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Name: 20170809_Wed_NightlyNews
Air Date: Aug. 9, 2017
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But this is the one you need to research for yourself because it's so-
Welcome to the InfoWars Nightly News.
It's Wednesday, August 9th, 2017.
I'm your host, Owen Schroer.
Here's what's coming up tonight on the news.
The Justice Department has just reopened the investigation into Hillary's emails and have reportedly just offered her a plea bargain if she pleads guilty.
InfoWars White House Bureau Chief Jerome Corsi breaks the story with Alex Jones and Owen Schroyer in studio.
According to a Clinton attorney, the Justice Department is considering offering her a plea bargain.
Then, more leftist terrorism in America as an anti-Trump social justice warrior executes a GOP committeeman with two bullets to the head.
All that plus big plans for a march on Google to fight internet censorship.
That's coming up next on the InfoWars Nightly News.
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All right.
Let's get into some of the news that was breaking today.
We know that Democrats and people like Bernie Sanders and Chuck Schumer, I'm serious, every day there's a news story about rats in New York City.
Now apparently, first they were jumping, or they got bigger than ever, now they're jumping into cribs or something.
The biggest rat in New York City is still Chuck Schumer.
But they've been instigating violence.
The New York Times prints a story talking about a GOP baseball practice, and then a leftist nut that voted for Bernie Sanders, probably heard Bernie Sanders say that Trumpcare is basically death to people, and then he goes out and shoots Steve Scalise.
Well, now you've got another story.
Neighborhood dispute ends in fatal shooting in West Goshen.
So now you've got a politically charged assassination.
Clayton P. Carter III is the lunatic, and he's an anti-Trumper.
At West Goshen, Pennsylvania man shot his GOP neighbor twice in the head and killed him late Monday night.
Clayton Carter, an unhinged anti-Trump fanatic, shot his neighbor twice in the head on his neighbor's property.
Clayton Carter has anti-Trump signs sprinkled on his lawn, he has a history of arguments with neighbors, and now he has killed somebody.
A hate crime, a politically motivated hate crime, stewed up by fake news on CNN and MSNBC, lying about Trump all day, stirred up by people like Bernie Sanders telling you that Trump is a Russian agent,
That Trump is going to pass health care that's going to kill your grandma lies.
And now another conservative has been shot because of leftist terrorism.
You've got radical Islamic terrorism and you have radical liberal terrorism.
Yes, that is what this is called.
So, let's see if anybody decides to cover this story of Clayton Carter, an anti-Trumper, probably voted for Bernie, probably voted for Clinton, goes out and shoots a GOP committeeman.
Oh, while his wife was watching, too.
Good, oh my gosh.
So, congratulations, CNN.
You are ISIS.
Just like ISIS motivates radical Islamic terror, CNN motivates radical leftist terror.
So congratulations CNN and MSNBC and Rachel Madcow.
Another one under your belt.
Steve Scalise.
And now another one.
It's really sad.
G. Brooks Jennings, 51 years old, a GOP committee man, shot by a leftist terrorist.
Speaking of the Democrats, folks, I'm sure you've heard this by now, but Loretta Lynch had talking points prepped for her about her Phoenix tarmac meeting.
Can you imagine if emails were revealed of Donald Trump colluding with somebody?
Look at the whole Seth Rich story, how they try to pin that on Donald Trump.
Completely bogus.
It's just like this whole PCA thing.
They want to pin Pizzagate on Alex Jones.
Alex Jones isn't the originator of hashtag Pizzagate.
That was a huge hashtag on Twitter that millions of people tweeted out, and they just want to pin it all on Alex Jones.
And then they try to do the same thing with Trump and Seth Rich.
We know that Loretta... See, that's what I'm saying.
With this whole... We had Jerome Corsi on earlier talking about the Justice Department moving against Hillary Clinton, potentially a plea bargain being reached.
I just get the feeling that one of these Democrats is going to sing like a canary.
One of these Democrats is going to put their self-interest above the rest of the Klan, whatever oath they took or whatever agreements and collusion that they agreed to.
One of these Democrats is going to put their own self-interest above the rest.
