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Name: 20170926_Tue_Alex
Air Date: Sept. 26, 2017
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The Alex Jones Show covers topics such as politics, current events, conspiracy theories, and alternative news analysis while criticizing mainstream media outlets. The show often promotes an anti-globalist agenda and discusses various products for sale on their website. Recent episodes have covered NFL protests, college sports corruption, CIA involvement in drug cartels, government propaganda, living outside Washington D.C., the Second Amendment versus First Amendment rights, and health products like Z-Shield."

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The answer to 1984 is 1776.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
There is no longer any doubt the unified corporate globalist owned media is pushing an open race war in America.
The NFL and every other Hollywood-connected group of narcissistic, self-entitled, rich dirtbags have lined up like cowards, believing they'll break the will of the American people, when all they're doing is irrevocably separating the boys from the men.
As the true patriots in America of every color come together and forever,
...separate ourselves from the globalists and the pushers of guilt.
That's all coming up, but first, the looming threat of nuclear war.
North Korea says the U.S.
has already declared war.
Following President Trump's condemnation of tyrannical dictatorships at the United Nations last week, North Korean Foreign Minister Ri Yong-ho made the dangerous assumption that the United States has declared war with North Korea.
North Korea's foreign minister said
Not at all.
We've not declared war on North Korea and frankly the suggestion of that is absurd.
The absurd reality that a person like Trump, a mentally deranged person full of megalomania and complacence, the person who is chastised even by American people as commander in grief, lying king, president evil, is holding the seat of the US president
And the dangerous reality that the gambler who grew old using threats, frauds, and all other schemes to acquire a patch of land holds the nuclear button.
These are what constitute the gravest threat to the international peace and security today.
During his eight months in power,
He has turned the White House into a noisy marketing place full of crackling sounds of abacus speech.
And now he has tried to turn the UN arena into a gangster's nest where money is respected and bloodshed is the order of the day.
He tried to insult the supreme dignity of my country.
By referring it to a rocket.
By doing so, however, he committed an irreversible mistake of making our rocket's visit to the entire U.S.
mainland inevitable all the more.
In case innocent lives of the U.S.
are harmed because of this suicide attack, Trump will be held totally responsible.
What else could be a bigger threat than the violent remarks such as pouring fire and fury, total destruction coming from the top authority of the world's biggest nuclear power?
The very reason the DPRK had to possess nuclear weapons is because of the U.S.
and it had to strengthen and develop its nuclear force onto the current level to cope with the U.S.
The only valid philosophical principle is that force must be dealt with force and nuclear weapons of tyranny must be dealt with nuclear hammer of justice.
President Trump responded in a tweet saying, This exchange gives Kim Jong-un's irrational dictatorship all the propaganda it needs to shoot down U.S.
bombers that have been performing drills in international waters.
Meanwhile, serious sanctions are underway as China bans exports of petroleum products and imports of North Korean textiles beginning October 1st.
Additionally, President Trump signed off on a ban of travelers from North Korea, Chad, and Venezuela, barring senior government officials from those countries from obtaining non-immigrant visas.
North Korea is just beginning to feel the pressure of President Trump's rallying of the international community to take the DPRK seriously.
John Bowne reporting for InfoWars.com.
We're locked and loaded.
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We've got it.
This transmission is coming to you.
Waging war on corruption.
It's Alex Jones coming to you live from the front lines of the InfoWar.
North Korea is saying they will preemptively strike the United States and have threatened the American people to remove Donald Trump from office or they'll basically hit us with hydrogen bombs dipped on top of intercontinental ballistic missiles.
They've been terrorizing their own slave population for almost 70 years and
Now they think they can shake their fist at us and do the same thing.
Former congressman and all-around really intelligent historian and medical doctor.
Ron Paul will be joining us coming up at the start of the next hour.
He's written a big article that's up at newswars.com and it's also on infowars.com.
Ron Paul, how to end the Korea crisis.
Kim joins Saddam.
Qaddafi Assad on a list of madmen, says Paul.
And Kim Jong-un better understand, when they start calling you a madman at the Pentagon, that means you're about to get killed, buddy.
And I don't want this to happen.
I don't want to have to go to nuclear brinksmanship, but you are about to get blown off the map just like the Germans, just like the Japanese, and just like everybody else.
You want it?
All your little stupid communist outfits, you're about to get it.
And I understand the globalists are in the middle of this, and I understand America's got problems, and I understand all that, but I was against the Iraq War, I was against backing the Arab Spring, I was against all the wars that turned out to be frauds.
But this one is real and never stopped since 1953.
It's just been hit on pause.
Like you're playing a video game, you hit pause.
Or you're watching a movie, you hit pause.
You know, go take care of something, come back an hour later.
Well, you come back.
How many years has it been since 1953?
How many years has it been since 1953?
60 plus years.
And the game never stopped, and we've got the third generation of a hereditary dictator there.
And I understand, it's not just that if we nuke North Korea, then other countries may preemptively hit us down the road.
They might do it that day!
Or India and Pakistan, who have already been threatened to nuke each other, might do it.
Or India and China.
They say war is like a virus.
And once it starts spreading at that level, it gets out of control.
Like fire, war is extremely dangerous.
And in times of global crisis,
Political unrest, economic unrest, global hysteria, large populations, things of this nature come to a head and planets align in a very dangerous way that adds accelerant to the fire like 150 mile an hour winds on a dry day through the forest.
And I've got four children.
I know that I thank God and my lucky stars every single day
That we're not already in the middle of a giant nuclear war that we've survived this long.
And so I certainly don't at some primitive level want to show Kim Jong-un who's the better man.
And I, you know, I associate nationalistic with America.
And so I want to have a war so I can have some more national pride.
The truth is our government gave them the nuclear reactors and the missiles to create a strategy of tension in the region and have an excuse for us to be there.
But we didn't originally put the communists in.
We fought them.
As far as Korea goes.
We did put Mao in, in 47, 48, 49, fully, just a few years before this war started, and he turned around and stabbed America in the back, and saw us as weak, and decided he was going to take Korea, Vietnam, and everything else.
But the intellectuals inside our government thought communism was a better system because they'd be in charge of it.
There's an article up on newswars.com right now where a West Point grad, who's a Kaepernick fan, has written inside of his hat, communism will win right as he's graduating.
That image, that photo, that story is up on InfoWars.com and NewsWars.com.
We'll be getting to it and we just tweeted it out at RealAlexJones.
There's a lot of powerful forces in each country manipulating to get more control over their populations and to obviously power grab even more control.
But what you've got is a bunch of people in this nation that have been taught that it's cool, that have been taught that it's fun, that have been taught that that's how they get attention, that have been taught that
The more chips on your shoulder you have, it's like more degrees.
And the bigger a thumbsucker you are, and the lazier you are, and the more entitled you are, and the more arrogant you are, the more powerful you are.
But of course you're not.
You're losers.
And the NFL and other gladiatorial diversions are what helped lull America to sleep.
And we decided that the NFL was America.
Not our coal mines, not our industry, not our churches, not our beliefs, not our second amendment, not our religious freedom, not our strength, not our will, not our dogged, rugged individualistic spirit that refuses to back down.
No, we were taught that men out there in simulated combat were the greatest heroes.
And as the society became decadent, more narcissistic and corrupt, and more godless, and more pathetic, just as Hollywood became completely degenerate, and completely anti-American, so have all the other spoiled bastions of elitism.
And now their final enjoyment
is politically hating their own fans, culturally hating their own fans, and having giant entitled pity parties directed by the most vicious, ruthless think tanks and crime syndicates and multinational combines the world has ever seen.
If you ever wanted to witness the full-bore, battering ram attack to knock down America and to break our will,
And to bully us into globalist submission, to hate ourselves, to hate our flag, to hate our freedom, to hate our military, to hate everything, because we're the big object to capture for global domination.
You capture America, you have the world.
The communists, the socialists, put in by robber barons, protected by the technocrats to this day, because they shit and enslave.
They're people.
They squat on top their slave populations.
They are who the globalists want to deal with.
In Carol Quigley's own words at Georgetown, top political science professor there, author of Tragedy and Hope, trainer of hundreds and hundreds of high-level State Department and CIA officials, to understand the great vision, the great worldview, the great program
Of authoritarianism by every flavor, by every color of the rainbow, but still the great goal of total global domination and social engineering over every aspect of human activity to the point of rendering a rebellion by the people as is impossible as a rebellion of sheep against the practice of eating mutton.
To quote Bertrand Russell.
They have many tools to control us.
They first claim they have the moral high ground, that they're the intellectuals.
They claim they're the resistance.
They claim they're battling the establishment when they, at the NFL, and they in Hollywood, and they in the big TV networks and the entertainment combines,
Are all extensions of the true global ruling class that wishes to dynamite the ladders of ascendancy for their fellow humans.
So that they can control the development of culturally evolutionary and spiritually of the human species.
It's a cold-blooded full bore.
110% pure, selfish power grab.
And look at what we have here.
Three years of people kneeling and bitching at the bloated, pathetic NFL as their ratings are down more than 35% from just three years ago.
And as the stadiums are more than half empty, in some areas it's down by 50, 60 percent, on average 40.
Got the numbers right here.
That's flatlining.
And I love all the decadent, slob-like, pathetic, I'm gonna skip this break, owners, all trying to lock arms together against America, thinking that if they can just break the will of Trump,
That somehow the fans will come back when what you've done is assured.
That 30-40% is never coming back.
And another 20 or 30% will soon follow.
And then they're gonna stop watching you on TV entirely.
Because everybody's got a sick feeling now that they're in the enemy camp.
That they're being preyed on by a bunch of losers when they're part of this.
And so a beautiful thing is happening because they captured the NFL, they captured American institutions, they've been beating us over the head with them.
And now because they pushed and pushed and pushed into all the sanctums of where people just wanted to take off time and sit around and you know watch the Fox Sunday football with Terry Bradshaw.
All the rest of them to just see unified America hate, unified virtue signaling, unified hype, unified peer pressure by a bunch of followers and a bunch of losers.
Because if you don't bow to what the globalists want, and it'll be every other little social signal after this, if you don't give in to this, if you don't do whatever they say, if you don't accept that you're bad and you're racist and you're evil,
And that you've got to politically do whatever they say in this new cult you're in, or we're going to get you fired!
You know the Hispanic gentleman, I won't even say his name now because it's a shameful name, not an honorable name to a great extent, they threatened to fire him just like the coach said he was looking at disciplining him on Sunday.
He was the lone stealer.
Alejandro that would come out Army veteran, Army Ranger veteran and put his hand over his chest.
See, the rest of the team had said, no, we're a cult.
You don't have free speech.
We can act like we're pissing on Trump in the end zone.
That's OK.
Nobody gets fined for that.
We can cuss during the national anthem.
We can do whatever we want.
Just don't go put your hand over your chest.
That's a no-no.
You violated the team.
You're bad.
We're going to fire you.
So he came out and said, I'm ashamed of myself, of what I did.
Because they're threatening his, what is he getting paid?
Four, five, six million dollars a year?
They're threatening his paycheck.
In the end, Alejandro Villanueva's beliefs were more complicated than many wanted to hear.
Oh, it's a complicated thing, because he's looking at getting fired now.
So he says he's ashamed.
They go, just forget about him.
Let him get his paycheck.
It was complicated.
He says, I apologize.
I'm ashamed of myself.
I made my teammates look bad.
These are all quotes.
That's the cult we live in in America, folks, where you write in your hat at West Point that communism will win and put your fist up.
You're about to get a job probably running a subdirector of a major intelligence agency.
You call yourself reality winner?
You say you hate white people, they should all be genocided and you want to join ISIS?
You get promoted to running an entire NSA FBI database.
You say you hate America?
You're going to the top.
You're like Jack Posobiec.
Quietly enable intelligence for his country based over in Asia, you name it, comes back, fights for the Trump campaign, helps him win, running one of his biggest groups.
They say, oh, the president likes Jack Posobiec.
He loses his security clearance.
Let's kick him out of the Navy if we can.
But man, another guy pulls open a Che Guevara shirt and says communism will win.
And you know now in the halls of power, young man, you're a good trader.
You're going to lower that drawbridge and bring down the Republic.
We need scum like you.
Good job.
That's how late the hour is.
And look at these clips we've got coming up.
NBA coach.
White people especially need to be made to feel uncomfortable.
Oh, like the 10-to-1 attacks on whites by blacks because they deserve it?
The black folks in the... I've got a couple crime reports right here.
The guy that went in and shot a bunch of people, killing folks at that Tennessee church because they were white and Christian.
And he was an immigrant from Sudan and a Muslim.
He said on his Facebook...
Confessed to the police, he said, I wanted to kill a bunch of white people, because they're racist.
Well, if they weren't before, they might be now, and I think that's a bad thing.
White folks on average see through all this.
I wonder if there'll be anybody taking knees for those folks that got shot in the face, in the back.
In fact, remember, a year ago, the NFL, the Dallas Cowboys, wouldn't even have a few seconds for the five dead police officers, a couple of them black, in Dallas?
Who got shot in the back by Black Lives Matter and killed, and they denied the request.
They told the Dallas Police Department, you gotta pay money for that.
And of course you know the NFL's getting paid.
You know, it's come out, they're getting paid for everything you see them do.
All this anti-American crap, they're getting paid by big foundations.
Just like Comedy Central's getting paid to put on a show every night of the week, lying about yours truly, misrepresenting what I say and what I do.
And I don't even know if I'll even address that, though they want fodder for their little show, because they're not really that important.
But it is important to address the propaganda, and in the piece, they let you know, their first show last night, who the enemy is.
And you notice China, I first told you this about a decade ago, but now it's been all the news, China finances the majority of US movies, and all six of the big movie houses, the production companies.
And they pay, in some cases, $20 million per film to just show a line of communist Chinese flags, to show a pilot bureau, and to have the Chinese president, who's a dictator, save the world from the aliens.
They paid money for that in Arrival.
Look it up!
They paid money in the Martian that America couldn't produce booster rockets to get to Mars in the rescue mission, but the Chinese had rockets.
They had to get them from us.
The U.S.
won't even let us produce our own rockets now as part of strategic sabotage under Obama.
We have to get them from the Russians.
The United States had as good a boosters as the Russians have now in the 70s.
But the plans were destroyed under secret executive order.
That's right, the plans drawn up by the German scientists were destroyed.
More globalist sabotage.
And one of these shows, the opposition, because see, in the show he goes, we're the conservatives, we're the opposition to the resistance.
That's the big lie.
When we're the resistance, Trump's the resistance, you're the resistance, we have the whole power structure, the whole globalist force.
The Communist Chinese, the Pope, Hollywood, the media, the big think tanks, the big telecoms, the big computer companies, the big social networks, Facebook, Twitters, Googles, all against Trump and America and the resurgence.
And the NBA and the National Baseball League and all of it, all lined up against us.
And Little Info Wars is one of the big threats.
Little Info Wars.
And then the first thing they tell you in their promo, China isn't real.
No brother, we've sent our reporters many times to China.
We've had our reporters inside North Korea.
I get on the phone and talk to high level people in the agencies, you name it, the president.
What do you mean I don't know that China's real?
That's what they sell, that we're these insular country bumpkins that don't know.
I know China is probably, in fact let's look into it, because I know they're funding Time Warner Productions and I know they've had a bunch of mergers and stuff.
Isn't Comedy Central, I meant to do this this morning to check it, I don't even pay attention, aren't they owned by Time Warner?
Please look that up for me.
I know, Comedy Central, who owns Comedy Central?
Who owns Comedy Central?
Let's put that in a search engine.
And I guarantee you, because I know Time Warner gets money from the Communist Chinese, I know Universal, I know Fox, I know they all do.
So I said, notice I went from memory, it's either Viacom or it's, because it's been going back and forth.
So Viacom, it's owned by Viacom.
Viacom gets massive money.
