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Name: 20180511_Fri_Alex
Air Date: May 11, 2018
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In "The Alex Jones Show," Alex discusses the increasing censorship of free speech in Western society, his own experiences with censorship, and how he believes that free speech is being suppressed by those who do not agree with certain viewpoints. He emphasizes the importance of maintaining freedom of expression to promote open dialogue and debate. Jones also criticizes political correctness and advocates for allowing all viewpoints to be expressed freely, even if they are hateful or extremist.

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From deep in the heart of FEMA Region 6, Austin, Texas, transmitting worldwide, it's Alex Jones.
This is real.
This is not fiction.
This is our enemies showing themselves.
Maxine Waters, triggered, explodes on the House floor, takes back her time, will not let someone speak.
Saying, I resent making America great again.
Here is the revealing footage.
We are trying to make sure that we're making America great every day in every way.
And the best way to do that is to stop talking about discrimination and start talking about the nation.
We're coming together as a people in spite of what you say.
Thank you gentlemen, I yield back.
Gentleman's time has expired.
Members are reminded to address their remarks to the chair.
The gentleman from Texas Reserves, gentlelady from California.
Thank you very much.
The gentleman, Mr. Kelly, please do not leave because I want you to know that I am more offended as an African-American woman than you will ever be.
And this business about making America great again, it is your president that's dividing this country.
And don't talk to me about the fact that we don't understand
No, I will not yield.
No, I will not yield.
Don't tell me that we don't understand.
That's the attitude that's been given toward women time and time again.
The gentlelady will suspend.
The chair wishes to remind all members that they are to address their remarks to the chair.
I respect the chair, but don't stop me in the middle when you didn't stop him in the middle.
And so I shall continue.
Don't you dare talk to me like that and think that somehow women don't understand what goes on on the floor of automobile dealers.
And I am saying that I will continue
I do not yield.
Not one second to you.
Not one second.
Not one second to you!
That woman is worth reportedly 50 plus million dollars.
She went to Congress with no money.
She's given massive direct cash payments to her husband's bank that he chaired.
She lives in multiple mansions, drives the finest cars, wears the finest clothes, and bitches and gripes and hates this country.
We're trying to actually turn the economy back on, bring people together, and she's up there talking about men harassing women on car dealership floors.
When the borders are collapsing, billions of people are close to starvation, the world's in a critical crisis, and the globalists are on record trying to make us fight with each other any way we can.
You know, there's a famous
Congressional report back in the late 50s on the goals of communism from captured FSB and previously KGB documents.
And in there it talks about making men and women fight with each other, making families fight, getting rid of Christianity, and then replacing it with a godless state so that people have nothing.
They stand for nothing.
And you heard her, I resent your make America great again comments.
This dishonorable president.
And notice Trump is just delivering on every single front.
I'm going to go over the current communist goals later in the broadcast directly from whitehouse.gov because
That is in the congressional record.
And then I want to ask you, has it not happened?
When you think communist goals, it's globalist goals.
Who funded communism?
The richest people in the world.
To con the serfs.
All the world, slavery was ending.
Land servitude was ending.
So they had to con you as the cities became industrialized, back into a form of communism.
Back into a form of the communal.
Or living in the communal on the land.
But the Lord is above you in the castle.
You're in a communal.
But they're not.
It's called slavery.
Frank in North Carolina, thanks for holding so long.
Go ahead.
Yeah, Alec, I just have to say something, man.
It seems like every time I turn on your broadcast, you're bragging.
It just gets old, man.
I'm gonna shut you down right now, okay?
We're taking calls about your nomination.
Do you understand they're having congressional hearings trying to shut us down?
Do you understand I'm ringing the alarm?
If that was happening to anybody else, I'd be freaked out.
I mean, what's it gonna take?
Us being shut down?
Is that what you want, Frank?
You know what, Alex?
Hey, put him on pause again!
Hey, Frank!
Do you understand it's not bragging to say, we are the tip of the spear, we're under attack, we need your help.
As much bagging as I do, we can barely pay the bills and grow in the face of this.
I'm not gonna just stop growth and let them start pushing us backwards.
You understand?
I need your help, Frank!
I need your help, Frank!
Go to Infowarsstore.com right now and help fund the InfoWars.
Do you understand?
I need your help, Frank!
Free Press needs your help, Frank!
Coming to you from the former United States of America, from deep in the heart of Texas, it's Alex Jones.
Ladies and gentlemen, Maxine Waters is a mad dog.
She is like Cujo.
She has cultural, political, spiritual rabies.
I don't know which dog bit the other dog, but Hillary's got the same disease, megalomania.
Everything in their wake is death and destruction.
And we're going to be breaking down this incredible speech where she said, quote, I resent Make America Great Again.
We'll play the full remarks coming up, but I want to play just the end part here in a moment where she says, I resent Make America Great Again, and I resent this president.
And the hatred, the vitriol, the anger, and the way she's talking about women and blacks, like it's a title.
Like, I am oppressed.
I have a title.
Like, I'm a king.
I'm an earl.
I'm a queen.
I'm a duke.
I am a woman.
You have wronged me.
I have resentment for all of you.
I have chips on my shoulder, and I'm black, and you've done something to me.
And people are sick of it because we know it's weaponized to keep people in a cultural plantation.
That doesn't mean there aren't racists on all sides.
Doesn't mean there's all sorts of bad things in the world.
There's also a lot of good in the world.
And Trump is really trying to build factories in Detroit.
How about affirmative action?
He is building and getting companies to build hundreds of new factories in predominantly black areas.
And incentivizing
Major government loans to not sit there and just give somebody affirmative action, put them at the head of the line, ahead of even Asians.
Women and blacks and Hispanics ahead of Asians.
Because they don't deserve it, because you know, all the top slots the Asians are basically getting.
See how that works?
Penalizing people that actually work hard?
But Trump's actually deploying billions and billions and billions of dollars of scholarships to minorities.
That's being radically expanded, and the Democrats cannot stand it, ladies and gentlemen.
They are pulling their hair out as the factories come back, as the jobs come back, and as we try to unify the nation.
That's right, Fiat Chrysler moving some production back from Mexico due to pressure from Trump.
That's USA Today.
There are hundreds of big factories that have already come back, hundreds more coming back, thousands of little ones that have already come back.
That's right, Trump signed the executive order on black colleges.
$25 billion for infrastructure, college readiness, financial aid, and other priorities.
Shingling blacks out particularly.
Obama never did that.
Remember black leaders in Chicago going, man he doesn't even come visit us.
He doesn't even care about us.
Well that's because you've got the image of a black guy and that's all you need.
Instead of the reality of an actual good paying 50, 60, 70, 80 thousand dollar a year job.
Would you rather have that or live in the projects and mama can't have daddy at home or she doesn't get the check?
You know he wrote a bunch of letters there in the Library of Congress.
His name was Lyndon Baines Johnson, a KKK member.
And he said, I'll have those n-words voting Democrat for a hundred years.
We're going to get those daddies out of the house and we're going to pay off their mamas.
And they're going to be under our control.
And within just 20 years, black illegitimacy went from 10, 15 percent to over 80.
Just like that.
And any other culture or group that gets on the welfare, it's over!
It's over!
It's over!
And they know exactly what they did, and Maxine Waters is a monstrous, monstrous, monstrous person.
Oh, look at CBS spitting it.
Lyndon Johnson was a civil rights hero, but he was also a racist.
He was a hero.
You know, until the 1950s, blacks had lower illegitimacy than whites in this country.
And they always spin it like, oh, you're attacking women that don't have a man at home.
Nobody's doing that.
There are a lot of single mothers that are heroes, the real heroes.
But the system's been set up to make you dependent, to make everybody dependent.
Just search engine Lyndon Baines Johnson's comments about black people.
They've got the actual letters.
I'll have those GDN words voting Democrat for a hundred years.
There's even recordings of it.
I played them years ago.
YouTube took them down once when I put them out saying they were racist.
You can't report on a racist because see, then you're racist.
But if somebody's one of those low-level racists they want you to know about, they'll leave it up.
And he's sitting there on the tapes at the White House talking.
He's going, I tell you, he's... I won't even say it because the media will edit it together and then say I said it.
But he's saying there's these uppity people.
We're going to get them.
We're going to shut them down.
We're going to bypass these Republicans who got the Civil Rights Act passed.
And the Democrats, the Dixiecrats, did not know what to do.
So the social engineers came up with a plan and it worked great.
And now
Here we are, 50, 60 years later, and Maxine Waters has been in Congress for 30 years.
She went in there with nothing.
She's worth reportedly $50 million, her husband even more.
Some numbers are $30 to $80 million.
The numbers vary on her, $30 to $50.
She gave
Tens of millions of dollars over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again to her husband's bank!
Look it up!
Nobody's gotten away with what she's gotten away with!
Because she is so arrogant and so hateful.
And here's the video, full video's coming up, where she says she resents Make America Great Again.
Here it is.
I am saying that I will continue to do that.
However, I don't appreciate that you did not interrupt him when he was making those outrageous remarks about him knowing more about discrimination than I know about discrimination.
I resent that, and I resent the remark about making America great again.
He's down here making a speech for this dishonorable President of the United States of America.
Having said that, I reserve the balance of my time, and no, I do not yield not one second to you.
Not one second.
Not one second to you.
You know, if Maxine Mad Dog Waters
Had ever been through the stuff I've been through, at the hands of white people, then I could expect some of that hate.
But you know what?
She doesn't have one story about a white person physically attacking her or anything.
I grew up in Dallas, Texas.
And I have experienced gangs of racist black people.
But see, I'm not an idiot, so I don't hate all black people, and most black folks aren't like that.
But growing up in Dallas, Texas, there were a lot of really racist black people.
In fact, if I had buddies that played football that were black or whatever, and sometimes I'd be out with them, you know, going, walking to somebody's house or something, or, you know, going to play baseball, and car pull up, bunch of big black guys get out and say, what the hell are you doing with this cracker?
We're gonna beat your ass too.
Maxine Waters knows full that.
She's a raging race pimp.
She hates black people.
She knows how to sucker them and manipulate them and get rich off of them.
She's a dirty monster just like Hillary Clinton and just like Michael Moore and all these folks.
And they are so pissed that Republicans are trying to bring people together.
The old blue blood Republicans are all dying off.
Donald Trump opened up all his golf courses to black people and Jews.
They all know that's why he was such a big hero to the hip-hop groups.
That's why they're all crapping their drawers.
Because somebody's coming around that isn't there to screw everybody over, you witch, you nasty, evil, dirty, globalist piece of crap.
Excuse me, I'm getting a little bit angry here.
We're going to go to break and come back with all the speech and so much international news.
Just, oh, QAnon.
The biggest news on QAnon ever, and that intel, QAnon has been penetrated, has been flipped, identity stolen, that is confirmed.
I talked directly to the real QAnon folks this morning.
They were out having a round of golf at a certain military base.
So I'm going to give you the absolute inside scoop coming up.
Of course, I've known who the real QAnons are for about a year and a half, but I'm going to break it all down for you exclusively here today with Dr. Corsi.
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Western Europe has already banned free speech, and an iron curtain of censorship is descending down over the UK.
They're set to pass rules, not a law, that if you criticize Islam or gays, you'll get six months in prison.
We know we're only about a year or two behind what's happening in the UK.
CNN and many others are calling for InfoWars to be shut down, taken off the web.
Slate Magazine has a professor and others saying, go beyond censorship.
Brainwash young people against InfoWars.
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We are the most hated news source in the world by globalists.
It is so critical that you go to Infowars.com forward slash newsletter and sign up for the free newsletter so we can be in contact with you and so the censors can't bully their way in and block us being able to engage in free open dialogue as a society.
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We will prevail if you take action and I know you will.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
Relentlessly attacking the power structure, you're listening to Alex Jones.
And I am saying that I will continue to do that.
However, I don't appreciate that you did not interrupt him when he was making those outrageous remarks about him knowing more about discrimination than I know about discrimination.
I resent that, and I resent the remark about making America great again.
He's down here making a speech for this dishonorable President of the United States of America.
I reserved the balance of my time and no, I do not yield not one second to you.
Not one second.
Not one second to you.
Meanwhile, black people get poorer, more of them are in prison.
Hillary got the laws passed when Bill Clinton was in office to make black people come to heel like a dog because they're quote super predators.
Should I play that video clip of Hillary saying that again?
There she is with Bill Clinton.
She's part of the ruling class.
She is the apprentice, the baby Sith Lord of LBJ, who openly wanted to enslave black people with welfare, and they did a pretty good job of it.
It's sick!
And then she's triggered by a speech we played excerpts of earlier, where he's just talking about making America great again, and coming together, and not being racist, and not pushing the race card all the time.
But that's what the MeToo movement, all of this is about, total division.
And she is so corrupt.
She is listed as one of the most corrupt members of Congress.
She knows it.
She's got this whole stick she's running, a virtue signaling as a smokescreen the incredible crimes that she's committed.
In fact, we ought to take some of her speeches and weave them in with Hillary Clinton saying blacks are animals, that they need to be brought to heel like dogs, all the rest of it.
Because it is unbelievable how long all this has been going on.
It's truly sickening.
Yeah, there's a...
LBJ, I'll have those N-words voting Democrat for the next 200 years, touting his underlying intentions for the Great Society programs.
LBJ confided with two like-minded governors on Air Force One.
That's the congressional record.
Also, there's letters with similar things.
He was a dragon, not a grand dragon.
He just ran a major city in South Texas.
He was a dragon in the KKK.
And you see, those that don't know history are doomed to repeat it.
The Republicans were the abolitionists.
They were the big Christian party.
You know, Lincoln?
And then by the 50s and 60s, people like my grandfather, whose family were all Democrats in East Texas.
He'd been in World War II.
He said, no, we need to stop treating black people like second-class citizens, third-class citizens.
And so there was a big Republican sweep with Eisenhower in the 50s.
The Democrats didn't know what to do.
The Republicans were passing civil rights acts.
So they came up with a southern strategy.
They tricked the Republicans into it, the bluebloods, by diving in and saying, oh, we love the minorities now.
We're going to give you free stuff, but you've got to go under our control.
And the Republicans switched back to a southern strategy.
There were a lot of racist bluebloods in there as well.
But here we are today with the rebranding of the Democrats as the guys that care about you.
It's unbelievable.
In fact, here is Hillary Clinton and her Super Predators comment when they were running for president.
And then there's similar comments she made when they were running for re-election in 1995.
Here it is.
Not just gangs of kids anymore.
They are often the kinds of kids that are called super predators.
No conscience, no empathy.
We can talk about why they ended up that way, but first we have to bring them to heel.
And the president has asked the FBI to launch a very concerted effort against gangs everywhere.
In addition to that, he has appointed a new drug czar.
You probably saw him Tuesday night.
He's one of the most distinguished active military... Okay, so there you go.
And they made it where blacks are caught with cocaine.
They got three times
That of a white.
And how'd they do that?
Well, they made crack cocaine, even though per volume it had the same amount of cocaine in it.
They would then give you triple the sentence, because it was a drug blacks predominantly used at the time.
Remember, uh, Schlitzmalt liquor, almost exclusively drunk by blacks?
It'd be like saying if the cops catch you with Schlitzmalt liquor, uh, drinking and driving, you get 10 years in prison.
But if they catch you with Kerr's Light, you get probation.
You're like, but it's the same thing.
I mean, you could argue Schlitzmalt liquor might be a little bit stronger, but per ounce of alcohol, it's still the same charge.
Think about that.
Oh, well, you got to split small liquor.
