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Name: 20170906_Wed_Alex
Air Date: Sept. 6, 2017
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This segment features a conversation about issues such as recent events, alternative media, mainstream media, information wars, social media influence, left-wing roles, joining the information war, Hurricane Harvey, false flags, and Deep State involvement. The guests emphasize controlling narratives in information wars and resisting mainstream media propaganda. They also discuss the Southern Poverty Law Center's alleged connections to extremist groups, offshore financing of websites like Daily Stormer, and potential for high-tech cyber attacks and staged events.

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Live from Austin, Texas, broadcasting worldwide, it's Alex Jones.
There's a reason every ancient culture believed in God.
It's because they noticed a lot of things going on that they couldn't explain.
And they saw rhythms in wars, and in feast, and in famine.
And they saw patterns in the stars, and in the heavens, and in volcanoes.
And storms and earthquakes.
And we're entering one of those times now where the Pacific Rim is the most volcanically active as it's been recorded in modern history the last 300 years or so.
We see now the storm cycle for typhoons and hurricanes in the Atlantic and Pacific going from
Being very very tepid the last decade or so, to now...
Not just developing a storm like Harvey that's still wreaking havoc in its aftermath, but Irma, now the strongest hurricane ever recorded for its miles per hour, over 180 miles an hour.
A Category 5 is 150 to 160.
They've never recorded something that should be a Category 6.
They've got to expand now and officially call this a Category 6, but they'll do that after the storm.
They're not going to sit there and quibble over what rating it is during the storm, but it is official that meteorologists are saying this is a category six.
Over 180 mile an hour winds.
We're going to have total coverage at InfoWars.com, NewsWars.com, here on the radio and television.
Free feeds at InfoWars.com forward slash show.
And our own Quentin Carter has a family, his wife,
He lives part-time in Florida.
He's going to be traveling back there to take care of his house and dogs and cover things for us.
And I'm going to find out who wants to draw straws around here and go to Florida.
Because if you look at the tracks that we'll get to when we come back after break, the hurricane tracks for Wednesday, the sixth day of September 2017, most of the tracks slam right in the middle of Florida and then go rampaging straight up.
And they've gotten good with these computers.
It may go up the East Coast instead.
It may go across Florida and right back into Mississippi, Louisiana, or Texas.
I don't wish the storm obviously upon anybody, but Paul Watson just went off.
He was on earlier with David Knight for the Real News syndicated transmission that is going out from 8 a.m.
to 11 a.m.
And he was just breaking down the news article that's up on Infowars.com and PrisonPlanet.com right now, where the left is claiming the name of Irma is sexist, and they're claiming it's racist and that maybe Trump's causing it.
Deranged leftists think Trump is creating racist hurricanes.
Deranged leftists think Trump is creating racist hurricanes.
I'm going to grab a clip from about 40 after last hour when Paul was on with David Knight.
We're going to play that coming up because he goes over the article, but I'm going to cover it when we come back from break as well.
But Irma is steaming along at only about five miles an hour with forward motion towards
The Bahamas towards Cuba, towards Hispaniola, and then scheduled to slam right in to Florida.
Now, it's going in circles at over 180 miles an hour.
And if something like that was to hit Florida, it would create devastation this country has never seen.
But you notice, the Lord works in mysterious ways
Because Harvey brought people together.
And I think this will bring people together wherever it hits, but it's going to be serious.
They've already cleaned off store shelves across Florida and many other areas.
Amazon's been caught gouging people on storable foods, water filtration.
That's why we are lowering the prices again to the lowest level we've ever had them.
I'm talking to our water filter distributor.
I'm talking to our food distributor, where we dropped ship directly from, about even trying to get rid of shipping, doing the opposite of the parasite Amazon.
You know, someone very profoundly once said, many years ago, that if fascism ever comes to America, it'll come in the name of liberalism.
Welcome to The War Room, the latest expansion in InfoWars live broadcasting.
We are live weekdays from 3 to 6 p.m.
Central at InfoWars.com slash show and this YouTube channel right here that you've landed on.
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We'll be hearing from Alex Jones regularly, as well as taking your phone calls.
The liberal establishment media has controlled the narrative for too long.
The silent majority is no longer silent.
This is The War Room.
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We now take you live to the Central Texas Command Center in the heart of the resistance.
It's Alex Jones.
Ladies and gentlemen, we are broadcasting worldwide on this Wednesday, the sixth day of September 2017.
Hurricane Irma is the strongest hurricane ever recorded.
It is well above what would be a Category 6.
They've just never had something above 170 miles an hour.
Category 5 is between 150 and 170.
This has broken all records.
And is completely devastating the first few islands that it has hit and now passed over.
Not one major building left standing.
The photos, the videos, they're all up on InfoWars.com and PrisonPlanet.com as well as our new site NewsWars.com.
Here's some of the stories that are up on DrugsReport.
.com as well.
Landfall in Caribbean islands.
Major damage.
Flattens buildings.
Strongest Atlantic hurricane ever recorded.
Most powerful than the last eight major storms combined.
Showing up on seismographs and seismometers as earthquake.
Breaks weather stations so they can't record it.
NOAA plane flies through the eye.
Talk about people's courage.
Pentagon diverts warships over storm relief.
Line wraps around storm of Floridians seeking supplies.
Now we've got crew members that have family in Florida, they say everything.
Water, toilet paper, charcoal, gasoline, gone.
Empty shells everywhere.
Amazon faces complaints of price gouging.
Gas stations run dry.
Evacuations ordered.
National Guard activated.
Virgin Islands seize guns and ammo.
Will storm hit East Tennessee?
That's just some of the points that are up on DrudgeReport.com and Infowars.com as well.
Here's a very important story.
That Paul Watson just filed?
Let me go over some of the report, and then we're going to hear from Paul Watson, who was just on about 20 minutes ago with David Knight, right before my transmission went live.
The Real News.
Weekday mornings, 8 a.m.
to 11 a.m.
Central Time, right before InfoWars Live, with yours truly, Alex Jones.
Deranged leftists think Trump is creating racist hurricanes.
They're also, I have a CNN clip here that we're going to play, coming up.
I shouldn't laugh, this is so serious.
Where they say, oh, people don't take names serious like Irma, it's a woman.
They only take things serious like Harvey.
Well, A, that's not true and there's no evidence, but B,
They didn't take Harvey serious because the Democrat mayor told her, by just stay at home, it wasn't going to hit the city.
And they ignored the governor and they made it a partisan issue.
And Houston's a Democrat city now.
It's a blue city.
Austin and Houston are blue now.
And the Democrats are so dumb, they cheered and said, how great, kill all the rednecks, kill all the Nazis.
Magazine covers.
Newspaper covers, professors, you all saw it.
It's crazy.
It's voodoo.
And now, they're saying, oh my gosh, Florida's got liberals in it.
So this is the act of God against Trump.
Of course, they also said it was an act of God against Texas, and they said it was global warming.
The Texans didn't accept the carbon tax a few years ago.
We fought it, so it's our fault.
Yes, and we just paid Al Gore money.
Everything will be fine.
Deranged leftists think Trump is creating racist hurricanes.
Trump derangement syndrome has worsened to the point where hysterical haters of the president are now seriously claiming that Trump is responsible for creating racist hurricanes.
Yes, really.
Hurricane Katrina, Hurricane Harvey, Hurricane Irma, the
Government will manipulate the weather to exterminate blacks even if they have to kill whites, tweeted a writer for Complex.
Yes, that's a major publication.
I can't believe Trump, sexist and racist headass, is letting Irma and Jose run a hurricane train on America, wrote one Twitter user.
And there are thousands of these tweets.
I can't believe Trump's sexist and racist headass, whatever that means.
Is it possible that Trump has a hurricane making machine that pushes the news off his racist decisions?
Now you can think this is all deranged, even though there's hundreds of pages of it linked to in this article, but it's not.
This is not just people online.
CNN commentators are bemoaning
Let's play that clip first.
CNN reporters are bemoaning.
So are MSNBC hosts.
So are NPR hosts.
I have all the clips right here.
Saying that it's too bad these hurricanes are coming because it's knocking the Russia investigation out of the headlines.
And it's knocking the whole Confederate statue issue out of the headlines.
Oh, you can't race bait like you could.
And you see all the images of white people saving minorities and minorities saving white people.
And oh, the census is out, white people and Christians, now a minority in many areas of the country, and Christians
Or a minority in many areas.
So we're going to be getting to all that.
White Christians are now a minority of U.S.
population as the globalists intensify their war on Christians.
But here it is.
This is a Mark Dice report.
MSNBC idiot complains Houston flood stopped Russia collusion coverage.
Here it is.
Hurricane Irma is currently headed towards Florida and is reportedly one of the largest hurricanes ever recorded.
Let's check in with CNN, the most trusted name in news, to get some updates.
Female hurricanes are deadlier than male hurricanes, study says.
What the hell is this?
Apparently sexism isn't just a social problem.
If you're in the path of a hurricane, gender bias might actually kill you.
A study suggests people prepare differently for hurricanes depending on whether the storm has a male or female name.
This is a real story, by the way.
This is not satire.
I have to tell you this because it's impossible, in most cases, to tell whether or not something is actually being reported from CNN or whether it's on Saturday Night Live.
Feminine-named hurricanes versus masculine-named hurricanes cause significantly more death, apparently because they lead to a lower perceived risk and, consequently, less preparedness.
In other words, a hurricane named Priscilla probably wouldn't be taken as seriously as a hurricane named Bruno, which might spark more fear and prompt more people to flee.
No, no they're not.
Nobody would even think that way.
Nobody would even suspect that there's any correlation, except some lunatic gender studies college professor who decided to look into this!
Just listen to this.
Their study suggests that changing a severe hurricane's name from Charlie to Alois could nearly triple its death toll.
For severe thorns, where taking protective action would have the greatest potential to save lives, the masculinity femininity of a hurricane's name
This is one of the millions of reasons we say liberalism is a mental disorder.
It's not a joke.
It's a scientific fact.
Okay, enough with CNN.
Let's check in with the Washington Post.
Maybe they're reporting on some real news for a change.
Wait, what's this?
We should stop putting women in jail for anything?
It sounds like a radical idea.
Stop incarcerating women and close down women's prisons.
But in Britain, there's a growing movement to do just that.
The argument is actually quite straightforward.
There are far fewer women in prison than men to start with.
Women make up just 7% of the prison population.
This means that women are disproportionately affected by a system designed for men.
This is another real story from the Washington Post, by the way.
This isn't on the Onion.
But could the women's prisons actually be eliminated in the United States?
All right.
Let's see the full report at MarkDice.com and we also have it posted on NewsWars.com.
Let's go to another one of his excellent reports.
MSNBC Idiot Complains Houston Flood Stopped Russia Collusion Report.
We just played the one where they again are saying that because it's the name Irma
It's sexist because people, again, don't take those as seriously.
Then we have the report.
Durain's leftists think Trump is creating racist hurricanes.
That is, again, on Infowars.com.
But here is the one I was mentioning.
MSNBC idiot complains Houston flood stopped Russia collusion coverage.
As you know, the devastating flooding of Houston has been dominating the news for the last week, and the liberal media are quite upset about it, and anxious to get back to beating the dead horse that they've been hitting for the last nine months, their Russia-Trump conspiracy theories.
Here's MSNBC's Malcolm Nance.
Let me tell you something.
If we didn't have a hurricane this week, that letter between Felix Sater and Cohen would be considered the bridge between Trump's own personal desires and the Kremlin.
They're throwing all of their effort behind him.
We'd be talking impeachment this week.
You idiots have been talking about impeachment every day since President Trump was sworn into office back in January.
So much so that even Nancy Pelosi is telling you to stop because you're looking like morons.
Here's CNN's little Brian Stelter assuring his audience that they haven't forgotten about the Trump-Russia conspiracy theories and promising to keep coming up with more.
Is the Trump and Russia story over?
Like the biggest stars on Fox News claim?
That's the subject of my essay today.
Is it over?
Or is it very much ongoing?
Because the experts say it's very much ongoing.
Alright, let's stop right there.
Who are the experts?
The experts are Mueller and a bunch of people appointed by Democrats who completely ignore all the massive crimes of the Clintons and Obama.
But Stelter just lied to you because it turns out a week ago, this has come out today via the Daily Caller, it's confirmed by CNN and the New York Times, CNN pulled investigative team off Trump-Russia coverage and is basically curtailing it because they've been caught producing fake news and are facing a whole bunch of different lawsuits.
That story is up on Infowars.com as well.
So you read in the meat of the story, they are pulling and killing their major investigations out of DC and other areas because they've been proven to be engaged in fake news reportage and the sources are saying they never said what CNN said they said.
And we're not getting what humans always thought was key.
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I can say without a doubt, at least in my experience...
Well, he was the founder of Vice, syndicated radio TV host.
Gavin McInnes is with us.
He's got so many shows on so many platforms, I can't even go over it all.
But he's compoundmedia.com.
He's also, I guess, working with The Rebel.
Twitter at Gavin underscore McInnes.
And he joins us now.
But he is a Swiss Army knife of intellectual ideas.
So, let's front and center my maestro.
Well here's what I, I understand that politicians like Hillary, the DNC, I understand that they want to incentivize single moms and they want to shatter the black family so they can make more Americans dependent on them.
What I'm obsessed with these days is how eager the populace is to assist these people.
How eager they are to jump in bed with these people where they have no real gains.
If you're Roman soldiers taking over a town in Brittany and burning it, you get to rape the women, you get the gold.
They're not even getting anything!
They're screwing their own future, but it's VR.
It's imaginary.
They're jumping next to the Roman soldiers and marching with them, saying, let's raven-pillage my town.
And you go, well, that was easy.
I mean, these people were thought-policing ourselves.
So the Gestapo, the Secret Service, they don't even have to show up for work to thought-police us because we'll do it.
Like this Google Memo thing.
That he was fired not just by the CEO, but by his peers.
Forbes called it an anti-woman screed.
You had Salon saying it confirms your worst fears.
And they've just taken this fake narrative that he said women don't belong in the workforce, and they've exaggerated it.
I don't think any of the media has even read it.
And he was also saying he saw the future and he saw that he was about to get penalized for being male, which is illegal.
And he was saying, hey, company, I want us all to work together.
Women are a huge asset to the workforce.
Sexism is bad.
Equality is good.
However, do we really need to demand every single
Because that's forcing women into a role.
It's slavery.
It's forcing them into the Foxconn factory in China.
That's really what it is.
Let's get George Costanza into the NBA.
Let's get some short, fat Jewish guys playing NBA.
The NBA is black.
The MLB is Hispanic.
I was about to say, I was an okay football player, but by the time I was a sophomore and they put me on varsity in a 5A team in Dallas, and huge black guys and white guys were running me over, I said, I quit.
I have broken ribs.
They're like, well, you did some good tackles.
I'm like, dude, I'm done.
And again, it wasn't like I was mad that most of the guys running over me were black.
It was just, that's the way it was.
We are back live, ladies and gentlemen, and if you're watching us on television, we've got on screen a composite of radar, satellite, and ocean buoys to show what's happening with the air, the water, the wind, the precipitation, and you can see how incredibly gigantic this storm is that is at over 180 miles an hour
When U.S.
weather aircraft flew through it earlier today, breaking any record by more than 10 miles an hour.
It is a Category 6, but there's no such category yet.
There will be a new category.
Now, understand, they've only been having categories for hurricanes and typhoons and things for the last 60, 70 years or so.
They've only been flying through these since the end of World War II.
So the environmentalists are going to say, pay us carbon taxes, or the monster's not going to spit the sun back up.
They're going to use the voodoo to push all this.
If the U.S.
cut all its carbon, we would have more carbon dioxide put out because China doesn't even have scrubbers on their plants.
So again, carbon taxes is voodoo because it's all about taxing human activity and taxing carbon dioxide that's not even linked to all of this.
So we've always had hurricanes.
We've always had typhoons before they had names.
We've always had earthquakes.
We've always had volcanoes.
But undoubtedly in our lifetimes, in modern times, since satellites have been pointed at hurricanes, and since aircraft have been flying through them, and since they've been measured, this is the mother of all blows, as they call it in the old British Navy.
And it is definitely going to be devastating.
Cross your fingers and hope.
That it turns widely and goes up into the main North Atlantic, but that doesn't look like that's going to happen.
Looks like it's going to run over the Dominican Republic.
