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Air Date: Sept. 11, 2017
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Alex Jones discusses how President Trump is isolated and manipulated by those around him. He shares intel about Trump's drug use, expressing concern for his safety. The show promotes various products while emphasizing the importance of prosperity, freedom, and individualism. The division between urban globalists and nationalists or regionalists is explored, with a focus on sanctions on Russia and its cultural resilience. Jones criticizes enemies who have access to President Trump, potentially endangering him. He discusses Hillary Clinton's actions during the Benghazi attack and her legal consequences. The show highlights political tensions in America, including media treatment of President Trump and efforts to undermine his administration.

From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
September 11, 2017.
Here's the President in a moment of silence from the taps this morning.
16 years ago, we saw the worst terrorist attack in world history.
Not American history.
3,000 plus lives lost.
Five years ago, we saw the Benghazi stand down.
And the treason of Hillary Clinton.
And the deep state finally turning against her cold-blooded crime machine.
And one year ago, we saw Hillary Clinton symbolically in New York City, on the 15th anniversary, fall to the ground.
I ought to pull up the MSNBC and CNN clips we've got where they say, InfoWars is putting out fake news that she fell down.
She only stumbled.
And they'd only show the very first of the clip and not show her falling on her face or being thrown in the back of the black ambulance like a side of beef, as the Secret Service later said.
One month before that happened, the Secret Service told us
Follow her everywhere, look for her black, disguised ambulance, and look for her being rushed to it and on her campaign car, and that means she is having a convulsion.
Well, that is indeed what you just witnessed there.
You have Hurricane Irma.
We can put that up on screen.
Then we have another hurricane, Jose, right behind it.
Category 3 out there in the Gulf.
Half of Florida is without power, looting spree.
Keys residents seething over roadblocks.
Miami Beach residents barred from returning.
Tampa largely unscathed.
Authorities to pursue felonies for abandoning pets.
Alligator wanders downtown streets.
Irma ranks seventh storm in US history.
Now it's up in northern
Florida up going past Tallahassee into Georgia and Alabama with another storm right behind it.
That said, here's the big news.
This news is so big that it's even hard to cover other news before we break it coming up later in the broadcast with Roger Stone and much of what Stone has gotten from his sources
Very close to the president.
Can be confirmed separately, but it's just unbelievable.
And it's exactly how I would do it if I was them.
But he's like Rapunzel up in the tower, and what they're doing to the president while he's in the tower, and how they got him into the tower.
I guess he doesn't have long enough blonde hair to
uses a rope to let folks climb up into the tower is shocking.
And it's going to be breaking in the next few days.
In fact, the story's been killed at major newspapers on calls from General Kelly.
We're going to force it out right now.
On the other side of this transmission, this break, I will give you a little bit of a taste of what's coming up, but this is frightening, it's horrifying, it's incredibly dangerous, not just to America, but to the world.
You're gonna learn about the coup that's almost in place.
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Crashing through the lies and disinformation, it's Alex Jones, coming to you live from the frontlines of the info war.
Ladies and gentlemen, thank you so much for joining us on this live Worldwide Monday edition.
It is September 11th, 2017.
We're going to be here for the next four hours live.
And I am going to be hosting the fourth hour today.
Because Roger Stone is going to be joining us from New York, probably with a special guest, but I'm just going to leave that as a side note, because it is a side note.
We have confirmed intel directly from the president and directly from those surrounding him of how he has been isolated
And what they're planning to do with the president and the types of things they're saying.
The globalists want weak people in the positions of power because they can be controlled as puppets.
And the information you're going to be getting, I've separately confirmed from people very close to McMaster, who admits that our sources that are close to McMaster have indeed been putting out accurate information about what he's up to.
And Trump has a real soft spot in his mind for the military, and I think that's great for the average service person or veteran.
On average, they're hard-working, focused, dedicated people.
That's why you call it, you know, 3 a.m.
if you need somebody to go help pull your truck out of the ditch, or take you to the hospital, or whatever, or who you want with you in a fight.
But the generals are a whole different kettle of fish, and
We've got the full picture on what Kelly's doing as a Chief of Staff, on what McMaster's doing, and the things they're doing, and the things they're saying about the President, and how they're maneuvering to have him removed.
And how they're all on incredible power trips, especially McMaster.
Just trashing the president.
Because these are such bootlickers.
These are such social climbers.
They see the power structures being prepared to remove Trump and they are just on their bellies.
Bellies dragging in front of the power structure, in front of that altar.
That's why Bannon had to go.
Bannon's honorable.
He did a great job.
The strategy he pushed is the populist Americana reboot.
The globalists want a leftist, fake populist movement, in their own words, modeled after Mao Zedong, that will completely overthrow our free market system for the general public.
The elite will still be up in their ivory towers.
And that's why, even though Bannon's left, you see slime bags like George Clooney, who had everything given to him by his billionaire parents, all the roles he had failed, he was absolutely hated until he was like 40 years old with this ER show.
His family spent hundreds of millions putting him in the position he's in.
He's a total loser.
That's why he's out saying horrible things about Bannon, because he's a nobody.
Says he's a failed screenwriter.
Well, buddy, you might write screens for little fantasy shows and Hollywood is failing.
They admit Hollywood's collapsing.
People are so sick of just empty, low IQ folks that can barely read off a teleprompter.
But Bannon comes from blue collar folks, was in the Navy, became an officer, was successful in banking, successful in brokerage and venture capital, and was successful in Hollywood.
The screenplays weren't, but the films they invested in were successful, and it just shows how these losers that have had everything given to them live in this religion that all of us that are self-made, you know, that we're failures and we're jokes.
It's not about me, it's not about Stephen Bannon.
It's not about Stephen Bannon.
It's about how they take somebody they don't like and put a light underneath their head like they did me on NBC with... That idiot.
Megyn Kelly.
It's about how they carry out the anatomy of a fraud.
How they soften the lens for Hillary and light her with three-point lighting, but everybody else they manipulate, they cut together.
It's the anatomy of a fraud.
The anatomy of a joke.
The anatomy of a scam.
But Bannon, along with Infowars, and along with you, helped write the script for the American reboot.
And we, collectively, you and I, wrote
The talking points that have brought America back from the grave, and we now see the economy turning back on, we now see confidence coming back on, we now see unity coming back together.
There's new studies out from major universities, five of them I saw last week, going actually racial tensions are at an all-time low, people say in surveys.
That's why the media is saying it's at all-time bad, and pushing it as hard as they can, because they know they're losing control, and that's in the WikiLeaks.
So please tell everyone you know to tune in in the fourth hour today.
I added a fourth hour five years ago or so to the broadcast and a lot of folks think that's just some side show.
That many times has higher ratings and is on just as many affiliates as average as the second hour is.
For some reason workstations carry the first and second and they carry the third and fourth but overall the fourth hour is a big important hour but today people are going to want to particularly tune in because Roger and I are now willing to just go ahead and spill our guts.
Now we're not going to name sources but some of the sources we're going to name because
They tried to give the information to major newspapers, we're going to name those, and it was killed by Kelly.
General Kelly.
And so, believe me, General Kelly's getting phone calls right now.
They're already figuring out how they're going to handle all this.
Blackmail of the President, J. Edgar Hoover style.
Even keeping his family away?
Yes, his security guy of 30 years, runoff, forced to resign by Kelly.
There's been rumors of that.
That's confirmed.
We have the whole story of how it happened.
But it gets even worse.
Ladies and gentlemen.
Ladies and gentlemen.
I was told this by high-level sources, and it was evident, and especially after Reagan was shot in his first year in office, when he was acting like Trump and doing the right things, that he never really recovered.
They gave him cold blood and his transfusion that causes brain damage.
They slowly gave him small amounts of sedatives.
It's known that most presidents end up getting drugged.
Small dosages of sedatives till they build it up.
Trump's such a bull, he hasn't fully understood it yet, but I've talked to people, multiple ones, and they believe that they are putting a slow sedative that they're building up that's also addictive in his Diet Cokes and in his iced tea, and that the president by six or seven at night is basically slurring his words and is drugged.
Now first they had to isolate him to do that, but yes, ladies and gentlemen, I've talked to people that talk to the President now at 9 at night.
He is slurring his words.
And I'm going to leave it at that.
I've talked to folks that have talked to him directly.
So notice, oh he's mentally ill, oh he's got Alzheimer's.
They isolate him, then you start slowly building up the dose.
But instead of titrating it like poison, like venom of a cobra, or a rattlesnake, or a water moccasin, where you build it up slowly so that you get a immunity to it, you're building it slowly so the person doesn't notice it.
First it's almost zero, just a tiny bit, and then a little more, and then your brain subconsciously becomes
Addicted to it and wants it, and so as the dose gets bigger and bigger, you get more comfortable in it.
The President's about two months into being covertly drugged.
Now I'm risking my life, by the way, telling you all this.
I was physically sick before I went on air, because I'm smart.
I don't mean that in a braggadocious way, I mean I'm not dumb.
The information you're going to get today is super dangerous.
In fact, I'm tempted just to let it out now so they don't cut the show off or something before this goes out.
I mean, this is the kind of thing that gets you killed.
So you can see all the scripting.
The president had the exact right response to Charlottesville.
Both sides are horrible.
The white supremacists are horrible.
The Antifa, with clubs beating people and starting it, is horrible.
Funded by George Soros.
A month later, three weeks later, oh, they're right.
We decry Antifa.
Because they have to, because they've gotten so vicious, attacking prayer meetings, you name it.
He was right, but see, the sluggishness now.
He's not burnt out, he's not tired, he loves energy, he loves people, he loved always working 16 hours a day.
Suddenly though, it's not the stress of the job, it's not the, oh look he's having mental collapse so he can't help it, it's that they start drugging these presidents.
Remember George W. Bush was a governor, was well spoken.
I didn't like him.
He'd had me arrested before just asking questions at press conferences.
But I mean, I knew him back when my sister went to school with his daughters.
I sat there a couple times at the same table, talked to him.
Back before he was even governor, I knew him.
The point is, is that he was sharp and funny.
Didn't need a teleprompter.
But between him on the campaign trail and getting into office, he became a bumbling moron.
You could look at him, and I can tell you, he was drugged up.
And you look at him today, they admit he's on a bunch of psychotropics.
He sits there naked in his bathtub doing those paintings.
They drug presidents because the power structure wants a puppet.
The president needs his blood tested by an outside physician he trusts.
And he needs to get his former New York police officer friend and head of security back in.
They don't even let Ivanka in to see her dad.
And she has to write a report on him when she's done.
Everything you're going to get is directly from the president and from other top people, including... It's all coming up, ladies and gentlemen.
It's all coming up on 9-11.
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We're good to go.
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From the front lines.
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
What we are looking at is good and evil, right and wrong.
A new world order.
So, we know Trump is the real deal because he's delivered on TPP, the carbon taxes, on 69% reduction in illegals, on shooting down the DREAM Act, on doing what he said he'd do.
And so many other things.
Four trillion in the stock market, hundreds of billions in new jobs, 1.6 million new jobs.
The list goes on and on.
And the globalists, though, are inverting that and saying we're in a literal hell.
And they've got former deputy directors of the FBI, of the CIA, all appointed by Mueller and others, saying we're getting ready to kill the president.
That's the confidence they're projecting and swaggering around at a McMaster at dinner.
With high-level CEOs drunk, drinking $300 bottle Chardonnay on the government payroll, says, that idiot just called me the president, that moron.
He doesn't need the codes, I'm pretty much the president.
He's a total idiot.
He doesn't understand anything over 128 characters, being Twitter or whatever.
And the people are like, this is shocking.
These are even Democrats.
That's incredible.
You just talk like that.
These are professional, serious people.
And plus McMaster is just drunk off his mind, just in these fancy restaurants.
And then, come on, here's my girlfriend.
This is who they put in.
I mean, just a megalomaniac.
So it is a major fault of judgment of the president.
That he believed the military would protect him.
Because the military units that have been involved, and some of the private groups that helped get him elected, and some of the patriots out there that were behind the scenes helping, the military is his friend.
But not the... Everybody that was a patriot wouldn't take the job because they saw what happened to Flynn!
So it's really their dereliction of duty,
Some of the good guys he first asked after Flynn that we're in this position.
Because finally he went to McMaster.
McMaster called his handler, Petraeus, and they gave the green light.
We should get Steve Pchenik on about this.
Because I want to brief him on air, maybe at noon if you can do it.
He used to run CIA major operations.
I want to get him on.
And just talk about the information I have, because I already have a lot of this myself.
And then the new information I got on the phone for 20 minutes with Roger, writing notes this morning, I got a big chill up my spine.
And I knew what they did to Reagan.
I know what they've done to other leaders before, by building up a poison or building up a drug in the body.
Until the person is basically dependent on it and they never even knew it and that's how they get control of you.
Oh, you're not, you're feeling bad.
Here's more of what you need.
That's, that's going on.
Because these people are shooting their mouths off.
About, yeah, well soon he's gonna be really fatigued.
Soon we'll be in full control.
Like the penguin or something out of a cartoon.
Soon Batman will be poisoned!
And it's just these, they're all up there like a bunch of... carrion crows perched up on a tree looking at the country dying, hoping it rots quicker so they can have a bigger meal.
So the President's meant well.
He's been a good guy.
He's tried to deliver.
Bannon was there.
We've had a good run for eight months, but just like Bannon said when he left a few weeks ago, this is a whole new president because they've surrounded him, they've encircled him.
Oh, and how they did it, how they did it by leaking, leaking, leaking, leaking, then saying, sir, we've got to have operational control, get rid of all these other people around you.
They'll stop leaking when they were the very ones that were leaking.
Then they just order their command and control system of aides that are around him to stop leaking, because now they've got the president where they want him, isolated.
Then they go, sir, this newspaper found out about this woman.
And yeah, Trump and
Melania are together and everything and stuff goes on, but Trump's never made any bones about the fact that he likes women.
And I mean, that's, they're either blackmailing the president.
You're going to get it all!
You're going to get every bit of it.
Look, we've known a lot of this for a while, but you're going to get it all.
We're spilling our guts coming up in the fourth hour.
Spilling the guts!
We're spilling the guts!
Because it's too dangerous to know any of this.
I, Roger, agree.
And my other sources agree.
We're going to spill the guts.
We've been authorized by sources to name some sources inside the White House.
Stay with us.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
You know, someone very profoundly once said, many years ago, that if fascism ever comes to America, it'll come in the name of liberalism.
You're a white man!
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Take action now before we sell out.
Big Brother, Mainstream Media, Government Cover-Ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Let's make this a year of action.
That's what most Americans want.
Raising the debt ceiling does not increase our debt.
Nobody is listening to your telephone calls.
The debate is settled.
Climate change is a fact.
And if people can't trust not only the executive branch, but also don't trust Congress and don't trust federal judges, then we're going to have some problems.
What difference at this point does it make?
You're selling America out for teen globalists.
But... The American people and the intelligence agencies learned of the plan to make the country poor.
And, you know, even the mercenaries and henchmen and the real killers didn't like that plan.
And then they learned that there really are pedophile rings running the country.
And, uh, really one of the unsung heroes in exposing this behind the scenes has been the owner of Blackwater, now XZ, Eric Prince, who gets demonized a lot in the media, and who I even went off half-cocked about ten years ago, until I learned all the behind-the-scenes stuff and saw how accurate it was.
That those are some of the folks and people that are aware of what's happening and have been trying to recommend to Trump avenues that would actually get him out of the debacle that he's in.
But Blackwater is a very, very small piece of this.
But it was Eric Prince exposing the Jerry Epstein, the sex trafficking of children in and out of the Middle East on Epstein's aircraft with Bill Clinton on board.
And a wiener trying to recruit young girls and all the rest of it.
I mean, it's just the tip of the iceberg and it's a nightmare.
And Donald Trump really believes in America, really believes in free market, believes in making better deals.
He doesn't like that the globalists are out to get the country.
And want to conquer it by making it poor when they already own it and run it.
Trump goes, what's the point in behind-the-scenes conversations if you've got a racehorse to go out there and put it on a truck and send it to be turned into steaks or something for people in France?
Or if you've got a pet dog that's loyal to you, why the hell would you stomp its head in?
Not that he's even a saint, he's just like, why would we burn down the country?
Why would we sell out to the Communist Chinese and Mexico and everywhere else and get rid of prosperity?
Trump likes flying over and seeing lots of big houses and swimming pools and everything nice.
It's well known, he just can't stand it when he sees poor families and stuff.
It's not about PR, he's just grabbing wads of cash out, handing it to them, writing people checks.
Because he likes wealth.
He's real hard-nosed with the globalists and groups, and he'll have casinos.
If you're dumb enough to go gamble, he'll take your money.
But at the same time, he likes prosperity.
Just like I don't like going in a restaurant.
And seeing old ladies not able to buy the food they want in the cafeteria line.
The third or fourth time that happened at these cafeterias I like to go to.
Some of these cafeterias have pretty good food.
I've been going to cafeterias since I was 16 years old by myself.
And I never seen old people not able to get the food they need.
I couldn't eat the food anymore.
I've walked out of these cafeterias because
I don't like standing out or acting like a big saint or something.
I start saying, let me get your dinner, and then it turns into a big scene.
Well, let me get your food, you know, these old ladies, old black ladies, old white ladies.
I just can't stand it.
I want to see them get their big plates of food.
Instead, they can hardly get anything to eat!
