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Air Date: Sept. 13, 2017
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Alex Jones discusses the use of invasive surveillance technology called stingrays by police departments in the United States. He criticizes the FBI for forcing local law enforcement agencies to sign non-disclosure agreements about the technology and argues that it is a violation of the Fourth Amendment. Additionally, he discusses various other topics including YouTube allowing content showing murders of blacks by whites while banning critical videos, Sally Quinn's autobiography admitting to practicing black magic, Michael Bloomberg building his new place on top of an old Mithraeum temple, and many other topics such as PedoGate or PizzaGate, weather weapons, oral health, human trafficking, the rise of evil, and more.

We now take you live to the Central Texas Command Center, in the heart of the resistance, rallying patriots worldwide.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
When I first got involved in news and political action 25 years ago, a lot of the old-timers came to me that had been politically involved.
They educated me about the private federal reserve, about globalism.
That's when I learned about Ron Paul.
They told me, Alex, at the bottom of the rabbit hole, there are devil worshippers and pedophiles.
And despite the fact that I've grown up in the richest county in Texas at the time, Rockwall, Texas, outside Dallas, and despite the fact that I'd seen some of the occultism and some of the really rich people, billionaires and others, that lived in the area, I still just didn't believe it.
I thought it was just localized to what I saw.
But now, after 25 years of being deeply
Plugged into what's happening in the real world and focused 16 hours a day on news and information and sources.
I can tell you 100%.
But you already know this too.
It's all over the news these days.
They can't hide it.
It's just oozing out from the floorboards.
Like John Wayne Gacy, the stench of the dead bodies.
The cops finally come over, he invites them in for coffee.
They could smell the rotten meat coming out of the vents in the floor.
Is that right?
The president of the Washington Post and his wife were hardcore black magic practitioners.
She's written a book about it!
She believes they killed people with black magic!
That's up on Infowars.com right now.
It's from Breitbart.
Gatekeepers of DC society, Sally Quinn, comes out as a cultist, use hexes to kill people, and she wants you to know how powerful she is, and she can kill you now.
Talk about lunatics.
But why is that so interesting?
Without even trying, in today's stat, and we have the audio of it coming up in Hillary's own voice, Hillary Clinton, I wanted to make voodoo dolls of reporters, lawmakers, and stick them with pins!
Now you have to understand, the Clintons have had vacations in Haiti, they've visited voodoo priests, they've spent weeks in voodoo churches, they practice demon possession.
That's what voodoo is, ladies and gentlemen.
Whether you believe it or not, it is the trying to get spirits to come into you.
And I've had guests on that work for the Clintons.
It's even come out.
Tony Blair's wife is into it.
Francois Mitterrand.
I mean, they're all into it.
It was in the London Telegraph years ago that Tony Blair every morning goes into his little chapel and falls to his knees flopping around on the ground
flopping around on the ground when he's possessed by the spirit of the light.
Tony Blair, every morning, becomes possessed, falling on the ground, having a convulsion.
He believes the spirit enters him.
This is just today's news.
Her new book, How Much She Loves Voodoo.
The former president, Ben Bradley of the Washington Post,
Had his wife, she believes, kill people for him with hexes.
Here's Hillary.
Here's another one though.
Oh, Seattle Mayor Ed Murray resigns after fifth child sex abuse allegation.
And surprise, surprise, he looks just like John Wayne Gacy.
They all look like John Wayne Gacy.
Hastert looks like John Wayne Gacy.
Menendez looks like John Wayne Gacy.
The Deputy Pope looks like John Wayne Gacy.
They always look the same.
It's weird.
They can even be black if they look the same, or Hispanic.
All the perplexities, the confusion and distress in America arise not from objects in their constitution or confederation, not from want of honor or virtue, so much as from the downright ignorance of the nature of coin, credit and circulation.
Those are the words of John Adams, the second president of the United States.
Are you ignorant of the private Federal Reserve?
Do you understand the nature of our fiat currency?
Do you understand how a private corporation has the ability to create boom and bust cycles and to profit from it?
What kind of leverage do these people in the Federal Reserve have over the American people?
Or for that matter, what kind of leverage do the Saudis have over our money?
Will you be a slave or will you be free?
Adams also said, liberty cannot be preserved without general knowledge among the people.
Join the InfoWars.
Spread the information.
Educate yourself and others.
The truth shall set you free.
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If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
It's Alex Jones.
Ladies and gentlemen, we're live broadcasting worldwide.
I am your host Alex Jones.
We're going to be here for the next four hours live.
There is so much incredible news and information to cover.
But the first thing I'm going to get into is the fact that when you get to the bottom of the rabbit hole in this world, you find Satanism and you find pedophilia.
And every day, despite the fact that the globalists are trying to hide this information, it is coming out in mainstream news.
Look at this New York Mag headline, Clinton linked to satanic rituals involving kidnapped children and Marina Abramovich.
That was them last year making fun of it, but look, they're not making fun of it now.
Hillary Clinton has come out in her new book, we're getting the audio right now, and talked about how she likes to practice voodoo.
But look at this story.
The CEO of the Washington Post, the President, Vice President until his death in 2014, his widow, Ben Bradley's widow, Sally Quinn, the Lady of D.C.
as she's known,
One of the top socialites of the Democratic Party and Republican Party, both friends with JFK, that's how Bradley got his start, says that they conducted satanic rituals, black magic rituals, and killed people.
That's the headline.
Gatekeeper of DC society, Sally Quinn, comes out as an occultist, used hex to kill people.
When you read what she was into, it's black magic.
What does John Podesta admittedly go to in the emails?
Not the pizza place they diverted people off onto in DC.
In New York, he's invited by Abramovich, who says she does real rituals.
Alistair Crowley rituals.
With blood, semen, you name it.
Children attending the events.
And these are just the public gateway events.
Ladies and gentlemen, I don't want to show any more of it on there, just to get her off.
Her little vampire outfit.
So that's who these evil, selfish, grasping people are.
And there's more.
It's in the news every day.
More high-level cardinals busted with little kids.
The deputy Pope caught being indicted for kidnapping and running hundreds of little boys.
And now, Seattle Mayor Ed Murray resigns after fifth child sex abuse allegation of raping children.
And then take a look at Ed Murray's face and then pull up Ted Bundy.
Pull up John Wayne Gacy.
That's what he really looks like.
Pull up Senator Menendez.
On trial right now.
And just look at the faces on these... The mayor, Bill de Blasio of New York's right-hand guy got caught with hardcore child porn.
Never even got mentioned in the news that he was connected to the mayor.
Look at Weiner, Anthony Weiner.
Look at Dennis Hastert.
Look at all of them.
They have the same little piggy faces and the same little piggy eyes.
And that's who's in power.
That's your Speaker of the House.
That's your mayors.
That's who's in charge.
And while the boys are running around chasing your little boys, the girls are putting on black cloaks and doing satanic rituals and telling you in autobiographies that they killed people during rituals.
Now, why are they telling you they killed people?
Because they believe they're losing right now.
And in black magic, if you can tell somebody you did it or you're going to do it, it ups the power.
It's called lesser magic.
I don't believe in it.
They do.
I'm like an anthropologist, a sociologist, a psychologist, a lay psychiatrist looking at crazy people with their magical thinking.
But this is the psychopathic behavior.
It's the mindset.
It's the criminology.
Every day, just today, Hillary, I love voodoo.
I want to use voodoo against my enemies.
Then we have that whole history of her.
You heard that here years ago that she's into voodoo.
Let's get Larry Nichols on today.
See if he'll answer the phone.
You heard it from countless others.
I've read it in the newspapers about her back when she was first lady.
I've talked to folks in Hollywood.
They say it's rampant.
The child molestation, the devil worship.
Hillary Clinton, I wanted to make voodoo dolls of reporters, lawmakers, and stick them with pins.
That's just part of her coming out.
And then gatekeeper of DC Society, Sally Quinn, comes out as an occultist.
She used hex to kill people.
And again, she believes she's killing people.
You and I, being normal people, we look at our
Thought leaders, our media and our culture overlords, the ruling class, oftentimes wonder how they can be so venal, dishonest, in pursuit of what they want.
And what most of... And what they most want of us all is control of our lives.
And it just goes on how they want to run our lives completely.
So again, we look at the ruling class and oftentimes wonder how they can be so venal, dishonest, in pursuit of what they want.
What they want most of all is control over our lives, over normal people.
Those of us who do not want to control anyone, we just want to be left alone.
Very, very powerful.
Very, very simple.
And so you see the devil worship news, the devil worship information.
Going from just being rumors, the child molestation, the pedophilia, the occult, from rumors to they're getting busted across the board.
So now they're trying to normalize it.
Yeah, we're devil worshippers.
Yeah, we like kids.
What you gonna do about it?
They're desperately trying to
Condition you through MTV and through Viacom and through sexualization of children and through tolerance training that the government gets to sexualize your five-year-old children and start telling them about sexual preferences and sexual acts.
Those are pre-acts of serious pedophilia.
Those are grooming and sexualization preparation.
And it's come out against the British royal family.
It's come out against the British and aristocracy of Europe as well.
It's come out that the BBC is just riddled.
And now it's breaking an elite pedophile ring supermarket's been discovered in Portugal.
That's why the globalists are obsessed with refugees and third world populations the UN can control.
Sir Edward Heath was a pedophile, says police chief.
Astonishing claim is made that the former PM is guilty of vile crimes covered up by the establishment.
Close quote.
And then you read this.
To put it bluntly, this is from the memoir.
We're now learning that the Queen of Camelot is an occultist, a witch of sorts, who honestly believes, according to her own memoir, that she murdered three innocent people.
And then it goes into how she killed them.
And this is just what they're putting in their memoirs.
Now why do you think back in 1987 they'd have somebody like Martin Sheen in a movie called The Believers come out and have a whole production about voodoo cults in New York City and voodoo cults in DC and voodoo cults in Chicago and voodoo cults running and controlling politics?
When we come back, I'll play the actual trailer for you.
Now, this is the one we had on screen.
No, that just adds up.
I found it back there on my computer or John back there can give it to you if you want to go ask him.
But continuing, ladies and gentlemen,
You have to understand who you're dealing with.
You want to be left alone.
You want to be wholesome.
You want to have a nice life.
You don't want to run people's life.
You're not a megalomaniac, narcissist, sociopath or psychopath or masochist who wants to hurt people.
And so you're blind to the fact that they organize themselves into positions of power and get into positions of power.
And that's why every civilization has histories and stories and legends
About how groups get together and become evil and become possessed and start doing horrible, vicious, evil things to people.
And how demon possession, a spirit comes in the world and takes control of people.
Whether you believe in the spirit world or not, there is a mass mental illness that develops in complex civilizations of people falling to an evil computer program.
Falling to psychopathic activity.
In ancient Greek cities, they would start having people go insane as well and start living in the catacombs or in the hills.
And a lot of times on weekends, they would have vampire hunting forays to go out and kill the crazy people.
Because the crazy people would grab you in the night, drag you into a cave, and drink your blood.
They had the same thing in Eastern Europe, the same thing in Western Europe, the same thing in Africa, the same thing in Mesoamerica.
Every culture had vampires.
They don't live forever.
They're not really Count Dracula, but they want to grab you or your child and suck your blood.
They want to torture you.
They want power over you.
And Hillary Clinton, and all the rest of the top Democrats, and that babbling idiot Pelosi, guaranteed you can watch her know, they're devil worshippers!
They're blood drinkers!
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We are back live, ladies and gentlemen.
So when I say Nancy Pelosi is one of these occultists, I know that she was friends with the lady that says she was a black magic witch and one of the top Democrats in DC and married to the guy that ran the Washington Post forever.
And when I say she's a blood drinker, I mean the fake wars they've launched, the Arab Spring, the abortions they support, the Planned Parenthood.
All of it.
Their actions supporting and covering up the sexualization of children in schools.
So if they're not physical devil worshippers that get down on their knees to the devil, they get down on their knees to almighty power and to corruption and to the system.
And it's time that we see through it and understand it and know why Hollywood and all the culture tells us what's going on up on top the castle at night.
They tell us through art and through literature so that when we actually speak up about the real thing, people think, oh, that's just entertainment.
That's just, that's just Count Dracula.
Just like they have GeoStorm coming out about weather modification and global weather control.
They admit it's going on, it's happening, so oh, now that the public's awakening, here's a big movie, so people say, oh, you just heard about that in a movie.
But if he's just joined us, top Democrats,
Gatekeeper of DC Society comes out as a cultist who believes that they killed three people using black magic.
That's the headline.
Hillary Clinton wanted to craft voodoo dolls of Congress and the media.
I have a clip of that.
We're going to play here in a moment.
And then we have the trailer to the 1987 film Believers.
With Martin Sheen.
And no, I'm not saying Martin Sheen's into voodoo.
He's into yoga and is a Buddhist.
I know him.
The point is, is that this is just all part of art imitating life, or life imitating art.
There's this submerged system of occultism and pedophilia.
Here's another one.
Seattle Mayor Ed Murray resigns after fifth child sex abuse allegation.
Senator Menendez is in trouble for it.
It's everywhere, every day.
And now we've just gotten used to it where it comes out and then nothing's done.
Here's Hillary Clinton dreaming of voodoo dolls.
It was like quicksand.
The more you struggle, the deeper you sink.
At times, I thought I must be going crazy.
Other times, I was sure it was the world that had gone nuts.
Sometimes, I snapped at my staff.
I was tempted to make voodoo dolls of certain members of the press and Congress and stick them full of pins.
Mostly, I was furious at myself.
There you go.
Let's play the trailer for the 1987 film, The Believers.
Here it is.
Coming from Orion Pictures.
More than anything else, Cal Jameson wants to leave the horror of his old life behind.
Now in his new life, he's about to discover that the real horror is just beginning.
Don't you come any closer!
You see what they did to the kid in here?
You said you found a body on an altar with a lot of religious paraphernalia, right?
A religion as old as time.
One life for me to discount.
Versus an unimaginable force for evil.
This ritual's being performed now.
One life is all he has.
The power you can't imagine.
Want them to know who you are?
Do you?
What have they done to you, Sean?
I can't move.
No one can help you.
I got my shield!
Don't you get it?
You looked into his eyes and you both saw the power of the man who killed them.
They know who you are.
Chris was chosen, Cal.
When he found the show, it was a sign.
All right, so the film is there's a nationwide network of
Devil worshippers practicing voodoo, taking over political systems.
And when you study Barack Obama and his wife, when you study the Clintons, they all go to voodoo shaman.
They have honeymoons on Haiti.
They're constantly around it.
It's in all the literature.
Tony Blair does voodoo rituals.
Francois Mitterrand.
It's all there.
And then they write memoirs saying, we kill people with this stuff.
We're talking leaders in D.C.
Now, they're totally insane.
That's certainly for certain.
These people are dangerous, they're scum, and they're everywhere.
We gotta call their bluff.
And just like if the clown have no fear of them, that breaks their will and their father, the devil's will, with the name Jesus Christ.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
James Madison, the father of the Bill of Rights, wrote, Where an excess of power prevails, property of no sort is duly respected.
No man is safe in his opinions, in his person, in his faculties, or in his possessions.
Is there any question that we have an excess of power in Washington?
The only question is, how do we contain it?
And how do we remove that power from Washington to our local communities to the individual?
That is the ultimate concern.
The concentration of power, the excess of power, was always the chief concern of the founders of this country.
It was why the Anti-Federalists opposed the Constitution.
They believed they put safeguards in the Constitution to abuse that concentration of power, but as James Madison also pointed out, knowledge will forever govern ignorance.
People who mean to be their own governors must arm themselves with the power that knowledge gives.
Arm yourself with the information of what your rulers are doing, of what the real constraints upon them are.
Only then will you have the courage to nullify their actions.
For Infowars.com, I'm David Knight.
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But it is fascinating.
I mean, lasers?
To change the weather?
Well, instead of doing a rain dance, we physicists are firing trillion-watt lasers into the sky to actually precipitate rain clouds and actually bring down lightning bolts.
That's right.
Even in the 60s, the CIA used this to bring down monsoons during the Vietnam War to wash out the Viet Cong.
Was alleged to.
Alleged to.
These clouds were located up in the southern part of North Vietnam and would need to make rain down on the Ho Chi Minh Trail, Highway 1.
Alleged to, right?
Alleged to.
Alleged to.
My name is Ben Livingston.
I'm the first person to ever see a cloud with the intention to cause it to do military damage.
It's also what happens when you listen to the radio host Alex Jones.
Move bitch!
Get out the way!
Infowars helped fuel the rumor that President Obama is an ISIS supporter.
It's been a cozy relationship from the beginning.
I will not let you down.
You'll be very, very impressed, I hope.
And I think we'll be speaking a lot.
Donald Trump and Alex Jones.
This means that Donald Trump will be the 45th President of the United States.
Waging war on corruption.
It's Alex Jones!
All right, I want to open the phones up throughout the broadcast today as we intersperse a lot of key news and information.
But where do you think we go from here?
Now that every day another senator or another mayor of a major city or another major Hollywood person has to step down or is indicted for molesting children and trafficking in children.
And then what do you make of all these top Democrats coming out and saying, yeah, we do satanic rituals.
Yeah, we do voodoo.
Yeah, we kill people.
You just joined us, gatekeeper of DC Society, Sally Quinn, comes out as an occultist, says she uses hexes to kill three people.
And to show how crazy she is, she didn't like what an astrologer told her, so she says that she killed the astrologer.
Now, whether she's completely insane, really did have her physically poisoned or killed, or the woman just died of natural causes, it shows how completely disconnected from reality these insane people are.
And how they all get together to the point where somebody like Dianne Feinstein gets up on television and says, if you're a Catholic,
You can't be trusted to be a federal judge because of your extreme dogma.