We're going to put you in jail for 10 years.
Oh, you're drinking Milwaukee's best?
You get probation because that's what whites drink.
By the way, if you're going to drink cheap liquor, I know in high school and college, split small liquor is pretty good, actually.
Milwaukee's best in all that Schaefer, Light, and Pearl.
Ugh, horrible Texas beer.
Absolutely horrible.
But, I mean, you want to drink some nasty cheap beer, Schlitz malt liquor is actually good.
Anyways, I haven't had a Schlitz malt liquor in probably 20 years, but... Boy, that'll give you a headache, though, the next day.
Boy, I tell you, malt liquor.
We're now having a malt liquor discussion, ladies and gentlemen.
You know, where the big bull comes to the wall?
Did the Kool-Aid guy rip off Slit-Spot Liquor when he busted through the wall, or was it the bull that ripped off the other way around?
Who knows?
I'm digressing, ladies and gentlemen, but do blacks deserve triple the time for cocaine that whites do?
No, they don't.
That's racist.
Who did that?
Bill Clinton.
And then who says, oh, they're so concerned about blacks in prison?
Maxine Waters and Bill Clinton and the whole filthy, stinking Democratic Party.
I've now digressed into three full segments on Maxine Waters, and I still have got a ways to go, so I'm gonna stop right there because there's so much other big news to hit.
What we need is Christian culture.
Even if we don't believe in God, real Christian culture, big families, all of that creates low crime, incredible prosperity and happiness all over the world where it's practiced.
You'll have one African tribe that's Christian, and they're super rich and wealthy and successful, and you'll have another African tribe that isn't, the exact same genetics, in places like Rwanda, and they're living in mud huts.
One tribe 200 years ago adopted Christianity.
The other tribe didn't.
One lives in mud huts, one has high-tech factories.
That's what we have with the story by Dan Lyman at EuropeWars.com, our European division.
It's also up on NewsWars.com.
We will build a 21st century Christian democracy, says Hungary's Prime Minister, who's fighting the globalists.
Orban's bold vision explained.
This is the answer.
They want to get rid of it, just like the goals of communism.
All right, now when we come back, I'm going to shift gears out of that and into the big enchilada.
I have known that QAnon was a consortium of six or seven real military intelligence individuals with their view.
Didn't mean it was all accurate or all perfect, but I've known for about six months who some of them are by name.
And the White House said, yeah, we kind of like the things QAnon's saying.
They told Corsi that, and I was also told that by another source.
That was somebody below the president.
But the last few months it's been going sideways.
I've had some private discussions, you know, disagreeing with folks that still thought QAnon was real.
And I just said, I'm not doing any more QAnon coverage.
Well, this morning I talked to some folks while they were out playing golf, some officers, and went ahead and had a chance to talk to the original individual, let's just say Q, that's a consortium, and not Q that does some
Mike in Arizona, you're on the air worldwide.
Go ahead.
Oh, Alex, you can rant any day of the week.
Thank you, sir, for doing what you do and being a patriot and doing your best to save America and encouraging us as fellow patriots to do that in our local areas as well.
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You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
Defending the Republic from enemies foreign and domestic.
It's Alex Jones.
One of my sources is the President of the United States.
I haven't talked to him in a while, but that's on record.
I have other sources that are in Congress, the Senate, the House.
I have sources that are governors, governor staff.
I have sources in the Pentagon, I have sources in the CIA, I have sources in corporate America, I have sources in Clear Channel.
I have hundreds and hundreds of really good sources.
But my best source is you, the American people.
The folks four months ago that sent us the secret George Soros documents that were confirmed to be accurate, that there was zero news coverage of, of Obama planning martial law in 2012 in blue cities, staging riots with the police and Antifa, trying to get the black population to riot.
To bring in the Strong Cities Initiative and you in control of local cities.
That's mainstream news that Loretta Lynch wanted that.
This is diabolical.
And that's what people like Maxine Waters are doing.
We have the full speech coming up next hour, where this congressman is going, and we're all working together and getting factories back, black and white, living side by side.
Doesn't matter what color you are, a man or a woman, black or white, and you're working on the factory, you're getting a good job, and that's how we come together.
And Waters just flips out and goes, I resent Make America Great Again!
You shut your mouth, you horrible person!
And you realize these people are evil.
But that's the traitors LBJ and others hired.
I mean, you're a grand dragon or a dragon in the KKK like Byrd or any of these people.
What are you going to do when you're a Dixiecrat like the Clintons?
And most of the people in the South are Christians and they're not racist.
And everybody's going Republican.
You just flip around and go, I'm your friend now, black people.
I'm a good Southern gentleman, Bill Clinton, Robert Byrd, good old Texas man, LBJ.
I'm going to help you out now, fine Southern gentleman.
You can't have a man in the house.
We're going to give you some gangster rap here and ship cocaine to your neighborhood, but that'll be all right, won't it?
Fine southern gentlemen like Bill Clinton, who, when he ran for governor, had the rebel flag.
And I'm not saying the rebel flag is even what the left says it is, but come on, man, imagine if Trump had ever run on the rebel flag.
It's crazy!
Or to be technical, the Confederate battle flag!
Which I must say is a handsome flag.
It has nothing to do with slavery.
But it's all been turned into that, so what does it matter?
Like the word gay used to mean happy.
Now it means something else.
A fag used to be a burning ember, a cigarette.
They still call it that day when someone says, hey, give me a fag.
Somebody else with a cigarette, and you're like, a fag?
They're like, there it is.
So we're going to go to Dr. Corsi this segment, the next, a little bit the next hour.
And then we've got PJW hosting with me, Mark Randazzo, one of the top First Amendment lawyers, a great guy, in studio.
I'm not talking about our cases, but a lot of the others.
Joel Gilbert, always doing a great job hosting the fourth hour.
But before we go to Corsi on this big announcement,
Please support the broadcast.
There's a reason they're coming after us.
The globalists know we have sources that are high-level.
But more importantly, we're the big source.
You, the audience, our guests.
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And we're funded by you, not by Jeff Bezos, not funded by George Soros, no.
Not the Democratic Party, not the Mercers, I'm not saying they're bad people, or any of these folks.
Everybody else, except for Matt Drudge and us, and that's basically it, is funded by the establishment.
And I remember the first time I wanted to get Milo on, he had to get permission from the Mercers to come on.
I mean, I'm not putting Milo down.
He's a great guy.
I mean, I agree with a lot of his politics.
I agree with some of the lifestyle stuff.
But he has his free speech, and he's one of the people to first be banned off the Internet, basically.
Twitter, you name it.
So this is hardcore.
This is serious, folks.
We need your financial support.
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Now, QAnon put out a lot of exclusive info that was accurate, made a lot of predictions that were accurate up front.
Then a lot of things started to be said that weren't exactly accurate or didn't happen.
And then I noticed mainstream media and online, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube wouldn't block you when you were promoting that.
And I thought, that's a little suspicious.
But I talked to people I know in the military and others.
They said, no, we know some of the people on those boards using that name.
There's only five or six people.
But then it started getting a little bit weird and they said, no, somebody's hijacked it and basically hacked it and is using it and is now putting out disinformation.
But separately, people like Zach, super good source.
I know his full name, who he is.
We got a lot of other big sources in the military.
I mean, I've got sources, I'm not gonna say from what units or groups, but the most elite, of the most elite, highest level, we have it.
I'm gonna leave it at that.
CIA, Dev Group, Delta Force, you name it, all of it.
Whole nine yards.
Because they're patriots.
And they know what this country is in right now, where we're going.
And Dr. Corsi's written three number one New York Times bestsellers.
He's changed elections.
He's got amazing sources.
He got told by the White House six months ago, hey, we like QAnon.
But now that's not the case.
And so I was on the phone this morning, talked to some folks who are out playing golf with
People that have been involved in QAnon, they say, hey, that's been taken over.
We're unable to even post anymore.
That's not us anymore.
And then Corsi was right on the same line two days ago in private conversations we had, saying, hey, it's been compromised.
Then I didn't even talk about it on air.
Then I was separately told this by QAnon.
I'm going to say again, I've talked to QAnon.
There's only about five, six people that have actually been posting.
I've talked to QAnon.
And they're saying QAnon is no longer QAnon.
So Dr. Corsi, tell us about your angle on this.
Well, it's very similar to yours, I think, Alex.
You're correct.
I think the White House, for a long time, did support QAnon.
I've been following it since December.
And then, periodically, there would be cyber attacks and it would shift.
It was clear that the QAnon identity was under attack.
The real shift occurred, really, on April 28th.
That's when I really concluded, began concluding, that
QAnon was now completely hijacked by a Psycop operation that had hijacked the identity and was starting to publish disinformation designed to destroy the movement and dividing the movement.
The posts changed in quality and their content.
We started to get attacks on people profiteering, making money.
You know, you can't make any money on the
Patriot Movement, if you're making any money here.
So we started to see a fog of confusion attacking the platforms, yes.
And no leader, I mean, first of all, no leader like QAnon, why would you attack prominent spokespeople in, you know, in the movement?
Attacking, you know, me for writing a book and making money on writing a book.
And so I began to get then just, you know, inundated
With troll-type emails and postings on Twitter attacking me for profiteering, even though I've been one of the most prominent supporters of Q, the whole movement began to turn on me.
And by the way, your book is about the conspiracy to overthrow the president with the fake Russiagate, nothing to do with QAnon, even though there's some in the book.
So that's how the distraction began.
So the identity got grabbed.
You, one of the people promoting the original, real QAnon, began getting demonized as the public spokesperson, basically, of QAnon.
I mean, that's what you've become.
And so now we go the rest of the way.
But I was told months ago it was compromised.
And Nigel Farage joins us for the next 10 minutes.
You can follow him at Twitter, Nigel underscore Farage.
He's helped lead the populist movement.
What is the latest from the UK?
Look, remember that in 2013, it was in fact British public opinion that shifted our politicians, that stopped us getting involved in Syria.
And don't forget, the object of the government at the time was to arm the rebels.
Alex, if we'd done that, we'd have armed ISIS!
It would have been mad!
And actually, it was British public opinion affecting our politicians that stopped Obama and America from getting involved in this.
So, I'm a great believer actually with all these things.
Trust Middle England.
Trust Middle America.
They tend to get it right more than London or Washington DC.
Now, Mrs. May does appear keen to get involved militarily.
All I can tell her
We're good to go.
We're on record for using chemical weapons no fewer than 52 times.
ISIS could quite easily have done this, hoping the world would blame Assad and the Russians, particularly in the wake of the arguments that are still going on about the poisonings that took place in Salisbury, England.
So, the answer is, we don't know.
You're a leading expert on this.
Why is the left allied with radical Islam?
Why are they trying to flood?
Because they hate Christianity.
They deny absolutely our Judeo-Christian culture, which if you think about it actually are the roots completely of our nations and our civilization.
They deny that.
They also, don't forget Alex, they want to abolish the nation state.
They want to get rid of it.
They want to replace it with the globalist project and the European Union is the prototype for the new world order.
Do you know, if Hillary had won that election,
Last year, she was going to sign America up to get really close to this kind of thing.
So, you know, we may sit here right now, Alex, and be a bit critical of Trump, but on many other things, he's got things right.
And when you send a message, when Angela Merkel sends a message, as many of you as want to come can come, what do you think they're going to do?
In fact, the liberals have become the very fascists that they try and criticize with their rhetoric.
And look, what's really happening here?
You know, don't underestimate
How massive the seismic shock of 2016 was.
The victory of Brexit.
The victory of Trump.
You know, we're winning.
Look at Hungary the other day.
We are winning, but it doesn't feel like we're winning because the left and the state are fighting back with all their might.
And you know something?
If we can resist,
This politically correct charge, this attempt to stop us thinking and speaking freely, if we can resist that, then our victory actually will be complete.
So don't get down, everybody.
Don't get depressed.
They're behaving like this because we're beating them.
And let's remember, you're the guy when Trump fought three months before he was going to lose that came in privately, cheered him up and cheered up the troops, and you were a critical catalyst in this, just as you were in Brexit.
You're amazing.
Thank you for joining us.
I know you're very busy, but that's as the EU has said.
They'll try to start a wider war to keep the EU.
Don't you think that's what part of this attempt to start World War III is about in Syria?
I think the globalists have wanted to have some form of conflict with Russia as an argument for us all to surrender our national sovereignty and give it up to a higher global level.
They've wanted it for years and now they see their opportunity and we must protect it.
Thank you so much Nigel Farage.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
Defending the republic from enemies foreign and domestic.
It's Alex Jones.
So, there's a civil war going on in this country between the Tories, those that are with the globalists, the big robber barons, the internationalists.
Who want to end sovereignty and end the free market for the general public, and nationalists like Trump, who says he wants a victory for the world.
He wants world peace.
He wants economic development.
He doesn't want a strategy of tension, a strategy of destabilization, but a very good, pragmatic strategy of development.
We haven't had that since, really, Eisenhower, who warned us about the military-industrial complex.
Kennedy was in over his head, somebody that Dr. Corsi knew when he was a youngster.
And they killed him.
But if you read the 45 secret goals of communism leaked to Congress in 1963 that we've just posted to Infowars.com, you will see that communism is an instrument of the robber baron class to sabotage society and to sabotage culture.
That's on Infowars.com right now.
Please get it out to everybody.
Now going back to Dr. Corsi.
The reason this is important, obviously, is QAnon was a good source.
I talked to my military folks.
They ferried it into it.
They actually know some of the people involved with it.
It was people acting on their own.
They weren't giving out anything secret, but they were showing that they knew what was about to happen on some issues to get credibility.
My concern was that could have been a setup to get people's confidence and then sit there and put out a bunch of disinfo.
But then I talked to some others, they said no.
Overall, those are some good people.
But how they do it is they go into the 4chan, they hack it, they take down the links, they put out a fog.
Then they start attacking people that had been supporting the real QAnon to basically just destroy the entire thing and discredit it.
And that's why I was always saying I'll focus on it, but my main focus is just public intelligence, human intelligence, the major trends, what we know is unfolding.
And we know there is a war going on inside the deep state.
So the narrative being put out by QAnon before was one of hope and truth and very, very positive.
Now it's one of infighting and destruction.
So I just think we should recap what's happened, get into the latest, and then basically stick a fork in the avatar of QAnon.
It is now an overrun disinformation fount, Dr. Jerome Corsi.
Well, I agree with everything you've said, Alex.
This is a now completely compromised source.
The psych-op that took over QAnon, and I see now, I think there's signs of NASA being involved at this point.
But the board, you know, the 8chan board has now been overrun with, I think, increasingly CIA operatives posing as trolls, posing disinformation.
Certainly, the attack I've gotten in the last 48 hours after saying the QAnon was compromised on my Twitter feed and my emails have just been
Obviously hate-generated PSYCOP operations.
That's right.
This isn't just a few kids with hot pockets in their mother's basement playing video games.
This is them taking control of the symbol of QAnon and now weaponizing it.
And the goal seems to be that the PSYCOP taking a hold of it is going to destroy the movement.
By the way, what is in the Clinton Foundation?
Not their new, bigger one.
The original Library Foundation documents that Judicial Watch and World Net Daily got, over 70,000 pages, they said the number one thing is don't let Christians, conservatives, or nationalists ever build an economy.
The number one rule is call them conspiracy theorists, and the number two rule is always attack profiting.
Don't let them create an economy.
And that's what QAnon has done.
Now, what leader divides their own followers by this kind of a comment?
And besides, look at President Trump yesterday in Indiana.
