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Name: 20170806_Sun_Alex
Air Date: Aug. 6, 2017
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In this segment of Alex Jones' radio show, he discusses a variety of topics related to current events, health products, and conspiracy theories. He talks about the efforts of Democrats to take control of the election process and his warnings regarding the Iodine Conspiracy, which have been vindicated by recent studies. The program concludes with promotions for InfowarsLife and Harvest Right freeze dryers. Alex Jones discusses his views on current events and promotes his products, including Alexa Pure Breathe, a system designed to filter the air in homes and offices, and Caveman, a concentrated bone broth with additional superfood ingredients. He criticizes the mainstream media for attacking him and spreading false information about his statements regarding a supposed coup attempt against President Trump. Jones also discusses the Deep State's alleged plans to remove Trump from office and claims that the Department of Defense has encamped everywhere the president goes, suggesting a civil war situation in the United States. Alex Jones talks about how the deep state is trying to instigate a civil war and cause chaos by spreading false information about Donald Trump's mental health and plans to remove him from office. He also discusses the internal power struggles within the White House, with McMaster and Kelly being seen as globalists and potential threats to Trump's agenda. Despite these challenges, Jones believes that Trump has been successful in returning power to America, creating jobs and boosting the economy. He encourages listeners to support him by purchasing products like InfoWars Super Blue fluoride-free toothpaste and Patriot Blend 100% organic coffee, which also support a free press. In this episode of the Alex Jones Show, Jones discusses how the Obama administration tried to remove Trump from power through the creation of a martial law plan in case he won the election. He also talks about the leaks within the government and how they threaten national security. Jones emphasizes the importance of taking action against those who are backstabbing in DC and endangering the nation's security. Additionally, Jones promotes Caveman, a superfood supplement created by InfoWars, and encourages listeners to support the company. Finally, he addresses the ongoing feud between Bannon and McMaster and urges his audience to stay vigilant against globalist forces that aim to undermine Trump

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Ladies and gentlemen, it's already Sunday, the sixth day of August 2017.
I'm your host Alex Jones.
We're going to be live here the next two hours.
We've hit the zeitgeist.
One of the top stories, in fact it's according to Google the third top story in the country this weekend, concerns martial law.
...and concerns civil war and concerns a coup against Trump.
All that thanks to Michael Savage, Kit Daniels, and then of course Matt Drudge, linking to our story at InfoWars.com.
That's coming up in the second segment, but first...
Only 4% of those coming into the UK are refugees at present.
96% of those coming into the UK last year up to June 2015 are economic migrants.
They aren't escaping the Syrian conflict.
In fact, they aren't even on the same continent.
They aren't even escaping conflict in Libya.
Who are they?
They are the economic migrants posing as refugees under the guise of the United Nations replacement migration operation, threatening the stability of Western civilization.
This is no accident.
You will find them in
Paul Joseph Watson reports, new figures show that just 1.4% of migrants arriving in Italy are Syrian refugees, confirming the fact that the overwhelming majority of people flooding into Europe are economic migrants
We're good.
Over 20% of the asylum claims are from Nigerians.
Bangladeshis also accounted for over 9% of asylum claims.
While Pakistanis accounted for 7.5% and migrants from the small country of The Gambia accounting for 7.9% of asylum requests.
Out of the entire 248,290 asylum claims received by EU countries, so far this year, just 14% were from Syrians.
This includes individuals who have fake identity papers and merely claim to be Syrian to receive better treatment.
As many as 15 million, a malleable globalist army of anarchy.
President Trump's rational proposal to the globalist invasion is a ray of hope
The RAISE Act, R-A-I-S-E, will reduce poverty, increase wages, and save taxpayers billions and billions of dollars.
It will do this by changing the way the United States issues green cards to nationals from other countries.
The RAISE Act ends chain migration and replaces our low-skill system with a new points-based system for receiving a green card.
This competitive application process will favor applicants who can speak English, financially support themselves and their families, and demonstrate skills that will contribute to our economy.
Only 1 in 15 out of a million new immigrants come here because of their job skills and their ability to succeed in this economy.
That means it puts great downward pressure on people who work with their hands and work on their feet.
Now, for some people, they may think that that's a symbol of America's virtue and generosity.
I think it's a symbol that we're not committed to working-class Americans.
We looked at countries like Canada, Australia, and others.
What we're introducing today is a model on the current Canadian and Australian systems.
It's pro-worker, it's pro-growth, and it's been proven to work.
That no-mockingbird media brainwashing device has questioned the lopsided globalist cuckolding of your country's future stability should ring alarm bells from sea to shining sea.
The notion that you actually think immigration is a historic law, the foreign-born population in the United States today... Jim!
I'm talking about how border crossings work.
Do you really?
I want to be serious, Jim.
Do you really, at CNN, not know the difference between green card policy and illegal immigration?
John Bowden, reporting for InfoWars.com.
Stay with us, folks.
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Another time in the Age of Wonder.
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
Live from Austin, Texas, broadcasting worldwide, it's Alex Jones.
The world, not just the United States, fits
On a knife's edge.
The future, destiny of humanity is in all of our hands.
More so than ever, humanity controls its environment to a great extent, controls the technological developments, controls so many aspects that to the eyes of an ancient, it would seem magic.
Despite all of this, our street smarts, our cunning, our common sense has never been lower.
But many a historian going back thousands of years to Babylon, Rome, and Egypt wrote that the city dweller became soft, became weak, and that then it gave rise to gangs and corruption.
And finally the nation state would become weak.
The city state would become weak and would fall.
But now those cycles are accelerated, compounded, as we move at light speed, literally, through the fiber optic and through the silicon interface with our human minds towards infinity.
As the great social engineers of the world pretend they're God, when all they really are is parasites.
Now, let's break it all down, ladies and gentlemen.
The globalists have quite a job on their hands, and the media that's been tasked with this has been given quite a job to run their psyops.
The CIA, four years ago, got Obama to get Congress to legalize the CIA and more than 30 other federal agencies to engage in direct deception of the American people.
It was picked up in the Washington Post, it was picked up in Foreign Affairs, it was picked up in the Sunday Times of London.
That we're going to directly lie to you now to complete the globalist takeover because, well, just half-truths haven't worked.
We're going to completely lie to you.
We're going to tell you Obamacare is free.
We're going to tell you you can keep your doctor.
We're going to tell you that it's children coming across the border and not 80 plus percent, 83 percent adults.
We're going to steal the nomination from Bernie Sanders when he openly won New Hampshire and a bunch of other states.
And we're going to give it to Hillary.
And we're going to steal it from Trump.
And remember, though, they were in neocon publications like Foreign Affairs and like National Review saying, we're going to take the delegates from him.
It doesn't matter if he won all these states.
We're allowed to.
The party picks.
The public didn't buy into that.
And Trump challenged it, so they had to back off.
But remember, they would first say, oh, we're not planning to take delegates.
Well, here you are on CNN saying it.
See, they'd tell conservative media, it's not happening to keep you asleep.
But on CNN, they'd say, of course we're not gonna let Trump have the nomination.
We're taking the delegates.
Then, they were on CNN and MSNBC with Nancy Pelosi's daughter leading the effort.
Saying, oh, electors all the time who represent the delegates.
It's easy for them to just say it's not going to be Trump.
We're just going to not have Trump get the inauguration.
We're just going to have in the Electoral College them not see him.
And then we're going to have a civil emergency, CNN said.
And then we're going to have a new election run by Homeland Security.
Obama signed an executive order.
As if they were going to go ahead with this plan!
And then we're going to seat, through this new election, run by the Democrats, in control of Homeland Security, we're going to federalize all 50 states, all 50 attorney generals have written letters saying don't do this, including Democrats.
It ends the Federalist system, it's basically martial law over the electoral process.
Homeland Security, run by Jeh Johnson at the time, was going to federalize things, they were not going to seat Trump,
They were not going to take the delegates and have the electors put him in on January 6th.
He would then be sworn in on January 20th.
This is the Constitution.
They said, we're going to ignore all of that.
And we're going to have new elections in six months.
But until six months, that'd be right now, until six months after January 20th, we'll just put everybody that lost, who are incumbents, back in.
And we'll have special elections in places where somebody didn't run.
Now that was announced by them and put out, and then I came on the air and said, that's stealing the election, that's fraud, that's basically martial law, that violates this area of the Constitution.
All 50 Attorney Generals agreed with me within days.
They all sent letters saying, this is insane.
So they had to back off.
And it's the same thing now.
They tried to take the nomination.
Then they tried to block him being inaugurated.
Then they tried to block people physically getting into the barriers around the mall.
I was there.
It took me three hours live on Facebook mentions being attacked by mobs of men, women, and children as shields.
Because they'd say you were attacking kids, tried to push through.
