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Name: 20180314_Wed_Alex
Air Date: March 14, 2018
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Alex Jones discusses censorship and the suppression of free speech worldwide, specifically targeting major tech companies like Google and Facebook for their efforts to censor alternative news outlets. He also criticizes mainstream media for attempting to control narratives and silence dissenting voices. In addition, Jones promotes various products available through his website and discusses topics such as the left's hatred for families, globalist plans, the nomination of Gina Haspel as CIA director, state of the economy, lawsuits against him, patriots running for office, CIA transformation, controversy surrounding Hillary Clinton, Hillary's political snobbery, shipping costs for Amazon and Infowars, efforts to shut down InfoWars, support for InfoWars, latest product releases by InfoWars Life, appointment of Larry Kudlow as the head of the National Economic Council, and current state of journalism in America.

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Live from Austin, Texas, broadcasting worldwide, it's Alex Jones.
Alright, I'm gonna have to be very, very disciplined today to cover all this news because I've got to get into the geopolitical news, the huge financial news, the military news.
But at the center of all this, on this Wednesday, the 14th day, hard to believe, ladies and gentlemen, of March 2018, we are at the center of the news.
There is a concerted public rollout worldwide from Communist China, to Western Europe, to the United States, from Canada to the UK, from South Africa to Paris, France, from Stockholm, Sweden to Berlin, Germany, to end nationalist, conservative, Christian, libertarian speech.
People that are worried about radical Islam.
It's all being banned, and I've got Sadiq Khan two days ago and Austin Singh do it, the Islamist mayor.
I've got the head of YouTube here in Austin calling for banning free speech and placing their videos and info over us.
I mean, Google says Jesus didn't exist.
Apple's taking Easter off their calendar.
And even Melania Trump's being sucked into it.
This is really bad news, Melania Trump getting into social media companies to discuss cyberbullying.
Then they say, you know, you hurt anybody's feelings by disagreeing with them or pointing out their Democratic Party operative, at any tragic event, spinning things.
Well, then you get sued.
Doesn't even matter if the lawsuit's fraudulent, because it's the PR they want.
So this is the big push that Hillary was already planning once she got in.
They're just going ahead with it, and it is unbelievable.
I spent
About four hours yesterday on the phone with different lawyers who have read the 70-page lawsuit filed by Georgetown University with taxpayer money, the clinics taxpayer-funded, and you have these professors that sued me defaming me all over the news, just having a big temper tantrum, lying about me, saying things I never said, which isn't in the lawsuit, so it's out in the public area.
And we're getting the trigger ready on the final letter to Tom Brokaw.
I guess I gotta sue him for calling me a total racist with no proof.
It doesn't matter if I'm a public figure.
That is defamation on his face.
And I'm getting ready to send the final letters to Pepe the Frog creator and everything else.
And I've just gotta fight for the First Amendment.
I'm gonna have to sue all these people.
And it's just incredible how they go, oh, we're for free speech.
We just want Alex Jones taken off the air.
In fact, here are some of the headlines.
YouTube Wikipedia conspiracy theory crackdown isn't enough.
They just call for Infowars and Alex Jones to be banned.
And they lie about what I've said.
More censorship to quote protect you.
Younger announces.
Seth Rich's parents sue Fox News for investigating his death.
I'm not kidding.
Talked to lawyers about that this morning.
They said it's just completely
The mother, poor lady, says, oh, after he died, I'm stressed out and can't work, and after media coverage.
Okay, but Fox News didn't shoot your son, and I'm sorry he's dead.
But talking to lawyers in D.C.
and others, they said, they always catch these random shootings or muggings, except this time, and nothing was taken.
And you got Debbie Wasserman Soltz that had the Democratic Party threatening the police about other laptops that got left, showing Pakistani infiltration.
And you've got the former head of the NSA who's examined the files.
of the WikiLeaks information, and it was downloaded at point-blank range.
It wasn't transferred over the internet.
So, it's totally normal to question, but they say, oh no, it's a conspiracy theory.
The Democratic Party came in, and they had one of their top crisis operatives, not crisis actor, crisis managers, the Democratic Party, come in to the family the week after, take control of the whole thing,
And now you question Seth Rich, you get sued.
I mean, that's what's happening to us.
And so much of the media is going along with it.
You better understand, the Democrats say in this lawsuit against me that they want to create case law to overturn the Supreme Court on the First Amendment and allow them to prohibit the speech of anybody they want and basically ban investigative journalism.
The lawyers I've talked to, they're top folks, they say this is one of the most historic cases ever.
This is the end of the First Amendment.
This is Roger Stone for InfoWars.
The left has launched lawfare against Alex Jones, filing a bunch of bogus lawsuits against him that are designed to close InfoWars down.
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We now take you live to the Central Texas Command Center in the heart of the resistance.
It's Alex Jones.
I'm picking up a fake transmission right here.
I think it's Alex Jones calling.
But here's the good news, chumps.
You think you're going to assassinate Trump, or shoot down the intended agent, and bully a bunch of us into going along with you?
How do I preserve power?
...from being willing to have a fight.
We're wanting one at this point.
And only the dumbest morons buy into your SJW globalist George Soros tropics.
Emergency reserve.
Hillary Clinton and the New World Order and Michael Moore.
Go back to Hades where you came from.
We're awake and you're not putting us back in the coma.
You got that, Jack?
You're done.
It's over.
Get him back.
Ladies and gentlemen, I am Alex Jones, your host.
Thank you so much for joining us on this historic March 14, 2018 transmission.
We are right now in the center of the Ides of March.
Always a very unlucky time.
I don't get up here and say that I'm honored and that I'm actually very satisfied
In what's going on as Infowars is being persecuted.
I don't say that to put a good PR face on it.
Because there have been times when I wake up in the middle of the night that I'm upset about what's happening.
But then when I reflect on it and ponder it and cogitate, I am extremely honored to be at the center of the fight for this republic.
And for Western civilization values, and for nationalism, and for free market, and for religious freedom.
To be a classical Thomas Jeffersonian liberal.
I call myself a nationalist libertarian because in the modern nomenclature and parlance, that is what the words mean today.
But in the system of Thomas Jefferson's day, 220 years ago or so, during his heyday,
I'm a liberal.
I'm a just absolute flaming liberal.
But today, that's called a Nazi by George Soros, the Nazi collaborator who runs the fascist anti-American bully brigades in the media and on the streets in America.
And see what I said is fact.
But CNN says I need to be sued, sink,
of course.
We're good to go.
I got a lot of other news I want to hit on before I get into this, because we've got Rex Tillerson, we've got the economy, we've got massive attacks on the First Amendment, but let me just boil this down to everybody right now.
I personally am on a mission, and I'm right where I want to be.
I personally feel very, very strong because of the situation.
And they say that great people are made by the situations they're in, and by doing the right thing.
I'm not a great person, but I am instinctive, and I have my head screwed on straight, and I have studied history.
So, again, if I see a wildfire coming towards my house, and it's a mile away, and the winds are picking up, and the fire starts moving sometimes, you know, a mile an hour, I'm not going to go to bed at midnight watching television with my wife.
And then just hope I don't wake up at 3 a.m.
with fires all around me.
That happened, what was it, six years ago when they had the Bastrop fires and the fires out by Dripping Springs and the Hill Country, and there were ashes raining down on my house, the fire was a mile away, the winds were 50 miles an hour, and the fire departments were running around blocking roads, and I said, we're going to the hotel.
Went to the Four Seasons.
Got a suite with me and my family.
And the fire got within a half mile.
And I had family say, well, you know, you're not usually a scaredy cat.
Why'd you do it?
I said, I'm not a scaredy cat.
If you got fire coming at you with 50 mile an hour winds, I don't go to bed.
Cause I could sleep through a nuclear war.
It's a normal provision.
Like I'm not a fearful person, but I locked my door.
I'm not a,
Exhibitionists, you know, I close my blinds.
So, that's the point I'm getting at here, is that it's not heroic to do the right thing.
Now, the fact that I feel really strong and feel like I should be right where I am, and my morale has never been higher,
And it's making me be a lot more serious person, and a lot... It's not that I'm even becoming less nice, I'm becoming more decisive.
And I'm putting up with less BS.
For myself and other people.
Because the hour is very, very serious.
Now, just like you feel strong when you're forced to fight, it doesn't mean the situation's good.
Without even, I got here late today, without even, I did some research last night and this morning, but without even looking at more than 10 stacks here, I only went through four or five of them, and it's just everywhere, mainstream news, banning free speech, banning, shutting this down, controlling that, blocking that, putting the Southern Poverty Law Center, ADL, Media Matters, in videos, in front of our videos.
I mean, it's all just next level.
And then Fox News being sued for bullying.
And the professors say, and it's in the same courts in Virginia, they say, same courts I'm being sued in.
I told you, it's me today, it's you tomorrow.
They said, it was hurtful that you investigated Seth Rich and who killed him, and so we're suing you for millions of dollars.
That's right.
Remember the news said, how dare Fox News and Sean Hannity
Question this, and then you question it, and they call it conspiracy theory.
He was shot repeatedly in the back.
Debbie Washburn Schultz is running around threatening police on television.
You give me my laptop back, DNC, or I'll have your funding pulled.
And the police say no.
You've got WikiLeaks basically saying that Seth Rich is their source.
You've got the former head of the NSA that looked at the WikiLeaks data, and the port data,
You've got British ambassadors and others that have gone public that have seen it.
William Benny's seen it.
The port data is the fastest basic download, at the time it happened, that you could get from a computer to a thumb drive.
It was six, seven times faster than the best connection anywhere over the internet.
So it was not a hack, it was a leak.
Seth Rich was over that stuff.
We're not saying he did it.
We're saying 2 plus 2 could equal 4.
We're looking at it.
The Democratic Party admittedly took control of the Rich family, is running this, had a PR firm involved, and now they're suing people that say investigate Seth Rich.
Folks, that's what this is!
And just like we said, why is it Democrat, you know, four kids out of a thousand that are only, or three thousand only ones on the news with anti-gun views?
Why is it, you know, you get the Democratic Party operatives at this event in Charlottesville and they're the ones that are the spokespersons calling Trump a white supremacist and all this.
And then we get sued for saying, look, these are Democratic spokespersons.
They spit it to fame us.
Say we're saying nobody died and that they orchestrated it.
See how that works?
No, they orchestrated the chaos Soros did by funding Antifa.
That's what we said.
So again, it's the biggest attack on the First Amendment ever.
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Let's talk to Victor in Florida.
Victor, you're calling.
Go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
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You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
Rallying patriots worldwide in defense of human liberty.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
Ladies and gentlemen, we're broadcasting worldwide.
I am your host, Alex Jones.
And I don't want to make what's happening to us the main story of the broadcast every day.
Because I have so much incredible news that ties into just the whole future of this species.
But do you understand that all of the mainstream media has ganged up on InfoWars?
They announced four weeks ago, four and a half weeks ago,
In the Wall Street Journal, that the head of News Corp, the new CEO, as they merge with Disney, met with Google, Facebook, and Twitter, and they said, we're going to launch, in the next few weeks, a program to eradicate all other competing news and information off of major platforms.
And our prospectus is, together we'll make hundreds of billions of dollars more.
They then specifically listed Infowars.com and Wikileaks and said, we're going to start with them to set the precedent.
So this was a corporate statement for the stock of Disney and News Corp and Apple and Twitter and Facebook.
Apple then announced a week later they're merging with the Chinese government with their new worldwide headquarters there and giving them access to full Apple Cloud all codes, which they won't give to the US government and which they shouldn't.
Sadiq Khan's in town saying, man, the First Amendment.
The head of YouTube's in Austin, where I am, today, and said, restrict free speech.
It is unbelievable.
I cannot even exaggerate this.
It's worse than I can say.
I'm getting chills right now.
And it's all being done, all corporate and all sophisticated, just like TPP and IMF and World Bank and XM Bank and the WTO and all this stuff that transferred our power to multinationals.
And it's the same way they just go, oh hi, we're going to stop bullying.
Uh-huh, we're going to block InfoWars.
He said there's Mars bases with children on it.
I didn't say it.
They're the ones defaming me.
Tom Brokaw everywhere.
Alex Jones is a racist.
He hates black people.
The lawyers look at it and they go, yeah, if you can win a case with a public figure, this is it.
And I'm like, I keep telling lawyers, I said, send the final letter, get the suit ready.
Statute of limitations is up in a month and a half.
I mean, I got to do it.
I got to sue Tom Brokaw.
I got to sue all these lying scumbags.
I mean, they're just trash, and they think they're better than everybody, and they think they're going to butcher the First Amendment, and it's everywhere.
Today, without even looking, I've got like 15 articles here saying, end the First Amendment.
And it's these weird double-thinking articles.
They go, Alex Jones is a menace.
He's banned from speech.
He needs to be deplatformed and not allowed to be heard.
I mean, Hitler did that in secret.
But then they go, but that's not getting rid of the First Amendment.
No, no, no, no.
Jones is yelling fire in a theater show.
I go, hey, look at all these Democratic operatives there at Charlottesville and all these big foundation people and how Soros is in the documents hiring people to go be disruptive.
I mean, that's in the news.
That's in all over.
And they just go, Jones says no one died.
And Jones says a photographer carried out the attack.
And then you go, read the suit, says stuff I never said.
Then you go look at the videos, didn't say what they say, they even changed the headlines, that Soros needs to be arrested for orchestrating Charlottesville.
And they took the word off, chaos.
The police stood down, we first reported that.
Millie Weaver and Gavin Wentz were there covering it.
They got attacked.
They marched the press, the independent press, and the new right people, or the alt-right people, in to the Antifa.
And later it came out they did.
They say, that's me saying it's all fake.
Like, like, the Truman Show.
Didn't say that.
But it didn't matter.
If I want to say it's not real, how does that hurt anybody?
Oh, they go, it's bullying, so I need to be sued for millions of dollars by Georgetown University.
So here's the bottom line before I go to break, come back with all the other news.
They're attacking the Second Amendment, but they can't get it.
You know how they get it?
They get the First Amendment.
Just like they're trying to de-platform the NRA.
Just like they're trying to shut down the NRA, trying to take its banking away.
They're trying to take our banking away.
The lawyers have looked at that and they said, yeah, this is all tortious interference, racketeering, unfair business practices.
This is all mafia tactics.
Breitbart got it right.
CNN mafia tactics.
Going after our sponsors.
Trying to get our YouTube shut down.
Filing fake complaints on us.
Then when they fail, they come out and say, Jones is crazy.
Nobody's trying to take him over.
Thinking you didn't remember the day before when they had three stories saying do it.
That's fake news.
So, now they're suing Fox News.
Democrats have funded it.
They're using the grieving family who first came out and had questions.
PIs came out and said there were questions.
Rich was shot in the back.
It goes on and on from that point.
The leaks to WikiLeaks were not hacked.
They were downloaded.
Now you've got the Pakistani brothers and Washerman Schultz and laptops and threatening the police to get them back and that's what we all broke with Dr. Corsi and people right after Seth Rich that reportedly there were Islamists from Pakistan involved, there was investigations, it was all and everything came out.
Exactly what the Capitol Police, oh by the way this is how many sources I have,
I have a source, I'm not going to say if it's federal or local, on the scene of the latest bombing over here in Southeast Austin two days ago.
And we know exactly the type of bomb it was and how it was done and why they were blocking the streets and searching the houses.
And now I understand why they got warrants and why they did it.
So the police had a reason.
And when I was given the info, I said, well, am I able to put this out?
I don't want to hurt the investigation.
They said, yeah, we've determined we're going to let you break it.
Because I think the police just want you to see when it comes out how credible we are.
In fact, get me a Don Salazar in here, please.
I know Kit's overwhelmed.
Everybody's doing a great job.
Just get it done here.
And I meant to have our security folks, we didn't want to search on our own phones, search the type of bombs that are being used.
And I'm going to break when we come back the exclusive of the bomb.
And see, we're given this by the FBI and by other people at Vegas, so when it comes out, we're right.
People can understand that there are good people in the government and that InfoWars has real sources.
