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Name: 20170928_Thu_Alex
Air Date: Sept. 28, 2017
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In this episode of InfoWars, Alex Jones and Roger Stone discuss various topics including President Trump's proposed tax cut plan, Clinton crimes investigation, Catalonia's socialist policies, low taxes, less regulation contributing to positive economic results in Indiana. They also critique CNN and other mainstream media outlets for their coverage of events. The show promotes products available at InfoWarsStore.com. Additionally, they discuss the recent pardon of Sheriff Joe Arpaio by President Trump and the attempt by a rogue federal judge to arrest him. Stone calls for Jeff Sessions' replacement with a new Attorney General who can address pressing issues like the Obama NSA, Rice, Brennan, Clapper, Rogers, et al., as well as the Clinton Foundation.

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Live from Austin, Texas, broadcasting worldwide, it's Alex Jones.
Ladies and gentlemen, we're live.
We're broadcasting worldwide.
We're going to be here for the next four hours.
I'm your host, Alex Jones.
I intend to open the phones up again today on the 28th day of September 2017.
Trump has really delivered in his proposed tax cut, once-in-a-lifetime plan, as he dubbed it yesterday.
We're going to be airing his remarks coming up later in the hour.
Getting rid of the estate tax.
Absolutely amazing.
That will energize so much more money not going into the government coffers but going back out into private hands.
Going from seven tax rates down to three.
Cutting taxes massively on the middle class and poor people.
There's talk of tax increases on the wealthy.
At the same time cutting corporate tax from 35 to 20.
And that will bring back in trillions of dollars outside of the country.
The globalists set our taxes as the highest corporate tax in the world to make it prohibitive to do business in the United States as part of the globalist strategic plan.
That's admitted, by the way.
So you turn our coal back on, you cut the corporate tax to be competitive.
He wanted it lower than China.
It's now basically right at the same rate as China.
If we even get this cut.
So yes, China, the communist, have a lower corporate tax rate than the so-called capitalist.
You heard that right.
So we're going to be walking through all of this today.
Also, more and more, Congress and the Attorney General are closing in on the Clinton crimes as they try to bring down Trump for made-up garbage.
Lawmakers set sights on Obama and the unmasking scandal.
Also, there's reports that Anthony Weiner is frightened of prison, beat down, because of pedophile label.
Oh, the pedophile label!
Just look at Anthony Weiner.
He's not just a convicted sex crimes individual.
He looks like what you would imagine in your nightmares as the kind of person
Talks to kids, you know, about getting in their car at the playground.
I'm not saying Wiener ever did what Jerry Epstein, his good buddy, did, or what Bill Clinton has been reportedly connected to.
Oh, no.
Or Comedy Central making jokes that I say the Clintons are into voodoo.
They just say it in two of their books and all over the news and go down and take part in voodoo rituals.
But see, they're not the weird ones for doing that.
I'm the weird one for reporting on it.
That's right, if I go to some place in the Pacific Ocean and show you aborigines that headhunt and eat people, I'm the weird one for reporting on it, not the New Guinea headhunters.
See how that works?
If I bust Jeffrey Dahmer kidnapping people and eating them, I'm the bad one, not Jeffrey Dahmer.
So if I report on all the Clinton voodoo garbage, well, just have Comedy Central come out with their new fake news show and just say that I made it up and then don't show where I showed all the proof.
And I haven't gotten around to going after that show.
It's on five nights a week.
I've only watched five minutes of it, to be honest with you.
And I just can't even bring myself to watch it, but I'm going to try as best I can.
Because when you look at it, they say, we stand for nothing, we believe in nothing.
No, that's you, the mercenary globalists, not us.
And just keep acting like you're the big intellectuals, and you're the big smart guys, and keep making fun of grassroots citizens, you know, for, quote, reporting from their living rooms.
That's all like one minute of what they had last night, making fun of people because they go, we're the news reporting from our living room.
As if people giving their views, their opinions, or videotaping events that happen, or going to their city hall, aren't as important as the dirtbags at Viacom.
So just keep telling us how you're the establishment, and that we're idiots, but you're fighting the establishment because you're the resistance.
Everyone sees through your garbage.
We'll be back.
This was just indicative that on 9-11, four years after she ordered the stand down of Benghazi, and 15 years after 9-11 had taken place that Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton, it turned out, had basically ordered stand downs before to not kill Osama Bin Laden and not take out Al Qaeda.
So it was just God's justice.
If there is a God, boy, this shows it to you.
And Chris Tonto, known as Pronto, christontoperonto.com, one of the great heroes of Benghazi, one of the guys that had the courage during the campaign to expose that they were told there was a stand-down order by the State Department and expose this lying witch, joins us now.
And she's not in power.
We stopped her.
She's not Madam President, like Newsweek said.
Thank you so much for joining us on such a busy day, sir.
Thank you.
Good to see you again, brother.
Thank you, Alex.
Of all the things that brought Hillary down, I think it's either WikiLeaks or Benghazi.
But I think Benghazi, with the soldiers, with the airmen, with the Air Force folks, with the people in our military, I think that was the bridge too far.
Well, I agree, because she's going up and she's calling the people that have sworn to protect this country, that serve based off honor, courage, integrity, and morality, and she's calling us liars.
So, by doing that, really, she sealed her own, literally, presidential death warrant.
By doing that, you can't go up against Special Operations troops, Rangers, Seals, and Marines and say, hey, they're lying, I'm telling the truth, even though two of their brothers died right in front of them.
So, uh, and what it also did, Alex, and what you've been doing forever, is exposed the corruption between the mainstream media and the left.
That's what Benghazi did as well, by us standing up and telling the truth.
And I'm thankful that we did that.
Yes, we lost our jobs because we all lost our security clearance.
The whole team.
We're done.
But it still was the right thing to do, and I think in the long run, people will see that it saved our country from just going down another slippery slope.
What is it like to see her, with all her arrogance, collapse on 9-11, outside the memorial when she's leaving, on the anniversary of Benghazi, on the stand-down order, four years before, now five years, and 15 years after 9-11, which they were intimately involved in allowing to happen?
You know, you don't want anything, and really as a Christian, you don't want to see bad things happen to anybody.
Whatever happened to her, that's going to be between her and her maker, and what happened there that day, that's between her and her maker as well.
You reap what you sow, that all that is you reap what you sow, that we learned when we were growing up, that still holds true.
Because she got caught falling down on 9-11 and one month after the Secret Service said, just follow her around.
And it wasn't our people that got it.
We were there a week before and got her and the tent collapsed.
I mean, it's just incredible.
From the front lines.
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
What we are looking at is good and evil, right and wrong.
A new world order.
Thursday, the 28th day of September 2017.
Again, this year is already very long in the tooth.
Seems like it just got here, doesn't it?
We have the Navy machinist who years ago took a picture of himself inside a nuclear submarine and served a year in prison for doing one one-millionth what Hillary Clinton did.
And it became a big national topic back during the campaign when Trump brought it up.
He's now asking the president for a pardon.
I think it's a great way to bring up the fact that if Hillary got away with what she did, he shouldn't get in trouble when it wasn't meant to endanger U.S.
national security.
He's going to be joining us for 30 minutes, start of the next hour.
But before we go any further, I'll also have open phones throughout the transmission.
We also have real tyranny unfolding in Catalan.
In what is northeastern Spain, Catalan police ordered to close polling stations to stop vote.
Spanish central government shutting down secession that is wildly popular, over 80%.
So there's no way to stop that.
The people will separate themselves, just like Brexit.
They may fail in this round, but the very oppression itself will trigger
The corrupt Spanish socialist government's defeat.
It is the socialist policies that have angered Catalonians, who are classically conservative, very Christian, that are against the Islamic invasion as well, and they produce, even though they're only like 15% of the population, 40% of the wealth and taxes of Spain.
And it's always been that way.
Now, with more than 92% of votes in Iraq, Kurdistan is backing independence as well, and Turkey's dictator is threatening a military invasion or to cut off their food as well.
That's been a historically pro-Christian area of the Muslim world.
From all the military I've talked to, the Kurds are good people.
They're continually being bullied by all sides.
They deserve their own country, but Turkey's threatening a full-on invasion, so we're going to look at that as well.
A lot happening with the economy.
Also, the New York Times, this came out a few days ago, and I missed it, and one of the producers, Matt, said, you know, Daria pointed this out, you really ought to cover it, and they're right.
Why I admire Anthony Weiner.
I didn't say that before the news clips that.
That is the New York Times.
That's a convicted child sex crime operative.
That is a guy connected to huge pedophile rings and they love him and they admire him.
He's a poor baby in the New York Times.
I'm gonna tie that in with some other reports that deal with this because Comedy Central has a new show that attacks me daily, five days a week, called The Establishment.
I mean, what it is, is it's the establishment trying to pose as the resistance, claiming that we are the establishment and they're the resistance, but it's the big Viacom company that promotes the sexualization of children on Nickelodeon, MTV, you name it.
Sumner Redstone's wicked outfit, weaponized television.
They have this new ridiculous transmission called the opposition, and...
In there they make fun of me saying that the Clintons are involved in voodoo.
That was their opening salvo a few nights ago.
I haven't watched it since then and it's just every second is bull.
I mean I have the Washington Post, the New York Times saying that the
The Clintons engage in voodoo.
There it is.
Washington Post.
The time Bill and Hillary Clinton went to a voodoo ceremony in Haiti.
But it wasn't like they went there as anthropologists or sociologists.
They partake in it.
I've got articles out of the LA Times 20 years ago with Hillary doing it.
I've got one of her best friends saying they kill people with hexes.
Breitbart reports on that.
They're into the occult.
Skull and Bones, Bohemian Grove, both parties.
It's a fact.
So we're going to expose that coming up.
People deserve to know what's going on.
You've got all these Hollywood stars saying they were doing hexes on Trump and calling for him to die.
I'm not the Froot Loop that's calling for this.
They're the Froot Loops that believe in it.
They're the ones doing it.
We're reporting on you, the little pseudo-intellectuals.
So we're going to be breaking it down.
And in past times, when I report on them attacking me, they do copyright strikes directly from Viacom, saying I can't even play clips of these dirtbags and respond to them.
Well, you know what?
All you chicken-necked pseudo-intellectuals, we're going to do it.
All right, let's get into the big meat potatoes issue.
Tax reform.
I have the united, unified framework for fixing our broken tax code from El Presidente.
And if he can actually get this through, it would turn the entire economy and this nation around.
The problem is, once it gets to Congress, they're going to monkey it, and they're even talking about trying to raise taxes, hijacking this plan, and they'll blame Trump.
No, this plan is excellent.
Especially if you freeze spending increases, this would pay down the debt very quickly.
The problem is, they cut taxes, and then they increase spending as well.
You have to stop the spending increases, and then you've got to trim the bad areas of government, and you've got to then turn loose the power of the American people.
So, they got the Goldman Sachs Trump advisor already on TV saying he can't guarantee they won't raise it on the middle class.
Well, the tax plan says they'll only raise taxes on the rich.
Well, the way this is written, it gets rid of the loopholes so the really rich can't get out of it.
And so, I'm all for it, ladies and gentlemen.
Turn loose the poor folks, working class, the middle class, get rid of the estate tax.
This is a once-in-a-generation opportunity, and I guess it's probably something I can say that I'm very good at.
I've been waiting for this for a long time.
We're going to cut taxes for the middle class, make the tax code simpler and more fair for everyday Americans, and we are going to bring back the jobs and wealth that have left our country, and most people thought, left our country for good.
We want tax reform that is pro-growth, pro-jobs, pro-worker, pro-family, and yes, tax reform that is pro-American.
It's time to take care of our people, to rebuild our nation, and to fight for our great American workers.
Indiana is a tremendous example of the prosperity that is unleashed when we cut taxes and set free the dreams of our citizens.
This state has claimed a powerful competitive edge built on low taxes and less regulation.
And are we cutting regulation?
And businesses all across the country have taken notice.
In recent years, Indiana has welcomed dozens of companies fleeing high taxes and high-tax states.
Thousands of new jobs and massive capital investment have followed, meaning a better quality of life for the people of Indiana.
All of this is possible because the people of this state have made a decision.
They chose to make Indiana competitive again.
They chose, and their choice was so important, it included electing a governor who you may have heard of, who signed the largest income tax cut in the state's history, our very, very terrific person,
And terrific Vice President Mike Pence.
It's time for Washington to learn from the wisdom of Indiana.
We need Washington to promote American jobs instead of obstructing them.
That is what I've been working to achieve every day since I took office.
That is what I talked about on the campaign trail.
Already we're seeing the results of an economic policy that finally puts America first.
Unemployment is at a 16-year low.
Unemployment for African Americans is near its lowest point since the turn of the millennium.
It's really a fantastic thing to see.
Wages are rising.
Optimism among manufacturers has reached all-time highs.
GDP growth last quarter reached 3%, way ahead of schedule.
Nobody thought that was going to happen for a long time.
And this quarter, I believe, would have been better, but the hurricanes will have an impact.
But other than that, it would have been, in my opinion, even better.
Your government is working for you, once again,
Not for the donors, not the special interests, but the hard-working, tax-paying citizens of our country.
America is back on the right track, and I see so many red hats.
Make America great again.
That's what we're doing.
Make America great again.
But our country and our economy cannot take off like they should unless we dramatically reform America's outdated, complex, and extremely burdensome tax code.
That's right.
It's designed to keep us down.
We'll be right back with more.
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Gregory Copley is our guest.
I want to get him up for a full hour in the near future.
What's the bottom line?
Let's get into your book, Uncivilization, your predictions of this from historical examples.
I mean, we see it happening now.
We see opportunists using this to consolidate power while trying to not actually build any infrastructure, while waging war against any culture because it's seen as competition to the soulless globalism.
Well, great to be with you, and yes, we have been doing a lot of work on the transformation of society.
It's not just in the United States.
It's a global phenomenon, as you rightly pointed out.
It's the urban-driven people who believe themselves to be globalists.
They're not necessarily the people who invented globalization, which is something else again.
Globalization is the normal process of interaction between nation-states.
And what we're seeing is the urban globalists believe in
We're good to go.
Trump election in the United States, but it's going on elsewhere around the world.
So the Brexit vote, the Trump vote, were almost seen as last-ditch efforts by the people who believe in a balanced nation-state to come to the defense of the nation-state, bearing in mind that we're seeing an increasing urbanization of the global population now at about 54% globally.
People living in cities in the United States about 60% so what the vote showed in November last year was that in fact not all of the city people do go along with this urban globalist view and that's quite evident.
Well, that's why it's the endgame of globalism, is you already have the city of Rome, and you have the city of London, London, you have the UN, and you always have these Israel city-states saying, we're diplomatically immune, you know, we're our own thing, while their political tentacles use the larger globalism to consolidate and exploit different populations, then that's brought back into those systems, and so people always get mad at their overreaching power, that's one reason.
So this is really the extension of globalism is realizing they're not going to merge all the nations into one big loving thing and take care of everybody.
They're going to have city-states above the law, tax-exempt, that exploit everyone else around them for access through the city-state that act basically as barriers to global trade.
Alex Jones here back live.
Louisiana Congressman Steve Scalise after months and months and months of recovery that he almost didn't make it back from.
He's now had his return to Congress today and he again had to go back in the hospital repeatedly because of infections.
He was shot by a high-caliber rifle along with several other people obviously when a madman
CNN basically said it was a hero who wasn't a terrorist, went looking for Republicans to kill and then top Democratic strategist celebrated it and they said that we need to go out and hunt Republicans.
