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Alex Jones talks about Trump's handling of the NFL situation and accuses liberals of being national fear-mongers. Steven Seagal believes that taking a knee is not disrespectful but imposing political views during a football game is outrageous. The InfoWarsStore sells various products including toothpaste, mouthwash, air filtration systems, and bug-out houses. Topics discussed on Alex Jones' show include Trump's presidency, the left's attempt to erase history and create division among people, rational disagreement, corruption in politics and media, Obamacare funding, Catalonia's pursuit of independence, healthcare plans, daytime drowsiness, the Federal Reserve collecting taxes, financial threats to national security, and potential consequences for the American economy due to the petrodollar system being undone by BRICS nations.

I said it on Saturday.
That the NFL was committing suicide and that at first they'd be arrogant, but then it would blow up in their face.
And that Trump had purposefully drawn out the American haters so they could show their full, disgusting intent to the nation to awaken the populace sleeping giant.
And indeed that happened.
Judge Roy Moore just defeated
Luther Strange, the establishment Republican in the runoff for the Senate in the Republican primary.
That is a huge victory.
It's all coming up, but first, national fear-mongering liberals destroying the American dream.
Why is it that the president over the weekend is going after, or seeming to go after, African-American athletes, and then this morning he's putting out a tweet praising NASCAR, which obviously is geared towards a different demographic, and the way they stand and respect and honor the flag?
Uh, is he trying to wage something of a cultural war?
Not at all.
The president's not talking about race.
Uh, the president's talking about pride in our country.
We have a white supremacist president in the United States.
He's encouraging white supremacists, and the fact is- Are you really gonna- Yes, I'm gonna say that.
We can debate that later, but the fact is- No, but don't also throw the grenades, Keith.
If you think he is a white supremacist, you really believe that this president is a white supremacist.
It doesn't matter what I think or whether he is now.
Wouldn't you love to see one of these NFL owners, when somebody disrespects our flag, to say, get that son of a b**** off the field right now.
He's fired.
There is no regulation that says that these young men cannot stand against the dishonoring of their mothers by you calling them, fire the son of a b****.
You tell me which of those children's mothers... He's saying people that hate America are sons of bitches.
You cannot deny it.
They are spoiled rotten punks.
And then they claim it's racial.
Well, you know, it's not our fault.
It's 90% black folks doing this.
People have to be made to feel uncomfortable.
And especially white people because we're comfortable.
That's what this is.
This is a bunch of bullying.
I haven't done jack crap and I'm sick of it.
By the way, I don't blame average black folks either.
I don't buy into this group crap.
...that I have ever met, seen, or witnessed, let alone run for and become president of the United States of America.
He is about division.
He is about... No, you are.
...signaling to that core group of his... The majority of black Americans are against this crap, lady.
They're not stupid like you.
...it's all about making it white.
This anti-American cancer is spreading.
It's come down to this.
Either you love this country, or you want to destroy it.
The NFL means everything to the blue-collar Americans that are the lifeblood of America, and the NFL for that matter.
A moment of pride in their team to remove them from day-to-day back-breaking work.
In the past, when an NFL running back ran through a blizzard, not only did he carry a ball, he carried the hearts and minds and pride of this country.
When the knee is taken, and the intent is that too many black men have died at the hands of the police,
Sure, that's a problem.
So is black-on-black crime, and the plight of the American workers that have had their jobs shipped overseas, or the thousands of children missing every year, or the soldiers who return home in coffins, draped in the flag the NFL bent a knee on, dying for our country, just so entitled morons
The NFL is supposed to be a distraction for the people, not a reminder of political division by millionaires.
This new generation of players that reflect the mindset of the millennials
Who have zero gravitas of the fundamental problems facing this country.
Who think Americans are stupid enough to believe our president is the source of the divide, when he is blatantly expressing what the majority of Americans were thinking and feeling.
All lives matter in this melting pot of mutts called America.
You want to make a difference, NFL?
Then use your fortune and influence to clean up the mean streets of this country.
Instead of bending a knee, playing four quarters, then driving your bling around in your tricked-out Humvee on your way to your mansion with John Bowne.
Today I want to talk to you about guns.
Why we have them.
Why the Bill of Rights guarantees that we can have them.
And why my right to have a gun is more important than your right to rail against it in the press.
I believe every good journalist needs to know why the Second Amendment must be considered more essential than the First Amendment.
This may be a bitter pill to swallow, but the right to keep and bear arms is not an outdated, dusty idea some old dead white guys dreamed up in fear of the Redcoats.
No, it is just as essential to liberty today as it was in 1776.
The original amendments we refer to as the Bill of Rights contain ten of what the constitutional framers termed unalienable rights.
The Bill of Rights came to us with blinders on.
It doesn't recognize color, or class, or wealth.
It protects not just the rights of actors, or editors, or reporters, but extends even to those we love to hate.
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You are listening to an InfoWars.com Frontline Report.
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
From deep in the heart of FEMA Region 6, Austin, Texas, transmitting worldwide, it's Alex Jones.
America was dying a slow death like so many other sovereign nations, being absorbed into the unelected global dictatorship of the corporate crony capitalist technocracy known as the New World Order.
And Donald Trump understood, Stephen Bannon understood,
Myself and the InfoWars listeners understood that we needed to invoke our constitutional republic and our nationalism and needed to force a confrontation with the globalists that were slowly dissolving the final pillars of our culture and our republic.
And Trump has lured these American-hating scum and their useful idiots
Because the people in the NFL and Hollywood, on average, are just useful idiots, has lured them into direct information warfare confrontation.
We're promoting freedom, we're promoting justice, we're promoting free market, we're promoting prosperity, we're promoting truth and justice in the American way.
They're promoting race war garbage from a weirdo Nazi collaborator, George Soros, that seeks to overthrow any nation state he can and plunge it into civil war so he can come in and consolidate control.
I told you a month into the Ukraine crisis, I said George Soros will call for a Marshall Plan.
A few months later, he called for a Marshall Plan.
He wasn't imitating what I said.
I know their operation.
Yeah, the Germans started World War II, and we blew up Europe, and they blew up Europe.
We went in with the Marshall Plan, and they never came out of it.
Germany's controlled by the globalists.
And that's what Soros means when he causes civil wars or economic collapse.
He comes in and takes control and exploits it like an oligarch, like they did to Russia!
The Russians were exploited by oligarchs outside their country throughout the Soviet era.
And then after it got even worse.
And then Putin kicked them out of the country to a great extent.
And there's an ongoing civil war still to remove him.
But he's not a dictator.
He's elected by 85% because the people love him.
He doesn't have to kill journalists.
The people that get killed are journalists that have outlived their usefulness for the foundations so they can blame Putin.
You don't need to kill journalists when you get elected by 85 points.
And now it's the same thing with Trump.
Trump's really at about 65 points with the general public.
If you look at Google numbers and trends, he's even more popular than ever.
Now, what could just defeat him is what the Republicans are doing.
Look at DrudgeReport.com.
Right now, more of a trail.
Republicans plan to raise taxes.
They want to kill the economy.
They're working with the Democrats.
And look, oh, Obamacare for life.
Oh, suddenly, the Republicans, they can't get rid of it.
Because they wrote the stinking thing.
And I'm going to say this real slow to the moron Democrats.
Listen, idiots.
I don't take pleasure in the fact that you are a bunch of morons.
The Republican bluebloods wrote the stinking thing for foreign megabanks that own the insurance companies, and one year after it was in place, they made a 47% increase global profit off of us, and that was before it even got implemented.
We now have seen quadrupling in many cases, doubling on average, and the healthcare system's going bankrupt, and the Democrats and Republicans admit they want to fully bankrupt it and take it over
And use that to bring the whole economy down, idiots!
Obamacare is a multinational, globalist, economy-killing attack!
It's a weapon system!
You understand?
So when you go, oh look, you're not getting rid of Obamacare, we're winning!
We're defeating Republicans!
Nanny nanny boo boo!
You can't catch me.
You're idiots.
There's nothing stupider than people being wrecked and ruined and robbed by globalists when they admit it in books and white papers and on C-SPAN.
Thank God the public's so dumb.
Man, this is an incredible screwjob.
Never before have we had a direct tax to private banks and insurance companies.
This is incredible.
Thank God they have no memory.
But here's what happened.
They went too far.
And so the NFL's been captured by the Justice Department, captured by Mueller, who did the whole concussion and the whole investigation into the bounties and all the other gladiatorial stuff.
Remember all that?
Mueller ran that whole special operation.
It took him a few years under Obama.
And within just a few weeks of rolling over, suddenly anti-gun, anti-family, anti-America.
Suddenly the NFL wouldn't even take Pentagon money to run pro-veteran stuff.
Whether you think that's good or bad, the point is they're like, no!
We're taking George Soros money, we're taking Hollywood money, and they rolled over full!
They rolled over completely.
Those owners, those managers, those coaches, they rolled over and the teams rolled over.
So when you look at the idiot teams out there, locking arms or taking a knee, remember it goes all the way up to the top of the NFL and the commissioner that on Saturday thought he was all powerful.
Another arrogant person.
And he pointed his finger and he said, no Trump, we're not disrespecting the flag of America, you're disrespecting the NFL.
He thought the NFL, it's like when
John Lennon said, we're bigger than Jesus.
What an arrogant statement.
Well, this is just like that.
We're bigger than America!
Now they're having to come out and apologize.
Now they've hired PR firms.
Now they don't know what to do.
Now they're seeing hundreds of millions of dollars being lost a week in people getting refunds and getting rid of their tickets.
And they understand they are in deep, deep, deep trouble.
And Trump lured them out.
He knows they're kept by the Democratic Party and by Mueller, who never ceased to be the FBI director.
It's well known.
He is the ongoing director of the FBI.
He runs the subgroups, all of it, the blackmail operations, everything.
Super gangster.
He makes Al Capone look like a moron.
A guy running a lemonade stand next to somebody running Walmart.
The hit squads, the death squads, everything under Mueller.
Mueller merged it with the CIA.
And his own adjunct goes on TV and says, we're getting ready to kill the president.
My name's Mudd, Phil Mudd.
I'm related to the doctor that helped John Wilkes Booth.
We take presidents out, it's what we do.
Robert Mueller's last major investigation, the NFL.
And boy, he got them to come to heel.
And believe me, that's Mueller's job is to get Trump to come to heel.
They want a kept president, who they can then maneuver towards destruction.
Mueller Report lets NFL off the hook, but something still smells fishy.
The NFL rolled over and is now a subsidiary of Hollywood Whore Incorporated!
Now I had this headline on Saturday, and I had this headline on Sunday.
Go to our YouTubes.
I did live feeds, I did a live show on Sunday and Saturday, and what was my headline?
The suicide of the NFL.
And now that's the trending story on Facebook and Twitter by Town Hall.
The suicide of the NFL.
Oh, everybody was saying, Alex, you don't know what you're talking about.
The NFL.
People are still going to watch you.
The NFL is going to break Trump.
This is the story of the suicide of the NFL.
Every liberal CEO in America should be watching and listening.
This is a case study for how to destroy a billion dollar business by injecting your offensive leftist politics and alienating your own customer base.
President, including in major polls, the vast majority of blacks, they just want to watch a football game and not get beat over the head with a bunch of BS.
President Trump has done it again.
No, I don't mean he's offended millions of Americans.
I mean, he said exactly what was on the mind of tens of millions of middle-class Americans.
Call us the silent majority.
Because of Trump, our views now count.
It's a focal point.
We know we're not alone.
We know we're the future of every color who don't want to be a bunch of whiny little brats making $20 million a year.
Jerry Jones.
The Cowboys are no longer America's team.
They're a joke.
You're a joke.
You disgraced the name Jones.
It's just bizarre.
You know, I was thinking if I have another son, naming him after my dad's dad, Jerry Jones, I don't think I could do that now.
That was going to be the name.
If I have another son, and I intend to try to have more children, God blesses me, it was going to be Jerry Jones.
I cannot do it.
I might still do it for my grandfather, but I just, Jerry Jones, I just don't want, I don't want to give that to my boy.
You know, it's like boy named Sue.
How do you do?
My name is Sue.
Now you're going to die.
I mean, Jerry Jones was already enough of a clown.
Cowboys owner, not my grandfather.
And I just don't know.
See, I like old fashioned names like
I'm not going to say the names of my children on there, but it's just I like a good old-fashioned Texas name like Jerry Jones.
Can't do it?
Thanks for ruining that, man.
That's how bad you are!
Literally, I wouldn't put a stigma on my son like that.
I mean, the name Jerry Jones, think about it, that's a shameful name, not just because of this, all the stuff he's done.
That's why I stopped watching it 20 years ago, because of Jerry Jones.
And it's just indicative of what a bunch of scum they are.
And it makes me sick.
It makes me ashamed we have such an institution in Texas as the Dallas Cowboys.
Not cowboys!
Bunch of punks!
Excuse me, I'm going to get it all when we come back.
There's so much to cover.
We've got Steven Seagal annihilating these folks.
We've got big economic news.
We've got the left trying to start all these race wars.
We've got Mueller, even CNN admits, running around lawlessly, just threatening everybody, doing illegal stuff.
I mean, it's just a bunch of scum.
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Ladies and gentlemen, we're back live.
Coming up, there is an extremely powerful Steven Seagal interview that he did yesterday for British television.
And I'm going to air large excerpts of it.
He talks about Deep State, the attempt to overthrow America.
Uh, how they're trying to block Trump.
It's up on Infowars.com.
We're going to tweet it out at RealAlexJones.
There's also a very powerful report that Paul Watson shot.
Take a Knee is total BS.
And I think he really lays it out the best I've seen it.
So far.
So that's coming up.
And again, people are saying, Alex, you always say sports is a diversion at the national level.
Why are you harping on it so much?
Because it's the culture war and America lost its culture.
They thought the NFL was our culture.
The globalists seize control of that culture and we're using it to poison America further.
Trump has forced a fight.
The enemy took the bait, and every metric, every poll, every number shows blacks, Hispanics, whites, women, old folks, young folks, upwards of 70% are bucking the political correctness and saying, this is insane, we don't like this.
And the NFL tried to belligerently bull its way over all that anger this weekend, and on Monday and Tuesday, and are now panicking.
The fact that they defended this crap really made it sink home to people what we're up against.
A bunch of America haters that want to culturally dominate us, and we're going to use every venue.
We're going to politicize everything.
I mean, think about it.
MSNBC and CNN, in just the last few weeks, I've seen clips of them saying, we're not political.
And saying, Hillary says we need to be political, and there's not enough liberal media.
They're all political, they're all a bunch of liars on top of it, they twist everything, they've got a hundred times the media we've got, but they've got the nerve to say we're outnumbering them?
They've got the nerve to say that they don't have the power structure?
Hollywood, the NFL, the big telecoms, the big internet companies, all these foreign governments, the UN, the EU,
All these big immigrant populations they bring in and politicize, and then the American people have Drudge Report, InfoWars, Talk Radio, Fox News.
I mean, I can't even watch Fox News, and everybody else tells me they can.
Their ratings are down by like half, except for Hannity.
Is her up?
You tune in, it's milquetoast crud!
It's like CNN ten years ago.
CNN used to show both sides of the establishment Republican-establishment Democrat view ten years ago.
They consequently have like ten times the ratings, literally.
That's what Fox is.
It's segued into CNN.
It's not showing both sides.
It's showing establishment vomit!
Blended, parroted, BS, shoveled on everybody!
And I'm sick of it!
I tell you, I relish the death of the NFL, and all those swollen, steroid-head, spoiled brats, and all their sickening coaches, and all the sickening NBA people, and the sickening Spurs coach, and all these people who want to bully everybody.
Go to hell!
I love what you've done.
You're chokes, and you're already losing money, and you're wrecking yourself.
Oh, and please, wade into it.
Wade into it, NBA!
Do it!
And you know what?
You're coming into the quicksand.
Come to me.
Come to Papa.
Just get in the quicksand.
Let's go.
Let's go to the bottom.
Just come to me.
I'm like a siren right there on the rock.
Just get off the boat.
Just get in the water with me.
Come on.
Let's go.
Let's go.
Just get in.
Because I'm going to wrap my tentacles around you, and I'm going to pull you right to the bottom.
And I'm watching Trump.
Oh man, you talk about tentacles around your neck dragging you down to the bottom.
It's spiritual what Trump's doing.
He is executing you.
He is executing you with your own ignorance and your own arrogance.
And you notice, this isn't confidence, ladies and gentlemen, this is victory.
This is the spirit of recognizing poison and vomiting that poison back out of my gut.
And breaking with you fully and watching America and the world.
90% plus Catalonia.
Their own culture captured back by the earlier Spanish Empire hundreds of years ago.
They're not French, they're not Spanish.
And they voted almost 100% to leave and they're arresting their leaders and trying to put troops on the streets.
Good luck with that.
Again, you could beat him today, just like Brexit.
You try to block Brexit now, it won't work.
Look at Judge Moore in Alabama.
That huge referendum on the Republican establishment.
Now all these big Republican senators are announcing they're not going to run again.
It's called victory!
Get used to it!
America is awake, and America's going to be awake for a long time!
She's awake now!
She's awake now!
All the perplexities, the confusion and distress in America arise not from objects in their constitution or confederation, not from want of honor or virtue, so much as from the downright ignorance of the nature of coin, credit and circulation.
Those are the words of John Adams, the second president of the United States.
Are you ignorant of the private Federal Reserve?
Do you understand the nature of our fiat currency?
