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Name: 20180506_Sun_Alex
Air Date: May 6, 2018
1840 lines.

The speaker discusses various topics including abortion, gun shows, and his nomination. He argues that the media misinterprets headlines and distorts facts to create propaganda against him and the NRA. Jones emphasizes the importance of supporting the NRA and Infowars, as they face attacks from opponents trying to shut them down. He also talks about adding more live shows on weekends to reach a wider audience and counter the establishment's brainwashing. Additionally, he mentions the diverse crowd at the NRA convention and the contrast between the attitudes of attendees and protesters at anti-NRA events.

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Crashing through the lies and disinformation, it's Alex Jones, coming to you live from the front lines of the InfoWar.
Well, Friday was a bad day.
The rogue government, Deep State, Clinton, Stay Behind Network,
Organized Crime Controller, their final last ditch fortress inside the federal government to hold their whole house of criminal cards together, Robert, fixer for the Clintons and for the Bushes and for Obama, Mueller, had two judges.
And we saw big coverage of the top judge in the Manafort case, the top judge in Russiagate, in Fantasyland,
Coming out and saying that Mueller had lied to them to get the warrants and that it was all fake and that he was just trying to get Trump impeached.
Those are quotes.
And that he had unfettered power or was attempting unfettered power.
That means rogue or runaway.
Let's get the definition of unfettered.
It means unblocked, unbridled, rogue.
Get me the English Oxford if we can, because I like it, because it'll have six or seven definitions below it.
Let's see if my memory serves right.
I haven't actually looked it up, but I know what it means.
Unfettered, released from restraint or inhibition.
That means rogue or runaway.
And then let's scroll down, let's see some more of the definition.
Unbridled, rampant, uninhibited, unconstrained, unrestricted, unchecked, unmuffled, uncontrolled.
Top federal judge in Russiagate calls it unrestrained, rogue, out of control.
And then the other top federal judge on the circuit court, on another circuit court, handling the case of the lawsuit, where they're suing all these Russian companies, going, we have proof.
That you messed with the election while the Russian company showed up for court.
Said, let's start discovery.
And Mueller went, uh, actually, Judge, we might want to stop for six months or we might drop this entirely because it's totally made up.
But that's what they do.
They file lawsuits or they file these indictments and then try to hold it up to just hang it out there in the news.
And go, Roger Stone was in contact with the Guccifer 2.0.
All of the media was going to the message board that he frequented.
You can go there at 100, CBS, NBC, ABC.
Everyone's like, Guccifer, Guccifer, if you've got such big leaks, talk to us.
And Roger, one time, is on there saying, I hope you'll talk to me sometime.
After the time, they claim all the hacking went on.
Of course people are reaching out to Guccifer 2.0.
I remember walking into my producers going, get me Guccifer 2.0.
It's like I'm saying, get me Julian Assange.
But see, I'm not establishment enough to have Julian Assange on or Guccifer.
They all want to go on the New York Times, their enemy site.
And the New York Times had those people on.
They had them on, but that's okay.
But that's what they do on CNN, breathlessly, with David Corn this weekend on MSNBC.
Did you see?
Oh my God, Roger Stone, he's the main guy they're after.
Oh my gosh, this means they've got massive proof.
Boy, he's in a lot of trouble.
And it's all made up.
And now the federal judge in two of these cases talks about how hundreds of pages of these indictments and these lawsuits, one's civil, one's criminal, are blacked out.
Well, the judge wants to see what's unblacked out, because already on these cases, other stuff has been unblacked out, and it's all about their agents saying, there's no evidence, there's nothing, we've come up dry.
Just like Strzok, talking to his girlfriends, like, man, I want out of this, there's nothing there, and we're gonna get in a lot of trouble.
Well, we're meeting with Andy, he said it'll be alright, Andy McCabe, the deputy director.
So you got the Capo above him for the Don.
You know, the Clinton's above him.
The Don, the Clinton crime machine's got the...
Got the major mob chiefs under him.
And then you've got the capos beneath that.
You've got Andrew McCabe.
And then you've got the little street soldiers going, Boss, are you sure?
Are you sure it's going to be all right?
I mean, we paid for the illegal dossier.
It's made up.
And there's nothing there except you, boss.
You, you, we get the Russian money all the time.
It's OK, right?
We try to bust the president now that he's the president.
It's actually, you know, they sent the text message.
They might get us.
Are you sure it gets away, wizards?
I mean, we're scared!
We'll poop our little pantsies!
We'll be back!
Let's talk to Victor in Florida.
Victor, you're calling.
Go ahead.
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Waging war on corruption.
It's Alex Jones, coming to you live from the front lines of the InfoWar.
Man, do we have a broadcast for you.
Unbelievable video, unbelievable reports, unbelievable developments.
The good, the bad, the ugly.
It is all just crazy.
We had Owen Schroer and Michael Zimmerman up there Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.
And I'm told he's going to be popping in at the bottom of the hour.
Has Owen Schroer entered the building yet?
I haven't seen him.
I'm told Owen Schroer will be here.
They went down to the NRA inside now, and it was amazing.
Shot Trump's speech live, met a lot of patriots, and then went outside of the anti-gunners.
And at the local city park, they wouldn't even allow press in that wasn't anti-gun to politely interview the anti-gunners.
Then other people, politely, just simply walk up to the tiny group of anti-gunners, where some B-actress from the 80s was there, and they've got armed security guarding Melissa Milano, again, an unknown B-actress, basically, from thousands of years ago, and these guys come up and say, yeah, we're armed, get out of here, want you to leave, and then basically push them out of the park.
The image of armed bodyguards guarding the B-actress, because she's a god,
You, though, you don't get a right to protect yourself, according to these people.
And they say, oh, you're with Infowars, you've been told to leave.
And the guy goes, I'm not with Infowars.
But it's literally just these entitled, arrogant, in my view, crazy liberals that just show up.
And by the way, I'm not just saying I'd have stood my ground.
Pull up footage of
Dallas Sheriff's Department attacks Alex Jones.
I was up there.
The Dallas Police Department said, yes, you can march without a permit during the JFK 40th anniversary.
And then at the end of it, the whole service is over, where the police chief says, you can go in the park now.
Personally tells me that.
We go over there and the Sheriff's Department says, no, you can't.
So we sit there and nicely demonstrate for about 20 minutes, and a couple hundred goons show up from the Democrat Party-run Sheriff's Department.
They've got a literal La Raza lady that runs it.
And they've been federalized, it turned out, under Obama, and they attack us.
And I stood up to them.
I mean, you know, it was a couple hundred cops.
They did ram us and hit us and attack children and finally push us out with their billy clubs.
But I, you know, I stood my ground.
So I'm just telling you, a couple thugs tell me to get out of a city park and tell me they got guns?
You put your hand on me, you're going to have a big problem.
So, and I'm not knocking this guy, he probably was smarter than I'd be, backing down and just showing what thugs they were, but you watch this footage of some of these union people, and I'm guessing they're Democrat Party union enforcers, that's what they look like and what they act like.
It is just crazy to see the total entitlement.
You don't get guns.
You don't get to have any of this.
We have them.
And we're going to then tell you you don't have a First Amendment.
So that's coming up at the bottom of the hour.
Now, there are so many incredible articles I've got here.
But before I hit the really big ones, let me just hit this first.
You can search engine.
Liberals are more likely to steal.
And less likely to give to charity.
You'll get Harvard studies.
You'll get Toronto University studies.
You'll get universities in England studies.
Big studies.
Well, there's one in the Associated Press of all places.
That just came out today, shock study, climate skeptics more eco-friendly than climate alarmists.
Of course, conservatives and libertarians are better stewards of the land and actually recycle and do all the stuff, because we tend to be more OCD.
The left, in major studies, they just pulled one up from a few years ago for TV viewers, are more likely to steal.
What is it?
Six times more likely to steal.
Nine times more likely to not give to charity.
But they're way more likely to tell you they're giving to charity.
So there's one.
Americans who are skeptical about climate change.
Well, it used to be global freezing and warming.
It's man-made.
We're skeptical.
We know that the climate's always changing.
See how they play those games?
Americans who are skeptical about climate change engage in personal behavior that's more friendly to the environment than climate alarmists.
Yeah, University of Michigan led by a team of researchers and a year-long individual study of 600 Americans who regularly reported their climate change beliefs.
And of course I want solar on my farmhouse because it makes sense and it costs less money in the long run and it's smart and it is good for the environment.
Do I want giant windmills that have a bigger carbon footprint and kill all the birds and bankrupt every country they put them in?
Is carbon dioxide the problem, or is it GMO?
Is it cross-human species?
Is it all of the geoengineering?
See, there's real crises going on, and we get diverted with all the fake ones, but that's a big deal.
Now, let me just tell you what's coming up in the next segment.
Friday was not a good day.
Most of the coverage was on the main federal judge over the Manafort case, who's the head Russiagate judge.
One already recused themselves in the Flynn case.
They now admit there's no evidence of criminality from Flynn.
Why'd he plead guilty?
Because it would cost him a million dollars, and he was on a general's payroll.
That's a couple hundred thousand a year.
Doesn't have the money.
Stone's already spent a million.
I have, I had to spend a lot of money with all the attacks they've got on me, all the fake stuff.
That's what they do.
But now they're looking at dropping the charges on Flynn, not because he said anything, not because he told Mueller what he wanted.
There's nothing there.
The president was president-elect and directed his national security advisor in waiting, that's what you do the day you're elected, to contact the Russian ambassador.
That's what you do.
He never lied about it.
But now, federal judge rejects Mueller's request for delay in Russian troll farm case, saying it's a fraud.