Hashtag hunt Republicans.
Truly sickening group of people but he has returned to Congress for TV viewers.
We're rolling some video of that.
Let's hear what Fox News had to say.
I can't hear words, but what we can see in the center of our screen is a man who spent a lot of time in ICU and on life support walking down a hallway with some aid there and with a little bit of a limp.
But Steve Scalise is back in the house and he's already met today with House Speaker Paul Ryan.
Paul Ryan said a few moments ago when asked how that meeting went that he was brought to tears.
He said, I'm no John Boehner.
I was babbling.
I was crying hard.
I have no words to describe it.
Let's listen to the applause.
So that's Fox News coverage of it.
So Sandra, this is a monumental day not only for him but for others who have been recovering from that and for the members there in the chamber to be able to be with him and give him support.
This is his first public appearance since that shooting at the Congressional Baseball Practice.
And of course a lot of Democrats have been hoping that he would die publicly.
And then when one mentally ill person runs over a poor young lady, all conservatives and all libertarians are at fault, even though we're not calling for violence.
But the Democrats call for violence, and then they're good when it happens.
And then CNN has guest on saying the shooter wasn't evil, was just fed up with Trump.
What's gonna happen if folks go, hey, are those CNN reporters?
And then shoot a bunch of them and say, hey, I'm not evil.
I don't want that to happen.
CNN's already politically dead.
Just like MSNBC, just like Nickelodeon, just like Viacom, just like Comedy Central, just like all the dirtbags.
People are aware of who they are.
We're breaking with them.
The NFL's committed suicide.
All these parasitic groups are on their knees.
So, let them be violent.
Bring them to justice.
We're not the violent ones.
They know it.
They can't stand it.
And I'm telling you, the next card they're going to play is false flag yet again.
But no matter what they do, the American people see through it.
Now here is a sneak peek of Congressman Scalise giving 60 Minutes the first interview, and it's coming up this Sunday.
So here's a first look with that interview.
It was just after 7 a.m.
on June 14th at a ballpark in Alexandria, Virginia, when a team made up of Republican congressmen went from shagging balls to dodging bullets.
That guy was Congressman Steve Scalise.
This cell phone video was among the first images of him that day.
Last was him being wheeled on a gurney to a helicopter, clinging to life.
He spent most of the next four days unconscious.
I found out later just how much damage was done internally.
My femur was shattered.
The hip and pelvis had serious damage where the bullet went through and did some damage to areas that had to be shored up with steel plates.
And they did a phenomenal job of rebuilding, kind of the rebuilding Humpty Dumpty.
There was a lot of damage inside that had to get fixed.
They put you back together again.
They put me back together again.
Sixty Minutes is one of the only mainstream media outlets that still has giant audiences.
Megyn Kelly destroyed the NBC program she was on, now she's destroying the morning show she has.
Horrible ratings, horrible critics' reviews, just unwatchable crap.
Her worshipping of the total failure joke.
Jane Fonda.
Hanoi Jane.
I mean, these people just don't get it.
We're rejecting them all.
But I understand why he'd go on to 60 Minutes.
They're going to make it a softball interview about how he survived and what a great story that is.
And probably have a little bit of anti-gun stuff mixed in.
Not from Scalise, but from 60 Minutes.
And I really wish folks more and more would just not even give 60 Minutes the time of day.
But they're not as vicious as some of the other magazine shows.
And it's why people still watch it.
It still has some aura of being a real investigative report.
And the others don't.
But they still color-manipulated Stephen Bannon.
They still lit him from below, just like NBC did me.
They just can't help the dirty tricks.
But we'll see if they do those to Scalise.
But again,
60 Minutes is an example to all the other establishment media.
Don't be so obvious about it and people would still watch you.
But they don't want to be beat over the head by your anti-American crap.
But hey, you're not going to listen.
I'm not going to interrupt our enemies as they are destroying themselves.
More on the big tax cut plans, Obamacare and more.
They're saying he's going to kill it with an executive order.
That's Trump.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
I am so happy that Congressman Scalise lived.
When I saw the thousands of tweets, I mean just hundreds of pages of them, and prominent people saying they hoped he died, and when I watched mainstream corporate media be completely silent about all the viciousness, and actually witnessed CNN and others talking about how the guy that attacked him did what had to be done,
It just makes you realize that these globalists have been dominating and parasitically controlling America and feeding off Americans, these different elites, while they try to domesticate as many Americans as they can to make us controllable.
So the parasite can control the host.
They want to turn more people into parasites.
So it becomes more of a
symbiotic parasitic relationship where we can't live without the parasitic controllers because they've so infected us with their political and economic and cultural and religious satanic systems.
And I love how Comedy Central makes fun of me and goes, Jones claims it's a satanic communist world government conspiracy.
So which is it?
Is it satanic or is it communist?
Well, they're one in the same.
Dehumanizing people, enslaving them, taking their free will, taking people's labor, giving it to other people, without them being able to direct where it goes.
That is satanic.
It's one and the same.
Meaning evil.
Meaning corrupt.
Meaning immoral.
But again, they play constant semantical games.
Where they feed on their ignorant viewers.
Where they think that people aren't intellectually intelligent.
And so they create little mental fallacies in the mind and then expand out from there.
Just burrowing in as much as they can to basically scramble communications and to lessen the larger
They're at war with language.
They're at war with freedom.
They're at war with families.
They're at war with independence.
They want you to be their captured slaves.
And the WikiLeaks and all their documents admit it.
I want to get back into the President's tax cut and then Rand Paul, Trump will take executive action on health care after Senate failure.
He's come out and said, well what have we been publishing for eight months?
That all he's got to do is not let them raid Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.
And that if he can stop them from raiding Fannie Mae,
And Freddie Mac, the hundreds of billions of dollars a year they used to prop up Obamacare that the federal government would not have followed its agreement and the whole thing decouples and implodes.
Plus it's already imploding where many states only have one provider who can then jack up prices as high as they want.
That's why on average it's doubled, in some areas it's quadrupled the prices.
And massively increased profits of insurance companies who wrote it.
It's a giant scam!
But all the Democrats do is sit back and say, oh, we're defeating the Republicans by keeping Obamacare in place, like they're winning score points in a baseball game.
When the Republican elites, the Democratic elites wrote it and it's been a screw job.
I mean there's no getting around the fact that Gruber that helped write it said it's a rip-off to triple prices and thank God you're so stupid.
And thank God you have no attention span.
Thank God you're so distracted and I'm up here saying please don't be distracted, please don't be distracted, please don't be distracted, please don't let them screw you over.
It's crazy.
Look, Rand Paul predicted Wednesday that President Trump would soon move on his own to make health care insurance more affordable.
However, the Senate failed again this week to advance any bill to reform federal health care policy.
Paul said on MSNBC that he thinks Trump would move to
Reinterpret an existing law in order to make it easier for people to buy health insurance across state lines.
And that, of course, will let you have competition and will lower prices.
What a horrible, greedy, hateful thing Trump is trying to do to take our children's health care and make sure children can't have heart surgery, like Jimmy Kimmel says.
Just made up, waving a bloody shirt.
We deserve free health care like Cuba or England.
They don't have free health care.
What they don't have is health care.
That's why they come here.
You pay out 20-30% of your paycheck into it, and then you don't even get it.
Oh, but it's free!
Oh, but there's a two-year wait on that brain surgery.
That brain surgery's 99% operable for that tumor, but only within six months.
Within two years, 90-plus percent of people die.
I mean, those are real parliament debates I've watched over and over again, where even Tony Blair would admit.
Yes, I agree it's unacceptable that we're making children wait 18 months to two years for a surgery that, if not done within six months, normally kills the child.
I agree we're going to fix it.
But our National Health Care Service is a wonderful crown of socialism and... And then I've got to hear, we deserve free health care just like England.
It's not free.
Venezuela's got free health care.
You can't get it now.
It's not free.
It's like saying, I have a free imaginary cake here.
And everybody can have a slice of it.
And you're like, imagining you're having it?
Oh, is it chocolate cake?
Is it vanilla cake?
Is it rum raisin cake?
And you're just getting a slice of it, and here, have your imaginary cake.
Oh, mmm, communism's so good!
Socialism, oh, it's so good!
And of course, it always works for a while, until you run out of other people's money.
And I know our audience knows this.
Imagine not being informed and really believing, as some trendy millennial that watches Jimmy Kimmel, that kids with heart defects don't get surgeries.
There are hundreds of major charities.
The hospitals are supposed to be charity hospitals.
You know when you walk in most hospitals it says on the billboard, Catholics charity or Lutheran charity.
Hospitals were always supposed to be charities.
Then the doctors were paid, the nurses were paid, but there was no profit in it, and if someone didn't have money, it was free.
And they would check your credit, or they would know you were in the standing, and they'd come in and say, your child needs surgery, it's gonna be handled by the hospital.
But they never tell anyone this.
I have a friend who had Crohn's disease,
And his insurance kept kicking him off, and he couldn't get it through the city of Austin, because the city wouldn't cover it.
And I said, under charity care, under law, these charity hospitals have to do your surgery.
Let's say you're making $40,000 a year, which he was, at the city.
And I said, that counts as basically blue collar in a town like this.
You can go show them your pay stubs, your taxes, what you've done, and they're going to make you pay a fraction of it, and the hospital will pay for it.
And he goes,
Go to the charity hospitals.
He goes, well, they don't say charity.
I said, they're basically all charity hospitals unless it's a private clinic.
And he finally went and they said, yes, we do charity care, but we recommend that you go back to the state you're from for the surgery.
They've got even better there in New York City.
And he went and the top Crohn's surgeon in the world did his surgery.
And all he had to pay for was $500 for the cost of autoclaving and cleaning the instruments.
I mean, he just couldn't believe it.
He said it was true.
No one would tell me.
My dad managed hospitals.
My dad managed over 150 dental clinics.
My dad testifies in the legislature and writes papers for Congress.
I know, okay?
I know all about healthcare.
All about it.
See, I've already gone off on a jag.
It's just, it's so frustrating because under Obamacare, you know what it lets the hospitals do?
Get out of the old laws and the old regulations.
You know, everybody talks about Ron Paul was such an incredible guy before he retired from being a OBGYN.
And delivering babies, because she would work at least a week out of the month at a charity hospital every night and deliver up to three babies a night for $2 a night.
You know why they're charity hospitals?
They did that?
They paid for you to get food at the hospital kitchen.
And Ron Paul, famously, would get paid $2 a night, and this was in the 80s, in Houston.
To deliver babies.
That was for coffee, water, juice, a hamburger, whatever.
Two dollars a night.
And why did Ron Paul go and do that when there wasn't even a law in place?
Because when they went to medical school, they told him, this is what you do.
One third of your time, it's free.
Now, my dad still did that in dentistry, and he had a line around the block of people wanting the free dental care.
And then the companies he worked for, he practiced as well.
Under law, if you manage stuff, you gotta practice.
He still practiced two days a week.
But he would still say, you know, you have to pay for the actual dentures or the actual pieces that go into your teeth because that has to go to the company, but I'm doing your care for free.
And people said, well, we've never heard of this or I used to hear about this, but why doesn't this happen?
He said, well, things have changed.
That's what you're supposed to do.
Rich people are supposed to pay more for health care.
They're supposed to endow hospitals.
They're supposed to endow public baths.
They're supposed to endow bridges.
They're supposed to build infrastructure.
Oh, but instead, we have the federal government to do it, and then you don't get it.
And so, under Obamacare, do you know what you get?
You get it written by the insurance companies and big hospital groups to shut down all the small hospital groups, all the clinics, consolidate control.
Because under Obamacare,
If you don't have lobbyists in Capitol Hill, they SWAT team raid your hospital and say you're giving out too many opiates or you're not filing stuff right or you're involved in Medicare or Medicaid fraud and shut you down.
That's what we live under now is a mafia.
And so my dad's gotten out of health care because it's impossible unless you go start paying off the federal regulators, and it's all legal, you start going giving money to Congress and going to the meetings in New York and DC and Los Angeles and Chicago and meeting around in the big boardrooms and meeting around with the regulators and getting on congressional, you know, committee advisory boards.
You don't exist.
You gotta go get at the table with the big boys.
And then, no more charity care.
No more nothing.
Gouge everybody.
Rip everybody off.
And then they got the nerve to stick Jimmy Kimmel up there on television to tell you, oh, my son had heart defects, so you're basically killing kids if you get rid of Obamacare.
And Jimmy Kimmel just doesn't know the facts.
Jimmy Kimmel reads off a teleprompter.
Jimmy Kimmel's a funny guy, but let him be a comedian.
I'm not against Jimmy Kimmel.
And I said in a report, I said I hope...
Jimmy Kimmel finds out why congenital heart defects are way up.
Just type in, birth defects way up in the West, and it's birth defects of the heart, you name it.
And I said, I hope he and his family find out why that's happening and help people find out the cause, chemical runoff, vaccines, you name it, so he can use his platform to stop this.
What did the media say?
What did George Soros say?
What did Media Matters say?
They said that I said I was blaming him for the birth defects.
I say, please, Kimmel, find out the facts and help people.
Find out how fluoride's causing heart defects and brain defects in utero.
That was CNN last week.
I told you 20 years ago.
Had top scientists on.
Hey, Kimmel, I told you.
I said, look at fluoride.
Are you drinking fluoridated water?
Maybe your next child won't have these problems.
I'm trying to help you, but see, you don't want my help.
There it is, fluoride exposure in utero, linked to lower IQs in kids' study finds.
They'll just edit this together and put it on Comedy Central to make it look like I just attacked Jimmy Kimmel again, because they're bad people!
Who are counting on you not paying attention, not being involved, not being informed.
They don't want you to know the score.
Now, before we go any further,
We need to be funded.
I'm going to come back with more on the tax cuts and more on the repeal of Obamacare.
And it's all a train wreck, it's all a mess.
Once you get government involved in healthcare, once you get regulations, once you get government putting money in and they can force people to pay whatever they want, what's going to happen?
If corporations can force you to buy a product that you've got to have, what's going to happen to the price?
I'm going to say that again.
If corporations can force you to buy a product, and there's no competition, and you gotta have it, what's the price gonna be on it?
Sky high.
And when the public's ignorant about it, you're gonna pay the most for prescription drugs in the world, and then wonder why you do.
It's because government let them do it by not letting the competition in.
They'll cover up new deadly vaccines, but hold off drugs 10 years that they know undercut the price and effectiveness of all the others.
It's a fact!
But they want to keep chumping you until the end of time.
Now, one big thing for pregnant women and everybody else is real minerals that aren't synthetic, but that are bioavailable.
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Take advantage of that.
Following President Trump's condemnation of tyrannical dictatorships at the United Nations last week, North Korean Foreign Minister Ri Yong-ho made the dangerous assumption that the United States has declared war with North Korea.
North Korea's foreign minister said that President Trump had declared war on North Korea and that it reserves the right to take countermeasures including shooting down U.S.
Does the White House view President Trump's comments at the UN as a declaration of war?
Not at all.
We've not declared war on North Korea, and frankly the suggestion of that is absurd.
The absurd reality that a person like Trump, a mentally deranged person full of megalomania and complacence, the person who is chastised even by American people as commander in grief, lying king,
President Evil is holding the seat of the US President and the dangerous reality that the gambler who grew old using threats, frauds and all other schemes to acquire a patch of land holds the nuclear button.
These are what constitute the gravest threat.
To the international peace and security today, he tried to insult the supreme dignity of my country by referring it to a rocket.
By doing so, however,
He committed an irreversible mistake of making our rockets visit to the entire US mainland inevitable all the more.