Do you understand how a private corporation has the ability to create boom and bust cycles and to profit from it?
What kind of leverage do these people in the Federal Reserve have over the American people?
Or for that matter, what kind of leverage do the Saudis have over our money?
Will you be a slave or will you be free?
Adams also said, liberty cannot be preserved without general knowledge among the people.
Join the InfoWars.
Spread the information.
Educate yourself and others.
The truth shall set you free.
For InfoWars.com, I'm David Knight.
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Live from the InfoWars.com studios, it's Alex Jones.
What utter complete bulls**t. Wouldn't you love to see one of these NFL owners, when somebody disrespects our flag, to say, get that son of a b**ch off the field right now.
He's fired.
He's fired!
Donald Trump's dividing the country.
Yeah, quick fact check.
Donald Trump didn't start.
Take a knee.
Colin Kaepernick did, months before Donald Trump was even elected.
Kaepernick did it as a pro-Black Lives Matter stunt to draw attention to cops murdering African-Americans.
A narrative that's been completely debunked, given that white people are more likely to be shot dead by cops, despite black people committing more violent crimes.
This new incarnation of take a knee isn't about protesting police murders of black people.
There haven't even been any high-profile cases of that for months.
It isn't about patriotism.
It isn't about free speech.
It's just the latest manifestation of mass hysteria and Trump derangement syndrome.
Isn't it an amazing coincidence that the three most prominent personalities who popularized this new round of Take A Knee after Trump's comments all campaigned for Hillary Clinton?
Steph Curry, LeBron James, Pharrell Williams.
Oh, but I'm sure it's about patriotism.
I'm sure it's about police brutality.
Or whatever you've decided it's about today.
And it's got nothing whatsoever to do with your butthurt over Hillary Clinton losing.
So when a Steph
LeBron Ferrell and all the other NFL chumps gonna take a knee to draw attention to the relentless carnage that is black-on-black murder.
700 plus homicides every year in Chicago alone, mostly black victims.
Nearly 2,400 black people killed by other black people every single year.
Compare that to just 16 unarmed black men killed by police last year.
That's roughly the same amount that gets struck by lightning.
When are you gonna take a knee for something that's an actual problem and not a hysterical fraud contrived by the mass media?
There is still a problem.
And that problem, of police brutality specifically, is real, it's true, it's urgent.
Yeah, I'm more concerned about the problem of NFL thug brutality.
Maybe they all hate the police so much because the cops are the only ones stopping them from beating up their own wives and girlfriends.
Let's do another fact check.
Moral high ground.
No, you still don't have it.
You're taking a knee as part of your temper tantrum over Trump being an autocrat, a dictator.
While the idiot that started all this literally wears t-shirts of and praises...
An actual dictator.
Oh, but the NFL really cares about free speech.
That'll be why they threaten to fine players for wanting to honour 9-11 victims.
But if Colin Kaepernick wants to wear socks depicting police officers as pigs, that's just fine.
Yeah, you do realise he wouldn't even be able to...
Have an NFL if it wasn't for the thousands of police officers that provide security for it every single weekend.
The NFL really supports players' free speech.
Unless they want to criticize a ref, or dance in the end zone.
The NBA really cares about free speech, too.
Which is why they banned Donald Sterling for life and fined him 2.5 million dollars over a private conversation.
ESPN definitely cares about free speech.
Which is why they fired Curt Schilling for sharing a meme on Facebook.
Yeah, and CNN.
Hitler really cares about free speech too, which is why they ran defense for Antifa, a group that literally burns signs that say free speech.
The left in general really cherishes free speech, don't they?
That'll be why they violently attack conservatives who try to exercise it, ban them on social media platforms, and grease the skids for censorship by claiming that anyone right of Karl Marx is literally Hitler.
Give me a break!
None of you give a ****!
About free speech.
Okay, let's talk about patriotism.
The Ravens and the Jaguars kneeled for the Star-Spangled Banner and then stood for God Save the Queen.
That is video moments ago of the Baltimore Ravens and the Jacksonville Jaguars kneeling for the first game of week three here, which is in London.
So the game's happening earlier than this.
You see dozens of players kneeling and then you see coaches and others locking arms as the American national anthem is played on foreign soil.
And then apparently they played the UK national anthem, and you can see them there.
They're not kneeling.
This is it right there.
They're standing.
They're standing behind her for the UK national anthem, but kneeling, of course, for ours, for the Americans.
Just look at the imagery of, we're kneeling for our own country's anthem, and then we all rise to our feet and stand on foreign soil for another country's anthem.
You do know that the entire foundation of your country's patriotism is based on the fact that you won a war against that same royal family.
And now you're standing for their anthem.
Oh, but you're so patriotic, bull****!
Oh, but this is just another example of Trump's racism.
Let's talk about racism.
Talk about how all the black NFL players who stood for the National Anthem yesterday, guys like Jheneo Grissom, were bombarded with racial slurs.
Not from Donald Trump, from take a knee supporters.
Yeah, they can't express their free speech without being called Uncle Tom's and the C word by racists.
Oh, but Trump's the racist.
Now it's understandable why Americans are so pissed off about this.
And it's easy to see why many of them are now burning NFL gear and vowing never to watch another game again.
But if you're a Trump supporter, this is yet another gargantuan narrative fail for the left.
Think about it.
Trump has now associated opposition to him with hatred of America and disrespect of the anthem and the flag.
As Joe Scarborough, hardly a fan of Trump, tweeted, This may be unpopular, but it's a political reality.
Every NFL player refusing to stand for the national anthem helps Trump politically.
So well done for falling for that one, idiots!
Real Americans don't give a **** about whiny, privileged, multi-millionaire brats.
And their tedious, tiresome virtue signalling.
NFL ratings are already down 10% on Sunday alone.
The lowest of the season.
Even fans in liberal areas like Boston and D.C.
booed their own players.
No one's buying your vacuous excuses about patriotism, police brutality or free speech.
We know this is just yet another manifestation of your anti-Trump election butthurt.
Yeah, it's your right to do it, just as it's my right to call you a bunch of hysterical f***ing idiots.
And what was the most powerful image to come out of all this?
It wasn't any of the morons who took a knee or the Steelers players who hid in their locker room.
It was Alejandro Villanueva, U.S.
Army veteran, who stood alone, honoring the anthem and everything it stands for.
But I'm sure the Steelers supported him for expressing his free speech, right?
The head coach attacked him immediately after the game ended.
I guess some free speech is more free than the other.
And let's add a disgusting, rotting cherry to the top of this pile of evil.
They threatened to fire.
The Steeler, the army veteran that put his hand over his heart.
That's what happened.
And then they came out and said, oh, we didn't really do that.
It's complex.
He's allowed to have his views.
He's just not going to share them.
Because there was a backlash to them threatening him.
And the coach said, I'm going to discipline him.
And then a day later, he came out and apologized.
Or two days later.
Turns out, Reddit discovered this.
That's why I love the great researchers over at Reddit.
They're in the Donald Forum.
We're going to write a story about this.
Turns out Hillary Rodham Clinton had a huge fundraiser for $30,000.
Excuse me, $33,400.
Excuse me, I got that wrong.
Supporter levels $10,000 to be there, but to be near her, to meet her, or be at her table, $33,400 at the home of Kaia and Mike Tomlin, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
Address provided upon RSVP.
And he's an admitted Clinton supporter.
So, you've got a snot-nosed football coach, who's a Hillary supporter,
And he's a sore loser and doesn't like Trump so he organizes his punk football team to stay in the locker room and then when there's a backlash against that, despite earlier he said we're doing this to be in solidarity and you know to fight all the racism, implying the flag's bad, but when there was a huge backlash he came out and said I implore you
I apologized yesterday.
The article's on Infowars.com with the video.
He said, I'm sorry, we didn't mean that.
We did it out of respect for the flag because we didn't want to be associated with this controversy.
So they're at the heart of this.
They're behind it.
They're the worst team pushing and setting the precedent that other teams followed that day and the next day.
And then when he gets his ass handed to him, this sore loser turns around and says, Oh, that's not what I did.
Oh, no, I actually am against people taking a knee.
So you have the owner and you have the coach begging fans not to abandon the team over national anthem protests.
What world are we in?
Then, of course, you have the famous Jamaican world champion runner, last year, who, before there was even a controversy, Usain Bolt from Jamaica, one of the greatest runners and athletes of all time, showed respect for the national anthem without even being asked to.
Because he'd show it for any anthem.
He's a classy guy.
He's a winner.
And oh, people are getting medals up there.
He's honoring the athletes.
He's honoring the nations.
He's honoring the nations that sent the people there.
He's not a piece of crap!
And by the way, they got polls out where over 65% of black Americans, and that's with liberal pollsters, so they push them to, you know, not answer that way.
But despite all the bullying, 60 plus percent of black Americans say this is ridiculous.
This is garbage.
Can you imagine you're a hard-working black American, you want to just watch a football game with your family, your friends, probably your white friends are over at your house, whatever, your buddies from work.
Everybody's taking knees, we're all hearing about racism all day, and everybody's just trying to live their lives.
We're sick of it!
Are there black racists?
Are there white racists?
Let's get over it!
There's serial killers, too!
There's child molesters.
Does it mean everybody's guilty, everybody's bad, and I'm sick of it?
I know I keep saying I'm sick of it, but I'm really getting fed up.
But the good news is, everybody else is finally fed up.
Because they invaded the final spaces.
Movies, entertainment shows, football.
And folks are like, we're working 54 hours on average.
Americans work more than anybody on earth.
In all studies.
And we have the most extracurricular activities.
And we go to the most shows and movies.
We're busy people.
We go to church.
We go fishing.
And we're like, man, I don't want to go to a football game.
Or a basketball game, or a baseball game, and hear about how much I suck!
Because when you sit there and say, my flag and my country is racist, and my place is a piece of garbage, when nobody else would protest this way, it's disgusting!
And it's so over the top, it's the bridge too far.
It's the straw that broke the camel's back.
And there's no putting Humpty Dumpty back together again.
It's now being called the suicide of the NFL on the altar of liberalism by USA Today, by Town Hall.
All these publications are now calling it the great suicide.
Yes, and Hollywood committed suicide, and MSNBC committed suicide, and CNN committed suicide, and they can't believe as narcissistic, borderline personality disorder mercenaries, as scum,
They tried to use race and all this to control people.
They're just sociopaths.
They can't believe that they're losing, so they get even worse and start saying, he's KKK!
He's white supremacist!
He said all blacks are slaves!
And even CNN hosts that don't want to be destroyed by reality, they look to the other hosts and they say, listen, you know, that's not true.
The public's sick of this.
Stop it.
Stop it.
They can't stop.
They can't stop.
They can't stop.
They can't stop.
Do it!
And so Antifa is announcing November 4th, violence across the country.
All this bullying is only going to intensify.
And they're going to do false flags and blame us.
It's not going to work.
They can be the victims.
But just realize we're living in a very, very historical moment right now.
And Trump knows exactly what he's doing, and that's why he's so awesome.
Republicans blocked him, though.
He couldn't get the tax cut.
He couldn't get Obamacare repealed.
He tried to get a good bill through.
McCain turned his back on everybody at the last moment, even though he's dying of brain cancer, making his last preparations.
He admits that.
Back in the final rounds on TV.
Getting his life in order.
He still saddles us with something designed to bankrupt healthcare and gouge the general public.
Written by the fat cat Republicans bipartisanly, he still won't do the right thing, will he?
But Judge Moore in Alabama was the anti-establishment candidate.
Months ago, the GOP said, endorse Luther Strange, our candidate, and we'll work with you, Mr. President.
And when he did, they stabbed him in the back and said, we're not even going to meet with you or talk to you on the telephone.
That's Mitch McConnell.
Because Trump reportedly in an Oval Office meeting months ago said, yelled at him and said, do the right thing for America!
You know we're going to bankrupt the economy if you don't repeal this thing!
And McConnell, it's been leaked, said, well, well, we have to have people have their health care.
And Trump says, you know that's a load of crap.
We're going to lose the whole system if you don't repeal this.
And McConnell stormed out of there.
Trump even appointed his wife to a high power position.
It's not enough for McConnell to work with Trump.
Trump's done everything.
So you know who's to blame?
Mitch McConnell, blue eyes, psycho man.
Over there at the Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan, they make me so sick.
This is a major crossroads, bellwether, sea change, litmus test, canary in the coal mine for them, what happened in Alabama.
They put $33 million against Judge Moore.
Judge Moore had $2 million, the average contribution less than $20.
$2 million to beat 30-plus mil, and they don't know what to do.
The whole political establishment, Karl Rove, all these losers that were there running Luther Strange's campaign realized nothing on earth they can do can help them now.
We come back, the extremely powerful excerpts of the Steven Seagal interview on Good Morning Britain.
Seagal, enemies within, blocking Trump agenda, NFL kneelers, disgusting.
I've retweeted this at Real Alex Jones.
Please get it out to everybody.
It's powerful.
He lays it all out.
So, that is coming up.
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So we got a bunch of globalists wanting to divide and conquer the country.
They're using race and sex to do it.
Male against female.
Black against white.
And they're already kneeling and bitching and complaining at all the major football games and saying America's bad and acting like, you know, that the American flag is a KKK uniform or something.
And so Trump says, I'm sick of this crap.
You're a bunch of un-American garbage.
You can kick somebody out of the game for doing an end zone celebration.
You can kick them out of the game.
They're saying they hate America.
And then they all whined, and, oh, you need to be impeached, and, oh, you're in trouble.
And, ooh, the NFL, they showed solidarity with all the owners and all the players.
Trump's in trouble!
And I told you Saturday, day one, they're going to say he's in trouble on Sunday.
They're all going to lock arms.
They're all going to have solidarity.
They're all going to try to show the world that the NFL's king.
But by later in the week, they're going to announce the NFL has crippled forever, and has committed suicide, and they'll be in full retreat.
And exactly as I said, has now been announced.
And I only tell you that because these are very clear things.
We just finally are standing up, and that's why the globalists are so panicked, and are throwing everything they've got out there now, because none of their bull works.
Russian agents, KKK, all this garbage.
Now this interview is up on InfoWars.com, PrisonPlanet.com, NewsWars.com.
Please get it out of Dan Lyman article.
Seagal, enemies within, blocking Trump agenda, NFL kneelers are disgusting.
Renaissance Man says leftover Obamanites working to overthrow Trump.
Here it is.
And we have just, you know, a ton of enemies within.
We have these, you know, Democrats that have this whole other agenda to kind of, when I say Democrats, it's not just the Democrats, but there are this whole group of leftover Obamites and people who feel that they should really sort of kind of overthrow
Uh, Trump and, um, any decisions he makes, anything he, that he tries to do, uh, he gets blocked so often from, you know, sort of the enemies within.
So it's very difficult for him to do anything.
When you see this ongoing debate right now about patriotism, the American flag, the anthem, black football players taking the knee as a mark of protest about racial division and injustice in America, do you agree with Trump that it's disrespectful?
Or do you think actually going to one knee is not an entirely disrespectful way of making a point?
I mean, I guess really what I'd like to say is this.
I believe in free speech, I believe that everyone's entitled to their own opinion, but I don't agree that they should hold the United States of America or the world hostage by taking a venue where people are tuning in to watch a football game and, you know,
Oh, imposing their political views.
I think it's outrageous.
I think it's a joke.
It's disgusting.
And, uh, you know, I respect the American flag and, and I myself, uh, you know, have risked my life countless times for the American flag.
And I don't understand or agree with this kind of behavior.
I think it's an outrage.
There will be some people, Stephen, who will be watching this interview, hear you saying that, and think you sound like a great patriotic guy, but they'll also see you in Moscow, and being very complimentary about Vladimir Putin, who many Americans believe fixed the US election, which is why Donald Trump became president.
You know, how do you juggle the fact that... Why don't you stay right there?
We're going to go to break, come back in the next hour, get to that, a bunch of other clips, your calls, guests, you name it.
Again, you can't even go to Moscow without being called a Russian, or you can't go there and organize fights, or go there and make movies.
That's why I'm going to go to Russia soon.
I mean, I'm not going to be controlled, but I do.
Like, I'm a Russian agent, or Steven Seagal is, because we love the American flag.
I want to make America great again.
That's why they hate Russia, because Russia has become a sovereign nation again.
It's ridiculous.
As most of you already know I am a voracious consumer of news and information and in the last four or five years doing more and more research I came across the fact that the elite establishment is fully aware of the fact that our ancient ancestors in many cases
We're good.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
Coming to you from the former United States of America, from deep in the heart of Texas, it's Alex Jones.
So, you've got Piers Morgan, who I really dislike, because I know people that know him, and I know that he's a closet conservative.
And back when we had our famous debate, almost four years ago, on CNN, that they had destroyed his career, basically, when I called him out, people behind the scenes said, no, no, Morgan actually likes guns, he's really a conservative.
And then later, we learn that's the case, and when liberals stop funding him, he goes back to England and becomes more of a conservative, and has been pro-Trump.
But he's, again, riding the fence here, saying to Steven Seagal, with that amazing red square behind him, saying, well, okay, you claim you love America, but you're in Russia.
And I love how
Putin said to Megyn Kelly in an interview, he said, Megyn, you keep saying Trump's bad for meeting me twice, you know, since he was president.
Megyn, you're constantly meeting me over the years.
That means you're a Russian agent.
And none of this even makes sense.
I guarantee you when I go to Russia, I'm going to do the same shot with Red Square behind me, very iconic.
I want to see the Middle East.
I want to see Russia.