Pisses me off!
It makes me not feel good about my prosperity, because I'm a real liberal.
I want freedom!
That's what liberal means.
It means more books, more freedom, more property, more children, more guns, more life extension, more choices.
True diversity, true tolerance.
There's nothing tolerant about the globalists.
They have some existential wish to dominate and kill the West and kill Western architecture and culture in their own admissions.
It's a sick cuckolding.
And hey, if some guys get off on 10 other men with their wife, that's their issue.
That's cuckolding.
That's what this is!
Is they want to sit here and mutilate our children's minds and mutilate our culture and then they write essays about how they like it!
It's not like I just figured this out!
They tell us what they're doing!
You know how frustrating it is to be able to read 50,000 if I could?
Department of Energy reports, government reports about geoengineering and how they're doing it and
There are tens of thousands of reports.
It's completely public.
It's one of the most studied industries in the world.
It's gigantic!
And it's all beneath the surface in the national security realm.
Talk about discrimination.
Forget black-white or religion or where you're from.
What about an elite of ultra-rich setting up a National Security Act in 1947 to make basically half the government secret and to be able to kill whoever they want and do whatever they want?
For now, almost 70 years.
What type of hubris, what type of arrogance, what type of insanity do you think that creates?
And then we put a cowboy businessman in there who just doesn't have a giant you-know-what on for America, who associates his success with America,
We get a beachhead to try to get new management in and suddenly everything starts turning around when he just gets a few of the switches back in order.
And they are so arrogant, that'll be their downfall, that Hillary thought she'd win, that people would be force-fed her, that McMaster sits around because he's insecure that people don't like him, because he's with Trump, so he tells waiters, I hate the President!
He's an idiot!
I hate the President!
He's a moron!
The President's an idiot!
Edward, the President's an idiot!
The President's an idiot!
The President's an idiot!
I go get my hair cut or something, people walk over and don't like me for what I've said.
I go, hey, let's have a debate and discussion about that.
Pretty soon they're shaking my hand and agreeing with me.
I internally know I'm right.
I internally know I have the facts.
I internally know I'm moving forward.
I'm not pig-headed.
I'm not bull-headed.
I know when I'm right that I've got to continue on.
I feel sad for people when they hate me and dump hot coffee on me and cuss at me and say they hope I die and all the rest of it and persecute me.
But I know it's because we're going to beat them, I've got to be an example to others no matter what it happens to me.
Because here's the deal, if I just live some fat cat life, I'll be empty, and I can project into the future and see humanity doesn't have a destiny if we don't do the right thing now.
So I'm very selfish.
about the human destiny.
I am connected to everyone.
I am connected to everybody.
I know that, but not in some false collectivism where some central group directs the collectivism so they can play God.
It always creates a nightmare.
I'm a total individualist, but a total collectivist.
I am absolutely individual and I'm giving my will to the right thing for the collective because I am the collective.
People busted their ass before me.
They fought.
They died.
They were virtuous.
They were strong.
They had will and I'm carrying it with me right now.
They're here with me now.
And I will never let them down.
And I will never let my children down.
That's why I get so mad at myself when I stumble because it's such an honor to stand against the enemy.
And Trump has tasted just a little bit of the spirit, a little bit of this destiny, that I know is burning so brightly in your hearts and your minds and your eyes out there and your guts.
These evil people only knew what was waiting for them if they would just turn themselves over to God, but it's got to be done through free will.
And I am just so blessed
My heart and soul resonates with God and not with the devil.
Because, let me tell you, men are always dual.
And my evil side's there and it's big, but it's not anything as big as my good side.
But I know my evil side.
It's much bigger than most seriously wicked men's.
My evil side is about as big and dark and large as anybody's out there.
And that's why I know the enemy.
But my good side's so much, much bigger than that.
And anybody that serves this pure evil is a fool.
Most of them do it through fear.
You see, the globalists know they're spiritually ugly.
They spiritually stink.
But they spiritually are failures.
And so if they can force-feed ugly architecture, ugly literature, on us,
Ugly spiritually, leaders like Hillary.
Then it'll just twist and invert justice and right and make us give up internally because our subconscious mind sees a tottering evil politico like Hillary who just acts and behaves physically but also in her works like a classic witch out of the Wizard of Oz.
And if that's what we're going to get, despite her huge train of corruption, it's a giant breaking of our will.
That's what this is!
And then you understand why they want to mount our head politically on the wall, because it's a breaking of our will.
See, they don't want to fully destroy your free will.
They want to trick you into giving your will over to them, but to do that they've got to break your will.
I don't understand that.
This is a force of wills.
And as the enemy pushes their will against us, can you not feel your will getting stronger?
No matter how many horsepower the devil gives them, God's going to give us even more horsepower.
And that's why the enemy is just...
They don't know what to do.
They're throwing everything they've got at humanity right now.
The chemicals, the biologicals.
They know it's getting them too.
People say, well how does the elite do all this to get away of it?
They don't get away from it!
That's why most of their own people are starting to give up.
They're going, this is crazy!
I don't want to be part of this!
And they're like, oh yeah?
We're going all the way.
It's metaphysical.
When the emperor, the Illuminati's telling you right there, is sitting there frying Mace Windu with the electricity, it's bouncing back on him as well, frying him.
But he wants the power so much, he's willing to cook his own self to get the power!
Unlimited power!
It's a joke!
You understand that?
These people are fried!
They fried themselves!
They turned themselves over, and they fried themselves!
They thought they were getting the power when they were losing their real humanity the entire time.
And then when the dark force is done with them, all they are is a husk.
All they are is an empty vessel, an automaton, a biological android, an avatar.
Their will turned into a tool of the force of evil in the universe.
So we're going to cover a lot of news, got a lot of clips, got a lot to cover.
Quite frankly, just the time's ticking down to when we're going to give you the full data dump.
I told Roger this morning, from my sources, his sources, and other sources, and I've got a lot of this directly from Cernovich, and believe me, Cernovich has got the sources in the White House.
Or did.
Everything in the fight now turns to midterm elections.
I knew two weeks ago what Bantam was going to do with these big announcements, what we're going to do.
That is a real deal.
And none of us should infight over who's the leader in this.
It's like, who's the leader marching up first to the gallows individually?
But I get competitiveness in men.
That's part of what makes a man successful.
But at this level, it's not about that.
It's about the competitiveness of our energy and our will with God.
Filling our sails with his will against the enemy.
It's about ramming speed.
It's about understanding how important this is.
Look at this article.
If you want to know the enemy, listen to how religious this is by Charles M. Blow.
I'm going to skip this break.
Joe Blow.
Soul survival in Trump's hell.
You see America waking up.
You see the ratings going back up of the dead media.
It's still, they're still dead, but it's a big dead cat bounce.
Interest again.
So physically their coffers are full again.
Physically, they're doing better.
Physically, the economy's better.
Physically, there's more optimism.
Physically, all the real numbers show we're coming together.
But they, the elite, are going to now tell you it's hell.
Because listen to how they talk about how it makes them feel.
That Trump's there because, see, he's not anti-Christian.
And he's not anti-white.
And again, it's not the minorities that are pushing this race-based system.
It's the controllers.
Sole survival in Trump's hell.
And then look at these articles.
Bitter Hillary.
Trump won because he...
Comforted millions of white people.
And you know, that's one of the few truthful things she said.
It's not that they were racist.
They were told how they were racist.
They were told how they were evil.
Even though a lot of them, it turned out, had voted for Obama.
And they had grown up guilty that they were white.
And then even though they did everything they could to not be racist, they were told they were bad.
And so Trump came in and said, no, you're not bad.
We're all going to come together.
They went, yeah, that's what we want.
That's what we wanted Obama to do.
That's why we voted for him.
That's why I kind of sat back on that election, because I knew McCain was bad.
I kind of hoped, I didn't think he would, but I kind of hoped all this stuff would actually work.
It was cold-blooded.
They were going to make it worse.
And then look at this headline.
I saw this headline and thought it was clickbait, but I knew that Paul doesn't do that.
I saw the quote Finnish police say, we need to expand tolerance to terrorists.
The quote is, we need to expand tolerance to terrorists and keep them in schools even if they kill people!
See, if you can have an authority figure in mind control sit there in a police chief suit and go, even if you're killed by terrorists, it's good to learn the diversity of being killed by them.
Europe is white and is bad.
We are now Islamic.
Learn to wear the hijab.
Now we're going to have a field trip.
I used to hear 10 years ago, they're making kids learn Sharia in public school and college.
I went, what a bunch of bull!
And then I learned it's happening!
That's the thing!
And then you read the article, it's directly out of mainstream news in Finland!
They got a socialist society, everybody worked together so cohesively, so trustingly, in this Viking society, where there was no theft of the Vikings, of Vikings, which is everybody else they were robbing, that they will do anything!
You can basically, I've read, tell women in federal just have sex with them on the side of the street.
They'll just, okay, because you asked, I don't want to be rude.
I mean, that's how, and then you bring in millions and millions and millions of Muslims running around raping, killing, bombing, everything, and the police say, well, we, there's an actual quote.
He says, we need to accept the terrorists.
So, and you go, that doesn't make sense.
They're in power.
They have to totally flip it and totally Stockholm everybody.
Like the article last week out of Stockholm, Sweden, in their big national paper out of Stockholm, they said, we're going to give preferential homes and training and the highest level of welfare that even veterans don't get to returning ISIS members to reform them.
We're going to buy you off, kind of like the Mexican drug gangs killing other Hispanics in record numbers in towns all over California.
They go, we're going to pay you $1,000 a month if the murder rate goes down.
And it'll work for a while.
You pay a pirate for a while, then he goes back wanting more.
But you're going to live it.
Because they are, they have free money now.
There's going to be so many computers, robots, and industry.
The Globalist said this 20 years ago, I told you about it, because they wrote it in major white papers.
Like, why the future doesn't need us?
Bill Joy, owner of Sun Microsystems, said, no, we're going to just have entertainment toys, free money, all this stuff, but you'll culturally have to do what they say, and they're going to phase out humans once we're just, don't even know how to do anything.
We'll just be playing video games all day, and then wonder why we get cancer at 20.
And it's because you get your money allotment as long as you take the vaccines and everything.
And then under the eugenics, if you fight and say no, and can figure out how to live out in the country, they even say this in their actuaries, that they'll let everybody live in the country that live like Amish, because they say that's some balance.
You'll have the elites with their spaceships, life extension, and there'll be a vestigial humanity that lives out in the woods, and then there'll be everybody else being phased out and killed, and they all say it and put out white papers, and I'm just sitting here!
With even people that have been my friends for years going, oh, Alex is a little radical.
You know why they say that?
Because they're scared deep inside.
They don't want to admit all this is true.
They don't want to admit everything we talk about keeps coming true.
They're now admitting the geoengineering.
And now they admit most of the people you're talking to on Facebook and Twitter are bots.
They're not even real.
But they're there to make you socially feel like
It was just three years ago they said the CIA is going to start having computers write articles.
They were already doing it.
And then, back before we turned it over to Discus, I would have the Secret Service showing up here all the time.
People make death threats on my comment section on InfoWars or Prison Planet.
Secret Service probably came around, I don't know, nine, ten times.
I turned it over to the outside group to have the comments, but we can, but before we did that, we would go look at the IP addresses, there'd be a guy going, I'm gonna kill you white people, and then, I'm gonna kill you black people, and all this other stuff in there.
And then we'd go look at the IP addresses, and it was the same person.
They weren't even hiding it, and then we turned it was a bot.
We go, wait, that guy's posting in ten articles per ten seconds,
A person can't do that.
It's some government bot in there saying, I'm gonna kill the white people, I'm gonna kill the black people.
I mean, that's sick!
And we just sit here bombarded by this programming.
And then you've got all these weak-minded people out there that believe it and believe there's this big mega-crisis.
And they believe that Donald Trump did it.
But you look at what he actually did economically, he helped them already.
Culturally, he helped them, but they don't even know.
They just know that they were given worthless college degrees, they keep buying into the system, and now they think the system that hasn't been delivering to them isn't delivering because it didn't get big enough, and they were going to get paid off soon.
They just needed to stay in the Ponzi scheme long enough, and now Trump's trying to scuttle the whole Ponzi scheme, and what are they going to do?
Because he's the one that caused the problem.
He's the reason they've got student debts.
He's the reason all this is happening.
It's all his fault!
And maybe they would just have some power if he fell!
The elite's gonna give you something just as soon as you tear down that guy they're mad at.
And what do they want?
They want a guaranteed wage whether you work or not.
And then they're thinking, this is great.
Hey, there's all those rich guys with yachts.
I want that!
It's the rich guys that yachts, that came up with the money, that's going to socially engineer you and make you a slave!
And as soon as you get the thousand a month, or whatever, it's not going to be enough, it never is going to be enough, it's going to cause inflation, then you're going to want more!
And they'll have lotteries.
Well, not everybody can be on the EnviroYacht, but one of you did win the lottery to go to the EnviroYacht.
I mean, you can see the whole thing.
And it all becomes playing video games all day to try to get to go be with the famous cool people.
And it's just all mind control.
And it's all set up while the elites move to these armored reservations, testing for life extension and merger with machines, totally greedily trying to steal the future.
And playing God.
You read this article, soul survival in Trump's hell.
You can stay in hell for a little while if you knew that you were going to get out.
My mother always told me that when I was going through something tough and dispiriting, it's dispiriting.
Yes, it's hurting the spirit.
It was her way of saying that trouble doesn't last forever.
Yes, right.
The death struggle of humanity fighting back against this parasitic takeover.
You're already tied up.
The venom makes you feel good, doesn't it?
You're already tied up.
You just stay right there.
You just stay right where you're at.
And soon you'll hear them stop fighting.
I know the voices of your brethren fighting.
And their shouts and their roars kind of make you wake up and think you might want to join them.
No, no, no.
I know you're scared.
It was her way of saying that trouble doesn't last forever, that even in your darkest place, hold fast to the hope and the light that though today you are in the valley, tomorrow you shall scale the peak.
Yes, you'll be in charge on top of the hill soon enough, when you're actually going down the hill with the globalists.
Well, Mama Spider, this is hell indeed.
Donald Trump's America in the 9th circle.
Ooh, Dante, you're so literary.
And while I know that his president is limited to two terms, and I highly doubt that Trump could be re-elected to a second term and think that Robert Mueller's investigation may curtail the first,
I am still struggling to maintain optimism and perseverance.
I don't think that there is even a matter of fatigue, but rather of the capability of rage and the capacity of rage and the length of mourning.
Hopelessness is a very human response when the feeling of persecution intersects with the feelings of powerlessness.
You were already helpless.
You were already powerless under this system.
You're projecting your narcissistic rage onto Trump.
By every scientific and economic metric, he's bringing hope and prosperity.
They've been cutting the prosperity off and siphoning it to build their world government.
But you can't admit it!
Then it goes on.
I mean, it's a religion to these people, but they're not in power.
They're just the little mentally ill cogs that existentially are upset at Trump because it's not Trump.
Trump is a surfer on the wave that is the spirit of the awakening giant.
As we throw off the parasites, the enemy feels it.
We'll be back.
Spread the word.
Be part of the transmission.
Visit GCNlive.com today.
They're not feeling Trump.
They're feeling us.
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Alright folks!
I'm your host Alex Jones.
We're back live.
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It's more important than ever to go to those sites, get the articles, get the videos, and share those links.
There's the globalists doing everything they can to block us and to keep us from getting the information out.
AT&T over their networks is trying to block sharing Infowars.
Newswars loads a lot quicker.
We've had IT people look at it.
It's definitely stuff they're doing at every level to try to block us.
They admit this, but we're getting around to it, to dealing with it.
We have a guest joining us from Strategic Studies on how an American Civil War would unfold.
Then we have Dr. Steve Pachinik popping in.
We have Chris Tonto Peranto, who of course is one of the main heroes of the Benghazi situation five years ago.
So it is the 9-11 anniversary.
That's all coming up.
You know, I'm not going to belabor this.
Because the number one thing people can do is just pray for the broadcast and spread the articles and spread the links, because this is a war.
And to not get on people's levels that are caught in this matrix of lies, but just to reach out to them with focus and just point out that, you know, you want change, you got it.
That's why they're demonizing and lying about the president.
And, you know, he was right about Antifa being bad.
They said it was the end of the world, now they admit it.
Because they had to say, no Antifa's good, and have us accept that evil.
But it didn't work, it blew up in their face.
So they just keep increasing their lies, and it's not working.
Trump's just bringing back classic Americana system.
And they're panicking because he's breaking 150 year tradition.
A president sticking with their political party.
Well, the Republican Party at the top are a bunch of blue-blood snobs who are globalists and who are basically part of the Democratic Party, led by the leader of the Democratic Party, John McCain.
Well, I say he's the leader.
He's the leader.
They say he's the leader.
And they're desperate and they need to understand Trump is only a manifestation of this awakening.
They think they destroy the president.
That it will demoralize us?
It'll just turn him into a martyr.
Even if they drug him out slowly, or he dies with a heart attack, and any of it.
It doesn't matter.
We know how far we've already moved the ball.
Down the field.
And I just want listeners to understand that and know that.
Just briefly, because I didn't plug any last hour and I skipped a break.
You got a bunch of sycophants on power trips that think they're going to break our will.
They're not going to do it.
And that's really what this is.
