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Air Date: Aug. 17, 2017
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From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones.
It's 8-17-17.
Yes, ladies and gentlemen, it's already Thursday, the 17th day of August, 2017.
We're going to be live here for the next four hours as we are every weekday.
Central Standard Time coming to you from deep in the heart of Texas.
I am in Seattle, Washington.
In studio in Austin, Texas, we have Gary Haven, entrepreneur, billionaire, creator of Curves, private pilot, investigative journalist, filmmaker, you name it.
We also have Owen Schroer riding shotgun today.
And then we have a full slate.
We have Roger Stone, former head of the Trump campaign, in studio today, coming up in the third and fourth hour.
We have Pastor Rodney Howard, who's part of the Religious Council that goes and prays with Trump, who first reported a month ago the plan in Congress where they are telling Congress, get behind us, we're going to kill him, and we're going to basically kill anybody else that doesn't get in line with a military coup.
Well, the military's not on the side of the globalists, but they're selling the hoax that Trump is going down.
So that's all coming up.
They're also selling a hoax that I said Charlottesville never happened, or it was all actors, or the Jews did it.
I never said that.
I talked about leftist groups, black leftist groups, Jewish leftist groups.
All have been caught doing false flags.
All have been caught posing as Nazis at other events to get the race garbage going.
And coming up, I'm going to show a whole bunch of mainstream news articles confirming all of that.
Because it's not about defending myself, it's about showing how mainstream media lies.
They say, I said Jews were actors and did Charlottesville and it was fake.
Never said that.
I said 18 years ago, I've been at events and out of many groups I saw of leftists out there, sometimes I saw folks that were later connected to the ADL, Southern Poverty Law Center, and others, and that's been in the news.
Just this year they caught Jewish organizations and Jewish individuals that were leftist staging attacks on Jews in Israel and in the U.S.
to blame the right wing, to blame Trump and Benjamin Netanyahu.
That's Jerusalem Post.
Uh, major Jewish publications, leftist groups, had to apologize to President Trump, uh, earlier this year when the Jewish centers were getting attacked, the bomb threats, the gravestones getting overturned.
In his first speech to Congress, he had to say, oh, I'm really concerned about this because they'd said he was behind it.
And then it turned out it was fake, as Trump had said he thought it was.
So there is some real Nazis out there.
But the media is hyping it up and driving it to create a societal collapse.
Look at the headlines we've got out today on some of the live streams.
Here they are.
Trump to step down.
It's not true, but the media is basically beating the drum towards that direction.
Fake news.
So there's two can fight at that game.
Put out a headline like that with a question mark.
It's not fake.
We're good to go.
Push his plan to kill President Trump.
And that was, of course, the former deputy head of the CIA and former deputy head of the FBI, Phil Mudd, last week on CNN saying there is a plan to kill him and we're going to kill him, they said.
Wow, the arrogance!
Just like CNN, USA Today, once ally, CEO abandoned Trump.
And then they say here that three people died in the riots in Charlottesville, which it was actually one.
The mysterious helicopter situation, though, they don't want to debate that, but they just insert their fake news.
Let me translate for you this news headline right here from USA Today.
Trump disbands counsel as CEOs continue to flee.
And then they go on to cheerlead, they hope the collapse of the economy.
He's having to disband these councils because they're targeting all the CEOs and threatening them to go after them.
The globalists are, if they don't disband, and then getting them to...
One by one resign to make President Trump look weak and then hurt the economy.
So there's Trump working around the clock to resuscitate with defibrillators our economy.
He's got us back from the dead thanks to your exuberance and action listeners.
And now they're just desperately trying to crash the economy as fast as they can.
We'll be back with Gary Haven, Owen Schroer and more.
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Waging war on corruption.
It's Alex Jones coming to you live from the front lines of the InfoWar.
Ladies and gentlemen, thank you so much for joining us on this live, worldwide transmission.
It is 8-17-17 on this Thursday transmission, and we have got quite a global transmission for you.
We have in-studio in Austin, Texas, billionaire patriot,
Researcher, filmmaker, Gary Haven, pilot, investigative journalist with our team, Joe Biggs and Michael Zimmerman helped expose the child kidnapping rings in Haiti that were later six months confirmed in Associated Press report.
Flew in there just one day after the hurricane.
He's going to be riding a shotgun for the next three, four hours.
We have Owen Schroer, of course, co-hosting with us as well with breaking news and analysis.
There's been another car run over some people in Barcelona, Spain.
We hope that's a jihadi event and our prayers go out to... We hope that's not a jihadi event.
We hope that's not... I mean, we hope nobody's been hurt, period.
But obviously, we will learn more as this unfolds.
We're going to get...
Several people from the President's Evangelical Prayer Council on today.
One of them is Romero Pena, who's friends with Gary Haven.
To get into what Trump's really like behind the scenes, his true relationship with Christ, some pretty amazing testimony that you're going to get exclusively here.
And it just happened this way.
This was already set up a week ago.
Pastor Rodney Howard Brown
Who was in Congress a month ago and they told him there's a plan to physically kill the President.
First they said physically remove him, but now he's talked to him again.
They said no, kill him.
He's been visited by the Secret Service again, but the Secret Service hasn't visited Phil Mudd, former Deputy Director of the CIA and former Director of the FBI, Deputy Director, saying last week, the Deep State is getting ready to kill Trump.
So that's really the big news here.
They're trying to make Trump stand down.
They're trying to make Trump back off.
They're trying to make Trump basically step down, threatening his family, you name it.
We have that inside intel.
So I have the headline out there today, Trump to step down, only if you're hoaxed into submitting to it, or only if he can be broken, which I don't see happening.
As long as our prayers and action continue.
We also, again, have them trying to push a stock market crash.
Trying to bully all these CEOs into not bringing jobs back.
Because that'll kill globalism, give the American recovery.
Actually happens.
So this is an amazing time to be alive, but we do have mainstream media openly announcing and pushing plans to kill the president just to make everybody think, hey, he's done.
If they're on TV saying his whole economic council just collapsed, and if they're on TV saying they're going to kill him, he must be on his way out.
This is mind control by a very weak, evil, twisted, out-of-control group.
So I'm going to walk through
Uh, key intel on this in this hour that I'm going to turn it over, uh, even though wild horses can't drag me away, I'm listening every minute, uh, to not the second string, but the real new first string of people like Owen Schroer, uh, and David Knights, uh, getting back to town today.
Of course, Gary Haven coming in and so many others because it's the great minds out there like them and you, the listeners and viewers, they're going to help us turn this around.
So, tell us some of your observations, some of your views, and some of what's coming up.
Gary Haven and Owen Schroer, back in the ATX.
Hey Alex, good to see you.
I gotta tell you, you're not very good at taking a vacation.
I watched you jump in yesterday, but I'm glad you're here.
We're living in a very interesting time right now.
I want to talk today about the process that we've gone through for these Antifa, for the, you know, the people who want chaos, and what they've accomplished, because it's astounding.
And we need to warn your listeners and the American people, the ones that still are capable of thought, on how to respond to this thing.
And so I'm looking forward to talking about that today with some great guests with you, and of course with Owen.
Alex, one thing that I'm noticing and that's kind of been on my radar is the line that's being drawn in the media right now where it's becoming more clear and present every day.
Who's real?
Who's genuine?
Who wants to get down to the truth?
Who wants to report the truth?
Who wants to know what's actually going on?
And who's just going to repeat talking points?
Who's just going to virtue signal?
Who's going to literally lie?
On camera, who's just going to read a teleprompter?
The line has been clearly drawn to me now, especially after what happened in Charlottesville.
People saying, Trump never condemned, Trump never condemned.
Okay, you're fake news.
It's gotten really easy.
That's right.
And it's biblical.
Even if we don't believe in the Bible or history or God, when things get down the line, good and evil become very, very clear.
The demarcations become extremely clear.
And, you know, it's one of the other big points I was going to get to that's in my notes that Gary just separately just brought up.
Because I have so many clips, I don't even know if we have time to get to these, but I'm going to try after the half hour mark.
We have MSNBC promotes Antifa violence and says it's good, attack people, go out and attack Trump supporters.
So, again, first they label you alt-right, then they have a little Nazi rally and attach them to people, and then they attach it to Trump, then they attach it to everybody else and dehumanize us.
That's a Nazi tactic.
And then CNN.
Promoting this fascist, uh, anti-fob, George Soros-funded group.
We don't just say George Soros this, George Soros that.
That's who's been funding Antifa since I first covered them here in Seattle in 1999.
So, we're going to be getting to how they're promoting violence and how they're setting the stage for a real civil war in America because they can't win.
And they're going around to all the reporters and all the Fox News people.
And, I mean, I got these calls months ago.
People said, well, say who?
Well, you know, it's off-the-record calls and
There's a thin veil of the threat, but they're going to take Trump down.
And if you don't step aside during it, they're going to take you down.
You need to be in this for a long haul, Alex, and be a survivor, and be smart.
You need to turn Trump loose.
Look, you've done a lot.
You probably got him elected.
People really respect you.
But this is the right thing to do, Alex.
And so if you don't want something to happen to you and your family, things should go a lot better for you in your life.
You already see what we can do to you.
So don't make us... Well, you want to live, don't you?
And that's basically word for word.
I've got about five of those calls from high-level folks.
Oh, and by the way, Alex, we can make it even easier for you.
So we can either give you a carpet of gold or a carpet of death.
You know what?
I choose honor.
I choose George Washington.
I choose ramming speed.
I choose total commitment, and I've never been so alive.
So yes, my wife...
So my children may be on vacation right now, but I am not on vacation.
I'm working 18 hours a day.
I woke up in the middle of the night last night wanting to work because things are so serious.
I'm going to skip this network break, the only one today, so that we have time now to get into the main body of what I'm about to cover.
We are at a historic crossroads and the men are being separated from the people that want to serve the establishment.
And if you think giving in to these bullies now is going to advance you and your family, you're crazy.
Just having Trump in for seven months has turned the economy back on and has panicked the globalists and has put fear into the social engineers.
And the damage we've done to them will last a lifetime.
There's no reversing our huge gains.
So don't let them ever demoralize you.
But they've gone to the next level of deception.
The next level of fake news.
And so the first thing I want to cover right now is a giant hoax.
It's the hoax that Jews staged the Charlottesville crisis.
And that I said actors carried it out.
That is a total and complete hoax.
That is a total and complete lie.
And I've covered this the last few days, but I saw a video clip from my friend Joe Rogan, who I've known 19 years, who will say anytime they call me a racist that he's never heard me say anything racist and he knows I'm not.
But Joe's a smart guy, but he went off ABC, NBC, CBS, the headlines, saying Alex Jones says Jewish actors carried out Charlottesville.
Never said anything like that.
I spent an hour covering black people, white people, Hispanics, Jewish people, all leftist.
All over the world, dressing up like Nazis, staging events, death-threatening Jewish centers, calling in bomb threats, knocking over Jewish headstones at cemeteries, doing things like this.
And I covered real events, and where Texas Monthly covered that.
There had been the FBI setting up fake KKK groups and getting them to go out and carry stuff.
The Southern Poverty Law Center set up the southern area of the United States.
All sorts of white supremacist groups like Ellingham City that was involved in the Oklahoma City bombing.
So, provocateuring is something that's known.
And Joe properly points out, you know, the government wanted to stage terror attacks of Operation Northwoods to get us into war with Cuba and the Soviet Union, so anything is possible.
So he kind of uses a rebuke of me as a way to get real issues out.
But what Joe's doing...
And I sent him a message this morning, I hope to talk to him today, is he's being hoaxed by mainstream news of the headline, Jones says actors did Charlottesville.
Because even if you read the text of what I said edited together deceptively, I said 18 years ago,
I'd gone out and protested KKK and Aryan Nations groups and later it did come out that there were Southern Poverty Law Center and leftist groups and some folks from Jewish groups that had infiltrated those and were basically part of those and using the promotion of that as a way to get people to believe that the white supremacist threat is much bigger than it is so the Southern Poverty Law Center and ADL could get more funding.
Now that's a real paradigm, something real.
That's been happening.
But what they do is they misrepresent.
I believe Charlottesville happened.
But notice how they put you on the defensive.
They're the liars.
They're the fake news.
Then your friends pick it up, meaning well, buy into the hoax.
Because, I mean, who would write in Newsweek, you know, that Alex Jones says Jewish actors staged Charlottesville?
I mean, I mean, who would ever?
It must be true, right?
It'd be like if they said the president died, or the president was gonna step down.
Must be true.
Or the stock market's gonna crash.
Must be truer.
Iraq has WMDs.
Must be truer.
Saddam Hussein's bashing little babies' brains out in incubators.
Must be true.
You saw a little girl testify.
That wasn't true.
So, but I don't blame Joe, because he very nicely covers it and says, you know, Alex, I, you know, can't believe he thinks this, but, you know, it's, it's, it's, it's, it's basically crazy.
Well, no, what's crazy is the media took what I said in a long-form discussion, just like they could take what I just said in the last five minutes and edit it to where I'm saying that Easter bunnies or possums carried out the attacks in Charlottesville.
Now, were the feds involved?
Provocateuring the leadership?
Ordering a stand-down?
Has that come out?
Yes, we have articles and video on InfoWars.com.
Was there manipulation?
Are they using the Antifa, funded to come in violent, to escalate things?
That's admitted.
Let's kill their mics for a moment.
So we're walking through all of this.
We're going over all of this.
And this is what I really said.
Not what the Austin American-Statesman said.
Not what the New York Times said.
But notice they all followed.
The group funded by George Soros, mainly, and the Democratic Party and Podesta.
And that's Media Matters run by David Brock that is an admitted Democratic Party propaganda arm that's been given hundreds of millions of dollars to put out this info.
So they put out the talking point of edited talking points, but at least admit, I was saying 18 years ago, some Jews dressed up as Nazis.
And then they project that onto something modern and new.
And so instead of getting mad at fake news, we just adopt it and then I respond and say I'm not racist to their fake announcements.
When I was a few days ago showing Reuters, Associated Press, and other publications with Jewish individuals who are leftist, caught staging attacks on Jews to blame Trump,
Remember the headline, Trump says false flag being carried out by leftist Jews, and then it turned out he was right, and Trump was given an apology, not by those publications, but by American Jewish organizations.
So this is leftists terrorizing Jews to keep them under control, funded by a Nazi collaborator, George Soros.
He's the Nazi.
He collaborated with the Nazis.
He wants to overthrow Israel, not me.
We're gonna go back to our guest host in a moment, but let's play the Joe Rogan piece right now, and I'll come back and go over a few more of the points.
The need for everything to be a conspiracy is a real problem.
It's a real problem for a lot of people.
The need to know that they're right about things is a real problem.
The not admitting that you don't really know part is a problem, because until I'm absolutely certain
That what you're saying, like, I have to know when I'm talking to you.
If you say I'm absolutely 100% positive that if I light this paper on fire, it'll burn.
If this is regular paper, and I have a regular fire, I'm 100% positive.
I have to know that that's how you really are operating.
So if you're telling me it's 100% that Kennedy's driver shot him, dude, it's 100%.
You watch the video, it's 100% Kennedy's driver shot him, or any kind of crazy conspiracy like that.
As soon as you say you know for sure, it's like god damn, man.
It's a huge weakness.
You know for sure that it wasn't a plane that hit the Pentagon.
You know for sure?
How do you know for sure?
I agree with you completely.
You can know for sure.
And if everyone agrees, like I always get freaked out when like everybody agrees on everything.
I feel like I'm in a cult.
Yeah, it gets, it gets super culty.
Both, on both sides.
As being a skeptical person, like there's a lot of people that are skeptics that they'll look at things even like Operation Northwoods and they'll be like, well that's just, it did no big deal.
They were planning on killing Americans.
They were going to arm Cuban friendlies and have them attack Guantanamo Bay.
They were trying to get us to go to war with Cuba.
And they were going to manipulate us.
They were going to blow up a drone jetliner and blame it on Cuba so we'd be outraged and we'd want to go over and kick Cuba's ass.
It would cost, who knows, countless thousands of American lives, for sure.
Because, you know, you're talking about 1961 or 2 or whatever it was when Kennedy vetoed the
The really wacky ones distract from the real ones.
They mask it.
It makes it so nothing means anything.
Alex Jones was saying something f***ing crazy today.
There's Jewish actors pretending to be Nazis in Charlottesville.
These guys had tattoos of swastikas on their chest.
That's not f***ing...
He's not a Jewish person because you're not supposed to get tattooed.
