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Name: 20180227_Tue_Alex
Air Date: Feb. 27, 2018
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In this episode of The Alex Jones Show, host Alex Jones discusses how fiction writers can understand narratives better than non-writers due to internal consistencies. However, with the overload of information today, even fiction writers may struggle with narrative credibility as reality testing becomes more challenging. Algorithms and deepfake technology add to this problem. InfoWars serves as a probe or gambit for drawing out establishment factions that attack the show but is not funded by intelligence agencies. Jones also discusses psychological warfare tactics used by mainstream media to discredit alternative sources like Infowars, highlighting deceptive practices against David Hogg and emphasizing the need for a unified response from patriotic Americans to combat this information apocalypse.

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Live from the Infowars.com studios, it's Alex Jones.
For his reelection to be launched early, basically.
He's going to announce his bid for the presidency for 2020, announce a campaign head here in the next few weeks, and all the hype that comes with it, getting a jump on the globalists, a jump on the Republican establishment, a jump on the Democrats.
It's absolute genius because they're already running their campaign against Trump.
and the American resurgence.
We've got to stay in campaign mode.
As I've been saying for weeks, the censorship crackdown you're seeing against libertarians, Christians, pro-gun groups across the board is in preparation for shutting down speech just for the midterms.
And so we're going to have that announcement.
He made one earlier, but I'm told another one's coming up.
So there's some confusion on that.
But we will continue to break that down and play that here for you, all the different statements that are being made.
Reportedly, he's going to also make some other statements later.
So we'll track that as that unfolds.
There is a formulaic move to legitimize communist Chinese style censorship here in America.
And that is now taking place, that is now unfolding.
YouTube, after CNN filed the complaint, took down some of our videos last week and gave us strikes on basically all of our channels.
Now on the big one with over 2 billion views, on one channel alone, it was also false what they even claimed.
What they said we said we didn't even say.
They've done it again with other videos where we specifically say that they were not child actors, not crisis actors.
And so they've frozen streaming and uploading.
There'll be no more videos for the next two weeks reportedly on the site.
It'll be gone before then.
And like I said, I've been looking at the right lawsuits and things and so we've got the lawyers lined up.
We'll be having to follow suits here very, very soon.
There's also some statute of limitation issues.
But we're showing you the last banned videos so you can actually see that what we're saying is true because we have those on the computers where they were uploaded, the exact same files.
We're uploading now those files to our own servers to show you the two new videos that were banned as well on the Alex Jones Channel.
I don't want to be clear.
Dr. Corsi has a very popular YouTube site with hundreds of millions of views.
And he works for him, but he's had his side for years.
He's the number one New York Times best-selling author three times over.
He did a video about Trump's going to counter-strike the globalists this year, legally, through the system.
And we talked about top Democrats.
Of course he's not someone bullying anybody, but again they can label anything they want bullying.
They banned his video that 2018 Trump is going to counter-strike against the deep state.
So we'll be airing some of that video today that they don't want you to see as well.
They are really scared of this broadcast because they know the military and people in government that are patriots are listening and it's really a clearinghouse of research and things.
That are unfolding.
So we're going to be going over all that today.
But this is a big deal.
They think you're just going to go quietly the night.
They think you're stupid.
They think that you'll just get used to this and just accept it.
But everything we've seen so far is like a parrot testing its perch.
A parrot will lean out and touch its beak to a branch to see if it'll hold its weight.
And so they've been testing and probing.
I mean, here's an example.
The Chinese president
He's already a dictator.
He's elected by the Communist Party and the Politburo, only a few hundred members of the permanent Communist Party that is a dictatorship of the Communist Party.
But now he's just going to basically make himself king, which is where communism almost always goes, like North Korea.
So there's a little bit of inner party fighting.
And they go, ooh, rare dissent.
You never see it in China, because they kill you if you do.
It's members of the other arm of the Communist Party just saying, this might cause chaos down the road.
Of course, they'll probably be disappeared now.
But that's who our media and who our government, who Apple officially announces they're relocating to China fully to be state-run there, taking the deal.
Offered a month ago by the Chinese dictator of zero taxes.
By the way, it's come out now that on the taxes, Amazon made 5.6 billion profit.
Last year paid zero taxes.
Make no mistake, we've made some major gains against the globalists, but they're striking back all over the world.
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You are listening to an InfoWars.com Frontline Report.
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
From deep in the heart of FEMA Region 6, Austin, Texas, transmitting worldwide, it's Alex Jones.
We're launching Operation Paul Revere 2018, kicking off Thursday at 8 a.m.
with David Knight, running right through to the end of the war room with Owen Schroyer the next day at 6 p.m.
Of course, I'll be right smack dab in the middle of it live and popping in throughout the live transmission.
It is a defense of free speech, a defense of the First Amendment, a defense of the Second Amendment emergency transmission, because the mass censorship
Is he
I don't
There's some type of announcement coming up, but they've been changing the times, as they often do, as things are fluid.
So we'll watch that as the day unfolds, of course, at Infowars.com and Newswars.com.
Trump announces re-election campaign and campaign manager.
President Donald Trump announced that he is running for re-election in 2020, and that Brad Parscale, who served as Trump's campaign 2016 digital guru, has been named campaign manager.
I hope I pronounced that right.
In an announcement posted on the President's campaign website, his son, Eric Trump, praised the man he's appointing as an amazing talent who was pivotal to our success in 2016.
Top Trump advisor and son-in-law, Jared Kushner, said that Parscale was essential in bringing a disciplined technology and data-driven approach to how the 2016 campaign was run.
The news was first reported by Matt Drudge, The Drudge Report.
So the President has already filed for re-election.
He filed a Form 2 paperwork with the Federal Election Commission hours after he was inaugurated over a year ago.
He has also held a number of re-election campaign rallies already.
So Drudge broke that.
I've been a little distracted from that big announcement with this.
And what we said last Friday has been proven to be dead on.
And again, the only place that carried it was DrudgeReport.com and Infowars.com.
That's a big deal because when CNN came out and said, I guess they covered it, but the only other group that covered it to point out how horrible it was, and said, we're going to, and we have filed complaints against Alex Jones, and we're looking to shut him down for saying there were no
Real people at the shooting and it was all crisis actors and the shooting didn't happen.
Now they didn't show a quote, they didn't show a video, they just lied.
The videos they took down, we were able to host on our own server, got well over 7 million views, and you could see what was really in the videos.
Eyewitnesses reporting a stand down, eyewitnesses reporting multiple gunmen.
Now we don't know if they were right at that time.
We now know the stand down did happen.
But the new videos are us saying, clearly, there were no crisis actors.
The video was called, The Truth About Crisis Actors.
We explained, yes, the four students the media has chosen, out of 3,000 put on the news, are the friends in a local drama club, and it looks like they're putting scripted stuff out, but that doesn't mean that they don't go to that school.
That was banned as bullying.
And so was another one where we said SSRIs have been in every major mass shooting and that yet if you want to say one thing is the main cause it's that and media hyping up schools and that you're supposed to use AR-15s to do it when AR-15s are used in less than 1% assault rifles less than 2% of overall gun crime FBI statistics but almost all school shootings use them.
So it's very suggestible people, it's this one gun, it's this one thing, and they know if they put enough of it out in the media, that crazy people will get into this and do it, and then when the crazy people say they're going to do it, nothing's done.
So we went with the best evidence we had, that the shooting did happen like they said, but now it's turned out there was a stand-down.
DrugsReport.com's linked to our article, Parkland First Responder.
I was told to stand down, I could have saved lives.
We've got teachers, we've got students, we've got students we've had on that said there were 10 police cars lined up.
All the shootings going on and nothing went on.
Just bizarre.
These are the videos.
They don't say copyright.
When we play a local newscast clip, they say bullying.
And then they go on the news and David Hogg, the
The main guy of the four students, mother seeing employee, dad FBI agent, he goes on and they go, boy, they say you're a crisis actor, the shooting didn't happen.
Well, it's all right, they've gotten me lots of traffic, you know, they're idiots.
And then they'll cut to...
Dan Rather and Glenn Beck and Stelter with Hogg in studio saying Alex Jones, Alex Jones, Alex Jones.
Shouldn't we ban Alex Jones, the pollution of Alex Jones?
And a lot of people go, okay Alex, if you get banned, big deal.
Do you understand that they said two weeks before this, in the Wall Street Journal, that they met with Google, that's News Corp did, and others, and they said, we're going to call everything bullying, we're going to ban InfoWars first.
People may get behind it because he's a lightning rod, and then we have the precedent to shut everything down.
Within three days of them going in and freezing our live video feeds, now our official YouTube channel, the Alex Jones Channel, I should have announced this up front, is frozen.
No uploads.
One more strike, it's gone.
And they're just making it look judicious.
I predicted this Friday it'll be one, and then another, and then three.
Well, we warned Alex.
The headlines will be, Jones was warned and told to stop saying no kids died, but he didn't.
You'll see that in every newspaper.
And you would have heard the show.
You would have seen the videos.
You would have heard me never say that.
But your friends and family, if you tell them, they'll say, shut up.
Because that's mind control.
And so you can see how it's all scripted.
And then, because they can't get me to talk bad about David Hogg, and I know court case-wise that we've got CNN admitting that they got involved in our account, the New York Times admitting they did it, Hogg up there, all of it, that he can definitely be brought into the court case.
So now he's positioning himself
I'd say we're 24, 48 hours out from permanent banning, 2 plus billion views, thousands of incredible videos on health, on life, on science, on the universe, on politics, on sunsets, on fireside chats, just you name it, it's on there.
The Charlton Heston interview, Noam Chomsky interview, President Trump interview, interviews, all of it, gone.
A compendium of 12 years, 13 years of work, they're going back, videos of my French Bulldog and Chihuahua that are dead now, playing in the yard.
You go put your stuff on their cloud, that's what YouTube is, is a pre-cloud.
You go there, you give them billions and billions of views and
Then they sit there and they lie about you, and they roll out a teenager, a young man, a spokesman, an activist, and they say he's the bully, Alex Jones is the bully.
And then, Mr. Hogg, who's we've since challenged and he's not responded, while he's still tweeting about us.
Calls me a charlatan and someone sued for saying Sandy Hook didn't happen.
That never happened.
That's just totally made up.
And that I'm basically a fat, ugly person and a S-H-you-know-what-T journalist.
And that he wants to come on my show.
And then he shows pictures of me and makes fun of me and everything.
Clearly trying to bait me.
Clearly trying to bait me.
And we don't expect him to come on.
I mean, we know that CNN's, from research we've got, involved advising him and the rest of it.
And so, that's just how it is.
So the young man, 18-year-old man, he can have us banned, play the victim.
And then sit there on his Twitter to close to 300,000 or is it more than 300,000 followers and defame me and lie about me and say whatever he wants.
So I want to have Mr. Hogg who challenges me.
We've private messaged you, you name it.
We're waiting, Mr. Hogg.
We're waiting right now for you to come on and we're going to ask you the question.
We know you want to get rid of the Second Amendment.
Where do you stand on the first?
You like being the poster boy for that?
Let's talk to Victor in Florida.
Victor, you're calling.
Go ahead.
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You're listening to the Alex Jones Show!
The answer to 1984 is 1776.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
Well I got bad news for you and I got bad news for you.
And I got, well, some good news.
President Trump's announcing he's
Running early to build up steam and momentum and so that Republicans that are going to get behind him can be identified so they won't be able to stab him in the back once the election really cranks up.
It's a smart move.
I know Trump overall has done a lot of good things.
The globalists hate him.
They're trying to destroy him.
The bad news is he's meeting with the nation's governors right now.
Fox News is reporting pitching
Gun control, bump stock bans, and on top of that, raising the age to 18 to buy semi-automatic rifles.
That sells the idea that banning things is how you stop crime, or stop psychopaths, or stop people on serotonin reuptake inhibitors.
Every mass shooter has been on serotonin reuptake inhibitors.
And this guy included.
Now bump stocks really don't work, and they're a crap product in my view, but still.
Still, you can't give the dog a bone, because pretty soon you're giving him the whole cow.
And that's the plan.
There's always going to be mass shootings.
There's always going to be crazy people.
If we take all the guns, we'll be in communist China, where they execute millions of people every few years.
I mean, but our media never humanizes the Chinese.
So, that said, that's a bad situation.
Now, the really big news here,
Is that thousands of YouTube channels of every prominent gun group, you name it, veterans groups, hunting groups, shooting club groups, from just duck hunting to you name it, is all being banned.
And the way they do it is first, oh, this is a community guideline strike.
We won't tell you what it is.
But this 4-H shooting club video's banned.
That's one strike.
Then, oh, your site's frozen.
Two strikes.
And then they delete you.
And they make you feel like you did it.
That's how I was able to say Friday, you know, they've done the one strike the CNN's calling for, and then they'll do the second and freeze our channel.
It's now frozen today.
And then in a couple days, oh, and we found another one.
Oh, look.
And the media will say, oh, look, you didn't learn.
And then, it's not censorship.
We just said that you were bullying children and said things you didn't say and then deleted you.
And then the media doesn't announce it's a purge against everybody.
They just say, oh, it's just against Alex Jones and the NRA.
And all over David Hogg's Twitter, the main spokesperson, the senior, the young man, who's all over the news, a public figure, if you even talk about him, they delete your videos.
The videos they deleted today were us saying we believe he is not a crisis actor, we believe he's been given lines, and the other students have, because out of four students, you've got 3,000 others that weren't talked to, just like the fake CNN town hall that was scripted.
That's a national issue.
Tucker Carlson sounds just like me, because what he's talking about is the same thing.
He isn't getting deleted.
Not yet.
You see?
So, this is very dangerous.
And so, Dr. Corsi had his channel frozen today.
For a very milquetoast video, it was no threats, no nothing, it was just how Trump's going to strike back against the globalists in 2018, and how he's going to use these different executive orders to go after their offshore money, how these big corporations pay zero taxes, a la, we've got Amazon made 5.6 billion in profits last year, paid zero in federal taxes.
Silicon Valley faces perfect storm of public contempt for all their censorship and control.
So, here we are.
They've got a big PR campaign run by CNN to ban InfoWars.
And they even say, we're going to ban everybody.
But that's the cover.
Oh, they did that!
All the conservatives are gone because they're bullies.
They don't show how we were a bully.
And then Dana Loesch and others get up and they say, murderer, we're gonna kill you, we're gonna burn you, that's cute, that's funny.
You see?
And oh, hashtag hunt Republicans and kill the NRA billboards.
They all stay up.
It's amazing.
So, continuing.
David Hogg has come out today and called me a piece of, you know what?
A S-H-you-know-what-T journalist who is an idiot.
He says, I got sued for lies about survivors and victims of another school shooting, which is a violence policy center Brady campaign lie, they always say.
They just keep saying that.
All because I said that I couldn't prove one way or the other if people died there.
And my own listeners got mad at me saying it was a hoax.
They just think because I'm fair and balanced about things that I must be weak on it.
So now they make up that I've been sued about that.
It's just bizarre.
But Hogg says, hey Alex Jones, you seem to be really confused as to what I do.
I do who I am and I'd love to come on and clear some of this up because clearly, as a, you know what journalist, you can't.
And then he's got stuff in here about, when your snake oil only makes... You do this 45 days later.
I mean, I lost like 15 pounds.
Gained muscle.
