somebody that disagrees with you is obviously the way to go, because they're never going to listen to you if you don't get out of it.
But at the same time, I think it's all about times and places.
We're going to go to some calls right now, but that's a nuanced issue.
But clearly, what you're doing versus what NPR is doing versus what I'm doing, how would you quantify those with a gestalt?
Dee, I look at it this way.
I work with a lot of different people and a lot of different hosts over the years who are my friends, and they represent every kind of political persuasion.
But what I love about everyone I work with is they come right out of the center of who they are.
And when Alex Jones has something to say, it comes out of right the center of who you are.
It's not filtered.
It's not scripted.
There's no teleprompters.
There's none of this nonsense.
It comes right out of the core of you.
So you're saying the key is, just like with Trump, just like Jerry Kushner said, we want genuineness, we want from the core, we want unfiltered, we want real.
And the balance in that, you know, this is a, I've always, I always have enjoyed over the last 20 years working with you, because when we go on the air, we have this different style, but it really complements the message that we're trying to get out there, which is
Put your energy in this life and do something.
You can function in two worlds at once.
You can function in this physical world and the spiritual aspects of who you are at the same time.
The difference is, let that spiritual aspect of who you are start to push into this world a little differently, and then the world changes.
Let me ask you that question, because you're going to have the floor in the next three segments.
I'm going to let you host, because I want you to go over all the real serious stuff that we're facing.
You're covering positive stuff, and I promise to go to calls, but let me throw this out at you.
I look at servants of the globalists and the people that are into the system who turn their will over, and you know it's spiritual because it's like they're dead suddenly.
I've known people that have sold out.
And then a year later, they're like zombies.
So people think fighting for what's right is enslaving and work.
It's addicting.
You just get more discernment, more understanding.
I mean, I don't want to brag.
You know how it is yourself, all your connections.
I mean, the whole world just opens up and it's like, my God, I'm a super person compared to what I was 20 years ago.
And I can't imagine what it's gonna be like in 20 years.
I can barely handle the amount of understanding I've got now because
Here's the thing, doctor.
99% of the time, man, I'm dead on and I know stuff for other people do.
It's crazy, and I want to share this knowledge.
The globalists are like a fallen form of what we're doing, where they have some advanced knowledge, but they try to hoard it, and they're obsessed with other people getting it, whereas you and I want to just spread it.
And this, again, you know, I think this is what the world needs right now.
That's one of the things I really hope that Trump continues to crack open the secrecy syndrome of the United States that's worked against the American people.
I'm not talking about the national security issues that are legitimate, but under that guise has been hidden the entire efforts on the mind control issues, the idea of manipulation, the idea of hiding the truth nature of our political processes, and it hasn't mattered.
Which administration has been in control in the past, Republicans and Democrats alike?
I mean, think about the Southeast Asian policies revealed in the Pentagon Papers in the early 70s.
Again, when my dad was in the Congress, what was happening then was the revelation that it's a rigged system.
The national parties on both levels rigged it.
What happened in the last election?
The Republican Party put up their 16 best.
Their best elite establishment candidates and Donald Trump beat them all.
And beat the best the Democrats could generate.
Because it was about authenticity, once again.
You may not like certain character aspects, but there's no surprises.
And I can say this, whatever his character flaws were, most of it has to do with his wife and him, not the public.
And hey, he's wild too.
That's their business, man.
Yep, but I can say this about Donald Trump so far.
We haven't heard about anything going on with interns in the Oval Office, and I'm glad to know that.
And I don't think we're going to hear anything like that, because I don't believe that's the nature of what he's doing in the presidency.
I think he's there to shake the elite up.
I know people that know him well.
He's 100% at work at work, and then what he does in his own private time, reportedly that's not even going on now.
I don't think he has private time as President of the United States, because I know what public service requires.
And I've seen it in my entire life.
True public servants give up everything to serve.
Their personal privacy.
By the way, we're not bragging ourselves, but take Matt Drudge or you or I or anybody, we are serving for our families.
This is real service here, folks.
Let me tell you.
And it's expensive in terms of what you undertake.
I mean, you and I both know it.
I mean, you're beat up constantly.
You go through this gyration every couple of years when they when you rise up on some issue, they want to hammer you down.
And this is the nature of it.
But what we get up every day and we we carry on because fundamentally, we believe that this thing is changing is changing right now as people engage the process and change.
Change the process because that's the opportunity that presents this generation will either be free or slaves in our generation decides and the Millennials
Literally programmed by media with the intention to move this culture a different direction.
I travel all over the world and there's a cultural overlay in every single country I go to by the same elite players that are playing it out in the United States.
It's no different around the world.
I promise to go to Josh and a few other callers here and Carlos and everybody, but I've got Dr. Bedge here who's going to start hosting at least an hour a week.
We're planning on launching more shows, 20 hours a day, live soon.