He said, you know, let's make wealth great again in America.
Corsi, I told you through an Army Special Operations source, who you talk to, don't say any first names either, who's been in, you know, most elite Army units, multi-group units there are, that they told you, we told you months ago, that it was being compromised and that it had been compromised and they were going to operate like they were good until they built the movement to try to take control of it.
So it's already destroyed.
I mean, did we not a few months ago on a phone call in here?
Yes, you warned me on this several times.
You understand that source you were talking to has been... Yes, I did.
It was credible.
It was a real source.
Well, that source is... We got sources all over the place bigger than the original QAnon people.
I know.
I was on the phone this morning with the real people.
Well, I mean, the real people have been identified.
I had a pretty good idea who they were at the very beginning.
As I went into it, the identification became clearer and clearer.
I mean, the groups that originally put this together were military intelligence and very loyal to General Flynn.
And the goal was to, you know, provide enough of the background... And that's exactly right!
And that was the group out playing golf this morning.
That's exactly right.
And that group, I think, is the group that now...
There's some background noise that'll go away.
That's okay.
We don't mind the lawnmower.
It's kind of soothing.
That lawnmower is going on enough that I could do about it at the moment.
Look, the key element here is now you're looking at something that can be generated by artificial intelligence.
And there's no reason it can't be generated by artificial intelligence.
These are just now formulaic.
You know, all open source.
They can be decoded by open source.
So you get a, you know, a few inflammatory statements that, you know, promising boom, boom, boom.
We're gonna have these big developments, a bunch of cryptic questions and a few open source references.
And that's all Q is.
And then it's buried inside it.
Are now attacks, which are basically socialistic New World Order attacks, intended to divide the movement and to drive out of the movement anybody who's a real patriot, anybody who, you know, has supported President Trump and opposed the New World Order.
That's the goal of the Psycops, is to take over the movement and divide it and then destroy it.
We just put on screen the London Guardian saying exactly that and admitting and that they've had for decades already these automated systems, not artificially intelligent in the classical sense but automated.
Now they're artificially intelligent and what you're saying is they load in a few pages
I don't think so.
Whatever the establishment pushes and force-feeds, you know is bad.
Whatever it's trying to contain and block and control, you know is good.
We're going in that direction.
And so I knew, going back a couple months ago, that suddenly they weren't blocking QAnon as they were before.
They were suddenly force-feeding it.
So I did a few tests where I would talk about QAnon and it would suddenly get
Force fed millions of views instead of blocking us and shadow banning.
So then I made some phone calls and they said, oh yeah, it's definitely not the same people.
It was a group of folks before.
They've taken over the identities.
They've blocked them.
They basically penetrated 4chan.
They're in control of those boards at the management level and are force feeding these false avatars.
And so I'm glad we're in agreement on this because I talked to the folks finally this morning.
And they said, yes, that that is indeed what is going on and indeed what is what is happening.
So basically, we can just stick a fork in it and move on and believe nothing that comes out of the Avatar QAnon.
That is now synonymous with disinformation.
Correct, and it's going to get worse, because the movement now controlled by psych-ops is going to do everything they can to further divide the Donald Trump supporters.
Those who are believing it, who want an intelligence source internally that they think they can trust, are just going to get fooled and misled.
Even the photographs.
Photographs are largely, I mean, posting a photograph of Singapore.
Well, that's not intelligence.
Everybody knows it was announced by the White House yesterday that President Trump is going to meet with North Korea in Singapore.
So we're going to go from, you know, some good intelligence that was legitimately dropped by the QAnon identity originally, and I think even through April 28th,
I think?
The NSA, the CIA, anything on a computer can be compromised and hijacked.
And people using it may not even know.
That's how effective a CIOP operation can be.
Fifteen years ago, they were called sock puppets or bullhorns.
The U.S.
has them, Israel has them, everybody has them.
And again, you load in the data you want, and then it goes out and pushes it as AI.
Other people then join it, who are real, then it recruits them as moderators in an Internet movement.
Just like you do with your own website.
And then they roll those out, weaponize now with real people, just like the Russian bots that the Democrats paid for to have protests outside of Trump Tower that Michael Moore attended last year when he had been elected president.
Michael Moore didn't know that he was at a Russian bot funded event, so no wonder Hillary said it was Russians, because 80% of it was funded by the Democrats.
Because there's a bunch of troll farms you can hire in different countries.
So there were Russian bots, they were just working for the Democrats, and Russian bots were able to then create a big protest with over a thousand people in front of Trump Tower with even Michael Moore not knowing.
That's the power of AI.
And what they do also is, you know, you've got the ability here to do a program, a psych-op program, where you ask these questions.
And so, it says loyal, disloyal, and, you know, these different dichotomies.
You punch the button, and it generates out cryptic questions for you.
The whole thing is... They've basically created a little mind-control video game, choose-your-own-adventure thing that they're manipulating people with.
And so, folks, you know that.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
Anything anonymous is always dangerous.
Germany will soon allow known Islamic radicals to reunite with their families under a law passed by Chancellor Angela Merkel's cabinet.
According to Dan Lyman of Infowars Europe, the new policies take effect on August 1st, 2018, and critics argue that they will allow potentially dangerous migrants to enter the country legally.
German state media has released key details of the new law as follows.
I think?
The new law even allows migrants in Germany flagged as potential Islamists to apply for family reunification, provided they can prove to authorities that neither they nor their relatives will pose a threat.
However, it is unclear how potential Islamists will or can verify that they will not pose a threat to their hosts.
German media reports that some 26,000 applications for family reunification have already been received, indicating that this government-sanctioned chain migration scheme will likely continue for years to come.
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Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order.
It's Alex Jones!
We now take you live to the Central Texas Command Center in the heart of the resistance.
You're listening to Alex Jones.
Look, there's so much disinfo, so many bots that these big megacorporations are throwing at us.
We just have to know Americana, free market, Christianity, free open society, and promote that.
Anytime you get into all this anonymous stuff, unless it's sources that you've known for years and years, like InfoWars,
That then has sources that we know the identity of, that we know have given us good information in the past.
And still, you can get set up down the road on that.
But that's why Infowars is so attacked, because the public trusts it.
And say hi to CENTCOM.
They got us on a big projector in one of the meeting rooms in there right now.
Some folks are watching, Dr. Corsi.
They're very interested in this whole QAnon thing as well.
I just hope we can move on from it because, you know, we have so many anonymous sources that are real, that are documented, not anonymous to us.
And then the media just ignores it.
But then the way they pick up QAnon, you could see where the trap was going.
So, Dr. Corsi, any other points you'd like to add?
Well, I think that now that we see the Q identity has been compromised by a PSYCOP and, you know, PSYOP is in charge.
We ought to just start coming forward with much more of our own deep source information, which, you know, I've been filtering through QAnon, basically utilizing it as a vehicle so that information we independently had could be blended into the QAnon story.
That's been largely my methodology in the decodes I've been doing.
So I think we need to just quit that and go directly with our own sources and our own intelligence information, because right now we're at a critical point.
This is the
Point at which I believe the Trump administration is positioning to fire Mueller or put Mueller under criminal investigation himself for the Uranium One cover-up that he did, which I think was criminal.
And Trump is about to launch into a serious counter-attack, in which I believe Sessions has to be fired, Rosenstein has to be fired.
And I think what this signals, I think, Alex, is we ought to
Go more directly even now, even ramp it up with our own internal intelligence information that we can share with the public.
I mean, not anything classified, nothing that is, you know, top secret.
I'm not interested in dealing in classified information, but the own interpretations and directions we're getting pointed in by the intelligence sources you and I both work with almost on an everyday basis.
Well, that was my issue with QAnon the whole time.
Some of the stuff was accurate.
Some of it was good.
A lot of it was just publicly available information.
And then I had the hostage rescue team tell me he went to the Middle East.
He had a woman in there for days before.
There was antifa paraphernalia.
It was a gun-running deal gone bad.
Saudi Arabia was having a big conference there.
We believe they used the fact that he'd sold them guns before to meet to see the weapons.
Then they used those to set him up in part of a Saudi civil war.
And then months later, that's basically the facts that have come out.
I mean, wow, really have sources in the Haas's rescue team.
Really have sources in the CIA.
And I'm going to leave it at that.
I don't mean like pencil pushers either.
And I'm talking about direct action, covert action, all that.
And they want the country to come back.
They know the globalists have hijacked the nation.
They know the communist Chinese.
Dick Cheney came out yesterday.
And said, Communist China is the threat, they've infiltrated us, they're the enemy, not the Russians.
And not because he's a Russophile, the Chinese are the problem, people!
Go ahead, Dr. Corsi.
Well, and I think we've got information that has been extremely valuable that now it's time to share directly.
I mean, one of the things I see about QAnon, as soon as the embassy was going to be moved from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, as soon as President Trump decided to tear up the Iranian agreement,
The anti-semitism on the Q boards and me being hit with tweets and emails... You know, I tell you what, can you come on... Can you come on the 4th hour today?
This is so important.
Just go ahead and give the big... I know you've got a lot of great sources to give us your intelligence dump.
Can you do that?
Yeah, I'll be delighted to.
You're gonna host the show then.
Joel Gilbert will be fine.
Joel Gilbert's normally hosting that, but you're gonna host the 4th hour.
Dr. Jerome Corsi, 4th hour today.
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We've got it.
This transmission is coming to you.
Waging war on corruption.
It's Alex Jones coming to you live from the front lines of the InfoWar.
Well, Paul Joseph Watson, our editor of InfoWars.
And we're trying to set up the London Bureau over there right now.
Already set up the Europe Bureau.
Got a lot of big wheels want to work with Paul.
So we're going to be having some meetings today after the show.
Like busy little beavers.
Let's just say the folks that brought you Brexit want to go to the next level with Infowars.
We're fighting hard, ladies and gentlemen.
We're the tip of the spear.
And that's why they're out to get us.
That's why they're trying to shut us down, because we're promoting ice water in hell.
Or a nice, warm house at the North Pole.
We're promoting Americana.
We're promoting free market.
We're promoting mom and apple pie, and not Venezuela collapse.
So Paul's always loaded for bear.
We're going to talk to him.
He's going to co-host this hour with me about what he wants to get into.
And then I've got several subjects after he's covered the first few segments of this hour that I want to get to.
The secret 45 goals of communism leaked to Congress in 63.
This is must see.
We've published it to Infowars.com and Newswars.com.
We are going to look at the whole North Korea deal coming up, and the fact that Trump said, I don't really care about getting a Nobel Prize.
I'm going to play the clip.
I care about worldwide victory.
Victory for the planet.
1776 worldwide.
True innovation.
True age of discovery.
Renaissance 2.0.
I told you that's what this is.
And you're going to start hearing it.
You're going to start seeing it.
I told you, with Trump, it's all about energy.
What does Jay-Z say?
The energy of Trump.
And his energy.
Behind the scenes, Trump is all about energy.
The energy.
He loves black churches.
The energy.
He loves the Holy Ghost.
Trump is becoming a very strong Christian.
And he just likes the energy.
Well, why wouldn't you like that energy?
And so that scares the culture of death because they can see Trump is alive.
He's virile.
He's strong.
He's not one of these so-called alphas that wants to see you be weak so they feel powerful and over you.
We're also going to get to, as robotics and AI sprint ahead, U.S.
must battle China for supremacy, but then battle to put the AI in full control of everything?
There's some major pitfalls to that.
Also, Alphabet is considering investing in Flipkart alongside Walmart.
Insiders explain why.
We're also going to be burrowing into this really key report next hour.
EMP Commission warns of year-long blackout and massive death toll.
That's the real way the globalists may try to depopulate us.
But they'll want to build their hardened bunkers and facilities first.
The problem is they've done that.
And then, I saw this a couple weeks ago.
And then I saw it again today when my personal trainer came over.
He pointed out, this is everywhere in his feeds on Facebook and Twitter.
Pat Riley pointed it out.
That Paul Watson said, hey, this young lady's an interesting reporter.
She's coming to Southwest.
You ought to let her be a guest reporter for a day.
And I said, sure.
I guess Ashton Whitty's her name.
I've only met her once briefly.
Very nice lady.
She's like 20-something years old.
And I was getting tired of putting 20, 30, 40 videos on our YouTube and our Facebook a day because the guys told me that we should not do more than 10 because then it doesn't let the others go viral.
So I said, put these things on sub channels.
So I walked in and saw like 20 videos that have been uploaded and I said, delete those.
It's like the day after she'd been here.
And I said, and then re-upload them on the sub channels.
That's how we're going to build those.
I walk out.
The media watches us so closely, they went, Jones is scared.
He removed this video of her.
She's destroyed by this woman who's a genius.
The woman can hardly talk.
So I finally watched it, and Ashton, witty, I guess I ought to try to hire her.
She did a great job!
They're celebrating this, like the kid that walks up and tells Owen Schroyer, F you.
They celebrate their weakness as a victory.
It's a total PSYOP.
And I've never watched this clip.
I've just seen like dozens of videos.
And I'm like, I told you guys, stop posting 50 videos a day on the YouTube.
I don't normally raise my voice, but I said, delete them.
They said, a lot of them are yours.
I went, I don't care.
Put them on sub channels.
That's how we're going to build those.
They went, oh my god, he deleted these!
Study what videos?
Why did he delete them?
We found them over here!
Oh look!
We found it on Twitter and we found it on Facebook!
He didn't leave it there!
We found it!
The articles go, we found it!
He tried to hide it!
Because we posted it there, idiots!
But that's not the story!
The story is how dumb this woman is and they have Teen Vogue and Newsweek and Vice and HBO celebrating her and she sounds like she's got about a 70 IQ and that she's wearing all these fancy clothes saying she loves socialism and how much she loves Venezuela.
It's devastatingly dumb.
So I've already covered it, I apologize.
Let's go to Paul Watson.
Paul Joseph Watson is here.
We appreciate him joining us.
Paul, what do you have in your raft, I know, of incredibly important information?
Well, I mean, just picking up on what you just said, that girl in that video actually did an interview with Teen Vogue, because they made her into a big superstar, again, with a 70 IQ.
She said, quote, capitalism is evil.
OK, so she's got she's sipping on a Starbucks or whatever.
She's got her head buried in a smartphone.
But capitalism's evil.
OK, so it was a very bizarre how they how they turn the whole thing into a meme.
But again, you were right.
Oh, we found them deleting a video.
This must be scandalous.
It's like,
It's not even that interesting of a video, but they've turned her into a superstar.
So if that's the best they've got, the sailor socialists, then they're struggling pretty hard.
But Alex, you were talking about energy and Trump.
Trump obviously doesn't drink alcohol.
I like a drink.
You know, you like a drink.
Most of us like a drink.
I like to have a laugh with my friends.
I think a lot of what we need to move towards with Infowars, aside from the politics, is basically, you know, Infowars lifestyle and just teaching young people how to live.
You know, there's a there's an art to living.
And one of those things is to, you know, try and get off alcohol, at least for a certain amount of time.
You can go out with your friends.
You can have a laugh.
You know, Alex, I haven't drunk alcohol for a week.
I like to drink, you know, a couple of times a week normally.
I feel like a completely different person.
You're talking about Trump being on energy.
Of course, Trump doesn't drink because his brother died of alcohol poisoning.
I just feel like a totally different person, Alex.
So I think, increasingly, and Tommy, if you agree, we need to move towards advising young people on simply the art of living.
I didn't even know you'd done this.
I didn't even know you'd done this.
Guess what I did a week ago?
The crew knows about it.
Guess what I did a week ago?
