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Name: 20170804_Fri_NightlyNews
Air Date: Aug. 4, 2017
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It's Friday, August 4th, 2017.
I'm your host, Owen Schroer.
Here's what's coming up on the InfoWars Nightly News.
Tonight, President Donald Trump takes his show on the road and delivers another powerful message to the American people at a rally in West Virginia.
What the prosecutors should be looking at are Hillary Clinton's 33,000 deleted emails.
Meanwhile, the hate speech moderators over at Twitter censor Eric Trump for posting tweets about jobs and the economy.
Plus, Latinos for Trump say no to sanctuary cities.
All that, plus a live performance of the Alex Jones super deluxe folk song in studio.
We love our Somalis, we love our Muslims, oh they're so good.
That's up next on the Info Wars Nightly News!
As most of you already know, I am a voracious consumer of news and information.
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Well, the White House has been leaking like a sieve, and multiple efforts have been made in order to try to plug that leak.
But today, Jeff Sessions gave a press conference with some pretty powerful and strong words to those who might be thinking about leaking.
Here's some highlights from that press conference.
First let me say that I strongly agree with the President and condemn in the strongest terms the staggering number of leaks undermining the ability of our government to protect this country.
Just yesterday we saw reports in the media about
Conversations the President had with foreign leaders.
No one is entitled to surreptitiously fight to advance battles in the media by revealing sensitive government information.
No government can be effective when its leaders cannot discuss sensitive matters in confidence or talk freely in confidence with foreign leaders.
This includes leaks to both the media and, in some cases, even unauthorized disclosures to our foreign adversaries.
Classified information, by definition, is information that, if disclosed, would do harm to national security.
We are taking a stand.
This culture of leaking must stop.
And those who might be thinking about leaking classified or sensitive information, to know that criminals who would illegally use their access
Through our most sensitive information to endanger our national security are in fact being investigated and will be prosecuted.
So strong words from Jeff Sessions there, and it should be interesting to see if they can actually identify some of these leakers and get to some of these strong punishments that he's talking about.
The most, I guess, widely covered leaker, if you want to say that, was Reality Winner, but you haven't really heard about anyone else being punished for leaks coming out against the Trump administration.
Now he said something key there.
No government can effectively operate with all of these leaks.
But that's the point, folks.
They don't want Trump to succeed.
They don't want Trump to operate.
They don't want Trump to make America great again.
They're trying to put all the cogs, they're trying to stop all the gears, they're trying to do anything they can to stop Trump's agenda, even if that means destroying this republic.
And that's exactly what we're seeing.
And despite that, Trump has actually been pretty much unbelievable.
We'll get to that in a minute.
But now, they're possibly thinking about using lie detector tests
Lie detector tests on the table for West Wing staff as leak hunters get serious about publication of Trump's embarrassing calls to Mexican and Australian leaders.
I'm going to disagree with embarrassing.
I don't think they're that embarrassing.
If anything, they make Trump look even more real.
But that's my opinion.
Lie detectors don't really work.
Just ask Hillary Clinton.
I'm pretty sure she laughed about being able to get a child rapist off by using a lie detector.
So I'm not sure if that's going to work.
There are tactics that can work though.
And I'm pretty sure that Trump should know some of these tactics.
Maybe Scaramucci had some tactics in mind, but he didn't last long.
It's pretty simple.
You float some information around to certain people, certain groups, certain things.
See what goes where.
That's how you identify leakers.
I think that is a much better idea than using a lie detector, which has actually been proven not to work.
But let's talk about Trump's rally last night in West Virginia.
A lot of people are saying it was one of Trump's best rallies ever.
It seems like that's the case every time he has a rally.
But this is a way that President Trump can beat the narrative that he's colluding with Russia, beat the narrative he's unpopular, beat the narrative he's failing, beat the narrative that his approval rating is low.
If he does a rating like this once a week, twice a week,
You're going to be talking about, if he did two of these a week, you're looking at upwards of close to 50,000 people attending Trump rallies every week, if he did two a week.
You can do that and you can escrapelate those numbers to see the type of approval that President Trump really has, and you can see the energy at these rallies.
And last night was an interesting rally where there was a bit of a twist to it, but first, here are the highlights from that rally.
So I would like to invite
My good friend and your governor, Jim Justice, up to the stage to share this news with all of you.
Like it or not like it, but the Democrats walked away from me.
Today, I will tell you- They walked away from everyone.
Lots of prayers and lots of thinking.
Today, I'll tell you as West Virginians,
I can't help you anymore being a Democrat governor.
And by the way, this leaked too.
So tomorrow, I will be changing my registration to Republican.
So that announcement actually got leaked, just like everything else.
We talked about how we are all working together to open up the coal mines in this state.
And also, very importantly, to create jobs in furniture, manufacturing, and other forms of manufacturing.
Very important to Jim.
But Governor Justice did something else very important tonight.
He showed the country that our agenda rises above left or right.