I'm going to try to get him better equipment so he can start hosting with us, the amazing job he does.
We're going to go to break here in a moment and come back.
Uh, and then start getting into all this, but I promise, go to your calls.
We'll do that, then we'll talk about the control grid, and then how to break out of it with the guy that first exposed it all, Dr. Nick Begich.
Find his books, find his films, find incredible information at earthpulse.com.
We also carry many of his books and films at infowarstore.com.
And I got so excited last hour covering all the news.
I never plugged!
And that's how we fund our operation.
You've got the network sponsors for them.
You've got radio stations that have great sponsors.
Please support them.
But with us, 80% of the funding is you buying books, t-shirts, films, you name it.
And we're really trying to expand in the face of all these attacks.
Georgetown, George Soros, Hillary all suing us.
The stuff's getting thrown out of court, but it costs money to fight it.
I'm not complaining.
I'm just saying, if you buy the products, they're great for you and your family, and then you checkmate the globalists.
So, a bunch of specials in today.
It was early on in the Revolutionary War when the U.S.
Navy had less than ten major surface ships.
That John Paul Jones, the father of the US Navy, while engaging a British ship three times the size of his, said, I've only begun to fight.
And that's when the ship was sinking and was on fire.
But he didn't give up.
And he won.
That's part of the ethos of this country.
But not everybody
He's brought right to the wall to give him victory.
The Alamo stood and fought victory or death of Colonel Travis.
And they all died, all 180 plus men.
But the seed of that example led to the victory that came.
So I don't know how Infowars fight is gonna end.
But I know this.
Faced with the same challenges,
John Paul Jones and Colonel Travis faced, with this country under attack by foreign evil forces, hell-bent on enslaving us and destroying the promise of the Renaissance.
I will quote Colonel Travis 110% and hope that I can man up to be in his shoes and say victory or death.
Let me tell you something, I get tears in my eyes when I think about that because I love America.
It's not fear that makes me get tears in my eyes, it's will and strength boiling to defeat these tyrants and these globalists.
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So thank you all.
And please continue to support us because without you, we will fall to Soros and Hillary.
But I know in my gut we're going to win this one way or the other.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
Defending the Republic from enemies, foreign and domestic.
It's Alex Jones.
Paul Joseph Watson's hosting the fourth hour.
Dr. Nick Begich is here to come on about.
The 5G networks, the control grids, all of it is now out in the news.
I've got the most insane stuff where word for word what he predicted 20 years ago has now come true.
It's incredible.
We're going to get to that in a moment.
I promise to take a few of these calls.
Let's go ahead and talk to Josh in Oregon who called in to tell us about the bizarre Al Gore statement about aborting President Trump.
Go ahead.
Yeah, so I heard this statement the other day and I thought it was one of the most insane things that I've ever heard.
I mean, you can imagine if a statement like that was being made by Newt Gingrich, for example, about Hillary Clinton when she was president, or something along those lines.
You wouldn't be able to get away with it.
And it just shows the insanity of these criminals.
I mean, you've got people like Brennan who's coming out and threatening Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan, swamp rats themselves.
I forgot to cover that.
Brennan comes out, he can't threaten the president because it doesn't work, telling him to shut your mouth.
Now he's threatening them, and with what?
Oh yeah, yeah, I know, exactly.
I mean, you know, this is a guy who, you know, voted for the Communist Party in the 70s and it's just insane.
You know, you've got Loretta Lynch who came out and said that we need to have blood in the streets.
Andy McCabe said he's going to burn down the whole FBI.
You know, you've got Clapper coming out and saying that.
You've got the former Deputy Director of the CIA and then the FBI brought over by Mueller because Mueller's really CIA.
Confirmed that with high-level CIA who worked with him.
And they brought them over and
They've got mud on TV saying we're going to kill Trump.
These are excellent points you're making, Josh.
God bless you.
What do you make of this, Dr. Begich?
Before, I think it was bravado.
I think they're really scared right now.
And so I think we're at a point of maximum danger with the deep state.
And you're really well-studied research.
Obviously, you believe, and a lot of folks believe, your father's plane was brought down as a U.S.
Your brother's been a senator.
You've been on the inside of a lot of big things, advised world leaders at a gut level
I don't know.
They just don't have the control.
They didn't spend 50 years building his career in politics.
He came in as an outsider, as a renegade, actually.
And we get that, and we don't care if he went out with a porn star.
We didn't hire him for that.
We hired him as a wrecking ball.
That's exactly it, and I think that's what the American people wanted.
And if you stop and think about it for a minute, even on the Democratic side, you know, if Hillary hadn't rigged the thing, and they did rig the thing at the national level, and the evidence has shown that.
Bernie probably would have beaten Trump.
He probably would have, because once again, people wanted
And they didn't care what it looked like, how people screamed about it.
They just want to know they weren't part of the existing power structure that has worked against us.
