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Name: 20171219_Tue_Alex
Air Date: Dec. 19, 2017
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In his radio show, Alex Jones discusses recent events such as an intercontinental ballistic missile being fired above the royal palace in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. He also talks about Cook County and Chicago's plan to bring armed UN peacekeepers onto their streets, which he believes is part of a larger globalist plan. Additionally, Jones discusses the media's censorship of videos showing violent attacks against white people by migrants, as well as the UN and Obama administration's announcement for a Global Police Force to fight extremism in the U.S. The show also criticizes Silicon Valley companies for their hypocrisy in fighting for net neutrality while enforcing strict censorship policies on their own platforms.

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If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
Live from the InfoWars.com studios, it's Alex Jones.
Imagine that it's 1987.
You go watch a science fiction movie at the theater, and in the film, based on a dystopic future, these are the fictitious headlines.
The fictional headlines.
Top Democrats in Chicago and in Cook County call for U.N.
troops on the ground, and the U.N.
troops are already in talks, ready to move in.
That's Infowars.com, Paul Joseph Watson.
It's a real headline.
It's happening.
And then I have all the articles where we warned you.
Obama administration and U.N.
announced global police force to fight extremism in the U.S.
John Bowne, Infowars.com, special report, Strong Cities Network, euphemism for New World Order police force and UN troops in our cities and federalization under the UN directive of our police.
Loretta Lynch said that last year.
There's video.
We played it like 20 times.
Strong Cities Network plan for globally controlled police force.
This is from the Justice Department.
Launch of Strong Cities Network to strengthen community reliance against violent extremism.
Gun owners, conservatives, libertarians, nationalists.
Beware of the Strong Cities Network, says the New American Magazine.
John F. McManus.
It's here!
They were planning all this when Hillary got in as the next phase.
They said they were.
The censorship, the control, the internet handed over to the UN, all of it.
But now it's being derailed because of
Our nationalist movement against the globalists.
This is so huge.
That's one stack of the news.
Then, intercontinental ballistic missile intercepted over Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia, shaggots before slamming into the royal palace.
It was on target and blew up right above the palace.
And that's just the explosion point and the pieces rain down.
I mean, this is getting crazier and crazier by the moment.
Mueller has come out and announced, or they're set to announce another year, because now their investigation is derailed.
They don't want to admit that it's been derailed.
I mean, there is just so much, so much going on.
This is such a crazy time, such an insane time to be alive.
And it boggles the mind of how crazy all of this is.
And then it gets even worse when we come back from break.
We've all seen the knockout game footage on World Star Hip Hop.
But now they've passed laws in certain countries in Europe that outlaw showing footage of black people or Arabs attacking, beating, and killing white people.
They're now passing laws we cannot say the race of who did it.
And Google and Facebook are now removing the videos.
The video we're showing you right now on our own streams at Infowars.com.
They will undoubtedly try to censor because they are covering up the vicious, vicious explosion of rapes and racial attacks under the leftist system where they have told the minorities, who are the majority worldwide, to attack and take out
White people.
French mayors panic as migrants overwhelm cities.
Beg Macron for help.
Just massive fires every night.
Attacks, deaths.
Migrants charged with ruthless gang rape of woman.
Walk free.
Swedish police banned from describing criminals anymore in cases if they sound racist.
Attack in Nuremberg.
Man collapses.
Pensioner on the street.
The man's fighting for his life.
Totally knocked out.
70-something-year-old retiree.
Then his head stomped by a guy that looks like Muhammad Ali.
There's an old man.
Guy's walking around all crazy in his underwear.
That's how it is.
I mean, it's just giant third-world populations that never even had toilets from mud huts.
Just running around.
A lot of them had bones in their noses just six months ago, and now they're here just killing.
Because that's what tribes do, is kill each other.
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You are listening to an InfoWars.com Frontline Report.
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
From deep in the heart of FEMA Region 6, Austin, Texas, transmitting worldwide, it's Alex Jones.
It was fired today and detonated above the Royal Palace in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.
Undoubtedly that has to do with the ongoing Shiite-Sunni civil war in the region.
It was probably fired from the place the last missile came from.
We're going to be getting to that incredible information.
We're also going to be getting into this bomb shell.
They're actually doing it.
They actually did it.
The United Nations is working as we speak with Chicago Democrats to bring U.N.
troops onto the streets of Chicago.
We're going to get into that entire plan.
Now Mueller's talking about extending his probe into the end of next year because they found nothing.
McMaster, the National Security Advisors on chances of war with North Korea.
All options are on the table as they now claim that North Korea launched a sophisticated
Ransomware attack on the West.
The problem is, and I'm not defending North Korea, and they certainly do bad things, they're very brazen, the problem is we have the data dumps of Vault 7 and Vault 8 where the CIA documents show that they busily frame foreign countries and have the software to do it.
So that has to be looked at.
The big news, ladies and gentlemen, that you're about to see and you're about to hear, deals with the premeditated, organized, United Nations global program to end all nation states and all cultures
On the planet that would conflict with a private global corporate world government.
As we speak, Cook County and the city of Chicago are publicly in talks to put armed UN peacekeepers on the streets of Cook County and Chicago.
That now ties in to this censored information.
But Paul Watson has it all detailed on Infowars.com and on Newswars.com.
Now, in Europe, the invasion, to destabilize things, to have the pretext to have an EU army take over, with UN backing, is 10 million Islamists at least, brought in the last five years, 80% or more military-age men, engaging in mass gang rapings, murders, killings, mass fires, in every country, every night, Paul Watson's family,
Worked in the steel mills.
Those got shut down, de-industrialized.
They were, with property costs there, they were able to sell their houses and move to
France, a decade ago.
They just left France.
It's even in small towns.
There's just Muslims running around, burning things, murdering people, hitting people on the back of the head.
And the police don't even know what to do.
Because the prisons are all full.
They're bringing in more.
Paris has 80% or 90% depending on the month.
Tourism down.
There's just feces everywhere and giant shanty towns and people robbing, raping, killing.
Every day new videos come out.
Of the darling little migrants savagely beating, stomping and killing mainly old people.
And how does Google, Facebook and Twitter respond?
The new video came out just a few days ago and it's been removed everywhere it's posted.
German government statements have stated and have chastised local news for showing it.
I have a printout.
From the local news they're told, you're not supposed to show that.
They could show any other crime, but you don't show a black migrant walk over to an old person on the side of the street and cold cock him, knock out game, his head hits the pavement and then his head is further curb stomped and the man is fighting for his life.
There are literally
Hundreds of fires a night.
Major highways are shut down.
They have a civil emergency.
There are videos in Germany and in France of trees being blocked in front of the road, like something out of Day of the Dead, and hundreds of Arab men run out and drag families out of their cars into the night.
Rapes, deaths, everything.
French mayors panic as migrants overwhelm cities, beg Macron for help.
Zero Hedge is up on Infowars.com.
Sweden, migrants charged with ruthless gang rape of woman walk free.
That's right, I see these cases every day just like in
San Francisco, oh you shoot the woman in the back for no reason, she dies, she's white.
We're going to let you go because this is part of an operation directed by liberal socialist white people who want a helter-skelter race war and who are trying to detonate it.
This is just today's news.
Swedish police ban from describing criminals race because they can be called racist.
And again, Sweden's actually passing laws, so is Germany.
And here's the article out of focus.
Attack in Nuremberg.
Collapses pensioner on the street.
He's in critical condition, fighting for his life.
And here is the video for TV viewers.
I'll describe it for radio listeners.
CCTV camera.
You're not even supposed to see any of this or know this or understand this.
And again, we'll show the video from the beginning because I want to show the lead up.
There's a man in his underwear, black man, African migrant, it would be called a UN invader.
He walks over to the 70 plus year old German, cold cocks him because the man's back's turned to him, knocks him to the ground.
And then decides to full power soccer kick him in the head and then stomp him in the curb at least five more times.
This was also caught on cell phone video.
There's several of these.
But the German media has been admonished not to show it.
Because it shows the impossible.
A black person attacking a white person.
Even though on average
For every black person attacked by a white person, you have more than 10 times on the other side.
Now it's even higher in the age of Obama, hyping incredible racism.
Now most black people aren't foaming at the mouth racist.
But when the media hypes it up, and people then think it's okay, it happens.
A big example of this was the phenomenon of rolling queers, as it was called, in the 50s, 60s, 70s, and even 80s, where normal people that weren't criminals, who wouldn't go out and mug folks, didn't think of themselves as criminals, they were, they'd say, well, we can go rob some gay guys because they're effeminate, at least on average, they thought, and it's okay because they deserve it.
You see it fictionalized in things like Boogie Nights and stuff like that.
That went on.
It's the same thing.
They've now taught black young people, and it's Spanish to a certain extent, but it's male and statistically blacks, that just go out and attack white people.
Old lady on a bus, old man here.
And again, they normally target someone they think is weak.
Hippies, liberals, trendies.
I played the local news a few weeks ago here in Austin where the liberal walks out of the bar.
Six black guys come up and start beating the hell out of him saying screw Trump, F Trump.
To the point you can't go in trendy areas of Austin now.
You can't go in East Austin around the trendy areas.
You can't go in those areas downtown because I'm not a wimp.
I don't look like a small easy guy to fight and
Black guys walk up, told the story a few years ago, I haven't gone back since, and they... I gave them your money.
Right now.
They don't even have weapons.
And you're like looking at them and saying, man, I'm not going to give them my money.
So, that's what, and see it's okay because I'm white, you see.
I'm an effing white male.
And the media said it was okay.
So it's okay to rape women, gang rape if you're Muslim.
It's okay.
It's okay to knock on women in the back of the head if they're white.
If they're white.
If they're white.
We'll be back.
Stay with us.
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You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
Coming to you from the former United States of America, from deep in the heart of Texas, it's Alex Jones.
Ladies and gentlemen, it's official.
The Democrats in Chicago and Cook County are in talks with the U.N.
To bring in armed UN peacekeeping troops in violation of the sovereignty of this nation.
Under the Strong Cities Initiative, Obama had planned, once Hillary got in place, to actually have every major police department federalized after national riots they were going to foment, and have local departments put under UN control.
That is official!
Special Report Strong Cities Network Euphemism for New World Order Police Force, John Bowne, Infowars.com, 2015.
Obama Administration and U.N.
Announce Global Police Force to Fight Extremism in the U.S.
Right, Bart?
And then now, today.
It is being announced by the U.N.
and being announced by Cook County and by Chicago, the city that they are in talks to bring in armed United Nations.
Just like they bring in 10 million Muslims, most of them military age males, they start raping, killing, pillaging.
That's what they do in their own countries.
In those African areas, one tribe is always killing the tribe next door.
That's how you fight for resources.
These are not civilized countries, and they're bringing people from totally uncivilized areas beyond third world, where there is no world.
Central Africans are being brought up through the slave trade, and then turned into Muslims, and then deployed into Europe by George Soros, who literally pays for it, and has the Zodiac boats going back and forth doing it all day.
Terrorism's down massively.
Everything's falling apart.
French mayors panic as migrants overwhelm cities, beg Macron for help.
It's all there, and it's all part of a plan.
And if you show the fires, if you show the old people being beaten, if you show people pooping in the pool, if you show them raping women, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter will take it down.
Even if it's shot at 100 yards away and just shows the racial attack, they cannot let the people know it's happening.
The media is there to cover up the truth.
It's there to victimize the population.
It's there to ensure that the globalist takeover is complete.
And then when everything falls apart like Chicago, or like Stockholm, Sweden, who's seen a 5,000% increase in crime in just the last few years, 90 plus percent being the Islamic invaders, when that happens,
They say, oh, we've got an EU army that's going to take care of that.
We've got an EU navy that's going to take care of that.
Oh, we've got a UN force that's going to take care of that.
That's the plan.
And it's literally happening.
I mean, I've got to be honest.
First, I thought they'd put troops on the streets of Chicago and take the guns, bring in the drugs, let it all fall apart.
90 plus percent of the crime is black on black.
And I'm sad that that's happening.
But again, the media covers up all those statistics and says the effing white males are to blame.
I guess we're to blame for the headhunters in New Guinea, in the Pacific Ocean.
I guess, I guess we're to blame for the Aztecs cutting people's hearts out.
I mean, I guess, no, no.
Humans have all had bad periods and humans have all come from primitive beginnings.
There were one tribe killing other tribes in Germany 2,000 years ago.
They were living in caves.
But civilization started and people decided to not live by the code of barbarism, but by the code of honor and technology and science.
And now the West is falling because the technocracy wants it out of the way, and it wants a giant dumbed-down mass of people to exploit and control before the technocracy is brought in, in their own words.
Again, another thing we told you about decades ago that's happening.
I remember
When I was a child hearing about the U.N.
plan of Henry Kissinger to create so much crime in L.A.
and Chicago that finally one day we would accept U.N.
troops on the streets.
And then in Evian, France, was it 1992?
Pull up his quote, because it was put in the paper.
He said, today no one would accept U.N.
troops in Los Angeles, but if there was a big enough global crisis, they would.
Pull up Henry Kissinger's quote.
Bilderberg, Henry Henderson's quote on UN troops in America.
Well, guess what, folks?
Here it is.
Here it is, right now, with all of them saying, we're gonna have UNESCO come in.
Through the police departments with federal control and use the federal authority to then order police departments that we've bullied and demonized and attacked to sign on to strong cities and go under Southern Poverty Law Center, ADL, U.N.
control, just like the WikiLeaks said they want them in control of the Internet, and those are the same groups in control of Google, Facebook, and Twitter censorship now.
And they want to cover up what they're doing because they're directing the takeover.
Commissioner in talks with U.N.
To put troops on the streets of Chicago.
The United Nations has a track record of protecting minority populations.
Just like the United Nations came out and sued Arpaio and things.
Talk about suing Texas for daring to stop illegal aliens pouring across.
Saying you don't have a right to have borders.
We the UN will direct the third world population with our migrant board that then orders your government on who to let in.
There it is.
1991 in Evian, France.
I said 92, so my memory isn't perfect.
Today, Americans would be outraged if U.N.
troops entered Los Angeles to restore order.
Tomorrow, they will be grateful.
This is especially true if they were told there was an outside threat from beyond, whether real or promulgated, that threatened our very existence.
It is then that all peoples of the world will pledge
You could say, oh well, we don't know if that paper that got that leak was right.
Okay, well here's 2017.
December 19th.
Cook County Commissioner Richard Boykin is in talks with United Nations officials to explore the possibility of putting U.N.
troops on the streets of Chicago to address the city's horrendous gun violence problem.
And the U.N.
of course has their unitary treaty to ban all small arms.
Boykin, in citizens hands, not of course, they'll have it.
They'll be the big...
The big mothership, they'll be the big central control.
Boykin, the peacekeepers, flew to New York last week to meet with UN Assistant Secretary General of the Peace Building Support, Oscar Fernandez-Trananco, to discuss the issue.
The United Nations has a track record of protecting minority populations, Boykin said before the meeting.
There was tribal warfare between the Tootsies and the Hutus in Africa, and they deployed peacekeeping troops to help save those populations and reduce bloodshed.
Actually, the UN's now been caught and medically ran the mass murder of 800,000 people, at least.
The Clintons oversaw it.
