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Name: 20171102_Thu_Alex
Air Date: Nov. 2, 2017
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In this episode of The Alex Jones Show, topics discussed include criticism towards liberals, declassification of JFK files, the current state of the Democratic party, radical Islamic terrorism, and health supplements. The speaker criticizes liberals for their inability to think critically without a foundation for their beliefs. He mentions Donna Brazile's revelations about the DNC and Hillary Clinton's campaign, as well as recent attacks by radical Islamic terrorists in New York City and Las Vegas. Lastly, he promotes various health supplements and discusses his opinions on potential presidential candidates for 2020.

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From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones.
All right, ladies and gentlemen.
What we have here is trucks going rogue.
I mean, these trucks, these trucks are out of control.
I don't know if you heard Jake Tapper, but he was breaking it down.
The weight of the truck, the front axle, the rear axle, how you can rent these trucks, how people are now thinking about making it tougher to rent these trucks.
I'm just waiting for these anti-gun lobbies to be outside of Home Depot, I'm sure they're planning it, to be outside of Home Depot chanting, no more trucks.
So I'm just waiting for that because obviously, folks, what we have here is we've got rogue trucks.
In fact, we've got 30-plus rogue trucks in the last couple years, and it doesn't matter who's driving the truck.
What kind of racist are you to even ask that question?
And I'm starting to think that these trucks are actually the ones shouting, Allahu Akbar.
I don't even think it's the people inside.
So we've got rogue trucks, folks.
They're running out of control.
I heard it on CNN.
And Allahu Akbar is actually a beautiful thing.
And the trucks are the ones that are the problem here.
Not the Allahu Akbar radical Islamic terrorists.
No, no.
Of course, this is what you would think if you listened to Jake Fopper.
Excuse me.
My bad.
Fake Tapper.
Jake Tapper.
Welcome into the Alex Jones Show, folks.
It's amazing.
Here we are.
So much news, and the news is so big, and the news is so frequent, that the biggest news every day becomes a back page story the next day.
The Las Vegas Massacre cover-up.
The JFK files being declassified.
Hitler still alive.
All the history textbooks lied to us.
I was lied to my entire life about JFK, knowingly, by my government.
I was lied to my entire life about Hitler, knowingly, by my government.
And that's just a non-story now because you've got another radical truck.
Running people down in the streets.
Folks, I'm Owen Troyer filling in for Alex Jones today, but do not be afraid because we have a ton of great guests today.
We will be hearing from Alex Jones in the next segment, and then David Knight will be joining me in studio.
Paul Joseph Watson will be Skyping in from Europe, where the trucks are out of control in Europe, folks.
We got to do something about these trucks before they make it here.
Leanne McAdoo will be in studio with me at 1.
Roger Stone joins me at 1.30.
And then from nomorefakenews.com, John Rappaport takes over in the fourth hour.
There is a little bit of intrigue actually right now surrounding this terrorist attack in New York.
No, it wasn't a truck that's guilty.
It was another radical Islamic terrorist.
Now the wife is saying she's shocked.
Neighbors are saying the family was acting very mysterious.
So you wonder what she actually knew, how much they knew at the mosque.
Then you've got this story.
I totally get what he did.
Moss goer who knew terror truck driver rails against President Bush's Middle East policy.
And this is actually the funny thing.
This is where the radical Islamic terrorist and the radical left actually see eye to eye.
But the funny thing is, the people that don't like President Bush's Middle East policy, I'm one of them, the people on the left, though, don't have the common sense, don't have the logic to realize, hey, there's people in those countries that don't like President Bush's Middle East policy either that might want to come here and kill me.
Well, you just experienced another one of them in New York.
So, will the political left wake up to the fact that, yes, our Middle East policy pisses these people off and makes them want to come here and murder us?
And it's not virtue to want to bring them here and die.
That's ignorant.
That's stupid.
That's a moron.
That's an idiot.
You can go on.
And then, I mean, it's honestly,
It's really, the religion of Islam is really so peaceful that now in Egypt, they're saying it's okay to just rape girls.
It's a national duty, in fact.
That's on Infowars.com.
Don't go anywhere.
Alex Jones on the other side of this break.
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We are on the march.
The Empire is on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
My fellow Infowarriors, my fellow humans that want basic freedom and liberty and don't want psychopaths ruling our planet.
We are entering the core of the fight now.
As we pointed out, the pedophile scandals were set to break in the last year in Hollywood.
That dam is breaking.
Trump is delivering, turning good law enforcement loose on these rings.
The pedophile rings form the governance system of these networks and are the heart of their blackmail operation.
Just like regular gangs go out and rob liquor stores to prove that they're part of the gang and are now initiated into a crime so they can be compromised the same way with the pedophile networks that form the heart of the EU, the UK and the US, Canadian, Australian control grid.
That cult of control is under direct assault now.
The NFL and every other globalist organization has lined up against America and lined up against President Trump in an attempt to bully us back into submission.
But as I pointed out, the revolutionary systems of mental illness that they created, the psychological warfare vats that are the colleges and mainstream media in Hollywood, if they could be contained
We're good to go.
Again, they call us fake news constantly because we're absolutely on target and research their actual activities.
But all of you watch it as well, and many of you have more pieces of the puzzle than I do.
But they stole the nomination from Bernie Sanders in scores of states that he won from New Hampshire to California, and we even got national electors to admit on camera
That it didn't matter if he won a bunch of states early on, that they would just be given to Hillary.
And indeed, he would win states by 10, 15, 20 points.
She would be given more delegates than...
He was.
So now, Brazil coming out and saying that Hillary Clinton rigged the nomination process, took over the Democratic Party, and stole the election.
When these two women act like they're best friends and they're all a bunch of psychopathic, sociopathic banshees, you know, literal harpy demons, the fact that they're turning on each other publicly shows they realize the Clintons are continuing to destroy their party at the accelerated rate.
Remember, it's Brazil that went on TV and said CNN didn't give the debate questions to Hillary and lied for her when Brazil had been involved carrying it out.
So again, Podesta's in trouble.
His brother's in trouble.
She's in trouble.
They're all in trouble.
And who are they attacking?
They're attacking Infowars because they know we've got their number.
Well, this is the fight I was looking for.
But the fact that they're now turning on each other, just like Drudge ran our headline last week about Democratic elite turns on the Clintons.
You're now seeing that manifest big time.
And so you add this into the EU falling apart and Brexit and the Austrian elections going for nationalism and patriotism and Catalan and what they're doing and what we just saw in places like
Italy with two referendums saying no to the EU expansion and the Czech Republic vote for a patriot.
I mean, this is happening.
And you hear what these people are saying that are becoming presidents and prime ministers.
It's like it's the Alex Jones Show.
Now again, let me explain something.
It's critical.
I don't say that to brag.
I say it so we can understand how effective all of you have been and the fact that we're not being infiltrated by foreign governments.
Our ideas of Americana coming back that everybody always wanted to be part of, that everybody wanted to come here and be part of, I didn't invent this.
I'm just helping with you reboot it with all the other great patriots that have helped break through the globalist wall like Donald Trump and Matt Drudge and
Sean Hannity and Stephen Bannon and the InfoWars crew and WorldNetDaily and everybody else.
This has been an incredible time standing up to their bullying.
The fight's only getting more intense right now, but we have turned the tide.
The enemy can still reverse it, but this is a celebration.
I mean, state-run Russian TV is running large clips of my show about the New World Order and the globalists and the banksters every week.
That isn't Russia infiltrating us.
That's Americana, baby, the same one that helped bring down the Soviet Union.
I mean, just a shadow of Americana helped bring on the Levi's and Coca-Cola.
That's not America.
America's free market and religious freedom and being honorable, being rugged individuals.
They're not infiltrating us.
America is coming back worldwide, ladies and gentlemen.
And when you sell Americana,
Versus globalism, we win every time.
This is a sales job.
And we're selling liberty versus tyranny.
So again, ultra-massive story, how they rigged it, confirming everything we ever said.
But again, they did it in plain view.
Now continuing, they've had Newsweek, Salon, all the usual Soros mouthpieces come out and say that I lied and said that there was a full-page ad in the New York Times calling for Trump's overthrow beginning November 4th.
Now, ladies and gentlemen, we've checked online on the New York Times site.
They did run the full page ad.
Again, this is about them thinking they control reality.
So that our forces don't get ready and aren't peacefully watching what happens.
And so we're asleep on Saturday when they try to launch this thing.
They'll go for the next few months of their own words.
With top Republicans telling Roger Stone they intend to remove Trump by December.
So again, it's a military tactic.
To announce to their forces they're going to move with violence and destabilization, but to tell us it's not happening.
It's all a mind game.
But we've got photos and scans of it up on InfoWars.com and at RealAlexJones on Twitter.
And that dovetails with the daily drumbeat on CNN, MSNBC, you name it.
And now on InfoWars.com we have an article, Snoop Dogg, Make America Crip Again, with an image of Trump dead laying on a stretcher with a toe tag.
With a death stamp on it.
I mean, this is just another nobody, thug, wannabe, tough guy that helps sell the gangster culture to black folks the last 25 years, to help put tens of millions of people in prison, total CIA operation, right out of LA, with the crack cocaine being shipped in.
It's all an absolute fact.
Snoop Dogg's a prison guard to make young black people think this is cool, to lock them up.
Snoop Dogg will be wearing a giant KKK white hat, and I'm serious, it's come out the LBJ plan to ship drugs into the black communities, get them on welfare and destroy them, and then have all this gangster culture sold by the 80s and 90s to totally destroy black people, and now that's been a beta test, they're doing it to everybody else, using the weaponized fake gangster black culture.
What a piece of garbage.
But that feeds into all this kill Trump constant garbage, and trying to push a race war, and Clarence Thomas coming out and saying he doesn't even recognize America with the incredible division.
That's how globalists bring a country down, ladies and gentlemen.
But the good news is Trump is getting ready to move with antitrust against Google and others for their censorship and Facebook and Twitter.
They've been doing it in triplicate.
I'm not defending AT&T and Time Warner.
I can't stand Time Warner.
They're globalists.
But the Justice Department, not even Trump controlling it.
Has been going after and is now talking about an antitrust suit or a breakup of those companies or not letting them merge.
When they have not one half the power of Google alone.
I mean, Google has 90% of internet activity and here in the US and ladies and gentlemen.
They already are dominating and controlling and trying to consolidate.
So, Google is the big one.
Facebook and Twitter, they are anti-American globalist organizations that have to be brought to the line and have to stop their draconian activities.
Now, Owen Schroer is hosting.
David Knight is coming in at the bottom of the hour.
Then we've got Paul Watson co-hosting as well.
Leanne McAdoo, Roger Stone, and so much more today, right through to 6 p.m.
tonight, after they have the three hours of the War Room, and then back tomorrow, 11 a.m.
Central, with David Knight.
We're gonna be covering Saturday, starting in the afternoon, right through to 8 o'clock, the November 4th.
Launch of their violent revolution and their quote overthrow of Trump driving him out of office.
That is all coming up.
Infowars.com will be the tip of the spear.
We'll have reporters on the ground in multiple cities, our brave intrepid reporters.
So please pray for them.
But you have your eyes and ears open and document these things as well.
Be good for you to infiltrate Antifa.
If you don't look like a devil worshipping meth head, they probably won't let you in.
But the point is, is that you still can document it as a citizen journalist and do more important work than anybody else out there.
So I salute you, and I thank you.
Okay, back to Owen Schroyer, David Knight, Paul Joseph Watson, and more.
I'll be back, Lord willing, in the seat tomorrow, 11 a.m.
Central, for the InfoWar.
I salute you all.
Please spread all the links and all the articles, because you are the resistance.
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You're listening to The Alex Jones Show.
We now take you live to the Central Texas Command Center in the heart of the resistance.
It's Alex Jones.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
Owen Troyer sitting in for Alex right now.
We're going to be stacked up with guests for the rest of the show.
You're not going to want to miss it.
You know, sometimes there's stories that you cover that you just don't even believe.
And this would be one of them posted on Infowars.com.
Sources louder with crowder.
Rape culture.
Egyptian lawyer says raping girls is a national duty.
And just trying to recall exactly, I'm pretty sure that
The new Egyptian regime was actually a regime that the United States government under Obama was influencing the change of regimes there.
No problem with that though.
No American influence in that.
That's perfectly fine.
Only the Russians are bad.
But funny, I don't see stories coming out of Russia with Russian lawyers saying raping girls is a national duty.
And unfortunately, under the new Egyptian regime, they're getting more radical Islamic than they have been in the past.
But this is a clip.
Now, this clip is actually spoken in English.
I'm going to have to read the subtitles and translate it for you.
But yes, this really happened.
Egyptian lawyer says raping girls is a national duty.
Are you happy when you see a girl walking down the street with half of her behind showing?
Do you think that we can care about our girls?
I say that when a girl walks about like that, it is a patriotic duty to sexually harass her and a national duty to rape her.
It is a national duty to rape such a girl.
What she allows herself to do constitutes depravity.
There you go.
The political left claims that they stick up for women's rights.
Linda Sarsour claims that she is all about women's freedom, women's rights, women's empowerment.
So I guess it's empowering in Egypt, if you're a female, to walk around, whether you consider it scantily clad or not.
If you're showing skin, they consider that scantily clad, and there you just heard it, you will get raped.
Because that's what you deserve!
Do you see why we can't just have open borders here, folks?
Do you see why we can't have a mandated diversity program started by the Democrats, praised by Chuck Schumer, and now Donald Trump is going to end it?
Do you see why?
Not only do we deal with people that hate us because of the Bush regime starting a war, a non-stop never-ending war in the Middle East,
But also, their culture does not fit with our culture.
Think about, what do you think is gonna happen if a bunch of Muslim men, radical Muslim men, orthodox Islam, come here, are walking down the street, and then they see your young daughter and her friends wearing short skirts and halter tops and what have you?
Well, in their culture, it's a national duty to rape them.
And now you see why.
Sweden is the rape capital of the world.
It's honestly maddening.
It's honestly maddening because look at this.
In fact, let's go to this right now.
There is an all-out assault on men right now, folks.
And not the Islamic kind.
In fact, if you're a radical Islamic man, you're probably fine.
But if you're a white male, specifically, you're probably the bad guy.
And that's what I really think all this Harvey Weinstein thing is about, to not just deflect off the pedophilia that's going on there, but also to attack men, masculinity, because you can't have a masculine man
And then bully everybody.
If you try to bully a group of people and there's one masculine man there, you're not going to get away with it.
The bully will be shut down.
But here's Michelle Obama.
Nothing on Egypt, but says men are entitled and self-righteous because women protect them too much.
Here's Michael, excuse me, Michelle Obama.
In the world today, we love our boys.
And we raise our girls, you know?
We raise them to be strong.
No, what are you talking about?
Sometimes we take care not to hurt men.
And I think we pay for that a little bit.
And that's a we thing, because we're raising them, you know?
And it's powerful to have strong men, but what does that strength mean?
Does it mean respect?
Does it mean responsibility?
Does it mean compassion?
Or are we protecting our men too much, so they feel a little entitled?
And a little, you know, a little self-righteous sometimes.
But that's kind of on us, too, as women and mothers, you know, as we nurture men and push girls to be perfect.
That didn't even make sense.
So there's Michael Obama, Michael Obama sitting there in a lumberjack shirt,
That doesn't even make sense.
See, that's what I'm telling you.
