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Name: 20170915_Fri_Alex
Air Date: Sept. 15, 2017
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InfoWars excerpts cover various topics such as London terror attack coverage, criticism of mainstream media, and support for Trump's decisions. The segments also discuss fake news campaigns, Islamophobia, language policing, DACA actions, and the future of political events. Criticism is directed towards JK Rowling, the FBI, and leftist tactics. Overall, InfoWars highlights conservative values and criticizes political correctness while praising President Trump.

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You've got it.
This transmission is coming to you.
Waging war on corruption.
It's Alex Jones, coming to you live from the front lines of the InfoWar.
You've got it.
Ladies and gentlemen, it's Friday, September 15, 2017.
We're going to have wide open phones today on the latest terror bombing that burned a woman head to toe, injured several children, 22 people in intensive care right now in London.
And of course, the police don't want to release the surveillance footage.
They want you to know it wasn't an Islamic attack.
It was a terror attack, but it was individuals, because it's never Islamic terror, even though it is Islamic terror.
And we're now getting Knifeman shouting, Allah Akbar attacks a soldier on patrol in Paris.
But that has nothing to do with Allah Akbar.
Hammer attack on two women by man screaming, Allah Akbar.
Yeah, you better stop wearing those dresses, ladies.
You better start covering up, or Allah Akbar, Sharia law upside your head.
And don't criticize it though, or the police, ladies and gentlemen.
Are going to come give you a visit and try to intimidate you into submission.
Call their bluff!
Let them try to put you in prison.
You'll end up being a hero like Tony Robinson.
You'll only get back on the broadcast.
We have a headline out today for some of the live feeds of the videos on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.
With the headline, Dwayne The Rock Johnson announces presidential run.
And that's because he did announce a month ago, and he did file with the Elections Commission.
You can call it a stunt if you want, but we're just two and a half years out from this, and he reportedly is a conservative populist.
And if Donald Trump wants to betray folks and go with DACA, and if Donald Trump wants to get in bed with a goblin, that's Nancy Pelosi and Chuckie Schumer,
If we catch him in bed with a goblin, if we catch him in bed with the forces of Mordor, well then we should draft Dwayne Johnson because all the numbers show you're not going to beat him.
Handsome, super smart, amazingly successful, and a libertarian conservative.
According to even mainstream news, but I have sources from the WWE that worked with him over the years, and obviously I have sources in Hollywood, and they say super hard-working, super nice, absolutely hates globalists, hates Kaepernick, BLM, all of it.
So, smart, good-looking, pro-America guy with brown skin.
Yes, put him in office immediately.
I love it!
Listen, I'm not dumping Trump right now, and Trump's done a great job, but we're gonna debate this about what do we do if old Trump goes sideways, ladies and gentlemen.
What are we going to do if Trump goes sideways?
Well, the rock Dwayne Johnson is a lot better than Kid Rock.
Nothing against Kid Rock, he's got some okay music and stuff, but Kid Rock does kind of look like he got fed through a
Meth Laboratory.
Okay, I'm being mean.
Kid Rock's got some good policies, some good ideas.
He's given a lot of money back to Detroit, and he's a patriot.
I got mutual friends with Kid Rock, and I'm sorry I shouldn't have said that.
Hell, I don't look that good either.
Maybe I look like I've been fed through that.
The point is, is that I hope he wins the Senate, but he is really rough around the edges, and that shows Americans want wild men in office that will do what they say they'll do.
But regardless, the fact that we got Trump in is a victory for populism.
I'm not doing the post-mortem on Trump here, politically.
I'm just thinking ahead, if he's so isolated, so surrounded, so blackmailed, that he just decides to compromise because the Republican Party doesn't like him.
He knows that they know that the Freedom Caucus, the Libertarian Christian Evangelical
Combine of Americana folks, Americanist, are involved in an insurrection to take over the Republican Party, and they see Trump as the first big domino to annihilate the blue blood globalists.
They're the number one enemy, they're the Republican Party, and Trump knows that.
So he does play long-term chess with folks and he does always end up doing what he said he'd do in the end.
So I have faith in Trump.
We're going to talk about where this DACA sideways crab behavior is coming from and what it might signify and take your phone calls as well straight ahead.
You probably got more media than I did in the last cycle, Michael?
I don't think so, but
I know I got a lot of negative media because, you know, they're on the absolute attack because they're what you call slave beating.
That's to keep all the other slaves in line.
And they want black people and white people to remain as slaves so that we can't compete with them.
So, you know, they charge us high taxes.
Most of them are not paying taxes, and they just get over.
So that's why I'm standing behind President Donald J. Trump.
The silent majority is no longer silent.
This is The War Room with Owen Schroeder at Infowars.com forward slash show.
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If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
Live from the InfoWars.com studios, it's Alex Jones.
Well, Anthony Bordeaux.
Fancy French name.
Almost like that Colbert.
I don't know which names, my man.
I do declare.
He's come out and said he'd like to murder the president and his family.
That's just part of the course.
Officially on CNN.
He's a CNN host.
That's where he stands on that.
And we've got our latest jihad behavior.
London underground blast, what we know, an improvised explosive device detonated on a London underground train during rush hour Friday morning.
23 people were injured, including people burned head to toe, including children fighting for their lives.
A manhunt is underway and police are treating the incident as terrorism.
You mean Islamic.
Kiss of death.
A timer was found on the device, a sign that the intent was to cause greater damage, a security source said.
London Mayor Saqid Khan, who by the way has previously said, just get used to Islamic terror, says there will be an enhanced police presence across the city.
Yes, bullying people that even mildly criticize Islam.
Police ask anyone with images or info to upload it to UK Police.
And within an hour of this happening, because I woke up at 5 a.m.
this morning and it had happened, I guess over there in the middle of the day in London, there's six hours ahead, Texas time versus Greenwich Mean Time, London time, and they were already saying they're treating it as a terror incident.
And then I saw Trump's tweet a little bit later saying that, you know, heartfelt prayers for all that have been affected.
This is why he has his travel ban.
From these nations that wish to do us harm.
And CNN said, how dare you jump the gun and say it's terror when it's not even been announced as terror yet.
So, there's the headline from Paul Joseph Watson, left us more outraged over Trump's tweets than London terror attack.
22 injured, terror still on the run.
Yeah, but what about those tweets?
And meanwhile, there's more gifts from the prophet.
Woman burned from head to toe after Parsons Green tube explosion.
Young boy injured in Parsons Green terror attack was left crying out for his brother in aftermath of the explosion.
Well, that's what happens to infidels, according to Jihad.
So, you know, thank the mayor who says refugees are welcome!
And all over England and all over Europe proper, they take in the ISIS fighters and give them extra welfare and extra everything.
That's in the news!
And the police chief said that it's enrichment to have, quote, terrorists in your country!
Close quote.
I'm not making that up.
Parsons Green Explosion, Hunt for Tube, Bucket Bomber.
Oh, just last week the BBC had a report out about how to do your makeup after acid's been dumped on your face, because there's now hundreds of acid attacks per month in London alone!
And it's not just Muslims doing it.
Everyone's getting in on the fun new thing.
Mix up the acid, throw it in a woman's face.
Don't like how your girlfriend treats you?
Don't like what your wife said?
Girl doesn't go along with it?
Just, just, just dump some hydrofluorosilicic acid on a girl's face and that'll teach her.
Another wonderful Islamic import.
The enrichment is so wonderful.
And then meanwhile, we have lots of other enrichment here.
Niceman shouting Allah Akbar attacks a soldier on patrol in Paris.
Oh, and there's another one.
They're just coming in by the minute here.
Hammer attack on two women by man screaming Allah Akbar.
But it has nothing to do with Islam.
Of course it doesn't.
And nothing to do with the appeasement
Oh my goodness, Michelle.
That's what's unfolding right now.
And we're going to be covering it in more detail and Paul Joseph Watson will be joining us from London, England to break it down.
Mike Cernovich.
We'll be on with us as well and hosting the fourth hour.
In other big subjects we're going to be covering, is Trump really going sideways on DACA and what does that signal?
And if it is the case, what do we do?
Versus if he isn't going sideways, then what's really happening?
What are we witnessing?
I know what's going on and I'm going to break it down here in just a moment.
We're also going to get into the big question of if Dwayne The Rock Johnson runs for president, and he has reportedly filed, what does that signify?
And is he a patriot or is he a globalist?
I've got some sources, multiple sources, and I'm gonna give you my take on what this signifies.
Very, very important information.
So that's coming up at the bottom of the hour.
But getting back to London before I jump into DACA,
We're going to go ahead and play a clip.
From Katie Hopkins, who of course is an outspoken British media personality who's been fired from jobs for daring to state that grass is green, the sky is blue, the ocean's wet, and fish swim in it.
Here's the outspoken British media personality.
I retweeted this at RealAlexJones if you're a radio listener.
You might want to go retweet that if you're a TV viewer.
You might want to retweet it, but obviously for radio listeners, I'm just telling you, you can find it at NewsWars.com.
You can also find it at RealAlexJones on Twitter and InfoWars.com.
In fact, there's the headline right there.
I'm going to read that to radio listeners.
Katie Hopkins, seven times LBC, should have fired the ex-Apprentice contestant, including comments on Brussels, Dear White People, and Alan Kurd's father.
And that just gets into the whole history of her being censored and fired and going through hell for her simple speech in the UK where they now no longer really have free speech.
So the answer is exercise your free speech in mass.
Say no to the bullying state that signed on to the EU program of selling out to Islam as the replacement population of Europe.
It'd be one thing if you brought in a replacement population because Europeans are having on average 1.3 children.
It's another thing to have incentives to bring in radical military-age men, let them carry out terror attacks, and then protect them, and try to bully the domesticated population of Europe, the servile population, the weak-kneed, yellow-bellied population, into converting to Islam.
Not gonna happen if we have anything to do about it, because we're not all yellow-bellies, Antichrist people.
The forces of Satan are inside the gates, ladies and gentlemen, and submitting to it is worse than death.
Here is Katie Hopkins telling it like it is on the latest Cultural Enrichment in London.
Has the world gone mad?
When you look around at the news headlines of girls' uniforms being banned and a BBC article on how to do your makeup after an acid attack, do you wonder what the hell happened to this country?
Take Brexit.
The average punter thought when they put a cross against leave, out would mean out.
Leave won, but that turned out to be the wrong answer for this lot.
And since then, every last bit of jiggery-pokery has been used to try and get the answer London really wanted.
Gina Miller went to the courts, and the BBC went slightly more left-wing than John McDonnell.
And if the constant campaigning against Leave weren't enough, Keir Starmer, with his commitment to keep Britain in the single market,
A word in your shell, Kia.
I appreciate your favourite thing is your own reflection.
But if I can drag you away from the mirror, let me explain just one thing.
Out is the opposite of in.
Let me make this sexual.
Think of a penis.
When it's in, you can feel it, usually.
When it's out, you can't.
So when we're in Europe, we're in the single market and accepting free movement of people in your private space.
When you're out, you don't.
I'm a girl, vaguely.
I know about this consent lark.
And whatever you think we voted for, Keir, we didn't say yes to more people where we weren't expecting them.
We said no to the penis.
Backing the single market is anti-Brexit and anti-democratic.
And an anti-democratic politician, Keir, is not a good thing.
The left want to silence voices from the right.
They run to the Twitter police or the actual police.
Shut it down.
Demonetise it.
Censor it.
Guess what?
Leave won.
Trump won.
The powerful think these were the wrong answers, but they do not get to play teacher.
They do not get to decide whether we were right or wrong.
My truths are Brexit and Trump.
Our truth is democracy.
When the world feels mad, your job is to remember what you believe and stand strong.
And again, I didn't play that to be vulgar.
It is the perfect analogy, scientifically, in documentary form, of you're pregnant or you're not.
You're a man or a woman.
It's like Camille Pegley comes out and says it's child abuse to try to teach three-year-olds to have sexual reassignment surgery, and they call her a trans-a-phobe.
No, I'm a phobe of pedophiles.
And, again, it's not mentally ill to say there's men and there's women.
There's dogs and there's cats.
There's the sun, there's the moon.
There's up and there's down.
And it's mass mental illness to even get us to accept that these terror attacks aren't Islamic.
It's crazy for us to sit there and accept all these speech police and everybody else trying to get us to turn reality upside down so that we'll live in this tyranny.
I personally am done playing games with these people, and I know you are too.
And all the frantic squawking and chirping and pecking and nudging and pushing and bullying that you see going into overdrive...
Is a sign of true cultural desperation by the satanic, pedophile, control freak, cuck elite.
They're not elite in the sense of being good people.
They're elite in the sense of being ne'er-do-well, control freak filth.
When we come back, is Trump betraying us on DACA?
And if he is, what does that signify?
Well, it means we've got to get the Rock suited up and ready.
And we've got to take over even more House seats in the midterms.
I don't like them putting chemicals in the water that turn the friggin' frogs gay!
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But this, this is a grand slam.
The terrorist attack this morning was an attempt by evil and cowardly individuals to kill
To injure and to disrupt our way of life.
So now I'll pay tribute to the commuters on the Tube, to the Transport of London staff, and to the others who acted swiftly this morning.
And thankfully, there aren't any serious injuries.
Thankfully, there aren't any life-threatening injuries.
But there are, I'm afraid, 18 people who've been taken to a number of hospitals across London.
I want to pay tribute to the police and security services who, as we speak, are following up various lines of inquiry to ensure those responsible for this evil and cowardly attack are caught.
Just heard from Margaret Isley, a recommissioner, saying that this is a live incident.
What would you say to that?
Well look, the police and security services are following up various lines of inquiry.
If anybody has any information at all, it's really important.
Alright, that's the mayor, Sadiq Khan, like six hours ago.
Now we know that it did seriously injure people.
It wasn't 18, it was 22.
Some people are burned over their entire bodies.
Some of the injured are children.
And you can pull up his famous quote from a year ago when he said, get used to it, this is part of life in big cities.
What, all over the world?
From Jakarta, Indonesia, to London, England, from Paris, France, to Berlin, Germany, having Muslims stab, shoot, and bomb people?
And now we have folks being stabbed and attacked with hammers in France,
Today, in two separate incidents, and then the media does whatever it can to sell the public on submitting to it.
There's the Daily Wire.
Muslim mayor of London tells the public, get used to it.
In fact, I'm going to pull that clip up and play that if we can.
You've got to hear it for yourself to actually believe it.
Oh, you just found it?
Here it is.
So there you go.
Yeah, support the police in London that go around harassing anybody from their Facebook or Twitter accounts that mildly criticize ISIS.
They're trying to act like that the Prime Minister is a criminal in the German newspapers because she doesn't support radical Islam.
This is how they turn the world upside down.
Now Pat Buchanan is asking, is this Trump's read my lips moment?
That story's up on Infowars.com.
We're going to be covering it when we come back in a long segment.
Where does amnesty fit into hashtag America first agenda?
Now, continuing here, we're going to open the phones up after I break this down.
I want to get your specific take on this.
First-time callers in the first few rounds, and it'll be open phones for everybody.
First-time callers today, we're taking a lot of calls today.