They're so disconnected that the Christians are who have to be banned.
They're the bad ones, not them, not the occultists.
And then Hillary Clinton wanted to craft voodoo dolls of Congress and the media.
That story's up on InfoWars.com.
Clinton linked to satanic rituals involving kidnapped children and Marina Abramovich.
What were they going to do back in November of last year when that broke?
That was in New York.
That was in the emails.
Oh, make it about a pizza place.
Because the code words were about pizza.
So you just pick a pizza place.
You focus on that, a pizza place that has fundraisers, so you can have a bunch of names involved, so folks take the bait, and then make all satanism and all kidnapping and all pedophilia about that.
So if I say, oh, the mayor of Seattle just stepped down over a fifth sex abuse report of a small child,
How dare I say Hillary's killing people in a pizza place?
Because there's no such thing as pedophilia.
Even though this is in the Seattle Times, Seattle Mayor Ed Murray resigns after fifth child sex abuse allegation.
They're not going to be able to brand everything on the pizza gate and then claim that there's no such thing and it's all a Salem witch trial, there's no such thing as devil worshippers, there's no such thing as Satanism, when it's rampant!
And just look at these people.
So I want to get your take on that.
Here's the toll-free number for you to join us.
The websites are Infowars.com and Newswars.com and, of course, PrisonPlanet.com.
Now let me get into some of the other huge news we've got here.
And you're welcome to talk about any topic you want, but I'd like people to comment on the occult, on the pedophilia, on just why have we allowed these people to get in place everywhere, and why are they more and more bragging about it out in the open?
Because they're getting busted, so they're trying to act confident and normalize it.
That's why.
First-time callers also are welcome.
Now why are they mad at Trump?
Because he's not a devil worshipper or pedophile.
Seriously, he's not in the club.
It's a big club and you ain't in it.
White House fuels optimism amongst US manufacturers as manufacturing surges.
Just 36,000 new jobs in manufacturing in August alone.
Since August.
Continuing, U.S.
middle class incomes reached highest ever level in 2016.
Census Bureau, highest middle class ever.
Bouncing back.
Now a lot of that's inflation, but at least the number's up from what it was in the last decade.
We've been in a 10-year recession.
Obamacare's out-of-pocket cost for specialty drugs increases 16% in one year.
Hillary should be prosecuted over destroyed evidence, says Judge Napolitano.
Rasmussen poll.
More than half say Clinton should retire.
White House.
Justice Department should look into prosecuting Comey for leaking classified info.
He did it, cut and dry, and lied to Congress before saying he'd not been involved in leaks and we knew now the date he had been leaking.
He is a liar.
More Americans have a gun in the home than ever before.
Good news.
Senator says on the Equifax hack, somebody needs to go to jail.
The U.S.
That's just some of the news on that front.
You know, I remember seeing Illinois, California, Wisconsin, and a bunch of other states try to pass or pass laws that got to their governor's desk last year to let all illegal aliens, not just naturalized folks, vote.
And here it is, from Fox 5 DC, reporting it like it's a good thing.
College Park to allow non-U.S.
citizens the right to vote in local elections.
Think about that.
College Park to allow non-U.S.
citizens the right to vote in local elections.
We have the video of the vote.
They voted.
To do something no country's ever done in the history of the world.
Take people, it says, fresh off a boat, fresh over the border.
They joined six other towns.
See, it's already spreading.
Just in that state, allowing illegal permanent residents and undocumented immigrants, that's illegal aliens, to vote in municipal elections.
They've had bills passed in California and passed in Illinois that get to the governor's desk, but it's so illegal and creates such a constitutional crisis that they have never signed them.
But now, in Maryland, that seven towns, seven towns,
That illegal aliens can just show up to with not even a real ID.
So that means they can go around in the names of dead people.
The Democrats line them up.
They load them on buses.
We have three Democratic officials on video.
High-level ones nationally.
We have the head of the New York elections who's a good guy saying it's all fraud.
It should be stopped.
He was removed.
All the people engaged in fraud, admittedly, they weren't removed.
They were promoted.
And they give somebody on average ten names of dead people who are on the voting rolls who've died, they call the numbers out of the obituary, they index it with people on the voter roll, and they drive you around?
And your name could be Hans Christensen!
And it's somebody from Mexico, or somebody from China, just walking up, no ID needed, in these Democrat states, and you vote.
Total organized fraud, organized crime, and then the average Democratic constituent knows that, and thinks they're fighting for some socialist utopia, and by getting illegals to vote, they're gonna get power, and then take all the rich people's money, when it's the ultra-rich that engineered this to destroy the middle class, and implode the country, and bring in a police state.
So they're using our openness to do this, and it's totally criminal, and it's why we've got to have voter rules in all the country, and we've got to have state laws saying you can... Well, I think there already are state laws.
The state laws already say who can vote.
In fact, there are state laws on voting.
And it's the federal constitution as well.
It's citizens.
Eighteen years of age, you're up!
If you've got a dishonorable discharge, you can't vote, or own a gun if you're a felon.
But illegal aliens, they can vote.
Most areas, felons can vote.
I'm all for it.
I think once you've served your time, you should be able to whatever.
I think felons should be able to have guns.
Because they're gonna have guns anyways, and if they've righted themselves, they have a right to defend themselves.
We let felons have guns about 50 years ago, but I'm digressing.
I see these articles all the time, where with a straight face, they're like, they deserve to vote.
So San Francisco's voted to let illegals vote.
They'll call them undocumented migrants.
Remember, they were called illegal aliens until just about five years ago.
But then the media said, the word is undocumented migrants and you'll use that word.
And we all dutifully use that word.
And then that comes into the nomenclature.
And don't use the word mother and father or boy or girl.
You're all purple penguins now!
And we've got all the little books for the five-year-olds about Heather has two mommies, and Daddy has a friend that comes over and lives, and, well, Daddy turned into a girl, or Mommy turned into a boy, so we can brutalize and sexually abuse the minds of little children, trying to screw them up as hard as we can!
And Salon and everybody else says pedophilia's good!
That way, the mayor of San Francisco or the mayor of whatever other city ends up getting in trouble, the mayor of Seattle who just stepped down, they won't have to step down.
Hell, you can take your little five-year-olds into him!
He can maybe take them out on dates at night.
You can dress your son up, get some little knickers for him, take them on in to the mayor.
Hell, dress your son up like a little girl!
Bring them in to him!
Maybe put some clown makeup on the mayor.
Maybe dress him up like it's the clown.
That'll make it more fun for your child.
After all, it's just tolerance!
And then the real way they're hurting your kids is the vaccines.
Yes, I know you can learn immunity from a vaccine, but they have vaccine damage immunity since the 80s.
Tens of billions have been paid out secretly to damage children.
The inserts say they can kill you or give you type 1 diabetes or cause narcolepsy or cause all sorts of neurological disorders, cancer, liver failure, leukemia.
It all says it on the inserts, but they never want to give you the inserts.
They just say, safe and effective, it's for your baby.
And the doctors, they don't want to take the vaccines.
They're all dodging them.
They know how dangerous they are, what it does to them and their nurses.
They're some of the most unvaccinated groups out there.
They falsify the reports for each other.
But when you come in, they intimidate you for the big guild, big pharma, and tell you, it's the law.
And if you say, no, it's not the law, they say, you're right, it's not the law, but I choose not to give you service.
I choose not to render care.
You take your son, your daughter, your baby, you take them and you leave.
Because you're endangering everybody else.
If you take the flu shot, or the hepatitis shot, and it protects you from it, why should I have to take it if you're protected?
The truth is, hepatitis and all these diseases are way up.
All the major measles, mumps, rubella, and shingles breakouts, it turns out, are from the vaccines.
And they know full well.
And the average doctor knows full well.
After they pressure you at the hospital to give your kid a vaccine, the nurses say, you know, we don't give them either.
And we've had nurses on whistleblowing.
It's been in the news.
We're in the preemie ward.
It just started again about six years ago.
Six years ago they changed the federal regulations, it's not a law, and said everyone, including pregnant women, need a flu shot, even though they know it massively increases miscarriage via autoimmune response.
But what they tell the doctors, and what they push on them,
Is your part of a scientific elite, and we know these vaccines are damaging people, but overall they help greater than they hurt, so it's up to you as a practitioner of this new twisted Hippocratic Oath to go out and do it.
But here's an example.
They tell you it's safe and effective, no side effects to your face.
They'll give you an information sheet that says, oh, there every once in a while there's a few problems.
If you go out and look for the inserts online, they have watered down ones that say, very rare, will you get narcolepsy or cancer.
Those aren't the inserts.
We have a file in there that shows the real inserts, where it says the hundreds of things it can and will do to you, and then everyone knows, family members and others, that have gotten sick.
And gotten hurt from the vaccines.
Oh look, moderate problems.
Seizures, non-stop crying, high fever, brain damage, serious allergic reactions, long-term seizures, coma, or lowered consciousness.
Oh, wonder why they don't give you shots.
Permanent brain damage.
Now, that's not an actual insert.
What they found is some whitewash where they put, information is based on the D-P-A-P-V-I-S.
No, you get it from the insert.
Whatever the crew just found.
We have an old file, actually.
Rob Dew has it.
Please get that.
I'll just cover it next segment, since we got into this.
I'll show you the actual insert.
That the MMR shot and others cause a autoimmune response in the brain and in the pancreas and that many times the pancreas then fails.
Then they put your kid on drugs, the pancreas sometimes comes back.
They put your child on drugs and the pancreas is wiped out permanently!
And they've got extra tents all set up knowing full well what they're doing.
Yeah, see, what they did was put out a whitewash article we just showed that said, oh, it's very rare.
But they said it's based on this.
Then they show the CDC whitewash paper.
But what you've got to read is, and that's bad enough, what you've got to read is the actual pharma insert that comes with the injection vial.
The actual vial.
Yes, here they are.
They just ran them into me.
These are the little papers.
that come with it, in the vaccines, that show you what it actually does.
When we come back, I'll show you.
These are the ones that show how it can kill you, all the things, and it doesn't say it's rare.
No, no, no.
This is what it actually says.
You see, they have levels of BS, hoping as you dig, you don't actually, legally, they're trying to pass a law where they don't have to do this, still tell you, this is probably gonna really hurt you really bad.
Oh, this Gardasil shot might sterilize you.
And remember, the doctors will sit there with a straight face because they've got $200,000 of bills to pay from school.
They went through internship, went through all this brainwashing.
They have got to sit there and tell you safe and effective and lie to you and bully you.
But if you ask for the insert...
And you tell them you want them to sign a form saying they'll pay for liability if your kid gets hurt?
They'll go ahead and leave you alone!
And not even make you take the shot.
There is no law.
You do not take the shot.
And this is a way to brain damage your children.
It's in government documents.
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That's LibertyOnCall.org.
You know what I'm gonna do?
I'm going to do an entire special report I'm going to shoot this afternoon that I'm going to air on the broadcast tomorrow because when I get into vaccines and the fraud and the fact that they know that they're involved in social engineering with them and the fact that doctors know and are told these vaccines will kill certain numbers of children, they will cause brain damage, but the greater good for herd immunity will be served.
And so you've got to triage and realize that you're going to have children collapse in your hospitals, in your clinics, and that you've got to have a way to respond to that.
And when it is serious enough or they die, you then fill out a form and give it to the federal government because then there's a secret court that carries out the adjudication of it and the payment of millions of dollars per family to the children.
And then vaccine makers have total immunity to be able to hurt and maim as many people as they want.
And Bayer, knowingly, for a decade, sent out millions of ampules of Factor VIII blood product that had HIV and hepatitis in it, killing hundreds of thousands of people!
But why I got mad earlier is the crew's amazing.
They hear me talking about something.
This isn't scripted.
They just search engine it and, of course, always find what I'm saying.
But they found, document cam please,
The Walgreens insert online and the CDC fact sheets.
You see all these BS sheets?
These will tell you, yeah, it can make you die or give you cancer, cause narcolepsy or epilepsy or pancreatitis that then leads to type 1 diabetes.
Okay, they admit it all there.
But they say, I don't really worry, it's rare.
No, it isn't.
Under law, what you want to read is what comes in the actual injection bottle.
Where they may give 20 vaccines out of one bottle.
They don't want to give you these.
I've grown up around medical management.
My dad's managed hospitals, clinics, you name it.
I grew up around this stuff.
It's how I know.
This, this is thrown in the trash.
These come, it's Bible page thick material.
And baby, I've got like 15 of them here.
I've got them all.
Let's just randomly pick one right here that I see highlighted.
This is a measles, mumps, rubella vaccine put out by Merck & Co.
Here, let's just start reading.
Line one.
It may cause vasculitis, digestive system, pancreatitis, that's shut down the pancreas, diarrhea, vomiting.
Ketosis, nausea, endocrine system shutdown, diabetes shutdown, hematic, lymphatics.
I mean, the doctors all went to medical school.
They, listen, my dad was told all this.
That's why they always held back and didn't want to give more vaccines.
I worked for a large animal vet off and on for three years.
He'd call people in and say, listen, don't give your dog a...
Rabies shot every year.
It's very toxic.
They don't need these other shots.
They only need it once every seven, eight years.
Because he knew the animals, he was a large animal vet, but he also did small animals, were getting sick from the vaccines.
And right around the time that I went to college and didn't work for a vet anymore, they changed the state regulations where they didn't say vaccinate dogs every year.
But they had it where your dog or cat comes in,
And to get care, they go, oh, it's time for Kitty's shot.
Then you wonder why, oh, what's wrong with Kitty?
Oh, he's got kitty AIDS.
His autoimmunity's gone.
We don't know.
Lots of kitties are dying.
Most of the doggies are dying.
They got allergies.
Their hair's falling out.
Because it's what's in the vaccines.
The government's been caught putting syphilis in vaccines.
Why would you trust anything they do?
And the doctors and the government know it's killing you.
They admit it in the inserts.
It's a fact.
You are listening to GCN.
Visit GCNlive.com today.
As most of you already know, I am a voracious consumer of news and information.
And in the last four or five years, doing more and more research, I came across the fact that the elite establishment is fully aware of the fact that our ancient ancestors, in many cases,
I think?
We're good.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
Live from Austin, Texas, broadcasting worldwide, it's Alex Jones.
Okay, coming up, we've got huge news on the economy.
We've got news that pot smokers should know.
Beware, killer pesticides and poison are in many of the crops.
So whether you love marijuana or hate it, you need to hear this information from John Rapoport at InfoWars.com.
We've got Russia fires Yars ICBM at test range, 6,000 kilometers away.
Successfully, that's a mobile missile.
We have just got so much on the Juan Brothers breaking.
We've got more articles just out today.
I didn't even see this one.
Washington Post.
They find a link between flu vaccine and miscarriage.
Well doctors always, the inserts always said don't take it.
If you're pregnant it causes an autoimmune response and miscarriage.
That's just such, it's so sick.
But they commit crimes too big to fail.
They commit crimes that are so insanely big
That no one gets in trouble.
And it's not being done by accident.
If you just joined us, Hillary admits to loving to practice voodoo.
Her top Democrat friends, give me the Wikipedia on these guys, former head of the Washington Post, his wife, said that they engage in satanic rituals, including killing people.
Gatekeeper of D.C.
That's the headline.
Society, Sally Quinn comes out as a cultist, uses hex to kill people.
That's Breitbart.
That's not Alex Jones.
Seattle Mayor Ed Murray resigns after fifth child sex abuse report.
He just looks like John Wayne Gacy.
I mean, it literally is John Wayne Gacy.
I don't know why they always look... It is Hastert!
John Wayne Gacy!
Poll free number to join us.
I didn't say first-time callers at first, but I want to get some first-time callers in, so when you hear these callers hang up, we'll give first-time callers a chance at 800-259-9231.
What do we do about it?
What do we do?
We realize the people that want to sexualize our kids, the people that want sex education for five-year-olds, that includes teaching them how to be transgender or whatever, that is 100% using an issue of tolerance to get parents to accept strangers sexualizing your children.
It is pedophile prepping and sexualization of children, period!
So you don't put up with it, period!
And you break with Hollywood, and you break with it all.
Hollywood seeing record low box offices.
The whole liberal system's falling apart.
Nancy Pelosi can hardly talk, she's so senile.
I saw a report on Drudge this morning about her unable to say words, and I thought, oh, that must be yesterday's news.
She did it again!
Every day!
She's making up new words and babbling and acting like an insane harpy.
So that's coming up in the next segment, and I'm going to your phone calls.
Infowars.com, Newswars.com.
Nick, Jason, David, Woody, Justin.
But I'm going to wait to go to your calls when we come back, and I'm going to, as judiciously as I can,
Get to the latest.
Awan secret server compromises national security.
That whole thing's unraveling now beautifully.
Nancy Pelosi repeatedly slurves, flubs the name of Hamilton playwright.
And then that was yesterday.
The day before, she said that Nancy Pelosi orders LGBT group to clap for Obama, says stop bullying, not bullying, but bullying the youth.
And of course, it's like 15 times I know of that she's said her more.
Well, George W. Bush, you know, is funded by the Russians and he's a horrible person.
We need to look at impeaching him.
They're like grabbing her dress going, man, it's, it's, it's President Trump.
I mean, I mean, Trump.
This is their leadership.
And then you've got her, one of her best buddies, this doddering Democrat loon over here.
Sally Quinn, Hillary Clinton's best buddy.
I've seen video of Sally Quinn and Nancy Pelosi together.
Can we get this black magic witch in photographs and videos with old Pelosi?
Remember Pelosi said she never met with a Russian ambassador when Senator Sessions had met with him three times in a year.
She met with him 30 plus times.
