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Name: 20170914_Thu_Alex
Air Date: Sept. 14, 2017
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Alex Jones talks about how society is focused on politics instead of real issues like social engineering, nanotechnology, forced inoculation, and attacks on family. He promotes self-reliance and discusses products available on InfoWars for preparedness and protection against technology dangers. The podcast also covers pedophilia rings and human trafficking in America, praising President Trump's efforts to address the issue and urging citizens to take action.

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The answer to 1984 is 1776.
You're listening to The Alex Jones Show.
Thursday, September 14th, 2017.
I'm your host, Alex Jones, and I am locked and loaded today.
I've been preparing for this broadcast three or four hours last night, four or five hours this morning, really doing deep research on all the topics we're going to be covering today.
We'll hit a lot of the political news, but I'd already made the decision yesterday to announce on air that
Until about two or three years ago, I spent about 60-70% of my time on hidden technologies, hidden cultural developments, things that the public wasn't aware of, like human-animal chimeras, the plan to implant the entire microchip to buy and sell, things like that that really affect everybody.
In this whole Black Lives Matter, George Soros, Civil War climate, I had been forced to get 80% political, not 80% informational.
But I really just felt a calling in my own gut to still cover politics, but to focus more into the social engineering.
Everything from nanotechnology, to forced inoculation, to systems of world government, to attacks on the family, to really drill down into the nuts and bolts, sometimes for an hour or more just on one subject.
And then Rob Duke came over last night and we shot a couple videos at my house and he said, you know Alex, I think we're covering politics too much.
You ought to get back the way you used to be.
Covering more of the big breaking news.
Of cultural change, of technology, but also of hidden systems of control.
What you really were known for before the whole Trump era.
And I said, you know, it's funny you say that.
I said, tomorrow I want to get in early and get with the crew because we warned people 20 years ago that they were pushing an agenda for implantable microchips.
And back then it was like, oh, that's crazy.
It'll never happen.
Well, we knew it was going to happen because it was in DARPA documents.
It was in Alvin and Heidi Toffler's future shock books.
It was in reports written by
Newt Gendrich, when he was a college professor and a futurist and part of the Rockefeller Foundation, that he wanted a planetary government, everyone in planet, with microchips to buy and sell.
He actually wrote that in one of Alvin and Heidi Toffler's books in the forward, but wrote white papers for the Rockefeller Foundation.
It's not a secret.
So, suddenly this year, we've seen all these reports saying you will take a chip in your child, and you will have a driverless car, and you will be run by technocrats.
And so it's like Fight Club, or it's like an internet ether of the mind.
I walk in this morning, and they said, look, Drudge Report linked to a story by Paul.
Implanted microchip to replace credit cards.
Car keys.
Says the BBC.
Says the Swedes.
So you have a government, Stockholm Syndrome,
Where they say, we want terrorists in the schools.
Close quote.
Same thing with Finland.
And we want to let the Muslims rape us.
And we want to not be Swedish.
And we want to be overtaken.
And we want to be destroyed.
Stockholm Syndrome.
Loving your oppressors.
And they're now saying, you're going to have a chip, or you're not going to get on the train.
And they say, look, we met with a Swede, and it's a black guy.
See, everything's propaganda.
We met with a Swede.
I'm not saying you can't be black guys in a Swedish citizenship.
It's just always so stereotypical propaganda, like all these BBC shows where it shows the ancient Britons were black.
And so just everything is propaganda, woven with propaganda, going, look, you're getting your microchip.
It's so easy.
Well, the establishment media's got a big problem.
The Clintons, Obama, they pardoned drug dealers, child molesters, criminals.
Trump pardoned a guy who did his job and followed the Constitution when a judge didn't give him a jury trial and simply politically persecuted him because he was set to win re-election.
Sheriff Joe is a patriot.
Sheriff Joe loves our country.
Sheriff Joe protected our borders.
And Sheriff Joe was very unfairly treated by the Obama administration, especially right before an election, an election that he would have won.
So, and he was elected many times.
So, I stand by my pardon of Sheriff Joe.
And I think the people of Arizona who really know him best would agree with me.
Obama pardoned cocaine dealers and weather underground bombers that blew bank tellers up to death.
And police officers.
So, let's go to Sheriff Joe instead of me ranting.
Sheriff of Maricopa County, and now a free man, now not facing the six months in jail, no jury.
But now the president is under fire.
Sheriff Joe, what do you say?
Excuse me, I feel sorry, Alex, for him.
Look what they did to me, and they can do it to the president, too.
So I'm very concerned about what's going on in Washington.
They're using me, I hate to say this, they're using me to get to our great president.
You know that.
You know, I hate to brag, but how come every time presidents run, they all come to me for my endorsement?
He didn't just forget about you, you know, after you supported him.
You know, he went against the political correctness and did the right thing.
That's why we love Trump so much.
Yeah, I love the guy from day one.
I supported him and I've been saying throughout, even if he did not get me to pardon, I still will be for him to the end.
But it's really a shame what they're doing to the president.
Forgive me, you know, I'm a good target, but what they are doing to our president lies deceit.
Everything to get rid of him.
But I'll tell you one thing.
I said that when I introduced him two years ago.
I got a standing ovation when I said there's a silent majority.
Well, there's a silent majority out there, but there's a vocal majority now, too.
So if they think they're gonna take this president down with all their garbage and lies and crap, I got news for them.
He'll be one of the greatest presidents we ever had, and I said that a few months ago.
And I'll say it again.
As you look into history, he will go down as one of the greatest presidents this country has ever seen.
We now take you live to the Central Texas Command Center.
And the heart of the resistance rallying patriots worldwide.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
There is a organized global system of corruption and evil that has made a conscious decision
To implement the controlled disintegration and takedown of this civilization and of every form of freedom and of every form of normal biological human activity in what the social engineers and the captains of the eugenics operations call the final revolution.
The final revolution will automate and take full control of the genetic code and the complete operations of humanity and will be what the technocrats also call the end of history.
I've developed the term that they are writing the future
History now.
They are writing the future now.
And we are here telling you the history of the future as it is currently projected.
If I have a quiver of arrows on my back, and I have a compound bow, or I have a regular recurve bow, or a standard Welsh long bow,
Any type of bow, and I draw that arrow, and I'm proficient with that bow, and I've practiced, and I'm looking at a target a hundred yards away.
I can aim at that target, pull back the bow to my ear, relax and loose the arrow, and from experience, I know two seconds
Before I release that arrow, that it's gonna hit the general vicinity of the middle of the bullseye.
Of the hay bale I'm shooting at.
With an orange spot painted on it.
I know the future before it happens.
You're like, yes, that's elementary, that's easy to do.
That's like if you have a child that goes to school and you know the bus takes them home at 3 and they get home about 3.45.
You know that you can wait there for that bus.
Hundreds of times and little Bobby or little Jenny is gonna get off that bus.
You are predicting the future accurately.
And civilization is all about being able to organize and then predict the future.
But to predict the future, you've got to organize the future.
And the globalists have set up a system where they tell you there's no collusion in government, there's no collusion with criminals,
And you shouldn't think about anybody trying to organize your future, because there's no such thing.
So that you have a flotsam and jetsam attitude, like a piece of garbage floating around on the surface of the ocean, where the tides and the winds make merriment with you, and you have no rudder, or no direction, or no North Star, or no destination, or no purpose.
This is how you first disorient somebody and put them into a position to then lose their will.
And this is the currency that the globalists traffic in.
It's the highest thing they want is the control over your mind.
And then they trick people to think it's funny to laugh about this stuff.
Because deep down, subconsciously, it's a defense mechanism for the average person who is a complete loser, and who's all alone, and whose only friends are characters on television, or kind of virtue signaling to other people on the street.
That they're part of the club, but really they're completely empty and completely alone.
And Facebook's own documents, there's thousands of different documents that show this from the establishment, but just this year about how pathetic you are and how they want to make you more lonely and control you.
And then they're going to pop up ads for depression testing, funded by the big pharma companies, who then direct you to a doctor to put you on a drug that reduces your life expectancy by 33% and causes massive brain damage.
By the way, that's in the news today.
And that's only one facet of it.
Yeah, there's the New York Post in January telling us something we told you 10 years ago, what Google and Facebook want.
Facebook wants to be able to read your mind and control it.
And by the way, the folks that want to control your will, they're not jolly old elves.
They're not in Santa's workshop trying to make you some fun toys.
They're not very nice people.
They don't have a conscience.
All they've got's pure, absolute, psychopathic will.
My very fiber cries out against them.
Let me just do this before I get into it in great detail.
Let me just read the social engineering stack for you.
This is just in the stacks of news today.
There's a giant rollout from ABC News to CBS News to MSNBC to BBC to the Finnish and the Swedish governments.
Northern Europe, cultures, totally communal.
You can tell them to walk off a cliff, they'll do it.
Good people, but there's just total social submission.
It's why Germany was so bad in World War II, because they followed orders.
Smart people, but very tribal.
And they've announced they're going to make you take microchips to get on the train or bus now.
It's not coming, it's here.
Implanted microchips to replace credit cards and car keys.
That's on NewsWars.com, InfoWars.com, and DrudgeReport.com.
Link to it.
It's a Paul Joseph Watson article.
We're gonna play a clip, but it's just so wonderful.
Oh, 3,000 have already lined up to get their chip.
Here's another one.
Transgender issues dividing schools, parents and kids in the UK.
It says the Tavistock Institute, this is just RT, reporting it like it's a good thing, runs it.
And it says they're now setting aside three-year-olds for their sexual surgery and their gender reassignment.
And the schools are going to decide now and take little Billy or little Susie to have their genitals cut off.
It's not child abuse, it's not pedophilia, it's not the most horrible nightmare novel ever.
Oh no, it's liberal!
Because once they get you to say it's liberal, and it's stunning and brave, well then you've got to go along with it.
In the cult of Mithra.
As the caller pointed out, that's what this is.
And it says right here, as young as three years old,
Directed by London's Tavistock Institute.
Did you know that it's declassified?
That the Tavistock Institute is the premier organization for mind control.
They developed the plan for ugly modern art, ugly modern buildings.
It's all declassified.
And directed the CIA's MKUltra program.
And it's well known the Tavistock Institute pioneered psychology
With Skinner and others that pedophilia was okay.
It was set up by OSS.
So the average person reads this, oh the Tavistock Institute is gonna help three-year-olds have their penises chopped off.
But that's okay because, you know, it's MI6.
Nothing creepy, nothing evil.
Oh, and then I just, here's the news, you know, I'm just... Duke recruits men for a program to fight toxic masculinity.
Oh, that's right, they've taken down images of men with muscles, football team photos, colleges, because see, it's all herpsey.
Oh, a man, just, um, this isn't tolerance, see, this is a man existing is hurtful.
And that's what women in the frontline combat's all about.
That's what all of this is about.
It's about ending all the roles to end humans, so that when the machines come in, we'll be so obsolete, so drugged out, so whacked out, so atomized, only glued to our smartphones, we won't even know who we are.
Smartphones in many studies are more addictive than opium.
Tucker Carlson asked the question last night.
Have smartphones destroyed a generation?
You bet they have!
You give them to your children, they get depressed, they stop talking to you, they get viciously angry if you don't give them to them.
Number of stay-at-home dad falls as novelty of being a new man wears off.
It just turns out the women don't want that role and that money isn't coming in.
So see, the social engineering is going to be hard to force, but they're going to get it done.
Implanted microchip to replace credit cards and car keys.
UC Berkeley prepared for chaos ahead of conservative speaker after they've helped engineer the whole thing.
We're going to get into all this.
That's just the stack on social engineering.
Google's depression tool could lead to dangerous overtreatment and addiction to antidepressants, expert warns.
Yes, the computer is going to tell you you're sick now and then give you directions to the local doctor to give them to you.
Warning for those on antidepressants.
Commonly prescribed drug raises the risk of early death by 33%.
Yes, you want cancer?
Take a serotonin reuptake inhibitor.
You know what they are?
Weaponized fluoride.
I like to do things where I know I can at least take control of it myself personally.
And this isn't a pitch for water filtration, but we go out and find the very best gravity-fed water filters, where it takes out all the garbage, but doesn't take out the good minerals, and then I put my drinking water through that.
And if I'm lazy, I've got reverse osmosis, which really cleans the water, but cuts out the minerals.
So over time, it's probably not too good for you to only drink reverse osmosis.
That's in all the studies.
But the other big area is the shampoo.
And the sunscreens and the cosmetics and the body washes and the soap, which isn't really soap.
So we've spent, and this is a plug, but it's really informational until the bottom of the hour when Sheriff Arpaio joins us.
We spent years saying we want to get an organic, high quality line of toiletries and personal care products.
So that I can use them in my own home and know from the manufacturer, it's really what they say.
And folks, we got Mark Gonsalves, the owner of Nature's Brands, one of the biggest organic brands in the country, one of the top sellers at Whole Foods.
Everybody recognizes our labeling because he's so nice.
He even let us use basically his labeling, but changed the name to Emmerich's Essentials.
So whether you get it at Whole Foods under his name or from us, what's best about it is
It's on the low end of cost, but better than a lot of the other so-called organic brands, and it's so respected.
But I wanted to get him on because he's the expert.
He's got a bunch of the brands there of what's in some of the other leading brands and some of the other supposed natural brands that really aren't organic.
But Emmerich Essentials is nature's brand.
We're under a chemical assault.
It's unbelievable to me
What we've allowed to take place.
We've got 84,000 chemicals now in play.
13,000 of which are used in our cosmetics and personal care items.
And we use these things every single day.
Yet about 10% have ever been tested.
So we always rely on the chemical company to be able to be considered innocent until we end up proving them guilty.
Does that make any sense at all?
So all these things that we put on our body, they're going into our bloodstream.
Takes about 28 seconds to go into our bloodstream.
So here's what we've got.
We've got the FDA that says, hey, you know what?
For external use only.
Think about this.
Think about this.
They say it's for external use only.
They're not stupid at the FDA.
They know it goes into your bloodstream.
What is the establishment going to do when all this comes out?
It's already come out about bisphenol A and adrazine.
And then they're still putting it in stuff.
What's going to happen?
Why are they doing it when I've looked it up?
They've got chemicals that are even less expensive that they could be using that have less problems.
It's like they go out of their way to do this.
I think that companies today, are they purposely trying to kill us?
I don't know if I'm going to go quite that far, but what I will say is, they don't seem to care if they do.
They don't seem to care.
Just like Bayer with the hemophiliac factor 8, they knew it was in there, and they said, you know what, we'll lose money, go ahead and ship these millions of dosages.
They just didn't care.
Hey, as a young person, it was Ford with the Pintel, right?
Oh yeah, well, we have 30 gas tanks that will blow up.
Yeah, we'll get sued for millions and millions of dollars, but hey, at the end of the day, that's a heck of a lot cheaper than having to replace all those gas tanks in a recall.
I mean, golly, we've got a business to protect.
Again, when you place a person's well-being
The bottom rung of the ladder and you place purely profit at the top, that is something seriously wrong.
Well, we're really impressed.
Mark, thank you so much.
Folks can get their Emmerich's Essentials, private label by you, God bless you, at InfoWarsStore.com, InfoWarsLife.com, or AAA253-3139.
Mark Gonzales, thank you so much, sir.
There's always room in life for this.
Well, the Swedish government, you knew it'd be them.
They're coming out announcing a plan to microchip the entire population.
It's going to replace your credit cards, it's going to replace your keys, and the British government is teaching gender reassignment to everyone starting in kindergarten.
It's not pedophilia, it's not sexualization of children, it's not child abuse.
No, no, you might be a boy even though you're a girl, or you might be a girl even though you're a boy, or vice versa.
If you're a girl, we're going to tell you you're a boy.
If you're a boy, we're going to tell you you're a girl.
We're going to tell you that you're an it to reduce population, to confuse the public.
To break down society and to remove male and female off of interest forms across the Western world.
It's already happening.
It's in the news today.
They're going from tolerance of people saying they're a dog or they identify as a blind person so they dump bleach in their eyes and then you pay for their welfare for the rest of their life.
They're moving past being tolerant of mental illness to now force feeding it to the children.
We're going to break it all down coming up.
But first I wanted to get into some of the other news that we're going to get to in a longer segment that's coming up here in just a moment.
And that was the hysteria that broke out last night at about six o'clock.
That Trump was going to reauthorize the DREAM Act with an executive order.
And that it was going to be done by the end of the night.
And then I went and read the articles from Breitbart.
Not criticizing them, but it's true.
CNN, you name it.
And they all said it's a done deal.
Chuckie Schumer and Nancy Pelosi say so.
Well, I mean, those two can barely walk or talk.
I don't believe a thing they say.
And then, sure enough, by about 10 o'clock at night, Trump's like, we're in negotiations.
We've said no such thing.
And I've already said, it's going to have to be a law.
I don't have the executive power to just sit there and legalize a bunch of people who we can't track.
It has to be a law.
We have to have a vote.
He never said it.
He never did it.