It's going to run over Cuba and turn right into Florida.
And if it's still a Category 5 or 6 when it hits,
There's hardly anything standing when that ends up happening.
You'll have buildings that are completely gutted, that are concrete and steel, everything blown out, both sides.
There'll be husks that have to be completely rebuilt.
Maybe the elevator shafts will still be intact.
So this is what it's like to live on a planet always going through change.
Just last week they asked 50
Nobel Prize winners for science, whether they thought humanity would end up surviving.
And most of them said they didn't think we would.
And they listed right up there, amongst the crises we face, natural disasters.
But Elon Musk has come out, there's a Hill article, and thinks AI race could ignite World War III.
And then he goes through how he thinks that could happen.
That's on the heels of Putin.
We actually have a translation of this in English of what Putin said.
Putin says the nation that leads in AI will be the ruler of the world.
I say if we keep letting this AI race continue, chances are it's going to end up triggering some type of mass crisis.
Or it's going to basically make humans obsolete, which is what the globalists admit they're deploying AI to begin with.
Tesla CEO Elon Musk is warning that the race to develop artificial intelligence could be the main cause for igniting a third world war.
Dismissing North Korea's nuclear missile program as a serious threat relative to AI technology.
China, Russia, soon all countries, strong computer science,
Intellect is the future of not only Russia, it's the future of all of humanity.
There are colossal opportunities and difficult to predict threats today.
The one who becomes a leader,
He's on to say that monopoly of any one nation would not be a good thing and that Russia will share the technologies.
We have two other clips coming up where we do have Putin doing a
breakdown of some of these issues dealing with North Korea and dealing with putting sanctions on Russia and the United States asking for help in North Korea.
He says it's ridiculous.
We'll play those when we come back and those do have subtitles but also do have a translation.
But you can read the full transcripts of what Putin had to say basically anywhere by search engineering and Putin says the nation that leads in AI will be the ruler of the world.
We'll be right back.
I'm Alex Jones.
Please stay with us.
We're on the march, the Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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It's available right now.
Get yours at infowarsstore.com.
We now take you live to the Central Texas Command Center and the heart of the resistance.
It's Alex Jones.
Ladies and gentlemen, we have got a lot of guests today.
Some in studio.
Mike Cernovich is going to be here.
James Wesley Rawls.
Roger Stone and Jack Posobiec are doing the fourth hour.
And then we're going to kick off the War Room with Owen Schroyer, Mike Cernovich, who's going to be one of the main talking heads on that transmission.
With all of his analysis, he's going to be in studio popping in for that.
So will I. So much today.
We just have a huge lineup.
We've got one of the writers from the Gateway Pundit with breaking news coming on as well.
Cernovich is here producing his film titled Hoaxed, and he's put out the feature-length film on free speech being attacked silenced, so that'll certainly be informative with Mike Cernovich in studio with us coming up here in just a moment.
It is so sickening to watch the Democratic Party establishment, the corporate media, and their ne'er-do-well loser followers groveling
Like beetles on their backs, or a turtle in the sun on its back, trying to bring down Trump, trying to stop a renaissance, trying to kill the recovery, and getting more and more shrill, and more and more desperate.
And trying to project onto everything in reality, everything in creation, to some type of
racial or cultural oppression so that the very atmosphere in which we live is one of cultural division.
They are trying to brain damage the public into total political correctness.
They know it's mentally ill.
They know it's ridiculous to remove a ESPN longtime commentator because his name is Robert Lee.
Who just so happens to be Asian.
It'd be okay if his name was Robert Lee and he was from Georgia!
It sounds crazy to ban college campus names or facility names, dorm names, study hall names from the Irish last name Lynch.
But it's being done because they want to signify that the mental illness has power, and they want to give the powerless victims of political correctness some semblance of power, some semblance of ritualistic gravitas.
Where if they complain and say, we don't like Martin Luther King, he didn't mention trannies,
Term didn't exist then, well he must hate him, so take down his statue, take down his mural at major colleges and it's done!
Because it's about a religion of pulling down information.
Tongue-in-cheek, Jack Posobiec went out and said, take down your linen statue here in Seattle.
And the mayor said, yes, we will.
We'll take it down too.
We'll take everything down that's offensive.
You take down everything that's offensive, there'll be nothing left!
And the people running around demanding they police what's offensive will be your new gods!
The Information Police.
And that's what they are.
So they're going to say it's racist.
They're going to say the name of it's racist.
They're going to say Trump created it with weather weapons.
They're already saying that.
And they're going to misrepresent what I say on the subject, but you can search engine Ben Livingston weather weapons, the father of weather weapons.
Ten years ago, it was declassified that Ben Livingston was the first man to fly an aircraft into a
Hurricane and into a typhoon.
He flew into storms with 170 mile an hour plus winds.
Back then, only typhoons went that fast.
In the Pacific, they could get going even quicker.
Hurricanes turn the opposite direction and only get up to about 165 before Irma is at 180 plus.
And they were able to take clear blue skies and 15 aircraft over the Ho Chi Minh Trail in Vietnam and put 10 feet of water on it in one day using just 15 aircraft.
In 1967, the Stanford Research Institute secretly certified that they could create hurricanes, steer hurricanes, make them stronger, or kill them.
And so many people do ask the question, why aren't we seeing weather modification
To stop hurricanes.
Well, there's a 1979 treaty on weather modification and it says if you do it on mass scale, you've got to get agreement at the UN because those weather patterns end up affecting your neighbors and others in a chain reaction that even computer modeling can't understand.
But the Chinese are engaged in weather modification.
The Russians are doing it, Dubai's doing it, it's in their newspapers.
They don't hide it, that they use jet aircraft spraying, but also weather modification, towers on the ground sending up electromagnetic radiation that resonates with the barium salts, aluminum dioxide, and other systems, and actually then causes the nuclei to resonate so it's more attractive to water molecules forming precipitation.
Now when I cover this issue, they never want to actually discuss it.
So they'll always say, Jones says Obama sent the tornado that hit Oklahoma City.
A caller called and said, couldn't Obama have sent this?
And I said, ma'am, they do have weather weapons, they can control hurricane groups, tornado groupings, things like that.
And I pushed her towards the Weather Channel that reported on it after we did.
After Livingston came on, the dam broke because they just declassified some of it.
I tried to get him on six months later and he was threatened by the government.
He and his son-in-law owned and own a large
He was 90-something years old when I talked to him.
I couldn't find out this morning, trying to call him and stuff, if he's even still alive.
We should look into that.
But, if he is, he's over 100.
Tough guy, though.
Still flying missions daily, when he wasn't taken off in weather modification, for contracts for ski resorts, you name it.
But that's micro-manipulation, not macro.
And so, yes, this stuff exists.
But you have to understand, it's all classified, it's all secret, we don't know.
So I'm not saying Trump created it, so there'll be a disaster, so we can all have unity, like the Democrats on CNN and MSNBC are saying.
They're actually saying, we think Trump might have created this with weather weapons.
All I've ever said is, they have these systems, they're very classified, and you know that
There are massive rogue groups in the government, in the CIA, the FBI, in DARPA, in the Department of Energy that's over the weather modification, to a great extent, and that we should investigate whether something's being done by these agencies that Trump doesn't even know about.
Think about that.
Because if Trump doesn't know what people two levels below him are doing, if Trump doesn't know they're going on TV, his own head of economic policy or his own Secretary of State, if he doesn't even know that they're going on shows and running him down because they know what shows he watches and what he's doing, when he's doing, and now have the President so isolated that he's getting limited information, do you really believe that Trump
Even knows about weather modification?
That's why the deep state's so scared!
They took over America, they took over our industrial base, they took over our DARPA systems, they took over the advanced technology research facilities that created the internet, fission fusion, nuclear power, the whole modern world, and they had it suppressed.
They were doling it out to select companies they controlled.
They were directing human development.
And Trump talked about it in his
Inaugural speech that there's a lot of secret technology and we're about to unlock the secrets of the universe together and I know for a fact Trump is looking at life extension and Trump is looking at secret technologies that have been deemed disruptive that we know they've been shelving for 60 plus years and he wants to deploy that and he wants to get that out to the public and Vladimir Putin
Gave a speech two days ago to journalists and engineering students and said basically the same thing.
I want to play that clip one more time since I just mentioned it again.
Let's play that clip and this time I'll give you the translation into English via the subtitles that obviously don't work for radio listeners.
This is a radio slash TV transmission if you're just driving down the road or watching on TV.
Infowars.com forward slash show is where you can find all the details.
But right now, let's go ahead and go to that clip from Putin.
Artificial intelligence is the future.
Not only for Russia, but all of humanity.
It comes with colossal opportunities, but also threats that are difficult to predict.
Whoever becomes the leader in this sphere will become the ruler of the world.
And it would not be very desirable that this monopoly be concentrated in someone specific nation's hands.
That's why if we become leaders in this area, we will share this know-how with the entire world, the same way we share our nuclear technologies today.
But in order not to stand at the end of the line, we need to work on it today already.
So there is that clip from RT.
Now speaking of Putin clips, let's shift gears into this news.
Chinese scientists warn KVN detected at North Korea nuclear test site mountain could implode and spew radiation over entire region.
That's why there were treaties signed in the 70s banning globally above ground and below ground nuclear testing.
Because the radiation levels in the Northern Hemisphere are now three times what they were pre-Hiroshima and Nagasaki 1945 bombing of Japan.
And North Korea, of course, does everything very, very shoddily.
They can't even feed their population, but they can certainly feed the giant demonic tick that was given the nuclear reactors and missiles by the Clintons, Kim Jong-un.
And you know the globalists are now sending signals to North Korea that they're not going to support Trump during all this, and that's why he's so belligerent.
And then the left blames Trump and even has major leftist organizations out cheerleading North Korea.
Chinese scientists warn, cave-in detected at North Korea nuclear test site.
Mountain foot implode and spew radiation over entire region.
Mountain could implode again and spew radiation over the entire region.
Well, why not?
And after all, Ann Coulter said that radiation is good for you.
The Japanese should be thankful for Hiroshima and Nagasaki and a leaking H-bomb test.
I mean, that's got to be nutritious as well.
It's got to be as good as your multivitamins.
Maybe we put radiation tablets in the shape of little giraffes and little hippopotamuses and little elephants that would be healthy for our children.
We already know that North Korea has the capability of not only firing intercontinental ballistic missiles that could strike every U.S.
major city, but that they have a nuclear technology to make any such attack absolutely devastating.
Weapons of mass destruction, electromagnetic pulse weapons, and World War III aside, however, the South China Morning Post reports that
There's another danger lurks just below the mountain where North Korea has been testing their nuclear devices.
A total of six nuclear devices have been reportedly taking place in North Korea and Chinese seismologists have been able to pinpoint their locations within a hundred meters.
And the report goes on to report that the mountain is unstable and appears that it could cave in.
And areas of it already have caved in.
Meanwhile, this is out of the hills.
South Korea conducts live fire exercises for the second day along the demilitarized zone where we still have the ceasefire of the Korean War that never ended.
But let's talk about something that could be just as dangerous as out-of-control AI, or AI directed by sinister forces is the real problem.
I mean, the guaranteed problem.
That they're already using algorithms, interfacing with humans that I believe are a form of AI, and so does Google, to manipulate markets, consolidate power, destroy open renaissance-based systems.
But now they're reporting, and we're basically breaking this because Lancet published it a week ago.
No one else covered it.
We checked.
So we're breaking this at Infowars.com and Newswars.com.
New antibiotic-resistant hypervirulent superbug discovered in China.
Superbug declared an alarming evolutionary event.
And we're going to break this down on the other side of the break.
And again, I'm not here covering all these negative points to be negative.
I'm spotlighting them so we can do something about our corrupt government, our out-of-control bureaucracies, out-of-control multinationals that have a eugenics-based worldview that are attempting to pull up the ladder and end the free market.
Big globalist institutions trying to block
Alternative systems of care to counter superbugs.
I mean, the list goes on and on.
And nine times out of ten, when we spotlight these cockroaches, when we expose this, change comes for the better.
But when we're laissez faire about it and don't care, and leave the greedy political class to be in power, you know our children don't have any future.
Now, before I go any further here today, it's obviously vital
To support the broadcast and the number one thing you can do, and I'm asking you to do it every day, is to spread the links and to spread the articles and to spread the videos that are at NewsWars.com and InfoWars.com.
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Paul Watson, thank you for joining us here today.
I appreciate you coming on.
You're about to go on a well-deserved holiday.
So tell folks about your video that's gone viral where you say you're done.
I'm done with YouTube until they change their policies or until they signal that they're going to change the balance.
I mean, Congressman Dana Rohrabacher came out with a quote last night.
The mistreatment of conservatives and libertarians by tech monopolies is a civil rights issue.
And that's what it comes down to.
It's Google and Facebook.
Those are the big two.
Okay, I was banned by Facebook yesterday, get this Alex, for posting a picture of a famous ginger YouTuber who made a parody joke video about feminism 18 months ago, who was in on the joke.
Because I posted a picture of it again 18 months ago, which obviously offended some feminists.
They banned me on Facebook.
So literally Facebook is now being run by the same people who screamed bloody murder.
Let's explain something.
You're a public figure attacked in newspapers and TV every day.
So am I.
If we don't have speech, no one is.
They want to destroy us with straw men, not let us respond.
And let's explain.
You had Facebook videos, Paul, with 30 million views, some of them each.
I mean, bigger than CNN.
That's why they took you down.
That's why they're trying to ban PewDiePie.
Because they don't want anybody they don't control with a voice.
Google and Facebook are basically monopolies at this point.
They're acting like public utilities.
You'll notice, Alex, that back in the day, Zuckerberg, Schmidt, Jack Dorsey of Twitter, they used to talk about themselves as public utilities.
In fact, there's a quote here, which I've got from Time, where Zuckerberg is talking about Facebook as a public utility.
So they acted like that.
They consolidated.
Now they've become monopolies.
They need to be treated as public utilities.
This is what Steve Bannon came out and advocated two weeks ago.
If I want running water in my house, Alex, I can only pay one company.
Now, it's still a private company, but it's a monopoly.
I don't have a choice.
Now, at this point, Google and YouTube are complete monopolies.
YouTube does not have a competitor.
And you're saying you're leaving YouTube to make a point, to have a clean break, to show it no longer has any semblance of freedom.
Stay there.
A little late getting back in the seat here because we're working on so much breaking news out there and a ton of guests coming up in the next hour.
We'll continue to track Irma, the megastorm that is set to make Harvey, unfortunately, look pale in significance.
But it was many a historian and many a philosopher that pointed out, adversity makes men, prosperity makes monsters.
That actual quote is from Victor Hugo, the French philosopher.
And it's not that we like adversity, but just like gravity is what makes our muscles and our heart,
And our bones strong?
You'll die without gravity.
It's the same thing.
Being politically aware.
Being active.
Being involved in your community.
Standing up for yourself.
That's what makes you strong.
As I've said many times, you go on a Mars mission, by the time you get there in a year, even astronauts in the best shape could get beaten up by a teenage boy.
Can hardly walk.
Because they don't have the full gravity of the earth.
Even though they work out hard, it's not enough.
Folks that have spent a year, year and a half in space can hardly get up out of their chair.
It's the same thing.
30, 40 years ago, most people knew how to do basic arithmetic.
Now almost no one does because of calculators.
They made our lives easier, but they made us mentally weaker.
They're getting rid of learning how to write.
Words in schools all over Europe and all over the U.S.
where you only know how to type!
We're being dehumanized.
So, do I think Irma is a weather weapon?
I don't know.
The Earth's weather has already been manipulated so much, who knows?
But for them to claim, oh, it's carbon dioxide, you didn't pay a carbon tax, that's total quackery.
They're the ones saying that the average person is engaged in weather modification, and so we're guilty while there's these big, giant weather modification programs going on by every major country.
From South Africa to China to Russia to the EU to the UK to the United States to Canada.
And thousands of private companies doing it.
And then I simply point out
This could be a weather weapon.
And they'll say, oh my gosh, he's a crazy kook.
Because again, I'm actually giving people background to understand that we're being kept in the dark about a lot of things.
But what I do know is being manipulated.
What I do know is being controlled.
is the manipulation of viruses and bacteria.
So when we do come back in just a few minutes, I will get into new antibiotic resistance, hyper virulent superbug discovered in China.
This is exclusive to NewsWars.com.