Right, exactly.
It's not a f***ing actor.
Once you tattoo a swastika on your chest, you're not acting anymore.
You've committed to a team.
Jesus Christ!
That's like one of the biggest steps I can possibly think of as a human being.
Is to go to a tattoo parlor and be like, give me the f***ing craziest one.
So the social engineers have a problem.
This year they caught leftist Jewish individuals staging attacks, staging attacks on Jewish centers, on cemeteries, hundreds and hundreds of death threats, attacks on dormitories, poop swastikas.
It's been, it's been rough.
At first they said that Trump was behind it all.
He even responded to it.
I think?
But the media has a problem.
MSM has been so discredited with the babies and incubators in Iraq and the WMDs and Operation Northwoods and the rest of it.
They've got to engage in deeper fake news.
So what they've said in the last four days is that I said Charlottesville didn't happen.
It was all actors.
I've got to watch out.
They'll edit that together and put that out as quotes.
Seriously, that's how bad they are.
They're saying, basically, I said Charlottesville didn't happen, it was all Jewish actors.
I did not say that.
There have been many cases of folks of every religious background group that are leftist, including Jews, that have been caught infiltrating and even running white supremacist groups and KKK groups and provocateuring them.
I mean, that's just a fact.
Breitbart's probably written 200 articles on it in the last couple years.
We've written countless articles.
Texas Monthly, The New York Times.
But my good friend, Joe Rogan, I don't blame him.
He got hoaxed into it because it was in ABC News, NBC News, Newsweek.
Alex Jones says that it was actors in Charlottesville posing as Nazis and Charlottesville basically didn't happen.
I didn't say that.
You actually read what the Southern Property Law Center and what the ADL and what the folks over at Media Matters funded by George Soros said, is they actually said, Jones said 20 years ago and 18 years ago, he would go out and see folks.
They took it out of context.
I said it didn't even, in a quote, look like an Aryan, look like, you know, Seinfeld or something, dressed up as Nazis.
And then it would come out later that indeed it was leftist posing.
So, that's what was said, and people know that I don't support George Soros, that's a Nazi collaborator, that funds Media Matters, and these very groups that try to imply I'm somehow a Nazi.
But that's why they've got to call everybody a Nazi, but themselves, because that's who they are.
And then they hope that even smart people like Joe Rogan, one of the smartest guys I know, is busy, got family, got a busy life, got an incredibly popular show, and he just sees headlines that I'm saying Charlottesville was all actors,
And then for the rest of my life I'll be hearing, you said Charlottesville didn't exist because media lied about it.
That's the media's problem.
My listeners know the truth.
They understand what's really going on and they're aware of the facts.
But if you want to look at
Southern Poverty Law Center and other groups actually running Elohim City that carried out the Oklahoma City bombing attack.
That's been in major newspapers.
That's come out in lawsuits.
That's in Freedom Information Act requests from then-Deputy Attorney General at the time, Eric Holder.
I mean, this is the truth.
Most of these events are provocateured, wound-up, mentally ill people they're using to do it.
But something like Operation Northwoods, that is a purely synthetic event where they were going to completely stage the terror attacks to bring us to war, but as Joe said, that got vetoed.
But I've had media say, I'm a conspiracy theorist about that.
The reality is, you can't deny that we've got the CNN and MSNBC clips we're going to play today that are up on InfoWars.com.
Where they are openly talking about how they need more violence against Trump supporters, period, because we've got to be intimidated and bullied into submission.
So first Hillary calls us the alt-right.
She defines reality.
Then she brings in, through the provocateur groups, all these other organizations with the Antifa to come in and attack everybody.
It blows up and then they claim it's our fault.
This is how they're trying to undermine our open and free society.
It's a fact.
They're calling for the President to be killed on CNN.
Why is that not bigger news when the former Deputy Director of the CIA, Phil Mudd, calls for his death?
We're good to go.
Straw men are created of things I've never said, editing together what I've said to deceive people.
I'm not the person they've straw manned.
I'm the person who I am that you watch and you listen.
And I'm honored to be here at the center of the debate because I'm hitting the barbed wire every day because it's the right thing to do to expose these globalists.
Gary Haven, in studio in Austin, Texas.
Owen Schroer, I want to get your breakdown, man.
Well, I'm not surprised the media is gaslighting Trump all day long, and they're gaslighting you all day long.
They want to poke you, they want to intimidate you, they want to try to stop you from covering real news, just like they want to stop Trump from his agenda.
Yeah, and when we get back from the break, I want to show some of the evidence that there are actors that are participating in this event.
So, part of what they claimed you said is actually factual.
We're on the march, the Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Live from Austin, Texas, broadcasting worldwide, it's Alex Jones.
You know what's amazing?
MSM is actually pushing the hoax that Jews, posing as actors, staged the Charlottesville attack.
They killed one lady, two officers, state troopers died in a mysterious helicopter accident.
And they're acting like it's the end of the world, the end of our economy, the end of Trump, the end of everything.
Like 5 billion people died.
Like America is now Hitler.
Because a bunch of antifa scum were marched in to be violent, and a bunch of globalists managing and manipulating agiprop confused white nationalists clashed.
The leftists attacked them.
That's not endorsing the white nationalists to say the leftists attacked them.
It's endorsing reality and simply reporting on it.
And then President Trump comes out and covers it properly and talks about how it's being used for division and says come together and they say once allies, CEOs abandon Trump.
They say it's the end of the economy.
Everyone's turning against him.
And they have no proof, no one to quote, no facts in USA Today.
More fake news.
Might as well say Trump was assassinated.
Might as well say Trump is going to step down tomorrow.
Might as well say the Easter Bunny's real.
But I'll tell you what's real.
They're trying to crash our stock market because they know it's economic results of the free market that trump their globalism.
Pun intended.
And they know that mainstream media is openly promoting and normalizing the idea of a violent, bloody coup against President Trump and his supporters.
We are in wild, wild territory right now.
Incredible territory.
Now, we're going back to Gary Haven and, of course, Owen Schroyer in a moment.
To talk about this, but first off, a lot of people say, man, Alex, what's it like to have Newsweek run the hoax headline that you say Jewish actors staged Charlottesville?
What's that like?
Well, it's like when I said Hillary's responsible for the murder of hundreds of thousands of people, including children, and she personally is responsible.
They edited that together with other comments to say that I said she killed people under a pizza place.
It's not my fault Fox News edited that together.
It's not my fault.
That's their fault.
They're scum.
That's why they're fake news.
Just like, just like, you know, that was Megyn Kelly.
Just like they're saying that...
Trump never repudiated on Saturday, never repudiated on Sunday, never repudiated on Tuesday.
He repudiated perfectly, beautifully, with love and unity and truth and exposing the whole thing.
And they just keep saying he never repudiated, just like he repudiated David Duke in the 90s, and in the 2000s, and in 2014, and in 2015, and in 2016, and finally in 2016 he repudiated him so many times.
One day, it was on a weekend, they said repudiate him, he didn't repudiate.
And they went, oh my god, you didn't show up and repudiate it, you must support him!
So they repudiated it dozens more times.
One time, three, four times in one press conference.
And a couple minutes after he repudiated it, they said, you never repudiated!
They said, you're crazy!
You're fake news!
First time he said that.
I just repudiated it again!
But see, they're editing it.
They're taking the live press conference and editing it to keep asking the question, why won't you repudiate?
Why won't you repudiate?
And at a certain point,
I'm watching a Nazi collaborator, like George Soros, a literal Nazi collaborator who's overthrown over a hundred countries, funded the Arab Spring, funded radical Islam to take over, uh, uh, uh, scourged the Muslims, Christians, Jews, you name it.
Literally declared an enemy of the state of Israel.
Literally, that's Reuters.
Declared an enemy of the state in Eastern Europe.
And groups he funds edit stuff together, but I'll give it to Media Matters and David Brock.
At least they took my real quotes and kind of cut them down where I said I've been to KKK events I protested and to Aryan Nations events I protested.
Those videos are public online and said you're big fat federal agents.
You know, look at you.
You're Hispanic.
What are you doing in a KKK outfit?
Look at you.
You don't look like, you know, you're, you're, and people say, well, what's a Jew look like?
Well, they can look like, you know, anybody.
Uh, there's black Jews, white Jews, Asian Jews, whatever.
Anybody can convert, but a classic, you know, uh, Ashkenazi, Russian Jew features, you know, like you have in an encyclopedia.
You know, people have features.
It's okay to point out people's features.
You know, like some Scandinavians are six and a half feet tall.
The point is, is it came out that they were indeed leftist from the Southern Poverty Law Center and other groups in those Nazi groups that I protested.
It turned out specifically I was right.
We've been showing news articles the whole time, but they don't show you the news articles.
They edit together two, three words here, four, five words there, put them together.
And then put that out.
But I don't care!
It doesn't hurt me!
I on purpose said all that Sunday, knowing they would do that, knowing it would be all over the newspapers, so that then the listeners would end up hearing the truth about the leftists that are staging events.
But they didn't fully stage Charlottesville.
They came in and provocateured it.
They do have these crisis actors, which they hire for these drills, which then get hired as well on to be leaders of the anti-fop.
My second police state film shows them being trained on the news as actors, as role players, so it's not illegal.
They tell them, oh, we're training you to be actors for a zombie scene.
Or we're training you to be actors for a riot scene in a movie.
Wink wink.
Because it's illegal to do that otherwise.
And then they go out and they attack Seattle and make the good protesters look bad.
I have it all on video in a two-hour film.
It's free.
The amount of evidence we have, and there's Mexicans and Germans and Jewish groups and Chinese people, everybody, that are leftists going and posing and being part of this destabilization.
But the media takes the one part about leftist Jews being caught staging events, which is Reuters, which is Washington Post.
Which is Associated Press, and they misrepresent what I said to say it was Charlottesville to then cause the crisis.
The truth is, one of the organizers does have connections to the FBI and CIA.
So does the mayor, and I've had former high-level CIA on, Dr. Steve Puchinnik, blowing the whistle.
He can't give you classified info, but he basically said they are from his sources.
Just like he's given us intel on air before that ends up coming out later.
He can't give us the classified stuff.
He's got all the connections but he can give you a basic approximation because he used to run regime change teams, overthrow governments himself.
And people go, well, then he must be bad.
No, he's working for America to expose it right now and telling you they're trying to implode the economy to stop Trump and to stop you.
The stakes have never been higher.
Now, Gary Haber is going to be hosting the rest of the transmission.
I'm just coming on to get all this covered here today.
I've got the left doing fake crying.
I've got them calling for violence.
I've got it all.
But before we go to Gary, Anne Owens-Froyer, we're chomping at the bit right now.
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InfoWarsStore.com or 888-253-3139.
But we are
Tirelessly, fearlessly in the face of the enemy.
And we have so much coming up today with the pastor that was told they're planning to kill Trump by Congress.
He got visited by the Secret Service.
He went back.
They confirmed, no, it's physical.
They're planning to kill him.
Pastor is going to be joining us, Rodney Howard Brown.
And also we're going to have
The senior pastor of Trump's prayer group also joined us as friends with Gary Haven to talk about the inside scoop in real private meetings that he's going to just tell you now.
We don't know if he has authorization to do this, but it's happening, about Trump's real relationship with Christ.
Powerful information.
This is a fight between good and evil.
But Gary, Gary Haven, again, author, filmmaker, researcher, rescue pilot, you name it, with Owen Schroer.
You've heard the breakdown.
You've seen the layout here.
You said, going to break.
Hey, Alex.
It's true you didn't say Jewish actors staged Charlottesville, but we do have crisis actors clearly confirmed now.
We've done videos on this from other events around the country confirmed as actors.
They're part of the event.
So Gary Haven, let's talk about that.
Yeah, thank you, Alex.
We need to really kind of break this down so that the American people can see the truth, because you're certainly not getting that from the emotional and frenzied media that's out there.
There's a lot of evidence that this was designed, that this chaos was designed.
And I'll tell you what, it's been amazingly effective.
I've been astounded as I've watched this unfold.
But we know that there were crisis actors involved in this thing.
In Zero Hedge, for example, here's an article today.
Now the discovery of Craiglist ad posted last Monday, almost a full week before the Charlottesville protests, is raising new questions over whether paid protesters were sourced by Los Angeles-based public relations firms specializing in innovative events to serve as agitators in counter-protests.
And your listeners can go to the website of this company, it's called CrowdZoneDemand.com, and they're going to find that they were hiring people, paying them $25 an hour, to agitate.
And so, here's the evidence, and this isn't unusual, this is usually available between all of the events.
And by the way guys, click on talent!
Click on talent!
You can see photos of these people, and then our reporters days ago, I know I saw this Monday when I left,
Well, we're actually syncing up photos.
Millie Weaver and Gavin had already shown this to me.
Gavin Wentz.
We're showing people from other events with the actors.
It's them.
They're there.
Yeah, so you're part about actors, which I think they took and they stretched into this old information that was inaccurate.
Well, the part about the actors is valid, and I think it's important.
It helps us to understand that there are people that are actually planning these events.
There were about a thousand protesters, and only about a hundred were white supremacists, and the other hundred were the Antifa and the Black Lives Matter.
So a couple hundred people, many of whom were paid actors, had a script to play that has led into this thing.
And if you look at Trump's words that he said when he first condemned it, which really began this firestorm, you know, this is pretty lame.
We condemn, the firestorm over this is pretty late, I think his words are very accurate.
We condemn in the strongest possible terms this egregious display of hatred, bigotry and violence on many sides.
And the term on many sides is what the left
Or what the people that are motivated to benefit from this chaos they've created have hung on to.
It's amazing.
You watch the late night news and the people that are attacking Trump over, you know, those words.
You have a really good friend who's a former state delegate in Virginia.
I spent some time with him on the phone last night.
He's a never-Trumper.
And he's articulate, bright, and I listen to his side of the argument.
And it's amazing the emotion that people are having over Trump's statement and the fact that he said, on many sides.
And you know, when people start feeling, they stop thinking.
And across the spectrum, you have just absolute frenzy going on right now.
So what is the goal here of They?
And the goal is that you create order out of chaos.
You acquire power by creating chaos.
I'm afraid that this movement to create these events, that summer of rage, was kind of late in coming.
Boy, they have hit a home run now.
We are in for some real problems in this country.
So it's so important, Alex, that people like you and me
We're good to go.
And when you look at the violence that's being perpetrated, and the myth, and the attacks on the President, and on anybody who defends the President, and that's another thing they've accomplished.
They've been able to take, you know, the term White Supremacist and convert it to White Nationalist, and then inclusively, anybody that's a Trump supporter becomes a White Supremacist.
And that's what this is.
Not only were there actors there, and that's what I said.
They ship in a bunch of actors.
They do this at every event.
I've been there.
I've covered it from Seattle to Austin.
There it is in the news.
There it is mainstream media.
There they are advertising.
There's the photos of the actors.
And I go, it's crazy.
Sometimes there's even people that are clearly Jewish, and it comes out they're Jewish later, 18 years ago, at the events in the Southern Poverty Law Center, running Elohim City, the big white supremacist compound in Oklahoma.
And again, they then distort that.
But think about this.
We know it's synthetic.
Are there some real white supremacists there?
Are there some real, you know, Antifa there?
But the orchestration, the police stand down, and the media hype, like this is the end of the world and it's just so incredible and America is so racist and America is so bad when gays are being thrown off buildings every day in the Middle East and women are slaves by the, you know, 500 million of them.
That's okay.
But oh my gosh, Trump said many sides.
You had Annie Funk?
They have like green skin, they never get out in the sun.
These are soulless evil minions with a few actors controlling them and they're bullying everyone on CNN and MSNBC saying, we're allowed to be violent.
We're going to hit you in the head with a bike lock.
It's good because you're a Nazi.
And that's the alchemy.
First you get a few Nazis, then you call them white nationalists, then you connect them to anybody that's a Trump supporter, and then by extension, Michael Moore and Potok of Southern Poverty Slime Center go on MSNBC and say, quote,
He's a white supremacist.
He supports Nazis when they're the ones funded by an admitted Nazi collaborator.
And Arnold Schwarzenegger gave $100,000 to some nebulous group we've never heard of.
Probably not even true.
Because of the hate.
When his dad was a Nazi, he said he loved Hitler to Rolling Stone.
And the guy's an anti-American pig.
The Southern Poverty Law Center gives him awards.
But it doesn't matter.
When he wears SS officer belt buckles on TV shows just six months ago.
He reportedly, people I know that know him, wears Nazi uniforms on holidays.
