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Name: 20180201_Thu_Alex
Air Date: Feb. 1, 2018
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The Alex Jones Show discusses the deep state's panic over the release of a memo, people's reactions to Donald Trump's State of the Union address, and promotes nationalism against globalist forces. The show also talks about InfoWars Life's supplements such as CellForce and Biome Defense Probiotic. It criticizes the Democratic Party for accusing President Trump and Vladimir Putin of colluding to undermine American democracy, while promoting various health products available at InfowarsLife.com. In addition, Alex Jones and his guests discuss the ongoing debate around Russian interference in US politics, criticism towards the FBI's alleged criminal activity within their organization, and the recently-released memo from Rep. Trey Gowdy on the issue. President Donald Trump speaks at a Republican retreat in West Virginia, praising the party's successes since coming into power, and criticizing those who tried to stand in the way of America's recovery. The show also promotes new limited edition Trump 2020 shirt and discusses recent political events such as sanctions imposed by the U.S. government against Russia, President Trump's plans to increase the U.S. military presence along the border with Mexico, Joe Biden's speech, and individual success under Trump's approach of removing barriers for citizens to succeed on their own.

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Rallying patriots worldwide in defense of human liberty.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
Ladies and gentlemen, another historical global transmission.
Hard to believe it's already February 1st, 2018 on this Thursday Global Edition.
The deep state is going into convulsions with more agencies joining some of the FBI saying don't release the memo.
Hundreds of articles out hysterically just saying it's total proof Trump's a Russian, Alex Jones is one.
I mean they're just doubling down on the hysteria.
We have got so much for you today and very special in-studio guests that I'll tell you about after the break.
But first, I want to go to this boil-down from Paul Joseph Watson's powerful Idiots React to Trump's State of the Union.
Here it is.
Tonight, Donald Trump presented a self-congratulatory speech without vision.
He promised unity, but sowed division.
Yeah, the only divisive thing I saw last night was your anger-stricken face.
You couldn't even bring yourself to half-heartedly applaud a call for unity.
Tonight, I call upon all of us to set aside our differences, to seek out common ground, and to summon the unity we need to deliver for the people we were elected to serve.
But Trump's the one causing division.
Donald Trump is not going to be President of the United States.
Take it to the bank.
I guarantee it.
You really don't know what you're talking about right now.
Also, did you and Cory Booker have a bet beforehand as to who could look most like they've been smacked across the cheeks with a massive wet fish?
You lot can't even applaud record low black unemployment.
You're all on your phones when Trump's talking about caring for veterans.
But Trump's creating this unity, yeah right.
Joe Kennedy reacted by swallowing a Tide Pod.
Ask Nat what your country can drool for you.
This guy's reaction looked like he just caught Trump pumping his wife.
But he was actually livid about...
An increase in take-home pay.
Chuck Schumer was so triggered it looked like he was being eaten from the inside out.
Joe Manchin really wanted to jump on board the Trump train, but Schumer's death stare stopped him in his tracks.
Imagine being triggered by the word...
Church, family, police, military, the national anthem.
Trump trying to call on all the tropes of 1950s era nationalism.
The goal of this speech appears to be to force the normalisation of Trump on the terms of the bygone era.
His supporters are nostalgic.
You're so out of touch, you think the very bedrock principles of America are part of a bygone era.
Imagine being triggered by the word
Our motto is In God We Trust.
Our motto has been E Pluribus Unum Out of Many One.
But to be fair, it was a pretty big mistake on Trump's part to say that In God We Trust is the national motto.
US Code 302.
In God We Trust is the national motto.
Oh wait, he's a CNN analyst.
Say no more.
Imagine being triggered by the term
I'm a patriot and I love my country, but the way people have been chanting USA lately, especially in response to nationalised hate-mongering, sends chills down my spine.
Yeah, if the term USA sends chills down your spine, chances are you're not a patriot.
Luis Gutierrez was so butthurt by the USA chant, he had to leave the chamber.
He later said Trump's speech was written by the Russians.
So you literally fled the room at the sound of USA, but Trump's the traitor.
Words leftists were upset at Trump for saying last night.
God, church, family, USA, police, military.
It's almost like...
They hate all of the above!
Seriously, this dude escaped from the Stalinist dictatorship of North Korea, crawled across China with one hand and one leg to secure his freedom.
And you lot have mental breakdowns when people start chanting USA!
Get some frigging perspective!
Is a new low!
Taxes, unemployment, illegal immigration.
New lows.
People got so angry at the Washington Post they were forced to change their headline.
Here's a reaction you didn't expect.
Anti-Trump pollster Frank Luntz apologising to Trump.
It takes class to admit you were wrong.
75% approval.
Anecdotal evidence suggesting Trump wowed even some of his haters.
Is this really a turning point for America?
Don't bet on it.
Donald Trump is not going to be President of the United States.
Take it to the bank.
I guarantee it.
You really don't know what you're talking about right now.
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We now take you live to the Central Texas Command Center and the heart of the resistance.
It's Alex Jones.
Well, the first month of 2018 blasted by like we were at warp speed.
And we see our country in a full civil war against the globalist forces, the multinationals, seeking to bankrupt the nation and bring us into total economic, cultural, and spiritual bondage to establish an unelected planetary technocracy in their own words.
And then you see nationalists popping up all over the world, fighting back against it, and everywhere they get controlled,
Instantly, prosperity comes back because the globalists siphon everything off.
They want a post-industrial world where they shut down local communities, where they shut down local farming, where they shut down local autonomy and local diversity of industry and business and production and centralize it in vertical integration.
And that is what is going on, period.
And as we expose globalism and its authoritarian dreams and its long swath of crimes, it will never succeed.
But it's trying.
And what does it do?
It says in Catalan, Spain.
It says in Greece.
It says in Italy.
It says in Reykjavik.
It says in
England, Scotland and Ireland.
It says in Brazil.
It says in Nigeria.
It says in countries and regions all over the world.
If you try to vote in pro-nationalist groups that are free market and who want to get the globalist
Out of the control of your nations.
They've just put over 80,000 extra U.S.
troops on the Russian border and moved tactical nuclear weapons up against themselves.
And they've got Trump announcing hundreds of Russian rich people that they're going to call oligarchs, and then the U.S.
is just going to grab their money.
Man, that is quite a move by the Russians.
It's pretty amazing.
And of course, they say anybody that wants to release the memo, that's a Russian bot.
No proof, no facts.
Doesn't matter.
You see, they're the globalists.
They're the outsiders.
And so they've got to then say, oh, everybody that opposes us are Russian agents.
And if you talk to a Russian, or if you ever travel to Russia, if you get a Russian visa, you're a Russian agent.
And they're hinging everything on Donald Trump Jr.
meeting with a Russian lawyer who said she wanted to meet about ending the ban on Russian adoption into the U.S.
Coming up, we've got video of Maxine Waters saying Russia's out to get her.
That's coming up in the next segment.
And they hinge everything on that.
And now they admit there's no Russian collusion
But that they are going after obstruction, and it just goes on and on.
And to watch Colbert, we've got the clip, it's on Infowars.com, a Steve Watson article.
Stephen Colbert, a teleprompter reader posing as a comedian who poses as a newsman so he can put out fake news, he had Senator Rand Paul on, and just kept saying, oh, but we've got proof that Trump colluded with the Russians.
And it must be true, he's wearing smart guy glasses.
It never ends.
So that's coming up.
But they're not stopping.
But here's the good news.
With that State of the Union, and with even the skewed polls showing Trump on average at 75%, the globalists have had their back broken.
And the left is in total free-fall panic.
They're becoming a coastal elite party.
They are imploding.
They're falling apart.
And they've sold this notion that some Republicans are retiring because they know the Democrats are about to take over.
Most of the Republicans retiring are neocons that see the poll numbers and see primary challengers coming up.
Some are stepping down because they're sick of just being in Washington like Trey Gowdy.
But overall, the poll numbers show that even the fake 10-15 points that they had in these battleground states in the 2018 election is evaporating.
And so they're a dying party that tried to double-cross the country, that sold us out to the multinationals.
The Republican establishment that worked with them in treason is being exposed and rooted out and ferreted out, or is joining the nationalist movement.
If they can't beat us, they're starting to join us.
And so they're in full panic mode.
As the deep state continues its
And Vice President Pence and Trump are planning, of course, political stops to rally the tribes across the country.
And you're going to see record election fraud taking place, just like we saw in Alabama, where Roy Moore, remember, is 15 points behind in polls.
He only loses by half a point.
That's how they skew it to make it look like a bandwagon.
Well, he's gonna lose.
I might as well, you know, vote for the other person to say I'm a winner.
You know, he's 15 points behind.
Then he loses by half a point.
Because the polls add, on average, 10 to 15 points.
In every race.
So, if Trump's got a 75% approval rating on that speech, it means he broke through to people that were in their trance and got a lot of people, 10-15% or so, that were in la-la land to finally realize this is a real message of unity and wow, a lot of good stuff's happened the last year.
And it was dozens and dozens of polls showed 70, 75, 78, 79 was the highest poll we saw.
CNN's own poll said 70% and they had to dismiss it.
So they're going into full insane asylum mode now because they crave power, they crave control over the people.
And Katy, bar the door, in the states they control that are falling apart, they're going to try to then create little authoritarian utopias for themselves.
New Mexico wants to make it the law that you've got to go to college and go into debt.
Well, that's in the news today.
I told you, they want to draft you into government service is what it's going to be.
Also, intelligence agencies join FBI in pushing its plans to release the FISA memo.
Congress is now signaling that Trump may release the memo as early as today.
The word I heard was Monday, but that's in the news now.
We'll see.
The FBI is threatening Trump over FISA memo.
Paul Joseph Watson article.
We have those video clips coming up the next segment as well.
Schiff claims House Intel Republicans secretly altered spy memo but offers no proof.
Again, Republican memo likely to be released Thursday.
Administration officials said, that's Reuters, that's today.
FBI officials renew
Review surveillance memo could not cite any factual inaccuracies.
They just said it's dangerous, don't release it.
That's Faulkner's snooze.
But the Washington Post and Reuters spun it.
FBI expresses grave concerns, close quote, over Republican memos accuracy.
And they don't really do that, they just said that there.
Disregarding FBI, White House to release Republican memo.
Oh, disregarding the FBI, because you know Comey and McCabe, they're the bosses over America.
No, they're Clinton globalist operatives put in there to allow this hijacking and they're being removed right now.
When we come back on the other side, I'm going to go right through these clips I just mentioned.
Maxine Waters says the Russians run everything.
They're out to get her.
They're hiding everywhere.
And she looks like a total crazy person, because she is.
And then the FBI basically, the Clinton holdovers, threatening Trump.
Hey, sorry, you're not going to get to run your political witch hunt.
We've got the goods.
They've already been released.
But more is coming with your little secret society and your insurance policies.
And we're going to get this guy.
More is coming.
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Another Matt, go ahead.
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You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
Rallying patriots worldwide in defense of human liberty.
It's Alex Jones!
Ladies and gentlemen, Maxine Waters.
Mad Maxine has taken it to a new level.
Of course, there's all the famous clips of her saying, Putin calls Trump and tells him to use terms like drain the swamp and lock her up.
Trump couldn't come up with this.
These are quotes.
He gets it from Vladimir Putin.
I mean, that's like saying he gets it from a garden gnome sending telepathic transmissions from Mars.
It's just completely bonkers.
And she says it all wild-eyed.
And Pelosi says similar things.
Well, her mouth moves like she's Mr. Ed or something.
Clearly having serious neurological problems.
You have this crazy, aging, schizophrenic, clearly drugged-up, on-prescription-drug Democratic Party that just look like they've escaped from a mental ward.
And none of us can come up with terms ourselves or nicknames.
It has to come from Putin, who they bill as like the master of the universe, Galacticus, or Megatron.
Nancy Pelosi says, I am Optimus Prime Megatron.
Prepare for battle.
Maxine Waters is fighting valiantly against the forces of the Decepticons.
Their leader,
Megatron, you know him as Vladimir Putin, programs every word that Trump and Alex Jones say.
I mean, who believes this?
But there are just more and more insane articles everywhere.
There's this breathless one in Politico I read this morning.
Where they go, I'm a Republican and what happened to my party?
They're gaslighting us!
The Russians have taken over everything!
Our country's in total peril!
And they're just reporting it like it's absolute truth!
And Alex Jones is there, and Congressman Gates, they're all under Russian control!
And what are we gonna do?
No one's believing us anymore!
The memo's made up by Nunes!
None of it's real, there's nothing there!
It's already admitted them saying they're Democrats and we're gonna stop the President.
I mean, we have smoking guns already, they're about to release even more, and I'm reading this long article, and it sounded like a hysterical nine-year-old wrote it, who was hopped up on amphetamines or something.
I mean, it's just bonkers land, and then they're the ones in their alternate universe saying that we're Russian agents?
Quite frankly, Trump has been manipulated and bullied into really aggressive moves towards Russia that Russia hasn't done anything.
And I'm sick of the sanctions and I'm tired of it because Russia hasn't done anything except help us after 9-11 and lead the charge against ISIS and become free market and Christian.
And the same Hollywood that hates Christians here?
And the same MSNBC host that said in the State of the Union, how dare him mention family and church?
That's bygone!
You don't get to have that anymore!
Like we're in a big re-education camp!
We got you in this sports stadium, this country's communist now, forget families and forget churches!
Hell, the communists don't even take your families away!
I mean, I mean, it is just next level.
These people are textbook authoritarians.
And why do we put up with somebody that looks like a crazy person on PCP impersonating somebody on PCP?
I'm forgetting the name of the famous guy, one of the founders of rock and roll.
James Brown, that's right.
I mean, Maxine Waters looks like a lunatic asylum person escaped, wearing a rubber James Brown mask, and now Putin's after her!
Because everybody hates her on the internet.
She's a total joke.
She's disconnected from reality.
You know, even Democrat Party watchdog groups, back before they went completely criminal, have big reports online.
Look it up!
That she gave her husband's bank $12 million of taxpayer money and it just goes on and on.
Stuff that anybody else would be under the jail for.
But, James Brown in drag, now says Putin's after her.
So, let's go ahead and go to James Brown.
Included in why I think this is a problem that has to be resolved in a certain way is the obstruction of justice and the possible collusion with Russians in order to undermine our democracy.
Elect Trump so that they can lift these sanctions and they can make all of this money.
And I want to tell you, they absolutely hacked our Democratic National Committee.
William Binning has been on.
It's been in the news.
It was taken at the base itself on a thumb drive.
The download speeds...
The transfer speeds.
And we now know it was leaked from inside our own government, just like WikiLeaks and all the rest of it.