I've seen all over Europe and places.
If I go to Germany, it doesn't mean I'm German.
If I go to Baghdad, it doesn't mean I'm an Iraqi.
And this is the mental illness where they want to bully everybody with political correctness now that, oh, it's the Russians too.
You're not just a racist, Mr. Seagal, for supporting Trump, as the media said.
Now, you're something even worse.
You're a Ruski agent.
So, here's Morgan at it again.
There will be some people, Stephen, who will be watching this interview, hear you saying that, and think you sound like a great patriotic guy, but they'll also see you in Moscow, and being very complimentary about Vladimir Putin, who many Americans believe fixed the US election, which is why Donald Trump became president.
You know, how do you juggle the fact that a lot of Americans are pretty unhappy about this?
Why don't we really be honest here, Pierce?
Let's be really honest.
Every country is involved in espionage.
Every single country.
The American spy, the British spy, the Russian spy.
We all spy on each other.
Let's be honest.
For anyone to think that Vladimir Putin had anything to do with fixing the elections, or even that the Russians have that kind of technology, is stupid.
And, you know, we have a situation here where really all of this is happening, in my opinion,
Astronomical propaganda and this kind of propaganda is really a diversion, you know, from creating a diversion so that the people in the United States of America won't really see what's happening.
And I think most of the people in the United States of America and most of the people in Russia want to like each other.
You know, and we need each other.
Russia and America should be great allies.
And that's the way it should be.
Well, I think that's absolutely right.
I agree with you.
Final question, Steve.
What are you up to movie-wise at the moment?
Any big movies coming?
Um, you know, I just finished a movie called Attrition.
Uh, it's a movie about human trafficking.
It's a movie about Kung Fu.
Uh, it's a movie about honor and great action movie.
Um, I'm just doing the post for it, uh, in Asia right now.
And, um... Alright, so that's Steven Seagal.
I want to get him on the show.
Talk to the folks that know him.
They say he's a listener.
I told that like 10 years ago, and he was like, oh yeah, Seagal's a listener.
And then you see all this.
He's clearly a very, very white.
By the way, they always spin that, that he says Putin's one of the greatest world leaders.
The Council on Foreign Relations and the CIA have said Putin's the most powerful man in the world until Trump came along, because he's actually president.
He actually is calling shots.
You understand how that works?
If you actually have a real president of a major country, they have a lot of power.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
James Madison, the father of the Bill of Rights, wrote, Where an excess of power prevails, property of no sort is duly respected.
No man is safe in his opinions, in his person, in his faculties, or in his possessions.
Is there any question that we have an excess of power in Washington?
The only question is, how do we contain it?
And how do we remove that power from Washington to our local communities to the individual?
That is the ultimate concern.
The concentration of power, the excess of power,
It was always the chief concern of the founders of this country.
It was why the Anti-Federalists opposed the Constitution.
They believed they put safeguards in the Constitution to abuse that concentration of power.
But as James Madison also pointed out, knowledge will forever govern ignorance.
People who mean to be their own governors must arm themselves with the power that knowledge gives.
Arm yourself with the information of what your rulers are doing, of what the real constraints upon them are.
Only then will you have the courage to nullify their actions.
For InfoWars.com, I'm David Knight.
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Crashing through the lies and disinformation, it's Alex Jones, coming to you live from the front lines of the InfoWar.
All this kneeling!
Kneeling to political correctness, bowing your knee, refusing to respect the flag of the country you live in.
You're saying, I submit to globalism.
I overthrow any culture I was ever aligned with.
I hate my country.
I serve the power of the media and the power of George Soros that has ordered me to submit and to bow.
Where have I heard of this act of submission before?
Kneel before Zod!
Kneel before Zod!
Come and kneel before Zod!
I believe in free speech, I believe that everyone's entitled to their own opinion, but I don't agree that they should hold the United States of America or the world hostage by taking a venue where people are tuning in to watch a football game and, you know,
Imposing their political views.
I think it's outrageous.
I think it's a joke.
It's disgusting and You know, I respect the American flag and and I myself You know have risked my life countless times for the American flag and I don't understand or agree With this kind of behavior.
I think it's an outrage
That's good morning Britain, and it's the truth.
We have best-selling author, researcher, filmmaker, millions of viewers and listeners today, Stefan Molyneux, joining us.
He's got a new book out we're going to be telling you about as well, theartoftheargument.com is where you find it.
I've been telling my crew to carry it in the store here and we're going to be doing that very, very soon.
But I wanted to get him on last week just about the whole DREAM Act and his point that, you know, he thinks Trump is starting to go sideways some on that.
And I agree.
Trump, you know, backing Luther Strange in Alabama, who's an establishment guy, and then he gets stabbed in the back by the Republican establishment who then wouldn't work with him on tax cuts or Obamacare.
You see Trump being repudiated now by the Republicans stabbing him in the back and by the American people going for Judge Moore, despite the fact that he was outspent more than 10 to 1.
He raised $2 million, the establishment raised $33 million, Karl Rove, all the usual suspects, came into Alabama, where Karl Rove's from,
and ran this whole operation in the face of the patriot movement.
So see, the patriots are defeating the Democrats, the Republican establishment, the globalists.
We're fighting uphill and winning, trying to reboot America.
And Trump
He understands that.
He's even said in the last few days, hey, I think I picked the wrong guy.
I was given bad advice.
So Trump knows that.
But he tried to work with the Republican establishment.
Okay, I'll give you the guy you want in the Senate.
Give me the tax cuts so we can save the economy.
That's what he really wants to do.
He gets that.
If he can turn the economy around, keep it at 3% growth rate or more, get the jobs back, high paying jobs, take care of the veterans, do basic stuff that he wants to deliver.
You can read stories by people that have even written nasty books about Trump admitting he'd flip out if the food wasn't good, flip out if the furniture wasn't nice, if the golf course wasn't the best for his people that were coming and spending their money with him.
I mean, Trump wants to give you what you're paying for, give you what you voted for.
He's really trying to do it.
But he has begun to go sideways because the swamp, what do you do in a swamp?
You sink into it.
But I'm thankful
For cutting the carbon taxes, cutting out the regulations, cutting the illegal 69% coming into the country.
I'm very, very thankful for killing the TPP.
I'm very, very thankful for taking out ISIS.
I'm very, very thankful for not letting Trump, you know, just be pushed around by the Islamicists anymore.
There's been a lot of good, and you know a man by his enemies.
The globalists hate his guts, because he's taking power away from them.
But that said, the fact that Trump and the Republican establishment were roundly repudiated, even though Trump gave Luther Strange lukewarm support, is very, very exciting because it shows this isn't about Trump.
This isn't about Ron Paul.
It isn't about Matt Drudge.
It isn't about Alex Jones.
It isn't about Stephen Bannon.
It's about us.
It's about you.
It's about everybody together.
Rediscovering Americana.
Rediscovering that, hey, our system's a lot better than North Korea, or Communist China, or Venezuela.
And we are saying no to this.
And we don't care if the NFL bullies us.
We don't care if you call us white supremacists.
We don't care what you do.
There's a major global realignment against what you've done.
And the world is waking up to globalism and its unelected, authoritarian, crony-capitalist nature.
And the world's saying no.
But why can't the establishment see it?
Because they still watch the NFL.
They still watch Hollywood.
They still watch the news channels.
And they still think that's the dominant culture.
It's not.
It's uncool.
Being a celebrity's not cool.
Who's the guy?
I never really followed Cheers, but I watched it some.
Is his name Ted Danson?
He was the bartender?
I don't watch a lot of TV, but we should pull up some of these ads.
He does these Smirnoff vodka ads that are really good, where he comes in and makes fun of himself.
And makes fun of being a celebrity and what a joke it is.
Because if you're just somebody because you're a celebrity, who cares?
If you write great books, or you've got great ideas, or you make good food, or you climb amazing mountains, or you write beautiful music, or invent some type of medicine, I mean, then we admire you because we want to celebrate humanity together.
But just, oh, you've got a private jet and a red carpet, and you've got a political view you're going to force-feed us, we're sick of that.
And I've been saying this for a decade, but let me tell you something.
A decade ago, I'd still get invited out to some Hollywood party.
They'd send big private jets to pick me up.
I'd still, okay, jump on the jet, fly over and do it.
For 10 years, I won't even do it because it's so empty.
It's like soul-sucking.
And I thought, well, it must be L.A.
Something in the atmosphere is the reason I feel so bad when I'm here.
Then I've met in New York or I've met in the middle of nowhere with Hollywood people, a bunch of them, and there's like something missing because they sold their souls, folks.
It's spiritual.
You can say, well, I don't believe in God.
Maybe I didn't used to until I got around this stuff.
I knew there was a God.
I wanted to believe in a God.
I don't want to think I just die at the end of this, but you question things until you start really picking up on the energy of this.
So, joining us for the rest of the hour is Stefan Molyneux with his new book out, The Art of the Argument, theartoftheargument.com.
And we'll get into the Dream Act and is Trump going sideways in the second part of the interview.
I want to get directly, obviously as he does, into the strategic genius of what Trump's done.
Oh, for the third year you want to bitch and complain and hijack sporting events and take them over in your pity party when you're these guys worth hundreds of millions of dollars and all the rest of it?
He knows everybody's done with Celebrity.
He's always been the blue-collar billionaire.
He knows this is the time to make his move.
So he invokes them to attack him to show just how clear this attack on America is.
And it's now been called the suicide of the NFL.
They're now apologizing.
They're now backing off.
They're now hiring PR experts.
They don't know what to do.
So, Stefan Molyneux, I mean, this just looks like pure victory to me.
What do you think?
Well, they're coming for everything that you love.
They're coming for everything that makes you happy.
They're coming for everything that gives you joy and satisfaction and connection and pride and community.
And, yeah, they're coming for your sports teams.
They're coming for your movies.
They're coming for your music.
The joyless people, the joyless brigade of happiness-eating zombies are coming, and they're not going to stop until you push back.
They're trying to spread misery.
You know that old phrase, misery loves company?
There's a profoundly unhappy, discontented, neurotic people
And they kind of want to spread that mindset, and they do that by making you feel terrible for everything that you might potentially enjoy, until you have nothing left to defend and they can take over.
Beautifully crystallized, like only Stefan Molyneux can do.
So, as the shrillness and the drumbeat goes to fever pitch, ramming speed, when they've already turned it up to 11, where do they go next?
Well, I mean, they will continue as they did in Soviet Russia, as they're doing in South Africa.
They will continue to erase your history.
They will continue to strip down everything that you love and that makes you proud of where you came from.
Oh, do you like Shakespeare?
Sorry, just an old white racist dude.
Oh, do you like Dickens?
Do you like Beethoven?
Do you like John Locke?
No, no, no.
They supported this, that, or the other.
They were hidebound.
It was all imperialism and evil and nastiness and terror.
I mean, it's just natural.
This is the corrosive effect that this kind of rampant hostility has towards a particular culture.
You know, other cultures, other world views are always trying to storm the ramparts of the West, of the good.
And it is a terrible thing to see.
And unfortunately, we just have to pick up the cultural weapons and fight back.
Why not just adopt the best parts of the West and the best parts of the East, like Japan's done?
I mean, why not just, just, just adopt?
Because the West is about adopting whatever works, whatever is prosperous.
Why is there a war against that?
Well, I hate to say it, Alex, but it's sadly true.
There's a war against it because we pay people to do it.
You know, whatever you subsidize, you're going to get more off.
And if race-baiting, gender-baiting, hostility and rage and contempt and aggression and action against the society gets paid,
Well, then, you know, if you get a riot, oh, look, let's spend more on welfare.
Let's open up a youth center.
Let's settle with people who've done egregious things with multi-million dollar lawsuits and so on.
So you keep paying for stuff.
The more that you pay people who whine and rage and complain, the more of those people you're going to get.
And at some point, the vending machine of white guilt has got to run dry.
You know, if you keep pounding white people with racist, sexist and so on, and we keep coughing up resources to make this pounding go away, we're just going to get more and more of it.
That's right, we've been paying the pirates so long, the pirates now eating the NFL.
It's a giant trillion pound spoiled rotten baby crapping all over us.
It's a no-brainer.
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Stefan Molyneux, the one and only, is our guest.
He has a new book out, The Art of the Argument.
You can find the book at artoftheargument.com.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
Stefan, the globalists, it's in the WikiLeaks, want social conflict.
They want to guilt everybody into accepting their agenda.
Not real free stuff in the long run for the masses.
But the backlash is so giant, how do you expect them to counter strike?
And what else is on your radar?
The Counter-Strike is, of course, the attempt to get the amnesty through, right?
The DACA amnesty through.
That is the Counter-Strike.
And I think that they're working feverishly over time through the GOP and through other avenues, through the media, to try and get the amnesty as much as possible.
And, of course, this is going to be a true test.
All right.
We're good to go.
I'm going to get involved.
I did.
I was not involved in politics for like 10 years of my public life.
I'm like, okay, this is an important enough issue.
And now, of course, now the best you can hope for is that the rejection of amnesty seems to be the best you can hope for as opposed to an end to DACA and the self-deportation or deportation of people in America illegally.
And so this is one of these moments.
People have to make their calls.
They have to put their friendships on the line.
They have to make the case.
They have to call their congressman.
They have to reject.
As we saw with Luther Strange recently, they have to reject even the possibility of amnesty or they're going to lose the Republic as sure as the sun is going to rise tomorrow.
Well, I think a lot of it's political.
It's the brainwashing of the populations that are brought in and how the schools are designed to never even have basic nutrition.
Just even CNN just admitted last week massive IQ reductions with fluoridated water.
So, so much of this is coming out.
I mean, I know you get into more just the ineptitude of the elites, and I tend to agree to that, but they also kind of have an overarching plan where they admittedly
Say, we're going to use diet, injections, injunctions.
Merchant Russell said that.
We're going to use fluoride to dumb people down.
And I know it sounds crazy, but they've done that.
Well, and there are other things as well, of course.
If you hit your children, it reduces their intelligence.
If you don't breastfeed for the recommended 12 to 18 months, it reduces intelligence, IQ points, and nobody knows how to recover it afterwards.
So there is a war on the minds of children, and this needs to be reversed as well.
This is one of the reasons I talk a lot about parenting and positive parenting practices in my show, because the children, of course, are the future.
But again, right now, I mean, all of that stuff's going to show up in a generation.
By the way, let's talk about that.
I mean, a hundred years ago, they said we want assembly lines, women and work, formula for babies.
They knew it was wrecking them.
They knew it was creating basically soulless people to a certain extent.
And it's so sad.
What do people do in an economy set up where you're, you cannot hardly survive and have kids unless you warehouse them.
Well, of course, throughout most of our evolution, Alex, we survived on three berries and a rabbit leg a day.
You know, so the idea... Exactly, they've built it where... They've built all these expenses in artificially.
Yeah, I mean, you don't need a giant house.
You know, I'd rather live in a trailer and be home with my daughter than live in a mansion and ship her off to someplace.
You know, the goal of the state has been for many years to separate parents from their newborns.
Because, of course, you know, we're kind of like ducks in a way.
We bond to whoever raises us.
And if we're raised by the state,
Then we're going to bond with the state.
We're going to view the state as not just a substitute parent, but a primary parent, and our actual parents as kind of like babysitters.
So if they can get you to hand over your babies to the state, if they can get you to, oh, put them in daycare, go back to work after six weeks or eight weeks, don't worry.
People, interchangeable people, will just be able to take care of them.
They're just completely interchangeable relative to you as a mother.
Or a father, then you're going to get a kid who ends up bonding with the state.
And then when the state says, oh, we're going to take care of you, people will say, well, what do I want my freedoms for?
I've got a lovely nanny state here that's going to take care of me.
Women marry it for welfare.
Kids marry it for pseudo-education.
Minorities marry it often for a bigger government.
And there are those of us out there saying the state is not your friend.
The state is a devil with a friendly mask.
But the mask is coming off very quickly.
Look at Venezuela.
How many times does socialism have to end in a giant disaster for people to... I mean, they're always saying, I want to be like Cuba where the health care is free.
They don't have any type of real health care in Cuba.
People come here from all over the world to get it, and we have problems, but it's just this... We want communism.
It's like this West Point army grad.
We're going to come back and talk about that with Stefan Molyneux and get into a bunch of other subjects.
What does the victory of Roy Moore...
Against the Republican establishment, signify that's big.
We'll also look at where he thinks Mueller's going and other big issues.
But like Molyneux said, the designed attack to end the human community, to break up the family, is the greatest scientific evil of our age.
And it's on purpose by the robber baron super elite.
We'll be right back.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN radio network.
Joe Biggs here with Infowars.com with some patriotic quotes by Ron Paul.
The most basic principle to being a free American is the notion that we as individuals are responsible for our own lives and decisions.
We do not have the right to rob our neighbors to make up for our own mistakes.
Neither does our neighbor have any right to tell us how to live, so long as we aren't infringing on their rights.
Freedom to make bad decisions is inherent in the freedom to make good ones.
If we are only free to make good decisions, then we are not really free.
Liberty is lost through complacency and a subservient mindset when we accept or even welcome automobile checkpoints.
Random searches, mandatory identification cards, and paramilitary police in our streets.
We have lost a vital part of our American heritage.
America was born of protests, revolution, and mistrust of government.
Subservient societies neither maintain nor deserve freedom for long.
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As most of you already know, I am a voracious consumer of news and information.
And in the last four or five years doing more and more research, I came across the fact that the elite establishment is fully aware of the fact that our ancient ancestors, in many cases,
I think?