And yeah, I had been to the beach right before, so I was more tan.
We shot it in the same area of the office.
Fluorescent lighting.
You can see how much softer I was.
See how much more tone I got.
I mean... I'm a husky guy, but I mean, I lost a lot of weight.
That's, that's amazing.
So, he goes, I might not be great with spelling or punctuation, but I'm like Jones, do research and don't sell snake oil to masses.
Yeah, Jeff Bezos is the biggest supplement seller in the world and doesn't pay taxes, but he's okay.
But the Washington Post writes articles about how I'm a snake oil salesman, but I sell many of the same products that Whole Foods and Amazon do, just private label at a lower price.
So again, think about how they operate.
Think about how stupid they think you are.
And then it's always the same talking point by every leftist group, is snake oil, and you got sued for Sandy Hook, and just all these things that aren't even true, but it's what they've come up with.
And if Hogg isn't being told what to say, he's going out and copying what other people say, because we all know the attacks.
And this is the attack on your free speech.
And people are going, yeah Alex, we know, we're all getting kicked off Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.
We're all getting censored.
You know, help us.
I know, it's thousands of sites.
I can't even keep track of it.
And there's no news coverage of the Purge.
And then the President, when he gets told about it, says, well, they're not going to censor me.
They're censoring everything that magnifies the Make America Great Again agenda.
And then they lie about Donald Trump Jr.
and say that he said nobody died and they were crisis actors.
He just pointed out why is it four kids out of 3,000 and why are they all in the drama club?
And that's a fact!
But I want to be clear.
YouTube, let me do a document cam shot please for TV viewers, gave us these new strikes on the Alex Jones Channel.
The first one was David Hogg can't remember his lines, remember?
And then it's him, them telling him what to say on camera and fumbling around.
And clearly he's being told what to say.
And then the new strikes are, what is to blame for the Florida high school shooting?
And then we say SSRIs, not responding to the warnings.
That's Owen Schroeder.
And then this is myself and Milo.
We did another one, learn more.
The truth about crisis actors in the Florida shooting.
Now that's a YouTube style headline.
And then we say, we do not believe they're crisis actors, we believe the shooting's real.
Out of the gates.
And we talk about how I'd been censored that day by CNN, and how they were involved in tortious interference and racketeering.
So my response saying, they don't want you to know that I believe real people died,
And I'm not attacking David Hogg.
That's what they took down says is bullying.
And then David Hogg could sit there and say, I challenge you, you piece of garbage, you snakeball salesman, you moron.
I challenge you and that's okay.
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You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
Ladies and gentlemen, InfoWars has been chosen as a microcosm
Of how to ban free speech on social networks.
And if you're able to do that, if you're able to shut us down, you can shut everybody down.
That has been openly announced by News Corp, by Google, and by others.
And they think we're morons.
But we have hidden camera footage, you name it.
I want to get into all the other big world news as well.
Tell you about some of the guests that are coming up.
But before we do that, we just had big developments during the break.
Michael Zimmerman just came in here.
He's over our YouTube channels and our streaming.
We do a document cam shot.
I can show the viewers this.
We told you how YouTube is engaging in
Strikes against our account, saying that we said no one died, and that it was crisis actors.
And then the videos, in all the videos we say people died, it was real, and the young adults are not crisis actors.
But that they are on the acting team, and out of 3,000 students have been chosen by the media to make it look like everyone's anti-gun, which isn't true.
Now that's absolute fact.
CNN says we want the Alex Jones Channel banned last Friday.
Wanting another media outlet banned.
They said they filed more complaints over the weekend.
They removed videos where we were critical of CNN and said that CNN was involved in racketeering.
Now, one of the videos, David Hogg can't remember his lines, we point out that he's clearly on camera, they've taken this video down everywhere, and someone's filming him off camera while he's being interviewed by National News, but they're taping it, and he keeps going, I can't remember, what do I say?
Okay, no, no, it wasn't a drill, it was a mass shooting.
And we say he's probably really tired, or were they feeding him lines?
The person's feeding him lines off camera, that doesn't mean the shooting didn't happen.
You can see the video for yourself on Infowars.com.
Well, CNN knows this is getting a lot of attention.
They're the ones running this.
They admit they're running this inside YouTube.
Also, the New York Times is on hidden camera.
Saying that they interface and tell YouTube how to censor us, that we're the main enemy.
Because we understand how they run their scams.
Well, just minutes ago,
They removed the second strikes.
They just removed the second strike.
Now they rejected our appeal on the first strike, so we can't live stream on that channel, but they had frozen the entire channel as of the middle of the night last night, as of this morning, saying we bullied children.
And then, they'll never say what that means, but then the media says, oh, did you hear Jones had his video deleted, saying nobody died?
Then you actually watch the video, we re-upload, it gets 7 million views, and it's people saying the police stood down.
Well, that's what's been confirmed now.
It's in mainstream news now.
We told you the day after it happened, because we just went to the students and the local newscast, and to what was being filmed at press conferences, but they didn't make the news.
That they didn't want you to see.
And we said, maybe these are wrong reports, maybe these young people are wrong.
But, I mean, we never say we know what's going on until it's cut and dry.
So, we had videos responding to CNN being involved in this, and clearly it's tortious interference.
I've talked to my lawyers, it's unprecedented.
To have another media outlet in your own private account filing complaints on you and then misrepresenting what the videos were to shut you down.
I mean, that's what the mafia does.
That's the definition of racketeering laws, was to stop big powerful groups getting together to squeeze out smaller groups.
We own the grocery stores in this area, Queens!
You don't sell to us, it's gonna burn down!
Or the inspectors are harassing your little grocery store because you won't sell and finally you sell.
That's racketeering!
They call it discrimination if you won't bake a gay couple a cake.
I say bake their cake!
But $500,000?
What about this?
Because we're in the top one-tenth of 1% of YouTube.
And they know that.
And they know this is massive tortious interference.
It's racketeering.
It's so criminal that the courts will have to, in a civil case, rule against them, even though it's civil, because it'll set the precedent for massive organized crime going forward if they don't get in trouble.
But here's the deal.
The big investors at CNN, they don't care, man.
They're using news outlets as cutouts for intelligence operations.
That's what this is.
To set the precedent to shut us down.
They already tried to destroy talk radio, buy it out, buy out the local stations, take the sponsors, tried to kick everybody off air, support those local affiliates, that's so critical.
But here, document cam shot, for TV viewers, I'll describe it for radio listeners, community guidelines.
So they upheld the first fake strike, which itself is not what they say we said.
And then they got rid of the strike tube.
What is to blame for the Florida high school shooting?
And we said SSRIs, lack of response time, stand down, people in government custody, that's almost always who's involved, that's the MO, that's the fingerprints.
The truth about crisis actors in the Florida shooting, first thing we say, and by the way, Zimmerman's uploading those videos now from the computers where they were uploaded to our servers.
I think he's probably done.
As soon as he's done, I want to have those clips for us here.
They're going to be on InfoWars, because you can go see for yourself.
We say, the first thing we say is, there were not crisis actors, this shooting really happened.
That's then banned for us saying they were crisis actors.
But here's the bigger issue.
If we wanted to say,
That they were really flying one-horned, one-eyed, purple people eaters, or they were Chinese jet pilots from deep space, or that they were purple dragons, or they identified as golden dragonets, or beautiful ornate buildings, as Google executives do, I'm not kidding.
That if we want to be crazy online about a big public event and public figures, and we don't believe any of it, you know, a schizophrenic doesn't believe something, and that's their right too, that you don't then ban them.
But we didn't even do that!
And then Hogg is bullying me, going, look how ugly you are.
You're a piece of crap.
You know, you're a this journalist.
I can't say the cuss words on air.
You got sued.
All of this is defamatory.
None of it's true.
And he's saying he wants to debate.
And I bet a lot, and maybe I'm wrong, but I'll bet you a chicken fried steak and all the beer you can drink, that Hogg
Does not get on this show live with me.
And I'll be totally polite, because they want me to try to crucify him.
This was stupid baiting, whoever's handling that account.
Stupid, stupid baiting.
To go, oh look, Alex is a fat person.
Oh, he's a piece of crap.
Oh, he's an idiot.
And then to have a sub, yeah, he lost his kids.
Not true.
Yeah, he got sued for, you know, hurting kids at Sandy Hook.
All lies!
And he's bullying me.
They're on CNN.
He's a young man.
He's a high school senior, a public figure, and he's on there with Stelter and all of them saying, Stelter saying ban Alex Jones and Glenn Beck's like, yeah, they're not doing enough.
Think about this.
And then YouTube finally went, whoa.
Last Friday, this isn't like the normal people.
They just totally ban people, don't even tell them why all the time.
Much less do their whole fake strike thing or their community guidelines deal that they run and control.
It's not like a copyright claim or anything, they just feel like it.
They say, oh, some anonymous person flagged you off to the gulag.
They're going, wait a minute.
We banned these videos last week and they got seven plus million views.
It was a top story on Drudge.
We better reinstate it till nobody's paying attention and ban him later.
Because we're like, whoa, this is getting too much attention.
We need to back down because of course he's article, you know, is in front of the president right now about how they need to move with civil rights violations, racketeering, but really Sherman antitrust and large corporations and groups saying you were not going to
We're not going to rent cars to black people.
We're not going to sell houses to black people.
Well, if you're a conservative or pro-gun or whatever, we're going to misrepresent what you said and do and then ban you from the electronic media, from the digital media, which is a civil rights violation in the modern age.
They've advertised themselves in Congress as a utility.
They're trying to block conservatives from access to services.
Oh, they've committed a lot of crimes, folks.
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You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
Waging war on corruption.
It's Alex Jones coming to you live from the front lines of the InfoWar.
I want you.
I need you.
Look at this article.
It's up on newswars.com and infowars.com.
Heritage Foundation, 64% of Trump's agenda already done faster than Reagan.
I agree with that.
And they've compiled 49 different things that he's completed.
But of his overall agenda, about 64%
Getting out of the Paris Climate Accord.
Repealing net neutrality, which wasn't really net neutrality.
Reshaping national monuments where they'd done a bunch of seizing in private land.
Resetting the Mexico City policy.
Increasing military spending.
Reforming temporary assistance for needy families.
Long development of natural resources.
Reforming government agencies.
Withdrawing from UNESCO.
The UN ran
Since the 90s, since 1994, when Clinton got us into it fully, George Bush Sr.
signed us onto it, but UNESCO really runs the global government.
It sets policy.
We were already basically under it, but they put us under it fully, where it told us who can come in as refugees, including people with huge criminal records, terrorists, you name it.
I went over their list.
It's not even that good.
We wrote articles about his first hundred days that were better than this.
And all I'm saying is the Heritage Foundation kind of skews things and only hits a few areas.
What about killing the TPP?
What about crushing political correctness?
What about bypassing the mainstream media?
Because those are promises as well.
What about
Just the list goes on and on.
But I will tell you, Trump said no more restrictions on the Second Amendment control criminals.
He is starting to like, oh bump stocks, oh age 21.
That goes back to going on the defense when we should be pointing out the guy was on serotonin reuptake inhibitors, there was the stand down.
And again, we have had teachers on, we've played the clubs, we've had students on, the show ourselves, we've had the local newscasts.
There's another article right here.
And it's up to all of us.
Just because we know all this, we're in a war.
And we tend to move on as stuff breaks.
And they just come back.
There are articles all over the country saying Jones lied and said no children died.
And Jones lied and said they were all crisis actors brought in from out of state.
Never said that.
But they go further.
They go, and Jones, that dirty rat, said there was a stand down.
Yeah, I said the day after.
That it appears there was a stand down for at least six, seven minutes and the sheriff's deputies masked outside.
And now they are saying, look, we were ordered to stop until officers got there that had body camps.
And that's in the Miami Herald now.
But does it matter?
AP, Reuters, Fortune, all ran headlines saying YouTube pulls Alex Jones videos saying student anti-gun activists were actors.
That's Fortune being a little bit more accurate.
I did say they are student actors and it looks like they're reading off a script, but not that, again, they're out of town.
And I keep repeating that.
Because this is their plan.
They've said, we're gonna call all conservative speech bullying, and then we're gonna bully you and call for your death and call for Trump's death and kill the NRA and hashtag hunt Republicans, and we're gonna have David Hogg online calling me all sorts of names and saying things I never did.
Whoever's running that Twitter account, or it's Hogg, young man,
You are in a man's world.
You are in an adult world.
Do you support free speech?
Because we know you don't support the Second Amendment.
You challenged me.
Now, I know that's because you thought I'd shoot my mouth off about you, and then you could call that bullying.
Look, I know it's CNN.
They're like, Jones hasn't taken the bait.
We keep saying he said it's all fake.
We don't have a clip.
The one Media Matters put out is so edited, they can't use it.
It's obvious.
They'd even blur it so you can't tell when they do the cuts, but it's unbelievable.
You can hardly even tell it's me, it's so blurred to hide the cuts.
They got some really low-grade tricksters over there.
And I've responded to Hogg because, and I got a bunch of guests coming on and tons of news next hour, I'm gonna segue some out of this.
It's just, this isn't about Infowars.
We have to get the alarm to the President, we have to get it to the media, we have to get to everybody that this is happening.
And Dr. Corsi's video about the President taking action in 2018 and his military intelligence contacts and White House contacts about what Trump's planning to do.
That video was banned and his site's frozen.
And if you're not a public figure and don't fight back, they don't care how you appeal, they'll just still delete your site.
But YouTube's understanding that I've not taken the bait.
They admittedly are in consultation with CNN basically running my account right now.
And so CNN's like, their lawyers are telling them, no, they really do have tortious interference here.
You guys shouldn't have shut your mouths off.
Why'd you write an article saying that you're deciding if a site stays up and then having a bunch of guests on saying shut him down.
That's right.
You should have just banned me and not run your mouths.
But you can't help it.
Again, what is CNN doing inside there?
So, right here.
Here's the tweets I sent to David Hawke.
David, you are welcome to come on my show.
He says he wants to come on.
Then he calls me a bunch of names to challenge.
Are you aware that CNN is using you as part of a lobbying campaign to shut down InfoWars?
You are now a public figure and activist.
You are not immune to criticism.
We know your views on the Second Amendment.
Do you support the first?
And I again said, Hi David, it would be fantastic for you to come on.
I would be very thankful for that.
I want to set the record straight and clear things up between you and I. Here's another one.
I would love to have you on my show to clear up some of the disinformation, because he's not responding, that has been put out about my statements.
But he's tweeting live time while this has happened, so he's not responding.
He's in class.
He says he's not going back to school.
He's graduating into CNN.
I would love to have you on my show to clear up some of the disinformation that has been put out by my statements concerning the tragedy.
I notice you're calling me a bleep bleep and a bleep bleep when I never have called you any disparaging names.
I've also never been sued by survivors of any shooting.
Please stop the defamation.
My YouTube channel with 2 plus billion views has been frozen after CNN lobbied for it to be closed in your name.
Again, Mr. Hogg, in your name, CNN has shut down my speech on YouTube.
It is critical that you come out and support the First Amendment and not let them use this to end free speech.
See, we have to turn this around into what it is.
They've gotten a bunch of well-spoken
Anti-gun young people, out of 3,000, four of them to come out and be the spokespersons.
And we're just saying, you're anti-gun spokespersons, where are all the other people?
