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Name: 20170808_Tue_NightlyNews
Air Date: Aug. 8, 2017
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Welcome to the InfoWars Nightly News.
It's Tuesday, August 8th, 2017.
I'm your host, Owen Schroer.
Here's what's on the news tonight.
Tonight, breaking news from the InfoWars.
President Donald Trump has a message for North Korea.
North Korea best not make any more threats to the United States.
They will be met
With fire and fury like the world has never seen.
Trump's comments came just hours after the Pentagon indicated that North Korea has the ability of launching a miniaturized nuclear warhead capable of striking the United States.
Then, there is no such thing as Google censorship.
Well, as long as you are progressive or anti-Trump.
All that, plus much more, up next on the InfoWars Nightly News.
As most of you already know, I am a voracious consumer of news and information.
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Korea best not make any more threats to the United States.
They will be met with fire and fury like the world has never seen.
He has been very threatening beyond a normal statement.
And as I said, they will be met with fire, fury, and frankly, power, the likes of which this world has never seen before.
That was President Trump earlier today addressing the North Korean threat.
There's been multiple threats that Kim Jong-un has made to our country and our president and that is the most candid response we've seen from Trump and probably the most passionate we've seen from Trump so far.
We'll get back to that in a second.
We'll get back to everything that's developing with the North Korea in this large stack of news.
But I want to lay a little bit of groundwork here to think about what we're actually potentially dealing with.
Kind of like the same thing, what would happen if they actually removed Trump from office?
Well, let's talk about what would happen if we actually tried to start a war with North Korea or who might be pushing for something like that.
Now, this was an exclusive that InfoWars had today.
Roger Stone broke it on the Alex Jones Show.
Intelligence agency caught McMaster briefing Soros on White House takeover.
McMaster leaking intel to Soros almost daily, says high-level Israeli intelligence.
So McMaster is an active operative of globalist billionaire George Soros, according to three separate domestic and foreign intelligence reports.
And of course you had the Breitbart story and everybody is now starting to realize that the Chrome Dome Club of McMaster, Brennan and Clapper, it looks like is the Deep State Swamp.
Just on a separate note, since we do make such a big deal, and rightfully so, of George Soros and all his ties, it's time to start looking at Alex Soros and all his ties, and the people that are partying with him as well, but that's a separate issue for another day with those possible connections.
So, we find out that McMasters is a swamp creature, and then we find out, today,
But it's been known that McMaster's has been wanting a preemptive strike on North Korea.
This has been McMaster's like a gnat in Trump's ear saying, preemptive strike, preemptive strike.
So this is a McMaster's thing.
So we have to question that.
Now, I want to go back in time to this story from April.
This tells you a lot.
McMaster's staffing NSC with traditional GOP foreign policy hands.
This is from the Washington Post, folks.
They know what's going on.
They get all the leaks.
And they're going to try to build this up.
But listen to this.
National Security Advisor H.R.
McMaster is continuing to fill out his national security staff with conservative foreign policy experts from the establishment think tank world, preferring them to the military intelligence types favored by his predecessor, General Michael Flynn.
So Michael Flynn has the intelligence, isn't a deep state establishment think tank type.
McMaster's is.
So they put McMaster's in.
So you know McMaster's is Deep State.
You know he's establishment GOP.
The same establishment GOP that pushed us into war in the Middle East, in Iraq, in Afghanistan, crushed those infrastructures, pretty much didn't do much good for those countries.
Now we're exporting opium from Afghanistan, etc.
The likes of everything that's happened there.
The lies about weapons of mass destruction.
And it's that same establishment type that McMaster's is and that he's lining
I don't
That North Korea is considering a preemptive strike on Guam.
But the story that started all this today was that North Korea, the reports say, has successfully miniaturized a nuclear warhead.
They can now get it on a missile head.
And then Nikki Haley comes out, another type again.
I am sorry, I don't trust Nikki Haley.
I don't trust the UN.
I don't want Nikki Haley and the UN determining the future of this country.
But Nikki Haley says North Korea needs to brace for combined pressure from the U.S.
and the world.
Now that was yesterday.
So, Nikki Haley says that yesterday.
And she was right.
Trump tweets this out.
The fake news media will not talk about the importance of the United Nations Security Council's 15-0 vote in favor of sanctions on North Korea.
That's true.
You didn't really hear much about that, did you?
So Haley is right.
The UN and the world did put pressure on North Korea.
So what was the response?