And all around the country, I don't care whether you're a liberal, a conservative, or an independent, you have this sense of dis-ease, of discomfort, of just something about to happen.
Because it is.
It is.
It's five minutes to midnight.
And here's the big dimension of it.
Mind control as a concept is so clearly administered in the simplest of forms right now, and it's been done through programming, through television, through media for decades.
Now, what has changed is you can actually monitor in real time what goes on in the human brain when you're broadcasting or when you're sending specific signals.
And this is what has happened.
We're good to go.
No, it was to maintain control over those who were corrupted.
The idea of control is really what it's about.
And the closer and the more that you see that instituted, it is the signal to the elites that this is coming.
Because ideally, it's a game of bankers.
It always has been.
To the very beginning of banking in Sumeria, and it was a king issuing little fiat forms of currency and then you pay the interest back in silver.
Then it came into the Middle Ages, we had that banking system of all fractional lending.
And let's be clear, under feudalism, whether it was ancient Japan, ancient China, ancient Africa, ancient England, ancient France, ancient, ancient, you know, Austrian-Hungarian areas, the Visigoths and Ostrogoths,
You had to have the tally sticks or the shells or the coins or you'd be killed if you were trading rabbits or trading... There was no barter allowed under feudalism.
You always heard about, oh, you're hunting the king's deer or whatever.
If you caught fish and didn't do some tax, you were killed.
So they always lust after this total control system and the China celebrating their new social credit score, barring people from flying or working or living who don't act exactly like they want
The left is saying, let's adopt this here to control conservatives.
Don't they get that once the thing's in place, they can always change the rules however they want for total control?
And you're familiar, and I know we've discussed it before, you know, Zbigniew Brzezinski's book, Between Two Ages, which also laid this all out as an insider.
You look at what he laid out in the early 70s, and it is happening right now.
Between Two Ages, the technotronic era.
He set it up.
And I knew my dad when I was like...
He said, you wanna know how stuff works, son?
You think Nondare Call Conspiracy's powerful?
He goes, read this.
This is from one of their main architects.
And he admitted that the government brings in the drugs to control it, the child porn they control, the mind control.
They're gonna have a computer technocracy to control us.
And their argument is, oh, we control the child porn so it doesn't get out of hand.
As if anybody even wants that crap.
It's the government and the UN pushing NAMBLA.
Sorry, I mean, I'm ranting.
It's just Brzezinski was so damn evil.
Well, and here's the thing.
You know, when you look at what was constructed from his frame of thought, the Trilateral Commission Foreign Affairs Journal, I actually read it every time it comes out.
I'm on a subscription list because...
I want to know what the Elite's plan is and where they're headed.
I read a lot of publications that are out of areas that I consider like my area because I want to know.
I want to know what's being planned, how it's being looked at, and how our lives are being constructed around us.
We need to change the way we see the world for the world to change.
We need to see it more accurately.
The mainstream is no longer a media outlet.
Fake news?
What a propaganda game.
It is the fake news.
It's all editorial.
It is not information anymore.
That's right, stay there.
This is such an epic moment to be alive.
Tetronic Era is another book of his I read.
I can't even keep track of it anymore.
That's what's crazy is they write books admitting all this.
That's how I know it.
And then they think you're so dumb, then they just deny it.
It's insane.
Stay with us.
I'm Dr. Nick Begich.
We're going to continue to stand up for America.
We are going to call BS on the mainstream media when they lie.
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I know you can see me now, here's a surprise.
I know that you have, cause there's magic in my eyes.
I can see for miles and miles and miles.
Alright, I know we got a lot of phone lines.
I'll try to get to some of them here.
I apologize I haven't gotten a lot of you, but Nick Baggins is here to actually cover the globalist control grid and actual science that's now all admitted.
Everything he said, now admitted.
And he's here with us right now.
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Earth Pulse.
Also about what's happening.
His prediction of this big awakening.
What happened.
He said this about 10-12 years ago.
Right at this time.
Baggage is a smart guy.
So let's let him get into the
The globalists first all say they want to merge with Silicon.
They believe humanity is ugly and done.
They believe they're gods controlling our evolution.
As you said, we're already here.
If anything, we're going backwards now in their attempt to suppress us.
So quantify who the good guys are, the bad guys are.
We never talk about who are the spiders behind these minions who want to sell out humanity, these narcissistic, psychopathic control freaks.
And then let's hit some of the main points here of just, it's all admitted.
They're putting brain chips in troops.
World government's here.
Can't buy or sell if you're not a good globalist.
Robot cars killing people all over.
Al Gore saying exterminate.
In mainstream news, saying cell towers can manipulate your brain.
I mean, this is just, it's all here.
And instead of people going, oh, Nick Baggage and Alex Jones were right, it's like, they're even worse!
Screw them!
It's just quite a paradigm, Dr. Baggage.
Go ahead.
You're right, and that's exactly it.