800-259-9231 on this live.
September 15, 2016, Friday, global, worldwide broadcast.
But I want to talk about the London terror attacks.
I want to talk about the horrible aftermath of the hurricane, with more hurricanes coming.
I mean, as you know, yesterday they found nine dead bodies in one nursing home.
Pray for folks in Florida and for people in South Texas.
Those situations are ongoing.
But of course, the big issue is
Is Trump going sideways on everybody?
And I've looked at the facts.
I've weighed it carefully.
And I have figured out what Donald Trump is doing.
And I'm going to go over it when we come back on the other side.
I'm not sure I agree with it.
I know overall I don't like it.
But I also understand the forces behind the scenes moving against Trump, and I know that he sees and understands a lot of things in his position that we don't see and we don't understand.
And I know that he's done so many good things, and the globalists hate his guts, and by your enemies, you will know them.
You got Anthony Boudreau of CNN saying, if he had the Trump family over for dinner, he'd poison them with Hemlock.
Yes, that's how witches like to kill people, Hemlock.
And you've got everybody drama-queening around, burning their Make America Great Again hats.
Yep, Sunshine Patriots, not the Winter Soldiers.
Because it's certainly not time to be abandoning ship at this point.
If you totally abandon ship, then he will go completely to the Democrats, fools!
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Waging war on corruption.
It's Alex Jones coming to you live from the front lines of the InfoWar.
We have reached an incredibly important juncture or crossroads right now with Trump.
And what we do as supporters of the president at this point, more than anything anybody else does, is going to govern the direction the president goes in.
Because if the media can make it look like he's compromising, even when he hasn't compromised yet,
That critical test showed how fast his support waned.
That will tend to drive the president even more into the arms of the deep state and the Democrats to survive and to keep some legacy if he thinks his supporters are going to desert him.
That's why for two days they've been saying that President Trump
has betrayed his supporters and was set two days ago to announce that he was going to go ahead with the DREAM Act and the DACA legislation.
That, ladies and gentlemen, had not happened yet.
And now you see the big freakout going on and people becoming drama queens without looking at all of the different angles.
Number one,
Trump knows they're trying to cause a civil war in this country.
And he understands the optics of what's happening.
And so he's just basically giving this time for the American people to have a debate about it and for pressure to be put on the Republican Party establishment by their constituents.
Because they're the ones that won't vote through anything Trump wants.
They're the ones that won't do the tax cuts or repeal Obamacare.
They're the ones that won't let him get his agenda through.
They're the Republican establishment that won't pass a law that would have a reasonable form of the DREAM Act for people that really have been here 30 years and who really did get here when they were two years old and who really do have college degrees and jobs.
It's all a big lawless government that doesn't want to have any controls over immigration because they want to control large undocumented populations.
Both parties do.
And Trump is trying to force a movement on that and to create a consensus that he's a good guy who doesn't hate Hispanics or others.
So that he can force Congress to actually pass a reasonable bill and not just operate under executive fiat.
But that's only a small part of the story and I'm going to cover it all here in a moment.
First, I want to play a very powerful report from Paul Joseph Watson titled, Is This Racist?
On the heels of a report I have from CNN, where again, they're coming back and saying Antifa needs to be racist, they're a good organization, we're allowed to go out and label people as bad, and then attack them, because we're the white knights, we're the angels.
No, in truth, you're the fascist.
So here's Paul Watson's report.
What a f***er.
So that's not racist.
Because that's
Advertiser friendly!
Criticise modern art, though?
That's a big no-no.
Let's do a character witness.
Who's the villain here?
Who's more likely to be driven by hate and intolerance?
PewDiePie, a meek Swede who plays video games and messed up by saying a bad word?
Or this thug, someone who gets into brawls on stage, allegedly headbutts and punches his pregnant girlfriend, then rants about how he's going to sexually abuse people's sisters as revenge?
Who's the bad guy?
Yeah, it's PewDiePie.
Okay, there's a couple of lines in the song which suggest that.
Besides, in his own words, he said he did it to get noticed.
His main motivation was to cause controversy.
My point is the double standard of the media in how this is glossed over, but PewDiePie is vilified for saying a bad word.
Depicting a white kid writhing in agony as he's strangled to death to satiate your twisted need for racial justice.
That kind of trash is actually going to create more white supremacists.
Well done!
Yeah, you want to drive more people into embracing ethnocentrism, that's the way to do it.
You want to worsen racial divisions, that's the way to do it.
Oh, but PewDiePie made a sound with his mouth that was offensive!
Yeah, he apologized for it, and the vast majority of his viewers accepted the apology.
Oh, but we need more grist for our fake moral panic.
We need more red meat for ma race war.
So we're never gonna shut up about it.
A handy guy to the language of the alt-left.
Someone I disagree with.
Someone I really disagree with.
White supremacist.
Someone I disagree with who is white.
Internalized misogyny.
Someone I disagree with who's a woman.
Low information voter.
Someone I disagree with who's working class.
Someone I disagree with about immigration.
Someone I disagree with about Islam.
Someone I disagree with who understands biology.
Post-truth world!
I can't believe how many people disagree with me.
A handy guide to the language of the alt-left.
The Young Turks celebrating the dying out of white Christians.
Is that racist?
No, but the ACLU posted a photo of a white baby.
That's racist.
A top musician creating a taxpayer-funded spoken word performance in which he describes white people as inbred spawn soon to die out.
You're dead.
White dude.
Is that racist?
But your kid might be part of a hate group if they listen to heavy metal music saying all white people are racist thereby collectively demonizing an entire group based on their skin color.
Is that racist?
No, but Macklemore's haircut from a year ago, a hairstyle literally favoured by the majority of men in the Western world between the ages of 18 and 40, that's racist.
Oh, and Eric Trump's haircut too, that's racist.
CNN published an article basically saying that all Trump supporters, 63 million Americans, including nearly 4 million black people, were white supremacists by default.
And that's not racist.
White Marble, on the other hand,
That's racist.
You know what else the left thinks is racist?
White marble.
Here's what University of Iowa professor Sarah Bond wrote about the classical art world.
The equation of white marble with beauty is not an inherent truth of the universe.
It's a dangerous construct that continues to influence white supremacist ideas today.
The Huffington Post reacting to the tragic death of Otto Warmbier by mocking the fact that his white privilege didn't save him.
Is that racist?
Speaking English in higher education?
Uh, that's racist.
Even though the majority of the people in the world who speak English on white?
Meh, it's still racist.
An op?
Is that racist?
That's racist.
That's not racist.
That's racist.
Even though Lee said slavery was, quote,
Evil and freed all the slaves on his plantations.
Nah, still racist.
Charles Barkley saying that black people should concentrate more on getting an education and being successful than tearing down statues.
I think if you ask most black people to be honest, they ain't thought a day in their life about those stupid statues.
What we as black people need to do, we need to worry about getting our education,
We need to stop killing each other.
We need to try to find a way to have more economic opportunity and things like that.
That's racist, and Barclay's a white supremacist for saying it.
Can't we just stop obsessing about racism for five minutes?
Can't we just stop weaving every tiny little thing into a giant tapestry of moral panic and contrived race war?
Can't we remember Martin Luther King's message of judging someone based on the content of their character, not on the color of their skin?
Can't we all
People, just get along.
But despite all their attempts, still the videos are going viral and reaching people at unprecedented levels.
That's why whether it's a video I've done or that Paul Watson's done, it doesn't matter.
If it's an Infowars.com article or video, you are welcome to post it to your site, you're welcome to play it on your radio show, you're welcome to post it on your YouTube.
I just want to get the information out.
Now coming up, I'm going to look deeply into this DACA situation and Trump and break down what's really happening.
And we've got the latest on how Scotland Yard knew about the terrorists that's now coming out that just bombed the tube station eight hours ago and basically stood down because it was politically correct to do.
And we have Zuckerberg saying he's getting ready to run for president and the Rock Dwayne Johnson would be who opposed him as a Republican.
We'll look at that as well.
But the first thing I want to get to now is Antifa claims they have to beat up Americans.
This is a real report.
And Mr. Bordure of CNN says he wants to kill the president as well.
But again, when they're doing it, they're the good guys, so it's okay to be for murder and torture and evil.
Because they're psychologically bankrupt.
Here it is.
Is that absolutely necessary?
What did he say?
He says he's afraid it is.
Ah, fine.
There we are, madam.
Well done.
Jolly good.
Why not be peaceful about it?
Why not chant and hold your signs and things?
But when you take the barricades and you destroy the building and when you set fires, isn't that counterproductive?
I think that the left has been far too timid for way too long and it's why we've even gotten in this position where we even have someone like Donald Trump leading a fascist movement as the President of the United States.
We need to make sure that we have more mass protests, more militant protests that are mass and militant.
Antifa claims that the fascist Nazi system is against them.
Thus, it is their right to use violence to get their point across to the hate groups they supposedly target and ludicrously blame for being behind a republic and melting pot of 325 million Americans.
But anybody that has been confronted by Antifa knows full well that Antifa's real enemy is the average American citizen.
What are you guys beating yourself up for?
Oh my God, what'd you get hit with?
Holy ****.
I just got hit with red tape, as you can see.
These guys look like the thugs from Nazi Germany that they claim to be against.
They say no fascism.
They're acting like fascists.
They dress like fascists.
They look like fascists.
They are the fascists.
The media would also warp your mind into believing that Antifa are solely targeting neo-Nazi, racist skinhead, the KKK, actual white nationalists, and other hate organizations in the United States.
917 of them, according to this map brought to us by the skewed offshore bank accounts of the Southern Poverty Law Center, funded in part by, of all things, your Apple iTunes account.
We would have been crushed like cockroaches if it were not for the anarchists and the anti-fascists who approached over 300, 350 anti-fascists.
They saved our lives, actually.
We would have been completely crushed, and I'll never forget that.
Meanwhile, as Ben Shapiro prepares to speak at a heavily fortified UC Berkeley tonight, where the local police have been given back their right to use pepper spray, the slimy apologies for the domestic terror group known as Antifa have come out of the woodwork.
The Hill reports Mike Isakson, who is one of the founders of Smash Racism DC, an Antifa organization in Washington, says, There's the question of whether these people should feel safe organizing as Nazis in public, and I don't think they should, said Isakson.
Mark Bray, a Dartmouth historian and author of a recent book on Antifa activists, justifies their use of violence as self-defense against the inherent danger of fascist organizing.
The argument is that it needs to be stopped immediately, Bray says.
Because if you let it grow, that poses a danger to society.
Bray's deceitful and dangerous comment is a study in pure hypocrisy.
Antifa is nothing less than an army of confused, whining daycare millennials idiotically fighting for George Soros' New World Order system.
John Bowne reporting for InfoWars.com.
Now that is an extremely powerful report that needs to go mega viral.
I'm going to have it posted to Facebook today and I want to ask everybody to get it out.
I'm going to retweet it right now.
Coming up when this hour ends at Real Alex Jones.
And all of us need to be on Twitter and Facebook now more than ever, while there's still a little bit of daylight left with the censorship.
Because the stronger we're there, and the more we don't let them force us off of it, and the more we point out their hypocrisy, and the more that we call for congressional investigations, the better a chance is we have of keeping the web somewhat free.
So, at PrisonPlanet, it's how you follow Paul Watson, at RealAlexJones.
And then of course David Knight, Owen Schroer, all the rest of our great crew are there as well.
This is a war!
And we're reaching new people every millisecond there with millions of views every day on Facebook and Twitter and other video streaming platforms with our live streams.
Not to mention archives.
And this is how we're reaching new people.
We're on over 200 stations on Talk Radio.
And it's the dyed-in-the-wool patriots, hard-working Americans, veterans, active duty, police officers, farmers, factory workers, the backbone of the nation, of every race, color, and creed, because we're all one race, the human race that have red blood and made by the same creator, and want our children to be free.
We judge people by the character of what they've done, and what they stand for, and what they produce, not what color they are.
Like Martin Luther King said, not like the evil George Soros, Nazi collaborator, Black Lives Matter trash, say.
Or the idiot, white supremacist trash, say.
And that's the facts.
Now, I'm going to get into the Trump situation here in a moment because I've really waited.
I've looked at it all.
I know what's going on.
And I understand what the president's doing.
That's what he's always done.
He creates chaos when he hits a loggerhead to figure out exactly what's going on and to get people energized and awake.
And because he's done such a good job so far outsmarting these people, I'm not gonna let the Democrats trick me into deserting Trump
Over them claiming he's going sideways on DACA.
But we're going to look at all the elements and look at, what if I'm wrong?
Bigger question is, what if Trump's wrong?
Because if Trump's wrong about what he's doing, he needs to understand.
Chuckie Schumer and these people want to tear you apart.
Now you're right, Trump.
They're the weak ones.
The Democrats are the slobbering, ne'er-do-well gutter criminals.
The Blue Blood Republicans are the real problem.
And see, Trump knows the Republicans are moving to remove him.
And he thinks he's doing a rearguard action.
I don't like Machiavellian moves, but he's in a Machiavellian war.
So when you're in Rome, do as the Romans do.
This is very sophisticated.
It gives me a headache, because I can see all the angles.
I know Trump's for real.
My gut tells me that.
I intellectually already know it.
But we don't rise and fall with Trump.
And it's how we take what he's doing, whether he sells us out or not, how we respond to that is the real outcome.
Because let's say he goes sideways for whatever reason.
I'm not a victim.
I've had a great victory.
We've already defeated a lot of their operations.
We've already devastated them and put them decades back.
But they want to use whatever happens with Trump, whether he stays strong or not, to act like we've lost and run a mind game on us, and they're not doing that to me.
But I see the media giving them, you don't think I couldn't burn a MAGA hat?
Or say I'm off the Trump train, and be on every newspaper cover in the country, and the media suddenly, oh Alex we like you, suddenly your videos can be seen, oh, oh well, we'll make a movie about you, give me a break.
So, there's a lot of Johnny-come-latelys and a lot of sunshine patriots.
You know, they're on the bandwagon as long as the team's winning, but as soon as the quarterback gets his knee hurt, oh, they start rooting for the other team.
That's called delusion.
That's what the left does.
They like the Democrats and Obamacare when the Republican scum wrote it.
And it's 60% a Republican screwjob.
I mean, that's all admitted by the think tanks.
So I'm going to walk through healthcare, too, because you've got to understand that to understand this process and what Trump's really trying to do here.
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All right, a bunch of guests, a ton of news.
My detailed take on DACA.
Is Trump selling us out?
And more in the second hour.
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Resistance to tyrants is obedience to God.
It's Alex Jones.
You can run on for a long time.
Run on for a long time.
Run on for a long time.
Sooner or later gotta cut you down.
Sooner or later gotta cut you down.
Coming up at the bottom of the hour, we're going to be looking at what happened with Hurricane Irma.
Leanne McAdoo has got a bunch of b-rolls she herself shot.
In the aftermath of that, watching the
Bay at Tampa, pulled out to sea, seeing the store shelves empty.
What's happened now that the storm has left?
Well, we know the real crisis and the looting and all the rest of it has just begun.
So that's all coming up.