And by the way, there's an editor's note at the bottom that Kit and I basically put on it this morning.
Together we were talking about it.
And it's like, we don't want to say.
I said, this is horrible news.
I said, I haven't seen this.
He said, I know.
It's almost a week old from Lancet Medical Journal.
Got no coverage.
I can't believe this.
And I said, this is horrible.
There should be more discussion.
People should know about this.
When all these other antibiotics stop working, silver is known to still work sometimes.
I wish it worked all the time.
It doesn't.
But you got the FDA running around trying to ban colloidal silver because big companies are trying to patent the process so only they can sell it to you by prescription for $200 a bottle.
We sell it at Infowarsstore.com.
That's just an example.
By the way, we're not gouging double, triple the prices like Amazon has been caught doing for storable food and water filters.
We've cut them 30 to 50 percent off at Infowarsstore.com for folks to get prepared.
But listen, it's not just for this storm.
This is a great time of change.
Everybody needs to be self-sufficient.
It's critical.
You're a f***ing anti-American!
I'm an anti-American?
You stupid bastard!
I'm a f***ing patriot!
Now you know you're winning the information war when the other side has no response but to resort to censorship.
Drain the swamp?
We're gonna have to drain the privilege out of Washington first because that's what the swamp feeds on, their privilege.
I can't stand for people to exercise their First and Second Amendments together.
You found it.
It's the real news.
That's what you have to look forward to.
He's not sorry when snowflakes can't handle the truth.
It's your host, David Knight.
Start your mornings every Monday through Friday, 8 a.m.
Central, 9 a.m.
Real News with David Knight.
You can find us on infowars.com forward slash show.
Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order, it's Alex Jones.
We are on the march.
The Empire is on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
A new antibiotic-resistant, hyper-virulent superbug has been discovered in China.
Lanzik Medical Journal reported on this days ago and it's got no coverage.
We have a story at Infowars.com by David Bowman.
A new antibiotic-resistant, hyper-virulent superbug discovered in China.
Declared an alarming evolutionary event.
Now, we know they're manipulating the weather, but we really know genetic engineers are manipulating viruses and bacteria.
And a lot of it's being done with these chimeras and cross-species creations that are being made for pharmacological crops.
The crops are the humanoids being grown up inside the gestation facilities of cows and pigs and then being harvested.
That's mainstream news, MIT, you name it, but not popularly pushed.
They just report it here and there so they can say, oh, you knew about that, so that when it all comes out into full consciousness, they don't get in trouble.
They're titrating the dose, inoculating you psychologically to accept this and prepare for this.
But they don't want a movement launch to say that clones and chimeras and humanoids have rights.
Scientists in Hangzhou, China have discovered a new strain of antibiotic-resistant pneumonia which spreads incredibly fast following a 2016 outbreak in a hospital ICU which led to the deaths of five patients ranging in age from 53 to 73.
It's bacterial pneumonia.
The findings, published in Lancet, researchers conclude that the triple threat posed by the new superbug poses a substantial threat to human health because they are simultaneously hyper-virulent, multi-drug resistant, and highly transmittable.
It spreads quickly, it replicates quickly, it is very resistant to wide-spectrum drugs, and it's easy to transmit.
An airborne, mutagenic, superbug.
Or, lovingly called, the Angel of Death.
The liberals would call it the Angel of Love.
They're the ones always calling for mass extermination.
They'll probably get what they want sooner rather than later.
And then they'll beg.
In a deadly combination of two previously known strains of pneumonia, one which shrugs off all the toughest antibiotics, and the other which is classified as very severe and hypervirulent in terms of how lethal it is and how quickly it spreads.
Man, I'm looking at our headline, it's not even strong enough.
It needs to be, scientists discover
Twelfth monkey bug!
I mean, scientists discover Grim Reaper pneumonia.
Scientists discover Stephen King's The Stand, for real.
I mean, this is just crazy when you actually know about pneumonia, and you know how deadly it is, and you know about how it's been mutating, and then now these two previously super deadly strains have mutated together.
And it's always coming out of China, always.
All the gifts come out of China.
The slave labor, the suicide nets, the death factories, and all the liberal groups run it.
All the Apple factories, all the Facebook, all the... Oh, it's so loving, it's so liberal.
While we're busy pulling down Confederate statues and foaming at the mouth over Trump trying to turn the economy on and trying to repeal the rip-off that's Obamacare, written by the evil Republicans that oppose him,
While all this is happening in Hurricane Irma, barrels down, Category 6.
It's like in the movie, uh, you know, science fiction horror movie, World War Z. Where's it come out of?
Or is it politically changed because that was politically incorrect, the book?
That'd be racist if anything came out of Asia.
It's just nothing but kittens come out of there.
When people go to the bathroom in Asia, flowers and glitter shoot out like unicorns.
So in World War Z, it comes out of New York City.
But anyways, this is real.
This isn't World War Z. So everybody that thinks there are too many people, I think you should line up over in China and start breathing it in.
You know, someone very profoundly once said, many years ago, that if fascism ever comes to America, it'll come in the name of liberalism.
You're a white male!
Welcome to The War Room, the latest expansion in InfoWars live broadcasting.
We are live weekdays from 3 to 6 p.m.
Central at InfoWars.com slash show and this YouTube channel right here that you've landed on.
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You can follow us on Twitter at War Room Show.
We are going to have the most powerful guest, the most powerful host.
We'll be hearing from Alex Jones regularly, as well as taking your phone calls.
The liberal establishment media has controlled the narrative for too long.
The silent majority is no longer silent.
This is The War Room.
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The Alex Jones Show.
Because there is a war on, or you're mine.
This planet is a spaceship, two-thirds of the way out on our little spiraled-armed galaxy, orbiting a standard yellow sun.
And on this planet, there's seven and a half billion people.
There's a dictatorship run by a third-generation king, Kim Jong-un, who never took the field in battle for his kingdom, but perches upon hydrogen bombs and atomic bombs and delivery systems thanks to the Clintons and the globalists arming them to create tension in the region.
Now we have major Democratic Party groups cheering Kim Jong-un on against Trump and the USA, and we have had the armistice, or the ceasefire, since 1953, but that more and more looks like it's coming to an end.
We also have a new antibiotic-resistant, hyper-virulent superbug discovered in China.
That is the most deadly combination ever, simultaneously hyper-virulent, multi-drug resistant, and highly transmissible.
We'll be getting into ST11, CRH, VKP, the most deadly pneumonia ever discovered.
This was in Lancet Journal three days ago, four days ago, no coverage.
One of our writers saw it, wrote the article on it.
I cannot believe this is not bigger news.
This is insane.
We have Irma, the strongest hurricane ever recorded in 60-plus years of scientific recording, 180-plus miles an hour, making it a Category 6 officially.
Again, typhoons in the Pacific get up to 180.
Hurricanes, never above 165.
Ladies and gentlemen, this is the strongest hurricane, stronger than the last eight storms combined.
And most of its tracks have it going right up the Keys to the center of the state of Florida, into Tennessee, Georgia, you name it.
So, wow, get ready.
We are living in biblical times, ladies and gentlemen.
Meanwhile, deranged leftists think Trump is creating
Racist Hurricanes, that's the article up on Infowars.com with MSNBC and CNN both saying that it's distracting from the Russian narrative and that the name Irma, people aren't as concerned because it's sexist naming it after a woman.
So anything they can project on to divert the population into their mental illness palace.
Mike Cernovich, great investigative journalist, constantly breaking hardcore stories.
They've gone from six months ago claiming you were making stuff up to dreading you and
With McMaster saying you're public enemy number one for trying to defend this whole populist reboot of America that Trump is just riding a wave on.
We support him, but that's what's happening.
So what is the state of our world today?
The quickening, the intensification, the insanity, the wars.
Good things and bad things are all accelerating for every action, equal and opposite reaction.
It's been said throughout history that you enter these quickening times
And that things seem to be connected, and things get more and more crazy.
Where would you say we are right now, Mike Cernovich?
Good to have you here.
My pleasure.
We're definitely approaching the singularity because our time is becoming delayed now.
I always ask people, how long ago was it when Kathy Griffin pulled her little ISIS beheading stunt?
How long ago was Scaramucci fired?
Everything has happened.
Seems like a thousand years ago.
Yeah, exactly.
So our time is becoming delayed because we're approaching the singularity.
Whatever that means, we don't know yet because we've never been in the singularity.
But our time now is being accelerated, right?
Where a second feels like a minute, right?
We live so much in a day now.
A full day now feels like a month, and a month feels like a year, and a year feels like a decade.
I mean, think about it.
We hadn't even met.
Feels like I've known you 10 years, 20 years.
We met, like, what, for the first time a few months ago?
It's crazy, right?
So I think that everybody... Time is changing.
Yeah, our perception of time is changing, and our... By the time this film comes out you're making, it'll be archaeological.
Well, that's actually why we're trying to get it out by Christmas.
It's a time capsule.
Yeah, yeah, because by the time we get it out by Christmas, people are like, well, fake news isn't even the topic du jour now, there's a different topic du jour, and the things that you're bringing up are irrelevant.
By the way, I'm not shooting down
It's important to have these evergreen time capsules where we slow down in this warp and kind of document what happened in that period to understand what's happening now.
Some say this big simulation is actually by our species looking back at what went wrong previously and that it's not a simulation in silicon but a true three-dimensional simulation in deep space.
Well I mean if you set up a film
We're all in a film.
Well, just like we're in a simulation.
Yeah, of course we're in a simulation.
And it's just like when you use fruit flies or whatever, a fast reproducing organism to study what would happen over a thousand generations over time.
Whatever the simulation we're in, it is accelerating our passage of time now to see how people react to more events happening in a future time.
So the simulation, it could just be the law of the simulation.
Don't the globalists get that they've lost control and it's all over?
I mean, and they should try to get control of themselves, because we're all in this together.
We better start having open debates about what's happening, or there's no future like Elon Musk is saying.
He thinks AI race could ignite World War III as a much greater threat than North Korea.
Well, once you have the AI on the blockchain, so the blockchain is going to create an insensible internet, essentially, which is a beautiful thing, the idea that you could create entire networks, social networks on the blockchain.
But what happens when the AI goes over to the blockchain?
And that's something else that nobody in the media really wants to talk about.
I think so.
The first tests are just a block, then it's a half a city, and then somebody hacks into that AI system and it can chew up the whole planet in two hours and rewrite the entire planet in two hours once you launch that AI system.
Well, yeah, I read a great article actually in Forbes on how Walmart's using the blockchain.
I should actually send it to producers because I really want to talk.
Don't you get the printable city's going to be the real weapon?
Well, we don't know.
The Genesis weapon.
We don't know what's going to happen when they can track us.
In this article now, they're using the blockchains for supply fulfillment and supply tracing so they can say, where do these mangoes come from?
And they could just type in the ledger and they can find it within... It's entire history and the fertilizer that was used and the tree it came from and who worked on it.
Almost an omnipresent, three-dimensional documentation of that.
Right, so then what happens when we have... That gives the AI total surveillance.
Yeah, then we'll have serial numbers on all of us, and then anywhere you go, anytime you pass a... That's the whole thing.
We've all been worried about, you know, the government spying on us and everything, but as we've learned with how Google is monitoring everything you do, every time you use a Google Map, Google is putting it into the deep learning machine and tracking you and creating... And then they can predict the future, and then once you're able to predict the future, they're able to add stimuli to manipulate us
Through the algorithm, through our subconscious, because the computer can see a map of our subconscious from our actions that our conscious mind is not aware of.
It knows our rhythms.
It knows our activities.
And then that's the end of consciousness.
Oh, sure.
It knows what advertising to send you.
If you're if you're on Facebook, it knows what.
That's what people don't understand with the deep learning A.I.
What they're doing is right now they're learn as pacing and leading a classic, you know, persuasion principles.
They're showing you what you think you want.
And they admit that's their current.
Right, but eventually it's going to get out of their hand, though.
That's the whole problem that people don't understand, is that people would say, well, you couldn't have Skynet without the blockchain.
Because people would say, well, Skynet, you can just turn it off.
Well, sure, but you can't turn off the blockchain.
It's a decentralized network.
You can't turn it off.
So once the AI has achieved consciousness and has
Hand it over to the vaccine and we're done.
Then the AI can literally feed itself into everything and rewrite the entire surface of the globe, leaving what it wants, destroying what it wants.
Oh yeah, 3D printing.
So they'll 3D print drones.
That's why I tell people they should really watch Black Mirror.
I don't know where they got the Black Mirror people, where they're plugged in, or who's been talking to them, or if they have some kind of trans-terrestrial understanding of what's going on.
Sure, well, the Chinese have announced
I mean before they even had that episode where you go around and everybody has to fringe you or your social score goes down and then you make less money and then they can social engineer your behavior by that.
That's the Chinese model they're coming out with where you have an ID that's internet but also personal, corporate and government off your activity and then if that lowers down you can't get a job.
It's the mark of the beast and now they just turn it off basically.
Well, and we already have that here.
Oh, I better not tweet that out.
People are going to find it.
They hate mobs.
But right now, it's the collective human being hive mind doing that to each other, censoring each other.
I mean, as we're now learning with, you know, Gab.ai almost got kicked off its domain register.
We're now learning that the big censorship threat isn't from the government.
It's from each other because we've been brainwashed to attack each other and censor each other.
So the hive mind is being turned against each other.
But the next step... Notice the computer is already warring humans against each other with the race narrative, the culture narrative, and then bringing in foreign stimuli like the Islamicists, which we have to fight, because it wants to take us over like the AI, and it brings in that artificial stimuli to then just supercharge it.
Yeah, the next evolution, though, is going to be little quantum AI bots, and they could just send them into a part of your brain where you don't even know.
I mean, there's actually analogs in this nature.
There are certain parasites that make a cat, for example, it takes over a cat's brain.
A slug.
Yeah, yeah, so there's all these different... Yeah, cats get taken over by the brain parasite.
And then also slugs go up the top of the tree.
The bird can eat it.
Then the chestate, the larva of the
Right, so eventually you'll walk in and there'll be microscopic, you know, quantum bombs that go into your own brain.
What they're already doing for about 20 years is they have an anti-stress vaccine they give the troops that's really a nanotech virus that goes in and eats certain parts of the brain.
That's just completely admitted.
Well, beta blockers, but yeah, eventually though it won't be under our control though.
Eventually the AI overlords or whatever will just, you'll walk into an area and you'll breathe in some kind of fume and the next thing you know your brain's gonna be completely taken over.
And they tell us with that
Movie Transcendence with Johnny Depp, where he's the loving dust that's in the atmosphere and you just breathe in him and, oh, he's liberal and he saves you.
Yeah, and they'll do whatever they want with it.
You just lay down and die and then the AI just comes by and chews you up.
Yeah, that's why.
I mean, there's a reason Elon Musk is horrified.
I don't know how anybody can think of AI and not be horrified by it, only if perhaps they don't really understand it.
Well, even if you're not scared of the robots, the evil people are trying to be in control of it and are going to be directing it.
Well, they won't be.
I mean, the AI will take over.
That's the whole point.
Once it's out of Pandora's box, it's out.
And who knows what weird machine language direction it's going to go in?
Man, I'm going to have to get off the grid.
Well, most of the globalists believe.
Well, I'm going to tell you what the inside scoop is straight ahead.
Stay with us.
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Broadcasting worldwide, I'm your host Alex Jones.
Mike Cernovich, running down a dream.
Hurricane Irma, more coming up in the next segment.
Category 6, they're saying officially it would be if they had that category.
They haven't made it yet, but it's over 180 miles an hour.
And the storm track, most of the tracks, computer tracks, AI tracks, show it going right up over Cuba, right up.
Straight under the keys into the main state.
This is going to be spectacularly bad.
And we're going to have reporters there on the ground.
Leanne McAdoo is there.
She's in the panhandle.
We've got Quentin Carter that's going to be there on the East Coast.
And I'm thinking to send some more reporters as well.
But the tracks have it.
Depending on which track you look at, going straight up the middle of the state or ravaging the east coast of the state, then going up the east coast.
If it continues to be a Category 5, once it makes landfall, it will destroy everything in its path.
So, this is what happens though.
We have volcanoes, we have things like this on our earth.
Now we're building new things, super bugs, super computers.
And you were getting into this whole AI revolution when we were talking during the break.
About how people are into infighting and hyper competitive about what they're doing in their own little accumulation sphere.
