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Air Date: March 16, 2018
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In a discussion on "The Alex Jones Show," Alex Jones highlights incidents of globalist forces censoring culture and imposing authoritarianism. He mentions examples such as governments and media institutions banning the word Jesus, Apple removing Easter from its calendar, and churches being forced to remove references to Jesus in their advertising due to complaints about offensiveness. Jones warns listeners about the dangers of this trend, emphasizing that these incidents show a war on culture and increasing censorship by globalist forces. Additionally, the show interviews Danny Williams, who shares his story as the son of Bill Clinton facing challenges in gaining recognition and support, while promoting InfowarsLife products and encouraging listeners to stay focused and healthy in their fight against oppressive regimes.

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From deep in the heart of FEMA Region 6, Austin, Texas, transmitting worldwide, it's Alex Jones.
Well, I keep exposing globalism and people around the world have been becoming aware of it, thanks to your work and my work and many others, but they are striking back now with pure authoritarianism.
And they've got mainstream media all across the planet going along with it.
But looking through the stack of news today, a theme emerged without, again, myself or the crew trying to impose a theme.
We go with not the mainstream media themes that they force feed.
And not with some agenda we've got other than promoting truth and justice, but with what emerges.
And a lot of time from little local news stories from England and the United States and Canada and South Africa and Australia, today, in just one stack I went through,
Of governments and media institutions banning the word Jesus and banning advertising Easter.
Now, you think about that.
A few weeks ago, Apple's iCalendar mysteriously deleted Easter.
Well, when they got asked about it, the next article to pull up is, Apple admits they deleted it and have no comment.
That is a total war on culture and an example of the complete censorship.
But here's another example before I get into the whole stack here.
Principal removes student, there's video, carrying signs saying guns don't kill people, people kill people.
And I've confirmed with a lot of our sources and seen the stories online,
That, well, principals that don't go along with the walkouts are being fired or removed.
Students that try to hold up other signs that are pro-Second Amendment, they're being told that they can't.
So they're ordering the students to go out.
They're basically staging it.
We're going to play the video coming up.
We're showing it right now before radio listeners all play it, the audio.
And they're saying, no, you will go march and you will be anti-gun.
The colleges are authoritarian brainwashing centers.
And now they're creating cadres of people, the last 30, 40 years, who now will people the government and the other learning systems and the police departments to end free speech.
It's here.
This is all planned.
It's all being rolled out.
It's all authoritarian.
Principal removes students.
Carrying signs saying guns don't kill people, people kill people.
That's coming up.
It's on Infowars.com.
And then it ties into all of this.
Apple iPhone update removes Easter from calendar.
And now today, that was a few weeks ago, church forced to remove the word Jesus from Easter advertising.
Daily Mail Australia.
Name-named offensive to non-Christians.
They noticed the ecumenicals stopped saying Jesus about 30-40 years ago in churches.
They just said God.
And Christians pointed out, you need to say Jesus because that's the beginning of the censorship.
They hate that name.
But the Bible says it's a powerful name.
Well, they prove they hate it.
They want it banned.
So there it is.
The greatness of his power.
Jesus is alive.
Well, they had to take Jesus is out.
Gosford Waterfront.
I'll go through that story.
Then we've got another one.
I mean, there's a stack of these today.
Australia calls for emergency visas for white farmers.
We're also going to get into that out of what's happening in South Africa.
It is just
Just incredible.
I must have mixed my stack around because I had three other stories.
I had the one in England where he can't say Jesus is alive.
He has to say risen.
That was an article I've got and several others.
But here's the deal.
I can't keep track of all this anymore.
So I'll dig around in here and find those other ones.
But this is happening, ladies and gentlemen.
And then we've got
All this other incredible news.
Europe is under invasion.
Hungarian Prime Minister addresses historic crowds.
CNN says ICE deporting illegal aliens is similar to the Holocaust.
Stay with us.
We'll be back.
Please spread the live links and tell folks however you're listening.
Let's talk to Victor in Florida.
Victor, you're calling.
Go ahead.
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Waging war on corruption.
It's Alex Jones, coming to you live from the front lines of the InfoWar.
It's already Friday, the 16th day of March 2018.
We're broadcasting worldwide and have a raft of incredibly informative guests and more.
And all over the world, they're banning the word Easter, the advertising of Easter, and the name Jesus Christ.
Yes, it's happening.
The globalists are making their move, but we're striking back as well.
The right-wing smear machine has gotten Alex Jones-ified this election cycle.
There's a guy named Alex Jones.
Alex Jones.
From Infowars.
Alex Jones.
Alex Jones.
One of those guys who believes Bigfoot was responsible for 9-11.
I heard that on Alex Jones, so it's true!
Claims that 9-11 and the Oklahoma City bombings were inside jobs.
The conspiracy du jour, Hillary Clinton is harboring a secret medical condition.
You just had to keep digging, didn't you, Alex?
I heard it on Alex Jones, so I know it's true!
Google is being accused of hiding negative stories about Hillary and her campaign by changing its algorithm to bury stories like the Clinton body count story that's according to website InfoWars.
And this really is just so disgusting.
The juice of these pickles is on you, Alex Jones.
It goes right from Alex Jones, and it shows up in Donald Trump's mouth.
Hillary Clinton created ISIS with Obama.
The very fringe of the conspiracy movement, like Alex Jones, are being kind of incorporated into the campaign.
If Trump gets elected, he's gonna be Secretary of Defense.
I think that Alex Jones is a lunatic.
Move, bitch!
Get out the way!
Bill Clinton is a rapist at Infowars.com.
Bill Clinton is a rapist!
Bill Clinton is a rapist.
Bill Clinton's a rapist.
The New World Order sends its regards.
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
It's Alex Jones.
So I have a stack.
Of news articles from England, to the United States, to Canada, to Australia, to worldwide, where they're banning the word Easter, banning the word Jesus, banning the word Jesus is alive.
That's coming up.
Church forced to remove the word Jesus from Easter advertising, saying the word is hurtful.
That's in Australia.
This is what's happened.
Here in the United States and worldwide, they've created these big nests of colleges from Western Europe to the United States to Australia to you name it, where they have free speech, free zones, and they see how far they can push it where they say that no whites allowed on the commons for a week.
All whites must leave the school this weekend, run by white professors.
Antifa comes out from San Francisco to Austin and attacks white people's businesses, and then the news says it's a good thing?
This is all an attempt to weaponize and radicalize, not just the universities, but to create individuals from those bubbles to then man and command
The social media networks, the tech giants, the whole system.
And it's here.
And once they get you on a digital platform and deny you access to a digital platform like Google, it's like putting you in an electronic gulag.
There's a report today where 60 plus billion dollars in cryptocurrencies has been wiped out in just one day.
And then it's attributed to Google just banning advertising for cryptocurrencies.
So see, first you can ban the Nazis.
Then you can ban somebody off of Twitter, Facebook, Google.
It's being adopted ubiquitously that the word tranny, created by the trans community, is now not allowed and is like the FCC violation.
Think about that.
And then next it's, oh, we define you as a conspiracy theory.
It's not adjudicated.
It's not proven.
The people defining who is a conspiracy theorist are the people that fit the mold of conspiracy theorists.
They theorize that what you're saying isn't true instead of debating the facts of what you're saying.
So, first it starts with the Nazis.
Then it moves into the word police, and then Steven Crowder sends his producer into a transhumanist conference, where people are saying they're golden dragons, and they're beautiful ornate buildings, I'm not kidding, and that's fine of them to play make-believe.
Maybe they're my little ponies.
Maybe you're Shooting Star, maybe you're Pinky, or whatever their names are, my daughters have had them.
Little silly names.
I'm a purple pony that comes out at night.
My name's Nightmare.
And if you don't agree with me, you need to be arrested, like in California, if you don't use the proper pronoun.
So it's a whole new language that you have to adopt.
It's a cult takeover.
And the people that are transgender men or women trying to change their gender, they're just pawns at the base level, and the transhumanist to bring in a whole system
Where when you say, hey, don't go die and believe your brain's being uploaded to a world government computer they're proposing, but you gotta die first, that's a scam.
They'll have your voice and what you say recorded, it'll be able to fool people.
It'll be able to fool the voice print, but you're really gonna die.
Don't do it.
Don't go into that electric prison.
Don't be uploaded into the silicon.
Now even if I was wrong, and the scam I predicted that's now happened, didn't happen,
Even if I was wrong, which I'm not, I know the enemy's mind, don't I have a right to say, don't go to the government clinic and die physically to save the Earth's carbon footprint so your brain can be uploaded?
I mean, that's what I told you they'd do decades ago.
It's now being proposed.
So one of two things is happening.
They're either taking my ideas and executing them, which is not what's happened, because I read their plans, that's why I know.
Or, I've been dead on.
And see, that's why they want us banned.
And Leanne McAdoo is going to be in studio next hour riding shotgun with me.
She's been sued.
We're going to show you the video that they're suing us for, of her and Lee Stranahan, that is totally journalistic, and shows how Democratic Party operatives were spokespersons after Charlottesville to go out and put out a narrative saying that anybody that's conservative is a Nazi, basically, and that rallies and free speech needs to be preemptively banned.
And that, just like we saw in the shooting in Florida a few weeks ago, then the spokespersons out of 3,000 or four young people that are anti-gun, that's part of the media controlling the narrative.
That's not saying nobody died, that's not saying that they were actors and lied in what they said.
They all brag they're actors and are in the drama club, so they're also well-spoken.
But see, then they fake news, misrepresents what we say, then calls for a precedent to set for us to be deplatformed.
CNN tries to get our sponsors, tries to get us banned off all these different platforms.
That fails!
So lawsuits are filed by Georgetown University.
against seven people and groups and then misrepresents in a defamatory matter within the 70 page fraud that is protected under law.
You can have defamation of what you're claiming in the court.
Only place you can get away with it.
So what they're accusing us of is what they're doing.
Defaming us and attacking the First Amendment.
And then being public figures running around grandstanding while they attempt to get a payday as a cherry on top after butchering like a Christmas hog the First Amendment.
So that said, here's the next little piece of juiciness.
It's not just going after saying you can't say in a radio ad or a TV ad or a print ad that Jesus is alive, come to our church, meet him.
Saying his spirit is risen and he is with us.
That's the heart of the gospel.
Fox News and Alex Jones are being sued for conspiracy mongering.
New York Magazine.
And they define us as conspiracy.
And there is the mother of Seth Rich saying $25,000 reward.
He was murdered.
We don't know who murdered him.
So then we start saying, well, he was a DNC top IT guy.
Julian Assange basically says he's their source.
So Fox News gets sued for simply questioning them.
That's a classic.
Totally protected.
I've talked to the lawyers about that case.
It's ridiculous.
But see, they think they can go before a jury and say, oh, she's a mom.
She lost a child.
She says, I can't work anymore because he was murdered.
OK, I understand.
I'm sorry.
Ma'am, we didn't murder your son.
And please don't help murder the First Amendment.
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You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
Live from the InfoWars.com studios, it's Alex Jones.
All right, I've got a lot of geopolitical news, McMaster news.
We've got a bunch of special guests joining us.
Zach from high-level intelligence in our government.
Great source.
We know who he is, what he does.
He's going to give us the latest breakdown on what's developing here in the country, coming up in the next segment.
I went ahead and just asked the crew during the last break, I said just go into a search engine and click the news function for what's just happening now and print Easter being banned, Christian signage being taken down, you name it.
And you have to understand, this isn't like a government building puts up an Easter symbol or cross.
This is Cadbury eggs taking Easter off of their advertising.
This is the British government saying you can't advertise the name Jesus.
This is the Australian government.
This is a total, absolute assault.
And I remember 15 years ago, listeners obsessing over the war on Christmas and the war on Easter.
And I remember telling listeners, oh, the left's not really that bad.
I mean, I know they're idiots.
They want our guns.
They're horrible people.
But they'll never get away with it.
And there's some extreme examples.
But then you learn about people not being able to bring Christmas cards to school and hand them out.
You have a total free speech right to do that if it's a public school.
You just can't have the school say, we have an official religion.
You have to follow it.
You can't tell the valedictorian or the football coach or whoever that they can't, in a speech they give, say they love God or that they don't love God.
I mean, if the football coach gets up at a party the week after they win the state championship and wants to say, you know, I dedicate this to Lucifer, he can do that.
You'll probably get let go because people aren't going to like it.
And, you know, it's not good for morale, but it's his right.
Well, how many valedictorians and people, salutatorians, you hear about it every year, the lawsuits, where the schools tell them, you will lose your grade and be put back a year and have your diploma taken.
I've seen this in the news thousands of times the last 20 years.
A lot of times in Texas.
And then they still get up and go, I want to thank my family, I want to thank my mother, my father, I want to thank my teachers, I want to thank my grandfather, I want to thank, most of all, Jesus Christ.
Uh, for when I was 13 or 14, you know, having some issues and some disciplinary problems.
Wasn't even making A pluses.
And I was, you know, getting some, some, some Fs.
And, you know, I went to church and my pastor got me right.
It changed my life and I owe all the glory to God.
Your degree is gone.
You can, you can go find thousands of those cases.
That is Soviet Union level.
And it goes on again, from the universities that produce the teachers, and the faculty, and the administration, and then they come in, and they do it, and now I realize why 15 years ago, the media would go, there's no war on Christmas, it's insane, talk radio's obsessed with it, and I would go on liberal talk radio, and I was more of a libertarian as a guest, and they would say, Alex, we don't agree with you on all your gun stuff, but you know, you're right about this, this, and that, and the police state,
What do you say about right-wingers, their obsession with the war on Christmas and the war on Christianity?
And I'd say, well, that goes on overseas and in China, but I don't really know about here.
So that's one of my blind spots.
And now it is total.
I mean, you'd read about the Soviet Union banning the word Jesus.
You'd read about China, if they catch you, have an underground church arresting you.
And now it's going on.
I mean, I told you
About three years ago, I have family that still goes occasionally to, let's just say, the First Methodist Church.
And then they were talking to other friends that go to the Methodist Church in San Francisco.
They took the crosses out.
They don't say Jesus anymore.
And now in Europe, Catholic churches, Protestant churches are removing the crosses.
And then when Muslims rape people, I saw the headline yesterday, mainstream news, they call it them victims.
And I have more in the news today.
Yeah, they're singing in.
The war on Christmas is peak Trumpism.
That was last year.
That was this last Christmas.
No, it's going on.
I have it all right here.
But again, they have this tactic.
Where they deny it's going on.
Let me stop right there.
We're going to get more into it later.
We have Zach joining us, our intel source, one of our intel sources, and so much more.
We're going to be breaking down today, but huge breaking news on the other side.
I told you McMaster is going to be out.
We've been telling you that the last month, and exactly why.
Because Trump found out he was talking to Rice and talking to Powers, and that was actually getting orders from Obama still.
That was Obama's National Security Advisor.
And that this particular Soros lady was the nexus point.
Well, that's all confirmed.
And our information got to the President two months ago.
He began an internal investigation and discovered that they were still involved spying on him.
And so he first lets it go out that McMaster's going to be gone.
People lose confidence in him.
He goes, oh no, everything's fine.
And then the word is, in 10 days he'll be gone.
That Trump intends to ax him in 10 days.
