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Name: 20170801_Tue_Alex
Air Date: Aug. 1, 2017
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In this episode of The Alex Jones Show, Alex discusses various topics such as Seth Rich's murder investigation, foreign nationals accessing Democratic Party computers, and personal responsibility in a free society. He argues against gun control restrictions and encourages listeners to stay informed. Kathy from Arkansas calls in regarding foreign elections and translating InfoWars videos. The show criticizes Newsweek for defending Bill Clinton and accuses Donald Trump of fabricating stories about his sexual misconduct. Alex promotes Caveman, a concentrated bone broth that can cleanse and supercharge the body. He addresses historical revisionism, censorship, YouTube's partnership with ADL to police hate speech, and the migrant crisis in Europe, calling for laws to stop the "migrant taxi service."

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From the InfoWars.com News Center, deep behind enemy lines in occupied Texas, broadcasting worldwide, you're listening to the voice of human resistance against the technotronic technocracy takeover.
You're listening to Alex Jones!
Chelsea Clinton, the spawn of Hillary, and really the fake child that she had to cover up the fact that she's a lesbian, and that her marriage to Bill is just a total sham, and a political partnership, was busted spreading some fake news about President Trump over the weekend, and after she got called out by Pierce Morgan, she issued an apology which was almost as bad as the fake news itself.
The fake news originated with Harry Potter author J.K.
Rowling who went on an extensive Twitter rant saying that the president couldn't bring himself to shake the hand of a small handicapped boy who just wanted to be touched by the president when the president came out to give a speech about the victims of Obamacare and met with some of them.
Her Twitter rampage began, my mother used a wheelchair, I witnessed people uncomfortable around her disability, but if they had a shred of decency, they got over it.
So yes, that clip of Trump looking deliberately, she says, over a disabled child's head, ignoring his outstretched hand, has touched me on the raw.
That man occupies the most powerful office in the free world, and his daily outrages against civilized norms are having a corrosive effect.
How stunning and how horrible that Trump could not bring himself to shake the hand of a small boy who only wanted to touch the President.
So Chelsea Clinton retweeted this fake news, which I will debunk for you in just a second, to the almost 2 million morons who follow her on Twitter, thus further spreading it across social media.
First of all, here's the President when he first came out to give his remarks.
And you can see, one of the first things he did was greet the small child.
Right there, talking with him.
Having a cold conversation!
Then he came over, says hello to some of the other kids.
And then, see look, shaking the boy and the other boy's hands.
Then he takes the podium.
Thank you very much.
So what happened here is the anti-Trump idiots on the internet, again, took an isolated clip and totally misrepresented what was happening and started spreading it around the internet.
At the very end of the president's speech, when he is greeting some of the families again,
You can see the little boy here isn't trying to shake the president's hand.
The boy has a little secret service patch that was given to him, and he's showing it to the president.
Hey, look at what I got!
Look what I got!
So not only did the president greet the boy,
Which was the first thing that he did when he came out onto the stage.
But the little boy wasn't even trying to shake his hand.
He was just showing the president his new Secret Service patch.
You can see it right here in his hand.
He's just showing him what he's got.
Oh, it gets even better.
The boy's mother then took to Facebook and wrote, Um, if someone can please get a message to J.K.
Trump didn't snub my son.
And Monty wasn't even trying to shake his hand.
One, he's three.
And handshaking is not his thing.
And two, he was showing off his newly acquired Secret Service patch.
Surprisingly, Pierce Morgan, who I think hopefully has left the United States and went back to England, has been calling out the insanity of the left and called out J.K.
Rowling being a fellow Brit and called out Chelsea Clinton.
And then Chelsea Clinton deleted the retweet and issued this insane apology.
Hello, Pierce.
I hadn't seen the full video until now.
I removed the retweet.
And the president should have shaken the boy's hand at the end.
What the hell kind of an apology is that?
This creature, Chelsea, who has a dog's name, by the way, is just like her evil mother in that she can't even apologize when she does something ridiculously wrong.
After the pig demon Rosie O'Donnell started bullying Trump's young 10-year-old son, Barron, Chelsea appeared to come to his aid and made headlines for supposedly defending him when she said, Barron Trump deserves the chance every child does, to be a kid.