And again, she just states these things that aren't true.
We absolutely know it was the Russians that hacked the DNC.
And they always change the subject from the crimes they're committing, and fixing polls, and fixing debates, and, you know, let's keep our constituents in the dark and desperate.
I mean, oh, we're going to have urine feces and, you know, and
Seaman, sir, for you at the dinner.
Mr. Podesta.
We got a Trump speech coming up, too.
He's about to go live.
We're going to carry that.
Let's go back to Waters.
Our team, which is Russian television, absolutely interfered with a speech of mine on the floor of Congress.
They don't plan.
They mean business.
And so, Trump is going to do everything that he can
This is so insane.
He's carrying it out with the cabinet that you should be worried about.
The Education Secretary is no... Alright, we're gonna have to go to break and come back because I've got to get into Chris Farrell, the head of Judicial Watch, the FBI's threatening Trump.
Trey Gowdy memo release will embarrass Adam Schiff.
It's gonna embarrass Obama and a lot more.
So that's all coming up after this break.
What a crazy time to be alive, and Trump is set to deliver a speech at the GOP retreat, where the GOP almost didn't get there because the dump truck rammed into it.
The media call it a conspiracy theory just to question the event.
I didn't say what I knew it was one way or the other, and everybody else I know is questioning it as well, so that's going to be coming up.
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I want to apologize to listeners.
I lied to you when I told you Trump would win the election, and he did.
I lied to you when I told you that they're admitting that fluoride's causing brain damage, and it turned out I was right.
I lied to you about a global government existing that was trying to take control of our country, which they now admit is true.
Is this global governance at last?
Is it one world, the central bankers in charge?
I guess, actually, I didn't lie to you.
And I'm on air every day fighting the globalists as they try to shut down free speech in America, as they try to derail our recovery, as they try to fold us into their world government, open up our borders, hand us over to the Islamic Caliphate.
I'll tell you this.
When I'm on air, I wear a sports jacket and a nice shirt because I respect the fact that you're tuning in and watching and listening to what I have to say.
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You do incredible things.
A few months ago, I saw media demonizing folks that put up signs at universities that said, all lives matter.
Then they demonized people that said, it's okay to be white.
These are universities where they're saying it's inherently evil and an abomination and satanic to be white.
Right outside Austin, Texas.
Texas State University says that.
Most major universities are directing this to create racial division in this country and it's sickening.
That's why I have designed with our crew
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The globalists are creating a fake debate to turn us against each other.
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The fact is it's not just okay, it's great to be human.
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You're listening to The Alex Jones Show.
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The front lines of the human awakening.
It's the Infowar.
And now, Alex Jones.
Alright, we're here waiting.
For the president when he pops in to deliver his speech that will carry excerpts of live, not the whole thing, from the Republican retreat they were traveling to yesterday when the train had a dump truck run into it mysteriously.
Still haven't gotten a lot of answers on that front.
But I got a bunch of clips I want to play right now.
First off, I want to remind people, just a small sampling, a small snippet of some of the media bullies
The people that make McCarthy look like an angel saying this person's a Russian agent, that person's a Russian agent, Tucker Carlson, myself, Rand Paul.
It's crazy.
And it's so authoritarian, it's so anti-American, and they're the globalists that are selling the sovereignty of the country out.
I mean, Trump is actually militarizing the borders of Russia, selling weapons to Ukraine when Soros started that war, and really, that's one of the big bad things Trump is doing, is being more aggressive towards Russia than even
Obama, and it's one thing Trump's actually caved in on, to prove he's not this Russian agent.
So that psy-op worked, and Trump may know what he's doing on this subject, but it's just such a hoax.
Why go along with it?
I mean, that's why I've decided, and I have gotten my visa to Russia, and I'm going to go there sometime in the next few months.
I tweeted out the joke that, oh my gosh, here's the proof that I'm a Russian agent, because if you talk to a Russian, that's collusion.
Even though you're trying to find out corruption about Hillary Clinton, if you're Don Jr.
And certainly if you get a visa to Russia, it's a bad thing.
But if you're Hillary and you meet secretly with Putin, or you get money from the Russians to actually sell us out, then that's okay.
If there's real collusion, then we don't talk about that.
But you see, if you go to Real Alex Jones, I tweeted out a shot of my Russian
My Russian visa, because I'm sure the media will have a heyday with that, because I'm going to troll them when I go to Russia.
It's ridiculous.
And I want to talk about the history of what the globalists have done to Russia as well, just like the same leftists want to control us and enslave us and attack Christianity and the family.
MSNBC said, oh Trump, how dare you talk about family and how dare you talk about
Uh, Christians.
Uh, you know, how dare you talk about church.
You don't, you don't have that anymore.
That's bygone.
That's the threat.
That's the evil.
That's the same crap that ran Russia for 85 years, and it's staring us right in the eyeballs, and I'm just glad as an American people, we're standing up and saying no.
But let's go ahead and go to this compilation of them telling anybody that doesn't submit to them is a Russian agent.
Mr. Armstrong, you mentioned in your answer to, I think, Ms.
Spears' question that there are other RTs operating in the U.S.
Can you describe them, list them?
Sure, thank you.
So, you have RT, you have Sputnik, you have Ruppley, and then I think you have them feeding other entities.
InfoWars comes to mind where those are echo chambers.
Director Comey, are you aware that Roger Stone played a role in the Trump campaign?
The Russians, let's say WikiLeaks, same thing.
Is it possible that the Republican chairman of the House Intel Committee has been compromised by the Russians?
Is it possible that they actually have a Russian agent?
That guy's been compromised.
I note the senator from Kentucky on the floor.
I will say before I read this, if there's objection, you are achieving the objectives of Vladimir Putin.
Senator from Kentucky.
I object.
Objection is heard.
The Senator from Kentucky is now working for Vladimir Putin.
Russian scum!
Some in Congress are demanding that President Obama brief them on Russian interference with the election.
They say that, quote, the Russians, quote, hacked our democracy, and they're mad about it.
These hacks were of such seriousness, they could not have taken place without the approval at the highest levels of the Kremlin.
That's speculation, and we've seen a lot of it.
Well, it is speculation.
Russian hackers use social media to interfere with the 2016 election.
Then Russian media reports on the rumors Russians created, and they creep through the media cesspool till they get on real news.
Alex, I've listened to you longer than the NSA has and watched your show.
And I have to say, you're probably the worst double-speaking liar there is.
And I can prove it.
The first thing is, when it comes to Russia, there's one thing that you could do to prove it, but you won't.
Release your finances and prove to your audience where your money actually comes from.
Hey, hey, hey, listen, bro.
You have nothing.
I appreciate your call.
You've got your proof.
I appreciate your call.
There you go, folks.
I must be paid by the Russians.
They have nothing.
We are back live, ladies and gentlemen.
That was just a short section.
We didn't include the hearings and things in there where they go, you know, import wars that works for the Russians.
It's crazy.
I'm not willing to have them beat me over the head.
Into calling for war with Russia and thinking Russians are hiding under the table.
This whole hoax is going to end up going down in flames.
And it already is.
And just wait till Trump releases the memo.
It's just another domino to fall.
Now here is Chris Farrell, the Director of Judicial Watch, Director of Investigations at Judicial Watch, saying that the FBI behind the scenes, at least the Clinton holdovers, are threatening the President.
And of course they are.
They're the holdovers.
The entire time that are dug in.
And then Trump goes, oh, you're a good guy, I'll put McCabe in.
He's the ringleader of it.
Who got $500,000 from Hillary to his wife!
I mean, it's amazing!
And the media won't even tell you this is going on.
They just say, we don't know why McCabe stood down.
It must have been fired.
Boy, these Russians are really powerful.
And Maxine Waters is giving speeches going, I'm under Russian attack!
They're playing hardball!
And it's insane!
Okay, let's go ahead and go to Chris Farrell.
Let me boil it down real simple.
The FBI is threatening the President of the United States.
How so?
Well, you know, they're going to come out.
First of all, they've tried to put him in a corner and say, hey, look, we really don't want you revealing all the criminality that's going on in the organization.
And so they're in a very reactive sort of posture.
And so they broker a meeting with the chief of staff, who's the wrong person to meet with, first of all.
Yeah, I would think.
And then secondly, even after this supposed negotiation where the White House gave up its power, gave up its position of authority, they acquiesced to a meeting which never should have happened with five negotiators who I'm sure, you know, call themselves experts, you know, cautioning and warning and, oh, you know, General Kelly, this will be a grave problem.
They try to intimidate.
We're going to go now to Trey Gowdy.
Memo release will be embarrassing to Adam Schiff.
Our contract colleagues didn't want us to find this information.
They did everything they could to keep us from finding this information, so of course they don't want us to care.
Will it be embarrassing to them?
I think it'll be embarrassing to Adam Schiff once people realize the extent to which he went to keep them from learning any of this.
So that would be the embarrassment.
Go ahead.
What do you mean?
I mean going to court to help Fusion GPS so we can't find out that they paid for the dossier.
Let's translate that.
Adam Schiff, that's what Trey Gowdy's saying, Adam Schiff obstructed justice and tried to block the release in court
The Democratic leader of the Intelligence Committee, the number two person, tried to obstruct, that's what's coming out, that's in the memo, he's telling you, tried to obstruct
Information about who paid for Fusion GPS coming out.
We already know from the evidence of some of the text, it was the FBI that paid for it.
So when we come back, we're going to finish up with this powerful clip straight ahead with Trey Gowdy laying out a big chunk of why this is so serious for Schiff and why Schiff looks even more squirrely-eyed and criminal than ever.
Man, what a pack of un-American scum, and they're so pissed the country's coming back.
They just don't know what to do.
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You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
Defending the Republic from enemies, foreign and domestic.
It's Alex Jones.
We are back live.
Thank you so much for joining us on this Thursday, the first day of February 2018 transmission.
We are set, as soon as the President speaks, to play a few minutes of that live here in just a moment as he approaches the podium.
And then, Trey Gowdy's come out and said, Adam Schiff obstructed justice, the evidence will show.
That's coming out in the memo, trying to use congressional power to block courts releasing information on who paid for Fusion GPS.
We know who did, the FBI and the Democrats.
Let's go to the president live at the Republican retreat in West Virginia.
Thank you, Paul and Mitch, for the introduction and for your tremendous leadership.
You folks have done well.
I just looked at some numbers.
You've even done better than you thought, I think, based on what we just saw about 10 minutes ago.
And I want to thank you to the governor of this incredible state, my very good friend, Jim Justice, and his wonderful wife, Kathy, who are with us.
And Jim is now a proud member of the Republican Party.
He was a Democrat.
He switched over.
You don't see that too often.
Maybe you'll see it more and more, but thank you, Jim, and the hotel is beautiful and everything's beautiful.
The Blue State fantasy.
Great to be among so many friends for the second time.
The Blue Wave fantasy is collapsing in all the polls.
Even their fake polls show they're negative now.
As we were all inspired.
And I really mean that.
We were inspired by America's heroes and uplifted by everyone who has sacrificed in the fight for freedom.
They were and are incredible people that we saw that night.
And tremendous courage.
And one of the people, I have to say, boy, you got a very big hand, Steve.
Steve Scalise.
A great hand.
And we're all truly blessed to be Americans.
Before going any further, I want to send our prayers to everyone affected by the train accident yesterday, and especially to the family of the person who was so tragically killed.
Our thoughts are with the victims and their loved ones, and thank you.
With us today on stage is our incredible leadership team, and they really have.
If you look, you just look at what's happened in the last short period of time.
Without them, I could have never won the presidency, I guess.
I don't know.
Could I have won the presidency without them?
Steve, yes, right?
I don't know.
But they've become very good friends, and we're now in battle together and in friendship together.
Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.
Thank you, Mitch.
Great guy.
That was a big win we had, Mitch.
Senate Majority Whip, John Cornyn.
John, thank you.
Great job.
House Majority Whip, Steve Scalise.
Again, Steve, thank you.
House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy.
Alright, we're going to go back to the President live.
He's there celebrating everybody and celebrating America.
I'm sure he'll have some meat and potatoes on the next wave, the next agenda, to make America great again.
So we'll go back to him in just a few minutes.
I wanted to play this because it's so bombshell.
This is Trey Gowdy on Fox & Friends today, saying Schiff's going to be really embarrassed by all of this.
The head Democrat on the Intelligence Committee, because he's been leading the witch hunt from the inside, trying to block courts using congressional power, arguing don't release who paid for Fusion GPS and the lawsuits in any of it.
So again, this is a big deal.
This is obstruction, is what he's saying.
So let's go to that clip.
My Democrat colleagues didn't want us to find this information.
They did everything they could to keep us from finding this information, so of course they don't want us to care.
Will it be embarrassing to them?
I think it'll be embarrassing to Adam Schiff once people realize the extent to which he went to keep them from learning any of this.
So that would be the embarrassment.
Go ahead.
What do you mean?
I mean going to court to help Fusion GPS so we can't find out that they paid for the dossier and that they were working for the DNC.
That's a pretty big step to go to court to try to keep the American people from learning something.
If it were up to Adam Schiff, you wouldn't know about Hillary Clinton's email.
You wouldn't know about the server.
You wouldn't know who paid for the dossier.
So I do find it ironic that he has his own memo now, because if it were up to him, we wouldn't know any of it.
Aren't we all in search of the truth, though?
I mean, Democrats and Republicans should be in search of the truth.
That's enough of that.
Shut it down.
And again, he's using congressional power to go in and try to block something that his party and then the FBI, his people, paid for.
And he's quarterbacking the whole thing now that McCain's dying of brain cancer.
And he's like this god they put up there who runs around calling everybody Russian agents.
I, quite frankly, am sick of it.
I'm tired of it.
And they're trying to stand in the way of America's recovery because they want to keep the poor on their Democrat plantation.
Let's go back to the president live and his remarks and see if he's gotten into his main statement on his call for bipartisanship.
We're supposedly going to hear.
That was a tough year.
Instead of that was one of the greatest years.
In the history of politics, in the history of our country, for a party, what we've done and what we've accomplished.
That's true.
I don't think it's been done, and certainly not by much.
We had a year that was almost, I would think, unlike any.
It was a tremendous success, and I give everybody in this room the credit, and I give, certainly, these people behind me tremendous credit for what took place.
American rebirth.
Especially last month.
That was a month of tremendous pressure, and that was people that were able to act under pressure.
My favorite type of person.
They were able to act under tremendous pressure, so I just want to thank you all, because that's what it was all about.
And you know, it was interesting.
While we had a great year, we weren't being given credit for it.
Regulations at a level that nobody's ever done.
In one year, we knocked out more regulations than anybody.
Supreme Court justice, judges all over.
So many different records, so many successes.
