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Name: 20180405_Thu_Alex
Air Date: April 5, 2018
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Alex Jones discusses various topics including globalist attacks on InfoWars, Twitter's ban on a transgender critic, and news regarding Trump's proclamations. The show addresses issues related to free speech, censorship, and attempts by government authorities to control gun ownership in Deerfield, Illinois. Additionally, they take calls from listeners discussing various topics including political labeling on Facebook and potential debates or boxing matches with Cenk Uygur. Alex Jones talks about the importance of personal property and self-defense, his experience with being censored on social media platforms, the globalist agenda behind promoting vaccines with synthesized genes, and how the left is using Hispanics as a weapon against the free market in America and the West while trying to kill as many people as possible along the way. Throughout the broadcast, Jones emphasizes the need for patriots to come together and take action to protect their country.

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Waging war on corruption.
It's Alex Jones.
Ladies and gentlemen, we are broadcasting worldwide on this Thursday, the fifth day of April 2018.
And the Infowar is in high gear and very proud of the fact that we are the most hated, derided, lied about, demonized broadcast in the world by globalists, by criminals, by communists, by Nazi collaborators, by failing media empires, and by every other form of degenerate child molester you can imagine.
I am on cloud nine right now.
And you've seen a lot of globalist disinfo and operations the last few weeks.
Well, starting next week, the rebellion strikes back.
So, things are going very, very well.
Doesn't mean we're not in the fight of our lives.
We've got to be focused.
Eye of the tiger.
Got to be committed.
But if we're committed, we take action.
We can't lose with God's help.
Notice you're not hearing about the tragic YouTube shooting anymore a day and a half after it happened because it was a leftist.
Just a little side tidbit.
Look at this headline.
Transgender critic questioned by police and banned from leaving the UK for saying there's two genders and it's child abuse to take young children out of the country and have them castrated.
Yes, you cannot make that up.
Meanwhile, London's hospitals look like war zones due to gun and knife crime epidemic.
Sadiq Khan responds, blames the Tories for not banning knives.
Meanwhile, 78-year-old man arrested for murder after stabbing armed burglar to death in his home.
That's right.
Armed burglar in your house, you fight back, you go to prison in the UK, which is an anti-free speech authoritarian hellhole.
Legislature, the Parliament needs to move to remove this, ladies and gentlemen.
It needs to be done ASAP.
Now, that said, Trump signs proclamations sending National Guard to the Mexico border immediately.
Oh, all you folks that flipped out about DACA?
He was trying to be reasonable, like he said during the campaign.
He said, we're a 40-year-old guy who's been deported three or four times and got a criminal record.
You're gone.
Yeah, okay, you've really been here 20 years and you got a job, you're not a criminal.
Yeah, we'll fast-track you, absolutely.
We'll make you a citizen.
But Democrats make it too hard to make those folks citizens.
I think we should make it easier for law-abiding people that work and have a record of working to become citizens.
But the Democrats want to make you a permanent underclass.
Meanwhile, the big news.
Caravan disbands after Trump deploys military to the border, but turns out they're actually now reconstituting.
It was a feint.
50-plus thousand stopped at the Mexican border last month alone, up 203% from March of last year.
So the numbers are big, and the Border Patrol is completely outgunned.
This is a collapse in Latin America, in Central and South America.
Just pouring up.
It is just a nightmare scenario for everybody involved.
We'll get swamped if we take them all.
They're in hell.
It's just a real bad situation.
More than a million undocumented immigrants have received California driver's license, Sacramento Bee, and under California law, that lets them vote.
Of course, the Democrats say they want them to vote.
And Obama famously said in 2016, oh, if you live here, it's your duty to go vote.
He said, if you live here, you're a citizen.
Mexico starts giving caravan migrants transit visas.
But don't worry.
Robert De Niro slams the NRA.
Things in our country are so bad and it comes from Trump.
Stock market's still up.
Two million new jobs.
Lowest unemployment level.
Biggest startup for new businesses.
All sorts of great things happening.
That's just terrible.
They got another virtue signaling
Individual, ladies and gentlemen.
Absolutely disgusting.
So that's just some of the news we're going to cover on that front.
And then of course the really big news that's out of control and so serious.
Democrats across the country are moving and in some areas passing laws to confiscate all semi-autos and then fine you $1,000 a day when you don't turn them in.
So, it's all coming up.
And of course it's in states like Illinois where they have the firearm
Owner registration card, so they know what you got and right where to come.
That's why we always say do not register, because register everywhere is the next step to what?
The C-word!
And it isn't cookie for Cookie Monster!
It's confiscation!
Get ready for Alex Jones to invade the swamp.
Jones is set to give a speech at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C.
on April 10th, during which he'll make a statement on the raft of anti-free speech lawsuits targeting his First Amendment rights.
Numerous lawsuits have been launched on the premise of attracting media attention and defaming Alex Jones and InfoWars' reputation.
Jones will address the left's new tactic of trying to bury info wars under a deluge of lawsuits, several of which do not rest on any sound legal basis.
While the mainstream media and many on the left routinely celebrate these lawsuits when they're first filed, those same people are noticeably silent when the lawsuits collapse.
These lawsuits are yet another attempt to shut down free speech, and they are doomed to fail.
Alex Jones will go live at 9 a.m.
Eastern from the National Press Club in Washington, D.C.
You can find live streams of the press conference at InfoWars.com.
Leanne McAdoo, InfoWars.com.
Defending the Republic from enemies foreign and domestic.
It's Alex Jones!
If you want to know the spirit that dominates the UK, Europe and the United States, Australia, New Zealand, Canada to a great extent, it's a spirit of conformity, a spirit of cowardice, a spirit of being bullied by the political correct gods.
All the time I'll see news reports about, why has this particular pop star not criticized Trump yet?
Why are they keeping their mouth shut?
Are they racist?
Are they bad?
Are they evil?
You've seen that with a lot of people.
And then suddenly, you'll see that individual come out and start attacking Trump.
That hasn't happened with the number one star in the world, Taylor Swift, yet.
But boy, they are putting the pressure on her.
But I remember a few months ago, I saw a few articles about, where's Mike Myers now?
And why hasn't Mike Myers come out and attack Trump?
Why, you know, some of the other late-night hosts, they almost lost their jobs, remember?
Because they weren't attacking Trump enough, but now they are.
And so, sure enough, this morning, I was scrolling through the news and I saw Mike Myers playing Dr. Evil and talking about how, well, I'm an advisor to the president and we're helping make America evil again.
And it's not even funny.
So he came out of retirement.
I guess he owns like a hockey team and something else.
He came out of retirement, not been seen in years, to bash Trump so they'd get off his back.
And I've talked to folks in Hollywood that they get told, you come out against Trump,
Or you're not going to work again.
James Woods, one of the top actors in Hollywood, has made hundreds of millions of dollars, just been in so many top films, incredible actor.
When he decided to go ahead and go public for America and for Trump, they told him, you will never work again.
So the headline, if you want to go watch it, is that Dr. Evil gets fired from the Trump cabinet.
We're going to play excerpts of it later.
And it's not our top story.
It just is an illustrative piece
To show how pathetic these folks are.
And since we're at this point, I got a ton of incredible breaking news.
Gun confiscation beginning in some areas.
Just so important.
Trump deploying troops to the border.
He's now officially signed the order.
We've got the latest developments there.
But since I mentioned Dr. Evil, let's talk about the real Dr. Evil.
We've played these clips before from 60 Minutes back in 1999 with George Soros.
But I thought we would just go ahead and play it without even the graphics of the death camps and scary music.
I thought we'd just play the clips themselves and then cut right into the last few months, Anderson Cooper, Sink, Uyghur, the Young Turks, named after a genocide group that killed a million and a half Christians.
I mean, that's a fact.
Just like David Hogg on his Reddit says, I want to see billions die.
Thank God mosquitoes are killing people.
That's what they're all into!
And George Soros meets with the big eugenics organizations, David Rockefeller, Ted Turner, Bill and Melinda Gates, and it was in the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, that, oh, they wanted the public to know, it's usually a secret meeting, but they want to depopulate the planet through a world government.
And then, famously, Bill Gates gets up in front of teachers and says that, and he gets up on TED TV.
Because we can show Soros as a caricature and make fun of him, but actually looking at his actions and just real photos of him is more frightening.
So we've got the real Dr. Evil, who they admitted the last James Bond movie.
Is based on him, it's even named after his company, the Quantum Group, who's a private corporate guy that's really behind Spectre, and behind the terror groups, and trying to get Russia and the US in a war.
I mean, they really told you, and they admit that British intelligence, MI6, good factions of it, helped write the last script.
That was in the news.
And that they don't like George Soros for trying to crash the pound, repeatedly, and almost bringing the UK down.
So that movie is a statement about it.
I guess now it's two films back.
So, Hillary is his minion.
So when we talk about real Dr. Evil here, ladies and gentlemen, that's him.
And what he does, and his family, and his son, the documents came out where they're funding Antifa to engage in violent riots.
Criminal activity, how they work with blue state police, blue city police, blue state areas to then let them attack and burn and corral crowds into them so they can attack them.
Those documents came out, what, three months ago.
No news coverage of it.
Just like five years ago, we broke the Stingray documents nationwide from D.C.
to Washington State and exactly how they work.
But AP, they're saying, might get a Pulitzer Prize for their report about it two days ago.
So let's go ahead now and play the clip that Soros doesn't want you to hear.
He thought he would just somehow sell us on this idea and then you've got the young turds and you've got Anderson Cooper following behind him like he's a dog going to the bathroom on the sidewalk trying to pick it up for him.
Here it is.
My understanding is that you went out with this protector of yours, who swore that you were his adopted godson.
Went out, in fact, and helped in the confiscation of property from the Jews.
That's right.
Was it difficult?
Not at all.
Not at all.
Maybe as a child you don't see the connection.
But it created no problem at all.
No feeling of guilt?
It was actually probably the happiest year of my life.
That year of German occupation.
For me it was a very positive experience.
It's a strange thing because you see incredible suffering around you and in fact you are in considerable danger yourself.
But you're 14 years old and you don't believe.
George Soros is one of those people that actually helps, you know, back these individuals.
Who is he?
I think he's from Hungary.
I think he was Jewish, and I think he turned in his own people to the Nazis.
Do you think George Soros funded the neo-Nazis who marched in Charlottesville?
Wouldn't it be interesting to find out?
These conspiracy theories were first spread by radio talk show host Alex Jones.
The idea also that the way the congressman is saying is like, well, we're learning this, or, you know, we're finding this out, as if it's sort of the full weight of his office or the U.S.
Congress, when in fact, it seems like he's just getting stuff from Alex Jones.
That seems to be where the news is coming from.
Alex Jones claims to have sources all throughout the government, but George Soros did not fund these people.
What he's saying is not true.
He's deeply anti-Semitic.
Now, why do I say that?
For a number of reasons.
He has attacked George Soros over and over again with references to his background.
He attacked Michael Wolff, who wrote the book about Donald Trump.
They both happen to be Jewish.
He, you'll see it in a second as well, says that Soros worked with the Nazis.
It's just like, to say someone who, I don't know if you know that Soros survived the Holocaust.
Alex Jones is the worst guy on earth.
He called George Soros a Nazi collaborator.
Of course that's not true!
Of course he's not!
And Soros was a kid at the time.
The guy survives the Holocaust, and this, this
Clown, and I'm trying not to use worse words against him, but he has more than earned it.
Then turns around and calls a Holocaust survivor a Nazi collaborator.
And you're named, your organization, after the young Turks who were the brown shirts that carried out the extermination of a million and a half Christians and your program is anti-Christian.
We get it.
That's what the globalists are all about.
Hating flyover country.
They hate me because I'm Americana.
They hate you because you're Americana.
That's it!
They hate us!
Accept it!
Know it!
He wrote a book!
His dad wrote a book!
They helped round up for years over a thousand Jews and steal their money with the Nazis.
It's well known the Nazis would recruit Jews that would work with them to help round people up.
That's a fact.
Poland talked about that and Netanyahu flipped out on them.
I'm not against Netanyahu, but Netanyahu, get your history straight.
Poland is right.
There were a lot of people like Soros that helped round up other Jews.
They're called Judas Goats.
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You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
Waging war on corruption.
It's Alex Jones, coming to you live from the front lines of the InfoWar.
I'm going to be announcing two lawsuits next week against enemies of the Republic, enemies of free speech, and then eight more in the next month after that.
So all you folks that sent me letters asking for money, you're going to get sued for big money.
We're coming after you and we're going to win.
So all you folks licking your lips out there that got induced to sign on to all these fake lawsuits against us, you let all the top law firms look at it, even the Daily Beast says this is very dangerous for the Democrats and they've opened themselves up to millions in real damages.
So, Bon Appetit!
You think you're going to destroy our First Amendment?
Get ready!
I'm not some knuckle-dragger looking for money and not looking for a fight.
I'm looking to defend the Second Amendment, the First Amendment, and the whole nine yards!
So you want to fight?
Better believe you got one.
You know, playing that George Soros
I saw a clip last segment of him talking about how much he enjoyed rounding up Jews and how invigorating it was and how it formed his character that was so dangerous.
That's why he's so ruthless and crazy.
If you're 14, 15, 16, and then not just during the Nazi occupation, but after they were involved when the Soviets came in and all that corruption, making hundreds of millions of dollars
Involved in different scams and different criminal activities, and then you do it all over Europe and all over America, and you're involved in every form of corruption under the sun.
He was known as a supervillain in the 1980s when my mom would watch Laird News Hour.
George Soros attempted to crash the pound today.
George Soros attempted to crash the Argentinian.
George Soros successfully crashed this, causing millions to go bankrupt.
I mean, there are countries that never recovered after him.
And by the mid-90s it was like, controversial figure George Soros, but by the 2000s, the angel, the baby cake, the sweetie pie!
And that's what's crazy is, CNN, MSNBC, the Young Turds, all of it, why George Soros doesn't fund any Antifa.
And we have all the documents where his son running an organization funds them to riot.
Can we pull that article up?
Documents Obama planned, civil emergency in Maryland, martial law, and then it's the Soros group, his son Alexander, and family quarterbacking it.
Those are real documents.
They never said they weren't.
We've made phone calls, called the FBI, you name it, and they said, no, those are real documents.
And people are just waiting for Trump to move against them on stuff like that.
It's incredible.
Shall we pull that article up?
What was the exact headline?
It was... I think it was Don Salazar wrote the article.
There's a video I did on it.
Soros funded Antifa in Maryland.
Soros funded plans for riots in Maryland.
Soros planned to trigger civil war.
Caused by race riots and it's got 20-something pages of the documents how they work with the police, the whole thing.
I bet I can find it.
Gotta click web to find it though.
Let's go to a clip while we find that.
Let's go ahead and there it is.
Oh, thank God.
I'm so OCD now.
I had to have a thank you.
Oh, good.
It used to be OCD.
I've developed it when it comes to documents and articles.
Great job, crew.
Documents to tell plan for civil unrest and martial law in Baltimore.
Leaked documents purport to show, and now they're confirmed, to tell plan to trigger nationwide unrest, allowing Obama to declare martial law
And that's what we surmised at the time, because the Justice Department got caught in Florida, in Maryland, and all over, financing it.