That's mainstream news.
We have to do something.
Black people in Chicago make up 30% of the population, but 80% of those who are killed by gun violence.
Isn't that interesting?
That it was the UN that went in and killed the Christian minority, took their property, using the animist group to do it, that was 85% of the population, and then admittedly helped them get all rounded up and then slaughtered, and then, oh, we need the UN to come in because they love black people.
Mayor Rahm Emanuel did not directly address any potential role for the United Nations in Chicago when asked by reporters.
The idea of deploying U.N.
peacekeepers on U.S.
soil is likely to derail many on the right who have warned about international forces conducting gun confiscation operations domestically for decades, which they're saying this would be.
The peacekeepers would do gun sweeps.
Earlier this year, President Trump suggested deploying the National Guard in troubled areas of Chicago.
This idea was fiercely opposed by Democrats.
There you go, they're in talks to bring in UN troops.
That'll just be the icebreaker, the precedent setter.
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You're listening to The Alex Jones Show.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Ladies and gentlemen, Alex Jones here with emergency breaking news.
Democrat officials in Chicago have called for UN peacekeepers on the streets for years.
They refused to have National Guard sent in by the President.
Now Cook County officials and others are in talks with the UN to bring in peacekeepers for gun sweeps in Chicago.
That's mainstream news.
It's linked up on Infowars.com.
Matt Dubiel began frantically calling my producers.
I've known Matt eight years.
Very nice family guy.
Shot the famous footage of the rioting at the Trump event in Chicago.
Was the first report that it was paid agitators that did it.
So he's a very good, accurate news source.
I've been the station manager there for many, many years.
He called up panicked and I have his email.
We're getting him on here in a minute.
We're dialing him right now.
He said, as Alex started speaking, because he was at the station, he was driving around, about Chicago, air feed cut on AM, FM, but no break in your feed.
He goes in, he checks, satellite, we're on it, but not on the station.
The UN vehicles are already here.
I saw them transported by train and on rail.
That's Matt's email to us.
We just got him.
Now, you're asking, how does that happen?
I was working at 98.9 KJFK.
In 1996, when they put in the EAS new systems for emergency alerts that are computerized and can now have keyword and cut off your feed and then force their feed on or kill it.
You've all heard about these emergency break-ins where it says martial law on the TV scrolling and all that kind of stuff.
They go, oh, it's just a drill.
And now the forced alerts on your phones and forced alerts on your TVs.
And now televisions turn on now, new forced alerts.
This is all part of this emergency alert, COG, nuclear war type scenario thing.
But it can be used for martial law and Deep State could use it like an Operation Valkyrie to try to take over all local government.
But I remembered when I read Matt's email just three minutes ago, four minutes ago during the break, that I remember there's all these old footage of UN vehicles getting refurbished and sold to third world countries that the US had paid for.
And I'm like, no, that's not a UN invasion.
But I remember last year and this year,
Footage going into Chicago of the big trains with the brand new armored vehicles and weapons.
I mean, that's one of them.
No, that's U.S.
equipment that actually are white and say U.N.
on them.
And we had the guest on who got the drone footage of all the U.N.
vehicles painted up and things.
And the word was they were going to U.S.
Remember that?
That was about a year and a half ago, too.
So all this started clicking.
But here's the deal.
This is them calling for U.N.
troops for gun confiscation.
It's on Infowars.com.
So then, Matt, who's a family guy, reporter, great source, he says he saw them come into Chicago.
It is just crazy!
But bigger than that, the feed, he's getting the satellite, but it all goes through your board, everything, but at the tower, whether it's at your building, or whether it's at your translator, you have to have these boxes that are very expensive that come to you from the FCC, but it's really Homeland Security, and it's a big computer.
And Matt Dubia, let's go to you right now.
WCKG 1530, you're on phone with us, not your normal Skype when you co-host with us.
Yeah, there's some of the footage of United Nations military vehicles in Maryland, armored vehicles.
And the word is these were then cached in every major city.
And they thought Hillary would be in, they'd just go ahead with this.
But now, Trump is in, but they're still going ahead.
He tried to stabilize the city with National Guard.
They said, no, thank you.
We want you in.
Matt Dubiel, this is beyond looking bad.
This is absolutely horrible.
And undoubtedly now they're testing us.
I mean, Loretta Lynch said this was their plan to federalize police.
And now it looks like they're going ahead with it, bringing you in.
Matt Dubiel, again, station manager for FM and AM for what, now eight years in Chicago.
What have you witnessed and what happened to the feed?
Are we still off in Chicago right now?
Alex, I mean, people are going to think I'm nuts.
I don't even care, because I know what's happening, and I know how this stuff works when it's supposed to work properly.
The moment you spoke about Chicago, because I mean, it's my station, so I'm monitoring it.
The moment you started talking about Chicago, I perked up and went, oh great, this is awesome.
He's talking about our hometown, we're on here, this is great, it's not just national stuff.
It immediately went silent.
Not static, not off the air.
They call that no carrier in radio, you know?
So there's a, there's, the signal is going out, but it's complete silence.
So I pull over, and I'm not at the station, and I'm about to call my engineer at the station.
He texts me, and he tells me everything is fine.
Everything is totally fine here.
Everything is working.
We're getting a feed from, from Austin.
There's no power outage.
There's no internet outage.
There's no satellite outage.
The minute he texted me, he said the minute we, um, that Alex started talking about Chicago and the UN, we went silent, but I could still hear the feed in the studio.
It just was cut off AM and FM.
Well, let me be clear, let me be clear.
The Democrats particularly were going to bring us into the UN, collapse the US this year.
This was the year.
Trump wasn't supposed to get in.
Patriots in our intelligence agencies, the American people fought back, got Trump in, because it was going to be the end of the US as we know it.
One world government.
And they have keywords in the EAS systems on cable, on broadcast TV, on all, now under net neutrality under Obama, they were putting in these control systems into all the internet switching hubs, even down to companies that have as little as a hundred customers.
So they wired this.
I've talked to all the engineers.
You have them as well.
That's why you know.
And again, if it was a bad feed in the receiver, you can hear it on the satellite.
It's coming in.
It would be scrambled or it would be static.
No, as you said, it's dead.
It just cuts it.
But more and more, this has happened on C-SPAN.
It happens a lot on CNN, where somebody says what they're not supposed to.
Keywords about Hillary or Obama or corruption, remember, in the servers.
And congressmen, you name it, would go dead.
And it would just cut out and go black.
And so that's what they've got is pre-programmed, just like Shazam is 10 years old.
You can hold it up with your phone, listen to the music at the mall, in 10 seconds it knows what music it's hearing.
Same thing.
Now the computers, Facebook admits they scan the videos live time of the show.
And when we say something we're not supposed to, it just cuts the feed right there.
So that's all this is, is this software, Matt Dubio.
Well, and here's why, to me, it's even more important, because, you know, if this were just... Well, stations are going to have to take out the EAS systems, because we're going under martial law, they take Trump out, and so it's a captured government, so you can still transmit it.
They'll take over your feeds.
I'm just telling folks.
Again, we have a good FCC at the top with IGPi, but the programs, the AI, is already in everything.
Go ahead.
And they update it, you know, like firmware.
So every so often you get the firmware update to the EAS system and when that happens, you notice.
So this was a big deal to me today because you're specifically talking about the commissioner in Cook County, which is the big county in Chicago.
There's a bunch of suburban counties, but Cook County is the county that Chicago's in.
It's where the airports are, it's where all the gunshot deaths are, and this commissioner in Chicago is calling for the U.N.
to come into Chicago.
And as you're talking about this, I'm thinking to myself, I've got to call Alex because, and I kind of hinted at this yesterday, but I didn't want to get into it, now I'm just going to have to.
This happened in August, okay, and I just called my wife to find out the exact date because it's on the calendar.
It was August 16th of this year that I saw a train heading from the north, traveling to the south side of Chicago.
It traveled over the highway right outside of Chicago Metro, and it had dozens and dozens of UN vehicles on top of it.
And I saw it.
I saw it with my own two eyes.
I pulled over to document it.
And honest to God, and to God, I pulled over and I got off the highway because I was going to get video and I was going to share it with you guys and talk to you about it.
Once I got off the highway, the train had already passed, and I'm not from downtown Chicago, so I kind of get footage.
No, I understand.
All the time I'm trying to get footage again.
But listen, you're the guy that got all the famous footage of them beating up the innocent people and helped expose that with the whole thing, what they did at the Trump events.
You're amazing.
Matt Dubiel, stay there.
This is just blowing me away right now, because folks, these are smart computers.
You know, they're 20 times the size of your phone that all the stations, TV, radio are plugged into so they can take full control.
It's Obama's kill switch!
It's the kill switch!
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You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
Well, Merry Christmas, America.
What a different country we were back in the day of Charlie Brown's debut with Peanuts on television.
Now we have calls for U.N.
troops in Chicago, and we have reporters, talk show hosts, station managers like Matt Kubiel.
With this news station, News and Talk 1530 WCKG, and of course the FM 102.3.
And we just announced we're going to be moving to Trump Tower in a few weeks, covering all of Chicago with the FM, not just like the AM covering all of Chicago.
We've been on the station, I don't know, eight years or so, got a lot of listeners, and the feed got cut.
And of course we have congressional hearings where they say, oh, we censored Alex at lunch.
The heads of Facebook, Twitter, and Google
Are in there saying, at lunch we saw that Infowars was number one and we knocked it down.
See who they're obsessed with?
Because we know when Loretta Lynch says, we're going to federalize the police and put them under UN control.
Trump is undoing all of this, but the problem is Obama, in his era, they put in internet kill switches into all the telecommunications.
In fact, pull it up.
Obama's internet kill switch in all radio, TV, broadcast, internet.
Go ahead and type it in.
You'll have articles from us six years ago when they did it.
Obama's kill switch passes, and it's in all telecommunications.
And then, Obama, in the last Defense Authorization Act,
Came in and set the whole thing up.
Was I right?
I said six years ago.
Oh God, I'm sorry.
It was seven years ago.
That memory?
June 26, 2010.
New bill gives Obama a kill switch to shut down the internet.
And it passed.
It's in the new Telecommunications Act.
They passed another version last year.
Take over the internet.
It doesn't mean that we won't have a free internet in the future.
It doesn't mean the telecoms aren't going to try to end net neutrality.
They were ending it with what Obama called net neutrality.
All this new censorship here, as Ajay Pai said, and now the EAS system, his engineer tells him, just cut off the feed.
Roger Stone is here to talk about this, Matt Dubiel.
But, I mean, Roger, I'm going to find out in a moment, are we even, has the engineer been able to fix it?
You got, I guess, unplugged the EAS.
That's what's doing it, obviously, and go right back to the satellite.
That's their fault.
The EAS just broke, we talked about Chicago and the UN troops, because they don't want anybody there to talk about it.
They don't want anybody there to build opposition.
They want to set the precedent.
What do you make of this, Roger Stone?
You know, Obama's people really thought through these things.
So, net neutrality, first of all, their policies not in any way reflect net neutrality, but they grab the slogan.
Here's the point, it's pretty simple.
The current net neutrality rules only regulate the ISP providers.
Verizon, AT&T, Comcast.
It gave Monopoly power to the big quote liberal telecoms.
But the content providers are completely unregulated.
Facebook, Twitter, Google, Amazon, YouTube.
They can defame you, they can censor you, they can destroy you.
What that was in Obama's bill is that they're allowed to censor us and defame us.
They were given immunity.
So again, they can engage in any type of telecommunications they want.
All the old ones can't.
And then, in this case, you're absolutely right.
The follow through in the final defense appropriation around Christmas of the last year of Obama's presidency sets up a national censorship board.
It appropriates the funds to have all these left-wing groups go out and be the arbiters of what's fake news.
With George Soros, ADO and Southern Property Law Center, admittedly, Google announced this publicly,
Running it and censoring us in live time.
So, going back to Matt Dubio, very well broken down, Roger.
Again, this is the stay-behind network.
Just like Bloomberg reported, the bureaucrats are all just ignoring Trump.
It's the same thing.
And clearly, as you said, they just did a software load in there that if we talk about the UN and Chicago, they knew this was coming.
Cut me off.
Has your engineer been able to get us back on air?
We got on immediately.
As soon as you stopped talking about Chicago specifically, the feed was back on.
And it was almost as if it was faded up.
It's the oddest thing I've ever experienced.
I've been in this business for 20 years.
You said it sounded like it was faded up?
That wouldn't be software.
That means they're doing it in live time.
Well, it also means it's a test.
It's a dry run.
It's just the same as the disgruntled employee who turned the president's Twitter feed off for 11 minutes.
There was no disgruntled employee.
That's a dry run for what is about to come.
I suspect this is a dry run.
Here's why I think it's really, really important.
It's because it's not just this rogue commissioner in Cook County calling for this.
The vehicles have already been trained in here.
I've seen them.
I don't know where they put them.
But when I pull it, anybody who knows how to look up transport records can look up whatever trains were coming into Chicago on August 16th.
About 1.30 to 2 a.m.
And I know this because I was at an event at the Palmer House in downtown Chicago.
After I pulled over to take pictures, Alex, I was followed onto the highway and I was arrested.
Followed and arrested.
And the rest, I can't talk.
I'm not going to.
Well, that's why you told me you didn't want to get into all this.
You said you, I guess you're just going to say it all now.
I didn't, yes.
And there's even more to it.
I mean... Well, we need everybody to find the UN.
We need Chicago police that are patriots.
Anybody that says enough is enough.
Tell us where the UN base is.
And of course the media will be, Jones claims there's a UN base.
Here they are!
Saying they're going to try to bring him in with the UN.
Here's Loretta Lynch when she was still in saying they were going to do it.
This is their globalist coup d'etat.
Just like the EU army says, if Spain or Italy or anybody tries to pull out, they will march a EU army in.
Which is why Ajit Pai, the chairman of the FCC, who was only a member under Obama, said that the current net neutrality rules have no foundation in rationale.
They were passed because Obama ordered it.
He simply ordered it.
And it is the reign of censorship that you've been banned on Twitter!
It's not like we're just saying this!
Alex, I figured this out.
I was merely banned 60 days before everybody else.
They announced at the end of this month it's happening.
And therefore, everybody else will be following me.
They said the date's, what, the 28th, right?
Yes, exactly.
So, I mean, they're testing.
That's why I said that.
That's why they all keep saying, you're high-level sources.
Keep saying, the Congress people.
We've been told Trump's gone by the end of December.
They're getting ready to make their move.
There's no question.
They think that they can engineer the coup d'etat one way or another.
As the public credibility of Mueller continues to disintegrate, the likelihood that he can pull off some process-related charge against the President is fading.
Which is why they'll then move to the 25th Amendment strategy, as you and I have discussed on this show now for several months.
They call us conspiracy theorists.
In a couple months, they will call us sages, because this is going down.
Senator Ben Sasse is in on it.
Senator Robert Corker's in on it.
Jeb Bush is in on it.
This is a literal technocratic
Technological technocracy coup.
They admit it.
I've got stacks where the New York Times says our resist movement will take over in the next few months.
In fact, Kit Daniels brought me the article.
I was going to cover it until Matt got on.
It's on newswars.com, where the New York Times says our resist movement and our resistance movement will take you down.
