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Name: 20171220_Wed_Alex
Air Date: Dec. 20, 2017
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The podcast discusses how the far left is losing its following to Fox News due to CNN's retractions of false information, and how people are looking into news sources more carefully. The speaker discusses how liberals used to be aware of issues like GMOs but now support radiation, soy, and vaccines; they believe the term "liberal" dates back to the Illuminati, Rockefellers, Rothschilds, and Bilderberg. They also mention that there will be major changes in 2018 and encourage positivity despite negative news. The show then shifts towards skin disorders becoming more prevalent due to exposure and food changes; Dr. Group recommends healing the gut with probiotics like InfoWars' 50 Billion Probiotic, using ozonated olive oil, and iodine. The episode also covers recent news such as a mistrial in Cliven Bundy's case, the NFL as a political weapon, and progress being made in cleaning up pedophile rings around the world.

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If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
Live from the InfoWars.com studios, it's Alex Jones.
Well, as the Clinton crime machine fails to remove President Trump from office with the made-up Russiagate garbage, they now intensify calls for him to be removed via the 25th Amendment or calls intensify for him to be assassinated.
That's all over the news.
You've got the Antifa uprising groups and the hashtag hunt Republicans and Republicans getting attacked in their yards and shot in their yards and shot at baseball games.
And I pointed out that there's a criminal network within the FBI run by the Clintons, and that's mainstream media now.
So how does the Washington Post, how does the Soros group, Media Matters, spin that?
They come out with a talking point two days ago saying that I'm saying the FBI itself is going to kill Trump.
That's like saying the post office is.
I didn't say that.
There's the headline now in the Washington Post, Fox News contributor channeling Alex Jones suggests FBI plot to assassinate Trump.
So two days ago, Media Matters puts out the talking points, it's what they do, and mainstream media comes to that like dog to a vomit, and they then put out permutations of the disinfo.
That's how they do it.
How dare Alex Jones say the FBI is going to kill the president?
I said, globalist operatives within the Secret Service is where I'd look first, or some wind-up crazy they've got in their network, because the FBI cabal, the Clinton cabal and the FBI, is failing.
That's what I said!
But they spend their whole world, their whole time, trying to then, again, misrepresent that.
And what they'll do is they'll strategically pick things they want to attack us on, and then misrepresent it.
Alex Jones, I think they're going to go ahead and make their move to kill the president in the next 30 days.
And then it goes on to say that I say it's the FBI.
And that's the kind of games they play.
You know, I talk about
Discovery Channel shows about this growing phenomenon of folks that have sex with their cars.
Didn't say it was heterosexual or homosexual.
I said it's a new sexual designation and I said pretty soon there's going to be thousands of these and it'll be impossible to have all these alphabet acronyms that you're supposed to know.
They have the headlines everywhere that Jones claims gay men are having, will try to rape your car.
Didn't say that.
But again, it's how they misrepresent.
It's very ham-fisted as well.
Now when we come back from break, we've got huge news.
Former Assistant FBI Director...
Patriots within the FBI are set to expose Mueller and Comey.
That's what we were told yesterday by our very own source, Doug Hagman, that his FBI sources say that's the word.
Also, we're going to tie that into another clip from James Kallstrom, where he says, sycophants of the FBI guilty of obstruction of justice.
So we're going to be breaking all of that down as well.
And then, of course, the big news.
They said it couldn't happen.
It happened.
I was worried it would leave the House, go back to the Senate, go back into conference, because they changed it again.
It happened.
But still...
It passed.
A devastating victory for the American people against the globalists.
Merry Christmas from the Liberty Movement.
Merry Christmas from the Freedom Caucus.
Merry Christmas from Drudge Report.
Merry Christmas from Infowars.
Merry Christmas from the Liberty Movement, who want a sovereign nation, and who want a fair shake, and who want real economics that made the country great.
We're well on the path to making America great again.
Victory after victory after victory on NAFTA and GATT being renegotiated.
On TPP being killed, on the stock market and all these new jobs, and on the best numbers in decades, some of the best numbers ever.
Globalism having its back broken, political correctness in deep trouble.
The problem is, I thought Democrats and their minions were foaming at the mouth earlier.
When Trump won, now on the streets of Austin, I've seen it.
They have gone into full foaming at the mouth.
And I've noticed it's spiritual.
It's spiritual.
These people are possessed by like a foaming at the mouth spirit.
I may even tell a story of what happened last night.
I got video too.
The House passed a sweeping $1.5 trillion tax bill Tuesday.
The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act lowers individual tax rates.
Paul Ryan said, adding that a typical family would average about $2,000 in tax cuts in 2018.
Zero Democrats voted to lower taxes.
Instead, they were busy pushing the narrative that the sloppy bill is a Franken-monster set to benefit only corporations and the rich.
But are they really just worried about a legislative accomplishment that will translate to more cold, hard cash for middle-class pockets?
According to the Independent Tax Policy Center, 80% of taxpayers will get a tax cut in 2018.
Only about 5% will pay more next year under the GOP plan.
With approval from both chambers likely, the biggest overhaul of the U.S.
tax system in more than 30 years could be signed into law by President Trump before the end of the week.
Leanne McAdoo, InfoWars.com.
Crashing through the lies and disinformation, it's Alex Jones, coming to you live from the front lines of the InfoWar.
Ladies and gentlemen, we are back live and we are broadcasting worldwide.
I'm your host, Alex Jones, and here we are on the 20th day of December, 2017.
Just ten and a half days left in this historic, over-the-top year.
You know, we should open the phones up.
Today and tomorrow and just talk about this year.
It has been a tumultuous year.
It has been an incredible year.
It's been a roller coaster.
It's had highs.
It's had lows in my personal life.
I know in many of your personal lives.
It's just been insane.
Insane compared to any other year.
In modern history.
We're entering a very important time historically, and Phil Skousen, who's been dead on the money so far, the World Affairs Brief, said Trump is planning to hit North Korea.
At this point, they are planning to hit them by February.
And that could lead to just Armageddon-like scenarios, if Russia and China don't stay out of it.
If Russia and China stays out of it, Kim Jong-un is going to be removed.
His weapons certainly are, but that is something huge.
So for all the good things happening, really big crises are on the horizon.
Trump secures major victory as Senate Republicans pass the $1.5 trillion tax cut bill, despite Democrats warning they'll rue the day as protesters scream, don't kill us, paving the way for a final House vote today.
After a hiccup.
Because then it goes back into conference.
And that's why I keep saying this thing just gets so incredibly confusing.
Because it just goes back and forth forever.
But Trump has already gotten much of the big agenda through.
Tax cut Christmas.
Home sales best in 11 years.
Cohen market will roar more.
Yeah, they said it would never hit 3%.
It's now at 3.3.
And the word is, it's going
To hit 7 to 10 percent is what most analysts say.
And then you look at what's up on Infowars.com.
We have got just masses of keynotes like this one.
Former assistant FBI director Patriots with the FBI set to expose Mueller and Comey.
And he goes on in the video in the article to say that
Sika fans and the FBI guilty of obstruction of justice.
And it is a Clinton cabal.
A Clinton mole group.
Like a corporate takeover group that were put in by the Clintons and then expanded by Obama.
And Bush just went along with it all, all part of the same globalist crew.
And they are caught red-handed manufacturing
The entire fake dossier and all of it, and admitting it's fake.
And see, that's what's powerful.
And then paying taxpayer money for it to their own family members.
McCabe's wife got a half million.
Orr's wife got two million at Fusion GPS.
I mean, they're not just doing all this unethical stuff for no reason.
They're doing it for cold, hard, greenbacks.
Digitally delivered to their stinking bank accounts.
And so these are the type of people put in by Mueller, put in by Comey, put in by Bill Clinton and then Obama's reign.
And they are the worst of the worst and people are calling them out for what they are.
And so you got Scarborough and all the rest of them saying, this is going to cause civil war, this is going to cause death in the streets.
Because they're being defeated.
I think I'm going to download the video off my phone later and play some of it.
Because I was getting phone calls while I was taping it, so it kept cutting the feed, so only got part of it taped.
But I go outside, take a phone call at a restaurant last night, and this family, this older woman,
Three men and another woman, I guess four men, come and get in my face and start flipping me off and doing the sign of the curse and saying, you're going to jail, Trump's going to jail.
And they go, your wife in there and your baby.
Are you child molesters?
You have sex with that baby?
Because, of course, we talked about
What was going on in the WikiLeaks and the Democrats and the rest of it and all the stuff coming out about the Vatican.
And I just said, listen, you're such a vicious, evil person.
And she just kept talking about my wife and a baby that were inside.
And just the nastiness in there.
I walked over her car.
I said, well, you guys won't get my face.
I'll follow you over here.
And then there it was.
The she persevered Hillary sticker.
And she couldn't believe she was going to cuss and yell and get in my face and that I wasn't just going to stand up to him.
But I caught some of it on tape.
I was getting these phone calls, one after the other, while I was taping it.
A couple of the guys kind of bowed up and I just said, come on.
But they literally think we're Nazis and the enemy.
They're trying to save the country.
And they don't even get anything from it, most of them.
They're just idiot camp followers.
And as they get their butts handed to them politically, they're panicking more and more.
So, here's the first part.
James Kallstrom, former deputy director of the FBI, patriots the FBI, set to expose Mueller and Comey.
Here it is.
I have said, in my opinion, and it is an opinion, there is a cabal active within the FBI and the Justice Department which hates Trump, which protected Hillary Clinton, and tried to bring down Donald Trump.
And that is an extraordinary story of interference in an American presidential election.
It is.
And you're agreeing with me on this?
Oh yeah, and we've been talking about this in different... Yeah, but now it's out in the open.
Now we're saying... Without question, that's what it was.
Yeah, just like the whole so-called Clinton investigation was phony from the beginning.
We've talked about that.
No grand jury, giving witnesses immunity, putting all the subjects in one room at the same time.
I mean, it's crazy!
I mean, it's nuts what they did.
Look, James.
I'm coming up on a hard break, but I want to ask this question.
You've got 20 seconds.
What's morale like in the FBI now?
It's not good, but I think the recent events that I'm aware of are going to improve that because there's going to be actually something is going to happen.
In my view.
Are you going to leave us on that?
Oh, James, you've got to come back!
Well, I think there's a lot of patriots that have just had it up to here with what's going on.
And they're going to step forward and tell people what the shenanigans have been.
How they shut down the Clinton Foundation investigation.
How other things, you know, were done that are so anti what the FBI and the United States and this country is about.
We want to hear it, James Calsfrom.
We want to hear it here.
We do as well.
And when we come back, we're going to play an even larger clip.
This is powerful.
This is word for word what we've broken down before it was even in congressional hearings.
So again, InfoWorks has led the way as the tip of the spear to break down the wall and expose this and make it safe for others to talk about it.
That's why we're here.
That's why you're here.
Thank you for the support.
Thank you for making it all possible.
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You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
He aligns himself with the truth, and it's time for you to choose a side.
You're listening to Alex Jones.
Just to be clear, the tax bill has, for all intents and purposes, passed by the House and Senate.
But there's a few pieces that are a little bit different, and it's routines, what they call it, and they've got to line those back up.
There's still debate going on, but
Experts say that hardly ever has something gotten derailed at this point, but anything can happen.
So again, the tax bill in its main body has gone back and forth between the House and Senate, but it's being reported that one more likely routine vote in the House and the bill could be on his desk as soon as this afternoon, then he will have one of his first big press conferences in quite a while.
So we're going to be following that throughout the broadcast today and right through the war room with Owen Schroeder coming up at NewsWars.com and InfoWars.com.
Thank you for tuning in.
Okay, let's continue here with this amazing former FBI Deputy Director James Kallstrom on Fox News.
We just played the clip where he said this is incredibly criminal.
This is a cabal.
They're rigging everything.
It's unheard of.
Witnesses all in the same rooms.
On and on and on.
What isn't getting pointed out is they're not just paying money.
They're paying money to their family members.
Husbands to wives.
From the Justice Department and the FBI to make it up.
I mean, these are the people over it.
It's just the most classic inside family job you've ever seen.
So the media is spinning it that, oh, we're saying the FBI did this.
And Alex Jones says the FBI is going to kill Trump.
Said no such thing.
I said a criminal cabal inside a criminal racketeering organization with basic manager fraud from the top.
Has been caught doing this, and if they can't take him out with this criminal plot inside a rogue group in the FBI, they're going to try to kill the president.
That's their last option.
They've been talking about how he needs to be killed, how they want him dead.
Then they go, oh, Jones is crazy in the Washington Post.
He thinks the average FBI agent and all the FBI are in on it.
That's how they misrepresent.
Let's go back to this other clip that again is on Infowars.com.
Everybody should share this Paul Joseph Watson article.
It's right on the front page.
I'm going to retweet it at RealAlexJones.
It's so important if you guys will do that for me.
Thank you.
This really needs to get out there.
And we should probably add to this article all the other congressmen and people that have pointed this out as well.
This is what happened.
They've been caught.
They admit this now.
That's why a bunch of them are refusing to testify.
So the plot is really, really thickening right now.
They are desperate.
James Kallstrom, Patriots and the FBI are set to expose Mueller and Comey.
Played that.
Here's the next one.
Sick offense.
And the FBI guilty of obstruction of justice.
That means an inner, sick, white-shoe boy club of Democrats in
The system saying we're not going to let him stay in office.
We're going to remove him.
We're going to make up this dossier.
And then they admit it's fake.
And they admittedly paid their families for it.
That's the money they got for doing it.
That's how they got paid for committing the crime.
He said the Fifth Estate has been working to sabotage President Trump, led by a bunch of sycophants of the FBI, who are guilty of obstruction of justice.
Kallstrom, a career FBI guy, deputy director, isn't attacking the FBI.
He's attacking that it's been hijacked by people destroying it!
But they turn it around!
Oh, Kallstrom!
He doesn't lie.
I mean, that's the next talking point.
Kallstrom says the FBI's pure evil.
When he's a classic G-man.
Now let's go ahead and play the clip.
...is the FBI probe of leading politicians totally and hopelessly politicized.
Come on in, please.
James Karlstrom, former FBI assistant director.
He's always had something to say about this.
What do you got to say about it now?
Well, you know, Stuart, for over a year and a half, I think, we've been talking about this sort of reverse crescendo.
We started off with Jim Comey and all his crazy actions that I thought were outside the main of how the FBI should operate.
And now we come to this, you know, this focus on, you know, the fifth estate that I've talked about, you know, that includes multiplicities of people.
Well, now we know it also includes
A bunch of sycophants in the FBI, you know, that were part of the Comey team, apparently.
And people in justice also.
I believe they have an exposure now for obstruction of justice.
I mean, people tweet each other and they send text messages, but they don't plan.
The FBI is not in the business of planning to destroy a President of the United States.
I mean, it's clear to me that that's what they were.
I think they were.
I think they were trying.
I think they were way above their capability.
You know, this guy thinks he's the Lone Ranger.
It shows how weak the Clintons really are.
How they could just, over the years, get these top people in, have them cover up and kill investigations over the years, and then they went too far.
It's one thing to kill an investigation.
It's another thing to manufacture one against a popular president.
And then you get caught, and then it all comes out, and then they're panicking, hoping people don't keep pointing this out.
That's why now they go, oh, Mueller will make his announcement at the end of next year, hoping we forget about this, and he'll have a Kushner indictment or something to make it look like it's all real.
Let's continue.
