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Name: 20180223_Fri_Alex
Air Date: Feb. 23, 2018
3562 lines.

Alex Jones talks about how mainstream media is panicking over Trump's rising approval rating, highlighting the need for freedom, common sense, a free market, and the American dream. He warns against incremental moves towards open censorship against certain groups using PewDiePie's situation as an example. The InfoWars Store introduces new fluoride-free mouthwash Super Blue. Jones accuses CNN of being manipulative with staged town halls and misleading footage, criticizing specific journalists. He calls for a response to censorship by tech companies and addresses corruption in law enforcement. The speakers emphasize the need for libertarians, conservatives, and republicans to show up in public to protest. They promote various health products while discussing America's emergency situation and civil war.

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I thought the leaden winter would bring you down forever, but you rode upon a steamer to the violence of the sun.
From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones.
Our biggest problem is that we adapt to tyranny.
Our biggest problem is we have been conditioned to go along to get along and then incrementally be dehumanized.
I was thinking before I went live
Watching the President speak at CPAC, he just concluded we're going to be hearing excerpts of that.
Wayne LaPierre, the NRA.
Vice President Pence, what a great Vice President.
Just awesome.
So well spoken, so gentlemanly, so Christian, so focused, so dedicated, so real.
But, side issue, Pence is really growing on me.
Because we're getting to know him!
See, mainstream media gets between us
And that's what hit me is there's Trump's approval rating now at 50%.
And that's out from Rasmussen and similar things show he's upticking on other big so-called poll systems.
It's more like 65.
And that's why they're panicking so hard.
Just like I told you during the election.
I've studied the polls.
You can study them.
I'm not going to go back into how it works.
But they oversample on purpose.
9 to 15 points on average for Democrats.
And that's why you have that major disparency.
They just say, America is a Democratic Party system.
And they just sell that lie.
Well, we're not Democrats and we're not Republicans either.
We want freedom.
We want America.
We want common sense.
We want free market.
We want the American dream.
Get off our back.
That's who we are.
That's who we are.
And there's old people and young people and Christians and libertarians and black people, white people, gay people.
It's just folks that don't want to be in a box and know the Democratic Party are a bunch of corrupt criminals working with a bunch of disgusting, blue-blood, Republican trash.
Who have been parasiting off of us and trying to dumb us down so they can control us and then writing white papers admitting it.
I felt raped this morning.
But not in a victim way, with a revulsion.
Of how much I disdain CNN, and the New York Times, and the Washington Post, and MSNBC, because they're consciously liars, they're consciously criminals, they're consciously, with psych warfare, trying to create as much racism, and sexism, and division as they can.
And again, it's in the WikiLeaks, it's in their white papers, it's in... They all write academic reports on it!
Gruber, you know, gets up on TV and says, I'm here to lie to these dumbasses!
God, they're idiots!
And that's what's frustrating to me, is that they superimpose, they do everything they can to keep you from actually hearing what I have to say.
They do everything they can to keep you from what Trump's actually saying.
They do everything to get in between all of us, even though Trump's super popular, even though InfoWars is super popular, everything we go on has the highest ratings ever.
They've got 10 different TV shows modeled after yours truly, but then misrepresenting who I am, trying to destroy me while they try to keep me from telling you who I really am.
Think about that.
More than 10 shows right now.
I'm talking to Michael Savage, he goes, is that homo and guy based on you?
And I go, yeah.
He goes, really?
Some people think it is.
I'm like, no, they say it is.
And hundreds of articles.
And again, it's this thing where you're being destroyed, there are these characters based on you, and they're not even who you are, they steal your identity, and then Joe Rogan has his biggest podcast times double ever, and they try to censor it and block it and not let it go out, so I can't even talk to you.
And what made me think of this was watching Trump speak, but also just realizing
That the whole facade's coming down.
I mean, they can't hide it.
It's this whole fake CNN town hall thing.
And then they're lying, saying, is it fake?
The whole thing's completely scripted.
They always have been!
Just like the debates!
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Live from the InfoWars.com studios, it's Alex Jones.
I will say this, Fox.
Everything that's turning out now is amazing.
It's come full circle.
Boy, have they committed a lot of atrocities.
They've done things that are wrong.
That is the chance of Lock Her Up and Hillary for Prison 2016 that all originated right here on this transmission.
And that's why they're trying to block us and trying to censor us because we put out memes that are truth-based and that's why they're viral.
And I think that's going to be InfoWars' new slogan.
Not just that there's a war on for your mind, but InfoWars.
The truth is viral.
In fact, you have Frigere trademarked that right now.
Thank you.
The truth is viral.
And you can't stop the signal.
You can't stop the signal.
And the reason I opened the broadcast up with that is...
It really hit me today.
And when I say this, everybody's going to go, uh, and you told us the grass is green and the sky is blue.
I know that.
I'm only telling you what you already know, but we tend to, again, adapt to the tyranny and just kind of go along with it because we don't want to be troublemakers.
Well, if you look at where this goes incrementally, it goes to a very hellish place.
With open censorship against nationalists, against Christians, against libertarians, and then everybody else.
And it's already started where they're just censoring everybody.
Anybody super popular who is an establishment, particularly if they're liberal, but more of a classical liberal, they're being taken over.
They're being attacked.
Because if you got 20 billion views on YouTube, and we've only got like 6 billion,
That's bigger than anything out there.
If you're somebody like PewDiePie, and they came to him again two years ago and said, you give us control of your channel and you partner with YouTube, they're already running ads, they're already making 70% of the money, or we're gonna shut your ass down.
And he didn't go along with them and they started shutting him down and demonetizing him.
Think about how criminal that is.
You sign a contract, you follow the rules, you're the most popular thing in the world,
Adults are like, who's that?
Believe me.
You go to a high school or a junior high, and you're pootie pie, it's like Elvis Presley showed up.
Same thing with me, by the way.
That's what really worries the globalists.
I mean, I go to high school events and stuff from other schools with my children at it, and I mean, it's, it's, it's... I walked in a hamburger place near a high school when it, I left early one day, it was like 3.34, and high schoolers came in.
And I was mobbed like I was Elvis Presley.
Now, that's what scares the globalists.
Because young people aren't buying into this stuff where they get sat down in a seat and they're told there's not two genders and all white people are bad.
And by the way, it was Indian kids, it was Chinese kids, white kids, black kids, mobbing me at this place.
I'm not bragging.
I'm giving you the good news.
But here's the bad news.
If we just accept the massive censorship that's already kicking in, it's going to become total.
And they're going to de-platform all of our finances, and I'm talking about you.
You notice the big banks announced last week that they are now going to target the NRA, gun shops, and gun owners, and not let you do business with them.
Now remember, if you're a gay couple and somebody doesn't bake your cake, you get $500,000.
But if you're a libertarian or a conservative, oh, we have policies you can't... They're talking about trying to not let Cabela's have credit card service.
Or the NRA.
That's in the news.
Do you understand?
That's what Hitler did to his political enemies starting in 33, 34, 35, 36.
He first took political control in Germany, killed off the SA, people that brought him to power.
And put the SS in.
His Praetorian Guard.
Then he started going after the finances, and shutting down people's businesses, and then herding them into ghettos.
We're already being herded into electronic ghettos.
A term Matt Drudge coined.
At least I first heard it from him, and hooked it up, and he's the one it came from.
Maybe he can correct me, but I mean, it is internet ghettos.
And that's what we've been put in.
Because we're the winners!
Because we're number one!
Drudge is the biggest website in the world, not just news.
And what do the Wikileaks say?
What do the new documents that came out last week say?
Just type it in.
Soros is all over the news saying, ban Drudge in Europe.
Just ban the URL.
Do you understand the magnitude of that?
Because we're promoting America and real freedom and real diversity and real tolerance.
And promoting what's successful and what's sexy and what works.
America with all its excess and problems.
Compare it to Venezuela or North Korea.
Yeah, there's a new meme out.
They think I'm Hitler and want me to take their guns away.
With Trump.
So think about the condescending, arrogant garbage from CNN and MSNBC when they stage the debates and give Hillary all the questions and then get caught lying about it and giving it to Donna Brazile.
Or how they stage fake polls where they admitted that they polled Democrats 3-1 in some of these polls.
They were taking 70% calls, admitting it, on phone polls from Democrats.
And then wondered why Hillary, they said, was up at 67%.
That's ridiculous!
When the New York Times says there's a 97% chance Hillary wins.
It wasn't even a real poll!
They admitted it!
Our experts say this!
They pull it out of their rear ends!
So, Donna Brazile says she doesn't know how she gave them to Hillary, but remember, she's in the WikiLeaks, giving them to Hillary, CNN giving them to her, then she got caught lying about it.
And now she doesn't remember how she gave them the questions.
And then we forget, the real question is, why were you given the questions?
See, it's always, it's never a debate about what's in the WikiLeaks, it's always, oh, the bad people that gave them to us.
It's like somebody peeks over your fence and sees you burying your dead husband or your dead wife, and the police show up and go, why were you looking over their fence?
Yeah, we found a dead body.
We don't care about Mr. Smith and the dead body.
You're going to jail as a peeping Tom, you piece of crap!
And we have staged questions on screen.
CNN has been absolutely caught in a beautiful derailment here.
They've been staging these town halls since they started CNN in 1981.
I've had my reporters get into them.
They first screen you, they check the parking lot for bumper stickers, they put you through a screening process, and then they give you questions.
And if you act like you're not going to follow it, you don't get in.
And it's incredible.
CNN are such liars.
That's why I quit being interviewed by them.
Because they would always say, oh, we've got a car coming to get you, and you're going to be live.
Yes, sir.
You want to be live, you'll be live.
And it probably happened 15 times where I'd show up and I'd go, the host, this host isn't on for two hours.
Oh, you're right.
We're taping it.
And then they go for 20 minutes and then they edit it down where it doesn't even make sense.
They'll ask you one question, cut back to the person and then cut back with another answer that wasn't even the same topic.
Remember Katie Couric got sued for that.
I recorded
The old C-Hag Megyn Kelly doing the thing to me.
They would edit stuff 10-15 minutes apart on totally different subjects where I sounded like a lunatic on air.
But total jump cuts.
You know when it's edited when there's a cut every second.
Bloop bloop bloop bloop bloop.
Cut back to Kelly.
Cut to a shot of the kids.
Cut to a shot of Newtown.
While I'm talking because it's edited.
Just like refrigerator magnets.
You can write whatever you want with those things.
And they just take them and move them all around.
So, we're gonna go to break.
When we come back, CNN has now been caught not just staging all this stuff, but then lying about staging it.
Hello, Frank in North Carolina.
Thanks for holding so long.
Go ahead.
Yeah, Alec, I just have to say something, man.
It seems like every time I turn on your broadcast, you're bragging.
It just gets old, man.
I'm gonna shut you down right now, okay?
We're taking calls about your nomination.
Do you understand they're having congressional hearings trying to shut us down?
Do you understand I'm ringing the alarm?
If that was happening to anybody else, I'd be freaked out.
I mean, what's it gonna take?
Us being shut down?
Is that what you want, Frank?
You know what, Alex?
Hey, put him on pause again!
Hey, Frank!
Do you understand it's not bragging to say, we are the tip of the spear, we're under attack, we need your help.
As much bagging as I do, we can barely pay the bills and grow in the face of this.
I'm not gonna just stop growth and let them start pushing us backwards.
You understand?
I need your help, Frank!
I need your help, Frank!
Go to Infowarsstore.com right now and help fund the Infowars.
I had a caller about two weeks ago named Frank.
I've been calling him for over a decade.
And he was mad.
He goes, I'm sick of you talking about you brag how you're under attack and you know how important you are.
And I'm like, dude, I'm not doing that.
They're having congressional hearings saying they want me completely banned.
The Democrats want me arrested.
They're suing me.
I'm under attack, Frank!
Okay, they banned us off Google Ads.
We were bringing five million in a year.
It cost a lot to run this.
They're just chopping off all my tentacles.
I keep growing more as fast as I can and as fast as I cut them off.
I'm shooting out tentacles.
Tell Frank why we need support.
Tell him right there.
Hey, Frank!
Frank, this is not bragging.
We don't say, oh, we're under attack for attention or because we like the attention.
Although, of course, everybody likes a little bit of attention.
It's nice.
But I can't do TV and I can't do radio and I can't publish books and I can't sell anything and I can't do live events because they systematically strangle you out of existence using every... We're the heretics.
Yeah, exactly.
Using every resource at their disposal.
So it's not bragging.
It's a daily reality.
And that's why you've got to support things like Infowars and
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We're doing it now.
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Listen, everybody wants somebody to fight?
We're fighting!
And we love you and we appreciate you.
All we're saying is, we kicked their ass, but they're doubling down on us to make examples of us.
If you make examples of us and fund us, we will be victorious and you win.
Do you understand?
I need your help, Frank!
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You're listening to the Alex Jones Show!
Waging war on corruption.
It's Alex Jones, coming to you live from the front lines of the Infowar.
So, CNN has been caught staging a town hall.
Of course they staged them.
And then they said, oh, we don't even hand out questions.
And then they have blown up HD video of saying, here is your question, typed out by CNN.
That's what they do.
You're there as a prop.
You're there in a production.
Remember, CNN got caught staging with a movie director Muslims at a vigil after a terror attack in London?
And because the Muslims weren't going out and protesting the terror attack.
They never do.
Against the infidels.
So they just go get some people and it turned out many of them were actors and weren't even Muslims.
They were Sikhs and people.
They just dressed up like Muslims.
I mean,
This is next level, ladies and gentlemen, and they do it over and over and over again like you're idiots.
And it turned out it was a film crew doing it.
Much of CNN is a PR company.
They've been paid over $100 million by Qatar.
I've had CNN producers on that went public years ago.
Who was that attractive blonde reporter?
And then she just went into private life and they got married.
Lying, yeah.
Amber, we need to get her on.
She was there.
Per show she was doing, they were paying her 300-something thousand dollars to cover up and to lie about the people they were torturing and killing.
And she said, I'm not doing it!
She'd go over there and have footage of them machine-gunning people, and then CNN would tell her to put out the opposite.
I mean, do you understand the criminal nature of these people?
And hey, Amber Lyon wouldn't do it, even though she was award-winning, you name it.
They basically told her to resign.
So she just left.
Because she had integrity.
Cheryl Atkinson.
Published that the ATF was shipping guns into Mexico to blame the Second Amendment.
They said to get gun control passed as a false flag.
They didn't shoot all the poor Mexicans, but they sure as hell shipped the guns down there to the criminals so they could kill them.
If I give you a gun to go kill people, I'm just as guilty.
And she got let go at CBS for that, didn't she?
Because she had integrity!
And you look at these scumbags on CNN and Cuomo saying, you're not allowed to read WikiLeaks.
If you read WikiLeaks, you're gonna go to jail.
And reportedly, he's such a bully thug.
He's a huge guy, like 6'7".
His brother, I mean, they are criminals, in my view.
And the people that know him up in New York say, oh my God, they are.
His brother's like, if you're a Christian or a gun owner, get out of the state!
People went, man, that's really rude.
He went, I meant it!
Get out!
We run this state now!
You get out of here!
And he's just so threatening when he just looks at that camera and he goes, by the way, you're not allowed to read WikiLeaks.
I am.
And I'll tell you what you need to know.