The only valid philosophical principle is that force must be dealt with force and nuclear weapons of tyranny must be dealt with nuclear hammer of justice.
President Trump responded in a tweet saying, This exchange gives Kim Jong-un's irrational dictatorship all the propaganda it needs to shoot down U.S.
bombers that have been performing drills in international waters.
Meanwhile, serious sanctions are underway as China bans exports of petroleum products and imports of North Korean textiles beginning October 1st.
Additionally, President Trump signed off on a ban of travelers from North Korea, Chad, and Venezuela, barring senior government officials from those countries from obtaining non-immigrant visas.
North Korea is just beginning to feel the pressure of President Trump's rallying of the international community to take the DPRK seriously.
John Bowne reporting for InfoWars.com.
Well, for anybody saying that Trump hasn't delivered, he thinks he has the votes in the House and Senate for this tax reform framework that he's put out.
And it does stuff like doubling the tax write-off for married families with children.
It does things like cut taxes on the middle class and poor working folks.
It cuts the corporate tax massively, down to 20%, making it globally competitive.
It gets rid of the estate tax.
It gets rid of a bunch of loopholes that rich people and big corporations use to keep their money offshore and to avoid taxes.
I mean, if you want a classic Americana, JFK-style plan,
This is very similar to what JFK had in place.
Minus the estate tax.
Imagine somebody dies with $20 million and you give $17 million of it to the government.
Is that fair?
And it forces people that own businesses or factories to break them up.
And that goes back to laws they had in some areas after the Civil War.
Where they wanted to break up plantations.
So they said, you can't give all the property to one son.
You have to break it up and sell it off.
And so it's a very, very communistic idea.
I mean, I don't like the fact that you got the Walmart heirs, each one of them worth like $60 billion, and you add them all together, it's like $400 billion.
It's just ridiculous.
And it is asinine, and they use deals with China to bring in slave goods, but they've got big giant American flags hanging up everywhere, so it's supposedly okay saying Made in America.
That's right, six Walmart heirs hold more than 42% of Americans combined.
That's obscene.
Because Walmart is a parasitic organization.
But if you look at Walmart compared to Amazon, they're nothing.
Amazon's anti-American, anti-gun, pro-globalist, at least Walmart's kind of neutral.
It totally exploits China, worse than Walmart even does, and is even causing Walmart to fall apart.
Because at least Walmart does hire a few people regionally.
It's killed all the small towns, but we're going from one cancer to something even worse.
And that's why it's so essential.
That we don't just go to the big Facebooks and the Twitters and the Googles.
They're like the Walmarts and the Amazons of news.
That we go to the Infowars.coms.
And the Newswars.coms.
And the DrudgeReport.coms.
But also, you need to start your own websites, your own platforms.
Just report on stuff about what's happening locally.
Give your opinion.
Shoot a video.
People are interested in you.
McBreen was showing me this yesterday.
I meant to actually give it to the crew over here, but I forgot.
He's over on the slash TV side.
And he was showing me this black Facebook channel, black guys that are just mainline.
They're not liberal or conservative, but they just common sense.
I was like watching it.
I forget the channel name for like 30 minutes last night.
I couldn't turn it off.
It was just really common sense.
And their average video has like 2 million views.
They have one video with 38 million views this week talking about the NFL.
And you could put those guys on CNN and CNN would go from having a million viewers to 10 million within one week.
But CNN won't do it because they don't control those guys.
It's not that I'm even that good, folks.
I've just been around longer than other folks.
That's why it's so exciting just to see all these new people popping up that are just unbelievable.
The problem is, as soon as they get really big, Facebook starts shutting them down.
But it's like whack-a-mole.
You could shut down everybody.
More folks are going to pop up.
People are sick of establishment.
They want straight-up common sense that isn't conservative, that isn't liberal.
It's just common sense, Americana, working together, being decent.
We'll be right back with the second hour.
I think I'm going to find out the name of that channel.
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That's InfoWarsLife.com.
Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order, it's Alex Jones.
Another time.
In the age of wonder.
Another world.
Another time.
As life was green and good, until the Christmas act.
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
Live from Austin, Texas, broadcasting worldwide, it's Alex Jones.
Ladies and gentlemen, we are broadcasting worldwide.
We are now into our number two.
The man who was put in prison.
The man who lost basically everything.
We're taking a photograph on board a nuclear submarine that didn't give up any secrets.
Who Trump said was wronged.
Look at Hillary running around doing a million times that.
He's gonna be joining us.
He's asking for a pardon.
Also, you're seeing the rise of not conservative, not libertarians, but just common sense black folks who aren't going along with the Democratic Party plantation.
I saw this channel yesterday.
Couldn't quit watching it, these guys.
Their average video has a couple million views.
They got a bunch of them with 15 million, 20 million views.
Brandon Tatum.
One with 38 million.
I bet it's like 50 million today.
And it's just awesome.
And the media can't compete with this.
But I want to finish up with Trump.
Yeah, that particular video has 13 million.
The one I saw with McBrainhead up is 38 million.
Or that might have been reached.
But the point is,
This is why the globalists want to shut down the free web.
Because they're putting out propaganda.
It isn't just, oh, shut down Alex Jones or shut down Matt Drudge.
You can't shut everybody down.
People see what's going on.
People are sick of it.
Here's more of Trump on the historic tax cut proposals, where he is delivering on the proposal.
I agree with the tax plan.
It's an excellent tax plan.
Give you free spending.
It will get us out of this recession and get us into paying down that national debt.
Here it is.
America is back on the right track, and I see so many red hats.
Make America great again.
That's what we're doing.
Make America great again.
But our country and our economy cannot take off like they should unless we dramatically reform America's outdated, complex, and extremely burdensome tax code.
It's a relic
Gotta change it.
We have to compete.
Compete with other countries.
The current tax system is a colossal barrier standing in the way of America's economic comeback.
Because it can be far greater than it's ever been.
But we're going to remove that barrier to create the tax system that our people finally, finally, finally, and want and deserve.
For several months, my administration has been working closely with Congress to develop a framework
Over the next few months, the House and Senate will build on this framework and produce legislation that will deliver more jobs, higher pay, and lower taxes for middle-class families, for the working man and woman, and for businesses of all sizes.
I look forward...
I look forward to working with Congress to deliver these historic tax cuts and reforms to the American people.
These tax cuts are significant.
There's never been tax cuts like what we're talking about.
Our framework is based on four key ideas.
We will cut taxes for the everyday hard-working Americans.
The people that work so long, so hard, and they've been forgotten.
But they're not forgotten anymore.
I think we proved that on November 8th.
Under this framework, the first $12,000 of income earned by a single individual will be tax-free.
And a married couple won't pay a dime in taxes on their first $24,000 of income.
So, a married couple, up to $24,000... That's doubling the tax cut on that.
That's doubling that exemption.
And it just goes on from there.
We'll be right back.
It gets better and better.
The people of Kurdistan have made their decision and entered a new phase.
Let nobody blame us for this.
Instead of threats and punishments, come and let's have a serious discussion and let's give dialogue a chance.
Kurdistan has finally voted to secede from northern Iraq, ultimately setting in motion secession from four other countries.
The voter turnout of 5 million voters representing 28 million Kurds declaring Kurdistan's sovereignty reached 72% according to the Electoral Commission.
Turkish President Erdogan declares he will starve the Kurds to death.
He's ready to starve them to death.
He said that.
He said they're not going to get any food.
And this is not something to be taken lightly.
Because 102 years ago, the Ottoman Empire did precisely that to the Armenians.
They starved them to death.
And I think that Erdogan feels that he can do it again.
The Kurdish leadership is being accused of treason by Turkey's president.
They'll be left in the lurch when we start imposing our sanctions.
It'll be over when we close the oil taps.
All their revenues will vanish.
And they will not be able to find food and clothes when our trucks stop going into Northern Iraq.
Their independence clearly harms Erdogan's plans to become Islam's Great Caliph.
Could we be facing a repeat of what the Turks, then known as the Ottoman Empire, unleashed on the Armenians in the early 20th century, committing a genocide on one and a half million Armenians?
The Kurdish people, who would one day be known as the Kurds,
have occupied what is now known as Kurdistan since 189 B.C.
Over 2,000 years later, the Kurds gained semi-autonomy in a 1970 agreement with the Iraqi government and then re-established that autonomy in 2005.
The U.S.
State Department complains the United States is deeply disappointed that the Kurdistan Regional Government decided to conduct today a unilateral referendum on independence.
We're good to go.
But it's still unclear how Iraq can prevent Kurdish independence.
Turkey is concerned that the PKK separatists, who have waged an insurgency for three decades, killing more than 40,000 people, will ramp up their reign of terror.
Iran and Syria also oppose the referendum.
John Bowne reporting for Infowars.com.
Waging war on corruption.
It's Alex Jones, coming to you live from the front lines of the InfoWar.
Coming up... They've already aired a couple episodes of this Comedy Central.
Disinformation program called the opposition.
So I thought we'd play a few clips of it and just analyze them because it shows who their enemy is.
Nationalists, people that are free market, people that are pro-America, people that support open good societies that have always worked and produced incredible wealth and incredible freedom.
And there they are promoting collectivism, Obamacare, all these lies.
And to do that, they twist and deceive and manipulate to try to misrepresent what we stand for.
Well, that's coming up at the bottom of the hour.
Trump's tax reform plan is a great plan.
The problem is the Republicans are going to try to butcher it, along with the Democrats.
We're going to be going over that more, but simply amazing.
Making $24,000 a year, no taxes.
There's still been taxes out of your paycheck on that, folks.
They take a percentage out, it's wrong.
And if you have children, they've doubled the deduction there.
Instead of basically taxing you for having kids, as Europe and others are going for.
Big tax cuts to the middle class.
Big tax cuts on working poor.
But gets rid of the tax loopholes for rich people.
And when they say rich, they mean millionaires.
They mean folks that are offshore.
Gets rid of so many loopholes.
I've gone over this plan.
It is exactly what I would do.
So, this is the old Americana plan that gave us 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 percent yearly growth rates.
Trump's already gotten us to 3 percent.
Something they said could never be done.
Because in eight years of Obama, it never happened.
He's already cut a lot of regulations, got the coal.
Back in place, that's our main power source.
Very inexpensive.
If we can't have that coal, China has the coal.
They have electricity three times cheaper than us because of that.
It's amazing.
GDP growth, by the way, was raised from 3.0 to 3.1!
That is amazing.
What are they doing?
They're trying to crash the stock market.
They're trying to not let him have the tax cuts.
Trying to keep Obamacare in place.
Because if you keep those in place, it's a wet blanket.
And then we'll have a cold start on this economy.
They know what they're doing.
The globalists are out to get this country.
They admit they are.
That's the admitted plan.
The Democrats admit it.
The WikiLeaks admit it.
So that's all coming up.
Also, I didn't get to this yesterday, but I just saw it again this morning.
I've got to play it coming up later.
LeBron James in a stuttering, mindless, barely can talk rant against uneducated Trump supporters?
I mean, it's just rich.
So, we're going to be playing that unintentional comedy coming up.
I mean, you've got this dumbass up there mad.
It's how you're doing the protest.
And it's all supposed to be racially based, and then when Trump says it's wrong, they say he's a racist, but it's mainly black guys taking a knee.
The point is, it's the National Anthem.
People want to watch a football game.
They didn't do anything to you.
Go protest at the Capitol, or go protest at the White House, or go... But don't go to a... I mean, I'm not going to go to your Little League football game and protest there.
I'm not going to go to your school choir and do it.
But what did the head of the...
Spurs say, white people are bad, we've got to make them be uncomfortable.
What a racist statement by that weird cracker coach!
But again, these are self-loving white people that just want a virtue signal.
They were racially based before.
I was talking to one of the founders of the Black Panther Party, and I said, why is it weirdo white people, like this Baylor professor that, you know, says kill all the white people, she's white.
Why is it white people continually saying, kill all the white people?
Then we say, hey, what's all this white genocide stuff?
And they go, oh, that's a white supremacist term.
No, that's at all the major universities.
I can show you a hundred professors or more saying, we need to genocide the white race.
Or feminist magazine saying, abort your white baby.
I'm asking why this is being promoted.
They're the ones saying it.
It's like Comedy Central goes, Jones says that the Clintons do voodoo.
No, Bill Clinton wrote it in two books that he likes to do voodoo, and the Washington Post reported it.
Yes, I agree.
That's crazy.
That's weird.
That's nuts.
That's like people who believe Harry Potter's real.
Or the liberals saying God sent the hurricanes to get Trump.
When preachers say God sent a hurricane because Florida's got gay people in it, I think that's crazy!
But it's just as crazy when some leftist... I mean, it wasn't just one little lone preacher saying that.
It was all the left and all these big so-called movie stars, like Jennifer Lawrence, saying Mother Nature is attacking because of Trump.
Oh, is that why Puerto Rico, that votes Democrat, doesn't have any power?
Oh, thank God Houston got flooded!
There are a bunch of white supremacists!
Charlie Hebdo!
Magazine showing people hiling Hitler out of the water!
When Houston's only 30% white!
You people are idiots!
Excuse me.
I'm getting really upset right now.
Now, Chris Saucier is a U.S.
naval machinist, mate, who served on the nuclear-powered attack submarine USS Alexandria in 2009 when it was in port at Groton, Connecticut.
While there, he took six cell phone pictures for his family to illustrate the work he did in an area that was restricted from photo-taking.
Years later, the cell phone was found, and the photos is covered.
So again, he had no intent, it wasn't sold, it wasn't used, I agree, probably shouldn't have done it.
Aside from this somewhat common infraction, often punished by being demoted to a lower pay grade and rank, Chris had served honorably with high praise from his superiors as an important and skilled member of the U.S.
Nuclear Navy's Elite Submarine Corps.
During the 2016 presidential campaign, the civilian court decision sentenced Chris to nearly a year in prison.
It became a national topic when Donald Trump contrasted Saucier's harsh punishment to the non-punishment that Hillary Clinton enjoyed after having even beyond top secret, just ultra-secret communications, and dozens of classified ones on her private and highly hackable server.
That was the drop-off box.
Not a trash can, not under a bush, not under, you know, the park bench, as a lot of folks have been caught doing.
It's just, oh, a server, I don't know.
You put the data on, the foreign government gives a donation to your charity.
And they now even have the pay-per-play communications where they're like, can we get that info?
Yeah, give me a million, you'll get it in the usual spot.
Or, oh, you give me five million, you'll get your meeting with me next week.
I mean, it's all open and shut.
But that's not bad.
You take some pictures and it's you standing there with some submarine equipment behind you.
But meanwhile, you know, actually give the Chinese and the Russians all our technology, give them the missiles, give them the nukes, like the Clintons did, you know, in North Korea.
That's all okay.
And then throw this guy into a meat grinder.
It's like convicting Petraeus, who I don't particularly like, you know, having classified stuff at his home.
No evidence, he was sharing it, and then Hillary doesn't get in trouble.
I mean, again, it's the same thing.
It's the selective enforcement.
So Chris Saucier is joining us.
Let's go ahead and play one of the many times Trump talked about Chris.
Here's that clip.
So we're gonna get a special prosecutor and we're gonna look into it because you know what?
People have been
Their lives have been destroyed for doing one-fifth of what you've done.
And it's a disgrace.
And honestly, you ought to be ashamed of yourself.
And it's Chris Saucier.
I can't pronounce anything.
I was asking earlier how to pronounce it.
I'm from Texas.
I can barely pronounce Texas.
Call it Tejas, I guess.