We're good.
The world is a dangerous place, not because of evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing.
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
We now take you live to the Central Texas Command Center.
It's Alex Jones.
You know, 22 years ago, we had liners.
Some of these liners are 19 years old.
Same guy doing the voice.
People say, a war, a war on fear of mind, an information war.
Well, that's how the globalists and the social engineers saw it.
So I had to explain, this is a war, a war for your mind.
We are a command center, not to tell you what to think or what to do, but to put out the information as best we see it, so that folks understand there is a war happening.
And people have responded, and Stephen Bannon calls it a war, and Trump calls it a war, because it is a war.
And once you understand that the globalists want to dominate anybody else they see as successful, whether they be somebody living in Africa or somebody living in Japan or somebody living in Europe, it doesn't matter.
They want full control.
They're ruthless.
They're sociopaths.
They're psychopaths.
And we have to be strong and admit who they are and stand against them.
We're going to go back to Stefan Molyneux and cover a ton of this here in a moment.
When you spread the articles and videos that are at NewsWars.com or InfoWars.com, that's a big act.
I mean, they're doing everything they can to try to censor us.
They're fighting to keep our information from the President.
So much of it, he gets handed to him on the campaign trail now, or out campaigning for different things on his agenda.
So you really do count with this President, because he really does.
Listen, a week before this special election yesterday, Trump
I don't
We're moving forward.
And this is happening globally.
We're awake.
They may try to arrest everybody in Catalonia.
Try to make their own country, which it's always been.
They may try to ban, you know, this special election.
They're gonna lose the election, and the people will just culturally be separate, and Spain will never stop them from separating, because they're now just not complying with anything, and it's game over.
And you can't put a permanent army there, when Catalonia supplies Spain with most of its productivity.
It's over.
So the breakaway you see in Catalonia is like the Atlas Shrug of the modern world.
We'll talk about that with Stefan Molyneux here in just a moment.
But first, I mean, these are crazy headlines where troops on the streets arresting all the Catalonian leaders, putting them in an internment facility in a Western country.
That's a new Spanish Civil War right there, ladies and gentlemen.
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And speaking of plugs, we're in a culture war.
You may already know a lot of what Stefan Molyneux is talking about or what I'm talking about.
So when I'm preaching at idiots out there, I'm talking to the
And I get that.
Lost sheep.
I'm talking to the prodigal sons, because you know, hey, we know you're already awake.
It's the folks that aren't really trying to reach out to, but you know, really, I more and more disagree with that, because those of us that are awake have just got to take care of ourselves, and then wake up those that are ready to listen.
What a great thing to read and donate to the local library, or what a great thing to give to your judge, or your doctor, or your principal, or your neighbor, or your professor, or your husband or wife.
The Art of the Argument, Stefan Molyneux, available right there on theartoftheargument.com.
Let's spend a few minutes on your book and how it comports and fits into what's happening today, and then let's get back into world events that are taking place.
Well, the goal, of course, is that we wish to negotiate, according to reason and evidence, our differences.
All people are going to have differences, and that's productive.
You know, it is the sparks that sharpen the sword.
It is the creative destruction of rational disagreement that moves our species forward and upwards in morality, in rationality, and civilization.
So we basically are always going to have disagreements.
We're either going to resolve them according to reason and evidence or we're going to have to use the fist, the gun, the club, the state in one form or another.
And of course, my goal in writing the book and in publicizing the book is to get people to understand how essentials
How essential arguments are to civilization.
They are civilization.
And how to make them, how to spot sophistry and to motivate people to pursue the art of the argument.
And the art of the argument is a way to convince people with no threats.
It's a way to convince people with no force.
And it gives you your best chance at advancing your arguments in an increasingly anti-rational society.
You know, we've got people who are like, oh, if you're a conservative and you want to speak at a left-wing campus, man, what is it?
They've got to spend a million dollars or more on security just to give you that chance?
We've got people getting shouted down.
We've got people showing up with menstrual blood or simulations of menstrual blood all over their
Screaming, shaking their fat arms and screaming about things.
This is not how civilization works.
Civilization works when we listen to each other, we commit to rationality, and we submit to the better argument.
You can't lose an argument, because if you've proven wrong, you've got the truth, which is more valuable than whatever you had before.
So it is my goal to remind people, all the way from the Socratic method forward, just how important the argument is, how much you need to commit to it, because the alternative is living hell on earth.
Continue here, because I've been jumping in on you and interrupting.
Get into your main philosophy, what you're focused on right now.
You know, the battle for Trump.
You know, the battle for nationalism.
But I think this Roy Moore election landslide, 15 plus points, shows that Trump rode in on this wave.
He is at the wave.
And again, I'm not abandoning Trump.
He's doing a lot of good.
It's just that he's surrounded.
We have to realize we can't just count on Trump.
It's us.
Well, what happened to Trump's people?
You know, as you know, Alex, personnel is policy.
You don't just magically have a policy that animates itself and writes itself and broadcasts itself.
Personnel is policy.
And upwards of 20 people who were part of the campaign, who were part of the Trump train, have left the administration.
And the question is why?
Certainly they did not want to get into politics or want to go through the hell of that brilliantly ran campaign in order to leave.
I think a lot of it has to do with these endless investigations, right?
We're talking Robert Mueller's Russian witch hunt.
To me, this strikes me as a soft judicial coup because what's happening is people are being hit with these unbelievably high, ever-escalating, ever-increasing legal bills.
We've got people in the Trump administration talking about having to liquidate their children's college funds.
In order to be able to pay off these legal bills from this witch hunt.
So to me, this is a way of using legal lawfare for a soft judicial cue to remove the people who drove the Trump train, who drove the agenda, and get them out and then replace them with the usual big globalist Goldman Sachs, GOP insiders, in a way of defusing the entire momentum of it.
And it's a way of making sure that what Trump ran on, which was no amnesty and no DACA and deportations,
How do we accelerate this cultural victory?
People don't have the capacity to judge rationally, as yet.
You know, it's been scrubbed out of our education.
The trivium is gone.
Socratic method is gone.
Reason, evidence, economics, logic is all gone.
So, and sadly, you have to use some sophistic tricks.
And most important of what you have to be is committed.
People can't judge your arguments, but they can judge your level of commitment.
And if you're committed, people are going to start to take you more seriously.
Most people are pretty foggy, and they're like leaves on a stream, or dandelion fluffs in the wind.
Wherever the wind is blowing, that's where they're gonna go.
So you have to be a hurricane of willpower, and that's what's gonna take people.
And, you know, that's one of the reasons I've always enjoyed your show, is hurricane of willpower should really be your middle name.
Now, looking at this NFL thing, I think it's a genius thing that Trump did, and clearly I knew the NFL was going to lose.
Now they're calling it the suicide of the NFL.
Now they're trying to pull back out of it, but their players aren't going to stop.
How do you see that train wreck ending?
Well, people are going to have to discover their economic power.
It's economic incentives that are driving this.
As we mentioned earlier, when people complain, they get money showered on them.
Oh gosh, you know, I give my kid candy when they're whining and all I'm doing is buying myself more whining.
And so people are going to have to, as they've seen with some of the universities, like the social justice universities have seen their enrollments drop like 40% or more.
And so people are going to have to remember their economic power when it comes to directing this discourse.
The social justice warriors do not infect organizations to improve them, but to destroy them.
It's like looking at termites in your house and saying, well, I'm sure they're just here to build me a nice cozy extension.
No, they're there to eat, and they're just going to eat until the house collapses.
So the NFL is looking at what, up to $200 million?
I've lost revenue because people are tuning out.
Now, that's good in a way.
I mean, sports is fun.
I love to play sports.
I'm not such a big fan of watching sports.
And so maybe what people can do is take their time that they used to spend watching sports, educate themselves about what's going on in the culture wars, and start to participate rather than watching overly steroided, half-brain damaged people run into each other on a taxpayer funded field.
Well, exactly.
I mean, the NFL became Americana, and then the NFL thought it was America when the commissioner on Saturday told Trump, no, we didn't disrespect America or the veterans, you disrespected the NFL.
That's like Marie Antoinette.
The arrogance!
I mean, we know Marie Antoinette historically didn't really say, let them eat cake.
That was revolutionary propaganda.
But they were very arrogant and disconnected from the starving people that then stormed the Bastille.
And that is a real Marie Antoinette type statement about, no, you disrespected the NFL.
I mean, I could see a bunch of veterans have their arms and legs blown off and then now the country isn't taking care of them, protesting during the anthem, not to attack the flag, but to say this isn't America anymore and flying flags upside down.
That's the only kind of group that I think could do that and have a reason to do it.
It's the opposite.
It's a bunch of spoiled rotten babies that are virtue signaling and it just shows how disconnected they are.
They claim we're in an echo chamber as libertarians or conservatives and just rational thinkers, but they're really the ones that are in the echo chambers.
I invite them on all the time, so-called liberals.
They won't come on because they don't want to have a real debate.
They are scared of that debate.
Well, they're interested in power.
They're not interested in conversation, which is why they're sophists.
Like, a sophist is someone who doesn't want to provide you with information, doesn't want to empower you, but wants to control you by inflicting emotionally charged and often bullying conclusions on everything that you say to try and frighten you into self-censorship.
You know, America, with the First Amendment, it's pretty tough to censor people legally, but you can keep attacking them, you can try and destroy the source of their income, you can attack them all over the place.
Uh, and, and that way you can get people to self-censor, and of course you have to resist that.
That is the fear of ostracism that we have to overcome.
The left knows that people who aren't leftists are sensitive to ostracism, are sensitive to how they're perceived socially, and they use that.
To attack you and we have to resist that and say that the bad opinion of bad people is a badge of honor.
And we have to be less sensitive to that.
You know, there have been horrible fights throughout history to try and make the world a more free place.
And the fact that we have to basically deal with mean typing on the internet makes it about the easiest battle we've ever had to face.
You know, look at the Somme in World War I or the Civil War or whatever you want.
I mean, the amount of bloodshed that has been spilled for freedom, now all we have to do is get over
You know, mean tweets and we have to fight that kind of war.
Oh no, they might say something mean about me!
Well, I think people are waking up to the fact that if bad people are saying bad things about you, that puts you on the sunny side of the field.
Stefan Molyneux is our guest here today.
Matt Drudge has a story on Infowars.com.
Drudge slams GOP no different than Dems.
And who he's slamming is the GOP leadership that is blocking all this.
The Freedom Caucus are wonderful folks.
We've almost got control of the GOP.
It's why they're fighting so hard.
But Drudge is absolutely right.
And again, we have Trump's tax reform plan would dramatically lower taxes for the wealthy right down to the working poor, and it's the Republicans blocking it.
The answer is what we just saw in Alabama in this primary.
The answer is remove their asses and withdraw it at the head of that, the number one website in the world, not just, you know, site, but total site.
We can target each one and we can show what these people have done and go after them.
Well, then it comes back to this question of amnesty and immigration, and I sort of hate to keep beating that drum, but it really is the only drum that matters right now.
Look, at the total cost of illegal immigrants and their kids, they outweigh the taxes paid to federal and state governments by about 7 to 1.
Right, so they cost $135 billion a year and they pay taxes at the rate of $19 billion a year.
So per illegal alien, American taxpayers are on the hook for over $8,000 a year and citizen child.
And that's before the taxes are paid and just under $7,000 a year after taxes are paid.
So I'm a big fan of tax cuts.
But if you're going to start talking about amnesty, then you're going to have a giant bill.
No, that's right.
You've got to cut spending before you do the taxes or do them together.
I want to come back and ask Stefan Molyneux what the world looks like if we fail.
If the West, if the Renaissance falls.
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Stefan Molyneux is our guest.
Coming up in the third hour, I'm opening the phones up and I am going to your calls on the NFL, on North Korea, on establishment GOP senator retires rather than risk primary challenger, GOP establishment fears backlash following Roy Moore's victory in Alabama.
That's Bob Corker.
The word is flake isn't going to run again.
And you see them all arrogant, laughing at Trump, laughing at America, the NFL.
They're con men.
It's all they do.
So remember, just a few days ago, the NFL's really showed Trump they're invincible.
There's nothing you can do.
We're going to piss all over the flag.
We're going to tell you America's evil.
You shut up.
You're going to kneel to us and do what we say.
And a few days later, we're sorry, please come back.
You know what?
Oh, oh, oh, the president just talked to Jerry Jones.
He's going to have them stand with their hands over their hearts.
Oh my gosh, we want to watch a bunch of guys forced to hold their hands over their hearts?
I mean, the capitulation now even makes it more weak.
Do you agree with that, Stefan Molyneux?
Oh, it's completely ridiculous.
The NFL has clear standards that say, you gotta stand your hand over the heart when the national anthem plays.
And it's a fireable offense to break that contract.
Yeah, you're entertainers, you signed the contract, you're on the stage, do it!
Yeah, it's like, well, I may be the lead in La Miss, but I don't feel like singing tonight.
It's like, sorry, that's kind of the gig, you know?
You've got some rules.
I may be a top tennis player, but I'm not gonna play tennis today.
I'll be an actor, but I'm not facing a camera.
It makes me nervous, right?
So, no, this is all silliness.
Because people say, well, I want free speech.
And then if there are any negative social consequences to that free speech, they then say, I'm being censored!
Now, again, if people make up lies about you and so on, that's a whole different matter.
But isn't that it?
That once they get you to go, yes, we hate Nazis.
Yes, we hate Nazis.
Okay, let's ban Nazis.
Okay, banned Nazis.
Now, everybody's speech is banned, but ours.
We're not going to let you have any free speech rally at Berkeley, but then the next day, the anti-fuckin' march, and then beat up InfoWars reporters.
I know I wanted to ask you about the future.
We need five more minutes to the next hour.
I want to get to that in just a moment, but Stefan...
Then that's my question.
And I know I've asked this five times, but this is what I keep thinking.
It's kind of like a computer program or the bubble of death or the wheel of death.
I can't get the answer.
How do they escalate now, I guess just towards more violence?
Because they just get more and more shrill.
They think they're not freaking out or bullying enough.
So they are getting more aggressive, more violent.
What happens?
I, you know, I think that the violence is blowing back on them a little bit, Alex.
I think that people are looking at bloody conservatives and saying, hmm, that does not seem quite right.
They're not exactly Nazis.
And even if they were, this is why you can't give an inch to the left.
They will continue.
They're relentless.
They want DACA.
It's like America bombed the Nazis into a steaming crater and somehow we're the Nazis now.
No, we killed them.
You have to defend Nazis because the left won't stop at Nazis.
That's all well.
Is it okay to punch a Nazi?
Well, I don't like Nazis, so I guess so.
Okay, hey, guess what?
You're now a Nazi.
Boom, boom, boom.
So you have to stop on principle.
You have to push back on principle.
You have to defend free speech of people you disagree with, because otherwise they're going to appeal to your emotions and say, well, if you disband the Front
Go to social media sites.
They're going to try and influence some kind of censorship on social media sites.
I think that being out in the open and being violent, the movement is not there yet.
They'd love to get there, but I don't think they're there yet.
So I think they're going to try other ways to suppress the voices that they disagree with, rather than as they should engage in debate.
Stefan Molyneux is our guest.
We're in five more minutes on that question I asked but didn't get to.
Freedomain Radio is his site, InfoWars is our site, NewsWars is our new site.
I want to ask you, if the left wins, if the barbarous win, how does it unfurl?
How does it rot?
How does the fish decompose back in 70 seconds?
70 seconds.
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You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
Look, I know the supernatural is something that isn't supposed to happen, but it does happen.
From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
Stefan Molyneux is our guest, and we're going to come back.
He'll be gone.
We're going to be taking your phone calls.
First-time callers, 800-259-9231, 800-259-9231.
Stefan Molyneux is TV host, radio host, you name it, freedomainradio.com.
And again, I have people on like him because I admire him, love listening to him when I'm out driving around or lifting weights or whatever because...
I'm not in competition with Stefan Molyneux.
I think, God, he's there.
And the bigger he gets, the bigger Mark Dice gets, the happier I am, the bigger Paul gets.
He works with us.
In fact, I've been too busy to get a hold of him.
I want Molyneux to work with us some.
It's just, we're all in this.
This is survival, folks.
Civilization is a very thin veneer.
You lose this thing, you lose everything.
We all have children.
I know Stefan does.
I do.
And it really focuses you.
And I think
Magnifies what your previous personality already was.
And I already cared, out of self-preservation, not out of some great altruistic thing.
Now I really care, as a civilization, everywhere else starting to collapse, and people trying to dynamite it, because they can manage the collapse and get more power, and then rule some road warrior type scenario.
So, Stefan, the three or four minutes we got left, what does it look like if we fail?
What it looks like, Alex, is, I want to just imagine this scenario.
Like, imagine, so you're straight, but imagine you live in a society where you have to, every day, pretend that you're gay.
You gotta marry to a guy, you gotta, or if you're gay, you gotta pretend that you're straight.
I know that's happened in the past.
If you have to falsify everything about yourself just to get through the day, that is a hideous existence that anybody with a shred of integrity finds at the very bottom of the Dantian levels of hell.
So if we lose and we're not allowed to speak our minds and we're not allowed to be honest, we're not allowed to engage in debate, we have to falsify everything about ourselves every day.
We have to pretend and mouth slogans we pretend to conform to and mouth slogans that we find despicable.
We have to kneel down before mediocrities and non-entities and idiots.
And we have to live in fear of negative repercussions just for being honestly and authentically ourselves.
