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Name: 20170908_Fri_Alex
Air Date: Sept. 8, 2017
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The Alex Jones Show discusses topics such as Hurricane Irma, DACA, and natural disasters while promoting various products available at the Infowars store. The show hosts express their views on Trump's statement on DACA, emphasizing the need for a proper vetting system for legalization of immigrants. They also promote Living Defense, a parasite cleanse product containing organic ingredients. Alex Jones addresses critics and promotes Biome Defense Probiotic for digestive health support.

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Defending the Republic from enemies foreign and domestic.
It's Alex Jones.
North Korea testing H-bombs has announced.
They're getting ready to test more missiles this weekend.
They're saying Japan's being targeted.
You've got Mexico hit with the biggest earthquake ever recorded in modern history in the last 100 years since seismographs were in Central America and Southern North America.
You've got mysterious green lights lighting up in the night sky before the earthquake.
That's because you have tectonic plates moving and that energy is transferred and basically creates its own Aurora Borealis.
Some of these green lights have even been caught on video.
You've got ISIS joining leftists and celebrating Hurricane Irma, the fastest rotating hurricane ever recorded.
Now a Category 6.
Devastating through the Caribbean as it goes on its rampage now.
Coming across Cuba.
Most of the tracks have the storm going straight up the Keys, right down the middle of Florida, but starting to steer a little bit more towards the West.
Perhaps even turning and raking out into the Gulf of Mexico, but most tracks show it going right up through Georgia, right up into Tennessee and the Carolinas.
We are going to be here today, right through this evening live, because now we are live from 8 a.m.
to 6 p.m.
straight through.
And by the middle of next year, I intend to be on 15 to 18 hours a day, and by the end of next year, 20 hours a day, ladies and gentlemen.
Down the road, who knows, maybe even 24 hours a day.
We may take just excerpts of the most powerful news of the day and put that together.
But wow, I said earlier this week, I said, watch, I bet we see some gigantic earthquakes.
I said, I don't know why, but the ancients all wrote about the fact that when you had big storms, you would get earthquakes and you would get volcanoes.
They just thought the gods were angry.
They associated it with the sun.
They associated it with the stars.
They associated it with alignments.
They associated it with total eclipses.
They didn't know why, they just knew, you get total eclipses, you get wars, you get volcanic eruptions, you get earthquakes, you get giant storms.
You've got 30 plus people now dead in Mexico from an earthquake that hit off the coast and there's ongoing issues with high waves, tsunamis.
So you've got massive build-up towards war.
You've got massive political upheaval across the planet against the globalists.
You have the Earth itself going through great changes.
Why do these things come together?
Why did all the political trends build towards the astronomical information that we now see being shared?
How does that tie into what we see?
In our own personal lives and the reports coming out of accelerated suicide, accelerated mental illness, accelerated demon possession type activity that even psychologists and psychiatrists can't explain.
What's going on?
Because as humanity awakens, there's a polarity, evil is also rising.
The yin and the yang, the two forces in Newtonian physics
For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.
We are going into an amazing time of opportunity, but also a great time of danger.
And anyone denying that has not paid attention to history.
The elites know this, and they've been running to armored redoubts for the last six, seven years, and building giant underground bases underneath their mansions
In Hawaii, places like Kauai, and places like Tasmania, and many others.
We, of course, reported all this first here.
Now it's all confirmed.
So what does the elite know that the general public doesn't know?
What's coming?
What's coming?
This isn't mumbo-jumbo.
This is science, and you're seeing it happen.
We just don't know the secrets of the universe, so we feel like ignorant savages.
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Defending the Republic from enemies foreign and domestic.
It's Alex Jones!
Ladies and gentlemen, it is Friday the 8th day of September 2017.
I am your host Alex Jones.
We're going to open the phones up throughout the broadcast today.
We also have some guests joining us who are in Florida who can report on what they're witnessing there for themselves.
We're going to open the phones up so you can specifically
Give us your take and your view on what you think is happening in the world right now.
Because all the ancients agreed, they didn't understand it, they didn't know what it was, but all the historians as well, even in contemporary times, 500 years ago, 1,000 years ago,
The Roman historians 2,000 years ago, Greek historians 3,000 years ago, they all noticed that there were times in history when wars and earthquakes and famines and super storms all came at one time.
These quickening periods.
Now we call the Great Quickening the Singularity.
Which most futurists and scientists have been projecting into the future.
But there are many, many singularities, many processes where we see things going obsolete in just a few weeks or a few days now that previously would take something 20, 30, 40, 50, 100 years to become obsolete or semi-obsolete.
And so the big discussion should be, what are we transforming into?
Who is directing it?
Who is controlling it?
Not just the globalists trying to play God, trying to control it, but what is the interstellar, galactic, subatomic, interdimensional force that even mainline supercomputers from IBM
And from top Japanese companies as well, have now projected an outside energy force many, many times more powerful in magnitude than the dimension that we're in, and that this dimension, the third dimension, is being artificially held in place by a power of magnitude that is not calculatable.
It is beyond infinity.
Don't believe me?
Just type into a search engine.
Top scientists, mathematics, galactic spectrometers, deep space telescopes, radio telescopes, quantum mechanics, scanning dark matter, data around black holes, shows that there is a super force holding everything in place.
Now suddenly, top billionaires, top bank owners, top CEOs come out and say, we're in a simulation.
And there's an outside force controlling that simulation.
And we are going to build a new reality inside the digital silicon universe that is going to be better than the prison we've been put on on this planet.
But we need you to give us your will, your soul, your mind, your creativity, into that new dimension we're creating, this artificial dimension, to make it real.
That's the devil trying to convince the angels to go with him and create his new reality.
Now you can say that's just cosmology from ancient Jews writing Genesis, but you cannot deny that the elites of today say they are becoming gods and are building their new system and are trying to make this reality as ugly as possible to get us to give up on it and to plug in to their modern matrix and to take the blue pill.
You take the blue pill, you go back to sleep.
Be whatever you want in La La Land and virtual reality.
You take the red pill, I'm taking you down the rabbit hole.
All I'm offering is the truth.
Nothing more.
So you think about that, ladies and gentlemen.
You look at how we are seeing record earthquakes, record megastorms forming all of a sudden, record volcanic activity, record political turmoil, record famine, record political corruption, record awakening, record scientific development, record knowledge being deployed.
As good and evil rise to the great contest at the very same time.
None of us fully understand it.
Most people aren't even conscious of it.
But beginning to try to understand it is the beginning of wisdom.
And fear of God is simply not being arrogant and believing your God, but standing in the majesty of the great space-time intergalactic continuum and having respect for the fact that you are part of this.
Or you can go with Bezos and all the rest of them into their little Zuckerberg synthetic system that they're offering you where they're God.
Zuckerberg doesn't just want to be president.
He wants to be God.
Now let's get into the news.
Mexico earthquake.
Mysterious green flashes light up the sky after the tremor.
That is out of the Associated Press.
Earthquakes off Mexico kills dozens.
It's now over 30.
Spark tsunami warning.
Mexico's strongest earthquake in a century leaves dozens dead.
It's now 32 dead, unfortunately, in Mexico.
That according to the Australian news.
So, Rush Limbaugh asked if this
Hurricanes even real, or if it's being hyped up by the media.
They've hyped up other hurricanes that ended up, thank God, not being so deadly.
But hurricanes historically can be destructives and can kill a lot of people, can flatten everything in their path.
So you're smart to recognize it and think that you should make preparations for it.
But I know one thing, this quickening that we see at every level of matter,
But one reason we have a international convention against above ground or below ground nuclear testing is it's been directly connected to tectonic shift.
If you've got plates already about to pop and you start testing hydrogen bombs underground on the very fault line in the Pacific Rim, the hottest areas right there through Korea, South China Sea, Japan, what do you expect to see?
But again, the globalists don't want you to ever make these connections.
You're supposed to look at each story by itself and never use your own mind to make the connections that are right there, plain for you to see.
Doesn't mean you see it crystal clear, but it means it's the beginning of seeing the patterns in the seasons, and in wildlife, and in your own life, and in your family, and in business, and in culture.
So we have North Korea out of control.
More missile tests scheduled this Saturday.
Oh, but there's a solar superstorm!
There's already been a big solar storm the last week.
But an even bigger one's coming!
And so now they may not be able to test their missile, because there'll be so much interference in the atmosphere, they may not be able to track it with their more primitive telemetry controls.
Because they're not going to be controlling their missile with satellites, they're going to be controlling it with ground-based signals.
So, storms above, storms below.
South Korea braces for another possible North Korea missile test.
Solar storms may deter Kim from launching missile this weekend.
That's Bloomberg.
Nuke sniffer ballistic recon aircraft deployed to Okinawa, Japan amid rising tensions with North Korea.
Sweeping change in China's military points to more firepower for Xi.
North Korea says U.S.
to pay dearly for Haley's hysterical fit.
Saying they're begging for war.
But they are begging for war.
Meanwhile, the weak, cowardly types that are anti-sovereignty, anti-Renaissance, anti-true free market America that no one can deny is the big hit, the big cornucopia
The Ghost of Christmas Present, as Robert Duvall says in Network, the big you-know-what hit, the left projects onto it their power, even though it's their own ilk that are going to be hit the most.
ISIS joins leftists in celebrating Hurricane Irma.
Paul Joseph Watson, Infowars.com.
You can read their statements in newspapers, magazines, in Twitter.
You've got Hollywood stars coming out.
Jennifer Lawrence.
She may have a beautiful face and beautiful body, but she's got an ugly, stupid mind.
Jennifer Lawrence, mother nature's rage, directed at U.S.
because of Trump.
Yes, yes.
There isn't a God, Hollywood says.
There's no powerful force out there, except when they want to say there's a force, then it exists.
Because they're the arbiters of all reality.
They can suspend gravity while still having gravity at the same time.
They can jump back and forth and say 2 plus 2 equals whatever they want.
But she says, yes, America deserves what's happening, and that it's payment against conservatives, even though it's going to be mainly poor liberals.
Poor, controlled people.
Deceived people in Florida.
They're gonna be in the crosshairs.
Coming up, we're gonna look at the evacuations, the stalled cars, the gas, the empty shells.
I like to do things where I know I can at least take control of it myself, personally.
And this isn't a pitch for water filtration, but we go out and find the very best gravity-fed water filters, where it takes out all the garbage, but doesn't take out the good minerals, and then I put my drinking water through that.
And if I'm lazy, I've got reverse osmosis, which really cleans the water but cuts out the minerals.
So over time, it's probably not too good for you to only drink reverse osmosis.
That's in all the studies.
But the other big area is the shampoo, and the sunscreens, and the cosmetics, and the body washes, and the soap.
Which isn't really soap.
We've spent, and this is a plug, but it's really informational until the bottom of the hour when Sheriff Arpaio joins us.
We spent years saying we want to get an organic, high quality line of toiletries and personal care products so that I can use them in my own home and know from the manufacturer it's really what they say.
And folks, we got, Mark,
Gonzalvez, the owner of Nature's Brands, one of the biggest organic brands in the country, one of the top sellers at Whole Foods.
Everybody recognizes our labeling because he's so nice.
He even let us use basically his labeling but changed the name to Emmerich's Essentials.
So whether you get it at Whole Foods under his name or from us, what's best about it is it's on the low end of cost but better than a lot of the other so-called
We're under a chemical assault.
It's unbelievable to me what we've allowed to take place.
We've got 84,000 chemicals now in play.
13,000 of which are used in our cosmetics.
And personal care items.
And we use these things every single day.
Yet about 10% have ever been tested.
So we always rely on the chemical company to be able to be considered innocent until we end up proving them guilty.
Does that make any sense at all?
So all these things that we put on our body, they're going into our bloodstream.
Takes about 28 seconds to go into our bloodstream.
So here's what we've got.
We've got the FDA that says, hey, you know what?
For external use only.
Think about this.
Think about this.
They say it's for external use only.
They're not stupid at the FDA.
They know it goes into your bloodstream.
What is the establishment going to do when all this comes out?
It's already come out about bisphenol A and adrazine.
And then they're still putting it in stuff.
What's going to happen?
Why are they doing it when I've looked it up?
They've got chemicals that are even less expensive that they could be using that have less problems.
It's like they go out of their way to do this.
I think that companies today, are they purposely trying to kill us?
I don't know if I'm going to go quite that far, but what I will say is, they don't seem to care if they do.
They don't seem to care.
Just like Bayer with the hemophiliac factor VIII, they knew it was in there, and they said, you know what, we'll lose money, go ahead and ship these millions of dosages.
These didn't care.
Hey, as a young person, it was Ford with the Pintel, right?
Oh yeah, well, we had 30 gas tanks that would blow up.
Yeah, we'll get sued for millions and millions of dollars, but hey, at the end of the day, that's a heck of a lot cheaper than having to replace all those gas tanks in a recall.
I mean, golly, we've got a business to protect.
Again, when you place a person's well-being
The bottom rung of the ladder and you place purely profit at the top, that is something seriously wrong.
Well, we're really impressed.
Mark, thank you so much.
Folks can get their Emmerich's Essentials, private label by you, God bless you, at InfowarsStore.com, InfowarsLife.com, or 888-253-3139.
Mark Gonzales, thank you so much, sir.
There's a giant solar storm being ejected from the sun as we speak and the storm is expected to peak by NASA's sensors this weekend.
The storms obviously drive
Nuclei coming into the atmosphere.
Scientists up until about 50 years ago thought potash was the main trigger in the atmosphere for nuclei to form, because they knew that nuclei couldn't form and cause water precipitation by itself.
Now they know it's micrometeorites and solar wideband radiation that drives about 95% of our atmospheric weather.
You've got megastorms from the sun.
Mega hurricanes.
Mega typhoons.
Mega earthquakes.
Biggest ever recorded in Mexico.
A mega political upheaval.
Massive changes happening.
Massive unprecedented Pacific Rim activity.
Hydrogen bomb tests going on at the same time.
A lot of scientists believe helping trigger some of these earthquakes.
This is an amazing time to be alive.
And I've been telling you in the last six months, get ready for major earth changes because this historically happens.
No one knows why, but it's all interconnected.
The left says it's because we're Christians or because Trump's evil or whatever.
And here's a Paul Joseph Watson report on the truth about Hurricane Irma.
Hurricane Irma has barreled through the Caribbean, causing apocalyptic devastation.
It's set to crash into Florida imminently.
They're calling it the strongest storm ever.
And who's to blame?
Donald Trump!
Is it possible that Trump has a hurricane-making machine that pushes the news off his racist decisions?
The government will manipulate the weather to exterminate blacks, even if they have to kill whites.
So they say Hurricane Irma is heading for Miami.
Did y'all realize 70% of Miami is Latino, Hispanic or Cuban?
44% of the Haitian population in the U.S.
resides in Miami.
Miami is like Houston in which it is flourishing economically.
Trump wants them off our land, so what better way than to flood them out?
Read between the lines, people!
But why is everyone making fun of her?
She was only stating facts.
Is there anything, anything you hysterical morons won't tie into your Trump derangement syndrome?
If they weren't accusing Trump of creating the hurricane, others were celebrating the fact that it was about to destroy his properties.
Because the racist deserves it.
I hope that place gets flattened.
Rename Irma Hurricane Karma.
That's because God hates Trump.
God punishes.
Why President Donald Trump with a hurricane?
Wipe them out.
Yeah, you know the island where racist Donald Trump's property is located?
The island that just got savaged by Hurricane Irma, St.
Their biggest indigenous population group is made up of brown and black people, as is virtually every other island in the Caribbean that just got devastated by the hurricane.
The island of Barbuda is now barely habitable with 90% of buildings destroyed.
Barbuda's population is 90% black.
You're literally cheering the destruction of black people's lives.
Oh, but Trump's beach house got wiped out, so I guess it's okay.
Because you're all anti-racist, right?
I mean, who cares about a bit of collateral damage when there's a chance of killing Trump supporters?
Irma, girl, do us all a favor and skip all the countries you're gonna hit and just go after Trump and all the racist Republicans slash Nazis!