It took us hours and hours to get in!
Then CNN showed when the gates had opened 10 minutes in to show small crowds coming in and said it was empty.
No, I was there.
Half the crowds were families crying that they couldn't get in, beat up with bloody noses.
There's video of all of it.
They would attack families with little boys and girls.
We're talking 4, 5 years old.
They have no shame.
It was traumatizing.
I began running up, screaming and cussing at police.
I did.
I said, you will G.D.
get in there and do something.
And finally, cops had tears in their eyes and they went over and arrested some people.
Because they were ordered not to or they'd be fired.
Just like you see Washerman Schultz saying, you investigate Seth Ridge, you investigate these laptops, you investigate the Pakistani government, you're gonna lose your jobs.
Remember that?
So all of this is going on.
Now why do I tell you all that?
Because we've been through this before.
Because while they're on MSNBC and in Mother Jones and all these establishment publications and foreign affairs and Atlantic Monthly saying don't let him get elected, have martial law basically, have new staged elections, never let Republicans get elected again, you know, we've got to take over, we're a dying party.
I mean they admit all this, okay?
While all that's going on, there's on the news saying, no one's trying to take the nomination.
Then, no one's trying to take the electors.
No one's trying to block him becoming president.
That's insane.
Alex Jones is insane.
Now it's in Newsweek, Time, CNN, MSNBC.
It's on every channel that I am insane, and that I've made up that
On a Wolf Blitzer program on C-SPAN he hosted for the Aspen Institute two weeks ago.
We've played it probably ten times here.
He has the former head of national security, Clapper, with the head of CIA Brennan, formerly, saying, don't worry, we don't need impeachment.
He's going to be removed the next couple months.
The plan's already in place.
Then Al Gore goes on the Late Late Show, three days after a senior pastor that met with senior congressmen, who he had on, goes public and says they're planning to kill him.
Oh yeah, he's now talked to Congress again.
No, the plan is to kill Trump.
Now how do you counter that?
You play a clip of me talking about runoff making frogs bisexual, so it makes no sense.
Cut to me joking around seven years ago in a Cobra Commander outfit.
You know, in a comedy piece we did, and then you cut to, this is what they actually did.
Deep State is gonna kill the president, Alex Jones.
You read it, they never have one link, it just says he's totally insane, he's crazy.
Meanwhile, I've got them all saying, remove him, kill him, overthrow him, blow up the White House.
So, who broke through this?
Michael Savage covered it.
Drudge linked to it.
It's now one of the top stories in the country.
We hit the zeitgeist thanks to all of you.
They're now forced to cover the plan to kill the president, civil war, and more, and we could stop it!
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You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
This is a national emergency.
Important instructions will follow.
Shots fired.
Top political story.
This weekend, the plan to kill the president.
The plan for civil war.
The plan for martial law.
...at the request of the President of the United States of America and the Office of Homeland Security.
In compliance with the United Nations, the President of the United States has declared martial law.
Curfew is now in place.
Return to your homes.
If you don't want to go, you'll have to warn the people outside of your homes.
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
It's Alex Jones.
Now notice the globalists and all of their anti-American mercenary organizations are telling you they're the resistance now.
No, they're the deep state, they're the foreign banks, they're the people that conquered this country.
We're taking it back.
We are the resistance.
You are the resistance.
And the enemy in publications every day on national TV says Alex Jones
He is riding the talking points for the second American Revolution.
He's the enemy.
And then I read declassified Department of Defense documents from three years ago, word for word, what I'm saying.
But ladies and gentlemen, they didn't get it from me.
Because they're even using words I've never heard of until I looked them up that are semi-classified
Just salt words that mean whole bodies of knowledge that I had to look up that I learned from.
I fell down the rabbit hole yesterday because my wife was taking a continued education course for eight hours and so I had all four of the children and I was in there cooking food hanging around the house with my laptop with my iPad all day and I read
Four hours of documents just on McMaster, and it's everything I heard and worse.
God help us, he's a Wahhabist, just like Brennan.
I mean, it's beyond overwhelming.
No wonder they've got former top counter-terrorism FBI agents that ran whole sections saying this guy is the enemy within.
Do you know how much money the Arabs have, folks?
They buy people off.
And I've got to apologize.
I used to hear 20 years ago, 15 years ago, 10 years ago, the super right wing go, oh, there's a plan to merge with Islam and sell out Christianity and flood Europe with Muslims and make us take Sharia law.
And it was so incompatible with the West.
And I knew the left was anti-American.
And globalist, but I didn't think they'd ever merge with something that cuts women's genitals off with loppers and puts total bags over their heads and throws gays off buildings.
And now I've got all the documents and the admissions from the Saudi Arabian government and from McMaster and from Brennan and it's like...
Oh my god, and they just purged dozens of people this week and last week out of the National Security Council who are hardcore veterans, highly decorated, top strategists, tops of their class, because you read these memos and it's not just the one that got a bunch of attention last week.
I ended up reading.
Parts of 20, 30 memos.
I mean, I couldn't stop.
I said four hours.
I did four hours at one stop walking around with the pad while I'm feeding the baby and making food and cooking hamburgers and everything else.
And I mean, I was like out in the pool with the kids with a, you know, iPad in my hand.
My kids are like, Dad, you never do this.
And usually, at least on Saturday, you don't work.
And I just said, I can't stop reading this.
I can't stop watching this.
I sent the crew like 30 something links.
They can't even process it all.
It's so cut and dry!
I cannot believe it!
I mean, it is incredible!
The globalists are wild.
I mean, look at demographics.
There's a billion and a half Muslims.
There's about to be three billion in 2026, 2027.
The numbers vary.
But we're talking nine years.
Ten years.
There's already 1.5 billion with a B?
There was 200 million just 35 years ago.
I mean, they're having six kids on average, and I'm not against humans, but they come from places where they're all killing each other, always one-upping who's the most radical, and they're totally incompatible, and I have a stack of news.
They banned new synagogues.
In major cities of Australia this weekend, because it quote, makes the Muslims mad.
And I'm not on one side or the other, but I'm for the side being abused.
No new synagogues in Sydney and Perth and other areas.
I saw mainstream news like it was a good thing.
Australia bans Sydney synagogue over Islamists' attack fears.
I mean, see, you have to submit to Islam and take your rights away or they'll kill you.
I put up a video a few months ago on YouTube of Muslims beating up a bunch of police in Sydney and they took it down saying it was hateful because I was showing Islam in a bad light.
I can't show Muslims beating up a bunch of cops?
This isn't about the Muslims.
For 1,400 years, we've tried to take Europe.
No one would ever let them in.
We lost millions of people fighting them.
The Hindus have lost 140 million people.
It's estimated fighting.
That's why you've got the Indians just completely loving Trump.
And genetically, they're just like the Muslims.
They're fighting.
But it's the Muslims almost always killing them.
And when the Hindus fight back, they call them radicals.
The Hindus aren't attacking anybody unless you try to kill them.
They're completely open to any religion that leaves them alone and lets them live.
Very Americana.
Why do you think Indians integrate so well into America?
But I digress.
Islam does not.
Islam does not.
And I'm just getting total chills right now because I did the whole first big segment on
How they tried to take the nomination.
Then they said we're not going to let him be seated as the president.
Then they physically attacked me, but I didn't care.
I was watching women bleeding from the nose, and I flipped out.
As people saw on tape, they started screaming at the police, what is your problem?
Do something!
I finally, I had like a bunch of security detail guys that had been former Marines, Army, current Navy SEALs were with us.
We just ran over a bunch of them to get through and finally get in or I was going to be late.
Ran them over.
But the women and children couldn't get through.
We had to run over a group of people, 10 people thick, blocking us from getting in.
And a woman would be on the front, run up and like punch you.
And then when you ran over her, she'd scream, you attacked a woman!
But what I'm getting at is this.
They would say on the news, Jones is insane.
No one's trying to take the electors.
Jones is insane.
No one's trying to take the nomination.
Jones is insane.
No one's going to federalize the election.
Remember Obama came out and said, that guy in Texas, he's full of it.
The feds don't run your election.
And he already had the executive order ready.
That's why they were so freaked out.
See, they thought I was getting intel from Trump.
It was the other way around.
This stuff's all public if you research.
Four hours yesterday, the kids go to bed at nine, I was up for another five hours, until the middle of the night, just with three computers on, just not listening to people on the internet, going to the documents.
And when we come back, I'm gonna give you the next phase of it, with the documents, with the video clips, you name it.
Here's the deal.
They want to deny this stuff's going until they try it.
Just like they want to deny there's a plan to kill Trump or remove him from office, which they say on all their media to get their people ready, but on our media, or then so-called mainstream media, they will then say, oh, nothing's happening, we're insane.
Classic military tactic.