Patriots know how to save InfoWars.
They'll just continue to give us the best information.
Two explosions in Austin.
One dead, two injured.
That was on Monday.
There was another one on March 2nd.
And Don, I'm going to give you the exclusive during the break.
And do me a favor, go get one of the security guys, you know the one I'm talking about, because I want to be able to have him help you with this, because I meant to come in early and get with you and give you the details of the weapons.
These are bombs cooked on the front porch of the house.
Takes about 20 minutes.
They're a pressure-relief bomb.
And that's why it's so bizarre.
This person is, in broad daylight, mixing and cooking the bomb, and then putting it on the porch.
And when the person moves the weight off the top, it detonates.
And that's the main reason law enforcement wants us to go ahead and do this.
Because higher-ups are saying, don't release it.
They're like, no.
People need to know if there's more of these bombs.
So, if there's something on your front porch, do not touch it.
We'll be right back.
I knew about iodine a long time ago and the effects of iodine because looking at, again, the root cause of what's going on, we are all exposed to endocrine-disrupting chemicals every single day.
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Let's go ahead and go to Lloyd in Washington.
You're on the air.
Thanks for holding.
Mr. Alex Jones.
Hey, brother.
Good, man.
Thank you for calling.
Hey, hey.
I just want to say thanks for your products and everything that you're doing to try to save the country.
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I mean, it's all good stuff.
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You are funding the Information War in 2018.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show!
Defending the Republic from enemies, foreign and domestic.
It's Alex Jones.
Coming up, when I start
The next hour, Scott Adams is joining us, Kevin McGinnis is joining us, Dr. Steve Pacinich is joining us with all his inside intel.
I'm going to get Zach, by the way, on the next few days if we can, one of our other great intel sources.
Old Zach from... Old Zach from the Cape Canaveral, folks.
I'm not going to say what agency he's in.
I was about to.
I don't think he even minds, but I'm not going to say it.
I'm going to reveal at the start of the next hour the type of bomb that has been used three times in Austin, causing one fatality and other serious injuries.
Two bombings on Monday, one bombing the week before during South by Southwest.
Two black families, one Hispanic family hit.
Some are saying it's racially motivated.
Some say it could be a false flag.
You know, a lot of the leftists attack themselves.
I'm not saying that's what it is, but that happens a lot.
And you see all the cases where, you know, the Air Force Academy, somebody's writing the N-word everywhere on vending machines, and it turns out it's a black cadet.
Or it could be anti-FUD gentrification folks protesting.
Or it could be just a mentally ill person.
It could be a teenager.
He's been radicalized, and I think it could be a white supremacist.
I mean, I'm not saying that's what it is, but I think that's now 30-40% chance from what I know from law enforcement.
And I was told this information this morning from the source, and it's an impeccable direct source.
I wrote down notes, then of course I left them at my house.
So much is happening.
And so I'm gonna go back over the notes, which I'm gonna get brought back to me, and then I'm gonna check with
One of the other folks that I related to, their military and ordinance background, to make sure the article that Adan Salazar and I put out is accurate.
So that's why I'm waiting to go to this because there's just so much going on.
I was given bombshell info, pun intended, on the bombing and I mean it's the exclusive.
It's the exclusive.
And again, I'm not a munitions person, so I understand a little bit about compression and things like that, but I want to get the exact type of bomb right, and I want to make sure that I relay it all properly.
But it is a very primitive bomb, but it's also a very deadly bomb, and again, it's triggered by you opening it, by the pressure of the, I guess, compounds then
Uh, being, uh, mixed together.
And again, the reason we're being given the information is so that... Well, it's many things.
Because folks know we're a credible news source, we'll put it out.
Also, the main reason is a lot of the folks on the ground and surrounding them, right above them, think that
You need to tell the public what this bomb looks like and so you understand.
Everybody's focusing on packages and mail.
And they keep saying, check all your mail, check all this.
That's just not what it is.
You go out there and you're, hmm, what's in this crock pot, basically?
You take the lid off and it blows you up.
So, that's what's going on.
And you'll see that when it comes out, the type of bomb, that will be it.
Because we don't make up sources.
Physicist Stephen Hawking died at the age of 76.
I think with the disease he had, he may be the longest living person with that.
Renowned British scientist Stephen Hawking, known for his breakthrough ideas in theoretical physics and space research, has died at age 76, his family says.
You know, I'm not lessening Hawking's, but so many of his theories were theories that had been put out by German and other theoretical physicists in quantum mechanics, physicists 50 years before, 60 years before, and he was more like a pop character, though interesting.
And then he said his earlier theories were wrong and things like that, but the reason
There's so many different energy systems they now know in physics.
And dark matter is way more energetic and powerful.
We just can't see it.
That's now been proven.
They've got all these different radio telescopes and giant magnetometers and... I'm not an engineer, I just read about it.
I find it fascinating and they're just like...
They basically see, like, scaffolding and structure, just like the ancients would sit there and think stars that were, you know, thousands of light years apart were actually lined up and made the shapes of things.
But what's weird is there actually is interconnectivity, and it totally is flipping out the scientists.
I'm not saying the ancients were seeing the proper connections, it's just that it's there.
Galaxies spin like clocks once every billion years, astronomers say.
As above, so below.
So said the ancients.
And so now it is.
So as it always was and always will be.
Now there it is.
Gravitational waves, ripples in space-time.
Einstein was a mathematician.
And he was
He came up with more original stuff than Stephen Hawking, but still, they were guys chosen by the media to kind of change other people's theories a little bit and get the credit.
And I'm not saying that to put Hawking down.
But it's kind of like everybody always builds up Alexander Graham Bell.
Alexander Graham Bell was very stick-to-itist, very dogged, amazing inventor.
But he wasn't 10% as visionary as Nikola Tesla.
So that's all I'm saying is, Stephen Hawking was a pop character.
And I guess they thought it was fanciful, you know, that he had a disability, so that made it more interesting.
But that's really it.
And then whatever the establishment wanted to put out the last 20 years, we would get a communique from Stephen Hawking.
And it would basically just be recycled globalist press releases.
But oh, Stephen Hawking said it, so we all need to listen immediately.
But we wish Stephen well off in the blue yonder.
Off we go to the wild blue yonder.
Born in 1942 in Oxford, Hawking was one of four children and the eldest son of Frank Hawking.
Both Oxford University graduates.
You know, I've got too much news to even cover it.
Just this bomb story alone, I should probably just be off air getting that ready.
It's so important for public safety and other things like that.
And I've got so much news here.
It's just incredible.
Let me just do this as we go to break.
Then I'll come back and get into the geopolitical news that's so huge and the gold getting pulled out of England and a bunch of other stuff that I've got to hit.
But just look at this.
The big telecoms, the big tech giants, they've all announced, with the Democratic Party and others, that they're going to sue investigative journalists.
Fox News has been sued for just investigating the Seth Rich murder.
That's called a conspiracy theory and hurtful to investigate it, even though much of it's turned out to be accurate.
The CEO of YouTube says they're going to fight conspiracy theories.
Melania Trump's getting on board.
Wikipedia conspiracy theory crackdown isn't enough, says Fortune.
Ban Alex Jones.
Look at these headlines right here.
Alex Jones is finally getting the defamation suit he deserves.
Huffington Post.
Alex Jones is a menace to society.
I'm suing him.
Brendan Gilmore.
He gets to call me a menace.
I didn't call him a menace.
He gets to misrepresent what I've said about him, grandstand, sue me, using taxpayer money out of Georgetown, because they're legal clinics funded by that, and I just say nothing to him.
I'm just saying that I have my free speech and I wish that the university and the globalists weren't a menace to the First Amendment and to America.
Alex Jones Infowars lawsuit claims 12.5 million annual sales.
That's just some made-up number.
Alex Super defamation by Brendan Gilmore.
On and on and on.
Infowars and the Gateway Pundits slapped with lawsuits.
They're all trying to shut us down.
They're all celebrating.
From the London Guardian to the New York Times.
And as I told you, Fox News was next!
Our latest product, by the way, is Immune Wall.
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Randall Wilhite, his name is on the Texas Family Code, the last four or five issues.
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You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
We're all living in America!
It's wunderbar!
We're all living in America!
All right, we're back live, ladies and gentlemen.
Thank you so much for joining us.
Let me just give you some of the headlines that we're going to be covering throughout the broadcast today, now that we're 50 minutes in, or 47 minutes in, to the transmission.
And we're in the middle of, worldwide, governments banning free speech and putting in internet controls and tracking systems.
It's just unprecedented.
We need President Trump and his campaign head and others to move against this.
And again, they package the whole thing as anti-bullying.
Now they're suing Fox News for bullying because they investigated Seth Rich the day after I've been sued for bullying.
It's a defamation suit, but get rid of the First Amendment because Alex bullied people, pointing out that a bunch of Democratic Party operatives were in Charlottesville and used the tragedy to try to blame President Trump.
They turned that into Jones says no one died, or Jones alternately says the Democratic activists actually killed the people or killed the woman.
I didn't say any of that.
And they know that.
And their lawsuit is 70 pages of fiction, and the lawyers have never seen anything like it.
They say it's a PR stunt.
They said summary judgment thrown out.
Even though the 4th District, Western District, doesn't usually do that.
They now passed slapback provisions last year.
People don't know Virginia now has slap provisions.
So, I hope that when we win this, I hope Georgetown's paying your legal fees, sir.
Because we're being assaulted by lies.
And there's a lynch mob of media trying to shut InfoWars off.
Articles every day.
I just read some trying to shut down Infowars.
You've got all this happening.
Deplatform us.
We shouldn't be allowed to have shopping carts.
We shouldn't be allowed to have banking.
We shouldn't be allowed to have any media platforms.
We need to be just shut down.
Because we're bad.
We're fake.
You say.
I economically and in my speech should be put in a black hole.
So it's not a Virginia man suing us.
It's a Virginia man being used as a pawn by the university, by the Democratic professors, the Democrat professors, who say they want to silence me.
Overall, the First Amendment, this guy lies and says every tragedy didn't happen.
Well, I didn't say that.
So what's good for the goose is good for the gander.
But I am going to Georgetown.
And I am going to start contacting a public list of libertarian, conservative, and Christian, Catholic, pro-free speech folks on the alumni list, and I'm putting together a research team of about 10 people who are going to be calling alumni full-time and sending them information packets.
So, you want to fight?
You better believe you got one.
And maybe Georgetown thinks they can get more taxpayer money, because they're really a public university.
So we're going to have congressional hearings.
And one thing the lawsuit gets right is, Congress does introduce a lot of legislation based on research from our broadcast, you know, like the MIAC report and stuff that was real, saying gun owners are the main terror group.
And Congress, you know, had legislation, and they told Homeland Security, stop saying that.
And Trump removed that as soon as he got in, and a lot of other stuff like that.
So, I mean, if Georgetown wants congressional hearings,
We're gonna push for him, because we need to have hearings anyways.
What the top lawyers told me, and it's exactly what they've been listing here, so it's exactly as you say, lawyers in LA, in Austin, in DC, in Florida, and they all said the same thing reading it.
They said it's a PR stunt.
They actually invert Supreme Court rulings and are trying to make new law.
They say they're trying to make new law in press releases, these professors.
It's extremely grandiose.
It flies in the face of all case law.
And this is one of the biggest First Amendment cases ever.
This will go down, with my name at the top of it, as big as anything.
And if they win this, all investigative journalism, all commentary, all speech, all speculation is
Punishable by massive amounts of money and or being banned from the internet.
So I said I'd get to the other news, it's just the magnitude of this and the four or five hours of phone calls I had yesterday with lawyers and just going over all this, it is stunning!
And it appeared to be death by a thousand cuts following all these fraudulent lawsuits which were getting dismissed like knocking bowling pins down, but their statements and what they're saying is just wild-eyed!
Kind of like judges saying in the 9th Circuit and others to Trump, you cannot block anybody from any country, even though it's in the Constitution, it's in federal law.
And it took, it went to the Supreme Court, 9-0, Trump's right.
And it's the same thing, the lawyers look at this and they go, 100%.
This is a publicity stunt, this is fraudulent, this is lies.
They had a whole team of lawyers watching what they put as exhibits.
And you walk into the court and you go, all these exhibits are wrong, this, you show the judge the clips, you're like in a five-hour hearing, the judge is just gonna be like... And it's the same thing.
Fox News the next day sued, Democratic Party funded, that's admitted, for questioning Seth Rich's murder and saying he might be the source.
Of the Wikileaks.
And then Hassan says we don't give up sources, but it should be investigated because he's a source.
But see, it's this whole emotion thing.
Well, it's the parents and they're suing.
She says she can't work anymore after her son was killed because of the murder and coverage.
Lady, I'm sorry Seth got killed.
We're trying to find out who did it.
They're still haven't been found.
And if we investigate that, are you going to sue me?
Well, I got to keep speaking.
See, I'm not here to get my own bacon out of things.
I'm here to try to get all our bacon out of the fire.
So, people that are self-centered out there think, oh, Jones, man, he's got all these lawsuits against him, oh my God.
Did you know that actually we're budgeting all this out?
It's always the same.
It's crazy.
As each suit comes in, more money comes in and it's always what's budgeted for what we need.
It's biblical.
We're given exactly what we need.
It's crazy.
Whoever's led in their heart or spirit to financially support us, plus get great products.
And speaking of that, then I'll get into the gold being removed out of London and Trump and all the really huge news that I should have led the broadcast with.
Scary, realistic, fake videos of Trump and Putin may spark World War III, Professor warns.
Remember, I talked about this years ago, how they already have fake videos where they can make me appear and say whatever they want, voice print.
It'd be 100%.
You couldn't tell it wasn't me.
They've got, you know,
Adobe Pro Tools software that they released last year, they pulled off the market because it was causing such problems where you could create voice print, uncrackable, 100% the same.
You recorded somebody for 30 seconds, you could then completely fake them.
And they got little websites and stuff that aren't even very good.
People are going, oh, look, this is so incredible.
They can make Putin say whatever he wants or Trump say whatever he wants.
And what they do is they take actors and then copy the actor.
They don't actually copy Putin.
But they're saying this is because of World War III.
It's already going on.
And just distorting video is the same thing as distorting what I've said, editing what I say.
Hillary's responsible for killing hundreds of thousands of women and children in Syria and other areas fighting the Arab Spring.
Fox News edited that and had Megyn Kelly play it, saying I said that she did this at Comic Ping Pong Pizza.
They edited two different discussions together.
We showed you the video.
Put it out.
That's the same thing as putting out a fake video.
I told Megyn Kelly, I said, if you'll talk about that when you get here and watch the video clips and listen to the audio, I'll do the interview.
She's like, oh, of course I will.
Well, you've heard the audio.
Then she wouldn't know what she got here.
Oh, I don't remember that.
Let's not talk about that.
These people deal in lies.
They deal in deception.
They deal in defrauding you.
And we deal in trying to get to the truth.
So we need your financial support, ladies and gentlemen, because I don't want to just sit here and fight these lawsuits and keep going with InfoWars on radio and TV.
I want to get more reporters, more crew.
I want to expand.
If you're not expanding, you're contracting.
There's no such thing as homeostasis and just sitting there.
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As above, so below.
What you see happening on the mass scale is also happening on the...
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And that's what this comes down to.
America is building its wall.
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If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
Live from Austin, Texas, broadcasting worldwide, it's Alex Jones.
We've got Scott Adams of Dilbert, always informative, gives a different perspective.
Popping in, Gavin McGinnis, Dr. Steve Pachinnik, Roger Stone.
I'll have the big inside scoop on Tillerson and the rest of it.
Roger Stone, of course, was the first to say that Tillerson was basically already not the Secretary of State six months ago and that Trump didn't like him and knew he'd been leaking information.
And, of course, Roger has all those amazing contacts.
And as you can see, that has now unfolded.
So that will be coming up.
I'm going to get more into this coming up and play some of these video clips when the creator of Dilbert's on with us.
Scarily realistic fake videos of Trump and Putin may spark World War III, Professor warns.
Trump, pay for border wall with sanctuary city funds.