The arrogance!
I'll tell you what you need to know, toots!
And I'll slap you around if you don't get in line!
And he gets to drunk drive and hit and run in front of people at a big town party.
Running into people's cars in Main Street, falling out drunk, but he's a como, so he gets to do what he wants to do!
Piece of crap!
And I'm sick of these people!
You don't bully me, you piece of garbage, you un-American filth!
CNN, oh, you scum!
You scum!
America is wise to all of you filthy, lying, degenerate pieces of crap.
And we'll read what we want, and we'll watch what we want, and we'll do what we want!
And thugs like you get in our face and try to muscle us, you know what'll happen, scum!
Come down here to Texas and run your big, dirty, thug mouth and see what happens, boy!
Runnin' his mouth about the President,
He's a thug!
How the president's effeminate and all this stuff.
Let me tell you.
Let me tell you who is effeminate.
It's traitors like you that serve evil and that go around trying to bully people.
And CNN going to that woman's house that's our listener, we learned.
She was listening while I was talking about her.
And go and try to threaten her and say you're a Russian agent and try to intimidate her from her political activities.
You're the thugs.
You're the scum.
You're the people trying to say gun owners are responsible for people dying.
It's the media hyping up mass shootings that is a hundred percent affecting the mental illness of these drug heads and people.
And the sheriff's department, not just the sheriff that knew the shooting was going on and stood out there for four minutes because it looks like he was a big fat coward, but also
The Sheriff's Department.
And I know Roger Stone's son's on the Sheriff's Department, and I'm sure there's some nice people, but give me a break.
Just because he has dinner with the Sheriff, I'm not mad at Roger, I'm just, I disagree with him.
I think that Sheriff's a big Democrat, he's a big Hillary bootlicker, and they knew what was coming and they all stood down.
And the FBI stood down, and now they get to trash the Second Amendment some more, and the Sheriff's Department sat there!
And that's what the students told us, who've been on the show.
They just pulled up in their cars and waited for more backup to get there.
I mean, I'm not a hero, but I guarantee you, if somebody's going around here shooting people, or a school, I'm gonna find them and I'm gonna put bullets in them, or I'm gonna die trying.
How did we become so cowardly?
Well, it's called being a Democrat.
It's called being a sack of garbage.
It's called being a selfish piece of filth.
That's what it's called.
But their whole house of cards is coming down, isn't it?
Their whole stinking house of cards.
And so they're now going, okay, we are going to try to openly censor anything nationalist or anything anti-globalist because our world government's in crisis.
Oh, I thought none of that existed.
Oh, I thought it's all fake news.
I thought that the global elite worshipping AI gods was something I made up.
Just a year ago, on the Joe Rogan Experience, it was national news how crazy the stuff I said was, and then six months later, Elon Musk, word for word, said it all.
I go to these big meetings, and they're planning to kill everybody, and they're planning to bring in a one-world government, make us merge with computers, put chips in our brains, and then they, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
Is AI a threat to Christianity?
That's what they're pushing.
That's their whole plan.
That's their religion.
It's forcing you under it.
And you know what?
I'm going to raise the alarm because I don't want to be a slave to this.
So a bunch of scum can sell out our species to these robber baron globalists with delusions of grandeur.
And so thugs can sit there like Cuomo and his thug brother and thug around threatening everybody and bullying everybody so we roll over to him.
Scarborough can have, you know, dead girls in his office with their brains beat out.
Cuomo can hit and run in front of everybody.
Because they're the big guys.
They're the big men.
They're the big thugs, is what they are.
You got Mika Brzezinski's dad, who was a war criminal, mass murderer.
Oh, he didn't get his pants bloody, but he was a mass-murdering, anti-American piece of garbage.
And now Zbigniew Brzezinski is rotting in filthy hell with all the rest of the scum and all the rest of the degenerate control freaks and all of that filthy milk nobility can go straight to hell.
We'll be right back.
I am Alex Jones, and the transmission will not be stopped.
The signal will win!
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888-253-3139 You're listening to The Alex Jones Show.
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
It's Alex Jones.
Very, very crooked, mania.
You know, I didn't know Paul was about to publish this article.
And Rob Dew is on vacation.
He's usually the guy that's over the YouTube accounts and lets me know about strikes and things that are going on.
So I'm learning about what's going on from Paul Watson during the break as they give me this new article that he published on Infowars.com and Newswars.com.
And guess what it says?
CNN is directly lobbying YouTube to shut down Infowars.
And how do we know this?
CNN, the fake news network, and the Nazi-like censors, I mean that's what the Nazis did, so the shoe fits, is going around misrepresenting what we've said and what we've done, number one.
And then number two, telling everyone to go flag our videos as community guidelines violations so that they can ban InfoWars.
Let me tell CNN and let me tell YouTube what I've already told the audience, because I know you're listening and I know Media Matters is listening.
I am going to start suing media companies and organizations.
I've met with all the lawyers.
It's all lined up.
I have to do it to defend the First Amendment and we've got so many big cases that we're just looking at the right ones and you know I've been added to lawsuits against Google by Google insiders and things about what's going on and so there's a lot of shoes about to drop but there isn't a jury in the world I don't care liberal conservative that isn't going to find in our favor and it's going to be watershed because
You can't attack and demonize somebody and then misrepresent who they are and then disappear their responses to it so you can then say something was in the video that wasn't there.
They're saying that I said that no one was shot in Florida and that I put out videos saying they were all crisis actors, which I've never said.
And they started last week by banning the number one video on YouTube with millions of views in one day of people just pointing out that this guy is in the drama club and is an actor and is a spokesperson.
Just like we're saying CNN had a town hall, they just had a bunch of pre-scripted people there reading off scripts.
So we said you've got four kids out of 3,000.
Who are 99% of who's put on television, and then the other young people say, hey, they gave me scripted questions, and then CNN says they're liars!
So I haven't said David Hogg's a liar, I haven't said any of them are liars.
I said they're anti-gun zealots, their parents are, and they're PR operatives now, being used to go out for a second amendment.
That's a total fact!
And I just learned they removed the video, and gave us a strike,
And say that they are going to remove the other ones and CNN says they want us banned.
Just like we have the New York Times and YouTube on hidden camera from Project Veritas saying our main job is to shut down Alex Jones.
And anybody promoting American flags.
That was another quote.
Our enemies are people that like American flags.
Wow, that's a foreign globalist for you.
Basically, anybody like Alex Jones, Alex Jones, Paul Watson, American flags, we shadow ban them.
They don't know that no one can see them anymore.
It's real funny, these dumbass rednecks.
Those are quotes!
Because you like Second Amendment and freedom and don't want to live in Venezuela, you're an evil white person.
And because we are telling the truth and it's so devastating to them,
They misrepresent what we did.
They say, well, a video last week that was number one before YouTube caught it.
Bad job!
Ban it quicker!
They're talking about total censorship, but couching it like it wasn't good enough, it wasn't quick enough.
I mean, you understand the type of lawsuits I've got when I've got Twitter, Facebook, Google, YouTube, parent company.
Google, on video saying we censor Alex Jones.
And then when you do it, you then go out and say, I said something I didn't say.
See, that's the real art of censorship, is you don't just silence the victim.
You then go and misrepresent the victim so you can destroy them.
See, what you do is you tie their hands, you stick a gag in their mouth.
And then you attack and you attack and you attack and you attack.
So here's the article and everybody to make it go totally viral.
This is incredible.
And we'll add this live video feed.
We'll grab this and put it into the article so people can get my response.
Alex Jones responds to CNN's calls for it to be banned on YouTube.
And they mean business, folks!
People say, oh, I don't like Milo, or I like Milo, or why is Milo on?
Because they're trying, they banned him on Twitter.
They're trying to destroy him.
They're trying to shut him down.
Even if I disagreed with him on most things, which I don't, I would want to lift him up because they're scared of him.
So, here it is.
InfoWars is two strikes away from being banned from YouTube.
And then you salivate
CNN over this with Anderson Cooper, the CIA operative, and then they have Hogg on there going, I'm not a crisis actor!
InfoWars, stop it!
And people, that dirty Alex Jones said there wasn't a shooting there!
Anderson Cooper said so!
He's a good CIA man.
And it's all Phil Mudd, up there at CNN, who wants me banned, because he can't stand it!
He wants to run around and say he's going to kill the President, and then I'm sitting there saying, hey buddy, the military's watching your ass!
He's going to dish it out!
Phil Mudd isn't going to take it!
So they want to shut you up.
Here's CNN.
And they misrepresent the video.
They imply that I'm saying the shooting didn't happen.
And then, oh, but you can't see the video because we went and complained and got it banned.
And we're asking everybody to go complain.
And this is the no platforming.
Hey, we're going to shut down all the gun shops.
We're going to shut down Cabela's.
We're going to shut down the NRA.
We're not going to let gun owners do business.
We're not going to let credit card companies work with gun sellers.
This is called hardcore bullying authoritarianism.
So that thugs like Cuomo, remember?
He said, I can read the WikiLeaks.
You're not allowed to.
You'll go to jail if you do.
The condescension.
The in your face.
And it's incredible.
So again, they misrepresent what I've said, just like they do on Sandy Hook.
But you've heard it the last week.
You've heard what I really said.
You've heard what we laid out.
There it is.
Remember, it's illegal to possess WikiLeaks Clinton emails.
But it's different for the media, says CNN's Chris Cuomo.
In fact, let's play a clip of him.
Again, they don't want you to even see this, because you realize how dumb it is.
They don't want you to hear Jonathan Gruber saying, you're stupid, I'm ripping you off, you're a scum, I'm going to feed on you.
They don't want you to hear Feinstein going, we're going to ban all your guns.
Our plan is to totally ban all guns.
They're trying to take down clips of Chuck Todd saying, I like the New York Times, let's just repeal the whole second amendment and ban all guns.
Oh, oh, oh, that didn't go over too well.
They have articles out, Trump's a kook.
He says we're coming for your guns!
Nobody wants to take your guns!
Nobody wants to get rid of your Second Amendment!
That is crazy!
You need to support us, folks.
You need to buy the products.
You need to share the articles, the videos, and understand that when they ban us on YouTube, they're going to go around everywhere else.
But everybody else can upload us.
Everybody else can put together the videos.
It's your patriotic duty for free speech to get a YouTube account, to get a Facebook account, to get all the other platforms, Snapchat, everything, and just hammer this info out.
Hammer, hammer, hammer, hammer!
Because it's a war.
If they can shut us up, they're coming for everybody.
They're already here.
I need everybody's help.
I need everybody to make a big deal out of this.
Because again, this is how they do it.
This is how they engage in their anti-American attempt to kill the First Amendment.
They hate it more than the Second Amendment.
Absolute thugs.
We'll be right back.
Critical intel straight ahead.
Joel Gilbert joins us for the balance of the hour.
Here is the trailer for the powerful new film available at Infowarsstore.com.
Trump, the art of the insult.
Directed by the amazing director, Joel Gilbert.
Here is the trailer.
Call women you don't like fat pigs, dogs, slobs.
Only Rosie O'Donnell.
And they said that wasn't politically correct.
Who cares?
You haven't been called.
Go back to Univision.
I think Jeff is a nice person.
He's very low energy.
I'm not used to that kind of a person.
Throw him out.
Throw him out into the cold.
Don't give him their coat.
No coats.
L-Y-I-N apostrophe.
Lying dead.
I have never seen a human being eat in such a disgusting fashion.
The most dishonest human beings.
These people right here.
Look at all the cameras.
So disgusting.
This socialist slash communist.
Crazy murder.
He's crazy as it may look.
The Indian?
Very offensive.
I'm sorry about that.
A Pocahontas?
Crooked Hillary!
Crooked Hillary, folks!
She's been crooked from the beginning.
Crooked Hillary!
Politicians are really dishonest.
Donald Trump alleges that my dad was involved in assassinating JFK.
This had nothing to do with me.
Except I might have pointed it out.
This guy was sweating so badly.
Thank God he has really large ears.
The biggest ears I've ever seen.
Because they were protecting him.
I'm trying to be nice.
You know, I'm working hard to be nice.
He was begging for my endorsement.
I could have said, Mitt, drop to your knees.
He would have dropped to his knees.
He put glasses on so people will think he's smart.
It just doesn't work.
You know, people can see through the glasses.
I'll make three or four major speeches.
He makes a speech for 15 minutes, he goes home, goes to bed.
We live off Chinese manufacturing.
That's because when you say we, you are stupid.
Repeat after me.
Donald, you're not going to be able to insult your way to the presidency.
That's not going to happen.
So help me God.
Congratulations, Mr. President.
We will make America great again!
Go home to mommy.
Tell her to tuck you in bed.
And your mother is voting for Trump!
You've made a lot of amazing films.
We've carried them all.
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First of all, you'll laugh non-stop the whole time.
But more importantly, there's a lot of important lessons.
You'll see how Middle America fell in love with a Manhattan billionaire because he was the only one of the Republicans that was willing and capable of standing up to Hillary and the leftist media complex.
And he did it, don't forget, with a mix of truth and humor.
That's why it stuck.
So this film, 95 minutes of nonstop laughter, but you get to know Donald Trump.
I thought I knew Trump.
I studied Trump.
I thought I knew him.
Only when you see this all back to back, how he reacts.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
You want to stop tyranny?
Well, so does he.
Live from the InfoWars.com studios, it's Alex Jones.
CNN, just like Jonathan Gruber, thinks you're all stupid and thinks you're all idiots when they told you Obamacare is going to be free, you can keep your doctor and all the rest of it.
When they gave the questions to Hillary Clinton for the debates and then got caught lying about it.
When they got caught staging Muslim events, protesting Muslim bombings, which Muslims don't ever do, so they had to stage it.
A lot of people weren't even Muslims, they were actors.
CNN got caught doing all that.
Phil Mudd, when he's over there saying he's going to kill the president, and when they've got Clapper on saying that they're going to take the president out, they don't want anybody to be able to respond.
They want to make you watch it at the airport.
They pay the airports to pump it in.
They pay the public schools, in the first period of many public schools, to make you watch canned CNN propaganda.
So this is the globalist-run, Soros-state-run, force-feed media.
And just as I started the show saying CNN wants to keep you from seeing what we actually say and do, I had no idea that we had been hit with a community guideline strike and that there was a big story out today, because we don't even really follow news about us because there's so many hundreds of articles a day usually, you can't keep track of it, the full-on attack.
They said that we bullied David Hogg, and they referenced another video that was number one that somebody else put out saying he's an actor.
We simply said they're in the drama class, they're PR people, he is a journalism student, and he is an anti-gun person in an adult role.
As a public figure, trying to take a major civil right.
And so we have a right to talk about it, and CNN's been caught coaching people, and is in the middle of a huge controversy right now, staging that town hall and prescriptive questions, and they've been caught, and the questions, people kept some of the questions.
So all this is coming out, it's on Infowars.com, it's on Newswars.com, it's on DrugsReport.com.
Florida school shooting survivor, CNN told me I need to stick to the script.
And they came out and said that the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School student survivor, Colton Hab, is a liar.
CNN has said he's a liar, even though people go, no, here's the questions they gave me.
Even though we put images up of the questions that say, here is your question.
So they're staging this whole thing, and we're saying, this is scripted.
They're staging town halls.