Essentially, I don't know, did somebody leak from North Korea saying, guess what, we've got miniaturized nukes now?
Okay, so that's North Korea's response.
Then, Trump puts out the video that you saw at the opening of the segment saying, we will respond with fire, we will respond with fury.
It'll be the power that the world has never seen before.
North Korea best not be threatening me again.
And that's key too.
Trump saying, North Korea best not threaten us again.
That seems to me like drawing a line in the sand.
If North Korea says one more threatening thing to President Trump or the United States, does that mean Trump will act?
Essentially, that's what he said or it sounded like in the video.
So then, after that video comes out, North Korea... News comes out from North Korea again!
So now North Korea is threatening physical actions over the new UN sanctions.
This is a story out of Seoul.
North Korea threatened Tuesday to take physical actions in response to the UN Security Council's adoption of new sanctions resolution, calling it a US-led terrorist act against Pyongyang.
Okay, so now what is North Korea saying?
Now North Korea is responding to Trump saying it is seriously considering pre-emptive nuclear strike on Guam.
So this is all developing again.
The UN, the United States clamped down with sanctions on North Korea.
North Korea responds.
Trump responds.
North Korea responds again.
And now here we are again in limbo with a nuclear game of chicken going on.
Where it goes from here, I'm not sure.
You know, I don't want to be led into another fake war with fake weapons of mass destruction like we were years ago.
That's not what I want.
We still can't get out of that conflict.
At the same time, I don't think it's fair to compare the regimes of Saddam Hussein or Afghanistan or any of the other regimes that we've toppled unjustly to the regime of North Korea, where we were involved in the Korean War that killed
Thousands of Americans in the 50s.
So, you've got that going on.
My grandfather fought in that war.
So, I don't think it's nearly as egregious for the United States to consider regime change in North Korea, especially considering, well, you know, I don't even want to talk about the UN.
I can't favor anything that the UN necessarily does.
I just don't think it's fair to say that this is an egregious attempt for the United States to topple a regime in North Korea as they did in the Middle East.
Having said that,
I don't want North Korean people to die.
I don't want to go to war with North Korea.
What I would like is for North Korea to be...
Freed from being under the thumb of a communist dictator so that they can boom and bust and become a thriving nation like South Korea.
That is what I'd like to see.
I think that's what Trump would like to see.
Now here's an interesting story.
Stockboardasset.com seems to be the only people that picked up on this.
We actually had Alistair Williamson on with us yesterday.
Korean nuclear war, the economists think so.
This is kind of wild.
The Economist puts out a video, which is a Rothschild family controlled media publication out of London, puts out the video, 20 things you need to survive a nuclear attack and economic collapse explained in animation.
So they put this video on YouTube, mere hours later it was removed.
Very strange, no comments, nobody questioning that.
And also look at the graphics that were on, flash that graphic back up guys, look at the graphics that were on their page.
They have a nuclear explosion with a face of Trump, go up a little bit right there guys, with a face of Trump and a face of Kim Jong-un on it.
And this was all
Prior to all of the developments that you had today.
So just an interesting little nugget there.
So we'll be sure to keep you updated on everything that's breaking down with relations with North Korea and the United States.
Really, I'd hope to avoid war.
I don't want to see any more losses of life, whether it be North Koreans or American soldiers.
However, I think that capitalism is certainly favored over communism, and I'd like to see the North Korean people experience the thriving
Economics of capitalism.
Now let's switch gears here to jobs, which Trump is continuing to bring back to America.
This is from Bloomberg.
job openings surge to record in sign of robust labor demand.
Now, here's a clip from Bloomberg, folks.
This is liberal Bloomberg, and this host, or he's a guest, you can tell in this segment, we had to cut it up a little bit, but you can tell that they don't want to admit that Trump is actually doing a good job, but they have to.
If we look at those July numbers, I mean, better than the average that we saw for the first half of the year.
Yeah, absolutely.
I think any way you slice the employment numbers, it's pretty hard to tell a bad story there.
Maybe there was some slight weakness on the non-residential.
We want to tell a bad story, we just can't.
But aside from that, you had very broad-based job growth.
You had a downtick in the unemployment rate, despite an uptick in labor force participation, which points to there might be some more room to run for this economy.
How about the manufacturing sector here as well because that seems to be... Now this graph is key right here folks and if you guys could just leave that graphic up.
Look at this.
The US unemployment rate.
Boy, there seems to be a mountain.
Look at that mountain.
Where is that mountain?
Right when Obama takes office.