And it's not about defending Trump.
It's about just reality.
I mean, I could have run with the fake news that he was going to betray us and stab us in the back last night and it was all over and have a big internet scare and then in the morning say, oh sorry, Nancy Pelosi lied, but what is the point jumping on that bandwagon?
We're going to be covering that coming up in the next segment in detail.
Also, Bernie Sanders' Medicaid for All plan would
Absolutely kill our entire healthcare system.
But that's what it was always meant to do, remember?
Ezekiel Emanuel said...
We're going to use Obamacare to wreck the system, then we're going to have single payer, but run by big corporations.
Yes, big corporations forcing you to buy their overpriced product with government enforcement powers.
Talk about a dream of a fascist.
Talk about guaranteed to spiral cost, and it's done it.
And now, phase two is here, and has all the Democrats lined up behind it, because it was always the plan.
Wreck it, loot it, and then bring in something even worse.
That's the cycle of abuse of the public, because as Jonathan Gruber said, thank God you're so stupid, thank God you trust Obama, thank God you don't have attention spans.
So that's all coming up as well.
And we have a bunch of guests joining us.
Please think about spreading the word about InfoWars.com.
Newswars.com, we're being censored, we're being blocked more and more because we're so effective, because our articles and research and information is so cutting edge and on target.
You are the strength of the info war.
You're the reason we've got a beachhead with Trump, who isn't perfect.
You're the reason we've elected all these patriots to local offices.
You're the reason the globalists admit they're in trouble worldwide.
And if you'll simply spread the videos and spread the articles that you think are most important, religiously, and commit to do it, it's unstoppable.
This movement.
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Support the broadcast, get things you need, and build an economy and build a media system that's there for all of us to promote basic human existence.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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He aligns himself with the truth, and it's time for you to choose a side.
You're listening to Alex Jones.
Lights fall on my face and hands.
I've got a stack of mainstream scientific reports from major universities and scientific institutions admitting that screen time, but namely smartphones, which are just highly compact advanced computers with psychological warfare algorithm systems integrated in for total control,
The facts are in that they are causing massive brain damage, massive cultural collapse, massive loneliness, massive mental problems, and of course it's all integrated into a larger program where they've studied similar systems for decades on primates and on humans to then offer you drugs and counseling and induction into
A psychological lynching.
And it's all in the official white papers.
It's all admitted.
They want to make you totally alone, totally desperate, totally depressed until they finally kill you with psychotropic drugs or you kill yourself.
And they want you very, very nihilistic and hateful to spew that energy out to basically turn the whole world into Seattle.
Into just desperate loneliness, sadness, but clinging to your cloak of trendiness like lead shoes as you're thrown overboard.
But clinging to the big thousand pound steel bowling ball.
Clinging to your enslavement, kissing it as you plunge down into the depths.
You have to understand, the people involved in all this, they're just higher IQ people that fell to evil, fell to the same wavelength.
And then they just want to hurt you as bad.
I mean, they love brain damaging your children with the vaccines.
They love the GMO.
They love the fluoride.
They love the nutrient deficiencies.
They love going to a public event and looking at how sickly almost everyone looks.
And how you can't tell, is that a male, is that a female?
Not because they've had gender reassignment, but because they've been hit with so many hormones and chemicals that they're already walking dead.
People like Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi.
These globalists, I mean, they, they, their power is seeing you destroyed and alone and weak, repeating political slogans like parrots that they put into you, gibbering.
I found a video, my daughter showed me on Instagram this morning, of the little goblin guy that attacked me with a hot coffee a month ago in Seattle, where they slowed it down and illustrated it.
We're going to play, coming up in the next segment, that is so powerful.
And I'm going to copy this based meme lord video over and put it on YouTube and Facebook ourselves, because it's totally illustrative.
Of how serious this situation is.
Because I don't take pleasure in the fact that these people have been rendered down to almost a sub-human condition.
This has been done by top psych warfare experts.
Julian Huxley in 1932 published Aldous Huxley in 1932 published Brave New World.
Julian Huxley was his brother
The head of the Worldwide Eugenics Society, who then founded the United Nations with the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute Rockefeller Foundation after World War II.
And they did it to put the Nazi program underground, but make it liberal.
As long as you say it's for the minorities, who are the majority, and then make it all, quote, liberal, but then make all them race-based as well, you can then play groups off against each other in a race-based system.
And Huxley wrote three books that I've read, that you could read, Brave New World Revisited, and others, in the early 1960s, that were non-fiction, and he said, this is a real plan.
And by successive chemicals in the water and vaccines, we're going to blur the sexes, we're going to use civil rights movements to get people to accept the blurring, then we're going to start attacking the male and female gender, and then we're going to sterilize everybody so bad you can't even have children, except for laboratory genetically engineered creatures that we the elite create as our servants, but this will be the orderly phasing out of things, and then he bad-mouthed George Orwell saying, it's not going to be a 1984.
Situation with Jack boots and stuff.
That's just for the few that are immune that we have to mop up It's gonna be done culturally to make you love your servitude and his brother
Created UNESCO that runs higher education, and runs the universities, and runs the high schools, and runs the elementary schools, and runs the kindergartens, and runs the preschools globally.
The same names, the same programs are in Germany, that are in Australia, that are in Austria, that are in the United States, that are in Canada, and now even in Mexico, and places like that.
If you want the foreign aid, you go on to this program, and then the Tavistock Institute,
Sits in amongst the other big institutes and it runs the trans program for the sexual allotment of three-year-olds now.
I have that here on the news.
Preparing them in the UK schools for your interview about changing your sex.
And then the MI6 OSS UN program basically prepares you for your dehumanization.
But no one can protect the children surrounded by psych warfare chiefs and actual government spies!
Running a biological operation against them because, oh, these are experts here to help the child be empowered, not mommy and daddy.
And it's not pedophilia, it's not sexualization, even though Tabistock was admittedly involved in the sexual trauma and mind control and drugging of children from its founding, along with Dr. Ewing Cameron and Jolion West and MKUltra and MKNaomi, all on the History Channel, even.
Baby, that history channel shows about 10,000 plus foster children taken, mind controlled, sexually controlled, turned into sex slaves operatives.
But it's okay because it's liberal!
It's okay if Hillary goes and does voodoo rituals and her best buddy talks about how she kills people in black magic rituals and it's even in her own memoirs.
It's okay if you got 16 mayors stepping down or arrested for pedophilia.
It's okay if the Deputy Pope's doing it.
It's okay because it's liberal!
And they're going to tell us how to talk.
And they're going to tell us not to be mothers or fathers, because that's hurtful.
And they're going to take the names off the forms and say, G or Z. And they're going to tell us how to communicate.
They're going to destroy the language and pull down all the statues and take control, because they got a big, beautiful vision for you, let me tell you.
But let me, before I get into all that,
Let me get into the more contemporary news.
Let's set their plans for all of us that are already well afoot, that we're already in the quicksand, up to our chins, and they're there on the bank just saying, go on under, it's fun.
You'll like it.
There's carnival rides down here, just like it says.
There's popcorn, there's clowns, there's lions and tigers and bears and elephants and tightropes and there's a bearded lady and a guy gets shot out of a cannon.
Just take my hand.
You see how good it's been so far?
Just come into the basement.
Put the handcuffs on, please.
Come on.
You want your boat back, don't you, Georgie?
I'll float down there in the water?
Oh, you're gonna float, too.
You're gonna... Yeah, we love you.
We're liberal.
And that's what I realize now.
They've completed the conversion.
Just five years ago, 70% of so-called liberals meant well, were going along with it, trying to be good people and help others and, you know, stop bad people involved in culture, but they kind of wanted to be in charge, and that was their social structure.
And it was only 30% on top that were really pedophiles, devil worshippers, knew it was about power, knew it was about overthrowing everything, knew it was about just doing bad things as their religion.
A spirit.
You don't have to go to church to get this thing.
You don't have to buy a ticket to ride this train.
The spirit of our age, the world, the old serpent, the fallen one, the loser.
Whether it's real or not, it's real in these people.
So it's real.
And now, they've converted.
You go out to a rally, they've converted about 70%.
It's flipped.
They're now crazed.
It's the same look.
Well-dressed women will start saying, Satan, Satan!
And they're not just saying it to freak you out because they think you're a Christian.
They go, yeah, that's right!
We're gonna kill everybody!
I'm ugly!
I like to be ugly!
You're not talking to a person.
They're just, I'm ugly!
In fact, let's get the goblin queued up with audio.
Do we have that ready?
This is who they are, and they'll tell you.
I'm ugly, I'm falling, I'm taking you with me, sucker!
Just like out of Exorcist.
Your mother's in hell right now, and I'm gonna get you there too.
You have to understand, they are jacked, spiritually.
It's just like the internet.
The Sixth Sense.
They got jacked, folks.
They're gone.
They're jacked.
They're jacked in.
And that's why we're calling them goblins, because it could be a woman, it could be a man, a Hispanic, black, white guy, old lady, whatever.
When they would see me, even in a grocery store, and I'm going to start videoing, you'll just see them and it's like Agent Smith jumps in or something.
They'll suddenly go, and I'm like, what the hell?
And then they'll start pointing to each other, and other people will go,
You're like, what?
See, then you realize, oh my God, it's all real.
Something is jacking into them that wants to murder children, kill people.
I mean, it's incredible.
Here's the video.
For any listeners, I'm going to retweet it.
If we can't roll Alex Jones, we'll post it at InfoWars.com.
But here is the shocking, shocking video of the possession.
Here it is.
Hey, don't tell me you're on camera!
Don't tell me you're on camera!
Don't tell me you're on camera!
Don't tell me you're on camera!
Come here, Coward!
Come here, Coward!
On your own camera!
Right here!
Tell people intellectually who you are!
Intellectually who I am?
Go ahead, yeah!
I'm your mama!
I'm your mama!
I can't even talk, look at you.
This is what they've turned the people into.
This is it right here.
A literal slave of the system.
I can't even talk, look at you.
This is what they've turned the people into.
A literal slave of the system.
See that?
That's who they are.
Look at this slave.
So we can laugh about that all day, but normal-looking people, we have the footage at the Texas Capitol of just women that happened to be there, heard that there was a prayer vigil and a move to try to ban partial birth abortion, killing nine-month-old babies, eight-month-old babies, and women just sort of going, Satan!
Hail Satan!
And then we'll be out at an event, and the protesters see me and they just go, we love Satan!
I love being ugly!
We need to put all these videos together, because we've got, you know, the famous chick with, like, green skin, who's going... And that's what they do!
For hours!
Now, you can call it mental illness or whatever you want.
Some mental illness has been triggered, some virus has eaten part of their brain, they're operating on their lower, you know, reptile brain.
I don't know.
I just know it's infectious, it's spreading.
Yes, this is the standard howl that you get.
And then her tongue starts hanging out.
This is literal state hospital behavior.
Here it is.
It's all right.
We're going to give people time.
We love the audio.
Can we play?
Okay, I want to hook audio to all the computers.
I don't care if we need other engineers to come in, whatever.
I want to have audio on a radio show.
Just a- U.S.A.!
And then that's the thing right there.
Donald Trump!
Donald Trump!
Donald Trump!
Donald Trump!
Donald Trump!
He is your president!
To the eyes rolling back of the head, eyes roll in the back of the head, great white shark attack.
She has the potbelly, the symbol of the goblin.
And of course then they chant, and we have this on other audio, but we're going to go because there's cussing.
Yeah, we're going to come back and play the Invasion of the Body Snatchers piece.
Great job, crew.
I don't mean to get irritated.
We have a wonderful crew.
Finding things almost instantly, I'm like, hey, give me the lady that goes like a zombie, and they suddenly have her.
But people think this is a joke.
Whether it's spiritual or not, they want to be losers.
They want to bring things down.
They want to run your life.
They want to control what your kids do, how they speak, where you go.
They want to force-medicate you.
They love global government.
They love the power structure.
They love Google, Facebook, Twitter, Bezos and Amazon.
Guys with $50, $60, $70, $80, $90, $105 billion dollars.
Last time I checked what Bezos has got, personally, he's got $105 billion bucks in the bank.
And they then hate you if you've got a $300,000 house and a $50,000 car and absolutely disdain anyone that goes and stays at a nice hotel or goes to a golf course or goes to church or likes to dress nice.
You're bad, but they love the elites.
See, what they don't like is prosperity in your hands.
They want you to be under government-run health care.
They want you to be controlled.
They want to engineer your life, because that's their power through extension.
They've already given themselves over to this, and so they now want you to submit to it.
So it's about a choice.
Just like they want to bully you into taking vaccines and will lie to you and say, safe and effective, here's a fact sheet.
You'll go, no, I want the insert.
They're even trained nationwide.
They'll go, let me give you the other fact sheet.
Here's a little more detailed, but it still has, and they go, no, I want the insert that came with it.
And they'll say, you get out of my office right now.
Get out of here.
Because the insert says it'll kill you dead in the hammer if you're lucky.
If not, you'll just be brain damaged and get cancer down the road.
Because it's so good.
And they take all the doctors in during their training now, and they tell them, yes, vaccines are hurting people and causing brain damage.
And it's your job to make sure the public takes it or hang it up.
You're not a doctor.
People Stockholm Syndrome, they go, OK, yes, you're right.
And now you're in the guild.
Now you choose life and death.
Because, see, for the greater good, yes, we kill people with these, but it's greater good overall for the greater immunity, which is a total lie.
And then now, once you make that small step, next we're going to inject black people with syphilis to see how it spreads for the greater good.
Oh, yes.
Ah, liberal.
And our idea is to do what every other major country on earth is doing.
And that is to guarantee health care to all people.
If every other major country on earth jumped off a bridge, would you do that, Bernie?
Very proud.
Introducing a Medicare for all legislation which now has 15 co-sponsors here in the U.S.
And dozens and dozens of grassroots organizations.
Oh, the grassroots that you stole from and then got a new lake house and car?
That one?
Wall Street and the drug companies, the medical equipment supply, all those people who profit off our dysfunctional health care system, there's not going to be an easy fight.
Only way we win.
Oh my gosh!
Oh my gosh!
DACA and Medicaid policies of the left are two of the most fraudulent things we have going on right now.
They were looking at like 30% of DACA forms
Have false claims on them?
That's a federal crime.
Medicaid is one of the most flawed and corrupted systems we have in the healthcare system as it currently goes.
And Bernie Sanders is... but he's not stupid, folks.
He knows exactly what communism and socialism brings.
He knows exactly that the more control you give to the government, the bigger and more corrupt it's going to get.
And again, it doesn't matter that there's no money.
It doesn't matter that there's no doctors.
Go back to the Stelzer Man.
Is when the American people stand up as they are.
We're gonna stand up!
And demand real change.
We're gonna demand real change.
When we do that, you're gonna see major and beautiful things happening.
So I ask you to work with us at the grassroots level.
Speak to your neighbors, speak to your co-workers.
Let us go forward.
And finally do what this country should have done a long time ago.
And that is to guarantee healthcare to all people.
Look forward to working with you.
Thank you.
That's a nice pipe dream there from Bernie Sanders.
We don't have enough doctors.
We don't have enough money.
But I promise you we will get you the health care that I've promised you.
Obamacare meant that you had to drop your doctor and drop your current health insurance.
But we promise you that it's Trumpcare that's going to make you lose your insurance.
Even though that's what Obamacare did, Trumpcare is going to be the one that does it.
I'm Bernie Sanders, and if I wave my hand 50 times, I will get an applause.
So magically, Bernie Sanders is going to give everybody healthcare.
The War Room.
InfoWars.com forward slash show.
Welcome back, folks.
I'm sending out an SOS with a message in a bottle.
Look at this article on InfoWars.com and NewsWars.com by Dan Leinman.
UK police threatened to unmask Islamophobic Facebook user to employer and get him fired for criticizing ISIS.
And they're actually suspending people and they're getting in trouble at colleges if they criticize ISIS because that's anti-Islamic.
No free speech, see?
Oh, we're just gonna ban Nazis and then everybody else.
British government targeting concerned citizens as 25,000 jihadists roam free.
There's the cops all doing the Islamic hand sign with your local jihadi.
It's all a completely sick joke.
That story is up on InfoWars.com.
Isn't that just cutie cake?
And of course, then everybody who's Christian gets discriminated against and they tell folks, Sweden, Muslims are allowed to rape you and it's quote, good to have terrorists returning ISIS in your school.
They put adults with high schoolers because we can be enriched by terrorists.
Those are real quotes, of course, from
Finland and Sweden and all the usual suspects.
That's why we have the term Stockholm Syndrome.
Loving your abusers was first documented.
It's always gone on as a survival mechanism, mainly in women, but men can do it too.
And so the state is targeting women and everybody else and just saying, wear rape bracelets or don't wear short skirts, sweetheart.
But listen, don't let your Western man, whether he be black, white, whatever, Hispanic, don't let him kind of have big muscles or wear the pants or don't ever defer to him.
Don't let him open doors.
That's sexist.
But hey, getting gang raped in an anti-racism conference?