We are unstoppable.
I mean, they are moving, ladies and gentlemen.
They mean business.
This is simply insane.
Well, in all honesty, it's why I tell everybody that I deal with to go to the InfoWars store site.
We need a war chest to fight this.
That was my next thing.
Matt, stay there.
I want you to both stay there for one more segment.
Here it is.
New York Times clings to hope of leftist resistance will bring down Trump.
And the author chortles in here and says, you can't stop us.
Trump's done more than George Soros, Bernie Sanders and Saul Alinsky.
We're taking over and we're launching our takeover.
And then they've got full page ads by Antifa saying they're going to have a violent overthrow.
And then when we point it out, they say it doesn't exist.
They are getting ready to make their move.
And since you mentioned it, Roger.
Everybody needs to expose the move to do this.
Everybody needs to fight.
And all the radio stations need to know.
The FCC's got good people running it, but the software has been hacked by the Democratic Party and Soros.
So, the EAS is for nuclear attacks or whatever, not for when they cut you off and put Obama on.
Or Hillary or whatever.
That you hear, Trump's being removed, he's gone.
Same thing happened in Germany.
And of course that was a good thing they were doing against Hitler.
But here they're going to use that system where they took over the radio with their program, with people they had in place, with Operation Valkyrie.
They're planning an Operation Valkyrie against Trump.
So it's your duty, obviously at that point, you didn't hear the President or Ajay Pai or anybody say do that.
And that'd be bad if they said it to cut off feeds.
You just simply unplug it and put the feedback in.
They're going to hit our satellites, you name it.
We've set up emergency phone banks for the stations.
I haven't really announced all this yet because it was a little bit presumptive, but I'm going to have to launch next week emergency operations to keep us afloat using other means.
People should also record these shows in case you're completely shut off.
You'll still be able to transmit in your area.
This will be an evergreen transmission.
But let's recognize they have unlimited funding in tax dollars.
We have only $100.
Yes, and that's like free shipping.
And by the way,
They corrected me.
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Stay with us.
We'll be right back with our number two, Matt Dubiel, Roger Stone and myself.
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Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order, it's Alex Jones.
Look, I know the supernatural is something that isn't supposed to happen, but it does happen.
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
And Roger Stone riding shotgun.
You know, I really should get hysterical about this, because Matt Dubiel had to go.
He's got an emergency at the station.
1530, we've been on it for eight years.
He broke big news at the riots when the Democrats came to attack the Trump rally, shot the footage outside of the cops being attacked.
Reported it all.
Told us that he was told by locals that they've been paid to come and pose as Bernie Sanders supporters.
That later came out in the WikiLeaks.
He's a great source and got arrested videotaping the UN vehicles coming in in August.
That's why I remember the exact time.
Everything pulled down in to it at 1.30 at night.
Driving home from an event and got arrested.
Uh, and, uh, he just had to go, and I've never seen him freaked out in the year.
Family man, gotta be a bunch of kids like I do.
I know his wife.
Uh, and you were pointing out, talk radio's the thorn in the globalist's side, because when they have a takeover, they've gotta have one message.
They can't have a bunch of, uh, other messages.
No, and they tried desperately to develop progressive talk radio and it just never took off.
You can't name a truly influential progressive talk radio host where it's been a lifeblood for the Liberty Movement.
That's why they have to shut it down.
And you see the open censorship against us, openly calling to shut us down, openly calling to shut off the President's Twitter, and they did that test, and then CNN says, oh, he's a hero for doing it.
Roger, I think clearly they're planning to make their move in December, but now Mueller's moved it back a year or is talking about it.
Is that a foil to make Trump feel confident?
What I think is happening here is that Mueller is so under siege, the credibility of his investigation is listing, you know, at the seams.
And therefore, they're counting on the Democrats winning the House in 2018.
Mueller produces his report.
They relaunch it then.
He doesn't produce an indictment.
He produces a report finding that the president
Obstructed justice or perjured himself and then it's used as the rationale for an impeachment.
And I think we forget what happened the year before when his whole thing was blown wide open with all the people openly working together to lie about Russia.
So, now remember, he only would be indicted by a majority vote of the House.
The President would have to be convicted in the Senate.
But the Senate is razor thin.
And we can't tell what the future of the Senate is.
This is a vicious, hateful group filled with George Soros, Antifa, Saul Alensky, scum.
Well, look, their entire takedown of Trump has various aspects.
There's the political establishment aspect.
Mueller, Comey, McConnell, the leadership of the House and the Senate.
They've got their street thugs paid for by Soros.
That's Antifa.
These are different elements of a national strategy.
They're just cutouts.
They're like S.A.
street thugs versus S.S.
Again, Roger Stone's our guest.
We're going to break here in a moment, and we are going to come back.
You're going to ride shotgun with us.
We have Mr. Hagman joining us, and he was the first guy to break months and months before they even announced their day of rage, November 5th, and then all these new ones that they had PIs and people inside the antifub.
I think so.
This fight is so close.
Again, Doug Hagman is going to be joining us.
Joel Skousen coming up.
Andrew Torba of Gab openly being banned everywhere.
Google's calling for Gab to be removed from the internet.
Facebook wants it removed.
They do not want any competition.
This is a savage, criminal takeover.
Be aware of it, America, because the battle for the republic has really just begun.
We will win, but only if you understand it's a long fight.
I'm so excited.
The new product at Infowarslife.com in a glass bottle, two-month servings, filled to the brim, filled to the absolute top, the real red pill.
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You've got it.
This transmission is coming to you.
Waging war on corruption.
It's Alex Jones, coming to you live from the front lines of the InfoWar.
Are we seeing the earth?
You've got it.
Are we seeing the earth now?
You've got it.
Roger Stone's riding a shotgun with me.
Doug Hagman of the Hagman Report is going to be joining us with his great intelligence network and law enforcement background.
Roger, you asked me a great question during that short break.
Go ahead and ask it again.
What is the rationale for moving U.N.
troops to the streets of Chicago?
Is it because of the gun violence and the collapse of society?
The President's right.
Somebody is killed every three hours in Chicago today.
Well, that's how it works.
They refuse the National Guard there.
They create
A place where they've taken the guns, the corrupt groups are shipping the drugs in, it's kind of a safe zone for criminals to operate.
So you let it get as bad as possible, and then you call in the UN to do gun sweeps, and then that sets the precedent for the UN to go into Western countries and do what it's done all over the world and has always been a goal.
And so you have Loretta Lynch last year, with her Strong Cities initiative,
Demonizing police saying we need the UN to codify local government and come in and oversee the police, basically with federal control backing the UN.
So it sounds insane, sounded insane to me, but they actually called for it.
And so what's happened is their old plans, even though Trump's in place, they don't care.
They're going ahead with a plan they already had set up years ago.
This is just, just like in the EU where they march in EU troops now unannounced.
They go, what's this?
Well, we're EU troops.
We heard you want to leave.
So it's the same thing.
Our government has sold us out to multinationals.
Trump's gone in, but he's only a beachhead.
And then you read in Bloomberg, yeah, the bureaucrats are all ignoring him.
They're all spying on him.
They're all lying.
You know, we're the resistance.
We're going to remove him.
We're going to kill him.
I go, hey, they said they're going to kill him.
And then they put out fake headlines in media matters.
Jones says the FBI is going to kill him.
I didn't say that.
I said the globalists that say they're getting ready to kill him, Phil Mudd on CNN, the congressmen that have told you they're getting ready to take out Trump, that they've been told that, they're building this confidence game with their own people in government to hang on!
We'll suppress the economy, and we'll get those bitter clanger guns, and we'll have control.
Just hang on!
That's why you had Congressman Jackie Speier yesterday saying, the rumor is everywhere that Trump is going to fire Mueller.
We're hearing it all over Capitol Hill.
That's because they started the rumor.
The rumor is meant to destabilize Trump.
He came out immediately and said, no, I have no plans to do that.
That's right.
They say the cue to riot is when Trump
Fires him.
Trump doesn't do it because the wheels have come off and it's proven fraud.
Don't interrupt your enemy when they're destroying yourself, as you said.
And so then they come in to have a simulation as if he did to then cover up the fact that they've been caught red-handed manufacturing.
I think that's exactly right.
Again, Roger Stone's riding shotgun with me.
We have Mr. Hagman joining us.
I'm not going to go into his whole bio or all the different law enforcement groups that he trains with his group, but it's great to have him with us.
Doug, give us the intel report from all your sources that are always way ahead of, it seems, everybody else.
Hi, Alex.
Mr. Stone, good to be with you.
Right now, here's what we're seeing.
I've got investigators that have infiltrated the on-the-ground groups from San Francisco to New York City.
We're seeing a lot of activity there.
But more importantly, what we're seeing are the members of the permanent state, the shadow government, if you will, the permanent bureaucracy meeting
Yeah, yeah.
We're also getting information about who was in the crosshairs.
And I've heard your name come up, I've heard Mr. Stone's name come up, I've heard other big Breitbart members of Breitbart and other people come up as to what they plan on doing in terms of shutting off their communications and lifelines.
And now they're in the news again saying they're getting ready to make the push but when we report on it they say we're insane and it doesn't exist.
What is the tactic there?
Well, look, if it doesn't happen right away, when we say it's going to happen, four years ago, 2013, I reported on this, and I reported on the structure, the infrastructure that was being built to carry this out.
And we had thought it was going to be, we're seeing today, it was going to happen long before today.
It didn't.
But we're seeing the fruits of that labor back then happen today.
And it's just a, if you can't, you know, in today's world, if you can't see it, if it doesn't happen right away, if you say it's going to happen in a month or a week goes by and nothing happens, well then you're a liar.
Or you're, you know, you're, it's all hype, it's all hyperbole.
Exactly, well it's a classic thing, it's a military tactic from World War I, where they would, through bullhorns, say we're not attacking, we're not assaulting, as they were bayoneting people.
They found with at least enough people, it creates hesitation, so people don't go into battle mode, so we don't get ready.
They just say nothing's happening, while they announce to their own people, we're going to take over, we're going to kill, we're going to burn, we're going to slaughter, we're going to get everybody, we're going to lock up all the conservatives.
But then, oh, we're not doing that?
You're crazy.
Yeah, exactly.
And I think what we need to be, at least in my view and based on all of the information I've gotten from my investigative staff and the volunteers who were out there in the meetings or watching the meetings, is this.
We have to be prepared, I think, for anything to
I hate to use this phrase, but for things to go live, I suppose, that's the only way I know how to describe it.
For things to go from a hypothetical arrangement or something that we would think is being planned for the future, that could happen at any time.
And a lot of this is contingent.
Based on everything I've been told about the Mueller probe, how well this fares out, they're getting a lot of pushback internally.
The GSA, of course, just turned over 13 devices and documents when in fact they had no legal basis to do so.
We're seeing a lot of lawlessness take place within the Mueller investigation.
The Clinton penetration of the FBI.
The Clinton criminal operation inside the FBI.
That's what it is.
So the more that's exposed, and this is my reasoned analysis, the more that that is exposed and the bigger, the longer and faster and harder we push against this,
The bigger the pushback against us will be, against the mainstream media, against the alternative new media, honest media, will be.
That's why we see the censorship converging, the propaganda converging, and now the Mueller thing is in trouble.
They meant to launch it this December, as Congress and others told you, as they now admit, that's falling apart.
But they still are so arrogant, even though every one of their other operations is blown up in their face, from stealing the election to you name it.
They are still intending to go ahead with this, it looks like.
Yeah, of course.
And it's why they are so apoplectic about the new net neutrality rules.
Because it's rolling back one of their major initiatives to control that channel of communications.
Trump is reversing one of their greatest weapons.
That's why you have this giant disinformation campaign.
It's gonna cost more!
You're gonna be censored!
This is all nonsense!
It's all disinformation!
You know, net neutrality.
What a poor name for that particular order, law, whatever it was.
They named it what they were getting rid of.
We pretty much had it before Obama was getting rid of it.
Sorry, go ahead.
It wasn't broke before, don't fix it now.
So when you hear the net neutrality being removed, of course people have the worst thoughts.
They don't bother to read beyond the 144 or 280 characters.
That's right, the net neutrality was the rollout legalese to back the internet control switch.
And they say crazy things like, you know, every Google search you do is going to cost $5.
My gone grandson told me that.
It's complete nonsense.
It's disinformation.
Yeah, and they call us, I mean, who's gullible enough to believe that?
Apparently a lot of people are.
But you're right, you know, so I think now is kind of the crunch time, at least this is what I'm getting right now.
It's crunch time right now, so between now and I'm going to say the first week of January, second week of January, I would, anything could happen the way they're going at it.
That's right, Doug Hagman, totally on target.
It's like they're getting a World War I or World War II.
Armies are lined up.
They're sharpening their bayonets, they're loading their field artillery.
I mean, this is serious.
I've never seen it worse.
I've got a couple of contacts inside the Beltway, and they say, look, we just don't know what's going to happen, but we know something is.
Stay there.
Doug Hagman.
People can follow all of his great work at HagmanReport.com.
We'll be back.
And Roger Stone's riding shotgun with us.
Folks, we're not hyping this.
This is the reality.
But if we stand against it, recognize it, raise the alarm, they may back off.
Or we'll at least be ready for them when they come.
If we go to sleep, it's gonna happen for sure.
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It took you over a year to do it.
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These are all parasites.
Tell us about all the stuff it says.
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Mike in Arizona, you're on the air worldwide.
Go ahead.
Oh, Alex, you can rant any day of the week.
Thank you, sir, for doing what you do and being a patriot and doing your best to save America and encouraging us as fellow patriots to do that in our local areas as well.
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You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
We're all living in America!
America es wunderbar!
We're all living in America!
Ladies and gentlemen, Alex Jones here back live broadcasting worldwide with Roger Stone riding shotgun, former head of the Trump campaign, longtime confidant, Doug Hagman, law enforcement trainer, one of the top private investigator firms on the East Coast with amazing connections inside the patriot element of the FBI and more.
And Doug, you were about to get to your sources inside the federal government and what they tell you is happening and how serious this is.
It's now come out in the news that Eric Prince and others
Have private security around the president.
We knew that a long time ago.
And they are expecting a rogue CIA coup at any moment.
So, but Roger, you said you know how it's going to go down.
Tell us that and we'll go back to Doug Ackman.
Here's what I believe.
General Flynn has pled guilty because he's going to point to someone.
The supposition is that he would incriminate the president and say that the president directed him to call a meeting through the Russian ambassador.
I believe it is more likely that the President's son-in-law, Jared Kushner, is the one who directed General Flynn to make that call.
The underlying call is perfectly legal.
It's within the purview of their job.
But remember, Kushner has been under hours of interrogation by the FBI, by the House Committee, by the Senate Committee.
And one contradiction, one half-forgotten thing, is the process crime of lying to the FBI.
And I think that people know that Donald Trump is not going to let Ivanka's husband go to prison on some trumped-up process crime.
So he is likely to pardon him.
I think he held the door open to pardon Flynn, and they are hoping that the pardon of Flynn
And Kushner, conceivably, would spark their revolution.
All right, let's give Doug Hagman, who's been joining us, the floor.
He's always polite and pauses to really flesh out his intel from his federal sources and other key areas.