Because they attack anything good, anything substantive, anything that has any strength or beauty, they will end up failing.
Because people love beauty, they recognize goodness, and they're not going to be part of this great lie.
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In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military industrial commons.
In Dallas, Texas, three shots were fired at President Kennedy's motorcade in downtown Dallas.
The first reports say that President Kennedy has been seriously wounded by the shooting.
It is a big idea.
A new world order.
It was almost as if there were a plan in motion.
It just happened.
Either you were with us, or you were with the terrorists.
I also believe in a lot of government.
We agree that AJ-47s belong to the hands of soldiers, not the hands of traitors.
No one will be able to beat all of us.
I'm done gloating.
We're gonna take all of you.
For many of the police and guard troops, it is an uncomfortable job to do this in an American city.
Is global governance at last?
Is it one world?
The central bank is in charge.
Aren't we all just living and dying for what the central banks do?
1776 will commence again if you try to take our firearms.
Do you understand?
Live from the Infowars.com studios, it's Alex Jones.
Ladies and gentlemen, coming up in the fourth hour, Roger Stone's going to join us, and I'm going to spill my guts here on air with what's happening inside of the White House, and how the president has been isolated, how they're controlling him, and how they got him into this position, and just shocking, shocking information that we're going to be going over here on air.
This is the most dangerous information we've ever covered.
This is the biggest news in the two years of Trump-mania that we've seen during the campaign, now the last eight months.
This is just over-the-top, confirmed from multiple sources, and we've already known most of this, but now we're ready to go public.
And I told Roger, I said, for our safety, we just have to get all this out today.
So he was going to get into the black middle of the president tomorrow, and this is not like we're doing installments of soap operas.
We need to drop our entire payload now.
People used to ask Ben Garrison while he was still alive, the chief investigator, when hundreds of people were killed around the Kennedy investigation, and he said, because I'm out in the spotlight, I'm in the sunlight, I'm in the daylight, I'm out here.
Everything I know, as fast as I learn it, is put out.
Now Gregory Copley is president of the International Strategic Studies Association and author of numerous books on strategy, but particularly relevant to the discussion is a 2012 book, Uncivilization, Urban Geopolitics in a Time of Chaos, and it's an amazing book.
He predicted it all, and here we are, we have George Soros and the Globalist openly trying to manipulate the climate that's already here.
Towards civil unrest, towards a Weatherman 2 type event.
Just as Stephen Bannon said, we're going to have a populism that's Americana, free market, based on what works.
But the globalists want a Maoist type, in their own statements.
They mean coming from the youth.
It's a communist system, but it comes from the youth.
And they want their leftist.
populist movement.
They want a crisis.
They want a civil war.
And now they say that.
Phil Mudd, former Deputy Director of the CIA and former Deputy Director of the FBI says, we're going to kill the President in the next two months.
That was a month ago.
You're going to hear all about the details we now know.
First, they've got to isolate him so when they do it, they control the situation.
That's in the fourth hour today, exclusively.
Gregory Copley, thank you for joining us.
I want to get you up for a full hour in the near future.
Former CIA
Operations Manager, Steve Pachetnik, is going to be joining us with his latest info.
I've got about 30 minutes, but I wanted to get you on to talk about your paper, your book, the material, the research you've done to break down where we are right now.
Well, great to be with you.
And yes, we have been doing a lot of work on the transformation of society.
It's not just in the United States.
It's a global phenomenon, as you rightly pointed out.
It's the urban driven people who believe themselves to be globalists.
They are not necessarily the people who invented globalization, which is something else.
Again, globalization is the normal
We're good to go.
So, right now we see the growing division between the urban globalists and the nationalists, or the regionalists, people who believe in the nation-state.
We saw, of course, this come to a head with the Brexit vote in the UK, we saw it come to a head with the Trump election in the United States, but it's going on elsewhere around the world.
And we can't forget that when the
The Communists took over in the Soviet Union in 1917.
Basically, they were urban globalists.
They wanted to impose a global form of government, not only on the former Russian Empire, but on the world.
And basically, that eventually generated a backlash from the Russian nationalists in the 1970s and 1980s.
And they basically said, look, we want our country back.
Why are you giving
Globalism was actually using communist states like China today as clients in the exploitation phase of other countries, which is actually in the communist system.
And then we learned the communist system was actually hatched as a way to con the general masses back into feudalism in the last 150 years.
It's sheer genius.
Well, and in fact it collapsed, of course, in 1990-91, and then was taken up by the European Union.
It was taken up by the urban intelligentsia, for want of a better word.
There should be a better word.
And now people that live in these rip-off megacities and coffin apartments, they are open city-state globalists and have disdain for everyone else, even though they're not part of the power structure, they're the people being used.
Yes, but there's a belief that if you live in this urban-dominated environment that you are better taken care of, you know better, you're better informed, you are the rulers, if you like, of the nation-state and people in the region and the countryside don't count.
So the Brexit vote, the Trump vote, were almost seen as last-ditch efforts by the people who believe in the balanced nation-state to come to the defence of the nation-state.
Bearing in mind that we're seeing an increasing urbanization of the global population now at about 54% globally of people living in cities.
In the United States about 60%.
So what the vote showed in November last year was that in fact not all of the city people do go along with this urban globalist view and that's quite evident.
So there's a rebellion within the domesticated populations in the megacities?
Well, there is.
People just haven't bought the argument that we don't need the nation state anymore.
There's an open advocacy.
For an end to the nation-state, and a lot of people in cities keep talking about the end of the nation-state and the return of the city-state, and this just shows the dangers of forgiving history and burning all the history books, which is what they've been doing, because throughout history we've seen the rise of city-states, whether they're the Hellenic city-states or the medieval Italian city-states and the like,
And they last while there is peace and while there is growing prosperity.
But the minute there is some unrest, or the minute that somebody has control of a more geographically based force, like Philip of Macedon for example, he says, look I've tried to talk to you guys in Athens for a long time.
That was Alexander the Great's dad, right?
You bet.
And he just swept in from the north and said, well, you're not listening, so you're out of business.
And city-states are always going to be vulnerable.
Israel, city-state, saying we're diplomatically immune, you know, we're our own thing, while their political tentacles use the larger globalism to consolidate and exploit different populations, then that's brought back into those systems.
And so people always get mad at their overreaching power, that's one reason.
So this is really the extension of globalism, is realizing they're not going to merge all the nations into one big loving thing and take care of everybody.
They're going to have city-states above the law, tax-exempt, that exploit everyone else around them for access through the city-state that act basically as barriers to global trade.
Well, I think that the urban elites don't even articulate it to that extent.
They just want to perpetuate the power which has accumulated in their favor.
These people are process-oriented.
They are perpetuating the momentum which has been going on... Total opportunists!
They just go with whatever's good for them in the moment.
There's no cultural connection, no nothing.
No sense of history.
They just think that they need to keep getting fed, keep getting paid, and anybody who disagrees with that, doesn't give them their toys, is clearly out of it.
And is that why they hate America and Russia so much?
Is that there's just, there's still some simple culture there, there's still some honor, there's still some Christianity there.
Well, the belief since World War II, which has been perpetuated through the education systems in the West particularly, is that nationalism is what caused World War II and caused World War I. And that you get rid of nationalism and you can get rid of war.
The reality is that... It was empires that were doing it!
Well, wars occur regardless, because people living in different areas are always going to be at odds with people living in other areas.
The question is, how do they resolve those differences?
War, in one form or another, is going to be with humanity forever, simply because people disagree, and we see this.
Well, globalists admit that they stir up regional conflicts and gave North Korea weapons as an excuse for globalization, as an excuse to give them this world government power.
I think that's actually ascribing too much of a thought process to them.
I think it's an instinctive and reactive process.
Then let's talk about that.
Let's talk about that straight ahead.
They don't want nation states that have always been firewalls to the Soviet Union, to Hitler, to the Roman Empire, to the British Empire.
We've got to have firewalls.
We've got to have different states.
We've got to have separation.
We've got to have choices.
We've got to have diversity.
Not one world secret corporate government.
Stay with us.
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Face that you have to face Mirror in your stare I'm what's left I'm what's right I'm the enemy
Gregory Copley is our guest.
I want to get him up for a full hour in the near future.
What's the bottom line?
Let's get into your book, Uncivilization, your predictions of this from historical examples.
I mean, we see it happening now.
We see opportunists using this to consolidate power while trying to not actually build any infrastructure, while waging war against any culture, because it's seen as competition to the soulless globalism.
Well, the book Uncivilization, Urban Geopolitics in a Time of Chaos was about the most optimistic title I could give to what I was discussing in the book which came out in 2012, a topic which we'd been working on for a decade or more, showing how there was a growing divergence in the way people think in urban areas to the way they think in rural areas.
What we see with most of society is that logic is formed by the place you live in, the geography and climate in which you live, which is why the French call it a sense of terroir, a relationship to the soil.
And logic patterns form in that.
So you, when you're a farmer, you think in terms of the seasons and the weather and in harmony with the people you have to work with.
Urban societies have a sense of terroir also, but it's based around a different kind of survival logic and what it takes to survive in the concrete geography, if you like.
So they start to develop a different sense of priority.
Because it's about abstract.
It's about keeping your job.
It's about getting paid in money, which no longer even needs to be paper money.
It's about numbers in a bank account or on a credit card or whatever.
So, people start to think very differently, and each begins to lose identity with the other partners, if you like, in a nation-state matrix.
So, now, what happens is that
When there is a crisis, and the nation state is needed again as the great defensive mechanism, because you need to have control over your food supply, your water, your resources, your means of production and so on, so you gather together.
Because if you don't, you know that if you're just relying on saying, well I need milk so I might as well get it from China because it's a cent cheaper per gallon than it is getting it from New Jersey, you lose the perspective.
You have no alliance.
You have no culture.
You have no connection.
You're just being set up to be conquered.
Well, in a sense, that's the cycle of history.
You stop depending on your immediate neighbors, the people with whom you have a cultural and geopolitical link, and you start thinking that you don't need that anymore.
So you lose that sort of... Exactly!
In a way, haven't the sanctions on Russia and things only made it stronger, making them work inside their own giant country?
I mean, arguably, it was, well, the Russian GDP declined in the last few years.
No question about it.
Well, so did the GDPs of virtually all countries around the world.
What happened, though, was Russia, the Russian Federation, has now actually become far more resilient and self-reliant.
It's transformed its approach.
They found their real wealth is their culture.
Trump understands that as well, just like Putin does, and he's trying to get our farming going.
Putin said, we're going to be the world leader in organic food, and five years later, it's already happening.
I mean, and Trump sees that vision.
The only Russian connection is he sees it, he admires it, and knows that under a similar vision, it's total Americana, Russia didn't invent it, will be even greater!
Well, that's right.
I mean, you can look at Russia.
When Russia itself imposed sanctions on Turkey, for example, and cut off Turkish exports of agricultural products to Russia, that definitely punished Turkey.
But it also meant that the Russian farmers were given the opportunity to start to develop high-value agricultural products as opposed to the
And Putin told them they had value, so more people started having kids and stopped being alcoholics.
It's all about the government and the people together and the culture saying, we have value, we have a mission, we have a purpose, not just, you know, watching sports and being alcoholics.
And it gets down to identity security, the feeling that you understand who you are within your historical context.
That's a family identity, that's a group, a national identity, an overarching sense of who you are and your place in history.
Gregory Copley, will you please, I know you've got such great letters, you're such a great author and researcher, will you please come back in the next week for a full hour?
I want to talk about where you see this going on a bad course versus, if we change, what the good course could be.
An amazing historian.
Thank you so much.
We'll be right back with Dr. Steve Pichetnik.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
You know, someone very profoundly once said many years ago that if fascism ever comes to America, it'll come in the name of liberalism.
You're a white male!
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This is The War Room.
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Gentlemen, we have called you together to inform you that we are going to overthrow the United States government.
Leading a frontal assault on the lives of the New World Order, it's Alex Jones.
You still think that jet fuel brought down the World Trade Center?
Does anybody else see a problem here?
If the government has nothing to hide, why are they so afraid to answer a few questions?
This story does not add up.
Sixteen years since the staged terror attacks of 9-11.
Five years since the stand-down of Benghazi.
One year since the collapse of Hillary Clinton.
And just as we told you, bare minimum Saudi Arabia involved stand-down ordered in the 28 pages.
Congressman Walter Jones has exposed it.
Senator Graham has gone public and exposed it.
They've released what's in the 28 pages.
All but in the complete letters.
They've broken down what's in them.
And now it's in the news.
Saudi government allegedly funded a dry run for 9-11.
Well, it was a lot bigger than that, ladies and gentlemen.
It was used to then basically bring in a police state in this country while aiding the radical jihadis at the same time.
The media always tries to spin it that I'm saying that the fire department blew the buildings up.
They go, oh, the government did it.
You mean people who work for the post office?
That's the games they play.
No, globalists that have been working with the Wahhabis.
To let Saudi Arabia take the blame, and then blame Iraq, Saudi Arabia's enemy, and expand the Wahhabi's takeover, and make a deal to flood Europe with 10 million people, 80% of military-age men, and then have Europe give up its liberties and freedoms in the name of appeasing Islam.
There's a story on Infowars.com.
Finnish police chief.
Terrorists should be allowed in schools to expand tolerance.
I read that Paul Watson headline at Newswars.com and Infowars.com.
And I thought, surely Paul's putting out clickbait, though he never does that.
And I read it, there's actual quotes of him, he's on TV saying, they go, yes, but these are terrorists, they're putting adults in the high schools.
I'm not kidding.
It's any form of cuckolding they can.
Like, what's the most abusive thing?
Let's put an ISIS fighter in a high school.
Then when they rape people or kill people or bomb people, they go, oh no, it's cultural enrichment.
Even a terrorist, this is a quote, can benefit from good learning.
It might widen views and expand tolerance, responded the police chief.
Psychological warfare, breaking your will.
Because you'll accept that, you'll accept anything.
Now you see the larger designs.
I've got some news here that I want to just tell Dr. Steve Pucinich live on air, because I'm not even waiting for Roger Stone to come on in the fourth hour for me to go over this, because it's so sickening.
It makes me ashamed just to even know how bad McMaster and people are.
It shames me to know the details of it up close, personally.
To think about how slimy they are, and how scared they are of us and our sources.
It shows how weak they are, which only makes it worse that they're the ones that have encircled the President, and that his weakness has allowed this.
And our weakness has allowed this.
And it's just disgusting to have to risk my life when my children need me.
And I'm not feeling sorry for myself.
I'm just telling you, this is disgusting.
It's not fun to break stuff like this.
It's not, it's not, oh look, I get the big story.
It's nobody else is willing to do it because they're threatening to kill people.
Well, we're all dead culturally anyways if they win.
So batting down the hatch is ramming speed.
But I tell you, I don't just have this from Roger Stone.
I have this from a bunch of other sources.
We should probably get Mike Cernovich on.
He told me all this.
I have my sources.
They basically cut off a lot of his sources.
They've run Bannon out.
And they did it by terrorizing the President.
So I'm going to just tell Pachenko and the audience this to get his take on it.
They did it by terrorizing him with leaks of everything and then only leaving the generals in place to let them do effective stuff because they were in control of the leaking.
So they'd say, sir, we'll make everything effective like it is with our military and like it's with the border with the 69% reduction in illegals coming in.
If you just let us have complete control and don't let anybody in there, don't let Ivanka in there, don't even hardly let Melania in there, don't even let your security
Head of 30 years, you know, the former New York detective.
Don't let him in there.
In fact, when he would meet with him, he'd have to write a report and give it to Kelly.
It's true.
Everything they give him curtailed Infowars specifically.
Breitbart was specifically learned.
Don't show Breitbart.
That man is like, this is insane.
This is the Americana reboot.
This is the plan.
What the real Patriot Deep State wants to do for the country.
Awakening the public.
Because they were going to bring the country into total tyranny, economic despair, culture war.
I mean it was going to get a lot worse.
What you've seen them trying would have been succeeding.
With all the race war antifa crap.
And what they've done to Trump is, first in the last few months, they got him to do that.
Then they started controlling his information, and then people started noticing when they talked to him on the phone or in person.
After about nine at night, he was slurring his words.
And the word is, and this is what I've read in history and studied, but also just how I would do it.
We've got Pachenik, who's a psychiatrist and a medical doctor, and also a lot of other things can go over this.
But they start the dose of whatever it is, not even generally a poison, but some type of addictive
Drug that is a depressant very slowly until finally you're subconsciously wanting it when they bring it to him in his Diet Coke.
We don't know exactly what it is, but just like with Reagan got in, did some good stuff, steadily started acting real weird, but still he was bowling through it, so they shot him, gave him cold blood to cause brain damage, and then from there on out would kind of drug him and then undrug him and kind of roll him out for stuff.
So the art of drugging presidents is very old.
The art of the Chinese drugging their emperors is very old.
This is a real art form for deep state.
And the word is that he, uh, because notice they go, oh, he's brain damaged.
Oh, early on.
So, you know, he has all this energy, all this great stuff, but then suddenly
Suddenly people that seem out things it's not him burning out He always got off on the energy people coming and going lots of stuff happening.
He loves it It's that they're drugging him and the word is they've even been bragging that oh wait soon He's gonna be incapacitated.
So the way they're gonna go is not blowing his head off that make him a martyr They're not gonna go with it Those ways they are go.