Dear God, please let Hurricane Irma destroy Florida for giving so many electoral votes to Trump!
You need to destroy Florida, they voted for Trump!
Now, I know what you're thinking.
This is just a few idiots on Twitter, right?
If it's any consolation, Hurricane Irma, my f***ing
Trump's not even gonna be there.
He's got home insurance.
Those poor black people whose homes get demolished?
Maybe not.
The Washington Post was also offering minute-by-minute coverage of all the Trump properties destroyed by the hurricane.
What the f*** is wrong with you?
You're also triggered that Hurricane Harvey interrupted your race-baiting narrative for five minutes.
Triggered that it proved the vast majority of people don't share your relentless obsession with identity politics.
Triggered that when it comes to the crunch, people treat each other equally, regardless of race.
Triggered that just for a moment, your anti-Trump hysteria isn't the center of attention.
That you'll literally wish death and destruction on innocent people just to satiate your need for yet another anti-Trump Twitter temper tantrum.
And I want to be clear, Jennifer Lawrence is coming out saying we deserve it because we voted for Trump.
You've got CNN out there basically saying that America deserves it because of global warming.
You've got the New York Times saying it.
I mean, this is just insane.
We've had 15 years of some of the lowest hurricane activity reported since the 50s, but now they're back because the sun has been going out of a dormant phase the last 11, 12 years or so into another very active phase.
And they've known for over 100 years sunspots
Big giant ejections of radiation and heat coming into our atmosphere affects things.
Yes, it's the sun, ladies and gentlemen.
And it's the sun driving the earthquakes and all the rest of it.
There's the big secret.
But what's driving the political change?
It's all connected in rhythms.
We'll be back.
Stay with us.
We're on the march, the empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Alright, all the big news straight ahead.
How did he get in here?
He's supposed to be with a few people outside.
How about...
How about all week we're talking about the massive crowds that are going to be outside wearing masks.
Well, it's hot out.
It is hot.
I think it's too warm.
You know, they show up with the helmets and the black masks.
They've got gloves and they've got everything.
How did he get in here?
He's supposed to be with a few people outside.
How about... How about all week we're talking about the masks and gloves that are going to be outside.
Where are they?
Well, it's hot out.
It is hot.
I think it's very warm.
You know, they show up with the helmets and the black masks.
And they've got gloves and they've got everything.
And Tifa!
Now, before we sell out... It's Friday.
Alex Jones, the cure to fake news.
Coming to you live from Austin, Texas.
Prison time's coming soon.
Be ready.
Not much time left.
It's also what happens when you listen to the radio host Alex Jones.
Move, bitch!
Get out the way!
We pledge allegiance to one flag, and that flag...
This is the American flag!
Infowars helped fuel the rumor that President Obama is an ISIS supporter.
It's been a cozy relationship from the beginning.
I will not let you down.
You'll be very, very impressed, I hope.
And I think we'll be speaking a lot.
Donald Trump and Alex Jones.
This means that Donald Trump will be the 45th President of the United States.
Waging war on corruption.
It's Alex Jones!
We're going to open the phones up throughout the broadcast now, interspersed with different news, different important topics.
But I want to hear from callers specifically.
Now, I don't screen your calls, but occasionally I do say, hey, I'd like to talk about the earth changes, Hurricane Irma, more storms forming out in the Atlantic and the Pacific.
The record earthquakes, the strongest earthquake ever recorded in a hundred years, with seismographs in Mexico and Central America, an 8.2?
Some estimates are even higher now?
Was a seven-something did that to Fukushima?
I mean, this is serious.
Thank God it was out in the ocean.
Still killed 30-something people.
Why are there all these earth changes?
How does all this tie in together?
We're good to go.
West Coast or the Panhandle or the East Coast.
The stores are all empty.
The gas is almost all gone.
Some areas completely gone.
Giant lines going out of Miami and other areas and out of the Keys of cars going 5, 10 miles an hour.
We've got video of that from last night where you see almost no cars going south and all the cars going north.
These are just biblical images.
And imagine if there was really a nuclear war, even a limited nuclear war, and our big cities got hit.
Or imagine if a mass plague got out.
A flesh-eating bacteria, or this new super pneumonia that's been found, according to Lancet, that basically almost kills everybody that comes in contact with it, is airborne and is spreading and replicating ultra-fast.
It's the most deadly hands-down pneumonia ever seen.
Everybody was always so scared of a super airborne pneumonia that replicates fast and is drug-resistant.
It's here.
So we have this incredibly complex society with just on time delivery, and the slightest things can disrupt it.
And now we see storm hitting Texas, storm hitting Florida, and it's not a minority of Democrats cheering the storms on, making fun of Texas, saying die rednecks, die Nazis, die Trump voters in Florida.
It's Hollywood stars saying America deserves it because of Trump.
It's reporters.
It's CNN.
You've all seen it.
You've all heard it.
What type of sick people are these?
So the toll-free number to join us is 800-259-9231.
Hurricane Irma is set to make landfall Monday morning, according to NOAA, at 8 a.m.
8 a.m.
We're going to have live special broadcast tomorrow.
That'll be internet only, not on radio and TV, but Infowars.com forward slash show on the front page of the site, Newswars.com.
We'll tweet it out at Real Alex Jones.
We'll send it out to folks that are on the newsletter.
Infowars.com forward slash newsletter.
It's free.
We'll send you those live video links.
We're going to have live coverage tomorrow.
We're going to have live coverage continuing continually Sunday morning at 8 a.m.
Eastern, 7 a.m.
And I'm going to be up here broadcasting throughout the day, not just the broadcast 4 to 6 p.m., and we're going to be broadcasting right through as this mega storm hits.
I'm going to be here with Owen Schroer and some of the other crew as we chronicle this.
And as I said a week ago, and as I said yesterday, watch for earthquakes, watch for volcanoes, watch for more, because massive, they're saying record,
Level solar storms, that's big, giant, coronal mass ejections.
Some of these mass ejections, when they come off the sun, are a hundred, two hundred times bigger than the Earth.
In fact, you can just YouTube, uh, solar flares, satellite footage of solar flares.
They've got them in HD now.
And I mean, you're talking about million mile plus long ejections when they're still
At the absolute hottest temperature known to man.
And then that heat just goes out.
It's like you're in front of a fire.
You're five feet away but it's burning your face because it's a big hot fire with white coals.
So, you know, the flames are only going out a million miles.
But see, the heat and the radiation, it's going out even further and hitting the earth.
So NASA just captured the strongest solar flare in a decade, and this just happened last year.
So again, the sun is going from a dormant phase when things were cooling down.
Things were heating up until about 20 years ago.
Then it kind of started cooling off, went through its dormant phase.
Now it's going back into its warming phase, and you're going to have more precipitation.
You're going to have more hurricanes.
And by the way, I'm not a meteorologist.
I've had top meteorologists and top astrophysicists on.
You know the U.S.
military doesn't get its weather reports, you know, from your mainline meteorologists.
They have astrophysicists that take the data in and then put it into models about the moon and the sun.
You go, well, what's the moon radiating?
It gets in front of the sun, it blocks the winds, the solar winds.
It gets away from the earth, it doesn't block them.
There have been cases when giant solar flares are about to hit us and the moon blocks it.
But what happens when the moon isn't blocking it?
You say, but the moon's much smaller than us.
How could it block the whole earth?
Well, it's just like if you put your finger in a water hose when it's blasting out, it shoots out around and makes a big cone.
I've seen some of these spectrometer analysis, radio, telescope, you name it, scans of the solar flares, picking up the particles, the particle readers.
I'm not a scientist, I've just read the articles.
And you'll see the spectrum of it, and it's shooting around, way around the Earth.
The Moon can completely block us from solar flares, when it's turned towards the flare.
But when it's not, turn towards the flare.
So see, this is what really goes on in the government.
Not the stuff they put on TV for the public.
When you're watching the weather report, it should be the sun and the moon and big models.
But see, they don't want you to know that.
They want to teach you it's your fault.
Your cow's farted!
In Canada and Australia they now are putting bags, people don't believe me, just type in bags put on cows to capture methane and they put bags on their butts and then they capture the methane and pump it into oil wells that have been sealed to seal it under the earth as part of a carbon agreement.
Now those are some powerful shots of the sun they're showing.
We've even got a big model of the sun with flares that we've played from NASA.
If you go to YouTube, they've got it in HD.
It's just solar flares, and it's a shot from the side of the sun, and you'll see how far they're going out.
I mean, it is unbelievable.
But everybody knows about that.
The point is that I've had all the top astrophysicists on.
I've probably had 15 of them on over the years.
These are the guys that actually advise the governments, advise the military, they look at the ground radar stuff, and then they add it into computations, and they found that humans are better at this than even computers.
They'll take computers to crunch a bunch of numbers, and then an expert walks in, looks at it, and then dead reckons what they think, and they've still found the human supercomputer, that just going with its gut instinct, when looking at what computers already gave it, is more accurate than the big supercomputer modeling.
That's why governments still go to men and women to get their final analysis of the computer algorithms.
It's incredible.
All right, I'm ranting.
I need to get into the other subject.
We will be tracking all of this today.
Now, let me get to this first.
As political intrigue goes,
Everything is blowing up in the Democrats' faces now.
Comey's been caught perjuring himself to Congress over and over again.
You've got Hillary with all of her corruption starting to come out.
You've got the Democratic Party top people saying Hillary needs to go away.
She is universally hated.
And with this backdrop, you've got the Awan brothers trying to flee the country and
Now we know that one of them planted the laptop for the police with a letter explaining the crimes that were being committed by Debbie Washerman Schultz, reportedly.
All of this is happening.
And then meanwhile, you've got Trump going up against the Republican Party establishment who gave us Obamacare, who gave us the high taxes.
Even though Trump has the trifecta, the Republican Party's playing God, the blue blood,
Traitors, like Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan.
And so Trump, genius, genius level, went to the Democrats to get a three-month stay so our credit rating doesn't get dropped, what the globalists want, and so we get the aid for the hurricane.
And I get we're always raising the debt limit.
The point is if you don't raise it now, we should have lowered it in the past,
The globalists are going to use it to stall the economy, so Trump knows what he's doing.
And Pat Buchanan's come out and said he agrees with that analysis.
Trump dumps the do-nothing Congress and lets the Republicans know they're not in full control.
Now, that's the Republican leadership.
The Freedom Caucus are great patriots.
We need to take over more of those seats.
We need to get rid of the RINOs.
There's a big move to get rid of Paul Ryan right now.
It's very exciting.
But that said, I'm supporting Trump because he'd already lowered the deficit sum.
He'd already gotten the economy going.
He's pushing for the tax cuts.
They've been blocking him, so he has to strategically do this so that Moody's, Standard & Poor's, and others don't lower our credit rating.
Because if that happens, the debt will balloon even more and will be absolutely untenable.
The answer is getting the tax cuts.
Then freezing the spending increases.
But you've got to get the tax cuts first.
And Trump's been delivering on his promises when he's able to get it done.
The point is the big banks, the central banks, are trying to crash the economy right now.
They're raising interest rates for everything they can to stall things, and Trump going around the Republicans now, while doing what he said he would do on the Dreamers, securing our borders, not letting Obama sign executive orders that are illegal, putting it back to Congress to make it really people that were here when they were kids, and not 40-year-old men with, you know, 25 deportations and murder raps.
He's trying to make Congress do its job and pass a real law for
True dreamers.
Then the media misrepresents what Trump did again there.
I'm not just defending the president, this is the reality.
But here's Stephen Bannon in an excerpt, coming up on 60 Minutes this weekend, where he explains who the real enemy is.
The Democrats are literally a bunch of senile criminals.
Nancy Pelosi, the rest of them, who are dangerous.
But it's the Republican leadership that are slick, Ted Bundy-type psychopaths who are really screwing everybody over.
And Trump is a true centrist, a populist.
He is going after them.
He's a populist, Americanist, and Bannon gets into the fact that Mitch McConnell won't even meet with Trump.
Mitch McConnell says stop saying drain the swamp.
This is in meetings dictating to the president because they want to keep the swamp there.
They want to keep two parties in power.
With the one party monopoly of the banks.
They're there to stop the American Revolution.
So they're trying to block Trump.
Both political parties.
The power structure.
Which again to all the stupid mainline liberals
The mainline Republican establishment hates Trump dummies.
The big foreign banks hate him.
The Saudi Arabians, the globalists, the communist Chinese, all the real killers hate this because this is a real revolution.
It's not perfect, but it's real.
And that's why it's got the whole stinking power structure that owns the suicide factories in China up on their hind legs.
But again, you've been caught in a hype train.
Here is Stephen Bannon.
Mitch McConnell demanded no more Drain the Swamp.
This is on Infowars.com and Newswars.com.
Here it is.
The Republican establishment is trying to nullify the 2016 election.
That's a brutal fact we have to face.
The Republican establishment wants to nullify the 2016 election.
Trying to nullify the 2016 election.
I think Mitch McConnell and to a degree, Paul Ryan.
They do not want Donald Trump's populist, economic, nationalist agenda to be implemented.
It's very obvious.
It's obvious as night follows day.
Give me a story that illustrates that.
Well, Mitch McConnell, when we first met him, he said, I think in one of the first meetings in Trump Tower with the President, as we're wrapping up, he basically says, I don't want to hear anymore of this drain the swamp talk.
Flat out.
He goes, a guy up on Capitol Hill can't buy a Coke unless it's got to be reported.
He says, I can't hire any smart people because everybody's all over him for reporting requirements and the pay, etc., and the scrutiny.
You know, you got to back off that.
The drain the swamp thing was Mitch McConnell was day one, did not want to go there, wanted us to back off.
You are attacking
On many fronts, people who you need to help you to get things done.
They're not going to help you unless they're put on notice.
They're going to be held accountable if they do not support the President of the United States.
Right now, there's no accountability.
They have totally, they do not support the President's program.
It's an open secret on Capitol Hill.
Everybody in this city knows it.
And so therefore, now that you're out of the White House, you're going to war with him.
And they go, oh, he's in a war, he's in an info war, he's violent.
They're the ones saying kill the president.
They're the ones trying to organize it.
They're the ones saying they're going to impeach him and nullify the election and remove him.
They're the ones saying they're going to use Comey and Mueller and all their perjury and all their lies and all their fake memos that they admit are frauds that they told Congress two different stories on.
We're going to go to break and come back with an investigation into that and then your phone calls.
But we're going to document how Comey rigged the Hillary investigation and admitted he did and he's been caught doing it!
I'm Alex Jones.
We've got live continual coverage at NewsWars.com, PrisonPlanet.com and InfoWars.com on what's unfolding
Right now with Hurricane Irma, the aftermath of Harvey, the big earthquake, the record earthquake, worst ever recorded in Mexico, and more.
And we've got, again, our reporters out there filming on the horizon.
We've got McAdoo, Leon McAdoo and Quentin Carter on the ground.
They'll be reporting.
But we have reporters and people that were reporting from Dominican Republic and stuff.
And when the storm hit, no more communication the last day.
So this is a classic
Imperial troops have entered the base and then the mic feed gets cut off.
So pray for everybody seriously in Florida.
And if you can, evacuate.
But a lot of poor people and others can't.
A lot of folks have dogs and cats and they don't have a place to go and the highways are clogged.
It's just incredible.
So the number one thing you can do, because it really works, is pray for the folks in South Texas, but especially now, folks that are about to get hit in Florida, because the storm track is clear.
It's going to t-bone the state and drive like a running back, like Earl Campbell, right up the middle of that state.
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We like you.
Ladies and gentlemen, we're about to get this report on the incredible obstruction of justice and political targeting of Comey and Mueller.
Jose has been upgraded to Category 4.
It is out in the Atlantic, too, on the same track as Irma.
This is just biblical.
And there's another storm behind it that's Category 3 right now.
Just briefly,
We're not doubling prices like Amazon did on emergency supplies and storable foods that are of questionable value in many cases.