Well, if I can ask both you and Roger a question, because one of the areas I've got kind of a black hole about is what happened at the latest when Donald or when Jared Kushner
or was it Jared Kushner?
Both of them were recently testified, but it was Donald Trump Jr.
Alright, what happened during that Senate Intelligence Committee meeting that was behind closed doors?
I don't have any information that I can authenticate about that, but it does, except to say it goes back to, okay, it would be to Jared Kushner and then to the President, basically using them as a means to get to the President, of course, forcing Donald Trump's hand to pardon either one or both.
Sure, they're just trying to get to somebody that Trump cares about.
Well, and it would just bring the whole investigation one step closer to the President, because Mueller doesn't indict Kushner and then close down his investigation.
He conceivably indicts Kushner for perjury, let's say, or for lying to the FBI, and then his investigation goes forward, getting closer and closer to the President.
I think that's the game plan.
Okay, that makes sense.
These are investigators looking at people trying to find a crime and then show the cover-up.
But there's no crime.
I mean, it's crazy from what I've been able to determine.
All of these, I mean, this is an abusive process.
An abusive process.
I think you're absolutely right.
But right now, just as Washington, you know, is always swept with rumors, the rumor is that there's a shock and awe moment for the President, planned by Mueller, most likely right after the first of the year, or just before Christmas.
Many people believe that that would be the indictment of Jerry Kushner for some process-related crime regarding the Flynn phone call to the
Sure, and then that derails the recovery, everything, and then they're not going to just let Trump be pushed out.
They're going to go after everybody, shut down the free press.
They've called for massive arrests.
I mean, they're going to go authoritarian is their decision now.
This is a true criminal group.
Other key pieces of intel your sources have given you, Doug Hagman.
Well, this kind of circles back around to what you were talking about earlier.
In conjunction with everything, there is a plan to bring back, of course, under that pretext of the Strong Cities Network, the Obama administration, UN, to announce the UN Peacekeeping Force in Chicago.
And of course, the top cop, UN, has no jurisdiction there.
We're seeing this, or we're hearing this play out a little bit in the preparations made for
That's right.
Or I should say, their abuse of their surveillance authority is beyond anything we have ever seen.
They were using the trumped-up FISA warrants to spy on 30,000 Americans in a simple act of political espionage.
That's their rationale.
And this includes the spying on Trump Tower, the spying on Paul Manafort, on most likely... It shows they're going completely for broke.
They're lawless.
Again, Doug, getting back to what you said briefly before the break, you got cut off.
You were saying that your sources inside federal law enforcement basically have never seen anything like it.
They were saying this is maximum danger.
You were saying they agree that there's an attempt to really take over here.
Yes, I think this kind of goes exactly to what Roger Stone had said, that there's this Christmas present awaiting Donald Trump, or this present awaiting Donald Trump.
And I think when they spring that, I mean, that's what everyone is kind of holding their breath about.
There's a lot of water cooler talk.
I think so.
So this is what I'm hearing, and I'm hearing that they are preparing for some sort of event to take place.
When I say event, it could be a series of events.
It could be tied to the Mueller investigation.
I'm not sure, because no one's really, no one really, I think, really has got a good handle.
Well, don't they understand they're not going to hit everybody flat-footed if they try some hot coup, and that it's going to be spectacular?
I don't think they care.
They don't care.
Seriously, at this point, they feel that they're so far back behind the eight ball with the Donald Trump presidency.
Again, this is what I'm hearing.
These are not my words.
They just feel that they've lost enough time and they're getting enough hassle where they've got to do something now.
They feel the need to do something right now, if that makes sense.
Just absolute corner rats.
It makes total sense.
Something you just said, it makes perfect sense.
Look at it in context.
The Christmas present they have for Trump, he's expecting a letter exonerating him, and what he'll get instead, it potentially is the bogus indictment of a member of his own family.
Yeah, in Kuwait crimes.
And it's going to be that betrayal, they think he's going to blow up and get mad, fire Mueller,
When the answer is, let that crook and all of them sink when they actually try to sell all these lies, right as America turns against them.
Doug Hagman, thank you so much.
Roger Stone, thank you so much.
We've got Joel Skousen coming up.
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Dr. Mark Faber!
Famed guest of CNBC, you name it, joins us.
I'm going to go over his whole bio from Zurich, Switzerland and the billions that he's managed and all the big successful predictions he's made.
He publishes a widely read monthly investment newsletter, the Gloom, Boom and Doom Report, which highlights unusual investment opportunities.
He's a regular speaker at various investment seminars.
But he also got in big SJW trouble lately.
We've seen the leftist professors everywhere saying, kill all the white people.
And white people are inherently evil.
And they're mainly white folks saying this.
But then Faber simply said, well, thank God that the U.S.
got populated by Europeans, because they brought in the Renaissance and technology, or we wouldn't have our modern civilization.
So we should have some love for the Renaissance, some love for the West.
But it's really in now to demonize
White people, and so Mark Faber, not known as an evil white supremacist, has gotten in a lot of trouble.
I've been labeled by the mainstream media as a racist, Dr. Boom, Mark Faber fires back.
The discovery voyages were actually a very risky enterprise.
Vasco de Gama, 1497, discovery of the Cape of Good Hope.
Magellan circumvented the world.
Columbus, he went to the U.S.
These were not just adventures.
These were people who took a huge risk because they took voyages into the unknown.
And so we have essentially the Europeans arriving in the U.S.
And we had also the age of colonialism and imperialism in other parts of the world.
And of course, the white man was cruel.
There's no question about this.
But other people were equally cruel or even more cruel than white men.
And at least over the last hundred years or so, we've become somewhat more human, although I'm not sure about that.
But the others, sometimes they haven't become more human.
If we look at the history of World War I and World War II, we know very well that other people
We're extremely cruel as well.
And then, because of the age of Renaissance and the age of Enlightenment,
We had all these inventors and all these scientists who suddenly said, the world is not flat... So the West invented the middle class and capitalism, which is now the model of the world, so why are the ultra-elites and the ruling classes waging war against the fount of success?
You're listening to The Alex Jones Show.
Discover trends and global developments years before they happen, right here on the Alex Jones Show.
Ladies and gentlemen, we're taking back this republic.
Attempting to get a real beachhead and to at least return our sovereignty back to our country.
Powerful, entitled, embedded evil forces.
Attacking on every front, just against the idea of humanity awakening, and the idea that basic things like Christmas are good, or Jesus Christ is good, or the family's good.
These seem like basic fundamental things Trump is doing, but it makes them so angry because they are simple, but they're true, and they're beautiful, and they're timeless.
And that's why they want to take them down.
Because they've got to replace it all with ugliness, because that's what their system offers.
We're going to go to Joel Skousen, patriot, Marine Corps fighter-bomber pilot, best-selling author, researcher, secure home expert, you name it.
And of course, Cleon Skousen, his uncle and his whole family, a bunch of great patriots.
WorldAffairsBrief.com, he's the editor-in-chief of that.
We're going to get his take on this, on North Korea.
On a bunch of issues here in a moment, of course, the U.N.
creeping towards.
What I'm going to say, the U.N.'
's taking over tomorrow.
The media is going to say that's what we said.
They're just telling us, oh, we're going to advise your police and we're going to come in and we're going to run your life.
Well, now, here it is, ladies and gentlemen, Commissioner in Chicago in talks with U.N.
to put troops on the streets of Chicago.
That was meant to happen under Hillary.
We've got all the admissions by Loretta Lynch and others.
We're going to go to Joel Skousen.
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Percent rating.
I don't think we have anything with a 100% rating.
It says 4.9 on the one and then I guess 100% would give it to a friend.
So it's got like 99% on 100.
So, I mean, he is the world authority on that.
I remember getting the book and I was like, is this, is that even that accurate?
I drove out somewhere like a thousand miles away and it was accurate.
I'm like, man, this is, this is crazy how he did this.
So Tolskowsky is a smart guy and he joins us now.
I'm not saying they're taking over.
I'm saying it's part of the long-term plan that Loretta Lynch talked about of having the UN be the authority here with federal backing over policy, just like UNESCO.
But Trump is pulling us out of all that.
Joel Skousen, what is your expert analysis on this?
I think it's a pretty big development, at least psychologically.
I think, Alex, that this is a test case.
They're testing the waters to see how the public is going to react to this.
It's not going to go anywhere, in my opinion, because the Chicago police chief himself said the UN has no authority there.
How are they going to do anything?
They can't arrest anyone.
They can't round up.
You can't take control of the streets without authority.
And that can only be issued by the federal government if they invite the United Nations in.
And that would probably not even be constitutional or legal.
It's called treason!
Yeah, it's certainly not in accordance with the Constitution.
Rahm Emanuel, of course, is a globalist, the mayor of Chicago.
He's kind of keeping a lower profile on this, letting Commissioner Boykin push this through.
But frankly, I don't think it's going to go anywhere.
But it is a test.
They're testing the waters to see how much backlash they get.
Now, certainly, the Trump administration isn't going to allow this to happen.
If they stopped it, I wouldn't be surprised if the Democrats in Chicago went to the courts and said, you know, we want to have the U.N.
here and let the courts overrule the Constitution.
And that's very, very possible, given the fact that the courts have overruled Donald Trump on 100% of the right things that he's done.
It's 100% track record.
The courts have stopped him.
That's right.
Joel Skousen, how does it feel to be a prominent John Bircher, your uncle, one of the founders, I mean, at the core of exposing what has now come to pass?
I mean, I gotta say, the track record of you, your family, the John Bircher Society, and others, without you guys, we would literally have been defeated long ago.
How did you discover the plan, and how does it feel to be so vindicated?
I mean, that's why we're all under such attack, because we've been right, but I mean, how is it to be so vindicated?
Well, it does feel good.
It's been years in the making.
You know, my uncle started this.
He was under a great deal of attack for exposing the communists.
How many communists were in the State Department?
McCarthy was under attack.
McCarthy has been vindicated, though you wouldn't know that by the way that the media
I think so.
Where he discovered that in the State Department it wasn't communists that were keeping communists in power, it was non-communists at the higher level of government that were keeping or stopping Congress from investigating and firing any communists.
And now, just like Soros, it's rich men that use authoritarian governments to control people.
That's right.
These were globalists in government.
I'm convinced, for example, that Alger Hiss, the famous aide to President Roosevelt, who got a lot of our high technology, including nuclear secrets, over to Russia during the Lend-Lease period.
He was accused by Whittaker Chambers of being a communist, but, you know, he went to prison for perjury, but the establishment protected that guy for decades.
Would never let this guy go down.
He was urbane.
He was sophisticated.
This was not a communist, in my opinion.
He was a globalist who went and joined the Communist Party in order to let them feel like he was one of them.
So that as he ushered them into the Roosevelt and Truman administration, they wouldn't think ill of it.
But I'm... No, exactly.
Communists can't even wipe their own noses.
Historically, they always have to be backed up by these robber barons.
It's the globalists that are behind this, and they're using communists to break down the world order and to replace it with their more benign form of socialism, but it is socialism.
Joel Scalzin, worldaffairsbrief.com.
Exactly, they use communism to come in and dynamite, tear down the society, then globalism comes in like in China, and it's just modern slavery.
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My friends,
We're in the middle of the Second American Revolution.
The globalist social engineers are trying to play us off against each other.
In a big way.
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You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
The answer to 1984 is 1776.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
Now again, I don't want to make it about tooting Joel Skousen's horn or Cleon Skousen and then Barry Goldwater, but I mean, you listen to what those people wrote, his uncle and others right there at the beginning.
It's exactly what then happened, but we held it back so long they didn't get it when they wanted it.
So I want to get his prognosis on where he sees it going forward, but understanding people that have been right and celebrating that fact is key, because that's why they attack us so much, because we have to guess the info of the people that are right over and over again.
And that's why they hate us so much, it's why they misrepresent what we say, what we do, why they take our satire and we do it and twist it, well I've kind of cut back on that, because they know we know their plan.
And even their minions now.
20 years ago, their minions didn't know about the plan.
Now the minions know about it and have decided to join with it.
The average Democrat even knows this stuff now to a great extent.
It's crazy.
You think information will wake them up and make them stop?
They like it.
So, Joel Skousen, in eight minutes we've got, nine minutes, ten minutes, whatever you want to cover getting into this, North Korea, Trump, the clear moves to try to remove Trump, Mueller.
What do you see in your very accurate crystal ball?
Well, I've been publishing the World Affairs Brief since just before the year 2000, so I've had a long time to build a track record of what I've been predicting.
And I have, frankly, been ridiculed because I have, for over 10 or 15 years now, predicted that there would be a Third World War nuclear war with Russia and China.
Now, there's very few people that are laughing nowadays because obviously it's very much in the news that Russia and China are a threat.
I've always said, for example, that North Korea is going to be the trigger event for World War III.
And that looks like it's coming true.
With the advent of Donald Trump, and remember that the globalists who control both major political parties has always tried to control the presidency.
I mean, they did everything literally to stop Ron Paul from becoming president, including changing the national intelligence estimate about Iran.
They had to have some excuse to step down from their attack on Iran when he was running for president because it would have accrued to his favor.
And as soon as Ron Paul was out of the running after the Republican Party twisted all the primaries to make sure he couldn't win, they were back on with the Iran has a nuclear weapons program.
But incredible, I mean, people were scratching their heads.
How does the CIA suddenly say that Iran doesn't have a nuclear weapons program when they've been tooting that horn for 10 years?
They manipulate intelligence for political purposes.
And then Mitt Romney came along, another person who
He's trying to make it with the establishment but wasn't a globalist.
And no matter what he did to bend over backwards to please them.
He hired Michael Chertoff to run his campaign and to pick his advisors.
He hired CFR people all over the place.
And yet they didn't want him in the White House because you can't have a non-insider.
They're going to see too much in the White House with all the black operations going.
And so now comes Donald Trump.
Now, Donald Trump could never have gotten elected on a pure constitutional conservative platform.
But running on a populist platform, appealing to blue-collar workers, he was able to staff away a lot of support from Hillary Clinton, who wasn't very popular with Democrats in the first place, and actually win.
And that's why they've been trying to get him out of the White House.
It's incredible how certain people continue to put out the information or disinformation that Donald Trump is an elitist, he's just playing us along.
But I don't believe it.
I mean, Donald Trump can't hardly follow a script anytime he speaks, let alone a complex, you know... Can we see real hatred from the globalists and real fear?
Well, that's right, and that's why they've created this false intelligence about the Russian interference in the election.
Putin said it all.
He said, why would we try to interfere with the election?
The globalists control the U.S.
election, and it's going to be one of their candidates, and why even try?
We don't have any influence, of course.
In this case, the globalists didn't win.
They wanted Hillary Clinton, and Donald Trump came in, and that's why they've been trying to get rid of him, and they're going to continue to succeed.
As I pointed out in this week's World Affairs Brief,
They're either going to try one of four tactics.
One is through impeachment, and that really isn't going anywhere, even obstruction of justice.
That's one of the reasons, as you said, they're going to try to get him to, induce him to fire Mueller so they can get him for obstruction of justice.
They've tried to, in the Russian investigation, indict lesser people like Jared Kushner and, of course, Michael Flynn.
And the former campaign manager.
But that's going nowhere.
I mean, none of those things have anything to do with the Russian collusion.