And if you scroll down to the documents, it explains how they basically fund people, how they train as actors.
Doesn't mean they're actors in the street, but you know, that's what the police even in training call it.
Your role is this, your role is that.
And you've got their action, BW104182015.
Final Operation Order Summary, Friends of Democracy.
And the brother of this other guy's brother that ended up in some trouble gave us the documents.
And folks, if you've got family that's been in antifa and they're in prison or they committed suicide or whatever, or drug overdose, it is critical that you get those documents and mail them to us.
Because that's why they fear Infowars and want it taken down.
We get the right documents, it could blow the Death Star.
I mean, they know, they sit there every day with sweat running down their foreheads, knowing that I'm sitting here with sweat running down my forehead, not because I'm nervous, but because I'm so fired up half the time, that I start sweating in here when it's 68 degrees.
By the way, I can be sitting in the hot sun and barely sweat, but when my brain starts going, I get in a very aggressive mode and start sweating.
Because this is real!
And I sit here and I start looking at the things they've done, the things they've been involved in, it makes me angry.
We need to have a new article about how those documents are confirmed, media blackout on that, media blackout on David Hogg almost a week later, and him wanting billions to die.
I mean, this is sensational information!
Alright, when we come back, stop linked on DrugsReport.com, sex workers to expose politicians for passing anti-trafficking bill.
I will also look at what's really in the WikiLeaks.
They always distract us with who leaked them.
And that was exactly the big issue and all this garbage that Roger Stone is a Russian agent.
But let's kind of look back at what's in the WikiLeaks.
And then, video.
It's up on Infowars.com.
Deranged Texas councilwoman in Houston charged for verbally attacking teenage girl in Trump shirt.
Disturbing as bees.
Screaming, yelling, frothing.
And this is what happens when you wear a Trump shirt and now it's expanding to pro-gun shirts?
Well, I'm not letting these people intimidate me.
I think it's more important people start wearing Make America Great shirts, InfoWars shirts, to get you the same thing in these areas.
And then we go around in groups just to let them know, just like Open Carry, that we're not going to be intimidated by their deranged activity.
So that's the Steve Watson article.
That's coming up.
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And you stand up to Nazi collaborator, bully dirtbags like George Soros.
Damn him to hell!
There is an issue.
There is a movement, there is a phenomenon, taking place right now, that is the number one issue on this planet.
Not just for humanity, but for all life forms.
Now, I've been on air more than 23 years, but only now, studying how we're attacked by mainstream media, and by globalists, and by major governments, do I understand the whole
The ballgame.
So this is some of the most important information you're ever going to hear here, and it's up to you, if you care about yourself and your family, and if you're conscious, if you're not an animal, as the globalists think you are, if you're not dead inside, to listen to me.
I noticed in the last decade, the number one thing mainstream media will attack me for
Is when I talk about how the human species, through fluoride and through atrazine and through thousands of other chemicals, is being changed.
Our IQs are being lowered, our sexuality is being confused, our fertility is being destroyed.
And it's a fact.
And I just noticed in the last few years, with all the late night comedy shows and all the Comedy Central shows and the newspapers, 80% of the attacks, including two in the last 24 hours,
Are when I show people Berkeley and Harvard and Princeton and Yale and Cambridge and all these groups.
Saying the manipulation of the genetics and the hormones, the sexuality of amphibians and fish and mammals and everything is out of control.
Amphibians are collapsing, fish are collapsing, they are asexual or bisexual or they are deformed.
The male frogs, just under a little bit of atrazine, go over to the male frogs, their olfactory is changed, try to have sex with them when they can't, they're dying.
And we would cover that and they would attack it and say we said it when I was actually holding up mainline journals saying it's making the frogs quote gay.
You know, using that term to get people to look at it.
And then I look at this last 24 hours, David Hogg, the spokesperson for gun control, and shows with Stephen Colbert and Thomas Middleditch claiming that I'm attacking him for being a beta male.
When they had a big magazine cover saying the triumph of the beta male, I was saying they're mainlining and pushing the beta male.
I wasn't attacking Mr. Middleditch or Mike Judge, who's a good friend of mine.
I think Silicon Valley's a really funny show.
I was just saying the media is pushing all this and then misrepresenting what I've said because they don't want you looking at it.
They don't want you researching it.
Because the additives and the chemicals and the whole deal is in the UN, UNESCO founding documents.
In 1947, the same year we got the National Security Act, to carry out this eugenics transhumanist operation.
For example, on Infowars, one of his most famous statements was saying that, Tapwater is turning the frogs gay and will turn you gay too.
First off, gay people are awesome.
I don't think that's a problem at all.
Alex Jones said, the globalists are teaching us to turn off our life force.
It's a camouflage so the alpha males that are still left don't notice they're being taken control of and being enslaved.
Is this true?
Is this true?
Are you enslaving the alpha males?
Because you know I consider myself a bit of an alpha male.
Oh really?
Do you want to debate it or just let them make a big joke out of it?
Because they're scared of us having a discussion.
And I didn't realize this was the heart of their operation until they attacked me so hard.
Almost all their attacks every day are based on this because they want you to not look around you and see what's happening.
What do you as viewers and listeners think we should do?
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones.
I'm gonna get off the George Soros kick.
You know, he's got PR firms and others out there saying he was never working for the Nazis, he was never a collaborator, even though his father wrote a book, he wrote a book, he's given countless articles, radio interviews, TV interviews, in the mid and late 90s admitting it, but saying he was proud of it, best time of his life, he filled an economic void, someone else would have done it if he didn't, that taught him how to be ruthless.
It's the most cold-blooded group of interviews I've ever heard.
And even Nazis in Nuremberg didn't talk like that.
They said they were sorry.
But not Soros.
He's not sorry.
And then he has people like Schenck and others, through different foundations he's given money to, reportedly, saying that I'm the worst guy in the world and that I'm just nosediving because I'll talk about their God.
That is true evil in my view.
Now, I was just in the coffee room getting a cup of Joe's.
I forgot to have one this morning.
That's how much energy I've got.
I'm bouncing off the walls with no coffee, but I wanted some.
And I was watching Fox News.
They were playing a clip of Zuckerberg that we already had, and it reminded me that we had the clip.
He's like, oh, you can pretty much be assured that we did scrape your data.
And everybody's hearing scrap.
They went, oh, they got rid of your data.
No, they never get rid of it.
It's in the terms of service.
They use it, they share it.
Whether it's Samsung, or whether it's Apple, or whether it's Sharp, or whether it's Microsoft, or whether all of these companies now, in their terms of service, tell you they watch you in your house, they listen to you with AI, they sell all the data.
It's incredibly valuable.
You, like the folks in Troy,
Brought in the Trojan horse.
We don't know in history if the Trojan horse is legend or real.
We know there was a Trojan war at that time.
But we do know these are Trojan horses, don't we?
Web scraping.
Let's define it.
Web harvesting or web data extraction, usually with a spider, is data scraping used for extracting data from websites while web scraping can be done manually by software user.
The term typically refers to automated process implemented using a bot or web crawler.
Now, I remember in high school they were teaching us about the internet in the computer class and I learned all about scraping and they called them spiders and crawlers.
I mean, I'm not a tech guy, I just read the tech journals.
And the internet was set up to do this.
Google is an NSA spy tool from the 80s.
Set up by In-Q-Tel, the Geospatial Center, it's run by Space Command.
Google is the U.S.
With a private offshoot that's controlled by the leftists and the globalists.
You notice, Schmitz had to resign and all the rest of that's happening now.
So there's a war inside Google and that's why Steve Pchenik, people say, are you with the CIA or are they with the CIA?
No, I'm not with any of that.
I'm with the free market and America and freedom.
But Pchenik said the day before my YouTube channel was put back up, the strike's taken off, he said, I've talked to people upstairs inside the agency and you will have your site back by tomorrow.
This will not be tolerated.
You do not do what they say.
And Google will not be authoritarian.
It was set up to defend the Republic and promote our values worldwide.
And that's really what went on.
And that is it.
So they had all the Soros people that got hired and all the Southern Poverty Law Center, 10,000 of them brought in.
Think about how Twilight Zone, they start taking everything down.
YouTube goes, oh, it's not us, sorry.
But it was other executives, mid-level being mutinous,
And now reportedly more than 100 executives are out of Google.
Trump's telling them, you stop it right now or I'm going to break you up.
And they can't stop.
They can't stop.
They can't stop.
They can't stop.
They can't stop.
They can't stop.
Any more than a city councilwoman walks up and starts screaming at and grabbing at the hat of a little girl wearing a Make America Great hat in Houston.
I'll be walking down the street and a woman with little kids will go, F you, you piece of crap Russian, and start coming at, and their husband will drag them back.
My daughters were up in Connecticut after we went skiing for a week.
Their mom took them skiing.
Probably would have been a better place they went to.
You go to Colorado, it's like you're at 10,000 feet.
You go to Connecticut, you're at 2,000, and it's just as nice.
And my 10-year-old daughter's up there, and she's talking to this other girl, and the dad finds out.
They say, oh, Texas, blah, blah, blah.
She said, yeah, my dad's Alex Jones.
He began screaming at her and getting in her face, as if it's my fault, then, when it gets spun, that they're deranged.
That full-grown men bully little girls.
These people are out of control.
But I'm digressing here, ladies and gentlemen.
They're all been spying on you.
I told you exactly how they've been spying on you.
It came out in congressional hearings 17, 18 years ago.
The Telecommunications Act set all this up and legalized it, just like Obama signed those executive orders before he left, letting Google, starting last November, a year and a half ago.
November 2016, right after Trump won, he signed all those directives where they can discriminate against conservatives, libertarians, you name it.
And that's when Facebook suddenly started listing in your control panel, are you a conservative, are you a liberal, are you... labeling you like Nazi Germany.
You know how dangerous that is?
For advertisers!
When a lot of people that call themselves Trump supporters are not conservatives.
They just don't like Hillary Clinton and her crime network, so...
That's what this has gotten to.
And just like they have the PR firms out there telling you Soros isn't a Nazi, it's the same thing.
They're trying to confuse it like, well, does Facebook really look at your data?
Does Google?
They started all this Cambridge Analytica thing thinking they could just burn Trump for publicly scraping some stuff to try to contact conservatives on Facebook.
Cambridge Analytica does a lot of illegal stuff.
It's come out for whoever will hire them.
Democrats, Republicans, dictators in third world countries.
It's just another big, you know, computer company outlet.
But the fact the Democrats thought they could compartmentalize and only burn that area, it brought down their whole house of cards.
They're so stupid!
Can't put the genie back in the bottle, bub.
As I said the day it broke.
I predicted it all.
Not because I'm a rocket scientist.
I know how history works.
I know how this stuff unfolds.
And I understand Trump's algorithm now.
And how he operates.
And you can predict what Trump's gonna do, but these people walk into the trap every time.
So, let's go ahead and go to that clip of old Zuki.
During today's disclosure and announcements, Facebook explained that the account recovery and search tools using email and phone number could have been used to scrape information about all of Facebook's users.
When did Facebook find out about this scraping operation?
And if that was before a month ago, why did Facebook not inform the public about it immediately?
We looked into this and understood it more over the last few days as part of the audit of our overall system.
And, you know, everyone has a setting on Facebook.
I can't stand this.
I can't stand this.
Just hold on a minute.
Again, they're trying to make, when their whole business model is tracking everything you do, giving it to everybody, selling it, letting third parties come in, they're trying to all make it about one company.
And they just discovered this last month.
This is ridiculous.
That controls, it's right in your privacy settings, that controls whether people can look you up by your contact information.
Most people have that turned on, and that's the default.
But a lot of people have also turned it off.
So it's not quite everyone, but certainly the potential here would be that over the period of time that this feature has been around, people have been able to scrape public information.
The information that you can, if you have someone's phone number, you can put that in and then you can get
That's good.
So what they're doing is they're trying to conflate public scraping or spiders, web crawlers.
That's what search engines do.
With what Google does, having all the things you're looking up and you're doing, and scanning your private emails since Gmail started, and collating that data, and listening to it over the web microphone since 2006.
They told shareholders they were.
We wrote about it, and people couldn't believe it.
They said, this is a lie.
Jones is insane.
They're not using the web audio in your computer to listen to you.
And it also said in the press release to shareholders, and now we're having a pilot program to watch them over the webcam.
And they had an example.
If a dog barks, even though you're not searching for dog food, we know to then direct advertisements for dogs.
Oh, what a sweet little thing.
They're just listening about the dog.
They're listening to you.
And now ESPN goes, hey, let's dial into somebody's smart TV and see what they're doing.
Hey, look, there's your parents.
They're over there in Serbia watching now.
I told you this 20 years ago, because I'm the bad guy, see?
No, you get next decade's news today.
But it's a double-edged sword.
The prostitutes have data as well.
It looks like America is starting to wake up from the lies and disinformation.
77% of Americans polled recently by Monmouth University believe that the old legacy media like CNN and the New York Times regularly report fake news.
The survey asked respondents, do you think these sources report these stories on purpose in order to push an agenda or do they tend to report them more by accident or because of poor fact-checking?
The majority of respondents, at 42%, said they believe it is to push an agenda, while 26% went with poor fact-checking.
Additionally, the survey found that 83% believe special interest groups are intentionally trying to implant false information into the news cycle, and even more believe those tentacles reached all the way into social media sites and YouTube.
And it's not just conservatives who are waking up to the obvious bias and propaganda pushing of the legacy media.
A whopping 61% of Democrats are in agreement.
You are fake news.
Leanne McAdoo, InfoWars.com
One of the reasons that your audience is so awakened and so able to process information is because your health products actually greatly enhance neurological and cognitive function.
This is something that I've been noticing that, you know, people who live on junk foods and processed foods and take medications and go in and out of the pharmacy, they're dumbed down and they're easy for the globalists to control.
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That's exactly right.
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You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
Ah, Trump just signed the order deploying troops instantly to the border.
Actually constitutional.
Defending the republic from enemies foreign and domestic.
I guess that means hell's freezing over?
It's Alex Jones.
But don't worry, Mueller's looking into Russian oligarchs now, and looking into the United Arab Emirates, and looking into Canadian deals, and looking into stuff 20 years ago, and just still can't find anything.
Doesn't know what to do.
He's got a few of his informants they put in the Trump campaign, very low-level, who they are doing a little fake, you know, one-month sentencing stuff on them and other things so they can not let anybody know that they were little super canaries put in there who found nothing because there was nothing.
And Roger Stone's joining us in the third hour.
I'm sick of the whole Russian thing like you are, but I want to go back over the WikiLeaks.
The top hundred things that are in there because look at how they've Svengali'd or misdirected again with a magic trick.
It's not the hundreds of thousands of emails and the Aleister Crowley rituals and fixing the debates and giving Hillary the questions or Hillary and her people talking to CNN, MSNBC, the New York Times, the Washington Post, the LA Times every day, having daily meetings with Google.
How exhausting is this?
You ask how Strzok and his girlfriend had something like 50,000 messages to each other in two years.
These people are just like typing away to each other.