They want to hit us with our feet flat.
That hasn't happened.
They failed again.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
Jones is a charismatic performer who gets charged up on a regular basis.
They call that crazy.
That's not crazy.
That's my will, my human spirit saying crush those that would hurt the innocent.
Go after the enemy.
Build a civilization.
Be honorable.
Crush the snakes under your feet.
People want legitimacy.
They want real.
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You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
Live from Austin, Texas, broadcasting worldwide, it's Alex Jones.
So, if you're a new listener listening on FINE stations across the country or watching us live on the internet or an archive of this later, you want to know why is John Oliver and Stephen Colbert and Trevor Noah and CNN and ABC and NBC and HBO, there's three programs on HBO that attack me basically every week.
Homeland, it just goes on and on.
Why Newsweek?
Every day, basically.
Time Magazine, almost every day.
New York Times, Washington Post.
What are they so scared of?
It's because I've studied history.
I'm not asleep at the wheel.
Other people act like they're experts on black ops, government subterfuge, regime change.
I've actually been studying it since I was about 10 years old because I just lucked into history books, thought it was fascinating, and
They've read probably a thousand history books, conservatively, most of them about war, military, naval strategy, both from antiquity and then even in modern times.
So a lot of people pose like they're learned in government.
I actually am, and I'm a private citizen.
So they have this headline in Newsweek on Friday.
Deep State's going to kill the President, Alex Jones claims.
Then it shows nowhere from the very broadcast I did where I played Al Gore saying the President's going to be removed in the next two months.
Or Brennan saying he's going to be removed in the next few months and it's not going to be from impeachment.
And you can't remove him with a grand jury.
And then you've got all the people saying kill him, remove him, COG, use continuity of government, declare him a Russian agent.
Incapacitating, neutralizing.
And our congressional sources say that means kill.
Secret Service has even visited some of our sources after they've come on.
And the sources say, go, go, go talk to Al Gore.
Go, go, go talk to all these people that are publicly saying it.
But see, as a bureaucracy, they don't want to actually stop it from happening.
They want to act like they did everything they were supposed to before it happens, because they've been basically ordered off of really protecting the president.
And that's why the president's got his own military protectors.
And I'm not going to even get into that.
I'm going to stop right there.
But it's known, it's the Department of Defense, from day one, he brought the military in.
And they're encamped everywhere he goes.
So, what do you call that?
A country in the middle of a civil war?
A country in the beginnings of a civil war?
It's the Democrats everywhere calling for a civil emergency.
For a new election.
For his removal outside of law.
For his death.
Wolf Blitzer, week and a half ago, he's on the Aspen Institute C-SPAN, interviewing Brennan,
And Clapper, former head of national security, former head of the CIA.
And he says, what do you mean he's going to be removed soon?
By impeachment?
And they go, no.
No, just suddenly.
It's already happening.
It's bipartisan.
It's gotta happen.
We're going to do it.
I played the clip like 10 times.
Should I play it again?
It's on screen for TV viewers.
And then they write an article saying, out of the blue, Jones is saying this exists.
Now why do they do that?
Because they don't want a debate about it.
They want to try to steal the nomination quietly.
They want to try to steal the electors and not let him be seated quietly.
Remember all that?
And then finally we cover it, and Pelosi's daughter, a day after I was told, they had a Justice Department meeting where Pelosi ordered Lynch to have me indicted
For psychological terrorism and all this stuff.
And I thought it was crazy, and the next day she goes out on Fox News and says, Alex Jones has death-threatened me.
He needs to be arrested.
Never threatened her in any way.
And then it was in Obama's executive order, about two weeks later, early January, he says,
We're going to shut down the alternative media.
We're going to have new elections.
We're not going to let Trump be seated as the president.
We're going to have new elections.
And it was all done, but they choked because they don't run the entire military or the entire FBI or the quote, deep state.
That's one.
They've got Hollywood, they've got mainstream media, but they don't have the people in the government on average that actually pull triggers.
And that's why they're putting out fake polls that Trump's really low right now.
That's why they're saying he's an idiot.
That's why he's saying he's got to stop communicating with the public.
Because they can cut him off from the public.
They'll cut off his base.
The American people have to realize they finally got somebody really returning power to America, really returning jobs, the economy, doing everything he said he would do, and the globalists who'd sold this nation out, who thought they owned it, who thought we were a $2 whore they could pimp out, they are so angry that they're not in control.
Now I've spent 38 minutes of the first hour laying out these facts before I tell you the evidence I'm about to go through.
If you're a TV viewer, we've been throwing it all on screen for you.
Mainstream news, bills, documents, video clips.
For radio listeners, we post it all to InfoWars.com.
Like this story that went up Friday by Kent Daniels.
It was top-linked on Drudge and had more than 4 million people that linked through just on InfoWars.com.
The power of Drudge.
Last time I checked, 15,000 comments.
The story has been copied on thousands and thousands of major platforms.
World Debt Daily picked it up, but the point is, it is the number one political news story online, according to Google Analytics, Twitter, you name it, of the weekend.
Thanks to Matt Grudge, thanks to Kit Daniels writing the story, thanks to Michael Savage putting all the pieces together.
All of us telling the truth, ignoring mainstream media saying it doesn't exist, and there's the article, Kit Daniels, with all the links.
Of where they're saying they're going to kill him.
Where they're saying they're going to remove him outside of impeachment, which is illegal.
That's the constitutional avenue.
Where they're saying he's mentally ill and needs to be put in a mental institution.
Where they're saying they're going to use COG and how they're going to run the queue.
In mainstream elite publications, it's savage.
Civil war if Trump taken down.
We told you they'd try to steal the nomination.
They tried, they failed.
If we wouldn't have warned and if you wouldn't have spoken out, and if Trump wouldn't have fought,
He would have lost.
And of course Trump saw my emergency message to him.
And he came out three days later.
He checked with his experts.
He found the numbers I put out from Pew Research, Mason Dixon, and other major polling agencies was accurate about the millions of illegals voting previously.
The Democrats plan to federalize through Homeland Security the election and steal it.
And Trump came out and said, I will stand against you.
And they choked.
And then it all came out that they tried and failed.
It all came out.
In their own publications.
So, the new news is they want to cause a civil war.
They want to cause race riots, cop killing, destabilization.
They can blame on Trump and have enough fear that we then accept his assassination or he'll have a stroke or something like that or claim he collapsed, he's had a mental breakdown, he's locked up, he disappears into an Air Force medical ward.
That's all being bandied about right now.
And then there's the fight by all the scum, the different factions, in the Democratic Party, in the Republican Party, in the multinational conduits, and in his own White House.
The good Trump.
That good camp.
The bad McMaster.
And the ugly Kelly.
I don't mean physically ugly.
Kelly is an unknown quantity right now.
We don't know.
Trump has confidence.
Kelly delivered on 69% reduction in illegals coming across.
Bunch of other stuff.
He has a good affinity.
When I see him with the President, I get good vibes.
He looks like he admires the President.
And I don't think you can fake the body language I've seen from General Kelly with Trump.
McMaster's day one globalist, Wahhabist, bad connections.
The fourth guy Trump tried to get.
Who the deep state put on him.
A big problem.
We have the proof coming up next segment.
The good is Trump.
The bad is McMaster.
The ugly job is Kelly, because he's even having to keep his people's family out right now as they engage in policy, as the globalists try to sabotage policy.
They don't know if it's Ivanka.
They don't know if it's McMaster.
They don't know if it's Jared.
They don't know if it's Bannon.
They don't know who it is.
Kelly has the White House Oval Office completely isolated to finally find out who the leaks are.
We're going to find out.
I'm not saying Kelly's a saint.
My gut level tells me that time will tell, but I just, it's too soon to say, but I have a good feeling overall.
But that said, I don't operate off feelings.
It's just they're always right, but I just always disregard them.
I'll go off the evidence as it arrives.
Now, we're going to come back and lay all this out, how we stopped them having civil war, how we stopped them killing Trump, how you stopped them, and how we have victory.
An illegal teenage immigrant from Honduras has been charged with killing his mother.
Funiez is a so-called dreamer protected under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or DACA.
A truck had smashed the family's car on the right side.
That's where Lennox was sitting in his little car seat.
Border officials say Banda is a Mexican national in the country illegally.
He's been deported 15 times in 15 years.
Luvia Lopez has a sordid story that includes a prior deportation and identity fraud in addition to the sexual assault of a friend's teenage daughter.
But I have a simple message today for every gang member and criminal alien.
We will find you, we will arrest you, we will jail you, and we will deport you.
He was deported a whopping eight times.
Suspected in a deadly hit-and-run earlier this week.
He's charged with sex abuse, sodomy, burglary, robbery, assault, and kidnapping.
Court records show he's been deported and returned 20 different times.