Anybody who doesn't find that a literal hell is not somebody who's even worthy of being free.
But I would find it a hell.
I suspect most of your listeners would find that a kind of living hell as well.
To have to lie and bow and scrape and falsify means you can't ever be honest with anyone.
You can't experience love because love is around truth and honesty and virtue.
You can't be loved.
You can't tell the truth to your children.
You've got to shut up at the family dinner table.
You've got to kowtow to ridiculous slogans that are so illogical.
It's completely ridiculous.
And you have to falsify everything, live in fear, live as a slave, live as tax livestock so that your productivity gets grabbed off and shoveled off to people who are going to vote for more and more people to oppress you.
You'll never be able to tell the truth.
You'll never be able to be honest.
You'll never be able to be authentic.
And that is what a zombie life is like.
No truth, no honor, no dignity, no love.
No virtue!
That is the kind of living death we are condemned to, at an emotional level, if we lose.
And that's why I'll do almost anything to win.
And it's an attack on free will.
And that's living death.
And that's why tyranny always collapses, collectivism does, because the producers finally just give up, commit suicide, do whatever, and then all the parasites are just left to kill each other.
It turns you from a soulful thinker into a mere meaty machine of exploited productivity.
You are turned into something less than an animal.
Human beings, what do we have the choice?
We have the choice to be human or nothing.
We don't have the choice to descend to the animal because we can't rip out the neofrontal cortex.
We can't just pretend that the last 200,000 years of evolution didn't happen.
The choice is humanity or nothing.
That's right.
We've already made this transition.
We either go to the stars or fall into oblivion.
That's correct.
And everything that is so beautiful and everything that is so much to be treasured in life has to do with our capacity to be honest.
And the people, the vicious, soulless people out there who attack you for honesty, even if you're wrong.
Be corrected.
So what if you're wrong?
Be corrected.
We all make mistakes.
We all should be corrected.
That's right.
Stefan Mullin, and please join us again soon.
Thank you so much.
Wow, that was powerful radio.
Some of the best ever.
Prepping for disaster and societal unrest has now gone so mainstream that even Realtor.com is writing about it.
But the Realtors are still embarrassed to cover the subject and eager to set themselves apart from what they call Uncle Travis' guns and canned foods militia vision of preparedness.
Well, the ants may have the last laugh
We're good to go.
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We're good to go.
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Well, now Trump wants a 20% tax rate.
Boy, if he does that, the economy is going to roar.
But Paul Ryan and people have been talking about wanting tax increases.
You can't dig yourself out a hole with those.
That'll stall the economy.
You gotta put the gas into the engine.
But you gotta make cuts.
And we have just got so many people in this country that are not working.
And we're bringing in more people that'll work for nothing.
And the globalists know what they're doing.
But the good news is, in Alabama, the establishment Republican candidate was destroyed.
Luther Strange.
And Judge Moore got in.
At least in the primary.
But the demographics, the political numbers show that he'll win that Senate seat handily.
More than 10 to 1.
What's 2 million versus 33 million.
That is a huge victory for the grassroots.
That's a huge victory for the constitutional movement that's taken over the Republican Party to a great extent.
And you know that Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell and all of them feel us breathing down their necks.
And old McCain feels Beelzebub, Lucifer, the devil, the old serpent breathing down his neck as well.
And now Donald Trump's come out and said, Roy Moore will help make America great again.
Yeah, no, Trump was told, we'll give you your tax cuts, just back our GOP candidates.
And they immediately betrayed him.
So Trump's learning, they're not going to work with him.
So I want to take your phone calls.
And we've got some other video clips I want to get to that are very, very important.
There are so many.
But I want to play this clip first because I haven't gotten to this.
This shows that Hillary is just like a broken toy where only two of the wheels are working, a little car where it just goes in circles and kind of runs into the wall.
Hillary Clinton has come out on national television and said she's concerned Donald Trump's killing journalists.
Now, you've got this giant swath, this huge wake, like a big ship just came by, of dead bodies behind the Clintons.
Hundreds and hundreds.
Some of them lived, we've interviewed.
Where Bill Clinton's bodyguards come in and break both your legs, both your arms, break your esophagus, think they've killed you, and the ambulance gets there hours later and you live.
I mean, those are real people that have been interviewed, we've interviewed them, where they're telling them, we're going to kill you for Bill Clinton punching you in the neck because you're videotaping what's going on for flowers.
I mean, the Arab Spring funding the Al-Qaeda takeovers.
I'm not going to go over all the crimes of the Clintons.
She's blaming him for not doing enough about Puerto Rico, and we've got massive aid.
Puerto Rico still has no power.
Pray for the folks in Puerto Rico, absolutely, and support them.
But we got hit in Texas and Florida.
I mean, this is just... Mexico's had a bunch of earthquakes and volcanoes, and... I mean, it's just... You've now got a, quote, fake news reporter who made fun of Hillary, was found dead in his house in Phoenix yesterday.
So you want to know about dead reporters?
The only dead reporters I see around here are people opposing the globalists.
You know, right Bart?
So establishment GOP senator retires rather than risk primary challenger.
You got that good news.
But we've got Hillary.
Says, hopefully, authoritarian Trump hasn't ordered the killing of people and journalists.
That's like saying, hopefully, Hillary didn't eat 100 pounds of horse manure this morning.
I mean, she didn't eat 100 pounds of horse manure, but I say hopefully, hopefully she's not raping her wife, Uma Abedin.
It's like saying, do you rape your wife?
Are you a child molester?
I mean, we know she defends child molesters, is surrounded by them.
I'm not being tongue-in-cheek there.
I was about, you know, asking, do you eat 100 pounds of horse manure fresh out of the stables every morning?
But this statement is, see, Trump's killing journalists.
This is just their next level of, okay, white supremacist, Russian agent didn't work.
Rapist didn't work.
None of this worked.
Well, he's KKK.
She said he goes after black athletes but not KKK.
Yeah, the KKK doesn't have one person getting paid five million dollars a year.
The KKK is a joke.
The KKK are idiots.
I've protested the KKK many times, but when it got so politically correct, I'm not even in the middle of it, because most of them are feds.
It's like, I'm not going after these Black Lives Matter things.
I'm just staying out of it.
They're all idiots.
KKK, BLM, all of it.
I'm done.
That's why I can't watch a football game, because I've got to see the same thing there.
Ever heard of wanting to tune out of stuff?
Because let me tell you, sometimes I want to watch a movie and not be political.
In fact, I need to do that for my mental health.
Can't do it.
They've infested everything.
Hopefully authoritarian Trump hasn't ordered the killing of people and journalists.
And then she goes into how he's KKK.
And of course she did praise former KKK leader Robert Byrd.
So, good luck lady.
I mean, you went to his funeral.
You don't see me at KKK Grand Dragon Funerals.
You see me protesting the KKK.
And that's why... I'm called KKK.
Because I'm against the KKK.
See, that's upside down world.
But at the same time, I'm not going to hear a bunch of racist, spoiled, rotten black people, you know, making 50 times the money the average person makes selling me that I don't like them and I did something.
I didn't do jack squat.
So you and the KKK can all go back on the horse you rode in on.
Screw the KKK and screw the black races and screw the Mexican races.
I'm just done.
I'm done.
Here's Hillary and I'm going to your calls.
But it's a Steve Watson article, newswars.com, infowars.com.
You can watch the whole interview.
It's incredible.
But here's a short clip.
But I don't think he really values democracy, Charlie.
Okay, so he doesn't value democracy?
No, I don't.
I think he... I think he wants... He's not a Democrat little D. No, he's not.
He's a top-down guy and... He's an authoritarian.
He has tendencies toward authoritarianism.
So he's no different than Putin.
Well, you know, hopefully he hasn't ordered the killing of people and journalists and the like, but...
When they brought that up in the campaign at the debates, Trump said, OK, where has he killed somebody?
Because I went and looked and he's never even been charged or implicated.
And then it turned out they got all these foundations in Russia.
They've spent a hundred plus billion dollars since 1993 trying to topple Russia.
I mean, they spent five billion in just one year overthrowing Ukraine.
Look the numbers up.
So let's get this straight.
Every time one of these people got killed, it was some foundation leader or some quote Western-backed journalist group that got paid a bunch of money and didn't deliver or were double agents for Putin.
And when the CIA, run by the globalists, found out
That somebody was a double agent for Putin, they were arrogant enough in Russia to kill their ass.
And what I'm telling you is from the highest levels.
So all these journalists and people, you've heard Putin killed?
Putin doesn't need to kill anybody.
He has an 80 plus percent approval rating and has for over a decade.
The people getting killed have been discovered to be double agents who double-crossed George Soros.
And then they recycle it and go, oh look, this reporter that was anti-Putin,
Got shot in the back of the head, or got run over, or got kidnapped, or got given cyanide, when it's all complete bull.
There are all these opposition parties, all this opposition media, governors thumbing their nose at Putin, doing whatever they want in Russia.
Putin's just one guy in the swamp, and I'm not even lionizing him, but I've gone and looked at who's been killed.
I went and actually researched who they were, and it's every time somebody that took that money from the West, but didn't fully use it, and didn't follow their orders.
Because once you take that money, what kind of orders do you think you get?
You're not just a journalist now, you're a spy.
We want you to go do this.
We want you to go do that.
We want you to go kill this person.
And then they get scared and they go, listen, I don't want to kill somebody or I don't want to plant stuff.
And the Russians go, well, thank you for that information.
It's all being tracked.
The person that does that, he gets their neck broken an hour later.
So there's been an aggressive Western intelligence operation in Russia that the Russians have been kicking out to a certain extent.
But Russia's a mess, overrun with foreign agents.
George Soros publicly operates there, publicly says he wants to overthrow the Russian elected government.
And then a year ago, Putin finally said, that's it.
Your open society crap is over.
You're anti-Christian, you're anti-Russia, you're banned.
And they went, oh my God!
He banned these groups!
The United States ought to be banning Chinese groups, and Mexican groups, and globalist groups, and the Vatican, and their cardinals over here in America saying, overthrow America and the borders.
You're a foreign power in our country trying to overthrow our government.
You know what?
Get out of here!
Everything they've claimed Russia's done to us, we've done to Russia.
This isn't some sycophantic, butt-kissing, Stockholm Syndrome gesticulation to, like, worship Russia, because I hate my government and I hate my country, so anything outside of it's good.
That's the Democrats in Hollywood saying they love Kim Jong-un and all this crap.
I know the same enemies Russia has, we have.
The same people that want to exploit us and make us poor and dumb us down and play us off against each other, brag!
That they're the ones doing it.
I don't have to figure it out!
These people told me who they are!
Your phone calls are a few minutes away on the other side.
Have you spread the link to the show yet?
Have you spread the articles?
In an emergency, you need a fire, now.
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I don't stand in line for this.
There's always time in life for this.
Oh, baby!
Well, just this morning, we had the headlines that Paul Ryan was pushing tax increases, but now, the Republicans are giving a press conference, the House and Senate leadership, the usual suspects that the President wanted a 15% corporate tax.
That'd be one of the lowest in the world, instead of the highest.
And that they're going to give him 20.
They claim they have a deal.
We'll see if they get it rammed through the House and the Senate.
And I'm all about cutting our tax so it's lower than China's corporate rate, so the tens of trillions of dollars outside the country comes back in.
That is a tax cut for all Americans.
Major incentive.
More important than even cutting regulations at this point.
That would be a shot in the arm.
They wrote the laws so the jobs would go outside the country.
So that's even as big as turning our coal back on.
But what I really want to see is a middle class tax cut.
And not because I'll get a little bit more money.
I haven't even paid myself this year.
I am putting everything back into the operation.
I want to win against the globalists.
To have a future.
But I know that just the idea that taxes might get cut.
Under Obama, the average person making $200,000 a year pays 45%.
That means you're keeping like $105,000.
And folks, it's the middle class that buys most of the stuff and creates the economy.
The people that have discretionary income.
You cut that 45%.
I mean, if you go back to 30, 35, something like that, I mean, you're talking about hundreds of billions of dollars of people that don't hoard it.
They spend it on restaurants and cars and buying boats, getting their hair done and going on vacations.
And I mean, that's the people we need with the money.
The plan calls for cutting the corporate tax rate from 35 to 20 percent.
The GOP proposed also calls for reducing the number of tax brackets from 7 to 3 with a surcharge on the wealthiest Americans.
As long as they're not exempt, I'm so sick of these rich guy taxes and then they write loopholes to get out of it.
Like where, oh, but if you move overseas then you're not, you know, you don't have to pay it.
So what do they say?
is always in the details.
Trump's always late, which is fine.
He builds expectation.
He was set to speak six minutes ago.
We'll try to go to that as soon as he does, but let's start going to your calls.
Dan, Zach, Timothy, Ryan, Bruce.
They're all on the NFL.
And again, the NFL's a diversion.
But them picking their fight over the NFL, trying to make their move to turn us all into SJWs, it failed big, and this is a big victory, and the slobs at the NFL are now in full retreat.
So Trump wins again, we win again, this is a big one.
Dan in Indiana, you're on the air, welcome.
Yes, I want to talk about one reason, one reason they can take a knee and then ten times and ten times and why the rapture is relevant.
Okay, they should take the knee in the Lord's Prayer.
That's what they should be taking the knee for.
And then there's ten signs of the end times.
There's wars and rumors of wars.
And you can find that in Matthew 24, 6, 7.
Then you got famine, testaments and earthquakes.
Find that in Matthew 24, 7, 8.
Then you have... Sir, I agree with you.
I think we're seeing a lot of biblical stuff right now.
Well, you ask why we got all this stuff happening, and it's predicted that this will happen.
And then the rapture is relevant because 1 Thessalonians 4, and that's chapter 6, verse 16, for the Lord himself will descend from heaven with a cry of command, with the archangel call, and with the sound of the trumpet.
Magic that!
Well let me say this, it's open to interpretation my brother, but let me say this.
I hope for pre, prepare for post.
I'm sure you've heard that.
Well I, listen, I know it's in the Bible, I know it talks about a rapture of God's people, and I sure hope that's the case, but when have God's people been raptured before when evil comes upon them?
Well, why can't you believe in this version of what...
I know it's happening, and I know the force of this world is satanic and wants us killing each other and is evil.
So I believe in the devil, and I believe in the Bible.
I'm just saying, Christ even talks about the Bible.
Not everybody's supposed to understand this.
Well, maybe I'm profane.
Maybe I don't understand it.
Maybe you do.
You're saying we're going to have to go through the tribulations, but I don't see nowhere it says that believers got to go through the tribulations.
And I've been a believer for a long time, and nowhere in my Bible says the church will suffer at the hands of Satan.
It actually says he will make war against the saints and overcome them.
It says, immediately after the tribulation of those days shall the sun be darkened.
My friend, you know, I don't want to debate this with you, Dan, but let's come back and spend a few more minutes on it.
Because I know, I agree, the Bible doesn't contradict itself, but it's very complex.
We're on the march, the empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Police departments across the country are now using an invasive surveillance tool called stingrays, which use cell phone towers to intercept phone calls and text messages without warrants.
The technology comes courtesy of the FBI, who have forced our nation's police departments into signing non-disclosure agreements, forbidding them from publicly talking about the technology.
Needless to say, this is a direct violation of our Fourth Amendment, and they have no legal authority for warrantless stingray spying, where we now know that police are collecting information on thousands of innocent people who are not even suspected of any crimes.
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Waging war on corruption.
It's Alex Jones, coming to you live from the front lines of the InfoWar.
I wondered so aimless, life filled with sin.
I wouldn't let my dear Savior in.
Then Jesus came like a stranger in the night.
Praise the Lord, I saw the light.
I saw the light!
Look, I'm not going to sit here and biblically fight with people over their interpretation of the Bible.
That's why we've got thousands of nominations.
If you love God and you hate the devil and you love children, you want to be a good person, you love Jesus Christ, and you say you accept Him as your Savior,
You're safe.
People say faith without works is dead.
But it isn't like you have to do the works to get saved.
If you are saved, you're going to be doing the works.
And that doesn't mean I'm on some high horse and I'm perfect.
I just pray every day that God make me not be aggressive, angry, hateful, nasty.
I mean, believe me.
But that's, in a way, it's not a gift, but I can see into the enemy.
Because I'm falling.
I love God, but I'm falling.
And so I can basically look into how these guys are operating.
But I sat there in a lot of Sunday school.
I don't remember all the verses or all the books.
Daria's kind of the Bible expert.
She goes to church like four or five nights a week.
It goes out to missionaries all over Texas, and she goes over it.
But I just know it says they come, they defeat the devil in Armageddon, they bind him up, then the dead in Christ are raised, and all the rest of it.
But she just pulled up a bunch of Bible verses.
And then Dan, I'm going to hurry quickly and let you have your response.
But let's put one of these verses on screen for folks.
This is out of the King James Version.
We got it on just for the break.
We can throw that up.
This is Matthew 24 29 30.
Immediately after the tribulation of those days shall be the sun darkened and the moon shall not give light and the stars shall have fallen from the heaven and the powers of the heavens shall be shaken.
And then shall appear the sign of the Son of Man in heaven, and then shall all the tribes of the earth mourn, and they shall see the Son of Man coming in the clouds of heaven with power and glory.
And that's repeated!
It's not only a contradiction, it's repeated over and over again.
And this whole pre-tribulation thing is about 200 years old.
And, you know, he said it's an apostasy in the church or whatever.
The Catholics push it now.
Everybody pushes it.