It's insane.
They're like maniacs.
And when you pull back from it, they have hoisted themselves on their own petard.
They've dug their own pit for themselves.
And at the same time, though, just like they've gone, oh, everybody publicly has spiders and web crawlers.
We didn't do anything at Facebook.
No, you just used everybody's personal data and sold it and let groups in.
5,000 times worse than anything Analytica ever thought of over in Cambridge.
And you just hope everybody's such country bumpkins that we don't figure it out.
It's like my lawyers looking at all these fake lawsuits that have been filed.
They're like, we've never seen anything like this.
It's like 60, 70, 80 pages of lies about you.
None of it's even true.
The exhibits aren't even right.
It's not even your website.
We did do a retraction.
We did pull it the day of the event.
None of that's true.
The slapback provision means we can have all these attorney's fees, and then get them for all those, and then damages, and even lawyers tell the Daily Beast, man, you really screwed up, what are you doing with these lawsuits, and they don't care!
Because I think they think I ride to work on a horse and I'm like, oh my God, I'm getting sued by another Hillary Clinton lover.
What am I gonna do?
Gee sucks, I better shut down and go away.
They said they gonna come after me if I don't go away and then put my tail between my legs.
I didn't know the globalists were bad, mean people.
Why, they just threatened me.
I better go away.
I'm scared.
You're fools!
Have no idea!
And the people that really don't know what they're doing are the plaintiffs that they've jacked up to do this.
But after all, if you're running around wearing a Hammer and Sickle t-shirt, you're a grown man.
That tells you a lot, doesn't it?
Hammer and Sickle's got 200 plus million deaths under its belt.
I mean, that's the symbol of pure death.
The red terror.
Right out of the globalist loins.
I have Communist Party USA suing me in Cleveland.
I have a guy wearing a communist shirt suing me here in Austin.
It's just, it's like you know a man by his enemies, don't you folks?
So what can I say, my friends?
I came to fight.
Bullies, and well, they found me, and I think they're used to messing with people that aren't here to fight.
I came to fight.
Once the fight starts, I don't have any butterflies.
I don't have any anxiety.
Once the crocodile jaws start... Brain turns off, fight mode kicks in, and then the winning starts happening.
Like it always does with you guys.
You always pick a fight with the good guys and you always can't believe what happens when they stand up.
And then the begging for mommy always kicks in.
I don't know why they always beg for mommy.
They always beg for their mommies.
They always cry when their head, metaphorically, is bouncing off the concrete.
That's antifaphoria.
Little scrubly creatures running around delusionally beating up men, women, and children.
We're fighting fascism by beating people and committing arson.
So here we are talking about Antifa in the general.
Let me just get into the big news here because it's not just Antifa going around beating people up.
Deranged Texas councilwoman charged for verbally attacking teenage girl in Trump shirt.
Let's go ahead and go to the Houston TV station with a report on a deranged liberal in Texas so flipped out in their little bully bases, Houston's now blue, that they think you're not going to make America great again.
This is the hatred of America.
Here it is.
Tonight a teenage girl tells us that one of our local council members screamed obscenities because one of the girls with her was wearing this shirt.
Now West University Place Councilwoman Kelly Burke is being charged in the case.
It was Saturday night at Tiny's Milk and Cookies.
Four teenage girls buying cookies for kids at their church.
When a tall, short-haired, blonde woman came up to them and screamed at them, um, grab them by the b*****, girls.
That woman, the family later learned, was Westview Councilwoman Kelly Burke.
And she wasn't finished.
She yells it again.
At that point, the girls are getting kind of scared, and then the woman starts, you know, going, MAGA, MAGA, MAGA!
MAGA means Make America Great Again.
You see, one of the girls was wearing this Trump Make America Great Again shirt.
The girls left without a word.
They were scared.
They were absolutely scared.
My little girl essentially wanted to know if this woman was going to hurt her.
Westview Police referred the case to Harris County, which filed a disorderly conduct charge against the councilwoman, who, when we knocked at her door, asked, what are you doing at my house?
You know why we're here at your house.
She said she had no idea.
Because of the disorderly conduct charge.
She said, I'm putting my kids to bed.
Go away.
Adults can't behave towards children like that.
I would be just as angry if any parent said this to my child, but as an elected official, I mean, I'll let, you know, her voters handle this matter.
But of course she then lied and said, I don't know what you're talking about.
That's exactly how they act.
It's like babies.
They either scream, murder, criminal, communist, Russian, traitor.
We're going to get you.
You've seen the videos all over the country, and then they try to pour coffee on you, or they attack you, or they go Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump, stuff like that.
It's like a three-year-old attacking you.
And they love to go after women and children.
I mean, I had a couple of these guys trying to start a fight with Rex, and he's still a pretty big guy, but they didn't start the fight with me off the airplane.
I'm getting the luggage, he's taking his luggage.
He's like 30 feet away, and two grown men walk up and go, wanna throw down?
I told you that story just when we got back from Colorado three weeks ago.
And then they said, F your family.
They were my daughters and my wife.
And they looked at my family, because they wanted to say, I don't have your kids.
They always say that.
I'm like, oh yeah, dude.
Just F your family!
He said that to Rex right there.
I saw that by the time my luggage was coming over.
Just F your family.
F your family.
Because again, the globalists have a religion, even if they have kids, they hate your kids, they hate Christians, they hate America, they hate Make America Great Again.
It triggers them.
Just like American flags.
They see it as the dominant culture.
They see themselves as the counterculture.
They're the dominant culture.
They're funded by the big banks.
They're the globalists.
They're the problem.
I haven't gotten the story linked on DrugsReport.com yet, but I will.
It's an InfoWars.com, Jamie White article.
Checks workers to expose politicians for passing anti-trafficking bill.
And we'll get to a bunch of other news.
The gun confiscation beginning.
Should have led that with the broadcast, but there's so much more to get to.
Towns all over are moving to confiscate assault weapons.
Fine violators up to $1,000 per day.
Some have passed the laws.
That is coming up momentarily, ladies and gentlemen.
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Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order, it's Alex Jones.
Resistance to tyrants is obedience to God.
It's Alex Jones.
I need to be judicious about this because the news is all so important.
Skimmed over 10 or 15 articles.
I need to drill into some of these and then get even deeper into the others.
But subversion, Jim Governor rebels against Trump, moving National Guard to border.
This is, this is, this is what we predicted with Matt Bracken a couple days ago would end up happening.
And it all runs together so much is happening.
Was Bracken on yesterday?
No, he was on the day before yesterday.
So he was on Tuesday and I had him on for like an hour and we've got to have somebody go over the notes or scan through that audio, what we call chipmunk speed, you know, five times faster to where I say I'm worried that the Democrats will try to block the military going to the border and he concurred.
You've already seen the subversion, the sedition in California.
All they're doing is trying to have a border.
Mexico has a border.
If you're a felon and got a bunch of criminal convictions, you're out of here.
And this is just spiraling out of control.
We're going to get to that in the next segment.
I haven't gotten to this yet.
Sex workers to expose politicians for passing anti-trafficking bill.
Twitter transgender critic.
Question about police bans from leaving the UK.
You got people being arrested for defending themselves in the UK when their houses are being robbed.
There's been famous cases of that.
There's new ones.
These are just insane articles that I'm going to be a good boy when we come back in the next segment and just go into all of them.
Now several of these I've already really covered like I should.
It's just crazy how the whole YouTube shooter thing went away.
If it had been a right winger, oh my God, it would be... You'd be seeing who the victims were that were shot.
You'd be hearing from their families.
It would be the end of the world.
It would be... Just all gun owners are to blame.
Turn in your guns.
But because this person was passionate about fitness, veganism... With left-wing signs... That's the LA Times.
And who left major warning signs.
And of course, the dad said, I think she's violent.
I think she's going to attack.
Nothing was done.
What is it about these blue states where they just let people run wild that are threatening folks?
I mean, it's one thing if you said, boy, you say that to my face, I'll call you out the street, kick your butt.
That's clearly figurative, like slapping somebody with a
I don't know.
Attorney General Time Magazine called up federal prosecutors.
They said we want him arrested.
You're the one saying hashtag hunt Republicans.
Democrat strategist on TV.
You're the one saying kill Trump everywhere.
And where are the Secret Service visits?
Madonna, I want to blow up the White House.
I don't want any harm on YouTube or on Google or on Twitter or on Facebook or against
David Hogg, I would really hate for something to happen to him because that would turn him into a martyr.
I'm doing this for my family in the information war and we're winning.
It's the globalists funding ISIS and Al Qaeda and getting violent and the Antifa attacking people with bike locks and burning things and doing all this.
They only do it in blue cities.
Where they control the police, and that's in the Antifa documents from Jordan Suarez's son's group that we covered last hour.
Think about how sensational that is.
That they are working with the police in those areas to stand down.
Some of the cops may be good, but they're ordered to stand down.
Which I still say is dereliction of duty.
Even if you're a low-level cop, you do that.
And then they go around and they are told how much to attack, what to do, what to break.
It's always the same simulation.
Break a window, knock out something, burn a trash can.
The Department of Homeland Security has acknowledged the discovery of a rogue network of cellular eavesdropping devices discovered throughout Washington, D.C.
The devices can be mounted in vehicles, drones, helicopters, and airplanes, and are often used by spies and criminals to track and eavesdrop on private cellular devices.
The agency did not say how many devices were detected or where they found them.
American intelligence and law enforcement agencies routinely use similar eavesdropping equipment in the field.
The Stingray units operate by tricking a cellular device into locking onto them instead of a legitimate cell tower.
Stingray devices allow the user to gain highly specific information on the location of any particular phone down to a particular apartment complex or hotel room.
More sophisticated versions can eavesdrop on calls by forcing phones to step down to the older, unencrypted 2G wireless channel.
Some Stingray devices can even plant malware on a phone.
Defending the Republic from enemies, foreign and domestic.
It's Alex Jones.
We are live broadcasting worldwide, kicking off the second hour of this global transmission.
I intend to open the phones up at the bottom of the hour on any of the subjects we've raised, any of the news items we've covered.
Long-time callers, first-time callers, agree, disagree, 877-789-ALEX, 877-789-2539.
877-789-ALEX, 877-789-2539.
Let's just start here.
We knew this was coming.
I predicted this with Matt Bracken on Tuesday.
Because it's just par for the course on the left coast.
Dem governor rebels against Trump moving National Guard to the border.
But Trump has ways to federalize the National Guard.
Dot dot dot.
Kit Daniels article.
Needs to get out there.
Oregon Governor Kate Brown
Democrat will refuse to deploy state National Guard troops to the border if asked by President Trump.
If at real Donald Trump asked me to deploy Oregon Guard troops to the Mexico border, I will say no.
Yeah, there's just Mexican troops down there, but that's okay.
Brown tweeted, as commander of Oregon's Guard, I'm deeply troubled by Trump's plan to militarize our border.
Well, lady, you don't have a say during national emergencies, and we're in one.
Brown's statement, however, is trivial.
And also arrogant.
She probably doesn't even know her powers as governor.
She probably just knows how to bully conservatives.
The President has the power to federalize National Guard troops through a variety of ways, such as 10 U.S.
Code 252.
Use of militia and armed forces to enforce federal authority.
Yeah, you see how Eisenhower had the National Guard let the little black girls into the schools in Oklahoma and Arkansas and Alabama?
We should pull up some photos of National Guard escorting little black girls to school.
Well, the President considers that unlawful obstructions, combinations, or assemblages, or rebellion, which is what California is in, against the authority of the United States make it impractical
To enforce the laws of the United States in any state or the ordinary course of judicial proceedings, like a court order to let little black kids in, he may call into federal service such of the militia of any state and use such of the armed forces as he considers necessary to enforce the laws or to suppress the rebellion.
That's George Wallace with the State Police.
Let's pull up the National Guard or Federal Troops.
Escort children for desegregation.
That's the ones I'm looking for.
Now, let's continue here.
Previous presidents have federalized the National Guard, perhaps most famously when President John F. Kennedy did so to Alabama's National Guard during the integration of the University of Alabama in 63, a move which took control away from Governor George Wallace, who we just showed an image of, who had opposed the move.
Well, you've got a Soros Globalist U.N.
illegal alien funded operation, similar to the one carried out by the U.N.
and Soros and Sutherland, that smashed in
To Europe with 10 million military-age men who are running around wreaking havoc.
Imagine you're in small towns.
You know, they got this wild, wild country hit show out.
And you watch it and the program left.
This is pretty scary.
But you think about, that's a town in the middle of nowhere in Alpine, Oregon, that had these Maharajah people come in.
Germany, where there are towns of a couple hundred old retirees, and I've seen articles where they bring in 4,000 Muslims, 80% of military-age men, and then order people to let them in their house.
Same thing in Italy, everywhere else.
I mean, it is cuckoo nest level.
But it's an invasion, and to see what they can get away with, the globalists.
And the Zodiac boats, hundreds a day.
Hundred foot long ones.
Literally hundreds and hundreds a day.
Sixty foot boats, hundred foot black Zodiacs.
Soros publicly funds it.
The media is always like, Soros doesn't fund that.
Jones just says Soros, Soros, Soros.
No, look it up!
And then Italy finally said, we've had enough.
It's killing tourism.
There's like a half million came in this year, last year.
They said, we're putting the Italian Navy out there.
So turn these back at the 100 mile mark, or the 12 mile mark from them, and boom, it was on.
There it is, Germantown of 100.
Yeah, yeah, show that.
That article.
And then we'll show the video.
Germantown of 100 gets enriched by 750 migrants.
But I saw one where it was 4,000 in the town of like 200 and something.
Yeah, this is Spain, famously invaded by North Africa.
It took the crusades, the evil crusades, to kick them out.
They had about 80% of it, and they sold, reportedly, they think, probably more during their couple hundred year occupation, a large percentage, they estimate, of the women into slavery.
All over the Middle East and all over Africa.
So, imagine, your town gets grabbed, the men get killed, your boys get put as galley slaves, and your girls and your wife get shipped on a galley to be in a sultan's lair
But you wonder why North African rulers are part white.
You know why.
Because they had children with the kidnapped Spaniards.
The Spaniards were blonde-haired, blue-eyed until that invasion.
Hey, whatever the color they are, imagine you get invaded, you get raped, you get taken over.
That is a form of total domination, and that's what Islam did.
But you go to college, they go, uh, the West is evil for the Crusades invading the Middle East.
The West never invaded the Middle East until they drove all the way into Poland and all the way into Austria.
And finally, people said, we've got to do something.
And so, you have the retaking of the La Reconquista of Spain.
I already read that article.
There it is.
I've got so many to get to.
That's just one of them.
The subversion.
Trump signs proclamation sending National Guard to the border.
50,308 stopped at Mexican border March alone, up 230% or 203% from last year.
That's the huge surge happening.
Mexico said they were disbanding it, but the evidence is they aren't.
More than a million undocumented immigrants have received California driver's license, Sacramento B, so they can now vote.
It is incredible, and it's all UN-directed.
These people aren't even our enemies, but they're getting brainwashed is the problem.
So, that's what's going on on that front.
Okay, speaking of invasion, London's hospitals look like war zones due to gun and knife crime.
