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Name: 20171027_Fri_Alex
Air Date: Oct. 27, 2017
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The Alex Jones Show discusses the struggle between President Trump and the Deep State in relation to releasing JFK files. The show also covers other current events like a national blackout martial law drill set for October, heavily redacted FBI documents concerning Sandy Hook investigation, rumors of an attack on the American power grid by globalists, and General H.R. McMaster's connection with neocons working against President Trump. The show promotes its own products such as toothpaste and mouthwash while discussing historical parallels between the Red Scare of the 1950s and current political climate, ongoing investigations into Uranium One deal and JFK files, and features interviews with guests like Jack Posobiec on various topics.

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From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
What we are looking at is good and evil, right and wrong.
All right, last Friday, we broke the news that President Trump told Roger Stone and others that barring any new information, he was going to release the JFK files by Thursday night.
He released about 95% of it, but 300 files
Roughly we're kept back.
And that just adds to everybody's concern.
We're getting information from Gorka and others with connections to the White House that they really fought Trump on this, the deep state did, and basically refused to do it.
And we know there's been an ongoing rebellion in government, and so the President tweeted out after this happened, and after the media spun it, that he'd lied to the public, saying he'd release everything, saying no, they've put it into some committee for review the next six months, and I think that all of it will get released, hopefully.
But this is an example of how they're bucking the president.
There it is.
JFK files are being carefully released.
In the end, there will be great transparency.
It's my hope to just get about everything out of the public.
And it's my hope to get just about everything out of the public.
That's what he tweeted this morning.
Roger Stone's joining us in the next segment.
He obviously has a lot of intel on that, and so do I.
I have been talking at length with one of the only White House sources left, and I'm just going to leave it at that, and obviously our phones are all tapped by Deep State, and so has Roger.
Roger's been talking to other very big heavy hitters, including the President, obviously.
And separate from the JFK stuff we'll cover in the next segment,
The info I've got so important and so big, I'm not ready to put it out on air, because I need to really look at every angle of it.
But just for everybody's safety, I think I'm gonna have to go ahead and put it out on the air today.
And then there's a whole other subject.
I'm gonna leave it at that.
concerning Vegas that is real dangerous.
You talk about a hot potato, you talk about a hand grenade with a pin pulled on it.
I just am speechless at this point.
Because, believe me, an entire FBI office wouldn't know what to do in a few hours with just one of these issues I've got.
And by that, I mean, these are such big, complex things.
And we have so much credibility with people that actually are involved in and out of the government that we get this intel just continually that is just bombshell.
And I'm just asking myself, how do I present all this properly when
Say news is like trying to bail out a boat that's got a leak in it.
And I'm trying to bail it out with a teacup and it's just, water's just pouring in.
The news is all completely over-the-top insane.
There is a national blackout martial law drill
Set to take place throughout October, late October into November.
Simulating martial law if the left blows up the power plants for the Transformers.
We know they've been training for that.
I had that info months ago, I didn't go public with it on air.
But now it's in the news.
I mean, there's just big stuff coming.
There's a civil war in this country.
The globalists don't intend to turn loose without a fight.
Stay with us, I'm gonna try to figure out how to present all this, but this is really important.
Thousands of years ago, there was a basic form of chivalry.
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Well, so does he.
Live from the InfoWars.com studios, it's Alex Jones.
America is awakening.
So is the rest of the world.
But the globalists are pushing back.
I'm gonna get to this later, not because it's about me, but because it's a total lie, and it's the anatomy of how they engage in frauds.
Raw Story, Newsweek, and others haven't known how to respond the last month to us being the cutting-edge folks breaking the main news about the official narrative of Vegas being false.
So their new thing is to say that I say that nobody died there, and that I am attacking the victims through my listeners.
Total bull!
But that's Raw Story, that's Newsweek, and that's just how they operate.
So that's coming up.
Speaking of Vegas, either today or tomorrow, we're looking to break the most hardcore smoking gun information about Vegas yet.
And I'll just leave it at that.
Obviously, we are a big media outlet.
People know we're independent.
They know we're fearless to the point of being pretty much crazy.
And I'll have to process this information today because it's been on our plate since about 11 o'clock last night.
And then we're going to cover it once I decide what to do.
And I'm not complaining.
I just wish there was more time.
Because I've got five different bombshell stories that we're right in the middle of that I know are key.
We've got this martial law drill simulating the left knocking out the power grid.
They can't turn off the coal power systems and they can't sabotage the economy.
I mean, that's what they're talking about doing.
And I didn't even get into this a month ago, a month and a half ago, when I learned about it from
Let's just say the shadow government or the folks that actually deal with it on the ground, the military that's assigned to the FBI and assigned to these task forces, they have picked up coordinated drilling going on all over the country with the left planning to attack the power grid in November.
And I didn't put this on air because I don't want to give their own people ideas.
It's in the news today.
They're going to simulate national power outages.
We're going to Roger Stone here in just a moment.
We've got Mattis basically signaling they're preparing to use nuclear weapons on the DMZ, as I told you they'll have to.
There's 100,000 pieces of artillery there aimed at Seoul, so it's the only tactic.
And the head of the South Korean defense
I think?
There's a lot of news breaking on the Kennedy assassination today with the KGB files coming out that they believed Lyndon Johnson killed President Kennedy and was planting a false flag to blame Russia.
We know part of that's true because Operation Northwoods was a similar plan killed by Kennedy.
We also have British newspaper received mystery call minutes before JFK assassination telling him it was going to happen.
We've got all that.
But joining us is Roger Stone for the next few segments.
To discuss from his sources, and by the way, we predicted this, not just last Friday, but Sunday and Monday, we said, we think they're gonna black out a bunch of it.
The president can order it released, but they've already blacked most of it out.
They've done this before.
Well, instead of doing that, what they've done with 2,000 plus pages they've released, the 3,000, is they just held back 300 files.
While they decide what to do.
And they just told the president, you're violating national security if you do this.
And the word I got is they just double-crossed him last minute and didn't put it out.
The president doesn't want to look embarrassed.
CNN's acting like he reneged and double-crossed everybody when he could have just done like past presidents and said, no, I'm not releasing it.
And so you're seeing deep state quicksand from my intel basically refuse in a mutinous action to go along with the president.
Which is, like Schirmer said, the intelligence agency can have seven ways a Sunday to get you.
And we've been seeing them leak on him.
He said it was...
The FBI director that did it, and it turned out it was, and it's just a mess.
It's a civil war going on in the country.
We'll get Roger Stone's take on this briefly, because I want to segue into some of the big intel you've gotten.
I don't know how much of it you can get into now, but it dovetails with mine about what's really going on in the White House.
I know you tried to have a longer meeting with me this morning, and I had to get off the phone, so we were unable to complete our decision process on this.
But this is really important, obviously.
So, I've gotten overwhelmed at this point, Roger.
Just how crazy this has gotten.
The fog of war here.
But you agreed with me this morning that the tide is turning.
We've had a really good 10 days.
The deep states, the corrupt elements of it are on the run.
First of all, I think this is a graphic illustration of how quickly American politics and attitudes towards everything can change in just 10 days.
Between the Uranium One bombshell that the Obama administration engaged in a cover-up of an effort by the Russians to get control of 20% of our uranium output, with big bribes to the Clintons as part of it,
Followed by the revelations that Hillary and her people paid for the smear dossier in what you deemed Peepygate, where they attempted to smear Trump.
By the way, $3 million of your tax dollars funneled to that operation through the FBI.
And now Trump taking a bold and I think courageous stand and releasing the documents only to have the deep state do a rear guard action where they're attempting to redact, censor, hold back as much as they possibly can.
Essentially, countermanding the president in defying the will of the president.
So your intel agrees with my intel and with Gorka's saying and Lou Dobbs, that's exactly what happened?
No, there's no question.
The guys in Langley are moving quickly to cover their assets.
They've got to clean these up quickly.
Why they didn't already have these redactions done?
Why they didn't already have... Clearly they have it sitting around for blackmail purposes.
They thought they would bluff him and he would never allow release of these.
As I reported at InfoWars, the intelligence agencies lobbied the president that this was going to hurt them by revealing their methods, their sources, their operations.
It's nonsense.
They lied then, they lie now.
That's what they don't want people to see.
The same people who undermined John F. Kennedy and liquidated him are the people trying to take down our president.
And I want to be specific because that's even buried in the news that last minute they just said,
Last minute, let us hold this back.
There's not time.
Put it to this committee.
Six months.
And just, they made the decision.
So, what's the headline on that?
CIA, Deep State, does rearguard action, mutinies against Trump, refuses to release documents?
Until I can, they've only put out a small portion of what they have.
We have to review how much of it's just redacted, just blacked out.
Lee Harvey Oswald met with Black at Buck.
And they discussed, and the next five paragraphs are just blacked out by some bureaucrat.
It's most definitely an effort to nullify the law put in place by Congress and signed by the President to let the people know what really happened.
And the good news, Alex, is that I was told they went to him and said,
These 200 documents can never be released.
We just don't have enough time to explain to you why.
And he said, good, put a time clock of six months on them and we'll look at them.
So he hasn't, he hasn't, he's attempting to keep his commitment.
I'm certainly, uh, I am certain that no one has brought him the documents showing him the redactions.
Uh, but he'll look into that.
Uh, if they redacted these, if they censored them so much that they were mushed, that they were useless for historians or researchers, the president will be able to see that.
Well, I think that's the process that's now gonna happen in the next six months, where they just take each page, dip it in black ink, and that's...
Just incredible that we're 53 years later and we already know the truth.
When we come back, Roger, I want to get into what we were discussing earlier as much as you can because I don't think we can sit on this information dealing with what's happening inside the Trump White House.
We're not going to stoop to the tactics of this authoritarian communist and fascist, funded by that dirtbag George Soros.
The communists, they can't resist free stuff.
You set up a booth, it says free stuff.
We're going to keep our Constitution, our Bill of Rights, and the American way.
But at the same time, we're not going to back down.
What do I do if one of these libtards calls me a Nazi?
That's easy, you just put a pacifier in his mouth.
Here's what I'm gonna do when one of these Antipas get in my face.
I'm gonna pull out my pocket constitution and stick it in his.
Never heard of him.
Never heard of the guy.
They're gonna lose on November 4th and every day after that because they're a bunch of meth-head pieces of crap.
Dude, that's French for f***ing.
Holding our ground and not letting these bullies push us around.
But not stooping to their level.
I'm gonna grab and buy the Antifa.
So on November 4th, we gotta do a thing.
I think?
Yeah, we're gonna do a thing.
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You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
Crashing through the lies and disinformation, it's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Some of this news we're gonna have to break in studio next week.
I may even get Roger here this weekend because we've got to really go over this entire model of how they're planning to take out the president.
We have the blueprint.
Not that we've reverse-engineered.
We have it.
Okay, we know who the players are.
It's gotten very clear now.
And the exact plan and the neocons working with the Democrats and the whole deal.
Now, it's not going well for them, but they're biding their time.
Roger's got a huge data dump.
And you're going to get it exclusively here.
People say, oh, we don't care about the intrigue of the White House.
This is the intrigue of the ship of state trying to turn the Republic around.
And the whole world's watching this.
And we see Catalonia declaring independence.
Spain declared martial law.
Federal rule.
They're sending in federal troops.
There's just wild stuff happening everywhere.
plans solar storm based national blackout drill during Antifa protest in November.
When Antifa says they're planning terror attacks, then the media spins it and says, no they're not.
Just like when CNN says, yeah, the deep state's going to kill Trump.
And then they say, Jones is crazy.
His favorite conspiracy theory is that we're talking about civil war or the 25th amendment or removing Trump.
And then they
Next hour, they promote it.
So it's a very weird tactic they've got, where they prepare it in public, but then say they're not doing it.
It's a military tactic, actually.
You know, don't run, we are your friends.
Roger, this is huge news.
What do you want to break now, just so folks coming up next week realize how accurate this was?
Just like when we said months ago in April, no, the President's not going to send in
100,000 troops into Syria and take out Damascus, even though his generals, McMaster, were saying they would on CNN.
Three days later, the president came out and said those exact words.
So you're about to do that yet again to let people know what's going on dealing with military activity in the White House.
Go ahead.
First of all, I think it's important to recognize exactly who General H.R.
McMaster is.
Let's remember that McMaster was put in place on the recommendation of Jared Kushner, the President's son-in-law, presumably his lovely wife Ivanka, both federal employees, members of this administration, and
He has formerly worked for a think tank, funded by the Ford Foundation, the Rockefeller Foundation, and George Soros.
He's a member of the Council on Foreign Relations.
He wrote a book criticizing the Johnson administration's conduct of the war, where the generals were lying to the president, and some have taken that to believe that he's a non-neocon, but he is neocon through and through.
He is bolstered internally by Dina Habib-Powell, formerly of the Bush White House and working for the Senator from Texas.
She is an ardent globalist and never a trumper.
And then, so McMaster is very close to both General Kelly and General Pettis.
And this is what we call the Seven Days in May group.
All right.
I think so.
And I think they got the message loud and clear.
But even then, he's not, he doesn't want to go intervene in these places ineffectively.
And the President wisely said to their recommendation of 150,000 troops, not happening.
In any event, I have learned, you'll remember that the President announced that we would continue our engagement in McMaster.
But he would not, he would not
I'd be willing to say a number.
He dropped the number 9,000.
What he gave was Pettis the authority to send more than 9,000.
And then recently, McMaster essentially gave the president a decision memo on 50,000 troops.
Alex, that would be our largest troop allotment ever to Afghanistan.
So rather than withdrawing, we'd be expanding, inconsistent with Trumpism.
And I'm told the president looked at it and said, what's this?
And he said, well, that's the number of troops we need for Afghanistan.
And the president said, we need to have a meeting on this.
We need to have a meeting on this.
And he wouldn't sign it.
So, I mean, this is the kind of trickery.
I assume McMaster thought he could finesse the President.
This is the way the neocons infect the Trump White House.
By the way, this is just bombshell because we broke three days before the President, word for word, said, I'm pushing back.
We're not invading Damascus.
Hillary and Obama started that war.
We're on the wrong side.
We're taking on ISIS.
We broke that because obviously it came around from the President.
Now you're giving people the intel of what they tried to slip past him dealing with Afghanistan.
Recap that.
That's so important.
The President announced he was going to allow us to keep troops in Afghanistan.
He would let General Pettus decide how many.
They hinted that it was around 9,000.
Then suddenly we have H.R.
McMaster giving the President the document authorizing 50,000 troops.
Obviously, no one had ever mentioned this to the President.
Obviously, he understands it's too large an engagement.
We're supposed to be winding down there.
We're winding up.
And their argument is this.
Mr. President, when we leave, everything will collapse.
It will all go to
And the problem is that will happen whether we leave tomorrow or we leave 15 years from now.
What they're trying to do here won't work.
And this is the sleight of hand of the neocons.
And give people the date on this.
I mean, the time frame.
When did this just happen?
This was within the last 10 days, I am told.
The intrigue here in the Trump White House is extraordinary.
They're like trying to get their parents to sign the report card, kind of slipping it over to them when they're reading the newspaper and not paying attention.
That's the level of just grasping and grabbing.
Let me give you some intel.
They have these shift teams that are CIA folks.
With Green Berets and others that have been taken and put into private contractor positions and they're going around on hunter-killer teams and of course that was in the news this week but specifically it is Eric Prince's plan but integrated with the Pentagon's plan because the Pentagon as you know wants tens of thousands more regular troops
And so now, I guess Trump didn't want people to know the real plan, but they are launching the operations with the paramilitary forces, and so the CIA is running big teams inside the country.
So what do you make of all this?
Let me take a Marco Rubio moment.
Yes, you've got laryngitis right now from talking 20 hours a day.