We are cutting prices 50% on all the storable food at InfoWareStore.com with promo code Irma, I-R-M-A, and 30 plus percent off on water filtration systems and more.
And your purchase also supports the broadcast InfoWareStore.com or 888-253-3139.
Here's John Bowne's report.
Clinton crime family lackey, former FBI Director James Comey, angered President Trump and anyone paying attention by recently exonerating Hillary Clinton after a skewed and long investigation of her endangerment of national security with her personal email server.
On September 1st, Donald Trump tweeted, Wow, looks like James Comey exonerated Hillary Clinton long before the investigation was over.
And so much more.
A rigged system.
The president was citing a report that two Republican senators, Chuck Grassley and Lindsey Graham, noted that Comey had begun drafting his statement recommending not to charge Mrs. Clinton long before interviewing key aides in the investigation.
In a letter to the FBI, the Senators wrote, Conclusion first, fact-gathering second.
That's no way to run an investigation.
The FBI should be held to a higher standard than that, especially in a matter of such great public interest and controversy.
The details of Comey's premature exoneration were revealed as a result of the Office of Special Counsel's investigation into Comey's possible violation of the Hatch Act.
...which prohibits government employees from using their official position to influence an election.
During that investigation, heavily redacted transcripts of interviews of two FBI officials close to Comey, James Rebicki, Comey's chief of staff, and Tricia Anderson, the principal deputy general counsel of national security and cyber law, indicated that Comey began drafting a statement to announce the conclusion of the Clinton email investigation in April or May of 2016.
Before the FBI interviewed up to 17 key witnesses, including former Secretary Clinton and several of her closest aides.
The transcript of what appears to be Mr. Rubicki's interview contains the following exchanges.
And he sent a draft around of, you know what, what it might, what it might look like.
So that was in early spring.
Yeah, and I think we've seen maybe that email where he sent it out.
It was early May of 2016.
Does that sound about right?
That sounds right.
That, quite honestly, that strikes me as a little late.
The transcript of what appears to be Ms.
Anderson's interview states,
When did you first learn that Director Comey was planning to make some kind of public statement about the outcome of the Clinton email investigation?
I believe it was in early May of 2016 that the director himself wrote a draft of that statement.
So when you found out in early May that there was, that the director had written a draft of what the statement might look like, how did you learn about that?
Gave me a hard copy of it.
So what happened next with respect to the draft?
I don't know for sure.
I don't know.
At some point there were many iterations of the draft that circulated.
The draft statement also came before the department entered into immunity agreements with Cheryl Mills and Heather Samuelson.
Where the department agreed to a very limited review of Secretary Clinton's emails and to destroy their laptops after review.
In an extraordinary July announcement, Comey exonerated Clinton despite noting there's evidence of potential violations of the statutes regarding the handling of classified information.
Clinton, last week it was reported on Infowars.com that your email server was hacked and you knowingly continued to use your email server.
Can you comment on that?
Yeah, it's totally untrue.
All this as the Wasserman Schultz IT debacle unfolds and the Clinton Foundation could face the possibility of international investigations over their administration of Unitaid funds.
John Bowne reporting for InfoWars.com.
Solar storms, earthquakes, giant record hurricanes.
Hour number two straight ahead.
Your calls.
President Donald Trump on Tuesday giving North Korea his most aggressive warning to date.
President Trump is not a racist.
I say red baseball caps mean you're an asshole.
Tonight, the fight over confederate statues is now a flashpoint.
Large groups of people punching, kicking, and hitting each other with sticks.
If you see this and you understand what is going on and it makes you angry, do not take yourself out of the game.
We accept the truth and fuck the system and the group collective.
Do that, and you'll earn your way to the next level.
This is the Info War.
Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order.
It's Alex Jones.
Hurricane Irma.
Scheduled to hit Sunday at 8 a.m.
Before America can be great again, she must be free again.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm going to do some live transmissions tomorrow here from the InfoWars News Center in Central Texas.
And then we intend to go live right here out of the studio with the skeleton crew this Sunday.
I'll already be up here 4 to 6 p.m., but I intend to do live transmissions throughout the day with whoever in the crew volunteers to be here to track this as it unfolds.
I want to go to your phone calls now in this hour.
Frank, Carlos, Anthony, Gary, Raider, and others.
The toll-free number to join us is 800-259-9231.
I'm going to recap the latest developments with the hurricane and more at the start of the next segment.
There's also a lot of big geopolitical activities going on.
ISIS on the left is celebrating the hurricanes.
Mainline, Hollywood stars, CNN, saying America deserves it.
People that hate the country.
It's why they work for the foreign banks that hijack the nation.
You wonder why they're so hateful?
You gotta hire folks that hate the country and hate prosperity because they want to rob you.
They're scum!
So that's all coming up as well.
Leanne McAdoo is in Florida.
She's going to be popping in.
We've got Owen Schroyer coming in a little bit later.
The video of a little girl.
She looks like she's
Maybe 10 years old, telling him to F off when he's out just asking questions at an anti-Trump rally last weekend.
That got picked up everywhere.
I mean, a bunch of his videos got seen.
It's like 20 million times now.
One video is like 15 million.
One version is like 11 million.
But this has been seen millions of times now.
This little, what is she, 10?
And then, but that's not the news.
It's them celebrating.
It's the celebrating.
Oh, she's such a good girl, it's so good to have our kids not answer his questions, but just flip him off, because that's the reporter that says there's Mars bases with slaves on it.
Never said that.
They just say, Alex Jones is the one that said there's Martian bases.
Okay, so say that we're wrong about Martian bases.
Don't just say FU, but that's what the adults do.
They celebrate that the response is FU Nazi, FU.
Because they're so genteel and trendy and nice and loving.
But if you even criticize a trendy on YouTube, they try to ban you, but they're allowed to say F you and all the rest of it.
So, that's coming up.
Let's go to Truth Raider in Oregon as we're about to go to break.
You have the next two minutes, Truth Raider.
Love the calls.
That old Truth Raider.
I think I'm going to just sit here while he's on the line for a while just to see what happens because that's why I love taking calls.
Sometimes they're the very best, sometimes they're the very worst.
Bad phones, aren't listening when you go to them.
Just crazy.
Let's let him go.
Now we're going to get refocused.
No, no.
We're done with the caller.
We're done with that caller.
Thank you.
Now, everybody knows why I don't take a lot of calls.
Because they're frustrating.
They're very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very frustrating.
Because we'll have the best callers in the world, and then we'll have callers that are drunk on cough syrup, and aren't listening, and got bad phones, and aren't there, and aren't listening, and have no idea what planet they're on.
And it just puts me through a meat grinder.
And I know it puts you through a meat grinder.
But today's the day that we're gonna take calls on the subject of weather changes, and this hurricane, and how it shows how tenuous civilization is.
And we're going to, because the good calls are amazing, and they bring up topics and angles and breaking news that I would have never thought about, and they add real spice to the transmission.
Whenever I say we're on a certain subject, though, we get great callers.
When I say, free for all, God, help us!
So, we're going to execute this on the other side.
In fact, I may just give out our number here and do the calls here.
It's not that GCN's bad, but, you know, they got one guy running the board up there and taking the calls, and I think we may just do that because we got to rework this situation.
Because every other call's going to do that.
They're going to sit there like they got hit in the head with a ton of bricks.
Like their brains are all over the ground and their hearts stopped pumping 50 years ago.
Michael Malice is our guest.
He has traveled to North Korea repeatedly.
He's written a best-selling book.
Fiction couldn't make up a get-the-clown creature like Kim Jong-un.
He's running around like a hobbled tyrannosaurus feeding on humanity.
I hate Kim Jong-un, but the poor people, it's like, what do we do?
You've been there.
I mean, these people are literally on another planet.
What do we do?
I mean, there is no easy answer.
The only thing we can do is put pressure on China, and China has started to buckle, which is a very good sign.
It's easy for North Korea when it's us versus them, when it's the U.S.
imperialists, as they call us, versus them.
But now when you have the international community uniting, including their big brother China, that's a very different dynamic.
And it's a better dynamic, because why is this our problem entirely?
You're an expert on this.
Let's talk about the North Korean-China relationship.
Why has China been going along with this for 50 years?
China doesn't want a U.S.
ally on their border.
China doesn't want 25 million North Korean refugees crossing the river and living in China where they have nothing to offer.
And China basically doesn't... No one wants a collapsed state on their border that they have to basically deal with the problem.
I mean, are we closer to midnight than ever?
Because most experts I talk to say if there's nuclear war, it's going to start in North Korea, not the Middle East.
Not in Ukraine, not on the border of Russia.
I mean, what do you think of the experts you talk to?
Because, I mean, you're all over the place talking to top experts.
I mean, how serious is this?
I got four children.
I want to know.
I think it's good.
Your kids are fine.
Your kids are safe.
North Korea, in their literature, constantly talk about the fact, we know we can't win.
They say this explicitly.
So they're not... Listen, everyone talks about how he's crazy and suicidal.
He's satanic, like you said.
If he's suicidal, they've been around for 70 years.
That's taken a long time to kill yourself, huh?
Alex, you touched on it earlier.
They have something called the monolithic ideological system.
I'm good.
And that without the leader, basically, no one would exist.
So, it's a very dark quasi-religion that they push on the people.
And again, when you're this demigod at the head of a country, and you're effectively a billionaire, what would it take for you to, you know, quit your job?
It's going to take a lot.
And it's going to take a combination of threats and remorse.
And Kim Jong-un doesn't want to go the way of Gaddafi or Saddam Hussein.
Waging war on corruption.
It's Alex Jones, coming to you live from the front lines of the InfoWar.
Grudge Report has got a photo from space of it.
Hurricane Irma, with two more hurricanes.
Jose now upgraded to Category 4 in another with the Category 3 lined up behind it.
Strongest hurricane ever recorded.
Over 185 miles an hour.
48 hours away.
Miami in the bullseye.
Fuel runs out as residents try to flee Irma.
Up to 12-foot storm surge.
South Beach is now a ghost town.
All Florida residents should be prepared to evacuate.
One of the largest mass exodus in the nation's history.
Power could be out for days, weeks, or months.
Miami live television channel 46710.
We've got mirrored links as well on our Irma watch page on newswars.com.
We're going to make News Wars today and through the weekend.
One of the main centers there.
We're updating the site right now with mainly hurricane news.
And we're going to have live video feeds posted up to that throughout Saturday and Sunday.
Not just the Sunday broadcast.
I do 4 to 6 p.m.
And all of our affiliates are welcome to grab the audio and video feeds.
Obviously this show is free to air.
A lot of stations want an affiliate agreement, and, you know, we do those, but my show, my TV program, Flash Radio program, is going to a free-to-air format here very, very quickly.
So we're very, very easy to deal with.
Meanwhile, North Korea is being hit with more sanctions.
Mexico's kicked their ambassador out and closed down their embassy.
Surprisingly, North Korea is doing a lot of business with Mexico.
North Korea is set to test more missiles this weekend, but a solar storm brewing is set to maybe shut that down and block the avionics that they would use for the trajectory of the ICBM because they're using more primitive
Systems of radio control.
So, mass solar storms.
Record earthquake.
8.2 on the Richter scale in southern Mexico.
Northern Central America into Guatemala.
Death toll well above 30.
Pray for those folks down in Mexico.
So, a lot happening.
Why is it all happening at once?
Well, the sun goes through different cycles.
And it's got a 20-something year phase, an 11-year phase.
We've been going out of the 11-year phase of the sun having less solar spots and cooling, and now it's having record spots again.
What's a spot?
It's a mass coronal ejection, sometimes hundreds of times the size of the Earth, blasting out into space.
And when we get a direct hit, it's not the actual heat or the flame anymore, but it's the ions, it's the radiation, it's the storm.
It can fry satellites, as everybody knows.
It can sometimes be so strong, it can kill or sicken astronauts.
But we have an atmosphere of about 15 feet of water.
If you condense the first 35,000 feet together, it's about 15 feet of water, about an inch or two of dust, which we have the equivalent of a rock shield, an inch of rock shield, 12 feet of water to 15 feet of water.
And that blocks us.
If you condense it all together, that's what's in our atmosphere.
That's why you go up on a 20,000 foot mountain or 15,000 foot mountain, you get sunburned so easy, so much quicker, because the sun is that much stronger.
Why are we seeing record hurricanes?
They're always associated with when we're turned towards the sun in this hemisphere, the summer.
Into the winter, I mean into the fall, when the water has gotten its hottest, at the peak of the summer into the fall.
That's when it peaks, basic meteorology, but then you add the sun, which is again already driving the hurricane, and you add mass coronal ejections and the particles coming into the atmosphere, that then forms more nuclei and we get these mega storms.
It's the sun.
You can pay carbon taxes to Al Gore, and Barack Obama, and Hillary Clinton all day, and Lord Rothschild.
You can pray to the Church of Climate Change.
You can buy your carbon indulgences.
But it's not going to change it, because the sun is 99%, according to top astrophysicists, meteorologists, and computer models, 99% of the weather change and climate on this earth.
Less than 1% is humans and volcanic activity.
Humans and volcanic.
And it's estimated, just look at it for yourself, and so many studies will make your head spin, that of that 1%, volcanoes are almost all up.
One volcano, one big gaseous Mount St.
Helens explosion, like Mount St.
Helens in 1980, is the equivalent of more than a decade of human output.
Look it up!
So we're not even 1%!
That big giant sun, how many thousands of times bigger is it than the Earth?
You go out at noon, you lay out in it, it burns your skin.
You can cook eggs on the side of the asphalt with it.
But the UN says it has nothing to do with the climate.
It's 100% you, and you're to blame.
You, geoengineered.
You're the weather weapon!
Oh, but government with systems that can manipulate the weather, manipulate what the sun has already created, they can nudge it and steer it.
That's been declassified for decades.
Oh, let's not look at that.
That's kooky.
It's you individually.
I want to go to your phone calls.
We're going to do it after the break.
The toll-free number is 800-259-9231.
And we're specifically taking calls on the earth changes, the earthquakes, the sun.
But why do political changes always line up with this as well?
And why are total eclipses of the sun associated with it as well, historically, even by mainline historians?
Frank and Carlos and Anthony and Gary and Jacob, your calls are coming up on the other side of this break.
But first, I want to get to this report by John Bowne on DACA.
It's such a hoax that this is a racist thing to do.
Mexico doesn't care if you claim you've been down there for 20 years, but you weren't born there.
You don't get citizenship.
Until recently, you couldn't even own land in Mexico unless you were born there, because they didn't want people to come in and take over their country.
Every other nation's been like that.
The UN admits that they want open borders to collapse Western societies and exploit the third world populations, not empower them.
So all Trump did was say, I don't care if you actually were here since you were a kid.
You can prove it.
You're not a criminal.
You can stay.
But Congress has got to pass a law to do it, and there's got to be vetting.
You're not going to call 45-year-old men that have been deported, sometimes 40-plus times, who are born in Mexico.
We're deporting them.
Obama just can't sign an executive order like a predator, like a king.
So here's the clip.
I'm here today to announce that the program known as DACA that was effectuated under the Obama administration is being rescinded.
The policy was implemented unilaterally to great controversy and legal concern after Congress rejected legislative proposals to extend similar benefits on numerous occasions to this same group of illegal aliens.
In other words, the executive branch, through DACA, deliberately sought to achieve what the legislative branch specifically refused to authorize on multiple occasions.
Such an open-ended circumvention of immigration laws was an unconstitutional exercise
...of authority by the executive branch.
Deferred action for childhood arrivals.
It's a political hot potato that is open to a variety of possible outcomes.
DREAMers, supporters of DREAMers, say this is cold-hearted.
You're leaving the future of 800,000 people uncertain, up in the air.
It's not cold-hearted for the president to uphold the law.
We're a nation of law and order.
And the day that we start to ignore the fact that we are that, then we throw away everything that gives these people a reason to want to come to our country.
I have a love for these people and hopefully now Congress will be able to help them and do it properly.
And I can tell you, in speaking to members of Congress, they want to be able to do something and do it right.