Out of 3,000 students, they're picking four anti-gunners to then have scripted responses and to put out anti-gun talking points.
I mean, who is denying that?
Who is denying they're reading off teleprompters?
Who is denying they've been given scripted questions?
You can't deny that!
And so, what does the bullies over at CNN do?
What do they do?
They say InfoWars is two strikes away from being banned for bullying children, little innocent children no one's ever heard of, not public figures reading off teleprompters, and if you criticize their speech, you're saying no shooting happened, which we never said, and you're bullying.
And, oh, you can appeal it, but it's
A couple lines.
And here it is.
Here is a document cam shot, please.
Community guidelines status.
The community says I'm bad.
Just like the old Soviet Union.
Somebody in the community said that, you know, you were a capitalist.
You got to get sent for 10 years re-education to the Gulag Archipelago.
And what was the video?
David Hogg can't remember his lines in TV interview.
And he can't remember, and they're coaching him saying, it's okay, it's okay.
That's what CNN's in the middle of a giant controversy right now.
One of the biggest stories in the country is them saying it's not a scripted town hall when they admittedly script the things.
Am I bullying CNN now?
CNN students told me, stick to the script.
Network wrote the questions.
It was shocking.
Let's play the clip first of David Hogg that they don't want you to see.
Just like they're trying to block our videos that are shot over the shoulders of reporters?
On iPhones?
On smartphones?
When they're going, oh, there was multiple shooters, we saw them shooting, and they were running around, and no, I was with Nicholas Cruz, and he wasn't shooting anybody.
Oh, do not put that out!
No, no, no, no, no, no, no!
Just like we told you, in Vegas the whole thing was gonna fall apart, and it did.
Put that back up on screen from Drudge for me.
I want people to understand what's happening.
But, but, but, oh, CNN makes it, oh, Alex Jones said that the smash shooting didn't happen, and they mention somebody else's video that was number one that they banned.
And I said, on Tuesday, I said, watch, they banned that video, now they're gonna try to ban everything.
And here's the key, and we're going to Paul Watson.
Once they have
Banned your video, they can say in the video, you did all these terrible things you didn't do.
See, that's why it's key.
They burn your book, and then they say, Alex Jones wrote a novel of how much he loves Satan.
But then when you actually read the book, if they didn't burn it, it says, I love Jesus.
But see, they have to destroy my speech, and then they can misrepresent all they want, and make you watch CNN, and force-feed it to your kids, and have it in the airports, and ram it down your throat in restaurants and everywhere, because you're gonna listen to Anderson Cooper!
And Cuomo, he's gonna tell you when you can read WikiLeaks from him!
You aren't allowed to!
Because they're the bosses, and they run your life, and they run your world!
This is so huge, a next-level censorship, with CNN saying, everybody, let's shut InfoWars down.
Let's all go flag it and say, as a community, we don't like it, to ban it.
That's the socialist, globalist plan.
In Europe, you say that a Muslim killed somebody, even when it's the case, you get arrested in Germany.
Police chiefs that say 99% of the gang raping is Muslim men, they get fired!
You stand up to Muslim rape gangs, you're fired!
You don't say it's the Muslims!
And you've got scripted anti-gun kids with their parents on TV, young adults, high schoolers, high school seniors, and I can't say, look at this bumbling, scripted interview.
I guess I'll get banned for saying that CNN staged a town hall, too, or gave Hillary the questions.
You did it all!
You did it all!
You're a bunch of lying, dirty scumbags, and you can't stand hearing what lying filth you are!
Just like they attacked this young man we're going to play in a moment.
He was there.
Other people said they didn't want to be scripted, so they left.
See how that works?
See how that works?
See how that works?
You see how that works?
You're gonna let them win?
These are real authoritarians!
These people mean business!
And see, a lot of the other media kind of watches InfoWars, gets censored, and goes, well, you know, it'll be less competition for us.
They will shut you down next 100%.
If everybody doesn't rally around InfoWars, this is an attack on everybody.
Okay, so here is, here is David Hogg not being able to get his line straight.
Here it is.
It's okay.
You're fine.
It's okay.
You're fine, David.
You're fine.
Honestly, when I was going out, I was kind of in- I was in- Hold on.
It's okay.
When I was going out, I was in shock.
I'm just saying, I don't know how to put this into perspective.
It's okay.
So most of my friends that made it out, one of them went into a bathroom in the same- I believe in the same hallway as the shooter.
Hold on.
It's okay.
One of them went into the same bathroom, I believe, as the hallway shooter.
He was in there at the same time, and he was in the bathroom, and he didn't know if he was gonna live.
This guy is an anti-gun spokesman who has force-fed everybody.
He's a young man in a man's world.
Ooh, you're not supposed to say man.
And then now, at Purdue and places, they say in the English department, don't say man, I'm sorry.
I'm gonna be banned for that, too!
And I'm not joking!
These are authoritarians.
Now, when we come back with Paul Watson, we've got Colton.
Hab, who isn't scripted, who isn't reading off the teleprompter, who isn't trying to get his line straight.
I mean, this makes me so angry, ladies and gentlemen, because they're trying to rob all of you of your speech.
And you got a guy all over television, you got these kids going up and telling people
Burn her, burn her to Dana Loesch and saying, you're a killer.
So they can say, you're a killer!
They can dump hot coffee on me, the left, whatever they want.
They can say, kill president, everything, that's okay.
And if we just say, hey, they're using these kids to put out their anti-gun message.
We gotta ban you right now, CNN says ban Alex Jones, ban him, ban him, ban him!
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If you are receiving this transmission, you are the Resistance.
The answer to 1984 is 1776.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
This is an absolute maximum red alert.
It's not because CNN's coming out saying ban InfoWars.
It's that they're openly calling to have a competing news organization
Shut down.
It's CNN saying, kill the president.
It's CNN having guests on saying the guy that shot Scalise wasn't a bad guy, he was standing up against the evil.
I mean, the racism, the division, the brainwashing, the Gulf War Arab dictatorships that give them millions of dollars like Qatar on record.
I mean, this is a criminal organization.
And they're calling for people to go community strike and claim that we're bullying the students, and then they say, oh, another video got taken down that was number one this week where they said that no one, you know, died or whatever.
And Jones' videos are similar.
No, they're not, you liars!
But once you get them taken down, you can make up whatever crap you want!
So I'm going to say this to everybody very clear.
This is America 2018, CNN on their front page and on television.
Trump is calling for another news organization in the United States to be banned.
If you can say, ban InfoWars from YouTube, that's what they're calling for.
They've been calling for Trump to be banned off Twitter!
And Twitter says they're considering it!
Because they don't want you to be able to fight back, ladies and gentlemen.
Do you understand?
This isn't just, oh, try to get somebody to sue me, or something like that, or misrepresent what we say.
This is
Don't play a clip of David Hogg, who's a senior and who's in the media department and who's in the acting department.
We're not saying he's an actor in that there was no shooting.
We're saying he's got scripted anti-gun lines.
Out of 3,000 students, they're force-feeding these four.
They just got caught staging the town hall.
They got caught giving Donna Brazile the questions for Hillary.
This is CNN in the WikiLeaks being run by the Democratic Party.
So they're making their move because we're kicking their butt with the truth.
And now there are major congressional talks about hearings about fake news.
They're the fake news?
We're going to Paul Watson in a minute.
We're going to break right now.
I just want to set the table here.
Here is a clip of one of the young people, and everybody's got to do this.
When I say go out as human intelligence and go to city council or go to CNN events or go to these liberal churches, you're going to record them saying...
The most insane stuff.
You'll have white preachers saying, we need to go ahead and just kill all the white people.
And they'll say, we're going to go ahead and take the cross out.
This is mainline Methodist churches.
You name it.
Or like Bill and Melinda Gates are the Christ of our time.
Give money.
We're going to give Bill and Melinda Gates the offering today.
This is major churches in Austin.
Mainline churches.
First churches.
Churches I've had family go to.
Where they get rid of the one preacher and bring in new ones, and it's like North Korean propaganda.
They're making their move, and that's why, imagine if we had 50 students go down there and say, oh yeah, I'm going to read your question, uh-huh.
Because once you know how the scam works, you know how to get around it.
And then, you get up during that live feed, they cancel it.
When they start going to the questions and everybody doesn't go with the question they're given.
Why be directed by these people?
It's legal.
It's lawful.
And look, they're going to either kill me or shut me down.
They're making their moves right now.
I am honored.
This is an extreme honor to be public enemy number one after Trump.
I am so... I am so blessed.
This is an incredible honor.
And it's an honor to talk to you, and it's an honor to work with everybody, but I can just read the tea leaves.
They're coming.
And you know what?
I'm coming, too.
Head-on collision, baby.
You wanna fight?
You better believe you got one.
And if we fall like the Alamo, out of that will become the greater victory.
That's how it works.
That's what romance is all about.
That's what struggle's all about.
This is the stuff history's made of.
We'll be right back with Paul Watson and the students who witnessed the censoring and the scripting at CNN, which they're desperate to shut down and not have a discussion of.
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Again, InfoWarsLife.com.
And it's time for humanity to stand up in the Info War and say, I don't know what's going to happen at the end of this, but you want to fight?
You better believe you got one!
From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones.
You are hearing the transmission that they don't want you to hear.
Huge, giant developments.
We've got CPAC clips.
We've got intel on foiled attempts to assassinate the president.
We have got just so much.
CNN caught staging town halls, caught scripting things.
They're trying to ban InfoWars right now.
I was just talking to Paul Watson during the break, our great London reporter and InfoWars editor.
He reminded me, Rupert Murdoch came out last week and the CEO of News Corp.
And said, shut down all alternative content and only force-feed mainstream news.
And they said, start with InfoWars.
They actually say, start with us.
So see, Trump's got a big problem.
Because Rupert Murdoch was for Hillary, but now he's cozied up to Trump.
These are the very people stabbing him with one hand while patting him on the head with the other.
And I'm putting headlines up if you're a radio listener.
Rupert Murdoch pressured Facebook for changes to help news publishers.
And then you read into this and it says, shut down InfoWars.
You can pull up the headline, CEO of News Corp calls for internet censorship plan.
And then notice Soros comes out and says any nationalist talk, any nationalist talk, anti-EU talk, ban it from the internet.
And then he went further and he said,
We want drudge banned.
They use the term, ban drudge.
Ban, ban, ban!
Put drudge up!
Why do they not want drudge?
Oh, it says that all the liberal media is plunging, all their ratings are dropping, the left doesn't want Nancy Pelosi, the left doesn't want Dianne Feinstein, they can't even get endorsements or money now from their own people.
Scroll down.
Oh, and look, clips of people saying that the town hall was scripted and the proof.
Oh no, we can't do that.
Oh, and they're telling Jimmy Kimmel, tone down the politics at the Oscars because all of our ratings have tanked.
They're dying!
And so I always explain, they're going to move to shut down our speech and go authoritarian.
But how is this bad?
Most of the New York Times traffic, it turns out, comes from drudge.
He sends them more than Facebook.
And how do they respond?
We want to shut Matt Drudge down.
You give us all our traffic!
We hate you!
You're a Russian!
Matt Drudge is a Russian because he linked hundreds of times to RT.
And he linked thousands of times to you!
So, this is so huge.
It's on Infowars.com.
It's a total red alert.
If they can set the precedent...
With the community guidelines to say, criticizing seniors in high school that are political and who have clearly been scripted in the talking points.
We're not saying they're actors faking.
We're not saying people didn't die.
But CNN is implying it, but not letting you see the video.
Oh, CNN took down another viral video that said it was all fake.
And now Jones has similar ones that are also being taken down.
This is what they're doing.
This is how they're shutting it all down.
This is what's happening.
And you've got Rupert Murdoch and George Soros working together, saying specifically, shut down access to InfoWars.
And shut down access to the drugs report.
The next step is coming and killing us and arresting us.
Or vice versa.
You understand that, right?
They don't just shut people up because they're going to leave them out there.
They know they can't shut us up.
They know it's going to cause a Streisand effect.
They know we're going to just get bigger.
It's underground because people aren't supposed to see it.
They're not supposed to hear it.
And what are we doing?
This is all totally makes sense.
Here's the clip.
Florida school shooting survivor from Fox News.
This is the great evil, you see.
They don't want you to hear Tucker Carlson either.
I know for a fact all those people have been threatened to stop being so hardcore or they're going to be off the air.
But then Fox lost half its ratings trying that crap so they backed off, see.
So there's major pressure to bring in censorship and people don't want to do it.
You think YouTube really just wants to ban everything and really be authoritarian?
The average person?
The average person at YouTube knows full well what I'm really saying.
We're not intimidated.
Tucker responds to legal threat from Podesta lawyer.
Yeah, it's just incredible.
So let's go ahead and go to this clip that I'm going to pull.
Here it is.
This is a Florida school shooting survivor who CNN, by the way, has been calling a liar.
Oh, but...
Is that bullying him?
You know what, CNN, you have a right.
He's in the public venue.
He's got the evidence.
Everybody else knows what you did.
But you're allowed to say he's a liar.
You got free speech.
Am I going to go to YouTube and the community guidelines and say, CNN said this young man is a liar.
I never even called Hogg a liar.
I said his whole family's anti-gun.
He admittedly is trying to intern at CNN and traveling there.
He's in all these different things and the kids are all going off talking points.
It's true!
But even if it wasn't true, it's covered under the First Amendment.
Here it is.
Yeah, that's what they do.
They get you to the event.
They get you to the event.
Because I've been involved with Sam many times, and then it all changes.
But let's continue and we're going to Paul.
Um, from there, three days ago, so the next day after that, we had gotten, um, I got an email back from her and she asked for more of questions rather than a speech, which I was totally fine with, so I wrote less and less of a speech and more questions that I wanted to ask at the town hall.
The day after that, it was more of just questions.
She asked for just questions that I would like to ask.
So, I gave her my questions, and then yesterday, at about 5.15, I made contact with her, and she had asked if I had just asked her one question.
So, what they had actually done was wrote out a question for me, because in my interview with CNN, I had talked about arming the teachers if they were willing to arm themselves in the school to carry on campus.
And they had, um, she had taken that of what I had briefed on, and actually wrote that question out for me.
So I have that question here if you'd like me to ask it for you.
Well, but I just want to make sure I have this straight.
So you sent them a long, in effect, essay on what you thought.
But they put their own words in the question?
They weren't the same as the words you had sent in?
They were the producers' words?
They had taken what I had wrote and what I had briefed on and talked about, and they actually wrote the question for me.
But not with your words.
I mean, they put their own words into your question, even after they'd asked you to send questions in.
But that seems dishonest.
I just read the CNN article again.
There's also a video report.
Will you guys download that?
And they say
That we say they're all crisis actors, and that it basically didn't happen.
I'm so angry, because we've now reviewed the video that's on our computer, and it was Owen Troyer.
He said no such thing.
Gosh, that is so evil, man.
I'm so tired of them misrepresenting and then deleting it so they can lie about it.
Let's go ahead and go to Paul Watson.
Paul, thank you for joining us and putting this out.
This is just amazing.
It doesn't hurt me personally, Paul.
It gets to me to know that we're dealing with people this evil.
Paul, this is huge.
Well, I mean, you predicted it, Alex.
When you were on with Milo, you said they would conflate wild conspiracy theories about the shooting not happening with us questioning the public statements of this kid who's got his First Amendment right to lobby for, you know, gun control, and we've got our right
We're going to go to break.