They own CBS, they own a bunch of the production houses.
Viacom's the biggest media company in the world.
Shumner Redstone is its founder.
Viacom Group.
And they are so in bed with the Communist Chinese, it'll make your head spin.
So now when they go, look at these dumbass nationalist Americans, Alex Jones, he says China isn't real.
Hey, that's a lie!
You think that little candy-ass host that reads off teleprompters knows their demographics, their numbers, about the Chin Dynasty, their wars against Japan, the history of what happened in South Korea, all the different angles?
About Chiang Kai-shek, the nationalist, how the CIA put Mao in, all the different white papers written about how the CIA supported... No, no, they don't know any of that.
I know so much on China, it makes my head hurt.
But see, we can get a skindy, slender, you know, guy with a psychopath physique, and he can sit there and wolf-like tell you that Alex Jones doesn't know anything.
Alex Jones says China isn't real.
And they call it... The Opposition.
And they've got a term here about mental nationalism.
Well, if you don't have nationalism in your own interest at heart, you're called a slave.
But see, they invent these new words.
The media acts like they're great linguists.
But they have giant teams of hundreds pouring over this crap they put out.
It's not even funny.
They all hail it as God.
And they spew all this bull.
It's all coming up today.
Congressman Ron Paul on a plan to stop the North Korean crisis.
That's on Infowars.com as well, but we're not intellectual like you.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Before we sell out,
This message is transmitted at the request of the President of the United States of America and the Office of Homeland Security.
In compliance with the United Nations, the President of the United States has declared martial law.
Curfew is now in place.
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
It's the Alex Jones Show.
Ladies and gentlemen, we are here broadcasting worldwide.
I am your host, Alex Jones.
And we're here Monday through Friday from 11 a.m.
to 3 p.m.
Central Standard Time.
We also have the Real News with David Knight.
That is weekday mornings from 8 a.m.
to 11 a.m.
when I go live.
And then right after we end at 3 p.m.
Central, you have Owen Schroer and, of course, the Great War Room as we battle for the Republic against the globalists.
Roger Stone gave us his exclusive last night video and the text.
of his testimony to Congress behind closed doors today on the Russiagate situation.
As soon as he comes out today, I'll have a live video press conference that will be happening, that'll be fed on Infowars.com and PrisonPlanet.com.
DrudgeReport.com is linked to the exclusive video testimony and the exclusive text at DrudgeReport.com as well.
So we'll give you more on that as it unfolds.
More on North Korea, more on the NFL, but this NFL thing is absolutely gigantic because they're trying to break our will.
And they're trying to say in your own country, your flag's racist, your nation's bad, and then once you've learned to bow, quite literally bowing to Zod,
Superman, Bao Dazad, that's not just in fiction, that's in the real world.
Once you show your subservience to George Soros and their psychological warfare combine, where they've used cultural differences to bring down the Middle East, to bring down Eastern Europe, to bring down countless nations and peoples, they're now doing it here, and it's in the WikiLeaks.
That they're using culture war to carry that out.
And we've got the Republican establishment that is involved in it as well.
We're going to get to that in a moment.
The very powerful words of Stephen Bannon.
But know this.
Globalism is a consortium of other nations and megacorporations, empowered by slave labor,
We're good.
Six big movie houses owned by five big companies that have 95% of mainstream media control, and they are all now chiefly financed by the Communist Chinese because they're going bankrupt.
First they sell the country out.
First they impoverish the nation.
Then they make all their major films China-centric and Communist-supportive.
And now we see Bill Maher, HBO.
We see all these Hollywood stars saying, we like Kim Jong-un, we hate Trump.
Trade leaders with us.
That's very sick and very evil, even if you hate Trump.
But that's how far they've gone in the financing of Hollywood by Communist China.
And when you look at Viacom and Comedy Central that it owns,
And you look at how all their major programs attack yours truly, and the president and others, and misrepresent what we say, and take it out of context to demonize us, and tell us that they're the resistance.
Yeah, they're the globalist resistance to America!
And they are against this country, just like the NFL is.
They are disgusting, and they've all got to be cut off.
They've got to be fully bankrupted.
And they're jokes.
And they know
That they're bought and paid for.
They're consciously against this country.
That's why every major movie you see that's based in science fiction or based in modern affairs or based in military activity, the communist Chinese come in and save America.
Hell, the director of The Transformers is coming out with a movie that's based on Escape from New York, where the communist Chinese join with the US military in a coup to remove Trump.
I mean, this is naked.
And all you need to know about the opposition is they're the establishment.
And that Comedy Central is the opposition to America.
And they are the opposition to the resistance, and when they put up stuff like, China isn't real, and stuff like that, it's like Lloyd Blankfein coming out a few months ago when Trump had Infrastructure Week, and said, how's that going for you, Trump?
Knowing Congress was blocking it, and saying, I just got back from China, we're moving our main operations.
It's incredible!
Yeah, the slave plants are great, the suicide nets are great, the forced abortion is great, the organ harvesting of Christians and Buddhists is great, but it doesn't matter because you're Lloyd Blankfein and you've got this sick thing about somebody was rude to your grandpa in New York once when he got off a boat or something, so you think if you just destroy America and hate America that somehow it's going to empower you even though you are America, Lloyd Blankfein?
And the media thinks it's cute in CNBC.
Oh, look how he trolled the president and talked about how pathetic we are.
Let's all get on the trader bandwagon!
We're gonna break all this down, and I'm gonna get back into the Harry Carey, the shepa-coo.
The suicide for all the linguists over there at Viacom that are so delicate geniuses and so smart and teach us how conservatives are low information voters.
When I've been out to your crowds, they're the dumbest, ugliest, stupidest people I've ever seen in the Democratic Party.
I mean, they're sad.
I feel sorry for them.
They look like they got hit by a mental retardation beam.
And like they've been drinking fluoride.
Oh, I guess they have.
Which CNN now has to admit causes mutation, brain damage, everything else.
Entire Dallas Cowboy team takes a knee, gets booed.
Flashback NFL denied Cowboys request.
To honor cops slain in Dallas.
CNN, MSNBC, Slave Master Trump wants race war.
Wishes blacks were kneeling in the cotton fields again.
Well that's all made up, but I do know what's happening.
Whites all over the place are getting killed.
And a lot of poor immigrants from Eastern Europe that are white are moving into black areas.
And every couple days they get shot or hit over the head with a hammer or killed.
And people say, I killed them because they're white!
Black lives matter!
As if Eastern Europeans had anything ever to do with the slave trade.
You look at Arabs, almost all Arabs, lineage, were involved in the slave trade.
That's all they had there in the desert was slave trading and controlling of the different trade routes.
The silk routes and others.
That's what Mecca was.
It was a big slave bazaar.
Maybe 2% of Americans that were here before 1868,
Had slaves.
Most whites come from sharecroppers that were slaves.
There was indentured servitude in Europe.
The same thing.
Look it up for all the big linguists over at Viacom.
Oh, they know what it is.
They're not going to tell you about it.
We are.
And they sit there totally cold-bloodedly knowing what they're doing.
And oh, notice you're not going to hear any more in the news now, because it happened two days ago, a black guy, racist black Muslim, that we brought into our country and gave everything, not even working a job, big ol' swole up roid head, on a narcissistic power trip of himself, went and killed some whites, went and found some whites, and too bad one of them had a gun and shot back, because he could have killed more people.
You know, enjoy the Supermax prison you're going to there.
You'll probably get released, though.
It's all cute, it's all fun.
You're not going to hear anything about him.
You're not going to hear any whites bitching, either.
Blaming all blacks for it.
Jesse Jackson trumps NFL statement show, slave master, servant mentality.
NBA coach, white people had to be made to feel uncomfortable.
Another virtue signaling idiot of the Spurs.
Tennessee church shooter admits to crime as bizarre Facebook post surfaces.
But again, that's OK.
You're not going to hear anything about those guys.
You're not going to hear any virtue signaling about that, because that's a white devil.
That's a bunch of white devils that got shot and killed.
Oh, but don't worry.
In Berkeley, they allowed the March Against White Supremacy to happen.
Nobody attacked that, because it was the Antifa scum and the faculty having their march.
But they banned Milo
And everybody else, and then physically attacked my reporters, who I didn't order to go.
They wanted to go.
Millie Weaver and Gavin Wentz.
And then they broke into her car and ransacked it and tore up our equipment.
There's video of that up on Infowars.com.
But that's okay.
You don't have a right to have speech.
And then when we catch you filming us and our speeches, we're going to follow it back to your car and rob it and tear it up.
And then we're going to attack women.
But that, because see, they're the heroes fighting Hitler, so it's okay.
It's FUD.
It's a bunch of wimps that just live here in the country and direct violence and then say, I just came and shot your church up.
I just came and beat up a woman.
I just came and shut down your free speech.
I just robbed your car.
I just shot a cop in the back.
And you know what?
You're the bad person.
Now kiss my ass and get on your knees before me while I piss in your face.
And they've got the NFL player.
We can show it.
Hiking his leg and acting like he pee-peed.
Oh, he didn't get fined for that though.
Because, you know, you work for the team, you're not allowed to have your own speech on the field.
Not allowed to flip folks off or whatever.
But, oh, you can practice peeing on the president and then later say, no, I'm practicing pissing on the president.
Because that's what it is.
It's peeing, right?
It's dominating you.
We're only paid $20 million a year!
I hate this country!
Because Viacom told me to!
Shumner Redstone told me to!
Yeah, well, old Sumner Redstone got locked up by his family, is hanging on by his fingernails right now, like he did off that balcony in that fire.
But he's not going to be able to hold on forever.
Oh, no.
And the devil, his God, is waiting with a big open mouth.
Just right there for you, Sumner, and all the rest of the scum at Viacom.
We're going to do some big reports on the Chinese money going into Viacom, the communist state-run money going into Viacom.
That story's up on News Wars.
Peeing in America's face.
InfoWars reporter car vandalized.
That's okay.
They deserve it.
Violent crime rises in U.S.
in Democratic cities.
Two years running.
Oh yeah, actually getting killed by black-on-black 90-plus percent of the time, but that's okay.
Most of the blacks are getting aborted.
That's alright with the liberals, because they're there to enslave them and everybody else.
And the racial attacks on whites only intensifies every day, and it just gets you in the back of the paper.
They usually won't even say, who did it?
But first, let me get into this right now.
Bannon warns GOP establishment, your day of reckoning is coming, and I'm really proud of Bannon.
Trying to keep Trump on the straight and narrow and being run out by the generals and others.
And he really is supporting right folks.
He really is supporting good, real Tea Party, Libertarian, Americana, what you call Yellow Dog Democrat type folks as well, just people that aren't out to get the country.
And you've got this whole race going on in Alabama.
And he just leveled his political guns right on the people around the president.
He said, the president's a great guy, but he got misinformed about who to back.
And now it's an example of a fight over the heart and soul of the Republican Party of who wins this runoff election, this primary Republican election.
And here are some of these powerful clips from Bannon.
First, let's get to this clip.
Bannon on NFL protest.
They should take a knee every night and thank God Donald Trump's president.
Because even though he disagrees with some of what Trump's doing, just like
Senator Paul said on this show a few months ago, just like his father, I guarantee he'll say next hour, we ought to thank God every day we got Trump in because Hillary would have been even worse on war and the economy and so many other issues.
But here's Bannon on NFL protests.
You know, about taking a knee for the national anthem, I said in this speech tonight, if people in this country take a knee and the National Football League players want to take a knee, they should take a knee at night.
Every night.
And thank God in heaven Donald J. Trump is President of the United States.
He has saved this country so much grief.
He has done such a tremendous job with virtually no help.
And that's what I meant when I said that.
I stepped out to make sure that Mitch McConnell and the Republican establishment starts to have a Republican back.
Because you know what?
Mitch McConnell wouldn't be Majority Leader if Donald Trump didn't drag a half a dozen senators across the goal line in November.
So it's time for the Republican establishment to step up and have the back of President Trump.
Steve Bannon's the real deal.
Blue-collar Democrat, union family, whole nine yards, and he understands the scam against all working people.
And if you want real prosperity, folks, just let the Banning Plan get delivered.
It's classic Americana, JFK program.
That's why the globalists are pissed, man.
They think this country's theirs.
The Communist Chinese have bought controlling interests in all five major mega companies and all six subsidiary
Movie production houses, studios.
I mean, that's how far gone we are, folks.
Every episode of these Comedy Central shows have some Chinese communist worship piece.
So those dictators over there that keep Christians in cages and sell their organs, and have factories with suicide nets around them, can sit there and feel powerful.
And so these media outlets get access to the Chinese Communist market.
Can you imagine what sellout scum these people are?
They're all a bunch of failed comedians and actors that read off teleprompters that enemies of this country fill.
Nobody's... Give them a document cam shot around the room.
Give them a shot.
There's no script here.
Only the truth in red, white, and blue, and take it to the enemy.
And we're going to win.
Stephen Bannon, the GOP elite, represented by Mitch McConnell, hold me in contempt.
I swear their contempt as a badge of honor.
I love that fact.
It's incredible.
It's a badge of honor.
Let's go to that next clip.
The Republican, the elites represented by Mitch McConnell, right?
Hold me in contempt, right?
They think I'm a bad guy, they think I'm a dangerous guy.
I wear their contempt as a badge of honor, okay?
They have helped destroy this country.
They have done nothing but allow economic hate crimes against the working men and women in the heartland of this country.
The factories went to China and the drugs came in.
We've got to stop it.
Tomorrow in Alabama, the good folks in Alabama got a choice.
This is Jeff Sessions' seat, Sean.
You know how close I am to Jeff Sessions.
I know how close you are to Jeff Sessions.
Jeff Sessions has been our mentor.
Jeff Sessions is a man with a pure heart and tough as boot leather.
This seat is Jeff Sessions' seat.
Just look at Bannon's eyes, but also watch his actions.
It's just straightforward.
It's the truth.
You look at all the Politico weasels in both parties, they're mentally ill.
They care about what the fake system thinks.
They have no integrity.
They have no moral compass.
They have no rudder.
They have no North Star.
They have no God, but just self-aggrandizement.
And then that does not fulfill.
It just drives you deeper into the mental illness.
Bannon at Roy Moore rally, we're gonna give you that.
Stephen Bannon smacks around the swamp at the rally.
Those clips are coming up.
And then former congressman Ron Paul, the latest on North Korea and how to hopefully stop World War III.
This is the InfoWar.
Please spread the word.
No serious person
Watching me right now will deny what I'm about to say.
Very self-centered, ruthless, cold-blooded people pretty much around the world.
And if you get into the technocracy documents of Davos, Bilderberg, NATO, the IMF, the World Bank,
It is incredibly cold-blooded.
I mean, they talk about establishing a world government, cutting off development, cutting off resources from the cancer that is humanity in their words.
And that's really the paradox.
Am I a schmuck for caring and wanting to warn people?
Is it some weird vestigial ancestral memory to think of humanity and all our struggles for hundreds of thousands of years together and all we've gone through and
Loving humanity and trying to build something and trying to come together and see how we're manipulated and try to grapple with the scientific elite to have a future and debate what our future should be and control our own destiny or let them trick us into giving over our own free will.
I could, as some type of sick elitist that I'm not, get into going, well the public doesn't want to be lifted up, they're lazy and dumb.
It's their right to free will, to be dumb and watch football all day and eat aspartame and eat GMOs and drink whiskey, none of us are perfect, and die.
But if you want to apply yourself and be part of this, you could be transcendent.
But it's not transcendent to dumb everybody down and F them over and have them all racially fight with each other so you can run off and play God.
And that's the problem.
I don't want to be with the general public.
Who's dumbed down and worldly.
But even worse is you, the supposed elite.
You're just a worse expression of what you claim you're about to call the Earth of.
We should be sad about the fact that an industrial society makes people weak.