Folks, that is not a coincidence.
The mountain that was the US unemployment rate started when Obama took office and now you can see it's better than it's been since before Obama took office and Trump hasn't even been in office for a year.
But of course that's why Barack Obama was like, jobs?
What does he have a magic wand?
I don't know how to make a job!
Speaking of not making a job, talk about a total loser.
Bernie Sanders.
Bernie Sanders releases guidebook on political revolution for teens.
I'm scratching my head at this one for a couple reasons.
So first of all, Bernie Sanders publishes the book, A Guide to a Political Revolution.
Now this is a known communist, Bernie Sanders.
But Bernie Sanders lost!
I'm confused.
If someone is going to publish a guide to a political revolution, wouldn't it be the guy who led a political revolution?
Wouldn't it be the guy who won politically?
Wouldn't it be the guy who actually has a movement behind him?
What does Bernie Sanders have?
You know what Bernie Sanders has?
A lawsuit!
Bernie Sanders has two lawsuits, actually.
He's got one lawsuit for bank fraud against his wife.
And then he's got a second lawsuit, the DNC lawsuit.
The DNC is being sued for fraud by Bernie Sanders supporters.
Where's Bernie Sanders on that?
He's writing a book!
And by the way, the communist is charging you 15 bucks for the book!
The good communist.
Should be giving those books away for free.
Oh, but the guide to the political revolution from Bernie Sanders, who lost, didn't even lose.
He gave it away.
He gave it to Hillary Clinton.
Now, let's get to Google.
We all know where Google lies in all these political dealings, but let's talk about this story about the kid being fired for having an opposing point of view.
Now this is amazing.
A lot has been exposed at Google just because of this story.
For example, look at this tweet from Matt Palumbo.
This is a tweet, and there actually have been more than just this tweet, but this is just a brief example of the type of people that are working at Google in their
Their programming, their technology, their censoring structure.
Look at these people, folks.
They're all either gay or transsexual, or they don't know.
Bipolar, one says.
And again, I don't care.
I mean, you can be and do whatever you want.
This is America.
You have every right to be.
But you have to admit, folks, that is very strange.
Transgenders are a minority of people in this country.
How is it that they're all working at Google?
And then you wonder, why Google had to fire that guy?
We're going to get to that in a second.
Here's a great, yeah, thank you for putting that, I've got to show that, this is from Chet Cannon, pretty much says it all, right there.
So, just leave that, you can just leave that up while I'm talking here.
Google fires employee who wrote 10-page anti-diversity manifesto.
James Damore writes the manifesto about how he doesn't understand how they're forcing diversity, it's not working, he doesn't understand it.
So, Google fires Viewpoint Diversity Manifesto author James Damore, and now he is, James is exploring all possible legal actions himself.
But look at this note.
This is hilarious, folks.
You want to talk about comedy.
Here's the note in response from the CEO of Google, Sundar Pichai.
First he starts it, this has been a very difficult time.
Sundar Pichai says this has been a very difficult time.
Difficult time, folks.
Somebody writes a manifesto that disagrees with his opinion, and he says it's a difficult time.
A difficult time.
I mean, honestly, I was laughing, but it's really just so offensive to people who actually have a hard time out there that the CEO of Google would say it's a difficult time because a manifesto from a Google employee disagrees with his opinions.
It goes on.
He says,
They were offended!
Here's why they were offended, folks.
The memo has clearly impacted our co-workers, some of whom are hurting and feel judged based on their gender.
So, he says that there's two genders, which is a scientific fact, and all of the transgenders at Google get offended!
Well, that's what happens when you hire nothing but transgenders, Google.
We'll be right back.
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Welcome back to the InfoWars Nightly News.
Owen Schroer here with you and we are about to be joined by Legal Latino Heat.
He has been putting out a lot of great YouTube videos, a lot of good response on social media, but what do you know?
The tolerant people at Google have decided to censor him.
I guess through their subsidiary, YouTube, have decided to censor him.
They've removed his videos.
They've stopped him from going live.
These are powerful videos.
And he exposes a lot of the liberal lunacy, a lot of the liberal double standards, so of course they have to remove.
Oh, and he's Latino as well.
So you can't have a quote-unquote minority calling out liberal tactics.
You can't have a minority supporting Trump.
I mean, you can't have a Latino in California calling out how open borders is bad for America.
You cannot have that.
So Google and Twitter are trying to censor him right now.
We're going to be joined by Legal Latino Heat here in just a moment to break that down.