And the other big federal judge accused Mueller team of lying to target and impeach Trump.
That's a quote for quote, unfettered power.
So that is coming up.
I mean, this is devastating.
These are the judges, three judges.
One has recused themselves.
On the Flynn case.
Now the judge on this new Democrat lawsuit against the Russians and Trump and Stone says this is complete BS.
And so Mueller's talking about dropping it or simply asking for a stay, a long stay, till after the election.
I mean, you talk about pulling your horns in.
You talk about wanting it to go away.
I mean, they indict 12 or 13 John Does, and then just say, because Mueller filed a lawsuit, the Democrats filed a lawsuit, that it's proof?
And you know why Mueller's in trouble?
He lied and said they weren't targeting Trump's lawyer and all over the news him and Comey testified to Congress that nobody ever targeted anybody in the Trump circle during the campaign when he was president-elect or president and now we all know they've admitted last week they were spying on Trump for two years before the election and they were spying on his lawyer and Trump towered everything we told you.
And they lied to get the warrants on Trump Tower about something completely different.
The judge hasn't said what it is, but he blew up, it says, in the hearing and screamed at Mueller.
And said, you lied to get these warrants!
You're a liar!
You want to impeach Trump!
And then said, I've seen the unredacted pages.
You're not releasing this for national security.
You're doing it because it shows there's no case.
Your own agents told you that.
This is in the news.
And what did Strzok say once the president was elected in office?
He said to his girlfriend, there were the underlings running the whole fake Russiagate, he said, we gotta stop this.
We can't do this.
We're gonna get in trouble.
There's nothing there.
But CEO, arrogant Brennan, an arrogant clapper,
And all McCabe and all the other people above him, Comey and Mueller, they're all arrogant and in power for decades.
Done whatever they want.
Illegally spied, covered up murders, covered up real Russiagate, covered up Uranium One, covered up nuclear reactors, covered up Iran deals, payoffs, covered up all of it.
And now, wow, they're not able to go with whatever they want and they're just freaking out.
And crapping their britches in front of everyone.
And the stink can be smelled all the way here in Texas from the swamp.
And all you neocons and limp-wristed conservatives that signed on to all this like Lindbeck, aren't you fools now?
You cowardly un-American scumbags!
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But they've cut off the sponsors.
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They have filed 13 lawsuits.
We've beaten six.
But understand this, I am your soldier.
You're my soldier.
We're all in this together.
And we're fighting hard for American values, what we know works, and what brings liberty and freedom to our children.
So I salute you and I thank you.
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You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
We now take you live to the Central Texas Command Center in the heart of the resistance.
Rallying patriots worldwide
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
You know, when the mainstream corporate lying media tells you somebody's really, really good, you know they're really, really bad.
And I've been on air 23 years.
I remember Robert Mueller, before he was the director of the FBI,
Was a true monster.
Remember the whole Richard Jewell case?
Three different people who they tried to charge for the Olympic Park bombing, who they knew were totally innocent, and Mueller was there honchoing, charging three innocent people.
Now he finally got a fourth guy, took him to a government mental institution, they filled him full of pills, and he died in the first few hours in custody.
So they got their fourth guy on the Olympic Park bombing.
But then they moved on from there and blamed some other Christian, quote, extremist, as they said.
So five different people, Mueller said, did that.
It just goes on and on.
The guy's famous for covering up for the Clintons and Bush and Obama.
Just unbelievable.
Uranium being delivered in Moscow on tarmacs at midnight in a sleet in duffel bags.
I mean, if Trump was doing that, I'd say hang him up by his toenails, politically.
But there's nothing there but pure Americana.
There's nothing there but delivering.
We're gonna get to that next segment.
So, here's the Associated Press headline, here's the Fox News headline, here's the Reuters headline, even the CNN headline.
Says federal judge blast Mueller's team.
Well, what'd they blast him for?
Federal judge, this is fraud, he accuses Mueller's team of lying, trying to target Trump.
Come on, man, you just want to impeach him.
That's the quote.
And the judge went on to say, U.S.
Judge T.S.
Ellis III said, you don't really care about Manafort.
You really care about what information Mr. Manafort can give you to lead to Mr. Trump and impeachment, or whatever.
And he goes on to say, you lied.
To get your warrants, and then goes into how there's no Russiagate information, and how he wants the memos redacted, and the FBI reports, because the judge is able to read them as a classification, even above the FBI at that level, and says, I want you to declassify this right now, or I'm going to do it, because it doesn't say there's Russia evidence.
It says you're covering it up, and your own agents were saying they didn't like what was going on.
Can you imagine being FBI agents, even if you're Democrats, being ordered to make stuff up about the President-elect?
Because that's when they started getting scared.
And that's why Clapper and Brennan went on TV and said, Trump will be out of office within weeks of being in.
We're going to remove him.
Don't worry.
Everybody stay behind.
Nobody leave.
Don't follow his orders.
That is in The Hill today, again.
I told you back at the time this was going on.
Hayden says don't follow orders from the President.
And he says, do not work for the government under Trump.
That's the Hill today.
That's coming up, but that makes my point.
Federal judge goes on to say, you are unfettered.
The Hill translates that to, federal judge says Mueller is above the law, or believes he is.
Now let me tell you what unfettered means.
What have I called Mueller for a year and a half?
Since Rosenstein put him in day one.
This rogue group in the executive branch that the president had no power over, even though he has total power over it.
That's rogue.
They're rogue.
They're runaway.
They're stay-behind networks.
These are legal terms.
Well, what does unfettered mean in law?
Look up blacks law, not just English or Oxford.
Look up blacks.
That'll be a legal definition.
I know what it's going to say.
It's going to say rogue.
Now, listen to this.
That's a term in law.
Rogue agent.
Rogue government.
Unfetter, the judge said.
It means unrestrained, unrestricted, unconstrained, uninhibited, rampant, unbridled, free from law.
That's what it means.
Mueller is his own branch of government.
A few months ago, six months ago, I called him Emperor Mueller.
And Slate and Salon and Raw Story and Newsweek, all that headline saying, Jones is insane.
Search engine and click web to show people.
Alex Jones thinks Mueller's an emperor.
Or thinks he's a king.
Just type in Alex Jones, and they're like crazy articles.
Jones has gone crazy.
He believes Mueller's an actual royalty.
No jerks.
He thinks he's a king.
Fourth branch of government, outside of executive, judicial, and legislative.
They've announced that they're separate, just like the Federal Reserve has announced on C-SPAN before, and on NPR, and on PBS.
I've got all the clips.
Alan Greenspan famously, as he left, said, we are a fourth branch of government, separate from the other three, and no one can constrain us, not even the people.
That's crazy talk.
The three branches constrain each other.
A fourth would be a king.
There it is.
Media matters.
That's George Soros' mouth.
Alex Jones.
There's a plot to install Robert Mueller as the first king of America.
The quote is the first king of America.
Yeah, I said he'd be a rogue element, able to do whatever he wants, and would basically set up the police, the federal police, like a third world country, or what happened in Rome, as a new rogue, runaway, controlled element.
Word for word what I said has now been said by the federal judge.
Tomorrow's news today.
Now, it's not hard to know that, but we've got another federal judge over the Russian lawsuit, where they're suing Stone, Trump, everybody, saying they're Russian agents, and the judge said, okay, here's the companies that you said did this, they're here, they want all the evidence.
Mueller said, oh, we want to punt for six months, we may drop it.
It was all just about filing that and saying everybody's Russian agents.
So now the judge has called him out.
On that, that's Politico.
Judge rejects Mueller's request for delay in Russian troll farm case.
Mueller probe might have to go dark until the midterm elections because of this.
Wall Street Journal, they're panicking, they're pulling back, hoping you forget all these embarrassments.
Remember they were going to be done by December, but all the memos about Andy McCabe, and Strzok, and his girlfriend, and the Pissgate dossier, the Steele dossier, and paying their wives millions of dollars in Fusion GPS to create the fake dossier, and the Justice Department's wives getting money, and McCabe getting a half million from Hillary.
That was embarrassing six months ago!
So they just kind of took Mueller out of the news and went into Stormy Daniels and women for four or five months and now they're going back into Mueller and think you don't remember that and now because the judges have said it's all a giant fraud to impeach the president with no evidence and then the judges have all the documents that are secret but they want the FBI to release them or Congress will they'll go back to the Bimbos or something else and they are that he's senile and then as soon as they think you've forgotten about that they'll be right back with we're all Russian agents because we love America and want to see the country great.
And just cut the Russian fuel supply off and are devastating them and massing troops on their border and... Yeah, yeah.
Trump's really with the Russians.
Give me a frickin' break.
The globalists are with all these foreign powers, selling nation-states out, and they don't know what to do.
They're panicking.
But Alan Dershowitz is right.
Giuliani, I gotta say, man, is just... He's giving Trump bad advice.
This is weird.
And Dershowitz says Trump team playing into Mueller's hands.
The president needs Alan Dershowitz.
He's a real lawyer.
He's a Democrat.
He's perfect.
And he's got a track record of being accurate.
Trump needs Alan Dershowitz.
Good Lord!
And he needs to start moving.
By the way, Nunes is talking about contempt on the Attorney General.
Lock Sessions up!
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You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
Crashing through the lies and disinformation, it's Alex Jones, coming to you live from the front lines of the InfoWar.
Look, here's the bottom line.
Jeff Sessions did a great job in the Senate exposing gun control and open borders plans by George W. Bush three or four times.
And I thought he was a great Attorney General.
But since then, he has been involved in massive classical dereliction of duty.