But first, in the next segment, I'm going to focus and I'm going to lay out the different avenues of DACA and what
Trump's supposed compromise signals, but he hasn't done it yet.
The question is, what will it do if conservatives desert the president, just like the Republican Party establishment did?
Well, that will put the Democrats more in the catbird seat, and we can thank the Republican establishment, not just for Obamacare or open borders or all the rest of it, but for
Trump, via survival mechanism, being driven over there.
Now, he always said that if you could really prove somebody had been here and had a job and had a college degree and really did get here when they were three years old or whatever, there should be an avenue.
But they're making full-grown adults who just got here legal, and this is a backdoor amnesty that Obama signed by executive order, so it's unconstitutional outside of law, just like the TPP.
So Trump was right to kill DACA because it was a fraud.
But then what do you do about all the people here that have really been here 20, 30 years?
Trump, the truth is, never really waffled on that.
But it's all about optics, so we'll discuss that coming up.
And I want to ask folks where they think that's going.
I know we've got loaded phone lines.
We've got Paul and Dennis and Mike and Carl and Glenn, so I'll
Recap where I think we are, go over some of the news articles dealing with that, and then go to your phone calls when we start the next segment.
I'll also get into Anthony Bourdain would serve poison if asked to cater for Trump, or Kim Jong-un, who the Democrats armed.
We have another report here dealing with BLM and their latest activities I'm going to be getting to.
We also have Trump speaks to press gaggle on DACA and the wall.
And Tucker Carlson, when we come back, I'm going to play the clip, says Trump gets nothing with the Dems' DACA deal.
Well, again, he hasn't done that deal yet.
The Democrats are telling us that.
But Trump has tweeted something entirely different, saying, of course I'll do a deal.
If they have a real bill that I can look at, I may look at that deal.
Doesn't mean I'm going to do that deal, but I'm not going to let Obama, outside the White House, rule by an old executive order he put in that's unconstitutional.
So that's all coming up in your phone calls.
We have Glenn in Australia.
I'll get to him first.
Then Kyle is calling from California.
Mike in California.
Dennis in California.
And Paul in Virginia and others.
The toll free number to join us is 800-259-9231.
And then the other big question.
The Rock has basically filed for president.
He hasn't basically, it says he has, a month ago.
I've talked to folks that know The Rock and they say that he's a patriot and just a regular, you know, Americana type guy.
Kind of a blue collar slash almost a billionaire now from his own success, who's an Americana guy.
So if Trump goes sideways, do we draft Dwayne Johnson to defeat the demon?
That's right.
Mark Zuckerberg, who says his users that trust him are dumb effers.
Stay with us.
Stefan Molyneux, am I wrong or have we reached, I believe, the beginning of the true heart of the quickening and the real moment of danger as well?
Well, we've reached to the point where we have to stare into our screens, stare into our cameras and say, look at me!
I'm the media now.
The only reason that Pelosi and others are turning against Antifa is because alternative media has been relentless in pointing out
How violent they are, how destructive their ideology is.
And so originally, of course, the free press was supposed to restrain the growth of government power.
Now you need the alternative media to restrain or try and control the corruption of the mainstream media.
That's been our job, and this is one of the first great victories we've achieved.
New media forced it out, has more viewers, showed their frauds.
They just lost a major war force-feeding us wannabe vampire meth-head armies as heroes, as Captain America, when if anybody's fascist like Red Skull, it's them.
They've got this ass backward and are projecting who they are onto us.
But leftists everywhere, from CNN to the New York Times, are now quickly jettisoning their anti-Fasoros army.
Well, there's this amazing lack of a time lag these days, Alex, in pushing back against false narratives.
Because in the past, you would create a demonic enemy, you'd say, well, they're the worst human beings possible and therefore we have to restrict their free speech.
And the pace of pushback would be so slow, the laws would already be on the books by the time the blowback occurred and everyone realized they'd been bamboozled.
And they've been taught to hate someone so that free speech restrictions could be put in place that would then be turned against them.
But now, with alternative media, with Twitter, with Facebook, with YouTube, with the immense reach that you have and other people have, we can push back against these restrictions on free speech right away.
And we can talk about the intolerance of the left and their attacks upon peaceful demonstrators.
So we can defuse these bombs before they roll under the bed and put us all up against the ceiling.
They have, of course, an agenda.
They wish to control people.
They wish to control your thoughts.
They wish to sow irrationality into you to harvest, like an evil demon seed, to harvest from your errors and from your corruption.
They have sown.
They wish to harvest the fruit of government power.
And so, I don't have an agenda other than I care passionately about the truth.
I'm willing to be corrected.
Reason and evidence is the way to go.
Debate, conversation, and research is the way to go.
I don't have an agenda like I want people to do something.
I need them to do something.
I want them to avoid irrationality.
My Ten Commandments center around that thou shalt nots rather than thou shalts, which are much, it's much less restrictive to say to someone don't do something rather than do something specific.
They have an agenda.
They're always being run by that agenda.
And whenever you have a thirst for power, the first thing to go is any honesty, common sense and integrity.
And we're really seeing that now because now we have something to compare the media to.
We have something to compare them to, which is the more honest media, the independent media, the media that answers to the people, rather than the powers that be.
Crashing through the lies and disinformation, it's Alex Jones, coming to you live from the front lines of the InfoWar.
We're now into the second hour.
Thank you for joining us on this Global Friday Edition.
September 15th, 2017.
We've seen a big tube train bombing that's injured 22-plus people.
Many of them burned head to toe, including children.
And the Islamic mayor of London, London Stan, says, get used to it.
That's a quote.
No big deal.
Hammered attacks, screaming Allah Akbar, police being stabbed in London, in Paris, other attacks.
It's all part of the cultural enrichment program that's enriched the Middle East, North Africa, Central Asia, and enriched 140 million dead Hindus in India, killed by Islam.
It's almost as enriching as cancer.
Women wearing hoods on their heads, having their genitals cut off.
Being in chains.
Linda Sarsour is now the sex symbol of the Democratic Party.
That's all coming up!
And we've got another missile test by the North Korean dictator with missiles and fissile material given to them by the Clinton administration years ago.
Firing another ICBM right over Japan.
That's coming up.
More and more is preparing to run for president if Trump goes sideways.
We've got news on that.
I want to go to your phone calls here on all these subjects, but let me give you the bottom line on DACA.
Trump has always been transparent on immigration.
He wants a fast track for people that are here legally and here doing jobs that other Americans don't want to do.
But he does not want to just issue endless visas to undermine our high-tech and factory workers to bring in foreign populations doing it for a fraction of the price.
He's not for driving down the ceiling of what workers are paid.
He was against NAFTA and GATT.
He's pulled us out of the TPP.
He's deliberate on the economy and so many other things.
Now on the subject of DACA, if you actually listen to what he said verbally yesterday in Florida, and in tweets yesterday, and the day before, and today, he said, listen!
I'm in negotiations about the type of bills that I would support.
But first, I want a bill.
I don't want executive orders.
Obama just said anybody that's here that says that they were here since they were a kid, even if they've been deported over and over again and are criminals, and can't prove that they were here before, are legalized.
It's blanket amnesty, and I'm not for that.
But he said, yeah, we need green cards for migrant farm workers, but also for people that can be proven that they've been here for most their lives and they have jobs, they have degrees, they pay taxes.
There should be a system to fast track for the immigration services to give them green cards.
I would agree to that.
That's what he said two years ago.
It's what he said a year ago.
But see, I'm a policy wonk.
I actually look at what he said and what he did.
So they come out and say, Trump's betraying us on this, Trump's betraying us on that.
It's a bunch of drama queens, on the so-called right, who want a virtue signal.
That they are the purest and they are the best.
And look, I like Pat Buchanan.
I like others.
But Buchanan just last week was saying Trump is such a genius going around the Republicans to raise the debt limit because they intended to embarrass him and then lower our debt rating with Standard & Poor's and Moody's and Barron's.
And then that would bring us into a depression.
And, you know, he didn't create the debt limit.
So he's got to get the tax cuts first.
And we've got to repeal Obamacare before we can do that.
And then we can fix the debt.
But if we don't,
Yes, Buchanan, you're right.
They were setting Trump up with problems they created.
If he wasn't trying to get tax cuts, if he hadn't cut the regulations, if the stock market wasn't up $4 trillion, or almost $4 trillion, if there wasn't hundreds of billions of dollars in new jobs, if he wasn't trying to do all that and killing TPP and killing carbon taxes, then I'd say I didn't trust him.
But yeah, we don't need that battle with two hurricanes right now, and all the rest of it suddenly, and a government shutdown they blame on Trump, while George Soros wants a civil war.
But then the trap is, the media then went, oh look, he's sold out.
Look, he's sold out of the Democrats.
They're in charge now.
And people like Schumer and others that just want power more than anything in the world, they really believe it's happening.
But notice CNN, MSNBC, they're all Mueller.
They want impeachment, they want arrest, they want death.
The president should know they're never going to back off.
And he knows that.
What he's really doing is, things are deadlocked.
That's normally good, but we're trying to repeal stuff, so now it's bad.
The Republican Party won't even meet with him.
So he says, okay, I'm going to shake things up.
I'm going to get your constituents upset.
And so he starts going into negotiations, but then he's clear in tweets and in speeches
That we're gonna have surveillance of it, we're gonna know who they are, we're gonna give green cards to people that have really been here 20, 30 years, or who are kids here, and
What do you expect them to actually deport?
They've already had record deportations in eight months.
They've already got a 68% reduction in new people coming across.
I mean, they're going after the criminals.
They're rounding up MS-13.
They're rounding up the drug gangs.
I mean, they're just SWAT teaming them.
They've got military involved, which is not even really constitutional, but they can say it's national security because it's foreigners.
I mean, Trump's got deep state rounding folks up.
I'm not going to get into the stuff I know, but believe it.
They've got the CIA involved domestically doing it.
I mean, believe me, you want the people that are felons or criminals or child molesters or kidnappers or drug dealers removed?
Trump is doing it.
And boy, if somebody reaches for the gun, they're smoked.
I mean, they are laying the bodies on the ground.
Trump is kicking MS-13 and the drug cartels out of the United States.
This is not going to be a drug war like Mexico.
So, you want to break the policy of Obama and the globalists?
Deindustrializing and causing civil wars and bringing in drug gangs?
It's over.
And quite frankly, I've been telling you the skinny of what's really going on is that that whole plan to destabilize the country is over.
Trump is stabilizing it with the U.S.
military and mercenaries.
You don't want to call them mercenaries.
They're contractors doing the government's bidding, but you can say what you want.
Interchangeable names.
That's going on right now.
So he's doing what he said, but
He said he loves people that are 20, 30 years old that are in college or whatever and got here when they were 2 years old or whatever.
You obviously can't kick them out.
You gotta give them a green card, fast track their citizenship.
So he always said he would do that.
The media misrepresented that he wanted to chip everybody 100% out.
And so now they're saying, oh, and he doesn't want a wall either.
They've already started the wall in Texas, Arizona, and California.
Has he gotten the border wall money fully for it yet?
But he has to get this deal on DACA, like they always said, to clean up the law so you can then move forward on who can be here and who can't be here.
But what Trump's doing behind the scenes to illegals is a little bit actually close to what Nancy Pelosi said about
Concentration camps.
It's not concentration camps, it's internment and it's deportation.
So what he's doing behind the scenes is so hardcore against criminals that you could actually begin to argue a little bit of truth came out of her mouth.
So now that he's brought the pressure to bear, he's pulling back now and saying people that aren't criminals, they can stay.
And that's what Trump's been clear on.
Now everybody deserts Trump
That leaves a vacuum for him to go more over to the Democrats and truly scuttle things, and Trump as an enemy in the White House would not be a good situation, would it?
So let's watch what's happening, let's be aware, let's thank God Hillary isn't in, let's thank God Trump did all these wonderful things previously, and let's hope he continues to do them and put pressure on him.
If they blackmailed him or drugged him or whatever the case is, and he really starts going sideways,
We have to start moving forward to accelerate an even bigger mainline, patriot, libertarian win, so that we're mainline in the Republican Party, and that we kick out the old mainline bluebloods.
But mainline nationalism, patriotism, sovereignty, anti-globalism, which were so close, that's why they're so scared, take over the Republican Party, kick out the bluebloods.
And then if Trump really has gone sideways, throw him overboard and put in somebody like The Rock Dwayne Johnson to execute the operation.
And believe me, we can do it.
We've already put Trump in there.
We can do anything we want because the Democrats are hated, the Republican Party's weak and hated, Hollywood's hated.
The mainstream media is hated and all people with thinking brains have to do is come in and take the country away from the folks that don't want free market and the folks that don't want a future.
It's up to you.
But Trump's a good guy.
He wants to do a good job.
He knows what he's doing.
And he's simply bringing political pressure to bear on the Republican Party to stop stonewalling him and blocking the agenda.
Let's go ahead and go to a clip from the president yesterday saying basically what I just said.
We're not looking at citizenship.
We're not looking at amnesty.
We're looking at allowing people to stay here.
We're working with everybody, Republican.
We're working with Democrat.
I just spoke with Paul Ryan.
He's on board.
Everybody's on board.
They want to do something.
We're not talking about amnesty.
We're talking about
We're talking about taking care of people, people that were brought here, people that have done a good job and were not brought here of their own volition.
But very importantly, what we want, we have to have a wall.
If the wall is going to be obstructed, when we need the funds at a little bit later date, we'll be determining how much we need, then we're not doing anything.
What do you say, Mr. President, to Steve King, who says that the promises can't be believed?
And what do you say to Senator Charles Grassley who said you undercut what he's doing in the Judiciary Committee by talking with Pelosi and Schumer last night about it?
No, what we're doing is we're doing it in conjunction with the Republicans.
We have a very, very good relationship with a lot of people.
A lot of people want this to happen.
They expect it to happen.
And we'll see if it happens.
But we'll only do it if we get extreme security, if we get not only surveillance, but everything that goes along with surveillance.
And ultimately, we have to have the wall.
If we don't have the wall, we're doing nothing.
Why did the Democrats say there was a deal at dinner time?
There was no deal, and they didn't say they had a deal.
In fact, they just put out a statement.
They didn't say that at all.
Mr. President, if Republicans aren't able to get something in six months, will you continue the DACA program?
We'll talk about that, but I think a deal will be made before six months.
Okay, that's enough.
So there you go.
There is no deal in the last three days.
It's a hoax.
It's a lie.
It's a big freakout.
Trump's saying, go back to Congress, create a law, reform it for real, fix it, kick the hardened criminals out, give folks green cards that have been here decades, legally, with a fast track toward citizenship.
It's totally reasonable, and it's the opposite of what everybody's saying and burning their Trump hats.
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And we use these things every single day.
Yet about 10% have ever been tested.
So we always rely on the chemical company to be able to be considered innocent until we end up proving them guilty.
Does that make any sense at all?
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They're not stupid at the FDA.
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What is the establishment going to do when all this comes out?
It's already come out about bisphenol A and Advrazine.
And then they're still putting it in stuff.
What's going to happen?
Why are they doing it when I've looked it up?
They've got chemicals that are even less expensive that they could be using that have less problems.