And by the way, there was a stand-down.
And they're like, no, we're going to delete that.
And we're going to say you said that we aren't real.
Well, sorry, I've got a platform of over 200 radio stations, now over 100 TV stations, and we have got websites that have millions of visitors a day, and we have allies like Drudge that is allied with the First Amendment, who linked to our video and it got 7 million views.
And you know what?
The videos, YouTube did ban them.
They put them back up, but we're going to post now on InfoWars.com.
I'm told it's going up right now, so let's hit refresh and see if they're up yet.
The latest two videos banned by them.
You see?
The latest two videos banned by them.
And they realize, how are they going to sit there in court banning me when the videos are the opposite of what they said they were?
So they're just going to keep looking for something that fits.
But I've already got the whole chain.
And by the way, I don't want to sue you guys and have a two-year battle and win.
I just want you to stop.
My business model is freedom.
My business model is not winning lawsuits.
And it's important legally, too, I keep putting you on notice.
Because we're going to show the juries all this stuff.
And I'm not calling for Hogg to be bullied, calling me names, calling me a liar, calling me scum, calling me feces.
That's his right to do that.
I'm an adult public figure, son.
Now, it's not right to say I lost lawsuits for defaming children.
That's defamation, and that's a talking point.
But if you are involved in shutting down my speech, of course it's interference, young man.
So we're going to look into all that.
The biggest thing you can do, other than spread the articles and the videos, and knowing this is a total war ahead of the other guests we have and other topics we're going to cover, is buy products from us.
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Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order.
It's Alex Jones.
From deep in the heart of FEMA Region 6, Austin, Texas, transmitting worldwide, it's Alex Jones.
Alright, coming up, let me tell you about some of the guests we've got on today.
Syrian girl comes from a party that was in power before Assad, and she lives in Australia, but she's well known.
Her full name's public.
And she's really given us great information on what happened in Syria, the ongoing wars, and how Trump's trying to get out of there, but the Pentagon's wanting to stay there.
She's going to be popping in.
The next two segments.
And then, Zach from Morocco, an incredible intel source, will give us the latest on what he sees with all the censorship, the attacks on Trump.
Trump announcing early he's gonna run.
Obama did it.
582 days out, which was 100 days earlier than the predecessor.
100 plus days.
Trump is doing it 980 days out.
I think it's really smart.
So we're going to look at that.
Zach from Morocco is popping in.
Sputnik couldn't come on yesterday.
He's popping in.
And then Paul Joseph Watson.
But I also want to open the phones up some.
Specifically on Trump.
And do you think he's going sideways saying, we'll look at bump stocks, we'll look at age 21 to own a semi-automatic rifle?
I think it's the first thing 14 months in he's done that's a real betrayal.
And I know that it's a tactic.
And I'll be reassured if this happens, and I think I'll be proven right, but it's a tactic that Trump has used.
Where he goes, I always said during the campaign, if you've been here decades and don't have a criminal record or contributing, we should fast track you being a citizen.
That's totally reasonable.
But all these people that are MS-13 have been deported dozens of times and are armed robbers and arsonists and they're supposed to stay?
By the way, the Democrats are trying to defend those people now in Oakland.
You know, saying don't let ICE come take them and warning them ICE is coming in.
I mean, this is incredible.
Totally illegal.
And Civil War type stuff.
And then the Democrats go, we want total amnesty, anybody forever, totally wide open, no borders, world government.
He goes, whoa, whoa, whoa, then you get nothing.
So he's like, yeah, bump stocks, yeah.
Age 21, and the Democrats are like, no, we want a total abolition, second amendment, what will take those compromises, banning all semi-auto.
That's what Dianne Feinstein and others have introduced.
So I think he's
Taking the politics out of it at a level, acting like he's reasonable, but knowing that they're not going to be reasonable.
In the past, they'd take little pieces.
Now they want the big pieces.
I'm sure in my heart that's what's happening, but let me tell you something.
If that isn't what's going on, and he starts caving in, and then on the next shooting, he does more.
I'm not going to say, oh my God, I'm wrong, Trump's evil.
He's already turned back so much.
It just means, well, we bought this reprieve, he's caving in.
And I don't know why he'd cave in, because it's making his base really mad.
And I want the base, who blew up at me months ago, going, look, he's going to give amnesty.
And I said, he always said, if you've been here decades and don't have a criminal record, and you've got a job, we should, we want those people.
That's reasonable.
But if you're a criminal or all this other stuff and you've been deported and you're here illegally and you're full grown, your ass is out of here.
And that's what he still stands for.
So with Trump, he's pretty neurotic about doing what he says he'll do.
But I think he probably thinks, bump stocks, who needs them at 21?
His sons are more pro-gun than he is because he was never really into guns.
His sons are big gun guys.
But Eric's out there saying it's reasonable.
I think it's bad.
I think it's a wrong move.
But I, at a Machiavellian level, know what Trump's doing.
And I know what he'll... It's the art of the deal.
Even though he understands it makes the base mad, he'll go, OK, we'll give you a little.
And then they don't want any.
No, we want it all.
And then by them doing that, he can go, look, I tried to do something.
So that's the tactic.
And I don't like it.
Because it's selling the states, the governors, the people that he's talking to right now.
He's saying, oh, don't worry, I got the states, the gun lobby's gonna be okay.
Well, you know, I've talked to Ted Nugent on and off here, and I've talked to other board members of the NRA this last few days, some of which will go unnamed, and they are really worried about you, Mr. President.
Because we've spent decades getting the NRA up to snuff, understanding no compromise.
It's made them bigger, it's made them stronger, it's made them more successful.
And that's the model of success that you followed as well.
So compromise with these people that you can't compromise with is not the right move.
We'll be back.
Make no mistake, we've made some major gains against the globalists, but they're striking back all over the world.
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InfoWars has an audience, you.
InfoWars has hundreds of radio affiliates, now over 100 TV affiliates.
InfoWars is made up of red-blooded Americans of every race, color, and creed that want freedom.
And YouTube and Facebook and Twitter are purging conservatives by the thousands.
Or anybody that asks questions.
Or anybody that promotes Trump speeches.
And the President has to understand that, that he's a guardian of the First Amendment, and that he believes he can still punch through and reach people, but it was the Internet and the grassroots that brought Trump to power.
Even though he's got a great new campaign head that he's announced for the 2020 run, same guy that ran his tech before, and that guy's real smart, he doesn't get the credit.
All of us together get the credit.
It's not about taking credit from his new campaign head.
It's just that the media is crediting him with the win.
It's everybody.
It's drudge.
It's the internet.
It's the people.
It's the memes.
It's the responses that overpowered the censorship and overpowered the disinfo.
But YouTube first banned us from streaming on our site with over 2 billion views on one of our sites alone.
They put strikes on all the other channels, froze those.
They then banned us today.
They blocked the channel.
And they told us that the site was banned.
And that they were going to delete it.
Then, an hour ago, this came in.
They deleted the second strike.
Didn't give us a record.
This is what they normally do with just little people, who are by the way the most important.
They just delete you.
You're just a slave.
They don't even tell you why.
Look at this, document cam.
Community guidelines.
And suddenly, here's our record.
It's just gone.
See right here?
This is this morning.
These were videos saying that the kids did die and they were not crisis actors.
They then said, you have a strike?
You said they were crisis actors.
And then now they've just disappeared it.
They didn't say, oh, you won your strike.
They didn't say you won your appeal.
So I can have the headline, Alex Jones wins appeal against YouTube.
You know, did not say they were crisis actors.
No, they just delete it.
Because see, they can't win right now because I have my own platform.
The videos they deleted last week, I put up, they got 7 million views.
There's drugs linked to it and you spread it.
So they don't know what to do right now.
They want to misrepresent what I said, but we have our own platform thanks to you, and I want to salute the listeners.
God bless you.
I'm going to play this clip from the deleted video that makes them so mad that we're now posting InfoWars.com as we speak, the censored videos, they don't want you to see, and we'll go to Syrian girl.
Says it's a violation of YouTube's harassment and bullying.
And it says the truth about crisis actors in the Florida shooting.
And we said there were none.
In our view.
If you think there were, that's your right.
But this is next level, where they misrepresent what you say and then ban you.
And they figured this out.
They're like, wait, he's got the video.
He'll show the fraud.
It's not that they're good.
They've got SJWs.
We have the behind-the-scenes video.
And I'm told more is coming out from Veritas, even more devastating, and it's about us again.
Again, what's a jury going to think of that?
Google thinks they're invincible.
Not when you have the entire operation.
Then admitting it's politics, not about bullying.
Here's the clip.
Are we saying the shooting didn't happen?
Are we saying they're all actors and that they're faking that something happened?
The media is saying that.
What we're saying is that, just as Gateway Pundit wrote, school shooting survivor turned activist dad hogs father
An FBI appears to have been coached on anti-Trump lines.
That's all true.
School shooting survivor turned activist.
His dad is in the FBI and he appears to be heavily coached.
And then it's the same four people over and over and over again and now he's gone on national television
To say over and over again, with the known CIA operative, Anderson Cooper, so the guy's dad's FBI, he's on the CIA guy's show, he's on the fake news, CNN, known for staging things, and he says over and over again, I am not a crisis actor.
I am not a crisis actor.
I am not a crisis actor.
You're a Democratic Party operative, your father and your mother are on record, you go to CNN, you're all over other news programs being anti-gun, you were interviewed by CBS to give your whole anti-gun spiel,
Before all this happened, and so what we're saying is you're being used as a tool, as a spokesman, as a mouthpiece so people can say, oh it's a child, don't disagree with what he says when he says, not one more child can die, give me your guns.
Well you're not a child, you're a senior in high school, who's in journalism school, and also in drama, and so are your other friends, and so you're now in this world, and we're going to point out that why out of 3,000 is it only this four?
And I keep beating that drum because this is the big fight.
We're going to Syrian girl, and she also has been censored massively.
She's been on national Australian television.
She's been all over.
Her family has been at the top of the government in Syria.
Previous regime.
She's not an Assad fan, but she has given really accurate information.
You can follow her at Partisan Girl, Syrian Girl Partisan on YouTube, where she's been.
You can see the deleted videos.
No, thank you so much for having me on.
It's a pleasure to be here.
Well, I had amassed, thanks to your program as well, 40,000 followers on Facebook and one day I woke up and without any warning or
30 days ban, they just deleted it completely.
And I actually had contacts inside Facebook which were given to me by Lauren Southern, and I asked, you know, what's the problem?
The latest post that I wrote was about election fraud in Kurdistan in Iraq, and I had no reply, no response, and until this day they've given me no reason.
And on YouTube, you know, my
My videos began to be flagged for no reason at all.
And when I appealed, one time I appealed and they were given back to me, but then the same videos were once again taken down.
So I was left with two flags on my channel and all I could do was put all of my videos on private.
Otherwise I wouldn't be able to have a channel anymore and now I'm not even able to post.
So the censorship is really, really rampant and it's probably going to get worse.
You know, maybe in future it's going to become illegal to watch Russia Today because it's Russian collusion.
You know, this is kind of a Cold War thing that we're returning to.
Witch hunts everywhere and it's quite shocking to see something as big as InfoWars getting censored in almost the same way.
Well, that's right.
And again, I should have led the whole broadcast today with the fact that Apple is becoming a state-run company of China under the deal to have 0% tax.
And they're going to move the whole iCloud, everybody's code keys over there, and the Chinese government, they admit, are going to work inside Apple, not just there, but with connections worldwide into Apple.
They wouldn't even give the FBI the code keys after San Bernardino to one phone.
So all I'm saying is, man, Silicon Valley is ready to become pure authoritarian.
Well, Paul Nellon, which you had on your show a few weeks ago, you know, he was having a suggestion that they should put into law anti-censorship into law, and I think that would be a great thing to support.
But because I know your time is limited, I would love to get into the things that are happening in Syria as well.
We're going to go to break in about a minute and a half, but yeah, start getting into the big stack of news I've got here.
Kurdish fighters raise PKK flag, what that means.
Right now, what is the state of Syria now?
Well, at the moment we've got Al-Qaeda controlling pockets near Damascus and Idlib.
We've got the U.S.
a few weeks ago.
The U.S.
military unfortunately attacked Syrian and Russian forces, killing scores of Russian fighters there.
We've got a false flag chemical attack happening near Damascus, which Russia actually warned about a couple of weeks ago.
And we've got the, which was a policy that started under the Obama administration, the US sort of supporting these Kurdish groups in a North
East of Syria, which is claimed is the greatest group, but the media of course is lying and omitting much of the truth as usual.
And we know they're lying to Trump too.
There's different elements of the military are trying to keep some of the Al-Qaeda forces there to destabilize things and kind of keep a Western finger in the area, even though Trump reportedly has told McMaster and all of them, take out ISIS and get out.
Stop it.
I want out of there.
We'll be back with Syrian girls straight ahead.
Uh, the president said, why are we having all these people from, and I apologize for using this word here, but this is a quote from the president.
Why are we having all these people from sh**hole countries come here?
Uh, Trump said, this is in the Washington Post.
A racist, a shameless racist who has hijacked the Republican Party, who has hijacked the Oval Office.
And this country needs to stand up against this and tell him that we will not let him divide us by color, by race, by ethnicity, by class, by economy.
We will not be quiet.
We will not allow this.
There's a lot of s*** in the whole country.
I mean, why don't we, let's just use the word the President's using.
It's good enough for the President of the United States to use it.
I think the American people deserve to hear what words the President is using.
If you cannot sit here on live TV and say that what the President of the United States, be his friend or not his friend, said was racist, then you are not contributing to breaking this more perfect union.
I am a proud a**hole.
My family was called wops and mackerel eaters.
I'm proud of that.
We came when people from Ireland and Italy were seen as dirty people.
Dirty Catholics who didn't belong in a Protestant country.
...build this country 110 years ago.
Well, I've always liked Dilbert, and I've also read his new book, Winn-Bigley.
And Scott Adams, of course, endorsed Hillary for his own safety, but he's been more of a, what do you call him, a libertarian?
Something conservative or a liberal over the years.
And he always gets me to think about different angles, and it doesn't mean I totally agree with him.
What do you make of this, of this S.H.
Storm that's going on?
Well, as usual, things are not necessarily in context.
So, one of the contexts that you see left out quite often is that when he said, why can't we get more people from Norway, sometimes they mention it, but usually they don't, that he just got done meeting with the Prime Minister of Norway, and he'd been talking about Norway, Norway, Norway, probably for an hour and a half that day.
And so when he was trying to come up with the name of a country that was prosperous,
He said Norway.
So if you leave that context out, it changes a lot.
The other context you probably need to put on this is that the damage that the president created, and by the way, I count his use of the word shithole in a way that could be, you know, got out to the public, was clearly just a mistake.
And as mistakes go, it was sort of a 10 and a 10.
You know, it's about as high as you can get on the offensive mistake level, so I don't defend it in any way.
But if you put it in context, what he said was in a room with no cameras and no recording.
So it was a bad thing to say, but in the context of the room, everybody in the room understood it to be his usual colorful language talking about the economic situation of those countries.
Because the whole reason they were talking about those countries is because they had a bad economic situation.
So the president is certainly guilty of creating a situation where this could get out.
But whoever the leaker was has committed a far, far more serious
Crime against the country, not crime exactly, but offense.