He has openly, in so many ways, protected this whole rogue group, Rosenstein, that set up this new power structure and tricked the President into signing it.
He can always negate that.
It's his branch of government.
And now you've got Mueller with all these federal judges over Russiagate saying you're lied, we caught you, we have the documents, you are unfettered, meaning rogue government trying to overthrow the president.
Just like Nunes says he's going for contempt charges this week.
That's holding him in contempt, the Attorney General.
For what he's doing and it's all coming out.
So when I say lock Sessions up, if it comes out, Sessions knows about all this and knew about all this and didn't do anything, he is just as guilty as Strzok and Rosenstein and McCabe and Mueller and Comey and all of them.
And it's outrageous and it is dangerous.
So that's what this comes down to.
But the wheels are coming off.
That's why Mueller is set to announce, AP's reporting, that he may go dormant until the midterms are over.
Not because they don't want to unsettle an election, but because they want you to forget about the devastating information that just came out.
We're going to cut that little live piece and put it on the front of the last segment when we put that out because it needs to go viral.
Owen Schroyer's here.
Just got back from the NRA.
Did a great job of arriving shotgun with me in the next hour when we're set to have Michael Schneider in a very close race.
And I mean, I'm having him on.
I don't usually focus on one race.
I don't know.
The situation here with Mueller, I mean, this is completely rogue.
As I've always said, if you know law, this is completely criminal.
Even CNN admits that he, quote, gets rough with people and does whatever he wants.
He totally violates the law.
They lied to federal judges.
He's up to his eyeballs with the Russians.
He's fighting for his life as a Russian agent on Russian boards with Russian uranium transfers.
Mueller needs to get his ass SWAT teamed.
Clapper, Brennan, all these arrogant people.
Hayden's back in the news, former head of the CIA.
Threatening people, saying you better not work for Trump in the government or we'll get you.
Well that's what they're doing behind the scenes, is blocking with rogue government.
And it's getting to the point now, these guys work for a foreign power, the globalists, and they're allied with the Communist Chinese and Davos.
I'm serious, it's getting to the point where if they try to remove the president, man, he's got every right and the duty.
It's getting in a dereliction of duty area for Trump.
If we don't start moving on these people, because they're moving on us extra-judicially, they're the globalists, and you gotta fight fire with fire.
Well, over the weekend I was calling Robert Mueller the Deep State President, because he kind of seemed to be the one in charge of the Deep State, propping it up.
But now, as things are developing to the close of this weekend, and we move forward to next week when I think you're going to hear more from Devin Nunes, more from these intelligence communities, more from even federal judges perhaps,
Now I'm starting to wonder, was Robert Mueller the Tokyo Rose of the Globalist?
Was Robert Mueller the Tokyo Rose of the Deep State?
Here he is, the Russian investigation, like Trump really is.
So he props this false narrative up, the media and all the... And in a modern sense, that'd be Baghdad, Bob.
Okay, so yeah, but it's basically like you use all the media outlets to act like the Mueller investigation is real.
That's what you got from Operation Mockingbird.
That got exposed from all the JFK files that Trump released.
And then you have Mueller doing this, you know, fake investigation that they act as real.
He's totally rogue, like you said.
Nobody's buying it anymore.
Any leftist or liberal with half wit understands that the Mueller investigation is fake and there is no Russian collusion.
It's just the radical fringe elements of anyone, whether you want to say leftists, Americans, or anyone around the world that believes this crap.
So it's like, what comes next?
Who actually brings Mueller down?
Who actually brings Mueller and this investigation to an end?
And notice, as soon as the wheels came off, they totally switched to Stormy Daniels, raided his lawyer, which we now know was directed by Mueller, with illegal wiretaps because they now admit it was not the scope of Russiagate, and they lied to the judges to get it on that lawyer and knew it wasn't there.
And it's all coming out!
And what does this have to do with anything?
What does this have to do with an election?
What does this have to do with Russian collusion?
And it changes the subject from, yeah, about what's in the WikiLeaks!
Total crime!
Illegal servers!
Paper play!
Hundreds of millions laundered!
It's incredible!
And they will tell you not to read that on CNN.
Well, you don't have the right to read that.
We do here at CNN.
Well, let's change the subject to all these people that have the economy roaring, building up our military, defending our border, crushing political correctness, getting us out of the TPP, renegotiating NAFTA and GATT.
They're the Russians.
Yeah, right.
You're the globalists that have had your foot on our neck forever, and we've got it off our neck, and we're bleeding, but we're getting up, and you're scared.
You better be scared, because we're about to kick your ass politically.
If this isn't the Twilight Zone, if this isn't 1984 in the flesh, I don't know what could be.
I really don't know what could be.
There's nothing here.
Think about this, Alex, again.
If they come down on Trump for obstruction of justice, and say, oh, now Mueller's looking at obstruction of justice, the latest out of the Tokyo Roses.
Well, what is obstructing of justice?
What is the justice?
Russian collusion isn't even a crime.
And if you're saying there was any proof of Russian collusion, that it would be hacked and slaughtered.
That's why they always call it collusion.
It's like saying, well, you didn't cheat on your wife, but once you shook hands with a lady and kind of laughed and giggled at her and winked at her at the water cooler.
You're like, okay, I did wink at Betty Lou.
She is hot, but I didn't shoot on my wife.
It's not illegal.
And there wasn't even winking at the Russians going on.
Meanwhile, Mueller and Hillary, if you want to use a sexual analogy, they had the Russians' legs up behind Russia's ears.
And there was a gang rape going on to get that Russian money to then rape America.
I mean, there was a line out the door, if you want to use a sexual allegory.
So why won't they turn over their servers?
You want to talk about obstruction of justice?
Well, why don't you prove it was Russia that so-called hacked the DNC, which you can't even prove.
So, they obstruct justice, they collude with Russia, they lose the election, throws the entire thing into a spiral panic, and then somehow they still have their elements of the deep state remaining, put Mueller up.
Sessions' hands are tied.
He recused himself.
Trump says, I'm going to stay away from the Attorney General's office and the Justice Department.
I'll let them work that out.
I don't want to have any bad press about me doing this.
And so it's all this fake thing hanging over our heads.
And still Trump is doing everything he can to fulfill his promises and make America great, like he said.
And it's perfect for these globalist traitors that have sold us out, the Chinese, the Russians, you name it, to then point at all us that are actually bringing the country back and say, look, they're the enemies.
They're the problem.
It's incredible.
Well, and that's the problem, too, where they tell me, I go out and they'll say, hey, you're causing a divide.
You're dividing this country.
You're fake news.
And I'm like, wait a second, hold up.
How about a fake investigation that has a bunch of the population worrying that Russia is behind the election of Trump?
I had a high-level Democrat that I ran into on the street when I was downtown Friday taking care of business.
Go, Alex, I like your show, but, you know, but my tell you, President Trump's bringing ill repute on the presidency.
He's embarrassing it.
They never brought up Bill Clinton's sex stuff.
They covered up rapes.
Trump's not doing anything illegal.
They covered up all the stuff.
But oh, because the media is demonizing the presidency.
We finally have a president being the president.
Then the Democrats act like he's the one bringing ill repute on it.
It's incredibly how stupid these people are.
But this is the least trusted...
The television media has ever been.
Even the person that would believe that.
And then they blame Trump for that.
They go, you're gonna get journalists killed.
No, you're lying and being globalist traitors is why people hate you.
Take responsibility for it.
Well, I think the worst this gets
In some silver lining sense, the better it gets.
Because more people I think are understanding how ridiculous Mueller is.
A lot of these people really expected there to be something.
They really had Mueller as this idol, this god of justice, of saving America from Trump.
And he really has fallen now.
So what are they going to do as it's a nothing burger, except he committed all these crimes and did wiretap and lied about it.
What are they going to do as their God descends in flames?
Well, I think that there's two options that we know probably are on the table.
One is we've seen it in the emails where they talk about, we've got our guys ready.
If they fire Mueller, if they fire Rosenstein, we'll riot on the streets.
Democrats sending out emails.
And then you have to say, OK, on the larger scale, on the real globalist controlled deep state scale, do they launch some sort of false flag?
You know, I mean, who knows what they could do.
Cyber false flag, bio false flag, you know, a typical false flag.
Oh yeah, they're going to pull something big.
And we're going to talk more about that coming up.
Because that's, yeah, they're not going to give up.
Look at the arrogance of the deep state.
The Congress, the President, the voters trying to overthrow our election.
This is a coup against America.
A coup against our electoral process.
Where they say, no, you didn't really vote for Trump, the Russians did it.
What a load of baloney.
We'll be back with the highlights of the incredible NRA event and the gun grabbers.
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Okay, let's shift gears now.
I'm going to get more into this next hour, more into the whole Mueller thing and how Rosie O'Donnell's been caught committing more crimes in elections, way beyond Dinesh D'Souza's so-called crime.
But will she go to jail?
Because Republicans let Democrats run wild, they let them persecute Christians, they let them persecute everybody.
Also next hour, Amazon bars Christians from Amazon.
That's mainstream news.
I mean, oh yeah, just like Google and Apple are taking Christian holidays off their calendars.
And Google won't do doodles for holidays that are Christian, but they'll do them for Muslims.
I mean, they're out to get us.
Well, it is kind of shocking when you see that, but this video that we're about to play is a perfect example of the double standard and the double think, if you want to use the 1984 terminology, of what we're dealing with with people on the street.
Now, I want to say this.
I want to clarify something, Alex.
I think you'll agree with this.
These street protesters and the vermin that come out and do these protests are the fringe elements, and they really give true liberals a bad name.