Because I have been working with the media to try to understand what's transpired here in the deep state effort to undermine the president's order for full disclosure.
This is just incredible.
Stay there and do a few more minutes and I'll let you go because of your voice.
I want to look at the negatives that are here but also the positives that we're winning intellectually and the country's coming back economically.
This could be a recovery that kill in the crib.
So the fight is at a key moment right now.
We've got to stay focused and hold steady and move forward.
I'm Alex Jones.
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You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones!
To really show you how fluid this is, last Friday the media said that Roger Stone and I were wrong and that the president was not going to release any of the JFK files that were set to be released the next Thursday evening at midnight, going into Friday morning.
And the next morning the president tweeted exactly what we'd said, what he'd told Roger, that barring new information, he was looking at releasing them.
And then last minute, he says, yeah, they're coming out today.
And they go, oh, we can't.
There's other stuff we found.
He goes, OK, you got six months.
But they just did that as one more time.
And the president is about secrecy with military stuff, which is a smart thing to do.
You don't want to tell your enemies what you're going to do.
But this is 53 years ago.
91% of the American people in Gallup polls believe there are multiple shooters.
Anyone that's serious knows that.
We even know what happened with JFK.
And so that's why this is so important.
I want to play this clip and then go back to Roger Stone.
This is Gorka, who recently left the White House, one of the president's top advisors, says, deep state withholding of JFK files stinks to high heaven.
And we've also got other clips here, again, where Lou Dobbs and others are saying this is outrageous.
Here it is.
Joining us tonight, former strategist, deputy assistant to President Trump, now the chief strategist for the Make America Great Again coalition, Dr. Sebastian Gorka.
Great to have you here.
Thanks for having me.
It is quite a day in Washington, D.C.
Let's start with
The obvious, and that is the delay of these documents, which the President told us that we were going to have today.
The law says we must have by midnight today, tonight, but which we will not have.
Instead, only about 2,500 of 35,000 overall documents, some of which have been under seal for 50, imagine this, 54 years!
First things first, let's dispense with the fake news.
I was reading the Daily Mail on the way here that said, President Trump, new cover-up with JFK documents.
This has nothing to do with President Trump.
This is the FBI and the CIA requesting to be able to redact some of the documents.
To hell with them!
I mean that seriously.
To hell with them.
Why should we, our president, any administration put up with two agencies that over the course of what would be now 25 years since some of these documents were sealed,
They've had 25 years to do the right thing.
Cover assets, change methods.
There's only two reasons that you would do that redaction right now.
The reasons are you protect active operations or you protect sources and methods.
Neither of those can be true 50 years later.
So what is it?
Something embarrassing.
And we have seen in the last eight years the rank politicization of both the Bureau and the CIA under Brennan.
So it really stinks to high heaven.
And again, I don't want to toot our horn here for breaking it last week, but facts are facts.
They're always saying we're not credible.
Mainstream media does that because they lie for a living, unless it's a few pockets of reality like Lou Dobbs, like you just heard.
They got relegated over on Fox Business, even though he had higher ratings than anybody ever did on CNN.
It just shows how crazy it is.
But I digress.
That's exactly what we feared, is that they would black it out.
Because the President isn't down there in the CIA running all this himself.
Just like I'm not running the shipping department for our products that's a mile away from my other office.
And that's exactly what's happened.
And I guarantee you, when it comes out in six months, they're gonna dip each piece of paper in big old buckets of black paint.
You'll have Lee Harvey Oswald met with...
Just like Roger Stone said.
So again, this is not the President's doing, and we're not defending the President.
This is what we predicted would happen, Stone.
Well, interestingly enough, one of the things we learn in these documents is at least 40 journalists were on the direct payroll of the CIA.
That's one of the reasons they're fighting so furiously to hide this, because they most likely are paying journalists today.
Secondarily, here's their big problem.
The government, the official finding of the Warren Commission accepted by the U.S.
government is that Lee Harvey Oswald did not kill Kennedy as the agent of a foreign country.
That he was a nutty communist, but he wasn't working for the Russians.
Ergo, how can any of this have national security implications?
It's not possible.
You think about that little problem for them.
Beyond that, they are, I think,
Caught by surprise.
That explains the stories late last week that said you and I were wrong.
They had a leak.
They thought they were going to get him to release nothing.
They were surprised, I think, when he moved towards transparency.
Then they came back and they hard-cased him that these 200 documents will kill agents on the ground, Mr. President.
And he said, I need six months to look at this.
So I think he's skeptical of them.
Read it in his tweets.
He understood what the right thing to do here was.
I think it is crucial to recognize that
What they don't want the voters to figure out, the American people to figure out, is the same things they did then, they are doing now.
Promulgating fake news.
And by the way, these documents are incredible.
It's got Mockingbird stuff in there, buying off all these newspapers, and it says, we agree that the free press is essential, but we need to do this.
And so there they are, putting out the talking points for the mainstream media, just like they still do today.
I mean, they say it's disinfo that Anderson Cooper's CIA
The guy's a robber baron heir, I know you know him, and he admittedly worked at the CIA.
It's like CNN saying that the Nazi collaborator Jordan Soros was never a Nazi collaborator.
He went on 60 Minutes and said he was proud of it!
No, LK Anderson Cooper has been on my international best-dressed list that I publish at Stone Cold Truth and Stoner on Style every year for about four years.
And I used to think he was a relatively objective journalist, but he's got off the deep end so badly for the whole Clinton-Obama narrative of things that I've really lost enormous respect for him.
Wow, well it's incredible that there is a lot of meat to what was released.
No wonder they didn't want any of this released.
How they were owning TV journalists and print journalists and controlling major newspapers and how they were trying to shut down other newspapers reporting on it.
I think this is a key thing.
There are several stories today that correctly say that among these documents are proof that the KGB conducted their own extensive investigation into Kennedy's murder.
You can go to Books A Million, Barnes & Noble, and soon, if not now, on the InfoWars channel.
That's right, you're a best-selling author and researcher on that.
That's why we've got you on.
I want to get St.
John Hunt on again to break this down.
We've only got about a minute left here.
Look, globalism's in trouble.
Countries are breaking away from it everywhere.
The economy's coming back.
We're having huge victories.
The deep state's getting hurt, as it turns out.
Everything they said we'd done with the Russians, they'd done.
I don't see how they survive this politically unless Sessions still keeps being weak.
And we know the constellation of power in the White House
You know, my sources tell me that at this point
So he's a man in a tower.
He's like Rapunzel.
He's in charge of nothing.
Exactly, and he's got his own weird notions about marijuana and assnack forfeiture and so on, but he's not even in the play.
He's a patriot, but he's like somebody from the 1940s.
Rosenstein is the one.
He's got a big, giant police state striped on his back, and he's in La La Land.
Roger Stone, we'll talk to you again soon.
Thank you so much.
Great to be with you, Alex.
That is exclusive info on the war that we just broke down.
Trump said no to 50,000 more troops.
I like to do things where I know I can at least take control of it myself, personally.
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Does that make any sense at all?
So all these things that we put on our body, they're going into our bloodstream.
Takes about 28 seconds to go into our bloodstream.
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For external use only.
Think about this.
Think about this.
They say it's for external use only.
They're not stupid at the FDA.
They know it goes into your bloodstream.
What is the establishment going to do when all this comes out?
It's already come out about bisphenol A and Adrazine.
And then they're still putting it in stuff.
What's going to happen?
Why are they doing it?
When I've looked it up, they've got chemicals that are even less expensive that they could be using that have less problems.
It's like they go out of their way to do this.
I think that companies today, are they purposely trying to kill us?
I don't know if I'm going to go quite that far, but what I will say is, they don't seem to care if they do.
They don't seem to care.
Just like Bayer with the hemophiliac factor VIII, they knew it was in there, and they said, you know what, we'll lose money, go ahead and ship these millions of dosages.
They just didn't care.
Hey, as a young person, it was Ford with the Pintel, right?
Oh yeah, well, we had 30 gas tanks that would blow up.
Yeah, we'll get sued for millions and millions of dollars, but hey, at the end of the day, that's a heck of a lot cheaper than having to replace all those gas tanks in a recall.
I mean, golly, we've got a business to protect.
Again, when you place a person's well-being
The bottom rung of the ladder and you place purely profit at the top, that is something seriously wrong.
Well, we're really impressed.
Mark, thank you so much.
Folks can get their Emmerich's Essentials, private label by you, God bless you, at Infowarsstore.com, Infowarslife.com, or 888-253-3139.
Mark Gonzales, thank you so much, sir.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
Relentlessly attacking the power structure.
You're listening to Alex Jones.
I've been scanning over this morning the thousands of pages and looking at what's been ferreted out by citizens online doing the research.
It's beautiful to see how when I woke up at 5 a.m.
this morning to go back to sleep
Already there were just hundreds of huge stories that had broken about Hoover saying cover it up, make it look like only Oswald did it, to the CIA controlling the media and running a cover-up.
These are real documents that Trump ordered released.
I'm actually surprised this much came out, now that I've had time to cogitate on it.
Can you imagine what's in the 200, first they were saying 300, now it's 200 files.
Can you imagine what's in the 200 files that's worse than this?
We have this instant gratification society now where they've held all this back for 43, 53, excuse me, almost 54 years.
Coming up next month, it'll be 54 years.
And the president is doing what he said he would do.
And then the media spins it, oh he went back, he reneged!
He could find the cure to cancer.
And they complain about it.
And again, I'm not just here to defend the president, it's just a breath of fresh air that he killed TPP.
And is going after political correctness.
And before I get into the real martial law preparations that are going on,
by criminal elements of the deep state that want to trigger a national emergency and then come in in a pincer action as if they're trying to stop the emergency, trying to stop the terror attacks, trying to stop the unrest, and use that to force the president out of office, or use that as cover to assassinate him.
And I've had that intel for a while, but it's starting to break in the news, so I'm gonna get to that next hour.
Let me hit political correctness here, though, first.
I've been saying for a decade that political correctness is about waging war on communication and getting people to be afraid to talk to each other, and ending true diversity and melting pot, and putting us all in little corporate-controlled globalist groups, like a prison.
You have the Feds and the globalists that are the warden, and we're all basically forced into our group.
You can't have any cultural appropriation.
You're not supposed to be a cowboy or an Indian at the Halloween deal.
You're supposed to just be a basket case about what words you use.
Well, all over the Western world, they're saying, we're not going to teach the classics in English class, because those were racist back then.
Shakespeare didn't know any slaves.
There weren't any slaves in England when he was alive, except serfs, white slaves.
And it's just insane.
And at Yale and everywhere else, they're calling it decolonization.
And so they're going to teach modern English and other languages.
Yeah, let's go to Yale so we don't learn the classics.
Well, Yale is extincting itself.
And then I've got stacks of news here today.
Teddy Roosevelt statue attacked because he must be racist.
And then everyone apologizes, and Ellen DeGeneres gets slammed on Twitter over sexist tweet to Katy Perry.
Because, you know, a woman can't tell another woman she's good-looking or whatever.
It's just, they're making all that the crime, while ignoring the pedophilia, the devil worship, and all the rest of it.
And then they got all these articles about men are hitting on women in the Parliament, and it's wrong.
So again, they're extending that into Harvey Weinstein raping women, reportedly.
That's what all this hype's about.
Meanwhile though, Megyn Kelly's ratings continue to tank.
Megyn Kelly ditched politics for morning television.
Did she make a mistake?
The reason I raise that, did she make a mistake?
It's not...
Something that even has to do with that.
She destroyed herself when she went from being a teleprompter reading info babe that posed as a conservative and uncloaked herself as a wannabe globalist bootlicker.
That's why she's failing!
People hate her!
Sources ESPN heading for more painful layoffs as their ratings continue to tank, just like the NFL.
And they can't stop because it's a cult of leftist control.
Time is cutting back again.
50% after another cut of 40% two years ago.
We're expanding their imploding.
That's why they're panicking.
But their answer is just wage war against intellectualism, and wage war against Shakespeare, and wage war against all the other great classics.
It's amazing.
They are making real intellectual pursuit evil, where people are like ignorant savages afraid of books, or afraid of history, or afraid of big words.
This is their attack on the West.
The globalists do not want to inform general public.
So they are making people superstitious about all forms of communication.
As Gorka has said, Donald Trump is the kryptonite of political correctness.
We are the kryptonite.
Standing up, not being bullied.
Wearing InfoWars t-shirts in public.
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It's all there.
Infowarslife.com, infowarsstore.com, or 888-253-3139.
But before I go any further, I just saw this old clip of John Wayne back in like 1976.
And just what a real guy, for folks I knew that knew him behind the scenes.
Just a regular guy, with his shirt all unbuttoned out in the desert.
And he's just, look, I didn't get a lot of meals when I was growing up.
You don't hear me complaining about it.
And he's saying, I love everybody, no matter what color you are.
But he goes, it's a crutch to teach people they're victims, ruins their lives, and then that's all they become is the victimology.
And I've got Klipschroft, CNN, and other places where they've got Don Lemon and others saying, oh, whites claim they're getting racially attacked.
That's impossible.
Only blacks can be attacked, and we own this.
You don't want to own being a victim.
You don't want to own having chips on your shoulder.
You don't want to own...
Own being a fool.
You want to come together.
Here is the Duke, from the grave, just telling it like it is, and just looking at how ridiculous it is.
They want to cut your legs off of political correctness, folks, and give you a pair of crutches.
Here it is.
His patriotism has never wavered, but today, he's a little disillusioned with modern America.
We're being represented by men who are kowtowing to minorities where they can get votes.
And I think it's bad for
Well, for our country, and I'm sad to see minorities make so much of themselves as a hyphenated American.
I wish they'd all get to thinking that they're Americans, as they should.
And as they have luckily been born here and couldn't be better off in any other place, there shouldn't be so much whining and bellyaching.
In the late 60s and early 70s, there was a period of considerable change.
Civil rights for blacks, equal rights for women.
Has this made America a better place?
I am saddened by the fact that, although we were a matriarchy, I think we will not be any longer.
I think opening doors and tipping your hat to ladies is probably a thing of the past.
The forerunners of the women's liberation of today have taken that feeling away from the average American man.
But what about the civil rights?
I mean, it's necessary... What about the civil rights?
Well, we have 20 million blacks on this continent.
It was necessary to extend rights to them that perhaps for the first 199 years were denied them in this free America.
I guess that they've had a pretty tough break, but not quite as bad as you and your do-gooder friends would have them believe.
They live as well here as they live in any other country over that 199 years.
True, I think they do have a right to more rights, but it isn't a thing where the rest of
...of the country should feel terribly guilty about anything because they have had a better life here and their fathers and mothers than they would have had any place else.
And I want to see them have everything.
I don't squawk and cry, baby, and say, geez, I had to go without meals when I was 16 and 17 years old.
It's a terrible thing.
I don't think that you should look back and whine and bellyache or try to hold somebody else guilty for everything.
John Wayne, and notice what he said there.
General Kelly said we should put women on a pedestal.
And they said, oh, that's a horrible crime.
Put women down, down.
No, no, no.
Again, we should put everybody on a pedestal.
We should respect ourselves.
But that's not what they want.
They want to break us up.
And they're doing it.
They are slime.
They are scum.
They want to psychically rape everyone.
We're not going to stoop to the tactics of this authoritarian communist and fascist, funded by that dirtbag George Soros.
The communists, they can't resist free stuff.
Instead of a booth, it says free stuff.
We're going to keep our Constitution, our Bill of Rights, and the American way.
But at the same time, we're not going to back down from this scheme.
What do I do if one of these libtards calls me a Nazi?
That's easy.
You just put a pacifier in his mouth.
Here's what I'm gonna do.
One of these Antifa's get in my face.