He's going to float in here, and if by any chance Trump gets elected, which is a catastrophe in his mind, I mean, I don't know what his mind is thinking.
Obama basically destroyed the country.
Now you have a guy that wants to fix it.
OK, but anyway, if that's his thinking,
You know, and they were obviously, from the words that we saw, they're in Andy's office plotting some kind of thing.
And I think that some kind of thing is what we're seeing right now.
And we've seen for the last, what, ever since he's been elected.
We've seen this facade and this phony challenge to Trump about collusion in Russia, which nothing could be further from the truth.
All the collusions were the Democrats.
And it's very, very depressing to the FBI.
Well, FBI agents.
I mean, 99.9% are hard-working, patriotic guys that come to work and girls that come to work, you know, for the good of the country.
And you've got this cabal of people.
You know, you've got this deputy director who should have been out a long time ago for his actions.
And then you've got Peter Strzok and who knows how many others.
You know, and you've got Comey with all the phony stuff that he did.
You know, but I think finally we're going to get to the end of this.
But the big mystery here is the Justice Department.
What is the Justice Department doing?
What is the Attorney General of the United States doing?
You know, it's too bad for Donald Trump, who I've known for a long, long time, and with all his little things that he does that people don't like.
His policies are what's going to bring the United States back.
Globally, in my view.
Yet, you have this huge storm of people that are just putting roadblock after roadblock.
It's a mystery to me why he hasn't called over to the Attorney General.
And told the Attorney General, give the oversight committees the documents they're looking for.
Why is the Trump Justice Department not complying with subpoenas from the Justice Department that want to look into this thing?
That's because they've committed such massive crimes, they know the whole house of cards is going to fall, and they're all blackmailing other people for things they've been compiling on them, and that's what's happened.
And that's why they're paralyzed, but now they've been exposed, so now there's no putting the genie back in the bottle.
That's why this is so explosive, and why the only move they've got left, well they've got two moves.
They're going to bring out hundreds of fake women that say that Trump attacked them.
People aren't going to buy that.
They already see that failing.
They're like, why did we have Franken leave?
None of this is working.
So the next thing is riots, civil war, trying to make him step down 25th Amendment, and or killing.
But all three of those things go together.
So really, I guess there's three things there.
But the big one is trying to kill the president.
We'll be right back.
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These conspiracy theories were first spread by radio talk show host Alex Jones.
But to get the employee at YouTube on tape admitting that they do it?
I mean, you must be a threat if they call you out by name.
There's a guy on the radio.
His name is Alex Jones.
Alex Jones.
There's a lot of controversy around this network about Alex Jones, for example.
It's time to stop submitting to this charity!
It's time to realize that we're being enslaved!
I heard that on Alex Jones!
InfoWars went even further.
InfoWars, it's a radio show hosted by Alex Jones.
We are in an information war, and we are losing that war.
Nobody can dispute the fact that you're a great man.
InfoWars comes to mind.
Right now the war is the InfoWars.
You watch InfoWars?
I want freedom!
That's what I want!
And that's what you should want!
Hello, this is Hank Hill, and I'm telling you what, you need to listen to Alex Jones.
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
You can run on for a long time.
Run on for a long time.
Run on for a long time.
Sooner or later, gotta cut you down.
Sooner or later, gotta cut you down.
Cutting those taxes!
They've been lying about the tax bill, and it is a compromise in some areas, but it will bring back $4 trillion in the next year.
In corporate taxes that have been held offshore.
And it will bring back thousands of companies.
I mean, if people want to work, they're going to get a chance to work.
And as there's new factories, it's going to drive up wages because there's going to be competition.
For those products.
There's going to be competition for those workers.
There's going to be competition.
And this is what boomtown USA is going to look like.
The globalists made the strategic decision back in the 60s to begin the deindustrialization of North America to transfer things to China.
By the 80s, it began.
And here we are, ladies and gentlemen.
It is a big, big problem.
It's a national security issue.
And it is being reversed.
Now, again, when I said that bills passed, the official bills passed the House and Senate.
They've agreed.
It's gone back and forth in conference.
But there were a few little mistakes where things aren't word for word the same.
And so those are, quote, routine votes.
And for all intents and purposes, they're saying 99 percent chance.
It'll be done in the next hour or two.
We're watching.
We're going to carry Trump's historic press conference.
Hadn't done one in a while.
Coming up today, the War Room is going to be on for three hours after I'm on live, because David Knight has the Real News of the Morning.
Then, of course, I do M4s live here with your host, Alex Jones.
And then, of course, Owen Schroer and Roger Stone, a contributor and many others, on the War Room, 3 to 6 p.m.
And I intend to bring the nightly news back in the next four to five months, an hour every night.
I'm going to be launching more broadcast as well here as we syndicate these radio slash TV transmissions.
And our next big push is UHF, VHF and cable stations.
We've got quite a few picking us up, but we're going to really be reaching out to those stations.
We're going to be creating a big page on the website about it where listeners can call their UHF, VHF stations, cable providers.
And that's really, instead of having a channel on cable, it's kind of a
Vanity Fair thing people do.
Beck did it, it failed, as everyone knows.
And I'm sad it failed.
But the whole point is just having a channel out of 10,000 not doing anything.
You want to just have cable systems that want to pick you up, be able to put you on those lower channels.
The people actually watch, and you want to be on the UHF and VHF stations.
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So that's a whole new level, we have to blur that out, and people watching on the internet go, why are you blurring out them flipping off?
Because we pay for the closed captioning, hundreds of thousands of dollars a year.
We pay for all this stuff.
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We're just building the shows, the research, the crews, the people, the studios, and we're finally there.
I mean, we've already done a lot and reached tens of millions a week, but we're finally there to go after UHF, VHF, and cable.
And I knew this was coming in my gut a few years ago when we started building this.
I knew the internet censorship was coming.
I don't
TV share network systems and then you get into them and then you upload stuff like right after it's live and they have that or there's basically these systems where it's near live when we've got some of the satellites and then some stations want this type some want that type it's very expensive to be all the satellites we need we're probably talking four hundred thousand dollars a year not the hundred and something I'm spending on it right now and it takes money to do that so
We're going to crash the lies and disinformation.
We're going to hit the bar bar.
We're going to cover the news years before it's mainstream.
You're going to get tomorrow's news today.
You're going to get next week's news today.
You're going to get next year's news today.
You see it all the time.
Not that we're even that smart.
It's in globalist documents.
It's in trade publications.
You can get it from top experts.
What's already being beta tested.
They don't want to discuss stuff till it's rolled out ubiquitous.
We're just trying to have a societal discussion about GMO, and about forced inoculation, and about open borders, and about globalism, and about the brainwashing of children in schools, and all of this.
So when we come back from this break, I'm going to get into a bunch of other clips, get into the economy, get into military developments.
This statement is up on newswars.com.
Twitter exec, no longer possible to stand up for all speech.
Social media site doesn't believe in free speech.
Yeah, it's all selectively enforced.
And the word is the 28, their new rules go in.
Paul Watson off Prison Planet on there, one of the top Twitter people.
Real Alex Jones, you name it.
And they've warned other talk shows and people, don't have Alex Jones on your podcast or whatever, or we'll censor you.
Well, if you end up giving in to that in their first wave, they'll cement it, they'll set the precedent, and then you'll be next.
You'll be next.
Don't be stupid.
Stand up for free speech.
We're going to go to break and get into all of this on the other side.
Dr. Group's going to be in the studio.
We're going to be taking your calls on a bunch of big news.
And why does President Trump drink 12 Diet Cokes a day?
He admits it's garbage.
But Coca-Cola said, we don't like you drinking Coke.
We're corporate, you're making us unpopular.
Because they're globalist.
And he said, well, I still drink 12 of those garbages a day.
Because it's addictive.
It's an excitotoxin.
We ought to get Dr. Blaylock on a brain surgeon about it.
But we're going to really give you the truth about Diet Coke as well and a bunch of other issues and take your calls coming up.
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You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
Ladies and gentlemen, the globalists want to organize their coup against the American resurgence where we're taking back our country.
Doesn't mean we're perfect.
Doesn't mean we won't have problems.
But this is a real counter-coup that we've launched to bring back the country from globalism.
They're launching a counter-coup against our counter-coup.
They are launching an attempt to take the country back.
They had a coup.
We took it back partially.
They're trying to take it back again.
And now they are having the final House vote on some of the mistakes in the tax cut bill.
It's officially been passed in the House and Senate.
This is only a, quote, routine vote, meaning they're going to honor their original vote that it's passed.
That's why it's considered as passed.
That's what the legislative scholars are saying.
But still, hanky-panky or chicanery or skullduggery could be engaged in.
Because bamboozling by these people never seems to end, but we've got right now The votes have it so far with the votes ongoing less than two minutes left For them to finish their vote and we're at 158 to 144 158 to 152 total So it looks like it's pretty close right now, we're gonna be watching this as it unfolds because you're supposed to
Vote to just square up the two.
That's how the legislative...
Rules work, but we'll see.
But here's the big story, breaking on Infowars.com and Newswars.com by Clifford Cunningham, Donald Trump Jr.
Top government officials are conspiring against the president.
They're like, well of course we know that.
But now they're telling it like it is.
You got the former assistant deputy director, or the former assistant FBI director, patrons when the FBI set to expose Mueller and Comey.
Says they're sycophants.
But they're going to be brought down.
Donald Trump Jr.
President Trump's son has warned top government officials are conspiring to undermine his father's administration as a witch hunt led by Clinton insider Robert Mueller continues.
And when we finish up with this vote in a moment, we'll get back into this incredibly important article.
Let's go back to C-SPAN right now with live feed of the vote that is nearing its completion in mere seconds.
We're 30 seconds out roughly right now.
If you're a radio listener, you're hearing the sound in the House.
It's been going back and forth in the conference committees.
It's such a big bill.
And they find mistakes in it, it's got to go back.
And then go to a full vote.
Again, they've already said in mainstream news that Trump has a Christmas victory.
It's a huge victory.
They're acting like it's done.
But I don't trust them until the fat lady sings, as they say.
Alright, the vote is now closing.
Paul Ryan is signing off on something and is now approaching the gavel.
The timer says zero time voting.
Sometimes they give him another two minutes or so under parliamentary rules.
I don't pretend to be an expert of it, but I've been watching this stuff for 30 years and covering it for 22, and it just, it'll always give you a headache too, because they can manipulate the rules, they can play all sorts of games, they can tell you it's passed so people go home, and then they sneak in with different maneuvers and kill it.
I mean, what, 80% of Congress is lawyers?
What's that tell you?
All right, any minute now,
They say the totals are 189 to 173.
So, the motion passes.
To make the House version line up with the final Senate version.
And I believe that's it.
But who knows?
Let's see.
There might be a mistake in what they've done.
There goes Paul Ryan.
He's being handed the final vote tally.
Here we go.
Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan.
Totals 192 to 176.
They've stopped voting.
Talk about cliffhanger.
He's just sitting there and sitting there.
Again, the article's on Infowars.com.
It's critical to get all of this out.
Donald Trump Jr.
Top government officials conspiring against the president.
There is and there are people at the highest levels of government, they brag, that don't want to let America be America.
Donald Trump Jr.
said in a speech before a group of young
We're good to go.
The perceived impartiality of special counsel Robert Mueller investigation has collapsed following revelations of rampant political bias among members of the investigative team.
That was again a placed cabal, closed set group, paid for with outside money.
FBI agent Peter Strzok was removed from the investigative team after investigative revealed he sent numerous anti-Trump emails to a colleague admitting the conspiracy.
And it goes through it all with powerful things that Donald Trump Jr.
has laid out.
In one email exchange dating from August 2016, Stroke wrote, There's no way he gets elected, but I'm afraid we can't take that risk.
It's like an insurance policy.
In the unlikely event, you die before you're 40.
They go on to talk about meeting with the FBI Deputy Director to fix the information.
Kind of like fixing WMD information that led us to war with Iraq.
But this is to remove the president that really wants to return the power back to the U.S., the sovereignty, the decision-making processes.
This is a revolution we're in against the globalists and against their coup over America.
But we've only got the beach yet.
But now with these tax cuts, and now the economy coming back, and now with DPP killed, and now with 70% reduction in illegals coming across, and now with sovereignty returning, and now with the new jobs coming back, and all of this, it's banishing the globalists.
It's showing them that they were parasites, strangling us on purpose.
That's what globalism is, is strangling nation-states, especially for your countries, in favor of authoritarians.
This is a big, big, big tax reform bill.
It's got a lot of really, really good things in it.
Cutting the corporate tax alone.
Again, the big megacorporations are globalist.
They're on record.
I know you know this, but we gotta get the word out to people that carp the BS and believe Bernie Sanders.
Like Barking Seals.
The rich people, the rich people.
Well now, C-SPAN is reporting it's just passed, but he's not struck the gavel and made the announcement yet.
Again, the big mega banks want you to move overseas.
They wanted to industrialize the U.S., to come in and buy it up for cheaper, and then have political control, and then use us through resources to only be a military colony, a force that's controlled by outside resources the globalists manipulate.
This is all admitted by them in their white papers.
He's gaveled, and here we go.
If China's got a 15 and we got a 38.9% tax rate, you think we're gonna have any corporations that keep their money here?
It's designed to make sure American money doesn't stay here.
It's literal sabotage.
Look at everything they do is sabotage!
The schools, the media, they're all a criminal cabal of useful idiots preying on us.
And I'm done!
And just the idea that we're open for business has the money flooding back in and this is a devastating victory.
This is a devastating victory.
Devastating against the globalists.
He's about to gavel.
This is weird.
I've never seen C-SPAN with the mics not on.
Paul Ryan's mic's not on.
He just turned it on.
For the sound change.
Well, you know Fox is gonna have it in HD with the audio.
Well, there you go.
Let's continue with this as we go out to break.
This is amazing.
And you know the globalists tried as much as they could to block this, but this is just providence.
This is such a big deal.
Is the bill perfect?
Absolutely not.
But it's what the globalists didn't want.
You're looking at 7 to 10 percent growth rate in one year if they're unable to try to plunge the economy somehow with their sabotage.
Let's go out to break with the rest of the audio.
Here they are reading the results.
Space Agency and for other purposes.
The question is, will the House suspend the rules and pass the bill as amended?
Members will record their votes by electronic device.
This is a five-minute vote.
Yeah, let's be clear.
They're still going through pieces of it, folks.
That's what I was saying.
The media's like, oh look, it's happening right now.
In a vote of 224 to 201, the U.S.
House passes tax reform again.
Actually, what they passed was agreeing to changes that the Senate made in the bill when they passed
Come on, come on, no.
Come on, come on, no.
Come on, come on, no.
Let's go out and strangle a little baby.
Free shipping store-wide.
You can still get packages before Christmas in most of the U.S.
Thank you for the support.
You made the info more possible.
This is you.
You are the core resistance listeners and viewers.
You are key!
Just briefly.
My dad is an oral surgeon and dentist.
He's about to retire.
And about 15 years ago, he heard me ranting and raving about fluoride and toothpaste and how it causes brain damage and lower IQ and dental fluorosis.
And he said, son, I don't care who you have on the air.
That's a bunch of bull.
You need fluoride or you die.
And I actually showed him what was in the water supply and the fluoride.
He said, this is incredible.
This is Grignard Reagent's heavy metals.
They're covering for it, calling it fluoride under law with a loophole to dump toxic waste in the food and water.
Now, CNN had to admit last month, in utero and in children, massive IQ reductions.