The father of two killed in a horrifying crash.
Police say that the driver was a drunk, unlicensed, illegal immigrant.
According to an ICE news release, he is a known gang member and has been previously deported four times.
Tonight, police say an illegal immigrant with a blood alcohol level three times the legal limit slammed into the back of an SUV carrying a family of four.
He had been arrested just hours before this crash.
A woman telling deputies she was sure she was going to die after deputies say this man, Juan Ortega Orozco, broke into her home and crept into her bed.
He's in this country illegally.
He has a rich criminal history of violating the law.
In the past two years, he's been charged with five felonies, including trafficking meth and leading the scene of a crash.
Jermaine Daniels says in a taint from under the Obama administration, federal agents now appear to be rounding up any undocumented person they come in contact with.
Federal agents eating breakfast one minute, arresting restaurant staff the next.
Illegal border crossings are down reportedly 70%.
Arrests inside the country are up 40% and demands for removal up 80% as well.
But, you know, we can't apologize for enforcing the law.
If you break the law, that's a choice that you make, and there are consequences to that.
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Emrix Essentials.
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Infowarslife.com, Infowarsstore.com, and you'll find Emrix Essentials.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
Crashing through the lies and disinformation, it's Alex Jones, coming to you live from the front lines of the InfoWar.
Alright, we have the top Democrats, the top right now Republicans out there saying remove Trump.
We've got Madonna and countless others saying kill him, blow up the White House.
We've got elite policy papers like Atlantic Monthly and others saying remove him using martial law, under continuity of government, have new elections, run by Homeland Security, by the Democrats, remove all the Republicans including in state houses that got elected saying it's all Russian.
This is so outrageous that all 50, you can search engine that, all 50 Attorney Generals sent a letter to Obama before he left saying, please rescind your executive order.
Saying that you're federalizing elections.
Now, they've moved on to saying, we're about to remove him the next month or two.
This week, this week, March, two weeks since this started.
So they said two weeks ago,
What names?
Clapper, Brennan, Al Gore, others, that within a month or two, the steps are being taken to remove Trump outside of the Constitution.
Outside of impeachment, in the House and in the Senate.
You indict in the House, try in the Senate.
Outside of all this, they don't have the votes to do it.
Trump has the legislative, the executive, the judicial, though just barely.
It's all in Kit Daniel's article on InfoWars.com.
And the reason it's important is it's not just Democrats saying, let's have a civil emergency, let's have civil war, let's kill everybody, let's take over.
It's Savage, Michael Savage, Dr. Savage, smart guy saying, the American people, if you try this, Democrats, I'm warning you, I'm going to play some clips next hour, I'm warning you, people are going to stand up against you.
So, yes, we're hoping
To peacefully fix this through information warfare, through the truth, our big weapon.
It's how little old Infowars, though we reach millions a day, we're still small compared to the whole fleet of mainstream media together.
They're all small now, but together they're quite large still, putting out hoaxes, putting out racism, putting out lies, putting out, you know, globalism.
But because of you, the audience, taking action, we're formidable.
And now you hear Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh,
I was told about it yesterday, and I went and looked at it.
I mean, Friday, Sean Hannity was like InfoWars.
Even the Washington Post wrote about it.
But it's not that Hannity's even getting it from me.
It's what's happening.
So Savage says, what is going to happen in this country?
You have not seen mob violence in this country.
You've seen some mob violence instigated by Soros mobs, but you haven't seen anything, I'm telling you, that's coming to this country.
You haven't seen the Day of the Locust yet.
Then he lays out what's going to happen.
You can look at the demographics of countries like Venezuela that were prosperous, somewhat right-wing, went left-wing, collapsed, fell apart demographically.
People went communist.
There's really no coming back from that.
They're in a civil war right now.
Government collapse.
Martial law.
You can have a populist, hardcore, focused, armed population of 15%, and even if a fraction of them fight back during civil war, we win.
I mean, we have like 50% or somewhat awake, hardcore, and armed.
That's 50% are armed and hardcore.
Like 70% are armed now.
That's the biggest demographic shift is liberals are going out and buying guns.
They think for right-wingers, but they're joining us in waking up to being individualist in that very process.
I talked to all the gun shops, you know, here locally.
I talked to them nationally and they say, oh, it's almost all liberals.
And the process of coming in, getting a gun, getting training, being scared of the right-wing gun instructor, they finally wake up and have like cathartic epiphanies and go, oh my gosh, you're not right-wing, you're not left-wing.
You know, when they meet the lesbian, you know, gun instructor, who isn't liberal, who isn't conservative, they're just pro-self-defense, and the whole paradigm caves in.
And that's why the globalists had to stop it, because the Democrats have extincted their own party.
They've discredited themselves.
Even if they kill Trump, kill me.
You're already awake.
You know what's going on better than I do in many cases.
And the idea's out there, and people understand what's going on, and there's no putting the genie back in the bottle.
They confiscated, in the last 50 years, 99% of the guns for the Venezuelan people.
1960s, they were as rich as we were, populist country, armed, free market, based on that, and then they listened to the siren song of socialism.
And they told the middle class, oh, it's too bad you're wealthy, give up your money, give up free market for the poor, you know, villagers.
And the villagers bought into it, and then they blew up the golden goose, they slit the golden goose's throat, they gobbled down the meat, and then the goose is gone!
It's gone!
And now your country's burning down, even though you are rich in gold, rich in minerals, rich in rubies, and emeralds, and diamonds, and rich in trees, and rich in culture, and rich in oil, and natural gas, and on and on and on and on.
Venezuela has as much oil as the US!
But you can't feed your people!
Because communism doesn't feed anybody but evil globalists.
Here's the big takeaway.
There's an article by Kit Daniels that has been the top political story since Matt Drudge linked to it on Friday.
And Drudge has linked to a lot of our stuff over the years.
Some of it goes big, some of it doesn't.
But Drudge is the biggest window into the media, the biggest stargate to really push something out to the next level there is.
It's the biggest website in the world.
It's like number two or three total, but when it comes to news, it's number one.
It's in the top three.
Total sites in the world.
Not news sites, all sites.
Number one news site.
And it went super, super crazy too.
The link went off a few hours ago.
It's probably the biggest drudge link we've ever had.
I mean, as of this morning, I made some calls.
Four million independent IP addresses clicked on our story.
Four million!
And then they spread it, and they posted it, and this will be the talk of talk radio this week.
You know how satisfied I am when they tried to block their plan to steal the nomination from Trump?
And I made phone calls and did some things, but, uh, didn't get through the President that day, but he did watch the video and a month later called me and we had a little talk about it.
And I only say that to rub it in the globalist's face.
And then he went out, fought back against it, and got the nomination.
And the same thing with trying to steal the electors.
And the same thing with claiming nobody came to his crowds or whatever.
And now they want to openly talk about killing him, overthrowing him.
They want to go shopping around Congress, how they're going to do it.
And then think, we're not going to have congressmen on about it.
We're not going to have witnesses on about it.
We're not going to have black ops, army colonels on about it.
You don't think Lou Dobbs isn't going to talk about it, and Colonel Schaefer isn't going to talk about it, and Rush Limbaugh isn't going to talk about it, and Michael Savage isn't going to talk about it, and you don't think that's going to happen?
And we blew you wide open.
Our audience got that article out.
Drudge got it out.
And now it's in the Zeitgeist.
The number one political story.
The number three story on Facebook, Twitter, Google.
Number three story total!
Number one political.
Kit Daniels down your reactor shaft.
How does it feel?
You have been fighting around the clock to run around in your demographic publications, where you know no Libertarians or Conservatives read it, saying, kill him, murder him, remove him, black ops, we're ready, to try to legitimize it to all your own people in government who are scared to do it, scared to commit the crime outside the Constitution.
You don't want to have a debate while you're organizing the people for the violent coup, and now a big, giant, 10 trillion Q-beam spotlight just hit your ass like your Count Dracula
In the middle of the Sahara Desert, in the middle of the afternoon, and you are on fire.
You are burning down.
Your plan for the coup is burning to the ground in front of us.
Just like I told everybody how your polls were fake and showed everybody the Google bots and the Facebook bots that, oh, only certain corporations have access to.
I can't even buy access to it, but we have sources.
And we broke the Google and the Bloomberg data bots.
And others picked up on it.
Trump was really 15 points ahead, not 15 points behind.
The AI knows.
Trump was at like 65 points at his July nomination.
And he was close to that on the 20th.
He's lost about 5 points.
He's down at about 60 right now.
We're good to go.
I don't know.
That's how we fund ourselves.
We've got a lot of big specials running.
We call it the 1776 Specials.
The biggest specials ever on Brain Force are Amazing Nootropic.
It's 1776 right now.
But regardless, you can't lose.