President Trump and his cabinet are being savaged by the left, regardless that former President Obama is ultimately to blame for unconstitutionally bypassing Congress back in 2012 by exaggerating the implementation of prosecutorial discretion and expanding DACA for roughly 800,000 illegal minors.
Ultimately, this is about basic decency.
Again, this is former President Barack Obama.
This is about whether we are a people who kick hopeful young strivers out of America, or whether we treat them the way we want our own kids to be treated.
It's about who we are as a people, and who we want to be.
The left, deaf to the common sense of enforcing our immigration laws, is firing back with legal hubris.
The Hill reports 14 states and the District of Columbia filed a lawsuit Wednesday against President Trump's decision to roll back
The previous administration's deferred action for childhood arrivals.
Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson, a Democrat, said in announcing the suit, What a stretch.
The onus is on the left for the entire situation, whether they admit it or not.
Obama played his Salinski-ite hand in order to divide the country and garner grateful illegal alien voters for the Democrats.
Let's be clear.
This is not amnesty.
This is not immunity.
This is not a path to citizenship.
It's not a permanent fix.
This is a temporary stopgap measure that lets us focus our resources wisely while giving a degree of relief and hope.
To talented, driven, patriotic young people.
Obama's indulgence has backfired, big time.
Had the unconstitutional law not been implemented, then the 800,000 DACA minors wouldn't be forced to live in the shadows.
They came here to live in the shadows.
And we're not denying them that opportunity to live in the shadows.
If you're going to waive the application of the law to groups of people
It is amnesty, and amnesty in America with regard to immigration is a reward for immigration lawbreakers, and it is a pardon for immigration lawbreakers, coupled with the reward of the objective of their crime.
The U.S.
boasts 37 million legal immigrants at a rate of 1 million per year.
Our doors aren't closed.
Regardless of the left and the mainstream media's collusion to make it appear so, John Bowne reporting for InfoWars.com.
We'll be back.
Please stay with us.
Now you know you're winning the information war when the other side has no response but to resort to censorship.
Drain the swamp?
We're gonna have to drain the privilege out of Washington first because that's what the swamp feeds on, their privilege.
They can't stand for people to exercise their first and second amendments together.
You found it.
It's the real news.
That's what you have to look forward to.
It's your host, David Knight.
In my talk, David, I also pointed out that freedom of press does not include slander or libel or false
I think so.
In that gazebo, David, where, as you noticed, we said black lives do matter.
You know, we wanted to really bring this issue.
Look, we're not saying black lives don't matter.
They do matter.
Let's move on now.
We talked about against Monsanto.
We talked about free speech.
But I think the most important thing, David, that this was premeditated.
They didn't want people to hear, particularly what I had to say about Hillary Clinton.
She's the one who used the term super predator to refer to black children.
They didn't want us to hear about Jimmy Carter who said we need ethically clean neighborhoods.
They didn't want us to hear about another white supremacist, Harry Reid, who said the reason people should vote for Obama was he doesn't have a Negro accent.
The Democrats are filled with racists.
And the academics have narrowed racism down to people who wear pillowcases on their heads and people who have swastikas, by the way, which is an Indian symbol, which is another issue.
Well, you know, they used you as a straw man for their big rally, and the Democrats rally around that, and as you point out, they like to look like they're morally superior.
They create these straw men, which is not anything at all what you guys were about, and then they rally against that.
As I said earlier, we've got
Antifa and the Democrats and their straw men now are made out of bronze and marble, but you guys were used that way at that Boston rally.
One of the things that you mentioned when we had that clip we played from Joe Biggs, you talked also about Hillary Clinton and her connections with Robert Byrd, the guy who was a literal Klansman and he was very high in the Ku Klux Klan and they lauded him.
I mean, he was a big shot in the Democrat Party and they lauded him.
Even after he died, they had nothing bad to say about him, the Clintons and others.
And now we've got the governor of North Carolina going through and saying, we're going to tear down all these Confederate statues.
And it was a great headline on one of the sites talking about, they said, North Carolina governor to erase Democrat history.
That's the truth about all this.
Nancy Pelosi's got a list of statues she wants to take out of the Capitol building, and all ten of them were Democrats, except for Robert E. Lee, who had no political affiliation, but the other nine were all Democrats.
So that's the real history of the Democrat Party that they don't want you to see.
They've always been racist, and they're still racist, it's just that they've switched which races they're deceiving at a particular time.
Yeah, I mean, what they wanted to do was they wanted, I mean, in that gazebo, David, in the center, cell phone service was cut out.
So we weren't able to Periscope or live YouTube out.
This was premeditated because they didn't want to hear a much more truthful narrative that there's a diversity of opinion in America.
And I pointed out in my talk that it's the academics and academia who are controlling these young people these days.
They've created very finite sets of thought forms.
And if you follow that, you're a good liberal.
It's, in many ways, it's moral narcissism.
And that's what they've done to this country.
And I think what we did, and the fact that we had that video, and as Joe probably shared and the others shared, is we caught them with their pants down.
You found it.
It's The Real News with your host, David Knight.
We're about to go to Frank, Carlos, Anthony, Gary, Jacob, and others, and as soon as you hear me hang up on one of these great callers, there's your chance to call in.
I'd like to hear from you specifically if you're in Florida, just what you're expecting to happen.
I'm trying to get a hold of one of my guys whose wife lives part-time out in Florida.
He's out there checking on their house, but he's there dealing with their four dogs and everything, deciding on whether they're going to evacuate because they're on a little island.
That has a little causeway into the mainland and they're deciding whether they're going to evacuate or not because they close it at three o'clock today.
And he's not answering the phone.
Either the cell phones aren't getting through because there's so many people using them or he's too busy trying to decide.
And that's fine.
It's just that if it hits land as a category four or five, it's going to be biblical.
And it's the scale of it.
Hopefully it dissipates quickly.
The problem is there's a whole nother one, Jose, basically tracking the same way that just became a Category 4.
And again, a hot summer, massive solar flare activity, the sun heats the water to begin with with its regular rays, but when big giant super fireballs go out with all that radiation, what happens?
You get bigger hurricanes.
And I keep
Harping on this because nowhere in the news is there any discussion about the sun, solar flares doing this.
But if I get any astrophysicists on that all advise the Weather Channel and advise the British military and advise the Pentagon, they're all top people.
You just never hear about them.
And they're hard to get on because they're such academics.
They're the ones that make the final determinations with the sun and how it's connected to it and what the sun and moon are doing.
And I just can't believe there's no discussion.
I mean, here's one.
Out of the Australian news, solar storms threaten to put the brakes on North Korea's missiles.
So it can knock out the avionics on the missiles.
It can cut out communication.
I mean, we know it stops that.
We know it knocks out satellites.
But no discussion of what it does to the hurricanes.
Instead, we're blamed.
The sun is the main reason we have hurricanes.
It's not even debated in science.
It heats the water in general, and when it creates even more nuclei, it creates more water vapor in that current, and it begins to spin faster and faster.
Connected to the Coriolis effect of the planet.
I'm not an astrophysicist.
I've just interviewed a bunch of them.
Alright, I'm gonna stop ranting.
Long segment coming up.
I'll get probably one call in this segment.
Who's up first here?
You know, Carlos is up in Montreal.
How about Gary?
Because he's in Alabama.
That's in the storm's path.
Gary, what is your take on why we're seeing all this changing weather?
Do you agree with me it's the sun?
Or do you think it's... Or do you think, like the Democrats say, God is cursing us?
It is all biblical.
It goes back to Trump being elected.
That was the wound to the beast's head.
And it's all biblical.
It's in the Bible.
And that wound, it appears, kills the beast system and then it comes back even stronger.
They think it's miraculous.
And they end up, a lot of people do, because the religion, Satan of course has his hands in religion too, our churches.
Of course.
End up following this false Christ, this false prophet.
And if we would just study the Bible verse by verse, chapter by chapter, it's all written.
What do you think of Trump in general?
Trump is fantastic.
He is the wound to the beast's head.
It's a sign for all of us to
Be on guard.
Pay attention.
I tend to agree with you.
Trump say last warning because God always warns you over and over and over again before you're put into bondage.
Satan comes before Jesus.
That's what we have to let everybody know.
Satan comes before Jesus.
He's coming to fool everybody.
And then Jesus will come back and bust his butt.
Let me ask you this question, Gary.
We know the sun's driving the earthquakes.
We know it's driving the hurricanes.
We know it's getting very active.
We know that.
It's not us.
But then why do political upheavals come before these type of astrophysical things historically?
Because we can scientifically show that the sun's coming in, not just the atmosphere, but radiation and different ions and different types of fields are going in, bouncing off the core, the nickel core of the earth, bouncing back out.
That's why they see these, these, uh,
It's the double.
He has his influence in our government, in our schools, in our finances, and in our churches.
Uh, the science, science end of it.
God's in control.
He's in control.
Oh, there's no, there's no doubt about that.
There's no doubt about people trying to run this planet.
They're not God, though they want to be.
Thank you, Gary.
Great points.
Carlos, Frank, Jacob, Anthony, stay with us.
We'll be back.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Depending on the
Map you look at, it was an 8.1 or 8.2 magnitude earthquake hit southern Mexico, northern Guatemala, was picked up by seismographs in Austin, Texas.
We have three big hurricanes now.
Floating around, one is out in the Atlantic.
Jose is now in Category 4.
We've got one on the southern coast of Mexico in the western Mediterranean named Katia.
I'm sure that's Vladimir Putin's fault it's a Russian name.
And then of course we've got Irma.
Barreling down and right now the strongest part of the storm with 180 mile an hour winds is in between the islands and is set on its track to hit north central Cuba with devastating winds.
And if it doesn't slow down a lot by the time it hits southern Florida and goes into Miami if it's still a category 5 or 4 I don't need to tell you what's going to happen.
We have already seen one of the biggest evacuations in world history.
The images are ongoing.
They're at Infowars.com, Newswars.com, of just areas that look like ghost towns, empty stores, gas is gone.
And highways choked down to 5, 10 miles an hour.
Some areas complete standstill as all of this is unfolding.
So I've already talked to some of the crew that we've already launched the last month.
David Knight's new broadcast 8 a.m.
to 11 a.m.
when I go on Central, The Real News.
And then Owen Schroer comes on at 3 o'clock to 6 with The War Room with Mike Cernovich and of course Roger Stone and many others that contribute.
But we are going to be busy bees.
I'm going to come in tomorrow and do an update on the storm.
And then we are going to go live 8 a.m.
That's when it makes landfall Sunday 7 a.m.
Central with live feeds from the studios that'll be open to our radio stations to pick up if you'd like.
It'll be commercial free basically.
By commercial free I won't have set breaks.
And we're gonna do a marathon live broadcast from 8 a.m.
Eastern right through tomorrow.
Until the evening, and then we'll be back, obviously, at 8 a.m.
in the morning.
We've got to let the crew rest some.
I'm going right back to Jacob, Frank, Carlos, Anthony, Levi, and others.
But before I do that, we're also going to be getting into the economy.
Hillary Clinton cast Putin as a manspreader.
We have the video and audio of that coming up.
You cannot make this type of stuff up.
Former top Clinton fundraiser says Hillary, in a public statement to the Hill, should shut the F up and go away.
But again, that just shows the incredible arrogance of these people that she will not go away.
It is the hubris that is their undoing.
Two-thirds of Americans are now getting most of their news from social media.
That's why a new study shows.
That's why mainstream media is panicking.
Because folks would rather watch what somebody shoots on Snapchat in Bermuda or Cuba or in Miami than they would on CNN because they just don't want the added filter of CNN's bull.
That's why the mainstream media wants censorship, is because they can't compete.
But even if you're able to shut down Drudge Report, or InfoWars.com, or NewsWars.com, even if you're able to do that, you're not going to shut down the individuals who are all still going to be on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, their own little websites, but more and more like Matt Drudge said a year and a half ago when he was here.
All of you need to buck the trend of everything being on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, or these other platforms, because they're going to censor us there.
You can have your platform there, but your main platform needs to be your own website, where you control what's on it, where it's on your servers, or on your little service provider.
But when you put yourself, it's like when the cloud came out 10 years ago, they said, put everything on the cloud.
And I remember telling my family, don't put your iPhone photos on the cloud.
That is the most hackable thing.
The corporations want that because they're already going in and getting your stuff.
And it's all come out that they're just using your stuff.
The hackers are getting into it.
It is a giant disaster.
Why would you want to store your photos and your videos out in some nebulous thing?
It's like folks used to look at grandparents or great-grandparents and say, they're kooks!
They keep their money buried in the backyard, or they keep some of it under the mattress, or, you know, instead they just own real estate, or they own restaurants, or, you know, they invest in their family, or they give their money away to charity.
They don't trust big banks.
That's because most people had their money taken in 1929 through 1935 or so.
The government ordered gold physically confiscated, but folks wouldn't turn it in.
So, people have been through this before, and now you see banks taking people's money in Europe for bail-ins, and now they're talking about doing it if Hillary would have gotten in.
So, not keeping your money in a bank, or some of your money, you need to have, you know, bags in different baskets, that's always the smartest thing, diversify, but not having your stuff on a cloud, that is just common sense, ladies and gentlemen.
We don't keep anything associated with Infowars on a cloud.
We may have basic videos and things that we're putting out to the public that's not private on clouds as backups.
We don't keep anything that is
Supposedly going to be secure, just floating around on some big giant supposedly, you know, secure system because they've been proven to be the most unsecure systems there are.
Now, I'm going to stop preaching.
It's just that some of the news we've got here, we're going to be going over.
There's so much more I'm going to be getting to.
Before I go any further and take your calls,
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All right.
Because when you look at what's happening in Florida, it shows you how tenuous civilization is, and how a storm could put everything on edge, or suddenly two storms, or now another storm.
Jose coming in could be as bad as Irma.
I'm hoping everything turns out okay, but it's not fear-mongering when mainstream media finally says, this is a megastorm, this storm's nuclear, this storm's dangerous, nuclear power plants are in the path of it, this could trigger a major problem.
Because the sun, again, sends in all those different frequencies, all those different solar winds, all those different ions, all those different particles, smashing into our
Thin atmosphere coming in, going into the Earth's surface, going into the Earth's core as the Earth absorbs all that energy.
And as that energy bounces back out, massive earthquakes.
As the radiation's coming in, ionizing, heating the water, but also creating more particula, more ionization to create more condensation to make the hurricanes that much stronger.
That's what the perfect storm is.
Hot weather from the sun heating back up and solar ejections.
And I just keep repeating it because all over the news they're blaming you and I, saying this proves Al Gore is right, that we have a big storm.
All the debunking of Al Gore's baloney in serious books and documentaries is about the sun.
Now I will stop preaching and go to your calls.
Let's go to, uh, let me see, Levi is Florida, north of Orlando.
Then we'll go to Carlos, Frank, and others.
Levi, thanks for holding her on the air.
Hey, how you doing, Alex?
Can you hear me?
Yes, sir.
So what are you expecting?
Uh, for the hurricane, nothing much.
I believe it's going to be a Category 1 or 2 when it hits where I'm at, so I don't think it'll be too bad.
But neighbors are boarding up and whatnot.
You think Limbaugh is right that they hype every one of these hurricanes like it's the end of the world?
I mean, the media has spun it that he says it's not real.
He says the hurricane doesn't exist.
No, he's saying that they're always going fast out in the Gulf and that he thinks they're going to slow down.
Well, I definitely think the weather has been strange.
We've got three hurricanes going on right now.
There's a person called Dane Wigington.
He does geoengineeringwatch.org.
He's a pretty good and reliable source for any type of weather.
What is he saying?
Well, he's going down the route that they're spraying the sky and manipulating the weather, and he has evidence to back it up, which is the scary part.
Yeah, you know, I know who he is.
We should get him back on.
There's also a meteorologist that runs weather wars.
Let's get all these folks on for the special Sunday transmission.
We're gonna line up a big raft of guests to cover all that.