Set your watch.
Go ahead and watch next week's news today.
Some timetables may change, but within a month he's gone.
And the word is Trump wants him gone now.
And that Trump has a formula for how he gets rid of people.
So, there you go.
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You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
Defending the Republic from enemies foreign and domestic.
It's Alex Jones.
Well, Zach is a great intelligent source.
He's out of Army Special Operations, works in some other secretive areas.
He doesn't give us any secret info.
As a citizen, he gives us his analysis.
He's got great intel, a lot of wide-reaching things.
And he wants to talk about Seth Rich.
There's a lawsuit filed against Fox News for questioning him, even though there's a $25,000 reward for the unknown killer.
And Seth Rich was over the IT area.
And Wikileaks has got an impeccable record of being accurate, and they say that, well, we're not going to say who our sources are, but yes, you should investigate Seth Rich as our source being killed.
But she says that Fox is trying to steal my son's soul.
She's a Democrat.
Experts were hired to come in within two weeks of his death.
And they took control of the narrative and said, you're attacking a woman if you question his death.
I mean, I have nothing against this nice lady, and I understand she's been traumatized.
But here's the headline, and I told you weeks ago that's where this is going.
Fox News and Alex Jones are being sued for conspiracy mongering.
New York Magazine.
And they just are celebratory, saying, Fox News, you don't question unsolved murders.
And somebody at the DNC.
And then there's the mother holding up the sign saying $25,000 reward.
This is an attack on investigative journalism.
So, her son's dead.
And I'm sorry Seth Rich is dead.
I think the guy was a patriot.
We know he was upset about Bernie Sanders having the nomination stolen from him.
And that's now confirmed.
That went on.
But we have a right as citizens and as journalists
To investigate this still unsolved murder, and Debbie Washam and Schultz, and the missing computers, and her threatening the police to give the computers back.
I mean, this whole thing, they want everybody off of this, is what it is.
I'm not saying the mother does, the Democrats and the globalists, but the Democrats, you can search it.
They sent in their top crisis manager to manage this, but I told everybody over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again,
They're setting the precedent with Infowars, and then they're going to move on to everybody else and saying, you're not allowed to question why out of 3,000 young people at the Florida High School in Parkland, is it four who are anti-gunners whose parents are Democrats?
All I'm saying is they picked them to misrepresent the view of the school and to create a national movement against guns, and then now I've got news articles and video
Of students being ordered to go out and protest against guns, and they hold up signs saying, people kill people, not guns, and the principal says, no, you're in trouble, come with me.
That's what the universities and now the public schools are, are anti-free speech bases, and now the schools, including state-funded, it's not a private university anymore, it's state-funded, they call themselves private, Georgetown is suing me!
Is suing me!
Along with Allen West and others for simply questioning.
And they list in there Seth Rich.
They list Comey 2012.
They list... They say I say nobody died in Florida.
Never said that.
So I'm defamed.
They use then fake news they created about me to say I'm fake news to call for us to be shut down.
Do you understand the magnitude?
And I know the listers get this.
We're going to Zach right now from Morocco.
This is a big, big, big, big deal.
And they're making their move.
And if the media and the people that support free speech don't rally around the First Amendment and sit back and go, oh well, we've defined our competition as fake news.
Now let's de-platform them, let's take their sponsors, let's sue them, let's have Google ban them.
It will shut everything down and the dominoes will begin to fall.
Just like Google has banned all cryptocurrency ads.
One day later, 60 plus billion dollar drop.
And something that is very legitimate.
Because new currencies, it's what the marketplace, it's what works best, it's what has value, it's what wins.
The globals are going to a digital global cryptocurrency.
They just want to let it grow, knock out all the competition, and create a regulated, controlled system so there's not diversity.
So again, they can ban you off the worldwide system of digital currencies.
That's the Internet ID that China is pioneering, that we are now adopting.
That's $60 billion in one day.
It's $134 billion.
In just the last few weeks.
Now let's go to Zach again, a great intel source.
I know his full name, know who he is.
He's been on national TV, he's been in national papers for his work.
He's been giving commendations.
He's exposed the government protecting radical Islamists since before.
The government, the FBI all know who Zach is.
But Zach, why haven't you decided to give your full name and stuff to everybody?
Because the government and the globalists and everybody else, when the FBI has come and picked you up for stuff you said on the show and taking you back to the military base,
Yes, I mean, that'll be coming very soon, actually, and we could discuss that, maybe even do that reveal there in Austin, Texas.
That'd be great, just in the interim, working with some private groups and doing some think tank engineering.
It's sort of best for security reasons and some sort of operational things that have going on.
But the reveal and full disclosure, I guess you know who I am, people know who I am, but it can become public very soon, and I hope to do that with you.
Thank you, I'd love to do it.
I'd love to fly you here, I'd love to have you in the studio.
The folks I talked to at the Pentagon say you're a great patriot.
Before we even started having you on, we obviously checked in to you and found out who you were, and then asked you, and you obviously confirmed all that.
Zach, where are we right now with this Seth Ritt situation?
Was my analysis earlier pretty accurate?
Sure, and you know, we have a lot of dots to connect and that's definitely what we're going to get into.
It's my opinion, this is, you know, the intel and the sort of best thinking on this.
We believe that Seth Rich's mother wanting to silence and stop the investigations into her son's murder may be threat-based to her and her family.
You see, Seth Rich was assassinated for being a patriot.
You know, he was clipped by the deep state and far left factions for obvious reasons.
And, you know, they use MS-13 assassins to do their dirty work, which consists of political assassinations, threat, blackmail, stateside, as well as gun and weapon running.
And that's why Trump has called out MS-13, because that has now confirmed the arm of the Democratic Party.
So in his speech, this is exactly what I'm going to get into, his speech at Miramar, at the air station there in San Diego, he used the term specifically, protecting the homeland.
And this is in conjunction with the MS-13 information, which ties in with Seth Rich, because he was assassinated.
The thinking is, we believe, that it was an MS-13 assassin team, which does a lot of the deep state's dirty work there.
Not only running guns, running weapons, doing drug operations and money laundering, yes, they're committing political assassinations here stateside.
And our sources said this three years ago, but they've even caught them now in the Middle East shipping guns to ISIS.
You said this six months ago.
It's now come out that the Kurds are communists and are training with Antifa in the Middle East.
That's now on mainstream news.
And with the executive order signed by Trump putting our country into a state of emergency, these individuals obviously become enemy combatants.
So we're not going to have to have ICE and the Border Patrol have our plans tipped off and foiled.
We're going to go in with Marines, with DOD, and round these individuals up, as well as other enemy combatants, as was going on in Phoenix, Arizona, a couple weeks, or excuse me, about a week ago.
They had urban military training in Phoenix, Arizona.
I was told by other sources a year ago that Trump took the gloves off
With the Mexican Mafia, MS-13, all of it, and that they were just being wiped out already.
Oh yeah, it's come a long way, but the mainstream gangs and the MS-13 factions, yeah, they're doing that, they're doing a great job of that, but there's deeper sections that operate under the MS-13 umbrella that are essentially foreign intelligence agencies, is what they are, and they're being used in a political capacity and it's way out of control.
That's why Trump's continued to use the MS-13 name specifically.
And by the way, stay there.
If anybody doubts this, I know some folks in the 70s and 80s with big crime problems in Chicago that the army teams were used to wipe out a bunch of folks in Chicago.
So what we're getting into is something the public doesn't know about but does go on.
All right, Zach, stay right there.
Zach is giving us information with Infowars.com.
He's saying some of these marine operations on the ground are not just drills, but are covers for wiping out MS-13.
That's why the Democrats are so upset, giving them sanctuary in places like Oakland and telling them to resist, because this is sedition by foreign powers.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
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You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
We're going to get back to Zach, our incredible intel source, and the fact that Fox News is being sued for questioning an open public murder investigation.
It's just crazy.
The Democrats do not want this to be investigated.
The family first had a big reward out.
We're saying they were concerned about foul play, concerned about, you know, the Democrats, all of it.
You've got Debbie Washington Schultz acting very suspicious about the laptops.
You've got the Elan brothers.
All of that now being deep-sixed.
And I know what Zach's saying from my own sources is exactly what's going on.
You've seen the civil war in Mexico that's killed over 200,000 people, it's estimated now.
Well, that's spilt over in the U.S.
And Trump said this game of Obama and the globalists arming all these gangs and destabilizing things, he said, it's over.
Tell them surrender or they're going to have
I mean, this is a major covert war going on in the U.S.
and the Democrats know, these mayors and governors saying, ICE is coming!
This is sedition!
And the globalists use criminal gangs worldwide for their operations.
We'll talk to Zach again in a moment.
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Now, for the next six minutes, in the next segment, Zach's 100% got the floor.
Recap what you said's happening right now, tied into Seth Ridge, and then all the other things that are going on.
I know you want to talk about Trump's been hinting at releasing more of the, uh,
Disruptive technology, the globalists call it.
More of the stuff that could cause a whole new boom that makes the dot-coms look like a joke.
More NASA info.
Zach, our great intel source, please continue.
Yes, so we have so many stories breaking right now that all kind of interconnect.
But yeah, the Seth Rich information kind of ties in with this next point, which is the diplomatic flanking maneuvering.
The firing and hiring of the Secretary of State and CIA Director in recent days are of the utmost importance.
This, in conjunction with the chain of command shakeup by Guantanamo Bay, will be an incredible diplomatic and military flanking maneuver to tighten the noose for the
We're good to go.
You know, having an upper-middle management individual who knows all the ongoing plans and players of the past administrations and wants to see change and be a part of it.
He's the ideal person.
And also having Pompeo there at the State Department is incredible.
These two, in conjunction with the Guantanamo Bay shakeup, will flank and really tighten the noose on these people, and it's happening all along the planet.
It's going to happen, and this is unprecedented.
We said on the show last year, first year salvage, second year stavage.
This is occurring.
And Rex Tillerson's speech there, his farewell speech, very eerie, very cryptic.
I think so.
I think so.
We're good to go.
So you're saying you had to let their stay-behind network operate so they could spy on that and then understand how to pull the whole thing down?
Just absolutely surveil them, give them a false sense of security that they're going to still be working on part of it.
But he knows exactly what's going on.
That's why Tillerson, while in Kenya, unexpectedly gets fired as North Korea information is brought forward.
And Iran will be next.
The Iran information will be next.
We spoke about it about, I think it was three or four months ago when Ted Malik was on.
I said, look, the Iran shakeup will be next, and it will not be kinetic.
I think so.
And exactly, they want a strategy of tension and global chaos so they can be in control.
People ask, why is the economy coming back so easy?
Why is Trump able to get all these deals with Saudi Arabia and Israel and everybody else and North Korea so quickly?
And it's because it's straight dealing now.
It's all occurring, and you know, the far-left faction, they are absolutely freaking out, and you're going to see a lot more false flags, obviously.
They have not stopped since the political assassinations of character that you're experiencing, and you know, several other patriots.
Yeah, what do you make of this temper tantrum?
I'm told that they're having all their networks cut off, not just by you, but other high-level confirmed sources.
They say this is a temper tantrum.
Yeah, they're losing it.
The financing's gone.
The DNC has no money to begin with, but even their covert funding that they've been running on for a long time is all fucked up.
It's out of Saudi Arabia.
The deep state's out of there.
Their only hope here is China, and China has no loyalty to them, truly.
They just want power, and sort of projected power.
So Trump's strong, he's present, and their money's drying up, and they're realizing that they've picked their sides, and they've really, really picked the wrong side here.
I went and saw Annihilation with my wife last night, and of course a Chinese guy is the boss.
And my sister's Korean, I'm gonna guess Asians.
Every Hollywood movie now, China saves us, from The Martian to all these movies, and you can see that Hollywood's been taken over by China and the Chinese government programming in the movies.
And they admit they're doing that.
But from Arrival to this new movie Annihilation, it's just like...
The programming is incredible.
We'll be right back in two minutes with Zach.
Please spread the word.
It's been... Pike in Arizona, you're on the air worldwide.
Go ahead.
Oh, Alex, you can rant any day of the week.
Thank you, sir, for doing what you do and being a patriot and doing your best to save America and encouraging us as fellow patriots to do that in our local areas as well.
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If you are receiving this transmission, you are the Resistance.
From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones.
Leanne McAdoo is going to be in the studio in about 15 minutes.
She's getting sued, along with Fox News, myself and others, for questioning mainstream media reports.
And then they libel, they defame us, and they say things we didn't say in the suits.
But the lawyers are like, no, this will be thrown out.
The Western District of Virginia doesn't usually do that, but we feel like this will just probably be thrown out right away, or then it'll just be summary judgment.
And then there's slapback provisions, but it's a university.
They've never seen that.
Usually they're pro-free speech.
So, this is Death by a Thousand Cuts, but you're backing us, you're supporting us.
We've got Zach for this segment, a little bit more in the next.
Zach, again, is an amazing intel source.
He's actually a public figure.
He's been in major news articles, been on national television as a patriot decorated individual that works in other clandestine areas, non-army special operations now.
And he comes on the show and just the info he gives us is right lined up with my other sources and what they say is going on.
So you were continuing, this is a short segment, a little bit longer segment coming up, with this total war we're in and the left is getting more shrill, more panicked, more crazy.
But suddenly I've seen some of them, the Joy Behars, Hillary Clinton's former campaign manager, they're all coming out saying, okay, we're sorry, Hillary needs to go away, maybe Trump's not that bad.
I'm starting to see them realize that they've lost.
Yeah, absolutely.
And you know, the more they start picking at it, they're going to, if they really want investigations, they better be careful, you know, what they're wishing for, because they're going to get it.
And it's really going to uncover what's really been done here.
So now you see them, a lot of the deep state actors in the far left there, but they're really playing this Russian card real hard.
And we just got to be clear here, we cannot blame the entire Russian Federation for the actions of rogue deep state actors who happen to be Russian.
But make no mistake, they're being ran by the same deep state that sabotages our country, that attacks our country, just like anywhere else.
Explain to people that Russia is infiltrated by the same globalists we are, and to claim that, oh, it's coming from IP addresses in Russia.
I mean, that's the easiest way to frame somebody ever.
I mean, these are pretty murky and difficult waters to decipher.
But, you know, yeah, technically they are Russian.
But they're deep state actors.
They're enemies of the Russian Federation.
So you can't just tie somebody's name to it and, you know, blame an entire... Well, that's like Russian bots sending Michael Moore to a demonstration, anti-Trump.
Most of it's anti-Trump.
It's real dangerous.
And, you know, especially with this, they're expelling their...
So you think this is for public consumption so that the globalists can't push this Russian narrative?
So Trump's neutralizing his flank?
Yes, absolutely.
And you know, Tillerson telling people to remain at their posts in that farewell speech is very bizarre, and it needs to be looked into.
And of course, a lot of people are looking into it.
But you know, Russia here is fighting a war in Syria that, you know, with all due respect, we started over decades.
So they're actually physically, you know, taking care of this, you know, this radical Islamic threat.
They're getting their name dragged through the mud with the collusion crap.
And right before the Putin election, they do something in the Russian factions to embarrass Putin.
And then they leave a trail so the British, MI6, famously corrupt, can wave that in front of Trump and make him blame Russia.
