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Name: 20170803_Thu_Alex
Air Date: Aug. 3, 2017
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In this episode of Infowars, Alex Jones discusses various topics including government propaganda, fungal infections, and air filtration systems. He criticizes the media for spreading lies about Congress legalizing CIA engagement in domestic propaganda while promoting conspiracy theories about ISIS and Trump. Jones promotes his own product, MycoZX, which he claims helps fight fungus and yeast infections. Additionally, he discusses air filtration systems and their importance during times of potential political unrest or civil unrest. The broadcast also covers the ongoing attempts by certain factions to remove President Trump from office through coups and other means, with Jones speculating on possible actions Trump could take in response. Finally, the importance of self- protection and protecting one's family is emphasized, with Jones promoting his own products designed for these purposes.

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Ladies and gentlemen, we're live.
We're broadcasting worldwide today.
Milo Yiannopoulos is going to be in studio with us for two hours.
Roger Stone is going to join us in the fourth hour.
I'm going to co-host that with Anthony Cumia today because we have breaking news, not just from Roger, but from my other sources of how Trump is now being isolated inside of the White House ahead of his removal from office.
And that, of course, is a coup d'etat.
Now, I learned this information yesterday afternoon.
I called Roger.
He was also getting the similar intel from White House sources, including as high as you can pretty much get.
I'm gonna leave it at that.
Then I saw the headline, Kelly cracks down on West Wing back channels to Trump.
They want no one to communicate with him but them.
It's all coming up today.
Learn next year's news today here at InfoWars.
But first, Debbie Washerman Schultz is in trouble.
Congress is launching criminal investigations.
Professional liar Debbie Wasserman Schultz thinks she still lives in the carefree days of Clinton and Obama's land of corruption.
A magically delicious place where anything goes as long as you defend your crimes by debasing them as racist and Islamophobic.
Oh, I see nothing!
I was not here!
I did not even get up this morning!
What about diversity?
There really has been a challenge that the Capitol Police has faced systemically with diversity.
Diversity in your leadership, diversity in recruitment.
How are you focusing in on improving that?
I don't mean any disrespect, but it is hard to take your word for it.
Investors.com reports Chris Gowan, A1's lawyer and a longtime associate of the Clintons, claimed that this is clearly a right-wing media-driven prosecution by a United States Attorney's Office that wants to prosecute people for working while Muslim.
Schultz said the whole thing raises troubling concerns about due process, fair treatment, and potential ethnic and religious profiling.
Of course, Crooked Schultz kept Muslim Brotherhood sympathizer, IT staffer Imran Awan on her staff long after all the other House Democrats had dropped Awan due to the D.C.
police probe back in February.
Well, the plot is thickening.
Roger Stone reports that Awan was with Seth Rich hours before his murder.
And Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Seymour Hersh recently revealed inside information tying Seth Rich to WikiLeaks.
He offered a sample, an extensive sample, you know, I'm sure dozens of emails, and said, I want money.
That later, WikiLeaks did get the password.
He had a Dropbox, a protected Dropbox, which is an
We're good to go.
Now, does this arrogant outburst from Wasserman Schultz become clearer when she is denied access to A1's laptop by the Capitol Police Chief?
Members' equipment is members' equipment.
It is not, under my understanding, the Capitol Police is not able to confiscate members' equipment when the member is not under investigation.
It is their equipment and it's supposed to be returned.
Well, I think there's extenuating circumstances in this case, and I think that, you know, working through my counsel and, you know, the necessary personnel, if that in fact is the case, and with the permission of, through the investigation, we'll return the equipment.
But until that's accomplished, I can't return the equipment.
I think you're violating the rules when you conduct your business that way.
I actually expect that there would be consequences.
The Awan family, who are all under investigation, had been collectively paid $4 million taxpayer dollars for part-time, no-show IT work by House Democrats since 2009.
Investors.com writes, Imran and Abid both had run-ins with the law, including public drunkenness and accusations of insurance fraud.
Yet Democrats in the House gave them wide-ranging access to their emails and other potentially sensitive information.
It's simple.
The A1s have dirt, dirt, and more dirt on Schultz.
In the coming weeks, Debbie Wasserman Schultz will reveal a nasty woman's status surpassing her comrade Hillary Clinton.
Well, almost.
John Bowne reporting for InfoWars.com.
Well, it doesn't matter if it's the Financial Times of London, or whether it's the Washington Post, or whether it's the Economist magazine, or the Harvard magazine.
They all say globalism is collapsing.
People are turning against it.
We're not turning against internationalism, or being a citizen of the world if you want to live all over the world, or working with other countries, or accepting other cultures if you choose to adopt them.
But we're not going to be ruled by carbon taxes that bureaucrats and Rothschilds and Rockefellers and Soroses make money from.
It doesn't mean Brexit's perfect.
It doesn't mean Trumpism is perfect.
It means it's about taking the power back to the people, back to the states, back to the government.
And Stefan Molyneux is a businessman, author, researcher, very popular radio TV host.
Really appreciate him joining us for the next 30 minutes.
Stefan Molyneux on Twitter.
Freedomainradio on YouTube.
Hundreds of millions of views, reaching tens of millions of people a week.
Stefan Molyneux, looking at that, I mean, I don't know how to state the level of history we are at right now.
I mean, I cannot overstate that to folks.
We are at such an epic moment.
It will never, ever in human history come down to as important a moment, Alex, and I really want to get this across to your listeners.
If the state wins, if the globalists win, if the communists and the socialists win,
Capitalism has delivered unto them such monitoring and control and video technology that it is entirely possible we will never ever be free again.
It comes down to this.
We have the technology to communicate free and peaceful and voluntary ideas across the world.
They have the technology to control everything we do to monitor
For everything we do, they're talking about bringing in monitoring of the internet in the UK and so on.
If we lose, we may never ever win again.
There won't be some big cycle of history and your great-grandkids will be free.
It comes down to now.
They would use every tool in their arsenal to win and they're trying it.
We must use every legal tool in our arsenal to fight back, take no prisoners, push forward every agenda, challenge every relationship, push forward because it's now, literally, or never, I strongly believe.
They're going to have a breakaway civilization, put us into total squalor, use it to control us, and then use the fruits of the human mind and open society that has given us almost godlike powers to shackle us!
I mean, this is... this is... un...
Unspeakably evil!
What do we do?
What do you do?
You have to start protesting.
You have to start getting out there.
You have to recognize that this is an emergency.
There is no DEF CON level higher than what we are facing right now.
You need to pull out all the stops, get all the information you can.
You have a global communications network.
You can tap into it anytime.
You can challenge people in your life.
It is down to this.
Because if we don't solve this peacefully, the kind of weapons that we have if it turns to war might end the entire planet.
Stefan Molyneux, thank you.
Always enlightening.
But today was extremely powerful.
This is a national emergency.
Important instructions will follow.
This message is transmitted at the request of the President of the United States of America and the Office
In compliance with the United Nations, the President of the United States has declared martial law.
Curfew is now in place.
Return to your homes.
We have to report people outside of your homes, or we'll result in you being arrested on sight.
In West S35-COM, or any item or instrument that can be used as a weapon, will be deemed an enemy of the state and will be arrested on sight.
UN peacekeeping garrisons have set up all data transmissions and telephones
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the Resistance.
It's Alex Jones.
Ladies and gentlemen, thank you so much for joining us as we broadcast worldwide.
Already Thursday, the third day of August 2017, Milo Yiannopoulos is launching his new book.
It was already a number one New York Times bestseller when they cancelled it via political correctness a few months ago.
He's suing the publisher and he's reissued it himself.
Coming out today, Dangerous.
is the name of the book.
It's available at InfoWarStore.com.
And of course, many other places.
He'll be in studio with us for two hours today.
Then, I don't normally preempt folks that are hosting the fourth hour.
Anthony Cumia is going to be hosting the fourth hour.
I've invited him to ride shotgun with myself and Roger Stone.
But I got some really important information from one of my White House sources yesterday afternoon.
So I finally got a hold of Roger at about 11 o'clock at night, Central Time last night, and he had some very important conversations yesterday.
Very lengthy, important conversations.
Now I got off the phone at about 11.30 at night, and I got in bed with my tablet, my laptop,
We're good to go.
Kelly cracks down on West Wing back channels to Trump.
Now remember, when we give you these sources of information, we're not making it up.
That's why we told you Trump would announce no expansion of the war, no plan to topple Assad.
Three days later he said those exact words back in April.
That's why we told you that Flynn would be out and that it would be McMaster.
Just like we told you last week, four days before it broke.
Specifically, that Priebus would be out by the end of the week, and that General Kelly was in the front running to be Chief of Staff.
And the reason this matters is, there's a battle for the heart and soul of the Trump White House and the Trump Presidency right now, and we, and by extension you, the listeners and viewers, who we're interfacing with, are the American resistance to this.
Now this piece of news out of Politico, that broke last night, is just more confirmation of what our sources were telling us.
But again, these sources are so high level, you couldn't get a better source of White House information.
Now, that said, the media has gone from freaking out about those sources, and giving us a lot of attention because they know we have those sources, to total silence on it.
Because they don't have the sources and the source we have.
And they're upset about it.
Now the information I've got is so big that I don't even know how to properly break it all down.
I was pretty tired at 11.30 when I climbed into bed.
I've been up since 6 a.m.
But I couldn't go to sleep for about three hours after I had all this information.
I got back out of bed, went down to the kitchen table, sat there and read news and wrote notes for three hours.
Then I went to bed about 2.30 in the morning, ended up oversleeping.
I never sleep till 9 in the morning.
I slept till 9 this morning.
And as soon as I got up, I just got in the shower and I'm just still having the same conversation that I have with myself with you.
I don't know what to do about this.
And I'm not 100% sure what all this means, but in Roger's words,
And his text message to me at 11 at night, when he was finally ready to talk to me, or 1030, was, this is seven days in May.
Now that's a Burt Lancaster movie, where the Pentagon, a group of generals, decide to have a soft coup against the president.
And then I got on the phone with him,
And basically was told the same information that I got from my sources, but his source was even more high-level.
I'm just gonna stop right there.
Seven Days in May, 1964.
Burt Lancaster, Kurt Douglas.
Powerful film.
We ought to do a review of Seven Days in May.
I think we've done one before.
Five or six years ago.
But we're not watching a movie about a military coup.
We are in it.
What did Rush Limbaugh say last week?
We played the clip.
Pull up the headline.
Rush Limbaugh.
Democrats are contacting generals to plan a coup.
That was the headline.
Generals are being contacted
By the Democrats in Deep State to plot a coup.
That's Rush Limbaugh.
20 million listeners a day.
The mouth of the not completely traitorous Republican Party.
Blue blood, elitist, but still free market.
Not out to destroy the country.
And then you've got the neocon rhinos in bed with the Democrats.
They're cancer.
You've got Sean Hannity saying that word for word.
There's a plan to overthrow the president.
But forget Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh.
You have Al Gore, you have Brennan, you have Clapper, all on TV last week, days after a top evangelical pastor who met with the president for hours, met with senior members of Congress for hours, and they told him
They're shopping a plan to overthrow the president and contacting former and current generals to help them carry it out.
That's how you do it!
They had the McCormick-Dickstein Committee hearings back in the late 1930s about how Smedley Butler, Commandant of the Marine Corps, two-time Congressional Medal of Honor winner, was contacted by the Bushes, by Prescott Bush and Brown Brother Harriman and a Nazi group,
And asked to overthrow Franklin Delano Roosevelt.
And then they said no.
And they didn't punish the plotters because they thought it would bring the country down.
It was so, so dangerous and so painful and so treacherous and stretched into some of the most powerful families in the country, including the Kennedys.
Yes, the Kennedys early on were on the Nazi payroll.
That is a fact.
They were in bed with sex operatives.
They were getting paid off.
But back then, Hitler was seen as good in the mid-30s.
Joseph Kennedy and the rest of it.
They were seen as anti-communist.
Time Magazine, you know, saying Hitler's the greatest guy.
The liberals loved him.
He was for eugenics and sterilizing the minorities and a vegetarian and animal rights activist.
I mean, he followed the whole template.
But I digress.
We're looking at a more organized operation and I don't know if Kelly and Mattis are in on it.
I don't know if they're, quote, isolating the president to, quote, protect him from a coup.
He seems to trust him and he's got good instincts.
Or whether they're playing a double game.
But they are isolating him and not letting anybody get info to him.
I'm not going to name names here.
And they're quoted in the news like he's some
Mentally ill, mentally retarded, you know, cousin you keep in the attic or the basement.
And about, yeah, he kind of goes with whatever, you know, he put out that disinfo, Politico says, quoting the general.
And Politico's such fake news, who knows the general even said that.
General Kelly, his Chief of Staff, you know that he was being spied on by Obama.
He just got that.
It was in the New York Times they said they were spying on him.
They have the intercepts now of the Attorney General.
They have the intercepts of his family.
They were spying.
They bragged they were spying.
And you've got them saying, because you know the President's dumb.
He'll say any disinfo he gets told.
Somebody told him.
And somebody gave him a Breitbart article saying he was being spied on, and so now he's gone off half-cocked.
Breitbart showed a screenshot like we did, days after we did, of the New York Times saying Wiretaps picked it up.
So see, remember all that?
They were saying, oh, we're spying?
Trump goes, that's illegal.
They go, we never spied.
You're crazy.
It's only in hundreds of newspapers, and we only quoted it on CNN and Fox News, and we only had congressional hearings about it, and they're only using the intercepts now and leaking them everywhere.
Selectively edited.
They're only leaking all his phone calls with world leaders right now.
Oh, but they think you're so stupid that they're saying he's crazy.
But don't worry, General Kelly, General Kelly will make sure none of that information gets to Trump.
And then McMaster, the head of national security, he will fire anybody that talks about globalism to the president on his staff that writes papers about radical Islam.
And globalism being allied against America, which it is, and which Bannon is exposed, well guess what?
It's now come out that McMaster will fire anybody that talks about it, or is an anti-globalist.
So what do you call this?
I call it a mess.
But you got a bunch of different factions, and these guys are acting just like Alexander Haig.
Remember when Reagan got shot, Haig runs out and goes, I've got the codes, I'm in charge, I am now the president, I am the president!
No, no.
None of these generals ever got elected to office.
They never did anything that Trump did.
Trump's the maverick.
We elected him.
He's the president, not you.
Jones is a charismatic performer who gets charged up on a regular basis.
They call that crazy.
That's not crazy.
That's my will, my human spirit saying crush those that would hurt the innocent.
Go after the enemy.
Build a civilization.
Be honorable.
Crush the snakes under your feet.
People want legitimacy.
They want real.
Two-thirds of his funding reportedly comes from selling his products, which he sells on his site under his Infowars Life brand.
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That's right.
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Patriot blends coffee.
Maybe you've had back pain before.
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Jones is talking about the globalists systematically feminizing us.
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He even has a link on the InfoWall store where you can just give him money to help fund the fight against tyranny.
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That truth, by the way... Nobody can dispute the fact that we... And by the way, our order came with a free 9-11-was-an-inside-job bumper sticker.
All right, Milo Yiannopoulos is going to be in studio with us in the second and third hour today.
Then coming up in the fourth hour, Roger Stone is going to join us with huge breaking news about the isolation of the president ahead of an attempted physical coup.
You have Al Gorb,
You have Brennan, formerly of the CIA, that Trump fired.
Shades of Kennedy firing the CIA director and getting killed a year later.
You have him saying, don't worry about impeachment, we're about to remove him in the next few months.
It's going to be bipartisan and we've all got to work together.
And they're calmly on TV talking about it so everyone accepts it when it happens.
They've got all these movies and TV shows and dramas where the president's killed and then there is a succession and you've got
Major publications talking about what happens when the president gets killed and how COG kicks in and how don't worry the Democrats, the failing collapsing party with the Republican leadership that's sabotaging their own party by design, how they are going to come in and reorganize things and have new elections and magically the Democrats are going to win.
They're not going to let us have the 2018 election that's going to only reaffirm populist and Trumpites and Ron Paul types and info warriors.
They know that we just took control of the vast majority of state houses and governorships.
They know we're taking control of the Supreme Court and other federal courts.
They know we're going to get gains in Congress.
So the headlines are Republicans turning on Trump, Trump's going down, Trump has low approval rating, Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump's a traitor.
But all the patriots, from Lou Dobbs, to myself, to Sean Hannity, to Rush Limbaugh, to Matt Drudge, anybody that knows the facts, are telling you, look, the Democrat think tanks are saying overthrow Trump.