SS uniforms in his house.
And that's even been in the news.
Literal Nazis are okay, but we fight Nazis, so we're bad.
We'll be right back with Gary Haven.
We'll get Owen Schroer's take on this.
But I'm going to introduce Pastor coming up here.
Rodney Howard Brown, because here's the big news.
They got you going with all this faux outrage, all this made-up stuff.
They're getting ready on the news saying, we're gonna kill the president, we're moving to Kelly, we're CIA, we're FBI.
Why are they doing that?
They want to normalize it when they blow his head off, that it was completely normal.
And they want to normalize it to their hit teams, that they must really be powerful if they can say it in public.
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You know, this is just astounding.
I want to go to Owen Schroer and Gary Haven are about to take over the full transmission today.
Because I get so much knowledge.
I'm not bragging, it's actually like torture.
That I remember the crisis actor companies in New York, in D.C., in L.A., in Seattle, in Minnesota, it's got a big one.
And that I've seen the same people around the country that have physically attacked me and others for over a decade.
And these are all washed up wannabe actors who also happen to be communist.
And then they know you're not supposed to say you're a communist, so they call themselves Antifa.
They're openly funded by George Soros.
They're on CNN, MSNBC, saying we're going to be violent.
CNN says, yes, go out, attack any Trump supporter.
They want civil war.
And then there are websites advertising, hey, we have crisis actors ready to go.
And I just mentioned this on Sunday and mentioned a smattering of examples from over the years.
And the media just misrepresented it.
But then I totally missed the point of going in.
Millie Weaver and Gavin, too, they had all this stuff on Sunday.
We're going to post it.
Maybe they did.
But it's like we already know this.
So we just kind of just say it to everybody.
Even though we have the total bombshell proven that it's a billionaire CEO, cool cat, you know, rescue pilot.
I'm not kissing his butt, but he's an amazing guy.
Coming and going, hey, let's settle down.
Here's the crisis actors.
Alex, hold on.
Alex, you're actually right.
But see, they just had the Jewish part in there to try to discredit us.
So, Owen Schroer, Gary Haven, this segment and the next for The Pastor joins us.
How huge is this?
We need to make a big deal out of this that they did bring actors.
Which, again, I just go with my spirit, my gut.
I just tell the truth and then don't worry about it.
Then the enemies on attacks always turn against them because now they've attacked so big saying I'm lying about actors.
But then they're admitting they had actors.
This is another victory.
Gary Haven.
Well, Alex, I think there's plenty of evidence here that they've brought in actors and that they continue to do that on all these events.
You know, the design here is to create chaos.
And right now, you know, you had a hundred neo-Nazi white supremacists and a hundred Antifa
And this story now has dominated the media all week.
It's put the president in a horrible position.
You know, I thought one of the most astounding things I've ever seen was the press event that Donald Trump held the other day for infrastructure.
We're going to show a clip of that in a moment.
Here's the sitting President of the United States and a group of reporters having a verbal battle.
I can't remember in my entire life ever that disrespect, that level of disrespect.
And Trump went on the attack and it was extraordinary to watch.
We'll play it next segment because we're about to go to break, but let me raise this then.
Again, even Zero Hedges' headline isn't strong enough and ours isn't.
It isn't, why was this group hiring $25 an hour people a few weeks ago for the event?
They say, we will send anti-protesters to cause crises.
They were using the words, we need to go back to that website we showed, where they said basically, we will stir up an event, we will cause a crisis.
I forget the exact word they were using.
They admit to going and basically causing the riot right there.
And again, as patriots, we all just know this, so we don't even make a big deal out of this, Gary.
Well, let's remember too that you had Project Veritas release videos.
Aaron Black admitting that he caused violence at the Chicago Trump rally.
You have Bob Kramer saying he talks to Hillary Clinton about street agitation.
You had Scott Fovall talking about he looks for mentally ill people on the street to go out and do these things.
So the amazing thing to me about all this coverage saying that you're insane for insinuating there's actors.
Well, how is that insane?
That's been going on for years.
This isn't a tactic as old as Nazis.
I mean, Hitler burned his own eyes.
I agree.
You guys showed the one spot on their site earlier.
And here's what's crazy.
I want to find that again, where it actually says we'll go agitate.
We'll stir it up.
We'll destabilize.
It actually says we'll send in our actors for agitprop.
Oh, it was to agitate.
They actually say in there.
I mean, this is sensational.
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You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
The Alex Jones Show.
Because there is a war on.
Or you're mine.
Gary's right that they've gotten people in a hysterical mindset and then the thinking process shifts off in most people.
I've been hooked up to an EKG before just as a test.
Mine goes up when I get agitated.
I'm kind of a weird duck.
I also get really focused when I'm very calm.
Like I was driving three or four hours yesterday or more just to go to Mount Rainier and I didn't talk very, very much the whole time I was driving while the family was talking.
But I get in this agitated state when my brain speeds up.
Because it's just what Gary Haven was saying.
You've got the president going, four trillion stock market, 400 billion new jobs, a million and a half new jobs.
And they're just going, you'll never get it through.
We're going to fail.
If you're going to get tax cuts and health care repealed, you'll never make it.
And it's like a 20 minute press conference and they're frothing.
Like, like he's a convicted child murderer and the parents are in the court and the bailiff's having to stop him.
I mean, because you have frothing, cowardly, nobody media hired by foreign globalists that have failed and have lost and are doubling down with fake news and have hit the president with everything they've got and nothing's working and they want to bully his supporters and they want to bully other, you know, never Trumpers to feel like they're part of the winning team and see, we're right, Trump's bad.
These are losers.
These are followers.
These are cowards.
These are people that go along with CNN saying, we're going to kill Trump soon with CIA former deputy directors on.
You people are idiots.
You're not part of the power structure.
You're gonna cry out to Christ if Trump ends up getting killed later when the globalists come down on us and God judges us.
This was the reprieve.
You were given everything, economy, control of the border, sovereignty, decency, love, all of it flooding back in because Trump said we're bringing Christ back in, we're bringing God back in.
We asked for the Providence, we're going to release the secret technologies, and the globalists are screaming going, no, no, no, they want to steal that birthright of America.
And now if you can get all the rhinos and neocons and fake liberals to buy into the con game, buy into the system and be the schmucks, then we're going to have this reprieve taken.
Gary Haven, Owen Schroer, I think there's no doubt of this.
Well, what I don't understand is, since when is the left beyond reproach?
How come, all of a sudden, you have the right getting blamed for neo-Nazis, Nazis, KKK... And the left's allowed to beat people up and say, kill the president!
For months!
Because they set themselves up!
For months!
They're doing this for months, Alex.
Antifa's been brutalizing things.
I mean, look at the Women's March.
Look at the Black Lives Matter march in Dallas.
Well, yeah, years, okay.
That's true, too.
CNN, when cops get killed, say, well, cops are bad, they deserve to die.
We've seen them say, you know, well, more cops are going to die because you're bad people.
And most police departments are rolling over.
I mean, let me tell you, they haven't put a dent in Trump yet, but you're right.
Haven's right.
This is getting some traction because of weak-mindedness from literal Soros-funded cop-killing groups.
Yeah, you know, they use, if you speak up and tell the truth, then they use ridicule.
Then they try to twist your words.
They lie by omission.
They've got a real strategy here.
Yeah, you know, Alex, I think we haven't mentioned this yet.
It's important.
This young woman that died, it is a tragedy.
You know, I thought her mother, who spoke and gave the eulogy, was an amazing woman.
I don't know if you saw that or not, but really an honorable woman.
It was amazing.
We played it yesterday, yes.
So, you know, but you can't let that terrible tragedy keep you from being able to speak truth about what happened here.
And the media has been very successful at holding that up and saying that you can't talk about Antifa.
And that's where the violence started, by the way.
Antifa attacked the people.
And Millie, with her great report, by the way, demonstrated that.
And saying that is racist now.
Saying that is evil.
Saying reality is evil.
We have to be able to talk about it.
We can't be shouted down or ridiculed or whatever.
Particularly right now because they are really mounting a successful challenge to Trump's presidency over a few words that he chose.
It's just amazing to me.
Well, I think it's amazing that, to get back to what I was saying, that the right, quote-unquote the right, is having to apologize for things that were created by the left.
Nazis, socialists, left, KKK, Democrats, left.
But they failed in their mind control before.
The hoax isn't completely working.
It can fade again.
But we have to stand against the pressure and tell our friends, our family, everyone that it's total hype and mind control.
Let's come back, introduce the pastor that was the witness to the coup plot against the president with the latest developments.
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We're good to go.
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We are on the march.
The Empire is on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Ladies and gentlemen, Pastor Rodney Howard Brown is with us for about the next 40 minutes.
Then Pastor Roman Pena, good friends with Gary Haven, also part of the same prayer council, National Prayer Council.
President Trump is also going to be joining us.
I'm on the road in Seattle.
The crew is in Austin, Texas.
Again, Gary Haven is there.
Researcher, filmmaker, founder of Curves, a billionaire entrepreneur, their co-host Owen Schroer.
I cannot, and I'm going to turn the interview over now so they have more time.
I cannot express to you the razor's edge we're on right now.
Mr. Brown, who famously is there with his hands laying on the President a few months ago and the media demonized it, went to Congress the day after that and was told by high-level congressmen they're preparing a coup, an overthrow, outside of impeachment.
And then he got visited by the Secret Service and he reportedly went back and talked to his source.
They said, no, we mean a physical removal.
Well, we have the former head of the CIA, Brennan, who's a lobbyist, admittedly converted to radical Islam, saying you better shut your mouth and watch your mouth.
We have Schumer saying we have seven ways this Sunday to take you out on CNN as well.
And then you have Brennan coming out four days after Brown was on the show and saying
It's true, at the Aspen Institute with Wolf Blitzer and the former head of National Intelligence, Clapper, that we are preparing outside of normal areas, outside the Constitution, to remove the President suddenly.
Get ready, both parties are going to do it.
Prepare yourself in the next two months.
Now that was three weeks ago.
We're getting close to a month out from when they say they're going to be done.
And that's why you see the operatives on the Economic Council leaving him.
It's why you see this whole hoax that he's a racist and never decried David Duke, never decried the events in Charlotte.
That's why we now know crisis actors were hired, according to the Democrats themselves, and sent there to stir up the fight.
We're not defending the white supremacists either.
We're saying it's a staged event.
This is their move.
They're getting ready to try to hurt him in the eyes of the public enough to win the killing.
Or drug him and say he's collapsed, that people just buy into it somehow, and then you'll all feel disillusioned, and you as his listeners, his supporters, Christians and others, will be so demonized.
That you can be the new Jews in America, because that's what they've done.
Hillary creates alt-right nine, ten months ago.
Then she connects it to all conservatives, all Christians.
Then because it's her term, the Democrats created, they can now define alt-right as the white supremacist, even though it's a tiny minority.
Probably a hundred white nationalists there.
Maybe five or six idiot KKK morons.
But it doesn't matter.
The president says, come together, love each other.
I decry the white supremacists.
They don't care.
They're going to beat this drum ahead of the big event.
So we need to pray here today, not just cover this info.
Now, after he was again on, they had Al Gore go on the Late Late Show and say, we're getting ready to take him out in the next few months.
Both parties, let's work together.
Then they had Phil Mudd.
Yes, I'm not kidding.
Our evidence is related to the doctor who helped John Wilkes Booth kill our other Republican president, Abraham Lincoln.
He's from Virginia.
It's crazy.
We traced his lineage.
His name in the Latin even means the man of the swamp.
So a man of the swamp, related to the guy reportedly that killed Lincoln or helped John Wilkes Booth kill him, he was convicted of it, is on CNN as the former deputy director
Of the CIA in basically covert action, killing people.
He's not a pencil pusher.
And former Deputy Director of the FBI.
He sold both seats.
Works for the Democrats.
He is Mueller's best friend, basically.
He said, we're getting ready to kill him.
Okay, so they're now on TV a week ago saying, we're going to kill him.
So, talk about the pastor, what he told you being confirmed.
We're going to go to the pastor here in a moment.
But I wanted to play mud here, saying this just a week ago.
Here it is.
What was your response, Phil Mudd?
A couple surprises.
Let me give you one bottom line.
As a former government official, government's gonna kill this guy.
He defends Vladimir Putin.
Their State Department and CIA offers are coming home.
And at Langley and in Foggy Bottom, CIA and State, they're saying, this is how you defend us?
Phil, before... Amanda, I want to ask you a question.
But Phil, just to reiterate, obviously when you're talking about killing, you're using that as a metaphor.
You're not talking about... What I'm saying is, people talk about the deep state.
When you disrespect government officials who've done 20 or 30 years, they're going to say, really?
Vladimir Putin sends officers home and you support him before you support us?
I just want to underline...
That's enough.
Trump signed the sanctions.
It's all lies.
He didn't even say that about Putin.
It's lying to the public.
They say nothing but disrespect for you.
They're not going to stop lying.
So, Pastor Rodney Howard Brown, thank you so much, sir, for joining us.
I'm going to give you the floor now.
Please take over with your co-host.
Uh, in the next 40 minutes or so.
And that, of course, is Gary Haven and Owen Schroeder.
But thank you for being the watchman on the wall that really, as you signaled this, then in the days that followed, the dam broke.
This is so biblical.
I really want to hear your teaching, sir.
Take over.
Well, first of all, thanks for having me on again.
I just got back from a trip to Asia.
I was in India, Sri Lanka, and Hong Kong, and everybody was so excited about the President.
You know, not everybody watches the BBC and CNN, but there were many Christians there praying.
People have joined the initiative to pray for the President.
You know, what I always say, it's a miracle that Donald Trump made it to the White House.
And of course he's there, he's undoing the agenda of the globalists, and so they're so upset.
First of all, the Russian narrative comes, you know, it's on everything.
Russia, Russia.
Now of course that whole thing is unwinding, and they're finding out that Russia had nothing to do with Trump getting elected, it was actually the American people.
So now of course they're stirring up all this other nonsense now, trying to get racism going, get a race war.
Get what we call an American Spring going, and it was actually supposed to start on the 2nd of July, so they're actually running late.
But I tell you, I believe it's going to fail, because I don't believe the polls or anybody that says that the President has lost his support.
I believe the President's support has grown.
The American people are not stupid.
They've seen through the lies of the mainstream media that is now being
What people don't understand, when the President made the statement about Charlottesville, and he talked about both sides, people don't understand that Antifa was co-opted, and so was Black Lives Matter was co-opted.
And there's probably people inside the Ku Klux Klan that have been co-opted.
All of this stuff is probably a CIA operation anyway to try to get a massive uprising going on in America, get a race war going, get a civil war going.
But I tell you, we are praying and I believe it's not going to happen.
And I believe what they think is going to happen is going to backfire on them.
It's going to backfire on the media.
It's going to backfire on every plan, the way we're praying, that God would unravel every plan of the enemy and pull the wheels off of Pharaoh's chariots, that God would wreak havoc in the camp of the enemy, that he would turn on themselves like a dog on its own tail, and that the church is going to wake up and the preachers need to, excuse me Alex, the preachers need to grow a pair and stand up in the pulpit and call a spade a spade and say it just like it is
Well, Pastor...
I'm going to skip this break so you have even more time.
You're on fire, and it's total truth.
And I had absolutely forgotten that Soros and all of them announced, it's been hundreds of millions, that July 2nd, the new revelation was coming.
They were going to start race wars in America, and they think we're so stupid that it all fizzled out, but then it finally happened on Soros' birthday.
They've announced it all, and then there's new levels of lying they're putting out against all of us.
But as you said, you're right, there's providence here, so please continue.
I am going to leave now or I'm going to be interrupting.
I want the other co-hosts to jump in, but keep laying out what you're saying, because what you're saying is what's in my heart, what's intellectual, I understand, but also folks I know in the Pentagon, people I know that have been high-level CIA, State Department, not just Pachinic.
They're saying exactly what you're saying and naming names.
It's criminal elements of the CIA, not the whole CIA.
But the deep state leftist, and they are so angry because he's turning the economy around.
The blessings are coming back in when he, on January 20th, asked for God to come back into America and Providence, and they use the name Jesus Christ.
I mean, this is powerful, and this is clearly a spiritual war because they hate Christians.
That's why they fund Orthodox Islam to attack Christians.
Well, you've got 10 minutes to break, or 12 minutes to break, and we've got the crew here.
Lay out, Pastor Brown, what we're facing, and then please give people your website so people can learn more about your powerful teaching.
