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Name: 20170808_Tue_Alex
Air Date: Aug. 8, 2017
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Alex Jones talks about free speech and censorship, criticizing social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter for censoring conservative content. He also accuses mainstream media of labeling conservatives as "alt-right" or "far-right". The video mentions a former Google employee who wrote a memo arguing that women aren't biologically fit for tech jobs and accuses Google of manipulating its search results to favor Hillary Clinton during the 2016 Presidential Election. It also discusses James Damore's Google Manifesto and how several scientists have claimed it is scientifically accurate, pointing out biological differences between men and women and their implications in the work environment. Jones ends the podcast by discussing the migrant crisis in Europe and the ongoing issue of attacks on lorry drivers in Calais due to the presence of migrants.

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Important instructions will follow.
This message is transmitted at the request of the President of the United States of America and the Office of Homeland Security.
In compliance with the United Nations, the President of the United States has declared martial law.
Curfew is now in place.
Return to your homes.
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
It's Alex Jones.
Ladies and gentlemen, words cannot describe the incredible times that we're all living in right now.
And now, all over mainstream news, all over the halls of government, at major universities, inside our religious centers, the open discussion is here.
Like so many times in history, you drift into war, you drift into enslavement, you drift into civil unrest.
And we are now drifting deeper and deeper and deeper.
Into a situation that, if the powder keg touches off, will make the five years of martial law, murder, carnage, starvation, death look tame in Venezuela.
The corrupt political class in this country has decided to go authoritarian and has decided to completely abridge and demolish what's left of our Bill of Rights and Constitution.
They have weaponized the colleges, they have weaponized the primary schools, they have weaponized the TV, the media.
They are creating mass mental illness, total division, and openly waging war against President Trump and patriots in the government.
Attempt to turn the economy back on.
Tabby Cannon has a powerful
Article that's linked up on Infowars.com, PrisonPlanet.com, DrugsReport.com.
After the coup, what then?
And it breaks down the facts that there is an ongoing admitted coup, and they're saying they're involved in a coup.
It's a high-tech, 21st century coup.
And the exact same type of coup is going on against Benjamin Netanyahu,
Whether you love him or you hate him, it's the same globalist interest.
George Soros, the Vatican, the globalists, who are openly directing it, and that's in mainstream news, Jerusalem Post, Reuters.
That Netanyahu's been declared an enemy of the Israel state, they've got his emails, where he's trying to overthrow it.
And he's trying to overthrow the United States and Europe!
And because Muslims are 1.5 billion.
In 10 years, they'll be 3 billion.
They're growing exponentially.
The deal's been made.
So all you Israel haters, you bought into mainly a bunch of globalist, Soros, left-wing garbage that's super popular with all the SJWs.
They all hate Israel.
Linda Sorcerer is their religious leader, and then you got all the white supremacists and Nazis running around hating Benjamin Netanyahu too.
You don't know the facts, the players, you don't know anything.
I've told you a thousand times, the whole situation with Israel is very fluid, with different players, just like us.
And now, we're going to give you the exclusive.
The exclusive on who McMaster's working for and the espionage he's been involved in to a corporate multinational power.
Roger Stowe's gonna give you the biggest story he's ever broken.
If you are receiving this transmission, you are a victim.
What are they gearing Antifa up?
Why has Soros doubled the amount of money since Trump was elected in January, since he did previously?
What are they gearing up for?
They're calling for violence.
They're calling for Trump's death.
They're calling for it in mainstream news.
They're calling, whether it's Al Gore or whether it's Clapper and Brennan, they're saying something big is about to happen.
It's not impeachment.
We're going to remove him.
We've got to bipartisanly come together for his removal.
Don't do anything when we remove him.
Suddenly Republican leadership is turning against Trump.
As they raise more money than ever raised, as the Democratic Party is being made extinct, they prepare for the killer blow.
And James Leslie Rawls, our expert to break this down, survivalblog.com.
James, this ties into your big lengthy investigative reports.
Antifa Part 1 and 2, the Antifa threat spiral.
Break it down for us.
What are the globalists getting ready to do?
Well Alex, I think it's pretty clear that the Antifa movement is being used as kind of a shock troops for
They're their goal of destabilizing the government.
They want to have a wave of protests and a followed by a wave of domestic terrorism in this country.
They want to destabilize.
They want to try to create a counter
Action by the Trump administration, they're hoping for a Kent State type event, where it would demoralize the American populace, turn the populace against the Trump administration, and part of their overall campaign to get Trump out of office.
And I think that if you look at Antifa, how they were set up,
How they interact between their cells.
It's very similar to what we saw in the late 1960s and early 1970s with the radicalization of the anti-war movement.
And that spun off a number of incredibly radical terrorist groups.
A lot of them were cellular.
There was some interaction between cells and in fact there was some interaction internationally with groups like the PLO and the Red Army Faction in Germany, the Italian Red Brigades and so forth.
I think we're going to see a very similar era here in the United States in the very near future.
In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought.
By the military industrial commons.
In Dallas, Texas, three shots were fired at President Kennedy's motorcade in downtown Dallas.
The first reports say that President Kennedy has been seriously wounded by the shooting.
It is a big idea.
A new world order.
It was almost as if they were planned in motion.
It's just pancakes.
Are you with us, or are you with the terrorists?
I also believe that a lot of gun owners would agree that AK-47s belong in the hands of soldiers, not in the hands of criminals.
1776 will commence again if you try to take our firearms!
Do you understand?
Live from the InfoWars.com studios, it's Alex Jones.
Ladies and gentlemen, we are broadcasting worldwide.
This is the main transmission, weekdays 11 a.m.
to 3 p.m.
Central, InfoWars Live.
Yours truly, Alex Jones.
It is 8-8, the 8th day of August 2017.
And all over MSM, they're saying, yes, there's a coup.
Yes, we're going to remove Trump.
Yes, we've got 90 plus percent of the registered voters, that means people on the jury rolls, in the District of Criminals, in Swamp Central, in the Swamp Command Base.
We have a grand jury in panel sending out the subpoenas to Trump and his family and his associates and the Deputy Attorney General says, oh, the special prosecutor and the grand jury can look at everything non-Russia related if we find a bounced check.
We're gonna say the President's indicted, and then use that, even though he is under the separation of powers, to stop witch hunts, under the Constitution, protected.
They can't convict him.
They'll use that to beat him over the head, just like they're doing with Benjamin Netanyahu right now, who says he will not be toppled.
And say what you want about Benjamin Netanyahu, the facts are there's been a decades-long leftist Soros campaign to demonize Benjamin Netanyahu.
And now, the very leftist groups funded by George Soros are openly trying to topple him with another corruption case started out as, again, an investigation into foreign governments buying him off, and of course they didn't find that.
So, what do you say, what do you want about Israel?
It's certainly not selling out to other governments.
It's the other way around many times.
Israel does look out for its interests and does burrow into U.S.
interests, certainly, and it's very irritating.
But that's what governments do if they're sticking up for their country.
But what did they find?
Oh, somebody might have given him a gift ten years ago of a piece of pottery, or somebody gave him tickets to a show.
I mean, it's ridiculous.
And it's the same thing with Trump now.
They're looking to indict his wife for using public funds for personal expenses.
Yes, she might have paid a phone bill!
Dun, dun, dun!
I mean, if Netanyahu did something, I'd say throw him in prison!
I don't care!
I'm not a Likudnik!
I just study facts.
And the very same global interests that are trying to bring down Trump are trying to bring down Netanyahu.
And what is Trump doing?
Four trillion in the stock market.
Four hundred million in new jobs.
Over a million new jobs.
Over a thousand companies back.
Sixty-nine percent down in illegals coming across.
A good Supreme Court justice appointed.
Should I keep going here?
Killing all these regulations.
The economy roaring back.
The Dow closes at a record high for the ninth straight time.
Michael Snyder.
Optimism of small business owners at highest level seen in a decade.
Ladies and gentlemen, that's put out by the federal government itself.
But doesn't matter.
Here's the Pat Buchanan story up on DrugsReport.com.
After the coup, what then?
And Buchanan goes over it.
Meanwhile, MSNBC puts out a new fake news headline.
Trump should be on 24-hour suicide watch.
Fake media pushes Pence's betrayal angle to sow more chaos.
Pence is doing his job for the Republican National Committee, raising seven times any previous record in the first six and a half months.
Now, let's be honest.
Is the party positioning Pence in case they bring down Trump, as parts of the party are?
Is Pence, I think, actively part of that?
But we have to be pragmatist and understand Trump's already had devastating victories.
Against globalism, against political correctness.
We've set them back decades.
Killing their carbon taxes.
It goes on and on.
But this is a war.
It's been going on since the beginning of time between good and evil.
And you've got to say, get behind me, Satan.
That's not just a saying, it's a metaphor.
It's a coordinate.
The High Women's, super hit.
Silver Stallion, great poetry.
Riding like the one-eyed Jack of Diamonds, with the devil close behind.
One-eyed Jack of Diamonds is like Odin.
One eye on this plane, one eye at God.
One eye into the mist.
Into the land of the gods.
Riding forward, trailblazing, with the devil close behind.
That's even in the Germanic literature.
It's in all the archetypes.
It's in the Norse archetypes.
Can you guys pull up Silver Stallion live version?
The one that I have in there?
Because, I mean, it just says it all.
He's riding like the one-eyed jack of diamonds with the devil close behind.
He's not one-eyed.
He's got one eye on earth, one eye into heaven.
He's already not of the earth completely.
He's already transcended his body.
The one-eyed man in the land of the blind is king.
And if Trump's anything, he's a one-eyed man.
They'll go, oh, Illuminati symbolism!
The Illuminati steals all the archetypes, all the images, and then expropriates them for them!
They say, Alex, don't use images of rising suns for a new day on your website!
That's occultic!
They've stolen every symbol!
We're taking them back!
If any symbol is truly satanic, it's the pentagram, because it's a symbol of a man, a human.
The head, the arms, the legs.
This is the true esoteric knowledge they don't want you to have.
Now, let's expand on this.
We have, joining us, coming up at the bottom of the hour, Roger Stone with the biggest news yet that he's broken here.
You even saw Fox News on Sunday say, we've got to stop those memos with Alex Jones information getting the president.
Now, they know specifically, so we can tell you now, because it's even on Fox News, it's the dreaded Alex Jones-Roger Stone memo.
Believe me, at the highest levels of government, they've known about him for about a year.
Because Stone was doing the memos before for decades, and then you know who gets stuff in the memos.
They don't like it.
So, I'm going to leave it right there.
But they're angry, and they know what's going on.
And so, we can get into more of this now, because we now clearly know they know.
It's incredible.
The President says, send me the info here.
They divert it.
Phone calls.
They divert our phone calls.
So this is real cloak and dagger stuff.
I haven't talked about this the last four or five months because it's not about bragging.
It's about saving the country.
It's just that the President's real, but he's completely surrounded in a swamp, and they're coming after him, ladies and gentlemen.
And we're going to give you the biggest news ever about who exactly McMaster's working for, what he's doing, and it's a form of espionage.
We always think of espionage as doing it to a foreign government, but multinational corporations and combines, and people that are based in reality, that then have characters based on them,
Like Spectre, and in the last James Bond movie, the Quantum Group, and it's a guy that plays countries off against each other, and he's one of the richest guys in the world, and he's a war criminal.
They admit it's... MI6 helped write the script.
It's based on George Soros, who tried to crash the British pound, and almost did.
Israel has come out in Reuters and said he is an enemy of Israel and trying to overthrow them.
They have the documents.
I kept saying, why doesn't Israel come out against Soros?
We've got thousands of pages where he's trying to overthrow Israel.
And Israel responded and said, oh, we are going to.
Ladies and gentlemen, Trump is trying to restore the Republic.
Trump's trying to make peace with everybody.
He's trying to be a pragmatist.
He's trying to be fair.
He's doing default things that are good, that are wholesome.
And the enemy is trying to destroy him.
He has delivered incredibly.
And shame on anybody that buys into the hoax that his polls are down.
And shame on anybody, you know, that buys into this whole thing that he's been defeated and that he hadn't delivered.
He's delivered like nobody in modern history on his promises, and then they leak his phone calls to the Mexican president and people to embarrass him, and it's him on the phone saying, listen!
We're going to have sanctions.
We send you ten times the money, you know, that you send us.
You're going to pay for the wall.
You got a wall.
All you send up here is a bunch of criminals.
And it's bankrupting our country and driving down wages and not even helping you.
Stop criticizing me.
They call that weakness?
That he's doing exactly what he says behind the scenes?
That he says on television?
You know how much easier it is to just say what you say in the open and what you say in private?
What you see is what you get.
And they run him down for defending America to the Chinese, the phone calls they've released, and to Italy, and to Russia, and to Australia.
That he's actually in there, pleading with them, talking to them, being real.
And they go, look at Trump say this, look at Trump say that.
Because he's real!
And they don't know what to do!
And so they're getting ready to kill him.
And then what are they going to do after they've done that?
You think with this insurrection against them, this awakening, they're just going to go away once they engage in that criminal activity?
They're going to come after everybody, and that's going to kick off the real deal.
And then they better watch it.
We'll be right back.
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This is the Info War.
I'm gonna steal me a silver stallion Red knight I'll mark upon his silky hide
One-Eyed Jack of Diamonds with the devil close behind.
That's what it always looks like when there's renewal.
As we get a beachhead, things turn around.
Prosperity starts coming back.
The enemy then throws everything they've got.
And sometimes, the restoration fails.
And then a great dark age comes upon the land.
But then, it will grow strong in the people's heart to resist yet again.
That's why they've never defeated humanity.
The globalists have never been successful long term.
That's why they're seeking to end the human species.
End men and women.
End families.
First they got us where we didn't go out and cook outside at night and talk to our neighbors.
Look at the stars and tell stories.
They got us to stop hunting and fishing.
They got us to stop farming.
They got us to move into the big mega cities and turn their artificial television world into our reality.
And at first the message is
Were things that we were accustomed to.
Father knew best.
Fast forward 70 years, we're told fathers can't even exist.
It isn't misguided, liberal, looney-tune visions that we're under.
It's absolutely scientific AI exterminism.
That's why of course there's real racism by whites against other people.
Of course there's other real crimes and other real issues and other real systems.
But all of it is nothing compared to the globalist and its world exterminist, anti-human, transhumanist program.
All of it is manipulated and is only secondary to the larger compendium of the false reality they're building, which is already partially constructed and wreaking devastating havoc.
Their job is to take everything we do, trying to bring back common sense in a pro-human system.
Pro-sovereignty, pro-
Family pro-barriers in our own lives, our own privacy, our own country, our own system.
We are tolerant in the West, but we are not open to be colonized and programmed by whatever the globalists cook up.
And so everything we do to try to stabilize things from the destabilization, to then try to rebuild and have a real discussion and educate the public about how scientific social engineering has been used against them,
The enemy just throws more chaos, more fog of war, more smoke in to confound those that are not aware.
And those who bought into this delusion, they've already invested so much in it that even the smarter minions of the system don't want to pull out of it because they'll have to admit they've been conned.
Just like everybody knows people that have done the Nigerian email scams, and those people get mad at you when they get ripped off and never talk to you again.
They don't thank you for trying to warn them?
In my whole life when I've warned people, and it turns out to be right, they hate me for it!
I almost know no one that's ever thanked me, other than our audience.
It's a big enough pool of people where I guess that's what this audience is.
It's just normal, common sense folks.
I want to thank everybody that taught me right, even though I thought they were wrong at the time.