But when we got the great tax cut bill,
And we call it the tax cut and jobs bill.
We got that, it was like putting it all in a box and wrapping it with a beautiful ribbon.
We started getting credit, not only for that, but for all of the other things that we did during the year.
It's amazing.
That's right, the hoax is collapsing.
I'm surprised actually.
People are believing their eyes.
And their pocketbooks.
We got a lot of credit from a lot of people and all of a sudden they're saying, while he had a lot of accomplishment, and then they went on.
To do the thing.
But the fact is, you understand that.
Yeah, the big breakthroughs happened.
We got a lot of credit.
He broke your back, Mr. President.
We did.
Everybody in this room, really, kudos.
We're a nation of builders and dreamers and strivers and fighters.
And together we're building a safe, strong and very proud America already since the election.
We've created 2.4 million jobs.
That's unthinkable.
And that doesn't include all of the things that are happening.
And then he'll go through the litany.
We're going to go to break here in a moment.
And so we'll be able to, this is live right now, but we'll obviously be able to rewind it to those points and get some of the main snippets for you.
We've got Mike Adams, the health ranger, joining us in studio with his big high-tech lab and scientists.
He's got one of the, now one of the top labs out there, some of the most fancy equipment there is.
He tested the tide balls that have been this big craze.
To see if there's something addictive in it that people found.
A lot of poisons are addictive.
And what he found was in these things, chemical-wise.
Is insane.
So that is coming up with Mike Adams about 15 minutes to the next hour.
We're going to have that for you for a few segments from CWC Labs.
And then we're going to continue and open the phones up and take your phone calls today in the third and fourth hour like we did yesterday.
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We're now into hour number two.
Trump speaking live.
More of that coming up.
But first, they say if you talk to a Russian, that's Russian collusion.
And Putin magically runs everything.
Maxine Waters says Putin's after her and that he tells Trump what to say and do.
So I've told people I intend to go to Russia sometime in the next six months or so to go see who supposedly I'm getting orders from.
Never been to Russia.
There's about a couple Russians in my life.
A great lady from Russia works here.
Came here as a kid.
Was in the US military.
But you know, you can't trust any of them, folks.
Who you can trust is Adam Schiff, yes.
But there's the tweet, looking forward to Putin giving me the new hashtag to use against Hillary and the Dems.
It's my Russian visa that came in yesterday.
So you can see my name there in Russian.
That's the proof right there, ladies and gentlemen.
Absolute death penalty now.
That's it, real Alex Jones, if you're a radio listener and want to see that.
But here's a joke clip we shot at a nice little restaurant a few months ago, Russia House.
And there is a Russian in the shot.
Can you spot her as I'm surrounded by lovely ladies?
Here it is.
We pledge allegiance to Comrade Putin and his great minion Donald J. Trump to make America great again.
We pledge this plan to destroy the Americans, to save their economy, and their people, and their border, and their military.
Hail Putin!
Hail Russia!
We will never surrender!
That is the KGB plan!
Ha ha ha!
Well done, Comrade!
We'll show the Americans!
Yeah, now I'm not using my fake Texas accent.
Now I am using my true Russian accent when I speak like Mary Konsky Yankee scum.
New sanctions against Russia and tanks and weapons being given to Ukraine to attack Russia.
That is what we have funded Putin's minion Donald J. Trump to do.
And to not give Russia credit for knocking out ISIS.
That is why we put him in.
And to increase US military and nuclear weapons and control border.
And take care of veterans and hire millions and then take jobs away from Russia.
Oh, Trump is doing well for us.
He is doing so well, having the United States become dominant on the world stage again.
It is not the globalists that we're hurting, America.
I try to talk Russian and I sound like Cookie Monster.
Oh, Cookie.
And of course this, unclassified.
Trump preparing new sanctions against Russia.
Report to Congress pursuant to Section 241.
They've had this for a long time.
And it's where he's targeting hundreds of Russian millionaires and billionaires, saying, we're targeting you, we're watching you, and we may take all your assets with proof.
This is the true sign of a Russian agent.
Yes, targeting Russians, taking their money for no reason.
Down with America!
That's why Trump says America first and wants you to have optimism.
That is how we demoralize you!
2 plus 2 equals 500!
I agree!
And Comrade Putin is after Maxine Waters.
She wants to bring America into the global system and destroy it!
But our comrade is helping America.
Again, I'm having trouble.
I need to listen to somebody with a Russian accent so I can do a better job.
But there it is!
Tweeted out of Alex Jones.
Looking forward to Putin giving me the new hashtag to use against Hillary.
And the Dems.
And I'm told Charlie Weasel over at PP Feed, over at Poo Poo Feed, over at BS Feed, over at S Hole Feed, remember the former Deputy Director of the CIA said, I'm a proud you-know-what holer.
Well, the you-know-what holers over there are going to have some good fun with this.
You know, I'm not giving into their crap.
I mean, if they said, we're going to call you a Nazi if you don't do what we say, I'd say go to hell.
Oh, by the way, they did that.
And then they called me a
I was a communist when I was mad at Bush about stuff.
And I didn't like Bill Clinton.
I was a right-wing racist.
And I just learned.
But now I'm a Russian agent.
So, uh... I fooled them yet again, though.
Yeah, Alec, I just have to say something, man.
It seems like every time I turn on your broadcast, you're bragging.
It just gets old, man.
I'm gonna shut you down right now, okay?
We're taking calls about your nomination.
Do you understand they're having congressional hearings trying to shut us down?
Do you understand I'm ringing the alarm?
If that was happening to anybody else, I'd be freaked out.
I mean, what's it gonna take?
Us being shut down?
Is that what you want, Frank?
You know what, Alex?
Hey, put him on pause again!
Hey, Frank!
Do you understand it's not bragging to say, we are the tip of the spear, we're under attack, we need your help.
As much bagging as I do, we can barely pay the bills and grow in the face of this.
I'm not gonna just stop growth and let them start pushing us backwards.
You understand?
I need your help, Frank!
I need your help, Frank!
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Do you understand?
I need your help, Frank!
Free Press needs your help, Frank!
Big Brother, mainstream media, government cover-ups.
You want to stop tyranny?
Well, so does he.
Live from the InfoWars.com studios, it's Alex Jones.
Ladies and gentlemen, we are back live broadcasting worldwide.
I'm going to go back to more of Trump's ongoing speech in West Virginia the day after the train carrying the Republicans to the destination.
The Speaker of the House got hit by a truck, a dump truck, so we're going to be playing some more of that here in just a moment.
And then I've got more of these clips here with the absolute out-of-control Democrat
Hysteria going on.
Now just saying anyone even questioning the FBI is a Russian agent, including chairman of the committee, intelligence committee, Jebin Nunes.
So that's their plan.
Overturn the election is their is their real brass ring.
Hold new elections run by Democrat-controlled Homeland Security and we never have a real
Election again, we're gonna go back to that also Canada passes bill to make Oh Canada lyrics gender-neutral So the war on men and women accelerates as MSNBC says how dare him talk about families and how dare him talk about churches That's a bygone era and you don't have that anymore Wow, I mean talk about bad guys, but let's go back to the president
Something very, very special.
And when I made that statement the other night, there was zero movement from the Democrats.
They sat there, stone-cold, no smile, no applause.
You would have thought that on that one they would have sort of at least clapped a little bit.
Which tells you, perhaps, they'd rather see us not do well than see our country do great.
And that's not good.
That's not good.
We have to change that.
And as I said, we've eliminated more regulations in our first year than any administration
Has ever eliminated, and that means four years, eight years, or in one instance, 16 years.
In one year, we've knocked out more regulations.
It's an amazing thing.
And I happen to think that that is every bit as important toward our success as the tax cuts.
I have many business friends and many people in business that came to me and they say that, including small businesses, they say the fact that they no longer have to go through years of turmoil
In getting approved, and getting approvals, and getting rule changes, and getting all sorts of things, and getting old while they're waiting to get them.
The fact that all of that is gone is probably as important or even more important to the massive tax cuts we've gotten people.
So, that's something.
We've signed into law the biggest tax cuts and reforms in American history.
And I have to say, included in there is the individual mandate.
We repealed it.
That's a big one.
That's so big.
By itself, that would be a big achievement.
And we sort of take it as, well, that was included.
And ANWR, one of the great potential fields anywhere in the world.
And I never appreciated ANWR so much.
A friend of mine called up, who's in that world and in that business, said, is it true that you're thinking about ANWR?
I said, yeah, I think we're going to get it.
But, you know, he said, are you kidding?
That's the biggest thing by itself.
He said, Ronald Reagan and every president has wanted to get ANWR approved.
And after that, I said, oh, make sure that's in the bill.
It was amazing how that had an impact.
That had a very big impact on me, Paul.
I really didn't care about it, and then when I heard that everybody wanted it for 40 years they've been trying to get it approved, I said, make sure you don't lose ANWR.
But it's great for the people of Alaska.
And Senator Sullivan, Senator Murkowski are here someplace.
Where are they?
But they are very happy campers.
Where's Senator?
Good, Senator.
Thank you.
They work very... Where's Don Young?
He's such a quiet guy.
Where's Don?
Don Young, also.
Don, thank you.
So, no, we were always good together.
We never had a problem with it.
But you think about it, that by itself is a big bill.
The individual mandate by itself is a big, powerful bill.
That was just added on to what we did with the massive tax cuts.
I want to thank Senator Finance Chairman and a very spectacular man, Orrin Hatch.
Where's Orrin?
Orrin is... I love listening to him speak.
He said once, I am the single greatest president in his lifetime.
Now, he's a young man, so it's not that much, but... And he actually once said, I'm the greatest president in the history of our country.
And I said, does that include Lincoln and Washington?
He said, yes.
I said, I love this guy.
I love him.
But he is.
He's a special guy.
And House Ways and Means Chairman Kevin Brady for their incredible work.
Kevin, where are you, Kevin?
What a job.
I'd call Kevin night after night.
Kevin, what about this?
What about that?
You were always there.
He was working.
What did you average sleep for about four weeks?
About... maybe nothing.
I think he had no average.
Alright, let's stop right here.
We're gonna come back with more.
Mike Adams is joining us in the next segment to talk about the little Tide Pods the last month.
That has been a big national sensation with young people, teenagers, eating them and then vomiting and being rushed to poison control centers.
So, Mike thought, why don't we test and actually see what's in these?
With their spectrometers and all their fancy equipment at his big testing lab he has.
Of course, he heads up naturalnews.com and so much more.
Best-selling author and filmmaker.
So that's coming up.
Speaking of tied
Pads or balls or whatever you call them.
I would know, we use little organic ones at my house.
When I got attacked by Stephen Colbert a few weeks ago, he impersonates me and then had me, via the character Tuck Bothford, eating
Tied pellets.
Tied balls.
And again, it just shows how they forward something destructive and help create the hysteria.
Right at its peak.
And then they pawn it off like I did it.
Again, it's not funny.
But speaking of the laundry pods,
can go to a grand jury in the swamp in DC and try to indict the president to embarrass him out of office to kill the recovery you were just hearing about and that you're witnessing.
These people are the enemy of our recovery and our country.
And they've been doing it by design.
So Steve Watson wrote about it.
It's on Infowars.com and Newswars.com.
Here is the clip.
Rand Paul drops truth bombs on the Tide Pod pusher Stephen Colbert.
I gotta ask you, you said that the Bob Mueller investigation was a witch hunt and that it was a distraction of Congress' time.
Do you think it should be ended?
Do you think he should be gotten out of there?
Do you think they should get rid of Rosenstein and release the memo and just blow the whole thing up and forget it ever happened?
I'm concerned.
My biggest concern is over something that Madison said in the beginning of our country.
He said that men are not angels and that's why we need more oversight of government.
Our intelligence community has the ability to listen to every phone call.
Everyone of your phone calls could be listened to if they wanted to.
Everyone of your emails can be tracked.
Everyone of your phone, who you call and how long you speak can be tracked.
Every bank transaction can be tracked.
And so I think because men are not angels, and women aren't either, is that there could be bias entering into the intelligence community.
And we have to be very, very careful that someone gives them a check and a balance.
And that check and a balance should be a judge and a warrant.
So one of the things I fought with over this collection of FISA data was that we should go to a judge to get to that.
What does that have to do with Mueller?
I'm concerned that we've given too much power to a prosecutor.
He was supposed to go after Russian collusion.
So far he's gotten someone over.
He recorded General Flynn's phone call.
And then got him to say something inconsistent with what was recorded in the phone call.
Think about it from a personal perspective.
If I had a thousand phone calls from Stephen Colbert, what I could learn, and then if I can interview you, and if you say anything inconsistent with what you said on your private phone calls, I can put you in jail?
Well, if what I said in the private phone call was that, yeah, I met with the Russians over sanctions, and then you ask me to be with the Russians over sanctions and say no,
See they cut it off there to make it look like a zinger, like he's a big genius, but that's not what was there.
Looking for obstruction.
Early on, we told you that Trump was putting a focus on and green-lining, going after pedophile rings.
We've seen unlimited arrests going on.
We've seen just massive things happening, but then no coverage once it happens.
So the press has not been willing to cover it.
They'll see hundreds of arrests here, hundreds of arrests there, all these children, all these women, freed, and then no coverage after that.
So Craig had an idea in the last
He's now put it into action.
Tacticalinsider.com, Vets4ChildRescue.org.
There's a new TV program and film they're developing.
Again, Craig Sawyer, should have said Marine veteran, former Navy SEAL, sniper, TV show host, you name it.
Fox News analyst.
I mean, there's so much to cover in your bio.
Competition, top shot.
So again, firearms expert, what got you into this and where does the rabbit trail from all your sources lead you?
Well, what got me into this, Alex, really was having the network of fellow professionals that could help in situations like this and just having my heart pounded on after learning the nature of this crisis and what they're doing to the children, these child traffickers, after the Trump election and the increase of the arrests on child traffickers.
So I just really could not look away, Alex, and I rallied my resources and connections against it.
And that's really what
Veterans for Child Rescue is all about.
We started off to be an alert service to alert the populace to the fact that there is a serious
Because you've got a bunch of things in development, I don't want to give out any of the secrets about the show.
I mean, describe the little trailer piece we're about to play.
Alright, so this is a quick snapshot of some of the earlier footage of our documentary series.
We've started off with a two-hour feature film documentary that's going to get at least 50 million viewers, probably 100 million viewers or more.
So we're excited about it and it's an entire effort to alert the populace, show them what the mainstream news media apparently refuses to tell the people.
And it's really, Alex, it's a story of me going around the country, dealing with the perpetrators, the victims, the witnesses, law enforcement, and finding out what really is going on with this.
And it's a story of my journey of learning and alert American people.