You'll be here with us until 40 after, but you can stay longer, too.
We've got another member of your great international and national organizations that also prays with Trump, Mr. Pena, joining us, but please continue.
Okay, so here's what they're trying to do.
Obviously they're trying to label everybody as a white extremist, as a racist.
Our church here in Tampa is totally integrated.
We have every tribe and tongue.
We've been working in the inner city of Tampa.
The church is 20 years old.
I can go anywhere in the inner city and the people love us because they know how we've helped them and what we're doing.
So the fact of the matter is this.
What they want to try to do is go from what they call alt-right and KKK, white supremacists, and then label Christians.
Conservative Christians are going to fit the bill too.
So this is like a, almost like a Salem witch trial, where they're going to go on this hunt.
You know, they first of all want to take out the president because he actually speaking on behalf of the people.
And I didn't see anything wrong with what the president said on his first statement.
Or even his second statement.
I can't believe how the media would take everything and just twist it.
So this is obviously a concerted effort of the media coming together with one purpose and one goal to just label the president and try to put pressure on him to just quit throwing the towel.
But Mr. President, if you are watching or listening, don't stop.
The American people are behind you.
And here's the thing.
In the 1700s, if you go back and look at England, in the mid 1700s, about 1740, 1750, the UK was in the biggest upheaval.
The whole of the country was, everybody was drinking.
There were drunkards from the royal family all the way down.
The British people had a bad name on the continent.
In the rest of Europe, if you mentioned that you were British, they would almost like, you know, spit.
It was a bad name.
All the music, all the plays, all the poems had, were foul language, coarse.
The penal code was so strict because of the crimes were so bad.
Human slavery was at an all-time high.
But then God sent a revival that started with the Wesley Brothers that actually shook across England and actually jumped across the pond that really caused the first great awakening in America with people like George Whitefield and Jonathan Edwards and Peter Cartwright.
The city of Boston only had 25,000 people in the population at the time.
And they would preach and the crowds would come.
And there was opposition, of course.
People would actually moon them.
They would urinate in their direction.
But the city had to pass a law that no one could sit in the trees.
Because as they preached, the power of God would fall.
And people would fall out of the trees under the power.
So that's what shook early America.
And even coming to the 1800s in Cambridge, Kentucky, when 25,000 people gathered.
The city of Lexington only had 1,800 people in the population, but 25,000 people gathered.
So, God sent a great awakening in the 1700s and the 1800s, and America was in an upheaval.
You know, before the foundation of this land, you had 13 rebel colonies.
But God brought this nation together as one nation under God.
Yes, there was a problem.
Yes, there was a problem with slavery and all that kind of stuff.
But through divine providence, this became a nation woven together by the hand of God.
And I'm not saying that America's being innocent because, as you and I know, that America has been hijacked from the foundation of our Federal Reserve.
And then the IRS that polices the American people all the way down through the years, how they took over the education, how they begin to dumb down the people, how they even took over the seminaries, and they begin to take the Word of God and make it of none effect, basically denying the virgin birth, denying the resurrection, and taking the power of God away from the churches.
This was all a planned design that took place many, many years ago.
Then you saw prayer taken out of schools.
Then you saw the Ten Commandments taken from the courthouses.
So we have a whole generation now that have been raised up, that have no fear of God, and they've been pumping the filth through Hollywood, through television, through everything possible, and entertainment, basically, to put the people into the trance that they're in right now.
And you can see with NBC and ABC and CNN and all of these news agencies that basically are controlled by the same people that are basically pumping night and day.
I was walking through the airport in Hong Kong and there was CNN and I could read the ticket tape and everything was just attacking Trump night and day, night and day.
So they're on an agenda right now but I believe that we are going to see divine intervention
And I believe with all my heart that God is going to shake America from the White House to every house, from sea to shining sea, from Maine to the Keys to San Diego to Seattle, across the great state of Alaska, the Hawaiian chain to the island nation of Guam, American Samoa to Puerto Rico.
That God is not finished with America.
I don't care what the media says.
I don't care what the papers say.
I don't care what they try to stir up in our ineffective Congress or even our Senate.
Well, guess what?
We're not racist.
We love God and we love people.
We love people of every tribe and every tongue.
And so God is moving in our land.
I have a Bible school here.
We've had 500 students here this morning, and I addressed them.
I spoke about some of these things.
The place went wild.
People understand, and we have every tribe and tongue in our Bible school.
So, God is raising up an army of men and women that will not compromise, that will not sit with one foot in the world and one foot in the Kingdom of God.
God's raising up preachers that are not worried about their tax-exempt status, that will boldly speak out from the pulpits of the land, and that will say exactly what needs to be said.
And I feel it's happening, Alex.
I feel God is doing that.
And we are seeing a groundswell.
I believe there are more that are with us than are with them.
These people are a minority that make the biggest amount of noise and try to act out like they're a majority.
And that's not the case.
So I believe we're going to see the hand of God intervene in our nation.
And I understand the planned attack to remove the President.
But you know, when I launched that prayer initiative, we literally have thousands of people now that have gone to our website, Revival.com, and signed up on the President Prayer Initiative, that are praying around the clock.
When I, when I walked into a church in Hong Kong, a lady, a Chinese lady grabbed me, she said, I signed up, I signed up, I'm praying for the president.
So people all over the world are praying for America, praying for our president, and praying that God intervene as he has in the 1700s, in the 1800s, that he does it one more time, that God intervene in our country.
So I, I see all this stuff happening, but I have, I have great
Excitement in myself, in my spirit, to believe that God has heard our cry and that He is intervening.
And I believe that all these plans of the enemy, that God is just going to pull the rugs from out, from underneath them.
And whatever they set up, if they dig a ditch for us, they'll fall in it themselves.
So I know that's maybe a little bit a different side from what some people would expect or want to hear, but that's what I feel right down in my deepest part of my heart.
Hello, Pastor.
This is Gary Haven.
We finally got Alex to get out and go on vacation.
I've got to tell you, amen!
You know, the only hope that we have, ultimately, because this is a spiritual battle.
You know, the enemy is doing everything he can to steal, kill, and destroy this country.
And you're right about everything you said.
I've got to tell you, it was almost like a prayer for ten minutes, listening to you.
You know, one of my best friends is Pastor Romero Pena.
He's on Trump's advisory committee.
So I get to spend time with him almost daily to get the inside.
We're going to have him on here as a guest in a bit.
And he's going to tell us about Trump's spirituality.
And I think he's going to say that Trump's a baby Christian, but he's a Christian.
And he knows God has put him in this place and this time for this purpose and understands that.
And he is one of the first presidents in memory to have a spiritual advisory committee, a group that he met with very early in his presidency, so that he's sure to hear what God would have for him.
And you know, the truth is such a fragile thing right now.
You know, what you witnessed on your trip on the TV screens, what we've seen all this week, is the truth being twisted and distorted, omitted,
In a way that I've never seen before, and I've been an observer of this for a long, long time.
We have got the truth on our side.
We have to be bold about it.
And I've got to tell you, your ten minutes there was articulate and bold and amazing, and I want to commend you for that.
And it encourages everybody else, you know, people that are afraid of being ridiculed or made fun of, because they're standing up for the truth.
It just so happens that right now the truth is that we have a good man in the White House trying to do the right thing by the American people in a system that has been stolen from us.
A system that has been bought and paid for.
You know, either side of the aisle, it's not a Republican or Democrat thing.
These people are beholden to the moneyed interest.
And, you know, I made a movie, I don't know if you got to see it, Amerigeddon.
The byline in the movie was, they've stolen our country and it's time to take it back.
And I believe that right now.
They have stolen our country, and they're getting more violent, more dishonest, particularly this last week than they've been a long, long time.
We have got to recognize this.
And by the way, the only hope, and I completely agree with this, is Jesus, the author of truth.
We have got to come together
You know, I spent a lot of time in Haiti last year.
I actually lived there six weeks.
Flying search and rescue and saved the lives of dozens of, guess what, black Haitians.
So I've got the credentials that people can't criticize me and call me a racist.
And, you know, we love these people.
And by the way, you're South African.
I've been to Joburg a couple of times.
It's really scary that they're going to try to repeat here in America what they've done in South Africa.
Why don't you tell us a little bit about what's going on there and how we can avoid that?
Well, what's happening in South Africa right now, you... First of all, the borders are open.
So, unofficial population is just about a hundred million.
And we heard that right from the inside of the headquarters in Pretoria that does all the census.
They said, we can't announce it, but there's a hundred million people.
So, you got all the Nigerians that have come down, the Zambians, many from Central and North Africa.
We'll be right back with more
On the Alex Jones Show, Gary Haven, Owen Troyer, Pastor Rowdy Brown with us.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
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Waging war on corruption.
It's Alex Jones, coming to you live from the front lines of the InfoWar.
Sorry about that, Pastor.
If you would, please continue us about the South African version, because it may very well be a preview to what's going to happen here in this country.
Okay, so now you have this influx of everybody coming down, taking the jobs of the black South Africans, and they start to kill one another, what's called xenophobia.
So it's black-on-black violence in the townships, where they're killing Nigerians, killing, you know, all the foreigners that they feel they're taking their jobs.
But then you've got this group of people that feel like the white farmers need to pay for their sins.
So they're going from farm to farm, killing.
It's almost genocide at this juncture right now.
I mean, basically, they'll come to a farm.
I mean, these are wealthy farmers that have had the farms for hundreds of years.
They'll come right onto the property, they'll grab the man, they'll cut his eyelids off so he can't close his eyes, they'll rape his wife, they'll kill his kids in front of him and then kill him.
And just leave, they don't steal anything, they just come and murder.
It's a genocide that's taking place right now because they feel like they need to purge the land from all the things that have happened in history.
And of course, what people don't understand that all this agenda, this is all an agenda that's been laid out a long, long time ago.
You cannot do what you're doing.
The cabal that runs the planet cannot do what it's doing if the people are unified.
So what they do is they'll come in and cause the problem.
I saw the problem now just in Hong Kong between political groups that are even dividing the churches.
So you can see that taking place even in India now.
Pastor Brown, I can't help it.
This is so powerful.
I hope you'll come back and join us more often.
I know you travel the world and do such an amazing job, and my crews here co-hosting, but I just can't be drug away.
Specifically, you've covered the positive global awakening without the enemies coming in against the Spirit of God, but specifically,
Can you get into how the Secret Service visited you, but won't visit the former CIA Deputy Director that said they're preparing to kill the President, or the former Director that said they're preparing to remove him?
Can you talk about after you warned the world they came and visited you, and then I read that you talked to Congress again.
I wanted to confirm that, because I only read it in the newspaper.
You have to check those, obviously, because they lie so much, and that you did confirm that they were saying it was physically removed, i.e.
physical coup.
Can you just speak to those things?
First of all, I never talked to Congress again because I got the story right the first time.
When the Secret Service called us, it was due to somebody reporting us to Washington, D.C., probably a disgruntled minister.
That's how things go.
So anyway, they called the office here, and I was in two meetings a day, and I said, listen, come to my office, come meet with me.
So they arrived, walked in, the main Secret Service guy, two other guys with him that he was training.
And I showed them, I've got a lot of animals in my office because I'm a hunter.
So they looked, they saw my elephant and everything and we were laughing and we sat down.
He opened up a folder and he said, so who's the congressman?
And I said, I can't tell you that.
I started to laugh.
And he said, well, you said we need to know the congressman.
I said, absolutely not.
I said, I'll tell you everything he said.
And I said that I was told that the talk on the Hill was that the president would be removed physically in the next two months.
And I used the terminology that was told to me by the congressman.
He said, well, we need to know who the congressperson is.
I said, I'm sorry, sir.
I can't tell you.
You're probably going to have to subpoena me.
And then I'm not sure what I'm going to do at that juncture.
I'll probably pull a Hillary Clinton at that time.
But the fact of the matter is, I said, if you boys are doing your job, then you already know why you come here and bother me about it.
I felt that then he tried to insinuate that I was trying to draw people to my website.
I said, go to ranking.com.
My website's been in the top 200,000 websites in the world for 15 years.
What are you talking about?
I said, I'm trying to get people to pray, not get people to my website.
What weed are you smoking?
Anyway, it worked out OK.
Pastor, let's talk about this briefly before your colleague joins us because this is so incredible.
They're already in the news saying they're going to remove him.
You say this, then right after you say it, they go on the news and say they're getting ready to remove him physically outside of impeachment.
Now they say they're going to kill him.
Which totally vindicates you, but then they tried to spin it like you were bad.
This is this upside down world.
Why do you think suddenly the former Director of National Intelligence, the former head of the CIA, the former deputy head, all said they're going to remove him or kill him, and Al Gore said he'd be removed the next two months as well.
They all said exactly what you said.
I've talked to members of Congress too.
They're calling him up telling him, you better get in line, you better not back Trump or we'll get you too.
I've gotten these phone calls and of course they're in confidence, you can't say.
There's an intimidation campaign going on.
Now you see it a month in after your warning, the gear up for the demonization and the civil unrest.
So let's speak to why you think they came out right after you spoke this and clearly now you've been proven right.
What do we do next?
Obviously prayer is paramount, but in the information war,
Call Congress, call C-SPAN, call Talk Radio.
I mean, what do we do?
Spread this live interview right now, or the videotape interview of this.
I mean, what do we do temporarily?
And I agree, it's all about spirit and God and the rest will happen, but specifically, why did they do this?
Right after you said it, A, B, what do we do?
What's coming next?
Look, they were here for about 15 minutes, then he realized it was a nothing burger, and then they left.
I haven't heard back from them again, and even if they contacted me again, I wouldn't tell them who the congressperson is.
I've had people try to guess, but they must just keep guessing.
The fact of the matter is this, that, like you said, they have not investigated the other people or gone to them, but they just tried to basically intimidate.
Maybe they thought that I was a pastor who's just gonna roll over, but they picked on the wrong person.
I don't play by that game.
So, you know, Alex, I'm a radical.
I mean, I believe in the Constitution, the First Amendment, the Second Amendment.
We start gun clubs in churches.
I give away AR-15s on a Sunday morning.
So maybe I'm a different kind of a church.
I'm not sure that even some of the other men that are on the council would even do stuff like that.
But I know what America is about.
And you know, I grew up watching the jungle.
I understand you're victorious, God's a victorious spirit.
So here we are, the enemy wants to say on their platforms they're going to kill the President, but they don't want us on our platforms to prepare the people to say no and know how much danger he is in.
Can you speak to that specifically and just what it's like to be praying with him?
We have another pastor coming on who prays with him routinely and what you think about
I think the fact of the matter is that they're going to try everything to try to stop him because he's already wrecking their agenda.
He allowed to finish his first term.
He will set the globalist agenda back 30 to 40 years.
I mean, that's what's going on here.
That's why you see the same people of the GOP that are attacking him.
The same people like Lindsey Graham and John McCain and all of them and Mitt Romney and all of the other people, the same people, the same media that was attacking him.
So what I want to say to Christians, obviously you need to pray.
The best thing to do.
I know when you sit down to pray over your food,
Bless your food.
Ask God to bless your food and then pray for the President.
That'll at least be three times a day that you can do that.
Then call your Congressman and call your Senator and tell them, we just want you to know that we support our President because they need to hear from you.
What I've learned is a lot of the people up on the hill, they get the information from the news media.
Well, the news media are going to put a spin on a bias and an agenda, so they need to hear from the American people.
And I tell you, these people are in for a shock, because not only will he succeed in what he's doing, but he will win a second term, and it will be by a landslide, because by that time we would have already cleared out all the fake people that voted in this last election that gave Hillary the popular vote, which was really bogus in any way, shape, or fashion that you look at it.
With everybody has to stand up, you know, if here's the thing if we don't hang together We'll hang separately and if people just leave this thing alone and you think it'll all sort of sort of stuff out It won't if we need to pray like it all depends on God and then we need to get up and go like it all depends on him the president is a man that has asked for prayer he
And I'll say this, he's been in five-hour prayer meetings with people just praying.
I even asked people, said, does he sit on his phone when he's... They said there's no phone around him.
He just, with his head bowed, and as people pray.
He's a very humble man when it comes to the things of God.
And I could tell you the way that he responded to us when we walked into the Oval Office.
My jaw dropped open, Alex, listen.
I mean, basically the President said that here were people representing the real power, the power of God.
That's what he said when we walked into the office.
So, I don't care what the media say, God has put the President in this position.
He came up against all odds, with all of the other horses that were being backed, where they said he would never win.
And now they're trying to remove him from office.