They're grasping at straws, and people see that.
The other thing is the 25th Amendment.
This is a very potent thing.
If they can induce mood-altering drugs into his diet and get him to be unstable, they can use the 25th Amendment to say that he's not fit to serve as president.
Now, he is on 12 Diet Cokes a day by his own admission, and that's very, very stupid with aspartame and other very nerve damaging things that are in Diet Coke.
If anybody's listening to this and drinks diet drinks, they're really crazy.
This is just stupid to do that.
You know, I've talked about the potential of assassination.
I don't think, that's a last resort.
Because one of the problems with assassination, well there's two basic ones.
One, you create a great deal of conspiracy believers because they always leave lots of trails.
So you make a martyr.
And then secondly, you make a martyr out of it.
And they can't afford to make Donald Trump a martyr.
The movement
As you know, Alex, is much stronger than Donald Trump.
The movement is powerful.
It is an anti-government movement.
It is an anti-establishment movement.
It's not quite 50% of the electorate, but that's still very powerful when you consider what a small percentage of the people actually vote.
I agree, but they hype killing him everywhere.
I think the look strong in front of their own conspirators and their own minions and hope some random person does because they sure are hyping it a lot.
Now, let me go back to the overall geopolitical thing.
They desperately need to get away from Trump because, I mean, he has slowed down their agenda, except in foreign policy.
I mean, he's done the neocon will in Syria, he's bought into the chemical weapons by Assad, which is absolute stupidity.
Yeah, he's a nationalist and a capitalist, but he still buys into their line when it comes to national security.
And that's because his gut instincts are good, but he doesn't have the experience or the background to counter these very high... When you say intelligence, you don't mean mental intelligence.
He doesn't have the real intel.
That's right.
He doesn't have the real intel.
He doesn't have the background.
I mean, as a military person, I can see through all the holes of these military briefers who come up and tell him what's going on in Syria.
He doesn't have the wherewithal to counter those, and so he gets taken down by them.
Yeah, and he...
He basically doesn't have anybody in the White House now to advise him.
There's nobody on our side who is countering the establishment briefings that he gets every day.
Although I will say that I'll tell you, the establishment briefers are not allowed to talk about Russian interference and the like.
And he just shuts them down.
He just says, don't go there.
I'm not buying that.
So he is countering the things that he does have good information on.
He just lacks the information to be able to counter the full range.
Now, on North Korea, Donald Trump has decided to take military action against North Korea, and he is forcing the master and all of the other Pentagon and Mattis to come up with three or four major preemptive strikes.
And this is key, because I agree with your analysis.
They don't want it.
He sees it as a threat, so it's Trump's the one that wants it.
That's right.
Here's the key thing.
They've been telling Trump you don't want to do this during the Winter Olympics.
This has very international significance.
So it's either going to be in January before a short-term thing that's supposed to, where they can convince him we can do this and get out before that, or it's going to be after the Olympics, but not during the Olympics or just before the Olympics.
I personally might get the feeling he's going to postpone until after the Olympics.
That's 9 through 25 February.
Now, with that said,
China and Russia know that Donald Trump is serious and that the U.S.
is making military preparations for a preemptive strike on North Korea.
They are trying to do a blockade of North Korea in order to induce Kim to strike one of the naval vessels.
This would then justify the strike on North Korea.
They're looking for a Gulf of Tonkin, though, man.
That's right.
They're looking for a real Gulf of Tonkin, not a fake one like the Gulf of Tonkin thing was.
And I think that's very plausible that they could get that, because North Korea is saying that a blockade is a... Back to war.
I think so.
Uh, this military engagement.
I think there's maybe a 30 to 40 percent chance that Kim may agree.
All right, stay right there.
Do five more minutes with us.
I know you've got great intel.
And that's what the preparations are, the military's being told, is that strike's going to happen.
But you can't just barely strike them.
They're going to attack Seoul and other things.
And I guess that's why we're hearing now that, you know, that they've got to, as you've heard from the top generals, they're going to have to nuke them and take out the whole DMC, which I don't like North Korea, but I don't want this to happen.
We'll talk about it in one minute.
My friends, we're in the middle of the second American revolution.
The globalist social engineers are trying to play us off against each other.
In a big way.
They're trying to play us off according to race, according to region, according to ethnicity, background, sexual orientation, male, female.
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That is a
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
This message is transmitted at the request of the President of the United States of America and the Office of Homeland Security.
In compliance with the United Nations, the President of the United States has declared martial law.
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
It's the Alex Jones Show!
Yeah, that's where things would be going, definitely, if Hillary had gotten into power.
But now we've got Commissioner there in Chicago, in Cook County, is in talks with the U.N.
to bring in U.N.
It's all about just getting us ready for that further conditioning.
Remember, we were crazy, that never happened.
But that's always been their plans, what the U.N.
does around the world.
Joel Scowls is with us another five minutes.
He is the editor-in-chief at WorldAffairsBrief.com.
We've got massive US troops building up at the biggest level we've ever seen since the armistice in July of 1953.
We see the blockade, the big naval strike groups there, the carrier strike groups, and we saw Defense Secretary there
Oh, about a month and a half ago, Turing it, and the South Korean defense head goes, you know, if you hit North Korea in front of cameras, it was for propaganda purposes, it was a warning to the North, if you hit the North's missiles, you're going to have to take out the DMZ because they're going to attack Seoul.
He goes, yes, yes, we're ready for that.
You can't take that out conventionally.
Except with nuclear weapons.
I mean, the only way to knock it out, and I know I'm not a fighter-pilot-bomber like you from Vietnam, but I mean, I've studied the entire strategy there.
You have to nuke all of that, or use energy weapons, directed energy weapons, to fry the people in those bunkers with the artillery, or it just turns into a giant war they all pour across.
I mean, if you're going to do it, you've got to exterminate everybody on the DMZ, on the North
I mean that's and I said that you said well they're planning limited strike but now we see them kind of getting everybody ready for that and the president talking about fire and fury.
Well, actually, I agree with you from a tactical military standpoint, Alex.
You have to.
I mean, you've got 15,000 artillery tubes aimed at Seoul and the military bases along the DMZ from the northern side, and that's a lot of firepower.
Now, I mean, you're not going to destroy Seoul in two hours like some propagandists have said, but it's going to do some damage.
And so the U.S.
does have to do carpet bombing of that area.
And I think there are some very large area weapons that can make it, I mean, unusable at that time for a short period of time.
But you've got to defang the three legs of his military offensive, and you don't have to kill civilians to do that.
You can neuter the DMZ with massive carpet bombings and of course you can do it with tactical nuclear weapons as well.
We have tactical artillery shells that can do that, although those were removed from Korea several years ago.
We have tactical weapons that can be delivered by bombers.
They can make it radioactive enough.
We've got neutron weapons, which the U.S.
says they didn't develop.
We know that they did, which can neuter those.
I doubt very much if they want to go nuclear, just because that would give Russian China an excuse to start a nuclear war.
Well, that's what I'm saying.
So won't the U.S.
be up against, and its allies, a lot more if we just go conventional against those crazy communists?
Well, we could go conventional, actually, with a lot of cruise missiles.
It would take almost 500 cruise missiles to take out all of the air bases, the air assets, as well as the missile launch sites.
But it's that artillery forces.
You're not going to get the second level of artillery, which is the long-range artillery that's behind a range of mountains behind the DMZ.
And they are embedded into tunnels, but you could, once you've eliminated air control of the air there, that you could set up combat air patrols and every time they come out, I mean you can blast the tunnel entrances, we know where they are, with cruise missiles to make it so that they can't roll out of those tunnels.
You can take down that artillery, it's not going to be easy and they're going to get off some shots to Seoul, but I think if they do this right, they can neuter
North Korea's military capacity within three days.
Well, I meant to finish this segment, but I got to do five more with you, and I'll try to just shut up and let you talk.
I want to ask you about how we get peace, how that could be done, and hopefully, but if a war happens, again, the time frame and what you expect the North to do.
And again, they know Trump is serious.
I hope Russia and China, if this happens, stand down, because as much as I like
Trump and what he's doing against the globalists.
I know they're even upset about what he wants to do in North Korea.
It's almost like careful what you ask for, then he's his own man and wants to take out North Korea.
Wow, we'll talk about it straight ahead.
Dr. Grip, you developed Living Defense for us.
It took you over a year to do it.
Why is this so good?
Because people are actually waking up to the problem that pretty much scares me the most.
I mean, I try to make sure that I don't put toxins from food and water and beverages in my system, but right now we're dealing with massive parasites, which is anything that's harmful to your body that lives off a host mechanism.
Right now with all the refugees,
Uh, spreading disease around.
We have biological warfare going on everywhere.
These are all parasites.
Tell us about all the stuff that's in it.
There's so many things that are in it.
You have the neem in there, you have the organic clove bud, the organic wormwood.
I recommend doing a parasite cleanse at least twice a year.
All right, well, I'm glad we've got some back in because I'm going back on it today.
It just came back in yesterday.
Living Defense, Infowarslife.com.
And folks, you can't lose.
It's full of stuff that's great for your body, period.
And you support the broadcast, Infowarslife.com.
Thank you, Dr. Group from the Global Healing Center.
Thank you so much for all your work, sir, on this great product.
Live from Austin, Texas, broadcasting worldwide, it's Alex Jones.
All right, Joel Scalzen is leaving us here in just a few minutes.
We have another guest joining us, the head of GAAB, that Google, Facebook, Twitter are saying just ban a true open social network.
I mean, it's incredible censorship.
Joel Scalzen is the editor at worldaffairsbrief.com.
Just great information.
Just recapping other key points then about preparations for war, the timetable, and hopefully how can there be peace.
Well, the only way that they're going to have peace with North Korea in the mix is to take out their military capacity.
Trump is determined to do that.
There was no doubt in his speech yesterday.
He says, I'm going to handle the North Korean problem.
Now, that said, all the globalist advisors around here are trying to stop this military strike.
They know that Russia and China aren't ready, and so they basically want to defer this until the next decade when Russia and China are ready.
In the middle to the early part of the decade is when their weapon systems will be coming online and they'll be able to really threaten the United States.
But Trump knows that Kim is a real threat.
Even McMaster knows this.
I watched his NPR interview.
With Judy Woodruff.
She was point blank with him and she said, look, what's changed now?
I mean, North Korea is an existential threat to the United States.
Why are you waiting to strike?
And he would not commit to say we're going to strike.
And the reason he wasn't going to commit is he didn't want to telegraph to North Korea the imminency of what they're planning militarily.
But he kept dancing around the question when you said, well, why are you talking diplomacy?
I mean,
Kim Jong-un has said he's not going to negotiate his nuclear weapons or his missiles.
And so what's stopping you from striking?
And he wouldn't answer that.
And I think that's from a military standpoint.
He doesn't want to say that it is imminent.
Now, that said, the timetable for this strike in North Korea is most likely after the Winter Olympics, because if you strike North Korea before
From right now through, and I don't think it's going to be in Christmas time, but even in January, there's no way this war is going to wind down before two or three months, even if you devastate their military.
I mean, there's going to be a lot of mopping up to do.
I don't think the U.S.
wants to send actual troops into North Korea, but you may have to do something in terms of stabilizing and gutting the DMZ to make sure that all those tunnels are collapsed and that type of thing.
So that would interfere with the Winter Olympics.
So I think this is a timetable for diplomacy, for Tillerson and the globalists to get China to twist Kim Jong Un's arm to agree to something.
Now, if he does agree to something and Trump puts off the strike, Trump is going to be watching like a hawk.
He's going to say, you know, I will give you two or three months.
But if he starts to back out of these things,
We're not going to go that far, and the Milo strike will be back on in the springtime.
By the way, you're a well-researched guy, you've been accurate on 95% of what you predicted and talked about, but you normally were against both Iraq wars, you've been against basically everything we've seen the globalists do, but it sounds like
You're in agreement with Trump's thinking on this.
A, is that true?
And B, who do you think is then giving him this different advice to get away from the strategic patience that we've seen for 30 years?
Well, it's not really strategic patience.
The globalists have been really pacifying the West about North Korea.
Sure, I'll just put the name of their program, the name of their... Yes, no, absolutely.
Absolutely, Alex.
You're right.
I am for taking out North Korea militarily.
We're past the point where we can take out China and Russia militarily, or you're going to have to wait until they make the first move, a preemptive strike on America, before you retaliate.
Because we, the globalists, have given them all the military technology.
We gave Russia the first uranium.
So you're saying take out the trigger that the globalists are planning to use for the really big one, get strong now, in the face of it, stop the nuclear war.
That's right.
And get your new missiles online and stop this rigmarole about de-arming and de-nuclearizing your military forces.
We've taken our three Minuteman warheads off those missiles and replaced it with a single warhead.
That's a, you know, that's a 300% reduction in, or a three times reduction in nuclear throw weight by our missiles.
But I think it's important to realize that even if he goes to war with North Korea, if he doesn't do it right, there's going to be a lot of damage to South Korea.
There will be another South Korean war.
But I'm predicting the Russian China aren't ready yet to take it to a full nuclear war against the United States.
And so what we're going to do is see another another Korean war.
What I think the globalists will do if that happens is they'll try to stop
Could a targeted decapitation kill Kim Jong-un and then make a deal with the generals to phase out what they've done, like East Germany, West Germany?
I don't think so.
And the reason I don't is because Kim Jong-un is a puppet.
China is controlling North Korea.
The generals listen to China.
They make sure, I mean, they have to play up to Kim Jong-un, but believe me, China runs North Korea and they would install someone else because, remember, it's the perfect trigger event.
You have some other nation start the war so that Russia and China don't have to do it and get the blame directly.
Just like Trump's got the ships all going back and forth in front.
I mean, that's got to send a message to China and everybody else.
You see Putin trying to say, hey, let's not have a war.
Everybody stop.
Everybody stop.
I mean, you can really see the concern.
That's right.
They are concerned.
So that's why I'm saying I wouldn't put a past Russia and China to twist.
North Korea's arm and say, you know, make any kind of promise.
You can break it later, but make a promise to make this military attack go away until the globalists who have assured us they want to get rid of Trump can make Trump go away.
And that's a very real possibility.
If that doesn't happen, if Trump doesn't buy into this phony diplomacy, then we're going to see military action before the spring is over.
Alright, worldaffairsbrief.org.
Everybody should subscribe.
Also, a lot of the articles are on the site for free.
Really interesting information and I appreciate you joining us, Joel Skousen.
May I add one thing?
Alex, your listeners can get a free sample issue of the World Affairs Brief by emailing me at editor at worldaffairsbrief.com.
This Friday, I'm going to be talking not only about this North Korea threat, but also the blockbuster revelations about the Bundy prosecution being charged by a whistleblower with extreme prejudice.
The case is almost ready to be dismissed.
Another victory for the American patriots.
Thank you.
Well, I tell you, we should pray on this North Korea thing because I just, it's so out of control.
The globalists set North Korea up with China and the whole thing is just unraveling and you want a real president, you got one.
It doesn't mean I even totally agree with this.
I understand why Trump's doing it.
It's just, I just hope those idiots in North Korea and the communist Chinese back off because I can feel it and I can see it.
The United States has got a new sheriff in town and they're getting ready to hit him.