They don't even... The agenda here is to constantly attack men, constantly berate men, and demonize what they're going to consider toxic masculinity, which is just any man who's not willing to get bullied, any man who's willing to stand for a cause, any man that's willing to stand for anything, really.
If you can't stand for something, you're going to fall for anything.
So, they don't want you to stand for anything, so you will fall for anything.
Like, I don't know, Trump-Russia collusion?
A lone shooter in the JFK assassination?
Lone shooter in the Vegas massacre?
A bunch of bull!
See, they can't lie to you and beat you down into the ground under their thumb if you're masculine.
No, they have to berate men and tear men down.
But what is she even talking about?
The reason why it makes no sense is because she's on the agenda to attack men, beat men down, constantly, any angle you can find, any chance you get.
So she's up here bumbling and fumbling around like some sort of jack wagon because she's not meant to make sense.
It's just meant to attack men.
That is the goal.
So it doesn't matter.
It doesn't matter that these people, Michelle Obama's ilk,
Want to bring in people from radical Islamic countries, and if you don't like that, then you're a racist, even though Islam isn't a race.
Yeah, there's the lumberjack, Michael Obama.
Just got done chopping wood, if you know what I'm saying.
And she'll say nothing, though, about the rape culture that has followed multiculturalism in Sweden.
She'll say nothing about the rape culture in the Islamic State of Egypt now.
Where a lawyer says that raping a girl is a national duty.
I mean, this is sick.
I'm not trying to be, you know, again, insensitive here, but I'm sorry, but Michelle, have you seen the way your daughter behaves and dresses?
What do you think would happen to her in an Islamic country?
What do you think would happen to your daughters, if they are really your daughters, what do you think would happen to them if they were walking around Egypt where they now say if you can see their skin or they're wearing tight pants that they should be raped and that's national duty?
Michelle Obama's not hearing that.
Men are the problem!
We need to beat our men down!
We can't let them grow up to be masculine!
How dare a man be masculine!
We're not going to stoop to the tactics of this authoritarian communist and fascists, funded by that dirtbag George Soros.
The communists, they can't resist free stuff.
You set up a booth, it says free stuff.
We're going to keep our Constitution, our Bill of Rights, in the American way, but at the same time, we're not going to back down from this.
What do I do if one of these libtards calls me a Nazi?
That's easy.
You just put a pacifier in his mouth.
Here's what I'm gonna do.
One of these Antifa's get in my face.
I'm gonna pull out my pocket constitution and stick it in his.
Never heard of him.
Never heard of the guy.
They're gonna lose on November 4th and every day after that, because they're a bunch of meth-head pieces of crap.
Antifa, that's French for p***y. Holding our ground and not letting these bullies push us around.
But, not stooping to their level.
Gonna grab him by the antifa.
So on November 4th, we gotta do a thing.
A thing?
Yeah, we're gonna do a thing.
America is an information-based civil war.
We're winning that war thanks to you.
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You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
You're listening to the Antidote for Fake News.
It's Alex Jones.
You know, there's a couple guys here at the office that drive trucks, and I'm starting to become very afraid.
I am.
And I think that they need to turn their truck in for something that won't run me over in the streets like we're seeing in Europe and in the United States.
Don't you dare!
Don't blame radical Islam for this, okay?
Because Jake Tapper will be all over you.
But in the break, David and I were talking about how there is a plan to stop the free travel of the U.S.
citizen, essentially bring in automated cars, use all kinds of different excuses to say that you're a liability behind the wheel of a car, and now we're starting to hear stories of individuals being blocked from some of these ride services because of their politics.
Yeah, it's not just Twitter.
It's not just Twitter and YouTube and Facebook where they're shutting people down.
Understand that right now, we're talking about them censoring free speech.
And of course, there's been interesting revelation coming out in the last couple of days as Twitter officials were talking about the Russian hacking of the election.
They admitted, oh, you know, we were shutting down 50% of the tweets about Hillary.
We're shutting down 25% of the tweets about Podesta's emails.
And blocking people that were tweeting about it, too.
So, you know, we know that there's political censorship going on.
That's right.
And as we've been talking about the effort to take away our ability to own cars, to drive them ourselves because they want to be in control of everything in our lives.
And that's a very important issue because once they take away private ownership, once they turn us over to their corporate cronies who will own the cars and they will charge us by the mile, by the minute, they'll tax and track everything that we do.
I think it's interesting.
Yeah, I think it's interesting we see Laura Loomer now has been banned by Uber and Lyft because of something she put on Twitter.
So it's come full circle.
They use Twitter to, they draw you into these platforms of Twitter and Facebook and YouTube and then they suppress any speech that they don't like and then if you criticize Uber and Lyft,
And of course, whether or not you agree with what Lauren Loomer said, she said, somebody needs to create a non-Islamic form of Uber or Lyft because I never want to support another Islamic immigrant driver.
So what they did was they shut her off of both Uber and Lyft.
Understand that when the government gets control of your mobility, and I've said this from the very beginning, it'll be either the government or it'll be their crony corporate partners that they work with, because they're working together to push this down your throat whether you like it or not.
Many people say, hey I'm never gonna...
Have a car that drives itself.
I'm never going to buy into that.
Or it's trendy.
It's trendy.
That's right.
All this stuff about, hey, you like your car, you can keep your car.
You like your truck, you can keep your truck.
No, no.
They're pushing all this stuff.
That's familiar.
They're pushing the idea that they're going to ban cars and trucks in cities.
It'll be done.
For a variety of reasons.
Right now they're doing it across Europe because they say we've got to protect you from the pollution, but it's also going to be a security measure.
And then once they do that, if they don't like you, you won't be able to get a job.
They will shadow ban you just like they shadow ban the hashtags.
Understand, you may not even know that you've been banned.
You may say, hey, you know, I called for this taxi to come pick me up.
And I still haven't gotten it.
I don't know really what's going on.
And then, oh, and when we look at this, I don't know if you saw this report that came out.
There's a married couple that said, we think that Facebook is listening to us.
So they did a little bit of a test.
They don't have a cat.
They'd never talked about cats.
And so they put a thing out where for a day or two, they're talking for an entire day, they talk about cat.
The cat is almost out of food.
We should buy some cat food, so forth and so on.
They said the next day, they started getting served ads for cat food.
And so they said, we're being...
No, I have actually ran an exact same experience with my friend where we were both in the car and driving.
I don't have Facebook anymore, but he had Facebook on his phone.
And we were both talking about an old, this was probably a couple years ago, we were both talking about an old high school friend of ours.
And we hadn't talked to this individual in years.
And all of a sudden, he pops up, we finished the car ride, he pops up as a friend, possible friend, on Facebook.
It just happens to pop up right there.
So we saw that and we were like, no way.
So we kind of did something like these people did.
And again, we started talking about another person.
That person popped up under the friend request.
So I don't know what kind of algorithms.
I mean, I haven't read them.
I don't have Facebook.
But if you read the privacy policy probably says in there.
You know, we're going to have access to your other apps.
They say they're not doing it, but the question is, who are you going to believe?
Your lying eyes or this corporation that has a vested interest in this?
And of course, you can do your own experiment, just as Owen did, or just as these people did.
You'd be shocked.
Yeah, it's absolutely amazing.
And of course, here's another thing.
It's Google too.
Yeah, you talk about how it's
Google does it too.
You know, years ago, Eric Schmidt said that at Google, we're going to get right up to the line of creepy.
Well, they've gone way beyond that many, many times.
And when you look at what's happening, another good example, another big corporation, Apple, their new phone, the iPhone X.
They came out, of course, it has facial recognition.
They said, well, we're not going to have that data transmitted back to Apple.
So all the privacy experts say, oh, good for you.
You're going to keep that private.
You're going to keep it on the phone.
Well, you know, as William Binney has told us many times, nothing on your phone is safe.
Nothing on your phone is private.
And now they are admitting, it's come out, that any app developers have access to this.
Even though it's stored on your phone and it's not on the cloud, an app developer can still use this and can still get all this information.
So what difference does that make?
Because of course it's going to be buried in the service agreements, right Owen?
They're going to say, well we can have access to your biometrics.
It's a misnomer for Facebook to say, oh we don't listen to your conversations.
It's a misnomer for Apple to say, oh we don't share your facial recognition technology with anyone.
But what they do is they already have these deals and you can actually see this in the privacy, the terms of use that you sign.
They specifically say that
These apps, these other apps, will be allowed access to the data that is acquired via Facebook or the facial recognition.
So, OK, oh yeah, technically Facebook isn't eavesdropping.
Facebook isn't listening.
It's the Google app that's listening.
And then Facebook takes that data
That's right.
It's a shell game.
They say, well, we're not listening.
It's semantics.
That's why I mentioned the thing about iPhone.
iPhone says, well, we're not.
We're not going to have anything to do with your facial recognition data.
We're not going to have anything about your biometric data.
We're not going to store that.
But, oh, by the way, all of our apps will have access to it and they can do whatever they want.
Now, we're trusting that these apps will ask for your permission and, of course, you've read all of the detailed legal agreements and licensing agreements on all the apps that you've got on your phone, right?
Well, actually, there's a few that I do read because what they do now is they have to tell you access to this, this, and this.
And, of course, I still download the app.
But you read it and you're just like... I mean, honestly...
You feel guilty when you say, OK, I'll download this app even though you just said you're literally going to take all the data off of my phone.
And you know, this whole iPhone X thing to me, David, has been very strange because Apple still is having a hard time selling the iPhone 8.
They've been behind sales on the iPhone 8 since they launched that.
And then they come out with the iPhone X. To me, prematurely, when they still have a stock of iPhone 8s, they don't get the immediate rush they thought.
They cut their production in half.
Then they sell that and they say, oh, look at demand for the iPhone X. It's huge, it's huge.
That was a whole rigged game, too, because they actually had to cut back their production.
So, but I'm wondering, David, I have, I'll say I have a conspiracy theory.
That Apple released the iPhone X early because they see the backlash and the awareness now that people have with the control of social media and the access to all of your personal information.
And so they wanted to inject the iPhone X out into the public as soon as possible with the facial recognition technology, even though the iPhone 8 is still not selling, because they had to get that out there to the other developers.
They had to get that facial recognition technology out there for everyone to have it.
Before people hit the full panic mode, like, no, stay out of my life, I know you're breaking my constitutional rights.
Yeah, you know, quite frankly, I'm not going to get involved in something that's going to collect my biometric data.
Not going to get the iPhone X, huh?
You know, interestingly enough, I was an engineer because I love technology, right?
I always looked at it as a force for good.
I don't anymore.
I don't because I see what these corporations are doing with it.
I see who controls this technology.
And so even though I was there on day one for the first several iPhone releases, I'm not interested anymore.
Quite frankly, it's kind of become boring technology.
Steve Wozniak, one of the co-founders of Apple, said now he's not interested in getting another one.
It's just become a maintenance cash cow for these guys.
And then, of course, it spies on you and takes your facial recognition technology.
That's the big issue.
That's the big issue.
We'll be right back with more of the Alex Jones Show.
On a daily basis in this country, but also overseas, there are massive busts of actual pedophiles and the kidnapped children.
What's insane is there's almost no mainstream news coverage of it, because the establishment is in on it.
We know who runs this global government cult, and they are pedophiles and even worse.
It's been said the devil's greatest trick was convincing the world that he didn't exist.
Now whether you believe in the devil or not, evil exists on this planet.
And the glue that welds together this globalist, one-world, psychopathic system is the exploitation of men, women, and most importantly, children.
We all know from history books that every ancient culture in different periods engaged in human sacrifice during pre-collapse periods.
Camille Pagli and other historians have written extensively on this and its historical fact.
And since President Trump got into office close to 10 months ago, we have seen record numbers of busts, not just of people looking at child porn, but of actual traffickers, of actual kidnappers, of people that had children in their hands.
We've seen the Deputy Pope arrested for reportedly kidnapping over 100 children over 40 years and trafficking them.
We've seen the previous Pope step down amidst another giant child trafficking scandal and reported blackmail operation.
We've seen Sandusky and his son indicted and convicted.
We've seen countless reports of high-level judges and politicians and people in both parties getting busted soliciting sex from sometimes children as young as six months old.
And now from our Hollywood sources and major filmmakers we're learning that the Weinstein debacle and fiasco and nightmare is only the tip of the iceberg and that below that is the giant pedophile army and below that the true Satanism that goes on at the bottom of this filthy rabbit hole.
And that takes us to today's news.
And it comes out in local news, but gets almost no national news coverage, no matter how horrific or how sensational.
This is from 9 News out of Denver.
FBI helps rescue 84 children from sex trafficking.
It's gotten almost no coverage here in the United States, but it's big news in France and Russia.
Again, they rescued 84 children, some of them as young as 3 months, being pimped out.
At places like restaurants and truck stops all over the United States, this is industrial level.
This is even retail level, where the general public's getting involved in this.
This is widespread.
That's why we've seen Salon and all these other big leftist publications in the New York Times come out and basically defend pedophilia, why the UN's defended it.
That's why they've created fake Pizzagate stories that they claim we created, so they can then claim there's no such thing as pedophilia going on in the world, when the truth is they've busted British Prime Ministers and world leaders involved in Satanism and killing children, not just raping them.
The good news is thanks to President Trump and many other great patriots around the world, from Australia to England to the US to Canada, the pedophile rings are being busted at record levels.
But they're running mainstream news articles claiming that we've made it up and that there is no pedophile phenomenon and there is no roundup taking place.
The individuals covering this up are either incredibly stupid or they're collaborating, ladies and gentlemen.
Bottom line, there is an attack on innocence in this world, and InfoWars is fighting it.
And when you spread the word about our shows, and spread our live links, and spread our articles, and spread this report, you are standing directly against these evil organizations and groups that exploit our children, and you are standing for humanity and a future.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
Live from Austin, Texas, broadcasting worldwide, it's Alex Jones.
The amount of lying that goes on on some television news networks and in our government is honestly disgusting.
For example, they are trying to paint a picture that Facebook ads were purchased to influence the election towards Donald Trump.
Strangely enough, Facebook admits that the Russian ads were actually against Donald Trump.
Ads pro-Clinton, anti-Clinton, or could you tell?
Or these activities?
Viewed in the aggregate, the activity, again,
Really appears to address a wide range of hot-button topics and appears directed at at at fomenting.
This is a Facebook representative.
In terms of volume, again, what how much volume are we talking about?
Lindsey Graham.
About approximately 90%
Of the volume we saw on the ad side appears to be issues based.
Primarily a much smaller proportion were directed at particular candidates.
But in terms of the actual Facebook, I think someone said one in 23,000.
I don't know.
Maybe that was another company.
So in terms of the total volume of material on the site, it's a very small percentage.
We estimate that the Internet Research Agency content was approximately 0.004% of the content in News Feed.
I'm sure that really influenced the election.
So to sum this up, and I'll come back with a jihadist in round two, Russia
Just saying that is fake news.
This is total bullcrap.
After the election, you saw Russian-tied groups and organizations trying to undermine President Trump's legitimacy.
Is that what you saw on Facebook?
Say that's an accurate statement.
That's an accurate statement.
I'm not sure I can characterize on our network which way the- That's a man from Google!
Thank you.
Okay, that was just great.
Okay, I'm sorry I didn't think.
So basically, there you have it.
Even though Lindsey Graham was trying to insert that idea that Russia's dividing, Russia's buying the ad, then the Facebook guy admits like actually it was all anti-Trump stuff.
90% of it was anti-Trump stuff.
But they're not going to say that on CNN or MSNBC tonight.
They're going to continue to foist upon us this false narrative that Russia
Was the one that influenced our election.