But you know, it's funny because you're seeing a response right now from Democrats and from liberals to Trump saying he wants to rain down fire and fury on North Korea.
Okay, that's fine.
You're all of a sudden peaceniks.
You don't want to be peaceniks when it comes to Russia.
You want to go to war with Russia, but you want to be peaceniks when it comes to the communist dictator regime of North Korea, where people don't even have free speech.
Oh, and by the way, you know... You know, actually, Trump has been very tolerant of North Korea.
Let's not forget that they returned Otto Warmbier to this country dead.
Let's not forget about Otto Warmbier.
Now, regardless of whether you think what he did was smart or not, North Korea sent his body back cold.
And that is completely wrong.
So the left is freaking out over Trump over this, but they won't even, they're not even bothered by Obama bombing countries for eight years.
They're not even bothered by the fact that it was Bill Clinton.
This is Trump having to clean up Bill Clinton's mess, folks.
In 1994, Bill Clinton gave this nuclear technology to North Korea.
And he said, but North Korea has agreed.
North Korea has agreed.
I'm going to give them the nukes, but they're not going to shoot us.
They're going to be good people.
And if they do decide to try to make a nuclear warhead, then it's going to be hell to pay.
That was in 1994.
Guess what, Billy Boy?
Now Trump has to clean up your mess.
But the left, that supports Clintons, that supports the Clintons, have nothing to say.
It's all Trump's fault.
So again, another Trumpism exposes the blatant double standards of the left.
We are trying to get legal Latino heat ready to go here, guys.
Is he about ready?
Okay, we're still working on legal Latino heat.
Again, this is a Latino Trump supporter who's been very outspoken on the streets, confronting liberals, and his YouTube channel is being blocked.
And I wanted to talk to you about this because the Google censorship that we've been reporting on for months now is getting more apparent, more apparent, and now they're even firing people who have a different view, and they're just saying because it disagrees with their code of conduct.
Well, I guess the code of conduct at Google is everybody has to be in a straight line, do, say, and think the exact same thing.
And if you don't, well, then you're out.
That's just our code of conduct.
That's our liberal tolerance at Google and at YouTube, an outlet of Google, both owned by Alphabet, the top dog for both of those companies.
We have to deal with this, too.
Paul Joseph Watson has dealt with this.
InfoWars has dealt with this.
You've probably noticed, if you are an InfoWars YouTube subscriber and Alex Jones YouTube subscriber, you've noticed the difference in what we've been doing on YouTube because of the censorship that's cracking down.
I'm now joined by Legal Latino Heat.
So you are now experiencing this firsthand.
Now, last time we talked about this, it wasn't as bad.
Now you're saying you can't go live?
They're blocking your videos?
You can't even believe what's happening here.
I believe it's called the cause of going.
Oh, and good afternoon.
I believe is a crowd stalking.
Remember the Mexican problem web page that I was telling you about with the 50,000 undocumented illegals?
Now they have a crowd stalking campaign where they throw our.
You know, the our pages and.
You're breaking up a little bit there, but basically you have a bunch of undocumented people in this country who have created sort of a group and they're coming after you.
I call it a sanctuary social media.
Looks like we may be having some Skype connection problems with Legal Latino.
Is he back with us guys?
Alright, you were just saying you have the sanctuary social media people coming after you.
Talk specifically about what you've been dealing with on YouTube.
Alright, I think we lost him.
So, apparently, YouTube problems and Skype problems for Legal Latino.
Hey guys, just disconnect with him and let's just try to reconnect with him, even if we just have a minute or two with him.
See if we can get a solid connection because it keeps seeming to go in and out.
But just like Google, it's the same thing with YouTube, where they say that they want to be a free speech platform, they say that they want all people's opinions on there.
They're not going to censor you.
It's only going to be hate speech.
But what is hate speech?
Hate speech is whenever you say something that they disagree with.
Hate speech is whenever you say something that doesn't go along with their liberal tolerance, you know, virtue signaling viewpoints on life.
So I think we've got legal Latino heat here.
I'm sorry about these bad Skype connections.
Tell the audience about what you're dealing with on YouTube.
We're dealing with the bad Obama Wi-Fi again, and I apologize, I apologize.
This is what happens in California, I guess they don't fix the Wi-Fi connections out here.
But I'm getting a lot of attacks now, death threats.
Well, let me tell you what scares me about this, because of what's happened to you.
You can't even go live on YouTube right now, is that correct?
I can't go live on YouTube for 90 days.