And I guess that's a sign of immaturity when you're a snot-nosed teenager and don't appreciate people that give you advice on things they've already experienced.
You take it as an insult, but later you find out how right they were and so many times they're already dead and gone and you can't thank them, can you?
That's what tears my guts out.
I know what powers Trump.
I know he is the real deal.
He is very fatalistic.
He is committed.
And he just says, I'm doing it this way.
I'm not backing down.
I'm not giving in.
I'm not compromising.
And they can just do whatever they want.
I'm going to fight as hard as I can.
And he doesn't feel sorry for himself.
And he's not demoralized.
The enemy tells you that because they want to demoralize everybody else.
And this fight is so intense right now for the soul of the people.
Look at these articles.
I'm going to come back with the big news with Roger Stone.
Voters to Trump.
They keep having all these fake CNN polls.
You know, like the ones during the campaign and the WikiLeaks, how they were faking them?
But the same known liars have creeped back again with a whole flotilla of fake stuff.
Voters, polls show they don't trust in North Korea.
Polls show they don't like the economy Trump's done.
Polls show the economy's not really that good.
Polls show he's lost all his support.
Well now they keep saying, never tweet, never tweet, never tweet, never tweet, never tweet.
Yes, cut off your communication.
Don't challenge us.
Let us destroy you.
Put down your arms.
Just like saving Private Ryan.
Oh, let's stop fighting.
Oh yes, give me the upper hand.
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Leading a frontal assault on the lives of the New World Order, it's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
You gotta hand it to Drudge.
Every day he uses that site, the most dominant news site in the world, number three website total on the planet, as a palette to illustrate where we are.
The site is stark black and white today.
Netanyahu, I won't be toppled is one headline.
North Korea missiles ready.
North Korea prepares nuclear weapon as they threaten the United States.
North Korea has successfully produced a miniaturized nuclear warhead that can fit inside its missiles, crossing a key threshold on the path to becoming a full-fledged nuclear power.
intelligence officials have concluded in a confidential assessment, yes, and now they can hit basically as far east of the United States as Chicago.
And another psychotic
Imbred Royal, calling himself a communist, as usual, is threatening to attack the United States.
And leftist media is blaming Trump.
When this has been brewing for decades and the Clintons gave him the reactors and gave him the missile technology, that was all over the news.
That's even New York Times admits that.
But that's okay!
We've got a grand jury and panel where 93% of the voters voted Democrat.
In the District of Swamps, in the District of Criminals, the District of Columbia,
By Mueller, where his law firm and the group he's assembled gave 99.8% of their money to Hillary.
Completely should recuse themselves.
Total conflict of interest.
The only worst conflict of interest would be Adolf Hitler being the head judge at Nuremberg over the Nazis.
Or, let's say if you were a judge and you were divorcing your wife, or vice versa, or your wife was a judge in your family court and she sat as the judge in your family hearing, in your family court case.
I mean, it's that cut and dry, that ridiculous.
Pat Buchanan writes, the coup is happening.
What happens after the coup?
At the start of the next hour, I'm going to get deep into this North Korea situation and more.
But let's get into the big news right now.
Roger Stone has a lot of really great sources.
And he doesn't like to play up his sources, obviously, because then they try to block his access to those sources.
But they know the statements we've seen on Meet the Press and Fox News, Sunday and other places, they know exactly what's going on.
So I think at this point...
Roger can say as much as he'd like, but I think they know the cards, we know the cards.
I think the public needs to know the cards to understand just how dire the situation is.
Now, good things are happening with the economy, good things are happening with the Supreme Court and federal judges and the borders.
Best of times, worst of times.
Tale of two cities.
But, they're trying to cut the president off, they're saying every word, stop tweeting, stop tweeting.
They want to cut his information off.
They've got Kelly reportedly trying to cut the information off to find the leakers.
But we have giant news concerning McMaster that is high level and that we can also substantiate from Reuters and Associated Press and other reports that have already come out.
But this shows us that McMaster is not just on a think tank with George Soros funding and he's not just bringing in a bunch of former top George Soros people that headed up his foundations.
But that he is being monitored by multiple intelligence agencies and is an actual operative fully taking orders and giving briefings and under the command
This is exclusive of the gentleman that the state of Israel has now declared an enemy of their state, and who is openly trying to overthrow the Israeli government, and in the WikiLeaks, turn him over to the Muslims.
New York Times.
Israel's war against George Soros.
Aw, evil Israel.
Poor sweet little Nazi collaborator George Soros.
You cannot make this up!
Israel backs Hungary, says financer Soros is a threat.
Bombshell Soros insider infiltrates Trump administration.
That was us on May 31st.
We now have the direct intel that McMaster is a foreign intelligence agent.
That's what this is, but we think of it as governments.
What about multinational combines that fictional groups like Spectre
And chaos and things are modeled after.
And that's admittedly what George Soros does.
So you're about to get the huge breaking news exclusively, right now, that has been double-checked by Stone with his sources.
You've got Fox News saying we've got to stop his memos getting to the President.
That's the big secret.
They've got to stop my information in those memos getting to the President.
I don't know how much Stone can say, but this is huge.
Roger Stone, thank you for joining us.
I know you've just rushed back to D.C.
this morning.
You just got there.
You're leaving your hotel to have key meetings right after this interview.
You just checked in, so I know you've got to hurry.
Please give us your info, and again, watch your back.
Thank you very much, Alex.
It's interesting that yesterday the attorney, Larry Klayman,
I predicted that I would be targeted for annihilation as part of the Trump takedown.
I am not afraid.
I'm actually here to meet with other Trump loyalists in a new group that we have founded, the membership of which is secret, but we call it the 45 group because we're here to protect and defend our 45th president.
We have learned definitively that Israeli intelligence has intercepted communications from General McMaster to George Soros reporting on a regular basis on the reorganization of the White House and what is going on inside the Oval Office.
I have double-checked this with two different sources very high up in Israeli intelligence.
I actually expect the ambassador to Israel, from Israel to the United States, may be confirming this for news organizations this afternoon.
This is not surprising because, as you know, Alex, we first reported here that a woman named Fiona Hill, who actually once worked for Soros in the Open Society operation,
Had been brought into the White House by McMaster specifically to handle Russia.
She was a director of large operations which interface with other foreign governments and intelligence agencies.
So this is the big multinational breakaway group, his open society group, where they recruit people out of other intelligence agencies into this multinational group to engage in treason.
And, you know, this one I think is not easy to explain.
Under what circumstances?
In what universe would Donald Trump's national security advisor be briefing George Soros, a
He's a sworn enemy of the Trump administration, a globalist, who has demonstrated again and again that he's prepared to break the law and utilize violence to try to achieve his goals.
And why not?
He never gets in trouble.
Not when he was selling out his fellow Jews and helping round them up.
Not when he overthrew all these governments.
Not when he funded the Arab Spring.
He's had a vampiric life of delightful carnage.
So, the McMaster problem is a real one.
I do want to make one correction.
I said, inadvertently, yesterday in our report, that it was Steve Bannon who called Matt Grudge and asked him not to run the McMaster stories regarding Susan Rice.
I misspoke.
That was incorrect.
It was Jared Kushner, the President's son-in-law, who asked Grudge not to run the McMaster stories.
I can also tell you that while Sean Spicer and Reince Priebus had worked very hard to make sure that the Presidential News Summary did not include anything published or put forward by the Daily Caller, Breitbart, Infowars.com, found all
And a number of other excellent alternative sites.
By the way, we reported this weeks ago.
It's now confirmed.
There's a blacklist of Trump's hardline supporters that are Americana, that are tried and true, and that are exposing McMaster, purging anybody exposing the fact that he's in bed with Soros and Islamists.
Well, and again, this headline's a perfect example.
It's a misnomer.
In order to secure a statement from the President supporting McMaster, they essentially dissembled saying, some people, not conservatives, not Trump supporters, some people are attacking McMaster because he's not sufficiently pro-Israel, Mr. President, so would you put out a statement saying he's a friend of Israel?
And of course the President complied.
Now that gets used as a blanket endorsement of McMaster's activities,
But I can tell you for an absolute fact that the President was not briefed on the fact that McMaster gave Susan Rice a pass, said there was nothing wrong with her engaging in political espionage, and that he extended her security, her national security clearance.
The President was not told these things within the context of the attack on McMaster.
So, he is being manipulated.
Let me tell you something.
He hates being manipulated.
They're not going to be successful in cutting him off.
They're not going to be successful in isolating him because he will break out.
He will call old Fred.
He will call key supporters.
He will call those he knows were with him from the beginning.
And the first time the president learns something that he should have been told by his handlers, but he wasn't.
There will be hell to pay.
I've noticed that pattern that when he's given good info but learns that it was blocked from him, he particularly acts on the info they've tried to keep from him.
Especially when it's from tried and true sources that continue to have the real sixth sense of what's going on.
Let's play a clip of Fox Sunday with this reporter.
on there.
There's Charles Hurt, you know, bemoaning the fact that will they be successful in isolating the president?
Here it is.
McMaster has, I believe, three stars on his shoulder, but his military bearing hasn't protected him from a campaign of vicious leaks coming from people within the White House who regard him as sort of a sellout on foreign policy.
Kelly has to get, that's, he's got his hands on that problem right now, and I think a lot of people inside the staff are looking to see if he can really get control of it, because if he can, well, then I think he'll have established his authority and people will do what he says.
But if somehow people find ways to work around even John Kelly, if the back-channeling directly to the president and sending him memos that, you know, reflect the latest Alex Jones conspiracy theory continues, then I think Kelly still has a problem on his hands.
Roger, I want to get back to Soros, because it's proven that McMaster's in bed with the groups that are working for the Open Society, the world government, and that Soros is kind of the cutout that multinationals use to carry this out.
But specifically, you've not wanted to build up your contact, and neither have I, and the memos and the rest of it, but not just from this guy.
I mean, they know what's going on, and I don't know how much we can say or how much we can get into, you know, dealing with all this, but people just need to understand,
We continue to break huge news like Prima's going to be fired by the weekend and who is going to replace him because we do have the highest level sources.
And it's not just about us having sources.
It's that they really are on Capitol Hill trying to sell the idea of overthrowing the president, drugging him, saying he collapsed, killing him.
They're looking at seizing the media.
They're looking at shutting off Sean Hannity as soon as this happens, Rush Limbaugh, Matt Drudge.
I mean, there's no selling out to this.
They're not giving us quarter.
And they're going to come after our jobs, the economy.
These are horrible people.
This is a multinational group that wants to bankrupt the country to buy it up for pennies on the dollar.
We're under total war attack and we need to see the president move very strongly against this outside multinational threat.
And I get it's outrageous we've got a double agent like McMaster clearly in there, but you know you're talking to the highest levels confirming they're monitoring people's communications, other governments are.
And to the foreign government's, you know, horror, here's McMaster with briefings and taking orders.
I mean, just like General Jones, who's not a bad guy in some ways, but, you know, did say, I get my orders, you know, every day from Henry Kissinger.
That was treasonous, but this isn't Kissinger.
At least he's an Amir.
What we're dealing with here is just unbelievable garbage.
And so out of one side of their mouth, they're pushing coup, violence, authoritarian takeover, but so we can't organize it against it.
They go, oh look, Jones is crazy.
He just made it up and said gay frogs are going to have a coup or something.
So we're just in an incredible moment historically, Roger.
Well, let's look across the horizon.
Limbaugh, Hannity, Levin, all reporting that there's a slow motion coup in place.
They all get it.
They're right on the money.
This is an effort to co-opt Donald Trump.
If he'll go quietly into his room and they are able to suspend work on the wall,
I don't know.
Robert Mueller, the appointed Lord High Executioner, is prepared to spring his trick on the President.
This is very reminiscent of the way that General Al Haig walked Richard Nixon towards the exit.
All the time professing his loyalty and the fact that he would fight to the bitter end, when in fact he already had Nixon's exit carefully planned.
Was it Haig that was the main deep throat?
I believe that that is the case.
Haig, his loyalty is to the Pentagon and the neocons, and he realizes that Nixon cannot survive, and therefore he does a number of things to set Nixon up, including the famous 18 and a half minute gap, which was not made by Rosemary Woods.
It was made by General Hague and Fred Buzhardt.
If you read my book, Nixon's Secrets, this is of course all documented.
Of course, you were best friends with Nixon after he was president.
Now let's expand on all this.
They're doing the same thing.
They're telling everybody, go along with this, take care of yourself, or we're going to get you, we're going to put you in prison too.
And most of these guys are rolling over like cowards.
Well, it's not like you're just rolling over to let the Pentagon run things like 1974.
This is letting, 1975, this is letting globalists come in that want to literally destroy our families, take our guns, wreck the nation, and destroy the country.
I mean, no one can join with this.
This is insane.
Everyone must fight against this system.
I think the President's in a good position
If he keeps tweeting, he's launched his own network now, starting out with a once-a-week program, they're horrified of that.
They keep saying, oh, CNN polls say don't tweet, because they want to put their lies out and not have him counter it.
I think the President's got to go on offense big time.
What do you think he should do right now and then back into Soros?
Well, Alex, I think we're now going to play this extended cat-and-mouse game.
They're going to try to play keep-away with the President of the United States.
They're going to treat him like a mushroom.
Keep him in the dark and feed him crap.
Unfortunately, in Donald Trump, you have a naturally inquisitive, extroverted guy who likes to talk to people and likes to get the feel for issues.
He didn't get, for example, the failures in our veterans health care program from some poll or some focus group.
He got it by talking to veterans.
And the more he heard, the angrier he got.
He gets straight from the people.
He gets sustenance from the people.
That's why they will not, in the end, be able to isolate him as hard as they may try.
Right now it's problematic that he's not seeing Breitbart or Daily Caller or InfoWars.
These things are not included in his news summary and there's nobody surfing the net.
And imagine how scary it is for them because it's confirmed they don't even want him looking at Drudge but he knows to go to Drudge and so that's why reportedly they're trying to even keep him.
Well, and you had a terrific story in the Free Beacon two days ago, which indicated Samantha Power, the UN ambassador, was unmasking hundreds of people.
Want to bet they were all Republicans?
But based on my information, the President has not yet been briefed about this.
It's not clear that the President completely understands the scope and depth of the surveillance that was conducted by Obama.
To put it another way, when Donald Trump said he was surveilled at Trump Tower, he was right.
He was correct.
And let's expand on this, Roger.
Those that have talked to the President, he is super upbeat.
Oh, look at the stock market.
Look at the economy.
Look, two or three new companies just came in.
He sees that as winning.
That's why they call him crazy.
He's just a straightforward business guy that believes in free market and two-way streets.
But then you hear in the news, he's depressed, he's this and that.
From the intel I've got, when they convinced him to compromise, like day 75, on a bad health bill, he got depressed by that because he went out on the road and his constituents were generally mad, and his poll numbers did actually dip for the only real time.
So as long as he's being real, he's happy, but they're selling this idea that he's
But there's a bad side to that.
He's so upbeat, focused on getting the economy going and securing the border, which he's done, and killing the carbon tax and all the rest of it, that I think he's too confident.
So they're saying he's depressed and unconfident.
I think, from what I've heard, he's too confident and too positive, underestimating how dangerous these serpents are.
Well, he's very, very proud of these recent two rallies he's done, one in Ohio, one in Pennsylvania, and now more recently in West Virginia, because they confirm what we saw at the campaign.
The polls are wrong.
People vote with their feet, and they show up at his rallies in historic numbers.
CNN admits they had 9 to 34 points against him in every poll.