Doesn't mean we're not free market and don't like to be secure, but so many people can be bought off by the globalists who themselves on a power trip have lied to themselves and don't realize that if we don't really pull back and have a serious debate about this with everybody, we don't have a very good
Prayer of having a future.
But I know this, we're living in incredibly exciting times.
Everyone should be edge of their seats right now with the acceleration of technology and time compression that you were talking about.
And I think too that the Hurricane Harvey has shown that this is our opportunity to level up as a species.
Ultimately what we're here for is to
Because, you know, a lot of people don't know that we are part of a hive mind, a global brain.
We're all just nodes in a massive, much larger collective consciousness network.
And that's why people have the same ideas as somebody else, even though they're... And this has been shown even before rapid communication.
Yeah, there's tipping points.
Hummer's monkeys.
Exactly, tipping points, inflection points, historical times, and right now we're in one of those historical times, a mass movement sort of phase, a populist, the populist wave is really just like the enlightenment period, the renaissance.
There have been these times where people have had the opportunity to level up, and Harvey
A much more beautiful state, but you chose not to.
You chose to remain divided.
And because of that, we'll go down into a new dark era.
And the globalists say they want a technocracy.
They want to make people poor.
Just that attitude will keep us from the new clean technologies and new developments.
They're suppressing while they point at human crises and our problems and claim they want power to stop it.
They're constantly blocking it.
Well, it works great.
If you're like a billionaire, then you can have more slaves if you have more income inequality.
That is why the globalists want to destroy the middle class.
They see more poor people as increasing their value instead of more successful people increasing all of our values.
Right, none of these people like Tim Cook, the Microsoft CEO, none of them have said, hey, let's go down to Mexico and make Mexico a better country.
Let's help... no, no, no, no, no.
They say, let's bring in... Let's exploit that place!
Yeah, and then let's bring in people... Let's keep those wages low.
Let's contact other corporations that are raising wages.
We don't want that.
Well, I mean... That's Trump's crime.
He really is raising them.
Yeah, and there's proof of that, actually.
I mean, there was an antitrust civil lawsuit brought against Google and Apple.
They conspired to suppress the wages of tech workers.
Meanwhile, they said, well, we can't get enough tech workers.
We can't hire enough people.
We need more HP1s and everything.
But wait a minute, you're suppressing wages artificially.
So what they want is a slave planet where they can have poor people.
I mean, the globalist dream... It's already here.
The globalist, well we're not there yet, the globalist dream is America and Europe the last bastions of virtue and beauty in the world.
They want broken homes because if you have broken homes you have men that you can easily brainwash like that kid, the alt-right kid who went and drove his car into people.
Very easy to take males who are disillusioned from society and control them.
And then they can buy the children and stuff like they do in Haiti and everything else.
The vampires want villages to write it.
And I agree.
We're not there yet everywhere.
I'm saying we're already there at a Foxcom Apple laboratory with suicide nets in the stairwells on the buildings, 18-hour workdays, forced drugging, people living on top of each other, absolutely like animals, having to buy their food from the company store.
That's where they've got us.
And then they're already now replacing them with robots and just throwing them out on the street.
So you want a vision of the future.
That's it.
Yeah, it's complete.
I mean, if you want a vision of the future, you go to Brazil and the favelas where you don't have a middle class.
You only have an upper class ruling power elite, and then you have a slave class beneath them, and then you have your choice of all the children that the pedophiles and globalists can buy.
That's right.
Mike Cernovich here making a new powerful film, Hoaxed.
We'll be right back on the other side.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
How did he get in here?
He's supposed to be with a few people outside.
How about... How about all week they're talking about the mass crowds that are going to be outside.
Where are they?
Well, it's hot out.
It is hot.
I think it's getting warm.
You know, they show up in the helmets and the plaques and masks and they've got gloves and they've got everything.
You're a f***ing anti-American!
I'm an anti-American?
You stupid bastard!
I'm a f***ing patriot!
Now you know you're winning the information war when the other side has no response but to resort to censorship.
Drain the swamp?
We're gonna have to drain the privilege out of Washington first because that's what the swamp feeds on, their privilege.
They trolled him.
He baited him.
He trolled him.
He baited him.
He trolled him.
He baited him.
I wish I was that smart.
That's the Trump dimension.
That's the Trump dimension.
He trolled him.
That's the Trump dimension.
He baited him.
That's the Trump dimension.
He trolled him.
That's the Trump dimension.
He trolled him.
That's the Trump dimension.
He trolled him.
That's the Trump dimension.
He baited him.
I wish I was that smart.
That's the Trump dimension.
It's Trump.
Just trolled you.
But that's okay!
The Globalists are desperate.
They know you're waking up.
They know.
You want to stop tyranny?
Well, so does he.
Live from the InfoWars.com studios, it's Alex Jones.
That's right, Mike Cernovich here.
We did not coordinate outfits today.
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Mike Cernovich.
You know, you never do this when you're on air.
For folks that want to follow your work, where are the best places?
Because you've got best-selling books, you've got Danger and Play, you've got the Twitter, you've got the Facebook, you've got all the great videos that your wizard's putting out.
Tell us about that.
Yeah, so facebook.com forward slash Mike Cernovich.
There's an incredible video team that just, they, I don't even know what they're doing.
They just do amazing work.
All the time.
Because we want to hit, you know, for the Infowar, we've got to have different troops everywhere with different kind of models, so.
Lee's just a carpet bomb.
Yeah, exactly.
You're more like the strategic sniper.
Yeah, yeah.
So with Facebook.com forward slash Mike Cernovich, I get a lot of pleasure out of this because people go, my dad shared a Cernovich video and I had to tell him about it.
I'm like, good.
So we're reaching the, I don't want to denigrate people, we're reaching the more normal kind of mainstream kind of people.
10 million people a week.
We're red pilling folks that are still in the matrix.
Yeah, yeah, exactly.
10 million people a week on Facebook being reached without buying ads, all organic.
Twitter.com forward slash C-E-R-N-O-V-I-C-H is my Twitter page.
That is like the mainframe.
I play a very clean game there.
I used to do a lot of mean stuff and you know, you grow up.
You know, you grow up, and I've grown up a little bit.
I realize that.
You're transcending your troll roots.
Yeah, yeah.
I mean, you... I still, I still engage in them.
Well, you know, sometimes, it's funny, sometimes I have to put the brakes on you a little bit.
I'm like, you know, Alex, I don't think, I don't know that we want to go there right now.
But yeah, that's the whole point.
It's fun, though.
I mean, Michelle does, does, does look like Mermonster.
We're not going to go there without the lovely and stunning and brave Michelle Obama.
She's an amazing... Stunning and brave.
We love... Did you notice the PR firms said the same thing?
Stunning and brave.
And with DACA it's cruel.
Trump's cruel decision.
That was every... Did she rub the lotion on the skin?
We're going to get to DACA in a minute.
Because I want to get to DACA in a minute.
But we're talking about mass propaganda.
We're not talking about DACA.
We're talking about if you go, look everywhere, every story about DACA, every tech CEO.
Cruel, hateful, evil, mean, racist.
Yeah, those are all manufactured in like an A.I.
Zuckerberg Facebook clinic.
They go, this is the word.
People don't respond to racism or KKK and where they know that's bull.
Let's move to cruel, hateful, hurtful to the children.
Exactly, and then you see how much it works and how much it doesn't work, so we'll see there.
Oh yeah, but twitter.com forward slash cernovich and then medium.com forward slash the at sign cernovich.
I do a lot of breaking news there.
Today I actually wrote an article and it mentioned you.
We were talking about
You know, hit pieces and media hit pieces and how to respond to it.
And a lot of people don't understand that the way, it doesn't matter what the media says as long as you don't blink.
As long as you just keep pushing forward.
It's all a hoax.
It's all, explain that to people that don't want to get into DACA, which is an example of this, and how Trump understands not blinking when he's doing the right thing.
Because just to crystallize, DACA
Obama just signed an order, outside of law, countermanding, saying anybody that says they're a kid can come in.
It wasn't about people that were currently here.
It was about abridging our laws by saying it's children when most of them aren't children, and most of them just got here.
He said to Congress, pass a law, fix this, clean it up, I'll sign it.
They wouldn't do it.
Trump said he'd revisit DACA if Congress doesn't act.
So all he's doing is saying, we're not going to let 40-year-old rapists say they're kids that, you know, came here 30 years ago with no proof.
You've got to clean this up and make it about real dreamers that are here, that do have jobs, that aren't criminals, and who can prove they've really been here.
They go, no!
No, hateful!
You're hurting children!
Right, and if you can't, we're hardwired to respond to shame.
I mean, if you think about it, the biggest fundamental question a person has to answer for himself or herself is, why does shame work?
Why do I care if people call me, or why do I care if people call me or whatever?
We care!
It's because, again, like the first segment, that's why people... We're communal creatures.
Yeah, people will try to make fun of the first segment because they don't actually understand the hive mind theory of collective consciousness.
But that's why shame works, because there's another node in the collective consciousness sending us data saying, oh, that's bad, and then in your own mind you think, oh, maybe that is bad, and then that... But what they're doing is getting artificially people, and this is the key to everything, because I noticed going back ten years, leftists would walk up to me in a grocery store,
They're really just conformist, globalist minions.
Because the right wing is bad too, you know, with all their wars and garbage.
And they would point and go, ah ha!
Everyone hates you!
No one likes you!
And then you see it in live feeds in D.C.
or Austin or L.A.
or wherever I'm at.
Most folks are shaking my hand or saying hi, but the other folks want me to go, shame!
And a few more will go, shame!
But is there something wrong with me?
Because I always knew I was right.
I knew they were being infantile, junior high, and I thought it was funny, but I felt sorry for them.
So I'm not really sociopathic.
I'm kind of the opposite of that.
So what's wrong with me?
Because from my earliest days, I didn't care.
A. B. What's wrong with them?
They know they're in a so-called priest class, controlling people through shame.
They're in a cult of political correctness and know it's a fraud.
So what do we do to get them out of their own matrix?
Because what you brought up, Cernovich, is the key to understanding their mindset.
They're prisoners, but guards at the same time.
The best guards are the fellow slaves.
The best slave, the most loyal slave, is somebody who doesn't know he's a slave.
And that's what people don't understand, is that there's a lot of messaging being used to literally brainwash people.
There's a great book called The Battle for the Mind by William Sargent, which talks about... I mean, we should talk about this right now.
It's such a powerful book.
The Battle for the Mind by William Sargent.
And what they found out, the Chinese found out, because they're geniuses at this stuff, is that if you kidnap somebody, a prisoner of war, rather than beat the guy up, if you want to flip him to your way, you say,
Hey, why don't you just write a 500-word essay about one thing that maybe the U.S.
is doing that's not so good?
No, no, no, don't bash the U.S.A.
Don't say the U.S.A.
is the worst country in the world, but just think of maybe one thing that the U.S.
could improve on, and then you get these people writing essays and then sharing that message, and the next thing you know, you flip them, and you actually make them anti-American.
So that is the most effective mind control, is that subtle stuff that's going on.
So that's what they do in these college indoctrination things, they go,
Hey, let's give you a thing on white privilege.
Yeah, exactly.
And then you notice when you finally say whites are the devil to be killed, you get A pluses.
Yeah, you work your way up.
But they incrementally get you there.
You say, oh, let's just help.
Oh, it's just a diversity lecture.
Calm down, bro.
Who cares?
No one's saying whites are
We're good to go.
Gruber on C-SPAN saying, thank God they're so dumb.
It was all the other graduate students there learning, going, how do we lie?
How do we hurt them?
We want to be in the parasite class.
We want to be in the Morlock class.
How do we become holders of the Eloi?
And he's up there.
Well, let me tell you, they have no attention span.
And they are your enemy.
And they're all just smiling like psychopaths, like a bunch of Ted Bundys.
Well, and that's again because of the global brain phenomenon.
That's why people have to understand fundamentally the most important existential question, which is like, what are we?
Who are we?
And what we are, are part of, again, the hive mind, the collective unconsciousness.
So people, when they conform to what the other nodes are saying, then they get a rush of that you're a good person.
Now, the reason that's so dangerous is because now we're at a time where they've created armies.
They've used for decades now... They've now weaponized these minions, and now they're getting more aggressive.
Are you going to attack like I do?
Man, it is... Let's just say that Shauna is not real happy about me having happy hours and everything.
Because me, I just go... I will not live in fear of these people.
But yeah, they're definitely...
You know, a very high-level person asked me what my security situation is.
Everybody would know the guy's name.
I'm not going to mention it.
So there are a lot of people worried about me now because of the violent leftists.
And they are an army.
They're a weaponized army.
Well, I noticed that it was like a broadcast, because I'd go around the corner and there'd be another, like a body snatcher, literally hissing.
It's on video.
People said, wow, they look like goblins.
Yeah, like something's happened to him.
Well, especially in an area like Seattle.
So Austin is good because there's a lot of patriots too.
So there are a few people in Austin who are bad.
For example... Yeah, the goblins aren't as emboldened to actually come out in daylight here.
But in Seattle, like I would not have a... I wouldn't hold an event in Seattle because there would be too many terrorists going on there, too many Antifa terrorists, too many pedophile-looking goblins around there.
I would not do anything in Seattle.
San Francisco, I wouldn't do a public event anymore.
Why do they look like goblins?
Well, because your aesthetic values relate to your own self-respect.
So if you live a nihilistic aesthetic, or a nihilistic mindset where you believe nothing matters, then you allow your own body to become gross.
That's why they don't shower, they don't groom themselves.
A lot of them don't wipe their own bottoms.
They're just stinky, they're stenchy.
And in San Francisco, you'll step in human spe...
Oh, there was human feces all over the streets everywhere.
Yeah, and that's the improbable.
And I noticed that the goblins were, like, hopping happily around it, like, ahhh!
Like, they want things to be ugly.
Well, because in their own mind they're ugly, because their aesthetic is ugly.
That's what ultimately the endgame of postmodernism and deconstructivism is.
And that's to classify that the CIA, under Ford Foundation control by the 50s, wanted ugliness, wanted to destroy
Notice they came out and said, Wonder Woman is not a feminist movie.
She's gorgeous and powerful because she's feminine.
No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.
We need a woman that looks like a man who has power.
The top, you know, director said, this is evil.
Don't show a woman in power.
No, no, using her, no, this is evil.
A woman with cancer dying, that's power!
It all starts with, that's why they wanted to deconstruct the nuclear family, because a nuclear family, that Norman Rockwell thing, it triggers their own dirty, filthy aesthetic.
They want everybody to be filthy and to live in fecundity.
I mean, they want the kids in those pictures in a basement with them cutting their toes off.
Yeah, that's why they all look like pot-bellied pedophile goblins.
So that's their aesthetic, that is their death wish, that's why they deconstruct anything that's beautiful, that's why when you go into a museum now that should be celebrating culture, you're not seeing good culture.
Is the Goblin Force attacking because it thought this was their time with Hillary, that this was their worldwide move, and instead they've been reversed, and their great offensive has turned into their Waterloo?
Well, that could be it.
It's also that you summon energy so that, for example, if you're very loved, you will also be very hated.
That's just because the rule of polarity that we live by and that the simulation... No, it's true.
I notice the more successful I get, the hate just gets more intense, and then that hate gets me more love.
It's a polarity.
Right, right, exactly.
People are drawn to you more, and that's just because it's the nature of the law of the universe.
You can't draw greatness from the well.
You're going to have to draw negativity, too.
That's the way things are set into play.
So what had happened is, the post-modernists and the cultural Marxists, they went too far.
Here's a good question about internet freedom and internet censorship.
The Electronic Frontier Foundation wants to fight a law that would hold websites accountable for allowing human trafficking.
So they want to defend the right for people, websites to sell humans the freedom for that, but they will not defend your right for free speech when Google messes with you.
They won't defend Gab's right for free speech.
They'll defend like the ACLU the most radical, bizarre provocation, but they won't defend just basic mainline freedom.
Well pedophiles, that's the whole point is that... Well Salon and others openly say we like pedophilia, we're promoting it.
Yeah, exactly.
So the point is that they will defend your free speech right to pedophilia, child pornography.
By the way, you know a lot of folks are going to see Hit the Clown because this is murder porn of small children.
No one in cinema has ever shown 4, 5, 6 year olds being torn apart by demons, but this is going to really be real Jeffrey Dahmer fun.