And I'd like to keep living, but, uh,
I wish the Rothschilds hadn't created communism.
I wish they hadn't overthrown Russia.
I wish they hadn't done any of this.
But that's why we're in this position!
They gotta run everything, don't they?
Until they blow it all up!
Soros has been caught in the WikiLeaks wanting to blow up Israel!
These are just crazy people!
Crazy people!
We're going to go to break, come back and talk to our next guest, Andrew Torba, founder of the very successful Gab.ai, which they've been in the news, Facebook, Google, saying, we want it banned.
We want them off the web.
You say, oh, you know, we just banned you on Facebook.
You know, we have our company's rights.
Now they say, we want Gab banned.
They're just horrible monopoly pigs.
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Welcome back, I am your host Alex Jones.
The articles I'm about to show you tie into our next guest.
French mayors panic as migrants overwhelm cities, beg French President Macron for help.
Dozens of new videos of people being killed, stabbed, murdered, burned up.
Just one article.
ZeroHedge.com upon Infowars.com.
Sweden migrant charged with ruthless gang rape of women walked free.
Well, why not?
It's like San Francisco.
Shoot a woman in the back.
As long as she's white, it's a good thing.
And that's a white jury doing that, of course.
Swedish police banned from describing criminals color or race.
They're passing laws in Europe.
Don't do it.
And that ties into this.
Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, all of them.
You show the knockout game in Chicago or Austin, Texas, you would show a local clip of local news.
But, you know, six black guys beating up a white guy for no reason.
Screaming F.U.
Trump supporter.
They ban even local Fox News.
Because you're not allowed to show that.
Because the left is pushing this.
So attack in Nuremberg, and you've got the African migrant, you know, all the free welfare and stuff isn't up, he's walking around in his underwear on the street.
She's a guy with his back turned to him, goes and punches a 70-something-year-old man, then kicks him in the face, stomps on his head, the guy's fighting for his life.
And if he dies, you know the migrant's not going to even get any jail time.
Because he killed a German, and that's a good thing, according to the Green Party and everybody over there.
Even some of the women are getting raped and stuff.
They just say, well, it's your fault.
Just learn to enjoy it.
Because they're leftists.
They're conquerors.
They're here to enslave you.
They're here to break your will.
You have to understand, they know what they're doing.
Andrew Torba is the CEO of Cocoon, or Cuck-Toon, and is a Republican and a Christian.
Remember, in 2016, he was banned from being a contributor, and then it just goes on.
For being a build-a-wall contributor, the creator of Gab.ai comes in the wake of a rash of censorships and unexplained account closures of people who post Republican libertarian thoughts in social networks including Twitter and Facebook.
The actions have been called Orwellian and come with little explanation and with no appeal process.
What happens here, a little bit of my
A little bit of my text here got cut off there, so I'm going to have him introduce himself better.
But he's been in studio for a while.
Gab exploded.
And now, with a straight face, they've gone from denying they were censoring years ago to saying, yes, we're going to ban anything we don't like, anything we don't control.
Twitter suspends Britain's first leader, who President Trump retweeted.
Here are the alt-right bigots getting purged from Twitter.
There's Vice News praising a purge of free speech before they would just deny it.
Facebook suspends user for calling for, quote, sensible migration policies.
There you go.
That's Infowars.com, Paul Joseph Watson.
And it's all being handed over to the UN, these globalist groups.
And then Ajay Pai gets lied about what he did.
He just reversed Obama-era stuff that's massive censorship.
It's in the legislation.
So again, Andrew Torba, Gab.ai.
Thank you for joining us.
Thanks for having me, Alex, and I think you hit it right on the head.
You know, these people do not want the free flow of information.
They do not want videos like you showed in the opening of the segment to be shared.
They don't want people knowing the truth.
And the populist uprising, the nationalist uprising that's going on around the world is going to continue.
They see that their technology platforms are being used to propel truth, to propel
And, you know, it hit me.
They want to shut down news sites more than ever, because as they shut down free speech on theirs, it's going to automatically drive them to you, so they can't allow you to exist while they're censoring.
That's why Google, Facebook, and Twitter have openly called for you being shut down.
You know, the left has always said, well, if you don't like it, these are private companies and they're allowed to ban whoever they want.
Go and build your own.
And that's exactly what we did.
And now we have Apple and Google, this duopoly, who controls 98% of the mobile app distribution marketplace saying, well, you're not allowed to participate in the free market because we said so.
We don't like what your users are posting.
Even though you can find hate speech and objectionable content, especially geared towards whites on
You know, Twitter, Tumblr, Reddit, Facebook, anywhere you look on the internet.
Or sexualization of children, torturing animals, anything degenerate.
But if it's like, hey, let's all work together and stand against Black Lives Matter, funded by the Nazi collaborator George Soros, they ban that because it's unifying.
They really want to ban that.
Well, here's the thing.
I mean, you know, just a few weeks ago, we've been seeing, you know, YouTube, there was a massive pedophilia ring and they were making, you know, hundreds of thousands of dollars on these explicit videos that were being shown to children.
We see child exploitation happening on Periscope, which is Twitter's live streaming app.
You know, all of this is allowed to happen.
Let's talk about
Who they said last year they were going to hire, and now they've done it, to police Facebook, Google, Twitter.
I mean, they formerly hired former Stasi people, East German Secret Police.
I mean, they've been hiring Soros' people, Southern Property Law Center, ADL.
I mean, they are literally hiring the opposition to free speech.
The most hardcore left is to run it.
The ADL is very closely tied with policing speech and trying to stop quote-unquote hate speech on the internet.
We see, you know, companies like Snopes, which are, you know, far-left fact-checkers, quote-unquote.
They're not even really trying to hide it.
In fact, I think it was yesterday, a Twitter executive came out and said, it's no longer possible to stand up for all speech.
So again, you know, like you said earlier in the segment, they're not even trying to hide this anymore.
They are openly against free speech.
Well, they can't have people actually tune in to us being inclusive and liking everybody and just promoting free speech.
And that's why they're panicking, because they want to demonize who we are.
I mean, all over national news, they attack me constantly.
But then shut down my response.
They want to create the strawman while silencing the real thing.
Did you see the hearings a month ago?
In the House Intelligence Committee, Armed Services Committee, multiple ones where they said, don't worry, we're censoring Infowars in live time.
Yeah, absolutely.
It's happening, Alex.
I mean, here's the thing.
They're doing the same thing to us.
They tried to call us the Twitter for racists, the Twitter for Nazis.
Oh, I know.
Google came out on Twitter and said, ban Gab.ai.
I mean, and then meanwhile, you've got liberal, conservative, Christian, devil worshiper.
You're just saying, hey, as long as you're not saying kill somebody or posting child porn, you can do it.
That's what it should be.
From day one, we said all are welcome.
This is about free speech.
This is about individual liberty.
This is about empowering users to decide what they want to see and don't want to see, and not allowing some corporation to decide that for them.
And, you know, that's something that Silicon Valley just can't have.
You know, so they're trying to shut us down in every way possible, while at the same time, you know, trying to preach, oh, we need net neutrality.
Well, newsflash, the net is not neutral today, and Gab is a living example of that.
In fact, the FCC even cited us as an example.
That's my next point.
Ajay Pai said, look what you're doing to Gab or Congress people.
I mean, he says, how dare you claim I'm censoring when I haven't done that?
Absolutely, Alex.
It's disgusting and we're going to continue to fight for free speech for everybody on the web.
Guys, you printed it for me again a few days ago.
Will you print me Ajay Pai's statement to Google on censorship or to the media?
Because I want to come back and read some of that because that's the reality.
I mean, all the leftist sites are celebrating.
Ban Paul Watson.
Ban Gab.
Ban Alex Jones.
Ban Drudge.
Arrest him.
Shut him down.
And then they go, nobody's censoring you.
Stop trying to censor us.
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You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
We now take you live to the Central Texas Command Center and the heart of the resistance.
Andrew Torba of Gab.ai is our guest.
I remember about a month and a half ago, I read the articles on air.
Google calls for banning Gab.
Twitter calls for banning Gab.
And they were banning it on people even mentioning it on their platforms.
That'd be like the phone company saying, well you can't call your friends and talk to them about what you want.
Now with the technology they've got, they can have AI computers with Shazam-like technology that's keyword listening and not just spy on you with keyword, but block what you say.
Just like text now, try to send a cuss word, it won't let you.
And then try to send another word that's the latest word they say is not good.
This is so authoritarian.
Google's App Store has banned Gab, a social network popular with far-right hate speech.
And then mainstream media and even so-called alternative goes along with it like, well, we're not part of that.
We're going to go along with the system.
But now suddenly, thousands of liberal YouTubers, thousands of liberal bloggers that were successful are being censored, banned, demonetized.
Because see, it was never about that.
It was all about total control, dummies.
Once you start getting rid of somebody's free speech, it all goes.
What shameful, shameful folks.
We're going to go back to our guest in a moment, but just to, I have these stacks of articles where, again, here's from Vice News.
Here are the right-wing bigots getting purged from Twitter.
And then it, by the way, didn't even go after the most hardcore people you could call racist.
You know, they sit there and try to mention people like Gab, which isn't even racist at all.
It's just a free, open system.
I mean, you read much more racist stuff in YouTube comments.
But again, it's all selectively enforced.
It's really dangerous.
Before we go back to our guest, we are Lister Supported.
The last thing they're trying to cut off is our money.
And, you know,
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And they've done stuff like got our ISPs trying to get our shopping carts kicked off.
As a libertarian freethinker winner, I don't take... When I'm trying to upload something in the middle of the desert, I've been trying for an hour, and at the fifth time it messes up, I'm just happy I'm gonna try it again, because when it finally... I climbed to a mountaintop once in Big Bend and took an hour to transmit the thing I'd uploaded, you know, it just felt so good.
So I'm kind of like, oh man, they have these secret police, they attacked me, and they're trying to break up my family, and they sent in these black ops, they had... These people paid off, and they did this, and they sabotaged that, and they...
I'm going, this is really fun, because that's how my brain works.
It just, it doesn't adapt to give into it, it adapts to fighting it.
But at the same time, we need to relay, folks, this is real authoritarianism.
This isn't a game, this isn't a joke.
It isn't like, oh, Gab, they're trying to shut it down, or, oh, they have hearings in Congress saying shut down Gab and Infowars.
They know we're the cutting edge, where it's not liberal, it's not conservative, it's pro-human.
It makes sense.
It scares them.
It scares them.
And so if they're in public saying they're censoring us in Congress and working with the tech heads, imagine what's next.
They want to take the president off Twitter.
It just shows how sick they are and then shut down any alternatives and have all the ISPs and hosts throw you off.
That's what's happening and they're already hitting all the little people.
Okay, so, Mr. Torbaugh, I've been ranting.
You've got the floor.
Break down what you've been through, what we're facing.
Again, we're not complaining.
We want folks to know we're the free world.
You're the free world.
And you're next.
And it's an epic voyage to promote and stand with us because we are together.
How do folks support and promote Gavin?
Tell us the other attacks you're under.
Yeah, absolutely.
So actually earlier this week, we were attacked by the New York Times and they tried to smear us.
The typical, you know, this is an alt-right social network, the Twitter for racists, all this nonsense.
And the funny thing is, is like you guys, we are also user-supported.
We didn't go to a Saudi prince like Jack did from Twitter and raise billions from him.
We didn't go to hedge funds.
We didn't go to Silicon Valley venture capitalists.
You don't call your users dumb affers?
Absolutely not.
Our users make Gab possible.
And right after this hit piece from the New York Times, we actually ended up reserving $600,000 in our funding campaign, which is now topped at I think $1.2 or $1.3 million.
By the way, that sounds like a lot with lawyers and bandwidth and nothing.
That is nothing.
And I'm not complaining.
It sounds good.
I want to be positive.
We're up against trillions.
And millions can defeat trillions, but we've got to have it.
Absolutely and it's the will of the people and it's our community that is our strongest asset and I think that's one of your strongest assets.
It's people power and they hate it!
And, you know, here's the other thing, too.
We're empowering creators.
We're empowering people.
What we've seen over the past several weeks is actually a ton of people on the left that are signing up to Gab because now Twitter is so boring.
They have no one to actually debate and argue with because everyone on the right has been banned or suspended.
So I think it's really interesting.
We're going to start to see more people on the left and on the center.
Well, I was about to say that they don't even like you.
There is the example because the idea that there's something else than the big four.
I mean, that's it.
They just don't want there to be another restaurant at the end of town.
You know, they preach about, you know, the free market and, you know, private companies and, you know, they're going to force people to bake a cake, but as soon as we come into the marketplace and try to compete in the free market, you know, we're shut down at every possible avenue.
Oh yeah, they're saying you can't get a cake anywhere.
In fact, they're now calling on CNN and MSNBC to arrest libertarian and conservative leaders.
They say, once we take back over, we need to arrest all of them.
The other hosts are like, yes, yes.
I mean, they're crazy.
It's pure authoritarianism, and I think, you know, these people cannot stop the decentralization of the Internet.
They are going to lose all of their power with things like Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology is going to revolutionize finance, is going to revolutionize technology, and Gab is going to be a part of that.
So we're working actively on, you know, creating a censorship-proof peer-to-peer protocol that no government, no individual company, no amount of money, no amount of human resources can stop.
That is our goal.
That is our vision for going forward here.
You know, I pulled the article up like four times the last two weeks, but I was trying to search during the break, couldn't find it.
What's the name?
It was everywhere.
What was the name of the headline?
It was like, FCC head, you know, tells Google and others to quit censoring.
What was his statement?
Because he mentioned Gab.
Oh, here it is right here.
FCC, Ajipod, blast everyone from Twitter to share for opposing his efforts to repeal net neutrality.
And then he's got the quotes right here about, you know, you're you're trying to shut down Gab.
You're trying to shut down congresswomen and their campaign speeches.
I mean, you guys are monsters.
So what he said is he said, if anything, recent evidence suggests that hosting services, social media platforms and edge providers on the Internet infrastructure are more likely to block content on viewpoint grounds, which is the exact fear mongering that, you know, the big tech companies are making about the ISPs.
The hypocritical irony of it all is that they're doing it right now themselves.
That's right, continue, because this is a decent article, but I can actually get the statement itself.
There's a link in here.
He just eviscerates them, because they're foaming at the mouth now.
Why were they dumb enough to uncloak and admit they planned to ban all of us from the web and communication?
Honestly, I think that they were just being caught too frequently and it became too obvious that, you know, people in the public were starting to catch on to it.
So they had no choice and just doubled down and went all in.
And, you know, I have Patriot friends that work at these companies and they've been feeding me this information for over a year now.
Oh, stay there.
Let's get into that because I've got some of those too.
I'm just so busy.
I'm not arrogant.
I just don't even have time to just like, here's this Google document.
Here's that.
And then it turns out it's accurate.
Here's a million dollars, The Censorelle Show.
Go in and downvote him.
I want someone to talk about your sources inside that had to sit there in these cults of anti-human evil, of total fascism, corporate fascism, these big fat billionaire fake leftists with their suicide factories in China.
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I've seen him on other television programs.
He's been on with us once before, about a year ago.
And I gotta say, I am really impressed.
Not just with Dilbert over the years, I've been reading it for decades, but with the way he boils it down.