So, Chris Saucier, good to have you on here with us.
With all this new stuff coming out, all the things that are happening, what's your view on this?
I know you're calling for the President to look into pardoning you.
I agree.
It'd be a great stunt, not just helping you, to expose what a fraud Hillary is.
Yes, absolutely.
You know, I think what's most upsetting about this whole thing
Is that my family and I are all patriots and proud Americans and I served 11 years honorably in the military and they just railroaded us and then somebody like Hillary Clinton and John Podesta and Huma Abedin who don't care about this country and frankly they just want to make money off of us are allowed to get a pass you know and that's what's really disturbing about this whole thing.
Yeah, I did a year in prison and I accepted responsibility.
I took whatever punishment they were going to hand out to me and I waited until after I'd served my time to speak out about it.
But, you know, I sat in prison and I watched her scoff like in that video that you just showed about how, oh, well, you know, she knew nothing was going to happen to her.
It's upsetting because, you know, here I am in prison.
And she's running for President of the United States, and she had highly classified information.
The pictures I took were confidential, which is the lowest tier of classification.
And here she has top-secret SEIs, special compartmentalized information, on a bathroom server so she can avoid Freedom of Information Act requests.
And not only not her, but Cheryl Mills, Huma Abedin, John Podesta, they just skate on this.
And honest Americans like my family and I are just
They destroyed us financially.
They destroyed my Navy career.
They gave me a, now I'm a felon.
And I have an other than honorable discharge from the military.
So, you know, it's just, it's insane.
My house went into foreclosure while I was in prison and our vehicles were repossessed.
And we spent over $200,000 just to get to the point where I could plead guilty and accept responsibility.
I didn't even go to trial.
I was willing to take responsibility, but just to get to that point, because they took me to a civilian court and not a military court where I would have been provided a free JAG lawyer.
That's what even the news had mentioned.
If you got in a military trial, you would have probably been given a bunch of extra duty and knocked down a rank or something.
Why do you think you got thrown in prison for a year?
Why do you think they threw the book at you?
Well, because the Obama administration wanted to have a smokescreen, and what perfect example than me.
You know, they say, oh look, we're hard on people mishandling classified information as long as you're not running for president or, you know, one of our buddies.
They just go after you, and that's what they did to me.
You know, it wasn't anything other than that.
You know, the investigation began in 2012 and then almost nothing happened until the election was coming up and the Obama administration saw a prime example.
Well, by the way, I've watched documentaries about nuclear subs that are even active duty.
The gauges are all off here.
I'm not defending what you did, but I've seen History Channel shows showing the same type of submarines where they have cameras down in there.
So, is what you showed really classified, or is it just no cameras, period, in case you were a spy?
Yeah, they just say you can't take pictures in the engine room.
Unfortunately, I took pictures in the engine room, because that's where I worked, and I was proud of it, and I wanted to be able to have some memories of it.
And, you know, other people were taking pictures there, too.
Not that it justifies what I did.
I take responsibility for what I did.
But, you know, our command would say, hey, don't take pictures here, but then you'd see high-ranking members of the command taking pictures in those areas.
Uh, you know, and it wasn't nefarious purposes.
You're absolutely right.
If you Google Los Angeles-class submarines that were designed in the 60s, um, you'll find all kinds of pictures of the inside of the engine.
To the point that Obama wanted to look tough and throw a bunch of people in prison as a smokescreen.
Do you trust Hillary?
Hillary for prison!
Hey guys, how old are you?
You guys don't like Hillary Clinton?
Hillary for prison!
She's a liar!
You really gotta ask yourself, who's thinking about the optics for Hillary Clinton?
We've got footage and photos we're about to show you that the intrepid reporter Laura Loomer shot yesterday in Connecticut, where Hillary Clinton did her book signing and meet and greet in a toilet paper aisle.
Yeah, I didn't get to see her, did you?
What's the deal with all this toilet paper?
I mean, she's right behind the toilet paper curtain.
Kind of weird, right?
Are you a Hillary supporter?
Are you a Hillary supporter?
Oh, I'm not.
I'm not either.
You guys, look!
They placed Hillary Clinton right next to the toilet paper.
That's awesome.
It's almost like they're trying to tell us something about her new book.
So I just think it's really funny, like...
She's next to toilet paper and white supremacist milk.
The white milk.
That was terrible.
So Loomer shows up hours before to get in line and documents the fact that there were crowds of patriots out there saying, lock her up and Hillary for prison.
We'll get to that later.
Then she tries to get in and the police and Secret Service tell her, sorry, you're on a list that Hillary gave us of people not allowed to get in.
Well, Loomer says, I'm peaceful.
I'm a reporter.
I'm a member of Costco.
Why are you trying to stop me?
Last week, I asked Hillary questions.
I bought her book.
Other people can ask her questions.
It's not illegal to go to a public event and ask somebody tough questions.
So after making her wait about 30 minutes, they had to admit that she was right and indeed was allowed in to the event.
So a victory for free speech, but why are we having to even fight for free speech?
The book signing?
That is here today, correct.
So where do I go?
I'm a Costco member.
Watch your back.
What's your name?
Why does it matter?
What's your name?
Okay, you can't be here.
I'm not allowed to be here?
No, you're not.
You were told I'm not allowed to be here?
By who?
Secret Service?
So Secret Service said I'm not allowed to be at Costco.
Do you have any issues with that?
We can get someone here to talk to you about it.
I just am interested, like, why am I not allowed to be here?
What's the reasoning for Secret Service?
We were told you weren't supposed to be here, so if you want to talk to somebody that gives us a decision, I'm more than happy to get somebody out to talk to you.
Yeah, can you actually have someone come tell me why I'm not allowed to be here?
Okay, so we looked into it, and the General Manager doesn't have a problem with you being here, and the Secret Service doesn't have a problem with you being here.
If you have a ticket, you can get in line, and you're not going to be disruptive, you're okay.
I mean, the big question everybody's asking is, including big Hillary donors, is why doesn't this lady just go the hell away?
But again, there's a public list of where her book signings are across the United States, and I would suggest everyone go out and peacefully ask her, what happened at Benghazi?
What happened with the emails?
What happened to all those folks that got Arkansas-ed?
Thanks for having me.
So the American people would really like to know, what happened to your 33,000 emails?
What happened in Benghazi?
Go read the book!
What happened with Newsweek and the cover, Madam President?
Hillary Clinton, what happened?
Are you a Costco member?
Not anymore.
So you canceled your membership because of this?
Yes, we did.
Oh, and almost forgot, it turns out Hillary is going to be in Austin November 17th, and you can believe we're going to have our crew down there trying to ask her serious questions.
Who knows, I might even try to go ask her a question.
It's still okay in a free country, right?
Offer prison!
Offer prison!
Waging war on corruption.
It's Alex Jones, coming to you live from the front lines of the InfoWar.
Went to prison for close to a year, got a dishonorable discharge, and he's now wanting to have the dishonorable discharge reversed.
And, of course, President Trump famously used him as an example during the debates with Hillary, who had her illegal Dropbox server to transfer clandestine information to foreign powers and corporations.
We now know that.
They allowed the DNC to be penetrated by Pakistan.
I mean, this was a full-out operation to sell out the country.
Why not?
They're globalists.
What are you asking the President to do specifically at Help Chris Saucier online?
Well, we're asking people to go onto the website www.helpchrissaucier.com and there's a petition on there to hopefully reach out to President Trump.
It definitely would help a lot if he restored my good name by giving me a pardon.
You know, I served the full year in prison, so I did my time.
I paid my debt to society.
And I'd just like to be able to move on with my life.
My family and I are trying to get ourselves, you know, dig ourselves out of the financial hole this put us in.
And, you know, it's upsetting that, you know, after serving 11 years honorably in the military,
You know, they took all my veterans' benefits away.
They took away, you know, everything my family had worked for.
And people like Hillary Clinton are allowed to just continue making millions of dollars off of this country's, you know, at this country's expense.
But if Hillary is above the law, then you should get a reprieve, and it's a way to expose what a fraud she is, but at the same time, if Trump does it, then the next time, somebody's gonna want a...
Well, I would argue the fact that I still spent a year in prison.
I served my time.
I didn't speak out about this until I'd served my year in prison, so I paid a heavy price.
You know, my family... No, no, listen, I totally agree with you.
I was just giving devil's advocate argument.
Oh, yeah.
I agree with you, and I've heard that before, and that's part of the reason why I waited to speak out about it until I'd served my time.
I'm like Hillary Clinton and them who said, oh I take responsibility but then don't really take responsibility.
I went into court and I took responsibility.
I pled guilty.
I was willing to take the punishment and I took it and I didn't cry like Anthony Weiner when he got sentenced for what he did.
I sat there and I took my punishment.
I went to prison like a man and I came out of it and now I want to speak out because
I honestly hoped while I was in prison that because they did what they did to me, they'd have no choice but to prosecute Hillary Clinton.
I thought, well, you know, if nothing else, my case will serve as an example.
So you wouldn't be asking for a pardon now if it wasn't for the fact that Hillary and others like her get away with murder and then you do some little crooked toenail thing and are thrown to the wolves as a stunt to cover up for them doing the actual crimes?
That's what's most upsetting about this whole thing.
Two people on the same ship as me took pictures in the same exact area at the same time that I did, and they were only given a $200 fine and allowed to continue on with their Navy career.
Make no mistake, the case against me was no different than it would have been against these two guys, but it just happened that my case got the spotlight drawn on it by the Obama administration, and they saw a prime opportunity to make an example using the fake media.
And basically painting me as this horrible person that I'm not.
And I think that's what should be upsetting to people.
I'm not trying to say, you know, I'm never going to get the year that I lost my two-year-old daughter back.
I'm never going to get all the money and the stuff that they've taken back from me.
What I want is a fair justice system in this country.
And I think we've, as American people, have been robbed of that.
And I think people are starting to see, because of people like you that are willing to speak the truth and aren't afraid to blast the people that are lying to us,
They're starting to see through the wool that's been pulled over eyes that, you know, honest, hardworking Americans really get the shaft in this country while the elitists, they're allowed to, you know, like you said, basically kill people and get away with it.
And it's upsetting.
You know, I don't think that it's ever going to make, you know, that year's not going to go away that I lost.
What they did to my family for four years isn't going to go away.
But President Trump, by giving me a pardon, would say, you know what?
What happened to you was wrong.
He said it during, on the campaign trail.
He said it while being interviewed by Sean Hannity after the election was over and he'd won the presidency.
And he said what happened to my family and I was wrong.
And I think he would be sending a very clear signal that he's not okay with that.
By giving me a pardon, he would say... Sure, and again, it wasn't the military that did it to you.
It was a witch hunt.
In fact, that's an interesting part of the story.
People can read about it on your website.
Somebody found this on the phone later and then it was decided to go after you?
Yeah, a dump worker at the local dump that happened to have gone to high school with my ex-wife found this phone.
Supposedly in the middle of a 40 cubic yard dumpster.
It was an old flip phone in 2000.
Bless you.
Thank you.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military-industrial commons.
In Dallas, Texas, three shots were fired at President Kennedy's motorcade in downtown Dallas.
The first reports say that President Kennedy has been seriously wounded by the shooting.
It is a big idea.
A new world order.
It was almost as if it were a planned implosion.
It's just pancakes.
Either you were with us, or you were with the terrorists.
But I also believe in the law of God Almighty.
We agree that AK-47s belong to the hands of soldiers, not the hands of criminals.
Guns will be taken.
No one will be able to be armed.
We're gonna take all the weapons.
For many of the police and guard troops, it is an uncomfortable job to do this in an American city.
Global governance at last.
Is it one world?
The central bank is in charge.
Aren't we all just living and dying for what the central banks do?
1776 will commence again if you try to take our firearms.
Do you understand?
Live from the InfoWars.com studios, it's Alex Jones.
Kneel to the globalist.
You are the one they call President?
I am.
Kneel before Zeus.
Kneel before Zeus!
You are not the president.
No one who leads so many could possibly kneel so calmly.
Rallying patriots worldwide in defense of human liberty.
It's Alex Jones.
Ladies and gentlemen, you think about the psychology, you think about the iconography, the imagery of National Baseball League, National Basketball League, National Football League players getting on their knees to, quote, fight injustice and being directed to do so by Kaepernick, whose wife is an admitted communist and a BLM pusher.
And you're worth $200 million from San Francisco, and you start sitting on your fat butt, not just kneeling, and then you come up with a plan, they admit, to direct the rest of the NFL players to kneel, and then you lose your job because you suck, because you're a terrible football player.
And then you sue them because they won't hire you?
Oh, you're going to sue them because they're not inclusive of black people?
What, the NFL is 70% black?
But on the front line, 91% in 2017 of first string players are African American.
What, are you going to sue because you're black and they didn't let you in the NFL?
That's right.
Kaepernick's wife has now compared the NFL to lots of other unsavory things.
We've seen this quite a bit.
People worth hundreds of millions of dollars wanting to virtue signal how evil the blue-collar white people are, wearing jerseys of black football players and praising them and looking up to them.
This is the incredible, horrible,
Racism that we see.
And this is Kaepernick's girlfriend fantasizing about black people killing their white friends.
I mean, you look at the look on her face, she looks like a complete loon.
It's like you see white racists, they look all crazy.
Do they spend their whole lives hating some other group?
Put that back on screen that you just found, yeah, where she's bad-mouthing the NFL.
Yes, yes, she's comparing him to a house slave because he's he's it's from the movie Django where the house slave is
Hugging the master, Leonardo DiCaprio.
And then it shows one of the other football players hugging a white guy.
And this is enslavement.
Because, you know, you're making hundreds of millions of dollars, and white fans are coming, and a white owner is making some money.
In some cases, these owners aren't even making as much as their star players.
This is sick!
And people are tired of it.
Now, I wanted to go to a few clips on this.
First off, we have this very important piece of news here dealing with all of this, where President Trump has come out and said that
The American people just can't handle this anymore, and that if the NFL doesn't reverse the stance, they're destroying themselves.
Well, that's just a truth.
And Trump's not going along with this, but the media acts like it's otherworldly, and it's this horrible thing, and it shouldn't be going on, and he needs to be impeached, because he's dared come out and speak out against these players that are hijacking these public events,
And grandstanding and injecting their George Soros garbage.
So here's the president saying the NFL cannot disrespect our country.
The NFL cannot disrespect our country.
They cannot disrespect our flag or our national anthem.
And they can't have people sitting down or kneeling down during our national anthem.
And I saw this a year ago with Kaepernick and I said, this is a terrible thing.
I thought it was terrible.
And then it builds up a little bit and a little bit more and you see what's been happening and then all of a sudden you see more and more and more and I came out
And I made a statement in Alabama the other day, and I said, I think it's very disrespectful to our country.
And the world picked it up.
And guess what?
Most people agree with me.
And the NFL's in a box.
They have to do something about it.
They're disrespecting.
And when I say they, in a way it is they, because they can stop it.
You know, they have rules for everything.
You can't dance in the end zone.
You can't wear the pink socks relative to breast cancer, which is one of the places.
They have rules for everything.
Why aren't they honoring this country by enforcing a rule that's been in existence for a long time?
So the NFL and the players really have to do the honor of the countries.
For the honor of the country, they have to respect our country.
They have to respect our flag and our anthem.
That's just common sense, but if they can convince you to hate your country and hate your flag, as if all evil in the known universe is associated with it, they've won.
But the good news is, that's not working anymore.
Now, I'm going to play another clip here.
We're going to go through these clips today.