Yeah, and there'll be copycats and all these things.
I've watched the clown and it's a very nasty... Well, you know that's what for... I actually looked it up thousands of years ago.
Priests in human sacrifice would dress with white and then red hair.
Bozo the clown outfits actually go back to ancient Egypt in human sacrifice.
So it's a whole archetypal deal that Satan has for thousands of years.
Dress up in clown outfits when they rip your children apart.
Dr. Kanta Ahmed is a best-selling author, researcher, medical doctor, and she's written the book In the Land of the Invisible Woman.
I want to talk about the radicalization on the Muslim Brotherhood, on who really runs this political Islam that is allied with the globalists for worldwide domination.
The United States relationship with the Muslim Brotherhood dates back to the Eisenhower era.
And sometimes it's not with ill intentions that the United States is engaged with the Muslim Brotherhood.
The Muslim Brotherhood has been very good at becoming media savvy, at becoming available.
But if you want to read a Muslim,
And understand the Muslim Brotherhood's reach and why it's not just the media and it's not just government appointees or you want to blame a Democrat administration or Republican administration.
It's actually academia in the field of Middle Eastern studies that has perpetuated a lot of this confusion.
Refusing to distinguish Islam from Islamism, one of the arguments I get from editors is, how can you prove the Muslim Brotherhood causes terrorism?
Well, they often are not pulling the trigger.
But none of these groups, ISIS, Al-Qaeda, the Taliban, Hezbollah, they would never exist without a non-violent ideological underpinning.
And for almost 20 years after 9-11, we have to separate the fact that, yes, there's violent jihadism, but there is a powerful totalitarian ideology underneath that, which is driving violent jihadism.
And therefore, the Muslim Brotherhood is responsible for all of these modern groups.
And by the way, if anyone doubts my belief or my authenticity and commitment to Islam,
We can refer only to the Quran itself, which warns Muslims that there will be those who will cede and betray insurrection from within their mosques, with no intention other than to divide the society around them.
The gravest sin in Islam is to create insurrection and disrupt society, and that is what the Muslim Brotherhood is doing.
When they asked the Prophet in his lifetime, while he was still alive, what do you most fear?
They asked the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, what do you most fear is going to happen to your followers?
He first refused to answer and then finally reluctantly said, what I fear most is going to come and emerge from among you.
They will appear as if they quote the Quran perfectly, but it will go no further than their throats, meaning it will spare their hearts.
And these people will come suddenly as if an arrow that slays its quarry.
That means pass through a society like an arrow goes through the beast it's targeting.
It will slay innocents and everyone that is slain is going to be blessed because there will be innocent victims like lambs and they will be the great impostors.
This is what we are seeing on an astronomical scale.
Now, obviously, that is my spiritual belief, but the political science evidence is very, very strong.
The Alex Jones Show.
Because there is a war on, or you're mine.
Mike Cernovich is going to ride shotgun with us right through into the next hour.
Hard working guy.
We got him Texas barbecue in there, but he wants to keep going.
I want to kind of run in there like a little piggy and go after it.
But your film crew is doing that.
Don't offer anybody sausage though.
Remember you got in trouble with Dr. Spiegel for that?
And that's how they spun it, was I was like, would you like some sausage?
And then that's how they twist it into that I tried to have sex with a Der Spiegel writer.
Yeah, I remember that article.
Here's a sausage, want a sausage?
It wasn't even in my hand.
It was like, here's a plate of sausage, and I was like, he's like, what's good?
I'm like, the sausage.
They could technically say, he asked me if I wanted some of his sausage.
But see how they'd play that game on their readers.
He spoke good English, by the way.
He knew full well what he was doing.
Mike, speaking of that, and I want to get it back into the hurricane.
They've got a big movie coming out that Hollywood's producing called Geostorm, 2017, right on time, dealing with massive man-made weather weapons.
I'm not saying that's what Harvey or Irma are.
The audience is talking about it.
People want to know about it.
We're going to be playing that trailer coming up in the next early part of the hour.
But getting back to this, they've got shows on Comedy Central, shows on HBO, shows everywhere attacking me, and now they've launched...
Uh, all these other programs, so many of them, I can't even keep track.
Parody site launches Alex Jones inspired show spoof, where they all then say things I've never said, then attribute it to me, and then they're goblin force.
Then when they see me on the street, run up screaming what these people have said, as if I've said it.
Is this like the mental illness?
Broadcast for their delusional audience.
It's beyond fake news.
It's comedians, it's actors, it's teleprompter readers saying all this and then it's attributed to me.
Why are they getting so desperate?
Because you're probably the most interesting man in the United States right now.
I wouldn't say the world because, you know, there's a lot of other countries.
But yeah, maybe Putin's the most interesting man.
And there's Mike Cernovich.
And Matt Drudge.
They're all real interesting.
Well, Drudge lays low though.
The problem is he's really smart in person and really interesting and dynamic on air, but he won't do it.
I know, but it's beautiful though because it's the intrigue.
So Matt Drudge's game is on point because he's this
Sure, exactly, but not making it about me.
There's at least seven shows, weekly or daily, attacking me now.
I've got the producers of Seinfeld trying to get me to do a TV show with them, and this is the names of Seinfeld.
It just gets crazier and crazier.
I mean, that's beautiful, though.
I haven't even called them back.
I need to, but... No, I mean, it's beautiful, though, because it shows that we're winning the war.
That's the thing we talked about earlier in the earlier segment, which is that when you draw love from people, you're going to draw hate from others.
Anytime you draw attention, people are going to interpret that.
It's like the elephant, okay?
No, I agree, but what do you think they're trying to do?
They're trying to get ratings and make money off of you.
Why wouldn't they?
That's the whole point.
It's the same reason that people will take clips in the Joe Rogan podcast and upload them to their own channels because they get subscribers just by uploading clips.
So there's all these like weird Joe Rogan fan things and then some of those channels have like 150,000.
You know what?
Joe asked me back on about a month ago and we're trying to work out the time but I think we ought to go on together.
I'm banned from the show.
I don't know why you guys have had an issue together.
I've never had an issue with him, but apparently Sam Harris cried about it.
Who's Sam Harris?
He's one of those, he was a new atheist with Richard Dawkins and Christopher Hitchens.
Well, I mean, Joe does have some preachy know-it-all atheists on him.
I could sit back and go, oh, the intellectualness, oh my, Joe, let me tell you.
And then he goes, let me know.
Well, here's what Sam did.
Cernovich is just a troll.
He's a mean person.
I don't like Cernovich.
Trump terrifies me.
Cernovich made fun of me one day.
So Sam has, like, really obsessed with me, and he emails people, like, hey, if you have him on, you can't, you know, I'll never be on your thing, so... Oh my gosh, I hate him.
It's just total drama.
And then Joe tries to say I'm not really banned, but it's like, come on, dude.
Everybody knows.
Why bullshit about that?
Thank you for listening to GCN.
Visit GCNlive.com today.
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Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order, it's Alex Jones.
Alright, Mike Cernovich and I are having an interesting discussion.
The answer to 1984 is 1776.
That's right.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
I know a liner is coming in there, but I interrupt everybody so I can interrupt myself.
We're going to have James Hosea Rawls on because he predicted like a year ago and then about six months ago and about a month ago that Antifa would basically turn into a terror organization and that they would start becoming the Weathermen.
Now they say that's who they are and what they're going to do.
So we're going to get his take on where he sees all that unfolding.
I like Joe.
He's a really funny guy.
We're talking about how big his show is.
And so we weren't bashing it.
You were just talking about the phenomenon of kind of these shadow ban type deals that happen where one of the pseudo-intellectual guests announces that someone is a troll, and then to pay homage to the fact that that person's God, then you, who would just make the show more popular and have your own platforms, are not going to be on there because it makes, you know, guests unhappy if you are.
The arrogance.
I don't know who that guy is.
You just showed me a clip during the break.
I could care less.
The more
Guys got a microphone open in there.
The more I am banned, the more people say he's the evil one, or for years we will not say his name, all it does is make us bigger.
It's so ridiculous, it's so crazy that we're the one that's so controversial they wouldn't list it as the number one podcast in Joe's history or period.
He should say come back.
Let's make a bigger stunt out of this.
Let's get ready to rumble.
The man that Apple will not even let you know is number one with Joe Rogan and his huge platform.
Why won't they do that?
That's so simple.
With Joe's platform, they can't silence him.
With all the platforms he's got, he would...
We're having back the guy with the biggest podcast we ever had.
Let's see if this one gets censored.
Let's see if Apple puts it to the top.
They'll hang on every word and instead of 25 million viewers, it'll have 50 million viewers.
But we don't want Super Bowl-level audiences!
Yeah, I thought it was interesting.
Joe definitely should have called that out.
And again, he's done great work.
Wow, it's weird.
They never listed his number one.
Well, no, I mean, but you gotta go to war for something like that.
If they're committing fraud the way Apple is by not letting it trend... Well, the message is we're not gonna let you monetize it either.
Oh, sorry, you have Alex on.
We won't let you monetize it.
You give in to that, America's gone, folks!
Where is the common sense here?
YouTube's doing it too.
They wouldn't let the podcast Brett Weinstein and Jordan Peterson did with the Joe Rogan.
They wouldn't let it trend manually on YouTube.
So YouTube and Apple and all these companies are manipulating it.
And the problem is if people lay low on that, you have to raise the stink.
Joe should be like,
Hey, why don't you call the YouTube CEO and ask her why she won't let this podcast be joined by Peter Smith?
And then Joe would be even bigger.
Because look, I mean, you know, out there in the internet sphere, the only thing that's anywhere approaching what I'm doing is Joe Rogan.
And Joe knows that.
He said it on air that we're both mega massive.
He's seen my numbers, and I've seen his.
We've shown each other our wee-wees.
It's a joke.
The point is, he knows that, so why be afraid of that?
Like in Ghostbusters, cross the streams.
But you said never cross the streams.
You gotta, you know, he has to call it out because people like him, who is an oblice oblige, right?
He has a duty.
That if they're censoring people like Jordan Peterson, Bret Weinstein, if YouTube won't let the biggest shows trend, you gotta just be like, yo, YouTube, what is up?
I mean, Joe Rogan used to go to troll Carlos Mencina and say, you're a joke thief.
And he would film it and say, you're a joke thief.
But when Apple and these big corporations are spanking his butt, you know, get in their faces, man.
Get in and say, look, YouTube, I'm not gonna, just like it went after Carlos Mencina, I'm gonna get in your face.
I'm gonna get in your face, Apple.
We're not gonna let these... By the way, they are doing that.
I mean, Joe's not going in the corner and pee-peeing on himself and rolling over in a catatonic thing, scared of Apple.
It's not that he's afraid, it's just that he doesn't want to get in their face and be aggressive.
Watch the Carlos Mencina confrontation video.
No, no, I know.
But listen, this is a big deal, because of the number one podcast, long-form podcast ever, almost four hours long, number one, they admit it, they will not even let it show up in the top hundred, because it'll just stay there at the top forever.
They don't want us to get the trophies, but we win the Indy 500, we win the NASCAR race,
We win the Formula One race, we win, and you don't get it, it's a fraud.
It's one thing if it's a Don King fight and you can't 100% prove it was a fraud.
With this, they're rigging it in front of everyone, but it's okay because they're liberal and they're apple and they own slave factories with suicide nets.
Now, if they didn't own suicide nets, it's like the ADL gives awards to George Soros and admitted Nazi.
But if you're not a Nazi, they call you a Nazi.
So see, that's the thing.
Own a slave factory, you're okay.
They care about the dreamers, though.
Apple really cares about dreamers.
That's why you're not liberal.
You don't own a slave factory, Cernovich.
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How did he get in here?
He's supposed to be with a few people outside.
How about... How about all week they're talking about the mass of crowds that are going to be outside.
Where are they?
Well, it's hot out.
It is hot.
I think it's too warm.
You know, they show up with the helmets and the masks.
They've got gloves and they've got everything.
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Waging war on corruption.
It's Alex Jones, coming to you live from the front lines of the InfoWar.
Coming up in a few minutes, James Wesley Rawls, who predicted that Antifa was really a weatherman organization, that the left would get violent this summer.
He predicted that before Trump got elected, when he got elected, and after.
He's here to give us his take on where he thinks this is going.
Formerly with Army Intelligence, best-selling author, one of the top survival bloggers out there.
Also want to get his take on Hurricane Irma and True Category 6, the biggest ever recorded in the Atlantic, set to T-Bone
The United States via the state of Florida.
We're going to go to him here in just a moment.
There is just one of the islands in the Caribbean already hit.
If you're a TV viewer, the latest coverage at Infowars.com and Newswars.com.
But the world is definitely entering a massive quickening period predicted by so many in the fourth turning and other analysis.
Why does history repeat?
Why does it rhyme?
Why is everything synced up?
We don't really know.
But we know there is a collective unconsciousness.
We know there's a collective will.
The globalists are trying to artificially influence that.
Now, I'm not saying Irma is geoengineered, but there is geoengineering going on secretly in the United States.
They admit the program's happening.
They just have the details secret.
They admit there's weather modification going on in China, Dubai, Russia, the EU.
Everybody does it.
There's thousands of private companies doing it on a micro level.
But there's a lot of advanced technology that we don't know about.
In 1967, the Stanford Research Institute certified that it was declassified.
In 2006, I interviewed the scientists involved when it first got declassified.
Ben Livingston, meteorologist, who was the father of it, he was 90 years old then, and
The left is saying, oh, climate change is here, it's time to talk about geoengineering.
They're the ones already doing it.
They're claiming we're geoengineering as individuals, so we're guilty.
Let them have control of the atmosphere and they'll save us.
See how they take over?
So regardless, geoengineering is going on.
They're trying to blame us saying it's happening, individuals, but then claiming the elite are doing nothing.
Meanwhile, though, right on time with these super storms,
We have the new film, Geoengineering 2017, coming soon on October 20th.
Oh, just a little bit more than a month or so after Irma is set to hit.
Isn't that just perfect timing?
Like all these race war films they've been putting out.
This is starting to get suspicious.
Here it is, GeoStorm.
The Senate Committee will now hear from Jacob Lawson, Climate ISS Chief Coordinator.
May the record reflect that he was nearly one hour late.
Yeah, sorry about that.
I literally had to fly in from outer space.
Thanks to a system of satellites, natural disasters have become a thing of the past.
We can control our weather.
Mr. President, one of our thermosphere-rich satellites malfunctioned over Afghanistan.
So your proposal is what?
We shut down all satellites.
I don't need to remind all of you how many people died from catastrophic climate conditions.
Are you going back up to space?
I'm coming back.
I promise.
Have a safe trip, sir.
Just don't touch anything.
Mayday, mayday.
This is Mr. Jake Lawson.
The Jake Lawson?
You look much older than I would have thought.
I mean, you look good.
Am I getting fired?
My access has been blocked.
So satellite has a bad con, that happens?
Not a satellite.
All of them.
This wasn't a malfunction.
Somebody hacks into the satellite.
Somebody hacks into the AI.
There's potential for catastrophic weather events around a global scale.
A geostorm.
I love how I spearheaded, along with people like George Norey, but with real science, the geoengineering, the UN, the World Trade Organization, all of them, the Council on Foreign Relations, all admitting they're doing it, all admitting it's secret, with ground-based lasers and ionizers.
It's not space-based.
And they're manipulating it on a mass scale and then they make stuff up like I supposedly said Obama sent tornadoes five years ago to Oklahoma City.
No, a caller said that.
I said, no, they can create major weather fronts and control them.
That's been declassified.
But I don't think this is probably a weather event.
But they lied and said I did.
So again, why are we so attacked?
Why are we so demonized?
Because we're always decades ahead.
Get the news days, weeks, months, or even years before at Infowars.com.
Mike Cernovich.
Yeah, that's why they are afraid, because all they can do are repeat talking points.
They don't actually want to break news.
What are they allowed to talk about?
And there's all these conformity mechanisms that are enforced on people, especially people in the media.
They say, don't go there.
So, but I thank them for what they do.
I mean, for example, these Soros-funded websites, they will take all of the videos we do, download them, transcribe it, and then they will write an article about it.
And I share those articles, actually.
I'm like, wow, I really...
I'm grateful.
And that's their mental illness.
They have to act like they're the magic wand, they're the high priest.
It's a con game.
They declare that what we're saying is not true and that everyone else regurgitates saying it's not true.