Get us involved in a major real kinetic conflict that will stifle and stop all the progress that we're making globally and give them cover to, you know, do other things behind the scenes from a deep state level.
So that's the globalist endgame is start a bigger war to derail America coming back.
That's their last dick blow.
That's all they got here.
Their funding's drying up.
They have to pull out all the stops.
They're going to go for broke.
This is pretty good cover for them to try to just buy time.
That's all they got because they are hurtling toward the inevitable.
They're done.
They're going to be prosecuted.
The money's gone.
But if they can't somehow get us into a war with Russia, make no mistake, it will be a distracting enough event to provide some cover and just buy them time.
Let's talk about that.
How do we stop the globalist triggering a war with Russia with Zach on the other side?
Couldn't be a more important topic than Leanne's coming in.
Stay with us.
This is Roger Stone for InfoWars.
The left has launched lawfare against Alex Jones, filing a bunch of bogus lawsuits against him that are designed to close InfoWars down.
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That's FortifiedSupply.com.
You are listening to an InfoWars.com Frontline Report.
It's Alex Jones.
Ladies and gentlemen, Zach is a former Army Special Operations officer, patriot that still works in areas of clandestine industry in the government, and he's a great source.
We have had so many things he breaks down here on air end up coming true or unfolding.
A lot of what he talks about dovetails with the QAnon.
But my other sources in the Pentagon and other areas, they're saying the same things.
It's just that Zach, you get to hear from somebody who's got that same understanding and mindset to give you that best thinking perspective.
So now you've got this former GRU
Colonel out of Russian intelligence who's been in the UK over a decade, he ends up with his daughter getting nerve gassed out on a porch outside of a little shop, a little five and dime grocery store.
They get found, they get taken in in critical condition.
Then we hear, oh, within days it's the Russians, they did it.
And Zach's saying the intel he's got is that there's a trail back to Russia
To make it look like that.
Well, Russia's 160, 170 million people.
It's three times geographically the size of the U.S.
Just like Soros spends billions trying to overthrow Russia, 80% of the Russian bots, which feels small compared to other bots, were just... That's how you get around campaign finance law.
You go spend money.
In a foreign country.
And then you affect the election.
There were hundreds of countries that had bots.
And most of it was for Hillary.
You remember during the campaign, Hillary was being shoveled down your throat.
Conservatives were getting blocked and all the rest of it.
So then 600,000 Twitter users that ever had a Russian bot post on their page, in just a comment, oh, you're now a Russian agent.
So Zach was getting into the attempts
By the globalists, by the leftists, stay behind networks to trigger a war with Russia.
It's all they've got left with their networks drying up.
So we've got seven minutes left.
We've got a break.
Come back with Lee Ann McAdoo.
Recap all that critical information, Zach, and then roll through it in any other points.
Oh yes, you know, and basically what's going on, I mean, it's not hard to figure out.
I know that the White House knows this just due to the collusion fiasco.
You know, they're drawing all these things that there's nothing there.
They know there's nothing there.
So when Russia's being persecuted for all these issues, it's not too hard to tell that this is ridiculous, and it's along the same thinking as the same people.
We can't blame the entire Russian Federation for the actions of rogue deep state actors who happen to be Russian.
And obviously our intel communities know this, and the White House obviously knows this.
There's some things out here for public consumption that are going on, but Trump knows what's going on, and eventually Trump and Putin will get along, and this will all work out, I'm sure of.
But when you start doing things like this, things escalate very quickly, so we do have to keep an eye on it.
But this is all meant to give them cover and just buy them time.
All the while, in that speech at Myanmar, Trump also, while talking to the Marines, spoke about the Space Force.
So this is what they're trying to stifle.
And by the way, you said that months ago.
You said Trump's going to announce big stuff in space, and that's on record.
This is it.
This is the future.
In that speech at Miramar, Trump announced the Space Force to be created.
You know, he says in the speech, we're going to make Colonel John Glenn proud.
He speaks of going to Mars very soon as well.
Then he emphasized that we would be doing none of this if Hillary Clinton had even won, because they do not want there to be a multi-planetary future that's human-based.
You know, that's more ground for them to cover.
And by the way, that's what Musk and others have said, that's what I've said decades ago, the globalists want a transhumanist into our life form, merging with machines, total power trip, and Trump and this whole movement is just about having a human future.
Doesn't mean Trump's perfect, but this is a pragmatic, pro-capitalist, human future where humans get to decide what they want to do with their own personal evolution.
Absolutely, and a lot of this information has started to come out now.
Under the past administrations, space exploration was completely just dampered and just handcuffed for obvious reasons.
They've got to keep us fighting at each other's necks.
They've got to play the race card because there's only one race that matters once you go multi-planetary, and that's the human race.
That's really hard to fight against each other if you realize we're all of the same blood type, we're all of the same blood, we're all of the same color.
And there's unlimited space, unlimited resources.
You go multi-planetary, the race car gets thrown right out the window because we have to, you know, broaden our horizons, really start thinking outside of the box.
And they know that.
And that's just something that happens immediately when we leave this planet and go to the moon and set up bases and go to Mars and set up bases.
And this is not conspiratorial.
This is Elon Musk just a week ago.
This is a fact.
They put out their leftist conspiracy theory that space travel doesn't happen.
It's got to all be robot.
Let's talk about these new systems they discovered.
So, you know, Thomas Zurbuchen, the NASA Science Mission Director, comes out with the TRAPPIST-1 system, the discovery of it.
They're looking at it.
And what the TRAPPIST-1 system is, is a group of seven planets with atmospheres much like our own.
And, you know, he explains that finding a second Earth is not a question of if, but when.
And this is the working theory.
This is what we're going towards.
But it's specifically at the helm of it.
This is going to be a pro-human
Because they want a total monopoly here on Earth with us into their forced reality, into their false reality to play God.
They don't want the big expansion.
And people say, oh, it's impossible.
Folks, we're already 99% there with the technology we've got.
Well, look how far we've already come.
We're unstoppable.
Go ahead.
At the same time, Trump's laying this all out with his National Space Council, and he's speaking to the Marines.
Elon Musk is in the ATX in Austin, there in your backyard, speaking at South by Southwest, supporting and reaffirming what the President is laying out, because of course they're working closely together via the DOD.
And Elon laid it all out for the world to hear, specifically the anti-humanity Silicon Valley Sultans and the globalists.
He loudly emphasized it.
Human civilizations are coming to Mars, and he speaks in straightforward terms and warns of the AI.
People haven't watched that speech that happened about a week ago.
They need to watch it.
He says he's as close to it as anybody, and it scares the hell out of him.
And that's what I've always been saying.
A human preservation defense league
And we have to, because the globalists, again, are such human haters, they believe they're going to become this new alien.
And the media always says, oh, Jones claims that Silicon Valley are aliens.
No, they all say that they believe they're going to become these transcendent gods.
This is their weird satanic religion.
And it's so good to suddenly see this all over the news.
I'm not bragging, but I've been warning over for 20 years, reading what the globalists were saying and doing.
And I'm just wondering, when you were in the military a decade ago or so, were people talking about this then?
How is it all suddenly, everything we talk about is now the front page?
Yeah, I mean, it's been going on.
It's been planned for quite some years.
It's been stifled and kind of held back because people didn't want this to happen.
But now that Trump's in the White House, it's all really come to fruition and it's coming out.
And, you know, it's inevitable and it's going to happen if we're not sabotaged and Trump's doing everything in his power not to allow us to be sabotaged.
While he's addressing the Marines and letting them know that we're going to the stars, you have Elon Musk at South by Southwest saying the advent of digital superintelligence must be symbiotic with humanity.
It must be symbiotic with humanity.
He emphasizes over and over and over.
Then he calls on entrepreneurs to support him because they're going to need industry and infrastructure on the moon and Mars in the future.
This is the push for the future.
And this is what they're trying to suppress because they have a real problem with interpersonal affairs playing the race card when we leave this planet because we're all of one race.
Sure, and if you look at everything the globalists do, splitting men and women, splitting people because of color, it's all like it's an alien force.
The globalists sabotaging anything we're going to do because they think, oh, investment in space takes away from us.
No, it's a non-zero-sum game.
You create, all of our new economies came out of the space race.
The whole new system has to come from off-world investment.
That is, that's what we've got to do.
That's what creates the new economy.
And this is the future.
It's just incredible to witness this all.
We're actually living in it.
We're a part of it.
And to be caught up and to just be held down and have an anchor around our ankles with just internal conflicts that are fabricated is ridiculous.
And Trump's calling them out.
And with the shuffle going on, the diplomatic flanking of the CIA director, the State Department, Guantanamo Bay, our foreign allies,
Really doing everything.
We are allowing ourselves to unshackle from those binds and really go to the stars because it's inevitable.
That's right.
Well, it's better to destroy ourselves and the globalists are a breakaway civilization siphoning everything off for themselves to do this.
They don't want this for everybody.
Amazing, Zach.
Thank you for the time.
Look forward to having you here in person very soon and releasing your identity to folks.
We'll be right back with critical breaking news with Leanne McAdoo.
Your calls and more.
Stay with us.
Joel Gilbert joins us for the balance of the hour.
Here is the trailer for the powerful new film available at Infowarsstore.com.
Trump, the art of the insult.
Directed by the amazing director, Joel Gilbert.
Here is the trailer.
Call women you don't like fat pigs, dogs, slobs.
Only Rosie O'Donnell.
And they said that wasn't politically correct.
Who cares?
You haven't been called.
Go back to Univision.
I think Jeff is a nice person.
He's very low-energy.
I'm not used to that kind of a person.
Throw him out.
Throw him out into the cold.
Don't give him their coat.
No coats.
L-Y-I-N apostrophe.
Lying dead.
I have never seen a human being eat in such a disgusting fashion.
The most dishonest human beings.
These people right here.
Look at all the cameras.
So disgusting.
He's socialist slash communist.
Crazy bird.
He's crazy as it may look.
The Indian?
Very offensive.
I'm sorry about that.
A Pocahontas?
Crooked Hillary!
Crooked Hillary, folks!
She's been crooked from the beginning!
Crooked Hillary!
Politicians are really dishonest.
Donald Trump alleges that my dad was involved in assassinating JFK.
This had nothing to do with me, except I might have pointed it out.
This guy was sweating so badly.
Thank God he has really large ears.
The biggest ears I've ever seen.
Because they were protecting him.
I'm trying to be nice.
You know, I'm working hard to be nice.
He was begging for my endorsement.
I could have said, Mitt, drop to your knees.
He would have dropped to his knees.
He put glasses on so people will think he's smart.
It just doesn't work.
You know, people can see through the glasses.
I'll make three or four major speeches.
He makes a speech for 15 minutes, he goes home, goes to bed.
We live off Chinese manufacturing.
That's because when you say we, you are stupid.
Repeat after me.
Donald, you're not going to be able to insult your way to the presidency.
That's not going to happen.
So help me God.
Congratulations, Mr. President.
We will make America great again!
Go home to mommy.
They're gonna tuck you in bed.
And your mother is voting for Trump!
You made a lot of amazing films.
We carried them all.
We sell them all.
They're all groundbreaking.
But this one, this one is fun.
And very, very celebratory.
So, congratulations on what you've done.
It's really a special film.
Thanks a lot.
Look, I urge everyone, you gotta get this film in the Infowars.com store.
First of all, you'll laugh non-stop the whole time.
But more importantly, there's a lot of important lessons.
You'll see how Middle America fell in love with a Manhattan billionaire because he was the only one of the Republicans that was willing and capable of standing up to Hillary and the leftist media complex.
And he did it, don't forget, with a mix of truth and humor.
That's why it stuck.
So this film, 95 minutes of non-stop laughter, but you get to know Donald Trump.
I thought I knew Trump.
I studied Trump.
I thought I knew him.
Only when you see this all back-to-back, how he reacts.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
Leading a frontal assault on the lives of the New World Order, it's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
I'm picking up a fake transmission right now.
I think it's Alex Jones.
But here's the good news, chumps.
You think you're going to assassinate Trump, shoot down the antennae, and bully a bunch of us into going along with you?
I'd like reserve power.
...for being willing to have a fight.
Wanting one at this point.
And only the dumbest morons buy into your SJW globalist George Soros droppings.
Emergency reserve.
Hillary Clinton and the New World Order and Michael Moore.
Go back to Hades where you came from.
We're awake and you're not putting us back in the coma.
You got that, Jack?
You're done.
It's over.
Get him back.
Get him back.
It sounds like it's confirmed there are at least two shooters with fully automatic weapons.
The globalists really are trying to shut down free speech, not just here, but worldwide.
Leanne McAdoo is here in the studio with us.
She, again, about a year ago moved to take care of her grandmother who had serious surgery, but she comes back and works with us and does reports on the road.
And she was already scheduled to be here for months when this lawsuit came out against her.
And here it is, Leanne.
Fox News and Alex Jones are being sued for conspiracy mongering.
And then we get defined as conspiracy mongers, saying investigate the unsolved murder of Seth Rich.
And that's what Fox is being sued for.
That's also listed in their suit.
This doesn't even make any sense.
And you're in there.
And here's another one.
New lawsuit reveals challenges of taking fake news peddlers, oh, they define us as that, to court.
And they even basically admit there's nothing there.
The lawyers have looked.
It's just a defamation statement in the 70-page lawsuit against Allen West and others.
And they say that I called him crisis actors, and it was all fake.
Again, they defame me again, but say don't listen to him because they'll know I didn't say that.
So this is next level, Leanne, and you've been listed in this.
We looked at the video that they use in their evidence.
You don't say anything, at least Farrah Hannah says nothing.
I mean, not one-tenth of what I've said.
And I didn't say what they said I said, which would still be protected, my lawyers say.
So now, though, Fox News sued, saying don't investigate my son's death, even though they put a reward out.
Just don't look at it anymore.
I mean, this is the end of investigative journalism if this goes through.
I mean, you're not allowed to question the official narrative.
And as we know, this is something that is, they've been setting us up for this for quite some time.
I mean, even the fact that the term conspiracy theory was a weaponized term by the CIA to stop people from questioning the official government narrative.
But now they're having to contend with the fact that videos can go viral.
And so now they're really trying to, again, use this term, conspiracy theorist or conspiracy monger, I guess that's the new term, to just delegitimize anything that is being said.
And now will they go ahead and talk to you about what is in the video, what we're saying?
Or do they just say,
Oh, well, you know, there was also another Chobani lawsuit.
Literally had nothing to do with what was being said in the video.
And by the way, we later learned with Chobani, they settled it.
I'm not supposed to, but then I figured out what it was about.
It was a press release.
It was PR.
And that's what this is as well.
And so I'm not going to tell you what happened with Chobani because it's sealed, but let's just say this.
I can't even say it.
My bank account got bigger the other day when a check came in.
I mean, the point is that this is PR, folks.
Well, that's what we're noticing, is that even just to have this out there in the news, it's like they're using these to stack the deck to say, oh see, well there was this, there's this, there's that.
They don't give their readers any actual information as to the content or outcome.
It's just to create this narrative.
The creator of Peppy the Frog in 2015 in the Daily Dot and other publications said, it's free, there's no trademark, no copyright, use it.