They're totally fake!
And I believe the President is totally focused on the economy.
He wants his corporate tax cut.
He is very disappointed in the Congressional Republicans who have given him lip service but have abandoned him on key votes and now would like to water down his entire economic package.
In all honesty, we've reached a point, Alex, where in Washington
The House and Senate Republicans are no longer afraid of Donald Trump.
They don't think that he will break out of the box and challenge them, which I think may be a miscalculation.
If you want to get their attention, Donald Trump needs to take out a couple Republican incumbents.
Some of the worst characters out there.
Which is turning against him.
And they love being patted on the head by CNN, which had slipped their throat in a second for a stick of bubblegum.
And they're just so stupid and such archaic anachronisms who don't even belong to the modern internet age.
They don't understand.
If they destroy Trump, as Pat Buchanan says, they are going to make him an even bigger martyr.
The Machiavellian side of me?
Kind of hopes they do, but then I know they're coming for me next, but I don't think like that.
Just like if Hillary would have gone in, we'd be making three times the money we ever made.
You know, I mean, a lot of our things like storable food, 95% less sales than we were.
People should be buying more food now than they used to.
But you know what?
I'm glad Trump's in, because it's the right thing to do.
I mean, people always sit there and think I think of things like I'm Machiavelli, like what's good for me?
What's good for me is a good world, an honorable world, not a scumbag world run by witches like Hillary and Kim Jong Ding Dong ill.
Alex, I gotta be honest with you.
Had Hillary Clinton won, I'm not sure they'd be able to find your body or maybe mine either.
But in all seriousness, in this case,
Uh, somebody's got to stand up for the President.
Somebody's got to keep firing up, break through the cocoon.
The President's naturally inquisitive.
I think the generals have their work cut out for them.
That's right.
Listen, I know you've got to go, but we've got to go to break.
Do five more, and then you've got to go, because Roger Stone now officially works as a correspondent with Infowars.
Coming up next month, he launches his own program, 3 o'clock Central, every day for three hours with Mike Cernovich.
And of course, right here in studio, Owen Schroer.
A lot of stations.
Stations usually don't pick shows up right away.
We've got them lining up to pick up these broadcasts.
So excited.
We're going to go right back to him.
Here in just a moment.
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It was like the 22nd, I believe.
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Second hour straight ahead, more on McMaster confirmed, giving intelligence briefings to George Soros illegally every day.
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Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order, it's Alex Jones.
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
Live from the InfoWars.com studios, it's Alex Jones.
Ladies and gentlemen,
Roger Stone has impeccable high-level sources, as you know, and he's got breaking exclusive news right now about exactly who McMaster's working for.
And from my research, the intel he's got shows that what's happening is illegal.
It's a form of espionage.
Roger Stone, please break it down for us.
Alex, I now have confirmed from a source both inside the White House
And a source in the Israeli government, as well as a source in Israeli intelligence, that the Israelis have intercepted email communications between General McMaster and George Soros, informing him of everything that is going on inside the being reorganized White House.
Further, that a woman named Fiona Hill,
A former Soros staffer has been brought into the White House by McMaster with the specific job of getting control of Russia policy and defeating any effort towards detente with the Russians going on a war footing so perhaps we can get World War III.
McMaster is proving to be the quisling.
I think he is the first among equal in the three general cabal that is seeking to grab control of the White House.
As you know, General Mattis is the first military man to be a Secretary of Defense, which required a special waiver.
I think a number of key Trump supporters are beginning to say too many generals.
Too many generals.
The other thing I can report is that McMaster has been briefing General Petraeus on a regular basis, and Petraeus has, I am told, been briefing the Clintons on the internal operations of the Trump White House.
Roger Stone.
This is what Soros does.
He's infiltrated scores of governments.
He's brought down more than a hundred.
He funded the Arab Spring.
He overthrew the elected Ukrainian government.
I gotta say it, he's pretty close to Superman when it comes to evil.
Or Lex Luthor.
He used to, you know, write in articles in the 80s that he believed he was the Christ, the messianic leader.
People can search engine that
George Soros worried he'd be thrown into lunatic asylums, what pulls it up, but George Soros thought he was the Messiah, and you'll get mainstream articles.
And I gotta hand it to him, I mean, as for being a Nazi collaborator, when he was 14 to 18, rounding up thousands of Jews when he was 14, making them trust him and then shipping them off to be killed after robbing them, and then right through his life, pure evil, and joining with Islam and flooding Europe.
He's a false flag factory, as Tyler Durgan has written.
He is amazing.
You have to hand it to him.
Well, on Alex, I'm watching what's going on at the Central Florida Post.
Central Florida Post is a small, independent, libertarian-oriented website that's done extraordinary investigative reporting.
And when they learned that George Soros essentially purchased the state's attorney, that's the prosecutor, in Seminole County, and that she went on an anti-death penalty jihad,
This was exposed whereupon the threats of legal action and physical threats against those publishing the Central Florida Post and the immediate reign of fake news, tags, and other attacks online
...are amazing.
That George Soros' machine and his lackeys would spend this kind of money and effort trying to kill a fledging, libertarian website put together by a bunch of millennials really tells you how threatened they are.
That's right, exactly.
That's why they're so committed, because they've committed such incredible crimes worldwide, their back is now against the wall.
They're fighting for their lives.
They've called it a death battle.
Thank you so much, Roger Stone.
Look forward to the intel you get at this key meeting of the new group, the 45 Group.
Stay with us.
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It's Alex Jones, coming to you live from the front lines of the InfoWar.
Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen.
Operation Gremlin is going well as we sabotage globalist operations and turn the economy back on.
Our job's easy.
With the technology and automation and ingenuity we've got, sky's the limit.
Disease, poverty, all of it can just be wiped out.
But that will wipe out all the globalist operations and the fact that they like screwing everybody over.
And the fact that they like promoting evil and discord and mental illness.
The gifts of the devil.
The curses.
And so they're trying to block this.
That's why we're here fighting it.
Again, I am your host, Alex Jones.
Infowars.com is the hated website by the globalists.
There's a big story that's been up on DrudgeReport.com, where Sheriff Arpaio, in the exclusive interview with Infowars, with Jerome Corsi, Dr. Corsi asked, where is Trump?
And it's a window into how Trump has been greatly isolated by Jared and Ivanka and folks who aren't bad people, but think being nice to the liberals, appeasing them and kind of a charm offensive from the Murdoch sons, you know, behind the scenes cocktail parties that, oh, they just want Trump to see how he's wrong on carbon taxes and wrong on the border and, you know, wrong on sovereignty.
And then they're going to be nice.
But that's not what's happening, ladies and gentlemen.
Pat Buchanan, in another story that's linked up on DrudgeReport.com, it's also on Infowars.com, everybody should read it, lays out the facts.
So, let's go over some of this, then I'll get into North Korea.
After the coup, what then?
And that's the big question.
For not just those of us that want to have the American system and believe in free market and believe in free open society.
I know Soros calls his group open society, that's because it's the opposite.
It's like the Federal Reserve is not federal.
Patrick J. Buchanan asked the question.
That the Trump presidency is bedeviled is undeniable.
I don't know if I totally agree with that statement.
Again, best of times, worst of times.
It's a paradox, ladies and gentlemen.
And let's go over that.
Because they transferred so much power into the executive that isn't supposed to be there, and because the executive already does have so much due power, he's been able to dismantle almost half of their operation.
And you notice, it's designed to create a pick-the-winners-and-losers crony capitalist system.
So just by signaling...
That we're going to get out of this crony system and get back to a free market system.
The economy is roaring back, but it's been so depressed in many areas that it's obviously not being equally distributed.
It never is, but it's it's roaring back from the edge of oblivion.
So they're increasing regulations where they can and he's blocking them and they're raising interest rates and he's trying to get around that.
He's killing regulations and all the rest of it.
So Trump gets he's in a race.
If he's going to be successful about the whole Make America Great Again agenda and make history like nobody ever has and do the right thing and be a superhero, he's got to get that done.
And we've got to understand what he's up against and what we're up against.
I mean, we're under attack, but globalists hate us.
I don't care what color you are, where you came from.
If you want to be free market, if you want to be middle class or wealthy, if you want to be independent, if you want to be left alone, if you want to be free, they don't like you.
They crave, Bloomberg had mentioned this, total control.
He wants to tell you what to eat, what to wear, and where you live.
He calls himself the ultimate technocrat, and he has Bloomberg write articles about how amazing he is, and how he knows how to run your life.
And his wealth in those last decades gone from 13 billion to 50-something billion last time I checked.
Off of high-frequency trading and data computers, he sold to everybody that basically just monkey everything.
Dude, that's not called, I guess, being a real genius.
A real genius raises all ships.
Setting up a scam and getting other scammers to go along with you, Bloomy, and then to run around and try to take our guns away makes you a schmuck.
Makes you a Bernie Madoff or a Ponzi schemer.
And you know what you've done, so you want to get your slaves disarmed, because, you know, you know everything, Bloomberg!
You're the big man!
You're going to show us how we're supposed to live!
Like Schmidt!
All the other little club of you-know-whats.
Begins with A and ends with H. Two words.
After the coup, what then?
That the Trump presidency is bedeviled is undeniable.
And then it goes on from there.
But is it bedeviled?
He's getting one huge part of the agenda done while they encircle him and run around fitting and screaming and yelling like toddlers, calling for his death, running around saying they control reality, trying to plunge the economy.
Yes, they've bedeviled themselves.
Yes, they're running around hysterically.
Like a factory full of chickens with their heads cut off.
Does that convince us?
Does that endless wailing get us to submit and then believe that we should be mad at Trump and all that he's already gotten done and complain?
You know, if America falls for this, we deserve what we get.
Except, I don't deserve it.
You don't deserve it.
Our children don't deserve it.
Those of us that have been fighting hard, we're not perfect, but we don't deserve North Korea.
We don't deserve Venezuela.
We don't deserve to be ruled by the likes of Al Gore.
Hypocritic, lying, charlatan, conman of the universe.
There's just something about that big swollen candy ass con man up there.
You can't make up with the sick stuff he's into, by the way.
Let's just continue.
That the Trump presidency is bedeviled is undeniable.
As President Donald Trump flew off for August at his Jersey Club, where he can get work done and not be surveilled, there came word that special counsel, special independent counsel, his total Democrat operative Robert Mueller, the third, had impaneled a grand jury and subpoenas were going out to the Trump family.
And campaign associates.
Yeah, Roger Stone's gotten one.
And it says, give us all your Russia documents.
Okay, there are none.
It's like, say, give me all your Martian communiques with the king of Cydonia.
I don't have any communications with the king of Cydonia.
The jurors will be drawn from a pool of citizens in a city Hillary Clinton swept with 91% of the vote.
Trump got 4%.
Whatever indictments Mueller wants, Mueller gets.
Yes, this is like if you were divorcing your wife and she is the family court judge over the case.
It's the ultimate recusal case, but it's not happening.
Thanks to a media that savages him ceaselessly, Trump is down to 33% in the Quinnipiac University poll.
I mean, give me a break.
I've looked at all these polls.
They are as realistic as a Buck Rogers novel from 1921.
They ain't real.
It's called fiction.
Before Trump departed D.C., the Washington Post ran transcripts of his phone conversations with the leaders of Mexico and Australia.
Even Obama administration veterans were stunned.
So it's time to ask, if this city brings down Donald Trump, will the rest of America rejoice?
I love how these conversations with the Australian Prime Minister and the Mexican President make him sound bad.
It's the exact guy you see in public fighting for America and going, hey, you've got a wall on your southern border.
You know you're sending criminals up here that get deported 20 times.
You don't let Americans come down there and do that.
Stop it.
You know with remittances we send down 10 times the money you bring here.
And look, all it's doing is driving down your wages too.
We've looked at studies out of Canada and studies out of
I mean, this is the real guy!
But that's so alien to everybody that we'd actually have a president that's running things and have a president that looks at the facts.
I mean, it's just crazy!
I'm not in some Trump worship fest just to be contrarian!
It'd be easy to sit here and join the people that didn't vote, the Democrats and everybody, and play like the Republican establishment and, you know, put him down and Monday morning quarterback and go along with, yeah, well, yeah, he needs to, yeah.
What will be the reaction out there in flyover country, the land where the deplorables dwell, who produce the soldiers to fight the wars?
Yeah, I noticed that.
Will they toast the free press that brought down the president they elected?
And in whom they had placed so much hope?
My guess, the reaction will be one of bitterness, cynicism and despair.
It won't be despair, it'll be action.
We're winning.
We've got beachheads so giant.
We are winning.
We are raging into their areas.
We are dominating intellectually.
If they take down Trump, they're going to try to kill the opposition.
Oh, absolutely.
They've got the hit teams ready with my name on it.
But it doesn't matter.
We're winning the intellectual war.
Don't ever let them convince you we're not winning.
We're winning.
We're promoting freedom and prosperity.
What they're promoting is a complete joke.
And all you gotta do is stop letting the little hunchbacks up there, the intellectual hunchbacks, tell you they're the gods on CNN control your mind.
You know they're the enemy.
You know they're scum.
They know, you know they hate you and your family.
They know they're criminals.
They know they're the scum that could be hired by multinationals and Nazi collaborators like Soros to piss all over the country.
It's not happening anymore.
We're rising.
We're winning.
We're coming together.
We're breaking the enemy.
I can think of no greater
Honor than to be in the position to take on this trash and to care less what they say or do.
Whatever it is, fill their head, maximum attack, whatever they've got it's in God's will.
We will bring you down.
Jones is a charismatic performer who gets charged up on a regular basis.
They call that crazy.
That's not crazy.
That's my will, my human spirit saying crush those that would hurt the innocent.
Go after the enemy.
Build a civilization.
Be honorable.
Crush the snakes under your feet.
People want legitimacy.
They want real.
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So, as North Korea miniaturizes an atomic bomb and has ICBMs that can basically hit anywhere in the continental United States, that's all been confirmed, and as they threaten to preemptively nuke us, or Japan, or Seoul, South Korea,
We have George Soros, a bizarre Nazi collaborator, who's overthrown and crashed economies of more than 100 nations, and who funds radical Islam, slaughtering Christians and other Muslims worldwide, and who in the WikiLeaks is seeking to overthrow Israel, and have Israel ethnically purged of Jews.
You can't make this stuff up.
And then Israel has a tepid response by their foreign minister saying, oh yeah, he's an enemy of Israel.
And then his response is to try to overthrow the Israeli government.
I mean, these people are incredible.
I mean, you cannot make it up.
And then meanwhile, Pat Buchanan has the big story, after the coup, what then?
And it goes on.
After they overthrow Trump, he's saying that's the plan in D.C.
Oh, see, I was the cook for saying it.
Now it's all confirmed exactly as I told you.
My guess, the reaction will be one of bitterness, cynicism, despair.
No, it's going to be focused anger and just total economic warfare, pulling out of all the globalist systems, pulling our children even more out of their systems, the military turning against the globalists completely.
I mean, if you think what happened with Trump was anything, just get ready.
We're going to win, peacefully.
And then we're going to even let you stage false flags that you blame on us, but we'll expose you to it.
I mean, we've got your number.
Despair, a sense of the fix is in that no matter what we do, they will not let us win.
If Trump's brought down, American democracy will take a pasting.
It will be seen as a fraud, and the backlash will poison our politics to where only an attack from abroad will unite us.
Yeah, and we've already been conditioned to accept attacks, like Stockholm Syndrome.
You just give in to it.
Get into it.
But look at how ruined MSNBC and CNN and all these other people are.