I have to sue.
And I've already met with the lawyers.
I'm not a litigious person.
I have to sue them all.
I haven't even plugged.
I've done an hour and 20 minutes and not plugged any products, folks.
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Wow, it's incredible.
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You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
Alex Jones, the cure to fake news.
Coming to you live from Austin, Texas.
And if Infowars is the cure to fake news, CNN is the disease.
Michael Zimmerman, who manages our YouTube accounts, just walked in and handed me another little juicy.
They just hit us with another strike.
One strike away from taking down 12 years of videos on one channel over 2 billion views.
And with glee, CNN, with all its fraud and all its staged debates and all its staged town halls and all its staged questions, is calling for us to be shut down, saying we're saying nobody died.
And of course, not showing me say that!
You know, that's what journalists do!
If I tell you, Hillary says, let's all be nasty bitches, I can play a clip of her saying it!
Or I say, Jonathan Gruber said, thank God you're so dumb!
Or I say, Obama said, if you think you built a business, you didn't build that, somebody else did it!
He said that!
So, they already don't let our subscribers get the videos.
They've already got a shadow band.
I mean, the channel is a... Let me just give the listeners a little intel I want to pull.
It's a feeder channel for everybody else to post it on theirs.
They have a shadow band, we have them on video, saying only people that go directly to the page and hand click on it can see the videos.
And now they're starting to block those.
I said I liked the Super Deluxe video attacking me.
They didn't understand it blew up in their face, so they messed up the video and took it down when it was viral.
They put it back up.
Messed up on YouTube.
And we have videos of them admitting this behind the scenes.
Project Veritas shot.
I mean, does anybody understand?
This is open and shut civil rights violation, criminal racketeering.
If you get $500,000 as a gay couple,
Because somebody wouldn't bake your cake.
What happens when I've got your executives behind the scenes talking about how they're screwing me over?
And everybody else's free speech.
And how you want to shut me down.
It's not that I'm bad.
It's not that I'm a bully.
It's that the bosses want him shut down.
Paul Watson!
They have congressional hearings in the intelligence committees
And they say, number one story on the internet's info wars, Paul Watson.
Congressman Quigley, he looks at the heads of Twitter, Facebook and Google and they go, sir, at lunch we saw it and shut it down.
And we're bringing in AI to do it live time in the next month, sir.
Well, a couple months later, it's here, baby!
It's here, baby!
They're having hearings where at lunch they're trying to stop this man right here.
You see him?
You're watching this on your own?
That man right there.
And why?
Because he's eloquent, and he is smart, and the girls love him, and they're scared of him.
So, let's go to the guy they're so scared of that the congressional hearing's about.
Paul, we just got another one for our video interviewing the students and playing clips
From KHOU and other stations, people saying there were multiple shooters and that they were with crews when the shooting was going on.
That's bombshell!
We said we don't know what's going on, but this is newsworthy!
That bullied the students, Paul.
Talking to the students!
Playing clips of two students, interviewing a student,
Oh, and what did Snopes say?
They said he was a fake actor we hired.
Of course, it turned out he was real.
Everything they say we're doing, they're doing.
Paul, the magnitude of this is incredible.
And they're making their move.
We are one strike away from being banned.
Don't these idiots get?
This is Streisand effect, baby.
Go ahead, Paul.
Listen, Alex, they took down the video because of CNN's campaign to censor another media network, by the way, for harassment and bullying.
This is in the same week that CNN sent a reporter, Drew Griffin, to the home of an old lady to harass and bully her over Russian collusion claims.
Everybody's seen the clip.
It was widely condemned by everybody in the media.
They said it was harassment and bullying.
Now, that clip's obviously on YouTube somewhere, on CNN's channel.
Maybe people should think about flagging that video, because that actually is harassment and bullying.
Oh, but we know YouTube has one rule for us and another rule for people in the... Facebook!
Let's... Millions of people are on sites calling for organizing for murdering the president!
So Jimmy Kimmel can talk about tragedies and make money out of them and that's fine.
Anybody else does that.
Even people who try to raise money for charities, they get shut down.
Alex, they're talking about fake news and conspiracies about tragedies and the moral panic surrounding that.
The mainstream media circulated a fake news story about this tragedy for about 24 hours when they claimed the shooter was a member of a white supremacist group.
It was a fake news story.
YouTube reacted to that by taking down a video, which is by Tim Pool.
He criticised the media for falling for that fake news story.
They took down his video.
So if you take on the likes of CNN for their fake news, for conspiracies, fake news about tragedies, they target you as well.
So again, they're all on the same team, Alex.
In this article, they literally salivate over the fact, oh, we flagged these other videos and two more strikes and they're out.
Now it's one strike, as you said.
Oh yeah, I forgot.
CNN's not just telling everybody to go flag.
They admit their... Because we're talking about the young people, the young adults they have on as their PR people that go up and basically intern for them.
They're mad that we're going after basically their PR people and just pointing out that they're PR people.
We're not saying the shooting didn't happen.
This is so criminal, that's what I'm saying.
CNN is a criminal organization.
They're not just fake news.
They are the enemy.
They are terrorists.
They are, they are the disease!
Alex, I mean, you don't need to like InfoWars to see that this is a massive concern.
Obviously, there are centre-right media organisations that hate us, OK?
Once we're gone, they're next.
Everyone needs to be concerned about this.
It's not just CNN.
Wall Street Journal, two weeks ago, came out with an article about how they were lobbying YouTube to censor, to demote our content on the algorithm.
We know YouTube's already doing that by placing CNN and the others on top of our content.
So they're already trying to push us down, but no, that's not enough.
We need to be gone off the platform, de-platformed, silenced, just like in Russia, where the government does it, CNN does it in America.
And the CEO of News Corp came out and admitted the biggest reason for it.
He said in a, quote, dysfunctional media environment, they are going to make more money if they silence independent voices.
He literally said, quote, the potential returns for our journalism would be far higher.
I'm brazenly admitted, the primary reason is to make more money for them.
Obviously it's because we're challenging and destroying their narrative, which is why CNN is doing it.
And they're so brazen about it, Alex.
That wasn't even the only article in which they're promoting this new campaign to silence us off the internet.
There's another article as well.
This is a full board lobbying effort by CNN, and everybody should be absolutely outraged over this.
And they're now bringing out the Sandy Hook folks saying that, again, we're saying this shooting didn't happen and misrepresenting.
You've always said Sandy Hook happened.
We've only had debates from both sides about it.
They misrepresent that.
They're doing it again.
They say in the article that, oh, another video saying the shooting didn't happen was taken down.
And they try to imply it's us.
No, exactly.
They're conflating us challenging this student being coached on his opinions being an activist, which he is, and fair enough, I don't care.
We can address his arguments without being completely censored.
This is absolutely incredible.
Every media organization in America should be up in arms about this.
We need to fight back.
This is Soviet Union level stuff.
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Now, joining us is a best-selling author and researcher, Michael Malice.
He grew up behind the Iron Curtain, so he understands the tyranny of collectivism.
He's at Twitter, at Michael Malice.
He's written Dear Reader, Kim Jong-il, and he's been over there and researched it.
So again, Michael Malice, author of The Dear Reader, about North Korea.
Give us your expert take on where we are right now and the chances for war over there.
I talk about this heavily in my book.
If you look at these countries, Libya is a great example.
Iraq and several others.
When the countries liberalized, Romania was the example Kim Jong Il himself used.
When these countries liberalize, very often the people at the top are shot.
And with good reason.
You look at Gaddafi, he was sodomized to death.
Saddam Hussein was hung.
And Libya had a nascent nuclear program.
They agreed to give it up.
And what happened is, right now you have slavery there.
So North Korea very quickly realizes the best defense is a good offense.
Kim Jong Il said he wants to turn the country into a hedgehog, meaning one with nuclear missile spines pointing in every direction.
And if you think about it, how much easier... I don't think they would have been running their mouths to this point if they didn't have nukes or at least some very, very strong weaponry.
Something would have happened to him.
So they are very conniving in their hold on power.
They're very interested in self-preservation.
And unfortunately, it's at the expense of the, you know, 25 million North Korean population who are the victims in this horrible decades-long atrocity.
Don't they know the calculus has changed, and that the whole strategy of patience, and then the globalists using North Korea as a strategy of tension, that that is coming to an end?
It is coming to an end, and they're scared.
And they're clearly scared, and you see that they're reaching out to South Korea, their arch rival.
In some kind of... China very publicly last year and in recent months has been turning their backs on them.
Russia to some extent has been turning their backs on them.
You know, Putin liked the idea that North Korea could kind of be a thorn in our side, but even he's not going to be defending, you know, concentration camps and starving children for political purposes.
He's a far cry from Stalin.
So North Korea has been an international embarrassment, especially
For China, although they do serve a purpose, but China wants to have this dignified appearance.
The Olympics, is there any bigger symbol of global cooperation that, you know, that South Korea is having the Olympics now?
This is every country is turning their back on the North and they don't know what to do.
This is kind of uncharted territory for them.
Thank God.
And I'm not saying this is the end of the North Korean regime, which I pray every day that it is.
But if this were the end, this is what the end would look like.
They are a hostage nation of just people who don't even know what planet they're on, and that's why they're the greatest victims, people under communism.
Michael Malice, the book, Dear Reader, available everywhere at Twitter.
Michael Malice, thank you so much for joining us.
I appreciate you.
Thank you, Alex.
You're listening to The Alex Jones Show.
We now take you live to the Central Texas Command Center in the heart of the resistance.
You're listening to Alex Jones.
We have gotten two strikes from YouTube and CNN admits that they did the strikes and that they are trying to file other ones to have us shut down, openly calling for competing news organizations to be shuttered.
Imagine if we started a campaign to have CNN's cable license revoked.
Or to have CNN's doors closed.
Or to have CNN banned.
But see, you don't have to do that because they have to pay people at airports and hotels to watch their crap.
They're reviled, they're known as fake news worldwide, fake town halls, fake events, fake interviews, bullying old women.
Cuomo saying, you know, you're not allowed to read Wizzy Leaks, only we are, you'll go to jail if you don't.
They are total, dystopic, authoritarian bullies.
And now, in one day, two strikes, and they're salivating, as Paul Watson pointed out, saying that one more, we're going to be shut down, they are the ones filing it.
So, Paul, this is beyond the Soviet Union.
I don't even know how to have a headline strong enough when we, I guess, post this is one of our last videos on YouTube for the lawsuits.
How do you even say CNN joins News Corp in call to ban competing news agencies?
I mean, you've got Rupert Murdoch, you've got his CEO, as you said, in the Wall Street Journal, and that was the headline.
Hold on to your tinfoil hat.
YouTube is coming for you.
Pull that up last week.
And it was the Wall Street Journal in talks with Google saying, shut Alex Jones down as the test case.
This was in the Wall Street Journal!
And I came in here and just mentioned it.
Like it's, oh no big deal.
There's about 300 newspapers a day saying, shut me down.
And then they misrepresent what I say because I'm the bad guy.
See, first you demonize the person, then people go, oh well I guess you can ban him, and then it's everybody.
Now put the headline back up.
There it is.
And then that story links to the Wall Street Journal.
It says, hold on to your tinfoil hat.
Alex Jones, YouTube is coming for you.
And then scroll down.
Click on.
Right there.
And they say, we're going to battle state-sponsored.
So Alex Jones is a Russian, no proof, don't lie.
And so they say they meet with all these executives.
Scroll down, it's got the Wall Street Journal link.
They're right there, the Wall Street Journal.
And I went and read the Wall Street Journal itself, and it's incredible.
YouTube takes aim at conspiracies and propaganda.
So they just label you, and then you disappear, and then what is it?
Oh, it's students saying there were multiple shooters.
Local news clips.
And then we have one of the students on.
And then that's bullying!
You're banned!
You say that some of these kids are PR people for the anti-gun lobby when they admit they are.
Oh, that's bullying.
You're banned.
You say, why are there four kids all over TV out of 3,000?
Oh, that makes too much sense.
You're banned.
And then, we don't censor.
Oh, no.
We're just doing this because Alex Jones says no shooting happened, which I didn't say.
In their trade publications, they don't even say that.
CNN says that to their viewers.
This bad man was bad to the children, and he said that nothing happened.
We're not going to show you him say it, though.
It's too evil for you to see, because he didn't really say it.
And this other kid's a liar that says that we gave him scripted questions.
Don't listen to him, even though there's video of us doing it.
At many other town halls.
And then, in the trade publications, as Paul said,
Rob Marnock goes, we're going to make billions more.
I suggest we have a consortium and only maybe a hundred publications are allowed.
And I'm reading this.
I'm advising the president that this will be the new system we have.
Well, the president's under attack by the very same censorship triangulation.
I mean, you are witnessing 21st century book burning in live time.
And the best part is, then they misrepresent what you say.
They don't just shut you up.
They then gag you, and then put you on trial in front of the public.
And then the public runs up and throws coffee on you, or runs up and shoots you.
And then it's loving.
I walked down the street in Austin.
All the folks that have collapsed in their areas of the country, they come here.
And the leftists go, ooh, boo, get out of here, go, go.
It's all bullying.
It's a bunch of thugs, man.
And they can't believe it when I go, hey, listen, I bet you're a big loser.
I bet you're not successful in anything.
That's why you're so hateful.
Did you ever think you came here to get away from people like you?
Oh, you're upset now that I'm in your face.
Yeah, you can't shut my mouth up, you piece of crap.
You want to tell me to go away?
You want to tell me to shut up?
But imagine they got our kids in the school.
See, that's where they're really bullying the daylights out of them.
Telling them they're another gender.
Harassing the hell out of them.
Serious child abuse.
Trying to screw your kids up as much as you can.
And you just let them... Oh!
Don't bully me!
Give me social support.
Make me feel like I'm inclusive, I'll do whatever you say!
Okay, the new English department says don't say the word man.
Okay, I won't say that either!
And we're taking down the Martin Luther King statue.
He was anti-gay, which he wasn't even.
Oh, okay!
Take him down!
Because if they can say, take down Martin Luther King!
Take down Alex Jones!
They couldn't do anything, Paul.
I appreciate you coming on while I've been ranting.
This is so crazy.
The levels of lies.
Other great points you've been making.
How do we counter-strike this?
Because they got money to burn.
I mean, I can get cases of civil rights action and show the racketeering a thousand times beyond the gay cake situation.
The gay wedding cake.
I mean, we are being racketeered against.
This is organized crime.
And we have to respond, because this is precedent-setting.
And as you said, the Wall Street Journal is in there with the CEO of News Corp, saying it's all about money.
We're going to shut everybody down.
And all these so-called liberals don't get, hey, if they can ban Alex Jones, they're going to ban everything, you dumb schmucks!
Paul, go ahead.
Oh, Alex, the argument you always hear, oh, YouTube's a private company, it can do what it wants.
No, YouTube's working with government to crush the First Amendment.
That's the issue, OK?
We need some kind of telecommunications act, Alex, to regulate these companies, because they are monopolies.
If you're not on those platforms, you're not on anything at this point.
Google is the internet, OK?
We need some kind of law or telecommunications act.
But that Wall Street Journal guy, Jack Nickass, he did the same thing that CNN did, Alex.