And, you know, when you think about the things the mainstream is now reporting, if you go back to a really important article, it was 1998, now 20 years old, and it was called The Mind Has No Firewalls, and it was reprinted from an article that was originally in a Russian journal called Orienteer, a military journal.
And what it talked about, and was later absolutely supported in mainstream reports within the United States and academic studies, was the idea that any electromagnetic carrier, any system that can carry a signal, can carry a sub-signal, a signal on it that allows you to manipulate the behavior of people within contact of that signal.
Now what can be used is the internet, telephone, radio networks, power grids,
Any of the things that essentially carry a part of the electromagnetic spectrum that you can manipulate.
And so this is essentially what has happened.
Now the idea of being able to have a more targeted effect rather than affecting general populations, this is possible using cell phone systems that then are actually tagging a specific individual who can be linked into that system.
So, when you think of surveillance, don't just think about the idea of looking at what you're doing, but also beginning now, and has been for some time, influencing what you're doing.
Now, when you look in real time at brain activity, for instance, in the gaming industry, when games are being evolved, Facebook and the way it operates, virtually all of these electronic interfaces are monitored, because the objective of the inventors is to make you come back.
And that means they want to trigger the portions of your brain associated with two things.
Drug addiction and orgasm, sexual activity, the things that will make your brain come back to those same sources to get that charge again, to get that dopamine release again, to get serotonin levels change.
All of these chemical changes occur by the energetic changes.
This is called biophysics.
It is what the science tells us.
Our brains are electrochemical.
They admitted 20 years ago cell phones break the DNA.
They admit they're doubling brain tumors.
Right, and again, this is not something new.
There was a major initiative in this back in the early part of the current century, and we participated in that in the European Parliament in testifying about these technologies.
They went on, on the basis of the book, Earth Rising, The Revolution, which actually a lot of it made it into their record because they used it as a reference source because there were over 600 sources.
It made it really easy
Uh, for people to look at the subject matter.
And that's been our hallmark all along.
These aren't just arbitrary predictions.
They're based on what's in the published literature.
And what we know today, we are indeed at that threshold.
So this is a system to program our brains while they're killing us.
It's all admitted.
But who's in control of it?
Who's at the bottom of the rabbit hole?
I think it's a layer below most of the political leadership, quite frankly.
I think most of the political leadership are rolled in and out as long as... No, I agree.
It's what Eisenhower said.
He said the technological elite in control of the military-industrial complex.
And this is exactly who it is.
So you look at, who are those today?
It's the Microsoft, it's the Googles, it's also the traditional industrialists of the past that represent the military-industrial complex, and the pharmaceutical academic.
And their argument is, the Chinese are going to get all this, we've got to have better mind control, but of course it's going to end up being used on everybody.
This is already happening.
And it's, the Chinese certainly have investigated all of this.
It even comes through on what little comes out of China.
But they're doing it on a level that is going to be the model, I would say.
That's right, they call it Skynet, the real name of the social score system that tracks everything you do and then controls you with it.
They call it Skynet.
Yeah, and you're going to see the extension of this.
I mean, I see the brick, you know, what's happening there between Russia, India, South Africa, Brazil, China.
A lot of that is economic, but the economic overlay always has a social overlay.
And what people know in the world today is 2 to 4 billion people are coming into the middle class in the next 20 years globally.
And the elites want the same kind of gains, only now they really want the controls, because democratic republics do not serve the interest of elites.
What countries need to do is take their sovereignty back, starting with their economics, starting with their currency.
Exactly, and say we want a new social contract admitting all this, and not having a global race towards dehumanization, but a global race towards human empowerment.
That's right, and I hope, I hope that the secrecy syndrome that has dominated the planet begins to again be chiseled away by Donald Trump.
I hope he has the courage to do it.
It's long overdue.
The public can handle the truth, and we need the truth to reform the system.
They crave it!
In a vacuum.
The public craves the truth.
That's what the whole thing has been the last four years, leading into the last presidential election and coming out of it.
Everyone wants it.
If you look at the mainstream even, where do they get their highest ratings?
When those little bitty increments is something that actually matters, manages to make it.
No, I agree.
So let me ask you this question.
The left used to be mean well that they were they were manipulated just like the right is.
But now they've weaponized the left so much like piranhas out there.
They almost seem like possessed and it's the social media.
It's the incremental fake bots that they think are real people telling them what to do.
I mean,
I mean, I don't want to get into like voodoo here, but it's like they've been possessed.
It is a type of mind control, quite frankly, and it's intended to do that.
It's intended to incite your emotions around specific ideas that are being shoved into you based on your preferences that are easily discernible today.
This is programming.
We need a digital... That's right.
They get your number with the social media.
They know you're a thousand times beyond the Minnesota Multiphase.
They know your absolute type, and then they know how to target it.
It's unbelievable.
We'll be right back as we battle for human consciousness with Dr. Nick Baggage of EarthPulse.com.
Stay with us.