He's saying block the funds to these sanctuary cities that are totally lawless and saying they're going to let MS-13 continue to rape, rob and kill and resist law enforcement when they have their proper warrants and everything in order.
That is violating federal and state law and can get people killed and is getting people killed.
We have the big backdrop of everything else going on.
UK grooming gang victims say abuse still happening.
We're going to get into all that, the Islamists and all the activity.
Don't threaten a nuclear power.
Putin rejects British ultimatum on Russian spy attack.
This old spy, KGB colonel, gets nerve gassed in England.
And they just say, oh, it's the Russians.
We don't have any proof, but it's the Russians.
And the guy's useless to the Russians.
It only hurts the Russians.
And now the British government wants to start a war with them and do all this.
It's just crazy.
The Russophobe stuff that's going on.
I mean, it's the communist Chinese.
It's the globalists.
It's Hollywood.
It's a Democratic Party waging war.
It's George Soros trying to overthrow every sovereign nation on Earth.
And Hungary, and Romania, and the Czech Republic, and Poland, and Russia.
And by the way, Poland and all those places don't like Russia, but they're all saying the same thing as Russia, because they've got Soros in their business.
And they are angry.
And I haven't even gotten into the special congressional election.
You know, the big question is, did the Democrats cheat?
The Democrats only winning by, in that congressional special election, 641 votes.
They said he was 10 points ahead the whole time.
That's how they manipulate the population.
People have a bandwagon effect.
And he's already declared victory.
Look at that.
Another smiley-faced establishment henchman of the globalists.
And all of that's unfolding.
The Democrats organize people all over the place to get folks to vote in the names of dead people.
It's on record.
So if somebody loses in a big state by 600, you better believe they got it stolen.
The polls said Roy Moore was 15 points behind.
He lost by half a point.
And then, oh, some precincts had more people vote than were on the voter rolls for the Democrat, for Mr. Jones.
But it is a warning for Trump, Democrats are saying, too close to call Pennsylvania vote, though they're saying it's the Democrat, because it took a giant landslide to get over the wall of cheating.
It took a tsunami to go over the seawall of Democrat Party cheating.
They stole at least five states, tried to steal six others.
It all came out.
They had upwards of five plus million people vote the names of dead folks.
I'm not giving illegal aliens a pass.
They're not that big a part of it.
The Democrats are trying to make it where illegals can have driver's licenses and vote, and they're doing it now in California and other states.
So that will be the big problem.
But it's winos, it's mentally ill people.
Because I know Project Veritas caught it.
Larry Nichols used to do it in Arkansas.
And they would go load up people on a bus and have them vote ten times.
That was the goal.
In eight hours.
They would have them vote 10 times, and they'd get pissed and have to give them more whiskey, and then the homeless would crap all over the bus.
And again, Project Veritas, I mean, man, you got a busload of homeless people, man.
You're giving them chases of beer, they start getting pissed.
And they walk into the voting areas, they don't even know what their name is, but it's Democrat cities, so the people behind the desk know what's going on.
That's why if you're living in a city, you've got to go work on a precinct that's liberal, that's blue, and you're going to watch fraud like you never saw.
Because this is a party of ruthless criminal betas that want to wreck society and turn us into Venezuela.
We'll be back, stay with us.
This is Roger Stone for InfoWars.
The left has launched lawfare against Alex Jones, filing a bunch of bogus lawsuits against him that are designed to close InfoWars down.
We need your emergency contribution today.
Go to the InfoWars store and click on the donate button.
We need your help.
Make no mistake, we've made some major gains against the globalists, but they're striking back all over the world.
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
It's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Ladies and gentlemen, I'm your host Alex Jones.
We're now an hour into this global critical transmission.
The 14th day of March 2018, and we've got another three hours here before us until Owen Schroer takes over with Rogers, Jones and others with the War Room.
And of course, David Knight comes on and a great job every morning performing for three hours, 8 a.m.
to 11 a.m.
And we're getting Scott Dilbert, the creator of Dilbert, lined up.
Scott Adams of Dilbert.
We're going to get him on here in just a few minutes.
We've got Steve Pchenik, Roger Stone, joining us as well.
What really happened with Tillerson, what's happening in the Middle East, what's happening with terrorism.
We've got an article going up here in about 15 minutes.
Directly from law enforcement on the ground with details of the type of bomb used to bomb three houses.
Two on Monday, one the week before, killing one person, injuring three.
And the law enforcement wants us to put this out because the higher-ups have not done it.
They want people to know what they're looking for with this bomb and the type of bomb it is.
It's not coming in a standard package.
And so we're going to be exclusively giving you that on Infowars.com.
And the live feeds on radio and TV coming up.
And then Hungary repatriates all its gold from London fearing geopolitical crisis.
100,000 ounces heading back to Budapest.
And a lot of other countries have been pulling their gold out of the U.S.
and out of the U.K.
Meanwhile, Trump to unveil massive package of tariffs against China.
And that's because we had a 40% tax on corporations.
They had a 15%.
We went to 15, China went to zero.
That's a tariff on us, okay?
And everybody's saying, oh Trump, you shouldn't do this.
Okay, well, why does China get to have the tariff?
We'll get Dilbert's take on that as well.
Creator Dilbert, Scott Adams.
Britain expels Russian diplomats, suspends high-level contacts over poisoning of ex-spy.
We're going to play those clips when Roger Stone joins us.
Rand Paul vows to block Trump's nominee to run.
State and CIA.
And I like Rand Paul, but because Trump's honest about the torture, and I agree with the Secretary of Defense Mattis, we shouldn't be going on, but the point is it does go on.
He says he continues to support President Trump, but I can't support people who never understood American first, and want to manipulate the President into his sphere of neocons, who never had a war they didn't want to star in.
And then continuing, special congressional election in Pennsylvania.
CNN and others are saying it's won.
But there are 3,000 ballots still to be counted.
We're watching it.
641 votes is what the Democrats are winning by.
The question is, do the Democrats cheat and have dead people vote in Pennsylvania?
Is the sky blue?
Do bears live in the woods?
Do birds fly in the sky?
Is Santa Claus make-believe?
And the answer is yes, yes, yes, yes.
Veritas, Us Everywhere, it's just total widows coming in.
Famously voting.
People went and voted in Michael Moore's name.
Project Veritas has done that kind of stuff.
I mean, you just, you can walk in, it's kind of like Escape from New York, where you're trying to find the President, and he goes down in the bottom of this old sunken theater, and he finds a wino that's got the transceiver on his arm, and he goes, Are you the President, Mr. President?
He goes, Yeah!
I'm the President!
Well, it's like, Are you John Doe?
Yeah, I'm John Doe!
I've voted nine times already!
The Democrats go, oh there's no election fraud, that's why they've got a bunch of states that passed laws to give drivers licenses to illegals and let them vote.
But let's stop there.
We've only got Scott Adams for two segments and we've got to Skype up.
He's joining us, best-selling author, creator of Dilbert.
And of course he's at Scott Adams Says on Twitter, blog.dilbert.com.
He's got a new best-selling book out as well.
You've always got a lot to talk about, but up front,
What do you make of this Pennsylvania race?
What does it forebode of the blue wave?
What do you make of just where Trump is right now?
What do you make of the big push?
I don't know if you've noticed that they're saying I need to be banned off the internet and they claim I said things I didn't say with this prior constraint stuff.
What do you make of all that, Dilbert?
Creator of Dilbert?
Well, that's a lot of stuff all at once.
Let me start with Pennsylvania and say that humans are terrible at pattern recognition.
But unfortunately, that's what our brains are.
We are pattern recognition machines, biological machines, and we think we see patterns all over the place when sometimes we do and sometimes we don't.
Pennsylvania is another good example.
Everybody's looking for, where's the pattern?
What does this tell us about the future?
Probably absolutely nothing, because when it comes to a special race and the focus is on just a few people, it does sort of become about those individuals far more than it becomes about the country or anything else.
But I would note, as I noted on Twitter,
That Pennsylvania apparently has elected, in a great repudiation to Trump, they've elected a tall white male with a lot of testosterone.
Now, you could say that policies matter, and you could make a good argument for that, but I don't think people are actually voting on policy most of the time.
People vote with their tribe, they vote with how they feel, they vote with how a candidate just makes them feel.
And you have this weird situation where the candidate who was the Democrat in this case
Reminds me most of Trump, compared to the other guy.
Just on a very visceral... You just made a good point, Scott Adams, that I've been wanting to make.
It's Trump appointing a woman to the CIA.
It's Trump that's getting all these minorities to run.
The Republican Party is more open to that now, it seems.
And suddenly the Democrats... I was looking in a WikiLeaks article about all the CIA folks the Democrats have running, and they all look like...
Cookie cutter, father knows best, archetypal, wasp, white guy.
So it looks like the Democrats have panicked and think that the Republicans really are racist and just wanted a white guy.
So okay, we'll give the blue collar, rough state folks what they want, a white guy.
But I'm not even sure that's it.
I think because the same Republicans that voted for Obama are the ones that put Trump over the top.
I think they want prosperity and change.
Yeah, you know, people say they want stuff.
You know, people will give you the rational argument why they want to do things, but rarely do people actually act completely on rational means.
If you look at the best example is the gun control walkout of the kids we're seeing today.
In society, I think the one thing that all of society agrees on is that the dumbest members of society, the least informed, the least capable,
Are the youth.
Because everybody knows how they were when they were younger.
You know, I was certainly far dumber when I was 14 than I am now.
So we have this weird situation where policy may in fact be quite influenced by literally what everyone would agree, no matter what side you are on guns, the people who are doing the protesting are the dumbest members of society.
And I say that with love because we were all young once.
No, it's true, but if you put an image of the young people demonstrating at the White House, I mean, are we going to put these folks in control of the nuclear power plants right now?
I mean, are we going to put them in control of NASA?
Are we going to put them in control of having your knee worked on for surgery?
I mean, this is a bunch of young followers who are young and inexperienced being manipulated by the media.
Yeah, well, the media is certainly part of it, but they're doing a good job of working themselves up as well, so there are a lot of forces.
But one thing we can say with some amount of certainty is that there are very few people among the young who are leaving school today who would actually even claim to having a good knowledge of the entire gun debate, you know, all of the elements of it, enough to really have a
You know, a reasoned opinion.
Sure, they're really all out there to take selfies.
They're really out there to take selfies of themselves.
Well, I'm sure that that group has a whole lot of motivations.
Some of them are pure, some of them are getting out of school, but certainly we shouldn't take all of our guidance from youth.
And of course, there are more demonstrations today.
Where do you see all this going?
The trouble with gun control is that people pretend there's a right, an ethical, logical, rational, there's a good solution, and if they could only talk the other side into it, there we'd have something.
The reality, I think, is messier.
I think the reality is that each of us have a very specific gun risk.
So, in my case, and I think this would probably be true for you, Alex, if you and I own a gun at home, you and I, not anybody else, but you and I are probably safer.
Now, an average person who doesn't, you know, is not on the radar, is not a public figure, doesn't have people threatening to kill them on a daily basis, maybe they are worse off with a lot of guns in the neighborhood.
Let's talk about that when we come back, because nowadays you have a lot of quote celebrities who aren't wealthy, but are well known and have enemies.
Why can't we have the right to own a gun?
We can't afford bodyguards.
At least I can't.
At least not too many.
I mean, you got the guys on the roof with the machine guns, but you know.
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You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
If you leave me, I won't miss you.
And I won't ever take you back.
I have a selfish question I want to ask Gilbert creator, Scott Adams.
And we're going to get back into the gun thing here in a minute and any other subjects he wants to pop into and his new book.
I really appreciate how he pops in on our different broadcasts.
Folks love him.
Because it is a good perspective.
Doesn't mean it's absolutely correct because everybody has their own perspectives.
I have been sued 12 times by the Democratic Party lawyers.
In four cases, they're lawyers that work directly for Hillary.
They admit this.
We keep knocking them down real quick.
They're not even good.
They're like press releases.
But they're calling for the end of the First Amendment.
You've got YouTube calling for it.
You've got Sadiq Khan calling for it in Austin right now.
You've got Fox News being sued now for investigating Seth Rich.
And I've talked to law enforcement in D.C.
I mean, they think that's dead on, but Fox has said, was he the WikiLeaker?
And then he's being sued.
It's an attack on investigative journalism, and then they misrepresent what we've said, what we've done.
And I've talked to top First Amendment lawyers that have engaged for years, and they said they've never seen a case like they filed against myself and former Congressman Allen West.
And then Fortune says YouTube, Wikipedia, conspiracy theory, crackdown isn't enough.
Infowars and Alex Jones need to be shut down.
That's Fortune to date.
It says shut me down.
Europe's doing it.
We've got Alex Jones has finally given the defamation lawsuit he deserves.
Alex Jones is a menace to society.
I'm suing him.
Brendan Gilmore.
And all I said is this guy's a Democratic spokesman, worked for Hillary, worked for the State Department.
And you know, he's the guy always on the media after Charlottesville blaming Trump.
And then they sue and say, I say he did the attack.
I never said that.
And the lawyers went and reviewed their exhibits and I don't say anything near it.
And they say they've never seen anything like it.
Well, what?
Again, there's a major attack on free speech, we know that.
What is your take on this?
What do we do?
Or do you disagree?
Because I told everybody, it's me today, it's Fox News tomorrow, it's the death threat, you were talking about it.
It's the left that's frothing, it's the antifa that hits you in the head with bike locks.
Yeah, look at the common element with your situation and with the special counsels, these and any other ones.
The trouble is that as soon as you have enough laws in your country,
Everybody's breaking one of them, or you can make an argument that somebody's breaking one of them.
And when you get to these things like defamation, there's a lot of opinion in here that the law is not so clear.
There are a million different variations of it.
It feels like all you need is a lawyer who's willing to take your money and you can make a case about just about anyone.
So it's a super dangerous situation, generally speaking.
Now, when you get down to any specific case, let's say your specific cases,
I think most of us just look at it, we're not lawyers, and we go, I don't know, it doesn't seem right that somebody goes to, or you know, has some legal trouble because they say they're wrong.
Let's say you say something that you think is true, but you're just wrong.
Should that be, should that be a crime in this country?
How about, how about you mention a topic and you say, well, this might be something we should look at.
And then it turns out that maybe it's not true.
Should that be illegal in this country?
So there's a lot of gray areas where if you have enough laws, there's always going to be some.
Well, that's what the top lawyers say.
I'm really impressed.
That's what all four lawyers said.
They said, Alex, it's malice of forethought, intent to do harm.
Almost everything you said is true.
Worked for a congressman, worked with Soros, got money, worked for the State Department, is a Democrat guy, is, you know, anti-conservative.
And we just said, look at all these liberals they're using as spokespersons.
Look at how Soros funds Antifa.
They didn't conflate that and say that I'm saying this guy funds Antifa, and then they don't even have that, but they put it in the suit.
My lawyer said the defamation is the suit, but it's protected because you can defame within a suit.
So the new thing is to defame people with lawsuits.
That's crap.
Have you heard of that?
No, and you know, I think I would be with just about everybody who's not a lawyer working in this field who says, I don't really even follow all that stuff.
But the fact that you could get in trouble for either being right or wrong seems problematic to me.
Because obviously, you think you're right.
There are obviously people who think on some topics, I don't know if this is one of them, but think that you're wrong.
But shouldn't you have the right to be wrong?
And the right to be right.
I don't know which of them is the bad one.
But my understanding of defamation is that there would have to be intent to defame.
And that's a pretty tough standard.
And I can't imagine that that would apply to somebody in your job.
Because what would be your motivation
to just defame unless you thought it was true.
They also put stuff in there like 12.5 million.
That's not even right.
Never was right.
And then they would say where they it's like a fiction novel, a 70 page fiction novel that is defamatory, says we're basically white supremacists and all this stuff with no proof.
I don't know what to do.
Well, you know, we live in a terrible world where maybe the guns are dangerous, but the lawyers are worse.
So we're seeing certainly attacks on opinion.
And, you know, certainly the controversy opinions.