I'm gonna pull out my pocket constitution and stick it in his.
Never heard of him.
Never heard of the guy.
They're gonna lose on November 4th and every day after that because they're a bunch of meth-head pieces of crap.
That's French for p***y. Holding our ground and not letting these bullies push us around.
But not stooping to their level.
I'm gonna grab and buy the Antifa.
So on November 4th, we gotta do a thing.
Yeah, we're gonna do a thing.
A thing?
America is an information-based civil war.
We're winning that war thanks to you.
And wearing t-shirts and InfoWars ball caps in public is one of the best ways to spread the word.
The revolution starts now with you at InfoWarsTore.com.
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Our limited edition anti-fascist and anti-communist t-shirt!
Specifically designed to trigger the left this November and beyond!
Order now!
Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order, it's Alex Jones!
You got a business.
You didn't build that.
Somebody else made that happen.
Defending the Republic from enemies, foreign and domestic.
It's Alex Jones.
It's Friday.
I'm going to open the phones up at the bottom of the hour for the balance of the broadcast.
First-time callers, long-time callers, all I ask is you got a good phone.
To get into the JFK files, to get into the DOD-planned solar storm-based national blackout drill during Antifa protests in November.
That's tied in because it's believed they might actually attack the grid.
That's some of the things they're training to do, along with the jihadis.
And then I've got a bunch of other news here that gets into what's happening in North Korea.
And a lot of other fronts, but I was just thinking during the break how Yale is basically saying that the English language is racist.
What it is, it's the dominant world language that every other government is teaching their people how to use.
So they're trying to hobble students.
And they're also trying to basically put a ball and chain around them and just direct that when you go get a degree in English that you don't study William Shakespeare.
Of course, if you read Shakespeare, you'll be anti-establishment.
It's Renaissance literature.
It's super powerful.
Some of the best writing out there.
But, I mean, if they have their way, they're going to ban Charles Dickens.
In fact, they're saying he's a bad guy.
Because Charles Dickens is real sophisticated, makes a lot of sense, it teaches you how the world works.
They don't want people reading Charles Dickinson because it's powerful.
It'll make you want to be a good person.
It's classical liberal thinking.
The counterfeit liberals, just like Glenn Beck would try to get me kicked off radio and try to get my affiliates taken away, because he was trying to absorb my audience.
He was the pod person, the body snatcher.
He needs to get rid of the original to be the facsimile.
He didn't finish absorbing me.
In fact, he didn't even really get my pinky.
It was such a phony $3 bill.
But that's what they're doing, and they're trying to assimilate everything.
They are 180 degrees for Martin Luther King saying it's not about what color you are, it's what you stand for, what you do, and what you produce.
That's Martin Luther King at one point.
And then at the polar opposite, 180 degrees the other way, you've got the SJW saying it's all about what group you are, and who you are, and by the way,
If you're a black person, don't wear a cowboy hat.
And if you're a white person, don't... Even though you got curly hair, don't grow it out long.
Or, you know, whatever.
It's insane!
It's mental illness to tell you how you're supposed to look and what you're supposed to do.
That is a cult!
And I forgot, all over the country they've come out and said that trigonometry, calculus, algebra, is white privilege.
And so, mathematics, created by the Chinese and by the Sumerians and by the Greeks, I mean, everybody created their own alphabets, their own forms of math.
That's racist?
And see, I'm not joking.
If you're an illustrator and you think, that's too far, they didn't really do that.
No, that's real.
Mathematics itself operates as whiteness.
Yeah, I'd tell that to the Indian mathematicians.
That's crazy, folks.
There's nothing... I mean, mathematics is simply equations to understand how matter interacts and how to add things up.
A cash register is not racist.
But again, this is the total mental illness and they mean business.
They are just creating Fruit Loop Crazies.
At these college campuses and they know... Now there's CNN, math is racist.
And men and women being together, it's inherently bad.
Because there's some friction there.
Meanwhile, they don't want to talk about those dungeons where they got those kidnapped little kids.
That's who they are.
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want to stop tyranny?
Well, so does he.
Live from the InfoWars.com studios, it's Alex Jones.
I cannot believe that during the break I'm actually having a straight-faced conversation with my great crew about all these top engineers at top schools who are white, who are black, who are women, who are, you know, you name it, coming out and saying mathematics is racist, clocks are racist, Shakespeare is racist because he lived in a time when colonialism was being lost.
And I'm like, what?
I mean, if one African tribe takes over the next African tribe, that's colonialism.
The idea of people expanding and things is just, like it's a white thing, is just unbelievable how these colleges literally give you a degree in mental illness now.
University of Illinois, one of the top engineering schools in the country.
And then it perpetuates white privilege.
And now, all over the country, in colleges and in high schools and elementary schools, they're giving people good grades because, well, we have fuzzy math.
I remember hearing about fuzzy math 20 years ago, and I thought, they'll never really do that.
And then the Common Core had 2 plus 2 equals 5, and then we got copies of real Common Core, where they're teaching first graders that 2 plus 2 can equal whatever you want, and letting you still have your
Great as an A+, even though you missed half the questions.
I mean, that is sabotage of humanity.
Meanwhile, we've got the entire Russiagate narrative coming out, and it's worse than we thought, with the Clintons and their entire group of Democrats.
I mean, hundreds of Democrats.
Getting individually tens of millions from the Russians.
I mean, the Russians were just wholesale buying the Democratic Party.
So of course the Democrats get scared.
They go, oh my gosh, Trump's got in.
What do we do?
He's about to get in.
Just totally just start saying Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia.
To the point of, I walked down the street in Austin and every 20th person, I demonstrated it again on Monday.
I walked around for an hour, and every 20th person or so, just as I predicted, would go, F you, and I heard a few, go back to Russia's being screamed at me.
And people would roll down their windows and scream, F you, traitor.
I'd say, how am I a traitor?
And they'd go, you don't, you Russian!
I mean, you talk about mental patience, folks.
Hillary, we're now learning, Democrats, hundreds of millions.
From the Russians for Uranium One.
Payoffs, everything.
Here's Paul Watson's report on it.
We're going to come back and get the number out and start taking some calls, but here's Paul Joseph Watson's powerful report.
BS Russian collusion narrative collapses.
Here is the PJW.
So how's that Russian collusion narrative working out for you?
It's completely collapsed.
Everyone is colluding with Russia except Trump.
Basically, you've got the Podesta group, you've got the Hillary campaign, you've got the DNC, you've got the FBI.
Colluding with the Russians to dig up dirt on your political opponents to try to influence an election is bad.
Really bad.
I mean, when Don Jr.
met with that Russian lawyer, the media went nuts.
That was treason!
Yes, treason.
We're now beyond obstruction of justice in terms of what's being investigated.
This is moving into perjury, false statements, and even into potentially treason.
There's outright treason.
Evidence of willingness to commit collusion.
He's saying, yes, I had the intent to collude.
I went in, I took the meeting, which by definition is colluding.
A senior advisor and someone who was in the top tier of the Trump campaign.
How did the media react to confirmation that Hillary, the DNC and Obama's FBI, colluded with Russia to fund the fake Trump pissgate dossier?
And then lied about their involvement for a whole year while pointing the finger at Trump for Russian collusion with no evidence.
While that same establishment media helped them promote the lurid fake Trump pissgate dossier.
Well, how do you think they reacted?
They buried it.
They downplayed it.
Despite it being the biggest story of the day by far, ABC devoted just 31 seconds to it at the end of a story about a separate issue.
31 seconds!
Compare that to their coverage of Trump Jr.'
's meeting, which on the day it broke, ran for over 10 minutes!
CNN tucked it down here while giving top billing to a far less important story about WikiLeaks.
How did the media react to the bombshell revelations about Hillary Clinton and the Obama administration colluding with Russia in the Uranium One scandal?
Despite it being the biggest story of the last week, CNN devoted an entire 3 minutes 54 seconds to it.
Over the course of seven days.
But hey, at least they did better than ABC, CBS or NBC, who devoted no time to it whatsoever.
Oh, but the media's not controlled.
Oh, no!
Keith Olbermann, who's been frothing at the mouth about Russia for the past year... Scum!
Russian scum!
...is now triggered that Trump won't shut up about Russia.
Oh, the sweet, sweet irony!
How did left-wing pundits and celebs react to Trump Jr.
meeting the Russian lawyer?
Joy Reid, Nick Confessori, Alyssa Milano, Matthew Chapman.
They all freaked out!
Colluding with the Russians to do opposition research was dreadful!
Maybe even an imprisonable offence!
How did those very same people react to Hillary and the Dems colluding with the Russians to do opposition research?
Only the American media can make a scandal out of opposition research.
Let the party who has never peddled oppo research cast the first stone.
Honest questions, does it matter who funded it?
It's campaign research, isn't campaign research normal?
Senate GOP ruined the lives of scammed vets and identity theft victims tonight, media's top story.
Hillary Clinton did opposition research.
So Trump Jr.
having some useless meeting with a Russian lawyer, that's awful.
The Democratic Party and the Clinton campaign scheming with the FBI to collude with the Russians by producing a fake dossier to influence the election.
That's just fine.
How did the media react when Trump tweeted a week ago that Hillary, the FBI, and the Democratic Party were probably behind the Pisgah dossier?
CNN said he was floating conspiracy theories.
CNN reporters ridiculed him.
Trump has said he was a disgrace.
And yet, Trump has been proven completely right.
He's totally vindicated.
Just like when they called him crazy for saying his campaign was wiretapped, and he was proven completely right about that too.
So Hillary engaged in the dirtiest of dirty tricks.
Oh, by the way, we told you this whole Russian collusion narrative was completely fake ten months ago.
So either Russia
has suddenly launched a coordinated effort to sabotage Western democratic elections, or the unpopular leaders of those countries have suddenly launched a coordinated propaganda campaign to blame Russia for absolutely everything to distract voters from their own failed policies.
And at the end of it all, after all the hysteria, all the pearl-clutching, all the promises of impeachment, all the investigations,
The only real evidence of Russian collusion was that conducted by Obama's FBI, the DNC, and Hillary Clinton.
Let that sink in.
That's right.
Everyone in the Democratic Party, as they've been doing since they invaded Russia in 1917, the Democratic Party, literally out of New York, and then funding out of London, sent 100,000 New Yorkers, who were formerly from Russia, over to take over and set up.
But they couldn't get done here.
Communism was big in 1917 here.
It was so dangerous it basically got outlawed for a while.
And then they marched back over and just took over Russia and started just slaughtering any Christians they could get their hands on.
So that's the bottom line of communism, folks.
It is a liberal, anti-Christian, Antifa movement that has always meant to do what it's now doing.
Very, very powerful information.
The toll-free number to join us is 877-789-ALEX.
Open phones to get your take on all this big news we've been covering.
And coming up either towards the end of the show or sometime tonight or tomorrow, I'm going to break really big.
Vegas News.
That is like a time bomb we're sitting on top of.
So pray for us.
And so much more straight ahead, ladies and gentlemen.
The year is 2017.
I'm your host Alex Jones.
We'll be back on the other side.
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
On a daily basis in this country, but also overseas, there are massive busts of actual pedophiles and the kidnapped children.
What's insane is there's almost no mainstream news coverage of it, because the establishment is in on it.
We know who runs this global government cult, and they are pedophiles and even worse.
It's been said the devil's greatest trick was convincing the world that he didn't exist.
Now whether you believe in the devil or not, evil exists on this planet.
And the glue that welds together this globalist, one-world, psychopathic system is the exploitation of men, women, and most importantly, children.
We all know from history books that every ancient culture in different periods engaged in human sacrifice during pre-collapse periods.
Camille Pagli and other historians have written extensively on this and its historical fact.
And since President Trump got into office close to 10 months ago, we have seen record numbers of busts.
Not just of people looking at child porn, but of actual traffickers, of actual kidnappers, of people that had children in their hands.
We've seen the Deputy Pope arrested for reportedly kidnapping over 100 children over 40 years and trafficking them.
We've seen the previous Pope step down amidst another giant child trafficking scandal and reported blackmail operation.
We've seen Sandusky and his son indicted and convicted.
We've seen countless reports of high-level judges and politicians and people in both parties getting busted soliciting sex from sometimes children as young as six months old.
And now from our Hollywood sources and major filmmakers we're learning that the Weinstein debacle and fiasco and nightmare is only the tip of the iceberg and that below that is the giant pedophile army and below that the true Satanism that goes on at the bottom of this filthy rabbit hole.
And that takes us to today's news.
And it comes out in local news, but gets almost no national news coverage, no matter how horrific or how sensational.
This is from 9 News out of Denver.
FBI helps rescue 84 children from sex trafficking.
It's gotten almost no coverage here in the United States, but it's big news in France and Russia.
Again, they rescued 84 children, some of them as young as 3 months, being pimped out.
At places like restaurants and truck stops all over the United States, this is industrial level.
This is even retail level, where the general public's getting involved in this.
This is widespread.
That's why we've seen Salon and all these other big leftist publications in the New York Times come out and basically defend pedophilia, why the UN's defended it.
That's why they've created fake Pizzagate stories that they claim we created, so they can then claim there's no such thing as pedophilia going on in the world, when the truth is they've busted British Prime Ministers and world leaders involved in Satanism and killing children, not just raping them.
The good news is, thanks to President Trump and many other great patriots around the world, from Australia to England, to the US to Canada, the pedophile rings are being busted at record levels.
But they're running mainstream news articles claiming that we've made it up, and that there is no pedophile phenomenon, and there is no roundup taking place.
The individuals covering this up are either incredibly stupid, or they're collaborating, ladies and gentlemen.
Bottom line, there is an attack on innocence in this world, and InfoWars is fighting it.
And when you spread the word about our shows, and spread our live links, and spread our articles, and spread this report, you are standing directly against these evil organizations and groups that exploit our children, and you are standing for humanity and a future.
You're listening to The Alex Jones Show.
The Alex Jones Show.
Because there is a war on, or you're mine.
I remember when, I remember, I remember when I lost my mind.
Bottom line, we're living in incredible times right now.
And, undoubtedly, the left is the very same left they were a hundred years ago.
If you go back to the New York Times and the Washington Post in 1917,
They were writing glowing reports of the wonderful Americans, Russian immigrants, who were, many of them Jewish, who were getting, as leftists, on the ships to travel at the end of World War I to go after the evil monarchy.
They were like George Washington fighting King George III.
The corrupt czars, even though the czars had just fought on the US-British side in World War I, in their weakened state, leftist powers in London and in New York, financed with hundreds of millions of dollars at that time, including Stalin's famous train of gold, with $25 million from the US Treasury,
Shipped right in to Moscow.
And the minute they got control of Russia four years later, because it took them that long, every Christian they could get their hands on was sent to a slave camp or killed.
And it was so enjoyable for the left.
And they got to break up the family and reorganize society and ban the churches and just do all the things they're trying to do here.
Isn't that just sweet?
And that's a historical fact.
So when you see a leftist at a university or other places, they're cold-blooded, folks.
I learned this because I would have leftists on as guests.
I would have them here.
Rob New has been in some of the meetings, be it dinner.
The people at Klan, they're just liberal.
They say, listen, I like the fact that, you know, you don't like the Republican establishment, but you libertarians better become libertarian socialists because we're going to kill everybody that isn't on board when we take power.
And you know, over the years, covering communist meetings, reading their literature, seeing them on the street, every time I've seen a group of communists out handing out literature or running a table, they won't talk to you until your camera's off and they walk over.
Old ladies, old men, they'll go, we're gonna kill you and everybody like you when we take control.
You understand?
They look at you, they go, yeah, there's gonna be blood.
And they're always like cockroaches.
Weak, ugly, stupid.
But they got an instinct, boy, to get you in a death camp and starve you to death with your family.
They love it.