So it's, this is a quick snapshot of the early parts of it.
What kind of demand for child sex justifies the number 2 million child sex slaves?
Everybody has access to your kids like they've never had access to your kids before.
The highest child rape consumption country in the world is right here in the United States.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show!
Discover trends and global developments years before they happen, right here on the Alex Jones Show.
All right, joining us for the balance of the hour, Mike Adams of NaturalNews.com.
He also heads up a big national lab that tests for thousands of different chemicals for hundreds of different companies, foods, you name it.
And he had an idea.
Last week, because of the whole situation with laundry pods from Tide that was the big craze and still is the craze with young people eating them on air, he had the idea to test that.
And what he found was incredible.
Exclusive Tide laundry pods found to contain over 700 chemicals, independent lab test results released to the public.
Stories at naturalnews.com were posting it as well.
To Infowars.com.
It's also at Science.News, one of his other big sites.
So Mike Adams is here with us.
That's coming up in the next segment.
He won it.
We're going to show you the scans, the chemicals, all of the bizarreness that young people are taking.
You know, a lot of poisons or toxic things famously have been used as drugs.
Like people who are addicted to arsenic, like Jack the Ripper.
So that's coming up next segment.
Mike, good to have you back.
Let's first get into what you wanted to talk about when we were talking during the break about, now they're set to release the memo tomorrow.
They're saying the FISA memo, what we see happening in this country.
How would you quantify the place America is right now, historically?
Well, this is history in the making.
This is a historic moment for America, no question about it.
But I would also warn that this is a prime opportunity for the left to try to pull off a false flag distraction, frankly.
And, you know, that's me saying it, not you saying it right here.
If they can distract from the information that's going to come out, the obstruction of justice by Obama's DOJ and Obama's FBI, they will try anything, as you know, they will do anything to change the narrative and distract from this.
Because I believe that there could be as many as a hundred people being indicted, some of them going to prison, some of them turning and testifying against others.
From the Obama administration and the DNC and the Hillary Clinton Foundation and all of that, the level of evil and corruption and obstruction is so extraordinary that when this comes out, America will never be the same again.
I played the clip earlier, so I won't play it again now, but Trey Gowdy came out on Fox & Friends this morning and said to the world that, listen, what's going to embarrass Schiff that's running all this for the Democrats in the House on the Intelligence Committee,
Is that he's in there obstructing, trying to block documents coming out, and going to courts and saying, don't release who funded Fusion GPS.
Well, we know.
It was the Democrats, it was the FBI and others.
So they're running scared.
Well, when the shift hits the fan tomorrow, is what it looks like is going to happen.
Uh, Schiff is going to be exposed.
And all those who try to cover this up are going to be exposed.
And you notice how they've tried to blame the Republicans for doing the very things that they do.
They say the Republicans are obstructing justice when they have been steeped in obstruction of justice this entire time.
They say the Republicans are lying and making things up when it's actually the Democrats and the collusion inside the former DOJ and former FBI head.
They were making things up.
They were fabricating.
Hillary Clinton was destroying evidence, hammering hard drives, you know, to destroy them.
These people tried to overrun America and destroy our republic, and the truth is now about to come out.
And it was so close to succeeding, it finally blew up in their face, it awakened enough people to action.
Absolutely, and again, as you said, Trump's victory gave us a beachhead into America.
From this beachhead, we now have to fight the battle for transparency and truth.
Last year we got off the beachhead, rolling into France, but now the Battle of the Bulge is coming, the final big globalist counter-assault led by Zeb Dietrich is on its way.
Well absolutely, and this is why we the people have to continue to support this administration.
We have to support Nunez, we have to support people like Rand Paul who are demanding transparency.
We have to continue to call for the release of the memo because the FBI is right now trying to interfere with that and trying to shut it down even as we speak.
And you cannot hype enough the amazing event horizon jump point, historically, when you enter these points that really are the brakes, like in pool, for the next 100, 200 years.
I mean, every historian, every analyst agrees we have reached the critical juncture, really deciding the future right now.
Well, this is going to break the deep state.
This is so much bigger than Watergate.
From all the reports that we're hearing and from reports like Sarah Carter, other journalists out there doing independent reporting, as well as your crew and so on.
This is so much bigger than Watergate that history will have to be rewritten based on what's about to come out, it looks like, tomorrow.
And of the globalist media...
Trump thinks they got discredited lying and saying Trump wouldn't win the election and the WikiLeaks and rigging the polls and rigging the debates, which everybody saw.
That's why they lost.
Trump really won by like 10, 15 points, the numbers show, and they stole at least five states, tried to steal others, but the avalanche, the landslide was so big that it just made it over the top.
And if they think that discredited them, the economy coming back with only one year, when they had us on death's doorstep,
And I'm
I savor this, not as a feeling of victory or triumph, because we're still deep in the fight, but I know behind the scenes, we're not whining, we're just saying, you've been persecuted, I've been persecuted, a lot of our people have, and the fact, and you know Trump has, the fact that we're winning, it makes all that pain not be pain anymore.
I felt incredible pride and inspiration watching the State of the Union address.
You know, just for once to say, we are taking America back for what it was founded on.
Eight years of hatred and destruction and collusion under Obama to systematically dismantle this culture, this country, this economy.
And now back from the dead, it gives me chills, it brings tears to my eyes because
We have been so close to the enemy having total sway over us.
A Soviet-style purge is in all their documents.
They were going to literally persecute the hell out of everybody that's decent.
They're still tweeting at MSNBC, don't talk about families and churches.
You don't get that anymore!
These are like people in a re-education camp running it.
I mean, they're so evil, Mike.
You're not lying at all.
You were on the list.
I was on the list.
Other websites were on the list to be shut down and taken over by the D.O.J.
That's been in Congress.
That's been in Congress.
To have the domain seized, to have people like you and I vilified as Russian agents.
You know, you did a parody on that, but that was their actual plan.
They were going to go ahead and win.
She won with that.
We're seeing the false launch of all this, but they're still going with the plan.
They are.
But their plan is now about to unravel at a scale that we've never seen before.
And that's the danger.
Just like Trey got everybody said, they're cornered rats right now.
They're very dangerous.
They're capable of anything at this point.
A false flag operation.
Anything to change the narrative.
If it has to be, well, you know, a train full of Republicans slamming into a truck, that might have been just a small taste of things to come if they get their way.
But let's hope that enough of the deep state has been shut down now where they can't pull off something big like a biological attack or a radiological attack on some city.
Because I have no doubt they would do anything to change the narrative and try to change history at this point.
I agree.
I know Trump likes to get peak anticipation going.
He needs to move to the left, move to the right when they think he's moving to the right, move to the left, zig when he zags.
I think he should just release it right now, because I'm telling you, they're trying to load up federal buildings with ammonium nitrate right now to blame it on us.
They have to get the vote out of committee, I believe, tomorrow morning.
And that is on track.
Trump promised to get it released.
It's coming.
And I would say, I'm going to be watching InfoWars tomorrow when this comes out.
Man, I'll just tell you, my gut level, though, can you feel it?
The energy?
You can feel them finally know they're losing.
So right now, the whole energy's changed from that satanic, narcissistic arrogance to just... They're like demons, like pigs that are demon-possessed running off a cliff.
It's an Oprah.
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You're listening to The Alex Jones Show!
Waging war on corruption.
It's Alex Jones, coming to you live from the front lines of the InfoWar.
Well, the suspense is deafening.
You see the horrified looks in the faces of weasel-eyed demons like Pelosi, Waters and Schiff.
And just the panic in the leftist media, they know what they did.
It's already come out, a lot of it.
The conspiracy against the voters of this country, the massive attempts to overthrow an election, a watershed election, a political realignment.
But no army can stop an idea whose time has come to quote Victor Hugo.
But we're going to get back into that in the next segment.
Right now, groundbreaking information dealing with the
Whole fiasco that we've seen the last month with tied laundry pods and it turns out that someone sent a comedian a tweet challenging him a month and a half ago to eat one on air.
He did it, and now it's spread.
But let's talk about, let's use some idiotic, moronic craze like this to ask ourselves, what's really in a Tide pod?
Well, Mike Adams, who has a huge scientific lab with engineers, the whole nine yards, works for some of the biggest companies out there.
Has tested it.
His article is at Science.News.
We've also posted it to InfoWars.com.
He's got all 700 chemicals listed.
He's got all the different computer readouts and shots.
He's got it all broken down.
But just two weeks ago, Colbert, in one of his many attacks on me through the character he's created that supposedly is Alex Jones, is up there eating Tide Pods on air and telling kids to do it to protect yourself from the New World Order.
So here's a clip of it.
Let's follow it up with drinking a bag of Tide Pods.
I take a little... Damn!
Ready Whips made this so slippery.
Anyway, the point is, just work your way through these.
They got a real kick to it.
Plus, it'll make your lower testin'.
I mean, your duodenum will be brighter and softer than ever.
I think it'll kill you.
Won't it, Mike?
Well, we'll talk about that in more detail here.
They're the ones pushing this, and then I get blamed.
At the first segment he says, this is Alex Jones, let's go to his other character, Tuck Budford, but he plays clips of me first.
Then he goes to this, but no, here we are actually telling you what's in it, doing the opposite.
We're saying don't eat it, don't eat any household chemicals.
Call poison control if you accidentally ingest them.
We're not the ones saying it, they are.
Mike Adams?
It is an incredible confirmation of actually your commitment to real science here.
Thank you for having me on.
Thank you.
We have this because we are an ISO accredited laboratory, which puts us above most university labs in terms of accreditation.
We're audited, we're inspected, we have to pass tests to be able to be accredited.
We have looked at Tide Pods and we've identified over 700 chemical signatures.
There are actually over 1,200.
I removed about 500 because they didn't have high enough peaks.
So there's 700 that we decided to list publicly.
And we've released them, the chemical formulas, at Science.News.
You can download it, you can see for yourself.
And again, tell people the name of your big lab here in Texas.
Well, it's called CWC Labs, and we do analytical science.
We use mass spectrometry.
We use liquid chromatography.
And our expertise is actually testing products, and we test environmental samples in water, and we're experts in contaminants.
Contamination is our expertise.
Now, what we can do is we can show which products are clean, and we can show which off-the-shelf products are actually contaminated, both.
And I know, I remember like six, seven years ago, it wasn't your idea for this.
You tried to get big companies to do it, and they didn't even want to do it.
They didn't even want to test these big industry products because there's kind of an unwritten thing, you don't do it.
Well, yeah, it's very interesting.
Organizations like yours and Ed Groups are very happy to have your products tested and certified clean because your products are heavily tested already, you know they're clean, they're quality ingredients.
It's the globalist corporations that make the toxic products, they're the ones that don't want their products tested.
And you don't have the FDA messing with them.
They can do whatever they want.
That's right.
That's right.
So, look, this is very good science.
This is irrefutable science.
We've shown the chromatography.
And if you're a radio listener, Infowars.com forward slash show.
We are showing photos, video of the whole process.
Please continue.
Now, remember that the Tide Pods package itself says that if you consume this, you should call a poison control center.
So for us to say this is a toxic product is actually consistent with what the product packaging says.
So I am saying, yes, it's toxic.
And doctors are warning all across America that if you consume this, then it could cause long-term health hazards.
Just like fluoride toothpaste.
Well, exactly, exactly.
But think about this.
There's another more sinister aspect of this that brings in everything that you're talking about here at the show.
If you bombard your senses with all these fragrance chemicals and all these toxic neurological poisons that are found in laundry products, your brain tends to recede and you are actually, this is not a joke, you are actually less able to have cognitive adaptability.
Well, it's called a chemical haze.
That's exactly it.
That's exactly right.
This is an assault on your ability to process information and to even think in the world correctly because you're assaulted by fluoride, you're assaulted by fragrance chemicals, you're assaulted by fabric softeners and dryer sheets, you're assaulted by detergents.
All these chemicals bombard your brain and your neurology and it makes it so that you cannot function at the level that you were intended to function with with your God-given body, which is a supercomputer actually.
The dumbing down of the masses has a junk food component and a chemical component, and this is all part of it.
So we have done the science, we have released the results, and we're now asking the public to look at the chemical formulas and help us identify the names of those chemicals.
Too many formulas for us to do all the research on.
These computers are so amazing, they're telling you all these huge long names, and you have
You found, like you said, over a thousand, but you're just cutting it down to 700.
We only injected half of a microliter of this Tide Pod laundry product.
Half of a microliter in our system, okay?
That's one half of one millionth of a liter.
And we found over 700 chemicals.
Have you ever tested anything that came up this crazy?
Nothing even close.
Nothing even close.
We have tested off-the-shelf products, thousands of them.
We found pesticides and herbicides and other chemicals.
We found birth control chemicals in the water supply.
We did a sample from a VA hospital.
We found, I don't know, 100 and something chemicals in that.
We've never seen 700 plus chemicals before.
And, you know, the message to your audience, Alex, is that if you want to protect your brain and your body and your ability to think, you need to use cleaner products.
Cleaner products.
And you point out they claim there's 14 ingredients, but isn't that just like hydrofluorosilicic acid?
They admit it's mainly out of Florida or out of Colorado at these big uranium mines.
Or were they mined for phosphate fertilizer or from China?
And it'll actually say on some of the bags from China, contains lead, mercury, arsenic.
But there's waivers grandfathered in for water supplies to be able to put this in.
And they'll only say, oh, we're only adding chlorine and we're only adding fluoride.
But under the name fluoride, it could be up to 300 plus chemicals.
Oh, yeah.
Yeah, exactly.
There's a lot of deception in ingredients, labels, and claims.
For example, the Procter & Gamble company says that they have only about 14 ingredients in this product.
They list those 14 on their website.
And they have nice sounding names, and they say, oh, this citric acid is like from an orange.
You know, they try to make it sound friendly.
They don't tell you the other, you know, 686 chemicals that we found that have very scary names.
And actually, if you look at what's called the Material Safety Data Sheets, or MSDS sheets, for these chemicals, you'll find that many of them, the vast majority, have toxic profiles.
My advice is you should never use Tide laundry detergent, even to do your laundry.
You should find something cleaner and safer.
In the same way that you want to source cleaner products, you know, like InfoWars Store, you want clean products.
You should do the same thing for your laundry, for your personal care products.
You are chemically polluting your family, your household.
Ever since I was about eight years old, my mom quit using Tide because anytime she washed clothes in it, I would break out in hives everywhere.
That's very common, actually.
It's a very common reaction.
And these kids that are eating it, you know, they think they're hip and cool.
It's like, you know, this younger generation, they all loved Obama and they love Hillary Clinton because they don't know anything about her, but they think they're hip and cool, and they're trying to gain popularity by poisoning themselves.