That scares me though.
That scares me because you go live, you confront these people in real time, you go to these events.
Now if you can't go live, how are you going to document it if somebody tries to attack you for just reporting?
Also, the white privilege event that we went to Sunday, where there was a Black Panther members, Black Lives Matter, there was La Raza there threatening us.
They didn't allow us to go into the white privilege meeting.
And you're not even what they would consider white!
I was wearing a Selena shirt.
If I tried to go to the white privilege meeting, you know, they'd probably kick me around and stomp me in the dirt.
I mean, look at me, I'm a white male.
But you're a Latino!
You're supposed to be allowed at these events!
I wanted a protest against the whites that wear the pink hats.
The vagina hats.
Yes, I didn't want to say the P word.
Later on, it'll be a hot mic mess.
The whites that think I can't learn English.
The whites that think I'm not responsible with a gun.
That's what the white liberals think of blacks and Hispanics in democratic cities.
So what other videos?
So your video when you went to the White Privilege Conference, that's been completely removed?
You can't go live anymore?
I mean, do you have any access on YouTube right now?
I could just upload it.
But what they're doing, they're recording my videos as I go.
Okay, okay.
So there we go, that's one of them.
So as I go, I think one of them was for hate speech.
Uh, the white privilege one, most of the hate speech came from the other side.
So I try to reach out.
Yeah, they're the ones that hate white people.
Exactly, and you know, like one of the guys with a man bun, he tried to get gangster with me.
I'm like, you got a man bun.
I'm not going to get stabbed with a guy with a man bun.
No, that's actually the funniest thing about your videos.
Honestly, your videos are more comical than anything.
You're kind of just, you're funny with these liberals.
Yeah, like the guy with the man bun, or the guy who's singing the Ecuadorian National Anthem, and you're like, oh, obviously you stalk me, guy behind me.
That's just funny.
So it's really not even your hate speech.
These people hate you.
At first they thought I was one of them because I had the Selena shirt.
So they were calling me a sellout, a coconut.
A coconut brown on the inside and white on the inside.
They're always saying, oh, you're with the whites, you're with the whites.
Things that you do to be accepted by the whites.
I'm like, you know, and they keep saying... Yeah, you're not allowed to have a country.
You're not allowed to be an American.
No, no, no.
Well, it's...
It's unbelievable to me.
Just give your Twitter and your YouTube channel a plug here before we go.
Ten seconds.
Legal Latino Heat.
Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.
Subscribe before they ban me again.
I'm already banned on Facebook.
Legal Latino Heat.
Already banned from Facebook, folks.
They want to try to ban him on YouTube.
They want to try to silence these voices.
That is the key.
He has a voice that is not establishment, so he must be silenced.
How dare you?
You full of hate speech.
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Folks, I gotta tell ya, I'm just not sure if there's hope when people are actually having a debate.
Is there a real advantage to a transgender who went from woman, or excuse me, from a transgender who went from man to woman over a woman when they compete on the same field?
This was the debate that was raging on Tucker Carlson a second ago.
People actually defend the stance that a man who says he's a woman is fair competition with women.
I don't know if it gets any crazier than that.
That's nuttier than a squirrel turd.
Let's get Andrew Torbaugh on.
I'm going to be joined by Andrew.
We're talking about Google, YouTube, the censorship, obviously the manifesto that wound a Google employee fire today.
I saw in the document you sent me, Gab has offered James a job.
You've decided you like his free speech.
You've actually offered him a job.
Absolutely, as did Wikileaks and Julian Assange, and that's two job offers right off the bat, and we're happy to support someone who wants to express themselves and wants to call out the ideological echo chamber that exists in Silicon Valley and in Google's culture.
Now obviously you weren't surprised when you heard about this firing after reading the manifesto.
That's the whole reason why you created Gab, because you saw this trend on Twitter, on YouTube, how they were trying to censor free speech, how they were trying to make it a box, and really only have one message that gets out to the public.
But I mean, are people aware of this?
I mean, are you seeing, with Eric Trump getting censored, with YouTube blocking people, are you seeing a rush of people to gab?
Have you gotten that influx yet?
Yeah, absolutely.
I mean, just this quarter alone we had 50,000 new sign-ups.
We've raised over $400,000 in our crowdfunding campaign in under 30 days, and people are starting to wake up.
And I'm getting a lot of messages from some patriots that work inside of Google, inside of Facebook, inside of Twitter, who have been really silenced for fear of being fired, you know, just like this gentleman was.