Let's talk to Victor in Florida.
Victor, you're calling.
Go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
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You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
There is a planet, two-thirds of the way out of the spiral arm of the Milky Way galaxy, orbiting the standard yellow sun.
On it, an experiment is taking place.
There are those that wish to understand the experiment.
There are those who wish to know the secrets of the universe, but there are those who only wish to control their fellow humans, because they crave total domination and don't want those discoveries of the universe to ever reach the general public, because the technocrats know the real developments, the real science, the real spark of genius comes from the common people.
The elites have been inbred so long that they're mentally ill.
They're just ruthless psychopaths on average.
And that's why they say humanity's impure and fallen.
They will perfect it with digital merger.
But you must die physically before you're uploaded into it.
I predicted that 20 years ago.
Now it's been announced.
And I can see in the future when people will commit suicide rather than being taken to the oneness center.
Where you'll be plugged in and your brain downloaded, they claim, into a digital second dimension.
I see that.
That's not in the books.
I see that.
That's the future we're gonna face, is people running and hiding so that they not be picked up and drug off to be uploaded into the beautiful matrix.
And we actually know that's their plan, because Arthur C. Clarke was a big luminous, and he wrote Childhood's End.
And Begich, let's just be honest about this.
I don't get into UFOs, I don't get into aliens, none of that can be proven, but if you look at how globalists operate, and the way they behave, the things they do, and how they hate humanity, like the devil, kill, steal, and destroy, the Bible warned us about, and the world government coming in, all the things, it's like, wow, who are the good guys that gave us this warning?
Or are bad guys using it as an operating manual of evil?
I think it's the first, not the...
Second, but just as a scientist, I know you don't speculate, you go off patents and proof and documents, that's how they can never go after you, but there's just something so anti-human and so uncool about this, that's why I frantically fight it.
Because it's beyond psychopathic, there's something off-world about it.
Well, you know, a lot of it is, again, about maintaining existing power structures.
The fact that we have very advanced technologies on the planet today.
Some are being, you know, discussed lightly.
You see, you know, and that's when our work in the past 25 years is really looking at those trends and they announce things.
You know, they kind of say, well, let's see what happens.
How does public relate?
When you think about
Intellect and what it is and how it actually functions what what they have learned is that the human?
Being as a creative force is way way more than anyone expected you know the mind effects research done by the Central Intelligence Agency and others from the 1950s forward
The surprise for them wasn't the idea that they could create Manchurian candidates, this kind of a mindset.
If you look at the work of Esther Brooks, you'll see plenty on that.
But the real thing that they discovered
...was that all of us have these latent human capabilities, the military has tagged anomalous human capabilities, which we used to call extrasensory perceptions, but there's many other names for these.
And it's been totally documented, so the system's made the decision to suppress everyone with the fluoride, to try to suppress it, because the elites don't control it, and they don't even have it.
If they had it, they'd join humanity.
So it's like the elites think they're elite.
No, they're cancer.
They're malfunctioning.
If they had it, they would just join humanity.
They would stop it.
Now, when you want to talk about... But is that accurate?
Is that accurate from your perspective?
It is.
And it's a partnership between the elites of business, governments, and, quite frankly, religion has been the servant.
Totally co-opted.
The most... When I go into a mainline Christian church, it feels the most satanic place you could be because it's been captured.
Well, and if you even read the scripture, it says, at the end of the age, there'll be a form of godliness, but deny the inner power of it.
And it's the inner power of it that we need right now, in terms of what is happening.
And that's just a remembrance of what we are.
We've been reminded.
And you know, one of the things I talked about on your program before is traumatic events and what they trigger.
And think about this as a trauma.
Think about the figure of Christ on a cross as a human being and divine at the same time experiencing this great trauma and crying out, why have you forsaken me?
And think about this.
This is where humanity is, where all of us are at this moment, is we can ask for that transfiguration of what we are and recognize what we were created to be.
But God's free will and won't do it unless we open the door.
We have to take a step forward in what we believe to be right and true.
And do it from the base, from the place that you are.
I'm not saying believe like me, or change into this or that.
I'm saying, where you are right now, begin to meet yourself again.
Recognize the divinity in you, so you can recognize the divinity... Because we statistically know
Mainstream media, Facebook, all of it lowers our IQ, sterilizes us, makes us depressed, and kills us, and it's designed to do it, so we know this is from bad people.
They didn't just build something that was accidentally bad.
They built something meant to hurt us!
It was meant to do exactly what it's doing, capture our time, which is the essence of
Of course.
People, relationships, the divinity in each of us that matters.
And this is what should matter.
Oh, and the way they'll talk about their lives and open up and how smart they are.
And they're only now realizing the power they had all along.
And it was all, it was all blocked.
It was all blocked, usually by fears that never materialize.
Think about the things we feared in life.
And I mentioned this before on a segment.
It was one of the best segments I think I've ever done with your team, Alex.