So, what President Trump just said is so key.
He has shattered the left-right paradigm.
If you'll notice, there's momentum for people that are in the Democrat Party, or people that are liberals, or whatever you want to say, coming over to the Republican Party, or going right.
On that same token, you have the vast majority of Republicans now that voted for Trump, realizing what the Republican Party, or the establishment Republican Party really is, not wanting to work with Trump, not coming through on their promises to
Repeal Obamacare, but again West Virginia Governor Jim Justice announced at Trump's rally he has decided to switch from a Democrat to a Republican.
And this is a trend that we're seeing, not just with, obviously now you have governors doing it, but also just with the general population.
And even though people are coming to the Republican side, it's not even a Republican movement, it's just that's the ship that we have decided to abscond with, with making America great again.
But you want to talk about shattering the left-right paradigm, which President Trump has done.
Listen to this story out of Virginia.
Republican donor from Virginia Beach sues GOP, accusing the party of fraud over failed Obamacare repeal.
A retired attorney in Virginia Beach is so incensed that Republicans couldn't repeal the Affordable Care Act.
He's suing to get political donations back, accusing the GOP of fraud and racketeering.
Bob Hegman, 70, filed a lawsuit Thursday in U.S.
District Court, saying the national and Virginia Republican parties and some GOP leaders raised millions of dollars in campaign funds.
John McCain,
While knowing they weren't going to be able to overturn the Affordable Care Act known as Obamacare, the GOP, quote, has been engaged in a pattern of racketeering which involved massive fraud perpetuated on Republican voters and contributors as well as some Independent and Democrats, the suit said.
Well, that's absolutely 100% correct.
And again, this was proven in spades with President Trump trying to notion to repeal Obamacare, replace Obamacare, and Republicans completely failing.
And again, this is Mitch McConnell wheeling and dealing behind closed doors to get the three women to vote no on repeal so that they can say, oh, look, it's the women.
They care so much.
Don't attack the women.
You don't want to attack the women.
I don't
So now you have the DNC getting sued because they conned all of their contributors into thinking that it was going to be a fair election for Bernie Sanders.
They stole it from Bernie, gave it to Hillary.
Now you've got the Republicans getting sued because of all the racketeering that they're engaged in saying they're going to repeal Obamacare and then didn't do it when the vote reached their desk.
So we'll keep you updated.
On the advancement of that lawsuit or the further advancement of the ending of the left-right paradigm and the populist or centrist movement that is going along with President Trump.
Now let's talk about these job ratings.
So we've got more numbers today.
created 209,000 jobs in July.
183,000 were expected.
The U.S.
economy continued a strong summer, adding 209,000 jobs in July.
Unemployment rate fell to 4.3%, lowest since March 2001.
The number of employed Americans hit a new high of 153.5 million thanks to a surge of 340,000 new jobs.
The employment-to-population rate also moved up.
I think?
I don't
That's right.
This recent jobs report might actually highlight that as well.
And I want to talk about this labor participation rate which is on the way up.
If you go back and you look at the labor participation rate under Obama, folks, it is dismal.
It is terrible.
It goes off a cliff.
And you can clearly see it in these graphs from this CNBC story that talks about the real truth about the Obama economy, the labor participation rate down, the debt up, home ownership rate down, GOP down.
Basically, you know, Obama crushed America.
He really loved it.
But here is a video that was put together by the GOP on Twitter, and I think it really explains a lot about who Barack Obama is.
Here's that video.
When somebody says, like the person you just mentioned who I'm not going to advertise for,
He's gonna bring all these jobs back.
Don't say Trump!
Well, how exactly are you gonna do that?
What are you gonna do?
He literally has no idea, folks.
That's it, too.
Some of those jobs of the past are just not gonna come back.
Looks like it did.
And it won't be a sweatshop.
He just says, well, I'm gonna negotiate a better deal.
Well, how?
What, how exactly are you going to negotiate that?
More than 1 million jobs since President Trump took office.
How is this possible?
The U.S.
economy has now added just over a million jobs.
Obama, what?
Obama said he didn't know how.
More than 1 million jobs have been added since President Trump took office.
What magic wand do you have?
So, folks, you can make your own judgment about Obama, but I think what this really shows
A huge difference between Donald Trump and Barack Obama.
See, Barack Obama has no clue.
He is a complete blubbering fool politician, a community organizer.
He's being genuine.
He's like, how's he going to make jobs?
I don't know how to make jobs.
I've never created jobs.
I've never created a business.
I've never employed anyone.
I don't know anything.
I'm Barack Obama.
I don't know anything.
Trump says he's going to make all these jobs.
What, does he have a magic wand or something?
He's just going to, whoo, and then there's going to be jobs?
I'm Barack Obama.
I literally have no clue.
I don't know anything.
I've never made a job.
I've never created an economy.
I suck.
And I think everyone else sucks.
So there's no way that President Trump can actually do anything about this.