But I believe if the people, the American people, the same people that voted for him, voted him off, please do not listen to the media.
Do not listen to CNN.
Don't listen even to Fox.
I beg you, please do not listen to these people.
They've been co-opted and they are pumping an agenda.
I'm just telling you right now.
You know in your gut feeling that's why you backed the president when he was running.
Against all odds.
Against every lie.
Against two billion dollars thrown at him.
He still succeeded.
And so...
To every American, to every patriot, to every person, even if you're American living in another country, find out where your congressperson is, call them and tell them, we just want you to know that we back the president, and you better back him, otherwise we're going to remove you in 2018 or 2020.
It's time.
It's time now to draw a line in the sand, and if they want to fight, we'll take the fight to whatever level needs to happen.
Pastor, those are powerful words, well-spoken.
We really appreciate having you today.
I think you've been very informative and really shown the true hope, which is this is a spiritual battle.
And those of us that have a Judeo-Christian worldview need to never forget that and to take it to prayer.
So, thank you very much.
Good talking with you.
Our next guest is Pastor Romero Pena.
And I've got to do a little disclosure here.
He's one of my best friends.
He also happens to be on President Trump's Spiritual Advisory Committee, as well as President Trump's Hispanic Advisory Committee.
So he gets a double bite of the apple.
He's at the White House probably on a monthly basis.
He's been sharing with me the true spirit of the President and I think it's a window into who this man is that right now we all need to be aware of and perhaps reminded of.
Romero, glad to have you join us today.
Thank you, Gary.
It's a real honor to be with you and with Alex.
Well, Alex was really curious when I brought you up the other day.
He wanted to know the heart of President Trump.
And I kind of quoted you on that.
He's a baby Christian.
But he knows that he has been put in this position by God Himself for this point in time.
Would you share your personal experience with the President in his heart?
Sure, I'd be happy to.
I met him in July of last year, last summer, when he became the candidate for the GOP.
When I was asked to join about 15 leaders from 12 states, national Hispanic leaders, to form the Hispanic Advisory Council, and I was honored to do so.
The Lord already impressed upon my heart that God had chosen him
A dear friend of mine, Lance Wallnau, got a revelation of Isaiah 45.
You're probably familiar with that.
The 45th chapter of Isaiah speaks of
The king who the Lord chose, Cyrus, and said, he's my chosen.
He's my anointed.
And this is the 45th president.
I won't go into that, but it's just how I got clarity in my heart by reading Isaiah 45 that Donald Trump really was a Cyrus coming up with God's hand on him.
So, when I met him, he came into the room.
We're sitting in his boardroom in Trump Tower in New York, and I was asked to open the meeting in prayer.
The media was there for that very beginning part, probably 40 or 50 members.
They were standing behind me.
I was facing the president, the candidate at the time, in the middle of the table.
And he sat down across from me, and the facilitator, a good friend of mine, Jenny Corn, said, Pastor Pena, would you open us in prayer?
So I did, and I prayed, and I prayed like I normally pray.
I didn't do anything fluffy or religious-sounding.
I just prayed and asked God to open the heavens and pour out His Spirit over our gathering there.
And as soon as I said, Amen, He looked up at me and said,
That was great.
Let's start with introductions.
Who are you?
And the reason I think he did that is because the Spirit of God fell in the room as I was praying.
And this is a man that can pick up on the presence of the Holy Spirit.
When the anointing of God's Spirit comes into a room or manifests, I have seen him perk up, listen, pay attention,
Even take notes.
And so that's a discerning, I know some will say highly subjective perspective, but you know, I've been a pastor for nearly 35 years and I think he would have a hard time, he's not trying to do a put on here or act spirit
When the Spirit of the Lord is moving or somebody's giving him a word that really is great counsel or wisdom and he just perks up and tends to really pick up on the Spirit of the Lord.
So, I introduced myself.
We went around the room.
The meeting was dismissed.
We had a great meeting.
He was very thoughtful.
He was a great listener.
He took careful notes for about an hour and a half with 15 people and that was my first experience with him.
I've had several since then, over the last year, 13 months.
One more remarkable one was a private dinner in the White House on the evening before he gave the executive order on the Johnson Amendment.
I was privileged to sit at his table.
There were only
Five tables.
It was a very small group.
And his attentiveness, his responsiveness to the clergy that were around the table.
And if I told you who was around that particular table with Paula White, his senior pastoral advisor, they're all national leaders.
And I tell people I felt like a mule at the Kentucky Derby.
But they were really great leaders and everyone just commented what a great listener he is.
And so there's no doubt in my heart that he is committed to the Lord and doing the best he can for God.
This is Pastor Romano Pena.
He is joining us today.
And normally we would be going to break right now, but because this information is so key and because our guests are so intelligent, we're going to skip this break.
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Now going back to Pastor Peña.
You're shedding a light on President Trump that the media doesn't talk about, that nobody really talks about, and that's the spiritual side.
And you said something to me that I could relate to that you don't really see from all humans, unfortunately.
You talked about the presence of the Holy Spirit.
There's a presence that people can feel.
It makes the hair on the back of your neck stand up.
It gives you tingles.
It makes you feel like there's something out there that's better than you.
There's something out there that unites all of us.
And you're saying that President Trump is tapping into that?
I believe he is, and I think whether I haven't discussed that with him, but it's something I've definitely, personally observed.
That when the Lord is speaking and giving what I would call godly counsel, whatever the source, he picks up on it.
And he lights up and responds, and he becomes very attentive.
And he's done that.
I've seen him do that on several occasions.
And whether he understands what's happening or not, I don't know because I haven't discussed it.
I'm just telling you what I've personally observed.
And he definitely responds when the Spirit of the Lord is speaking, moving in prayer times.
I've seen him just open his palms up.
Uh, just like toward the, you know, on his lap or kind of midsection of his body, open his palms to receive what's happening, what's being prayed.
And that's a very kind of organic, natural, normal kind of response to kind of receive what's being prayed.
And I've seen him do that.
And what he understands about that, I don't know, but I do know he does pick up on the presence of the Lord.
And I've seen it personal.
Ramir, you and I have had a lot of discussions about Trump's steps forward, maybe one back.
Do you have an opinion on why he seems to tolerate people around him that tend to perhaps be from the globalist community or the banking community?
What are your thoughts on that?
Do you feel like that maybe he's just trying to find his way right now?
Well, I think he is building more relationships than probably he ever has right now.
And I think he, my assumption, my guess would be that he is testing the waters with people and trying to get the best wisdom and insight he can, whatever the source might be.
He has a good nose for talent.
And when somebody is really talented in a specific area, he wants to know what they have to say.
Now, whether that's a good source or not, I think he eventually figures out and responds accordingly.
But I think he's so open to wisdom and good counsel, he's trying to get it from whatever source.
You know, you and I might differentiate who we want to listen to, but because of some experiences or ideas we have about the world, but I think he's just so wide open to getting the very best information, the very best.
That's about all I'd say about that.
I want to take that a step further, because I agree with you, and that is his strategy.
You know, you gotta put the best people in there, even people that know the ins and outs of stuff that might be globalist, just to show him the way, as Gary just said.
But I want to take that a step further.
How is he putting up with all of, in my opinion, libel and slander against him and his family every day?
Calling him a racist, accusing him of things.
How does he put up with that?
How does he tolerate that?
Well, it's interesting.
I think one of the great things that bullies him and lifts him up is all people that are praying for him.
He's told me the five most important words he ever hears is, are, I am praying for you.
And I think it is the prayers of the saints, people that are lifting him up, that understand how dire things are, how important it is to pray for him.
I think that's
We're good to go.
He wants it.
He needs it.
He acknowledges it.
And again, he says those are the five most important words he ever hears.
I am praying for you.
There was even a campaign of people sending him postcards just to tell him that they're praying for him.
And I would encourage people to do that again, even if you, you know, do it once a week, once a month, whenever.
Send him that note.
I think that's what's supporting him and lifting him up right now.
Otherwise, I personally don't know how somebody doesn't just completely wither under the barrage of any attack that he's under.
I had difficulty to get to ask you, Romero.
Do you personally know Pastor Rodney Brown?
I shook his hand, I think, at the White House.
I don't have a relationship with him.
I heard the last just seven or eight minutes of his commentary in the interview.
I'm sorry I missed the rest of it.
It sounded just tremendous.
But no, I do not know him personally.
Yeah, you want to go and watch that.
It was pretty amazing.
It was almost like a prayer for 15 or 20 minutes as he was doing his discourse on what was happening there.
Amazing guy.
You should reach out to him.
And I know you do a lot of public speaking.
You and I have been on the Jim Baker program countless times, kind of talking about how things work.
Really great to see you.
I'm sure this weekend you and I are going to go find a quiet place and talk about this crazy week.
Any last comments on this crazy week?
Well, I don't think I could get started and we'd go off to the races.
There's too many topics, too many issues.
The last comment I would make is to thank you personally, Gary.
Thank you, Alex, your whole team.
Thank you for what you're doing.
Thank you for being wonderful patriots.
Thank you for speaking the truth.
Thank you for your courage.
And I've added Alex to my prayer list as well, so that the Lord would protect you, send his angels to surround you, and that more people would tune in and listen.
God bless you both.
Thank you, Romero, and thanks for all the good work you do.
And we will be back in a few minutes.
Thank you for listening to GCN.
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You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
It's Alex Jones.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
Owen Troyer, Gary Haven with you.
Roger Stone is about to be in studio breaking down his latest intel.
But I wanted to make a point here before I got out of here, and we also may have a video.
I did a little
Undercover video yesterday getting people to sign a petition to remove George Washington from the dollar bill.
So we may have that as well as another little Easter egg that we found out.
But I wanted to just have this conversation with you before I got out of here, Gary.
With all of these people protesting removal of these statues, this, that, or the other thing, it's all going on.
You know, I don't want to go to civil war over a confederate statue, honestly.
That's not something I want to go to a civil war over.
These are local communities.
If they want to remove the statue legally, then okay, you're going to do that.
But that's not what's happening.
There is no debate.
There is no conversation, and it just got me thinking.
The real political debate that we need to be having right now is conservatism versus progressing.
What areas should we be... Okay, here's an area where we can be progressing right now.
Humanity is ready to progress over here.
Here's an area over here, well let's conserve this thing.
But we don't get that debate.
We don't have that political debate.
We just have, we get drugged through the mud of racism, or we get drugged through the mud of Nazi, or we get drugged through the mud of Russia, all this fake news.
Humanity, us as Americans, we're not even able to have that higher intellectual debate of conservatism versus progressivism.
Yeah, I agree with you.
On the statue issue, you know, communities, unless it's a federal park, communities ought to have the right to say what stays up and what doesn't.
You know, revisionist history, by the way, which is rampant right now, kind of my hobby, is going back over looking for true history.
It's a fascinating thing to do.
That's where the real history is.
Oh, it's amazing.
We could have a week of shows about that.
And that's part of the problem, is these people don't know history.
Yeah, and you know, they've been spoon-fed the politically correct version.
And that's what's going on with this as well.
You know, when Trump was defending in that press conference over the infrastructure, he was saying, what's going to be next?
The George Washington statues?
And guess what?
He was 100% right.
It happened literally the next day.
So, you know, communities should have the right to make that kind of decision, and hopefully they'll make it thoughtfully and not so stupidly that it seems to have occurred.
You know, I think what you're going to find, Owen, is that every Democrat community across America is going to have no statues other than, you know, the politically correct ones.
Maybe it'll be statues of Hillary.
Oh, Bill Clinton and Robert Byrd statues.
You know, Robert Byrd has like dozens of streets named after him in West Virginia, and statues.
A KKK member.
But no one's protesting that statue.
Who really, if you look at his accomplishments, it looks like Hillary's a consummate.
Nothing did he really do for the state of West Virginia, and yet they're honoring him as if he's some big hero.
You know, that guy stayed in that office for like 50 years.
It's amazing.
They had to roll him into the building, and yet they were continuing to elect him.
You know, I think what we've got to do right now is we've got to really take a stand about the media.
And Trump did a pretty interesting job in that press event.
He shouted back, you are fake news, over and over.
Pointed him to, he said, you people.
Yeah, and I gotta tell you, as unpleasant as that was, I think we thinking people have to... America loves it.
America loves it when he points to the... because that's who's really dividing us.
I mean, ultimately...
We should all be able to unite behind the CNNs of the world, the MSNBCs of the world, all these people spreading fake news.
Because even the protesters, when I go out on the street and talk to these people, they know CNN and MSNBC is fake news.
So I'm like, well then why do you believe what they say?
It's because they just want to LARP.
And it's, you know, and it's easy.
People are lazy.
We're all lazy.
That's exactly right.
We don't want to do the investment to think critically or to do our research.
And again,
That's a great reason, Owen, that you're here and Alex in this program, is you help people wrestle with the truth.
And I tell you, sometimes that truth is unpleasant, but if we're going to save our country from the globalists and the diminishing of our country, we're going to have to fight for the truth.
I think we all have to have a mantra, okay?
Do not watch fake news.
Deny it every time you can.
Just unplug it.
Just completely remove yourself from that spectrum.
We'll be right back with Roger Stone.
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We're good.
And now, the tip of the spear, leading the fight to take back the nation.
It's Roger Stone.
I haven't seen the liberal media freaking out this bad since Trump won the election and this might be even worse because now instead of almost breaking out into tears, Van Jones did break out into tears and it looked like Anderson Cooper and Don Lemonhead were trying to hold him back!
Even Jimmy Fallon put his show on hold to give an anti-Trump editorial and Jimmy Kimmel is saying that he needs to go!
What did the president do, you're wondering, to cause all this grief and to cause people to call for his impeachment?
Well, when he denounced the horrible and deadly violence in Charlottesville, Virginia over the weekend, he said that both sides were violent and that both sides were causing problems.
Well, how dare you, Mr. President!
Please repeat that horrible statement that you made on Saturday, Mr. President, that is endorsing the neo-Nazi white supremacists KKK and Adolf Hitler himself.
I brought it.
I brought it.
I brought it.
As I said on, remember this, Saturday, we condemn in the strongest possible terms this egregious display of hatred, bigotry, and violence.
It has no place in America.
And then I went on from there.
Now here's the thing, as to, excuse me, excuse me, take it nice and easy.
Here's the thing.
When I make a statement, I like to be correct.
I want the facts.
This event just happened.
In fact, a lot of the event didn't even happen yet as we were speaking.
This event just happened.
Before I make a statement, I need the facts.
So I don't want to rush into a statement.
So making the statement when I made it was excellent.
In fact... Oh, it was excellent, huh?
Oh, what's this?
Charlottesville's victim's mother thanks Trump for words of comfort.
The mother of the 32-year-old woman who was killed Saturday in a car ramming attack during violent protests in Charlottesville, Virginia, thanked President Trump for offering words of comfort and for condemning the violence.
Quote, Thank you, President Trump, for those words of comfort and for denouncing those who promote violence and hatred, Susan Brough, mother of Heather Heyer, said in a statement after President Trump called out white supremacists and other hate groups during a press conference Monday afternoon.
So the poor mother of this girl who was murdered thanked President Trump for denouncing the violence, but let's check in and see what CNN had to say about President Trump's statements.
We normally start off the broadcast saying good evening, but tonight there doesn't seem to be much that is good about this evening.
Because a few hours ago, the President of the United States revealed so clearly who and what he really is.
Today, the President of the United States ripped open wounds that have barely begun healing in Charlottesville on a subject race that has tormented this country from the very beginning and nearly torn it apart more than once.
He ripped open these wounds so he could show the world that he did not make a mistake on Saturday when he spoke words that were ill-considered, untrue, and insensitive.
What exactly is untrue about his statement?
Let's check in with Don Lemon and see what he thinks.
This is a sad moment for the country and I think it was an awful moment for the person who's supposed to represent the highest office of the land.
I mean, today you saw the real Donald Trump proving all of his critics
In that moment.
Everyone was sitting there watching, saying, here we go.
His true colors are coming out.
These people are more upset with what President Trump said about the event than they are about the girl getting murdered by that psychotic lunatic who ran into that crowd with his car!
Tell us what you really think of Antifa, Dom, the leftist terrorist organization which dresses up like ISIS and then riots every time a conservative speaker is invited to a college camp.
Mark Dice, media analysis, social critic, political activist, and author.
He appears in several groundbreaking documentary films including Invisible Empire and the 9-11 Chronicles and was featured on the History Channel's Decoded.
His newest book is the Bilderberg Group Fact or Fiction.
That's got to be interesting.