And I mentioned my father's disappearance.
And what a trauma that was.
He just disappeared off the face of the earth.
I was 14 years old.
And it was traumatic, I can tell you.
My mom was 34.
Anti-establishment congressman just disappears.
And you know, my mom had six kids.
She was 34 years old.
The youngest was four.
The oldest was 14.
And I can tell you, it was traumatic.
But at the same time, it presented for me an opportunity to make different choices.
And it was the single greatest gift my father ever gave me.
Because in that trauma, it
And if you read the Jade Helm documents, it says we're worried about intelligent, focused, powerful, active, there's an exact term they use, empowered individuals.
And that's what the Pentagon, under their directive, I'm not saying they're bad, the people directing them, are worried about interesting, empowered individuals who have their own fount.
Right, because you can't restrict it, you know?
The truth comes out of you.
This is why I am more interested in the truth being told than the manner of its delivery.
Because then I at least know it's coming from the heart and it's coming from the head.
And when you combine those two, now you have something.
The elite only work from here, but they want to manipulate you here.
I was about to say, they think we're weak because they have heart.
They don't understand that the deeper mind and soul connects to the heart and the gut and drives us.
That's the real brain.
They're missing that.
They don't even know that's the advanced intelligence.
Right, and you know, the physics even tells us that we're co-creators in this reality.
I mean, the fact is that the observer, you and I, decide whether something becomes a particle, a piece of matter, or a wave of energy.
That speaks to our... We can conceive it in the higher dimension and then manifest it.
If that isn't God, nothing is.
Yeah, and it starts in the heart and mind, and then we speak it with our words, and we begin to construct reality.
That is how it works.
We do it in our families, we do it in our neighbors.
Just like Genesis.
God saw it, saw the void, spoke it, thought it, spoke it, it was.
And it was.
And you know, the thing is, begin to speak your own personal truth.
Find that truth and speak that truth.
And as you learn where you're erred or where you're correct, amplify that and change the air in our thinking.
And that means a different approach.
And take control of your thinking and your heart back.
Turn off the mainstream news.
That's right.
Don't let them have your heart, your mind, your soul.
Give that to God, and then God isn't a slave master.
God will then turn you loose who you really are.
The only thing I would say on that, ask for grace, because the journey to wisdom otherwise is a painful one.
So ask for grace in all of it, and that's where the change begins.
And you know what?
We can make a difference.
We're seeing it happening.
We can try and do it with a kinder heart and a more informed head.
And then, and then we claim our birthright back.
And then we march into a different kind of war, an info war that starts from within.
Five more minutes with Dr. Nick Begich.
He was powerful 20 years ago, but he kind of disappeared into the wilderness for a few years.
Now he's like, come back.
Obi-Wan Kenobi here with us.
Everybody knows the truth when they hear it.
We'll be back.
And then Paul Watson's coming up.
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I hear people talking right about the way we have to live here in this country.
Harpin' on wars we fight and gripin' bout the way things ought to be And I don't mind them switchin' sides and standin' up for things they believe in
Well, Dr. Nick Beggars has been on fire today, and I was looking at this Daily Mail article and Business Insider, and there's another article out of Popular Mechanics, Popular Science, and it gets into 1974, and the document was finally collated in 1977.
That's 44 years ago, the year I was born.
In the diagrams, what's being targeted is a woman.
And I continually see this, and I'm not saying this to patronize women, like, oh, you're the victim, own that, be a victim.
No, be victorious, realizing that most of the propaganda, most of the advertising, most of the chemicals, most of the weapons are targeting women.
Now, the whole fluoride and mercury thing targets men as well, but the whole point is it's targeting women.
Dr. Begich in closing, powerful interview.
It just gets more and more powerful having you on.
You've been not vindicated, because you were always vindicated, but you've really been
Proven right.
All your research now.
Why are they coming out in the open now?
Why are they suddenly gone from denying it all to putting it out?
I think it's because they tried to cover it up, but people did research and that backfired on them.
So now they're trying to hide it in plain view and go, okay, we're putting ships and troops heads and we're going to end the family and you're all going to die.
It's the best for the earth.
Okay, big deal.
Let's move along.
I mean, I think that's what they're trying.
Well, and again, it's a conditioning process.
You know, now they're talking about, like, for instance, with veterans, you know, because of post-traumatic stress syndrome, they're saying, hey, we might be able to erase these memories.
And some people think that's a great idea, but what else are they going to erase, for God's sake?
That's what electroshock does!
But when you start to precision remove a memory set, so maybe we have our men and women in the service engage in some grossly illegal activity, and then we just wipe their memories, so, you know... They're actually working on that!
You're turning them into robots!
That's exactly it, and this is the difference.
The elites look at us as biological machines that are designed to be manipulated.
They do not see us as spiritual beings occupying a physical form.
This is the difference.
They're attempting to steal our consciousness, just like made in the image of God.