Six percent trust rates.
It's only going to get worse and worse and worse.
And everyone's pulling out of the fake liberal universities.
They're collapsing as they become more mentally ill and man free speech.
And have cultural appropriation regulations passed that are directly out of Nazi Germany.
Got an article on that today.
There will just be an exodus of the same people at a macro and micro level everywhere, and it's already happening.
And then you will howl and scream and call for regulations to make us give you sucker, give you truck, bring you to our table.
It's not going to happen.
The exodus is accelerating in the world, but not of it.
And I look at people that think being patted on the head by the establishment
I mean, if they tried to give me a Nobel Prize, I would throw it in the trash can.
And I'd take the money and give it to victims of UN-sponsored forced abortion in China.
Or something along those lines.
But people are like, oh my gosh, the prestige!
I'm not just saying that.
If they offered me a huge role in a major Hollywood movie, starring in a major movie, I would say, piss on that!
And I have before.
Two major roles.
Because I don't want anything to do with any of that.
If they offered me a Fox TV show, I'd say, no thank you.
And I have.
Mancow is a witness to me three times turning down my own Saturday or Sunday show.
But I'd have to live in New York and they go, oh but we're getting you ready to be on Fox all the time.
I don't want to.
And then they had a Fox executive a few months later in New York Daily News saying, I wanted to be on Fox, but they turned me down.
Because see, in their religion, they had to say, I wanted them.
No, I don't want you!
Just like Matt Drudge doesn't want to be on Fox.
You're a joke!
I turned down the establishment back when I had nothing.
And I'm not here bragging about myself.
I'm trying to explain.
It might have been a little hard 20 years ago to turn down the establishment when I was on like 10 radio stations.
Might seem hard, but it wasn't.
Because I had vision.
My integrity.
But now, it's a joke, isn't it?
Hollywood's gone from not being very cool to really being uncool, hadn't it?
Hadn't it?
You can't get me to Los Angeles unless it's to go on Joe Rogan's podcast.
And then all we discuss is, why are we here?
He's like, absolutely, we should get out of here.
Even if you're brought up over there.
I don't know how you can be around it.
And so that's all I'm saying.
The world has nothing to offer past medicine and transportation and the beautiful sights God gave us.
And the system wants to keep you poor so you get that from them.
Because once you get the hierarchy of needs and are successful in taking care of yourself and your family, you don't need them anymore.
Then you realize all their culture is bondage.
Everything they sell
Everything they do, from MTV to CNN, is designed by psych warfare chiefs to ruin you mentally, to cripple you psychologically and spiritually, to control you and render you helpless.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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It's Alex Jones.
Get a vaccine.
Get a nanotech lobotomy.
Turn over your consciousness and die.
It'll be so easy if you just rode over and die.
And give all the resources to Al Gore.
Or Obama.
Who told the Africans you can't have cars, you can't have air conditioning.
Then I can have a carbon footprint 3,000 plus times bigger than the average Africans.
That's Obama speaking metaphorically.
And that's okay.
It's making it cool to have a giant underclass that's economically discriminated against and not given access to life travel energy.
And it's making the idea of upward mobility somehow evil.
And that humans are evil.
But now, you've got the Liberals coming out and saying, kill your dog, kill your cat.
It's not enough to have flatulence taxes and bags on the cows in Canada.
That's right, in Canada, big bags on their rear ends.
Taking the evil methane away, oh my gosh.
But now, we need to kill your cat or dog.
But don't worry, there'll be a tax.
That's the radicals want to kill them.
Just let us tax it.
This is their system of total control, so you can pay Al Gore and his little carbon tax company, Gore and Blood.
I'm not kidding, that's the name of it.
His partner's named Blood.
So you can pay him carbon indulgences!
So that's coming up when we look at the latest fabulous corruption of Al Gore and his new fake movie, Polar Bears Can't Swim.
And of course, 34 times more electricity at one house than your average house.
I mean, what a joke.
We're going to be looking at him here in a moment.
Then more on North Korea.
Mark Moreno is going to be joining us in his latest film.
He says that Manhattan was going to be underwater and he predicted it.
In the slurry wall area where it always floods.
Where they hadn't put the drains in yet when they rebuilt the World Trade Center.
This is how he plays mind games with people.
Yes, lower Manhattan has always been getting hit by storms.
So has Galveston.
But don't worry, he'll pat you on the hand.
He's the savior.
That's all, and I know you know global warming's a fraud.
The point is, it's the fraud is the takeover, the tax.
What Trump pulled out of the climate agreement is a global carbon tax of 100 trillion per decade, according to the Davos Group.
That's coming up with our guest in a moment.
But first off, ladies and gentlemen, before we talk to Drew Johnson and Mark Moreno,
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After our guest leaves us, we'll have the exclusive.
It's on Infowars.com.
McMaster, Soros, secretly working together to stop Trump.
McMaster, Soros, secretly working together to stop Trump.
McMaster leaking intel to Soros almost daily, says Israeli intelligence highest levels.
This is about to be confirmed by the Israeli ambassador to the United States.
That's, we're told, is going to happen this afternoon.
And they're picking up McMaster's private emails, just like they've caught
The former Attorney General doing it and her whole fake name that's out there.
Who is Carlisle?
I mean, this is all coming out.
This is damning, damning information, ladies and gentlemen.
Now, joining us is Drew.
Thank you.
And I'm not going to go over his whole bio, but he serves as president of the Beacon Center in Tennessee, a free market think tank based in Nashville.
He also currently serves as opinion editor at the Chattanooga Times Free Press, as a columnist and chief editorial writer for the Washington Times, and as a policy analyst for the National Taxpayers Union.
He serves three terms with the Tennessee Commission on Children and Youth and was named the Tennessee Advisory Committee of the U.S.
Commission on Civil Rights.
You can follow him at thenationalcenter.org or DrewsViews on Twitter.
But he joins us now.
To go over the incredible developments.
I mean, I thought Al Gore saying in 2006 that by 2013, you know, New York City would be underwater and so would L.A.
and, you know, all the major coastlines would have a foot of whatever and that polar bears couldn't swim and there's five times their numbers now, according to the government's own numbers.
But now we've got even bigger whoppers.
He's going to go over with us right now.
We've got to expose this fraud.
I know you know he's a fraud, but we have to understand.
School children, people on college campuses, they're being brainwashed.
And Gore arrives and everyone falls down and worships him.
We're going to roll some video of that in a moment.
I mean, this is disgusting.
This is totally disgusting.
So, again, thank you for coming on with us, Drew.
Glad to be here.
Thanks for having me, Alex.
Well, where to start?
I mean, I've mentioned some of it.
Let's start going through it here.
Well, Al Gore, in one year at his Nashville residence, uses 21 times more electricity than the average American.
So what you or I would use in 21 years, he uses in a year.
Also, in some months, he uses up to 34 times the national average in energy.
And we were able to
It's incredible.
Let's walk through this.
Here's the article from the Daily Caller, article you wrote.
Former VP's home energy use surges to 34 times the national average despite costly green renovations.
And he owns, last time I checked, just like J.K.
Rawlings, I think she's got 10 Palace-style houses.
Last time I heard, Gore's got six homes we know of.
Tennessee, California.
I mean, let's talk about...
Anybody can just Google Al Gore's homes.
They're just gigantor.
Let's talk about those.
Sure, yeah.
So this is a guy who expects us basically to wash our clothes in a creek or something like that and hang them on a line and walk to work.
And this is a guy who has two houses in Tennessee, a house in San Francisco.
He bought his former wife, Tipper, a house in Montecito, California by the ocean.
He supposedly also has a house in London.
So there were up to five houses.
So my report is only talking about
One house, and this doesn't include his hundred foot houseboat, his private jets, the travel he does on private planes.
So this is a guy who is just a hypocrite.
He's unwilling to live his own life by the standards that he expects from you and me.
And what's crazy is it's not just him.
Every one of these global warmer pay us carbon tax people know it's a scam and then they tell you that the sea levels are going to rise.
Then they buy 10, 20 million dollar, 30 million dollar houses right on the beach, you know, 10, 15 years ago and guess what?
They're not underwater.
Those big articles out with, you know, crab farmers that have been doing this 50 years saying it hasn't gone up or down one centimeter.
I think when you get down to it, you're hitting on exactly the right point, which is that Gore, I don't believe, after looking at his electric bills now for 10 or 11 years, I don't believe he believes in this crap.
I think he has basically helped cultivate a religion, a religion of environmental zealots who see him as a prophet and will do whatever he wants and whatever he tells them.
And he's been able to make $300 million off of this religion.
So whether or not it's true, he doesn't really care because he went from being worth $2 million when he left the White House as Vice President to $300 million today.
And I think if you really believed it, you know, he tells us that it's the most pressing issue.
Climate change is the most pressing issue facing our world today.
Our kids will basically curse our names for not doing more.
And yet he has a power bill or electricity usage at his one house that is 21 times the national average.
He would do more in his personal life, but he doesn't because he just doesn't believe it and he's making millions of dollars off of it.
You know, they've gotten what, 16 attorney generals together under Cuomo's control in New York, in different states, and they're trying to have criminal charges against Mark Moreno, criminal charges against Lord Monkton, that everybody's involved in fraud secretly for saying man-made climate change isn't real or isn't really, you know, registrable and isn't causative of change.
Of course we believe there's change.
First, it's freezing.
Then it's warming.
Now they just go, change!
Any change is you, pay us money, we're your gods.
I mean, it's totally insane.
But they've taught the school children this, so they're just marching forward regardless.
And now they're mad that Trump has pulled out of their carbon tax that, again, only a handful of countries had to be under.
I mean, it's just wild that they just keep moving forward despite the fact that we have their own emails admitting it's all a fraud from East Anglia directing hundreds of universities on how to hide the decline.
Well, that's because it's not about the science.
It's about, number one, for some of these people like Gore, making some money, making a quick buck and finding a good racket.
And number two, it's about advancing progressive policies.
It's about socialism.
It's about communism.
It's about the government controlling the means of production and telling a lot of people... That's right.
Carbon taxes will regulate every facet of life.
It's a total tax heaven.
It's exactly right.
It will control what you can do for a living, what people can produce in their factories, in their homes, in their businesses.
It's really a way to control and micromanage our economy, and it's ultimately going to take away most of the free market that is built, not only the United States, but the developed world, into such a wonderful place.
It basically is an attack on our core beliefs and our values.
Well, it's like British-sponsored TV, taxpayer-funded television.
BBC runs these cartoons for kids that says, in the future we'll tell you where you're going to work, you'll have meat once a year, all because of the carbon, and you'll have a job at a carbon scrubber getting rid of carbon.
You know, for me, it's such a cult of brainwashing, but also it diverts us from all the real environmental stuff that we should be aware of.
It just becomes this takeover of all environmental debate.
And Mark can speak to this better than I can, but today is the best time to be alive.
Water's cleaner than it's been in decades.
There are more trees than there were when Columbus landed in the United States.
The air is cleaner than it's been in 30 years.
All these good things are happening, and it's not because of radical environmentalists.
It's not because of Al Gore or Leonardo DiCaprio or Tom Steyer.
We're good to go.
I think so.
By the way, I'm going to find it during the break and play some of the megapolis TV shows for kids where they teach them that, you know, you're going to tell you what you're going to do.
You can't travel unless you're authorized to leave your house.
We tell you what job you're going to have.
And they're describing a total prison, but this is played for the schoolchildren in England.
This is what they're teaching them.
That's exactly right.
And I think one thing that's really important is that a lot of the things that the Al Gores of the world are telling us to do aren't really that effective in helping the climate or helping the environment or whatever.
It's very effective in helping Al Gore make a heck of a lot of money because he's got investments in solar panels.
He's got investments in carbon offsets and things like that.
And as a matter of fact, 10 years ago, I found Al Gore's utility bills and exposed them.
At the time, they were about
I should have billed.
You're the guy that's famous for a lot of stuff, but for digging up the utility bills, which are public, like they'll shame you if your water main breaks.
I've had that happen once where it was an internal leak for three weeks we didn't know about, so I was in the top 15 water wasters in Austin, so they published my name in the paper.
So let's briefly talk about how were you able to find Al Gore's bills?
Yeah, going back 10 years ago, they were a matter of public record.
Anybody could get them.
And at that time, I exposed, like I said, that he used about 19 times more electricity.
And he pulled this whole, like, evangelist, I have sinned sort of thing.
And he spent about $300,000 putting on
Stay there, we'll be back.
Ladies and gentlemen, this is a dangerous, dangerous time, and Trump warns this new low is dangerous for the whole planet, as we need Russia to deal with North Korea and so much more.
So Alexander, thank you so much for joining us.
Alexander Dugin, geopolitical.ru.
You've got the floor, my friend.
Let's go through who the Globalists are, what their aims are, why they hate the United States and Russia so much, and is there any way to stop them before they trigger World War III.
Hi Alex, I'm really happy to to be broadcasted in the United States because I think that your station and your channel and your heroic struggle is a unique
Unique possibility, unique momentum to say the truth that nobody wants to hear.
And first of all, I think that globalists need enemy, but not the right enemy, because the right enemy of globalists are they themselves.
Because they are going to destroy humanity, to exchange the humankind by artificial intelligence, by kind of cyborgs.
And they try to destroy all kind of links of the humanity with its essence.
And that is an essence that is the very, very negative, absolutely negative, satanic plan.
And they need, in order to keep attention elsewhere, they need some enemy.
And they have designated Russia as enemy number one.
It helps them to displace attention from the real crimes they commit.
And in the case of Trump, that is trying to reaffirm, reassert America, to regain its almost lost
I think?
They try to control everybody.
They try, they want to divide the people and the countries.
Not because some of countries or regimes are wrong or commit some horrible acts, but because in the agenda of globalists, they should be exposed as such, because they serve for their creation of global world government.
Ladies and gentlemen, we had Roger Stone on earlier in the first hour.
We're going to be posting that interview to InfoWars.com very soon in Kit Daniels' breaking news story.
Exclusive, McMaster's Soros secretly working together to stop Trump.
And that's a powerful headline by Kit Daniels, but it's not even strong enough.
McMaster's caught by intelligence agency working for Soros, reorganizing the White House.
I mean, that's what's really going on.
Intelligence agency caught McMaster's briefing Soros on the reorganization of the White House.
And now this is breaking.
McMaster former group scrubs then re-adds Soros financing from the website.
As if we're so stupid they took down where Soros was the main funder of his group.
This is incredible.
And then, because it was on the Google Wayback Machine and everywhere else, they had to add it back.
The Streisand effect.
That's going to be added to Kit Daniel's article.
This is key.
Get that article out to everybody.
Now, going back to our guest, Drew Johnson.
You were getting cut off by the break just getting into Al Gore and his new movie is even more ridiculous.
Face to face, Moreno confronts Gore with Climate Hustle DVD in Australia.
Gore refuses to accept, departs an SUV.
We're going to play that coming up when Moreno joins us.
So let's get that clip.
But other tidbits people need to know about this guy.
Yeah, I mean, so this guy spent $300,000 making his house greener, and it's actually less efficient today than it was before he spent $300,000 on it.
Or at least he consumes more energy, so I guess he thought he could get away with it.
But his argument is always, well, I use carbon offsets.
I offset my energy and my home uses 100% renewable.
Well, the offsets he buys are often from a company that he has a stake in, that he is a part owner of.
So he's not really buying carbon offsets.
And this whole silly thing about 100% of the energy in his house is renewable, it's a lie.
It's complete BS.