It's like they go out of their way to do this.
I think that companies today, are they purposely trying to kill us?
I don't know if I'm going to go quite that far, but what I will say is, they don't seem to care if they do.
They don't seem to care.
Just like Bayer with the hemophiliac factor VIII, they knew it was in there, and they said, you know what, we'll lose money, go ahead and ship these millions of dosages.
These didn't care.
Hey, as a young person, it was Ford with the Pintel, right?
Oh yeah, well, we have 30 gas tanks that will blow up.
Yeah, we'll get sued for millions and millions of dollars, but hey, at the end of the day, that's a heck of a lot cheaper than having to replace all those gas tanks in a recall.
I mean, golly, we've got a business to protect.
Again, when you place a person's well-being
At the bottom rung of the ladder, and you place purely profit at the top, that is something seriously wrong.
Well, we're really impressed.
Mark, thank you so much.
Folks can get their Enbricks Essentials, private label by you, God bless you, at InfoWarsStore.com, InfoWarsLife.com, or AAA253-3139.
Mark Gonzales, thank you so much, sir.
I've got a tiger in my tail!
He never gives up.
He's Alex Jones, broadcasting from deep in the heart of Texas, worldwide.
Alright, we got Glennon Australia, Kyle in California, and many others patiently holding.
We're going to your calls right now.
I'm glad we got Trump in.
The globalists hate him.
They're trying to kill him.
They're trying to remove him.
And what he's doing on DACA is what he said he would always do.
He said he would kill it because Obama is the one that signed it as an executive order and Trump removed it a week and a half ago.
Has anybody forgotten that?
He did what he said he'd do.
And then they'd misrepresent and say he hates Hispanics, he hates Mexicans, he hates, he wants to deport everybody.
He never said that.
The media said that.
And then I guess some conservatives believe what the media said.
And then basically are projecting it on Trump.
And I'm not here defending Trump.
I don't care.
Trump goes sideways, I'm gonna tear into him.
That hasn't happened yet.
Now, we'll see what he does if he suddenly comes out with an executive order.
Next week!
Then that'd be a big flip-flop.
But it hadn't happened.
So, that's where I'm at on this.
I want to hear what you have to say about the terror attacks in London, the new ICBM test by North Korea, the aftermath of Irma.
Let's go to Glenn in Australia.
Glenn, you're on the air.
What do you think?
Hey Alex, how you going?
Real treat to get to talk to you.
It's awesome to talk to you too, brother.
I'm calling from Australia.
I've been listening to you for over 15 years.
I use a bunch of products.
Super Blue, Knockout, Micro ZX, Brain Force, etc.
I got a couple of comments, one on terrorism and one on Donald Trump.
Just before I do, I just wanted to ask you, I've been lecturing in personal freedom, personal development, marketing for over 30 years and I'm going to be in Texas from the 20th to the 25th of
Of September and I've been trying to email, I've emailed like five different addresses and I haven't been able to get through to you.
So I was just wondering if there's an email address I can reach you on.
Yes, ShowTipsAtInfoWars.com.
We get thousands a day, folks scan over them.
Just keep hammering, Glenn.
I'd love to hopefully have you or somebody else on air, but we'll see, Glenn.
What do you think about the terrorism?
Cool, yeah, would love to meet you.
Yeah, one is, I just wanted to mention, there's a Muslim in Australia, his name is Imam.
You can Google him.
There's stacks of clips of him on YouTube.
And he's probably the most enlightened Islamic scholar that I have ever heard on media.
And he makes a claim that the second most holy book in Islam, after the Quran, which is in almost every house of every Muslim in the world,
Should be banned.
And he said it contains all of the ingredients for Islamic terrorism.
All of the instructions.
Everything related to... No, I'm fully aware of who Imam Tawheedi is.
I want to get him on the broadcast.
You can read what's in the Koran for yourself.
People keep calling it Islamophobic.
Well then, the Koran itself is Islamophobic.
Yes, yes, absolutely.
So that's one, so you know about him, that's great.
The other thing I wanted to mention is, I've been calling for over a year, it's the first time I've gotten through, so I'm really excited.
I wanted to ask this question of Roger Stone, and that is, we all know that there are death threats against people in power who they want to silence, but I'm just wondering, is Trump's family his biggest Achilles heel?
Is there a chance that
Things have been said.
Basically, you know, if you don't do what we say, we'll kill your whole family.
Well, there's no doubt.
They threaten his family in public.
They threaten them when they're in public.
They threaten them on airplanes.
They threaten them on the street.
They're going after all his businesses.
They're going after all his renters.
They're going after his golf course members.
This is a full-on mass Democratic Party stalking.
With the Democrats sending their people to kill and shoot folks, congressmen, you name it.
So absolutely, Trump is under mega attack.
But I haven't seen him sell us out or go sideways yet.
I just see the media saying he agreed to sign an order to put DACA back in.
And all he said was, is that I want to see a bill in Congress, and I'd be open for people to get green cards that have been here for a long time, who actually have been here not committing crimes.
But people that have committed crimes, other crimes, you're out.
I appreciate your call.
Speaking of threats of violence, here's Anthony Bourdeaux.
He would serve poison if asked to cater for Trump or Kim Jong-un.
So here it is.
That was kind of cool.
I guess we got Alvin and the Chipmunks here with us occasionally.
Hey, seconds the charm.
Let's go out to break with Anthony Bordeaux.
Here it is.
Oh, Anthony Bordeaux's so cool.
Oh my gosh.
He's so cultured.
He's so awesome.
So original.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Live from the InfoWars.com studios, it's Alex Jones.
Ladies and gentlemen, we are back live.
Your phone calls are coming up.
Scott, Mike, Dennis, Paul and others are going to be here in a few minutes.
Most of you want to talk about the terrorism that hit, again, the gift of Islam.
The Rock's registered to run for president.
Is it a stunt?
Is he a conservative, a libertarian, a communist?
Word is he's a patriot.
We'll be talking about that some as well.
Scott in Massachusetts thinks that Trump is sold out.
Mike in California thinks it's doublespeak.
Dennis in California thinks that he wants to comment on Trump and The Rock.
Paul wants to talk terrorism.
Jeremy wants to talk Trump and DACA.
But I want to be clear.
I see one caller saying doublespeak.
I'm going to go to him in a minute, then Lee and McAdoo.
I'm not engaged in doublespeak.
If Trump says he's going to kill DACA, that Obama signed as an executive order, and he kills that executive order, he killed that DACA.
Then he says, Congress, it's up to you to repeal any of this garbage for real and to reform immigration.
I don't want felons and criminals and scumbags here.
If somebody can prove they've been here a long time and haven't been criminals and have jobs or in college, give them a green card.
Amnesty, that is a way to become a citizen.
But I guess you could argue that if somebody was here illegally period, whether they were two years old or not, get them out.
The Democrats are using it as a political weapon.
The Republicans want the cheap labor.
Trump's actually trying to secure the border.
Fix the situation and deport people that are actual criminals.
When I say criminals, I mean criminals other than the fact that they're here illegally.
And that's what he always said he wanted to do.
But some people say that I'm engaged in doublespeak.
Okay, then let's say we get rid of our support for Trump.
Then he goes for the Democrats more.
And then all the big gains we've had on the economy, on the Second Amendment, on the borders, that all just goes away?
What, Hillary Clinton?
Maybe we just remove Trump and put Hillary in!
Say she won!
I say we keep getting Freedom Caucus folks elected.
We take over the Republican Party and we reverse this whole thing.
We have gained so much.
I say we prosecute these cities through state and federal laws in Maryland.
And in California where they've got scores of towns legalizing illegal aliens voting and becoming police officers.
There's a total globalist revolution against our sovereignty.
They play on our heartstrings to act like it's bad to have any sovereignty.
So I get getting tough and deporting folks that are here illegally.
We put out the music video with Motley Crue, you know, home sweet home.
Harrison put video showing people getting deported.
I believe we should fly in the face of the political correctness.
I can't go to Mexico and stay there illegally.
They'll deport me as well.
But at the same time, tens of thousands of people here who really have been here since they were two years old, who really are going to college, who really are, for all intents and purposes, Americans, sure, let them go get a green card.
Is that betrayal?
Scott says Trump's sold out.
Mike says it's doublespeak.
We're gonna take those and go to Leanne, then take more calls.
Mike, is that doublespeak from California?
No, no, you're not doublespeak.
Trump's not doublespeak.
Pelosi is doublespeak.
Explain to me how.
Well, she's an android, but, you know, when she says something, she's talking to people in a way that's
So all these other people are talking about our country in a way that's not actually what they're saying is, like they're saying is good, but they're actually saying something that's detrimental.
So that's doublespeak.
They're against Trump, like you said.
They're basically trying to bash him.
But this whole thing is media mind manipulation.
And they go for, you know, whatever they can do to manipulate everybody with this double talk.
No, no, I agree and I appreciate your call, Mike.
They're saying Trump is going to betray us on DACA when he already killed the executive order and stopped it, and says to Congress, now fix it.
And they go, oh, you mean bring it back?
And he goes, just show me a bill!
The American people in Congress, get in there!
He's telling the American people, produce a bill!
Produce a law!
Scott in Massachusetts, you're on the air.
You say Trump is sold out.
Hello, Mr. Jones.
He's sold out this way.
No Mexico wall, no DACA, no infrastructure, no millions of jobs created.
Look, he's caved into George Soros.
Who is behind it all, Soros is an evil international Jewish banker, communist, and fifth columnist, who is determined to make America a communist nation.
He's joined by Charles Schumer, Adam Schiff, Bernie Sanders, and Dianne Feinstein, who are more Jewish communists, who want to destroy America.
You got Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan, who are Gentile fronts.
You've got Michael Bloomberg, Jewish media mogul, and former communist mayor of New York City.
You've got the Salzburger family, who owns the Communist and Jewish New York Times.
So he's caved in to all the Jews who run America.
And not only that, now you've got Jared Kushner, his son-in-law, who was the Orthodox Jew.
Sure, sure, sure.
Let me ask you a question.
Why then, this is all Jewish run, are the same folks trying to overthrow Benjamin Netanyahu?
And why is the media, if Trump's this puppet, why are they trying to destroy him?
They're trying to destroy Trump because he's an end to their means.
They want world domination.
And there's three titanic struggles going on in the world now between international Jewish finance, international Jewish communism, and international Jewish Zionism.
And America is run by the Jews.
And when I mean that, I mean Wall Street's controlled by the Jews, the media's controlled by the Jews, Hollywood's controlled by the Jews.
So you're saying the only conflict in the world is Jews fighting with each other?
I mean, you do know that, like, Jews, like any other group, have diverse political views, right?
Jews, they have different views.
They're not a religion, they're a race.
But they want, there's international Jews, as Henry Ford had said, and they want mastery over the world, control of the world, and that's what they're doing now, Mr. Jones.
And this is not a conspiracy.
Alright, alright, alright.
I don't even know what to say to all this.
I mean, look.
You got a bunch of different special interests.
Where are the communist Chinese in all this?
Where's the Pope in all this?
There's all these different power structures.
They all want world government because they want control of it.
We've got technocracy.
We've got nanotech.
We've got singularities.
We've got all this stuff happening.
You've got Black Lives Matter thinking it's all the white people that are the enemy, and then you've got all the white supremacist groups.
It's just a big mess.
Can't we just have like a free market culture and believe in Americana and just bring us all together?
You mentioned communism with the Chinese.
Communism was invented by Karl Marx.
Karl Marx was a German Jew.
The Russian Revolution in 1917.
The Czar was overthrown in 1917 by Leon Trotsky.
It was financed by Jacob Schiff, who owned Kuhn Loeb & Company.
The Jews have always been behind all the world's wars and revolutions.
Read any history book.
That's why they've been thrown out of every country in the world.
Let me ask you a question.
Didn't Hitler...
Go into Danzig and the Schlettenland and into Austria and then into Poland and Czechoslovakia and France and then Russia.
I mean, that was... Hitler did go into North Africa, right?
He was fighting for international Jewry.
That's what... But I thought you said the Jews start all the wars, so Hitler was... They do!
They do start all the wars.
And then folks that think Jews run everything, they say Hitler was a Jew, right?
There's been talk that he could have had a Jewish grandmother.
Yes, that's true.
You know all the anti-Jew folks, they think I'm Jewish.
I wouldn't be surprised.
They want to always pin everything they want to smear.
They control the media.
They want to twist things.
And I'd like to say one more thing, Mr. Jones.
Whenever the Jews want to neutralize someone, they cry anti-Semitism.
They say, this person's an anti-Semite, this person's a Jew-hater.
But they never go to the next step.
And the next step is, why is someone anti-Semitic?
Why does the world hate us?
And they don't go there because they're afraid of what they're going to find.
That they're behind all the wars, the revolutions.
That they control the media.
That they control Hollywood.
That they control American Israel Public Affairs Committee.
And that's all these boys that are in Walter Reed Army Hospital.
No arms, no legs, paralyzed, blinded.
We're fighting the war for the Zionists.
And the Zionists don't care how many American boys get killed or injured.
The Jews don't care.
We didn't censor your call.
You got to say it on air, right?
Yes, thank you.
Yeah, because another big thing that the anti-Catholics and the anti-Jew groups, they just say it's all fake callers and everybody interviews is a fake actor and the guy that threw coffee on him is an actor.
Well, every deadbeat liberal is an actor or a comedian.
Yeah, it does turn out the guy does roller derby or something, you know.
That's a real guy that threw coffee on me.
This is not staged is what I'm saying.
There's no teleprompter in here.
I'm just really, I'm not even sick of that, because I don't mind being trolled, except we're not controlled.
There aren't any Jews giving us orders or running things around here.
And in my experience, it's just like every other group, it's a bunch of people with different views, and some people are politically involved, and some aren't, and some are liberal, and some are communists, and some are conservatives, and some are
Seems like a lot of Jews I know are Christians and are at church three nights a week.
And you know, it's just very, very frustrating.
I just don't know what to say to it.
And I don't screen your calls.
And then the media says that I'm a white supremacist.
And then the white supremacists say I work for Israel.
And it's just a load of crap.
You know, I'd like to go to Israel someday.
I'm told it's amazing, the history there.
But if I go to Israel, and this won't stop me, I may still go, they'll say I went there to get my orders.
I want to go to Russia!
And you know, because of political correctness, in the next year I'm going to Israel and I'm going to Russia.
But I'm going to go to both.
I'm going to go to one for a week and the other a week to just make the point that I'm not going to be bullied.
I don't work for Israel.
I don't work for the Vatican.
I don't work for the Russians.
I want free market and a future and prosperity and justice and not to have a nuclear war.
Now Leanne McAdoo did a great job during the hurricane.
She'll be with us a little bit in the next hour.
You can follow her on Twitter at Leanne McAdoo.
She's right outside Tampa where the main brunt of Hurricane Irma hit.
We've got a lot of B-roll we're going to be rolling for TV viewers, radio listeners.
It's posted up on Infowars.com.
I want to get into Irma because now all these nursing homes finding dead people and still empty shelves.
One of my crew members has a father, lives in Florida, retired.