We're not God, but we're given consciousness and free will, and we're able to create like a baby finger painting towards a stairway to something greater.
We're being given the potential to go to the next level by the Creator, because obviously God would then give other creatures opportunity to ascend.
And it's about coming back.
I mean, that's what the big message has always been about.
Coming back to the essence of what we are.
And I think also another model of the universe is a holographic universe, where we as individuals contain some essence of the whole.
I think this is what is really meant.
By those ancient scriptures that we are part of that.
That's another question I gotta hold you over because Paul's taking over or just a minute or two What about all the head of like major banks and globalists are going it's all holographic.
It's all fake, but they don't agree with us They're saying it's all fake give up.
That's like super deluxe this thing from Time Warner.
It's just give up.
It's all fake anyways No, no, it's all real.
They're trying to project the hologram explain that
And to explain it, and also to restrict again, to make us feel like we have no self-determination, and we do.
It's the greatest gift that we have at all, that we get to choose.
We get to choose right now what we do, and in the next second what we do.
And the power is in making choices, not sitting idly by and accepting... It's like a video game for eternity, and they don't want you to know there's other levels.
That's exactly it.
And you don't even have to go anywhere to find them.
You're standing in them.
It's about recognizing, remembering again, and having confidence in who you are and what you are, and not responding.
That's another subject.
Everyone has this essence in their wake of how old we are.
I mean, that's a whole other debate.
Come back next week for the full hour.
Host the show this week.
We love you, Dr. Begich, you're amazing.
Thanks for having me.
Oh yeah!
I feel humanity and our destiny rising!
On the other side, from London, England, Paul Watson's all teed up and ready to go.
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The tip of the spear.
It is the Alex Jones Show.
And now, your host, Paul Joseph Watson.
And now, ladies and gentlemen, Paul Joseph Watson, from London, England, takes over the InfoWar, ahead of the War Room, coming up in 54 minutes.
Stay with us.
We are live!
It is the April 20th, er, May 22nd, sorry, edition of the Alex Jones Show, fourth hour, and a huge headline just went up on InfoWars.com, literally posted one minute ago.
This is the back-end data from Reuters polling.
No other news organisation has reported on this, not even Reuters.
It's in their back-end, but they're not reporting on it as of yet.
Republicans now six points ahead in Congressional poll.
Blue Wave turns into a drought.
Polling by Reuters shows that Republicans are now six points ahead of Democrats in the race for the U.S.
Remarkable turnaround, given that they were once as much as 16 points behind.
And that was as recently as December, where in another CNN poll, Democrats were 16 points ahead.
Now, according to the latest figures from Reuters, in which registered voters were asked,
If the election for US Congress were held today, would you vote for the Democratic candidate or the Republican candidate in your district where you live?
The GOP comes out on top.
40.7% of respondents said they would vote for a Republican, with 34.5% saying they would vote for a Democrat.
Now if you go right to the end of that image on the right-hand side, you'll see that the lines have crossed.
In the past week, the Democrats have sunk
And the Republicans have taken over.
The lines have criss-crossed for basically the first time since the 2016 election.
Absolutely incredible polling figures.
The Dilbert creator Scott Adams offers his wry commentary on the numbers.
He says, on the plus side, Democrats still have 100% support from MS-13 and Iran.
And of course from Palestinian terrorists, no doubt.
But that's the very argument, isn't it?
Nancy Pelosi, the lot of them, they threw their lot behind MS-13.
Animals, who are animals.
By the way, today an MS-13 gang member who's literally nicknamed The Animal has been charged with murder.
Convicted 40 years in jail for murdering a 15 year old boy.
Nancy Pelosi was unavailable for comment whether he had a spark of divinity.
We don't know yet.
We're still waiting for word from Pelosi.
But that's exactly it, isn't it?
They've plummeted.
They've cratered.
They've collapsed.
And now in a generic poll for the US Congress, Republicans are more than six points ahead, which is marginally, I think, outside the margin of error.
Of course, we had a CNN poll, I think it was last week,
Where the margin of error had become so close that it was basically a toss-up, again after Democrats being 16 points ahead as recently as December.
Now Republicans are six plus points ahead according to the latest figures out of Reuters.
And now it's not just the MS-13 situation, the Iran situation, it's obviously because of the economy.
Nearly two out of three Americans polled by CBS this week
So the economy is either very good or somewhat good, and that's what it's all about.
It's going to be the primary issue as we move towards the midterms.
Republicans now a whopping, given how far they were behind, six points ahead of Democrats in this congressional poll.
Absolutely huge.
I'm going to send the article to Drudge in the next break here and see if he'll link to that, because again, you'll only find it on InfoWars as of right now.
Talking of ratings and polls, CNN's Jake Tapper has basically lost 32% of his audience in one year.
This is out of Breitbart.
CNN's Jake Tapper has lost nearly a third of his audience.