I mean, you feel absolutely 200% better.
I quit drinking a week ago.
That's crazy.
You did it.
We did not talk about that.
I mean, you talk about energy, you just feel like even you're down to your dreams at night.
I mean, I'm not saying I was an alcoholic, like I had a couple of drinks with my friends, you know, during the week or whatever.
But just your dreams, how you can just spring up out of bed, how you get so much more done in the day.
And it also relates to social media and checking your phone.
Alex, every single day, and I made a YouTube video about this, which you played on the show before,
I tell people, especially young people, stop checking the messages on your phone every five frigging minutes, okay?
Are you kidding?
Younger kids do it constantly.
They're doing it every second.
It's horrible.
Have you ever been with someone in their 20s?
Like, there's a, you know, the sound on Twitter where people refresh the notifications.
It's like a plop, plop, plop.
I've been around people who literally do that every five seconds.
It's rewiring people's brains, making them depressed, making them lose focus, making them lose their attention span.
It's absolutely horrific.
Paul, this is 100th monkey syndrome.
I hadn't told you this yet.
But I've told the crew I want to go full-on against cell phones, full-on against the manipulation of dopamine, how the globalists have hit the social engineering, and launch the anti-transhumanist movement with a foundation, officially, and then I was about to call you and say I wanted to change direction, just into saving humanity itself, because we've already exposed the globalists, and you're already on the same page.
That is synergy.
That is serendipity.
That is synchronicity.
That is destiny.
That is magic.
That is in the air.
You can feel it, you can see it.
Yes, you can feel and see the matrix of evil, but you can also feel the spirit of God blasting forth for the space-time continuum.
Yes, my friends, you found it, the tip of the spear.
It's called the war on for your mind.
Western Europe has already banned free speech, and an iron curtain of censorship is descending down over the UK.
They're set to pass rules, not a law, that if you criticize Islam or gays, you'll get six months in prison.
We know we're only about a year or two behind what's happening in the UK.
CNN and many others are calling for InfoWars to be shut down, taken off the web.
Slate Magazine has a professor and others saying, go beyond censorship.
Brainwash young people against InfoWars.
Psychologically inoculate them with lies so they don't actually hear what we have to say.
We are the most hated news source in the world by globalists.
It is so critical that you go to InfoWars.com forward slash newsletter and sign up for the free newsletter so we can be in contact with you and so the censors can't bully their way in and block us being able to engage in free open dialogue as a society.
That is critical to this fight.
We will prevail if you take action and I know you will.
One of the reasons that your audience is so awakened and so able to process information is because your health products actually greatly enhance neurological and cognitive function.
This is something that I've been noticing that, you know, people who live on junk foods and processed foods and take medications and go in and out of the pharmacy, they're dumbed down and they're easy for the globalists to control.
You get on turmeric, like your body's product, and you've got the nootropics and all these other products,
What happens is people, it takes a couple of months, but all the clouds start clearing out of their heads, the cobwebs go away, and they start being able to see with clarity what's happening in the world.
Like, you're giving people the information to wake them up, and the nutrition to wake them up.
I mean, the brain's a physical organ.
The brain has to physically and biochemically work before the brain can process the information that you're downloading to people.
Here's my problem.
When I do take the bodies and the X2 and things, I'm already so crazed and focused that then I see everything so clear, I tend to get mad.
Now most people aren't... I have the same issue.
Neurological disorders are exploding, IQs are dropping, people are in trance-like states.
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Well, that's another reason.
But the top lab we ended up using to make this said that, they said, listen, you want to go with the more expensive extract anyways, because then you can't pass the metals testing if you don't.
So anyway, what I really noticed was that it's this combination that you're providing people the information to awaken them and the nutrition.
Because if you're living on junk foods, folks, you're not going to be able to wake up and process the information.
InfoWars is celebrating the amazing gains we've all made against the globalists and how we have given tyranny a bloody nose and now freedom is back on the march.
That's why we're celebrating Patriots Day this April throughout the month with double Patriot points at InfoWarsStore.com.
No longer 5%, but now 10% at InfoWarsStore.com.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
Well, ladies and gentlemen...
We are sending out an SOS globally to wake people up to the social engineers.
The ultra-rich mega-billionaires are against the middle class, against the poor.
They're all ruthless, very exploitive people, except for Donald Trump.
And he's not perfect, but he believes in largesse.
He believes in Africans should be able to have cars.
Africans should be able to have air conditioning.
But Obama went and said you can't.
Well now, the Daily Mail, London Telegraph reports, UK sharing hate posts, including criticism of gays, Bible verses or Islam, could lead to six months in jail under newly proposed rules.
Well look at Count Dankula.
He hasn't had sentencing yet.
He's facing up to, what, a year in prison.
For his pug being Hitler Dog.
I actually did one with the late captain, a white French Bulldog with brown spots and grey spots who did not have hair on his nose and he looked like Hitler.
I pointed out that they banned the teapot at JCPenney because somebody in the reflection thought they saw Hitler and so I said, well my God, do we have to get rid of the dog?
You know, euthanize it because he looks like Hitler?
But don't worry, he's dead now, buried at my parents' place.
He died of natural causes.
In fact, he looked like Hitler.
We apologize.
So this is the level.
This is here.
There he is, ladies and gentlemen, if you're a TV viewer.
The late Hitler.
And then the teapot's even worse.
So, Paul, it's here.
It's now happening.
Yeah, they're calling it hate fact.
Okay, this is literally what Tommy Robinson was banned on Twitter for.
He pointed out the fact that I think it was, and it's around this ballpark figure, I think it's around 89% of grooming gangs in the UK are either Pakistani Muslims or Bangladeshi Muslims.
Now, it's in that ballpark, but he made this fact.
It was confirmed by actual anti-extremist Muslims, like Majid Nawaz.
He posted that on Twitter.
That's one of the reasons why he was banned.
They're calling them hate facts.
They may be true, but they're still hateful because they make a certain minority group look bad.
You've got the same situation in other European countries.
There was a 55-year-old in Sweden who said that migrants, Muslim migrants, are over-represented in sexual assaults and violent crime.
Completely statistically true.
But she put it on Facebook and was charged and fined about $1,200.
Other people are getting actual prison time for this.
And yeah, now they're saying they're going to consider
Six months in jail.
And in fact, if you read it into the details of this, they say merely influencing somebody might be a threat.
And in fact, they have more severe punishments for influencers with larger social media followings who post these so-called hate facts.
And Paul, that is the precedent.
I told my lawyers this, they now go, you're right, it's incredible.
I've talked to dozens of top-of-the-line, first-minute lawyers.
They said, yes, we've been to conferences.
The plan is, it's like saying ban video games, they're linked to mass shootings.
They're going to say Alex Jones, Breitbart, Drudge Report, conservatives, Donald Trump, CNN keeps saying, is going to get reporters killed.
Even though they're praising people that went and shot Congressman Scalia, saying, you know, that he was basically a hero.
Well, Blitzer, saying he wasn't a monster.
They're the ones pushing all of this, and now they're saying, oh, it's like fire in a theater.
They want the Alex Jones statute, where they misrepresent what I've said and done.
And then set a precedent, when people commit crimes, the liberal police go, say Alex Jones influenced you and we'll let you go.
So what you're hitting on out of Europe and the UK is the planetary plan to shut this down, to shut free speech down.
It's all about creating this new moral panic to sideline the voices that are challenging their power monopoly.
That's what it's always been about.
Now you've got the same situation with these deep fakes, which I know you wanted to talk about, where they now have the technology to make it look somewhat, I mean it's somewhat convincing, it's not completely convincing,
You know, having certain political figures say things that they're not actually saying through this manipulation of video, where, as we see on screen now, they can plaster somebody else's face onto a template and make it look like somebody's saying something they're not.
Now, you look at how the media treated this when it became a controversy.
Last month, BuzzFeed came out with a video
We're good to go.
You watch the BuzzFeed video and they literally say the solution to these deep fakes, to this voice technology, to this face technology, the solution to it is to trust mainstream media more.
So they're creating the moral panic and giving the solution, which is to blame it on the evil right-wingers, to blame it on the alternative media, to blame it on fake news.
So they've rolled this deepfake controversy into their fake news hysteria, and they're going to use it to try and shut down independent media further.
Like, we'd have a motivation to create these fakes in the first place.
Well, Paul, remember Megyn Kelly before she left Fox?
She covered Pizzagate, misrepresented everything I'd said and done, and then played an edited audio, but it was actually video from the show, but it's harder to edit video because you can see the cuts, of me saying Hillary killed children in the bottom of a pizza place when I said she was responsible for killing kids in the Middle East.
So they edited two different things together to put out the total fraud.
So that's a low-tech way that they do this.
Yeah, and they're using it to denigrate the value of the internet as an alternative source of information by hijacking this deepfake controversy.
There's a Boston Globe article about it, the looming cloud deepfakes and the silver lining.
And they say the silver lining is that now we will be trusted less, basically alternative media outlets.
I'll read the quote.
The author says, I can't help but consider whether the complete vaporization of truth online might actually be preferable to the uncertain state we've found ourselves in.
If we can change our view of the internet from the information superhighway to tabloid on steroids, we may stand a chance at maintaining power over it.
So they're saying the establishment media, the legacy media, is losing their power to alternative voices, which is what's happened over the past five, ten years, and this is a way that they can hijack that to blame us for all this deep, fake, contrived hysteria so they can retain power, maintain power over the internet and bury us in the algorithm even further.
So they're openly saying that in their own publications now.
Alex, you've seen the Facebook figures.
Literally, websites like Infowars, Gateway Pundit, since 2016 has definitely accelerated in the past three months, completely decimated on Facebook in terms of engagement, in terms of shares.
It's a deliberate policy.
They're bragging about it.
They're proud of it.
We've had studies showing that this can shift millions and millions of views.
This is why we need to be... This is the biggest subject for me going into the midterms, going into 2020, is the fact that we're all slaves to the algorithm.
Drudge predicted this years ago on your very show, which is why we need to bring our audience back in, back home, rein it back in, and not have it sacrificed to this algorithm, which is what's happening right now.
That's right, because next they're coming for Drudge, they're coming for InfoWars, they've said that.
Once we're kicked off Twitter, Facebook and YouTube,
We've always been telling folks, come to InfoWars, come to NewsWars.
You're going to be launching your own website with us.
It's all Watson stuff, where you talk to the fans, and you post their letters they send you, and you communicate with them personally.
But through our own site, where they can't censor us, we've got to do what Drudge said and come out of these.
These electronic ghettos that he predicted that we're now in.
We've got to have Trump bust up these monopolies.
We've got to educate the public.
Yes, they're flooding the web with this info, then blaming us in a call to end the First Amendment and to end the Internet as we know it.
That's the plan.
News Corp talked about it three months ago, and they said first they'd take down yours truly.
We'll be back.
InfoWars.com, while it's still there.
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Well, Mark John Randazza is one of the top anti-slapback lawyers, slapback lawyers in the country.
And of course, he's buddies with the great Mike Cernovich.
So, Mark, what do you think's really going on as one of the leading experts on this?
Thanks for joining us.
Step one is to recognize that our First Amendment jurisprudence, the roster of people who are on it, who have protected freedom of expression, are by and large conscripts.
I don't know.
When you've been wrongfully sued, you're saying it's really a holy duty of your Americana to do this.
And it's a privilege.
Now, of course, those privileges don't come cheap.
Freedom isn't free, as they say.
So I would say that, you know, you have enough of an audience here, I would say, to crowdfund your defense.
Um, not only because that helps defray the cost, but, you know, uh, when you see a crowdfunded defense that raises a lot of money really quickly, the plaintiff's lawyers might start to see that your amount of, uh, of support is greater than they think.
The other thing I would make sure that you do is not give in to any of them.
I mean, this is, you know, I'm not saying anything about any particular case, but when I see a coordinated effort to try to shut down any player in the marketplace of ideas, it's a form of terrorism.
It is, and I don't use that term lightly, but it is a
It is an attempt to abuse the court system in order to erase ideas you don't like that you're not comfortable fighting in the marketplace of ideas.
Don't let them get away with it.
And all of your viewers should not let them get away with it.
But more importantly, it is
People who don't agree with you shouldn't let them get away with it either.
And when you can harness people to get together in order to protect freedom of expression, people who will say, my tribe is freedom of expression, not my tribe is people that believe in what I believe in or people who don't.
I don't really care whose free speech rights it is that are being trampled.
I will stand up to protect them.
Whether it's Randa Jarrar, who I find to be one of the most reprehensible human beings in America.
Whether it's the Nazi Party, the KKK, or whether it's the Communist Party.
Every one of them has an equal right to be there.
And the intellectual texture of America, the strength of America, the idea of America, erodes and begins to grow a cancer if we don't protect that.
So nobody should be cheering bogus lawsuits against anybody just because it's going to shut somebody up that they don't like.
Anyone who is on the side of doing that, that's our common enemy.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
You're listening to the Antidote for Fake News.
It's Alex Jones.
All right, we're going back to Paul Watson right now.
If you just joined us, I'm your host Alex Jones.
I found the video.
It's only got 362,000 views.
That sounds like a lot.
It's not.
It needs 10 million views.
Megyn Kelly caught lying to the public, red-handed.
And this is the video where I show what I really said about Hillary being responsible for dead children in the Middle East and in North Africa.
And then I go in and I show what I really said and then how she edited it in to make it where I was saying that kids were killed in a basement of a pizza place.
Now folks, you think about that massive, massive deception.
Now, again, think about the level of deception of these people.
Think about how stupid they think you are, and now they're flooding the web with even more
The same mainstream media that told you about the WMDs.
So the video we're going to put on screen for everybody from YouTube is titled, Exclusive, colon, Megyn Kelly caught lying to the public, comma, red handed.
People walk me on the street and they go, how dare you say Hillary killed babies in a basement?
And I said, I did not say that, that is edited.
And they go, shut up liar.
Why don't you apologize for saying she murdered those kids?
And then, my lawyer went to a conference this weekend in D.C.
and they were saying the same thing, that I've gotten people killed!
So this is like the hysteria telephone game that they have created and that they've put out.
So go to that video and you can then see all of it there for yourself.
What I really said versus what she aired in her incredible deception.
And it gets worse and worse and worse.
And imagine being the beneficiary of this.
And I say that sarcastically.
But you know what?
I'm not trying to win a popularity contest.
I'm here to force the big issues out, to be at the tip of the spear, expose this entire lying system so we all have a future.
I'm not like all these other cowards that put their finger in the wind and try to figure out the best way to go for their own personal lives.
Because you go that direction so long, pretty soon everything collapses.
Everything falls apart when everybody's a yes man, when every woman's a yes person, when everybody goes along with whatever they think, and then pretty soon the social engineers go, well say mother and father is not a good thing.
Okay, I won't say mother and father.
Say there's no Christ.
Say you'll let Muslims in to have holy prayer in your church or you're a racist.
More, more, more, more, more, more, more to see what you'll put up with, to see what you'll go along with.
You've got to have your own rudder.
You've got to stand for something or you will, as they say, fall for anything.
Now, speaking of that, if you want to send a strong message to the globalists, buy our products and help us expand in the face of their attacks, not just hold on.
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You've seen my lawyer, Randall Wilhite, doesn't drink, doesn't smoke, none of that.
His name's in the family court book here in Texas.
He helps write the law for the legislature.
So he's one of the top lawyers in the state on that.
Used to be Racehorse Haynes' protege.
He was a criminal lawyer.
And he said, I did sleep studies.
I took four different drugs.