It took a small offense that could have been contained and turned it into a gigantic issue that's a bloody nose for the country.
It's bad for the way we deal with our allies.
It's bad on every level.
And I think you have to hold maybe not the Washington Post responsible because
They do reporting for a living.
But leaking isn't anybody's job.
Nobody took a job to be a leaker.
So whoever did that has to share, I would say, 95% of the damage.
I think they have to own that.
But the president doesn't get off at all.
I would say that this is a bad move on his part.
You're listening to The Alex Jones Show.
You are listening to an InfoWars.com Frontline Report.
It's Alex Jones.
Alright, Zach, our high-level military intelligence connection.
I know who he is.
He's who he says he is.
Incredible information.
He's coming up in the next few segments.
I'm going to invite Steering Girl back on for a full hour on The War Room, or with David Nyeter and myself here in the near future.
But why is this so important in an update from her?
Well, the last six years she's been off and on reporting to the world.
From Australia, they're exiles out of Syria, didn't even like Assad, but we're telling the truth, that the globals were breaking up the country, subdividing it, and letting ISIS forces out of Saudi Arabia, backed by Obama, formerly Al-Qaeda forces, take over.
Trump came out, talked about how Hillary and Obama founded ISIS, all that was true.
Rand Paul talked about it, Ted Cruz talked about it, and it was first Syrian girl and Ron Paul, and Rand Paul, and myself and others, and Drudge Report, that helped put that out there.
And our military did the right thing and said they didn't want to be part of it.
The problem is, it's still ongoing.
If we don't snuff it out, and the globalists are trying to keep some forces still in Syria to keep the conflict alive, when Syria is not even anti-Western at this point.
So she's going to update you on, they want this out of sight, out of mind, so the president doesn't even know about it, but on record he's telling them to try to end it, but I have sources, not just Zach coming up, but I have sources in the military, not just in this building as well, who say that no, we are resupplying them for a whole new war, and it's being done covertly.
So, give us an update and break this down for folks, Syrian girl.
Well, it's just as you say, you know, Trump is saying something.
He's saying that we want to finish ISIS and then leave.
And now ISIS is pretty much almost done.
And, of course, the media doesn't ever talk about the fact that al-Qaeda is also in the country and the Syrian military is fighting it because they're usually taking the side of al-Qaeda still in the media.
But then you have people like Tillerson, who recently made a statement that they're going to occupy Syria indefinitely, which means troops inside Syria indefinitely.
And the excuse that they're giving now is not that they want to fight ISIS, but they want to protect the Kurds.
And the thing is that these Kurdish groups that have been given like a golden sort of paintbrush by the mainstream media, there's a little bit more to it that they are not
Quite telling you, which is the fact that the group that they're supporting, the YPG, are a anarcho-communist group which are linked quite strongly to another group called the PKK, which is listed as a terrorist organisation by the United States.
So essentially, once again, they're promoting
Also, hasn't US and European Antifa gone and fought with them?
Yeah, they absolutely have, and that's going to create an even bigger problem because they're going to return home and use the weapons knowledge that they gained in Syria, crossing there illegally.
In fact, in Australia we've already had one of them commit a murder here.
You know, in fact, when they liberated Raqqa, the Kurdish groups at the U.S.
armed, they put up a poster of the leader of the PKK terrorist organization in the center of Raqqa, which just shows you how linked they are to the organization.
And the thing, the propaganda that they give you is that the poor Kurds, you know, their country was stolen from them.
But the reality is that there was never such thing as Kurdistan, because the Kurdish people were nomadic.
They came to Syria in the 1920s.
As refugees from Turkey and you know the place that they say was a historic Kurdistan was actually Armenia.
And that's all historical, that's all historical fact and Turkey is always kicking them out into Syria still today.
Yes, and we accepted them as refugees.
I mean, we let them in.
But now they are turning around and said, OK, now this is our land.
And there's one to two million Kurds in Syria.
There's 22 million Syrians, but the land that they're trying to claim is like 30% of Syria and has much of the oil and much of the water that's supposed to feed 22 million people.
Well, here's the issue with Tillerson, and I'm not defending what he's doing, but
It is true, Turkey's been invading and driving into the Kurds who they're always trying to kick out.
So there's different factions here.
So how does that tie into it?
Well, Turkey is invading Syria, and they're going into the Syrian areas.
But they have it basically worked out, where they're slicing Syria up into pieces, where everything east of the Euphrates goes to the U.S.
and the Kurds, and basically anyone who's Kurdish west of the Euphrates just gets to be slaughtered by Turkey, and that area's been designated as like an al-Qaeda area.
So it's just part of the, you know, Turkey
And, you know, this communist group, it's all kind of a manipulation to try to divide Syria.
And the thing is that even though they're portrayed as the secular group, the other minorities in those areas are getting ethnically cleansed because they want to make sure that Kurds remain a majority.
So people like the Assyrian Christians, which have been there for thousands of years,
They're getting assassinated, kicked off their homes.
They're making laws that if anyone of them leaves their homes, then their homes can be occupied and taken.
People who have left their cities because of ISIS, they're not allowed to return.
If they're Christian, I have a friend who's like that.
And, you know, the fact is that just recently, using this excuse,
There was a Syrian force called ISIS Hunters, they're a militia alongside this Russian militia that was fighting ISIS in the area, was bombed by the U.S.
because they got too close to the oil fields, just close to the U.S.
Sure, and for folks that don't understand, they've decided to divide it in three pieces like they always have.
And yes, Trump doesn't like ISIS, so they're trying to run them out, but when Syria tries to go into its own territory to finally unify the country, to stop the conflict once and for all, the destabilization policy is staying in place to actually allow ISIS and other groups to keep pockets there for a future breakup of the country, which is very, very anti-American, very, very immoral, and it's not what Trump ran on doing.
Yes, a peace for Kurdish communists over here, even though it's going to be terrible for Christian and Arab minorities.
A peace for Al-Qaeda over here, a pocket of ISIS down here.
And, you know, without the oil and the water in that area that they were trying to control,
No, Trump keeps saying crush ISIS.
And then the military is held back by the generals, and then when Trump's gotten mad about it, it's even come out, we broke it, but it's come out in the news, all three times we broke it months later, that word for word, he screams at them and says, I told you, crush ISIS, crush Al Qaeda, pull out of the country, they didn't attack us, we're not supposed to be there, but then every time the Russians are about to finally drive out these Nests, the U.S.
accidentally bombs them.
And it's happened a bunch of times, and Russia understands what's going on, and doesn't even report it in its news, and U.S.
News beams it in, and CNN says, Putin's got a problem, the U.S.
killing his troops, but he's covering up from Russians.
Those are CNN headlines every day, trying to get Russians mad at Putin.
Putin understands the grander manipulation, and is trying not to be drawn into an anti-American stance by the globalists that, again, want to divide and conquer the whole world.
Well, that's right.
Unfortunately, even though Trump is in power, the deep state, he wanted to get rid of a lot of these people.
Unfortunately, they've proven very difficult and there's a lot of pressure, I'm sure.
Unfortunately, now it's escalating to the point where all this Russian collusion and Trump's colluding with Russia, they're adding to the pressure against him.
It's so bad now that the Russian press doesn't criticize the U.S.
When we bomb hundreds of their people.
Because they understand manipulation.
They're actually trying to clean the country up.
And that's what our military and Trump said they were going to do.
Thank you, Syrian girl.
We'll talk to you soon.
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Hey, can you beat Oprah, by the way?
Yeah, I'll beat Oprah.
Oprah would be a lot of fun.
I know her very well.
You know, I did one of her last shows.
She had Donald Trump.
This was before politics.
Her last week.
And she had Donald Trump, and my family was very blessed.
So I like Oprah.
I don't think she's going to run.
I don't think she's going to run.
I know her very well.
Gavin McGinnis, he agrees with the president.
Hillary Clinton is nothing compared to Oprah Winfrey when you talk about incredible skeletons.
And if she thinks she's really going to run in 2020, I think it's a bluff.
Trump thinks it's a bluff.
But Gavin McGinnis, he's really up on his Oprah history.
Gavin, I mean,
Look, there's nothing wrong with being a prostitute, but pimping women, bringing women to Weinstein, all of it.
This is mainstream news.
Let's talk about why you think she's unelectable.
You think of, you know, the identity politics vote, the woman vote, the bitter vote, the millennial vote, the dumb vote.
She's got all of these different votes that end up being more than 50% of the country.
The people who generally have skin in the game and get politics, they're a minority.
So I was kind of scared and then I talked to Roger Stone a second ago and he goes, dude, relax.
Can you imagine the kind of skeletons this woman has in her closet?
And then he dropped it.
But he's right.
She's a lesbian.
So I just think that Trump was alluding to that.
And we've heard stories of her paying off people to hide lesbian affairs.
She tried to hide that her husband was, I mean, her brother was gay, died of AIDS.
She's tried to hide the fact that she didn't really grow up in poverty.
I mean, she's such an obvious liar, and that works for daytime TV, but it won't work in politics, where everything has to be aired out.
She doesn't have a chance in hell.
And when we watch the Golden Globes, too, we know Mira Cervino isn't there, because she said no.
But everyone else, you look at them and you go,
Well, you're here.
Did you say yes?
I mean, Salma Hayek pretends she was a victim, but she did the lesbian scene in the movie for Weinstein.
All these people followed the rules, and now after they've done this, which is really just very expensive prostitution, they put on their low-slung black dresses and go, me too.
It's over now.
I'm gonna stop being an expensive prostitute.
No, sorry, it doesn't work like that.
You can't get on your high horse when it's fashionable.
Look, we know what Time's Up means.
It means I knew, we all knew, we let it go, but now the jig is up and everyone can see the casting couch.
So starting today, we're not going to popularize it anymore.
We're not going to ignore it.
Ooh, how brave!
You let a thousand rapes go under the radar and starting today, you say time's up.
You're not going to allow rape anymore because it went public?
What a crusader for justice you are!
We're so impressed, you feminists!
You wanna get raped?
You wanna get abused?
You wanna get killed?
Go to Hollywood!
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
Live from the InfoWars.com studios, it's Alex Jones.
When President Trump gets the information, he makes the right decision for the globalist hating.
But he's just a man.
He's not perfect.
And we've got to continue to put pressure on the Republican Party, on him.
No gun control.
Control mental patients.
Control police stand downs.
Talk about how super rare school shootings are.
Don't capitulate.
We don't want more gun control.
And again, this article is on Infowars.com and Newswars.com.
It needs to go viral.
Parkland First Responder, I was told to stand down.
I could have saved lives.
The police say they were told to...
Wait till body cams got there.
WSVN Miami.
And this is the stuff they're banning on Google, Facebook, and Twitter because it scares the system.
They don't want it to be a narrative about government standing down again for political correctness while they waited for body cams.
They want to make it about lies that I said nobody died or whatever.
Now, Zach is based in Florida.
Zach's a great intel source.
I know who he is.
Great info.
We'll go to him in just a moment.
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Okay, let's stop right there.
Joining us is Zach.
I know who Zach is.
He has been in military intelligence.
He's been in news articles.
He's been on national news.
He has given us impeccable intel that checked out with our FBI sources, that checked out with our other military sources, Navy SEAL sources, Delta Force sources, White House sources, CIA sources, just very accurate.
He's just giving you what the thinking is of some of the smartest people that are interfaced with stuff.
He's not giving you classified stuff.
So we've got a short segment here, long segment coming up.
So Zach joins us to give us what's going on with the shooting, Florida, the rollout against free speech, what's happening in the Middle East, just what's going on in Trump-landia here.
So Zach, thank you for joining us.
Yes, Alex, it's great to be back on and have the opportunity to connect some thoughts.
There's obviously a lot of moving pieces right now, so we've got to get into it.
But just to piggyback there on the Syria info, this wasn't brought up, and this is just now breaking, and we could look it up in real time as I'm talking about it.
What's going on in Syria right now?
This just got discovered.
North Korea is being used to false flag Syria in World War III.
I know that sounds sensational, but go ahead and start looking it up.
The New York Times put the story out here a couple hours ago.
Maybe a couple minutes ago, there were pressure to do it by decent factions within the UN that we forced their hand.
This sounds pretty fantastical, but this is a reality.
So, there are some trade programs going on with factions in Syria and North Korean groups or whatever.
We have to realize that North Korea is a Chinese, deep state-backed thing.
So, we would say, why would they be helping them?
Well, this is the deep state and the communists trying to sabotage us and get us into a World War III with, by proxy, Russia.
This is happening.
The stories are out there.
40 containers were discovered.
You know, stuff that, you know, the chlorine-based weapons, all of this stuff.
So, not only are they trying to sabotage the talks legitimately we're having with North Korea, they're trying to tie them into this redline fiasco in Syria and kick off a major, major global war.
All while they are doing the same thing here in the States, which we could get into the big problems in Broward County, the continued false flags, and not to mention the information coming out of Cambridge and the Tarkary's group, which is the digital false flag info.
So, we have quite a
Quite a number of things to get into, so we can kind of start picking at them if you'd like.
Okay, we've got a minute.
Start with one of them.
Okay, so the North Korean stuff is pretty important.
The Syria issue, over the weekend you have 60 Minutes and Scott Tilley putting out the expose and tugging on the hard strings that there was a chemical attack in Syria that occurred that is accurate.
A chemical attack did occur, but it did not occur by the Assad forces.
Let's just be clear, that's ridiculous.
That's suicidal.
We know it didn't happen by them.
It was the quote-unquote rebel groups that got the capability
I think so.
Wow, so it sounds like a type of false flag.
We know they've caught the Al-Qaeda ISIS forces before staging chemical false flags, but they got caught.
Frank in North Carolina, thanks for holding so long.
Go ahead.
Yeah, Alec, I just have to say something, man.
It seems like every time I turn on your broadcast, you're bragging.
It just gets old, man.
I'm gonna shut you down right now, okay?
We're taking calls about your nomination.
Do you understand they're having congressional hearings trying to shut us down?
Do you understand I'm ringing the alarm?
If that was happening to anybody else, I'd be freaked out.
I mean, what's it gonna take?
Us being shut down?
Is that what you want, Frank?
You know what, Alex?
Hey, put him on pause again!
Hey, Frank!
Do you understand it's not bragging to say, we are the tip of the spear, we're under attack, we need your help.
As much bagging as I do, we can barely pay the bills and grow in the face of this.
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You understand?
I need your help, Frank!
I need your help, Frank!
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Dude, I'm not doing that!
They're having congressional hearings saying they want me completely banned.
The Democrats want me arrested.
They're suing me.
I'm under attack, Frank!
Okay, they banned us off Google Ads.
We were bringing five million in a year.
It cost a lot to run this.
They're just chopping off all my tentacles.
I keep growing more as fast as I can.
And as fast as I cut them off, I'm shooting out tentacles.
Tell Frank why we need support.
Tell him right there.
Hey, Frank!
Frank, this is not bragging.
We don't say, oh, we're under attack for attention or because we like the attention, although of course everybody likes a little bit of attention, it's nice.
But I can't do TV and I can't do radio and I can't publish books and I can't sell anything and I can't do live events because they systematically strangle you out of existence using every... Where are the heretics?
Yeah, exactly, using every resource at their disposal.
So it's not bragging, it's a daily reality and that's why you've got to support things like InfoWars and
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Ladies and gentlemen, we are back live.