Just like somebody on a Mars mission doesn't have gravity so their bones become weak and their heart becomes weak.
Instead, the globalists admit they use it to control people and write all these textbooks and white papers admitting it.
I know a lot of you are awake, but let me explain something.
This isn't a game.
This is the real deal.
You are alive on a planet in deep space.
The whole thing isn't a simulation.
It's hardcore, and this is a very important planet, and it's time for you to wake up and get involved and choose which side you're on.
The enemy is weak.
I'm not that strong.
But I have a will.
I am not a vampire.
I am not a parasite, and I do not want to see you fall so that I feel strong.
If you feel as I feel, as you know this is true, then I want you to pray to God to open your heart and soul and make you strong.
And I know there's people coming who are going to be much stronger than I ever was in the face of the enemy.
Because our species is going to make it, and we're not going to fall to this technocracy.
I know it.
It's written in my guts.
It's written on my heart.
It's written on my soul.
It's written in the stars.
This is your choice.
You're only alive one time.
Make the right decision.
I'm Alex Jones.
We are back live.
Paul Ryan has announced a plan to try to raise taxes.
They know that'll kill the economy.
That's their goal.
That's why they wrote Obamacare.
Yeah, the Republicans wrote it, the Democrats love it.
Because they love being schmucks.
Being screwed over by the bipartisan criminals.
In other news, flashback.
Trump warns parents to watch out for pervert Wiener.
Says keep your young daughters away from him.
Of course, he's convicted of that now.
He's a pervert.
Trump said it back in 2012.
What do you think Trump's talking about?
He also tweeted about pedophile rings and said they should all be executed.
And they are being arrested at record levels.
So then I've seen articles in Time Magazine, Newsweek, AOL saying, oh no, it's a myth.
That's a talking point.
There aren't pedophile rings being busted.
It doesn't exist.
Yeah, like the Deputy Pope and Senator Menendez and all the rest of it.
You people are crazy.
You are something else, man.
Wow, can you imagine working for Comedy Central and posing as a news reporter when you're really a comic?
And then reading off a teleprompter and defending this?
What a bunch of desperate losers.
So that's all coming up as well.
But yeah, Republicans to raise taxes, consumer confidence falls, new home sales hit eight-month low, and they were trying to get consumer confidence up, did get some of their jobs up, but didn't get the stock market up, but if they can just hold those tax cuts up a little bit longer and keep Obamacare in a little bit longer, they can get you, and make you real poor and have to live off handouts, and boy, isn't that sad?
Because they know if we got an open free market, you'll vote for what you want, which is freedom, and then they won't be in charge.
Too bad, isn't it?
Just too bad.
But, intellectually, we're breaking with them, and so the NFL and all them can go bankrupt with us as well.
How's that sound?
And Hollywood.
And Viacom.
And all the rest of you people.
You are all living off laundered money.
You're all living off a bunch of Ponzi schemes that make Bernie Madoff look like a choir boy.
And it's all going to come down, scum.
Everybody knows you're the establishment.
Nice bait and switch.
We are the resistance.
If you're watching this transmission or listening to it, you are the resistance, not Viacom, the biggest media company in the world.
Dedicated every day to lying about yours truly.
A badge of unbelievable honor.
But when I see your mind control slaves, the ones in the street that try to attack me, who repeat the things that are on Colbert Show and all these other programs, that's why I said they've been put into a mentally retarded state.
And I mean that.
It's very sad.
Now, if you want a break with these people,
And if you want to go up against them, and if you want to absolutely break their will, to financially support us, that's the big Comedy Central attack, is that we have money to fund ourselves.
We sell things.
Oh my God, we're not Viacom trying to sexualize kids at age four, admittedly at Nickelodeon?
I'm sorry, we're not.
The Nickelodeon pedophile channel, or whatever it is.
The sexualization channel.
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Alright, all the big news, straight ahead.
We now take you live.
We now take you live to the Central Texas Command Center in the heart of the resistance.
It's Alex Jones.
Oh, in the heart of the resistance.
I've had that particular liner right there for like 10 years.
Oh, but I'm being told by Comedy Central and Sumner Redstone and Viacom that they are the resistance and I am the opposition.
Yes, I'm in opposition to the globalists colonizing this country, making us poor, telling Africans they can't have electricity or cars or air conditioning.
Yeah, I'm against, I'm in opposition to 51% of blacks never being born.
Or Chicago, 95% of the deaths, black-on-black crime.
I'm in opposition of you, the establishment, claiming that you're the resistance.
Yeah, you're the resistance to freedom.
You're the suffocating force of pseudo-intellectual trash, financed by the big remnants of the robber baron Combine Constellation, allied with the Chicoms, destined to fail, because we're now aware of your operation.
So everything you do only leads quicker to your own destruction.
I'm promoting Americana.
57 Chevys and Marilyn Monroe and rockets to the moon.
I'm promoting Americana victory.
You're promoting protest nation.
Look at Drudge Report.
Another congresswoman takes a knee because she's only got tens of millions of dollars and bitches and spews her anti-white racism.
Sheila Jackson Lee kneels, but it gets better.
I've got a clip here.
I'm going to get back into Stephen Bannon and more after Ron Paul leaves.
He's coming on the next segment.
Sheila Jackson Lee kneels on the House floor in support of NFL players.
Yeah, on your knees to Soros and his destabilization program.
I love it.
Dallas Cowboys no longer America's team.
Their disgusting exercise of being bullied by Soros.
That's all coming up.
But if you look at the protest nation, we've now got good old crazy Maxine Waters up to her usual tricks, and that's another clip that I'm going to be getting to coming up.
Where Maxine Waters goes next level.
But right now, let's go back to the Bannon clips.
Bannon at Roy Moore rally in Alabama.
They talk about hate speech.
Let's talk about economic hate crimes that's been working men and women of this country.
That's powerful.
That talking points the truth.
Here it is.
They talk about hate speech?
Let's talk about economic hate crimes that have been done on the working men and women in this country.
They've gutted this country.
They've gutted it manufacturing jobs and shipped them overseas.
You know what for?
For profit.
You think this opioid crisis just came about?
There's a direct correlation between the factories and jobs that were shipped to China and the workers left behind with total despair.
Strategic military operation.
Now here's Mad Maxine.
Impeach Trump over NFL kneelers.
She's gone completely insane.
Doesn't even make any sense.
She says, we'll just hear it from her.
Here it is.
He's pointing now to the NFL.
We know that the majority of these players are African Americans and we know what he is doing.
We're not tricked or fooled by him in any shape, form or fashion.
And someone said, how is it he can never criticize Putin or the Kremlin or Charlottesville and those KKK nationalists, supremacists, etc.
And here he is strongly criticizing, you know, football players and NFL players.
And so it's clear.
We know who he is.
He's defined himself.
What are we going to do about it?
I know we're not talking about Russian collusion today, and we're not talking about obstruction of justice, but I hope people understand it's about all of this that he should not be the President of the United States of America, and we got to get ready for impeachment.
So there you go.
All of that is a lie.
All he's done is criticize Russia when Russia's done nothing.
He's been bullied into that.
All he's done is talk about Charlottesville ad nauseum.
All lies out of that pig's mouth.
And of course he's got a bunch of spoiled, rotten, racist black players.
Of course he's talking about them.
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Waging war on corruption.
It's Alex Jones, coming to you live from the front lines of the Infowar.
Well, on Friday, the North Korean communist dictatorship's diplomat cancelled his speech at the UN, which was unheard of, and then came back Saturday
And, well, why not just hear it directly from him, what he said.
He tried to insult the supreme dignity of my country by referring it to a rocket.
By doing so, however, he committed an irreversible mistake of making our rocket's visit to the entire U.S.
mainland inevitable all the more.
In case innocent lives of the US are harmed because of this suicide attack, Trump will be held totally responsible.
What else could be a bigger threat than the violent remarks such as pouring fire and fury, total destruction coming from the top authority of the world's biggest nuclear power?
Congressman, former congressman, medical doctor, Air Force veteran, Ron Paul, was against the Iraq Wars.
He was against the Afghanistan operations.
He's been against all of it.
He's been proven right.
His son, and of course himself still in Congress, spearheaded, exposing the fact that the West had backed Al Qaeda, and then ISIS later.
And then Trump rightfully picked up that gauntlet and took the baton forward and has helped clean up a lot of ISIS and kicked him out of Syria to a great extent.
Now would be the time to come home.
Instead, the neocons and others want to go into Syria and kick out Assad himself.
Ron Paul has written extensively on that, so has the Von Mies Institute and the Ron Paul Institute.
The story is posted on newswars.com and infowars.com.
Ron Paul, how to end the Korea crisis.
Kim joins Saddam Qaddafi Assad on a list of madmen, says Paul.
This is a complex issue, but he's got a very well-researched angle on it, so I want to get his take.
Thank you for joining us during this critical time.
Thank you.
Good to be with you.
Now there's a delay today with our connection to you in Houston, but that's okay.
Again, just so folks know.
Dr. Paul, let's get into your plan to avert, which could happen any time, causing a huge nuclear war.
Well, the sooner we get out of there, the better.
You know, we went into Korea when I was in high school, and it was totally illegal, unconstitutional.
It was done without the permission of the people.
It was done within a week after the Civil War broke out in Korea.
And some of my teachers never came home.
And ever since that time, I've been saying, why are we there?
What should we be there?
During all my campaigning, especially the presidential campaigns, I said, just come home.
We've spent a trillion dollars over there, you know, keeping together.
And look at what's happened in Vietnam.
We finally lost in Vietnam after 60,000 Americans get killed.
And now we get along with them.
We don't need to be there, we're just trying to provoke a problem.
And this guy's nuts over there, so why provoke him?
We are acting from a sense of insecurity that we have to say, you know, we're tough, don't mess with us or we'll bomb you.
That to me is just sort of chowdery.
So the sooner we get out of there, the better.
We've been there way too long.
And you know, this whole idea, the stage is set now that, you know, the Koreans are threatening, well, we might shoot down an airplane.
Well, what if there's now that that stage is progressing because of our involvement, somebody's going to use a false flag and somebody's going to shoot down the airplane just so that this war gets started.
So that's why I believe in non-intervention.
We ought to defend this country.
But it's time to come home from Korea.
We've lost too many lives.
We killed, even when we got involved in that civil war.
You know, with the North and the South.
We bombed the North to smithereens.
We killed 30% of their population, and they had never attacked us.
We never declared war.
We went there under a UN banner.
We have an insane foreign policy, and unfortunately, it really hasn't changed that much with our new president.
Dr. Ron Paul is our guest.
We're talking about the North Korea situation and obviously they're now sending bombers over the DMZ.
Big provocations.
We know a lot of Ukrainian missiles that give them ICBM capability have been shipped in, smuggled into the North.
And when you talk about a false flag, how do we know some major arms manufacturer or some other country doesn't smuggle a missile in, like we saw in Ukraine,
Shoot down one of our bombers, or try to shoot it down, and then suddenly we're into a kinetic action.
A war starts.
The North then attacks the South, Seoul, with 100,000 pieces of artillery.
They've been threatening to detonate a hydrogen bomb above ground to attack Tokyo.
We could very quickly get into a large nuclear war.
And a lot of people say, well, we can easily defeat North Korea.
Well, of course we can.
But what happens if China or Russia gets involved, Dr. Paul?
Well, they will get involved and, you know, when it started way back in the 50s, we thought, well, we'll take care of this.
And a month after the war broke out, you know, we essentially won the war.
And then we moved up and decided, well, we'll occupy North Korea, went up to the border and the Chinese came in.
Sure, they're going to be involved.
But I think you just made the case for why we need to be.
Out of there, because North Korea, the guy is goofy, but I tell you what, he does know what he's doing because he has to threaten because he believes that if he gives up and capitulates and does exactly what we tell him to do, that what will happen, like what happened to Saddam Hussein, what happened to Gaddafi,
And how do we treat Assad in Syria?
We have an empire to defend.
We run the world.
And it's wrong.
It doesn't work.
Millions of people have died over this.
And it's time we as a people woke up and say, we ought to mind our own business.
We ought to come home and defend this country.
We don't need to be worrying about
You know, battleships and bombers and flying back and showing that we have strength.
They're weapons that were used in World War II.
And this guy who runs North Korea, he's not going to invade the United States.
He's not going to launch a missile.
Just remember, the whole thing, dealing with Iraq, about all the danger, great danger, and the propagandists, the deep state, the media,
I think?
Well, we need to go to war with this guy, and unfortunately we're marching that way, but we better look at ourselves, too, and why are we involved in 120 different countries with our military personnel, and why are we always looking for trouble?
And I would say that it's very, very dangerous, but just to say, well, it was always Saddam Hussein's fault, it was always Gaddafi's fault, it was always Assad's fault.
And then turn around and say, oh yeah, look at Russia!
Look at what they're going to do!
I mean, it is the neocon foreign policy that we have been following.
We still follow the neocon foreign policy.
I think that's tragic.
That said, I agree with you in practice and function, but even people like Joel Skousen that agreed with you about not having a war in the last five or six, saying they were frauds, he says when you get down to North Korea now, they do have nuclear weapons, they are being backed by China, they are a real threat, they are firing missiles right over Japan.
They can test weapons, but doing it in this way, threatening preemptively to blow up the U.S., to say it's inevitable, that's pointing a gun at us
And really, next-level bravado.
It's incredible chicken.
And then you have the Clintons, as you know, transferring the reactors, transferring the missiles in the mid-'90s that you and others criticized when you first got back into Congress.
And so there's a lot of blame going around here.
And then you just have the horrible little communist third-generation dictator
Fat off the blood of his little skinny citizens.
I agree with you, the poor, you know, Korean, North Korean slaves and their children.
I feel sorry for them.
I don't want to have to, you know, nuke the DMZ.
But if they do strike us first, I think they may be crazy enough to do it, then it's going to take a major commitment to make sure they can't counter-respond.
Dr. Paul?
You're buying into all the garbage that's passed out there by the deep state and neoconservatives and the media.
My suggestion very clearly on what we should do is we should allow the South Koreans to talk to the North Koreans.
What's wrong with that?
They're the ones that have everything at stake.
And we don't even allow them to do that, and yet they're willing to.
Just last week, the South Koreans, in an effort to break this conflict, they sent a couple million dollars to North Korea to take care of some of the kids that are suffering from our sanctions.
The people suffer.
We kill people.
We killed almost a million Iraqis with our sanctions before we went to war.
And all these sanctions do is just provoke the bitterness.
We need to get allowed.
Why do we prohibit the South Koreans from talking to the North Koreans?
We did that in Vietnam.
And the French and Americans did that and millions of...
Sure, sure.
I mean, it's like Madeleine Albright said, a half million Iraqi children is a good price to pay with the sanctions.
It's probably way over a million, lands it.
British Medical Journal said it was like 1.3 back in like 2007, going back to 1990.
And understand, Dr. Paul, I'm just wargaming both sides of the debate.
I've not bought in.
to the garbage that we need to have a war or that sanctions are always the best thing.
As you said, Vietnam now loves us, hates Communist China, becoming a free market powerhouse, and we should have made a deal with Ho Chi Minh to go in there and be free market to begin with, but we double-crossed him, tried to overthrow him, as you know, back in 1960.
So I understand the history of it, as you do as a former Air Force officer.
The only thing I'm getting at here is that we can certainly recognize communist regimes are also horrible evils.
Just because we have neocon problems here, I mean, certainly, this is a great example of how communism is a horrible nightmare like Venezuela.
Let's skip this break.
Go ahead, Dr. Paul.
Well, I still think that you're seeing them as a much greater threat.
And when I was drafted in 1962 of the Cuban crisis, you know, there was a real hot, cold war going on at the time.
But we had danger then.
The Soviets had 30,000 nuclear missiles and weapons.
But we didn't provoke or think we had to get rid of them.
We actually dealt with them.