People suck.
No one can create jobs.
Nobody can create a business.
So Trump must have a magic wand or something.
He thinks he's going to create all those jobs.
Oh no wait, that's right, Barack Obama's a bum, a complete bum, zero accomplishment bum, except stealing the election, lying to Americans, and then Trump, an actually accomplished individual, created jobs, created markets, understands economies, understands markets, understands finances, and then what do you know?
He gets in and waves his magic wand, which is actually just experience, know-how, and willpower, and Barack Obama just doesn't know what he's doing.
It's magic!
How did he make a job?
Oh my gosh!
How did he do that?
So there's the difference if you just want to look at two presidents between Obama and Trump.
Obama, clueless liberal idiot who has no idea how to create jobs.
Trump, businessman, successful, professional, knows what he's doing, created one million jobs since he's been president.
Nice try, Barack.
What an idiot.
Okay, now.
In case you haven't noticed, liberals want you to be anything.
You can be anything.
You can be one of 79 different genders.
You know, you can be tolerant of this.
I'm Muslim.
You could be a dog if you want to.
All these things.
You can be everything except a Trump supporter.
That is where they draw the line.
You want to be a girl and a boy?
Or a half boy, half girl?
Or you want to be a robot?
Or you want to be anything?
We'll be tolerant until you want to be a Trump supporter.
Kardashian family calls Caitlyn a transgender traitor.
Well, first of all, I just want to say this.
Kim Kardashian is a literal porn star.
Khloe Kardashian's real father is O.J.
That's right.
Yes, Kris Kardashian did have a relationship with O.J.
Simpson and created Khloe.
So that's fine.
Oh yeah, and then the rest of their young daughters that aren't even adults yet, they decided to inject them with a bunch of plastic and turn them into Barbie dolls and just money factories.
So there's the Kardashian family, the Kartrashians, a bunch of human scum.
And then they're gonna call out Caitlyn, a transgender trader, because she supports Trump.
And then there's this photo.
I actually have to say, this is one of the funniest photos ever.
Caitlyn Jenner in a car with a Make America Great Again hat on.
And this is what's triggering people.
This is like the most American thing to these people.
A transgender person living their life, being successful, doing what they want in America.
But how dare you like Trump?
And then according to Affinity Magazine, white men don't even have the right to vote.
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I'm joined by Legal Latino Heat.
He is an activist, a Trump supporter, who's been receiving a lot of hate.
I wasn't even aware of the hate that he was receiving for being a Trump supporter, specifically a Latino one, but he's been doing some great work on social media, on YouTube, on Twitter, supporting Trump, exposing the open border and sanctuary policies.
I'm now joined by Legal Latino Heat.
Thank you so much for joining me.
How's it going, Owen?
I apologize for my Obama Wi-Fi connection.
You know, we're gonna get that.
It was a Trump 6G, you said?
Yeah, we're gonna get the Trump 6G now.
Trump 6G.
I apologize for my Obama Wi-Fi 3G connection.
But I have a California old...
Yeah, I gotta give you credit because you're funny too.
You're strong, you're brave, and you're also funny.
I saw the video you had.
I wasn't even aware of this stuff until we started talking.
Let's just get right into this.
You put out great videos on YouTube.
Specifically, you've been doing videos in California.
And one of the videos you were at a, I guess it was some sort of town hall event in Cudahy, where there's Sanctuary City, and there was an illegal citizen that was trying to intimidate you.
Tell me about that.
That was my first exposure of California.
Over here it's different characters, the enemies are different.
I come from New York.
In New York we have fun with the Antifa, they put us in cages.
We say F-U Antifa, F-U snowflakes, melt.
You see the work that I do, pacifiers.
The pacifier doesn't work out here in California because you got gangbangers over here.
At one of the Karahe meetings where I met that little short border gnome,
He's an indigenous border gnome.
They say the indigenous people, this is their land, that I need to go back to Europe, that we stole this land.
Listen, that war was won in 1493.
They lost.
Get over it.
You're worse than the Cubs.
The Cubs at least won last year.
You know, get over it.
So, and then, you know, they try to intimidate us.
I was outside one of the Cutterhays, and you know those gangbangers, like I've seen this in the movies.
They roll up and do the, like they're gonna shoot at you.
Like the air gun?
Yeah, like, like a little, I'm gonna say illegals.
I don't want to offend their gender, or, you know, I don't want to, I don't want to say the wrong gender, so I'm just gonna call it illegals.
Yeah, sure, they're non-American citizens.
That's their gender.
Undocumented is their gender.
I don't know which 87 genders there are, or 88 now.
So undocumented is a gender.
Well, there's the video.
We're showing the video now.
This is actually the first video that caught my attention that you shot.
Legal Latino Heat Visit Sanctuary City, Santa Ana, California.
This is shocking footage, I think, to a lot of people.
They've never seen a tent city before.