The reason I'm saying this is so deadly is
Normally, they're going 140 miles an hour when they start out in the Atlantic, and then by the time they hit, they're going 60 or 70.
This time, it's 185.
Now what?
It's slowed down to 170.
And by the time it hits Cuba, okay, 150.
And that means it'll hit Florida going 100.
So, I mean, if it hits South Florida going 100, that is going to be like a giant bomb going off.
Alex, what do you think the chances of it hitting Texas again?
What do you think about that?
Well, these models have gotten pretty darn accurate, and most models show it going either up the East Coast, right up the middle of Florida, or kind of right up Western Florida, up into Tennessee.
But if it did go into Texas again, I tell ya...
All I know is they have weather modification technology.
It's a fact.
And then every time I talk about it, the media misrepresents and says that I said Obama sent the tornado, or I said this or that.
I don't know, because it's all classified.
All I know is they can create hurricanes, they can kill hurricanes, they can steer hurricanes, they can weaken them, they can strengthen them.
That is a fact.
Declassified 2006.
And it was certified by the Department of Energy, the Pentagon, and the Navy, and the Air Force in 1967.
It's all declassified.
So what do you think?
The Operation Jade Helm map is talking about the southern hemisphere of America, basically, getting taken out.
What do you think about connecting these storms to FEMA?
Jade Helm said Texas is enemy territory.
I said, look, they're training us that America's the enemy.
They're trying to train our military.
They spun that.
And I said, there's an invasion this summer.
Never said it.
Total lies.
So again, I hate to even comment on these things because they misrepresent what I have to say.
But yes, all of this is about conditioning us.
And Trump hasn't gotten in control of much of the government.
The transparent things, where he has executive power, and he knows what he can do, he's gotten done.
Everywhere else, the Congress, the bureaucracy, have absolutely thumbed their noses at the President.
One group, so far, has backed him, and that's the Supreme Court, because what he's done is totally cut and dry.
Thank you so much, Levi.
Be safe there in Florida.
I hope you're right.
I hope it turns into a tropical depression and just gives you some well-needed rain.
But there are already hundreds and hundreds dead.
No communications with many of these Caribbean islands that have been hit.
This is a serious situation, so pray for folks.
Frank in North Carolina, then Carlos.
Frank, you're on the air.
Well, you might as well throw Professor James McCanny in there as well for your show because
I'm skeptical, but he claims that his observations indicate that these storms are being controlled, and not only that, he claims that he was part of it, that he worked on it some decades ago and was instrumental in getting all this put together.
So, I think he lives outside of the U.S.
now, someone tells me, because I was asking why is he dead.
And the person, Whittington, I believe that the last caller was talking about, I believe he's the guy behind
Uh, what in the hell are they spraying, or who is spraying us in all those videos as well?
Well, all I know is, what, in 1992 they gave a Nobel Prize to a group of scientists for calling to have things added to the jet fuel to create,
These quote clouds to block solar radiation as a sunscreen that was a cover for weather modification and then they've been doing it massively and then they misrepresent to the public what they're doing and NASA admits our atmosphere is 20 plus percent darker they say because of condensation trails.
Well the point is jets that don't have the messed with fuel don't put out the the the giant persistent trails and then regular jet fuel
That hasn't been messed with, only puts out the smaller ice crystal trails that dissipate in a few minutes.
So, there's no telling how big this is because of the shadow government.
You want to hold over, Frank?
Anything else?
Yeah, well, the atomic test.
Didn't they say that, you know, if they light the atmosphere on fire, what the hell?
That's right.
That was done when they tested H-bombs in the atmosphere.
That was us.
Well, the establishment media's got a big problem.
The Clintons, Obama, they pardoned drug dealers, child molesters, criminals.
Trump pardoned a guy who did his job and followed the Constitution when a judge didn't give him a jury trial and simply politically persecuted him because he was set to win re-election.
Sheriff Joe is a patriot.
Sheriff Joe loves our country.
Sheriff Joe protected our borders.
And Sheriff Joe was very unfairly treated by the Obama administration.
Especially right before an election.
An election that he would have won.
So, and he was elected many times.
So, I stand by my pardon of Sheriff Joe.
And I think the people of Arizona who really know him best would agree with me.
Obama pardoned cocaine dealers and weather underground bombers that blew bank tellers up to death.
And police officers.
So, let's go to Sheriff Joe instead of me ranting.
Sheriff of Maricopa County, and now a free man, now not facing the six months in jail, no jury.
But now the president is under fire.
Sheriff Joe, what do you say?
Excuse me, I feel sorry, Alex, for him.
Look what they did to me, and they can do it to the President, too.
So I'm very concerned about what's going on in Washington.
They're using me, I hate to say this, they're using me to get to our great President.
You know that.
You know, I hate to brag, but how come every time Presidents run, they all come to me for my endorsement?
He didn't just forget about you, you know, after you supported him.
You know, he went against the political correctness and did the right thing.
That's why we love Trump so much.
Yeah, I loved the guy from day one.
I supported him and I've been saying throughout the... Even if he did not get me to pardon, I still will be for him to the end.
But it's really a shame what they're doing to the president.
Forgive me, you know, I'm a good target.
But what they are doing to our president lies deceit.
Everything to get rid of him.
But I'll tell you one thing.
I said that when I introduced him two years ago.
I got a standing ovation when I said there's a silent majority.
Well, there's a silent majority out there, but there's a vocal majority now, too.
So if they think they're gonna take this president down with all their garbage and lies and crap, I got news for them.
He'll be one of the greatest presidents we ever had, and I said that a few months ago.
And I'll say it again, as you look into history, he will go down as one of the greatest presidents this country has ever seen.
Ladies and gentlemen,
I've had it with President Trump.
I'm finally done with him.
The cruelty of what he just said about DACA and the children and adults in this country that were not born here but came here when they were young.
The cruelty of what he just said in his new statement about the situation pushed me over the line and I now am officially off the Trump train.
Here is the new statement on DACA.
That is the most hate-filled, racist crap.
It's true.
All of his supporters are racist, like the Republican strategists have been saying.
If you do not decry the president now, you are KKK, you are a rapist.
Like Michael Moore said, you are a Nazi.
I'm done!
It's true what they said about him!
I can't believe it!
And I've just got to go ahead and be honest.
I'm just blown away.
I was wrong.
I apologize.
Here is his new bigoted, hateful statement.
And if you don't decry it, you're a rapist and you're a Nazi.
I agree with the Democrats and the Republicans and Michael Moore.
This is a Nazi statement.
But we have to send a clear message.
Just because your child gets across the border, that doesn't mean the child gets to stay.
So, we don't want to send a message that is contrary to our laws or will encourage more children to make that dangerous choice.
And that was Donald Trump in 2014.
Because Hillary Clinton would never
Make a statement like that.
I mean, it's reasonable to say, hey, you just claim you were here as a kid or a young person.
You're a 45-year-old guy.
You know, it's been deported 14, 15, 16, some cases 40-plus times for armed robbery, rape, you name it.
You know what?
We're just going to believe you.
Wave a little magic wand.
You can stay.
And everybody else that came in legally and went to college here and contributed to the economy and
We've got jobs here and actually follow the laws.
We're going to penalize them because we want an undercurrent of people politically we can control.
That's a good thing!
And how dare!
Should we hear that statement?
In fact, maybe the full statement from Trump?
He's suddenly got a little bit higher voice though, but I expect everyone to repudiate him now.
Let's play Donald John Trump.
The most evil man in the world.
Literally, Hitler!
Here it is.
But we have to send a clear message.
Just because your child gets across the border, that doesn't mean the child gets to stay.
So, we don't want to send a message that is contrary to our laws or will encourage more children to make that dangerous... Dangerous journey.
Well, there goes President Trump.
I didn't know he was a cross-dresser.
But hey, I'm not against that.
I think you can be what you want to be as long as you don't hurt anybody else, as long as you don't sexualize kids.
I agree with Camille Paglia.
Kill Camille Paglia clip.
She's come out and said that it's child abuse to, in public school, tell a five-year-old boy he's really a girl or vice versa.
That's sexualization of children.
That's bigoted too!
Let's play with this evil woman had to say.
I think that the transgender propagandists, okay, make wildly inflated claims about the multiplicity of gender.
Sex reassignment surgery, even today, with all of its advances, cannot, in fact, change anyone's sex.
You can define yourself as a trans man or a trans woman.
It's one of these new gradations along the scale.
But ultimately, every single cell in the human body, the DNA in that cell remains coded for your biological birth.
So there are a lot of lies being propagated at the present moment, which I think is not in anyone's best interest.
What I'm concerned about is the popularity and the availability of sex reassignment surgery.
So it's someone who doesn't feel that he or she... There's a lot of clutter on the internet.
I want to tell you where you can find our new program, Real News with David Knight.
You can find it on Twitter at realnewsx2.
Same thing on Facebook.
We have a YouTube channel, Real News with David Knight.
And you can watch the live stream every Monday through Friday at infowars.com forward slash show.
See you there.
Donald J. Trump is now President of the United States.
Whenever you want to have a debate with a fake liberal, you always resort to violence.
We need to wake people up.
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It's Alex Jones!
Rallying patriots worldwide in defense of human liberty.
It's Alex Jones.
We're going back to your phone calls.
By the way, I just played a clip, if you joined us, of Hillary in 2014.
Saying that you can't just have a bunch of people claiming they were little kids when they came here and just magically make them legal because it creates a train wreck and penalizes those that came here legally.
Turns out we've got Obama, and I remember this, and we've got Chuckie Schumer, and all of them saying it.
So we're going to be playing that video coming up.
But it just shows
How Trump actually said, let's create a system that vets people, that can prove they were here, and prove they were in school, and where they go to a hearing, and show their yearbook, or show they've had a job, and show they don't have a criminal record, and Congress needs to pass a law, and then we'll make you legal.
And then you never, and he goes, oh and I love these people.
That are hardworking and came here and, you know, contributing.
So he says that an actual plan that works, instead of having all these forgotten secret people that the system can feed on that drive down wages, he wants to raise them up and raise everybody up.
And because of that, they misrepresent and say he's a Nazi, when Hillary and Obama and everybody were just saying, you can't even be here.
But then in 2015, Obama just decides to erase all that and go, we've got children pouring across, refugees, and children that are already here.
As long as they're children, let's just legalize them.
Total fiat legislation.
It's like Snake Plissken in Escape from New York and he's just got inserted in and trying to find the president and he finds the homing beacon and it's a drunk guy.
Down in a basement and he goes, Mr. President, we gotta get out!
And he goes, that's right!
I'm the president!
I'm the president!
It's like the same thing.
You find some 40-year-old guy.
You're a child, aren't you?
That's right, I am!
I was a baby when I got brought over here!
Meanwhile, the guy's got a rap sheet 18 feet long in Venezuela or Nigeria or Russia or Mexico or wherever it is.
Or North Africa.
That's why it's the same tactic.
They keep calling them boys when men rape some woman and it's some 27-year-old thug on video with a gun while three guys rape the girl laughing going, ain't nothing you're gonna do, bitches!
Those are actual quotes.
If you want to show you the video, we can show it to you.
And then they go, oh, it's okay.
He's a boy.
So he's not going to get in trouble.
He didn't know what he was doing.
And it's some 27-year-old guy with a beard, where they're raping a woman at gunpoint.
But it's OK, because they're Muslims.
So don't be Islamophobic.
If they were telling me that 27-year-old Baptists could run around and rape women, I'd be getting mad at Baptists.
But Baptists aren't doing stuff like that.
We're going to go to break.
And I promise I'm going to go bang, bang, bang, go to your calls with Whitley and McAdoo with us from Florida.
And then we're going to continue on today.
Owen Troyer is coming in.
There's this new phenomenon where the liberals, which really just means dirt bag, uneducated dirt balls that don't wash under their arms and who can't find their butt, they have their children march over and scream racist F-U at us.
But what's new is the media then celebrates
Just dirt, baggery, lowest of the low.
Who would ever be proud of their nine-year-old daughter walking over and going, F you scumbag racist!
Well, can you talk to us?
Can you articulate?
F you!
And everybody's like, yay!
She can't even talk!
Oh, the fall of civilization!
Low, bestial idiocy!
There's no way this little girl will ever be reached with actual intellectual facts or discussion!
She's just taught to not have debate or discussion and scream Nazi!
Her journey towards brainwashed failure is complete!
She'll be in the clutches of the education system for the rest of her life!
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Alright, all the big news straight ahead.
Discover trends and global developments years before they happen, right here on the Alex Jones Show!
Well, we've got breaking news.
Anthony Weiner, they just announced, is set to be sentenced for the sexting of a 15-year-old girl.
We were one of the first groups to break that intel.
And now the 15-year-old girl has done a TV interview that is set to be aired today.
We have a snippet of that we're going to be playing.
It's up on newswars.com and infowars.com.
Leanne McAdoo is riding shotgun with us for much of this hour.
We'll be taking phone calls from folks who have been holding like Carlos and Anthony and Mark and Jacob and others.
Leanne McAdoo again joins us from the west coast of Florida from an undisclosed location.
And she is there reporting on what's happening.
We have Quentin Carter.
It's on the southern east coast down there close to Miami.
And we have a bunch of Snapchat videos that we've been garnering from Florida, but also from other areas in the Caribbean where there's been massive devastation.
But already in Miami, days away from it hitting, the winds are kicking up.
The storm's still close to 180 miles an hour, but it's in between.
Southern Cuba now and islands to the north, but is set to graze the north central area of Cuba with the really dangerous high winds.
Again, a lot of folks know.
I don't normally hype up hurricanes because we've never seen one that's going 185 miles an hour.
Most meteorologists, not just mainstream media ones, are saying there's a very good chance if this thing hits Florida at even 120 miles an hour and goes up the center of the state, it is going to really be bad news.
And it's because of the astrophysics of the sun.
Involved in all these mass coronal injections right now that we know drives, not just the heat of the sun driving hurricanes, but also the ionization coming in that forms the nuclei that allows water vapor to condense into droplets.
This is not a theory.
This is known by all meteorologists, astrophysicists, but for some reason it's never discussed.
Unless you get into academic areas.
So Miami is a ghost town.
The sea is still very very calm there.
We're showing you some snapchats of this and then as Leanne talks and as we take your calls we'll show you some of the carnage in islands that they're calling uninhabitable from the eastern Mediterranean.
Meanwhile, the media, as Paul Watson reported earlier, has been celebrating that Trump's beach house got hit on one of these islands and destroyed.
Even though the island's 91% black, they're trying to make it all racial.
I have pointed out that with Houston and Harvey, we saw incredible humanity coming together, a.k.a.
Martin Luther King.
Blacks saving whites, vice versa.
Hispanics saving whites, vice versa.
Just everybody's saving everybody.
Just humans with red blood.
That's why Raw Story ran stories, as well as Washington Post and others, that I pushed.
It was a race war, and there was no unity, and that blacks are evil.
They don't have any quotes, though.
They don't have any video of myself or Tucker Carlson saying this.
We're saying great unity, love, come together.
That's all we've been saying.
We've been saying there's been some racist black folks on Twitter, but along with Democrats like this, you know, Hollywood star saying God did it to us because we, you know, deserve it.
She's a white lady, Jennifer Lawrence.
But we have been the ones saying incredible unity.
So, how are they going to counter us?
They're just saying that we say there's no unity.
So, Leanne, I tell you, you're there in Florida.
Do you think we're over-hyping this, as Rush Limbaugh is saying?
I'm not bashing Rush.
I hope he's right, because a lot of times there's a hurricane going 130 miles an hour out in the Atlantic, and they say, oh, it's all over.
Well, yeah, but it hit going 130, but it usually slows down to 50, 60.
This is 185, never before seen, with an earthquake, the biggest earthquake ever hit in Mexico.
Clearly it's the sun firing all those ions into the earth, bouncing off the nickel core.
That's what real science shows.
What do you think?
Well, also we just had a really massive solar flare the other day as well.
So I knew something big was going to come.
I think you're kind of right over the target there with that.