Now they've moved from saying it in the think tanks to saying it on the news.
And imagine if Republicans were out here saying, go after Obama when he was in, kill Obama, overthrow Obama.
It would have been the end of the world.
But we knew he was unpopular.
We knew we were going to intellectually beat them.
We didn't want him to be hurt.
And that's what's crazy is that they are buying into the propaganda that they can kill Trump or remove Trump and not turn him into a martyr.
The Senate Republican leadership has always been a bunch of blue blood scum.
They're the ones whose heads are on the chopping block.
They're the ones who helped pass Obamacare, the monumental screwjob.
And you've got Flake and McMaster and others out promoting globalism.
You've got people in the Trump administration on the inside.
You've got senators out promoting New World Order right as it quakes and shakes and prepares to collapse.
All putting on
A giant act.
Meanwhile, a Jamie White article from Infowars.com, China runs drill to censor harmful websites.
Continuation of ChaiCom internet censorship that our own government and media has been now adopting.
Think about that.
And that leads us now to this next huge, gigantic, mega-massive piece of news.
Remember these headlines out of Zero Hedge?
Remember these headlines out of World Tribune?
Out of Infowars.com?
In January of this year?
As the clock ticked down, Obama created Ministry of Truth to counter fake news.
The coming crackdown on free speech.
Now here it is.
Funds to counter Russia extremists gather dust at State Department.
Eighty million dollars that Obama signed when he was
Still in office when President Trump was president-elect.
The whole bill is about Russia and RT and InfoWars with no proof claiming InfoWars is part of some Russian operation and it said that it was there to counter me.
And you've seen the members of the Federal Election Commission calling for more investigations and the FBI counter espionage investigation going on against Breitbart and InfoWars and Drudge.
Totally ridiculous!
But they passed $80 million a year to fund this out of the State Department.
Now go back to Public Affairs, the Washington Post Magazine, three years ago.
The headline, Congress legalizes CIA engaging in domestic propaganda.
Now they've got the funding, and here's the line.
CNN goes, Trump's getting easy on ISIS.
Trump's blocking funds to counter extremism ISIS.
The bill that Obama signed is about domestic media listing it as enemy with no proof so you can engage in operations against it using the CIA and Army Special Forces in America including killing people!
That's right!
That's right folks!
Under espionage they can kill people!
They want to kill me saying I'm a Russian agent!
As if the military is going to follow those orders.
Everybody knows who the real traitors are.
And here it is right here.
It says ISIS loses on the battlefield and moves to inspire attacks on Europe and Trump and Tillerson aren't doing anything to stop ISIS.
Really it's Trump that just smashed Obama's ISIS army and Hillary's ISIS army.
They're the founders of it.
So now they say they won't fight ISIS using this when it's meant to kill the free press.
That's the lying.
The lies within lies within lies.
A 44-year-old father was beat by a gang of teenagers and knocked out with a skateboard after he asked them to stop smoking marijuana on a Dallas train.
The group of teenagers included young men and women who punched the father and threw him against the train's doors before arriving at the station near Deep Ellum in Dallas, Texas.
In world news, 22.5% of the German population now has a migrant background.
Migrants and their children make up an estimated 18.6 million people in Germany.
According to the Federal Statistical Office, which attributed the shocking statistic to German Chancellor Angela Merkel and her open border policies.
In contrast, President Trump plans to overhaul immigration laws in America as part of his wide-ranging agenda to tighten border security.
The president is working with two senators to draft a bill to create a skills-based immigration program that gives priority to Americans by cutting down on work visa abuse, among other things.
For more breaking news and reports, check back at InfoWars.com throughout the day.
This is Kit Daniels reporting.
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I thought it was on fire.
I thought it was on fire.
This message is transmitted at the request of the President of the United States of America and the Office of Homeland Security.
In compliance with the United Nations, the President of the United States has declared martial law.
Curfew is now in place.
Return to your homes.
We're good.
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
Meanwhile, Al Gore spends 30 plus percent more energy on one house than the average person.
The truth about the climate crisis is still inconvenient.
The water cycle is disrupted, so we get these rain bombs.
The ice starts melting faster.
Rain bomb is what they're calling it?
Yeah, that's what some scientists are calling them now.
Yeah, you can see the glaciers just literally exploding.
Then you probably want to go to the doctor.
And unfortunately that's happening a lot more frequently.
The new studies indicate we're in danger.
It affects the spread of tropical diseases.
Now it's gone way up.
It has really increased dramatically.
Challenges to the governance of some countries and the droughts get deeper and longer.
That really concerned me because I was worried that ice melt is increasing dramatically.
And the number of people that are becoming climate refugees already
is beginning to create some political unrest all these horrible consequences the scientists are predicting how did you find the moral courage to rise up and solve this we need to hear this as a wake-up call we need to defend ourselves so also climate refugees are beginning to create the instability in parts of Europe and this is just the beginning tick-borne diseases
Tropical diseases, which are really exploding this year, even worse sea level rise and even worse catastrophes, devastating the tremendous amount of anxiety every single day.
Unfortunately, getting worse.
That should be an alarm bell to the human race, spreading these tropical diseases elsewhere.
The relationship between humanity and microbes has always been mediated by climate and a warmer, wetter, more
Chaotic climate favors the microbes and works against us.
The resistance to civil rights laws was just as fierce, if not more so, than the resistance to solving the climate crisis.
I know we get it now.
You sometimes can find ways to convince them.
But we're running out of time.
We're in a race against time.
What were you doing?
Watching dancing with the stars?
Didn't you really take this seriously?
But what are you smoking?
Mark Dice did a great job just editing down just the words of him.
And I've said this for many years.
They engage in open-air genetic engineering.
Pharmacological crops, human-animal splicing, animal-animal, plant-plant, plant-animal splicing.
It gives rise to super viruses, mutated bacteria.
And then they say, oh look, there's new diseases.
Oh look, Lyme disease is spreading.
When it came from
A U.S.
weapons laboratory that's been declassified, Plum Island.
Oh, it's the earth heating up.
Pay me more money for my carbon tax company in London or you're all dead.
Move out of your beachside homes.
They're going to be underwater by 2013.
The Antarctic and Arctic will be totally melted.
They're actually record size.
All lies.
Polar bears can't swim.
But then notice, he goes on
To talk about the refugees pouring in, when Peter Sutherland, who helped found the EU, became the head of the refugee program six years ago and began advertising for Muslims to come into Europe, that they were going to open the borders of Turkey, open the borders in Italy, in Macedonia.
In other areas to let people by ship and by foot and by train and by car get in and then give them free housing to incentivize more people coming and then say, oh, they're climate refugees.
We warned you the third world was going to collapse because they're the same people looting the third world.
They're the same ones then advertising in the third world.
Hey, refugees come here.
And then they point at the refugees and say, see,
We told you so when it's the UN using them as a weapon system to bring down the West.
And then folks that Trump has brought in to the National Security Council and brought in the State Department are writing papers on this.
For the State Department, I have it in my stack, and they're getting fired by McMaster for writing papers quoting globalists, quoting Peter Sutherland, Al Gorb,
And of course George Soros, in the BBC, saying we're getting rid of the West, we're getting rid of Europe, we're getting rid of free market, we're using Muslims to do it, admitting the plan.
And they don't want that being given out in the government.
And Trump's a really smart guy when it comes to basic free market policy and trying to run the country, but folks that have talked to the president recently, when you talk to him, reportedly, those that have talked to him at length, I mean hour-long conversations, he doesn't know about a lot of this.
And they're isolating him more and more.
The one little pinhole he gets now is Sean Hannity that he watches most nights.
That's the pinhole.
And so thank God, that's why they're trying to fire him.
Because they are trying to isolate the president so that he doesn't know what's going on.
And that's why Roger Stone is going to be joining us in the fourth hour.
He has his sources.
I have my sources.
Let's just say the MSN doesn't have these sources.
And here it is.
Kelly cracks down on West Wing back channels to Trump.
The new White House Chief of Staff is making it his first party to gain control over the information that gets to the President.
And he says disinformation, like what the President's been saying since January that Obama spied on him and his campaign.
They were in hundreds of newspapers.
They were in the New York Times.
Twenty-two times that we found
Remember back in April, they were in the news saying, we never said we spied on him.
We never said we had intercepts proving Russia.
That's illegal.
Trump's crazy.
And we found 22 New York Times articles, some of them front page saying wiretaps of Trump and his campaign.
Then, we got from Sheriff Arpaio's office, as he was outgoing,
The NSA intercepts with my personal business phone number that I never even used in my office up until five years ago.
They even had that.
They had the Mar-a-Lago number to the private bedroom of the president that I had that I'd never had the nerve to use!
I'm looking at these numbers.
That's his private number at Trump Tower.
That's the main switchboard number at Trump Tower.
That's his Mar-a-Lago number.
That's his old cell phone they turned off.
I'm like, and there's my old business number that I hardly ever used to landline.
I mainly used for doing like coast-to-coast interviews or whatever.
I go do that at the office in case my kids woke up in the middle of the night.
And yeah, there it is.
January 20th, Inauguration Day.
Wiretap data used in inquiry of Trump aides.
But here's Kelly, being quoted in Politico, saying that, well, we've got to stop this info, get the President, because he just goes with whatever he sees.
Like the data about him being wiretapped.
You mean like he read in the New York Times?
Or Obama saying, we're giving all our data and all our wiretapped data over to make sure Trump can't hide it.
We're giving it to good people inside good agencies.
That means the deep state.
Remember all that?
But they talk to you like you are a idiot with the IQ of a watermelon or an onion or a zucchini.
It's so incredible.
And I want to think, you know, General Kelly's a good guy.
He did a great job at Homeland Security.
69% increase in illegals coming across.
They're building the border wall.
They're securing Trump trusting.
He's got a good career in the military, at the Marine Corps.
We don't know enough about him.
But I'll tell you this, Mattis, Mad Dog Mattis, you know, as he's got... I don't know why I got that nickname.
He's pretty much the opposite of that.
You know, the so-called intellectual, historical Marine Corps General.
Okay, he slaughtered a bunch of jihadis that deserved it in some battles in Iraq.
Okay, great.
Same thing with McMaster.
Okay, back in the first Gulf War, before that, whatever, he was a tank commander.
Okay, great.
McMaster is purging people that are patriots.
And McMaster has been saying, we're going to take out Assad when the President says he's not.
So, all I know is they're isolating the president and they're working with the media to try to get rid of Trump's long-term security head, the former New York City police detective, and other people that are family confidants that Trump supports, and they've taken his cell phone away,
Like he's a baby, and the media sits there and says, you know, take away his Twitter.
He's the president.
He's a media president.
He defeated the odds of the American people and got elected.
And I'm sick of hearing that Mad Dog Mattis is the man of, you know, the world, and that General Kelly is, and that they know best, and that they're the co-presidents.
And here's the big news.
More is coming up.
Little Birdies told me that Mattis
And Kelly have a rule that not one of them can be out of town when the other one is.
They have to always have somebody there to babysit the president.
So somebody's got to stay there 24 hours a day making sure that the president doesn't make any military decisions alone.
As if he is alone.
As if there isn't a bunker full of military underneath the White House.
Or a bunch of trucks following him around everywhere he goes and aircraft with mobile command centers.
But it's the fact that they're telling the press that behind the scenes and telling Congress that, oh don't worry, we're in control, the president is arrogant and it's belligerent and it's treasonous.
Now I'm not saying they are involved in treason.
I'm saying that type of talk and that type of behavior is what we get out of Al Franken, you know, the failed comedian.
And Pelosi, who can hardly walk now and is stumbling around dizzy and thinks that George W. Bush is still in office, clearly has dementia.
And all these other weirdos.
And then you got a guy who works 18 hours a day, got great instincts, $4 trillion now in the stock market.
Up, you know, 20-something percent.
Hundreds of billions of new jobs coming back in, securing our borders, getting the VA line back out, and they're sitting there acting like this incredibly accomplished person, the number one TV host ever, highest ratings, highest grossing, super successful hotels, super successful golf courses, all of this, and they've got articles in National Review called the death of a salesman because he didn't get rid.
of Obamacare in the first six months.
It's his fault, and he's a failure, and he never did anything in his life.
This from some hack writer we've never heard of.
Mattis and Kelly came up through the U.S.
Marine Corps.
They came up through something set up by John Paul Jones 250-something years ago.
Doesn't mean they're not accomplished men, but they came through a system.
Donald Trump didn't come through a system, he came through on his own will.
He's ultra-accomplished, and I'm sick of people saying he's not accomplished and playing these games.
All these foreigners they bring into lectures, like John Oliver.
Haha, let me tell you, Trump will never be president!
Playing these junior high mind games with everybody.
And again, they're all over the news saying that President Trump will be soon removed from office and it's totally normal and no big deal.
He'll just be cooed out.
He'll be liquidated.
He'll be neutralized.
Those are words for killed.
And then our congressional sources have confirmed, yes, they plan to kill him!
They plan to murder the president.
Is it going to be a lone nut?
Is it going to be some right winger they wind up?
They're plotting it right now and now they're cutting him off from information.
Cutting him off so that they can try to deal the death blow.
Now are Mattis and Kelly in on it?
I don't know.
But I know this.
They need to come out and say, Politico quoted us wrong.
We're not saying the President believes whatever he last read.
We're not going to that Democratic Party deep state talking point.
We know the President's correct.
There was illegal spying on him.
I mean, they're in the news admitting that the CIA has computer programs watching and listening to you in live time illegally, and that private corporations are doing it.
I know I told you that 20 years ago, but now it's mainstream news.
Congress is trying to pass laws to finally restrict it.
And now, we told you about this in...
January, now it's in mainstream news, they plan to use continued government to overthrow the president.
What are you going to do about it?
I'm gonna keep hammering and hammering and hammering, and the disinfo is so bad that CNN has a headline that Trump won't use 80 million that was given to him by this Congress, they don't say passed by Obama in his last weeks in office, to fight ISIS.
Trump just defeated with our military ISIS that Obama and the globalists created and propped up and turned loose on Christians.
The money is to counter domestic media that's pro-Trump.
They list Breitbart and InfoWars in the legislation.
The headline should be, Trump's not using the money Obama set aside to destroy the free press.
Instead they turn it around and say, oh, he's not battling ISIS with the money when he's the one crushing it.
See how they invert everything.
They are a pack of lying scum.
Total traitors aligned with radical Islam.
And it's coming out, and people understand that globalism and the EU and the Vatican are allied with radical Islam to literally take over, because there's a billion and a half Muslims.
In 20 years, there's going to be three billion.
They're the folks having an average of six kids, and they've decided to take over with the Muslims.
It's a fact!
I was never anti-Islam.
I was never wanting a war with these people, because I wanted to contain it in their own hellhole.
Skip this network break, please.
I never wanted to do that.
But now it's out of control, it's uncontained, and it will destroy and murder and annihilate everything that is open and free, and I stand against it.
It is the unholy alliance of globalism with radical Islam, and they're all desperate to keep that from coming out, because when the world learns that the Republican and Democratic leadership are wedded to orthodox radical Islam, and Hillary and Obama were the founders of ISIS, it's game over.
And General Flynn knew that, and that's why Mattis and others wanted him removed.
Brennan is a sworn Wahhabist.
And I'm telling you, Mattis,
And McMaster and Kelly, all of them are moving into that area where we know Brennan and Mueller are, where they're both took off radical Islam off the list, won't let anybody track it or stop it, let them bring in people that are known Al Qaeda.
And you look at this nest of people in there, imagine how pissed they are having to follow Trump's orders to annihilate ISIS and Al Qaeda.
That's the facts.
What you see is General Flynn's plan.
Even though he's gone, Trump's following through with it.
That's the only reason the radical Jihad forces that criminals in our government allied with and empowered is being smashed.
That's the only reason!
Now, we better hear from McMaster, and we better hear from all these other guys that think they're the president.
That globalism is an enemy of America, that Islam is an enemy of freedom, and that they're not going along with it.
Or, we gotta start beating the drum to expose these people.
And by the way, these guys are in charge of all the death squads and all the hit teams, but here's the good news.
They know they're under surveillance too.
And they know anything happens to Trump, anything happens to me, anything happens,
They are the suspects, number one.
And I've been watching them real close.
I've been watching them real, real, real, real, real close.
And I want them to know.
I know Brennan and I know Mueller are on the Wahhabi's payroll.
I know McMaster's is in there trying to promote globalism.
And I know that
The others are isolating the president right now.
And that's not a good thing.
And when they list...
What they're isolating him on, it's from any outside info, like he's being spied on by the Democrats.