There are people out there that watch us that just have different views, that land on the left side of things, but they're not crazy, they're not fringe, and these people really kind of drown those voices out and make them look bad.
But we're not just selectively cherry-picking them.
You go to any Democrat event, more and more, more and more, I'd say half of them are like Day of the Dead.
And that's one thing that they will deny, that I say, no, you don't understand, I don't edit this stuff.
We don't have to edit this stuff.
I can go live for an hour, two hours at one of these events, and it's the same thing every time.
They curse at you, they spit on you, they swing on you.
They call the police and get you thrown out of the public park line.
They box you, they literally, you know, they put their butt in, I don't know, it's just weird stuff that they do.
They always hit you from down low.
Honestly, it's absurd to even think about this, but this is what they do.
But here's the example.
Now, I will say that I was about 10 minutes late because I was rallying a group of people.
I had about 50 people.
I was there with about 10 people, and then I went to this other NRA event where there was a group meet, and I brought about 50 to 100 people over to the park, and we were going to bullhorn Alyssa Milano's speech.
Unfortunately, we missed it by 10 minutes.
Otherwise, we would have been right there bullhorning when that video went viral.
And there was another video of her using armed men to have people thrown off, even though it's a park and security can't do that.
But again, she gets armed people, but she doesn't want you to have guns.
Yeah, and they had me kicked out too.
Dallas police came over and kicked me out.
You know, the Dallas police were actually really nice.
They were like, look, you know, we know what you're doing out here.
We'll try to help you, but hey, you gotta go.
But yeah, this guy, you could tell, this is a totally different event.
They hire this guy to be a thug, intimidate people out there, and brag about his firearm.
But that's a violation of law to say, yeah, I'm armed.
Now move, go, go, go.
And then they say to him, you're with Infowars, aren't you?
If you listen to the audio, the guy goes, no, I'm not.
So again, they just totally, here, let's go ahead and roll.
Oh, and then there's that guy, too.
Oh, don't even get started on that.
The little orange guy?
Yeah, yeah, the little munchkin.
Well, goblin creature.
He was a total goblin creature.
We had a goblin insider.
He was a cult leader.
He came over and shut down the conversation that we're going to play later.
I gotta say he's handsome, though.
Well, that could... Start it over.
Start it over.
This is... Hit pause.
This is Melissa Milano, a B-star from the 80s.
No one even knows who she is.
She's there with, like, a hundred people to hear her speak.
Some fellow walks up nicely, says to the guys that look like security, Hey, are you armed security?
They turn around and go, Get out of here.
They go, Yeah, we're armed.
Get out of here.
Get out of here.
Get out of here.
You need to go.
Total color of law.
Let's go ahead and roll it.
Here it is.
We must prevent civilians from owning weapons of war!
Hey, you already told him.
I'm not going to ask you to leave.
Hey, pause.
He keeps moving into his space.
He keeps moving into his space, and I'm sorry, I've been there before the Dallas cops, or the Sheriff's Department, I didn't back off.
And I'm just saying, I wouldn't have backed off.
I'm not saying this guy's bad.
Oh, and what would you have done if this guy was doing this?
You know, you already had an antifa with aimed guns at you and everything, you didn't back down?
You know, it's tough to say.
I would say if it was this guy, I would not have probably backed down, because he's not law enforcement.
He can't just intimidate me in a public space.
Now, when Dallas police comes over to me and politely says, look, hey, we gotta talk.
No, I get that!
Yeah, yeah.
But I'm talking about this guy.
No, this guy, that's what I'm saying.
This guy is totally out there, just some... This is outside of law.
Yeah, I agree.
Let's back it up and roll it.
Go ahead and roll it from here.
Go ahead.
How far do I have to go before I need you on the sidewalk?
Yeah, he has no jurisdiction.
He has no authority.
Paul, let's back it up 20 seconds.
Well... Who thinks he's cool because he probably met Alyssa Milano.
No, what he has, that guy is probably the most handsome man I've ever seen.
Don't talk bad about him.
You're talking about a pumpkin head.
No, listen, goblins have rights too.
Go ahead and hit play.
Yeah, yeah, this is totally illegal.
And then more people join in to push the poor guy out of there.
No, I just, this is totally illegal.
What that guy did is illegal.
You cannot, you cannot
I forget what the code is.
I can go pull it up.
I read the code.
It's in the articles about it.
I mean, they're in his space saying, leave, leave, leave a park.
He had to call the cops.
You're intimidating someone with a firearm.
You cannot do that in a public square when they're simply executing the right to free speech.
And the guys are saying, yes, we're armed.
You better get out of here.
I don't want to edit this.
Back it up 15 seconds.
Play the thing unedited.
Here it is.
Back it up.
Let's roll it again.
We must prevent civilians from owning weapons of war.
How far do I have to go before I need you on the sidewalk?
Alissa, you're a hypocrite.
But you are armed.
You have armed security here.
You have armed security here.
And then you notice he says, you're with them fours.
He goes, no, I'm not.
I think that what's happening here is the guy that eventually forces him out was probably the head of security, and they had a couple other people around the scene, and he saw that one of them or two of them had firearms.
So he said, hey, why do you guys have firearms?
You're out here against the NRA, against firearms.
Why do you have firearms?
And that's when the head of security says, all right, I'm taking control of this situation.
You've got to get out.
I got a gun and I'm gonna intimidate you out of your right to free speech and I'm gonna break the law wantonly because I'm up here protecting Alyssa Milano, a big celebrity of the New World Order.
She's allowed to have guns.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us, ladies and gentlemen.
Second Hour.
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You are receiving this transmission.
You are the resistance.
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
You're listening to Alex Jones.
I'd say at peak, probably maybe about 100, 120.
Okay, so you go up.
You're trying to get there.
But before you can, somebody else is there.
He says, hey, are you armed guards for her?
You look like security.
They say, you need to leave.
Yeah, yeah, we're armed.
You need to leave.
You need to leave right now.
Pushing him, though, getting in his space, which is a violation of Texas code.
I've seen in news articles about it.
It's well known.
The image here of armed men protecting an anti-gunner and then violating somebody's free speech, in my view, this is just too rich.
They think they're better than us.
They think they live by different rules than us.
No, it's ridiculous.
It's like the other video that we can play later where I'm talking to a girl.
And they virtue signal about the children that are lost during mass shootings, which I understand.
That's horrible.
That's awful.
That's gut-wrenching.
Nobody wants that.
But they use that to prop up their anti-gun agenda.
And so they'll say, well, we need to protect children from the next school shooting.
You know, children are so precious.
Children are their future.
You say, OK, well, I agree with that.
So let's stop abortion.
Well, how dare you?
Abortion, good.
These are unwanted children.
You're like,
How can you say there's unwanted children and then say that, you know, every child is the future one minute later?
So, like you said, I just laugh at it at this point.
When listening to it and hearing it, it's just like, these people are so ridiculous.
And it gets worse than that.
We're going to play the bizarre abortion statement when we come back.
Just in the time we have left in this segment.
Sun Sentinel gun show draws crowds families despite Parkland shooting outcry.
So because it's near the Parkland shooting, they're like, how dare you have a gun show?
Cancel it as if they're all murderers and as if they're all guilty.
Well, if somebody runs over somebody with a Ford F-150 or a rental truck, we don't call for U-Haul to close.
We don't call for Ford in Michigan, Lansing, Michigan to close.
It's this idea of how dare you gun owners, but it gets worse.
Here's another one.
This is out of the Wall Street Journal and Atlanta Journal-Constitution both have it.
Armed teachers become a reality in Georgia despite Parkland.
Don't you feel for them?
This extension, it's like when they make up stuff and take it out of context of what I've said about Sandy Hook, they go, it's like I killed the kids at Sandy Hook.
It's like, then Jones, how dare him, you know, question babies in incubators in Iraq, which they admit is fake.
And it's just this holier-than-thou-ness that the media has.
Well, let me actually tell you what these headlines really are intending to mean.
Gun show draws crowd despite media and Democrat propaganda.
That's what it really is.
And by the way, we've seen record crowds.
Yeah, we're not taking the guilt on because of these few mass shootings that are terrible but still kill less than 50 people a year.
It's more likely to be struck by lightning twice or to be eaten by an alligator than to die in a mass shooting.
But you people wave the bloody shirt, tell us we're all guilty for it, and then flip out because we don't roll over to
You're Michael Bloomberg BS!
Armed teachers become a reality in Georgia, despite the brainwashing propaganda.
And by the way, there's counties in Georgia that are some of the most heavily armed counties in America, and also the safest counties in America.
Kennesaw had gun bans 30-something years ago.
They made the law, you've got to own guns.
Crime rate went down 89% in one year.
So they know a little bit and something about the Second Amendment in Georgia and what that means to protect themselves.
So that's why that happens.
But that's what this really means.
Oh my gosh!
The brainwashing isn't working!
The propaganda isn't working!
The Democrat lies aren't working!
It's actually helping the NRA!
I can't believe you even had a gun show!
You murderers!
It's like you killed the Parkland kids like Alex Jones said nobody died!
But we never said that!
They defamed you and said that you said nobody died and then edited the videos to make it sound like you said that.
Or that you said they were crisis actors.
No, we said they were chosen by the Democrats to go out and push the PR to be anti-gun.
Now this is how nasty these people are.
They understand that defamation is one of the hardest things to litigate about.
How am I supposed to prove what damage they caused to my career?
How many potential listeners won't listen to me or potential sponsors might not pick up my show?
So they know that they can lie about us and that defamation litigation is almost impossible.
So that's why they do it, Alex.
And they're never going to stop.
They're never going to stop.
So you know what?
It's fine.
Just keep attacking us.