I'm not going to delve into this, but DrugsReport.com is linked to it right now.
InfoWars, one strike away from YouTube ban.
That's the hill.
Now again, on Friday, CNN said they filed the complaints.
They got one strike to ban us having live streams.
Another strike froze the account.
And then the Hill says Jones claims it's part of a CNN lobbying campaign, but never even points out they said they're behind it.
They filed the complaints.
So see, mainstream media out of hundreds of articles will never even tell you that another news organization known for fake news, CNN, is trying to shut us down.
That's so sensational.
But the bigger news is, in triangulating this, chemical weapons, they've tried this three times, they've launched them twice, shame that the Syrian government launched it, but the Islamists love to, the ISIS forces love to say that, you know, videotape it for fame and fortune.
And so they always videotape themselves doing it.
But this new case, they found some of it, and they're now saying, oh look, Syria's behind it.
Who's trying to kick off the big war?
Break it down, let's get into all the other things that are happening.
The school shooting, the climate, the whole situation, Zach.
Yes, and it all ties together because, and it's no coincidence that Trump makes his announcement for 2020 because he has to see who's really on his side here.
It's unprecedented to come out this early, and he has to do this because we are in an absolute war.
It's happening right now.
Jerome Corsi has hinted to it.
The military tribunals are being set up.
There's so many issues going on around the world, and it's really incredible.
But it's the latest thing in Syria.
This is obvious false flag.
We're good to go.
I think?
Push the internet censorship, do all this at the same time, because we have their number with Trump in the White House, and they have to pull out all the stops.
Otherwise, they are done.
And they know that the writing's on the walls.
They know that Guantanamo's being emptied.
They know that their power brokers, that their financiers, are going to be prosecuted.
And they're going to try their darndest to assassinate our president, but if they cannot do that, they are going to kill people at country music festivals.
They are going to kill kids in schools.
They are going to start wars around the globe.
They are going to crash the economy, because they are done, and they are guilty.
If you were in their shoes, and you thought like they would, it's not that hard to come up with a conclusion.
And I can tell you, in real time, this is happening.
And when you go to Broward County, you've got big problems in Broward County with Sheriff Israel.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Well I know what he does where he'll do something that sounds reasonable so then they ask for everything and then he doesn't have to do anything knowing it's all a fraud.
Just like he did with the whole Dreamers situation.
But I still just don't know why he'd make this move because they want total gun bans.
They're never going to give up.
Well, it's so complicated now when you have dead children.
They've stopped at nothing.
There's dead kids now.
They are psychopaths out of control.
There's dead kids now.
There has to be a reaction.
It's just like, what do you do?
You're damned if you do.
You're damned if you don't do something here.
He has to do something.
I mean, there's a political reality to that.
But let's just get into what's going on in Broward County with the Sheriff Israel, which is deep state connected, no question about it.
His downfall, I think, should be the hiring of the Deputy Sheriff Nazar Hamze.
And Nazar Hamze works for CARE, and the reason I keep on bringing CARE up is because I'm very, very aware of CARE.
Let's just say real close to CARE.
Well, I was in the military in 2009.
I did an event with them in Tallahassee called Florida Muslim Capital Day, where they use these organizations to go to state capitals and kind of bully and lobby legislators in the actual capitals.
And this is a political arm of the Muslim Brotherhood, make no mistake.
And I just saw what they were doing.
I understood what they were doing.
And my position in the military obviously had me interacting and kind of utilizing them in certain capacities.
And what I saw was incredible.
We're good to go.
And, you know, out of Tampa, Florida, there's some real issues coming out of that branch out of Tampa, Florida, which Mr. Hanvey ran.
You want to talk about having a separation of church and state?
These guys are in our capitals.
On March 5th through the 9th, in Oklahoma, at the capitol there, they're having one of their next Muslim capitol days.
And this stuff kind of gets pushed under the rug, but you have to understand, when we had another administration,
This is a rebellion.
This is a total breakaway where they tell MS-13 that ICE is coming to get them in Oakland.
It's sedition and expanding on that.
It's not even bashing Muslims.
It's the special Muslim Brotherhood groups.
Look what Turkey's doing.
Right there in Europe, they're setting up at every capital their own Turkish party saying, do what Turkey says.
So these are Turkish citizens saying they're there to basically conquer Europe and the politicians, the Western politicians want this because it's part of a larger global takeover.
That's what's happening.
Care is not looking out for the faith.
It's not looking out for Muslim Americans in the country.
Care is faith pimping.
They are using the faith as a whole to get in and make political moves.
They're in the community doing some things, but they are in
We're good to go.
Start over, your phone broke up at that critical point, Zach.
You were talking to the very top.
The very top of the funding helms of CARE out of Tampa, Florida, Saudi Arabia, who get their marching orders from Saudi Arabia.
And I was involved, obviously, in some work in the United States military where, let's just say, it involved Fort Hood, the Fort Hood shooting, many plots, all these shootings around here.
Well, we know Major Hassan was in communication with Al Qaeda for two years.
The CIA knew about the attack months before and didn't stop him.
Same thing now with this attack.
And by false flag, they're letting them happen bare minimum.
Why would you do that?
You have to.
They're in their death hurdle.
There's military tribunals coming.
I don't think people understand what's going on right now.
Donald Trump signed an executive order which put our nation into a state of emergency.
This gave him the legal right to hold military tribunals.
These are happening.
Guantanamo had a chain of command shuffle.
And you agree though, clearly that's the first thing I thought 980 days out.
He's doing this to show who's loyal and who isn't because he knows Romney's getting ready to run against him but acting like a friend.
That way they have to all endorse him now and that kills the whole fake Republican field.
It's a very smart move.
You're going to see exactly where people lie there after this shooting.
He's getting real savvy in the political sphere of things.
But they forced his hand here.
Listen, this is the ruthlessness of the deep state.
There's dead children here.
There's dead contra goers.
There's kids that were hit by chemical attacks in Syria.
Well, I mean we got teachers and students reporting men in quote army guard and the police stand down outside and now the stand downs confirmed and I and we even speculate they ban us since when are you not supposed to in America when you have the reports of the stand down and you've got somebody like you that's got the credentials to not talk about it it's it's it's incredible and this just shows the purge and if we give into this we'll give into everything
But I legitimately said I don't think it's crisis actors and a false flag, but then the evidence starts to mount that they stood down.
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It's the Infowar.
And now, Alex Jones.
Rush Limbaugh has picked up our report dealing with the sheriff's deputies shielding criminal activity in Broward County for many years.
There's a major scandal with the previous sheriff.
And all I know is they banned our videos on YouTube that had nothing to do with saying they were crisis actors, but they were students on local news, on national news, and that we talked to all saying the same thing, that they saw crews while the shooting was going on, that it was men in full garb, completely covered, that they were taking body bags out as the police were there throwing the backs of trucks, and we have video from choppers of body bags being thrown in while the shooting's still going on.
I don't know what's going on.
But you got David Hogg being fed lines.
I'm not saying he wasn't there, just he's obviously a spokesman for the gun lobby, anti-gun lobby.
And then bizarre video, David Hogg says sister lost four best friends, then two, then three.
And Facebook journalists have been kicked off if they share the video.
So I've green-lighted this going up.
And they're going to ban us anyways, folks.
We have to fight back.
We have to spread the word.
YouTube's had to back off after doing a second strike and banning the channel.
Uh, and I guess they're like, no, we've got to find a better video, because in that video he said they weren't crisis actors.
But Zack is well known, he's not giving his last name, he's been involved in famous anti-terrorism cases, and he lives there in Florida, he's involved obviously in different things that are going on there, and you're saying that this is part of a deep state operation.
All I know is...
We're being very judicious about this, and none of it adds up, and that CNN's having fake town halls, and then they're using this to ban everybody, and famous baseball players simply say these kids look coached, and they're kicked out of the, you know, Baseball Hall of Fame or not allowed in.
I mean, what happened to free speech here?
I mean, we know they're attacking that.
Yeah, absolutely.
They're just going to shame and guilt people into this, and it's the same sort of thinking behind pushing Trump's hand here to actually do something that's going to cause him some friction with his base.
And it's sick, and it's out of control, the type of enemies we got.
And all this is going on.
Meanwhile, on an AI front, we have to get into this, because this is critical, and I know that you're experiencing, obviously.
A lot of disruption, we'll call it, on your site, service, and the like there, because it's obvious what's going on.
You're being attacked.
And now we have individuals, well, it was well-known in Silicon Valley, but some of the decent factions, the majority are out of their minds in Silicon Valley, but there are some decent factions who knew the worries of these AI systems.
They're worried about jobs being taken.
But before that, it's going to get into what I'm about to discuss.
And so, just to preface this, just to let everybody know, the Chinese premier is essentially becoming anointed in China.
This was supposed to be the Chinese century.
Trump kind of derailed that.
Our economy's back on its feet.
And now, all of a sudden, you're seeing the Chinese also pull out all the stops, because they're not happy about the prosperity of America, which they also hold a lot of debt of and everything else.
So, I just got to preface with the Chinese situation, because what we have here being broken out publicly, we knew this
The people who knew knew this, but publicly, out of Cambridge, the Dark Trace Group has finally come out with what's going on online.
This major AI system, which is putting malicious software onto people's computers, organizations' computers and software, anything smart.
Laptops, phones, computers.
And what they're doing with the software is gathering all your messages, they're gathering all of your emails, they're gathering all of your calendars, all of your itineraries,
This is then being uploaded to an AI system that learns how to mimic the way you talk, the way you interact, and also who you're talking to.
So, once they also get into your computer, it then dragnets whoever you're talking about and repeats that process.
And then, hold on, then it could engage, let's come back from break and we'll get more time with you, and then Machinima will come on.
Then it can launch an AI war, making everybody fight with each other, mimicking friends, family, neighbors to cause societal collapse.
Is that what you're getting into as the ultimate weapon?
You know, the King's been talking about a wavelength being projected out of the phones, which we know they have that stuff, but we're talking about beyond that, where the AI calls, sends messages, does all this, and I've read about this, to then cause massive social distortion.
If you think all the race war talk's bad,
If you think them saying we said things we didn't say and putting it all over the news, that's primitive high-tech information war.
We're talking about beyond that, and Apple's moving its main base to China, merging with them and giving all the IDs of Apple users to the Chinese Communist government to launch a giant AI attack out of China.
They've chosen sides.
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We're finishing up with Zach, a great intelligence source who's proven very, very accurate.
And he was getting into the different AI systems, the different power blocks in the world.
And Apple has announced it's moving to China.
They're accepting the zero tax plan.
They're going to merge with the Communist Party.
China announced five weeks ago to counter Trump.
They just said, move here, no taxes, but you've got to...
Let the people's party control you.
Now the president's becoming a dictator.
He's already a dictator of the Politburo and the Central Committee, but now he's a true dictator if this goes through.
And I just saw a headline in there.
Can you put that headline up, guys, that I was talking about?
Where someone in the public sphere told a story that wasn't sexually explicit and wasn't sexual but could be construed as interpreted as sexual harassment.
So the mental illness level
Fired League of Legends coach.
The story I told wasn't sexually explicit, but could be constructed or interpreted as sexual harassment.
That's the next level of this stuff.
And here it is.
YouTube hits Alex Jones with second strike.
Watch these banned videos.
CNN lobbies to have competing media platform removed, and we have an update.
They've now removed the second strike because the video is the opposite of what they said, but you can see it there.
And it's only because we have our own platform that they had to do that.
We're going to finish up with Zach, and then go to Dr. Steve Pachenik to give us an update on his take on all this.
So, finishing up, Zach, you were getting into AI computers, being able to mimic humans, getting all your databases to then do what?
Yes, and then also, so they're using those, getting the computers, getting the information, learning how to mimic you in real time.
And then also, on everyone's phone, computer, all these things, they're using the transcript and transcription, excuse me, the transcript and translation service that's picking up audio in real time.
So it's spying on you in real time.
You've been talking about this for years, but this is a part of the AI system that's big.
You know, entering in passwords when you're talking about plans, when you're having, you know, talking about how location of servers, passwords in the servers, passwords into everything.
They're getting it in real time, and they're clipping audio, they're doing things, and where this all leads right now, it's just sabotage.
So you're going to have some disruption coming to your site, maybe when you run a store there, so there might be unfulfilled orders or something in your own carts and stuff like that.
But what it's ultimately leading to is digital false flags.
Where once this AI really learns who you are, and they could physically recreate you and digitally from your... It will have you go, and the AI will create even a video of you in sex chat, believing, you know, you're talking to a five-year-old girl.
And then it will artificially frame you.
Yeah, so they'll start something minimal that's social shaming, but then they'll get into... It'll have you order drugs online that get shipped to your house.
Just basically the next level of spoofing.
Yes, it's coming, and right now it's going to start at Sabotage.
Hopefully they can knock you off that way and have the public just do their bidding, because who needs crisis actors when you have full spectrum dominance?
If these kids really are brainwashed and believe it, it is what it is.
I'm not going to go there, but listen, things aren't what they seem, and people don't want to come out and say it due to retribution.
We are in a war.
This is not the first false flag.
This is one of many, and it won't be the last.
They're forcing their hand.
The tribunals are coming.
All of these things were discussed that lead into this point.
The military tribunals are coming.
They were supposed to release six detainees from Guantanamo last week.
That didn't happen.
They were going to release one of them into Saudi Arabian custody.
People need to look into exactly who this individual is.
Because if you don't think that these guys aren't talking to our current administration, you're wrong.
They are so found out, they are so guilty of what they've done overseas in these wars with these individuals who are exiting Guantanamo, that they're done.
And this is a tough thing.
Why hasn't it already happened?
When is this going to happen?
When this occurs, it will be the biggest kinetic shift in the world, ever, that the world's ever seen.
We're talking about people in the Obama administration all the way up to Barack himself.
Being tried.
Because when you pull things off like you did in Libya, and you did in Iraq initially, and the real information that we have on Saddam Hussein, the real information on the State Department dealing with Muammar Gaddafi, you have a big, big problem.
So yeah, you better do everything in your power to either set this country and to set this country and this world into World War III, or kill the President of the United States if you're them.
And believe me, they are trying every day.
Because they are so guilty on a karmatic and global historical scale that I don't even know how they maintain consciousness.
Once this is revealed at the end of this year, when these things start occurring, if they don't set this world on fire, we'll change the world obviously forever.
They're doing everything they can.
They are in a deep state death hurdle going towards the inevitable.
But they're not going to go down without a fight.
These are kids who are killed trying to force us into a position politically to get out of control and kill our own, all while starting World War III in Syria and the Korean Peninsula simultaneously.
This is sick.
This is fantastic.
This is—you cannot write this script.
And if you even question it, you're shamed.
You're guilty by association.
You're burned at the stake.
And it won't be the end of us, because the people who are doing the left's bidding and the deep state's bidding, I just want to let you guys know, there's no loyalty.
If you think it stops with Alex Jones, if you think it stops with InfoWards, if you think it stops with Donald J. Trump, what's going to happen in 10 years when you're the target?
It's bigger than this.
This is a fight for humanity.
This is a fight for the right.
And this is unprecedented what's going on, but I just hope Trump has the wherewithal to really go through with it because really doing this
Well, I mean, they've already got hundreds of cities saying they're telling MS-13 when the police are coming.