They've never seen what an actual sanctuary city looks like when you have non-citizens taking advantage of the policy and camping out on the grounds.
And this is in the middle of Civic Center where the courthouses are.
Immigration is one of the buildings in the back.
We were at the courthouse.
My girlfriend had a... She got into an argument with an illegal.
Illegals get a pass here in California.
So I'm over here thinking, oh look, sanctuary city.
The illegals are living in tents.
I didn't bother to go into this this time around because it smelled like piss.
I felt like I was back in New York.
Yeah, you even said that in the video.
Sorry to interrupt, but you said that in the video.
You said, wow, it stinks like urine.
It stinks like feces.
And then there were people coming out of the building and there was an officer that walks by like, yeah, it always smells like that.
When you smell piss on the floor, it's a liberal city.
I'm from New York and California.
Once you smell piss, you know you're in a liberal city.
In New York, the bums are in the subways.
In the summertime in New York, all you smell is dead rats and piss.
I'm glad I'm not in New York right now.
I'm happy to be in California for the summer.
When I get back to New York, it'll be in the fall.
We get the fresh breeze.
But New York, all you smell is piss, pigeon, dead rats, and ugh.
Well, there's a whole other problem in New York City.
They can't even take care of the trash.
There's literally trash that just is on the streets of New York City.
That's a completely separate issue.
But let's get back to some of the things that you've been facing.
Again, you call yourself legal Latino heat because obviously there's a narrative that Latinos can't like President Trump because he's anti-immigrant.
But no, he's actually pro-immigrant.
He's anti-illegal immigrant.
But talk about the hate.
All the hate you've seen just for being a Trump supporter and for being a Latino for borders.
When I started doing the videos on Facebook, I used to walk around with a MAGA hat in the Bronx in New York.
It was before the election, it was funny.
You know, blacks and Hispanics would look at me from the Bronx.
They would just laugh at me, like, look at this crazy Spanish person wearing a MAGA hat, haha.
But after the election, it became a little bit more violent because liberals have this thing called feelings, and they think with their feelings and not with their brains.
So now they start punching at you, they start attacking.
I think you had Joby Val a couple of weeks ago with the bottle.
I've been attacked before.
One of the videos, I had one of these Antifa guys on the subway, which was one of the first videos that went viral.
Everybody's minding their own business.
We're going to school, going to work.
And his Antifa guy walks in begging for money, talking about Trump fascism.
I'm like, listen, we're trying to go to work.
Shut your mouth.
Go beg for money somewhere else.
We get into this argument.
I take this hat off.
I put on the MAGA hat on.
And it's one of the first videos that got me out there.
So I started going with legal Latino heat after that video.
Because they were like, legal Latino.
So I'm like, melt snowflakes with the heat.
So I put them all together.
And I just go troll these liberals, especially in New York City.
They're so reversed.
I go as an illegal transgender Muslim.
I say, hi, liberals.
I'm illegal.
You guys pay for my taxes during the tax march.
I said, thank you.
I thank you, liberals, for paying for me and my eight kids.
Guadalupe and her eight kids are happy that you're supporting us with your taxes.
Well, you guys don't.
Us illegals don't.
Thank you, liberals.
And they were cheering me on.
It's amazing, but when I put on the MAGA hat, they're like, oh, go back to your race.
Oh, we liked you until you put that Trump hat on.
Oh my gosh, how dare you?
You know, it was actually amazing.
There you go, that's the video.
Yeah, there's the video that he's talking about.
You're honestly brilliant.
You are troll level master, my friend.
But you know, there's also a bit of a danger in this for you, too.
You know, you go by legal Latino heat for obvious reasons, but I was amazed at the story you told about the guy that was singing the Ecuadorian national anthem behind you.
You're getting stalked by people now.
People are doxing you.
That same guy that runs those pages and one of those...
One of those, I got a message of the house that I'm staying at in California.
He's like, Hi Robert, my name is K9.
I'll let you know when I want to party.
They don't, first of all, they don't even know how to speak English.
That's what these illegals got to go.
They can't even assimilate, write English or speak English.
First of all, they're trying to threaten me, but I'm over here trying to...
Thank you!
Thank you!
So how much of this is planned for you?
How much of this do you plan?
I know that after this you're planning on going to the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Baseball Stadium.
There's a tent city in the outfield.
Angels in the outfield, if you will.
You're gonna go shoot that video.
How much of this is planned for you and how much just comes at you and you just end up recording it?
I just ended up recording last week, uh, Patriot sponsored us to go to Disneyland.
So, you know, of course I put on my MAGA hat, they want me to trigger the Disney characters.
The funny thing is, in Disneyland, a lot of people were like, hey you!
I'm like, I turned around, and I'm very confrontational, because I'm very defensive now.
They're like, hey you, I love the shirt!
I'm like, oh, thanks, thanks, thank you, thank you, thank you.
But the Disney characters, when I took pictures of them, Minnie Mouse, she would cover the Trump word, Bubba Fett, he covered the Trump word with the guns.