Keep attacking the NRA.
It's just going to get bigger than ever.
Same thing.
NRA's getting bigger.
We're getting bigger.
So, whatever.
But we're not as big and powerful and old as the NRA, so we need the support, folks.
The NRA is like turbocharging.
Thank God we kept them honest with governors of America.
We'll be right back with more and with the anti-gunners on abortion.
Frank in North Carolina, thanks for holding so long.
Go ahead.
Yeah, Alex, I just have to say something, man.
It seems like every time I turn on your broadcast, you're bragging.
It just gets old, man.
I'm going to shut you down right now, okay?
We're taking calls about your nomination.
Do you understand they're having congressional hearings trying to shut us down?
Do you understand I'm ringing the alarm?
If that was happening to anybody else, I'd be freaked out.
I mean, what's it gonna take?
Us being shut down?
Is that what you want, Frank?
You know what, Alex?
Put him on pause again.
Hey, Frank!
Do you understand it's not bragging to say, we are the tip of the spear, we're under attack, we need your help.
As much bagging as I do, we can barely pay the bills and grow in the face of this.
I'm not gonna just stop growth and let them start pushing us backwards.
You understand?
I need your help, Frank!
I need your help, Frank!
Go to Infowarsstore.com right now and help fund the InfoWars.
Do you understand?
I need your help, Frank!
Free Press needs your help, Frank!
News Analysis Reports.
It's the Alex Jones Show.
Sweet dreams are made of this.
Who am I to disagree?
I travel the world and the seven seas.
Now folks, I told you we're going to be adding more live transmissions on the weekend because that's a big hole that radio and TV stations are asking for.
And I can tell you, we do live videos on the weekend, they get three, four times the views.
So we're going to start live shows on the weekend, some of them are going to be taped shows as well, highly produced, and then they're all going to be podcasted out as audio and video.
Counterthink, meaning countering the establishment brainwashing, with Mike Adams
Premiered last week.
The second installment is going to be really powerful tonight, 6 o'clock central.
That is in 54 minutes, or 53 minutes and 7 seconds.
And it is going to be extremely powerful on some very important topics.
Counter Think with Maya Adams.
As soon as this hour is over, you'll want to go to InfoWars.com forward slash show.
You'll want to go out to the YouTube streams we've got, the Facebook, Twitter streams.
We're going to keep those going and then we'll archive it an hour after the show's over to InfoWars.com.
And newswars.com.
That's a special hour he highly produces and prepares for and tapes on Fridays that airs after our live show on Sundays.
And we're going to be adding three-hour shows, two-hour shows, five-hour call-ins, Saturday and Sunday nights.
We're going to be adding, by the end of the year, a lot of new broadcast for our radio stations and TV stations as we up the game against the Globals.
That way, as things break live, we'll have the reporters, the people in, the congressmen and women.
It's going to be amazing.
Now, Owen Schroer.
Putting bookends on this and just getting it, because you shot probably, I don't know, seven, eight, nine hours that I saw.
I watched a couple hours of it, but it looked like seven, eight hours, correct me if I'm wrong, of live video Friday, Saturday at the NRA convention and outside.
And just recap some of the craziness you saw in this particular video we're about to play.
Well, first, I just want to say that the NRA convention was one of the most diverse crowds I've ever seen in my life.
Nicest people that you could meet, all of them.
You saw a bunch of people with their dogs and pets and families and from the elderly people, the young children.
I mean, what a fun family event if you haven't been to one.
But when I go out into the streets at the anti-NRA events, you know, that's when you get the nastiness.
I mean, it looks like a lobotomized mutant invasion.
And here's the other thing, too.
When I put a microphone in front of a, if you want to label them conservative, right-winger, you know, gun activist, whatever, at an NRA event, they all can speak coherently, they all know what they're wanting to say, and they can have a conversation with you.
And hey, we can smile and laugh.
The exact opposite happens when I go due to the anti-NRA event.
So this video in particular, first of all, I could hardly get, nobody would talk to me at this event.
They kicked me out of this park less than five minutes after I entered.
That video is also on the Alex Jones Channel on YouTube.
And then you'll see in this video also the same pumpkin minion that was following Alyssa Milano's thug to kick that guy out illegally and intimidate him out of his free speech rights.
He comes in in the middle of this video after this girl
Actually has a conversation with me.
I'll give her credit.
He comes down and shuts it down.
So watch as she begins to engage.
They're trying to keep the press from talking to their people because it's all a top-down, hierarchical system.
It's a cult!
Conservatives, Libertarians will always talk to you.
You go to any leftist event, it's like communist events.
They will not talk to you and they tell folks don't talk to them.
So you got Melissa Milano, there's this B-level lady, we've got what 60, 70, 80,000 people inside listening to Trump, listening to, you know, Owen Schroeder, you name it.
You come outside, like a hundred people out there, here's InfoWars, like it or hate it, or love it, you know, we've got millions of viewers and listeners every hour, and they're always trying to stop us.
So, here's this bizarre footage.
That kills millions of babies a year, but you don't support the NRA, which wants to protect people.
Oh my god, they always say that.
Then why are there so many children that aren't in homes right now?
Why are there so many children in homes?
So let's just kill them.
Hit pause.
Hit pause.
Start it over.
I want to play this.
Here's the deal.
They always say this.
You can look at the numbers.
There are more people wanting to adopt each year than there are abortions.
But they make you pay hundreds of thousands of dollars.
The government blocks it.
Then there are a lot of drug addict and dysfunctional families that have their kids taken and then they get thrown into these even more dysfunctional situations.
I'm not saying all social services are bad, I'm not saying all foster parents are bad, but statistically it's really bad.
A lot of pedophilia, you name it.
Thank you.
Well, and of course we have the government saying men and women don't exist.
You got a UT professor on video last week saying masculinity doesn't exist, the family doesn't exist.
That was just a week ago.
I can't believe this.
It's mind control.
These people believe they control reality.
So back it up at the start.
Here is this lady, one of the anti-gunners, saying...
I would not because I support that.
So you support Planned Parenthood that kills millions of babies a year, but you don't support the NRA which wants to protect people?
Planned Parenthood does not kill babies.
Oh, they don't abort babies?
They abort unwanted children because... Unwanted children?
Oh my, children would be unwanted?
Are you saying that you would adopt every single child that would be forced to be born?
I'm saying someone would, yes.
Someone would.
And they'd pay high dollar for it too, yes.
Why are there so many children that aren't... Hit pause again.
We've got to take all the guns, not one more child can die!
But we've got to get rid of all these unwanted and we're forced to live!
And then of course, you've got David Hogg that never denied it on his Reddit file, saying, I want mosquitoes to kill billions, oh God, it's so beautiful, oh my God, I love David Rockefeller.
Here, here, here, let's go back to her, here we go.
Now why are there so many children in foster care?
Why are there so many children in other countries that don't have homes and are living in terrible conditions that aren't being adopted?
So your answer is to kill the children?
Don't kill the children.
Just chop them up in pieces.
Hey, back it up.
Back it up.
Back it up for a second.
Sell them and get a fine?
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Don't kill them.
Just chop their asses up or spray acid on them.
And they flop around for about 30 minutes, fighting their lives.
And little babies will fight the scalpel, like... I mean, there's footage of this.
Because they've done like this.
And like the baby's like battling.
They fight for their life, man.
No, but some of them are fighting.
They don't want to be born.
Didn't you know that?
Some of them, they feel they're being forced to be born.
I don't want to tell this whole story, but Rob Dewey, he said I could tell it.
His brother is a friend of mine.
Their baby daughter died two weeks before term.
And they barely, they got her out just a few minutes late before she died.
And man, she was battling to get that cord.
The cord got around her neck.
It had a kink in it.
She was fighting for her life.
So your answer is to kill the children?
Don't kill the children, but you can have abortions because this is before they are born.
Okay, so you're okay with abortion, but you're against the NRA?
And you don't see how that's kind of ironic?
It's not ironic at all, if you have a mind.
Right, so an organization that aborts millions of babies, two and a half million abortions under Cecile Richards, but they're unwanted so we shouldn't have them, and then we should virtue signal and say the NRA is bad.
They're going to shut this down.
No, we're just not going to have the conversation.
Go ahead.
I know you're not going to have the conversation.
Are you going to shut down?
No, we're not going to have the conversation.
She goes, we're just killing children.
Two minutes later, we're not killing children, we're just killing babies.
Are you going to shut this down?
No, I'm just going to shut this down.
Here, keep going.
Let's finish it.
I know you're not going to have the conversation.
That's why I'm exhibiting out here right now.
Excuse me, I'm talking to her.
So, so, another example.
I'm talking to her.
They can't have a debate.
They cannot have an intellectual debate.
And I finally have people that are willing to debate with me, and then the cult leaders like this guy come in and say, don't talk to him, he's with InfoWars.
Don't have a conversation with him, he's injecting your mind with truth and thoughts.
And again, you showed up just minutes after the other guy had asked, are you guys armed security?
Get out of here, God, he's talking!
I got a gun, buddy.
You better leave.
Are you with the police?
What's your jurisdiction?
I got a gun.
That's my jurisdiction, bud.
I got a gun.
Do you have a gun?
Get out of here.
I got a gun.
I got five guns.
That's why I'm protecting Alyssa Milano, who hates the gun.
You don't get guns, though.
But look at that.
That's like a little three-minute clip.
First, she says, oh, we don't need to kill the children.
We just need to abort the unwanted babies.
OK, nice spin.
Oh, are you going to shut this down?
No, I'm just not going to have a conversation with him.
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Mike in Arizona, you're on the air worldwide.