Westminster, Conn's London spiral out of control.
Conn's response to knife crime surge blames Tories.
London mayor has responded to the city's growing crime wave and calls for
His resignation by once again blaming those on the political right as well as promoting a hashtag on Twitter.
But don't worry, 78-year-old man arrested for murder after stabbing armed burglar to death in his home.
He'd been robbed of course repeatedly, was sick of it, so fought back and now he is the ultimate criminal.
And then that ties into when we return, these little giblets that I have been mentioning since we're on the subject of the UK.
Twitter transgender critic, questioned by police, banned from leaving the UK.
And they admit they do this.
And they admit they block journalists from coming in, journalists going out.
But if the UK thinks you're going to go out of the country to go speak on a subject, oh, then they try to block you.
It is classic authoritarianism.
That's coming up.
And then finally, before I get to your phone calls, report sex workers to expose politicians for passing anti-trafficking bill.
And then, of course, the big fat super enchilada.
The big enchilada.
The gun confiscation has begun in Democrat-controlled zones of the country, but they hadn't already gotten the guns.
All semi-autos to be banned, and $1,000-a-day fines until you turn them all in, Mr. and Mrs. America, because like the Supreme Court Justice said, it's time to repeal the Second Amendment.
Thanks for being honest, you authoritarian dirtbag!
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That's available at Infowarsstore.com or 888-253-3139.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
Live from Austin, Texas, broadcasting worldwide, it's Alex Jones.
Remember, the globalists want to capture the West to use as an engine of total domination.
And like all degenerate conquerors that are evil in history, they seek to enslave the population into feudalism so that there are no upstarts that challenge the rule.
They want to secure their realm.
Within New Dark Age, the Alliance is the communist, bloodthirsty Chinese, the most murderous in history, and their slaves under them, under Stockholm Syndrome.
Radical Islam, the captured Vatican, the EU globalists, the Hollywood scum, and the cement that holds them together is pedophilia.
There are other ties that bind, but the real blood cement is
Hurting the innocent, and of that cornucopia of delights that they see it, the hurting of children and the innocent is the prime religion.
That's why Christ said, suffer the little ones unto me.
It would be better for you to kill yourself than to offend one of these.
And what of the child?
Mentally retarded.
Old people.
Stupid people.
Those that prey on stupid people.
Stick their leg out so the autistic kid can trip.
That's kind of one spectrum down at the bottom of the least worst stuff that grows into what real psychopaths do.
And so you and I couldn't imagine torturing a five-year-old girl to death, but boy, with them it's better than pumpkin pie.
But if they can abuse children out in the open, and call it medical or call it the rights, then they can have the whole world.
The transhumanist movement said, how are we going to get people to accept brain shifts, augmentation, we're going to have these humanoids that are multiple fathers, multiple mothers, change DNA, they won't really be human.
We'll make it where we say they have rights, and that no one can even criticize the practice of the new transhuman movement.
That's what Aldous Huxley Brothers, Julian Huxley, at the end of World War II, shut down the World Eugenics Society, changed the name to the World Transhumanist Movement.
And then the Tavistock Institute in the 70s said we're going to promote transgenderism everywhere and say pay for sex changes.
And that was something in the 80s that only stuff happened in Berkeley.
You pay for that.
You pay for the abortion.
You pay.
And then now you've got to watch the procedure sometime.
It's on YouTube.
Now they want to take children as young as six, because the mothers and the fathers tell them, you're a little girl, you're a little boy, when they really have the chromosomes and the genitals of another person.
They can't make a decision.
They're not of ed age.
If their parents wanted to inject them with heroin, would it be okay?
If their parents wanted to put them out for prostitution, and they said, oh, my five-year-old, my six-year-old wants to be a streetwalker, you'd be abusing them.
And Camille Paglia is a classical liberal.
She doesn't hate gay people or lesbians or any of that.
She says it's child abuse.
To tell people under 17 years of age, you ought to be a woman, you ought to be a man.
But now they want to make it illegal, and they're done in California and other places to even criticize it.
Well, now.
Just like when they blocked Michael Savage or blocked anybody else from the UK, when they first get caught, they go, oh, we didn't really do that, he's lying.
And they're like, well, we did.
And just like they came and told this woman, you can't leave the country now, and you're in trouble.
They tried to deny it at first, now they admit they came to her house, and the police have her under watch.
Because she runs an organization saying, don't take your young children out of the country to have their genitals cut off.
They cut the testicles off, and then fillet the male genitals.
I mean, it is unbelievable.
You gotta go watch the procedure online.
It's medical, it's not pornographic.
It's medical.
That's how they were able to put it on South Park.
And South Park gets how evil this is, and they're, you know, whacked out liberals.
But they get it.
I'm a dolphin!
I'm a dolphin!
Say I'm a dolphin!
No, you're not a dolphin!
I'm a beautiful, ornate building!
No, you're not!
So here it is.
Twitter transgender critic questioned by police and banned from leaving UK.
Kelly, men sold.
And of course you've got Peterson and the professor who's in trouble for saying there's two groups of chromosomes.
Jordan Peterson.
Kelly Menzhol has claimed that the CEO of transgender group, Mermaids, reported her to the police in July last year in remarks made on their fundraising page.
The West York Fire Force did not initially act, they admit they later did, after undergoing training from Ms.
Green's Mermaid organization in January.
That's right, take every Islamic group, every whacked out group, they train the police.
They soon moved to question Ms.
Keene Menzhol.
Under caution, it is claimed.
Menzel says she was questioned because of eight tweets, one calling transgendered individuals who have had their genitals removed as castrated.
Well, that's technically what it's called.
She has a war on science and terms.
First, don't use the word homosexual.
It's mean.
Well, no, it's heterosexual, homosexual.
It's just a word.
Then soon, call me gay.
And then soon, don't say I'm a man or a woman.
Don't use the name woman.
Canada's now banning the word mother.
Think about how satanic that is.
She has also accused mermaids of preying on gay teenagers and of mass child abuse.
She now says her free speech is under attack and is appealing for help.
In July 2017, this is what she's in trouble for, she had tweeted a group donating funds to mermaids, informing them that Ms.
Green had taken her child for surgery in Thailand on their 16th birthday despite British law prohibiting sex change surgery
For under 18s.
Dear Et, Magnum ice cream.
Do you know that CEO of Mermaid took her son to Thailand at 16 to be castrated, right?
Transing kids is abuse, she said.
Wrote on Twitter.
She insists the offering tweet is not abusive and states the facts.
No, no, that's right.
Taking your children to have their testicles cut off is not abusive.
Try to have professors fired or arrested for saying there's two genders.
That's not abusive or totalitarian.
Saying, hey, you know you're donating money to a group that takes kids to have this done.
Mermaids, meanwhile, claims Ms.
Green has been the target of a campaign of ongoing persistent harassment, causing alarm and distress, adding, we support free speech, but this it is not.
You don't have free speech in the UK.
Last year, Mermaids, which calls for children to be allowed to be irreversible sex change treatment by the NHS, taxpayer money, and which they still prohibit, was banned from
Contracting a family and contact them after the mother allegedly forced her seven-year-old to live as a girl.
That's right, they forced them to live as a girl, ahead of the chopping of the testicles off.
It's not really girls becoming boys, it's mainly the other way, because it's not like you give Prozac or Ritalin to your boy, or make him sit down and go to the bathroom and dominate him as a feminist, which means an anti-male cult.
You gotta get the genitals cut off.
That's a real mojo.
I mean, it's almost more of a sacrifice than the abortion, because you grow them up, they live, and then you dominate them, and you get a spiritual... Vampirism is what that is.
Destroy the essence of the girls and the boys.
Corrupt them all.
Prepare them for damnation and hell.
They have also frequently pushed for critics of transgenderism to be criminalized, while taking hundreds of thousands of pounds of taxpayer money, and it goes on and on, and we're all just gonna sit there and take it, and now let them have our kids in schools, and prepare the little guillotines.
Audience, radio affiliates, TV affiliates, thank you for your support.
But they've cut off the sponsors, they've blocked us advertising on Google, they have filed 13 lawsuits, we've beaten six, but understand this, I am your soldier,
You're my soldier.
We're all in this together.
And we're fighting hard for American values, what we know works, and what brings liberty and freedom to our children.
So I salute you and I thank you.
But whatever you do, the live video links on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Infowars.com.
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You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
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It's Alex Jones.
All right, Jordan in Iowa, Jason in Florida, many others.
We're going to your calls in just 90 seconds.
Trump is set to speak here in the next 15-20 minutes or so, and he'll obviously make more announcements about the military being deployed to the border.
The showdown with Oregon, saying they're not going to let the National Guard deploy when it's absolute federal law, especially with the border, the president can
Have the governor basically relieved of command of the National Guard.
The whole U.S.
code, all that's up on Infowars.com right now.
Dem governor rebels against Trump moving National Guard to the border.
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Bezos doesn't know what to do, he's a big supplement seller, a bunch of crap most of the time, and you know, Whole Foods is falling apart, the quality's going way down, it's all over the news.
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There's some other big specials, but in the interest of time, we're going right to your calls, right into the next hour.
Then Roger Stone joins us.
Well, he's the center of attention right now, and it's the only hope they've got, they think, to bring down Trump.
And it's ridiculous, and we have all the proof that they've had to change their story now, because he produced receipts earlier this week.
That he was in California and not in England when they said he met with Assange?
So now they go, oh, we've moved our timetable.
We still have the proof.
So, it's gotten crazy.
I'm going to demystify this to everybody in the next hour.
Look, I'm going to do it.
I was there.
I know what was really said behind the scenes.
I know what was said publicly on air.
And if the FBI questions me, which you notice they haven't, I will tell them exactly what happened.
But I remember what happened.
And I guess it's a different way of looking things, the way Roger looks at it versus the way I look at it, but I... Everyone was fighting to get... You know what?
I'll do it next hour.
I'll do it next hour.
But I told Roger on air when he was on a few weeks ago, I said, Roger... Remember what you said on my show?
And I said, by the way, that... Proves you didn't do anything.
And he's like, well, that's not exactly how they're saying it was.
And I'm like, dude, you didn't do anything.
They're going to tie up the knots over how you position that or how you see something.
It's so minuscule how they're saying he's wrong and what he said, and it doesn't matter.
Trump, when they asked about WikiLeaks, he said, I don't know who has him, the Russians?
Some fat guy in his bed in New York?
I don't know if it's the English.
No, nobody knows.
You can say that somebody did something from Russia or from South Africa, and it could really be happening from California.
That's all come out about the CIA.
Planning that on people and setting people up in the whole Vault 7 releases.
But Trump said if Russia's got it, release it.
It isn't about who gets the WikiLeaks.
It's about the illegal crap the Democrats did in there.
And we're all supposed to just forget and move on from all that.
Well, I pulled up the WikiLeaks and a bunch of the top things that are in there.
We're going to have a little time capsule thing here.
The way they beat this dead horse about Russiagate that's all made up.
How about we beat the big old fat juicy living horse of the ongoing treason of the Democrats and the globalists?
Okay, that's enough.
I'm going to shut up.
Jordan, you're on the air.
Thanks for holding.
Thanks for calling.
You're on the air.
God bless.
This is actually a blessing I'm on right now.
I've been trying to get a hold of you through different facets.
You guys have actually, I'm a 24-year-old from Iowa.
I'm very proactive in the media aspect.
Can you hear me, Alex?
Yes, I can.
Okay, cool.
I run a page called populistwire.com.
We're good to go.
I don't know.
You know, and everywhere else, they're attacking small counties.
We have to inspire citizens.
That's right.
They're sending armies of anti-gun groups out.
They're going to start town halls in hundreds of small towns to be anti-gun.
They're creating little change agents in every city.
And all of us have to now organize, deploy, and put up our own resistance.
Don't wait for orders from headquarters.
I appreciate your call, Jordan.
Here's the deal.
I'm organizing the satellites, the reporters, our operations.
And I can barely do that.
And I'm under a bunch of Soros and Democrat lawsuits.
So, you just need to organize it, you need to do it, you need to expose it, you need to lead it.
And then if we see it, we'll promote it.
But just don't wait for orders from headquarters, as they used to say, go to the sound of the guns.
Thank you, Jordan.
Now, when we come back, we're going to go to Lonnie, and we're going to go to many others.
Bam, bam, bam, I promise we're going right to your calls.
I covered a few stories there that are so incredible.
We're going to go right back to your phone calls on the other side of that break.
Border Patrol busts a child molester and a rapist trying to enter the U.S.
That's an article up on Infowars.com.
Illegal aliens are often convicted felons.
I know all of us know that, but it's an important article to point out what's just happening as we speak right now, as the governor is in open subversion and rebellion in Oregon, just as the governor is in California, saying they're not going to help President Trump secure the collapsed border.
They don't thank me.
I'm not a hero.
I have seen the enemy.
I know how evil they are.
I know their commitment.
The only way is to stand against them.
And quite frankly, I am so honored to be under attack.
I am so honored to be demonized.
I am so honored to be one of their main enemies because that means I'm hurting them and I want to go on hurting them.
When I tell our incredible viewers and listeners, please stop thanking me and gushing over me, it's not because I don't want to hear your praise, it's because I'm so humbled by you.
You're the folks that are awake and have saw through the propaganda.
You're the reason we can still stand against the globalists.
You are the infowar.
And what I'm trying to say is, don't think of it
As heroic to fight the New World Order.
Think of it as survival and a default.
Don't think of it as Alex Jones, some hero out there on the front lines going through all these tribulations, and then you look at me as some unattainable, you know, superhero.
I'm just an average guy that studied history, and I want to stand up against authoritarians like my ancestors.
And you're just like me, and in many cases, better.
No, thank you, my friend.
Look, we're all brothers in arms in this.
I'm a big fan of yours, and God bless you and your team.
Don't thank me, brother.
I get it.
And you're the people that make the wheels turn.
You got my respect all the way.
From the farmers, to the mechanics, to the fishermen, to the police officers, to everybody else telling the truth and taking action.
We are the people.
We are America.
This is what I was meant to do.
I want to take the attach.
I'm saying, though, when the enemy comes in, when evil comes in like a flood,
When the enemy comes in like a flood, the Spirit of the Lord lifts up a standard against it, and you are that standard.
I'm only a focal point of somebody that understands, like somebody that's gotta swim in these boat wrecks.
Somebody's gotta swim a hundred yards underwater to get out and get their kids out.
They're not even good swimmers, but they're able to do it in the dark.
It's like it's not courage.
We're gonna die if we don't get through that damn bulkhead and get to the surface.
You think I want to swim through these waters?
You think I like what's going on?
You think I personally enjoy it?
I don't.
But I realize I've got to do this or my family and your family's screwed.
That's why I say, don't thank me.
I'm not a hero.
I don't have courage.
I have seen the enemy.
I know how evil they are.
I know their commitment.
The only way is to stand against them.
So when you call in, celebrate humanity.
Celebrate the awakening.
And celebrate our own cultural and race consciousness of all humans to do better and move forward and defeat the technocrats and the anti-human globalists.
This movement's awakening people worldwide.
Incredible things are happening.