Honestly, it might be Hillary Clinton.
I mean, she is the wicked witch.
She is the worst of the worst.
She is the most selfish pig rotting human on earth.
So, maybe she's the one that sings.
Maybe it's Comey.
Maybe it's Lynch.
Maybe it's Susan Rice.
I don't know.
They're all colluding.
Maybe it's Obama.
Maybe it's Obama who secretly spied illegally on Americans.
Maybe it's Lois Lerner who illegally targeted people that were conservatives looking for tax breaks.
Looking to start non-for-profits.
No, but let's all look into Trump.
Let's keep looking into Trump where there's nothing.
Let's keep looking into Manafort where there's pettiness, nothing.
Meanwhile, the Democrats are literally the biggest scoundrels on the face of the earth.
Do we have that Mitch McConnell video, guys?
Alright, don't worry about the video, but basically Mitch McConnell comes out and he's upset.
Mitch McConnell, excuse me,
I won't say this, we have a family audience, but you know what Mitch McConnell's real name is.
It starts with a B. And B. McConnell is upset that President Trump has such big expectations on them.
He says that it's excessive expectations regarding legislation.
So Republicans run on the notion of repealing Obamacare for years, take millions of dollars in donations to their campaign on repealing Obamacare for years.
By the way, now they're getting sued for that.
And Mitch McConnell says that these are excessive expectations for Trump to expect them to repeal Obamacare.
Really, Mitch McConnell?
So Trump responded on Twitter, and he said, Senator Mitch McConnell said, I had excessive expectations.
But I don't think so.
After seven years of hearing repeal and replace, why not done?
Yeah, and let's not forget how effective Obama was able to legislate when he had Democrats in Congress in his favor.
He got Obamacare passed.
Now Republicans have the presidency, the House, and the Senate, and Mitch McConnell starts with a B. Mitch McConnell is upset of excessive expectations for President Trump.
Teleprompter free, bitches!
Hey, I'm on Coast to Coast tonight.
I think I'm gonna cover this BuzzFeed thing, too.
You mind if I steal these?
No, no, take those.
Those are yours.
You've done well, Lord Vader.
We'll hear you on Coast to Coast with George Norrie, heard by millions of people, just like the Alex Jones Show.
That's all right.
No, no, no.
George Norie and Alex Jones don't even exist.
Google is just going to wave their magic wand and make us disappear.
Oh, too bad we have Infowars.com slash show.
Oh, it's its own little entity that you can go to.
You don't need the alphabet bureaucracies to filter your news.
You don't need Mitch McConnell to tell you that your expectations for him to repeal Obamacare are excessive.
That's so excessive.
How dare we?
How dare we expect Mitch McConnell to fulfill his promises?
How dare he?
See, that's the thing about Trump.
Trump has gotten in office, fulfilled his promises, and this is setting an entire new precedent in Washington, and Mitch McConnell can't handle it.
He doesn't know what to do.
He is a little creeper who's been creeping around Washington D.C.
doing nothing.
Letting Obamacare pass.
Letting Democrats walk all over him.
Telling his constituents he's going to repeal Obamacare.
A total fraud.
A total wuss.
Not willing to fight for this country.
Not willing to fight for this Constitution.
And he thinks it's excessive for you to want him to follow through on his promises.
I think the swamp is excessive.
I think people like Mitch McConnell and John McCain and Paul Ryan are excessive.
That's what I think is excessive.
So, I didn't have time to cherry pick through this story in the Atlantic before I came on here.
Guys, if you could get a printed version of this to me.
But I see this trend in liberal media.
We saw it in the Washington Post, claiming that it's Russian to love God and guns, and that America is now embracing God and guns because of Russia.
Then you had the New York Times.
I just covered this story the other day.
What was it the New York Times was saying?
Something was un-American or something was American and it was like, it was just ridiculous.
It's like, this has been tradition in America.
So now you have this story.
Thank you.
Thank you, Marcos.
The Atlantic.
How America lost its mind.
The nation's current post-truth moment is the ultimate expression of mindsets that have made America exceptional throughout its history.
But here's the irony about this story to me.
Because you can go on here and again.