Well, six years ago, the EPA said reduce it in water by half.
You don't drink your sunscreen, but hydrofluorosilicic acid is a
Hopped up version of fluoride.
It's been turned into an acid.
It's an adjuvant.
It's very toxic.
But there is the CNN headline that fluoride in the water and in toothpaste is causing IQs to drop precipitously.
And for seven years the
The American Dental Association says don't brush children's teeth until age six with it.
Why does it say nursery water than at the store with added fluoride?
And they didn't add calcium fluoride, boys and girls.
They added hydrofluorosilicic acid.
That's why my dad and I developed, with the same folks that make Toms of Maine, it's private-labeled, super blue, non-fluoride toothpaste with colloidal silver and high-quality iodine.
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Massive iodine deficiencies in the country.
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Super Blue Toothpaste, available at InfoWarsTore.com.
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
Well, they're going through some of the final lies and disinformation.
It's Alex Jones.
They're going through some of the final
This is a Trump, this is an America, this is a free market victory over the globalists, this is a backbreaker.
If they cannot kill Trump or keep him out of office, and this tax cut goes in for a year, the repeal of Obamacare is basically already happening by executive fiat, because Obamacare gave the presidency executive fiat so the presidency can kill it.
They are a floundering, oily, disgusting maggot mess right now, the globalists.
So, this is huge.
You know, I remember, and I didn't catch this, a couple days ago when I saw the latest controversy about the people throwing fits that they have these animatronic kind of rubber wax figurines of the most prominent presidents at Disney.
And at Disneyland, Disney World, and people didn't like Trump being put there because they whined about everything.
And I remember looking and going, man, that doesn't look like Trump.
It looks kind of weird, but it seems like I've seen that guy before.
Who is that?
And I couldn't place it.
Well, guess what, folks?
They did it.
When you look at the side shot, it's
They took a morphing program guaranteed of Trump and Hillary as a sick joke and morphed the two.
And it kind of looks like Jon Voight then.
The article is up on...
Infowars.com and Newswars.com by the great Kit Daniels.
Disney accused of putting Trump wig on Hillary animatronic.
Why does Trump animatronic look like Hillary?
Well you can see because they use a 3D program to create these rubber masks anyways.
And you can see it.
It's part Trump and it's part Hillary as a sick joke.
We gotta look at the ears though.
Let's actually go to the video.
It's on Infowars.com.
It is!
Oh my gosh, there is no end to these people.
They did a mix of Trump and Hillary.
Again, I thought, man, that doesn't look like Trump.
It looks like something I've seen before.
And some people joked and said it looked like John Voight.
Because it looks a little bit like him too.
It looks like a mixture of Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, and Voight.
Disney built the animatronics for its Hall of Presidents exhibit at Walt Disney World, but just compare the animatronic to Clinton.
I tell ya, that's how they sneak this stuff in.
And it just keeps coming out.
They put subliminal messages in, they put overt messages in.
It's plausible that Disney started work on the animatronic before the 2016 presidential election and expected Clinton to win.
That's a good point that speculators and Kit McMaybe, they just
Had that rubber mask of Hillary so they put some different jowls on it.
Because it's Hillary!
I mean, yeah, Newsweek already had it printed up that she was going to win.
Regardless, the animatronic is such a poor replica of Trump that even left-wing NPR said it looks like Hillary.
Yeah, I forgot that part.
See, I'm not even as smart as NPR.
I just saw that the other day in the video and I went, that doesn't look like Trump.
And some people joked it looked like Voight.
But when you really look, it looks like Hillary.
What on earth is going on here?
Let's go out to break with some footage.
Well, you know, it's too delicious.
We just shot it on our iPhones yesterday.
I forget the name.
It's the regular Glock 9mm, but full-auto.
They're real rare.
I should probably look this up or call one of my gun guys.
But the owner of the range brought his saw in and brought this Glock in, one of the fastest shooting 1600 rounds a minute handgun.
Uh, very hard to get.
Hardly even makes them.
And man, it was amazing.
And I gotta say, they said I did pretty good.
Uh, cause a lot of folks could hardly even hit the target.
It's just, it's so wild to pull the trigger.
Uh, but I got them all, got them all on target.
I was all over the place and fired them all in a second and a half.
We got slow-mo footage of that coming up and Dr. Group in studio.
The House passed a sweeping $1.5 trillion tax bill Tuesday.
The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act lowers individual tax rates.
Paul Ryan said, adding that a typical family would average about $2,000 in tax cuts in 2018.
Zero Democrats voted to lower taxes.
Instead, they were busy pushing the narrative that the sloppy bill is a Franken-monster set to benefit only corporations and the rich.
But are they really just worried about a legislative accomplishment that will translate to more cold hard cash for middle-class pockets?
According to the Independent Tax Policy Center, 80% of taxpayers will get a tax cut in 2018.
Only about 5% will pay more next year under the GOP plan.
With approval from both chambers likely, the biggest overhaul of the U.S.
tax system in more than 30 years could be signed into law by President Trump before the end of the week.
Leanne McAdoo, InfoWars.com.
I don't know.
I think so.
We're gonna stab your daughter at the mall
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the Resistance.
You are listening to an InfoWars.com Frontline Report.
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
And I'll take you live.
From deep in the heart of FEMA Region 6, Austin, Texas, transmitting worldwide, it's Alex Jones.
We now take you to the United States of America in late 2017, where a renegade, nationalistic, pro-free market president, against all odds, one year into his presidency, has taken control of the nation and is restoring the republic.
Rogue elements inside the government have struck back with manufactured frame-up propaganda, and that has blown up in their face.
Now, historic, massive tax cuts, guaranteed to supercharge the economy, have passed.
Yes, they announced last night that it had passed, but they had to go through some formalities of a few areas of the bills that had to be lined up in the House and Senate, but under parliamentary rules, once it's already passed, in general, you pledge that you will then vote for it as you voted before.
That has now happened.
They are waiving some of the rules to fully merge the bills, and we're talking about the next hour or less, this going to the 45th President of the United States of America, Donald J. Trump.
All of our enemies that keep betting against us are just failing.
All the glory goes to God, to Jesus Christ, His Son, and then the hard work to all of you, putting up with being bullied, being attacked, being lied about, this amazing crew, the people like Dr. Group that have helped InfoWars so much, who's riding shotgun with us for the next two hours, and we're gonna open the phones up on politics, on health, on so many issues.
This is an amazing time to be alive, ladies and gentlemen.
But they've gone from being viciously angry when Trump won to foaming at the mouth.
When he really is a libertarian, you look at the policies as what JFK's policies were.
They have thrown everything out there and now leftists are getting desperate.
I had a whole family last night when I went outside.
My wife and seven-month-old daughter were inside eating.
My other children are visiting with their mom right now.
We're 50-50.
We were 80-20, but now it's 50-50.
That's great.
And my children are calling me.
They want to talk to me, so I go outside.
I've got the footage.
I feel so sorry for folks.
I don't know if I'm going to show it, but I think I'm going to need to go ahead and show it.
Probably today, but it's on my phone.
I haven't downloaded it yet.
And I'm just over here talking on the phone, and all of a sudden an old woman gets in my face and is doing the sign of the cross.
And the people are flipping me off.
They all get around me.
Four men, two females.
And they're going, you're going to prison, you and Trump, you Russians, you know, you're a child molester, do you have sex with that baby inside?
And I got to hang up on my daughters.
I go, I'll call you back, click.
And I turn around and I start taping it.
They're going, yeah, who's that hot young thing in there, yeah?
Do you know what a piece of crap you are?
And they're all ganging up and I just said, hey, I'm here, come on!
And they kind of get scared.
I'm like, yeah, you think I care?
I'll walk over, I'll videotape both their cars.
They got Hillary Clinton stickers on them.
And I said, I'm going to show what you did.
Oh, how do you like the deputy pope having to step down for pedophilia?
How do you like the head cardinal, you know, dying?
It was all disgrace.
How do you like all the Hollywood stuff coming out?
They are so angry about this and they would come up and attack my baby.
Ladies and gentlemen, I mean, it's who these people are.
They were all wannabe rich yuppie types getting in their fancy cars too.
These limousine liberals.
But, you know, I just think we're going to play the footage of them.
Because, and I didn't even catch the really bad stuff, but I mean, and I shouldn't have called her the sea hag, you know, I was a little bit mean.
But you know,
Oh, then her daughter comes over and says, leave my mother alone.
They all gang up on me.
And then when I don't really bow up, I just start speaking truth, they freak out.
So I'm really worried because they keep saying they want to kill Trump.
They've got these cabals, they're pushing it.
Again, Dr. Group, one of my good buddies, Global Healing Center, what do you think about
The victories we're having, bringing sovereignty back, doesn't mean Trump's perfect, but bringing power back to the people, turning the economy around, all this stuff.
Globally, there's an awakening to globalism.
There's huge things turning, and everywhere, the people that thought they were part of the system are getting very aggressive.
No, I'm really glad to see everything happening the way that it's happening because we've been talking for a long time.
You need to drain the swamp.
You need to start looking at all of the areas that we're suffering.
And, you know, we are all suffering.
I mean, we're giving our money to other countries.
We're allowing other countries to come in.
The healthcare system is a complete disaster.
I mean, if they just took the money, you know, I know that the far-left Democrats are complaining non-stop about this new tax bill.
And, oh, well, let's not look at the tax bill.
Let's look at the costs and all the deficit that we have in America.
All the trillions of dollars that are going to DynSys and all of the black ops organizations through the Department of Defense that we're spending.
That the CIA is hiring, the FBI is hiring, all the money that's going into the healthcare.
We need to look at how to fix these situations by addressing the root cause of the problems.
Why are we having to spend trillions of dollars on heart disease and diabetes and all the other stuff?
Well, I mean, it's deep state garbage, and Trump is exposing the deep state, and that's why it's so incredibly upset.
And totally out of control right now.
I mean, what are they really going to gripe about with the economy coming back?
Well, they are upset.
That's why they're trying to stop these tax cuts.
$4 trillion overseas in corporate money that's now going to come back with this corporate tax bill.
Do people have any idea?
They wrote laws to make it prohibitive, so no corporations would be based here.
Why do you think they all left?
Because the globalists wrote the legislation 30 years ago to do it!
We want to be able to do that.
I mean, companies are taxed to the hill.
That's why companies are moving outside of the United States.
We need to bring this back in.
It is going to create jobs.
I want to hire more people.
I want to give back more to my employees.
I mean, you know, we are in a generation, even Harvard, MIT, and some of these schools are now teaching how important it is to have that culture and how important it is to
To take care of employees from years and years and years ago.
I mean we have a whole new mentality with these new individuals and these new cultures coming into the workforce.
We're looking at AI technology.
We're looking at the future where we might have robots replace workers.
What are we going to do in that situation?
It's already happening and we have to decide.
We're going to buy products that are pro-human.
We have to take control of the future now.
The globalist technocrats want to take it away from us for total control.
We have to realize that's happening.
And Trump is a pro-human president who wants to make it about people and about workers, who lionizes blue-collar workers instead of talking crap about them like Hillary does in the Wikileaks.
And I'm going to say this very clearly.
If we had a 38.9 percent, that's what it was.
Corporate tax, and China has a 15.
Communist China has a 15, which is the global average.
A lot of countries have zero, like Ireland.
And they have, we have a 38.9.
It's impossible.
Communists can't have taxes.
Less than half of ours.
And they go, Alex, you want rich guys to... What, are you making money off that?
I don't take money outside the country.
We're going to come back and get into all of it.
And we're going to get into a whole bunch of huge health news.
And also, you want to get into it, I agree.
The Truth About Diet Coke and Donald Trump.
A message of the President on that with Dr. Group.
He's going to be riding shotguns.
We're going to be bantering back and forth and taking your calls in the third hour.
Stay with us.
Infowars.com, Newswars.com.
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Big Brother Mainstream Media Government Cover-Ups
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
Live from Austin, Texas, broadcasting worldwide, it's Alex Jones.
Okay, I promised to play this.
A minute ago, when we just shot it on our iPhones yesterday, I thought, I've never taken Roger Stone shooting.
We'll get into the serious stuff in the next segment.
And Roger's not a big shooter, he's pro-Second Amendment, he's got a shotgun.
Ever been hunting?
I'm gonna take him hunting next.
Infowars.com contributor, former head of the Trump campaign, 2016 race.
But I took him out to the range, really nice shooting range.
In fact, it's the best in Texas, the biggest in Texas, I think the nicest.
And the owner's a big listener and big patriot.
And we shot the Glock 18C, and I never shot a saw.
But the Glock 18C is just a Glock handgun, 9mm.
It's got the port in the top, very rare.
They're like $20,000, full-auto.
And it's just a gun to have fun with.
It shoots 33 rounds in a second and a half, 1,600 rounds a minute if you could feed them that fast.
And I'm very proud of myself.
Three out of four times, I put
Well, twice I put all the bullets on the target, and then once a bunch of them were shot down at the bottom, and then the other time they were all over the place.
But it is very hard to keep all the bullets on the target.
We've got some of the footage shot in HD.
We haven't had time to download it.
So here's just the cell phone footage we shot.
For radio listeners, it's amazing.
You can go to Infowars.com forward slash show.
There's always live feeds, and we'll upload this later, the footage.
But I've probably watched this slow motion footage.
He filmed it all four times.
I just think Murphy's Law, the one really favorite one I did, I don't think made it on there, but it was like the cartridges were coming up perfectly and hitting the camera where we'd set it.
It looks like a video game.
It looks fake.
It's not.
Here it is.
And then in slow motion, there's no sound, obviously.
You know, it's weird how iPhones transfer.
On my phone, when I play it in slow-mo... That's why I thought this footage was different.
It actually has it.
And it goes... It sounds amazing.
Nice, tight grip.
Looks like you were pretty steady right there.
Let's look at Roger.
Did pretty good.
Most of them hit the target.
And there's your saw right there.
I used to shoot those in the military.
He's like, no, no, no, don't do it single-handedly.
He's like, no, no, no, do it like die, mother, die.
So, we got hours of it.
It was fun.
Never mind your Army days.
That does, actually.
It sure does.
When I was in the military, they were just coming out and launching the SAW.
We were one of the first squads to do some testing with it.
I ended up doing that for a while and then ended up going into becoming a Dragon Gunner after that.
So, a little bit of everything.
A Dragon Gunner.
Is that a C-130?
No, a Dragon Gunner is actually a missile.
It's a large anti-tank weapon that you actually carry with you.
It's a light, medium, and heavy anti-tank or anti-armored vehicle missile.
I'm sure they've come out with a lot of advancements.
Yeah, it is kind of like that, so it's guided with the... Is that a two-man, three-man team?
No, one man.
One guy, huh?
One man.
I had to lug that thing around everywhere, this big missile on my back.
Was that fun?
Yeah, it was okay.
It wasn't that bad.
Yeah, not that bad at all, actually.
Let's talk about that.
Talking about military personnel, I mean... You told me long before, you said, oh, there were shootouts all the time on the DMZ, and now we hear about them.
The guy trying to defect, they shoot him five times, he still gets across.
Guys crawl over and get him, and you can see the blood trails in the FLIR footage.
Pretty powerful footage, and I guess that's where you were lugging the missile around on the DMZ?
On the DMZ, we weren't using that missile because we didn't really have a threat of heavy tanks and artillery.
Mostly the North Korean army was just individual soldiers on the DMZ.
And the South Korean military was in front of us, so on the patrols and everything.