It was all Russia, David.
You don't even exist.
I thought it was interesting.
Did you know that?
You didn't vote.
That's right.
You never covered a Trump rally.
You don't exist.
Well, you know, it's interesting what he said was, well, it was .004 percent.
In other words, four one thousandth of a percent.
That's cutting it pretty small, isn't it?
And it's coming from... These are ads that they purchased, and of course they've now revealed that there was a Russian troll farm that was operating a page that was organizing anti-Trump rallies in New York.
So yeah, it was anti-Trump.
But I think this is interesting, Owen, when we look at this.
He's talking about ads that were purchased.
And they're saying, you know, 100,000 ads or whatever.
But what we find from these hearings also is that Twitter
...is reporting that they shut down, automatically shut down, 48% of the tweets that use the hashtag DNCLeaked.
Now this is in the last couple of weeks of the election.
And they shut down 25% of the tweets that used hashtag PodestaEmails.
This is what the Twitter General Counsel Sean Edgett said in written testimony to the Senate Judiciary Committee on Tuesday.
So think about this.
This is something that is coming from 57,000 users posted 426,000 unique tweets containing hashtag Podesta emails.
So it's very widespread.
This is not a few Russian troll farms that are buying ads with them.
This is the grassroots protest, what people are really talking about on Twitter.
You've got 57,000 users putting up 427,000 tweets about Podesta emails, and they are algorithmically censoring this.
That's what he's talking about.
And then half of the tweets that are talking about the DNC leak.
So this is a systemic censorship that is coming from these individuals.
I don't think people understand the seriousness of this, David, because
Not only are they censoring people's speech on these platforms, this is a, it's really like a triple-edged sword, if that's even a thing.
Because, A, this is where everyone goes.
Everyone's on Twitter and Facebook.
It's a de facto monopoly.
There's no competition because, oh wait, what happened when competition sprung up in the name of Gab?
They erased Gab and they banned Gab from all app stores.
So you can't get Gab on your iPhone, you can't get Gab on your Android.
So you're forced to get Twitter or Facebook where they admit they are censoring news politically based on what you're saying politically.
Think about what's going on with the Baker speech situation, okay?
Free speech or whether it is freedom of religion.
This is the Supreme Court case.
This is about the Baker who refused to bake a cake for a gay wedding.
And he said, that violates my freedom of religion.
And this was reported by USA Today.
They said this is the most highly contested inflammatory case there's only been in the last several years.
There's only been three topics that even come close to this kind of controversy.
That's abortion, affirmative action, and Obamacare.
And they've had so many briefs on both sides of this.
Just in the last two months, they've had a hundred legal briefs about this because this is saying, no, you cannot refuse service
Uh, to these people, and of course he's saying, well, I'm not just baking them a cake, I'm participating in their ceremony, and that's the problem that I have with it.
But, Twitter, and Facebook, and Google are just providing a service, but they are interjecting themselves into the free speech issue, even though they have a de facto monopoly.
That's the issue right there.
And if... I just don't see how they're going to be able to continue to operate in a censorship way.
Maybe with the Trump administration we'll see that shut down.
It needs to be regulated as a monopoly because it truly is.
But these bakeries are not monopolies.
They could go down the street to somebody else.
But they truly do have a monopoly.
But it shows how they have different standards.
Just as you pointed out about Gab, they have different standards for different people.
If you are a friend of theirs, if you're part of the insider establishment, then you can do whatever you want.
There's no more rules that apply to them than there are rules that apply to Hillary Clinton or to Robert Mueller.
They can do whatever they want.
They can set up crooked deals with Russian companies and then they can
Hide that, they can obstruct justice, they can put gag orders on people as Robert Mueller does, and then he gets appointed as the investigator of Russian collusion.
I mean, this guy's just probably using his office to destroy evidence.
It'll be interesting to see what comes of that, obviously, the swamp rat looking for the swamp rat.
But here was a story that just came from CNBC today.
Department of Justice reportedly considers antitrust suit to block AT&T's $85 billion acquisition of Time Warner.
I'm wondering, Trump just brought in that antitrust lawyer into his administration.
I'm just wondering if they really are looking at Facebook and Twitter and where their funds are going and how politically charged these individuals really are because that to me is the real antitrust you need to look at when you can't even bring anything into the market as competition.
This has been a long time tactic.
Look, when I was working with the Libertarian Party, we would go through all these hurdles that the Democrats and Republicans never had to do to get on the ballot.
They would say, oh great, we're going to be in the debates.
No, the debates are being run by a private organization.
Usually it was some kind of association of the press.
And they can include or exclude whoever they wish.
This is a very, very old tactic of political control that the establishment has used for a long time.
They're taking that same principle and they're using it now with Google, Facebook, Twitter, all these different platforms, saying that, well, this is private, so they can do whatever they want, they can shut down your free speech.
And when you think about that, when you think about the fact that they would
Take this away from a debate platform that's being run by the government.
Intentionally turn it over to a private organization so they could shut this down.
And you understand how involved they were, not only in shutting down Gab, but also in terms of creating these platforms.
You understand what their true purpose is.
Well, we had the Project Veritas video release come out that had the guy from YouTube and Google admitting, yeah, we censor Alex Jones.
We don't want Alex Jones to show up.
We can't have people looking at that.
They hate us that much, and they hate free speech that much.
And it's frustrating for me.
I keep getting sent... Honestly, David...
I don't have Facebook.
I haven't had it for years.
I don't want Facebook.
I don't either.
I'm so sick of Twitter now because I can't even send out a tweet without it getting censored.
I had my impressions, and I've still had no response from Twitter on this.
I've noticed that other conservatives are now experiencing the same thing.
My Twitter impressions literally got cut in half.
Oh yeah.
I don't know if you noticed that too.
They're admitting it now because of DNC and because of Podesta emails.
They're admitting that they cut them in half, or a quarter, depending on the topic.
They say, well, we'll take half of those out, or we'll take a quarter of those out.
You don't know, you don't even know that you're being censored.
No, no, no, they just delete it.
It's just like it's gone.
And then yesterday, guys pull this up.
On the War Room Twitter, I tweet out a poll.
Literally, nothing insensitive.
Total milquetoast poll.
No race, no religion, nothing.
And Twitter says it's sensitive content, David.
Sensitive content.
That's right, they're very sensitive to everything, and they're watching everything you do.
Oh, but, you know, if you want to tweet about, you know, killing Donald Trump, or shutting down InfoWars, or killing Trump supporters, then you're A-OK.
There it is!
There's the poll.
It's sensitive.
We're not going to stoop to the tactics of this authoritarian communist and fascist, funded by that dirtbag George Soros.
The communists, they can't resist free stuff.
Instead of a booth, it says free stuff.
We're going to keep our Constitution, our Bill of Rights, and the American way.
But at the same time, we're not going to back down from that.
So what do I do if one of these libtards calls me a Nazi?
You just put a pacifier in his mouth.
That's easy.
Here's what I'm gonna do.
One of these Antifas get in my face.
I'm gonna pull out my pocket constitution and stick it in his.
Never heard of him.
Never heard of the guy.
They're going to lose on November 4th and every day after that because they're a bunch of meth-head pieces of crap.
That's French for p***y. Holding our ground and not letting these bullies push us around.
But not stooping to their level.
We're going to grab them by the antifa.
So on November 4th, we got to do a thing.
Yeah, we're going to do a thing.
I think?
America is an information-based civil war.
We're winning that war thanks to you.
And wearing t-shirts and InfoWars ball caps in public is one of the best ways to spread the word.
The revolution starts now with you at InfoWarsTour.com.
Available right now!
Our limited edition anti-fascist and anti-communist t-shirt!
Specifically designed to trigger the left this November and beyond!
Order now!
Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order, it's Alex Jones!
Live from Austin, Texas, broadcasting worldwide, it's Alex Jones.
The good news is that the deep state, shadow government, corrupt establishment is so desperate right now that they're all showing their true colors.
And the middle-of-the-road Americans that aren't necessarily politically involved, politically active, watching the news, paying attention to everything, are seeing them now because they're showing their true colors as absolute anti-American hypocrites.
Here's a video compilation of the political left showing its true colors as hypocrites.
Jim, I mean this story started breaking at the end of my show yesterday.
We're not even really 24 hours, barely 24 hours in and the president is already pushing Congress for several major changes.
Right, I think President Trump, Brooke, now has the world record for injecting politics into the aftermath of a terror attack.
That is exactly what has happened in the last 12 hours.
From CNN, who blames a gun every time.
If you look at his comments that he made at the beginning of his cabinet meeting, in addition to regarding the U.S.
justice system as a joke and a laughing stock, he also called about CNN as a joke.
Amazingly and tragically, in the midst of what has just happened,
The United States Congress was about to entertain two pieces of legislation that would have made a bad situation worse.
This is the quote-unquote Share Act, which will allow people from other states to bring guns that are illegal in New York into New York.
And would make our city more vulnerable.
Well, Mr. President, there are precious few words for days like this.
Last night, as everyone now knows, at a concert in Las Vegas, Nevada, a gunman opened fire on a crowd of 22,000, killing at least 58, sending hundreds, hundreds more to the hospital.
But today we're filled with shock and horror.
Sadness and rage.
The horrific massacre was perpetuated by an American on his fellow Americans.
And the visitors from every corner of the world were the very lifeblood of Las Vegas.
And we're left with many questions whose answers we'll be seeking in the coming days and weeks.
How did this monster acquire the arsenal he used to rain down death on a crowd of innocents?
So there's a bunch of Democrats who don't want to politicize the truck attack because it was radical Islamic terror, but immediately wanted to politicize the Vegas shooting because they could blame a gun.
David, I'll be honest.
I've had to learn patience my whole life.
I've been dealing with lack of patience, but
I cannot stand CNN that is the scum of news, and then I have to sit here and look at the scum of New York like Cuomo, de Blasio, and Schumer.
I mean, I'm literally like, it's like I want to pull my hair out just dealing with them.
Well, you know, Owen, it was Jim Acosta who was saying the President has broken all records to inject politics.
Of course, that's not true, but what he was focusing on was the person who committed this.
They always focus on the tools.
They talk about guns.
They talk about vehicles.
They talk about the Internet, because it was the Internet that radicalized him, not Islam.
It was the Internet video that caused Benghazi, David.
That's right.
And then they don't complain that Hillary lied to the Gold Star family about that, though.
That's right.
We've got to get rid of the internet.
We've got to get rid of your ability to freely walk about in public places.
We've got to get rid of the vehicle, the gun.
But we cannot talk about the diversity lottery.
We have to pretend that diversity is more important than anything.
And guess what?
We had eight people sacrificed on the altar of political correctness.
That's really what this was about.
And five of them were from Argentina, where they had a vigil yesterday.
So, you know, I mean, you want to talk about multiculturalism.
Who's going to want to come here when we're being attacked by terrorists?
Please, please New York, I'm begging you, please, rid yourself of the swamp rats Cuomo, de Blasio and Schumer.
Those are the most disgusting human beings in government.
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Another world.
Another time.
In the age of wonder.
Alright, I just realized it.
It all makes sense to me now.
I'm sorry that I literally cannot stand the likes of Cuomo, de Blasio, Acosta, all of them.
And it's so frustrating because I just want them to disappear.
I want them to become... I want them to hang out in dumpsters, like the cockroaches they are.
They're a bunch of dumpster cockroaches, is what these people are.
And so it's frustrating to have to see them actually get up on television and lie to the American people, try to brainwash the American people.
And it's like, what can I do?
This is so frustrating.
What can I do?
I want to take these people out.
I want to come after these people.
So what do we do?
Folks, Infowarsstore.com.
You want to kick George Soros right in the groin?
Go to Infowarsstore.com.
You want to politically pop Jake Tapper right in his loud mouth?
You go to Infowarsstore.com.
You want to show Governor Cuomo and de Blasio how you really feel about them?
You go to Infowarsstore.com.
You want to give Chuck Schumer a nice loving neck massage with your hands ringing?
Just a loving neck massage to Chuck Schumer, that's all it is.
You go to InfoWarsTore.com, folks.
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We're now joined by Paul Joseph Watson.
He's constantly, constantly fighting back against the left liberal double standard.
Paul, thanks for joining us today.
Good to be back, Owen.
Well Paul, you unfortunately have to bring to light the truth about a lot of these terror attacks, a lot of these events.
They happened in Europe, they happened in America as well, and you're really just trying to fight back against the mainstream television news that doesn't want to give the full story in the name of political correctness.
Well exactly Owen.
It sounds like just a cliche at this point.
Oh all this terrorism is happening because of political correctness.
But we know specifically this is why this attack happened.
This guy came in on a diversity visa.
This bizarre program where people are just selected at random.
Trump's trying to end it.
Schumer supports it.
They're going to fight him tooth and nail on that.
So we've got another specific example we've also got coming out today Owen.
Headline New York attack suspects family was very mysterious neighbor says.
The neighbors said they knew he was planning something.
This is in the article.
They knew the immigrant was plotting an attack long before, long before he allegedly plowed his rented truck down a bicycle path killing eight people.
That's what the article says.
These neighbors knew he was planning something.
That's a report.
San Bernardino.
The neighbours knew.
They were getting strange deliveries.
They knew something was going on.
In that instance, we reported they didn't tell the authorities or the police because they feared they'd be called racist or Islamophobic, Owen.
So yet again, we have another case, not just with the visa, but with the neighbours before.
And this is a closed community again, one of these Muslim closed communities.
We saw it after the Paris attack.
The terrorists escaped back into Molenbeek, Brussels.
All the neighbours, all their friends knew they were there.
They shielded them, protected them for three months after they carried out this massacre.
So yet again, we have the same telltale signs coming in after this attack, Owen.
And then, I don't know if you've covered this, but I mean, we can get onto it.
Jake Tapper,
You've played the clip, or Alex has played the clip, obviously, of him saying that Allah Akbar could be beautiful immediately after.
We're talking probably within an hour after the attack happened, saying that Allah Akbar could be beautiful.
He's now denying he ever said that and claiming that Fox News and InfoWars are lying about him, that he never said it, Owen, when he's on tape saying it.
And I think we can go to that clip if we've got it.
Yeah, actually, we've got that clip.
Here's Jake Tapper loving, loving Allahu Akbar.
Police have now talked to, they're telling police that they heard the driver saying, yelling, Allah Akbar, Allah Akbar, during this incident, which is now leading authorities to believe that this is as a result, that this is now a terrorism case.
I'm sorry to laugh at Jake Tapper, he's just such a joke.
Actually, Paul, so not only did he never say Allahu Akbar is beautiful, even though we just heard him say it.
I'm going to take Jake Tapper's word.
I mean, I should trust Jake Tapper, fake fopper.
So even though I just heard him say Allahu Akbar is beautiful, he said he never said it, so I'm not going to believe that he said it, because I trust Jake Tapper.
But did you also know that Jake Tapper basically did a whole segment breaking down
Renting trucks.
Should we be able to rent trucks?
What type of truck?
I mean, they did a segment breaking down the truck!
The truck!
We've got to combat that deadly ideology of trucks, Owen.
I mean... These trucks are out of control, Paul!
But I mean with this Alaracbar thing, he's now claiming the moral high ground.
Fox News put out a story called, Jake Tapper says Alaracbar is beautiful right after NYC terror attack.
That's what he said!
It's on video!
No he didn't!
No he didn't!
I just played the clip Paul, even though he said it.
He never said it.
He said so.
And all these buddies at CNN are like, this is disgraceful.