Couldn't sleep.
Because for years, I stayed up working overnight.
He said, he said, now, ladies and gentlemen, he said, I take one of these and I have eight, nine hours sleep.
It's changed my life.
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That's how good knockout is.
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Oh, I'll sell for $19.95.
And you'll get six, seven things in it, the same dose.
It would cost you $50, $60, $70, $100 to get all these things together in one pill for $19.95!
Let's go to Paul Joseph Watson.
I want to cover some short subject here.
Korea, the war, Trump, where do you see things going?
I want to come back and get into the big picture with you more on lifestyle and how we defeat the globalists and what are they going to do when... Do you think all their censorships and attacks are going to fail, Paul?
Well, the polls suggest they're failing, Alex, because this whole blue wave that we've been, you know, drummed into us for the past six months, oh, the blue wave, the Democrats have got the Congress, it's guaranteed.
Alex, they were 16 points ahead in December.
In the race for the House, according to CNN's own poll, the latest poll has it within the margin of error.
You know, they've lost 9% of the millennial vote since 2016.
Where is this blue wave?
Where's the backlash?
Where's the resistance, Alex?
Doesn't seem to be manifesting itself in the polls.
Republicans had a great night on Tuesday, obviously.
Trump is 2-1 now on the big UK betting sites to win a Nobel Peace Prize.
You know, they just captured or killed five top ISIS leaders.
Imagine if Obama had captured, under his administration, five top ISIS leaders.
They'd be kissing his butt for a week.
It's barely a footnote.
It's barely in the media.
The return of the three prisoners from North Korea, barely a footnote.
You know, when that was happening, they were talking about Michael Cohen, they were talking about Stormy Daniels.
The six top stories on CNN when that hostage deal was taking place, and also when Israel was, you know, the bombs were flying between Israel and Syria the other night.
The top six stories were Michael Cohen and Stormy Daniels.
Nobody cares!
These are not platforms on which you can win national elections.
You know, the food stamps are coming down.
The jobless rate keeps coming down.
You know, if he can maintain hold of that, now even CNN, Alex, is saying in an article this week, this blue wave has become a trickle.
And it's because they've still got no actual platform that resonates with the American people at any level, because they don't care about stormy frigging Daniels.
So it's looking pretty good for Trump.
The approval rating keeps climbing.
It's looking pretty good compared to this time last year, definitely.
And that's incredible news.
I saw that top UK betting sites that are almost never wrong.
They say 2 to 1, they'll win the Nobel Prize.
And just think about that.
Trump says, I don't care about that.
I care about the world winning.
I care about victory for the planet.
I mean, that is so exciting.
Their blue wave is dead.
And remember, they add 15 points or more.
CNN even more on those samples.
So that means Trump's like way ahead, not dead heat.
That means conservatives are way ahead, nationalists, populists.
The pro-prosperity movement is way ahead, Paul.
This is so exciting.
They've got to be pulling their hair out.
CNN famously would sample 36 points more of Democrats in their polls.
Remember the New York Times said 98% chance.
98% chance that Hillary was going to win until election day.
They're a joke.
They're a fraud.
They're losers.
They're scum.
And all their money in the world isn't going to buy them control of this country.
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Let's talk to Victor in Florida.
Victor, you're calling.
Go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
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I've ordered several of the products over and over because it's amazing.
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Well, let me just say something, Victor.
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You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
There's so much to get into, and I'm getting really amazing information here dealing with what's happening in the White House, the President's surrounded,
There's going to be massive attacks against Eric Prince in the next week.
Not good.
So-called QAnon asked, do you want to play a game?
It's not a game.
And then it just goes into the point being the White House chain of command, mainly Bolton, was the wedge there.
Trump's surrounded, impossible job.
That's from a real source.
And all we're trying to do is turn the economy back on and we see the insanity.
Paul, have you seen Maxine Waters?
I'm going to play the longer clip now in context.
Some people are like, oh, what was he saying?
Must have really made her mad.
This congressman is talking about, we need to stop all this racism.
We need jobs.
When you're on a Detroit assembly line and you're a man or you're a woman or you're black or you're white, you know, you're just people all together and there's not a bunch of racism.
Because there's not.
And she flips out and says, I don't like this, make America great again stuff, and gets really, really rude.
And the speaker does admonish the Republican for kind of looking her way and saying something to her.
She's famous for yelling at everybody.
And then she says that, oh, he's not admonishing the white guy.
So have you seen this incredible footage, Paul?
Yeah, but I mean, we should be celebrating this kind of footage because as I said before the break, it's not working.
They've lost 9% of millennial votes since 2016 specifically because they still are obsessed with this identity politics, which doesn't translate into votes.
Hillary Clinton's still talking about it.
We should celebrate them still talking about it.
You know, Bernie Sanders,
The people from his school of thought, though we may disagree with it vehemently, they know, and Sanders has said it on several occasions in the past, they know this identity politics ticket is never a winning ticket.
So we should be applauding this kind of speech, we should be applauding Hillary Clinton talking about it, because it doesn't work, it hasn't worked, and the polls show that it won't work in 2018 and in 2020.
It's a losing game.
Paul, I want to go ahead and play some of this because I want it to be in context when Maxine Waters goes completely crazy.
She's talking to this congressman.
And again, I basically paraphrased what he had to say, but I thought that we should actually have what he said in context.
Representative Mike Kelly.
And her bizarre response, Maxine Waters explodes on House floor.
I resent making America great again.
You cannot make up this type of statement.
Here it is.
Thank you very much for giving me some time.
I know, I just heard the phrase that I am appalled by what's taking place on the floor today.
I would tell you, I join in those comments and I really do believe that.
For a person whose family's been in the automobile business since 1953 and sold thousands and thousands of cars to people of any color,
It doesn't matter the color of the person buying the car.
Do we match them up with the transportation need that they were looking for?
And were we able to arrange financing that was affordable to them?
You cannot be in business for 65 years doing it the wrong way!
And to impugn the integrity of the automobile people is absolutely beyond reproach.
And so if you run out of facts, I guess the next thing you have to go to is discrimination.
And when we talk this way, it is so divisive.
Let's hit pause for a minute.
In the context, the Democrats, this is hours of this, have been complaining that people aren't giving black people car loans.
If anything, the car dealers are predatory to everybody trying to get you to take as big a loan as possible.
That's how they make their money.
They don't like it when you come in and buy car cash.
Again, and she knows that, she's filthy rich!
Anyways, let's go back to it.
Let's divide them, let's try to separate them.
The color of the skin, the shape of their eye, their gender.
Let's make sure that we can make every statement possible to show that there are bad people out there doing things to other folks.
And it's only, it's only by discrimination that these things get done.
I will tell you, I am greatly offended as a member of the automobile industry and as someone who has served thousands of people.
If you think the dealers are that bad,
Please go to your hometown and look at the Little League fence and find out whose name's out there.
Look at your high school programs and see who it is that's funding all these things.
Go to any charity and see who's on the list of who takes care of people.
To sit here today and have to listen, that somehow this is discriminatory, just adds to the fact that when you're out of facts, when you don't know what you're talking about and what you've never done,
Not one of your people have ever been on the floor and had tried.
Not this floor.
I'm talking about the automobile floor.
You know an awful lot about laptops, but you know nothing about blacktop.
You get on that floor, you get on that lot, and you work with people to make sure they can have affordable transportation.
Affordable transportation!
Rather than this person trying to arrange financing by himself or herself.
We rely on a dealer.
Who has great, great heft within the financial community and to talk to lenders and say, we have a great customer here who's looking to buy a car.
We need you to work with us to get them in this transportation.
How in the world can you reduce this down to discrimination?
We are doing the same thing every day that you are doing.
We are trying to make sure that we're making America great every day in every way.
And the best way to do that is to stop talking about discrimination and start talking about the nation.
We're coming together as a people in spite of what you say.
Thank you gentlemen.
I yield back.
Gentlemen's time has expired.
Members are reminded to address their remarks to the chair.
The gentleman from Texas Reserves, gentlelady from California.
Thank you very much.
The gentleman, Mr. Kelly, please do not leave because I want you to know that I am more offended as an African-American woman than you will ever be.
And this business about making America great again, it is your president... Pause again.
Yeah, yeah.
Back in a few seconds.
Lady, America's so horrible, get the hell out.
You've sent tens of millions of taxpayer money to your husband's bank.
And you've gotten away with it because you're a woman.
And because you sit there and you race bait everybody.
You deserve to be in prison with Hillary Clinton, you witch!
Now listen, she says, I don't like hearing about America being great.
We get it!
Here, here she is.
...will ever be.
And this business about making America great again, it is your president that's dividing this country.
And don't talk to me about the fact that we don't understand what happens on the... No, I will not yield.
No, I will not yield.
Don't tell me that we don't understand.
That's the attitude that's been given toward women time and time again.
The gentlelady will suspend.
The chair wishes to remind all members that they are to address their remarks to the chair.
I respect the chair, but don't stop me in the middle when you didn't stop him in the middle.
And so I shall continue.
Don't you dare talk to me like that and think that somehow women don't understand what goes on on the floor of automobile dealers.
Minded to direct her remarks to the chair.
However, I don't appreciate that you did not interrupt him when he was making those outrageous remarks about him knowing more about discrimination than I know about discrimination.
I resent that and I resent the remark about making America great again.
He's down here making a speech for this dishonorable,
That's enough.
That's enough.
I can't listen anymore.
Paul, the guy, she's there earlier attacking the car dealerships that they won't give black people loans and all this made up stuff.
If anything, they're trying to give everybody loans that some people can't afford, white or black.
This is just crazy.
Of course car dealers want to sell you stuff.
And I mean, it's just, it's, they turn everything into racism, Paul.
Well, this is a woman who's clearly losing it.
Remember she said, what was it, that Putin was writing Trump's campaign slogans?
Like he wrote, lock her up and everything like that.
Drain the swamp.
Clearly losing, yeah, clearly losing it.
But again, we should be celebrating it.
Why do you think the viewership for the Academy Awards, for the Oscars, for the Grammys, why do you think the audience for the NFL is hemorrhaging?
Because Americans hate this identity politics nonsense.
You heard the clip there.
Women this, African Americans that.
You're not making any actual point, you're just dropping in buzzwords when you drill down into the polls.
Americans hate this.
This is turning them off entertainment, it's turning them off award shows, and it's turning them off democratic politics, which is why they see Candace Owens and Kanye West as such a threat, because they're directly neutralising this kind of messaging, and it's not resonating with people, Alex.
Long term, Paul, what do you think they're going to do as they figure out this doesn't work?
It's in the WikiLeaks.
They say we're going to use race war, culture war to control the people, but it's not working.
It only works on a small group of morons.
Carry on, I can't talk.
And we have to play it when we come back.
And then we've got a First Amendment lawyer in here in studio with us.
Look forward to him being with us.
We'll cover the waterfront.
To these, just hundreds, this has been on NPR.
It's been on, I'm told CNN aired this.
It's been everywhere.
That we were afraid of this woman and that I pulled a video.
They posted 30, 40, 50, I don't remember, more videos than I said on the main YouTube channel one day.
And I said, listen, delete those, put them on the sub-channel.
And then when they saw that I deleted that day, it was like 20, 30 videos, I forget.
Hadn't even looked at them.
I just said, you gotta put them on the subchannels.
They went, oh my God, he's scared.
He's scared of this woman.
She's so incredible.
And I finally this morning thought, man, I've been hearing about this for two weeks.
I better watch what the video is that we supposedly deleted.
So I went to our channel and watched it, one of the subchannels.
And it's like this woman is dumber than a box of rocks.
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He writes the Texas Law of the Family Code.
He's one of the top family law lawyers in the country.
The point is, he's a smart guy.
He doesn't smoke marijuana.
He doesn't drink anything.
He goes, man, I gotta really thank you.
I am sleeping eight hours through the night.
I only have to take one knockout.
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This is insane.
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But thank you for committing.
To get the great products, the books, the films, the t-shirts, you name it.
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We're not like raiding countries like George Soros and stealing millions and then, you know, funding race war.
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It's called reap what you sow.
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
Waging war on corruption.
It's Alex Jones, coming to you live from the front lines of the Info War.
So, there's a tactic I've noticed.
Where the globalist media will take the stupidest person and make them an icon, knowing that their constituents are a lot of drooling, slobbering, rich kids, skinny jeans, $1,000, you know, smartphone in their hand, at South by Southwest, you know, $3,000 tickets, staying in palatial, fancy hotels, that are $500 a night to $1,000.
So you've got rich millennials, always, pulling up in their fancy cars, all posh,
And then Paul introduced me to Ashton Witte, a young lady from California that he interviewed a few times.
She was coming to town.
She wanted to do some reporting.
Well, we had a glut of reporting.
We've got like 10 different YouTube channels.
And I had said right around that time, don't flood the main channel with 30, 40 videos.
So getting right to it, I come on there, there's like 20 videos of South by Southwest.
And I said, they'd just been put up.
I said, delete them, put them all on sub channels.
I'll walk out of the room.
A month later, this has been all over CNN, you name it.
We're going to go to right now, Sailor Socialism, Dasha Nekrokhoza, if you pronounce it right, I don't know, explains her viral InfoWars interview.
Here's Vice, the very chill woman who owned Infowars, is now an excellent meme.
So they say we took it down because she destroyed our reporter, blah blah blah.
So I finally watch it, she's like, uh yeah, I like Bernie Sanders, I like socialism, I want everything free.
I mean, you'd think I hired her, she's so stupid.
Like the guy that dumped coffee on me, they thought I hired him because he was so stupid.
No, that really happened.
That guy's real.
He really hates me.
Anyway, so I'm going to play this video and then get Paul's take on it.
But this is what they say I'm afraid of.
I finally watch it this morning.
I feel sorry for this woman.
She's so stupid.
Here it is.
Are you a fan of Bernie Sanders?
Yeah, I am.
What do you like about him?
That he's a socialist.
Why is socialism good?
I don't really want to do this.
What is this for?
We're asking people why they like Bernie Sanders.
For InfoWars?
Yes, we are InfoWars.
I think he has a lot of integrity.
I like his value system.
I like what he stands for.
Exactly what value he stands for.
Eating the rich.
Eating the rich.
Well, are you aware that Bernie Sanders lives in... She's taking a drink off her $5 latte while she looks at the expensive smartphone at a very expensive deal.
And it just gets worse.
I mean, and then they say, I'm afraid of this.
I'm going to have this tattooed on my brain.
Here it is.
Well, are you aware that Bernie Sanders lives in $3 million homes?
Uh, no, I was not aware of that.
And are you aware... I'm gonna ask you something.
So if they're about eating the rich, why do you think so many of the 1% support socialism?
Is that true?
It's very true.
Like who?
Well, for example, you know Venezuela, right?
Heard of it.
A majority of the country is currently eating rats while their politicians are drinking champagne on a daily basis.
Check the phone.
But that's not the 1%.
The 1% of Venezuela.
I'm talking about America.
Hit pause again.
America is a problem, continue.
Sanders were president, right?
And he wanted to bring the same ideas for socialism into this country.
Do you think that we would benefit?
Yeah, yeah.
But I just told you Venezuela is eating rats.
But I just want people to have healthcare, honey.
I don't want, like... Oh my gosh.
Oh my gosh.
You'll have, like, worms in your brain, honestly.
You'll have, like, worms in your brain.
I mean, you're the one who can't answer the question.
What question?
If you shot a bunch of school children, both these women, and said, who's got worms in their brain?
I want it free there for here.