Major governments now realize what's happening.
The worm's turning.
The fight's on.
The empire's striking back.
So let me do this right now.
I want to thank you for being conscious and you for being awake.
And I want to thank you for giving my family a future.
Because we are all in this together.
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You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
Coming at you now!
Live from Austin, Texas, broadcasting worldwide, it's Alex Jones.
Well, you remember just a few weeks ago, the former Supreme Court Justice said it's time to repeal the Second Amendment.
CNN, MSNBC hosts have called for it.
Countless Democrats.
Nancy Pelosi has called for banning all semi-autos.
So has Dianne Feinstein.
So has Michael Moore.
Then they play this game where they go, we're pro-Second Amendment.
Bloomberg, all of them say that.
And now the DNC chair this week, vice chair came out and said, ban the Second Amendment.
They have such disdain for us, they then play games and say they don't want to.
This story's up on InfoWars.com.
American town moves to confiscate assault weapons, fine violators up to $1,000 per day.
The people just move out of the town, or they won't own guns anymore, or they'll say their guns were stolen, and then the crime rate just goes up.
A village in Illinois has declared a ban on assault weapons and has given gun owners 60 days to turn them all in.
After June 13, residents of the village of Deerfield have 60 days to sell, render inoperable, or turn their assault weapons over to local police.
They've got the local
Firearms card there in Illinois.
Still know where to come.
Any person who is found to have violated the article shall be fined not less than $250 and not more than $1,000 for each offense.
Reads the ordinance.
And it just goes on.
It's being hailed by the gun grabbers.
So, that's what they want.
As any semi-auto, the media always shows the scary looking AR-15.
Let's go to your calls.
We're going to go to Michael, Lonnie, George, Dan, Jay, Sam, Jim, James, Kevin, Adam.
We're going to go to everybody.
Let's go to Adam first, and then I'm going to go to Lonnie and George.
Adam, you're on the air from Florida.
Go ahead.
Alex, pleasure to talk to you.
I just want to know a couple of things.
First, have you heard of a jaboticaba?
I mean, that's a little bit off.
Heard of what?
Okay, it's a rare fruit from Brazil.
You should check it out.
Anyway, another thing.
You vs. Cenk Uygur pay-per-view.
At first, a little debate.
Well, again, I would love to bust that little demonic toad up in a fair fight or whatever.
I'm not saying I'm going to hurt him physically unless he wanted to get into the ring with me.
But he's a total coward.
They've had me on their show years ago.
He can't debate me.
None of them can debate me.
The hag that's on the show ran up and said, get your effing fat bleep off the stage.
She basically says arrest people that call people fat, but she can say it to me.
They spit iced tea in my face.
We walked by, they said, hey Alex, come over here.
And I said, well, we're going over to interview first, but I'll come back later.
Then I kind of got lost, where am I?
And he goes, no, they're over there.
So they're during a break.
I see him at a break.
I jump, hey, how you doing?
He's acting nice.
He sees Roger Stone, blows up, freaks out.
Then they took our videos down, 10 minutes after it happened, because it was the Google stage they were on.
YouTube stage.
As you can see right there, on screen of your TV viewer, 2 million views, Young Turks flip out on Alex Jones.
And so that's what happened.
Everybody was jumping on everybody's stages, too.
It wasn't like I was in their building on their facility.
It was in a huge parking garage, air-conditioned.
They closed up with hundreds and hundreds of just open-air booths.
And like 10 feet from where I'm sitting, there's another booth.
So everybody's everywhere.
But they said he broke into our studio and came into our building and got on and misrepresented it.
Because again, they're about preying on their audience.
But see, it's all just open air.
There's other booths just right over there if you're watching on TV.
But then I showed the raped Bill Clinton shirt and they went crazy and said, okay, get out of here.
And then Roger Stone was 20 feet away, not even on their stage.
They said, Roger Stone's trying to take over!
Roger Stone's trying to take over!
Get him out of here!
Roger's like, F you, I'm not coming on your show.
So, that's what happened.
Of course it would get big ratings, but I would destroy him.
Just like you go to a leftist march, none of them can talk.
None of them are allowed to talk.
They have talking points.
They can't have real debates.
He named his show after the Armenian Genocide Group.
Go ahead, Adam.
They're total hypocrite morons, and you really showed it when they tried to fat-shame you.
And every time they
Every time you bring up, every time Cenk hears your name, the first thing he does is, oh, the lizard people, men on Mars, and things that you never said.
It's his only, he tries to just, you know, kind of, almost like Hillary does when you call her out on something real, she just starts to laugh like it's a joke.
But he, like, changes the subject to something you've never done to try to discredit you.
It would have huge ratings and I would love, I'm not in that good of shape or whatever, and he doesn't look like he's in the best shape, but I'm lost a lot of weight from what I used to be.
I would love to do three rounds MMA with him however he wants it, and we can wear gloves, and I would donate.
I don't even know.
I just know that Ugar, the ogre, last part, ogre.
And then the other one's called Harpy.
Red-lipped Harpy.
And so I challenge them to a pay-per-view event.
First, a two-hour debate, and then a three-round.
If he wants to go bare-knuckles, we could, you know, go to some state where it's legal, too.
I'd really actually like to do that better.
Who knows?
He might be a good boxer.
He might beat me if the gloves are on.
He's not gonna win if there's no gloves, man.
I'd love to do it.
Believe me.
So, we'll see.
We'll see if the Turk can take on the Texan.
That's a great idea, Adam.
We love you.
Headline will be, Jones threatens to beat the wonderful young Turk up.
No, I said I'd get in a ring with him, is what I said.
Thank you so much, Adam.
Great point.
Lonnie in Tennessee, thank you for holding your own here worldwide.
Alex, pleasure speaking with you, man.
Yes, sir.
I love your show, love your super blue toothpaste.
My whole family loves it.
I just got a...
Good point to make.
My daughter brought to my attention, my wife and I, last night on Facebook, she said, Dad, go to Settings and go down to Ad Tracker and then go to your ad information.
I went through all this, you know, and down there, back in the Settings hidden, it lets me know.
I've never put on there any of my political views for my profile.
But I do share a lot of your stuff and a lot of different things on Trump and it actually puts you in categories.
Oh yeah, John Gonzales, that's one of our social media guys, it lists him as a liberal because his profile is just fun.
He's really just a libertarian.
He's like me.
But he has fun on his page.
He's got some videos with 10 million views.
He's a real talent in and of himself.
He's put a lot of memes out for us.
But he pointed this out to me this week.
I didn't even know it was announced last year.
That's something I missed.
That, a year and a half ago, during the election, it told advertisers out of a few dozen categories.
We ought to shoot a video, though, and show people the control panel, beyond what the New York Times showed them, because that's so Nazi to tell you what you are.
And Gonzalez is not a liberal if you call it what these people are.
But they say he's one just because he wants to have fun, and they recommend people advertise with his Facebook, but not with the conservatives.
And so they also misrepresent and oversample liberals and say that, you know, like,
Well, a point I wanted to make on that is, I'm not sure if you broke it years ago, when I first heard of Illuminati, the One World Order, any of this stuff, which back then I didn't really believe, I thought it was just like a hoax, there was talk of
One day they're going to mark our mailboxes with a red, yellow, or green sticker, and that will identify the family that lives there as if they're a threat to the global government.
Are they need to be worked on?
Or if they're... Yeah, what are those called?
They're called TACA somethings?
And it has been proven that it is engineering directive points in some cases.
In some cases it's not.
Sometimes it's just the type of sign.
You're absolutely right.
But here it is.
Here is political labeling of who you are.
And through Facebook it's saying, like a yellow star, who you are.
It's insane.
It is.
It's been a pleasure talking to you, Alex.
I appreciate you taking my call.
You know, I'm glad you brought that up, because Nico Acosta brought it up to me a few days ago, and he brought it up to me, I think, like a year ago, and I forgot to cover it, or just forgot it was happening.
And I was like, print articles on this, it's incredible.
He goes, yeah, we told you about it a year and a half ago.
So people don't think I know everything.
There's a lot I don't know, and that's why calls are so important, because you just reminded me of that.
I remember Steve Quayle, 15 years ago,
No, it's like 18 years ago.
I guess it was the 2000 census.
Man, time's flying.
Saying that they were getting drone locations for military to place artillery or missiles with the census with GPS at your doors in a select level.
In 2010 it expanded and then later it was admitted
Homeland Security and all that actually uses that for drone coordination, satellite coordination.
The original zip code is artillery coordination systems.
And our highways were built to move troops and everything.
That's actually true under Eisenhower.
So then I just saw all that later get admitted that they were, under Obama, they had drones doing simulated attacks.
Yeah, but there it is.
There's the different U.S.
political segmentation, according to Facebook.
And of course it says that 75% of people are Democrats, which is another giant fraud and a giant hoax.
We'll be right back.
I'm Alex Jones, crashing to the lies and disinformation.
I knew about iodine a long time ago and the effects of iodine because looking at, again, the root cause of what's going on, we are all exposed to endocrine-disrupting chemicals every single day.
We're exposed to lead.
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But think about what's going on right now in America and around the world.
What does an iodine deficiency do?
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And from my research, and a lot of just mainline research, it leads back to iodine over
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If you've been in this field as long as I have, like 20-something years, you know it's very hard to detoxify and to get those things out of the body.
Iodine is one of those miracle substances.
I mean, this is so massive.
Just iodine alone is just as critical as vitamin C. I would say it's even more critical because you look at all of the glandular tissue in the body, the reproductive tissue, the ovaries, the breast tissue in women, the prostate gland.
Fertility is key.
Fertility, but all your glands are what, really, your pituitary gland, which gets calcified with fluoride, the parathyroid, the pancreas, the GI tract, actually, the whole GI tract is a gland that needs iodine because the GI tract produces serotonin and all these things.
Iodine is the miracle substance that pretty much everybody needs.
And you're carrying your kid on your shoulder up a big hill, and you get up to take him off, it's like you're flying.
All of a sudden, it was like, boom!
I started losing weight, all this energy.
I guess the iodine was sucking garbage out.
It's as important as vitamin C. You gotta have vitamin C. You gotta have iodine to live.
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If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
He aligns himself with the truth, and it's time for you to choose a side.
You're listening to Alex Jones.
We are back live broadcasting worldwide, George.
George in California has a great point.
Gun control, Dems not allowing border patrol.
National Guard, you've already got the governor saying he'll resist.
You've already got the city's mayors like Oakland saying, oh MS-13, they're coming to raid you.
They've got warrants, but you can resist.
That is absolute criminal activity.
It's sedition against the Constitution.
It is racketeering.
It's organized criminal activity.
But of course nothing happens because they have packed the FBI since the days of Clinton and towards W and Obama with globalists.
Doesn't mean there aren't some good FBI agents, but my God, the proof's in the pudding here, isn't it?
I mean, this ridiculous witch hunt.
Hillary up their eyeballs with the Russians, but nothing happens.
It's just insane.
So, subversion.
Dem governor rebels against Trump moving National Guard to the border, but U.S.
Code says Trump can block that big time.
But this just shows
Like the City Councilwoman attacking a little girl wearing a Make America Great shirt.
These people hate the country.
And if you, like a cell doesn't have a wall, it doesn't have a cell.
Mexico's got troops on its borders.
Every other country does.
This is how you conquer a nation is no borders.
This is insane, George, from California.
Hey, Alex.
How's it going?
Good, my friend.
I don't think, if you remember me, I called Mike about two months ago.
Talking about identity politics and how that affected my family.
Yes, I do remember you're more of a libertarian conservative.
You're Hispanic.
I misunderstood you and said you were from New York.
You were from California.
You talked about people getting your face and all this and what it's like to be a free thinker.
Yeah, it's actually getting worse with my family, but that's a different subject.
I'm looking at what's going on in California and when are the California people going to wake up?
The governor is allowing HIV to be transmitted.
With no punishment, or little to no punishment.
I've got to interrupt you.
I can't believe we just speed bumped over that and forgot.
They said you can give people HIV so it's not politically hurtful to folks that have it.
It'll kill you!
Just like hepatitis.
And the point is, I don't care what it is, hepatitis or HIV, if you knowingly give me that, you ought to get in trouble.
He said you can give blood!
And then they keep tainting the blood supply with it and people, little kids get it.
But again, it's like a weird vampiric sacrament.
Just like taking six years olds to have their genitals cut off and their mommy's telling them you're a girl.
It's a vampiric activity.
Sorry, go ahead.
And on top of that, we have high level of chemicals that are affecting our children and everyone else.
And on top of that, we have forced vaccination.
And now they're allowing immigrants to go home freely?
When are we going to wake up?
When are you going to see the real problem?
That it's not immigration or anything like that.
The problem is Democrats and their agenda behind what they really stand for.
Is your family still mad at you for supporting Trump with the economy coming back?
And he did a reasonable DACA and they said, no, we want total open borders.
I mean, is your family still mad at you?
My father has not talked to me since I voted for Trump.
He's still ignoring me.
He doesn't even want to have a conversation or anything.
He keeps it real short when we see each other face to face.
Well, that's his fault, not yours.
He is truly deranged.
I don't mean to insult your father.
That is a derangement that he gets into the media and all these lies, and then he doesn't even trust or love his own son.
I mean, even if my son became a liberal or something, I wouldn't disown them or not talk to him.
I would convince him otherwise.
Let me guess, though.
Is your dad already somewhat distant and things to you?
He's always been on the left.
He's always been, you've got to stick with the Raza.
You can't go
Uh, anywhere else, that white people are racist.
Well let me ask you this then.
Does he, does he support the forced inoculation of Hispanic girls with Gardasil?
I have articles about it killing people and sterilizing them today.
I mean, because the men of La Raza and Mecha actually tell Hispanics, uh, that, uh, corn syrup genetically is like a death sentence for you, uh, or that you shouldn't take Gardasil, particularly hurts Hispanics.
I mean, does your dad care about that?
Does he actually care about Hispanic aborting their kids?
Or is he pro-abortion?
He doesn't care about any of that.
Of course he wants to.
He's for killing little Mexican kids.
Get ready for Alex Jones to invade the swamp.
Jones is set to give a speech at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C.
on April 10th, during which he'll make a statement on the raft of anti-free speech lawsuits targeting his First Amendment rights.
Numerous lawsuits have been launched on the premise of attracting media attention and defaming Alex Jones and InfoWars' reputation.
Jones will address the left's new tactic of trying to bury InfoWars under a deluge of lawsuits, several of which do not rest on any sound legal basis.
While the mainstream media and many on the left routinely celebrate these lawsuits when they're first filed, those same people are noticeably silent when the lawsuits collapse.
These lawsuits are yet another attempt to shut down free speech and they are doomed to fail.
Alex Jones will go live at 9 a.m.
Eastern from the National Press Club in Washington, D.C.
You can find live streams of the press conference at InfoWars.com.
Leanne McAdoo, InfoWars.com.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want to stop tyranny?
Well, so does he.
Live from the InfoWars.com studios, it's Alex Jones.
Information uncovered by CNN's K-File raises new questions about longtime Trump confidant Roger Stone and his links to WikiLeaks.