He got a bunch of InfoWars videos, took them directly to YouTube and said, oh, doesn't this one violate your policy?
What about this one?
They've got people whose sole job, or partly their job, within these news organizations is to try and get InfoWars censored.
They've got dedicated teams at this point.
They can flash up another article, Alex, which is
Senator Warren's YouTube algorithm may be open to manipulation by bad actors.
This is Senator Mark Warner of Virginia whining about how people had negative opinions about Hillary Clinton on YouTube and that's why she lost the election.
God forbid people were questioning her health, Alex!
I wonder which video he's referring to on that score.
Maybe the one that we did that got six, seven million views.
So he's calling on YouTube to bury us in the algorithm.
That's not enough just to bury us because people will find us anyway if people really want to find us.
No, we have to be de-platformed gone entirely off of the whole damn show.
And then if we try, and then if we try, Paul, to go to a march for the lady that got killed by the illegal alien, there are armed communists not letting our reporters on the Capitol grounds in front of the police.
And YouTube, they also ban videos put out by national government.
The Polish government put out a video talking about the migrant crisis.
They banned, they censored that.
They censored my video for talking about Islam.
No nudity, no swearing, not even targeting any individual, just talking about an idea.
Remember the Congress lady from Tennessee put out a very, think about, I love my family and I love America and I'm running for re-election.
They banned that, remember?
Just a wholesome woman going, I love my family.
It's like they said at the State of the Union.
MSNBC said, did you hear them talk about family and churches?
And then she said, you don't get that anymore.
That's gone.
Talk about hunchback demons.
What dimension of hell did these people crawl out of?
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You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
Defending the Republic from enemies foreign and domestic.
It's Alex Jones.
Alright, I didn't do this on purpose.
Milo decided to hang out a few more days here in Austin and I invited him back in the studio to talk about censorship and have a serious discussion.
Milo Yiannopoulos, because they started out with him in the middle of the election about a year and a half ago to ban him on Twitter.
And then he was the precedent-setting case, and then now he's been banned everywhere else, and, you know, they just run around in the media celebrating how wonderful it is to be censors.
Well, if you just joined us, these articles were so chilling last week that I couldn't even believe them.
I saw Paul Watson's article about it.
CEO of News Corp admits the plan to shut down all other competing news agencies and they're setting up a consortium of the top hundred companies or so so they'll all cover each other and then just kill the internet as it's known and that they were meeting with News Corp
I was meeting with Time Warner and with Google, and I saw the article and I linked to the Wall Street Journal, and it said it all there!
And they said, and we'll sell this as if we're cleaning up the internet and getting rid of the Russian agent Alex Jones.
More defamation, more insane cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs.
Milo is here now.
So, boom, one strike comes in another.
And then, yeah, in the article, CNN says they're doing the strikes because we're bullying children.
And then all we did was say, hey, we interviewed, we showed local newscasting or multiple shooters, and we interviewed one of the other students who said the same thing.
And we just had nice, polite interviews.
But they say
That, oh no, those are interviews of us saying that the shooting didn't happen.
So Milo, this is next level stuff we're dealing with.
Paul Watson, you guys, just free-for-all here.
What do we do about this?
We need a new Telecommunications Act.
A true, open, free Internet Act.
You know, keep the Internet Free Act.
It's the left coming in, doing all of this, and they're so authoritarian, and now they're putting notices up under our videos.
They started it with Russian videos, saying this is state-sponsored, you know, as if CNN isn't globally sponsored.
I mean, what do we do, Milo?
You have been the test subject of this.
Now they're announcing the big, giant rollout against us, congressional hearings, you name it, and it's surreal.
That what they accuse you of isn't even true, but they won't show the video, you know, because it's so evil.
Oh, oh my God, Jones said nothing happened at the thing, and I didn't say that.
In fact, we even predicted, I mean, this is next level.
You and I spoke about the subject of Florida on air together two days ago, and the way that we phrased things was remarkably cautious.
We were disciplined and careful and light touch.
And the majority of the big claims in that interview came from a student at the school.
So here's what's happening.
You know, the big media and the tech companies respond with a warning shot, which is a strike on a YouTube account.
It's the first sign that they have already decided that they don't want you around questioning things.
And here's the really big thing that will happen to you after the ban comes, which you don't think about beforehand.
It removes your right of reply.
It removes your ability to respond to smears.
The first thing that happens, it's obvious, is it removes your reach.
Everybody knows that.
You lose your YouTube account, the audience there is gone.
But perhaps the more important thing long term is that people can then lie about you on YouTube and you cannot respond.
Because audiences these days are fragmented not by media company, you don't have New York Times readers and Washington Post readers, you have platform faithful.
So there are people who get almost everything from YouTube.
There are people who get almost everything from newspaper websites.
There are people who get almost everything from Twitter.
And if somebody makes an allegation against you on YouTube, and you can't respond to it on YouTube, the YouTube audience, which may be a colossal slice of your platform, of your people...
We'll never get to hear your response.
They'll never get to hear your side of the story.
It's bad now.
And that's what they do.
You could teach a college course on this deception off the CNN articles because, Paul, that's exactly what they're doing.
They say that we're saying nothing happened, and then they talk about somebody else's video that got removed, and they say, so Jones' videos, we've complained, and we're almost there.
We've almost got him shut down.
So, I mean, it's criminal, Paul.
They are racketeering against the First Amendment.
Well, the New York Times floated a trial balloon on this back in November.
The headline is, YouTube's Rapid Response Partisans Gain the News of Tragedy, which is similar to the Cuomo thing on CNN where it says, you know, only we can read the WikiLeaks.
And in this article,
They conflate me with this actual racist who responded to the Sutherland Spring shooting by saying it's either a Muslim or a black guy before anyone knew anything about it.
Then they mention me, and they get into this whole question about, oh, how do you manage to get your tweets to the top of the search engine like you mentioned with the whole congressional hearing?
How do you manage to reach so many people on YouTube?
I told them there's no strategy.
It's having an argument.
It's resonating with people.
It's not being boring.
And they can't compete with that, Alex.
There was an MTV News video.
MTV News used to be at least a big social justice warrior channel.
They did an interview with Tim Kaine a couple of weeks ago.
It has 200 views.
I mean, they can't resonate with anyone.
Paul, I noticed Facebook's smarter than Google.
Facebook, you had videos back during the election with 37 million, 25... I mean, you had like 30 videos or 40 videos.
I was sitting there looking going, that's 37 million, that's 29 million.
And they were growing.
They'd be like 300 million now.
Because once they get that, they never stop.
We're talking in weeks they were getting... Same thing happened to me.
They were all gone.
But what Facebook does is instead of banning you, Facebook turns down the volume on you.
They have an algorithm that can de-emphasize your posts so that you don't appear in the news feed.
So somebody could be subscribed to you.
Somebody could comment on your page every day.
They could love you.
And Facebook knows they love you because they know how active they are on your page, but they still never see any of your stuff in the newsfeed.
Because Facebook hasn't outright banned you, it's just turned the volume down.
They're smarter.
And see, YouTube executives brag, oh we shadow banned Jones, we gotta go to his actual page to find it, and then these idiots don't even know we've done it.
No, we know you've done it!
Because we see the numbers, we know you've done it!
They're also in the news like we're not humans, going, our strategy will increase profits and shut down all competition.
There'll be no more internet freedom by 2020.
That's our corporate plan.
We just met with the top 15 CEOs.
I mean, this was in the Wall Street Journal last week, Paul.
And then the left goes, ah, they're going to ban Alex Ye!
He's still got a tinfoil hat on, though.
No one's coming for you.
Oh, we're going to ban you, you son of a bitch!
I mean, these are frothing idiots, Paul.
And of course,
No, it's like, yeah, you're paranoid if you think they're going to ban you.
Oh, by the way, we're banning you.
Yeah, I mean, the Wall Street Journal piece, this Jack Nickast guy, in his article, he openly said he'd compiled a list of, quote, fringe and divisive content and then presented it to YouTube.
I mean, imagine that being your job, to collect things which are offensive.
By the way, that's authoritarianism.
The New York Times has a liaison with YouTube that tries to, our main job is blocking Alex Jones.
But so, wait, think about this, though.
It's just like the Soviet Union.
That's their job.
They make lists of who to disappear.
Because you know that's what's coming next.
Every major... They're going to kill us.
Every... I mean, you know, they know we're not going to shut up.
They want to just cut us down to size before they really come after us.
I think they can strangle us digitally.
They can strangle us commercially.
They can strangle us in a million different ways.
They don't even have to go through the ugly business of doing it in real life.
I think they're perfectly able to do it without turning down the volume.
I've never been able to shut us down because the audience gets it and gets around it.
I understand they really de-platformed you and they all celebrate it and everything and you act like you're dead, which isn't true.
That's why you're here.
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Thank the local stations that are picking up the show.
Understand it isn't about Infowars.
The reason I've dropped everything and gone to this when I had a huge show lined up is because this is a big deal, folks!
News Corp and CNN have announced together that they're moving to completely end everybody on the internet and only make it a corporate platform.
Do you understand that?
They are making their move.
They first turned Facebook, Google, YouTube, all this into these huge utilities, and then they're rolling them out.
Paul, this is an emergency situation, and they're going to move against the president.
They're so pissed his approval ratings are up.
They're so pissed the country's coming back.
This is a chival war, Paul.
What do we do?
Well, we need to lobby for some kind of new Telecommunications Act.
As I've said, I mean, people within the Trump administration have seemed sympathetic to that at different points, so that's what we want.
The thing about YouTube, Alex, is it takes hard work to build up a YouTube audience, a subscriber base,
And you have to have a personality to be successful on YouTube.
People who work in the mainstream media, Alex, don't have personalities.
It takes talent.
It takes having a message that resonates with people.
They're boring.
They're lazy.
No one wants to watch them, which is why they're so resentful and jealous, which is why they're deliberately targeting YouTube and trying to shut us down.
It's not just their overall agenda, it's also personal.
They hate us because they're boring and no one wants to listen to them.
That's right, they're self-righteous!
Thug, scum, who just absolutely have been caught in every form of corruption and lying and manipulation imaginable.
It's like Tucker Carlson said last week, how much would you have to be paid to watch CNN?
As it turns out, they paid to make everyone watch it in the hotels and the airports.
Paul, great job.
Thank you so much.
More with Milo and Steve Pchenik coming up.
Stay with us.
Just briefly.
My dad is an oral surgeon and dentist.
He's about to retire.
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This is Grignard Reagent's heavy metals.
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Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order, it's Alex Jones.
You are listening to an InfoWars.com Frontline Report.
It's Alex Jones.
Ladies and gentlemen, we've got Dr. Steve Pchenik joining us coming up in the next segment.
Milo Yiannopoulos riding shotgun with us.
I am extremely angry right now.
I am not putting on an act on air, okay?
I started sweating when I saw this news today, not because of my own personal company or operation.
You read about the Soviet Union or Nazi Germany and you read books and history books, it's upsetting.
You feel for those people in those times.
History is the ultimate soap opera, but it's real.
We're living history.
News Corp last week said they're meeting with top executives and had met with the top executives to have the internet freedom end.
They said end it.
They said shut down all the other sites where no one can get to it on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, any of these platforms.
Take the U out of YouTube.
And then CNN come and they said we're going to do it by making examples of InfoWars.
And then I saw the left's all planning this with all these articles.
YouTube's coming for you, Alex Jones!
You're gonna be banned!
And then they make it up that I said nobody got shot at the thing, and then CNN starts flagging, and admittedly flagging, to shut us down.
That's racketeering!
That is a thousand times not baking a cake for the gay couple, Milo.
I think you have to see this in the context of a wider war between legacy media and the institutional bodies in America more generally and upstarts like you, me, Breitbart.
We had extraordinary unprecedented power to reach and affect and influence people in the last election.
The media recognized
Perhaps two years too late, but they finally have got the message this year that their stranglehold over popular opinion, their ability to shape and direct popular opinion... It's already over.
...is gone.
They can try to hurt us, but don't they get it?
They are hated!
But that doesn't mean they're not still powerful.
And they're powerful in ways that you don't always immediately think of.
It's not just what they broadcast every day.
It's not just the fact that they still have large audiences.
Even if those audiences are skeptical about what they say, they still have power because they still have money and connections.
And with those money connections they can go down kicking, screaming and desperately begging for their lives and damaging like a dog that's about to die that's most dangerous just before death.
They can go down kicking, screaming, scratching, biting and yelping and damage everybody who they think damaged them on the way down.
On the way to dusty death they will do as much, they will inflict as much misery and pain and decapitate as many of the people they consider responsible for this as they possibly can.
I just, I cannot believe that they're this, they're in the Wall Street Journal saying we met with all the tech execs, we're gonna end the internet as you know it, and they're saying we're gonna ban everybody and we're gonna start with Alex Jones!
It's, what's weird is they used to lie about all this stuff and they still lie about it, but when it comes to censorship, they're like, we had our world government summit, and now instead of like denying it was always there, they're like, we're gonna have world government, we're gonna end the family, and you know just,
It's the complacency born of arrogance.
It's complacency, arrogance, and elitism.
It's a supreme overconfidence that I think you often see in ruling regimes teetering on the brink of collapse who don't necessarily know it.
That is it though, and we're not just saying this.
It's from the NFL to the Oscars to the Olympics.
It's all in freefall.
It's cardiac arrest.
They haven't quite worked out that they're dead yet.
Some of them have.
And they get furious and they're biting, kicking, scratching and punching.
CNN knows.
Like, CNN knows it's in trouble.
But some of these other big companies don't realize they're in trouble.
The establishment in general doesn't think it's in trouble.
Individual companies will see their own viewers turn against them.
They'll see the financials.
They'll see the ratings fall.
They'll see all the signs of trouble.
But the establishment in general, as a uber-blob of the media company... Yeah, the media is just a throwaway torpedo.
It's like, I don't care if the news division's hated.
Intensify race war operations.
That's in the WikiLeaks.
There's a top professor who's revising Hillary.
It's actually a British professor, that's why they...
We need to go to culture war and intensify operations.
We're losing control of them.
They must be kept in the dark and desperate.
These are quotes.
In the dark and desperate!
Get that, ban that Milo fella!
You have a very good British accent, actually.
You're good at that.
I want him off the air immediately!
Your Lordship!
Make no mistake, we've made some major gains against the globalists, but they're striking back all over the world.
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Crashing through the lies and disinformation, it's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Can't you see I'm easily bothered by persistence?
One step from lashing out at you, you wanted to get under my skin.
We are back live.
We are broadcasting worldwide, ladies and gentlemen.
And if the globalists wanted to get under my skin, they've done it.
Milo's here, riding shotgun.
Steve Pchenik will give us his analysis on a bunch of big topics that are critical and are so huge.
They can't stand the type of information you're about to hear.
They don't want you to know the inside baseball, the angles, what's going on in the White House, all of it, okay?
They don't like the fact that the hostage rescue team called up and told me what went on with the gun deal and the Muslims using it as a cutout to get the weapons to try to embarrass Trump.
It was all part of the Saudi civil war.
I mean, directly from the FBI, okay?
That's what happened.
They don't like that.
They cannot stand that.
They can't stand the fact that I can get information from the top generals, just like that.
Here's this information for you, Alex.
And it's always accurate.
Never BS.
Because real information, truth is viral.
That's what's powerful.