Fox News deleted one of their tweets.
You had one of the congressmen, Jason Chaffetz.
Yeah, Jason Chaffetz!
Why did Chaffetz cuck to this guy?
Yeah, apologizing, saying, oh, I'm sorry.
No, Jake Tapper, you said Al-Akbar could be beautiful literally within an hour after a terror attack where the frigging Islamic terrorists shouted it while people were laying face down on the floor, bleeding to death.
I don't think they probably thought it was beautiful, did they, Owen, when they heard him say it?
No, we never said that.
See, you just put it into perspective there, Paul.
That's exactly it, okay?
What do you think the victims were thinking after they heard it?
Oh, Allahu Akbar!
Yeah, I'm sure that's beautiful.
Oh, it was a truck!
Oh, those nasty trucks!
They got us again, those trucks!
This is radical Islamic terror, and this is a leftist policy.
The Diversity Visa Program.
We're dealing with mentally retarded people, Paul.
We're literally dealing with mentally retarded people running our government.
Another segment with Paul Joseph Watts on their side.
Let's get back into the actual attacker and some weird stories about him.
Not the truck!
The actual terrorist!
We're very proud of the fact here at InfoWars that we're a teleprompter-free operation.
We don't get our talking points from the private Federal Reserve or from Nazi collaborators like George Soros.
We get our talking points from common sense and research from we the people.
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You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
Owen Schroer here filling in for Alex today.
We got Paul Joseph Watson with us and we're talking about the New York City terror attack.
Allahu Akbar!
It was the truck!
It was the truck!
Paul, what's interesting about this, as you talked about in the last segment, the story from the LA Times, New York attacked suspect's family
Was very mysterious.
According to a neighbor, they're saying that they had an idea that he was up to something.
This also reeks like the San Bernardino shooting where, because of political correctness, they didn't want to say anything.
Even though this... ended up killing eight people and driving a truck through pedestrians right after a school day.
But it's weird because people at the mosque are saying they understood his motive.
So it sounds like he was motivated to do this.
They're reporting he had the plans.
He was planning bigger attacks.
But his wife, though, Paul.
His wife is shocked!
Oh, his wife had no idea, Paul!
She can't even believe it!
He was just your local friendly Uber driver.
Remember that was the first quote that came out from one of his friends.
You hear that after every single attack.
Oh, we never knew!
He was so friendly.
He was so nice.
Of course they knew!
Often it turns out later on some of them are involved in the plot.
You mentioned the guy at the mosque.
And by the way, there are Islamophiles, Islamofascist apologists all over Twitter saying, he was just radicalized on the internet.
There's no connection to Islam whatsoever.
He didn't even go to a mosque.
Yes, he did go to a mosque.
We know the name of it.
And then the guy who's in the newspaper article in the Daily Mail talking about how he went to the mosque, as you mentioned, said that he totally gets why he did what he did before ranting about George W. Bush's foreign policy in the Middle East.
So because of what George W. Bush did, that means innocent young people and tourists on their bicycles in Manhattan deserve to get crushed.
Yeah, most of them Argentinian.
Yeah, absolutely no connection whatsoever.
Of course they always trot this out.
Oh, it's a reasonable response to US foreign policy.
No, the vast majority of terror victims are Muslims killed by other Muslims.
So no, geopolitical foreign policy isn't the only element.
Yes, it is one part of it, but it's not the only element.
The other thing going today is
After Trump came out and said that this guy should get the death penalty, a bunch of people, and some of them like verified liberals, prominent people on Twitter, came out and said, how dare Trump call for the death penalty?
That's Islamophobic!
Why didn't he call for the death penalty for the Vegas shooter?
Or send him to Guantanamo.
Yeah, maybe because he was dead.
Maybe that's why he didn't call for the death penalty.
I'll read a tweet.
This is from Eltham Katami.
This is a verified liberal on Twitter.
Send him to Gitmo, Trump says, referring to Saipov.
He said, no such thing about the Vegas shooter who killed 58 people.
Yeah, he said no such thing because Stephen Paddock was dead.
You can't kill someone twice.
You've got other people saying, quote, I don't see real Donald Trump calling for the death penalty for the Las Vegas terrorist shooting rampage.
Blatant Islamophobia.
This is the level of sheer lack of intellectual depth that we're dealing with.
I honestly... Go ahead.
Well, I honestly, I can't even... We're literally dealing with mentally retarded people.
I mean, there's no other way to describe this.
And I'm including Jake Tapper and Don Lemon in that group as well.
By the way, he's blocked me on Twitter now.
Don Lemon?
Jake Tapper has blocked me on Twitter.
You must be heartbroken.
Absolutely crushed, Owen.
He was actually attacking you on Twitter.
He was quoting you.
He was teaming up with his buddy Oliver Darcy, who won't respond to me on the DMs.
Well, I was talking to him before, he won't respond now.
And they're on their high horse saying, look, Fox News got this disinformation from InfoWars.
Look at this sewer pipe.
He never said Alarak Bar is beautiful.
Are you deaf?
The hell is wrong with you people?
It would be like after Charlottesville, of course we've disavowed the alt-right completely, the left never does that with Antifa, but it would be like after Charlottesville, if I came out, got on YouTube or got on this radio show and said, oh but the confederate flag can be beautiful, if that's the first thing I said 30 minutes after that girl was killed in Charlottesville, do you think the media would have been jumping down my throat?
Or if Alex had said it, would have been jumping down his throat?
They would have been all over him.
Jake Tapper can say this and now he's just claiming he never even said it.
This is completely Orwellian, saying Fox News is bad, I'm bad and Infowars is bad for playing a tape of him saying it.
What is wrong with these people?
Paul, honestly, I don't even know.
It's like beyond Tokyo Rose.
Like Tokyo Rose telling people in Japan, we're winning, we're winning.
There's obviously an element of that going on.
People trying to trick the American public into thinking that Trump's losing, the Trump movement is winning.
Even though it's just having devastating victory after devastating victory, the Trump movement is kicking ass, it's nowhere near stopping, it's gaining momentum in fact.
So you got all these Tokyo Roses out there in the media that are trying to spin it.
But again, like you're talking about, this is beyond Orwellian.
This is literally, you have to ask yourself,
Are these people on air literally that mentally deranged?
Are they, I mean, you know, is it that bad?
Do we have such a mental health crisis in this country that literally we're putting people on air that are seriously mentally ill?
Or are they that corrupt?
Paul, I don't know if you saw the story, but...
I believe it was NBC News, the crew is looking for the story, saying that they admitted the New York Police Department actually investigated the killer's mosque before.
There it is.
Listen to this headline.
Listen to this, Paul.
Mosque where New York City terrorist suspect worshipped was target of controversial New York Police Department surveillance effort.
So it's still controversial even though the NYPD had the right mosque, they investigated the mosque where this terrorist worshipped, they had their finger on the pulse, they should have pulled the trigger on the guy, and maybe they could have saved lives.
And what does the mainstream news say?
It was controversial.
So it's not controversial to mow down people in a truck.
It's controversial to investigate those people now.
No, exactly.
I mean, I said it in the video.
From what I saw on Twitter in the immediate aftermath of that attack, obviously all the Islamophobic crap, oh but what about the Islamophobic backlash?
There's never any Islamophobic backlash!
You had things after 9-11 where some Sikh people got attacked because people are dumb and they think Sikh people are Muslims.
Some shops got bricked after 9-11.
Oh, gosh.
Well yeah, I mean, I could pull up, oh wait, zero stories of someone saying Jesus is Lord and then running people over.
There's no stories of someone holding the Bible in the air and then murdering a bunch of people in the name of Jesus.
Allahu Akbar!
Allahu Akbar!
You know, you could have at least 800 to 500 people dead.
You know, it's almost like 9-11 never happened to these people, Paul.
You know, I mean, again, we don't need to get into what actually happened on 9-11, but the official story is, radical Islamic terrorists hate our country, hate our way of life, want us all to die, want to stop the Western influence on the world.
But then they just kind of sweep that under the rug as if that never happened.
And now it's Islam is good.
They don't hate us.
Don't be Islamophobic.
Don't be racist.
Be a good liberal.
Bend over and be raped by us and die.
That's what they want.
They want us all to die.
And we're not getting what humans always thought was key.
The bone broth.
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Alright, all the big news straight ahead.
Robert Farago is here with us in studio today.
We're really excited about that.
He is the founder and owner of TheTruthAboutGuns.com, undoubtedly the number one non-NRA.com website out there.
What I like about your site is you just get into the real culture of the numbers, the history, the facts.
Is it safe to say the Second Amendment culture was winning, but people got a little bit complacent in the last nine months or so, and now we're seeing the major leftist counter-strike?
Absolutely, because obviously people who want to impose a progressive agenda on America, which is basically large government status, want to take away our guns.
They want to take away our gun rights, because if we're disarmed, we're easily manipulated.
At the top, they're elites with bodyguards, and they want to disarm the public because they want control, and that's in their own WikiLeaks and documents.
But down low, if you take out leftists, they live in these high-rise buildings, they don't know how to change a tire, they are domesticated, and I think that's really the process of guns, is bringing people back out of that, back into being a real person.
I mean, guns are fun, for one thing, and that's something people should understand and recognize.
And they don't pick themselves up and shoot people.
That's one of the things that a lot of people who've never touched a gun don't understand, is that that thing over there is not dangerous.
It's the person who is holding it, or not, hopefully, in that case.
But yes, Americans are law-abiding, peaceful people, and we have these guns because we have the right to protect ourselves.
In a peaceful manner.
We have the right to keep and bear arms.
How we use those guns is subject to laws and regulations.
We can't brandish them and threaten people with them.
We can't use them to shoot people who are not posing an imminent, credible threat of death or grievous bodily harm.
We are a civilized people, and when somebody does something uncivilized, like the Las Vegas shooter, it doesn't reflect on us as law-abiding gun owners.
At least it shouldn't.
We're not seeing the big picture when we look at guns.
I'm the son of a Holocaust survivor.
I understand what government can do.
Government is the greatest threat to personal liberty, to our very lives.
We have the Second Amendment not to protect ourselves from criminals or to go hunting.
We have it to protect ourselves from the government.
I don't trust any government and I don't trust the United States government.
Our firearms protect us from our own government.
People have to understand and embrace that fact.
It's not about protecting yourself from criminals because the greatest criminals in history have always been government.
We cannot allow ourselves to be disarmed, because if we are, we will be at the mercy of the greatest threat to our liberty, which is not some nutcase at the top of a hotel on the 32nd floor.
It's the government itself.
That's right, and so the Second Amendment is about a balance of power.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
The answer to 1984 is 1776.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
It's honestly, it's honestly hard to talk about this stuff on a day-to-day basis and to cover it on a day-to-day basis and the madness, the insanity will drive you insane because you've got people that are
Consciously trying to destroy humanity, destroy this country, lie to you, brainwash you, and then you have their minions that have the same characteristics of hate and victimhood, but they're just brainwashed minions.
Now, it can all be kind of
We're good.
A, imagine if a country artist did this with Obama's dead body, okay?
You would have such outrage that you couldn't even, CNN and MSNBC wouldn't even stop covering it for a month.
But this is the truth about it, Paul.
This is what I think the American people can see from this.
And again, it's so frustrating because I know they're losing.
I know that this is the Tokyo Rose.
I know that this is their desperate last stand.
But it just hurts me that people are so hateful and so ignorant.
It honestly hurts me.
But when we say that they want you to die, when we say they want to turn America into a third world gangland, it can all be summed up in this one album cover.
Make America Crip again?
The Crip is a drug dealing gang of thugs.
What is Crip?
What is a dead body doing on the cover with Trump as the dead body?
They want Trump dead!
So they want to kill you, and they want to make America a gangland again.
Paul, how am I supposed to respond to this?
But we're the hateful ones, Owen.
We're the vindictive, spiteful bigots that really want to go out and attack people.
Yeah, we're the ones that... Oh, no, no, no, Paul.
Actually, Paul just hit it on the head.
You're right, Paul.
We're the ones that won't accept the results of the election.
That's us.
And when they go low, we go high.
Oh, wait, no, that's them too, isn't it?
Oh, wait, no, they're the ones that keep going lower and lower and lower and lower and lower and lower and lower.
These people literally will go so low until they reside in hell.
Yeah, every time they come out with this same line which is, oh, Trump's being so divisive, Trump supporters are so divisive.
You can stretch it back right to, what, a year before the election.
They were sending in people to beat up Trump supporters at his own events.
We've seen this assassination fetish.
Dominate cultural institutions have put this out.
You had BuzzFeed.
We got the internal chat logs of BuzzFeed writers joking about Trump being assassinated.
There were major journalists like India Knight of the London Times, Monisha Rajesh of The Guardian.
You even had a so-called conservative, Ross, a doubt hat of the New York Times, all making jokes or, in some cases, directly calling for somebody to assassinate Donald Trump.
But we're the divisive ones.
We're the hateful ones.
Kathy Griffin can hold up his decapitated head, but we're bad.
We're bigoted.
We're hateful.
And then you've got Snoop Dogg.
Here's a guy whose career had completely fallen on its backside as of about 10 years ago.
He's gone through all these ridiculous reinventions of his image to try and grasp back some kind of relevance.
His last album didn't even get into the top 10.
Supposedly one of the biggest hip-hop rap stars of all time can't even break the top 10 with an album anymore.
And basically anyone can do that who's anyone right now.
So his career's
So he's desperately trying to claim back some relevance and we're helping him to some extent, that's the irony, by embroiling himself in this Trump assassination fetish for the second time, Owen, in six months.
He put out a video back in March where he shot and mocked Trump dressed as a clown.
It looked exactly like Trump in the head.
So it's like, get some new ideas already!
Is this literally all you've got?
You want to kill Donald Trump?
Yeah, we get it.
We get it, Snoop.
Now, do you have any actual talent left to reach out to people where people are going to buy your record because it's a good record, or are you going to resort to this assassination fetish, creating more division, more hate in America?
He's going to go back to that every time because he's got no talent anymore.
Nobody cares about his music anymore.
This is the only way he can get in the news.
Well, and I'm beginning to wonder if Snoop Dogg wasn't just a controlled asset from the very beginning when he was introduced into the hip-hop market because
He's never, I mean Snoop Dogg has never really been a guy to get political.
He's usually a guy that just, you know, smokes weed and wants to chill.
Now all of a sudden he's political all of a sudden, along with, you know, everyone else in the establishment music industry.
So, my question is, I'm wondering if these aren't just controlled assets, whether it be the CIA or what have you, that are basically being told, hey,
You want to sell another album?
You want to continue to get record deals?
You better do something anti-Trump.
You better do it immediately, otherwise you get nothing.
Well, I mean, we've seen that before.
People get dropped from record labels for expressing any kind of opinion that goes against the grain.
I highlighted in my video about Eminem, when he came out a few weeks ago, another ailing 40-something rapper whose career is basically over at this point, attacking Trump.
Trump, as of five, ten years ago, all these rappers gave him shoutouts, positive shoutouts in their songs.
And in fact, I put a medley together in that Eminem video where it's all Trump this, Trump that.
He's done so well, he's so great, he's got so much money, you know, rich like Trump.
And you only got to like a quarter of them.
You didn't even play all of them.
They all loved Trump until he ran as a Republican and until he defeated Hillary Clinton.
They used to hang out with Trump.
Snoop Dogg was at the roast.
You know those big roasts they used to do?
Those TV roasts.
He was one of the main people hanging out with Trump.