They're funny pictures.
But I think it triggered most of the Disney characters.
There must be illegals under there or something.
Or, I don't know.
That's in Disneyland, so.
Yeah, this stuff is brilliant, my friend.
This stuff is really brilliant.
So I hope that you keep this up.
I'm just curious, so your overall reaction when you're going out and you're doing these events, what would you say the overall reaction is?
What's the overall reaction?
To be honest, it's the white liberals that really attack me the most.
I don't know why.
Blacks and Hispanics just look at me and laugh in New York.
And you know, we're very diverse.
The Trump group in New York and California is very diverse.
Mostly women.
In New York, you see mostly Hispanics and Blacks come out because we're tired of this.
I haven't gone to Compton yet or the Watts, but I hear it's taken over by illegals.
You know, I saw the movie Compton, or you think you think it's the hood, like GTA 5, but I hear it's run over by illegals now.
It's not California.
I thought I was going to come to see the Wonder Years, the full house.
Oh, I went to the full house house in San Francisco.
We whip out the flag, a liberal got triggered.
They were like, keep that racism!
Keep that racism!
That's out of San Francisco.
Yeah, you're not allowed to like Trump.
No, that's exactly what it is.
It doesn't matter if you're Latino or if you're black.
As soon as you like Trump, you're a racist.
Well, that's legal Latino heat, man.
Hey, great work.
Keep shooting those videos.
You're really exposing the liberals out there and shattering the paradigm that Latinos aren't allowed to want strong borders and aren't allowed to support Donald Trump.
That is absolute hogwash.
Thank you so much.
Legal Latino heat.
Check him out on YouTube, folks.
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We're gonna stab you with a butcher knife and the police chief is gonna say we love our Somalis, we love our Muslims.
Oh, they're so good.
Oh, they're so sweet.
Well, that was just a short excerpt from Emergency Exit Podcast's entry into the $20,000 Cover Song Contest.
And the reason it was so short is because we have Carlos Richard here with us in studio, because he lives in Austin.
If you're watching the video, you can see it was in different locations in Austin.
You start off at a Planned Parenthood and then went to the Capitol.
So what's interesting about your piece, though,
You entered in, and I said, hey, you need the InfoWars logo on it, and so you went ahead and did a whole nother video to do that.
But also, you're also a podcaster.
That's right.
And you've entered into that world as well.
The lucrative world of podcasting, of course.
Well, it's a labor of love, just like being a musician is, too.
It's hard to make a living as a musician unless you're going to go full cover band or play like a style that, you know, in Texas country seems to work really well.
But if you're not doing that,
You know, if you're doing originals or whatever, it really has to be a labor of love.
So when did you start your podcast and tell me a little bit about it.
We've been doing it weekly since October of last year.
So we're still very big babies about it.
And we're about to approach episode 50 here in about four weeks.
And we're at the point where we're taking the podcast out to different locations live and like bars.
We're doing some breweries.
We're doing the Brew World Order Tour.
Oh, cool.
We do also a segment where we rate the beers that they have there on a scale of 1 to 5, that's rights!
You know, 5 is the lucrative one you want to get there.
Yeah, we've been doing that for, like I said, 50 episodes almost, and we're on our way.
Alright, and what made you want to enter this contest?
Well, the song, first of all, I heard the song, and we do a lot of Alex Jones things.
I love Alex Jones on the podcast, and on the show we talk about Bohemian Grove a lot, and just a lot of the stuff that Alex Jones talks about nowadays.
You know, I'm trying to get out of the political stuff.
It's a little difficult to stay in there, but everything angers me so much and that's kind of why I stay out of it.
I'm sick of being so negative about everything.
Sure, I can understand that because it's a negative world out there when you look at what's going on and the people, the way they control it and they couch the debates and control the narrative.
We've really had to do a lot of work to break that narrative.
I've had enough of these people.
Yeah, I'm angry.
And so when I heard this song, I mean, it was just so great.
It was cut so well.
And, you know, we had to find out what all these different rants were about.
And we watched all the different videos and it's not just like one or two notes cut into the whole thing.
It's just like these long rants he's going on and he wrote it so well.
And I learned it.
I pretty much learned it pretty quick.
And then I saw the contest.
I'm like, well, here we go.
And I recorded, I sat there and recorded with my buddy and he had his little iPhone and I recorded a couple ones and I threw it on online.
And then you said, Hey,
Once you put a logo on that bad boy, and I made a whole new one.
I said, okay, we got ideas.
We got to go to Planned Parenthood.
We'll try to get to the Dome at the Capitol.
And then, you know, I love, we were going to, there was a...
There's some spray paint.
I love bacon.
I thought that would be good for the Somalis or the Muslim part, but we just went with the Joe's Coffee.
It says, I love you so much.
Oh, yes, exactly.
We love you.
We love our Muslims.
Oh, they're so good.
Oh, they so sweet.