I mean, they want to kill you and your family.
They want to murder all the police.
They want to burn down success.
They want to just shut the churches down.
And they want everybody to have to bow down to them.
And under their system, you'll have maybe one pair of overalls with holes in it.
They're going to work 18 hours a day.
You're gonna go to all these little commie meetings and have them over you, running your life.
You go read 1984, that's what Stalinism was like.
And George Orwell had been a communist.
One of the leaders of the Fabian Socialists, Eric Blair.
And he gave the entire list of the Communist Party, before he died, was probably poisoned to death, in 1948.
He gave the entire list to the communists and the government, and he said, you need to shut this down.
They plan to end the family.
They plan to dehumanize.
They plan to even end the act of sex between men and women using feminism.
He said, it's so horrible, I can't believe it.
They're a priesthood of power who just want to torture people to death.
Now you go read that book, ladies and gentlemen, and you understand Eric Blair was O'Brien and was Winston.
He wore both those hats, ladies and gentlemen.
Eric Blair tortured people.
Eric Blair killed people.
Eric Blair, you read that book, he's O'Brien and he's also Winston.
And you want to know what the communists want to do to you?
They want to hurt humanity because it's a sick cuckolding.
It's the extreme of a guy that wants to watch 10 guys with his wife and have her tell him he's pathetic while it happens.
Now, some men are into that.
Globalism is a satanic death cult of people
That want to feed on other people, and hurt other people, and have strong men and women, the very best in society, brainwashed under their control, and when they're done with them, hang them up by their heels and torture them to death.
Because they're threatened by a big, strong, powerful man that's already done service to them, but when they're through, just like the horse in Animal Farm that helped bring them to power, the pigs load him up on an ox cart and ship him to a glue factory.
And you can allegories in what Orwell told you is what someone inside their system did.
He worked for the empire and was an imperial policeman and did bad things.
So he became a communist thinking, oh, that's the other side.
I'll fix it being a communist.
Then he found out it was even worse.
And that it was a dialectic.
So, there's no doubt, you understand, the average leftist walking down the street is either a mindless idiot, a slave, but more and more of them, they know, they're little weak cowards, but they imagine them in their black uniforms, and they've got us in camps, and they're beating us and torturing us, and they've got all this, everything's theirs, and they're in charge of everything.
Those people never are put in charge.
They're the first ones to get wiped out.
It's the 100th anniversary of the Bolshevik Revolution.
They told you since the 80s that communism didn't exist anywhere in the world, even though they now admit it's exploding on the rise.
It's been quietly beavering away, calling itself anti-fascist, just like they would do in the 1917.
And then they just flood out of their roach holes.
And they're planning.
To blow up Transformers, to shoot cops, and to kill public figures starting November 4th.
And that there's going to be this big overthrow, and you got the Democratic Party pushing it, and all these other subgroups, and some of them are useful idiots, and some of them know what they're a part of, others don't, but you read the socialist publications, the communist publications, they want a violent revolution.
That's the hallmark of what they do.
And the little spoiled rotten millennials with their slave phones made in China under that crony capitalist fascist regime that's their model and they just dream as little soft stupid spoiled rotten nobodies of the power they're gonna have in this big juicy bloodletting.
Well this is not 1917 Russia and I will assure you
That this is going to be their big defeat.
I will assure you they've met their water loop.
And I will assure you everything they think they're going to do to us is going to happen to them.
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You know, someone very profoundly once said, many years ago, that if fascism ever comes to America, it'll come in the name of liberalism.
You're a white male!
Welcome to The War Room, the latest expansion in InfoWars live broadcasting.
We are live weekdays from 3 to 6 p.m.
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We'll be hearing from Alex Jones regularly, as well as taking your phone calls.
The liberal establishment media has controlled the narrative for too long.
The silent majority is no longer silent.
This is The War Room.
You're listening to The Alex Jones Show.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm your host, Alex Jones.
And after Trump, I am one of the most hated pro-Western individuals in the world.
Simply because I've actually studied the globalists and who they are and what they are.
They are in open war against reality, against creation, against common sense, against the family, because they seek to dominate and control.
And it may seem crazy to see the left saying all math clocks, science is racist, literature is racist, ban everything, don't teach English anymore, it's racist.
Until you understand they are technicians that want to be cult leaders and they've got to train you to accept the absurd.
You always hear about cults wanting people to go along with absurd ideas and things that don't make sense.
You go, why do they have them do that?
Because they want you to pass a litmus test and show you'll do anything to get people into a cult mentality so that you'll do more and more extreme things if they tell you to, including blowing yourself up as a suicide bomber.
And Islam in its orthodox form is a cult.
The leftist movement's a cult.
And that's why it works so closely together.
And the acolytes of it keep believing they're gonna get this heavenly future if they just join it.
I have known people that have told me, listen Alex, I can't handle the reality of the New World Order.
I know it's true.
I'm deciding to join the Matrix and just buy into it.
And I'm going to go to wine houses and poetry things and just buy into loving Hillary.
And again, they just go to the poetry deals and drink wine, and then all just go, oh, we're intellectual, oh, we're intellectual, and just repeat that over and over again.
Well, they're the opposite.
It's a cult of not having to think and just joining it.
And then, oh, we have a job for you now.
Oh, we're going to promote you now.
You just want to totally turn yourself over to this.
But that's only for this season.
This is the end of humanity if the globalists are able to carry out their final technocracy plan.
And so what I'm telling cult members of the left is, you're at the end of the line, bro.
You are a schmuck.
You are a sucker.
You are a fool.
Involve the delusional thinking.
And what you're pushing is a takeover culture.
It's an overwrite culture.
It won't be the operating system once the globalists get full control.
It's going to be a very, very centralized, eugenics-based, fascist model.
And in the dialectic, I even see them using your extreme behavior to actually bring in that fascist system of the dialectic.
You are the fascism.
That will trigger fascism, under the name fascism, but a more orderly fascism, to counter you.
You are morons.
You are chumps.
You are Marx.
You are the prey.
You are wrong.
You have been conned.
You have been lied to.
And I'm not saying that with pleasure, to feel intellectually superior to you.
But you can't even talk on the street, you just scream F.U.
I want to go to Steve, I want to go to Kevin, I want to go to Scott, AJ, Carlos, and many, many others.
And what's happening is, just like when you see Keith Olbermann and everybody else going, Russian scum, the filthy, dirty, horrible, evil Russians, and mass murderers, and they're the worst people on earth, and they're the reason, I mean, that's Bill Maher, that's all of them.
They're doing it.
They're doing it, invoking the most hardcore form of racism.
I mean, the Russians... ...apparatus of this country is about to be handed over to scum, who are beholden to scum!
Russian scum!
I mean, the Russians are a race of people, and a culture, and a Christian country, colonized by the left in 1917.
Halfway crawled away with, you know, again, half his face torn off, and he's like trying to recuperate.
Doesn't mean it's perfect.
And the face suckers are up against the window just trying to get in as fast as they can.
George Soros is throwing everything he's got, $18 billion, and bringing down the U.S.
I mean, it is just insane asylum.
And the face suckers are just snapping their teeth, just wanting into the room, just greedily going into complete psychotic ecstasy.
But they're gonna run out of energy.
They're gonna fall down on the ground and basically politically die, and that's happening.
So right now it's more like a temper tantrum.
A lot of the face suckers are on the ground just going, It was supposed to be all ours!
Christian blood!
They don't know what to do!
We were supposed to be dominant!
We're all a bunch of globalist hunchbacked crazy scum!
What are we gonna do?
We wanted to paint!
With the innocents' blood all over the walls!
We wanted to orgy in their blood!
We were promised it by our God!
We're not getting it quick enough!
I mean, you go to an Antifa event, they are the filthy, stupid, ugly, stinking piles of trash.
And they know they are, and they like it.
And they're gonna kill you if they get their hands around your neck.
Because they're just the little frontline babies.
Back in the shadows is their mommies.
Big spider-like pig women.
Pig men.
Go to a Communist meeting.
I mean, you nasty, slimy, filthy, hateful people.
They never buy each other anything.
Y'all just clutch.
They've all got, like, apartment houses and money and banks just filled with cash.
Slithering around.
They never pay taxes.
They nail.
They're just ill.
And then they attract all these chicken necks and cowards to join them for the promise of power, when you'll be nothing but tread grease for the war engine's wheels.
Now just as I say this, they're search engine-ing everything I say, and it's just, leftist men, weak, and I wouldn't even say physically weak, weak mentally.
Six times more likely to steal.
What is it?
Nine times more likely not to give to charity, or am I flipping the numbers?
And again, there's this thing of the weak to pull down the strong.
So first they convince the strong to let them run everything, and then you learn, no, they actually want to have a ritual of demasculating us, and it's all an existential exercise of power.
I promise we're going to your calls when we come back in the next segment to talk about this and a lot more.
And I'm not knocking men that aren't big and muscular.
I think it's a statistical thing that that's the type of folks that they end up recruiting to authoritarianism many times.
It's larger than that, and the culture does this to people.
Most of the time, they're not even really evil at the grassroots level.
They feel disempowered.
They've been made to be fearful and broken down, and then they're inducted into the communism, into the authoritarianism, as if this will make you strong now,
You've got to be nastier than they are.
But the ones controlling it are always devil worshippers.
If you see communist stickers on somebody's car and then you go in their house to do a repair job, I had several repair jobs.
I worked for an exterminator off and on for a year.
I worked for a carpet cleaning company.
And you learn a lot going people's houses.
And if you see communist stuff on a car, you don't see communist stuff inside.
You see devil worship.
And that's who these people are, folks.
Pot-bellied, pedophile, devil worshippers.
And all they want to do is run you into the ground because they hate you existing.
They hate the fact you're good.
They hate the fact you love God.
They want to destroy you.
And they mean business.
So just remember that.
And they hate me because I see them.
And I know them.
Now, if you want to fight back against these scum, we have a new limited edition t-shirt that we're only selling for a month.
We've taken the stupid Antifa logo and redid it.
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It's in the t-shirt section of InfoWarsStore.com or call toll-free, AAA-253-3139.
The anti-fascist, anti-communist shirt.
We're not going to stoop to the tactics of this authoritarian communist and fascist, funded by that dirtbag George Soros.
The communists, they can't resist free stuff.
Instead of a booth, it says free stuff.
We're going to keep our Constitution, our Bill of Rights, and the American way.
But at the same time, we're not going to back down from this scum.
What do I do if one of these libtards calls me a Nazi?
That's easy.
You just put a pacifier in his mouth.
Here's what I'm gonna do.
One of these Antifa's get in my face.
I'm gonna pull out my pocket constitution and stick it in his.
Never heard of him.
Never heard of the guy.
They're going to lose on November 4th and every day after that because they're a bunch of meth-head pieces of crap.
That's French for p***y. Holding our ground and not letting these bullies push us around.
But not stooping to their level.
We're going to grab them by the antifa.
So on November 4th, we've got to do a thing.
Yeah, we're gonna do the thing.
America is an information-based civil war.
We're winning that war thanks to you.
And wearing t-shirts and InfoWars ball caps in public is one of the best ways to spread the word.
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You're listening to The Alex Jones Show.
From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones.
Alright callers, I'm taking your calls starting here in just a minute or two, right through the entire third hour today.
And then I guess into the fourth as well.
After I take about 30 minutes of calls though, I'm gonna try to just read like a hundred headlines here.
Just to get a spattering of how crazy all this is.
Hillary faces electric chair if charged in 1950s.
Powerful article up at newswars.com.
That's a powerful headline.
I think it would just... Hillary would face the electric chair if she got caught doing what she's done in the 50s.
That's right.
They would Rosenberg her faster than your head could spin.
Rosenbergs were executed for sharing U.S.
nuclear secrets with the Soviets.
Sebastian Gorka, military analyst and former top aide to President Trump, compared potential high crimes involving the Obama administration, DNC, and Russia to those committed during the Cold War by the likes of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg, who were convicted of espionage and executed via electric chair, giving their communist cohorts in Russia the bomb.
Just like, I mean, why not?
I mean, they'd had family and friends and other New Yorkers a few decades before go over to help take over Russia and carry out a good old jolly leftist extermination fund.
I mean, this is left having fun.
There's nothing like shipping whole villages to forced labor camps for 10 years and then, you know, maybe 30% live.
And how dare the Rosenbergs get put in that electric chair!
She's got the same career selling out our secrets to foreign powers, Communist China, you name it!
And of course, she's the globalist, she's the enemy, she's the one selling our country out!
So she points her finger at me, by name, and the President!
And you, the American people, she says, you're idiots!
She says, you're morons!
You voted for Trump because you're a dupe of the Russians.
Yeah, right.
Oh, I love the new pumpkins that are out.
I think I'm going to try to rip that off.
Everybody should use just every form of art to fight the globalists.
Since the left wants Halloween ban now because they say people express themselves and wear costumes.
They just want to run everything.
Even though it's a cultic, they don't like it.
But you could have it like Hillary, you know, lock her up, and you have a little pumpkin inside the pumpkin, and then you put up a little, put up a little deal of bars, like she's in jail.
Absolutely, that's the way we communicate, and let the thugs know we're gonna exercise our free speech, whether you like it or not.
Briefly, I'm going to start coming out
Not with just limited edition t-shirts sometimes, because that's our most popular, is limited edition run.
I'm going to start coming out every month with a new t-shirt, and then when the month's gone, the t-shirt's gone.
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These are super high quality.
We have the new one that is the anti-fascist, anti-globalist,
Basically the Antifa logo but changed to an American flag and a Gadsden flag with Infowars.com and an American flag on the right arm.
And it is a limited deal and three stickers come with it as well.
There's a matching three-inch sticker for your car or wherever that comes with it.
I'm gonna tell the shipping department in all t-shirts now orders I'm gonna have
20 bumper stickers put in all orders so that you can bomb your local area, in a legal and lawful way, in the information war, of course.
In public places, get the stickers up!
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Trump 2020, Hillary 2017.
I'm not going to make any more of those.
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Thank you Alex.
When President
Just a comment.
Trump said that there was nothing he could do.
This was a very meaningful phrase to me because, as you know, I analyze semantic phrases and why people say the things they say, and it's not something that he would have said for legal reasons or constitutional reasons, because there are none.
Essentially, I believe it's because the people that are going to be mentioned in those documents are alive today.
And one in particular is George Herbert Walker Bush and his relationship with the Kennedy Association is one that I happen to have come across a long time ago but on a different track altogether.
I was actually looking at Charles de Gaulle's relationship in Quebec and what was happening here and it turns out that
French agents were actually operating in Texas in the Fort Worth, Midland, Dallas area.
So you're talking about the Jackal?
Well, in particular, spelled by the name of Mertz, who was an assassin for the barboozers of, you know, the Algerian episodes with De Gaulle.
And in particular, this fellow, Mertz, actually was seen photographed with
People like, um, um, I'm trying to recall specifically.
Here's what goes on.
When you do something like killing a president, you get a bunch of groups, mafia together, foreign governments, and then a bunch of people take part.
So everyone's involved and implicated.
It's like Julius Caesar.
Everybody's got stabbed to prove they're in the club.
And so that's why Oklahoma City, they didn't just have foundation, U.S.
foundations and the FBI and the ATF there.
They had German intelligence and others helping plant the bombs so that, because the Germans are run by a leftist operation as well, to blame the right wing so that they all wouldn't tattle on each other.
So it's kind of like the pedophiles.
You've got to rape kids together to be in the club.
And so that's what they're doing there.
But in particular, there is the relationship that I discovered, which was troubling.
And that is an agent known to the French agents.
George the Moran Shield, who was in the oil business, was closely associated with George Herbert Walker Bush.
No, I mean George Herbert Walker Bush became the head of the CIA just a few years later.