Which is of course what they're afraid of, because it's illegal what they did, and he can go after them for their illegal use of the FISA court anytime they want, because they didn't get the FISA authorization, and in some cases they did, and then they use it illegally.
He has them.
And they're maneuvering him for destruction.
I don't know if McMaster is pure evil.
I don't know if Mattis is pure evil.
I don't know if all these people are 100% bad or they're playing some triple, quadruple game against the globalists.
And Trump knows what he's doing.
But I see them in the news going along with propaganda against the President.
And you know, you guys swore an oath to protect and defend the Constitution, and to protect and defend the President.
And his duly sworn duties and to follow his orders and to execute him.
And he's bringing America back, carrying the country on his shoulders.
And the least you can do is go out there and defend the president and stop talking out of both sides of your mouths.
This is a lot bigger than you guys retiring with some Saudi deal or some $5 million a year defense contract so you can go play golf and live in your big fancy house with your stupid trophy wife.
The globalists want to kill the country.
And are you really going to ally with a billion and a half Muslims and really sell us out to them?
Because that's what's going on.
And do you think you're ever going to get away with that?
You think Trump is your problem?
Trump's only one wave in this, one manifestation of the awakening.
You're never putting the genie back in the bottle.
You must join with us.
You must join with the Republic.
You must join with prosperity.
You must join with Christianity.
You must join with common sense.
You must join with the Renaissance.
You must join with your ancestors and be honorable.
The old unwritten tradition in the U.S.
military is to not put people in charge of things that haven't shown their brass and who also come from bad families.
In general, you have to come from good families, because you've got to trust the genetic type of a person.
You guys are turning your back on your families, on your bloodline, on everything you are to this New World Order, believing you're in this big, multi-dimensional, complex system of joining with Islam and the Grand Chessboard to project power into the future and to control Islam as your magic key to control Russia and China.
And all it's going to do is bring us down.
It wants to destroy the West.
It wants to bring it down.
It wants to enslave everything.
You do not join with Islam.
You do not join with cancer.
It eats your guts out, and then it kills you!
Now, here's the facts.
We have the globalists trying to shut us down on every front.
Despite that, you have increased your funding and support of our operations, and your prayers, and you're spreading the links and articles on every platform you can.
Nothing can stop you.
You are our social media team listeners.
We need you to take action, and we need your financial support.
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It says free shipping.
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I've got to end that.
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Okay, so I guess free shipping continues.
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Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order, it's Alex Jones.
Live from Austin, Texas, broadcasting worldwide, it's Alex Jones.
So President Trump's breaking down some of the new acts he's involved in.
And we also have the transcripts being leaked.
Where we've got the president talking to the Mexican president, saying, look, we're not going to have NAFTA and GATT and all this.
You know, you're going to pay for the wall.
And we're propping up your country.
You get hundreds of billions of dollars from us.
You're going to do this.
You've got a southern wall.
Quit acting like, you know, what we're trying to do is wrong.
You control your border.
I mean, the transcripts are powerful.
And this is how they think they're hurting Trump.
Washington Post obtains full transcripts of president's confidential talks with Mexico and Australia developing.
And now, six months in, Trump's about to have his first working vacation.
They're saying, oh, he's lazy!
He said he'd never play golf.
He said he wouldn't play golf during crises.
And he also said that he wouldn't take as many vacations, which he hasn't.
Then they point out that, oh, his vacations cost more because of security.
That's the Democrats everywhere saying, killing!
Are you going to take the millions of dollars it costs for him to travel versus the $4 trillion in the stock market?
Now it's $400 plus billion in new jobs, and the economy coming back right as they try to throw a wet blanket on it?
Simply incredible.
Milo Yiannopoulos is going to be with us for two hours in studio, coming up, ladies and gentlemen, to talk about censorship, how his book was banned in America, and so much more.
But first, here is
President Trump in several clips talking about some of the new legislation, some of the new acts, some of the new things he's actually doing.
That's why the media keeps pitching the fact that he hasn't gotten anything done.
He's gotten more done than any president I've ever seen in the first two or three years.
I mean, he's got the economy back to where Reagan had it.
It took Reagan four years.
But again, they've got to invert reality.
They pass legislation to start shutting down free media in America?
They go after Infowars and Breitbart by name?
They turn it around and say Trump's not using the money to shut down ISIS, when he's destroying ISIS, and the money's meant to shut down the press!
That's how they deceive.
Here's a few clips of the President.
As a candidate, I campaigned on creating a merit-based immigration system that protects U.S.
workers and taxpayers.
And that is why we are here today.
The RAISE Act.
The RAISE Act will reduce poverty, increase wages, and save taxpayers billions and billions of dollars.
It will do this by changing the way the United States issues green cards to nationals from other countries.
Green cards provide permanent residency, work authorization, and fast track to citizenship.
For decades, the United States was operated and has operated a very low-skilled immigration system, issuing record numbers of green cards to low-wage immigrants.
This policy has placed substantial pressure on American workers, taxpayers, and community resources.
Among those hit the hardest in recent years have been immigrants and, very importantly, minority workers competing for jobs against brand-new arrivals.
And it has not been fair to our people, to our citizens, to our workers.
The RAISE Act ends chain migration and replaces our low-skill system with a new points-based system for receiving a green card.
This competitive application process will favor applicants who can speak English,
Financially support themselves and their families and demonstrate skills that will contribute to our economy.
The RAISE Act prevents new migrants and new immigrants from collecting welfare and protects U.S.
workers from being displaced.
And that's a very big thing.
They're not going to come in and just immediately go and collect welfare.
That doesn't happen under the RAISE Act.
They can't do that.
Crucially, the Green Card Reforms and the RAISE Act will give American workers a pay raise by reducing unskilled immigration.
This legislation will not only restore our competitive edge in the 21st century, but it will restore the sacred bonds of trust between America and its citizens.
This legislation demonstrates our compassion for struggling
A 44-year-old father was beat by a gang of teenagers and knocked out with a skateboard after he asked them to stop smoking marijuana on a Dallas train.
The group of teenagers included young men and women who punched the father and threw him against the train's doors before arriving at the station near Deep Ellum in Dallas, Texas.
In world news, 22.5% of the German population now has a migrant background.
Migrants and their children make up an estimated 18.6 million people in Germany.
According to the Federal Statistical Office, which attributed the shocking statistic to German Chancellor Angela Merkel and her open border policies.
In contrast, President Trump plans to overhaul immigration laws in America as part of his wide-ranging agenda to tighten border security.
The president is working with two senators to draft a bill to create a skills-based immigration program that gives priority to Americans by cutting down on work visa abuse, among other things.
For more breaking news and reports, check back at InfoWars.com throughout the day.
This is Kit Daniels reporting.
Ruthless offshore elites use their corporate liberal media to attack and demonize any Americans or any independent news that dare challenge their lives.
Five companies own over 90% of the media.
And that's why, whether it's comedy shows, award shows, Hollywood, TV entertainment, the news, it doesn't matter.
It's all focused in one anti-American, anti-free market, anti-family, anti-Christian, anti-gun voice.
And it gets worse.
These ruthless social engineers have an iron grip on our educational system and are teaching our children to hate America and that our president is worse than Hitler and needs to be assassinated.
But as America reawakens, these powerful, deep state, rogue government forces are beginning to panic.
They've even got the former president on television and in the news, and traveling to foreign countries, bad-mouthing America, bad-mouthing sovereignty, and calling for resistance to our elected president.
In a last-ditch effort, mainstream media is now legitimizing the use of violence against anyone that opposes the globalist takeover, and against anyone who's actually trying to make this nation great again.
They are absolutely intensifying their efforts, screaming homophobe, xenophobe, racist, to make them march, to make them go out on the streets and assault viciously anyone trying to exercise their free speech.
International criminals like George Soros are openly pushing for civil insurrection in America that will lead to civil war.
The beatings, the stabbings, the shootings, the burning cars, the looting of shops, the execution of police officers.
All of this leads to the destabilization, to the martial law that the deep state and the globalists say they need to bring in their final takeover of America.
We are America, and we are the Infowar.
The government store, the paradigm of absolute control.
And that's why we're just out here doing simple things, pointing out that we're meant to be in nature and be natural.
And this is where we find the source that God made to transcend the New World Order.
And that's why they want to try to keep us out of it.
I'm angry I've had enough of these people
What more do you need to know about these people?
They literally crawl out from under rocks.
They have green lookin' skin.
And they run around screamin' we love Satan.
We wanna eat babies.
I have them on video.
Hillary's in the creepy weird six-step man.
She sleeps in the same room with that creepy weirdo woman whose mother wears a full overhead.
What the hell?
That woman number one is ugly.
Imagine how bad she smells, man.
I'm told her and Obama just stink.
Obama and Hillary both smell like sulfur.
We're near the roof, vampire pot and the goblins are hobbling around, coming after us.
My spirit gets close to that evil and I feel it go high.
Real stuff, self-centered crap.
We don't even notice and it's self-rising up against us.
Millions of pointed people of the very worst type and I'm so pissed.
We're gonna stab your daughter at the mall.
Oh, oh, oh.
We're gonna stab your wife, your son.
We're gonna stab you with a butcher knife And then the police chief is gonna say We love our Somalis We love our Muslims Oh, they're so good Oh, they're so sweet
All right, folks.
Milo Yiannopoulos is here in studio with us.
Milo Yiannopoulos is in studio.
He has the new book, Back Like the Phoenix, From the Dead, months after it was number one on Amazon and the top ten before it even came out on the New York Times bestselling list.
And first they said, it's a hateful book, even though we haven't read it.
We're not going to allow it to be on the New York Times bestseller list, which they've announced they do to conservative libertarian books.
And then they pulled it and said, we're not going to issue the books we've printed now, modern,
Book burning, where the books are destroyed before they ever hit the bookstore shelves.
His crime is not playing into their official narrative.
He's with us here for the next two hours to cover the waterfront here in Austin.
The book is now out.
We sell it at Infowarsstore.com.
Dangerous with Milo, and it's got him there with his German Shepherd on the back.
Milo, good to have you here.
Lovely to meet you, and lovely to see you again.
Yeah, a lot of folks are very excited you're here.
Well, thank you.
Thanks so much for having me.
It's a show that I like to watch even when I'm not on it, which is the highest compliment I can pay you.
Well, thanks for putting up with it.
People in our business, you know, that's about as high a compliment as you can pay.
It was good to meet you at the RNC.
And, you know, Trump won.
Their fake polls proved wrong.
They've got new fake polls out saying Trump's super unpopular.
But the bots and computer evidence we have shows he's more popular than ever.
Yeah, I mean, I just don't trust anything I read anymore.
I just don't believe a bit of it.
And it's the most extraordinary thing that's happened to the American media, which has always been the dumbest media.
It's always been the stupidest media of anywhere in the world.
I mean, you go to Britain, you know, you've got sharp, smart, brilliant, incredibly gifted, waspish
Gadflies, whether it's the tabloid media or whatever, you come to American media and they are by some margin the dumbest people, the dumbest press anywhere in the Western world.
And we've gone from sort of pitying them to being, I think, in open warfare with them.
Anybody who actually believes in freedom, the First Amendment, the Second Amendment, any of the things that make this wonderful country, you know, such a fantastic place to live, if you care about any of that stuff, I think you have no option but to be in open warfare against the establishment.
That's right, because they are in open war with us.
They're saying kill the president.
Now they've got Al Gore.
They've got Brennan on TV saying we're about to remove the president in a coup.
I mean, this is like the Twilight Zone.
They're openly doing this.
They banned your book.
Let's start there.
It's now out.
Was banned.
Go through that for folks.
Well, I had a deal with Simon & Schuster, and the publishing industry is perhaps even worse than the journalism industry.
It's about the most left-wing of all of the American establishment industries of all.
They did a contract with me, and in the contract, in the legal contract, it specifically describes me as controversial and as a provocateur.
So they knew, when they signed a deal with me, that I was controversial.
And that's why... And that's the whole point of it.
That's why they wanted me, exactly.
Now, later on, leftist pressure got to them, and they decided that they're probably going to lose, you know, Roxane Gay, this fat feminist woman who writes endlessly about how much she eats, was going to pull her book, and apparently some people out there in America buy stuff like that, and all these other people, they were going to lose so much money from their leftist authors that I think they did a business calculation.
And they also want to set the precedent for no platforming, where they just put everybody into the phantom zone like YouTube's doing now, where we don't ban your video, it's still there in another dimension digitally, just no one can see it.
Yeah, no one can see it.
There's an interstitial over it in case you accidentally do happen upon this contraband material.
You can't comment on it.
You can't vote on it.
It may, I mean, we're gonna let you put it up there for people who really, really, really, that you directly send to it, but no one's gonna happen upon it, which is of course how everybody gets views on YouTube.
It's by people, you know, related videos or, you know, recommended for you.
That's how these sites work.
So by denying conservatives and libertarians
And that's what the Nazis did.
They first put you in a ghetto, then they starve you out, they marginalize you, then they ship you off to the forced labor camp.
And then, of course, they shoot you in the head.
Well, I'm hoping Google executives aren't going to come for us with AK-47s.
But, you know, the left is calling for murder, for death, for civil war.
I mean, you've had your events cancelled because they're out there attacking people savagely.
I think they have come.
I mean, look, people used to laugh at, you know, right-wing media for saying stuff like this, and then everything became true.
You know, UC Berkeley, I couldn't give a talk about cultural appropriation, the most bizarre, pointless, abstract, academic, you know, nonsense.
You know, just another way the left is trying to pretend that everybody's racist.
And I wanted to give a talk about cultural appropriation.
I wanted to wear a Native American headdress.
You know, it's a silly, campy talk from a British fag who likes to crack fat jokes, and they wouldn't allow it to proceed.
Something as unthreatening as me.
You know, they wouldn't allow it to proceed.
So can you imagine what they're doing behind the scenes to people who are not unthreatening?
But, you know, and they burn the town up.
$100,000 worth of damage to UC Berkeley itself.
$500,000 worth of damage to downtown Berkeley.
And to say nothing of the violence at the inauguration.
And they beat up white lesbian women just because they were white.
They must be racist and they deserve to be beat up too, even though they're liberals.
I mean, it is just frothing piranha-like behavior.
Well, there's this hierarchy of privilege that they've assembled that I talk about in the book.
You know, I'm searching for sort of the perfect weapon in our culture war.
I want a sort of disabled, Muslim, lesbian, immigrant... Tranny.
Yep, yep, thank you.
You know, who happens somehow to be a conservative, because when we find her it's all over.
When we find her, the identity politics wars are done.
But, no, there's this hierarchy of privilege.
Do you?
Do you?
Well, you've got that cheeky smile of the Irish.
And I'm not too tall.
I can see you as a leprechaun.
And I'm bow-legged.
Me likey charms!
Me likey charms!
I'm going to be the first male leprechaun to have a baby, too.
That'll be exciting.
You said you heard it here first.
Well, I identify as a New York Times best-selling author, which despite the machinations of Simon & Schuster, I actually am in the real world.
Let's go back to this, because we just glaze over it as libertarians, as conservatives.
You know, we get knocked down, we get back up.
We don't turn into drama queens.
Imagine if the left had a book banned, a book banned, so your book was banned when it was number one on Amazon, in the top ten on New York Times, banned, clearly going to number one, so let's talk about that, roll through that and where you are now.
Yeah, well, I mean, the book hadn't been released yet, and Simon and Schuster caved to leftist pressure, I think, because they did a business calculation and said, you know, the amount of, the left hates this guy so much that it's going to impact our business elsewhere.
Well, they're not entitled to do that.
If they were planning to cave to leftist pressure or they thought it might be a risk, they shouldn't have signed a deal with me.
This actually isn't so much a free speech thing as a contract thing.
Are they going to stick to their word?
They did a deal with me.
These publishers like to make money from conservatives.
They will sign up Mark Levin and Rush Limbaugh and all these other big selling authors, make money from them and use that money to give Lena Dunham, Amy Schumer and Hillary Clinton multi-million dollar advances they never earned back.
You know, so they make money out of conservatives.
They make money out of you guys by selling books from people you like.
And they kind of, you know, they publish conservative authors, you know, with tweezers, like, holding their nose while they're doing it.
They're perfectly happy to collect the checks, but they don't really want to be associated.
So they do these things called imprints, where conservative authors, for instance, with Simon & Schuster, aren't published by Simon & Schuster, they're published by Threshold Editions.
So Simon & Schuster can say, oh, that's just a conservative imprint.