We're going to go ahead and go to this clip, where we have MSM
Backs the NFL.
This is just some of the sickening, foaming at the mouth, out-of-control evil that we've been seeing as the establishment tries to invoke total and complete disintegration of interpersonal activity in this country as they inject the most hardcore race-based culture war garbage ever seen.
So here is the report by Darren McBreen, MSM, BAX, NFL, and they've lost big time.
Their arrogance, yet again, has shown how delusional they are and how they don't know when to quit.
Wouldn't you love to see one of these NFL owners, when somebody disrespects our flag, to say, get that son of a bitch off the field right now.
He's fired.
He's fired!
We have breaking news tonight in the war between Donald Trump and the NFL.
There is an unmistakable racial element to this story.
It's hard to ignore the racial component here.
The president went on this jag on Friday night in front of a largely white audience.
That is racism.
You cannot deny it.
You cannot run for it.
And I kneel.
A lot of talk now about coded language.
You think about what he said.
Disrespecting our heritage.
We, to that largely white crowd.
I think there's a lot of folks out there that look at this and say, what are you really trying to say here?
This feels like a culture war that's exploding right before our eyes.
Is he trying to wage something of a culture war?
Not at all.
The president's not talking about race.
The president's talking about pride in our country.
What you saw yesterday were players and fans of all races joining together as Americans to honor our service members.
That's what the president's talking about.
That's what his focus is on.
You're not going to find many voices of support outside his base.
His extreme base, at least not.
Do we have a white supremacist president in the United States?
The president of the United States chose to pull the sheets off and reveal himself.
He thinks apparently that he is the slave master of black people in the NFL.
He wants us to be kneeling in the cotton fields again.
The idea that this doesn't have something to do with race is preposterous.
This country that he wants to make great again is all about making it white.
His whole thing is make America great again.
Now we see that 1817 is more likely when he's thinking about America being great as opposed to us kneeling on behalf of righteousness and justice.
The National Anthem is not a white supremacist symbol.
Some of the words of the National Anthem are white supremacist.
You think the National Anthem is racist?
I think this is a country whose history is racist.
The President of the United States
Came out attacking NFL players for them exercising the freedom of speech.
Because that's a total disrespect of our heritage.
That's a total disrespect of everything that we stand for, okay?
Everything that we stand for.
Alright, Lisa, as they take a knee collectively, boos can be heard from this sellout crowd in Arizona.
I'm not sure if our president understands those rights.
That every American has the right to speak out and also to protest.
As a white father having raised three boys, there were a million things to worry about on a daily basis.
But it's impossible for me to truly understand the challenges that an African-American father faces at every turn while raising his children.
It's like you're at the 50 meter mark in a 100 meter dash.
You've got that kind of a lead.
Yes, because you were born white.
A lot of these players, they've got feelings, they've got emotions, they've got opinions.
And many of the players I spoke to feel that their voice is not being heard.
And more specifically, that the President's comments on Friday, particularly calling them SOBs, were a slap in their face.
One of the things, though, about football is that it always has a way of kind of unifying us and pulling us together.
We hope that this unity that spread throughout the league yesterday will spread throughout America in the weeks and months to come.
When people like yourselves turn on television and you see those people taking the knee when they're playing our great national anthem.
The only thing you can do better is if you see it, even if it's one player, leave the stadium.
I guarantee things will stop.
Things will stop.
Just pick up and leave.
Pick up and leave.
Not the same game anymore.
Now, that's a little piece Darren McBreen put together.
A guy I'm suddenly a huge fan of.
I watched some of his videos yesterday.
I watched some last night.
Probably all totaled an hour of my day got spent watching Brandon Tatum videos.
This is just a regular guy.
A father.
A bike enthusiast.
Common sense.
99,000 plus followers on his Facebook.
And of course he's an army veteran.
It's just, that's some of the only common sense people left in this country.
These people that have been in the military, and actually been through real diversity, been through real conflict, and know what the world's really made out of.
Not all these little delicate, protected snowflakes.
And then you look at it, he's got 30 million views on one, 13 million views on another, 5 million views on another.
A star is born.
I want to get Brandon Tatum on the show as soon as possible so we actually have him up on that screen right there and I'm not just watching him.
Because that's what this show is about.
It's about
Our platform sharing with other platforms is to make the resistance bigger to understand that, you know what, I was going to air Comedy Central attacking me the last three days in a row running with entire 30-minute programs each night.
I haven't even had time to watch more than 10 minutes of it total because I'm busy with my family around the dinner table talking about stuff and then watching videos like this guy on the big screen TV in our living room.
I got the internet on our TV in the living room, and you know who I watch with my children?
That veteran right there, Brandon Tatum.
I didn't go last night and watch the attack on me.
I didn't go watch the HBO shows lying about me or the Showtime shows.
I don't even watch the things anymore.
People show me little boil-down clips, because I'm too busy realizing they don't matter.
This guy right here, this is what Green pointed out yesterday, has a reach this week
Of 39 million people as of last night.
He's reached 39 million people this week.
Let me tell you something right now.
That new Comedy Central show won't reach that in a month.
One guy in his car, 39 million people.
He's done three videos this week with 39 million views on them.
And what's he say right here about the video we just played earlier of the president?
I love what Trump said.
Calm and to the point.
Brandon Tatum.
The NFL cannot disrespect our country, they cannot disrespect our flag or our national anthem.
Let's play what the people really want and resonate with.
This is the real black man right here.
Not the ones they force feed you all day on television who think everybody's out to get them and have chips on their shoulders.
Put there by the globalists.
Put there by the real psychological warfare plantation of the Democratic Party that wants to control everybody.
And the Republican establishment trying to be part of that, who knows they're being routed right now and removed in a major global insurrection against the New World Order.
Oh, I'm sorry.
I was saying this had 30-something million views.
I'm sorry, it's got 40 million views.
See how people always say, oh, Alex, you say Paul Watson's got a video with 20 million views.
Then we go look it up and it's got 35 million views.
There's a bunch of channels here.
I guess he's got 13 million on one channel and 40 something on another.
See that?
That's what I mean.
I'm telling you he's got 39 million people reached with all three of the videos together.
I'm sorry, it's probably 60 million now.
I can't even keep track of this.
People think I'm exaggerating.
It's almost always better or worse than I'm saying.
So, here's a guy with one video.
Look at him, if you're a TV viewer.
This guy has 40 million views on one video.
13 million and another.
All this stuff.
Where is he on the news?
Oh, you'll hear about it next week.
And he'll be so honored to, I guess, go on Fox or CNN for a minute when they've got like a third of the viewers this guy has every day.
We're the future.
You are the future.
And they make fun of us on Comedy Central because some of our guests and reporters report from their cars or from their homes.
That was the attack last night.
I didn't watch it last night.
They showed me a clip this morning where they were making fun of our reporters.
They admit the show's based on us.
That, oh, some of his reporters, like Leanne McAdoo, they report from their living rooms.
We could sit there and give her a big studio.
We've got big studios to kind of traffic cop all this, but we want people in a car.
Let me explain something.
I found with our reporters, if they go do a report in a car, it gets a million views.
They do a report in this fancy studio, it gets 100,000 views.
What does that tell you?
People are sick of the establishment.
They're sick of slick.
They're sick of it.
They associate it with BS.
They associate it with garbage.
So let's analyze this Brandon Tatum, who's got several of the most viral videos this week for telling it like it is.
Here's what they don't want you to hear.
Here it is.
All right.
We're going to talk, but now y'all done made me talk.
So look, this is, this is, this is my whole thing about this protesting and it's taking a knee on the flag.
For all you people who just seem to not understand, let me clarify this for you, okay?
It's not about the act of protesting.
It's not about the act of believing in something and pursuing it.
It's the way you're doing it.
I don't know how many times people have to say this.
Listen, what does the American flag have to do with your perceived oppression?
What is the national anthem
Have to do with these issues that people are bringing up.
It is a separate issue.
The flag and the national anthem has nothing to do with what you're talking about.
You're talking about an anthem of hope and unity within this country that have made people become great, that have made the poor become rich and give people opportunities.
You're talking about a flag that represents hard work, dedication, blood, sweat, and tears.
And the thing that makes me most upset is that you have these people who turn around and take a knee
And want to attribute all the negativity to the flag and the anthem, but don't want to attribute the positive.
Listen, if you feel that the American flag represents negativity and slavery and all this other stuff, then you have to give credit and credence to a flag that have given you an opportunity to go from cornfields and picking cotton to being the President of the United States of America.
Going from being segregated.
Can't go to proper schools.
Can't vote.
Taking you from that point to now and you're making millions of dollars to play sports.
And you know who's watching you?
White people.
I'm sick of y'all coming up with these lame excuses.
The reason why America isn't... Listen, Martin Luther King had support.
You could call it bipartisan support.
He had support on both sides.
From people in the movement and people outside of the movement.
Because he did it with respect.
He did it without robbing Peter to pay Paul.
He did it with integrity.
He did it with a mission.
He did it with tangible goals that were achievable through hope, faith, and dedication, and unity, and connectivity between all of us.
These clowns are doing stuff out for trendiness.
This is trendy.
The issues they're talking about have nothing to do with the flag.
You can address those issues
On another venue.
If you really care about black lives, you don't need to be taking a knee.
You need to be out there doing something in the community.
If you care about oppression, if you care about laws, then you need to be voting.
You need to be putting yourself in position to assist in passing legislation.
And one of y'all need to take a step and say, okay, I'm gonna join the police department.
Do something about it.
Quit taking a knee and protesting and crying like a baby.
Because at the end of the day, all you're doing is pissing people off.
That's all you're doing.
I asked a person the other day.
People cannot answer this question.
What has happened since Colin Kaepernick took the first knee?
What has happened?
Have unemployment changed in the black community?
Have black-on-black crime changed?
Have police stopped shooting black people?
Tell me what has changed.
Has the abortion rate dropped?
Has resiliency changed?
Has dropout rates changed?
Tell me what has changed since he took a knee.
My children have been asking me what all this stuff's about, and I don't even know how to address it to them.
I just say it's a bunch of people being mind-controlled, and people on the field are baby puppets, and that it's trendy to try to break the country up, and then I can just show my children this, and then they totally get it.
And that's what's great.
This guy needs to run for Congress.
I'm telling you, that's not off the script right there.
This guy, he can say, I'm going to say, they go, it's patronizing, you're calling a black guy smart.
No, I call Trump smart.
He's a white guy.
This guy can crystallize it and really boil it down better than I can.
This guy needs to be on talk radio.
This guy needs to be on TV.
And this guy needs to run for Congress.
Because I said, man, this video is really good.
I went and watched some of the other ones.
Just, he really is amazing.
That's what we need is the truth, folks.
He says everything I'm trying to say in hours.
It's just so frustrating.
It's so stupid.
It's so mindless.
And the people being chumped into doing it are just that, chumps!
So, Brandon Tatum's a great guy, and we want to get him on the show ASAP.
The full video is up on InfoWars.com.
I'm going to retweet it out right now on Real Alex Jones.
But there's a reason that what he's saying has tens of millions of views.
And if CNN or MSNBC or Fox News just put out common sense,
They'd be great again as well.
They'd have 20, 30 million viewers a night like they used to.
But people tune in to most of Fox, it's as bad as CNN!
People ask, Alex, how do you reach 30, 40, 50, 60 million people a week?
How do you continue to do all this?
I'm just somebody like Brandon Tatum that came along before he did and got a media operation.
I guarantee it was somebody like Brandon Tatum watching a syndicated show with that guy.
Getting behind him.
Hundreds of radio stations.
Could host a three-hour show every day.
Because you're just going to cover the topics and look at the common sense angles of it, of how it really affects people.
That's just one of the videos.
That's not the whole thing.
It's up on InfoWars.com or on his site, Brandon Tatum, on Facebook.
Some of you have to log in.
So, I mean, the video's everywhere.
And I'd seen it a few days before, and thank God, McBrain told me, he goes, why aren't you playing this?
And I said, why aren't you telling me to play it?
You know?
I know.
I need to be reminded about this kind of stuff.
And then I told the crew today, I said, look, don't wait for me to tell you you can get a guest like that.
You see some guy with 30 million views and it's powerful, get him on the show.
And again, by the time I saw it later, it was 40-something million views.
So there you go, ladies and gentlemen.
I was telling them, I go, why does it only have 13 million?
The one I saw had 37 million or 38 million.
They go, this is the video.
That was a copy of it had 13 million.
Who bought them TVs, lady?
Tell me that!
I love it!
He's got something.
And it's super bad.
You got it too, folks.
Everybody who wants to be free.
The truth is sexy.
It's the real deal.
And it's winning.
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Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order, it's Alex Jones.
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
Watch me!
And I'm super bad!
Did you guys hear me do that and find that song in like 30 seconds?
Haha, yeah!
James Brown bringing us in.
I love it.
I got a move that tells me what to do.
Super bad in a good way.
They just popped in so they can watch that fellow we were just playing earlier.
Brandon Tatum's followers exploding on Facebook as we go.
And it's a bunch of those evil racist white people going in there to watch him.
Yeah, actually the folks just want to live in peace and they're looking for somebody to get along with.
See, the globalists don't want that.
They're upset about it.
They're trying to stop it as much as they can.
Let's go ahead and finish up with the end of what Brandon Tatum was saying with a viral video now with 40 plus million views on one channel, 13 million views on another channel.
It's just amazing, and this is just the last few days.
It'll probably go to 100 million, unless Facebook does what they've done to us.
Every time I get a video, or more often Paul Watson, gets a video that hits 35 million, they delete that sucker.
I tell ya, they're a bunch of sick filth, here it is.
Play the sport, play the game, and actually do something about it.
Stop dragging a flag in it, if you're gonna cry about it on one end,
But you don't want to give credence to it on the other end.
I'm telling you, as an African American man in this country, the flag means a lot to me.
I honor the flag.
I don't care if I don't like the President.
I don't give a care about none of that stuff.
I'm not going to disrespect the flag.
I'm going to honor the people who fought for I can be free.
That's it.
If I don't do nothing else, I'm going to honor those people.
Presidents come and go.
Four years, eight years, they out.
And I'm sick of you athletes.
I was an athlete.
I'm sick of y'all trying to act like just because you played in the NFL, you play sports somehow, somehow you an expert on life.
You have no idea what you're talking about.
Listen, you play a game.
This is fairytale world.
You suit up, you lose, you go home, you cry, you play another game.
In the real world, real heroes, when they lose games, they don't come back.
When the game is over, there's no take-backs.
When you lose, you die.
That's real men.
You making tackles, I'm saving lives.
Don't come at me with that BS about being some sports player.
You're playing a game.
You're playing a game.
The people who die for that flag, it ain't a game.
That's real life.
That's real sacrifice.
Don't come at me with that.
That's all I have to say.
Y'all done made me mad.
This country is greater than that.
All you clown athletes, you ain't nothing.
And I'm gonna say this and I'm off here, for real this time.
Listen, Donald Trump is a billionaire, who's now the leader of the greatest country that ever existed.
Cry me a river.
He ain't worried about you crybaby athletes.
You are here today, gone tomorrow.
Relevant today, you ain't signed tomorrow.
You have a leg injury, you are irrelevant.
Remember that.
Remember who paid your salary.
Remember who's filling these seats that's paying you money.
You ain't making money just because you're a good athlete.
You're making money because people want to watch you!
People are supporting you!
Alright, we gotta go to break.
And as you heard, this guy just coming out of nowhere, you made me mad.
See, they're pushing regular Americans from just doing their jobs, being the real unsung heroes, out in the open.