Just buy a bottle of it today, a Hillary for Prison shirt, you name it, and support the transmission.
Whatever you do, spread the word.
Hour number two is coming up.
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Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order, it's Alex Jones.
Alex Jones, the cure to fake news.
Coming to you live from Austin, Texas.
There is a fire, a fire of liberty.
A fire of free will that only God can give.
And once you are infected with that great fire, there is no turning back.
There is no longer any fear, except the fear of not delivering freedom.
Except the fear of not wrapping your hands around the throat of the globalists and squeezing until their metaphysical eyes pop out of their foreheads.
Right now, those eyes are just about to come off.
Those eyes are ripe!
You're driving me crazy!
Alright, let's stop right there.
Come on and burn them!
It's time to burn them!
Let's go ahead and go to this report.
We are taking a stand.
This culture of leaking must stop.
Newly anointed Chief of Staff John Kelly contacted beleaguered Attorney General Jeff Sessions to tell him his job was safe after Trump criticized Sessions for ignoring the White House leakers and the DNC's server.
Following Kelly's reassurance, President Trump tweeted, After many years of leaks going on in Washington, it is great to see the AG taking action.
For national security, the tougher the better.
First, let me say that I strongly agree with the President and condemn in the strongest terms the staggering number of leaks undermining the ability of our government to protect this country.
Just yesterday, we saw reports in the media about conversations the President had with foreign leaders.
No one is entitled to surreptitiously fight to advance battles in the media by revealing sensitive government information.
In the first six months of this administration, the Department of Justice has already received nearly as many criminal referrals involving unauthorized disclosures of classified information as we received in the previous three years combined.
Who would illegally use their access to our most sensitive information to endanger our national security are in fact being investigated and will be prosecuted.
Since January, the department has more than tripled the number of active leak investigations compared to the number pending at the end of the last administration.
And we've already charged four people with unlawfully disclosing classified material or with concealing contacts with federal officers.
I stand here today as their leader to express our grave concern that unauthorized disclosures of classified material and damaging our mission and jeopardizing
The safety and security of the American public.
In the last several years the U.S.
intelligence community has experienced some of the worst compromises of classified information in our nation's history.
Those disclosures have been disseminated to both the media and to our foreign adversaries.
Leftist media's use of White House leakers has become normalized by outlets like the Washington Post.
As the National Review reports, the reports read like parody.
The Washington Post's in-depth story on the Comey firing was based on the private accounts of more than 30 officials at the White House, the Justice Department, the FBI, and on Capitol Hill, as well as Trump confidants and other senior Republicans.
These confidential conversations that he had with Mexico and Australia that were just illegally leaked to the Washington Post.
There's a lot of Democrats that are disturbed by this because it threatens our national security.
Are you disturbed by it?
No, not at all.
I am so glad they're telling us what's going on.
We don't need to hear these conversations.
They're confidential.
This threatens national security.
I need to hear these conversations.
Backstabbing in DC is an unethical constant as Obama loyalists and those out to save their own necks politically struggle internally while threatening the security of the executive office and the nation.
Round up the leakers post haste.
Millions of Americans want to move forward on making America great again.
John Bowne reporting for InfoWars.com
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I thought the leaden winter would bring you down forever, but you rode upon a steamer to the violence of the sun.
Broadcasting live from the U.N.
stronghold, Austin, Texas, you're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
That's right, Austin is officially a U.N.
sister city program.
There's only two U.S.
cities that are.
It's called minimalization.
The city takes its directives from the U.N.
And just eight months ago, the outgoing Loretta Lynch had the Strong Cities Initiative, saying our police departments would be under U.N.
And Austin had volunteered to be part of it!
Can't make that up!
Alright, in this second hour, I normally take phone calls but today we're not going to because I wanted to read from memos and documents and play interviews that have really gotten no play with some of the people that General McMaster of the National Security Council has fired and said he fired because they wrote memos three years ago, two years ago, a year ago
Pointing out that George Soros and radical leftists were funding an ally with radical Islam, which is a fact.
I mean, we've tracked their own statements that they're doing this.
And he, McMaster, is saying he's firing anybody who wasn't on a list of Obama supporters.
Let me explain.
A list got created, Drudge has a link to it.
Of people that were Obama holdouts and who were anti-Trump, and a list got put around, and so McMaster's using it as a list of anybody not on the fire list is to be fired.
And I've been hearing McMaster's been bad for a while, as soon as he got in there back in April, but man is it documented now.
Is it documented now.
And it is a feud between Bannon and McMaster.
So, overall, Bannon is a brother in the fight against the globalists.
And I'll just leave it at that.
Now, let's go ahead and plow into what's coming up.
If you just joined us...
We laid out how they tried to stop Trump getting in illegally, how that failed.
They had it all ready to deny his electors.
Months after I broke it, it was in even the New York Times last week and New York Post and others that he had a martial law plan in the weeks after the election.
But they choked.
That's right.
Obama had a civil emergency plan.
Quote, martial law.
That's in the documents.
Just type in, Obama had martial law planned after election.
He had the FBI tracking, quote, all the anti-Hillary sites.
And looking at them for arrest!
Well, I mean, why not?
I mean, they're just going for broke.
They've rewritten the rules of succession.
Now they've got a plan to remove Trump.
But what they don't want is the exposure.
Just type in, Obama had troops ready for day after the election.
So he had all this ready and signed an executive order to federalize it and take it from Trump.
But he choked.
A lot of it was because Hillary was so drunk and so drugged out on election night from stress that she was just howling, screaming, and going insane.
Remember, couldn't be seen for over a day?
And we broke the fact that she was collapsing?
And they're just like, she's collapsed!
She's completely insane, throwing temper tantrums.
No, we're done.
The public won't put up with it.
Let him get in, claim he's a Russian, remove him later.
This is too dangerous.
All their AI computers showed, it wouldn't work.
I mean, you understand, folks, you're not getting my opinion.
You are getting the absolute breakdown from all our sources, previously, currently, and also my analysis, which has proven to be devastatingly on target.
And I'm not bragging, it's why I'm so hated.
But I am an idiot savant when it comes to studying their operations.
Or so I'd like to believe.
Once you actually start studying it, it becomes crystal clear.
Now, they're coming out now saying I'm nuts, just like I was nuts every other step of the way for saying 2 plus 2 equals 4.
Deep State's gonna kill the President, Alex Jones claims, Newsweek.
Never showing anything where I showed the proof, just like I've just shown you in the last hour all of the proof.
They attack me and say, oh, I've changed my mind because they were trying to stop him during the election and during the inauguration and since I've been warning the whole time trying to stop it.
So they show clips.
We'll have time to monitor the week they show to play all this where, oh, he changed his mind.
They were going to steal the nomination, but that didn't work.
And then.
They were going to steal the seating of the delegates, but that didn't work.
And then they were going to do it then, but oh, now he says it's happening.
Yeah, because we keep beating you.
But you were calling for it, and all our listeners remember it, and we have the news articles where you said it and where you did it.
I have a skeleton crew on Sunday, but tomorrow we're going to show Newsweek's video report.
Where they say I'm insane, there's no plan to kill the president, overthrow him, COG remove him, and then I'm gonna show all the places where when I said you were gonna do it, a few weeks after you admitted it, but then you always like a villain reorganize and come back, and then I'm gonna show...
All the different globalists, the Democrats, from Al Gore to Brennan and Clapper, saying exactly what I said and what my guest said months, weeks, and days before.
See, why do you think Clapper and Brennan came out and said, yeah, we're getting ready to remove him in the next few months outside of the Constitution?
And even Wolf Blitzer was like, what?
The Constitution!
I mean, even Blitzer didn't want to be involved in just outrageous stuff like this.
Yes, Wolf, we've got it organized.
Bipartisan, it's got to be done, Wolf.
There it is.
Former CIA director calls for coup.
This is all going on.
And they don't want to have a debate about it.
But they want to run with stories of me opposing it to the readers to get them used to hearing it.
Oh, we're not going to remove him, but look at all these articles about it.
Meanwhile, in the policy reports, they're all admitting the plan.
So, Savage is right.
What are we going to do if they launch it and do kill him?
Because we know we can't give up then.
I mean, the sky's the limit of what they're going to do.
They know they've politically lost everyone.
They know there's been a realignment against them.
They know people are aware of them.
So what are they going to do?
They want to shut down free speech, sew things up, use the police state that Brennan and
Clapper were over to cement that control over all of us.
But as long as we're aware of it and don't care, there's nothing they can do if we all resist them, even politically and economically, we will destroy them.
Because in 21st century warfare, in just-in-time delivery and high-tech systems, you stop buying from Amazon, you stop going along with globalist programs, you stop buying big corporate, you stop watching CNN, which you've already done, they're done.