Go ahead.
Oh, Alex, you can rant any day of the week.
Thank you, sir, for doing what you do and being a patriot and doing your best to save America and encouraging us as fellow patriots to do that in our local areas as well.
And as a longtime InfoWars listener, I want to say thanks.
Because then we could all, as educated patriots, help our other countrymen and women understand that there's bigger problems going on, and if we can get our houses in order and be good to each other and ourselves, we can take our country back.
Let's go ahead and go to Lloyd in Washington.
You're on the air.
Thanks for holding.
Mr. Alex Jones.
Hey, brother.
Good, man.
Thank you for calling.
Hey, hey.
I just want to say thanks for your products and everything that you're doing to try to save the country.
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You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
And welcome back, folks.
Michael Snyder, good friend of mine, great author, educator, has the EconomicCollapseBlog.com, MichaelSnyderForCongress.com.
He is in a dead heat with a so-called leader in a seven-way congressional
I think?
But this key 2018 situation that we're all in, because his race or just a few others can be the deciding race on whether Republicans keep the House of Representatives.
And you've got Soros and Bloomberg and others spending hundreds of millions of dollars in these key races to try to defeat people like Michael Snyder.
But nothing can stop the word of mouth.
And in Idaho, Michael has particularly noticed traveling up and down the state.
The district goes from the north, where he lives with his family in the mountains by the Canadian border, all the way down to the south.
Almost a thousand miles or so.
So it's great to have you here with us in studio, my friend.
Thank you, Alex.
We're going to get into your run, the so-called blue wave, all of this in a moment.
But the fact that the polls show that you're right there in second or first place, so people really show up, the polls showing half undecided, we're going to have somebody in Congress like you that could really wreak havoc on the globalists even more than what you're planning to do as a hardcore anti-globalist patriot like having a Nigel Farage in Congress.
But first, I covered it earlier in the broadcast.
Wow, the federal judge over the Manafort case, very senior federal National Circuit Court judge, senior judge, and now another senior federal circuit judge coming out separately, already covered all the details earlier.
Saying you are engaged in fraud.
You are lying.
There's nothing here.
You lied to get your warrants.
You're only persecuting people so that you can embarrass Trump.
Manafort has done nothing.
You lied to get your warrants.
This stuff's all 12, 15 years old.
The new judge, the Russian company showed up, showed there's no evidence, called Mueller's bluff on Friday.
Buehler crapped his pants and said, basically, you're going to stay for months or withdraw it, because there's nothing there.
They just list all this imaginary stuff and CNN, MSNBC goes on and says, it's been proven Roger Stone is a Russian agent.
He talked to Guccifer.
Everybody talked to Guccifer 2.0 online at his website.
The whole mainstream media was looking for him, and who is he, and will he give them an exclusive?
Everybody else was calling Julian Assange, saying, please come on air, why are you going on the New York Times?
I'm glad he went on Sean Hannity, but just reaching out to him, and him saying no interview, that means you're a Russian?
When he hasn't even proven to be a Russian?
This whole rogue government thing has had the wheels come off, and the big judge over the Manafort case came out,
Ellis on again Friday and said quote you have unfettered power and unfettered means unbridled or rogue or I mean this is a fourth branch like I've been saying your take on Mueller and what would you do not just on Mueller but across the board if you get in Congress from the First District of Idaho?
Oh absolutely, Alex.
This whole thing is totally out of control.
Now when this first started being talked about over a year ago, and they said collusion with Russia, I said, oh this is absolutely insane.
This is a total witch hunt, but they went ahead with it anyway.
Now it's been over a year, they haven't found anything.
They haven't come up with nothing, and yet Congress has even been talking about shutting the investigation down.
They want to protect Robert Mueller.
They said, oh, we got to let this thing play out.
Let what play out?
It's been over a year.
They haven't found a single thing.
Now, we just had our last big debate up there in Idaho for all the congressional candidates.
And I got there on stage, and I was the only one of all.
There were six candidates at that debate.
I was the only one that said Robert Mueller needed to be fired and the investigation needed to be shut down.
None of the others would take that stand.
In fact, I was right in the center of the stage, and the other leading contender was right next to me in the center of the stage.
And so I got up there and said my piece about it.
Total Witch Hunt said it should be shut down.
That's the correct answer.
Then it went to him next.
And you know what?
They asked him what he would do about that investigation.
You know what he said?
He said, you know what?
I haven't even been following that closely.
And he wouldn't even answer the question.
He didn't want to answer the question because he's a big time globalist.
And that's the globalists want to go after Donald Trump.
They want to get him out.
Because right now, what we've got people, a lot of people out there have gone to sleep because they think we got Donald Trump in the White House.
So everything is fine.
Well, everything is not fine because we got Donald Trump in the White House.
But everything else in Washington, D.C., Alex, is still controlled by the globalists.
And that just accelerated the total war.
It did, because the rest of it, Congress is controlled by the globalists.
The courts are controlled by the globalists.
Every government... Hollywood, the universities, the big banks, the big corporations, and they're now unified against America to keep us from getting control of our country again.
That's why the cavalry is getting people like you into office.
Oh, it's so important because, you know, as I've gone all over Idaho's 1st Congressional District, I've talked to people, I said, you know, just because we got Donald Trump in, does that mean America has been saved?
No, but it means we have a window of opportunity to try to save America.
This is our last, best hope of Donald Trump in the White House.
God always gives great nations a couple chances.
We've already had a couple.
I know in my gut level, this is the last chance.
This is the last chance.
So what we do next is what matters.
What we do next.
And so now this, what are we going to do with Donald Trump?
Donald Trump is the great disruptor.
He's disrupted globalist control.
They're trying as hard as they can to get rid of him because they have control of everything else in D.C., especially the government agencies, which really run everything in D.C.
But now is our opportunity to try to get people into Congress.
That's why I've given up a whole year of my life.
I've given up my privacy, my income, everything to try to get into Congress.
Other good people are running all around the country.
And if we don't do this now, we're not going to have another chance, I don't believe.
And people all over the Idaho I've been talking to.
It's going to go to a civil war.
They're already planning, if Hillary got in, to take the guns, to take the free speech.
They've got all these editorials saying, shut down all conservatives, shut down Alex Jones, shut down Matt Grudge.
I mean, they're saying this every day in so many articles, I can't even read them all.
Slate on Friday said, you need to go beyond censoring all conservatives, starting with Alex Jones.
We must then condition all the children that they are evil.
I mean, this is Hitlerian, Maoist, authoritarian, call it whatever you want.
This is the most classic form of brazen, knuckle-dragging authoritarianism because they know we're waking up.
And this is their attempt to push us back in.
But what's exciting about your race, just like they said, oh, the Patriot Conservatives 10 points behind in
Down in Arizona a few weeks ago, and then she ended up winning.
It's the same thing.
They always tell you you're 10, 15 points behind, but in your case, you're neck and neck or four points behind the so-called leader, with half the folks from the polls saying it's undecided.
You've been crisscrossing the district.
There's only two districts people can see there.
They're in the Western District.
It goes from the north to the south.
First district.
And you can do this if everybody goes out and votes against others to vote.
Because they're going to have the illegal aliens voting.
They're going to pull all their stuff.
Oh they absolutely will and they tried the same thing with Donald Trump.
They tried to convince us Donald Trump was down by 10 points going into election day and of course he won.
So in our case we got a very very close race and the dynamics are very interesting because basically what they're projecting you go back to 2016 in our district about 23% of all voters actually voted in the presidential primary.
So they're saying less than 20% of all registered voters could go to vote
It's going to be the same all over the country in primaries throughout the spring and into the summer, where good pro-Trump Liberty people are running.
We're promoting several dozen around the country.
So people all over the country, you need to find out when your primary is and go vote.
Because in our district, it's being projected more than 80% of voters will stay home.
That means if we get our people out to vote, we win.
It's that simple.
We just triggered the war in 2016 and woke up the enemy.
We've got to fully awaken the sleeping giant and we will win.
But now is the time of maximum effort.
So, this is bigger than Michael Snyder or Alex Jones.
This is about maximum energy output for 2018.
It is everything.
Well, Mark John Randazza is one of the top anti-slapback lawyers, slapback lawyers of the country.
And of course, he's buddies with the great Mike Cernovich.
So, Mark, what do you think's really going on as one of the leading experts on this?
Thanks for joining us.
Step one is to recognize that our First Amendment jurisprudence, the roster of people who are on it, who have protected freedom of expression, are by and large conscripts.
I think so.
When you've been wrongfully sued, you're saying it's really a holy duty of your Americana to do this.
And it's a privilege.
Now, of course, those privileges don't come cheap.
Freedom isn't free, as they say.
So, I would say that, you know, you have enough of an audience here, I would say, to crowdfund your defense.
Not only because that helps defray the cost, but, you know, when you see a crowdfunded defense that raises a lot of money really quickly, the plaintiff's lawyers might start to see that your amount of support is greater than they think.
The other thing I would make sure that you do is not give in to any of them.
I mean, this is, you know, I'm not saying anything about any particular case, but when I see a coordinated effort to try to shut down any player in the marketplace of ideas, it's a form of terrorism.
It is, and I don't use that term lightly, but it is a
It is an attempt to abuse the court system in order to erase ideas you don't like that you're not comfortable fighting in the marketplace of ideas.
Don't let them get away with it.
And all of your viewers should not let them get away with it.
But more importantly, it is
People who don't agree with you shouldn't let them get away with it either.
And when you can harness people to get together in order to protect freedom of expression, people who will say, my tribe is freedom of expression, not my tribe is people that believe in what I believe in or people who don't.