I first noticed our national lurch towards fantasy in 2004.
After Karl Rove came up with the remarkable phrase, reality-based community.
So this is the irony of all of these things that the left is trying to publish right now, to try to act like America is losing its way now, when we're really just coming back.
So yeah, America didn't lose its mind when it had Bush, Clinton, Bush, and then about to be another Clinton.
That wasn't America losing its mind.
No, America didn't lose its mind when the top-rated television programs were Jersey Shore.
America didn't lose its mind when you have little teen girls idolizing the Kardashians, literal human trash.
No, America didn't lose its mind when Victoria's Secret put out five-year-olds in lingerie at a model show.
No, America didn't lose its mind when we made abortion legal.
No, America didn't lose its mind when we started passing gun legislation that led to more gun violence in Chicago.
No, America didn't lose its mind when we shipped all of our manufacturing overseas and then destroyed our own economies.
No, America didn't lose its mind
For any of that, America has never lost its mind.
We've been perfectly fine.
America never lost its mind when everybody cares more about their local sports team than they do their local representation.
No, America's never lost its mind.
Now America's lost its mind, folks.
Now America's lost its mind.
Now that America's back, now that we have Trump, now that America is going to be great again, thrive again, manufacturing back, economy booming, the return of the American Dream.
You can actually be poor and work your way up to the top.
That's the American Dream.
That's what's back.
That's what they're trying to stop.
And that's what the Atlantic thinks is crazy.
So I just think it's hilarious.
How all of these liberal publications... They're not even Americans!
That's really what it comes down to.
These people are communists.
These people... I just... They don't understand the point of America.
They really don't get why America was created.
They really don't understand that this is the last place on Earth, man.
This is where you go when you want to get the government off your back!
When you want to do something, when you want to build something, and not have a bunch of bureaucracies telling you how to do it!
When you want to have your own land, when you want to have your own guns, when you want to have your own family, you want to raise the family how you want it to be raised, not how the government tells you to.
That's America.
But now because of Trump.
And folks, you've got to understand, the only reason why they published this story telling you, yeah, America, how will... We have literally no borders!
No borders.
You can walk across the border.
You can smuggle pounds of drugs in a burlap sack across the border.
And Obama was okay with it.
You can run guns.
You had Fast and Furious.
You can be Hillary Clinton and lie about being under sniper fire.
You can be Brian Williams and lie about being under sniper fire.
You can lie, you can be lied to about weapons of mass destruction and then go to this massive war that we're still fighting.
But now America's lost its mind.
No, America is back.
But see, and then they want to put these poll numbers out to tell you that Trump is not popular.
They put these polls out to tell you that Trump's approval rating is low.
Folks, they wouldn't be publishing these stories if that was true.
They wouldn't be publishing the story how America lost its mind because Trumpism is taking over if Trump was unpopular.
They wouldn't be publishing in the Washington Times, look at the Russification of America, they're embracing God and guns, if it wasn't happening.
They're freaking out because they're losing their vice grip on culture.
They're losing their vice grip on society.
Let's look at some of these stories as we're about to be joined by some guests.
ICE busts 36 sex offender criminal aliens in Sanctuary City.
To all those governors like de Blasio and Rahm Emanuel who want to keep protecting sanctuary cities, keep this in mind.
You are putting sex offenders above American citizens and above police officers.
That's what they're doing when they're going to sue the new Trump movement to cut funding to sanctuary cities.
So now these governors, now these mayors,
Are putting illegals, sex offenders, ahead of American citizens and police officers.
DHS, 23% of all federal prisoners are illegals.
Not even citizens!
So Trump was right again.
Our prisons are filled with non-citizens.
And you know who pays for it?
You do!
But no, we're losing our minds because we don't want to pay for it anymore.
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I'm now joined by Jack Posobiec.
And Jack, I want to talk to you about two things.
One, you are really manifesting the March on Google.
You've made significant ground on that.
We'll talk about that.
But also I want to talk about the Deep State, George Soros, McMasters, and some developments there, as well as the ties to North Korea.
But let's start on the March on Google.
You've officially launched March on Google.com.
Tell me about this movement.