The Protestants push it.
But you go into the lion's den, you go into the fiery furnace, you go into the confrontation, that separates the wheat from the chaff, the metal from the garbage.
And I agree, we're seeing world government, we're seeing things, world government, you know, Mark of the Beast, it's all happening.
They're trying to make everybody in Sweden take chips right now to get on trains.
It's here, so I'd say, praise the Lord, Dan, it shows it's all real and true and, you know, what our gut and spirit tells us is right, but
This big debate about we're not going to have to take our licks and stand up for God.
I'm not going to refuse Christ and put a gun to my head or put me in a guillotine.
Pull that lever.
That's a pleasure to do for God because it's just a second of pain and eternity, you know, with the Creator.
And that's all I want.
But Daria, you were going to make a comment.
Daria, go ahead.
Well, yeah, you just pretty much already said it, but the Bible is very clear to when the question arises on when the rapture event happens, it says then that after the sun and the moon go dark, and it says, when does it happen?
And it says immediately after the tribulation.
So, I mean, that's pretty clear, and it describes that event several times.
The Bible mirrors each other several times as to when the question arises, when the rapture happens, it always says, after the tribulation, when the sun and the moon go dark.
So, thank you, Daria.
We should go on camera, but you're not.
Let's go ahead and go to Dan.
Dan, I'm not trying to beat you up, but you just said nowhere in the Bible does it say it.
We always pull up everything we talk about, so there it is.
Can I respond to that?
It also says he's going to come as a thief and a knight.
It has nothing to do with the sun turning black.
You won't know the day of the hour.
When you hear people saying peace and safety, then sudden destruction will come upon you.
You want to know times where God delivered his people?
Look at Noah.
The thief in the night refers to the fact that no man knows when that event is going to happen, but we know that it's happening when the sun and the moon go dark, and that happens after the tribulation.
But when exactly that's going to happen, no one knows, and that's what it says, that he comes in as a thief in the night.
That's what it's referring to.
Well, I think you're taking it out of context, because my belief says the rapture comes before
We're good to go.
Okay, so why do you have to go through a tribulation?
You got a martyr's complex, what I believe.
You want to prove something before God.
No, Christ suffered on the cross so that you can get eternal life if you accept him as your Savior.
That was the whole point of him suffering on the cross.
It has nothing to do with the worldly tribulations on this earth.
All I know is I got the globalists coming after me because I'm not a
Well, if you hire me to be your InfoWars theologian and pull out the scripture on
Your show?
On a daily basis?
I'll say I'll agree to that.
But I just don't see that happening to Moses, or to Jesus, or anybody else.
We gotta go through this.
But, hey, I hope you're right.
Thank you, Dan.
Daria, closing comment?
Well, yeah, I think it's unfortunate that most of the churches in the country, even among the fundamental Baptist churches, who really were the last standing in terms of teaching the Bible, the Bible, what the Bible says, and it's just really unfortunate that we don't have really the churches who teach the Bible anymore and what the Word of God really says.
Well, I'm no rocket scientist, but the Bible's pretty clear.
The beast wages war against the saints and overcomes them.
Yeah, and they worry about their attendance more than they worry about... But how do they get out of the beast wages war against the Saints and overcomes them?
I mean, how do you get over that?
Sorry, can you repeat that?
No, I don't even have any audio in there.
I'm saying, if the beast wages war against us and overcomes us as a test, but then it causes the biggest revival ever, like Martin Luther King or Gandhi getting beat up, that's basically what it is on a mass scale.
I mean, how is that not clear to Christians?
The beast is coming after us, and you're going to choose to kiss his ass, or you're going to choose to go through the fire.
It's not a martyr's complex.
I'm not looking for any more pain.
But it's very clear.
You're going to go through this, or you're going to join the devil.
Yeah, exactly, and that's the whole test.
That's the whole point of us being here on Earth, is this eternal struggle between good and evil, between Satan and God.
And God did suffer on the cross for us.
He sacrificed Himself, God, Jesus Christ, the Trinity, Jesus Christ, the Son.
So that God couldn't say He didn't have flesh in the game?
I'm sorry, say it again?
So that God, so you couldn't say God didn't have flesh in the game?
Oh, absolutely!
So God actually sacrificed Himself for us to give us eternal life.
And all we have to do is a free gift.
You don't have to work for it.
It's not a work salvation.
It's a salvation completely by faith.
All you have to do is that you do accept Him.
To say you do accept Him as your Savior and you're saved forever.
It can't be taken away from you.
It's a free gift.
And the Bible says that... And if it wasn't real, why would the UN and the Satanists and all of them hate it so much?
I'm sorry, say again.
I know, you don't have your headphones on.
Yeah, it's just so late, I have to... I understand.
If it wasn't powerful, why would the whole world government system be against it?
Well yeah, absolutely, because the word, the Bible, and the Word of God is the most powerful tool we have in slaying this evil of this world.
That's why the Bible is called the sword.
And actually, incidentally, that's why the Bible has had so many translations to conflate to... Waterdown.
What the Word of God actually says, that's why I always pull up the King James Bible, is I believe that that's the only translation that actually still has the original inspired Word of God.
And the other translations have been completely perverted for these new churches that promote the pre-tribulation, promote the work salvation.
It's just terrible.
Absolutely right.
All right, Daria, great points.
Let's hurry to the other callers.
Notice how I talk about the NFL turns into pre-tribulation, post-tribulation.
All I know is we got a world government that's really evil coming down on us.
So I sure hope there's a God to help us beat it, which I know there is.
I mean, it's like the whole thing's coming true, and we're sitting there talking about rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic, man.
I'm going to go to Zach in Florida.
Zach, you're on the air about the National Football League or the losing all their viewers and ticket holders.
Go ahead.
Yes Alex, great to be on.
I wanted to discuss this NFL issue and seemingly perfect timing with the North Korea issue because make no mistake, they are intertwined and I believe they're a sophisticated, deep-staked PSYOP.
One major point that has not been brought up and which I'm very surprised, I think this is going to be the first news outlet that
It's kind of on his trail.
You know, Colin Kaepernick is kind of a puppet.
He really doesn't have any speeches behind his actions.
But you just need to look to his longtime partner and girlfriend, Nessa Diab.
Last name, D-I-A-B.
So you can't even write what, you know, her background.
You're talking University of Berkeley, Black Lives Matter, extreme SJW, the complete brains behind the operation.
And I'm not seeing this picked up anywhere, which is very important.
Now look at that, his mother's like a big socialist too, and you've got, what do you make of this guy now being investigated at West Point, saying he wants to kill capitalists, he hates America, he has a hat saying communism will win, opens up his shirt, he has Che Guevara on it, what do you make of that?
I mean, it's obvious, and it's a plan that's referred to in the intelligence communities as stratified compartmentalization, which is just essentially layers within compartments.
If you could create that collage of chaos, you could really get away with a lot.
And I believe the water could be in chum to assassinate the President of the United States with this race issue to divide us internally while having an outside force.
No, I agree.
Kill the President, that ignites the race war.
Yeah, it's a plan for continuity of government.
It's happening on two fronts.
They thought Jade Helm was an operational issue.
Let's call this one.
Well, that was just a test.
How is it going for them?
So let me ask you this.
It seems like it's blowing up in their face because the president didn't shy away.
He attacked it.
Yeah, I mean, they're battling.
They're battling back, and the presidency is battling back.
But what's being done here is a slow luring and a slow poisoning of the country to chum the waters to create a climate where this is possible.
An atmosphere for rage.
So what does it lead to?
I agree.
Well, I believe it's a plan for continuity of government.
Sure, so why is Soros able to get away with this?
I mean, if I committed one-tenth of these crimes, I'd be in prison, and I deserve it.
Why is this piece of garbage allowed to do this?
I mean, this is insane.
Well, because they got the pulse of the American people, and Hollywood is God, social media is God, these celebrities are completely brainwashed, so if they could, you know, they got George Lopez coming out on the side of North Korea, all the Hollywood stars at the award shows coming out, they got the, what really, you guys are talking about the Bible before, unfortunately, you know, that type of thinking doesn't exist anymore.
Hollywood and professional sports are their gods.
We're stuck into the phones, and... And China's using North Korea as their set piece to see if they can force our capitulation in the South China Sea.
Caused disruption here, all while having a legitimate issue overseas.
You know, it's like, you know, they're not showing their hands.
Obviously, they're playing them all at once.
This is an all-out effort and all-out attack.
This is Operation Jade Helmet.
Because once they got the disruption in the States here, and we're fighting at each other's necks, and we have a legitimate enemy, they could pull off a false flag, come to the water, assassinate the President, and nobody would even blink an eye.
This is a very aggressive tactic.
That's in the WikiLeaks.
That's what they said.
Very, very aggressive tactic.
And you know, I applaud Trump and what he's trying to do.
And like you said, he used it as an issue to sift through some of the people to show their real colors and see who's really there at the end of the day.
But that's the issue.
What does it say to the Republicans who are going to push tax increases until they saw their candidate in Alabama defeated?
Now they're acting like they're rolling over, but you never know because they're so deceptive.
I believe that they're showing their true colors as well.
They don't want to be showed as dupes, but they picked their side a long time ago.
And you know, Ron Paul alluded to some things about North Korea not being a real major issue.
I love Ron Paul and I like him, but he was accusing me of wanting war.
I was saying, I see both sides, but I'll say this, he wasn't being completely, because I kept saying, no, they are threatening to nuke us.
And he goes, Alex, you keep saying they're threatening to attack America.
Stop saying that.
I didn't say that!
North Korea said that!
And I got all the respect in the world for Ron Paul, but come on.
This is a guy who tried to run for president, of course he didn't make it.
I used to be a Ron Paul guy, and we all know what's going to happen in 2020.
And Ron Paul knows.
They're backing a Rand Paul, Cory Booker ticket in order to out-seat, to get Trump out of there.
And that's already in the works.
Sure, I know that.
Everybody already knows that.
But expanding on that.
I know, I don't want to get into it.
All I want to do is avert nuclear war and just have a future.
But what do you think Ron Paul's thinking when he says, and I love him to death, Alex, stop pushing propaganda saying North Korea has nukes.
They have hydrogen bombs.
He said, Alex, stop saying they've got bombs.
They have the damn bombs.
Look, Donald Trump won the presidency.
Nobody saw it coming.
His own son ran against Donald Trump.
No, I know, but what are you thinking the poll thinks about?
He's hedged his bets.
He's based his life on something that, you know, he was also, you know, duped by.
I mean, unfortunately, he has great intentions.
He's done a lot of great things, but when it comes to the real world and how the momentum and the cliff that this thing is running at nowadays... Yeah, I get it.
We've got corruption on our side, but just because we've got problems doesn't mean that China and
Look, they're beyond saying we have nukes.
They're threatening and shooting missiles over and threatening to detonate hydrogen bombs and saying we're going to preemptively attack you.
It's imminent.
I mean, if somebody said, I'm going to imminently, I'm going to punch you in your face right now, I'd go ahead and punch them.
So I don't want war, but you got some little asshole, excuse me, saying that I'm going to kill you.
What are we supposed to do?
The greatest predictor of future reality is past reality.
That means we're going to nuke the hell out of them and win!
Well, they say never let a good crisis go to waste.
So the question really, and you talk about people showing their true colors, we're seeing that North Korea is being this belligerent all while our country is falling apart at the same time.
This is no coincidence.
This is a deep state psyop.
This is deeper.
North Korea... It's on record that the globalists and the Clintons are working with North Korea and he thinks he's working with them.
That's why he's so belligerent.
I agree.
They're pushing.
That's why they all said there's gonna be a big crisis six months into Trump.
We'll see what he does.
They're using this to destroy Trump.
I agree with you.
Skip this break.
Let's skip this runway.
Because I've got to get these other callers.
But Zach, clearly that's what they're doing.
Then what do we do to stop it?
As far as what's really going on and not get caught up in the momentum in the group think.
We have to look at things how they are.
Okay, what happened here in the NFL?
You had the NFL quarterback who was on his way out.
He wasn't starting.
He was on his way out.
And what city is he in?
San Francisco, of course.
He's a paid off, blackmailed guy.
God knows what he's involved in.
With a girlfriend who's a public Black Lives Matter, University of Berkeley educated, mastermind behind this thing.
They have a youthful idiot there.
They've been, you know, chumming the waters for a race war in this country.
Oh, you know she's gonna divorce him and take him for everything he's got as soon as he's done.
He is a real bozo the clown.
Oh, it's a mess!
You know, they overstepped their bounds and have done this before, but they are brazen, they are wild, and you... What we can't do is underestimate it, because they are desperate, and that's obvious.
But I believe that this is no coincidence that these two things are happening in conjunction.
And you have, you know, there's a million plates spinning at once, and Trump is trying to keep them all going, or try to figure out what's going on, and they are creating a collage of chaos in order to distract the American public to pull off something big, and this is a last-ditch effort.
We need to take it very seriously.
Do you think they may be preparing to kill the President right now?
I believe they are.
I believe they're chumming the waters and quite frankly if you read social media and look at even the people we were supposed to look up to as role models, the entertainers, the athletes, they are calling them derogatory terms.
They all think, that's it, they all think they're on the winning team.
The former CIA Deputy Director and Robert Mueller's attache at the FBI, he was in both departments, said within two months he's dead.
We are at two months
Next Thursday.
We're eight days out on them fulfilling their promise to kill the president, trigger a race war, bring in a civil emergency, announce the elections are suspended, kill the realignment, and bring in their tyranny.
And they said they'd do it.
I'm glad you've helped us refocus, Zach, because they've said they're doing this.
The question is, do all these people really think
That they've taken our kindness for weakness?
Do they really think, once a hot war starts, that one sink, Rob Reiner, all these guys, do they really think they've got a hope and a prayer, Zack?
Well, me and you think of things like this, but we have to look at the people who are reacting like this as maybe like an adolescent teenager or somebody actually entering the new world.
And you look at a full teenager and you think to yourself, how could you be acting like this?
How are you not grateful?
Don't you see what I'm trying to do?
But they can't comprehend that.
They should be ashamed of themselves that they don't have the capacity to do that because... Well, huh.
Let me tell you.
You know what happens historically, you're a smart guy.
The people that lower the drawbridge, the Michael Moores, the enablers of this, they're the first people that their bosses are going to kill if this is successful.
And they're not dealing with the dummy here.
And like it's been said, if you aim at the prince, you better not miss.
Donald Trump is not a duke.
He is strong.
He's realizing what's going on.
He's allowing them to show their hands, looking at their signs, looking at their bluff.
And this is a marathon, not a sprint.
But make no mistake, this is dire.
And I mean, we have to look at this not as, you know, several moral issues or a single war issue.
It's about foreign multinational godless powers overthrowing the country.
So, issues at this point aren't even, and he's still delivering on the issues, I agree.
It's like shameful when you realize the main forces, it's so clear, this is real.
And people better decide which side they're on, because I'm not afraid at all, actually.
In fact, I'm quite frankly sick of playing games here.
And these people want to play games.
They want to really get down in the gutter.
It's going to be pretty crazy, but it's just the way it always is.
But I just know this, everybody ought to be making a list and checking it twice, who's been naughty and nice.
Santa Claus comes visiting in the middle of the night.
God bless you, Zach, good to talk to you.
But I tell ya, this has aged me a lot.
I can't quit thinking about this.
The globalists already controlled this country.
But they didn't want to control the country.
They wanted to destroy it.
And it's not gonna happen.
And America was in a coma, but as we felt their fingers wrap around our necks, we went, what is that?
I'm gonna wake up.
I was like, I love you, just lay down.
Oh God, it's hard to kill.
Damn, die!
And we're like, wait, we threw them off.
They're like, let me put my hands back around your neck.
Just, no, no, stop.
Just hands around the neck.
It's like, it's not happening.
And it's all some pissing contest of a bunch of losers.
You're not going to win.
Look, you're not going to listen.
I already see that.
So I'm not going to speak to them.
Just to all the viewers and listeners.
They fear you because they know you're good.
They fear you because they know you're strong.
They fear you because they know you're committed.
And I don't have to tell you what to do if they kill the president or me or anybody else.
I don't have to tell you what to do.
You know what to do.
They've tried to, like, bill.
They've tried to brand.
They've tried to
Sell this idea that if there's a civil war, just kill cops.
Because you kill the local cops, then the globalists come in.
No, no, no.
Your enemy, this isn't some cop-kissing exercise.
The cops have been laced, targeted to be killed in a revolution.
No, no, no, no.
You don't kill them.
You don't kill them.
You kill the people that said kill the cops.
And then you kill their bosses.
And I'm not saying kill anybody.
You're just saying kill the cops.
I'm just saying if you want to die, we're going to make sure you die.
See how that works?
That's why almost all the globalists have already jumped on airplanes and left.
And they'll come back.
They keep saying, we're about to win.
They leave for a year, and they come back, and they leave, and they come back, and they're like, we're not winning.
You can run to Tasmania.
You can run to Kauai.
You can run to the middle of nowhere in Canada.
You can run to the middle of nowhere in central Texas.
You can change your name.
When this all goes sideways, you're going to have a big fat
Target on your ass.
And I don't say that to be mean.
I don't want to kill you.
You think in my life I want to kill people to feel powerful?
I'm not going to kill anybody.
I'm just telling you, metaphysically, that you think your little devil and all your devil worship and all your candy ass shit is powerful?
You are weak.
And once we get a hold of you,
Once our hands are on your neck, we're never going to stop until we rip your political guts out.