In a concert?
Hey, baby, that's cultural enrichment.
Now, continuing.
Pelosi says Dreamers will be put in concentration camps.
You mean like you're tortured in Mexico, they catch you there illegally, and kept in jail for six months, Leningradian reports, hard labor, six months to a year?
No, Trump says you have to do it by law, and you can prove you're actually here for a long time, from the time of a child, school records, stuff like that, there has to be a process, and it must be passed by Congress, and he says he'll do it, which
Doesn't really go back on his promise.
He said he'd get rid of this DREAM Act because it was an executive order and try to have something more streamlined that stopped hardened criminals.
But meanwhile, he's being hit with a double hoax.
Pelosi and Schumer, knowing it would hurt him with his base, said that he'd agreed to the DREAM Act and no wall.
No proof, no statements, no nothing.
The Republicans piled on against him, saying, OK, we're done with Trump.
Hours later, he said, we have no agreement.
That's not true.
We've got to do something in Congress with this.
And I'm not going to sign a new executive order on this.
That's unconstitutional.
And he said, we'll get our wall.
First, we've got to deal with the latest spending packages and all the rest of it.
We've already started the wall in Texas and Arizona.
But they spin all of it with lies on top of lies on top of lies.
So the one lie is he's going for it.
The other lie is you're going to be put in a concentration camp.
Concentration Camp is a military war camp.
We're going to be basically worked to death.
Let's go ahead and play Nancy Pelosi talking on both sides of her flapping jaws.
A week and a half ago I was in Chicago and I saw this art exhibit that I was invited to see.
It's called, and then they came for me.
And it's about the internment of the Japanese-American
Patriots in our country who were interned into camps during World War II.
While their family members were fighting for freedom for America and for the world in World War II, they were in camps.
And they came for me.
And now they're coming for the DREAMers.
This is something that we owe these DREAMers for their patriotism, their courage, their optimism to come forward.
But it's about America, too.
What the fight is for who we are as a country.
They are the manifestation of that fight right now.
Oh, you mean like all the towns across the country letting illegal aliens vote?
And stuff like that while you deny you're trying to steal the elections?
It's conservatives and libertarians that are being put in electronic gulags and censored and being banned from speaking around the country.
You're coming for us, witch!
So we're fighting back!
And get ready to have your big ugly ass politically handed back to you, you senile old witch!
Ha ha ha ha ha!
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That's InfoWarsLife.com.
Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order, it's Alex Jones.
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
It's Alex Jones.
We're gonna come back the next segment with a ton of big breaking economic news, hurricane news, Trump in Florida, worldwide government announcements, microchipping, you name it.
But Mark Dice has got a good report here dealing with the fact that, well, now Hillary
They took thousands of one stars away from her book to prop it up at four and a half stars.
But the book is sinking like a lead balloon despite being force-fed to everybody right now.
So here's Mark Dice reporting on it.
Great news, guys.
Hillary Clinton has a new book which just came out today.
It's 512 pages of excuses of why she lost the election called, What Happened?
No, I'm not joking.
This is actually the cover, which obviously her graphic designer put as much work into creating as she did into campaigning in Wisconsin and Michigan.
Obviously, it's been a great 10 months since we've all had a good time laughing at the liberal lunatics having complete meltdowns over their beloved Hillary losing and over the horrors of President Trump now being in charge.
But now, thanks to Hillary, we all get to relive those first amazing few weeks after the election, as she's now going on a book tour and explaining in detail her devastating loss.
So, Hillary, how's life?
How've you been?
I think I am good, but that doesn't mean that I am complacent or resolved about what happened.
It still is very painful.
It hurts a lot.
That's really too bad, Hillary, but you still have millions of Americans who still love and support you.
Can you give them some assurance that you're not so depressed that you won't commit suicide anytime soon?
Okay then, let's move on to something else.
Many Americans are wondering why you waited until the next afternoon to give your concession speech.
She was drunk.
Instead of election night, after it was clear that you had been defeated.
I had not drafted a concession speech.
I had been working on...
A victory speech.
She was so sure that she was going to win that nobody on her team even drafted a concession speech, which is common practice for both candidates because anything can happen.
The arrogance of this demon is just astounding.
This interview with CBS gets even better.
She admits that she bought this house, which is right next door to the White House, to accommodate staff and security in the expectation that she was going to win and become the president.
She literally now owns a house right next door to the White House, which is completely worthless and does nothing other than serve as a painful reminder of her devastating loss.
Doesn't it kind of haunt you?
No, I'm very happy we did it.
She's such a horrible actress.
No, I'm glad that we did it.
Now, Hillary, we've heard you blame just about everyone and everything for your loss, except for yourself.
From fake news to the Russians to James Comey.
Is there anybody else you'd like to add to that list?
Millions of white people.
Yeah, millions of white people.
By the way, I didn't take that clip out of context.
That's literally one of her excuses.
In the book, she even blames Bernie Sanders, the guy that her and her campaign and the DNC conspired against during the primaries, which caused DNC chairperson Debbie Worcestershire-Sauce Schultz to have to resign.
Hillary wrote, his attacks caused lasting damage, making it harder to unify progressives in the general election, and paving the way for Trump's crooked Hillary campaign.
Just keep doing what you're doing, Democrats.
It's working fantastic for us, conservatives.
But Hillary, I mean, you got to at least admit that when you called half of Donald Trump supporters deplorable, that was a major misstep, and it backfired big time, right?
I don't buy that.
I don't buy that.
I'm sorry I gave him a political gift of any kind.
That was a gift.
But I don't think that was determinative.
It had nothing to do with it at all.
While nobody can pay me enough money to waste my time reading this book, the reviews are coming in from people like Chris Hayes over at MSNBC.
Oh, look at Chris Hayes.
He says, quote, I'm reading the Clinton book and it's quite good, compelling and candid, and written with a pretty remarkable intimacy.
It's worth reading.
Stop sucking up to her and hope that she'll come on your stupid show.
You know that this book was a horrible idea.
I mean, for us, of course, it's great.
But for the Democrats, this is just disastrous.
Speaking of new books, I have a new book that's coming out soon, probably in December.
I've been working on it for a year and a half and it's almost done.
It's gonna be so good.
I'll give you a sneak peek here in a couple weeks.
And by the way, guys, thank you, Mark.
I used to carry his books.
I want to carry this new book.
So please tell shipping and procurement I want to get that book and I want to get Dice on more.
He is just awesome.
In a few minutes we're going to Diamond and Silks.
They don't need any introduction.
Everybody loves them.
And these ladies have been big supporters of Trump all along, but the reason I originally have been trying to get them on the last week, it's perfect to have them on now to talk about this interview, is Google.
YouTube is censoring them, admittedly.
Cutting off their revenue 90%, they've done it to us, and what do they say?
They say, they say extremist, or bigoted, or hateful.
We're trying to bring everybody together, but that's what they're doing.
They're saying anybody that supports Trump is a racist.
Trump's done so much that the media says he's done nothing.
In fact, he's a KKK member.
And in fact, I am and you are.
We're all bigots, and we're not allowed to even have our YouTube channels.
Paul Watson's having his banned, but you ladies are talking about a class action suit.
Let me tell you, I'm not a litigious person, but when we're getting discriminated, that's real discrimination.
When people act like they've got an open and free platform,
And then they use you and use your videos and YouTube, the you in it.
The lawyers have said, Congress has said, Congressman Warbacher has talked to the lawyers.
This is a total civil rights violation, not giving us service.
So Diamond and Silk, you ladies are here.
Thank you for joining us.
Thank you for having us.
So lay it out.
What's happening?
Well, you know, YouTube stopped the monetization of our videos the other day, about 95%, saying it's not suitable for all advertisers.
Now, we're in good standard with YouTube.
We've been in good standard for the past two years.
The past two years, they had us monetized.
Now, all of a sudden, they have stopped the monetization on those videos.
The deal is, is that we talk about the President, we are loyal supporters of the President, we talk about his agenda.
Now you're telling us that we're in good standings with you two, but what you speak is controversial, so no advertisers want to advertise around you.
Well how can
Why is YouTube deciding what the advertisers should be advertising around?
Why not let the advertisers pick and choose based on demographics?
So this is clearly discrimination, prejudice, and bias.
That's right.
And it won't be tolerated.
And it's a breach of their contract.
That's right, because we signed a term and agreement.
We're good to go.
That's right.
That's right.
Coming to you live from the Infowars.com studios in the recaptured state of Texas, it's Alex Jones.
The ritual for Georgian toasts is well known.
I understand that one toasts everyone.
I was locked in a brutal primary battle with Hillary Clinton.
Four years later, she won't stop drunk texting me.
Thank you!
All the hard workers!
Hillary Clinton was in Cartagena for the Summit of the Americas and partied a bit at a local watering hole.
They ordered 12 beers, a couple glasses of whiskey.
This is my favorite press avail of all time!
I think you've had one too many, Hillary.
Let's go.
I have a lot of people since then, since Inauguration Day, in the last eight months, coming up to you with their daughters and saying, uh, my daughter didn't go out to vote.
And sort of wanting absolution from you.
That happened to me.
What's more common are people bursting into tears, uh, welling up.
I had a lot of that at my book signing, uh, yesterday here.
Hi, it's so great to see you.
Well, it's great for you to be here.
Thanks for having me.
Thank you for coming.
Thanks for having me.
So the American people would really like to know, what happened to your 33,000 emails?
Do you give absolution?
To those who didn't vote?
To women who didn't vote?
No, I don't.
Look, when it first started happening, it was so soon after the election, and the election was so bizarre and close, it was hard for me to comfort somebody who was coming to me and saying, oh, I wish I'd done more, or I'm sorry I didn't vote.
Because I think this was one of the most consequential elections that we have faced in a long time.
So no absolution.
Oh Val, I'm just so darn bummed.
All anyone wants to talk about is Donald Trump.
Donald Trump?
Isn't he the one that's like, ugh, you're all losers?
That almost humanizes Hillary Clinton, the fact that she's a drunk, until you realize that she is a total psychopath.
Not sociopath, but a real psychopath when you study her entire career.
Getting fired off the Watergate Commission as a top aide for falsifying evidence against people, perjuring herself.
The first people she would represent were like rape gangs of men that would rape 11 and 12 year old girls so hard they could never have kids again.
I don't want to go into medical stuff here on air.
A lot of children might be listening, but I don't think most adults know about the kind of stuff that can go on unless you've worked in medicine or worked as a large animal vet.
But I've seen what happens to cows that, say, get hit by a car, have problems giving birth.
But, you know, some of these little girls got raped so hard, one in particular, that it tore her insides out.
Her insides came out.
Hillary thinks that's funny.
So I'm sorry to have to talk about stuff like that, but I have three daughters, and there's a particular type of just absolute hatred
Just a cold, complete, absolute level of doom that I have for people that are like this, who are willfully evil, that think it's strong to be evil, that think it's strong to do bad things, that think it's good to hurt innocents, that that shows how much will they've got.
Well, your will will be broken.
Now Larry Nichols hasn't been on in a long time because he's been fighting cancer and been very ill.
He's given us a lot of good info over the years, but he was the first guy I ever heard 21 years ago, I've been on there 22 years, but about 21 years ago saying that Hillary was into voodoo.
And then I saw it in a few newspapers here and there over the years.
Her going to voodoo events in New Orleans and Los Angeles and
What is it, Port-au-Prince?
What's the main capital of Haiti?
I got the articles here in the stack.
And he's gonna be joining us.
Suddenly, it's in the Washington Post, and it's in memoirs, and they're just saying, yeah, we're not just into voodoo, we do black magic.
And we kill people!
I know I covered this extensively yesterday, but I wanted to have him just back on to see what it's like in hindsight.
To talk about back when he was a fixer for them when they were governors and then he got one of the fixers on during the campaign who'd worked for Hillary, you know, in the National Enquirer, who talked about her and the occult and the other weird stuff.
I mean, Hillary Clinton gets on her knees to the devil.
Let's put that headline back on screen for TV viewers.
I'm going to read it for radio listeners.
Flashback, admitted occultist Sally Quinn ridiculed Sarah Palin's Christian faith.
That's a new Breitbart article.
I love that Breitbart's there because they've got more writers and people than we do and they're on the beat of Satanism and occult and when the establishment talks about how much they love the devil or when Sally Quinn talks about how she's killed people, her words not mine,
She's the top, you know, socialite, friends with Hillary, throwing parties for Nancy Pelosi.
And either they're totally crazy and think they're Voldemort, isn't that the bad guy in Harry Potter?
Or, this stuff's real and they're crazy.
So, again, ladies and gentlemen, that's coming up.
But let's talk about Mark of the Beast right now.
Let's get into Mark of the Beast right now because this article... Oh gosh, they just pulled up another one.
Print all these.
I haven't even seen these.
Print all these.
We've got to create a Satanism watch section on InfoWars and on NewsWars because there's not enough room on the front page where we're just posting all this in real time.
I need to put like two reporters full time just on the Satanism beat because they're all coming out now.
Yeah, go back to that.
I actually heard this on NPR a few days ago and I forgot about it.
Planned Parenthood teams up with Satanists to promote abortion in Missouri.
I shouldn't laugh.
How many times do you hear about an abortionist getting busted because they're keeping babies alive, or they're doing rituals, or they're having sex with the corpses, and then they'll argue in court, it's my religion, I'm a Satanist.
Because they'll have nurses in there at these abortuaries where they're doing the partial birth.
I mean, who wants, even if you believe in abortion, to kill seven, eight, nine-month-old babies that are operable outside the womb and would be given up to adoption?
People will pay you up to $100,000 for those babies through legal systems.
Why do they want to go kill them?
Why is a woman going to pay $3,000 to have a partial birth abortion done?
Number one, they're selling the body parts.
The mothers don't know it.
They're ignorant.
But sometimes it's a satanic ritual.
And they go ahead and take the baby out, and they kill it right there.
And the mother's involved.
And I've talked to law enforcement.
It's come out in the news.
You can just search engine, uh, abortion doctor was a satanist.
Or you can search, uh, top Nazi doctor, then traveled to Latin America to be an abortionist, and it was also an occultist.
I mean, you see this everywhere.
Well, of course!
Who wants to kill nine-month-old babies?
Devil worshipers!
So I got digressed just because they were putting those on screen.
Great job, crew.
A lot of times the crew controls the show, because I say something, they search engine it, and then stuff I didn't even know just starts popping up.
I mean, it's just, it's always worse than I say.
It's always better than I say too.
Good people are better than I can say.
Bad people are worse than I can say.
That's the way the world is!
You can't describe the best meal you ever had.
You can't describe that first kiss with your wife.
You can't describe the magic moments of your life.
You can't describe the horrible ones either.
One has to experience it.
Can you describe watching a
Corvette racing a Camaro at 150 miles an hour, flipping, and watching the bodies fly out of the vehicles and their heads get chopped off.
No, you can't.
You gotta see it.
And I can see it right now.
Former Satanist High Performance Satanic Rituals Inside Abortion Clinics.
Life site!
And then it links to all the mainstream news articles right there.
And see, to then abuse and desecrate the bodies is the lesser magic.
That's why they use their body parts.
That's why they keep them alive.
That's why they make fun of their bodies.
That's why they shoot videos about it.
That's why they have sex with the dead bodies.
They take a little cute desperate baby and then they sit there with a scalpel and the baby, even at nine months, is fighting.
And they go, look how tough I am!
They go, I love you Satan, I love you Satan, as the baby begs and they all run over and start drinking the blood and slurping and they all have sex with each other and they just pledge to get your kids and pledge to overthrow God and pledge to overthrow prosperity and when they drive through the countryside and see your nice cut fields and your pretty little farmhouses and your nice kids, they want to kill you.
They want to overthrow you.
They want to slaughter you.
They want to burn your house down.
They want your children to die of cancer.
They want to piss on your grave.
And you go, why?
Because they're devil worshippers!
Because they're into that!
And because they haven't been getting what they always got in history when people found them out.
We're not going to torture them when we find them.
We're going to dispatch them.
Just like you step on a roach.
But roaches have uses.
These people aren't roaches.
They aren't good enough to be roaches.
And I see them, and I know them, and I'm going to get them!
Just like the big old mean sheepdog knows the taste of wolf.
And when we get a hold of you politically...
Everything you've done to these children, just as soon as your neck snaps, you'll be instantly before your God.
And then everything you've ever done will be visited upon you times of infinity.
We'll be back.
Stay with us.
And everybody will have lower rates, better quality care, and better access.
I don't remember saying that everybody in the country would have a lower premium.
That's why your spotlight on the cockroaches, Alex, is so important.
That's really what we the people, that's what our job is.
Oh, this guy isn't doing too good.
Ted Nugent was telling me about this guy.
He looks like he's pretty sick.
Is that Nancy Pelosi?
Is that Chuckie Schumer?
What's her name?
The one that can't remember who attacked Korea.
She thinks it was Putin.
And the fact that he is wrapping his arms around Putin while Putin is continuing to advance into Korea.