That's right, because YouTube doesn't restrict any of these videos.
They block, they restrict ours, but if you're making fun of dead bodies, you know, they commit suicide, whatever, it's fun, they push it, they force-feed it to make kids nihilistic and stupid.
I think they're starting to restrict it because of the outcry, and maybe with this segment going public, they will restrict it even more, because nobody else in America has dared publish what you had me on today to do, the 700 plus chemicals.
Alright, when we come back, I'm gonna give people the rest of the story behind this, as Paul Harvey would say.
So please stay with us.
We'll be right back and spread the live links.
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Okay, let's go ahead and talk to Colt in Kansas.
Colt, you're on the air.
So, I got a couple things I want to talk about.
I'm from, actually, Clearwater, Kansas, and I grew up on a ranch and stuff.
We bale our own hay and stuff.
Clean stalls, you know, all the way through my childhood.
You can shed a buck, you can run a trot line.
That's right.
So, as I've got older now, when I bale hay every year, my sinuses just go nuts after the second and third day.
Well, I heard about your caveman, and so I started trying it, and actually, I haven't got sick at all, and I've been taking it for eight months now.
And, I mean, just like cold sick, you know?
Usually sinuses and stuff, between changing seasons, you know, your sinuses wear up.
Since I've been taking caveman, I haven't had any problems.
I haven't got sick one time.
I couldn't believe it.
You know, it's funny you say that, because I, from time to time, go read the reviews, and people have talked about reduced allergies, and, look, here's the deal.
They give you a bowl of chicken soup, and everybody knows it's been associated with getting well quicker.
This is hundreds of times stronger per serving.
It's concentrated, organic chicken bone, buchaga mushroom, bee pollen, and a bunch of stuff that is actually known to be anti-inflammatory.
But we put it there because it's an antioxidant.
And so, I mean, it really is an insane formula.
I saw three or four years ago that the biggest, hottest thing in bodybuilding and in the Olympic athletes and in NFL players, but also folks who wanted to detoxify and for weight loss as well, depending on how you want to use it, would be bone broth.
Boiling down chicken bones, boiling down beef bones.
But beef can have some issues.
We went with chicken.
And then for your bones, your cartilage, your energy, if you remember to just take a scoop of it with your milk or mix it with whey like I do, so it tastes good.
It's crazy how good these products are.
So I didn't mean to go into a whole other plug about it, but if people just try this ultimate bone broth formula, they will see for themselves what it does within a week or so.
So thank you for the plug, my friend.
It is.
Yeah, it's amazing.
I love it.
You're listening to The Alex Jones Show.
We're back live, ladies and gentlemen.
Mike Adams is my guest in studio.
And from what I researched, where the hydrofluorosilicic acid came from and the rest of it, at the end of World War II, they had tons of this as the byproduct from the aluminum smelting and from the production of the atomic bombs and things like that, Mike.
And so they began to start putting toxic chemicals into the water supply
Sheep dipped into detergents, into what we call fluoridated water, into all these other areas to get rid of the toxins and to get us to pay for them and to buy them.
And that's when we went from natural soaps and natural cleaners and things that have been used for thousands of years to calling them detergents.
So explain to me, not just ganging up on Procter & Gamble, but just in general, how
In California, if I'm saying that, you know, I'm selling something and rutabaga has more lead in it or kale than what California says they allow, but then you can have something like Coca-Cola, where you see the studies come out that it's full of lead, full of mercury, all this other crazy crap, and you ask yourself, how is this going on?
How do they all get to do it?
But then we've got something as clean as grandma's, you know, kitchen table,
And we're evil.
I mean, how does that work?
Well, let's be clear.
Procter & Gamble's not doing anything illegal.
They admit their product is poison.
There's a poison warning on the package.
But it's not illegal for them to sell it, and that's why many other people sell it.
But California, think about the hypocrisy of California.
Where they say, oh, you can't have more than 0.5 micrograms of lead in a total serving of a product, and yet California's cities collect all of the human sludge and sewage into what's called bio-sludge, and it's full of heavy metals, it's full of birth control chemicals, pharmaceuticals that were flushed down the toilet.
We're good.
...poisons its own rural citizens with these biosolids and biosludge.
So for California to say, oh, you can't have 0.5 micrograms of lead in a serving...
Many other products in the grocery store that have 10 times higher level of lead than what they allow in a nutritional supplement, and they call that science?
I call that junk science.
That's what California's into.
Just like their economy is a mess, their politics are a mess, their culture is imploding, their science is a total joke, Alex.
California, something's got to be done there.
Because liberalism is a form of psychological warfare.
In their own admissions, it's in the WikiLeaks, to take over and engage in criminal activity.
It's like the Joker runs the Democratic Party, basically.
They have to dissociate you from reality.
They use fake science to do it.
They use fake politics.
They've got Nancy Pelosi.
Yeah, Hollywood.
All of the fakery, like how they faked you with the Laundry Pods.
That was a PSYOP, really.
It wasn't just a satire.
It was a PSYOP to try to associate you with the poison of the Tide Laundry Pod.
And I've noticed it's an underwriting deal because
Every time Colbert attacks me or the other shows, they make fun of me saying there's chemicals in the food and water that are bad for you, and there's no such thing as the gay frogs, and then they now go out and show me taking chemicals on air.
So again, they do not want a real sensible debate about this.
The key to this is they are really trying to cover it up.
I go to science shows, like ASMS, I have science posters at the shows.
One of my science articles in the journal LCGC was one of the top six articles of the year in Liquid Chromatography Journal.
I go to science shows and the people there talk to me about atrazine in the same way that you talked about atrazine.
What you are saying is scientifically valid, it's 100% true, and the people who are attacking you over atrazine are fake science people.
And they know, and the thing is they've got a talking point.
It's everywhere.
They're like, don't listen to him, the water's great, GMO's great, Tide Pod's wonderful.
Yeah, but it's funny, because you have also the extreme environmentalists in places like California who say, well, you know, watch out for glyphosate, right?
And they're saying watch out for GMOs.
And then they say, what, Atrazine is a hoax?
What's wrong with these people?
They're living a contradiction, and you are pointing out the good science.
In fact, I would say, like today, the Tide Pods Show, that is really a pro-protect-your-health-protect-our-planet message.
Here on InfoWars, you are about protecting health, you are about protecting the planet, and they are about taking over... Well, I appreciate you saying the kind words.
I'm just for not living in a death cult kamikaze society with all these crazy nihilists that think this is all funny.
No, and they want to say that climate change is a problem, that carbon dioxide is a pollutant, which is a scientific hoax.
All the plants, all the forests need carbon dioxide to flourish.
Without carbon dioxide, we couldn't grow food.
Carbon dioxide, we just did a science article on this, Alex, carbon dioxide is causing a wave of flowers to bloom in the rainforest all across the world.
Because the levels are slightly higher, carbon dioxide is beautiful.
Well, I was about to say, all the climatologists and all the forest experts and everybody that study it said that when it was hundreds of times higher, now it's just a trace gas, that trees grew way, way faster, there was more oxygen, everybody was healthier.
Yes, the planet was more green when we had more carbon dioxide.
In fact, they say, major studies, the Sahara, they believe, has been growing because of low CO2 levels.
Well, exactly.
Think about under Obama.
The EPA, under Obama, declared carbon dioxide to be a pollutant.
This is the gas of life for plants.
This is nutrition for plants.
It's like oxygen for us.
Carbon cycle.
And they called it a pollutant.
If you were aliens that wanted to destroy life on Earth, you would cut the CO2.
The EPA has been accused of pursuing an almost terraforming type of activity.
And you notice now they're admitting that geoengineering is real, because the science is coming out that says once you start geoengineering, if you stop it, there will be catastrophic consequences to the planet.
Because they've already started it.
Yeah, of course they've started it.
And now they're admitting it.
Remember two years ago, everybody was called a kook for saying, oh, geoengineering, it's a conspiracy theory.
They were making fun of everybody, right?
Now they admit, oh yeah, it's been happening.
Just like globalism, amazing.
Naturalnews.com, you name it.
By the way, it's not just you.
It's time to ban Tide Pods for good.
And it goes on to say, it's toxic, it's dangerous, it's concentrated, it explodes in your mouth.
What in the earth are we doing here?
That's even Fortune.
So it just goes on and on.
Look, I don't know if they can show this picture, but Tide Pods are engineered, Alex, to resemble food.
And children are brainwashed into thinking... Because they want you to think it's healthy.
It's all designed.
That's right.
They think food's artificial.
They think food comes in a plastic container.
This is part of a brainwashing operation.
They are disconnecting everybody from reality.
Real food comes out of a garden.
Real food comes from the earth, right?
Real food... By the way, I've never seen a molecule that's a perfect swastika.
That's a swastika molecule.
It's in Tide Pods.
It's just a coincidence.
I mean, I'm not saying like... Well, obviously, it's just that I've... I mean, I've looked at so many molecules before.
I've never seen one that looks like that.
Yeah, well, I've got all the chromatography here.
I show you the peaks.
I show you the retention times, the accurate masses.
This is a combination.
By the way, I know how expensive this is, because we get all our stuff tested, too, by Top Labs, and it's thousands of dollars per test.
Yeah, yeah.
This run, if a private lab were to charge for this, it'd be a couple thousand dollars.
We spent, that instrument alone is about $400,000, and just the up... That's great.
I'm building big studios and hiring TV crews and fighting that way, and you're fighting building a big lab.
I know.
Our lab is expanding.
We're getting another... Great job.
Thank you, man.
Mike Adams here with us.
He's going to continue on with us a little bit in the next hour.
Then I'm going to open the phones up and take your calls.
They're now, Reuters is reporting that Fox News sources have talked to the President and that he's going to release the memo tomorrow morning.
They want to let the Senate Intelligence Committee look at it one more time.
But we'll see.
It's a rapidly changing situation.
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Hour number three.
I started working with some of the top labs in the country many years ago, but intensely the last year, to bring out a lot of new brands.
And I said, what is the cleanest, healthiest thing that goes after seasonal distress, the things that pollen and dust and all the trees and plants cause?
Quail, Japanese quail, fed a specific diet by the French.
They discovered this like 40 years ago.
It's not patented, not documented, but it's got better rates in the studies than placebos and then, you know, a lot of other products that are out there.
So I continue to marvel at Mother Nature and what God gave us on this planet.
Because the results we've gotten just at the office, people with serious
Issues with pollen, with dust, you name it.
The results we've gotten with the pollen block have just been insane and it just makes my head spin.
Why did I not, suffering from this for so many years, not know about it?
When it has alleviated
My issues, like I said, 70%.
I mean, it has been a game changer.
I still sneeze some.
I still might have a little burning in my sinus, but the pounding headaches, the fog is gone.
And that's what personally happened for me.
See what happens for you.
Give us your review.
We'd love to hear what you have to say.
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Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order, it's Alex Jones.
Live from Austin, Texas, broadcasting worldwide, it's Alex Jones.
Coming up, I'm going to give you my review of Elon Musk's flamethrower.
I just heard the hype and said, get me a couple of it.
It's about to sell out.
By the time I did, it was backordered.
Then I did some flamethrower research.
I'm a fan of Elon Musk, but I'm not a fan of this flamethrower.
Wait till we give you some comparisons, especially for TV viewers, coming up in about 15-20 minutes.
Mike Adams had a great idea during the break.
Again, the health ranger here with us at Science.News.
People just joined us, you have exclusively tested these Tide Pods that people are gobbling and getting high off of.
I guess toxins do that.
And again, Tide can legally sit here and sell these toxins, and they say it's a toxin on the back.
They lie and tell you there's only 14 ingredients, but clearly those ingredients have subgroups in them.
Just like with the fluoride, it's hundreds of toxins being dumped in our water.
We have a right to expose this, but you had a great idea, because during the break, one of the crew walked in and said, hey, what are solutions to this?
You said, yes.
Yeah, you should come out with your own detergent.
And by the way, this is completely spontaneous.
This wasn't pre-planned, but you should come out with your own detergent.
We'll test it in our lab and certify the ingredients with you.
You should offer that to your people.
Now, it's kind of heavy.
It's heavier to ship than your supplements.
So if you offer free shipping, you might have to adjust the price accordingly.
But frankly, you should give people alternatives.
Well, I already use all the certified organic stuff, so we should just clone that.
Then the listeners can support the broadcast and know they're getting a good one as well.
But here's the deal.
Well, the last 20 years, I'm no health expert like you, but I know my eyes are burning on the chemical aisle.
You know, if I was cleaning the house with chemicals, I would get sick, my hands would fall apart, and it leaves stuff on the glasses.
Well, this stuff's all crap!
The natural stuff's cheaper and works better!
You don't need all these chemicals to clean your laundry.
You really don't.
You just need some more natural detergents.
You don't need all the UV altering or blocking.
Sorry, the wavelength-blocking chemicals that they use to, quote, whiten the clothes.
You don't need the fragrance chemicals, for sure, because the fragrance chemicals is really what sets a lot of people off.
That's another thing.
Detergents eat you.
The chemical ones eat your clothes.
Many of them do.
But more importantly, think about it.
If you saturate your clothing in those chemicals, and then you wear them, and then you go to the gym, you sweat.
You sweat.
Well, that's what happens.
You excrete water and salt.
When I was eight years old, my mom stopped buying ties because I would break out in hives.
Because the chemicals are getting released from the clothing into your skin as you're going through your workout or just through your day.
If you're sweating, you know, maybe your armpits are sweating, and you're releasing and then reabsorbing into your armpits these chemicals.
This is true.
This is straight science and biology.
This is how it works.
So I think you should offer a clean, non-toxic detergent product to your customer base.
And you can do it at a great value because you're not going through retail, so you don't have to have the tool.
That's a great idea.
In fact, Tim Ferrissier has talked about that before.
We've never just done it because, I mean, again, everything we already do is what we then get the listeners to support us to support them.
So we build a base to be able to have this economy to even resist the globalists, which Trump understands he is trying to bring the economy back and it's happening.
And that's why your products represent such a good value because you don't go into retail.
You know, we've looked at going into retail too.
You know they have to charge, I mean, you have to have like a $200 or $250 or 300% markup.
So you have to cheapen the ingredients to end up in the retail store.
And that's why they'll be like $1 in a product that's $30.
We put $35 in something that's $70.
Right, because you sell direct.
So your customers... I mean, the top labs we have making it just go,
This is incredible.
I mean, no one's putting this much stuff in their product.
I know.
I've had these conversations privately with Ed Group, and, you know, we talk about ingredients and everything, and it's so impressive to me, because I know the cost of some of these ingredients, like the PQQ and some of the others.
You know how expensive that stuff is?