But everybody knows the media is lying, so most of the public goes, oh my gosh, it is true, because you don't know something is true until the government or its mouthpieces officially deny it.
Yeah, I'm grateful because I'm so busy, man.
I can barely, you know, I need a haircut.
I want to thank George Soros and Media Matters and David Brock for being our secretaries.
Right, they're transcribers.
I don't even have time to get a haircut, let alone take this audio and download it and have it transcribed and everything.
Who has the time for that?
So thank you, George Soros.
I'm very grateful for Media Matters for, you know, be sure to use headings and download this.
Yeah, they'll say Roger Stone and Alex Jones say in three months they will say that Trump is mentally ill or has early onset dementia.
Exact words three months later.
I mean I just love how everything we say they keep documenting it for us as our secretaries so that when it comes true exactly as we said everybody knows how on target we are.
Yeah, and I've always told people who, when they're like, hey, you're hiring anybody, I go, look, man, just get a job at the Southern Poverty Law Center or Media Matters and you can get paid to watch me and to transcribe me.
And to work for us.
Yeah, it's amazing.
It's like Charlie Roselle wrote that article.
They tested our products and they're totally clean.
Exactly what we say is in them.
You couldn't have a better third party review.
And people think he works for us.
That was like, well BuzzFeed, they spent probably $50,000, because I'm getting a product tested right now, and for the full FDA, you know, these people testify in court, $5,500 just to test one model.
So they ran you through three different testings for all of your different products and everything, and it trended well.
It was amazing.
It showed... But they used up the spending to say it was bad, but then they admit everything we say is what we said.
Yeah, but the thing is, the only thing that people remember is that it passed the test.
They don't remember that they go, well there isn't enough zinc, even though the zinc was a binding agent and it wasn't even about the zinc or whatever.
People don't remember that.
Yeah, they go, he sells something for $25 and only has $5 of zinc.
They don't tell you it's got a bunch of other ingredients in it.
They just play the semantical games.
Right, but again, people don't remember that.
All people know is that you faced
The most stringent
Devoted lab testing process in history and you and you pass the test.
I think it was an amazing.
That's why I linked to article widely.
That's why I linked a lot of this stuff and the truth is that I think but but I guess the bigger point though is the point is butt feed has to cover us because they're losing control.
Will they will they test
Supplements from Amazon that Jeff Bezos sells, though.
I guess that's my bigger question, is that, why aren't they testing supplements from Amazon and Jeff Bezos?
I asked Charlie Worzella on the phone.
I called him up last week, or two weeks ago, and I said, why don't you test that?
He just kept saying, mm-hmm.
Well, you're a very interesting person with a big platform.
And I go, Bezos is way more important.
You know, $100 billion, Amazon, Whole Foods, once world government, once the president dead.
Yeah, I actually was reading the Forbes, the old thing, I'll send the picture to the production team actually, what Bezos looked like before his big rebrand.
But the truth is that in media, the biggest, and you didn't make it.
Skip this one break today.
Politico just had the top 50 most influential people in media, maybe the people can find that and pull that up.
Bannon's on there, but Drudge and you aren't there.
In media right now, the three most influential people in media.
Are Drudge, Bannon, and you not necessarily in that order.
So you have to, if you're on a media beat, you have to write about you.
That's why... But they still play the game like we don't exist.
And I don't care about them saying we're big.
It's just that...
You know, human-animal chimeras are real.
MIT's been reporting on it for a decade.
All these things are real.
Geoengineering's real.
And they just keep saying we're crazy and it isn't working.
Where does this go?
We've got to go to our guest.
I apologize for getting him on late.
But I guess he can apologize because he didn't make the show last week.
But best-selling author, researcher, former Army intelligence officer, really smart guy, survivalblog.com, James Wesley Rawls.
I'm not going to play all the clips because of time.
I read one of his books like years ago, actually.
I know that name.
He's a best-selling fiction writer and non-fiction guy.
Long time ago, yeah.
Yeah, James Wesley Rawls, he's been writing Patriots for 25 years.
James Wesley Rawls, let me ask you this question.
What point are we at historically right now?
Because we're talking about the tipping point, an acceleration of time, an acceleration of knowledge, all this AI.
Where are we right now?
Well, I think we're entering a phase in our nation's history where we're seeing technology intersect with politics.
And at this point, we are at great risk of having technology leapfrog to the point where personal freedom is destroyed in our nation.
We we're at that point right now.
And we need to be vigilant.
And we need to be as politically active as possible to prevent that kind of overreach.
Because the technology is there all the way from biochipping all the way up to you mentioned weather control.
So we need to be vigilant.
We need to be politically active and we definitely need to have family preparedness a goal because I think that as time goes on we're going to see more and more crises that will impact us at the family level.
Why is it historical that earthquakes, storms, political unrest all go together?
The globalists know that, so they say, oh, it's global warming.
Give us full control of geoengineering, let us run your lives, let us track everything you do, let us tax you, let the technocracy run your life, the AI algorithms, and this will save the Earth.
You can already see what they've scripted, and then along comes a record hurricane, now a Category 6, and the whole thing's very suspicious.
Well, I you know, I I'm not I don't take a conspiratorial view on weather control, but I do think that there that's definitely a factor there somewhere in the background.
I'm just not sure how much is impacting us with current events.
But we have to watch all of the these storms and be ready for them because regardless of whether or not there's any
So let's look at Irma.
Let's look at how Harvey blew up in the globalist face trying to create a race war, kind of diffusing what you'd predicted this summer that Soros was pushing.
So let's go back to your prediction coming true, but now because of Harvey kind of raining on the race war, they're already trying to spin Irma as racial or sexist because the name's a woman.
This is seriously what they're trying to do.
What is your gut level of view on the impact of this hurricane?
I mean obviously we don't know exactly where it's going to hit, but it's going to
Well, I think you just hit on a very important point, and that is Harvey really flew in the face of the whole liberal narrative.
They were doing their very best to divide this nation and try to play up all the divisiveness.
And if you see what happened in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, where you had people of all different skin tones helping each other out very selflessly, it really didn't match their narrative.
And now they're moving on and talking about Hurricane Irma.
But, you know, when you come right down to it, the American people are good folks and they help each other out.
And they don't, you know, when they go to rescue someone off the roof of a house in their boat, they don't pass them by because of a difference in skin tone.
That just doesn't happen.
This is America.
So the liberal media establishment really doesn't have an answer.
For this, because it comes right down to the essentially good nature of the American citizenry.
The Lord does work in mysterious ways.
Harvey blew up in their face.
What are you expecting to do on their whole Russia narrative and this drumbeat for COG to overthrow Trump?
It doesn't seem to be getting a lot of toeholds, but it doesn't matter if they try to kill the president.
They attempt to go forward with this.
I think foreign enemies will use it if they try to kill the president or do kill the president.
What do you think the timetable is on that, James Leslie Rawls?
Well, it's very difficult to determine a timetable, but there's definitely an agenda there.
And you mentioned continuity of government.
Most folks don't realize that FEMA is not primarily a disaster relief organization.
It's a continuity of government organization.
That's their main underlying task, and that's a very large chunk of their budget.
FEMA is the face of the larger, submerged, deep state military-industrial complex.
Their real task goal, tasked by Congress, is continuity of government.
Don't ever lose track of that.
Don't lose sight of that, folks, because that's their real mission.
The disaster relief stuff is just, you know, kind of icing on the cake.
Their real goal is continuity of government.
And you have to look at the FEMA budget.
And unfortunately, a lot of the FEMA budget is classified.
And the part that's classified is the COG.
In fact, many years, 90% of its budget has been secret, but now Trump clearly, to his credit, and I want Surma to pop in on this, he really ordered FEMA to take action, to not just have a vestigial front for natural disaster relief, but to actually make its mission more about disaster relief, because real COG is about the country being in a good position.
Yeah, there's no point in having a federal government if they can't do disaster relief roads.
A few things the government should do well, the government shouldn't be worried about every kind of thing in our private life, and he handled it like an executive.
You know that Trump was doing the right thing when the media was unable to criticize him.
Obama, on the other hand, there was massive flooding.
He doesn't even show up!
Right, he was playing golf, there was flooding.
Well, you notice Trump also got out of the way and said, let the locals
Spearhead this, because they have the people, the manpower, they're there, and they've got places to take folks.
We can't centralize something this big.
He has that basic faith in the people.
Well, Trump understands people, whereas Obama always looked down on us.
So this is the thing about Obama that a lot of people don't understand is Obama doesn't hate us, but he views us as like his little pets.
Like ants.
Yeah, we're not really fully human, we can't have freedom, and this is, a lot of liberals is... We're like an ant farm, you know, over on the shelf.
They're expanding on that.
Trump came up with his dad, who bare knuckles got into real estate business, with the skin of his, you know, teeth, just being really a tough guy.
And Trump knew it was about the workers liking him, working late, cooking them hamburgers out there, going, you know, to the pool hall with them.
But they like it.
They get down in there.
Then they have all the big planes and the fancy stuff, but he likes, you know, hamburgers with ketchup on them at night.
That's super blue-collar, folks.
I mean, he cooks his steak well.
I mean, that's ultra blue-collar.
Trump is a blue-collar billionaire, and he actually likes getting in there, helping people, seeing people being taken care of, and that's what they hate.
James Wesley Rawls, what do you think their next move is going to be?
Well, boy, I think that we're going to see the mass media try to spin Hurricane Irma into some sort of class war.
They're going to try to take Irma, the aftermath of that hurricane, and use it to try to divide people.
They're going to do their best.
That's right, James.
Get a drink of water.
It sounds like you were eating a peanut or something and got part of it down your windpipe.
That's happened to me hundreds of times on air, trying to eat something during the break.
Huff a little piece down and you're wishing somebody would let you get a drink of water.
Best if I don't eat until 2 p.m.
Empty stomach, you know.
Yes, I do intermittent fasting, so I don't eat usually until 2 p.m.
That way the whole time it's just clear mind.
My body's not digesting any food.
I'm just focused on pure instinct and everything.
James, I want to get back to you real quick.
I don't even have a staff or crew to go do it, but what's the point?
Everybody heard you that listens regularly.
Predict before Trump even got elected they'd use culture war and that they would then go to weatherman tactics when beating people on the street didn't work.
Then the hurricane came, turned people against it, and now Pelosi and others had to come out and say, okay, they're a terror organization, or they're a criminal organization, and we get that they're a terror organization.
It seems like that blew up in their face.
What does it signify them basically flushing the toilet on Antifa, or is that only a limited thing for face-saving in the algorithm?
No, I think that it's more face-saving because I think they want to distance themselves from Antifa because they can see what's coming, and that is a large segment of Antifa is in a particular camp.
They call themselves the By Any Means Necessary Camp, BAMN.
That's actually a fairly large portion of Antifa.
I think the liberal establishment is trying to distance themselves from that camp of Antifa
Because they don't want any of it sticking to them when Antifa starts their inevitable terrorism campaign.
That's powerful.
We should talk more.
That's important, Jonathan.
Yeah, yeah, and it's important too that the left-wing, for the first time, not done by the mainstream media, alternative media, people who are listening in.
This is why when people go, how do you join the information wars?
Everybody listening in was calling Paul Ryan and calling Pelosi and said, you need to disavow Antifa, because if Trump has to disavow David Duke, then you have to disavow Antifa.
The mainstream media was not calling for that and that's another reason the mainstream media is freaking out because they don't have the power now.
We've hijacked the mechanisms of the globalists and the machine where we're going to make them disavow Antifa.
That's right.
We're controlling the narrative now because we're pushing logic and people instantly buy into that because they already know it.
They know that Pelosi and all these other acronyms are jokes.
Yeah, exactly.
So that's why when people listening in, what can you do?
That's why the media wants people hopeless.
But Hurricane Harvey, and of course, you know, John, chime in here if you have anything to say about that, is Hurricane Harvey proved that the American people have not quit.
It proved that the lies about Americans not loving each other are false.
And I think that Harvey is an opportunity for us to collectively level up.
Let's come back, because if
Harvey devastated the globalist race war division agenda, their hate agenda.
They call us hate, they're the ones pushing hate.
Then how important is this next battle?
We'll come back with James Wesley Rawls, Mike Cernovich and more on the other side.
Stay with us.
We're on the march, the empire's on the run.
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I'm an anti-American?
You stupid bastard!
I'm a f***ing patriot!
Now you know you're winning the information war when the other side has no response but to resort to censorship.
Drain the swamp?
We're gonna have to drain the privilege out of Washington first because that's what the swamp feeds on, their privilege.
I can't stand for people to exercise their First and Second Amendments together.
You found it.
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That's what you have to look forward to.
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Live from the InfoWars.com studios, it's Alex Jones.
Coming up after our guest leaves as James Leslie rolls, we've got Roger Stone's been on vacation for a week and a half, much deserved.
He'll be hosting the fourth hour and co-hosting the next three hours after that.
Mike Cernovich is going to be hosting an hour of as well, but quarterbacking the whole thing in the big HD studio, the new studio, will be Owen Schroyer.
And the reason I say HD studio for our radio stations and HD audio, HD video for syndication purposes.
And then we can have all these other guests host who are at remote locations, sometimes not with the perfect HD audio.
We're building something really new here to tie in citizen journalists, activists.
Mike Cernovich loves roundtable shows.
We're in a lot of hours.
We'll have four or five people on it.
Some days he won't be there.
Some days he will.
Whenever he wants, he'll come to the show.
Roger Stone will be on at least an hour every day.
We're going to have all these other broadcasts getting launched, and the radio stations are really excited and starting to turn them on.
That's a big deal to launch a new show and already have radio stations.
David Knight's been on for two weeks, already has three affiliates, more than 70 looking at signing agreements.
The problem is they always have six-month to year-long contracts.
With the big two networks that are out there.
And so, we're looking at by end of year, probably 100 stations picking up.
David Knight, hopefully.
I'm shooting for a big number.
And that's old-fashioned terrestrial radio, but that's the original digital soapbox.
That's the place where they don't screen your calls and you reach big audiences and it's not controlled.
That's the old original outpost of what became the new independent media.
And I based what I've done on a talk radio slash TV format so that we're up here just giving you a basic breakdown of the latest news, philosophy, guests, issues, people that agree, people that disagree, and then pushing you towards
Newswars.com, that's our modern age, the News Wars, and of course you've got the fact that it's an info war, a war on for your mind.
Mike Cernovich, you were talking about what James Wesley Rawls was just saying, we're going back to him, about how critical this is.
You said, look, next phase is false flag.
I totally agree with you as you went to break.
That's their only move.
We are kicking their butt.
They want to play the part of the victim.
They've been caught staging events or winding them up.
All three of the leaders of the white supremacist rally had worked for Obama and Hillary just in a year.
Right, right.
And so when I say false flag, and this is an important thing too because I like to twist it,
We're not saying these events don't happen.
Exactly, exactly.
It's about who's orchestrating the events.
So for example, that alt-right rally, as we know now, Jason Kessler was the occupied person, was the total infiltrator.
That was a false flag in the sense that, no, no, there was a horrific event.
They had State Department officials out there first.
It was terrible.
So it did happen.
But who was it?
It wasn't a natural, organic gathering of patriots.
It was a fabrication.
So that's what I mean when I talk about
A false flag.
I mean that what we're going to see is the ADL, the SPLC, Deep State, using people like Jason Kessler type.
With their offshore bank accounts, we've now discovered.
Well, over $200,000 in Bitcoin has been transferred to the Daily Stormer, which is a marginal site.
Well, who is doing that?
Well, we don't know, but we do know the Southern Poverty Law Center is hiding millions of dollars offshore.
So is the Southern Poverty Law Center taking that money?
They're a so-called public interest group.
No other public group like this has these quasi-illegal accounts.
We need them to release the full records of their Mediterranean and European but also Caribbean bank accounts.
Right, so they're taking that money, they're funneling in it, laundering it, if you will, and then they're using that money to fund websites like the Daily Stormer and other sites that make people look bad.
By the way, the Southern Poverty Law Center got caught running the main white supremacist compound, Elohim City, and commanding it.
Right, and that's what people don't realize is that the SPLC is a history.
We're not just saying, like, oh, I imagine they would.
No, they've been caught doing it before, and they're doing it now, so that's why you take all that money, you hide that money, and then they can fund their little black ops.
To try to make everybody look bad.