It was photos and video.
Let's get photos of her with the black magic witch.
Joe Biggs here with Infowars.com with some patriotic quotes by Ron Paul.
The most basic principle to being a free American is the notion that we as individuals are responsible for our own lives and decisions.
We do not have the right to rob our neighbors to make up for our own mistakes.
Neither does our neighbor have any right to tell us how to live, so long as we aren't infringing on their rights.
Freedom to make bad decisions is inherent in the freedom to make good ones.
If we are only free to make good decisions, then we are not really free.
Liberty is lost through complacency and a subservient mindset when we accept or even welcome automobile checkpoints.
Random searches, mandatory identification cards, and paramilitary police in our streets.
We have lost a vital part of our American heritage.
America was born of protests, revolution, and mistrust of government.
Subservient societies neither maintain nor deserve freedom for long.
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If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
It's Alex Jones.
Debbie Wasserman Schultz is about to know the true meaning of consequences.
With the permission of, through the investigation, we'll return equipment.
But until that's accomplished, I can't return equipment.
I think you're violating the rules when you conduct your business that way.
And to expect that there would be consequences.
Shultz's former IT staffer Imran Awan and Awan's wife Hina may have already been offered an immunity deal from federal prosecutors that will allow the Awans to go into detail regarding exactly what Wasserman Shultz is desperately hiding.
The fact that this wife is coming back from Pakistan and is willing to face charges as it were, I think there's a good chance
That she's going to receive some type of immunity to tell a larger story here that's going to be pretty disturbing to the American people.
And it's always ironic to me that when you see these kinds of things happen, where you have someone that has nefarious or certainly not the best interests of America within the IT system of the United States Congress, and they're being paid by a member of Congress, it's really pretty
Pretty frightening.
I mean, it's... And the former head of the Democratic National Committee, we might point out, who was forced out in disgrace.
Enough of the plot gets even stranger from there.
A new report by Luke Rosiak of the Daily Caller News Foundation reveals that Awan actually had a second account with Axios.
We're good to go.
Luke Rosiak of the Daily Caller reported now indicted former congressional IT aide Imran Awan allegedly routed data from numerous House Democrats to a secret server.
Awan had access to all emails and office computer files of 45 members of Congress.
The fear among members that Awan could release embarrassing information if they cooperated with prosecutors could explain why the Democrats have refused
I think so.
The Awans and Imran's brothers, Abid and Jamal, collectively earned at least $4 million as IT staff for the Democrats from 2009 to 2017, each earning $160,000 a year for what many deemed as no-show work.
The Awans would return to Pakistan for months at a time and continue to be paid.
Capitol Police revoked the Awans' access to the congressional IT system due to a major breach of data, including the files and emails of dozens of congressmen
Many serving on the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence and the House Committee on Foreign Affairs.
Access requiring security clearances that were likely forged.
Wasserman Schultz and other Democrats have accused the Capitol Police of being motivated by Islamophobia.
But the AWANs are rightfully being investigated over charges of tax fraud.
Bankruptcy fraud, insurance fraud, and extortion.
In fact, the A1s dug a hole so deep with fraud they will have to spill everything regarding former DNC Chair Schultz and the other Democrats involved in the criminal fleecing and breach of national security of American taxpayers.
John Bowne reporting for InfoWars.com.
Now I'm going to your phone calls live here in the second hour and just a few minutes.
But I want to get to a few of the latest clips of Nancy Pelosi where she's completely out of her mind.
Pelosi spoke for less than six minutes for prepared text but couldn't get through her remarks without repeatedly slurring and flubbing the name of liberal playwright being honored by the U.S.
Capitol Historical Society.
Lin-Manuel Miranda, the author of the hit Broadway musical Hamilton,
And look, that happens to everybody every once in a while.
But she's doing it every time she speaks.
There's another clip from yesterday.
Where Nancy Pelosi orders the LGBT group to clap for Obama, says stop bulleting of youth.
It's bullying, lady!
And in at least 15 cases, because we've got a video that's got them all together, in the last year, she's called candidate Trump, and now President Trump, President George Bush.
And W. And they start pulling her arm, and she still keeps saying it.
And then the only person more crazy is Maxine Waters.
Again, she says stuff like, well Aleppo in North Korea and Putin with Trump in Korea, they attack Korea, the Putin, and then the only person crazier I guess than that is Congressman Hank Johnson, who literally thinks that Guam is a floating island.
He doesn't know that
Islands are mountains sticking up above the ocean, or the lake, or the river.
So, this is who the globalists have put in charge.
Believe me, the people running things above them that have the bills written, they know full well what they're doing.
But the constituency of the Democrats is mirrored by their leadership.
Now, what's scarier than that is the psychopaths like
Paul Ryan, who's real slick and real smart, and who I guarantee you, he likes American Psycho, let me tell you.
He'd like to mount your head on the wall.
He's got the look.
I'm not saying he physically carries that out, but he's got the slick, together, ha ha ha, ha ha ha, you need to trust me, and his actions show he's a liar, and a globalist.
But, he's competent and evil.
And they're propping up the Democrats right now against America and the populist movement.
And Trump's attempt to cut taxes and turn the economy around.
But just the belief it's coming has White House fueling optimism among manufacturers, record new jobs, AP reports.
Here's another one, Washington Post, U.S.
middle class incomes reached highest level in 2016.
We get the numbers a few months later.
Let's go ahead now, ladies and gentlemen.
And let's play the latest clip of Pelosi last night.
Here it is.
Okay, so here we are.
Lin-Manuel Miranda.
Lin-Manuel Miranda is the great creative talent.
Lin-Manuel Miranda took the story of our founding and imbued it with a fresh life and infectious spirit.
Lin-Manuel is continuing.
Lin-Manuel, I am truly, truly convinced.
We celebrate Lin-Manuel Miranda, a man gifted by the muse of history.
Thank you, Lin-Manuel.
Thank you, Lin-Manuel.
She's even laughing at herself.
Oh my gosh!
You're nuts!
Oh my gosh!
That is dementia!
And I'm almost crying because my grandmother until about 92 was still always there.
But then she lost a bunch of weight, looked like a concentration camp victim.
Barely beat a stomach infection she had and got down to where she looked like people you've seen in the concentration camp movies.
I mean, the actual footage.
I mean, she was almost that skinny.
It was crazy.
And she kind of bounced back, gained a few pounds, and then died quietly in the night.
Her heart just stopped working.
She went home to Jesus, thank God.
I'm not glad she died, but thank God she went home to Jesus.
She's out of the pain.
But she would, when I'd go over there to feed her, because we put her in a little
medical care place that was about 400 yards from my office so I could go over there every day.
She's only in there a few months until she died.
We put some weight back on her, but I had to physically feed her to make her eat.
She'd given up, pretty much, because she'd had cancer, breast cancer, for seven years and didn't want it operated on because her other breasts had been removed.
So she had cancer all over her body, too.
She was tough as hell.
But she would do that thing where I'd be talking to her and she'd be there, and all of a sudden she'd just disappear, get blurred eyes, and start going, laughing, just like Pelosi did.
So as much as I dislike Pelosi,
The footage we just showed of your radio listeners on InfoWars.com, it's on NewsWars.com, it's up on DrugsReport.com as well.
It's very, very painful.
But it shows how the elite are so arrogant that they have a woman with clear, clear dementia.
And it comes and goes.
That almost crying laugh, that is exactly what my grandmother looked like.
And I've had other family members that, you know, you go visit that are
Very senile.
Let's play it one more time.
But again, they say she's the leadership they need.
This is who they have in there.
Let's roll it again.
Okay, so here we are.
Lin Manuel.
Lin Manuel Miranda.
Lin-Manuel Miranda is the great creative talent.
Lin-Manuel Miranda took the story of our founding and imbued it with a fresh life and infectious spirit.
Lin-Manuel is continuing.
Lin-Manuel, I am truly, truly convinced we celebrate Lin-Manuel Miranda, a man gifted by the muse of history.
Thank you, Lin-Manuel.
Thank you, Lin-Manuel, my darling.
Thank you.
Now, here's the sad part at the end.
Just look at that.
I mean, that is...
Can we back that up and just slow it down, slow the audio down too, maybe five times?
Anybody that's seen a family member who's got a brain tumor or is completely senile with Alzheimer's, you've seen that and it's very painful.
In fact, my grandmother's husband, my grandfather, was only senile about the last six months.
He had multiple strokes and he would do that exact same thing and beg me not to leave the nursing home.
And he would just cry and cry and grab my hand.
And I'd go spend two hours there, but it was just soul draining to be around it.
But imagine, that is the Democratic leader of the House of Representatives making a full-on dementia Alzheimer's face.
Let's play the audio.
Here it is.
She's so scared.
She knows she's losing her mind.
Oh, this is sad, actually.
Wow, she is so freaked out and so scared.
By the way, I'm not feigning being sad.
I'm actually really sad right now.
Oh my gosh.
This is haunting.
This is like a horror movie.
Just look at it.
She's sick of the crowd.
She's sick of the power.
She's at the end of the line.
You know, I had a lot of family here in Texas back when LBJ was president.
And I've still got even more friends who were alive then.
And I've got some friends that are related very closely to the LBJs.
And they had a business that the president would come into because he was a big horseman.
And they sold saddles and cowboy boots.
It's a famous facility.
It's moved from downtown to North Austin.
And the point is, is that he came in about a month before he died.
And they said the president, his cousin said the president, he said, uh, who was another big old mean, tough, smart guy said,
Is it true you're sad for the war and you're hanging around all these hippies and smoking dope and doing all this stuff and that you're sad for what you did and everything?
LBJ had grown his hair out.
He'd had heart attacks.
He goes, absolutely right.
I just want my soul back.
I'm so scared.
I wanted to be the boss.
I wanted power.
I ended up running the country, being the president.
All the elites worked for me, everything.
I've heard the story from the people that actually heard it, because other folks were there, and then people that heard it secondhand.
I've heard the story twice.
And he said, I'm scared now.
And I don't know how long I'm going to be alive.
And about a month later, he died of a heart attack in the air, being flown from his ranch outside Austin to San Antonio Medical Center, Fort Sam Houston.
And so many of these people gain the whole world, but lose their soul.
In fact, I'm not going to tell any more stories about LBJ.
I'm going to stop right there, because I've got family stories, too.
I mean, he had a whole squad of hitmen, even when he was in the Congress.
He just went around killing people.
Everybody was scared of him.
But... He didn't lose his mind before he died.
His heart had gone out, and he was scared.
All the stuff he'd done.
He was real sad about all the GIs that had gotten killed.
He wasn't doing it for PR purposes.
And you look at somebody like Nancy Pelosi in that ghostly footage.
The headline isn't that she bumbled over the name four times.
Lin-Manuel Miranda.
That's what she's trying to say.
Lin-Manuel Miranda.
You watch the whole speech.
I watched a larger clip of this morning.
And she is just whacked out of her brain.
That's how dementia works.
It's in, it's out.
It's in, it's out.
It's like waves.
You're sitting there talking to your grandmother.
One day she's fine.
Next day, she's talking to her dead brother in the room and doesn't even see you.
Same thing with Pelosi.
And again, the recklessness of them with McCain stumbling around with a terminal brain tumor.
He can hardly talk.
She can hardly talk.
Look at the wages of death!
Let's play the clip one more time.
Okay, so here we are.
Lin-Manuel Miranda.
Lin-Manuel Miranda is the great creative talent.
Lin-Manuel Miranda took the story of our founding and imbued it with a fresh life and infectious spirit.
Lin-Manuel, I am truly, truly convinced we celebrate Lin-Manuel Miranda, a man gifted by the muse of history.
Thank you, Lin-Manuel.
Thank you, Lin-Manuel.
Now, let's go to yesterday.
Columbia Green Light speech.
We've got Mike Service coming up there, they're trying to ban him from that speech, show all the great free speech going on in this country.
Here's Nancy Pelosi, orders LGBT group to clap for Obama, says stop the bulleting of youth.
There it is.
Our city is blessed with a large LGBTQ community and a strong history of legacy of advocacy for equal rights.
And we were very proud of the repeal of Don't Ask, Don't Tell.
And President Obama was so very much a part of that.
Now, let's hear it for President Obama.
That's an applause line.
I'll tell you when it's an applause line if we're not kind of in sync.
And now we're fighting for something called the Equality Act, a historic comprehensive bill, and I will continue to do everything in our power to end discrimination in the workplace and in every other aspect of life that ensures that all American families are viewed equally in the eyes of the law.
That's an applause line.
Keep telling folks to applause.
And stop the bullying of the LGBT community youth in our schools and in our society.
Stop the bullying of our kids.
Innovation must be about inclusion.
That's what Sam's about.
Sam Altman, alright, pause line.
That's enough.
By the way, inclusion, really?
You're bullying while you want to pass, because if anyone's feelings are hurt, that person's arrested or banned, but then only the protected groups have this new royalty to run around having everybody get in trouble.
And this is a report here we've got, where Mike Cernovich, they're trying to ban him from speaking at a major university, he's going to join us coming up.
Shane, quote, we don't let hate mongers and white supremacists speak.
Well, A, he's not a hate monger or white supremacist, but B, you're reading the quotes by the people.
What they mean is we don't let free speech happen.
We want to ban free speech.
We're in control of free speech.
So that's all coming up.
Right now, though, I covered mainstream news earlier.
Hillary Clinton, I wanted to make voodoo dolls of reporters, lawmakers, stick them with pens, and one of her good friends, her and Nancy Pelosi's good friends, they go to their parties and her husband's funeral.
Here it is right here in the Washington Post, celebrating Ben Bradley's life and times.
There's Nancy Pelosi.
Right there in the story, celebrating the life and times at the wake for her husband.
And her and her husband reportedly killed people.
Here's the headline.
Gatekeeper of DC Society, Sally Quinn, comes out as an occultist, says she used hexes with her husband to kill people.
If she didn't like the astrology thing that you gave her, the reading, she says she'd have you killed.
Whatever that means.
And that's Hillary and Pelosi's big, big buddy.
But meanwhile, Seattle Mayor Ed Murray resigns after fifth child sex abuse allegation.
Boy, my surprise!
We got the audio of Hillary talking about voodoo coming up.
But right now, who's been holding the longest?
Is it Nick?
Is it Jason?
Is it Woody?
Is it Steve?
Is it Justin?
I believe it's Nick in North Carolina.
Nick, you're on the air.
Yeah, can you hear me, brother?
I can, sir.
Go ahead.
Hey, thanks man.
I just wanted to talk a little bit about the LGBT and political correctness.
I've been in active duty Army for almost 18, almost going on 18 years, and I want to say within like the past six years or so, give or take, plus or minus one, but in the military alone, political correctness has taken a complete right turn.
Where, um, it almost went from night to day.
It almost seemed, uh, as if all of a sudden, um, you couldn't say certain things or you couldn't, uh, you couldn't write certain things.
I'm not saying racist or sexual things, but just because I'm in an infantry unit, I've been an infantryman my whole career.
And it blew me away, uh, as far as how, um, higher ups, at least within the military were so scared.
Oh, okay.
You can't do certain things.
Well, that's because it's a larger agenda.
Once they get you to accept that, then you'll accept anything including sexualization of children.
It's social engineering, and the whole thing is hidden by the national security state, which is the definition of the occult, which means hidden.
Nick, did you want to comment on the occult and top Democrats admitting they're into black magic?
Do you want to comment on that?
Uh, yes.
I know... We're going to come back.
Stay with us.
We're on the march, the Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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We are on the march.
The Empire is on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
So from California to Maryland,
Major towns and cities are voting to let illegal aliens vote.
Without IDs.
So citizens don't need IDs.
Illegals don't either.
Just take and vote over and over again.
Conservatives won't engage in fraud, so they're going to be in trouble.
College Park to allow non-citizens the right to vote in local elections, including undocumented immigrants.
That means illegal aliens to vote in municipal elections.
This is globalism.
But you can't go to their countries and vote.
They'd laugh at you.
Now, we have massive reverse censorship going on.
It's really what I call it.
It's just another form of censorship.
Yahoo News, Amazon deletes one-star reviews of Hillary Clinton's book.
It's already at 50.
percent off.
Despite being promoted by every establishment media outlet, it's now dropped out of even the top ten on Amazon, even though they're buying it themselves and trying to prop it up.
No one wants to read it, which is too bad because a lot of the book's about yours truly and how she loves voodoo and the rest of it.
And that ties in with this report.
We welcome all speakers.
Columbia Greenlight speech by controversial Mike Cernovich.
They go on in the CBS News report to call him a white nationalist, which he actually fights with those groups, but he believes they have free speech.
I think they should do away with giving people with hate speech a platform.
You mean do away with the First Amendment.
That's what Trayvon Fulton added.
So he's going to be speaking there, but I just love how, we're going to let the Nazis speak.
But then that's not, as everybody knows, Mike Cernovich, who he is.
It just shows the next level of deception, and then that's going to tie in.
He's just with us briefly, then we're going to go to Jason and Steven and Woody and Jason and Nick and everybody else that's patiently holding.
We'll finish up with Nick getting into the occult.
Turns out the former president and CEO and vice president, before his death, of the Washington Post that helped bring us globalism and sell out America, he and his wife, there's a new memoir out by her, where she says they killed people they disagreed with, she killed them, and she believes she did it with black magic.
And then I've got the articles with Nancy Pelosi being her best buddy, basically, and being at their wake for her husband, and so much more.
Sally Quinn throws Ben Bradley, one of his last A-list parties, gatekeeper of D.C.
Sally Quinn comes out as an occultist, used hex to kill people, and Hillary Clinton's in her new book saying she thought about turning to voodoo.