But they're perfectly happy to collect the money, you know?
Again, they're putting people in ghettos.
Exactly, but they are, they are.
But then the ghettos become the most popular avant-garde areas.
Don't they understand the Streisand effect?
No, and the problem is if you're gonna throw a house party and say if you go to their house party you can't come to our house party, you better make sure your party's the best one.
And unfortunately for them, libertarians and conservatives are throwing the best parties right now.
You know, we're so much more joyful and fun.
Look at this.
And more inclusive.
We don't care what you're like as long as you're not hitting us over the head with bike locks.
No, exactly.
I mean, it's an adherence to principle.
Like, we just want to be able to say, do, and be whatever we want and get left alone.
But isn't that the big secret?
We'll call ourselves conservatives because we, you know, don't mind the attacks.
But I've always just been a libertarian, free-thinking, open society guy.
It's the left trying to kill classical liberalism.
And so I see them as very anti-liberal.
I don't think these terms mean anything.
Well, it's a kind of quirk of linguistic history, isn't it, that the left in America are called liberal when they have nothing to do with the liberals, they have no liberal qualities, they don't believe in any liberal things.
Classical liberalism was supposed to be about doing whatever you want so long as it doesn't hurt anybody else.
Mill, On Liberty, The Harm Principle.
You know, do whatever you want provided that your actions don't negatively impact the people around you.
Well, that's literally the opposite of the American left.
They seem to want to regulate.
Run every language.
I mean, they want total control.
What if I want dreadlocks?
No, you're white.
That makes you a racist.
This cultural appropriation thing I was going to talk about, UC Berkeley, is another way the left tries to imply everyone's racist.
It says, if you haven't suffered the injustices as a member of a
Sure, it starts with banning Halloween parties and soon it's everything.
Milo Yiannopoulos is with us, the new book available everywhere, Dangerous with Milo.
They don't want you to read it.
Well, it's available at Infowarsstore.com.
An illegal teenage immigrant from Honduras has been charged with killing his mother.
Punez is a so-called dreamer, protected under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or DACA.
A truck had smashed the family's car on the right side.
That's where Lennox was sitting in his little car seat.
Border officials say Banda is a Mexican national in the country illegally.
He's been deported 15 times in 15 years.
Javier Lopez has a sordid story that includes a prior deportation and identity fraud in addition to the sexual assault of a friend's teenage daughter.
But I have a simple message today for every gang member and criminal alien.
We will find you, we will arrest you, we will jail you, and we will deport you.
He was deported a whopping eight times.
Suspected in a deadly hit-and-run earlier this week.
He's charged with sex abuse, sodomy, burglary, robbery, assault, and kidnapping.
Court records show he's been deported and returned 20 different times.
The father of two killed in a horrifying crash.
Police say that the driver was a drunk, unlicensed, illegal immigrant.
According to an ICE news release, he is a known gang member and has been previously deported four times.
Tonight, police say an illegal immigrant with a blood alcohol level three times the legal limit slammed into the back of an SUV carrying a family of four.
He had been arrested just hours before this crash.
A woman telling deputies she was sure she was going to die after deputies say this man, Juan Ortega Orozco, broke into her home and crept into her bed.
He's in this country illegally.
He has a rich criminal history of violating the law.
In the past two years, he's been charged with five felonies, including trafficking meth and leading the scene of a crash.
Jermaine Daniels says in a taint from under the Obama administration, federal agents now appear to be rounding up any undocumented person they come in contact with.
Federal agents eating breakfast one minute, arresting restaurant staff the next.
Illegal border crossings are down reportedly 70%.
Arrests inside the country are up 40% and demands for removal up 80% as well.
But, you know, we can't apologize for enforcing the law.
If you break the law, that's a choice that you make, and there are consequences to that.
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Get your motor running!
Get out on the highway!
Don't annoy a liberal, because they control language.
Don't have a Halloween party.
Don't have a costume party.
Don't try to have a speech.
Don't try to publish a book.
Don't criticize Muslims that are cutting people's genitals off and throwing gays off buildings.
Because if you do, we'll call for you to be put in prison.
Milo Yiannopoulos is our guest.
We're going to open the phones up in the second hour.
The book is dangerous.
Banned by a major publisher.
So finish up with the saga of that because it's so interesting.
Because it was just in the news.
Well, he deserves to have his book when it's a bestseller pulled.
I mean, this is unprecedented digital book burning.
It is, and it was, you know, it was just the most remarkable thing for me to have them cave to leftist pressure.
I mean, they're not entitled to do that.
If you're going to do that, don't sign deals with conservatives, don't take our money, don't take our readers' money.
Go try and make money if you can off Amy Schumer and Lena Dunham, so long as people find these, you know...
Which they can't.
They just force feed us these people.
These people were instructed to find beautiful and instructed to find talented.
Remember they banned you off Twitter for criticizing women as the Ghostbusters.
No, that Ghostbusters movie was so awful.
It bankrupted the studio.
I had the temerity to criticize Leslie Jones performance.
And by the way, I actually stood up for her.
I said it was a shame that she had to do that whole stereotypical black woman routine.
And it would be nice if somebody could just happen to be a black woman on screen and didn't have to play up to the stereotype.
Because I thought if I was the kind of person to be offended by that kind of thing, I might have found it patronizing.
I was sticking up for her!
And they still came for me anyway.
Well, that's the thing.
People say, hey, I'm not being racist, don't ban me.
We need to say, listen, everybody's got free speech as long as you don't call for violence.
But instead, they can call for violence, then we're restricted.
Well, they do call for violence, and they don't just call for it, but they do it.
And they do it outside my college talks, they do it with the President's inauguration, they do it all over the place.
And they're perfectly happy to threaten it, and they're perfectly happy to see through all their threats.
And when you see Yvette Falarca, for instance, that schoolteacher, she's a schoolteacher, a member of By Any Means Necessary, which is kind of like Antifa-lite, you know, they won't quite admit that they go and smash things up, but By Any Means Necessary, the clue's in the name, isn't it?
You know, she's a schoolteacher and she's going on Tucker Carlson proudly saying, yes, we're very happy that we got Milo shut down, we're very happy.
And he's like, but you're using violence to stop political speech.
That's like the definition of fascism.
And she says, no, he is a hatemonger and calling for genocide.
He said, what do you mean calling for genocide?
Where's your evidence?
And she said, he's just hateful.
You push them to a certain point, and it's the same old thing.
You get to a certain point with liberals, you get to a certain point with progressives, and it's just, I don't like you, therefore you're evil, therefore you can't be allowed a platform.
This idea of hate speech, which really just means you're conservative and I don't have any facts to disprove you.
So we must drive you out of public life.
This is what happened with this book.
Unfortunately, I mean, I went out, I raised money myself, I got it published.
I started my own imprint, in fact.
And now I hope to publish other people who simply... Isn't that the way to get around the censorship?
Is this we just leave the structure and build our own?
I think it is, and conservatives have been talking about this for decades, but they spend a lot of time talking and not much time doing.
And I think one of the things that you and I have in common is that we've actually gone out and done things.
I mean, you've built your own network.
You've built your own entirely parallel media ecosystem, so that you don't have to be reliant on these people, which is exactly what conservatives would be doing if they put their money where their mouth is.
Instead of writing ponderous articles for National Review and Commentary magazine about how we ought to do it, you've gone and done it.
I've started a publishing imprint, and now I can publish not just me, but other people too.
Other people I like who can't find
That which doesn't kill you only makes you stronger.
During the break, you said some important things about thinning the herd, what their pressure's done to us.
Yeah, I think the progressive mission to make it as expensive and difficult and stressful and exhausting and complicated as possible to be a conservative or a libertarian in public life has an inevitable effect.
And it is that only people with superhuman stamina and resources are able to survive.
So you need to have money, you need to be one of those people that just can take the licks and keep on getting up.
Now you and I both have some personal qualities that mean that we're both
You know, we'll take it, we'll get up the next day and we'll come back twice as hard.
But not everybody is like that.
And certainly most of the people on the left aren't like that.
But to survive at all in conservative media in public, you have to be like that because of what they do to you.
And that's, I think, one of the reasons there's so little talent on the conservative right in America.
And what's crazy is people think getting attacked by scum
And by people that are control freaks is bad.
It's good.
It's the animating contest of liberty.
It's like if we didn't have gravity, we'd be jellyfish.
These people are making us stronger.
It's enjoyable now to have them put more weight on me and then break free because like Doomsday, every time they attack, we get stronger.
Yes, what does not break me only makes me more fabulous.
Come on, let's just compare it.
I mean, those of us that have made it through their attacks are like Doomsday now.
And you know, that's how they see us.
We're indestructible.
There's no wonder they hate us so much.
No wonder they fear us so much.
No wonder they cannot allow our college talks or our TV shows or our media appearances to proceed unedited, untrammeled, you know, unsabotaged.
Because after everything they've thrown at us, the fact that we're still standing and still just as defiant and have just as big audiences, if not
Huge, you know, even more huge than before.
Makes us terrified.
Exactly, and Trump's the same, so let's look at Trump and talk about where you see him going, what he's done right, what he's done wrong.
Six months in with Milo Yiannopoulos.
The new best-selling book, Dangerous, available at InfoWarsTore.com and everywhere as well.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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The Alex Jones Show just a good old boy.
Never meaning no harm.
That's right.
The mountain might get them, but the law never will.
Milo is here in studio with us.
He's already got the best-selling book that they pulled off the shelves.
And now it's back, reborn with his own publishing operation already climbing the charts.
And a much better cover than Simon & Schuster had as well.
I look far more handsome than they wanted me to look.
Which is of course the most important thing to any gay author.
People really need to order the book at infowarestore.com.
Dangerous.com is the website, and I gotta say, that is the best URL ever.
I bet you paid handsomely for it.
I am jealous.
I won't tell you how much I paid for it, but I'm very happy to have acquired Dangerous.com.
I'm going to keep, I'm going to, once the book is kind of, the book tour is over, I'm going to hand it over to the imprint that we set up, Dangerous Books.
That is, that is like the best in this whole media climate.
I couldn't think of a better
Well, I'll give you an email address.
You know, Alex at Dangerous.com.
Well, since you're gay, The Blaze would be pretty good.
I'm sorry!
I'm sorry!
Oh, Glenn Beck's far more of a fag than I am.
Oh, there's no doubt.
Anyway, sorry.
No, I'll leave that to the other big gay... That'll be in the news.
I'll leave that to the other big gaylord in conservative media.
Tonight at dinner in Dallas, Milo Yiannopoulos and Glenn Beck at Gaylords.
He called me a threat to the Republic.
He called me Goebbels.
And they say that we have loose mouths.
I mean, what is wrong with them?
Well, you know, he's the new guy who goes around as the Judas goat and goes, Conservatives are all faking frauds.
I'm one.
I'm sorry.
He crawls around on failed establishment publications, always trying to sabotage everything.
You just see his name in the New York Times, you're like, what are you doing?
And he thinks it's some kind of victory.
It's like, I am parking my tanks on their lawn.
I'm making this insurgency into the enemy territory.
No, they're laughing at you.
They have neutered you.
He's like, what's the one in Game of Thrones that is... He's a gelder.
He's a eunuch.
He's a eunuch.
They've cut it off.
They've chopped it off.
Well the word is actually, and I'm not against this, Glenn Beck actually was a woman that transitioned into a man.
Do you think so?
Actually, I heard he's pregnant.
Really, really?
No, no, I'm serious.
This is breaking.
Every day, the Daily Mail seems to find some new pregnant man, and I just know, give it a couple of days, the next one's going to be Glenn, 56, from Texas.
Let me give you the next news.
It's my baby.
Well, that really would be something.
I'm going to be honest, I've had a relationship with Glenn Beck for a long time.
What would your celebrity name be?
Alec Glalex.
Your celebrity couple name is Glalex.
The Glalex Empire attacked Earth from its Mars base.
The little Glenn Beck Alex Jones clone babies.
That would be an ugly baby.
To the extent that it was Glenn's, yeah.
No, no, you're being nice.
I mean, Glenn is a good-looking woman.
He has, I'm sure he has some virtues.
I haven't discovered any of them yet.
What it is, is being hyper jealous of anybody getting more attention than him.
I think that's it.
You know, I think I've noticed that about him.
When I started to get a bit of a media profile and I, you know, I teased him lightly in a Breitbart column.
Just a little bit of gentle teasing.
And he comes down on me like a ton of bricks on his radio show saying this guy is a threat to the Republic, he's the new Goebbels.
Oh, he takes himself really serious.
Oh my goodness.
He's really not a woman, he's Moses.
He's just missing the big beard like he went up on the mountain, Milo.
He came down, you're supposed to bow down to him.
I don't think he's ever recovered from that march he did.
Which, it's a sort of mess, there's something messianic about him.
Except it's a sort of tragedy, in the Hegelian sense of tragedy, where you've got these sort of warring ideas about good and evil.
And he no longer has a conservative moral compass.
So he doesn't really understand what's right and wrong anymore.
He just knows that he's really, really, really important.
What's up with the creepy sweaters, too?
He dresses like an elderly gay antiques dealer.
You just imagined having these porcelain glasses and he's there looking down his nose at, um, you know, those nubile young boys in the antique shop or something.
Oh my goodness.
Oh boy.
Well, you know, that's nothing.
Good news is that was yesterday's.
They said he could never do broadcast because he was too busy always designing the interior.
And like, what is it?
Look at the offices of The Blaze.
You know, no wonder their network's gone to shit.
He spent all the time picking the drapes and forgot to come up with a business model.
That's what they said!
And again, I love it.
Yours is called Dangerous, which is real hard.
Dangerous to tyrants.
The best name ever.
He picked The Blaze.
Did he not get the Freudian slip?
You know what's so ridiculous about him?
I mean, say what you want about Tommy Lahren.
I think she's pretty cool.
Are you attracted to Glenn Beck?
Look at him right there.
He looks like a chipmunk.
The only personality on his network that ever had any hope
Of making it big time.
He just neglected and mismanaged and later said he would never have hired if he'd ever seen her or met her.
Tommy Lahren, you know?
I think she was silly for doing what she did on The View.
I don't think she should have let them bully her into it.
Dana Loesch is a firecracker, too.
Oh, okay.
So Dana's got some spunk, as we say in England.
I mean, to quote Led Zeppelin, I can watch the honey drip, can't keep away.
Right, but she had a career before she went there.
I'm talking about people that the Blades could have incubated out of nowhere and turned into media stars.
The only one that I can think of that could have been a sensation, he has been so rude about.
And this is his thing.
That's because he's jealous.
When people are huge, I want them on my show because they're interesting and I want us all to get bigger together.
But so many other talk show hosts are violently jealous of everybody else.
Of course, and it's so ugly, and it's so petty, and it just makes you look like such a bitch, you know?
One good thing about Drudge is he's been a big kingmaker.
He's really helped a lot of people.
He seems to not be, you know, going with the trend of being jealous.
No, no, no, and he's perfectly, but you see, he's just got such
Brilliant natural journalistic instincts.
He loves characters, and he loves the arc of celebrity.
He loves building people up, and then watching them get into trouble, and then getting themselves out of it.
He gets the real soap opera of life.
Of course!
And he's kind of the window through which he sees the world.
He's the perfect tabloid journalist, because he sees everything in terms of personality, who's up, who's down.
You know, in the New York Post or whatever, you get the winners of the week and losers of the week.
You know, that's how Drudge operates, and it's fantastic, and it's fascinating, and it's brilliant.
And it's how we've come to see politics, it's how we've come to see all sorts of things.
He's the dominant window gestalt of our modern world.
And not very keen on Glenn Beck anymore.
He's very mean about Beck in all kinds of subtle and delightful ways.
Well, you know, expanding on all this, speaking of the devil, we've got a funder operation.
The book's available at infowarestore.com, dangerous.com, not at the flaming ember...
The Blaze, you know, its end was always prophesied in its name, you know, and it's gonna go down.
It's got so many metaphors!
The Blaze!
Exactly how it started and exactly how it'll end.
It's kind of like naming a shooting star.
We're just the Icarus Network.
That's why I chose Infowar.
It goes on forever.
Of course, of course.
And so we're just chronicling that in my own obnoxious way.
But seriously, we have the 1776 specials, the new specials for the month of August, keeping with my trend of just discounting everything more and more because folks love that.
Our Brain Force new trail pick, which I'll be taking today when I do a two-hour interview for his show with Milo later.
I'm on your brain pills today.
I had them in the brain force pills.
Did they kick in?
I do feel more awake than I was earlier.
I'm not going to lie.