Because he gets the same electricity that everybody else in Nashville gets, which is about
Uh, maybe 15% renewable if you tilt your head and squint just right, and then you add his solar panels, that's about 5% of his electricity usage.
So if you give him the benefit of the doubt, 80% of his electricity usage is non-renewable, but this liar says 100% is renewable, so you can't believe a word he says.
You know, we should probably search engine Gore's home in Tennessee and show that to TV viewers.
But it's palatial.
But he's got other houses.
Has anybody ever looked at the energy at the other houses?
I know they've looked at he has houses right on the beach.
And then, of course, they never flooded like he said they would.
You know, why would he buy some expensive house?
Or why would Madonna?
Why would Hillary?
It's the same story.
Well, they're total hypocrites, just fear mongering.
Yeah, the way I was able to get these records is because Tennessee has more lax laws about obtaining electricity bills.
So it's harder to do in California and some of these other places.
But we shouldn't have to look for it.
We should say Al Gore
Prove to us if we're supposed to follow your teachings, if you're supposed to be this prophet for the environment, for environmentalism, he should be able to say, here's what I do in my own life, and this is why you should follow me.
Sort of like Ed Bailey Jr.
I mean, this guy lives completely off the grid, but Al Gore, the guy who's preaching to us every day and making movie after movie about how to live,
Yeah, if folks want to live off the grid and self-sufficiently, that's great, but that's not what the big enviros are pushing.
They're pushing wind farms and scams and cutting down trees to cut carbon and saying carbon dioxide is bad when it's a trace life-giving gas.
They just want to run things.
I admire people.
that have sustainable real farms and you know, do all that.
That's great!
That is the future!
But that's not what they're pushing.
Let's talk about their planned-opolis.
It's planned-opolis.
I was calling it mega-opolis.
I was killing the crew.
They were trying to find it.
We have that.
We'll do five more minutes with our guest, then we'll be joined by Mark Moreno.
We'll get into his confrontation with Al Gore, the latest on North Korea and more.
Whatever you do, spread the live feed.
Infowars.com for its live show.
Visit GCNlive.com today.
I'm Millie Weaver and you're watching Flyover America, an InfoWars original series where we're going to be traveling around the United States talking to Flyover America, the people who feel like they have had their voices ignored by their government, by the mainstream media, and by the people on the coast.
So we're going to be talking to the deplorables, finding out why they actually supported Trump,
So come along with us on this journey as we discover Flyover America.
Throughout our travels, we will be making scheduled stops to talk with those who want to tell their story.
Like us and follow our progress on Facebook at Flyover States of America for meeting locations, updates, and even sneak peeks.
And if you have a story to tell, come tell it.
I'm Millie Weaver and you're watching Fly Over America!
Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order, it's Alex Jones!
From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones.
Face to face!
Moreno confronts Gore with Climate Hustle DVD in Australia.
Nor refuses to accept it departs in an SUV.
That's coming up North Korea and a lot more.
The North Korea thing, we get so used to just it being there and the horrible dictatorship.
Now they've got ICBMs.
They can hit the US and who do you think?
It's like the disease that keeps giving.
The Clinton administration.
Oh, I tell you, it just never ends.
And you know, you talk about North Korea, I've never seen anybody else that's overweight there except Kim Jong-un.
But I see on Fox News one other guy that's a little bit overweight like Kim Jong-un.
So Kim Jong-un is like grabbing him by the arm, deciding to eat him.
And I make jokes, but authoritarians always want to control resources to control people.
It's simple in the real world and in the world of the Autobots.
The Decepticons want control of the Energon Cubes, and their leader, Al Gore, the evil pig walrus, Man-Bear-Pig, must be defeated.
Autobots, form a battlecruiser and defeat them in the Information War.
I am your leader, Optimus Prime.
Okay, I'm really getting weirder.
I'm having some fun, ladies and gentlemen.
A few final comments from our guests, but I want to play a minute or two of the planned opulence that is shown to British schoolchildren.
Here it is.
Oh, hi!
I'm so glad you're on time.
I'm Vee.
I'm looking forward to showing you around Planopolis today.
My husband works from home.
He's a virtual engineer working on one of the city's desalination plants.
He controls the robots who do all the important maintenance.
I think he basically plays computer games for a living.
Are you ready to go?
Have you got your calorie card open on your smartphone?
I registered your visit with Slick Travel Corp the other day, so they've allotted you a journey time to match mine.
It makes so much sense, doesn't it?
Switch off brain and go to work.
With this many people around, I'm glad there's a mega-computer in charge.
We're so lucky.
Our kids were allocated a school quite near my practice, so I can drop them off on the way.
Saves on our calorie ration.
Well, it won't be long until the little darlings get their career announcements.
They've been working so hard, so I'm sure they'll get something good.
Not that there's anything wrong with fixing carbon scrubbers for a living or anything.
Are you hungry?
Let's pop to the market as we're passing.
What's on the menu this month?
No, not meat.
It's not your birthday.
The Global Food Council are doing a really good job.
Alright, let's stop right there.
I want to give our guests a chance to respond.
You think this is satire.
It's not.
It's like when they go, mother and father is bad on the entrance forms for elementary students.
Men and women existing is hurtful.
You may not use the term male or female.
First, it's be open to other people that want to say they're a dog or a giraffe or a
Man that says they're a woman and is going to have a baby, or whatever.
But now, just existing is bad.
The Global Calorie Council, is he going to decide?
I mean, this is pure authoritarianism, my friend.
Yeah, I mean, the calorie rations, that's exactly what Al Gore wants with electricity rations and with, you know, companies can have this much production and this much productivity.
But again, he refuses to do it in his own life.
And it doesn't matter to him.
He's such an elitist and he's so full of himself that he's just concerned with sort of micromanaging the peasants.
And his followers are that stupid.
I mean...
Bloomberg admits that he runs everything and wants to tell us what to do.
He says in articles he's the one programming it all.
That's right, yeah.
I think Gore sees himself that way and that's why he loves this sort of socialist ideology that he follows because he sees himself up at the top pulling the levers and also... I live in a big bloated mansion.
You have nothing.
It's liberal.
And he again owns everything at the end.
He owns the carbon offsets and the solar panels and things like that.
So there's always money to be made by Gore.
I tell you, that's a cool looking houseboat.
But it's okay for him to have that.
Just we can't have anything.
Well, listen, I want to send you an external mic because you're a great guest, but I want to get rid of that hum.
I'd like to invite you to join us more often.
Sir Drew Johnson with NationalCenter.org.
You are fabulous.
And what is that in the background there?
Is that hockey leagues or what is that?
Yeah, actually, when I go to Europe or overseas, I get a hockey scarf or a soccer scarf.
But one of them's Russian, so... Oh, I knew you were one of them.
He didn't like me much there.
Bart Moreno, straight ahead.
Stay with us.
Joining us on Skype.
Every once in a while, the Skype is breaking up, Joy, so if you think I'm interrupting you, it's just to fill dead air.
I want to ask you about one specific artist, and I'm not trying to start a feud here, I just want to get to the bottom of this.
You've got you, who's on one side of the equation here, pro-America, very outspoken, likes Trump, but you're not just all about Trump.
It's about, you like his message, you like the America First policy, you want to see a justice system treating immigrants fairly, where people can't just walk right across the border, you have to go through the process that everybody else went to that pays taxes.
So you're on that side of the fence, which to me is just logical, pro-America.
But you've got artists on the other side of the fence.
I'll use Katy Perry.
Katy Perry has admitted she sold her soul to the devil.
That's what she says young girls need to do.
She chopped her hair off.
Maybe that's something she wanted to do.
Maybe that's something they do because you know how they want to blur the lines of gender.
But I'm just curious, where... I mean there's such this great divide between someone like Katy Perry who says coexist right after a great terrorist attack against Christians and then someone like you who just says, well I just want to be pro-America.
How does the divide get created like that?
I think it's, I mean, a lot of media creates that divide, and also it's an artist who's not genuine to herself.
I can say that she doesn't seem like she's been herself for a few years.
You know, she started attacking other celebrities for having, you know, mental health issues and problems, and then she seems to be having those problems.
And like, I don't want to create any sort of attack on any other artist, but when you act like that, when you come out in that such an odd, weird way, to where, you know, you have live therapy sessions online, and it's like, where's your music?
What's happening with your artistry?
Why are you now focused on your feelings on this, that, and the other?
And they're not even really political.
They're just, oh, let's all hug each other and pretend like everything's okay.
That's not the truth.
We do need closed borders.
We need to protect ourselves and our family, and it's very important, and that's
That is common sense, and a lot of these artists don't have that, and I don't think that they should be pushing their ideals when they really truly don't know what they're talking about, and they don't want to.
They don't have any sort of sense in it.
They just want to say something that's sunshine and rainbows, and to me, it comes from a lack of genuine knowledge of how everyday Americans are operating, and I come from a hard-working family, you know, and I feel like my values are conservative values that my parents taught me.
And I always knew these were common sense values and it seems like it's just lacking.
I think that these people come from a place where they're so far removed from what normal people are dealing with that they don't know how to speak in terms that can be even looked at as normal anymore.
They're just, they're basically talking out of their butt.
That's what I want to say.
That's how I feel.
So, as long as we keep a smile on our face, we keep going, we keep creating, we keep, you know, saying, no, we're not going to be beaten down, we're going to keep going, we're going to win this war, the better we will be.
From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones.
Please allow me to introduce myself.
I'm a man of wealth and taste.
Been around for a long, long year.
So many men sold to waste.
I was around when Jesus Christ had his moment of doubt.
I think?
Mark Moreno is our guest.
He's been traveling the world.
They've had arrest warrants out for him.
They want him arrested here in the United States.
The governor of New York wants him arrested because he dare questions Al Gore when Al Gore says the polar bears are all dying and can't swim and that New York and L.A.
would be underwater by 2013 because the ice caps are gonna melt.
Actually, Antarctic's at record levels.
But they don't care because they can defraud the public.
When Mark Moreno joins us, it's always important to pop in and look at what Trump's doing, killing the Paris Carbon Accords that they have spent massive amounts of money.
Well, Ask Moreno has been a top congressional advisor on this, one of the leading experts in the world.
Last time I checked, it was close to $100 billion just on the propaganda.
And of course, they're paying their own firms.
Al Gore's made $300 million.
And now they want carbon indulgences, and this is how they're going to fund the world government and micromanage and regulate everything.
But recently, in Australia, he ran into Albert Gore, the guy that told us NAFTA and GATT was great and wanted us to have the TPP, the guy who uses 34 times what anybody, you know, uses on average in Tennessee, at one of his gigantor mansions on a lake with gigantor boats and gigantor monster trucks and gigantor everything.
But it's okay, because he's an elitist blubber bot, a brain bug.
So here is the evil criminal, Mark Moreno, daring to even speak to the guru.
Here it is.
Can I ask how you got in here?
We've got rebel scum with us here.
They dare talk to one of the greatest con artists on earth.
How dare you speak to the royal highness?
You're not fit to groom his stool, Knave.
Moreno did a great job, you can tell.
They didn't know he was coming out.
They caught it, but the key is to get their hand.
Go, Lord, go!
And then you get their... Oh, your Lordship!
And then you just shoot your hand out.
And then you... Ah, good to have... Oh, here's your DVD!
But hey, they got the fish in the boat.
So that's better than I did.
I just wish that I could confront Al Gore.
I actually have confronted him once before.
But you gotta watch, well, once he knows who Mark Moreno is.
Speaking of the evil Mark Moreno, who didn't want America to be one of the only countries under the carbon tax, who didn't want to shut down more of our factories, the evil person
Maybe I should conduct this interview in an elitist accent.
He just feels much better.
Mark Moreno of Climate Depot, what do you say for yourself?
Thank you for having me on, Alex.
Yes, I was in Australia.
We were in Melbourne, Australia, and I had to sit through an hour and a half presentation by Al Gore previewing his new sequel.
And not only that, but they had us wait.
People paid over $500 a head to see Al Gore.
I don't know where that money went.
Number one.
Number two, well I have a pretty good idea where the money is, but number two, we had to wait because Al Gore's devious plan included allowing the front row and the first people allowed in to be the Australian Teachers Association and all the school teachers and elementary school teachers.
So they packed the audience with teachers because Al Gore knows you've got to get kids while they're young and propagandize them.
So they packed them and
Al Gore gives this presentation that's all anecdotal and just claptrap, and then immediately walks off the stage.
He doesn't even take a single question after people paid $500 plus a head.
He had no time for question and answer, so that's why I decided to follow him out.
I was able to get that.
He was all friendly when he thought I was nice, when he knew who I was.
He literally just brushed me off, kept walking, and departed in his Lexus waiting SUV outside in the parking garage.
And I love how there's some redhead lady toting behind.
She's looking at him, breathing heavy, that she's just near him.
I saw him sneeze.
Some of his snot went in my mouth.
And then she looks at you just like...
We actually freeze-framed it.
I held up a picture of the DVD, Climate Hustle, which is now available DVD and on demand at ClimateHustle.com, but she actually looked down and I freeze-framed the picture.
It's on my website at Climate Depot.
Her face is in horror as she's looking at the DVD when she realizes who we are and what we're doing there.
But this didn't stop Al Gore, because he then went to the SUV, and then he went around the rest of the country.
Australia has gotten the same kind of climate activists and influences on government that we have here in the United States.
And they have an area in southwest Australia that's literally going through blackouts because of all the alleged renewable energy, banning carbon-based energy that's proven successful over the last 150 years.
Gore goes out of his way to praise the area that's the most utter disaster of Australia, and thereby enraging a lot of Australians.
But I was able to get on Australian national Sky TV and a bunch of shows and national radio.
So Australians are very receptive to skepticism, but they have the same problem that we had until Donald Trump came, that they were sort of hijacked by that political system.
Gore has been traveling the world now.
He's heading off to Europe to premiere his film.
But luckily, his film has tanked at the box office.
It came in now 15th, 16th, and this is despite being on more screens than his original film was on.
The way that woman in green looks at it, I mean, it's just these... And again, everything they're doing is turning to absolute garbage, because everyone knows they're a fraud, but the last little drooling cult member idiots.
I mean, this is ridiculous.
Yeah, and what's fascinating about all this is Al Gore, despite the fact that every venture he's pretty much done since his sequel, in terms of public rating, has collapsed.
His Live Earth concerts, his 24 hours of climate reality, he was doing the day of the Paris attacks,
I think so.
I think so.
Well, they also go, oh, Islamic terror.
Well, they don't say Islamic terror.
They say, terrorism is increasing in migrants because of the climate change.
Pay me money, I'll fix it.
After the very same globalists have wrecked the third world, they're now bringing in huge third world populations that are Islamic, weaponizing them, and then going, k-k-k-k-k.
Climate change caused it!
Oh no!
Don't show me Moreno's video!
Don't get climate hustle at InfoWallz!
There it is!
I get it!
I mean, that's how she looks at it, like it's a giant 20 pound cockroach.
This is a great moment, though, for climate skeptics and for liberty-loving Americans, because Al Gore's film's tanking, Donald Trump's pulled us out of Paris, where he's reversed all of Obama's executive orders.
We're not out of the woods yet, because the environmental groups are now suing through all the court system, end up in the Supreme Court, and I don't have confidence with the current Supreme Court.
I hope they rally and defeat everyone.
Here's the goodness though, you know most of these Bloomberg anti-gun lawsuits are getting thrown out and the people are having to pay the attorney's fees.
Have you been reading about that?
No, I didn't see that.
Mr. Moreno, what do you think about...