They're not probably gonna go the FBI direction now They're just using that to discredit him in the background to make him look illegitimate.
It's just drugging him into
A state incrementally where they control him and then politically destroying him down the line.
And McMaster goes to dinners, and I already knew this from multiple sources, but this is from high-level sources.
This was going to be in the news this week.
I was quite frankly ready for it to just be in other papers.
I don't want to stick my head in the lion's mouth, you know, just for a circus trick.
I'll do it for my family in the country and, you know, let these scumbags know there's some people who aren't trash.
But I'm not looking for this, okay?
McMaster gets totally drunk, he'll drink 2-3 bottles of wine, $200-$300 bottles of Chardonnay, at these events with these CEOs for this Intelligence Council.
He used to be the Foreign Intelligence Council with all these corporate heads.
And he just goes to these dinners and says, oh, the president, the idiot just called me, the moron just called me.
And he does it because he's such a little climber that he wants to look good in front of everybody and thinks everybody hates Trump.
He just shows his disdain.
He's an idiot.
You know, he doesn't really have the launch codes.
It's like Alexander Haig when Reagan was shot.
I'm in control.
I'm in command.
But he's just doing this everywhere.
And these people get really freaked out.
And so...
I've got all the inside baseball from my sources, multiple ones, but it gets worse than that.
There's so much more in the fourth hour, but to know that we've gotten so close, just him doing a few things, the exuberance, the pushing for tax cuts, the TPP, killing that, the carbon tax, killing that, all these things that were meant to de-industrialize the country and sell us out to communist China, that's all getting killed, all these good things happening,
And then now see the leaks aren't happening because they've got him fully encircled, but then the next thing you do is the drugging.
And again, I don't want to get up here and say the President, after 9 o'clock at night, is slurring his words and stumbling around.
The guy doesn't take drugs, folks.
He eats fast food and stuff, but, you know, goes out and plays golf all day.
The guy's, you know, in overall really good shape.
It's definitely, they're definitely putting something in his food, in his drinks, is what they think.
And I wanted to get Dr. Pucinich, who's worked for the State Department and worked for the CIA and a lot of other things on, co-wrote books with Tom Clancy.
Who's been on the inside of all this stuff is obviously very dangerous.
Because this is right at the highest levels.
McMaster created a task force to stop this information getting out.
He later admitted in Bloomberg that indeed he knows we know where they're eating.
I mean, they're saying traitorous stuff to tables of people.
Folks are really freaked out.
Not everybody's a scumbag like McMaster.
And it's one thing if Trump wasn't actually trying to turn the country back on.
He's not perfect, but he's a real president actually trying to do good.
And transferring power back to the people, back to the government, from the globalists.
But still, the sycophantic classes that he has to draw from, from the swamp, are the most sickening, twisted, arrogant, beyond frat boys, as like a code of honor, believing mainstream media, believing mainstream culture, literally desecrating the country, saying horrible things about the president everywhere.
It's not even about the president, it's the unprofessionalism, even if they were evil criminals.
Oh, and just wanting power.
It's not that.
It's this narcissistic celebration of just their idiocy.
And again, they think they're safe doing all this?
That's another thing, is they're so weak, they're worried about me and Cernovich and Roger Stone.
And that Trump might get the phone and call us, which he still does.
They don't even know what to do at this point.
It's just so destabilizing and crazy and dangerous and ham-fisted and not well executed.
It's dangerous.
We have all these enemies.
We have all these crises we're facing.
And I got four children.
I'm pissed off at the globalists.
I'm pissed off at the political class.
I'm tired of their crap.
They all need to go to prison.
So there's fear in these people!
I'm sick of them!
Dr. Pichetnik, what do you make of the intel I just dumped on you?
I know you have a lot of your own sources, but what do you make of that?
First of all, I thought you were going to call me up to see how I was, because I've been in the middle of a major storm which was not created by globalists or the CIA, and trees have been coming down, power lines have been coming down, so Alex, I want you to come back.
I did call, I mean you were on yesterday, we know, thank you for going over, I hope you're doing great.
You can ask, how am I doing Alex?
And you can ask all of the people who've been in Florida and Georgia and Texas, how are we doing?
You want to ask that Alex?
Yes, I have been covering that, and it's a bad storm.
No, it's not enough.
You asked me to come on.
I have to go to my neighbor's house in order to talk and say, look, we're in the middle of major storms.
Oh, I got it.
You're at your neighbor's house.
I think you're going about the hurricane.
Sorry we didn't relay that to you.
It was about this big.
You were on with us yesterday.
Yes, how are you doing over there?
How was the hurricane?
No, that's not polite, Alex.
Let's talk about a real problem.
You have people in the United States
We've been hit by major hurricanes that have nothing to do with McMaster, have nothing to do with anybody in the deep state or any state.
And they've been working very well because, Alex, I keep on telling you, the American public, when it's left alone, really cares about each other.
And there are neighbors who take us in and we take in other neighbors and we don't have to depend on FEMA and we don't have to depend on the national government because our local government in the various counties, Bradford, Union, Alachua, they all take care of us and make sure that we have food and water Alex.
So the fear that you're spouting right now, you have to hold it back, Alex.
You and I don't always agree, but there are more important elements right now than McMaster and than anyone else.
And that is, you're going to have huge devastation to several states.
And what I've said for a long time is that it's at the local and the regional levels that we give a concern.
Governor Scott was fine.
Governor Abbott of Texas was fine.
The local policemen, the local people, the churches, everybody's working together.
So I want you to put a little bit of reality into this show before you start getting out of control about McMaster.
You're just giving me grief, and I know you knew what you were coming on about.
I'm not giving you grief, I'm giving you reality, Alex!
No, no, let's remember that they are a joke, they are a fraud, and it's the people that are strong.
No, no, no, wait a minute.
Alex, you've never served.
Let me put it very bluntly.
The reason we have Kelly there, the reason we have Mattis there, the reason we have five to six generals is because we need command and control.
We need to make sure that this government is run efficiently.
It's not run by political operatives like your friends.
It's not run by ex-cathedral people who have no idea what the military is, who have no idea where our dispositions are in North Korea, Japan, Iraq, or Iran.
It's not fair, Alex.
You have to be fair to our intelligence community and to the military.
Our military... Well, I don't think, I don't think, I don't think Petraeus and McMaster and all these guys running around doing what they're doing is fair.
And just a few weeks ago, you said they were giving him really bad advice on the Afghanistan...
Okay, well it's a fact that they're running around bad-mouthing Trump.
It's a fact they're doing that.
The answer is very simple.
You don't throw the baby out with the bathwater.
You've got Mattis there.
He's doing a fine job.
He didn't talk about the fact that we just defeated in Raqqa, Mosul, and we've already pretty much called down the civil war in Syria, which is what the sponsor that I was born, that Pompeo... No, I talk about positive stuff all the time.
My point is, is that, is that they are literally in there undermining the president.
He's not undermining the President.
The President, as a kid and throughout, needed a command and control system.
Number one, the President is doing what he needs to do.
Number two, he flies to where he has to fly.
Number three, there needs to be some sense of command and control in the White House, where there's a consistency of messages.
The President isn't number one, Alex.
I've said it to you repeatedly, the Republic is number one.
Number two comes the President, and number three comes the people.
It's the Republic that we care about.
The continuity of the Republic is far more important than the continuity of the President.
John F. Kennedy was assassinated, others were taken out, but the Republic remained so that we could maintain our viability as an entity, and also your cash flows, and also our international relations.
It's not about globalists.
It's about maintaining the consistency of America.
Who is trying to remove the president?
Tell me one man who's trying to remove the president.
That's nonsense.
Who's the former director of the CIA?
I said former deputy director Phil Mudd.
That's absurd.
That's absurd because John Brennan and his group was a disaster.
You don't really believe they're going to kill a president.
And if you do kill a president, we don't announce it.
John F. Kennedy was not told before he was going to be assassinated.
I know.
So why are they running around saying that everywhere?
Because people like you and your friends who go around the paper, they want to create fear and wonder.
Most of the people around the President know damn well he's not going to be assassinated.
The Secret Service has done an excellent job.
They're exhausted.
And we're paying more because they have to go all over the place for the President.
But the President is fine.
He's intact.
He's doing what he has to do.
Remember, the Republic runs without a President and without a Vice President.
We've run it when Nixon was in trouble.
We ran it when John F. Kennedy
Yeah, but Trump's not in trouble, and we need to carry out the true restoration of the power back to the states and back to the people, what you were just saying.
Hold on, we're going to break.
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In constant sorrow
We are some of the next hour into the hurricane, but it's all up on Infowars.com.
Happened in Florida without power.
That's because they've cut the power out of places so it doesn't explode when it goes underwater.
Looting spree.
I haven't even gotten to the looting sprees.
You know, they accused me of making up that black people were looting in...
Harvey in Houston when we never even mentioned it other than a tweet at a news article that showed black looters I've got so many videos of black looters It'll make your head spin, but we've not even been showing them until now because the media says that I'm making it up No, the truth is we've seen black folks helping white folks white folks helping white folks black folks Here in Texas and there in Florida.
We've got crews there and so that's why I haven't really been harping on that because it does show great unity and you saw
Trump, after Charlottesville, said that Antifa was really bad, too.
And three weeks later, the Democrats had to admit that Antifa was bad, but they never said Trump was right.
So I've seen these hurricanes bringing unity, Dr. Steve Pucinich, but I've got to tell you, at the same time, I really do see open talk about removing the president publicly in mainstream news, and I take that very, very seriously.
What do you want to do, Alex?
What do you want to do?
You tell me what you're going to do.
I don't know.
I mean, you're a smart guy.
I didn't get you on here to affirm what I'm saying.
I got you on because I wanted your take.
You got me on here to basically say, yes, well, I'm in the middle of a storm, and I'm in the middle of a storm that couldn't care less whether you're black, white, brown, yellow, or blue, or whether you're young and old, or whether you're a general, or you're nothing.
We're here to help each other out, and America's at this point.
And you're talking about somebody trying to take out a president who's sitting there and he's doing fine.
He's not being taken out.
They're already planning trips for him to go to the Far East.
Now, how are they going to plan a trip for him to go to the Far East if they're going to take him out?
Well, I mean, they had planned trips for Kennedy right before they killed him.
What are you talking about?
Well, they didn't plan anything.
Kennedy, I'm not getting into the Kennedy issue, and you know that.
The real issue now is not about an assassination.
Roger wants to talk about that.
That's his privilege.
The real issue right now is what do you want to do for America?
Sure, but you call it command and control.
I like the President tweeting.
I like him being real.
I like him interfacing.
We don't need him on house arrest like Rapunzel.
What's that?
We don't need the president on house arrest like Rapunzel.
He's not on the house arrest.
He's a grown man who has a series of things that he does.
He's a grown man who brings in his own children to make decisions.
That's fine.
I'm not here to judge the president.
He can do what he does.
But I am here to judge the republic because unlike many other people and like many other veterans
We fought in order to maintain the Republic.
Whether Trump is here or Pence is here or Mickey Mouse is in the White House, you want to know it's irrelevant to us.
What's relevant to us is that the Republic remains so that it has the integrity of the United States.
And Trump has gutted 50 years of globalists selling out the country in 8 months.
I told you about it years ago.
And I told you this would be the takedown of the system that was put in by the EU.
We're not falling apart.
I mean, I gave you credit for that, but we were pushing to bring down the EU 20 years ago.
I know that.
No, no, we weren't pushing it at all.
I was.
I was.
I was.
Before they even officially launched it.
Four stars.
Go home to your mother and tell her you're brilliant.
That's not the issue.
Well, I'll tell you, in the real world, in the real world, I've been able to predict stuff other people haven't.
I said Trump was going to win.
Two days before.
I think you're wonderful.
Alex, will you stop promoting yourself?
I'm not promoting myself.
I'm promoting facts.
You're promoting yourself.
I'm promoting facts.
I'm promoting facts.
70 seconds, we'll be back.
If Steve doesn't throw a fit and hang up.
Thank you for listening to GCN.
Visit GCNlive.com today.
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You're listening to the Alex Jones Show!
The Alex Jones Show.
Because there is a war on your mind.
Alright, Steve Pucinich is throwing a fit on air, which is good radio.
And you know what, we should be upset about what's happening.
A couple weeks ago, I was saying how Trump and the generals were doing a great job, and I thought it was all political infighting, and he was yelling at me saying, no, no, it's terrible, this is crap, why'd we put Trump in, he's deserted us.
And then I got him on to actually see what he thought.
I don't quite call him and say, hey,
What are you going to talk about?
I actually want to hear.
Sometimes he agrees, sometimes he disagrees.
That's what I do with my guests.
People say, why do you have people on that disagree or agree?
Because that's what's interesting is the real discussion.
So let's not change the debate until it's disingenuous in a hurricane to bring up the stuff happening with the political stuff.
I just did 13 hours yesterday covering the hurricane.
Now we're covering the aftermath.
It's still ongoing.
Flooding, all the rest of it.
We're praying for folks.
Why is it disgusting?
Listen, first of all, how many people do you have on your staff?
You have 73, right?
Alright, why do you have 73 people when you know you can say whatever you want whenever you want it?
Why are they there?
Well, there's everything from janitorial, to accounting, to IT, to researchers, to... Right, and then, do you call me up beforehand to make come on your show?
No, you're not that sweet to me, so you send Alejandro Nico.
So instead of Alejandro Nica, we have McMasters, we have Mattis.
Now do I always agree with McMaster?
Did I agree with Mattis going into Afghanistan?
I was furious because that was the turnaround.
Am I throwing out everybody because I may be right or may be wrong?
So what I'm asking you to do is to temper your language a little bit right now.
Because no one is going to take out Trump.
Trump is going to even take himself out.
He enjoys his company, has a beautiful wife, he has lovely kids, and we're going to go on.
And by the way, if he took everybody out, how the hell are you going to explain the fact that Trump turned on the conservative wing and went right to our friend Schumer?
Did you anticipate that?
I did, because they were totally blocking him and stonewalling him.
All I care about is getting the jobs, cutting the taxes, repealing Obamacare, securing the borders, not teaching five-year-olds how to have sex.
And Trump's going in the right direction, so I get him not letting them... I didn't disagree!
When did I disagree that he went to Schumer and said we had a whole outcry from a bunch of Republicans who did nothing over seven years?
You and I do our homework.
We study, we learn what we do, but if you had a health bill for seven years, Alex, I am certain you would have learned what was in that bill.
I mean, I scanned over the key subsections.
Excuse me, but none of our Republicans, neither Mitchell McConnell or Ryan or any of them... No, I know.
I don't like them because they're arrogant.
They wouldn't even return the President's calls and the McMaster Acts like that.
I don't get the arrogance.
Hold on, because our next guest is five minutes late.
Hold over, because I want to finish this discussion.
But here's what I'm getting at.
You want to finish me.
You're not going to finish me.
We'll continue this.
I'm not trying to finish you.
I'm not trying to best you.
That's not what's happening.
That's not what's happening.
Of course it is.
No, it's not.
I'm trying to actually get to the goal of something.
What we're getting at here, what we're getting at here is, I can talk over you easily, what's happening is, I saw that, so when we come back I want to talk about the economy thing then.
We'll do five minutes on that.
And the hurricane, and the hurricane, because that's what I'm getting at is they wanted to stall the economy, lower our debt rating, if he doesn't raise the debt ceiling, but they're the ones that never did it before.
That's why I'm saying I support what he did.
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Leading a frontal assault on the lives of the New World Order, it's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Well, we've got half of Florida without power.
No power in Georgia.
Looting spree.
Keys residents seething over roadblocks.
And Steve Pchenik's right in the middle of Florida, right where the hurricane hit.
And he's just finishing up.
He thinks the command and control system's great in there right now.
And them cutting off access to the President is a good thing!
And so, we'll see what happens.
All I care about is that we get the country going, get out of globalism, and get those tax cuts.
And the fact that the Republican bluebloods tried to block him, and that they tried to shut the government off to make him look bad, I think it was smart to go around their back, go to the Democrats, because that shows them that the blueblood Republicans aren't running the show.
So I agree with Steve Pchenik there, but man,
I've talked to the CEOs, I've talked to people at the dinners with McMaster running his mouth and talking down the President and saying he shouldn't have the nuclear codes and stuff and I just think it's dangerous to have the former Deputy Director of the CIA Phil Mudd on CNN saying the Deep State's going to kill the President soon.
But Pachetnik, you know, he knows a lot of Deep State folks.
He thinks everything's wonderful.
So I hope you're right.
Steve, give us a three-minute summation before we go to...
What I said is, if McMaster is shooting his mouth off, I can guarantee and I will assure you that Trump is very smart.
In the art of the deal, he allows somebody to self-destruct.
I have full faith in Trump doing that.
Secondly, I have full faith that Trump would eventually say, look, these Republicans are useless, which is what you and I said for you.
I don't know why I have congressmen like Ted Yoho or senators like McConnell or Ryan, and they're useless.
So we understand there are changes.
But at the same time, to say that the man is captured and can't do anything, you're belittling Trump.
He knows exactly what he wants to do.
He knows exactly how to handle this situation.
Kelly is there, as he said, to maintain the integrity of the White House, which is equal to Trump, or even more important, because we need continuity.
He is not shut off from anybody or everybody he wants to talk to.
He can go to his hotel and eat with anybody he wants.
I don't know the gentleman.
I wish him the best of luck.