I don't know whether it's just your energy, or the studio lights, or the brain force, but I do feel more lively than I did two hours ago.
Well thank you.
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We've got on there, as seen on HBO,
It's one of the things I like about you the most.
It's one of the things that we have in common.
I've got to tell you.
So the beginning of my book is all of the mean things people have said about me.
So all the worst things that people have said about me.
But it genuinely entertains me!
Oh, it's so fun!
They don't realize.
My wife is so sick of my guilty pleasure, I'm like hunting out the most horrible things.
The most hated man on the internet.
He doesn't have feelings.
The ultimate troll.
Bullying, bleach blonde, tantrum starter.
Trump troll with daddy issues.
Monstrous, trollish, goblin prince.
Undignified, cold and low, polarizing and counterproductive, doesn't deserve Twitter, idiot, transphobic, hate monger, an icon of the fringe internet, and then flamboyant homosexual with movie star good looks.
I don't know how that got in there, but...
I think it comes from a self-confidence of knowing that if they didn't make you, they can't break you.
Well, I also like laughing at myself.
I mean, I do do goofy stuff.
You do do goofy stuff.
Although I have to tell you, and we're going to talk about this, because I'm going to interview you after this for my channel, and I want to tell you that you have been vindicated in a way that even I didn't anticipate.
There is, of course, that famous clip of you talking about frogs.
Well, the Daily Mail in the last seven days released a story saying that chemicals that are going through our water system, partly as a result of contraceptives, are turning fish transgender.
Now technically they've become intersex, so they're not transgender so much as no gender, but I mean, it's one of those laws of the universe.
You wait long enough, Alex Jones turns out to be right!
Well sure, I mean, I was reading articles about it, and then I just made the comment like five years ago, listen, you know, there's always people that are naturally, you know, have different sexual preferences.
I'm saying chemically, it's mainly giving people cancer, but they ignored all that part, and I said the gay frog thing on purpose, then Howard Stern thought it was funny.
It's so funny, but it's, it's like, it's so funny, but it's one of those things like, you know, you have these, you have these moments of sort of metaphoric, rhetorical kind of excess,
Well, I feed the trolls, I do it on purpose!
No, I know you do.
I know you, of course, I know you do.
And I will tell these outrageous jokes, and it's like, if you're John Oliver, or Jon Stewart, or Bill Maher, you're allowed to talk about current issues, you're allowed to be a journalist, and you're allowed to crack jokes and be a media personality, be entertaining, have like an entertainment news magazine-y kind of show, and it's perfectly fine.
But if you're on the right, your most jokey bit will get
Thrown back at you a year later, you know, in Germany.
As serious.
Well, so, okay, now we've finished talking about Syria.
Do you think the frogs are gay?
And it's like, what are you doing?
Like, nobody who watched that show thinks, it's so disingenuous.
Well, I thought his joke was funny about, you know, the other gay frog, WB.
Hello my baby, hello my darling, hello my good time pal.
And we're making jokes about all this.
It's clearly like, here's the headline, Jones believes Trump's having sex with goblins.
And I just like to say the word goblins.
And you also like satanic and Satan, but you use... I like how you use it.
You use it metaphorically sometimes, you know, just to mean really, really bad.
Or I say I'm wearing my satanic conservative outfit, you know.
Thank you, wristwatch, this isn't really fancy.
Because you're suggesting that that's how they see you.
But then it's misrepresented as you describing yourself as satanic, because these people take, you know, what would, if it were on the left, be a perfectly well understood entertainment, you know, a blend of entertainment, social commentary, news, and all the rest
Which the left is allowed to do.
They have dozens of shows.
They're on all the networks.
Just go watch any of them.
They're allowed to do it.
They can do silly skits and spoofs and dress up in silly costumes and make fun of the news and then make serious points.
And Jon Stewart, of course, who's the master of this, used to retreat into this, I'm just a comedian, whenever something he said seriously got thrown back at him later and he couldn't stand it up or he couldn't justify it.
He's like, oh, well, I'm just a comedian.
I'm on Comedy Central, after all.
Yeah, but you're probably the most influential political commentator of your generation, so give it a rest.
You know, but it's perfectly allowed on the left, but if you're on the right, or even just libertarian, you have to, you know, you're held to these... Because again, they want to set the rules and not have competition intellectually, because they're anti-intellectual.
But expanding on that, what about the paradigm of, all their major news shows have almost no viewers, they're now cancelling, I think I never even celebrated this a week ago, they've cancelled Megyn Kelly's show early... I meant to ask you about that, are you devastated?
I'm devastated.
Separately though, let me bring this up, because you're an expert on this, I want your take on it.
All their top news shows that still have viewers are Colbert and John Oliver, and they do have big audiences, but they're posing as real newsmen when they have dozens and dozens, sometimes hundreds of writers on full-time staff to read off a teleprompter.
They have fake laugh tracks playing in the background.
All of it's fake and then they pose and say we're fake news and then edit things.
What does it say about them that their last bastion are comedians?
And bad comedians.
I think they use it as a sort of therapy.
I think they use it as a kind of...
As an emotional support mechanism.
A ghost dance.
They're losing, but they can still laugh at us.
And as long as they can still be sarcastic and snarky, somehow they can at least keep up the fiction that they might be in the right.
I watched that John Oliver segment about your show, and he's supposed to be a comedian.
Not a single one of his punchlines landed.
Not a single... I mean, there's just... By the end of it, I was trying to work out something to ask you about it, and it was so...
Boring and so rubbish compared, you know, I mean look neither of us is difficult people to satirize Let's be honest, you know because we like to have fun with with ourselves because we enjoy laughing at ourselves We're not difficult people to satirize it.
They can't do it because they're such bad comedians It's not just that their last resort is to comedy.
The last resort is to unfunny comedy.
It's awful It just makes me you know, it just makes me
Sad, because America has produced great comedians, Bill Burr, Joan Rivers, and these days it seems like a sort of particularly unsatisfying branch of leftist activism.
Exactly, and they're getting more desperate as even their big comedy shows get less and less viewers.
I'm tempted to show a tweet, or not a tweet, a text from Megyn Kelly, because she's also put some tweets out.
The last tweet I sent her, last
Text I sent her was... I probably shouldn't do it, but the point was, I told her, I said... Come on.
I said, you watch, this is going... I can hear your producer saying, do it.
Come on, do it.
Well, okay, later I'll talk about it, maybe.
I gotta pull it up.
But the point is, I told her, I said, you think you've destroyed me.
I said, mark my words, you're gonna be burned up by this and your job's gonna be terminated.
And I told her that in person, too.
We've got the audio.
I haven't aired that yet.
I'm tempted to have Rob do.
Pull that audio up and pull the text up later.
And it wasn't an arrogance.
I knew that she was going to edit it and try to destroy me.
And it wasn't that I was that strong.
It's that America's totally turned against the establishment.
And when they built it up like David versus Goliath and that they were the David, everybody saw her as the Goliath.
And I knew that they could have run a dead, dying dog up against her with maggots all over it.
And the people would have chosen the dead, dying dog over her, because they see her as Medusa, and that's my point to them, is everyone is sick of them.
She's also not hugely talented.
She's not, exactly.
I mean, you know, I think she got a show because she was mean to Trump.
She got a show because she dared to ask Trump a difficult question, which he completely bested her on, by the way.
You know, he completely flattened it with that amazing, only Rosie O'Donnell won the presidency for me in that moment.
It's like, you've called women dogs, speaking of that, only Rosie O'Donnell.
Okay, okay, done.
You're my guy.
Stay there, stay there.
It's like, I've got the Madam President Newsweek here.
It's fun to read.
Oh, I love it.
I've never seen it in real life.
Oh, the whole thing's how he lost and what state she won.
I've never seen it in real life.
I'm so excited.
Because it shows they were trying to steal the election.
Yeah, yeah.
They were sure they were.
And so here's the blueprint.
Do you know that's the moment I knew he definitely won?
When I saw that... Stay right there, Milo.
Now, joining us is one of the most prolific and successful people, reaching tens of millions a week, author, you name it, Mark Dice.
And more and more, they're trying to censor him off YouTube, CNN's been trying to censor him, and it's just really coming to a head.
And Twitter's admitting that they are about to massively increase the censorship.
They say, quote, tenfold.
I want to talk about this and just the general lay of the land with media critic Mark Dice.
Mark, thanks for coming on with us.
Always good to join you, Alex.
The war against independent media continues to ramp up.
They just had the Sun Valley Conference, which is basically the Bilderberg Conference of tech in Sun Valley, Idaho.
It's a sports town where every year the big tech moguls and media companies merge to have discussions about acquisitions, new terms of service policies.
And so that's, I think, why we're starting to see some of this new censorship rolling out.
This is coming out of the discussions that were held at Sun Valley.
But all these people, when they have an annual meeting where they're going to get together and you kind of expect what their next move is going to be, that's where they're going to collaborate, kind of come to a consensus.
Essentially, this is one of those big elite consensus building organizations like Build-A-Bird, like the Bohemian Grove, which also just happened.
But this is specifically focused on tech.
It's not overtly sinister, but this is where all of these big shots go.
They couch it in stopping bullying, but then they have these groups that go around bullying, saying if you hurt their feelings, talking bad about Hillary, they ban you.
Yeah, the double standard is incredible, and that's part of the reason why my YouTube channel has taken off for the last year, because they're sort of documenting the clear hypocrisy, the violations of terms of service.
Yeah, talk about that!
I mean, they'll have a Facebook with a half million people for a year saying kill Trump, but we just say we don't like Hillary and our thing gets suspended.
I mean, it's crazy.
They're taking down conservative YouTube channels.
Thankfully, you guys covered the story about CNN and YouTube just pulling my video, which was a very strange form of censorship.
I hadn't seen this before.
They locked my previous video on private.
They didn't strike it.
And they sent me an email and said that it was misleading.
You know, their tagline is, this is CNN.
So I just, I titled the video, This is CNN.
This is CNN.
I showed people what CNN was.
I just used a bunch of different clips of them and remixed them and it was transformative.
It was a completely different product than what it was that they put out.
So I think what they're going to start doing now, instead of just filing copyright strikes because that's going to be a legal nightmare for them, they know that some of the bigger channels are going to take the support.
I think they're going to start using their content's ID system to block videos, which has happened to me already in the past.
This is the second
I've had them hit me with copyright when it's about me, 100% defended by under free speech.
You as a citizen are allowed to show a clip and respond under free speech.
It's totally covered.
Courts have ruled a million times, as you know.
But as you said, they're starting to ignore that.
What if we're really in some weird alternate universe and this is a virtual reality and Milo and myself are just interfacing and Hillary really won and so we're looking at a real Madam President actual physical magazine.
Only one of these two things was actually published.
It wasn't the one the establishment wanted.
No it wasn't.
It wasn't Newsweek's Madam President special.
It was, of course, MyDangerous.
Can I show you my favorite thing in this?
Yes, yes, in fact, Milo Yiannopoulos, a best-selling author, his book banned, now he's published it himself, Dangerous, available at Infowarsstore.com, Dangerous.com, which is the most manly name you could have, not The Blaze.
The Blazing Fag of Glenn Beck.
Sorry, it's fun to say that.
We're not being anti-gay.
We love the fact Glenn's gay.
It's wonderful.
I want a date.
Look, I'm a latent person.
I want you, Glenn Beck.
Marry me.
I'm not going to lie anymore.
I want Glenn Beck.
You know what this is called?
This will be all over the newspapers.
Sorry, I'm done.
Alright, seriously.
Actually, I am gay.
I like Hillary Clinton.
She's the hottest man I've ever seen.
I want to marry him.
Milo, give us your review of Madam President Newsweek.
It's a wonderful thing, and I just want to show you one image, which is my face.
No, no.
Review the whole thing.
Oh, alright.
Okay, fine.
We start with... Look at this.
You see that she was never...
They were always a problem, weren't they?
You've started in the Newsweek special with these wonderful pictures of Hillary looking intense and serious and statesmanlike.
Setting you up for the features.
She was focused for the job of her life.
It was her destiny.
She was born to do it.
She was born to be America's first female president.
Um, and all these wonderful features that Newsweek prepared before it knew the results of the election, explaining why she'd won, why Trump had lost, and towards the end of the special you've got all these things about how, oh, Trump lives in a fantasy world where facts are irrelevant, uh, despite his claims to be.
And that's why he was defeated.
And that's why he was defeated.
This, what a Park Ridge.
He stood against the siren of beauty.
Look at this, look at this lovely Lifetime special.
Oh, there's Bill Clinton.
Park Ridge to Pennsylvania Avenue.
Except now.
Oh, there she is, the little CIA operative in college.
Loving, loving, leading the ladies.
You know, it's a political dynasty.
There's the good family.
From the beloved rapist-in-chief all the way down to no first housewife.
She's not going to take it lying down.
She's going to get the office.
Oh no, this is her second time in the White House.
She's in charge.
Yes, she's in charge.
Oh, look.
There she is with Al Gore, baby.
Her and Tipper are going to get in the sack tonight.
Anyway, and it goes on and on.
Oh, look, look, look.
Senate and State, as I heard.
Newsweek is charting.
It's about her victory after victory.
The meteoric rise of the Venerable Queen!
It's inexorable.
It's unstoppable rise!
Nothing could possibly have stopped it.
At the State Department, and we all know what a great success, what a terrific success she's had.
Failed states, Libya, ISIS, Al-Qaeda.
She likes football, she's a winner.
Oh, and now we get to the really good stuff.
The new war on Hillary.
The misogyny.
Oh, they attacked her, but she fought through!
Oh, and there she is, looking noble and defiant.
Noble and defiant!
Oh, she's beautiful.
A lover of the ladies, a defender.
And she's also her own woman, let's not forget.
Letting Hillary be Hillary.
She wasn't fake at all.
Emerging from her husband's shadow to be a real, convincing and authentic person.
Crawling out of the mouth of hell.
Why have you become Churchill?
Friends with Obama.
Hold on, we've got to go to break.
The exciting conclusion in 70 seconds with Milo Yiannopoulos.
We're not done yet.
Ladies and gentlemen,
Get ready for Newsweek.
They're not fake news.
No, Hillary won, and they told you even state-by-state how she won.
That's right.
And it matches just how they tried to steal it that night.
But everything's okay.
Newsweek said, I want to kill liberals.
I never said it.
Doesn't matter.
That's why they're called fake news.
That's why they're collapsing.
Third hour.
Straight ahead.
Spread the word.
Be part of the revolution.
And the Blaze Pink Tootsies website.
A 44-year-old father was beaten by a gang of teenagers and knocked out with a skateboard after he asked them to stop smoking marijuana on a Dallas train.
The group of teenagers included young men and women who punched the father and threw him against the train's doors before arriving at the station near Deep Ellum in Dallas, Texas.
In world news, 22.5% of the German population now has a migrant background.
Migrants and their children make up an estimated 18.6 million people in Germany.
According to the Federal Statistical Office, which attributed the shocking statistic to German Chancellor Angela Merkel and her open border policies.
In contrast, President Trump plans to overhaul immigration laws in America as part of his wide-ranging agenda to tighten border security.
The president is working with two senators to draft a bill to create a skills-based immigration program that gives priority to Americans by cutting down on work visa abuse, among other things.
For more breaking news and reports, check back at InfoWars.com throughout the day.
This is Kit Daniels reporting.
Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order.
It's Alex Jones.
We now take you live to the Central Texas Command Center, where Milo Yiannopoulos is poring over the winner of the 2016 elections.
You're in a time machine, and Hillary just won.
Returning to our inter-dimensional portal coverage of the instance.
It's Alex Jones.
It's Milo Yiannopoulos.
Go ahead.
We're back from Interdimensional Portal.
We are returning from our Interdimensional Portal to the center spread of the Newsweek special explaining how Hillary won and why Trump lost.
And this is serious Hillary.
This is sensible Hillary.
This is Hillary.
This is date, you know, date work Hillary.
She's getting the job done!
It's a lot of foreign payments coming into the foundation.
You just raked in a few more billion.
Put a few more dictators in charge.
This morning I tweeted a rainbow hashtag to my gay followers to pander to them.
The same morning as I accepted 50 million from Saudi Arabia.
How's that?
And Barack lets out a hearty chuckle.
That's the Democrat Party for you.
Obama's bad cop.
This is Newsweek setting her up as the tough, the tough... Obama needed her to do the hard job and she did it!
She's the tough one in the partnership.
I mean, not difficult with Obama, of course, who has so many things in common with Glenn Beck, as we were talking earlier, but...