You know, hopefully they're right.
Hopefully this hurricane will take a sharp turn to the right at the at the last minute and everything will be saved.
But the fact is this hurricane is just traveling at really high rate of speed and it's not
Thank you so much.
So if this does hit Florida, I mean, this is going to have devastating impact if there's a direct hit there in Miami and South Florida.
Actually, as I was waiting to come on the air, someone's been banging on my door.
So I've just been told that we have a mandatory evacuation here in the complex where I live.
So I've got to get off, you know, with you, get off the show with you and get all my stuff boarded up and get out of here and then head to my mom's and get all of her house boarded up.
We live near the water.
My mom lives on a barrier island.
And so, you know, we've got to go because the most dangerous...
Part of the hurricane really obviously yes it can flatten buildings and just level towns with these devastating winds but the storm surge is what's going to be really the most dangerous.
People saw with the flooding there with Harvey what that looked like and Florida whenever there's a hurricane really what people are the most afraid of are the storm surges here and they're expecting 10-12 foot storm surges
So, here we might be seeing three or four foot storm surges.
My mom lives on an island.
You know, the last time we had a bad hurricane here, the water was up above my knees in the entire village.
So, you know, this is water just in people's homes.
It's just, it's pretty impressive to think what could possibly happen here, you know, this weekend.
And I've got to worry now about my uncle who is hunkering down right there in West Palm Beach.
And Quentin Carter is over in that similar area as well.
Leanne, I'm going to let you go then, as soon as you can do that.
But, you know, they've got different storm tracks.
Some show it going.
To the east, some going right up the state, others more and more showing it going up the west side, and you're up there halfway up on the west side.
Many areas are ghost towns in Miami, southern Florida, the Keys, but the word is, two days ago you said they weren't that busy at the stores, but we were talking to you yesterday, you were saying that a lot of stuff was cleaned out yesterday.
What have you been seeing in way of preparation there on the central coast of Florida?
Well, luckily, we don't have the crazy lines and the rushing and the fighting.
My friend did tell me that he witnessed some actual fist fighting in the Home Depot yesterday.
But, you know, here, because people, we know it's not really going to impact us here necessarily.
There isn't any panicking going on, but yes, as soon as they get the shelves stocked, it's empty.
You can't get water.
You can't get these storable foods.
The only canned foods that are left are like the
Yeah, absolutely.
Come Monday, because there's not going to be any gas to get back.
So it's a really incredible... You just hit it.
They're telling everybody to evacuate in the South, and now they're in the Central Coast where you're at, and all up the East Coast.
But then there's no gas, the roads are clogged, there's no hotels.
It's just bedlam, and it shows how precarious this industrial society is.
I'm not criticizing it, but this just-on-time delivery, this system is a time bomb.
And that's just the importance of being prepared.
Because pretty much everyone here in Florida, you'll have your hurricane supplies.
You know, I've got my supply closet.
But even with me, I was rotating out my water.
But you can't do that because as I was rotating out my water, it just so happened that very day, all the water ran out.
And so when I went to go get, refill my hurricane supplies, there wasn't any water.
And I had to wait two days, I had to get up at six in the morning, so I could be one of the first people at the store to get the water.
You know, so when you have your storable foods and your storable emergency supplies,
You really have to keep those and maintain them for the duration of whatever season it is that you're hoping to weather, whatever storm you're hoping to weather.
You know, because you just never know.
You never know when, oh, well, I'll go ahead and use the gas and then I'll go get some more, you know, refill my supplies for the next storm.
But when you go to resupply, it might not be there.
So it's just really incredible to see how quickly
The panic takes over how quickly the stores empty out their shelves.
I mean we had reports that they were having to have the National Guard protect the gas trucks that were just trying to bring in gas.
You know people are.
It's just really fragile.
It's just interesting to see how fragile this society is, how quickly things can turn.
Well, Leanne, you know the InfoWars crowd and the crew and myself all love you, so be safe.
I'm going to let you get out of here now.
I didn't know that as we were talking to you that they were beating on your door.
Saying get out of there.
So go take care of your grandma.
That's why you've moved there for the time being.
Come back to visit us soon and take care of your grandmother who just had a successful surgery.
So you're a good granddaughter and be safe.
But it is like Russian roulette.
You've got it coming in and up and we don't know if it's going to go your direction, right up the state to the east.
What's your gut tell you, Leanne?
I mean, because they don't know.
The storm tracks show that it could go basically anywhere up the state.
Well, Alex, you know, I'm not really one to panic.
I don't think that's a very helpful reaction in a catastrophe situation, but I'm really scared about this storm, and everyone I've talked to is really worried about it.
I don't want to cry, but it's going to go up the entire state of Florida, and either way, there's definitely going to be a lot of flooding, a lot of storm surge, and I'm just really concerned about my family there on the East Coast.
And my friends and people who've chosen to kind of hunker down, whether the storm is going to be one of the biggest we've ever seen.
Well, as long as you can get those, after you're done taking care of your grandma and getting them in shelter, be sure and keep tweeting out at Leanne McAdoo on Twitter and shooting those videos to give us updates.
We're praying for you.
Everybody in Florida and in the path of the storm there in the Caribbean.
Thank you, Leanne McAdoo.
Thank you.
I promise we're going boom, boom, boom, Carlos and others, when we come back on the other side of this quick break.
I'm Alex Jones.
We'll have live coverage all day Sunday.
And everybody will have lower rates, better quality care, and better access.
I don't remember saying that everybody in the country would have a lower premium.
That's why your spotlight on the cockroaches, Alex, is so important.
That's really what we the people, that's what our job is.
Oh, this guy isn't doing too good.
Ted Nugent was telling me about this guy.
He looks like he's pretty sick.
Is that Nancy Pelosi?
Or is that... Is that Chuckie Schumer?
Or is that... What's her name?
The one that can't remember who attacked Korea.
She thinks it was Putin.
And the fact that he is wrapping his arms around Putin while Putin is continuing to advance into Korea.
Believe me, Pelosi is the enemy.
Maxine Waters, I don't even know what planet she's from.
I mean, the Democrats, the left, the liberals, these are strange, bizarre, anti-logic, anti-American freaks, each and every one of them.
I'm doing what Ted Nugent told me.
He said turn the lights on, Pat.
That light over there.
What's over there?
Right over there.
Ted Nugent said turn the lights on.
Spotlight the cockroaches.
You've perfected that over the years.
Nancy Pelosi's sick.
Nancy Pelosi needs medical attention.
Well, at least it's gonna be natural causes.
The Democratic Party has just been screaming racism over and over again.
Hey ladies, hold on, come on over here.
Nancy Pelosi came by the house, did you know that?
However, these freaks are serious and they threaten to kill our family because we hunt, because we believe in the Second Amendment, because we trounce and spotlight the cockroaches on the left that hate America, hate the Constitution, hate the American dream, hate independence.
Why do they hate it?
Why do they hate it?
Okay, here comes Donald Trump.
Pat, will you please assist me with the camera?
Here comes Donald Trump with the assistance of the American people.
We are going to drain the swamp.
Mr. Moore, your chauffeur is here.
Don't try to get out.
Let me just help you a little bit.
Don't want to be violent or anything like that.
We're not being violent.
Is this cool or what?
No Michael Moores were hurt in the filming of this.
This is a much more useful creature.
A carrion beetle that eats rotten meat.
Bye, Democrat Party!
Oh, and Paul Ryan's down in there too.
Bye-bye, Paul Ryan!
Look at my wonderful birth city of Detroit.
It was the work ethic epicenter, the productivity epicenter of the globe when I was born in 1948 until Mayor Coleman Young and the Liberal Democrats took over and trained people, brainwashed people, desold the people that you don't have to try.
You just stay home or you go ahead and make Chrysler products that won't even run and will still send you a bonus check.
But when you give people something, you turn them into
Alright, the good news is the storm has slowed down.
It came in at 185 miles an hour yesterday, slowed down to 175 this morning when I was checking it.
It's already slowed down to 155 miles an hour before it even hits Cuba.
So maybe Rush Limbaugh is going to be right.
Because he said, you know, he lives in Florida and it's the end of the world every time.
I've just never seen a hurricane at 185 miles an hour.
Nobody else has.
It's a Category 6.
But it was a Category 6.
It's now a Category 5.
And so I hope that it turns into a tropical depression and just goes away.
But the other islands it's hit, it has torn the daylights out of.
But that's when it was going 180 miles an hour at its core.
Or 185 miles an hour.
Let's go to your phone calls right now.
I know this.
When it makes landfall Sunday morning.
At 7 a.m.
Central, that's 8 a.m.
Eastern is when it's scheduled to hit.
We're going to be here throughout the day covering it.
We hope to announce that it's, you know, not a problem.
But if you go to the Weather Channel and other places, they've got the meteorologist talking about storm surges.
Here's Fox News we're looking at.
It shows a 10 to 15 foot storm surge going into Florida, 20-30 miles into the state.
If we can just keep rolling that, we can show TV viewers when it actually shows the
Thank you, Alex.
No, we're far away from the storm here in Montreal, Canada.
In 1986, I was on holidays in the island of Viti Levu in Fiji when Cyclone Oscar struck and it landed at 182 miles an hour.
The storm surge, of course, is the most dangerous part with 19.5 feet of water.
No, you know, I hope it will be a storm, a category storm, when it hits Florida.
But underestimating these phenomena is the most dangerous thing you can do.
And there's some helpful advice that can be given to people that are living in... Okay, so let's be clear, Carlos.
You're saying you're the survivor of a typhoon or slash cyclone.
They turn the opposite direction in the Pacific.
They do get up to 180, 185 miles an hour.
Normally hurricanes only get up to 160.
This one hit 185.
You're saying you survived 182 mile an hour.
Describe what that was like and the advice you have for folks.
Well, thank you so much, Alex.
Well, the most memorable experience is that you're in, it started at six o'clock at night, around 6.30, a quarter to seven.
The piano that was in the veranda, you know, near the, the, the, the, the balcony, we're about maybe 150 feet from the ocean.
Wonderful bureaus, they're called, they're like bungalows made of straw and so on.
And the piano just flew out from the balcony, so you can just imagine how it started.
At about midnight, at six o'clock in the morning, it ended.
Eight people died in the vicinity of the area we were, and we were spared in large measure because there was a reef outside the coastline.
I think?
That's terrible.
But at 98 miles an hour, regardless of what, all trees break.
So we found a palm tree had flown like an arrow into one of the bureaus near us.
I want to tell you that, do not underestimate it.
All windows should be boarded up.
The biggest expenses, of course, are usually unnoticeable.
That is, if you have vintage cars or expensive vehicles, get them out inland as high up as you can off the ground.
Individuals should take care of their pets and make sure that what they would do to save their pet, they do for themselves.
Because it's very, very important that you do this before.
Because after, once it begins, you cannot go outside.
Things fly around.
It is not no one's fault.
All your garden furniture, please bring them indoors.
You're saying everything basically turns into a weapon.
And of course, someone who's been through a depression is worried about depressions.
Somebody who hasn't is never worried about them.
Somebody who's never been in a fight is not worried about it.
Somebody who has been, will be.
Someone who's never been in a typhoon or a hurricane, or as they call it a cyclone, you are worried about it because you've experienced it.
Yes, sir.
Oscar will never be named again, Oscar, in the Pacific because of the magnitude.
I can tell you one group of people that were in a small island on the other side of Viti Levu.
We met at the airport when we were evacuated eventually.
We were allowed to leave.
I want to tell you that they were in a second story little hotel in an island
The storm surge covered the island completely.
They were on the second floor in the darkness, with waves breaking into the second story, and their suitcases were flying around, or were floating around them.
Everyone was on the second floor of this, of this little hotel.
And they say, because I've been in, I mean, I've heard a tornado from a mile away.
It sounds like a freight train.
But, but, but those, those are, it's the loudest noise you can imagine in a, in a hurricane or a tornado.
But a hurricane just keeps going and going.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Florida is now in the danger zone.
You know, the biggest takeaway for me so far is that folks don't take this serious until it gets closer.
But if you've ever been in floods like I've been in North Texas and Central Texas, or you've ever been in a tornado, or you've ever been in a hurricane, even a weak one, I've been in a Category 3,
When it was over me as a category three and things are moving so fast and branches are flying through your windows and you're, you know, the first floor of your house is flooding.
That's wimp stuff compared to being on the coastline.
And I was just search engineering Noah and the computer tracks.
They only had a few tracks earlier this week showing it jumping
Florida and going into the main Gulf, which is still hot, so it would speed back up just like Harvey did.
Ladies and gentlemen, I just looked at some of the new tracks.
Well, they've got some up from Fox News.
They've got a lot of tracks now going directly in to the Gulf of Mexico and not even hitting Florida.
I think that's why Liam was getting scared, because just a few days ago, they didn't have any of the tracks, or maybe one or two tracks, with computer models.
Now most of the computer models have it going up the west coast of Florida, or right up the middle of Florida, and some have it hitting New Orleans again!
Look at that track!
So, we're just tracking all this together, watching it, and again, I hope people that are saying this is going to be a big deal are right.
I was hoping that it wasn't going to be a big storm with Harvey, obviously.
I got family down in Houston, but it's been a big mess.
But you know, the good news is it brought us together, as rough as it's been.
So I just hope we can come together with this situation and there isn't a bunch of looting and people taking advantage of it.
We're talking to Carlos in Montreal, finishing up with his experience being in a Pacific Ocean
Well, all I wanted to tell you is that
As far as storms of that magnitude are concerned, I hope they do not hit Florida.
But, you know, one has to keep in mind that all electrical appliances in your home should be disconnected, if possible, if you can get to battery radio or cellular phone radio best.
Freezers and stuff like that can be dangerous if there is a water surge.
Well, that's right.
In fact, the power companies should cut the power before it hits, but sometimes they don't.
This is a big mistake, you know?
And also in the Florida area, which wasn't the case in Fiji for us, but do not forget that animals do evade a water rise.
So you may have the danger, if you go outside, to be careful that you seal as much as possible of your property doors.
Oh, I'm so glad.
You see, when I lived on Barton Creek, there was a flood.
With the creek getting to where it was like 800 feet wide.
I mean, it was, and our house was up on a little hill, but it was all the way up on the pylons of the house.
And bats, Mexican brown bats, by the tens of thousands, during the early morning, all came up in our house.
And if you walked out, I think I put video of this out before on YouTube, there was thousands of bats on my porch, up under the roof, crawling in.
And they even got in under the roof and into my house.
So I went in the house and had bats flying around in the living room.
Well, in Florida now, you know, you do have the problem of larger snakes that have been, you know, dangerous.
So you have to be careful.
Do not underestimate the magnitude of these phenomena.
And then afterwards, when the sun comes out and everything seems to be over, remember your neighbor, remember your friends.
Remember that they may have had a worse experience than you and, you know, be generous above all, you know?
Well, that's right.
And expanding on that, we saw alligators all over the place in Houston in people's front yards.
In Fiji, there were animals that were dead, and a few days afterwards, the roads were washed down.
We couldn't get to the airport for three days.
It was beautiful, of course, but destroyed.
Schools were destroyed, like paper mache.
And all I can tell you is that I do not, I hope that this doesn't happen in Florida because, but underestimating the magnitude of these storms and the wind, the memory of the rushing wind is something to be recorded and to be heard because it really wakes your primitive senses as an evolving species on Earth.
The magnitude and the power of nature cannot be underestimated.
You know, that's a great point.
Carlos, we ought to have you as a contributor.
You've been calling the last few years.
You're really a smart dude.
In fact, Dr. Mark as well, we got his number if you want to get on hold.
Be a contributor.
Just somebody that pops in as a kind of platinum level caller a few times a week to give your analysis.
Or we just call Carlos.
If you want to give us your name and number, I'm going to start trying to have some of the really amazing callers be regulars as we begin to launch a 20 plus hour live transmission.
We're now live 8 a.m.
to 6 p.m.
every day.
And you will just see that expand and expand and expand.