Or the methylcobalamin form of B12?
You know how expensive that... I mean... That's like when BuzzFeed tested our stuff.
It's insanely expensive.
They said, okay, it's pure B12, like they say, but this is really the top brand in the company, according to their lab, and it was Groups that I private-labeled.
So they said, Groups is the best in the country.
And they didn't even know it was groups.
They lie about your products the same way they lie about the economy the same way they lie about... And they lie so bad they end up telling the truth.
I know.
It's totally insane.
But see, we've got real science on our side now.
We can go head-to-head with anybody that makes a false claim against your company or my company.
Well, you did that with Caveman.
You tested it and it wasn't true.
That's right.
That's right.
We exposed the fake science that was being used to try to target you.
You know, it passes with our labs, it passes with other labs, they test it and it passes open, then magically, uh, you know, they're not gonna let us.
I tested your product five times, and it was super clean all five times, by the way.
Five times.
Just to be sure.
There you go.
But they don't care, they'll have somebody, oh, the lab magically, you know, says, you know, PCP in it.
We'll be right back.
Vitamin Mineral Fusion.
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It's Alex Jones.
You can run on for a long time.
Run on for a long time.
Run on for a long time.
Sooner or later gonna put you down.
Well I gotta say, Mike Adams is on fire, and he's with us for one more segment.
Then I'm going to get into all the news.
Trump's speech today at the State of the Union.
The globalists want to strike back.
But during the breaks, we've been really talking about the globalists, how they operate, what they've been caught doing before.
This is the time they want to pull a false flag.
This is the time that they would stage something, to not just distract from the memo.
But make themselves the victim.
First she said she'd take down whoever did it, then she changed her story and said, there's going to be massacres in America if you publish this.
And so, again, I'm not saying she's even privy to the plan, but this is clearly a message when Phil Mudd of the CIA and stuff says, we're going to kill the president.
They're sending out a message that sounds strong to their stay behind networks in the government.
So you've been on fire, on air, but off air.
Recap what you've been saying about
The only card they've got is a false flag right now, and we've got to absolutely be vigilant watching all of our sixes.
And Media Matters and others made a joke going, doesn't he get your sixes right behind you?
There's only one.
No, there's never only one backdoor watcher, Ash.
There's lots of ways to watch your butt.
I have many sixes, and then everybody else, we all have a bunch of sixes together.
So they play these semantical games.
The left always does that, like they're the big grammar masters, and we're all a bunch of English nincompoops.
Well, these nincompoops just brought the country back and just turned it all around.
So shove that in your keister, globalist.
But seriously, we should all be watching all our sixes.
They have reached a level of desperation that we can only call sociopathic at this point.
The unhinged depths of what the left has now come to, I think Michelle Obama said today, all they have left is hope.
That's true, because their lies are being exposed, their false promises are being exposed, their destruction of America, the systematic disassembly of this culture, of this nation, of this economy, is being exposed every single day by our president and by certain Republicans such as Nunes and Rand Paul, as I mentioned before.
I would say to every member of Congress who might be watching this,
Well, absolutely.
Many people in Congress now are talking the way that you would have heard here on Infowars four years ago, five years ago, which was called fringe by some people.
Now it's mainstream because the truth is coming out.
The deep state is so corrupt, the shadow government might be a better term.
And of course, the left is making fun of that and saying, oh, what deep state?
There's no shadow government.
That's insane.
Well, the two go hand in glove.
The deep state or the criminal stay-behind networks in the shadow government that's always been there, especially since nuclear war threats under COG.
So the shadow government is a fact.
They just think the public's ignorant.
The deep state is the criminal elements that operate outside of the rule of law and the will of the people.
Well, of course they do!
And they're desperate to maintain control at this point.
And let me be clear, Alex, they do not care how many innocent people they have to perhaps injure or kill in order to maintain their power and change the narrative.
And look at the history, the pattern of the Clintons.
Remember back when Bill Clinton was president, when the Monica Lewinsky scandal came out, thanks to Drudge.
What did he do?
He had an aspirin factory bombed in Somalia, I believe, wasn't it?
In order to change the narrative, they released bad news on New Year's Eve, where they have Obama sign some new police state law on New Year's Eve.
They do everything in the dark.
They're all about hiding things and they're all about covert operations.
Oh yeah, on New Year's he put the thing in to federalize all the elections.
Exactly, exactly.
And he also retroactively then signed laws to allow the FBI and the DOJ to share intelligence with other agencies.
To leak it to the press.
Trump is bringing a new level of light, of transparency.
Trump is working to protect life, actual life, to protect Americans, to protect our Republic.
We owe Trump and his team our support at levels that we've never seen before.
And you know, I like the fact that they're trying to bully everybody to not support the president.
So people that are really supporters kind of hedge their bets.
I am proud of it in public.
I say it.
I hold my head up.
Because imagine what the president's going through.
And you know a man by his enemies.
The globalists are super bad news.
My only problem with Trump is, and it's a big one, is he has been manipulated and bullied
And the military stuff is so complex, we know he's not aware of some of it, into going after Russia, pushing Russia, Soros' fight of the overthrow of Ukraine, now we're sending heavy weapons in, more sanctions against Russia, calling anybody who's wealthy over there, building their country up, an oligarch.
I mean, Trump, in trying to prove he's not a Russian agent, has basically walked right up to the Russians and kicked them right in the face, and I'm really worried about it.
Well, there are, of course, factions inside the Pentagon.
There are factions inside the deep state.
And different factions, essentially tribalism inside the shadow government, are vying for position and power.
And the number one thing they don't want to lose is the ability to spy on Americans for political reasons.
And that's why this FISA memo coming out is going to be absolutely a bombshell.
And you know that by how scared they are?
Because they've gone from laughing to like...
They're calling it treason if it comes out.
Someone said they were going to have Nunes arrested and charged with crimes.
I mean, it was nonsense.
They're saying he's a Russian agent.
Yeah, now he's a Russian agent.
And you're a Russian agent.
It's so ridiculous.
But the lies are going to be exposed.
There's my visa.
I just got to go to Russia.
I saw that.
I'm just throwing it in their face, man.
I know you are.
They're not bullying me.
That's hilarious.
Are you actually going there?
Secret Russian meeting right there.
That's good stuff.
No, I mean, it actually makes me fascinated with Russia, because I never really thought about going to Russia, and now it's like fascinating to be told, this is my boss, and it's just total horseman-er.
Yeah, of course.
Well, those of us who have been persecuted by the media, like you and I and Trump and others, we know the dirty games they play against us.
We know how much they lie.
We know how much they fabricate.
And notice how Trump's been bullied.
Well that's the thing.
You must talk to the Russians if you are a head of your nation.
If you're Secretary of State, if you're the President, you have to talk to other nations.
It'd be dereliction of duty if you wouldn't.
Of course it would be.
But they try to say that any communication with the Russians is treason, that everything's rigged.
You know who's been rigging the elections for all these years is the Democrats.
People voting who aren't citizens.
And you know who is trying to bring in a Soviet-style deal and whose liberal grandparents are on record.
Liberal leftists out of the U.S., a lot of them have been Russian immigrants, they went back and took Russia over.
American leftists had had their foot on the neck of Russia for 85 years, and they're pissed now that what, I mean, Bernie Sanders had his honeymoon there.
All of them.
These people loved it when it was a place to kill Christians and enslave people.
But now, oh my gosh, it's out of their grasp, just like America, and they're crapping all over themselves.
Look at the history of communist revolutions.
They first have the narrative, they have the language, and they get the hatred riled up in the population, and then they do the kinetic overthrow attempt.
Now, the Second Amendment is going to stop them in this country, but look at what Michael Moore just did.
We were right up to the kinetic operation.
Hillary was going to beachhead it, and then they had strong cities, UN backing, and they were really going to try it.
They were going to try it.
I say there might be, if they ever try that, there's going to be what I call Second Amendment activation.
That's why it came out in the documents.
That's why finally a lot of people, the CIA, the Pentagon, the FBI, suddenly got on the Patriot side and realized it was all true.
And now that's why it's game over.
Because even if they kill Trump and us, they're never going to get away with this now.
Yeah, but they're too stupid to realize that.
They're going to try it anyway, even though it's suicide for them.
Look, getting back to what Micah Moore said, it sounded like he was calling for ethnic cleansing of all white people the other day, that day before the State of the Union.
He said the problem is white people, just like Oprah Winfrey.
And they said they have to overthrow the system that gave us Trump.
Those are blatant code words.
That's the country.
That's for a communist revolution attempt.
Can you imagine if you're a minority, most of them are great people, because most of us are just weird white leftist running things, and you just keep hearing, kill the white people, overthrow them, they're the problem, America sucks, and Trump's like, unity, we love you, we're turning the jobs back on, oh screw you, and then some evil demon
Goblin creature is, you know, out there trying to foment war on white people.
I just say every patriot out there, be safe, be prepared, follow the law, support a lawful society, but be ready in case they try something insane.
And if they go on offensive against us, the best defense is a good offense.
If they strike, they're trying to round people up or whatever, if they kill the president, folks, you understand what you have to do.
You know who the enemies are.
They're going to try to play us off against the police, go around the police, and deal with the enemy at point-blank range.
We'll be back.
Great job, Mike Adams.
Health Ranger.
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Pike and Arizona, you're on the air worldwide.
Go ahead.
Oh, Alex, you can rant any day of the week.
Thank you, sir, for doing what you do and being a patriot and doing your best to save America and encouraging us as fellow patriots to do that in our local areas as well.
And as a longtime InfoWars listener, I want to say thanks.
Because then we could all, as educated patriots, help our other countrymen and women understand that there's bigger problems going on, and if we can get our houses in order, and be good to each other and ourselves, we can take our country back.
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You're listening to The Alex Jones Show.
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
Watch me!
My Democrat colleagues didn't want us to find this information.
They did everything they could to keep us from finding this information, so of course they don't want us to share it.
Will it be embarrassing to them?
I think it'll be embarrassing to Adam Schiff once people realize the extent to which he went to keep them from learning any of this.
So that would be the embarrassment.
What do you mean?
I mean going to court to help Fusion GPS so we can't find out that they paid for the dossier and that they were working for the DNC.
That's a pretty big step to go to court to try to keep the American people from learning something.
If it were up to Adam Schiff, you wouldn't know about Hillary Clinton's email, you wouldn't know about the server, you wouldn't know who paid for the dossier.
So I do find it ironic that he has his own memo now, because if it were up to him, we wouldn't know any of it.
Aren't we all in search of the truth, though?
I mean, Democrats and Republicans should be in search of the truth.
If there are a few bad apples, they need to get out.
But why is this such a partisan issue, when if something wrong happened,
We need to get to the bottom of it, figure out who's responsible, and then there need to be consequences.
But why did the Democrats have a problem with that?
I don't know, Ansley.
My old job, it was about the pursuit of the truth.
This job, it is about winning.
And I think that's what frustrates people, and that's how you get a 7% public approval rating?
I voted to let the Democrat memo see the light.
I trust people to make up their own mind and draw fair conclusions but politics has denigrated to the point that it's about winning and it's about embarrassing the other side and again that's how you get a 7% public approval rate.
So, ultimately, Trey Gowdy, what are the questions that Trey Gowdy, when the cameras are off and you're talking to your buddies, that you need answered, that you pretty much don't know, but you think you're in the pursuit of?
Well, my main interest is the integrity of the DOJ and the FBI.
So, if the cameras were off, I would ask my friends at the Bureau and the Department, how pervasive was the bias?
I see Strzok and Page, but I want to believe that out of the 30,000 employees... It's just those two?
I want to believe that.
I got a text this morning from an FBI agent who's a friend of mine, and of course morale is low.
The Democrats blame us for that.
I think morale is low because most people in this country hear the name Strzok and Page and they associate that with the FBI.
I'll just tell them that is not the FBI that I ever worked with.
And I want to know what the department, this Bruce Orr angle, the number four person,
No federal prosecutor that I ever worked with would do the things that Bruce Ohr did.
So, that's what I would say.
Oh, if his wife works with Fusion GPS, that might be an indication.
Trey, one other name.
Andrew McCabe.
Were you surprised that he got removed yesterday?
I was.
I spent the better part of two days interviewing him on House Intel and then Judiciary the next day.
He was a really professional witness.
He answered all of our questions.
We were together for about 20 hours, I guess, total.
I don't know why he left, and it wouldn't be fair to him for me to speculate.
So I am grateful for his service, but he's a really important witness in both the Clinton and Russia, and we'll leave it there.
All right, thanks sir.
Thanks for everything, Trey Gowdy.
Appreciate it.
Gamecocks or Clemson?
Oh, on television or not on television?
I had a kid that went to both schools.
Well, let me boil it down real simple.
The FBI is threatening the President of the United States.
How so?
Well, you know, they're gonna come out.
First of all, they've tried to put him in a corner and say, hey, look, we really don't want you revealing
Yeah, I would think.
Even after this supposed negotiation where the White House gave up its power, gave up its position of authority, they acquiesced to a meeting which never should have happened with five negotiators who I'm sure, you know, call themselves experts, you know, cautioning and warning and, oh, you know, General Kelly, this will be a grave problem.
They try to intimidate.
In order to cover up for their criminality.
And then when they're all done, they still come out with a statement.
When was the last time the FBI came out with a statement on anything, Lou?
Yeah, well it's a great point because they haven't... I still haven't seen the Benghazi report.
I still haven't... We can go through the list.
The FBI has been a place where truth goes to die, and where they're used primarily to cover up.
Under FBI investigation, we can't answer your questions.
We'll never see you again.
Thank you very much.
And so these political operators are threatening the President of the United States.
They're betraying their oath to the Constitution.
They are so defensive and so reactive, trying to cover up for the big FBI machine, which, as Ed Rollins pointed out before, frankly has a long history of all sorts of different flavors of corruption.
That's powerful.
That's the Director of Investigations for Judicial Watch.
That full video is up on InfoWars.com.
It's like 15 minutes long.
Very powerful.
And we've caught them in this criminal
Political operation to overthrow the elections.
That's treason.
That's authoritarian.
They're desperate now to stop the memo from coming out.
They've got hashtag hunt Republicans.
They're shooting mayors and city council people and fathers and mothers that are conservative and libertarian.
They're calling for the overthrow of white people, Michael Moore is.
They're calling for the death of the president all over the place.
And I'm saying if they kill the president, and they're trying to have mass arrests of American citizens that was in Obama's 2010 document that got leaked to us in 2012 that the army confirmed was real, where they said we're going to process citizens into re-education camps, they use the Soviet term, and we're going to put the political troublemakers, mainly men, in special camps.
And then Hillary talked about fun camps for men.
And they're actually thinking about this.