They so sweet.
They so sweet.
You know, being in Austin, it's very liberal, and you seem to have a little more of a conservative approach.
Or libertarian, I guess I should say.
Yeah, that's the reason why I just...
Stay away from that kind of stuff, man.
I don't try to fight the left, I don't try to fight the right.
I don't know where I am, actually, where I stand, because I agree with sometimes on the left, I agree a lot on the right, but where's my middle ground?
I'm kind of in the middle.
And talking to people about it, you know, especially, I don't want to say like leftist,
Those big liberals.
I'm just not into talking about it too much anymore.
It really angered me up going towards this election.
I didn't vote for Trump, unfortunately.
I didn't vote for Hillary either.
Did you vote for Gary Johnson?
I did vote for Gary Johnson, but that was the lesser of two evils, I thought.
Well, it's interesting now what they've done to Trump.
I did vote for Trump and basically the reason was I couldn't vote for Hillary and I did not want to see Hillary win because I thought we'd be in a lot worse shape now.
And I kind of like, you know, people are like, oh, we can't get anything done.
To me, that's great when government doesn't work very well or government designed not to work very well.
It was designed to, you know, have a lot of friction in it.
And this is even, to me, it's better because there's less laws getting passed.
We have too many laws on the books.
I like his idea of every regulation you want to bring in, we're going to cut two regulations.
I'd like that.
Let's say every law we're going to bring in, we're going to cut two laws.
Let's start having more freedom.
Because we're in this society now where information is so plentiful to being able to throw stuff back and forth and learn through the internet, we don't really need all these restrictive devices keeping people down and keeping people from entering into commerce and doing more things.
You're a small business owner yourself, you were telling me.
I think it's better when you have that openness and being able to, you know, run around and do more things.
You're going to get more done and you're going to also be able to serve the people that need serving better.
That's right.
Yeah, totally, man.
So I guess we have, it'd be great if, you know, you had a guitar.
You could probably play that song live.
Oh, you know, I actually, I think I actually brought a guitar for this.
Oh, looky there.
Oh, all right.
Well, guys, you're in for a treat.
We don't do too many live broadcasts here, but today I guess is the day, and I guess we've done the soundcheck and all before that, and so we'll see how it goes.
I'm excited.
You're giving it away, bro.
Alright, so this is at We Love Somalis, or slash, in quotations... Hillary's into creepy, weird, sick stuff, man.
Hillary's into creepy, weird, sick stuff, man.
Or just simply, you know, the Bon Iver, Alex Jones folk song.
Here we go.
Not enough of these people.
They're a bunch of Christian murdering scum who run giant death factories keeping babies alive and selling them body parts.
What more do you need to know about these people?
I go out and face these scum.
They literally crawl out from under rocks.
They've got green looking skin.
They run around screaming, we love Satan, we want to eat babies.
I have them on video.
Hillary's been a creepy weird sick stuff man, yeah.
That's spirit cooking, you know.
She sleeps in the same room with that sleepy weirdo woman whose mother wears a hood over her head.
What the hell?
The mother of number one's ugly.
Imagine how bad she smells, man.
I'm told her and Obama just eat.
Obama and Hillary both smell like sulfur, yeah.
We're gonna stab your daughter at the mall.
We're gonna stab your wife, your son.
That's right.
You got me excited there in the middle there.
You know, it's not a hard song to play.
Anybody can jump in and learn it.
And, you know, I didn't even get to this.
We have extended the contest for another week.
And you can enter as many times as you want.
There is no limit to entries.
So next Friday will be the cutoff and then we're going to have two weeks of playing more of these.
I've been getting, I got 40 entries last night.
So we're going to be going through these, posting them on articles, we're going to be uploading them to our channels, just spreading the word more.
There's going to be so many of these now.
Every time I look at one on the sidebar, there's like 10 more that I haven't even seen, which is great.
That's the idea of this contest.
Even if you don't win, it's all about getting involved and getting into it and saying it your way.
You know, we're not telling anybody how to say it.
It's all about saying it your way.
So kudos to you, Carlos Richard, with the Emergency Exit Podcast.
Y'all be sure and check that out online, wherever it's at.
Where do you find it?
We're on SoundCloud, iTunes, anything that you can pick up your podcast from, we'll be on it.
We're right along with you.
Well, don't forget, you still have one more week to get into the contest.
And you can find more information on this new post of entries, Enemies of America Destroyed by Group of Talented Artists.
It's right now on Infowars.com.
The Satanic Elite pedophile scum have been put on notice by musicians with guitars and ukuleles and metal heads.
Of all types of songwriting and styles, it's been a fun contest and I'm glad we're doing one more week.
We're going to extend it out and then it's going to be two weeks and then we'll announce the winner and there will be three winners actually.
So, best location, best cover, and best audience participation.
You might need to go perform this live.
You know, you've got to try to get a bunch of people.
I really wanted to try that one.
Well, you have a week.