When the firefights happened, mostly, and there were firefights every night, but that was in 1988 when
North Korea was threatening to attack Seoul because of the Olympics were going to be in Seoul that year and that's why we were sent over there.
But that's about to happen again.
Yes, it is.
History repeats itself.
It sure does.
It sure does.
But anyway, yeah, I know it's the holiday season.
I know a lot of people have questions about how to stay healthy during the holidays.
There have been a lot of reports that the flu is really, really bad.
We're going to get to that next segment.
Give us some Army stories about the shootouts with the North Koreans.
Well, we didn't see a lot of them.
I'll tell you, the story that affected most of us was the fact that they were using, doing psychological PSYOP programs back in the 80s, and they were testing them out on us, and they built a whole city right there on the border, and they would play loud, loud, loud music every single night, and they were doing propaganda, dropping propaganda documents on us as well.
But the music, I remember around Christmas time and they would blast Christmas carols and Christmas songs all night long because they wanted us to not be able to sleep or anything like that and they wanted us to become sad that we missed our families and stuff.
Just like mainstream media bombards us against America, Trump, libertarianism, free market.
It's kind of the same thing.
Yeah, the psychological warfare they were using on us back then.
So that was the big thing, I mean... So it was like Rudolph, the red-nosed reindeer, like blaring... Yeah, like super loud, and we could literally see the North Korean flag from looking out of our bedroom where we were staying, our barracks.
We were that close.
We were in the first of the 506 at Camp Greaves.
That's the northernmost post.
So you were there to back up the South Koreans?
It was mainly them having the shootouts?
Yeah, we trained a lot with the South Koreans.
We trained with 10th Mountain.
I mean, all of the Green Berets and the Rangers and even Delta Force.
Navy SEALs, Air Force, different types of military.
I always ask myself the question why was there so many different military soldiers from different countries there all the time training with us?
I mean we would have sometimes Russian military, Afghanistan, I mean everywhere you could imagine they were sending soldiers in to train with us and we were always asking why are we training these guys?
We might be in war with them, but they're part of our training.
We had no idea what was going on, but that was part of the training operations over there.
I learned a lot and some of the technology that they introduced us to back then.
I remember them bringing us down into a little cave in 1980.
This was before cell phones.
This was in 87, 88.
And the technology that they introduced us to down there was pretty amazing.
Just small, even little devices this big that in 1988 it was almost AI.
We could call anywhere in the world with these.
Satellite phones?
It wasn't even a satellite phone.
It was more like a pager.
It was just a square, rectangular system where it was a tracking device.
They could track where we are.
They could listen to us.
And we could actually use that to call anybody.
And imagine the stuff they've given us now through the phones is nothing.
They say the tech's like 20, 30 years ahead.
Oh, there was laser technology back then.
There was, you know...
I mean, I can remember looking at some of the stuff down in that bunker and just thinking, wow, this is pretty amazing stuff.
It looked like something out of a sci-fi movie.
Basically everything.
Like a secret space program kind of stuff.
I mean, that we've had.
She won't tell us, by the way.
They're not allowed to.
I don't know a lot about it, but I know that I was all compartmentalized so I've been given some documents about some We'll talk about that in the next segment though, and you could pull that stuff up on on YouTube about some holographic healing technology that the military You heard it here first and the globalists are already dreading it
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We're good to go.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
Waging war on corruption.
It's Alex Jones, coming to you live from the front lines of the Infowar.
Next hour, wide open phones, your questions for Dr. Group.
We may even just continue into the fourth hour today.
Then of course, Owen Schroer coming up.
They have passed the historic tax bill.
They had a few little incidentals, but it has now officially passed.
Trump is set to have a press conference soon.
We are watching this very, very closely.
We'll go to his press conference.
When he goes live, we'll have it posted to Infowars.com.
NewsWars.com as well.
But before we go any further, again, epic overhaul sent to President's desk, lowers taxes, repeals Obamacare mandate, allows oil drilling.
Ladies and gentlemen, so there you go.
Huge information up on DrudgeReport.com and InfoWars.com.
And again, people say, oh my God, this will hurt the earth, whatever.
They're drilling and exploring everywhere else except America.
We've been artificially shut down.
That's the globalist plan.
It's a done deal.
Congress wraps up massive tax package.
Now, I want to get into flu season, into the flu shot, into all the vaccines.
We have people that work here, two people in the last six months that I know, one on that side of the building, one in here, who are going out of the country.
They told him take all these shots.
One of them got really sick.
One of them got super sick.
And they told her, you can't ever take a vaccine again.
It may cause an allergic reaction that kills you.
And just like you can say, I can't take peanuts or I can't eat eggs or milk or whatever, you get deathly ill.
Or beasting.
What about vaccines?
They're all different companies.
They're grown on fetal tissue.
They're grown on eggs.
They're originally grown on egg stock.
They supposedly strain that out and then transfer it over.
But the virus still has those ring structure protein cofactors.
I'm no scientist.
I've read the reports.
You've got a big thing on that.
And then they admit
The Canadian study of six years ago, every flu shot you take doubles your chances of flu the next year.
They've never guessed the right flu strain for the next year's mutation.
It's a giant, giant, giant, giant hoax.
I mean, it's just incredible.
So you've got a lot of news on that and natural healthy ways for people to avoid the flu.
Let me guess, Dr. Roop, tell me.
Well, first of all, just to address your previous comment about the oil drilling, and I know a lot of people aren't happy about it, and the disbanding of all the EPA and stuff like that.
I personally know that people around the world are working right now on different types of energy devices, and even the big companies are working on generating energy from blue-green algae and other sources that are natural.
I think that you're going to see a lot.
I actually saw some things come across my desk in the last couple weeks that are amazing, using hydrogen, creating energy from air, water.
It's a huge movement.
By the way, Trump's unblocking all that too.
Not just a few windmill boondoggles, but the real technology.
Because all kinds of people all over the world now are starting to come out and they're saying, we're sick of all the damage to the earth, we want to get clean energy, we want to have different ways, and it's been blocked.
On every front, Alex, like the
Pharmaceutical industry right now is buying up all kinds of nutraceutical agencies.
They just ended up buying Garden of Life and Atrium Nutraceuticals for some billions of dollars, and we get offered all the time too.
So there's many different things that are happening on every front that I think are all positive.
The oil and gas industry, yeah, there's a lot of money in the oil and gas industry, but the oil and gas industry is also looking at risk assessments and doing SWOT analysis and all kinds of stuff, and they're seeing
All these genius kids.
There's a 13-year-old kid that made the news that they're saying is the next Nikola Tesla out there that's developing a way to generate energy to power things for a very, very, very low cost.
So we have a collective effort that's happening all over the world right now.
There's a collective effort for nationalism and rebirth and renaissance.
There's a collective jump happening that the globalists knew was coming and tried to block with the fluoride, the aspartame, and all of it.
There's advancements in natural means to regrow limbs right now, using holographic images, ways to look inside the body.
I mean, we're exponentially
With technology?
In his inaugural speech he said, we know we've been suppressing technology.
We're going to turn loose and we're going to discover the secrets of the universe together.
Yes, and then so people are to lean into the whole flu thing.
I mean the pharmaceutical companies know that the money is so good in the flu shots and it used to be a flu shot once a year that you were getting but now you're getting offered $10 off your
A grocery store bill, or your drug store bill if you get a flu shot.
And now they're saying you need multiple ones, and people are getting MMR, measles, mumps, rubella, who've had the shot.
They admit that's actually what's spreading it.
I mean, it's just crazy how they're firing all these nurses, giving them to preemies that they admit kills them.
I mean, they're really trying to force-inoculate right now.
Yeah, CVS ran out of flu shots for people under 65.
You have damaging effects of flu all over the nation right now.
Flu is now widespread in New York and California for the first time this season.
They've got studies that the more people take the shot, the more it spreads.
That's true, because the influenza virus replicates.
Every time it replicates, it replicates into a new virus.
So it's literally impossible to develop a flu vaccine.
I keep telling people that over and over and over again.
Listen, let's talk about what do you do health-wise.
Knock on wood.
I get allergies and that's about it.
I have not had the flu in 10 years.
I don't even get sore throats anymore.
I don't know what's going on.
I mean, I take the supplements, but I still eat like a pig, exercise some, but I mean, it's kind of, in fact, my wife's like, she's known me four years, she's like, you never get sick, what's going on here?
Well, the main thing is to keep your immune system strong, and you do that through a lot of different things.
Sleep, number one.
A lot of people aren't getting enough sleep and even during the holidays people are not getting enough sleep.
That's one of my biggest holiday tips.
Just try to get an extra two hours of sleep every single night during the holidays and you'll feel so much better because people overeat.
And you look at the things that
What's going to decrease my immune system, especially during the winter?
You have plenty of sunlight.
I haven't plugged any of the shower, and we do sell great products that you and others have developed that are best sellers that people take and love and help them.
I think it's the fact that I've been taking X2 for four years, the true, clean, pure iodine, the good halogen.
The fact that I take vitamin B12 every two days.
During the winter, I take our winter sun.
I mean, again, people ask, some people I know that are super sick.
I go, dude, you're like, why does a ghost go get some sun?
They go, it's crazy!
I had all these skin rashes and stuff, and I went and got sun, and now I'm gaining weight, and I don't have skin rashes.
It's like, so it's water, clean water, sleep, sunlight, but then vitamin D3.
Yes, winter sun.
Winter sun is one of the things that people have noticed tremendous benefits from over the years.
Oh, you notice BuzzFeed did the analysis test and it said it was totally clean, but then said,
Oh, but this other one is even better, and then it was your group that we're private labeling.
So they said, here's the very best, not knowing it's what we private labeled from you.
Wasn't that hilarious?
That's hilarious.
We've tested hundreds, and here's the best.
So oregano oil, silver is really good to keep with you over the holidays, and most importantly, a good enzyme product like you just launched, as well as
A good probiotic and the reason why is what we were talking about all the excess meat people usually gain on average one to five pounds over the holidays and then they feel horrible come January.
So take the carnivore.
A good probiotic, winter sun, the iodine.
I've looked at analyzing the different foods over the holidays and a lot of them contain fluoride, bromine and chlorine.
And X2 helps clean that out.
And that's, you know, the good thing about X2 and the iodine is that what else are you going to use to clean out the harmful halogens from your body?
And by the way, as patriots, we don't think of ourselves as sissy, so ignore all this, but I didn't get sick a lot before, but I'm not kidding.
I mean, I literally, knock on wood, I hate every time I say this, it'll happen.
I mean, I never even get fevers anymore.
It's like insane!
Well, that's because your body is utilizing the nutrients that you have, the high-end nutrients, to keep your immune system... Why am I still getting allergies, though?
Well, we're all having allergies right now because of all the things that they're spraying in the air.
I mean, when you have shifts from cold air to hot air and you're going in and out of different types of buildings and indoor air is now a hundred times more, can be up to a hundred times more toxic than outdoor air.
We're seeing a massive pesticide... Stay there, let's talk about that.
...fungus and mold and yeast that's getting up into the sinuses.
Let's talk about that first, and then I want to get into Trump and Aspartame.
He even admits it's garbage, but he drinks 12 cokes a day.
Dr. Gribbs, our guest, the big tax bill passed.
Stay with us, this is big news.
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It was a beautiful day Sunday day
So the truth about Diet Coke is it's very simple to discover.
We got Dr. Grieper with us.
I've had Dr. Russell Blaylock on countless times who created the term excitotoxin more than 25 years ago in major literature.
It's now a dominant term and excitotoxins are addictive poisons that make you want to have more of them and that have an excitotoxin
Effect in your body, and that's why I remember having Blaylock on 20 years ago And he would say it makes you crave more food.
It makes you eat more sweets He would give the studies it makes you more obese I remember group coming on and talking about it 10 years ago, and so now it's mainstream news That Oh diet soda with aspartame Makes you fatter and Trump back in 2012 showing how smart he is said I know this stuff makes you fatter you never see a skinny person
Uh, drinking it.
Uh, he said, you know, when you do drink it, it makes you more hungry.
But I still drink a lot of the garbage.
Here it is.
I've never seen a thin person drinking Diet Coke.
Good job, Crew, pulling that up so fast.
The Coca-Cola Company is not happy with me.
That's okay.
I still keep drinking that garbage.
And then he said he does drink quite a few a day.
The New York Times claims 12.
So, it's true when the producer corrected me that Trump never said 12.
That's probably fake news.
But, Dr. Crew, they now admit
What you and others said about this, give us a snapshot of Diet Coke, and we always say Diet Coke, Aspartame, because now it's in all the major sugar gums.
It's in stuff that doesn't say sugar-free.
My kids go to the store, they want some bubblegum, I have to order it online.
I can't even find it.
I mean, the FDA has the most phone calls and adverse events listed.
From aspartame, artificial sweeteners, Splenda, all of those different types of artificial sweeteners than any other drug or natural substance.
I'm not even going to say it's natural substance.
I mean, it is developed as an artificial sweetener, just as bad as all of the other things out there.
It's extremely toxic to the brain.
My aunt died of brain cancer.
She drank 12 tabs a day, and she was a dean of nursing at Syracuse University.
Let's explain why.
My mother tries to quit and has to lay in bed for three days, and she's tough.
She's finally pretty much gotten off of it, but occasionally, like a drinker, goes back to it.
I mean, it's wood alcohol, right?
Well, a lot of things can happen in the body.
It actually converts to formaldehyde at about 88 degrees, and not only that, it's very acidic.
And what people don't know about it, that I keep saying, is it reacts differently with heavy metals, and those molecules of aspartame react differently in different pH environments.
So, let's say you have
The Standard American Diet, where someone's eating a steak, baked potato, diet drinks, and dessert.
Well, you're going to have different chemicals in all of those things.
Like you said, a lot of the desserts these days are made with artificial sweeteners, and then you add other excitotoxins like MSG.
And you add blue, red, yellow, green dyes into that.
And once you've gotten addicted, like Colonel Sanders got it from the Japanese in World War I, the Japanese liked good food, they couldn't make them eat canned food, they put aspartame in, an excitotoxin, not aspartame, they put MSG in, and then he came and put it in Colonel Sanders' chicken.
I mean, they know what they're doing.
It's all done by design, and the flavoring industry is a huge, huge, huge industry.
And it's not only flavoring industry, it's addiction industry.
We have a society that's become addicted to sugar.
Addicted to artificial sugar.
Addicted to food in general.
Addicted to meat, carbohydrates, everything else.
And so we're overeating to the point where I was just reading some studies that said, and these are some doctors that were working and studying this back in the 1920s to the 1950s.
One meal a day, Alex, like one standard fast food meal a day can take a hundred, between 90-100% of your energy levels in your body to break down that one cooked meal.
That's why we're so exhausted, because it's not just the calories, it's what's in it.
And I remember reading about KFC and all these pioneers of it, and the McDonald's letter
They were in races with other companies, like cigarette makers, to make their food more addictive.
They want you coming back and buying it over and over and over again.
Obama gets in and I go, well later they're going to have a lunch program and it'll be like old-fashioned liberals really make it healthy and organic.
It's all about lower calorie, no fat the brain needs, and pure aspartame, MSG, as chemicalized as possible, worse than prison food.
But it was okay because he's liberal.
All we need is an executive order.
No more.
We know that artificial sweeteners are toxic.
There's plenty of scientific evidence.
Executive order.
Ban artificial sweeteners.
Ban the use of pesticides.