Kennedy talked to them and, you know, got rid of that crisis we had in Cuba.
North Korea, they don't have this capability.
China is not interested, not in their interest, to allow this guy to provoke and get into a war with us.
So that isn't quite accurate to say that they're in cahoots with China and they have nuclear bombs and all this sort of thing.
And I think that we should allow
Sure thing, Paul.
Let's be clear.
I agree with you.
I have four children.
You've got a bunch of children.
You've got a bunch of grandchildren and great-grandchildren, I'm told now.
And I absolutely do not want to have a nuclear war.
I do not want this to happen.
I understand that what you're saying is historically true.
I'm simply pointing out that President Trump has been right on so many other issues.
And I understand that it looks like there's been an escalation.
He believes that
The strategic appeasement, the strategic patience has run out, and that he's looking for some other way to get North Korea to come to the bargaining table.
Hell, months ago Rex Tillerson was saying, let's have talks, stop this rhetoric, and it only seemed to encourage Kim Jong-un.
So I understand you can say we're ganging up on North Korea, and the people hurt are the poor folks in it.
That's true.
I'm not saying you're wrong.
But what about the dictators?
What about the horrible
You know, evil leaders of the nation.
What are we supposed to do about them?
What do we do?
Well, Alex, you're speaking for the neoconservatives.
That's their line of talk of why we have to do this.
And I'm just arguing it's totally unnecessary.
It didn't work.
You admit it didn't work in Vietnam, and we should have done that differently, and we're friends with them.
We win more in peace than we do in war, but we've been in Korea.
This whole thing is just based on a lot of misconceptions.
I think our administration has accepted neocon lies, and they're going with it.
And I agree with you.
They get into trouble because of the diplomacy and the tone and all this.
And I agree with you.
So, in just a minute or two, because I have a few other questions dealing with the economy and what's happening with all this NFL race baiting and the rest of the culture wars.
What is your advice to President Trump?
What is your advice to the President?
Bring the troops home.
I would advise him just what my position has been for years.
Get out of interventionism.
Bring the troops home.
Get out of all this me.
Get out of Syria.
Out of Iraq.
The whole works.
You know, start dismantling our empire.
Get all our troops out of Korea and allow people to settle their own dispute.
But not to join this neocon effort to continue to run the world and distort the truth because they love the wars in the Middle East and now the neocons are behind all this activity while we have this great enemy, the North Koreans.
I think when we get so upset about that, that we're insecure, we act like a bunch of bullies, we're insecure, we don't know how to react and say, oh they're coming, they're going to come and they're going to bomb us.
Alex, that is not true and the Chinese aren't on that side of that issue.
Just to be clear,
Just to be clear, their main trading partner is the Chinese.
I'd love to see the two countries unified in this nightmare.
And I'm not going with that line.
I'm looking at both the lines of reasoning here just to play devil's advocate.
I overall agree with you and hope that's the way this goes.
But they do say they have hydrogen bombs.
It is believed they have them.
They're saying they'll preemptively use them.
So they're putting out horrible rhetoric as well.
I get your point that they need to look strong.
They saw what happened to Iraq and other countries that didn't have nuclear weapons.
They look at, you know, Iran looks at that.
So moving away from that, I think we actually agree on that subject.
And I pray everything turns out all right.
We've got your article posted on Infowars.com promoting that.
Getting into the NFL thing.
We have the WikiLeaks.
It's George Soros saying, let's go to culture war, even during the campaign, promote racial division, you have a black president, you've got all these millionaire football players, people are tuning out of the NFL in droves, and they're only accelerating it as we see more and more...
Wound up attacks on white churches, whites are being killed in hate crimes, and it's so fashionable to be anti-white, and if you point that out, all this anti-white racism, they call us racist when everybody knows you and I and others have been calling for unity and, you know, really bringing the country together.
What is all this about?
Where do you see this going?
What's going to end up happening, Dr. Paul?
Well, I think it is part of this cultural Marxism and, you know, attacking tradition and culture is part of their tool.
But when you narrow it down to the demonstrations on the football field, actually the answers are coming back pretty fast.
People are disgusted with it, and they're disgusted with the football players, they're disgusted with the owners.
They're starting to boycott, and I think that is very good.
I just think the President ought to just, you know, be a lot less noisy about it, you know, threatening people, you know, that they're committing some crime.
This can all be solved with a libertarian understanding of property.
What those ballplayers do is determined by the owners, just as it would be in your studio or in your house or in my house.
It's the ownership.
So it has nothing to do with government and freedom of speech.
It has nothing to do with the First Amendment.
But it has a lot to do with what the culture of Marxism is trying to do.
But the people who condone this and encourage it and expand this with the kneeling business, I think that's dangerous.
But it's a reflection of the ownership.
It can be stopped immediately by just the owner saying, no more.
That is it.
But if they condone it, you can't write a law and you can't intimidate, you can't say that's their right under the First Amendment.
Nothing to do with the First Amendment.
I totally agree with you.
It has to do with what the owners are going to do with their property, and the market will answer.
I agree.
Trump's gone too far when he talks about having a rule.
It's his right to come out and say he thinks they're, you know, idiots or whatever.
But when he goes further, he then starts encroaching on free speech.
I mean, I think a lot of it's figurative, but then how do the owners not let him do celebrations in the end zone, even though they're hocking their leg, peeing on the president?
How can they fine him for that, but not fine him if they don't stand for the Star Spangled Banner?
And I get it's free speech, you shouldn't have to stand.
My point is, there's this open globalist attack on America now, and that's why I'm simply saying I have my free speech to say I am going to boycott the NFL forever.
What do you think, Dr. Paul?
That's the answer.
Boycott them.
And if the owners want to act like jerks and prohibit one sort of expression of a political opinion and not the other one, then they just dig a bigger hole for themselves.
The other thing about this, I need to get this in if possible.
You know, a lot of this got worse once the football teams started taking money from the government to promote this supranationalism and militarism.
Because all of that military stuff, they get a lot of money, but that's to support the interventionist foreign policy and the military, and the military can do no wrong.
It's support for the empire.
That is where the problem is.
And the American people should absolutely not allow our government to give one cent
To the football and advertise there to promote the militarism of our government.
We only have 45 seconds real quick on the economy.
If we don't get the tax cuts, Paul Ryan wants taxes to be raised now.
If we keep Obamacare, most analysts say that will cause a new recession or depression and cause that big implosion you've been warning of.
30 seconds on that, Dr. Paul.
Final comments, Dr. Paul.
Well, it looks bad.
I sure hope they can get
I sure hope they can get the tax cut through.
If they blow that, then we're really in trouble.
But it's not unusual to develop, you know, some of these welfare programs.
It's almost impossible to stop them.
And hopefully, though, we can compensate.
Trump, if I had to look for one thing, he has set an atmosphere where there'll be less regulation.
If he can get a tax cut through, that will be helpful.
Yes, sir.
Thank you, Dr. Paul.
Thank you for all your time.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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The answer to 1984 is 1776.
You're listening to The Alex Jones Show.
Right now, Roger Stone, let's talk to the House Intelligence Committee.
We had a very spirited exchange.
I had the opportunity to correct the record with Congressman Schiff and Congresswoman Speer, as well as Congressman Swalwell.
They conducted themselves in a
In a polite and collegial way, but they continue to insist that the Russians hacked the DNC.
They actively disputed the notion published in The Nation.
This is very key because here is the takeaway.
The FBI Director, Mr. Comey, and the Secretary of Homeland Security, Mr. Johnson, both testified for this committee.
That the DNC did not allow the FBI to examine their servers.
Mr. Schiff intimated today that that was not the case and claimed that the DNC servers had been turned over to the FBI.
We've got to get to the bottom of that.
InfoWars.com is the first place on the planet where you can learn that factoid.
Did the name Seth Rich come up at all?
It did not.
That is your news.
All right ladies and gentlemen and we're joined by Roger Stone live right now.
We have the entire press conference unedited being uploaded right now.
It was in the basement so we couldn't get our wireless transmission out.
National Television had some of the excerpts and some of it live but we're going to give you all of that plus the exclusive transcript of his testimony and the exclusive video
Of him reading the transcript before he went in.
So that is all exclusive on DrudgeReport.com via Infowars.com and Newswars.com.
But the whole Russia investigation is now officially imploded.
They have now officially said that I'm not under investigation and I'm not connected to Russia.
They've come out and admitted that Drudge wasn't involved and shot down Democrats' further calls for criminal investigations.
What it is, is bullying saying Alex Jones didn't kick our butt.
Donald Trump didn't kick our butt politically in the arena of ideas.
No, the Russians did it.
You had the whole Hollywood system, everything but the kitchen sink, thrown at the American resurgence movement.
That's the opposite of racist.
It's free market.
It's bold.
It's beautiful.
And they failed.
So they want to bring in authoritarianism, claiming we're the outside force, when they're the globalists protesting the flag, trying to overthrow our borders and get rid of our sovereignty!
They're the foreign power!
They're the multinationals!
They're the enemy!
They're the establishment!
They're the opposition to us, the resistance!
And they love playing games with words and trying to tell you they control words and control meaning.
We're not under your cult anymore!
And it's not because we're scared of your big fancy words.
You don't even know those words!
You read off teleprompters!
We are the future!
We are the cutting edge!
We are Americana!
We are the Renaissance!
We're the real liberals!
Not you!
They want to use those terms.
That's why they want to get rid of Thomas Jefferson, because it was the revolutionary idea that he didn't realize in his lifetime, but was realized later!
It's called being a visionary!
Now joining us is Roger Stone.
Then I'm going to get into these incredible NFL clips.
The booing of the Cowboys, all of it.
As Ron Paul just said, boycotts the answer, it's cultural Marxist soul, Alinsky horse crap.
And it is blowing up in their stinking faces.
So get that video out.
We're going to get that out in the next 30 minutes.
Infowars.com as well, because this is not a spectator sport, the fight against the globalists.
This is information warfare.
And our weapon is the truth.
Our credibility is the truth.
And that's why they attack it, because they know we told you about the NSA spy grid first.
They know that we told you about how Trump was way ahead in the polls first.
And we told you he'd win.
And we told you everything!
Because it's all there!
We told you the Communist Chinese Fund, Viacom, and Communist Central.
You can watch it and see all the commie worship!
Coming up, Alex Jones doesn't like China, but we do.
Because you know we get out on our knees every day in front of the communist dictators.
And you know what we do, don't you?
Yes, you know, don't we?
What trash!
What idiots!
You're going to be just like the NFL!
I love it!
So twist all you want, just like Megyn Kelly had the worst ratings ever for the new show she took over.
All the critics say she bombed, the new Comedy Central show bombed.
A lot of folks at Comedy Central behind the scenes said, be nice, you know, come on, this is years ago.
Play ball with us.
And I said, I don't want to play ball with you.
I don't want to come on and act stupid and play into your part so I can be a court jester, geek, clown, you know, like poor midgets on Howard Stern.
That's not who I am.
I want to destroy you because you want to destroy us and America.
You understand that?
We're never going to stop.
We're never going to give in.
We're never going to back down.
We understand it.
We don't read off teleprompters.
We don't run around telling you how intellectual we are all day and, you know, telling folks that we don't understand language or any of this garbage.
It's crazy!
We're changing the future.
We're making the world better.
We're winning.
You're losing.
All of you are jokes.
Well, Alex, don't bash some show that's based about you and plugs you every day.
I don't care!
I don't go to NFL games.
I don't want to go to Hollywood.
I don't want to go to A-list parties or fly off on private jets to the Caribbean and, you know, sit there with empty-headed morons.
Understand that?
I'm here to burn you down!
I'm here to route you out, and I'm gonna do it!
And I mean that information warfare-wise.
Roger Stone, you just came out of the big House Intelligence Committee hearing with Lord Schiff, the great perpetrator of BS and buffoonery, and we've got the exclusive video of what you testified inside, too, up on InfoWars.com.
Tell us what happened.
Well, Alex, major, major breaking news that will be heard first around the world here at InfoWars.
During my testimony, when I said I did not believe that the Russians had hacked the DNC, and I cited the fact that the DNC had refused
To turn over their servers for examination to the FBI.
Both Congresswoman Speier and Congressman Schiff objected and said that, in fact, the DNC had turned over their server.
Now, in fact, it was pointed out by Trey Gowdy, the Republican member.
Somebody's committing perjury in Camelot.
Certainly appears that way, although what's interesting is, I have just learned, as the witness, I am subject to the laws regarding perjury.
But as the questioners, if they lie, well, there's no penalty for that.
I corrected the record.
I made it very clear that there was no collusion by Donald Trump, the Trump campaign, the Trump family, the Trump friends, the Trump associates, certainly nobody at Infowars, with the Russian state.
I also made it clear that I did not know about
Confirmed what Julian Assange himself had tweeted on July 24th.
Sure, we all understand that.
So I've seen your prepared text.
How is Schiff and the other Legion of Doom members acting towards you?
Because they always have this fake bravado on television.
How are they acting behind the scenes?
They were weasels.
Schiff was particularly a weasel.
They were attempting to set several perjury traps
They were unsuccessful.
They read back to me a number of my commentaries on InfoWars.com, trying to twist them to say that they said something they didn't.
So when I said on InfoWars that I had been in communications with Assange, I also made it clear on InfoWars that that communications was indirect.
Through an intermediary.
But the New York Times was talking to him at the same time.
You're allowed to talk to people.
Assange isn't a Russian agent.
Exactly the point.
They also asked me if I had ever posted and then deleted a tweet.
I didn't recall that I had.
And then they showed me a tweet in which I had called some woman out.
Pointing out that communications with Assange would be perfectly legal, and then had subsequently deleted that because I had called her a stupid, stupid word that rhymes with witch.
And I thought better of it after I had posted it.
Well, I delete tweets all the time.
I'm like sending a tweet in a red light, and then I notice I sent the wrong word out, and I delete them all the time.
Or that you misspelled something.
Of course it happens, but be careful, Alex.
They may haul you before the committee can explain your deleted tweets.
Well, I think it's fair to say this whole rush of gates winding down, you predicted that six months ago.
They were then segwaying into financial crimes, which now they've basically admitted to.
So, what's the next shoe to drop?
You know, it's very hard to say.
They, of course, asked many, many questions about Paul Manafort.
They asked many, many questions about conversations that I've had with the president, which I declined to characterize to their chagrin.
It's not clear where they think they're going, but we're going to have to resolve
Whether or not the DNC was hacked at all, never mind hacked by the Russians, and now suddenly the Democrats are claiming they did turn over the server to the FBI.
That's just a serious discrepancy in the public record.
Well, Roger, another chapter is now opening, and it's the battle for the Republican Party centered around this runoff for the nomination there in Alabama for the Senate seat of the now Attorney General Jeff Sessions.
We have Bannon charging around, exposing that the establishment is backing Mr. Strange.
Give us your approximation as a political operative on what's going on in Trump-landia.
Is he still keeping the faith?
Well, I am completely at one with Steve Bannon.
We are both supporting the same candidate, former judge Roy Moore.
Roy Moore, ironically, will be more loyal to the Trump agenda than the candidate the president has been conned into supporting.
That would be Luther Strange.
So, things are kind of backward there.
But a victory for Moore will be a victory for the Trump agenda, while a defeat for Strange will unfortunately be a defeat for the president, because
I believe, as Steve does, the President was conned into supporting the establishment Republican candidate.
The Republican establishment, the Mitch McConnell's, the Paul Ryan's, can hang on by their dear lives.
And that's why President Trump should get behind this political move, and I mean their political lives, to go ahead and sweep them out and finally get...
The real trifecta in Congress.
But I'm told the generals, they even said this in the news, are hopping mad.
Why are they involved in domestic stuff?
Telling Bannon, shut your mouth!
Go away!
Drudge Report!
The Liberty Movement!
We brought, the American people brought Trump in!