Believe me, Pelosi is the enemy.
Maxine Waters, I don't even know what planet she's from.
I mean, the Democrats, the left, the liberals, these are strange, bizarre, anti-logic, anti-American freaks, each and every one of them.
Turn the lights on, Pat.
That light over there.
It's over there.
Turn the lights on.
Spotlight the cockroaches.
You've perfected that over the years.
Nancy Pelosi needs medical attention.
Democratic Party has just been screaming racism over and over again.
Hey ladies, hold on, come on over here.
Nancy Pelosi came by the house, did you know that?
However, these freaks are serious and they threaten to kill our family because we hunt, because we believe in the Second Amendment, because we trounce and spotlight the cockroaches on the left that hate America, hate the Constitution, hate the American dream, hate independence.
Why do they hate it?
Why do they hate it?
Okay, here comes Donald Trump.
Pat, will you please assist me with the camera?
Here comes Donald Trump with the assistance of the American people.
We are going to drain the swamp.
Mr. Moore, your chauffeur is here.
Don't try to get out.
Let me just help you a little bit.
Don't be violent or anything like that.
We're not being violent.
Is this cool or what?
No Michael Moores were hurt in the filming of this.
This is a much more useful creature.
A carrion beetle.
It eats rotten meat.
We the people are supposed to be hell raisers.
We're not supposed to act like French and Canadians.
Because to be an extremist, to be a radical, are like those Americans who went to Concord Bridge when the British were going to take our guns.
And we didn't sit down and have tea with them.
We shot them in the damn head.
We killed them.
You come to take away our guns, we'll cut you in half.
Somebody write that down.
Bye, Democrat Party!
Oh, and Paul Ryan's down in there, too.
Bye-bye, Paul Ryan!
If you look at my wonderful birth city of Detroit, it was the work ethic epicenter, the productivity epicenter of the globe when I was born in 1948 until Mayor Coleman Young and the Liberal Democrats took over and trained people, brainwashed people, desold the people that you don't have to try.
You just stay home or you go ahead and make Chrysler products that won't even run and will still send you a bonus check.
But when you give people something, you turn them into zombies.
We're good.
Ladies and gentlemen...
Larry Nichols, who we're about to go to, I'm your host Alex Jones, who just joined us, was a consummate Clinton insider, Green Beret, special operations before that, a lot of secret operations in and around Mena, Arkansas, flying the cocaine in, you name it, until he, again, found the Lord, because his dad was dying of cancer, who was a Christian, and repented of it, and then began to expose the Clintons.
The Clinton Chronicles, documentaries, all the basic original stuff we know about the Clintons, that undoubtedly stopped them later.
From their complete takeover.
Didn't work early on, but certainly held them back, slowed them down, got Clinton impeached.
If it wasn't for Larry Nichols and others like him, we would be up the creek without even a boat, forget a paddle.
But I remember interviewing him 21 years ago.
He's one of the first people I started interviewing back in 1995 when I first got on radio and TV.
I was 21 years old.
And I remember Larry Nichols going, and this is another thing.
This is another thing.
I can copy his voice because mine's almost as raspy.
When she goes out to California or to Haiti, she does voodoo rituals and she's real serious about it.
She's involved in a bunch of other stuff and told people that she was betting on the side she thought was going to win.
These are all quotes from Nichols.
And you've heard him a few years ago talking about it.
Now look at it in the news.
This is the Washington Post.
That time Bill and Hillary Clinton went to a voodoo ceremony in Haiti.
Why are they suddenly saying this?
Because they know it's in the WikiLeaks.
They're putting it out.
I believe, I haven't talked to Nichols yet.
We will in a second.
To protect themselves.
Here they are in their new memoir of the former head of the Washington Post and his wife, the top socialites in D.C.
Sally Quinn comes out as an occultist, used her hex to kill people.
And who does she hang out with?
Pelosi and Hillary.
We showed you that yesterday.
Here they are again.
Here's Pelosi at his funeral and his wake when he died a few years ago.
Sally Quinn's still alive.
Hillary Clinton, I wanted to make voodoo dolls of reporters, lawmakers, and stick them with pins.
That was in the news two days ago.
Then you've got all this other news.
Satanic Temple is an advocate that Planned Parenthood fights Missouri abortion laws.
It's a sacrament to Satan, told you.
Flashback, admitted occultist Sally Quinn ridiculed Sarah Palin's Christian faith.
You've got Dianne Feinstein doing it to Catholic judges.
Gatekeeper of DC Society comes out as a... Again, I just mentioned that.
I mean, this is crazy.
Planned Parenthood teams up with Satanists to promote abortion in Missouri.
They're coming out.
So this is a short segment.
We'll have a long segment coming up with Larry, and we'll get into Mueller and the Russian garbage as well, because he's always dead on.
But why do you think they're coming out of the closet so much right now with their love of the old serpent, old spot, old devil, old Lucifer?
Yes, I'm here.
Why do you think they're doing that?
I don't care why they're doing it.
To get back in power.
That's exactly why they're doing it, Alex.
They want to go back to what Hillary did back when I was with her, when I'd have to figure out a way to pay for trips out to LA with the Bloodhorn Donalds to go to the Satan churches or whatever you call them.
And, uh, you know, that's, that's, she thinks is the root of her power and she's getting back to it and declaring it.
That's right.
I mean, you know, she didn't call in that side into the race, and she thinks for her to get her power back,
She's gonna have to come out.
You know, Alex, I tried to tell you back 21 years ago.
I know it sounded crazy.
But these people are evil, buddy.
It's pure evil.
And the bad news is, they have spread it around.
You know, they've got... Alex, they've got more believers in that junk in Washington than you can imagine.
That's what I want to talk about.
Your phone's a little raspy.
I wish we could do Skype when we come back.
Larry, let's talk about that.
LarryNichols.us is the website.
How prolific the occult is, because they're admitting it now, and just like the Bible says over and over again, we ought to pull up the passages, you have to declare the name of Jesus, and you know, I mean, that happens that first night they're about to crucify Christ.
Before, which one of the disciples was it, refused him?
And he said, before the cock crows, you'll refuse me three times?
Is that the doubting Thomas?
So we have to declare Jesus Christ!
We have to declare our belief in Jesus Christ and our commitment that we stand on Christ.
They are standing on Satan.
We stand on Jesus Christ!
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Thousands of years ago, there was a basic form of chivalry.
Our ancestors would hear the drums of war, giving the warriors of the tribe a chance to organize and prepare a defense.
Sixty years ago, when foreign air forces were approaching filled with bombs, they had drums of their own, air raid sirens.
But in the 21st century, there are silent weapons for quiet war.
Pathenogens added to the food and water, to the lining of plastics that destroy our vitality.
Turn off our hormones and accelerate our journey towards death.
I personally counter this onslaught with AnthroPlex.
AnthroPlex is designed with known organic concentrated herbs to create the basic foundation to normal metabolic activity inside the human body.
Discover why AnthroPlex is turning so many heads today.
It's time for us to take our bodies back into our own hands and it starts at InfoWarsLife.com with AnthroPlex.
You probably got more media than I did in the last cycle, Michael.
I don't think so, but I know I got a lot of negative media because, you know, they're on the absolute attack because they're what you call slave beating.
That's to keep all the other slaves in line.
And they want black people and white people to remain as slaves so that we can't compete with them.
So, you know, they charge us high taxes.
Most of them are not paying taxes.
And they just get over.
So that's why I'm standing behind President Donald J. Trump.
The silent majority is no longer silent.
This is The War Room with Owen Schroer at Infowars.com forward slash show.
I don't like them putting chemicals in the water that turn the friggin frogs gay!
Do you understand that?
Turn the friggin frogs gay!
Screw this crap!
Friggin frogs!
It's not funny!
When I make a mistake, I'll make a correction, always, if it gets pointed out to me.
And I pointed it out to myself.
I was like, it's not doubting Thomas that Christ said, you'll deny me three times before the cock crows.
Thomas doubted it was Jesus who said, stick your hand in the wound in my side.
It was Peter on this rock I'll build my church that he said three times before the cock crows, you'll deny me.
Again, I went to Sunday school, went to church.
I don't plan to have it all down.
I was just getting to the fact that I say, who are you to liberals?
And they go, Satan!
Or the devil!
Or your enemy!
Or your mama!
And they'll never intellectually talk to us.
It's like when Christ says to the homeless guy, you know, who are you, demon?
And he goes, we are legion!
And Christ says, come out of them!
And they go running a bunch of pigs, and the pigs run off the side of a cliff.
And I used to sit there and listen to that in Sunday school, and quite frankly, roll my eyes.
And then you go out, you fight these evil people, and they tell you, we are Satanists, we are devil worshippers, we want to hurt kids, we want to kill kids.
I go out to these abortion protests, and the people that are for abortion show up, they're anti-fa, we have video all over the country of it, and they say, we love Satan, we kill our kids, and they try to block our free speech with black tarps.
And they tell you, we are into being failures.
We are into being ugly.
We love the devil.
And they're literally like zombies.
And it's the craziest thing you've ever seen.
Yeah, the name of one of the videos is The Abortion Team.
You know what, I'm going back to Larry Nichols right now, since he brought all this up, but let's play The Abortion Team for folks.
A little piece that Derren McBrain put together.
That's an intro.
We have long, serious videos like Communist Attack, Alex Jones at Abortion Clinic, and things like that.
And they're just vicious scum of the earth, but the media props them up as the paragon of goodness.
But Trump said, you know, the white supremacists are bad, and so are these people.
Oh my gosh, you're the worst guy in the world!
And then it turned out that Trump was right.
Three weeks later they had to decry them.
So that was a big victory.
But we're going to find out about the devil worship.
We're going to find out.
About, you know, how far this goes, how big it is in D.C., from the guy that I first heard about it from, specifically voodoo and occult rituals and Hillary, and now she's in the news, she's in her new book, her friends are in the news saying, we kill people with voodoo!
Well, one way or another, they're crazy!
That's his official site.
Got a book out, a lot of other stuff.
He's a great guy.
Be sure and support Larry Nichols.
We're going back to him in just a moment.
But here is the abortion team.
This has got a few of the clips of the folks saying they love Satan, they love the devil.
They're not doing it to be shocking.
They tell me, I kill my kids in a ritual through abortion.
Here it is.
In today's world, abortion supporters routinely attend pro-life rallies and attempt to bully activists.
If you have a problem and need a smelly group of commie devil worshippers, maybe you can call the A-Team.
How many did I adopt?
I kill my kids.
I kill my kids.
Hey, we saw your Facebook with your communist hammer and sickle.
That's pretty cool, man.
Is that you on the Facebook?
Is there a Facebook page of you with a hammer and sickle?
I don't think so.
How do you get your abortions paid for?
I pay for them.
How many do you pay for them?
Upwards of 50.
Oh yeah.
You, you piece of f***ing s***!
Bunch of misogynist motherf***ers!
Take your male privilege somewhere else!
Tyler, you're being aggressive.
I'm being aggressive?
Come on, you know how to f***ing do this, huh?
Watch out!
Watch out!
These, that's the guys that attacked Alex Jones.
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
So, the people I face everywhere say, I love Satan, and we're going to kill you and your family.
And I say, what do you want?
They go, death.
And then you read the Bible, and it's like, what do you want?
I want death.
It's the same deal.
So, I'm not here pushing any fake litterbug churches and all this.
I'm just telling you bottom line, ladies and gentlemen, that what got Larry Nichols to start standing up against this evil was when he found Christ.
And it wasn't in some church, it was getting right with God.
So Larry, I'm ranting here.
Let's get into the occult for those that just joined us.
Suddenly it's the Washington Post, the Hill, and Beverly Clinton traveled to Haiti just to do voodoo rituals, that they're part of satanic temples, that their friends believe they're killing people in D.C.
with it.
I know you've worked some in D.C., mainly in Arkansas, when they were governors.
I always thought it was just a system of power for them to manipulate people, like these guys that tell girls, oh, I'm really in the Illuminati, you know, have sex with me and I'll tell you the secrets, because we know there's some scams going.
But when I went to Bohemian Grove and watched those men watch the ritual, it was just a gateway drug.
Well, Alex, what they're doing is, if you watch what they have done, everything they do, they do gradually.
Now, they're starting to pull it all off.
You know, Alex, I'm telling you, I'm begging people to understand.
We're at the end times of this country.
If you can't see it, you know, Sunday I was called by three people of what would be called high positions in Washington.
And everyone, all three were separate calls and they were saying, Nichols, you got to do something.
We're about to come unglued.
They're bringing in people.
Folks, this Satanism stuff, we all sit here and think, well, ha ha ha, that's funny.
It's not funny.
It's very pervasive in Washington, D.C.
Now, they can laugh at us.
They can call us names all they want to.
But you need to be in the parties.
You need to be with them.
And you'll see it's not.
And that's where they want the power.
And that's what Hillary feels like she let down.
You know, Hillary could not pull off the trick of claiming she was just great Christian.
You know, that one didn't fly.
It was she messed up.
In her mind, she didn't come out and give her satanic roots because in the theory that we used, you know, which was this, if you take all of the different elements of society, the yippies, the hippies, the homosexuals, and all these different groups, you put them all together and you've got a big enough group to win votes.
One group that's bigger than people think is Satanism.
Now, it connects very directly, I think, you know, Alex, to Islam.
To Islam.
Oh, but it's the same thing.
It is.
Don't be confused, folks.
A lot of times when they're masking it by talking about Islam, that's not really what they're talking about.
You know, Alex, we're going to impeach Trump if we don't stop him.
Well let's talk about that then, because you've broken down, I remember a year ago, that if Trump won they'd do the special counsel.
You said, but let's walk through, because you did predict it all, I mean you really have, you deserve the credit, let's walk through what you think they're going to do now, where we're going, what these deals Trump is making or doing, what the Republican establishment's going to try, and what they're going to do if they're able to remove Trump, because I've got my CIA sources.
A lot of them.
And I've got FBI sources and things and they all think Trump's secure and that the left's been defeated for now.
But then I watch the movements and I watch people like Phil Mudd, former deputy director of the CIA, saying we're going to kill Trump.
And just my gut level, I see the enemy moving big time.
What do you think?
Well, here's exactly what's going on.
They are going to impeach Trump because of something you have pointed out for years, when nobody else would dare to talk about it, you did.
Remember under Obama, Obama passed, this was the beginning of the end of the coup, when he passed the Patriot Defense of Liberty Enabler Act.
I think it's 13391.
Now what that says, in times of civil, you know, disobedience or whatever,
The President can call on United Nations forces to come into this country.
Folks, that's a real
The executive order, it's right there.
The mistake they made was making it where the president's the one that has to be the trigger.
Because they figured Obama was president, or next would be Hillary.
Well, it ended up being Trump.
That's why, Alex, you know, normally when you see a president from another party, the other party tries to shut down their agenda.
You'll notice with Trump, they're not trying to shut his agenda down.
They want him out.
And they're using Robert Mueller.
I've known him for 20 years.
12 of his 38 prosecutors I've worked with, they're professionals at framing people.
They're going to get Trump through this grand jury.
The one I'm told they're going to use is suborning perjury.
And then they're going to present it to the House of Representatives for an impeachment inquiry.
The Republicans are stabbing Trump in the back at every turn.
I don't doubt that he's meeting with the Democrats.
I mean, he can't be betrayed anymore by anybody more than the Republicans.
If that impeachment goes to the House, you can bet $100 to a biscuit.
If we don't stop it, they will pass it on with an approval to go to the Senate trial and then he's impeached.
When he's out,
They're okay.
See, I don't necessarily trust Mike Leach.
Pence, I'm sorry.
Mike Pence.
I don't... I'm not saying he's a bad guy, but he's been in the system way too long.
Well, Pence from the beginning came in and basically kept himself walled off from the president.
That's right.
You'll notice he has not been a stalwart backer of President Trump.
When Trump got in trouble, you'll notice Pence kind of backs away.
And you notice now Rex Tillerson has actually bad-mouthed him on Fox.
Cohen has done it.
They're all signaling they're ready to roll over.
Now, here's the problem.
Alex, you have shown video after video of U.N.
vehicles already in this country, folks.
Thousands of them.
Count these.
You know, every kind of vehicle they use, they already have.
Let me just stop you.
I understand.
But beyond UN, Soros has tried to cause a race war.
He was going to do it after Charlottesville.
The hurricanes brought us together.
It seems like that narrative is falling apart.
But clearly, they've called for civil unrest, civil emergency.
CNN, MSNBC have called for a civil war.
They've called for Trump's death.
But now, what detonator do they have?
Well, the detonator they've got is this mirror.
See, the bad news about the hurricanes and everything that's been going on.
You know the old trick, Alex.
We've talked about it for years.
When everybody's looking over here at the hurricanes, guess what?
You're not paying attention to what they're doing behind the scenes.
That's right.
The mirror is building a case.
He's using a grand jury.
Everything is set up.
He's going to say, well, it's not political because I've used an independent grand jury.
Holy crap!