He was there using the family business as cutouts and offshore drilling rigs and Operation Mongoose and all of it.
And he's in FBI files with J. Edgar Hoover with the assassination.
So, of course, those are the names reportedly that are in the files.
And it shows how real these files are that they held them back.
Just look at what they've already released.
It's pretty bombshell.
Yes, but George, but George, the Moran shield,
Uh, during the commissions and inquiries.
And when he was supposed to testify in the 70s, he killed himself.
Listen, listen.
They had treason signs all over Texas.
And in Texas, it was the day they killed him.
There was people high-fiving themselves in downtown Austin and Dallas and places.
So, I mean, everybody knew.
See, I'm here in Texas, okay?
So, I mean, I've been on airplanes with well-known politicians where they're just bragging about it.
So, I mean, LBJ told his mistress the night before, I told her, I mean, look, look who they had in Dallas the night before.
Nixon, all the bigwigs, were here in a big mafia commission to go ahead, because they'd gotten scared and backed off in Chicago and in Miami, and the teams had just refused to kill the President.
But Texas came through, and that's what happened.
And you're absolutely right, those people were all involved.
And for running part of the operation, George Herbert Walker Bush was promoted to the head of the CIA out of nowhere for helping carry out the operation to kill John F. Kennedy.
Stay with us.
We're not going to stoop to the tactics of this authoritarian communist and fascist, funded by that dirtbag George Soros.
The communists, they can't resist free stuff.
You set up a booth, it says free stuff.
We're going to keep our Constitution, our Bill of Rights, and the American way.
But at the same time, we're not going to back down from this.
What do I do if one of these libtards calls me a Nazi?
You just put a pacifier in his mouth.
That's easy.
Here's what I'm gonna do.
One of these Antifas get in my face.
I'm gonna pull out my pocket constitution and stick it in his.
Never heard of him.
Never heard of the guy.
They're gonna lose on November 4th and every day after that because they're a bunch of meth-head pieces of crap.
That's French for p***y. Holding our ground and not letting these bullies push us around.
But not stooping to their level.
Gonna grab and buy the antifa.
So on November 4th, we gotta do a thing.
I think?
Yeah, we're gonna do a thing.
America is an information-based civil war.
We're winning that war, thanks to you.
And wearing t-shirts and InfoWars ball caps in public is one of the best ways to spread the word.
The revolution starts now with you at InfoWarsStore.com.
Available right now, our limited edition anti-fascist and anti-communist t-shirt.
Specifically designed to trigger the left this November and beyond.
Order now.
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
I've been everywhere, man.
I've been everywhere, man.
Crossed the desert bare, man.
I've breathed the mountain air, man.
I've traveled like I had my share, man.
I've been everywhere.
The world is a dangerous place.
Not because of evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing.
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
I'm taking your phone calls.
Thanks for holding, Scott, AJ, Steve, Jeffrey, Kevin, and others.
Let's go to Scott in Maryland right now.
You're on the air worldwide.
Go ahead.
Hey, thanks, Alex.
I wanted to talk about car culture and how it's uniquely American.
Yes, go ahead.
You hear me?
All right.
What's perfect is that it's who we are.
We're explorers.
We're builders.
I still remember when I was a kid and I'd go out and help my dad be building old cars out in the garage.
We have
They know they've lost the gun control battle, and so now they're trying to take our cars and keep us within one spot.
No, you're right.
Cars are uniquely Americana.
It's about openness, it's about the freedom, and they demonize it as sprawl, and they want to take it away even though electric cars use more energy, hurt the environment more, it's hard to distribute the power.
They don't care because it limits where you can go and what you can do, and they want to remove humans
From being able to take care of themselves, from the land, from being tinkerers, from being engineers, from knowing how to work or operate anything.
That's why they've made the cars and things so impossible to work on that even shops can't work on them now.
You've got to, quote, go to the dealer, and then suddenly the price, you know, is three, four, five times what it was.
So yes, everything is about controlled, contained environments.
Google's announcing they're going to build bubble cities.
They'll be given tax exemption, where they're literally glass-endomed, building after building, where the little bubble trolls only hang around in there, and then you're only accepted into a Google bubble if you're a leftist globalist, so they're going to be all in their own little reservations, their own little false realities.
And Google already does that with its search results.
They admit it all.
And, again, with these AI drivers coming in now, they're even taking the ability for you to drive away from them.
Sir, sir, sir, already with Obamacare, computers filled with insurance company actuaries and bioethics board eugenics templates run by the literal Thomas Watson computers, named after a top Nazi, decides what troops get healthcare, who gets surgeries.
That's now coming in where the pediatricians, everybody, are just robots that follow what the computer tells them.
I mean, it is just amazing.
We're already under AI control to a great extent.
We're already under computer automated command and control.
And it's just, they're trying to take everything away from us and just dehumanize us even further with it.
They are the scum of the earth.
They are just absolute trash.
And they say they are.
And people just have to totally break with the globalists, totally break with their whole
Plandopolis, zeitgeist crap.
Because it's not like what we're doing is perfect, but we know that these are literal spiders that are trying to get us to tie ourselves up in webs and present our bellies to them so they can hiss around and hop around and basically have power over us.
It's all about satanic, fallen, vampire-like, goblin creatures having their way over us.
Without a doubt, Alex.
Without a doubt.
They mean business, buddy.
They mean business.
They do.
God bless you.
I appreciate your call.
I mean, listen, everybody should get old cars, keep old cars, even if you got new ones.
Everybody should get back into tinkering, get back into gardening, get back into gunsmithing, get back into just getting outside.
You do that, you break the vampires' backs.
Invite your neighbors over for barbecue.
You know, go for a hike.
The journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step, my friend.
I appreciate you.
Remember, you'll never see the goblins out in the woods.
These are cave dwellers.
They just slop around, just hiding corners, see what they can hop out and get.
And they know you've got morals, so they guilt you, like, ah, the Jungle Book.
Ah, come into the shadows.
Don't be mean, I'm your friend.
Oh, yes, let me wrap around you.
Mmm, good.
You developed Living Defense for us.
It took you over a year to do it.
Why is this so good?
Because people are actually waking up to the problem that pretty much scares me the most.
I mean, I try to make sure that I don't put toxins from food and water and beverages in my system, but right now we're dealing with massive parasites, which is anything that's harmful to your body that lives off a host mechanism.
Right now with all the refugees,
Spreading disease around.
We have biological warfare going on everywhere.
These are all parasites.
Tell us about all the stuff that's in it.
There's so many things that are in it.
You have the neem in there, you have the organic clove bud, the organic wormwood.
I recommend doing a parasite cleanse at least twice a year.
All right, well, I'm glad we've got some back in because I'm going back on it today.
It just came back in yesterday.
Living Defense, Infowarslife.com.
And folks, you can't lose.
It's full of stuff that's great for your body, period.
And you support the broadcast, Infowarslife.com.
Thank you, Dr. Group from the Global Healing Center.
Thank you so much for all your work serving this great product.
Hello, this is Hank Hill, and I'm telling you what, you need to listen to Alex Jones.
Live from Austin, Texas, broadcasting worldwide, it's Alex Jones.
We're now into hour number three.
I've got science and tech news.
I want to hit world news.
The whole Weinstein thing is just exploding.
You've got Yale saying ban English.
Basically, it's racist.
I mean, it's all happening.
Total mental illness.
Total takeover.
Got North Korea news.
But right now, I want to continue with your phone calls.
I want to go right to your phone calls.
I'm surprised some callers haven't brought up how the whole Russia narrative just completely collapsed and then boomerang back.
And the mainstream media is trying to ignore it.
It's just crazy.
But again, the left is the outside globalist force.
So they, the social engineers, want to tell you that you are with the outside force to turn you into the enemy.
It's really amazingly simple.
But if applied enough, and pushed enough, and bullied enough, they think you're going to finally roll over to them.
Hen pecking only works if you're half awake or asleep.
It doesn't work when you're aware of it.
All it does is irritate you and get you more agitated and more awake.
And now the grasping scum is so upset.
All of the major combines, all the major media, all the major Hollywood outlets, all the major sports groups that are just nothing but vehicles to push globalist crap are falling apart.
ESPN's laying off, now it's up to like half their employees in the last two layoffs.
Time Inc.
is laying off half their employees after they laid off close to half a few years ago.
I mean, it's beautiful to watch you filthy, lying scum out on your traitorous butts on the streets to just write more hate, more garbage, to try to hold back America, try to hold back the jobs, try to destroy the Christians, try to get race war going, because the thinking people know you are the most low-down, slimy, evil people the world's ever seen.
And you hate us, and don't you worry, we just want to get you off our back.
We don't even hate you, Trash.
We're just going away from you.
And you're going to be left all alone with your own kind, you vampire trash.
You nobodies, you little chicken-necked, spiritually dead losers.
You think you're going to take us with you?
You didn't break our will, you only ignited our will.
And I've sworn on the altar of God, eternal resistance over every mind of tyranny, over the mind of humanity.
I have sworn on the altar of God, eternal resistance to every form of tyranny over the mind of man.
To quote Thomas Jefferson.
I mean, can you imagine
Taking communion with the globalists?
Could you imagine being anti-human and wanting to screw people over and getting off on the fact that you know the fluoride and the vaccines, lower IQs, together by 30 points?
And you look at how you've devastated the public and you find out leftist controllers all filter their water and never take vaccines.
Look into it.
And you just sit back and it is just mind-blowing.
That they love walking around and seeing how hurt you are.
It's their power!
They're gonna brain damage you, they're gonna steal your mind, and they're gonna rule you!
No you're not, trash!
And of course they howl back, we've already killed hundreds of millions, we've already diseased many more, and we're putting cancer viruses in, and look how many we already got!
Oh, I know you already got a lot of people, but your time's running out.
So you sit there and you hunch over and hoard all the brain-dead people you got and all the victims, and you just sit there and you enjoy them while you're eating them.
But know this.
You are gonna go in that wood chipper.
You are gonna go.
You're gonna go into the hell you created.
You understand that?
You understand that?
You're gonna get it.
Everything you did to those kids, you're getting it a trillion times.
You understand?
You're gonna get it.
You're gonna be with your kind forever.
Can you imagine being in a spiritual system, divorced from God?
That's hell.
No need to add the fire.
You are
Literal gates of hell trying to destroy everything.
I mean, that's who they are!
And I know I harp on this more and more, it's just, it's my own understanding.
It's not just the top globalists that want to kill everybody.
Just because they're so satanic and so evil.
The average minion now, through the screen time, through the brainwashing, you're either getting more awake or more into this stuff.
And their people now are like zombies.
I go out, I've shown you the video, and they can't talk, and they all look like zombies, and they all look like this.
If you're a radio listener, I'll try to describe it.
It's like a... RACIST SCAR!
And that's the minions.
The minions don't even, like, know who they are, and are just like, like their soul's gone.
And they just can't even talk.
They're like, uh, you're the enemy, you're the bad thing!
And then the controllers are kind of... I mean, that's when you're like, whoa, these are some freaks, man!
I mean, they're inherently evil.
That's what I'm telling you.
And they know they are!
They will tell you they are!
It can be women in business suits, or it can be women in anti-fuck outfits.
I've got them at the state capitol, and I've got them on the ground in Austin, different groups, and they all have the same.
They start smiling, and the women start licking their lips.
It's a spirit.
They go, I kill my kids, and I love Satan, and I'm gonna make myself ugly, and I stink, and I'm gonna pull down women.
And you're like, it's a demon going, you're like, wow!
And then you walk around the street, and there's another one, and another woman goes, hi!
We're gonna destroy everything!
You can't stop us!
You're like, what the?
What's going on, man?
They got space aliens paratrooping out of some other dimension into these people's brains?
I don't know.
I'm not saying that, but we've all experienced it.
They are dialed in, man.
They're not home.
And it's like a video game.
It's like, okay, I know that model.
And even how they're looking.
Okay, then they'll spout what you know they're gonna spout.
Just how they look!
You know what it says!
Talk about profiling!
And, man, in Seattle, they were dialed in, man.
They were like, pull a string, and, you know, they say these insults.
And they gibber, and they hop around, and, I mean, all they're missing is green tails.
In fact, can we get the chirping goblin audio, actually, the one that has the cussing bleep, and the one with the golf cart?
Because I want to play chirping goblin when we come back, then I'll go to your calls.
I'm not trying to put the people down.
They're gone.
They're gone.
And they're slaves, too.
You could invite... I tried to get that goblin on, and he refused to come on.
I even offered him money, and he wouldn't come on.
Because it's like he can't.
The spirit won't let him.
Those kind of guys can't even talk, okay, until they like get activated.
Then they just go, kill America!
I mean, until you're like, whoa, whoa!
I'm telling you, man, something's going on here.
And everybody's really noticing it.
It's like people are acting like demons.
You realize that's who they are.
God Almighty.
God Almighty.
I'm going to go to break and come back and go right to your calls.
But just look at this article.
And I see these things every day.
This is out of Reuters.
Because see, there's such a thing as traveling murderers.
There was a famous guy from Mexico that killed like 30-something people that they know of.
Probably killed a hundred more.
He may be the biggest serial killer in U.S.
And they just kept releasing him even though he was known to commit murders.
Well, you're Hispanic, so you're allowed to go.
Because that'd be, you know, it'd be racist if we kept a serial killer in jail who actually mainly kills Hispanics.
And it says, Pakistan migrant.
He's just a migrant.
Wanted for 70 murders.
Arrested at the EU border.
They think there's hundreds more.
He's called the Butcher.
Maybe they can rehabilitate him.
Stay with us.
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
It's Alex Jones.
Globalization has not been an unalloyed good.
I am a free trader.
I am a strong supporter of globalization.
Globalization doesn't seem to be working for the middle class, for ordinary people.
We are in an information war, and we are losing that war.
The rise of nationalist movements all over the world has a counterbalance to
Globalization, maybe it's most marked with the European economic community.
To simultaneously erect a system where the top is so far from the bottom, that the bottom has no connection to the top.
The old rules-based system is beginning to crumble, hastened by Brexit in Britain and in the European Union, and hastened by what President Trump is standing for.
Americanism, not globalism, will be our credo!
The global governance is failing.
The globalists that already thought they had full control of America, and then the world, are in total panic mode in an existential battle, seeing their entire authoritarian world government crumble and collapse in front of them.
And so George Soros funds Media Matters, CNN, MSNBC, all these legal groups that are openly suing Trump thousands of times, setting up and suing us as well,
Trying to sabotage our suppliers, trying to shut down our support base, trying to get us kicked off radio and TV, trying to have us criminally investigated, trying to have us shut down.
But I have the Republic behind me and common sense and an awake population to defend.
Against you.
I'm not those poor, sad, hard-working Eastern European peasants that you helped round up for four years when you sent them to death camps, Soros.
And you thought you could bring down America.
You're gonna find out we're not gonna go so easy.
So he's 18 billion dollars in to this fight right now.
But here's the good news.
Hillary had almost $3 billion.
Trump had about $400-500 million.
But he had the people, and so he won.
And so this force-feeding of his culture war, and trying to buy off groups, isn't going to help him.
It's going to blow up in his face.
Because no army can stop an idea whose time has come.
So I'm asking listeners and viewers of this transmission.
Now more than ever to understand, when you spread the articles, when you spread the videos, when you spread the live feeds at InfoWars.com forward slash show, or Facebook, Google, Twitter, or other platforms, or you spread the podcast, and when you buy the products at InfoWarsStore.com, you are involved in a revolutionary act against these globalists, because pennies
against their thousands of dollars and millions against their billions is already defeating them and will defeat them.
The fact that he's gonna have to put in hundreds of times a year what he put in previously of his stolen loot just kills him.