I had to.
Honestly, Owen, I thank you so much for highlighting this.
We had to do it.
It needed to happen.
This website, this movement that we're launching, it's the March on Google.
We're going to hold these nationwide, so not just at the Googleplex up there.
We have been getting, for a year at this point, we've been getting censored by Google, we've been getting blocked by Google, pro-Trump news was getting blocked by Google, anti, like, all the fake news about Hillary winning was getting put to the top results by Google, and remember, Google owns YouTube at this point, too.
So now, with the firing of James Damore, this engineer who dared speak up about Google becoming an ideological echo chamber, he was summarily fired for having
Yeah, that used to be a liberal thing to do.
It's amazing to me because
This is really the first organized call to action that we've really seen against any of this censorship.
Yeah, we've done the videos.
Yeah, we've done the reports.
Yes, we've shown it in live time.
Now you're talking about ground-level street action.
I know this is something that Mike Cernovich has been calling for as well, but let's talk about the actual march.
Right now you have the date listed for Saturday, August 19th.
How can people get involved?
Yes, go to March on Google.com.
You can go there, you can sign up, you can put your name in the comments.
We're going to be focusing, hopefully, on four cities, but building it out from there.
I just got, so I wanted to focus, of course, on their headquarters in Mountain View, which is near San Francisco, Palo Alto.
New York City, Washington D.C., Austin, of course, right where you guys are.
I just got news that Boston, there was a rally that was already going to be held in Boston for free speech.
They're now going to be marching from there all the way over to Google's offices in Cambridge.
So if people go to March on Google.com, you can go there and
We're also announcing a contest for the best Google meme.
If anybody has the best Google memes, post them with the hashtag MarchOnGoogle.
And we're going to pick the best one that day, Owen.
That's good stuff.
You're always good at organizing on social media, getting people active on social media.
Let me ask you this.
Have you heard a response from YouTube or Google?
Have there been anybody responding, reaching out to you?
Are they even aware of this, that this is happening?
I haven't heard anything back specifically, but I did notice there's an interesting glitch that's going on on Twitter right now, where myself, Paul Joseph Watson, and others have reported this, where it seems like 12 hours of data, all from last night, was suddenly gone.
It's suddenly missing.
So it says that we've got no impressions, even though we were all tweeting during that time stuff was going out.
And you have multiple people, multiple people reporting this?
Yeah, multiple people.
Myself, Paul Joseph Watson had the same thing up there.
It may just be a glitch.
I remember stuff like that was going on back in 2016, all throughout the election.
But it's funny that right after I mentioned that this rally is going to be going on, I immediately start getting messed with my Twitter notifications.
So what's our demand?
What's our demand here at the March on Google?
Are we requesting that they change their algorithms?
Are we requesting that they quit hiring the exact same type of people?
Are we requesting perhaps maybe some government action for some antitrust laws?
What do we want here?
I don't want to be like one of those liberals, Owen, and start calling for more regulations when things don't go our way.
But I do want people to wake up and realize that Google has been in bed
Google has been in bed with the government.
They were in bed with the Obama administration.
They were in bed with the Hillary Clinton campaign.
We need to expose the fact that you're talking about a company, yes, a private company that is very much in bed with the federal government.
They've had many regulations that have been written to their specifications to include this net neutrality that George Soros was involved in.
And so we are sick and tired of it, and we want Google to open up
And simply say that you can allow freedom of speech, you can allow diversity of thought, and to stop censoring us, to stop delisting us.
If that does not take place, we might have to move to the next step, where we're starting to call for boycotts, and we start to call for people to move off of Google onto other search engines that aren't going to be treating people for having a different political opinion, like second-class citizens.
Yeah, and I use DuckDuckGo right now as my primary source here at work.
Another one that's starting up is I think it's called StartPage.com or something like this.
So there are some competitors.
You still have to admit Google does still have the best SEO as far as when they're not rigging it.
But the website is MarchOnGoogle.com.
Jack Posobiec is organizing that.
So thanks, Jack!
I'm going to be working on Saturday now, August 19th.
No, I'm honored to.
I'm glad that you are leading this movement.