Well, including being married to a man, as the late, great Joan Rivers revealed to us all.
You don't talk about that.
And there she is.
And again, we're not transphobic.
We're proud that we had a first tranny leader.
No, it shows us as the progressive nation of values that we are.
I'll tell you though, she is a good-looking tranny.
There's that picture, isn't there, of the... in the dress with the lump.
Have you seen that picture?
Yeah, what is that?
Who knows?
It's not... Is that her sex gun?
Who knows?
Who knows?
Keep your hand on your gun!
So this is her being... this is the approval of the previous first lady.
And she's the lady, Lord Snapping Turtle, that tells our kids what to eat.
That's totally normal.
Do you know how many American school children hate this woman?
And it's wonderful.
It's better than anything any conservative ever did to the reputation of Barack Obama.
Worse than prison food!
No, no, that's what they say.
You know, I speak... You probably have young fans, too.
But, you know, I have these people email me, 13-year-old girls who say, we don't like the Obamas.
I say, why?
They said, school dinners.
They won't let us eat.
We go in the morning and we get one tiny chip of lobster.
They say that's why suddenly the young kids are all turning against them.
They go, you're the ones that feed us prison gruel.
We've got this post-millennial conservative generation and the reason is they...
They weren't allowed school dinners.
They didn't get sausages and burgers.
They got these tiny bits of green crap, thanks to Michelle Obama.
This sort of hectoring, nannying... And then the gravy looks like phlegm.
Let's continue to the big victory.
And there it is.
Madam President!
It's the moment we've all been waiting for.
It is the inevitable Hillary victory.
You know, by the way, when...
Talk about the Grinch.
Look at how Cain looks like the Grinch that's told Christmas.
You put some green paint on that face.
It's sinister, isn't it?
And just the... You know what, actually, this is... He's starring in Stephen King's new hit.
He's the clown.
Is it Pennywise?
If you just Google creepy Tim Cain, creepy comes up first.
Jim Cain, space, and the next suggestion.
When they're not censoring Google Autocomplete, as of course they did during the election, to make the results more flattering to Hillary Clinton.
From Adam President.
Just an algorithm mistake, of course.
Just a mistake in the algorithms.
She's a lady, in case you needed to be told.
This is about women's victory right now.
Women's victory, because this is all about... You're not pandering.
I'm with her.
Nothing to do with policy or substance.
She has no future, but she's with the mob boss, failed state, ISIS backing, lady that lied that she was going to shot at on a tarmac in Serbia.
Sharing the White House.
There we go.
Oh, now he's going to be the first man.
Unite, dude.
There we go.
Rapist-in-chief back in the Oval Office.
Reminds me of their rape whistles.
Oh, I saw that for John Oliver.
I was like, why are you advertising what's actually a really cool product?
Because I was watching that, and I was like, I want one of those, and I'm definitely asking for one when I go to Austin.
You're gonna get one.
Can we go over to the warehouse and get you a rape whistle?
No, please.
Get us two.
We're gonna blow them together.
I think they're about to sell out.
I want on-air rape whistles.
Alright, long segment coming up.
We have a lot of ads towards the end and start of the hour.
We'll get to the end of the Newsweek special.
We're going to get back into your book.
We're going to open the phones up and then Roger Stone's joining us with really serious news.
They're isolating the president ahead of a coup and openly say they're getting ready to kill him on national television with Will Blitzer.
So yeah, and they're saying hashtag hunt Republicans.
So we're having fun here but it's pretty dangerous.
The news we're about to cover is some of the most powerful, important information I've ever covered.
Elite publications like the Financial Times of London, the New Yorker Magazine, most importantly Atlantic Monthly, have all come out with articles that I'm going to be showing you on screen while our guest is on, saying we need to overthrow President Trump, we need to have new elections and our homeland security, and take all the Republicans that were elected in 2016 and remove them.
They're calling for death, violence.
This is insane.
So I want to ask Colonel Schaeffer, former head of the Bin Laden unit, patriot,
With a lot of big connections.
Helped expose Benghazi, you name it.
Works for the London Center for Foreign Policy Research.
Fox contributor.
Where we are currently and how serious the situation is.
Colonel Schaefer, you're more of an expert on this than even I am.
I know that you've worked in some of the most classified areas there are and really had up a lot of things that I'll never see the light of day for this country.
Am I overestimating how serious this is?
No, Alex, thank you for having me on.
And no, you're laying that completely correctly.
You're essentially outlining the situation based on their own verbiage.
And of course, then when they get caught in the open daylight, they then try to say, no, no, no, no, we never said that.
It's all about you.
The same way the deep state goes about saying the deep state doesn't exist.
And as you pointed out, this is the first time you and I have spoken since, what, I don't know how many months ago.
Sean Hannity and I haven't spoken.
This is all original work by all of us simply observing what we see and factually analyzing and putting it back out.
And my analysis is just a bit different than yours and Sean's.
Mine is coming from the perspective of how I've looked at and studied terror organizations and how they go about radicalizing individuals.
The way that the left is going about trying
We're good to go.
They put out the message to billions of people.
They know people are going to hack.
It's like advertising.
If you put advertising out to billions of people saying, come eat our hamburgers, they're gonna come.
Well, if you put out advertising to billions saying, kill, kill Republicans, kill Trump, kill Alex Jones, kill, kill, kill, it's gonna happen!
That's Vincent Price laughing when Hillary said she won.
Hillary's theme tune.
Yeah, Day of the Dead.
Bailing her like two zombies.
She's being supported by her nine-person medical team.
Hillary's in great health!
It's like when Pele... You just imagine that if MSNBC hosted, Hillary's literally sucking her dry.
She's like, the president elects in great health.
Just gnawing on her.
Desperate to stay alive somehow.
Now, by the way, we were talking about the rape whistles.
We were.
We have them.
And John Oliver did a really great piece that I want more of, I'm serious.
Where he goes, rape whistles?
Why would you do that with Bill Clinton?
Well, the reason is, is that Bill Clinton had to settle a bunch of rape cases, including biting women on the face while he raped them.
He's well known.
But the Newsweek article says that Trump invented a bunch of fake sex victims of the Clintons.
One of them was a 13-year-old girl kidnapped, raped by seven men, until she had a prolapse.
Her body came out of her.
She could never have kids again, they raped her so hard.
Hillary represented them, admitted they were guilty, and made jokes that we have audio of of getting them off.
So they're obsessed with this, but they make the joke.
Listen, we took over Bill Clinton's campaign, Hillary's campaign, blowing whistles.
That's why we sold these at cost.
People blew whistles, screaming, you're a rapist.
They took over hundreds of their events, and we probably won the election for Trump, our audience that did that.
So Oliver acts like we're crazy, we're insane.
Milo Yiannopoulos is here with us.
They don't know why we did it.
He knows full well why we did it.
And we're about to sell out of these.
I'm glad that he reminded us that we had some overstock of these.
We need to bring these back.
Bill Clinton's a rapist!
Bill Clinton's a rapist!
A few times Bill Clinton would be talking and he'd say, and I'll tell you what that means, that means, you're a rapist!
I mean, he got torn up, so here's John Oliver looking down his nose at us, the little chimney sweep, here it is.
Pick up a Bill Clinton rape whistle, which, according to InfoWars, should be used to let Bill know you're in the crowd and that you know the truth.
That truth, by the way,
You just spent $6 on a whistle.
Oh, that's right!
We bought this!
And by the way... That's right!
We bought this!
...3911 was an inside job bumper sticker that we most assuredly did not ask...
Yeah, but here's the thing.
They say I said that the government did 9-11.
I'm saying criminal elements worked with Saudi Arabia.
I think congressmen on, like Jones, confirming it.
We're proving right on that again.
And in the news today, they are saying that they're admitting they're trying to pass laws to stop appliances from spying on us.
But before we go there, Milo, I've been ranting.
You've got the floor.
Let's talk about the rape whistle.
Let's finish up with the Newsweek, Madam President.
I'm very happy to have this.
I came in and I saw a mug and I wanted a mug and I asked your producer if I could have a mug.
We'll be exiting the building with the greatest piece of merchandise I could ever have hoped for, so thank you for my whistle.
Right, let's get through to the end of this, because we're on the home stretch.
Sharing the White House, there she is.
Well, turn back for someone just joined us.
She just won.
Oh, she just won.
After her meteoric, unstoppable rise.
Look at this.
Madam President!
Dun, dun, dun, dun!
Dun, dun, dun, dun, dun!
Here is the red, white and blue.
She's dressed for the occasion.
She's with her running mate.
Everything is perfect and beautiful and celebratory.
Do you remember that moment, by the way, on election night?
Yes, when she won.
You were on air, I think.
Well, there it is.
It says, Madam President.
That was the moment she won.
They've got photos of it.
How can it be fake?
There's pictures of it.
This is just wonderful.
You know, the publication of this, I know I said this already, but the publication of this thing, this object, as soon as I saw this, I knew that he had won.
I knew that Donald Trump was going to be the next president because the good lord above, the hubris of it, the good lord above would not have allowed this to stand.
It's like the Titanic going, not even God could sink this ship!
No, that's exactly what it was, and of course there's only one inevitable rule of history.
You know, a hubris that grand, and you see it in the great Greek tragedies, you see it in history time and time again.
Don't tempt the fates!
Don't tempt the fates.
And if this isn't tempting the fates, I don't know what is.
So you've got Madam President in the red, white and blue.
She's a lady.
She's the winner.
She won because she's a woman, not because she... You better get out of the way!
Sharing the White House.
There she is, welcoming back in.
Now I have to, you know...
I will break with possibly you and some of your audience and say that, you know, there are some things about Bill that were kind of cool.
Like, he was sort of a cool customer, even though, you know... He was a rapist and a drug addict.
He was a rapist and a drug addict and whatever.
He's like an evil Benny Hill.
Putting somebody like that back in the White House was... I mean, well, there it is.
I mean, he already porky-pigged it for eight years.
It's happened.
It's happened.
Why would Trump bother to make up rape victims?
You don't need to.
There's dozens of them.
All you've got to do is pick up a newspaper from the 90s.
Okay, so there's all this... Oh, look, and there's her.
There's the shark attack photo.
Look at the shark attack.
Triumphantly exclaiming.
Like the demon clown is fighting for us.
Full demon possessed Linda Blair.
Prepare for hell.
This was just after the 360 head turn.
Finally the head comes back.
Look at the shot.
And she's going to spew green, green, green.
That's the shot.
Here's the face.
We done?
Get into it, you see, I love you.
After the 360 revolution is complete, and immediately before the ejection of the goo, a photographer manages to catch her head in the forward position.
There it is.
Fighting for us.
Fighting what?
Nobody knows.
What the primaries taught us.
That she stole it from Merti Sanders and he bent over?
What the primaries taught us is that the Clintons run the Democrat Party, but I'm sure that's not what the article says.
We haven't got time to read the whole thing, but I'm pretty sure Newsweek didn't say that.
No, it's how she won fair and square.
Battling and remembering the legacy.
Remembering Little Rock.
Moments from her past.
You see, now they've established her victory.
They're giving you a little nostalgic tour.
Again, it's the Lifetime movie moment, you know.
A little nostalgic tour.
The only endearing thing about her is that she likes women.
Which is something at least you can get behind.
And then she's got Webster Hubble's daughter.
The only thing I have in common with her is that we both fuck blacks.
Oh, sorry, let's delete that.
Sorry, we're not allowed to.
Well, she did say blacks are super predators.
No, no, no!
And they got the law passed to put blacks in jail three times more for the same crime, and then they blamed Trump for it!
No, her husband passed a bill that destroyed the black family.
You know, this constant war on drugs, you know, the crime bill that ripped apart black families and caused most of the problems in the black community these days.
Oh, a knight of firsts!
A knight of firsts.
A knight of firsts.
They're in the pure goddess outfit.
White and pure.
This is the messianic long lens shot that we've come to know as... God save our queen!
This is actually known in the industry as the Glenn Beck.
You know, the messianic long lens.
The Lord.
It's looking down on high.
Just learn to take this person very seriously.
Very seriously.
And shot from below to make them look more substantial and titanic.
You know, it's called the Glenn Beck.
There we go, and we've got, oh look, and there's her.
There's Webster Hubble.
There's Mr. Ed leading through to get a bucket of grain.
A horse is a horse, of course, of course.
That is, of course, unless the horse is the famous Webster Hubble!
Well, is that?
Oh, and look.
There's Bill.
Bill's like, is that some cocaine on the table?
No comment to make about that.
You know there were moments when you kind of got... Is that a lobster ring?
No, it's a scorpion.
It's a scorpion.
You like it?
I do.
I like it more if it was a lobster.
Scorpions are cooler than lobsters, aren't they?
No, no, no.
Lobsters are just tasty.
Scorpions are dangerous.
Lobsters are psychic.
See, I've got a dragon, I've got a snake, and I've got a scorpion, because they're dangerous.
I understand.
Lobsters aren't very dangerous.
I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
Lobster would give you a little nip.
Again, we're doing a review of the fake news report, but the real report is dangerous.
The new best-selling book, which was banned, you can't make that up, but Back from the Dead, published by Milo Yiannopoulos, available at infowarstore.com.
Please continue.
Well, there's some more beautiful photos.
Newsweek's really getting into it now.
And then, of course, what we've all been waiting for, the moment that we've been waiting for, which is when they explain how and why she beat the Donald.
This is really rich.
And they've got the state breakdowns and, oh my gosh, and how he got caught lying about Bill being a rapist.
Oh, look, this is... Because Bill Clinton is not a rapist.
Bill Clinton, not a rapist, apparently.
Of course, we have whistles, so...
What did I do wrong there?
You'd think I'd be better at... No, I'm selling defective ones!
No, no, no, they're not.
They're good whistles.
You'd think I'd be better... You gotta blow harder!
You'd think I'd be better at blowing.
There we go.
Debating Donald.
So this is the piece-by-piece deconstruction.
Analysis of post-game.
A post-game analysis.
A deconstruction of just how badly wrong he got the debates.
And there she is.
There she is, calmly explaining while he looms over her in a sinister... Wasn't that great with him prowling behind her like a predator?
He was like a lion.
You know, just prowling around, just waiting to strike.
You know, you're a liar.
Yes, you'd be in jail.
And he ought to be in prison.
You'd be in jail.
Oh my goodness.
Just wonderful.
There she is, sort of calmly and reasonably explaining.
Do you have a crush on Trump?
Yeah, of course.
Of course.
I told the New York Times I was Trump sexual, and I didn't think they'd print it, but they did.
The back of the... Do you like golden toads?
What is a golden toad?
That's Donald Trump.
Golden toad?
His spirit animal's a golden toad.
He doesn't look like it.
No, no.
I don't... Well, see, when I look at him, I don't see any particular physical features.
It's more an impression of greatness, you know?
Stately power!
No, of strength, of masculinity, of confidence.
Of will.
Of will.
Literally, the will to power, you know?
Somebody who willed his way to the presidency, who just, by sheer force of personality and will, now occupies the Oval Office.
Is there anything hotter than that?
That's right.
Let's skip this one break.
Go ahead.
Anything harder than that?
I don't think there is.
Well, I mean, I think the fact that he's actually, from knowing folks that know him in the White House and more, he really is trying to do what's best for prosperity, for the people, for two-way streets on trade.
I mean, he's just trying to be fair and not have it out to get America that the globalists and the leftists want to mount America's head on the wall.
I mean, they fundamentally want to dominate America.
I just think he's wonderful.
But you're right.
And, um, there she is.
Look, see this is a triumphant post-debate picture where she's posing as though she's already won.
It makes you wonder, do you think that the Democrat campaign was spending so much time staging the victory pictures, working with Newsweek to have nice photos?
Yes, they were too busy laughing and celebrating how they were invincible because they just stole the nomination, they knew Trump was going to win, they were going to steal it.
They forgot to actually fight the election.
They thought they didn't need to.
So they were spending all their time working with Newsweek on photos like this, because this was out of the debate, you know, this was set up.
And now they're spending all their time, exactly, trying to convince us that the Russians stole the election.
Well, there's a name for this in psychology, which escapes me for the moment, but it's, you know, when you put all of the world's ills, you're looking for a bad actor to explain the world's ills.
Right, well, feminism does it with the patriarchy.
You know, Black Lives Matter does it with white people.
It's a boogeyman.
I mean, Hitler did it with the Jews.
You just pick one group.
The Democrat Party, unable or unwilling to examine its own failings, its own arrogance, its own lack of ability to accomplish anything, and its own structural weakness.