So I'm asking you, as the enemy ups their power against us,
As the enemy comes in like a flood, the Spirit of the Lord will lift up a standard against it.
And InfoWars is imperfect, but we are seen by the enemy as the standard.
As one of the main standard-bearer operations against them, and that's why we're under attack.
So rally around the flag, my friends, and financially support us today.
Get great deals on supplements.
Get great deals on t-shirts.
Get great deals on water filtration.
And non-GMO heirloom seeds, high-quality organic coffee, and so many other great products at InfoWarsLife.com, InfoWarsStore.com, or 888-253-3139.
We've got to end it in a matter of days.
50% off our best-selling nootropic RainForce, 50% off AnthroPlex, that's the pill form of Super Mel Vitality, and a bunch of other specials that are about to end
At InfoWarsLive.com or 888-253-3139.
That will make this operation continue strong in the face of the enemy and we will defeat these scum!
I don't know.
Especially up to his ankles.
Trump charging into a goblin's nest with a goblin bomb and a swat.
Goblin bomb and a swat.
I'm not expecting him to not get a dirty swat.
Sing, goblin.
Sing, goblin.
That's a place, Boing!
That video got seen tens of millions of times.
On Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.
And so it is, it is close to Halloween.
The left wants to ban that now because it's not satanic enough for them.
And people dress up in different outfits and things.
You can't have free expression because liberals are against free expression.
And even the theater now, and even Shakespeare, and even mathematics are saying ban it all.
I have the articles right here, mainstream news, with straight faces are saying this.
You go, that sounds insane.
That sounds like a cult.
That's what it is.
Where you dress and talk like they say, and it may change on a week-to-week basis, it doesn't matter.
You do that or you're not part of the cool club.
of mental patients that are used and controlled and statistically are very poor and statistically very depressed.
And Facebook documents show they try to artificially keep you depressed so they can control you.
I'm going to go to AJ and Steve and Jeffrey and Kevin, who have been holding patiently here in a moment.
But first, here is literal video since Halloween is almost here.
Sauen, All Saints Day.
I guess you got Day of the Dead as well down in Mexico.
The point is, it's a fall festival, and so here is a literal goblin videotaped by Michael Zimmerman that attacked me because I attempted to speak to it when I was screaming F you.
This is a goblin that attacked me.
These are real gibbering noises.
You're trash.
Hey, don't tell me you're on camera.
Don't tell me you're on camera.
Don't tell me you're on camera.
Come here, Calvin.
Come here, Calvin.
Right here on camera.
Tell people intellectually who you are.
Right here.
Intellectually who I am?
Go ahead, yeah.
I'm your mama.
I'm your mama.
Target is the mother.
Fish or milk?
We'll get them next time.
I want to know.
Target is your mother?
Target is mine.
This is what they target people, too.
This is it right here.
Probably gets angry.
You can't even talk, look at you!
He's not as bad breath as we're getting there.
A literal slave of the system.
That's who they are!
See that?
Look at this slave!
Alright, back to your phone calls.
Let's talk to AJ in Ohio.
Thanks for holding AJ, you're on the air.
Hey, what's going on, Alex?
Good, brother.
Thanks for calling.
Hey, not a problem.
Thanks for taking the call.
Now, you know, we can't say goblin anymore because that's this week's racial slur that we're not allowed to say anymore.
They'll probably start saying we're not supposed to use it.
But, you know, again, they're trying to territorialize all information saying it's racist, so you can only use information that they approve.
I mean, this is a dysfunctional group of mental patients.
They were supposed to put their dysfunction into us to bring us all down.
Instead, we've contained it on the universities and in the corporations, and that's why they're all failing.
Isn't it beautiful?
Oh yeah, definitely.
I'm telling you right now, I'm a truck driver for my occupation, and the biggest fear I had coming out of this election was, yeah, people are awake for the election, but my biggest fear was people were going to go back to their safe zones and realize, okay, we won this one, you know, let's take a breath.
And you can't take a breath when you're dealing with these type of people.
You gotta stay on them.
And I tell you what, just from all the people that I've, my customers that I make deliveries to on a daily basis, you know, I talk to them, they're awake.
And once you open that can of worms, that, there's no going back.
And by the way, when you always demand delivery from a person driving a truck,
Then you're going to keep people out there and people need to know how to drive a truck or need to not just have a calculator.
It's dehumanizing us.
We need, not because computers are bad, the globalists are designing it to displace us so governments can dictate our surrender.
We must continue to support real farmers and support real truck drivers and real soldiers because this automation will be the undoing of us.
That is correct, and definitely when I saw your ad with that bot, I think it was yesterday you guys were talking about it, the crazy Dubai robot or whatever that's going on.
Mix that with, now I guess over in Germany, Mercedes-Benz is coming out with an all-purpose semi-truck, and I'm like, you're still going to need somebody to back in.
You're still going to have somebody have to unload it, and it just cracks me up that they think that they can push this narrative.
And, you know, basically cut out all the good-paying jobs for the middle class.
Why the future doesn't need us?
We need to say we're going to, with our human choices, build a world where a bunch of delusional-thinking-they're-God tech giants don't make us obsolete.
We're going to make them obsolete.
They've declared war on us.
They're using computers and robots to do it.
Let's take control of the machines.
And the technology, and use it against them, just like the internet, and we're gonna win.
If we're conscious of it, and make decisions every day, financially and in other ways, that support human liberty, we are unstoppable if we launch operations now.
The last thing I wanted to leave you with, Alex, was I wanted to thank you for taking the blinders off me, so to speak, because coming out of the military, your Piers Morgan debate that you're very famous for, that was kind of what woke me up.
I'm like, wow, this guy, I finally got an advocate that can speak for me, that has the platform to speak for me.
So you guys keep up the great work, brother, and you guys have a good one.
Well, God bless you.
Let me say, you speak well for yourself and that's why all the humble men like yourself need to start a YouTube channel or a Facebook channel so they can't censor us all and just put out the info and your common sense.
Don't count on me.
Make me obsolete.
Let me tell you how you make Alex Jones obsolete.
All of you start radio shows, start YouTube, start blog talk radio, whatever.
Start local access, start a local newspaper, call in to C-SPAN, whatever you do, everybody starts communicating like you just did.
We are unstoppable.
Let's jam in one more call here.
Stephen Montana, you're on the air.
This is deplorable Stephen Montana, and I wanted to let you know Alex, thank you, and I'll make it quick, you don't have to respond, but Americans are getting mad as hell.
And I talk to people, and the best way of communication is communicating.
And that's one-on-one.
I was talking to a guy yesterday, same way.
And, you know, Americans aren't going to take it anymore.
And the biggest thing I'm hearing is the crooks need to go to jail.
And basically, yes, the Kennedy file should be released now to protect Trump.
Because if he gets into those, they're protecting themselves and trying to keep their job.
They need to be unemployed.
You know what he's doing to the Deep State?
He knows what's in there.
It's the Bushes.
It's all of them in there.
And these are real files.
That's why they're so scared.
And I think he's probably using this the next 60 days to broker some deals with the Deep State behind the scenes.
But I think they'll stab him in the back and kill him.
I mean, let me tell you, this is full-on globalist warfare right now.
Could be a crazier time.
Stay there, Steve.
I went to you later.
I want you to come back and finish up.
Then Jeffrey, Kevin, and others.
Then I got a bunch of news I haven't hit yet.
I'm Alex Jones at NewsWars.com, PrisonPlanet.com.
Please help spread those links today to get around the AI blocking us.
We're not going to stoop to the tactics of this authoritarian communist and fascist, funded by that dirtbag George Soros.
The communists, they can't resist free stuff.
Instead of a booth, it says free stuff.
We're going to keep our Constitution, our Bill of Rights, and the American way.
But at the same time, we're not going to back down from this scum.
What do I do if one of these libtards calls me a Nazi?
That's easy.
You just put a pacifier in his mouth.
Here's what I'm gonna do.
One of these Antifa's get in my face.
I'm gonna pull out my pocket constitution and stick it in his.
Never heard of him.
Never heard of the guy.
They're going to lose on November 4th and every day after that because they're a bunch of meth-head pieces of crap.
Dude, that's French for p***y. Holding our ground and not letting these bullies push us around.
But, not stooping to their level.
We're going to grab them by the antifa.
So on November 4th, we gotta do a thing.
A thing?
Yeah, we're gonna do a thing.
America is an information-based civil war.
We're winning that war thanks to you.
And wearing t-shirts and InfoWars ball caps in public is one of the best ways to spread the word.
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If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
We're back live, going right back to your phone calls.
Steven Montana, Jeffrey, Kevin, Jason, Alex, John, we're gonna go to all of you.
But every day, I see 5, 6, 7, 8 news articles reporting with straight faces that Yale looks to stop teaching the classics in English because, well, the classics are racist.
You name it.
Mathematics is racist and needs to not be taught.
I mean, they're politicizing everything.
It's completely insane by design.
And now any old statues are being attacked.
Teddy Roosevelt attacked at Museum of Natural History.
People, you know, saying he's a racist, take him down.
They don't even know who they're going after.
And here is the Chronicle.
This is owned by the folks that own South by Southwest, that giant nerd fest where they try to lure in all the little desperate nobodies and trendies who hope they're going to get a job or, you know, become successful somehow with the big tech giants and the rest of it and Hollywood and its invasion of Texas.
But they have a Halloween mask that's the cover.
Armed white male.
And he's pointing a rifle at you that has two scopes.
Talk about the ignorant weirdo that doesn't know anything about guns.
I guess they think it's like a telescope, where you've got a spotting scope, and then the telescope itself, that's not on guns.
So, just the total ignorance, and then it's a white man with blonde hair and an evil blue eye.
That's on telescopes.
And you see this in Hollywood and the culture, and then you've got everybody saying, Russian scum!
The Russians as a people are evil!
They control our election!
Meanwhile, it's Russia paying off Hillary.
And they're just so proud of the provocativeness of trying to incite minority groups into their anti-white race cult that's being directed by a bunch of old hunchback liberals.
Like the guy, he's got a fake name, Louis Black, forget his real name, that owns the Chronicle.
I mean, it's just an assault and it's everywhere.
We're just waiting in it.
We're just waiting in
Here's the thing, they may have their big nerd fest, South by Southwest, that is somewhat successful, though they say it's becoming more unpopular because it's just disintegrating.
The Chronicle itself is a joke that nobody reads.
And of course, this Louis Black guy has for years been writing lies about me and always trying to get me off the air, how I'm dangerous.
I mean, give me a break, man.
I mean, you talk about a weevil.
You talk about everything we talk about that's wrong with this country.
I just love watching Hollywood and the NFL and all these people just sink into the mud.
Just look at that race baiting.
Armed white male.
You're an effing white male, says Aid Skrielicz.
So when you spread our links, when you spread our articles, when you buy our products, it is an act of resistance to these people.
And I know you're not sinking to their level.
Our audience is incredibly diverse.
This is meant to divide this country along racial lines.
They know Christians and they know conservatives and they know people fought hard in the West in slavery.
They hope the public doesn't read history so they can find out the West actually made the first moves to abolish slavery and to empower women.
They're bringing in a new form of corporate oppression and they want to attack all that's old because what's old was the Renaissance trying to be pure, trying to not be barbarous, trying to be good, trying to grow a middle class.
Now it grew such successful empires that they ended up taking over the world.
But just because it empowered more people than any other group didn't mean we were perfect, didn't mean we didn't have big problems, but the experiment worked so well it displaced the other tyrannies.
And it was a lesser tyranny.
Now evil corporate control groups have gained control of the West, and have used it to dominate the world, and then they turn around now to inflict the race-based cult.
Now that the country is more than half non-white, and it's going to accelerate, they want to flip the script, just like the Democrats always do, and have race-based systems.
And remember, they know what they're doing.
They know what they're invoking, and the good news is, they're failing.
Louis Black is a failure.
And all of his other cohorts, like Stephen Colbert, you know, the whole Russiagate thing, you've been proven to be the fraud.
You're the joke.
You're the political bankrupt group that claimed it controlled America's culture.
We just ignored you.
Now you've taken over academia and everything else, and you're showing us, hey, I'm the boss!
I'm gonna run your life!
People are actually like, really?
Get off my back.
We tolerated you.
You're intolerant.
We're done with you.
It's amazing.
And they're out to destroy us, ladies and gentlemen.
I've had law firms look at it.
I'm not ready to talk about it yet.
But I have hired the top law firm in the country that's been successful more than any other group.
And we did soon notice in the letters today about what you've seen in the news, trying to destroy M4's and company with defamation, slander, libel.
And it's a very strong case.
And I need your support.
And I've told everybody, I've been warning all these people.
I'm very close to filing suit on Tom Brokaw.
He has not reversed himself and others.
I'm not a litigious person, but I've got to strike back against these people, because if they can bully me out of existence, they can bully you out of existence.
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We're going to add some of the other InfoWar stickers into there, and let's just all get more aggressive in the InfoWar.
We're winning.
So, it's at InfoWarStore.com.
Okay, I said I'd go to your calls, and I'm not.
I'm a bad person.
Steven Montana, you're making some great points.
Go ahead and finish up.
You bet, Alex.
What I also want to say is we got your back, Alex.
You know, your listeners have your back.
You know, don't worry about it.
Getting back to what I wanted to call originally was Roger and you were talking about how I believe it's McMaster's was talking about sending 50,000 troops to Afghanistan.
That's a total exclusive.
Yeah, that's directly.
Well, you gotta ask yourself why, and it hit me when I was looking at my view out Montana window, that they want to get our troops out of the country for, say, let's say November 4th, that our American troops wouldn't be here.
And the soldiers who stand behind us, and who abide by the Constitution, and they want to put them out of the country.
That's 40,000 of the best Trump supporters being put into that meat grinder.
You know, and there's no reason for it.
And Trump pulled the right thing on it, and I had to bring that up.
Because there's no way that you would send out that kind of troops unless you had a major reason.
Especially, we know we've already lost that.
We haven't even won that war.
You can't win when there's not a civilization.
Let me tell you, the Afghans are weird, man.
Did you know they have the highest per capita of trannies?
And I'm not, not, I mean, people want to, they make these young men that aren't masculine be women, and then they have sex with them, and then they have like brothels up in the hills that, where it's men you have sex with.
Man, let me tell you, there's some weirdos, okay?
And I mean, they all, they're like murdering, killing, don't care about dying, super brave, super crazy, and then half of them are
Or more gay.
I mean, you just can't make this stuff up.
Women got hoods over their heads.
They throw acid on them.
If they talk back, the leftists all love it.
A bunch of fruit loops.
What do you make of that?
Oh my God.
It's crazy.
Donald Trump's got to protect himself on that.
They're going to try and pull that.
They took out 50,000 troops out of our country.
Hey, those are our Americans.
You know, we need to close the borders and keep the borders tight.
We need to have people here to protect us as well as protect anywhere else.
Afghanistan is a pedophile palace.
I agree.
They just put an article up about it.
I'm not kidding, folks.
You can't make this up.
They force a large portion of the boys into sex servitude, but it's okay as long as they're boys.
If a man has sex with a child, that's okay under Islam, under their forms of it.
But then once a man with another man, now that's punishable by death.
Great points.
Thank you, Steve.
I promise I'm going to all your calls next segment.
Stay with us.
I'm Alex Jones.
I'm telling you, true strangers to the fiction.
That's what the left likes.
Radical Islam.
They're pedophiles.
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To fear the world we have organized and led the three quarters of a century.
To abandon the ideals we have advanced around the globe.
To refuse the obligations of international leadership and our duty to remain the last best hope of Earth.
For the sake of some half-baked spurious nationalism cooked up by people who would rather find scapegoats than solve problems.
This is as unpatriotic as an attachment to any other tired dogma of the past that Americans consigned to the ash heap of history.