At Climate Depot today, the climate activists are beside themselves.
First of all, the activists are saying this wasn't supposed to happen, this has to be sabotaged.
They're accusing Paramount Pictures, the producer of Al Gore's film, of sabotaging the movie.
I don't
A public professor, college professor, is an astronomer, calling for the death penalty for me after his show trial, sham trial, crimes against humanity.
This is how bad, they're ratcheting it up and they're openly calling for death.
Now is the New York Times covering this and calling it hate speech?
They don't seem to care.
Well, in fact, I'm actually jealous that I'm not on the group that's slated for death immediately.
I mean, you're actually doing better than I am.
But we joke around in Europe and other places, they're actually trying to call it climate denial and trying to get judges to go after people.
I mean, these are authoritarians on every level.
So what's their latest attack?
As culture turns against them and they try to turn to younger and younger children to brainwash them and show them, you know, computer generations of drowning polar bears to make them cry and say, you're a bad
You're a bad child!
You're a bad child!
Worship Gore!
He'll save the little possums and everything!
I mean, how are they counter-striking?
Well, they're kind of striking.
One of the things Bill Nye has actually called out and said, we have to wait for the climate skeptics to die off because he's so confident that he's been able to brainwash younger generations and polling data bears it out.
Young people are big believers in the climate scare.
The Weather Channel did an atrocious video of elementary school kids warning of the climate crisis, wanting to save polar bears, telling their parents they had to be more green in order to save the climate.
Bill Nye wants the climate skeptics to die off.
He's the one that also had his old show edited where they talk about mommies and daddies and the chromosomes and what makes boys and girls because that doesn't exist because Bill Nye said so.
Oh yes, a total war on science by a group of people that have our children.
So we're laughing about it, but it's not funny.
We've got to take control of the education system.
I want to get Mark Moreno's take on Trump and the current battle there because if they can take down our leader, they're going to get their carbon tax through.
Stay with us.
Recently, a creation of the corporate combine that owns HBO, recently a talking head that reads off a teleprompter that is filled by the lies of more than 20 writers, named John Oliver, viciously attacked InfoWars.
It took them three weeks to produce
The hit piece that they put out.
You could teach a college course on the lies and deceptions put out through corporate mega-giant Time Warner, through their puppet organization HBO, and through their meat puppet, the boy man-child, John Oliver.
But in the interest of time, let's just tackle one of the ginormous frauds that was involved.
They imply it's evil that we sell products to fund our news organization.
This when Time Warner made $28 million last year off of scamming people through overpriced cable and other activities, and why they've been voted one of the most mistrusted, hated corporations in America.
So much so, they've changed their name twice in the last two years.
That said, they then went on to claim that one of our flagship products, Caveman, made of bone broth, high quality bee pollen, turmeric, and so much more, is a scam, and that it tastes horrible.
So let me just explain something here.
This product since it came out has been sold out every time because people love it so much and because they get such good results and it tastes so good.
Which was our plan all along.
See, we go out to the biggest manufacturers in the country
of organic high-quality supplements and we say we want to take it to the next level because we noticed that bone broth formulas have been one of the biggest sellers the last four or five years.
So we set out for several years to try to find one that didn't taste bad like many formulas that are out there and we finally did it with Caveman.
That's why I want you to experience Caveman for yourself 30% off in the month of August.
It's the John Oliver special
And again, you're welcome to come right in at Infowars.com or other third-party sites and tell the world whether it tastes good or not.
But again, tastes okay with water.
A lot better than other bone broth formulas.
I think it tastes amazing with frosty cold milk and a few ice cubes in a blender.
But let's put it to the test right now.
It's almost like chocolate cake meets grandma's chicken noodle soup.
There's no flavor like it out there.
I find it delicious.
Again, the more milk you add, the more creamy it is.
Some people add a little bit extra stevia.
It's really up to you.
Some people are telling me that they're basically freezing it, eating it like frozen yogurt, or that they are even baking into cakes.
We're even thinking about coming out with a cookbook.
Some people also mix it with whey.
So again, it's 30% off.
You make the decision for yourself how the bone broth tastes.
I personally really like it with milk.
It's passable if it's with water.
But regardless, no one can debate the benefits of bone broth, of chaga mushroom, of turmeric, of bee pollen.
And there's other superfoods I didn't mention that are in Caveman,
Super high-powered bone broth formula available at Infowarslife.com or by calling 888-253-3139.
And when you purchase the product, again, you're funding the InfoWar and rubbing it in the nose of people like John Oliver and his writers that hope we go bankrupt.
It's mind control, mind control.
Martin Moreno is with us for another six minutes and I'm coming back hitting all the North Korea news, all the latest breaking news, huge McMaster news.
Caught red-handed, he is a Soros operative communicating how he's taken control of the Trump White House to George Soros directly and is being directed by George Soros.
That is exclusive to InfoWars.com, but more is breaking from other news sources backing up even more of that.
So devastating information at InfoWars.com.
Now, going back to Mark Moreno, your film, The Climate Hustle, they tried to even stop being shown in Paris last year.
It's available on DVD at InfoWarsTore.com.
They can buy it at obviously Climate Depot.
I don't care where you get it, folks.
Just get it.
It's got five stars with the reviews at InfoWarsTore.com.
Donate it to the library after you're done watching it.
Show it to your VFW hall.
Mark, I mean, how are you for folks airing it on AXS TV?
I mean, you want people to see this, right?
We do.
Yeah, I think, I don't know about AXS TV, but we encourage all the small groups.
I think eventually we're going to get a TV distribution deal on it to get on, you know, some kind of national cable network.
I understand you want it to be seen, but if you officially say, yeah, it's okay to put it on AXS, they can say the exclusivity's gone.
I understand, I've been through that myself, because I've done that and people say, oh, now we can't distribute it because you tell people they can do whatever they want.
The point is, people need to see this.
Don't just think that we're in our own bubble and we know all this.
We've got to counteract their brainwashing of the children.
Yes, in fact, you were asking me, you know, how Donald Trump's doing.
The number one thing Donald Trump can do to counteract propaganda toward children and the public is a point to the correct sciences are to replace the disaster of John Holdren, who was under Obama, the president's science are.
And it looks like Princeton professor Will Happer is a leading contender, one of two people to contend, and he is one of the most powerful climate skeptics.
He's done over 200 peer-reviewed scientific studies, and he says that the Earth is currently in a CO2 famine.
He is not afraid to speak his mind, and if he were chosen by Donald Trump to be the science czar, I think we would have—heads in Washington would explode.
And keep in mind, you were asking me for an update on Trump, and here's the bottom line.
Ronald Reagan, when he was elected, scared the political class he established in Washington.
But after his first term, the first couple years, Reagan really was quite a revolutionary.
But then he settled in.
By his second term, he became part of the establishment, and many conservatives got very upset with Ronald Reagan, with his deals with the Soviet Union, and he just sort of drifted away and accepted the status quo.
George H.W.
Bush was the Washington Establishment.
Bob Dole, when he ran in 1996, was the Washington Establishment.
George W. Bush was the Washington Establishment.
John McCain was the Washington Establishment in 2008.
2012 Mitt Romney, he was the Washington Establishment.
In fact, he's actually recommended to Trump that we stay in the Paris Agreement right before Trump pulled out.
And McCain would have stayed in.
Kasich would have stayed in.
Jeb Bush would have stayed in.
But is Trump not the total maverick, the maverick he said he would be?
That's why they hate him?
Yes, what I'm trying to get to is Donald Trump is the greatest threat to the existing political class's world order for a couple simple reasons.
The man can't be owned and bought by anyone.
He can't be blackmailed.
He can't be intimidated.
What Pat Buchanan actually said in the 1980s is, we need a president in Washington who will treasure their negative notices in the Washington Post and New York Times.
We actually, for the first time in our
We're good to go.
And just talking to other Republicans, there's a lot of timidity among Republicans of, oh, Trump has got to tone it down.
No, I think Donald Trump is doing it exactly right.
We need an alien political force to upset, to offend, to waive political incorrectness,
And because of that, he is the greatest threat to the Washington political establishment.
The things he does, the way he's doing them, is profound.
He has room for improvement.
I wish he could get the Republicans, I wish he could coax the Republicans to pass him.
But that's their fault!
That's their fault!
I'm perfectly happy with gridlock for the next four years.
In my mind, Trump's presidency is already wildly successful.
Oh, I totally agree.
And I've seen Fox make a turn against him.
Because the establishment is scared.
He's really delivering.
And the economy shows it.
And it's just incredible.
And we should all be very, very thankful.
But a lot of, like you said, establishment people really think what CNN says about you means something.
It's good to be called things by them.
It's wonderful, but you've still got a bunch of followers put in power by the establishment who got there not because they're leaders, but because they're followers and they still think MSNBC and CNN matter.
They still think having NBC or ABC come after you is bad.
They don't understand that this is absolutely critical and that Trump is delivering wildly and we should all just be giddy and they're putting out more fake polls saying he's in trouble.
Mark Moreno, thank you so much.
Climate Hustle, available at InfoWorksStore.com.
Everybody should get it today.
Thank you for the great work you're doing, and thank you for the update.
Thank you, Alex.
Appreciate it.
Mark Moreno is so on target.
He's so absolutely on target.
I mean, Trump hadn't gotten his tax cut or Obamacare through because the enemies in Congress, both parties, get more Freedom Caucus people elected.
He's got everything else done.
He's doing exactly what he said he'd do.
It's unprecedented!
It's winning, winning, winning, winning, winning!
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They control entertainment.
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We are striking back in the culture war.
This triggers snowflakes like nothing you've ever seen in your life.
You've seen how much they absolutely hate
The image of my face and that particular slogan, conservatism, is the new counterculture.
This t-shirt is not only a conversation starter, it will trigger the holy hell out of leftists.
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Live from Austin, Texas, broadcasting worldwide, it's Alex Jones.
Here is the big news.
The economy is roaring back in many areas.
The regulations, the controls the globalists have put on us, publicly, to shut down the United States and transfer our industry to China, mainly, so that our economic destiny could be dictated to us.
That's how you make people surrender.
You put them under siege.
And now Trump is breaking the siege against America and small business numbers are the biggest basically ever recorded in modern history.
That's in the news today.
They are responding by throwing hissy fits in the controlled corporate fake news factories that are CNN and others saying, Oh, we have new polls.
He's never been less popular.
Everyone hates him.
Oh, no one trusts him.
Oh, the economy's terrible.
Oh, everyone agrees.
Stop tweeting.
And they just become hysterical every day, like cult members, you know, believing if they go stand on a mountaintop, flying saucers are gonna finally land and take them away.
And finally the cult leader says, just drink vodka and take barbiturates and wear Nike tennis shoes and your spirit will go up there.
Let's kill ourselves!
Black Nike tennis shoes are key.
It's like a ghost dance, like the Native Americans did when they thought they were defeated, which they were.
Very sad story.
They would dance around, you know, out west, and for sometimes weeks on end, having hallucinations on drugs, just believing that their ancestors would come back, things would get better, they could reverse it.
Well, you've got the globalist ghost dance, the pedophile ghost dance going on, the devil worshipper ghost dance, I don't really feel sorry for them, and they're dancing around, dancing around, staring at the sun, taking as much
Political peyote is possible.
This is an allegory, a parallel, an example, a comparison, a parable.
I'm not saying for real this is happening.
And they don't know what to do now because their god, Hillary, their queen, their king, Soros, just can't deliver.
He's been able to topple third world countries and bankrupt and steal the pension funds and rape and rob and turn the Muslims loose and slaughter but here in the big fat juicy America, the flyover country, they just, they got rid of our jobs and they're teaching our kids how to be trannies and how to, you know, perform oral sex at age five and how to hate mommy and daddy and how to play video games all day but they just can't get all the rest of it done quite quick enough.
And so they just keep churning out, just stop responding to us!
Don't point out when we say you're very unpopular that we put out all those fake polls before, and don't put out other algorithm documents showing that you're as popular as you've ever been, except for the week of the nomination.
He was higher then.
Just stop!
Listen, it's best for you if you just shut up.
Let us put handcuffs on you and get in the car.
It's like Ted Bundy.
Pull up, non-threatening yellow Volkswagen, little non-threatening suit.
You go, hey, wanna go get some soda pop with me and maybe see a rock show?
He'd get the 16-year-old girl in his car and he'd put a gun to her head and he said, listen, I'm not going to hurt you as long as you put these handcuffs on.
And so he puts the handcuffs on and he goes, good, good, it's going to be all right now.
I'm going to take you out to this farmhouse.
And he takes her down in the basement and he tortures her for a few days and bites big chunks out of her, laughing at her, saying, ah, if you just would have run, you'd be alive, bitch.
But you're not now, and I'm going to kill you!
And they get off on the crying and begging.
Oh, no one can hear you.
I'm going to kill you now.
I'm going to torture you to death.
And that's how CNN is.
Listen, Trump, just stop using that Twitter and just put these handcuffs on and get down in this basement.
Never mind those pliers on the wall and the smell of dead flesh, that skull you see over there.
Just get in there with us.
We only fund the Arab Spring and mass murder every Christian we can.
We only want to sexualize the children.
We're a bunch of pedophiles at CNN.
Yeah, that's what we want right now!
Stop communicating!
But they go, if we totally shut him off of it, the people will get mad!
Then block all the positive mentions and block the likes and just shut him down and destroy all his supporters!
Trump to vote.
Voters to Trump.
Never tweet.
Just stop it!
Just get in the Volkswagen, put on the handcuffs, and we're going to take good care of you, Trump.
America, flyover country, just let us have your children.
Just put the handcuffs on.
Let us put the electrical tape on you.
Let's just go into the basement.
Just go into the basement!
Ice cream truck music, ah la la, white van pulls up, creepy PCP head.
Hey kids, I got free candy and popsicles.
The kids are going, eh.
Oh look, I got a puppy right here.
Hey look, I got another little kid we call Renfield.
We use him to lure other kids back.
Yeah, it's my cousin's kid, so, you know, I just torture him some.
But he's gonna come out with the puppy, and he's gonna trick you into this van, kid, and I'm gonna sell you.
We're gonna Shanghai you and put you on a boat and ship you out of here.
Listen, folks want to produce some snuff films.
But it's okay, because they're liberal!
It's okay, because it's trendy, you know.
Spirit cooking!
Good people!
Good people!
Gotta take care of ya!
Big deal!
We want to kidnap and rape your kids in devil worship!
We're liberal!
It's okay, huh?
Now, don't say mother or father on the entrance forms.
Being a mother or father is a bad thing.
Okay, alright.
That's a crazy Alex Jones.
You know, reads our documents on air and... So what?
What are they gonna do to us?
There you go.
So, CNN.
Brian Stelter.
Hi, I'm Brian Stelter.
Central casting of a Creepazoid.
Hi, I'm Brian Stelter.
Let me tell you about the real world.
Oh, when Trump says something, it's not true.
When we tell you it is.
The thing he said the other day about Trump and Trump's new news service, Real News.
It's almost as funny as Cuomo going, now these WikiLeaks, we're allowed to look at them because we're the media.
You're not.
You'll be arrested.
I look at them and I tell you what you're allowed to hear, okay?
Let me talk to you like you're three years old.
You have to use that potty in there, okay?
And then you're only allowed one cookie.
Now let me talk to you like you're three.
You don't see the WikiLeaks, okay?
We tell you what to think.
Brian Stelter.
Hi, I'm Brian Stelter.
The beta male who wants to act like John Wayne.
Oh, now you notice that Trump there, he has that graphic there, one of our former reporters, and it's supposed to look like they're the news, but they're not.