And it's led by Pelosi, and I've had grandparents that got old and got senile.
I'm not making fun of it, but she's in power stumbling around looking like a Botox Barbie doll.
Going, George W. is in Hawaii, where is that?
And then you've got Maxine Waters going, Putin with Trump, they attack Korea.
I mean, it's like, what planet?
The one that gets me, the one that is sort of the embodiment of sheer evil is Debbie Wasserman Schultz.
To the head cops who've got the laptops and the guys are playing the country, you're in a lot of trouble, man!
She even says you're a racist to him.
It's a white woman to a white cop.
You're a racist.
I don't know.
Just randomly.
You better not let us out.
You better not.
Isn't this lovely?
Look at this.
Look at this.
It's beautiful.
A worshipper.
While you talk, I'm going to bow down right now.
Go ahead.
I was just going to say, there's... I'll let you, I'll let you... No, keep going!
Alright, fine.
No, there...
I forgot what I was going to say.
Oh, no, no, wait.
If you've ever read The Twits by Roald Dahl, there's a moment at the beginning of the book where he's explaining how even if you are physically conventionally unattractive, if you have like, you know,
Wonky eyes and bad teeth and all the rest of it.
If you have a good heart and a good soul, it will shine through you.
And you'll always somehow look beautiful.
You'll always radiate the goodness that's within you.
And then he turns to talk about his lead two characters, Mr. and Mrs. Twit.
And he says, if you're evil, if you're wicked, if you have nothing but dark thoughts, um... Megyn Kelly!
Stop it.
It will show on the face and you'll start to, you know, and over the years it gradually becomes... The portrait of Darian Gray.
Well, yeah, it's something of the same principle.
That's Debbie Wasserman Schultz.
You know, you can sort of see the darkness within her.
Oh, she looks like the Joker or something.
She looks totally like a bug-eyed...
Shih Tzu dog on PCP!
It was none of those things.
My buddy Shane Steiner said, you posted on Facebook asking about good restaurants and people were giving you bad advice.
He says the Steiner Steakhouse will buy you steak if you come in there.
Oh, well, thank you very much.
It's a great steakhouse, but it's out by the lake, if you're ever out here.
Really nice lake.
If I ever come back with more time, then I will be... Absolutely.
But I can tell you about some good places downtown.
Thank you so much.
I'm going to pull up the Megyn Kelly text in a minute.
I'm going to actually show you what I said to her.
Oh, good.
Well, let me get to the end of this while you're doing that.
So there we go.
There's her victorious farewell goodbye.
She's wonderful.
Newsweek, by the way, inserts an ad for itself, claiming that it can explain the Bible.
The Bible, so misunderstood, it's a sin.
So misunderstood, it's a sin, Newsweek says about its own coverage of the Bible, in the pages of this.
And then we all know what that's like, and you say, oh, and here, and you know, it's always interesting, the headlines that get picked by friendly media, and it's like, if you have to say it.
Hillary the human.
Well, I mean, if you've got to say it.
This is the moments when you're like, maybe they're right.
Because remember, Joe Biden went, I know she's a robot and you hate her.
He's looking at some little black kid she wants to put in prison.
That's what I meant by my joke.
She's like, look at these super predators.
Sorry for the language earlier.
That's what I was getting at with my joke.
As long as we're able to delay it for our radio stations, we have to delete it out, but it's fine.
Oh, and then we have Queenmakers.
Queenmakers, wonderful.
And it's a little message, like, here she is with her girlfriend.
Well, maybe.
I mean, Queen, you know, there's a little subtext.
A little Islamic, juicy.
This is a mischievous sub-editor at Newsweek.
But listen, Uma Abedin's mother promotes genital mutilation of women.
She's a big Islamic scholar on it.
I wonder if, when Hillary's, you know, hanging out with Uma, if there's even any business down there.
If there's anything left.
Or maybe that's what they're into.
Maybe they have cheese graters.
The Muslims are doing this, folks.
They'll say, they make jokes about genital mutilation, but they won't even say it's the Muslims doing it and that we're against it.
No, it's like, okay, I'm a gay man, I can't make jokes about Muslims who want me dead and are killing other gay people.
No, you're not allowed to.
No, I'm the hateful one for making jokes about it on TV.
Why is the left so in love with the most radical forms of Islam, that are like foam-at-the-mouth psychopaths?
Oh, because Islam hates the West just as much as they do.
Um, they see it as the most effective route to tear down all the institutions they hate so much.
Like, you know, and all of the principles and the motivating forces behind the country they hate so much.
Freedom and democracy and liberty.
All of these things are profoundly antithetical to radical Islam, to Islam in general, frankly.
I want you to look in that camera then, and in a few minutes before we go to break, we'll come back and take calls.
Get into all the other topics you want to cover.
As we've been analyzing the gatekeepers of reality.
Oh, look at the final picture.
The final thing.
This is the smug
I don't
Joe Biden!
She's back in her pearls, she's looking presidential, and she's ready to get to work.
And wouldn't it have been wonderful if that glorious, sunny, democratic future had come to pass?
And there's one final big centerfold right there of the victory, the night...
The victory, there's photos of it!
And what they do, this is a photo from the DNC, and they're including it in here, making it look like it's the election night victory photo.
This is just after her speech in a room full of people who of course already love her, most of whom are paid to be there.
Look at Bill right here.
Talk about Day of the Dead.
Do you remember all those wonderful pictures of him where photographers would catch him at certain moments and you could sort of read on his face like, what have I done?
Don't let this woman win.
You could almost read some sort of Stockholm Syndrome on the face of it.
It's like, no, don't do this, America.
Well, you know the two hate each other.
That's why she had to get Webster to impregnate her.
I don't know anything about that.
No, no, no.
Seriously, Bill is literally her beard.
You didn't know that?
I mean, look.
It's not that against her she likes women.
No, we're progressive.
We're for a progressive America.
We have no problem whatsoever with this.
But we're being homophobic.
We've established this with Michelle Obama that we're very progressive.
We have a very progressive vision for the United States.
Seriously, Michelle Obama does look like a man.
I mean, I'm almost into it.
You like black men.
I would.
Cut the hair a bit shorter, yeah?
Then I'm in.
So would you like to date Michelle Obama?
Well, she wouldn't be able to open her mouth, but yes.
No, but the word is that her and Obama
Aren't really an item with here.
What is it with these Democrat?
You're a good-looking guy.
You want to propose to him to Michelle Obama right now on air camera one Milo go ahead.
Milo camera one.
No, I will not be bullied into this.
I am not going to take to the air to propose to Michelle Obama.
I'm not going to go on live on air on InfoWars suggesting that Michelle Obama
I should cut her hair shorter and that we should shack up together in my beachfront mansion in Miami.
I will not be bullied into going onto the air with you and extending the warm hand of friendship and familiarity.
But if he reaches out?
But if he does call, my current boyfriend is going to be in for a nasty shock.
Alright, there you go.
And see?
That's not transphobia.
That is embracing it.
Do you know they call it the cotton ceiling?
Did you know that?
Um, there's a, there's a, um, you know like the glass ceiling?
That imaginary, um, upper limit beyond which women can't pass in corporate environments?
Well, um, transgender people say that there's a bigotry involved in dating trannies.
So basically when you find out that a woman, someone you thought was a woman is actually a man, and you don't want to sleep with them, you're the weird one.
You're a bigot.
And it's called the cotton ceiling because you don't want to peel back the underwear?
Isn't that amazing?
It's my favourite expression in the world.
It's called the cotton ceiling.
Transgender people can't pass the cotton ceiling because their potential sexual partners are so off-put by their pasts.
I'm fairly relaxed about people not wanting to have sex with women who have penises, but apparently that's a new form of bigotry that we didn't know about.
Well, I think it's all just people's taste is what it comes down to, and what the left is trying to say is we're going to pick what your taste is, we're going to tell you what's funny, we're going to tell you who to like, we're going to tell you what the new trend is.
How about humanity just decide?
How about people just get on with their own individual lives, be left to their own conclusions, be left to their own preferences, be left to their own beliefs, allowed to say, do, and be whatever they want in the privacy of their own home, so long as it doesn't affect or hurt them.
That sounds like a Thomas Jefferson view.
Sounds like America to me.
Sounds like America.
America with Milo.
He's with us.
The book is dangerous.
Stay with us.
We're gonna give the number and I'll take your calls.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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I'm your host Alex Jones.
Milo Yiannopoulos, one of the biggest icons of the new conservative movement.
We're not the alt-right, we are the next wave of awakening of renaissance and human liberty worldwide.
Now we've got some big news breaking on Infowars.com and more of this will be in the second installment with Roger Stone coming up in the fourth hour.
I'm commandeering that and will be co-hosting with the great Anthony Cummiam.
McMaster purging key Trump allies.
Deep state coup rooting out patriots from the White House.
We have this from inside the White House.
I have not even given you the data dump that other people would kill for.
Okay, I'm going to just tell you this.
This comes from the highest levels.
Highest levels.
And we had a lot of discussions about whether to release this information or not.
I called Roger and separately he got the same information yesterday.
From multiple White House sources.
Highest level.
And it is crazy what's going on.
So that's coming up in the next hour.
Roger Stone will be joining us.
I don't know what to say at this point.
Briefly, we need your support.
They took our Google advertising away that was going to bring in $5 million and that's not profit, that's $5 million.
And people say, oh, that's no big deal.
I'm paying for one video stream a month we send out to everybody for free, $50,000 plus.
And that's when it's not getting a bunch of bandwidth.
I mean, RIT, we've got some of the biggest companies out there that even supply Google with bandwidth.
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They took his book, number one on Amazon, is in the top ten on New York Times Bestseller.
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They didn't know what to do, so they banned the book that they were already printing.
We're not allowed to go on store shelves.
He's suing them for $10 million.
It's an act of resistance to get this book and to make it top of the charts again, just to show them they're not going to be victorious.
It's available at InfoWarsTore.com.
It's available at Dangerous.com.
Yeah, you can get it at Amazon just to make a point, make it number one again, but I was told by a little bird off record that they do other things like just don't let it show up as top.
That's happened to me when Endgame was the number one documentary years ago.
I put it out ten years ago.
It was number one for a week.
It was causing us to sell thousands of extra a day just because it was number one.
And then they just knocked it out completely.
It didn't even show up.
When you're on top of the charts, it has an effect.
It has a bumping effect on sales.
So they'll only let people go to number one who they want to sell more copies.
Remember the New York Times four or five years ago said
We're not letting conservatives be number one on the New York Times list.
In fact, we're just banning them.
Well, you know that last week, this week it wasn't the case, but last week I had the top-selling hardcover nonfiction book in the country, right?
By a considerable margin, by over 7,000 copies.
But they put me at number five, and they put me after a book that I had outsold by two to one.
The one they put at number one was a book about Trump and Bannon, because it was written by a liberal.
Just cram that earpiece in.
Shove it in.
Yes, and I don't know why, I'm having a kind of Mariah Carey moment.
Why are you scared to shove it in there all the way?
She's used to cramming big things into small... Oh, that's not what I meant.
Come on, with that dirty mind over there.
I can't help it.
I can't help it.
There we go.
You know, if you ever see Mariah Carey in concert, she's constantly touching her earpiece.
It's become like a tick.
I think I've become... I've got a tick.
No, it's...
What they did was they put me behind a book that I outsold by 2 to 1.
I sold double the number of copies, but they put me behind it at number 5.
And the number 1 book, I'd outsold by 6,000 copies.
I sold by far and away, by a clear margin, the most hardcover non-fiction books last week.
And the New York Times put me at number 5, because they just wouldn't let me have the number 1.
Because they know it will create the cascade to make it number 1, and then you'll just stay there for 6 months, and that makes them look bad.
Yeah, exactly.
And this is the same reason that retailers, you know, we had a huge fight with Barnes & Noble to finally get the book on the shelves at Barnes & Noble because they know that once people start to see it around, it creates demand.
When it's in stock at Amazon, you get the green tick.
People are more likely to click to buy it than when it's out of stock.
So this is, you know, this is...
The story is, we're winning the culture war, whether you call it libertarian, conservative, evangelical Christians don't like being kicked around, Trump's defending them, whatever, people that don't want to be killed by Muslims, you know, like the nightclub getting shot up, and then they tried to spin that in the media, that I said gays deserve to die.
I said, why are gays so liberal when they're the ones getting killed by these people, getting shot, and they turned that into, I was blaming them.
No, I was saying, why aren't you for being, defending yourself?
It's a mystery.
It's the same thing, and this, you know... But I didn't shoot the people!
I'm saying you need to defend yourself.
You're the bad guy for saying why don't you stick up for your own interests.
It's the same thing as a sort of weird quirk of America that I haven't worked out yet.
Why so many... Look at camera one.
Talk to those audience out there.
The weird quirk of America, I haven't really worked out why so many of my fellow Jews are so liberal in America when the left has been opposed to the existence of Israel, has been actively denying Israel's right to exist.
I mean, your viewers are going to have various different points.
But the Soros documents came out, he wants to destroy Israel!
I don't understand.
Tens of millions of dollars from countries that, you know, that want us dead and that fund terrorists that throw us off roofs.
You know, that pander to and mollycoddle radical Islam.
The gap between what they say and what they do, between how they describe themselves to us and what they actually do for us, is remarkable.
I was interviewed by somebody from Mediaite the other day and he's like, well, what about this anti-LGBT, anti-gay Trump presidency?
And I said, what are you talking about?
I don't care what he says.
I don't care if the White House issues some lame, gushing, national gay pride proclamation.
I want him to stop Muslims coming into the country so I don't get killed.
Like, what are you on about?
And the gap between, you know, speaking and action is key to understanding the liberal mind.
Well the point is that the so-called left wants control of the culture.
It's a power trip and a lot of people existentially through it feel like they're in power when they're not.
They're imagining with reflected glory from Hillary that they're in charge and now that their idol has fallen, they don't know what to do and are attacking more than ever to bully people into submission and that's backfiring spectacularly.
So let me ask you this question.
Where are they culturally on the so-called left, and where do you see it going as they get more and more histrionic, more and more desperate?
But first, the toll-free number to join us, your questions for Milo Yiannopoulos on his dangerous tour, 800-259-9231, 800-259-9231.
First-time callers, quick questions or comments for Milo, 800-259-9231.
And any of the crew, I know Daria's a big fan, if they want to pop in and ask a question, they're welcome to as well.
But really, where are they right now?
Because we sit here and laugh about it, and we're winning.
They're saying kill the president.
They're saying coup d'etat.
They've got former CIA directors on TV saying we're about to overthrow him.
We've got congressmen saying, yeah, they're shopping it on the hill.
Limbaugh's talked to Congress folks who are saying they're trying to get top generals to lead a coup.
I mean, that's illegal.
So we sit here and joke about this, but, you know, we've got leftists threatening Paul Watson, saying we're going to purge you soon.
We're going to kill you soon.
And then Twitter promotes them saying they're going to kill us.
I think the bad news is they're throwing everything they have at the legitimately elected president.
The good news is in cultural terms, in big civilizational terms, you know, over decades, that is, they are going to lose.
We've had 30 years of the nannying, pearl-clutching, pandering social justice left, of the, you know, political correctness, of all of the kind of stuff that people reacted against so violently.
Of crazy-eyed control freaks.
Yes, exactly.
And you're absolutely right in everything you say about those people.
I've listened to you when you talk about them and you're right about them.
The way you describe it is accurate.
It's exactly what they are.
Swivel-eyed, lunatic control freaks who just, you know, who live to legislate other people's behavior, language, dress codes, speech codes, you name it.
Um, this is what these people wake up in the morning working out new, you know, working out... They're buzzkills!
Yeah, this is what I'm about to say.
They're funless.
This sort of horrible, anodyne, faceless America they want to build.
This kind of, this ugly, joyless hell where no one can tell a joke.
No one can have an interesting or fun... And the buildings all, they admit, have to be ugly.
Oh, well you can't, nobody can wear a costume.
Nobody can tell a joke.
Nobody can have a particular hairstyle.
Nobody can do or say or be anything except this narrow little band of what they tell you.
And they're always fighting with each other over what that is.
Isn't that why they're going to go down there fighting with themselves?
Well, it's another mechanism of control requiring you to sign up for a definition that constantly changes because it requires you to always be... It means that you're always in fear because you never know what's going to be racist today.
Because the definition of racism is changing and enlarging.
This is why they're going to lose.
They're going to lose, in my view, mostly because they're so funless.
Look how much fun we've had on the show today.
We've been laughing, we've been joking, we've been enjoying ourselves.