He just got, late last year, his trademark on a poster we were selling before that somebody else made where Peppy's only a small part.
It's totally protected.
There's not even a debate.
But they don't care.
They just want the headline that I stole intellectual property and I'm being sued.
So again, I have to sue these people back and that's what we're doing.
Do you ever think we'd be right at the center of this, though?
You've been working here, what, five years?
Well, you know, I think what really kind of, the 2016 election kind of sealed it for me, where it was just like, wow, we're really, we are really in there.
I mean, Hillary Clinton said your name during one of her speeches.
Well, she called me dark heart.
And then she sicked the entire army against me and ran ads, edited what we said to be deceptive.
And that to me sort of underscores and gives me a little bit of faith that everything is going to be okay.
Because even with all of those attacks, we still came out on top.
And the American people still came out on top.
President Trump was elected.
So even with all of this misinformation that's out there, all of these weaponized terms, the policing of words, the policing now of your thoughts, you can't even commit a
All over the world, including the U.S., they're banning advertising the name Jesus and they're taking Easter out of all the calendars.
I mean, it's incredible how they got the universities.
You have a degree from UT in journalism.
Was it that bad when you were there a decade ago?
Yeah, I kind of tapped out of my higher education and of course I went all the way and got my degree but yeah I mean it's like total leftist propaganda coming out of the universities and clearly out of these middle school high schools as well.
And now they're telling students, oh you can't march pro-gun with a sign saying people kill people not guns.
You go to the principal's office.
That's right, and that's it.
I mean, we are just seeing this unprecedented attack on- Everybody!
Policing words and thoughts.
So if you want to have a sign that says, guns don't kill people, people kill people, you're going to get that sign taken away.
But, you know- And we're showing video of the principal, the articles on InfoWars.com in America, sending him to the principal's office for his sign.
Right, and then we have another Ohio student suspended for refusing to leave the classroom during this gun control walkout.
So your protests are, which by the way, other signs were like, Western civilization has got to go.
So this is what these kids are saying.
Yes, Western civilization, which brought you the protected right to go out and protest, right?
That's got to go.
But you know, to protest, that's, but to not go out and protest, that's going to get you in trouble.
And they're ordering teachers to go, or they get suspended, principals that say it's bull are getting fired.
And again, this is really happening.
They got the universities to be these anti-free speech bubbles, and now the cancers are shooting tentacles out and suing us to end our speech.
And there was actually a poll that came out just recently where it was talking, you know, with students about, you know, how they feel about free speech and inclusion.
And it was kind of positive in the sense that the majority of these students are really for free speech and not for curtailing it.
And that's why Generation Z, they're saying, is the most libertarian, pro-free speech ever because they're in these schools being brainwashed and they're rebelling.
Just like
Fifty years ago, they were too right-wing, and that made them rebel leftists.
Right, well here's the rub, is that one of the questions in the survey asked them to then choose.
Alright, well when it comes to choosing which objective is more important to a democracy, is it free speech or promoting an inclusive society?
And then they were like, oh well inclusion is more important, but that's the thing.
Here in the United States, we don't have to choose.
The beauty of free speech is literally
Well, that's the whole game.
They're saying, get rid of free speech, that creates inclusion.
No, that creates nightmare tyranny.
1984, Nazi Germany, Soviet Union, Pol Pot, Khmer Rouge, Venezuelan nightmare.
Ladies and gentlemen, we'll be back with more on the other side.
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Peter Schiff of EuroPAC.com, American businessman, investor, broker, billions under management.
I'm not going to get into his bio.
Everybody knows him.
Best-selling author, run for Senate, things like that.
Was Ron Paul's chief economic advisor.
Peter, good to have you back with us.
Thanks for having me on, and Happy New Year to you and your audience.
And, you know, I agree with you.
The economy is going to blow up, but, you know, it's going to blow up like a bomb.
It's not a good thing.
It's a bad thing.
You know, unfortunately, that's what Trump has inherited from Obama.
But it's not even really just Obama.
It's the Federal Reserve.
It's the monetary policy that has been passed like a baton from Clinton to Bush to Obama and now to Trump.
And we're near the end of the game.
And unfortunately, Trump's going to be the fall guy.
This thing is all going to collapse while he's president.
And he owns the stock market bubble.
He and the Republicans own the economy now, thanks to these tax cuts.
They're not going to make any difference, but they are going to give the Democrats a reason to blame it all
On Trump and the Republicans.
Alex, this is going to backfire.
He's like the Jimmy Carter in reverse.
I think we're going to have an extremely liberal president, either a Bernie Sanders or someone like him in 2020.
What Trump should have done is leveled with the American people like he kind of did when he was a candidate.
He talked about how bad things were.
But he didn't really say what needed to be done to fix it.
But at least he said, we have a bubble in the stock market, you know, the economy is a mess.
I mean, all that was true, and that's why he got elected.
But after he got elected, he became a cheerleader for the very economy that he correctly criticized.
And now he has set everybody up.
He has raised everybody's expectations so high that when everything comes crashing down, not only will he get blamed, but everyone's going to be disappointed.
When the dollar collapses, it wipes out the middle class.
People are going to be impoverished, and they're going to blame Trump.
You know, there are a lot of people who voted for Trump out of frustration.
He promised a lot.
He talked big.
He is not going to deliver.
And that is going to be used against him.
And it's going to ultimately be used against the country.
Wait till you see how bad things get.
You know, these tax cuts, they're all temporary.
They're all going away in 2021.
What do you think the Democrats are going to do when they have the White House and both houses of Congress?
How high do you think they're going to jack taxes up on corporations?
What do you think they're going to do to entrepreneurs?
This is a disaster.
We had a chance to defuse this if Trump would have owned up to the problems of the economy.
They weren't his fault.
He could have blamed it all on his predecessor and he could have finally put politics aside and done the right thing for this country.
Instead, he acted just like all the other presidents who have just, you know, continued to kick the can down the road.
I don't think he acted like all of them on social issues.
If he's right, it'll be a great time for investors to buy stuff up.
I like the communist Chinese.
We'll be back.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
Coming to you live from the former.
Coming to you from the former United States of America.
From deep in the heart of Texas, it's Alex Jones.
And look, we're successful taking the country back.
I'll stop running that liner, but we still haven't gotten the country back.
Got a beachhead in D.C., it's not perfect.
But Trump's latest firings and what he's doing shows he's for real.
And we're right down to the end of the country, but the globalists aren't stopping.
And I warned everybody when they sued us last week that they were coming after everybody in investigative journalism.
And now Seth Rich, shot repeatedly in the back, his mother wanting an investigation, putting out a $25,000 reward.
Uh, you know, all of this, all the stuff that went on with Seth Richard and Debbie Washerman Schultz threatening police on TV, you better give me the laptops back, and the Awan brothers, and all the foreign infiltration, and Assange saying it wasn't over the internet, we were given it by an insider, and they keep calling it a Russian hack, and then, uh, the NSA experts look at it and say it was downloaded inside the DNC at the, you know, right, it was downloaded, they can see that, and then we're not supposed to question that, or we get sued?
Do listeners understand?
And to see all the rest of the media
New York, MAG, you name it.
Gleefully saying, oh look, we put tinfoil on Congressman Allen Westhead, and tinfoil on Alex Jones, and tinfoil on Jim Haas.
They're crazy!
No, they know we've broken a lot of massive stories, so they misrepresent what we say, and then they call for us to be banned.
I mean, aren't people outraged by this?
Leanne McEnany, you've got a ton of news that ties into this.
No, they're not outraged and honestly, you know, that's one of the things that's really bothering me the most about people calling and asking for a statement or whatever.
It's just like they're salivating.
I'm a reporter here and you said, do you stand by what you say?
It's like... They flip it!
You're being persecuted by every historical yardstick.
You literally did nothing in the interview with Lee Stranahan.
In fact, put it on screen, the name of the interview, so people can see the evil.
What was the headline?
Bombshell connection between Soros, Charlottesville, or something.
Chaos, yeah.
So we've got the video on there, we can put it on screen, it's on YouTube.
There it is.
Bombshell connection between Soros, between Charlottesville, Soros, and CIA.
And they don't talk at all about what we were actually reporting on, which was just the similarities in some of the protests.
No, they say, Leanne says nobody died, and crisis actors were in Parkland, and there's Martian moon bases.
I literally did not say a thing.
I didn't say the person's name.
I didn't... It's just... It was kind of brought up like a... Oh, and by the way... It's defamatory, I guess.
It's curious, and this is a coincidence.
I mean, why isn't anyone talking about this?
That's literally all it is, but you are not allowed to ask about curious coincidences.
The lawyers said, they said, because there's been others before, they said, well, there might be an issue here, but no.
They're like, this is crazy.
This is the biggest attack ever.
They're arguing for the overturn of the First Amendment.
They reverse everything the Supreme Court said.
He said these professors are like banging their head into a wall.
And the journalists are like, are you going to say, you know, you're protected by the First Amendment?
It's just like, wow.
Well, it's like their job to try to create this atmosphere to get rid of the First Amendment.
I mean, they're now admitting they want to get rid of the Second.
And they're... Remember all those years it was fake news.
Nobody wants your guns, nobody wants to repeal it.
Now, Bill Maher, the New York Times, NBC, they're all saying repeal it, repeal it, repeal it, repeal it.
But Bernie Sanders goes and gives a speech and has five armed guards!
It's okay, because he's a communist!
And then you have kids being taught in school that they have to make a choice when it comes to free speech, whether they're going to... Oh yeah, you got... Get back into that.
Tell folks the... That's amazing.
So this was a poll, this is coming out of the Federalist.
One question in a poll of college students crystallizes the debate over free speech.
So they're taking this poll and almost 90% of students say protecting free speech is extremely or very important to American democracy.
You know, this is looking good.
Two-thirds also believe hate speech shouldn't be protected by the First Amendment, which I'm pretty sure it is not.
So it's all definitional.
They're going to have to choose, like Twitter, Facebook, well you gotta choose.
Do we protect free speech or do we have an inclusive society?
As if the First Amendment does not already protect
And then the leftists say they can kill us.
The leftists say they want to shut us up.
They can bully us all day though, but if we just criticize them, we're taking off.
This is authoritarianism.
It's here.
What do we do, McAdoo?
Because they've taken these bubbles of anti-free speech worldwide, these government globalist run universities.
They've built up armies of anti-free speech people.
Now they're deploying them to take over all the big tech giants, all the telecoms, Google, Facebook, Twitter, to censor us.
What do we do?
Well, people need to understand what is happening here and understand that it's not just InfoWars that is under attack.
Yes, if they want to set this precedent where we're not even allowed to question the official narrative or if our eyes are literally seeing something, but they're telling us, gaslighting us, saying that that's not what's going on.
Well, we have five witnesses saying multiple shooters.
We don't even know if that's true.
That's what the students are saying.
And they ban those videos of real students?
Right, and it's not just going to be Infowars under attack.
Oh, the day after they sued us, they sued Fox!
And they put us together!
They said Fox is involved in fake news, we're suing them, and then all Fox did was say we're investigating Seth Rich's murder.
And again, it's controlling the words people are allowed to say, how they use them, and now getting down to policing people's thoughts.
Because people are being trained, thanks to social media,
To not even wrong think, otherwise their accounts are going to get taken down, they're not going to have their YouTube ads, you can't even question anything.
And so there was an article, a lot of people noticed they weren't able to share this article, why Democrats would lose the second Civil War too.
And so this is an article, it was written by Kurt Schlichter out of the town hall.
And so it's basically just giving this kind of theoretical story of
You know, if we were to actually have a second Civil War, which people, you know, are talking could possibly happen, the Democrats would lose.
Well, it's being spun!
Here, this is the media.
Seven most insane quotes about killing liberals in Kurt Schlichter's second Civil War fantasy article.
Now he's actually calling for killing liberals, right?
So Twitter won't even let you share this article.
They've totally convinced the youth and others that Trump is literally Hitler.
But they don't want you to understand history that Hitler literally took the guns and that's why they had all those problems.
And Hitler literally thanked Margaret Sanger for giving him his plant.
Who was funded by the Rockefellers.
So Trump is literally Hitler, so let's let him take our guns away so that only the police... They're now blocking on Twitter and Facebook trying to share videos.
It's in the news saying that George Soros was a Nazi collaborator, had the best time of his life, and is not sorry for all the Jews he helped round up and kill.
That's now anti-semitic to expose the guy that rounded up Jews.
Right, and so that's my point.
So on the one hand you're not allowed to share this article, why Democrats would lose the second Civil War too, but if New York Times wants to glamorize Antifa, what to wear to smash the state?
Anti-fascist activists believe in dressing for the job they want.
Right now, many think that job is punching Nazis.
And that means anybody having free speech, they call you a Nazi.
And notice they're not smashing the state.
Antifa wants a bigger state.
And then they got behind Berkeley's Semester of Hate, again trying to normalize this violent political activism.
We've got Yahoo News hailing the new generation of anti-gentrification activists who use violence to frighten off invaders, aka white people.
Oh yeah, Huffington Post and others, and the statesmen have articles going, look at Jones trying to help the Blue Cat Cafe, big deal the windows got smashed and superglue put in there and cats starved and they're attacking people.
They're white women that moved into a parking lot and took care of cats, and then it's other weird white people leading the anti-gentrification.
I mean, this is next level!
We're like, the Huffington Post is like all over the country, they're standing up to those white scumbags and punching them in the face.
Right, and that's the dangerous thing that's happening right now, is they are policing words, they're policing thoughts, and they're telling you one thing about one side, and then... And they're setting the precedent.
Put those women back up!
No criminal record, nice liberal women taking care of cats.
If they can let people attack women with cats, they know they can do anything.
And the left is like, shick em!
How dare you be nice to the cats!
And this is like, again, eating their own.
And by the way, Leigh-Anne, we're not joking for new listeners.
This is really happening.
Right, right.
And that's exactly, it's like, it's not just going to be someone moving, it's going to be the cat lady that moves into the neighborhood and just wants to help out cats.
They're telling us... She's going to be taken down too.
They're telling us be docile, be passive, do whatever we say, while they radicalize all these folks for a takeover.
No, the answer is get aggressive, stand your ground, and say no, and if your city council backs stuff like this, sue them!
I mean, let me tell you, Berkeley, Austin, all these people are evil.
They know what they're doing.
They're evil.
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You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
Live from Austin, Texas, broadcasting worldwide, it's Alex Jones.
The good news is the globalists are starting to lose their stranglehold over national sovereignty and over people's minds.
But they are filing thousands of lawsuits a week that we know of against Liberty Movement, against police departments that do their job, against conservatives, against Christians, you name it.
And now, remember the lady that got shot in the back by the illegal alien?
The minute he shot her, they wouldn't even charge him with manslaughter.
The jury wouldn't even convict him of manslaughter.
And he went free, deported four times, all sorts of background crimes.
Well then we tried to go out to a vigil after she was killed and the jury, as virtue signaling, let him go.
And they had Antifa there with guns, not letting Owen Schroer go on the park, and the police did nothing.
We have video of that.
Well, now he's suing the feds.
For persecuting him, ever even deporting him.
Illegal alien who was acquitted of murdering Kate Steinle, sues the federal government for filing charges against him.