More so than we've ever seen before, and who knows where the end of that is, but it just feels like a lawyer can go after anybody at this point.
You know, you just, if you've done something in public, somebody's got a case against you.
Back to the gun situation.
That's what it always falls to.
How can the royalty have taxpayer-paid armed guards?
How can Dianne Feinstein have a revolver in her purse and a concealed carry, but nobody else can get them in San Francisco?
I mean, how does Piers Morgan have armed, you know, response vans he pays for out front his house, but then
I finally pay for security around the office just as I have to for my crew.
It's hurting our expansion.
It's a good deal, it's nice folks, but it's expensive.
The average person can't do that.
And I don't have it at my house.
I really can't afford it.
I've got my own Second Amendment.
And it just seems obscene.
They're trying to blame me as an individual for owning guns for what some lunatic hopped up on prescription drugs or psychotropics does.
Yeah, you've stated the problem perfectly.
We don't have the same risk profiles.
If you don't want to own a gun and your biggest problem is that there might be a crazy person in the neighborhood who can get one, I would say that person who doesn't own a gun, doesn't want to own a gun, and doesn't want to be shot in the masculine by a crazy person, that person has a legitimate self-interest in having fewer guns around.
But you and I don't.
Our risk profile is different.
So what does the Constitution say when we just have different risk profiles?
And unfortunately, you have to default to what the Constitution says clearly, which is there's some gun ownership rights.
Now, within those rights, I think reasonable people can say bazookas are out.
Sure, but the Democrats admit they want them all.
I mean, they're not wanting, quote, reasonable gun control.
Now they're more and more admitting, no, we want to repeal the whole thing.
You know, I don't see that being a realistic possibility, so I don't take that too seriously.
I never get too worried about the slippery slope, because if the slippery slope were a real thing, in other words, if the concept of a slippery slope sort of always worked, then everything would be wrong.
We would be taxing at 100% instead of having... Absolutely, there is some equilibrium.
In closing, do you think the Democrats are going to retake the House or Senate in the midterms?
I think they got a good shot.
My prediction right now is that Republicans will do better than whatever we expected a few months ago.
So the Republicans will do better.
If it's good enough, that's still too hard to say.
I agree.
I think they hold on but lose seats if people keep sleeping.
But we could gain if people wake up.
Thank you very much for joining us.
Scott Adams, blog.dilbert.com.
Check out his new book there as well.
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Now, joining us is a best-selling author and researcher, Michael Malice.
He grew up behind the Iron Curtain, so he understands the tyranny of collectivism.
He's at Twitter, at Michael Malice.
He's written Dear Reader, Kim Jong-Il, and he's been over there and researched it.
So again, Michael Malice, author of The Dear Reader, about North Korea.
Give us your expert take on where we are right now and the chances for war over there.
I talk about this heavily in my book.
If you look at these countries, Libya is a great example.
Iraq and several others.
When the countries liberalized, Romania was the example Kim Jong Il himself used.
When these countries liberalized, very often the people at the top are shot.
And with good reason.
You look at Gaddafi, he was sodomized to death.
Saddam Hussein was hung.
And Libya had a nascent nuclear program.
They agreed to give it up.
And what happened is, right now you have slavery there.
So North Korea very quickly realizes the best defense is a good offense.
Kim Jong-il said he wants to turn the country into a hedgehog, meaning one with nuclear missile spines pointing in every direction.
And if you think about it, how much easier?
I don't think they would have been running their mouths to this point if they didn't have nukes or at least some very, very strong weaponry.
Something would have happened to him.
So they are very
They're conniving in their hold on power, they're very interested in self-preservation, and unfortunately it's at the expense of the, you know, 25 million North Korean population who are the victims in this horrible decades-long atrocity.
Don't they know the calculus has changed and that the whole strategy of patience and then the globalists using North Korea as a strategy of tension, that that is coming to an end?
It is coming to an end, and they're scared.
And they're clearly scared, and you see that they're reaching out to South Korea, their arch-rival.
It's some kind of... China very publicly last year, and in recent months, has been turning their backs on them.
Russia, to some extent, has been turning their backs on them.
You know, Putin liked the idea that North Korea could kind of be a thorn in our side, but even he's not going to be defending.
I think?
Every country is turning their back on the North, and they don't know what to do.
This is kind of uncharted territory for them, thank God.
And I'm not saying this is the end of the North Korean regime, which I pray every day that it is, but if this were the end, this is what the end would look like.
They are a hostage nation of just people who don't even know what planet they're on, and that's why they're the greatest victims, people under communism.
Michael Malice, the book Dear Reader, available everywhere at Twitter, Michael Malice.
Thank you so much for joining us, I appreciate you.
Thank you, Alex.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
Now, Hillary Clinton doesn't have any medical problems.
It's a conspiracy theory.
And she was gonna win the election by 15 points.
CNN said so.
...and bargain collectively.
And I will fight back against so-called right to work.
Right to work is wrong for workers and wrong for America.
Now having said all this, why aren't I 50 points ahead, you might ask?
Well, the choice for working families has never been clearer.
I need your help to get Donald Trump's record out to everybody.
Nobody should be fooled.
He proudly declared himself 100% right to work.
He even hired a union-busting firm to break up an organizing campaign at his hotel in Las Vegas, where you are right now.
And he built up his wealth by stiffing small businesses and contractors.
That goes against everything we stand for as a country.
My dad was a small business.
I'm just a businessman.
I'm just happy he never did business with Trump.
Your dad was a gangster in Chicago.
The Clintons swindled billions of dollars.
The Clintons stole 97% of the Haitian money.
They took control of all the charities.
That's all on record.
Bono's even worse.
He has his one foundation.
Yeah, because he gives exactly 0.8%.
Then he got complained about.
He now gives 1.2%.
Look it up.
That's mainstream news.
I just wanted to play that to remember what a kook and what a witch this lady is, and now falling down three times, having to be held up in India, because it's in these lawsuits, it's in the news, that Jones needs to be taken off the air for saying Hillary had health problems, and that that's why she lost the election.
Well, I mean, she disappeared for a year in 2013, and we had little birdies who don't get people's health records.
Of course not.
She had a brain tumor removed.
That's what they don't like, because the little birdies.
In fact, guys, I forgot.
Adon Salazar has written the article I asked earlier.
Please print me the article.
Put it on screen, please, about the nature of the bomb in Austin, of the three bombs.
This is directly from law enforcement that were on the ground, because I know about an hour ago he said his story was almost ready.
So is that up on Infowars.com yet?
Just give me a Roger and I'll know on that.
Speaking of Roger, we're going to go to Roger Stone.
You're in just a minute, but let me just check.
Well, as soon as it's up, let me know, okay?
Just keep printing me the new articles as they come off, because that's one blind spot I've got, is Infowars.com, Newswars.com constantly has amazing breaking news at it, and I just tend to just go with the stuff I already have, or there'll be something big going on and I'm not on it, so let's just stay focused on CNBC and the financials, stay focused on the Russia situation, which, you know, I don't go to the whole fake Russiagate deal and then counter their lies every time, because they just make up more and then recycle them.
Putin has come out with some really big news.
There's been some really big movements in England, and this dead Russian spy defector, and all of it.
So, that is coming up with a bunch of video clips about Putin here in a moment.
But first, I wanted to ask Roger Stone about Rex Tillerson's departure, which he predicted six months ago, and which he said would be coming and be done by March.
We've got to find that.
About two months ago, he said, by March, you'll be gone.
Well Alex, it's great to be with you.
First of all, that was a great clip of Hillary Clinton
It's amazing that her blame everyone else tour just seems to continue.
While she was in India, she says that the reason she lost was because women had voted for Trump on the orders of their husbands, boyfriends, fathers, or brothers.
What an extraordinary opinion of American women.
And then she implied that the states that voted for Donald Trump did so because Trump is a racist.
Seeming to have forgotten her own admonition that
Black people need to be brought to heel, or forgetting that it was her husband who went to the Supreme Court arguing that racial profiling, pulling a guy over for driving while black, should be perfectly alright.
So who are really the dog whistlers?
This woman has blamed the FBI, Bernie Sanders, the American people, everybody but herself.
She's just, she's comedy gold.
She continues to nettle and disrupt the Democrats.
They just would like her to climb off the stage.
That was a great, great clip.
As you know, I'm being sued, Congressman Allen West is being sued, Leon McAdoo, our great reporter, is being sued, Lee Stranahan is being sued, and a bunch of others, by Georgetown University.
But nowhere in thousands of news articles does it tell you Georgetown University, which is taxpayer funded, the school's private, but the law school is like 80% public,
That, by the way, needs to have a congressional hearing.
They need to have hearings about how these schools are already these anti-free speech zones.
So now these are tentacles of the anti-free speech going out.
They lie and defame me in 70 pages.
They attack Trump.
They say I control Congress.
It is not just a fiction.
It's like a hallucination.
And I called four different lawyers who'd read it, two of which worked for me.
All four have done work, and they said exactly what I said.
They said, we've never seen anything like this.
This is an attack on investigative journalism.
All you did was ask questions.
The Democrats have been caught painting poop swastikas, N-words, burning crosses, the babies out of incubators, Bush Sr.
You know, all the fake things they've done.
There's articles where there's hundreds of the listed false flags liberals pull on themselves.
We didn't even say it was a false flag.
We said Soros funded Antifa.
Then they had Democrats there that worked for Hillary who became the spokespersons.
Now that person's suing me saying I should be taken off the air and I'm a piece of crap.
I'm a menace.
And then the Washington Post, the New York Times, none of them call me for a quote.
The Washington Times did and a few others.
I called them, got one line quotes, like five pages of the other BS.
So this is the press trying to roast itself.
And then the day after Fox News gets sued over investigating Seth Rich,
And over guests that were on Fox News, when all the evidence points towards, well, this person's still out there, and that Seth Rich was targeted, but you're not supposed to even be able to have that opinion in a suspicious murder.
That'd make Tom Clancy, you know, books illegal, or Perry Mason movies.
I mean, this is next level.
This is an attack on
This is an attack, and this is the greatest attack on free speech these lawyers have ever seen.
They said if this went through the courts, it would end the First Amendment as we know it, Roger.
Yeah, no, what this is, Alex, is a new tactic of the left called lawfare.
I think that term was coined by my attorney, Tyler Nixon.
He's exactly right.
They file these extraordinarily expensive, detailed lawsuits, which are all based on falsehoods, lies, and then they spin that in the mainstream media to your detriment.
Because defamation is only able to be done in the law because in the court it's protected, and so they're the defamers.
Number one.
Number two, though, there's a new standard in the new journalism.
You no longer need proof or evidence, you can just have hearsay.
A person said, Roger Stone told them that he was going to London to dine with Julian Assange.
That person doesn't require any corroboration, but they can get on MSNBC and they can repeat hearsay, get media coverage,
But you were on air saying, I'm trying to talk to Assange.
The New York Times and CNN were interviewing him.
But you couldn't get the interview.
They go, look, he said he's trying to talk to Assange.
I remember you saying, I'm sending him all these emails trying to talk to him.
I know a talk show host that's talked to him.
He says it's bombshell about Hillary.
You said all that on air.
They just, I never had any dialogue with them.
They wouldn't respond to me.
I never asked him to come on.
Look, I've never met the man.
I've never spoke to him.
But speaking to him wouldn't be inappropriate because he's a journalist.
We'll stay there.
Let's come back and look at Tillerson, look at everything else and more on this with Roger Stone and the special election in Pennsylvania.
This is Roger Stone for InfoWars.
The left has launched lawfare against Alex Jones, filing a bunch of bogus lawsuits against him that are designed to close InfoWars down.
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You are obsolete, Mr. Wordsworth.
A lie!
No man is obsolete!
You have no function, Mr. Wordsworth.
You're an anachronism, like a ghost from another time!
I am nothing more than a reminder to you that you cannot destroy truth by burning pages!
You're a bug, Mr. Wordsworth, a crawling insect!
An ugly, misformed little creature who has no purpose here, no meaning!
I am a human being!
Words, Mr. Wordsworth, that have no substance and no dimension, like air, like the wind!
I don't care!
I tell you, I don't care!
I'm a human being, I exist!
And if I speak one thought aloud, that thought lives!
Even after I'm shoveled into my grave!
Delusions, Mr. Wordsworth!
Delusions that you inject into your veins to make you think you have a strength when you have no strength at all!
You have nothing but spindly limbs and a dream!
And mistake has no use for your kind!
Resistance to tyrants is obedience to God.
It's Alex Jones.
From the Washington Post, to the London Guardian, from Fortune Magazine, to CNN, they're all actively calling for us to be shut off the radio, TV, and the internet, and to be deplatformed.
Roger Stone's been banned from Twitter for using a cuss word, but everybody else on the Democrat side can call for his death, and my death, and the President's death.
This is a temper tantrum.
Big corporations working with others to censor.
It's here, and it's the biggest assault we've ever seen.
And nowhere in the news is it Georgetown University Taxpayer Funded Law School.
The lawyer said we've never heard of a law school being anti-free speech.
The clinics always defend it.
This is unprecedented.
And so you need to pull your money if you're an alumni.
We're going to start contacting the alumni.
We've got a database and we're just going to point this out.
Um, but Roger is popping and he's so obsessed with this because, you know, they keep calling him a Russian agent like they call me.
And Roger's saying, you know, I never said I reached out to Assange.
It's like this, this tar baby of it sucks all the air out of the room.
And all we talk about is how we're not Russian agents and it's stupid.
I remember, and I go from memory, Roger, you on air, what I'm saying is once all this stuff broke,
And once all this stuff was going on, like a year and a half, two years ago, I remember you, like, even in July, going, of course the media talks to Assange.
I'd love to talk to him and find out what he's got.
But I've never talked to him.
That's my point, is that... As you know, I had a back channel, a confirming source, who was correct in every regard.
Now, Alex, as you know, I never knew the content source or exact timing of the WikiLeaks disclosures.
We had an all-night broadcast expecting them for October 1st, because
That's what my source had told me, even though he didn't know the content, the exact timing, or the source of the documents.
Then on the first, Assange did not release anything.
We were told that his lawyers feared for his life, and he delayed, but only for three days.
Roger, don't you get that it doesn't matter?
All the media was trying to talk to him.
I know you had the back channel.
He testified to Congress.
No matter how many times you tell the truth and set the story straight, they don't care.
So the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again.
I don't disagree, Alex, but let me say this.
You now have a wild, bloodthirsty pack of hyenas who try to parse every word.
They take a Washington Post interview in which a witness, who is faceless and unidentified, says you told him something.
He says he has an email that proves it, but no reporter at the Post has seen said email, and you're expected to respond to that.
And then when you do, Salon, Slate, Mother Jones, a hundred other lefty fronts, recycle that as if you have done something wrong, wanting to re-litigate this.
Because I'm being sued in New York, this is important.
Because the underlying elements of those lawsuits are that Donald Trump and I worked together with the Russians to hack the DNC.
Sure, I understand.
And now that takes us into Seth Rich.
They want you distracted defending yourself that you're not a Chinese jet pilot from Pluto instead of Seth Rich and the Islamic Brothers from Pakistan running the DNC stuff and the fact that it wasn't hacked, that it was leaked.
According to the data card and and and and the information and now they're suing the Seth Rich family is suing Fox for investigating an open murder case.
I mean they The Democratic Party is admittedly behind this with the family and is suing everybody that investigates anything So let's just get back on the offense.
Let's talk about Seth Rich.
Let's talk about Debbie Washerman Schultz Let's talk about Hillary and and Nunes saying
They found evidence of her collusion with Russia and how the Congress found no Trump collusion.
Let's get back on the offense right now.
Let's do it.
Go ahead and talk about it.
You know, you're absolutely right.
We are spending too much time trying to clarify the smears.
And when the smears can't be clarified, it's a mob mentality and very little that they say can be trusted.
But the Democrats admit in polls no one buys this crap!
That's all I'm saying!
They're the Russian agents!
They're the Chinese agents!
Let's get on their ass!
Well, that's exactly the point.
What they're trying to distract from is that they've been caught red-handed in the biggest case of political espionage in American history.