I think.
Well yeah, you actually mentioned some names for me.
Palmer Luckey was eventually outed from Facebook for supporting a pro-Trump group.
You mentioned that there's blacklists in Silicon Valley.
How do they create these blacklists?
I mean, what are they thinking?
Well, I think it's all about silencing dissent, and I think that, ironically, that Google proved the point of this manifesto, which is anytime someone stands up and even deviates a little bit from the far-left narrative,
I think so.
And going against the liberal narrative there.
And, you know, I don't think that, you know, I'm sure there are a lot of other stories, too, that we haven't heard in a very public way like this that happen every day.
And again, I think that people are starting to wake up.
And I think that a lot of people, you know, I've been speaking to a lot of people, not only on the right, but also in the center and on the left that are saying, like, wait a minute, like, there's no way this guy should have been fired for just expressing some concerns about the workplace and about the culture at Google.
Well, what's the response from these people?
I mean, you say Silicon Valley's woken up to this.
Obviously, we've had the examples of people being fired, of the censorship happening in real time.
Your response to this was creating Gab.
You want to create a different platform for people to go to.
I mean, grassroots, the little guy trying to compete, you know, David vs. Goliath story.
But what are others doing?
I mean, what are you hearing about these other people that are being ousted from Silicon Valley, that are being blacklisted, that can't even get a job there, just because of their political views?
Well, I think that there will be other platforms like us and other companies like us that will continue to rise up.
And, you know, again, I'm in a place of great luxury, right?
You know, I don't have to be fearful about getting fired from my own company, thankfully.
But many are not as fortunate as I am, and they have families to support, and they have to basically choose between standing up for what they believe in and standing by their principles.
Thank you.
I think so.
Well, it's amazing to me because, I mean, I consider Twitter a great platform.
Unfortunately, they basically cut their nose off to spite their face in the name of their own political agenda.
But people get their news from Twitter.
You know, people use Twitter, they use the hashtag to get news stories out there that aren't covered.
You know, something could be breaking on the ground and a hashtag breaks it to the general public where the news wasn't.
But the scary thing is,
That once they get that public trust, once they get that as the known use of their platform, all of a sudden they can censor it, and you have all these people expecting free speech here, they're thinking they're getting all the information, but half of it's getting shadowbanned, they can't even see it's going on!
I mean, the nature of censorship is that you don't know what's happening until it's too late, right?
You don't know what you're not seeing.
And in the case of pro-Trump news, in the case of, you know, positive news about the populist movement that's happening around the globe right now,
That stuff is being buried and, you know, people are being forced an agenda.
You look at May 2016, the Facebook Trending Topics team, you know, a whistleblower came forward and said, yeah, we're actively suppressing conservative news and sources and topics from the Trending Topics product, which is used by over a billion people and what is seen as news.
That's scary.
Facebook has done psychological experiments on large groups of user bases in the past, so Lord knows what they're doing now.
It's very scary to think that a handful of people in Silicon Valley can control and push information to billions of people.
Well, and let's be perfectly honest, Facebook is literally that.
Facebook is actually going to be your Facebook.
They have all the facial recognition technology.
They have your data points on your face.
They literally have your face in a book and now they're probably going to sell that to law enforcement agencies and then everybody's going to be on a grid.
But that's a separate issue.
Honestly, you're more competing with Twitter.
Now, I put out a tweet and a notion
I know that you picked up on this, and this was after Eric Trump's tweet was censored from Twitter.
He sent out a tweet linking to a Drudge link that was a story about job creation in the United States.
Twitter censored that, said that it was a sensitive material.
Hmm, I guess sensitive to snowflakes who don't like Trump.
But I said Trump could change the entire game overnight.
All Trump would have to do is get off of Twitter and get on Gab.
Because think about it.
The media is going to cover everything he puts out.
If he doesn't do it on Twitter and he does it on Gab, they're going to have to cover Gab.
I think Trump could change the game overnight.
Is that something that you've thought about?
Have you thought about trying to press that to Trump?
Trying to get your name in front of Trump?
Yeah, absolutely.
We're actively in touch with members inside of the presidency and we're trying to work our way up, right?
Let's get Eric on first.
Let's get members of the cabinet on first and get them familiar with the platform.
And also, that'll give us some more time to further build out the platform.
We just launched GabTV, our live streaming video and audio service.
You know, so we're still building on our end, and little by little, but our big goal for at least the 2019 campaign process is to get the president on Gab, absolutely.