See, in an information war, in a cyber war, all of you are powerful bots in that fight, not committing criminal hacking, but simply speaking out against them and removing your support from them and supporting the patriotic Americana Renaissance Opposition, i.e.
DrudgeReport.com, i.e.
WorldNetDaily, i.e.
Daily Caller, i.e.
not Fox News.
You watch Fox now.
It's all backhanded attacks on the president, sneaky attacks, going along with stuff, just keeping you there as opposition control so they can deep-six the country.
It's gone other than Sean Hannity and a few other hosts.
It's wrecked!
And they want to get rid of Hannity because they know the president's so isolated now, the pinhole he's got is Sean Hannity.
But we fired up the bat signal and Hannity's doing the right thing.
Doing his own research, his own intel.
Limbaugh's coming out saying they're shopping the generals to overthrow Trump last week.
Martial law, civil war, it doesn't matter because Limbaugh, Infowars, Hannity, all of us dwarf CNN and Newsweek and all the rest of the King's Horses and all the rest of Soros's men.
So when we come back,
Former FBI agent, high-level, warns McMaster is the enemy camp.
Amazing research.
Because I was doing all this deep research and then just ran into these folks that had the whole thing.
And I know David Horowitz and Frontpage are smart, but man, the more research I do, the more I realize they are just on target.
The problem is...
They're focusing only on some areas.
I've got knowledge they don't have.
They've got knowledge I don't have.
We put it together.
It's incredible.
Wait till I get to that.
We're gonna let you know one of the guys he purged.
All these patriots, all these war heroes, all these top analysts at the Pentagon.
That helped defeat ISIS and Al Qaeda.
McMaster purges NSC staffer for warning of Islamists' leftist nexus.
It's a 30-minute interview.
It's in Kent Daniels' article on Infowars.com.
We're going to air large sections of this interview from a year ago.
He hadn't been seen publicly since.
He just got fired last week.
Rich Higgins.
We're going to play that.
We're going to get to so much about how to defeat these people, because again, exposing their program, exposing it before they launch it, destroys it on the launch pad.
Jones is a charismatic performer who gets charged up on a regular basis.
They call that crazy.
That's not crazy.
That's my will, my human spirit saying crush those that would hurt the innocent.
Go after the enemy.
Build a civilization.
Be honorable.
Crush the snakes under your feet.
People want legitimacy.
They want real.
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You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
Live from the InfoWars.com studios, you're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
The war was lost.
But now that we admit that we were taken over by globalists and fraudulent treaties signed, we now have a president who's reversing all that and we've drawn the enemy out.
They're out in the open trying to defeat nationalism and prosperity.
They're openly rooting against the stock market, new jobs and factories coming home.
There's huge announcements for Toyota and Mitsubishi and South Korean companies, over a thousand companies, every day new announcements.
And they're desperately trying to shut it down.
John Gondola was a former high-level FBI agent and he runs Understanding the Threat and here he is on syndicated television breaking down McMaster.
Then I'm going to get into the interview with one of the people fired this week at the National Security Council who wrote a powerful memo
Before he was even in the Trump administration about the left and its alliance with radical Islam.
And then the WikiLeaks came out confirming all of it.
The plan of Soros to overthrow Israel and put radical Muslims in charge?
Even Saudi Arabia isn't supporting that on paper because they know it'll destabilize their nation.
Say what you want about Israel.
It's not just pro-Israel, anti-Israel.
There's different factions.
And the same factions that want our guns, that want to bankrupt our borders, that want world government, that want poor third world populations to control, they're the ones that support the destruction of Israel.
So this is... You read these documents, this stuff gets deep.
This is not the stuff you see on CNN or even Fox.
This is the real world, folks.
And it's really coming down to the line.
Demographically, the big mega-banks have allied with radical Islam, which controls Islam.
And I feel sorry for people in Islam, because they're totally enslaved.
And the dominant force of Islam, whether it was always like that, or it's like that now, doesn't matter.
Radical Islam runs Islam today, and is the orthodoxy.
And then coming up, McMaster Purge's NSC staffer, for warning of Islamists' leftist threat,
Rich Higgins, a top official of the National Security Council, high-level Pentagon analyst, was fired last month after arguing in a memo that President Trump is under sustained attack.
Now, he said this during the campaign, by the way.
He said, America was, from subversive forces both within and outside the government who are deploying malice tactics to defeat President Trump's National Agenda.
Higgins, seen as an ally of the White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon, had only served on the Council for a couple of months.
And they're getting rid of all these people.
And they're putting in people like Ms.
Yes, most of the folks being replaced are Islamic and are openly Islamic and say on their Facebook, I want to help America understand Islam and accept that Sharia law is constitutional.
They tell you!
They're gonna put your three-year-old daughter in a burka when she walks around the street.
I mean, BBC's saying, women wear burkas.
That's coming up.
I mean, let's go ahead and go to this former senior FBI agent breaking this down on the Blazov gang.
Here it is.
John, really, really troubling developments.
This National Security Advisor, McMaster, I mean, he just got rid of a hero, such a smart, wise man, that wrote a memo that was just telling it like it is.
Tell us what's going on.
Yeah, well, first of all, I'd like to just preview when we talk about the National Security Advisor to the President, General McMaster, we're talking about an individual who, when discussing the jihadi threat, the terrorist threat,
Says that they use an irreligious view of religion, a made up or extreme view of religion.
He won't even use the word Islam to perpetrate violence.
And that's the first piece.
So he clearly not only doesn't understand the threat, he's putting forth a narrative that's untrue.
Now, the reason that this is such the firing of Richard Higgins is so significant.
Is because Richard Higgins is the one guy inside the national security apparatus that has the deepest understanding of the Islamic threat, how they are working directly with the hard left Marxists, and how inside the government this is actually unfolding and how it's actually working.
And he was trying to, in as clear a language as he could, articulate that threat because
This is, in my opinion, and clearly in his opinion, this is the game.
This is the ballgame.
They are trying to rip apart the people inside the National Security Council who understand this marriage, what we call the red-green axis.
Hard-left Marxists, red.
The Islamists, the jihadis, the green.
How they're working together.
And Rich Higgins isn't the first guy, but he, in my opinion, is the most important guy that's been fired.
And I believe this is the most telling firing that we have seen in this administration.
And I believe it puts McMaster, earlier understanding the threat has said he's unfit for duty.
In my opinion, he is now standing in the enemy camp because he is refusing to fire people from the Obama administration
Who are clearly statists, and in many cases, in my opinion, Marxists, who are pushing for an agenda that is counter to the facts and is counter to the national security of the United States.
And I spent, I'm almost ashamed, probably eight hours, four hours in one stint.
The kids went to bed another four or five hours.
I didn't just read what Front Page Magazine is saying and understand the threat, which is all 100% on target.
I was blown away.
I went and actually read the papers, watched the clips, read the things of McMaster, all the rest of them.
It's worse than they're saying.
I used to hear like five years ago, when he was first getting into the CIA and the rest of it, that Brennan was a Wahhabist.
And then I learned it was all true.
He went to Saudi Arabia, lived there 12 years, converted to Islam, made this deal with Obama to back radical Islam to take over the Middle East, overthrow our allies.
And you're just like, whoa!
But when we come back, because they fired dozens of people.
You can't even keep track of it, but I went into like all 18 people that have been fired in the last three weeks.
It's a bunch of them high level.
I went and looked at all of them yesterday.
I got a headache doing this.
And that's the problem now I'm here on air with all this research.
I mean, how do I even cover this?
I'm going to try.
We're going to read from the parts of the memo that are not classified.
Because he wrote a memo three years ago, he wrote one a year ago during the campaign, there's another one that he got fired for that was to the president.
And we've confirmed, they say don't go to Drudge, don't go to Infowars, don't go to Breitbart.
Walt Bannon, the former head of Breitbart's right there.
Uh, and again, Trump's overwhelmed.
They're trying to isolate him.
Uh, I don't know if it's good that Kelly's in there saying, you know, we're going to find the leakers, sir.
First they do the leaks to make him get isolated.
And then now he's isolated and he can't see any of this material.
But I don't have any evidence Kelly's bad yet, so we'll...
He looks super sincere in the press conferences with Trump and his body language.
I mean, it looks very... If he is being false sincere, he's a very good fooler.
It's my gut tells me he's being sincere, but McMaster has just raged.
You know, little peepee syndrome the whole time.
Just, you know, wants to take over.
Thinks Trump's an idiot.
And it's confirmed.
He talks trash about Trump to the media.
Big leaker.
He gets off of them, patting them on the head.
Here's some more alcohol, General.
But when you come back, you're going to get big excerpts of the Higgins memo that got him fired.
You talk about powerful.
Then we're going to play some of the only interview with Higgins.
Straight ahead.
Stay with us.
Spread that link.