They all love Trump.
Trump used to hang out with all these black community leaders, raise money for them.
Oh, but suddenly he runs as a Republican, defeats Hillary.
He's a racist and they're all attacking him.
It's so frigging transparent.
And now he's back again.
The problem is some people might act on this because you go on Twitter every day.
Oh, when's someone going to kill Trump?
I'm going to pop Trump.
You had Mike Cernovich.
Somebody lobbed a death threat at him the other night.
You had Michael Sanford tried to assassinate Donald Trump before the election.
This was a British social justice warrior who was radicalised by all this mainstream media rhetoric about Trump's a bigoted racist.
Literally tried to grab a cop's gun at a event and shoot Trump in the head.
The media buried it and said, oh, he was just a misunderstood kid.
So people have acted out on this.
They are going to act out on it in future.
That's why it's dangerous.
And they're causing the hate.
They're causing the division while we get blamed for it.
Yeah, and real quick, I'm just going to put a conspiracy theory out there.
I'm going to say that the New York terrorist who drove the truck into the crowd of people was motivated by the Democrat ad that showed the guy with the truck with the Confederate flag running down kids.
I'm going to say that he saw that ad and that motivated him to run people down the streets because I don't want to be anti-Islam and Islamophobic, so I'm going to say it was that ad that motivated him.
But I'm just curious, Paul, again.
Is Snoop joking?
Like, does he really hate Trump?
Does he really care about Trump?
Is he even friends with Trump and behind the scenes saying, look, Donald, I'm sorry, I have to do this for my career, you know, I got a family, I got these bills, like, I just, I'm sorry, Donald, I just have to do this.
Or, because I don't, there's no reason for these people to hate Trump.
There's no reason.
He's done nothing.
He's literally done nothing to these people.
He was never in politics.
All he's done is created businesses, created jobs, created markets, created skyscrapers.
There's no reason.
They all love Donald Trump.
Oh, but now all of a sudden they hate him.
It's just like, I mean, should I stop being so upset about this?
Should I just laugh this off?
Should I go hang out with Snoop Dogg and do all the drugs because everything's just a joke to Snoop Dogg?
I mean, I just, I mean, they're just gaslighting me and it works, I guess.
I think you have to remember that he's catering, or the people who tell him what to do, which is probably what it is at this point, he's catering to an audience which is not the brightest, let's just put it that way.
And you can see that from the comments when I made a video about Snoop Dogg being an idiot back in March when he did the first stunt.
So they're catering to very stupid people.
He's been a political tool for several years now.
Come on, Dizzle.
Why you calling me stupid, Izzle?
It's Paul Joseph Whizzle on InfoWars Dizzle, here with Snoop Dizzle.
We're gonna take a quick bristle, but when we come back from this rizzle, we're gonna dizzle all of the mizzle, and you're gonna know exactly what fake nizzle is, because we're the real nizzle.
And I'm Snoop Dizzle, and I think America needs to be crip again, Nizzle.
I'm very educated, I know my politics, Zizzle, so I'm gonna go smoke a blizzle.
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We're not going to stoop to the tactics of authoritarian communists and fascists, funded by that dirtbag George Soros.
The communists, they can't resist free stuff.
You set up a booth, it says free stuff.
We're going to keep our Constitution, our Bill of Rights, and the American way.
But at the same time, we're not going to back down from this.
What do I do if one of these libtards calls me a Nazi?
That's easy.
You just put a pacifier in his mouth.
Here's what I'm gonna do.
One of these Antifa's get in my face.
I'm gonna pull out my pocket constitution and stick it in his.
Never heard of him.
Never heard of the guy.
They're gonna lose on November 4th and every day after that, because they're a bunch of meth-head pieces of crap.
Dude, that's French for p***y. Holding our ground and not letting these bullies push us around.
But, not stooping to their level.
I'm gonna grab and buy the antifa.
So on November 4th, we gotta do a thing.
A thing?
Yeah, we're gonna do a thing.
America is an information-based civil war.
We're winning that war thanks to you.
And wearing t-shirts and InfoWars ball caps in public is one of the best ways to spread the word.
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You're listening to the Alex Jones Show!
Live from Austin, Texas, broadcasting worldwide, it's Alex Jones.
Welcome, Bizzle, to InfoWizzle.
Owen Schizzle here with Paul Joe Dizzle.
And we're talking about Make America Crip Again, Izzle.
Because we want to make America a gangland, Bizzle.
What's up, Dizzle?
So I was just informed, Izzle,
That the Make America Crip Again with Snoop Dogg looking over Trump's dead body has now been removed from Instagram because of the backlash.
It's so funny.
These, these, these... I don't even know what to call these people.
Mental defective... We need to come up with like a new word for them honestly, Paul.
I don't know what we can... We'll figure it out eventually but...
They keep having to remove this stuff from their social media because of the backlash coming from the people that they actually want to buy their albums or buy their products.
Do you think they'll ever learn that they're in the minority as far as their Trump hatred is concerned, Izzle?
Well, I think if you look at Hollywood, they're starting to learn that already from the fact that all their films are complete flops.
You have the Matt Damon, George Clooney film.
Say it right.
Matt Damon!
It's Matt Damon.
Matt Damon.
Paul, no.
Matt Damon.
Matt Damon.
There we go.
In Whisby.
Shizzle, shizzle.
But Matt Damon was behind Suburbicon with George Clooney, which again portrayed, you know, Middle America, flyover country, Trump supporters being all racist, blah, blah, blah, get any frigging narrative.
And it completely failed.
All these virtue-signalling Hollywood films are failing.
The ones that have a kind of throwback, more libertarian feel are really doing well in Hollywood, the more independent ones that we've seen recently.
So they're starting to lose the culture war.
That's going to be magnified by all this Hollywood Weinstein fallout.
And yeah, but you're talking about it being banned on Instagram.
I don't want it to be banned.
I want people to see how stupid, divisive, and hateful it is.
It wasn't banned.
They took it down.
Of course it's... Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
They were calling for Trump's death.
You don't ban that.
Calm down.
But again, they're doing it to create the outrage, to then make themselves look like the victim.
They always do that.
They'll probably cite threats made against Snoop Dogg now without mentioning the deluge made against Trump on a daily basis.
They want to create that outrage.
I just want to hold it up and say, look, this is absolutely stupid and ridiculous.
Kind of like Kathy Griffin.
They always come back and try and play the victim after there's a backlash.
Remember her crying press conference.
So don't give them that victory.
Just laugh at them.
That's the key to all this.
Just continue to laugh at them.
No, I think you're right.
And I get so upset over this stuff because I know what it's doing to our country and it's honestly just an attack on innocents and people that have no idea what's going on.
But you're actually right because this is only hurting them.
More people that see this, the more people are going to come to Trump's side and
I just don't think they're ever going to learn, Paul.
They really assume that everybody goes and takes a steaming pile of you-know-what and then sniffs it, just like they do.
They get high off their own you-know-what, and they assume that everyone else in America is just like that.
But I think they're quickly learning that actually people in America are not like that, and they don't like your constant hatred of Trump.
And the more they put that out there, the more people I think will end up on Trump's side.
Well, exactly.
They're ridiculing their own audience.
I mean, and it hasn't worked.
It didn't work before the election.
They create this wave of antagonism with this sneering metropolitan liberal elitist attitude added to, you know, Huffington Post, New York Times, Hillary has a 98% chance of winning.
Sheer overconfidence, sheer naivety, combined with this unbridled arrogance and hatred of ordinary people, which you see across the board by the way, you see it in my own country, the United Kingdom, the sheer hatred, the sheer snobbery directed against white working class people, and that's what you've got with the backlash with Trump.
So if that's all they've got is
Oh, let's kill Trump, isn't it funny?
Then they still don't have an actual argument or any policies that are going to resonate with the American people.
You've had top Democratic operatives who worked for Bill Clinton, not Trump supporters, come out recently and say he's a shoo-in for 2020 because the Democrats have still got no policies and they still think that just smearing everyone as racist is a winning election strategy.
Newsflash, 2016 happened, it isn't.
So, carry on.
Carry on portraying Donald Trump as dead.
It's not working for you.
It's just making people see how ridiculous, desperate, and stupid you are, that you have to cater to this vile tone in modern-day politics, while they, of course, accuse us of having a vile, divisive tone.
It's not working, didn't work, won't work again.
Carry on.
It's like, don't interrupt somebody who's scoring an own goal, right?
Just let them carry on.
We should be celebrating this.
Yeah, just let them score in their own basket essentially all day long.
But the crazy thing, I don't know about it in Europe, Paul, I would imagine it's the same thing, but here in America, the anti-white hatred, this hatred against white people, is from 95% white people!
When I go out on the streets and I have a bunch of people telling me I'm an effing white male, or white male privilege is the biggest problem, white men are the terrorists, white men is the face of evil, it's always coming from white people!
So what do you do with that?
Well, to boil it down even further, it's coming from actual privileged people.
My dad got up at 6am for 30 years and went and worked in a factory, okay?
I didn't have any privilege, alright?
I worked my way up, I had to work hard.
I get people who I'd socially fraternise with occasionally.
And they're constantly lecturing me about my privilege and how colonialism's evil and how I'm to blame for it.
They were literally in the best schools, okay?
They had to work for nothing.
They got everything handed to them.
They're the most privileged people you can imagine.
Across the board, white, black, whatever, doesn't even matter.
And yet they'll lecture me about my privilege when I didn't even have any.
And that's the snobbery I was talking about before, which is even more noticeable in the UK, where they will just treat working-class white people like absolute crap.
Um, there was a case on Twitter where this woman tweeted out a picture of some builders in, like, construction gear just going into a cafe and getting their lunch or whatever.
And she was like, oh, there are only two GCSEs between these guys.
GCSEs being a high school qualification.
And it's just that level of snobbery.
I'm talking about white people, Owen.
We see it all the time.
We've got this 4chan stunt, I don't know if you've seen it, where they launch, it's okay to be white, where they just printed out the words, it's okay to be white.
Plastered them up in public places totally legally, and it caused absolute outrage from people who are now all over Twitter saying, oh no, it isn't okay to be white.
Exemplifying, proving their point that there is this virulent form of anti-white racism that's now dominating the far left, the regressive left.
And they're only proving their point by the fact they got so outraged over this and they think it's part of this white supremacist takeover.
It's only played into their hysteria even more.
So here's what needs to happen because I'm sure a bunch of those people on 4chan listen to this show.
Now here's your follow-up experiment.
It's okay to be black.
Put that in public places.
See what happens.
It's okay to be Muslim.
Put that in public places.
See what happens.
There's your social experiment.
You will find out that it's only okay to be white is receiving backlash, being torn down, people shooting videos, people getting offended, and it's all because you're white.
And Paul, you know, that's the other thing that really bothers me too.
And I'm not, I'm not going to sit here and talk about myself, it's just, when all these people say, oh white privilege, oh you're a white male, you've never had to deal with any hardship, never, I'm like, you don't even know me!
You don't know about my history, you don't know about my family, you don't know anything about me, and yet you're sitting here
Making all these assumptions about me because I'm white.
It's like if you actually sat down and had a conversation with me, you might find out that whatever you're assuming about me is completely wrong.
But there it is.
That's their inherent racism.
That's what they don't see.
They are truly racist people.
In fact, I mean, again, but they're all white!
They're white!
Well, the fact is, Owen, they're self-loathing people.
We saw a similar thing with the whole male feminist thing.
I've been called a misogynist, a woman-hater, a sexist for years for criticising third-wave feminism, which, by the way, the vast majority of American women don't agree with anyway.
So it's not criticising women, it's criticising an ideology, just like criticising Islam is criticising an ideology.
But you'll notice
A lot of these sexual abusers that have been exposed in the media especially over the past three weeks were all prominent male feminists.
They were the people who were lecturing me and Alex Jones for years saying we hate women, and we're spewing hatred towards women by criticising an ideology, while they're literally
Physically assaulting, sexually abusing women while proclaiming themselves to be big male feminists.
So it's the same thing every time.
They're transposing their inherent guilt and self-loathing onto you because they're fundamentally unhappy people.
We've seen that over and over again, by the way.
They're all manic depressives, a lot of these big leftists.
So again, it's taking that self-loathing, that's the only way they can get rid of it, is to transpose it all onto us, the evil right-wingers.
When we're the most friendly, approachable, we'll talk to anyone, as he said.
You'll go up to anyone during the protest, you'll talk to them.
We're the most open, tolerant people, yet they have to transpose that evil onto us because they're fundamentally self-loathing people.
That's Paul Joseph Watson, more of the Alex Jones Show on the other side.
Infowarsstore.com, support us!
We're not going to stoop to the tactics of this authoritarian communist and fascist, funded by that dirtbag George Soros.
The communists, they can't resist free stuff.
Instead of a booth, it says free stuff.
We're going to keep our Constitution, our Bill of Rights, and the American way, but at the same time, we're not going to back down from this
What do I do if one of these libtards calls me a Nazi?
That's easy.
You just put a pacifier in his mouth.
Here's what I'm gonna do.
One of these Antifa's get in my face.
I'm gonna pull out my pocket constitution and stick it in his.
Never heard of him.
Never heard of the guy.
They're gonna lose on November 4th and every day after that.
Because they're a bunch of meth-head pieces of crap.
Dude, that's French for f***ing.
Holding our ground and not letting these bullies push us around.
But, not stooping to their level.
I'm gonna grab and buy the antifa.
So on November 4th, we gotta do a thing.
A thing?
Yeah, we're gonna do a thing.
America is an information-based civil war.
We're winning that war thanks to you.
And wearing t-shirts and InfoWars ball caps in public is one of the best ways to spread the word.
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If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
Waging war on corruption.
It's Alex Jones.
Folks, sometimes you can encapsulate everything you're trying to say in someone's response on Twitter, and so that's what we're going to do now.
I put out a poll from the War Room Show, which follows the Alex Jones Show every day, and the question was, are you willing to compromise freedom and safety for multiculturalism and diversity?
This was retweeted by Alex Jones.
It's got over 4,000 votes.
It'll be up for a couple days yet.
So again, the poll is, are you willing to compromise freedom and safety for multiculturalism and diversity?
It's pretty straightforward.
Doesn't make any assumptions.
It just lays it out on the table, and it's a fair conversation and political debate to have.
Of course.
This is how you see the mindset of a liberal.
This boils it all down for you, folks.
This response right here.
So someone on Twitter says, responds to this poll saying, does this mean banning white dudes with guns too?
Do you understand what's going on here, folks?
The poll is, are you willing to compromise freedom and safety for multiculturalism and diversity?
The average liberal response is, does this mean banning white dudes with guns too?
So what am I saying here, folks?
It doesn't matter what you say.
It doesn't matter.
Literally doesn't matter.
The white liberal immediately goes to racism, immediately goes to diversity, immediately goes to guns.
Nowhere in the poll do you find any mention of race at all.
Nowhere in the poll do you see anything to do with guns.
Nowhere in the poll do you see the word ban or any sort of phrase that would suggest a ban.
But that's the liberal mindset.
This is the brainwashing.
This is literally, I cannot cut this any drier than this.
Are you willing to compromise freedom and safety for multiculturalism and diversity?
Are you gonna ban white dudes with guns too?
Uh, excuse me?
Did I say anything about race?
Did I say anything about guns?
Did I say anything about any bans?
That's their obsession.
That is their religion.
These are the brainwashed people we're dealing with.
They cannot live in reality.
They cannot even see things for what they are.
They are so brainwashed by liberal politics that they inject them into everything.