He admits he shot her in the back and the virtue signaling lawyers are now representing in a lawsuit and San Francisco and Oakland and all those cities are saying,
Resist ICE, even when they have warrants, even when they come for MS-13.
Resist, resist.
The governor says we're standing against this when it's federal jurisdiction.
Imagine in Mexico, you know, when the police are having shootouts with drug dealers or whatever on the border of Cancun trying to keep it safe.
I like Mexico.
I wish it would come back.
Imagine if the Mexican federal government was told you can't come into a city and you can't deport people that are here illegally.
They shoot you in the head.
I mean, no one puts up with this crap.
So this is open sedition.
Leanne, get into it.
This is amazing.
So we have this illegal alien who was acquitted of murdering Kate Steinle.
He's now suing the feds for vindictive prosecution.
And so, as you mentioned, he wasn't charged with manslaughter because the jury said it could have been accidental.
But manslaughter means accidental!
But they did convict him of felony possession of a weapon, right?
So we agree he's a criminal.
He had seven previous felony convictions and had been deported five times before finding sanctuary.
And he was obviously mentally ill.
The big problem is we don't have mental institutions anymore.
And so now he's just saying that he's being subjected to unfair treatment.
President Trump tweeted out how it was a disgraceful verdict in the Kate Steinle case.
No wonder the people of our country are so angry with illegal immigration.
But he says he shot her in the back.
It was an accident, I just found it and boom, shot her in the back!
Imagine having to just protect your political ideology, protect your wanting to push for sanctuary state so much that you know what's going on but you'll just breathlessly fight for this guy.
And if I was a taxpayer there in California, these are their taxpayer dollars that are paying for his defense.
And can you imagine Kate Steinle's father?
So now not only does this guy pretty much get off free,
But now his tax dollars are going to pay for this guy's defense again.
And we have, ironically, in order for him to prove his case of vindictive prosecution and collusion between state and federal law enforcement, they're demanding all the records of communication between federal, state, and local law enforcement.
But California is specifically battling them to restrict that cooperation.
They don't want the state and the federal governments to cooperate.
They don't want them to share information.
What it is is a disaster, and let me say this, California is beautiful, it's amazing, but I can't go out there anymore because the people are like crazed-eyed lunatics, especially the white people.
I'm not just saying that to be virtue-signaling.
It is weirdo, neurotic white people leading this.
I mean, you look at the Huffington Post articles where they're like, hey, anti-identification are beating up white people and running them out of neighborhoods, and it's weird white women leading a bunch of young minorities to go beat up white people.
I mean, you know, and then if you punch them back in these towns, like San Francisco, we have people, they indict where a man punches you, you punch him back, the police arrest you, and then felony charge you if you defend yourself.
No, it's gone crazy.
So, on the one hand... Well, it's like you said, they have to defend this ideology, so now they won't even convict people.
And now MS-13, that's a scourge on especially Hispanics, they won't even stop known murderers or deport them, because no, no, no, they're angels.
Everyone is allowed to not go to jail.
Right, because of course all of this was happening 2015, lead up to the 2016 election.
And that was such an important thing for them to be able to push for these sanctuary cities, sanctuary states, like California, that they had to let this go.
You know, that they're not going to defend this woman, this poor woman who had her- By the way, have you been out to California lately?
I mean, it's scary.
Yeah, I mean, I don't enjoy going to places, especially the large cities.
Now, I know you have a lot of people in California that get so upset because they're like, it's not all of us.
We know you guys.
We know that there are actually a lot of conservatives in California, but your voice is suppressed.
If you're not in one of these bigger cities, you know, you're kind of like stuck voting the way they do.
Well, there's also massive election fraud.
I mean, you saw the video in Seattle.
I went there and it's a beautiful area, a lot of nice cool stuff.
Crap everywhere, feces all over the place, heroin heads everywhere, and then weird leftist craze running up screaming, you're a Nazi, F you!
And they look like goblins!
I remember this video.
But to just have California battling against being able to communicate with state and federal government so that the immigration officials, there's no communication, they don't want them to help them whatsoever.
We've got the mayor there sending out the call, hey, by the way, there's going to be an ICE raid, protect yourselves.
So they want to absolutely have no communications, but unless they want to go and defend this illegal alien, then they want to demand to know
What type of communication?
I mean, it's just, where are the laws for the American citizens in this country?
I mean, can you imagine though, you've been in Mexico, you know how bad many of the cities are, the hundreds of thousands dead, you're just up there trying to become a citizen, they made it really hard, Trump's trying to make it easier, and the Democrats want it basically impossible, so you have to be in their little underworld of their control.
Because let me tell you, that's what's really going on, is feeding on these people.
Right, well you have like 60% of Mexican-Americans there in California who are for these tougher immigration laws.
They don't want it to just be willy-nilly, like they moved away from a place that does not... It's almost 70%!
In Gallup polls, and you know it's higher than that, of Hispanic Americans, you go, yeah, we have borders and you got to deport people that are committed felonies.
Right, we want to live in a country that abides by the rule of law.
We don't want to descend into a third world country.
So, you know, but we're not allowed to hear that side.
We're not allowed to hear from those people.
They're called all sorts of names by
People that are in their own racial demographic.
You know, you're a traitor, whatever.
But meanwhile, it's really actually people who have just gotten out of that democratic prison.
Why are blue cities?
Always have like 5, 6, 7, 8, 10 times the crime, human feces all over the place, and just crazy people everywhere.
What is wrong with leftist cities?
Well, and honestly, that's why I love being back in Austin with you guys and being here in the safety and comfort of the Texas Central Command Center, but I don't feel safe on the streets of Austin anymore.
It's weird.
It has a really weird vibe here now.
The energy is just totally different.
It's kind of like Seattle meets LA.
Everyone thinks they're so cool and they know so much, but they know absolutely nothing.
I cut through downtown, you're taking us to traffic, and I was looking at the people, all trying to act cool, standing out on street corners, and it was just so nerdly, and they were all alone, they were all by themselves, no one was talking to them, they all had smartphones, they were all getting ripped off to go to South by Southwest, and it was like, these are the follower chumps.
These are the people who are demanding that your First Amendment get taken away.
Or who, as we've got, you know, Agent Pie at the FCC and others warning us that these are the people who are going to decide future election winners.
These are the people who are deciding what information you're allowed to have.
And by the way, to a person when we go out with cameras...
They say we want to get rid of free speech of conservatives.
And it's like, man, they really want to assault us.
Because you take somebody's speech, next you take all their other freedoms.
We got Khan here in town and the head of YouTube saying, take our free speech.
Folks, you can fight back.
We're going to win this battle.
But it's for all the amendments.
You know the second's next.
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They are all over the news saying we want to take Alex Jones off the air.
From Sadiq Khan to the head of YouTube, we are to the CEO of News Corp.
In these lawsuits, Alex,
I know the costs.
My costs are up to a half a million dollars to fight the polio lawsuits.
You're looking at millions of dollars, ultimately, to fight the lawsuits against you and against InfoWars because they're designed to silence you and shut you down.
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We're good to go.
We don't have the Annenberg and CPB and Rockefeller Foundation funding us.
We have the Lister's doing it.
And we're taking Soros and the globalists and Obama suing you, saying you're a Russian agent, and they're suing us with all this frivolous stuff.
We're winning.
It's why they're targeting us.
But people need to know this is the war for this republic.
This is it.
Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order.
It's Alex Jones!
Resistance to tyrants is obedience to God.
It's Alex Jones.
Without even looking, I have dozens and dozens of articles a day with major universities saying whiteness is inherently evil.
It must be eradicated.
White women, if your baby's part white or white, kill it.
UMV to host lecture on existential threat of whiteness.
It's just total civil war, psychological warfare.
We're going to get more into this in the next segment and play clips, but they're taking out of calendars now Easter, but leaving other religions holidays.
Apple, they're now banning saying Jesus in ads.
So, oh, $500,000 if you don't bake the gay cake, but we're not going to let you put an ad out saying come to our church and meet Jesus.
Because that's false advertising because Jesus isn't real.
It's the atheists.
Everybody are now controlling everything we do and they know it.
They admit they're doing it.
I think they've jumped the shark.
I think just like in Europe, people are bringing in nationalists and free speech folks at every election.
I think that this is going to be their waterloo.
I mean, this is just incredible.
The policing of language.
And I do believe people are starting to wake up saying, all right, we know there's a war on Christianity.
There has been.
But now a church in Australia was actually forced to change their digital signs.
They could no longer invite people to their Easter Sunday event.
They couldn't use the word Jesus because it was offensive.
And they're saying on their signs, on their property.
It was offensive to some people who might see these signs.
They're offended by the word Jesus.
They were allowed... It's hate speech!
Jesus is... Colleges are taking down the word man, and major colleges in their writing department give them handbooks saying, don't say man, because the word man's bad, and they're taking down murals of football players off field houses because seeing masculine men... And another thing I saw is Jones takes his shirt off in a few ads and, you know, at the beach.
So now it's like a dirty thing if I take my shirt off too.
Mm-hmm, right.
Everything's got to be sexualized.
Everything is offensive.
Everything, like, is a hate crime.
It's a word of hate, hate speech, which is what they're trying to teach these kids.
That's when we can put regulations on free speech, is when it's hate speech.
Oh, okay, we'll give you that.
Well, then what's hate speech?
Saying the word Jesus is such a hateful term?
And by the way, it's not isolated.
When we come back, I've got like five articles of the same thing in England, in the U.S.
And again, it started, remember, 15 years ago, you'd read about kids bringing Christmas cards.
And they'd say, oh, separation of church and state, you can't do that.
They're individuals.
They have a right to hand out baseball cards, satanic cards, whatever they want, on their own time to their friends.
It's not church and state when you have free speech.
Or we have schools actually teaching about the tenets of Islam and having their students write... It's the same thing in Europe.
They don't take you to churches.
All the schools in the UK take kids twice a year to mosque.
What is this about?
Why do they have such a hate for Christianity, the left?
Well, part of it I think is just because we know Islam is a really fast-growing religion and there's many more people being born every single day into that religion.
So they're just siding with it?
I think so.
It's either that or maybe it's that it's the more kind of authoritative, tyrannical religion.
And there's a lot of pedophilia in it.
We know that's the left's religion.
Everyone's submissive.
No one's allowed to do anything against the state, which is the church.
And so that's kind of where I'm thinking.
This is okay.
But even Muslim people out there should fight back against this.
Because do you think it's going to end here with saying Jesus?
Or will they now say eventually that, you know, to put up Prophet Muhammad or whatever is going to be hate speeches?
And I can't believe we're even here calmly talking about this, because that's the point I want to make when we come back.
I thought about this morning, but I wanted to make the whole show about this.
I try to go to churches.
And they don't even say Jesus.
And they're up there milquetoast, and they're all part of this ecumenical movement.
They're just clubs.
They're just basically... You go to big churches to swing with other couples.
I don't do that, but they're... Large megachurches are swinger clubs.
Or they're places to feel good.
I saw that video.
It's true.
I mean, you want to pick women up?
Go to church, man.
You can't get them off of you.
And that's what it is, basically.
Sex clubs.
And so, that's what Satan's turned these things into.
And so we're going to come back and talk about it.
Because where are the churches on Easter?
There's war on God, war on Christ, war on the right of religion.
And you're not going to hear a damn word out of these things.
Because the preachers back in the back, you know, trying to have sex with your five-year-old.
A bunch of devil worshippers.
Make no mistake, we've made some major gains against the globalists, but they're striking back all over the world.
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That's fortifiedsupply.com.
This is Roger Stone for InfoWars.
The left has launched lawfare against Alex Jones, filing a bunch of bogus lawsuits against him that are designed to close InfoWars down.
We need your emergency contribution today.
Go to the InfoWars store and click on the donate button.
We need your help.
We now take you live to the Central Texas Command Center in the heart of the resistance.
It's Alex Jones.
We are back live.
Oh, I should have been mentioning towards the end of this hour, Mr. Crowder, Steven Crowder, who got banned for a week off of Twitter for the great crime of sending one of his crew dressed like a robot to a transgender meeting that he paid to get into at South by Southwest.
He showed up and went, beep, beep, beep, beep, beep, beep.
I identify as a robot.
You must accept this.
And that's really the yardstick is golden dragon nets, ornate buildings.
Google has people where you have to identify them as an ornate building.
Flumps and marshes.
I mean, South by Southwest has become such a joke.
It's just a progressive leftist meetup now.
And anything that is a dissenting opinion on that, you are not welcome to be there.
You see all their guests.
It's people from the deep state trying to recruit techies to come help the government.
Or you got Obama, former President Obama or Michelle Obama being the keynote speakers at these events.
Calling for restricting speech.
Right, or you have the AI is going to take over everything, and if you dare question your tech overlords, then you're out.
So yeah, and you can really actually see, again, this goes back to us talking about not being afraid of all of these tactics they're using, because we are going to win.
It's backfiring on them.
South by Southwest is like super small this year.
They actually had to combine all the festivals into one.
It made it seem like it was crowded.
Oh, I said two years ago, I said it's dead.
And remember when we were handing out free pamphlets just on the street and the police said, we've been ordered to arrest you.
We know it's not the law.
And then they just kept ordering them to arrest us because they were stopping our street teams handing stuff out on city streets.
And I said, I said, it's dead.
It's a nerdville.
It's a joke.
It's over.
There's no innovation there.
There's nothing more uncool than hearing an Islamicist, Sadiq Khan, come and call for the end of free speech and the head of YouTube come and call for it.
I mean, you want to be a schmuck, go to South by Southwest.
It's schmuck fest!
When Michelle Obama was here, that was her keynote speech was about how to get musicians and artists to create content for the government.
Remember I did that video and I was like, well, if they asked you to create a song promoting vaccines, could you?
And they all just came up with some little, yeah, I'd love.
Take the shot, have a convulsion, or you're going to be brain damaged for life.
If you want to be on a respirator, if you want to die, it's the thing to do.
Kill yourself, drink the fluoride, we love you.
Yeah, yeah, yeah!
But you should have seen their face.
It's like they never expected that President Obama would no longer be the president.
They're totally fine pushing government propaganda if it was for Obama.
And by the way, he's on the road.
Hey, what happens if another president comes in that you don't like and wants you to do it?
And then of course now, imagine if Trump was... Imagine if Trump came and said, I need your help with propaganda.
Because the globalists are on the ropes.
They're like, ban speech.
Help us.
Help us with your speech.
We'll put you to the top.
Help us.
We just want to have world government where the big banks make hundreds of billions and you don't get anything.
We're real liberals, yeah!
We love the Communist Chinese that put Buddhists in huge laboratories and steal their livers.
It's real liberal though.
Join us, we're real liberal.
Screw people that want lower taxes and prosperity.
They're Nazis, yeah, yeah.
Ban that Alex Jones.
He said there's slave colonies and Martians.
No, I didn't.
And people walk by and they go, lost your family?
You think there's kids on Mars?
I go, thousand dollars.
I want to go out there with a thousand dollars in my hand.
Stop us all to say, $1,000, anybody can show me video.
You know how to search engine.
I'm going to do it.
I'm going to just show up at a tech conference and go, $1,000 for anyone that can show me saying there's Martian slave colonies.
They won't even care.
They'll just go, Martian, Martian, Martian, Martian.