Meanwhile, Seattle Mayor Ed Bradley resigns after fifth child sex allegation.
I saw his photo.
I thought it was John Wayne Gacy.
So just more of this every day.
So Cernovich, I want to get into how they're galloping forward with not just trying to censor us online and ban you online or Real Alex Jones online or Ed Cernovich online trying to restrict us, blocking us, admitting they're doing it.
But now, oh, let's stop you from speaking at a university, and it's almost like too much that Columbia would even, wow, they're radical.
Other universities have just banned conservatives from speaking.
So I guess they're going to have to send some violent groups out to teach everyone a lesson.
How dare you?
Well, let's get this controversial speech right now.
What would you say at Columbia, you wicked, wicked devil?
Yeah, it's very amusing, as always, how upset these people get over essentially nothing.
I'm going to give a talk, my talk, they didn't want to ask me what my talk is about, which I find fascinating.
They're all mad about a talk.
Without asking me what my talk is going to be.
That just shows you they're not fact-based, they're not reality-based.
I'm actually going to give a talk on new media and journalism because Columbia University has a journalism school and I'm going to say, look, here's how a regular, average Joe, Mike Cernovich, was able to become a highly influential national security reporter.
Here's how to use new media.
Here's how you use Twitter.
Here's what a meme is.
So even if they're your enemy, you're going to give them tricks of the trade, but they don't even want that because they want the power to shut you up.
They want authoritarianism.
They don't want a degree in journalism, Cernovich.
They want a degree in Jack Buddhism.
I'm here for everybody.
I view it like this.
Hey, if a liberal comes to my event, and they're able to do what I do better than people on my side, hey, that's life, man.
May the best man or the best woman win.
The Darwinian competition is what...
No, we don't sit there and claim we're in Amish outfits or something.
We consider ourselves to be populist.
I mean, the average so-called liberal gets around us behind the scenes and goes, man, you're super cool.
It's liberals that aren't cool.
We're not, we're not, we're not trying to make you live away.
You're trying to make us live away.
And I tell them, hey.
You want to break news?
You want to do journalism?
Why would you not want to hear from one of... I mean, how many people know more about social media than I do?
You know, maybe four or five people in the country?
So why not, rather than read Hillary Clinton's book where she cries about internet stuff that she doesn't know anything about, why don't you say, wow, here's one of the people
In fact, they should be clamoring and they wanted to even defeat you
To know what you know.
That's how just devoid of common sense they are.
Yeah, I read their books.
I read Noam Chomsky, Saul Alinsky, I've read the Postmodern Thinkers, Eric Fromm, Marcuse.
I've read all the Postmodern Thinking, the Cultural Marxists, the Frankfurt School.
I've read Hillary Clinton's book.
When it came out, I had pre-ordered it and I stayed up late at night.
The minute it hit my Kindle at 12,
my time after midnight.
34 a.m.
I stayed up and I read the book.
Within one hour you sent me the screenshots of what she said.
I was up reading it because if a president as a journalist...
My job is to understand what somebody who almost became President of the United States is thinking, doing, how she's living, even though it's a lie.
So yeah, I screencapped you, actually.
I was up, that's funny you mention that, yeah.
For those of you listening in, I was up reading the book, and then I found some stuff about Alex in the book, so I screencapped it and texted Alex, and the very next morning, he's up on it.
And that's what I'm gonna teach these Columbia kids.
If you're doing real journalism in 2017, in the current year, you're always on.
You're texting people, you're breaking stories, you're connecting with people.
If Hillary Clinton's book comes out at midnight, then I'm going to stay up until two or three and then I'm going to read it.
If they mention Alex Jones, I'm going to send it to him.
He's going to find it when he wakes up and he's going to talk about it.
That's real journalism and that is how we work every day.
But we can't let this Nazi evil... In fact, we have the CBS News piece about Cernovich.
Let's play that short little piece, and I'm going to play a clip from Hillary here.
Here they are, you know, discussing the fact that Columbia Greenlight's speech by controversial white nationalists, that's their headline.
Talk about defamation.
Here it is.
Columbia University, considered one of the most diverse colleges in the country, will soon be the stage for controversial speaker, white nationalist, Michael Cernovich.
Cernovich has been quoted as saying, diversity is code word for white genocide.
If Columbia is a diverse university, they should welcome people who might not agree with them.
The Columbia University College Republicans group invited Cernovich and the far-right founder of the English Defense League, Tommy Robinson, to speak on campus.
But many students say that's a bad idea.
I think it's incredibly insensitive to like minority students and just anyone who could potentially be victimized by the speaker that they've invited because he is a white supremacist.
What should the university do?
I think they should do away with
Giving people with hate speech a platform.
While no date has been set for the speakers this fall, Columbia University has given the appearances a green light, saying, quote, We reached out to the college Republicans to ask them how and why they chose these speakers, but they declined our request for an on-camera interview and a written statement.
The college Democrats group believes it's a stunt.
There are important and valuable intellectual conservative leaders that they could have brought to campus, but instead they've chosen to bring provocateurs.
I mean, the whole point of this charade is to have attention.
Many say the speakers should be allowed on campus.
They do have a right to speak and be heard, but we also have a right to protest.
People on both sides hope any protests don't get out of hand.
In Morningside Heights, Hazel Sanchez, CBS2 News.
Show where he's a white supremacist or whoever says it because they don't have it.
And it is true that major universities are saying we want white genocide.
Whites are evil.
Get rid of whites.
That's the leftist crazy garbage they're preaching.
We do expose that because we expose...
Racism and people pushing genocide just like we protest the white supremacist.
So again, the only tenuous connection they have with some quote out of context is that, Mike, when they know full well that the actual white nationalist movement that you've been pointing out took over the alt-right absolutely hates you.
So they do the same thing to me with Tom Brokaw saying I'm an unalloyed racist with showing no proof.
The real threat are these groups trying to ban free speech.
Exactly, and when she goes, what did you mean by that quote?
You know, they didn't include my response, and my response was that these people on college campuses have said they want to kill white people.
There are hashtags, kill all white men.
Right now, the number one trending video on YouTube, which YouTube has allowed to trend, and the ADL allows to trend, involves a child being lynched.
A child being lynched
And YouTube and the ADL, which has banned many of your videos, so they are actively making editorial choices about what should be allowed on YouTube.
They have made that the number one trending video on YouTube.
So, of course, they do want to kill people.
They're glorifying murder pornography involving children.
I would love to hear them defend that at YouTube, why we should be showing images of a child being lynched.
And by the way, I got
I got up at 6 a.m.
this morning and saw Paul's story, front page of Infowars.com, front page of News Wars.
I watched the video and it was so shocking that I somehow repressed it, didn't even come in and tell the crew I wanted to cover it.
Thank you for bringing that up.
Guys, please print me the article.
Describe for folks, again, the article and videos on Infowars.com, this is a Black Lives Matter inspired video where they're going to kill a white child to show them what it's like
To make the child think they're guilty, I guess, and commit suicide.
The video is so shocking that when I saw the clip initially, I thought, oh God, you know, I'm being hoaxed.
You know, because a lot of people send us fake stuff so then they can go to BuzzFeed and go, ha ha ha, you know, we got them good this time.
I go, there's no way this is real.
So I did my research again at midnight because that's what you have to do if you're in real news.
You have to work all the time.
And I found the video, and those of you listening, I don't know if they'll want to play the video because it really is appalling.
There's a rapper who, by the way, was accused of beating up his pregnant girlfriend.
He gave her multiple black eyes.
So this is the kind of person that YouTube glorifies as a domestic, a real domestic abuser, but they'll call all of us misogynists.
Meanwhile, if you beat up your pregnant girlfriend, YouTube will make you the number one trending video.
So as you watch the video, it shows a white child and a black child separated, and the performing artist, as you were, the Black Lives Matter activist, takes a noose and he wraps the noose around the white child's head.
The Black Lives Matter activist then moves over to the right, and you can see him pulling on the rope.
And as he's lifting the rope, you can see two young child's legs dangling in the air as he's being suffocated and murdered.
And I'm not exaggerating.
Anybody can watch the video for yourselves.
That is exactly what happens.
The image of the child's legs dangling in the air would traumatize pretty much any parent.
That's why you have to be very careful if you do watch it.
But again,
Just as a matter of journalism, you know, I had to watch it and it was quite appalling and I don't see how any parent would want... And then I was watching this morning, they don't even make a point of why they're doing it.
And there's this thing where they say, feminist magazines, abort your white baby, whites are inherently bad, Michael Moore will be better off when there's no white people.
They're the ones pushing the racial clash.
The leftist white's leading it, and then meanwhile you've got major Democrat leaders in the news saying, I'm in black magic, I kill people.
Leaders of the Democratic Party, what is going on with these people?
Well, Seattle's mayor recently had to drop out of the race or resign because he was accused of five sexual molestation events, including his younger cousin.
And I saw something very telling, maybe the crew can find it on my Twitter page, where Chris Coloso of CNN goes,
Ted Cruz liked a Twitter pornography image, and one of his staffers did it, and he compared that to the Seattle mayor who committed potentially pedophilia and sexual abuse of a minor.
And that's how CNN treats it.
Oh, somebody on your staff accidentally likes an image involving consenting adults, by the way.
Well, hey, it's just another sex scandal, just like this mayor in Seattle who's accused of molesting people and committing all kinds of heinous crimes.
So that's where the media is right now.
In their mind, pedophilia is just another form of adult pornography.
So for them, if you're at CNN, you don't see a difference between watching adults engaging in sexual activities consensually and somebody like the Seattle mayor who's accused of molesting people because
To them, it's just all sex, whether it involves a minor or not.
And they want control of our children.
They want to sexualize our children.
That's the end goal, to take full control of the species.
And if we'll accept pedophiles sexualizing our children, if we'll accept all this, we'll accept anything, Mike.
Yeah, well, that's the goal, is that the endgame of postmodernism and deconstructing society and Western morality is first you destroy the family.
Then you create broken homes.
Broken homes you now have higher levels of criminality among men.
But tell people there are no differences between men and women because then they won't figure out what's really going on.
So what happens is because men and women are different in various ways is that if you break up the nuclear family in the home, the boys become criminals and the women become sexual slaves.
They engage in different patterns so they're groomed.
We saw this, of course, in the UK.
We see this all the time with Rotherham, the rape gang.
So the postmodernists, they deconstruct the American family, which allows them to create the opiate epidemic, the heroin epidemic.
Men, you know, commit all these crimes.
And then that leads women who are now vulnerable to grooming gangs and pedophilia gangs, and that's the media's endgame.
And now it's all over the news that Muslims are allowed to rape women and that Muslims get better welfare or better housing.
And then you see the police chief in Finland saying, no, we want terrorists.
They can teach us.
We want to put full grown terrorists in high schools because they put 30 year old men in high schools.
In like some weird experiment to brutalize the young people.
I mean, this is just fantastical acts of total domination, Mike.
Yeah, and Sweden has actually said they're not even going to investigate rape anymore because there's so much rape in parts of Sweden that there's nothing you can do about it.
So just like if you live in San Francisco, you know what the police will tell you?
Leave your car door unlocked and don't leave any valuables in it because the thieves are going to break into your car anyway.
They're going to break your window and it isn't like the police are actually going to do their jobs.
Well in Sweden they're now saying hey like if you have a kid just let your kid get raped hopefully they don't fight too much because then you know they might actually get really hurt and we're not going to investigate it either because hey we got other priorities and that's Sweden.
All right, stay there, my friend.
I want to come back to one more segment with you.
And callers, I'm going to get to you next hour.
I promise.
I just, I got Cernovich on because this was breaking with him trying to ban his free speech.
But the third hour is coming up.
Nothing but calls.
Nick, Steven, Woody, Justin, Jason, I'm coming to all of you.
Stay with us.
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Mike Cernovich is with us.
I opened the phones up and they didn't get your calls and I apologize because I got Cernovich on because this was breaking.
But they're openly calling him a white supremacist and saying ban his speech.
Now they can ban his speech, they're gonna ban my speech.
They're coming after Saul, but I will go to Nick and everybody else in about five minutes, six minutes when we start the next hour.
Understand folks, there aren't any black people being hung by white people.
The numbers of police shooting black people are at around 100 a year.
Let's say all those are illegitimate.
3,000 plus blacks get shot every year in Chicago.
90 plus percent by other blacks.
But it just doesn't matter.
Black on black doesn't matter because the media is making it racial.
It's made up.
It's not real.
If anything, the cops are slow rolling into black neighborhoods, so crime's going up because the cops are scared to respond because they're getting spit at.
I don't want to hate black people.
I don't want to sit there and show the footage of all the looting being just black people.
But that's because the culture has sold the idea that it's okay because you're robbing the rich guy.
And the left has programmed this.
There weren't black people looting 60 years ago.
This is MTV and the modern culture
With a group of people just like everybody else that wanted to be invited into the power structure, and they got invited in by the scum that runs it to be destroyed.
And every group of people's being targeted the same way.
All of our youth are being turned into thugs!
They're targeting them!
I'm gonna get final comments from Cernovich, but I got so mad last hour with even the Washington Post admitting that vaccines are brain-damaging children and causing miscarriages.
I didn't even plug, and I've skipped two breaks.
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Whatever you do, make the commitment.
Because one of the last freedoms is to financially support us.
One of the last freedoms is to physically support somebody.
So we're all in this together.
These bullies know they're losing control.
Mike, I don't just say this to put a good face on it.
But this is for all the marbles.
They're pushing so hard and so vehemently
Because they know they're losing control.
They know they're being brought out to light.
That's why they're going, yeah, we devil worship.
Yeah, we're into kids.
Hoping then that that somehow makes us shut up and go away.
I don't see it working.
But again, the truth is we've got white people everywhere being beaten and attacked and killed right now, not the other way around.
And you've got the sickening culture trying to invoke black folks to start a race war.
What do we do?
Yeah, that's why you can't feed into the climate of hysteria and hate.
They want people to hate each other.
They want us to hate each other.
And we have a higher calling as freedom fighters.
We have a higher calling to bring love into the world, to bring compassion into the world.
And then what we're doing is when we bring love and when people tell me they hate me, I go, thank you.
I love you.
And I hope that one day you learn to love people back.
That's the way I handle all these people now, is to just spread love.
And when you do that, they will see that they're being manipulated by the wicked, manipulated by Hollywood, manipulated by YouTube.
YouTube wants murder.
YouTube and the ADL want white children to be lynched, to be hanged alive.
They want this to be the number one trending video.
And what we need to do is to just call out YouTube, call out the ADL, ask them why they will not disavow this,
Why does the Southern Poverty Law Center, ADL, and all these groups who aren't even black, why do they hate white people so much?
It's what they're pushing.
Yeah, that's how they raise money.
They just hate everybody.
They hate black people.
Think about it.
They just want to get us all clashing, and if they can get the whites to turn into racists, is the plan, and go crazy, then they can win.
Then they make more money.
But nobody hates black people more than the ADL.
Nobody hates black people more than Southern Poverty Law Center.
That's right.
Mike, thank you so much.
Ed Cernovich on Twitter.
We'll be back in 70 seconds with your calls.
Stay with us.
Nothing but calls.
Bam, bam, bam.
I promise.
But be ready.
On the occult.
Why do top Democrats now admit they're devil worshippers who kill people?
That's Breitbart.
They admit they kill people.
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You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
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Live from the InfoWars.com studios, it's Alex Jones.
All right, I promise I'm going to finish up with these calls that are holding patiently.
Then we have a special guest joining us.
I'm like a guy that goes through a buffet and overloads his plate too much.
My eyes get too big for my stomach.
It is just insane what's happening in the world today.
The admissions of vaccines causing brain damage in The Washington Post.
Uh, North Korea, more mayors getting busted for raping children, reportedly.
Uh, or stepping down.
Swedish police legalize rape, saying the Muslims can rape people.
That's mainstream news right here.
Uh, just, it's total insanity.
Hillary admits she loves voodoo.
Top Democrats say they do black magic rituals and kill people.
I mean, just, you can't make this up.
Gatekeeper of D.C.
Society, Sally Quinn, comes out as a cultist, use hex to kill people.
It's just, it's insane.
But right now, Nick in North Carolina, thanks for holding.
You wanted to get into the occult.
What do you think about all this occult stuff?
Because I didn't used to believe in the occult and things, but the point is, I mean, I didn't believe like in the movies that rich people were into it, but they were telling us what's going on.
What do you think's happening?
I think that, well, for one, they're out of their mind.
And I've only had one experience with this.
I was a young man, I just joined the Army, and I accidentally walked in on a fellow soldier who was conducting these type of rituals.
And I immediately walked out, because I grew up as a Catholic, and I saw it.
I knew it was weird.
And, you know, knowing what I know now, knowing that these people that are in power, that
are into this type of thing that are, you know, essentially governing the world or the country, whatever you want to call it, that they're into these type of things is frightening, because it is the complete opposite of what it means to be a Christian.
So, they have to be exposed.
I mean, the only way to do it is to do what you're doing and what we're doing right now, straight up.
What do you make of Nancy Pelosi suddenly not even being able to talk in public, looking like she's completely out of her mind?
Well, like you were stating earlier, my grandmother, or my great-grandmother, rather, she passed away, I don't know, six, seven years ago.
She suffered from dementia.
And I saw that clip, and I felt the same feelings that you stated, that you said that you felt from your family.
I saw it, and I was like, that's weird.
That is bizarre, you know?
Something's wrong with this woman.
I mean... God bless you Nick!
Absolutely, it shows how disconnected they are.
Let's talk to Woody in Washington, then Justin, Steve and Jason.
Go ahead, Woody.
Hi Alex, how you doing today?
Good brother.
Yeah, you know, I think there needs to be an investigation into the satanic church in America.