Throughout all of May last year, CNN's Jake Tapper averaged 1.091 million total viewers, and 304,000 viewers in the advertiser-coveted 25-to-54 age demo.
Which, by the way, is the predominant demo of my YouTube channel that CNN's tried to shut down, tried to shut down the Alex Jones Channel.
So far this year, though, through the 16th of May, those numbers have cratered by nearly a third!
Now, bear in mind that CNN as a whole has also lost 30% of its audience in the past year.
Tapper's demo viewers have sunk to an average of just 206,000, a 32% decline.
His total viewers collapsed to just 785,000, a 28% fall.
Now, that was according to CNN's own press release as of last year.
He's lost 32% from May 2017 to May 2018.
Tapper is now in last place when compared to Fox News and even MSNBC.
So you see what's happened is the Trump derangement syndrome market, which was, you know, let's be honest, a fire last year.
This time last year, everybody was all into their Trump derangement syndrome on the left.
As that kind of cratered in interest, as every new headline, every new drama, every new bombshell didn't lead to the impeachment of Donald Trump, as they all foolishly thought it would, people began to get jaded.
So that coalesced basically into MSNBC, obviously the most hysterical left-wing network on the air, although CNN's running it pretty close.
So MSNBC's still not doing too bad, but CNN has plummeted, of course.
That ties into how Trump's basically declared war on them, how they've become the totem pole of left-wing anti-Trump hysteria.
Article continues, Tapper's rating woes are in part tied to the fake news albatross, that is the far-left CNN.
CNN's well-documented and ongoing credibility problems have devastated the anti-Trump channel's ratings, which have already collapsed by some 30% this month.
Nevertheless, Tapper has suffered from some credibility scandals of his own, including his self-destructive refusal to separate himself from the sinking ship that is CNN.
Because before he joined CNN, Jake Tapper was seen as, you know, somewhat of a centrist.
He did a lot of great work on the whole surveillance issue back during the Edward Snowden days when he worked for ABC News.
So Jake Tapper had this kind of
Perceived credibility, even though he was within the mainstream media.
He was seen as something of an outlier, not part of the establishment.
Since the 2016 election, where of course he was tied in to the Clinton campaign quite intimately, going to the dinners, going to the behind-the-scenes events, now he's basically joined the chorus of Trump derangement syndrome on CNN, and it's cost him in viewing figures.
But MSNBC, as this article points out, is still, is pummeling CNN.
Reads, MSNBC might be every bit as dedicated to the left-wing cause as CNN, but with hosts like Rachel Maddow, Chris Matthews, Ari Melber, Chris Hayes and Joy Reid, MSNBC is at least interesting.
Mainly because several of those people are completely out of their gourd, Joy Reid in particular, and of course Rachel Maddow.
And at times we'll even surprise you.
CNN is as humourless, programmed and pedantic as a date spent at a socialist summer camp.
Not only that, it has, again, the most virulent Trump derangement syndrome imaginable.
There was a story today up on the Drudge Report where it was, I think it was a Harvard professor, headline Harvard professor, Lawrence Tribe warns Dems pushing Trump impeachment.
You have to shoot to kill!
Now bearing in mind this arrives a few days after some anti-Trump lunatic who is shouting anti-Trump slogans tried to shoot up a hotel in Florida, you remember that story, now he's been charged.
It also comes less than a year after James T. Hodgkinson, a far-left Bernie Sanders supporter, tried to massacre a large group of congressional lawmakers at a baseball practice
Now we have a Harvard Law professor talking within the context of impeaching Trump, but saying, quote, if you're going to shoot him, you have to shoot to kill.
Now, is that really the kind of rhetoric that we need, given these hyper-partisan times, given the fact that we've had fringe extremists on both the left and the right actually try to shoot to kill on a regular basis?
Are those words appropriate for CNN?
Well, he hasn't come out and clarified it.
Obviously, he was talking about the context of impeaching Trump.
He's not literally talking about shooting to kill Trump.
But again, are those words really appropriate given the hyper-partisan, fringe extremist, hysteria times that we live in?
Probably not.
Probably not.
But he wasn't called out for it on CNN.
Frank in North Carolina, thanks for holding so long.
Go ahead.
Yeah, Alec, I just have to say something, man.
It seems like every time I turn on your broadcast, you're bragging.
It just gets old, man.
I'm gonna shut you down right now, okay?
We're taking calls about your nomination.
Do you understand they're having congressional hearings trying to shut us down?
Do you understand I'm ringing the alarm?
If that was happening to anybody else, I'd be freaked out.
I mean, what's it gonna take?
Us being shut down?
Is that what you want, Frank?
You know what, Alex?
Hey, put him on pause again!
Hey, Frank!
Do you understand it's not bragging to say, we are the tip of the spear, we're under attack, we need your help.
As much begging as I do, we can barely pay the bills and grow in the face of this.
I'm not gonna just stop growth and