On the same day he sent an email claiming he had dinner with WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, Stone warned that, quote,
The Clinton campaign narrative, the Russians favor Donald Trump and the Russians are leaking this information.
This is inoculation because, as you said earlier, they know what is coming and it is devastating.
Let's remember that their defense in all of the Clinton Foundation scandals has been, not we didn't do it, has been, you have no proof.
Yes, but you have no proof.
Well, I think Julian Assange has that proof, and I think he's going to furnish it to the American people.
That same day, a source says Stone sent an email to former Trump advisor Sam Nunberg saying he had dinner with Julian Assange the night before.
Stone now says the email was sent in jest that he never met or spoke with Julian Assange.
Our Chief Political Analyst Gloria Borger is with us.
Our CNN-K-Files Senior Editor Andrew Kaczynski broke the story for us.
Andrew, what can we glean from all of this about Roger Stone and WikiLeaks?
So this exchange with Stone and Alex Jones actually provides the earliest example of Stone claiming to know about forthcoming WikiLeaks.
My team had pretty much put together this very extensive timeline showing that Stone repeatedly claimed to know about WikiLeaks drops on Clinton that were going to be coming.
We had previously pegged the first date he had talked about that as August 10th, when he said he had spoken to Assange.
This shows him speaking about it on August 4th, nearly a week earlier, and coincidentally enough, the same day he sent that email claiming to have dined with Assange.
Now we're going to go back to your calls at the bottom of the hour to cover the waterfront with Roger Stonehill, right shotgun with us, but he's here, former head of the Trump campaign.
I remember
Back at the time, because Sean Hannity was having Julian Assange on.
The New York Times was interviewing Julian Assange.
Right after this, they all stopped interviewing him.
Because then they said, oh, he's a Russian.
Even though there was no proof of that.
And I remember constantly talking to Roger.
And I remember sending emails to Assange and others saying, hey, come on my show.
Come on my show.
And that's what you do as a journalist.
Assange has talked to hundreds and hundreds of publications and been on hundreds of TV shows.
And I'm like, why don't you come on ours?
One time he was on with Jones-Dottier, like six, seven years ago, in the camera shot with her.
I guess he was dating her or something from Reykjavik.
And he still wouldn't come on.
So he's kind of technically been on the show, but only sitting behind her.
And I'm like, hey, Assange, come on!
That was before he was like the mega huge thing.
It was when WikiLeaks was first going.
I guess it was like eight years ago.
Time flies.
I remember, just from my memory, the conversations with Stone, and he's like, well, I've got to go between the talks to him sometimes, and I hope I can find out what's in there.
But, you know, obviously we know the Clintons rubbed their eyeballs with the Russians, that's why they're blaming them with the Russia.
We know she's in Uranium One, because the New York Times reports 2015-2014, we know that got killed.
So we have all those hours of shows where we accurately predicted what was coming.
They were in deep with the Russians, so they were going to put that on to Trump.
So, because we're there describing all of this, they then try to spin it that he met with Assange.
And that he had dinner with Assange.
I remember him saying, I'm trying to get my contact.
He told me off record he's a radio talk show host.
Turned out that's come out in the news in New York.
Who does know Assange to have dinner with him.
And then they said that he was in the UK, but he released his receipts this week where he wasn't.
He was in California.
So now they've changed it all around.
And now they're in the United Arab Emirates talking to Muslims and they're talking to people in Canada.
There's nothing there.
It's crazy.
Mueller's on the tarmac with uranium samples when he's not even the FBI director to the Russian intelligence agencies.
They're the ones transferring the uranium.
I mean, you look, it's so incredible that Stone accurately predicted
That they were gonna go with this whole Russiagate thing, and so he exposed Russiagate before it happened, so they made him the central figure in Russiagate as a punishment!
Is that an accurate way to say this, Roger?
Alex, my favorite part of this is the way that they pull down an interview that we did on August 4th.
And their headline says, uh, newly discovered, uh, exposed, and so on.
It's been hiding in plain sight, uh, on our, uh... Exactly!
They act like big syndicated shows with more viewers and listeners than them are secret!
Well, it's on our YouTube channel.
It's been available through the InfoWars site.
We have a lot of great stuff there.
That Julian Assange said that, I predict this is devastating, is because as early as July 20th... He's been tweeting that!
Charles Ortel told me that he had heard it from James Rosen of Fox News.
And it was Ortel, who I have enormous respect for as a researcher and analyst of the corruption of the Clinton Foundation.
It was centered around the Clinton Foundation.
And I remember our private conversations.
I remember our private conversations and I said, well then, how do you know?
And you said Fox News.
You told me all the names off record.
I remember all these conversations!
Now, ironically, Ortel turns out to be incorrect.
Yes, I say in my speech that I have communicated with Assange.
There's some showmanship there.
I'm overselling it.
But I do have a confirming source who assures me... Well, I mean, technically, if you're communicating through another journalist with someone, in a way, that is communication.
But then they're going, oh, you lied.
You said you were in communication, but you weren't.
Go ahead.
Well, and it's why I did not want to disclose this journalist's name to the committee.
I resisted it initially.
When Congressman Trey Gowdy appealed to me to give it in the best interest of clearing the whole thing up, I gave his name.
I feared professional reprisal against him.
In fact, he was fired.
Can he work?
And this story broke.
I want to be clear.
We are always very honest on the show.
But I will not give up sources.
And many times I will say, we've talked to.
Well, if I know a journalist who's trusted and they've talked to this person for me, I say we've talked to because we're just leaving sources completely out of it.
That is completely normal.
Well, so, and then in my speech to the Southeast Broward Republican Club, I say that I have been in communication, well, technically yes, through the Black Channel, through the confirming source, and I believe the disclosures pertain to the Clinton Foundation.
Information I learned on July 25th that turns out to be, at best, partially accurate.
That was not the focus of the disclosures.
Again, they have to recycle, at CNN, in the Washington Post, the Podesta falsehood.
My tweet says, THE Podestas.
That's two people.
The Donald is one thing.
The Podesta, nobody calls John Podesta they.
The Podesta is referring to John and Tony's time in the barrel will come.
What does this mean precisely?
The Panama Papers brought to my attention by Dr. Jerry Corsi completely exposed the Russian business deals of John and Tony.
My tweet refers to both of them.
I know this grows tedious.
It's tedious for me too, Alex, but the libtards like to recycle the same crap.
Well sure, I get sick of hearing about it because I lived it and I heard it.
We wrote the articles and the videos are there and we're all on record and you said they're going to go after Trump for Russia because they're up to their eyeballs and that's all true.
And you said Mueller's never going to stop.
He's lying to their lawyers.
Yeah, and they're going to tell him in January and Trump's going to get mad and that was true and you said McMaster will be gone and you said this guy will be gone.
You picked the months.
You've got the sources.
We know that.
We don't like to give up our sources.
We knew that he was going to go after Facebook, Twitter, Amazon.
It's all happening just like we said.
And again, we're doing it for America.
We have nothing to do with Russia.
But it just seems to be going into overdrive now.
What does this signify out of Mueller?
Well, it signifies that he doesn't have anything else.
Look, I know that this is a dead end.
It doesn't matter what I said in an email.
I'm in the fabric of American politics.
I have one million emails.
I guarantee you that's a cornucopia of smoke and mirrors and ideas that never materialized and headaches.
But I'll tell you what's not in there, Alex.
No treason.
No violation of law.
Well, that's it.
The Russians involved in politics is very, very small.
It's the Chinese that are literally threatening the United States, have their ships threatening us, that have bought up Hollywood, that own the Democratic Party, and they are just desperate, as the foreign power manipulating this country, to distract us with the whole Russia red herring.
We'll be back with key intel.
Let's talk to Victor in Florida.
Victor, you're calling.
Go ahead.
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You're listening to The Alex Jones Show.
Sam Nunberg.
Discover trends and global developments years before they happen.
Right here on the Alex Jones Show.
We set the trends when they had Colbert attack me again a few weeks ago.
They were talking about Jones keeps bringing up all these weird trends and they come out of nowhere and then it becomes the big trend of the country and the trend of Congress.
That's our real power.
It's not even the broadcast itself, it's the ripples in the pond.
Like our investigative journalist got the secret documents from a whistleblower about the total grid from Washington, D.C.
to Seattle, Washington, and the stingray systems in 2013.
That all broke two days ago in AP with the same documents.
Get the news today, you'll be learning about in five years.
That's why they hate us.
And so Stone's in trouble for saying they're going to go after Trump on Russiagate from the earliest days.
Because he's been on their butt.
And it's Podesta, John Podesta, that writes the talking points, that you see them still attacking me with today.
Hillary is still in charge of the mainstream media.
And no matter how bad she hurts that party, the media still follows her orders.
No matter how low CNN's ratings get, no matter what happens to MSNBC,
It just continues to unravel.
Now, there's this particular Rayburn character and, you know, people saw our emails or our text messages.
Half of them are jokes.
I'm not going to show any of them because they're a little bit profane.
Mine and yours.
It's just a little joking back and forth.
We do have time to joke.
But it's the exact time of joke you made here when people keep asking for things.
Sometimes when I keep asking for things, you give me a smart-ass answer.
But I never heard you say you met with a scientist.
I heard you say you were getting an intermediary trying to get through to him.
But again, that changes the subject.
We'll cover in a moment of what's in the WikiLeaks.
But speaking of the joke, it's a clear joke that CNN is having a stroke over, that they're hyperventilating over.
And explain the joke to people.
You have to understand.
I recommended Sam Nunberg at a time when Donald Trump wanted somebody to work with him on speeches, talking points.
Scheduling, outreach to the Republican Party, speech memos, and so on.
Very rarely did Donald Trump ever work from a prepared text, but he did like to look at memos with statistics and factoids, and he liked to have a background memo telling him who he was meeting and what the meeting was about.
He'd digest a bunch of stuff, and then what matches up with his own research and gut, he goes with that.
Essentially, the role that young Pat Buchanan played for resurgent Richard Nixon.
Sam was fired when he gave too much access to a reporter named McKay Coppins at Mar-a-Lago, and Coppins wrote a withering piece which angered Trump, saying that Trump would not only never run for president, but he would never be president.
How's that story looking today, McKay?
In any event, that got Sam fired.
It was his lack of judgment of letting this viper fake news journalist get too close to Trump, and it was an insulting piece.
Trump went on to win the presidency.
I convinced, among others, the president now to rehire Sam because he was a talented man and capable when sober.
Unfortunately, during the campaign, Corey Lewandowski had one of his minions go into Sam's computer, find Facebook emails that were racist five years ago, and leak them.
He denigrated the Reverend Al Sharpton in those emails.
My advice to Sam was to call Sharpton and apologize and seek his forgiveness.
Sharpton is a Christian man.
I once used a racial slur regarding Roland Martin.
I've apologized for it.
I realize now it was hurtful.
People make mistakes.
We are Christians.
And Sam did that.
But Sam was not rehired, and he was virulently opposed and bitter over his termination.
And frankly, he was for Hillary Clinton.
When he left my side, he went to work for Steve Bannon.
He became an acolyte of Bannon's.
He began showing up at Bannon's White House office, and all the gossip Sam had was about Steve and what Steve was up to.
Sam spoke openly, Alex, about Steve's presidential campaign, Steve running in the place of Trump, and like Sam... Sure, but why does he matter?
The point, there's a joke email.
Why does this even matter?
Well, the reason it matters is motive.
When I wrote a piece for InfoWars saying that Bannon should step down, which was also carried across many platforms, Bannon, three days later, was fired.
Late that night, Nunberg called me at 3 o'clock in the morning and said that I was a B-sub and he would take me down.
There you have the background motive.
And so then he goes into the email where you're horsing around as he quit bugging you about WikiLeaks, like I was, everybody else was.
You did the joke, oh yes, I'm having dinner with him.
Yeah, and here's the great part.
In his response, he says, that's great.
Can I have his email?
I'd like to pass it on to Charlie Gasparino of Fox, who wants to interview him.
He took the bait.
He's a chump.
He bought it.
But that doesn't mean it happened, as you know.
It's an attempt to re-inflate the entire Russian collusion narrative and distract us from what is really going on.
Let's go back.
In fact, can you guys pull it up?
Trump says release the WikiLeaks.
Tells Russia to release the WikiLeaks.
Trump's like, I don't know anything about Russia.
I'm not getting money from them.
But I don't care who has it.
Whoever has Hillary doing all this illegal stuff, whoever's got the missing emails, release the emails.
Why don't we talk about
We should go back into what's in this.
This is damning stuff.
This is Russiagate.
This is manipulation.
This is media control.
I don't care who released the WikiLeaks.
How does that matter?
We have the crimes they committed.
This is an important distinction, though.
When Donald Trump goes public saying Russia, if you have Hillary's emails, release them.
Those are not the emails that are ultimately published by Julian Assange.
No one has those missing emails.
This is like going to war with Iraq.
Over their role in 9-11.
It makes no sense whatsoever.
But that doesn't stop Chuck Todd from asking me, I meet the press, you didn't tell Trump what was in these emails before he called on Russia to release them?
They're not the same emails.
It's typical fake news.
Look, this is all a distraction from the fact that the biggest fight in the country right now is their attempts to silence us in the face of this onslaught.
They not only want to attack us, but they want to take away our voice to defend ourselves.
That's the real fight today.
My Facebook posts don't reach the hundreds of thousands they used to.
I've been banned at Twitter.
They are monkeying with me on YouTube, as they are with the War Room, as they are with the Alex Jones Show, as they are doing with impose.
We got a guy in.
The country's coming back.
He's putting troops on the border.
Sovereignty, the economy.
We're the good guys.
We're the Americans.
The globalists, the Nazi collaborators, funding lawsuits against us.
Roger's getting sued a bunch.
I'm getting sued a bunch.
Thank God they're all frivolous.
He just won one in a jury trial.
God, I'm not gonna go that far with these other ones.
My lawyers tell me none of these lawsuits will even go to a jury trial.
They're all so fake, but still, it takes money to fight them.
We're going to go to break, come back and take calls with Roger Stone.
I'm going to finish up, though.
Where does he think Mueller's going next?
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Mike in Arizona, you're on the air worldwide.
Go ahead.
Oh, Alex, you can rant any day of the week.
Thank you, sir, for doing what you do and being a patriot and doing your best to save America and encouraging us as fellow patriots to do that in our local areas as well.
And as a longtime Infowars listener, I want to say thanks.
Because then we could all, as educated patriots, help our other countrymen and women understand that there's bigger problems going on, and if we can get our houses in order and be good to each other and ourselves, we can take our country back.
Let's go ahead and go to Lloyd in Washington.
You're on the air.
Thanks for holding.
Mr. Alex Jones.
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Good, man.
Thank you for calling.
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You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
You are listening to an InfoWars.com Frontline Report.
It's Alex Jones.
Why is InfoWars so powerful?
Why are we so effective?
Why do the globalists hate us?
Not because of me.
Because of you, the huge audience, and the fact that I studied classic Americana.
I studied actually what made the country great.
I read Alexander de Tocqueville.
I read the writings of Thomas Jefferson and George Washington and Benjamin Franklin.
Because as a young man and as a child, it was so entertaining.