That Hillary is in bed with the Russians and the Chinese.
That she's basically for sale.
That they have subverted the Constitution and the law to spy on the Republican candidate for president.
The FBI and the DOJ are in on it.
They have used fabricated evidence to justify the spying.
You're absolutely right.
All of this Russian nonsense, this noise, is meant as a distraction from their crimes.
Thank God for Devin Nunes.
Thank God for the ongoing investigation into corruption by the Democrats.
And notice there's no coverage there.
Well, bottom line, Trump now is saying he'll do the interview, but he wants to close to this.
Even SNL is attacking Mueller because Mueller never found anything.
Now he's looking at Chinese money and other stuff, which we said, yeah, that's in politics big time.
Where is this going?
Well, look, because there is no special counsel law, Mueller has free range to go anywhere he wants.
Meanwhile, you have an upheaval inside the administration.
That's where I was going next.
How big a deal is this?
Because you were the guy that called that said Tillerson will be gone.
You broke that again.
Uh, you know, remember our exact reporting.
I said first that he'd be gone by the first of the year, then at the first of the year I reported that after a dinner with General Mattis, General Kelly, and the President, it would be March.
And I called it yet again.
Uh, InfoWars, tomorrow's news today.
And what day was that?
I want to find that because that's powerful.
I mean, you did say by March.
No, we can find both the correction and the original prediction, you know, several months before the end of the year last year.
Actually, I think it was at the end of the year.
You started saying in December he'll be gone in about a month and then you said no, now it's March.
Now, the point of course is the president's entitled to his new appointees.
But Richard Pompeo, pardon me, Michael Pompeo is a question mark.
There is a guy who in the House, was in the Freedom Caucus, was a cheerleader for WikiLeaks and Assange in their incredible 11-year record of being accurate and exposing the darkest secrets of the deep state.
But now, as a CIA director, he seems to have been captured by the Manderins at Langley.
He continues to say Assange is a nation-state agent.
The Russians, they keep claiming over and over again.
And Pompeo and Sessions want Assange prosecuted in this country for publishing classified documents.
Now, even the Obama administration's Justice Department figured out that if you prosecuted Assange for publishing classified documents, you'd have to prosecute the Washington Post
Sure, they've all been doing it and they've also been using it to twist the documents, not just release documents, they then distort the documents.
Well, in some cases, they put it out there with their spin on it to further the agenda of the deep state.
But still, this is what journalists do.
Don't you think Pompeo's feigning this so that they don't get political heat?
And then, you know, we've seen in some of the federal rulings and we've seen the White House lawyers arguing in cases that, you know, nothing should be done, you know, to Assange as well.
Well, I mean, I think this has to play out.
Ultimately, I don't know what law Assange has violated.
He seems to be getting steadily free of his legal problems in Britain with an outstanding warrant.
You know, it's the warrant itself that is now the issue, not the underlying... Don, Sam, we get rid of one problem and then there's still another.
I'm going to go to break, come right back.
I want to ask why Tillerson's gone, then what this whole Blue State wave situation means.
We're going to talk about that with Roger Stone.
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Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order, it's Alex Jones.
From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones.
Alright, the story's up on InfoWars.com and NewsWars.com.
It's exclusive, it's very important.
Please get it out to everybody.
Law enforcement source.
Austin, package bombs, pressure activated, assembled on doorsteps.
Law enforcement leaks information to InfoWars to protect the public.
And we've added a little point on there that it's the same type of IEDs used in the Middle East by Islamic terrorists.
We are not saying that's what it is.
This is directly from law enforcement.
I'm not going to say whether it's local or federal, but it is directly.
This isn't like some police told us that are on the force they heard this.
This is directly from the people in the house.
And it's why they shut down some of the neighborhood and searched a bunch of houses, was because they believe that they've got some evidence that it may be somebody right there nearby.
The particular one here in southeast Austin, here in Austin.
So that, I'll be reading some of that coming up in the next segment.
Roger, I'm not frustrated with you.
Were we able to find the Joey Behar clip?
Thank you.
I gave it to him on short notice.
I get Russiagate sickening.
I get, I see it when I open up a computer or just open up a newsfeed or my iPhone.
They force feed mainstream news onto my iPhone as they do everybody.
You know, force feed it in the airports.
I was in the airport and saw Roger Stone caught.
He was with WikiLeaks.
I remember you saying, you know, I'm trying to, you know, find out what they've got in WikiLeaks like everybody else was asking.
It was the biggest story in the country.
Everybody, thousands of newspapers reporting.
Like you said, you never talked to Assange.
The only text messages out there that they've put out are them saying, after the fact, when you're like trying to get them to come out and point they never talked to him, they say, we're not even going to talk to you to say that.
We've never talked to you.
So, we know that.
You got Hillary getting hundreds of millions of dollars from the Russians, all the rest of it, and I get now, it's in the front of the paper, you know, stone in trouble, stone caught, and it's these hoaxes, just like they did with General Flynn with Joy Behar.
Remember this?
Here it is.
Breaking news.
Oh my god.
Oh breaking news.
ABC News Brian Ross is reporting Michael Flynn promised full cooperation to the Mueller team and is prepared to testify that as a candidate Donald Trump directed him to make contact with the Russians!
I had people confront me in Colorado and in Austin at the airport saying, you're going to prison, Roger Stone's going to prison, you know, Flynn admits you're Russian agents.
And they still remember that and think it's real because they put it out on every news channel in the country.
So I get it, Roger.
Here's the problem.
You're not going to affect libtards that want to believe this stuff.
You understand?
No, I fully understand.
But what's interesting, Alex, is that we're both under the same assault, where they use the phony lawsuit to try to bankrupt you, where they use an army of lawyers.
You're being sued by Obama's law firm he set up to take down Trump.
They formed a new national security group to counter us.
I mean, yeah, so people should know.
The globalists, who do they hate?
They hate us, and why do they hate us?
Well, and John Brennan, James Clapper, Susan Rice, they filed an amicus brief in the case against me, which says something innocuous like, the Russians often use political consultants to do their dirty work.
No evidence, of course.
Well, that's it!
You're guilty!
And these are the people illegally spying on Trump who got caught lying about it and then found no evidence!
But this is the new journalistic standard.
A person can say, Alex Jones said, and they don't need any underlying proof or evidence, that that is their case.
Oh, the whole EEOC thing.
Four years ago, there were pictures of bodybuilders in an editing studio because they were editing a bodybuilder shoot for Supermel Vitality, and that's gay grooming!
Headline, Jones is a gay groomer!
And then people read the article, they read the thing and it goes, bodybuilders?
Sorry, go ahead.
No, it's the same thing as when they say, Roger Stone said he flew to London and met with Julian Assange when my passport shows nothing of the kind.
They can say anything about us and then that becomes their evidence and proof.
It's a new standard.
Well, we've got to start striking back.
And so, I told the lawyers, I said, we're not very, we're getting ready to sue Brokaw and we've got to sue all these other people.
I want to come back just briefly because we've got McGinnis coming on, but I want to ask you,
What the other big news is.
What the next big shoe to drop is.
We also have Morning Joe that kicked you in the guts with lies.
You know, when they're not busy taking care of the dead interns.
Freaking out over Trump inspecting the wall that's about to be built.
There's so much coming up.
And then you're going to host the fourth hour, Roger Stone.
But Gavin McGinnis, former head of psychological warfare of the State Department.
Dr. Stephen Chinning and more.
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And now, Alex Jones.
There must be some kind of way out of here.
Say that joker to the thief.
There's too much confusion.
I can't get no relief.
We are back live, ladies and gentlemen, and broadcasting worldwide, finishing up with former head of the Trump campaign, Roger Stone, who they are so angry at.
They've accused him of being a Russian agent with no evidence.
They've accused me of being a Russian agent with no evidence.
And it just comes down to the lawsuits.
And so I'm not here pitching products because I just want to get a bigger house or a bigger car.
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saying we want to first take him off the air and then we're going to take everybody off.
This is all admitted.
I told you that a month ago.
It's all happening as you see.
This is it.
Georgetown's suing us, you name it.
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Roger, you're going to be hosting in 50 minutes.
I'm going to get to Gavin McAnus here, and I really appreciate you joining us.
In closing, I've been asking the questions here, what other tidbits about the blue wave, Pennsylvania?
We know the Democrats always have people vote the names of dead people.
If this Republican, it looks like, is only lost by less than a thousand votes, that means they stole the election there.
I mean, this isn't, I mean, we know Democrats steal everywhere.
They got caught in Roy Moore with more votes in precincts than there are registered voters.
So that commission Trump's got, we've got to get that moving because I think the Republicans will keep the House and the Senate, but not if we let the Democrats engage in massive election fraud.
Well, this was a Republican district.
The president carried it by 12 points.
Our candidate was not the strongest candidate.
He's a good guy, but not very telegenic.
Their candidate was probably a better candidate.
Special interests, Soros, the hard left, Ford,
Loses special elections in the wake of a presidential campaign.
The president has won most of them.
I think virtually all of them.
This one appears to be lost by a handful.
And yes, it would be fair to suspect foul play.
It should certainly be examined.
In these lawsuits, Alex, I know the costs.
My costs are up to a half million dollars to fight the Pony lawsuits.
You're looking at millions of dollars, ultimately, to fight the lawsuits against you and against Infowars, because they're designed to silence you and shut you down.
I tell my friends, look, even if you're not in the market for a t-shirt or you don't want the super blue fluoride free line of products right now, there's a donate button.
At the InfoWars.com store.
If you just want to help the fight for freedom, if you like what we're doing here, and you're not, just don't happen to be in the market for products because you've already got them or you're on auto ship, you can just go to the donate button and send us $25, $100, $150, $200.
We're looking at massive, massive legal costs to fight the globalists and fight the effort to just shut us down.
So if you love InfoWars, hit that donate button.
We don't have the Annenberg and CPB and Rockefeller Foundation funding us.
We have the listeners doing it, and we're taking Soros and the globalists, and Obama suing you, saying you're a Russian agent, and they're suing us with all this frivolous stuff.
We're winning.
It's why they're targeting us.
But people need to know, this is the war for this republic.
This is it.
So, just briefly, we're going to Gavin McGinnis, Roger Stone, you're coming up in about 45 minutes, or about 50 minutes, close to the fourth hour, and then you'll be on The War Room with Owen Schroyer.
Let me ask you this question.
What do you see in your crystal ball in 2018, and what do we need to do to make sure we keep a majority and keep keeping America great again?
Well, here is the key.
I still believe that sometime in September, Mr. Mueller will issue a report that says the president broke some law.
Process, whatever.
Perjury, obstruction, something.
Not Russian collusion, interestingly enough.
The Democrats will then run on that in October.
They have no platform.
They have no program to restore prosperity or address the trade balance or make our country safer by fixing our immigration system or a plan for economic revitalization or to rebuild the infrastructure.
They have no plan at all.
They're running on one simple plan.
We hate Donald Trump.
We want to remove him.
Republicans have to run on jobs and prosperity and expanding economy.
Country Club Republicans who run away from Donald Trump will do so at their own peril.
Run with the president.
We have the winning message.
They do not have the winning message.
I'm actually optimistic about 2018 with this exception.
If they strangle
The access of the alternative media, Infowars first and foremost, The Daily Caller, Breitbart, Town Hall, Gateway Pundit, you know, the robust, vibrant alternative media, then that puts us at a disadvantage.
That's right.
Roger Stone, thank you so much.
Thank you.
I mean, this is just an incredible time to be alive right now.
Thank you, Roger.
Now, I want to go to Gavin McGinnis, who's going to be joining us until about 40 after or so.
Then Dr. Steve Pchenik is going to get into Tillerson, the CIA, these attacks on free speech, how the globalists are trying to derail the country.
Gavin McGinnis hosts a Get Off My Lawn, a course that goes out on the internet and some TV stations across the country at CRTV.com and the great work
They're doing and I also like to have he's wearing make frogs straight again So little ode to the whole mean they've set up with us as I warned about the gender-bending chemicals in the water That's totally admitted fact, but they say I should also be taken off the air for spreading that truth, but Gavin McGinnis I've got a lot of questions a lot of things to cover, but what is first on in in in in your rocket launcher today?
A comedian named Matt Lieb did actually discuss it on my show tonight.
And he's adamant that George Soros is not a Nazi.
All George Soros did was lead the Nazis to Jewish homes so they could be exterminated.
And all he ever did was say that was the happiest time of his life.
But besides that, he's not a Nazi.
Yet you have all these Jewish... I've got to stop you because we didn't have your audio on for like five seconds.
I apologize.
Start over, my friend.
Alright, here's what I can't stop thinking about today.
So George Soros, according to AJ+, according to some washed up comedian named Matt Lieb that I just saw, did a video about this.
George Soros, according to the left, is not a Nazi.
I know that he led the Nazis to Jewish homes where they were then exterminated.
I know on 60 Minutes he said that was the happiest time of his life.
We know that he doesn't identify with Judaism, he's an atheist and his dad hated Jews.
But he's not a Nazi.
Anti-globalists such as Alan Dershowitz, Dennis Prager, Ben Shapiro, Ezra Levant, all of these Jewish anti-globalists, well they are Nazis, you see.
And it's amazing the pretzel that they can twist their own logic into when it comes to this ridiculous Nazi allegation.
You know, I've got the compilations, we'll play it when we come back from break, of him saying it was the best time of his life, he's not ashamed of it, blah blah blah.
He wrote in his autobiography, one of the earlier ones, he thought he was the Messiah but didn't believe in God.
He's in the WikiLeaks wanting to overthrow Israel and turn it over to Hamas.
And then we've got the young turd guy, and we've got CNN and all of them saying, I'm a liar, I need to be taken off the air for attacking a Holocaust survivor, George Soros.
Yeah, he's a holocaust survivor.
He was a holocaust survivor the way Goebbels was a holocaust survivor.
He was not a survivor, he was a facilitator.
And to say that he reluctantly helped the Nazis, you might as well say that about half the Nazis.
You think they were all enthusiastically jumping into that war?
He is in the same boat as most Nazis.
Wait a minute, are you going to tell me that Hitler wasn't a holocaust survivor?
Pardon me?
I mean, next they're going to say Hitler was a holocaust survivor.
Have you seen this now, this video?
It's all about how globalist is an anti-semitic term.
And part of their argument is just you yelling about globalists.
There's no other rationale to it.
They just go, it's an anti-semitic term.
Here's Alex Jones yelling.
And you go, that's not...
My radio program, our TV broadcast, our films are among some of the biggest viral sensations in the last 20 years.
And we're bringing back nationalism, we're bringing back sovereignty, we're bringing back true populism and rule.
For, of, and by the people.
And that's why Google, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and other mainstream media outlets, the modern robber barons of our age, admit, even in congressional hearings and in undercover videos, that the number one enemy to shut down is InfoWars.
As of just a short time ago, and I'm talking about when this meeting started, on Twitter, if you clicked on the hashtag, NYC terrorist attack, which is, quote, trending, marked with a red button saying, quote, live,
The top tweet links to an InfoWars story with the headline, Imam, I warned de Blasio about New York City of terror he was too busy bashing Trump.
This is a real-time example of when we talk about
This information being weaponized, how quickly can you act and at least at some point in time it can't keep spreading like some sort of virus through the legitimate world?
That's something we're thinking about all the time because it's a bad user experience.
The system self-corrected, that shouldn't be the first tweet you see anymore, it should be a USA article the last time I checked.
But you saw this?
USA Today.
At lunch I did, yeah, and I also saw the system correct it.
At the very least, we can say that, like, this shelf of videos from news programs is legitimate news, because we know that these are legitimate news organizations.
And if at that point somebody decides they're going to scroll past that and go find Alex Jones, well...
They were looking for him and not speaking with anyone.
So they shadow ban our videos.
They block our articles.
They ban us from advertising on Google platforms.
That's why it's so essential that you continue to stand in the face of their censorship.
Because if they can shut us down, they can shut you down.
But because of their brazenness, it's caused the Streisand effect.
And they're now panicking because their attempts to censor us have only made the message expand and get out in ways it never would have.