And I just think that Google needs to at least hear from its users that are being silenced.
Same with YouTube.
Same with Twitter.
It's time that we start fighting back against this instead of just taking it and even complaining about it.
Yes, okay, we complain about it, we show it in real time.
It's time to take some more serious action and if they're not going to respond to what the consumers want, well then maybe we'll just take our business elsewhere.
Now I want to get into a little bit of the deep state now, Jack.
You got to tweeting the other day talking about North Korea.
McMaster's been pushing for preemptive strikes in North Korea.
Tell me, what do you think is the angle that McMaster's is working here?
Do you think that this is a Soros, a Deep State thing, or does Trump know more?
It's part of the military-industrial complex where McMaster is involved in.
He's been heavily involved in.
We know that he's been a part of George Soros' think tanks.
I actually was the one who broke the news on InfoWars months ago that the last time there was a round of nuclear tests that McMaster was urging for a preemptive strike.
Essentially at this point, Owen, the way it goes is he didn't get his increase in the war in Afghanistan that he wanted.
He didn't get the massive expansion of boots on ground.
Now they're looking at Erik Prince's plan privatizing the war in Afghanistan.
Pulling out of there, finding a way to make sense of it.
So he's looking for a conflict that could take place on the Korean Peninsula, another place where he can put more American dollars, American boots.
And keep in mind, we've already got, as everybody knows, as I know you know, we've already got about 25,000 US troops on the ground in the peninsula in South Korea, right on the demilitarized zone.
So they're pushing for this agitation because war is big.
We're good to go.
Yeah, and McMaster's is the only one of Trump's four generals that has the Clapper Brennan Chrome Dome, if there's anything to that.
But it's interesting as well, you pointed out now that Venezuelan government officials are saying that McMaster's has ordered the CIA to back a Maduro coup.
So you kind of got all this weird stuff with McMaster's, all this deep state connections with George Soros.
Not to get lost in the Venezuela track for a second, but back to North Korea, what do you think the odds are that perhaps the deep state is trying to work in leaks or propaganda, pushing it out through the Washington Post to try to irk Trump into a war with North Korea?
I think that's exactly what they're doing.
I think they're trying to get him, and we know that Donald Trump has been on the record for over 15 years talking about the threat of North Korea nuclear weapons.
As we know, North Korea's nuclear program was greatly aided by Bill Clinton in 1994 when he gave them nuclear reactors.
He allowed them to have this technology as well as a billion dollars to help build them.
And now we're turning around and seeing that they've used it.
Trump called it out, rightly so, back then and said they're going to use this for nukes.
Now we have that on the table.
And so he's looking, as President of the United States, what could happen if any of that technology could be used on Guam, on U.S.
forces in South Korea, U.S.
forces or even just our allies in South Korea or Japan.
Uh, and North Korea also has this new submarine launch technology where they can put ballistic missiles onto a submarine, drive that to a point in the Pacific Ocean and launch from there, so greatly expanding their range.
The generals and I should say some of the generals and others in the deep state and the intel community are trying to push this game of brinkmanship with Trump to get him to kind of pull the trigger first to set things off.
But I think that Trump is smart enough to know that he can negotiate with this and leverage with the Chinese to put pressure on North Korea's northern border.
It would be great if we could also bring the Russians into that.
But God forbid Trump work on anything with Vladimir Putin or else maybe he'll get raided by the FBI just like Paul Manafort.
Yeah, and it's amazing.
I'm a non-interventionist.
I think most Trump supporters are non-interventionists, but we're intervening all over the country, and it's like, why have we not done anything about the North Korean dictatorship?
I mean, this guy's out of control.
Thank you, Jack Posobiec.
Check out his website, MarchOnGoogle.com.
Get active, folks.
It's time to get these SEOs to have fair search engines.
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Well, I'm now joined by Faith Goldie from The Rebel Media, and she's actually about to set me straight on an issue.
I thought that the angle was, we were kicking all of our illegals out of this country, people were fleeing this country because they knew that they weren't going to be able to live off the state anymore, their sanctuary cities were about to be defunded, so they were fleeing to Canada.
This became a major border crisis.