Yeah, that would be huge, and that would be great for your users as well, especially those who've invested in the company.
You make it an option that, you know, you can invest in Gab.
You can be a user in Gab, and you can also invest in it, and you can try to, you know, build that business up.
So I think that that's a great structure, and I would love to see you get one Trump, two Trump, three Trump, four Trumps all of a sudden on Gab.
I think that would really change the game, and I know that you guys are working hard.
Maybe I should... I've got my Gab account, but like you said, everybody just goes to the mainstream.
20 seconds.
How can we get people to Gab?
Go to gab.ai.
You can sign up instantly right on the front page.
And as you mentioned, we are crowdfunding right now.
Anybody in the world can invest and join us on our journey to build something people love and to defend free speech.
And I can tell you, Andrew is a proponent of free speech, folks.
He's not going to censor you, even if you disagree with him.
He's not a snowflake.
Alex Jones here with a very important news update to anybody out there that wants to be prepared.
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I think you're going to be blown away.
And whatever you do, support the broadcast and get a bottle.
Thank you.
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Iodine is key.
You must have it.
But consult your physician first before you get powerful survival shield niacin iodine X2 at Infowarslife.com or call toll free.
We can answer your questions.
And that, so far, is one of the frontrunners, I think one of my personal favorites as well, in the Alex Jones Folk Song Cover Contest.
That's Ruben Obed doing his version of the, we love us some of these, and we have him right here in studio with us.
Ruben, how's it going today, sir?
I'm doing good.
Thank you, Rob.
I appreciate the invitation.
Yeah, well, really liked your song.
It came in pretty early, early on in the contest.
I'm like, this is good.
It's got a great beat.
It's got some, you know, not too crazy with the instrumentals, got a little keyboard going in there, but I think it's your delivery.
And I guess the little auto tunings you were putting in there, they're really just kind of sell the track.
Thank you, thank you.
And it's funny because I mainly focus more on Latin music, salsa, but for this, I thought, you know, this type of rhythm would be a little more appropriate.
And I guess, you know, people took a liking to it, so I'm happy about that.
Yeah, you really mixed the style well, taking a folk song, what was originally written as a folk song, and turned it into kind of a hip-hop, R&B-ish type tune that you would hear in like a club in Miami or something, is what I feel you'd hear this going.
Yeah, that was the whole idea, to try to, you know, grab that vibe.
And, you know, I focused a little bit more on minor chords to make it sound a little more dark, you know, since the message is a little, you know, more serious.
So, you know, I've heard some other versions that they sound great, but they sound a little too happy.
You know, so I was, I tried to, you know, go a different route with this one.
Yeah, and I don't even know if people know this, but you're from Puerto Rico.
You run a studio in Puerto Rico.
Tell people about your studio and the kind of different things you're doing there, being a small business owner.
Yeah, what I do here is basically I run a small production studio.
I do records for local artists, some international Latin artists, and basically any type of audiovisual work, commercials for people who want to promote their businesses.
So that's basically the line of work that I do, and I run it from my home studio here in Dorado, Puerto Rico.
So there's been a lot of news about Puerto Rico, especially in the United States.
Earlier in the summer, you guys were having a vote on statehood.
It didn't get a lot of turnout, only about 30% turnout of people turned out to vote.
What's your view on becoming the 51st state of the United States?
Well, I mean, me personally, to me, it would be an honor to be the 51st state.
But at the same time,
I don't trust our current government, you know, and I feel that if Puerto Rico either becomes a state or stays the same way that it is, if we have the same people running the show, we're going to have the same results.
So, you know, I'm not for, I mean, I'm not against statehood, but I can't say that I'm totally for it either because of that, because, you know, the same people running
Running things, I don't trust them.
But I think statehood would probably help out Puerto Rico if it's done properly, if it's done right.
I agree.
And you know, I read another article, it was interesting, it was on Drudge actually, it was on Public Radio International, talking about how young people, there was this mass exodus for years of people just leaving Puerto Rico, going to the United States, going somewhere else.
But now the young people are going, look, if we're going to make our country great again,
We have to stay and do that.
We can't just expect the older generation to do that.
So we're going to buckle up.
We're going to start doing things.
We're going to open small businesses.
We're going to work here with this infrastructure because you guys have a beautiful island.
You have a great place to live, a great place to work.
So talk about that, what you see with the younger generation really trying to stay home and make things better there.
Well, I have seen lots of people leave to the States.
Friends and family and people that I just know.