I'll go, $1,000, anybody can show her for the Russians.
Shut up, you effing Russian.
Oh, you don't want the great, because they know it's a lie, Leanne.
Gay frogs.
Gay frogs.
Gay frogs.
Gay frogs.
Gay frogs.
Gay frogs.
Gay frogs.
Yeah, but then you actually say, yeah, actress scene, you give them the information they need, but that doesn't matter.
That doesn't help the meme.
I just want to go around and make fun of people.
I don't need the facts and the information.
It's just more fun to feel like I'm morally superior and that I've got all the information.
Well, that's it.
They gang up.
And that's the thing, is we've created this thing where betas and people can run around, but betas in history, if they're allowed to do whatever they want, outside of the bounds of people standing up to them, they become the worst tyrants.
I mean, they're totally okay with setting up their algorithms to target one specific political group because their ideas, they don't like, they don't even want to hear them.
And if you watch the Project Veritas videos, Leigh-Anne, they just sit around going, we love controlling them.
We see some old redneck lady with American flags, some about veterans.
She doesn't know that no one can hear her, that she just posts for years and no one can see it, the dumb old bitch.
You know, they're like, ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!
Or people who... We're going to send CNN out to her house to call her an agent.
Or you have people who are in charge of doing the genome testing, admitting that they mess with people and it's not super accurate, so if they know a certain group doesn't want to have any African-American blood, or, oh, well then we just kind of joke with them and put in a little in there where it's maybe less than 1%.
That's it, it's all just fraud.
It's fraud!
And they've all said to each other, we're gonna lie, we're gonna cheat, we're gonna steal.
But major studies from the UK to the US show, I always flip these backwards, but it's six times more likely to steal, nine times more likely to lie and not give to charity.
And the numbers are all similar.
So these are just wimpy, stupid, lying crap-asses that don't want to have real jobs, but they've been given jobs managing us, the producers.
That's what this is, is slavery!
They've created spoiled, rotten idiots at universities with Gruber, but they go here, Gruber, like this, I'm going to teach you how to lie and get jobs.
We manage the slaves.
Now I'm going to teach you how to lie.
They're like, yes sir, teach us how to lie.
And that's what they do.
How do I be a scumbag piece of filth?
Well, I'll teach you.
I'm Gruber.
Now, thank God the public doesn't pay attention.
We pray on them.
And that's why we do need to start seeing some top-down accountability, which everyone is waiting to see what happens the Friday night is the cutoff to find out if McCabe is going to be allowed to resign or be fired tonight, right?
He needs to be fired!
There needs to be some top-down accountability, finally, that people can see this is not okay.
But that's what it is.
It's like, well, everyone else is doing it, everyone else is lying and taking advantage of people, so why don't I do it a little bit, too?
There's no consequence.
And, Leigh-Anne, we never got into the churches.
I've got a stack.
I've got video clips from the U.S., from England, from Australia, banning the word Jesus, banning saying Jesus lives in our church, come feel his spirit, banning the billboards, banning, banning, banning.
We'll get to some of those clips and get to our guest, who's
Getting beat up by antifund, the media celebrates it, a woman beaten up by antifund, but she she fought back.
We're gonna be talking to Lucy Brown who works with Tommy Robinson on the other side with Liam McAdoo just briefly.
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True populism and rule for, of, and by the people.
And that's why Google, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and other mainstream media outlets, the modern robber barons of our age, admit, even in congressional hearings and in undercover videos, that the number one enemy to shut down is InfoWars.
After just a short time ago, and I'm talking about when this meeting started, on Twitter, if you clicked on the hashtag, NYC terrorist attack, which is, quote, trending, marked with a red button saying, quote, live,
The top tweet links to an InfoWars story with the headline, Imam, I warned de Blasio about New York City of terror, he was too busy bashing Trump.
This is a real-time example of when we talk about
This information being weaponized.
How quickly can you act and at least at some point in time it can't keep spreading like some sort of virus through the legitimate world?
That's something we're thinking about all the time because it's a bad user experience.
The system self-corrected.
That shouldn't be the first tweet you see anymore.
It should be a USA article the last time I checked.
But you saw this?
USA Today.
At lunch I did, yeah.
And I also saw the system corrected.
At the very least, we can say that, like, this shelf of videos from news partners is legitimate news because we know that these are legitimate news organizations.
And if at that point somebody decides they're going to scroll past that and go find Alex Jones, well...
They were looking for him, not speaking with anyone.
So they shadow ban our videos, they block our articles, they ban us from advertising on Google platforms.
That's why it's so essential that you continue to stand in the face of their censorship, because if they can shut us down, they can shut you down.
But, because of their brazenness, it's caused the Streisand effect.
And they're now panicking because their attempts to censor us have only made the message expand and get out in ways it never would have.
So I know a lot of you are smarter than I am and you've got great inventive ways to take action.
But however you do it, spreading articles, spreading videos, on your own email list, telling friends and family about the censored information in person, however you do it, calling in to C-SPAN.
Getting on other shows online, letting them know that InfoWars is the tip of the spear, and that if we can be censored successfully...
All of you can be censored as well.
So be sure and like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter.
Be sure to send out the videos, the articles.
Be sure to report on anything we've covered that you think is important.
Feel free to re-upload our videos and post them wherever you like.
All of it is copyright free.
Be sure and click the notifications.
Be sure and subscribe to all of our great channels because we're in a real fight
I think?
It's evil, and together we're gonna defeat it.
So folks, you have absolutely been the resistance, you have cut through all their propaganda, and because of that I salute you, and I ask you now, more than ever, to redouble your efforts, because if you're watching this transmission and listening, you are the resistance.
Bing bing bong bong bing bing bing
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
Waging war on corruption.
It's Alex Jones, coming to you live from the front lines of the Infowar.
As everybody knows, I got pretty upset over the weekend and on Monday with the footage of Tommy Robinson in the UK and of course his great camera lady Lucy Brown.
Now Antifa, at least nine of them, attack her, attack him.
She's got screenshots she sent us where they were planning it.
And there they are attacking a woman.
Now, I know it's popular.
Your hair right now is kind of pink-purple-y, and I like it.
But I was saying, well, she really looks like she's in good shape for a gray-haired woman.
But she's a young, beautiful lady.
Now that we actually have her, you know, here on Skype, I had just not seen her before in front of the camera being beaten up.
So I couldn't tell if I just saw a lady with gray hair or people grabbing her hair and attacking her.
So I have to make the correction that she's a young lady, not an old lady, not that it matters.
But she ended up kicking one of their butts and getting them off of her, and they ran away.
Tommy knocked down about at least four or five of them.
This all happened in a McDonald's.
They were meeting at a mosque planning open warfare as they had an informant inside around the corner.
So this is how crazy this is.
This lady has a lot of courage.
We're talking about the war on free speech.
War on the free speech in the streets.
We're on free speech in talk radio.
Lawsuits against free speech.
Fox News sued for investigating Seth Rich's clearly suspicious murder.
So Leanne McAdoo is here with us and of course Lucy Brown.
So Lucy, amazing job.
What's it like going through this?
Where do you see these attacks going?
How do you get the courage?
I know in the next segment you've got some new exclusive video clips and things we're going to play that you'll walk us through.
But I got to tell you, you and Tommy Robinson and the rest of your crew, you're my heroes.
Thank you, Alex.
Yes, well, we've known it's this bad for some time now, and me and my friends often say that the day that Richard Spencer got punched was the day when the bar was set very, very low because we saw how many people celebrated it afterwards, how many people fetishised it.
We saw the memes coming out saying, punch a Nazi.
It's OK to punch a Nazi.
And of course, you know, who's a Nazi?
Well, we decide that.
So we've realised that it's going to be violent for some time.
Antifa in London have
I've been basically going for me and my team now for near enough over a year since we started this, so we know what we're up against.
We've often had memes going floating around in London saying, punch these people on site without debating them, you know, no debates.
They've doxxed Caelan and George, our other two cameramen.
George was with me on the day and also was grappling with one of them and just about managed to get that footage of me on the floor because if he hadn't got that footage then no one would have known that happened, so it's very lucky.
But yeah, it's been this way for quite some time, so we just, we just get on with it because it's, you know, the important thing is showing people how bad it is.
And Twitter lets them organize violence, they let them organize attacks on you.
They're calling for violence, clearly.
For radio listeners, Lucy and Leanne, whoever wants to do it, describe for radio listeners, that's the majority of our audience, the flyers they're putting out saying attack you.
Well, I mean, there were some that actually had pictures of me, Caelan, George and Tommy saying, if you see these people, don't speak to them, et cetera, et cetera.
But of course, there are a kind of more extreme version of Antifa who, I don't know, I think they kind of come from the older school type Antifa.
Maybe they did actually used to fight neo-Nazis back in the past, but now they're kind of sad old alcoholics that will just punch anyone they want.
And they tend to be the ringleaders of these groups.
So they're the ones that are kind of trying to go a little bit extra and trying to post our addresses.
Lots of them, they were posting where I work.
They were telling people, this is what she looks like.
If you see her around, show her what anti-fascism is.
And on the day, of course, they posted something onto their own Facebook page saying, this is Lucy Brown.
She's alt-right, which isn't true.
And Facebook lets them do whatever they want.
Well, since they misrepresent who you are, why don't you tell Lucy Brown your background, what got you into this.
I mean, tell folks who you are.
Well, it's funny, like Tommy said, I'm a lot different to Tommy, same with Kaylin.
I mean, we're all kind of middle class kind of media kids that pretty much, some of us don't even come from a big city.
I mean, I come from Cambridge, privately educated, went into kind of fashion photography and post-production, nothing to do with this at all.
But I think during the Trump election, definitely watching InfoWars and things like that kind of made me realise how much
How corrupt the media was, and I felt quite disgusted.
I felt quite angry at how much we were being lied to.
And then, of course, when I saw Tommy, I was programmed to think that he was this horrible racist Nazi and not to listen to him.
But then, of course, I saw his Oxford speech.
And the rest is history.
As soon as I realised how much they'd lied to me about him, I soon realised how much they'd lied to me about everybody else.
And then everything just unravelled.
And, of course, I met George and Cailin because they went out to a women's march.
I don't know if you've seen this.
Last year, around January, they went out and they were trolling
So you were just... I mean I'd say
That's what Tommy was telling me off air.
You're kind of a libertarian, middle-of-the-road, just a well-educated person, and you saw oppression, you saw tyranny, you saw media lies, and you felt drawn into this, and now you have nine full-grown men trying to beat you to death because you're a reporter and the media is celebrating men attacking a woman.
Yeah, New York Times says it's great.
What to wear?
MSNBC says, you know, go out and physically attack people.
Right, New York Times, what to wear to smash the state?
The Huffington Post says in that article you've got, if white people move into your neighborhood, hit them in the head with a club.
Right, it's totally fine, get violent.
That's what the KKK does.
Blacks move in your neighborhood, you attack them.
Now, if you are conservative and you're talking about how Democrats are going to lose the second World War II, you can't put that out because now you're calling for violence against the left.
But if you are actually calling out for violence to go and punch these people on site in the case of... And of course that was done to point out the Democrats lost the first Civil War and they'd lose the second.
To point out they were the slave people.
They don't want that fact out.
We don't need real- You know, the average leftist I talk to actually believes that the South was Republican, and they don't even know.
They believe in the big switch.
I mean, that's what they're taught in school.
They're so stupid.
So, getting back to Lucy Brown, for people that didn't see the viral video with tens of millions of views and all the rest of it, what else did people not see that was behind the scenes when the camera was knocked out of your hands?
Well, let me think.
We're trying to get hold of the CCTV footage, but I think we've kind of got enough here and there.
I mean, the most shocking thing actually, the most upsetting thing, was how many people are saying it's fake or it's staged.
People seem to think that Tommy has hired these people to come and attack us, which if he had, I think I might have to have a little word with him.
But it's funny, quite a lot of people probably like to call themselves feminists and like to say that they stand up for women's rights, and yet here's a video of a woman on the floor
Oh, it's fake, it's staged, or even better, I've seen some people say that I deserved it, which is very nice.
Oh, let's stop right there.
They want to ban Trump from coming, Michael Savage is banned, they almost banned me, and they had government intelligence come interview me last time I was in the UK, that's on record, to even let me in, and that was just a family vacation.
So, this is all real.
They tried to claim that Laura Southern and Brittany Pettibone weren't real and blocked.
So it's not that people are just, they're denying what they did to you in a military tactic.
These people online saying, oh this didn't happen.
They know full well.
They call themselves anti-state.
They're really communist.
Everything they do is deception.
Okay, sorry, go ahead.
No, of course.
I mean, someone on 4chan quite rightly pointed out that, you know, you say it's fake, but at the same time, you're closing all of your accounts when 4chan started to investigate and try and figure out who these people are.
So pick one.
Is it fake, or do you not want people to find out who did it?
Because thanks to 4chan, I think we may have actually identified some of the people.
So thanks to the people on there.
But yeah, what you saw is pretty much what happened.
We were in the car park getting ready.
Tommy was strapping his GoPro to his chest.
I was fiddling about in the back of my car.
George was just setting up his camera.
Stay right there.
We're going to come back.
We're going to come back.
The woman attacked by nine vicious foaming at the mouth thugs.
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You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
We now take you live to the Central Texas Command Center, in the heart of the resistance, rallying patriots worldwide.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
Lucy Brown works with Tommy Robinson.
And she is a camera lady who does a great job.
And there were the nine thugs attacking her, going for her first.
We were just, you know, during the break talking to her about how they organized online and pre-planned their brutal attack on her.
And they had the flyers they put out so they knew they were targeting.
If they ever saw them, they believe somebody in the restaurant called them and they were nearby and came to attack.
This is just premeditated evil.
I've got a lot of questions, but I know you've got a lot of points.
Lucy Brown, Leanne, where is this going?
What do we do?
Is this Antifa stuff peaking?
Or is it getting worse?
And what needs to happen to these people?
I don't know.
I mean, I would say that your Antifa are a bit worse than our Antifa.
Our Antifa, as you see, are quite embarrassing, to be honest.
So I'd like to think that Antifa over here aren't going to spread.
And I'd like to think that people thinking of joining Antifa will see that footage and decide that actually maybe this isn't a movement for me.
But I think in general, they are kind of a distraction.
They're not someone, they're not people that we should really be worried about too much.
But of course, there they are at every event, they're shutting speeches down left, right and centre.
They're attacking people going in, they're trying to attack the speakers.
So yes, they are annoying, but I'd like to think that enough people now are going to see that and get up and actually fight back, which is kind of what's happening in London at Speaker's Corner.
Lucy, Lucy, Lucy, Lucy, you've got courage, you're honorable, you're educated, you're a smart lady.
It's the manifestation of nine, ten thugs willing to beat up a woman, even though of course they're wimpy scum, of course they're like Gollum or something.
The point is, is that this is an ideology this sick.
This is like Hitler's only one step away.
I mean, this is to go beat up a woman in a McDonald's parking lot.
Well, yeah, I mean...
Because I'm in this world.
I know what to expect.
We all do.
We all know what happens.
I've seen Tommy get in trouble before.
It's just what happens.
But, I mean, there is a part of me that does feel sad when I realise that, actually, no single media outlet has got in touch with me.