Thank you for listening to GCN.
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If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
Live from the InfoWars.com studios, it's Alex Jones.
Alright, we got a Timothy, Ryan, Bruce, Natalia, and others.
I don't like as a father of four to have to talk about things like this, but we're facing a real hardcore communist attack.
We're facing a real attempt over to the country and everybody better get themselves straight.
Realize that if it does go physical and we don't respond back, they're going to end up winning and having their way with us.
So once they start getting physical, we got to really hurt them bad.
See, they already know they're whipped.
These people never give up till you put them six feet under.
So, just hold your fire and just get ready because I agree with that last caller.
You can see what they're planning.
And I personally deal with the stuff they do to me.
It's actually a blessing.
I'm not complaining about it.
They're just the worst trash the world's ever seen.
Let me tell you something.
You can't write these checks and not cash them forever.
You can't sit there and write these checks and then not let it pay out on them.
Good people are just aware.
They're not perfect, but if they realize there's something evil that comes back on me, you, like, have a connection.
You go, oh, whoa!
Even if I think of... You dumbasses don't get it, see?
You think you can run around pissing on everybody forever.
You don't think it's going to come back on you.
It is.
You make no mistake about that.
You're going to pay.
But there's no solace in that because you're pieces of garbage.
See, that's why I wish you'd stop.
There's no conquering you.
There's no victory when we defeat you.
It's sad.
But know this, we're going to run your ass over, though.
We're going to turn back and come back again to make sure you're done.
And that feeble light in your eyes is gone.
Because we've seen that light before.
Timothy in Illinois, thanks for holding so long.
We'll go to Ryan in Rose for David Knight's coming in.
Timothy, you're on the air, go ahead.
Hey Alex, I was wanting to say, I think this whole NFL thing can be cleared up.
I've been a fan of the Dallas Cowboys since the 70s.
And the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders before that.
But, uh, I, uh, I think what President Trump did to a small percentage of the people, uh, aren't going to understand it.
But, uh, I was watching a video of LaShawn McCoy.
Have you seen that?
Uh, if you YouTube it, he plays for the Buffalo Bills and, uh,
You know, I have no problem with taking a knee.
I play football.
My coaches would tell us when to take knees and when not to.
And, you know, I don't think protests being on the field is the right place for it.
But I think it's up to the owners and the coaches to get control of this.
No, I agree, but it's a globalist Hollywood.
But who's the player we should look up?
What happens in that clip?
Well, Sean McCoy, in that clip, everybody's standing there for the national anthem, and he's down on the ground stretching, doing push-ups.
Uh, the most disrespectful thing I think I've ever seen in my life.
That's right.
That's right.
That man, that man is crazy.
You say him both?
Yeah, he's a courageous man.
God bless you, Timothy.
Appreciate you in Illinois.
Ryan, Bruce and others straight ahead.
I'll stay with us and then we've got... You know, someone very profoundly once said many years ago that if fascism ever comes to America, it'll come in the name of liberalism.
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Live from Austin, Texas, broadcasting worldwide, it's Alex Jones.
You are the one they call President?
I am.
Kneel before Zod.
Kneel before Zod!
You are not the president.
No one who leads so many could possibly kneel so calmly.
Rallying patriots worldwide in defense of human liberty.
It's Alex Jones.
We're going to look back later and not believe that we were alive right now in the main fight for America.
Not that America is perfect.
Not that it didn't have its problems.
But this is a foreign, scientific, technocratic takeover of America.
And now...
I asked David during the break, I said, David, what do we want to cover?
And he said, well Mueller is going with the IRS 11 years back into records of Trump and Manafort.
This was a Russian investigation.
You can always find some miscalculation because when you sign an IRS form, you waive your rights, penalty of perjury.
If there's a $1 wrong, it's 10 years in jail time.
And now Mueller that covered up all the Clinton crimes and the NFL stuff and all this is arrogantly saying he's got Trump.
This is incredible to witness this level of garbage.
Even CNN admits he's violating all the laws, all the regulations.
It's like he's the president.
Robert Mueller is God.
Robert Mueller created the planet Earth.
Robert Mueller is everything.
Talk about security services.
I don't even have words to describe how corrupt Robert Mueller is and the things he's done for the Clintons and the Bushes and the rest of it.
And now to see them doing this and to see them saying, oh, it's not a Russian investigation.
It's a taxes investigation.
Go back 11 years.
Alex, I talked about this this morning on Real News, and the title that we put it out there with was, uh, bring me the man and I'll find the financial crime.
Because that's what Stalin used to say, bring me the man, I'll find the crime.
It's not very hard to find a financial crime.
Think about Dennis Hastert, right, Alex?
He was picked by the GOP establishment because he was blackmailable, he was a pedophile, they knew it, everybody knew he was a pedophile.
What did they get him for?
Not for that.
They got him because he withdrew his own money out of the bank.
That's right.
Well, this is money that you structured with your withdrawals.
This is money that it's not like he was trying to launder money as he was depositing it into the bank.
This is money that was already in the system.
It was already in the bank.
And he already paid taxes.
He took it out and he, you know, didn't notify them, took it out in small chunks.
And they said, you're structuring that.
They sent him to jail for that.
Again, just like the New York Times reported last year, some poor Hispanic lady, 60 years running a little diner, she did little checks and little things, it was all legal, but we took all your money and your restaurant, it was structuring.
That's right, that's right.
But they wanted to get Dennis Hastert because they have made sure, the people who make the laws, they've made sure that there is a very short statute of limitations on pedophilia.
That's how they all get off.
And so they didn't want to, they couldn't get him for that.
So it was an embarrassment after it became common knowledge that he was a pedophile.
They were determined they were going to send him to jail just like the establishment is determined they're going to get Trump out.
So what do you do?
You go after him for- And by the way, Hastert's served like two years.
He's already out.
Yeah, oh yeah, yeah, yeah.
It was just a case, a show trial type of thing.
But Alex, there was something else that came up this morning.
And this is a report from the New York Post, a guy who did an investigation a couple of days ago, and he looked at the fact that, you know, just like we talked about, Jerome Corsi's talked about this quite a bit, the fact that Obama funded illegally
Obamacare by stealing money from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac investors after Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac recovered.
They were profitable.
He couldn't get the Congress to fund Obamacare subsidies.
So what he did was he just took it out of there.
Well now we've got... He legally looted $300 million.
Yeah, kind of related to this, we've now got $640 million slush fund that is there because of penalties that they assessed against banks because of the mortgage shenanigans that JP Morgan, Citibank, Bank of America and others did.
They got $640 million and guess what they're doing with it?
They're giving it to
Community organizer organizations.
Places like the La Raza National Council, the National Urban League, the National Community Reinvestment Coalition.
That's right, they take those things and illegally slurp it up to give it to their little communist agitation groups.
The good news is they'll only take a few calls and let you take over.
How is their whole NFL thing going?
It's blowing up in their face.
Don't they get there's huge opposition?
They don't understand.
They've got DirecTV is giving people refunds off of the NFL ticket.
That's something they've never done before after the season has started.
But they also are up against the wire because people are cutting the cable.
So they're not going to stand there for these guys.
Their ratings are falling.
They're looking to see if they can get... And so that's the issue.
Exactly, but don't they get that, I'm not bashing old folks, old folks are great, but the people that own the NFL, these billionaires and people, they still only watch mainstream TV.
They really don't get the rest of the world, and that almost no one, like 20% believes it, almost no one watches it.
When we do, we hold our nose.
Don't they understand that we've broken with them?
They're now admitting, okay, we're sorry we boycotted the flag, we're gonna stop.
Don't they understand that the world has moved on?
I think there's a blind spot for these folks.
Well, I think that, you know, I played a report that I did about four years ago talking about crony capitalism on steroids, the subsidies of their stadiums.
They've been caught multiple times, Alex.
They've been caught with their tax-exempt status.
Back to Mueller!
Back to the gladiatorial paying to hurt folks.
Back to buying off the college athletes.
Back to covering up the concussions.
Mueller, six years ago, brought them under federal control.
No billed them on all these crimes, as long as they became subsidiaries.
And so now Mueller is the head of the FBI.
Really, Mueller is like the president of the shadow government.
McCain was.
Mueller was kind of under him.
But now, you know, he's dying of a brain tumor.
So Mueller really is the shadow president.
Yeah, I guess he is.
He pretty much can do anything he wants.
And we got multiple bills in Congress and people are saying,
Is this going to pass constitutional muster?
Is this going to hold up in the courts because we've got people who are the new swamp things after we get rid of people like Luther Strange, after John McCain... So what do we do about, what do we do about... Tell us who are out there saying, we're not going to let the president fire Mueller.
So what about President Mueller?
What do we do about this unelected, arrogant SOB?
I mean, you watching the way he walks around, I mean, this is an asshole, excuse me.
This is a jerk!
I mean, you see Mueller, just his actions, but his behavior!
I mean, what a jerk!
Well, I think he has to be fired.
Jerome Corsi has said that.
I think the longer that President Trump lets this charade play out, the worse it's going to get.
Because now they're going back 11 years.
And if they're going to go back with Manafort, they're going to go back with Trump, they're going to go back with... Well, they admit they're looking at all the tax returns.
Yeah, yeah.
You've got to complicate this.
I thought this was about Russia.
Oh no, it's 11 years ago and Trump's tax returns.
Yeah, yeah.
The Russian thing was just a red herring to cover up the crimes of the surveillance state Clapper and the others who committed perjury.
He committed perjury on the stand multiple times saying we're not listening.
I was talking to White House connected folks last night and others.
They've told them you're under criminal investigation.
They don't even let the Attorney General talk to Trump.
They've paralyzed so much under this fake investigation.
Wow, wow.
Well, I don't know.
I mean, you know, if I was Trump, I would get rid of Jeff Sessions and I would get a wartime consigliere.
That's what he needs.
And he needs somebody who's going to go after these guys aggressively or they're going to come after him because he's up against the entire surveillance state.
These people are politicized.
They're the ones who are coming after him, and that's the thing that really ought to scare the people in America, the fact that we... No, I agree, because they're not going to let Trump roll over.
Even if he rolls over, they're going to destroy him.
This is war.
This is total commitment.
We're not looking for this.
We just wanted to have freedom.
But they want a war, they got one.
Let's take a few calls.
Let's skip this network break.
Let's go to Mark in Oklahoma.
Mark, you're on the air worldwide.
Then Ryan and Bruce.
Go ahead, Mark.
Well, Alex, how are you this afternoon?
I'm alright, I tell you.
Best of times, worst of times.
Well, I want to give some people some glimmer of hope.
The topic that I was calling in on is kind of reverse racism in terms of how we as kind of white people are being treated.
Do you remember a week or so back, you had the video about Carol Baker on at Baylor Medical saying that we need to get rid of all the white people because a lot of white educated people don't... Yeah, one of the head vaccine people in Texas says whites are evil, kill them, and she's a white lady.
Yes, sir.
Well, I wanted to let you know that I did follow up with that, and I called Dr. Klein, who is the Ed Physician-in-Chief for the Department of Pediatrics at Baylor Medical in Houston.
And I had a really good conversation with him.
He was a nice man.
We spoke for 10 or 15 minutes.
I told him exactly what we have all discussed and believe about kind of what's going on, that vaccination overall is probably not a bad thing, but it's what they're putting in the vaccines that are bad.
Had a good collegial discussion, and at the end I told him, I said, there is no way you can have a doctor who believes or has taken a hypocritic oath to make a statement like that.
And I have a problem with that.
And anyway, we talked for a while, and kind of towards the end of our conversation, he said, Mark, I just want to let you know that Dr. Carol Baker has been fired at Baylor Medical.
She no longer has a job here.
So is that official, or has that been the news yet?
Well, if you go on their website, Alex, you'll see that her page has been removed from Baylor Medical.
Now, what I could not confirm is whether or not she's still at Texas, I believe it's called Texas Children's Hospital there in Houston.
It looked like to me she might have had some kind of role with Texas Children's there in Houston as well.
We need to get her fired there.
She's gone.
That's not vindictive!
You want to kill everybody?
Well, go to hell!
Oh yeah, absolutely.
Absolutely, but I just wanted to let you guys know that, you know, even though the odds seem overwhelming against us, that we have these small victories here and there and that we need to talk about them.
We need to let people know
That there are people out there like us that are doing those things and don't let that go unnoticed that there are those things that are going on.
Mark, I know we're winning because of you, Mark.
We're winning because of everybody out there.
Don't think that.
I'm always just on to the next threat because people think I'm trying to demoralize folks with all the negativity because the enemy thinks like that.
I think if I get told about something bad, I want to do something.
Does that make sense?
Yeah, absolutely.
Well, that's great news.
We're going to do a whole story about that.
We'll look into her getting canned.
That's good news.
Mark, anything else?
Well, I just think that you guys are right on.
I've read several reports from several different places about all this stuff going on with Soros.
I also want to let you know that I did call into Senator Lankford's office yesterday.
And, uh, voiced my displeasure about what's going on with DACA and what he's doing, and that the Republicans have had eight years to overcome Obamacare, and now they've gotten off the track and gone off to these different things, and we still don't have any legislation that helps the middle class.
And I told the lady specifically that, and she said, well, I disagree with you on DACA, and I said, well, that may be the case, but what you're going to find out is Langford will probably be replaced at some point if he keeps this kind of stuff up, because people in Oklahoma are sick of this stuff.
Whether he's a Christian or not or whatever, we don't really care.
Yeah, don't hide behind that Christian stuff.
The middle class has been hammered.
The middle class has been hammered and that's what I told her and I said, you know, we're tired of putting up with everything we've had to put up with when the elite get to have their offshore bank accounts.
They don't care.
We have to live with the fact that these people are going to be put in the public school systems and they send their kids to private schools.
Who do you think is going to pay the taxes on property taxes to overcome all these people being let in that are illegal to teach them English?
And so I kind of went round and round for a while.
So I encourage people to call their senators, call their U.S.
representatives, be respectful, and carry on a conversation.
No, I agree.
Hammering them and going to public events and shaking their hand, but talking to them is the key as well.
Thank you, Mark.
That was a red collar.
That's going to be the end of the American dream, Alex, if we have to educate anybody who comes here from anywhere in the world and in uncontrolled numbers and educate them.
We can't afford to do that.
We won't be able to afford homes.
We won't even be able to afford an apartment.
So that's the end of the American dream if we have to educate the foreign citizens of other countries when those governments won't pay for their own citizens education.
So what's the next shoe to drop?
Well, I tell you what, I'm very optimistic today because of what happened in Alabama.
I talked about this today.
We've already had, coming up to this, people said, look, there's going to be a lot of Republican rhinos who are going to not run for re-election if Roy Moore wins, beating the Senate campaign fund that spent $30 million to assassinate his character, and you wouldn't believe
The garbage that they told about him, the lies they told about him.
He didn't have the money to respond to that, but he still beat them.
And they said if he wins... Because the mainstream is so discredited.
Yeah, that's right.
Look, people told me I did a great job making Kelly.
I did a terrible job.
She was so hated, it didn't matter what I did.
That's what they don't get now.
No, no, no.
You did a great job.
And people could see through what was going on with it.
Just like they saw, they could see through what the Senate Leadership Fund was doing to Judge Roy Moore with their $30 million.
They could see through that setup.
It's the same thing that Megyn Kelly did to you.
And so the key is, is that we've already had, as soon as that happened,
Today, that happened last night.
Today we already had Bob Corker, who Jerome Corsi has done multiple articles about saying, this is the Republican who has, the crony capitalist who's made a lot of money blocking Obamacare repeal.
He announced he's not going to run for re-election.
You're going to see a lot more of that and you're going to see people taking this back at the GOP primaries where it's going to have to happen.
And by the way, we've had five primaries of Democrats losing.
A Republican establishment losing, they are, that's why they're panicking.
Yeah, yeah.
I mean, this is, this is, this is people finally not listening to a damn word they said.
I'll tell you, there's one other thing coming up too, Alex.
You mentioned the police and the importance of local police.
This is going to come to a head in Catalonia this weekend.
I talked to Steve Pachinic about what's going on there this morning on the Real News Show.
What this is boiling down to there, you've got the central government in Spain saying you're not going to have this election, they're arresting officials, they are shutting down.
Talk about it in the next segment because this is so big.
Oh, it's incredible.
I'm going to get into this more.
Coming down to fight over the police is what it's coming down to.
But if 90% of the people want independence, how do you enslave them?
Yeah, well they have a local police force that was there as part of the Catalonia police force that was taken away from them when they were under a fascist dictatorship and then they got it back.
You can't.
So this is like their sheriff's department.
And then they've got another level of police that are militarized, they call that the Guardia Civil, and then they've got the National Police on top of that.
And so what they're doing is they're saying, we're not going to let this happen, and we're giving orders to the MASA, that's the sheriffs, if you will, in the local area.
And so these guys are there, they say, we don't want to be in the middle of this, but they're going to have to decide.
Because the people there don't have a Second Amendment.
And like JFK said, if you make peaceful revolution impossible, you will make violent revolution inevitable.
This is the force that has been unleashed.
This is what we're seeing here.
This is what's behind Trump.
It's everywhere.
It's not just nationalism versus globalism.
It is going to be independent government.
It's going to continue to devolve until people feel that they're represented in their local community, you know, their government.
And that's why this is being opposed now, I think, by the Trump administration.
People telling him, no, no, we've got to stay with Spain.
They've got military bases in Spain.
Spain is going to oppose this because they've got a lot of financial issues.