Ban the use of preservatives.
Toxic preservatives.
Ban all these man-made chemicals.
What is that headline?
Which companies are eating aborted fetuses in their food?
Well, that's yeah that who knows what see here's another thing Foods are not tested for all these different.
I remember that he said they stopped using the fetal tissue as their ancestor Yes for the it was eat.
They were they even found traces of it in their aquafina water products But not only not only are you looking at the diet drinks like Diet Coke, but what are the other things that are in there?
It's not just the artificial sweeteners.
There's are there's toxic colorings in there the water that they're using
When is the last time a consumer took any artificial drink out there and did a full analysis on it to check for pesticide residue, endocrine-disrupting chemicals, which are causing... We're going to cover all that in the next hour.
Bottom line, there is an insane mad scientist race.
With human animal chimeras, and weird toxic flavorings, and all of this is addictive.
And once you start eating fast food, I've done it before, I used to exercise all the time and stuff, but then started eating fast food and quit exercising.
It's like a drug.
You crave it, you feel horrible till you get it, and two hours later you're back there eating it, but you eat a good clean meal, you're not hungry for six hours.
And it's not that I'm some rocket scientist and I'm the highest example of living perfectly, I'm just saying I've been through it, I've experienced it myself.
I need to plug here, and you were here and you said, listen,
The biggest thing is funguses.
I want to talk about funguses.
How they're spreading.
Why are they mutating?
Why is yeast and mold getting so bad?
And you said, by the way, I never hear you pitching MycoZx.
I said, well, that's because...
For six months it's been sold out because you've been unable to source all the incredible ingredients and get it.
The ultimate, if you talk about probiotic, Michael ZX cuts out all the garbage and actually targets the yeast, the candida, the mold in your gut.
Because normal probiotics will displace the bad bacteria, but they won't get rid of the yeast, mold, and as you've said, Michael ZX is now back in stock with free shipping, discounted, even though it's been sold out for what, six months?
Why did it take you so long to be able to produce more of this for us?
Well, we're constantly looking at ways to improve and we're going to be coming out with... You're always trying to have the very cleanest, organic, absolutely best.
And this is one of the things, I mean, people say, well, why are your supplements so expensive?
Well, if I'm going to buy, I can buy milk thistle for $2 a pound from China and it's been sitting in a warehouse.
But we have specific, our philosophy is from seed to your body.
That's how, that's the quality control that we use.
But by the way, that's not that expensive.
They have cruddy probiotics and antifungals that are more than yours.
Well, so it all comes down to the therapeutic level and effectiveness of all of the constituents in each individual herb.
How a lot of this.
What we're finding out now, Alex, we just finished reviewing research studies that came out of India on the spice industry, and we're finding in the milling process, when they take the herbs, no matter what it is, and they mill them because they have to produce them into a powder, right?
It heats them up and they have to go through the mill four or five times sometimes to get to a certain powdered mesh size.
We found out, and this is scientific evidence, that you lose 50% or more of the active constituents in the milling process alone.
That means you use the essential oils.
It's not fresh.
I mean, just to dumb it down, a piece of meat that's six months old, frozen, doesn't taste like one fresh.
It doesn't have the same stuff.
Well, anyways, MycoZx is back.
You can still order it in the lower 48 and get it before Christmas.
Micro ZX.
Santa delivered that a little early.
It'll say Christmas, Christmas, Christmas, Jesus Christ.
That makes all the Globals angry to say Christmas, Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.
But Micro ZX is now back in stock.
And it's amazing what it's done for so many people that I've known that have had serious bowel disorders, you name it.
This has changed their lives.
I've been so upset we can't get more of it.
But now it's finally back.
Free shipping.
We have 50% off on most items, 67% off on colloidal silver, and your purchase helps fund this news and information warfare operation as we expand in the face of the global.
Let's go ahead and finish up about Michael ZX.
No, if you're suffering from, I mean, it's just something that's so, so, so common right now.
I could literally probably take 9 out of 10 people off the street, test their sinuses.
That's why everybody has these chronic sinus problems, congestion, their nose is always running.
It's, we are living in a time, and every single day, more and more and more people are suffering from an overgrowth of mold, fungus, and yeast inside their body.
Scientists are starting to recognize that as well, and it's something that everybody, including children these days, they're not being diagnosed from their physicians, and they're being put on antibiotics, and they're being put on all these other things.
When we come back, why?
Because even mainstream news admits molds.
Funguses, all of it is exploding.
It's killing the animals, the deer, the coyotes, the humans.
People are getting brain tumors in their heads, I see, that are fungus growing.
It's getting in the houses, the black mold.
Why is it exploding?
Why is it growing?
Straight ahead, then we'll recap some of the other big news.
Open the phones up, your chance to talk to Dr. Edward Group.
I'm Alex Jones, NewsWars.com.
Don't let them block the sites.
Please spread the links, NewsWars.com.
Support this network and not only support us but trigger the verified Libtards on Twitter.
They had an absolute meltdown a few days ago.
They found an ad that I had cut for Brain Force, which by the way you should also get in 4WarsStore.com.
Always use the opportunity to promote it even more.
They had a meltdown over an ad that I cut in April and they found it like it was some secret and they were like, oh my god, this is the funniest thing ever.
So they literally had an autistic screeching fit over
An ad of me promoting Brain Force, which is a new tropic, which like literally half the people in Silicon Valley take, which everybody has their different brand of.
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Brain Force Plus.
They had an absolute meltdown.
It was hilarious.
They wrote it at Vice.com!
Listen, if this is the best they've got against yours truly, that I advertised Brain Force six months ago, everybody in Silicon Valley take some kind of nootropic.
This isn't like some pokey snake oil.
I mean, Joe Rogan built his entire podcast on selling his version of the exact same product.
Gonna go after Joe Rogan too?
Absolutely incredible that they had all these massive hissy fits over me making an ad for Brain Force.
Well here I'm making another one right now.
Gonna get triggered over this?
We'll sell even more bottles of it.
You're literally making Infowars and me money with your autistic hissy fits.
Carry on with your autistic screeching.
Because it's a lot funnier from my perspective.
If that's all you've got, it's quite pathetic at this point.
Get your Brain Force right now.
Brain Force Plus.
Personally recommended by me at InfoWarsStore.com.
Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order, it's Alex Jones.
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
Live from the InfoWars.com studios, it's Alex Jones.
All right, I've been ranting, I've been raving.
We got Dr. Grupin here for this hour, some to the next.
Give people in this little segment a smattering of what you want to cover, what's coming up, and then I'm going to give the toll-free number out, and you're welcome to call with any questions, any comments, any reviews of the products.
Any questions?
877-789-2539 is the toll-free number to join us on Wednesday, the 20th day of December 2017.
I'm very thankful this year for all of you.
Thankful for the big tax cuts.
They're going to mean so much to our country that the globalists are so upset about.
We're going to be breaking that down.
And how long until Trump's press conference?
Do we know?
We are.
Okay, good.
Thank you.
We're watching that all very, very closely.
It could be any time now.
So that is coming up.
So again, 877-789-ALEX is the number.
Dr. Group, give us a smattering of what's coming up.
Well, I mean, it's been a long time since I've been able to answer questions for everybody, and I know everybody loves to call in and ask about current events, current things that are happening in the health field arena, what they can do to improve their health, how the products work.
So I'm really excited about taking some calls, but we can go over some holiday tips.
What you can do during the holidays to keep yourself healthy.
Some of the things that are going to be popping up next year.
Hopefully some good things.
Why it's so important to keep yourself detoxified and why it's so important to really take control of your own health and to focus on yourself and your family and to learn as much as you possibly can.
It really all comes down to one simple thing.
And that your body always gives you the signs that something's going on just to pay attention to those signs and slowly change.
I mean, you don't have to completely eliminate everything that you like to do inside your life or inside your home, but it comes down to evaluating your environment, your diet, where you live, cleaning up the home, getting rid of the chemicals, cleaning up your body, making sure that you detoxify.
That's why it's so important
The products we initially launched here were really focused on gut health, detoxifying, especially during the holidays when you have all that garbage inside your system and you want to get it out.
All I know is I take your products and...
I haven't been sick other than allergies in four years.
You know, a good product right now, Lung Cleanse, is a product that we launched that's becoming more and more and more popular.
It was designed to work as an antihistamine for allergies and for, we have a few allergies now that are coming into play, I think red cedar, but it is amazing the response that we're getting because of all of these sore throats and all of these respiratory
Yeah, this isn't like the stuff where it's real thin and it's like two ingredients and alcohol.
This is dozens of concentrated essential oils.
This is a essential oil concentrate.
It's not necessarily an essential oil concentrate.
Well, all I know is I'm reading the back.
It just has all the names of these oils.
Right, right, right.
And that's important because those oils go down into your lungs.
I've literally had moms call me up and say their kids were coughing or had
People are getting sun.
They're not getting vitamin D3.
They're eating too much.
Their immune systems are down.
They come home for the holidays and then, you know, you're supposed to be happy with your family and not stressed out and they bring something in and the kids get sick.
The giant petri dish incubator.
And I want to be clear.
I haven't gotten like a cold or the flu in like four years or anything with a fever.
I have had things like little sore throats or when I had a tooth from grinding my teeth in my sleep break off.
That got a little infected and then
Antibiotics didn't work, but colloidal silver worked.
I mean, it's like, I mean, but when it comes to everybody else getting sick around me, I'm just like, no.
I still don't understand why they prescribe antibiotics for the flu sometimes.
That's crazy.
But yeah, a lot of that... They know full well, I mean, yeah, I'm not a rocket scientist, but antibiotics are for bacteria.
Oxy powder keeps your intestines clean.
The House passed a sweeping $1.5 trillion tax bill Tuesday.
The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act lowers individual tax rates.
Paul Ryan said, adding that a typical family would average about $2,000 in tax cuts in 2018.
Zero Democrats voted to lower taxes.
Instead, they were busy pushing the narrative that the sloppy bill is a Franken-monster set to benefit only corporations and the rich.
But are they really just worried about a legislative accomplishment that will translate to more cold, hard cash for middle-class pockets?
According to the Independent Tax Policy Center, 80% of taxpayers will get a tax cut in 2018.
Only about 5% will pay more next year under the GOP plan.
With approval from both chambers likely, the biggest overhaul of the U.S.
tax system in more than 30 years could be signed into law by President Trump before the end of the week.
Leanne McAdoo, InfoWars.com.
You got it.
This transmission is coming to you.
Waging war on corruption.
It's Alex Jones.
Coming to you live from the front lines of the InfoWar.
I'm Alex Jones.
Dr. Edward Group is riding shotgun with us today as we banter back and forth covering health news, information, important things.
But we're going to disperse this with the big press conference coming up that should happen in the next 30 minutes to an hour.
They are busing Congress, people that voted for this historic tax cut plan, this reindustrialization, this bringing the money back to America plan.
to the White House for a big press conference sometime in the next hour, hour and a half.
We're not sure.
They don't announce that.
But the big attacks are it allows oil drilling or pipelines in the Arctic or, you know, Alaska wildlife refuge.
They put that in to kill the pipelines when Obama got in.
The caribou sleep underneath it.
It's a big pipeline.
Everybody else, you know, China has 97% of rare earth minerals.
They're mining everywhere.
They're doing everything.
Oh, that's okay.
But we can't have anything in America.
If you drive a car, or if you're wearing nylon clothing, or you're involved in any of this, you have to understand, that's the energy we got.
We're using it.
The globalists have de-industrialized this country.
We're going to have it.
I'm all for the new technologies to come forward, but Trump's doing what he said.
But the no-brainer is a 40% or 38.9 corporate tax.
China has a 15.
Why do you think everybody moved to China?
Or zero?
Ireland was falling apart 20 years ago.
They went to zero.
They became the boomtown.
So we've got $4 trillion outside the country that's about to come back in.
If you think a 3.3% growth rate's good, they're talking about just the tax cut alone.
Not the corporate one.
The other one will make it 7% to 10%.
They're saying the corporate tax, the only problem is it's going to create such a boom, unless they're able to somehow sabotage the stock market before it fully gets in.
Here's the critical time, Dr. Rubin.
I want your take on this.
You're a smart businessman as well.
And of course, your dad's a famous chemist.
You've studied this a lot.
If this tax cut actually gets deployed, before they repeal it, before they can plunge the stock market, before they can block everything with a civil war or a bigger war in Korea or whatever, if this plan goes through and the whole thing turns around and we're in a giant boom time, what do the globalists then do to counter nationalism?
A. But B. Let's face it, prosperity creates a lot of slobs as well.
That's kind of the downside of it.
If you really pull back, it'll also probably create some pretty serious inflation because we still have big debts.
If we don't free spending and start paying down debt, then we're just going in the same direction.
Well, again, I would say address the root cause of the situation that we're in anyway with why are we paying so much taxes and why are we spending so much money in government and why is our government so big.
It's not run like an organization or like a company and that's the good thing about Trump is that he actually is bringing that business knowledge into a government that
You know, look at how many people in government are trained in business.
How many people in government have run a corporation with hundreds of employees?
They're almost always sophisticated lawyers that come in with no money and leave as $100 million or billionaires.
They're a bunch of swindlers.
Right, and they're not there to save money, they're there to spend money, and as a corporate operation, as the government should work, it should be looking at how can we maximize our efforts.
It's solvency.
I mean, we need more privatization and having more entrepreneurship and having more individuals.
The government shouldn't be controlling so many different things.
And by the way, where has collectivism worked?
I can only imagine what would have happened if Hillary would have got into office right now.
It's just common sense.
A lot of these things are in simplicity.
It's like how to heal the body.
Well, you can heal the body on just water and clean air and rest most of the time.
But I think that a lot of those things have to be addressed.
I mean, when you have in the EPA, the people running the EPA are the ex-executives at Monsanto and Dow AgriSciences and all these corporations.
And when you have the government influence with the lobbyists,
For big corporations and pushing people out and giving contracts to certain individuals, it's corrupt.
I mean, we need to get rid of the corruption.
There are plenty of people out there that are good people that would gladly volunteer for government positions without any pay.
If they had the American people's backing.
To help the America.
I mean, I would.
Look at Trump.
Look at Trump.
He's not taking any money.
He's losing money with their attacks on him, not just giving away his salary.
I know how to fix healthcare.
I've written letters to Melania, I've written letters to Tom Price, I've written letters to the Health and Human Services, I've written letters to Donald Trump.
Have I got any response?
I've got the general letter saying thanks for sending us a letter, blah blah blah.
There's so much influence by big corporations, by the globalists, that... Well, let's explain that.
They've got genetic engineering, manipulation of the gene code, all the mutations, all the horrible toxic garbage that's going on, and they'll make oil and gas the big enemy, or carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.
When it's a red herring.
That's nothing compared to forced inoculations.
Nothing compared to how they authorize all these, they say high radiation levels are now safe.
And now there's, why are there all these giant radiation plumes in Russia, Europe, the US, Canada, Asia, France?
There's nuclear disasters all the time suddenly.
It's like they're doing it on purpose.
The levels are rising and rising and it's not even in the news.
That's one thing they try to keep out of the news as much as possible because that's a silent killer, radiation.
And radiation goes deep, deep, deep with microwave radiation, ionizing radiation.
I mean, you're talking about the 5G coming out.
This is a way that
People can be easily controlled.
Let's talk about 5G.
The water inside all living things is affected severely by exposure to electromagnetic radiation, different types of frequencies.
Let's be clear, I'm not a scientist.