So I know a lot of you are smarter than I am and you've got great inventive ways to take action.
But however you do it, spreading articles, spreading videos, on your own email list, telling friends and family about the censored information in person, however you do it, calling in to C-SPAN,
Getting on other shows online, letting them know that InfoWars is the tip of the spear, and that if we can be censored successfully...
All of you can be censored as well.
So be sure and like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter.
Be sure to send out the videos, the articles.
Be sure to report on anything we've covered that you think is important.
Feel free to re-upload our videos and post them wherever you like.
All of it is copyright free.
Be sure and click the notifications.
Be sure and subscribe to all of our great channels because we're in a real fight
I think?
It's evil, and together we're gonna defeat it.
So folks, you have absolutely been the resistance, you have cut through all their propaganda, and because of that I salute you, and I ask you now, more than ever, to redouble your efforts, because if you're watching this transmission and listening, you are the resistance.
Bing bing bong bong bing bing bing.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
Live from the Infowars.com studios, it's Alex Jones.
And we're talking to Gavin McGinnis, comedian, reporter, founder of Vice Television.
And I'm glad he brought this up, because I usually ask a bunch of questions when he's on, he just covers topics I bring up.
I'm glad he brought this up because they're saying that Trump's anti-Semitic when he talks about globalism, when globalism is run by the Communist Chinese and unelected Juncker of the EU, who is the grandson of the richest Nazi in Nazi Germany, the Juncker bombers, the Juncker industrial family, they were the richest.
So when it came to private citizens, they were the top Nazis.
His father was a Nazi.
So you've got all these globalists and then they say it's anti-semitic to say globalism when George Soros is one of the top globalists in the world and he wants to overthrow Israel.
So this is the sick mind of the left where they're saying I deserve to be sued, I deserve to be taken off the air because I'm bullying people, but then they're saying I'm anti-semitic and Tom Brokaw says I'm a big racist.
So here's some of the clips that Gavin McGinnis was talking about where Soros said it was the best time of his life.
He's not ashamed at all.
You know, he'd do it again.
He helped round up Jews.
Here it is.
It's the claim that the August protest was some sort of left-wing plot.
Who, you might ask, would say something so offensive?
An elected representative who's serving right now in the U.S.
Now look at the background.
George Soros is one of those people that actually helps, you know, back these individuals.
Who is he?
My understanding is that you went out with this protector of yours who swore that you were his adopted godson.
Yes, yes.
Went out, in fact, and helped in the confiscation of property from the Jews.
That's right.
Not, not at all.
Do you think George Soros funded the Neo-Nazis who marched in Charlottesville?
Wouldn't it be interesting to find out?
These conspiracy theories were first spread by radio talk show host Alex Jones.
Is this lost on anyone?
George Soros is a famous Nazi collaborator.
From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones.
Alright, so, I've got a bunch of topics to cover in this segment next with Gab before Dr. Steve Puccini joins us, but I'm glad he brought this up because I've gone during the break and watched the video he's talking about.
There's a huge PR campaign by MSNBC, CNN, ABC News, the Young Turks, with their genocidal name, the Young Turks, for genociding Christians.
All of this
And Trump points out, after they made it a controversy, well, you know, Mr. Cohen was a globalist.
He's not a nationalist, so he's gone now.
You know, we're America first.
We're not transferring power to the TPP.
So now, what do they do about world government that's in trouble?
They say we're anti-Semitic, but it's insane.
So, what do you think of this PR campaign to give George Soros a facelift?
Well, it is, it's a bizarre move, but Soros is very powerful.
You know, Ezra Levant called him out for this Nazi thing many years ago, and Ezra has been in lawfare with, I'm convinced, with Soros-funded people ever since.
But the irony of all this is, you know where that 60 Minutes reporter got his information from?
George Soros, if you want to know about his Nazi involvement, check out his books.
He's the one who let the cat out of the bag.
I'm sure it's something he deeply regrets now, but he let the cat out of the bag.
Oh, no, no, I've been told, that's why I've been sued 12 times by Democrats, is that Hillary's butthurt and that leave George Soros alone.
No, I'm going to start having giant conferences about the Nazi collaborator George Soros, and I'm calling for his arrest.
So keep suing, brother.
I'm never giving in.
I love it.
Let's go.
You know, if you get an argument for a 14-year-old trying to survive, okay, I can get with that.
But how about the, whatever that was, the 65-year-old, 75-year-old talking about how he doesn't regret it.
I was just saying to my buddy today, I beat up David McIntosh in fourth grade.
I threw him in the creek that goes by in our school.
I feel bad about that.
But David McIntosh lived.
And he received zero Zyklon B in my grade school.
George Sos was responsible for I don't know how many thousands.
He was a collaborator and then said, I feel good about it.
I'd do it over again.
Someone else would have done it.
It's a very sociopathic statement.
If an enemy took over my country and said, help us round up fellow Americans and we'll kill you, I wouldn't do it.
But it just shows the leftist mentality.
And then now, but you know, next they're going to say, did you know it was actually George Soros killed Hitler?
Fine, I'll go source what he wants.
Soros is actually Captain America, and he actually fought Hitler and defeated the Nazis.
You know what's really going on here?
Once again, it's their identity politics.
And you say something bad about a group, like globalists, and they go, well, a lot of globalists are Jews, so you hate Jews.
And you go, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.
I am an idea man.
We are ideas people.
And our idea is nationalism.
Someone else's idea is globalism.
I don't care what group, what kind of people are on either side.
I don't deal in that.
I don't deal in identity politics.
I deal with ideas.
And my idea is
The West is the best.
America is the greatest nation.
And I want to protect this nation.
I don't want open borders.
I don't care what color, what religion, what specifics other people have.
All I care about is those ideas.
Western chauvinism.
If you're pro-America, pro-Western, pro-success, pro-freedom, you can be purple.
We love you.
Come on in.
But instead, the left are the ones selling racism and division.
I mean, I'm sure you've seen it.
Apple's taken Easter off of their calendar and said, yeah, you bet we have.
And then it's just they're going, why do they hate Christians?
Why do they?
But then they always want to get into the countries that have the Christian ethos.
Yeah, it's a bizarre thing.
I'm convinced it's daddy issues.
You know, these children are all the children of divorce.
They're mad at dad.
I mean, they're mad at anti-Semitism when it's a white male, because a white male reminds them of their dad.
They're not mad when it's Reverend Wright, or Louis Farrakhan, or Linda Sarsour, or basically all of Islam.
They don't mind it then.
So they're not about ideas.
They're about who's saying the idea.
And the common thread seems to be guys who look like you and me.
And who else looks like that?
Their dad.
So we're dealing with petulant children
By the way, I used to think you were wrong about this theory two years ago, but now when leftists walk up to me and say, F you, they go, F you, why do you have so many kids, F your family in front of me.
Or they say, oh, where's your family if I'm by myself when my kids are with me 75% of the time.
And I'm glad they're, you know, with their mom, son, whatever, fine.
The point is, is that they're pissed I have a family, and they are pissed, and it's usually weird white males who are gay.
And again, I'm not against gay people, but it's like, it's like half the time it's an old white woman or it's gay guys screaming, F you Nazi and F your family, why do you have kids?
And I guess, I don't understand it.
I don't know what happened to these people.
Well I get so much, so much, so many attacks at my marriage and my wife and they talk about my imminent divorce, they can't wait till I'm divorced and I think, my wife's not political, why do you care about my marriage?
Why are you so vested in the idea that my family would fall apart?
They love that idea and look what they did to Pamela Geller.
Two men died on their way to murder her.
She had her own security shot dead.
Two men trying to kill her.
And then that chick, whatever her name is, Taylor Lawrence or something, happily doxes her children, who are again, apolitical, and puts their lives in danger.
So now jihadists want to kill these two young girls.
The left are total bullies and they use jihadis as their enforcers.
And they say, we're bullies and call for our free speech to be shut down.
They are.
So why?
I'm going to come back and ask you.
Beyond the daddy issues, it's like a cult of destroying the family.
I mean, if it were to happen like five years ago, if I had three children then, I'd be at Whole Foods with someone to walk over and go, you got too many kids, it's hurting the earth.
And what it is, is they're miserable, alone weirdos who cannot stand seeing flyover country with swimming pools and cars and life and strong and, you know, and happy.
Well, we're happy!
We're red-blooded!
Get used to it!
This is Roger Stone for InfoWars.
The left has launched lawfare against Alex Jones, filing a bunch of bogus lawsuits against him that are designed to close InfoWars down.
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You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
We now take you live to the Central Texas Command Center in the heart of the resistance.
It's Alex Jones.
And it's Gavin McGinnis of...
CRTV.com on Twitter at Gavin McGinnis.
I'm Alex Jones on Twitter at RealAlexJones on YouTube with billions and billions of views.
We now learn they're just deleting hundreds of videos a day of our 30 plus thousand.
So the numbers just going down from two and a half billion to one and a half billion.
YouTube's blocking people being able to share our videos.
I mean...
But we're on 200 radio stations and over 100 TV stations now, and we've got more than 30 agreements back there of UHF, VHF and cable stations, where I'm not going for my own glamour channel, where I have my own channel on cable, like Glenn Beckhunter's tried, but where UHF, VHF and cable stations that want to put us on basic cable, because when you're on UHF, then by law, it ends up being on the basic cable.
We're getting a huge response already from the affiliates, it's really exciting.
And so, you know, the George Soros lawsuits and the Democratic Party lawsuits and all that, they get thrown out.
They're press release stunts to defame us in the court because then that's protected.
That's the one place you can defame people.
You know, we're suing the white supremacist Jones because he says that no children died.
You know, I've never said any of that.
And then it just sits there.
Then it goes to the court and I pay the lawyers and it goes away.
But now's the new phase where I have to start suing the minions.
Because you know, you sue the big globalists, they're just money launderers and do all other stuff, they don't care.
But when you target the little minions, they start learning that, oh, Alex Jones sues the minions.
Master, I know you're giving me money to do this and sign on to this, but what's going to happen to me?
And so, that's the deal.
You're going to get counter-punched.
Gavin, you're making such a good point because I remember reading ten years ago the
The textbook used at the University of Texas that one of my listeners' daughters had going to school to be a social worker and it said, the family's bad, it's arcane, we're going to get rid of it.
Well now they say that on the news.
Now, you know, on Twitter and on MSNBC their hosts say, Trump's bringing up family and churches and that stuff's all gone.
And then the goal is to get rid of the family, the nuclear family's bad.
Well, that's the opposite of tolerance, and that's going after it.
So, the religion of the left, the thing that binds them, is they really do hate families.
And on average, whether they're gay or straight, liberals don't have children.
Unless they're poor liberals, that's more like just the people they control.
But the average leftist we know, almost no one in the EU that's a communist or socialist has children.
And so what is it?
Because you're the guy that really harps not on the fact that they hate families, I know that, but it's their religion
And they really hate us for it.
Well, those people came up to you in the mall, the grocery store, and they said you have too many kids.
Oh, okay.
Alright, let's talk about ideas.
So your concern is overpopulation.
Okay, let me look it up.
Oh, it turns out that the American citizens, that they tend to have a population that's stationary or going down.
The American population is going up, but it's almost all immigrants, mostly Mexican, going up.
So you must hate them then, if you're against overpopulation.
No, no, we love them!
And you look at Time Magazine and it'll have one month, it'll say, don't have babies, we have too many babies, and I have all white babies in the picture.
And then the next week it will say, the new face of America, or the new face of Europe,
Or the West is turning brown.
And they'll talk about how great it is to have refugees.
And you realize, oh, you're all about identity politics and the individuals involved and what race they are.
We're involved in ideas.
And what's kind of fun about that is their stupid idea is not to breed and not to have families.
Our stupid idea is to breed like rats.
And they are going to be extinct.
Our children are not going to have to deal with these annoying childless lesbian feminists, because they're all going to be gone.
They're the dodo birds.
And by the way, I have nothing against lesbians.
My wife doesn't, okay?
I'll be sitting there, and we'll be at a restaurant, and it's just, these poor folks are so uptight.
Why are lesbians so uptight?
I, well, I mean, you look at, this is a separate thing, but I can't help but notice gay men are always dancing around in short shorts, lesbians are always grumpy in ill-fitting denim pants.
It's gotta be sex!
Male gays get laid more, and getting laid apparently makes you happy, because there's no one grumpier than a lesbian.
Well, I'll just say it without getting, it's a family show.
In my experience, lesbians are people that have had a bad experience with men in their life, and most women grow out of it.
And that's just my experience.
And then they get real happy when they get a man.
And in fact, what would you say?
I mean, you know a lot about this.
I know you've talked about it if you want to get personal, but I mean, how many men are married to a former lesbian?
I mean, let's just get honest about it.
Go ahead.
Yeah, you always say, well, we used to call them lugs in college, lesbian until graduation.
And it's easy to be bisexual when you're young and gorgeous and female, and all you gotta do is make out with another hot chick when you're drunk.
But hanging out with an obese 40-year-old lesbian and tending to your garden, that's a little less rock and roll.
And, yeah, the numbers dwindle drastically, but why does this tiny population, this tiny group of sexless, depressed, old, chubby dykes control so much of the political narrative?
Why are entire elections dedicated to something as irrelevant as gay marriage?
We're really, it's like the tyranny of the minority.
And by the way, I'm not against Hillary because she's a lesbian and has her daughter as a beard with Webster Hubble.
I don't like her because she's evil and corrupt and a warmonger and then you hear about the stories with her with the young women that don't like it and then she's climbing about chauvinism and stuff when she's way more chauvinistic and more abusive than probably even Bill.
I mean the word on her is she smacks those chicks around.
She smacks men around, Secret Service, FBI, you name it.
Oh, Bill Clinton.
Bill Clinton is... It's Bill Clinton with the giant sunglasses saying, I'm a real klutz!
I don't know what happened!
She hit him with an ashtray in front of the Secret Service and knocked his ass down.
I mean, I'll give it to her.
She's manered in hell.
And reportedly, she just bowls in a woman and goes, toots, get in the bed, bitch!
Sorry, go ahead.
As far as lesbians go, I appreciate her taste.
Uma Abedin is my cup of tea.
I like the way she ages, I like her long hair, big lips.
I think Hillary and I have the same taste in chicks.
Come on, your wife does not look like an emaciated goldfish.
I wish.
She will with enough plastic surgery.
We're going to spend the money.
Well, the word is, you know, Hillary smacks them around.
So, I mean, but what is it about statistically lesbians?
There's always a bunch of articles saying I'm making this up.
It's in the crime statistics.
Bill Pagli has talked about it.
Why are lesbians the highest rate of suicide and the highest rate of domestic violence?
I think a lot of lesbians are playing house.
And so the man of the relationship comes home with his wife, Peter, and his pompadour.
He's been working on his car.
No, no, that's it.
They're lesbians because daddy beat her up.
He wasn't a good daddy.
But that's what she thinks daddy acts like.
They're playing the role of dad and they're choosing this 1950s archetype, this post-war tough guy.
That the left created that isn't even real.
Yeah, some weird mechanic in a wife beater's like, hey, where's my dinner?
You better get that beer on my hand right now!
Why don't I have a beer on my hand?
And you go, uh, that's a weird archetype that we never really were, but okay, you run with that while you play dress up.
It's funny how they hate the family, yet they can't wait to mimic it in some way.
And again, CPS kids taken from their parents so that the other gay couples can have your kid.
It's almost like Planet of the Apes, like the families, the poor families are running and here comes, here comes the government, especially in San Francisco or places, it's in the news and it's like nets over the families and he's grabbed the kids and it's like we're just, oh, I guess they're the new ruling class, I guess.
Well, Saul Alinsky laid all this out, too.
It's always like, make radical and weird and perverse normal, then destroy gender, then destroy the family, then attack Christianity.
All of this is well documented by Pat Buchanan.
It's all about chipping away at the West and destroying it so you can rebuild it from scratch in your own image, just like George Soros wants to do.
It all comes back to this globalist plan of
Be pro-Nazi, be pro-anti-Nazi, be pro-chaos, get them all fighting, burn America to the ground, and now we can build it back up and all speak in Esperanta, like his dad taught him to do, by the way.