It doesn't matter what you say.
It doesn't matter who you are.
They have their agenda.
And that is to attack white men,
To attack guns and to attack anything that they view as intolerant like a ban.
So even though there is no mention of guns, no mention of race, no mention of bans in the poll, that's where the liberal mind goes.
Do you see the brainwashing now?
Do you see the mental retardation of these people now because of the media?
It all can be summarized right here with this one response from this one liberal.
Again, this is it.
This is all you need to see.
This is the epitome of liberal brainwashing, where you put out
A milquetoast poll, a very relevant topic after a terror attack where the terrorist was brought in because of a diversity bill, and you say, are you willing to sacrifice freedom and safety for multiculturalism and diversity, which is what you'd have to do.
That's what Chuck Schumer said, we need more money for anti-terrorism forces.
So, okay, so now you're compromising freedom and safety for multiculturalism and diversity.
What does the good liberal say?
Are you gonna ban the whites with guns?
Are you gonna ban white men with guns?
Injecting their identity politics where it never existed.
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I really just want everybody to take a deep breath and relax and just, you know, sit back because here they come again.
From the InfoWars.com studios, it's Alex Jones.
I'm running for president.
Everyday Americans need a champion, and I want to be that champion.
I don't feel no ways tired.
I've come too far!
I ain't no ways tired!
Me own animal!
What was that?
Is that a dog?
It has been reported you've made five million making speeches.
The president made more than a hundred million dollars.
What difference at this point does it make?
What does that make Hillary Clinton to the Bush family?
My sister-in-law.
You're a liar!
Another conspiracy theory.
Have you always told the truth?
I've always tried to.
I will fight to reign in Wall Street, and you know what?
I know how to do it!
We came out of the White House not only dead broke, but in debt.
I remember landing under sniper fire.
There was supposed to be some kind of a greeting ceremony at the airport, but instead we just ran with our heads down to get into the vehicles.
A little sick.
Open up.
Come on, take it.
Take it!
Mary and Joseph!
It's also what happens when you listen to the radio host Alex Jones, who claims that 9-11 and the Oklahoma City bombings were inside jobs.
He even said the victims of the Sandy Hook massacre were child actors.
Live from Austin, Texas, broadcasting worldwide, it's Alex Jones.
Aren't you glad that that demon feces, that demon dropping Hillary Clinton is not the President of the United States?
Wow, just honestly, just thank God we're not dealing with that absolute witch.
I'm being polite.
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To protect your telomeres.
I'm now joined in the studio by Leanne McAdoo.
And as usual, Leanne, you've got Democrats trying to rig debates, rig elections, blaming the right for everything, as usual.
But it's breaking, and more is coming to light, how Donna Brazile and Hillary Clinton, I mean, mainly Hillary Clinton basically had the DNC by the political balls, if you will, and Donna Brazile was right along for the ride.
Right, well apparently the DNC was totally broke and Hillary Clinton's campaign used that to their advantage to say, look, deal with us and we'll keep you afloat, we'll keep the party afloat.
Politico actually called it back when this was first revealed.
Essentially money laundering.
It's basically money laundering, the same stuff that David Brock's PACs do.
But this is a huge breaking story and the fact that Donna Brazile has been given this opportunity to tell her side of the story.
The birds are chirping right now.
She's throwing Hillary Clinton under the bus, her campaign, she's talking about Robby Mook, she's talking about Debbie Wasserman Schultz and how incompetent she was and corrupt.
That's right.
So, this Donna Brazile expose, she wrote it for Politico, inside Hillary Clinton's secret takeover of the DNC, and she admits that she stumbled onto a shocking truth about the Clinton campaign.
She found the documents that proved that the DNC had... Even though we already had it in the WikiLeaks, Donna Brazile is breaking it now.
And she said, you know, she wanted to, she wanted to see that maybe some of these documents may have been forged, because that, remember that was a story when Wikileaks first broke.
The DNC, they were saying.
But they can't deny that now.
They were like, oh, these emails were forged.
And then, of course, you have your tech people come along and say, no, I'm sorry, we can look at the metadata and see that these were actual real emails.
But see, but again, though, this is why it's so frustrating.
Infowars.com had this story over a year ago.
We were already reporting.
We knew Hillary Clinton took over the DNC.
We knew they rigged the election against Bernie Sanders.
I guess this is now news because it's Donna Brazile basically, you know, the left selling out themselves.
Well, she's finally singing.
And she's singing like a bird and she's throwing all these... Kid Daniels had this story last week about how they're definitely going to take out Hillary Clinton.
She's going to be the sacrificial lamb.
They don't need her anymore.
No one's paying $500,000 to her husband for his speeches.
Corpse to speak at their campus or anywhere?
That's a walking corpse.
They have no power anymore.
So now we're starting to see with this investigation, James Comey was fired.
He is no longer there to protect the Clintons and all of their Obama administration cronies who have now we're starting to see they've been up to absolutely no good for the last eight years.
And they were all sort of protecting each other.
But Comey's out.
He's not there.
Are we going to see some actions taken against Loretta Lynch?
And so Donna Brazile is like, look, here it is.
I'll tell you everything you want to hear.
We'll get to more of this story just to, I'll tell you the specific documents that she found and how she just, she was so upset that she had to make that call to Bernie Sanders.
So then all of his supporters need to know that Bernie Sanders absolutely knew about this collusion and what was going on, but he didn't stick up for the many, many millions of people that were supporting him in his campaign.
And donated money too.
He immediately told them to just go support Hillary Clinton.
And then they sued, and then they dropped that lawsuit, even though it was perfectly legitimate.
And again, just to be clear here, basically what is happening is, because you have these campaign donation limits, and because the Democrat Party was in debt, Hillary Clinton was able to use
Basically, loopholes or workaround techniques to take extracurricular donations into different fundraising techniques and then funnel that money back to the DNC, which it would have been illegal had it come from the original contributor to begin with.
So this is just how the Democrats break the law and Hillary Clinton gets away with it.
Before we even had civilization 6,000 years ago, humans communicated through the clothing that they wore, the society they were part of, what class they were from.
And today we see the leftists, the globalists, controlling fashion, controlling culture through Hollywood and through their media systems.
But more and more there is a rebellion against that system.
Clothing is a statement, and it's essential to make that statement by wearing your colors loud and proud, just like I do when I'm out on the streets of America.
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Thank you all for your support and check out the amazing Liberty Apparel at InfowarsStore.com.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
Waging war on corruption.
It's Alex Jones, coming to you live from the front lines of the InfoWar.
Ah, smimey David Brock.
He's a smimey little David Brock.
I think David Brock is upset that InfoWars is willing to cover his super PACs, funneling money back and forth, taking a 10% hit off of it every time.
Is that money laundering?
Hopefully Jeff Sessions will investigate that.
I don't know.
But media matters, folks.
Pull up the tweet.
So Media Matters tweets out...
Now, that's not what I said.
I said that the JFK files released revealed that Hitler escaped from Germany and remained alive in South America.
But then there was a response from some other certified leftist on Twitter, if you guys can find that one as well.
Actually, I think I still have it on my phone if you can't pull it up.
Lachlan Markay, yeah nobody's heard of him.
I would like to know how a meth-addled gas attack victim has lived to 128.
First of all, what in the hell is he talking about?
But this is why it's so funny to me.
See, you don't even realize it.
I always make a false assumption about these liberals that they actually have common sense and they actually have the ability to think critically and to think past level one.
They don't!
They literally have no comprehensive ability to think past level one.
This is a liberal mind.
Okay, so Media Matters puts out a tweet mischaracterizing what I said about Hitler.
Right, because of course they chopped the clip.
Doesn't even show the JFK files that show that Hitler was still alive and the U.S.
government noted.
The CIA's own documents.
Then, this one level one can't get past level one.
These people are literally stuck on level one.
If life was a video game, they can't even beat level one, says, I'd like to know how a meth-addled gas victim lived to 128.
Doesn't even research it, doesn't even listen to the clip, just immediately assumes things, and this is why they can't get past level one, Leigh-Anne.
Well, when Roger Stone comes in the studio, I would like you to ask him about, is Hitler a meth adult?
Is that who he's talking about?
Who is he talking about?
What is he talking about?
Was that Hitler?
I didn't know that that was a... I didn't know Hitler was a meth head, gas attack victim.
I didn't know that.
I did read the declassified government documents that said he escaped to South America though.
I really didn't.
I did read that.
Right, exactly.
Funny how that works.
Look folks, I'm just trying to break down the liberal mindset and how they literally are in Arrested Development and mentally retarded because we're fighting for the
People in America that still aren't politically active, still don't really care about politics, and eventually are, because everything is so politicized now, because the gravity, because the force is so strong, they're going to have to choose a side eventually.
And so, I just want them to see the side of the left or the liberals, whatever you want to call them.
I want them to see the truth about how weak-minded they are, how they can't think critically, and how they literally don't even have a foundation for their beliefs.
It's just regurgitate,
Re-make up talking points and parrot whatever you hear from Media Matters or CNN.
Right, and of course the whole JFK situation was the initial red pill for so many people in this country and that was the one thing that just drove the wedge where they're like, I don't believe anything that I'm being told by the government because they're lying about this and now we finally have these documents coming out.
You know what?
I'm sorry to interrupt you.
Reach out to Marchand, whatever his name is.
Reach out to him.
See if he'll come on.
He wants to know.
He says it.
Lachlan Marquet, nobody's heard of him, says he would like to know how a meth-addled gas attack victim has lived to 128.
So let's get him on the show.
I'll explain it to him then.
I'll explain it all to him, how this goes on, and I'll actually show him the documents.
So, maybe then he can get past level 1, but I doubt it.
I doubt it.
Alright, let's get back into... Just promise you'll call him Lachlan when he comes on.
Lachlan Markey.
Ok, on a serious note, we've got Donna Brazile, she publishes this story basically outing the Clintons, outing the DNC, outing Debbie Wasserman Schultz, and the question is why is Donna Brazile doing this?
But give us the nuts and bolts of exactly what was revealed in this article, Leigh-Anne.
Right, so she was sent in kind of to take over the DNC to chair it after Wasserman Schultz had to step down and immediately went to Hillary Clinton's campaign because it showed that she was corrupt and colluding with their campaign.
But Donna Brazile, so she went in to see, was it really true?
Did Hillary Clinton's team rig the election, the nomination process?
Well, what she found, she followed the money, and what she found was an agreement that was signed way back in 2015.
It's a joint fundraising agreement between the DNC, the Hillary Victory Fund and Hillary for America.
And this specified that in exchange for raising money and investing in the DNC, Hillary would control the party's finances, strategy and all the money that was raised.
So this agreement was signed
Four months after Hillary Clinton announced that she was going to run for president.
While Bernie supporters were donating.
And an entire year before the DNC actually named the nominee.
So she's controlling the money.
Now if you have an incumbent president like President Obama, where you know that there's no one that's going to try to run against him, this makes it seamless where the party that's actually nominated will just take over the funds.
It makes it easy.
They don't have to go through all the DNC chair to ask for money and whatever.
But when you have someone like Hillary Clinton and going against Bernie Sanders, where they're actually supposed to be competing for the nomination, the parties don't get to control the money.
I think so.
And this is exactly like you said, at the same time Bernie Sanders is campaigning as well, but he didn't know or really care too much about the DNC's money, because he was able to raise so much money through those small contributions.
And this is why this is upsetting, because we did have a lot of the Bernie Sanders supporters trying to sue the DNC in a civil lawsuit, but a Florida judge, hello I'm sure he's Debbie Wasserman Schultz's buddy,
They dismissed this case saying that they hadn't presented any real case that there was any wrongdoing.
Let's keep in mind though, this was after Seth Rich died, Sean Lucas died, and Barrington Wizenant died.
And so they dismissed this case.
Just a coincidence I'm sure that they died.
Oh yeah, totally.
Even though they were involved with this case and the Clintons don't have a body count behind them.
And because, again, Donna Brazile does point out that, you know, the email stolen by Russian hackers and then posted online, she continues to just underscore that that's the reality of it.
But, again, this is probably all coming out of Mueller's investigation, which they still haven't, to our knowledge, investigated those DNC computers.
I think that, well, they won't release that conveniently, even though the Russian thing is such a big deal to them, they won't release their own documents to show how the Russians allegedly hacked their servers because it's a lie.
But actually, I think that you may have just kind of painted a clear picture for me with that.
Maybe this really is the sacrificial period of Hillary Clinton.
Maybe they really are throwing Hillary to the wolves now, and they say, OK, Donna Brazile, go ahead and out the Clintons, but keep the Russian narrative going.
Make sure you put that Russian narrative in there.
And we got Wasserman Schultz as well that's going to go down as well with his whole Imran Awan thing.
Well, she's freaking out.
I mean, Walshman Schultz is literally freaked out.
But final question, Leigh Ann.
If nobody from the DNC or Hillary Clinton's campaign or the Clinton Foundation that broke the law, if none of them go to jail, is justice dead?
Yes, absolutely.
The scales have been tipped.
I agree.
Time for justice, folks.
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We're going to keep our Constitution, our Bill of Rights, and the American way.
But at the same time, we're not going to back down
What do I do if one of these libtards calls me a Nazi?
You just put a pacifier in his mouth.
That's easy.
Here's what I'm gonna do.
One of these Antifa's get in my face.
I'm gonna pull out my pocket constitution and stick it in his.
Never heard of him.
Never heard of the guy.
They're going to lose on November 4th and every day after that because they're a bunch of meth-head pieces of crap.
That's French for p***y. Holding our ground and not letting these bullies push us around.
But not stooping to their level.
We're going to grab them by the antifa.
So on November 4th, we gotta do a thing.
A thing?
Yeah, we're gonna do a thing.
America is an information-based civil war.
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You're listening to the Alex Jones Show!
It's the perfect time to be joined by Roger Stone here in studio.
You know, I was kind of relenting from David Brock and Media Matters saying that I said Hitler was still alive, something I never said, but then actually it was brought to my attention.
Roger, I didn't even know you and Hitler had lunch!
Last week.
Only weeks ago.
So yeah, so it's confirmed now.
I mean, I didn't know that you guys were having dinner.
Stand by, you're about to get the Media Matters tweet.
Roger Stone seen dining with Adolf Hitler.
Look, I was there.
What he said was the recently declassified documents pertaining to the JFK assassination
Showed some traffic among the government communicators that would indicate that they believe that he may have escaped to South America and died later.
So, to be absolutely clear, Owen Shoyer never said Hitler was still alive.
The question is, is David Brock still alive?
Hasn't been seen since his
Heart attack.
But we had Andrew Kerr from Citizens Audit on a couple weeks ago.
Clearly, Media Matters for America still engaged in tax evasion and other violations of the federal election law.
Potential money laundering.
But extremely profitable for Mr. Brock.
Extremely profitable.
Well, I wonder why he's having a heart attack.
Perhaps, maybe like Donna Brazile,
He's seeing the change of tides and wants to try to save his own skin and maybe try to pull out from everything that he's been doing with the Hillary Clinton campaign and funneling that money back and forth between his super PACs.
And other non-profits.
I see that down in Brazil has a new book coming out entitled Hacks.
I assume it's a profile on her various friends in the Democratic Party.
Oh, I thought it was an autobiography.
It's not clear, but I am going to buy a copy, however.
Okay, so you'll give us the lowdown on that.
Roger, there's all kinds of news right now.
I'm not sure where you want to start.
I think that it's incredible, though, how everybody's trying to manipulate everything Trump says.