And they're crapping their britches right now.
But it's not about us.
The brazen Wall Street Journal
And I covered this last week, but I'm kind of punch-drunk to it, like, we're taking over the entire internet with Google, and we're going to shut down everybody, starting with Alex Jones.
And Paul Watson's like, you ought to make a bigger deal out of this.
And then they're like, Jones, YouTube's coming for you.
And then now, CNN says, we're actively trying to get Alex Jones banned for bullying children.
And then the video is students that are young adults saying they saw multiple shooters.
And some of it's off the news.
It's clips.
And then we're saying, we don't know what happened.
I think a shooting did happen.
But if somebody doesn't think something happened, when you got lied about babies in incubators because of the Iraq War, it's your right to sit there and to say that and do that.
So I know I'm ranting, but I've tried to explain this feeling.
It's like coming home to your apartment, because I haven't had any robberies since I've lived in a house or apartment.
All your stuff's been torn through, and on top of it, whoever was in your house over the weekend, and then somebody pisses on your rug for no reason, right out of Big Lebowski, you're like, wow, and then you pissed on my floor.
You didn't just steal my computer and TV and eat stuff out of the refrigerator.
You're pissed on the floor!
And, you know, that's what CNN's like.
Fake news, fake town halls, fake scripted interviews.
They've all been caught going and harassing old ladies at their houses, saying they're Russian agents.
All this crap to try to bully the Americans.
Cuomo going, you're not allowed to look at WikiLeaks.
You'll be arrested if you do.
I am allowed to.
I mean, the condescension of a narcissistic mental patient like that.
I mean, a drooling, knuckle-dragging, 75 IQ thug.
A thug, like his stupid brother.
But no, I'm serious, Milo.
So, I feel raped, and I don't feel like I'm a victim.
I'm pissed.
I want to unscrew somebody's head politically.
I mean, this is a real group of flaming authoritarians that brag and celebrate that they banned you off Twitter, and have financially tried to ruin you, and they celebrate everywhere, pissing on you constantly.
And people say, why do you have that Milo guy?
It's fashionable to tear him down.
Because I'll be Milo next week!
Like I said Wednesday, and now I am!
And all these other idiot libertarian and conservative hosts that don't get this.
Why did I give Rush Limbaugh 300-something thousand dollars when they were about to kick his show off?
Because I could get advertising at half price and support the First Amendment!
Have my cake, eat it too!
And I made a bunch of money for our operation!
That's right.
I went and propped up Rush Limbaugh, and a bunch of other people did.
Because if they could shut him down, they're gonna shut us down, people.
You hang together, you hang separate.
Remember Benjamin Franklin?
He's on the $100 bill.
He launched the whole country.
You know who he is?
Damn, these people don't have any instincts, Milo!
I'm not mad for me!
We've already been demonetized!
They're already censorious on YouTube!
It's that they're nakedly, openly saying, we're censors!
And we're gonna shut everybody down!
And then the public, the dumb liberals go, oh good, shut him down!
You're gonna be shut down, you drooling morons!
I'm sorry.
Milo, you go ahead and then I'm gonna pachinko.
It's just, this is like,
Watching someone rape your grandmother.
I mean, they are raping the country.
And the great part is, they're all collapsing, everyone hates them, but they won't get out of our lives.
And then now, CNN is in two articles saying, we're actively campaigning to have InfoWars shut down.
I mean, total racketeering!
$500,000 to somebody who wouldn't bake the gay wedding cake.
What do I get?
What do you get with the organized criminals up there?
I'm sorry, go ahead, go ahead.
I'm out of control.
I just did the raping, Milo.
And you have been raped and raped and raped by these damn people.
This is what frustrates me about libertarians and conservatives and even people who otherwise agree with free speech and are passionate about free speech.
They think that standing up for somebody else when they're being censored is the same as agreeing with everything they say.
We're not like the liberals.
We're not just going to club together for whatever.
We're individualists.
We're on the right.
Nobody's asking you to agree with everything Alex says or everything I say.
What we're asking is that you come out loudly in defense of free speech and against censorship.
Because if you stand by and do nothing when my Twitter account is taken away, and you stand by and do nothing when Alex's YouTube account is taken away, what on God's earth makes you think that when they've taken the targets at one end, they're not going to go and, you know, attack the other end next?
What on earth makes you think that you're not next?
I've seen it time and again.
I've seen it with Breitbart, with Sleeping Giants, that campaign that's had 4,000 advertisers remove their ads from Breitbart.com without a peep, without so much as a word from the rest of conservative media.
Because conservative media are worried, oh what about us next?
They've gone for Breitbart.
We'll just stay quiet.
You've got the Federalist, you've got the Daily Caller.
What are they doing to protect themselves?
I'll tell you what they're going to do.
If they're successful, they're really going to have their downfall.
And Trump has to know this.
Everybody's got to get the info to him because the very same people that are censoring him and trying to block him and trying to de-platform him on Twitter, they have serious discussions about that.
They are openly sneaking up to him, Rupert Murdoch, in this perfect storm.
Rupert Murdoch and his CEO, did you read it where they said they're going to shut everybody down?
They're working with Google.
They've gone for the tough fighters.
They've gone for the biggest targets first because they know everybody else will crumble immediately afterwards.
So they've gone for you, me and Breitbart because we were the three biggest targets.
If they can beat the three of us, the rest will crumble without a fight because the rest of them have no stomach and no appetite for the fight.
I agree and I'm not going to say this to be patronizing.
I've gotten so upset with this and I can't deal with all the stuff going on behind the scenes.
Because obviously you talk about the stuff, then it actually amplifies what they're doing and the operations they're running.
But they are offering people large sums of money to say lies, and the problem is debt, debt, people aren't even taking the money.
And then the money goes up, up, up, and I mean the crap that I've learned they're wanting them to say is unbelievable.
And that's what they want to shut me down, and then they're going to bring out all the big BS.
We discussed this at dinner the other night.
We talked about one particular story, but there are lots of them about both of us and, uh, you know, it's...
It's a cost of doing business and being high profile and rising quickly.
You're going to have disgruntled employees.
But when you have a media that's complicit in spreading lies by offering money and inducements to, uh, uh, encouragement and inducement and incentive... It's criminal!
...to tell wacky stories that are lies, that are entirely defamatory, um, this is the press complicit in slandering their commercial opposition.
And there are laws against that already, but... Tortious interference is... ...should be more.
It's flat-out racketeering.
Yes, it is.
Because what the journalistic outlets are attempting to do is circumvent the law by inducing people to lie about their commercial enemies with checkbook journalism, right?
And they're also trying to say credit card companies delist the NRA.
People go, I'm not the NRA, I'm just a small gun shop.
They're getting the lead elephant again!
God almighty, don't you people get it?
They go in the bar, they pick the biggest six-shooter guy, they can take him out, everybody else runs.
It's an attack on you, folks, and that's why, you know why they haven't shut us down?
Our listeners.
And I'm not just kissing their ass, it's true.
When they call up and thank me, thank me, you're what changed America and have begun to take the country back.
You standing with us and not buying all their attacks, Megyn Kelly, all the crap.
You standing with us is the only reason we're here.
And while we're trying to support other people that are under attack.
Because we understand we're in a war.
And there are rules how to win wars.
The enemy is a bunch of dirty, corrupt, oppressors and occupiers.
That's why they claim we're all Russians.
Because they're the globalists.
They're the outside power, coming in here to try to run America, and trying to break our will, and we're the Americans, we're coming back, 1776, part two, it's a real war, we're never giving in, we're gonna win, we're unstoppable, because this audience, no matter what happens, they kill me, you are the power!
My radio program, our TV broadcast, our films are among some of the biggest viral sensations in the last 20 years.
And we're bringing back nationalism, we're bringing back sovereignty, we're bringing back true populism and rule.
For, of, and by the people.
And that's why Google, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and other mainstream media outlets, the modern robber barons of our age, admit, even in congressional hearings and in undercover videos, that the number one enemy to shut down is InfoWars.
As of just a short time ago, and I'm talking about when this meeting started, on Twitter, if you clicked on the hashtag NYC terrorist attack, which is, quote, trending, marked with a red button saying, quote, live,
The top tweet links to an InfoWars story with the headline, Imam, I warned de Blasio about New York City of terror, he was too busy bashing Trump.
This is a real-time example of when we talk about
This information being weaponized.
How quickly can you act and at least at some point in time it can't keep spreading like some sort of virus through the legitimate world?
That's something we're thinking about all the time because it's a bad user experience.
The system self-corrected.
That shouldn't be the first tweet you see anymore.
It should be a USA article the last time I checked.
But you saw this?
USA Today.
At lunch I did, yeah.
And I also saw the system correct it.
At the very least, we can say that, like, this shelf of videos from news partners is legitimate news because we know that these are legitimate news organizations.
And if at that point somebody decides they're going to scroll past that and go find Alex Jones, well...
They were looking for him, not speaking with anyone.
So they shadow ban our videos, they block our articles, they ban us from advertising on Google platforms.
That's why it's so essential that you continue to stand in the face of their censorship.
Because if they can shut us down, they can shut you down.
But because of their brazenness, it's caused the Streisand effect.
And they're now panicking because their attempts to censor us have only made the message expand and get out in ways it never would have.
So I know a lot of you are smarter than I am and you've got great inventive ways to take action.
But however you do it, spreading articles, spreading videos, on your own email list, telling friends and family about the censored information in person, however you do it, calling in to C-SPAN.
Getting on other shows online, letting them know that InfoWars is the tip of the spear, and that if we can be censored successfully...
All of you can be censored as well.
So be sure and like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter.
Be sure to send out the videos, the articles.
Be sure to report on anything we've covered that you think is important.
Feel free to re-upload our videos and post them wherever you like.
All of it is copyright free.
Be sure and click the notifications.
Be sure and subscribe to all of our great channels because we're in a real fight.
I think?
It's evil, and together we're gonna defeat it.
So folks, you have absolutely been the resistance, you have cut through all their propaganda, and because of that I salute you, and I ask you now, more than ever, to redouble your efforts, because if you're watching this transmission and listening, you are the resistance.
Bing bing bong bong bing bing bing.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show!
Yeah, live from the Infowars News Center in Austin, Texas, I'm Alex Jones, and that's why we have our own video feeds, that's why we have our own audio feeds, but behind the scenes they're trying to go to all of our big server companies, including overseas, and trying to shut those down.
I'm not complaining, okay?
And it's smart not to get into all their tactics, for a lot of reasons.
I'm just telling you, this is a war, people, and these are authoritarians, and David Knight,
Just got hit, and he's a total gentleman.
I mean, if you want the total gentleman smart show, that's David.
What's like PragerU?
I mean, Dennis Prager is, uh... Oh, they're trying to shut him down?
Icon of the conservatives.
He's so effective!
He's the most mild-mannered, gentle, like, nicely, you know, whatever guy.
He's not like us.
He doesn't kind of like, you know, scream and yell and have whatever.
Um, we're, you know, we're both out there on the edges of culture fighting, like, in the front lines.
Dennis Prager is establishment of the establishment, right?
But dead on.
Dead on, but he has this PragerU thing, the Prager University on YouTube with these very nicely produced, very well polished, absolutely gentle, well judged, completely factual little videos that blow people's minds.
Stuff about like
He'll show, like, if you don't have 2.2 people born for the parents, society collapses every time.
Or he'll show, I mean, it's powerful.
And they did that thing on YouTube, you know, where they take away your sharing options and take away comments.
They take away all the virality of the video.
So technically, you can still post the video.
Technically, you can still have the video online.
But it is hobbled.
It is kneecaps.
It cannot go anywhere.
Which is the authoritarian tactic they know to press.
Well, it's like the Nazis, the Soviets, you always start slow and get people to adapt to the oppression.
So when you finally march down in a ditch to blow your head off, you go along with it.
Four out of the five steps, the populace is like, okay, by that time, you know?
All right, I want to go to genius points.
We're going to get into why Dr. Buchanan was originally joining us, worried about them using sex operatives to try to compromise the president.
We'll also get into just the epic media wars going on right now.
Again, I don't want to be gonzo journalism here.
This is happening, okay?
The announcement has been made.
By News Corp that they met with all the tech heads, this was last week this was announced, and that they are going to go ahead and end the free internet as we know it, not letting anyone have their own website that's shared on any of the big platforms.
And they're already targeting all the leftists that aren't political, that have popular channels, they're taking them away, or they're making them go under YouTube control.
This is a mafia takeover.
And it's so historical.
It's so big.
I mean, this is history book stuff in how naked and brazen it is.
And how they even go, we're going to use Alex Jones as a test case.
And we're going to ban him.
And the left's celebrating everywhere.
Alex will soon be banned everywhere.
And then they, CNN, he said the children didn't die, which we didn't say.
He said, he bullied children.
He said CNN has fake town halls, which they do.
Now, let's go to Steve Pchenik, best-selling author, researcher, ran a lot of different government operations in the State Department with the CIA and others.
He's been involved in regime change of authoritarian governments.
What do you make of this doc, and what do you make of the point we've gotten to?
Does this signify
They're getting their butt kicked and they're just acting confident when they're in the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times, going, we're just going to ban everybody!
And the free Internet is not going to be free anymore!
Used to, they would try something like that and not be real honest about it.
Now it's some very bizarre psychology, but you are a psychiatrist and, you know, a lot of other things, Dr. Pachinik, so can you tell us what in the hell is going on here?
Looks like a classical authoritarianism and death throes to me, but my God, if the public doesn't get upset because we're just kind of used to the censorship that's been going on.
But those were five foot waves.
These are 200 foot tsunamis coming in right now.
I mean, this is just epic level.
What do we do?
First of all, let me put some things in perspective, and I'm glad that Milo is there and talk about this.
There is a concept within the British Army called forlorn hope.
You know what I'm speaking about, Milo?
Forlorn hope means that in Britain, they used to use the Scottish officers or the Scottish men to go and man the embankments and be the first ones to attack the enemy.
In other words, they were sacrificial lambs in many ways while the British eventually came in.
In some ways, Alex Jones, the persona in the show, has always been forlorn hope.
Yeah, no, we're the people that hit the barbed wire.
That's what I'm saying.
And what I'm trying to explain, and I want you to calm down a little bit for selfish reasons, only because this is a long war.
This didn't just start yesterday.
This didn't just start a couple of weeks ago.
Oh, Hillary was planning it.
They admit this whole plan was about four years ago was hatched.
Remember, since 9-11, I've been demonetized, delegitimized.
I mean, I've been through this so many times that right now Google demonetizes me, shuts me off the air.
Now the question is, what do you want to do about it?
If you act as the victim, which is what's happening now with all due respect,
Then they keep on coming after you.
But when you realize that Fox, or Murdoch, is 88 years old, and he has a problem, he can't run his institution, his sons were indicted in England, and guess who took over?
It was Disney.
Bob Iger, I happen to know from Disney, took over Fox for a $52 billion acquisition.
So what does that mean?
That means Fox and its subsidiaries, including National Geographic, are in terrible, terrible shape.
National Geographic can no longer make videos about animals.
They're making videos about fighters in Afghanistan, other things.
What I'm getting at is
You change the position from being forlorn hope to proactive and that what you require is a
Kind of a strike.
A strike among all of us, 11 million of us, who will not go to Disney, who will not buy the Disney products, who will not buy anything to do with Disney.