It's propaganda.
Jobs numbers?
Stock market numbers?
Numbers of the border being shut down?
And they don't know what to do, they're just like, oh my gosh, it just goes on and on.
Meanwhile, Brian Stelter.
You know what, I want to play this, and then we're going to come back and get to the North Korea news.
We've gotten, I don't want to exaggerate, Dew was telling me yesterday, 200 good ones.
And he estimates hundreds of horrible ones, but by the way, the horrible ones are the best ones.
The problem is, the contest is so successful, it shut down half the building.
So we were already going to announce the winner this Friday.
I've got to put the contest in a limbo a few weeks.
I've done this before.
I always pay out on our contest.
I've spent hours and hours this week alone, and this weekend, watching them.
And there's Gregorian monk chant ones, and there's rock and roll ones, and hip-hop ones, and beautiful, and auto-tune, and then the train wreck ones, and hillbilly ones, and country music.
I'm talking about the, we love our Somalis, we love our Muslims too, oh they so good, oh they so sweet, gonna stab your daughter at the mall, woo!
Gonna stab your wife, your son.
Gonna stab him with a butcher knife.
And then the police chief says, Oh, we love our Somalis.
We love our Muslims too.
Oh, they're so good.
Oh, they're so sweet.
There you go.
Now, there's hundreds of these.
Super Deluxe put this out to attack us and thought it would hurt us, Time Warner, and then it got 27 million views, 14 million on Facebook alone, and then they disabled them and shut them down and blocked them or put glitches in them so people can't see them.
When the higher-ups went, he's right, they love it, shut it off!
Too late, scum!
It's constantly happening.
Now, I don't know what you call the name of this one.
Dude's like, look at these.
I watched like six or seven yesterday just in his office.
He goes, this one's from the Philippines.
I don't know the name of the video.
We should put it on screen.
I just kind of blurted out to them in the break, hey, get one of those videos.
I'm not sure which one they've gotten ready.
And that's the problem.
How do you do justice to all these?
I'm told they're going to have a live transmission tonight for like three hours playing them.
It'll be on InfoWars.com.
But we'll look up the artist here and give them credit in a moment.
But these are the kind of folks that are in the running because their voice is so pretty and it's her brother, you know, playing the acoustic guitar with her.
So this is...
This is just how we get people involved in taking their attacks on us, turning it around against them, and then they realize we're defeating them in panic and censor even more, which only blows up in their face even better.
So here it is.
I've had enough of these people.
They're a bunch of Christian murdering scum that run giant death factories keeping babies alive and selling their body parts.
What more do you need to know about these people?
I go out and face these scum.
We're good to go.
I think.
My spirit gets close to that evil and I feel it go out.
We're six of Santa Claus.
We don't even notice hell itself rising up against us.
Millions are pouring in.
People of the very worst type and I'm so pissed.
We're gonna stab your daughter at the mall.
Right when I thought...
That the mainstream corporate media couldn't get any more.
And that's the little end they put on the piece.
And again, it's a train wreck because we've got hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of these.
And then I've asked for them, and when I get them, I don't really have the name of who it is.
So I'm going to wait a few weeks on the contest because it's just a logjam here.
And then I'm going to go through these again and try to promote a lot of them that are great.
We're going to play some of the really ridiculous ones as well.
They're some of the best ones.
And just everybody who took action is a winner because resistance is victory.
The only way you do not succeed is laying down and going along with these people.
And that's Danielle Pascal in the Philippines.
They're typing these as I look up on the screen.
I don't have a teleprompter.
They do have a little notepad they put there.
So what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna stop doing this now while I'm ahead and just say we'll tell you who those folks are later.
And we'll post it on InfoWars.com.
Now, continuing here.
Ladies and gentlemen, they've made a big joke about caveman bone broth formula not tasting good.
And they edited a video of where I was live on air talking about it.
Months ago, where I said it tastes okay in just water, but that when you put it in a blender with a bunch of milk, that I thought it tasted like Ovaltine.
And actually on the video, I go, wow, that tastes good.
It just tastes passable without the milk.
The next time I tested it with less milk and part water, it just tasted okay, but better than before.
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Bone broth, one of the most healing diet staples.
I don't think so.
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The Caveman.
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Thank you all for your support and shopping with the good guys.
You make this maniac operation possible!
Now, joining us is one of the most prolific and successful people, reaching tens of millions a week.
Author, you name it, Mark Dice.
And more and more, they're trying to censor him off YouTube, CNN's been trying to censor him, and it's just really coming to a head.
And Twitter's admitting that they are about to massively increase the censorship.
They say, quote, tenfold.
I want to talk about this and just the general lay of the land with media critic Mark Dice.
Mark, thanks for coming on with us.
Always good to join you, Alex.
Yeah, the war against independent media continues to ramp up.
They just had the Sun Valley Conference, which is basically the Bilderberg Conference of tech in Sun Valley, Idaho.
It's a sports town where every year the big tech moguls and media companies merge to have discussions about acquisitions, new forms of service, policies.
And so that's, I think, why we're starting to see some of the new censorship rolling out is this is
Coming out of the discussions that were held at Sun Valley.
But all these people, when they have an annual meeting where they're going to get together and you kind of expect what their next move is going to be, that's where they're going to collaborate, kind of come to a consensus.
Essentially, this is one of those big elite consensus building organizations like Build a Bird, like the Bohemian Grove, which also just happened.
But this is specifically focused on tech.
It's not overtly sinister, but this is where all of these big shots go, and all the infestors come.
Sure, they couch it in stopping bullying, but then they have these groups that go around bullying, saying if you hurt their feelings, talking bad about Hillary, they ban you.
Yeah, the double standard is incredible and that's part of the reason why my YouTube channel has taken off for the last year because they're sort of documenting the clear hypocrisy, the violations of terms of service.
Yeah, talk about that.
I mean, they'll have a Facebook with a half million people for a year saying kill Trump, but we just say we don't like Hillary and our thing gets suspended.
I mean, it's crazy.
They're taking down
Conservative YouTube channels, thankfully you guys covered the story about CNN and YouTube just pulling my video, which was a very strange form of censorship.
I hadn't seen this before.
They locked my previous video on private.
They didn't strike it.
And they sent me an email that said it was misleading.
You know, their tagline is, this is CNN.
So I just, I titled the video, This is CNN.
This is CNN.
I showed people what CNN was.
I just used a bunch of different clips of them and remixed them and it was transformative.
We're good to go.
I've had them hit me with copyright when it's about me.
100% defended by under free speech.
You as a citizen are allowed to show a clip and respond under free speech.
It's totally covered.
Courts have ruled a million times, as you know.
But as you said, they're starting to ignore that.
Paul Watson's coming up from London in the fourth hour.
I want to be very, very clear here.
If you're from Japan, if you're from Somalia, if you're from Mexico, if you're from the United States, if you are from Timbuktu in Egypt, I want you to succeed.
I want you to have a great life.
I want you to be empowered.
I want you to forget about the limelight in Hollywood and the globalists.
And realize the fascination, the great connection of the universe to, quote, Rush, and the great 1970s hit, Limelight, that says it all.
Not the false illumination of the Hollywood lights, but the real illumination of realizing we're part of a great compendium of God's mind.
It's an amazing time to be alive.
And that said, you know, they took a piece and edited it down and attacked me and tried to turn it into something to hurt me.
And it gave us all these new fans, with leftists and others, who are now following us, listening, and are being deprogrammed.
Because being lectured all day by Brian Stelter is so boring.
Tune into this, man!
I'm a real maniac!
This is real!
And yeah, I talked to the President!
And yeah, I'm writing memos!
And yeah, we're taking the world back!
And yeah, we're kicking Al Gore's big ugly ass around the block!
We hate scammers!
And you want to fight?
You got one!
You're getting ready for some physical physical coup?
Feel your hand!
Turd Blossoms!
We're gonna ram heads with you!
We're crazier than you!
God is like Road Warrior.
I'm like the guy chained up on the front of the truck and they gotta, you know, cut the cut the chains when it's time to go crazy.
We're living for this, scum!
We're going to burn you politically to the ground.
And if I get burned up in the midst of it, my fat will just be accelerant in the fight.
But I don't have a death wish.
You love death.
That's why I'm throwing myself against you.
But when I sit here and I criticize Somalia, where women are literal slaves, like Sudan,
And our government overthrows a reformer of that area and then puts it back in place, what happened with Gaddafi.
And you look at everything else, our government's allied with the bad guys.
So I'm going to criticize when Somalis, there was a Sweden stand, car plows into a crowd of people outside Stockholm Hospital.
And of course they immediately go, not Islamic, not Islamic, even though it keeps turning out to be Islamic.
It's that the globalists are allied with the worst attributes of humanity to suppress them, to suppress us, to suppress everybody.
And so we have to learn to discriminate against bad ideas, not against what color somebody's skin is.
Martin Luther King said, go off the character of someone's deeds.
They say at the universities everywhere, go off what race somebody is.
It's the opposite of classical Thomas Jeffersonian liberalism.
And so that's what's happening.
And it's all unfolding everywhere.
And so you've got cultures that are about blowing up every church and enslaving every woman they run across, being brought here by George Soros and other scum.
We've got to speak out against it, not because we want to feel better than some Somali, not because we want to sit there and just hate someone because they're in a fallen evil death cult situation, but we have to recognize when a group of Somali pirates pulls up to rob you, or when culturally
That's imported and promoted that that is an example of the globalists trying to kill the West, and that's wrong, and we have to stand against it and say no!
And I use the Somalia example because that is the most hellish, backward place on Earth except for maybe North Korea.
Am I criticizing Koreans because I'd make fun of Kim Jong-un and the nightmare culture they've got, and if they were trying to bring North Koreans here to promote that culture, I'd say, what's your problem?
It's not that I dislike Koreans, and I'm not even going to play the race card on that one.
I love Koreans.
My family has saved Koreans.
We'll be back.
Thank you for listening to GCN.
Visit GCNlive.com today.
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Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order, it's Alex Jones.
We are on the march.
The Empire is on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Earlier I was in a gestalt talking about all these different Islamic attacks where the person stabs people, or they run over folks with a car and scream Allah Akbar, and the media says, oh, they said something in Arabic.
It's not that Muslims themselves are even the enemy, it's that the globalists are using it.
To create a clash of civilizations so they can get rid of our open Western culture using our strength against us.
How many times do you see somebody run over with a car and it turns out it's Islamic and then they cover it up?
In the case of Sweden, they're now saying it was an elderly 80-year-old lady that plowed into a crowd of people outside Stockholm Hospital.
But what I'm getting at here is, the globalists exploit these third world populations that are Islamic.
They bring them in, then they become kept groups, controlled by the central government, and that's admitted.
And it's not being done to empower these groups, it's being done to, again, further balkanize the culture.
Higher education professor lets stressed students pick their own grades.
Because, look, you're getting an education that's worthless in most cases.
This is being done so you don't realize how you were sabotaged for the breakdown of our industrial society and the replacement of an automated robot system.
The technocracy admits this plan.
That's the thing.
It's not my opinion.
This is the admitted plan.
University of Georgia professor allows students to choose their own grades to help alleviate stress.
2 plus 2 equals 5.
Germany 1933.
Huge public university creates cultural appropriations prevention program just like Germany 1933.
Don't dress like some supposed group.
And then on top of it, it goes further.
You can't have a job, say, in African Studies if you're white or whatever.
I mean, this is really, really dangerous.
I should have spent the whole show on that.
made 1.3 billion.
An illegal immigrant welfare payouts in just two years.
That's an article out of Fox News.
Again, just pointing out, you don't go to Mexico or to Nigeria and have folks pay for the welfare.
The number one immigrant to this country now is Chinese women coming here to have their babies for free, who become citizens and then get on the payroll.
And the big corporations want it because they want to bankrupt the country because they're offshore with their trillions and want to come in and exploit it.
They're cold-blooded.
And they tell me and others, Alex, why don't you just join us?
The public doesn't care.
They want to be slaves.
Start exploiting them now.
I won't do it.
I could have bought prison stocks 20 years ago.
They've basically tripled, quadrupled or more every decade.
But I wouldn't do it.
It doesn't mean I'm perfect.
It doesn't mean that I don't make choices sometimes that... I mean, I've got iPhones because that's what I'm used to.
It works good.
I've been on Macs for 20 years.
I know it's made in the worst slave factories out there.
So I use it to fight that and to expose it and to say, Apple, stop doing it.
But Apple doesn't have to because they're liberal.
We're liberal.
We work people to death.
It's liberal.
Oh, gosh, liberal.
Mark Zuckerberg's taking Hawaiian lands.
It's okay.
He's Zuckerberg.
It's all right.
I'm Zuckerberg.
Dumb heifers, I'm here.
I'm your god.
Meanwhile, a year ago, Paul Watson is coming up.
The next segment was pointing out that George Clooney owns multiple palaces.
His family is one of the richest families in Hollywood.
And that he's in advertising bringing more migrants, more Islamists, but then he and his wife fled Europe saying it's too dangerous now.
Yeah, bro!
10 million unwashed crazies.
And I'm sure some of them are really nice people, but they're being rained down by the EU to break down culture in a weaponized program.
It's incredible.
Dutch Airlines pro-gay tweet backfires.
Kit Daniels' tweet reveals top-down conspiracy of social control.
The Royal Dutch Airlines tried to use seatbelts for a pro-LGBT message, but 4chan noticed only the heterosexual buckles fastened together correctly.
The tweet shows three belts with the top representing a lesbian couple, the middle a gay couple, and the bottom a heterosexual couple, but 4chan and Anons noticed the top two belts wouldn't fasten at all.
But notice more than that subliminally, where's the heterosexual?
On the bottom.
Nothing against people that...
Want to, you know, bump these together, or these together, or whatever.
The point is, these are meant to couple together, and the globalists are targeting this to get rid of it because they want to reduce population.
This is who's being discriminated against.
This is who's being targeted.
This, this, the heterosexual operation, the earthlings, us!
We'll be back with Paul Watson and the devastating McMaster News.
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Well, so does he.
Live from the InfoWars.com studios, it's Alex Jones.
Ladies and gentlemen, we're into hour number four.
I'm turning the baton over in mere minutes to Paul Joseph Watson, known across the internet as PJW.
A big globalist think tank yesterday put out a huge study, I forgot to even get to this, showing algorithms and maps of who's the most popular on the web.
And who on Twitter is the biggest supporter of President Trump?
And that's how they're framing it.
It's who is most related to supporting and sharing information of President Trump.
Well, it's the guy that said, I'm officially off the Trump train when it came to foreign policy a few months ago.
It's Paul Joseph Watson.
We're only supporting Trump because he believes in what he's doing, he's a good guy, he's fighting the globalists.
Does it mean his perspective is perfect according to ours?
But he's really being the president.
And of course, it also showed Cernovich, just as influential on Twitter as Paul Watson.
And I was proud to get the blame.
They said, Jones gets the blame.
He's causing all the hate.
And then the International Business Time had a little tattletale article.
Saying it's terrible.
Jones hasn't been removed off the web for bullying a poor professor that said that, you know, Roman England was black.
Again, we're not bashing black people.
There's this total assault on white people meant to make us all go into racial groups and hate each other.
It's Balkanization, the opposite of what Martin Luther King talked about, so there's all this to go over.
But here's the big news.
I wanted to get Paul's take on it, and he's taken over.
Bombshell, exclusive intelligence agency.
Caught McMaster briefing Soros on White House takeover.