I've had maybe one friend get in touch with me.
This is sort of something that's just going to get brushed under the rug.
And yet, at the same time, in the UK, you had things like a woman walked into a McDonald's and a black security guard said, please, can you take your hijab off?
Maybe because there's some rule about headgear or something.
And she, it became a news, you know, global or whatever, massive story in our country and people were protesting outside McDonald's and she was getting all these retweets, special treatment and everything.
And yet there I am on the floor and yeah, apparently it's, um, that's just what I should expect and it is sad.
So I don't, I don't really know what to say.
I am sad about it, but at the same time, it is what it is.
I don't know.
What do you do?
Now I understand you're not being a drama queen about this.
I'm saying we all need to, as libertarians, as conservatives, as free thinkers, as common sense egalitarians, whatever you want to call us, we tend to not run around like chickens with our heads cut off.
But when you've got armed guys not letting us go to a demonstration, and the police do nothing in Austin, and the left attacking everybody's speech, and gangs of little meth heads stomping around beating up women, and the media makes a joke out of it, it's a big deal.
Because I guarantee you if you took one of these reporters that made a joke out of this and nine guys beat one of them up, it'd be the end of the world.
Oh, of course!
I mean, look what happened to Kathy Newman when she spoke to Jordan Peterson on Channel 4 over here, and then a few people wrote some horrible things about her on the internet afterwards.
Everyone was, oh, you poor thing, oh, you poor dear, you know, up against those internet trolls.
It's a complete double standard.
We know it's a double standard.
But on the flip side, thinking, you know, silver lining wise, some of my friends who are quite normal, who have normal parents, who think that everything's fine and the media don't lie, they saw that clip, and it actually did make them realize how bad it is.
In a way, you have to be able to show the extremes for people to wake up and realize, actually, yes, this is what's happening on the streets.
This is what's happening.
It's not being reported, and it is being celebrated.
And even The Guardian has to admit that it's the road to dystopia.
I mean, this is classic authoritarian nightmare dystopia we're talking about.
Yes, it is.
But, you know, there are lots of people that are now, they came out to Speaker's Corner last week to stand up for Brittany and Martin.
And this Sunday, there's going to be a massive event.
Tommy's going to be reading Martin's speech out.
And I've been having a lot of messages from people that for the first time ever are going to come out and support
What we're doing, which is basically just standing up for free speech and saying, we don't care if you say you're going to attack us.
It's our right to come and say what we want, especially in this historic area.
So that's kind of, we're hoping that this Sunday we're going to kind of set a precedent really and show that we're not going to back down, especially not in Britain.
Well, you know, the right wing can create authoritarianism and it happens, but usually it's the left.
And if you look at all the big collapsing countries, the authoritarianism, it usually comes out of the left.
I try to transcend that whole paradigm, but
The so-called leftists at universities everywhere, they want it now.
And so they need to know, historically, they're going to lose.
They're on the wrong side of history.
Well, then they're convincing everyone, well, they're stopping fascism.
They're playing an important role in society, not realizing, yeah, sure, if you shut everyone else down that's on the side that you don't agree with, guess what?
You're next.
They're coming for you next.
They don't like any form of government control, left or right.
The Global Summit, they want to put out a statement and then have robot bots rewrite it with different headlines and flavor.
They're going to get rid of reporters.
They're getting rid of this whole landscape of colorful, diverse ideas.
That's what's happening here.
Do you want free speech or do you want inclusion?
Even though free speech and the First Amendment literally means it's all included, we're all allowed to speak.
And then the knowledge of the crowd has been proven that the best ideas like the best restaurant or the best clothes or the best music goes to the top.
I mean you don't need to know that.
You know, Jimi Hendrix is a lot better than, say, Nickelback.
I mean, you don't need to force-feed Jimi Hendrix on people.
Or you don't need to force-feed Beethoven, or at least you don't on me, or George Strait.
I mean, you know George Strait is better than, what do you think, some horrible pop country band.
Yeah, Luke Bryan, I don't even know who that is.
All I'm saying is everybody knows George Straits a lot better than a lot of that stuff.
Alright, in closing, we appreciate Lucy Brown, your courage.
Any other nuggets, tidbits?
How do people follow you individually if they still let you be on Twitter or Facebook?
Yeah, you can follow me on Lucyfrown and obviously wherever Tommy is, wherever George and Cailin are, I'm running around with them.
But just keep your eyes peeled on Sunday.
Sunday is the day where Britain is going to make a stand.
So keep your eyes peeled.
I think we're going to have a hashtag Speakers' Corner going and we're basically going to reclaim Speakers' Corner.
It'll be the battle for Speakers' Corner.
So keep your eyes out because Britain is about to fight back and it's going to get nasty.
This Sunday morning, England prevails.
Again, what time, because I was talking about coming in and doing a live feed for a couple hours and picking up your feeds.
I think we're going to do that, guys, so I think be ready.
What time should people be there if they're in the UK?
I think people from Ireland should come across.
The Scots ought to come down.
I mean, this is the fight.
Going back to the Magna Carta, even, for free speech.
We're aiming for 3pm, but of course I reckon it's going to be a day of live streaming.
I reckon you're going to be able to see feeds from all over the place.
There's a lot of YouTubers coming down.
So yeah, just keep an eye on it, probably from around midday onwards.
But we're aiming to have Tommy read that speech at 3pm, by hook or by crook.
What time is 3 p.m.
I guess that's about 9 in the morning.
So we'll cover it live.
I'm gonna come in.
No, 9 at night.
This Sunday.
No, if it's 3 over there, it'll be 9 in the morning here.
Show, show.
This is gonna be the battle for Speaker's Corner.
We're going to be here covering it live.
I mean, am I right?
You mean 3 p.m.
Greenwich Mean Time, correct?
Okay, so we're going to be covering that.
The Battle for Speakers Corner at Infowars.com.
We'll have all the different YouTube feeds up, listed, all the Facebook feeds.
We'll have our own feeds and we'll hopefully be able to have you guys on with us live as well.
So we salute you, Lucy Brown.
Anything else?
No, thanks Alex.
It's a real pleasure talking to you.
We shall fight with growing strength and confidence in the air.
We shall defend our island, whatever the cost may be.
And we shall never surrender.
Alright, there you go.
Now, Leanne, I tell you, we got Steven Crowder coming up, hopefully.
He's a busy beaver.
We've got this banned video of his of a guy going beep beep beep beep beep beep.
I don't know about beep beep beep beep beep.
So you're going to see the hate, the evil, the most despicable, vile, triple X hatred you've ever seen.
A man with a silver box on his head going beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep.
So that is banned.
Look, there he is, Steven Crowder.
Thought criminal.
That's right.
Ladies and gentlemen, let's get ready to rumble!
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The hysteria and the dishonesty about firearms is staggering.
And if you want to save children's lives, which all conscientious, caring people want to do, you don't go after lies.
You go after reality and science and ballistic knowledge.
None of them seem to have that.
Here goes a couple shots.
That's really a lot of power.
Man, that sucker kicks.
That's really a lot of power.
Hey, Bruce got a pretty gun, yes.
Fire in the hole, you clear?
Well, on my Facebook every day, I salute entrepreneurs across this country that sacrifice and take risks to start business and employ people and be in the asset column.
And the Nugent family has always stood by that.
We've always worked and earned our own way.
And when you stand up for the Second Amendment, all of a sudden you have Ammo with your name on it.
And I have
Gold Tip Arrows
Who really earn their position in the asset column of America.
And when you see my audiences at the concert, it has a life of its own.
It's literally a firestorm of ferocity.
My music and my band and my audiences love real American soul music and rock and roll music and rhythm and blues.
And this is, it's 2018, and this is the best year of my life, in spite of the crazy world around us.
And I think, to some degree, because of the crazy world around us, you see dishonesty and ignorance and hate and rot and evil and nastiness from the left, and it makes you really confident that you're doing good.
There's a colloquialism, a battle cry that I always end up with.
Sometimes you give the world the best you got and you get kicked in the teeth.
Give the world the best you got anyway.
Coming to the InfoWars, Ted Nugent's The Music Made Me Do It.
Exclusively at InfoWars.com.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones.
Well, we all put a good face on it, but I was just talking to Steven Crowder, a very popular syndicated radio and TV host.
Needs no introduction.
All the young people I know are huge fans, and the adults are fans as well, which scares the globalists.
When it comes to young people, he's got more viewers than Fox and CNN combined.
So do we, so they want to censor us.
But now Fox is being sued for questioning the murder of Seth Rich.
So see,
That's where all this is going.
Well, they went a few days ago to South by Southwest to a trans event, and they had their spin the computer.
That's the character on the show.
He identifies as a computer.
Don't be hateful.
You'll be arrested in California.
Bling, beep, beep, beep, beep, beep, beep.
And then that was, he's been banned off Twitter for five days because of that.
And the media is supporting it.
They're saying it's a good thing it's hateful to, you know, buy your ticket and go to an event and say, I'm a robot.
The people there thought it was funny.
Here it is.
You spend more time with computers, and so I've always identified... I grew up in a father's home, just to give you my backstory, Beep Beep.
And I spend a lot of time with computers.
Beep Beep.
And I just have a strong connection with them, Beep Beep.
More so than people.
More so even than people, and that's kind of why I'm a computer now.
I identify as a computer.
Beep Beep.
I don't know if that's okay.
Beep Beep.
And if you all think about it, really the human brain is just an advanced CPU processor.
If you think about it, the human brain is just another computer, right?
Beep Beep.
Just processing things.
So yeah.
So Sven, when it gets to your turn, give your story that we talked about, make your joke, say you can call me anything you want, just not Windows 2000, and then end it with, I'm also a raging f***.
Well, my name is Sven Computer, my pronouns I don't really care, you can call me anything, just don't call me Windows 2000, that would be very offensive.
And that's about it, and I'm a raging f***.
And I've noticed what they mainly ban is stuff that's funny.
They want to own comedy and own being ironic.
Steven Crowder, what in the hell is going on with the left?
I'm sorry, I still laugh when I see my intern, Sven Computer, up there doing it.
It was funny to me.
They banned us, and so we sentenced Sven Computer.
So he was totally allowed to be there, had a badge.
I do want to correct one thing.
The people there afterward did not think it was funny, because they realized how silly it looked.
So I just want to be clear.
For the video I saw, they were laughing, but I guess later they didn't like it.
Right, exactly.
They didn't like it, so I don't want to misrepresent them.
But yeah, here's the deal.
No one knows the violations with YouTube or Twitter.
We were banned on Twitter immediately.
Immediately upon posting this video.
And here's the crazy thing.
It was a 12-hour ban.
Okay, Alex?
And then, there was a scheduled tweet.
You know this.
You probably have some scheduled tweets because you have different social media accounts that you run for the show.
You schedule a tweet maybe a couple hours in advance.
There was a scheduled tweet of this same video.
Now here's the thing.
Once they banned me for 12 hours, I couldn't access my account to remove the scheduled tweet.
So it went up, I got a double infraction, I've been banned for a week, and no answer at all from Twitter, and of course YouTube said this was a privacy violation, by the way, Texas, single party consent state, but the violation didn't have a time code, as you know there's supposed to be a legal process, there's a policy process with YouTube, if there's a violation it says at which point in the video.
We were just sent the whole video!
They just don't want this up anywhere.
It is so silly.
It's fun.
It makes them out to look silly, the whole LGB.
It wasn't, by the way, Alex, I have to correct you so that you don't get sued.
It wasn't a trans event.
It was a gender non-conformity event.
There were genders there that you've never even heard of before.
That's the thing.
I can't even hardly keep track of my taxes and my kids' events.
I made the joke six months ago that they're going to have LGBTQX394QL93DLC94.
And now they're saying,
Is it getting too long?
And like, it's like I'm in a cult, I've got to know all this.
Jones, I got the 42 pages right here, the complete list of all genders.
So go over a few of those.
I'm trying to go through it to see if I can find this computer.
Like they have a new one where you want to have sex with cars.
Right, or that it's a frost gender, freeze gender, that's when you just feel snowy and cold in Arctic, which is
Let's just say, this is total mental illness.
You feel like a marsh or a swamp.
Toby, no one's getting vegetables near dry ice.
What is going on, Crowder?
What is the endgame of this?
It's tough to be able to say what the endgame is.
Obviously, we feel that we've been targeted because of our point of view.
Because there are policies, they don't clarify what the policies are.
They don't tell you what they are.
They don't give you a way to remedy it.
We want to play ball.
We don't want to break the law.
We obey the law.
Here's the thing, Alex.
We have a show at SMU on March 22nd, okay?
There's a professor at UT Arlington who has been trying to get this show cancelled, the March 22nd show at SMU.
He doesn't even go to SMU.
He was posting these false memes, which were started from some kind of an alt-right neo-Nazi website that basically, they thought I was Jewish for a long time, so they would send me these anti-Semitic tweets or death threats.
They found out I wasn't Jewish, and so then they started doing these false libelous memes with swastikas tattooed on me and horrible racist, you know, kinds of fake quotes.
It's false flagging and it's not just left false flagging.
You've got extreme right-wing racist groups that attack you and I and everybody because they want to control the movement.
Well, here's the crazy thing about it, and this is why it all ties back in.
So these, by the way, these went up on Twitter.
So you could find a picture of me with a swastika tattooed on my neck saying, you know, kill all horrible things.
I can't, I can't repeat it.
And you don't want to say it because they'll edit it and say you said it.
Right, exactly.
I reported them to Twitter.
I said, this is not true.
This is a libelous meme.
It was allowed up.
So here's the thing.
We can obey the law, right, with YouTube.
Go to a single-party consent state, pay for access, we have the right to record, and it can be a violation of policy.
But then you have places like Twitter, where actual libel, actual slander is a crime, is allowed on their platform.
They don't follow the law, they allow breaking the law.
I mean, Twitter and Facebook have multi-million person accounts that are up for six months, a year, saying, kill Trump.
Oh, there are plenty that say kill me, of course, too.
I mean, listen, I deal with it every day.
I've reported them.
I'm like, hey, this guy says he wants to kill me.
It's not a violation.
Here's something else, Alex.
You want to hear a crazy story?
This, and the reason that ties back is that professor at UT Arlington was using those false memes to try and get me banned from SMU.
If you want to say this video is offensive, fine.
You want to say my jokes are edgy, that's true.
See, that's what they do to me.
They say that I say there's Martian bases.
They say I say firefighters blew up the World Trade Center.
No, I said there was a stand down.
It's come out in the news.
That's how they get us all.
They misrepresent what I say.
They misrepresent what you say.
Then they attack when you go on my show or I go on yours.
They go, oh, you're on with that Nazi Crowder.
Or, oh, you're on with that Nazi Alex.
And then we all go, I better not be with that person.
And this is how they're trying to kill everybody coming together.
Yeah, you know, let me make this as clear as humanly possible.
The reason I was targeted by neo-Nazis is because I believe Israel has a right to exist.
I support the Second Amendment.
I support the First Amendment.
I support freedom of speech.
I support the right to protest.
People are going to protest our show at SMU on March 22nd.
I support their right.
I want to be as clear as humanly possible.
What I have a problem with are misleading business practices where we don't know the rules.