Wrestling with being shoveled onto the ash heap of history, Arizona Senator John McCain, his vote on the Senate floor bought and paid for by the military-industrial complex and the Soros machine,
...revealed his true disdain for the American people while ironically being awarded a medal for protecting liberty in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
In 1991, McCain was appointed as chairman of the Senate Select Committee on POW-MIA Affairs.
Due to the fact that internal Pentagon whistleblowers had been complaining for years that significant information was being withheld regarding the POWs, McCain would use this committee to cover up the truth all the way until today.
Yet McCain is accepting contributions, i.e.
thinly disguised bribes that constitute a major conflict of interest for the McCain Institute from the very machine that is subverting the interests of the United States.
The Daily Caller reported, the Institute has accepted contributions of as much as $100,000 from billionaire liberal activist funder George Soros and from Teneo, a for-profit company co-founded by Doug Band, former President Bill Clinton's bag man.
Taneo has long helped enrich Clinton through lucrative speaking and business deals.
And Bloomberg reported in 2016 on a million dollar Saudi Arabian donation to the institute.
A contribution the McCain group has refused to explain publicly.
Has your relationship with the President sprayed to the point that you
Why would you say something that stupid?
Why would you ask something that dumb?
My job as a United States Senator is a Senator from Arizona, which I was just re-elected to.
You mean that I am somehow going to behave in a way that I'm going to block everything because of some personal disagreement?
That's a dumb question.
McCain, suffering from brain cancer, would rather go down with the New World Order ship rather than right the damage he has already done, serving himself rather than his country.
John Bowne, reporting for InfoWars.com.
Well, the Austin Chronicle has joined the rest of the big corporate media trying to create race war and division in America.
It's in the WikiLeaks that they want culture war to control their slaves and to keep us desperate and alone, as Hillary writes in the emails.
Facebook documents are out.
They admit that's the agenda.
And Louis Black, owner of the Chronicle, has done a great job staying with the elite agenda, trying to be part of their power structure.
And he runs South by Southwest, so I say he's been rewarded nicely.
And their new Halloween cover is armed white male.
And it's supposed to look like a police pop-up of a criminal.
In fact, that's what it imitates, is the image of a criminal that pops up in a shooting range for police.
The subliminal and overt message is, white men are terrorists, they're criminals, they're the bad guys.
And then you read, they've got an issue in there about the problem of the effing white males.
And the problem of the Russian scum.
What they really mean is Christian.
And they just want to divide everybody.
It's truly sick.
It's truly evil.
I'm going to your calls here in a moment.
But first, this is evidence of rats leaving the sinking ship.
This is big, big news.
Mr. Panetta, former head of the CIA under Obama, has said that the dossier needs to be criminally investigated.
It does violate campaign finance law, and it was an attempt to manipulate our elections with fraud.
Everything they said was what Trump had done, it now turns out, is what they did.
In fact, it's only Trump, pretty much, in the Republican and Democrat leadership, that wasn't on some type of Russian payroll.
Mueller, McCain, all of them.
The Russians wanted resources, and they were coming to town and buying, and it was illegal, but you know what?
They did it!
And so they were scared because Trump got in.
What were they going to do?
We've been doing all sorts of criminal stuff.
Well, we'll just say he's a Russian.
Well, once his son was investigating us, so we'll say him investigating us is proof he's a Russian.
He's looking for Russian spies!
That means he's a Russian!
Yeah, and Alex Jones is one!
And Tucker Carlson!
Oh, and Lou Dobbs is one too, yeah!
Yeah, don't trust us!
So here's a clip of the rats leaving the sinking ship.
On Monday, Drudge ran our big headline about the power structure of DrudgeReport.com.
Now, getting ready to throw the Clintons like Weinstein under the bus.
Yeah, that's what's happening, so here's more evidence of that.
So it's very awkward.
How could both the chair of the DNC and the Clinton campaign not know about these payments?
Well, it's obviously something that the Intelligence Committee is going to have to have to look at.
You know, knowing presidential campaigns, they're big operations and somehow the left hand may not know what the right hand is doing.
And that could be the case here.
Oh, Hillary would never know that their main launch the last four months of the campaign would be that Trump was a Russian.
She had nothing to do with the opposition research, or paying, or getting the FBI to put their signature on it, or buying it from Jeb Bush.
And the big billionaire hedge fund conservative that they claim I get money from with no evidence, who's actually battling me.
Of course, you've got the Republican power structure right in there, folks, with the Democrats, all part of this thing.
And that's what we're trying to remove right now.
Let's finish up with Panetta.
I really do think that the committee is going to have to get into this, determine just exactly what happened, who knew what, and when.
But if the lawyer who was representing the Democratic National Committee and the Clinton campaign, Mark Elias, is sitting next to John Podesta, he was asked, do you know about the funding?
He says no.
Wouldn't it be his responsibility to at least whisper in his ear, yes, yes, you
And tell him what was going on so if he wasn't lying, John Podesta, he would be able to clarify all of that before the committee in a sensitive issue like this?
Well, it certainly makes the situation very awkward.
If you're testifying and saying you have no knowledge and the attorney sitting next to you is one of those that knew what was involved here, I think it does raise an issue that the committee is going to have to look at and determine just exactly who knew what.
This is all Watergate talk, just like the president said a few days ago.
He said this is Watergate 2.0.
They're not giving the president any quarter.
They've committed crimes and now people like Panetta and even Blitzer are now backing away from the burning fireworks factory.
The rats are leaving the sinking ship.
That is what this is.
And the exodus is going to get even worse headlong.
But then bottom feeders, local leftist groups and others, they're just going to get more intense and just scream, oh, whites are evil!
Oh, knowledge is evil!
Barron Buffs, only do what we say!
We're a cult of losers!
And just, it's going to be beautiful to watch all the sickening, ugly souls flopping around desperately because they couldn't dominate humanity.
Jeff and then Kevin and then Jason and then Alex.
Jeff, you're on the air from Tennessee.
Thanks for holding.
I am.
I apologize.
I'm holding my New Orleans library card and it says Jesse.
I don't know where the Jeff came from.
Well, I apologize.
You know, my eyeballs are half gone.
So I'm going to just say Jesse.
Jesse, come on down, sir.
You're on the air worldwide.
So I hate some rabbits.
Get into the JFK files.
Page 34.
The Sylvia Duran statement, I don't think you need much more.
You've got hundreds of authors trying to figure out why Oswald went down to Mexico.
Was it Oswald?
And right there, definitively, on page 34, it says the CIA had input on what could go into the Warren report, because they didn't want to give the wiretaps over, because they didn't want to lose that asset.
That's right.
No, these are real documents Trump released.
This is serious.
And then now he's holding back.
I didn't get this from Trump, but I can tell what's happening.
He's in a war.
He released super damning stuff.
And then they got these 200 plus pages, these 200 plus files that are just George Herbert Walker Bush, all of them, everything.
And he's just, he just going, okay, I got the power just to see what they do.
I'm telling you that Trump is playing hard ball with these guys.
I know the focus is on the Bushes, but this is a really obscure book.
Have you read Bradley, not Bill, but Bradley Ayer's testimony about Zenith Technical?
I think it's called The Zenith Secret?
It's fantastic.
It's about the CIA station in Miami where most of the Bay of Pigs operations were done.
I mean, I knew Zenith was involved, yeah.
Yes, but you've got, Bradley Ayers places all the Rossellis and the Dave Moraleses... But you know what, just because you know all this history, I'm going to act like a leftist and just go, shut up Nazi!
I'm the intellectual, I don't know anything you're saying, and I kind of feel threatened by the fact you're so smart, so just shut up Hitler!
I'm pretty moderate, I'm... No, shut up!
Are you a white male?
I happen to... You're an effing white male!
Shut up!
You don't have a right to say anything!
Did you read the Chronicle?
You're a murderer!
You're a criminal!
You look like what the cops have at their shooting ranges!
Who's the bad guy?
You tell me you're bad right now!
Janet Pearson owe me a paycheck.
I want you to worship Louis Black of the Chronicle.
Tell him he's God.
Everybody thinks you're talking about that comedian who talks about the two Starbucks.
Yeah, that's another leftist turd basket.
Can I talk about the really dirty thing that Ayers mentioned, though?
You'll love it.
He says he was intimidated by the CIA.
I don't know why he wrote this book.
They took him up in a helicopter 2,000 feet up, and it's as if some MKUltra trigger went off in the guy he was with.
The guy lays down in the fetal position 2,000 feet up in the air.
Well, it's all loving.
Let me tell you something, the liberals have, they want to help you.
So just drink fluoride, take the vaccines, you're not going to have any more mind, 30 point IQ reduction, and they all know it, and they don't take it.
Just remember, the left doesn't take the vaccines, they don't take, they don't drink the fluoride, it's their power over you.
It's liberal!
Let them rule!
You understand?
Never seen a broadcast, I tried to get him to watch, he doesn't even know this side of America exists.
Will you say hi, Bill?
Just wave at him for me?
He's gonna have Halloween, he's gonna have 1,500 kids coming to his house, and he's never heard of Alex Jones, never looked into you.
Will you just say hi, Bill, for me?
Hi, Bill!
Okay, Jeff, Jeffrey or whatever, I appreciate your call.
I've been bad again.
I only went to one call that segment.
But when I return, Kevin, Jason, Alex, John and others, your calls are straight ahead.
Now, Infowars.com is a site the enemy hates, and I just really want to impress upon you that they really don't like it when you spread the link on your Twitter, your Facebook, your email.
Infowars.com, Newswars.com, and PrisonPlanet.com.
But, let me tell you, Trump releasing 95% of those files is a big old fat juicy shot across the bowel.
Remember, if Hillary Clinton would have done what she did with these files in Uranium One in 1950, she'd go to the electric chair.
So instead of lock her up, fry her up.
I mean, I'm not calling for that.
We're not going to stoop to the tactics of this authoritarian communist and fascist, funded by that dirtbag George Soros.
The communists, they can't resist free stuff.
Instead of a booth, it says free stuff.
We're going to keep our Constitution, our Bill of Rights, and the American way.
But at the same time, we're not going to back down from this scum.
What do I do if one of these libtards calls me a Nazi?
That's easy.
You just put a pacifier in his mouth.
Here's what I'm gonna do.
One of these Antifa's get in my face.
I'm gonna pull out my pocket constitution and stick it in his.
Never heard of him.
Never heard of the guy.
They're gonna lose on November 4th and every day after that because they're a bunch of meth-head pieces of crap.
Dude, that's French for p***y. Holding our ground and not letting these bullies push us around.
But not stooping to their level.
We're gonna grab and buy the antifa.
So on November 4th, we gotta do a thing.
A thing?
Yeah, we're gonna do a thing.
America is an information-based civil war.
We're winning that war thanks to you.
And wearing t-shirts and InfoWars ball caps in public is one of the best ways to spread the word.
The revolution starts now with you at InfoWarsTour.com.
Available right now, our limited edition anti-fascist and anti-communist t-shirt.
Specifically designed to trigger the left this November and beyond.
Order now.
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
We are on the march.
The Empire is on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Look, cults have been around since civilization began.
And they're just groups of people that get together and try to learn how to manipulate other people.
The Renaissance is about getting rid of all the hidden stuff and actually bringing everything out in the open.
Or illuminating.
The globalists then launched the Illuminati, the proto-globalists, to try to claim they're running the Renaissance to hijack it.
And that's the fight we've been in for 400 plus years.
Now I'm gonna go back to your phone calls here right now, but it's just totally hit me that I gotta call Roger and some other sources, but the president
Releasing the already super damning files.
These are real files.
I can't believe they kept these.
This is really hurting the globalists and deep state and the people that control the media.
And now this other stuff is like a guillotine over their head or the sword of Damocles.
Oh, I guess you trendy liberals don't know what that is if you're watching.
I'm sorry.
The racist KKK Nazi misogynist.
Anyways, and so
That's now just waiting in the wings for him to destroy the Bushes and others.
Because it's already in FBI files that refer to CIA files with Bush Sr.
being involved in the Dallas operation.
He was photographed there with E. Howard Hunt and others.
Okay, let's go ahead and talk to Kevin in Florida.
Kevin, you're on the air.
Thank you so much, Alex.
I just want to make two quick points.
Everybody's talking about the disappointment with the JFK files being not released, which I am, but I really don't think it matters because the left has this insane ability to just ignore the facts.
So even if they were to be released,
Every informed individual knows that the government conspired with the CIA and the FBI and all these other multinational corporations to kill JFK because he wanted to shut down the Federal Reserve.
And even if those... And then idiots ask, they go, why get everybody involved?
Well, why in the Roman...
Senate, did they have like 15 people stab him?
Because you've got to stab him to show you're part of the conspiracy.
That's why you do something big like this, you get everybody there, everybody, you have a consensus so that everybody can't blackmail the other group with it.
Sorry, go ahead.
That's correct, and it's unbelievable.
Another point is, early in the show you mentioned the word obsolete, and there's an incredible Twilight Zone episode with Burgess Meredith where he plays an obsolete man, and I think the Deep State is trying to turn all the informed, like-minded individuals into the obsolete men like they did in that particular episode.
Well, that's it.
They're saying white males are obsolete, the source of all evil.
It is the most racist
I mean, it's incredible.
It's the same as the anti...
Antifa being against fascism when they're hardcore stone-cold fascists.
It's like, it's like left is right, right is left, two plus two equals five.
I mean these people, you heard Hillary last year said, and then she got asked about it again this year and said, no it's true, that 1984
Is a story of how to have government and that it's good.
Did you see her say that?
I heard her say all sorts of things.
I heard her say she was going to be the President of the United States, and that we're all going to bow down to her, but that plan got foiled.
I mean, I'll just break it down like this.
We're living in a society right now, Alex, where you can't even convince people that there's fluoride in the water.
You can't convince them that there's cookie bots on their phone that are tracking their location.
I want you to be able to finish up.
Hold on!
Jack, what's coming up?
I want to finish up with you and a few other calls, I promise to do it.
I had a lady come up to me in a grocery store two weeks ago and go, oh, are the black helicopters and fluoride going to get me?
And I went, lady.
And that's where I tried to talk to her.
She acted like I was harassing her.
And I said, listen, just look.
CNN admits fluoride causes brain damage.
And she just laughed at me.
It's like, it's not funny, lady.
But they have this spirit of just whistling past the graveyard.
They don't want help.
Stay there.
I'm going to come back to you.
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You found it.
The tip of the spear.
It is the Alex Jones Show.
Ladies and gentlemen, we are back live.
It is Friday.
I'll be back this Sunday in studio 4 to 6 p.m.
Central with the Sunday transmission.
Coming up after this broadcast, The War Room with Owen Schreier, Jack Posobiec and many others that join him.
And then of course we also have The Real News with David Knight.
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Okay, Kevin and Forty, you're saying JFK release doesn't matter.
And why are you specifically saying it?
Because already folks that are going to be awake are awake?
I mean, what are you getting at?
I'm just getting at the fact that you woke me up years ago through my brother, so I've been listening to you for years.
I'm not saying that it's not pointless.
I'm saying it's pointless in the sense of the left, because even if they release the documents and they tell us everything anybody who's informed knows, it's not going to matter to them.
Facts don't matter.
Their ignorance is their invincibility to themselves.
It's the armor of loserdom that they wear.
There's people that still believe the ridiculous magic bullet theory.
I mean, I tell everybody all the time, that's where the term conspiracy theorist came up when people call me a conspiracy theorist.
And by the way, that's declassified that leftist Ford Foundation operatives in the CIA created in 1965 the term conspiracy theorist, that's in the encyclopedia, to then just disregard what people say and then they spew what the CIA put in their mouths 50 years ago
And you're literally watching the mind control.