That's what this tyranny's doing.
That's what the NFL pull on this did.
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All right, get ready.
I'm opening the phones up and I'm checking your phone calls one after the other.
I don't care how good they are.
I don't care how bad they are.
I don't care how great a point you're making.
I'm giving each person a minute.
I'm doing a 15 second comment and we're moving past them.
Because I used to, 10 years ago, be able to take 100 calls a day.
People liked it when I did that, but I would move through them fast.
And I've got caught in some little warp area where
The caller's great.
You know, I talk to him a long time, then I go to the next segment, then I do a 10-minute rant, then we don't get to anybody.
I'm doing it right now.
800-259-9231 is the toll-free number to join us.
And all I ask is you got a good phone, a good connection, and ready to make your points on the NFL, on North Korea, on one of my new favorite talk show hosts, Brandon Tatum, with his top viral videos destroying the globalists and their entire paradigm and laying out the facts just exactly as I've been thinking.
And trying to say, it's like he literally was channeling truth.
Like, you know, because you can have an image in your mind and know a truth and have all the facts and try to present it and you're like, it just gets jumbled up because there's so much.
He just did it flawlessly.
It's perfect.
And of course, it's a...
Army veteran patriot.
And again, I'm not lionizing people in the military.
There's bad folks in the military, good folks in the military.
But statistically, over and over again, you run into folks that have been in the military, they actually care for something in this world where there's all these spoiled, rotten people everywhere who don't give a you-know-what about anything.
And I'm not talking about black people when I say that.
I'm talking about people in general.
But you look at those spoiled rotten football players buying into trendiness and brainwashing and Hollywood's hate for America being used as pawns.
That's wrong!
And that's stupid!
And it makes me so angry to see people being used as pawns.
Because let me tell you something.
When you get some wound up, crazy, racist black guy going in and shooting up a church or hitting some white, Polish immigrant in the head with a hammer.
I mean, I see these reports every day where racist, brainwashed black people go out and kill white people.
And it doesn't mean that I hate black people in general.
I understand the weak-minded people go out and do it, just like the weak-minded white guy that went in and shot the nine people at the black church, brainwashed by his own garbage.
But can you imagine if the media
Was telling white people to go out and kill black people or go out and attack them?
You'd have more mentally deranged people pick up on that and go out and do it.
Because a lot of folks are weak minded.
You give them the moral support for something, it's over!
That's what's so dangerous about mainstream media saying that, you know, oh Trump wants slaves and he wants to put black people on plantations and he's secretly a KKK member and white people want to kill all the blacks and all this stuff.
Hyping this thing up just to create division, it's horrible!
But they do the polls out there and they say that this has backfired.
All this racial division has backfired.
Just like the garbage with the NFL.
Man, I tell you, Sunday, Monday, they were arrogant going, Trump, you tried it with us.
All their commentators had the talking point.
You just got your butt handed to you.
You just saw the unity of the NFL.
It didn't matter in what poll it was, the vast majority of blacks, not just whites or anybody else said, we don't like this.
We want to watch a football game and don't want to sit there and hear about how America's bad and how white people are evil and it's a joke!
And it's been said Trump has ESPN thinking what they're actually thinking.
ESPN, all of them, are a bunch of America-hating garbage and Trump has them now speaking and saying on air what they've always really thought.
And it's crazy!
Because you get people in an echo chamber with a bunch of leftist coaches and a bunch of leftist Hollywood owners and then they sit there and they go out and they program folks to believe this crap.
It's shameful!
And let me tell you something, it's hurting those players.
And it's hurting the average weak-minded person that buys into this.
Yeah, Skip Bayless is upset that a former Army Ranger stood for the National Anthem.
But don't worry, Bayless held a fundraiser for Hillary Clinton, and then he got the Army Ranger to come out and say he was sorry.
You talk about bullying by the white slave master, that's slavery.
When you tell the Army veteran, we're going to fire you if you don't come out and say that America is basically bad and that you shouldn't have gone out with your hand over your heart and that you screwed over your team.
No, the team screwed over America because the owner
And the coach are dirtbag globalists who are following a Hollywood line to bully everybody into submission.
It's not that America's perfect.
America's got a lot of problems.
It's that outside globalist forces are trying to get us all killing each other!
That's the issue here!
And anybody that studied history, anybody that studied warfare, anybody that studied propaganda, anybody who's got one lick of sense
Anybody that's got common smarts, street smarts, could see this coming a mile away.
This is ridiculous!
And we're routing it 110%.
The NFL's got its tail between its legs, and it's hired all these PR experts that are Democrats, of course, to decide how to spin this, and how to get out in front of it, and how to stop it.
Let me tell you something, you're not going to stop anything now.
You have wounded yourself.
And you're not going to be able to stop coming back with this, and you've really shown people who you are.
So good luck putting that sucker back together again.
Trump's gotten $400 plus billion in investment in eight months.
Almost $4 trillion in the stock market.
Carbon taxes are killed.
It goes on and on.
And now 3.1% growth rate.
Things that they thought could never happen.
And a great new tax plan, if they just hold spending at the same level, which Trump's calling for, that will absolutely turbocharge our economy and begin to pay down the debt.
I mean, Trump's really making a run at this, and he's signaling executive orders, not letting Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac money go to prop up Obamacare.
That'll kill it, deader than a hammer, before it can suck everything out of the U.S.
economy and then implode it, and then bring in something even worse.
Which is what, Pocahontas, and Ezekiel Emanuel, and Jonathan Gruber, who says you're stupid, and who hates you.
I mean, you talk about facing the crowd, where this talk show host has everybody loving him, but they leave the mic on, and he talks about how much he hates his audience, and how they're schmucks.
Jonathan Gruber and Obama have all been caught on hot mics and in private events saying they hate your ass!
They hate black people!
They hate white people!
They hate poor people!
They're sociopaths!
They don't have big hearts!
They don't want to have wealth!
They don't want to have a rising tide!
They're not Donald Trump!
They want to make you poor and make you on your knees having to kiss their ass!
Excuse me.
I'm going to stop that.
I apologize.
I'm just really angry.
And when I hold back that kind of stuff, because I'm not a guy that uses a lot of profanity behind the scenes, but when I get mad, I do sometimes, and I just want to turn it loose and say what I really think, so I turn off the governor, so I can really speak well.
And then, there's no governor!
And so I'm gonna get really angry!
Because I'm not out to get anybody!
Getting out to get me!
And I'm tired of seeing everybody get played by these people!
I don't like the con artists.
I don't like the scam artists.
I want to see them knocked upside the head with a club!
I want to see them knocked out in the ditch!
Not squatting on top of everybody!
Thinking they're better than everybody!
You want to talk about elitism?
You want to talk about classism?
You want to talk about racism?
You want to talk about manipulation?
You want to talk about control?
That's these people!
Telling everybody they can't have a good future.
Can't have a good life.
Telling you you gotta be poor for the environment, well they don't live like kings!
These are elitist sociopaths that hate your ass!
And everybody better get that through your heads!
All these pseudo-intellectuals, all of them, they always get some chicken neck, skinny, fake white guy up there, like this Comedy Central guy, and all up there to talk down their noses to us, like we're not smart, and talk about how smart they are, reading off their teleprompters all day, cause they're gonna act
Act all intellectual and act all elitist when all they are is little mercenaries that read off a teleprompter and hate their own country and think they're better than everybody and they're sitting there kissing ass to get pieces of crumbs from the psychotic establishment hoping they can get into the vampire ranks politically to feed on everybody when they didn't know they came a day late and a dollar short when the whole thing's coming down, dumbasses!
You signed on to the whole New World Order when it had the wheels coming off!
When it was up to its axles in mud!
You're gonna be hated!
Your grandchildren are gonna know you were a traitor!
You're not gonna beat us, you understand that?
We've already broken your back.
And you're crawling.
You're crawling at us so we kick you in the teeth.
Knock your teeth out.
You're still rolling around on the ground thinking you're in charge.
So we start putting the boots to your ribs.
That we've gotten to the point where I'm just going to walk away, and your friends are going to land buzzards, carrion crows, and they're going to hop over politically, and they're going to tear your eyeballs out of your skull and your tongue, and then they're going to sit there and peck out your eyeballs and eat your brain live.
The last thing you're ever going to be thinking is, man, I wish that bee could stop plunging into my forehead.
Right as your consciousness leaves you, you're just going to roll out and go, I'm trendy.
The last thing you'll smell is that buzzard stinking feet as it hops around on your chest and it takes a big dump right on you.
The last thing you're going to smell is buzzard crap.
You like that, huh, Ben?
Put that on your show, scum.
We'll be back!
That's what I'm thinking, so I'm just gonna say it.
Didn't need any little riders to put it together for me.
Alright ladies and gentlemen, we're gonna come back with your phone call straight ahead.
I'm Alex Jones.
This is the human awakening.
This is the resistance.
This is the sleeping giant.
This is victory over tyranny.
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You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
I am your host Alex Jones.
Fourth hour coming up, Roger Stone's gonna host.
I'll be hosting a little bit into that hour with him.
I want to go to Zach, Lee, DJ, Kerry, Charles, and others.
By the way, because Lee has the first name Lee, he might be barred from hosting a show on ESPN even if he's Asian.
People with the name
Robert Lee are being banned.
They're banning the name Lynch because of the term lynching.
This is how, again, they're using modern liberalism to ban words, to ban communication, and try to control it.
And when you point out they're trying to control knowledge, Comedy Central comes out and the media picks up on the new words they invent and call it mental nationalism, that you have things you believe in and you won't give up your beliefs.
That doesn't mean you don't listen to new ideas.
Oh no, that's all we do is constantly study.
We know what's behind what they're doing.
We understand their program of attacking those of us that want to have a country, and want to have tax cuts, and want a government that sticks up for us!
We're not the schmucks!
We're not the thumbsuckers!
We're not the people that have been conned!
And you try to ridicule people, hoping it'll get them back under your pervert Viacom umbrella, under your Anthony Weiner umbrella.
It's not gonna work!
So just keep it up!
This is great to watch you fail.
Zach, Lee, DJ, Kerry, Charles, and others are going to go to your calls right now.
Let's go to Zach in Florida.
Zach, you're on the air.
Yes, Alex, it's great to be on and I just wanted to discuss how big of a distraction this NFL issue.
This is textbook cognitive dissonance.
Literally, days ago, we have the North Korean Foreign Minister on our home soil, threatening us.
Have we learned nothing from 9-11?
Have we learned nothing?
They are just completely, you know, chumming the waters for an attack on our country, and we're almost welcoming it.
This is complete cognitive dissonance, and it's working so effectively.
This is an issue and a discussion that we have to have with the NFL, but it's all anybody's talking about.
And I know it's important, but this is textbook, because they can't have it both ways.
Either North Korea is a legitimate threat or they're not.
No, I agree, but it's politically, it's breaking political correctness is back for a long time.
This is cognitively waking up a lot of people that have been on the sideline here.
I appreciate your call, Zach.
This is a big victory, what Trump's having.
But yes, North Korea is a serious issue.
The economy is a serious issue.
So much is going on.
But the NFL, they are really, really, really
Jumping the shark here.
USA Today reports in North Korea, millions sign up for military to fight against the U.S.
Well, there's a war.
It's going to be nuclear, and so that's not going to matter.
The North already tried to bully the South before with the Chinese, already tried to take over and kill everybody, and the U.S.
stood up against them, and MacArthur should have been allowed in 1953 to stop it.
He wasn't.
So 60-plus years later, we're right back where we were.
That doesn't mean I want war.
It doesn't mean I want preemptive strikes.
It means the communists are bad.
They did bad things.
They started the Korean War.
The United States defeated Japan.
Let China put communists in.
We didn't start this.
So the communists are the aggressors.
I understand the United States is over there.
Because we have interest there.
I don't want a war.
But it can't be take the side of North Korea just because we have problems here.
I'm not saying that Glass Collar was saying that.
It's just that Ron Paul, when I was just showing both sides of the debate, was like, come on, Alex, that's neocon rhetoric.
No, Kim Jong-un is evil.
Kim Jong-un's out of control.
It doesn't mean I want a war.
It means I can say they're evil and corrupt and bad.
We have some neocon forces that are bad as well.
Just because we're bad sometimes doesn't mean North Korea's good.
DJ in Indiana, you're on the air, go ahead.
Hello, how you doing?
Good, brother.
The initial is Dan Jeramson.
Brother, I gotta jump here.
You called in yesterday.
I said first-time callers today.
First-time callers.
And I'm not mad, but the last two callers were not first-time callers.
I want to be able to get new people on to the phone lines.
That's why I have to do that.
We have so many listeners that people with it on speed dial are already dialing when it happens, and I can't get to the new folks' calls.
This is for real.
I'm taking 30 phone calls before I get off here today.
That means after the whole fourth hour, I'm doing it.
When we go to break, I recognize the callers.
I recognize the last one.
I recognize that guy.
I'm going to Mike.
I'm going to Lee.
I'm going to Kerry.
I'm going to Charles.
I don't recognize any of those names.
We'll see if I recognize the voices.
We're taking first-time callers, baby.
The last guy was from the Rapture debate yesterday.
Sir, next time it's wide open phones, you're welcome to call in.
We don't screen your calls on content, but I will screen them on when I say first-time callers.
Your phone calls are straight ahead.
And pretty soon I'm moving fully to our phone system.
It's digital.
We can take 50 phone calls at one time.
It's a lot better.
GCN are nice folks, but we've just outgrown that situation.
So heads up to everybody.
We'll be right back.
We're on the march, the empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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All right, all the big news, straight ahead.
On corruption, it's Alex Jones, coming to you live from the front lines of the InfoWar.
All right, we're going to your phone calls here in about 60 seconds.
First off, we are listener supported.
And we are the tip of the spear.
There are a lot of great people out there doing great work.
Like Mr. Tatum that we were talking about earlier, but...
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My main goal is to get the Liberty Movement going so strong and anti-globalism so strong that so many other major players arrive that actually go for the jugular, can't be bought off, can't be intimidated, that I can recede.
Because, let me tell you something, I don't want to be paddle to the metal, RPMs in the red for 20 years.
There's a selfish side of me.
I've got a four and a half month old daughter who's the sweetest thing you've ever seen.
And I really do want to spend time with her.
And look, I know the world's going through a time of great change.
So I'm not complaining about how much I work.
But I mean, I'm cross-eyed half the time.
And there's been a lot of stuff they've done to me behind the scenes just to where I don't want to continue to do this if
I've got too many irons in the fire and I just can't execute it all properly.
Because believe me, they're sabotaging us like a pack of gremlins.
Imagine to see the old World War II jokes about gremlins on board an aircraft and you got 20 little green guys climbing all over the fuselage tearing wires out and trying to sabotage the engines.
I mean, I'm trying to carry out the main mission and I got gremlins all over the plane.
But that's OK.
They know to come after us.
They'll probably play that on Comedy Central and say, I really believe in gremlins.
It's a metaphor.
But they don't care.
They're liars.
So they'll just take it and play it.
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Now, let's go to your phone calls.
Start your engines.
I said I'm taking 30 calls.
I just took two.
I'm not leaving until I take 30 calls.
Let's go right down the line.
Mike in Minnesota wants to talk about Roy Moore victory in Alabama.
Despite $33 million of establishment money against his $2 million, Roy Moore won.
Another sign of an unstoppable populist wave that will destroy Republicans and Democrats.
Go ahead.
Well Alex, it's a pleasure to be on the show and an honor to speak to you as always.
And Sabotage is the perfect track to play prior to the commercial break because
The GOP is sabotaging themselves.