But don't denigrate the military and the intelligence system when I told you, when there's a problem, there's a problem.
I wasn't denigrating the military to say that, to disagree with stuff McMaster's doing, or to say I don't think this surge is a good idea.
If McMaster's out of control, then Trump can fire him.
That's not my problem.
McMaster, we paid out of the Clancy Franchise, 98, we paid him some money for his book on Armcab.
That's my full, you know, involvement with him.
That was it.
I don't have a problem if he's thrown out or taken out.
Trump knows how to do that.
But the reality is Trump is also the ability to play games and manipulate, and that's his right.
The reason why we have several generals in that position, and they were put in there, is because he also respects the military command and control, and they reflect not only the present state of our republic, but all of those veterans of us who served for the past 60 to 70 to 80 years.
Remember, the integrity of the republic is paramount.
If the U.S.
dollar goes down for any reason because we can't handle
No, I understand.
The big issue is, and globalism was supposed to end our prosperity, and I think that's why Hillary basically got blocked, and it shows the hubris of the establishment trying to sell her.
Yeah, I think so.
But don't create any kind of agitation right now when Kelly and others are trying to put some order in there.
If he wants to Twitter, he can Twitter all day long.
That's not an issue for the people.
What is the issue for the people is that you need continuity.
The globalists could give a damn what's going on because they don't know anything.
I still love you Alex!
It's a disaster!
Afghanistan is a disaster!
It's a disaster!
Listen, thank you for coming on.
Thanks for joining us, thank you.
Okay, there he goes.
Wow, he is in a bad mood with the alligators and stuff coming through.
Pray for all the folks in Florida.
Now let's get really serious right now, ladies and gentlemen.
We are sitting here at the 16th anniversary of 9-11, the 5th anniversary of Benghazi, and the 1-year anniversary of Hillary Clinton.
Collapsing and how that really illustrated to everybody the fact that she was a fraud because we told you a month before that she was having seizures every 45 minutes and that we should follow her around and tell everybody to follow her around when she gets in the black van.
We put out images of the black van.
We caught her in a tent a week before.
I don't
Fifteen years after 9-11 had taken place that Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton, it turned out, had basically ordered stand-downs before to not kill Osama Bin Laden and not take out Al-Qaeda.
So it was just God's justice.
If there is a God, boy, this shows it to you.
And Chris Tonto, known as Pronto, christontoperonto.com, one of the great heroes of Benghazi, one of the guys that had the courage during the campaign to expose that
They were told there was a stand-down order by the State Department and exposed this lying witch.
She joins us now and she's not in power.
We stopped her.
She's not Madam President like Newsweek said.
Thank you so much for joining us on such a busy day, sir.
Thank you.
Good to see you again, brother.
Thanks again.
Thank you, Alex.
It's good to have you here with us.
So just, I could ask the questions, but now Trump's in, so much has happened.
Hillary, the things she's saying, the things she's doing, saying America's racist for electing Trump.
I mean, what do you just make of all this?
Well, same as always, the DNC and the Democrats are still playing that same card, trying to break this country apart.
Because if they don't do that, if they don't create havoc, at some point they won't win elections.
Um, in my eyes though, I just, I don't even listen to what she has to say.
She showed her true cards to us when she left us to die on 9-11-2012 and 9-12-2012 and two of my teammates did die.
So whatever she says, honestly, it's water off a duck's back.
I don't even pay attention to the woman.
I could ask the questions here, but Survivor of Benghazi's best-selling book, film, all of it, of all the things that brought Hillary down, I think it's either WikiLeaks or Benghazi.
But I think Benghazi, with the soldiers, with the airmen, with the Air Force folks, with the people in our military, I think that was the bridge too far.
Well, I agree, because she's going up and she's calling the people that have sworn to protect this country, that serve based off honor, courage, integrity, and morality, and she's calling us liars.
So by doing that, really, she seals her own, literally, presidential death warrant by doing that.
You can't go up against
Special Operations Troops, Rangers, Seals and Marines and say, hey, they're lying.
I'm telling the truth, even though two of their brothers died right in front of them.
So and what it also did, Alex, and what you've been doing forever is exposed the corruption between the mainstream media and the left.
That's what Benghazi did as well by us standing up and telling the truth.
And I I'm thankful that we did that.
Yes, we lost our jobs because we all lost our security clearances, the whole team.
We're done.
But it still was the right thing to do, and I think in the long run, people will see that it saved our country from just going down another slippery slope.
I understand we can't have leaks, and I understand we can't have things like Chelsea Manning, or whatever his name is, releasing all that stuff.
But then down the road, the leaks about Hillary's criminal activities and the secret servers, that was good stuff, and that's what got Trump elected.
So you can't throw the baby out with the bathwater.
Like, I think the president should reissue your
Security clearances.
Clearly you did your job.
You did the right thing.
You didn't violate security just because you didn't go along with a lie when somebody derelicted their duty.
And I think at the same time, I think Julian Assange should be pardoned because you can't get elected by somebody and then throw them to the wolves as well.
But I understand you can't just have groups out there just getting stuff willy-nilly.
Well, you know, in the leaks, as far as Hillary Clinton, she did that to herself.
So, by leaking, she did her own leaks that she incriminated herself with.
So, you know, I wouldn't even call those leaks.
When you're putting information out on open servers, you're giving up classified information.
That's against the law.
So, she should be in jail.
She has not been in jail, of course.
The FBI and James Comey and their shenanigans have decided not to incriminate her, which they still should, and she should be.
Um, but, uh, you're correct.
You know, when it takes a person like Julian Assange to show how corrupt our government is, we're in a sorry state, brother.
We had a very sorry state, but we can get back on track.
And, and President Trump has that opportunity to not only put Hillary Clinton in jail, Susan Rice in jail and whoever else took part in that, but also you're right.
At least open up communication with Julian Assange and see what can be done.
Because essentially, he did help Donald Trump get elected.
But he didn't do the wrong thing.
The information was already out there.
It's not like he went and grabbed classified information that was hidden somewhere.
Hillary Clinton had it on her open servers.
What are you going to do?
Getting back to what I first covered, I want to get your take on that, because I know you're a Christian as I am, but what is it like to see her, with all her arrogance, collapse on 9-11, outside the memorial when she's leaving, on the anniversary of Benghazi, on the stand-down order, four years before, now five years, and 15 years after 9-11, which they were intimately involved in allowing to happen?
You know, you don't want anything, and really as a Christian, you don't want to see bad things happen to anybody.
Whatever happened to her, that's going to be between her and her maker.
And what happened to that day, that's between her and her maker as well.
You reap what you sow.
That all that is you reap what you sow.
We learned that when we were growing up.
Do you think it's a coincidence?
I don't think so.
Do I pray for things like that to happen to her?
People may think I do.
I don't.
But you know what?
I didn't shed a tear when it did happen.
If that makes me a bad person, so be it.
I don't care.
When you get left to die, and then you get lied to, and then also the family members of your fallen teammates are lied to, you get a little callous towards that person.
I was about to say, I don't want to get into all of it, but I mean, there was a lot of persecution against you guys, and intimidation, and threats of jail to try to keep you quiet.
There was, and then the media itself twisting stories or coming at us with certain government officials saying we were doing it because of money, saying we were making it up.
As long as you stay strong.
And what we had on our side more than anything is we had the truth on our side.
It was easy just to say, you know, hey, go away.
Chris Cuomo, you're going to threaten me?
No, I think you can you can walk away there, Mr. CNN.
That doesn't work against us.
We're not intimidated easily, especially when we have the truth on our side and especially when we remained as a team together and we all had the truth on our side.
It wasn't one individual.
All of us stayed together and that made us stronger.
So, you're not going to beat a seal and a ranger and marine in a fight.
It's not going to happen, especially when we're teamed up together.
Chris Tonto-Piranto is our guest, former Ranger, 2nd Battalion, 75th Regiment, Security Military Consultant, Hero of Benghazi Attack, working as a CIA contractor at the Annex.
Amazing films.
I don't really like just straight-up war movies, because, you know, I've seen just violence and stuff in my own life.
But when you see something that was so documentary, compared to just the accounts and things I read, and then you said it was very accurate as well, it's just amazing and a very powerful film.
And I've read the book as well.
Tell folks about your book and where people can find it.
Well, actually, I've got a book called The Ranger Way, which was harder to write than 13 Hours.
Of course, we've got 13 Hours, which really happened in Benghazi.
The Ranger Way was asked, I was asked to write by the same producer, production, book publisher, I'm sorry, as we did 13 Hours.
And it's just, honestly, it's about failing.
And this is what our young generation has not figured out, that you can learn and succeed from failures.
It's a book of me failing multiple times and picking myself up and learning how to deal with those failures.
And that's all it is.
And that's key.
The social engineers write and admit.
That's why it's so great that you're a motivational speaker to colleges and high schools, you know, to thousands of kids every time you speak.
That's what's so exciting, is that they teach people, everybody gets a participation trophy.
You don't ever want to try because you might fail.
Instead, the best things in my life were failing.
Can you speak to that in the seven, eight minutes we've got left?
Just things that you want to say instead of me asking the questions.
No, no, sure.
Going through ranger school and failing a patrol.
Being cold.
Being miserable.
Being hungry and saying, okay, I failed this.
I don't want to fail again.
What did I do wrong?
And figuring that out.
I'll be personal with you.
I tried to commit suicide.
That was a failure.
I got kicked out of the military the first time I was in.
That was a failure.
What did I do when that happened?
Pick myself up.
All right, actually got out of the hospital, said, what did I do wrong?
Why did I screw up here?
Is this the right thing to do?
Do I want to end up this way?
No, I don't.
And I wouldn't apply for the GRE.
And I went to graduate school.
During the two years I had to take off from the military, I kept moving forward and tried to continue to improve myself, even though I felt like the lowest human being, being kicked out from the military, trying to commit suicide, you know, and failing at that.
Uh, but I didn't say, you know, I'm not going to sit down.
And I went and got my master's degree.
And when I got my master's degree, I went back to an army recruiter and I said, what do I do?
I want to go back in.
He says, you got to do everything all over again.
Got to go through basic training, got to go through airborne refresher, got to go through ranger and doc all over again.
If you want to go back in the army, I said, fine.
And I did it all over again.
And you know what?
That's also okay, because I learned from my failures and I learned that, you know, because of these failures, I may have to do everything and I may have to try harder, but I can, I can do it because I was able to pick myself up.
Those failures that I went through at the beginning, when Benghazi happened that night, I'd been through so much at that point, you know, seen deaths over in Iraq, seen deaths in Afghanistan, been through my own own trials and tribulations that
I was like, this is easy.
I'm actually enjoying it.
I'm having a good time here.
I'm with my friends.
I'm with my buddies.
I can trust them.
Yes, we're in a firefight.
I'm seeing things that most people don't get to see.
I've been through misery.
I've been through pain.
I can handle this.
It just gets you through.
And hands down, they said, I mean, I'll take away from other guys, they're all amazing heroes.
Hands down, they say that, you know, you were the most effective guy out there that night of all those great people.
And again, going from all that failure to all the other successes you'd had since then.
Yeah, and you know, I'm glad they say that.
I think they were, I served with heroes.
They were, sometimes I'm just stupid and I just stand in front of gunfire because I don't know any better.
Just maybe so.
There's a fire line that you cross, but since then, you know, you still, even being attacked by the media, being attacked by the government, being attacked by the deep state, which we are,
I've tried to turn lemonade out of lemon and become a public speaker and been able to write another book and tried to stay positive and try to teach people that failure is okay and you can learn from it and that you never quit, you never give up.
Encouragement and honor and integrity are still in the United States of America and you always thank a veteran for your freedom.
Teaching the right rules that I was taught by my father when I was growing up.
You know, I think people ought to have you to Austin to speak to UT or something.
I spoke to UT one time, 5,000 people in the packed hall, and that was with no promotion.
I think you should really come and speak to a quasi-hostile crowd about how he'd been indoctrinated.
Because I'm not enemies with liberals that
Dump hot coffee on me or even threaten my family or all the harassment and things they've done.
This is nothing compared to being shot at.
But there is a war now on America's streets and...
They're programmed.
They're losers, manipulated.
You read the WikiLeaks, it's Hillary saying, how do we keep them desperate?
How do we keep them in the dark?
There's Facebook documents that came out this year where they're trying to keep people alone with bots that are fake liberal bots that try to keep them in outrage to manipulate them.
I mean, this is trauma-based mind control.
They create a loser mentality, then they capture them as losers at the universities, and then they control them.
I think somebody like you might be able to break them out of their trance.
I'd love to.
If they want to know if I'm a good speaker, they can go.
Not surprisingly, I have spoken at their competitor, Texas A&M.
I don't know if that shouldn't surprise anybody, because that's an Army military.
I'm just saying, you ought to be giving speeches to 50,000 people.
I mean, I've seen you give them to 5,000, because you're a great public speaker.
Boy, you know, as soon as somebody asks me, I will.
If I talk to one person, if I talk to 50,000, as long as somebody can walk away out of there and say, you know what, I'm a lot stronger now or I can overcome one person, then I feel like I've done my job and I feel like I've accomplished something.
And that makes me feel good, which in turn is cathartic for me, because I've been through a lot myself, and I have my down times, too.
Well, if you could stay a little bit longer from the bottom of the hour, that's good.
I want to take a few calls specifically for one of the heroes of the Benghazi.
Cristantoperonto.com is the website.
Cristanto is our guest.
Toll-free number.
Take a few calls on the side.
The author of The Ranger Way is his newest
Book, obviously.
There's also the book that the film is based on as well.
Really amazing website, really good-looking website as well.
Wish I had one that good.
Again, it's at chriscantoperonto.com.
Be sure and go check that out.
We've got a few minutes to break, but continue with just other points politically or your own life you want to get to.
You know, as today goes on again, I know we get into politics in 9-11.
We get who did what, who didn't do what.
As I've moved on, and I was angry that first time.
The first 9-11, first year after, I was angry because of what was going on, because of the lying was going on.
I went to Yemen.
I redeployed to Yemen after Benghazi.
I did.
Today, I'm not as angry and I see Benghazi as what it should be saw as and that is
Honor, courage, sacrifice, what this great nation has been built on.
And I see it through Roan and Bub, who died that night.
And I'm so proud to call them teammates.
And those guys are the heroes.
And I don't want people to ever forget them, because as soon as they forget their names, that's when those heroes die.
And I don't want them ever to die.
And that's important to me.
That's right.
Well, just like they were trying to start a race war a month ago, and they admitted it, and Soros admitted it, Harvey and Texas brought everybody together, just like this new hurricane, as tragic as Irma is, it just shows how, from a tragedy like Benghazi, so many good things have happened, and probably we'd have Hillary Clinton today if Benghazi hadn't happened.
I completely agree with you.
We exposed the corruption that was going on.
We helped expose it.
I shouldn't say we were the ones, but we helped expose that there was corruptness in the State Department, which there always has been.
I want to ask you this question when we come back.
What do you think Benghazi was really about?
I mean, why did they order the stand down for all those hours?
Thinking the military would go along with it?
It's just crazy.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
Infowars.com and our new site Newswars.com.
Spread those links.
We'll be back.
We're on the march.
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If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
From deep in the heart of FEMA Region 6, Austin, Texas, transmitting worldwide, it's Alex Jones.
And we've got the Harvey situation, we've got the Irma situation, we've got Rosa coming in out of the Atlantic.
We've got the environmentalists saying pay carbon taxes to Al Gore, he'll fix it.
Shut down our plants, move them to China.
It's crazy.
We're going to take your phone calls until the end of the hour with...
The man who's written The Ranger Way, Chris Tonto, Paranto.com's the website.
Chris Tonto, again, is our guest, one of the survivors of Benghazi.
He'll say he's not a hero, but he is.
And reading the accounts and seeing the film, it's a very powerful film that I think even young people should see it.
I don't usually like violent stuff for my kids, but let my son watch it and let my older daughter watch it, because they need to know the type of stuff the military goes through.
Because I've talked to a lot of folks, and I've read a lot of after-action reports you never see in movies, where stuff like Benghazi, where people pinned down and things going on, these big firefights with three guys holding off a hundred guys, that's happened actually quite a bit.
But you never hear about it, especially from the Army, because they don't talk about that stuff.
Just briefly, I skipped breaks this hour, I skipped breaks last hour, I gotta stop.
Just give you an idea how I get obsessed with the information.
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Thank you all for your support.
Getting back to Chris Tonto of christontoperonto.com, where you can find The Ranger Way, you can find the book also on The 13 Hours.
It's all there, and this is what you need to donate to the library.
Give it to your son or daughter.
Again, I'm gonna get the book for my son, just to read it, because he's hard working and stuff, but when he doesn't do good on something, it really gets him down, and I just explain, just keep trying.
But I remember being 14, too, where stuff would really get to me.
Now I don't enjoy failing, but it's like,
When I'm messing up at something, I want to do it over and over again.
I wish I had that when it came to exercise.
But when it comes to work, I can work 20 hours and love it.
I used to.
And when something fails, I want to just keep doing it until I get it done.
When I was young, I didn't like that.
Now, if something's not uploading, I do it over and over until it finally happens.
Used to, I'd get mad.
Now, I actually enjoy fighting with stuff.
But I just wish you could get that imparted to teenagers.
Because I remember being like my son, who's a great guy.
Getting back to before we get into politics, how do we impart knowledge to the young?