They're in total sedition.
The Democrats are running around psychopathically saying kill all the NRA members.
They've turned their minions into frothing violent people on the street.
And these blue areas are like cancers.
They're the ones attacking.
Zach, I really appreciate your time.
You're a great patriot.
Your info is always amazing.
Thank you so much.
Thank you, Alex.
Pleasure to be on.
Alright, we've got Dr. Steve Pachanek for the balance of the hour.
He's a modified guy in the work he's done in the government, the State Department, and other agencies.
But Zach, I know who Zach is.
But he finally told us who he was.
I had some other sources say, hey, that's a good guy to have on.
And the intelligence operations, he was involved in.
He's been on national news.
He's been in the newspapers.
He exposed when they knew terror attacks were coming and didn't do anything about it.
He mentioned Major Hassan.
He was in the news for that if people want to figure it out.
His lawyers don't want him to say his name because he's now out of the Army and works with some private groups.
But he's basically been authorized to come on the show and say the things.
But Chinnick's not in the agencies anymore.
But he comes on as a citizen and gives his take on it.
This is a hell of a time we're in right now, and the Democrats have launched a full war.
The reason I harped on this censorship thing is, when you do block it, when you do talk about it, when you do expose it, they back off.
And they've had to remove one of the strikes.
And they've said, we're the test case.
But, Jerome Corsi had a thing, a video about 2018, Trump will strike back.
He just laid out that Trump's going to take action.
It wasn't any calls for violence, anything.
They banned that video and it blocked Corsi's channel.
They're running scared.
We're going to break in a minute.
I want to get into any issues you want to cover, just the waterfront.
But what do you make of just the current climate right now?
I mean, the criminal elements of the deep state are in full panic mode.
Let me say this.
There's a term for what's happening right now, and Zach has hit part of it.
And the term is called the Apocalypse of Information.
And this was a term that my people in intelligence, namely those who care about the state, the republic, there are many of them there.
They're far greater than anything in the deep state on the left or whatever you might imagine.
There is a serious problem, which is true, and it's occurring right now.
Misperception, deception,
And distortion of reality is the new reality on both sides.
So Zack is not exaggerating, except it's happening both on the Republican side and on the left.
What we're in right now is an Alice in Wonderland world.
Where you can't assess credibility.
The reason you have always been important and will continue to be important and guaranteed and I guarantee you those with whom I work have given me that information is to say that you are creating the point of credibility so that we can test out the false flags of Sandy Hook
Stay there because this is critical because anybody could have done this.
We actually try to tell the truth.
We don't try Machiavellian manipulation and that is revolutionary in a world of universal deceit.
Joe Gilbert joins us for the balance of the hour.
Here is the trailer for the powerful new film available at Infowarsstore.com.
Trump, the art of the insult.
Directed by the amazing director, Joe Gilbert.
Here is the trailer.
Call women you don't like fat pigs, dogs, slobs.
Only Rosie O'Donnell.
And they said that wasn't politically correct.
Who cares?
You haven't been called.
Go back to Eurovision.
I think Jeff is a nice person.
He's very low energy.
I'm not used to that kind of a person.
Throw him out.
Throw him out into the cold.
Don't give him their coat.
No coats.
L-Y-I-N apostrophe.
Lying dead.
I have never seen a human being eat in such a disgusting fashion.
The most dishonest human being.
These people right here.
Look at all the cameras.
So disgusting.
This socialist slash communist.
Crazy bird.
He's crazy as it may look.
The Indian.
Very offensive.
I'm sorry about that.
Crooked Hillary!
Crooked Hillary, folks!
She's been crooked from the beginning.
Crooked Hillary!
Politicians are really dishonest.
Donald Trump alleges that my dad was involved in assassinating JFK.
This had nothing to do with me.
Except I might have pointed it out.
This guy was sweating so badly.
Thank God he has really large ears.
The biggest ears I've ever seen.
Because they were protecting him.
I'm trying to be nice.
You know, I'm working hard to be nice.
He was begging for my endorsement.
I could have said, Mitt, drop to your knees.
He would have dropped to his knees.
He put glasses on so people will think he's smart.
It just doesn't work.
You know, people can see through the glasses.
I'll make three or four major speeches.
He makes a speech for 15 minutes, he goes home, goes to bed.
We live off Chinese manufacturing.
That's because when you say we, you are stupid.
Repeat after me.
Donald, you're not going to be able to insult your way to the presidency.
That's not going to happen.
So help me God.
Congratulations, Mr. President.
We will make America great again!
Go home to mommy.
Tell her to tuck you in bed.
And your mother is voting for Trump!
You've made a lot of amazing films.
We carry them all.
We sell them all.
They're all groundbreaking.
But this one, this one is fun.
And very, very celebratory.
So, congratulations on what you've done.
It's really a special film.
Thanks a lot.
Look, I urge everyone, you gotta get this film in the Infowars.com store.
First of all, you'll laugh non-stop the whole time.
But more importantly, there's a lot of important lessons.
You'll see how Middle America fell in love with a Manhattan billionaire because he was the only one of the Republicans that was willing and capable of standing up to Hillary and the leftist media complex.
And he did it, don't forget, with a mix of truth and humor.
That's why it stuck.
So this film, 95 minutes of non-stop laughter, but you get to know Donald Trump.
I thought I knew Trump.
I studied Trump.
I thought I knew him.
Only when you see this all back to back, how he reacts.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
Waging war on corruption.
It's Alex Jones, coming to you live from the front lines of the InfoWar.
Now, what Dr. Steve Pachenik was just saying, Alex Jones back live, is really important because you have this information singularity, is what I've called it, but I didn't know about this term from intelligence agencies decades ago, of information apocalypse where...
You can lie and manipulate for a while, but once everybody starts doing it, it just creates a fog of war for everyone, and will break down the culture.
Just like this Me Too movement, Hollywood used its own baggage coming out, to then now, if a man says a woman looks nice, or a man says it's a beautiful day, that's harassment.
Or if a woman hugs you, and her shirt comes up and you pat her back, the Prairie Home Companion guy gets fired.
So it's culture warfare.
It's in the WikiLeaks.
They're doing it.
We know about it.
It's thousands of years old.
But now it's sophisticated.
But once you use it, it spins out of control.
And it's designed to balkanize societies that you're conquering.
But this will bring them down.
And I think that's what Dr. Pachinnik
Uh, is, is, is, you know, getting into, but, but he's the psychological expert on this.
We do try to tell the truth.
We make mistakes, we say it.
But all we see is, instead of having a debate and talking to the victims or talking to Congress or talking to the, and then finding out what the best minds think, they immediately have a talking point, and then we try to take the middle road and really figure out what's going on, they then misrepresent
And then are trying to remove us.
They just told us our oldest and biggest sponsors being attacked.
They've taken almost all of them.
And there's a big move now to attack them and remove all their sponsors and kick them off all their platforms they're on if they continue to just have ads running on Infowars that are maybe 5% of the money we bring in.
But that's the thing.
They just keep hacking everything off.
It's actually made it stronger, though, making us go purely resiliently to you and to the affiliates and everybody.
People recognize what's happening, but we're able, like a lighthouse on a promontory, to stay there, at least for now.
For the average person involved, they get scared, they back down.
So this bullying against Infowars is about a message to everybody else.
Dr. Pachinic, go back to what you were saying and lay this out for folks, because it's intriguing, and tell me if what I've added is wrong.
Well, nothing you've added is wrong.
What's happening, and this has happened since the beginning of 9-11, either on the left or right, it really doesn't matter in terms of politics.
What's happening is, it's literally what my people call the apocalypse of information, which means that fact can become fiction and fiction can be fact.
Now, why am I able to discern certain things in terms of reality and content and reality tests?
It's not just because I'm a psychiatrist.
Ironically, what makes me more capable of understanding a narrative and assuming whether it's right or wrong is that I have been a fiction writer for well over 30 to 40 years.
And in fiction, which is what a lot of the FBI has been doing, and a lot of what you have in Sandy Hook, and Parker Land, and all these false flags, is that the narrative has an internal inconsistency that the narrators don't even understand because they're not writers.
The good fiction writers, who by the way happen to have been in intelligence like myself,
Whether it's Jean Le Carré or Somerset Maugham or any one of the other Ian Fleming, we all understand that there are internal consistencies that must be there in order for the narrative to have a certain validity.
Parkland didn't have that.
The main character was this absurd fool, Israel, a Jewish sheriff.
I mean, you couldn't have had... This was like the movie with Mel Brooks.
I mean, it was an absurdity, this kind of character who's been investigated 10 or 12 times.
In the same sense, when you looked at Sandy Hook, the absurd notion that an autistic kid could pick up a heavy weapon and then kill 25 or 30 kids plus six adults was beyond credulity, even as a fiction writer.
So much of what I had to write in my real world and what I did in regime change or neutralizing something or someone, I had to put back in fiction.
And in part, you saw Jack Ryan, Dick Clark under the Clancy franchise, which was our way of explaining what really was happening in 20, 30 years.
Now, what's actually happening with the apocalypse of information and the onslaught of all this information, which my people and National Geospatial Agency and the CIA and elsewhere, what they're studying and they're very much concerned about is that the onslaught of information is such that we have no basis for reality testing.
The fiction writer can no longer assess whether the narrative is correct or not, because the reality that's presented is so bizarre that even if I were to be a fiction writer, my editors, who are very rational, whether at Berkeley or whatever house, they would say it's not credible, so let's not use it.
So what's happening to Alex Jones and why you're picking it up?
You're the spearhead of a reality testing, which in the beginning sounds absurd, but it's not.
What you said is the overload of information, when it's coming on a constant basis, has its own internal dynamics, which is pretty close to chaos.
Because we have now what we call the GAN, the Generative Alternative Network, which means Google systems or the brains in Google systems, they can create an algorithm that has its own imagination and its own attributions and introspection.
Now think of it.
You have already algorithms that can think within itself.
You have algorithms, which Zach correctly pointed out, can distort images, either contract them or hyperextend them into the point where you don't even need the real body.
And many of those things were used in these false flags that have been going on in Florida and elsewhere all over the world.
Now, why are they doing that?
Well, the government, whichever local area is involved, whether it's Scott, who's not the brightest governor we've had in Florida, nor the morons in Parkland, including this sheriff, they don't realize that they're basically entering into a self-destructive trap.
The minute they get into it, they already politicized to such an extent that their credibility is gone.
Whereas in your case, it always sounded as if your credibility was on hold, so to speak, but it always turned out to be quite accurate.
And the reason for that is that you're not alone.
I can't explain to you how many there are that really oversee you.
As you once said to me 20, 19, 20 years ago, there are thousands of intelligence operatives watching this.
And that is correct today.
There are thousands who are watching all over the world.
Not because they're listening to what you're saying, as more in terms of trying to monitor what is the dynamic of this onslaught of the apocalypse of information.
And we're not using you as bait, but in a way you are kind of an artificial bait where we have a sense of the timing and the dynamic.
Is it the deep, deep state of the left?
No, no, I understand.
I mean, just investigation and real debate scares the establishment.
It scares the different factions.
They then reveal themselves in the attack, so we're used as like a gambit or a probe to draw them out.
And again, it's not intelligence agencies and people running me or that ever funded me or did it.
Since we covered real issues and we're the only shows to do it, that then brought all those people in, the guests, the information, and then built up the show.
And so that's what's special about InfoWars.
I'm just the guy crazy enough to be in the middle of it.
So again, you're right, it's not about me.
The magic of InfoWars is the audience supporting us, giving us their intel from the ground, and then people all over the world listening from every walk of life trying to really suss out what is reality versus what they're putting out.
And we know CNN's the king of fake news.
We know they stage events.
And now this whole thing is unraveling with a stand down, with the sheriffs and military men inside.
I mean, God knows they're trying to cover it up.
We'll come right back, Dr. Petchenik, and get your take on what's really going on here because they are flipping out that I didn't take the bait.
I'll cover that when we come back.
Hogg has... Mike in Arizona, you're on the air worldwide.
Go ahead.
Oh, Alex, you can rant any day of the week.
Thank you, sir, for doing what you do and being a patriot and doing your best to save America and encouraging us as fellow patriots to do that in our local areas as well.
And as a longtime InfoWars listener, I want to say thanks.
Because then we could all, as educated patriots, help our other countrymen and women understand that there's bigger problems going on, and if we can get our houses in order and be good to each other and ourselves, we can take our country back.
I'm so excited.
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You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
He never gives up.
He's Alex Jones.
Broadcasting from deep in the heart of Texas.
Alright, Dr. Steve Pachenik, psychological warfare expert, best selling author is our guest, stevepachenik.com.
Let's just briefly get into psychological warfare in the media.
The mainstream media, this big globalist combine, they now operate to ban people, to attack people, to run dirty tricks, and they're getting worse, and now they've gotten basically almost every level of the mainstream media to be deceptive, where they'll put out a mainline from CNN last week,
Shane, when I said no kids died and it was a false flag and we were still investigating, I did say there was a stand down, which was confirmed.
We just talked to a bunch of students.
It was on local news.
It wasn't hard.
That's why we keep getting confirmed.
It was already all over the news.
We got a bunch of teachers and kids saying the same thing, that they all just sat out there for ten minutes with a bunch of cars and I went with it.
And that's the videos they really banned.
CNN comes out and says, in three articles, we're banning him, we're talking to YouTube, we're in his account, it'll be gone soon, first strike.
We'll have second strike by this weekend, he'll be gone.
That's now started.
Then, Drudge picks it up, we get 7 million plus views on the banned videos, people see that it was the opposite of what they said, it was just eyewitnesses.
So then they get a second strike today, they block the channel, so you can't go to it, can't upload.
Then they remove the strike, but don't even say that our appeal happened.
Don't let me tell you, okay, we accept your appeal.
They just disappear it, and now the Washington Post and everybody's calling up saying, did you really get strikes?
No one ever struck you.
There was never even a CNN article.
No one's after you.
Nothing ever happened.
That's in the space of four days.
I mean, talk about preying on your audience, but I'm not a psychiatrist or psych warfare expert.
All I know is the average person gets cognitive dissonance and just kind of tunes out from the fog, the apocalypse of information.
And that's what's so frustrating when you watch the anatomy of this and the different... I haven't named the tactics.
I can just see them all.
And I know the different ones, like little devils or something, you know.
Uh, you know, or bad smells, you know, and it's just like, oh, there's that one.
Oh, they're doing that.
And then now I see them testing new tactics.
And what hurts me, Dr. Pachanik, is to see such a mass of Americans and then other global groups willing to be so evil, willing to lie, and then recruiting high schoolers to be part of it.
And here's the big breaking news.
David Hogg has backed down.
He says he will never debate an evil, horrible person like me.
And we'll talk about that coming up after we finish getting into this, because I just had it in my stack and now I can't find it.
Oh, it's on screen.
I will not speak to anyone that has had disgusting remarks of victims of mass shootings in the past.
I sent that tweet without realizing how awful so many people have been to the victims and witnesses of these events in the past.
And man, you can see his tweets, they sound like a
You know, like about like a ten-year-old Roman, and then there's these tweets on his Twitter that you know, I'm allowed to say, do not sound like the same person.
There's multiple people on that Twitter account, or I'm a blue-butted baboon.
So, they are in panic mode.