And people go, oh, you're against the military.
No, I'm against our military being seized to be prepared to be used for this.
It's the globalists that hate the military and hate the men and women in the military.
There are a lot of great people in the military.
There's also a small percentage that, you know, get in just for political reasons or whatever, especially in the officer class.
But I've never said the military is the problem or the police.
I've said they want to start a civil war where they play the left off against the police to knock out local government, make them capitulate to bring in the Strong Cities Initiative run by the UN.
That was all announced two years ago.
You can't make this up.
You cannot make this stuff up.
They were really going to try it once Hillary got in.
They were going to keep going with this race riot narrative, and all the police are racist and evil, and no matter what the facts showed, just keep hyping things until local government ran up a white flag and put SJWs in as the police.
So if they still start a civil war and start shooting and killing people, I'm calling for peace.
I'm calling for not being played off against the police, a lot of which are probably going to follow illegal orders.
At least in the first wave of this thing, if it goes south.
I don't think it is now.
We're pulling out of this right now.
We're pulling away from it.
We're really getting out of these dangerous waters.
But we're far from being out of them.
We've just turned the tide.
We're going the right direction.
We've turned away from the reef right now.
From the rocks.
Just barely.
But there are other issues and other problems out there.
It is just an incredible time to be alive, so we need to be politically at point-blank range, not violently, but politically at point-blank range, in their faces, at their events, letting them know that we're not bullied, we're not intimidated, we're gonna go out everywhere.
They've got antifa all over this country.
Going out to pro-gun rights, pro-land rights, pro-America rallies, milquetoast conservative meetings and beating people up, bullying and attacking to make you not be on the street while they're busy censoring the internet with Google, Facebook and Twitter and with SJWs and Hollywood, the NFL, promoting Antifa.
They are in a full attempt to still bully us and they're starting to get tired and realizing they got a tiger by the tail.
I'm gonna get the number out when we come back.
Other big breaking news and my flamethrower review of Elon Musk straight ahead.
Infowars.com forward slash show.
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You're listening to the Alex Jones Show!
Resistance to tyrants is obedience to God.
It's Alex Jones.
Alright, a lot has been made of the storm of QAnon, of the breadcrumbs.
I've talked to Dr. Corsi.
He's talked to high-level sources saying, we like QAnon.
We believe it's credible.
This is Pentagon.
This is White House.
We want you to really focus on that.
And the media's made a big deal out of that.
Well, it's true.
And of course, Newsweek's called Corsi and said, give us your sources.
Yeah, right.
The point is, sources?
Press the attack, Alex.
Don't stop.
Don't give up.
We're going to win.
I won't let you down.
There's your sources.
So, Zach is known.
He's been on national television many times, been written about in big articles as a star in U.S.
Done a great job, formerly with the Army, now with another group.
And he's been calling us for about a year with really interesting information.
And then the last six months with stunning information just as a citizen analyst.
About what really happened at Vegas, what's happened to their events, and it's been beyond QAnon with what he said.
He's been picked up once by the FBI, taken into the military base in Florida for questioning, another time visited by the FBI over what he says on this show.
And right now, he's saying, Super Bowl this weekend, intel on planned false flags on the Super Bowl in Little Mogadishu.
That's what Minneapolis-St.
Paul is known as, Little Mogadishu.
With the giant Somali population not converting to Americanism, just getting more entrenched in their Islamistist behavior.
We have MSNBC analyst, former with the National Security Agency, and of course Michael Hastings' wife, Elissa Jordan, saying there will be massacres and huge consequences if you release the
Memo, which they were going to release tonight, but the FBI freaked out.
Now they're talking about releasing it tomorrow morning.
I've just been saying as a lay researcher...
But we are in false flag card area because it seems that's all they've got.
And CNN is now reporting that FBI Director Wray may resign if the memo is released.
So they were all threatening Trump, don't you dare ever fire us.
Now they're saying we'll quit if you put out a memo proving the total collusion and that Russiagate's fake.
They've already released.
I am.
I'm back in the U.S.
I'm down in Tampa as we speak.
Wow, it's a pleasure to be back on with you and, you know, have the opportunity to connect some dots here because this is about as active of a time and an important of a time to be alive.
A lot going on, so I have a couple key points here that I gotta get to and, yeah, you alluded to it.
That's the intel we got on the false flags this weekend, but if I can, I would like to open up with some MS-13 information that was just driving me crazy during the State of the Union.
So, Trump did bring up the State of the Union for several reasons.
The most important, from my perspective, had nothing to do with immigration.
I mean, it does have to do with that.
So these are the two words that are going to bring it all down.
We have amnesia as a public, there's so much going on, but I don't have the amnesia because I saw it with my own eyes.
Let's bring up Operation Castaway.
All you researchers at home, you guys there at InfoWars, bring up Operation Castaway.
Operation Castaway was the sister program to Fast and Furious.
It happened before.
This is the 400 million laundered through Wachovia.
These are the Tampa ATF agents running the guns to Columbia, to Honduras, to Puerto Rico, eventually making their way to ISIS, all under the holder in Obama, DOJ.
And who do they run those through?
MS-13, you bet you.
And this was reported.
It kind of got swept under the rug.
Fast and Furious kind of took, you know, took the steam away from it.
But this in particular involves MS-13.
So this idea that this is a little gang that nobody knows about?
MS-13 is MSNBC.
And make no mistake, MS-13 is ISIS, literally.
Those guns went to create ISIS, were used on the ground to fight against armed
I think so.
We're good
As their foot soldiers to carry out killings, to carry out money laundering, to carry out operations not just here but transnationally, including has now been documented, Obama ordered the Hezbollah and Hamas investigations shut down of them linked up with MS-13 trafficking in arms and sex slaves here in the U.S.
to black-op fund Obama's resupplying operations for Al-Qaeda and ISIS in North Africa and into Syria.
You bet you.
And yeah, that's official.
I mean, hits on government officials, $400 million laundered.
These are the guns that created ISIS and made it happen.
And this idea that, oh, this is just some gang that doesn't represent immigrants.
You know, that speech, that State of the Union, was probably the most critical moment I've ever witnessed in my time on this planet.
And that was the stamp of
I noticed how he looked at the Democrats when he talked about that.
Oh, you bet!
You're funded!
You ran these guns under Operation Castaway, under Fast and Furious, that went to the border, that made their way to create ISIS, to essentially kill U.S.
soldiers, kill citizens in our own country.
Look at Vegas, look at everything.
You're complicit.
You knew what was going on.
Don't give me the stuff about, you know, this was just something that went wrong.
This is deep and this is important.
The MS-13 connection, there's a reason he brought it up and that was it.
That's the Guantanamo Bay connection.
We could get a little bit more into that, but I know your time's limited.
I have to get into the false flags, because obviously the train attack was a false flag, and I mean, this is going to come out in the next couple days.
But look, you know, the type of individuals that were on that train, I mean, this wasn't just, you know, your everyday passengers.
This is the highest value target.
This is House GOP members heading to a summit at Greenbrier.
Okay, they're heading to a summit at Greenbrier in West Virginia.
And this is important.
For folks who don't know, that's a COG base.
They say it's no longer one, but it really is one.
Absolutely is.
Project Greek Island, the underground bunker, heavily guarded as we speak by the U.S.
Marine Corps.
We're in full war footing and it's happening right now.
That's right.
Trump's literally gone to the bunker for what's about to happen.
He understands we're in full war mode.
The most sophisticated fallout shelter with complete capability and connection, hard tethered to D.C.
and the Pentagon.
I mean, Greenbier, that's not by coincidence.
It's the former alternate government, for people that don't know.
So, the train attack was blatant and obvious.
That was done by remote, done with drones.
They put a pad in there, but it was done with drones, remote-controlled.
The train was being followed by choppers and drones.
They were wary because the streets were supposed to be shut down.
There should have been nobody in the area.
They were alerted, going to get done in time.
There were some very interesting
Well, I mean, isn't that generally the message, is we can get you, that that was the final warning?
It was.
Well, they played their jack of clubs with Joe Kennedy in the rebuttal.
They pulled the one-two okey-doke, the audible, getting crazy Maxine out of there and putting Joe Kennedy.
And people laugh and mock his rebuttal, which it was cringeworthy, but you have to understand what's being done there.
I mean, if you have a pulse and a frontal cortex, you have to understand what's going on there.
His family lineage, that was a complete message to Trump to say, you know what happened to JFK, you know what happened and what went on there, so he better look uncomfortable because he was sold out.
And that's a message to Trump and the GOP, and obviously you see the false flags that followed afterwards.
Um, you know, he wasn't the, you know, the left golden child.
That was a Jack of Clubs move.
That was a message to Trump.
Oh, you're going to do this?
We're coming for you.
And Joe Kennedy, you know, he knows what he's involved in.
Stanford, Harvard, he's into it.
I can't believe he got up there and said what he said and did what he did.
But who knows?
That's right.
Let's come back then and get into your intel.
You say you've gotten and you're an incredible source.
They're planning to hit the Super Bowl.
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Tell us about all the stuff that's in it.
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You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
Waging war on corruption.
It's Alex Jones, coming to you live from the front lines of the Infowar.
So, they have dispatched their operatives to go on television and say, if you release the memo, there'll be a giant massacre.
And they've also said that because Trump's criticized ISIS, that he's going to cause big attacks in America.
And then clearly that whole thing in Vegas has now come out, just as Zack and other sources said, was a false flag carried out during the Saudi Arabian military visit.
And then a few weeks later, Trump went in and they arrested all those people and Saudi Arabia joined the coalition.
And Zack talked about all that before it happened, while it happened, and after it happened.
So that's why Zack is known to me.
Not some anonymous QAnon on 8chan who Zach says is a group of good people and that we should all look at it, that it's credible.
This is Zach.
That's his real name.
I know his last name.
And again, I've matched his voice up and everything to when he's been on national television and interviews and you name it.
I think so.
They tried to overthrow the president.
That was a bunch of crimes.
It's blowing up in their face.
Now they're desperate saying don't release the memo.
They've gone from saying oh it's no big deal to being so scared.
What's the false flag intel you've got?
Can it be stopped?
And then how does it tie in to the next shoe to drop and what you're expecting them to try next and what is in the memo?
Okay, so there's a couple false flags that occurred in the weeks prior.
We haven't slowed down.
They've all been foiled.
I mean, if you want to go to Hawaii, if you want to go to a couple other things that we could get into after we get into this, but the Super Bowl false flag, what I need your guys to do there, your crew and all the, you know, InfoWars at home is just get on the FBI Twitter right now.
Look at what they posted today.
Look what they posted yesterday.
These creepy videos about how big their security is going to be.
They're running drills, exercises.
This is all their public push.
And look into the typography on the videos that they have posted on their Twitter.
You could pick it up right now.
I have my own intel that we're going to get into, but just publicly what they're doing.
Obviously, there's a war between the White House and the FBI.
That's no big secret.
But when you start looking at very unconventional postings about the FBI bloating and kind of bloating about exercises and this amount of power they have over the Super Bowl this weekend on their public forum, which they've never done, maybe Trump has sort of
I think so.
First of all, throughout the entire year, Trump's been at war with the NFL and the Neolink.
He brings them up, obviously, all the stuff with the FBI and the NFL as of late.
There's a credible threat this weekend on the world stage, the biggest stage in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Little Mogadishu, the biggest Somali community outside of Somalia.
So, it's credible, it's real.
They always have exercises and these sort of things going on while these are going on to have one of their wind-up cutouts.
Do something right underneath their nose for the world to see, and they are in a desperate measure here.
They've continued to do false flags for many months that Trump has neutralized and sort of, you know, played this sort of 5-Ds in chess with them.
But they need to know that they're desperate and doesn't mean that, you know, something, you know, that they won't, that they could pull something off here because there are credible threats.
This weekend, they're trying to pull off something big.
It could have a, it could have a
We're good to go.
So we're going to need to sort of be very vigilant and try to stop this right here.
This is very serious.
This is very credible.
Hasn't been in the news, but make no mistake, a lot of people know about this, and it's obvious.
Zach, let me raise this.
Clearly, they've set Trump up against the NFL.
He stood up against it and said, why are you being anti-American?
They would love to make themselves the victims.
They have said that if you keep criticizing us, you're going to cause a massacre.
That's been the warning from the globalist deep state to Trump by their by their capos publicly on television.
So would they have a Somali do it as the backup and then blame a patriot?
They say, oh, look, a Trump supporter truck bombed the Super Bowl.
Oh, my God, it's Trump's fault.
Yeah, absolutely.
Well, first of all, it's going to be many Somalis, unfortunately.
It's going to be many Somali individuals.
We've heard the chatter, we know what's going on.
It's conversations like this that hopefully, you know, blow their spot up.
And we're showing video of the Mall of America right now.
Sorry, go ahead.
Yeah, I mean, it's a group of Somali individuals.
Obviously ISIS will take credit.
In conjunction with these individuals, but obviously the deep state has its hooks in when it comes to these groups and they are deep state ran.
This is Alciada.
They are going for their last grasp.
But what we have to understand is this.
I think so.
I picked up that it broke the back of some of the stay-behind networks and it also the poll show reached through to people who were in their haze.
75 was the average poll point and that it was a mate I felt spiritually the enemy's back was broken.
Is that what you're saying?
But again, a lot of these individuals, they're afraid if they don't go on with the mission, if they don't carry it out, that they'll be murdered themselves.
But they need to come out as whistleblowers.
They need to stop this activity.
Well, we've heard that FBI agents and others have been whistleblowing to the intelligence committees and to Trump and others.
Trump's all about not letting secret info out.
But I think he needs to just start playing the cards now.
Yeah, I mean, they were playing a sort of a game of chicken there with the memo.
The memo is going to come out later today.
I expect later today, maybe into the morning, but it'll be within 24 hours, that's for sure.
But they did sort of play this game and get the postponement of Flynn's
Um, you know, sentencing there so they know what they're doing.
But, you know, let me just let everybody know, in case they're not privy, which if they're not, they're out of their mind.
McCabe sung like a bird.
He was compromised.
Okay, Al-Waleed is a free man now.
Make no mistake, he sung like a bird.
Al-Waleed told everything.
So, you know, you're a big funder from overseas, this Prince Al-Waleed who's walking the streets now.
Just know that you're being surveilled.
Just know that we hear everything.
And let's be clear, for those that don't know, he was the ringleader of the Saudi breakaway group funding much of the deep state.
Trump showed up on his first official visit anywhere to a foreign country, to Riyadh, to the House of God, waved the sword, and obviously we saw the change there.
Walid, the free man, Walid has no loyalty to the United States.
His pockets are dry, they're gonna let him hold on to his country.