In the studies,
The 5G especially oscillates water, vibrating the DNA chains and breaking them, causing mutations, which is called cancer.
Well, how we communicate... They admit, look at that, L.A.
Times, 5G causes cancer in rats.
This is not our opinion!
And that's why we're here always saying, this is what you can do to protect yourself.
There's companies actually right now coming out with clothing.
You can get radiation paint for your home now that protects your home from radiation.
Basically Faraday cage you paint on.
It's really sad that we're moving towards that.
I think the... And by the way, they make a joke about it.
I had family at Thanksgiving, you know, nicely.
It was an after Thanksgiving Christmas party.
Just go, oh yeah, you know, my brother thinks like you that Alexa's listening to me.
And I looked at him and I said, the company's patents admit they're listening and put ads on your computer.
And Google does it too.
It's like being right and warning someone is like bad.
And he's telling me, yeah, my brother's like you, he thinks, and I just laughed at him.
It's okay, but he wanted to, you know, let me know that.
It's just, it doesn't take a lot of time.
It's just people don't want to read anymore.
They don't want to do their own research.
I shouldn't say that because more and more people are.
People are either waking up or they're going deeper into it.
And their friends are starting to tell them and through social media and through your show and through all the other real media, not alternative media outlets out there that are actually telling the truth.
And that's why you're also seeing such a big push to try to shut down and to silence natural health care.
As a matter of fact, the FDA just announced the other day that they're going to be spending billions of dollars going after the homeopathic industry now.
So, even though the pharmaceutical companies are moving into it.
That's how they do it.
They move in to take it over and water it down while they try to block it, then they misrepresent what it is.
Just like they're censoring us, blocking us on more and more platforms.
We just stoically move forward and the listeners keep spreading the info, so we're going against the curve, going against the wind here, but we're actually having victory thanks to prayers and support.
They then censor us, shut us down, then attack us everywhere, and then misrepresent what we say.
So they attack you while they shut you down.
And don't even let you respond.
And they're seeing all the advancements, too.
I mean, just the advancements.
A friend of mine owns a stem cell clinic over in Thailand, which is Dr. Richard D'Andrea.
And by the way, now you can get regenerative stem cells for under $50,000, close to $40,000, but that's just one advances of many that they're not accepting and letting in because it's a threat to the current medical system.
And Trump has said he wants to accelerate the opening up of that.
He gets it in some areas.
Meanwhile, he's eating McDonald's and swilling Diet Coke.
We're going to come back.
Take your phone calls on the other side of this break with Dr. Edward Grubb.
I'm Alex Jones, InfoWars.com.
Stay with us.
I want to apologize to listeners.
I lied to you when I told you Trump would win the election, and he did.
I lied to you when I told you that they're admitting that fluoride's causing brain damage, and it turned out I was right.
I lied to you about a global government existing that was trying to take control of our country, which they now admit is true.
Is this global governance at last?
Is it one world, the central bankers in charge?
I guess, actually, I didn't lie to you.
And I'm on air every day fighting the globalists as they try to shut down free speech in America, as they try to derail our recovery, as they try to fold us into their world government, open up our borders, hand us over to the Islamic caliphate.
But I'll tell you this.
When I'm on air, I wear a sports jacket and a nice shirt because I respect the fact that you're tuning in and watching and listening to what I have to say.
But we're involved in very, very important activities.
And that's why I want to reach out to you right now and explain something that's so critical.
And that if you grasp it, we'll be able to literally turn the tide even faster against the globalists.
And it's just this.
I'm not always wearing this, ladies and gentlemen.
I dress like this to politically get messages out to folks that aren't awake, to spur debates, but to also meet like-minded people who are out there feeling like they're alone and don't know how many of us there are.
It's like Martin Luther King said, it's all of us of one human race who all have incredible skills and gifts that God gave us that we bring together in the human family.
You do incredible things.
A few months ago, I saw media demonizing folks that put up signs at universities that said, all lives matter.
Then they demonized people that said, it's okay to be white.
These are universities where they're saying it's inherently evil and an abomination and satanic to be white.
Right outside Austin, Texas.
Texas State University says that.
Most major universities are directing this to create racial division in this country and it's sickening.
That's why I have designed with our crew
Several new limited edition t-shirts that expose this evil and fight true institutional leftist based racial division and classical race war designs.
Yeah, if you're just talking about how you're white or how you're black, it's okay.
That's fine to be proud of yourself.
But isn't it really great to realize we all got red blood?
That's why the shirt is in red.
Out here in space together, the dark blue of the night sky, but all of our red blood together ties us together and that's what makes us great.
The globalists are creating a fake debate to turn us against each other.
Let's come together and say all lives matter.
The fact is it's not just okay, it's great to be human.
Let me show you a few of the other designs we've got.
They're available at InfoWarsTore.com.
They help spread the word and they help support the broadcast.
A total win-win.
This shirt is white.
And you've got major universities, major publications like BuzzFeed saying it's milk racist because it's white.
So yes, ladies and gentlemen, it's a white shirt that says it's okay to be white, okay to be black, okay to be brown, but it's great.
To be human.
To literally take minorities and turn them into the equivalent of Brown Ku Klux Klan.
This shirt is amazing, it's iconic, and it's limited edition.
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You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
For every question they don't want you to ask, he has the answer they don't want you to hear.
He is Alex Jones.
Under my thumb, the girl
Once had me down under my thumb.
The girl who once pushed me around is down to me.
The difference in the clothes she wears down to me.
The change has come.
Ladies and gentlemen, I'm Alex Jones, your host, Dr. Edward Gribbs, my guest, riding shotgun as we banter back and forth here today.
I'm going to go to your phone calls now, and then I'm going to go ahead, I think, and co-host with Roger Stone in the fourth hour with Dr. Gribb as well.
But I think we'll stick Stone over there in that studio.
We'll stay in this studio.
We'll bifurcate the two between each other.
Also, we don't know if it's going to be another 20, 30 minutes, even till
The president gives his press conference, we're going to cover live, these historic tax cuts.
This is such a big victory.
It's such a huge deal.
Separately, they released some stupid UFO video a week and a half ago and the media is asking why we haven't covered it and we're the kings of UFOs.
We don't cover that stuff, not because there isn't questions out there.
I can't get people to admit that
Aspartame was banned in the 70s because it killed most of the baby monkeys that drank it.
I mean, we got the studies, or how they got it passed.
So, look, they have me with a UFO electrifying me.
That's BuzzFeed, or Daily Beast.
They got two of them out.
Okay, so, making me the UFO guy.
So let's go ahead and scroll down.
With your men in black glasses, by the way.
And it says, InfoWars, the world's foremost purveyor of conspiracy theories.
The site has not yet mentioned a word about the government program where the government admits UFOs in Area 51.
Because Area 51 is a black site for secret aircraft and a toxic waste dump.
This is all a distraction.
They go, conspiracy theorists, government-released UFO evidence to cover a Pizzagate Las Vegas shooting.
And I didn't even really say that.
What do you think's going on here, group?
Just another way to divert people's attention away from the truth.
I mean, another attack on you, and just any time they can get any type of evidence or, you know... Why do they hate us so much?
They hate us because we're telling the truth and we're actually helping people.
I mean,
I feel sorry for all those guys whenever they die and they have to go in front of God and explain how many people that they damaged and hurt and all the different things and the karma they're going to receive.
It's all about helping people.
I mean, that's what we're all about and getting the truth out.
And none of us are perfect, but we're not out to get people.
Aren't you always shocked by evil people?
How they want to do evil just because that's what they do?
I mean, I talk to people and I'm like, really?
Well, did you see that study on the fluoride and how it damages the mental ability and how the kids are now coming down with dental fluorosis and spinal fluorosis?
No, it's just, fluoride's good.
Fluoride's good for you.
It's like, okay.
Or they walk over and go, oh, is the fluoride going to get me?
And I'm like, here's CNN and Harvard admitting it's brain damaging children in utero before you're born you're brain damaged.
They just go, F you, Russian!
Last night, whole family with grandma told me, F you, you and Trump are going to jail, you effing Russians.
In front of their kids, they said that.
I mean... I have the video.
I don't know if I should air this.
I mean, it's just...
On a good note, though, I mean, I think that from what I hear, even the people that are in the far left, some of them are actually realizing now because it's just getting so out of hand with CNN and all these organizations that are having to retract all their statements now because of all the lies.
So, I mean, with Trump coming out and all of the fake news, fake news, fake news, and people actually looking into it and saying, well, wait a second, that's not really
Fake news.
Maybe this is fake news.
I know, I've talked to people that were hardcore CNN watchers.
MSNBC, Rachel Maddow watchers.
They're off of that now.
They switched over to Fox News.
And they're watching you now.
I think that's why the left's really panicking, is they're losing their people.
They're losing them.
They're losing them.
Because you're not a right winger and neither am I. We're just patriots.
No, I'm just a patriot that cares about America, cares about the country.
Remember just even ten years ago, the good thing about liberals were they were aware of GMO, they were aware of fluoride, they were aware of all this.
Now they're pro-radiation, pro-soy, pro-vaccine, and it was always the liberals that were actually smart about that.
Where did they all go?
They just don't call themselves liberals now.
Well, you and I both know that it's dating back to the Illuminati, the Rockefellers, the Rothschilds, the Bilderberg.
I mean, we know that it doesn't matter if you're Republican or Democrat to a certain degree.
Now you see the biggest split between the Republican versus Democrat.
Just because of Trump, and they admit he's not even a Republican.
He's a populist.
It's just, I mean, it doesn't matter.
I mean, look, they're all going to, they're still going to be, you know, on the strings and they're all puppets in some sense of the word.
You know, whenever you look deep and you start diving deep into how it all works and how it's all run.
And what's crazy, we talked about Deep State decades ago.
Now, Deep State's out in the open.
World government, CIA black ops, dumbing kids down by design.
It's all coming out because people on the inside,
The next big shooter drop is top-level FBI have said on air now, and we broke it weeks ago, they've got bombshell.
They're about to leak everything on Comey, the Clintons, Mueller.
They could have just sailed off at the sunset for the better of the country, but you know what?
They're going to get locked up now.
What do you think the Christmas surprise is going to be?
Like, what do you see happening?
It's a Kushner indictment.
Even with the passing of the tax,
I was about to say.
They were thinking about it before, but now that it all imploded and the witnesses came out and they got caught in the emails colluding and making it up, they were questioning it.
Now with the tax bill, suddenly, I just watched the demeanor during a live presser, not press conference, but him in there at the table, suddenly the arrogance of some of the globalists around him, they're now, you could see it, they now know the dam just broke.
We just had, like, battle of the bulls level victory.
This is a huge victory.
Yeah, this was, they had their big counter-offensive, you know, 1944 Hitler, and they just got their ass handed to them.
Yeah, we'll see what happens.
I mean, I think there's going to be a lot of good things that happen as well.
And going into 2018, you know, I just try to tell people not to stress out and keep a good positive attitude because that's... Absolutely.
People think I'm negative because I sound so angry.
I'm very positive exposing the negative so folks know what's going on.
I motivate folks to become awake, but I'm a very positive person.
Well just think about 10 years ago when we were talking about New World Order and people were looking at us like, new what?
New world what?
That's just impossible.
Think of how much stuff has actually gotten out.
You have mainstream
We've got to do a whole show where we sit down and plan it, where we look at the hundreds of things that have been documented that we first broke, just to show people why they're so scared.
We're going to break that promise.
Bam, bam, bam.
Morgan, Cory, William, Sean, Greg, Melissa, Brad, Aaron, Scott, Kevin, Josh, Carlos.
Boom, boom, boom.
I'm coming to you right out of this break.
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Head to Infowarslife.com and secure your bottle now.
That's Infowarslife.com.
Mike in Arizona, you're on the air worldwide.
Go ahead.
Oh, Alex, you can rant any day of the week.
Thank you, sir, for doing what you do and being a patriot and doing your best to save America and encouraging us as fellow patriots to do that in our local areas as well.
And as a longtime Infowars listener, I want to say thanks.
Because then we could all, as educated patriots, help our other countrymen and women understand that there's bigger problems going on, and if we can get our houses in order and be good to each other and ourselves, we can take our country back.
We wish you a Merry Christmas.
We wish you a Merry Christmas.
We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
Good tidings we bring to you and your kin.
We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
Good tidings, good tidings, good tidings, good tidings, good tidings, good tidings,
And something I said so much during the last two years, but I'll say it again, as we approach the end of the year.
You know, we're getting near that beautiful Christmas season that people don't talk about anymore.
They don't use the word Christmas, because it's not politically correct.
You go to department stores and they'll say, Happy New Year, and they'll say other things, and it'll be red, they'll have it painted, but they don't say, well, guess what?
We're saying Merry Christmas again.
Myself, Barron, all of my children, all of my grandchildren, they're here with us tonight.
I want to thank you.
God bless you, and God bless the United States of America.
Thank you very much.
Merry Christmas, everybody.
Merry Christmas.
Happy New Year.
Thank you.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
Look, I know the supernatural is something that isn't supposed to happen, but it does happen.
From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones.
Well, Trump and the American people taking action, delivered again on the biggest tax cuts in history.
The biggest tax cuts in modern history.
It's all happening right now.
The return of the republic, bringing the money back home, the corporate money back home.
All of it.
And Rosie O'Donnell...
To give you an example, is such a delusional individual that she said, well, please don't kill people.
So because she's the saint saying don't kill people, which is a total lie about killing people, I'll give $2 million to each of the two senators to kill this bill.
She said, I'm not kidding.
Private message me on Twitter.
See, the Democrats think they can just commit crimes.
If Dinesh D'Souza gets five of his friends,
To give money to a Senate candidate, well then he goes to prison.
But if Rosie O'Donnell says...
So how about this?
I promise to give $2 million to Senator Susan Collins and $2 million to Senator Jeff Flake.
If they vote no, no, I will not kill Americans for the super rich.
It's almost like they don't want to see America succeed.
She says DM me.
DM me, Jeff.
And it goes on.
She says, I'm really ready to pay you off.
I bet she doesn't get in trouble.
These people are ruthless.
They're crazy.
And exactly.
They want the foot on America's neck.
They know about the scam.
They want to piss on flyover country.
It just amazes me.
You've heard the recordings!
And I almost think that they're just shaking in fear right now because of all the stuff that's coming out and everything they're trying to do is backfiring in their face.
I mean, from the Russian investigation to this to that to tax to, you know, think about when Obamacare came out.
It was supposed to save us all money.
Everybody was supposed to get health care.
Everybody was going to be taken care of.
You could keep your own doctor, all this stuff that they came out with, and now, you know, just like they're attacking the tax care plan, I mean, the tax bill, this is actually going to do good.
I mean, you know, obviously, I don't know, somebody told me that it was like six or seven inches thick and that the lobbying groups have... Oh, it's not going to be perfect, but the globalists try to stop it.
But I mean, the main thing is in order to bring back jobs to Americans and to give us some, you know,
Are companies that are founded by American citizens... Well, the globalists had already written it with a big Fortune 100 for tax exempt.
This is going to let the smaller companies, the $200 million, the $50 million, the billion dollar, that aren't in the club, bring stuff back here and give them an incentive.
Because they kept saying for decades, like Trump said, I can't make my ties in America, there'll be $100.
I make them in Mexico, they're $20.
Come on, this is a screw job.
He was honest in the debates.
He said, of course I'll make it in China.
You can't make it here.
Well, because who can afford to do that?