And we're not going to just crawl off in the shadows now while you join with a bunch of blue blood trash and rape this country!
Go ahead, Roger.
I could not agree more, Alex.
The truth is that if you love Donald Trump and the Trump Revolution, and you live in Alabama, you should vote for Roland Moore, not the candidate the President got.
And you were saying that, you were on the air months before Trump endorsed him, trying to get Trump.
Were you ever able, I know it's always limited, it's tough to get to talk about with him, or others do.
Well, I made the case, in all honesty, like Ronald Reagan.
He had two options.
One was to endorse no one.
That's what every Republican president in my lifetime has done in statewide primaries and then campaigned for the nominee.
Or, here was a golden opportunity in a special election to send a message to Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan and the Country Club Republicans who've been knifing Donald Trump in the back that we're not going to take their crap anymore.
He should have endorsed... And instead he gave them what they want and then a month later Mitch McConnell wouldn't even return his phone calls.
An arrogant piece of trash!
No question, and what's the guarantee that Senator Strange will stand with us on Obama?
I think he's figured it out, but the moral of the story is
Don't take political advice from your liberal Democratic son-in-law, Jared Kushner.
Because that's who recommended the endorsement of Mitch McConnell's running dog, Lackey, candidate, Luther Strange.
Infowars.com, RogerStone, StoneColdTruth.com.
More exclusives coming.
I'll let you get some lunch and some rest now, and we'll talk later coming up on The War Room that you co-host with Owen Schroer, coming up today, 3 o'clock Central, in about two hours.
Thank you.
God bless you, Alex, and victory or death.
Hey, we're teleprompter-free.
My new name is Eric Jones.
Yeah, absolutely.
Thanks, buddy.
Victory or death.
There he goes.
Powerful stuff happening.
You know, I haven't even gotten into... Comedy Central has a five-night-a-week show that is so conceited, so self-centered, so arrogant, so fake intellectual, just... I mean, I'll be honest, I couldn't even watch more than five minutes of it.
That's why I haven't played it yet, because it's like chalkboard.
Nails on a chalkboard.
But I do need to play it, because...
It just illustrates every five seconds was poured over and written to manipulate and to take control of language.
And they tell you who their enemies are in this breakdown.
So it's important.
So I've got a first five minutes of the show.
It's all I can watch.
And then I've got one of those little promo man on the streets with people wearing, you know, Infowars.com t-shirts and just just just he's attempting to show how dumb conservatives are.
Go to a conservative rally versus a liberal rally and you'll see who's dumb.
And that's why they're having to do this.
They hate the fact we're doing it.
We're just going to do more of it and just show how your constituents are the saddest, dumbest, most confused, lost people the world's ever seen.
But listeners, commit today to understand we are the tip of the spear.
We need your prayers.
We need your financial support.
So thanks for going to InfoWarsTore.com.
So Candace Owens, thank you for joining us from Red Pill Black.
Absolutely, I'm happy to be here.
So let's start.
I mean, where do you want to get?
The hurricane?
What's happening?
The censorship?
How you struck back?
How it all began?
Let's start where it all began.
I was essentially, I always say that I was force-fed the red pill because I went and created a company and a woman named Zoe Quinn contacted me and told me that she was a woman that was attacked by anonymous white men on the internet and that if I did not
Pull my company back and defund it.
Pull myself off of a fundraising platform that I was going to be attacked by anonymous white men.
I didn't buy her story and I didn't pull myself off of Kickstarter and within hours I was being attacked by what I was supposed to believe were Trump supporters.
Uh, everyone had this kind of handle, pro-Trump John, or pro-Trump Joe, and they were saying, you know, nigger, nigger, nigger, die, die, die.
And obviously I'm not a moron, it was pretty obvious that she had orchestrated the attacks, and when I came out swinging against her in a public manner on Twitter and I said I know that she is harassing herself and that she is behind some funded campaign to attack people and try to make them think that it's someone else, I was swiftly
They want to end discourse in a video?
About police brutality, or about North Korea, whatever.
They just go in and say N-word here, cracker there.
To do it.
So you experience that yourself.
You speak to that.
They have developed anti-marketing firms.
So they go out and they actively attack people, and they try to control the narrative in terms of who the people think that the attacks are coming from.
So for me, you know, with this ominous threat, if you don't do what I say, white men are going to attack you.
And then I say, I'm not going to do what you say, and then all of a sudden every pro
Trump, you know, troll, tries to attack me.
So they are relying on stupidity and they are relying on anonymity on the internet.
And I'm just, I wasn't stupid enough.
I understood that the threats weren't real and that they were lying and that they were using this, quite literally, a white lie to try to get me to come out swinging against white men and grow their forces.
And unfortunately they picked on the wrong person and I am back and I feel it is absolutely my duty to expose this lie.
We're being artificially manipulated and we've got to admit the globalists are the main issue.
Doesn't mean there aren't issues.
The globalists are manipulating us, they admit they're manipulating us, and we need to just wake up from this nightmare.
And it seems like people like you are leading us out of that nightmare.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want to stop tyranny?
Well, so does he.
Live from the InfoWars.com studios, it's Alex Jones.
Well, he founded Citizens for Trump.
Jack Posobiec is here in studio with us.
Good to have you here.
Great to be here, Alex.
Finally coming down to the mothership.
I'm having a great time.
This place, it's amazing.
It's amazing to see what you guys have done.
We're trying to expand it and we're trying to recruit all the people to man it.
Well, thanks.
So we got a lot to cover.
I asked you during the break what you wanted to cover first.
You wanted to get into this article that's up on newswars.com and I had it somewhere in my stack.
You guys will just print it for me again.
It's like an explosion of paper in here.
Who is a West Point graduate.
I guess for the army, and he's got a hat saying communism will win, and then opened up his shirt and he's got a very, very racist, very, very hateful Che Guevara shirt.
Che Guevara, he said that only white people were good and that brown people were cockroaches.
He hated Latin Americans because they didn't want to go live in communal farms and they wanted to keep their own property, not have him be their slave master.
But this little arrogant social justice warrior, signaling piece of crap,
Calling himself Commie Bebop is right there letting everybody know that he likes an ideology that killed almost 200 million people.
And this, he'll probably get awarded.
Now you were in Naval Intelligence, didn't make an issue out of that.
Running one of the biggest Trump grassroots groups.
President likes you, tweets your stuff, you broke a lot of big stories.
They kicked you out of Naval Intelligence over that saying it's improper.
If the President supports someone in the armed services, that's a sign they're not loyal.
Because you're not a communist, you don't want to kill 150 million people.
So if you remember all during the election when I was doing the Citizens for Trump work, I would come on here once in a while and did I ever mention anything about my naval intelligence background or my history or anything to do with the intelligence community whatsoever?
I was here only in the perspective of I was talking about what was going on with the election, what we were doing in the volunteer time, all the different operations we were running to help the president win.
Because we're Americans and we can do that under the Constitution.
And I wanted to step forward from the shadows and do that because I felt like it was right for my country.
Absolute crossroads.
I get shut down.
This guy who comes out and says he's a Che Guevara terrorist and basically says he's a communist on the side.
And if you look at some of the stuff that Che Guevara did in the past, I mean, absolutely horrific brutality.
Mass executions of men, women, and children.
He called Mexicans roaches.
Now I'm pretty sure, I haven't checked, no I was a Navy guy, I'm not an Army guy, I'm pretty sure that the Che Guevara shirt is not Army issue for the uniform.
Fairly certain, Alex.
I don't know if you, if you've checked.
Well you know he had higher-ups egging him on.
So where is the slapdown on this guy?
Yeah, exactly.
Where is anybody coming down on this?
You cannot... You've got all these university professors saying kill cops, and they...
They get awarded stuff!
The army will make you remove tattoos if they see if there's gang members, if there's like hate speech or anything like swastika tattoos, that sort of thing.
The army will make you remove that if you have it or kick you out in some cases.
Why hasn't there been anything on this guy?
But meanwhile you got a guy like me, you got guys like other people that have stepped forward and said they want to serve their country.
But guess who's hero is?
Of course Kaepernick is his hero.
Kaepernick who, number one... Another spoiled rotten scumbag that wants communism.
Millions of dollars... You think Kaepernick, who also likes Shane, knows that he hated anybody that wasn't white?
I don't think that he's probably done any of the research.
No, these people are all dumbasses.
He looked at the t-shirt and said, yeah, I like that t-shirt, let's put it on.
Yeah, the women will think I'm really groovy if I do that.
And I'm not saying all women, but that's wearing the shaman beads and crystals.
Every guy I know is trying to wear shaman beads and crystals.
You know, right when that whole thing's peaking, it'll make me jump off a cliff.
We're going to go to break.
Come right back.
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Donald J. Trump is now president of the United States.
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Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order, it's Alex Jones.
Crashing through the lies and disinformation, it's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
We're broadcasting worldwide, ladies and gentlemen.
Jack Posobiec is here, doing a great job.
Of course, you can check out his main site, citizensfortrump.com, one of the main groups credited with the Trump victory.
And he's a Navy man right now, might be a veteran soon, so they're trying to kick him out.
It was in the news, they said, naval intelligence, the president likes him, you can't trust that.
I want to get into the NFL.
I want to get into Bannon.
I want to get into the fight for the heart and soul of the Republican Party.
But what other issues do you want to get into in the next hour plus we have before Paul Watson joins us?
Well, Alex, I could definitely talk about the North Korea situation from a military perspective.
Look at the different fight, the way it's lining up right now.
And then you mentioned the fight for the real heart and soul of the Republican Party that's going on not too far from where we sit, right over in Alabama, the Senate primary today.
Big showdown between the establishment, where Trump has endorsed the establishment guy, this strange, but now every single other grassroots, conservative, patriotic
Trump supporter is behind this guy, Roy Moore.
And there's been five other congressional special elections that the Democrats threw everything they had, 2-1, 5-1, 10-1, depending on the state's spending, and all the hardcore candidates won, and then again it's a bellwether saying everybody is certifying, we want to keep Trump, we like it, and then he does this and endorses an establishment guy, trying to appease the Republican establishment, and then they wouldn't even return his phone calls after he capitulated.
Yeah, so you've got to ask, what's the deal here?
What are we getting out of this?
What's Trump getting out of this?
McConnell isn't putting forward any of his bills.
They're putting forward these piddly, I'm sorry, Obamacare repeal and replace bills, but they can't even get passed because John McCain says he won't support it.
And when you look at the bill itself, it's not really changing very much.
It says, well, it's not going to be Obamacare at the federal level, but it'll be Obamacare at the state level.
It's like, OK, it's still kind of Obamacare, right?
So, what exactly are we getting?
Where's the wall?
Where's the legislation for that?
Where's the funding for it?
Where are the major tax reform that we've talked about?
Where's the infrastructure bills?
What exactly is the president getting for his agenda out of supporting Luther Strange?
Meanwhile, you've got a guy like Roy Moore, who supports the president's agenda already.
This is Jeff Sessions' seat.
We can't have a squish in Jeff Sessions' seat.
We don't want an establishment guy there.
You need a rock star.
And what's the polling showing?
I've seen different numbers, but you're more on top of this than I. I mean, what's it looking like right now?
Neck and neck?
It's so, honestly, and it's kind of a weird thing, but actually, after Trump endorsed Strange, more went up in the polls.
And people are actually saying, people are scratching their heads and they're saying the media couldn't figure it out.
They were saying, why is more going up, even though they had said 90% of people knew that
Trump had endorsed Strange.
What it actually comes down to is they said, look, we like Trump, but we support the agenda.
And that's who Morris is.
It's not about the man.
It's about the mission.
It's about the culture.
They said, look, we're not we don't support.
Yeah, we like Trump because Trump's our guy.
But that doesn't mean we're going to be in lockstep.
It's not a cult.
Yeah, it's not a cult.
That's they they think that we're like them.
No, we're not.
We're not Trumpites.
We're Americans.
We're Americans, we're free thinkers, and we can think to say, well, sir, we respectfully disagree with you.
And we really like Trump and we know he's for real and he's already done so much, but if somehow they get control and he goes sideways, we'll throw him overboard.
And I think they're finding that out.
Yeah, they're realizing that MAGA is about Make America Great Again, and we're here for... Not make the Republican bluebloods act like they're patriots, but continue their degenerate agenda.
And the way the old dumb Republicans bow to MSM like it's so powerful, and like, oh, they won its coveted endorsement.
It's a scarlet letter.
It's a big loser hung around your neck.
You don't want Hollywood or Comedy Central or the NFL to like you.
You want them to hate you.
The thing I love about the Comedy Central Show is they don't realize that the more and more they do that, the more power they're giving to you, the more power they're giving to our side, because the more they're saying, hey, you need to pay attention to these guys, oh, we're just going to laugh at them.
Well, they did it out of panic because nothing worked.
They already did the ignoring and everything else, so now they want to misbrand who we are, just hoping one of their bots kills us.
Let's be clear, this is about getting us killed.
They're listening to their mentally ill deranged crowds that are pissed.
Go kill these people.
SPLC, ADL, making the lists, putting up the targets.
It's go kill them.
Yeah, and I don't think the hosts, people reading on teleprompters understand the full, you know, multi-level psychological warfare operation they're running, but that's what this is.
This is, this is, hey, every couple days another white church gets shot up, more whites are getting killed, they're starting a race war, and then they're directing their people, go kill Alex Jones, go kill Milo.
Gregory Copley is our guest.
I want to get him up for a full hour in the near future.
What's the bottom line?
Let's get into your book, Uncivilization, your predictions of this from historical examples.
I mean, we see it happening now.
We see opportunists using this to consolidate power while trying to not actually build any infrastructure, while waging war against any culture, because it's seen as competition to the soulless globalism.
Well, great to be with you, and yes, we have been doing a lot of work on the transformation of society.
It's not just in the United States.
It's a global phenomenon, as you rightly pointed out.
It's the urban-driven people who believe themselves to be globalists.
They're not necessarily the people who invented globalization, which is something else again.
Globalization is the normal.
We're good to go.
So, right now we see the growing division between the urban globalists and the nationalists, or the regionalists, people who believe in the nation-state.
We saw, of course, this come to a head with the Brexit vote in the UK, we saw it come to a head with the
Trump election in the United States, but it's going on elsewhere around the world.
So the Brexit vote, the Trump vote, were almost seen as last-ditch efforts by the people who believe in a balanced nation-state to come to the defense of the nation-state.
Bearing in mind that we're seeing an increasing urbanization of the global population now at about 54% globally.
People living in cities in the United States about 60% so what the vote showed In November last year was that in fact not all of the city people Do go along with this urban globalist view and that's that's quite evident
Well, that's why it's the endgame of globalism, is you already have the city of Rome, and you have the city of London, London, you have the UN, and you always have these Israel city-states saying, we're diplomatically immune, you know, we're our own thing, while their political tentacles use the larger globalism to consolidate and exploit different populations.
Then that's brought back into those systems, and so people always get mad at their overreaching power.
That's one reason.
So this is really the extension of globalism, is realizing they're not going to merge all the nations into one big loving thing and take care of everybody.
They're going to have city-states above the law, tax-exempt, that exploit everyone else around them for access through the city-state, that act basically as barriers to global trade.
Live from the InfoHorse.com studios, it's Alex Jones.
Okay, so you got the World Champion Spurs of San Antonio, just south of where I'm broadcasting from, the ATX.
And it's just a crescendo of the usual suspects, Michael Moore, Maxine Waters, Sheila Jackson-Lee.
The usual suspects just pity-parting, invoking race war.
Never enough kneeling, never enough protesting near the National Anthem in this great time of battling racism.
And then you look at the FBI statistics.
On average, 10 to 1 black crime against white folks.
And I'm not bashing people.
Most black folks aren't bad.
But the media says, go out and attack white people.
And it's happening.
Like this white church got attacked over the weekend by a Islamic invader from Sudan.