Meanwhile, they're completely ignoring the bombshells that are coming out of what Hillary Clinton and her campaign was actually doing the entire election.
Yeah, it's pretty extraordinary.
Terrific story on InfoWars Today by Dr. Jerry Corsi about Twitter essentially censoring and weeding out anti-Hillary tweets.
That's right.
Further grist for the... Anti-Podesta as well.
You know, further grist for the extraordinary lawsuit that we have coming shortly against Twitter for censorship, antitrust, and various other issues.
I've been very heartened, Owen, by the large number of multinational corporations, big names, who've come forward willing to underwrite my lawsuit.
So it's not just, you know, it's not Roger Stone alone, but it will be
You know, we will have plenty of financing to bring these culprits to justice.
Is that kind of spurring you along right now, the support that you're getting?
Well, the kind of First Amendment or telecommunications lawyers that it takes for this kind of case are exceedingly expensive, in all honesty, pretty much beyond my personal financial capability.
But with the assistance of some major corporations who are interested in fighting censorship, I think we'll be able to put up a formidable battle.
And I've been looking at the home of the CEO of Twitter, and I'll be ready to move in when I own the company.
Are you ready to move in?
You're ready to own Twitter, take it over?
I definitely am, and of course, I wouldn't censor anybody.
I would let the craziest left-wing whack job in the world have their Twitter feed.
Well, they already do.
Oh yeah, I forgot.
So you wouldn't have to change that.
You would just have to let conservatives have free speech on Twitter.
That would be the big difference.
They censored you on Twitter, and I'm curious though, is this the kind of thing that could go beyond Twitter?
Because we know that the main competitor of Twitter is Gab, and Apple Store and the Android App Store, neither one of them will even put Gab on their platform anymore.
So they've completely erased Gab from the competition.
Yeah, I mean, look, there's a terrific piece that I have up at InfoWars right now.
It talks about how Twitter erases you as a human being, which is what they seek to do.
My wife returned from abroad last night only to find out that her Twitter feed has been suspended.
Curious in view of the fact that she hasn't tweeted in six months and has never tweeted anything other than perhaps pictures of our grandchildren and other, you know, personal things to her friends, but never anything political.
So I guess this is
Pre-emptive censorship.
We're censoring her because of something she might say in the future.
Twitter, I'm going to enjoy owning you.
I really am.
I'm going to enjoy this as well.
I'm hoping that... You know what?
It would be great
And I'm sure this won't happen, but it would be great if Twitter just came out and admitted what they were doing, admitted their political bias, admitted how they're trying to censor people that have different political views.
Now obviously we know they won't do that.
So they're going to give you the opportunity to go ahead and just own Twitter with this lawsuit, aren't they?
Well, and I think as you correctly point out, the folks at Google are paying close attention.
The people at YouTube are paying close attention because they're guilty of the exact same thing.
So I do think the fight will be broad, and at the end of the day, Google is the big enchilada.
They're the ones who I think have the most to lose, but their reprehensible behavior has brought this kind of legal action, and frankly, I think the Trump Justice Department was already looking at antitrust
We're good to go.
Now, on that same page, there is a story right now talking about the DOJ potentially thwarting the buyout of Time Warner by AT&T.
Honestly, this is something that I don't necessarily disagree with.
I never felt that.
But you have a different angle as to why this merger would actually be good.
Well, look, I think AT&T is far more responsible.
If AT&T owned Time Warner and Time Warner owned CNN, I think you'd get a house cleaning.
I've predicted that here on InfoWars.
I predicted it on my Twitter feed before it was unceremoniously suspended.
You know, Don Lemon, Jake Tapper, Anna Navarro.
So wait, you're telling me you don't think, you don't think fake fopper, I mean, Jake Sucker, I'm sorry, Jake Tapper, you don't think that he would have his platform to say Allahu Akbar anymore?
No, I think fake Tapper would have a hard time to say that, you know, the people who bombed in Times Square, you know, they're merely misunderstood.
Very strange.
It is very strange, the comments that come out of CNN.
So does that mean, are you saying that Zucker would be out and it would be a clearing house from the top down?
That's what I believe.
I think new management would clean house and maybe CNN would go back to being a news organization.
That would be nice.
Today they're a propaganda front for the Clintons.
This is why we euphemistically call them the Clinton News Network.
In the meantime,
Those who do want to continue to follow my exploits, they can go to StoneColdTruth.com, or on Twitter they can go at StoneColdTruth.
I don't run that feed, but they do a pretty good job of covering what I'm up to, whether it is the incredible things we've learned in the JFK documents that have been declassified, or whether it is... Media Matters ignores those.
Of course.
Or whether it is the
The lawsuit against Twitter itself.
It's the best place to go.
So you can still follow my exploits now.
Sooner or later they'll probably block them too, even though that's not my Twitter feed.
Somebody set up Roger Stone GOP.
Also not me.
They got suspended today.
They got shut down, huh?
Well, you will not be silenced and you will always be on The War Room with us as well as the Alex Jones Show breaking it all down.
So we'll be sure to follow that.
But what Roger just said about CNN is so true, folks.
I am a news junkie.
You honestly wouldn't even believe it.
I can't even explain it.
I literally monitor like 10 different news every day.
I don't even watch CNN and MSNBC anymore because there's zero news value.
They don't even cover news.
It's Trump bashing and Allahu Akbar all day.
We're good to go.
I think so.
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We're really, really proud of it.
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When you spread the links, the articles, and buy products from us, and then we commit to rampage against the enemy totally.
Bill Johnson is the founder of United America First.
A movement began in the 2016 election.
His desire is to unite the countries one person at a time.
He was a Democrat prior to 16 when he woke up after two terms of Obama.
UnitedAmericaFirst.com is his site.
Will, where do we start here with the whole breakdown of what we see in this civilization?
What's front and center at United America First for you right now?
Uh, I guess front and center just bringing awareness to all the lawlessness that's going on.
I mean, you've been touching on it all day today.
I've been watching your show.
There is, there is literally a war on white people in America.
And I think ultimately the objective is to get at Christianity because they want to remove Christianity.
I mean, just look how the liberal left, they're trying to bring in these Islamic terrorists into the country.
And the first piece of people they're going to attack will be Christians.
Specifically white Christians.
Like I said, the majority of the people in America, they are white.
That's just it.
And the majority of the white people in America are Christians.
And I think what's behind the whole thing is that they want to destroy this country.
They're so upset.
So when Donald J. Trump became president, they figured they would pick up the speed and just really start calling white people white supremacists, neo-Nazis, fascists.
It's always been the left that always uses a person's sex
They try to divide us.
They try to use your religion.
They try to use your nationality.
They try to use your color.
They always use something.
They always say black people won't vote Trump.
They always say gay people won't vote Trump.
They always say intelligent women won't vote Trump.
They always use something to try to divide us.
But, you know, for the most part, you always hear conservatives always refer to us as Americans.
Who are they going to vote for?
It's always the other side that's bringing the division.
They are in support of being lawless.
I mean, the canvas that they're laying out and they're painting is just completely black.
I mean, it's unbelievable that the state of America that we're in right now, and they're really pushing even more to bring all this violence and this hate.
Just like they have a thing coming out November 4th,
Where they're going to go out and they say they're going to march against the Trump-Pence regime, as if that's an issue, and then they're going to be violent towards people who they consider to be Trump supporters, are fascists, and the first people that they're going to go out and identify as Trump supporters or fascists are going to be white people.
They don't like the fact that a black person is no longer on this virtual plantation of the Democratic Party.
They want me to put me back in line.
They want to suppress everything that is waking people up.
I don't think ever before have I ever seen black people stand up for a president, specifically a white president, like now for Donald J. Trump.
You're listening to The Alex Jones Show.
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If you would like to kick George Soros in the groin, InfoWarsStore.com.
Well, Roger, you cleaned that up a little bit, Owen.
I cleaned it up just a little bit.
So we've got Hillary Clinton.
Why won't Hillary go away?
Because Bill and Hillary Clinton are the penicillin-resistant syphilis of the American body politic.
They may also have syphilis.
I don't know a single professional Democrat.
I have many friends who are Democrats.
Who just don't want the Clintons to go away.
Terrific piece I noticed on MSNBC today, which points out that, as I have said several times here on Infowars, Michelle Obama is the frontrunner for the Democratic Party's nomination in 2020.
Michelle Obama would be, without any question, the strongest nominee for the Democratic Party.
Michelle Obama's candidacy would end, once and for all, the influence of the Clintons in the Democratic Party.
Do not think that there is any love lost between the Clintons and the Obamas.
There is none.
And I'm predicting again, here, today, Michelle Obama will be a candidate for president in 2020, and she is the likely Democratic nominee.
Wow, big prediction here from Roger Stone.
Mark that down in the books.
So do you believe, Joan Rivers, that Michelle Obama is a transsexual?
I have no views on that.
I do know that the machinery of the Democratic Party is still firmly in the control of Barack Obama.
And if she should choose to be a candidate, she would be a very formidable one.
How do you explain that bulge in her dress?
That's a different question.
That's a different story.
We don't need to go down that
You know, I don't know.
That's kind of interesting because I think the Obamas could potentially be hurting themselves.
You haven't heard too much from Barack, but Michelle continues to go out there.
She's hosting demons at her library to read to children.
I think that the more exposure the Obamas get, the less likely they are to win in another election.
Because like you said, it's just like the same thing with Hillary Clinton.
People are just sick of them.
Well, I don't think there's as much of a fatigue about the Obamas politically as there is of the Clintons.
Both Barack and Michelle Obama continue to poll much, much better than the Clintons.
You notice that she is doing more and more substantive, issue-oriented stuff out on the road.
Do not underestimate
The Obama stranglehold on the machinery of the Democratic Party.
Do not underestimate their ability to win caucuses and primaries if they choose to do so.
I'm going to stand by my prediction.
Michelle Obama will be the Democratic Party candidate for president in 2020 and she should not be underestimated.
She will be a formidable candidate.
All right, you heard it here first from Roger Stone.
Again, this is InfoWars, so get tomorrow's news today, get next week's news today, next month's news today, next year's news today, next century's news today at InfoWars.com.
You know, we told you about the JFK cover-up, declassified documents, proved we were right again.
Now you've got Hillary, though.
Back to Hillary for a second, the demon spawn.
Hillary slams Trump for denouncing Islamic terrorisms.
Presidents shouldn't point fingers or divide after tragedies.
This was Hillary Clinton on a comedy show last night.
I'm not even going to give it the time of day to plug it.
But, Roger, you know, this is the same woman that George Bush said was like his sister.
George Bush started a war based on Islamic terrorism.
But Hillary is silent on that.
Yeah, it's extraordinary what's happened to the once great Democratic Party of Harry Truman and John F. Kennedy.
There was a time when both American parties, for example, the Republicans and the Democrats, were both anti-communist, both patriotic, both pro-American.
They had somewhat different domestic political views, but when it came to foreign policy, they were all American.
Now you have a Democratic Party that will not stand up to Islamic terrorism, will not stand up to Islamic terrorism victimizing of people who are gay or lesbian, will not stand up for human rights.
It's a shell of what the party used to be, which is why I think so many working class Democrats
In places like Ohio and Florida, Michigan, Wisconsin voted for Donald Trump and would do so again if the election were held again tomorrow.
Despite the media onslaught, the unrelenting attacks on our president,
His popularity and his base has held up.
All of the sophisticated polling that I had the ability to see when I was in Washington on Monday shows that if the election were run again tomorrow, he would win again.
He might even win by a slightly larger margin.
The erosion, it was in Hillary's support.
Oh, and that's amazing considering the hatchet job that's been done on the president by the mainstream media.
Which is why I'm just so perturbed that Hillary would continue to do all these media appearances, continue to open her big fat lying trap.
Have you ever seen, in all of your years being in politics, covering politics, have you ever seen a failed presidential candidate that just refuses to accept her defeat or his defeat?
I think this is because the Clintons have never had the ability to see themselves.
They cannot see how phony they come across.
They cannot see how disingenuous they sound.
They cannot see how their public persona comes across as so inauthentic.
I thought during the election that this is one of Donald Trump's greatest attributes.
Everything he said didn't always come out exactly right.
He isn't polished.
He doesn't sound like he's reading somebody else's words.
On the contrary, he seems genuine.
He seems real.
He seems authentic, warts and all.
What you see is what you get.
He's a real guy.
And real guys make mistakes, and real guys also speak the truth, and real guys can inspire.
Everything Hillary Clinton ever said was tested, focus-grouped.
You could see that she was mouthing words written by others, and she just comes across as completely phony.
There's nothing genuine about her.
She doesn't care about anyone but herself.
She doesn't care about anything other than
Lining her pockets.
She doesn't have any guiding philosophy, no moral compass.
She and her husband would steal a hot stove.
They're not liberals.
They're not progressives.
The Sanders wing of the party figured this out.
She stands for nothing but the aggrandizement of the Clintons and the greater enrichment of she and her husband and her greedy, crooked little daughter, Chelsea, who is of course the daughter of Webster Hubble.
And she is
Essentially the king rat of the swamp.
But what's confusing to me about this whole thing, and this has always been confusing to me when we see the left react to radical Islamic terrorism, why is it Hillary Clinton slams Trump for denouncing Islamic terrorism?
The story's on Infowars.com right now by Steve Watson.
Wait a second.
What happened on 9-11?
Roger, it's infuriating me.
I'll go with the official story.
I'm not even going to sit here and debate the official story.
Let's just say, on September 11th, an event that was coordinated by Osama Bin Laden, radical Islamic terrorist, killed 3,000 people in the United States.
So, if that's the fact, why are you not allowed to slam, why are you not allowed to denounce radical Islamic terrorism if they're killing people by the thousands in our country and trying to murder us and end our way of life?
Why won't Hillary Clinton denounce that?
Because it would hurt her within the base of the Democratic Party.
Because it's politically incorrect to be hardline on radical Islam.
This was a major factor in President Donald Trump's election.
He was willing to call it as it is.
And the Democrats still insist on pushing footing their way around this question.
If it plays out that way in another presidential campaign, you're going to have the exact same results.
You know, Roger, politics is obviously a dirty game.
We know that.
But the Clintons are just straight up dirty, nasty, criminal thieves.
I just can't believe that this woman is still even allowed to not just go on TV, but walk freely.
This woman should be in jail.
This woman belongs in an orange jumpsuit behind bars.
Put this woman away before she robs something else.
Vitamin Mineral Fusion.
Visit InfoWarsLife.com to secure your canister.
We have worked for years with our chemists and scientists to create the most powerful and affordable, great-tasting multivitamin formula available.
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Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order, it's Alex Jones.
Waging war on corruption, it's Alex Jones, coming to you live from the front lines of the InfoWar.
Roger, I just realized some great irony here, reading Donna Brazile's story in Politico.
The headline, as Donna Brazile sells out the DNC and Hillary Clinton as the sacrificial lamb for what appears to be some serious money laundering and some shady campaign financing techniques.
The headline is, Inside Hillary Clinton's Secret Takeover of the DNC.
I can't believe I didn't realize this when I first read this headline.
This was not a secret to anyone.
The entire dump of WikiLeaks emails showed how Hillary Clinton took over the DNC.
InfoWars has been covering Hillary Clinton rigging the DNC primaries since they began.
This is how they trick the average audience, Roger.
Inside Hillary Clinton's secret takeover.
It was a secret, even though InfoWars told you.
Even though Wikileaks dropped the emails.
Even though Project Veritas even exposed the DNC.