They are using Catalonia.
Also, Catalonia literally is what's holding up Spain.
Yeah, it's a cash cow for them.
Yeah, it's like 40% of their economy.
And they don't want to see it go because of that.
But they got a separate language, they got a separate culture.
It's really tasty food too.
Sunday is when it's going to come to a head.
Catalonian food is really delicious.
I've never been there.
I have, multiple times, it's awesome.
Hey, Ryan in Missouri, you're on the air, go ahead.
Hey Alex, long time Lister.
First of all, you guys were talking about militarization, about the cops and everything.
Don't the cops, a lot of cops still have, like, the military weapons from 9-11, or whatever, or maybe... Sure, but statistically, those are used in a fraction of shootings.
It's not that the cops are perfect.
It's just that the cops is a red herring, statistically.
And then if we hate the cops, we drive them into the arms of the globalists.
One thing I don't know about in the NFL, yeah, it's a disgrace to their flag.
They're saying it's racist.
They're actually being racist to themselves and every other race because everybody in the military are all a bunch of different, you know,
It's racist.
It's desperation.
But it's kind of like they can't run from it, Alex, because, you know, just because you're not interested in politics doesn't mean politics isn't interested in you.
What is going on with this stuff?
And you understand that this goes back to Colin Kaepernick.
They've got his items from his football days stored at the African-American wing of the Smithsonian, the new museum that they got there, and part of the Black Lives Matter stuff.
They understand that he's part of Black Lives Matter.
He's part of the Antifa people.
He's like these people who are protesting after the election.
He never even registered to vote in his entire life.
And yet, he's doing this.
It's a loser grandstanding who's a racist.
He hates his white parents.
He's a Marxist.
It's all Marxist garbage with his wife controlling him.
Thank you, Ryan.
Bruce in Arizona.
You're on the air with David Knight.
Go ahead.
Hello, Alex.
Big fan.
You know, the only touchdowns that matter in this Marxist-Leninist day of age is the sons of God that are touching down from the book of Genesis.
Those are the only touchdowns I care about.
But anyway, I wanted to call you and let you know I'm a small-time talk radio show host on Spreaker, and I tweeted to Act King James
I tweeted, uh, more like King Retard, Kobe was better than you, and I got blocked from Twitter for 11 hours.
Now, if they can do this to me, they can do this to you and anybody.
No, that's true.
There's massive censorship where they act like there's freedom.
Imagine somebody jumping in on your phone line because you're arguing with your cousin, saying you can't do that, or when you're trying to type now, you can't type certain words, it won't let you on your iPhone.
It's AI suppression.
It's control.
That's right.
Go ahead.
11 hours, Alex.
11 hours just because King James, this guy that thinks he's a god, or he has the audacity to call himself King James.
You believe this guy?
I mean, he graduated from high school with like a 2.8.
I mean, just a total re-read.
You know what I'm trying to say?
And then he calls Trump supporters uneducated.
With Twitter.
LeBron James.
He's bullying people.
LeBron James.
If he could bully me on Twitter, he could bully you.
They blocked me for 11 hours, Alex.
I mean, it's just unbelievable.
Well, King James is only supposed to get positive stuff and King Zuckerberg, you know, wants him to only have positive responses.
So, why don't you learn to worship King James?
Why don't you bow down to LeBron James right now?
I don't think so, no.
And Kobe's a piece of trash, too.
They're teaming up with... It's disgusting.
I'm done with it all.
Bruce, I'm out of time.
David Knight's coming up in the next 30 minutes.
I appreciate you staying to do this for me.
God bless you.
David Knight's got a lot to cover and a lot of clips straight ahead.
We got, after this, The War Room coming up.
Owen's out of town, but we've got Rob Dew and others hosting that coming up in 30 minutes.
We're on the march, the empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
December 23rd, 1776.
These are the times that try men's souls.
The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of their country.
But he that stands by it now deserves the love and thanks of man and woman.
Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered.
Yet we have this consolation with us, that the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph.
What we obtain too cheap, we esteem too lightly.
It is dearness only that gives everything its value.
Heaven knows how to put a proper price on its goods, and it would be strange indeed if so celestial an article as freedom should not be highly rated.
Britain, with an army to enforce her tyranny, has declared that she has a right not only to tax, but to bind us in all cases whatsoever.
And if being bound in that matter is not slavery, then there is no such thing as slavery upon Earth.
Even the expression is impious, for so unlimited a power can only belong to God.
Thomas Payne, the American crisis.
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Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show, I'm David Knight.
One of the things I think is really important, and we were talking about this briefly with Alex, and he had mentioned it at the top of the hour, about when things get really difficult, and we're about to see things get really difficult in Catalonia.
Because what we're seeing there, and of course the John Birch Society was on top of this for a very long time, remember all the stuff, Support Your Local Sheriff, they even did a comedy movie with a take off of that with James Garner.
But that's what they were talking about.
They were talking about keeping law enforcement local.
They understood the danger of having a national police force.
It's like the danger of having a standing army.
The founders never wanted a standing army.
They wanted a citizen militia that was trained.
That's what well-regulated means.
It doesn't mean they got a lot of laws all over them.
That means that they are very well trained so that they can actually defend the country like we saw in Switzerland.
Because they have a militia there that is very well armed, very well trained.
That little island that never got involved in World War II, there's a reason for that.
It was not just the fact that they were surrounded by mountains.
The Nazis could have gotten through the mountains.
No, it was because that place was an armed fortress.
And that's what the Founders wanted in this country as well.
They wanted a citizenry that could protect themselves and had the skills as well as the arms to protect themselves.
Understand that at Lexington and Concord, they were not just coming for flintlocks, they were coming for cannons.
And when they have the come and take it flag here in Texas, when Santa Ana was coming for the weapons and there they said come and take it, it was a cannon that is on that flag.
So they're talking about the arms necessary to defend themselves.
And now what we're seeing here in Catalonia, as we see this escalation that is happening there, this back and forth between Spain and the Catalan people,
They're telling them, and the Spanish government, they're saying, you're not going to have an election.
They're not going to allow an election like they allowed in the UK.
In the UK, they gave Scotland a referendum.
They said, do you want to stay in the UK or not?
Gave them the choice.
They chose to stay in.
And then they had an election as to whether or not they were going to get out of the EU.
And as Dr. Steve Pucinich pointed out today, Spain is an artificial construct, just like the EU is.
Every political construct is artificial.
The real thing that holds people together...
Are the things that they have in Catalonia, a common language, a common culture, an economic interest that is common, that sort of thing.
But people need to be able to determine whether or not they want to govern themselves.
That was the principle of the Declaration of Independence, so I was very disappointed to see the American government taking a somewhat of an empire approach to this.
Instead of taking a 1776 approach to this.
They don't understand that the same forces that put President Trump in power are going to continue to devolve power from the center.
And if we go back and understand, if we get beyond the false history that we've been given about the Civil War, it was a real eye-opener for me years ago.
My wife, part of her family is from Italy, and they had a diary of somebody who was in the army of Garibaldi.
And there was a civil war in Italy at exactly the same time that we had our civil war here in America.
Exactly the same time.
And here's what caused it.
The same thing that happened here in America.
No, they didn't have plantations with slaves on them.
They had agrarian interests versus industrial interests.
And the industrial interests were trying to consolidate power into a nation-state.
Prior to that time, in Italy, as well as through Prussia and Austria and others, there were regional centers of power.
Especially in Italy, it was predominantly cities that had the power.
And they consolidated that into a nation-state, and it was a movement of the industrialists who wanted to consolidate power against the agrarian interests who had held power previous to that.
And so when you look at this, you realize that it wasn't just in America that we had this concentration of forces into the nation-state, because prior to the Civil War,
Everybody talked about the United States are.
The United States are.
Then it became the United States is.
It was that consolidation that was a product of our civil war that turned us into an empire.
But it also created other nation states in Italy and Germany.
And that was a worldwide movement driven by the Industrial Revolution.
There's a difference.
There's a sea change in the way government was done.
And now we see the same type of thing happening again.
There's a sea change that is happening throughout the world.
Part of it is being driven by the information revolution.
The fact that people are able to connect with each other as they were able to during the Revolutionary War.
They had committees of correspondents.
Well, that's what the Internet is, isn't it?
That's what your social media is, in a way.
But it's also the ability to be able to analyze and process information to connect with people who are like-minded and whatever the causes of it are.
And however this has come about, what is happening is a movement across the globe to get control of our lives in the way that it is expressed in the Declaration of Independence.
We have certain inalienable rights that we possess as human beings, as creatures of God.
Every one of us, regardless of our nation, regardless of our race, whatever, we all have these same
We're good.
That's the point at which we have not only the right, but the duty to alter or abolish that government.
Now we can do it peacefully or we can do it violently.
If you make peaceful change, peaceful revolution impossible, as JFK said, you're going to have violent revolution.
So that's the question before Catalonia.
How does this devolve?
Well, it devolves into whether or not the local sheriffs
are going to support a free election or not.
They've already taken 700 of the mayors and they've summoned them to the Spanish court, lectured them, said you better not do this.
That's about 75% of the different towns that are going to be there.
They came back, they said no, we're still going to do it.
They arrested 14 individuals in the national government.
They said no, we're still going to do it.
They confiscated the ballots.
They said we're still going to do it.
And they are threatening to use force, and they're telling the local police, the MASA, that they are going to take orders from the central government.
We'll see about that.
I think the harder they squeeze, you go back to Star Wars, remember?
When Carrie Fisher, Princess Leia, says to him, you know, you squeeze these people, they're gonna like water coming through your fingers.
I don't remember the exact quote, but that's essentially what's happening.
The harder you squeeze these people,
The more they're going to push back.
It was already the majority of people who wanted to have independence and I think they have hardened this even more by their oppressive reactionary movements.
So we look at this and we look at the election of Roy Moore in Alabama against the establishment
And it's not just, you know, Trump went along with it.
He said, all right, I'm going to endorse Luther Strange.
But when he went down Friday, that's how all this stuff with the NFL started.
He was basically trying to distance himself from that endorsement of Luther Strange.
He comes down, he gives this rambling thing, well, you know, on the one hand this and on the other hand that about Luther Strange, Roy Moore.
And at the end of it, he says, well, maybe I made a mistake.
I don't know.
We'll see.
And so basically he just unendorsed him.
To the extent that Nigel Farage said, I felt at that point, even though he had been contacted by many of the people who had been part of the Trump revolution, and this is people like Steve Bannon at the center of it, but also many people throughout Republican, we got Mark Meadows, we got Louie Gohmert, we got Sarah Palin, there's a slew of people who are real conservatives
Mo Brooks, who was one of the Senate candidates in the primary, had endorsed Roy Moore.
There were a lot of people who were Trump supporters, hardcore Trump supporters, the Freedom Caucus and so forth.
Nigel Farage said, I didn't want to go there and oppose President Trump on this, but he said, he basically took the endorsement back on Friday night, and he did.
So it is not a, as NPR likes to say, this is a defeat for Trump.
It wasn't a defeat for Trump.
It was a defeat for the establishment.
It was a defeat for Luther Strange, the creature of the establishment.
It was a big defeat for Mitch McConnell, because he put everything he had into this.
You realize $30 million on a Senate race?
Think about that.
Think about how absurd that is.
And that was Republicans spinning that against another Republican.
Because he was not a creature of the swamp.
He is not going to do
What Mitch McConnell says.
Roy Moore is going to do what the Constitution says.
Do you understand the difference?
The big difference.
A big difference between what Mitch McConnell says and what the Constitution says.
And you're going to need people like Roy Moore if you're going to get the Trump agenda through.
And we're going to have more people like Roy Moore.
As I pointed out, people were saying before the election, they said, if this happens, it is going to be a big defeat for Mitch McConnell and you're going to have a lot of establishment Republicans who are not going to run for re-election.
And the very next morning, we had one of the worst establishment Republicans say that he is not going to run again, Bob Corker, somebody that
Jerome Corsi has written volumes on about being one of the key people pushing back against Obamacare repeal.
And I said before this election, I said, let's not run through this Lindsey Graham bill.
Let's not do that.
The Graham-Cassidy thing.
Because all we're going to do is make this socialist scheme a little more palatable for people.
First they put the pressure on, then they relieve it a little bit, and you, oh that's great, they took off some of that, those onerous taxes and regulations, that's good, we're moving in the right direction.
No you're not.
It's a ratchet.
Then they're going to ratchet it up after the next election.
So I said, let the people feel the pain of socialism.
Let them get an appetite to get the government out of our lives before we forget that it was never there before, in a way that it is right now.
We used to have a free market in healthcare.
That ended in World War II, as I pointed out this morning on the radio show.
It ended when they came in,
And they enacted wage and price controls.
And then as a pressure relief valve, they said, all right, right, we'll ease a little bit of that pain by letting the employers deduct health care insurance.
So then we wound up with a third party system.
And you broke the connection between the payer and the provider.
And you broke the incentives for marketplaces.
Now, when President Trump ran for office, he gave us a very detailed plan.
He said these are the things we're going to do.
We're going to have markets, not mandates.
We're going to have competition, not coercion.
We're going to remove the artificial constraints on competition across state lines.
We're going to give you ownership of your health care dollar.
And you're going to be rewarded if you spend it wisely.
We're going to make sure that you have information so that you can spend that wisely.
We're going to make sure there's competition so that you can get the cost down.
That's the only thing that's going to drive the cost down, folks.
You're not going to have the cost driven down by having people in Washington dictate to you.
You're only going to have the cost come down when there's competition.
You know that.
You're Americans.
We know that you only get cost down when you compete.
Come on.
You never get costs down if you regulate, if you tax.
They're telling us that it was affordable care.
That's the biggest gift we ever gave to Obama when we called it Obamacare.
It's not affordable.
We should call it, not the ACA, we shouldn't call it Obamacare, we should call it the Affordable Care Act.
It's a joke!
Everybody knows it's not affordable.
Everybody knows it was funded on theft from Fannie and Freddie people, the subsidies.
We know that the insurance companies, it's a bad deal for them on the
on the individual policies and and so you know that they're looking for ways to get out of it to change it and so forth uh... we don't want the government telling us what we have to do with health care we want the ability and the information and the competition to have a free market and the government which is that one little thing that they did sixty years ago that one little thing where they broke
The connection, the direct connection between buyer and seller, between provider and patient.
When they broke that, when they instituted by force, by mandate, this third-party insurance system, that's what began to destroy our system.
It took a very long time because it was just one part that they messed up, but it was a fundamental part.
And we're not going to allow them to socialize our medicine.
We're not going to allow them to take away our medical freedom.
And we're going to get people in office.
We're going to do it at the GOP primary level because the Democrats are full on to socialism now.
They want to go all the way in.
Single payer, they own everything.
They tell us everything.
They own us completely.
They can prohibit what we put in our body.
They can force things into our body.
They have full control over our medicine.
That's what the Democrats want.
When they say single payer, that means you are their slave for life.
And you don't get medical treatment unless you do what they say.
We're not going to stand for that.
We're not going to allow that.
And we've got to get rid of Obamacare quickly.
Because if we don't, we'll be stuck with it.
Just like we're stuck with the Department of Education.
Remember, it was Ronald Reagan who said he was going to get rid of the Department of Education.
It was less than four years old.
It had been created by Jimmy Carter.
And instead, after eight years of Ronald Reagan, he didn't get rid of the Department of Education.
Instead, he took it from Rosemary's baby in the crib to a
I don't think so.
Not bring it on to the Republican Party and they say, see, see, you made these little, tiny little free market changes to it, even though they're not free market changes.
You took off some of our regulations and taxes and it all failed.
No, let it fail.
Don't own it.
Let the Democrats own it.
Let the Rhino Republicans own it.
Let people understand that they are the problem.
It's the establishment, Republicans, along with the Socialist Democrats.
And get those people out of Washington.
That's what we need to do.
And so that's why I think that, you know, we see Obamacare forever.
Maybe it is forever.
I don't think so.
I think we're going to push it back.
And I think we're going to get more people like Roy Moore in there at the primary level.
That is what's going to push this back.
That is why I am very optimistic after that election last night.
It's just the beginning.
It's just the beginning, folks.
And these forces that are at work, the forces that put President Trump in place,
They don't want to talk about it, but there's going to be other places other than Catalonia.
There's going to be places in America that are going to want independence.
We see this already in California.
We've seen it in Texas.
Remember when we became a nation, those 13 colonies, they had a population of only about 2.5 million people.
They were very concerned that they would be consolidated under a central government.
They did not want that at all.
They put all kinds of checks and balances to make sure that that wouldn't happen.
Uh, they first organized as a, um, confederation.
And even when they put in the Constitution, they said, well, you know, we're gonna split the federal government, and then we're gonna split the power between the federal government and the states and the people.
In various ways.
They knew that the real danger was consolidation of power.
And we've seen what that consolidation of power has done to us with globalism, and we're going to start pushing back and demanding that we have more control over our lives.
Obamacare is just one of the irritations that is going to drive the devolution of power away from the center.
That is ultimately the force that is at work here.
That's what's going on in Catalonia.
That's why we see all these referenda throughout Europe.
That's why the European Union is going to break up.
It will break up.
It is unsustainable.
It is not only an artificial political construct, it is unsustainable from an economic standpoint.
People don't want that anymore.
We don't want power to continue to concentrate at the center.
It's already ungovernable in a nation like this, and we're starting to see the throes of this as we see the deep divisions in the aftermath of this election.
What you're seeing here are the polls that are going to eventually