We're going to come back and let Paul Watson finish up, and then we've got Great First Amendment.
I want everything free.
I would have asked, man, you got a nice smartphone, man, you're here with $3,000, been south by southwest.
Where are you staying?
If you don't like free market, go somewhere to a third world hellhole, you dumb moron.
But this is who they hold up.
They teach you to worship the failure, like the CIA funding ugly art and ugly architecture.
This woman's it.
She's the symbol of ugliness.
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That's InfoWarsLife.com.
It's the Alex Jones Show.
Everyone thinks so, but I would never say it.
You know what I want to do?
I want to get it finished.
The prize I want is victory for the world.
It's also what happens when you listen to the radio host, Alex Jones.
Move, bitch!
Get out the way!
This is the American plan.
Infowars helped fuel the rumor that President Obama is an ISIS supporter.
It's been a cozy relationship from the beginning.
I will not let you down.
You will be very, very impressed, I hope.
And I think we'll be speaking a lot.
Donald Trump and Alex Jones.
This means that Donald Trump will be the 45th President of the United States.
Waging war on corruption.
It's Alex Jones!
Good evening, everybody.
There's not even the same universe.
I mean, she is an abject, psychopathic demon from hell.
People around her say she's so dark now and so evil and so possessed that they are having nightmares, they're freaking out.
Folks, they say, listen, Obama and Hillary both smell like sulfur.
I have two words for you.
Let it rip, bro.
There's a guy on the radio.
He said me and Hillary are demons.
He said we smell like salt.
Ain't that something?
I'm not just being tacky.
I'm calling Margaret Mead and Samoa.
I had never seen or smelled anyone like that.
Defending the Republic from enemies foreign and domestic.
It's Alex Jones.
Still mad?
There's a lot of flies in here and the center is going to do something about these flies.
Well, you found it.
This is where we're fighting for the republic.
We're trying to restore the country to its axis of renaissance.
There it is, Daily Mail.
They're all reporting it.
UK sharing hate posts online could lead to six months in jail under newly proposed rules.
And then a liberal like Count Dankula, who makes comedy videos like Charlie Chaplin or John Cleese making fun of Hitler, had the dog, Howl Hitler.
They're saying he's facing six months to over a year in prison.
So this is real, and joining us for the rest of the hour is Mark John Randazza of Randazza.com.
He's a very respected First Amendment lawyer out there across the country.
I've asked a lot of people, hey, who's really good?
They're like, well, Mark Balin, Mark Randazza.
There's a lot of guys that are older than them that were also famous for that that are retired, but the law firm I've got...
In D.C.
represents the Bushes and people but there they're representing me on a bunch of these you know fake things that are going on with the whole Sandy Hook deal.
I'm not saying Sandy Hook's fake.
I'm saying the fake lawsuit against me is filled with lies.
And all the rest of it but this is the whole lawfare situation.
But we're finishing with Paul Watson.
This all ties together.
Paul from the UK.
What do you make of Vice and Kid Vogue and all of this Teen Vogue with this young woman
Who looks like she's about 25.
It's South by Southwest.
$3,000 ticket for the full ticket.
She's got a smartphone.
She's got the most elite ticket you can get, according to her lanyard.
She's got fancy clothes.
All this stuff.
She's with some, you know, rich-looking dude.
All dandied out.
And she's saying she wants socialism, but only for America, but knows nothing about Venezuela.
Then they hold her up as this genius and say our reporter is a moron.
And that we're scared of this interview.
And I finally watched it.
Why do you think they take the most collapsed, stupid, moronic people, and we'll play some of her in a moment, so just play it from anywhere.
She sounds like an idiot.
What is this tactic?
Like the CIA putting up ugly architecture, ugly art, to like make ugly or stupid the new avant-garde?
What is this, Paul?
What is this tactic?
How do we quantify this?
Well, you could say the left can't meme.
I mean, if this is their big hero, this is a woman who gave an interview saying capitalism is evil.
She's got her head buried in an iPhone.
I don't see Venezuela, I don't see North Korea producing many iPhones, Alex.
I mean, she's being given a platform by Vice.
They love her, they've done like three articles about her, calling her an extremely chill woman.
In other words, meaning an apathetic dumbo moron who can barely talk, who responds to the question about Venezuela by saying, heard of it?
Heard of it?
This is their big hero, a drooling idiot who can barely talk, who has no arguments, who is a complete hypocrite.
Of course, Vice.com gives her a platform.
They give a platform to some very interested in other people.
Todd Nickerson, the admitted paedophile, he's still on Vice.com.
Remember, Salon.com reported on him, gave him a platform, gave him several articles, deleted the articles out of shame.
He's still on Vice.com.
They've got no standards.
They've literally taken a drooling idiot who knows nothing about socialism, who knows nothing about the fact that to fund government programs like healthcare, you need a creator class.
You need wealth at the top, otherwise it doesn't get paid for.
It collapses, literally, into people eating zoo animals and rats.
They're like, oh my God, she said they're eating rats.
They are eating rats, right?
Can you do a Google search?
Venezuela's collapsing.
Their currency's worth less than video game currencies at this point.
This is the endgame of socialism.
It's killed millions of people throughout history.
Oh, but this is cool and trendy now.
Because this idiot drooler, who can barely talk, says some chill things in response to actual questions.
If this is the best they can do, then they're struggling, big time.
Now Tommy Robinson, they want to put him in jail, they've been talking about it under this new UK regulation, not even law.
Paul, in closing,
For saying 88% of rapes are Muslims.
Well, I mean, that's in the statistics.
But hey, all they've got to do is do what Finland's done now, and a few other countries where their high court has ruled that they're allowed to rape children.
So a 20-year-old can rape a 10-year-old and it's not rape because that's the Muslim culture.
So we have literal rape culture from Islam being defended.
Meanwhile, they put up a statue in Florida of the famous sailor kissing the nurse and she said she liked it.
By the way, he did it in front of his wife, the sailor did.
I don't know.
Family members, including your brothers, your sisters, and everybody, and the people that lived, you know, yeah, there was an orgy when everybody got back.
Sorry, that's how it works.
That's not rape, ladies and gentlemen.
But let's look at some of these rape photos.
They're so powerful vintage photos of soldiers kissing their loved ones.
Look how evil this is, that man and woman loving each other.
This has got to stop.
This celebration is so horrible.
This is so evil, Paul.
Look, look, look more.
Again, viewer discretion advised nowadays.
These photos are just absolutely terrible.
Nothing like beating Hitler to drop the panties.
I mean, that's what's going on here, ladies and gentlemen.
But on Twitter, they compared me to Hitler for tweeting some of these out, Paul.
Closing comments on that, my friend.
Well, I mean, we had a situation in Britain where they banned a beach body ad of a toned, fit, athletic woman because it was body shaming and replaced it with these three obese land whales who are going to, unfortunately for them, have premature deaths.
This is the complete reversal of sanity.
This is anti-woman.
This is anti-human.
Everything they do is an absolute despicable reversal of logic inflicted upon us.
What can we expect at this point?
It's absolutely incredible.
Well, in every culture, when you lose millions of people, there's a baby boom right after.
That's called instincts.
Pardon me?
I think you are full of conspiracies, and I don't think that you are helping our country.
Dude, do you know the media misrepresents what I actually say?
Like, give me an example of one of my conspiracies.
Uh, that- Come on, come on.
That water's making the frogs skate.
It might look like we're out in a bush somewhere, but 15 feet on either side, we're surrounded by agriculture, and the runoff ends up in this river.
All of the algae is the result of all the nutrients, because a lot of fertilizers are used in agriculture.
And once those fertilizers get into the water, you get these blooms of algae.
Our data so far suggests that the mixture of pesticides causes an increase in stress hormones.
And those stress hormones cause immunosuppression, which leads to the inability to respond to any kind of disease pathogen.
I don't like them putting chemicals in the water that turn the friggin' frogs gay!
It seems that even the tough bullfrog isn't doing so well with the toxins in this water.
I got a chant going.
I got a chant going.
What about gay frogs?
It's not funny!
I'm gonna say it real slow for you.
Hayes is testing the effects of chemicals like atrazine, a common herbicide.
We have a whole family of animals where we've eliminated the female chromosome.
Specimen zero one.
These animals that we know are genetic males have been exposed to atrazine for their entire life.
And many of these genetic males now are turning into females.
And quite frankly, if you're a genetic male, it'd be nice if you developed as a genetic male, and now we have a chemical very common in the environment that's effectively sex-reversing animals.
Now obviously it's not fair to judge a guy on one isolated dumbass clip.
So here's a bunch of them.
Alex is anti-gay.
He's saying the chemicals are making people gay.
Folks, it's making the frogs gay.
Two-thirds of the frogs down in Houston are bisexual.
Do you understand that?
Turn the friggin' frogs gay!
Serious crap!
The one that's sort of remarkable is this pair.
These are both males.
The one on the bottom, acting as the female, we affectionately refer to as Darnell.
He's a genetic male that not only acts like a female, he lays eggs like a female.
He, she, has been exposed to atrazine.
All of her, his, her life.
I don't even really know how to reference it.
This is Darnell's third clutch.
So Darnell has sons and daughters that we've grown up.
You can see eggs in the bottom.
This is actually her second clutch for today.
He, she has been compilating for getting close to 24 hours now.
This is probably one of the most remarkable things I've seen in my work.
Jones has argued that the government has the ability to control tornadoes, and that tap water is a gay bomb, and that they are putting chemicals in the water that turn the friggin' frogs gay.
I'm gonna say it real slow for you.
I am worried.
This is the most common contaminant in ground and surface water and drinking water.
And the level of atrazine that it took to make this male turn into a female is three times less than what's allowed in our drinking water.
You know what?
I guess it makes sense that Donald Trump wants to impress Alex Jones.
Why would you want to drain the swamp if not to eradicate all those gay frogs?
You stay there.
You two stay where you are.
It's not just a problem with frogs.
We should be concerned about it.
The water that's causing their problems is the same water that we're drinking and using to water our crops.
You're listening to The Alex Jones Show.
It's The Alex Jones Show.
Alright, I couldn't think of a better time to have Mark Randazza, a leading First Amendment lawyer, here in studio with us.
I'm not having my lawyers on about particular defamation cases against me by the Democratic Party using the families of Sandy Hook and using others to basically try to build a case to go after the Second Amendment.
First Amendment.
For having his pug, Hal Hitler.
Yeah, for a hate crime.
Which is absurd.
I mean, this guy had a, his girlfriend has a little pug dog that she squeals all the time about how cute it is.
It annoys him, so he decides he's gonna do something funny and teach it how to do a Nazi salute.
A dirty trick, yeah.
Yeah, I mean, you gotta admit, in the scheme of, like, trolling your girlfriend, it's somewhat brilliant.
My wife pied me this morning.
She wasn't mad at me.
She just slammed a key lime pie into my face.
I mean, something else to my clients, but okay.
Yeah, anyway, this is just a, it's just, you know, messing with his girlfriend and they decide that this is a hate crime?
I mean, it's just, it's absurd, but it is this view, you know, this idea that bothers, that really, you know, it bothers me when one side of a debate decides that it can't win in the marketplace of ideas, so it just says it's going to try to win through suppression of those ideas.
Even jokes about it.
I mean, this is nothing but a joke.
Any idiot could see that.
And for the prosecutor to even bring the case, much less for the court to convict him, is a travesty in a country that's supposed to be a democratic society.
And here's the thing, this is mechanized, it's organized, it's moving.
And just to be clear, I wouldn't pick the weights up in the garage because I use that as a gym.
And it became a joke for days that I wouldn't pick them up.
And I said, she's not my mommy.
And then I'd asked her to get me a key lime pie like a week ago.
But I didn't ever eat it.
It was a friendly joke, but she did pie me.
While I was laying there doing flies, all of a sudden my wife goes, bam, key lime pie.
It was kind of fun.
Well, if she had put a swastika on the pie, you could charge her with a hate crime, I suppose.
But yeah, so he's flirting with his girlfriend, messing with her.
Plus, it got millions of views.
He made money off of it.
He's a comic.
How can Charlie Chaplin do it?
Or how can John Cleese do it?
But this guy can't do it.
You know, I don't think it has anything to do with what the guy is.
I think it has to do with, you know, people who want censorship are going to try to push the envelope at every opportunity.
And, you know, right now it happens to be that this is much more the purview of the left, at least in the West.
That wasn't always the case, and you know, heck, I've got shoes that have been around longer than it's been a liberal value to be in favor of censorship.
How did they completely flip since Trump got elected?
They're now, we want to end it, it's evil, get rid of it.
Because so few people are committed to neutral civil liberties, and they're more committed to tribe, so they decide if they can use censorship to further their views.
I mean, heck, I remember back in the Bush administration, you know, his entire Justice Department was devoted to trying shutting down pornography because they're rappers.
Yeah, and before that, you had Tipper Gore, my god, Al Gore's wife.
And the left was all freaked out about it, but I mean now, here's why they're doing it.
The left, before was making money out of Hollywood and all the smut and the porn and the rest of it, they wanted to break down society.
I'm not saying censor people, but I have my comment on what they were doing.
Now they have the tools with social media and big tech, so now that they have the Ring of Mordor, they're putting it on.
I agree.
You see this with people on the right being systematically no-platformed, not just from media sites, but from YouTube, from Facebook, from Twitter, and now from PayPal and Stripe.
If any company decides that it doesn't like the kind of thing you have to say, you're off.
And that's exactly what Mark Balin was telling me yesterday, my lawyer, on this.
He said, no, they're building towards a total no platforming where you're going to be in a ghetto.
Just like the Nazis did.
They're going to kick you off everything.
They're going to try to bankrupt you, which they admit they're trying to do.
Yeah, I mean, look, from a legal standpoint, I have to admit, they have a legal right to do that.
They can decide.
They don't want them on here.
You can decide, you know, you don't like what I have to say and go to a break and kick me out of here.
But, when you invite that kind of one-sided debate, when you invite that kind of suppression of views that you don't like, you're doing something that is just not in any way healthy for a free society.
Mark, I don't know if I totally agree with you.
You know, if a gay couple gets a half million dollars because a Christian didn't want to bake their cake,
I'm a libertarian.
I say, hey, bake their cake, but hey, $500,000, come on, give me a break.
But we're getting to the point where conservatives and libertarians are being discriminated against about being able to enter marketplaces.
That's very discriminatory.
I mean, if we said we're not going to let, you know,
I don't
It's going to go tit for tat.
I mean, take Amazon.
They're not letting Christians use the platform for their whole program of charity.
And so Christians need to boycott that.
Look, that's, you know, they may, when it comes to racial discrimination, we do have laws that are clearly against that.
When it comes to political discrimination, there are some laws in California, for example, the Unruh Act has been interpreted to prohibit that.
But that's really not a slam-dunk theory.
It's one that I'm trying to push in some cases.
But you're right that if we don't look at it just so much as a legal issue, but as a normative issue, you're right.
At some point, this kind of speech doesn't go away.
Where it goes is it goes underground.
People will find a way to organize, reorganize, and then I think you're going to find it even more scary.
I mean, the thing is, nothing has given, I think, the extreme, extreme right, the neo-Nazis, nothing's given them more credibility and more strength than the efforts to shut them down.
I mean, in the past, when you'd have a neo-Nazi march, a bunch of people would stand around, point at them and laugh, and it would be a ridiculous spectacle of five or six guys, you know, trying to cosplay Nazis.
And everybody would laugh at them, and no one would take them seriously.