As we promised you, we're going to take the country back, take the world back, expose the globalists because their program is so evil.
It's not that we're powerful, it's that they're that weak.
If you just challenge them, it's game over.
So I want to now go to Anthony and Jacob and Mark and Dan and others here in just a moment as fast as I can.
But getting back to that last caller, Carlos from Montreal, Canada.
These storms just show us how fragile this world is, how fragile life is, and that we are living on a planet in deep space orbiting a huge thermonuclear ongoing explosion that is the Sun, whose own explosive mass is held together by its gravitational mass, and that we are on continents
That we are on tectonic plates floating around on liquid magma.
Our planet is still cooling.
So yes, the only thing certain in life is change.
And anybody that's bored is an idiot.
We're in the middle of the most fantastic
thing ever!
This is incredible!
And men, and women, and life, and passion, and children, and food, and the ocean, and birds, and trees, and the sixth sense, and God, and the spiritual world, and good, and evil, and all of it!
It's such a big thing, consciousness!
It's amazing!
I'm bored.
I'm sick of all my TV shows.
I'm waiting for the new season of this to come out.
And I'm just like... I'm not watching much TV, because I'm watching reality, baby, and it's the real channel.
So, it's the animating context of life.
But we've made this modern civilization where people kind of perch in this limited artificial system, feeling like, oh, there's nothing to life, until they realize how tenuous it is and then they're really alive.
I'm going to your calls in 45 seconds.
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So thank you again all for your support.
Okay, that wasn't a 45-second plug.
That was a two-minute plug, so I won't plug again this hour.
Who's coming up at the fourth hour today?
The vaunted Mike Cernovich.
You'll always want to tune into that right now.
I'm going to be good now.
So we've been holding.
In fact, Anthony in Illinois has been holding for over an hour.
He gets a free bottle of X2 or a free thing of caveman or a free t-shirt.
We're just going to get his email and then just ask him what he wants, I guess, however that works.
But, Anthony, thanks for holding from Illinois.
You're on the air.
You have a monumental task ahead of you.
I believe that Infowars and you guys are the Trump of our day.
You're the actual, the elected media outlet that has given us just a victory in our voice and trying to keep the truth out there.
Well, I want to edify you, Anthony, as well.
We're all in this together, so thank you.
Yes, absolutely.
I've been getting a lot of, you know, in my spirit about what's recently happened.
I mean, over the last two years, I've been a supporter of Donald Trump.
As far as the comments on Facebook, and always trying to be as much supportive as I can to everything that stands for the Lord.
And I know he's got 25 pastoral advisors around him.
A lot of times people haven't been able to back him up the way I think they should.
And I get upset about that sometimes.
But four months, three months ago, Alex, I've been hearing from the Lord when I pray in my prayer time as a minister, outside the other things that I'm trying to do in life, I do pray.
And basically, I just really felt the Lord really being upset with
We're good to go.
But you better be sure that you better be humble about the way you approach things and make sure it's... Well, exactly!
You've got these atheist leftists going, aha, God's destroying Texas, God's destroying Florida, God's gonna kill the Nazis, when they don't even know who's in those states or what they're saying.
These are atheists, but when they want to, oh, suddenly God's real, I agree, that sounds like those people are asking for some judgment themselves.
God said, Alex, in Psalm 89, 34, my covenant will I not break, nor alter the thing that's gone forth out of my lips.
God is going to have his way no matter what happens.
He says vengeance, there's a vengeance of the day of our God, and there is a return of restitution of all things.
So then we need to be prayerful, not only for the folks in the storm, but also for ourselves, for the church, for everything that's going on.
And they were about to launch a massive race war.
They had confirmed they were going to do it, try to kill Trump.
Not that he's perfect, but overthrow him this month.
But the storm came and brought us together.
So it shows how even something that looks horrible and bad, many times, again, the Lord works in mysterious ways.
Who was it that first said that?
I couldn't find out who first said that, Pastor.
The Lord works in mysterious ways?
Well, it says His ways are paths finding out.
And the wisdom of this world is foolishness to God.
So, you know, he does work in mysterious ways, but he does reveal his secret under his servants, the prophets, in Amos 3.7.
So, but I did want to share that, you know, I believe that there are some elements of things that have not been brought up about Israel.
The Prophecy Club has given warnings about
Oh, look at Soros openly trying to overthrow Israel.
And it's not that Israel's perfect.
Israel's got big problems.
But the globalists want to overthrow it.
It's targeted.
And the very enemies of America want to overthrow it.
And these idiots get mad at me.
Because they see the corruption in Israel and think, I'm defending that.
That's not the point!
That we know those that want to overthrow Israel are the very same enemies that want to overthrow America and Christianity and they're allied with Islam.
It's so ridiculously obvious.
But there's those prophecies said, Alex, that they try to split Israel and America is in part, we're trying to make some kind of a deal.
To give land to the Palestinians, you know, all those things.
We better not be messing with Split because it's said that God would split America.
And I've seen with this Charlottesville, this is not some whacked out thing.
I mean, God has... No, this is absolutely... God will work through the evil people that think they're the ones causing a race war when God will use them for the real division.
You're absolutely right, Anthony.
God bless you.
Powerful information.
Jacob in Arizona.
Thanks for holding.
You're on the air.
Get these guys' emails.
Send them some free stuff.
I got a rule.
If you hold over like an hour and a half, I'm gonna send you something free.
Jacob in Arizona.
You're on the air.
Hey, Alex.
Thank you for having me on, man.
I really appreciate everything you guys do.
Um, why is it too many politicians only support disaster relief when it's, like, politically convenient?
You know?
And, uh, you know, I remember you guys were talking and touching base on, like, that new movie that's coming out by, I think, Dean Devlin.
Well, here's the deal.
Here's the deal.
People are saying that Ted Cruz is bad for voting against disaster relief for the East Coast.
But then he's going to vote for this.
If you looked at what those deals were, they were a bunch of pork barrel, had nothing to do with the disaster relief.
But I don't want the feds to have all the power anyways.
I think it should be with the states so we can take care of ourselves.
But at least Trump is just letting locals get in and do things and not have FEMA running it.
Yeah, very true.
Well, even Nikola Tesla, he's the father, I feel like, of heart, you know?
With the electromagnetic, you know, and storms and climate change.
Oh, they have all of it.
But again, the sun is a billion times bigger than whatever the globalists can do.
They can just try to tinker and guess what's going to happen with computers and then try to... With weather weapons, they can take clear skies and make floods.
But they
Well, from the research, they thought they could control hurricanes in the 60s.
Now, I don't know if the CIA certified that improperly, but Ben Livingston said they were doing it.
What do you think?
They'll blame it on Trump saying, oh, he's not doing anything, when really it's these politicians and the governors.
But that's what I'm saying.
Even if they went and salted this hurricane to speed it up, which they can do.
They can take a category 3 and make it a category 6 if they want.
Clearly, that's technology that's real.
I'm not saying that happened.
Because the American people are sick of the race war garbage, this will just make us come together.
I'm predicting that's what's going to happen.
Oh yeah, definitely.
It should.
I mean, we should all come together.
We shouldn't let these people break us apart.
Trump is bringing us together, and that's what they fear.
And that's, you know, why... Yeah, that's why he gives a speech about bringing us together, and then they say he brought us apart.
It's not that... It's just like, if you actually see what Trump says versus what he does, the media is lying.
It's not about Trump.
It's that the media, the mainstream media, are a pack of scum.
We'll be back with Dan and others.
Stay with us.
We have Owen Schroer coming in.
Stay with us.
Paul Watson!
Thank you for joining us here today.
I appreciate you coming on.
You're about to go on a well-deserved holiday.
So tell folks about your video that's gone viral where you say you're done.
I'm done with YouTube until they change their policies or until they signal that they're going to change them, Alex.
I mean, Congressman Dana Rohrbacher came out with a quote last night.
The mistreatment of conservatives and libertarians by tech monopolies is a civil rights issue.
And that's what it comes down to.
It's Google and Facebook.
Those are the big two.
I was banned by Facebook yesterday, get this Alex, for posting a picture of a famous ginger YouTuber who made a parody joke video about feminism 18 months ago, who was in on the joke.
And because I posted a picture of it, again, 18 months ago, which obviously offended some feminists, they banned me on Facebook.
So literally Facebook is now being run by the same people who screamed bloody murder at me.
You're a public figure attacked in newspapers and TV every day, so am I. If we don't have speech, no one is.
They want to destroy us with straw men, not let us respond.
And let's explain.
You had Facebook videos, Paul, with 30 million views, some of them each.
I mean, bigger than CNN.
That's why they took you down.
That's why they're trying to ban PewDiePie.
Because they don't want anybody they don't control with a voice.
Google and Facebook are basically monopolies at this point.
They're acting like public utilities.
You'll notice, Alex, that back in the day, Zuckerberg, Schmidt, Jack Dorsey of Twitter, they used to talk about themselves as public utilities.
In fact, there's a quote here, which I've got from Time, where Zuckerberg is talking about Facebook as a public utility.
So they acted like that.
They consolidated.
Now they've become monopolies.
They need to be treated as public utilities.
This is what Steve Bannon came out and advocated two weeks ago, okay?
If I want running water in my house, Alex, I can only pay one company.
Now, it's still a private company, but it's a monopoly.
I don't have a choice.
Now, at this point, Google and YouTube are complete monopolies.
YouTube does not have a competitor.
A serious competitor as a video platform.
This is why prominent YouTubers, prominent social media and free speech advocates need to get behind this.
Because as the congressman said, this is a civil rights issue.
Something needs to change now.
It's gone too far.
And you're saying you're leaving YouTube to make a point, to have a clean break to show it no longer has any semblance of freedom.
Stay there.
Here for now.
Tomorrow forever gone.
Out, out, brief candle, wrote William Shakespeare.
But you can't get too in love with the fact you're not afraid of death.
You have to fight on for your children and the future progeny.
You know, the seasons don't fear the reaper.
Notice the sun, the wind, and the rain, Owen.
Climate change.
Must be man-made climate change.
We're going to play a little short clip.
And Owen came in here during the break and he said, man, Alex, what's it like to be attacked?
I've never been attacked in the hundreds of newspapers in one day like you are now.
Bro, they've got technicians and corporate guys that put out the talking points.
They saw that in the last two weeks, you, Millie, and some of the new crew, let's not exaggerate,
25 million views just on our platforms and everybody else copied the videos because we let everybody do it.
We just want the info out.
So all the people that hate us make money off of us getting little clips and editing them together of little kids coming up and cussing and all the hateful left.
So they're attacking because simultaneously they've stolen your identity.
They've stolen your work.
They're making money off of you.
And they're pissed that you go out there and you're a good-looking, sharp, smart guy and show their zombie hordes.
So they've got to project it back and go, it's rock star to have nine-year-old girls talking like they're John Belushi on PCP.
It's great that they can't talk.
It's great that they're dumb.
It's great that they're hateful and stupid.
It's great anti-fuss crapping on everyone.
They've got to turn that around and act like it's like media matters.
Takes our most powerful truths and puts them out twisted to act like they're the boss.
Look at this kookiness.
Jones says that water's wet.
It's about an authority.
It's about a con game.
About who you can have on and who you can talk to, Owen.
Let's play a clip of this young lady last weekend in Austin.
Who taught you that language?
My mother.
So your mother taught you that foul language?
In the car.
And why am I an idiot?
Oh wow.
Oh my gosh.
And then flicks off the camera.
Looks like about a nine, ten year old girl.
Yeah, and I said ma'am.
She already, you know, acts basically like a, just like some thug woman.
Yeah, I got anchor tattoos on my arms, yeah.
You know, I got, hey, how you doing?
Running on mute.
It's kind of like the Trump thing, how they said, like, he was doing this and mimicking somebody that had mental disabilities.
They say I said ma'am.
I always say ma'am and sir when I do these interviews.
That they lie.
They're all fiction writers in liberal media, and so they have to make it your badge so you say ma'am, and clearly you say ma'am on the tape.
That's what they do!
But notice who they're talking about, Owen!
Who are they talking about, Owen?
Alex, if you don't mind, I'd actually like to read some scripture here that I found comfort in last night.
Because, I'm serious, this was tough for me, Alex.
I've never been character assassinated like this from hundreds of people at once.
It was eye-opening to me.
You're telling them, help me, I'm weak.
The Jedi are taking over.
Here's some scripture that I found comforting.
I'm sorry.
Dear friends, do not be surprised at the fiery ordeal that has come on to test you, as though something strange were happening to you, but rejoice in as much as you participate in the suffering of Christ, so that you may be overjoyed when His glory is revealed.
But there were also false prophets among the people, just as there will be false teachers among you.
They will secretly introduce destructive heresies, even denying the sovereign lord who brought them, bringing swift destruction of themselves.
Many will follow their depraved conduct and will bring the way of truth in disrepute.
And that's what's happening is, the story isn't some kids flipping you off.
All of them cuss, all of them scream, all of them are hateful, none of them can talk, and they celebrate small children acting like, you know, they're like some woman that's running a meth lab or something.
I'm not saying little girl does that, but I mean,
He's like, eh, come on up here!
We got some machine guns and grenade launchers we stole, and we're running some stuff out the back door.
Come on up here!
It's like a woman smoking a cigar.
Eh, F you, Owen!
You wanna talk to me?
I'm a nine-year-old.
My mommy told me, I don't know.
I'm in the media celebration.
We'll be right back.
Oh, Owen got attacked by a couple hundred lip darts.
Poor little baby.
President Donald Trump on Tuesday giving North Korea his most aggressive warning to date.
President Trump is not a racist.
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From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones.
Out of my way!
Alright, Owen.
I know you're shook up right now.
You've had some major news sites come out and say you were a horrible person for letting a little girl cuss at you, but...
While you lick your wounds here, her name has not been listed but we have the 15 year old young lady who a year ago had Weiner, Anthony the pervert Weiner, amongst many women he was trying to, girls he was trying to recruit, sexting her.
He's been sentenced now but now she's been on inside edition.
Teen who says Anthony Weiner sexted her, well he's been convicted.
Shows her face for the first time, it went downhill.
Really fast.
So let's go ahead and play a short clip of that report.
Here it is.
She's the teenager whose online relationship with Anthony Weiner threw Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign into a tailspin and perhaps changed the course of American history.
Now she's ready to tell her story to the world.
Inside Edition is withholding her name because she's a minor.
She's showing her face on TV for the first time.
How did you first come into contact with Anthony Weiner?
It was through a direct message on the application Twitter.
I just sent him a nice message, just, hello, I'm a huge fan.
It was January 2016.
The former New York Congressman's once promising political career was over after he got caught up in a sexting scandal.
Why Anthony Weiner?
I knew that Hillary Clinton would be running for president in the year 2016 and I wanted to see if Anthony
Was so up to the same antics.
How soon did it go from these niceties to him taking it to a different level?
I knew that it was going downhill and really fast.
Some of his messages are so obscene they can't be shown on television.
I was disgusted.
That's part of the reason that I came forward.
Anthony Weiner just looks like a disgusting creature.
Do you mind if I just finish this verse real quick, Alex?
Because it's amazing how true the Bible is, thousands of years later.
In their greed, which you mentioned, these teachers will exploit you with fabricated stories, their condemnation has been long hanging over them, and their destruction has not been sleeping.
But this is where it all came forward for me to just keep fighting, Alex.
For so is the will of God that will ye may put to silence the ignorance of foolish men, as free, not using your liberty for a cloak of maliciousness, but as servants of God.
So we have to crush these people.
That's what that means.
You want to come after us, you want to spread fake news, we're going to crush you.
Owen, that's good, but you understand, like, having 25 million views,
I mean, those newspapers attacking you don't have that in five years combined.
We're having total victory.
I understand you're hurt by their children even crawl out from under rocks now.
This is like It's Baby.
You are facing It's Baby.
Alex, I don't care about these stories.
When I went to the grocery store last night, I had a girl come up to me and say, you know, it's not good to harass children.
That, when that happened... No, no, you're out there being nice, doing a report.