Well, Faith has actually been on the border covering this on the ground.
She's got the truth.
You're telling me there might be a different angle here?
Yeah, that's absolutely true.
So I've been to and fro several different illegal border entry points all across this southern borderland with the United States over here, which, by the way, is the longest undefended border in the entire world.
There's nothing there for the most part.
And I've talked to these so-called refugees, guys and gals, most of them guys, from all over the world, places like Saudi Arabia, Eritrea, Sudan, Haiti, and I'd say that there's a mixture.
While the mainstream media by and large is telling you that all of these guys, they're leaving big scary President Trump.
Some of them who have been in the United States illegally are leaving because they do imagine that there is an ice clamp down.
They do see, you know, Donald Trump doing things that presidents should, which is enforce borders.
But there is another cohort of people
Who are coming through the United States, through mostly human trafficking rings, or through known pathways, essentially, from these other jurisdictions, just because they've received our post-nationalist, pro-globalist Prime Minister's call, which is basically, Canada's open for business.
You don't need to deal with our border agents.
You don't need to go through screening and you sure as heck don't need the paperwork.
Just walk right into our country and we're happy to have our federal agents act as your bellhops and carry your very expensive and intact luggage across the border.
And that's absolutely key because now it's draining your guys' infrastructure and you've got problems where you've got
These camps where they're supposed to be all these asylum seekers are overflowed.
They don't know what to do.
So now they're sending them to schools.
They're sending troops to the border.
It's becoming out of control, but you're saying Justin Trudeau has no interest in trying to calm it down?
Oh, and honey, he is on vacation right now.
He does not care.
While I was down there, so about four months ago at this one particular border crossing, it was about 15 people per a day.
Now, four months later, it's 15 people per an hour.
All this madwoman math over here was me trying to figure out how many that accounts out to.
We can only assume that math is right.
I haven't checked those numbers.
We're talking over 100,000 people per year through one border crossing alone.
And remember, our population is much smaller than the United States.
We're at 35 million people in total.
We have over 300,000 legal immigrants who come here.
We have over 40,000 people who come in here just from our regular refugee programs, and now you're telling me that an additional 100,000 per year, roughly, give or take, from just one street.
Well, and that's on the books!
That's just on the books!
It's insane what's happening right now.
So what I think would be interesting to your audience is the fact that our Prime Minister, self-styled feminist Justin Trudeau, has gone to bed in a very public way with George Soros, specifically his Open Society Foundation.
They held a joint meeting with
Immigration Canada on the letterhead alongside Open Society Foundation on the topic of refugees in Canada, both of which decided, you know, hand in hand, what we're going to do is bring more people, bring the third world into this welfare state that exists.
So, Justin Trudeau has said that he is a post-nationalist.
He believes in a post-national world.
He is the globalist
He's a poster boy, and he is literally turning an amazing country with so many beautiful resources, good people, and an excellent system to make sure that the least well-off in society are indeed cared for.
He's turning that on its head, and he is exploiting it for people who essentially are opportunists who are looking to come here.
Yeah, but that's what all the multicolored hair unicorns from Canada want, so I don't understand why that's a big deal.
No, but for real though, the first thing that comes to my head when I think about this, and I'm just curious if anybody has addressed this in Canada,
You know, Canada is a little bit different than Europe or than the United States in that a lot of Canada is really uninhabited or cold, you know, forests.
So where are these people going to go?
They're going to go right to your inner cities, folks!
They're going to go right to your city!
Yep, you got that 100% right.
Look, Canada right now in comparison to any other country in the entire world is facing the quickest rate of ethnic change.
Most of our cities are already, you know, majority minority.
There is a massive demographic shift that has already occurring and that basically within less than a century we're looking at a toppling of demographics, a literal headstand.
But this is all, if we
We've got a lot of icebergs up here.
We've got a lot of, you know, forests.
But these people aren't going to be setting up little shanty towns and lean-to's and teepees.
An absolute inversion of organic growth and change.
I'm not against change in societies.
It should be happening at a slower and natural pace.
That's not what this is.
It's a manufactured crisis.