But now, when you have this organized effort to commit violence against them, to try to take them down off of, you know, off of any means of expression,
Well, then you wind up giving them just that little bit of martyrdom.
You give them that little bit, that edge of, now they're the rebels.
Well, I was about to say, Ortega Info Wars, where Megyn Kelly edits tape of me saying that Hillary killed children in a basement.
And I was talking about Hillary funding the Arab Spring.
It's in the same clip.
She just edited it and then played it.
That's the defamation, that's the disinformation, that's the attack, and then they use that to try to de-platform us.
That's going to cause a major Streisand effect for InfoWars.
Perhaps, yeah.
I mean, look, there was a time when I remember the internet companies just wouldn't listen to anything resembling censorship.
The whole mantra in Silicon Valley was that we are the free speech wing of the free speech movement and we're going to let the marketplace of ideas decide.
That's when they were getting total dominance over the web.
Now that they've got 90 plus percent total control, they are the internet.
Now that the internet has been privatized to these multinational groups, Google's bigger than most governments, they're now rolling up the trap.
And they're not accountable.
And what really bothers me is that it's almost like it's an experiment.
Let's see if we can do it to the far right.
Let's see if we can do it to Klansmen and Nazis.
Because if you can do it to them, you can do it to
Well, that's how it was in Nazi Germany.
First they went for this group, then that group.
That's how authoritarians always work.
It's a formula.
It's in the WikiLeaks.
Mark Randazzo, stay the word.
Come back.
I want to talk about solutions.
What do we do to turn the tide and defeat this?
Because the censorship is here.
Europe already arrests you if you say, hey, a Muslim raped a little girl.
You're arrested.
England's now putting that in.
It's coming here next.
This is draconian.
We're going to continue to stand up for America.
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You're listening to The Alex Jones Show.
Resistance to tyrants is obedience to God.
It's Alex Jones.
I was talking to Mark Randazza during the break and he dropped a bombshell on me and I just pulled up the news article here.
The American Bar Association
...is saying that if you make politically incorrect statements, according to their definition, you will be disbarred, not just in the practice of law, but in your own life.
That is an end of the First Amendment.
This is a clear assault by the big corporations, the institutions, the tech giants, the old media that's falling apart, the old political guard, to absolutely bully everyone into submission.
And Mark, I didn't even know about this.
I mean, this is just incredible that this is happening.
And you were saying when you take a political test, you're right smack dab in the middle, you know, of the liberal column.
And I've known about you for years.
I know that.
But you're a First Amendment guy.
And all these lawyers I know, liberal and conservative,
I don't
Mankind or humankind, you know, out of the National Anthem of Canada.
They're taking mother and father off the forums because that's a hurtful word.
I mean, is there any end as the scourge of the political correctness and authoritarianism of the universities?
Like, like, like, uh, diseased tumors busting open and metastasizing.
Look, it's a requirement of orthodoxy.
And that's one thing, I've never liked orthodoxy.
You know, the fact that I do seem to be, you know, if I plot myself, yeah I do wind up right smack in the center of the liberal field.
And the allure of the old left was that it wasn't orthodoxy.
No, it had room for debate.
There was a time when communism was something that we wanted to suppress here, and it was the old liberals that said, wait a minute, there's room for the philosophy that killed 90 million people.
There's room for the philosophy of Stalin and Mao in our society.
There's room for that because the marketplace of ideas will discredit it, and to the extent it doesn't,
I mean, heck, even they might have one tiny shred of something that might be true that we take out and use as our own and get rid of the rest.
But that's just not how people want it now.
And that's what troubles me.
You know, when you talked about this ABA rule, the American Bar Association has been trying to push this rule 8.4G, which would require lawyers to always be politically correct.
I mean, I could go into more... That would turn it into a full-bore cult.
Yeah, I mean, I could bore the hell out of your viewers with the legality of it.
No, it's huge!
This is one of the biggest guilds, biggest professional groups in the country, one of the most powerful things in the world, and they're saying you will adhere to whatever our new doctrine is.
And not only in the practice of law, but anything connected to it.
So for example, I'm on your show right now, and I'm a lawyer.
This is connected to the practice of law.
Oh, you're going to be criticized for coming on.
Oh yeah, that's already happened.
But I'm also pretty sure you're not winning the Political Correctness Award this year.
You know, I could be disciplined under 8.4G if any of the bars that I was a member of had adopted it.
Fortunately to this day, so far I believe only Vermont has adopted it, which is a little strange, but Montana and Tennessee rejected it, Nevada's taken it off the table, so people are pushing back.
It's not as terrifying because lawyers are looking at this.
Arizona's currently considering it, so if you're a lawyer in Arizona and you want freedom of expression...
To quote Churchill, guys try to pull up Churchill's Iron Curtain speech, there is an Iron Curtain descending down now across Eastern Europe, and the evil Soviet Empire is expanding, and they are destroying free speech and censoring.
I mean, this is an Iron Curtain descending.
You know, it's almost too bad that the Iron Curtain fell, I've said sometimes.
Because it gave us at least this negative example of what we did.
Exactly, don't be like that!
Because now we're becoming that.
Yeah, because it was one party rule, one way of thought.
You know, yeah, you could be a dissident in East Germany.
You could do that.
You wouldn't get ahead, you wouldn't get into colleges, you wouldn't get the jobs you wanted.
And that's the new system they're setting up here.
We've voluntarily given so much more surveillance power to the 650 area code than we ever would have tolerated.
The Stasi would drool over what we've given to Silicon Valley as far as surveillance powers.
And now we've also got that coalescing into a way to suppress political thought.
And are we surprised that Germany three years ago began hiring senior former Stasi to run Facebook
Censorship program and to call the police.
No, not at all.
I think the Stasi would be absolutely at home in Silicon Valley today.
Well, when we talk about England, as has already happened in Europe, if you criticize Islam or gays,
He was six months in jail, and now it's happening.
But I say, even if that criticism is unfair, even if that criticism is wrong, mean, bigoted, so what?
Because are those ideas, are these bigoted ideas, so scary to these people that they can't stand in opposition?
But it's even worse.
It always only expands.
They're just setting the precedent with what sounds popular.
Oh, let's ban the Nazis.
Next, it's, oh, we're going to fire this police chief.
He reported that 92% of the rapes in Stockholm are from Muslims.
I mean, and of course, like you said during the break, first it's we can hit Richard Spencer in the head.
I don't like Richard Spencer, but no, don't.
But next, hit anybody you want in the head.
Well, yeah, first everybody thought it was funny when you said, hey, it's okay to punch a Nazi.
And then it becomes, yeah, you see it right there on the screen.
Now that's okay, why?
Because you disagree with his politics?
You cross that speech-violence divide and you are the one firing the first shot.
And then what would happen if Spencer knew how to fight?
And then he broke that guy's neck.
Oh, then was it okay you got your neck broken?
These rules are there to protect you, people.
You know, honestly, had that happened, maybe the world would be a better place because the kid with the mask, I think, should have had his neck broken.
But, you know, that's not what happened.
But then it expands, right?
It's edgy and great and gets you adulation down at the local Starbucks when you say it's okay to punch a Nazi.
But then it's... But suddenly they define me as a Nazi and say... Well, that's the problem, yes.
The ever-expanding definition of Nazi to these idiots is anybody who isn't 100% in their camp and they will... they demand such political orthodoxy that you see them also eating their own.
I mean, eventually, you're going to have only one person left on the left who is orthodox enough.
I was so politically... I was so politically blind...
Growing up and everything.
I didn't even think when I married my first wife that she was half Jewish.
What that meant.
And the white supremacist hating my kids.
And then I get to have my sister's Korean adopted.
My kids, you know, you can say are part Jewish.
I'm proud of that.
The point is, is then the Nazis hate me.
But then the left calls me a Nazi everywhere when there's not anything racist I'm even saying.
And they go, that Nazi doesn't even deserve to be on the air.
Right, because everybody who doesn't agree with me is a Nazi.
I mean, that's really where it's going.
And then you extrapolate that to, well, violence and other forms of suppression are okay against anybody who's a Nazi, but if you expand that view...
Next thing you know, you're left with, I can, just, Nazi just means somebody that I want to punch if I'm on the left.
Well, use the real Nazi analogy, they did it with the Jews and a few other groups first, and as we know, by the end of World War II, if a richer Nazi wanted somebody below him as money, they just called him a spy and took their stuff.
And pretty soon, it was mainly Germans who'd been serving the Reich.
And, you know, and like, people that Hitler was jealous of.
Oh, suddenly, suddenly, Field Marshal Rommel, you're a Jewish agent.
We're going to make you commit suicide.
It just expands.
Wasn't that because he tried to kill Hitler?
Well, he did.
That's a little bit of a reason.
It gets you in trouble.
You try to kill the dictator or even the democratically elected president, you get in trouble.
But still, it's... You did show your little bit of a history buff there.
Well, tiny, but not enough that I could debate it long, but I can definitely say that... Well, hearing Rommel, they think Rommel knew.
He actually wasn't, but yeah.
They wanted Rommel to lead Germany into a peace deal and Rommel had agreed.
That day, they were already surveilling him and then killed him that day.
Yeah, look, all my knowledge of it comes from that movie Valkyrie, so... It's a good movie, it's very accurate.
Yeah, it was a great movie.
But, you know, really, if this comparison... When you try to compare anything to Nazis, it doesn't work.
You know what's like Nazis?
Just Nazis.
Even neo-Nazis of today... No, but I agree, but if you want to do a parallel of youth brigades hitting people in the head with bike locks, calling for other people to have their speech taken, and calling to be able to use violence exclusively against somebody else, that's pretty Nazi-like.
Look, we don't have to call it Nazi-like to make it wrong.
It's authoritarian.
You know, it is, and it's... We'll be right back.
Stay there.
Stay with us, folks.
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He had a water filter ad after he talked about atrazine in the water causing sterility.
Dun, dun, dun.
Like, oh my god, it's hidden!
They always go, Jones said this on air.
We caught it.
Here it is.
It was a big secret.
Millions were watching it.
So, InfoWarsTore.com.
You're listening to The Alex Jones Show.
Live from the Infowars.com studios, it's Alex Jones.
You know, I should have introduced Mark Randazza as the guy that represented the Daily Stormer.
You name it.
And, you know, there he was with a Jewish lawyer and a gay lawyer.
He was just over here in the break representing this guy.
And when they were taking his website down off the providers, people thought it was a hoax.
Liberal media was like, just a year ago, oh, whatever Daily Stormer, you're just doing this.
No one's trying to take you down.
Now you've had the court case, all of it.
A year and a half later, take Alex Jones down!
You know, he's a horrible criminal.
And then they misrepresent what I've said.
It's bad enough, if I was really a Nazi, you shouldn't take me down.
But then they lie.
So, can you speak to some of the Daily Stormer model?
Because, again, they start with something really unpopular.
People don't believe what's happening in America.
Not even a defamation suit.
Just, you're not allowed to be online.
And you told me, you can't get into the details of it.
Well, let's just say this.
You've been threatened before, and lawyers have, not to even represent people.
I mean, frankly, that was worse back in the Bush years when I was representing pornography companies.
I mean, I first started carrying a gun because I was getting emails from people saying that, you know, with Bible verses telling me that I should be taken out for representing pornography.
Larry Flynt.
Uh, yes.
So, uh, you know, that's when I started carrying.
Uh, so people ask me... By the way, Larry Flynt used to publish my articles when I was exposing Inside Job, 9-11, or all this stuff, but as soon as I supported Trump, meh.
Yeah, well, you know... But my point is, when Bush was in, I was a... He is.
When Bush was in, I'm supposedly a communist.
And then now that Trump's in, I'm his right-wing Nazi.
Well, that's, you know, that's a good sign.
If the political winds shift around you and you are nailed down to this rock of neutral civil liberties, I think that's a good place to be.
Unfortunately, there's not too many people clinging to that rock.
But, you know, to answer your inquiry here about what happened to the Stormer, I mean, I don't like anything on the Stormer.
I'd never read it before I represented it.
It attacks me a lot!
I'm sorry.
The only times I saw it, it was vicious.
Is it still up?
It is.
Guys, I'll prove this.
Type in AlexJonesDailyStormer.com.
I mean, I hardly ever look at the lies on there.
But you know what?
That rat has his right to have that up there.
That's how I look at it.
He has a right to express himself, but also, not only is it good that he has that right, but I think it's good that we let people like that express themselves.
If you want to defeat that idea, bring your own idea.
But, unfortunately, what's happened is people who want these ideas down, who, I mean, I don't understand what it is about that somebody who feels that their arguments are so impotent, so weak, that they can't stand to have this website up,
So they go to the domain name servers, they go to the domain name providers and tell them, yank their domain name.
Then they go to their web host, yank their web hosting.
Yank all their banking ability and drive them completely underground.
That has done more to help this guy.
Here, go back, go back, there it is, there it is.
ADL Schill, Alex Jones.
Here, here, let's pull up the Daily Stormer.
I don't mean to interrupt you.
Sure, hey.
For TV viewers, go back.
It's your show.
No, no, no, it's your show when you're on.
Scroll down, guys.
Go ahead.
See, I mean, look, all of this, if this is, you know, if this here, you look at this, and if you can't combat that with your viewership, and you can't combat that through arguments that you can make on this show, then, you know, that doesn't say a lot about you.
And, frankly, you can.
I mean, this is... Well, I'm kind of upset.
Used to he attacked me more.
Some of these aren't even that mean.
Maybe he's woken up.
Here, let's go back.
Take a picture of you.
Oh, I was just saying I'm a fat ass.
Here, go back and show some of the older articles.
Scroll down, because I know I saw stuff on there before that was mean about me.
Yeah, I mean, look, of course, they're Nazis.
They're not nice.
I mean, that's part of the philosophy, right?
But you're not going to look at feel-good pieces on here.
But this is part of the marketplace of ideas.
The way you defeat these ideas is you don't buy them, and you bring other ideas forward.
I mean, I don't know of anybody who's ever been mentioned on this site that is probably proud of themselves, you know, or at least proud of the article.
Except sometimes, you know, heck, sometimes I'm pretty proud of the people who criticize me.
I mean, Westboro Baptist Church did a video criticizing me and, you know, threatening me with fire and brimstone.
And the day that happened, I called my mom.
I was like, Mom, I've arrived.
Westboro Baptist Church is protesting me.
Well, I confuse all the daily stormers and stormer this, stormer that, but I know some of those stormer sides of attack.
There's a little bit of attacks in there, but not what I remember.
But that was years ago.
I didn't even pay attention to that stuff in so long.
It makes my head hurt.
Yeah, I mean, look, Nazi ideas are silly.
I mean, that's why... Sure, but this obsession with it.
We have the new authoritarianism.
Not the Nazis 70 years ago we're facing.
So I think your point about the Nazis were the Nazis.
Moving on now, what would you call the modern authoritarian left?
Look, there's something new.
I mean, this is a new thing.
What do you call it?
I don't have a label for it.
Maybe we could invent one.
Legal terrorism?
I don't think it needs a label.
I think you just need to look at it and see how utterly scary it is.
You know, I remember when Silicon Valley was this great thing that was going to disrupt everything and these big closed fortresses of companies that had run everything forever were going to start to lose some ground.
And now it meets a new boss worse than the old boss.
Yeah, that's the problem.
You know, we're going to be down to five CEOs who run everything.
And heck, at least an authoritarian government is at least in some ways accountable to something.
These are completely unaccountable.
Well, you look at how Bezos is so cold-blooded about everything, and so mean and anti-liberal, and how he basically pays no taxes, and then he's funding all these groups pushing for the middle class to have higher taxes.