McMaster leaking intel to Soros almost daily.
Says high-level Israeli intelligence source directly to our source, Roger Stone.
And notice, Cernovich is saying the exact same stuff.
They've gone from saying we make stuff up to saying it's horrible, we've got the best intel.
We even know where McMaster's eating.
And my sources are not the Israelis.
I have sources in the White House, obviously, and in the military, and some other places.
We'll leave it at that.
But the Israelis are grabbing publicly available stuff that this guy's putting out over the Wi-Fi.
I don't
Man, this gets better by the minute, McMaster!
So, he's really trying to pull the wool over our eyes.
I don't think it's working too well.
What do you think's going on here, Paul Watson?
Take over.
We salute you.
Thanks, Alex.
Yeah, there's been a massive panic from the deep state apologists, the mainstream media, the fake news journalists over the past probably week or even more now.
Merely about the fact that we've been tweeting, myself, Mike Cernovich, Jack Posobiec and everyone else.
Hashtag Fire McMaster.
Now, Jake Tapper came out today on the back of that bombshell exclusive that you just mentioned just before that came out and basically had a hissy bit.
He was triggered by the fact that Mike Flynn Jr., Mike Flynn's son, was retweeting me and Cernovich on our hashtag Fire McMaster tweets.
Which, by the way, Mike Flynn Jr.
has been retweeting us for probably well over a year now.
That's not a story.
Why is Jake Tapper
One of the most prominent people at CNN panicked about the fact that he's retweeting us on Fire McMaster.
By the way, codename Humpty Dumpty.
Yeah, and by the way, we're trying to get that to trend again on Twitter right now, which is always an uphill struggle, Alex, because the demotion, that stealth censorship is through the roof.
And that ties into something else, Alex, and I'll get back to McMaster as well.
But breaking as of 10 minutes ago,
On the back of this huge scandal with Google, the engineer coming out and putting out a memo saying basically conservatives are targeted for their opinion, they're discriminated against.
Men and women are biologically different and suited to different tasks.
He actually voiced that thought crime, Alex, and for that he was hounded, doxxed, fired by Google.
Well, it's come out now in the past 20 minutes or so
What we already knew, it's been confirmed, Google Insiders have confirmed, not only is Google demoting, i.e.
changing their algorithms to push anti-PC content off their search results, anti-Islamic terror content off their search results, not only is Google doing that, which we knew about from the election, where they would send
And by the way, last week that top professor
A psychology professor who said, no, there are men and women and people saying that they're a woman who says they're a man and then a man has a baby, you know, that's basically imaginary.
He was banned off Google.
So, and by the way, I've noticed now all this old medical stuff about mainstream science, mainstream news articles about vaccines hurting people, about fibromyalgia, about Lyme's coming from
Coming from Plum Island, which was declassified off the coast of New York.
It's all gone!
They just shoveled scientific reports at the top that are all in nomenclature you can't understand, and only put a bunch of scientific reports that no one can read now, and 50 pages deep.
None of all the top links are there.
So, I mean, Google is gone full sensor.
It has extincted itself.
I've always said we need to find an alternate.
Paul, who do you think is still a half-decent one?
That was as good as Google, because Google's not even good anymore.
They're killing themselves.
I mean, I let them know I was going to sue them three weeks ago, when they delisted us out of the first five pages.
Suddenly, we're all back at the top.
So it's so political.
I'm like, I'm going to sue you for racketeering and civil rights violations, and I've got the documents you hired people to delist me.
Oh, yes, let us put you right back at the top.
But for everybody else that doesn't, it's just, Google is moving against us.
Paul, sorry, go ahead.
Well, what's also been confirmed, Alex, by this insider, which again I've been talking about for ages...
They stop recommended videos by yours truly by other anti-SJW people from appearing on recommended video lists.
That is absolutely huge because that's how you get most of your views on YouTube.
Even with Infowars driving views, it's still more on YouTube.
When they did the super deluxe that got 20 million views on Facebook and on YouTube, they would make it not available or glitched it where the audio was off or just killed them.
When they figured out, oh, this attack, people like Alex, then they just stopped that, Paul.
They're in live time.
Look at this.
Google Fires Diversity Manifesto author, James Damore.
This is a confirmed high-level insider, as you said, up on InfoWars.com.
It's amazing, Paul.
I mean, they're really... So what does this signify to you?
That they're now...
Google, Facebook, Twitter, all of it is intensifying censorship 50 times what it ever was.
Fake news is intensifying their lies about Trump, about us.
CNN's saying the economy's horrible.
I mean, these people are next-level liars.
Does it signify they're getting ready to move with something big?
Because they're saying they're getting ready to kill the president.
Oh, totally.
I mean, the hysteria is through the roof.
People were thinking it would tail off, you know, after Trump was in office for six, seven, eight months.
No way!
As a result of this Google scandal, they're now talking about creating blacklists of anyone with conservative opinions, but not even just conservative opinions.
If you disagree,
With their claim that there aren't any differences biologically between men and women.
You're a thought criminal, you're an alt-right neo-Nazi, and you're not allowed to have a decent paying job.
They're literally calling for that off the back of this Google engineer going public and being fired for his hate crime.
I mean, read what he said.
He put out a 10-page memo, Alex.
And it's dry.
It's anodyne.
It's not even that offensive.
But the mere fact that he was a conservative within Google, they had to shame him.
They publicly shamed him.
They doxed him.
They hounded him.
They fired him.
Now they're going to face a lawsuit from him.
And again, it just gets to the heart of the matter, which is,
No tolerance for diversity of opinion within Google whatsoever.
So if they're doing that on the inside, of course they're going to do it on the outside.
And this whistleblower, another whistleblower, we've got more coming out today, is saying that they had a complete hissy fit after the election, hysteria was rampant, and that's when they decided to ramp up that stealth censorship, which is why now
Whenever I upload a YouTube video, Alex, and this is happening to a bunch of different uploaders, not only conservatives, people with an opinion, anyone.
They delete hundreds of subscribers every time you upload a video.
Now, my traction was so good over the past six months that I still managed to get past a million subscribers.
Paul, let's explain how they're doing this.
Let's explain how they're doing this.
And I'm skipping this break so you have more time and the 50 break because this is the fourth hour and the network doesn't even seem like this is an important hour even though it has hundreds of stations and so that's fine.
We skipped a lot of the breaks here because they haven't even ever monetized it.
That's fine.
But Paul,
If you look at this, first they cut your funding off the channel that made some money 76% as soon as Trump got elected.
They did that to all my channels and of course your channel is my channel.
So that's 76% cutting in funding just on our YouTube platform.
Now we always just grow more tentacles and get more support like a Hydra.
Our listeners understand this.
But see, now they're gonna block everything.
And people keep saying, well, why are you on YouTube?
Because it's the big dominant platform like Facebook because we're winning despite the censorship.
It's the battlefield while we get people to go to Infowars.com and PrisonPlanet.com and while we get denial of service attacks and hack attacks and attempts to get rid of our sponsors and our suppliers and attempts to sabotage us.
Yes, we know, folks, we know.
Drudge is right.
We should have our own things, not their electronic ghetto.
But we have to go into the ghettos of Facebook and Twitter and YouTube and let folks know they're becoming classical ghettos.
For folks that don't know, in Nazi Germany, the first thing they would do was say, you can't have a business.
Then they'd move you into a ghetto.
Then they'd start shutting you down.
This is what they're doing.
And we've got to have President Trump come after them, break them up for antitrust.
The fact that they've noticed that Trump doesn't understand how this works.
He knows they're fake news.
He knows they're bad.
But they're censoring him.
They're blocking him.
And we're getting memos of the president.
He's looking into it.
But all of his adjuncts, except for Scaramucci, go, no sir, that's not happening, and lie to him.
Because they believe the power of Google will break the president.
They're such damn cowards.
If he just had a hundred people around him that weren't cowardly traitors, we would win easily, Paul.
Go ahead.
Instead, we're going into a total AI technocracy takeover nightmare.
The left doesn't get, once our free speech is gone, theirs is gone too.
They're the useful idiots on the left.
There's no such thing as a left with Al Gore and George Soros.
These people are international crime lords.
You morons!
I'm turning it over to you, but I'm going to show this one article that Cernovich sent me from the enemy, showing how you're the top enemy.
Go ahead.
No, I mean, people say, oh, why don't you just start your own video platform?
It would be an echo chamber.
I did it, and it cost us $50,000 a month in bandwidth!
Infowars.com forward slash show!
Sorry, go ahead.
We actually want intellectual diversity.
We want diversity of opinion, which is why we want to interact with people with different ideas, you know, because we're actually classical liberals, unlike Google, which wants to stealth censorship everybody and then claim they're the public commons, that they're going to give everybody a voice.
Google's there to shut up about the execution vans in China and murder operations and whenever they have a massacre of Africans for their land, Google covers it up.
The New York Times says it's okay.
They're evil, hardcore, scientific psychopaths posing as liberals.
The little pink outfits and the funny colored socks and the little moustaches are meant to be non-threatening.
They're savage murderers.
Go ahead.
And the censorship is coming, Alex, because both Vice and the New York Times, far from, you know, alt-right publications, admitted separately that the right is dominating YouTube.
And by the right, it's just anyone who's authentic who has any sense of rationality and common sense remaining.
So they freaked out.
We're completely dominating YouTube in terms of politics.
There's no competition.
All the SJW channels fail.
The SJWs can't even talk!
The SJWs just literally go... Like they're in a Body Snatcher movie!
No, I mean, that is part of it, Alex.
They're lazy, they're unfilial.
They don't spend ten hours sat in front of a computer editing a YouTube video.
They can just put out a tweet and virtue signal and it's easier for them.
But again, New York Times Vice admits the right's dominating YouTube.
They're freaking out about it.
So now they're just gonna censor us.
They're deleting hundreds of subscribers.
The views have plummeted since April, since the adpocalypse.
So it's not just about the money.
Independent creators are gonna get absolutely crushed.
And be demotivated from making videos in the first place.
By the way, what's the name of the video where the, because they all do it, where the woman goes like body snatcher.
Because we've noticed that's the standard deal but she's the best.
I want to show folks I'm not joking.
No, exactly.
I mean, let's look at a segment from this memo that this Google engineer was fired for, was vilified for, was called a misogynist and a racist.
This is what he concluded with.
He said, suggestions.
I hope it's clear that I'm not saying that diversity is bad, that Google or society is 100% fair, that we shouldn't try to correct existing biases or that minorities have the same experience as those in the majority.
My larger point is that we have an intolerance for ideas and evidence that don't fit a certain ideology.
So it's completely milquetoast.
He's saying, oh, we shouldn't treat conservatives like crap and shame them into silence and not allow them to think that they have... Hold on, let's be fair, though.
Under fair use... How dare he?
Hold on.
Under the fairness doctrine they're bringing back, let's give equal time to the other side.
Let's play a popular standard SJW for a moment.
Let's play, give some equal time.
Let's let her communicate both verbally and non-verbally.
Here it is.
All of a sudden, they're growing like parasites.
Is it contagious?
It looked right at me.
You're looking at it as if it was human.
It was not human.
Now, the classic fear begins to grow.
We're being cornered!
In a modern masterpiece of science fiction.
Paul, I'm gonna let you take over.
It's hard to get Paul to host a couple days a week, and then I always take over because I like Paul so much, and he works so hard, he's hard to get a hold of.
But if you're not a TV viewer, we actually show body snatchers versus what they really act like in public, and I finally, I think I went crazy today.
This is entertaining!
We're in a dystopic, badass movie, man!
I'm actually starting to enjoy this, Paul.
I'm gonna go watch the rest of the show.
Oh, oh, here's that one part.
Alt-Right Open Intelligence Initiative.
Have you seen this with the map?
You're the big enemy?
Have you seen that?
Yeah, that was an interesting read, Alex.
Have you seen the map?
They're doing that again with the Fyre McMaster tweets.
They're freaking out about it.
Jake Tapper's saying, oh, why is Mike Flynn Jr.
retweeting these far-right fringe people?
If we're so fringe... Jake Tapper!
Yeah, why is he so triggered by it?
He's triggered, it's like when Media Matters gets triggered by Drudge linking to us, remember that?
He literally wrote an article about it every time, years ago.
If we're so fringe, if we're so out there, why are you even talking about us?
Why are they mapping everything we do?
Because we have way more viewers than they do, and they're totally freaked out and want to shut us down like any group of losers do.
Guys, can you show this article?
Like Julian Assange said, censorship is for losers.
But again, we're Trump's base.
That's the whole point.
I mean, we're the reason why he got elected, right?
And everybody else who, you know, got on board the bandwagon as well.
They know that, and yet they still can't resist calling us alt-right, far-right, fringe.
Again, we're not the fringe, we're the base.
That's why we've got such a massive influence.
And that's why Jake Tapper of CNN is so triggered by it.
But why do they scream and yell and their tongues hang out?
Because we're seeing this everywhere now where they just, they just go... I mean, everywhere I go there's like... What happened?
It's called Trump Derangement Syndrome, Alex.
And it's been legitimized by the mainstream media saying that he's literally Hitler.
Why don't you feed the trolls and do an imitation of it?
Feed the trolls and do an imitation of it.
Let's go back to Paul here.
Go back to Paul.
Feed the trolls.
Do it for them.
They do it again.
They cut.
Don't cut.
Do it again.
It's like a baby throwing a fit.
Now these are the people working for Google now, Alex.
These are the sober, rational voices.
I mean, you should have seen the tweets that they said about this guy.
Remember Reality Winner with a top-secret clearance giving information to ISIS and hating all white people and she was a dumb white lady?
These are crazy people!
No, they've been driven completely mad because they think they have the moral high ground.
Because for the past eight, ten months, the media has told them that they're the resistance.
I mean, Michael Moore's now talking about going after Trump's kids and saying, oh, you won't get put in prison if you just turn over your father.
Absolute, complete insanity.
These people are just getting more and more hysterical.
Oh, but we're the extremist fringe.
Absolutely insane.
You've seen how they react in public.
And this Google thing is blowing up in their face once again.
They tried to come out.
Now you've got fake news coming out and saying, this is CNN, the Google engineer who wrote a memo that argued women aren't biologically fit for tech jobs.
Complete lie!
He didn't say that.
He never even said that.
He said people should be selected for jobs based on their talent, based on their, you know, past experience if they're suited for the job.
My God, what a thought crime.
You should pick people for a job based on who's best at the friggin' job, Alex.
By the way, we're trying to hire more women because I think women do a great job.
We're putting ads out for women and for some reason they just don't apply as much.
No, I mean, listen to what he said in this memo.
Men tend to occupy, this is paraphrasing, men tend to occupy more leadership positions because they're under more pressure to be status-driven.
That's just a fact.
In fact, a bunch of scientists came out today and backed him up.
Why do you think 80% of Google's technical staff are men?
Because men are more attracted towards those kind of jobs.
Doesn't mean that men are better than women, they're just... Here's an example.
I did, this weekend, I said no electronics.
So my daughters got every chair in the house, built a giant fort, and began going in the kitchen and cooking things.
It was all biological, it was all epigenetic, and then my son is like, let's get guns out and clean them in bows and arrows and write a screenplay.
It's not that women don't write screenplays, it's that epigenetically, the men start going around and organizing weapons and stuff, because the tribe over the hill might come after us, and the women are like building forts and
You know, things in cooking food, it's genetic!
It doesn't mean women can't do things as good as men in many cases, or vice versa.
But we can't have babies!
I told Paul I was going away, but Paul is now taking over after this quick break.
Stay with us.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
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