Thank God my mom was into history, so was my dad.
My mom, of course, went to college and has a degree in history and archaeology, but the point is, is that I just grew up hearing all about history, going to famous places, going to the Smithsonian many times, you know, and just thought it was great!
And it wasn't like I was a bookworm, either.
I was street fighting and playing football in the whole nine yards.
And it was somewhat of a hand with the ladies.
It's just that I wasn't reading comic books.
I was reading books written by Julius Caesar, because every page was a war.
Every page was how many kings he executed and how many... I mean, it was just, it was so interesting.
And then I read all about, you know, all the Pulitzer Prize winners, World War II.
So I got a hand on how stuff works.
All these fake PhDs and stuff, they just read enough books to get the professor to let them pass.
So they can go drink beer and eat pizza and play volleyball or, you know, play Frisbee golf or whatever liberals do.
I'm not knocking Frisbee golf, I play it sometimes too.
The point is, is that I really have studied this stuff.
I'm not a fake intellectual.
People that call themselves intellectuals, it's like a title they give themselves.
And the globalists want to destroy this country.
They want to enslave you and your family.
They want total control.
And I have read their writings.
I have studied them.
I know their endgame.
I know their operation as much as Hillary Clinton does.
Because I've read their writings.
Most of them are very, very lazy.
They're just sellouts.
They'll do the evil stuff.
I've interviewed all the top scientists, the professors, the patriots, all the angles.
And they hate us because we know their blueprint.
Now, my only smarts, I guess, was to know how important history was, and to actually decide, hey, I better know this so I don't repeat it.
But I'm not that big a deal.
And I want people to know they didn't like rocket science we're learning here.
If you know about globalism and how politics and realpolitik works, you're going to be successful in any business or life you're in.
How journalism works, how the real rules of it work, not burning sources, being honorable, in business, paying your bills, not stabbing people in the back in some alpha exercise.
Real alphas don't do that.
I even let people screw me over and stuff because I won't even get in a fight with them because I want the smart people to go, that's who we want to work with, that's who we want to trust, that's who's smart.
So, we're just here telling you how it works, folks, and they're pissed because they listen and they go, yeah, he really knows.
In fact, the globalists I'm told listen to kind of even figure out how their own system works because most of them don't even know.
Really, I've been told what we cover here in the wrong hands could be very dangerous.
I mean, seriously, I guess some people learn this stuff and decide to join the other side.
But I'm betting on you, Humanity.
I'm going to go to these calls, Rogers, to balance the hour with you riding shotgun on a cornucopia of issues.
But watch Mueller's endgame here and other key tidbits.
Well, here's where I think their vulnerability is, Alex.
See, I have believed since January 20th of 2017 that I was a subject of a FISA warrant, an illegal unconstitutional warrant.
Now confirmed.
I had a probable cause.
Therefore, my emails are, you know, most likely being poured through.
In the Manafort case, the government is specifically denying that Manafort was ever under surveillance, even though numerous news organizations that are reputable have reported otherwise.
That he was, then it was turned off, then at the time he went to work for Donald Trump, guess what?
The Deep State turned it back on.
So that is where their vulnerability is.
I may have to go into the federal courts to get the facts here.
Ed Klein confirmed them independently from the New York Times.
And therefore, my civil rights have been violated.
My civil liberties have
There is no probable cause that ties me to the Russians.
I'm under surveillance because I support Donald Trump for president, because I'm on Infowars and I tell people the truth.
And it drives them crazy.
That's what this is really about.
Mueller appears to me to be a man still looking for a process crime.
He can examine this all he wants.
You and I know this is a dead end.
We don't have any advance notice of the source, contents, or exact timing of the WikiLeaks disclosures.
In fact, you and I expect them to be October 1st.
They're not.
They end up being October 6th.
And guess what?
Just as James Rosen of Fox told Charles Hortel, they turn out to be devastating!
I mean... Remember, I was mad at Assange.
I was mad at Assange with you on the show for not coming on the show or contacting us back.
When I was contacting him, I called him a butt plug.
No, no, you were very upset when he didn't immediately come forth, but many didn't read what he said on October 1st.
He held a press event.
Many expect there would be disclosures at that time.
No, he announced a schedule of disclosures that began the following week.
October 6th, he drops a payload.
So, our sources are essentially right.
He ultimately does produce.
We're wrong about the date.
At that time, I was told that one of his attorneys, Daniel Ellsberg, had concerns about Assange's personal safety.
Remember, they tried to drone this guy.
Let me just say this.
We ought to make a documentary.
All of us should make a big deal about what's in the WikiLeaks.
Because it all turns into Roger Stone and then he talked to Assange, which didn't happen.
Who cares?
Instead of the devastation of their criminality that is in these things, we should be talking about what's in the WikiLeaks.
You are absolutely right.
The whole thing is an effort to distract from the content of this devastating material.
It shows the epic corruption and greed of the Clintons.
It shows the manipulation of the system to cheat Bernie's standards.
Collusion with the medium?
Collusion with the media, collusion with the Ukrainians, collusion with some Russians.
It's not Donald Trump who gets $145,000 from the Russians for his foundation.
It's not Donald Trump who gets a half million dollars in a speaking fee from a Russian oligarch who's close to Vladimir Putin.
No, that's Bill and Hillary Clinton.
So these emails are devastating.
And you know the key thing, Alex, is no one has ever questioned their authenticity or their accuracy.
All they try to do is distract us from the content.
Shows that America was right when they rejected this corrupt kleptocrat.
That's right.
And now they're just throwing fits on us while the country comes back, the border comes back, and we deliver.
I want to go to George.
We've got these other callers as well.
Thanks for being patient, folks.
George got caught up before you came on.
He was talking about his dad.
That's really mean to him, because he's Hispanic, saying, how dare you vote for Trump, you're a bad guy, blah, blah, blah.
And I just said, where is Mecha and La Raza that say everything for our race, those outside the race, nothing's the motto?
Well, okay, well, then stop having the left try to get your babies aborted, because I don't care what color your baby is, please don't abort them.
Yeah, I'm not for killing babies.
I'm a real bad guy.
And don't take Gardasil shots, where in Mexico they say it's mandatory for all girls 11 and older, and I've got articles right here where it's killing more people just today, and where it's connected to sterilizing people and reducing fertility.
So, see, I'm such a racist white guy, I don't want Hispanic women sterilizing themselves.
Yeah, I don't want a big centralized government doing that.
That's pure evil.
I don't go, oh gee, some leftist Hispanics get turned against because I'm white, so let's just kill all of them.
That's the leftists that are actually using the Hispanics that live as a weapon against the free market in America and the West, but trying to kill as many as they can along the way.
So, Georgia, you got cut off by the break.
I want you to have the floor shortly to talk about your dad.
That's how you think outside the box.
I would challenge him on Gardasil, on the left pushing abortion, and just say, OK, if you're for the Raza, I'm for the whole Raza, the whole human race, then explain to me, Pop, why you just think the El Diablo is El Gringo of El Norte.
Go ahead.
That's a thing that I've been trying to argue with him, but again, he doesn't give me the time of day.
The thing that I find ridiculous is, uh, where is La Raza with all the killings that have been going on in Mexico?
Where is La Raza with all the kidnapping, child trafficking, and drug smuggling that's been going on in Mexico?
You know?
That's totally pal... No, no, no.
They've been hooked in with... They've caught La Raza and Metro members here in Austin with slaves in their basements because the family didn't pay the extra money to coyote them up here.
They demanded more.
They've caught, you know, the city council members' brothers.
You name it.
They are the Mexican mafia preying on Hispanics.
They try to keep Hispanics in line, playing the race card, just like the Klan did in the South with white people.
And I find it unfortunate what Roger's going through.
The justice system is broken and has been broken for a while and I've experienced it in my wife's side of the family because I'm married and they're accusing my brother-in-law of killing his child and he is innocent.
Oh man, I tell you, it is broken my brother.
I'm so sad to hear that.
We'll be back with more calls.
God bless you, George.
William Benning joins us to go over this with us right now.
But again, there's the amazing cover sheet by the White House lawyer for the president saying we're ready to release more and to work with Congress to expose the full extent.
This is just the beginning.
So, Mr. Benning, you had said last Tuesday you hope this was just the beginning.
And that you have been told that this larger memo investigation by the FISA court was one of the prime areas tying in and a nexus point of a third party, the judicial branch, now documenting what the executive and the legislative have found.
That's right.
And I think the more and more they go into it, they're going to find that the NSA is involved in this and that they need to look at what which names of people were unmasked through the NSA and which ones were targeted through their collection system and what what data they were using internally in the FBI and how they were using that data.
That's really where criminality comes in, where you use these agencies against the innocent or against U.S.
citizens with no probable cause.
That's a direct violation of the Fourth Amendment, and they shouldn't have been doing that anyway, and they know that.
That's why they're trying to keep everything so secret.
The first place I'd start is to go after this sworn affidavit that the FBI had to submit to the FISA court to get that warrant.
That, of course, according to the memo, seemed to focus on the dossier, the Steele dossier, and that that was a false basis to begin with, and they knew that.
And they didn't even talk about the DNC paying to have that done.
So this is paid propaganda used to get a warrant and defy support to go after other people in another campaign.
And then it means you have to go into the
And into the unmasking by the White House of people who were in the Trump campaign, find out who they were targeting and what data they were getting and how they were using it.
This is really a mess.
I mean, it gets into the total subversion and sedition, basically, and treason against this country.
I think we're in the, this is the break, and I think this break now is opening up the real rottenness in our government in Washington and in the agencies that make it up.
And so this is where, this is where we really have to get to it.
And it goes beyond like the FBI is the front.
They take the flak from everybody because they figure they'll still survive because we need the FBI.
But behind them are the supporting agencies like NSA and CIA and others who are actually helping them do and achieve what they want to do as a collective group of, I call them the Praetorian Guard, who will determine what our government does.
And so that's why they think they have so much power.
Now we have to shine the light on them and show them out for what they've been doing and hold those people who did it in those agencies accountable and make sure we carry through all the law and apply all the law equally to all of them.
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You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
By the way, I'm not at liberty to get into this, but I am going to file a big lawsuit in the next few days to counter people that have been attacking me and lying about me, but most importantly, hurt my family.
And then I am preparing to file counter motions and then injunctive relief with a bunch of these cases.
I can only tell you this, we didn't figure this out until about a year ago, what was going on.
We've got about three deep in these lawsuits that are now up to 13.
Where they would say, we don't want anything, just say you're sorry.
So I'd say, okay.
And they'd say, okay, we're suing you, we don't want anything, just say you're sorry.
No, I'm not going to do that.
Okay, we'll give you money.
And the number went up.
So I want to explain something.
They just want the PR.
But I realized they were setting the precedent that I'm a bad guy, I'm fake news, I'm being sued.
So then I started saying, no I'm not going to do that.
So the number went up.
And the lawyers are like, my God, take the money.
So I'm being sued and then paid money.
But then I said, watch, the third one or the fourth one will be bigger.
And then sure enough, it happened.
So now I figured this out.
So I'm getting all the litigators all lined up.
And they're pretty much lined up.
And we're going to
Hit people hard and even Daily Beast with his latest lawsuit said, this is really dangerous.
He's got total slap back provision.
There's not a lawsuit here.
The word was dangerous and said, why did these lawyers even let this guy do this?
They even used exhibits that weren't on our website.
We did retract the little picture that wasn't the shooter, like everybody else did, and we did remove it.
We did do a retraction within the statutory time, but they say we don't in a lawsuit.
I mean, it's crazy.
But what it's designed to do...
Is create the illusion that I'm in trouble, I'm going down, we're going down, we're frauds.
Because CNN's going down, MSNBC's going down, their ratings are flatlined, everything in the globalist system is collapsing.
So it's just intimidate and tie up people that are fighting for freedom.
But all it does is show Americans, wait, they're not just going after our Second Amendment, they're going after our First Amendment as well.
But let me just say this.
We've been able to knock out six of these suits, and it's probably cost us
$200,000 to knock those out.
That sounds like a lot.
It's not with lawsuits.
These others now, the University of Georgetown suing me, that is the Vatican.
The law department.
And the lawyers look at it and they say, we can't believe the law department's never done this.
They filed a 70-page anti-free speech thing saying overturn the First Amendment.
That's what it does.
I'll be doing a press conference on a lot of issues coming up next week in D.C.
I'm not going to get to it until then.
But this is big, and I'm quite frankly honored that we've been chosen for destruction, not everybody else, because we are getting the main serving of the attack.
I want to go to the calls.
We're going to go to Sam and Jay and Dan and Michael and Kevin, and we'll go to all of you before...
The great Jon Ratport comes on.
So I'll go in the next hour and get your calls.
I swear I'm getting to them.
So thanks for holding.
But just briefly, Roger, it's a blessing and a curse.
As people rally to us, they get it.
But then the globalists just think people are going to get punch drunk to the assaults.
But it's open season on you and I. Particularly InfoWars.
Just in 60 seconds, why do you think it's such open season?
Well, because they have nothing else, and because they desperately want to control the internet for 2018 and 2020.
That requires silencing us.
Silencing us requires phony, trumped-up lawsuits that can then be pointed to saying, ah, you see, Jones is being sued for grooming a young man for gay sex, for example.
The smears are ubiquitous.
By the way, the complaint says he never said anything sexually to me, and he was here 14 years, but I just felt like it because I walked in an editing studio and saw a picture of a man flexing muscles.
That's the EOC complaint, and they want to meet with me, and I just said, just sue me!
Let's go!
This is insane crap!
It's character assassination, but I remind you of what I said in the- Yeah, believe me, I ain't gotta groom nobody, and I'm not into men.
It's asinine.
Alex, you need to revel in their hatred.
If you were not so effective on Infowars, they would not hate you.
No, no, my energy level's way up.
I actually am reveling in it.
I just don't like people I've been nothing but nice to making up crap.
We wear Nazi shoes?
I wear black shoes.
That's what I always wear.
Cowboy boots or combat boots.
This is what I wear.
I don't wear frickin' shoes with swastikas on it.
It's just, who the hell comes up with this crap?
The Democratic Party does.
That's who.
You know, so I go to Los Angeles, I stay at the London Hotel, the only piece that they get correct about this whole thing.
So they say you're in London!
I know, I saw that.
I mean, I have to put up with these libtards, who are just constantly regurgitating this stuff.
The hatred that is spewed out at you, it's like a torrent of hate.
Can you imagine actually walking around with swastikas on your shoes?
I mean, why do they come up with this weird stuff?
Well, look, we're talking, I really think Owen Shorter had a great analysis of this.
The fake news media, The Daily Beast, The Salon, HuffPo, Slate, and so on, MSNBC, CNN, they're like drug dealers.
They're constantly carting out product, all of which is recycled and discredited, but dressed up for another cycle.
The libtard liberal democrat progressive lunatic masses, the Trump haters, they're like crack addicts.
They need this crack because they're so stupid, they believe it.
They really think there was Russian collusion.
They really don't understand that Hillary Clinton was an enormous turnoff to the American people, and that she ran a lousy campaign, and that she is epically corrupt, as is her husband, and the American people finally got hip to it.