I mean, you know, they're supporting abortion, uniting with Planned Parenthood.
There's an article in Breitbart today.
About their, you know, in Missouri with lawsuits.
Who's funding these people?
You know, they're hiding behind the First Amendment.
And we don't know what the real agenda is.
I think there should be an investigation into the Satanic Church.
Well, their agenda is power, and they want power over children, and it's a fact.
And the Satanists always say, oh, we're not really into God, we just want personal power and sex, we don't want to hurt kids.
It's always about kids.
It's always about kidnapping kids.
It's always about aborting babies.
How many top abortionists have come out later and admitted, I'm a devil worshipper, this is a ritual?
Well, it's getting into the realm now where the power... I mean, I actually know people that know people that claim that they have spouses that are into this, that they're devout devil worshippers.
So this is getting really... And then you had Fox putting on that television show, Lucifer.
Glorifying the devil and making him seem cool and sexy.
There's some really, really evil intent here behind the scenes.
That's right.
Evil is coming out of the closet.
Thank you so much, Woody.
Jason, Steven, and Justin.
Then our next guest.
Police departments across the country are now using an invasive surveillance tool called stingrays, which use cell phone towers to intercept phone calls and text messages without warrants.
The technology comes courtesy of the FBI, who have forced our nation's police departments into signing non-disclosure agreements, forbidding them from publicly talking about the technology.
Needless to say, this is a direct violation of our Fourth Amendment, and they have no legal authority for warrantless stingray spying, where we now know that police are collecting information on thousands of innocent people who are not even suspected of any crimes.
Once again, more evidence that the police state isn't coming, it's already here.
This is Darren McBreen and I invite you to join the resistance.
As most of you already know, I am a voracious consumer of news and information.
And in the last four or five years doing more and more research, I came across the fact that the elite establishment is fully aware of the fact that our ancient ancestors, in many cases,
I think?
We're good.
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The Alex Jones Show.
Because there is a war on.
Or you're mine.
And so much
Well, I've opened phones for this hour.
After I get through these three callers that have been holding a while, we're going to open the phones up for Stan Dale on Earth Changes, the aftermath of the hurricane, the other Hurricane Jose, and more.
But I saw this video at about 6 30 this morning when I got up.
It was here in my stack of articles.
I didn't even think about it until Mike Cernovich mentioned it, and it hit me like a ton of bricks.
It shows a bunch of Kaepernick, whiny baby type people implying that blacks are getting lynched everywhere, being persecuted and murdered en masse by white people, which statistics show for every white person that attacks a black person, 10 white people are attacked.
That's just FBI numbers.
And I'm not a racist person.
I feel sad about this.
It's a minority of racist black folks that are doing this, that believe it's their right to do it.
Just like the head of the New Black Panther Party says in Houston, go out and loot whites, go out and attack whites, don't rob in your own neighborhood.
So they show simulated crimes, the police attacking black folks, lynching.
And then they show a black guy teaching a black child how to murder white people.
And he's saying, fine, you've been killing us.
We're now going to teach our children to kill you.
The total breaking of Martin Luther King's idea and the social compact.
And it's not like whites are actually doing this statistically.
It's black folks saying, we're going to intensify the 10 to 1 violence.
Some areas, 40 to 1.
So what is YouTube doing?
Ladies and gentlemen, I'll put a video out criticizing ISIS.
And they'll put a strike on us and ban the video saying it criticizes Islam for quoting what ISIS says about gays and Christians and others, how they're going to kill them.
I put out a civil rights video.
YouTube will ban it.
But they are allowing to trend a number one, a rap video that's on Infowars.com where it shows them murdering what looks like a six-year-old white boy.
So it is a simulated snuff film lynching of a little white kid because he deserves it.
We're gonna teach young black kids to kill white people.
And this is all done as a stunt to get attention.
It's what's advertised, it's what's pushed, it's the total chip-on-the-shoulder culture.
Where, why do you have in Miami and Fort Lauderdale and all over the Caribbean, every video, nothing but black people looting with machetes and sledgehammers and everything else?
Because they've been told, you deserve to do this.
This is how you get ahead in life.
No, it's how you get put in prison.
And it's Hollywood and the system doing it.
And then the majority of black people who aren't involved in crime, they end up culturally getting the blame.
This is a sick plan.
We'll get Stan Dayo's take on it coming up.
Physicist, researcher, great scientist.
But I promise to finish these calls.
Jason in Connecticut on the big announcement.
This is her own autobiography.
This is not me.
Top Democrat.
Sally Quinn.
Married to the late head of the Washington Post.
Ben Bradley saying they engaged in black magic and quote, killed three people.
Now, they're obviously completely mentally ill, but Hillary said she likes voodoo as well.
That's in her new book.
And the mayor of Seattle resigns after a fifth child comes forward, saying when they were a small child, he raped the hell out of them.
Every day, some new mayor or somebody's stepping down for this.
I mean, this is an army of evil.
Jason, what do you think's going on?
Well, it's definitely generational.
I mean, these people are definitely born into it.
So, let me get into what I was going to say about Michael Bloomberg.
So, Michael Bloomberg is building his new Bloomberg Place in London, which is actually in the city of London.
And it's actually built on an old Mithraeum, which is a temple of Mithras.
Now, that temple of Mithras, the cult of Mithras, was the most popular cult in ancient Rome.
So, and the priests of Mithras would, um, they would become possessed, and they were inspired to castrate themselves, and after they castrated themselves...
They would dress in women's clothes and speak like a woman they would refer to as women right after that.
You know, you're really showing your historical smarts, Jason.
I know that there is a Mithra Temple in the old city of London where the Romans had their city.
It's the financial head of the world.
It's its own private city inside London.
I knew there was a Mithra Temple there.
I know that Mithra priests basically wore trannies.
But I did not know that Bloomberg was building on that site.
Yes, right over that site.
And they're actually opening it up
So you could go and see this after his Bloomberg place is built.
I think it might be built right now.
But actually, an author, Tracy Twyman, she talks about that a lot.
She's on your buddy's show, Freeman Flies.
She was on there in July.
She'll be a good person to get on about that, because she really goes into Bloomberg's place and the occult, all the occult aspects of that.
She also talks about the Knights Templar, which is definitely connected with pedophilia.
And the rights of these Knights Templar, the initiation rights, were sodomy, etc., to give themselves power.
And, you know, people, or boys, as young as 11, were inducted into the Knights Templar.
So, that's why you get all the pedophilia kind of stems from that.
We're search-engineering.
What do we search?
Bloomberg building on Mithrasite?
Where did you see this?
It's on London Mithraeum, a future for the past.
It's M-I-T-H-R-A-E-U-M, a future for the past.
And it's on, actually, Bloomberg.com.
I understand.
London Mithraeum, a future for the past.
Or just Mithraeum, Bloomberg.com.
Put that into the search engine and we will pull that up.
That is amazing.
I've been around big Hollywood people, I've been around globalists, I've been around it.
They're all obsessed with the occult.
Some of them are into black magic, some of them are into New Age, or others have become Christian because of their awareness of it.
The London Mithraeum, a future for the past.
There it is!
Bloomberg's new European headquarters in London will be located, this is a year ago they said it, on the UK's most significant archaeological site, a temple dedicated to the Roman god Mithras, a stewardess of the ancient site of artifacts.
Bloomberg is creating an innovative museum experience that will change the way we encounter
This video explores the history of the site, the mysterious cult of Mithraism, and it goes on and provides a sneak peek of the forthcoming exhibition.
Thank you, Jason!
That's a powerful caller!
Coming up, we're gonna have Standeo with us.
We'll go a little bit the next hour, so he has plenty of time.
I got a little bit behind today.
I appreciate Standeo, as you can see on TV, waiting for us with all his great insight.
Two more callers, we're going right to Standeo, and then open the phones up for you to talk to Standeo on other subjects, but I know he can
Hey Alex, I just wanted to talk about PedoGate or PizzaGate, just the mass pedophilia that goes on in the United States.
There's 800,000 missing children a year and how is this not front page news?
That's right, and they also always spin it because the number's as high as a million.
They go, oh, a lot of them are runaways.
But if you index it, you're talking a good 250,000 below the age of five.
Now that's a quarter mil little kids getting grabbed, confirmed.
And a lot of those kids above five are getting kidnapped too.
And I just wanted to tell the listeners
You know, investigate this for yourself.
Be careful, but talk to your local officials.
Talk to your local cops.
They know what's going on.
They're not allowed to do anything, but there's groups of us, patriots, regular Americans.
We want to find out what's going on.
We want to stop it.
Well, I agree.
The time's coming where it's not going to be some revolution or something going after the government.
These pedophiles, people are already going after them is what I'm told.
A lot of them are falling down, hitting their heads.
A lot of them are going for a swim.
I mean, it's already happening.
That's why they're so scared.
I'm terrified and I've talked to local police off the record in my town in Little Rock State Police and they tell me you know if you talk about this to the wrong person you could end up face down the river or worse.
Well you know it's the state police that helped expose Bill Clinton in your state finally they were also the ones covering up for him but yeah Bill Clinton is involved in all this stuff.
He had the voodoo, 1975, in Bill's book.
Him and Hillary went to the voodoo ceremony in Haiti.
Not to mention all the other scams they run in Haiti.
That's right.
They said they had their second honeymoon in a voodoo ritual, and then Obama talked about it too.
You can't make this up!
That's what I mean!
In fact, I've got a copy of the book here in the office.
Which one is that where he admits he likes voodoo?
My life, Bill Clinton.
I think that the political elite are just throwing it in our faces.
They're openly admitting it now.
They're desensitizing us to all of this.
To pedophilia.
To devil worship.
To voodoo.
Well, they're going to start... Don't you think the way the world works in history, they're going to start getting desensitized to something else?
Well there it is, Washington Post!
See, see, when I say there's lots of news articles about this, I mean, I'm not just saying it.
There it is.
That's why I get so upset.
On screen, Washington Post, the time Bill and Hillary went to a voodoo ceremony in Haiti.
And now their best buddies are admitting that they were killing people with voodoo.
Now whether that's true or not, these are crazy people, brother.
Yeah, and if anybody wants to kind of take a look and they haven't really researched this any, there's two good documentaries they can watch.
Number one, Who Took Johnny?
about the story of Johnny Gorsh.
Very powerful documentary.
And then Conspiracy of Silence, that was filmed in 1994.
You know who released Conspiracy of Silence on the internet, right?
I'm not bragging, I didn't even want the credit.
I released it.
Yeah, it had been made for Discovery Channel and never aired.
We're the ones who put it on the internet.
Well, you are a hero, Alex.
No, I'm not.
No, I'm not.
I couldn't help it.
We put it out.
All right, God bless you, Justin.
Let me tell you, folks, these people mean business, and they are rising up.
Now, Stephen, we're going to get to you, but I've got to go to Standeo straight ahead, and we'll work in.
On the hurricanes, on the weather weapons, and more.
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Everyone knows there's the positive and the negative in the universe, and the globalists have taught us that the devil doesn't exist.
Even if you don't believe in a physical devil, the elites of the world are obsessed with the occult.
Just if you don't believe in weather modification, it's declassified, they have it, it's going on, we just don't know the specifics because that's classified.
And I wanted to get Stan Dayo back on because he was on last week during the hurricane.
Or over the weekend.
He's such a smart guy and a scientist and more.
And also an expert on earthquakes and has really been accurate predicting him to get into what happened in Mexico and more.
But I know he's also a Christian and gets into the nature of this.
And I don't mean these establishment churches that are just basically government-run operations.
But, you know, a real Christian and people that are aware of the big picture.
But there is a force in this universe.
But to have the Washington Post go, okay, the Clintons go to voodoo rituals.
And then to have Hillary go, I like voodoo.
And then to have her friends say, I kill people with black magic.
in the news and to have all this.
What are they doing, Standeo?
Because in the last few years, but now in the last few months, it's all coming out as thousands of pedophiles a week get busted all over the Western world.
The Deputy Pope, all these top Democrats, Republicans.
What is going on?
I know there's a war behind the scenes, but wow, Standeo.com is the website.
What's going on?
Well, I think that evil just making itself known publicly now.
It's been happening behind the scenes for years.
My dad and I have been investigating the Illuminists, which are the basis of all this, since about 1954.
So, you know, what we're seeing now is that they're so sure they have control of the planet that they're letting these things out openly.
Some of the people that they're catching, you know, will get some repercussions, but I think the groundwork is being laid.
for a satanic deception that will be very clever.
You know, like a UFO, a group of people coming to save Earth.
And one of the things they will do, I'm pretty sure, is that they will get rid of a lot of these Illuminists that have been satanic worshippers, in the public eye anyway.
And those of us who are not really on top of this potential deception,
We'll say, oh great, they're going to come in and get rid of all the luminous, you know, these pedophile people and all the satanic rituals.
They're going to get rid of them and we will cheer that if we don't know better.
But this is part of a deception because Satan will come in posing as a messenger of light and remove all the apparent bad guys to our joy.
But yet look beyond that because this is a ploy like a chess move to fool us into accepting a satanic world order under the guise of peace, love and harmony.
So there's a gambit?
The Satanists are a pawn?
Oh, definitely.
Look, the Russian Revolution, the Communist Revolution, we saw that what happened was there were a lot of people that helped the revolution, you know, against the Tsar and everything.
And when the revolution took hold, the first thing the revolutionists did was they killed all the people who were traitors to their own government.
And that's what we're seeing now.
Uh, coming to pass shortly, is that the Illuminists, who have been traitors to humanity, will get their comeuppance, and we'll think, wow, isn't that cool?
But there's more beyond that.
And by the way, always, whether it's Hitler's brown shirts, or as you said, the Baltic Revolution, always, or even a show like Game of Thrones, I never watch it, but I watched one episode with my son last week, and it was, uh, one where the guy lets him into the castle, and then they kill all the traitors that let him in.
They're like, why are you gonna kill everybody?
And they go, we're not gonna leave traitors around for you to open the gate up for us!
The only guys they let live are the ones that didn't give up.
That's right.
That's right.
Now, this is where we are right now.
And I'm sitting here now, at age 72, looking at what my father taught me back in the early 50s.
He was one of the leading patriotic conservatives in this country that tried to wake up America way ahead of time.
I knew that.
He wrote a bunch of books, didn't he?
I've just seen his name in early literature I read.
Yeah, he was kind of selling the books that others wrote, like Jab, It's Haley, a text that looks at Lyndon.
There were a few million copies of that sold across the country, and he tried to tell people that the Johnson administration, which was Democratic at the time, was really bad for us, and to show, you know, the takeover that was occurring in Washington.
And, you know, as try as he might, we only saw about a quarter of a million people wake up to this, at least in our records.
And that was mainly John Birch Society and stuff like that.
And they painted us all with this extremist, conservative brush.
But I knew my dad.
He was a good man and a Christian, you know, part Jewish.
Grandma was Jewish.
But, you know, I loved him and he did a good job trying to wake people up.
True patriot.
When we come back, Harold S. Dayo, Sr., yes, when we come back, let's talk about, since we're on this subject, let's get into the Illuminists and their larger issue, not just the weather control.
Let's talk about what's at the bottom of Illuminism, because we know they use the Satanists.
They're Luciferians.
What's the difference between a Luciferian and their foot soldier, the Satanist?
Stan Dayo is our guest.
I'm Alex Jones.
We're on the march, the empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
You know, someone very profoundly once said, many years ago, that if fascism ever comes to America, it'll come in the name of liberalism.
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From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones.
Here's Stevie Wonder.
On a telethon that aired on every network there is, it only raised $44 million, where a football player raised $20 million.
It shows how discredited mainstream media is, saying we're not going to be political about the hurricane, but it's global warming, pay your carbon taxes.
And he says you'd have to be blind not to see it when he's blind.
Very bizarre behavior.
Here it is.
We've come together today to love on the people that have been devastated by the hurricanes.
When love goes into action, it preferences no color of skin, no ethnicity, no religious beliefs, no sexual preferences, and no political persuasions.
It just loves.
As we should begin to love and value our planet.
And anyone who believes that there's no such thing as global warming must be blind or unintelligent.
Lord, please save us all.
So, someone who's blind can't research the science and find out it's a fraud?
Notice, Stevie, you're using the wrong term.
Global warming so five years ago, now that they know the planet's sort of cooling for a while, they're calling it change.
And none of us are climate change deniers.
We're man-made climate change deniers, saying that individuals are responsible is the fraud to pay a global government a tax.
We actually know there's a lot of weather modification going on.
That's admitted.
Bill Gates says they're saving the earth, but it's secret and won't tell us.
We'll get more into that with a weather weapons expert, earthquake expert, author, researcher, Standeo.
Standeo.com is just amazing information.
But before we go any further, let's get back into your dad.
Back into that riveting info, then we've got a lot of callers here for you on the occult and everything that's happening in the world, because you were coming on about weather weapons, but obviously you've written a lot about the Illuminists, and so I said, you know, no problem to the producers.
I said, now that we're on this other topic, Stan's an expert on basically a lot of these issues.
What is at the bottom of the rabbit hole?
Because, look, I grew up Christian, had a personal relationship with Jesus when I was probably 10 years old, believed there was God, had a feeling for God, but also had a feeling when they were having the Star-Spangled Banner at a football game.
So I was like, maybe this is emotion.
But then as I got older, I saw how the elite are all involved in the occult.
They hate Christians.
They hate real Christians.
Spiritual stuff, possession, all this is real.
And obviously my relationship with God's gotten much stronger.
I've got discernment.
I've had experiences I won't get into that are personal.
God's absolutely real.
Good and evil's real.
The devil's real.
But from your deep research, what's at the bottom of the rabbit hole?