And our Prime Minister is off right now on our left coast twiddling his thumb with his wife and children on the taxpayer's dollar, as opposed to actually tending to his border, which he, without mandate, has erased.
Well, that's when he's not getting completely embarrassed and shunned at the G20 summit when he had no idea what he was doing there.
But, you know, I don't think that they think ahead.
I mean, again, I want to go back to this school issue.
So now you've got all of these school boards that are working to create space in the classroom for these newly arriving asylum seekers, these newly arriving refugees, newly arriving migrants, however you want to phrase it.
But they don't think about what this is doing to the classroom.
They don't think about the damage that this does to the classroom.
I'm not against these kids getting educated.
I'm sad that these kids, you know, are perhaps coming from a third world where they don't have first-class education.
But you have to understand, when you dilapidate first-world education with this, it just brings it down.
How can you expect a kid, a young kid in a classroom, to have all these new things being thrown at them, the teacher saying, hey, these are these people, they may not know your language, this, that, the other thing.
How can they focus on work?
How can they learn anything?
Right, absolutely.
Look, I get it.
My heart breaks too when I see a little baby from wherever they are in any sort of pain or need.
I will say that with an asterisk, I'm not convinced that all these people are indeed in need.
But that all being said, emotion has no place in public policy.
When you're talking about the school issue, I'm so happy that you brought that up.
A few different things.
First of all, these self-styled refugees, not ones that we chose, ones that have just decidedly walked into our country, are unlike, say, our usual immigrants.
Our immigrants come to this country based on a point
By the way, Syrian refugee just arrested in Germany for a war crime.
Go ahead.
Oh yeah, no, absolutely.
And that's actually lock and step with what we found here.
The Rebel.media, I did several reports, exclusive reports that no one else wanted to touch, based on email transactions between school boards and teachers on the ground of how these Syrian refugee children are integrating within our schools.
And Owen, for a second, let me tell you what we found.
We found boys and girls asking for segregation in the classroom.
We saw them celebrating the Brussels bombings.
We saw sexual harassment.
We saw little boys choking Canadian boys with chains.
We saw them telling teachers that because they didn't believe in Allah, that they deserved to die.
I am missing so much, but the scale at which the integration is simply not happening is alarming.
Not because it's impossible, but because it is, it is just, we're not equipped right now.
We need more money and resources, but instead we're putting the cart before the horse.
Faith, are you guys, is the rebel,
Are you a voice in the wind out there?
Are you guys a voice alone out there?
Does anybody else feel that this is an issue?
20 seconds.
The people are with us, but the mainstream would rather turn another of a blind eye, and I'll tell you, that's why their numbers are decreasing, and why we have over 850,000 subscribers on YouTube.
Check it out.
850,000 people.
Hey, do the math on your board, alright?
You can subtract however many they have versus you have, and you can see how that's how much more you have.
Faith Goldie, she's breaking all this down, folks.
We're closing our borders.
We want a country.
Canada and Justin Trudeau, they'd rather have unicorn rainbow socks.
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We can answer your questions.
Former Nebraska State Senator John DeCamp passed away recently, leaving behind a heroic legacy of efforts intended on exposing the child sex slave networks operating throughout the United States that led to the highest and most powerful offices in the United States government.
Tell us about the convictions that have happened.
Tell us about Larry King briefly and then whatever you can remember.
I have a judgment against Larry King for a million dollars.
The same trial that I was the first one in the whole United States to sue the Catholic Church and some priests was a case I won the million dollar judgment.
But they dismissed the Catholic Church because
They said this is just absurd to accuse these priests of this, the priests of whatever it is.
That's right, you were one of the first in the, I mean, how many?
I was the first.
First case in the United States and I ended up winning a million dollar judgment after trial and then trial just separately on the damages and I won a million
That'll actually be $1,200,000 for the kid who was just one of the kids.
But sir, specifically Larry King, the guy that sung the Star Spangled Banner at the Republican National Convention, Republican pimp, he went to jail too.
Oh yeah, yeah, but then he got out after a couple years.
Larry King was a very evil person who stole money, was involved in child abuse, satanism, and all these other things.
That's what this book documents.
He was an evil person.