They reject all of that reality for their own worldview, in which Donald Trump
Could not have, possibly have won without the active assistance of the Russian state.
Let's go to some calls.
You're right.
Let me go to everybody.
Who should we go to first?
Sam in Oklahoma and then Michael and then everybody else.
Go ahead, Sam, Oklahoma.
What is this with a matiated Day of the Dead people on the left?
Yeah, and look at their feet.
It's uncanny.
I really want to talk about the border, though.
No, no, you're right.
Why does she look like she has a black wig on?
I mean, he kind of does look like it's that same, like, the very unusual, almost like alien features.
Like, I don't believe there's human-alien hybrids, but David Hogg, and I'm not bullying him, I have a right to say it, and her, they look like greys wearing wigs.
Can we show that, actually?
I'm not saying aliens are real, folks, it's a joke.
I mean, look.
Come on, that looks like...
I mean, she looks like, if you painted her face grey, she looks like a space alien.
Come on.
I'm sorry, trying to say something there, Roger?
Yeah, look, she's not attractive, that's for sure.
If you look at her videos, this chick is trying to do it, make the best of what she's got.
She does a thousand different things to try to break through and get attention on YouTube.
Yeah, she felt rejected.
It's very odd.
The whole case is odd.
Initial reports say that it had to do with a domestic dispute with her boyfriend, but she appears to have some grudge against Google, as many Americans do.
How do we know she's not Mark from Ork, or whatever his name is?
Nanu Nanu?
She is very distinctive looking, let's put it that way.
Hogg, you know, I look forward to the fact that somewhere there's a video of this guy smoking a cigar.
He looks like he's high school aged, like I'm a vegetarian.
There's just something not right about this fellow.
But he has enormous power in the mainstream media today, and he wants to get it on on guns.
So let's get it on!
All you're doing is helping pull out the Trump base in 2018.
I agree.
Sam, thank you so much.
I appreciate your call.
Go ahead.
No, Roger Starr.
We're just jumping to a bunch of calls here.
Let's go ahead.
A little bit of delay with Skype, so everything's not interrupting each other.
It just does that.
Okay, let's go to Sam.
No, Sam's next.
It's Michael in New York.
You're on the air with Roger Stone.
Go ahead.
Alex and Roger, I'd like to make a couple points, Alex.
Before I do, I'd like to just say, may God Almighty bless the Constitutional Republic of the United States forever, and to hell with all traitors and domestic enemies.
Hang them high and hang them fast.
First point.
It's about time we got the troops on the border.
George Washington, I know Trump, and I voted for him or for him.
I'm a New Yorker.
In fact, I have a cousin who's very good friends with President Trump.
Every other country has their military on the border?
Not only that, he's got Andy Jackson, great president, all in all, and George Washington, though.
He's the guy that set the proper trend for all presidents.
Stay out of foreign entanglements and protect the country.
And so, it's long overdue to get the troops down to the border, number one, and let's recall when GW was president, how Vincente Foxx, with that North American Union push over here, he was lining up
People from south of the border giving him backpacks, right there, himself, President Vincente, lining up an invasion force, giving him survival gear to make the trek into our country.
I mean, it's literally an invasion.
If there's any country we should be invading, it's Mexico.
And show him, teach him a little respect again, and then we can be good neighbors again.
Second point, on the Parkland school shooting,
You know, the main fault of that incident, however it happened... Hold on, stay there.
I'm back to you in like two minutes.
I want to hear about the main fault.
I think it's the stand-down.
They knew it was going to happen, and they let it happen.
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Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order.
It's Alex Jones.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
Live from Austin, Texas, broadcasting worldwide, it's Alex Jones.
And the great John Rapoport of nomorefakenews.com is coming up.
Roger Stones was gonna ride shotgun with us for two more segments, but looks like he just... Skype just cut out.
The miracle of Skype has its problems.
We're talking to Michael in New York who's on fire.
He was just getting into, it's normal to have troops on your border.
And you've got the globalists, I remember Vicente Fox saying, invade, invade, invade.
If you don't let us, you're racist.
And it's just like, what?
Now the Democrats have it where illegal aliens are voting in a bunch of states.
It's just insane.
And again, they bring people here, put a chip on their shoulder, then try to soup them up against the government and the country.
It's got to stop, ladies and gentlemen.
But Michael in New York, finish up your point.
My second point regarding the school shooting down in Parkland, the primary blame falls strictly on the school administration.
Everything else is secondary because after 10 plus years of school shootings around this nation, and a public school, a government school, still doesn't have the safety nets in place to prevent anything from happening in their schools, that's incredible incompetence by the entire school administration, principal, assistant, the whole
Well, you know, I've been talking to a lot of people that work within the Broward County Sheriff's Department and they tell me that there has been a stand down and that the police chief, the sheriff, excuse me, will be fired by the governor.
I believe that's all true for sure.
I think the evidence is overwhelming proving that.
But even the school administration, how does somebody with a gun stroll in, especially supposedly armored?
Who'd been kicked out a year before for saying they'd mass shoot, who the police all knew about.
You can see it all.
It's sick.
We're not tough guys, but I carry a gun in my car or whatever.
Imagine you're visiting your kid, bringing him a pizza at lunch, something I do sometimes when I'm not working.
And you hear shots going off.
You grab your gun, you go in.
I'm not a coward.
I'm afraid of kids dying.
I mean, isn't it an instinct for almost everybody to go rush in?
I mean, or are we weirdos?
Just like a house on fire, you go strolling by, you're gonna go try to do whatever you can to see if anybody's in there and save whatever you can.
But, you know, the schools, after 10 plus years of school shootings around this country, and all public schools still do not have safeguards in place to prevent it from happening.
It's 30 years, brother.
Columbine was in like 99.
It's almost 30 years.
And so this administration is totally to blame.
They're overpaid.
They should be all fired and salaries revoked, as well as their retirement.
Everything should be revoked and put pressure on the remaining school administrations.
They better start earning that overpaid salary they're getting.
This should not be happening in our country at all anymore.
And last, sir, I'd like to just say that
I love you guys and Dr. Group, he's wrong about not having an herbal means of stem cell production.
I have it.
I use it all the time.
If you'd like to take my number, we can discuss it sometime and I can demonstrate it to you.
It's all herbal.
It's all American.
I'd love to hear it.
Let's get your number right now.
I love the research.
Thank you, sir.
Give us your number, please.
We're gonna go to break, come back to one more segment, take calls, but Roger, briefly, you're there in Broward County, your son's a sheriff's deputy, I've met him, had dinner with him, great guy, your daughter, your wife, all of them awesome.
I know you can't get into inside baseball, you haven't got any info from him, but from other people, what's it looking like from your intel, what happened with the stand down, or did it not happen?
Well, this is a complicated question.
Recognize that the previous sheriff, Alan Beardy, a Republican, essentially lost because he was corrupt and tied to a local Ponzi scammer, Scott Rothstein.
I supported Scott Israel over him because he was corrupt, even though I had supported the Sheriff Lamberti in the previous election.
In fact, I had engineered both their elections.
I hear two different things.
At the highest level of BSO, sources tell me that there seems to be some confidence that all the videos and all of the other tracking systems, the radio transmissions, the eyewitness reports will exonerate the BSO.
Others on the force tell me that that is not the case and that we're going to learn that some officers have stood down.
What's interesting is now suddenly the Coral Springs Police Department, who got the call first and arrived at the high school prior to PSO, I believe,
Is it refusing to answer questions from FDLA?
Let's talk about that when we get back.
One minute.
It looks like America is starting to wake up from the lies and disinformation.
77% of Americans polled recently by Monmouth University believe that the old legacy media like CNN and the New York Times regularly report fake news.
The survey asked respondents, do you think these sources report these stories on purpose in order to push an agenda?
Or do they tend to report them more by accident?
Or because of poor fact-checking.
The majority of respondents, at 42%, said they believe it is to push an agenda, while 26% went with poor fact-checking.
Additionally, the survey found that 83% believe special interest groups are intentionally trying to implant false information into the news cycle, and even more believe those tentacles reached all the way into social media sites and YouTube.
And it's not just conservatives who are waking up to the obvious bias and propaganda pushing of the legacy media.
A whopping 61% of Democrats are in agreement.
You are fake news!
Leanne McAdoo, InfoWars.com
You've got it.
This transmission is coming to you.
Waging war on corruption.
It's Alex Jones, coming to you live from the front lines of the Infowar.
All right, Roger, you were getting into Broward County, and I understand you helped get rid of the last sheriff.
Your son's on the sheriff's department there in what is now known as Coward County.
You were getting into, your son's a great guy, a great patriot, I know him well, but getting back to this whole situation with the other talent standing down,
It's just crazy.
These mass shootings keep happening in San Bernardino or in Broward County or in Denver or Littleton.
They're always in blue areas.
Everywhere it's a red area, Garland or wherever, people shoot the shooter in a matter of minutes, sometimes 60 seconds.
I mean, the school resource guys, they don't play games in red state.
They kill you in seconds.
But they always stand down in blue areas.
Let's recognize that Broward County is the single most liberal county in Florida.
This is a Democratic liberal bastion with a very large African American, Hispanic, and Jewish population.
This is the most liberal, progressive, politically correct county in the state.
The question here, there are two questions.
One, the county does not have a consolidated 9-1-1 emergency service.
The sheriff has argued for one, but some towns have refused to opt in, insisting on taking their own 9-1-1 calls.
That's why the initial call about the shooter at Parkland goes to the Coral Springs Police, and they dispatch officers.
Coral Springs Police now refusing to cooperate with the state inquiry.
Their officers will not be deposed under oath by the state unless they are subpoenaed to do so.
So some kind of cover-up appears to be going on.
The sheriff's office... What about the one guy that ran the school safety who stood outside on the video?
I think in his case that we already know the answer.
He was a coward.
Despite the fact that he had 37 years in training for just this moment.
Despite the fact that he taught SWAT tactics in these situations to other BSO officers.
Despite the fact that his own training had been upgraded post Columbine.
He froze.
He went yellow.
The Sheriff said it.
The President said it.
Sadly, they appear to be right.
But are there others?
We don't know yet.
Sickening, sickening.
I mean, I just know... Somebody's in a building shooting young people.
I'm gonna go in there.
It's not even like a courage thing.
It's like an instinct.
People are killing innocents.
I want to kill them.
And I'm not bloodthirsty, except when that's happening.
It's like I want to go kill them.
You know what I mean, Roger?
It's like a... I don't know how you wouldn't go kill this guy, you know?
I mean, I think the good news is that unlike Las Vegas, where there's so many missing pieces, no videos, and so on, there's an indelible record of everything that happened in Parkland.
There are cameras, there are sound systems, there are monitors.
Well, I hope they don't tear the building down like they did in Sandy Hook.
Let's go ahead and talk to Jay in California.
Jay, thanks for holding.
I appreciate that.
Go ahead.
That caller's gone.
Let's go to another caller, but home along is Kevin.
Kevin in the great state of West Virginia.
You're on the air.
Go ahead, sir.
Hey, Alex.
Hey, Roger.
I got a couple of things for you, Alex, and then I have a pretty wild curveball question for Mr. Stone.
A couple-part question.
Go ahead.
Number one, with David Hogg, I disagree with you a tiny little bit on who he is.
I think he's a crisis actor, and I also believe he's a sacrificial lamb.
I think something's going to happen to him and I fear not, I hope nothing does, but I have a feeling they're going to use him.
Well, that's what Matt Bracken says, because I've never seen such censorship to criticize him and misrepresentation.
There's something weird swirling around him.
Yeah, absolutely.
And I know in Texas this weekend, there's going to be a First and Second Amendment auditors.
There's about 500 of them coming to audit a police department.
Is that CJ Grisham you're talking about?
Go ahead.
Um, and then for, um, Mr. Roger, um, a few months ago, I've been trying to get a, I wanted to talk to you about this, Mr. Well, you're talking to him now.
Go ahead.
A few months ago, you have been quoted by a Ms.
Linda Moulton Howe off of earth files.com.
And, uh, and, and this is in reference to, um, to, uh, Richard Nixon.
Um, about, uh, Project Houston, or, or, um, Project or Operation Houston.
I was curious to know if anything, if you knew anything about that, and about the three secret meetings that Nixon had underneath the White House.
Yeah, let's talk about that.
Yeah, they said you were Nixon's best friend the last 15 years of his life, uh, and a lot of other stuff.
The point is, you were in the Nixon White House, all the, the only one of the plumbers didn't go to prison.
Did Nixon ever talk about space aliens, secret government, breakaway civilizations?
That's a great question.
Did Nixon ever talk about any of that?
There's a story that I think is relatively credible that comes from one of Jackie Gleason's wives.
Gleason lived in Miami, was a great pal of Nixon's.
They played golf together regularly.
More importantly, they drank together.
Jackie had an enormous capacity for alcohol.
Nixon had almost none.
I don't
There were UFOs.
What was the story?
Nixon, who'd had a few pops, arranged for a car to take them out to the western part of the county near Homestead, where they went to a government facility.
And Jackie said he saw actually captive space aliens and other fragments from space that indicated other civilizations.
This is in my book, Tricky Dick, The Rise and Fall and Rise of Richard M. Nixon, which you can get, you know, through Amazon or through Barnes & Noble.
I think it may even be on the Infowars site.
This is a new book that I have just put forward.
So we're talking about to the moon without a rocket here?
Exactly, as Jackie Gleason would say.
Uh, so I recently went to a restaurant.
There was a great picture of... There it is.
This is a great picture.
On the left, the Great One.
On the... Pardon me.
On the left, the One.
On the right, the Great One.
What a couple characters, huh?
Well, Gleeson had endorsed Nixon in the 68 campaign.
Gleeson was a wild man when it came to wine, women's song, and fine tailoring, and he moved his show to Miami Beach, the fun and sun capital of the world.
He never was dabbled in politics, but he made a very effective endorsement spot for Nixon in 1968, in which he said, look, I'm in show business, but I'm an American, and why Dick Nixon was right for America.
Great man, Jackie Gleason.
Loved America.
You know, thanks Kevin.
They're just mad that we were right and picked Trump and now the country's come back.
So much is happening.
Troops are going to the border.
Normal stuff's happening.
I mean, they are just so pissed that I guess dad came back home.
I mean, I don't know.
What are they going to do next, Roger?
Look, I still think that they're trying to lay some process crime on the president pertaining to Comey or... Oh, you know they are.
They keep saying, like, a former prosecutor says that the president can be indicted and put in jail when that's not true in the Constitution.
He has to be impeached first.
Or you'd have every, you know...
Well, here's the point, though.
The president's gaining strength.
As the economy gets stronger, he gets stronger.
And you're right.
His approval rating, even in their skewed polls, is going up, which makes him go even more crazy.
If he pulls off a peace deal with the denuclearization of North Korea, this is, by the way, where the real pity that the tax cuts weren't done earlier, weren't done first, because they still won't have their full effect by the 18 elections.
They are going to turbocharge this economy, but it will take some time.
And the left is trying to bring down the economy, too.
We've got Rappaport coming up after this break.
We have 20 seconds.
My gut tells me Trump's unstoppable unless they assassinate him.