You have a week.
Go to a coffee shop.
See what kind of audience reaction you get.
Do it at an open mic and see if you can get people to sing along with you.
Clap with it.
Yeah, exactly.
At least the we love Somalis part.
That's the best.
We love our Somalis!
We love them.
Alright, well thanks for watching.
We'll be right back after this break.
That's right.
Alex Jones here with a very important news update to anybody out there that wants to be prepared.
But it goes beyond being prepared.
Our bodies absolutely must have the good halogen iodine or we will die.
And you look at all of the thyroid problems and all the people that don't have energy and that have all sorts of hormone problems.
And from my research and a lot of just mainline research, it leads back to iodine over and over and over again.
It's as important as vitamin C.
If you don't get iodine, you die.
But most people are just deficient, so they're low energy, they're sick.
You've got to have iodine in your body so that your body can produce the hormones you need.
It is the base to so many things.
And since I got into iodine four years ago, we've helped change the entire paradigm by developing and bringing to the public deep earth crystals from 7,000 to 12,000 feet of the purest iodine available.
Other iodine comes from the ocean or from other byproducts of chemical facilities and is tainted.
It's bound.
It's not absorbable.
I tried it and I had incredible effects even with dirty iodine because the body needs it.
When you don't have iodine, it absorbs the chlorine, the fluoride, and all these other bad halogens.
Do yourself and your family a favor and check out The Importance of Iodine for yourself.
I think you're going to be blown away.
And whatever you do, support the broadcast and get a bottle of Survival Shield Nacinidine X2.
Also, consult your physician because if you've been deficient in it or have other issues, it can have some dramatic effects.
As for me and most folks I talk to, it's been a game changer in the positive column.
We're good to go.
Well, YouTube and Twitter are cracking down on their censorship.
Facebook as well.
And if you're a Trump supporter, if you have a different message than the establishment, if you like secure borders, if you're a nationalist, they're going to try to shut you up and bury you.
You've seen this on the Alex Jones channel, but it's not just the big channels.
There's other channels out there, other users out there, who are putting out good content that are being censored.
One of them is David Seaman.
David joins me now.
Last time we were on, we talked about how you had decided to remove yourself off Twitter.
You followed through with that.
But now, on YouTube, you're starting to deal with that same stuff.
They're trying to bury you.
They're trying to make it so people can't see their videos.
What have you been dealing with on YouTube?
Yeah, thanks for having me back on Owen.
It's very unfortunate and it's not just happening to me.
It's coming to my attention.
It's happening to Mike Cernovich's YouTube channel as well.
He's a contributor on your own network.
So it was actually a first
A friend of mine brought it to my attention, somebody who's very tech savvy, and then a number of my users, a number of my viewers have corroborated that, that they're actually not getting notifications anymore when I go live with a stream from somewhere.
Sometimes I do, I'm just walking around, as I did recently in Aspen,
As I'm in New York.
So wherever I happen to be, I like to go live from time to time.
And I'm no longer notifying my 150,000 subscribers.
And it's apparently happening to Cernovich's channel as well.
But more establishment channels like The Young Turks, the notifications are still going out.
So if you get the YouTube app, you'll still be notified when Cenk Uygur goes live.
But you're no longer notified when I go live.
And you know, YouTube sent me this earlier this year.
To congratulate me on breaking 100,000 subscribers.
And the CEO sent me some kiss-ass letter.
I think it was just the form letter.
But obviously not supporting us.
They're not supporting independent journalism.
Well, and let's be clear, too, this is kind of an underhanded tactic that they use on these social media platforms where they're not going to outright ban you or outright block you.
They just use different tactics like, oh, an algorithm failure, and all of a sudden nobody's getting your notifications, or all of a sudden you're not popping up on these people's news feeds.
Or, for example, you weren't aware of this, but I brought this up to you, Eric Trump replies to President Trump's tweet today, replies with a drudge link highlighting the jobs numbers, and Twitter censors that.
So this is the kind of underhanded tactics that they're using.
I'm a subscriber to your channel and I can tell you that I get most of your notifications but my crew just pulled up your latest videos.
I did not get notifications on those last videos.
I'm supposed to get notifications every time you go live and that's the only type of video you do.
Wow, yeah, some of my viewers have confirmed that the bell is checked, so they're definitely supposed to be notified on their smartphones, and they're not getting notified.
Again, it's happening to Cernovich as well, I hear.
And if you think about my most recent videos, what are they trying to cover up?
Well, in the recent one, entitled Pedogate Will Never Be Swept Under the Rug, I talk about how researchers are starting to come to the conclusion that George H.W.
Bush might have, to some extent, pedophilized the CIA and made it start to follow some kind of globalist, luciferian agenda.
And if you look at certain world events, it does kind of sync up a bit.
And, you know, the CIA Finders Program, allegations that CIA contractors
We're procuring child victims for elites in DC.
What's the guy's name who was Speaker of the House for the longest amount of time?