You know, they say youth is wasted on the young.
I mean, because it's so frustrating to know what I know now, how smart my dad and mom were when I thought they were so stupid.
And of course, every parent, every adult says this, but every generation we go through it, how my dad, though, really knew his dad was right.
So something generationally has happened too.
Well, you know, I can't say that we should change it.
The Millennials, I don't know what happened to them.
I really don't.
The youth, my 12-year-old boy, you just raise him right.
You try to teach him values.
You try to teach him honor and integrity.
You let him make mistakes, though.
This is, well, let me answer, I guess I could answer my own question.
The Millennials, what went wrong with the majority of them?
The participation trophies.
Everybody wins.
You don't know how to fail anymore.
You don't know how to pick yourself up off the ground.
We got to let, allow our children to fail and help them, let them learn from it, but also help them succeed and learn from those mistakes so they don't fail again.
Or if they do fail again, teach them again.
But the biggest thing is always teaching them to get back up, get back up and whatever happens, get on that horse and keep riding it.
Even if you fall off 80 times, get back on that horse 81 times then.
I think that's where we really failed some of the younger generations that we've had, where we can fix that now, is that, you know what, not everybody's going to win a trophy.
You're just going to have to work hard, and the one that works hardest usually wins.
There are some times where they don't.
But it doesn't matter.
If you don't win, you don't win.
Keep trying.
Keep working.
Get up in the morning.
Get up in the morning and work harder.
Get up in the morning and study.
Well, I've noticed in politics, a lot of people get into it, get a little bit of success in life or in policy or, you know, in trying to be involved in their communities, and then as soon as they get a little success, they want to just act like they're successful.
What's the point of that?
They're not mission-driven.
And so, that's why they're then so unfulfilled as well.
I mean, what fulfills you the most?
Well, just continuing to move forward.
You know, Boone and I, Dave Benton, Boone, he was the sniper that was on the roof with me that night, a guy we served 10 years with.
You know, we're doing the speaking, he's training, we're doing a little bit of this, a little bit of that.
We started our own training company called Battle Line Tactical.
Because we're like, you know what?
We're missing the gun.
We're at least missing part of the job.
Let's do something that gets us fulfilled, but also we can help other people and maybe lend a little bit of our shooting expertise.
Just trying something new, you know, and being with somebody I trust, but also getting out there and doing something I enjoy, which is shooting, but also getting out there and getting out there tactically and showing people, hey, this is a firearm.
This is what we do.
This is how you shoot it.
This is how you can be successful at it.
And seeing how it opens up their eyes and how they smile when they start hitting a target.
Doing something that is fun for you, that is challenging, that you might fail at, you might have to learn at, but you still continue to set goals and reach those goals.
You hit around the head, people become stagnant.
Well, you got to keep setting goals.
I do.
I continue to set goals and I do exercise a lot because I need to.
That's what gets me going.
I can't sit idle, so I got to go for a run.
In fact, I'll go for a run after we're done here because I'm going to be all amped up.
But that's what I do.
That's my niche that gets me going.
Everybody needs to do that.
Just don't sit around.
Find something that gets you excited and work hard at it.
Chris Tonto Peranto is our guest.
ChrisTontoPeranto.com is the website.
I'm Alex Jones.
If you just tuned in, InfoWars.com, NewsWars.com.
There's a lot of powerful forces openly censoring InfoWars.
I remember them when the vets were, you know, when Tonto and others were putting out things on Facebook about, you know, Hillary's a liar, they would block them on Facebook.
People say, oh, we'll just get off Facebook.
They're supposedly this big open thing, they claim it as free speech, as long as you follow the rules, and if Hillary's calling them liars, they're allowed to go out and say, no, we were there, she's a liar.
It's because they are effective, and they're telling the truth, they wanted to shut them down, but there really is an attack on free speech, they admit it now, the antifa funded by Soros has gone out and tried to intimidate everybody, but three weeks after Trump said they were bad too, not just the white supremacists, who were bad as well, the media had to admit, and Pelosi had to back off and say, you know what?
Antifa is bad.
So, can you speak to the attempts to destabilize the country?
Can you speak to, I don't know if you saw it, Phil Mudd, former Deputy Director of the CIA, said we're going to kill Trump soon.
I mean, they're really hyping the hell out of this.
And I just had Steve Pucinich on earlier, who's been in a lot of secret stuff.
He said, oh, don't worry.
They're just weak.
That's why they're doing it.
But I still think we should pay attention to this.
This is illegal.
And it really concerns me.
So can you talk to the atmosphere of the left wanting to get militaristic
Well, it's propaganda.
It's what they do in the Middle East.
It's what a lot of those dictatorship countries do.
It's what the countries that have terrorists running them, Libya, even parts of Iraq still.
It's pushing people.
It's getting them into their heads.
It's inciting them.
All it takes is one.
One crazy gets out there and has a vest on and blows himself up.
You've got massive casualties.
Six crazies hijack a jet and fly it in the World Trade Center.
You've got massive deaths.
So I think it is important to stop it.
And when a former FBI director or anybody in the government says you've got to kill the president,
I think there's a law against that, am I right, Alex?
I mean, correct me if I'm wrong, I don't think you can't do that without the Secret Service knocking on your door and saying, hey, you know, come with us.
I don't care who you're working with.
Well, especially when you're the former Deputy Director of the FBI, who was appointed by Mueller, who was the former Deputy Director of the CIA over counter-terrorism operations.
You worked for this guy previously, and he's on TV saying, we're getting ready to kill him.
It's like you said, it's a big confidence game, so that nuts think that it's okay and go and try to do it.
Just like Al-Qaeda puts out videos hoping somebody does it.
Well, that's when you see the young boy who's very easily manipulated walks into a checkpoint and blows himself up because he's been by that imam or whatever propaganda they push out there.
They continually see it and say, well, this is the right thing to do.
This is exactly what's happening.
It is exactly what I see in the Middle East is what's happening here just on a bigger scale because we have more media to do it with.
Well, talking to your buddies and other people, you know, who are connected, what do they think's going on here?
Because, I mean, it just, I'm not, it just seems really upsetting to me and I'm just wondering, you know, what we should do politically to counter this.
Well, you know what?
Trump has the ability to still get rid of people.
I talked, I believe it was on Andrew Wilkow's show recently with my Navy SEAL buddy Jonathan Gillum, who's still a good friend and former operator himself at Navy SEAL.
We talked about that and I said,
What we have to do is, first of all, as operator says, we have to pay attention.
We have to be ever vigilant.
We have to be ever ready.
But as far as what Trump can do, he's got to fire people.
Is it the normal thing to do for Trump to get rid of people or a president to just say, hey, you're fired?
No, that's not normal.
But what has normal got us so far?
It's got us into this mess.
And if there's somebody that's conspiring against him, there's somebody that's not doing their job, whether they're political official or not, and he has the ability to get rid of them.
You're gone.
And then, you know, of course, the Secret Service has to do their job protecting him, but he's got, he may, and I don't want to become a dictator.
I'm not saying that.
No, but when people are trying to organize an overthrow of the elected government, they're trying to be the dictators.
And you got, you have to do what you need to do to stop that.
We still are the greatest country in the world's greatest country.
So you don't send mass thugs out like they do in Iraq, or you send the opposition party to go kill the other party.
But there are civilized ways to take care of that.
Well, that's the problem.
They're turning into that, and then we're just sitting here going, we're genteel, and I get the trap, but there's got to be some middle point there where you don't let people do this.
It's too dangerous.
And that's... I don't have an answer for you right there on Alex.
You know, the perfect world for a guy like myself, for guys like us,
As if those crazies stand up.
You have a sea of us guys that will stand up and rise against it.
We will.
And we're not going to do it for... Because that's not our style.
And I think they know that.
That's why they hate the veterans and the patriots so much.
Because they know you actually stand for something.
We will.
And we're waiting.
Hey, you want to make it a perfect world like that?
Go ahead and stand up.
We'll stand up against you.
And then I'll go get McDonald's instead of going and getting Baba Ghanoush in Iraq.
How much of a perfect world is that for me?
The American dream.
And people can say I'm crazy.
But if people are going to rise up and try to turn this country into anarchy, and try to turn it into what I saw in the Middle East, I will stand up against it.
I will.
Well, that's what you're doing right now.
Let's go to some phone calls here.
That's what you're doing right now.
We've got Sam in Oklahoma, Duke in Oklahoma, Trout in California, Dovin in Florida, Ed in Alabama, and many others.
Sam in Oklahoma, you're up first.
Go ahead.
Hi Chris.
Hi there.
Hi Alex.
I'd like to start by saying that you're both great Americans.
I have preached the gospel in all of Mexico over the last 25 years.
I'm an American too.
And I'd just like to say also that you're a great Mexican.
And I believe that you can really be a peacemaker and to heal some of the divide with the Hispanic people of America.
Is that something that you're open to?
Let me just say, we're all Americans here.
I don't see the divide with Hispanic people.
I see them on average as more Christian, more family, almost immune to the globalist brainwashing, except for Hispanic people I see at colleges.
When I go out and get attacked and spit on and punched and people throw coffee on me, it's liberal white people.
And I'm not making this about what color somebody is, but I mean, I don't see it.
I see a bunch of crazy white guilt academics being the main problem in this country with some Black Lives Matter lunatics with them.
You know, what I can do then, as far as being a Mexican-American, my grandfather, Joaquin Garcia, he did immigrate here from Mexico, is being a positive role model for him.
My grandfather came over here as a migrant.
He wasn't illegal.
He got a citizenship.
He did it.
He got it the right way.
And he taught us.
He said to us, I remember, and he said this to my mom, it's been transferred up, you never take handouts.
We don't take anything from anybody.
We work and we earn everything ourselves.
And I learned from him.
So maybe, and of course I'm open to it, becoming a role model, positive role model.
I got to get my Spanish better.
I've lost a lot of my Spanish.
Well, I actually agree with what the pastor is saying, though.
We do need stuff in Spanish as an outreach.
I want to launch a daily show for hours with Spanish-speaking Infowarriors, and we're actually trying to, you know, from other talk show hosts around the world, because most of them seem to be like in other countries, you know, recruit folks to do a Spanish version show.
Pastor, I would be more than happy to address that and possibly do it if I can, if I can help.
And I gotta say, where you're at, being in Mexico and doing what you're doing, I'm proud of you.
You're doing great things over there.
You're doing something that I probably should be doing myself.
Absolutely, Sam.
Anything else?
Come on down to visit anytime, Tano.
I think you need to make a t-shirt, Alex, where we replace Che Guevara's mugshot with Tano Perano.
And I'll tell you, the Mexican people, they're tremendously open to truth.
When you speak with so many people on the street, they ask me about Donald Trump.
And when I make a comparison between Donald Trump and the Mexican hero Francisco A. Madero,
He said all the same things.
He said he was from the north of the country.
He was wealthy from business.
His father was wealthy before him.
He said the system was rigged, and if it wasn't, that he would win with 90% of the vote.
And lo and behold, it took a revolution at that election
But after that happened, the Mexican people elected him with 90% of the vote.
Francisco Madero did a good deal.
Listen, we proved the fake polls.
We have the data.
The big companies had it.
The bots knew that.
Trump's really at about 65%.
That's why they're trying to say if you support him, you're a rapist, you're a racist, you know, all this stuff because they're so desperate because they know there's a total revolution against their leftist garbage.
Thank you so much, Sam.
We're going to come back and talk to Duke, Trout, and others straight ahead with our guest.
He said he's not busy until about five, but we've got big breaking news coming up.
I could have him on for five hours.
It'd be awesome sometime with Roger Stone on what's going on inside the White House.
We're going to come back and do five more minutes, and then five minutes in the next hour with Chris, and then we're going to have Roger Stone on with bombshell breaking news.
Your phone calls are straight ahead.
Stay with us.
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Chris Tonto Peranto is our guest, one of the great heroes, survivors of Benghazi, best-selling author, researcher.
Visit his website, christantoperanto.com with Alex Jones.
He's gonna be with us, this little segment, one more segment than Roger Stone with the shocking news and stuff that's going on.
I'm just trying to bring balance to what's going on in the Trump administration.
I'm not in a power struggle fight with all these
Generals and the rest of them and I want to like Kelly I like Mattis, but let me tell you the stuff I've got from confirmed stuff And it's just it's dangerous, and it's and that's why we had patrionic on earlier going no no no because I mean believe me It's dangerous what we're doing here, but it's got to be done and just so we're gonna do it so that's coming up Chris You were saying some powerful stuff during the break you want to repeat about just
Running into the lies yourself not just in the CIA work, but then once you got once you run to the microscope experiencing fake news for yourself Yeah, and I did just from from going on and I can't talk about the ops and stuff But going on seeing going through an op and then turning on the news because we get it, you know Of course get news over there or get a fan or you get reruns of the mainstream media and seeing how they were misreported it
Of course, at that point in time, I'm working, I can't say anything.
But then when Benghazi happened, and you see the massive, and I get involved with, because of me being on the ground there, the massive lies, the cover-up, the corruption, the collusion between the CNNs and the MSNBCs with the administration, and the Rhodes, you know, Ben and David Rhodes, come on, CBS, and making up that fake story of the video.
And just saying, like, wow, this House of Cards stuff that you don't think happens really happens.
Because I'm in the middle of it right now.
And now I don't do CNN.
You'll never see me on CNN.
You'll never see me on MSNBC.
Because they continually mistail or lie.
Sure, they'll interview you for an hour and then play 30 seconds out of context editing two different questions together where you sound crazy.
And I won't do it anymore.
I won't.
And my publicist hates it.
She goes, you gotta do it.
You gotta reach out to those folks.
And this is what guys like myself and people that get on the news need to do.
I say to her, I say, you know what?
If they want to see me, they'll get off those channels and they'll come to me.
I don't need them.
If they want me, they can come to me.
They're so bad, they'll ask you one question and then play a totally different answer from something else.
Like, why did you lie about the kids?
Well, I didn't mean to lie about it.
I'm sorry.
It's like, you know, they'll just totally distort.
Let's take another call here.
Let's go ahead and talk to Duke in Oklahoma.
Duke, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Chris, good to talk to you.
Alex, you too.
You bet.
I love you guys, man.
What you've done for this country and being able to speak out for people that have no voice.
To be able to communicate these things and allow people to realize the seriousness of what we're going through in society and our culture today and the problems that face us that we never saw coming.
You know, we need more people like that.
Our kids are worth that.
We've got to teach our children the core values of what our grandparents believed in and what this country stands for or we're going to lose this fight.
What's your question for the guest, Duke?
Basically, I just wanted to make a statement.
I just appreciate you guys.
You guys got our six.
I've got your six.
We're all in this together.
Let's make something happen.
God bless you, Dick.
Any comments to that, Chris?
I love the Midwest.
That's why I live in Nebraska.
That's how people are.
They're good people that still have those values that I grew up with.
That's what's so insulting to hear him say everybody in the Midwest is a-white and racist when Houston's the most diverse city in the United States, hands down.
And then they're just saying, thank God it's flooded.
They're all KKK.
You know, what kills me is, I love this too.
I always say this to these racists.
Donald, you're a racist.
Well, no, I'm not.
I'm a Mexican racist, is what you're telling me.
And my best friend, Dave Boone Benton, is black.
So yeah, sure, we're both racists.
It's just an argument they're going to use to continue to try to drive us apart.
You just kind of have to laugh it off at their idiocy.
I think all their craziness and saying they're going to kill the president is a sign of their weakness.
I agree.
I agree.
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You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
Defending the Republic from enemies foreign and domestic.
It's Alex Jones.
Wow, it's great to have Chris for most of an hour.
One of the heroes.
They really are heroes of the Benghazi fight.
But you only learned about it because Hillary and the media distorted it.
It's the truth that had to be told.
So many other events have happened like that.
In some cases, even crazier from folks I've talked to and some of the things I've read about after they're declassified but never become a news story.
Trout, listening on KOMY 1340 out in Santa Cruz.
You're on the air with Tonto.
Go ahead.
Hey, Chris Trout here.
For all the new listeners that I and others have told about KOMY 1340, do you guys want to say thank you?
Well, thank you, sir.
Go ahead.
Do you have any questions or comments on Benghazi?
You're welcome.
For all the new listeners, why don't you go over, give us a history of Benghazi, because thankfully Michael Savage had him on, and we're hoping Sean Hannity, doing a fine job over there, will also have him on.
But for those new listeners, and believe me, guys, there's all sorts of people... No, I understand, Trout.
We need to go back over Benghazi, WikiLeaks, hammer the crimes, because as libertarians and conservatives, we just move forward with our lives.
But they're still attacking us.
You know, once we defeat them.
They haven't gone to jail.
That's a great question.
Thank you, Trout.
In fact, I asked a question earlier and I never got to it.
Recapping just in a few minutes what happened in Benghazi, why it's so important.
What really happened?
Well, as far as the attack itself, the consulate was attacked, the State Department compound, we were CIA, we had no responsibility to that compound.
Aside from us just giving a handshake agreement to the State Department officers that we'd help out if they were attacked.
Ambassador Stevens came in.
We knew that Ambassador Stevens was a very high-ranking ambassador.
If you want to give him a comparison level, that guy's a three-star general.
And you know just by talking Alex that ambassador levels are different.
He didn't just donate to a campaign and was given an ambassadorship.
He had worked his way up.