An independent grand jury?
You've got to be kidding me.
Oh, you've got to love it.
It's a swamp jury directly out of the District of Criminals swamp.
So there's no doubt that what he finds, he's going to bring through.
When he takes it to the House, Alex, this is where you come in.
I'm not strong enough.
We have got to have people ready when it goes to the house.
We've got to have a legion of people.
That physically go there and talk to them?
Well, that have got to be on the phone.
No, but I'm going to stop you right there, Larry.
Larry, I'm going to stop you.
The midterms are king.
Not letting him impeach Trump is king.
They're trying to erode his support, claiming he was going to repeal the DREAM Act without fixing it.
All lies.
Clearly, you're right.
Their number one job is destroy him because he's a figurehead of the Liberty Movement.
And people said he wanted to march on Washington for war.
How about if they try to impeach, people fly to D.C.
or fly to your congressman's district, get a hold of his hand, go to his speeches,
Let them know.
That's right.
You know, Alex, what people don't realize, the Republican Party is weak.
They do not have a base.
Do y'all hear me?
The Republican Party, since Ronald Reagan, Alex, the Republican Party has only run one races because they were the lesser of two evils.
That's right.
Trump has a base.
I don't
Have to understand to the new Republican Freedom Caucus who are good people but not sophisticated in some cases because they're busy for their constituents.
The globalists have said in their own white papers they're going to end the two-party, have the Republicans be a regional.
They're going to have new elections, run by Homeland Security when Trump's removed, if he is.
They're going to remove all of you.
So don't just think you're going to score points with Trump's fall because you jump on board.
You lower that drawbridge, you're the first brown shirt they're going to hang high, idiots.
So understand, you sell out Trump, no matter what he does at this point.
You sell Trump out, you just sold your mama and your own ass down the river.
Now, Alex, you want another prediction?
Go ahead.
If we stop them from impeaching Trump, then everybody better hold on, they'll kill him.
Troops gotta go!
Coop has got to go!
Well, it's simple.
When you say President Trump, you need to replace that with us.
He represents us.
They don't want us having anything to do with Washington, D.C.
They want the power there.
He is the symbol of the populist insurrection.
He is a symbol of the people and must be destroyed!
And Trump has said in his campaign, and still I understand continues on, that he's dedicated, once he gets everything kind of under control, to ship power back to the states.
He's already trying to do it.
With his Obamacare reform, all of it.
Right, so they've got to eliminate Trump.
They've got to get rid of him Alex.
Got to, got to, got to.
And we are the only ones that can stop him.
Let me ask you this.
The media jumped on it and said I was throwing him under the bus.
I've talked to him at 10 at night and he's incredibly fluent and smart and much better speaker than I am.
I've talked to three people.
I'm not going to say names here.
You know, Alex, that's one of those things that I can't say because I don't know.
But it would not surprise me.
You know that?
It wouldn't surprise me.
They've got to slow him down.
If they've got a slippy Mickey's, if they've got to do whatever, they're going to do it.
Trump has got to go.
Remember this, Alex.
If tomorrow everything kind of got back to normal, is there any way you could ever again have any belief in the mainstream media?
Is there?
All right.
So they have played all or nothing now.
They've thrown it all on the table.
Either they win or it's over.
That's the key.
Folks, listen to what he's saying.
This is the most important thing he's ever said here.
It's total war.
They're blown.
Everyone hates them.
They know it.
They're cornered.
They're desperate.
It's total war.
People, they're totally censoring everywhere.
They're threatening.
They're coming after everybody because they're weak!
So let me ask you, what do we do to win?
What do we do to save Trump?
Can he be saved?
Yes he can.
I've been trying on my side.
This is where you come in.
I'm not strong enough.
We have got to have an army ready.
An army ready.
That when Mueller puts out that
indictment against Trump presents it to the House.
Remember, Alex, the House of Representatives is controlled, majority, simple majority, by Republicans.
2018 is our last day on Earth.
Either we snap these creeps in line and make them start realizing they had better start waking, working for us,
We're sending them home.
When that indictment goes down, I've got a script written, we better have people by the gazillions
And by the way, I think we should start doing it now as a dry run.
I totally agree.
And people should have airplanes up in the sky saying, keep Trump.
And people should be letting businesses know.
Democrats want to bully us and say they won't let us do business.
Anybody that's a Democrat at this point, we should pull our money out of, not support, and stop
We've got to do it now.
And guys, remember this.
If tomorrow everything went back to normal, could you ever again believe, after what we saw in 2016, in a fair primary election system, after what you saw Hillary
And let's walk through that.
What does that mean?
The Venezuelan model.
All their elite publications.
Every elite globalist publication that doesn't communicate to the public, communicates to the elites.
Atlantic Monthly, Financial Times, Public Affairs, Foreign Affairs, they've all said we're going to have Homeland Security take over elections.
All 50 attorney generals, including Democrats, have said no.
But they're doing it.
We're gonna come in, kick all the Republicans who were elected out, and have new elections.
We'll never have real elections again.
We're gonna be like Venezuela.
And folks, we are so close.
To becoming Venezuela, it's ridiculous.
Now, I get all the time, people say, well, what on earth are these people in Congress, why would they support something that's going to cause the nation to fail?
Remember what we talked about, Alex, the FEMA provisional government.
Under a FEMA provisional government,
Larry, I've got like 10 clips of CNN saying we want an emergency, civil emergency in a provisional government.
They're actually saying it on TV!
They're saying it because they don't care anymore.
But what that means, folks, one thing your congressman and senator fears more than anything on earth is losing that job because they know when this country collapses, everybody that's a congressman and a senator becomes dukes and earls.
Their families are fixed for life.
They become the ruling elite.
They will be the permanent ruling class just like a Latin American or Asian or African country.
Everybody else in this country and if they fall out of that job, they will be like the rest of us.
They will become peasants.
Now, that's why they are weak in that one way.
Alex, we can squeeze them.
We can make them know that
Alex, there are all these people going to all the protests.
Hold on, hold on.
We're going to go to break.
Come back and do five more minutes with us.
We've got to go to break.
But folks, it's time to go to church where the congressmen are.
Even if you don't go to that church, get them by the hand.
Let them know you're watching them in a loving way.
They want to bully us and have their communists beat us up.
We just need to go get their hand, wear a nice suit and say, Congressman, I know you're going to do the right thing for your family and for mine.
And I'm willing to do whatever it takes for my family, Congressman.
You understand?
Whatever it takes.
And just let them know that.
That's all I've got to say.
Whatever it takes, Congressman.
Thank you for your service to this country.
And that's it!
That's all you gotta do!
And then commit to what you said, and they'll feel that commitment.
They'll feel the commitment!
And our will will crush these people!
We're going to go to break, come back with Larry.
But I'm telling you, you can feel the energy.
That's why I got sick when Trump won, in a good way, because I could feel it.
This was just the, this was, this was graduating from Junior Bush League to the NFL, folks.
I was going to have to line up against people who were going to run me over.
I knew it.
But you know what?
God is going to provide for us.
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So a lot of these specials are about to end.
Thank you all for your support.
I'm so alive committed to Liberty.
I'm so alive committed to taking on the Globalist.
I'm so alive knowing you're counting on me.
So know this.
I'm going to do the best job I can.
We'll be back with hour number three in 70 seconds.
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Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order, it's Alex Jones.
Live from Austin, Texas, broadcasting worldwide, it's Alex Jones.
All right, ladies and gentlemen, we are back live broadcasting worldwide.
We're committing a serious thought crime right now with a rock and roll song talking about men loving women on.
So used to that was radical 30, 40 years ago.
Now it's like, you know, that's like really evil.
Talk about a man and a woman together.
I have a whole stack of news on that I'm gonna be getting to coming up.
We have former Dev Group, Navy SEAL, Patriot, Top Shot guy, Discovery Channel, History Channel host.
He's doing a pedophile investigation.
Got new stuff for us.
Craig Sawyer is going to be joining us.
Finishing up with Larry Nichols of LarryNichols.News.
We'll put that on screen.
Larry, what you're saying is the truth.
I mean, what do you make of Phil Mudd, former Deputy Director of the CIA, appointed as FBI Deputy Director, as Mueller, saying, we're getting ready to kill Trump in the next few months.
That's clearly to create confidence, to get folks to believe in it.
What is that?
Well, that's that cold talk.
You know, Alex, they're talking in code for people that can just understand Washington speak.
It's code talk.
They're going, when he says they're going to kill Trump, what he's talking about is they've got the path already laid out.
You know what the... Sure, he's saying we're operational, we're launching, we're countdown, we are go, we're going to do it.
We're going to do it, and they've got the Republicans to help them.
You know, Trump can fight, Alex, the media.
Trump can fight the Democrats.
But Trump cannot fight the media, the Democrats, and the Republicans by himself.
We've got to take on the Republicans.
And Alex, my voice, you hear it.
It's weak.
I'm not strong enough.
You've got the Army right there.
You've got the Army.
And it's got to be activated.
It's got to be motivated.
And they've got to get in the game.
Not good.
Not good at all.
You know, I'm one of the people that most people in the military that have been around it
Don't have the high respect for generals.
You know, you know the way they get to their people.
Sure, they're political.
So you're saying these guys are brown noses.
They're politicos.
That's right.
So, you know, you've got to watch out.
I doubt Kelly, you know, at this point, I've got to rely on Trump's wisdom.
You know, he's got to be able himself to make certain decisions.
But would I trust him?
You know, you don't know this, this deep state, if that's what you want to call it.
How do you think they got rid of Schiller, his longtime bodyguard?
Isn't that something?
I mean, this is so pervasive, Alex.
This is generational.
It is so deep at every level in Washington, D.C.
I hear all the time people... No, that's right.
It's a new royalty and they're saying, listen, if you're not part of the generational royalty, you're not going to be here.
And I hear about Sessions.
You know, everybody says, well, Sessions is not doing this.
You got to understand, Sessions, when he turns around, if he turned around and said, invite Hillary, he hands it to a traitor.
And they're going to do everything in their power from him down to block it.
That's right.
Sessions is completely surrounded.
Hell, think about it, Alex.
You're a polluted Comey.
You know what?
We got Craig Sawyer coming up.
In just a few more minutes, we're going to segue into Craig.
I want to ask you, what would you do if you were Trump or the Attorney General right now?
And what about the Awan brothers and all that?
How does Trump strike back and how do we support him?
A few more minutes with Larry Nichols of LarryNichols.News.
And then we got Craig Sawyer, a great Navy SEAL, retired patriot, federal officer as well to get his take on how they're trying to push a civil war and more.
What do we do to make sure they fail?
And we've already kicked their ass during the election.
Stefan Molyneux, am I wrong or have we reached, I believe, the beginning of the true heart of the quickening and the real moment of danger as well?
Well, we've reached to the point where we have to stare into our screens, to stare into our cameras and say, look at me!
I'm the media now.
The only reason that Pelosi and others are turning against Antifa is because alternative media has been relentless in pointing out
How violent they are.
How destructive their ideology is.
And so originally, of course, the free press was supposed to restrain the growth of government power.
Now you need the alternative media to restrain or try and control the corruption of the mainstream media.
That's been our job and this is one of the first great victories we've achieved.
New media forced it out, has more viewers, showed their frauds.
They just lost a major war force-feeding us wannabe vampire meth-head armies as heroes, as Captain America, when if anybody's fascist like Red Skull, it's them.
They've got this ass backward and are projecting who they are onto us.
But leftists everywhere, from CNN to the New York Times, are now quickly jettisoning their anti-Fasoros army.
Well, there's this amazing lack of a time lag these days, Alex, in pushing back against false narratives.
Because in the past, you would create a demonic enemy, you'd say, well, they're the worst human beings possible and therefore we have to restrict their free speech.
And the pace of pushback would be so slow, the laws would already be on the books by the time the blowback occurred and everyone realized they'd been bamboozled.
And they've been taught to hate someone so that free speech restrictions could be put in place that would then be turned against them.
But now, with alternative media, with Twitter, with Facebook, with YouTube, with the immense reach that you have and other people have, we can push back against these restrictions on free speech right away.
And we can talk about the intolerance of the left and their attacks upon peaceful demonstrators.
So we can defuse these bombs before they roll under the bed and put us all up against the ceiling.
They have, of course, an agenda.
They wish to control people.
They wish to control your thoughts.
They wish to sow irrationality into you to harvest, like an evil demon seed, to harvest from your errors and from your corruption.
They have sown.
They wish to harvest the fruit of government power.
And so, I don't have an agenda other than I care passionately about the truth.
I'm willing to be corrected.
Reason and evidence is the way to go.
Debate, conversation, and research is the way to go.
I don't have an agenda like I want people to do something.
I need them to do something.
I want them to avoid irrationality.
My Ten Commandments center around that thou shalt nots rather than thou shalts, which are much, it's much less restrictive to say to someone don't do something rather than do something specific.
They have an agenda.
They're always being run by that agenda.
And whenever you have a thirst for power, the first thing to go is any honesty, common sense and integrity.
And we're really seeing that now because now we have something to compare the media to.
We have something to compare them to, which is the more honest media, the independent media, the media that answers to the people, rather than the powers that be.
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
Donald Trump and Vice President Pence are down in the Florida Keys and other areas surveying damage today.
The Democrats have openly been saying it's the fault of global warming, that hurricanes happen, and that it's racist and bad what's going on, to show black looters down there.
It's just a continued division of that party and people that literally, like Nancy Pelosi, can hardly speak.
But the good news is most Americans, no matter what color we are, are coming together.
Black folks helping white folks.
You name it, vice versa in Harvey and now in Irma.
But I wanted to get Craig Sawyer on because all this news is breaking about the left being involved in pedophilia, but also devil worship and voodoo.
So we're going to talk to him, former Navy SEAL, researcher, you name it, a TV host, Discovery Channel History Show.
He's also doing an investigation into pedophilia in a film right now as well.
So we'll get his take on this in a moment.
But finishing up with Larry Nichols, former Clinton insider.
You were earlier in the last segment getting into how you expect Mueller to come out with the suborning perjury and other things and what we do with the Owan brothers and all the servers and the Russian connections and the Saudi Arabian connections and the Iranian connections and the Chinese connections that are the biggest to the Clintons.
I mean, what does Trump do to get on the offensive against these folks?
Let me tell you the real simple answer to all this.
Trump needs to stand up, take his stand, realize that he's surrounded, and suck it up, get tough, do what he does.
Then, you, you Alex Jones, and folks, anybody that accuses me of patronizing Alex, I live at 58 Kensington Drive, Conway, Arkansas.
Come here and I will knock the living piss out of you.
But I'm telling you, Alex, you've got the army that can save the country.
When you have your Navy COXCO, you ask him.
The strategy to this is exploiting the enemy's weaknesses.
They are weak.
The Republican Party is weak.
We can own that party.
We can own it.
And if your audience would engage, engage.
You know, Alex, you've broken the mold.
You've got an organization that can do it.
That's why they hate you so.
But you've got to have support, folks.
You've got to.
Well, Cheryl, let's just be clear.
Our audience is who they hate, just like they hate Trump, because he's a symbol of populism.
We're not that strong.
It's our audience that is.
But yes, if they start the impeachment, we have to go to Congress in a nice way, but physically talk to them.
We have to go to all their events now, saying, we know impeachment's coming.
We know all this garbage, and they'll file the election.
We're not going to put up with it.
We've got to back Lou Dobbs, Hannity.
The few people that are risking their jobs at Fox to tell the truth.
They're trying to get rid of Limbaugh right now because he's not going along with impeachment.
We know because we're winning, the Democrats are becoming a coastal elite party and that they're falling apart and the blue blood Republicans know that a populist nationalist movement
Led by all of us, is taking them over that they're in an existential death battle, to use Hillary's words, against us.
So yes, and when do you expect Mueller with his swamp creature grand jury out of D.C.?
I mean, a swamp jury.
We've heard of kangaroo courts and kangaroo juries and rigged juries.
We got a swamp jury grand jury that would indict a ham sandwich or Jesus Christ.
When do you expect that to come out?
It's got to be within five, six, seven, eight weeks.
That's when he's got to pull the trigger because remember, in six months, we're into the 18th election.
So they've got to get some of this mess in and started prior to the primary season.
And they want to cancel the last election, have Homeland Security take over this one or the next to, like Venezuela, have a permanent fraudulent election system.
Oh, and all over the country, Democrat cities, there's like 14 towns in California, 7 in Maryland, a bunch of others are letting illegal aliens vote.
I thought illegals weren't voting, even though we had all the top Democrats admitting they were and blocking voter ID.
I mean, how obvious is that?
How obvious is it?
And by the way, in federal law, where did that go?
I was on a program with Richard Mack, Sheriff Richard Mack.
He said the most.
The most profound thing I've ever heard said is that the courts and law enforcement have become the very people that they're supposed to be after, to be prosecuting.
It's so turned around, Alex.
It's so upside down that they want us to think it's hopeless, but it's not.
Sure, they're trying to break our will.
Thank you, Larry Nichols.