You know it's true when you hear it, especially when you've experienced it.
And then what's even crazier is, you don't hear what he's saying almost anywhere else, even here.
But what do you think of the Democrats, from Wolf Blitzer to Donna Brazile,
Throwing Hillary under the bus, I think that shows that Obama and the party know that as a poster child, Hillary's killing them.
Yeah, they're really going to need to reinvent themselves, because I think they realize that the last horse they rode didn't get them that far, and if they keep riding that horse, it's not going to work too much.
Their old technique of identity politics didn't work, but it does seem to me that the Republicans are
I think it's exacerbated by what I call the massive cluster bomb of cognitive dissonance that happened on election day.
So, on election day, about half the country believed that they were smart and wise and kind and many other good things about themselves, and their candidate would surely win, and there was no way in the world that this Donald Trump character could become president.
And on election night, they realized that some of the most fundamental things they've ever believed are just completely wrong.
And they had to reinterpret their entire world.
And so I think many of them reinterpreted it, not as, gosh, I guess I was under-informed.
Maybe I haven't talked to enough Republicans.
Maybe I've missed the entire story.
Maybe I've ignored the middle class.
I mean, all the things they could have said to themselves.
I don't think they did.
I think what they decided was, well, the other side must be far worse than I ever imagined.
There are far more terrible racists who are supporting this monster for president.
So they had to come up with a story that kept their original worldview, at least mostly intact.
But it seems to me that in the old days, people used to just sort of lie about the other side and stretch the truth, but they knew they were doing it.
But now it seems, and this is my observation, subject to, you know, anybody else's opinion on it,
Um, it seems that they actually believe what they're saying this time.
Like, they actually believe there's a monster in the White House.
Well, you said it better than anybody I've ever heard.
They smoke their own dope, and in the process of self-fulfilling prophecy, they became the monsters that they were projecting onto us.
You're listening to The Alex Jones Show.
Andrew Torba is our guest, and I actually pulled up some of the articles during the break, where they specifically say, we want it shut down.
And where they go around and try to take their, they do take their ISPs away, they're just gone.
I mean, that is literally a digital ghetto, like Matt Drudge, I first heard COIN like six, seven years ago, and then he said it in person in this very studio.
And he met, you know, the Supreme Court Justice, the only other living one that was conservative at the time.
Not the one that died.
I'm gonna leave out who it was, but I think it's clear.
They were briefed, this is all gonna happen.
Well, the good news is Drudge raised the alarm, and I'm not kissing Drudge's butt, it's true.
He raised the alarm, our audience raised the alarm, so we knew this was coming.
But I gotta tell you, I'm really ashamed of the so-called left.
I mean, they don't even want you to be able to go out to your own website?
And look, I don't like the KKK and all these groups, but if they want to have their own website and they don't call for violence and don't kill anybody, they can have it, just like Antifa, but they're calling for killing people and they don't get in trouble.
They say derailed trains, we're already derailed one, they're 20 miles away, there's another derailment, we go, hey, it might be them, the media's like, how dare you, hate-monger!
Antifa never did anything wrong!
On their official site, they're saying derailed trains.
In that area.
So I've got Ajay Pai's statement here, I want to go back to Andrew Torba here, founder of Gab, but we're at the point where
Recap just briefly what you've gone through having to, like, jumping across the little rocks in the stream of lava to not get burned up.
They're even trying to censor the Aji Pai Daily Caller video, because they used five seconds of the Harlem Shaker, whatever, which is total fair use.
I mean, that's my example.
They're savage censors, and they've been censoring you, and then tell us what your insiders are saying.
Yeah, so for about a year I lived in Silicon Valley when I was working with my last company, and I worked very closely with Facebook, Twitter, and Google as a part of that company, and grew very closely with a lot of patriots inside of these companies.
And you said it really, really, really well when you called it a cult.
It really is like a cult mentality.
You know, there is no diversity of thought, and these people that are patriots, they're libertarians, they're nationalists, they're populists, they're Trump supporters, they feel like they can't speak their mind, they feel like they can't be themselves, and they feel trapped because a lot of them have families and homes and mortgages.
And by the way, aren't most of them not even conservative?
They're just pro-human, nice, common sense.
You know, some are gay, some are whatever, but they're not anti-free market, they're not pro-censorship, right?
They're mainly libertarians.
They're live-and-let-live type people.
Maybe they supported Trump, maybe they didn't.
Maybe they just have different ideological bends than the typical norm of Silicon Valley.
But whatever it may be, they are silenced.
They are forced to self-censor themselves.
Our journey has been one that is really historical.
We set out to build an alternative to, you know, the big three companies that own and control and operate every form of communication, every form of flow of news and, you know, sources.
Google, Twitter, and Facebook.
And, you know, I thought, I guess naively, that we would be able to participate in a free market.
But what I learned is that that free market is rigged by a duopoly of, namely, Apple and Google, who control not only mobile hardware, but also mobile software distribution, you know, completely.
98% of the market is owned by those two companies.
So it's very difficult for someone like us to participate in the free market and to compete in the free market.
Why have they particularly targeted you?
Well, I think because I was openly a Trump supporter, and I came out as a Trump supporter in Silicon Valley, was immediately labeled a racist, a bigot, an Islamophobe, and blacklisted from the inner circle of the inner circle in the Valley.
And that was something that I think really triggered a lot of people in the Valley.
And I think it's a personal vendetta against me, and it's a personal vendetta against
Free speech as well.
They do not support free speech.
They are Marxists.
They are authoritarians.
They don't want the free marketplace of ideas because they know that our ideas are winning and their ideas are garbage.
They're Marxists flying around in helicopters with five mistresses.
What they are is monopoly scum that use centralized government to shut down their competition.
What they are is crony capitalist dirtbags.
I don't think you couldn't have put it better.
I mean, you know, what we have, what both of us have really is the will of the people.
And that's something that they can't stop and they can never stop.
You know, we have millions of people around the world that believe in the fundamental human right to speak freely and to express yourself freely without a government or a big corporation, you know, shutting you down and shutting you up.
And it's fun to be able to go into those spaces, like YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and stuff used to be, where you could have a debate with somebody.
Even if you didn't like them, you were going to prove how they were wrong, they were in a whatever.
And a lot of times, you find out you're just human, and things actually get de-radicalized.
It's when you don't let people debate, and when you don't let people actually interface, that it causes the problems.
And Google and others admit they want to compartmentalize everybody into their own little ghettos.
Absolutely, and I think, you know, I watched Matt Drudge when he was on your show a few years ago speaking about this, and that was one of the biggest inspirations to me for creating Gab, because I saw this happening in real time.
I saw what these algorithms... He said, get out of there!
He said, go create your own thing!
They're coming!
The censorship's coming!
Create stuff new now!
Absolutely, and that's when I got started, and that really inspired me to get going and start building an alternative, a viable alternative.
And Facebook actually, even this week, admitted that Facebook, using Facebook excessively, has psychological and mental harm on your brain.
Why do you think suddenly Sean Parker and officially Facebook all over admitting we're brain damaging you, we're destroying society, we're hurting your children?
Is it kind of like putting a label on the cigarettes?
They think it gives them, it says it can give you cancer, kind of gives them a
I really think that it's a coming to Jesus moment.
It's not only Sean Parker, it's former VPs at Facebook that are all coming forward and saying, this is cancerous.
You know, what we've done is horrible for society.
It's causing more and more divide.
And now what they're doing, you know, I think you touched on this a little bit.
When people can't express themselves, when they can't express themselves through speech, through words,
And then they demonize Ajay Pai when... It's refreshing to see somebody in government when I read his letter.
It's exactly my understanding of it from deep, nuanced research of, we had an internet in 2015.
It was net neutral.
They came in with a censorship grid.
We're just going back.
It doesn't mean there aren't telecoms coming in wanting their own monopoly, but we're just bringing it back to where there wasn't as much censorship.
This is all a hoax!
And they're saying, kill him!
Kill him!
Kill him!
It's insane.
The racist tropes and, uh, you know, he, I've never seen such levels of fear-mongering.
There was a bomb threat during the vote.
Um, you know, there was a congressman... Oh, Twitter and Facebook let them have huge pages dedicated to killing him.
It's insane.
You know, there are thousands of tweets, racist tweets, calling for him to be killed and all this stuff.
And then there was an actual serious bomb threat that they had to, right in the middle of the vote, interrupt the voting process and clear the room and bomb sweep it.
I mean, this is real stuff.
This is the state of discourse in this country.
You know, this fear mongering and this hysteria that was created over this net neutrality Title II repeal, which, by the way, net neutrality is actually a misnomer.
It's sophistry.
Okay, it's just like the Affordable Care Act, right?
It isn't actually affordable, the web isn't actually neutral.
It's something, it's a term that they use, it's sophistry to get everybody... Yeah, they call their takeover of the web net neutrality and go, look, they're repealing net neutrality!
While at the same time censoring, you know, Trump supporters and conservatives and folks on the right.
It's all semantical deception.
Well, please come back and join us again soon to talk about more of the stories inside Silicon Valley.
Very impressed always having you with us at Gab.ai.
And all of us that are promoting free speech need to promote each other and understand that even though we're not one monolithic system, we're in this together.
Thank you, Andrew Torba.
Thanks for having me, Alex.
By the way, about 30 minutes ago, or 25 minutes ago, they passed the tax cuts.
It's done.
It was in the Senate, first in the House, then the Senate, and back in the conference, and then now the House has passed it.
So it looks like it goes to the President now.
So that's a big deal.
We're going to come back and play that clip from when it happened about 25 minutes ago.
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Mike in Arizona, you're on the air worldwide.
Go ahead.
Oh, Alex, you can rant any day of the week.
Thank you, sir, for doing what you do and being a patriot and doing your best to save America and encouraging us as fellow patriots to do that in our local areas as well.
And as a longtime InfoWars listener, I want to say thanks.
Because then we could all, as educated patriots, help our other countrymen and women understand that there's bigger problems going on and if we can get our houses in order and be good to each other and ourselves, we can take our country back.
Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order, it's Alex Jones.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
Do you want answers?
Well, so does he.
Live from Austin, Texas, broadcasting worldwide, it's Alex Jones.
Now into our number four, Paul Watson, hosting from Spain.
His visiting family will be joining us coming up the next segment.
By the way, they've been trying to pass tax cuts for a decade, and Obama and everybody blocked them, so I get it messed up sometimes.
Because it starts in the House, and then it goes to the Senate, and then it goes to conference, it goes back to the House, but I thought it had already gone back to the Senate and conference.
It's already been in conference like three times this year?
I can't keep track of it.
So, I misspoke earlier and I apologize.
And I already knew this the other day, exactly, because McCain went in for chemotherapy in Arizona, so he has to come back for the final vote.
What was I thinking?
So, I thought they'd done the final reconciliation in the Senate and then were sending it to the House after conference, but I'm confused.
It passed the House earlier, now it's got to go to the Senate tonight.
So there you go.
If that doesn't make your head hurt, nothing will.
But here's a clip of that.
House passes tax cuts.
No Dems vote.
Senate tonight.
DrudgeReport.com's got that.
See, good old Drudge got it right.
So let's go ahead and play that clip from C-SPAN about 30 minutes ago.
If all members voted, does any member wish to change their vote?
On this vote, the yeas are 227 and the nays are 203.
The conference report is adopted without objection.
The motion to reconsider is laid upon the table.
Paul Ryan is such a fake.
God, I hate him.
An effing white male.
The kind I don't like.
I just think... I think they're playing arrogant black guys in Spanish.
There's just something about those Eddie Haskell types.
I tell you, that's sick.
That's why we're on, like, Satisfiable Day.
I could do it too, it's just fake.
Eddie Monster.
It's the last vote in this series, but by a vote of 227 to 203, the House passes H.R.
1, the tax reform bill.
12 Republicans voting no on the bill.
No Democrats supported the bill.
One of the Republicans voting against was the Appropriations Chair.
Rodney Frelinghousing of New Jersey.
So the House has finished with its work on tax reform.
The bill now will go to the U.S.
Senate sometime early this afternoon.
The Senate has 10 hours of debate ahead, and that should get underway in just a little bit.
For that debate, tune into our companion network, C-SPAN 2, getting underway in just a little bit, as we mentioned.
New York Times says that on the Senate side, Republicans scored two additional yes votes
And it is neck and neck on those votes in the Senate.
So I think McCain might fly back into town like Superman, is what one big lobbyist told me, and cast a vote for it, just so he doesn't look like a total globalist.
But I wouldn't hold your breath.
He's already voted against it before.
But we will see, and we will have coverage of that, obviously, at Infowars.com, Newswars.com, and of course, Infowars.com.
There's so much crazy stuff to get to, I haven't even gotten to yet.
Look at this story.
Police AI mistakes desert photography for illegal porn.
That's right.
And then we've also got the statement of Ajay Pai.
I want to get to some of that.
We've got some other big news stories I haven't hit.
But man, the Democrats calling for UN troops in Illinois.
I mean, it's just, it's like, wow, these people really are trying all this crap.
And they don't care we're awake to them now.
They're just gonna keep moving forward.
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Live from the InfoWars.com studios, it's Alex Jones.
And Paul Joseph Watson joining us, audio only, with a ton of powerful news and information to break down today.
Paul, tell us what you've got coming up, my friend.
Well, obviously, Alex, we're going to talk about Chris Cuomo of CNN proving himself to be a real man by drinking a vase of water in the correct manner, which proves that he's actually confident in his heterosexuality, Alex, which
Kind of odd that somebody needs to prove it to that extent, given what he also said about, you know, the quote about him saying he would be perfectly comfortable his 12-year-old daughter sharing a locker room with a transgender person and seeing their penis.
So apparently, Alex, those are the views of a real man, and this is how a real man drinks a cup of water.
Well, that's right, and of course they freaked out that Trump judiciously a few months ago unscrewed a cap, took a quick slurp, so that, because he's, I mean, me, I would do it like Cuomo says, like a barbarian, and, you know, actually probably spill some of myself.
Trump is trying to be very, very careful because he's quite frankly very OCD.
About doing everything just right from golf to you name it.
And OCD is a good thing in a chief executive.
So, you know, he always, of course, now he makes fun of him.
Yes, he unscrews the cap and then takes a little slurp.
And they make a joke that, you know, he won't spill any, but he just, and in videos he slops some to show what he's trying to do.
You know, the fact that he holds it with both hands, is judicious about it, and is
Yeah, let's go ahead and play it.
Okay, again, Paul Watson reporting from the bottom of a well in Spain.
Paul, you're doing great, my friend.
You're the best, better than me, but you're in a little bit of an echoey room.
You might want to turn the microphone around, change the acoustics a little bit, but that's the fun of live radio TV, folks, and having crew that's all over the world who could be on his Christmas break right now, but he wanted to do the show, so we're not putting the great Paul Watson down.
Let's go ahead and play
That clip of Andrew Cuomo who says that if your young daughter doesn't want to see men in the showers with her, that they're bigots.
So he wants your young daughter to be in the showers and see men's genitals.
So that's a high quality thing.
But he's upset about how Trump brings water.
Here it is.
President Trump's water break is trending on social media this morning.
The president reached for a glass of water during his national security speech and Twitter took note.