I don't really care whose free speech rights it is that are being trampled.
I will stand up to protect them.
Whether it's Randa Jarrar, who I find to be one of the most reprehensible human beings in America.
Whether it's the Nazi Party, the KKK, or whether it's the Communist Party.
Every one of them has an equal right to be there.
And the intellectual texture of America, the strength of America, the idea of America, erodes and begins to grow a cancer if we don't protect that.
So nobody should be cheering bogus lawsuits against anybody just because it's going to shut somebody up that they don't like.
Anyone who is on the side of doing that, that's our common enemy.
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That's InfoWarsLife.com.
Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order, it's Alex Jones.
The Alex Jones Show.
Because there is a war on for your mind.
There are a lot of congressional races coming up in this midterm that obviously will decide who controls Congress.
But none are so close or so open.
For victory.
Because it's a Republican state, it's gonna go Republican.
This is the election for the congressman or woman that will be in the first district of Idaho and is an absolutely critical seat.
If people say, oh, the Republicans have all three branches, no they don't, because about half of them are Neal Conner, Blue Blood establishment, who are allied with the Democrats.
So getting a Michael Snyder in over this never-Trumper Republican, we're not gonna name his name,
Who's, you know, they're not getting involved with the whole Mueller thing, but sidestepping it.
It's critical to get Michael Snyder in, and Michael Snyder and all the polls is at dead heat or four points behind him, with half of the voters saying they're undecided, and they're talking about 20% coming out.
So this is so critical that if you know somebody in Idaho, but all over the country, the blue wave of fraud is here.
I don't
The Democrats always lose.
This is a Republican state that swings 20-30 points Republican.
So this is the congressional race in 10 days.
This will decide who the congressman or woman is, for all intents and purposes, in the 1st District of Idaho.
And I've known Michael Snyder
For eight, nine years.
Been publishing his stuff that long.
Been having him on six, seven years.
He's been here in studio many times.
Great family man.
Great patriot.
Everybody needs to vote for this guy.
But looking big-pictured, we'll do that in a minute.
Get into the race.
Get into the technicals.
Get into what you're going to do if you get to Congress.
Yeah, Alex.
We just got done with a two-week tour as we're going all over Idaho's 1st Congressional District, holding two or three meetings a day where we've stopped in small towns, the big towns.
And you know what?
I began every meeting with one simple question.
I said, alright, anyone out there in the audience, if you think Congress is doing a good job, just raise your hand.
If you approve of the job Congress is doing, just lift up your hand for me.
And you know what?
In all those meetings we had over two weeks, two or three meetings a day, not a single person raised their hand.
Not one for the whole two weeks.
And you know what?
That's a problem because I was talking to Republican audiences, I was talking to conservative audiences, many of the people who came to listen to this show
But we've already got Republicans in control in Congress, but people know at a gut level that globalists are in control.
They know, and this is why you go online to RealClearPolitics, you know, approval ratings for Congress has been sliding between 15 and 18 percent in that range, under 20 percent for a very long time.
And you know, President Trump's approval rating gets below 40%.
Everyone freaks out, says, oh, he's doing terrible.
But people hate Congress.
They're sick of the way Congress works.
And they're desperate for a change.
But if we keep doing the things we have been doing, if we keep electing globalists, if we keep sending empty suits to Washington that are going to be controlled by the establishment, nothing is going to change.
And folks know that.
But if they really want to win this war,
When we actually get real candidates who we've known for, you know, eight, nine years, and they're an author, educator, father, all that, you're the type of guy we need to get in there.
Not more lawyers.
We need more doctors, more scientists, more veterans, more educators, more farmers.
That's what we need.
More pastors.
Oh it's absolutely true Alex.
In fact I was talking with Mike Adams yesterday and out there talking with him on his ranch and we were talking about you know we've got someone that believes in health freedom that shares a natural news platform and we're encouraging his audience to get out and vote.
It's the same thing with with our audience here because you know Mike Adams, Alex Jones, me we're all fighting for the same thing so you know a lot of people say oh I never have anyone to vote for why won't anyone good run and I've
Experience through this race why no one good runs, because they come after you, they come after your family, they saw all kinds of things that aren't true, and it's a very, very painful process.
That's why they target me with all these lies.
So people go, oh, I don't want to do that with Alex Jones.
No, they're the scum.
We don't have to go die like our forebears did fighting Hitler or King George or whatever.
We just have to stand up and let the scum lie about us.
People know this is bull, though.
I've never had so much support.
I've never had people come over and say, we know it's all lies, Alex.
People see through this now.
Oh, people are seeing through that, and that's why our numbers have been surging.
People all over Idaho's 1st Congressional District.
That's right.
You've had no money, no mainstream media coverage, and you're in the number two position in a seven-way race, just like Trump was.
Oh, absolutely.
But you know what?
The establishment is freaking out.
That's why a PAC
That spent more than $7 million to try to defeat Donald Trump is now pouring tons of money into the campaign of my opponent.
They are literally trying to buy this election.
So by the time it's all said and done, we'll probably be outspent close to 8 to 1 or 10 to 1 by the time it's all over, because they're running television commercials 24 hours a day, desperately trying to beat us, but our numbers keep surging.
So that's why it's so important for all you guys, all the info warriors out there, because you know what?
And we've seen that in Wyoming and Montana, the runoffs, the guy they demonize,
The guy they try to take down, like when he threw the reporter out of his office, it backfired, and that's what pushed him over the edge.
You just need to let a reporter push you around and knock him out, and you'll get elected for sure with a 20-point lead.
I'm not saying literally do that, but when the media's like, look, this guy's like John Wayne, that's what we want.
We're tired of playing games.
Oh, we absolutely are.
And it's only going to take about 30,000 votes to win this thing, because there's no runoff in Idaho's 1st Congressional District.
Let's explain.
The Democrats never win.
The Democrats never win in Idaho, so whoever wins this primary is going to win the general election.
But, now, I don't have to get it to 50% in this primary to win, because there's seven people running.
Whoever gets the most votes wins the primary.
So someone could win with 28%, 30%.
That's why every vote is going to matter.
We only have to get to about 30.
That's why I'm saying this is such a critical race, is because this is one of the real ones.
We have a shot at winning.
It is, it is.
Around the country, normally you're running... Because a win against a neocon is the same thing as a Democrat.
Oh, it absolutely is.
And we're sick and tired of, you know, people saying, oh, why do we have so many neocons?
Why do we have so many globalists in Washington?
Well, we get the government we deserve.
And you know what, guys?
You don't have to be registered as a Republican to go vote.
In Idaho, if you're not even registered, you can register to vote.
I tell you that you are not for preemptive war.
Absolutely not.
You're for defensive, but not preemptive.
Tell people about your platform.
Yeah, I mean, if you look at the strike on Syria, you know, I came out right away, and people knew what I believed anyway.
I came out right away with an article saying we should not have done that.
We don't believe in launching missiles and act of war.
In fact, Congress, the Constitution says Congress has power over authorizing war.
So you're more Rand Paul on that than Trump, but we still like Trump because we're saying we don't like that.
Yeah, yeah, absolutely not.
But you know, and you guys, you guys that have been following InfoWars for so long, you know what I believe in.
You know I want to shut down the Federal Reserve.
You know I want to shut down the income tax.
You know I want to go to war with the vaccine industry.
You know that, you know, everything Alex and I have been saying for the last seven years, you guys know my heart.
So, and I couldn't try to be something different even if I wanted to be.
But you know what?
Chairman, you really want this now because you're within striking distance.
You originally ran
Maybe you could win, but you'd educate people in the state and wake folks up.
You've already won by taking action.
We salute you.
But now you're within striking range.
If people really get excited the next 10 days, and if they get out there, and if they vote for you, and if Democrats vote for you, because they're going to lose regardless.
Democrats, if you've got any soul, and a lot of you do, you didn't like Hillary or Obama or any of that.
Well, here's a guy that is truly anti-war in the Americana sense of not having foreign entanglements, Michael Snyder.
And again, tell folks how they can get involved.
Tell radio listeners who aren't watching on TV your web address.
Yeah, you can go to michaelsnyderforcongress.com to learn more.
But if you live in Idaho's 1st Congressional District, which is all the western counties from the top of the panhandle to the bottom, you can go vote this week, Monday through Friday.
You don't have to wait until May 15th because early voting has begun in every single county.
So you can get out and you can go vote early.
Yeah, and don't look at the voting rolls like they're neocons, Will, and find a couple dead people and go vote three times.
I'm joking.
I'm actually not saying do that.
Remember when Obama actually, during the 2016 election, said, no, it's the job of people that aren't citizens to vote.
He said that's, it's crazy how brazen they are.
We shouldn't.
We need to have a hearty victory in the House and Senate.
And I think we're going to have it.
This is all a bunch of hype.
But if we buy into the hype that, oh, Ted Cruz is going to lose in Texas and all this other BS, and you don't go out and vote, Ted Cruz might lose.
The same thing with Michael Snyder.
Not that Ted Cruz is perfect, but he's got a good voting record.
So we need to keep everybody there that's good and get new people in.
We'll be back with some critical clips I haven't gotten to yet.
Another clip already covered, but I want to cover it again.
We're going to continue to stand up for America.
We are going to call BS on the mainstream media when they lie.
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Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order.
It's Alex Jones!
Ladies and gentlemen, we are back live broadcasting worldwide.
And I am your host, Alex Jones.
And we have here in studio with us Michael Snyder of MichaelSnyderForCongress.com.
You know him from TheEconomicCollapseBlog.com.
Educator, author, researcher, syndicated columnist.
He's here with us.