He's such a hypocritical villain, man.
And then I find out he's in my business, he's got the Washington Post calling me a snake oil salesman, when I sell supplements that he sells as well.
I mean, it's just, come on, dude!
Well, this is, yeah, this is how, I mean, this is the result of letting these companies have so much immunity and so much control.
I mean, you look at Google, and Google used to have, you know, it used to be, don't be evil was their motto.
And now, I think if you wanted to have a similar motto today, it'd be don't be Google.
I mean, Google is one of the most... Ooh, did you invent that?
Instead of don't be evil, don't be Google.
Yeah, I'm going to sue anybody who uses it.
No, I'm serious.
Hey, get that domain right now.
Our guy's in there.
I want don'tbegoogle.com.
Get it!
Get it!
Get it!
Ah, I must have it!
We've got to get you as one of our legal analysts here.
Only if you wear a swastika armband.
I'm not going to do that.
Not now, nor have I ever owned one.
It's a joke.
I have an Italian flag kippa, but you know, that's about it.
You can have that.
That's good.
We like Italians.
Anyway, seriously though.
Expanding on this, without getting into the details of my cases, my lawyers don't want me to, obviously.
Right, that would be a bad idea.
What do you make of the assaults you've seen on us?
You've read the lawsuits.
I have seen, let's just generalize to the number of what I call slap suits that have been filed against people for political reasons over the past couple of years.
They have always been there.
There have always been slap suits.
There have always been people who try to silence others through
You know, the process is the punishment sometimes.
As you're probably aware, I'm sure you write a lot of big checks to your lawyer.
Lawsuits are expensive and they feel extremely wasteful.
And at the end of it, you're drained.
And that's the whole point of it.
I see this happening not just to you, but to a lot of people politically on the right.
And the point of it is to drain you.
To make sure that there is a price for expression that perhaps you cannot pay.
And that is just completely disgusting to me.
And what's even more disgusting is when you see cases like this that aren't just thrown out.
I mean, they really should be thrown out.
I mean, for example, there's a, you know, in Charlottesville, there is a very large lawsuit going on right now against the guy who drove the car into the crowd of people.
That guy should be sued.
I can't see any justification to let him off the hook.
But then also, the list of defendants is anybody who talked about going to Charlottesville.
Anybody who said, let's go to Charlottesville for this protest.
They're now saying anybody that showed up, they're even calling reporters that showed up who weren't part of the alt-right.
They're calling them alt-right and saying they need to get in trouble.
Briefly speaking of the devil.
If you stand with us and buy the products, which are already excellent, that you already need, all this garbage will not bring us down.
But if it is able to bring us down, ladies and gentlemen, and we're confident that it won't, and I'm not just confident, we're extremely confident,
Then it will set a precedent for the entire world.
I've talked to the top lawyers across the country.
They now agree that we are the test case to try to end the First Amendment in this country.
And you hear what they're doing to the American Bar Association, trying to get those rules through where they have no free speech.
It's time for lawyers, too, to stand up for free speech, like Mr. Randaz is doing.
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Stay with us, hour number four.
Germany will soon allow known Islamic radicals to reunite with their families under a law passed by Chancellor Angela Merkel's cabinet.
According to Dan Lyman of Infowars Europe, the new policies take effect on August 1, 2018, and critics argue that they will allow potentially dangerous migrants to enter the country legally.
German state media has released key details of the new law as follows.
I think?
The new law even allows migrants in Germany flagged as potential islamicists to apply for family reunification, provided they can prove to authorities that neither they nor their relatives will pose a threat.
However, it is unclear how potential islamicists will or can verify that they will not pose a threat to their hosts.
German media reports that some 26,000 applications for family reunification have already been received, indicating that this government-sanctioned chain migration scheme will likely continue for years to come.
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Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order, it's Alex Jones!
Defending the Republic from enemies foreign and domestic, it's Alex Jones!
Well, Mark Randaz, a great First Amendment lawyer, one of the top guys in the country, writes great articles, even for CNN.com, fighting for the First Amendment.
He's a real liberal.
Because I used to be on the fence, you know, part conservative, part liberal.
I'm a libertarian.
They used to call me all these names, and you know, now here we are.
They're trying to end the First Amendment, and Mark Randaz is one of the only liberal lawyers
I've talked to a bunch of them, and they say, listen Alex, at the ACLU, you name it, they say, we're not, we agree with you.
They go, this is off record, obviously, I'm not going to say the names.
But they say, we agree with you, this is a really dangerous climate, it's like a 500 year flood, and we've been told by our boards and everybody, do not support you or any conservatives.
Well, that's shameful.
And so, you guys ought to know, if we fall, you're next.
I mean, it's just obvious.
Yeah, well look, the ACLU gave up on the First Amendment a long time ago.
It's not new that they've given up on that.
You know, and that's back to what I said earlier in the show, is that people, instead of siding with neutral civil liberties, they're siding with the tribe.
And you can't do that.
Right now, the ball is in the conservative's court.
My tribe is the Bill of Rights!
Don't people get that's the real universal system of freedom?
That's, that's what I believe in, you know, and that's what I, but when I hear people, you know, I hear people that are conservative now saying, well, we've got to play by their rules.
We've got to bring the same thing to the left that they're bringing to us.
I think that's a terrible idea.
It's a really bad idea.
And you know, behind the scenes, News Corp has this new CEO.
He did a big article three months ago saying, we're going to ban Alex Jones and WikiLeaks.
Once the precedent's set, we're going to end the free internet and we're going to make hundreds of billions.
And he bragged, he just met with the Silicon Valley heads and they agreed.
And that's a scary, scary future because if Silicon Valley, you know, let's say, if Google can just say it's going to completely wipe something off the internet because it doesn't agree with its politics now, and it's very easy to do that when it's a Nazi.
Because who's going to stand up for the Nazis besides some freak First Amendment lawyer like me?
Other than that, there's going to be a very small group at that pity party.
But you know what?
When you can take that political group and get rid of them, why can't you then get rid of somebody who simply opposes your candidate?
Why can't you one day, hey, Larry Page decides he wants to... And that's obviously the goal here.
I think it is.
Total power.
The idea is control.
I don't think you're ever going to see Google or Facebook or Twitter manage themselves ethically in any way or neutrally in any way.
No, they are going to pick and choose winners and right now it's real easy to say it's just these people that a lot of people hate, but it's going to get less and less.
Just like it was okay to punch a Nazi, now it's okay to punch a Republican.
And here's the coup de grace, the final blow.
Apple and all these companies are now finally agreeing to China and censorship and reporting Falun Gong and Christians who have their organs taken.
And Apple is now in China and just has new terms of service where the Chinese government gets the keys to everybody's iCloud.
This is Reuters.
So imagine if Big Tech is signing on to Communist China, they'll sign on to anything.
Oh yeah, look, the way the Chinese system is, you know, it's funny that we have this, the biggest communist country in the world has, through capitalism, simply become a capitalist, authoritarian state.
And I feel like we're going the exact same direction, we're just coming at it another way.
I mean, ultimately, whether somebody's so-called
Free or communist really is of no distinction.
It's how much power you've given to these authoritarians in a small group of authoritarians that can make it that the wheel just can't spin anymore.
And if you look at Davos, they admit to it.
They go, we're technocrats.
For five years, they've been saying this.
We don't want elections.
We'll just run your country.
They're so arrogant.
Yeah, well.
Like, oh, Bezos, he'll just run me.
Thank you.
You're so nice.
Sure, why not?
I mean, when you can have unfettered wealth, you know, and unfettered control.
But, you know, this is where the crazy liberal in me comes out.
You know, maybe it's the, it is the profit motive that causes this to happen.
Well, that's the, you have so much wealth that you can have incredible wealth for people at a base level.
They don't even understand there's other stratas above them.
So that gets consolidated and then takes out the lower strata.
So it's like Victor Hugo said, prosperity makes monsters, adversity makes men.
Yeah, I mean, and the way that this concentrated wealth, you know, just kind of, it can warp democracy in a way that, like, a black hole warps light.
And that is something that I think we're really missing if we're not creative.
I already knew about your great work, but I'm impressed.
I can't wait.
You're going to come on the War Room, really raise the alarm, come up in one hour, and then we're going to meet about some other stuff.
Mr. Randazzo, thanks for coming in.
Hey, my pleasure.
Hey, QAnon, the new fake hijacked QAnon, is attacking us.
We're going to blow it wide open straight ahead.
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This program contains language and sequences some viewers may find disturbing.
The nation and all of our freedoms hang by a thread.
And the military apparatus of this country is about to be handed over to scum!
Lord beholden to scum!
Russian scum!
Please listen.
If you don't, if you won't, if you fail to understand, then the same incredible terror that's menacing me will strike at you!
The function of all life is survival.
Oh my God!
Oh my God!
Oh my God!
Lock the door!
Lock the door!
They're coming!
They're coming!
They're coming!
They're coming!
Listen to me!
Help me!
You're next!
You're next!
We're in danger!
Please, listen to me!
Something terrible!
You're next!
Here they are!
They're already here!
You're next!
They're coming!
They're coming!
The seed is planted.
Terror grows.
Elizabeth, wake up!
We'll get you when you sleep!
Sit up!
Invasion of the Body Snatchers.
All of a sudden, they're growing like parasites.
Is it contagious?
It looked right at me.
You need to get out!
You're looking at it as if it was human.
I'm not human.
Now, the classic fear begins to grow.
We're being cornered!
In a modern masterpiece of science fiction.
They're barricading me.
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
It's Alex Jones.
Alright, well QAnon's been around for about a year.
Got real big in the last eight months or so on these different message boards online.
And some of what QAnon said was accurate, some of it wasn't.
I mean, by December we were going to have Hillary Clinton in a FEMA camp.
That hasn't happened.
You know, they'll put out a photo of Singapore and say, here's where the meeting is going to be two days after it's announced.
So that's the latest thing.
We give you sources like Dr. Jerome Corsi, who's written three number one New York Times bestselling books on elections, gotten elections changed, won elections.
Uh, we have, you know, guests like Rand Paul, like, like, like Donald Trump, and we have all these guests behind the scenes, all this intel, and we have sources, without getting into too many specifics, in, you know, currently in dev group, formerly in dev group, uh, in the CIA, in covert action, direct action, analysis,
All of it who are patriots.
And we know that Trump was recruited two years before he ran by these groups who decided not to run a coup against Obama, but to try to run an operational information war to reboot the Republic.
And so I'd ask Corsi because two months ago I told Corsi, I said, I think QAnon's been compromised.
And I'm getting information from my Pentagon sources who knew some of the people in kind of a consortium who agreed to put out information out of CENTCOM in Florida that they thought was informative via this pen name QAnon.
And then a few weeks ago, I told Corsi, I said, I don't want to report on this anymore because I think it's a load of bull and it's been compromised from my sources.
Well, I've talked to one of our sources who can't come on today.
He came on yesterday, Zach.
And when Zach's name's known, his family's well-known, he's well-known, his family's involved, high level with Eric Prince, high level with Trump, high level with Middle Eastern royalty.
Yeah, Zach, connected to that.
So, you talk about go-between in Libya and Saudi Arabia and Morocco and everywhere else.
I mean, Zach's been in the newspapers, he's been on TV for 10 years.
So, this is a real guy who the FBI really comes and grabs him off airplanes and really sends him to CENTCOM.
And there's patriots that want him to say what he's saying, but others that don't.
So, that's a real guy.
And the same, not Zach, but someone else in the State Department, White House Connect, said on March 8th, the video's up there, said, Alex, they've already agreed in the meeting a few days ago in North Korea with the intelligence chiefs that they are going to tacitly agree to giving up the nukes and reunification in 10 years and starting with the coal plants and all of this because Trump's really going to hit them in March.
In late March, this doesn't happen, and Kim Jong-un has unconditionally rolled over, as long as there's a public statement that we're not going to invade them, and as long as they're given those guarantees by the South.
That all came out a month later, and I was asked, why am I being given this?
Well, so you know we're credible when it happens, and so people know we're the real folks.
By the way, watch out for QAnon.
That's in March, and I'm skiing with my daughters.
And I've got high-level people, and I'm going, this shouldn't be over a regular phone.
They go, we don't give a damn.
The president knows what you're doing.
This is what's going on.
I'm like, well, of course he likes QAnon.
They go, well, yeah, some people in the White House say that.
Earlier, it might have been good.
You need to get away from it.
So I've been on air saying, I don't agree with QAnon.
Well, QAnon, whoever it is on a message board, I'm a real person.
I'm Alex Emmerich Jones.
Alexander Emmerich Jones.
I've been on air 23 years.
Hillary Clinton calls me the dark heart.
I'm being sued by George Soros.
Being sued by Georgetown University, run by the current globalist pope.
I deliver.
I'm for real.
I'm committed.
Everybody knows it.
I'm world famous, not bragging.
I got 5 billion views on YouTube.
But let me tell ya, Fancy Pants, Dandy Pants, QAnon, whoever they says they are, I always say about Anonymous, people are like, do you like Anonymous or not?
Anybody can put on a Guy Fawkes mask.
My son, that QItUp did one, Rex Jones, Understanding Terrorism, something like that, Rob Newell Abbott.
My son told the truth in that piece he did, the first piece he ever did.
I said, is this guy an idiot?
So fine, he did a better job than I could when he was
10 years old, he's 15 now.
Already bigger than me.
Or like the Secrets of Terrorism or something like that.
So the court's gonna take over the rest of the hour.
It's just anybody can put on a Guy Fawkes mask.
Was QAnon real before?
Yeah, I was told it was a group of guys doing it.
And then it got, it changed.
And then this morning, I was talking to one of those guys, not Zach, but another person,
Well, they were playing golf.
They were like, yeah, no, we were involved in that earlier, just putting out our comments on what's going on, but we haven't been in control of this for months.
And so I don't know how I got compromised, what went on, what happened, what's going on.
It's that QAnon, this big phenomenon, if you talked about it, suddenly YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter would let you promote it.
I was like, that's funny that they let this stuff go viral.
They're not shadow banning us.
And that's when I really got concerned and then I was told by people, yeah, watch out for it.
So I want to move on from it.
I'm not going to sit here and have some fight with something called Q that's on message boards and that it speaks with all the gravity of the universe.
I told you Trump was going to win.
He did.
I told you we were going to restore the Republic.
It's happening.
I told you the jobs would come back.
It's happening.
I told you Trump would start talking about global peace and victory for the world.
1776 worldwide.
It's happening.
You ever see QAnon's face?
You ever have the president on the show?
The president call up to congratulate his wife when they get married?
I'm not bragging!
I'm real!
Corsi's real!
You can sink your teeth into us!
So, Dr. Corsi, I know you're going to cover it when you come back.
You're welcome to get into it.
But I guess whoever this new Q guy is, he says we're hate mongers.
He talks like the Southern Poverty Law Center now.
Well, I think it's pretty humorous, actually.
This psyop that is now Q has decided that the best way to advance the music is to get all these people hating us.
So they have a piece, a disinformation piece they published, Alex, on you and me.
And this Q has just posted them, post 1339 and post 1340.
So this is supposed to draw out an army of haters.
Now, capturing all their hate messages, a lot of them are, you know, scatological.
I mean, these are, you know, if this is the group that Q wants to recruit, you're not recruiting the highest and the best.
And if he wants to divide those of us like you and me, Alex, who supported Donald Trump, the 2016 election, and turn the movement against us and other Trump supporters, I think it's pretty obvious that