But I also have seen a lot of food trucks popping up everywhere and people, you know, that entrepreneurial spirit seems to be growing here.
So in a way, you know, I feel that that's a very positive thing.
And because of the fact that Trump, from the beginning of his campaign, he was talking about deregulating things.
I think that deregulation is going to help the economy here, make things easier for small business owners to grow and thrive.
So I think that, you know, the movement of entrepreneurship is actually what's going to put this island ahead.
Yeah, I totally agree.
I've traveled around my share of Caribbean countries and there is some poverty there.
I've been to St.
Martin, I've been actually flown through Puerto Rico, just been in the airport there.
And you know, there is poverty there, but you have this opportunity, you have a great location, you have a place where people want to come to.
So you've got that working for you, and then if you could just turn that, really make the corner, you know, I think I see great things for Puerto Rico.
Whether you become a 51st state or not, I don't think becoming a state is necessarily going to solve your problems, like you said.
So let's get back to your song, the song, in your version of it.
What do the lyrics say to you?
Which part of those lyrics did you really identify with?
Um, actually the entire message.
See, because I love Alex Jones.
You know, I've been following Alex Jones for the longest.
And one thing that I like about Alex Jones are his rants.
You know, his rants, to some people, they might sound foolish, they might sound like craziness.
But as it says in 1 Corinthians 2.14, that, you know, to the spiritual heart, what, you know, what's godly to the world sounds like foolishness.
You know, and I as a Christian, and I know Alex Jones is a Christian as well, and many of the things that he rants about to maybe unbelievers and people who don't have a spiritual upbringing, they might not understand.
They might not be able to relate.
But this whole, you know, this whole song, full song rant is really spiritual in nature.
So I would say everything he said is on point, and everything he said is basically
Putting the truth out there.
It's the truth that a lot of the news media doesn't want to put out.
And I'm really happy that people like Alex Jones has the guts to say these things.
So it's an honor for me to sing what he said.
Well, and the whole theme of this contest has been No Weapon Formed Against Us Shall Prosper.
These guys, related to Time Warner, they're owned by Time Warner, they come out with this song trying to make Alex look bad.
We just take it, turn it back on them, and now everybody's playing this song in all types of genres, all over the world.
I've gotten entries from the Philippines, from Eastern Europe, you're from Puerto Rico.
I mean, it really is...
I want to end with this.
You've got your MAGA hat on.
What about Trump do you really like and do you think he's doing a good job right now?
Oh, absolutely.
I've been following Trump.
I mean, I've been a Trump fan since I was a kid when he had his casinos in Atlantic City.
I used to live near South Jersey, so I would want to go, you know, to see if I would end up seeing him, you know.
So when he ran for president, and I heard that especially my own Latino community were criticizing him, calling him racist.
And I said, no, I'm not going to stand for this because this man is not racist, and what he has said is the truth.
Maybe he didn't say it in the most politically correct way, but the fact of the matter is that people on Univision, people on Telemundo, and the news are constantly talking about
We're good to go.
And I've been in this, you know, supporting Trump from day one, and I've been producing music for the campaign.
I even got to travel to sing at a rally.
And, you know, I love it.
I feel like I'm part of a cause, as well as InfoWars.
I mean, the whole motto of, we are the resistance.
It's like really empowering, at least to me, you know, and I always, when I watch Alex Jones, I feel like I'm part of this, you know, even though I'm just maybe a spectator watching the, you know, what he says and watching the news, but I feel part of that resistance and, you know, it's just an honor.
It's an honor just to be talking to you here, Rob.
Well, let me tell you, thanks for participating.
It's people like you out there that are really going to change this world for the better who are just getting in the ballgame because that's a lot of what it is.
People would send me messages going, I don't know if this is good enough.
Doesn't matter if it's good enough.
Your version may speak to other people, whereas some other people's version don't.
And it's going to wake people up.
That's at the bottom line.
That's what we want to do is wake people up.
So thanks for joining us, Ruben.
Obed, we've got your YouTube channel up there on the screen so people can check out more of your stuff, check out your Trump videos and stuff like that.
So thanks for joining us.
And that was Ruben Obed with his version of the Alex Jones Folk Song Contest.
You can also enter at contests at InfoWars.com.
Don't forget to put InfoWars in the video somewhere and you have until Friday, this Friday at 3 p.m.
Central to enter.
So let's see you get out there and produce some great music.
This is Rob Dyrdek reporting for InfoWars Nightly News.
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