He showed, he sent her, I meant to get it in my phone, photos of Walmart and of grocery stores totally empty.
I've never seen footage where there's nothing in the stores.
So, Leanne McAdoo joining us, then we'll ride shotgun into DACA and into other subjects, but since you've been holding during that last caller, Leanne, what do you think of DACA?
What do you think of what Trump's done so far?
Gosh, I'm sorry, I just can't wrap my mind around the fact that the Jews created a hurricane!
I'm sorry, I just don't... You didn't know that?
I'm goggled right now.
Well, you know, I've got to say, because I've been dealing with this hurricane the last week, we still don't have internet here, so I've kind of been relishing in the fact that I haven't been bombarded with all the news that's going on, so I really don't even know if this stuff has hit the fan.
I saw everything going on.
At least last week with DACA.
And, you know, I think it was very smart of President Trump to do this.
First of all, he did away with it and said, look, this isn't the President's place to rewrite the immigration law.
We're going to do away with that and now put it back in the hands of Congress so that these representatives who have been campaigning on this for
I think so.
But Trump said, look, Congress, you guys have been campaigning on this for decades.
This is what you're telling all of, you know, vote for me and I'll get this immigration reform passed.
And then you never do it.
Well, now is your chance to prove to these constituents that you're out there campaigning every single campaign year.
Now's the time to show them that you really mean what you say.
And, you know, I think it was smart of him because he nullified this argument that he is, you know, white supremacist, that he's going to deport, you know, people's grandmothers and things like that.
He was able to nullify that kind of argument to say, look, let's go ahead and be smart about this.
So I think that kind of took away some of their power in 2018.
And, you know, as far as doublespeak, I think I think this was a good
You know, I know personally Dreamers or people that were brought here into this country.
One of my good friends, actually.
You know, her mom, when she was pregnant, took her across the border.
She had the baby in Mexico and then walked her back across the border.
She doesn't have documentation in either country.
She's not a Mexican citizen.
She's not a U.S.
So these are like placeless people, and instead of it being a political football, he did what he said, he killed it, and now he put it back to Congress exactly and said, you people start doing your job.
Haven't we always said that Congress should stop kicking everything to the President and turning it into this imperial office?
They now have to put up or shut up.
So instead, they're misrepresenting what Trump said.
And I don't, I'm not just defending Trump.
I'm not an apologist for Trump.
But I remember during the campaign,
He said you can't have an executive order, you can't have a bunch of criminals and felons and people that are rapists, you know, here saying they're dreamers.
I'm gonna kill that act and then make Congress reform it.
He's doing exactly what he said!
That's all he's ever done and I'm not here to just kiss up to the president.
I'm kissing up to the truth, Leanne.
Right, and we need immigration reform, and I think, you know, David Knight's talked about this a lot.
You have to do away with the incentives that make people want to come here illegally.
You've got to wait five years before you can get put on the welfare roll.
Things like that.
Things that are going to deter people from thinking they can just come here, drop their kid off, and then become citizens of this country.
He's killing the anchor baby deal.
I forgot that.
He said, yeah, I want it where you don't get welfare for five years.
I mean, it's a lot of real reform that's really pragmatic and very, very fair, Leanne.
What's funny is versus the rhetoric you hear about Trump, when you actually listen to Trump and what he actually does, it's very pragmatic.
And that's what I think, you know, if people would just give him a chance and give this whole thing a chance.
I mean, yeah, I don't like to see him making deals in the back room with Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi, but, you know, at the same time, I think it's also one of those things to just let these rhinos know, Paul Ryan and others, like, look, I'm not going to be yanked around by either of you.
I think, you know, to be, to go in there and say, look, I really want to work.
I do want to have bipartisan support in Congress and be able to work with Congress in a bipartisan way.
So it's constantly just playing, playing people off of each other and then rolling out and giving a press conference about why you weren't able to accomplish
That's right, exactly.
And all that stalling's ending.
Leanne, stay there.
I want to talk about, is the power on?
What's happening?
Looks like there's no gas or food from the videos that we're rolling in the background.
We'll be back.
We'll also talk to Paul and Dennis and others.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show, folks.
Owen Schroer here, Gerald Cilente here.
You are here because you're looking for real news in a land that broadcast lies.
Gerald Cilente, TrendsResearch.com.
We've got so many different places we can go.
All of these anti-fascist people, hey, you want fascism?
The merger of state and corporate powers?
A junior out there shooting your mouth off?
How about too big to fail?
You want to look at fascism and capitalism?
There's no such thing, Junior.
Oh, all you little anti-fascist people?
Why don't you go after George W. Bush, who lied us into war?
Oh, war is okay with you.
Well, let's take down those Confederate statues.
That really got you upset.
But you can launch wars based on lies that are right in front of us, Junior.
That Saddam Hussein has weapons of mass destruction and ties to al-Qaeda, which was a big lie, brought to you by the prostitute media, the fake news people,
And essentially, the toilet paper of record, the New York Times.
You remember, Owen, them aluminum tubes and yellow tapes that Hussein was baking?
Wait a second, the New York Times said that Donald Trump was getting wiretapped, but they didn't say it, though.
They also didn't say it, so I just want to be clear.
They said he was getting wiretapped on their front page, but they did not ever say he was getting wiretapped.
So where are all these anti-fascists?
How come they don't go after the fascists?
How come you don't go after Obama for destroying Libya?
Oh, that's not fascist enough for you!
Yeah, the AP was reporting new war crimes in Yemen again today from Saudi Arabia.
Yeah, and let's go also to Syria.
You remember, Owen?
Assad has to go, says Obama.
And Hitler v. Clinton.
And Frankenstein carries.
And John McCain.
And John Insane McCain.
Where are these fat mouths?
Why aren't they going after the murderers and the real fascists, huh?
The merger of state and corporate powers is there in front of us.
Globalization, multinationalization.
But these little boys talk tough, but don't go after the big guys who they bow down to and suck up to.
And when you talk about sorrows, they threw them out of Hungary.
Because they saw what he was doing there.
Sorrow's not welcome.
Monday through Friday from 11 a.m.
to 3 p.m.
Central, we're here live.
Let's continue with your phone calls here in a moment.
Paul Watson's coming up from London, England.
At the bottom of the next hour, Leanne's riding a shotgun with us.
Into the next hour, a reporter for Infowars.com covering things there in Florida.
She's been off Skype for days, finally has power back in some areas, able to charge her phone.
She's been at the shelter, been there taking care of her grandmother.
Just amazing.
This news story is up on Infowars.com by Kit Daniels.
UK officials focus on Trump's tweets more than terror.
CNN started this this morning saying he shouldn't have said it was terror before it was official.
He said that about 15 minutes after Scotland Yard said it was terror.
And now they've turned the whole thing around in the news that Trump is bad in his response to the terror attack.
Just anything to change the subject.
When I was talking to Matt during the break, one of the producers, he said, look, it's a no-lose for the Democrats.
They get to say it's all the race narrative and Trump's KKK, you know, if he tries to deport all these people that are here illegally, and then if he does come in,
Kill DACA, try to reform it, make it fair, because I don't think anybody wants to deport somebody who's been here 25 years, got a college degree, came here when they were one years old, just get them to the fast track, get them documentation, then the Democrats still win that way.
I just don't like
The pity parties and the burning the hats and just the drama.
That's how leftists act when they're making stuff up.
I mean, it is just, it is just crazy.
And if you want to burn your Make America Great hats, that's fine.
But you desert Trump at this juncture.
It's going to create a vacuum, and the Democrats are going to be able to basically take control.
We need to keep moving forward, look at the accomplishments we've had, get more independent Republicans elected, take over the Republican Party.
That's what they're scared of in all the white papers.
That's what the Bilderberg Group's scared of.
That's what the Times of London, and Atlantic Monthly, and The Globalist, and George Soros, that's what leaks out of their bipartisan meetings is that.
Leanne McAdoo.
Yes, Alex, you know, I think Matt is totally right.
It's going to be a win either way, but we do have to be smart about it.
And just, you know, the personal anecdote that I shared with my friend, personally, you know, she, as a baby, was taken across the border, taken back, doesn't have papers in either country, but her brother does.
Her brother is a U.S.
I guess the parents figured out a different way to do it.
Those parents have abandoned her, by the way.
She doesn't even know her parents.
But there's a lot of people in this country that have a similar situation where they might not be a U.S.
citizen, but their brother or sister is.
Can you imagine if Trump all of a sudden starts rounding up and deporting people?
But your brother's fine, your brother can stay.
Oh, that will trigger the race war, that will trigger the whole breakdown that George Soros wants.
I mean, that's so dangerous.
This is not a black and white issue.
And that's why Trump is following the real national security advice of some smart people to really get the criminals out, really get the bad eggs out, create a new immigration system, stabilize it, make it easier for legal people and super hard for illegals, because that's what the Democrats want.
They want that permanent underclass.
We're going to come back in 70 seconds with Leanne McAdoo on the hurricane.
I'm going to go right to Paul, right to Dennis.
We'll get more stories of what she went through right outside Tampa and more in the third hour.
Paul Watson's coming up as well.
Mike Cernovich is hosting the fourth hour.
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Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order, it's Alex Jones.
He aligns himself with the truth, and it's time for you to choose a side.
You're listening to Alex Jones.
So, Trump pledged to kill DACA and hand it back to Congress, and he did that.
Now he says he's in negotiations with Congress on whatever bill he would sign.
But there isn't even a bill!
We're being told by all the Republicans, including the establishment ones, oh look, Trump sold us out.
Trying to damage the populist candidate, who is really not a Republican or a Democrat.
Doesn't mean I agree with everything Trump does, but he's a real populist.
And you know a man by his enemies, with Anthony Bordeaux saying, poison him, and all the rest of it.
Leanne, we're about to go to calls here, you're riding a shotgun with us, we're going to get more into the hurricane you survive in the next segment, but intellectually, but also at a gut level, how are you feeling about Trump now, versus eight months ago, or nine months ago, when you were voting for him?
Well, I mean, I know that once he gets in, you know, once you're actually, like you said, sitting behind that desk and you're privy to a lot more information, I think, I don't think that he's going to be as much of a maverick as we were hoping that he would be.
I think he definitely got shown, hey, look, we will destroy you.
We'll destroy your family.
We'll destroy everything.
We're going to give you a little bit, you know, but I think that he understands that and that's why he still is able to
I don't
Compromised, but I also think he gets it.
He can't just go in there and drain the swamp.
I don't disagree, but I think it's beyond that.
He's gotten incredible stuff done, and still is, and has been masterfully playing these groups off against each other.
I just can't believe how well he's actually done.
But certainly he has gone through a lot of attacks, and I think that's weighed on his family.
Paul in Virginia, then Dennis.
Thanks for holding so long.
You're on the air from Virginia.
Go ahead.
Hey, Alex, thanks for taking my call.
I believe the real terrorists are Google, Facebook, and Twitter.
And until you do something about them and put them where they belong in the quote, out of business category,
You're screwed!
There's nothing you can do about all these problems that they created.
No, you're right.
They're the big technocracy pushing the leftist, globalist, eugenics agenda, and they're the big problem.
Trump needs to go after them.
Well, he doesn't need to go after them because, look it, I've been trying to contact you for the last two months.
We watch your show at our work office.
Well, you're nice to say that.
Facebook and Twitter where they belong in the out-of-business category.
If you want to sit and talk about it, just give us the right contact information because we've been trying for two months to reach somebody to say, look, we have an elevator pitch.
We can solve all these problems for you.
Just let us talk to the right people.
Well, I mean, when you say talk to the right people, I can barely get anything into the President.
And I've got a big audience, but they're trying to cut it off.
And I can barely organize, you know, getting the groceries, you know, in so the kids have food at the time.
But, I mean, certainly people should create their own new Googles, their own Facebooks, their own Twitters.
And then people should, by action, go to those sites.
I mean, we built our own radio and TV system, our own news sites, but
I mean obviously we use Facebook and Twitter.
Just briefly, get at specifically what are you saying we should do?
I say compete directly with them.
I say you have the audience.
We have technical capabilities and thousands of engineers willing to work to create the product.
I mean, we reached millions of people, but, and yeah, we helped get Trump elected because we were just rebooting America.
I mean, I didn't invent all that.
We just talked about common sense versus Hillary.
So, Paul, I'm going to put you on hold.
Get your name and number.
We'll call you today.
We'll be back with more with Leanne McAdoo.
Your calls.
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Alright, all the big news straight ahead.
The world is a dangerous place, not because of evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing.
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
We now take you live to the Central Texas Command Center.
It's Alex Jones.
We're going to Dennis, Valerie, Chuck, Jeremy and others.
I'm Alex Jones coming to you from Austin, Texas.
Leanne McAdoo is on the central west coast of Florida.
She got hit by the main brunt of the hurricane, was there taking care of her grandmother.
We've been rolling video in the background of your TV viewer, watching us on some cable and TV stations around the country and also at InfoWars.com, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter.
We all have streams out there.
You can see some of the footage that she shot just in the last few days of
A lot of the trees turned over, a lot of the signs turned over, a lot of the gas stations are closed, no food on the shelves.
I'm seeing, well you're seeing it too, the reports of hospitals without power now for a long time, nursing homes, people dying, nine people in one nursing home from heat exhaustion.
So the crisis is just intensifying, and way more widespread than damage in South Texas.
Houston is in big trouble, but folks are helping, and it's isolated, and they've got support.
Much of the state's devastated.
We'll talk more with Leanne about that in a moment.
But Leanne, I get these calls all the time, and a lot of them are godsends.
But they say, Alex, you can save everything.
You got Trump elected, and we're going to take over, and we're going to fix this, and we're going to do that.
We were just one outlet promoting Americana, exposing the globalists, pointing out what was happening, resonating with Trump.
He was quoting a lot of our information.
It resonated with the people.
But we're just like an American reboot.
InfoWars is just one small part of it.
Our audience is a big part of it.
It's what you get excited about.
It's what you get involved in that changes the world, not me.
Half the time I think I'm unlistenable, but I've got a grasp of the information and I'm not selling out.
So, again, if we just built a new Google, or if we built a new Facebook, or if we built a new Twitter, if they did that, it wouldn't succeed.
The world has moved on.
It's the next big thing.
And the globalists know how to take control of the next big thing, and either expand it, or destroy it.
And they do know we're the next big thing, so they've got seven shows in production on television, misrepresenting who I am, just in the fiction realm.
They can't beat me.
They create a straw man.
They have the straw man say and do things I never said, so that people, then when they see or hear me, they go, oh, don't listen to him.
They have preconceived notions and shut off the thinking process.
I don't think Infowars is going to save the country or the world.
I don't think Trump is.
I think with God's discernment and support, all of us making the right decisions, doing the right things, speaking out, not being bullied, standing up for what's right, speaking out against collectivism, speaking out against sexualization of children, speaking out against orthodox Islam suppressing women, and saying, I won't be intimidated by political correctness.
That will defeat them, because political correctness is their cult.
And I don't mean whatever political correctness they're pushing today.
I mean the precedent where they control words, they control language, they control who can speak, they control who can have a website, they control who can travel.