He's running for the first district in Idaho, but I wanted to cover some issues with you.
First off, I mentioned the calls for censorship.
You see it all over the news.
The censorship against Christians, conservatives.
It's already happening everywhere.
There's an article up on Infowars.com from the Daily Caller today, but this is official.
I've seen this even in the New York Times a few months ago.
They were proud of the big Amazon program they have for so-called
Uh, charities, where they don't let conservatives or Christians now, started with white supremacists a few years ago, but then it's, once they ban one group, Christians and conservatives, they're not allowing Christian charity program for you to sign up with it when somebody purchases your product, then a piece of it goes to charity.
The Southern Poverty Law Center, a billion dollar offshore criminal organization in my view,
That has been caught doing all sorts of horrible, evil things, running fake white supremacist groups, you name it.
They tell Amazon, and YouTube and Google I should add, what can be up, what can be down, and now they're saying who can be on Amazon, who can do business.
Classic tortious interference, classic racketeering.
A thousand times worse than telling a gay couple you won't bake their cake, and I'm a libertarian.
I say bake the cake, but I support small businesses having their right.
Big megacorporations?
That's what civil rights laws are for.
Big apartment complexes not running to minorities.
Or, you know, big mega monopoly shopping centers online saying if you're a Christian we won't let you shop.
And Facebook already lists you by Christian, conservative, libertarian, liberal, whatever.
They list you like Nazi Germany lists the Jews and others.
So once you start listing people this is so dangerous it's being done.
And then here's the Slate article by this professor.
He says, censorship, I'm quoting it,
We need to go beyond censorship and fact-checking.
And that's the Southern Property Law Center again and Snopes.
They decide what's real and not.
We need to go and reinforce people's worldview.
We need to go and it talks about brainwashing young students against us and banning our content off the internet.
And it goes on to say, the algorithm should serve up an Amazon original explores how Hitler used the protocols of Zion.
And then they compare that to us.
When the film they're calling to be banned, my film Endgame, exposes the Nazis and how Prescott Bush worked with them.
That's how the film starts.
But even if my film was pro-Hitler, it should have the right to free speech.
But no, it's not.
They then call me pro-Hitler, defaming me.
But then say remove my film against Hitler, but exposing IBM and others working with Hitler.
So this is next level, Michael Snyder.
So they need to go beyond censorship, not just bankrupt us, kick us off, not let us have free speech, put us in electronic ghettos.
But go forward, prepare the youth.
So put us in electronic ghettos and go out and tell the youth we're bad.
What's Nazi like?
That's exactly what the Nazis did.
It is exactly what the Nazis did.
Big globalist corporations have declared war on patriots and conservatives.
It's even happened to me.
We're on Facebook.
Facebook, I used to post something, I'd get hundreds of likes and shares instantly.
Now, I only get a small fraction of that on Facebook, on my personal profile, and on my campaign page, too.
They're censoring my campaign page.
Even since the beginning of the campaign, our engagement has fallen way, way off.
Well, they bragged that they've dialed it back 90%.
They've turned Trump down, all of us, 90%.
And even if you look at Gateway Pundit is reported, their traffic's way, way down, their engagement on social media, but even they reporting President Trump, his engagement on social media is down something like 45-50% somewhere in that neighborhood.
But meanwhile, they even admit in the studies they've done, liberal websites have not been effective.
Some of them have even seen a rise in engagement on social media.
Well, they force feed them.
You turn your iPhone on, it force feeds all this garbage.
So this is what they're doing ahead of total censorship of 2018, but they can't stop you hand-sharing the InfoWars.com articles, the NewsWars.com, hand-sharing these videos.
All the people that see our YouTube channel now have to go to it to see the video.
You've got to go to the Facebook to find it and hand-share it.
You've got to go to InfoWars.com forward slash show to do it.
This is the war.
And there needs to be congressional hearings, not just like the Diamond and Silk one.
We need to bust up these monopolies.
And this is one of the reasons we need people in Congress.
People don't understand because literally we need to fight this battle.
Because you know what?
If we get a whole bunch of globalists in there, even on the Republican side, they're going to let them come after Alex Jones, try to destroy Alex Jones.
And you know what?
Once the globalists destroy Alex Jones and Infowars,
They're coming for you.
This is the turning point for America.
And a lot of people say, they said to me, Michael, you can't run for Congress.
Well, I did.
And we're on the verge of victory.
They said, Michael, you can't go to Washington, D.C.
You can't change the system.
You can't take on the swamp.
It's too deep.
It's too powerful.
America's too far.
And that's why we're so screwed.
People have this loser attitude.
They do!
We're not giving up!
We've had big victories.
Nationalism, capitalism, Christianity is surging back worldwide and the globalists are crapping their britches.
Now is the time for full effort.
Now speaking of the devil, they call everybody racist that stands up against this corruption.
So Kanye West says
We're slaves today in mental prisons of every race, color, and creed.
We've got to break out of it.
They twist that.
He says, you know, you think of Jews, you think Holocaust, you think of blacks, you think slavery.
He goes, that's not my identity.
They edit it, call him a white supremacist, and then Dr. Phil, the ultimate establishment person, comes out.
He scripts the show where he's always right.
...and says Kanye has empowered white supremacists.
No, the Democratic Party was white supremacists.
They are the KKK.
They're the ones that abort 52% of the black children.
You don't ever hear any about, you know, that from anybody.
So Kanye is exposing it.
Say what you want about him.
He's got a lot of courage.
And then Dr. Phil...
sits there and says he's empowering hate groups.
That's pure crap.
He's bringing people together.
The Democrats are the ones in their own WikiLeaks that are talking about racial division to control people, divide and conquer.
Here's Dr. Phil.
What I do see is really, when I say dysregulated thought, he doesn't have a filter here.
The things that he's saying are irresponsible.
He says what's irresponsible.
He's saying we want a filter.
Off I love everybody, let's come together, let's get over the chips on our shoulders and not make it our identities.
Doesn't mean you don't stand up for yourself, doesn't mean there's not still racism, but you don't make it your identity.
Here, let's go back to Dr. Phil.
And, you know, when I say ignorant,
I mean that in a descriptive way.
If you look that up in a dictionary, it means a lack of information.
No, pause again.
No, Kanye's getting information.
He knows the Democrats are using race to control people.
Keep going.
I've seen where he has said on multiple occasions that he doesn't read, that he just thinks.
Well, read, Kanye.
You need to read because... Hey, pause.
He doesn't say that.
Again, that's another load of crap.
So, oh, Kanye, you're dumb.
You're a dumb black man.
Sit down and shut up.
It's like when Shapiro came out.
What's that guy's name, first name?
Ben Shapiro.
He went, hey, listen up here.
No, no, no, Kanye.
You don't go on Alex Jones' show.
No, no, no.
He's a dog.
Like Hillary said, black people need to come to heel.
Super predators.
He's like, no, no, no.
Bad doggie.
You sit down.
And that's what Dr. Phil's saying.
You sit down.
You're a stupid black man.
I'm Dr. Phil.
Let's go back to him.
What you're saying is ignorant, and either this is just attention-getting behavior... Hey, pause again.
No, this is Dr. Phil jumping on the bandwagon being attention-getting behavior.
Let's continue.
He's, you know, got an album coming out.
He wants to sell shoes.
He's wanting attention.
Hey, pause again.
Dr. Phil wants to sell books, all this stuff, but that's okay when he sells it.
Kanye's attention-getting behavior.
Here, let's go back.
He really has a problem pumping the brake here mentally and emotionally.
Pause again.
He really has a problem here.
Let me talk to you like you're five years old.
Pumping the brake here.
Dr. Phil's begged me on his show.
Not going on your show, loser.
You can edit it all.
Sorry, loser.
Let's go back to Dr. Loser.
Here it is.
Either way, it's not okay because he, for whatever reason, he does have a big pulpit.
He does have a big platform.
And so a lot of people are listening.
A lot of people are being influenced.
And I'll guarantee you, he has empowered white supremacists.
He has empowered hate groups.
With the things he's saying here.
Uh, to say that slavery, uh, 400 years... That's enough of it.
That's all out of context, B.S.
So, not empowering hate groups.
It's taking the steam out of hate groups.
Well, the Southern Property Law Center has been caught creating fake hate groups that march through towns to create hate.
That's what's in the WikiLeaks.
So, Dr. Phil, we don't have time because of the gun thing.
I already showed it earlier.
Michael Snyder, you're back in studio with me live tomorrow.
Then you'll be nine days out from the election, 1st District.
Again, people can find out more at michaelsnyderforcongress.com.
You've got 30 seconds left.
What else do you want to add?
Thank you.
Everyone get involved.
If you're not in Idaho, all over the country, now is the time.
Because if we don't take our country back now, there's not going to be a future for our children, our grandchildren, future generations of Americans.
Every generation of Americans has had to stand up and fight.
Our founding fathers stood up to the mighty British Empire and put everything on the line.
Their homes, their businesses, their future, their families, even their own lives, because if they would have been caught by the British, they would have been hung as traitors.
But because they put everything on the line, the United States of America exists today.
And now it's our turn.
It's time for us to stand up and fight for this country, because if we don't, we're going to be the generation that lost it all, that the flame of America was extinguished, and the globalists won, but not on our watch.
That's right.
They're really mad at us because we said Trump's gonna win.
The polls are fake.
We knew the truth.
People get out and vote.
There's not massive election fraud.
You'll be the new congressman for the 1st District in Idaho in this basically special election because the Democrats will not win.
Michael Schneider, thank you so much.
God bless you.
All right.
Thank you all.
See you back tomorrow, 11 a.m.
Coming up, some new Mike...
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