Mike or Mark, welcome to the InfoWars program.
I'm Gary Haven and I've got Roger Stone sitting here.
What say you?
You know, never before has Alex Jones' Infowars operation been more appropriately named, because we're in an information war.
And as we've all been watching for the last couple days, they've ramped it up into levels that are really beyond Orwellian.
And of course, they're trying to stoke the fears, literally glorifying leftist terrorist Antifa.
CNN is now literally a terrorist propaganda network.
The network itself, their anchors, Chris Cuomo is glorifying Antifa on Twitter.
This is astonishing.
And of course they're trying to hype up the anti-Trump fever that we saw brewing last summer when events in Chicago were cancelled due to violence, when we saw peaceful Donald Trump supporters
Being attacked unprovoked, unprovoking their attackers in San Jose and in other cities.
We're entering into some dangerous, dangerous territory.
So it's glad to be with you guys.
I think that, you know, InfoWare is doing such a fantastic operation.
And again, never before has the name of this network really been more appropriate because this is an Orwellian information war that we have to win.
Well, Mark, I follow your tweets avidly on Twitter.
You're a real truth teller, and I'm glad to be with you today.
We really are in a Kafkaesque-like moment.
I mean, it's truly Alice in Wonderland when the President of the United States speaks an obvious truth, which is to say that violence, when condoned or advocated or perpetrated by anyone on the left or the right, is wrong.
And he is slammed for saying that.
As if because of history some people should get a pass while others don't.
It's like saying up is down and down is up.
It's a moment of true insanity.
It's beyond bizarre.
Every time I think that they can't sink any lower, they do.
But now we're into just dangerous territory.
It became laughable about the Russia conspiracy theories.
Really, it was almost dying down.
It was almost dead.
And then they found one little thread to pull on, and that was Donald Trump Jr.'
's meeting with someone from Russia.
They hyped that up for a few days.
That died down because it's another nothing burger.
Then Paul Manafort is being investigated.
That's died down.
I mean, what did he do?
Maybe miss a checkbox on one of his tax forms?
I mean, whatever it is that he allegedly did has no direct connection to the campaign.
This investigative creep has now veered so far off the rails that it's going into just people's personal finances, no relations to this campaign.
I can't believe that CNN, that these improv pundits, and that's what they are, it's as if you're at an improv comedy show where people give the comedians a topic to talk about and then they have to make it funny, they have to entertain the audience, and that's what the people on CNN, MSNBC, all these, the big three, ABC, NBC, CBS, they're improv pundits because
They're given a topic they know nothing about.
They have a role to play.
They have to act it out and try to convince the audience that what they're saying is legitimate.
And it's dangerous at this point.
Well, I've been in the audience on those shows, and of course they hold up the sign that says, laugh or clap.
And that's what the audience does, and it's about as genuine as being obedient to a sign.
You know, it's interesting.
They, the ones that have tried to stick something to Trump, and they've had to move through all of these events that you just went through.
They've been unsuccessful in getting anything to stick, but what they have been successful with is keeping us from talking about the real criminals, the real crimes.
You know, I have a lot of experience in Haiti where I saw firsthand the Clinton Foundation get away with stealing literally billions of dollars from the poorest of the poor.
And not only was that not being covered, but the people that were going to testify against them, one of them just a few weeks ago, was suicided on the Saturday before he was to talk on Tuesday.
But there's just so many real things going on.
Debbie Wasserman Schultz, for example, that they have been successful in filling the news cycle.
You know, there's only so many minutes a day of news.
Successfully filling the news cycle so that they provided cover for so many things.
You know, Seth Rich, the DNC, claiming that it was Russia when they had actually discovered they released it.
So, you've got to give them credit.
Even though we're frustrated and kind of chattering, trying to defend Trump all day long, they have been able to move through the news cycles one after the other and provide cover for the real criminals out there.
It's sad that we have to keep fighting back and keep debunking them on a daily basis.
I mean, these allegations that Trump is a racist, let alone a white supremacist supporter, they've been so absurd they've been debunked for literally decades.
I mean, Trump's own inner circle
Well, I mean, you know, Rogers worked with him.
You guys know this.
Omarosa, he's promoted black women to positions of power within his organizations.
It's so insane because the people who actually know him, the people who've worked with him, are just shaking their head at this.
But unfortunately, you have the public, the general public, the general liberals who've just tuned out, are so easily manipulated by this.
And now,
They're not only trying to paint all Trump supporters, you know, to alt-right and racist white supremacists, they're doing the same thing with anybody who is concerned about censorship on the internet.
As you guys know, there's some protests that were planned, I don't know, I think some of them have been canceled due to security concerns, protesting Google's censorship regarding the firing of that engineer over his memo, which laid out some basic biological and sociological facts about men and women in a very, you know,
Calm tone.
And now they're painting those protesters as being the same people who gathered in Charlottesville, Virginia for the alt-right march.
It's so insane.
Well said, Mark.
Taking a break now.
We'll be back in a few.
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Don't want no shackles.
Don't want no shackles on me.
Don't want no shackles.
All right, I'm Roger Stone with Gary Heaven.
We're here on the Alex Jones Show with our guest Mark Dice.
Gary, you had another question for Mark?
Yeah, Mark, I just want to thank you for the great work you're doing.
You know, I just happened to have you pop up on my internet last night and watch you, so here you are today in front of me and I get to talk with you.
Really great job.
People that want to get in touch with you can do it through, this is probably the easiest website I've ever seen, MarkDice.com.
And that takes me directly to my YouTube channel.
I'm on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter.
YouTube is kind of my primary platform where
Many of my videos are getting more viewers literally than CNN has, and that's why they're trying to shut down YouTubers.
As you guys may have seen, they've been demonetizing news channels like mine, controversial videos, and they just may have kicked a bee's nest because just last week they demonetized Diamond and Silk's channel.
They're the two hilarious black sisters that give commentary on the news and support Donald Trump.
I love them.
They're absolutely hilarious.
They've become a
We're good.
And so they have just demonetized, taken away the income of one of, if not the most favorite channel of the President of the United States, of two women who just a week earlier were invited to a meeting with the Department of Labor or the Department of Commerce to talk about developing their business as part of a program to help minority business owners.
Mark, I see this attack on Diamond and Silk as strictly what it is.
They're being attacked because they're black and therefore Donald Trump.
It's outrageous.
Where are the faux tears now of Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson and Black Lives Matter?
Why aren't they standing up for Diamond and Silk?
It just shows you how fraudulent the whole thing is.
Yeah, any black conservative gets attacked.
It just comes with the territory.
Yeah, there was a teenager, a young teenager, I can't remember his name, who was denouncing Barack Obama, making YouTube videos, and then supports President Trump.
And, you know, there were large portions of people online that were trying to hunt him down and find out where he works, and threatening to come and attack him, assault him at his place of employment.
And, you know, where's the ACLU?
Where's Alex Jones?
You're right.
Ben Carson's home was just vandalized yesterday.
It's so absurd.
And so that's why it's so important that on a daily basis, info wars and everybody just continues to stay vigilant.
And, you know, I see these attacks.
They're not demoralizing the base.
They're not demoralizing us at all.
We're getting more involved because we see what's at risk here.
And so we're paying attention.
We're following the news.
We're studying history.
We're, on a daily basis, combating this insane terrorist propaganda that they're putting out.
And everything so far has only backfired.
They said that Trump wasn't going to win.
They said he, you know, he hates... Every single thing that they've done has only turned out to be wrong.
He won.
And we can use it to ridicule them and to show people why they should never watch CNN, MSNBC, any of these major broadcast networks.
Your audiences are dwindling.
If you look at their ratings compared to the 80s and 90s, we had major network television shows that would get a quarter of the entire television audience watching one particular show.
25% of all people watching television would watch one particular show.
Now there are
Tens of thousands of YouTube channels with 100,000 subscribers.
Thousands with a million subscribers.
Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime, InfoWars.
Everybody is now fractionalized.
And so these major networks are panicking because they don't have the influence that they once did.
And that's why they're really coming after all of us, trying to hurt us financially, hurting Diamond and Silk financially, trying to hurt Alex, trying to hurt me, to really shut us down because they are scared of us because we're so effective.
I think that's exactly right.
I mean, what's interesting about watching all these talking heads is how completely fraudulent it is.
These are people acting like they're upset.
A greater concern to me, however, are members of the White House staff, members of the administration, who are now telling reporters on a background basis how upset they are with the President and his comments and how inappropriate this is.
I guess the moral of this story is, if you hire gutless, moderate Republicans, don't be surprised when they act like gutless, moderate Republicans.
The people who work for the President are doing them a disservice.
He deserves better.
Mark, thanks for joining us today.
People can find you at markdeiss.com.
We're on the march.
You're doing a great job out there.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Big Brother.
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Government cover-ups.
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Well, so does he.
Live from the InfoWars.com studios, it's Alex Jones.
Welcome back.
I'm Roger Stone.
I'm here with Gary Heaven sitting in for Alex Jones.
We've got Mark Dice still with us on the line.
We were talking about the faux outrage that has been manifested by the
...political establishment in this country while they try yet again to undo what was done at the ballot box last November.
That's what this is really about.
There has been, since election day, a consistent effort to destabilize and delegitimize the Trump presidency.
Russia didn't work.
The Russian collusion delusion turned out to be a dud.
No smoke, no fire, no crime and no cover up.
So now we've now moved back to race baiting as an attempt to destabilize our president.
But you would expect that the president could at least command the loyalty of the men and women that he's appointed to high office.
At least command the loyalty of those around him.
Joining us now is Alex Jones himself.
Alex, welcome to your show.
Michelle, receptionist, is that good here?
Can you hear me?
Yes, indeed.
The reason I called in is I mean this from the bottom of my heart.
I admire Mark Dice so much.
I admire you, Roger, so much.
I admire Gary Haven so much.
And I've never been somebody that's just about openly on air and saying how much I admire somebody.
But I want everybody to understand something.
We are in a total war against pure evil.
And I was sitting here having lunch with my family.
Listening with an earpiece, you guys, and I had to call in just to say this, that some of us have had our differences, like Mark and I in the past.
Both of us were probably wrong.
Seven, eight years ago, we were fighting over stupid stuff.
But now at a spiritual level, we are up against pure evil that wants to end our free will, totally break up our families and enslave our society.
And I just can't help
I'm just calling to say this, even though it sounds cheesy, a feeling of strong kinship with you guys and strong kinship with black patriots and hispanic patriots and white patriots and asian patriots who want free market, who want true justice, who want true western civilization slash renaissance slash the best attributes of every culture and to no replicate scientific conscious evil.
And I was going to call in just to make the point that what you just said, the Russian narrative was a fraud from the beginning.
It's dead.
They rode the horse till it were rotted.
So now they've got the race bait.
And when you look at it, it's a total hoax because they have nothing.
And it just symbolizes how nasty they are.
And they're not insane.
Thank our conscience.
It's in the WikiLeaks.
They said, America's coming together.
They want a free market.
What do we do?
And it's top professors advising Hillary.
And they say, make them desperate.
Leave them alone.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
And they keep saying, Bill, you're Bill, you're Bill, are hissing at him like a movie, the media like snakes hissing, like nothing I've ever seen going, you'll never get your, you'll never get your infrastructure.
He finally goes, one person has an infrastructure, he goes, the last question.
People want to play that, so it's the last part of a 20-minute press conference, and the guy goes, you didn't get tax cuts, and you didn't get the other stuff, and you didn't get Obamacare repeal, you'll never get it!
He's like betting against America, betting against everything, just with executive power.
He has turned it all around with us believing, and investing, and understanding, and getting involved, and it's so epic that I cannot believe how real this is, and that our lifetime
We are witnessing such a clear-cut choice and it's beyond, it's a thousand times wanting my football team to win in sudden death overtime, you know, for games I watched in the bleachers.
I mean, I've been at Super Bowl games back when I was like 18 years old, you know, paying $500 a ticket, you know, watching sudden death overtime games and just everything mattered.
That my team win and when they did, I thought I was in heaven.
This is a thousand times that.
This is the real game for my children, your children, and all of us that are in this fight.
It's so precious what all of us are doing, not to recognize ourselves as great, but to realize we are the opposition, and to recognize our listeners, and to recognize how incredibly important this is.
And when I see the strength of Roger, or I see the strength of Gary, or I see the strength of David Biden, the strength of somebody like
Like Mark Dice would just get stronger and stronger and stronger.
It makes me feel strong.
And it just it's so good to understand that spiritually, we're not envious, hateful people that we've thrown off the spirit of the world.
We're not perfect.
And then literally, it is the spirit of Christ that is going to defeat the enemy.
And I just feel such kinship.
To all of you and the listeners, I just wanted to call in and tell you guys how much I love you and how much I appreciate you because, gosh, we're up against evil.
But you know what?
We're going to come through this together.
And hearing that pastor last hour and his spirit, both pastors, Pastor Pena and Pastor Brown, this is so real.
And you see people bullied by the world, bullied by peer pressure, believing they're on the real team.
I've had people in Seattle
99% come over and tell me they love me.
Probably 400 people, correct me if I'm going down the street, but I've had three, four people walk over, one out of a hundred literally, and go, F you Alex Jones, haha, we hate you, and point at me in public when I'm walking down the street with my, like it hurts me, like their peer pressure hurts me, and I realize they're slaves.
Thank God we're not like them.
Thank God that we're not total slaves that actually care about peer pressure and things.
We have an inner compass, an inner compass of justice.
Not that we're good.
We realize we're fallen and wicked, but we want to be with God.
We want to be good, and that's the difference.
I just want to say, this is an epic time, and we need to pray for justice, pray for truth, come together.
I've never been a racist person, but I've been tribal and I've been sick of people telling me I'm racist, and I've had.
You know, thoughts that aren't good.
But I want to say this.
This has helped me transcend completely any classism or racism I had.
I'm tired of being brought up in Dallas and being told I was racist, told I was bad, physically attacked because of who I was.
I have transcended it completely because I'm not going to be part of the enemy who claims they're trying to transcend racism when they're the ones pushing it.
We all have souls.
We all are made by the Creator.
We're all brothers and sisters.
And I want everybody to know, no matter what color they are, I love you.
I don't even hate Islam, except it was created by the evil to oppress people.
I love the people.
I hate their system of control.
And I just want to say, I love you guys, and I appreciate you, and take over.
Sorry, I'm always calling in.
The broadcast is so powerful, and the spirit of God being risen up against the enemy, as the full spirit of evil rises up for every action, there is an opposite, equal reaction.
And we can all feel it.
It is so electrical, and we are now all, literally, that stay the course for truth and justice, and say no to the peer pressure.
Every level we go up like a game.
But it's the real world.
Those are facsimiles copying reality.
We become even stronger.
And it's not a power trip.
It's humbling.
These evil people are looking for power.
They have no idea.
They're just tuning into God.
There's so much power.
You'll be completely humbled.
So back to Mark Dyson, you guys.
Amazing job.
It's amazing listening to you.
And it's amazing knowing we have Nico and the rest of the great crew that put up with me and so much and worked so hard.
Everybody in the whole office, to bring you this transmission.
This is truly beautiful and it's history happening.
And I didn't come up with them force on my own.
I just literally was spiritual.
This whole fight has been preparing us every way and every level we go up.
God gives us even more strength to face the enemy.
And every time we come through, even if we're defeated individually, it's part of a larger plan and know that God is God, not the God of this world, the devil.
Back to you great American patriots and great humans.
I love you guys.
I just wanted to let you know that.
Thank you, Alex.
Now I think it'd probably be a terrific time to point out to you that we don't have a George Soros writing big checks in the background.
We don't get big money from the Ford Foundation or the Rockefeller Foundation.
We have to count on you.
And to keep the doors open and to realize the expansion that Alex Jones has in mind, I ask you to go to the InfoWars store now.
Now, some of you may recently have seen the attack on the InfoWars store by Ben Smith's BuzzFeed.
By the way, if you're interested in funny cat videos, that is the best place to go.
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Silver Bullet.
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So, do yourself a favor, do us a favor, do the freedom movement a favor.
If we're not here, there will be no voice in opposition to what the CNNs and the MSNBCs and the networks are saying.
So, support us with your dollars and we will support you with the truth.
Yeah, Mark, we're glad you stayed with us.
Alex called in and had to share that with you, and I tell you what, I'm honored to have the words said about me.
How do you feel about that?
It's been an honor to watch Alex's operation grow from just a website back in 2005 when I discovered it that was streaming the radio show to, you know, kind of an early YouTube channel with Alex just broadcasting with a black curtain in the back to now what InfoWars is today.