They thought they'd go on there and call me a piece of crap and fat and ugly and a shyster and a sick old salesman.
And about ten seconds into reading the tweets this morning, I went, he's baiting me to blow up at him because I haven't really bulleted him yet.
So now they're panicking.
Hey, there's no videos of Jones bullying anybody.
So we're going to have to get him baited into it.
And now the... Phil Mudd, is that you?
Over there, this just blew up in your dumb face.
So I'm not talking about David Hogg, who's a wonderful, sweet, good young man, who I think is being used here.
I'm talking about Phil Mudd of the CIA and of Mueller's behavior.
One of Mueller's flesh tags that has been openly trying to run these operations against us.
Little Birdy's told me.
So, Dr. Pucinich, sorry I'm ranting.
Please continue with the information apocalypse.
Well, you're not ranting.
What's happening is you are very much the victim or the point man for what's happening in the apocalypse information.
I mean, when you look at CNN, what do you have?
You have a few individuals, one who in particular worked in the CIA over the summer.
I mean, Anderson Cooper.
He's not relevant.
He just isn't.
Is that right?
You should really be proud of the fact that you are so worthy of such a massive attack.
It's like the onslaught of Russia, St.
Petersburg, and you're that poor Russian who's defending against a huge onslaught of the Nazi soldiers.
Well, what's happening is the real rise of fascism comes in through the apocalypse of information, so suppression, repression.
Now, why are you important to us, to those of us who do defend the Republic?
The reason is, for whatever reason, rightfully or wrongfully, you have been there at the forefront, and because of your skills, and I'm not buttering you up, but the ability to riff the way you can riff and tolerate the amount of onslaught that comes in,
It's really quite remarkable.
It's almost like you're the soldier of the apocalypse of information.
There are very few stations that can tolerate this and very few who have become attuned to it.
Remember, this has taken over 17 years between you and me to build up something that you have built and now you have an extension in Owen Schroeder
You have another, you know, night.
I mean, you've really built up an amazing thing without the support of the government, without the support of quote, individual foundations.
Now, it's up to the other institutions like the NRA.
If the NRA feels that they've been maligned, then please, I invite them to sue Parkland, to sue Delta Airlines, to sue any credit card company they want.
Nothing hurts.
The system as much as a lawsuit, and the fact that lawsuits can be initiated very quickly.
You don't have to be involved in that, but the NRA has enough money... Oh, they are saying they're not allowed to even have commerce.
They're saying the NRA needs to be blocked in banks.
They're saying kill members of the NRA and billboards.
I mean, it's true racketeering, the very classic
I don't want to say any of the nice things they've done behind the scenes because I don't want to turn into a political firestorm for them, but the NRA and their board members and people are patriots, and more and more of them know exactly what's going on, but they're too slow moving.
Where Ted Newsom will do 500 interviews by the time they create a new ad about who the NRA is that's running all over TV, radio, and the internet.
They should have a department where they, Dana Loesch is great, whoever, daily is firing with bulletins with all that money they're spending.
I could triple the amount of money bringing into the NRA right now.
I don't even want them to hire me.
In fact, I'm going to meet with Ted Nugent this weekend, and he already knows what to do, but they don't even listen to him enough.
We need to absolutely get them on a war footing to fight back and not be in this passive stance.
They need to get on the offense with the money and the platform they've got, because they're trying to de-platform them everywhere.
They're trying to have their shows banned off Hulu, Netflix, Twitter.
They're trying to, you know, Soviet-level silencing.
All Americans should rally behind the NRA now.
No, I agree with you.
As I said, this is an informational war.
This is an apocalypse of information.
It's very clear.
It's clear to my intelligence community.
It's clear to many patriots within the intelligence community.
However, we have to have a focal point.
We just can't scatter the shooting across the globe.
Well I agree then.
We need to get Trump to move against Google and these anti-trusts.
We need to have a new Civil Rights Act for the internet because you have to have access to it.
You can't be deplatformed.
You can't have your ID taken like China does.
Or you're made a ghost child.
This is the new electronic ghettos like drugs said.
What else do we do then?
I mean I agree.
Let's codify a plan and we need to launch it with the activists.
Well, there has to be within the White House, and this is what I've said from day one.
When Keith Alexander had taken over the National Security Agency decades ago, we need a cabinet position that is entitled Cyber Command, Cyber Control.
We cannot have it just underneath the defense department.
Stay there, I've got to go to break.
Here's the issue.
We already have these corporations.
Oh, and I forgot.
Guys, bring me the Apple articles out of Reuters.
I want to get your take on this.
Apple basically moving to China and admittedly going under state control, not just in China, but worldwide.
I mean, I can't believe this is even being allowed to be done.
I mean, at some high level, I think, oh, they're really patriots and it's a way to infiltrate the Chinese.
But they say the Chinese are going to run their entire cloud system based in China with all the codes.
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That's Infowarslife.com.
Everybody needs to seriously go to sheriffjoeforamerica.com, sheriffjoeforamerica.com, and they need to donate.
But this isn't about shooting our mouths off, it's about doing it.
Sheriff Joe Arpaio, what can we do to make sure you win this primary?
Well, just what you're doing now, Alex.
I appreciate it.
Putting that word out and motivating my base.
I never lost a Republican primary.
Even in the last election, I won by 40%.
I'm a Republican primary, so I have strong support.
Across the state.
I've had that for years and years.
And I want to thank all the people in other counties for always supporting me.
Not that they could vote for me and so on, but I've been campaigning, not campaigning, giving speeches constantly, not only there, but recently across the nation.
And I've been doing that, helping the Republican Party.
When Donald Trump ran, I remember way back in June of 15, he announced he came here for his first rally in July 2015.
I introduced him.
He couldn't get any politics to get out of state.
But I did.
I never met him prior to that.
I liked what I heard.
And I said, he will be the next president.
And he is.
He made it.
And I'll tell you, I don't go against people that I endorse.
I stick with them to the bitter end.
Especially President Trump.
I'm with him to the bitter end.
I don't like to say bitter.
It's going to be a successful event.
But you know what I'm talking about.
Like Churchill said, we're going to defend our island, whatever the cost may be.
We're going to go on to the end, and we'll never surrender.
I'm going to Washington.
I'm going to straighten a lot of things out.
If they don't put me on any committees, okay, I'll form my own committee.
So, we'll see what happens.
And that's what the president's going to do in six days with his fake news awards.
We're just taking the narrative back.
And, you know, they censor us off everything else.
We just create our own system.
And once again, the President knows what he's doing.
I think that's what really scares everybody.
That's why they keep going after him.
Yeah, they're saying he's an idiot and mentally ill and all this.
Well, that's the case.
We need more of that.
And we hope people go and donate and support.
And we'll track as you go.
I've got a gut feeling you're going to win if people get behind you.
But regardless, you're going to inject real ideas.
I've got to say it.
We gotta admire fighters.
Compare Sheriff Joe to these millennials.
A lot of them are great folks, but just so entitled, so lazy.
This fella, for his country, fighting super hard and sharper than, you know, 20-year-olds out there when he's 80-plus years old.
I don't say that as a bad thing.
It's a positive thing.
And we're very, very proud of you, Sheriff Joe, for everything you've done and letting them attack you and lie about you.
We really appreciate you.
Thank you.
You're listening to The Alex Jones Show.
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
It's Alex Jones.
Now, I know we've been working to get Dr. Jerome Corsi's articles today to the White House, and I know some folks at the White House are reportedly tuned in about 15 minutes ago.
Corsi's on with us now.
Dr. Corsi got a second YouTube strike.
His channel is frozen.
The video talking about the President striking back politically against the globalist traitors in 2018 was banned.
And this is an example.
Then when they say it's banned, they say for bullying children.
Just like my videos said, yes, the Parkland shooting happened, yes, they're not crisis actors.
They ban it and say, I did say it.
That's now a big story on DrugsReport.com, right below the President.
Trump, I'm in for 2020, names campaign manager.
And that is, again, to prove who's with him in the political structure ahead of this and take control of the narrative.
Pure genius move.
The Democrats are already running against him the day he won.
Alex Jones on one strike away from YouTube banned.
CNN admits they are working with Google to ban me and have CNN employees going through everywhere trying to find something.
The video they banned today was of me saying that the shooting happened and they're not actors.
That they're not crisis actors.
They had to remove that strike though because they realized that we have our own servers and had posted it showing it didn't say that.
So they are trying to de-platform all the supporters of the president.
It's a civil rights violation.
Thousands of libertarian and conservative Trump sites on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube have been hit.
This is more than during the campaign were deleted.
And the president needs to know.
That yes, they want to get him off Twitter, as they've said, and if they can de-platform us, they can de-platform the President, because they're cutting off all of his Internet Army support, and killing the First Amendment at the same time.
Now, asking Dr. Jerome Corsi to recap this, and then Dr. Steve Pchenik, who ran psychological operations at the State Department and worked with the CIA, I'm going to ask both these men their advice, if we can get this to the President, with the folks watching,
Because I know they were tuned in 20 minutes ago and I wasn't reading my text.
The key intel of what's happening, Dr. Corsi, the globalist storm against our storm to restore the Republic, and what we should do as citizens, but what the President should do to defend the First Amendment, and not let the Democrats ban his free speech and our free speech ahead of the 2018 and 2020 elections, which the Democrats at Memphis is all about.
Dr. Corsi?
Well, in one day today, I got my second YouTube video removed, so I've now got two strikes since early this morning.
And that's never happened to you?
That's never happened to you?
Never happened to me.
I've been on YouTube for years, never happened to me.
But I started posting about QAnon, and the two they removed, one was about President Trump beginning a counterattack against the deep state, and the second one was on the Florida shooting.
And again, not saying it didn't happen, not saying there were crisis actors, just looking at why the police didn't respond as fast as they did.
And I basically removed all the content from my channel.
I just took it down.
And in fact, I think that that's the beginning of the end because probably I had three strikes on me and they don't even know it.
I mean, they just took the entire channel off, YouTube off.
Yeah, they blocked it so they wouldn't get three.
You've made it not public for now, but they'll still even go in privately.
We have hidden cameras.
The president needs to know this.
Of the New York Times, Project Veritas, which he knows well.
As Hidden Cameras of them is saying, Trump supporters don't know, when they share American flags or Trump, they're shadow banned.
And then all we do is send in bots that tell them they hate them.
And boy, these old ladies get depressed.
And yeah, our main job is to stop Alex Jones.
The president needs to know it's that bad, Mr. President.
It's that bad.
Let's go to Dr. Steve Pchenik briefly.
We'll go into the next hour here.
Paul Watson's coming up.
He'll be in the middle of this as well.
But Dr. Corsi, you be thinking for a moment.
Then I'm going to go to Pchenik for briefly.
What do we do politically as citizens?
What does the president do to have a focus to stop this?
Because this is like something out of the Soviet Union.
First of all, the president has to understand that we are behind in an artificial intelligence and cyber command.
That's why I've asked for a couple of years that we elevate people and bring in from the private arena, Keith Alexander, General Keith Alexander,
Who's an expert on information warfare and the apocalypse of information.
And we have a whole unit at National Geospatial Agency, which is NGA, which should be paramount in the attack, the counterattack to what's happening.
And quite frankly, they're the ones who are supporting you right now.
And they're the ones who are providing me the kind of backup
That I need in order to remain on the air.
So we have institutions which will fight in the forefront, but we have to be more aggressive, more assertive.
Quite frankly, the president didn't allot enough money in for the artificial intelligence area or the cyber command.
Unfortunately, we went into hard targets and to force structures, which we don't really need at this point in time.
And as General Mattis understands, we're going away from the counterterrorism nonsense that we had under Bush, Obama, and Clinton, and we're going back into strategic force structure, opposing China and Russia.
Right now, I think the NRA should initiate a class action lawsuit.
They're capable of doing it, they understand it very well, and the American public... Sure, but what should the White House do?
We'll talk next time about the NRA, but what should the White House...
...should bring a position where a key individual like John Kelly, the equivalent of a John Kelly, and I'm recommending General Keith Alexander, who's worked with Kelly, to be in charge of Cyber Command so they can basically stop all of this nonsense and put it at a...
Telecoms and big, big tech companies like Google, Facebook, and Twitter, they're now in a cyber war against America and the President and to make America great.
Apple is moving to China to be state-based, zero tax.
They're moving a few factories here, but they're moving their main cloud, global ID, global
Uh, social network system, where it'll tie into the real world and spy on everybody, and if you're not a good globalist, you're banned from electronic activity, basically a death sentence.
Uh, so, I mean, what should the president do about that?
I mean, this is just insane.
Now, let me explain something, with all due respect.
Google has a very strong connection with the National Geospatial Agency.
They spend billions of dollars... No, I know they do, but they're going along with the globalists saying to censor people.
Well, not exactly.
There may be elements within it, but not all of Google at the same time.
And is that why they've removed the strikes now?
You're saying it got reviewed higher up?
Well, most probably.
I can't tell you for certain, but I can assure you that they are under the control of the National Geospatial Agency, in the same way that the CIA has a major input into Amazon.
None of these institutions are free and clear.
You have to remember that.
There may be individuals who work within Google, within
Apple within Amazon who feel that they can go on their own and may be rogues, but I can assure you we can restrain them very quickly.
The issue of Apple going to China is not that they've had a cloud-based system and the Apple's already in trouble for many reasons.
It didn't do as well as it was supposed to do.
It had to have an audience or a consumer base that was as large as China.
The unfortunate part is President Xi, quite frankly, whom I've monitored for many, many years, is literally recapitulating what happened to him and his father.
He will end up in a cultural revolution and he will be destroying himself the same way the cultural revolution...
I agree.
He's becoming a dictator.
I'm going to get your take on that.
We'll do a little bit in the next hour.
But just briefly, going back to Cora Steinem, we'll hold both of you over.
What does the president do?
Antitrust actions, draw attention to the violations of conservatives we're being discriminated against, like Jews in Nazi Germany.
Literally, we're being economically cut off.
The NRA's being shut off.
They're saying, kill us.
They're lying about us.
They're blocking us.
What does the president do?
Well, I think the President's first of all got to make it clear that this is a major attack on freedom of speech, and that it's a denying of conservatives and libertarians the ability to express themselves on Google, these arbitrary decisions.
Secondly, I think the President Trump's also got to take into account this Internet Bill of Rights which is being proposed, and the new appointees to the Federal Trade Commission just made it clear
To the Senate Judiciary Committee last week, they're happy to consider antitrust and other actions, including actions which will restore freedom on the Internet.
This, I think, you know, Google's acting like a dictator, like a big gorilla.
No, no, I agree, but I agree with the cynic, though.
The worst actor, I think, is Twitter or Apple.
I mean, Apple won't even let conservatives have platforms or have apps now.
Well, I think there's an entire, you know, the whole FTC is going to have to take into consideration whether the broadband rights are going to be allowed to companies that censor and act as if they're the right to maintain what content we get to see or we don't get to see.
Stay there, I agree with you, but I'm going to say this right now to the people and everybody else listening.
It's the right thing to do and it'll be incredibly popular if the president goes.
Obama took over the internet calling it neutrality.
If he says I want real web freedom and if he says I defend free speech and choice on the web and comes out and moves against these trusts, it will make him a rock star.
That will unify even the left.
Behind him, the old left, not this modern brainwashed left.