The guy was fantastic in the State Department as far as the Foreign Services because he worked his way up there.
He was a very high value target as well.
So, when he came in, we said, you know, we'll help you guys if you ever need us, and they did.
They were attacked, and for the next close to eight hours, from 9.30 to approximately 5.30, we were attacked.
We were involved in five different firefights that night.
Some were small, a couple were massive, and we were actually hit with mortars on the last firefight, 81mm mortars, which are
Basically bombs coming out of a tube that killed my teammates Tyrone and Glenn.
The issue that we had with that was that it was eight hours and we'd been calling for air support or any sort of support for that eight hours and there were troops available for us that could help us and they were never allowed to go and that's the State Department, that's the administration.
And do we know why they wanted you wiped out?
I mean the word I got was they wanted the jihadis to get those weapons and transfer them to Syria.
You know, again, and that's...
Alex, without me not being Hillary Clinton, if I let you know what we're actually doing there, I'm going to get in trouble.
So let's just, I'm going to let you keep talking about that and I'll neither confirm or deny it.
Well, Colonel Schaefer got in trouble, but then he didn't get in trouble.
He was the first to tell us four days in on this show what happened.
And I heard behind the scenes from other sources, they went completely ape over it, but that turned out what happened.
Yeah, and that's why the story has been just stopped and you haven't heard a lot because what was going on there and also, of course, it was going to affect the election after it was done, Obama wouldn't have been elected, I don't think, if the truth would have came out immediately, that both the Republicans and the Democrats were involved with the operations that were going on there.
But like I said, I... Sure, sure.
John McCain, I mean, he publicly went months after it was arming the rebels in public.
He is no friend of mine.
I'll just leave it at that.
He is no friend of mine at all.
Well, listen, we're out of time for the callers.
I just know that Tosh Plumlee and Colonel Schaefer and countless others risked their lives on this show.
CIA contractors, you name it.
Tell everybody what really happened.
People in NATO went public with the info.
We covered it here and that's one reason we need your prayers, folks, because they have
They'd love to kill us if they could get away with it, but they know that'd turn us into martyrs.
So just keep praying for us and for Chris.
Chris, thank you so much.
And please, anytime you want to come on or anytime you want to join David Nye or Owen Schwerer or any other host, because we're launching a larger system here.
God bless you, sir.
We'd love to have you.
God bless you too, sir.
Thank you again and be safe.
Thank you so much for joining us on the anniversary of Benghazi.
God bless.
Thank you.
You know, someone very profoundly once said, many years ago, that if fascism ever comes to America, it'll come in the name of liberalism.
Welcome to The War Room, the latest expansion in InfoWars live broadcasting.
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We are going to have the most powerful guests, the most powerful hosts.
We'll be hearing from Alex Jones regularly, as well as taking your phone calls.
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The silent majority is no longer silent.
This is The War Room.
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Remember, it's illegal to possess these stolen documents.
It's different for the media.
So everything you learn about this, you're learning... InfoWars is the brainchild of radio host Alex Jones.
Alex Jones.
Alex Jones.
Alex Jones.
Alex Jones.
Alex Jones.
Alex Jones.
There's a guy on the radio.
His name is Alex Jones.
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Hello, this is Hank Hill, and I'm telling you what, you need to listen to Alex Jones.
I like that guy.
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
I want to be crystal clear in what I'm going to say because
The media and people inside government agencies and things will spin this, they've already been spinning it, that I'm trying to influence the White House or I'm trying to be part of the King's court and all the court intrigue and that, you know, I'm trying to get in at the trough.
I want nothing from Fox News.
They offered me three TV shows on record.
I want nothing from the White House but my country back.
I want taxes cut.
I want our borders controlled.
I want to not have radical Islamists brought in to colonize us as they're admitting in the news in Europe and the U.S.
is the admitted plan now.
I want to live in a free country.
I want the Second Amendment.
I want the Fourth Amendment back.
I don't want a giant spy grid pointed at the people.
I don't want a technocracy.
I don't want to be censored by Google, Facebook, and all the rest of it.
And I'm standing up for the American way of life.
I'm not in people's businesses.
I don't have an entourage.
I don't want to be one of these politicos who's trying to be somebody, because I am somebody.
I'm an American, and I'm a Christian, and I'm a Texan.
I can't stand the intrigue, and the Ivanka stuff, and the Jared Kushners, and the... And I don't mean I can't stand those people, I mean just all the infighting, and the Stephen Bannon stuff, and just all of this intrigue, and the generals, and the rest of it.
Because it's a distraction from what we're trying to do to restore the republic and have some basic prosperity.
But it's because Trump's a real president and really making decisions and isn't a puppet, the first time in a long time, that you see the massive intrigue and the attempt to cut him off.
It's not that he's perfect, he's far from it, but he is not out to get the American people.
He's not trying to shut down the economy so he can consolidate it.
He's from a service-based economy where a booming economy helps him.
And that's why they hate him.
That's why the Republican establishment, the Democratic establishment, all of them, he is a pragmatist, he is a populist.
And Stephen Bannon's right.
You're going to have an Americana populism or you're going to have a globalist Mao Tse-Tung style populism.
We've got to fix the country or it's going to fall to the scourge of leftist, communist, socialist garbage that brought down Venezuela.
It was as rich as the U.S.
50 years ago.
That brought down Argentina, as rich as us 50 years ago.
That brought down countless nations.
Now for the rest of the hour, Roger Stone joins us, we're going to skip this break so we have more time, with bombshell information that I separately have confirmed from other sources that we've been sitting on for months as it developed with horror, not knowing how to respond, not knowing which faction was the best to support to help the president get his agenda through.
And you've got to weigh each issue.
I don't want to raise the debt limit.
But if they want to lower us at Moody's and Standard & Poor's and others, they've never lowered our debt rating before.
But if Trump did it, they were going to do it.
And the big banks were planning a big downturn.
And planning to blame it on him like 1929 smooth haulings.
On the protectionist.
And killing the recovery.
They're trying with everything they can with Obamacare in place and blocking tax cuts and all of it.
And big banks saying, oh, we're going to go under.
So he did the right thing there, going around the do-nothing establishment bluebloods that want to dictate to him that they're all powerful and Mitch McConnell wouldn't return the president's call.
But that arrogance comes from what you're about to hear.
I'm not McMaster's enemy.
I'm not Kelly's enemy, who I know his son died in Iraq.
I'm not Mattis' enemy.
I trust the president to try to put people around him so that he knows other deep state wants to kill him.
Early on, I liked the appointment of these generals.
But the facts, not from Stone, not from other sources I've got, but from what I see in the news, with McMaster and Secretary of State running down the President on Fox News, saying the opposite of what the President says.
That's not Machiavellian behavior.
That's them scared of the pressure, scared of having people yell at them at restaurants, scared of what I've gone through, coffee dumped on me, people attacking me.
These people are a bunch of social climbers rolling over to the mob pressure.
When we're winning, when we're restoring the Republic, these are people acting politically cowardly, two-faced, and it's the wrong message and it's dangerous.
So I'm going to give Roger Stone the floor, we're skipping this break, and the next 15 minutes, he's going to have exactly 15 minutes, I want him to lay out the entire raft of information that I can separately confirm almost all of from other sources and I'm just sitting here not even knowing what to do because I don't just want the big story.
Hell, I don't ever lie to the public, but sometimes I'll admit I didn't show all the black looting and stuff that we had video of in Houston or that we had video of in this latest hurricane in Florida until the media said I was promoting racism and saying blacks were looting.
I never even said that.
So here it is actually happening.
They want to create division.
And then and then and then and then again, it shows how deceptive they are.
I want unity.
I don't.
They're the ones pushing racism and garbage.
So Roger Stone's got the floor 15 minutes.
Just go ahead and lay it out, Roger.
Thank you, Alex.
I can now follow up on a report that I first brought to the public surface on our new show, The War Room, several days ago with Owen Scheuer.
And that regards a gentleman named Keith Schiller.
Now, most folks would recognize Keith Schiller because in almost every picture of the president, or video, you see a tall, muscular man in middle age standing near the president as Keith Schiller has been what in politics we call the body man for as long as I can remember.
A former New York Police Department veteran, Keith Schiller, is the last man Donald Trump speaks to at night, the first man that he speaks to in the morning.
He has always had the President's back.
And he now has the title of Director of White House Operations, a job that was essentially created for him so that he could continue to render service to the President.
Several media outlets reported last week that Schiller was leaving the White House employ and returning to New York.
Given Keith Schiller's deep personal devotion to the president and his commitment to the Trump agenda, this made very little sense to me.
We were told that Schiller was leaving for financial reasons, also that he had some personal reasons that were domestic in nature, evidently going through a divorce.
Keith Schiller is not the kind of man, Alex, who would turn his back on a mission, and he is personally very deeply devoted to the president.
It can now be fully revealed
That Schiller clashed with General Kelly over his own access to the president.
That Kelly demanded that Schiller could not see or communicate with the president without his prior express approval.
And that he needed to know the subject and matter at hand.
And further, on those occasions in which Schiller was allowed to see the president, he had to file a written report afterwards to tell General Kelly what was discussed.
Schiller, being his own man, refused to agree, and a showdown was scheduled with the president.
Ultimately, Kelly threatened to resign as the White House Chief of Staff if Schiller stayed.
And being the consummate professional, Schiller has withdrawn.
What is shocking me is that the President is allowing him to withdraw.
This is why I have said repeatedly that the President's physical safety is a paramount concern of mine.
Keith Schiller is a patriot, he is a man known for his honor and his integrity, known for his devotion, personal and otherwise, to the President, and the fact that he is leaving is extremely ominous.
You told me privately months ago that he was the canary in the coal mine and that they were really trying to get Schiller then.
I know you don't want to give up sources here, but wow, man, I tell you, this is amazing.
Well, I think the real objection to Schiller is really the same, Alex, as their actual objection to both Anthony Scaramucci and Stephen Bannon.
General Kelly wants to cut off anyone who has a direct pipeline to the President.
Anyone who can get the President information.
Because God knows the President might find out, for example, that Joe Arpaio is on trial.
And that the Trump Justice Department didn't end this phony indictment when they could have.
Or the President might learn that Jeff Sessions is planning a criminal law crackdown on medicinal marijuana, which the President said in the campaign he supports through states' rights.
Or perhaps the President would learn that Jeff Sessions has an asset forfeiture program in which they take things from American citizens who haven't been convicted yet of any crime.
So we can't have these inconvenient people getting through to the president to tell him what this his administration is doing in so many areas.
This is why I think Keith Schiller has been sacrificed.
But the other shocking thing... Yeah, by the way, this is so bombshell.
I mean, you're gonna, are you gonna get into the McMaster and the meetings?
Yes, we're getting into that right now.
The other thing I can now report
Is that General McMaster was attempting to recruit Safra Katz, the CEO of Oracle, to chair the President's Intelligence Advisory Board.
And that Katz and McMaster were having dinner in a public restaurant.
And that McMaster became inebriated.
But during that time, he took a call from the President.
He stepped away from the dinner table to take the call, but when he returned to the table, he had nothing but disparaging things to say about his boss.
Let me quote directly, the president is a dope, he said.
He is incapable of understanding anything beyond 140 characters.
The idea of this guy having the nuclear football is scary.
I see my mission as preventing him from blowing up the globe.
Katz, to her credit, was offended by these comments and she repeated them to Sheldon Adelson, with whom she is very friendly.
Adelson being the billionaire Nevada businessman who is a good personal friend of the president and an important supporter in his election.
When people affiliated with Adelson gave this story to the New York Post in an effort to expose the disloyalty of McMaster, Jared Kushner, the president's son-in-law, called Rupert Murdoch and the story was spiked.
Katz has refused to talk to any reporter, but says she will talk to the President of the United States if he asks her about this.
She, of course, is a billionaire in her own right, and these CEOs pretty much make up their mind about how they wish to function.
So, you now have a stunning example of McMaster's disloyalty.
Now, why should this not surprise us?
McMaster previously worked for a think tank financed by George Soros.
Intelligence from the Israelis has told us...
That McMaster is in direct touch with Soros.
They also tell us that he has been leaking information that may be classified to General Petraeus.
Petraeus is a mentor of McMaster's.
And of course, McMaster is a longtime member of the Council on Foreign Relations.
Not exactly the Donald Trump glee club.
McMaster is working overtime with Kelly to complete the isolation of the president.
And the American people would know nothing of this dinner unless we broke the news here at InfoWars.com.
It's mind-boggling to see how transparent it is when Newsweek, Time, CNN, all the main enemies of America worship McMaster and say he's the best thing since sliced bread.
He's surrounding the president by Soros people.
Well, as I say, this is part and parcel of the continued effort to isolate the President.
Now, it is interesting that Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump, and again, I've said this many times and I'll say it again, I honestly believe that their motivations are good.
They believe that the bad advice they're giving the President is actually in his best interest.
They are, after all, elitists, both extremely wealthy, moving among the right crowd in the Hamptons, in the Upper West Side, or Malibu, Beverly Hills, and they would like the President to be popular with political elites.
They just don't understand that that's impossible.
That they hate the president for cultural reasons.
They hate his patriotism.
It's quaint and old-fashioned to them.
Donald Trump will never be the toast of the people that his son-in-law daughter would like him to be.
And frankly, they have played a crucial role in letting the generals get control.
The irony now, however, is that General Kelly seeks to cut their access to the president off as well.
You'll recall the media reports last week that said while the President was wrapping up the meeting with Senator Chuck Schumer and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, sticking it to Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan, because they won't work with the President, Ivanka Trump, uninvited and unscheduled, joined the meeting simply to pay her respects.
Now, I think it can be seen in context.
That was a big F-U to General Kelly, who seeks to cut off Ivanka's access to her own father.
In retaliation, Kelly canceled Ivanka Trump's already announced trip to China.
Where she was going on a goodwill mission because the Chinese have been working with us to try to resolve the North Korean problem, something Barack Obama could never get them to do.
This is the intrigue we're looking at, Alex, and it is interesting that while Jared and Ivanka helped the generals come to power, just as Steve Bannon did, they now see themselves as targets of General Kelly.
Who's the leader of the generals?
Well, it would be supposition, but strangely enough, Alex, I think General Mattis is actually the leader.
Because he's the one who says the least.
What you'll notice is that the U.S.
Army public relations machine is constantly pumping out propaganda to make him look like General George Patton.
He says nothing of substance other than we're going to have the strongest, most efficient military in U.S.
A laudable goal.
But he is senior to both McMaster, who should have been riffed out of the service years ago, was saved by Petraeus.
McMaster's drinking problem is an open secret in Washington.
I guarantee you the Russians and the Chinese are well aware of it.
Everyone in official Washington is.
And of course, Kelly was brought to the table by Stephen K. Bannon, who placed him first at immigration, or I should say, Homeland Security, and then helped him rise to power at the White House, only to be stabbed in the back by Kelly, who immediately told the President, Bannon has to go.
And now, I guess we have this triumvirate, we have this trifecta, we have our three generals up there, and it'd be one thing if they were continuing the Trump agenda, but instead they're just bringing in a bunch of Soros people, who we know is a super spy.
Basically, you know, they even modeled the new James Bond movie that came out on him and his quantum group, who is just this clearinghouse between all these criminal organizations, I guess to line their pockets personally?
No, I think it's actually, these guys are Council on Foreign Relations members.
They're globalists.
They belong to the global elite.
We're to the point, Alex, where you don't get that high in the military unless you bought into the globalist agenda.
Sure, so Trump trusts the military, because the military's good overall, but when you're drawing from the top, they've only got globalists in there.
Well, let's look at their advice.
Mr. President,
Bomb the hell out of Syria and then send in 150,000 troops immediately.
Thank God Donald Trump disagreed.
Now Afghanistan.
I think we both understand we should be withdrawing from Afghanistan.
That's what the president promised us in the campaign.
Now he seems to have given General Mattis
I don't know.
Flaring his words.
This is not publicly known, but this is from all our sources and people that have talked directly with him.
He doesn't drink.
They've been pre-hyping that he's going to have mental problems, have a collapse.
It'd be smart for them to go ahead and just slowly poison him or slowly drug him instead of killing him and turning him into a martyr.
It's an old Chinese tactic to drug the emperor slowly or to get him addicted.
This is just an old tactic used on other presidents.
We're going to hit the big one straight ahead.
The mental capacity of the president
We're on the march, the empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
You're listening to Alex Jones.
Ladies and gentlemen, these mics are terrible.
Alex Jones on lead guitar.
We now take you live to the Central Texas Command Center and the heart of the resistance.
It's Alex Jones.
Again, we're supporting Patriot.
Freedom Caucus type Republican Libertarians for office to take over the Republican Party.
And we've done that to a certain extent.
We've got the Blue Bloods up there we've got to get rid of.
And they're working with the Democrats.
But the two battle over who has raw power.
And I like Trump going around them to actually get the debt limit up because they were planning to sabotage him there.
So maybe Trump knows what he's doing with these generals and all the rest of it, but when his own daughter can't get in to see him,
And when I know most of these deep state leaks are coming out of the intelligence agencies, they're not coming out of his family.
And they threaten him with all the leaks until he gives them full power and then, yeah, the leaks stop!
Except now they just have the Secretary of State on Fox News, who I've been supportive of overall, he had a good record at ExxonMobil, running down the President saying, America speaks for America, I speak for myself, Trump speaks for himself.