Well, we know from scripture that Satan is going to try to, will in fact, take over the planet for a short period of time during the tribulation period of seven years.
This deception is going to be manifest almost immediately.
I think we're going to see what's called full disclosure of the UFO situation in our time and in probably the next few months.
The world has to get to a point, we're Satanist course driving it, where we have so many crisis curves that are threatening to life that people will accept a new world order that is not political, not religious, no political parties, in other words, that it's off the planet.
A cultural singularity.
Okay, yeah, that's a good way to say it.
It needs to be
Nobody can complain that it's against their religion or against their political structures or, you know, laws or whatever.
It has to be off the world.
And that's... Is it going to be like Topolemon has said it would be?
Life extension, like in Childhood's End?
Yes, somewhat like that, and also like the movie V, where they came to help us, you know, in the movie, and people just raced, ran, rushed to join this new world order that was set up by beings coming, bringing us gifts.
It's a Trojan horse really, and that's what we're about to see.
uh... avatar that it's entering into them jacking in using their bodies i'd just like we saw in the movie avatar that's what voodoo is that the president a former president and his wife admittedly practice in top democrats practice they used to kill people they believe that's mainstream news today of the democrats believe they kill people with the spirits whether that's true or not this this shows what they believe we should study this whether they be pygmies or uh... or you know wild savages somewhere or the democrat republican leadership
So, but you read Ezekiel and you read Genesis, it's very clear what they're talking about.
The modern preachers try to say, oh that's metaphors and the rest of it, but it's pretty clear in Ezekiel what's going on.
You know, in Ezekiel, it's an interesting thing about parallel worlds, because Ezekiel's flaming chariot appeared in the clouds, in the heavens, as it came through.
It was hot and flaming, and when you hear reports of ghosts, for instance, appearing to people in a room, the room is colder, from a lower energy universe, and when Ezekiel saw the chariot come down, it was from a higher energy universe.
Even Moses, when he tried to talk to God face-to-face on the mount, he said, look, can I see your face?
See who I'm talking to?
And God said, look, Moses, I'd like to do that.
I'm paraphrasing, but he says, hide over here in this cleft and I'll put my image up on this cloud so you can see what I look like there.
Because if I were to come down right in front of you direct, my energy would destroy your body.
And this is telling us that there are parallel worlds, just like our physicists are now explaining to us, where the energy density of the atoms and
One level is different to ours, greater, and below us is another one that is lower.
There's a strange thing in the book of Revelation of John.
Toward the end of it, it talks about the earth and the heavens being destroyed in a great rush of heat and fire.
But a new earth and a new heaven will replace it.
And I think what is happening is that God's universe is combining with ours, is collapsing ours at the end of that millennial period of a thousand years.
Our universe will be absorbed into his, and a pattern for Earth and the heavens will be recreated there.
So there's an interdimensional merger.
We know that's what the third dimension is doing.
It's actually a gateway dimension.
I guess the lowest dimension that's high enough to be able to expand into all the other dimensions.
It's almost a launch pad.
Yes, and you know, they do tell us in the scriptures that as we get closer to that moment, the veil, the visual veil between our universe and the parallel one
We'll be able to see some of the demons and stuff with our eyes, which is quite frightening when you think about it.
Well, there's reports of people who aren't even Christians seeing this everywhere.
Exorcisms, mass mental illnesses exploding, and people are acting like they're classically possessed, like Linda Blair.
Right, right.
The world is a mess as I heard you saying a while ago.
There are political, economic, environmental things happening and it's going to get worse here in the United States to start with and across the planet after that.
I do think we're going to see more weather catastrophes and in particular I'm watching for earthquakes over in California.
Along the Rose Canyon fault line from Costa Mesa, which is just south of LA, down to San Diego.
There's a report actually published here.
Holly's got it on the front page of our site, on the left column, down about four or five pictures, where it says, San Diego quake could kill 2,000, inflict $40 billion in property damage.
Now that's just, you know, an official thing saying it could.
But it's on the Rose Canyon Fault, which I've been watching.
There are a number of those.
Well, let me ask you that then, because you've got the computer models, you've been incredibly accurate predicting earthquakes just from public knowledge, using your engineering skills.
How many years overdue is California for a megaquake?
Because years after you said it, even mainstream news says it's what, 10, 12, 14 years over?
Well, again, it depends on whose statistics you use, but certainly it is overdue on a number of fronts when we lose averaging of the statistics.
But statistics can lie, they can mislead, and so it may not be overdue, it just may be on schedule and it's above the average.
But I would not be comfortable in California myself all the way up to the Juan de Fuca offshore.
And how does that tie into the huge record Mexican earthquake last week?
Rather interesting, because that earthquake is offshore and the aftershocks are numerous.
We're seeing them reported in the Mexican press and the American USGS.
The fact that it's vibrating like a tympanic membrane, like a rubber membrane of sorts, is worrying because that means that the underlying land mass is thin and not locked in.
It's interesting that the Soda Creek in Idaho, the Soda Creek earthquake we had a few weeks ago, I was watching, as were others that study earthquakes, and we saw that there were like thousands, like 1,800 to 2,000 aftershocks.
And then when you go back to look at it now, they say at USGS, oh, there was maybe 280 quakes and aftershocks and stuff there.
They're playing that down, but it's one of three points along a fault line in the
Is it accurate to say the last 20 years we've seen the great rift of fault lines, the Pacific Rim, really getting into a more energetic phase?
Oh, absolutely.
You know, one of the other things I've noticed with this is the number of sinkholes around the planet.
When you and I were young, we didn't hear about sinkholes.
I never heard of a sinkhole!
And I know this is contrary to established science, so I'm going to say that ahead of time, but I'm one of the people that supports the Earth expansion theory in that the Earth has expanded at least 25% from its original form.
And it may be expanding again, which would explain as the crust starts to stretch uniformly,
That it would weaken the structures that hold the dirt together around leaks and stuff where the water erodes and makes a sinkhole.
So the pressure that normally, the hydrostatic pressure that normally keeps the ground together around these areas where the leaks could occur is now released and we see these sinkholes.
Well don't things expand as they cool?
Yes and no.
Solids do.
Water does when it freezes.
I mean, I would think if the Earth is cooling, it would be expanding some.
Well, I think all the planets and stars do expand as they age.
Well, they do expand until they implode.
You're right.
I mean, the stars.
Yeah, well, stars are a different category because they have physical or like fusion reactions going that complicate the issue because they produce back pressure coming back out when they start to collapse.
You know, red dwarfs and things of this nature do form, but the energy that does that produces heat and expansion, so it's an oscillating state.
I'm working on a paper we're working on for probably about
It's been 15 years now, about the nature of gravity as a fluid mechanical thing, that all things, all gravitational fields are a result of spinning vortices in the fluid of space, ether space.
And because of that, it's like in a glass of water that you stir with, you know, little pepper particles in it.
Let go.
Well, yeah, as it slows down, things start to fall apart, you know, and expand.
That's what they say, as the universe expands, its expansion is slowing.
Yeah, yeah, there are two schools of thought on that, but yeah, I think it is slowing down.
They found, you know, surprisingly, that there is some kind of missing material that they hadn't planned on in their model of the universe.
It's dark energy and dark matter.
Now, what is dark matter?
Because now even top scientists say there's an outside force controlling the universe, now they believe in God.
And that's all over the news.
Interesting, isn't it?
To come to that conclusion this close to when things are about to change.
I think we're months away from a major revelation by God on this planet.
One last outpouring of knowledge to get people to understand what it's about and to accept salvation through Jesus.
And if they don't, well, that's on them.
But every effort is being made, I'm sure, by God to alert people to the true nature of His creation and where it's headed.
I learned a lot of these things when I was out of my body in 1969 near death.
Because I was very curious and asked, you know, how does the universe work and how does gravity work and all that kind of stuff.
And I was shown these things.
But the whole nature of what we know in our universe is something Solvo has called fluid mechanics or hydrodynamical equations.
And for that, you need to have a fluid, a fine structure, which is the dark matter and dark energy.
And we've known this since the time of James Clerk Maxwell.
There's a fluid space out there whose atoms are so tiny that they're like, you know, atoms are compared to our sun now, but comparing those atoms to our atoms, millions of times smaller.
And that's the fluid in which vortices were formed by the Word.
It says, you know, God spoke the Word and everything came into existence.
It's like going into a smoke-filled bar and going,
And blowing or speaking a heavy word out there that creates little curls all through the smoke.
And these curls become galaxies, and sub-curls become star systems, and sub-curls become planets, etc.
It's all straight out of the will of God.
And then it says God breathed life into Adam, too.
Yeah, that's another story sometime we'll have to talk about.
I did find the Garden of Eden where that happened in Tanzania at the Ngoro Crater.
And even the local legends there by the natives in Tanzania say that God came down to the Ngoro Crater and breathed life into the clay and made man.
Of course, which he put outside the garden after that, but then God ascended back up into the heavens to where he dwells.
But the Garden of Eden is real.
You can visit it today.
Wow, I know you've done some amazing stuff.
We've got to get you back on about that.
Let's talk to Stephen in Florida.
Remember, folks, we're not supposed to speculate about all this, but the elite all think they're worshipping the devil.
So it's just, whether it's anthropology or whether it's real, this is psychology.
Stephen in Florida, thanks for holding your on the air about just all this occult news breaking, with the Clintons admitting they practice voodoo.
Yeah, hey, good afternoon, Alex.
Okay, first of all, I wanted to say that
I've been doing a lot of studying on Satan and the occult, and going back through history, and here's the bottom line.
I know you keep saying about an information war, and war on humanity.
If you study things out biblically, there is a, and your guest just mentioned a parallel reality, okay?
The Bible puts it this way.
There is this temporal earthly realm that we live in, based on our senses,
But there's an eternal realm that's unseen.
And God's heaven, where his throne is, that's where it is.
That's where the angels are, holy and fallen.
And there's a war that's been going on far longer than before God formed Adam and Eve and put them in the garden.
And that was when Lucifer said, I will be like the Most High.
And he's such a coward.
This is how his followers are.
He said it in his heart.
He tried to hide it from God.
So he lost his place.
God changed his name to Satan, the adversary, and the devil, the accuser.
He hates those names.
That's why his followers prefer to use the term Lucifer.
Because, like Madame Hélène Blavatsky said with the Theosophic Society, our benevolent father is Lucifer.
The Satan of the Bible is Jehovah.
Now that's about as well as... And let's expand on this.
The globalists say they want to build an alternate reality to take us out of this bad artificial, and this is all over the news.
Now they say it is fake.
They're building a new reality we're supposed to run to with them.
That sounds like a repeat of what the Bible said happened with the devil, Stan.
Uh, yeah, sorry, is that a... We're going to break, but that sounds like it, doesn't it?
Yep, okay, it does.
The Great White Brotherhood, if you research that, you'll see that they pose, that their god is Lucifer posing as a messenger of light.
And I've debated them many times in the past.
Well, we'll stay right there.
We're going to come back.
Thank you, Stephen.
Standeo, stay there.
We'll be back.
I'm Alex Jones, InfoWars.com.
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Again, that's 1-800-765-9681.
Dan Dayo is our guest and we had him on about weather weapons, weather modification today.
He's really an expert on looking at government seismographs and reports as an engineer and predicting things that are going to happen with earthquakes.
But we were getting into the occult because it's just suddenly Hillary saying I like voodoo and then they find other articles in the Washington Post where they're conducting voodoo rituals in Haiti and there's all these missing kids we know are part of voodoo and
I can't get into all of it.
It takes hours to cover.
You all know about it.
And then you've got top Democrats putting out memoirs saying we're involved in the occult and we kill people.
That's Breitbart.
Top Democrats say they kill people in rituals.
And it's just like, what are they... I've got articles here.
Swedish police say they're going to allow the Muslims to rape now because it's their culture.
Here's the article right here.
Swedish police cannot cope with huge numbers of rapes since migrants arrived.
They go on to say they're not doing anything.
And it's just a coming out of evil.
Jack Posobu is going to be hosting the fourth hour today.
I'll do about five minutes or a little bit more into the next hour.
Stan Dayo is here.
Folks want to talk about the occult with Stan Dayo.
And he's an even bigger expert on that, as you're noticing, than even on weather weapons.
We're going to have him back again soon.
But it's all interconnected.
Because I always have Stan on, like, once a year.
Then a year goes by, and I just love having him on.
I'm going to have him on a lot more often than that every few months, and he'll do it.
Let's talk to Nate in California on the occult.
Since that's all over the news, go ahead.
You're on the air.
Yeah, hey, can you hear me?
Your phone's a little distorted, kind of repeating, and a little garbled, but go ahead.
Okay, let me move.
It's an Obama phone, so I get a really shitty reception.
I'm going to let you go.
I'm going to let you go.
Because once we hit delay once, it hangs up on the person, because can't have any profanity.
We're going to go to Forrest in Texas.
Forrest, you're on the air.
Yes, Forrest, welcome.
Yes sir, I want to talk about the illegal immigrants that are in Houston and like they use them for... I can't explain it but I'm getting really upset because you see a lot of underage illegal immigrants in Houston being sold into sex slavery and I'm wondering if they're... I mean I know that
I can't say I know, that's too powerful.
But I feel that the cops are covering this up and I... Well I'll tell you this, the police are told leave the illegals alone whether it's families or whether it's drunk driving or whatever because then it quote scares them to be in the community.
And it's a fact that Houston's the headquarters of like underage, you know, 11 to 15, 16 year old Hispanic girls being trafficked all over the country and then out of the country as well.
So that's all over the news, sir, that Houston absolutely feeds on young Hispanic girls.
That it's in the news about them trafficking, I mean, that's just part of the whole
Kind of evil, you know, pedophile stuff coming to the surface.
I mean, our world is, especially the United States, just gone totally corrupt.
I, you know, I didn't think I'd ever live to see this in my lifetime, really.
But, and it's happening so rapidly, it just astonishes us.
Oh, I mean, I see numbers like a hundred thousand plus exploited women and children every year out of Houston.
I mean, the numbers are... I live in Texas.
It's all over the news.
It is industrial scale.
Forrest, what are you seeing that you're talking about?
Well, I guess this is a one-cent comment.
This is a comment from my friend, and he's saying to me, like, they use Bitcoin and other circuit coins like that, like, the actual way that they get it, and they use Backpage and Craigslist, and they have these, like, little code words, and I'm talking, like, this is a multi-billion dollar industry, and you can't transfer that much money without having red flags going off to the cartel.
Absolutely, and I'll tell you what's going on.
Arrested men who are usually molested themselves can't deal with a real woman and they're intimidated by a woman.
Whereas a man likes a really powerful woman.
They want children because they feel powerful around them and it's satanic and they want their energy.
We got 30 seconds to break.
I see Stan wanting to say something.
Fade down music a little bit.
Stan, do you want to comment?
Yeah, no, look, it'll take longer than that.
So I was just going to address the fact that these sexual things are like slaves.
And Babylon, spoken of in the Bible as the modern Babylon, will be filled with slaves.
And I think America is probably qualifying for that.
That's right.
Stay there, Stan.
Thank you for listening to GCN.
Visit GCNlive.com today.
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It took you over a year to do it.
Why is this so good?
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Right now with all the refugees,
Uh, spreading disease around.
We have biological warfare going on everywhere.
These are all parasites.
Tell us about all the stuff that's in it.
There's so many things that are in it.
You have the neem in there, you have the organic clove bud, the organic wormwood.
I recommend doing the parasite cleanse at least twice a year.
All right, well, I'm glad we've got some back in because I'm going back on it today.
It just came back in yesterday.
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Thank you so much for all your work, sir, on this great product.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones!
A good person doesn't want to dominate other people, doesn't enjoy having people under them.
But if you study the hierarchy of psychopaths and sociopaths, it is their drug.
And Stan Dale was getting into the fact that, as in the days of Noah, as in the days of Babylon, so it'll be now, it's all about dominating, it's all about owning someone, it's all about controlling someone, it's all about power over someone, and just the huge exploitation of children.
The worst cities are L.A.,
Uh, Chicago, New York, but of those, they say Houston, uh, not for classic pedophilia.
You know, you think of like grabbing little kids out of backyards, but girls 11 to 16 still absolutely horrible.
Uh, and, and doing it to Hispanic girls mainly or, or, or Asian girls.
Uh, Houston is the main distribution center of the country.
And the caller was bringing that up.
Stand down.
Well, you know, I didn't know that, but I do know about the various cities you mentioned as far as being sex trafficking hotspots.
It amazed me when I started realizing this some time back that this is a form of slavery that we have here in the United States.
And that was what clued me into the fact that we must be a modern day Babylon, which will be destroyed by fire in a single hour, it says in the Bible.
I'm pretty sure that's America, because at a national level, we think that we're untouchable, that we're the greatest.
And I think we're going to get our comeuppance here fairly shortly because of this.
I just can't believe that we have so many people being
Put into slavery in this form, and others, whether it be sex or not, in this country.
It's just anathema to me.
In the few minutes we've got left, StandAO.com is the great website.
Your books, your articles, all there.
What else do you see happening in the near future?
Because I do see a great quickening of awakening, a quickening of good rising, but also evil rising.
Well, I think certainly evil is rising and it's going to come to a head in the tribulation period.
I think that this year that we're seeing signs that tell us we're at the beginning somewhere very soon of that tribulation period which will be the worst period in the history of the earth.
The September 23rd sign in the heavens, like the Revelation 12 thing with the Virgo and Leo formation, I, along with others, have been studying this in great detail.
And I think that we may see the removal of a large number of the Christians who are aware and awaiting the arrival of our true Messiah, Yeshua.
When that happens, that will be a trigger for economic chaos across the planet and for cultural chaos.