And he said on Facebook, I'm a Muslim and I want to kill Christians and white people.
And he came and he did it.
You're not going to hear the NBA coach, Popovich, saying a word about that.
No, no, no.
White people need to be made to feel uncomfortable.
Well, I think they're getting made to feel uncomfortable when they get put six feet under just randomly shot.
Or black cops randomly shot just because they're cops by BLM, huh?
Pretty uncomfortable when you have to stand with armed guards outside of your church where you're trying to worship God.
I have a buddy who lives right outside of National, right near where that church is.
They stand armed guard.
They take turns because they're worried that something like that could happen.
They take turns 20 minutes, 30 minutes.
We've killed a lot more people than, you know, nine folks who shot one dead.
If there wouldn't have been that security usher, the usher's gotta carry guns.
And they call us kooks because we carry guns when you're all over TV saying go kill Trump supporters.
And they're not even Trump supporters, just some white folks, we're gonna kill them.
And when that idiot in South Carolina killed the non-black folks, every white person in America was guilty.
But now when a black guy does, it doesn't even make the news.
Every bit as evil as Dylann Roof.
Every bit as evil.
No national media.
Not a word out of Popovich because he can virtue signal in San Antonio and him and his players can feel sorry.
We're only making $20 million a year, coach.
We only have all the women throwing themselves at us and have helicopters and jets!
America sucks!
You can only buy two Lamborghinis this year, not three!
I wanted three!
That's right.
So, let's go ahead and play this clip right now.
I got so upset I just unplugged my... My headset's not working.
It doesn't matter.
Here is the clip.
It doesn't matter.
People have to be made to feel uncomfortable.
And especially white people, because we're comfortable.
We still have no clue of what being born white means.
And if you read some of the, you know, recent literature, you'll realize it really is no such thing as whiteness.
But we've kind of made it up.
That's not my original thought, but it's true.
And it's hard to sit down and decide that, yes, it's like you're at the 50 meter mark in a 100 meter dash.
And you've got that kind of a lead.
Yes, because you were born white.
You have advantages that are systemically, culturally, psychologically there.
And they have been built up and cemented for hundreds of years.
It doesn't matter.
So Jack Posobiec, just next level, and I've got like 20 similar clips.
And Hillary, well, white people voted for Trump.
They're the problem.
You know, just the same white folks that voted for Obama.
I mean, it's just crazy.
Where's this going?
And you realize that there are sources of information that are beyond what we're seeing on mainstream.
Wherever this guy is drawing this stuff from, there's no such thing as whiteness, and the whiteness have been oppressing people for years, and it's systematic.
You're not hearing that on CNN.
You're not hearing that from mainstream sources.
So there's other sources, higher-level stuff, that's getting to this guy.
There's higher level sources that are being worked on on these people that are essentially trying to flame this up because they know that these people are influential.
They know they're influential because of their platforms through sports, through entertainment, through other parts of the media, so that they can then push that message out and fan these flames of identity politics, fan these flames of actual racism, because they're looking to push forward this.
They knew, the Russians talked about this back
In the 1970s, even before then, they knew that America's fault lines were on race.
You fan those flames, you try to divide Americans on those racial lines, and you're just going to get chaos in the United States.
And the Soviets would do it in Latin America according to tribal lines.
They would do it in Ukraine according to Orthodox versus Catholic.
They would do it in the Middle East, Shiite versus Sunni, and they wrote big
Concordance documents on how to politically control.
It's called cultural Marxism and it's being carried out and taught at colleges now.
And I just had Ron Paul on saying the NFL is cultural Marxism.
But notice they've invaded everywhere with politics beating us over the head.
Don't they get we've developed an allergy that we're rejecting it, that it's not working?
Yeah, that's what they don't get.
And that is the amazing thing about the American people is the fact that they know inherently, they know inherently, Alex, that you do stand up for the American flag.
You do stand up for the anthem.
You do stand up for your country.
Well, yeah, we're not North Korea.
It's our country.
We pay taxes to it.
It's our ancestors.
And it's what are we giving it up for?
Globalism, totally ruthless companies that literally own slave factories that are the worst.
The more liberal the company, the more hellish
Their facilities are.
We saw this under the Obama administration.
Him working closer and closer with the NFL.
They had the Ravens were involved in the Obamacare rollout.
Think about this.
This is the Obamification, the George Sorosization of the NFL and it's now used toilet paper.
Yeah, it's by design.
It's by design that they would use this, because they know the power of the entertainment.
They know the power of the celebrity, the athlete, is someone that you're going to listen to.
They used to do this with the rock singers during Vietnam, during all that time.
They used to do it with other areas of entertainment.
Now they're using it with athletes.
We're also seeing it with Jimmy Kimmel, John Oliver.
All these guys are spouting off about, well this is what we need for the FCC, and this is what we need for net neutrality, and this is what we need for healthcare.
And suddenly it's like, wait a minute.
And let's be clear!
It comes directly out of the CIA, the Ford Foundation at the top.
There are good people inside government agencies that are fighting this.
That's what we're seeing is a deep state civil war, but now they're activating the shadow government that is controlled by the bad guys that controls the deep state to try to bring in some type of hard coup against the president.
What do you think they're going to launch next?
I think we're going to see more of this.
We're going to see more people, an over-politicization of America.
We're going to see people outside of sports.
Now this is leaking over to baseball.
It's leaking over to hockey.
It's leaking over to NASCAR.
Dale Earnhardt Jr.
said he wanted to be in solidarity with these guys.
And so people are going to
Because their bosses are saying conservatives won't punish you, they don't care, but liberals will love you, virtue signal to them, and then the mainstream media will say you're good.
No, Dale Earnhardt Jr.
You're an idiot.
You're going to be hated by your core fans forever.
And the numbers show it, but they're still committing political suicide.
Because it's a program.
Because it's a program.
And they know that it's not going to... They've been ordered overnight.
They know that it's a conditioning program.
It's a nudging.
It's a force feeding.
It's then going to move to advertisers.
Look for Coca-Cola.
Look for Pepsi.
Look for these big, major advertisers.
To give them major endorsements.
It's a payoff.
Start to go for all of this.
Take the...
Take the one Army Ranger veteran, I don't want to say his name now because I don't want to disgrace his family, he was wonderful, getting up during the anthem and saying, I'm not going to be part of this.
And then they basically threatened to fire him.
He now says he's ashamed.
He agrees with it all.
Basically, you know, America's bad.
Stick with the players.
So it shows the bullying of this cult.
Hey, you talk about North Korea.
This is like a video that North Korea would make somebody like, uh, like that student or somebody else give after you've been kidnapped by North Korea.
That didn't... Exactly!
You knew what he, that guy was standing... You could see in his eyes that he was standing for his country, he was standing for the fallen soldiers that he served with, wounded veterans he talked about, that's why... And they told him, you're $5 million, your contract's over unless you get out there and say, piss on America.
And that reminded me of something that you'd see.
Go back.
We've talked about this before, Alex.
Chinese Cultural Revolution.
This is exactly what they mean.
When you go to the universities, they say, we're executing the Mao model.
That's what the Ford Foundation is executing.
Of all the communist flavors, that's what we're having executed, with the Chai-cons rolling in with funding of all six major movie production companies.
Actually, the actual funding is even coming from China.
A lot of this is overt.
A lot of people see this.
Hollywood movies today, and for the past 10 years, it's been ratcheting up and ratcheting up.
It's always China, and suddenly China's more helpful in the films.
And then you're seeing, too, if you go back, look and study the Chinese Cultural Revolution.
These ideas of toppling your monuments, destroying your own history.
History doesn't matter because we have progress now.
We don't need history anymore because we're better.
We're more self-affectuated, self-accentuated, whatever that means, post-modernism.
And then, if anyone steps out of that, if anyone steps out of line, you have to self-recriminate.
You have to go stand before everyone and apologize.
And that's the thing.
It starts with you going in the colleges and then the churches and then your homes, then they shut down the churches, saying, I'm bad, I did this, it's true.
And then once they get the whites doing it, everyone's going to have to go say what they've done.
And then, oh,
Bob had to be taken away for re-education.
And what do they say, 2010 Army.mil document, they've set up mass internment facilities, and they use the term re-education camp, that is the Soviet and slash Communist Chinese name.
I'm not calling it internment camp.
Excuse me, re-education camp.
They call it re-education camp.
They even use the tainted name to rub it in.
They know what they're doing.
They know what the program is.
They're running a county takeover.
They know exactly.
It's paint by numbers.
This came from Stalin, then it went to Mao.
Mao really was the one that got the cultural understanding of this underway.
Because in the Soviet Union,
A lot of this was already destroyed from all the wars that happened, from World War I, World War II, the Bolshevik Revolution.
But it was Mao who had to go in, in peacetime, Alex, and that's key.
In peacetime, they had to foment these ideas.
And they used the youth.
He said, your parents are idiots, you're in charge.
And then they had the kids to show themselves killing their mothers and fathers in the square.
Students rising up, going after their principals, going after... And look, when you're a kid, of course you're going to be anti-principal, anti-your teacher, of course you're going to want to go after them.
But what Mao did was take that natural rebelliousness of youth and put weapons in their hands and say that if you do this, if you rise up, the government will be behind you.
And that's what happens when they, oh, conservatives can't have any speeches now at Berkeley.
Oh, but the anti-racists, they can.
And what do they do?
Beat up our reporters?
Attack their car just covering them?
We're God.
We're violent.
We'll go to your church and we'll kill you because you're white or Christian.
Because we're the liberals.
And then the whole NFL will bow down and kiss our butt.
Cuz we're gonna kill you cuz we're liberal.
We're gonna kill you, we're gonna beat you, we're gonna throw feces on you, we're gonna bankrupt the economy, we're all gonna live in squalor, we're gonna shove Prozac down little children's throats, and everybody's gonna die at early age, we're gonna live in a giant North Korean hell, because we're liberal!
We're intellectual!
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Takes about 28 seconds to go into our bloodstream.
So here's what we've got.
We've got the FDA that says, hey, you know what?
For external use only.
Think about this.
Think about this.
They say it's for external use only.
They're not stupid at the FDA.
They know it goes into your bloodstream.
What is the establishment going to do when all this comes out?
It's already come out about bisphenol A and Advrazine.
And then they're still putting it in stuff.
What's going to happen?
Why are they doing it when I've looked it up?
They've got chemicals that are even less expensive that they could be using that have less problems.
It's like they go out of their way to do this.
I think that companies today, are they purposely trying to kill us?
I don't know if I'm going to go quite that far, but what I will say is, they don't seem to care if they do.
They don't seem to care.
Just like Bayer with the hemophiliac factor 8, they knew it was in there, and they said, you know what, we'll lose money, go ahead and ship these millions of dosages.
They just didn't care.
Hey, as a young person, it was Ford with the Pintel, right?
Oh yeah, well, we had 30 gas tanks that would blow up.
Yeah, we'll get sued for millions and millions of dollars, but hey, at the end of the day, that's a heck of a lot cheaper than having to replace all those gas tanks in a recall.
I mean, golly, we've got a business to protect.
Again, when you place a person's well-being
At the bottom rung of the ladder and you place purely profit at the top, that is something seriously wrong.
Well, we're really impressed.
Mark, thank you so much.
Folks can get their Emmerich's Essentials, private label by you, God bless you, at InfoWarsStore.com, InfoWarsLife.com, or AAA253-3139.
Mark Gonzales, thank you so much, sir.
Jack Posobiec is our guest.
The founder of one of the biggest pro-Trump groups here in the campaign.
Very prolific.
The journalist on the ground and is kicking butt at citizensfortrump.com or at Jack Posobiec on Twitter.
Be sure and follow him there.
There's all the censorship issues.
There's all this other news I want to get to.
I want to get into this new Comedy Central thing that airs five nights a week and attacks yours truly and, you know, takes what I've said out of context and tries to manipulate it, but...
Getting into the NFL, as you said, it's a program.
They want to break our will.
They know it's unpopular now, but they believe that they're sociopathically on the right course.
They want to be part of the big social engineer team.
They don't get there's a civil war and we're rejecting them and irrevocable lines are being drawn here.
But let's play this clip of the entire Dallas Cowboys team takes a knee, protesting the National Anthem.
20 years ago, 30 years, you would laugh.
You'd think Martians had taken over.
But this is what it is.
The full assault on America that was meant to totally happen this year, but Patriots got Trump in, so now it's a train wreck, but they're still executing their operation.
Here's that clip.
He said the Cowboys players wanted to show unity, but they were very adamant about wanting to separate that message from the national anthem.
Alright Lisa, as they take a knee collectively, boos can be heard from this sellout crowd in Arizona.
Jerry Jones is just a shameful person.
That was my grandfather's name, Jerry Jones.
A very shameful person.
Look at that smile, that little smirk on his face.
He knows what he's doing.
And symbols mean things, Alex.
We're talking about this in the context of an overall program.
They're kneeling.
They're kneeling.
Can you guys pull up Neil to Zod from Superman 2, please?
Cal, son of Jor-El, kneel before Zod!
It's supplication.
And so, it's not like, oh, we're kneeling to protest.
No, no, no, no.
We know what you guys are doing.
We know what you're kneeling.
Symbols mean things.
And so, my question to them would be... It means kneel and give up your country.
Kneel and let us conquer you.
Who are you?
Oh, we're the globalists that run slave factories and fund radical Islam and are totally cold-blooded.
We're Bono that gives less than 1% of the money he gets from charity to black Africans.
But it's okay because, again, they're liberal, Jack.
Yeah, because they want you to submit.
They want you to actually, actually the word, the word Islam actually means submit.
To submit to God.
So this idea of submission... Kneel!
Get on your face!
Yeah, get down.
Get down.
And that's what they do.
They kneel five times a day.
They kneel down.
And that's, and that's in terms of... So we're getting the NFL nobody used to.
They only kneel once a day now.
But now you kneel to the mainstream media.
Whatever you say.
Oh yes, America's bad.
We hate it.
Oh, we hate free market.
We hate all the health care.
We want to just make it.
Oh, we want to be like Venezuela.
We're so sorry.
Oh, please.
Please, please, please give us our single player.
Please give us right now.
Please, please take all of our data.
Please, Mark Zuckerberg.
Please take all of our information.
Track me every five seconds.
That's what George Orwell got wrong.
George Orwell got wrong the fact that we would ask for it.
That we would ask for all of this targeting, ask for all of this surveillance.
That they would actually figure out a way for us to want Big Brother.
And that's, if you ever wondered what the assault on America would look like, the founders and others always said it would come from within.
And suddenly at West Point, they're pulling their outfits off, going, we're communists, we're taking over.
And their officers are like, good, well done, because this is their coming out.
This is their big move.
I mean, imagine showing that to Patton.
Imagine showing Patton, and he says, one of his soldiers, and he's got a communist shirt on underneath.
What do you think Patton would do with something like that?
And then they put it out to rub it in your face and say, we will win, you will lose.
Because he knows nothing's going to happen to him.
He knows there are going to be negative consequences.
Here you go.
Let's listen to Neil before Zod.
It's actually when I hear the audio is what I'm saying.
It's great, it's the best.
We'll come back from break.
We got some fun stuff happening in the control room today.
You got to cut that up with Zod and then the Cowboys right after that.
So have him kneel before Zod.
In fact, I meant to tell them.
In fact, McBrain or Dew, just grab kneel before Zod the whole scene, you know, 30 seconds and then the Cowboys doing it and everybody else doing it.
That's it!
That's the new viral deal right there.
There it is.
Continue, Pasovic.
More great ideas.
We need to hire this guy again around here.
What can I say?
I have ideas.
You put this stuff together.
Which is why you need to be kicked out of the Navy.
You're not a communist.
The President likes you.
No, how dare the... The media was like, can you believe the President likes him?
Kick him out of the Navy!