And what happens is at the same time, you call a strike on the cables.
Particularly the cable systems that are putting in CNN.
You see, CNN isn't funded.
By audience.
It's funded by a very tricky system.
That means that any cable system that's put in, including your own or somebody else's or Fox and CNN... Yeah, the carriage.
They all compile together and they get a percentage of that.
If, in fact, your audience or I... That's right.
It's like a TV tax.
It's a cable tax.
You have to pay for CNN.
People don't understand that.
It's like BBC.
You are paying for this flat.
Not the only act respecting which is like the BBC, but it's interesting how these organisations that cannot survive on advertisers or the goodwill of their viewers have to have these stitch-ups in the background to stay active.
Myles is
This will be something I will reveal to you, but it's not a great secret.
It's just quiet.
Google and the National Geospatial Agency, which is an intelligence organization, have a very close relationship.
The NGA is basically an institution that was recently created in order to monitor all internet activities, not just on the first level or the second or what we call the three dimension of the internet.
The three dimension of the internet means the life space of it.
No, I understand.
We gotta go to break, Dr. Puccini.
And by the way, the whole victim thing is, we are being victimized.
These are evil people.
We have to raise the alarm and then the solution.
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Pike in Arizona.
You're on the air worldwide.
Go ahead.
Oh, Alex, you can rant any day of the week.
Thank you, sir, for doing what you do and being a patriot and doing your best to save America and encouraging us as fellow patriots to do that in our local areas as well.
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They are quality.
I can't wait to get some more.
And thank you so much for doing that for us to keep us healthy.
Because then we could all, as educated patriots, help our other countrymen and women understand that there's bigger problems going on, and if we can get our houses in order and be good to each other and ourselves, we can take our country back.
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You're listening to the Alex Jones Show!
Live from Austin, Texas, broadcasting worldwide, it's Alex Jones.
One reason I've been successful is I cover a lot of news, but I also parrot key talking points that I come up with myself, not Russia or, you know, wherever.
And they hate that.
And they know that my talking points end up all over the place.
And our guests' talking points end up everywhere.
So, I'm just letting the audience know the value of InfoWars, and why I have been yelling basically for three and a half hours, or three hours since I've been on air, because...
We have to understand we're dealing with hardcore scum.
And if these companies would work with Communist China and others to suppress information, they'll do anything.
And they'd rather work with authoritarians than they'd rather be here in America.
I mean, take the Murdoch's, worth hundreds of billions of dollars.
Most of their money is offshore.
And they own Fox to try to control conservatism.
That doesn't work.
And so, like Dr. Vucinic said, you've got the carriage carrying rights and all the rest of it where
You know, these channels that no one watches, the CNNs and stuff, are force-fed.
You are paying for this trash.
And so you should let table companies know.
In fact, I do it myself.
I told my wife, I said, stop buying from Amazon.
He's trying to shut us down to the Washington Post.
And she goes, but you sell stuff on Amazon.
And my wife's smart, but I said, sweetheart.
I said, sweetheart.
There's all these Chinese counterfeits of our stuff and people.
If I don't have a platform on Amazon, I can't then control what's sold there, but I don't promote it.
I have a legal toehold there so that I can then make sure that Amazon doesn't hurt me.
That's how you're obliged to behave under monopoly conditions.
If Amazon has a virtual monopoly, or indeed a de facto real actual monopoly, which it is rapidly acquiring in not just online sales, but now with Whole Foods and whatever, offline sales in certain product categories, you're obliged to do business with the enemy
If you don't want to be annihilated by counterfeiters and by rival products.
You know, you have no option but to have a presence on Amazon whose parent company's publication is dedicated to your destruction.
That's what happens under monopolies.
That's why we have monopoly laws.
And Dr. Pucinich, I understand, you know, you're a smart, analytical guy.
I'm upset, but I'm letting the dog off the leash.
It's not fake what I'm doing, but...
I'm letting myself be upset because this is a raping.
And again, I knew it was coming.
It's the whole way they do it.
They say, Jones is saying no kids died and it's all completely fake.
And I didn't say that.
If people want to say it, that's their right to say it.
Then they say, that's why we're taking him down, and then CNN says they're filing the complaints and are trying to take us down, and then they're over there trying to take David Knight's, his own YouTube channel away, and the guy's a complete gentleman!
They're a bunch of criminal, frickin' lying scum, man!
And I'm sick of their crap!
It's the same playbook.
They took me off Twitter because they said that I had led a racist mob against Leslie Jones.
I didn't send a single racist tweet.
I didn't say a single thing.
You said this movie's gonna flop!
This movie's gonna flop, and I defended her in the movie, and then online I made a couple of jokes about the fact that she's ugly, which she is.
I never said anything remotely racist.
Other people on the internet did that, but they said that I was responsible, that I'd done it, and that I'd led a mob without providing a single piece of evidence, which is exactly what they do to you when they say you're Russia-controlled, you said this about Florida, they don't provide any evidence, any clips, because they can't, because you didn't.
What they do is they associate you with unsuperiority.
Half my family fought the damn Russians during the Cold War!
It's a load of crap!
Yeah, they associate you with genuinely unsavory characters, which is why Richard Spencer's name appears next to mine in every news report, because they want to suggest that I'm the same as him.
And they do the same things with you.
Yeah, because you guys, you don't really look the same, but they think people are so dumb.
Oh, they do that all the time.
Dr. Pachinik, you ran psychological operations at the State Department.
You're a famous guy.
I mean, like I said, like one time...
We were going to have the guy from The Right Stuff on Chuck Yeager and people are asking who's Chuck Yeager.
It's like people don't know who fantasy people are that have done stuff for our country.
It's not that cool but he's done a lot of cool stuff.
But I mean, does it not freak you out to see that we're like becoming... this is like Soviet Union crap and these people are like... it's like...
It's a clear and present danger.
Trump needs to move against them.
He needs to break up these monopolies.
Instead, he's got Rupert Murdoch, reportedly, has basically crawled up his rear end.
Alright, well, let's go back to a couple of years.
We were talking about the end of the newspapers for a long time.
This was for years on coming.
We saw the New York Times screaming.
We saw the Fox News screaming.
We saw CNN screaming.
Yeah, but they're trying to take us down with them.
I understand.
The key that has to be turned around is number one, you've got to pick the points which are vulnerable.
As I just told you, Disney took over Fox.
That was a big mistake for Murdoch, because Murdoch needed the money.
He can't run it anymore.
His son, who was compromised in England, is now the head of it.
But Baye-Biger understands, if you refuse to buy Disney products, refuse to go to the Disney movies, refuse to go to the Disney Channel, the children don't listen to Disney.
And all of this counter-punching occurs very specifically
In war, you always have to find the center of gravity.
The center of gravity right now is Disney, which is highly vulnerable.
The reason I know it's vulnerable, because ESPN went into the toilet.
I know Bob Iger very well.
Tom Clancy and I had problems with him.
We know he is not the brightest guy in the world.
We know he's desperate and we know Disney is spinning out of control.
So you look at Disney and you start to tell your audience, don't buy the Disney products.
Then we shift over to the cable news system and the cable tax and inform your audience that you no longer want to be in the cable business.
So what are people doing?
They're literally cutting the cables to say, we're not watching this anymore.
And if you have 10 to 11... And everything else is plunging.
The NFL, the Oscars, they're now saying, oh, don't be political, but they can't.
So here's what I'm saying.
Here's what I want the audience to understand.
This isn't about InfoWars.
They admit we've been chosen as the test case.
They're going to try to block everybody now from a local florist to a rock band, to a hip hop group, to a preacher.
To an author, you know, a former spy chief like yourself, stuff like that.
I mean, this is a total culture takeover of the internet and no one even recognizes it because they've got the left to think, oh, we're going to take out Milo and Alex Jones and Matt Drudge.
And no, they think we're so stupid.
They write battle plans in the Wall Street Journal how they're going to take everything over.
And they put on screen, I'm a former KKK leader on CNN.
I protest the KKK.
This is the level of their crap, and they don't want me to be able to respond.
So the only reason I'm freaking out is, it's this huge brazen announcement, and they're doing it, and they've already put these strikes, they're taking our channels down, I guess, as we speak.
I just want people to know, this is the most serious yet.
They've been testing the perch for a long time.
This is the main assault, Dr. Pucinich.
And people have to know, they're coming after everything.
This is outrageous, doctor.
The key to this is also, look, you pull back and you've got to calm down a little bit.
What they want from you is exactly the response that you're giving them.
They want you to get so upset that they're getting joy and delight from something that really has no meaning whatsoever in terms of the real bottom dollar.
They're already dead.
They've already fallen.
They're already a joke.
They're trying to pull us into the crypt with them.
Well, that's exactly it.
You have a very viable product line.
Your liquidity is going up.
You're going out to incorporate and have a worldwide dissemination of news.
Let me assure you, there are people within the system that will not allow you to go under.
As simple as that.
You have been a very effective outlet for many of us within the government or whatever you want to call it, that has been fighting the alternative deep state.
You will not go under, I can assure you.
For the same reason that Google is tied in, hip and neck, to the National Geospatial Agency.
They cannot get away from that.
In the same way that Bezos is tied in with the CIA with hundreds of millions of dollars of contracts.
And Bezos knows that.
Amazon can fall very quickly.
And that's what the issue becomes.
They're afraid because they're vulnerable.
You're not part of the entourage.
As Milo said, you and I and he, we're not part of any of this.
We have been the Black Swan for over 12 to 17 years.
But you've survived.
CNN will not survive.
Fox News will not survive because Roger Ailes left.
I knew Roger when we worked together.
In short, what's happening is you have to allow the animals to die and let them scream as they're screaming as you're building up your network all over the world.
That's what Milo said, is that they're a dying animal.
We'll be right back and get Milo's take on that.
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That's InfoWarsLife.com
Everybody needs to seriously go to SheriffJoeForAmerica.com, SheriffJoeForAmerica.com, and they need to donate.
But this isn't about shooting our mouths off, it's about doing it.
Sheriff Joe Arpaio, what can we do to make sure you win this primary?
Well, just what you're doing now, Alex.
I appreciate it.
Putting that word out and motivating my base.
I never lost a Republican primary.
Even in the last election, I won by 40% on the Republican primary.
So I have strong support across the state.
I've had that for years and years.
And I want to thank all the people in other counties for always supporting me.
Not that they could vote for me and so on, but I've been campaigning, not campaigning, giving speeches constantly, not only there, but recently across the nation.
And I've been doing that, helping the Republican Party.
When Donald Trump ran, I remember way back in June of 15, he announced he came here for his first rally in July.
I introduced him.
You couldn't get any politics at Gettysburg State.
But I did.
I never met him prior to that.
I liked what I heard.
And I said, you will be the next president.
And he is.
He made it.
And I'll tell you, I don't go against people that I endorse.
I stick with them to the bitter end.
Especially President Trump.
I'm with him to the bitter end.
I don't like to say bitter.
It's going to be a successful event.
But you know what I'm talking about.
Like Churchill said, we're going to defend our island whatever the cost may be.
We're going to go on to the end and we'll never surrender.
I'm going to Washington.
I'm going to straighten a lot of things out.
If they don't put me on any committees, okay, I'll form my own committee.
So, we'll see what happens.
And that's what the president's going to do in six days with his fake news awards.
We're just taking the narrative back.
And, you know, they censor us off everything else.
We just create our own system.
And once again, the president knows what he's doing.
I think that's what really scares everybody.
That's what they keep going after.
Yeah, they're saying he's an idiot and mentally ill and all this.
Well, that's the case.
We need more of that.
And we hope people go and donate and support.
And we'll track as you go.
I've got a gut feeling you're going to win if people get behind you.
But regardless, you're going to inject real ideas.
I've got to say it.
We gotta admire fighters.
Compare Sheriff Joe to these millennials.
A lot of them are great folks, but just so entitled, so lazy.
This fellow, for his country, fighting super hard and sharper than, you know, 20-year-olds out there when he's 80-plus years old.
I don't say that as a bad thing.
It's a positive thing.
And we're very, very proud of you, Sheriff Joe, for everything you've done and letting them attack you and lie about you.
We really appreciate you.
Thank you.
You're listening to The Alex Jones Show.
I'm gonna find me a reckless woman.
Razor blades and dice in her eyes.
But before I find the reckless woman, I gotta steal me a silver stallion.
You know, the thing is, I'll tell you a little secret here, and I'll go back to Pchenik and you, because I'm ranting.
I thought about not doing the show 10 years ago, because I wasn't trying to expand.
I just wanted to be a talk show host that exposed globalism and thought other people would stand up and other smart people would take action, which has happened.
And then they just mess with me so hard and try to destroy me.
I said, well, I'm gonna get really big in their face.
And now I could never quit.
Because they wouldn't just let me go into abstention or you.
They're gonna just lie and lie and never stop.
I don't know how they found so many petty people who have a hard-on specifically for America, for free market, and for just being decent and telling the truth.
I mean, I don't know.
What's wrong with them, Milo?
There's something weird about every major CNN host.
I don't know where they grow these people, but there's something... It's just, I just get that sort of like, I get the ick.
You know when you just, you're like, when you're dating and somebody does something really disgusting and suddenly you can never see them sexually again.
When you see somebody on television and they just make you shudder and cringe, and you get that sort of flash of disgust and fear and horror.
Yeah, why doesn't Brian Stelter know?
He releases these photos.
There's a bunch of them.
There's new ones.
Type in Brian Stelter.
Type it.
Do not type it.
He looks like Get the Clown.
I mean, he doesn't know that that is like, I am a full-born maniac.
The Dancing Clown.
And there's, and there's clowns and popcorn down here.
And you, look at it, look at that face.
You're on a balloon.
The thing is, he releases these photos himself.
This is official photos he releases.
He looks like that on purpose.
Seriously, Dr. Pachinic, you're a psychiatrist, but you can, I mean, you know somebody when they've got that lunatic, whatever the face is, it's like a, I mean, if I saw a scenario like that, I'd be like, look at my firearm.
I mean, you know, it's like,
Well, that's the face.
That smile is... I'm not really showing you this.
But that's just who I really am.
That's what I really do, Stalter!
Son of a bitch!
Rank your three spookiest CNN hosts.
Who's number one?
Cuomo, just because he's a knuckle-dragging thug.
I'd love to see you.
It's not a bad list.
Sorry, I'm gonna go back to...
As a psychiatrist, that look on Stelter's face that he does everywhere says, I'm invincible, I'm in a lunatic power trip.
We have the, what's the rule that goes back to Goldwater?
You're not supposed to diagnose somebody from afar, but looking at Stelter, what do you make of him and his behavior?
He's not relevant.
I mean, people who are dangerous... He's not relevant?
He looks like a serial killer!
You can put his face on a horror movie package.
With all due respect, I've had a whole ward of serial killers.
They're usually pretty quiet.
I know, I'm being sarcastic.
They don't say anything.
He's coughing people up!
I don't know, sometimes.
The Sandy Hook and this Parkland, they're all false flags.
And what you're looking at is the nonsense of the vestiges of the press trying to be relevant as well as the FBI and a crook.
How long does this ghost dance go on then?
Well the ghost dance goes on as long as the collusion between the state and the federal and the local individuals who want money is going to continue and I don't think that's going to be very long because what's happening in effect is that
They've focused away, the entire news spectrum has focused away from the real issues in pending war in the Middle East.