We'll talk to you next week.
Thank you, Larry.
He's absolutely right.
They make it like, oh, you hate Hispanics, or you hate... You can't go to Mexico or China and have a baby for free.
You can't come here with no documentation and say, I've been here for 20 years.
I'm a dreamer.
You know, you've been deported 14 times for rape or whatever.
These are real cases.
And then, yes, 800 plus towns and cities, illegals don't go to jail for drunk driving because they don't want to mess with them.
They're above the law.
Now, with no ID, just whoever they want to say they are,
Put it on screen.
It's all over the country.
Towns legalizing illegal aliens voting.
This is just the level of the globalist overthrow.
They're just using these folks from desperate third world countries that have been exploited by globalists as pawns.
I'm not even their enemies.
I was reading during the election, Democrats are having trouble getting illegals to go vote, because they just want a job.
They don't want to be involved in fraud.
So they've got to legalize it, at least locally, to make them feel like, really, it's okay?
Because they're having trouble getting the Hispanic farmer-type immigrants to go engage in criminal activity.
And I'm not trying to lionize them, it's just a fact.
And you've got Democrats on tape admitting it, and then they go on the news and say, we made it up.
Now, Craig Sawyer,
Great guy, great patriot, hosted tons of TV shows, documentaries, you know, hosts of a whole bunch of TV programs, Top Shot, you name it.
But the big thing he's involved in, highly recommended by a lot of the guys that I work with who are great patriots and great sources, came to town earlier this year, got to know him good.
I'm trying behind the scenes to help him with this whole documentary investigation, because the cops bust the pedophiles, as you see daily.
Mayor stepping down, people getting arrested, tens of thousands arrested, but then Deputy Pope steps down.
Procuring hundreds of children, reportedly.
But then there's no one there ever to cover it.
Notice you see articles of 150, 290, 600 pedophiles arrested with kids in cages.
Not just child porn.
And then it's never in the news again.
You pull up that KTLA headline.
That was women and children in cages.
Some children as young as five years old as sex slaves in cages that people came and picked out
It was in the news once, so it got out, then it gets shut down.
You ask why Trump can't run anything, they're blocking us at every level, but we're still fighting back.
TacticalInsider.com, VetsForChildRescue.org.
He's a former Marine veteran, former Navy SEAL, sniper, and combat instructor.
Sawyer is the owner of Tactical Insider, which brings technical advice on weapons and combat to Hollywood films and actors.
Sawyer began his military career with the U.S.
Marine Corps and switched to the U.S.
Navy to pursue a career in special operations.
Sawyer has run specialized teams to provide security for politicians, dignitaries including Hillary Clinton, McCain, Rumsfeld, and Negroponte.
Tactical Insider, and it goes all through the work he's done in Deadliest Missions and Top Shot and the rest of it.
So, we're going to break in about four minutes, but
All this happening.
Here's the Washington Post.
Bill and Hillary Clinton went to voodoo ceremony.
Here's another one.
Satanic Temple is advocating Planned Parenthood fights Missouri abortion laws.
Admitted occultist Sally Quinn who now says she killed people in rituals.
That's the Washington Post president's wife.
Criticized Sarah Palin, gatekeeper of DC society, comes out as an occultist, says she killed people.
Planned Parenthood teams up with Satanists to promote abortion.
This is just today's news.
Hillary Clinton comes out and says she practices voodoo.
What in the world, Craig Sawyer?
Because I know you've got your sources all over.
You can't get into it on air.
You've been a federal marshal as well.
You know, air marshal, not just Navy SEAL.
Everybody I talk to in law enforcement knows this, but it always gets killed when you're investigating it.
But we're talking about abortionists admitting that they keep babies alive that are partial birth abortions and rape them, drink their blood.
This is coming out in the news.
Yeah, these are weird times, Alex.
We've got to drain that swamp.
I empathize with President Trump.
He's got to find a way to kind of clear himself some elbow room to get in there and make any positive impact.
In order for him to get legislation through and get anything done, he's got to get those fleas off of his back.
He needs a strong AG.
He needs Sessions to be in there cracking heads and perp-walking big-name crooks every day.
If Jeff Sessions is not allowed to do that because of people in his way, then he and the President need to assert themselves to the best of their ability.
But they're belligerently in mutiny.
I mean, what do you do?
If my crew of 70 people just said they weren't going to show up, what do I do?
I mean, it's the cowardice of these people are all intimidated.
It's not even that they're being offered stuff, I've learned.
They're all just cowards.
Well, you know, he needs to...
Donald Trump's famous for saying you're fired, and I think that's what's needed in D.C.
more than anything else.
Look, if your staff are hostile to you, you're better off without them.
I think he's better off just kind of draining the swamp to whatever degree he can around him, and be on an active hiring campaign of finding decent, quality people who will just act in good faith, and so he can get moving.
You know, crawl, walk, run.
Right now,
He can't swing a dead cat by the tail without hitting 10 people that would stab him in the back.
Let me ask you this.
We're going to break.
We're going to come back and do whatever you want to cover, Craig Sawyer.
But what do you make of all the devil worship that's coming out?
It's almost like they're being exposed.
So suddenly they're like, yeah, pedophilia is okay.
Yeah, devil worship's okay.
They're trying to normalize it.
Well, I think what we're seeing now, Alex, is a little bit of a peek behind the curtain.
The little old man that's back there pulling all the levers that's been so desperate to keep it secret, figuratively speaking, is being revealed slowly to the American public.
So I think we're seeing that there is actually a fight between good and evil, if you will, for control over the United States.
And it really all boils down from that fact.
That's right.
The older I get, the more I learn.
It's just good and evil, isn't it?
Well, it's mankind's tendency to struggle for more and more power, and abuse that power when he has too much of it.
Look at any of the big government models throughout history.
They inevitably turn hostile, and that's where you see government sponsors.
No, come back.
I want you to preach it when we come back.
I'm going to give you the floor when we come back because I want to ask that question.
Good guys don't want power.
So is that a defect we have?
Because then we let the bad guys run stuff.
An illegal teenage immigrant from Honduras has been charged with killing his mother.
Punez is a so-called dreamer, protected under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or DACA.
A truck had smashed the family's car on the right side.
That's where Lennox was sitting in his little car seat.
Border officials say Banda is a Mexican national in the country illegally.
He's been deported 15 times in 15 years.
Ovia Lopez has a sordid story that includes a prior deportation, an identity fraud, in addition to the sexual assault of a friend's teenage daughter.
But I have a simple message today for every gang member and criminal alien.
We will find you, we will arrest you, we will jail you, and we will deport you.
He was deported a whopping eight times.
Suspected in a deadly hit-and-run earlier this week.
He's charged with sex abuse, sodomy, burglary, robbery, assault, and kidnapping.
Court records show he's been deported and returned 20 different times.
The father of two killed in a horrifying crash.
Police say that the driver was a drunk, unlicensed, illegal immigrant.
According to an ICE news release, he is a known gang member and has been previously deported four times.
Tonight, police say an illegal immigrant with a blood alcohol level three times the legal limit slammed into the back of an SUV carrying a family of four.
He had been arrested just hours before this crash.
A woman telling deputies she was sure she was going to die after deputies say this man, Juan Ortega Orozco, broke into her home and crept into her bed.
He's in this country illegally.
He has a rich criminal history of violating the law.
In the past two years, he's been charged with five felonies, including trafficking meth and leading the scene of a crash.
Jermaine Daniels says in a taint from under the Obama administration, federal agents now appear to be rounding up any undocumented person they come in contact with.
Federal agents eating breakfast one minute, arresting restaurant staff the next.
Illegal border crossings are down reportedly 70%.
Arrests inside the country are up 40% and demands for removal up 80% as well.
But, you know, we can't apologize for enforcing the law.
If you break the law, that's a choice that you make, and there are consequences to that.
We have private labeled it, and it is the exact same product, just the name is different.
Emrix Essentials.
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Not getting skin cancer.
Not getting bit by a bunch of bugs and mosquitoes.
It's all there.
Infowarslife.com, infowarsstore.com, and you'll find Emrix Essentials.
Ladies and gentlemen, I know I said I'd give Craig Sawyer the floor because I want to hear what he has to say.
Problem is, he knows a lot.
He won't say a lot of it, but they've got big investigations going on.
Judicial Watch, super respected, always on target, breaking Fox News.
We're posting this fully to InfoWars.com right now.
Pay to play.
Clinton State Department exposed in new emails watchdog group says now it's already clear in our emails and Hillary's but now we have a hundred percent clear with quotes from these where they say give us this money and Hillary will do this this is now open and shut
If Sessions doesn't act on this, and Trump doesn't act on this, it's their fault.
There's no excuse.
This is massive.
And Congress should act on this.
That's why Mueller and all of them are so desperate, because they're up to their eyeballs covering all this up.
They are the ones
Well, it's a power struggle.
They want power.
Power mongers are looking after themselves and their own best interests, and not the best interests of the American people.
You know, it's obvious that Trump's a fly in the ointment for the globalists and the power mongers that want control over the American people, so they're attacking him at will.
They can't leave him alone because he's a big threat to what they're doing.
Break down your latest research, Craig, because I'm not going to ask a lot of questions, but looking into all the child kidnapping, the pedophilia, more and more of it's coming out.
Where are your investigations?
Well, we're shooting a documentary right now, so it'll be a two-hour movie format documentary to demonstrate to the American public that this is a fact and that this is happening.
A lot of the American public do not even know or believe that there is a problem with pedophilia or child trafficking.
So what we're doing is we're shooting and interviewing all kinds of people that are involved in this, from federal law enforcement, local law enforcement, uh, perps,
Uh, even those still in prison, uh, surviving victims and witnesses of all types to walk the American public through just like you would in an investigation and a courtroom trial in a way, uh, the facts so that it's irrefutable so that the American public can see and recognize what is happening.
And then from there, once they they accept
It's a new currency!
purposes and some people want them for satanic or luciferian rituals where they, in some cases, they actually torture the children to death and ceremonies, which is very strange, very bizarre and very difficult for the average American person to accept and face.
So one of the biggest challenges we face, Alex, is in really finding a way to tell it to the American citizen where they won't fold up and close their eyes and cover their ears.
But Craig, let me just say this.
It's that blind spot, because I know meeting with you privately and talking to other sources I have and things that literally get confirmed.
I don't want to look at this.
I don't want to admit it.
You start gulping, you know, when we're talking in private, like not able to breathe when you think about the things you've been showing and seeing.
You know what?
Just show everybody.
People need to see this.
I understand we need to...
Well, I don't, let me clarify, I don't mean to pull punches so that people don't
All right.
Just as one example, the average American citizen cannot face the fact that there's evil or that there are predators out there after their kids.
But so they will tune off, they will tune out, they will click away if you ask them to face that and to help in that regard.
But it's just as simply as saying, well, let's create a safe space for our kids, then
They're still with you.
They'll still help, and they'll still contribute, and they'll still donate, and still support you.
No, I get it.
Let's talk about it when we come back in detail.
Hold on, because you're finally talking about stuff.
It's hard to get you to talk about it.
There's a fight or flight.
And we want people to fight, not run.
So how do we do that?
We'll be back.
We're on the march, the Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
And they tell the trainees that the trainees go rip me off.
I mean that's that's what we're dealing with here, and I'm sick of it!
Bing bing bong bong bing bing bing
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Thank you for coming.
Thanks for having me.
So the American people would really like to know, what happened to your 33,000 emails?
What happened in Benghazi?
Go read the book.
What happened to the millions of dollars that was supposed to go to the people in Haiti?
You know what?
I'm so sorry.
You believe things that are untrue.
What happened to Seth Rich?
What happened to your health, Hillary?
Puma, it's so great to see you.
I have a question for you.
When are you going to divorce your husband for texting underage girls?
We're going to step out of here.
Get out.
We're going to step out of here.
I don't need my book.
I paid for my book.
We're just going to step out of here.
Live from the InfoWars.com studios, it's Alex Jones.
I'm running for president.
Everyday Americans need a champion, and I want to be that champion.
I don't feel no ways tired.
I've come too far!
I ain't no ways tired!
Meong animal!
What was that?
Is that a dog?
It's Hillary.
It has been reported you've made five million making speeches.
The president's made more than a hundred million dollars.
What difference at this point does it make?
What does that make Hillary Clinton to the Bush family?
My sister-in-law.
You are a liar!
Another conspiracy theory.
Have you always told the truth?
I've always tried to.
I will fight to reign in Wall Street, and you know what?
I know how to do it!
He came out of the White House not only dead broke, but in debt.
I remember landing under sniper fire.
There was supposed to be some kind of a greeting ceremony at the airport, but instead we just ran with our heads down to get into the vehicles.
A little sick.
Open up.
Come on, take it.
Take it!
It's also what happens when you listen to the radio host Alex Jones, who claims that 9-11 and the Oklahoma City bombings were inside jobs.
He even said the victims of the Sandy Hook massacre were child actors.
Live from Austin, Texas, broadcasting worldwide, it's Alex Jones.
The only reason we're playing these older intros when she was still running is because she's back with her book, back attacking, back lying about what I said about 9-11 or back about what I said about Sandy Hook or any of this.
They just misrepresent.
But Craig Sawyer is a great guy on air but also off air.
But it's hard to get him to talk about stuff because I know he doesn't want the bad guys to get away.
But here's the deal.
You've got 16 mayors arrested or stepped down in just the last eight months for raping children or admitting they raped children or to cover up that.
You've got Hastert, you've got Wiener, you've got Epstein.
There's thousands of cases and so it's unraveling.
So recap for a lot of folks, just listen like 15-20 minutes, Craig.
So recap, the film you're making, the organization you've got, Vets4ChildrenRescue, what you're doing, the investigation, the law enforcement sources, and what you're discovering, what you're finding, and the real nature of this rabbit hole, and how deep it goes, because you got cut off by that hard break.
Okay, well I founded Vets4ChildrenRescue,
The opposition's entire operation.
There's a war on against our children, not just on our minds with the deception through the so-called mainstream media, but also against our future generations with the pedophilia.
It's much larger than I would have ever believed until I got into it.
I thought, OK, well, kinetic operations are never going to win this.
You can't win this by door kicking because this is at an estimated 27 million victims.
You can't kick that many doors.
So look, and our children are disappearing off the streets daily by the thousands.
And so we've got to really
Blow the lid off this.
So compromising the entire operation, just educating the American public on the fact that this is going on, what it looks like.
And what you're saying is key, because from my other sources that I can't even get into obviously, this is very command and control, big banks, big events, this is organized.
Yeah, yeah, it is.
And you'll never find all the children.
But what we can do is make it almost impossible for them to continue this in the future and gain more.
So we want to expose it.
And so we're interviewing all kinds of people and we're finding that, yeah, there are judges, there are chiefs of police in certain places that are corrupt and that are part of the problem.
They're, they're complicit.
So that makes it very difficult.
A lot of people are notifying different centers who are supposed to be helping
I was about to say, I got a briefing about a year ago, and another one about six months ago, from a high-level person involved with a major task force, and he said exactly what you said.
He drew it out for me, how it ends at the top.
And even though a police chief may not be raping the kids, they're just told by the politicos, you need to drop this and leave this alone.
Yeah, I met a former mayor up near Chicago who, a friend of hers, was actually imprisoned by a chief of police who was corrupt, and that woman would have remained in prison for the rest of her life for having reported child trafficking as what she was supposed to.
As a citizen, that was her responsibility and duty, but except for the firing of that
Schools, churches, government, even CPS, a lot of these, unfortunately, the predators find their way into these organizations because it's very easy for them to target the children from within.
Truancy officers.
It's a cult of power.
We really have to, as parents and citizens, safeguard our children and provide great scrutiny upon these organizations
Uh, no matter what their title, to ensure that our kids are okay.
That they are, in fact, okay.
Let's expand on your investigation, we're not getting into too much of it.
The film, what you're discovering, who you're, because you're saying, you know, from start to finish, from the perpetrators, the, you know, the Renfield procurers that we know are always dragging, because the only bust of low-level guys, dragging them back to Dracula's castle to use that archetype.
Let's talk more about the film.
Well, Phil, we're painting, not to give it away, but we're learning.
It's just like narcotics as far as a business goes, Alex, and I don't want to...
I don't want to condone it, make it sound like it's a legitimate business, it's evil, but what they're doing is they've turned children into the next currency.
So those who peddle narcotics, peddle weapons, and other things, they're now peddling children.
They're trafficking children for big money to the global elite who have a penchant for
Thank you.
And someone in another country, let's say the Philippines, will actually harm a child and rape a child or do the unthinkable.
And videotape it for them, yeah.
Yeah, live streaming.
They'll do it live streaming.
Yeah, that's the big thing now with snuff films is live and on demand.
Yeah, this has got to stop, man.
This is bad.
This is not okay out here.
Let me raise this.
Exposure and spotlight's the way to go.
And I'm not a vigilante guy, and I'm not going to shoot my mouth off being, you know, tough or anything.