He had a lot of other people connected with him.
He did not act alone.
He was protected and his little time he's going to spend in prison is probably nothing more than a respite.
And I'm sure he's going to be well taken care of when he comes out.
Larry King was merely a functionary of a lot of other people doing a lot of bad things.
The horror DeCamp investigated continues unabated to this very day, although local police task forces under the Trump administration have been making arrests regardless of the mainstream media's silence on the issue.
Of course, the very bureaucracy, namely Child Protective Services,
It continues to be a portion of the problem rather than the solution.
According to the Adoption and Foster Care Analysis and Reporting System, there are roughly 415,000 children in foster care.
At least 75% of those children are there simply due to poverty rather than reported abuse.
But it is horror like what happened to a young girl in Arizona that calls out for something to be done immediately to protect these children and a major overhaul of CPS to be undertaken, beginning in Arizona.
A lawsuit filed in Arizona recounts how a two-year-old victim was taken from her mother, who had not abused her, and placed her into a pornographic pedophile ring that eventually led to the victim nearly being burned to death.
An innocent child, right here in America.
And under Senator John McCain's nose, this dubious foster care system in Arizona rose by 80%, while the rest of the country declined by 22%.
What's more, the foster care system is a revolving door into, in some cases, the abused becoming the abusers, and those abusers becoming yet another statistic of incarceration.
The system is broken.
Liberals now are all over the news!
They're the newest, biggest group buying guns, saying, I'm preparing for civil war with the right-wingers.
Thank God you just joined us and didn't know it!
The Second Amendment is for a grant of the government!
The sleeping giant that is humanity is rising!
We're good to go.
For the people above you that are invited to their New World Order, they're slaves.
They've sold out to it.
They're blind.
They're cowards.
You don't want to be part of them.
Like Patrick Henry said, forget you are our brethren.
Go from us in peace.
Crouch down and lift the hand that feeds you.
Let your chain sit lightly upon you.
As for me, give me liberty or give me death!
A pre-dawn raid of former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort's home by the FBI is a warning sign that the deep state is behind this Gestapo-level Russian fairy tale that refuses to die.
Armed with a search warrant, federal agents went to Manafort's Alexandria home during the pre-dawn hours of July 26th, one day after he met voluntarily with members of the Senate Intelligence Committee.
The search warrant seems to indicate that investigators may have had reason to believe
Manafort could not be trusted to turn over all of the records requested in response to a grand jury subpoena, the Post reported, citing people familiar with the special counsel investigation.
All of this led by former trusted FBI Director Robert Mueller, the very same director that covered for the collusion or failure of the FBI to apprehend four of the 9-11 hijackers
The Deep State's wolves are closing in, as it appears that the man that literally wrote the book on Dereliction of Duty has been doing just that.
National Security Advisor H.R.
McMaster, a member of George Soros' think tank, the International Institute for Strategic Studies, for 11 years, no less, is allegedly Soros' key mole in the White House, openly interfering with the intel the president needs and firing patriots within the Trump administration.
Kit Daniels writes,
I am convinced that the three generals who now are in the top circle around
The president is seeking to isolate him totally.
It's kind of a death march to walk him towards the ultimate execution by Robert Mueller.
General McMaster has conducted a purge of Trump.
I think?
Immigration policies were hired.
He has put into effect this arrangement with the other generals where I am told they have an unwritten agreement that no military order will be honored unless all three of them sign up.
The usurpation of entire civilian authority.
To be serious, Vermont, I think the next few months may be a little challenging for our country, and we'd best gird ourselves for it.
This thing is not going well.
And now with the coup openly being discussed, President Trump has issued his support for McMaster, stating, General McMaster and I are working very well together.
He's a good man and very pro-Israel.
I am grateful for the work he continues to do serving our country.
But McMaster is no Smedley Butler and has clearly been involved with public enemy number one George Soros for over a decade.
How long this open hostility will continue is anyone's guess.
But with North Korea raising the stakes with a reported mini-nuke leading to Trump's distraction by the matter, the red flags being raised by conservative media continue to be ignored.
John Bowne reporting for InfoWars.com
I think so.
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