I mean, because you have to pay so much in taxes.
It's all a rigged deal.
Okay, I promise.
Go to your calls.
Dr. Gribb's here.
Morgan and Washington, we're going right to you first.
Morgan, you're on the air with Dr. Gribb.
Go ahead.
Welcome from, or greetings I should say, from FEMA Region 10.
I just wanted to, first off, give hats off to both Dr. Group and you, Alex, for the incredible supplements and nutraceuticals because so far I've got liver cleanse, X2, alpha power, red pill, anthroplex, and brain force, and oxy powder.
And I can tell everybody that they do precisely what you say that they do.
Now my question is this.
Apparently, according to my dermatologist,
The American public, about one in four, maybe two in five people nowadays have psoriasis or psoriatic arthritis.
With something that's so prevalent, I'm wondering if you know what in the world causes this and what can you do to get rid of it, but it acts more like a fungus than it does anything else.
So I'm baffled and the dermatologist won't tell me a thing.
Yeah, that's a situation that we deal with fairly often.
How much is psoriasis up?
It's way up, right?
Well, not only psoriasis, all skin issues.
Skin rash, contact dermatitis, funguses in skin.
I mean, you're looking at... Back to this fungus explosion.
What's driving the fungus explosion?
What's driving the fungus explosion?
A lot of it has to do with the environment.
A lot of it has to do with our food.
A lot of it has to do with the exposure.
We're getting all different types of new funguses that we're finding.
There was a report that I brought with me on a zombie fungus now that's literally controlling and turning fruit flies into slaves.
By the way, you can't make this up.
That's what you were saying last time you were here.
They're thinking now, some funguses are a colony group, but it's communicating as a group brain.
Because how else could it take over a bug?
It's not a microscopic thing.
That's what you said.
You said they're actually in your gut, attaching themselves to the nerve ganglia.
And that's why they didn't tell you the food they want.
Here it is.
Zombie fungus.
This is new science.
The media is going to say we made this up.
Zombie fungus infects fruit flies and turns them into slaves.
Tell folks about this.
So what it's doing is it's getting into animals.
It's not only fruit flies.
It's actually happening with other insects as well.
And it makes the insects climb to the top of the plant and
And attach themselves and chew with their teeth into the plant, into the stalk or something, and sit there until it dies.
It like freezes them.
And then all of these fungal organisms start growing out of their heads and start replicating and things like that.
Now, why does... Well, there's a worm that also gets into caterpillars and then they go up the top of the tree and get eaten by birds.
The birds crap it out again and the
Organism actually goes into the brain and controls it.
So what I'm saying is just be aware and always keep your body clean.
And I tell you, like your question for the skin disorders, we're actually seeing the chemicals that are being used to wash clothes, okay?
And there's even fungus.
You can look at washing machines now.
Oh, my washing machine suddenly just
I think?
When it's sunny, like old-fashioned hangout, the linens, the sunlight kills it.
If you have to, what, throw away all the linens, get new ones?
So, with any skin condition, a lot of times it's associated with the gut, okay, because it's the same tissue.
So I would definitely recommend you're on the right track, you know, with the Oxy-Powder and with the Biome Defense 50 or the good probiotic, the 50 Billion Probiotic from InfoWars.
You know, healing the gut does tremendous things for the skin, but also some of the things that have worked for me for skin conditions is ozonated olive oil, the iodine, believe it or not, the X2 is incredible, just vegetable glycerin alone, that can be rubbed on it, but really trying to find and addressing the root cause of the situation, and because of all the fire retardants, because of the endocrine-disrupting chemicals in homes, people are sleeping on memory foam mattresses, that's even been linked to sleep
I called about a year ago and I was a veteran that had some pretty bad PTSD and
I called up and said, hello, and you're like, hey, yeah, and we talked for a little bit, but not too much.
What I wanted to ask Dr. Group was if he had ever worked with people as far as the PTSD therapy involving holographic type therapy.
It's called holographic epistemology.
It was written by a doctor down in New Zealand, Dr. Manalati Meier.
And it's pretty new.
It's only been out for a few years.
It's based upon basically Logos, the Logos, the Word of God.
As far as PTSD, I do do a lot of work with military and other people that just have PTSD.
I have not been directly involved in holographic, that holographic treatment.
But have looked at some of the new advances in holographic medicinal techniques as far as limb regeneration as well as teaching and some of the benefits that we might be looking at.
All right, Corey.
Thank you.
More calls in a few minutes.
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Take control of your body.
Grab a bottle of Super Male Vitality today at InfoWarsLife.com.
That's InfoWarsLife.com.
Dr. Mark Faber!
Famed guest of CNBC, you name it, joins us.
I'm going to go over his whole bio from Zurich, Switzerland and the billions that he's managed and all the big successful predictions he's made.
He publishes a widely read monthly investment newsletter, the Gloom, Boom and Doom Report, which highlights unusual investment opportunities.
He's a regular speaker at various investment seminars.
But he also got in big SJW trouble lately.
We've seen the leftist professors everywhere saying, kill all the white people.
And white people are inherently evil.
And they're mainly white folks saying this.
But then Faber simply said, well, thank God the US got populated by Europeans, because they brought in the Renaissance and technology, or we wouldn't have our modern civilization.
So we should have some love for the Renaissance, some love for the West.
But it's really in now to demonize
White people, and so Mark Faubourg, not known as an evil white supremacist, has gotten in a lot of trouble.
I've been labeled by the mainstream media as a racist, Dr. Boom, Mark Faubourg fires back.
The discovery voyages were actually a very risky enterprise.
Pasco de Gama, 1497, discovery of the Cape of Good Hope.
Magellan circumvented the world.
Columbus, he went to the U.S.
These were not just adventures.
These were people who took a huge risk because they took voyages into the unknown.
And so we have essentially the Europeans arriving in the U.S.
and we had also the age of colonialism and imperialism in other parts of the world.
And of course, the white man was cruel.
There's no question about this.
But other people were equally cruel or even more cruel than white men.
And at least over the last hundred years or so, we've become somewhat more human, although I'm not sure about that.
But the others, sometimes they haven't become more human.
And if we look at the history of World War I and World War II, we know very well that other people
We're extremely cruel as well.
And then, because of the Age of Renaissance and the Age of Enlightenment,
We had all these inventors and all these scientists who suddenly said, the world is not flat.
So the West invented the middle class and capitalism, which is now the model of the world.
So why are the ultra elites and the ruling classes waging war against the fount of success?
You're listening to The Alex Jones Show.
Alex Jones, the cure to fake news, coming to you live from Austin, Texas.
By the way, in a totally classic example of tomorrow's news today, Joel Skousen
Who obviously is heavily connected to the Bundys and others, because he's a Latter-day Saint, Mormon, and a leader in that movement.
He told you there was going to be a mistrial announced tomorrow.
And I'm like, okay, Joel Skousen doesn't tell you something unless it's true.
Very accurate fellow.
Fox News.
Case against Cliven Bundy, Nevada rancher, involved in 2015 armed standoff, declared a mistrial.
Fox News.
Literally, tomorrow's news today.
That's why they hate us.
I love that, yeah.
That's why they hate us, and that is just... and you were telling me... Tomorrow's health today, too.
I was saying, it's so sad about...
How they've taken the NFL as a political weapon and how it's ratings are down 30-40%.
This America thing is like falling apart.
You said, have you heard?
I said, no.
You gave me the article.
Panther sales sparks buzz in political business circles.
P. Diddy, Kaepernick, all of them to buy it and make it like the Black Panthers, I guess.
The America hate team.
Just a new level of just BS.
I mean, it really is crazy.
You guys are filthy rich.
America's totally embraced you.
All these white fans go out, but you're a globalist.
You've got these chips on your shoulder.
I hope you buy the team.
There'll be so much infighting, it'll be bankrupt in a year.
What do you say?
We'll see what happens with that.
I mean, they're just trying to do anything they can to reach the public and to try to get a message out.
Every day is a new day and as we're helping people and more and more people are becoming educated, it's actually a good thing.
I'm happy moving forward in a positive direction.
I think that good things are on the horizon.
I know that we have a lot of evidence that still hasn't even come out yet.
Regarding, you know, a lot of these scenarios that are currently going on in the government.
So there's a lot of, as time goes on, as Trump stays in office, as new people come in... It's happening!
The info's pouring out!
...getting drained.
I mean, look at all of the info.
I mean, we've known that there's been a lot of forces deployed to clean up this pedophile ring all over the world.
And we're seeing, you know, a lot of the things that are being cleaned up are not in mainstream
In the mainstream news.
I mean, so we're seeing a lot of progress being made.
I mean, I talk to military people that are involved.
You talk to people.
I have state senators and politicians calling my office right now asking me what we can do that listen to you, that know what's currently going on, that are saying, hey, we're seeing the shift.
We're seeing the shift happen.
No, this is real.
That's why they're freaking out.
And, you know, I'm not for just killing people outright, but, you know, part of that is
Some of the people that are trafficking these kids, they're not getting arrested.
Especially when they're snuff-filming and stuff, they're just getting their heads blown off.
They're getting an acid bath.
So that's why they're freaking out.
Hey, no problem.
Thank you for your service.
I'm actually I'm headed to an accountability formation here in just a minute, so I gotta be quick.
I just I mean, I'm in a skiff all day.
No windows.
I mean, this building 50 years old HVAC system and I'm dealing with.
I mean, heavy, heavy fatigue during the day.
I'm drinking one or two monsters a day.
At least once you diet cokes a day in my head is bobbing all class.
I'm in there 8 to 10 hours a day trying to get this.
That's right.
You need to take clean stimulants if you are like Brain Force or like... 12!
I mean if you want a boost of energy, you sleep for 12.
There's nothing faster than that.
I mean DNA Force is amazing too.
So many reviews on how DNA Force has increased energy.
But I used to be like this guy.
I lifted weights, I ran, but I was living unhealthy and then as I slowed down, I fell apart quickly.
Then as I did the good stuff, I dug
At least 70-something pounds.
I was almost 300 pounds out of the hole, partially.
But absolutely, Sean.
Before I give you Sean, energy drinks are extremely toxic to your body.
You're clogging up your energy levels in your body.
They shoot your adrenals.
They burn your adrenal glands out, and usually the reason why people don't have enough energy, the number one reason, and they start being fatigued in the afternoon, is because of their diet and what they're putting in their system.
So I would look at that first.
I mean, yeah, you can take brain force, you can take a DNA force.
We gotta jump.
Sean, God bless you.
We gotta jump.
We gotta jump here.
This is a big one.
Melissa in Nevada.
Questions for us both on the flu vaccine.
Go ahead.
Go ahead, Melissa.
Yes, go ahead.
Okay, so I've been trying to call on this forever.
We've never taken the flu shot.
Well, this year, besides the school making the meningitis shot mandatory.
Ma'am, there is no state where shots are mandatory.
They lie to you in a hoax and tell you it's mandatory.
There is a waiver form.
There is no law.
It's a fraud.
Yeah, so we had to get a religious exemption in order for her not to get it.
They were bribing the children at this middle school to get the flu shot with movie tickets and hydroflask water bottles.
Oh, so you're making me mad.
California passed a law that 12-year-olds can take it if they want, getting rid of parental consent.
This is incredible.
You're absolutely right.
So now they're bribing kids to take it and not tell the parents.
Tell us about that.
Okay, so they were offering, and they sent out an email to the parents, like, hey, convince your kids to take it, and this is what they can win.
Oh my God.
But she still never got it.
So now they are going into her classroom and singling her out, telling her that she has to get this done.
They're even having cops show up at the school bus to intimidate the parents like you did something wrong.
Yes, they're going to total intimidation level.
Yeah, and so we still haven't done it and they finally stopped badgering her about it because I called the school nurse and totally flipped out on her.
But I do have a question for you.
Is there an age limit to some of these products that you guys offer?
We've been giving our children, they're 12 and 14, the X2.
Her grades have gone up so good, like it's totally helped her.
Well ma'am let me tell you, if you Google, if you search engine, iodine deficiency, IQ reduction, electrochemical reduction, it's absolutely a fact that you die without it.
That's why they've reduced it and all the food down to nothing.
It is the key to electrochemical activity, but everything else out there isn't real iodine.
It's bound, it's not absorbed.
This is a key call.
I don't mean to interrupt that, because I'm so out of control here.
Because I want to hear what you have to say, group, and we're going to do five minutes with her.
This is so important.
Tell us what happened with your daughter when she took the X2.
Oh, so she's really, math is not her strong suit at all.
So we have, for a few months, she's been taking the X2.
And she now has a B in math, which she's never had.
So she's like a C, D kind of kid when it came to math, but she's starting to understand it better.
So now she has the B in it, which is amazing for us.
And even our son takes it.
He's not a huge fan, but we make him.
He's super hyperactive and
Super super smart.
So he's too smart for his own good.
So it kind of helps calm him down and makes him think a little bit.
But we all take it as a family.
And it's been great.
Like I feel calmer and I sleep better.
And so the X2 is amazing.
But we just wanted to know if there was age limits on the rest of this stuff like the knockout or.
I take the selenium.
They try to put me on a thyroid medication and I refuse to.
And it's helped kind of regulate that hormone for me.
It takes a while to regulate that.
That's a great question.
I personally, it's a strong dose on the bottle.
Some people need to go a lot less.
Obviously for children, consult your health care provider or physician.
I mean, Dr. Group, without iodine, children die.
Without it, they have lower IQs.
If it's a deficiency, that's a fact.
We can say that.
Well the answer to that question is most anything that's natural and raw is is going to be fairly safe for children and but the reason why that supplement companies put do not take under 12 is because
It's a liability, number one, for the company, and number two, you know, parents, there's not a lot of studies that have been done, long-term studies, on children.
So it's more of a safety issue with liability than with something's going to actually happen.
So it's up to you.
We're saying under 12, don't take it.
It's up to you.
I personally, everything a knockout, you know, my children, if they're hyper or whatever, they love it.
Stay there.
We had a five-year-old drink a whole bottle of X2 and was, you know... Stay there Melissa.
You developed Living Defense for us.
It took you over a year to do it.
Why is this so good?
Because people are actually waking up to the problem that pretty much scares me the most.
I mean I try to make sure that I don't put toxins from food and water and beverages in my system but
Right now we're dealing with massive parasites, which is anything that's harmful to your body that lives off a host mechanism.
Right now with all the refugees spreading disease around, we have biological warfare going on everywhere.
These are all parasites.
Tell us about all the stuff that's in it.
There's so many things that are in it.
You have the neem in there, you have the organic clove bud, the organic wormwood.
I recommend doing the parasite cleanse at least twice a year.
All right, well, I'm glad we've got some back in because I'm going back on it today.
It just came back in yesterday.
Living Defense, Infowarslife.com.
And folks, you can't lose.
It's full of stuff that's great for your body, period.
And you support the broadcast.
Thank you, Dr. Group from the Global Healing Center.
Thank you so much for all your work, sir, on this great product.
I'm so excited.
The new product at Infowarslife.com, in a glass bottle, two-month servings, filled to the brim, filled to the absolute top, the real red pill.
This is a heart and brain pill, a nootropic, but it doesn't have any stimulants in it.
But boy, does it stimulate, because it's beyond that.
Quite frankly, I just went off what I saw medical doctors prescribing to their patients, but it wasn't prescription, but they were charging people $100, $200.
For the formulae, and I came up with our own formula working with some scientists and developers, non-GMO, made right here in America, 120 capsules.