But at the end of the day, people have to make their own decisions when they find it locally.
We already see a lot of cops busting people, regardless of what their officials and their bosses tell them.
So there's a major move organically against this.
And the word I'm hearing, just through the ether, is that people are going to start taking little swims.
They're going to start falling down stairs.
That if this doesn't get handled on the top, it's going to get handled.
Well, I think people are getting fed up.
They're losing faith in the Department of Justice.
That's what I'm told by all my sources.
That's what I'm told, Craig.
I'm just backing you up here.
You can clean it up all day at the bottom, but it always reconstitutes because you never get the kingpins.
It's got to be a top-down thing.
I think there's nothing really more important than military national security itself than this.
Because so many of our politicians are blackmailed and compromised due to this child trafficking and pedophilia scourge.
So it's tied, it's got its tentacles tied all around the politicians in Washington.
It's key!
We have to clean that.
I use the analogy of renovating a house that's been eaten up by termites.
I mean, you've got to tear the thing halfway apart if it's bad to restore it and rebuild it with sound material so that it's a worthy shelter as intended originally.
So, I think Washington, D.C.
has been so infested with parasites that we really have to focus on cracking some heads, perk-walking a lot of big-name crooks before anything else can heal.
The American public have been starved, Alex.
For justice.
We're seeing these scumbags parading back and forth.
Because they know they're untouchable.
That's unacceptable.
It's unthinkable.
They have to go down.
They have to be put on trial.
The American public... I agree.
How do you control your desire?
Because I've talked to a lot of people that have been in the investigations when they know somebody's raping and killing kids, shelling kids, kidnapping them.
And as a man, as a father, you want to kill them, but then in the system you can't.
You see them go free.
I don't know, just even covering this, I just can't help it as a father, these feelings I have.
Well, I think the truth is the most powerful weapon that there is, Alex.
My father, as a pastor, always told me that.
He said, son, be careful how you wield the truth.
It is the most powerful weapon you'll ever have your hands on.
And so I believe that if we can start showing the American public who Hillary Clinton really is, who Barack Hussein Obama really is, and who George Soros really is, and all those that are like them, if we can peel away that facade and give the American public a peek behind the curtain,
Those people will have no more power because the American citizens who give the wealth to those elite scumbags would turn on them and have nothing to do with them because they would be so repugnant and unacceptable to us.
They could no longer make billions out of our pockets.
We control the purse strings and we need to do that.
I think so.
This has to be a cultural awakening, a cultural change, in order to make a more promising tomorrow for the future kids that would have been rolled up into this.
We've got to change the entire face of this battle.
Because for the occultists, the devil worshippers, the control freaks, the pedophiles, and then people that want to make money off of them and blackmail them, as you said, there's a big picture here that you just illustrated beautifully.
We have to have a culture that admits it's happening, and watches out for it, and resists it, and steps up against it, and says no.
But when you're talking, you know, in the group you've got involved at vets4childrescue.org, that are in MI6, MI5, German Intelligence, FBI, CIA, Army, Navy, Marine Corps, SEALs, you name it.
When they're just in their regular duties running into this, or in surveillance stuff coming into it, as you said, it's industrial.
It's ubiquitous.
It's a fifth column of corruption in the country, not just theft or drugs or, you know, all this other stuff or extortion, but you've got this underbelly that really is the heart of this whole war on our children.
Just like the Bible says, you know, Satan's going after the kids.
How does it affect
People, combat vets, you name it, who have to sit there and have to investigate this.
I mean, because I'm told it's very traumatizing to the people that do go in, do save the kids, do see the films, do dig up the little bodies, and then see it all basically covered up.
It's traumatic, Alex.
There's no easy way to put it.
It's painful.
But look, the kids are enduring it.
So if they are suffering this, can we not at least pay attention enough to help fix it as citizens?
Can we not at least unite?
That's the point you made.
As bad as this is to cover and focus on, this is not fun.
What about them?
Right, right.
So look, man, shame on us if we can't at least do that.
Why are we on this planet if we can't do anything positive and anything good with our lives?
We may as well not be here individually.
So as a leader, President Trump can set forth an agenda to turn this around and make it a priority.
There can be
Well he said execute pedophiles and he's trying.
He's trying.
From your research of all these sources, Trump I know just emotionally said we're supporting it.
We've seen more busts the last eight months.
We saw the last five years.
That's mainstream news.
Pedophiles are getting exposed everywhere because people are just calling it out.
The Deputy Pope stepped down.
It's everywhere.
So we know we're on the march, but it's not even command and control.
It's don't wait for orders from headquarters.
Go to the sound of the guns.
I forget who said that in the Revolutionary War back in 1777.
But we're there.
But talking to your sources, where is it going?
Because there's nobody directing it.
We're just all doing it.
But I mean, it's getting big right now.
Well, that's why I go back to President Trump.
Alex, I do give him credit for taking steps to fix this.
But I talked to General Mad Dog Mattis at Stanford University's Graduate School of Business a couple of years ago, and he talked about leadership and setting the culture, what the president can do
It's just like Trump said, illegals don't come here, and it got cut by 69%, just the statement.
Let these people know, we're coming, we're hunting you, you're not on the offense now, you're on the defense.
And when we catch you, we're gonna break your goddamn neck.
Yeah, look, in some cases there'll be a truck full of drugs and there are children in there being trafficked and some of the local law enforcement look at that and they're like, oh, we're not going to interview the children because that's kind of PC.
I thought of you, I thought of you a month ago and this week.
They'll catch a trailer with 170-something people.
I'm like, and a bunch of them are kids, and we know a lot of it's sex trafficking, and then exactly the cops don't even do anything because of political correctness.
They don't want to be racist.
Racists help those kids that are slaves.
Let me ask you, this is a federal officer as well.
Now you can't get into all that.
Why are they always leaving the trucks everywhere in Texas?
They're finding a new truck every two days.
Yeah, well, the cartel have a lot of money, and they can leave trucks.
They steal trucks and they... But why do they keep just leaving trucks full of hundreds of people?
What's the point?
Well, I don't know specifically why that is happening.
That's not really the area of my focus recently.
I could dig around and probably come up with some answers with a little time.
But what we're finding is that there is no real system or culture, as Mad Dog Mattis said, for going against this and taking the children and exploiting the information that can be gained from interviewing them
Exactly, and then Obama used this whole thing of kids coming to America as we're being loving, when in truth it's the cover for the bonanza of the kids coming in.
And it's just all hidden in plain view.
Good Lord.
We'll be right back, ladies and gentlemen.
This is so important.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show, folks.
Owen Schroer here, Gerald Salente here.
You are here because you're looking for real news in a land that broadcasts lies.
Gerald Salente, TrendsResearch.com.
We've got so many different places we can go.
All of these anti-fascist people, hey, you want fascism, the merger of state and corporate powers?
A junior out there shooting your mouth off?
How about too big to fail?
You want to look at fascism and capitalism?
There's no such thing, Junior.
Oh, all you little anti-fascist people?
Why don't you go after George W. Bush, who lied us into war?
Oh, war is okay with you.
Oh, let's take down those Confederate statues.
That really got you upset.
But you can launch wars based on lies that are right in front of us, Junior.
That Saddam Hussein has weapons of mass destruction and ties to Al-Qaeda, which was a big lie, brought to you by the prostitute media, the fake news people, and essentially the toilet paper of record, the New York Times.
You remember, Owen, the aluminum tubes and yellow tapes that
Hussein was bacon?
Wait a second, the New York Times said that Donald Trump was getting wiretapped, but they didn't say it though.
They also didn't say it, so I just want to be clear.
They said he was getting wiretapped on their front page, but they did not ever say he was getting wiretapped.
So where are all these anti-fascists?
How come they don't go after the fascists?
How come you don't go after Obama for destroying Libya?
Oh, that's not fascist enough for you!
Yeah, the AP was reporting new war crimes in Yemen again today from Saudi Arabia.
Yeah, and let's go also to Syria.
You remember, Owen?
Assad has to go, says Obama.
And Hillary Clinton.
And Frankenstein Kerry.
And John McCain.
And John Insane McCain.
Where are these fat mouths?
Why aren't they going after the murderers and the real fascists, huh?
The merger of state and corporate powers is there in front of us.
Globalization, multinationalization.
But these little boys talk up, but don't go after the big guys who they bow down to and suck up to.
And when you talk about sorrows, they threw them out of Hungary.
Because they saw what he was doing there.
Soros not welcome.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want to stop tyranny?
Well, so does he.
Live from the InfoWars.com studios, it's Alex Jones.
Folks, the big leg that the globalists have up on us is that we're not sociopaths, we're not psychopaths.
We have morals, we have a conscience, which is really just ingrained in us so we don't destroy our society around us.
I mean, I can have evil thoughts, I can do nasty things, I don't want to.
But then we kind of get intimidated by all these evil people into not admitting what they're doing because it's so outlandish.
But they're coming out in the open and I believe it's a symbol of their weakness.
They believed they were all powerful, now it's being proven that they aren't.
I'm not tooting my horn about what we're doing here, because I'm not made out of money, but I know Craig's a great guy, great sources, made great TV shows and things before, so this is a great thing to just... I'm only part owner or involved in it, and I just put $100,000 in to the TV production he's doing because they were censoring him.
They were blocking him on PayPal.
They were blocking him from his... They're constantly trying to block his website, because they know who he is.
And, you know, the things he's done in the Navy SEALs, you don't want to get into.
And, you know, the fact that he's so credible, they're trying to block him.
And I know when they're trying to block something, I need to support it.
Well, you've done the same thing for us, folks.
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We're going to add more broadcasts.
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As long as we can hold out, you keep supporting us.
But I'm putting everything in this year.
So we're growing, but we are maxed out, and your financial support goes directly to the front lines of the fight against the globalists.
So thank you all for your support.
But a bunch of those specials are about to end on the caveman bone broth formula.
The specials on the storable food, that's going to have to end tomorrow.
So thank you all for your support.
Craig Sawyer, thank you for joining us.
We've got about three minutes left.
I get so excited when you're talking about this stuff, because I've got children, you've got children, and this is, you know, in different ways, touches all our families.
I know you don't want to get into that personally, but this is epidemic.
But I think what you're saying is it's time to get up and get on the march and call this out.
And if we just start taking action, distancing, you know, targeting, and the rest of it, we're going to win.
Absolutely, Alex.
I have people every single day tell me thank you for my service to my country and they wish that they could do more.
Well, this is their day.
This is their opportunity now.
We can all do something.
There's more than one way to fight for your country and it doesn't always involve putting on a helmet and going halfway around the world and fighting wars in an open field.
This is a war against our children.
We can compromise this operation of the opposition that's hunting our children and doing the unthinkable to them.
We can expose it, we can dog them, we can report it, and we can interdict and stop them at every front if we as an American citizenry unite against it.
So that's what we're trying to do here at Vets for Child Rescue, is really recruit the American citizen to help us watch for this and report it wherever they see any signs of it and educate them on what to look for.
Absolutely, and expanding on that,
We see the globalists and all their energy right now.
That's desperation.
We've just destroyed Hillary, their big god, their big messiah.
Their whole plan is way behind schedule.
They're panicking.
So yes, they're very energetic.
They're very aggressive right now because they're cornered rats.
Yeah, it's almost like casting demons out of the White House.
And now look at them all frantically stirring.
They don't know what to do.
Greg Sawyer, I know the site's getting a lot of traffic right now, so it's been up and down.
That's for childrescue.org, your really awesome site, tacticalinsider.com.
We'll talk to you soon.
I can't wait to hear more about the film's production.
You know what?
Do five more minutes with us.
I want to hear about not just the persecution trying to block you financially, because you know when you're going after the enemy when you take the flak.
Back in 70 seconds, I want to hear about some of the other behind-the-scenes stuff that may have been happening.
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Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order, it's Alex Jones.
From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones.
Anthony Comey is coming up.
I'm going to host a few minutes with him.
Yes, they're announcing world government.
Sweden's basically microchipped their whole population.
I mean, it's all happening.
Craig Sawyer, don't want me to say it, but Dev Group, The Whole Nine Yards, talked to a lot of folks, the military, army, other folks, Delta Force people, they just say Craig's the best.
And he's obviously got shows on History Channel, Discovery Channel, The Whole Nine Yards.
But TacticalInsider.com, VetsForChildRescue.org, his dad's a famous pastor,
We're not bitching or whining, but I take resistance as a sign, like I'm a missile that's heat seeking, but I don't go off heat, I go off resistance, and that's why I always end up really hitting dead on, so I point my nose right at the attack.
You were telling me just on the phone a month ago or so when you were all there in person, since this all started your investigation of the pedo rings, all hell has broken loose, like nothing in your whole career, I mean nothing you saw in combat, you're saying it's all sides.
Yeah, people warn me, don't pick up this fight unless you're ready for that.
I felt like I had to.
Whether or not I felt like I was ready, I felt like this was a mission that fell into my lap that I must carry out, so I'm doing it.
Scumbag obstacle that that's thrown at us from the evil side.
There's there's a really rejuvenating and encouraging Save from the side of good.
So it's it's a it's a dark and ugly fight Alex.
There's a comforting spirit.
There's a comforting spirit
Ben, we're doing the right thing and you can't buy that, Alex.
I don't care.
I would rather be me with $5 in my pocket than George Soros with his billions any day.
George Soros is about to die and go burn in hell for eternity for what he's doing.
I'm at peace with myself.
I feel good about what I'm doing for the kids.
I feel like I'm doing the right thing.
I'm trying... But that shows their power with the big banks and the publications in Hollywood and everywhere.
You do this, boy, they come after you.
It shows they're powerful.
Yeah, yeah, well now, but it goes, you're right, at the top they want to stop it because they can only survive by deception, secrecy, and just, well back to the deception.
Hiding down in the sewer like it's a clown.
But along the way, you know, we deal business with a lot of people, man.
Sheriff's departments, banks, and different things.
And they're all like, when they learn more about what we're doing, they're like, God bless you.
Go get them.
We're with you 100%.
So it really is encouraging.
That's it.
It's separating the good from the evil.
We've got to do this because it demarcates who's who.
Yeah, it really does.
It really does.
Any decent American citizen or any citizen around the globe, really, they're behind us and saying, hey, let's safeguard our children from these evil scumbags.
And so, hey, we expect the attacks, you know, all the tech companies, you know, with all their interference and stuff online and all that.
That's to be expected.
So we're just working through it.
Well, look at the big tech companies are promoting pedophilia everywhere publicly.
I mean, I gotta be honest, when Salon has that guy drooling over a five-year-old girl, I mean, it makes me really want to get on an airplane.
Look, strong people help the helpless, and the weak abuse them.
It's really... The weak people fall into evil, Alex, and abuse whatever money or authority they have.
And the strong people use those things for good, to help the less fortunate.
So, shame on them.
Shame on them.
Does your spirit tell you we're starting to turn the tide against evil?
Or are we just almost at the top of the hill?
Because they are fighting so hard, they're desperate, they're scared.
I think they're on the run.
I see it the way that you do, after all the type of conflict I've been trained on and experienced that.
Alex, I see this frantic desperation as a sign that they are on the run.
Talking about those who are involved in evil.
I think they frantically are trying to grasp at straws at anything they can to maintain the deception and the secrecy that they've existed behind until now.
I think Donald Trump and his new
They can feel it.
They can feel it.
It's not that Trump's perfect.
It's that they can feel he's not out to get people.
He's not a pedophile.
Stefan Molyneux, am I wrong or have we reached, I believe, the beginning of the true heart of the quickening and the real moment of danger as well?
Well, we've reached to the point where we have to stare into our screens, stare into our cameras and say, look at me!
I'm the media now.
The only reason that Pelosi and others are turning against Antifa is because alternative media has been relentless in pointing out
How violent they are.
How destructive their ideology is.
And so originally, of course, the free press was supposed to restrain the growth of government power.
Now you need the alternative media to restrain or try and control the corruption of the mainstream media.
That's been our job, and this is one of the first great victories we've achieved.
New media forced it out, has more viewers, showed their frauds.
They just lost a major war force-feeding us wannabe vampire meth-head armies as heroes, as Captain America, when if anybody's fascist like Red Skull, it's them.
They've got this ass backward and are projecting who they are onto us.
But leftists everywhere, from CNN to the New York Times, are now quickly jettisoning their anti-Fasoros army.
Well, there's this amazing lack of a time lag these days, Alex, in pushing back against false narratives.
Because in the past, you would create a demonic enemy, you'd say, well, they're the worst human beings possible and therefore we have to restrict their free speech.
And the pace of pushback would be so slow, the laws would already be on the books by the time the blowback occurred and everyone realized they'd been bamboozled.
And they've been taught to hate someone so that free speech restrictions could be put in place that would then be turned against them.
But now, with alternative media, with Twitter, with Facebook, with YouTube, with the immense reach that you have and other people have, we can push back against these restrictions on free speech right away.
And we can talk about the intolerance of the left and their attacks upon peaceful demonstrators.
So we can defuse these bombs before they roll under the bed and put us all up against the ceiling.