I mean, they distanced themselves from Trump during the primaries, the election, and a couple months after the election.
The fact that they're calling on him to endorse a candidate that should have it in the bag, like Luther, who's already served, proves they're getting desperate.
And that they know that the populist movement is coming.
And the fact that Roy Moore won.
And I mean, this man pulled a gun on stage.
He did everything wrong by the book.
I was about to say, they think being wild and being real, like Kid Rocker myself or something, makes folks hate us.
It's the opposite.
All these stuff suit, sociopath, sellout mummies don't get it yet.
But, as Breitbart reports,
Roy Moore's Alabama victory deals devastating blow to McConnell's establishment, and it's not over yet as that moves, but the Republicans may back the Democrat against him.
Yeah, it's incredible.
I mean, the GOP has to be just so nervous right now.
Because Trump may have lost the battle with endorsing Senator Luther, but his movement has won the war.
This is a sign of winning the war.
So the Trump populist movement is stronger than ever.
I agree, you know, and I've never worn cowboy hats on air or never ridden around on horses, but I've really worked on a ranch and really have a family ranch and a family farm that's operating.
I think I'm going to go out and get on some horses and ride around and fire fully auto from horseback and stuff.
Just because the globalists hate it so much, I think we need to just throw the Americana back in their face.
What do you think?
Oh, 100%.
And I mean, they need to see it from every angle.
I mean, we let the liberals suppress us so much with this anti-American rhetoric, and we need to stand up and show that this is the least cool thing possible.
It is.
Somebody on horseback, you know, riding around.
Somebody out there, a mother taking care of her kids, a firefighter, a factory worker.
That's sexy.
That's Americana.
That's valuing ourselves again.
And isn't it beautiful to see the rejection of Hollywood, the NFL?
That's the American spirit.
Alexander de Tocqueville, the French historian, said, the true revolution is people don't like elitism.
They like real folks.
That was the true breaking of the class system through free market, not through communism.
America's sexy.
It's new.
It's the cutting edge.
It's why everybody wanted to come here.
God bless you.
Now that's the joke photo of me and Trump and Putin on horseback for radio listeners.
Google Alex Jones on horseback.
You got the Planet of the Apes one, where I really did ride down the side of the beach in Grand Cayman on a horse.
And my girlfriend at the time, now my wife, took that picture.
And then you've got the one she did too when we were out riding horseback in the Texas Hill Country.
It really triggers the leftists for some reason.
And they go, oh look, he's dumb and make fun of it.
And I wondered, why do they make fun of it?
When somebody gets a snapshot of me actually wearing a cowboy hat out in the country, or I'm on a horse, because I wear a cowboy hat because my head doesn't get burned, they do it because they hate it, folks.
Because I'm supposed to be up on that horse.
Or they go, oh look, he's a Texan, he's wearing tennis shoes.
They just don't get any of it.
Yeah, there I am in Grand Cayman, and then let's pull up the one in Texas.
Alex Jones on horseback triggers liberals.
And they just go completely insane over it.
And if they don't like it, I'm going to do it more.
In fact, that's it.
I'm going to ride horseback and shoot targets live.
You've got to have horses that know how to do that, though.
I've done this twice before, back before it was popular on TV, but I've hunted wild hogs with carbide shakazulu spears on horseback, with pit bulls.
And I think it's so triggering, I think I'm going to go out, I'm going to get my killies fixed first, or maybe I'll just go out and let my killies get blown.
I'm going to go out and kill wild 400, 500 pound hogs with a big spear.
You think folks would like that?
I mean, I got a bunch of footage of stuff like this I haven't put out.
Maybe I should just put it out if it triggers them that bad.
They want to see caveman behavior.
Okay, let's go ahead and go to Lee in Nebraska.
Lee, you're on the air.
Hi, Lee.
Hi, Alex.
I've tried to call before, but I spent two hours and ten minutes on two phones redialing.
Well, brother, you're on air now worldwide.
You're on air.
You're on air.
Can I plug some of your products first before I get to my main point?
Sure, brother.
I auto-subscribe to a number of your items, among them the toothpaste, and if anybody would just try it, they'll never use anything else.
It's absolutely fabulous.
I get 5 Brain Force every two months, or every 42 days.
My wife and I both take it.
We love it.
Couldn't get by without it, as well as the
Uh, X2 and Z-Shield, and we're taking the Mico till it was no longer available, and I'm now anxiously awaiting my Pro-Pure King that I ordered a little over 10 days ago, and I really wanted to order your new hat you designed, but I couldn't find it on your website.
What is that you're trying to find?
The new hat with the snake on it.
I know, I've seen the whole office wearing this hat, and then I was on there and couldn't find it.
I'm not complaining.
But yeah, where is the new hat?
That'd be in the apparel section.
It's in the Alex Jones Recommended.
And there's the new hat.
It hasn't gotten any reviews yet, but that's a high-quality, made-in-America hat.
Well, this is what I did.
I was in a store, and I found a hat that I liked and actually fit my head.
This is a Richardson hat.
This is the best seller in the country.
I didn't know that.
I just liked the way it looked and the way it fit.
And I said, can I just have copies of this with Infowars and the snake?
So I do have a run of that.
Sorry, go ahead.
Well, I wanted one of those, but I couldn't find it.
Well, brother, we'll put it on the front page for you right now.
How's that sound?
All right, sounds good.
Before I get to my main point about health care and destroying the mainstream media,
You say you're willing to be corrected.
Let me tell you about something from yesterday.
It's a myth that the anti-preachers put out that it's only 200 years old.
Actually, if you go back to the ancient church fathers of the first century, they all believed in the pre-trib rapture.
Well, actually, they believed that within their lifetime Christ would come back, and then they thought when the sacking of Jerusalem came in 70 A.D.
by Titus, that that was the end of the world.
You're correct.
And I know you've had Steve Quayle on.
He's a pre-tribber as well.
Well, buddy, let me say this.
I sure hope... Listen, you heard me say, I hope that's the case.
You still there?
All right.
I am an ex-physician.
I quit in protest to Obamacare passing, but I think
You're probably too young to remember this, but I'm quite a bit older than you.
I'm seven.
I remember when every other commercial on TV was about camels or the Marlboro Man, and they finally deleted those.
If they delete the drug industry from being able to advertise on TV and go back to the days when you had reps that came into your office,
Like I did and gave you samples which they hardly ever give out anymore because they're spending too damn much money on TV advertising.
I used to use those samples for people that couldn't afford their drugs.
Well I was about to say they used to give you samples so you could test it on the patients of already approved stuff to see what worked best for you because you were the physician, you were in charge, you were doing your practice to practice and see what worked best.
Instead they've removed that from you and basically made you somebody that just the computers tell what to do.
So they're really ending
Absolutely, and I never charged clergy or fellow physicians or
Uh, nuns and, uh, and besides all the free care, um, one day when I was retired, I sat and figured out I lost somewhere between three and four million dollars from people not paying their co-pays and stuff I got screwed out of from Medicaid and Medicare.
Well, my dad's the same way, and he was doing that to serve people in health care.
And then when he got with Obamacare, he said, we can't legally run anything anymore.
They've made it illegal.
He wasn't going to go join the lobbyists to go buy congressmen, so he had to get out of it.
I mean, that's where this country is.
Some of the proudest surgeries I did were free.
And, uh, but beside that, uh, I think if you got rid of that, uh, it would kind of take away a lot of the sponsors from,
God bless you, sir.
Appreciate your calls, Lee.
Appreciate all your great testimony.
And again, I'm not debating pre- or post-tribulation.
I'm not getting in the middle of it.
We know there's a world government.
We know it's satanic.
I mean, it says it's satanic.
And so they make their jokes all day about it.
We all understand that.
We all love Christ.
And that's what matters.
We're brothers and sisters in Christ.
And I don't want to see everybody fight with each other over doctrinal debates.
You know Christ is there.
You accept him as your Savior.
The devil's real.
Evil's real.
God's real.
World government's real.
The mark of the beast is real.
Let's just know that that's what we're facing.
Because I really think that, you know, the fighting over the scripture is what's divided the church up.
And it's fine to be different denominations.
That's all great.
I just know I love God.
And I know that I want to fight the New World Order.
Let's go ahead and go to Charles in Germany.
You're on the air.
Thanks for holding, Charles.
Yes, sir.
Go ahead.
Hey, so the first talking point I'd like to make is the teleprompted talking point by Morgan Freeman that Paul Joseph Watson and the InfoWars crew destroyed.
About a week ago that we are at war with Russia.
This is apparently big news to me I'm living in the US military community overseas and have done for about 15 years of my life and Over those 15 years.
It has not been uncommon at all to See and talk to Russian military soldiers.
They use our facilities like the commissary like the PX
You know, they are our colleagues in many respects.
You know, we're not at war with these people.
No, they're Christians and have pulled out of the New World Order.
They're fighting the globalists, the communists, and that's why they're the enemy now.
The liberals wanted to merge with Russia when they were the Soviets.
They were the one always giving our plans.
They were the ones that helped, because it was a godless, satanic, communist government over the Russian Christians, and they want the same thing here.
That's all it is.
That's why they say there's Russian collusion, because there is!
There's spiritual collusion between American and Russian Christians.
That's what the pedophile Hollywood Satanist can't stand.
And over the course of the past decade, with the Islamification of Europe, we have actually seen increases in attacks of Americans overseas.
One example I'd like to give to you.
The very sad example of Airman First Class Zachary Cuddeback.
Back in 2011, he was a bus driver bussing to Frankfurt Airport to pick up members of the 48th Security Forces, and upon picking them up, was killed by an Albanian ethnic, along with another
Sure, just like the attack this weekend at the church with the Sudanese Muslim immigrant invader, you know, shooting nine people, killing one.
And he said, I killed them because they were white and they were Christian.
And this is the invasion.
So what do you think this massive invasion of Europe and the U.S.
by military age men is about?
The left admits that this is their strong arm.
I think the left doesn't know when to stop because we're going to end up going after all these people.
Well, Ronald Reagan very wisely said that if communism ever comes to the United States or Western civilization, it'll come under the banner of liberalism, so this is
From what I can tell, probably an attack on western civilization.
That's it.
You always wanted to know what the communist George Soros attack would look like.
This is it and he runs it.
It's not like it's our opinion.
We're seeing the full attack.
The NFL thing.
All of it is just, the flag's evil, America's evil, let's burn stuff down, let's kill whitey, and all these white coaches and all these weird white doctors going, whites are evil, whites are bad.
They're virtue signaling in what they're trying to start, don't kill us.
Well guess what, the minorities are the majority.
They want free market, they want America, they're not stupid.
They're running a big dry run that's a failure.
This thing is dead on arrival.
They were supposed to have Hillary in while they executed all this.
They're following a whole plan!
It's a misfire!
It's a derailment!
It's a jackknife!
It's a cattywampus!
It's over!
Charles, God bless you.
Let's now go to Kerry in Missouri.
I want to talk about that fella Tatum.
I had a piece of paper here.
What's that guy's first name?
I love him.
Brandon Tatum, my new favorite talk show host.
Comes out of nowhere.
Gets 90,000 followers.
He only had a few thousand before.
He starts talking politics.
He's a true natural.
Just absolutely devastating them right down the line.
What do you make of Brandon Tatum?
The Officer Tatum?
What do you make, Kerry, in Missouri?
Oh, sorry, I'm not familiar with that.
Alex, it's just a pleasure.
Okay, well, it just said Tatum.
Maybe you didn't know the guy's name.
It just said on screen, Carrie in Missouri wants to talk Tatum.
You mean the guy we played earlier?
Oh, yeah, I'm sorry.
Yeah, those guys were right on.
And when he talked about that, you know, once you get a, you're, you're not a factual, if you're an NFL NBA, you're injured.
You know, what's up?
What are you going to do?
Yeah, you retire fat, big bank account, but you're no longer legitimate.
Your voice doesn't mean nothing.
Thank you.
Uh, which is interesting.
Well, you're exercising your First Amendment in the face of bullies.
And that's literally serving your country to have an InfoWars sticker.
Not the extent of the military or whatever, but it's a war zone out there.
They attack folks, whatever.
I mean, you're in a zone with anti-fire and the rest of them that are killing cops?
So when you basically stick an Infowars.com sticker or a Trump sticker on your car, it's like putting on a police uniform, basically, because the Antifa and BLM, they want to go after patriots, Trump supporters, Infowars supporters, and police.
So, I mean, it is supporting the First Amendment in a civil war up against a bunch of terrorists.
So it really is serving your country.
Sorry, Alex, go ahead.
No, no, you go ahead.
Well, I'm just saying that we live in Missouri in the Central Ozarks, if you will, and kind of a rural area, but you would be amazed at the Muslim infiltration, is what I call it here.
We live close to Missouri S&T, and it's just crazy.
It's crazy.
When you go into Walmart, you just stare down the Walmart Supercenter over there.
It's just crazy, but yeah, we get a lot from just what you would think would be normal.
What are you doing with that Trump sticker on there?
You know, an InfoWars, you know, and usually you can just, you know, walk away from it.
But sometimes, to stay on your ground, you have to.
You know, we're not just going to live on our knees.
And I think mainly, I tried yesterday, it was the first time I've ever tried to talk
I want to jump in there on about the Ron Paul.
I listened to that the other day and I'm like, what the heck is this guy even talking about?
And I remember why at first I kind of supported Ron Paul years ago.
And then when he started going, well, what's wrong with Iran having a nuke?
You know, what's he smoking?
So, and I keep hearing you go with different people on there like,
You know, and he was kind of like, don't say that, Alex, don't... Well, he's the one that's... I wouldn't have him back on my show, just to be honest with you, brother.
I love Ron Paul.
He's done a lot.
The issue is, oh, Alex, they claim they've got nukes.
No, North Korea has nukes.
They're the ones threatening to blow up Japan and the U.S.
So I get the fact that we don't want to have more wars and that we've had... But the fact is, Kim Jong-un is bad.
I mean, let's admit communism really sucks.
Yeah, well exactly.
I mean it just seems like a different parallel to me.
And like I said, I actually... Well here's the bellwether.
Joel Skousen has not supported any of these wars.
But as he's pointed out, North Korea's real.
It's being backed by the Chinese.
And they're planning something big.
And so we better get ready to understand this is serious.
And it doesn't mean we want a war either.
But folks better know, this is the real deal.
Go ahead.
You know, which is a red flag, or whatever you want to call it, you know, we all better be hanging on to our guns and our Bibles, you know?
And I did want to talk real quick, and Thessalonians, Paul said, who, remember now, he helped Stephens cope while he was being stoned to death, and then he became, he wrote two-thirds of the New Testament, he said, let no man deceive you.
That day of the Lord, the coming of the Lord, will not happen until the first.
There's a great falling away of the Church.
Okay, of the so-called Christians.
Why does that happen?
Because they're threatened with Islam.
And because the rapture did not happen when it was supposed to happen.
So there's a great falling away until that son of perdition, that wicked, is revealed.
The beast.
The man.
You know, the one-world ruler.
Anyway, more than anything, I just want to encourage you.
I know you're tired, man.
I'm a single dad.
I'm an electrician.
I quit the IBEW.
You've paid for your beliefs.
You've stood up for what you believe in.
No, that's my problem.
I can't go half speed.
I just go all the time and I'm exhausted.
All right, we're gonna come right back.
God bless you, Kerry.
Fourth Hour coming up.
More calls straight ahead.
And Roger Stone and more.
Please spread the word.
They're trying to shut this down.
Infowars.com for its last show.