And we can all be one language, one people, where Soros and his cronies decide who gets electricity, who gets water, what cell phone we use.
That's the way it is in the globalist world.
You are on fire, Gavin McGinnis, and that's right.
They couldn't get Esperanza through, though I saw a lot of that in Seattle.
So now it's just they're attacking all language saying it's racist, and then you can only use the language they say is okay, and then sue all investigative journalists.
It's incredible.
Please come on more often, my friend, and come on The War Room, and come on with David Knight in the mornings, because you're awesome, and I appreciate you.
CRTV.com, InfoWars.com, NewsWars.com.
Gavin, thank you so much, my friend.
And my son, big fan, says hi.
Thanks, sir.
It's an honor.
And I'm going to tell you, a rock star at the high schools around here.
That's why we're winning.
We'll be back.
Stay with us.
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That's Infowarslife.com.
Look at this report from LifeSite.
Facebook says group wanting to burn alive Christian mom meets community standards, but she's banned from Twitter.
So we're going to talk to a lady who's reached billions of people and who they're targeting and who's been banned from Twitter, the activist mommy, Elizabeth Johnston.
So Elizabeth, let's get into why you're so hated, why you're so feared, and why they're trying to ban you.
Hi, Alex.
Look, you know, I don't toe the line.
And I am pushing back against some of their pet agendas.
I push back against the feminazis and the LGBT agenda and the slaughtering of children through abortion.
We're good to go.
You know, I am being censored frequently.
And right now, there's a story going that there's a group on Facebook called I Will Find Activist Mommy and Burn Whoever Runs It Alive.
And people, hundreds, thousands of people have reported it.
And Facebook said that death threat does not go against their community standards and they're not going to remove the group from Facebook.
One of the things, Alex, one of the things that really has drawn a lot of attention to my platform, I don't know if you heard about it last year, is that I burned a Teen Vogue magazine when Teen Vogue was teaching teenagers, kids, how to sodomize one another.
Oh yeah, tell folks about that.
Yeah, they printed a tutorial online of how to have anal sex.
And I was livid, as were millions of parents.
And so I filmed a quick two-minute video, burned a T-Pose magazine, called it smut, and called upon
The public to go to their stores and their libraries and make sure that Teen Vogue was not being carried, that it was being pulled from the shelves.
We started hashtag Operation Pull Teen Vogue.
And as you probably know, we gave Teen Vogue such a black eye that they have not recovered from it.
And they actually had to shutter their print edition.
December was their last
Print edition because we have really done such damage to their reputation.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
Alright, we're going to do this segment and the next with Dr. Steve Pachinik.
Then we've got Roger Stone coming in, but I think we may cuddle just a little bit with him.
I got so many questions for Dr. Steve Pachinik, best-selling author, wrote books with Tom Clancy, produced big movies, worked with the State Department, did a lot of covert action stuff, overthrowing governments, you name it.
And he's giving us a lot of good intel.
I want to know about why Tillerson's out.
Stone said it back in December.
Then he said he'll be gone by March.
He actually gave, you know, by early March is what he said.
Tillerson's gone.
What does that mean?
What does it mean about Pompeo coming in?
And then, I don't make about us, but my God.
They are everywhere saying get rid of conservative libertarian free speech, pre-control it, people that question official narratives must be banned.
My lawyers, some of them are some of the best lawyers in the country on defamation, they said this new thing filed by Georgetown Law probably will be thrown out because there should be congressional hearings and it's taxpayer
We're good to go.
We, as a republic, we're doing quite well.
The fact that Rex Tillerson was leaving, Roger's correct, we've known that for well over half a year to a year.
We've prepared for that in terms of providing Pompeo, who was number one at West Point, he was number one at Harvard, and we knew that he could work with Trump in a much better emotional alliance than Rex Tillerson.
But I must say,
Secretary of State Tillerson is an elegant man, incredibly bright, incredibly effective.
I'm sorry to see him go and I'm sorry to see the way he was going because I would treat this man with the utmost respect.
He reminds me of James Baker, a very solid American and an incredible asset to this country.
I would hope that he would continue
As being an advisor of some sort, but I understand what Trump is doing.
Trump will be getting rid of McMaster soon, the National Security Advisor, and we in turn in the military and the intelligence world would appreciate if he picked Lieutenant General Nakasone, who's head of Cyber Command and was a student and a deputy to General Keith Alexander.
And what would happen isn't that we would have more military, we would have more effective technological advancement at the national security level.
At the same time, we have a new DCI.
She's a woman.
I understand she's very highly regarded.
I don't know her personally, Gina Haspel.
She has a history of being involved under Clinton in rendition, interrogation, and torture.
I'm not for that.
I was against it, as you well know.
However, having said that, I will not stop her nomination on that basis, because if you go after her, then you have to go after her boss, Jose Rodriguez, who was head of the Counterterrorism Office, and if you go after him, then you have to go after John Brennan, and if you go after John Brennan, then you have to go after Obama and Bush Jr.
Sure, it's selective to burn a middle-level person when they were following orders.
And basically, she was given a legal waiver on that.
I was told that it was legally allowed at that particular point in time.
From a point of view of effectiveness and morality, I don't agree with it.
I would hope she would explain it to the Senate committee and explain why it was done and why she will not continue to do that.
Torture and rendition is not effective.
Ironically, rendition came in under Clinton, Bill Clinton, and they never said anything about it.
And the torture interrogation came in by the biggest draft dodger I've ever met.
That was Cheney and Bush Jr.
So you have all these cowards who come forth.
And become a manifest, a macho man at a time when we don't need it and it's not very effective.
But our moral stain will be cleaned if we keep on doing and avoid the things we did in the past.
As for the economy, it's doing well.
I think there are certain other people who will have to leave.
I agree with Trump.
David Shulkin of the VA has been a disaster.
For the past year, I've complained about him.
I'm glad he may be picking Rick Perry to take over, but the VA has been poorly run, very ineffectual.
25 psychiatrists left the, uh, Sepulveda VA.
He had no idea what he was doing.
This physician, Shulkin,
And unfortunately, a lot of the veterans now are going to be at the behest of people who really don't know how to treat PTSD.
CNN going after a sponsor, CNN trying to get us shut off the internet.
Hundreds of newspapers a day saying, ban me, I'm a Nazi, get me off, prior constraint.
Georgetown Law, lawyers have never seen this, filed a suit, they say to basically set a precedent to ban people that question official narratives.
They put all these lies in there.
I'm told Soros is funding a bunch of this.
What do you make of this giant assault?
I think it's an absurd, non-significant assault, although it creates a lot of problems.
The actual thrust of the assault has no basis in reality.
As you know, anyone who would question 9-11 would have to explain many things, as they did Sandy Hook, as they did the things that came on in Florida, the three false flags.
The truth of the matter is,
Once they attack you, they've attacked millions of us Americans who've said, look, the official narrative or the narrative presented by CNN or MSNBC and the New York Times is not correct.
And in fact what would happen is once they go into court, and you do go to court, people like myself would be happy to explain why technically it was impossible for the Arabs to attack our country and why in fact this was a 9-11.
Why in fact Alex Jones has been able to express the feelings of those in the intelligence community as well as the military community.
In other words, what I'm saying to your adversaries
Beware of what you want because you may well end up with a real problem and a real headache.
Soros is what we call a Judenrat.
He's a Jew rat.
We've had a lot of those people.
The Hungarians overall, the Jewish Hungarians, were never really rounded up as much as the Poles, myself, my family, 96% of who were exterminated.
The Hungarians towards the end of the war all fled to
We're good to go.
This is what happens in a world where you have the rat, the Jew rat, who comes to the forefront and makes a point of it.
All he does is to illustrate how disgusting he is and what happened to many Jews who were in fact involved in the Nazi Holocaust.
One is Heydrich.
None of the Germans, neither the Israelis,
Want to admit that Heydrich was a Jew.
His father was a famous musician.
Heydrich was a violinist.
He was very much of a Jew.
The first town that they attacked in Austria was where Heydrich lived.
And he was then in charge of the extermination of Jews.
You're talking about the blonde beast?
Yes, that's exactly right.
And so this gets into a very serious problem where the history of anti-Semitism is distorted.
But more importantly, what's not been brought up in that history is exactly what happened to you.
There's no mention of the fact that Hitler first took down Lutheran ministers.
The reason for that is the Lutherans were the predominant voices of Christianity in the North.
Very little was ever said that Lutheran ministers were exterminated in Popendaukau.
Then he went after the Catholic priests who were in the south part of Bavaria, and they were exterminated until Pope Pius XII made a statement.
That's why you have the sound of music.
That was not an accident.
You had Catholic, Austrian nobility that was exterminated, and no mention is made of that.
So Christianity was also exterminated.
You have 30 million slaves.
Hitler was big-time anti-christian.
He was an occultist and into all sorts of other insanity.
So looking at this... What I'm saying now is the fascism that you saw, I predicted what happened a year ago.
When the fascism of the left comes in, or wherever you want to call it, when suddenly political correctness becomes the norm of our speech and the norm of our thinking, you already have the basis of fascism.
When we in fact contradict that, we are the opposite to fascism, which is the liberalism.
The irony is there has been a total switch in positions between the so-called liberals who've become the fascists and we who have been called the conservatives.
We believe in free speech.
We will not censor anybody on the basis of their religion, their color, or any other statement.
And they're now expanding off the universities with their laboratories of ending free speech to the rest of the country and admitting it.
It is such a bold launch, such a bold attack, and I don't think it's going to work because it's creating a Streisand effect.
Well, let me tell you what happens.
Having attended three different elite universities, Cornell University, Cornell Medical School, wasn't implicated in all kinds of sadistic
Hold on, stay right there.
Back in two minutes, I want to get into this, because Georgetown, which is the biggest CIA recruiter, is quarterbacking, trying to end the free speech.
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Let's go ahead and go to Lloyd in Washington.
You're on the air.
Thanks for holding.
Mr. Alex Jones.
Hey, brother.
Good, man.
Thank you for calling.
Hey, I just want to say thanks for your products and everything that you're doing to try to save the country.
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Receiving this transmission, you are the Resistance.
Crashing through the lies and disinformation, it's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
All right, I'm gonna go ahead and co-host some with Roger Stone coming up because there's a bunch of news I haven't gotten to in a bunch of video clips I want to get to.
Morning Joe flipping out, getting triggered when they see Trump with the new border wall.
All of it.
But Dr. Pchenik, you were... Well, author Steve Pchenik.
StevePchenik.com is with us.
Looking at the transformation happening, not just here but all over the world.
Companies are going for populism.
They're going for free market.
Because everybody knows, that's the restaurant where the parking lot's full.
And that's where the good food's at.
And sure enough, see one restaurant with five cars, one with a hundred.
If you go to the one with five cars, it tastes like crap.
You wonder why it's still open.
You go to the other place, you know why it has 500 cars or 200 cars.
And it's the same thing.
Capitalism, free market, all the thousands of choices, everything.
It's obviously so much better, but it creates spoiled people who then convalesce into these liberal, socialist, collectivist armies to then make us their slaves.
How do we defeat that paradigm?
Because half of millennials identify as communists, they're now reporting.
Now Generation Z, most of them identify as kind of libertarian.
They're rebelling against indoctrination.
What I'm getting at is, they are getting so vicious, they are getting so dangerous, and I know you're being positive, I'm positive too, but it's just, they have gotten them by successive approximation now, the average leftist is a crazed maniac lunatic now.
I experience it, I'm on the street, I see it, they are gone.
By successive approximation, pretty soon you are Jim Jones, Kool-Aid level.
I mean, they are whacked out of their brains.
We now have a large part of the population that are radicalized mental patients.
Let me put it this way.
What I've been doing for the past couple of years here in this area in the South, I've been helping conservative men and women who are entering the political system at a very young age, 30, 31, each one of whom has served in our country, mainly in the military.
And then they've decided to go on and become lawyers or whatever, teachers, but they have decided to enter into the political mainstream.
You have to remember, historically, only 4% of our population at any given time has really been involved in the actual actions of the state or the nation.
The republic will remain strong.
It doesn't matter whether you have spoiled people or not.
For the most part, if people are spoiled, it's because they've had too much or there's very little demand on them.
In the case of universities, I do agree they are spoiled.
Most of these universities are really tenured institutions for geriatric professors, many of whom don't belong there.
So they're Alice in Wonderland false reality bubbles?
It's not just Alice in Wonderland.
They're more lethal than that.
At the university level, you have people who have tenure plus a union.
That's not just Alice in Wonderland.
You have people who have
Easily throw out 30% of the faculty.
I could go through Harvard Medical School and I did and I predicted that their residency program at Mass Mental Health would go under and that was easily 30 doctors.
I could go through Cornell Medical School and easily go through any one of their departments
Absolute nonsense!
The content was absolutely absurd half the time.
Most of that content wasn't relevant.
It was there to, really the content... And now, and now, they are filing thousands, not just against me, but they're doing it against Fox News for investigating Seth Ridge.
They are now filing what lawyers said they've never seen, complete...
Bang your head against the wall, made-up, screed insanity, beyond fiction.
It sounds like Fever Swamp, and I guess they're delusional.
I think they're going to win.
I have one more question, since you mentioned all the patriots running for office.
We come back in 60 seconds before Roger Stone comes in, and then I've got the breaking news about exclusive information about the bombs in Austin that we've been given by sources exactly what they were.
That's on Infowars.com.
But this is critical about the left running, leftist CIA.
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Crashing through the lies and disinformation, it's Alex Jones, coming to you live from the front lines of the InfoWar.
Alright, I'm going to finish up with Dr. Steve Pachetnik here, then I'm going to get into this exclusive article on Infowars.com dealing with the type of bombs that have been used the last two weeks.
Three different bombings, been some fatalities, some injuries, and the very, very mysteriousness surrounding that.
We have the exclusive information given to us by, I'm not going to say state, local, or federal, it's just the people that were in the house dealing with the bombs.
This is directly from
The horse's mouth.
And it's on InfoWars.com.
Law enforcement sources.
We should add that.
Law enforcement sources.
Austin package bombs.
Pressure activated.
Assembled on doorsteps.
Law enforcement leaks information.
InfoWars to protect the public.
Similar to IEDs used in the Middle East.
And they are assembled on the doorsteps.
Because you can't move them.
We've got images of the type of bombs.
You name it.
So, I was like, they want us to have this?
And you want me to put this out and this isn't going to mess up the investigation?
They go, no.
This is going to let people know what it looks like and not to move the packages if they're suspicious.
And it appears that they're also not putting packaging labels on it.
And of course, the person could change that, but the point is, is that if you see a box, especially if it doesn't have labels on it, and you didn't order it, don't touch it if you're in Austin, Texas.
Three of these have gone off, and that's what's going on, so that's coming up.
Dr. Steve, I was talking to you about this during the break, and I talked about this over the weekend, but I haven't talked about it enough, because Julian Assange, we know, is a good source.
Warren's CIA flooding the Democratic Party for 2018 midterms, trying to steal elections, trying to manipulate things.
Deep State in league with Dems, says WikiLeaks founder, and that article's on Infowars.com.
We're going to retweet that, Newswars.com as well, because it hasn't gotten the attention.
I mean, it did get thousands of comments.
It did go viral, but people say, well, wait, you have CIA sources that are good, but now the CIA's bad.
It's factions, obviously.
I know you've worked with the CIA quite a bit and run some of their operations.
Why don't you explain to people
What's going on here?
Because you were saying, no, this is correct.
This is going on.
And the reason I raise it is you said, just in your little neck of the woods, you're getting people in the South and in Florida and Georgia, military people that, you know, you know are good and have good records to run for office themselves.
So there's a, they're really always been doing this, haven't they?
But now we're starting to do it.
And so they're now kind of doubling down.
Is that an accurate statement?
That's correct.
What's happening, you have to remember the history of the CIA was really of the OSS starting in Cambridge, Massachusetts.
And when it was created by Donovan, the OSS converted to the CIA, you had the first leaders, Colby, Dulles, the whole bunch of them.