Why are you here?
She cusses at you, tells you to F off, and then you're the one that... Because you got 25 million views, bro!
25 million!
We winning!
And then that, these are deceived people that are delusional, that lie to themselves throughout their lives.
So you're a reporter with a little kid cussing at you, and they're so upset that it shows what scum they are, and what they've turned society into.
That they have to turn it around!
But don't take it personal, Owen!
Enjoy it!
Well, it's nice.
For two and a half hours, we did a live video for two and a half hours that day, they found 17 seconds that they're rejoicing in.
But look at how sick these people are!
They're now going and looking at genealogy to try to smear people.
Tommy Loren, meet the great-grandfather prosecuted for forging his citizenship papers.
They're attacking people's genealogy!
These are the most sick, psychopathic, twisted people that I can ever imagine.
But it doesn't matter.
They're losing.
They're losers.
They're losers.
They're losers.
And they know it.
They want to claw us down in their little rat hole with them.
And I've got news for them.
I'm afraid that it's going to get much worse until it gets... Who's the president, Alex?
Who's the president?
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Live from Austin, Texas.
It's Mike Cernovich.
Broadcasting worldwide.
It's Alex Jones.
I know you can see me.
I know you can see me, now here's a surprise.
I know that you have, cause there's magic in my eyes.
I can see.
They got one that can see.
Mike Cernovich is taking over right now, but I had to get Owen in here because I don't have time to track all this, but he had one video last week with like 14 million views, 11 million on Facebook, 4 or 5 million.
It was crazy.
I don't have time to keep track of this stuff.
We fire and forget.
And then they had like
20-something other videos that you, Millie Weaver did, and some of the new crew did a great job on as well.
And it was like all of them had like 100,000, 500,000, a million views, and they just keep getting bigger and bigger.
And then I noticed all these little clips on television, you name it, of them going, look, children cuss at the evil right winger, how good they are.
And I noticed those videos had millions of views.
When I say 25 million views,
We're good to go.
And then they're just hatefully wanting this to destroy Florida because it went Republican.
It is the biggest group of idiocy, and now they're saying, you called a little girl.
It's in a bunch of different fake publications.
You called a little girl Mr. or Man, and that's why she came over and told you F off and all this.
No, we're going to play the video.
I don't know.
Then they go, oh, it happened because other stuff happened before, but they're only showing you a 17-second clip when we've got the 20-minute chunks up there that we didn't.
But they lie.
They say something happened in the newspapers that isn't on the tape, but they don't show you the full tape.
They edit it because they're liars from their father, the hemorrhoid of Satan, George Soros.
Here's the clip.
How are you, young man?
You're an idiot!
Rewind that.
How you doing, ma'am?
You always say, how you doing, ma'am?
That's how I was raised.
But a lot of people say to women, too, how you doing, man?
I say, how you doing, man?
Sometimes I'll say, dude.
But the point is, they've changed the subject off of their rat-like, brainwashed, poor little child at a public event, so there's no privacy implied coming up cussing at you.
Let's play the creature.
Who taught you that language?
My mother.
So your mother taught you that foul language?
Well, we should never assume race, right?
I'm not being mean.
I keep saying it's a girl.
Maybe it's not.
I don't mean that mean.
I'm serious.
We should never assume sex, right?
I mean, we should never assume gender.
That's what the left says.
But if you notice, Alex, she was actually filming me.
She had her camera out filming me.
She was following me around.
I think it's a girl.
She was following me around for five minutes.
By the way, can you do a report with clips of this later showing the full report what actually happened?
Yeah, we can do it on the War Room today.
That's coming up at 3 o'clock.
Let's get Cernovich in here.
Mike, I know you've got a big full plate here.
Doing an awesome job.
He'll be popping in on the War Room as well.
At Cernovich on Twitter.
Everybody should follow you.
I'm at RealAlexJones.
Tell folks where you're at, Owen.
All I do is Owen on Twitter and at War Room Show on Twitter.
And it's key to do that, and it's key to retweet us, and it's key to Facebook us, and it's key to tell people word of mouth, because that's how we're winning against the enemy's full onslaught!
History's happening!
Mike Cernovich, what do you make of this latest attack?
How panicked they are?
And then, B, you were here two days ago.
You were also here yesterday.
You're back in California.
You said on air, with me, Earth changes.
Look for more earthquakes.
Look for more of the storms.
Now, two more hurricanes have formed.
Political stuff all following.
More sunspots.
Massive solar storms.
Human awakening.
I mean, it's getting crazy.
What's happening?
Yeah, a big earthquake in Mexico.
A potential tsunami.
I've now read reports that there's a category 4 hurricane kind of floating around in the ocean, too.
Yeah, Jose.
There you go, yeah.
By the way, strongest earthquake in modern history in Mexico.
And it's so bad now that even the LA Times has a preparedness guide about how to prepare for an earthquake.
So I think it's funny they go, oh my god, Alex Jones sells survival food.
Oh, but if you have an earthquake, to be prepared for an earthquake, you should have food and water stored in your house.
It's like, well, wait a minute.
Wait a minute, which is it?
I thought that
I thought you weren't supposed to prepare for a disaster and that buying food is a scam and you shouldn't buy survival... Well, remember the best-selling author that wrote The Game?
He also wrote that book about preparedness called Emergency.
They said that was kooky.
Governments dig in, they all have backup, but we're not supposed to.
Right, so now the LA Times is saying, well, you need to prepare for the earthquake.
So they should apologize.
I think that they owe everybody in the preparedness community an apology for ridiculing people who want nothing more than for other people to be safe and have some food and water.
Because the more our neighbors are prepared, the more we're prepared.
Because if we're only prepared and things collapse, we're going to get robbed and killed.
So a lot of wanting other people to be prepared and self-sufficient and wealthy is really selfishness.
Being a patriot, being in the free market, wanting others to do well, I believe is the ultimate form of selfishness, but a good selfishness.
Right, a rising tide lifts all boats, the more that you can build.
There's actually, it's been proven mathematically that the more people you have, every time population doubles, the culture and the goodness increases 15%.
There's also a downside to it too, but this has been mathematically modeled.
And that is why when more people prosper, everybody prospers.
Because there's no real Nazis out there.
He's got to invoke it as the actor he is, to get everyone upset like the red cape to a bull, telling folks, see it exists.
We can't get any of our made-up Nazis paid for by the Southern Barbary Law Center to march anymore, because patriots will kick their ass.
So, so, and our antifa is exposed, so I'll just come out and pose as a Nazi.
Yeah, pull that up guys.
Stephen Colbert comes out as a Nazi.
Yeah, so I don't believe that it's satire.
I believe that Colbert is actually a Nazi.
Because if they take our satire and treat it literally, then it would only be fair for us to treat them literally.
I agree.
So tell folks what he's done.
Why is he supporting Adolf Hitler?
Why does he hate Jews?
Why does he hate blacks?
Why does Stephen Colbert want to kill Mexican children?
Why does Colbert want to put Jews in concentration camps?
Because he has come out as a Nazi and because everything that you and I have ever said is of course serious and nothing is ever satire, then that must also be true of Colbert.
So I believe that Colbert has always wanted to come out as a Nazi and now he finally has that opportunity.
He kind of looks like one.
He looks like a good Nazi.
Yeah, so he's a Nazi.
This is not an ironic thing that he did.
So Nazi Colbert is not what he wanted.
When is NBC or whatever, is he on NBC, right?
I don't know.
Are they going to let him go after he became an avowed Nazi?
I mean, I'm asking, when are they going to repudiate?
Because even if they say it's a joke, Nazi stuff's no joking matter.
When we've joked about it, they say we're Nazis.
So I think he should be fired immediately.
I mean, the boycott should start right now.
Until he disavows Nazis, I can only assume he's a Nazi.
I can only assume he's a Nazi until he... Well, I made the joke and said that Congressman Schiff is a wee-wee sucker.
That means brown-noser in the establishment.
I wasn't even bashing gay people.
And they said that I literally, you know, was attacking and wanted to murder people over it.
But then when he called Trump Putin's cock holster, that was okay.
Yeah, that wasn't homophobic.
But I want him to disavow Nazis, that's what I'd like to see.
On his show, too, is where you should start.
Cernovich, when will he... Countdown, when will he, after this insulting Holocaust survivor strike... We should start a countdown.
Days that Stephen Colbert has been outed as a Nazi.
Just keep the countdown.
Here's the problem.
His show's only got 2 or 3 million viewers.
Owen, you have more than that a day now, and so does Cernovich.
I think people finally get this.
Oh, there was a story out.
Rotten Tomatoes killed Hollywood, they were reporting in the New York Times last week.
Okay, so people being able to vote on films they like instead of critics killed Hollywood.
No, Hollywood sold out the People's Liberation Army for funding and made films for Chinese propaganda.
So almost all films are approved by Chinese communists now.
It makes the films really dumbed down and stupid, and people are leaving Hollywood in droves.
Computers and technology and lenses being less expensive allow more people to prolificate, so there's more media now.
Hollywood lost its monopoly through hubris and ignorance, not through rotten tomatoes.
Hollywood, I announced five years ago, is dead, Cernovich!
Yeah, well, too much pedophilia going on in Hollywood is the problem.
They need to purge themselves of pedophiles and pedophile enablers like Meryl Streep, who said that Roman Polanski who anally raped a 13-year-old girl.
It's okay to kidnap 13-year-olds and rape them in the rear end, according to Meryl Streep.
Are you being a pedophile phob again, Cernovich?
So Hollywood needs to purge the pedophiles from their network because the pedophiles are sucking away all the energy.
By the way, I'm not being sarcastic.
They're already banning Jihad Watch off PayPal.
They're already trying to arrest people in Europe or kicking them out of school for criticizing ISIS, saying it's Islamophobic.
We're coming close to Cernovich being kicked off Twitter and Facebook for not wanting your daughter or son to be grabbed off the school bus or out of the backyard and taken to a barn and tied down and raped before their throats slit.
Do you want to apologize for putting down child kidnappers and child molesters and ISIS right now?
Yeah, pedophilophobia is what they're calling it now that people who will not accept that pedophilia is a medical condition and not a crime.
As the salon has said, pedophilia is a disorder, not a crime.
So they should be able to watch your children, drive the school buses, take care of your children.
It would be discriminatory.
For you to not make pornographic images on a cake for a pedophile.
So if a pedophile wants a naked child on a cake, then you have to give that for the pedophile, or else you will be a pedophile-phobe, and then you will be, you know, banished from the internet.
So this is true.
So the Hollywood, the pedophile... Oh yeah, it's the New York Times saying it's, no, it's, it's, it's demons.
Throughout history, satanic people have wanted children and innocence.
They want to destroy the innocence.
They're not attracted to developed, normal, sexual people.
They're attacking normalcy.
They are using our openness and the fact that we are not discriminatory against us.
They are a cancer that must be routed out!
Yeah, so that's why Hollywood is collapsing.
They want to blame Rotten Tomatoes.
And they, by the way, they know we're waking up.
That's why they've got the New York Times basically endorsing pedophilia now.
Well, we've got more on the collapse of Hollywood during the War Room today, but when we talk about a sign of the times and we mentioned the hurricanes, we mentioned the earthquakes, you've got wildfires in L.A., you've got all this stuff going on, but let's not forget about these sycophant liberals in the streets, these sycophant liberals in governments.
Yeah, let me bring that up.
I'm going to skip this break and I'm going to skip the 50 so he gets his time back.
You know, Mike's a busy guy and I don't want to run over his time and hopefully he can come home with you on the war room.
He's been one of the co-hosts of that.
But you just got back.
Mike Cernovich, what do you make of children running up, cussing, screaming at him, and then he had people in a store last night come up and say you were mean to that little girl.
So it's just anything that happens, they never take responsibility.
They turn it around on us.
Yes, I actually, one of the most disturbing images that I ever captured at a protest was at the so-called Peahat March or the Women's March during Inauguration Week.
And it was a young girl who had a sign that said, touch my, you know what?
And I didn't even take a picture of her because she was so young.
I just took a picture of the sign.
If I posted a picture of her, that would be like creepy.
You couldn't even do that.
And I thought some parent gave their, she was like 11 years old or something like that.
Oh yeah, the left is into corrupting their children.
Because they say the left, abort your child.
It's a sacrament, Gloria Steinem does.
Medusa Magazine says if you have a white baby, you know, kill it in the womb.
It's, you know, it's against the patriarchy because all whites are part of the patriarchy.
All this mental illness, but you're right.
They don't kill their kids, they go, the next step, it's about degradating them and turning them into flat rags.
Yeah, their own children, because I said, well, how old are you, right?
11 years old, holding a sign talking about her, you know, female, and sexualizing it, too.
I mean, I posted the picture even without her face, but I was so creeped out by the experience that I even deleted the picture.
I was like, I don't even, you know, the
So their sacrament is aborting children whether you're for abortion or not.
It's a sacrament for them.
They now admit it's a sacrament.
It's a religious icon of, you know, taking the wine, but it's killing your baby, killing someone else's.
We're not judging women that did it.
The point is you didn't mean it that way.
It's not that way.
To them it's a sacrament.
It's a sacrament to abort the baby.
It's a sacrament to corrupt your children.
It's a sacrament, I've noticed, for these liberal women to medicalize their children and brain damage them with Ritalin and Prozac.
It's a sacrament to hurt children.
Yeah, that's why they're doing it.
I thought, what a failure.
Did nobody say, hey, this is a young girl, she shouldn't be sexualized.
She should be allowed to have a normal childhood.
These parents, you know, they're probably talking, well, for example, Teen Vogue, a Christian woman got banned from Twitter.
Because she said that Teen Vogue should not be telling 13-year-olds to have anal sex and giving guides on how a 13-year-old can have anal sex.
And this is... By the way, Mike, since you mentioned this, I want to play it again.
We skipped this break.
Camille Paglia came out two days ago.
I meant to give us a clip the last few days.
There was so much news.
And I don't care if Camille Paglia likes women.
I mean, I'm not judging her is the point.
I like women, too.
I identify as a lesbian.
That's not even a joke.
Just, I don't like the whole politicalness going after kids, sexualizing it.
Packley is like, absolutely, leave kids alone.
Let them have their own life.
Let them make their own decisions.
Be, you know, be tolerant, but don't target people to bully them.
And now they're trying to sexualize kids and tell them you're another sex.
While they're raining down these chemicals, this is in Brave New World.
In 1935, Huxley gave an interview two years after it was published and said, this is the plan by the Royal Society of Eugenics to end the proletariat through chemicals and the end of sex.
First, we're going to have a sexual revolution to end the family.
Then, once we've ended that, we're going to break down sex itself, claim there's no genders, and then we're going to sterilize people.
And you know what?
They're doing it.
Here's Camille Paglia.
I think that the transgender propagandists make wildly inflated claims about the multiplicity of gender.
Sex reassignment surgery, even today with all of its advances, cannot in fact change anyone's sex.
You can define yourself as a trans man or a trans woman as one of these new gradations along the scale.
But ultimately, every single cell in the human body, the DNA in that cell, remains coded for your biological birth.
So there are a lot of lies being propagated at the present moment, which I think is not in anyone's best interest.
Is the popularity and the availability of sex reassignment surgery.
So it's someone who is feeling, doesn't feel that he or she belongs to the biological birth in gender.
People are being encouraged to intervene in the process.
Parents are now encouraged to subject the child to procedures that I think are a form of child abuse.
Either hormones to slow puberty, actual surgical manipulations, etc.
I think that this is wrong, that people should wait until they're of an informed age of consent.
Parents should not be doing this to their children.
It's a tolerant statement.
I agree with the statement.
The point is that this is artificiality.
And you look at the biblical breakdown of this.
Man, a rib's taken genetically.
The woman's created, but the woman actually creates the new humans.
But you look at the genetics, women have a second set of mitochondria.
Without them, men are like a worker bee projection of the female.
But then you could argue, well, that's because it was female, it was made out of us.
That's why she's got whatever the original coding was and has double the DNA.