They hate that, folks.
They hate it.
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Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order, it's Alex Jones.
We now take you live to the Central Texas Command Center, in the heart of the resistance.
It's Alex Jones.
Look, it's not that America's perfect, or the American flag's perfect, or any of this.
Back when I used the flag to push folks getting behind wars.
I knew we're frauds.
I'd get mad about it, but it's not the flag's fault.
You got to weigh America for its overall history, what it stands for, and realize you're part of it.
And if you're not going to go join something else, then why sit here and bitch about it?
It doesn't mean you can't be here and hate America.
That's your right.
I have a right to say you don't like it.
Get the hell out.
And all these evil forces want to bring down America for a reason.
They want to control it.
So that's why I'm with America.
And then if I'm going to be with something, I'm going to be 110%.
That means that when Trump does stuff that isn't right, I'm going to criticize it hard to get him back in line.
But I still know he's got a good heart.
And now he's behind Judge Moore and saying that's who he should have gone with.
He got told by Republicans, you get on board with us, we'll help you get the tax cuts and get rid of Obamacare.
They screwed him over, well now he realizes it.
And that's what this is about.
But America gets it.
A lot of people ask me, why aren't you covering Puerto Rico?
I've been covering Puerto Rico since this tournament.
We've had reporters on from Puerto Rico.
We ought to have some of the reporters on again.
It's bad.
The power's still out.
It's very serious.
And Trump's sitting in the military there and all the rest of it.
We've only got so much military.
We're running out here.
With Texas and Florida and everywhere else.
I mean, Florida's gigantic.
The area that was hit.
So we pray for Puerto Rico, send them support, whatever.
The issue is it's just so big, like Mexico.
I mean, just... Mexico was going to send us help, now they can't.
I don't blame them.
They got hit by mega quakes, hurricanes, I mean, you name it.
I do know that culturally, people are rejecting this NFL garbage because they see what it is.
And it shows Hollywood doubling down, the force-feeding of all this race war garbage has not worked.
And the more they push it now, the better it gets for everybody.
Because people aren't blaming black folks for all this.
They see right through it.
They know it's the Democratic Party.
And despite all the king's horses and all the king's men, all the co-bears and all of them together,
Trying to say this is racist what Trump did.
Everybody sees through it.
So the fact that we're holding fast in the face of this bullying is making us stronger by the minute.
Now I do worry about what they're going to pull next because let me tell you, they're pissed.
And they're desperate.
They're flailing around.
They're cornered.
So who knows?
Who's been holding the longest here?
Let me see.
That'd be Jay in Massachusetts.
Jay, thanks for holding today on this Thursday edition here on The Air Worldwide.
Hey Alex, how's it going?
Good, brother.
Thanks for calling.
Yeah, I had a couple points.
The previous caller that called in talked about Ron Paul.
During the conversation, I actually thought it was kind of funny he called you a neocon a couple times for touting the Republican line.
You kind of changed before from going to anti-war.
The globalists are starting to try to topple regimes and then the whole PNAC document and all that stuff.
Seems like you kind of changed your tune since then with Trump.
Because we've got a new president in and we're fighting the globalists and the globalists helped North Korea.
They gave them weapons.
They've been using it to take control of the region as a set piece and to let China be dominant and Trump's standing up against that.
And so Korea... Kim Jong-un is shooting missiles over Japan, threatening to nuke the US.
So I'm saying we have to have a strong response.
We're in a different world, another time frame.
Does that make sense?
Yeah, but at the same time, you know, for him to actually launch those missiles, part of the agreement is that he notifies the U.S.
in advance.
So we actually know, our government knows in advance of those launches.
So when we see the news and when you propagate this thing where it's like he's just doing this out of nowhere, like, he actually has to file for those to be made aware to Japan, United States, like our government actually does.
I know, and now he's signaled that he's going to do an above-ground hydrogen bomb test.
You like that?
Yeah, well, no, at the same time, so when you say that he's doing these things... Hold on, Jay.
Jay, I'm going to come back to you.
And Laura Loomer has just confronted Uma Abedin, Anthony Pedophile Wiener's wiener holster.
Hey, Stephen Colbert made that joke, so I can.
The Lord made it, I can make the joke.
So, the God made it.
The teleprompter reader, so I can do it.
Now, I want to be clear.
Every time I cover a subject like this, the media misrepresents and says that I am, you know, saying for sure that this is weather modified or that the government did this, the government did that.
All I know is they admit they've got a lot of these systems, so we should have a debate about this.
And Professor James McCanney breaks that down.
I'm not going to go over all the things he's done and all the things he's been involved in, but I'd like to just get his general take on where we are globally right now.
So, Professor James McCanney, thanks for coming on.
Thanks, Alex.
Thanks for having me here.
So, you're really the super expert on everything.
Give us your breakdown just on what you think is most important.
Well, Alex, I worked with Russian scientists in the mid-1990s, and what we developed were systems, two systems for degrading hurricanes, leading them offshore, and this information was given to the U.S.
military because Russia really doesn't have a problem with hurricanes.
We do.
And the U.S.
military, we knew that they had militarized this information in the early 2000s.
They sent up three large satellites.
They said they were for communications.
We knew that they were laser satellites.
And they have been using these to manipulate storms.
That's when the serious storm manipulation problem began.
And the way they do this, hurricanes, we first have to dispel this myth that hurricanes are somehow created and maintained by warm water.
Totally incorrect.
The hurricanes are powered by electrical currents from the ionosphere and what we learned is how to enhance and use those currents to steer hurricanes away from shore and away from harm of the public.
Now they're using these and you could see it with Hurricane Irma was
Uh, built and designed in the eastern Atlantic and just guided across.
That's why these hurricane models supposedly predicted where they were going to go up Florida days almost a week in advance.
It's absurd.
But this was one of the most manipulated guided storms I've ever seen.
And you could see the distortion in the eye as they were doing this.
They have the technology, that's declassified.
They admit they're doing it and they admit they're testing.
So of course they legalize it under U.S.
Title 50, Chapter 32, Subsection 1528, Paragraph B. Chemical, biological, radiological, weather.
Any type of secret testing as long as it's for research purposes.
So it's never operational.
All these giant programs, they still call them research.
And I want to be clear, I'm not saying this is controlled.
I'm not saying I disagree with him.
I'm not saying I agree.
I think it's open for discussion.
He's a smart professor.
He's done a lot of research, and we're getting his view on this.
We know they've got weather modification and they're manipulating hurricanes.
Why aren't they knocking them out to sea?
The world is a dangerous place, not because of evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing.
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
We now take you live to the Central Texas Command Center.
It's Alex Jones.
Take the children and yourself and hide out in the cellar.
By now the fighting will be close at hand.
Okay, we got a Roger Stone here with us, and I'll be gone in about 10-15 minutes, but I promise to take a lot of calls.
We're co-hosting together.
He's had a lot of big breaking news on multiple fronts.
Laura Loomer has confronted Uma Abedin again.
That brings up the subject.
The New York Times has written articles where they say they admire
Anthony Weiner?
I mean, this is bizarre garbage.
But Jay in Massachusetts, I want to fill Roger Stone in here.
I like Ron Paul.
I appreciate Ron Paul.
Ron Paul has said on air that half the contributions he got in one of his presidential runs were from InfoWars supporters, and that close to half in the next run.
So, let's be clear.
I'm not bragging, I'm telling my audience, you were the biggest group that supported Ron Paul who helped build the modern liberty movement.
And I supported Senator Rand Paul to run for the Senate and was his biggest supporter and he said on air that early on most of his support was from us in Kentucky.
He only comes on when he calls and wants on, because his staff thinks it's Alex Jones, and oh my gosh, he has to call.
When he comes on, he calls us.
I don't even care!
It's a U.S.
I like him for his policies.
Our listeners would rather us play some YouTube video of an average person.
You understand, like, Rand Paul's lucky to come on this show.
They all are.
And I'm not knocking them, but folks are sick of senators.
They're sick of congressmen.
They're sick of presidents.
What they want is results.
Now that said, Ron Paul's on here.
He's a good guy.
And he's like, Alex, you sound like a neocon, you sound like a warmonger, saying North Korea's a threat, and oh, stop saying they got a bomb, and stop saying they're threatening, that's neocon propaganda.
And I'm like, listen, I'm just putting out the other side, because this is North Korea, this is a really bad guy, this is a serious oppressor.
I was against the Iraq war.
I was against the Syria war.
I've been against the Libya war.
I've been against it all.
Having the CIA experts on, exposing it all.
Literally getting the attack because I'm doing it.
Trying to stop the Arab Spring.
But then to just say, you're a neocon.
Because I'm like, listen, I get we've got neocons, we've got warmongers and blah blah blah, but North Korea, I don't want war, but they've got a role to play.
They're doing some bad stuff.
And there's this thought thing politically where, no, they're not.
And then callers call in and say, I don't want to hear Ron Paul on again.
Or Jay calls in and starts going, Alex, you are changing your views on things.
No, I'm not.
Why is everything so polarized?
I support this country and I support our military.
And Trump is defeating ISIS and not going in like his generals want and kicking out Damascus and getting rid of Assad.
And Assad is promising to have elections.
That's what Trump said he'd do.
It's what he's doing.
He's doing what he said on the tax cuts.
But North Korea and China, man, they attacked in 1949.
Mao Zedong did.
They came in with Kim Jong-il's father and Kim Jong-un's grandfather.
Kim Il-sung.
People don't even know these names!
I do!
I study it!
I've read books on it.
I've had family that was there.
North Korea is a horrible, horrible demon cult.
I get our sanctions hurt them worse.
I don't know what to do.
But people keep acting like the North's not going to do something.
The more you appease them, the more out of control they get.
So this idea that I'm suddenly this big warmonger, former Marine Corps officer, I'm going to go on our guest right now, former Marine Corps officer, you know, he's been against all these wars.
Joel Skousen says, no, this is different.
This is real.
And that's because he's really looked at the evidence.
It doesn't mean we want a war.
It doesn't mean we don't know we have neocons and warmongers.
I don't want a war.
It could trigger Russia and China and have a thermal nuclear war.
I want peace.
But I can say North Korea's doing bad stuff.
That's not war propaganda.
That's the truth!
So I don't get people that can't hold two ideas in their mind at the same time and get, we've got our problems, but man, North Korea's, its leadership really sucks.
Do you get where I'm going with this, Roger Stone?
Yes indeed, I most certainly am.
I understand that President Trump is forced to deal with the hangover, the loose ends from 40 years of adventurous neocon policies which unfortunately have created a large number of people in the world who hate our guts.
And unfortunately that has to be dealt with.
It's a dangerous world.
Now I voted for Ron Paul.
I cast my
Last ballot as a Republican before I switched to the Libertarian Party largely because I'd given up on the Republicans after the capture of the party by Mitt Romney.
Now that Donald Trump staged the hostile takeover of the Republican Party, I'm back to the party of my ancestors and the party I'm most sentimentally comfortable in.
But there's no question that you have to be realistic about the North Korean threat.
I'm not for thermonuclear war over North Korea.
It's hard for me to believe that we couldn't drop some special ops guys in there and take this guy out.
He's insane.
And his own people know he's insane.
But they're also afraid that they might get shot in the head if they look at him the wrong way.
Yeah, he's already killed a bunch of his family.
I mean, he's a bad guy.
We're not saying we want to have a war, but I can say he's a bad guy.
Well, it's like those who say, you know, well, you know, we shouldn't be at war with ISIS.
There's a difference between boots on the ground and deep incursions and using all of this very expensive technology that we've paid for with our tax dollars and a drone program.
You know, I do think that there are you have to recognize that George Bush and Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama left us an existential ISIS threat.
It has to be dealt with in the most limited but effective way possible.
Trump has vowed to crush ISIS and I believe he will.
And I support him getting rid of the project of the globalists and the EU and the rest of it, the whole Arab Spring.
Thank God he's stopping that whole program meant to collapse the Middle East and roll them into Europe and the rest of the world for an Islamic invasion that they could then use to take our liberties.
I think he's doing a great job.
Jay, there's your response.
I agree with what Roger Stone just said.
And that actually brings up a good point, because you said, I mean, you basically said the Ascendant Special Forces, which is basically what happened since the 60s, since JFK.
Which, I mean, if you're saying that you're not a neocon and you're not touting that agenda, you basically disagreed with assassination of a leader.
So, a second point that I want to bring up is the relation from the occult.
Well, that was Roger saying that, but I want to say this.
I don't like regime change, and I say don't even go to Venezuela.
That's their problem.
But I'm not going to cry if Kim Jong-un, that little demonic twerp, ends up breaking his neck.
And the alternative, of course, is some military action, some aerial action, which
Millions could die, theoretically.
Well, let me just say this.
Nobody that wants to just say we're neocons, because, you know, it's fun to say, and then the mighty have fallen, you know, all the rest of it.
Explain to me what we're supposed to do about North Korea, because he's firing missiles over Japan.
He's saying, you know, imminent attacks on the mainland.
He's going to test hydrogen bombs.
He's threatening to blow up South Korea.
I mean, he's got a gun pointed at us saying he's going to use it.
And, of course, you're going to say, well, that's not what he's really saying.
No, I've gone and read what they're actually saying.
I think what needs to actually happen is people need to be aware of and made aware of what the occult agenda actually is.
And so I've actually been to Bohemian Grove.
You know, as you come into Monterreo and you pass by Camp Meeker and there's the little weird looking trucks and all those junkyard looking things as you come into the Bohemian entrance.
I've actually been in there, so I know what the surrounding area looks like.
And for you to actually even get into that campground,
Um, I mean, that kind of smells a little fishy.
So, are you a traveling man?
A traveling man?
I don't know what that code word means.
Oh, you know what the code word though, right?
Well, it sounds like a code word.
Am I a fellow traveler?
Like a communist?
No, like a Freemason.
You always talk about the Grand Architect and the Creator and all that stuff.
Well, the Bible calls God the Grand Architect.
You have to understand that the occult groups and all that have taken over all these different symbols and names.
And no, the answer is I'm not a Mason.
So you're now saying I didn't really sneak in Bohemian Grove on my own?
Well, I'm saying it's almost impossible to actually get through all the razor wire that surrounds us.
Did I put my pants on this morning?
No, no, hold on, hold on.
Let me ask you another question since you're saying all this.
When were you to Bohemian Grove?
When was I to Bohemian Grove?
I was there a few years ago.
Okay, so you understand.
No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.
You understand space-time continuum.
If I snuck in there 16 years ago, and then they massively increased security, is it possible the topography surrounding the 1,700-acre compound in between two mountain ridges bordering the Russian River, is it possible they put up further security barriers since I snuck in?
See, what you're saying is... Woah, woah, woah, woah, woah, woah!
You just said two years ago that you saw barbed wire there.
You're saying it's nearly impossible for me to get in there.
There's video of how I got in there.
I snuck into the parking lot, got onto one of their trucks...
Had code words I was given by a lawyer who had a friend of his that worked there.
They had daily codes.
I was given the daily code by insiders and I was able to get in and I explained it all.
It's on video.
No, no, no, no.
You said, I don't know the code word.
You said, I knew that they had daily code words for the workers.
I explained in the film, we had a worker inside that helped get us in.
John Ronson later explains all that in a book he wrote about it.
So, I'm explaining to you again, you don't think I couldn't sneak in there again?
I think you're probably invited.
You have to be invited.
So, I mean, are you on the guest list?
Okay, God bless you.
Listen, I gotta get to the other calls and finish up, you know, let Roger Stone take over, but I promise to go to these calls.