People will be in such a mess that, you know, because of the disorder that that will form, that they will cry out for someone to solve planet Earth for them.
You know, it's not going to be like the Nazis come and force you to be in this new world order.
People are going to race, run, rush to it to find, you know, stability in their life, to be able to own their property and stuff and to be protected.
Have peace and safety, and that's of course when sudden destruction will be upon them.
That's what's coming, and we have to get prepared for that.
I think the most important thing for people to do now is to A, realize there is a God, B, realize that Jesus is his son, and that that is our doorway to being saved out of this horrible mess that is coming.
Don't you think so?
I agree with you that we're seeing, depending on your interpretation, the Bible absolutely fulfilled.
And by depending on your interpretation, so far it's been fulfilled.
Now we can interpret the rest of it and try to figure out exactly what's going to happen.
But undoubtedly a just God, a just Creator, would not
Put people in a position of free will, but then not give them a blueprint, or kind of a cheat sheet, so that if you're paying attention, you can get out of it.
So, I mean, God would be cruel if God didn't do that, and we see that God is not cruel and wants us to have free will, so he's got to give us a chance to choose.
Absolutely, and I think what did it for me was the fact that the Bible does say that God put the lights in the sky, the sun, the moon, and the stars as messages.
And certainly the messages are in the constellations, in the names of the stars.
It's for our benefit, and it can't be changed by man.
Those things are locked in up there.
So, I think we're seeing that
We're at the end of this period of time.
But what you can't deny is all these big millionaires and globalists all say they're not atheists anymore.
They say there's some outside force controlling everything and they want to break away from it.
Stan Dale, thank you.
It's incredible.
We have huge, huge news breaking.
It just broke.
Stay with us.
We'll be back.
December 23rd, 1776.
These are the times that try men's souls.
The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of their country.
But he that stands by it now deserves the love and thanks of man and woman.
Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered.
Yet we have this consolation with us, that the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph.
What we obtain too cheap, we esteem too lightly.
It is dearness only that gives everything its value.
Heaven knows how to put a proper price on its goods, and it would be strange indeed if so celestial an article as freedom should not be highly rated.
Britain, with an army to enforce her tyranny, has declared that she has a right not only to tax, but to bind us in all cases whatsoever.
And if being bound in that matter is not slavery, then there is no such thing as slavery upon Earth.
Even the expression is impious, for so unlimited a power can only belong to God.
Thomas Paine, the American crisis.
As most of you already know, I am a voracious consumer of news and information.
And in the last four or five years doing more and more research, I came across the fact that the elite establishment is fully aware of the fact that our ancient ancestors in many
I think?
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Well, we've got amazing breaking news here in the fourth hour with Jack the Subject about to take over and host.
With Laura Loomer is going to be popping in here in about five minutes.
Yesterday she went to a book signing at a Barnes and Nobles in New York City and asked Hillary Clinton what happened to the Benghazi, what happened to the emails, what happened to Seth Ridge, and then she saw Uma Abedin and said when are you going to divorce your husband that's a convicted sex crimes person against a child?
A younger lady that looked like Ted Cruz for some reason.
Ted Cruz's daughter.
I'm not joking.
That's what she looked like.
And Hillary had her sarcastic answers.
We're going to play that in a moment.
The video has gotten millions of views on Periscope, YouTube, and Facebook since then.
And we broke it here first with Laura Loomer.
Appreciate her doing that.
But suddenly today, unannounced, they show up at divorce court.
So that's in the news that Uma Abedin and Anthony, the procurer of children, Wiener,
Show up at divorce court today.
The New York Post is reporting.
So that is instant response.
Here is the video of Laura Loomer who waited like eight hours out in the heat out there to go in and finally ask the question of Hillary.
Here it is.
Hi, it's so great to see you.
Well, it's great for you to be here.
Thanks for having me.
Thank you for coming.
Thanks for having me.
So the American people would really like to know, what happened to your 33,000 emails?
What happened in Benghazi?
What happened to the millions of dollars that was supposed to go to the people in Haiti?
Go read the book.
You know what?
I'm so sorry.
You believe things that are untrue.
What happened to Seth Rich?
What happened to your health, Hillary?
Huma, it's so great to see you!
I have a question for you.
When are you going to divorce your husband for texting underage girls?
Underage girlfriend, always hovering around.
And there it is.
So, Laura Loomer joining us.
You've gotten an instant response, Laura, or close to instant.
The next day they go and get divorced.
Yeah, I know.
This might be my greatest journalistic accomplishment to date.
I mean, if it's really going to be official, that's incredible.
Huma Abedin and Anthony Weiner finally getting divorced, just one day after I confronted her and you broke the story on InfoWars.
So, I'd say that's pretty incredible.
What's happened since 24 hours ago?
Well, as you said, the video has been, you know, placed all over the internet and has, you know, received millions of views and so a lot of people are responding and people are talking about it.
Even Fox News is going to have me on tomorrow to discuss it.
So, people are very interested in seeing Hillary get confronted by the alternative media and watching Huma Abedin and Hillary Clinton hide from a citizen journalist.
Thank you, the Secret Service.
Are you a journalist?
Well, no, the fake journalist won't ask her the real questions.
The mainstream journalist should be there.
You went and asked the real questions.
Great job.
I'm going to turn this over right now to the host of the fourth hour, our own Jack Posobiec.
Alex, it's great to be here.
Laura, awesome to talk to you again.
I don't think I've been able to see you up in New York there since our last time we caught the Shakespeare play, but you know what's going to happen is CNN is going to run around and they're going to say, Laura Loomer, first she wrecks a play, now she's a home wrecker too because she's divorcing Anthony Weiner and Huma.
They're going to blame it all on you.
The Jewess of the New Right destroyed the relationship between the Muslim Brotherhood, Suma Abedin, and Jewish Anthony Weiner.
I love it.
It's a great story.
Yeah, I'm sure Jake Tapper will be calling that out very shortly here, you know, instead of actually going.
Now let me ask you, were there any cameras there or any other journalists, so-called journalists, from CNN, mainstream media, any of them here?
Yeah, so I didn't see them inside, but there were tons of media lined up outside for hours in their news trucks just to glorify Hillary and to try and make it look like this was such an amazing event, but none of them made an effort to approach her.
But I later learned that there was an individual who went in with a spy pen who asked Hillary Clinton about Debbie Wasserman Schultz and her
We're good to go.
I hope he gets his pen back.
I hope he's able to get it back so we can get that out there and see if she knew anything about this.
What did Hillary Clinton know about the Awan brothers?
When did she know about this?
When did she find out about it?
We know that Debbie Wasserman Schultz was essentially working for Hillary at the time.
So did Hillary have access to the Awan brothers?
And on the flip side of it, did they have access to these 33,000 emails that you referenced?
And let me ask you both, listen, I'm getting out of here, I was eating my lunch, I'm going to wash.
That's my favorite lunchtime thing is to watch the fourth hour.
It's scandal war.
All these fake scandals against Trump, all these real scandals, just full of proof on the Clintons and Obama and others, but it's scandal wars now.
Where are all these scandals going?
That's exactly it, Alex.
They are pushing to a point where they're trying to cover up their own scandals by making fake scandals that tie into Republicans, that tie into the president, that tie into Trump supporters like myself, like you, like Laura Loomer, anything they can do to deflect media coverage away, right?
I think so.
Yeah, and it's a scapegoat from their own sexual, uh, you know, deviant behavior.
So they'll... That's right.
I mean, Laura, the mayor, the mayor, the mayor of, uh, Seattle stepping down for a fifth child saying he raped him.
And also, too, I mean, they go after Ted Cruz because of, you know, supposedly he liked a pornographic tweet.
Yeah, exactly.
Even if he did like a pornographic tweet, who cares, right?
Like, as long as it's not involving children or animals, I honestly don't care.
But you have actual Democratic politicians who are... Well, that's the point.
They're probably mad that a staffer tweeted a heterosexual tweet.
That's probably the issue.
Yeah, because of the heterosexual pornographic tweet.
Meanwhile, they're totally okay with their own politicians molesting children.
And Bill Clinton having sexual affairs and turning his intern into a humidor in the Oval Office.
I'm sorry I keep throwing questions in here.
As I said, I'm going.
But what do you make of the top Democrats coming out, the Washington Post, everywhere, saying that the Clintons do voodoo?
Hillary, we have a clip we can play.
We'll cue that up.
Saying that she thought about using voodoo against people.
And now Sally Quinn.
He was married to the head of the Washington Post, top Democrat gatekeepers.
Breitbart says gatekeeper of DC society Sally Quinn comes out as a cultist, used hex to kill people.
Meanwhile, Black Lives Matter connected movie producers are showing images of six-year-old white children being hung.
Honestly, Alex, it doesn't surprise me.
If these people are sick enough to participate in spirit cooking, which you cracked open during the campaign as well, then what's going to stop them from creating voodoo dolls, right?
That's right.
I'm letting you guys take over.
I always say I'm leaving in the fourth hour and I always stay, but Jack Posobiec, Laura Limer, go ahead, take it away.
Thanks, Alex.
No, Laura, I agree with where you're coming from.
And again, this is another thing we've seen in a long line from the Democrat Party, where they want to bring in this stuff, they make references to these things that we saw in the WikiLeaks, they share these inside jokes.
Where is this coming from?
Why are they making stuff like this?
Look, if I sent you an email over something like that, or if I sent you a text message talking about, you know, putting a hex on someone or voodoo or Moloch, I don't think you'd respond with laughing.
You'd say, Jack, what the heck are you talking about?
Because normal people don't talk about stuff like that.
So again, why is this normalized for them?
They are totally normalizing this, and their supporters are doing it as well.
A while back, I made a video with The Rebel, and I actually went to a voodoo shop here in New York City, and there were people in Brooklyn who were needing to perform witchcraft and voodoo to cast a hex on Donald Trump.
I think you're familiar with this story as well, but... Oh, that was national news during the campaign, and when he won, Hollywood met witches nationwide trying to kill him!
Well, that's why they're doing the new American Horror Story.
The witch show is all about the occult.
It's all about Trump this season.
It's all about saying that using the occult against him, witchcraft.
They insipidly tie this stuff together because I don't know whether they draw from it in terms of inspiration or they actually believe in these sorts of things.
It's interesting that it never kind of goes away either.
Even since the first time the Clintons were running for president, this stuff was coming up.
The seances that supposedly she held.
Yeah, I mean, I think that it's becoming commonplace to normalize, just like Alex said.
I mean, even their own supporters think it's normal to host witchcraft sessions, you know, in a very cosmopolitan, modern place like New York City.
And it's sick, it's satanic, and it's mental illness, really.
And the fact that they're trying to normalize this is very concerning.
I do think it's funny, though, that every once in a while when this comes up, I'll see on my Twitter accounts, I'll tweet something about it.
Hillary Clinton, Church of Satan.
And then the Church of Satan will actually respond to me, Laura, and they'll say, excuse me, we don't want to be associated with Hillary Clinton.
Even the Church of Satan is distancing themselves.
We've got a break here coming up, Laura.
How can people follow you?
Uh, you can follow me on Twitter, um, at Laura Loomer or subscribe and follow, uh, TheRebel.Media.
And hey, here's the good news, Jack.
Whenever I run over you guys, I'm just gonna take the breaks out.
So this break and then the one at 50 after is gone.
You got one more break at 30 after, so you guys just rampage.
Isn't this great news?
That's right.
We're not going to break.
It's all yours, Musabic.
Take over.
All right.
No break.
No breaks.
There are no breaks on this train, Alex.
I thought we needed a break, but I didn't realize how high energy the InfoWars show was today.
And so, let's go.
Let's just go drive right through it.
We're talking a little bit more about what's going on in the country today, and this same culture of destruction and sort of chaos that we're seeing on the left, we're also now seeing it turning into a culture of fear in the White House, kind of, where I'm seeing, and in my indications, my sources, they all tell me, they say, Jack, we can't be open Trump supporters in the White House.
They can't.
And Laura, I know you've got sources that are telling you the same thing, that you can't even voice your support for the president because these people will come after you, they will track you down, they will dox you, and they will eventually fire you.
They have people in the White House who are censoring InfoWars reports from the President, from what I heard.
I think you were the person, I think you or Cernovich broke this story about how I think it's General Kelly, correct me if I'm mistaken, who was telling Donald Trump that he couldn't read InfoWars.
So they're cutting off InfoWars, Red Bull, basically anything that has to do with independent media, alternative media.
They're putting him in a funnel.
They're putting all of it through a censorship blind.
And because that is why they don't want him on Twitter.
They don't want him reading alternative media.
They don't want him looking at these other headlines because they want to control the information that goes to the president.
And now I remember you doing so much work during the election to expose what Hillary Clinton was actually up to.
So why is it now that we've got the president in there that the staff is acting as almost like that they're still following the same types of policies that Hillary Clinton would have followed?
Doesn't that make sense?
Yeah, I mean, look, I think that, you know, it's no surprise that Trump's cabinet administration has just been filled with never-Trumpers.
And unfortunately, you know, you can elect Trump as your president, but it's the people around him who really make the decisions and influence the decision-making process and policy decisions the most.
So, you know, having Trump in the White House
It doesn't mean much if he's surrounded by people who want to combat all of the promises he made on the campaign trail.
So, you know, it's a very, very toxic situation and what needs to happen, and I know you've talked about this as well on your streams, is there needs to be a purge, right?
And a purge of the never-Trumper officials who are trying to sabotage him.
Really, what it is is sabotage.
Right, instead of the only purge we've been getting is of Trump supporters.
I've had multiple people tell me there's a report Dr. Jane Ruby has a Medium post up today, a big post that says, if you're pro-Trump, you're fired.
And that people will go through the administration, even at the White House, even at the different agencies and departments,
I don't
Sanitized, that aren't following the same worldview that they want to push.
The same type of worldview of globalism, of creeping, lurching liberalism that they want to push forward and big Wall Street economy.
Yeah, I completely agree.
And it's funny, you brought up Dr. Jane Ruby.
You know, she just had this bombshell story that she broke on Cerno News the other day about the Trump database that was created to hire.
Remember when Trump was elected and they said they were going to take applications for America's first candidate?
So it was GreatAgain.gov, right?
They established an official government website for the decision team.
And they didn't even use it.
So thousands of people applied, and then what happened to those applications?
Nothing, nothing happened.
So, you know, like I said, Dr. Jane Ruby, she had a post that Trump supporters need not apply because all of these Trump supporters applied and then they said that they lost the information or that the database was was was lost.
Like, I think this happened two times or so.
So they're not even taking it seriously.
They have thousands of people who are Trump loyalists who want to work in the White House and take over these positions.
But either they're intentionally
Discarding of these applications or just ignoring it to prevent Trump loyalists.
We've got the article up here.
Trump supporters need not apply.
And that's what they'll do.
They'll take them down.
They'll say these applications were completely lost.
We can't find them.
And then they turn around and say, oh, well, you know, we'd love to be able to do this.
We'd love to be able to move forward, but we're just short staffed.
We can't get anything done.
That's why they don't have time to review all the legislation.
That's why they don't have time to be actually be able to put forward a good communications policy because they're not even allowing any of these positions number one to be filled or number two to allow Trump people in there from my numbers and this is just back of the math back of the the notebook accounting but I at napkin that's the word about 80% of the White House is former Bush staffers this goes all the way from
Rick Dearborn and Joe Hagan, all the way down to some of the lower levels.
So these are people at the deputy chief of staff level that were brought in by Reince Priebus when he was there.
He's gone now, but his people are still there.
They've completely taken over.
They control the schedule.
They control appointments.
They control staffing.
Janet Toners, another one who works with some at the junior levels, and Sue is sort of in charge of all of that.
They don't want the Trump agenda pushed forward, and that's why they're taking and pushing any pro-Trump people out.
We saw Gorka, we saw Bannon, Scaramucci, he was in, he was gone, bounced in 11 days.
They are going to be doing the same exact thing every time.
So, Laura, how can people let the President know what's going on?
How can they let him know how they feel about all this?
I think really just voicing their opinions.
A lot of people think that their voices don't matter, but look, everybody has the potential to be a citizen journalist, right?
Confront these people.
Confront the individuals who are trying to stigmatize them.
And that's what you do.
You go out there, you go to Hillary Clinton.
Who else have you gone up and confronted there in New York City?
I've confronted Chris Cuomo, I've tried to confront Jeff Zucker from CNN, I've confronted
Lots of people, right?
And a lot of people just run and hide, but it's easy to find these people.
Believe me, it's not as hard as you think it may be.
You just have to have the courage to do it.
And, you know, just ask these questions.
Ask these people the questions that the media refuses to ask them.
Ask them why they're sabotaging Trump.
Put them on the spot, because the alternative media will promote your videos and will push this message out there.
The mainstream media might not, but look, we are the new media now, and we have the power to
To get our message across to Trump.
I mean, they may try to censor him and prevent him from- And that's why they're so scared.
They're so scared because they can't hide this stuff anymore.
You went up and confronted Hillary Clinton directly to her face.
You've gone after Chris Cuomo.
You ran up on the stage at Shakespeare in the Park.
And then people went the night after that and the night after that.
And because of the power of social media, we can then go and share that out on Twitter immediately.
So that was to remind people of how that went, that sort of operation, if you call it that way.
I saw you in the crowd.
You go up on stage and as you go up, I started filming.
So you're out there doing it.
I put the video out within minutes of it actually happening.
There's no way for them to censor it because the information gets immediately out.
In the past, the way these things used to happen was it would come down, something would happen, then they would cover it up.
They would say, oh, it didn't really happen that way.
Or like your friend, when they confiscated, they went immediately for the spy pen.