A full-blown, fully functioning, you know, global media operation with reporters and contributors, the best guests
The best reporters, I've seen his crew grow over the years and he's got such a great team now.
And let's face it, they want InfoWars shut down and they want Alex Jones dead or in jail.
And that's not an exaggeration.
And that's why BuzzFeed did some testing on the InfoWars supplements.
They were hoping to find that they were being falsely advertised, hoping to turn that over to the FDA.
We're hoping to get Alex indicted.
And they are trying and hoping, praying to their Lord Lucifer to shut down InfoWars.
So it's very important that everybody watch.
Everybody's back.
It's great to be a part of the InfoWars family, to see Alex's operation grow from just a small website to what it is today.
And it's incredible to see the mainstream media now almost every day attacking Alex.
So that's when you know that he's doing the right thing is when these
Even Colbert and Jimmy Kimmel are attacking him.
You know then that Alex is doing the right thing.
It's great to be a part of the team and we have to just keep going.
When you're going to be physically fit, you want to stay healthy.
It's not just going to the gym once in a while.
You have to do it consistently.
You can take a couple days off to recover and relax and get re-energized, but we've got to come back into it.
And so, Alex, I hope you enjoy your vacation.
And for all of us, the listeners, the crew, we must remain in this fight full-time.
We can't cut loose just yet.
So it's great to be with you guys.
Always good to be a part of the team.
And I like your gym analogy, being the founder of the largest fitness franchise in the world.
You're talking my language.
Mark, thanks for being here.
Watch his videos, guys.
You're great.
We appreciate it, Mark.
Appreciate you guys.
God bless.
God bless.
You know what's amazed me, Gary, is the large number of reporters that have contacted me in the last 72 hours asking me the same question over and over again.
How badly has the president hurt himself?
Don't you think this is the end?
How debilitating is this?
They really don't understand that the president actually just helped himself.
He just reinforced for his base that he's not going to be pushed around anymore.
Let's review exactly what happened.
You had this horrific event in Charlottesville.
Smelling more and more every day like a false flag.
Sure, there may have been a few legitimate Klansmen and Neo-Nazis sprinkled around throughout the demonstration, but more and more with the revelations about the Craigslist ad hiring actors and the suspicious background of Jason Kessler, who's a white supremacist who only a few months ago seemed to be a Barack Obama supporter and protesting with Occupy.
Hmm, this is beginning to smell very bad.
Like a put-up job, a get prop, a provocation as an attack point for the president.
President comes out immediately and he forcefully denounces bigotry and hatred.
But that's not good enough for his critics.
He hasn't been specific enough.
So the next day he comes out and he denounces white supremacists.
Absolutely, white supremacists are evil and they should be denounced.
But then when he goes one step further and tells an eternal truth that hate and violence and bigotry are wrong on the left or the right, and that Black Lives Matter has vicious thugs who are perpetrating violence, well then all of a sudden all hell is broken loose and the president is a racist.
This is part and parcel of this simple fact.
The president will never please his critics.
Nothing he says will be good enough.
But the Trump world, Trump America, the people who voted for him, they are stronger now for the president than they have ever been.
It is reflected in every poll, where if you look at those who voted for Hillary Clinton, she's actually lost strength.
Many of her voters say they wouldn't do it again, whereas Donald Trump's intensity among Republican primary voters, among Republican voters, higher than it has ever been, higher even than in the closing days of the campaign.
Has the president been hurt, Gary?
Absolutely not.
The president is stronger than ever, and he's ready for the struggle.
You know, Roger, those are great words.
It's interesting.
It's like he wants to be liked.
And you know him quite well.
I really would encourage him to realize that he ain't going to be liked by these people.
So just go ahead and embrace that.
Just be a truth teller and be bold.
Do you think he's going to finally just throw his hands up and just do and say what he needs to say without trying to have people around him that may, you know, garner him some acceptance?
Yeah, it's very hard for people who have not spent any time with him to understand him.
He really is an easygoing good guy.
He's funny.
He's fun to be with.
He uses self-deprecating humor.
This is not a guy who's intense.
This is a guy who it's great to hang out with.
And yeah, in the beginning he reached out to Al Gore.
He reached out to the Reverend Al Sharpton.
He posited that maybe Hillary shouldn't be prosecuted for her many crimes.
He put out the olive branch.
What did he get?
He got the olive branch slapped out of his hands.
I think unfortunately he's going to have to learn the hard way.
I think now at this point
He has learned the hard way.
His opponents are intractable.
They will never give up until they drive him from office.
They are not going to drive him from office because we aren't going to allow it.
We'll be back in a moment.
Do you trust our economy?
How about our banking system?
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Good afternoon and welcome to Alex Jones and Infowars.
Sitting in for Alex today, Gary Haven and Roger Stone.
We've had a great program today, haven't we Roger?
Excellent, excellent.
Great to be here.
I echo what Alex says, if there's any guys I want to be in the bunker with, it's you guys.
I tell you what, we may be in a bunker if this thing continues to heat up.
Now what we've been talking about today is this event this last Saturday, which was a terrible tragedy for the young woman.
But how much more to it than the fake media has talked about?
And Roger is a friend of President Trump.
He knows that the president has been emboldened by this.
He's done his best to honor the poor woman that died and to speak against the violence.
Violence on all sides, by the way.
And for that, he's taken great criticism.
And those of us that still have the ability to think critically... You know, Roger, I would say that
That substance has been sacrificed on the altar of symbolism.
And we're now in a situation where anything meaningful is just thrown over symbolism and cast away.
We're not able to have an intelligent conversation about the real events.
We're being shouted down.
The President's being shouted down.
That press conference that the President did the other day was one of the most amazing things I've ever seen.
The disrespect
Uh, from, from the media, but then the courage, uh, you know, he was in their face pointing his finger, calling them fake news.
Uh, so I commend his, his boldness.
Uh, and I'm ashamed of the media and their disrespect for the president.
Yeah, I love the way he cuts them off and says, please wait a minute.
They would never treat Barack Obama this way, not in a million years.
The open disdain, the hatred of the press corps, the working press, is just palpable.
It's there for everybody to see.
I also think the President made one other key point, which is to say, okay, you want to tear down statues of Robert E. Lee.
You want to tear down statues of Jefferson Davis.
George Washington was a slave owner.
What about the memorials and statues of him?
Would we tear those down also?
To which one of the leading Black Lives Matter radicals said immediately, yes, absolutely.
Not happening.
Although I've been thinking of trying to find a statue of the well-known racist, bigot, Democrat President Woodrow Wilson.
I'd like to help tear that down.
This is an absurdity.
This is political correctness run amok.
And Donald Trump's had enough.
He's fed up with it.
And I really think he has re-energized his base, and the fault lines here are clear.
They're trying to make this another John McCain situation, or another Mexico is importing their rapists.
That's when they all said, Trump is done!
He's finished!
He's gonna crash!
No, on the contrary.
The President, in my opinion, Gary, will only emerge stronger.
You know, Roger, I hope you're right.
My concern is that they, being the leftists, the purveyors of chaos, have had a hell of a week.
I mean, they dominated the media, and all of the nighttime comedians have gone after Trump over
As you said, a lack of a couple of words.
So, they've really gained a lot of power this week.
I think they're going to be encouraged, and we're going to see this summer of rage continue and perhaps even escalate.
And I tell you, it's so important that people like us who can explain things truthfully, rationally, are having an opportunity to share with the average American who believes in this country.
The truth so that they can defend our sovereignty and our Constitution and our freedom.
Gary, I couldn't agree with you more and we are here at the tip of the spear.
Thank you very much for joining us for the Alex Jones Show.
Thank you for listening to GCN.
Visit GCNlive.com today.
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You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
Welcome back.
You've got Roger Stone and Gary Heaven sitting in for Alex Jones.
Without any question, the most momentous, perhaps, week so far of the Trump presidency, those who seek to undermine him, those who prattled on and on about a recount
Who wanted to say, well, the popular vote was won by Hillary, and then they wanted a special briefing for the Electoral College about the Russian interference in our election.
That failed.
This is just the next in the long succession of attempts to undermine the president and undo what was done at the ballot box last year.
The elites cannot get over the fact that they lost.
You would think, given the fact to a certain extent they have used their superior knowledge of the Washington system to still get many of the things that they want, that they would realize that, as with Ronald Reagan, they're just going to have to settle in for eight years of a reform agenda that they can only attack on the edges.
But no!
Unsatisfied with the fact that globalists now control the Trump State Department under Rex Tillerson, who is essentially, I hate to say it, but the puppet of Condoleezza Rice.
No, the left is still unsatisfied.
They want it all back and they want to remove our president.
Either in the short term through an uprising, which Alex Jones, based on his sources, has been reporting on and predicting for months, or by propping up phony crimes, trumped up crimes, if you will, by Mr. Mueller, as a pretext for an impeachment that would take place if the Democrats win the House in 2018.
So I think what we see here, Gary, is
The left's short-term plan to get rid of Trump, their long-term plan to get rid of Trump, but one thing is clear.
They have no interest in compromise or progress or the good of the country.
They're only interested in the removal of our president.
Roger, the best offense, let me rephrase that, the best defense is a great offense.
I really have been looking for Trump to go on the offense, the Justice Department for example.
Here our President is facing this ridiculous Russian delusion, I think you referred to it, is when you've got the
Just such an array, the pay-to-play with the Clinton Foundation, and of course, I have personal experience with how they've stolen, the Clintons have stolen billions from the poor Haitian people.
You've got the uranium purchase where Hillary is the head of the State Department, approves the sale, and then millions of dollars will funnel back into the Clinton Foundation.
I mean, it's so obvious.
I'm frustrated and I'm hoping that the Justice Department will finally get busy and they can overwhelm the news cycle with all of the appropriate charges that this Russian collusion thing will be appropriated to the level it should be, which is nonsense.
Do you think that we're going to see a Justice Department begin to do its job in this country?
Well, I'm hopeful.
I must ask you, Gary, I'm not really sure what Jeff Sessions is doing over there.
Is he asleep?
Perhaps he's asleep.
We have now from the FISA Court absolute proof that the Obama administration illegally, unconstitutionally surveilled at least 30,000 Americans.
Clapper, Brennan, Rice, Jarrett, Obama, where are the indictments?
Jeff Sessions, somebody wake him up!
Where are the indictments?
You don't win this game on defense.
You're absolutely right.
Well, I hope that we can encourage the President to order his Justice Department.
You know, my concern, and I think the only thing that explains it, is the deep state has the ability to record everything.
And what they don't record, they can fabricate.
Maybe Mr. Sessions is simply afraid that the retaliation is going to be too great for him to step out and do his job.
Well, uh, hope springs eternal for our Attorney General.
I hope somebody will wake him up.
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Live from the InfoWars.com studios, you're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
And now, your host, Anthony Cumia.
Ah, yes.
Hello, everyone.
Anthony Cumia here for InfoWars.com.
You know, I come in here every couple of weeks.
I love doing this.
Come in every two weeks or so.
And I always think we've finally reached the pinnacle of insanity in this country.
I thought this weeks ago.
And then I come back, and there's something else.
And I come back again,
Got even crazier.
I'm like, all right, we've had to have reached the absolute peak of insanity in this country.
No, we haven't.
I have to, I have to believe this now is the peak of insanity.
There is a mad Nazi frenzy going on in this country.
Oh my God.
Speak your piece.
In defiance of anything that the progressive left has put out there.
And oh my God, you're now a Nazi.
Remember the quaint times when we were racists?
Remember just being called a racist and you're like, ah, at first it was like, oh no, I'm a racist.
Let's change the discussion now from whatever we were talking about to me defending myself against being called a racist.
Uh, because, you know, the argument was going much too well.
And then, uh, racists got to the point where they called everyone a racist.
So, we finally all just went, alright.
Alright, I'm a racist.
Anyway, here's what I was saying.
Now, ah, we've graduated.
We've graduated.
Where's our cap and gown?
We've gone from racists, now we're Nazis!
We, in this country, are losing our collective minds.
And I just, I'm flabbergasted on a daily basis.
The President of the United States is being called, at the very least, a Nazi sympathizer, if not a complete Nazi.
In case you didn't know, there's a guy in there called Donald Trump.
He's the President.
Not a different Donald Trump.
This is the same Donald Trump we have seen in the public eye for a good, I gotta say, 45 years.
Years, people.
We have seen Donald Trump as a contractor, a builder in New York City.
45 years.
We've seen him battle politicians over real estate and casinos in Atlantic City.
I remember this my entire life, growing up in New York, seeing Donald Trump as a public figure.
Then he goes into showbiz.
He gets himself a reality show and he's on television.
He's marrying people.
His weddings are news.
All this has happened over the course of a good 45 years that Donald Trump has been in the public eye in this country.
In all of those years,
I have never heard him called a Nazi.
We're actually using Nazi here in 2017.
A Nazi.
Nonetheless, never mind like racist and all the other things he's been called.
I will give you kind of a womanizer.
Over the course of the years, man, that guy just loves him some pretty blonde women.
I'll give you that.
I won't give you what they say, you know, he's sexually assaulting people.
But I will give you the fact that he does like a pretty girl.
But Nazi, in all the years we've seen this, at 70 years old, he's decided he's going to become a National Socialist.
It's so preposterous that it's laughable.
It's laughable.
So, of course we know what happened down there in Charlottesville.
We had a group, Unite the Right, they go down there, they're protesting the removal of a Robert E. Lee statue, which is the new rave.
It's all in vogue now to just get rid of American history.
So, Unite the Right goes down there, and of course Antifa, the darlings of the left.
Antifa, the wonderful Nazi killers that they are.
We'll get into them in a little bit.
They go down there also to, you know, protest, to peacefully protest.
Things that they don't agree with in this country.
Because we all have the right to peacefully protest, assemble, speak our mind.
It's part of our constitutional right.
Number one.
It's the biggie.
Freedom of speech and expression.
Number one.
Right to assemble.
Free press.
All that happy stuff that we say we understand and enjoy in this country.
And some people are just trying their damnedest to rip it out from under us.
So these two groups who despise each other go down there and a riot ensues, fights, assaults, a maniac gets in his car, runs people over, killing a young woman, injuring 19 others.
Donald Trump, our president, Donald Trump, gets on the news immediately and denounces everything that happened.
He denounces the racism, the bigotry.
He denounces the violence, the destruction of property, the lawlessness.
All of this was denounced.
I denounce you!
He denounced it.
Immediately, without any knowledge yet of the principal players,
Uh, obviously the Nazis aren't fighting each other!
There's gotta be someone else there that they're fighting, so, uh, he denounced everybody down there that was causing a problem.
And, uh, uh, uh, killing people.
And assaulting, and destroying property.
Was that good enough?
Was, uh, was that, was that good?
Oh, right, no, it wasn't good enough.
Not good enough.
Cause it wasn't, uh, concise enough?
It was vague?
Because Donald Trump said it.
Because Donald Trump said it.
That's why it wasn't good enough.
So a couple of days later, after all the hoopla in the lying media, he gets back out there and directly denounces the KKK, white supremacy, and Nazis.
Again, Nazis.
I can't believe we're saying Nazis.
Uh, in 2017.
So, well that was good enough though, right?
Wasn't that, uh, that?
Oh, right, no!
No, it wasn't good enough.
Because he didn't include enough people?
He included too many people?
Oh, that's right, because it's Donald Trump.
Can, can, can we all see this?
Is it that hard to visualize what's going on here?
That no matter what this guy does or says, the maniacal, insane, emotional group of children that are the progressive left will absolutely despise anything that comes out of this man's mouth.
Is anybody not seeing this at this point?
Because if you're not, I would definitely get checked out.
I'd get a CAT scan on my head and see if there's a mass in there that's keeping you from distinguishing things that are right in front of your face.
Because this is what is happening.
And then you go to the lying news in their subsequent broadcast to his denouncing these groups, and they actually say he never denounced them.
They actually say that he supports white supremacy and the Klan, the KKK?
What is this?
The 30s?
A couple of rednecks with the stars and bars on their shirt?
And then guys waving swastika flags?
Let me tell you something, I don't think I've seen one of these guys on a soapbox
In a town or a city.
Extolling the amazing National Socialism.
Little pamphlets.
Hi, have I told you about National Socialism?
Well, let me tell you how it would work here in our society and how it would better everyone's life.
Here, take a pamphlet.
National Socialism was first... Like, that would be a Nazi!
An idiot!