But I speak for America, basically.
And McMaster up there going, oh, we're going into Syria.
We're going to take out Assad when Trump had said we weren't.
And people tell Trump about him saying that, and he comes out and says, no, we're not doing that.
They want to be president.
And we didn't elect Ivanka or Jared Kushner or Rex Tillerson or McMaster.
So for me, it's not like some battle and let's pick people off and get our people in.
Because you get rid of one group, people even worse comes in.
I just sit back and watch this, and I see the escalation in the Middle East.
I see the escalation in Afghanistan.
I see this asset forfeiture seizure.
What we had before was unconstitutional.
This is just like pirates pulling up and taking what you got.
I'm not against the police, but I don't want to just give the bad police departments out there.
It's famous for it in some areas, East Texas and other areas, where they just pull old ladies over, just take the money out of their wallet.
I like Jeff Sessions wanting us to have a border and sovereignty, but it's a dying issue, a failing issue to give people five years in jail for marijuana.
And by the way, I don't like marijuana.
Roger likes it.
It makes me paranoid.
I don't like it.
And I know it's weaponized and super strong now, but you decriminalize it to not make it all sexy and cool.
I know it's got a lot of medical uses and it's a great plant overall, but it can be misused, but so can alcohol.
We're not going to lock folks up for, you know, drinking too much vodka, are we?
Or a lot of us would be in jail.
So we see some bad things starting to come.
And the more he gets sequestered, the more bad stuff we see.
But we see some good things as well.
We saw the unity in the hurricane, all of it.
But Roger Stone,
I've studied history as you've done, and I've studied the Chinese, I've studied the British, I've studied the Norman, I've studied it, and something they would do is start putting a little bit of poison in the king's food, or a little bit of poison in people's food they wanted to get rid of so they'd act crazy, or tire them out.
Or start putting a little bit of a sedative in their diet coke.
Just a little bit until suddenly they want the diet coke but don't know why and are sleepy at night and suddenly don't have as much energy.
This happened to Ronald Reagan.
Then he got shot.
Then he was given cold blood transfusion causing some brain damage.
Then they kind of keep him drugged up and then kind of wind him up and bring him back out.
Kennedy was totally admitted.
The Nazi doctors controlled Hitler.
He was taking more drugs than Elvis Presley at the end.
So this is a culture of control, something that control systems do.
And a lot of folks have talked about it, who've talked to the President, that now, he's doing incredible energy, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, midnight.
Now, Sleepy at 789, slurring words.
This feeds into their narrative that he's got Alzheimer's.
First thing you said they do four months ago was, as you talked about editorial meetings at major papers, just to recap for folks, where they were saying, next thing if Russia doesn't work is he's a racist, intermittently with, he's got early onset dementia, Alzheimer's, cognitive problems.
And then sure enough, that's there.
He has incredible energy, incredible smarts, but then he's sequestered.
He's surrounded, like Rapunzel, up in the tower, but doesn't have the long hair to get out, or to, you know, raise up the huntsman or whatever.
He's stuck there, and suddenly, oh, now there is the fatigue.
Suddenly there is the problems.
If people don't think this is how they take control of the most important position in the world, they're crazy.
If they don't think it's being tried, that now his personal security guy's gone,
Who gets what he wants, checks it, brings it in, who's smart, who's paranoid, who's watching all these guys.
If they don't think that, they're crazy.
The probability is, I'd say, 99%.
They're trying to drug him.
Because if he doesn't continue to show his old smarts, we know they're taking the edge off.
Is he smart enough to pick up on it?
Now, Roger, we're not the ones saying this.
These are our sources, other people.
Oh, and I forgot the most important point.
I heard this a month ago.
They were shopping it around that, oh, don't worry, he's going to be incapacitated soon.
You'll see.
Hell, they've had Al Gore say it on the Late Late Show.
They've had the former deputy director of the CIA and FBI say it.
Oh, he's going to be incapacitated.
Phil Mudd.
He'll be neutralized the next two months.
And then Congress tells our sources, no, that means physically.
We go, kill him?
They go, well, you'll see.
So this is how I would do it myself.
I even said this six months ago.
So, gosh, I hope we're not giving them ideas.
No, I got this from history.
They know what they're doing.
And they've got all sorts of sophisticated things to be able to carry this type of operation out.
Also, waking him up at night, coming in with all the alerts.
It's a form of torture, basically, and they put presidents through this to get control.
Obama knew how to just roll over and do whatever he was told.
So, we've set the table that they're the ones shopping that, oh, don't worry, we're basically drugging him.
Don't worry, we've got control.
And McMaster's strutting around.
I mean, let's go through this and back into McMaster and back into some of the other details and then go down the path of blackmail.
Let's just get it all out today.
Well, Alex, as you have correctly pointed out, my greatest concern is with a loyalist like Keith Schiller no longer standing vigilantly with the president, incapacitating him would be relatively easy.
You know, I know what the folks over at Media Matters for America are thinking, oh, you're a conspiracy theorist.
No, we're conspiracy realists.
We know from the church committee hearings in the 70s that the Central Intelligence Agency has a drug which can induce a heart attack, but which will not be detected in an average autopsy unless you were looking for it.
Donald Trump poses the greatest single threat to the globalist clique, to the trilateralist, neo-con duopoly that has run the country in our foreign policy into the ground.
And if they cannot co-opt him, it is not unrealistic or irresponsible or crazy to think that they would remove him.
They removed John F. Kennedy for exactly this reason.
They removed Richard Nixon, although he made it easy, for exactly this reason.
And they are not in any way morally above removing this president.
There was a cover story, I think it was in Time, just a few weeks ago, trying to make the case that the president is lazy.
I've known him 40 years.
He's one of the hardest-working men I know.
His mind is always working.
He's always working the phones.
He's always jotting down notes to himself.
This is a guy who, even when he's trying to have recreation, trying to play golf, he's still taking business phone calls.
Sure, let's stop right there.
They introduced this idea.
You were told it from high-level editorial meetings that your sources were in.
It then manifests.
And let's be clear.
Media Matters, Funded by Soros, they're all picking up on this, and I'm saying this is 100% for sure.
This is from sources, they know we have the sources, they know we do the research, and I'm doing this to warn the President that he needs to have a third party doctor, not the Pentagon doctor or whoever.
He needs to have his blood tested.
He's smart, and he does, and again, Roger, I know you don't want to give up sources, but I mean, the President is definitely...
By what time, when people are talking to him, at what times is he slurring his words?
He's slurring his words on various times and that's what's concerning.
Let's be very clear.
I have a source at the New York Times, a reporter, who expressed to me a concern that in a conversation they had on the phone with the President that he was slurring his words.
The President does not drink.
The president most certainly does not do drugs.
The president is sharp as a tack.
Now, let's give some credibility.
Let me stop you, let me stop you.
When I've had conversations with him, it's like, it's like he's speaking like an actor.
It's so precise and so smooth that exactly, then you hear he's slurring his words.
It's like, whoa.
Well, now, in the President's defense, could he be exhausted?
He works very hard for the country.
He is passionate about his desire for an economic revival.
For a boom.
He said it to me.
Wait and see.
You'll see.
When I get my 15% tax rate, this economy's gonna cook like nothing you've ever seen.
It'll be the greatest advance in job creation this country's ever seen.
He is deeply committed and passionate about this.
But I have now heard, not from one, but two different sources, that he seemed disoriented and was slurring his speech in conversations.
To me, this is a tip-off that he may be being medicated.
Is General Kelly above this?
In the New York Times, in the Washington Post of last week, I was quoted as saying, Kelly ultimately will fail
In his attempt to isolate the president.
That's because the Donald Trump I know is his own man.
He's not going to be told who he can see and who he can't see, who he can talk to and who he can't talk to, what he can read and what he cannot read, where he can go and where he cannot go.
He simply won't be controlled, managed.
It's not his style.
I don't want to get into inside baseball, but obviously they know who Schiller's talking to, uh, Roger, and they got all our phones tapped.
So the point is, is that we're not just pulling us out of the air.
Uh, I can't get into, I don't know how much we can say, but this is, I don't know what they can do to make Schiller do this.
So I hope a certain person we know gets on the phone with Schiller very quickly.
Cause somebody I know, I know has his phone number and talks to him, but then that person never wants to reveal.
But let's be very clear.
Keith Schiller is a very discreet.
The guy and he protects the president's discretion.
My source on why Schiller is leaving.
Is not Keith Scheller.
Let me make that as clear as I can.
No, no, you have folks who are in the meeting.
But I know, because I have it from several sources.
Then tell folks specifically some of the things.
I mean, how much can we get in without giving up the sources?
Because people need to know what happened when Ivanka came in, when Schumer was there, and Pelosi.
I mean, there's just all of this.
It's incredible.
It's just incredible.
And now they are, almost all the sources are chopped off.
He's almost completely isolated.
That's why we're dumping all this now.
Well, that's exactly right.
The curtain is coming down, and it puts the president in great danger, and it puts the country in great danger.
Because really what's happened, and you touched on this Alex, is the U.S.
Justice Department, there's only one Trump guy there, Sessions.
Everybody below him works for Barack Obama, and they are keeping the U.S.
attorneys in place.
In New York State, they've let Chuck Schumer name the U.S.
In New York and Albany.
That is insanity.
At the State Department, Condoleezza Rice has kept the Obama and Soros people intact.
And their response to Trump sharing power is to say they want him dead.
And that his supporters are all rapists and Nazis.
They're coming for all of us because they know we're winning.
This is total war!
What do we do?
Well, it's essential that the President not be allowed to be isolated.
It is essential that those who can break through to him and tell him what's really going on continue to do so.
The President would not have pardoned Joe Arpaio if he didn't learn through Infowars that the Justice Department was trying to railroad Arpaio.
Well, they're threatening everybody.
I mean, I know they're threatening Drudge.
I know they're threatening everybody to not have any of us work together so they can isolate us and pick us all off.
We're winning the culture war.
The listeners have to know, though, the censorship, the attacks, the demonization, it's all going into high gear, but we're having victories.
When Trump goes with his instinct and says Antifa's evil and bad, his numbers go up.
Then three weeks later, the Democrats have to admit it's true.
Again, this mindlessness where if you say Antifa's bad but the white supremacists are bad, you're defending white supremacists.
No, you're not!
It's like saying Joe Stalin was bad and so was Hitler!
They're both bad!
Jeffrey Dahmer and John Wayne Gacy were both bad!
If you say they're both bad, it doesn't say the other one's okay!
Well, not only that, but when I suggested that General Kelly's attempts to isolate the president would fail, Kelly went to the president and told him that he was forbidden from ever speaking to Roger Stone again.
General Kelly, fat chance on that one.
I'm just warming up on you, friend, because you don't support the Trump agenda.
You are not loyal.
Everything I have said here today is out of loyalty to the President and his worldview.
We elected Donald Trump.
Let Trump be Trump.
That's the point of this.
You won't have foreign wars.
You won't have... And by the way, Cernovich and Posobiec, was Posobiec broke?
And they blew his covers, Naval Intelligence.
Oh, they're like, we're pulling his security clearance because the president likes him.
Oh, the president likes somebody in Naval Intelligence, they get kicked out.
It's like he's the enemy.
And I mean, it's so crazy.
And what do you make of Rex Tillerson?
I mean, why would Rex Tillerson go on Fox News and badmouth the president?
I mean, these people, these people.
Rex Tillerson's worried about life after Trump.
Rex Tillerson's got one foot out the door already.
He doesn't like this job.
He doesn't want this job.
In fact, he's abrogated the job to Condoleezza Rice.
Rex Tillerson, who I think's a good man, is running nothing.
Well, let me tell you what's happening.
That's it.
That's it.
Look, they're being bullied.
Their wives are being messed with.
They're being sped at.
They're being attacked like me and Roger do, physically, on the street.
And so they're cracking under it.
That's fine!
We want to save the country.
I don't want contracts.
I don't want jobs.
I could have sold out a hundred times bigger than Rush Limbaugh on terrestrial radio.
I really believe in something.
And they call that mentally ill.
And they call Trump mentally ill.
That I really do want to have sovereignty.
I really do want to cut taxes.
I really do want to defend Christianity.
I really do not want to give over to Islam.
And I'm not going to stop!
They have to know that we're going to win!
This is about the Trump agenda.
Alex, I could make an enormous amount of money today by hanging up a shingle and becoming a lobbyist to lobby the Trump administration.
No, no, you should make $10 million a year doing it.
You've got more offers now than ever.
I refuse to do it, because it would cloud my judgment and it would be a conflict.
I'm in favor of the success of the Trump presidency.
By the way, did you not notice that one thing media gets right is Trump really believes in what he's saying, he really has gotten rid of all the lobbyists, and then they go, isn't he horrible?
I mean, he just, he really is doing the right thing.
Stay right there, let's just come back.
Stay there, Roger Stone.
Skip the break, skip the break, skip the break.
Go ahead, Roger.
Let's face it, Alex.
If the president announced tomorrow that he had found a cure for cancer, the headline in the Washington Post would be, Trump puts doctors out of work.
They won't give this guy a break.
We have a million new jobs.
It's actually a million six, Roger.
Okay, we have the stock market at a record high.
He has cut regulations that kill jobs to the bone.
He has the Chinese working with him to try to contain this lunatic in North Korea, but they won't give the president any credit.
It is unlike anything that I have ever seen.
And the military has crushed ISIS.
They're not even in two major cities now.
They're just hiding out in a few caves.
We're now to the point where we know, as Owen Scheuer reported, that ISIS is buying uranium in Somalia, or I should say they have obtained uranium, and they're selling it to the Iranians in violation
Of the Iranian deal that Obama made.
He's here in the big HD studio with all the clips and all that prepared, you know, kind of quarterbacking stuff.
And then we've got our star running backs and wide receivers that are Roger Stone and all the rest of it.
So that show comes on every day right after this one at three o'clock central.
So the great news is this is so important.
Maybe we need Roger to continue on because what you've been covering here is breaking in newspapers by the hundreds.
Right now, and they're trying to spin it and obviously misrepresent it, that we're saying he's senile, we're saying this.
No, we're saying, they said, watch, he'll soon be incapacitated, and suddenly we've got high-level sources, New York Times, you name it, and other people that talk to him, where he's slurring his words.
So this is happening.
We had no, I guess, you know, they say they're going to, quote, you know, get rid of him, drug him, and then self-manifest the fact that, you know, he looks like he has Alzheimer's.
This is so incredibly obvious.
Alzheimer's doesn't show up in a month.
This is incredible, Roger.
And you saw, Alex, within the last 30 days, Ana Navarro, the liberal Democrat who appears on CNN posing as a Republican, big fundraiser for Senator Bob Menendez, big donor to Deborah Wasserman Schultz, saying the president has Alzheimer's.
You have Don Lemon saying the President has the early stages of Alzheimer's, then trying to deny when he was confronted that he said it, like we're idiots and we can't see the videotape.
This has been part of the game plan from the beginning.
If they cannot defeat you, they try to discredit you.
If they can't discredit you, they try to co-opt you.
If they can't co-opt you, they try to destroy you.
They have been unable to completely co-opt the President, although they keep
Afghanistan's that decision was, I think, an ominous sign, as opposed to Syria, where the president did the right thing.
They said, Mr. President, you must send 150 troops immediately.
He said, no way.
And Roger, let's be clear.
Roger, let's be clear.
Way back in, whenever, it was like four months ago when you said next thing will be early onset dementia, all this, you had that from sources, it all came true.
The media's gone from saying we're making up sources to admitting we have them, and admitting they've got to cut us off.
Headlines all over the news, InfoWars banned at the White House, three weeks after Jack Posobiec broke that news here.
This is going on.
This is happening.
And it just shows that Trump is a good man.
Doesn't mean he's perfect.
Nobody is.
But that's why they hate him so much.
And I just don't get the political class.
Why don't they just get out of the way?
Let America basically
Take over globalism, but use it to empower people and free market, and then disintegrate it.
We'll still have global trade, but not the global system of overriding nations, attacking Christianity, exporting Islam everywhere, sexualizing kids, turning everything over to these nihilistic people.
I mean, it's just, it's a survival thing!
Why do they want to override anything strong, anything good, and blow it up?
Why do they have such a hard-on for America?
Why do the globalists want to destroy the average working person?
Why are they such you-know-whats?
Because it is cultural hatred for what Trump is and what he believes.
They think American patriotism is outdated.
You guys don't understand.
It's a new world.
No, it isn't.
We are still the same country we have ever been.
And we're badass!
And anybody who supports American sovereignty or American exceptionalism or American nationalism, well, you're a white supremacist.
You're a bigot.
You're a racist.
No, we're not.
You talk about disinformation when the people at Media Matters for America say Bill and Hillary and the Podestas have no ties to child traffickers.
They're the ones who are lying.
They're the ones who are spreading.
They're child traffickers convicted all around them!
So look, this isn't an epic battle.
This is about Western civilization.
I'm glad to see Steve Bannon outside the tent shooting in for a change.
He gave us Kelly.
Now he needs to go clean it up.
And again, I don't, why does it, I guess Kelly and all of them are creatures of the deep state, they know it's safe, it's a power trip, and even their adjuncts are like, well, we're the republic, and we're gonna protect it, and you know, and then they turn on the head, well if you were never in the military, then you can't even be part of this, when these are the elites feeding on the military, and actually using our best and brightest to carry this crap out,