He's a pedophile.
You've got the WikiLeaks dump on Vault 7 saying, and the Dumbo especially, they could blackmail anybody with that sort of technology.
So why can't you at least do a broadcast where you speculate on this stuff?
It's not outrageous.
Yeah, exactly.
The Dumbo stuff means that anything is possible.
That's like Jason Bourne-level stuff.
The fact that they can turn off all the surveillance cameras around you before they go in and grab your laptop to put some surveillance malware on it, or before they potentially go in to kill you, right?
Let's not joke around here.
But in terms of what YouTube might want to censor specifically, we have to keep in mind, of course, YouTube is owned by Google, owned by this conglomerate tech company.
Increasingly resembles a monopoly and Google might be covering for John Podesta because he was their lobbyist until January of this year.
The Podesta Group and John Podesta was the DC lobbying firm for Google Incorporated and even further Google's chairman Eric Schmidt
According to WikiLeaks' editorial team, he was the designer of Hillary Clinton's campaign strategy.
So is that why they're censoring channels like mine and channels like Cernovich's and other pro-Trump media and other independent thinkers?
Is it because of this very obvious connection?
Do they not want to throw John Podesta under the bus?
That's the only thing I can think of.
And of course, Google
Their executives met weekly with the Obama White House.
Now we're starting to see how corrupt Obama was.
Not good.
You know, as I had a former CIA officer on my channel recently, who's been on your network as well, and he told me that he thought Pedigree, not 9-11 truth, is what will eventually bring down the deep state.
You know, that's interesting.
Those are two big things that I think would unite America together if we could get to the bottom of that stuff.
But just ratcheting back from Podesta and the PedoGate stuff, we're well aware of, let's get back to the YouTube Twitter censorship because we were talking about how
They want to make it impossible.
They have these platforms.
They get everybody on them.
Drudge called them an internet ghetto.
So now they've got all of this concentrated traffic to these few platforms.
Well, all of a sudden they start to manipulate it, and nobody knows what to do.
Nobody knows where to go, and that's how they're going to try to silently erase our voice, I believe, from these internet ghettos.
Yeah, exactly.
It's kind of the Uber driver problem.
Uber started off as an app that most people are satisfied with.
Uh, you know, above average service, clean cars, the drivers are happy with the money they're making, and they start cutting corners because they want higher and higher volume.
YouTube and Facebook do the same thing.
They've started to cut corners.
They don't want to offend anybody.
So at the expense of not wanting to offend any conceivable minority,
They are silencing fairly normal views, and they're silencing views that should not be silenced because they're not illegal.
You know, being on the alt-right... Well, and they're in the majority.
See, this is the key.
I'm sorry to interrupt, but they're in the majority here.
They think if they can silent and suppress our voices on these huge platforms, that they can control the Overton window and control the optics of the general population.
Most of Americans agree with the things that Trump supporters are saying, but they don't have the optics and the liberals don't see that support there because they're censoring these platforms.
Yeah, what they forget is we can always just close our laptop and go out with our family and friends to dinner at Applebee's or somewhere and talk about the truth.
And no Zuckerberg algorithm can filter that out.
You know, the truth is getting out.
All they're doing is embarrassing themselves.
YouTube is embarrassing itself.
They sent me this plaque.
Why bother to send me this plaque?
If they're not in the business of growing their creators, I mean, they're harming us.
You know, some people have asked me, why am I frozen at 150,000 subscribers?
Way more people know about Pedogate at this point.
Why has it been frozen at right around that number?
Well, and you've seen your views go down.
You've seen your live views go down.
You've actually seen the hit on your analytics since they started this soft censorship.
Yeah, since their hate speech, their attempt to limit hate speech on YouTube, we've seen a drastic drop in the number of live stream views and a drastic drop in traffic overall, as if a Jew, as if a Jew and former Huffington Post contributor outing the excesses of the Clintons and their occult practices
Oh my gosh!
Oh my gosh!
That's it!
Oh my gosh!
YouTube is anti-Semite!
Let's get the Jewish Defense League on this!
This is unbelievable!
Alright, 30 seconds.
David Seaman, what do you think we can do about this?
Do we need to march?
Do we need to sign petitions?
What do we do?
I'm in favor of a protest in front of Google's office in Mountain View, California.
Why not?
You know, I've never heard of the winning side being censored.
We won a presidential election.
It's now August of the year after that election took place.
If we're being censored because Google executives or Google chairman Eric Schmidt, who according to WikiLeaks, designed Hillary's campaign strategy, if we're being censored because these people are politically butthurt and still can't accept the MAGA agenda,
That's right.
What are they trying to cover?
Are they trying to cover up for Hillary Clinton's loss?
Are they trying to cover up for pedophiles?
I don't know, but they're trying to censor conservative media, nationalist media on YouTube.
I am very proud to announce the introduction of the highest quality InfoWars Biome Defense Probiotic.
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