How dare the Commander-in-Chief look at this naval officer and say, I like what this guy says.
We gotta get rid of him.
We can't have this at all.
This doesn't make any sense.
I mean, the President can't be in the White House.
No, we've got to get rid of him.
What do you think you are, the president?
Trump can't be on Twitter.
Trump can't have access to Infowars and Breitbart and all these other independent... He has to be locked up in a tower!
No, we've got to get him out there.
We've got to put him under house arrest.
And we can't let him see any of those subversive things.
No, just give him Politico and New York Times and CNN and just make him feel comfortable and safe.
And all of our sources, nobody on the other side.
And of course it's Infowars and Breitbart that told us specifically he was being wiretapped, which is all confirmed exactly as we said, which is why he can't see it.
Because it's like, you cannot have accurate info, sir.
You need to get it immediately from Mr. Kissinger.
We'll be back.
Stay with us.
Jack Posobiec in studio.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
Live from the InfoWars.com studios, it's Alex Jones.
Make no mistake, it's in the WikiLeaks.
Even before Hillary lost, they said, we're losing, the public isn't listening anymore.
We need to divide them, we need to control them and keep them under our control, to keep them helpless and in the dark.
And Hillary responds, this was in the news, she says, I'm so sick of these baristas living in their mothers' basements, what do they expect from me?
Free healthcare?
It's impossible!
And they respond back, we recommend expansion of culture war.
That means race war, men against women, left against right, and that's what they're doing with the NFL, bought and paid for now, with Globalist Foundation money, to do all this kneeling garbage.
That's why the owners are behind it.
That's why the teams are behind it.
It's why the Commissioner.
When Trump said on Friday, he said, you disrespect our flag, you get off the field, you son of a bitch.
You're fired.
He said, no, Mr. President, you disrespect the NFL.
That's the arrogance in the weird sycophant area of where people just worship these roidhead, cokehead players and the decadent, stupid owners.
They've gotten so disconnected, they think they're America, so the globalists captured them and now...
For the last six, seven years, it took Obama a few years, you suddenly saw anti-gun, anti-family, anti-America, and the ads and the corporations.
It's the corporate money, the sponsorship money, as you said earlier, Jack Posobiec, is linked up to totally and absolutely control this.
And that's why, because these people are mercenaries to sell their country out.
That's why they're doing it, not for solidarity, not because they're against racism.
No, they know it's a bunch of hype.
They've been told to do it for sponsorships.
They know, and they look at this, you remember Pepsi, we remember Pepsi, the change ads, the hope ads that were run.
Those were Obama ads masquerading as Pepsi ads, because that's the way marketing works.
Marketing is a psychological operation when it comes down to it.
When it comes, they are trying to get you to buy a product.
But in this case, what they're doing is they've used that same
It's subliminal!
Yeah, it's completely.
And they admitted it was.
I mean, here's an example.
It was like six, seven Super Bowls ago.
They had the Green Police Audi ads that show people being arrested for hot tubs because it takes too much energy.
Arrested for batteries, light bulbs.
But a guy in an Audi used to go around the checkpoint, the police state internal checkpoint, because he has an Audi.
He's socially cool.
I said, that was paid for, I guarantee you, by a big foundation.
Because even the Green Police uniforms were the real ones I've seen from Canada to Australia to the U.S.
rolling out.
Local, federal, doesn't matter.
White top, green pants.
They later admitted, a month later in the San Francisco Chronicle, that it was paid by a consortium of government and other think tanks to prepare people for the real rollout.
That's what's, and it was done on the NFL.
And the people understand, Alex, Super Bowl ads, those cost a little bit of money.
Those are not cheap ads.
That is not cheap ads.
The average ads are about two million.
Yeah, that is the most expensive.
It's like 5 million to Erwin.
Yeah, exactly.
So they know, and they also know that they're getting their value for it.
So there's going to be the most amount of messaging, the most amount of programming, the most amount of money.
And if you want to know what the elite want, you want to hear their mouth, watch the NFL.
And it's, we hate America, we hate the flag, we hate the veterans, we want your guns, we hate families.
I think it was last year or two years ago when they came out and said, this is an anti-police halftime show.
It was when Beyonce was doing it.
And then she did simulated rioting.
And again, the police aren't perfect like anybody, but they're making the revolution about overthrowing local government.
That's a communist takeover!
And people are like, Alex used to be anti-corruption because I wanted to save the police and not have them be tools of the globalists.
I wanted them to be awake.
And you know what?
They are on average.
And that's why the globalists are screwed.
And Al Sharpton even came out and admitted that he said a lot of this is because we want a national police.
He said, we're going to federalize it.
In fact, you can search it.
And he goes, we're doing all this because we're going to federalize the police.
And they came out with the Strong Cities Initiative.
Who would sit over that federal board?
The UN.
So, all of this was going, and you could read the tea leaves and see, like, why are they going against police?
And then you saw when they said, oh, they're militarizing the police, they're getting military equipment, and you realize that they were going after local police.
And if you pick up that one piece of information, that was the thread.
And then you could tie it back to... And you want to bully the locals into going federal because the globalists have taken over the feds.
Then if the feds take over the locals, you have total control.
And suddenly you have a national internal paramilitary force.
That's right.
So you put it in those... Getting orders from the UN with Loretta Lynch giving speeches saying it.
Right, so you put it in those words and they say, oh...
Oh, you're just a conspiracy theorist.
You're crazy.
No, wait, that is what you exactly said.
That is what you're doing.
And the only reason the intelligence agencies turned against Hillary at the grassroots and middle levels was because they were being briefed on the internment camps and the re-education centers and on the communism and on all this and arresting governors and having a one-party state.
And they said, this is crazy.
Everything Alex Jones said for 20 years or Ron Paul said is true.
I'm not bragging, but we read the enemy's attack plan.
It sounded crazy because it is, but when they actually tried it, it didn't work.
And now they're never going to get away with this now.
You've got those two levels, and obviously I can't speak into classified on this, but you've got essentially two levels where there's the political appointee level in the intelligence community, the DNI, the clapper level, right?
And then you've got the rank and file, the members, the people that signed up that
Choose to live their lives in secret because they love their country and they want to do the right thing for the American people.
So when they see stuff that's going on that they don't like, when they see stuff that they get fed up with, you better believe they're going to do something about it as best they can.
And so that is where the big divide comes.
That's the civil war inside the deep state.
Right, and so that's what they saw with a lot of people.
They said, oh, look at this guy, you know, when Snowden came out, well, he's a traitor.
Manning came out, he's a traitor.
But then you'd have other people say, wait a minute, I didn't know we did that.
Wait, wait, wait, this program can, can, we're looking into people's phones?
We're looking into, we're collecting that metadata, this metadata?
But they didn't do anything wrong.
We don't have a warrant against them.
And it's political!
So then you're realizing that their own training, their own indoctrination, their own programming is telling them to not do the things.
But under Obama they put in people like Reality Winner that was trying to join ISIS and hated all whites.
She was white.
This guy at West Point saying I'm a communist.
We're going to take over and overthrow you at the graduation.
They've put their people in.
How deep is the penetration?
Part of it is penetration from the political level, so it's going to stay up there, but it's this ideology that gets in there.
It's a mind virus, Alex, you know this.
And it's having people in there that already believe because they're listening to your liberal podcast, you're listening to this alt-left stuff, you're listening to these crazy Russia conspiracy theories.
And Reality Winner, that's exactly who she was.
She was somebody who bought into all of that, so she decided to break the law in order to help what she thought was the resistance, but actually she was helping the establishment.
She wanted to help ISIS as a woman, as a feminist.
I mean, Che Guevara said Mexicans were, quote, roaches.
Because they didn't want to live collectively and let him be their boss.
He was a super racist a-hole.
I mean, people don't know, who are here in America, just think whites are the only people who are ever class-driven.
It's the same way all over the world in primitive systems.
Latin America is completely caste-oriented about your skin color.
And multiple levels... 500 years of people not interbreeding, you know, with the natives.
Hey, my dad's family did.
And I'm not virtue signaling, it's true.
I'm proud of some of my Native American history.
But I'm proud of my European history as well.
This is the mental illness.
White people do what everybody else has done.
Right, and that's it.
To get you to have to say, to have to come out there and say, well this is what my background is, and I'm able to talk on these issues, because why are we even talking about this, Alex?
Whatever happened to, let's not judge people by the color of their skin, but the content of their character.
Whatever happened to that line?
Well they knew that that line was not helpful to their program.
They knew that that line wasn't helpful to fomenting this type of anger and division and friction in the country, and so they turned it around and suddenly made people have to self
There were people who came out, there was an article, I can't remember exactly where it was, but this woman was writing it up, and she was African-American, and then she found out that she was part Irish.
So she found out, and she said, oh my goodness, I can't believe that I'm part Irish, and I had to come to terms with what I've done, and suddenly, so wait a minute, whatever happened to individual rights?
She's a human!
Now she's guilty, because Irish might have had some slaves, but per capita, Irish were the slaves, you dumbass!
Right, so... Most of the sharecroppers were Irish!
Yeah, you saw the Irish retreating.
Oh my God.
Yeah, it's exactly right.
These people are just, and now they're taking down the Lynch name, which is Irish everywhere, calling it racist.
Yeah, they're calling that race.
It is an Irish name.
Comes from an Irish lord.
That's where lynchings come from.
The name Lynch.
But we can't have that.
Does that count for Loretta Lynch?
Does she have to come down?
It just shows the total mental illness.
Now, speaking of bowing to the system, as myself and Jack Subbitt just pointed out earlier, when you're bowing down, who's giving them the cultural orders?
The CNN?
Well, who loads their teleprompters?
The CIA?
The Ford Foundation?
The Carnegie Foundation?
George Soros funds everything from the Huffington Post?
To MSNBC, to you name it, to the London Guardian.
They're putting out the message, Neil, now during the ritual of America, the star-spangled banner, the hand over the chest, don't have to do it if you want, but we're going to focus in on these spoiled rotten players doing it, and then now the owners, everyone else doing it, in defiance of the President that's saying it's wrong and disrespectful to the veterans and the country, and why do you want to be here?
This reminds me of Superman.
Superman 2, when Zod comes into the White House and is saying, everybody kneel to Zod.
Because once you kneel, virtue is signaling you're not racist, because everyone's been beating you over the head with this made-up guilt.
Now you'll kneel every time, and then now you'll call out your neighbors, call out your friends.
This is cultural Marxism, again, right out of the old Maoist system.
So let's go ahead and play this clip, and then dovetail it with the Cowboys last night.
Who he thinks is the president?
You are not the president.
No one who leads so many could possibly kneel so quickly.
I'm the man they're protecting.
I'm the president.
I'll kneel before you if it will save lives.
It will.
Starting with your own.
What I do now, I do for the sake of the people of the world.
But there is one man here on Earth who will never kneel before you.
Who is this imbecile?
Where is he?
I wish I knew.
Superman will save us.
You know how all this happened?
They were blackmailing them over buying the college athletes.
They were blackmailing the Obama Justice Department, how they were paying folks to illegally spear people and take key players out of the game.
It is gladiatorial.
Let's not lie about what it is.
They were breaking the rules.
And also the concussions.
So the government spiked all those investigations about six, seven years ago.
They peaked it and they took over the jewel of propaganda, the NFL.
And which, who was Alex, if you remember, the special counsel that they brought in to investigate the NFL who totally cleared Roger Goodell.
What was his name?
It was Robert Mueller.
The very same Robert Mueller who is now brought in again to investigate as a special counsel of the president.
The exact, the very same man.
And it was the FBI director from before him who they brought into Penn State to cover up that old pedophile ring.
But no, the deep state isn't real.
But no, tell me the deep state isn't real.
They came in and said, we know you're cheating in key plays with Vegas.
That's billions.
We know you're rigging some games, mainly plays.
It's hard to rig the whole NFL.
And we're going to bust you on that.
And that's why, just like J. Edgar Hoover and other directors said until the mid-50s, there is no such thing as La Cosa Nostra, or our thing, or the Mafia, because the Italian Mafia was paying him off.
Right, because they knew that if they were putting that up, that this was when Whitey Bolger was in there, when they supported Whitey Bolger taking out all the other families.
The FBI helped different parts of the mob to go after other parts of the mob.
So essentially, the FBI was in the mob business at that point.
And they now admit, I mean I remember covering it six, seven, eight years ago, the CIA was taking out four of the five cartels, to where there's basically only one left.
And then they make a whole movie with real people.
I mean, that movie, Sicaro, that means assassin, that's a really true story.
And I even know people that were there, involved, all that stuff.
I mean, that whole story really happened.
That's just one little snapshot of the CIA, and they make a movie
With Hollywood stars showing you what exactly, that movie basically happened just as they show it.
I can't believe that movie got made, and you notice that once that movie came out, nobody was talking about it.
They weren't getting major awards, it wasn't getting played again, it wasn't, you know, nobody really talks about it, it sits there.
But I've talked to people in the special forces community, I've talked to people in the intelligence community that say, yeah, this is true.
This is exactly what we do.
It's a war that's going on right there on the border, and no one's talking about it.
And that particular story isn't just a composite, that's one of the things that happened.
Right, because they knew, the CIA, and this is what they always do, it's part and parcel, to borrow Sadiq Khan's phrase, of what they've been doing since the 50s, even before then, is to say, they look at the cartels, Alex, as a regime.
They look at the cartels because they know who's really in charge.
They see it as a government.
And they say, we're going to just be working with one government or maybe two to play them off against each other if we need to.
And there you go.
So all we need to do is get the one that's willing to be in bed with us.
And what did Bannon say?
He said, they sold our jobs and brought in the drugs.
He's telling everybody in Alabama, the government brings in the drugs, we're going to stop it.
That's what Trump's doing.
They're actually wiping out all the little distribution cartels.
They're wiping out the Mexican mafia.
I mean, they're just getting killed.
Right now, they're all being just stacked up, thrown in the river.
They've got to go after the Sinaloas.
They've got to go after the Zetas.
There are places in Mexico, Alex, where the cartels... And again, Obama and the globalists did that on purpose.
Trump's doing Mexico a favor, actually shutting it down.
He says, we're not going to have that disorder up here.
We're not going to have a narco state in America.
Kill them all!
You think they want to be living in a Mexican narco state?
That's what Giuliani said.
He had the hat.
It said, make Mexico great again also.
Why shouldn't we?
We don't want a failed state like Somalia on our southern border.
We want a prosperous- And Trump's seen the actuaries that if you actually boost our wages, it's going to boost Mexican wages.
Just like Ross Perot said.
Donald Trump's the best friend the Mexicans ever had, I'm telling you right now.
But they're trying to stop him.
We're going to go to break, Jack.
Continue on a little bit.
But I want to take some more stuff with you, even though we're live and Paul Watson's coming up, because we're on fire, man.
I like having you in person here.
This is good, man.
Over the Skype, there's sometimes a little glitch, a little hop, but this is it.
This is real.
This is as real as it gets, man.
I like having you here.
I mean, maybe you talk about getting here part of the time, but where do you live right now?
I'm out of D.C.
Unfortunately, I'm in the swamp.
I'm in the swamp with the beautiful and lovely Tanya Tay.
So she is the one reason that I keep going back.
You know we're getting married in a couple of weeks here.
Which they always want to attack, they always want to go after.
How dare you show two American young adults just getting married in a religious ceremony?
This is really blasphemous.
Stop right now.
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And there is very grave danger that an announced need for increased security will be seized upon by those anxious to expand its meaning to the very limits of official censorship and concealment.
You now have sensors and systems of surveillance coercing your conformity.
Nobody is listening to your telephone calls.
Difference, at this point, does it make?
But we have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it.
The truth is, there is something terribly wrong with this country, isn't there?
You've got a business, and you didn't build that.
Somebody else made that happen.
How did this happen?
Who's to blame?
Remind the world that fairness, justice, and freedom are more than words.