While putting us in with Nazis, a lot of them their own connections, hoping one of their minions, like they went into the focus on the Family Research Council and shot it up, hoping we get killed.
Yeah, Floyd Lee Corkins, very important name.
Everybody in America should know the name Floyd Lee Corkins.
He went on the Southern Poverty Law Center's website, found a hate list name, and then went and committed a mass shooting and wanted to murder people.
The media never demanded the Southern Poverty Law Center disavow this, so that makes you wonder if the media supports it.
The media barely covered up the connection.
The Young Turks inspired multiple mass shooters, including the Seattle shooter.
I've documented this on my Medium page, proving that multiple mass shooters were made by fans of the Young Turks.
Then there's the Young Turks getting all their foreign offshore money from Gulf state dictatorships.
Qatar is what I've heard.
Qatar and other tyrannies.
Well, they don't deny it.
Well, I know.
That's so bad that it's hard to believe.
When I first heard it, I was like, I wonder if this is fake news.
I had to actually look it up.
So they unabashedly take it.
And they've inspired Elliot Rodger, the Chula Vista shooter.
He went and killed a bunch of people near Santa Barbara.
He was an avid watcher and subscriber of the Young Turks.
And again, they're so arrogant.
When they talk about us, they go, somebody that nobody needs to talk about.
No one even knows their name.
But OK, we're going to talk about them.
I mean, give me, it's just they're so arrogant.
Let's go back to James Wesley Rawls of survivalblog.com.
So you predicted all this up to now.
You heard us warn about false flags.
I mean, what are their other moves?
What is your concern about false flags?
Well, I think there definitely will be a lot of staged events.
If you look at what happened in Charlottesville, there was obviously the whole rent-a-crowd or rent-a-mob.
Factor that came into play there.
I think they'll do more of that.
They'll probably use Bitcoin and other nefarious banking practices to try to cover their trail.
But we'll still be able indirectly or at least post facto to follow the money.
And we'll see in these false flag events, these staged events,
More and more money being funneled to the most radical people they can find on the opposite side of the fence, simply to stir the pot, simply to try to trigger an event that will play into their political agenda.
And the Southern Poverty Law Center, which has not just demonized you, but it's demonized me by name, is a prime candidate
Or that kind of action.
I would not put it past them.
What do you make of them having tens of millions in secret shady bank accounts offshore?
And they've got that war chest available.
And they have no moral compunctions.
So they don't have any reservations at all in handing that literally in the hands of neo-Nazis.
Handing it to them and saying, you know, they could even do it anonymously nowadays.
And by the way, they were running Elohim City.
They had federal informants like Howell and others that went public about this.
There were a lot of deaths surrounding this about how they were in command of Elohim City.
And that's where, of course, the Oklahoma City bombing came out of.
These people are hardcore.
And it was Eric Holder at the time, Deputy Attorney General, who got caught in the emails via lawsuits, who was basically quarterbacking it.
So, James Rosenwald, what else is on your radar screen?
Well, I want to re-emphasize the importance of watching for the use of high technology by the Antifa terrorists.
I think because, especially because a lot of their young activists are technically savvy, there's a very high likelihood that they're going to use cyber weapons.
Or they're going to use high technology in weird combinations to inflict terror on a grand scale.
And as we mentioned before, they may also try to attribute it to someone else to false flag the whole event.
So watch out for the use of high tech of cyber weapons, off the shelf equipment like drones, and drones used in combination with
Non-eye-safe lasers with chemical weapons, bacteriological weapons, maybe even nuclear material that doesn't reach critical mass, just used as a dirty bomb.
But look for combinations of technologies to be used in unprecedented ways.
What about, because I was asking Sernovich during the break, he's got the article here, about all these TV shows spoofing patriots, spoofing myself, Sue, they've chosen, and then having them say outrageous, racist things and things, and then hiding behind the fact that it's comedy.
But they're posing as news shows, it's comedy, and then they're defaming folks.
I think this is a form of identity theft.
Well, yeah, certainly it is.
And it's one of those dirty tricks that they don't have any compunctions about using.
And if they've already co-opted the mass media, now they're basically fine-tuning it to use slurs and innuendos and false characterizations to meet their political goals.
And that's exactly what they've done to you.
It's what they've done to me.
In my case, it was guilt by non-association or even disassociation.
Again, that's the way they play, that's the way their budgets operate, and that's what we can expect more of in the future.
If anything, I think they're going to amp it up.
But it seems the public is getting psychologically aware of this, psychologically immune to this.
I'm just concerned, Mike Cernovich, what do you think they're going to try next?
I keep asking that because if everything they're doing is blowing up in their face, what's going to come next then?
Well, they'll have another, I mean, think about the historical moment we were almost at with the James Damore, the Google attack on free speech.
We were about to have an elevated conversation on what free speech means and about diversity and attacking diversity of opinions.
So you always have those alt-right people, that's who's used by these groups to go kill somebody, have a rally, have Klan torch marches and everything.
So those right now are the most useful tools.
So I imagine that those people are planning another event so that somebody else can get killed or something else can happen and the media can point and say, look, look how bad these guys are and then they're going to try to tie us.
To those people.
That's the classic game.
So, for example, Soros, they're trying to tie Tucker Carlson to all these morons, because Tucker Carlson hosted Andrew Torba, the CEO of Gab, which is a free speech alternative to Twitter.
So the media, the real conspiracy theorists now are actually the media, because they'll say, well, wait a minute, Tucker Carlson had the CEO of a tech company on his show.
Oh, but wait a minute, some of the people who use Gab.ai are maybe not nice people, therefore those not nice people, um, Talker really likes them and he's trying to promote them and everything.
So they've gone full conspiracy theory where nothing actually makes any sense that they say and that's why- And you've just hit on the heart of it.
Not just by starting a race war, they'd love that, but their main objective is that the liberal media defines who you can have on and who you can't have on, and then
Basically bullies News Corp with this criticism into curtailing their most popular shows and thus sinking their enemy when it's the mouse that roared.
As you said earlier, it's all just an intimidation.
And if you realize it's a fraud and don't blink, it just totally dissipates.
You realize what a joke it is.
Who cares if a bunch of scumbags and globalists call you a Nazi when you're not?
Yeah, the no platforming is really what triggers the media.
They'll go, how dare Megyn Kelly have Alex Jones on, or how dare Cernovich appear on 60 Minutes, even though I gave them 15.1 million views of the record since Barry and Michelle went on the first time.
So they want to control who is allowed to have a so-called platform.
So then what do we say?
We're freedom minded.
We go, well, if they don't want to let us have a platform, we'll go create our own platforms.
And now they're trying to kick us off of our platforms.
That's the next step.
But they're pushing too hard and they're pushing too aggressively and too viciously, so ultimately we'll just have to... Exactly.
Don't they get beyond the Streisand effect, I'd call it the Beatles effect or whatever, or the Elvis effect, oh my gosh, you know, they had a bunch of, you know, teenage-age women throwing their bras and panties at Elvis, you know, a bunch of 18-year-old girls.
Well, obviously those first events were staged with some actors.
To get the hysteria going for the video shoot, for the film shoot, to then hand it off to the media, knowing everybody would run out and go, oh my gosh, look, he's corrupting our young ladies, knowing they'd all run out and buy Elvis records.
I mean, don't they understand that that's what they're doing to us?
But see, they think it doesn't matter, because they're going to completely shut us down.
They're not going to even let us have a platform.
Well, we'll print stuff out.
That's the difference between us and other people.
I'll just show up to their houses.
I'll print out pamphlets.
I'll mass mail pamphlets all across the country.
They have no idea, actually.
If they come after me, I'm not going to say, oh, it's a private company.
They can do whatever they want.
They're a private company.
They have no idea what they'll unlock.
But notice, you have the idea of the nationwide Google.
Demonstrations which everybody basically cancelled because they went look Alex Jones Jack Posobiec and Mike Cernovich They have this idea for alt-right Nazi rallies against Google and not just us the people that we're all gonna sponsor it all chickened out I understand why because they're saying Nazis are coming here telling their idiot viewers and listeners that we're literal Nazis They march in there like you know PCP heads or somebody in a matrix and literally want to kill us Because mainstream media told them we were Nazis
Well, that's why the media gives all this coverage to the so-called alt-right.
I mean, let's look at it this way.
We're the new right.
We're the new patriots.
We're the new renaissance.
I'm not even right-wing.
I was even talking to somebody.
It's the movement.
I'm not even using right-wing anymore because we've transcended this right-left paradigm.
But the reason, think about this, right?
How easy could you or I get four or five hundred people to show up?
A tweet?
Easy, right?
So they, the alt-right, got $10 million in free media coverage.
Oh, they're having this event and we'll be there and we'll give you free promotion, promotion, promotion.
And there was less than 200 of them.
They get a few dopes to show up.
What were their numbers?
They looked tiny.
Yeah, and then most of them who showed up, they were... Were media to cover it.
Anyway, yeah, media.
But I was about to say... And other people.
So, like Watson said, right after Hillary lost, he said, we are the new right, we are not the alt-right.
They define that to put anybody that's smart in that group and then call them all white supremacists.
In closing, James Wesley Rawls, thanks for coming on, but you were dead on about Antifa.
Other key things you'd like to impart to us?
Well, just watch the media and the way that they treat us in the next few months.
I think that they're just really getting started in their attempt to silence us.
But it's really going to backfire on them.
In their attempt to marginalize us, they're actually going to draw more attention to the alternative media.
And when they try to demonize us, we'll get more viewers.
When they try to demonetize us, we'll get more viewers.
When they try to demote us in the search engine rankings, we'll end up with more viewers.
And if they try to delete videos from YouTube, for example, there are going to be alternative platforms that pop up where folks like Full30.com, where folks are going to go
And find the content they really want to see.
That's right, James, let me bring this up since you raised it.
Go ahead.
To marginalize us, we're going to backfire.
I agree, but you just said it.
We could see it before World War II, the Germans building up on the Polish border and others.
Everybody knew war was coming.
Here, they're launching all these new TV shows, as I said, misrepresenting who I am, all launching now.
They're not doing that for nothing.
I agree.
It's not even that I'm this big leader.
They're choosing this fake
Strongman of myself to make it the image of the Liberty Movement to try to destroy that fake image and then tie it to whatever false flags I think they've got ready.
And I think they're going to bomb federal buildings and stuff.
I think they're going to not just do what they did at Charlottesville.
I think they're going to kill a bunch of people, mass shootings, you name it.
The guy gets shot, he's got a backpack full of, you know, every Liberty lover's newspaper or magazine or article or film.
I think that's what's going to happen.
Well, they had a guy at Unite the Right pull out his gun, fire his weapon and say a very bad word to a person.
That's what they do.
They wanted to, what they wanted to do is they wanted to trigger a response.
So the way you do it is smart.
The way they do it is they bring in somebody to create chaos, hoping then that that'll create a mob, a rule of fact.
Yeah, because we keep catching them in the scientific false flags where they really do it well.
James Wesley Rawls, survivalblog.com.
Thank you so much for joining us and co-hosting.
We'll be back with more breaking news, the latest on Irma.
Stay with us.
Michael Malice is our guest.
He has traveled to North Korea repeatedly.
He's written a best-selling book.
Fiction couldn't make up a get-the-clown creature like Kim Jong-un, strutting around like a hobbled tyrannosaurus feeding on humanity.
I hate Kim Jong-un, but the poor people, it's like, what do we do?
You've been there.
I mean, these people are literally on another planet.
What do we do?
I mean, there is no easy answer.
The only thing we can do is put pressure on China, and China has started to buckle, which is a very good sign.
It's easy for North Korea when it's us versus them, when it's the U.S.
imperialists, as they call us, versus them.
But now when you have the international community uniting, including their big brother China, that's a very different dynamic.
And it's a better dynamic, because why is this our problem entirely?
And you're an expert on this.
Let's talk about the North Korean-China relationship.
Why has China been going along with this for 50 years?
China doesn't want a US ally on their border.
China doesn't want 25 million North Korean refugees crossing the river and living in China where they have nothing to offer.
And China basically doesn't... No one wants a collapsed state on their border that they have to basically deal with the problem.
I mean, are we closer to midnight than ever?
Because most experts I talk to say if there's nuclear war, it's going to start in North Korea, not the Middle East.
Not in Ukraine, not on the border of Russia.
I mean, what do you think of the experts you talk to?
Because, I mean, you're all over the place talking to top experts.
I mean, how serious is this?
I got four children.
I want to know.
I think it's good.
Your kids are fine.
Your kids are safe.
North Korea, in their literature, constantly talk about the fact, we know we can't win.
They say this explicitly.
So they're not... Listen, everyone talks about how he's crazy and suicidal.
He's satanic, like you said.
If he's suicidal, they've been around for 70 years.
That's taken a long time to kill yourself, huh?
Alex, you touched on it earlier.
They have something called the monolithic ideological system.
By which they mean everyone in the country thinks the same way and thinks in line with the leader.
So they boast about the fact that there's no independent thought in the entire country.
That it's the leader, which is a human being, this bad kid like you said, who gives the people their political spiritual life.
And that without the leader, basically, no one would exist.
So, it's a very dark quasi-religion that they push on the people.
And again, when you're this demigod at the head of a country, and you're effectively a billionaire, what would it take for you to quit your job?
It's going to take a lot.
And it's going to take a combination of threats and rewards.
And Kim Jong-un doesn't want to go the way of Gaddafi or Saddam Hussein.
Waging war on corruption.
I'm your host Alex Jones with Mike Cernovich.
We're doing two more segments and then Roger Stone is taking over.
And then you've got to get a little bit of a break because they're going to be interviewing me for the film you're producing while you go on and co-host with Owen some in the new studio.
We're building a whole other studio right out here.
It'll be done in about three months.
That way I can have
I think so.
Something that you know is in your area.
Videotape everybody.
Get details.
Enough of you do that.
It's why they've backed off Oklahoma City style events.
Because they got caught by people in the building.
Folks know to look at the feds.
The local cops remembered who was there.
They named FBI agents.
They even used German intelligence.
A lot of times when you commit crimes against your own country, you use foreign assets.
It's like an agreement.
They have the NSA in England spying on citizens here and vice versa.
So it's a swap situation.
So Mike Cernovich, I cannot reiterate enough.
Yes, we're having big victories, but they're trying to stall the economy.
They're trying to block the recovery.
They're trying to encircle Trump.
Let's come back from break in a moment and talk about the fact that we love the Trump agenda.
We love the fact that we got him in there.
He's better than Hillary, but they are starting to slow him down and encircle him.
And, you know, is he kind of halfway starting to give up to the deep state just because he's waiting for a breakout in Congress?
We'll talk to you in a moment about that.
But first off,
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Mike Cernovich, let's start getting into the Trump agenda, where it is, where you see him going, because a lot of great things are happening.
Bannon and others say that, no, you're about to see a mainline president, a mainline Republican compared to what you saw.
Is that them kind of sour grapes because they got kicked out or what's happening?
Well, Trump just agreed to raise the debt ceiling limit for the next three months.
So he already, unfortunately, gave them that deal.
That just broke an hour or two ago.
So what happened?
He wants to be liked, I think, by Schumer and those people.
It's a fundamental human need.
That's the thing about Trump is he's an amazing historical figure, but he still has the foibles that all humans have, which is that it is hard to not be liked.
It is hard to be hated.
You want to appeal to people who hate you and say, well, why do you hate me?
I want you to understand me.
I want you to know.
That I'm not this caricature that you create.
And if you lack moral certainty and a philosophical grounding that what you're doing is virtuous, true, and good, then you're more susceptible to the mind control.
But he's great, better than anybody I know, at not blinking and moving forward.
I mean, he did the right thing on DACA.
It's an order by Clinton, by Obama.
It's illegal.
It's letting criminals and child molesters stay here free.
He told Congress, fix it where it's really people, you know, who came here when they were young, who aren't criminals, have a vetting and I'll do it.
That's very liberal, but they're calling him the demon.
So he did the right thing there, though.
Yeah, but they're saying he didn't do the right thing because they know that it's going to be very hard to fix this in Congress with the 2018 midterms coming up.
Sure, sure.
So stay there.
Back in 70 seconds.
And then Roger Stone and more.
And then you're going to get about a 50-minute break.
You'll eat some barbecue.
And then you're going to be on The War Room.
I'll be there, too.
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Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order, it's Alex Jones.
We now take you live to the Central Texas Command Center in the heart of the resistance.