You had pretty much what was considered the white Anglo-Saxon Protestant until the 1960s when Jews and Catholics were allowed to come in.
What's happened over the era is that the CIA really got out of control.
And Eisenhower said correctly, and this is the president I admire the most, along with George Marshall, the man who appointed Eisenhower, is that this is a legacy of ashes.
And the CIA has been a problem for many, many decades.
I myself, although I was trained by the CIA at MIT, I did not belong to the CIA per se.
I worked with them.
Like anything else, there was the good, the bad, and the ugly.
However, over the period when Jimmy Carter was in, I approved the fact that, along with Stanfield Turner, Admiral Turner,
They got rid of about 4,000 operatives.
We didn't need them.
The reason we didn't need them is we had military intelligence, we had political officers, so we have a reduplication of an entity, kind of the equivalent of the FBI, but not doing very well on the covert side.
The civilians were really a problem.
And so when you produce CIA operatives like Bill Clinton, who works for the CIA, Hillary Clinton, who works for the CIA, you have Obama, the black baby of the CIA.
An American whose mother was a brilliant CIA operative in the Far East.
And she was an anthropologist.
Then you have infiltrated the CIA, along with an idiot like John Brennan and Tennant.
You have an incompetency that shifts to any side that the political wind was in.
So when you had the Clintons and you had Obama, they were shifting to the left.
When you had an idiot like Bush Jr., they were basically acquiescing to everything.
When I went back into the CIA and I threatened
So when I went through the entire Pentagon,
All I saw was the CIA.
Then I went to my military officers, Keith Alexander, Jerry Boykin, and others, and explained to them that you are in the hands of an incompetent civilian structure which dreams of being paramilitary and taking over covert operatives.
In reality, the CIA has lost human.
It became absolutely dysfunctional organization.
But what it did exceedingly well, it went to Hollywood under John Brennan and gave somebody like Kathy Bigelow, a very seductive, manipulative little director,
That's the kind of nonsense that came in the CIA where you, myself and others were able to kind of realign that.
Sure, sure.
We're almost out of time.
Trying to pair out all of the little sycophants and that's why the sycophants are so pissed.
So they're all now rushing openly in like a counter-counter coup to try to overthrow everything.
But instead all they're doing is pissing everybody off even more and making everybody know they were right about this fifth column of snot-nosed weirdos like Anderson Cooper who are so insecure they want to mount America's head on the wall because they want to feel powerful.
And so now they've made the sleeping giant stand up and now they're in full panic mode.
He trained in the CIA every summer.
He was a clerk.
He was one of the few homosexual clerks for the CIA.
He doesn't deny it.
I mean, basically he's not relevant.
No, no, but is that an accurate statement then?
So describe the counter coup of Trump and what's happening and why it's got the corrupt elements of the deep state so upset.
What has happened since we came in, and it was with your help as well, a year and a half ago I said the military will be taking over the White House, we will be taking over the Defense Department, we won't have any more of these jerk civilians like Panetta, and we're going to take over intelligence as well.
So military intelligence became far more important than the CIA.
The CIA could no longer do human.
So we transferred a lot of human into the military aspects.
The CIA barely can do cyber kinetics or cyber command and instead we have a guy who... Also the CIA people are always trying to make money and run some scam or engage in criminal activity but but the military which I have seen remember four years ago when the military had a press conference separate from Obama when they'd already broken with Obama over the Middle East and they said we're gonna stop lying but we're also gonna put the military in every town to engage with you and I said oh look
That's going to be the takeover interface if they're actually lying.
But one way or the other, that has now happened.
And the CIA is too lazy to actually engage in any HUMET.
They literally are like college fraternities that just sit around in smoking jackets.
Well, basically they're not qualified.
They don't have to study psychology.
I know the farm.
I know what their capabilities are.
They've lost that capability.
But at the same time, we have another structure which is incompetent, DNI, that came out of 9-11.
So if I were Trump and I were Pompeo, I would clean out the DNI.
I don't need a Director of National Intelligence.
I would clean out the 18 different units of intelligence that we really don't need.
It's a duplication, and Trump is very good at firing at will.
That's exactly how private businesses run.
Now you always say we need lots of firing, and bring people together and see what happens.
Okay, very interesting discussion.
People should read the article about the left is flooding everything.
You don't have to be in the CIA or be in the military to run for office, either if you're a patriot, you care about the country.
Everybody needs to run for office, speak at city council, engage, flood them with the truth, and take government back at every level.
And that's that.
I'll come back with Roger Stone and the latest bomb news and more.
Thank you Steve Pachetnik, StevePachetnik.com.
I'm Alex Jones with InfoWars.com.
Meiko ZX is now back in stock, now stronger at a lower price.
Meiko ZX Plus, InfoWarsLive.com.
Uh, the president said, why are we having all these people from, and I apologize for using this word here, but this is a quote from the president.
Why are we having all these people from sh**hole countries come here?
Uh, Trump said, this is in the Washington Post.
A racist, a shameless racist who has hijacked the Republican Party, who has hijacked the Oval Office.
And this country needs to stand up against this and tell him that we will not let him divide us by color, by race, by ethnicity, by class, by economy.
We will not be quiet.
We will not allow this.
There's a lot of s*** in the whole country.
Let's just use the word the President is using.
It's good enough for the President of the United States to use it.
I think the American people deserve to hear what words the President is using.
If you cannot sit here on live TV and say that what the President of the United States, be his friend or not his friend, said was racist, then you are not contributing to breaking this a more perfect union!
I am a proud c**tholer.
My family was called Wops and Macroliders.
I'm proud of that.
We came when people from Ireland and Italy were seen as dirty people.
Dirty Catholics who didn't belong in a Protestant country.
C**tholers built this country 110 years ago.
Well, I've always liked Dilbert, and I've also read his new book, Winn-Bigley.
And Scott Adams, of course, endorsed Hillary for his own safety, but he's been more of a, what do you call him, a libertarian?
He's not been a conservative or a liberal over the years.
And he always gets me to think about different angles, and it doesn't mean I totally agree with him.
What do you make of this SH storm that's going on?
Well, as usual, things are not necessarily in context.
So, one of the contexts that you see left out quite often is that when he said, why can't we get more people from Norway, sometimes they mention it, but usually they don't, that he had just got done meeting with the Prime Minister of Norway, and he'd been talking about Norway, Norway, Norway, probably for an hour and a half that day.
And so when he was trying to come up with the name of a country that was prosperous,
He said Norway.
So if you leave that context out, it changes it a lot.
The other context you probably need to put on this is that the damage that the president created, and by the way, I count his use of the word shithole in a way that could be, you know, got out to the public, was clearly just a mistake.
And as mistakes go, it was sort of a 10 out of 10.
It's about as high as you can get on the offensive mistake level, so I don't defend it in any way.
But if you put it in context, what he said was in a room with no cameras and no recording.
So it was a bad thing to say, but in the context of the room, everybody in the room understood it to be his usual colorful language, talking about the economic situation of those countries.
Because the whole reason they were talking about those countries is because they had a bad economic situation.
So the president is certainly guilty of creating a situation where this could get out.
But whoever the leaker was has committed a far, far more serious crime against the country.
Not crime, exactly, but offense.
It took a small offense that could have been contained and turned it into a gigantic issue that's a bloody nose for the country.
It's bad for the way we deal with our allies.
It's bad on every level.
And I think you have to hold maybe not the Washington Post responsible because they do reporting for a living.
But leaking isn't anybody's job.
Nobody took a job to be a leaker.
So whoever did that has to share, I would say, 95% of the damage.
I think they have to own that.
But the President doesn't get off at all.
I would say that this was a bad move on his part.
You're listening to The Alex Jones Show.
Well, you know, it recently emerged that Hillary Clinton openly bragged, and he was even pitching the idea, that we don't care about the center of the country.
We don't care about Colorado.
We don't care about Utah.
We don't care about Texas.
We don't care about Illinois.
We don't care about Indiana.
We don't care about Oklahoma.
We don't care about Mississippi, Louisiana.
We don't care about Arkansas.
We don't care about South Dakota, North Dakota.
We don't care about Michigan.
We don't care about any of it.
We care about the coast and the GDP.
Yeah, we know how you put all the federal money and everything into the coast, and so you can all siphon it off.
You've got the biggest poor populations as well.
This was bad.
Ex-Clinton aide slams Hillary for trashing middle America.
It seems to me she's still struggling with coming to terms how she lost and why she lost.
Two-time failed presidential candidate Clinton went too far trashing middle America and Trump supporters in her recent remarks as a former top Clinton aide.
This was bad!
Says Patti Soles Doyle on Tuesday in an H&L interview.
And here's the deal.
You read the WikiLeaks, she goes, I'm so sick of our supporters, pathetic baristas with nothing, no families.
Because they're all saying they hate families.
They know that's wealth.
Oh, they're going to have, they don't want you to have a family because they want you all alone.
But then they hate you because they don't want to give you anything and you're begging for it.
And then the psych warfare head.
One of the top Democrats at the university reaches out to her and he says, we'll keep them in the dark and desperate.
But I suggest we use class warfare.
And Hillary's like, we already are.
And he goes, intensify.
And you've seen it.
The race war narrative.
So let's play that clip and get Roger Stone's take on it.
Here it is.
Joining me now is CNN political commentator, a longtime top aide to Hillary Clinton, Patti Solis Doyle.
Patti, I'm sorry you are in a tough spot.
I don't know Hillary like you do, but I always appreciate your honest analysis and insight.
So based on the reaction of most people, I don't think I'm hearing this wrong, but you tell me, is this getting lost in translation?
Because it sounds really bad.
Thank you so much for having me and I appreciate your honesty and how you feel about Hillary Clinton.
Look, this was bad.
I can't sugar coat it.
She was wrong and clearly it's not helpful to Democrats.
She's going into the midterms and certainly not going into 2020.
She's put herself in a position where Democrats are going to have to distance themselves from these remarks and distance themselves from her, particularly those Democrats that are running in the states that Donald Trump won, like Ohio and Pennsylvania and Wisconsin and Michigan.
So I think the remarks were unfortunate.
Let's stop right there.
By the way, it seems like I have the exclusive on what type of bomb was used and the type used in the Middle East.
I haven't even gotten to that.
The story is on Infowars.com.
I have the exclusive.
This gets into medical record stuff about Hillary.
And the brain tumor was removed in 2013.
She was gone for a year into 2014.
But reportedly the brain tumor has not grown back.
But it caused damage in her middle ear and she has vertigo.
Now people speculated that when she's wearing the anti-seizure glasses, but that's why when you see her walk now, she doesn't know when to give up, man.
I mean, she's a tough gal, I'll give her that.
I mean, she's like, whoa, on the deck of a boat.
That's why when you see her walk out, if you've ever had vertigo, never been sick or stuff, I've had it, you're kind of like, that's how you walk.
And I was in that video, reminded me a few weeks ago, I got that from a very high-level source, that she's been treated for it, takes all sorts of medication.
This is somebody from the campaign, but this is why I wanted to play this for Roger.
Roger Stone, former chief strategist and head of the Trump campaign, who's an incredible source and obviously broke the Tillerson thing, said in January he'd be out in March.
He's about to take over here.
Roger, it just reminded me that suddenly Joy Behar is apologizing to the Vice President for saying that Christians are mentally ill.
And suddenly everywhere they're apologizing, everywhere they're saying they're wrong, I think they realize they've wrecked their ratings so bad and that things are falling apart and they are losing and stealing elections isn't good enough for them unless it's Pennsylvania or
You know, where they target everything, Alabama or Pennsylvania.
But then when it's a general election, they don't have the money or the power to steal it everywhere.
Their donations are down, everything's down.
As long as we stay excited, we're going to win.
So I see them kind of trying to rebuild their credibility now, criticizing the old Democrat guard and trying to get Hillary to fade away and go away.
But she's so delusional she won't go away, like a horrible case of syphilis or gonorrhea or herpes.
Well, what's the real problem here, of course, is not Hillary's physicality, although that's entertaining enough.
You and I were accused of inventing false rumors about her health when everything we said was based on our observations.
The woman could barely walk down a flight of stairs.
Constantly falling down, coughing fits, weird head gyrations.
This is clearly someone without the stamina to be president.
What the real problem is, is her attitude.
Her elitist attitude that people in the middle of the country, working class people, people who aren't in LA or New York, couldn't possibly be right about anything.
We're hillbillies.
We're rednecks.
We're nobodies.
We're second-class citizens to her.
There's no money to rip off from us for the Clinton Foundation.
She has, since the election, blamed the FBI.
That's right.
We're not good marks for her because I know nice folks from New York come down here and they think, where's the horses?
I mean, they don't understand how sophisticated the Midwest, the South, the places are, and the people.
And it's really like a mentally ill behavior that they're so elitist and think that Midwesterners and people... Midwesterners are the coolest people I know, and I love Texans, but I love my wife who grew up in Omaha, Nebraska.
I love people from Michigan, man.
I love people from all over this country, and I like a lot of Californians.
But they're always fifth-generation Californians.
They're not the carpetbaggers that tried to go there and be movie stars.
I mean, you couldn't pay me to live in Los Angeles.
These people have no idea.
But, you know, actually, Texas is horrible.
Californians, you stay right there.
You're right.
We're all idiots here.
You know, we can't even wipe our asses, so you stay right there.
Sorry, Roger.
Go ahead.
Look, it's political snobbery.
Hillary so far has blamed the FBI, Bernie Sanders,
Working people.
She implies that everyone who voted for Donald Trump is a racist.
She cannot see herself.
She doesn't understand that the voters realize that she is a mean-spirited, venal, greedy, selfish, entitled psychopath.
I don't
She wants to keep re-litigating the last election.
She cannot accept her defeat.
But Alex, give her credit for dependability, or I should say consistency.
She called us deplorables before the election.
She called us deplorables after the election.
It's the height of ultra-left wing, bi-coastal elitism.
I just can't believe she gets up in speeches and says stuff like this.
It's just maniac behavior.
I mean, there's a lot of wonderful places all across this country.
Northern California is one of the most beautiful places in the world, and there's a lot of great Californians, but there's just no doubt wherever Democrats are in control, Detroit was the center of world industry until one Democrat got elected, and it became a crap hole within ten years.
I mean, haven't people figured out?
Collectivism really sucks, Roger!
We'll be right back on the Alex Jones Show.
Stand by.
That's right.
I gotta say, Roger, you are a close horse, but that particular suit is sharper than hell.
We'll be right back.
I still haven't gotten to the Mickey Brzezinski thing.
I'll play that, then I'm gonna get out here and let Roger take over, and he's gonna be hosting The War Room with our own Owen Schroyer as well.
Coming up, spread the live links and articles.
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And if you want to save children's lives, which all conscientious, caring people want to do, you don't go after lies.
You go after reality and science and ballistic knowledge.
None of them seem to have that.
Here goes a couple shots.
Man, that sucker kicks.
Really a lot of power.
Fire in the hole, you clear?
Well, on my Facebook every day, I salute entrepreneurs across this country that sacrifice and take risks to start business and employ people and be in the asset column.
And the Nugent family has always stood by that.
We've always worked and earned our own way.
And when you stand up for the Second Amendment, all of a sudden you have Ammo with your name on it.
And I have Gold Tip Arrows with my signature.
And I have my Nuge Java.
But bottom line is, working hard, playing hard America is alive and well.
And I'm just proud to be one of them.
Shemaine and I get up early every day, we work really hard every day, and then we snuggle at night and get ready to start over tomorrow.
So I'm just here to salute people who really earn their position in the asset column of America.
And when you see my audiences at the concert,
It has a life of its own.
It's literally a firestorm of ferocity.
My music and my band and my audiences love real American soul music and rock and roll music and rhythm and blues.
And this is, it's 2018 and this is the best year of my life in spite of the crazy world around us.
And I think, to some degree, because of the crazy world around us.
You see dishonesty and ignorance and hate and rot and evil and nastiness from the left.
And it makes you really confident that you're doing good.
There's a colloquialism, a battle cry that I