We're already so far down this line, and a lot of people say, hey, just go along with it, conform, you'll be okay.
Conforming is what destroys you!
We've already reached a point where not conforming with this, you end up doing better economically on average.
The globalists know that.
Being a supporter of globalism and political correctness means you're a chump.
Going along and getting along, playing along with their system, destroys you.
And so we have to decide then, what are we going to do?
Leanne, what do you think?
Well, Alex, I think it's interesting what we're seeing now.
A lot of people were celebrating the fact that conservatives were getting kicked off Twitter, getting kicked off Facebook, YouTube videos being demonetized.
But now YouTube is starting to demonetize people's videos across the board for no rhyme or reason, because their ultimate goal was to move everyone into this
I think so.
This is bad.
This is censorship.
Wait, now you're affecting my income.
I make my money off of YouTube videos.
Where were you a few months back, six months back, when all of these conservatives were saying, this is a problem.
This isn't right.
We need to do something about it.
So it's interesting to see those people who say,
You know, that we're kind of laughing and making fun when these conservatives are getting kicked off Twitter.
We were always saying, look, they're not going to stop with the conservatives.
And when your team is on the losing side, you're going to be crying for help, but there isn't going to be anyone there to help you because we're all going to be shut down.
So, you know, it is true that we need to have some alternative means.
But, you know, right now, I think that these big
And Leanne, that is perfectly said.
In fact, I've seen those reports.
I'm glad you mentioned that.
Of course they start with the white supremacists because everybody doesn't like them, or 99%.
And then once they've done that, now it's mainline conservatives.
And then it's PewDiePie.
Or anybody else is successful, they just want that money.
They just want PewDiePie to give them 18 billion views, but then pay him for zero, and they just want, just like the record industry, to basically pay the artist, to pay the public, to pay everybody zero.
They let you build YouTube,
They take your art, your culture, your ideas, to build them a trillion-dollar company, and now they're pulling the rug up, and just like every other fascist group or communist group does, they start with an unpopular minority.
First, Hitler was the Jews.
You know, with the Russians, it was certain religious minorities.
They always then move in to the general public.
And where's the common sense?
When leftists call for censorship, the old-fashioned left had a lot of problems.
But they understood that everybody deserves free speech.
But that's because they were unpopular then.
Now that they see themselves as in charge, they want to pull the rope up.
They want to pull the ladder up to secure their power.
But, Leanne, I don't see it working.
They were sure Hillary was going to win and was going to bring in all this censorship, and that didn't go the way they thought.
And, you know, I'm still shocked by that to this day, but it just shows you the power that we really do have, especially when we think for ourselves, we remain independent in our thinking, you know, where we can critique the president when he does things we don't like.
We don't just have to go along, you know.
I support him.
I haven't abandoned him.
But yeah, if he does something I don't like, I'm going to question it, because that's what's important is to remain independent to
And by the way, we don't have meetings around here with the reporters or crew and say what the orthodoxy is.
I've had a bunch of reporters before Trump even got elected that didn't like Trump.
And then some of those reporters went, well, just because you like him, I'm going to go.
And I'm like, that's fine.
I mean, I even let those reporters sit there and bash Trump.
That was fine.
And then when they wanted to go because they didn't like Trump, that's fine too.
That's not what's happened with you.
You've been taking care of your grandmother and doing a great job of it there in Florida.
It's just that have you ever had us call you in a room and say, this is what you're going to report, Leigh Ann?
We definitely do not do things like the typical newsroom.
We don't have the pitch meetings and things like that where the news director comes in and says, OK, you're going to talk about this.
You go out and cover that.
We all have the things that drive our own kind of passions, things that we want to report on.
There's no one giving us orders from anywhere or telling us what we're... I think that's the funniest thing.
People only knew
What actually goes on inside the Texas Central Command Center.
Central Texas Command Center.
It's just different than what anyone could even, you know, make up.
But they really do make up some great stories, don't they?
It sure is fun to hear I get fun about the Russians.
But I mean, we laugh at it.
They're having investigations.
Like, we're investigating you for being a Martian agent.
I'm like, okay.
Well, look, we found him here.
That's right.
Alex works for me.
Strontium-12 Degenator.
Dennis, thanks for holding from California.
And Valerie and Chuck and Jeremy and Jim.
Dennis, you're on the air.
You're a real trooper.
Thank you.
Greetings from FEMA Region 9.
Yes, sir.
Anyway, before I get on my main topic, I'd like to touch on Hurricane Irma for a bit.
Since I have friends and family out in Highlands County in Florida,
And they're going to be probably without power for a few weeks now.
The parts of the county are slowly getting power back.
My dad's a school teacher out there at the high schools.
Let me ask Leanne that.
I mean, still something like half the state doesn't have power.
Do you have power, Leanne?
Yeah, we got power back here on Tuesday afternoon.
We still don't have internet.
And we just got the gas tanks, the gas pumps filled back up on Wednesday.
But it's just so incredible.
I took a drive down to Naples yesterday to try to get some images to see what was going on down there.
And it's like the creature comfort that you just take for granted.
I had to have a full tank of gas because once I got to Naples, there's no gas.
I couldn't GPS it.
I couldn't find my way around because the GPS doesn't work.
Because there's no internet almost all over the whole entire state.
And so it's just really incredible how quickly things can
Exactly, and just ten years ago everybody had maps in their glove compartment.
Now there's no maps in there, just like there's no gloves in the glove compartment.
Sorry Dennis, go ahead.
I lived through Charlie, Francis, and Gene back in 2004, so I know what's up with that.
I know a lot of schools throughout the state are closed until Tuesday.
That's the word I'm getting.
I know the optics don't look good.
I'm not a big fan of Pelosi and Schumer.
Those two chucklehead demons.
But here's the thing people forget, though.
Trump is a businessman.
He's not about to willfully commit brand suicide.
He still has his kids and what have you to run the business on the other side of this, assuming there is another side.
I agree.
Trump is committed to his commitment and he killed DACA like he said because it was illegal and let a bunch of criminals run wild and now he put it back to Congress.
It's their job!
Speaking of Congress, they need an exorcism.
We are fiscally going over a cliff.
Thank you so much, Dennis.
Leanne, since he just mentioned Chuckie Schumer, a couple days ago on the House and Senate floor,
Schumer got caught on tape talking about Trump really likes us.
He wants to work with us.
And I've listened to the tape probably six or seven times.
And if you listen carefully, he sounds like it's a joke to him.
Not like he's super happy and basking in the glow.
The media said, oh, look at Schumer basking in the glow of Trump getting off on it.
No, it's more like
He likes us.
He likes me anyway.
Look, what we said is exactly what happened.
Here's what I told him.
I said, Mr. President, you're much better off if you can sometimes step right and sometimes step left.
If you have to step just in one direction, you're boxed.
He says he likes us.
He likes me.
He goes, he likes us.
He goes, well, I know he likes me.
And he's like giggling.
He goes, well, I told him, Mr. President, is sometimes it's better for you to be able to step left or step right.
That way you don't get boxed using a boxing term.
These Democrats would hang him out to dry in a minute, but as I've said a thousand times, Leanne, I've studied these people.
I've been up on Capitol Hill, I've talked to the staffers, but our listeners are as smart as I am, or smarter.
They've seen this too.
The Republican blue blood scumbags run the show up there.
The Democrats are the dominant party, but the Republican Party leadership is the brains that actually props them up, keeps them in power, and uses them as an excuse to stay in power, always threatening the American people that they're the lesser of two evils.
And the Republican Party, you know, getting behind, getting rid of Cynthia McKinney and putting in Chuck Johnson that thinks that the island of Guam floats, they know what they're doing.
And it's those scumbags that are totally focused on destroying Trump.
So I'm sick of the Republican bluebloods.
And as much as I hate Pelosi and Schumer,
I was glad to see him when they wouldn't even return his phone call, and we're going to shut down the government, and we're going to scuttle the debt, and we're going to devalue the dollar, and blame it all on the American resistance.
The fact that Trump went around them was beautiful, and it's what a separation of powers does, Leigh-Anne.
I think so as well.
Paul Ryan and others know, like, look, what have you done to support President Trump and his agenda?
You know, you blocked it at every move.
You blamed the healthcare debacle on him when it was their job to present him with something.
Yeah, he had some ideas of his own, but I mean, again, we didn't elect a dictator.
And so what has the Republican Congress
Uh, done to support Trump's agenda.
So I think it's, you know, it's interesting there, like, you know, to be able to step right, step left.
I think that is true.
It is smart.
But I also agree with the caller earlier.
Trump is, uh, he knows about the art of the deal.
And I don't think that he, it's kind of easy to play a narcissist or a sociopath.
All you gotta do is compliment them and stroke their ego.
And then you walk out of the room going, wow, he really, he likes us.
We've got him wrapped around our finger.
Trump, in any way, shape or form, trusts Chuck Schumer, who threatened him on live television with CIA and intelligence agencies.
You know, so I don't think that he's—maybe he respects him as someone he knows is, you know, kind of like these mafia boss types, where you've got to respect them.
Maybe you don't like them, but you respect them and know what you're dealing—if you're dealing with some vipers.
No, I agree.
But there is that one photo through the West Wing Oval Office window of Chuckie Schumer looking like he's about to marry Donald Trump.
I mean, he looks like he has found his best friend forever with those two.
It's disgusting.
But, you know, I'll expand on this.
Leanne, you look at the two-party system.
And what they've done, we haven't had a president in 150 years since Andrew Jackson that played the two parties off against each other.
So I'm very optimistically pleased right now over the direction we see everything going because the globalists still haven't let up trying to destroy Trump to his face when he compromises that real nice.
So I think that tells us everything.
And I think it's, you know, he is being very smart about putting it out there, even on his Twitter, saying, now it's in your hands, Congress.
It's your job to actually do something about it, not just campaign on promises every single election.
That's right.
And then never get anything done.
All right, we're going to go to Jeremy, and then we're going to go to Chuck, and we're going to go to Jim and Valerie.
Valerie's going to be up next after Jeremy.
Jeremy, in Georgia, you're on the air worldwide.
Thank you for calling.
Hey Alex, how you doing?
Good sir, thanks for holding.
Um, you know, I gotta say right now that there's a big disappointment for Donald Trump in this DACA decision that he's seeming to want to make.
I think that at least everybody I talk to who are, you know, very conservative, they're not sunshine conservatives, they're full conservatives, have been there before Donald Trump decided to run for president.
See, this is a, this is a betrayal.
Well, that's how Breitbart and others are doing it, because they're holier than thou, and I'm not bashing Breitbart.
But I want to be clear.
I've always been the guy on the outside trying to get people to wake up.
Now that we have a beachhead, and it's doing so much good, it's not going to be perfect.
I'm just saying don't throw the baby out with the bathwater.
Let's see what he actually does.
Here's my question.
Do they think Trump has actually
Uh, passed DACA in the House or Senate or signed it because he just killed DACA.
What are they upset about?
What are they perceiving?
Yeah, he campaigned on killing DACA.
He didn't campaign on bringing it back in full form under law and amnesty.
I mean, that's not what he campaigned on.
Now that's a reasonable statement if that's true.
Where is the proof?
Because if he does that,
And if they bring back DACA and just let anybody who claims they were, you know, a kid here legalize, that's amnesty by fiat and I'm against it.
But where's the proof that's happening?
Well, the proof that I see so far, there's no bill.
I mean, I'm not, you know, there's no bill.
I know there's no bill yet.
But the proof is in what he's tweeting.
Okay, let's pull up his Twitter, because I've been reading the last three days.
Granted, I haven't read in about four hours his tweets.
So let's pull up Trump's tweets.
And I believe you.
If it's there, believe me, I'll throw Trump overboard if he throws us overboard in one second.
All I'm saying is, what do we do if he goes sideways?
Do we then just cheerlead for Hillary Clinton?
Because remember, they're going to come into the vacuum.
What do we do if he goes sideways?
Let's just say he is going sideways, Jeremy.
What do we do?
I think that we're in trouble.
I think we're in a lot of trouble.
He was the one person, the way a lot of people saw this, as the last hope for us to have a peaceful revolution.
I want to say this.
We're our last hope with God's help.
We put him in there.
We bucked the polls.
I mean, you understand the fact that we could bring him means we could do it again and we can do it running for office ourselves.
Liberty's rising.
The globalists admit that.
Leanne, what do you think?
I mean, I agree.
I agree with his statement.
We did that.
So, that's why we do have to hold him to account if he starts to go left.
But we do need to wait and see.
Jeremy, where is he saying he's just going to bring back DACA in full as law?
I mean, a few weeks ago he was willing to shut down the government to build the wall.
He said it in a rally.
Now it can wait.
What happened?
Because the Republicans have said they're not going to back him and won't return his phone calls.
So he sides with the Democrats?
And what's he supposed to do when they're scuttling him?
There's only one direction he's got.
We've got Paul Watson coming up, Leanne, but I want to finish up with you and with this caller on the other side.
This is an important question, but I'm going to ask Paul Watson from London that question, and then we'll get into the terror attacks.
But Paul Watson's coming up.
Jeremy, I hear you, brother.
I'm not disagreeing with you.
I am really trying to make the right decision on this, and I'm really trying to be judicious about it.
But I hear you.
I hear you.
Leanne, we're coming right back to you as well.
We're on the march, the empire's on the run.
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I'll be live in studio.
And right when this broadcast ends at 3 o'clock Central, Owen Schroer with The War Room with Mike Cernovich and so many others that co-host with that.
Roger Stone will be doing that.
Mike Cernovich is hosting The Fourth Hour.
Coming up here in about 30 minutes.
I want to go to Paul Watson, who's in London, England here in just a couple seconds.
But Jeremy in Georgia and Leanne McAdoo, who is in Florida near the Tampa area, want to get her final comments on the hurricane and the aftermath of that that's so incredibly serious.
I think it's right to say Florida's got probably 30 times the damage Texas did because it was localized in Houston.
It's just all over the state.
So pray for folks in Florida, support them, obviously.
Getting back to Jeremy, I was asking the question, if Trump does start going sideways, which I guess rhetorically you could say there's something there, then what do we do?
What pressure do we have?
Because if the Republicans are stonewalling him, the Republican leadership, the folks under the Blue Bloods hate him.
The Freedom Caucus is growing.
We've almost overthrown the Blue Bloods.
They know it.
I mean, we're so close to having the real trifecta of the legislative, the executive, the judicial.
Right now, we only have part of the judicial and the executive.
We've got the bureaucracy trying to stonewall all that.
The reason the bureaucracy is so arrogant is they are on their final legs here, my friend.
So I'm asking you, because this is real wargaming.
What do we do?
I understand being purist, but then we say, okay, Trump's done all this good stuff.
He's going sideways some now, maybe.
What is our response to that?
Well, we lobby to stop that.
We lobby locally to get good people elected.
We keep explaining if Trump goes sideways, the Americana movement is not crippled.
We've already had great successes globally.
World government's in trouble.
Humanity's awake.
I told folks they're going to try to block Brexit.
The fact is we went from
Never having a vote to enter the EU of your British to now the things being reversed.
It's a battle!
But we have the initiative because they're unelected and authoritarian.