They went immediately for the recording device to shut that down because they knew that if there was proof, if there was evidence of what was actually going on, what was said, what was repeated, they had to shut that down.
They couldn't let it out.
This was a public event.
If it was a public event, why wouldn't they allow any type of recording there?
I'm sure lots of people were there taking pictures.
Lots of people posted photos on Instagram.
Hey, here's me and Hillary.
All that good stuff.
But why is it that when a conservative, or even just a journalist who has specific journalistic questions, not partisan in one way or the other, why are they going up after that?
And I think we are taking this next break in 30 seconds here.
Correct me if I'm wrong, team, but we should be popping out in a second here.
Okay, yeah.
So we are going.
Lara, absolutely amazing having you on.
Follow her, Lara Loomer, on Twitter.
Go to The Rebel, watch all of her great videos.
And I can't wait to see what you do next, Lara.
Yeah, thanks so much for everything, Jack.
And I'll apologize to Huma and Anthony on your behalf because, of course, it was Lara Loomer, everyone.
It was all Lara Loomer.
We're on the march.
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This is how the power elite and the government stay in power.
They use psychological manipulation to turn the public into obedient sheeple.
And over time, we lose our ability to distinguish reality from deception.
But how does political correctness and other deliberate deceptions work?
Well, first, the establishment saturates mass media with their agenda they're trying to push until it invades every aspect of popular culture and is accepted as truth.
Such as global warming, for example.
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Great, great thing to have.
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And it gives you that peace of mind, right?
It gives you that nice peace of mind to know you've got it if you should need it.
For the next 25 years.
So why not?
But moving into what's going on now.
I think.
Further and further away from the original mandate of the Special Prosecutor's Office.
They are going so far that instead of investigating Trump, instead of investigating the campaign,
Instead of investigating the business for quote-unquote Russian influence connections, they've already gone through all that stuff.
They found absolutely nothing.
So the new headline is, is that Mueller and his team, which is comprised mainly of Democrat lawyers and attorneys, they're going to be investigating you.
They're going to be investigating social media users who were Trump supporters as Russian influence agents, believe it or not.
This is how
deranged this investigation has gotten from when it was originally supposed to be just about Russia hacking the election, and people actually brought up the point that the election could be hacked.
We brought that up, we talked about the voting machines, we talked about this all throughout 2016, we raised the issue myself, Roger Stone wrote a huge piece at TheHill.com way back before the election happened, but now the Russian narrative has been so completely debased and debunked that they have to keep moving the goalposts further and further and further
And it may be, it may be very well that this is where they always wanted it to end up.
Because now, they can say that you're not just a Trump supporter, you're a Russian influence agent.
And that this investigation can turn around and say,
Well, if you're using headlines or you're putting out tweets that are pro-Russia or that are even similar to what we assume the Russian government wants, then you must be a supporter of the Russian government and therefore an agent.
So instead of actually using evidence,
Instead of actually using investigative techniques or proof, looking for handoffs, looking for money, looking for dead drops, they're not doing any of that whatsoever.
They're going through and making up completely artificial standards to say that a social media user posting a Trump meme, posting a Pepe meme of a green frog, posting something about WikiLeaks, the Hillary emails, which she, Podesta, and others have essentially confirmed were real,
They're saying that all of that was at the behest of Russia, and that all of that therefore makes you a Russian influence agent.
Now, Mueller is pointing back to what Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook admitted last week, that there's some Russian company, some shell company somewhere, that bought some ads on Facebook.
And so they're trying to use that one nugget of truth.
I didn't see any Russian ads on Facebook all throughout the election.
And believe me, I was on Facebook quite a bit.
I was on Twitter.
I was on Facebook.
I would bounce around, going to Reddit, going to other places, trying to find information because you know you're not going to find it on CNN, MSNBC.
You've got to go to alternate sources.
That's why we had these things.
So instead of them actually going around
And saying they wanted true information of finding Russian influence, they're making things up.
They can turn around and censor Facebook.
They can turn around and censor Twitter and other social media organizations.
And what they're going to do is, they're going to do it in a way where Facebook and Twitter and other social media engines, Google I'm sure will be next, I expect Google would be next in something like this, is to say, well, in order to prevent something like this from happening,
We've just got to embed the FBI and the NSA inside Facebook, inside Twitter.
Give them a backdoor open access.
And now here's the issue, folks, is that if you've signed up for a Facebook account or a Twitter account or any of the or a Google account,
And they then sign a deal for information sharing with FBI.
Guess what?
Now they've got all of your data.
So you see, this is the way that it comes in where they start with saying one thing of Russian influence and it ends up circling back and circling back and circling back and eventually the target is the FBI gets all of your information.
So how does that actually happen, right?
How does something like that actually happen when we started with talking about the president
Going forward, and potentially, he won the election, and now they're using it to springboard into more and more federal access into your information, the surveillance state, the same stuff that happened in the wake of 9-11, the same stuff that happened that Edward Snowden leaked in many documents.
He talked about this data sharing.
James Clapper went to Congress, lied through his teeth to Congress, and said, the government does not see your metadata.
The government does not see your metadata.
He said it three times.
And then it came out, the government is looking at your metadata, right?
So as you can see, all of this is absolutely an avenue where Mueller, who was the FBI director during that period, who worked very closely with Clapper, worked very closely on all of these operations, they can hand over your stuff to Facebook.
By instead of actually having a crisis, so 9-11 happened,
And that was a crisis that they decided not to let go to waste, as Rahm Emanuel once told us.
Rahm Emanuel, former chief of staff to Obama, the current mayor of Chicago, he said, never let a crisis go to waste.
Well, now they've created an artificial crisis by this meme, this completely false and debunked meme, that Russia hacked the election, and they're now turning it around and getting Facebook involved.
And getting Twitter involved.
And my estimation is that next, they'll get Google involved.
So you see, this is the way that they turn all this around to say, well, folks, the only way we can do this is if we have access to the data of Facebook, of Google, to have access to your data, so we can go after these quote-unquote nefarious act.
Any evidence whatsoever of this, they give you these paltry
You know, very, very, uh, flimsy kind of examples of saying, well, there's this one Russian company somewhere that might be Russia, but we think they're Russian.
Mr. Trump, what should be the response to this attack?
How should the U.S.
respond to such a devastation?
Well, I think they have to respond quickly and effectively.
They have to find out exactly what the cause was, who did it, and they have to go after these people.
16 years later, on a planet under siege by CIA-fed jihadists.
Earth, a finite space turned exponential battleground where presently Osama Bin Laden's son Hamza is expected to inherit the jihad that his father and the Saudis began.
Time hasn't healed these wounds.
These days belong to the children of the 9-11 attack with teeth still embedded with lead and tin.
Never forgotten are the 2,996 killed, more than 6,000 wounded, plus the 60,000 to 70,000 first responders affected with a slow death replete with aluminum.
Glass, asbestos, jet fuel, and thermite.
The majority of Americans won't be able to rest until there are solid answers to the unraveling lies we were obviously told 16 years ago.
The children of 9-11, alongside the rest of America, will continue to demand answers.
A complaint filed on behalf of the families of
1,400 victims of the 9-11 attacks alleges, as the New York Post reports, two years before the airliner attacks, the Saudi embassy paid for two Saudi nationals living undercover in the U.S.
as students to fly from Phoenix to Washington in a dry run for the 9-11 terror attacks.
On this tour of predetermined madness and horror, Mohammed al-Qurayyin and Hamdan al-Shallawi, members of the Kingdom's network of agents in the U.S.
began the first stage of a vast terrorist conspiracy that would change the course of human history.
The New York Post continues, the court filing provides new details that paint a pattern of both financial and operational support for the 9-11 conspiracy
From official Saudi sources, lawyers for the plaintiffs say, in fact, the Saudi government may have been involved in underwriting the attacks from the earliest stages.
Lawyers representing Saudi Arabia last month filed a motion to dismiss the lawsuit, which may finally be headed toward trial now that Congress has cleared diplomatic immunity hurdles.
A Manhattan federal judge has asked the 9-11 plaintiffs, represented
The New York Post continues.
But in November 2000, the FBI received reporting that Shalawi trained at terrorist camps in Afghanistan and had received explosives training to perform attacks on American targets.
The bureau also suspected Khudayeen was a Saudi intelligence agent based on his frequent contact with Saudi officials.
So you see how that goes, folks?
You see how it works?
The minute we start talking about this stuff,
The minute we start talking about getting into the issues of the day, the issues of the surveillance state, the issues of what FBI or NSA can do, or any of these other guys, they immediately drop our connection on Skype, they immediately go right after us, and this is the same type of surveillance state stuff that we're talking about.
Now, I have no idea if that had to do with them, but it's kind of interesting that this always happens whenever I start talking about one of those topics or another.
It always starts going whenever I get into
Any of those topics.
And folks, that's what the overall goal is here.
The overall goal is, from one state to another, is you gotta understand when it comes to the deep state, these people never change their positions.
They're not elected by any group.
They're not under any review.
Most largely, and you can go and look, this is in the news.
Politico has reported this.
Many other places have reported this.
Academics have reported this.
This isn't just Jack Posobiec saying it.
They've admitted that there is a massive government infrastructure in the intelligence community and elsewhere that is completely, number one, unaccountable, and number two, unknown in terms of their operations and in terms of their movements to the American people.
And it's those people that are able to ply the United States government for decisions
In their favor, for decisions to allow them to continue to run autonomously.
People used to call it the shadow government, right?
And now we're seeing in many terms that Barack Obama, the former president, is being referred to as a shadow president.
They want Obama out there giving speeches.
They want him out there meeting with world leaders because many of these people still see Barack Obama
As their leader.
They see him as the legitimate president, and they see Trump as a sort of illegitimate president.
They want to create that dichotomy in your mind.
They want you to create that mental contrast in your mind.
Because normally most presidents, when they go out of office, they kind of retire, right?
They retire, they go off, they do charity stuff.
George W. Bush went down to the ranch and he's still there, went over to his painting houses in Africa, doing stuff like that.
Barack Obama, he's out there almost every day it seems.
We now have confirmation that he's going to be giving speeches in Virginia.
He's going to be getting involved in some of the campaigns there.
He wants to talk about Charlottesville.
He wants to talk about these issues of the day.
And it's all designed to create a false impression
That the Trump presidency is illegitimate.
That the Trump presidency shouldn't happen.
And that all of this can come down to when eventually Mueller goes to file false charges against the president.
If he goes to file false indictments of the president, of his family members, of campaign members.
To make people not have a strong reaction to when this happens.
They're trying to usurp democracy by creating a false narrative that he is an illegitimate president and therefore should not be in office.
So if and when they move to take him out of office, people will not be as upset.
Now, number one, we know that's not true because people will absolutely be furious.
Because people remember, the 65 million remember what happened in 2016.
The people remember what happened in 2016 and they're not going to just walk away and see their president taken away or resign in...
In a quiet and subservient manner.
That was the whole point of the Trump election.
That was the whole point of the movement.
That is the whole point of the movement and continues to be so.
We're not here necessarily just because Donald J. Trump ran for president.
People were already frustrated with government.
They were frustrated with the collusion between government and big tech and big business that we're seeing now in these investigations.
That we're seeing now with what Google's doing and the censorship.
They were frustrated with seeing the getting in bed of the both parties, the Republican and the Democrat parties.
People saw it as a two-state, two-party duopoly.
And so in any other country, this entire situation, step back, right?
I like to step back.
When I'm doing something like this, you know, you're going through all the details, you want to get every little thing down pat, but you've got to step back.
You've got to step back and look at it.
Any other country, any other situation, we would call this a coup d'etat.
That this is a coup d'etat, a soft coup, that's being launched by forces of the deep states, by forces of mainstream media, academia, all of these quote-unquote mainstream sources that are trying to put false allegations on Trump, on his campaign, and now we find out that Robert Mueller is coming after every single Trump supporter there is by defaming them, quite essentially, as Russian influence agents.
Or they're going to turn around, and Hillary made this a huge part of her book.
She made it a huge part of her book in the Hillary Rodham Clinton book, What Happened.
You know, what happened, we found out what happened, you lost, and we want to find out what happens next.
So the last piece that I wanted to hit today, before we really go around, is to say, what is going on in the presidency now?
What things are happening with Trump, with policy, and we find out that tonight, the President of the United States is going to be having dinner with none other than Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi.
Now I think if you went back a year ago to when Schumer and Pelosi and all the other Democrats were calling him a Nazi and calling him Hitler and calling him every name under the sun, you would never believe that they would be having dinner at the White House with President Donald Trump and be doing so knowingly and willingly.
And all of this has to do with the DREAM Act.
The DREAM Act was essentially would be amnesty
For the 800,000 dreamers, the children of illegal immigrants who were brought here as minors that came into the United States, they want them all to come in and they want them to get this complete amnesty.
And they're all pushing for Trump to get it.
To hand over amnesty to all of these people because they're telling him from both sides now.
So you've got Mitch McConnell, you've got Paul Ryan.
You've got John Kelly, we're hearing reports that H.R.
McMaster himself is even weighing in to say, Trump, you need to sign the DREAM Act amnesty.
And they're making it from two perspectives.
They're saying from one, and this is a Democrat bill.
It's totally a Democrat bill.
It's introduced by Lindsey Graham, but we know Lindsey Graham is a rhino.
Jeff Flake, he's a rhino.
They are rhinos because, in reality, they're Democrats, like Ana Navarro, right?
Fake Republicans putting out legislation.
If you're a fake Republican, guess what?
That means you're a Democrat when it really comes down to it.
So with Amnesty, they think that this will, they're telling Trump, well if you go and do this, it's going to push all the racist narratives out.
It's going to push all of the KKK, the Nazi stuff, it's going to push it all out.
And the headlines are going to be great, they're going to be glowing, they're going to hail you as the new messiah, everyone's going to love you so much.
But when it really comes down to it,
We know that the mainstream media isn't going to be okay with this.
We know the mainstream media isn't going to have any positive coverage of our president.
We know that even if he were to capitulate and put in amnesty, I've talked to people in Washington DC, I've talked to my sources, I've talked to my sources in the party, my sources out at these different media organizations.
People that work on the editing floors, the production floors, that reach out to me because they're not on board with what's going on.
This false journalism, this false pushing of narratives and conspiracy theories, when it really comes down to it, all of the Russia stuff is an utter conspiracy theory.
So they're going to turn around and call us conspiracy theorists while they're perpetuating one of the largest conspiracy theories in American history.
Projection, right?
We've all called it that.
What's really at the heart of all this
Is they think they can coerce Trump into signing on to their amnesty bill by signing on to this and have it be a wedge between Trump and the base.
Because then they can turn around and say that this was the main issue that brought the base to the president.
This was the main issue, amnesty, that the president fought against during the campaign
That the president said, people have to go back.
We have to come up with a solution for this situation.
We want a wall.
That's what people got on board with.
That's what America First was to begin with.
However, under this new regime, they're trying to push forward the Democrat Dream Act and offer it as a deal.
And part of this lays at the blame, at the fault, really, of Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell.
Because Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell were not able
To get anything done politically.
They tried to put Obamacare.
They're talking about tax reform.
They're talking about infrastructure.
Where is it?
Don't see any of it.
Haven't seen any of it.
None of it's been passed, right?
We're getting hard and deep into politics now.
I'm sorry, folks, but we've got to cover all of this stuff.
We've got to cover all of this stuff because this is what's coming down.
This is the info war.
This is the information environment as it stands today.
So a lot of, you know, when I come on InfoWars, one of the things I like to talk about is, what is the current state of the information war?
Because we're in an information war every day.
The current state is, they're trying to push a false narrative to the President, a false narrative to Republicans in Congress, by saying Trump is for amnesty.
And telling Trump that you need to sign amnesty.
The only way around this is that you need to sign amnesty.
But I gotta tell you,
I've run Twitter polls on this.
I've seen Rasmussen put out polls on this.
Trump's base does not want amnesty.
Trump's base, the America First base, the Make America Great Again, Hashtag MAGA base, they do not want amnesty.
They do not want to see it.
They don't want to see it in any form.
People are pro-immigrant at the same time.
That's another thing that I'm pulling out, because you've got to read through these polls.
You've got to actually read through the comments, read through what people are saying.
People aren't anti-immigrant, regardless of what the media says.
They're not anti-immigrant.
What they are is they're pro-America.
They want to welcome people in.
People from all countries, people from all backgrounds.
But they want to make sure that the people that come in to the United States are here because
They want the same culture as us.
They want to be part of our culture.
They want to speak our language.
They want to learn our traditions.
They want to follow our laws.
That's what they want to get into.
That's what essentially means you're an American, when it comes down to it.
So, I think what the President should do, and this would be my recommendation.
Of course, the President is his own strategist.
My recommendation would be to find a way to set up a registration system.
A registration system for those people that are here as Dreamers that were under this program that Obama did sign, and they're following Obama's program, set up a registration system so that they can go back to the Mexican consulate, they can go back to the Mexican embassy, they have to file in, they have to go and check in to register as Mexican aliens, because that's, and whatever country it is, even if it's not Mexico, there's people from Eastern Europe, there's people from the Middle East as well,
Register, get on paper somewhere, and then set up a process for what comes next.
Because if we sign on directly to the DREAM Act, if we sign on directly to blanket amnesty, that is going to turn, number one, into a revolt from the Trump base, and number two, it's going to turn into a Democrat voting bloc.
That's what this is all coming down to.
We're going to go to break right now.
It's going to be our final commercial break of the hour.
And we've got a big, big story I want to hit right before we get out today.
Don't forget to check out what's coming up right now.
It's Owen Troyer on War Room, the great new roundtable show.
Owen's got a ton of awesome stuff tonight.
I can't wait to see it.
I'm going to be tuned in just watching.