Is it that pathetic?
I mean, anybody who believes that magic bullet theory doesn't know anything about physics.
It's incredible.
That bullet would have had to do something that's not even humanly possible, much less in a movie, what that bullet did.
No, I hear you.
It's incredible.
God bless you.
I'm going to turn this over to Jack Posobiec here, but I got callers that have been holding a while.
He said he doesn't mind taking your calls.
He'd like to hear from you, but he'll ride shotgun along with us as we take these few final calls and he takes over with his agenda.
Jack Posobiec?
The Patriot about to get married.
Congratulations on that.
Working some of them full wars.
And of course, one of the key Trump boosters throughout the campaign, the guy the president likes to tweet and know that the media is demonized.
They said, you can't be a naval intelligence.
Now the president like you, I mean, you know, that's, that's, I mean, it's okay to, you know, be like Hillary with Uranium One.
We've got a report out that a lot of experts are saying, Gorka is saying, that Hillary would be executed in 1950s for what she's done with Uranium One.
Yeah, what he's basically saying is how much times have changed since the 1950s and how much we really used to take seriously the threat of foreign influence in our country, the actual possible collusion, communist takeovers that was going on.
You got to go back 1950s.
This was the height of the Cold War.
This was when we were really looking for people like that.
TV show The Americans is all about this kind of stuff that happened back in the 80s.
But it gets into that idea of what was going on during the Cold War.
Back then, the United States had a very strong presence.
And then Hollywood complains and freaks out and makes hundreds of movies about so-called abuses during the Red Scare.
When it's all turned out to basically have been bonafide and real, the response probably wasn't strong enough.
The problem was is that they would divert it down to low-level people instead of burning the high-level folks.
And it was also used to consolidate some right-wing power, which I don't agree with.
But still, everything they claimed about the Red Scare, they're now doing in triplicate, calling for me and Drudge to be shut down, calling for the President to be charged with treason.
And it's all been proven to be a hoax.
And what they say we did, they've been proven to have done.
Yeah, no, I've been caught up in that as well.
They'll come after me because my last name is Polish and say, oh, well, this guy's Polish, and so look at him, he must be some kind of Russian agent.
Meanwhile, that just shows the ignorance of them in the region.
If they understood anything about the history between Russia and Poland, I think they'd be actually quite surprised to find that no Pole would ever go and work with the Russians.
Now Alex, what it is, is we're in a microcosm of that same type of Red Scare that happened during the 1950s, where we're trying to point out the true stuff that's going on, they just want to lie about these little things.
meeting with a lawyer to talk about Russian adoptions, or all these little things.
Donald Trump Jr.
Meanwhile, there's this giant pile of evidence that's piling up, and maybe it turns out to be a pile of uranium, at it looks at this point, that they're completely overlooking.
They'll like publish one article on it and say, yeah, yeah, we talked about that.
And this is the most strategic espionage
You could do.
This is the worst thing you can do is give up your strategic stockpile of fizzle material.
That's the part of it that blows my mind that hasn't been brought up more.
We're not talking about her selling, you know, 20% of the US, I don't know, stock in some innocuous substance here.
This is specifically nuclear material.
We're talking about actual nuclear material being sold to the Russians.
And that is why it had to go to the SFIO process in the first place, that it had to be reviewed, the sale to a Russian company, because anything else wouldn't be considered a strategic asset of the United States.
In this case, the Iranian one was considered and we're breaking down some of the articles I pulled up.
What you're looking at here is actually Bureau of Land Management.
So BLM out there in Oregon is specifically talking about their work.
On federal lands to dig this stuff up and this is the digging that I've been doing this week about their digging in a sense on Uranium One to find that all that stuff, Alex, you remember that was going on in Mulher County, Oregon.
All of that is backed by Uranium One.
They took the land from ranchers.
They took the land from the federal government, and what they're doing is they've sold it to the highest bidder, which in this case was Vladimir Putin.
That's the Bureau of Land Management website.
That is a public federal government website.
And no wonder there was bribery, and they ordered the investigation shut down, and then Mueller's getting money from it, and ten separate companies, where he doesn't even have to put money in it to get money out of the brokerage firms.
I mean, no wonder he's so desperate.
He needs to be in serious trouble.
Right, so that's why I spent all day yesterday having people who follow me call in to Senator Grassley's office and demand that there be an independent investigation started specifically on Uranium One to counter what Robert Mueller is doing.
Because as we've seen, there's so many members of Congress that are tied to this through their financial actions, and Senator Wyden out in Oregon, I'd be very interested to see how all this was going on in his own, literally his own backyard, without him knowing about it.
You're going to be breaking all this down.
I'm going to turn this over to you, my friend.
It's great to have you here co-hosting with us, but let me just say this.
Orrin Hatch is announcing his retirement.
I mean, they're all leaving.
It's all... They are collapsing.
They are in a sick mess.
But the deep state's still trying to sabotage the president.
What are you making him holding back those final files?
I think he's using that as leverage.
Uh, from what I heard is that this is a situation where he was told very specifically that, and CIA has done this a number of times, so has ODNI, the Office of Director of National Intelligence.
They've said that if you don't do what we say, that we'll stop giving you briefings or we'll cut off your funds.
They did, but what's come out so far, we're going over it, is very damning.
No, it's come out so far, talk about false flag operations, talk about terrorism plans that the CIA was trying to run inside the United States that they were going to plant on other people, and this is plans going all the way back to the 1960s.
So you talk about what was going on back then, and we're supposedly told that it's all been cleaned up since now, but why?
And by the way, we're going to have a special broadcast this weekend covering all this.
I've got huge intel I'm not ready to drop yet, not just on this.
But it's all incredible.
Jack Posobiec's taking over.
Give those three callers that were still holding a free t-shirt.
Okay, and I apologize to them.
I really appreciate them holding so long.
I don't know.
I can't get to them.
I gotta let Posobiec go.
He's got a lot of great intel for us.
We'll be back with Jack Posobiec on the other side.
I'm Alex Jones.
Please spread the word.
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We're not going to stoop to the tactics of authoritarian communists and fascists, funded by that dirtbag George Soros.
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We're going to keep our constitution, our bill of rights.
What do I do if one of these libtards calls me a Nazi?
That's easy.
You just put a pacifier in his mouth.
Here's what I'm gonna do.
One of these Antifas get in my face.
I'm gonna pull out my pocket constitution and stick it in his.
Never heard of him.
Never heard of the guy.
They're going to lose on November 4th and every day after that because they're a bunch of meth-head pieces of crap.
Dude, that's French for p***y. Holding our ground and not letting these bullies push us around.
But not stooping to their level.
We're going to grab them by the antifa.
So on November 4th, we gotta do a thing.
A thing?
Yeah, we're gonna do a thing.
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You're listening to The Alex Jones Show.
Jack Posobiec coming in here, fourth hour, Alex Jones Show.
I want to thank Alex so much for having me on today, and I appreciate it.
Honestly, an hour, I don't know if that's going to be enough to break down all of the news and the intel that I have to share.
I broke this down a little bit on my personal Twitter page, my Periscope, if you guys have seen that earlier this week.
All right.
We're good to go!
We're good to go.
And isn't that the perfect t-shirt for someone who's a patriotic American, who loves their country, and doesn't believe in extremism on either side?
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You are going to be triggering so many people when they see this because they're going to say, wait, I didn't know that we had to talk about fascism and communism.
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Folks, Uranium One.
The Uranium One story will not go away.
And in fact, the investigation is getting bigger and bigger.
Just this morning, it was confirmed that President Trump himself is the one that gave the order for the FBI informant to be allowed to testify before Congress.
So we had that reported from sources before.
Now it's confirmed that the President of the United States, President Trump, and I don't think you'd find any other president that would allow this, he went to the DOJ and said,
Lift the gag order on this informant.
So there's a confidential informant, someone that we had that was on essentially on the payroll or knew intimately knew the details of the Uranium One deal where there's considerations that he may have actually gone to your to Russia and been part of this and turned over documents.
He's been trying to get this out to congressional investigators for years, but the Obama DOJ wouldn't let him.
President Trump himself has now said that this confidential informant should come out.
But here's what's breaking news is that now...
Well, my sources are telling me is that Senator Chuck Grassley and the other Democrats on the on the committee on the Judiciary Committee are at odds as to how the informants testimony should come out in the Senate in the committee, and they're currently split on it because it's split down party lines.
The Republicans are saying, we want this to be as open and transparent as possible.
The Democrats are saying that it shouldn't happen.
There's so much infighting.
The Democrats are trying to do everything they can to stall this.
And the latest that I've heard on this is that they're even discussing having separate hearings for the informant, one for the Republicans and one for the Democrats.
So, folks, it doesn't take a genius to explain what's going to happen if they do something like that.
What's going to happen is the Republicans are going to come out and say, oh, well, he said this.
And then the Democrats are going to come out and say, no, no, no, you're wrong.
He told us this.
And therefore, if the two stories don't match up, he's discredited.
This is something you do.
Instead of playing one side against the other, they're playing their investigation off of another investigation.
It's actually parallel investigation to have one informant give testimony to two separate sets of investigators, in this case being the United States Senate Judiciary Committee.
That is an absolute travesty of justice.
There should be no call for a separate hearing of this informant.
There wasn't separate hearings when Roger Stone went and testified to the Intel Committee.
There wasn't a separate hearing when Donald Trump Jr.
went and testified.
Why would there be partisan hearings?
Because they're injecting partisanship into the process.
And once they do that, they can simply run around like Hillary Clinton used to do and say it's a vast right-wing conspiracy and try to discredit this.
Because Uranium One
As it really stands, and I'm going to be breaking down some background on Uranium One in the next segment here.
This is the scandal that is going to take down so many Senators.
It is going to take down so many people in Deep State because Robert Mueller, we've now found out, was aware of all of this.
Now, another example is Rod Rosenstein.
If there was a confidential informant, right?
Who was running the informant?
Well now we find that the informant was working for Rod Rosenstein, who was running the investigation.
So if he was running him, why then, and Senator Grassley even brought this up and said, why was Rosenstein not forthwith with the fact that he had an informant on the payroll of Uranium One, or at least on the payroll of someone involved with the deal,
I think?
And a clear example, potentially, of him trying to protect his good old friend that he hired to run the Russia investigation, none other than Mr. Robert Mueller.
Ladies and gentlemen, you're not going to hear this type of information in the lying mainstream media, to borrow a phrase.
You're not going to hear this type of information on other platforms.
That is why we ask you to stick it here with InfoWars, because we can bring the questions together to do things that journalists used to do.
And that's ask hard questions, to connect dots, and to do investigation into these matters, instead of simply parroting talking points and government press releases whenever they're sent out to us.
I'm Jack Posobiec.
I'm going to be here.
We've got 30 minutes to go.
I'm going to cover some more stuff.
But in the next segment, what I'm going to do is talk about, specifically, if they sold 20% of the uranium, where did the uranium come from?
And where did the uranium go?
Stay tuned.
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You're listening to The Alex Jones Show.
Waging war on corruption.
It's Alex Jones, coming to you live from the front lines of the InfoWar.
Popping in for Alex Jones today it's Jack Posobiec here from Washington DC breaking down all the latest of what's going on here in the city that has been rocked over the past few weeks with the revelations of Hillary Clinton's involvement in the Uranium One deal and the fact that the entire situation was under investigation by the FBI and
But was then since swept under the rug by none other than FBI Directors Robert Mueller and James Comey.
Mueller, of course, is now the special prosecutor in charge of the Russia investigation, the Russia collusion investigation on President Trump, whereas James Comey was fired.
However, it really does beg the question, now that the new evidence has come out that Mueller may have been involved in covering up the previous administrations, Barack Obama administrations,
Dealings with Russia, the sale of Uranium One to Russia, the contracting of these lands being approved through the Department of State, Hillary Clinton, while the Secretary of State's husband, Bill Clinton, accepted half a million dollars from the Russian state, as well as 145 million dollars in donations to the Clinton Foundation.
One piece of this that I'd like to go back to, and I brought up some of this with Alex earlier today, is that all of this uranium that we keep talking about, the 20% of the U.S.
uranium, well, where is that uranium, you ask?
Where is it?
Can we find it?
Can we touch it?
Can we see it?
What happened to it?
Is it really gone?
Is it all in Russia?
How do we know?
So if you go back and look, there's actually a Bureau of Land Management website that I did some digging and actually pulled this up that wrote back all the way in 2011 and 2012 that they were indeed looking to secure a deal and approve a deal with Uranium One through their shell company Oregon Energy LLC.
So approve this deal to allow the development of a strip mine or possibly even an open pit mine in Oregon.
The company was later sold and then now subsidiaries, right?
They call it.
That's what the Uranium One does is that they use all these subsidiaries to make it look like it's an Australian company or make it looks like it's a US company or a Canadian company.
But what happens is they're really all owned at the end of the day by Uranium One, which is in turn owned by the Russian state.
The way it works is, those mines, a lot of them, or a lot of the land usage rights, are actually down in Mulher County.
I don't
Ranchers were the ones that were standing in the way while BLM was trying and pushing very hard to get them off their lands.
FBI's HRT was involved, and now we're breaking down and learning that this project is actually called the Aurora Project.
Now, I know that is kind of a headline-grabbing title, but it's actually because it's near the town of Aurora.
So this Aurora Project
Quite simply says the the Aurora uranium project shows the local infrastructure.
There's been previous minds have been out there.
They've known that uranium has been there since the 1970s.
It's only been in recent years that it was sold out to Russia.
So it used to be that these were done.
By the way,
I got off the phone with a source just before the call today, that what they're doing is the uranium that comes out of there, according to my source, is sent up to Canada, which has different import-export licensing than if they were sending it directly to Russia.
So it goes to Canada, then they, so it's sort of, and then it goes to Russia from there.
So what they're kind of doing is almost laundering the uranium in the way he would launder money because it was being sent directly from the United States to Russia.
This would obviously trigger a lot of alarm bells.
So what they're doing with uranium one, which was originally
Park Canadian owned company.
Now they're able to funnel it through Canada then get it back to Russia.
Here's another shot.
You guys can see of what's going on there.
There's this is one of the major open pit mine.
It's a diagram for what they wanted what for everything they want to do there.
These these stock the stockpile areas the processing plants all of this Mulher County very close to where that standoff took place.
So now this really begs the question.
That if this huge project is going on out there in southwestern Oregon, Aurora, Aurora, Oregon is the name of the cities.
They call it the Aurora project.
Here I am on on a Friday talking about Project Aurora.
I didn't think that would be coming up, but.
If all of this is going on, clearly the local representatives would know something about it.
The federal representatives for Oregon, to include Senator Ron Wyden, certainly would know something about it.
We're now seeing, you can see the data, total production of uranium concentrated in the United States going all the way down
These are these are in pounds.
So millions and millions of pounds of uranium coming out of the United States.
I think these numbers go through about 2011.
So right around the time this was going on, this is one of the major uranium spots in not only in the United States, but in the entire world.
And what we're learning that Russia was up to with its Uranium One purchases was to corner the entire, not just U.S.
market on Uranium, but actually the world market on Uranium as strategic nuclear material, strategic fizzle material that's used in nuclear weapons.
Now, Russia, of course, we know has a somewhat cozy relationship with North Korea.
Is it possible then?
It's not so far to say.
That's right.
In northwestern the United States.
So, I was discussing this earlier today with a source and I said, what irony that North Korea could be striking the new, the northwestern states of America, right, Washington and Oregon, with uranium that actually came from that very same area, thanks to the machinations of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.
Now, I know all this sounds quite sensational, and that's why I'm not Jack Posobiec sitting here and making these claims.
I'm simply calling.
For a special prosecution, a special investigation into this entire situation, to find out where our government's culpability comes in on it.