We're promoting free market prosperity!
People need to understand this won't be some decisive win.
It's a struggle.
Just like raising kids or having a business or a life.
It's an ongoing toe-to-toe war.
And when you start loving the war, you start winning.
When you start getting pissed about having to be involved and being focused, you start losing.
And I'm not preaching to anybody.
I'm just telling you how it is.
Jeremy, what do you think?
You 100% Alex.
I think what we gotta do is keep doing what we're doing.
Hold them accountable.
Everybody talks about when we think he's making the wrong decision.
I know Hannity's out there tweeting, I know Michael Savage is out there talking very strongly about this as well.
I think we need to hold him to what he said he was going to do.
I mean, the problem a lot of us have, let me say a lot of supporters, is that candidate Trump tends to always know what to do or say what he thought, what we believe was his thoughts and the right thing.
President Trump has to be reminded of what the right thing is, it seems like.
But hasn't he, so far, done almost everything he said he would?
What was that?
On everything else, he did what he said!
Well, I mean, like, we talked about Julian Assange, and he said we have to go after him.
No, that's an area, that's an area where he's wrong, because... Yeah, he scaled back when everybody said, what are you doing?
No, I hear you.
I hear you.
I've thought really strongly about this, and...
I've almost done this the last few weeks, just I've been too busy, I haven't done it.
Like I said, I do a special report on vaccines.
Yesterday I didn't do it.
I'll probably have to come in tomorrow.
That's why I end up working seven days a week, just because I can use my day off.
It is my day to do work.
That's my vacation, my enjoyment, my pleasure.
It would be on my family, but also I like to get crew in here on the weekend and just put out special reports, plan things, really do some high quality work.
Because it's good to be live and it's good to do what we do here and that's all high quality, but it's really good to be able to
Really focus in.
I want to do an emergency message to the President again and lay out the good things he's done and all he's put up with and what he's dealt with and just let him know, you know your family name will be destroyed if you don't fully commit one way or another.
They're going to destroy you if you try to compromise and here's where people think you're going wrong and so you're a smart guy.
You better come out swinging.
And I know for a fact he's seen my emergency reports before and has responded, and we've talked about it before.
I haven't talked to Trump in months.
I have missed a few calls that looked like it was one of the undisclosed numbers.
People I know still get calls from him, but it's very robotic because he knows it's all being recorded.
He is a good guy, that's why they're trying to isolate him.
We asked him to do this job.
I'm going to give him some benefit of the doubt.
But I agree, benefit of the doubt, it doesn't mean we don't criticize what we don't like.
And I think that's the balance.
Closing comments on that, Leanne McAdoo, and thank you for your great work.
Yeah, you know, I think people have to understand the candidate Trump is a lot different than President Trump.
He can tank economies with a single tweet.
He has a lot more power now.
He does need to be a little bit more careful.
Plus, you know, all that does is give the other side fodder when he goes off the berserk wall or whatever.
He needs to be presidential at this point.
But I think, just kind of closing comments on the hurricane, as we saw with Harvey there in Houston, we're seeing it here in Florida.
Yes, these natural disasters can be totally devastating, but they also give humanity the opportunity to really show your moral standing within the community and to really say, you know what, am I going to invite this total stranger into my home and let him take a hot shower because he hasn't had water or power for, you know, a week?
Am I going to stop and pick up the bird that's walking across the highway because its wings are broken?
So it's been a really good thing, allowing people to kind of test their morality, test their humanity, come together with their communities.
So yes, it's bad, but at the same time, this is kind of a
I think that's been a pretty powerful thing to come out of these catastrophic
Sure, well it's just like Harvey, we were on the verge of race war being fomented and it totally killed it as people saw the images of people of all different colors helping each other, vice versa.
It wasn't all whites helping blacks, it wasn't all blacks helping whites or Hispanic, it was everybody together having a good time, helping each other in adversity.
Leanne McAdoo, you be safe, we appreciate your reportage, at Leanne McAdoo on Twitter, thank you so much.
All right, Paul Watson is about to give you his report on the London terror attacks that hit that are Islamic terror, how Khan has responded, and so much more.
And he joins us right now from London, England.
Paul, thank you.
Hi Alex.
Yeah, they haven't caught the perpetrator yet, so we don't know if it is Islamic.
But most of the experts say it looks like it is.
Past history suggests it is, but we'll wait and see on that.
But what's more important, Alex, is Donald Trump's tweets, because the London Police Scotland Yard have said they interpret Donald Trump's tweets as an attack on police men and women by the President of the United States, because he said
That they should have had the terrorists in their sight, or basically he was talking generally about terrorists, that they're generally in the sights of Scotland Yard, which is true.
They're always known to authorities.
He wasn't talking about this specific case, but everybody's butt hurt over that.
He had a phone call with the Prime Minister, Theresa May, about an hour ago, hour and a half ago.
And Sky News understands that Theresa May raised Trump's tweet with the US President in their phone call.
So Alex, we've got a terrorist who is still on the loose after maiming 22 people, injuring 22 people.
Luckily, no one died because it didn't detonate properly.
And the police and the Prime Minister are talking about how offended they are over Donald Trump's tweets.
That's right.
If you put a NewsWars.com article up, UK officials focus on Trump's tweets more than terror.
It's almost like Donald Trump detonated that bomb, Paul.
Well, obviously he's the first one to point the finger at.
I mean, this all came earlier in the day with leftists and the political class saying the same thing.
They immediately jumped to that conclusion.
The other angle of this, and this is the new narrative that the left comes out with.
This is all they've got left after every single terror attack.
Keep calm and carry on.
Oh, and by the way, anyone who wants to change anything, right?
Anybody who wants to stop terrorists from blowing people up, you're a right-wing snowflake.
What are you so afraid of?
You're just scared.
So they stage these ridiculous photo ops where they, like, for example, last time, a TV presenter walked across Westminster Bridge.
He's like, I'm not scared.
Look at me.
We can brave this.
We can continue as normal.
Meanwhile, you've got pregnant women being trampled as people try to rush away from this bomb in panic.
Alex, it's quite easy to say that you're not afraid if you're not that pregnant woman being trampled as people flee in panic from a terrorist bomb, isn't it?
Quite easy to be all brave on Twitter about it if you're nowhere near what actually happened, if nobody you know is even affected by the incident.
But we hear that same narrative again and again.
So if we express any kind of concern
Looking at measures to stop radicalisation in prisons, looking at shutting down extremist mosques.
How dare you even suggest that anything should change, you coward, you pussy, what are you so afraid of?
Oh, but when there's a right-wing hate crime, like someone says something mean to a Muslim on public transport, everybody freaks out, it's the apocalypse, it's the end of the world.
So it's this complete double standard.
Yes, obviously we need to suggest measures that we can put in place to stop people being blown up.
That's not being a right-wing snowflake.
That's not being scared.
That's having actual solutions for this problem.
You know, five terror attacks now in the past... And by the way, you live there!
You live there.
This has happened very close to you.
We're going to go back to Paul Watson here in just a moment.
Again, he hosts once a week.
He does a great job running Infowars.com with Kit Daniels and the rest of the great crew.
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Now I did that plug because we need to fund the operation and Paul had his external mic accidentally turned off.
So Paul is back with us in HD audio from the London studios.
Paul, please continue.
Yeah, there's another thing, Alex, which you'll find funny.
It's so easy to trigger JK Rowling, right?
I made a couple of videos about her with her 18 spare bedrooms and her four mansions while she virtue signals all day about refugees, yet doesn't take any in.
And that really got to her.
I didn't even, like, tweet at her today, but she got triggered just by my presence on Twitter.
She retweeted this fake satirical news story and it's on my Twitter if they scroll down they can see it.
It's like a computer-generated young man in front of a world map.
And the headline is, and this is what JK Rowling retweeted, News!
London is lost claims alt-right snowflake doing literally everything ISIS want from him.
And that's what she retweeted.
So she was so triggered she had to go after me even though I literally said nothing to her today.
So, when I talk about Islamic terrorism, Alex, the fact that there are, you know, 25 jihadists walking the streets, that's bad.
That's what ISIS wants.
When I talk about stopping prison radicalization, when I talk about... Your own government says 25,000, so the Harry Potter author is obsessed with you.
The word is, she's in love with you, Paul.
You haven't figured that out yet that you basically, the word is, are going to get invited to her mansion?
This is what's funny about it, though.
London is lost, okay?
If I thought London was lost, why would I live here?
Why do I live literally 15 minutes walk from where this terrorist attack happened?
Where does J.K.
Rowling live, Alex?
Oh, that's right.
She lives in the middle of nowhere in the countryside in a gated mansion, away from all the immigrants, away from all the brown people.
So who's the real racist here, Alex?
Who's the real scaredy-cat?
Well, Paul, for those that just joined us...
For those that just joined us, explain the hoax article.
What happened?
Rowling retweeted a fake news article, a satirical article, with the headline, London is Lost Claims Alt-Right Snowflake Doing Literally Everything ISIS Wants From Him.
And it's a picture of a computer-generated young man stood in front of a world map.
It's obviously meant to be me.
And it's a funny article, by the way.
But it's like, oh, if you point out the fact that we need to change things to stop terrorists from blowing up children arenas in Manchester, that's what ISIS wants, really.
And I live in London.
I'm scared of terrorists.
That's why I rant about Islamic terrorism.
I'm so scared, Alex.
I literally live round the corner from a mosque and 10 minutes away from where this terrorist attack happened.
Oh, but no, you can live in the middle of the countryside in a giant gated mansion with armed security like JK Rowling.
She's not scared, no.
You can live in the Cotswolds where it's 98% white people, but those same people will lecture me when I talk about mass immigration.
I live in a more multicultural area than you.
Oh no, but I'm scared of Muslims.
I literally live around the corner from a mosque.
You live in the Cotswolds where there are virtually no Muslims.
There are mosques.
But I'm the one who's scared, Alex.
And I'm bad.
I'm doing what ISIS wants by trying to point out measures that could be implemented to reduce the risk of terrorism.
And by the way, Trump's tweets are more offensive than anything that happened today with 22 people being injured.
And a woman burned over a body.
Let's expand, Paul.
The way they're attacking us with these satire shows and Comedy Central programs and HBO and Showtime shows is they build strawmans of you and I.
They build fake news sites, tweet things you never said, so you can then be attacked for saying it, and the left's so mentally ill that even when it's pointed out, they say, we don't care.
They want to believe the simulation.
It's all about cheating.
Like studies show, leftists are six times more likely to steal, nine times more likely not to give to charity.
We'll be back with Paul Watson.
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Mike Cernovich is hosting the fourth hour and to quote Ghostbuster parlance we're gonna cross the streams with two of the biggest heavy hitters on Twitter Paul's king daddy of it with Mike Cernovich and Paul Watson we're gonna be hosting a little bit the next hour than Cernovich will take over but I got Paul a little bit late cuz I had Leon McAdoo on late and callers on late
I don't want to go to Valerie and Chuck and Jim, but we'll have to get you a little bit the next hour if you can hold.
If not, go ahead and jump off there.
I apologize to the callers, but I'm trying the best I can.
Paul, I want to get back into the terror attack in London and fake news stories being put out by leftist publications that spoof Trump by putting out fake news.
Then they claim, oh look, there's a fake news epidemic, just like major Hollywood production firms got caught during the election.
Paramount got caught.
Universal got caught, others got caught, putting out hundreds of fake news sites saying, I'm Donald Trump, I love the KKK, attacking me, you, you name it.
And later they got caught, they said, oh we're sorry, we're gonna quit.
So they're the ones putting out the fake news, like the story J.K.
Rowling tweeted against you, and then we get the blame for what they do, Paul.
Well, Harvard University did a major study, Alex, several months ago, and they concluded fake news had no impact on the outcome of the presidential election.
So it was just yet another moral panic that failed.
You know, they had the recount with Jill Stein and the riots that failed after, of course, they accused Trump of being awful for saying it might be rigged.
Then they did the exact same thing.
Fake moral panic failed.
They had the Russian narrative thing, that's collapsed, failed.
They had the Nazi takeover, that's failed.
It all failed.
The fake news was the first one to fail.
Had no impact whatsoever on the election.
Yes, fake news exists, but again, they seized on it.
They blew it out of all proportion because they were butthurt and absolutely bewildered as to why they lost.
They lost because
Donald Trump was riding the wave of populism that continues to dominate Europe and the West right now.
That's why you lost.
Just accept it.
Alex, even there was an article in Politico the other day, and they're saying that none of this continued whinging and whining and butthurt is translating into any of the key battlegrounds for the 2018 midterms.
It's absolutely failed.
Nobody resonates with it, but they still do it.
I mean, we're in September 2017.
The only argument they have left is you're a racist, you're a Nazi.
It's the exact same argument they've had for the last 10 plus years.
And Paul?
It doesn't resonate.
It doesn't work anymore, but they're still gripped on it.
And that's my next question for you.
When 20th Century Fox and all of them get caught doing fake news campaigns against Trump, against us, showing News Corp's, you know, Democrat,
And Hillary won't go away, and she asks what happened, and starts a website named after pigs, liars, and rats, called Verit.
Doesn't even check what the meaning of the name means.
Means pig rat bastard, basically.
Deceiving rat bastard pig.
I mean, they name a site after Verit.
With all of this going on, what's wrong with them?
Why don't they give up?
You just asked the question.
Because they're sociopaths.
They're so confident in their own delusion that they just can't let go of it.
Like Hillary Clinton actually wrote in her book that Orwell's 1984 was a lesson about how people need to trust authority.
She actually said that in her own book!
I know!
I know!
We even have the audio of her saying it!
Talk about a joke!
Literally the exact opposite of that, in every aspect.
You also have the Ministry of Truth, of course, deleting things to change history.
No, but see, for her as a sociopath, she would have done what Big Brother said and wouldn't have been tortured to death.
Yeah, that was basically the message.
Just submit to Big Brother.
But again, she was the Ministry of Truth.
She deleted 33,000 emails just like they deleted history to change the present.
It's literally 1984 was the exact opposite of what she said.
It's like when they said that
George Orwell would have supported Antifa.
George Orwell supported unpopular free speech.
He literally said that.
Antifa burns signs that say free speech.
They attack people who try to engage in a... Hold on, hold on.
Paul Joseph Watson, at Prison Planet on Twitter.
We're going to come back to Valerie in Norway.
Jim says he's a former CIA case officer.
I'm Alex Jones.
Mike Cernovich coming up at Cernovich.
Everybody tune in.
It's an act of resistance.
Will this save the world?
But doing it over and over again will.
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I was gonna go see Merle Haggard last year.
Then he was dead before I knew it.
The poets tell how Poncho fell.
He left his livin' in cheap hotels.
The desert's quiet, Cleveland's cold.
And so the story ends, we're told.
Poncho needs your prayers, it's true.
But save a few for a lefty too.
He only did what he had to do.
And now he's grown old.
Paul Watson riding shotgun with us in this segment and the next.
Mike Cernovich coming up live with us.
I didn't even notice Jim says he's a former CIA case officer.
See what that caller's like.
Valerie in Norway.