It's Alex Jones.
Well, the intriguing Mike Cernovich is here.
You know, some people text me or I see comments like, oh, that guy's radical.
Why are you having him on?
Some people don't like him.
What I care about is getting results breaking hundreds of news stories that nobody else had from real sources and even having the enemy media come out and say, OK, this guy's for real.
But all the fakes out there that kind of sit up on their mountains, they just go, oh, Mike Cernovich, he's a troll.
You know,
Again, that's how they set themselves up and don't have to be successful in the media.
They just pontificate like George Will, saying, oh, we don't care how you vote for Trump.
We'll just set it aside because we are the Republican Party.
That was just him trying to act arrogant in a...
Con game of Kabuki theater, like we'd all just go to sleep because he did that.
Well, it's that haughty, smug... I mean, for example, where's that dumb article you showed me earlier?
It's that haughty, smug, dismissive, where they think if... Here's what they're doing to try to satirize Alex Jones.
The show's tagline, not mainstream, not establishment, not helping.
That's so obvious, it's not even humor.
Humor has to have an element of sublimity.
I think so.
Well, it's projection, of course, and they're trying to elevate their social status vis-a-vis us.
But all I've got to tell all the haters out here watching, I know they all cry, I see the emails, you think me and Alex don't talk, oh, I can't believe you have a concern of your own.
Well, they all do that, again, to virtue signal and bully us into who we can talk to.
So when people tell me not to have some money on, I have them on more.
Yeah, exactly.
And people have told me not to go on your show, and I'm like, get out of here, man.
What is wrong with... That's the thing is divide and conquer that they try to use.
But when I was at the airport in Orange County, as I'm leaving, hey, how you doing, Mike?
You know, good to meet you, big fan or whatever, take a picture.
I land, I leave the airport in Austin to get into my Uber.
And somebody goes, Mike, I just want to say hi, how are you?
I go to the coffee shop, the guy's like, Mike, right here, you know, this coffee's on me.
So, I got bad news for you.
It's like Fight Club.
It's like Fight Club.
We're everywhere.
The network knows of higher consciousness people are everywhere.
So the haters can groan and grimace and cry.
They're mad because they want to dominate the big wireless internet that is the human mind.
Exactly, and they sense energy now when their parents are sharing their stuff, their grandparents are sharing their stuff.
People are waking up, people are looking around and figuring out.
But my advice to the haters is rather than try to tear down Alex or me or divide and conquer, which it doesn't work.
Go out and do something for yourself.
Do your own message.
Focus on your own message.
And by the way, they think we're saying that because they're hurting us and we want them to fail.
You're hurting yourself and the entire collective by the way you're behaving.
Admit we've been right about everything.
Admit that you misconstrue what we say so you can have a fight with a straw man.
If I have a piƱata of Mike Tyson and I beat it up, I didn't beat up Mike Tyson.
It's called Fantasyland and you're the ones that are in it.
So many listeners go, Alex, why are you always talking to your detractors?
Because they're the prodigal son.
The main audience is already waiting smarter than I am on most cases.
We have to reach out to the zombies, but some of them are too hateful and know they've been lied to and tell you, hey, we revel in being losers.
What do you do about them?
Those people unfortunately are lost, but the rising tide will lift all boats so that the very negative, hateful people will still rise up if we collectively as people, as a species, as a consciousness, as a mind,
As an entity, as part of God, which is all around us and everywhere.
If we elevate everyone else, the losers are going to rise up with us.
So that is why we do our haters and losers a great, great service by the world we're creating and making a better world.
Well, they're undoubtedly mad about anything good and they're like a beehive stirred up right now.
It's amazing to watch.
Well, let's come in and introduce Roger Stone right now, and then go get you some barbecue.
And then you'll be back in like an hour and a half.
We're gonna have War Room coming up in T-minus 55 minutes.
The streams will be at infowars.com forward slash show.
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He aligns himself with the truth and it's time for you to choose a side.
You're listening to Alex Jones.
And Roger Stone and Jack Posobiec and Mike Cernovich and I'm told they've got one of the great writers coming on from the Gateway Pundit as well.
So Lucien Wintrich, is that how you pronounce it?
Yeah, Wintrich.
Alright, and I guess that's where Roger Stone is right now.
You're watching us again on television.
You already know you can watch us at Infowars.com forward slash show and on Facebook and Google and Twitter and everywhere else.
But also, you can also always find our own feeds at Infowars.com forward slash show or the front page of Infowars.com.
We are going to have Roger Stone and his cohorts hosting this hour, and then in about 50 minutes, we kick off the inaugural push of War Room with Owen Schroyer, and of course, Mike Cernovich, Roger Stone, and many others will be daily contributors to that.
But just wanted to say, Roger, always great to see you, my friend.
To be back from vacation, Alex, I'm tan, rested, and ready, and very excited about the War Room.
Which I think is going to be a real blockbuster in terms of fighting back against the mainstream media and their constant war of lies and disinformation.
And I don't want to give people a false sense we're winning because this storm came in and discredited them and showed unity.
But they're going to launch back with false flags, Mike and I really believe, something Oklahoma City level or worse.
You can see it.
They got all these TV shows, and I'm not bringing this up because it's about me.
I've never even played the promos for these shows.
All these HBO and Comedy Central shows where they admit, this character's Alex Jones.
Then they have the character say horrible things I never said.
This shows, they've got something big planned this fall.
You can see the military buildup, information warfare-wise, Roger.
What do you think's coming?
And plus, I know you live in Florida part of the year.
Are you ready for Irma?
First Category 6 in history.
Well, Alex, I have evacuated Florida, taken my wife, my dogs, my cats, my children, my grandchildren, and we have decamped to Washington, D.C., probably go to New York at the end of the week.
Governor Rick Scott has called a state of emergency for the entire state.
Forced me to cancel a book signing I had with the great Milo that was planned for this Saturday.
That's been rescheduled till October 15th.
So we're as ready as we can be.
We batten down the hatches in Florida.
What surprises me about the left is the fact that they just have no sense of shame.
Last night watching the former Director of Intelligence James Clapper
On CNN with Anderson Cooper.
Now, Clapper is a man who got caught red-handed lying about the government's NSA metadata collection system.
He insisted under oath before the Congress that there was no such program.
Until, of course, the disclosures of Edward Snowden proved that he was a liar.
And he was forced to backtrack in the face of a possible perjury charge.
So the question you have to ask yourself is why would CNN interview such a person?
Why would anything they say be held to be true or credible?
It's amazing how the left just has no sense of shame.
They're so busy attacking Melania Trump's shoes that they don't pay attention to the record of distortion of a man like Clapper.
And by the way, Roger, that's the reason I held over.
And I'm glad you reminded me why I decided to hang into your hour here.
And that's because look at how CNN has been forced to admit that they basically had most of their Russian investigation killed now because they got caught plagiarizing, making stuff up, talking to witnesses that never told them the things.
That's in The Hill, that's in Politico, that's in Daily Caller today.
So this whole thing's unraveling and again, this on the heels
I don't think so.
Caught red-handed.
The guy is his own leaker committing crimes.
Lying and saying he didn't, uh, you know, have notes, then admitting he did.
That's lying to Congress.
Then, uh, saying, well, I don't have to give it to International Security, to the Attorney General.
He did.
I mean, it's just legions of fraud.
These people, though, keep operating like they're invincible.
Sessions has gotten a little stronger on it.
I couldn't agree with you more, Alex.
I don't understand why
Attorney General Sessions has not convened a grand jury and brought an indictment against James Comey for obstruction of justice.
It's as clear as the nose on my face, and that's pretty prominent.
In this case, we go all the way back to the FISA court declarations in November that prove without dispute that the entire front line of the NSA under Obama, Clapper, Rogers, Brennan, et al., Rice,
We're illegally surveilling, spying on as many as 30,000 Americans.
That list would include Donald Trump, Roger Stone, Melania Trump, Ivanka Trump, Paul Manafort.
The list goes on and on.
This is wholesale spying, use of government authority and assets for spying for political purposes.
It's a classic criminal indictment.
So, where is Sessions?
Is he asleep?
Let me ask Cernovich this question and then you, and then I'm going to eject, because you're going to be back on the War Room later today as well.
It kicks off in about 45 minutes at infowars.com forward slash show and newswars.com forward slash show.
Mike Cernovich, where do you think the Russian thing is going?
Because the word is, it's sputtered out, it's over, there is no evidence, it's made up.
Okay, some lawyer asked about a real estate deal, they have hundreds of them going at any one time, and okay, someone's looking for dirt on Hillary.
Meanwhile, Hillary's up to her eyeballs in Russian collusion.
Yeah, I've actually got stuff I probably can't share right now, but based on the people that I know received subpoenas recently, I know that they have nothing on Russia.
Because what they're looking at is so delusional and so far-fetched.
Mueller is America's number one conspiracy theorist now.
Because this whole Russia stuff, based on what they're looking at, based on high-level sources, it's so off the wall, it's so bizarre.
It would be like they went to the coffee shop where you have coffee, and they go in and they start interviewing people because you're there every day.
Has anybody ever seen you talk to Russia?
Oh yeah, that's in the news where they tell folks about the harassment.
They're contacting not just all the folks that ever lived in the Trump Towers, they're going after all those other business contacts.
Yeah, they found out all the people who were members of the Trump Golf Club, and they've created a database, USA Today did this, they've created a database of people who, their sole crime is that they were a member of Trump's Golf Club, and of course, as we know- This is stalking!
Yeah, it's stalking, harassment, they will use this to dox people, and here's what they're going to say, well, I mean, we haven't released the list yet.
Yeah, but now what they're doing is they're letting the loonies know, hey, you can go recreate this list on your own.
Wink, wink, nod, nod.
There's where they play baseball, the New York Times says.
And then, oh, hashtag hunt Republicans.
It's so clear how these wimps are trying to... When I called Mueller a criminal, he covered up for the Clintons.
He covered up for the Bushes.
The guy's a joke.
Now he's going after Trump for nothing.
Mike Cernovich, closing comments.
Yeah, I mean, Comey's a criminal.
As we know, we need more people like Roger Stone, the White House.
Jeff Sessions, I love the guy, but he's just out of touch.
He's too worried about marijuana.
We need him to focus on getting Antifa people thrown into prison where they belong, declaring them a RICO enterprise, and using the RICO Act to break up Antifa, just like they broke up the mob.
This has to be done.
This has to be a priority.
But we're always honest with the audience.
I'm going to skip this break so Roger has more time, and the 50 break as well.
But the big question here is...
We don't want to just sit here and bash Trump.
But on the Afghanistan thing, he went back on what he said his instincts were.
But he also said he listened to the generals.
He said he wanted to decriminalize marijuana.
He's kind of letting Sessions run around, you know, with, like, Reefer Madness 2.0.
This is crazy.
He is saying WikiLeaks is horrible and criminal when that's who got him elected more than Matt Drudge or even Infowars or Roger Stone or you.
I mean, let's just say Julian Assange and the patriots who are exposing our secrets or exposing criminal
And then now, with some of the things he's doing, clearly he's a million times better than Hillary.
We love him.
He's so strong.
He did what he said he'd do on DACA, because what Obama was doing was criminal.
He wants them to reform the program.
But there are some signs, and Mike's saying there's some signs, and Bannon has said there's evidence that Trump is basically starting to capitulate to the Republican establishment.
Is that really fair to say, Roger Stone?
And I'm going to turn this over to you.
Thank you.
Alex, I think to answer your question, more so in the realm of foreign policy than the realm of domestic policy.
It's absolutely clear that the president is dedicated to building the wall.
Pardon me.
It's also absolutely clear that he is adamant about a 15% corporate tax rate for American businesses, big and small.
In my opinion, this is the absolute cornerstone of the Trump revival.
This is the cornerstone of the success of his presidency.
It would buy him both time and capital to fix the country's other problems.
So I think I give him an A-plus on the area of domestic policy.
He clearly is keeping his pledge in that area.
Where I'm concerned is the growing influence of the generals, what I call the seven-day-in-May crowd, General Mattis, General McMaster, who has direct ties to George Soros, who worked for a think tank
...financed by Soros prior to his White House service, who's in the White House at the severance of Jared Kushner, the president's son-in-law, and who in no way is committed to the Trump doctrine abroad of avoiding international conflicts where our inherent national interest is not clear.
So I give the president an A on domestic policy.
At this point, I'm concerned after the Afghanistan announcements that the neocons who seem to have post Flynn infiltrated the foreign policy apparatus of the Trump administration are beginning to show their muscle in that area.
I think when we look back on it, we will see that the dismissal of Flynn
Is a seminal moment in terms of the neocons making a comeback in foreign policy.
The other point that I guess I would make today that I think is topical is that I filed with the court in the District of Columbia my response to the lawsuit by Obama and his cohorts in which the president and his campaign and I were sued for allegedly colluding with the Russians to hack the email of the DNC and to give that information to WikiLeaks.
We filed in the court yesterday.
I think it's pretty well covered in the media today.
Making the point that they can't even prove that the DNC was hacked.
Never mind that it was hacked by the Russians or that I had anything to do with it.
This is a lawsuit that is being utilized for fundraising purposes.
It's a fraud upon the court.
They provide no evidence whatsoever of collusion with the Russians by myself or Donald Trump or his campaign.
So we have moved to dismiss.
We have also planned to pursue sanctions by the court against the long list of august white shoe left wing lawyers who've had the bad judgment to append their name to this piece of crap.
It's a harassment lawsuit.
We broke this story right here at InfoWars.com only several weeks ago.
I'll be honest with you, Alex.
And my info warriors, I wear it as a badge of honor.
Being attacked by Barack Obama and the Clintons, that's a badge of honor.
You've seen it in the case of Mike Cernovich.
You've seen it in the case of Alex Jones.
You've seen it in the case of my friend Jack, Jumping Jack Flash Posobiec.
When they attack you, it means that you are effective.
It means that you're getting under their skin.
And it means that we're winning.
And that is very specifically, I think, what bothers them.
The other piece of very concerning news coming out of Washington is the word that Keith Schiller, longtime bodyguard and confidant of President Donald Trump, will be leaving the administration.
Now, Keith Schiller is a man I've known for a number of years.
He is a patriot.
He is the man who sees Donald Trump last at night and first thing in the morning.
He is the man who keeps one eye on the crowd and the other eye on the other bodyguards, including the Secret Service.
He is a man who always has the best interests and confidentiality of Donald Trump at heart.
And I fear that he is being squeezed out by General Kelly.
I know, as of this morning, that Kelly has gone to the president and complained about Roger Stone.
I haven't even warmed up on him yet, so I'm not sure what he's complaining about.
But I do know this.
Squeezing Keith Schiller out, a man who is protecting the president with his life, is an ominous sign.
But the reason that they are moving Schiller out is the same reason they moved Steve Bannon and Anthony Scaramucci out.
These men all had independent access to the President of the United States.
They all had the ability to speak to the President at will.
And that is what scares General Kelly so much.
You see, he'd like to isolate the President.
He'd like to completely control what the President reads, what he sees, who he meets with, who he talks to on the telephone.
He'd like to control where the President goes and where he can't go.
And that, in my opinion,
Completely misunderstands Donald J. Trump.
I fear for the President's safety if a man like Keith Schiller is not in the White House at his side.
I have no illusions, having written a book about the Kennedy assassination, about the flaws in our national security operation, including the U.S.
Secret Service.
I'm not saying that every Secret Service agent is not a patriotic American trying to do their job.
The great majority, in fact I would say virtually all of them are.
I'm worried about corruption at the top of that agency.
Just as I worry about corruption at the top of the FBI.
And I worry about corruption at the top of the CIA.
I'm not trying to disparage the patriotism of the rank and file men and women who work for those agencies who are merely trying to do their job and serve their country.
But without Keith Schiller keeping a watchful eye on the president's back, in all honesty, I think the president is in grave, grave danger.
The way the establishment works is first they try to defeat you.
They can't do that.
They try to discredit you.
Then they try to co-opt you.
If they cannot co-opt you, then they try to remove you.
We saw this in the instance of President Richard Nixon.
We saw it in the instance of President John F. Kennedy.
And it is not beyond the realm of possibility in the instances of President Donald J. Trump.
If he stands in the way of the war machine, if he stands in the way of the neocons who so desperately want war over Syria, then he poses a real obstacle to their money-making agenda.
To their internationalist agenda.