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Ruthless offshore elites use their corporate liberal media to attack and demonize any Americans or any independent news that dare challenge their lives.
Five companies own over 90% of the media.
And that's why whether it's comedy shows, award shows, Hollywood, TV entertainment, the news, it doesn't matter.
It's all focused in one anti-American, anti-free market, anti-family, anti-Christian, anti-gun voice.
And it gets worse.
These ruthless social engineers have an iron grip on our educational system and are teaching our children to hate America and that our president is worse than Hitler and needs to be assassinated.
But as America reawakens, these powerful, deep state, rogue government forces are beginning to panic.
They've even got the former president on television and in the news, and traveling to foreign countries, bad-mouthing America, bad-mouthing sovereignty, and calling for resistance to our elected president.
In a last-ditch effort, mainstream media is now legitimizing the use of violence against anyone that opposes the globalist takeover, and against anyone who's actually trying to make this nation great again.
They are absolutely intensifying their efforts, screaming homophobe, xenophobe, racist, to make them march, to make them go out on the streets and assault viciously anyone trying to exercise their free speech.
International criminals like George Soros are openly pushing for civil insurrection in America that will lead to civil war.
The beatings, the stabbings, the shootings, the burning cars, the looting of shops, the execution of police officers.
All of this leads to the destabilization, to the martial law that the deep state and the globalists say they need to bring in their final takeover of America.
We are America, and we are the Infowar.
You're listening to The Alex Jones Show.
Relentlessly attacking the power structure, you're listening to Alex Jones.
I don't want to blindside you with this.
This is the latest statement, latest tweet, as you were just saying, President-elect's latest unsolicited pronouncement on the intelligence community.
This was his tweet just a little while ago tonight.
You see the scare quotes there.
The intelligence briefing on so-called Russian hacking was delayed until Friday.
Perhaps more time needed to build a case.
Very strange.
We're actually told, intelligence sources tell NBC News, since this tweet
I don't know.
...told they are very upset with how he has treated them and talked about them.
And we need the intelligence community.
We don't know what's... Look at the Russian hacking!
Without the intelligence community, we wouldn't have discovered it.
Yeah, as if the intelligence community is represented by Chuckie Schumer.
The globalists, the bluebloods on top, though, we know they represent the big banks.
As if the American people's election didn't matter.
It's all, the poor little intelligence community, let's feed them with a little silver spoon and wipe their bottoms and tuck them in at night because they're little babies and we all work for them.
Just like the folks who work for the intelligence community and a bunch of other clowns in North Korea or Venezuela.
So they're preparing this coup.
They're saying they're preparing it.
The story by Kit Daniels is up on Infowars.com.
I had him repost it at the top.
Top story this weekend.
Political news.
The plan for civil war.
The plan to kill Trump.
They're all admitting it.
They hope you don't go read the story where it has them on video preparing it.
You say, well why are they public if they don't want it known?
They want to communicate it to their people and their demographics.
They want to act confident in a few news areas to show people in government.
See, we're going to kill him.
Everybody's on board.
See, Brennan went on the Aspen Institute and said we're going to remove him.
And see, Al Gore said it on the Late Late Show.
Everybody's behind it.
So, sign your own death warrant.
Get on board.
Trump's on his way out.
Why, look, the Republicans are turning against him.
His poll numbers are down.
All the same crap you heard during the election.
But right now, let's go ahead and get to the Higgins memo at the National Security Council that he was fired for a week ago that they don't want you to see that's kicked off this latest spat.
I'm gonna actually play some of an interview The Daily Caller did a year ago with him.
But let's read some of this because it's so powerful.
Excerpts from the Higgins Memo.
Top-level advisors, strategists, respected at the Pentagon.
Excerpts from Higgins Memo.
You may have heard this before because it's what's happening.
Through the campaign, candidate Trump taps into a deep vein of concern among many citizens that America is at risk of slipping away.
Globalists and Islamists recognize that for their visions to succeed, America, both as an idea and as a national political identity, must be destroyed.
Islamists ally with cultural Marxists because, as far back as the 1980s, they properly assessed that the left has a strong chance of reducing Western civilization to its benefit.
Having co-opted post-modern narratives as critical points, Islamists will co-opt the movement in its entirety at some point in the future.
Note, Communists take over a Russian revolution against the Tsars.
North Vietnamese against the South.
Maoists against the democratic forces against the Chinese dynasty.
Political warfare attacks a primer.
As used here, political warfare does not concern activists associated with the American political process, but rather exclusively refers to political warfare as understood by the malice insurgency model.
Political warfare is one of the five components of the malice insurgency.
Malice methodologies are described to synchronize violence and non-violent actions.
This approach envisions the direct use of nonviolent operations, artists, and tactics as elements of the combat power and modest insurgencies in the Maoist system.
The formation of a counter-state
This is the key right here, listen carefully.
They're already forming the counter state, but don't want you to debate it or discuss it before it fully launches.
They don't want it killed in the nest, in the womb, or before launch pad launch.
Our entire operation could be called kill launch pad.
I'm sorry, that's not for the memo, excuse me.
This approach envisions the direct use of non-violent operations, arts, and tactics as elements of combat power and malice insurgencies.
The formation of a counter-state... How many times have I told you this attack profile from my own research is malice?
I'm sorry, it's just, this guy is so on.
Excuse me, let me continue.
This approach envisions the direct use of nonviolent operations artists and tactics as elements of combat power in malice insurgencies.
The formation of a counter state is essential to seizing state power.
See, we are forming the own American resistance state against them.
We can't just trust us seizing control of the state.
We have to form our own state in case we fail this level and it goes to full-on revolution or civil war.
Then the real muscular fight begins, which we will win, but will be painful.
But we have to fight it as savagely as we fought the information war.
It has to be directed and serious and focused and pointed at the head.
Which isn't much of a head, I understand.
Functioning as a hostile compete stance, acting within an existing state, it has an alternative infrastructure.
Political warfare operation is one of the activities of the counter state.
Political warfare uses non-violent methods such as participation that undermines the morals or offers to engage in discussions as an adjunct to violence.
So they go out and kill a bunch of cops and say, oh, we'll federalize the cops and then we'll call off the heat from the Soros mobs and stop killing you if you go under Homeland Security control.
I mean, it's so transparent.
They even say, we're going to kill cops till they sign on to world government and arrest Alex Jones.
It's like, you think they're going to stop once you butt lick them?
Excuse me, I can't handle it anymore.
Political warfare methods can be implemented as strategic operations or tactical levels of operation.
It's 100% documented.
I just love reading truth.
Political warfare is warfare.
Strategic information campaigns designed to delegitimize through disinformation arise out of non-violent lines of effort in political warfare regimes.
They run on multiple lines of operation, support the larger non-violent line of effort, are coordinated with violent lines of effort, and execute political warfare agenda promoting cultural marxist outcomes.
Saul Alensky is the ballgame.
I added that.
They primarily operate through narratives because the left is aligned with Islamist organizations as local, national, international levels recognize, should be given, or recognition should be given to the fact that they seamlessly incorporate through coordinated, synchronized
Now what's amazing is this.
The strength of the enemy is that it's so centralized and monolithic.
Its weakness is also that.
I mean, you walk into any college course, it isn't even on political science.
It's anti-American, anti-Christ, anti-white, anti-free market, anti-anything.
I mean, you go in there, it has wrecked these people, turned them into desperate jellyfish, so they're so desperate they won't want free market, and it was wrong with our program.
But because it's so centralized, you walk into any other structures, it's the same code.
So it's not hard to sabotage and destroy it by simply reaching out to the lemmings that have been programmed to follow it and explain their slaves.
Most people activate immediately with actual human love and the instant res...
Recognition that you're alive and join the HUMET operation against the AI system that this is.
And I'm not even going to get into that because it's unbelievable.
We're in the war for human survival right now against AI and against the satanic forces that control the AI system.
I'm your humble servant, Alex Jones.
Transmission continues straight ahead with the exclusive interview.
Now, joining us is one of the most prolific and successful people, reaching tens of millions a week, author, you name it, Mark Dice.
And more and more, they're trying to censor him off YouTube, CNN's been trying to censor him, and it's just really coming to a head.
And Twitter's admitting that they are about to massively increase the censorship.
They say, quote, tenfold.
So I want to talk about this and just the general lay of the land with media critic Mark Dice.
Mark, thanks for coming on with us.
Always good to join you, Alex.
The war against independent media continues to ramp up.
They just had the Sun Valley Conference, which is basically the Bilderberg Conference of tech in Sun Valley, Idaho, a support town where every year the big tech moguls and media companies merge to have discussions about acquisitions, new terms of service policies.
And so that's, I think, why we're starting to see some of the new censorship rolling out.
This is coming out of the discussions that were held at Sun Valley.