I didn't even see you were calling from Norway.
I apologize.
You've been holding so long, but hopefully you're calling in on a computer line.
Valerie, you're on the air with Paul Joseph Watson.
Go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
It's such a pleasure to speak with you.
Hi, Paul.
Hey, how's it going?
It's great to have you.
Go ahead.
I'm calling because I kind of want to pick up where Jeremy, the previous caller, left off.
I think a lot of people are disappointed in Trump's tweet where he says, does anybody really want to throw out good, educated, accomplished young people?
I think that really hit a nerve.
And I'd like to try to explain why and bring in the EU Free Movement of Peoples as a parallel, because I've been living here in Scandinavia for some time.
Sure, sure, do it.
Go over that, because yeah, that's what they did with open borders.
They brought people in illegally, let them get into the society.
Now it's like pulling teeth to do it.
And the point is, we don't want to do it, but then if we set the precedent, we have no sovereignty.
So explain that.
Right, exactly.
You're exactly right, Alex.
And my husband and I are big fans.
We're long-term expats.
And, you know, we were really glad to see that really early on you and Paul and your team brought out parallels between the movement that brought Donald Trump into the White House and Brexit and Farage.
And I've spent a long time in the UK.
I have family there, and I've studied there, I've lived there, as well as in Norway.
And, you know, my friends who supported Brexit, well-educated people, accomplished people, they lost friends.
Long, long-term friendships.
10, 15 years.
Absolutely, just, you know, I won't speak to you anymore.
Oh yeah, the left is not tolerant.
So people have been through bullying, losing relationships, divorces, over doing the right thing.
And so if we've been through all this hell to get this far, to see Trump start going sideways, it hurts.
It does, and let me just try to explain exactly what I mean, if I may.
Here, for example, in Norway, although we are not in the EU, we do have the EFTA agreements in place.
We do allow the free movement of peoples.
And what that means is, for example, say you're a Latvian citizen, right?
And you've got an EU passport as a Latvian citizen.
You can get a car in Latvia.
We're good to go.
And they drive over here to Norway, and they take jobs, because in Norway, the going rate for that kind of pay is a lot higher.
Sure, sure.
So it's the equivalent of a third world country, and the globalists are doing it to drive down wages, and the general public doesn't see it, and short term it'll help your friends from Latvia, but long term it's exploitive.
Yeah, actually Alex, the general public does see it.
And that's a big, big problem here in Scandinavia, where conformity is key.
You know, cultural conformity is basically what dictates people's lives.
I have friends here, Scandinavian friends, who listen to you, who are huge fans, but they'd never say so publicly because they'd be afraid of losing themselves.
No, I understand.
And the fact that in an Ice Age community, you'd die if you weren't conformist.
They're using the true communal conformity.
You don't need communism in there because they're communists by reality.
Not anti-free market, but communal.
The communal nature of them is being used against them.
Finish up Valerie than Jim.
Paul Watson's gonna comment straight ahead and Mike Cernovich.
Paul Watson at Prison Planet's coming up.
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want to stop tyranny?
Well, so does he.
Live from the InfoWars.com studios, it's Alex Jones.
Well, President Trump this morning, even after Scotland Yard had said it was an act of terrorism, was criticized by CNN and BBC for saying it was terrorism.
Well, it turns out it's not just terrorism.
Turns out somebody's taking responsibility, Paul.
Yeah, breaking news, Alex.
Islamic State says a detachment from its terror group carried out the explosion on a London underground train.
So if that holds true and it's being reported widely now, it is an Islamic terror attack.
Imagine my shock.
But forget about that.
What about Donald Trump's tweets?
Literally, you've still got the police saying that they're offended.
They think it's an attack.
On the police that Donald Trump tweeted out that they have some of these terrorists under surveillance, a completely verifiable, provable fact.
So that's bad.
Not the fact that there's literally an ISIS terrorist who bombed a train like 10 minutes away from me.
No, no, no.
It's all about Donald Trump's offensive tweets.
That's what we need to focus on.
You're leaving here in about 10 minutes.
We're going to finish up with Valerie and Jim, and then I'm going to hand this over to Mike Cernovich at Cernovich.
But Mike Cernovich, I mean, next level to have Trump saying the cops have them in their sights.
The police admit there's 25,000 jihadis.
Most of the cops are the one leaking it.
Wanting to go after them.
Meanwhile, in Sweden, they're saying they're giving preferential treatment for better housing and welfare to the terrorists.
And they've got Finnish police chiefs saying, quote, we need terrorists in our schools.
That's an actual quote.
They help expand diversity.
Mike Cernovich, what do you make of this?
Yeah, have you ever seen the video of Tommy Robinson being harassed by police?
There are like countless videos.
I'm sure Paul has a bunch of those as well.
The police are too busy going after Tommy Robinson for his mean tweets to go after terrorism and the people of London and the UK need to step up and say, you know what?
You police officers, your job is to protect and serve us.
You're a bunch of big crybabies harassing people over mean tweets.
We're not going to stand for this.
Do your effing jobs and go after Realtair and quit trying to be the internet cops.
So that's the reality.
I am glad.
That Scotland Yard took Trump's tweet as an insult.
We should insult them.
We should tell them that they are responsible for these attacks.
Exactly, because not only are they not stopping the terrorists, they're harassing people that point it out, Mike.
Great point.
Right, exactly.
That's the whole point.
And now they're crying.
Oh man, you know, Trump's mean tweet hurt our feelings.
Alright bros, get off the internet.
Why don't you get off of Twitter?
Why don't you go actually monitor these terrorists and do your jobs?
Poor babies.
Well then let me ask Mike Cernovich and Paul Watson, both really smart social media guys.
What's a hashtag we hijack?
What do we say?
Like Scotland Yard babies?
What do we say to jump on this and say Trump wasn't really criticizing you, but since you're whining, wanting to change the subject to him for your little jihadis and they're saying, you know, you know, Theresa May was being criticized as being a populist by Germany yesterday.
Now she's jumped in on Trump.
It's a total virtue signaling.
You'd think Trump had blown up the train.
Yeah, yeah, exactly.
Alex and Mike, there was a story yesterday on Infowars.
They went after somebody for a Facebook page where they criticized Islamic terrorism and mass immigration.
They threatened the guy that they would visit his workplace and out him.
And they said, oh no, you've not actually technically done anything illegal, but we're just going to go to your place of work and have you fired if you don't delete this Facebook page.
Absolutely chilling.
There's the report.
By the way, Newswars.com, folks, looks so good.
Please, this needs to be a huge site.
UK police threatened to unmask Islamophobic Facebook user to employer!
And the police are proud of it!
Yeah, they're Twitter cops.
That's what the UK... That's why I tell people, look man, I got nothing against Europe, I got nothing against the UK, but we have watched what has happened over there and we need to learn our lesson and understand that once you become Twitter cops, which is... The UK, that's all they do, they're Twitter cops, man.
They're on Twitter, monitoring tweets, calling people out, acting like little crybaby Berkeley SJWs while terrorists are blowing things up.
They're not doing their job, so I hope they are insulted.
So what about Scotland Yard, SJWs, or can we offer to get them pampers, diapers?
I mean, I'm asking both of you.
How do we not go after the poor baby police?
How do we help remind them to not be traitors to the West?
How do we tell them to not be on, you know, the end of Shaikh Khan, the Islamic mayor's ding-dong?
Well, Paul's gotta be careful.
Yeah, Paul's gotta be careful.
Let Paul become a big martyr, like Tommy Robinson.
Let them arrest Paul.
It's time to call the bluff, man.
Paul, what do you say?
There was a case a few weeks ago where a cop was on Twitter.
Diversity representative of this police force.
He was literally tweeting photographs where he was in a supermarket and was offended by the fact that they called, like, the feminine hygiene section feminine products because that might offend transgender people.
And he, like, tagged the supermarket in the tweet.
And they were like, oh, sorry, we'll change the name of the aisle immediately.
Literally a cop policing language on Twitter.
I mean, how Orwellian is that?
So did the officer take the tampons because he was a man for his rear end?
He was like the diversity officer.
They deleted his account because everybody just absolutely railed on him.
That's what they're doing.
Like Mike said, they're Twitter cops.
You've got 25,000 friggin' terrorists on the streets.
You're worried about feminine hygiene products because it might offend transgender people.
Paul, it's an officer's right to put those tampons in his bum.
If that's what he wants to do, he can feel free, but don't... Why are you policing language on Twitter when we've literally got people trying to blow up pregnant women?
I mean, what the hell is going on in this country?
Yeah, that's the point, too, is that you have to earn the right to go after people on Twitter.
Going after Twitter is what you do when you're like, you know what, we solved the child grooming, the rape gangs in Rotherham, we solved terrorism, our streets are clean, this country is so amazing.
Well, okay, I guess we'll finally get around to the trolls and do something about them, you know, finally.
You don't do it now, though.
It's in terrorism.
It's civil war.
All right, Paul, you're going to go and do your next video.
I'm going to turn this over to Cernovich to finish two final calls.
Paul at Prison Planet, Cernovich at Cernovich.
Real Alex Jones.
I'm fighting harder for Twitter than ever because they're trying to kick us off of us.
Same thing with Facebook now is the info war.
But Paul, other little shmiblets, little tidbits you want to impart to folks?
Well, the situation is they're still pursuing this terrorist.
They've got the CCTV of the terrorist, right?
Because the entire city is covered in cameras.
They've had it for hours.
They haven't publicly released it.
So millions of Londoners could be out tonight walking amongst this terrorist.
Because let me guess, I bet he's wearing a nightgown, I bet he's on welfare, I bet he's got a big beard, and I bet he's a piece of crap.
Release the footage.
Why haven't they released the CCTV footage?
So we could help the police find the terrorists.
Oh no, let's get offended over Trump's tweets.
That's what's more important right now.
Well, that would be Islamophobic, Paul.
As you know, Paul, after a terrorist attack, the real concern is there might be an Islamophobic backlash.
So that is the reason.
That's what they're saying.
That's what they do.
They don't even name the terrorist until like the next day.
Oh, but if it's a right winger, within minutes everybody knows who it is.
Oh, and by the way, there have been, what, six stabbing attacks in Germany and France today.
Another hammer attack.
There's so many, I can't even keep track of them.
And this is just what's being reported.
There was one in Lyon, the Hammer of Peace attacked two Islamic terrorist attacked two women who were in critical condition.
It's even worse in France.
There was another one in Paris this morning where someone shouting out Al-Akbar tried to knife a soldier.
We've been embroiled in it, we're used to it by now.
People have gelded, people have submitted to it.
Oh, but if you want to try and change anything, oh no, I'm afraid of terrorists because I actually live here ten minutes from the terrorist attack.
And J.K.
Rowling's going to lecture me about how I'm afraid while she lives in a gated mansion in the country.
I've got an idea.
Why don't somebody do a Koran burning in front of J.K.
Rowling's house?
Just to point out, if she's not afraid of the Islamacists, you know, just come to her.
I mean, how do we get the Islamacists to her house?
Do we put an ad out that she's saying 100 Islamacist men can move in with her?
Maybe they can generally mutilate her.
We tried with the refugees.
I mean, Mike offered to fund it, right, Mike?
You offered to fund the whole thing.
I said I would fly out.
I said I'll fly out.
A hundred people pay all their travel expenses to live in her mansions.
The tweet got over two million views, 20,000 retweets, and she goes into hiding.
So maybe we'll just re-up that or maybe Paul can tweet that out.
I will announce Alex.
Okay, we'll do this.
Here's what we'll do.
Paul, Alex, and Mike will each pay for the travel expenses of 100 refugees to live in her mansion.
Let's just say it this way.
Media Group, and we're serious, offers to fly 300 refugees, all expenses paid, to live at J.K.
Rowling's house.
All she's got to do is agree to house them in her palatial mansions.
And hey, Clooney stepped up.
Clooney took in one Yazidi Christian student.
But at least, you know, he put his mansions where his mouth was.
So JK Rowling needs to step up.
I forgot he did respond to you.
And I'm going to go further.
I'm going to offer JK Rowling, surgically, to pay for Islamic surgery to have her genitals cut off.
She might not go for that.
No, no, no, because it's not abuse.
I'm not saying she has to.
If she wants to be culturally open, now that England is mainly Muslim, should JK Rowling, I'm offering to pay for her to have the surgery to have her genitals cut off.
You're right.
I mean, you know, you're you're a good point.
And just so we're clear, this is not a threat.
This would be her choosing to become culturally enriched.
So we want we want her to have the option to culturally enrich herself and undergo that elective surgery.
I think that's a great idea.
Very generous of you, Alex.
I mean, it is generous.
It's probably a lot of money.
Uma Abedin's mother promotes it.
Linda Sorcerer promotes it.
All I'm saying is I'm going to offer to pay 100 feminists.
To go to a nice plastic surgeon, even if it costs 5,000 a piece, I will pay for feminists that wish to convert to Islam to have their clitorises surgically removed.
And you know what?
You can do it medically like the woman that wanted her eyes burned out to be blind.
I will offer medically, if doctors approve, to pay for 100 acid attacks.
Some of them might even go for it.
They're that deranged at this point.
Well, it's a form of transgenderism now.
They are trans-islamicism.
So if they want to properly transition to the Islamic way, then she should definitely, these feminists should undergo the genital mutilation.
I'm not even joking.
I will pay if they want to dump acid on their faces.
That's voluntarily, though.
And as long as it's voluntary, Mike, it's okay, right?
Yeah, all you're doing, it would be like if we said we'd pay for a hundred nose jobs.
We're not saying go break anybody's nose.
We're just saying if you want to go to a doctor, a qualified medical practitioner, and the only thing that's keeping these feminists from converting to Islam is that they do have a clitoris and they are allowed to orgasm during intercourse, then in order to help them further their religious beliefs and practices, we would subsidize.
So we're gonna officially... Mike, I'm serious.
I think... Do you think J.K.
Rowling's Paul will take us up on this?
I doubt she'll even respond, but hopefully Media Matters will write an article about it, and that'll get her attention, because they literally employ one guy to listen to your show every day, who writes up all the stuff.
And today he was complaining about how you were complaining about drama queens on the right.
This guy's entire job is to write about the drama that you create, Alex.
You're literally keeping this Media Matters guy in employment, as well as George Soros.
Well, I want to offer him, if he wants to convert to Islam as well.
Yeah, hopefully they'll give us some amplification on this.
Because they do write the orders for the MSM.
Yeah, they all pick it up from...
Well, I've always said this guy has a dream job.
We need to get our people to work at Media Matters because they get paid to follow our social media and to transcribe our videos and stuff.
That's like a dream.
The next time Media Matters is hiring, I'm going to send out the link and try to get my people to get one of those jobs and let Soros pay our people to watch us.
That would be a great deal.
I want to get some secretaries that can transcribe.
We don't have the money.
I mean, I'm almost thankful to George Soros.
No, I'm totally thankful because when I do long interviews, I will often get them, I pay a transcription service.
So if Soros, he does it for free when I come on your show.
It's a great service.
I'm very grateful.
Oh, the Southern Poverty Law Center, they also do that.
Jared Holt, shout out to Jared.