Waving a swastika flag at another idiot waving a hammer and sickle flag are not Nazis and communists.
They're idiots.
And they're just there to fight each other.
They're cosplaying.
It's like Comic-Con.
It's Comi-Con.
That's what it is, Comi-Con.
They're dressing in costumes and battling each other because they watch Braveheart.
And they want to battle each other with sticks.
And the media is getting so carried away with it.
And telling people that we have a problem in this country with Nazis?
I'll tell you the hardest time I ever had with Nazis in the United States.
Playing Castle Wolfenstein.
It's one of my favorite video games.
Oh, those Nazis are crazy in that game.
But they're on my computer.
It's a video game.
Out in real life, I haven't seen many Nazis.
And I haven't seen really many problems with real, I'm talking real Nazis.
Not crazy people waving different flags and calling themselves Nazis or communists.
Alt-right, whatever labels you want to put on these people that are committing assaults, violence, destruction of property.
I don't care what you want to label them, as long as you know what they really are.
Morons that are putting giant distractions in the way of advancing what we're doing or trying to do here in the United States of America.
Getting people jobs,
Making our borders secure, keeping people safe from terrorism, internal or external.
But the media, they run on a crazy Nazi frenzy.
We'll be back in a matter of moments.
Don't you go anywhere.
Anthony Cumia in at Infowars.com.
It's been said, any society is only three missed meals away from chaos.
Those times may be near.
Think about it.
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Thank you.
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Anthony Cumia in at Infowars.com.
I want to thank Alex Jones for the opportunity.
I love doing this program.
The anti-fascists.
That's what it is.
I guess the anti is anti and the fa is fascist.
They should take the anti off and just call themselves fa.
Because they are fascists.
They really are the definition of what fascism was, is, and always will be.
Denying people of their rights.
That's what they do.
We've heard Donald Trump get crucified for saying that both sides
In Charlottesville, we're responsible for the violence that happened, meaning the Nazis and the Antifa.
Well, Antifa has said, hey, we only went there because Nazis were there.
Uh, if they weren't there, there wouldn't have been a fight!
Well, they, they, the Nazis, the, uh, uh, right, the Unite the Right people got a permit, um, and wanted to march.
Antifa came in as agitators.
This is how I see it.
I don't care what the sides stand for, la la la, don't care.
I'm talking about the basic right to assemble that is God-given to every American here in this country.
You have the right to assemble, the right to free speech, the right to protest.
When you have Antifa then swooping in and inciting violence in order to shut this down, there's your problem.
And now, for people that don't think that happens, they have done this consistently for quite a while.
Ann Coulter, supposed to speak out at UC Berkeley, shut down because Antifa started violence.
Milo Yiannopoulos, supposed to speak on college campuses, shut down because of anti-fob violence and destruction of property to deny Milo his right to free speech.
Gavin McInnes at NYU,
Antifa shows up, incites violence, they shut it down, denying Gavin McGuinness the right to speak and denying the people the right to hear him speak.
This is their tactic.
This is what they do.
So when you look at Charleston and you see this horrific sight
Bunch of Nazis!
And they got tiki torches!
And they're marching!
And they're chanting their slogans that are racist, terrible, anti-Semitic!
Oh my God!
You know what?
They absolutely have the right to do that.
I have read so many tweets on Twitter from people that
They believe they do not have the right to even speak publicly because they have been deemed Nazis!
What they're saying is hate speech, and hate speech has no place in our country.
The First Amendment does not defend hate speech.
Well, first of all, what's the criteria for hate speech?
You're the ones making it up!
You can call anything hate speech, and then swoop in and deny people the right that they are given by God Almighty.
It's insane the ignorance that people have of this amazing constitution of ours.
Be back in a matter of moments.
Don't go anywhere.
Anthony Cumia in at InfoWars.com.
We're on the march.
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Today I want to talk to you about guns.
Why we have them.
Why the Bill of Rights guarantees that we can have them.
And why my right to have a gun is more important than your right to rail against it in the press.
I believe every good journalist needs to know why the Second Amendment must be considered more essential than the First Amendment.
This may be a bitter pill to swallow, but the right to keep and bear arms is not an outdated, dusty idea some old dead white guys dreamed up in fear of the redcoats.
No, it is just as essential to liberty today as it was in 1776.
The original amendments we referred to as the Bill of Rights contained ten of what the constitutional framers termed unalienable rights.
The Bill of Rights came to us with blinders on.
It doesn't recognize color, or class, or wealth.
It protects not just the rights of actors, or editors, or reporters, but extends even to those we love to hate.
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It's the Alex Jones Show.
And now, your host, Anthony Cumia.
Thank you.
Thank you, Anthony Cumia and InfoWars.com.
Oh my God, the whole hubbub
About what happened down there in Charlottesville.
It started because of the statues.
The removal of Confederate War monuments.
Yeah, the Confederates in the Civil War.
Their monuments need to be taken down.
That's what some people are saying.
And that seems to be the crux of this whole thing.
People go down to defend the statues.
Then other people come down because they don't want the statues there, they want them removed, so they battle.
And we've seen scenes like this here.
This is old Johnny Reb in memory of all the Confederate soldiers that were killed during the Civil War.
And there they go, just... This is so... Lord of the Flies.
Just this frenzy of hate.
It's very ISIS-like.
Ripping down monuments, stepping on it, getting rid of history.
The history of this country, good, bad, or indifferent.
It is the history of this country.
And monuments are there to commemorate
Not necessarily glorify, but to remind us.
A constant reminder of things we went through during our history to get where we are right now.
And I honestly believe these commemorations are very important to this country.
And we need to remember where we came from.
The good of it and the bad of it.
In order to keep moving forward in a good direction and make this country as good as we can make it.
But some people see them as hate statues!
Oh my God, they must be eliminated!
I don't want to see it!
Don't let me see it!
It's astounding how sensitive the left can be when it comes to people just speaking.
Things they see in movies and TV, they get triggered so easily!
And these monuments, you look at it, all of a sudden I'm walking in Washington D.C., I turn my head, OH MY GOD!
Take it away!
They lose their minds!
And need them removed from their sight.
Is that a good thing?
Does that make sense?
I submit to you, no.
I think it's mental.
I think it's crazy.
These are a few stories I found today, alone, just in a few minutes.
Because the frenzy is on.
The frenzy is on.
Robert E. Lee's Stonewall Jackson honors pulled from New York City Church and College's Hall of Fame.
Bust of Confederate generals to come down at Bronx Community College.
Canadian retailer removes Confederate plaque from Montreal flagship store.
Facebook bans white nationalists over hate speech.
Antifa, the entire state of Virginia is named after a slave trader.
I kid you not.
They apparently want the entire state of Virginia renamed because it's racist.
Leader of Boston Group calls for renaming of Faneuil Hall.
The iconic
Faneuil Hall of Boston, Massachusetts.
They want that renamed now because I guess Faneuil was some type of racist, or slave trader, or what have you, back in the 1700s.
So now, in 2017, we have to change the name.
Apple denounces Neo-Nazi as Spotify bans white power tracks.
De Blasio, that's our lovely mayor here in New York, plans to take down New York City's hate symbols.
And then this one.
And by the way, this is just this morning.
I just rattled through and found a few.
I'm sure I missed hundreds more around the country where where these people want all these monuments and whatnot removed.
Hamilton star, you know, that that amazing Broadway musical Hamilton about Alexander Hamilton, you know, played by black people.
I swear to you, I wouldn't kid.
It's astounding.
We hear no cries of cultural appropriation when that happens.
But if a girl wears hoop earrings, apparently she might as well be a slave owner.
Actor Leslie Odom Jr.
says public statues should be erected to inspire us, to teach us and give us hope.
But if they no longer do so, communities can decide that they don't want them anymore.
Communities can decide?
Or a few hundred rabble-rousers that want their way or no way.
Even when it comes to statues of America's founding fathers.
Leslie Odom Jr.
opened to removal of Washington and Jefferson statues.
Yes, people.
The things we were just
Moments ago joking about are coming to fruition.
We joked about perhaps having to dynamite Mount Rushmore because some of the faces on there are people that, oh boy, I don't know, racists, slave traders and whatnot.
So we were joking about this, but they're serious.
They're absolutely serious about eliminating any sign of the people that built this country, that came up with the rules and laws that we call the Constitution, the protection of our rights.
All those people were so evil that we need to remove every indication that they ever existed.
Does that sound good to you?
Doesn't sound very good to me.
I know damn well they will not stop.
This isn't something that people stop doing.
You never hear of an organization, regardless of their platform, that goes, well, did you see this, Bob?
They just gave in to our intimidation.
Oh, good.
Alright, pack everything up.
We're done here.
Sell the place.
Sell our stationery.
With our letterhead on top, because our mission's done here.
It never happens.
They absolutely go, what could we screw up next?
We got them on the run.
Let's come up with something else.
If you appease these people, they go to the next thing.
And the next thing.
Until everything you find, you cherish, is gone.
And then you go, what happened?
What happened to everything?
They will not stop.
These statues, it's a symptom.
It's a symptom of the hatred of our society and what made this country great.
A sense of pride in our nation.
Morality, ethics, family, all the things that made this country amazing over the course of the 200 and some odd years that we've been here, are bad now and need to be removed.
It's gotten insane.
So I came up with a few things last night, I think, that I think are appropriate.
There is a statue, there are a few monuments in this country
As we speak, monuments in this country to a man that was directly responsible for killing 268 American soldiers.
And there are statues and monuments to this man in this country, and no one is trying to have that taken down.
And I'm not talking Confederate soldiers.
I'm talking statues and monuments to a man that was directly responsible for killing 268 American soldiers.
And you can find monuments to this man.
His name, Sitting Bull.
Sitting Bull.
You might remember him.
He was responsible for the Little Bighorn battle with George Armstrong Custer.
Custer's last stand wiped out 268 men, including the old general himself.
We were at war with the Indian Nation.
Just like people say, we were at war with the Confederates.
Why do we have his statue?
Why do we have Confederate statues?
We were at war with the Indians.
Uh, during a battle, American soldiers were killed by this man we were at war with.
Why, then, is there a statue of Sitting Bull?
A guy that fought America.
There it is!
There is Tatanka.
Uh, Sitting Bull.
And, and there are amazing carvings of his face on mountainsides and whatnot.
And, and, no one clamoring to have that taken down.
No one clamoring.
Oh, why am I asking why?
Of course I know why!
Because he's not white!
That must be it.
It's the only thing I can think of.
Falls into the same criteria as any Confederate soldier would at the time, at war with the U.S.
But for some reason, we'll keep that up there.
I've also heard, hey, these statues, we should take them and put them in a museum.
Put them in a museum where people could see them without them being glorified outside.
Let me tell you something.
I think where a statue is, when it was placed, what it says, how it's posed, when it was put there, why it was put where it is, all of that is in context.
And if you want to actually learn about something and get some knowledge as to our history and why this guy is even a statue and what...
That's how you should do it.
You should be able to interpret it yourself.
In why it was placed there.
It's not all of a sudden, you don't walk up to a confederate war statue and go, oh cool!
I'm now a confederate.
It's to educate.
These things are artwork.
They're works of art.
Somebody's expression.
Someone's interpretation of a moment in history.
Uh, and you always hear the progressives trying to defend their artwork.
Remember Piss Christ?
A crucifix upside down in a jar of urine?
And the defense, uh, from the left that came out, uh, defending that?
Uh, these are works of art.
I defy anybody to tell me different.
And put them in a museum why so they could then be put in the context to leave had a great line He goes yeah, you'd walk in and it would just say museum of hate Museum of hate and you'd walk in with already this bias of what this is with someone else's interpretation of what these statues are about someone else's narrative of why they're in this museum instead of you
Being given the opportunity to interpret for yourself what these works of art are around our country.
But again, the worst thing the left can ever believe, think, or see are people making up their own minds.
Are people listening to other people speak, giving a debate, and then coming out with some kind of conclusion.
Based on mutual respect and dialogue.
Oh, the left hates that!
They want to tell you what you should or shouldn't see, hear, or say.
We're living in a country right now that is under such a cloud of fear.
I have never seen people more petrified at speaking out on issues that we see in the news every day.
Could you imagine?
Like, I can't imagine because I have this awesome job.
But I can't imagine going to an office, sitting with my colleagues, and not being able to discuss my point of view on things like Charlottesville.
Things like the statues being taken down.
Trump's policies.
Imagine all day you gotta keep that bottled up because you're afraid someone's gonna hear you and run to HR and now you're fired because of your ideology?
That can't possibly happen!
We live in America!
Oh yeah?
Tell that guy at Google.
Tell that gentleman that decided he was gonna put his thoughts
To paper virtual paper mind you it is 2017.
We don't have flying cars, but we do have virtual paper put his thoughts to to paper and Say hey in my experience in this job.
I have found this to be true of men and women in my occupation Here's my opinion written down.
I hope you enjoy it
Next thing we see, he's got the box with his plant and his nameplate and he's like, what?
I was, but I was just explaining.
I have a job in this industry.
I, I think I'm qualified to have an opinion about, yep, you are sexist.
You are obsolete.
We have, we have ventured so far into the twilight zone.
I don't know if there's any way back.
Like I said, I enjoy the hell out of coming here on a bi-weekly basis to rant and rave.
But every time I come back, it's gotten crazier.
It's just gotten crazier.
So where does it end?
Is there a light at the end of the tunnel?
I thought with the election of Donald Trump,
We would start seeing that pendulum swing back.
But the progressives... I love that word, progressives.
It's as if we're progressing.
It's such great wordplay.
They progress things.
They're progressive, open.
Open to a different ideology.
Are you?
But they've gotten worse.
They've gotten worse.
They won't let this president do anything he wants to do.
Whatever he says is poison coming out of his mouth.
We can see and we have seen unemployment go down to record levels in probably almost, what, 20 years?
15, 20 years?
We've also seen the stock market in record territory.
We've seen people confident in small businesses, hiring people.
There is an element of pride coming back.
We saw what he did in North Korea.
Why isn't the news talking about that?
When they were all over Donald Trump about his tough talk to Kim Jong-un, we heard, uh, this is terrible.
It's going to get us into a war.
Why would a president talk like this?
And Kim Jong-un actually comes out and tells everyone, hey, yeah, I'm not going to do that whole Guam thing.
Yeah, I'm going to kind of lay off on that.
What do you think did that?
The policies of decades of appeasing this maniac with money?
Tough talk.
Pride in nation.
Strength in your nation.
And you won't hear a peep from the media giving anything to Donald Trump about, you know, him standing down on that whole issue.
It's so obvious I'm dumbfounded when people don't see it.
They're staring right at it.
They have sight, yet they do not see.
Anthony Cumia, InfoWars.com.
We'll be right back.
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Nice clean mouth.
Dirty stuff coming out of it.
Dirty words coming out of it, but at least it's minty fresh.
Oh my goodness, something's happening today, quickly.
Radio personality suspended without pay amid controversy.
A radio personality from WHLM, he went to the rally down there in Charlottesville and posted a video of neo-Nazis marching with tiki torches and apparently on his Twitter page he supported the alt-right
So he got fired.
Well, he's suspended.
By the way, I've been in broadcasting so many years.
Let me fill you in on a little secret.
Suspension means fired, fired, so fired.
We're going to suspend him until the internal investigation, when we will deem if they're already going, oh, pack your bags.
So fired.
So this guy went somewhere.
And took a video and fired, fired, so fired.
How about this?
Georgia judge suspended for comparing removal of Confederate monuments to ISIS actions.
I think a lot of people, when they saw the statue of Johnny Reb being taken down by vandals, there it is, I think a lot of people made that
That kind of comparison to ISIS.
We have seen ISIS knocking down Christian monuments in the Middle East and stomping on them, knocking down tombstones, anything that isn't Islamic.
They come through like locusts.
And it was very similar to watch.
But just saying it, just saying it, and a judge gets suspended.
This is America.
This is the leftist version of the United States of America, where you are not allowed to speak your mind.
You are not allowed to have an opinion that varies from the left.
Because the second you do, they will find a way to get you fired, sully your reputation.
That's what they do.
Airbnb is saying that they are going to fight anybody that they consider a Nazi from using any of their properties.
Do they do this for Black Lives Matter?
Do they do this for Antifa?
And Apple, of course, denounces neo-Nazis as Spotify bands, white power tracks.
I don't even know what that is.
Thanks for joining me, Anthony Cumia, here at InfoWars.com.
We'll see you in a couple of Thursdays.
Have a pleasant rest of your day.
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