They have, of course, an agenda.
They wish to control people.
They wish to control your thoughts.
They wish to sow irrationality into you to harvest, like an evil demon seed, to harvest from your errors and from your corruption they have sown.
They wish to harvest the fruit of government power.
And so, I don't have an agenda other than I care passionately about the truth.
I'm willing to be corrected.
Reason and evidence is the way to go.
Debate, conversation, and research is the way to go.
I don't have an agenda like, I want people to do something.
I need them to do something.
I want them to avoid irrationality.
My Ten Commandments center around that thou shalt nots, rather than thou shalts, which are much, it's much less restrictive to say to someone, don't do something, rather than do something specific.
They have an agenda.
They're always being run by that agenda.
And whenever you have a thirst for power, the first thing to go is any honesty, common sense, and integrity.
And we're really seeing that now, because now we have something to compare the media to.
We have something to compare them to, which is the more honest media, the independent media, the media that answers to the people, rather than the powers that be.
Live from Austin, Texas, broadcasting worldwide, it's Alex Jones.
And now, your host, Anthony Cumia.
With his own, Compound Media reaching millions of people each week.
He's one of the most censored people from syndicated talk radio and then censored off XM.
His crime?
Well, being in the top three shows on XM and not supporting Black Lives Matter, gunning police down.
He called them savages.
I think the KKK out burning crosses in people's yards are savages.
And I think black folks who are racist shooting random cops in the back are savages too.
That's a term we use for scumbags.
And I think the people out looting all over Florida and the Caribbean are thugs as well.
But the media says you're racist if you point that out.
Well, that political correctness doesn't work anymore.
I rarely jump into Anthony's time.
We're blessed to have him every two weeks hosting an hour here in the roving fourth hour.
But I wanted to come on because I didn't get to this earlier with all the guests I had.
And I wanted to get his take, because here's the deal.
Even if you're not a Christian, and I'm certainly not down at the hellfire and damnation glitterbug churches where you worship the preacher.
But, as a Christian, reading the Bible, a world government, gotta have this mark in your hand, or forehead to buy and sell.
I can politically imagine, just as a citizen, or just as a human, what Hitler would have done with a technology like that.
And now in Sweden, and other areas, they're trying to push the public having it to replace credit cards in your keys.
And, oh, we're gonna give you discounts if you do it.
And oh, cyber security, we've lost so many people's IDs and there's been so many data breaches, you gotta go to face scans or hand scans, but somebody can fake that.
We need to have a microchip in your hand.
Which thieves, of course, can then digitally scan and steal as well.
Oh, then it's gonna be a biological mark.
Mixed with your DNA or a nanotech chip in the hand that no one can copy.
That's really where they want to go.
So you just heard the rest of the story, as Paul Harvey would say.
It's a nanotech chip, but I love the political correctness.
They're in Sweden, the home of Stockholm Syndrome, being a victim and loving it, where they tell you let Muslims rape you, police chief, you know, just let terrorists in the schools.
We can learn from terrorists!
You say that sounds crazy.
No, it's not.
If the police can say we're going to let people rape you, we're going to put returning ISIS in schools, and we're going to give them preferential welfare, you'll put up with the government doing stuff.
So it is an induction of Stockholm Syndrome.
So the story is linked on the right hand side, it was the top story earlier, it's moved down, of DrudgeReport.com.
We'll put that on screen.
And it's an image of an x-ray of a hand with the microchip in it.
And the story is a Paul Watson article on NewsWars.com and InfoWars.com.
Implanted microchip to replace credit cards, car keys.
A microchip embedded under the skin will replace credit cards and keys according to a Stephen Ray who has already overseen a program for Sweden's largest state-owned train operator that allows customers to scan their chips instead of using tickets.
So where it's going is making you do it.
He was first like, oh, driverless cars, cool.
But then they go, actually, we're going to overcharge you on insurance until you can't afford it.
We're going to make you have a robot drive your car.
See, BBC News showcased the system in which Swedes
...are able to have their embedded chip scanned by a conductor who uses an app to match up their chip membership number with a purchase ticket.
Around 3,000 people in Sweden have already had the chip embedded in their hand in order to access secure areas of buildings.
And Mexico's done the same.
Many other areas.
Military's done it.
And then it becomes ubiquitous.
You're an animal, marked, the control.
But suddenly, since this is all admitted, we don't hear churches complaining anymore.
Back in the 80s and 90s, it was fun to say this, but we'll all be raptured before it happens, right?
Even though it's not even in the Bible.
Until after the devil comes and God comes back and then the dead are raised and all that.
But whatever!
It's the ultimate cop-out.
And I'm not judging anybody.
My whole point is, I guess you're just going to go, well, I must have already been raptured, we get our chips in heaven.
Even if you're a devil worshipper, you shouldn't want to have a dog tag, you know, embedded in you because you're too dumb to have a wallet.
It's insane.
It's only going to get Anthony Comey's take on this.
But here's the ridiculous lecturing, like we're kindergartners.
Here it is.
That small guy can touch it, yeah.
Look at that!
It's so cool!
Stefan Ray works for Sweden's largest train operating company.
It's a cyanide pit!
The first in the world to begin using microchips that sit underneath the skin as train tickets.
This microchip implants sits right here.
You hallucinate for 30 seconds before you die!
Here comes the ticket officer.
This is our chance to see if that works.
Each passenger with a microchip must be registered with a membership number.
The microchip holds this number... Then they jump into a meat grinder, converted from a wood chipper.
It's there?
So it shows the tickets, our names, and it all came from that, yeah.
Then she beat you in the head with a hammer for fun.
What privacy?
The solution we found was... There's such privacy!
...a membership number that won't be telling anyone anything about you outside our company.
There's no transmitter here, so you can't be tracked, like, with a GPS or... So not even any questions here?
So far around 3,000 people in Sweden have a microphone.
This is reaching cuckoo land here.
Meanwhile, we've got Hillary all over the news.
Because this isn't like some Bible-thumping show.
I'm a Christian, but I'm not pushing that.
But now, all over the news, we've got Democrats saying, we kill people with hexes, we're into voodoo.
What they are is a bunch of crazy Harry Potter loons.
It's even worse than devil worshippers.
They're completely insane and believe they have magic powers, like they're like demonic leprechauns.
What's going on here?
It gets crazier and crazier by the week, by the day.
First, I gotta say something, Alex.
Man, how proud were you of your state, Texas, the rest of the country watching during Hurricane Harvey and watching people
Able to take care of themselves.
Helping their neighbors during a disaster.
Not sitting and waiting for other people to come and tell them how they should take care of themselves and their loved ones.
It was amazing to watch, quite frankly.
Well, what it was, was racist.
Oh, well, of course it was!
Alex, of course it was!
But it was amazing to watch people... No, no, but I'm getting serious.
Everybody of every color helping each other, and then Charlie Ebdos has Hal Hitler flooded.
But no, you're absolutely right.
People say Texas is different.
How is that so alien that we actually were able to take care of each other?
That's weird.
It was amazing to watch, especially in the Communist Republic of New York, where we watched it.
It was stunning to watch people actually not need people to swoop in.
They did!
I mean, we have an amazing emergency response in this country, but they weren't needed that second.
People actually knew how to take care of themselves.
It was refreshing to watch.
On this whole chip implantation thing?
Oh my God, this is what they do.
They present things to you as a convenience.
No one... When we thought years ago about things like this, it was science fiction, and we always imagined the government would knock on your door and say they're implanting chips and you'd have to run and hide.
We are getting these things, these devices, like our phones and everything else, because we cannot live without them.
They have made it so important in our lives to have these wonderful conveniences.
You don't want to wait on the big long line at the toll booth?
We have E-ZPass!
It's easy!
Look, you're going right past all the suckers that are still paying cash.
Meanwhile, it's being used in courts around the country for things like divorce proceedings and your privacy is completely
Can they catch him overcharging people?
That's the thing.
I'm all for technology.
The problem is it's so complex with Trojan horses, it's always used to screw us over.
So I want to prosecute and have the public aware, the companies that are watching and listening.
I'm all for technology, but stop letting people, just because I have a door on my house, that's technology, doesn't mean you have an excuse to have the key to it and come in whenever you want if you don't live there.
We are allowing this to happen, though, because most of the masses out there, Alex, are not savvy to any of this.
They invite in things like Alexa and put it on their tables in their homes.
What they admit is listening to them.
It's listening!
Your television!
Your smart TV!
It's so convenient to just say, hey, TV, put on HBO or something.
And meanwhile, while you're talking in your room, having a private conversation, these things are listening to what you're saying.
And the tech giants go, it's okay, we put the terms of service.
Samsung said, watch what you say!
It's in the terms of service.
So who reads that?
No one really reads those things.
So you're inviting spies into your house.
And a lot of people say, well, if you have nothing to hide, what's the problem?
Well, the problem is freedom of speech is a thing that's almost extinct at this point between these indoctrination centers that are supposed to be colleges and mainstream media.
Uh, so when you're, when you're talking in private in your own home and people are listening to this, uh, you could say what they dub the wrong thing.
Well, let's go further than that.
Let's go further.
It's just like people that would put on Facebook and Twitter, I'm going out of town to Cancun and their address, here's all the stuff I got for Christmas.
They use it to rob you just because you have nothing to hide.
We have doors and windows to stop mosquitos, to stop criminals.
We have privacy because we're private.
It's like saying, do I have something to hide because I don't take my wife out on the front lawn to have sex.
You know, privacy is part of being free.
It's not that I'm bad or hiding something.
I got a door on the bathroom for reasons.
And we've grown so used to our phones being something we cannot leave the house without.
And these are tracking devices.
These are devices that we are giving up our freedoms, our privacies, our liberty with this device.
But it's gotten to the point where people are saying, hey, they could leave that at home.
So we don't want them doing that.
We want to be able to constantly track them.
Let's put a chip implanted in them so they can get train tickets easier, shop easier, and be tracked where you're going and what you're doing.
And then the thieves use it to thieve even more, and the answer is, oh, go to biometrics, go to a chip.
Now, I'm going to get out of here because you've got stuff to cover, but Anthony, I want to ask you about the state of the country, where you see things going, all of it.
But since you mention it, I'm going to be honest.
I let my children, when they're going to go to the mall with friends or go to a sporting event, have one of the smartphones.
They've got phones.
I don't give them to them all the time.
But I may have to get rid of them.
Because all they talk about is the phones.
All they ever want is the phones.
And there's studies out showing it's causing them to not be social.
People are texting to each other across the deal.
I know I'm on them too much.
I know I'm on it dinner.
My wife's like, what are you doing?
Even though I've got work to do.
I get it.
It just brings work with you everywhere.
Because if I stayed at the office, I'd always be working.
I'm supposed to go home to stop it for a little while.
And so it's ending compartmentalization.
So there's a lot of great stuff about them, but they admit lowering IQ, lowering connectivity, lowering people having relationships.
And Tucker Carlson asked, has smartphones destroyed a generation?
And the answer is, I can totally control my children with just them having and not having the phone, better than my dad could ever meet.
Which asks me, how powerful is this technology?
Here's the clip, and we'll get Anthony Cumia, he's hosting right now, compoundmedia.com, we'll get his take.
So I found with teens, for example, that those who spent more time on screen, say social media and texting, were less happy, more depressed, and actually had even more risk factors for suicide.
And there's other studies that have found the same thing.
There's a couple, for example, that followed people over time, found the more they used social media, the more unhappy they were.
And unhappiness didn't lead to social media use, so it wasn't the other way around.
That just seems like a really important fact.
So I see the coverage of the iPhone and I have one sitting on the desk right here, which I use a lot, too much.
So I'm part of the problem.
But I see the coverage and it's this breathless technology reporting, but I never hear anybody mention the obvious, which is the more you use this thing, the less happy you become.
I mean, that seems like a salient point, no?
Yeah, absolutely.
And, you know, I think it's really having an effect on young people.
So I've done this work on generational differences for about 25 years.
And around 2012, I started to see some really striking patterns in these very large national surveys that are done of teens.
Their mental health started to really deteriorate right around that time.
Alright, let's stop right there.
My children listen to me, but they tend to not to.
I'm going to go home tonight and I'm going to show them this, because here's what I found.
I've done experiments on my children.
I'm just going to be honest.
We all do it.
You do experiments to see what they listen to, what they don't, what gets their attention.
I've done weekends where I go, here, have the phones.
They're all gone in their rooms like zombies.
And then the next day, they're like stumbling around.
I take the phones away.
They're paining.
They want to go see a ball game.
They want to go to the movies.
They want to go hiking.
They want to, you know, whatever.
They're alive.
So I'm telling them I've made the decision.
I'm going to basically take the phones, except when they go on an excursion.
And they go, that's how I know my friends, blah, blah, blah.
So, Anthony, I'm going to turn it over to you now, but just profound video, the full video is up on Infowars.com.
What are your experiences with this?
It's not like we're troglodytes and hate technology, but it's not just that expert.
As you know, screen time, phones particularly, Facebook documents, they know their users, they're controlling them, especially liberals.
They want to keep them alone, keep them desperate.
They really believe Nazis are under the table.
I mean, these are mind control devices.
You take over, brother.
Thanks for letting me jump in with you.
Thanks, Alex.
Yeah, I honestly believe the advent of the phone, the cell phone, smartphone, what have you, history will show it to have changed
To have literally changed humanity like, perhaps, like the first ships that carried us across the oceans did.
It's going to be so monumental in changing the way that people talk to each other and interact with each other.
Back just a few years ago.
And I don't think you're going to be able to really see the effects of this for years to come.
But we're seeing it very early on because, relatively speaking, this is a blip that we've had this technology.
And already you can see how it's affecting our societies.
But we won't really see it for quite a few years.
But here's what I've noticed.
Things that used to be commonplace are non-existent anymore.
The wooing of a girl, the classic dance of romance where you actually had to face a woman or a man, if you're a woman, and talk to them.
You had to have something that was called game.
It was very nerve-wracking to be able to walk up to somebody and open a conversation.
It took talent.
It took finesse.
You had to read the person as you're doing this.
This wasn't as easy as sending out... Anthony, I have to interrupt.
You're so amazing.
You're right.
In five years, the phones have killed mammal mating dances.
This was a classic
Yes, mating ritual!
Like you see with birds and their plumage.
We had a finesse and people that were good at it did well.
People that didn't, didn't do as well.
Now, you put out 800 fish hooks in the water through various apps, dating apps, Facebook, other social media, texting.
You don't need, you could just say,
Do you want to do this?
Do you want to do that?
Whether it's, you're asking literally for sex, or to go out on a date, and if you get a no, you just move on to the next thing.
No skin off your nose, so it really has effected... No, you're right.
It's 800 fishhooks.
It's 800 fishhooks.
And I've noticed people that are involved in this whole thing, they're not as into it anymore.
It's not as electric.
It's ruined.
Yes, it's like any other narcotic.
You're never going to get that rush that you got the first time you used it.
So again, it is like a drug.
You talk about how kids on the next day, that's a hangover.
There is such thing as an iPhone or technology hangover the next morning, where you just don't feel good, your eyes are fuzzy, your head hurts.
Yeah, we've all done it.
Haven't you ever had a jag like seven hours?
You're up all night and you just want to, where'd the time go?
We all, and it was funny to watch Tucker talk about that and say, look, I know I'm on it too much also.
We all know what we're doing, and we all know it's not good, but we continue to do it.
It's been placed in our hands, and we are incapable of being without it.
Have you ever left the house and went, oh my God, I forgot my phone?
You panic.
No, I turn the car around.
I turn like, woo!
You turn the car around no matter where you are in your journey because you can't go a day without your phone.
And it's unbelievable.
When I was a younger man and after school you'd hang out with your friends or you'd make plans for the weekend.
You needed to know what everyone was doing by Friday.
And that was fun to get together and plan things.
Because if you didn't plan it, you were driving around or walking around looking for your friends because you literally didn't know where they were.
It was like you were a detective trying to find your group of friends.
Now, there's none of that.
It's easy to find everybody and hook up, and it was.
You had to plan in advance.
You had to have a purpose.
You had to have somewhere and something you were going to do and a place you were going to go.
It does make things pointless.
It does make things empty.
Because you used to get a map out and it was like fun to get there and wow this is wow you're really smart because I hadn't thought of all these other things that were going on and how we're being and then don't forget it has microwave radiation they admit is linked to brain damage so so the brain cancer so don't forget it also gives you brain cancer.
Oh my god and we and we cannot
Be without it for any amount of time.
It really is astounding.
And you think about it, you would think that this is the most amazing thing ever.
You have a complete library in your hand and you would think this would be a great thing because people would be getting educated and stuff.
We always go to the lowest common denominator and it turns into something so bad and evil and making people unhappy when you think it's an amazing tool
Well, the easiest way to dumb it down is it's like never being able to leave work.
It's just it's always this portal.
I am leaving now.
I'm going to watch the show.
Anthony, you're up.
We've got to take clips of this and play it all over the show because this is it.