But it's secret because it wasn't reported on until now, according to Politico.
You know, if you look at it, Debra Wasserman Schultz, the former chairwoman of the Democratic... The disgraced chairwoman.
Right, who was forced to step down after WikiLeaks published documents that indicated that they had to change the rules, bend the rules, to cheat Bernie Sanders out of the nomination.
By the way, do you know how the California Democratic primary came out in 2016?
You know why?
No, you don't.
Because they haven't finished counting.
They still haven't finished counting.
You know why?
That's because Bernie Sanders won in a landslide.
And we have to repress that.
Look, I know Donna Brazile.
I kind of like Donna Brazile, in all honesty.
On a personal level, our politics are really quite different.
I was introduced to her by the Reverend Al Sharpton, who I also know and who I also, on a personal level, like, even though our politics are completely opposite.
I'm going to buy her book.
I think it's going to be very interesting.
She clearly is coming out from under the yoke of the Clintons now, and I think there's going to be a lot of truth-telling there about how the DNC was run.
But in the case of Wasserman Schultz, a guy jumped in the primary against her two years ago.
Uh, whose name escapes me at the moment, but he got 40 plus percent of the vote just based on her theft of the nomination from Bernie Sanders.
He was a Sanders supporter.
And he's running again, and now he has not only that issue, but he also has her involvement with the Awan brothers, and the fact that she allowed these two Pakistani hackers in essence, access
To the DNC computers.
Now what's important to understand here... While they were even in Pakistan.
And what's important here to understand is that after she was formally informed by the Capitol Hill Police that the Awan brothers were under investigation for stealing data and money, she changed their status within the House computer system from consultant to employee so that their access to the US House of Representatives computer would be uninterrupted.
That makes her an accessory to their thievery of both data and money.
So lock her up, Deborah Wasserman Schultz.
They're coming for you next.
We literally have.
Literally books, I mean books.
We have like an encyclopedia of all of the Clinton corruption, ranging from Bill Clinton's time in Arkansas to Bill Clinton's time as president, you know, selling nuclear secrets to the Chinese, selling us out to Russia with Hillary Clinton and the Uranium One deal.
We literally have an encyclopedia, stacks of everything.
The WikiLeaks, the Project Veritas, all just demonizing and damning Hillary Clinton.
When are people going to wake up?
That's what I'm saying.
Will Donna Brazile's book add it to the stack of the encyclopedia showing the Clinton family crime syndicate?
By the way, we're going to have a Hillary Clinton in the next segment where she's demonizing Donald Trump for saying radical Islamic terror.
We'll have that clip in the next segment.
But will the public ever wake up to how corrupt Hillary really is or are they too brainwashed?
If you want to know, get The Clinton's War on Women by Roger Stone.
There's the definitive story on their corruption.
Read it, give it to a liberal friend, give it to a brainwashed friend, and then either see how brainwashed they are, or get them to wake up.
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We're good to go.
Live from Austin, Texas, broadcasting worldwide, it's Alex Jones.
Well, it doesn't matter that we just had a radical Islam terror attack.
In New York City.
It doesn't matter that we're told that on September 11th that radical Islamic terrorists led by Osama Bin Laden wanted to kill thousands of Americans and destroy our way of life.
None of that matters to Hillary Clinton.
All that matters is don't offend the Muslims.
White males are the problem, not the Muslims.
Don't you get that?
So Hillary Clinton
Not even, what, 48 hours removed from a radical Islamic terror attack in New York City goes on The Daily Show, a comedy show, a joke show!
So a joke woman goes on a joke show and demonizes President Trump for daring to call out radical Islamic terror.
Talk about what happened with the event that they are concerned about, but not to point fingers, not to scapegoat, not to try to set Americans against each other.
And unfortunately, that just is not part of the job that our current president accepts or is willing to perform.
Of course he can have his own point of view.
What in the hell is she talking about?
President Trump is putting himself in the shoes of people that died because of a radical Allahu Akbar!
And Hillary Clinton goes on a joke television show with a joke host.
We're joined by John Rappaport now.
I don't even know how to, I'm like, I go through phases, honestly, in this very demanding mental job that we have here covering this nonsense and this corruption every day.
I go through phases.
I'm like on the brink of a phase now.
I can't even deal with this anymore.
I can't look at Hillary Clinton anymore.
I can't listen to her voice anymore.
This woman
Is such a lying demon freak.
I can't believe that she would get up there and spread these lies, say that Trump is the one with the cold heart when she's literally the most cold hearted woman I've ever heard of.
John, try to bring me back to earth here, man, because I can't, I'm literally fuming that Hillary Clinton said this stuff.
Well, as you know, and as most of our listeners know, this is the tactic of the people who are trying to demolish what is left of the United States.
They blame their crimes and their point of view and their state of mind on other people.
So whatever it is that they're guilty of, they will tell you that somebody else
In this case, their enemies are guilty of.
That's their strategy.
It always has been.
It's the MSM strategy of news.
We're lying, so we accuse other people of lying.
We're committing crimes and keeping vital information from people, so we accuse independent media of doing that.
She has no empathy, therefore she accuses Trump, in this case, could be anybody, of having no empathy.
It's just the tactic.
It's a psychological tactic.
These people are so embedded in it that they can't get out of it and they never will be able to get out of it.
It's now a compulsion and an obsession with them.
What am I guilty of?
Okay, now I've got to find somebody else to blame and say, they're the ones who did it.
So this goes on and on.
How do we, because I'm a constitutionalist, fully on with the Bill of Rights, I don't want to stop anyone's free speech, but at the same time we have a conservative nature that puts protecting our way of life and keeping the ideas that created America going
And you see someone like Hillary Clinton and the host of the fake news program that she was on, literally trying to destroy our country.
And destroy the very fabric of truth.
To literally distort reality.
I mean, how do we deal with this?
Because I can't stop her right to free speech.
I'll tell you what, John, I'll ask the same question I asked of Leanne McAdoo.
If Hillary Clinton or people of her ilk that have been breaking the law and lying to Americans for dozens of years, if no one is put behind bars, let's say Trump is in for eight years, if no one inside Hillary Clinton's ilk that breaks the law, hand over fist, steals money, if no one ends up behind bars, is justice dead in this country?
Because it's already been dead.
I mean, you could ask the same question about the CIA.
You could say, well, if nobody from the CIA has gone to jail since 1947, when the CIA was created, and the CIA is roaming all over the world committing one crime after another in serial fashion, and no significant figure inside the CIA is ever sent to prison, is justice dead?
In a sense, it's been dead for a long time.
But that doesn't mean that we stop and say there's nothing that can be done.
Can we restore it, though?
Oh yeah.
We're in this fight, as you well know, and we're scoring victories every day because more and more people are waking up.
And the seesaw has been tilting for quite some time now, from major media mind control to independent media.
It's tilting in our direction.
More and more people who are completely disgusted with the status quo and the way things are done are waking up to the truth.
And that is called pressure, my friends.
Pressure builds and builds and builds to the point where the people who are in power can ignore it no longer, and they begin to make more and more grievous mistakes, tell more and more obvious lies,
I remain optimistic.
That's all I can tell you.
American Renaissance and at the end of the day everyone will end up on the Trump movement I'm just calling it the Trump movement because that is the beachhead that is the spear that broke the establishment's armor if you will and eventually after you know who knows how long it will take I mean the the original Renaissance I think they say took 300 years so who knows how long it'll take now I guess it's just
I guess it's just that we really care about people too much.
I really care about the truth and justice too much that sitting here having to watch Hillary Clinton, a known criminal, go on television and smear Donald Trump for talking about radical Islamic terror that just killed eight people in New York, it just makes me so sick, it makes my head spin.
I understand, believe me.
I've been at that crossroad many times over the last 35 years working as a reporter.
And what I finally came to decide was, you just keep going, because what is the alternative?
You're going to stop?
No, nobody, we're not going to stop.
So there are these moments when it, it feels like it's too much.
You can't get past it, but then the sun rises tomorrow and you are past it, you know, and you're onward.
And, uh,
You have renewed energy because you know that you're on the side of the truth and what's right.
And that is a motivation that can't be overestimated.
It's that powerful.
Dozens, even hundreds of Tokyo Roses out there basically telling to tell the left that they still have victory and Donald Trump and his movement is losing.
Even though, as you said, we're absolutely kicking ass.
It's not even close.
Trump's movement is winning hand over fist.
But you know, it's just...
I think that what we're in the midst of right now, just like the American Revolution defeated the British World Empire that was so powerful nobody thought they could be defeated, America is now back to defeat the global empire.
America is now back to defeat the globalist New World Order empire that nobody thought could be beat.
That's what they said about the British Empire.
The Americans beat that.
Guess what globalists?
We're going to beat you too.
Globalization has not been an unalloyed good.
I am a free trader.
I'm a strong supporter of globalization.
Globalization doesn't seem to be working for the middle class, for ordinary people.
We are in an information war and we are losing that war.
The rise of nationalist movements all over the world has a counterbalance to
Globalization, maybe it's most marked with the European economic community.
To simultaneously erect a system where the top is so far from the bottom, that the bottom has no connection to the top.
The old rules-based system is beginning to crumble, hastened by Brexit in Britain and in the European Union, and hastened by what President Trump is standing for.
Americanism, not globalism!
Will be our credo!
The global governance is failing.
The globalists had already thought they had full control of America and then the world are in total panic mode in an existential battle seeing their entire authoritarian world government crumble and collapse in front of them.
And so George Soros funds Media Matters, CNN, MSNBC, all these legal groups that are openly suing Trump thousands of times, setting up and suing us as well, trying to sabotage our suppliers, trying to shut down our support base, trying to get us kicked off radio and TV, trying to have us criminally investigated, trying to have us shut down.
But I have the Republic behind me and common sense and an awake population to defend against you.
I'm not those poor, sad, hard-working Eastern European peasants that you helped round up for four years when you sent them to death camps, Soros, and you thought you could bring down America.
You're gonna find out we're not gonna go so easy.
So he's 18 billion dollars in to this fight right now.
But here's the good news, Hillary had almost 3 billion dollars, Trump had about 400-500 million, but he had the people, and so he won.
And so this force feeding of his culture war, and trying to buy off groups, isn't gonna help him, it's gonna blow up in his face.
Because no army can stop an idea whose time has come.
So I'm asking listeners and viewers of this transmission,
Now more than ever to understand, when you spread the articles, when you spread the videos, when you spread the live feeds at InfoWars.com forward slash show, or Facebook, Google, Twitter, or other platforms, or you spread the podcast, and when you buy the products at InfoWarsStore.com, you are involved in a revolutionary act against these globalists, because pennies against their thousands of dollars.
And millions against their billions is already defeating them and will defeat them.
The fact that he's going to have to put in hundreds of times a year what he put in previously of his stolen loot just kills him!
So I'm asking you, as the enemy ups their power against us, as the enemy comes in like a flood, the Spirit of the Lord will lift up a standard against it.
And InfoWars is imperfect, but we are seen by the enemy as the standard, as one of the main standard-bearer operations against them.
And that's why we're under attack.
So rally around the flag, my friends, and financially support us today.
Get great deals on supplements.
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That will make this operation continue strong in the face of the enemy, and we will defeat these scum.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
John Rappaport here.
Hello, everybody.
Sitting in for Alex in the fourth hour.
You know, I want to repeat something that I said
A couple weeks ago when I was on, because I find that fewer and fewer people understand what free market and capitalism really means.
We're not talking about crony capitalism, secret backroom deals.
We're not talking about globalism.
We're talking about transfer from you to me, from you to you, from you to you.
This is the simplest form of exchange.
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You are freely spending your money to get something good for you.
And then that money goes to support the truth at InfoWars.
It's that simple.
It's that free.
It's that straightforward.
Nobody else is involved in these transactions.
That's called the open market.
That's what kids don't learn about in school anymore.
Somebody's recent article indicates that 43% of millennials would prefer to live under socialism and communism.
Obviously, these youngins don't have a clue.
Not a clue as to what would really happen to them.
They think it's all mommy and daddy protecting them.
And freebies flow in from the sky, and from who knows where, and all is well.
All is well.
But it's not.
Because they're never educated in the very basics of the free market.
They don't know what it is.
They wouldn't know what it is if it suddenly reared up and bit them.
You work, you earn money,
You decide to spend money on something that you consider valuable, in this case, InfoWarsLife.com products.
That money goes to InfoWars.
It's spent on the operation of InfoWars, which is to spread the truth, to wake people up.
What I was talking about with Owen in the last segment, to wake people up and thereby exert more and more pressure on the powers that be.
And believe me, they can feel it.
They know it's there.
Get that simple fact.
What globalism wants to do is to come in and promise the moon
And say, you see, we understand that you're helpless, you're dependent, you can't do anything.
Of course, of course, of course, of course.
And then as an aside, they say, well, we understand that because we helped make you that way.
But you don't hear that part.
And now that you're helpless and dependent and needy, always needing more and more and more, don't worry, we'll take care of you.
All you have to do is allow us to erase all borders and nations and create one planet, indivisible, with no liberty and no justice for all, and then we can take over, and then we can bring in a technocratic society in which everything is ruled and measured and quoted.
You get this, you get that, you don't get that.
Leave all that to us.
We are the globalists.
We'll take care of you.
That's the new system.
Well, gee, that sounds great.
I like that.
You mean I don't have to do anything.
I don't have to work.
I don't have to think.
I don't have to exert effort, determination.
I don't have to have a vision of what I want for my own life.
Yes, that's right.
That's right.
It'll all be well.
It'll all be well.
And then you get a giant society based on this.
Where government contracts are feeding and fueling gigantic companies and corporations that claim that they're making huge amounts of profits.
Yeah, because they're in the government trough, which is the tax trough and the invented money trough.
And we're pulling this back down to the simplest, best system called
Free market.
I want to shift gears here because for me, this is Opioid Epidemic Week in every venue that I can get access to.
But for this audience, I want to present some background.
You've all heard now about the opioid epidemic that is raging throughout the U.S., England, and many other countries around the world.
These are devastating drugs, far more powerful than morphine.
Synthetic drugs that are addicting people, that lead to their... One of the things that we can do is look at blister packs as an alternative to how opioids are dispensed right now and perhaps package opioids in blister packs where it might come in a 2, 4, 6, or 8.
About 30,000 deaths a year and who knows how much other maiming and destruction and addiction and so on and so forth.
That's what we're talking about.
But what is the background on that?
I keep reminding people that this is the globalist medical cartel at work at the highest levels.
The medical cartel in the long run is the most significant cartel in the globalist bag.
Because through the lifelong treatment from birth to the cemetery, people are diagnosed with one condition after another, many of them fake, prescribed incredibly toxic drugs at each stage,
And then eventually become too debilitated to think, to resist, to understand what's going on, and they die.
And that's the history.
That's the history.
That's the history of many, many individuals under the globalist medical cartel.
As a reporter for 35 years now,
I've investigated this up one side and down the other and inside out and upside down.
And there is no other conclusion to draw except that at the highest levels of power in the medical cartel, at the very highest top of the mountain, these people understand exactly what they're doing.
That they are waging essentially chemical warfare against the population of the planet for the purpose of destroying and debilitating populations, making them thus easier to control.
That's the background.
That's what you have to understand before we get into what is happening.
In the most chilling epidemic that I have seen,
In terms of its instant destruction in my 35 years of reporting, which is the opioid epidemic.
This is John Rappaport here for Alex Report Hour.
We are on the march.
The empire is on the run.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
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