When they have an annual meeting where they're going to get together and you kind of expect what their next move is going to be, that's where they're going to collaborate, kind of come to a consensus.
Essentially, this is one of those big elite consensus building organizations like Build a Bird, like the Bohemian Grove, which also just happened.
But this is specifically focused on tech.
It's not overtly sinister, but this is where all of these big shots go, and all the infestors... Sure, they couch it in stopping bullying, but then they have these groups that go around bullying, saying if you hurt their feelings, talking bad about Hillary, they ban you.
But yeah, the double standard is incredible, and that's part of the reason why my YouTube channel has taken off for the last year, because it's sort of documenting the clear hypocrisy, the violations of terms of service.
Yeah, talk about that!
I mean, they'll have a Facebook with a half million people for a year saying, kill Trump, but we just say we don't like Hillary and our thing gets suspended.
I mean, it's crazy.
They're taking down
I showed people what CNN was.
I just used a bunch of different clips of them and remixed them, and it was transformative.
It was a completely different product than what it was that they put out.
So I think what they're going to start doing now, instead of just filing copyright strikes, because that's going to be a legal nightmare for them, they know that we're going to have to come to bigger channels and take the support.
I think they're going to start using their content's ID system to block videos, which has happened to me already in the past.
This is the second time that it happened.
I've had them hit me with copyright when it's about me, 100% defended by under free speech.
You as a citizen are allowed to show a clip and respond under free speech.
It's totally covered.
Courts have ruled a million times, as you know.
But as you said, they're starting to ignore that.
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You think our focus is brutal?
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You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones.
I have to tell you, ladies and gentlemen, that
This is a freewill universe, and I realize that metaphysically, we are here giving you this data because God loves you.
And I am just a humble messenger.
If you don't respond to this information and take action, we're gonna lose.
But I'll tell you what makes me want to just lock myself in a high tower, or a low tower, or a basement and work on this information.
I think so.
The Internet was created not to survive nuclear war.
It's been declassified three years ago.
I was already told by my sources at the NSA and other agencies years ago was that it was meant to create data points to predict possible futures to then add stimuli to control possible futures.
So they understood the future.
They took control of the future.
That's why Obama had that campaign slogan, controlling the future, being the future.
We're involved in some epic things right now.
And we're being given a choice.
Because I've done an analysis.
If Trump was going sideways, for my business, it'd be better to ride the fence and attack Democrats and him.
Like everybody else does.
I'm not doing that.
This is not a business.
They could line me up and say,
You know, support the New World Order, we're going to pull the trigger.
I'd say pull the damn trigger!
Because my consciousness, my identity being truthful is all I've got.
And it doesn't mean I don't make mistakes.
Doesn't mean I don't get things wrong.
It doesn't mean that I don't have my own problems, but I'm not out to get you.
And Trump's not out to get you.
And I can't believe how much he's done and the way they spin it and act like he's done bad things and the way they...
The research I did on McMaster and all the patriots, all the people he's kicked out and the Islamic payroll he's on.
And it's not about some fight over a power structure in the White House.
It's just a measure of where we're at as a society and a culture.
But here's five or six minutes of an interview of the full things on InfoWars.com.
It's been added to the Big Kit Daniels article.
It's gone viral thanks to DrudgeReport.com.
It's so important that I've added it to the front page of InfoWars again from Friday.
And that's the whole preparation for martial law, civil war, and Mike Savage's response to that.
But here is Rich Higgins, patriot, Pentagon, exposing the program.
This is him a year ago, right after the nightclub Pulse shooting, breaking down this wedding between globalism and Islam.
Here it is.
The day of the Orlando attacks at the Pulse nightclub, my sister-in-law, who's from Florida originally, called me up.
She had friends who had hung out there in years previously.
And for the second time, she now lives in Boston, for the second time she had been touched by terrorism directly.
We're good to go.
I recognize that I do have a unique vantage point from the positions I've occupied in the past and my skill baseline to go forward and hopefully provide for the public and really our policy makers and our politicians an alternative approach.
So why are you coming forward now to talk about this, and why do you care?
2016, from the enemy's strategic vantage point, is a pivot year.
What we've seen in San Bernardino and Orlando just this morning, the statistics, in 2016, 1,200 people have been killed outside of Iraq and Syria by operations ISIS is conducting.
We're going to continue to see
The growth in their kinetic attacks.
And I think our fixation on the kinetic attacks draws us away from the strategic perspective we actually have to this.
Understanding there's a political apparatus behind what's actually transpiring in the world.
Because of the death, because of the carnage, because of the media coverage associated with it, it draws us to fixate on particular points that may or may not lead us to the correct strategic conclusions.
And I think it's really important to come forward with folks who understand political warfare, who understand the impetus behind these attacks, the ideological drivers, the political drivers, the social drivers, to aptly formulate policy solutions and strategy solutions.
Where we've lost this war is where we've failed to actually develop a strategy.
And I think 15 years into the war,
With the political space created by the election, it's time to at least have the discussion.
To take that operational pause and re-look at what we're doing.
Because what we have been doing is just not working.
Political warfare is non-violent and violent actions operating in synthesis.
So the terror attack is done for the purpose of making you afraid.
Hit pause.
This is so important.
It's good cop, bad cop.
And again, I used to say Islam, its ideology is horrible, no one will adopt it, but the globalists are force-feeding it.
The deal has been made.
So again, they attack us, then, oh, we ban serving pork in Europe in school rooms.
Oh, we ban new synagogues in Australia.
This happened this week.
And you say, well I don't care about Jews.
Okay, well then they're going to ban your freedom too.
Everything must ballot Islam because it's the backward authoritarianism that the globalists can then direct however they want.
It's the zombie horde!
Europe never let the Muslims in because they always tried to overthrow it.
It's a fact.
Let's go back to the guy fired by McMaster for writing a memo that is total truth.
That's why he's been fired.
Here it is.
Political warfare is non-violent and violent actions operating in synthesis.
So the terror attack is done for the purpose of making you afraid.
And when you are afraid, you are controlled.
You can be controlled.
You're willing to give away your own freedoms.
You're willing to give away your own rights.
Hit pause again.
Back it up again.
This guy's so smart.
He gets... And Islam is paying off the left.
I mean, spending trillions.
I mean, they've been amassing money for a thousand years to do this.
They could never beat us.
They're pissed.
Every generation says they'll do it.
And now they're paying off to do this.
It's just incredible.
It's amazing that this is the big launch, this is the big move, and the McMasters and the Brennans of the world get openly bought off by this.
Because they're thinking, oh, as generations off, we're going to fall to Islam, because they're little sociopaths or psychopaths.
No, it's now.
It's happening now.
That's what you have to understand.
This has been planned out forever.
This is the whole will of it.
We've lost our will as the West, now they're putting this will in.
It's not that we don't do some hard things and some sad things, but the thing is we have to have our will again or we'll be overwritten by this, this abomination.
Keep going.
Political warfare has to be understood and the goal of the attack in Orlando was not the death of those Americans.
Or the wounding of those Americans.
The goal of the attack on Orlando is to put fear into Americans so that you would be willing to give up some of your rights.
So that you might be able to accept limits on free speech.
So that you might be willing to limit guns.
Which is Islam.
Again, it's not by accident that those things are targeted.
The left, again, enabling.
I see the left is almost enabling the enemy in these situations.
They're not enabling, they're worshipping.
They had the secondary purpose there of the political protection.
Not everything in the war on terrorism is kinetic.
We fix it.
I said this, the terror attack is the cover for the cultural takeover.
It's the culture of Islam.
Little girls wearing beekeeper suits.
No one allowed to have an identity.
Being total sex slaves.
All of this, exactly.
The terror is the cover and the Overton window.
They go, oh, that's the extreme of it.
Just accept us telling you how to live or what to do.
You can't have pork in public schools.
See, suicide bombing is just meant to make you appease and try to be nice.
But the real mission is straight on.
Because Islam is its own cult, its own enslavement system.
Let's finish up.
Our affinity for guns and westerns and, you know, we appreciate that culturally.
So when we think about the enemy in the war on terrorism, we think about the guy carrying the AK-47.
Or we think about the guy carrying the suicide bomber.
The physical attack is the diversion.
We don't think about the subversive who is working at a school that is revising texts or curriculum informing future U.S.
government leaders.
And it's getting people to understand this threat.
That's why they removed him.
They removed a bunch of people like him that get it.
That Flynn put in.
And now you understand why they hated Flynn.
I'll be back tomorrow.
I'm going to air the whole 30-minute interview tomorrow on the weekday transmission.
Please pray for us.
Please pray for yourself, this country, the world, for President Trump.
Because this is the battle for the soul of America.
They've almost killed the country, folks.
They've almost killed it.
We're that close.
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