Because Alex, you know, how many people, Alex, do you employ there at your program?
It's over 100 with the shipping department and legal and everything.
Good lord, oh good for you.
You're doing well.
The hat's off to you.
You know, ours is about 15.
Here's the thing.
I don't agree with everything you say.
You don't agree with everything I say.
But those people are dependent on you being able to follow rules that are clearly established, right?
Exactly, it's totally top line.
It's all selectively enforced.
There are no rules.
The rules are they can do whatever they want.
Well, here's something they can't do.
Twitter actually helped me create an ad campaign, and we're going to be announcing live with my lawyer here in the coming week some action that we'll be taking.
By the way, people out there, I know you do this.
You need to take proper legal action at this point.
The time for just complaining on social media, that's not enough.
We need to hit them where it hurts, legally, and sting them, the wallet.
That's where it hurts.
Here's something that Twitter did.
They said, hey, you should advertise on Twitter.
I said, you know, I don't know if that's a... No, no, you should invest your money in advertising on Twitter because you get to keep the followers you gain, and it's a great way.
I said, okay, they helped create an advertising campaign to gain followers, right?
They, multiple times, got on the phone with me and said, hey, let's correct it this way.
Hey, maybe change the copy.
They did this for years, took the money, and then said the copy in the ads they told me to create, the ones they helped devise, were a violation of Twitter's policy!
That's it, so it's fraud.
It's fraud.
It's unfair trade practices.
They did that to us, too.
Facebook, they take your money, you build up this big thing, you send all the traffic to it, and then they just blow it all away and use what they told you to do, just like they told the Russians with that ad package for the election.
Cover guns.
Cover Black Lives Matter.
Russians only spent a few hundred thousand dollars.
They wanted to spend millions.
All these different media outlets, RT, were trying to spend money.
And then they use what they told RT to do as the proof of Russian bots, Stephen.
See, I've never been told anything by Facebook.
I don't know about the Russia situation.
Here's what I know about Russia.
I know that nearly every time I read about Russia in the news, the next day I read that the story wasn't true.
So I've tuned it out!
I don't care about Russia anymore.
That's where I am with Russia.
I don't know about anyone else.
I'd say tweet me and let me know it has Crowder, but they can't!
Let me ask you this question.
Are they really scared of you because the young people love you?
That's what it's all about.
I'm not kidding.
All the public schools I go to, because my children are in school, but then they play on other teams, even though they're in a private school.
And I go to high schools and middle schools, and it's like, Elvis arrived, and then they're like, we love Steven Crowder, we love Gavin McGinnis, we love Paul Watson.
And then I talk to these young people, when my daughter has four or five of her friends over, they go to public school and they go, who is CNN?
Who is Anderson Cooper?
They don't.
Who's up for Winfrey?
But they know who Steven Crowder is, and they're wanting pictures with me, and their dad's coming to pick them up, wanting pictures with me.
That's why the media's scared, because they only got the old people.
Why is that, Steven?
Well, first off, I really appreciate it.
I'm glad.
And might I suggest better public schooling, because I
I don't want kids watching my stuff.
I'm kidding, of course, but it's not for everybody.
Here's the situation there, and you're right, there's a generational gap.
I actually had someone who was really popular on Vine.
Remember Vine?
Say, hey man, I really want to get into YouTube.
We always said there will never be the ratings that Carson used to have because there were three networks.
Now we're back to it.
YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime.
And they're scared of it.
Now we're back to a few major networks on the dial, and people like me are at the top of that dial, and they've got some controlling to do.
That's right, they're absolutely crapping their britches.
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If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
I don't think so.
And Steven Crowder is on with us.
Heavily censored.
You've got Twitter.
You've got YouTube banning the video.
We just showed you some of it.
Leanne, you found his gender from this Gender Fluidity Conference.
I didn't get the name right.
I'm sorry.
Yeah, the gender fluidity, which is, you know, that's why they just let this guy in and they hear Sven Computer out because there's so many different genders, they don't even know perhaps there really is this computer gender.
I knew I would find it if I just looked through this list, the complete list of all genders,
And Sven Computer is video gender.
Video gender is a gender that feels too robotic technological to be classified by human standards.
Note, this gender is for the use of any robotic mechanical kin types only.
So that's kind of like Asperger's.
And so it's like a new religion, basically.
So look, you should sue.
They were bigoted against you.
They were bigoted against your robot cohort.
Your video gender.
You know what's funny is that I'm the last guy who wants to get into any of this.
I'm a late-night host and comedian.
I mean, I'm not even, you know, I'm not even a radio guy.
I'm a comedian.
I started out as a comedian.
We do a late-night show.
Really, I grew up my whole life watching early Letterman.
That was me.
My dad used to record it on the VHS, so I'd get to watch the top ten list and he'd fast-forward the too naughty parts, you know?
And I remember then as I grew up and I realized that every single one of these people was far, far left, and I was going, you know, man, it would be great to be able to watch late-night and not get sucker-punched.
That's all.
I don't even want it to be political.
I'd say 80% of our content isn't political.
I'm just open about my views.
It's a late night entertainment show.
I don't want to sue anybody.
I don't want to have to deal with the Twitter police and the YouTube violations.
This was a guy going in as a... I didn't even know that was a gender.
This is very enlightening, but it's hysterical to me.
Probably someone out there could file a class action lawsuit for discriminating against... What was it called?
Video gender?
Video gender.
Video gender.
But video specific, because, I mean, I don't think 4K, not beta gender?
Hey, what's the one where you have sex with appliances and cars?
Guys, we have that in there.
What's that thing called?
There's all these other churches.
This is just another church of what the genders are.
So how are we going to have all these competing groups, Steven Crowder, battling for who has the official, will we have gender wars with all the left over who, how many genders there really are?
Macrophilia is what it's called?
But you see, I mean, how many genders will there be?
It's already into hundreds and hundreds.
And will the competing groups, like, have wars, Stephen, over what is the proper Bible?
You know, I have no idea.
We used to joke about it.
We would say LGBTQ, AAIP, and the number two.
And then, my Prime Minister from Canada, I was raised in Canada.
Born in Detroit, by the way, before people say that I need to be booted.
I was born in Detroit, but raised in Canada.
So, my Prime Minister of my other homeland, Canada, Justin Trudeau,
Actually said, actually publicly apologized to the LGBTQ and two-spirited community.
There needs to be a number two in there!
This isn't a joke anymore!
And it's so utterly... I don't even know what two-spirited is!
I still don't know what it is!
And the Prime Minister of one of the biggest countries in the free world apologized to the two-spirited community!
To me, I just want to be able to laugh at it.
Think about this, right?
Your late, late night show.
If you go back, I don't know, 10, 20 years, you go back to Carson, you go, you know, they were joking about Nixon, they were joking about what was going on in the culture.
You have to joke about what's happening.
This is what's happening now!
And you couldn't even have Richard Pryor!
You couldn't even have any Murphy today!
You couldn't do anything, and that's what it is.
It's clogging culture, it's shutting down speech, it's dividing everybody.
Alright, Stephen Crowder, ladderwithcrowder.com, all the great work you're doing on CRTV, everywhere else.
I know you're going to mount some major legal announcements on the 22nd up at SMU in Dallas.
Yes, at SMU, a live show.
My half-Asian lawyer, Bill Richmond, will be there, and we have some announcements to make.
The show's almost full, but you can still get in if you are a Mug Club member.
All right, Steven Crowder.
Leigh Ann, any final comments?
No, but thank you for thoroughly entertaining us continually.
They just violated the rights of the video genders.
What was it called?
Video gender.
It's like Videodrome, the Cronenberg movie.
Thank you so much, Mr. Crowder.
Thank you, sir.
Alright, InfoWars.com, NewsWars.com.
Let's introduce Joel Gilbert.
He's got the reported son of Bill Clinton, the illegitimate son, who's been in the studio with us before, with him in studio.
So get ready for that as well.
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So they had a gender fluidity conference.
We're going to finish up here and hand the baton to Joel Gilbert, who's got Danny Williams, the reported illegitimate son of Bill Clinton.
He looks like him.
They've done the test, I believe it.
It's that big breaking news on that front.
Joel Gilbert, documentary filmmaker.
We'll be taking over here in just a few minutes.
But you were going over this group that they bought a ticket to, they win.
He said, well, I'm a robot.
So they had him barred on Twitter and YouTube.
We just had Steven Crowder on.
And we're laughing about this, but you read this.
This is, I'm a bog gender.
I feel boggy.
I mean this is like, and you've got people all seriously sitting around going, yes, hmm.
And then we sit here and joke, Tavistock Institute brought, created all this to create mental illness in the breakdown of civilization.
But the fact that you can't even question it and say there are two genders, I mean this is real authoritarianism.
Where do you see this going, Leanne?
Well, I mean, this is just, like you said, this is mental illness here.
First of all, so we're talking about this gender, the bog gender.
Let's document Cam that.
People need to see this.
And this is the complete list of all genders.
So we have bog gender, a gender that feels like a bog, swamp, marsh, or similar ecosystem.
Also known as swamp gender.
I feel like a titanous, berserking, fiery goblin.
The guys were saying the other day, was that like Swamp Thing?
Is Swamp Thing a bog gender?
Swamp Thing's pretty powerful.
Do they come from that planet where... I don't know, but I just feel really good.
I feel strong.
Well, that's definitely in here.
There's the thing where it's all masculine.
That's kind of a gender.
You can't say masculine.
You're right.
You're right.
No, I mean, this stuff is just...
They use our hospitality against us, where we then play along with this My Little Pony BS.
Yeah, but it's like, who is actually sitting here documenting the people that are coming in saying, I'm a glass gender.
I'm a gender that is very sensitive and fragile.
What's a gender, witch?
I'm a glass gender.
A gender in which one is intrigued or entranced by the idea of a particular gender, but not certain that it's actually experiencing.
So this is sounds like mind control.
So it's kind of gender vague.
Maybe that's kind of gender vague or gender strange but you know it could also be a glitch gender.
And again they have thousands of groups just like typing out like they've got chimpanzees tied up to typewriters just coming up with this insane dribble we have to bow down and worship.
And it all sounds the same, like a gossa gender is a gentle and fragile gender, a gender that is barely there.
But isn't that sort of the same as a glass gender?
Well, let's expand on that.
I mean, this is what Saul Alinstey said.
We're going to break up families.
We're going to attack the genders.
I mean, this is just an attack on reality.
We're going to go to Joe Gilbert.
How do you not misgender people?
We're going to go to Joe Gilbert and get his take on this.
He's going to get into other big serious subjects, but this is serious because they're doing this to our kids.
They've had, you know, real mainline feminists come out and say this is child abuse, what's going on with the children.
Just briefly before I hand the baton to Joe Gilbert and ask him just briefly what he thinks of all this mind control before he gets into this other subject with Danny Williams and this big exclusive interview.
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All right, Joel, you're an expert on the leftist and their mind control operations, so I know you're going to come back and get into your main broadcast you've been getting ready for all week.
So thanks for letting us take over a little bit here, but we ran over.
What is up with the whole gender fluid movement, our kids?
From your research, what is behind this whole thing?
Look, what's behind it is the left wants to attack and destroy the middle class.
They know that the middle class
We're good.
Impoverished class and political elites who control the wealth.
So this gender thing is just another assault on reality and middle class existence that supports reality.
Right, and I agree with this here.
What we're seeing in California and other places, they're making it illegal to misgender people, but then they've got this insane list of all these genders.
It makes it so confusing.
It's designed where they get to be victims and take over, and then always dictate what the new... It's a religion.
We're only allowed to then, eventually, we're like, okay, fine, I can't deal with it.
Let's just agree that we're all just people.
Well, that's what they said in Brave New World, which was based on a real U.N.
plan written in 1932 before the U.N.
was around.
His brother later ran the UNESCO program.
He said it was genderless.
That's what they created.
We're all just, I can't even say humans, because that has man in it.
But that's it.
There's no men, women, mother, father.
They're already doing away with that.
And then we just capitulate to this, like cult members.
I mean, why not drink cyanide Kool-Aid?
Because the students want this inclusion!
It's so inclusive!
And then it always gets bigger.
I remember it was like five years ago.
They came out with 50 genders at Facebook.
Now it's hundreds.
It's 70, 80 now at this point.
It's definitely way up there at this point.
And I mean this is 42 pages long.
And again, there's all these competing churches.
So you've got to know all their groups.
And then I'm sorry, you go look at these events.
These look like escapees from mental institutions.
And they're just the fodder for this.
But the big social controllers, Joel, how do you think it's going for them right now as they sue us and go after free speech and sue Fox News for investigating Seth Ridge?
I mean, they're going into a new level.
What do we do?
I mean, I think they're absolutely dedicated to what I call the police state.
They want a state that controls speech, that gets rid of the deplorables who are supporting this whole free market constitutional system.
They're now mobilizing the tech giants, where they couldn't succeed to convince people to vote for this nonsense, they want to enforce it.
And that's why all
Socialist Marxist countries always had a police state because they had to force people.
That's right.
To cooperate and behave and force them what to think.
You know I'm glad you said this because I was eating lunch last Friday and listening to your members of Friday before and you were sitting there and we post the video to InfoWars over the weekend people said Jones used to be against the police state but now he licks the boots of the police.
He's got this Joel Gilbert on saying it's not Deep State it's the police state that Obama and they put in and he's totally right.
People talking about a police state
He's saying I'm against Venezuela and its corrupt government using the police for control and having laws that are a police state.
It's the left trying to take over the police to have a police state.
That's when I was warned by law enforcement in the 90s about Clinton training him for gun confiscation.
It wasn't I was against the police.
I was getting it from the police, from the military, because they were warning of a police state.
A police state isn't the police in charge.
It's a police state without a Constitution, Bill of Rights, with an authoritarian regime over you, and that's what Joel Gilbert's saying, but they play these semantical games going, oh.
The IRS, the DOJ, the local police departments like in Parkland, they imposed this crazy system from the Eric Holder Justice Department that you shouldn't send high school kids to jail even if they commit crimes.
So all this stuff comes from the top where they use the IRS or FBI to impose their will upon free people.
That's a police state.
I experienced it myself.
The FEC, Federal Election Commission, went after me.
I got followed by Capitol Police when I went to DC.
I got pulled off an airplane one time when I flew in for CPAC.
They asked me about my films.
So it's an intimidation factor that they used in Russia and all.
And that's why we gotta fight to keep this land of the free, home of the brave, and stop it now.
Because they're trying to promote this lawlessness where they don't let ICE go in.
All this is part of an attempt to have a communist dictatorship in this country.
Joel Gilbert's taking over.
Thank you, Leigh-Ann.
Great job.
Thank you.
As the InfoWars family of listeners and viewers know, we are always researching and bringing you the very cutting edge of high quality products.
And that's especially true when it comes to nutraceuticals and supplements.
We know that our modern environment is bombarding our guts with all sorts of toxins and heavy metals and pesticides, herbicides that basically kill the good flora.
We have been working for several years with top researchers in the United States to bring you three new top-of-the-line affordable probiotics that are true game changers.
Now the first is a digestive enzyme that I'm extremely excited about.
All of us know that if you eat a lot of meat,
And a lot of protein.
You don't chew it properly sometimes.
There's buildup.