We'll be back with Dr. Corsi and Dr. Stephen Chenning with closing comments straight ahead.
Then, Paul Watson from London, England.
It's the defense of the Republic and America, 1776 Worldwide.
I'm Alex Jones, NewsWars.com.
Just briefly.
My dad is an oral surgeon and dentist.
He's about to retire.
And about 15 years ago, he heard me ranting and raving about fluoride and toothpaste and how it causes brain damage and lower IQ and dental fluorosis.
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He said, this is incredible.
This is Grignard Reagents Heavy Metals.
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Now, CNN had to admit last month, in utero and in children, massive IQ reductions.
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You don't drink your sunscreen, but hydrofluorosilicic acid is a
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It's very toxic.
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If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
Defending the Republic from enemies, foreign and domestic.
It's Alex Jones.
Alright, I was talking to Dr. Corsi and Dr. Pachetnik, and I said, come back in this little short segment, the bottom line for both of you, and they both said the same thing, showing how great their brains are, and I totally agree.
So, Dr. Corsi, quantify what needs to happen right now to save the Republic, to save the reboot, and not let authoritarian interests come in and take over the Internet.
Well, I agree with you.
President Trump has got to speak out and has got to say, we have to have internet freedom.
We cannot let the censorship of conservatives and libertarians be done by Google and YouTube at will.
I mean, this is a complete violation of free expression on the internet.
And it's going to have to go to the FTC, but that's going to take time.
In the meantime, by the midterm elections, you're going to have Google and YouTube systematically
This is Trump's most important battle.
I know he thinks this new campaign head that ran the IT stuff is like, get it.
It wasn't.
It was the people.
Of course, he understood it.
We're not taking credit away.
It was drudge, right down to all of us.
Dr. Pucinich?
It's most important that he appoint an individual within the White House to the equivalent rank of John Kelly, National Security Advisor, a gentleman like General Keith Alexander, who understands cyber command, who conceptualized National Geospatial Agency, to have him make sure that we have that free speech amidst Google, Amazon, and all the cloud determined companies.
At the same time, he will monitor whatever
And let's be clear, we're not talking about nationalizing it.
The globalist and foreign companies have come in, and the Chinese are already in control, at war with our country.
The federal government, DARPA created the internet to be free and open.
They've come in and taken it over.
We need a guardian to stand in the place and not allow that, and report to Congress, and report to the President, and report to the American people, and then have the political will, just by reporting it, it will stop all these agencies.
That's exactly correct.
I was trained by DARPA.
I've developed the Netforce series because of that internet.
And then I worked with the gentleman, Keith Alexander, and we need somebody to guarantee that constitutional right within the White House and has that expertise.
I think Donald Trump will be very pleased.
I think John Kelly will be pleased.
I think all the individuals will be pleased and relieved that we can, in fact, take back our democracy.
And I know Trump's smart, smarter than most of us, but the war is them taking the web over.
It's already happened.
We're already under massive attack.
We've got to do this.
Dr. Corsi?
Well, and this is a war that's not going to stop.
I mean, this is a war that Google and Twitter and the other content giants feel they can have full sway over.
This is what the rules, the Soros-funded rules on the so-called, you know, internet equality, this internet standard was meant to be, that the giants could censor whatever they want
But it was only the internet service providers on this net neutrality that were forced to be there.
That's what's crazy.
You just said, I forgot, George Soros admittedly and these big foundations already run what could be on the web instead of Congress and the White House just saying free speech.
I mean, think about that.
We're not saying take over the web, Trump.
We're saying defend it from George Soros and the globalists.
And let the Internet be the same kind of free discourse that we have under the First Amendment in general.
I mean, you cannot have it be such that one group like this, like Google or YouTube, decides that there's going to be no views except hard left on the Internet.
Hold on!
They said six months ago Soros' group advises them on what stays up and what stays down.
And then CNN is involved, getting us banned.
Gentlemen, thank you.
Very powerful.
We need to push this to the people.
Solutions, targeted actions.
You're on target.
Listeners, this is critical info.
If you want to win and defeat the New World Order, we've got to do this now.
We'll be back with Paul Watson from London.
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From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
Remember, Jeff Bezos owns the Washington Post.
He's constantly calling for Infowars to be shut down.
They call us selling high quality supplements, snake oil, when Jeff Bezos is the biggest supplement vitamin mineral sports enhancement owner in the world.
Owns Whole Foods.
Owns Amazon.
And owns a string of other vitamin companies.
But his publication says I'm a fraud and I need to be shut down.
I tell ya.
And now we know.
It's in the news today.
Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy.
It's on DrugsReport.com.
Amazon Inc.
paid zero in federal taxes in 2017.
They got a $789 million windfall from new tax law.
And they made five plus billion in extra profit for Vsauce.
And it's all so fine, because as long as you act effeminate and liberal, you can screw over as many people as you want.
If you read deeper, it's five plus billion, the overall money they made.
Now, that's fine with me.
Just don't sit there and spend all your time trying to shut me down.
Warren Buffett made 20 plus billion extra dollars off Trump's tax cuts.
That's been reported by Fortune.
And Forbes.
And CNN Money.
But he didn't want those tax cuts.
Because he's all into dark money and real estate and all these... I mean, that guy's a kingpin front guy.
He's the Don.
That guy runs the show in America.
Carlos Slim kisses his ring.
Bill Gates does.
That's the kingpin right there, buddy.
That's Don Corleone.
But his name's Buffett and he's from Omaha!
Nice little man!
Nice little man!
He doesn't want tax cuts, and he doesn't want sovereignty, and he's anti-Trump.
So, we're going to Paul Watson, but the big news is David Hogg, Sr., pretty much, you turn your television on, they're gonna start calling television David Hogg's.
Turn on any channel, he's on there.
The host always goes, Alex Jones says you're a crisis actor, nobody died, you're from California.
And that ain't even a school.
Well, I forgive those people, they're just, you know.
Never said all that though, see that's how the whole scam works.
So Hogg starts calling me ugly, and a piece of crap, and cuss words, and he says I run all these scams, and that I've been sued and lost lawsuits from Sandy Hook.
None of that's true, never been sued by that, much less lose a lawsuit.
Calls me a snake oil salesman, all the classic toddler, whoever's running his Twitter.
And so we start sending him messages about 9 in the morning, and public tweets after that.
We didn't respond saying, Mr. Hogg, it's hogwash.
But we said a platter of that.
We said, listen,
We'd like to have you on, clear the air.
It's okay you're calling me names, I'm not calling you any names.
I understand you're a baby, like a one-year-old baby that a full-grown man's kicking.
I mean, you're out here, you and your buddies are on TV saying, you know, Daniel Osh is a murderer and Channing burned her.
That's a kill the NRA, but we know you're not, you're a sweet person.
And we'd like to have you on.
Hi David, it would be fantastic for you to come on.
I'd be very thankful for that.
I want to set the record straight and clear things up between you and I.
That's my response to saying I'm a piece of crap and he wants to come on and clean the floor with me.
So he responded with this.
I will not speak to anyone.
This is about an hour ago.
I will not speak to anyone that has had disgusting remarks to victims of mass shootings in the past.
Oh, just like I can't go on TV when they claim I've said something and they don't even show the clip.
I sent that tweet without realizing just how awful so many people have been to victims and witnesses of these events.
And of course, how does the media spin it?
Jones a-tangled with him!
Jones attacked Hong!
They don't show the tweets, they just go, that damn Jones attacked another baby.
Alex Jones tangles.
That's like when an old lady gets mugged.
They go, ah, that old lady tangled with that mugger when she got her head beat in.
Alex Jones tangles with David Hong on Twitter over at Spirits Theory, invites him on his show.
And then I got them all calling up and everything.
And the news spin is the media saying, oh, YouTube had to replace one of the strikes because it was totally made up.
We had a video saying there weren't crisis actors.
They called that a crisis actor video.
So they took one strike off, but still they've got the site banned from streaming until they dig up something better because it wasn't playing their narrative and Drudge linked to it again.
See, they just want to do it when Drudge doesn't link again and nobody, they want to strangle us in the dark.
But things aren't going too well for them with us, but with you, the purges, the channels.
Corsi, every guest I'm having on this Prominent is having their channels shut down.
So Paul, this is a big deal.
You're taking over.
You're going to be part of the...
Paul Revere 2018, Save Free Speech, Save the Internet, Save the Second Amendment, Save the NRA broadcast.
It's going to go Thursday morning right through until the afternoon, until 6 p.m.
on Friday.
And so I hope everybody spreads the links to that, gets that out.
But how would you quantify what's going on right now?
I mean, it is crazy.
Well, it's a purge, Alex.
I mean, they've tried this before.
They've taken baby steps towards it now.
They're just going out full-blown.
Like, we've got a platform that we can complain about it.
We can get linked on drudgereport.com.
We can get attention.
Alex, there have been numerous YouTube channels over the past two weeks that have been completely shut down.
Some of them will be known to our viewers.
In fact, there's an article about it on Gateway Pundit.
YouTube purge begins.
Top conservative YouTube sites taken down in February.
There's one called Bombard Body Language.
We've probably featured videos from that before, where it's just like this mild-mannered lady speaking about people's body language.
That got completely deleted.
She had 2,600... They're doing strikes on the college sites.
265,000 YouTube subscribers, she's gone.
David Seaman, he's been on the show before, he's gone.
Richie Allen, you've been on his show before, he's gone.
Colin Flaherty, he's been on your show before, he's gone.
They're all gone!
This is a total... By the way, hundreds of all the major gun sites are gone.
Like, their headers are still there, but there's no videos.
And listen to what Google's doing.
Google Shopping has not only removed search results for guns, which they did, by the way, like six years ago, but now they've removed search results for burgundy.
Like, if you're trying to buy a bottle of burgundy wine, you can't do it on Google Shopping because it has the word gun in it.
If you want to buy a water pistol, they've removed that.
It's just, oh you can still buy arsenic and flamethrowers by the way, because they don't have the word gun in them.
If you want to buy a Guns N' Roses album, forget about it.
I mean this is just absolutely imbecilic.
They're trying to do it to ban certain keywords and it's just blowing up in their faces, making them look stupid.
But Alex, Hillary Clinton complained about this last night.
She came out with a tweet saying, basically, social media cost her the election.
It didn't.
What costs you the election is you're inherently detestable and had a terrible campaign strategy.
That's why you lost.
But no, it was Facebook, it was Twitter.
We need to do more to censor, to ban.
She openly got up on Twitter last night and called for that.
So this is the perch.
They know they're going to lose in 2018 and 2020 if they don't crack down.
Imagine how viral we would be, Alex, right now without the shadow banning, without being demoted in the algorithm, without constantly, almost on a day-to-day basis now, having to talk about this over and over again until we're blue in the face, until our own listeners get bored of it.
We're on the back foot.
We can't get on the front foot and get out our own narrative and that's part of the game.
And meanwhile Hillary goes defend democracy, ban free speech.
We just put her tweet up.
Yeah, she said that we should all care about how social media platforms play a part in our democratic process.
Because unless it's addressed, it will happen again.
What will happen again?
You'll lose because you didn't go to Wisconsin.
Yeah, that'll happen again.
The Democrats will lose if they don't have a candidate with any actual platform.
And I love how Mark Dice responds down there.
Let's read his tweet.
Yeah, he got a lot of good responses.
There was one from Gab as well.
His top one is, maybe you should pay more
Maybe you had to pay more because nobody wanted to see your stupid ads in their feeds.
Yeah, because they were claiming that Hillary had to pay twice as much as Trump or whatever.
Which, you know with Facebook, you have to lay down a lot of money for that to reach anyone.
So she's probably not even right in pointing that out.
But again, it's a purge, Alex.
They're coming for the free speech.
This is it.
They're coming.
Well, by the way, they have this article about this.
Google engineers said, we recommended Alex Jones 15 billion times in our algorithm.
Well, that algorithm's public.
They've violated it now.
It's whatever's already been trending, but the people choose, then Google recommends it out.
Google got caught force-feeding Hillary Clinton, but still she's bitching.
We'll be right back.
Frank in North Carolina, thanks for holding so long.
Go ahead.
Yeah, Alec, I just have to say something, man.
It seems like every time I turn on your broadcast, you're bragging.
It just gets old, man.
I'm gonna shut you down right now, okay?
We're taking calls about your nomination.
Do you understand they're having congressional hearings trying to shut us down?
Do you understand I'm ringing the alarm?
If that was happening to anybody else, I'd be freaked out.
I mean, what's it gonna take?
Us being shut down?
Is that what you want, Frank?
You know what, Alex?
Hey, put him on pause again!
Hey, Frank!
Do you understand it's not bragging to say, we are the tip of the spear, we're under attack, we need your help.
As much bagging as I do, we can barely pay the bills and grow in the face of this.
I'm not gonna just stop growth and let them start pushing us backwards.
You understand?
I need your help, Frank!
I need your help, Frank!
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I had a caller about two weeks ago named Frank.
I've been calling him for over a decade.
And he was mad.
He goes, I'm sick of you talking about you brag how you're under attack and you know how important you are.
And I'm like, dude, I'm not doing that!
They're having congressional hearings saying they want me completely banned.
The Democrats want me arrested.
They're suing me.
I'm under attack, Frank!
Okay, they banned us off Google Ads.
We were bringing five million in a year.
It cost a lot to run this.
They're just chopping off all my tentacles.
I keep growing more as fast as I can.
And as fast as I cut them off, I'm shooting out tentacles.
Tell Frank why we need support.
Tell him right there.
Hey, Frank!
Frank, this is not bragging.
We don't say, oh, we're under attack for attention or because we like the attention.
Although, of course, everybody likes a little bit of attention.
It's nice.
But I can't do TV, and I can't do radio, and I can't publish books, and I can't sell anything, and I can't do live events because they systematically strangle you out of existence using every... We're the heretics!
Yeah, exactly, using every resource at their disposal.
So it's not bragging.
It's a daily reality, and that's why you've got to support things like Infowars and
Sure, and we didn't do it for the last hour and thirty-something minutes.
We're doing it now.
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Everybody wants somebody to fight?
We're fighting!
And we love you and we appreciate you.
All we're saying is, we kicked their ass, but they're doubling down on us to make examples of us.
If you make examples of us and fund us, we will be victorious and you win.
Do you understand?
I need your help, Frank!
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All right, I'm going to let Paul take over.
We're going to do this 34-hour broadcast kicking off Thursday right through Friday evening at 6.
Paul's going to be hosting two hours that day, 6 to 8 a.m., right before David Knight comes on on Friday, so be sure to tune into that.
And Paul's right.
I get sick of covering censorship.
But now it's gone from a one on a record scale to like a seven.
They're purging everybody.
And you don't want to live under these people.
Neither do I. So get the articles Paul wrote.
At Infowars.com, at PrisonPlanet.com, at NewsWars.com.
They're trying to take a bunch of our online sponsors right now.
I mean, it's on.
And it's so authoritarian, it's so criminal.
I didn't even plug last hour.
I'm proud of the fact that I hardly ever plug products, even though it funds this whole operation.
But I do when they're attacking free speech of anybody.
Whether it's the President, or whether it's Milo, or whether it's Drudge, or anybody, I'm there because this is paramount.
It's why they call it the First Amendment.
Now, where did my plug sheet go?
I'm going to let Paul take over here.
No, it doesn't matter anymore.
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