I've got an internal disruption in the White House where someone may be leaving, like McMaster, go to Fort Benning.
There may be a problem of John Kelly leaving.
So you've got all this distraction.
Intentional, unintentional, going on, but you are becoming more and more relevant.
So is Milo.
Let me ask you this very question.
When would a Milo have come on to an Alex Jones Show 17 years ago?
Think of how much progress has been made.
No, I know you're being positive.
I'm just saying without the audience...
We're talking about such a paradigm shift in this country that a certain individual as bright as Milo, with his own background, with a British background, and Paul Watson can come on an American show and articulate very clearly what we Americans want in the heartland.
You're not talking about Harvard.
That's what I'm asking.
Looking at that face filter always makes... I've noticed lunatics who are delusional...
Like, they make that face.
I know some crazy people.
And they make that face.
They walk around like that constantly.
We have a name for it.
It's a, you know what, eating grin.
Does he not?
That's not even the bad ones, guys.
Keep going, Dr. Milo, you host for a minute.
I gotta go find the right photo.
Go ahead.
Go ahead.
I'll be back in two minutes.
We will be putting no more.
Dr. Cheney, I want to get into sex operatives of the president.
Start telling us about that.
Go ahead, Dr. I gotta find Stoker.
What did he say?
I'm sorry.
Sex operatives and the president.
He'd like your view on that.
I don't think there are many sex operatives in the president.
The president's had a history of it.
It's an easy way, isn't it, to get at Trump by spreading around stories of his dalliances because it's so eminently believable.
I know, but it's so irrelevant, Milo, as you would know.
Well, none of his fans care.
Would a single person who voted for Donald Trump give a stuff that he'd been in a Beverly Hills hotel with a model?
No, they'd say, go Donald!
That's exactly it.
That's his personal life.
We're not interested.
What we are interested in is, number one, why isn't there an effective infrastructure deal?
Number two, what are you going to do about the fact that Bibi is going to be indicted and we don't need a war in the Middle East and Iran has already taken over Iraq?
You were on Lebanon and Syria and we're gonna have a two-front war which we have to decide very quickly as McMaster's being thrown out of the White House and John Kelly may be thrown out of the White House.
So those are the things Milo that we really have to think about quickly because the mainstream media doesn't give a damn they don't understand it.
You understand it Milo.
You come from a background where you understand it.
You come from a country that's been attacked.
This country has never had the hardships that England had to endure, not only before World War II, the World War I, World War II.
I mean, you lost over three million of your men in the first 90 days of World War I in England.
Americans have no concept what that means.
And if it's true, 17 kids died, and I doubt that.
How do you compare that with 69,000 kids who are dying on heroin every
Day, we are having thousands dying on heroin.
How do you compare that with the 70 plus veterans that commit suicide?
And I'm not, I think mass shootings happen.
They misrepresent what I say.
I know they do the fake baby incubator stuff.
So those things go on.
All I know is they're deplatforming us saying I said that, not my guest, and doing it.
And that is very dangerous for free speech.
Alex, you can incriminate me because I went to the Harvard supervisor, Paul Train, the Harvard psychiatrist who did that phony profile, Adam Lanza, and they admitted it was phony.
The guy trained behind me at Harvard.
And that area, Mass Medical, is gone.
And Yale Medical School is in trouble.
They were the same ones who said that Trump was crazy.
And we warned them, if you continue, you're going to get lawsuits.
So in effect, what you're doing
Step back a little bit.
Milo understands it.
I want you to know that you're much more effective when we attack specific targets.
Right now, the specific target is the White House.
It's in turmoil.
We don't see it.
Well, let's come back and talk about that and get your take and Milo's take, because it was Roger Stone said six months ago McMaster's in trouble and all this other stuff.
So he's been dead on about that.
You talk about the turmoil.
From your information, I mean, how do you think Trump's doing or what's your word on them?
We'll come back and get Pachinick's take on that.
It seems to be a state of perpetual crisis in there, doesn't it?
You know, it's sort of united only by the transcendent iron will of one man who is singularly responsible for the train's wheels keeping on turning, but everything else around him seems... The Trumpian juggernaut.
Right, indeed.
Otherwise, it seems to be a state of sort of perpetual fear, crisis, and paralysis.
But, I mean, I come from the... Stop it.
I'm Brian Seltzer.
I'm Brian Shelter.
I see you in every corner.
I come from the point of view that the less the government does, the better.
So a White House which doesn't get us into any more wars and doesn't pass any new legislation is alright by me.
Where do you think the winder goes?
Someone's back?
Yes, so that when somebody's, actually I can't say that because we go out to radio stations, but I would just say he could be wound up at the same time as getting, never mind.
We're gonna go to break.
Oh, briefly!
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We're under total attack.
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You know what will.
I knew about iodine a long time ago and the effects of iodine because looking at, again, the root cause of what's going on, we are all exposed to endocrine-disrupting chemicals every single day.
We're exposed to lead.
We're exposed to mercury.
We're exposed to bromine, chlorine, and fluoride, the other toxic halogens.
But think about what's going on right now in America and around the world.
What does an iodine deficiency do?
Well, it causes you to gain weight.
Think of all the thyroid problems that we're having and we're seeing right now around the world.
Our bodies absolutely must have the good halogen, iodine, or we will die.
And you look at all of the thyroid problems and all the people that don't have energy, that have all sorts of hormone problems.
And from my research, and a lot of just mainline research, it leads back to iodine over
And over and over again.
If you've been in this field as long as I have, like 20-something years, you know it's very hard to detoxify and to get those things out of the body.
Iodine is one of those miracle substances.
I mean, this is so massive.
Just iodine alone is just as critical as vitamin C. I would say it's even more critical because you look at all of the glandular tissue in the body, the reproductive tissue, the ovaries, the breast tissue in women, the prostate gland.
Fertility is key.
Fertility, but all your glands are what, really, your pituitary gland, which gets calcified with fluoride, the parathyroid, the pancreas, the GI tract, actually.
The whole GI tract is a gland that needs iodine because the GI tract produces serotonin and all these things.
Iodine is the miracle substance that pretty much everybody needs.
And you're carrying your kid on your shoulder up a big hill, and you get to take him off, it's like you're flying.
All of a sudden, it was like, boom!
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the Resistance.
Regrets, I've had a few.
But then again, too few to mention.
I did what I had to do.
Just before you take the pills and put this on and drift away into the eternal sleep.
You know, I know a lot of inside baseball.
You know there was almost a military coup against Obama.
And they killed a lot of people that were looking into it.
This country's in a lot of deep crap.
So we sit here and we see all this going on and I just hope the public, while we joke around, I do it too, the audience can smile when I joke around, but you know, I'm gonna go crazy if I don't joke around because this is hardcore crap and Dr. Pachinik,
I really appreciate you coming on with us.
I am worried, too, about Trump and sex operatives because, you know, red-blooded American.
His wife's beautiful, wonderful.
Obviously, she's quite the... Let's just say if she was a car, she's not street legal.
So... The point is... The point is...
The point is, is that they're trying to destroy our great president, and you're right, there's a bunch of weasels in the hen house there, and we just hope Papa Wolf can deal with them.
But seriously, what's the intel on Trump right now, and the sex operative stuff, because I am worried about that, you know.
What he's worried about is, Milo correctly said it, nobody cares whether he had sex or is having sex.
That's not even relevant to his presidency.
It better be.
I'm sorry, go ahead.
The only good thing Bill Clinton ever did was with that cigar.
I mean, you're gonna be president.
Alright, stop, stop.
I apologize.
It's a Christian show.
Go ahead, Dr. Wojcicki, sorry.
With all due respect, I think the real issue right now is
There's a lot of pressure going on internally as Milo said and that is McMaster will probably have to leave and hopefully they'll bring him into Fort Bragg or make his active duty command status enhanced or allow him to go somewhere else at the same time what we cannot afford and that's a serious consideration.
And that is John Kelly leaving.
We cannot afford to have a military general.
By the way, you were right.
That was a sophisticated sign-off against Kelly that I was buying into.
When you straightened me out on it, it turns out he's been really good.
He has been phenomenal, and it wasn't something I tried to sell, it was something I was just trying to sell.
No, no, I make mistakes, and when I'm wrong, I'm an admit it.
Turns out Kelly, because I'm not used to like having access to the White House, so I don't get involved in all the fights wanting to have the access, and there's just so much intermural BS that goes on there.
Well, what happens is, the person who has to go, and I've said it from day one, and I've said two things, and this is why your show is more important than you realize, it's very prescient.
Number one, the person who has to go from day one, I said, is the Orthodox Jew, Jared Kushner.
And you said he's on the Chinese payroll, and now Mueller's saying, oh, not Russia, China, which is off his mandate, but you called it a year and a half ago.
And I said that he has to go because he has a criminal offense against him.
He knows he's received two loans from Bank Lumi in Israel and in a major Israeli insurance company.
Plus, he's on the ropes for $1.9 billion with the Chinese.
The Chinese just threw out the company Ambang and they took it over directly.
In short, this is a criminal who's in the White House, who
Thank you.
All of the petty fights and continues to stay in there, John Kelly, simply because he serves our country.
And so it is with General Mintz.
And so it is with other generals.
We will try to put in some other people like Votel or Pompeo, whose director of the CIA was number one at West Point, number one at Harvard Law.
And we need this in the White House.
Otherwise, we cannot exist
It is true that McMaster, we've confirmed this, we broke it and it came out later, he just gets drunk and just shoots his mouth off like he's got a 70 IQ or something.
So, uh, I'm sorry.
On the list, you're correct.
But from the day one, we had a problem with him, but we knew we had to move him out because of dereliction of duty.
What we were waiting for was the temperance, the amount of time that was required to have Kelly stabilize the White House, and at the same time see what happened to Porter.
Make no mistake, we've made some major gains against the Globalists, but they're striking back all over the world.
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From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones.
Well, I tell you, Metallica knows how to say it.
Out of my way!
Satan, get behind me!
CNN, behind me!
You're repeating yourself.
Milo, you've been a real champ sitting here while I freak out.
I can't handle it anymore.
This is the best seat in the house.
I get to see it firsthand.
I get up close and personal.
I don't have to watch it on TV.
Are you kidding?
Well, reading this CNN thing, they say that I say no one died and that I bullied children.
And these are, meanwhile, hand-picked anti-gun zealots in the acting class, all this stuff, spewing this, and then they're in a political world, and then they misrepresent what I've said, don't show it, and then are banning us on YouTube.
InfoWars is two strikes away from being banned from YouTube.
Well, they just did two more.
So I guess we're gonna get the word in one channel with billions and billions and billions of views and all that work and all those archives and all those interviews gone and
Half the conservatives out there are like, good.
Stop taking over the whole internet, Alex.
There'll be more room for us.
Not having no idea, the shark just took a bite out of me.
Now it's going to come eat them.
There are two mistakes that conservatives are making.
One is that if they take you out, there'll be more space for them.
What they don't realize is that's literally not how an attention economy works.
It's not how any economy works.
You make the market bigger by being the leader and you're huge and there's still plenty of space.
Elvis made rock and roll bigger.
Led Zeppelin made rock and roll bigger, not smaller.
It's not like you're the only thing on television and there's no room for anybody else.
There are 100, 200 million Americans out there who don't have anything quite right to listen to because they either don't know about you yet or you're not to their tastes or whatever.
But there is a gigantic market.
Exactly, and they don't get that it's a non-zero-sum game.
And the other thing that they don't understand is, as you say and as we discussed earlier in the show, they believe that there's a sort of cut-off point, that there's a dotted line beyond which they can throw people to the wolves because, well, the left is sort of right about them, they are a bit crazy, they are a bit edgy, they do go over the top, they don't have bow ties and nice manners and they don't shop for the right dinner party, so we'll let them go as a sop to the left, as a cost of doing business, and because we don't really like them anyway because they're more popular than we are.
And then the left will stop at a certain point.
The left will not stop at a certain point.
The left will come for you next, and you will be the ones that, you know, next it will be Breitbart, then it will be whatever, whatever.
And then all the way down the bottom of the food chain, the unread, unloved, but establishment-friendly Weekly Standard and National Review, they'll go last.
And the left will be licking their lips while they take them.
And all because these people didn't... They'll be on their knees with no one else to help them.
And you do not have to believe or agree with any of what we say.
You just have to have a brain and realize that free speech is an absolute.
You either stick up for it or you don't.
And as soon as your values are compromised and you allow people who believe most of the same stuff you do and who are effective at spreading those messages to a different audience from yours, if you allow people who are allies, whether you like to call them allies or not, people who are allies in the service and the defense of freedom, to fall, you will fall next.
And that's common sense historically as well.
Of course.
But, I mean, take this.
Dr. Pachinic ran the Camp David Accords, the only good Middle East peace deal ever.
He ran overthrows of governments.
I mean, he gets called into federal court, as he says on the show, for, you know, serious stuff he's been involved in.
So when he starts saying, this is fake, that's fake, I mean, look, they said that they were throwing babies out of incubators.
It was made up.
The point is, is that NORAD stood down on 9-11.
I mean, we all know this.
The 28 pages proves everything we said.
The point is, is that Trump reportedly is straight shooting trying to end all that.
He's got all these agencies under him trying to run Bay of Pigs operations to embarrass him.
I mean, it's a nightmare situation trying to clean this country up.
And we've kind of pushed the globalists out into the light to admit who they are now.
And so that's a great positive.
So I agree with Pucinich that we are moving into positive waters compared to where we were.
But still, when you know the anatomy of the fraud, and you know these people are scum, it's like... You talk about the gross thing a girlfriend does, or in your case, a boyfriend, or something, and then something clicks, and it builds up, and you're dumb.
This is like 10 trillion times that.
I get triggering now as I get older.
I get more OCD.
I didn't used to be.
You get triggered?
I can't look at Brian Steltz.
Let's make a joke out of it.
I don't watch these Kepler shows that attack us every night.
I don't watch these shows that attack us.
I can't do it.
People are like, don't you know Homeland's all about you?
And they admit it.
I don't give a damn about, hey, X follows episodes about you.
I don't watch it.
Because I'm sick of looking at this ugly head.
The point is that if you think I'm sick of looking at me, man, I'm really sick of these people.
I want them out of my life.
You should watch The X-Files.
It's a very flattering portrayal.
He ends up being a good guy.
That's what I heard!
Look, he's handsome, he's wealthy, Scully's got kind of a thing for him, and he's proven right in the end.
I think Chris Carter's got your back on that one.
No, Chris Carter says he's a listener and says I'm not a racist.
He has a lot of courage.
And I'm not talking about myself.
I'm saying the bizarreness of this huge war to misrepresent what we are, and then I can't even have a platform to respond, like you said, is cultural rape of the truth.
And then I wonder, what's the endgame?
Because I know I'm not that important.
They actually thought I was weak.
That's what they thought Trump was weak.
And that's why Hillary was like, oh, actually give Trump the coverage.
I'll beat him easier.
And it backfired.
They thought like, oh, look, Trump likes Jones.
That gave him bona fides.
They didn't even know what the Cheney's right.
They don't know what they're doing.
It doesn't make it any less scary that you've got Cuomo going.
I'm allowed to read WikiLeaks at CNN.