People at home are enjoying themselves.
Compare that with CNN, with the gloomy, the sad CNN meme, you know?
Like, we managed, like, the sort of populist, nationalist, you know, conservative and libertarian movement managed to find some joy.
In what is otherwise a completely funless progressive left establishment.
So where does it go?
Because they've gone to the 99th percentile of let's have a coup, let's kill Trump, let's imprison everybody.
I mean, there's only 1% more for them to start the violence at a new level.
Well, they're not in power.
It seems to me far-fetched that they're actually going to try to kill the president.
I mean, are they really going to assassinate Trump?
I mean, it seems... That would really blow up in their face.
I can't imagine they'd go that far.
Turn him into a martyr?
Come now.
You know, of all people to turn into a martyr, Donald Trump, you know, would not be a smart choice.
But, look, I really firmly... Yeah, see, if I was Machiavellian, somebody would actually go after Trump to ensure we totally win.
I don't want that to happen.
Oh, I see, if you were doing a false flag or something.
Yeah, sorry, go ahead.
No, no, no.
You worry because you don't know how these people... When you think about this family... Well, I'm actually trying to get them to think, don't kill him, it's going to blow up in your face.
I'm explaining that to them because they're so enraged they're not thinking in a multi-dimensional way.
I think they're obviously trying to unseat him from the presidency in any way they can.
I think that far I will go.
And the ways in which they're doing it are dishonest and sneaky and miserable and the commentary is depressing and angry and furious all the time and I really firmly believe that one of the main ways that we have, one of the main tools that we have at our disposal is fun and joy and mischief.
Whether it's the meme-y, troll-y, you know, hordes that carried Trump into the White House.
Or whether it's just enjoying ourselves.
People are attracted to fun, happy people.
And if we can tell the truth... Exactly, and laughing at the left.
If we can tell the truth, but wrap it in a good joke.
If we can be more fun than the other side.
No, I agree.
That's why I like your show, because I need to get more.
I mean, I can be funny when I want.
I tend to get so serious because we are in such serious times, but it's important to have some fun sometimes as well.
Before we go any further with some phone calls, again, free shipping was supposed to end yesterday.
I noticed they haven't ended it yet, but the specials did end.
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So new specials.
Thank you all for your support.
The 1776 specials.
Defending our Republic.
Defending free speech.
I wasn't going to go back to this, but I was just looking at the pictures before I actually started reading it.
Madeleine Albright's a good-looking man.
The baboons weren't interested, but Hillary Rodham Clinton was warming to her subject.
Well, even the monkeys don't care.
While a couple of primates watched from a nearby boulder, more taken by the remnants of a lavish picnic than their high-profile visitor, the First Lady delivered an exegesis on women's advance...
It's all there!
But what it's saying archivally is she's a god!
It's all there!
Speaking to the sub-humans!
But isn't it interesting, I mean, if you take the... It's all about how they're scientific and they've, like, aliens visiting a foreign world to see the aboriginal boobies!
But if you take the primates as a proxy for the rest of us, you know, those, you know...
I don't get it.
It's like, she's a god woman.
The deplorables.
You know, those of us who are messy and scrappy and, you know, we are ungratefully ignoring her.
We're not the transcendent Madam President.
Her sermon on the mount about women's empowerment.
Well, that's a pretty good metaphor.
It's a pretty good allegory for what happened in the election, isn't it?
The rest of us, she was banging on about women and the rest of us just weren't that interested.
We were more interested in the picnic.
And women were more interested just in having a good life.
I mean, I was only taking the mickey out of the pictures before.
Well, a creepy woman telling women how much she loves them.
Now I've actually started reading it.
It's even better.
I told you!
You can write a whole book about this.
Since I started plugging it, it's gone from like $4 on eBay to like $50.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Because I want to republish this.
Well, if you'd been smart, you would have bought 5,000 of them and then start driving the price up on the show.
Well, maybe I've let people into your secrets.
It's actually going on.
I actually have been trying to corner the market on the Madam President.
The most unintentional comedy in the galaxy.
In fact, give that back.
You can have the right whistle, but you can't have that.
This is a dilemma I've got in front of me.
You know what?
I've already ordered more.
You may have it.
It could show on C-SPAN.
Promise you will and I'll give it to you.
This is a rape whistle blown by Alex Jones or the Madam President Newsweek special.
If I only got to pick one, I don't think I'd be able to choose.
I don't think I'd be able to choose.
I'm taking both.
You can actually, but promise you'll show it on C-SPAN.
I'll promise to try.
Because they're going to get really mad.
Maybe what I'll do is I'll take a purple folder and I'll say it's my notes and I'll produce it.
Just say, well, one of the reasons I wrote the book is things like this.
This will be a day long remembered.
I hope it's live.
I hope it's live.
If it was, now we've given it away, but they don't watch this show.
But what you do is you just tape the audio, and then if they don't play it, you go, here is the censored, and then you're, that version will get 10 million views.
Great hero of the conservative movement, Matt Purdy, my cameraman with me, who always does this stuff.
This is, we have to, we have to, you have to tape Megyn Kelly, I have to tape... Exactly, like, here's the thing, I've not been taping, I've not been taping you today.
It's like, where's my phone?
Because I know I don't have to, we're live.
Where's my phone?
But I taped her because she's a lying snake who just got her show cancelled.
Your call's straight ahead.
Hope the mainstream media feels powerful when you know this is all going on and you do everything you can to lie about what this show broadcasts, what we cover.
The blood of those children.
All over the world held in captivity.
UN caught kidnapping thousands out of Haiti alone.
The blood is on your hands.
Leo Zegami, let me ask you this question.
Who is behind this global sudden wave of thousands of thousands of pedophiles per country being caught?
10,000 plus arrests here.
What is causing this massive move against pedophile rings that even MSM admits may bring down the Catholic Church?
Well, it's happening and it's happening clearly in front of the whole world with George Pell, but it's also an internal conflict.
A few days before George Pell got booted out of the Vatican, we had basically the police breaking inside the palace of the Holy Office, the ex-Inquisition, now known as the Congregation for the Matters of Faith, basically the headquarters of the most holy office in the Vatican.
The police broke in and found
They found a gay orgy and they were using cocaine and they basically had to arrest the secretary of a very prominent cardinal who himself was waging war against Cardinal Pell.
So there is also an internal war here.
Cardinal Pell is responsible for many decades of secret plan devised by the Vatican to give the less possible money to the victims of pedophilia and manipulate them.
And he was made a member of the C9 group, which is a group of nine cardinals.
And three of these cardinals have been heavily criticized for having protected in the past pedophilia, including Cardinal Pell.
So many people were actually astonished of seeing in February 2014 Cardinal Pell arriving in Rome.
And he didn't really hide in front of the media or, you know, in front of the other people in the Vatican.
He started immediately acting with a lavish lifestyle that, of course, brought a lot of criticism towards Pope Francis, who wants to be this very conservative pope who doesn't spend much money.
and he's living in a modest surrounding.
While instead, George Pell was spending money, was making all kinds of things happening that were putting really in bad light Pope Francis.
But he was not taking care of any of this criticism.
He put him there and he basically became, after the Secretary of State, the number three in the Vatican.
So this is the first time in history, Alex, that such a high-ranking officer, let's say, or minister of this Vatican
is put in front of a trial.
We're going to take a few phone calls here for Milo Yiannopoulos and the best-selling author of Dangerous, Milo.
But also, Dangerous.com is for the book right now.
Infowars.com, you can buy it as well.
But people can find you on, well not Twitter, they banned you on that too.
So the best place is your YouTube for now, but YouTube has announced they're going to start black-holing anything the left doesn't like.
Yeah, well, you and I are going to have a conversation after this show, and let's see if it ends up in the YouTube black hole or not.
But you can search for me on YouTube and subscribe to that, and you can find me on Facebook as well.
I love how they say, we don't ban it, just no one can see it.
No, well, yeah, so they put a screen up in front of it that you have to click through to get to it, no comments, no voting, they won't promote it anywhere.
You can't share it.
You can't share it, and these are all of, well, what else, what are you going to be on YouTube for then?
You know, the whole point of... And of course, that's just the precursor to outright bans.
Of course.
We're gonna go to your phone calls right now, but you were pointing out that all of us should be taking a victory lap, because despite the fact we're being persecuted, they're falling, and Megyn Kelly's having her show cancelled.
You should take the credit for that, because I think the credit is yours.
I think you should take the victory lap there, you know?
Um, now, without getting into the subject matter of the specific interview you did with her, um, the mess around that, and the fact that, you know, that she was undermined by your cleverness in recording everything that you communicated with her and all the rest of it, um, and also the stupidity of the rest of the media.
I mean, look,
They can believe whatever they want about you or about me.
They can say what they like.
They can call us whatever names they want.
But it doesn't matter.
If somebody is influential, is a big presence in public life, and has a huge fan base, they're of course newsworthy.
That's the definition of newsworthy.
It's not, um, you know, the way that they treated her for daring to interview you just because you have a big audience was remarkable.
And I think combination of that and the way that you conducted yourself and the way you handled that interview
Was really smart, and I think you should take a victory lap for the end.
Well, I appreciate that.
I mean, I know I was walking into a trap, but I knew that no matter what they did, it was meant to be my destruction.
People hate the mainstream.
No matter what they do, they're done.
So, I mean, they're that pathetic.
Alright, we got Ben, Teresa, we got Van, we got Adam, we got Dan, and many others.
And who's been holding the longest here?
Let's go to Dan in Florida.
You're on the air with Milo.
Go ahead, Dan.
Alex, Milo, you guys are my heroes.
Thanks for taking my call.
Thanks for calling, buddy.
Go ahead.
First off, I just wanted to plug the products because they're amazing.
I got Brain Force, Knockout, X2, Supermail, Caveman, Vitamin Marrow Fusion.
It's really changed my life.
That's quite a pill lineup for the morning.
You don't get to cereal in the morning because you've got a line of pills.
It works.
Gotta take the Supermail Vitality.
I'll give it a try.
I promise to try.
I've lost 25 pounds this year since I started taking it all regularly.
I feel great.
Anyway, I just wanted what you prefaced about YouTube actually segues into what I wanted to ask Milo and you.
So in April I started my own YouTube channel and it was going pretty well.
I got up to about 1,400 subscribers.
And on August 1st, right when that whole YouTube thing was going down, I woke up and found that my channel had been hit with three copyright strikes all at once and deleted.
And then YouTube wouldn't even let me appeal it.
They suspended my account.
So I'm just kind of having a little bit of a... That's right.
They get rid of the little guys up front.
But once you're big, they don't want to make a big example, so they do it slowly.
That's why you've got to do stuff that's purely yours, or say, I'm going to analyze this news clip under fair use, and then do that.
Yeah, but they'll still strike you, but when you appeal it, they generally... But as he said, they're not even letting people appeal now.
No, well I get every day, practically every day, I get an email from them saying your video is not suitable for monetization.
And it's about some old video.
We do too.
I don't have that many videos on my channel.
I mean I have like, I don't know, 650,000 subscribers.
But all my old college talks are on there and they're going to be on there again in the new tour, Troll Academy, coming later in the year.
I get emails almost every day.
The new videos they've discovered from my archives.
They're just like, no, we're not letting this guy have any ad revenue.
So, you know, I mean, it was never really a big thing for me.
But I did go from making... Our revenue is down 60... No, no, 76% since they did this on YouTube.
They're strangling us.
It wasn't a big thing for me.
I don't have a big operation like you.
But I think I was earning maybe 20k a month from YouTube.
And now it's... Hold on, stay there.
Now it's about $800.
I want to be specific.
It's 77% of our YouTube money.
It's not our own money.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
But the point is they are literally doing it on purpose.
A 44-year-old father was beat by a gang of teenagers and knocked out with a skateboard after he asked them to stop smoking marijuana on a Dallas train.
The group of teenagers included young men and women who punched the father and threw him against the train's doors before arriving at the station near Deep Ellum in Dallas, Texas.
In world news, 22.5% of the German population now has a migrant background.
Migrants and their children make up an estimated 18.6 million people in Germany.
According to the Federal Statistical Office, which attributed the shocking statistic to German Chancellor Angela Merkel and her open border policies.
In contrast, President Trump plans to overhaul immigration laws in America as part of his wide-ranging agenda to tighten border security.
The president is working with two senators to draft a bill to create a skills-based immigration program that gives priority to Americans by cutting down on work visa abuse, among other things.
For more breaking news and reports, check back at Infowars.com throughout the day.
This is Kid Daniels reporting.
Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order, it's Alex Jones.
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
Unfortunately, all good things come to an end.
Milo's on his dangerous tour with the band Book Now back in print.
I guess they'll burn it.
Milo Yalopoulos joins us.
I'm Alex Jones.
I'm going to be doing a taped interview with him.
It's going to air later in the week on his YouTube channel.
Nightly News coming up tonight.
But I've got Roger Stone in the next segment with big breaking news.
Let's jam in a few more phone calls here with Milo.
Let's go ahead and talk to Adam and then Ben.
Adam, you're on the air from California.
Hello, Alex and Milo.
I'm a huge fan of InfoWars and Milo, I love your outspoken honesty, especially on the topic of Jewish control in America.
I don't know if my quiet said that, but alright.
Yeah, there's a video of you on the Rubin Report where you say the Jews do run everything.
You're vastly over-represented in the media, in banking.
Well, yeah, I think, yes, yes.
Okay, let's let him respond.
Thank you, Adam.
Go ahead.
No, I think I said, we were talking about anti-Semitism and I said, well, one example of something that is not anti-Semitic
He's merely pointing out that we, as Jews, are vastly over-represented in industries perceived to be powerful, like the media and like banking.
And that is perfectly true, and not an anti-Semitic observation.
So that was the point we were making in that show.
I mean, my deal is, a lot of the anti-Jew crowd, they attribute magical powers, they're always saying everything I have is Jewish, and Jews tell me what to do, and it's just like, it's just an excuse for people not to be successful.
They do the same thing that the Democrat Party does with Russia, that the left does with the straight white male patriarchy.
I think there's a certain... Exactly!
The Russians made me successful, or it's the Jews... Some people do the same thing with Jews, and it's just as intellectually unsatisfying when they do it.
It just gets old.
I mean, you know, and personally I've experienced it.
If somebody falls on a banana peel, Jude, I mean, it gets a little old.
But I'll let the caller get on and talk about it.
Let's go ahead and talk to Ben in Pennsylvania.
You're on the air with Milo.
Hey, guys.
Hey, buddy.
First of all, first thing I want to say is Caveman, John Oliver needs to try that because that little twat has obviously been shoved in the locker way too much when he was in school.
You can tell from the face, can't you?
You can tell that's a face that's been jammed against a wall.
Well, probably.
You're a big guy, I don't think you have been.
At least not without you wanting to.
Well, only consensually.
Sorry, carry on.
Caveman's phenomenal.
Put that in milk or almond milk and it's fantastic.
It does the trick, it takes away anything.
I have a bad urge to snack, but whenever I have that I take some caveman, I'm good.
But the topic I wanted to get to is, Milo, you touched on it a little bit.
With left-wing gays being so against Trump, it blows my mind.
I got in an argument at work the other day with this fella.
He's a gay man.
And he was offended by the fact that I have an InfoWars Trump sticker on my bumper.
And he just said, you know, I didn't know that you could be so anti-gay.
And I was like, are you kidding me?
I was like, Donald Trump is probably the most gay-friendly person we've ever had.
I mean, viewers can see how homophobic Alex Jones is at this very moment.
Here's to freedom of speech!
Ah, this is a delicious Jewish-made drink.
Stop it.
Stop it.
You're going to say that's anti-Semitic.
Stop it.
Stop it.
I'm making jokes epi-anti-semi.
That's going to be extracted out for something.
I'm sorry, caller.
Go ahead.
I don't know if you can see the screen, but we're drinking Cosmos while you're talking about how homophobic it was.
We're cheersing with pink Cosmos!
You're probably drinking such a high-end drink because I have Jewish heritage, and it's because of me that you got to this point.
No, but seriously, Ben, I apologize for running over you.
Go ahead and finish your point.
And I'm just saying, I argued with this guy and it didn't get very far because my belief is liberalism is a legitimate mental disorder and you can't really argue with him because it's like picking on the special kid in school.
Well, that's very compassionate of you.
This could be chilled a bit more.
You know, I think maybe two, three degrees.
So we need to chill the vodka more.
Maybe a little bit.
It's good though.
Yeah, well, hey, it's good celebrating Madam President.
Here's to Madam President!