I noticed the king of Saudi Arabia, I've seen a lot of video of him, doesn't normally look really freaked out, he looks super freaked out with Trump.
It's over.
It's changing.
The State of the Union was the most incredible thing I've ever seen.
The lunar activity that was going on, we're not going to go down that road, but it did.
You know, this timing is anointed.
This is divine intervention.
This is something special.
This is something I believed in.
And we opened the call with the MS-13, the gun running.
This is what opened my eyes while I was in the military.
You know, being prepared and being groomed to be something that was ridiculous.
And I think a lot of individuals, whether you're a legislator, whether you're a soldier, whether you're an intelligence analyst or operator,
You could fall victim to this, and we need to open our eyes and have faith and realize this is real life.
Be loyal.
Don't do this.
Don't do this.
These false flags don't end well.
And the people who are funding this, these elites on the left and the deep state actors, even deeper entrenched, how do you think this ends?
It's over.
The writing's on the wall.
Well, I told Mike Adams off here and everybody else in the studio, I said, I've never felt
They were going to pull off several attacks all at once around the stadium.
I shouldn't say they were, you know, it's still going on, but hopefully we can stop it here.
Several attacks that caused panic, hurt individuals into a certain location, and detonated a dirty bomb for the world to see.
On the world stage, to embarrass Trump, to embarrass the economy, and a little Mogadishu, and this ties everything, and it would act as a distraction, and an absolute distraction.
Well, that's right, because Trump didn't back down with Vegas, which goes right after his pocketbook hotels and things, exactly.
Well, and you would notice Trump really didn't even speak about the quote-unquote failed Hawaiian missile test.
That test wasn't failed.
Those systems don't work like that.
That was a neutralized threat.
They tried to lure him into a Pearl Harbor-type strike on North Korea.
We heard them.
We saw them.
Yeah, just like Bay of Pigs.
Stay right there.
We'll be back on the other side of the fourth hour.
Tomorrow's news today.
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Again, don't believe what I say.
We're building what we've talked about.
We're turning it around.
We're doing it.
That's the proof of believing something.
I'm 110% committed to this and you know it.
And when you fund us, they can't stop us.
We're starting to see the orders rolling in.
People saying they're listening and watching on TV stations.
So praise God, the cavalry's coming over.
Uh, the Reds here.
And so for all the censorship online, and the stuff they've done trying to destroy us, they're not suppressing the signal thanks to you out there.
I want to thank God, I want to thank my family, I want to thank this crew, I want to thank the audience.
Again, Infowarsstore.com, Infowarslife.com, or 888-253-3139.
Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order.
It's Alex Jones!
Waging war on corruption.
It's Alex Jones, coming to you live from the front lines of the InfoWar.
The clash of civilization.
The globalists planned on destabilizing the Middle East and Islamic countries, putting radicals in charge, then imploding western borders, using the radical Islamic threat to take liberties here, and then playing us off against each other, to then bring in a world super state that bans religion, except for the one world religion, in answer to the mega war.
But the best laid plans of mice and men often go astray.
And the Pentagon and all the military people I know and the people I talk to who've been at the highest levels and are at the highest levels of all this, everybody gets the picture now.
It's very clear.
They know the stakes.
And they know it's bad for everybody except the sicko globalists that want total control.
And so Zach is always amazing.
I hope he'll come back on tomorrow and maybe Sunday.
So I'll be live on air during the Super Bowl covering this.
Obviously a prime target.
They already hit Vegas.
We know that was some of the same stay-behind network.
You say you've got the intel.
You've only proven accurate, which makes this horrifying.
But it sounds like you're saying hopefully it's getting rolled up.
Yeah, you know when that was coming out it was kind of confusing for people.
It's sort of...
Yeah, I think so.
I don't know.
Um, you know, they could go along.
This is just operator.
This was a deep state desperation operation to trigger war and to distract from everything that's unfolding now.
Unfortunately, we, of course, were days ahead of them, even weeks ahead of them.
This wasn't something new.
We heard all the chatter.
We heard everything, and it was actually neutralized.
There was an actual threat.
Um, if you look at the time span between the alert going out and it actually the next alert coming in to say, Hey, sorry, just a mistake.
No big deal.
Um, you know, this is probably
I don't know, 20 to 30 minutes longer than what it would actually take for the missile to actually come here if there wasn't a missile.
Sure, of course.
Well, I've traveled to Kauai to that main missile, defensive missile base there, further, most westerly part of the United States.
And, I mean, again, North Korea has been firing missiles.
From your information, was it North Korea?
Did somebody else fire a missile to try to confuse things, to trick Trump into giving the order to promptly attack North Korea?
Then they'd say, sir, that never really happened.
And then remove him?
Because I saw them beta test.
And sell that idea?
Yeah, this was the official information and it'll come out, but you know, this was supposedly shot underwater.
This was from a submarine.
This was a real threat.
Are you saying it was, okay, so it was a Polaris-style missile?
Yes, and it was credible, but it was neutralized.
So, you know, individuals in the systems did, you know, sort of freak out and there was some
There was some operator error at a certain level, but not to the capacity that nothing happened.
There was a credible threat underwater that was going to breach and obviously hit the islands there that was neutralized almost immediately after it took off.
And you're saying it wasn't North Korea, some rogue group trying to false flag us into confrontation with North Korea?
And off of North Green, off of North Green Waters.
It wasn't even close to here, but it was off North Green Waters.
And that's going to come out and everybody knows it.
But again, I respect Trump.
I see what he's doing.
He doesn't want to put everything out there.
Well, is that why we've seen all these missile trails and huge explosions in the Northern Pacific and other areas?
I mean, because it looks like a bunch of craziness is going on.
They're shooting all sorts of stuff down.
He's not giving them the glory and not giving them the credit that there's credible threats.
He's neutralizing them and not giving them the credit.
Hold on, we've got to finish up.
Then Anthony Comey is taking over.
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That's infowarslife.com.
From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones!
Anthony Cumia of the amazing Compound Media is coming up in like seven, eight minutes from now.
We'll be talking to him.
I always enjoy, after I get off air, eating my lunch when he hosts so I can listen to all the great points he makes.
Formerly top show on XM, former top syndication around the country, but he's a libertarian.
And so they kicked him off both and left the liberals still on air.
But now he's got his own great syndicated system at compoundmedia.com.
We're going to him in a moment.
I've studied the missile base.
I know that they even caught leftists and al-Qaeda and ISIS operatives in it.
That's why I actually went to Hawaii.
It doubled as a kind of a resication, but I talked to some folks there, obviously.
People noticed the week I was there they arrested somebody at the base.
And I went out and shot some video and talked about how critical it was because I knew coming up with North Korea, deep staters, people would be targeting that base.
Spies who transferred nukes to North Korea discovered.
There is the video, one of the videos that I break down from Hawaii and from the missile base.
But absolutely, there's no way, except the telemetry, it's been checked by humans, they didn't go through the switching process, and that alert wouldn't go out as you said, oh, it was a false alert for 38 minutes.
It only takes about, from that area of the Pacific, what, 14 minutes with the average booster, with those Russian boosters they've got from Ukraine, you know, to get up in the atmosphere, then come back in.
Uh, so clearly something went on.
Clearly something got shot down.
Now you've got huge missiles getting shot down over Russia.
Uh, you've got, it looks like a nuke probably went off a few weeks ago and that got shut down.
Just incredible.
Shaking the ground.
You've got other missiles getting shot down.
Uh, you've had the famous Chinese launch, you know, years ago off the Pacific to threaten everybody with a Polaris-style sea launch missile.
Uh, so all your intel adds into that.
You're saying that's what you got from sources.
That is just beyond sensational.
That's horrifying, but that fits that
A false alarm like that's basically impossible.
The story we heard, somebody hit a wrong button we know is impossible.
You're saying what really happened is, Trump has been shooting down missiles, but then figuring out it wasn't North Korea and standing down, foiling their plan.
Yeah, absolutely.
He understands that it's a deep state operation, and he's sort of communist-ran, which is also part of a deep state operation, our China sort of, I don't know, our communication, our relationship.
And same thing with this train attack that occurred.
You notice in the speech he just gave there at Greenbrier, he sort of alludes to it as, oh, you know, hope everybody's okay in the train attack.
He doesn't come out and say what we already know.
That train was, you know, being followed by choppers, drones.
There should have been nobody around.
They know exactly what's going on.
They have video footage.
But he's not going to come out.
He's not even giving them the floor.
He's just neutralizing them.
They're going through all this.
And by the way, here's how we know all this.
I'm going to go back to you, Zach.
They pre-program anything they do.
So I remember the last couple months, if he orders an illegal strike, we'll take him out.
If he does this and that, we'll take him out.
We'll remove him.
We're ready.
And all these
Clinton holdovers saying this out of the blue and saying, oh there's racism at the Air Force Academy and that's a false flag and it's all Trump's fault.
You could see them beta testing and pre-planning this so they could do it.
This is amazing.
Keep going.
Yes, and they underestimated, obviously, the election, and those numbers were even wrong.
They say he was elected, not by the popular vote, but through the Electoral College.
Yeah, that's correct.
He was elected through the Electoral College, but those numbers are way wrong.
And Trump alluded to it in the very first words in his speech.
They're saying now we know, as of a couple minutes ago, what the real numbers were.
It's all coming out.
DHS ran major operations during the election.
They're uncovering it all.
And I just gotta say this, and it's important, because Trump has the pulse and he has the backing of patriots in our government.
So when it comes to this QAnon phenomenon, I just need to be very clear.
I am not QAnon.
I'm not typing on Chan boards.
Make no mistake, I'm chiming in in boardrooms.
But I'm not QAnon.
I respect what they're doing.
I know they're doing great work.
I'm just, you know, there's people who are patriots in this country, and we don't need to pick sides or, you know, root for one over the other as gospel.
We need to come together.
No, no, I totally agree.
I was just simply saying people can speculate all day about QAnon.
I know who you are.
You've given us great info, and the fruit of the tree is really, really what proves things.
Yeah, I just want us to all come together.
I think we'd be more effective if we came together.
You've been great, but just as a listening base, as a country, look, they're doing great things.
I'm doing great things.
Hundreds of us are doing great things.
Thousands of us are doing great things.
Let's all come together and work.
They're doing great work, and I'm doing what I'm doing.
I acknowledge and tip my hat to them.
I'm not involved with it, but I acknowledge them, and I see them.
They're doing great work, and I appreciate it.
With that being said,
Look, there's also other individuals that are going to be coming into the site, guys, this month.
It's the first day of Black History Month.
What a way to kick off Black History Month.
Lowest black unemployment.
That's a side issue.
We could go in there, but I know your time is limited.
Julian Assange is very active right now in ways that I can't quite get into.
But make no mistake, he is a patriot, and the communication at the highest levels of our government is pretty transparent.
They just got to get ready for the next couple months here.
What's going to come out in the next couple months is pretty important.
Actually, in the next week with this memo being released is very important, but we can't lose sight of certain threats right in front of our eyes.
Well, that's my next issue.
I was told, hey, this memo that's been declassified, the blacked out areas are who ordered it proving perjury.
The media spotted that I was saying it was the whole memo.
I was saying it's a blueprint with this memo of all their perjury of the nest of the orders of plans for violence against the president and now the FBI leadership is still flipping out saying don't release it.
What is your info on what is in the memo?
Well first of all it's a memo.
Okay, it's going to be pretty damning, because what it's going to release is sort of, it's going to break through this sort of brick wall of, of course the government would never do this, of course this couldn't occur, of course certain individuals wouldn't be involved in this sort of thing.
Well, actually, yes they are, but in my opinion it's fairly mild.
It's important for what it sort of alludes to, and it's important for, you know, obviously... Sure, they're just getting us ready for all of it to come out, if these groups don't capitulate.
It's the blueprint of the Clinton insiders.
This is just the beginning.
This is just the beginning.
The memo is important.
I mean, put it that way.
It's important just to kind of say, hey, look, this is what we're dealing with.
You thought you were dealing with something that was infallible?
You're wrong.
This is what's really going on.
Let's get off the Russian collusion.
Let's get off all this.
Let's actually see what the DOJ is doing.
And we opened the call talking about Operation Castaway.
You think the DOJ and the FBI is infallible?
You know, we're arming our enemies.
We're laundering money for drug cartels.
And notice how it did come out that Obama killed investigations into Hezbollah running guns and drugs in the U.S.
to fund operations in the Middle East.
Operation Castaway is Obama and Holder solely.
So this falls outside of Fast and Furious.
And this is incredible.
This is unbelievable info.
And nothing has happened.
So we're seeing Sessions, he knows this information.
He understands what's going on.
We're going to give him a little bit more time, but it's no coincidence.
Well, the biggest thing you're doing is raising the alarm that you've got the intel in the chat or you're saying directly that they're picking up the fact that a large group of Somalis is planning multiple attacks on the Super Bowl.
Multiple attacks that will eventually lead to a fairly big event that we're hoping to neutralize, obviously, with this sort of information.
And like the missile test, like the train attack, like other things that were either stopped completely or, you know, right when they began.
Yeah, absolutely.
So I have faith in what's going on.
I have faith in individuals being able to stop it.
But this information was critical.
And of course, you'll start to see stuff break about this.
The FBI, by their own omission, is this textbook, false flag, running operations, the 9-11, same time, same place, and they got their cutouts in individuals who are brainwashed in a trance, and they are literally running for their lives, the FBI.
That's the problem.
We've never had a precedent in this country like we do now, with the White House physically fighting the FBI, and the sort of, zen, don't bring it up, we're bigger than that, message coming out the White House is incredible, because the stuff that's going on behind the scenes that the people truly know it would be, I mean, would just be unbelievable.
Sure, there's a civil war going on, and I wouldn't say the whole FBI, I don't just do that to grovel.
Most FBI agents are low-level doing stuff, but I mean, what would you say, like the top 10% of the FBI is a bunch of Clinton operatives?
Uh, probably 5%.
5% of the real power brokers.
Everyday field agents are pretty good guys, of course.
Sure, so I'm saying it's the top.
It's the top.
I mean, yeah.
Alright, well listen, please come back on tomorrow and come on Sunday, Zach, as this develops, because you're an amazing source and we really appreciate you.
So please talk to the crew and come on tomorrow, okay?
It'd be an honor.
Thank you.
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You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
Live from the InfoWars.com studios, you're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
And now, your host, Anthony Cumia.
Hey, there we go.
How you doing?
Welcome, welcome everybody.
Anthony Cumia in at Infowars.com.
Wow, I gotta tell you something.
I get the opportunity to sit here before I come on and watch and listen to Alex do his last couple of breaks of his show.
And I realize I am guilty
Of what a majority of the country is guilty of.