And ladies and gentlemen, you add the preglanone to it, which is the precursor to all the hormones that your body has to have to even make the hormones in your glands.
It is amazing!
Red Pill, now available at InfoWarsStore.com and your purchase funds the operation.
Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order, it's Alex Jones.
Live from Austin, Texas, broadcasting worldwide, it's Alex Jones.
Melissa in Nevada, you're on the air worldwide, you were breaking down.
Your daughter taking X2.
I remember five years ago when Grip was developing it, and he hadn't even gotten the true deep-earth crystal source yet, but a very clean, seaweed-based system that wasn't as strong.
And some say, well, this is really strong in the bottle.
Well, maybe you take a third of it, or whatever.
You know, this is serious stuff, folks.
The point is, without it, you die.
But if your body doesn't have it, it'll use bad halogens, chlorine, fluoride, you name it.
The globalists bombard us with fluoride, knowing it lowers IQ.
These are mainline studies.
True iodine do.
It raises IQ because you have to have it.
So I began taking it.
The group said, watch out in about three weeks.
Because at first I had a lot of energy, felt really weird.
About three weeks in I kind of got toxic, felt like I was hungover for three days.
And then all of a sudden it's like when you're carrying your kid up long steps, you take them off your shoulders, you suddenly feel like you're flying.
It was like I woke up one morning
And I felt like, I'm not, I've never really taken drugs, but I guess what drugs feel like, I felt like I was floating.
It was like, whoa, I got so much energy.
And then when I forget to take it, because you know, I don't, I'm not ever been a supplement guy with all these supplements.
I'll kind of, whoa, then I remember to take my X2 and then a week it's back.
It's just simply amazing.
Keep going, we'll go back to her.
Hey, when we started looking at deficiencies and especially with Blalock,
You start seeing that massive amounts of iodine deficiency all over the world and when you look at the problems that we're having... Some villages in China, like a third of the kids are retarded!
Uh, yes.
I mean, but then you even look further and say, why is that?
Why do we have an iodine deficiency?
And then it leads you down that rabbit hole of when fluoride was introduced and why it was introduced into the water.
And then all the other ones are sodium or all these other, they're not good or they're bound and they don't absorb and they make you sick.
So why don't we have a clean one?
So iodine is used for every single cell.
There's a receptor in the body.
People think it's just for the thyroid and all that, but iodine's not.
It's estimated that
Up to 2 billion people have iodine deficiency.
It's way more than that because that's what's going to be released by the probably the World Health Organization or something like that and all those numbers released by the CDC are all off.
And they keep lowering the recommended daily allowance.
Well you have a massive amounts of endocrine disrupting chemicals which by the way estrogen disrupting chemicals also block iodine absorption.
Most people don't even know that.
But then you have bromine, fluoride and chlorine.
Well that's it.
I mean, let me just tell you what happens.
Stamina, libido, energy, aggression, everything when I take the iodine, and then I feel so good, I feel great, and then I kind of go back down.
I mean, it's so incredible.
It's like a precursor to everything.
It is, and you know, all of these things calcify the pineal gland, and how are you going to get these toxic chemicals out?
There's not a magic pill you can take that gets rid of all the fluoride.
Iodine will push those compounds out.
Why do you have the effect where you feel bad two, three weeks in?
Well, because you're going to start detoxifying your body of the toxic chemicals.
Fluoride, bromine, and chlorine, which are damaging and being stored in your cells and being stored in your thyroid glands.
So when your body starts to detoxify and those iodine starts coming back into those glandular organs.
Hold on, the president's about to speak.
You're going to, you may go through some detoxification symptoms.
We've got to go to break.
These are network breaks, but I feel like I should skip this one, but we run our whole show now.
I never do it anymore.
But I mean, Trump is about to speak here at WhiteHouse.gov.
This is on Infowars.com.
Let's just go to him as we go to break.
We'll back it back up.
Here we go.
Right behind me.
They've worked so long, so hard.
It's been an amazing experience, I have to tell you.
Hasn't been done in 34 years, but actually really hasn't been done because we broke every record.
It's the largest, I always say the most massive, but it's the largest tax cut in the history of our country.
And reform, but tax cut.
Really something special.
This is live, but now it won't be when we come back.
Hit pause.
And I notice this just came out.
One minute break, just back it up.
This is a day long remember.
The globalists are pulling their hair out right now.
You're actually going to get money as a general public and jobs.
Not have a globalist system where it's all offshored, where we have the high taxes, they have the low taxes.
This is big.
I'm so excited.
The new product at m4warslife.com, in a glass bottle, two-month servings, filled to the brim, filled to the absolute top, the real red pill.
This is a heart and brain pill, a nootropic, but it doesn't have any stimulants in it.
But boy, does it stimulate, because it's beyond that.
Quite frankly, I just went off what I saw medical doctors prescribing to their patients, but it wasn't prescription, but they were charging people $100, $200.
For the formulae, and I came up with our own formula, working with some scientists and developers.
Non-GMO, made right here in America, 120 capsules.
And ladies and gentlemen, you add the preglanone to it, which is the precursor to all the hormones that your body has to have to even make the hormones in your glands.
It is amazing!
Red Pill, now available at InfoWarsStore.com and your purchase funds the operation.
Defending the Republic from enemies, foreign and domestic.
It's Alex Jones.
Live from Austin, Texas.
Broadcasting worldwide from the InfoWars.com studios.
We're back live.
The President is speaking right now.
Right now.
Let's go ahead and go to that live feed of him talking about the historic tax cuts he just signed.
Here we go.
$1,000 special bonus to more than 200,000 U.S.
employees and that's because of what we did.
So that's pretty good.
That's pretty good.
I have a whole list of accomplishments that the group behind me have done in terms of this administration and this Congress.
But you've heard it before.
Records all over the place.
And that will continue and then some because of what we did.
But $3.2 trillion, just think of it, in tax cuts for American families, including doubling the standard deduction and doubling the child tax credit.
The typical family of four earning $75,000 will see an income tax cut of more than $2,000.
They're going to have $2,000.
And that's, in my opinion, going to be less than the average.
You're going to have a lot more than that.
One thing very important for the farmers, the great farmers and the great small business owners that were forced to sell their businesses at bargain basement numbers.
We have provided for the most part estate taxes wiped out so they can keep their farms in the family and that to me is a very big factor.
That is so huge!
This is going to mean companies are going to be coming back.
You know, I campaigned on the fact that we're not going to lose our companies anymore.
They're going to stay in our country.
And they're going to stay in our country.
And you've been seeing what's been happening even at this prospect.
But they have tremendous enthusiasm right now in this country, and we have companies pouring back into our country, and that means jobs, and it means really the formation of new, young, beautiful, strong companies.
So that's going to be very, very important.
The pass-throughs you know all about, and the small businesses are going to be big beneficiaries.
We are going to bring at least four trillion dollars back into this country.
Money that was frozen overseas and in parts and worlds.
Some of them don't even like us and they had the money.
Well, they're not going to have the money long.
So it's really... I guess it's very simple.
What do you think?
You haven't heard this expression, but we are making America great again.
You haven't heard that, have you?
I want to have them get up and get the glamour and the glory, and I just want to have a few of them come up and they'll speak for a little while.
All the cowards that wouldn't be associated with us, but we're going to lose.
They're learning, they're the losers.
Get everybody up, right?
But I want to thank Mitch McConnell.
I want to thank, what a job.
What a job.
And I want to thank Paul.
They're going to speak.
They're going to say a few words.
But Paul Ryan and Mitch, it was a little team.
We just got together and we would...
Worked very hard, didn't we, huh?
It seems like it was a lot of fun.
It's always a lot of fun when you win.
I'm just going to name a few names and then some of them will come up, but people that I saw so much over the last month and really over the last almost year.
This is the foot coming off America's neck.
If you think we've got stuff done now, look at this.
This is spectacular.
We, I hate to say this, but we essentially repealed Obamacare because we got rid of the individual mandate, which was terrible.
Yeah, baby!
And that was a primary source of funding of Obamacare.
Here's to the globalists!
And ANWR, so a friend of mine, oh, congratulations.
Congratulations, Hillary, go to hell!
I'll tell you, between Dan and Don and Lisa, you've done a very great job.
So a friend of mine called up about ANWR.
He's in the Opus.
He said, you didn't get ANWR.
And I said, tell me about ANWR.
He said, we've been trying to get that passed.
The whole country, the world, they tried in Ronald Reagan.
They tried with the Bushes, they tried with everybody.
They never got ANWR, but we got ANWR in this bill.
So we have ANWR, we have Mandate, and we have the tax cut and we have the reform.
When you add up the size of this bill, it's really great.
So Lisa, thank you very much.
Lisa Murkowski.
So John Cornyn, the great chairman, Orrin Hatch.
Great job, Oren.
Oren is a special person.
Tim Scott, who has been so incredible, he's going to say a few words.
Now they're probably behind the scenes trying to collaborate on what to do.
He's younger than I am.
This guy's a good guy.
I have it mostly memorized.
But Tim Scott has been great.
John Thune.
Where's John?
We're good to go.
From Infowarslife.com.
So the good probiotic and the good anti-yeast, anti-funnel, such a game changer.
It's been sold out for six months.
It's now back in stock.
Free shipping store-wide.
And riding shotgun with us is Roger Stone this hour.
We're going to have more of Trump's speech and more of this.
But, Roger, this is a devastating victory.
First, the Russia fake investigation implodes the last two weeks.
And on the heels of that, now this.
The economy roaring back.
I mean, they are literally crapping their globalist britches right now.
What do you expect to happen next, though?
They never give up.
The zombies, the America haters never get up.
As we remove the foot off America's neck right now, as the economy surges back, they're just flipping out.
Alex, we've just witnessed a historic moment.
I mean, this is the linchpin to making America great again.
This is the linchpin to supercharging our economy.
Look how much the president has already accomplished just by cutting regulation.
He's on his way to being George Washington, part two.
George Washington founded the country.
Donald Trump saves the country.
I mean, it's here.
And I know for a fact that the president was actively involved in trying to keep the Wall Street, you know, Christmas tree provisions from being attached to this bill.
And I know at the very last minute he tried to reason with Congressman Brady to drop the carried interest benefits for the hedge fund directors.
True to his word in the campaign.
And he kept the Wall Street sweeteners to a minimum.
But the most important thing to understand
Is that now, under Donald Trump, we have a tax rate on all businesses, big and small, lower than Mexico, lower than Canada, lower than China, lower than Japan.
And this, as CNBC's Larry Kudlow has pointed out again and again, is the absolute key to America's economic revitalization.
The resurgence.
Nobody but Donald Trump could have gotten this done.
And in all honesty, we came this close to failure because John McCain was the last guy to sign on.
John McCain seriously entertained voting against this package until the 11th hour.
But only Donald Trump could have gotten this done.
And when you notice that it's happening in real time, at the same time the Mueller investigation is literally falling apart before our very eyes, every single day brings new revelations about the inherent corruption and partisanship of the Mueller class.
It's totally synthetic and fake and a frame-up.
That's a cabal.
And it's very clear.
We, as you know, posted yesterday on InfoWars the entire blueprint for Uranium One.
We really laid out in chapter and verse how the very criminals who are currently trying to take our president down, Robert Mueller, James Comey, Andrew McCabe, Rod Rosenstein, these are the criminals involved in the cover-up of Uranium One.
Not all these former FBI deputy directors and folks are saying they're criminal.
They need to be indicted, so that's exciting.
Ride shotgun with us.
More excerpts of the live speech.
But we're going to go back to Melissa to finish up on the flu and all the rest of it.
We'll go to Brad, we'll go to Scott, we'll go to everybody before this transmission ends.
They're not going to go right into the war room with Owen Schroer.
Conor Grimm's Riding Shotgun.
Tomorrow's news today and the restoration of the republic forever.
As the InfoWars family of listeners and viewers know, we are always researching and bringing you the very cutting edge of high quality products.
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You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
We now take you live to the President speaking about the biggest tax cut in U.S.
history to return the corporate money to the U.S.
and kill the globalist program to de-industrialize our nation.
We now take you there live.
More of your phone calls, Roger Stone and of course Dr. Group riding shotgun.
We're going back to your calls in a moment, but here's a few more minutes of the historic speeches.
What about ways to improve distressed communities throughout this country?
52 million Americans living in distressed communities, and we talked about legislation that can move those communities forward.
And you said yes.
And as a part of this tax reform package, the Investing in Opportunity Act has been included, which will bring trillions of dollars into poor communities because of your willingness to listen.
Yeah, I know.
Factories and jobs are going to rain on black communities.
And of course, that's why the Global is going to keep them under control.
President said only about 45 more minutes, so I'm going to get to my... He didn't say that.
Okay, got it.
Let me just say to those Americans who are watching this process, this is not about Washington.
It's not about the left.
It's not about the right.
It's about
Single parent moms who are looking for a reason to be hopeful in 2018.
This tax reform plan delivers for the average single mother a 70% tax cut.
For the average family who's working paycheck to paycheck looking for ways to be hopeful
I think?
This plan doubles the child tax credit and makes about 70% of it refundable.
This is a plan that we can be proud of because it speaks to the hearts of everyday Americans.
Come on up, Diane Black.
Thank you.
I want to go back to Roger Stone.
He had some guests set up.
They'll be going into the war room with Joy Velo.
This is too historic, and I promise to go to your calls.
We're going back to Melissa here in just a minute, but Roger, thanks for letting me storm the fourth hour with you.
Again, what are the Dems going to do?
I had a whole family last night.
Four men, three women.
Uh, come up and say, I'm going to prison, you're a Russian, we hate you, we're gonna get you.
Uh, uh, you know, screw your baby, screw your wife.
Uh, I've stepped out to make a phone call.
I guess they'd seen us at the restaurant eating.
I mean, they were just frothing to see me happy.
You know, and then they said, oh, you got that hot young thing.
You know, they were just, I mean, my wife's five years younger than me.
They were foaming at the mouth, Roger.
Well, you know, Alex, the cool thing is that for every one of those examples, I had lunch today in a local pizzeria here in Austin, and I was mobbed by InfoWarriors.
Oh, no, no, exactly!
We're ten to one!
You tell Alex Jones, God bless him, he is leading the American Revolution.
You tell the whole crew at InfoWars how much we love what you guys are doing.
I signed autographs, and I posed for selfies.
So, look, as you know, it's a balance.
The libtards attack me on the streets.
You've got this clown, Tom Arnold, cyber-stalking me.
Whenever I go to a restaurant in Manhattan, it's like, go to the restaurant, you can confront Roger Stone.
No, the liberals, their heads are exploding.
Because the Trump revolution is succeeding.
Because we are winning.
Because their heroes, Mueller, Comey, Hillary, Bill, they're being exposed as the venal, treasonous criminals that they are.
The forces of freedom are on the move.
We've been so cynical so long.
Groups always saying be positive.
It's true.
It's actually happening.
You judges read by its fruits.
This is incredible.
But I asked the question.
So I'm glad he points out 10 to 1 it's positive.
But I'm worried about that percentage that are getting crazier.
What do you say about them?
Well, you and I went to a shooting range yesterday so I could get some basic training on firearms.
Growing up in an urban area, I never had the opportunity to learn, despite my respect for the Second Amendment and my respect for firearms in their proper use, I never had the opportunity.
It was a great experience.
And the reason I'm doing this, Alex, is because the threat level against me and my family and my dogs
It's just gotten out of control.
I can't go to a major urban center in the country.