It has led to comparisons of how the president needs to use two hands apparently to drink from a water bottle.
He did that during the speech last month and then again yesterday.
The water works with the president started.
The water works started with the campaign, of course, when he poked fun at Senator Marco Rubio for pausing mid-sentence for some water.
But this was an even smaller blast.
Notice Trump that makes jokes that he can drink with one hand.
I mean, it's how he is.
He doesn't want to get it on himself.
And reportedly, a lot of times when nobody's around when he eats, he puts the big thing on him and I mean, he doesn't want to spill it on him.
So he gets both hands because he had disciplinary impairments that made him do it that way.
Like people will say, why do you say sure and ma'am open doors?
Well, because I got my ass kicked if I didn't.
Here, let's go back to it.
Asked yesterday where he used two hands.
I believe last time you called it the baby grip.
Well, that is the sippy cup grip that you're using there right now.
It is a very good.
I don't get all the hands thing in the glass.
Oh, you're so manly.
I don't know what it's all about.
You drink from a vein.
This is what I drink out of.
I drink out of them and I hold it like a man with one hand, but that's, you know, that's, that's me.
That's you.
And I don't think it's judgment.
Certainly not one of our biggest concerns.
You want to hold the cup with all your hands.
You know, you, that's what you do.
It is the sippy cup grip.
This is my glass.
That's what you do shots from.
But you do want little girls to have naked men in showers with them.
And you are a thug and a piece of crap.
And you're somebody that says we can't read the WikiLeaks, only you can.
Trump says we can all read it.
And you couldn't get the stock market back or win the presidency with your degenerate, filthy, globalist family that are parasites feeding off New York.
You thug.
Paul Watson.
Sorry, go ahead.
Yeah, Alex, remember during the terror attack in New York, I think it was on Monday last week, CNN was running endless recycled commentary about how many glasses of Diet Coke Donald Trump drinks.
At the same time, when an Islamic terrorist had just tried to literally maim and kill hundreds of people in New York, major attack.
This is, I mean, this reminds me of like stalker behavior on behalf of CNN.
You ever have stalkers, they obsess with the minutiae of your mannerisms, how you behave, what you say.
They remember it down to a T, and they constantly regurgitate it and obsess about it.
Well, McDonald's ought to be sending him some money for the endorsement, too.
Anyway, sorry, go ahead.
Yeah, they're basically historic.
I mean, the two scoops of ice cream, the ketchup on the steak.
I mean, God forbid.
We've got earth-changing mammoth news events happening every week now.
And this is what they're obsessed about.
You know, it reminds me of when the right wing was obsessed about, oh, Obama's a secret Muslim and all this kind of stuff.
You know, at least when that was going on, it was at least somewhat politically related.
But it's kind of the same hysteria, apart from with CNN and the far left.
It's how many scoops of ice cream and how many Diet Cokes Donald Trump drinks.
The way he picks up a glass of water.
I mean, who cares?
Well, it shows that he's careful.
And he doesn't always do it.
It's a little glass, it's slippery, he picks it up.
But as you said, we've got war with North Korea, we've got ISIS crushed thanks to Russia and the U.S.
to Trump, we've got the economy coming back, we've got all these things, and it just gets crazier and crazier.
And what is it like for you, Paul, to see congressional hearings?
Where the heads of Twitter, Facebook, and Google are on, and they go, we saw the story, it was number one from InfoWars, the story you wrote, about the truck attack, and they go, yes sir, to Congressman Quigley, we deleted it, or we blocked it at lunch.
I mean, that's how pathetic they are at lunch, during hearings, they're admitting they're censoring us, and the House Intelligence Committee.
I mean, what in the world, in what world is this going on, Paul?
It's not even like it's real!
I mean, have I heard some video game or something?
And by that they say it's a fake news that there was a truck attack by a Muslim and that a prominent imam warned.
Paul, sorry, go ahead.
No, we saw the same thing like you just said on Monday with the attack in New York City.
You had top BuzzFeed editors on Twitter chastising me and other people because we said that this was an Islamic terrorist attack by an ISIS supporter from Bangladesh.
After top officials had already said that on MSNBC, 40-50 minutes before that, and they were saying, look at this!
This needs to be censored right now.
They're saying it's an ISIS-inspired Islamic terror attack by an immigrant from Bangladesh.
It's like, well, yeah, it was.
Officials have said that for the past hour.
What are you talking about?
It's like, how dare they even be given a platform to speculate with this inane nonsense, which is Islamophobic.
So they do it every time now.
And Google responded to that, as they responded to the previous time with a Texas church massacre shooter, by saying, we're going to relegate search results of tweets from people like me, people like you, in the quote, alternative media or whatever, even though they were completely accurate.
It's like, yes, those screenshots... And let's be clear, exactly, exactly, your story goes to number one.
And they knock it down.
The people vote to take it to number one with their sharing it.
And they cheat to force feed you.
What do you make of this?
And I'm going to get out of here because I have a lot to cover.
Sweden migrant charged with ruthless gang rape.
A woman walked free.
And now out of Nuremberg, this old 70-something-year-old man is in critical condition when an African migrant is running around in his underwear, beats him up while his back's turned.
He'll spack it up more when he first knocks him out.
And then stomps on his head and all this for no reason.
Total insane asylum.
Facebook, Twitter, and Google are saying it's racist to show this and are banning it as governments in Europe pass laws saying you can't show a minority attack a white person.
Well, Alex, I just put a story up about an hour ago.
They suspended a user on Facebook for a week for saying he wanted, quote, sensible migration policies.
That was the exact quote.
So you can't even call for that on Facebook now without being banned.
In Sweden, they're not even charging the rapists now.
There's a massive gang rape, as you just mentioned.
And they're going to let them all go, and that's what we see more and more, because it's politically incorrect to charge actual rapists.
So, we're not going to do that.
But we're going to say all men are horrible and all sex is rape, and that kissing a woman or asking her out is rape, while you meanwhile let them all rape and enslave the women.
Uh, and literally let, like, you know, 30-something guys gang rape a woman in front of everybody, and they go, well, she's white, you're black, or you're brown, it's okay, like the woman shot in, uh, out in San Francisco.
Then we have a rally for her death, and if it comes out with guns, it has them at my reporter and says, you don't have any free speech.
Paul Watson, stay there.
I want to apologize to listeners.
I lied to you when I told you Trump would win the election, and he did.
I lied to you when I told you that they're admitting that fluoride's causing brain damage, and it turned out I was right.
I lied to you about a global government existing that was trying to take control of our country, which they now admit is true.
Is this global governance at last?
Is it one world, the central bankers in charge?
I guess, actually, I didn't lie to you.
And I'm on air every day fighting the globalists as they try to shut down free speech in America, as they try to derail our recovery, as they try to fold us into their world government, open up our borders, hand us over to the Islamic Caliphate.
But I'll tell you this, when I'm on air, I wear a sports jacket and a nice shirt because I respect the fact that you're tuning in and watching and listening to what I have to say.
The work involved is very, very important activities.
And that's why I want to reach out to you right now and explain something.
That's so critical.
And if you grasp it, we'll be able to literally turn the tide even faster against the globalists.
And it's just this.
I'm not always wearing this, ladies and gentlemen.
I dress like this to politically get messages out to folks that aren't awake, to spur debates, but to also meet like-minded people who are out there feeling like they're alone and don't know how many of us there are.
It's like Martin Luther King said, it's all of us of one human race who all have incredible skills and gifts that God gave us that we bring together in the human family.
You do incredible things.
A few months ago, I saw media demonizing folks that put up signs at universities that said, all lives matter.
Then they demonized people that said, it's okay to be white.
These are universities where they're saying it's inherently evil and an abomination and satanic to be white.
Right outside Austin, Texas.
Texas State University says that.
Most major universities are directing this to create racial division in this country and it's sickening.
That's why I have designed with our crew
Several new limited edition t-shirts that expose this evil and fight true institutional leftist based racial division and classical race war designs.
Yeah, if you're just talking about how you're white or how you're black, it's okay.
That's fine to be proud of yourself.
But isn't it really great to realize we all got red blood?
That's why the shirt is in red.
Out here in space together, the dark blue of the night sky, but all of our red blood together ties us together and that's what makes us great.
The globalists are creating a fake debate to turn us against each other.
Let's come together and say all lives matter.
The fact is it's not just okay, it's great to be human.
Let me show you a few of the other designs we've got.
They're available at InfoWarsTore.com.
They help spread the word and they help support the broadcast.
A total win-win.
This shirt is white.
And you've got major universities, major publications like BuzzFeed saying it's milk racist because it's white.
So yes, ladies and gentlemen, it's a white shirt that says it's okay to be white, okay to be black, okay to be brown, but it's great.
To be
To literally take minorities and turn them into the equivalent of Brown Ku Klux Klan.
This shirt is amazing, it's iconic, and it's limited edition.
They're all available at InfoWarsStore.com or by calling toll free, 888-253-3139.
And despite the fact that all these shirts are super high quality and are destined to be best sellers, through Christmas, we're offering 25% off at InfoWarsStore.com on these limited edition shirts.
You're listening to The Alex Jones Show!
Defending the Republic from enemies foreign and domestic.
It's Alex Jones.
Live from Austin, Texas.
Broadcasting worldwide from the InfoWars.com studios.
All right, Paul Watson is in Spain.
I'm gonna kick the baton over to him here in a moment, but my wife bought tickets.
Like opening night, we're gonna have to go to Star Wars.
And I just said, man, I can't look at that poor, sad Princess Leia.
Carrie Fisher was so eaten up near the end of her death.
It's just, you know, to see a person like that on screen, I just don't want to see it.
And the others are so chock full of political propaganda.
So I was talking to some of the crew and Daria went and saw it.
And she said it was total SJW that Princess Leia has a girlfriend with purple hair.
And again, I don't care if there's people with purple hair, but every movie, the women are the bosses, the women are the heroes.
They're all lesbians.
It's the same story over and over again.
And it's a formula.
It's state-sponsored.
It's brainwashing.
It's like all these shows where the Russians are our enemies, and then the bad guy, because they're the resistance, fighting like an Eric Trump-like character.
So I haven't seen it yet.
And again, Daria said, yeah, I talked about it on Twitter, they all attacked me.
That's because that's what they do.
It's a place where they can ban you, censor you, and then all gang up.
Daria, just briefly, I'm going to go back to Paul Watson.
Give us your take on Star Wars, the last drug addict or whatever.
Hey Alex.
Hey everybody.
So yeah, pretty much to summarize it all.
So yeah, this is General Hux.
He's supposedly like the second in command after the supreme evil commander.
And the first time I, just immediately when I saw him, I was all like, man, they made him look like Eric Trump!
Now, the person that I went to see didn't think so, but I mean, I thought so.
And some people here in the control room think the same thing too.
So that was one thing, and he just kind of has that, you know, the quote, alt-right haircut, just kind of like stereotypical Nazi, kind of like a bad guy, and the stuff that they're trying to pin on us as the new right movement that, you know, we're these hardcore Nazis.
Now this one is, what is her name, Admiral Holdo, or whatever the hell her name is.
Yeah, so she's super, like, really bitchy, has this attitude of this hardcore feminist that just hates men and want to put them down and everything.
And she just has this disdain for any man that is trying to assert his authority.
And then she's got her girlfriend, the snapping turtle?
Yeah, and lays in love with her and they have this really good affinity for each other.
I interrupted, you're saying her and Princess Leia's Princess Snapping Turtle?
They're not sort of really open about it, but there's kind of like a hinting at it that they're in a relationship that is more than just, you know, it goes beyond just friendship.
Yes, say that again?
No, but seriously, I was also being told, it's just all these weird terms from today, like Jar Jar Binks had a Caribbean accent.
It's all ruined now.
They have to have this stereotypical token black guy that just wants to save the world and wants to do the right thing and he's like the hero.
And then the other hero has to be this Chinese-looking chick, and it's just like, it's just very, very extremely SJW, like the whole, and it's not, they're not even trying to be subtle about it, it's just very in-your-face.
Well, it's done for the Chinese market, which is fine.
I just wish they didn't do all the movies totally formulaic, like Gamergate, where they said, the good guys will be women, the bad guys will be men, and it's just all this agenda to have us fight with each other, and it's, for me, it's unwatchable.
I mean, do you think I should go see it?
Well, I think you should go see it.
I think people would love to have your take on it.
I think that would be entertaining.
So I think you should go see it.
You know, you never know.
You may like it.
You may see something in it.
Well, that woman looks like a giraffe.
What's her name?
The woman with the purple hair?
Yeah, Admiral Holdo.
I don't know why they made her look like that.
Well, here's my deal.
The purple hair, it's like right away and she wants to dominate all men.
It's just very, it's boring.
It's like at this point, the only people that I think would love this movie are the literal SJWs and the lefties that are running around.
And also the people who don't really know about Star Wars.
You know, that movie, I think they would like the movie.
Because it's sort of, it's targeted on them.
It's targeted for them.
That's right.
Alright Daria, thank you so much.
On the last point, the one positive thing about the movie is the John Williams original score music.
I'm a huge fan of John Williams.
He wrote all the Spielberg original scores and all the Star Wars, so I'm a huge fan of his.
Thank you Daria.
Paul, I'm sorry for hijacking the show.
I didn't even know you were doing it today on your vacation.
Paul at Prison Planet, please take back over my friend.
Go ahead.
Yeah Alex, I mean the reason they're putting all that SJW far-left identity politics brainwashing into the movies.
One, they're desperate because people are rebelling against it.
And two, if you're an up-and-coming
The big studios go to these up-and-coming directors.
I made a video about this and they demand that they put it in there.
So anyone who refuses to put it in there as an up-and-coming director gets shunned by the entire industry.
But I mean, it's just not working.
I mean, what?
There's literally like one movie a year worth seeing now.
Their revenue's way down.
They're making less money from ticket sales than they did like 15 years ago.
Same thing with the NFL.
Yeah, yeah.
They did the polls and said, do you want to see this identity politics injected into your sports?
And it was like, 89% said no.
I don't want it.
If you're sitting down to relax and watch some sports, you don't want that in there.
I was about to say, it's like sports, I want to go forget things.
Or a movie.
If I went and saw something was SAW, it's fine.
But it's like, everything's the same formula.
They make it the same movie.
Exactly, and then you've got a movie like Kingsman 2, which the director said he deliberately didn't make it an identity politics movie.
And it's, you know, it's a big hit for a small movie, so... Well, I noticed it actually had a bunch of, like, anti-New World Order connotations.
I think when he said it didn't have that, I think it was the other way.
Oh yeah, they called it like a Brexit-themed movie.
It wasn't even political.
It's just the fact that it didn't have any of this enforced identity politics shoved in there.
Which is what people who go to see a movie want.
They want to be entertained.
They want actual characters that they care about.
Now it's all about diversity hires and injecting all this far-left BS identity politics.
That's why their movies are all failing.
I mean, I've seen like one good movie a year for the past five years.
It's pathetic.
Well, they admit Hollywood's gone to complete crap, and like you said, I'll go see a movie that's all black people, or I'll go watch a Chinese movie, or a Japanese movie, or a Russian movie.
I just want to see good art, a French movie.
But then they just, everything becomes an SJW, and it's just a nightmare, and it's unbelievable.