They are perspectives.
Extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice.
Resistance to tyrants is obedience to God.
It's Alex Jones.
Jack Posobiec visiting us from the D.C.
Swamp is here.
Great guy, really smart fella.
Paul Watson's coming up from London, England.
We might coast a little bit with him in the next hour, but I don't want to take up Paul's time.
I love to listen to him myself.
Always learn a lot.
Infowars.com, Newswars.com, Jack Posobiec.
You can also follow him on Twitter.
Very important to do that and support the work he's doing at Jack Posobiec.
We've got big national polls out where the vast majority of Americans, depending on the poll, 65 to almost 75 or 80 percent, depending on the poll you look at, say that they are just totally against the NFL, including black folks, Hispanics, you name it.
They're just turning everything into a drama party.
You want to watch an NFL game where it's like 90 percent black guys anyways getting paid on average $5 million a piece, oppressed, and they're living here in the lap of luxury, bitching all day.
And statistically, cops kill 200-something black people a year.
Most of it justified.
I'm not defending the cops, but there's some bad shootings cops do, but it's the number one issue in the world.
It's a diversion on how we're all having our America stolen, and the globalists want us to fight with each other while they do it, Chuck.
Kneeling down.
I really like focusing on this topic.
I think it's very important, the actual optics of kneeling, because it's not an American thing.
As you know, they used to kneel to the kings and queens, right?
That was the British, that was the monarchy, that's who you knelt to, that's who you genuflected to.
When George Washington became president, he never said, kneel.
He said, you stand, you shake my hand, I'm gonna be Mr. President.
Not your Excellency, not your Grand Poobah, whatever.
It's just Mr. President, shake my hand, very nice to meet you.
And so kneeling down, basically genuflecting, giving supplication to something.
This is not an American thing to do.
The only time you'll really see Americans do this is when they're praying.
When there's prayer involved, when you're praising God, when you're doing something like that, it has nothing to do with politics.
So entering this genuflection, they say that we must, you must genuflect.
It's classic Soviet cow-down, where you go into the group community and do this.
And then say you're guilty.
Right, and so now all of your recriminations are coming forward.
All you're doing is, you're saying that this has power over me.
You're saying the state is God.
You're supposed to get on your knees at midnight or in the early morning and tell God you repent of things you've done.
You don't tell in a football stadium, mainstream media, you're my God, I'm bad, tell me what to do.
That is sick!
And you realize they're not taking a knee to Trump.
So I'd love to talk to any one of these guys and say, who are you taking a knee to?
Who specifically do you have in mind when you're taking that knee?
They're kneeling to political correctness and hating white people.
That's all it is.
They're kneeling to white genocide.
And they won't admit it.
I don't want anybody to be genocided, but everywhere it's kill the whites, kill the whites, the universities, no whites can come on campus.
It's a bunch of weird white people going, we need to kill all the white people.
Just everywhere, Hillary.
We lost because of white people.
It's the most racist, weird, anti-Martin Luther King crap I've ever heard.
Martin Luther King would say, you people are crazy!
We'll be right back with our number four with Jack Klusobik, myself, Alex Jones, Paul Joseph Watson, and more.
Remember, it's this crew making it all happen, and you out there, the listeners.
Finance us and piss off the globalists.
Survival Shield X2 Nascent Iodine.
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I want to tell you where you can find our new program, Real News with David Knight.
You can find it on Twitter at RealNewsX2.
Same thing on Facebook.
We have a YouTube channel, Real News with David Knight.
And you can watch the live stream every Monday through Friday at fowars.com forward slash show.
See you there.
Donald J. Trump is now President of the United States.
Whenever you want to have a debate with a fake liberal, you can always resort to violence.
We need to wake people up.
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Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order, it's Alex Jones.
Waging war on corruption.
It's Alex Jones, coming to you live from the front lines of the InfoWars.
If you're a radio listener, you gotta go to InfoWars.com and look at this sack of crap.
The official at graduation.
He's a new Army officer.
He says he's a sergeant.
Pro-Kaepernick Army officer posts, Communism will win, I mean, exterminate your ass.
He's saying he wants to end our republic, end free elections.
Related posts promote anti-fuck, killing capitalists, and Trump hatred.
Yeah, you go to his site, he wants to kill people.
And you know what?
These guys just keep pushing their stuff about how they want violence.
It was real civil.
But then look at the rest of the graduates at West Point.
I mean, I'll just tell you, the white guys, the black guys, all of them, they don't look like the kind of West Point graduates I used to see.
They look like a bunch of sniveling little stunted, you know, rats, all giggling and laughing, thinking it's funny that he's doing a communist hand sign.
It's so cute.
It's so funny.
How sickening is that, Jack Posobiec?
It's disgusting.
And actually, the last time I checked, I'm pretty sure advocating for the overthrow of the U.S.
government gets you kicked out of the military.
Having the President support you and supporting the Republic, that gets you kicked out of Navy intelligence.
I'm sorry, you're right.
I forgot my own experience.
We learned it's the opposite.
If the President says that they support you, then you get kicked.
Aren't you ashamed of supporting America and all this freedom?
How dare you not want to live in North Korea or get in a time machine and go back to the Soviet Union, which the Russians say was horrible.
What's your problem?
This little snot-nosed son of a bitch, you know, got everything paid for by taxpayers, had some asshole, excuse me Lord, I'm not gonna do that, had some congressman endorse his ass to be there.
I mean, I gotta be honest with you, I'm not a violent person, but Antifa, he supports it, running around beating up women.
That guy wants to get in a boxing ring with me, I'm like 20-something years older than him.
I guarantee you, I'll do it for charity.
I'd love to stomp the hell out of that guy.
This guy, I mean, he's so skinny, too.
He's an arrogant, arrogant piece of... He says he wants to kill people!
He says he wants to kill people!
We should take a look at some of those Antifa protests from New York.
So West Point's not too far from New York City.
We should see if he's participated in these Antifa assaults on... You know he has.
These protests that have turned violent.
We should start looking through.
Maybe 4chan can go and take a look.
I mean, he's putting his face right out there.
You can all go back and look and you can see.
Look at his eyes!
He had a power trip.
He knows commies get to run around and kill people, which he lusts about.
This is what our military is filled with.
Look at these so-called officers.
And they look like little punks.
The one guy right behind, I will say this, the one guy right behind him does look a little flabbergasted.
He's like, what are you doing?
This guy thinks it's funny.
That guy's laughing.
The guy right behind him, the one who's facing at the camera, he's like, what's going on right now?
I don't think this is right.
Veterans for Kirkpatrick.
With a sword.
He's holding a sword.
He's got a sword on right there.
See that right on the hill?
He's got his sword held.
He's got all of it.
That's their ceremonial saber.
So he's sitting there with a weapon, mind you, saying communism will win.
With a weapon.
He's saying, we're in your military.
We're taking over.
Yeah, I can't believe... They're uncloaking right now.
I can't believe that he would do this and show his face.
I can't believe that he didn't cut that out.
Because it's... It's because he's protected.
There's probably more of them than there are of us.
And it's also the narcissism of it.
It's that self-actualization of narcissism of saying, look how strong I am.
I'm going to write on the little marker on the inside.
Boy, wasn't McCarthy proven right?
Yeah, Joseph McCarthy.
I mean, he said all those years ago, he said, we're having communists infiltrate.
And he said, they've even got our army.
He said it's in the army.
They're getting into the military.
And they looked at this, and then we were told, oh, he's just crazy.
He said the army specifically.
But he specifically said the army.
He specifically said to look out for this stuff.
So what happens, keep in mind, now what happens if McCarthy was right, and those people that got in in those years, years ago, are now the ones at the higher levels in the army?
Are now the ones that are calling the shots.
Think about that.
Look at this punk.
You know what, it is winning over the people of North Korea and China that live in slave factories.
It is winning over the human spirit.
You know North Korea is going to be using this.
North Korea is going to put this out in their next propaganda message and they're going to say, look, we've got communists on our hands.
They're not going to fight us.
And he supports the violent Antifa and talks about killing people.
When are they going to start getting taught some lessons?
I'm serious, man.
He's in our military, in one of our most elite universities, telling us he's going to kill us.
It's a clear and present danger.
Yeah, there's his Twitter account.
Oh, and he's into Grant.
Oh, wow.
He wants to burn... Oh, yeah, he's an anti-Southerner on top of it.
Good God.
This guy's such a piece of crap.
Ulysses is Grant, a total alcoholic, horrible general.
He's a complete moron.
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Spencer Rapone.
Sergeant Rapone.
Benedict Arnold.
Publicly against the Republic.
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
Right and wrong.
A new world order.
Now, there's an article up on Infowars.com, Paul Watson's taking over, here with Jack Posobiec, and his great work.
We're in Austin, Poles in London, England, and we're looking dead on at this Spencer Rapone getting out as a sergeant.
And he has communism will win and his hat at graduation and a Che Guevara shirt under.
Hey, I actually didn't believe it when I read in some right-wing publication 20 years ago that Che Guevara called Mexicans roaches.
So I went to the library and I got his book where he called them dumb roaches and a bunch of other stuff.
And black people he just absolutely hated.
And that's the weird ass thing about it.
Communists are so evil and so elitist.
Hear about the Chinese Communists calling their peasants scum and stuff.
And saying, so what if, you know, 50 million die?
They're a bunch of little grasshoppers, they call them.
They mean like eating our food.
Mao called them potatoes.
Yeah, all sorts of potatoes.
Just eat them.
And that's the main food over there in China, a lot of parts of China.
Oh, I forgot!
Under the Cultural Revolution of the Great Leap Forward, the main food was giant cook pots!
I forgot!
That's declassified!
That's public!
In fact, the communists have published books admitting it!
There's photos!
I forgot!
Guys, Google giant cookpots that communist Chinese cooked the villagers in.
The 80-something million mainly got ate.
I forgot!
Yeah, there was cannibalism.
It was there.
That was done.
Mao also used the cookpots as a form of torture.
Oh, and when he was up in the mountains in Yunnan after the Long March, he would put you in a pot filled with water overnight when it was freezing cold in the winter and just leave you out there and you froze and half your body would get cut off.
And then they just cooked you afterwards.
And then they would just cook you.
And that's what he would do with his enemies.
By the way, you know, this is the stuff I've repressed in my brain because there's documentaries that the communists have put out saying, we've reformed ourselves, we don't put you and cook you anymore.
That's not some right-wing propaganda.
No, this is, this is stuff that Chairman Mao did.
This is stuff that, it's completely suppressed in the U.S., completely suppressed in China, but you can go out and actually read the sources, that great book... There's photos of the cookpots!
Yeah, there's photos... They're like putting little kids in them, because that was... Next time I come, I'm bringing the book.
I'm gonna bring the book that's got all the photos, or we can find it, so you can find it.
I've seen it before!
Yeah, what they would do is because... Well, no, they actually arrested Mao's wife, and she died in prison.
They blamed her for it all.
Right, so after... Right, exactly.
They blamed her for the Cultural Revolution, and there was her and there was three others.
They called them the Gang of Four, and they said, no, no, no.
They said Mao was just trying to help the country, but it was you four who were giving the orders.
And then she died mysteriously in prison not too long after.
And that's the thing.
Then you see some snot-nose with a free education in this beautiful, wonderful country,
Saying, I want to kill people, I'm in Antifa, I want to kill capitalists, and then they found on the Facebook where they're recruiting the military.
Let's put it on screen.
Subic, tell us about it, we're going to hand the baton to Paul Watson.
So, we're looking at this guy, his Twitter account, and he's got up there, it says DSA Veterans.
And DSA, Alex, that's Democratic Socialists of America, so it's a communist party.
That's the original core commie group.
And so you look at veterans, he's got it right there in his bio, and I said, wait a minute, I recognize that DSA, because that Democratic Socialists of America, that was Communist Party USA.
And so you look at that, and then you go through their feed, they've got thousands of followers.
It's a working group, they say, that they're targeting specifically, it says veterans, but as we know from this guy, they're now targeting active duty U.S.
military members to convert them to communism.
And let's show the group with a bunch of military people.
And they're tying it to Kaepernick and the NFL as a recruiting mechanism?
They use anything they can, because they know these guys.
And look, he's attacking the army veteran, the Hispanic army veteran, who held his hand over his heart, saying, hey, we're going to defeat your ass.
Yeah, Task and Purpose is one of their sites.
They did a huge hit piece on me.
They called me up and said, hey, Jack, we're a veteran's site.
Just come talk to us.
And I wrote it up.
And they wrote all this slander.
And at the end, it just said, Pasovic refutes these comments.
Are these accusations?
And I said, wait a minute, I didn't know there were left-wing veterans organizations.
That's how I first heard about it.
So Task and Purpose is actually this sort of hugely left-wing, hugely communist group that's run by former military members, people who got out because either they were, you know, they couldn't keep up with standards or whatever.
And now they're basically designed to attack military members, attack people for speaking up for the country, attack people who are patriotic, people like me.
Sure, and then they ban any type of conservative march at Berkeley because Antifa will attack you.
Then Antifa has their march and attacks our reporters and beats up their car and smashes their windows.
And it's not even big news now.
We're just accepting.
That's what happens to us.
That's how they act.
That's what they do as they dream of more violence.
Normalization of violence.
How many months ago did we talk about this?
The normalization of violence.
And now we're seeing it.
And that's my next question for Paul as we hand the baton here to Paul Joseph Watson reporting from London.
Got a big guest coming up at the bottom of the hour as well.
We have this Islamicist from Sudan who said, I want to kill whites, I want to kill Christians.
He goes and shoots nine people, kills one, gets stopped by an usher with a gun.
The media demonizes the church.
What kind of church has got guns?
Well, we're being targeted.
And then we say this is white genocide promoted by the media.
We're not the KKK people.
It's the media promoting white genocide.
They're pushing this.
It's getting insane.
And now if it's an Islamic attack, it barely even hits the news and Sadiq Khan
Your Islamist mayor who's putting the city under Sharia law, he says that Trump is ISIS for not wanting to kneel like the president does to Superman to Zod and just kneel to political correctness.
So Paul, let me ask you this.
What are they kneeling to when they're kneeling?
And why don't they care their ratings and support is plunging and they're losing hundreds of millions of dollars a year?
Because like Posobiec said, it's a program.
It's a program.
Paul Joseph Watson.
Well, they're kneeling, they're genuflecting to political correctness and intersectionality and social justice hysteria.
That's what it's all about.
You know, who's kneeling, Alex, for the 300,000 black babies aborted every single year in the United States?
Who's going to kneel for the 2,400 black people killed by, not cops,
Other black people every single year in the United States.
You know, who's going to kneel to draw attention to the 75% illegitimacy rate amongst black people in black communities?
Oh, by the way, Colin Kaepernick's black father left him.
His mother is white, of course.
Nobody's going to kneel to draw attention to that.
Oh, but Trump's racist for bringing it up.
OK, so Hillary's back again today.
Her piece, Hillary, she's painful, embarrassing and won't go away.
She's back again doing interviews today, every single day, forever more, she will never go away, saying that Trump is racist, that it's a racist dog whistle for him to say that NFL players should stand for the national anthem.
Now that's odd, because a big poll that's come out today has found that the majority of African Americans think the same thing, okay?
48% to 37% agree with Trump that NFL players should stand for the national anthem.
Oh, but Trump's racist for saying the exact same thing.
You had an MSNBC guest
Earlier today as well, come out and say that, oh, Trump basically said the N word at this rally in Alabama on Friday when this NFL issue first cropped up.
I mean, he didn't.
And that's an absolutely outrageous claim.
But, you know, he basically said the N word just by talking about it.
You have ESPN.
You had an ESPN analyst yesterday say that Trump, because he said that, you know, it was getting too soft, they weren't allowed to bang into each other as much in the NFL.
That was him communicating that he wanted black people to get hurt.