Standing up for a kid also means opposing the president's policies that hurt kids!
What the hell kind of defense is that?
You're using the president's kid to attack the president, you despicable donkey!
What else can we expect from a creature that was birthed by Hillary Clinton, I guess?
I'm Mark Dice, thanks for watching.
Every article, every video, but especially these articles and videos, we've been breaking down.
Dealing with the martial law, civil war, assassination, removal, sudden removal, coup of Trump.
All of this is now confirmed.
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Gun violence.
has been on a rampage as we know firsthand and we know painfully.
A man who had been fired from his job about a year or so began shooting near the Empire State Building but out on the street.
He killed one person and at least nine other people were shot and some may have been shot accidentally by police officers.
Because frankly in my hometown of Chicago there's an awful lot of violence and they're not using AK-47s they're using cheap handguns.
And so what can we do to intervene?
After she shot Jones in the shoulder, he ran out of the bathroom and through this door.
A comprehensive strategy, part of it is seeing if we can get automatic weapons that kill folks
Yeah, in amazing numbers.
In the assassination attempt on President Ronald Reagan, an agent pulled an Uzi submachine gun out of a briefcase.
We joke sometimes about how, you know, Malia's getting to the age now, and boys start calling, and sort of, I always talk about how one of the main incentives for running again was continuing Secret Service protections, with guns around at all times.
We're 30 minutes from law enforcement.
We had no way to protect ourselves and there wasn't anybody around to take care of us.
We were our first responders.
I came up with a plan and the plan, you know, has been on the news a lot.
It's pretty self-explanatory.
They have to have a CHL.
We approved them.
I guarantee you, Barack Obama ain't taking my shotguns, so don't buy that malarkey.
Don't buy that malarkey.
They're gonna start peddling that to you.
I got two.
If he tries to fool with my Beretta, he's got a problem.
I like that a little over and under.
You know, I'm not bad with it.
The latest limousine, known as the Beast, thanks to 8-inch thick armor plating, Remington shotguns are close at hand.
I'm the guy that originally wrote the assault weapons ban that became law and then we got defeated and Barbara, excuse me, then Dianne Feinstein went to town on it and did a great job.
I know the urge to arm yourself because that's what I did.
I was trained in firearms.
I'd walk to the hospital when my husband was sick.
I carried a concealed weapon.
I made the determination that if somebody was going to try to take me out, I was going to take them with me.
California Senator Dianne Feinstein worked for more than a year to get the Assault Weapons Bill passed in the face of ferocious opposition from the National Rifle Association.
She says she got the best she could.
If I could have gotten 51 votes in the Senate of the United States for an outright ban, picking up every one of them, Mr. and Mrs. America, turn them all in, I would have done it.
One thing that I think is clear with young people and with adults as well is that we just have to be repetitive about this.
It's not enough to simply have a catchy ad on a Monday and then only do it every Monday.
We need to do this every day of the week and just really brainwash people into thinking about guns in a vastly different way.
The Justice Department is basically guilty of allowing weapons to kill Americans and Mexicans.
So will you agree to cooperate that investigation both on the House and Senate side?
We'll certainly cooperate with all the investigations, but I'm going to take great exception to what you just said.
The notion that somehow or other this Justice Department is responsible for those deaths that you mentioned, that assertion is offensive.
And I want to tell you that... But what if it's accurate, Mr. Attorney General?
We've got it.
This transmission is coming to you.
Waging war on corruption.
It's Alex Jones, coming to you live from the front lines of the InfoWar.
Are we seeing the earth?
We've got it.
Are we seeing the earth?
Ladies and gentlemen, it's August 1st, 2017.
Roger Stone has a headline on Infowars.com, an article by Paul Joseph Watson.
Seth Rich was partying with Imran Awan on the night of his murder.
Trump confidant claims link between DNC staffer death and disgraced Washerman Schultz aide.
Now remember, it was Roger Stone last Tuesday
That broke the fact that Priebus was definitely out by the end of the week and that General Kelly was in the front running to be that Chief of Staff.
I also talked to Stone on and off air last week and he said, I don't think Scaramucci's gonna survive these tirades with these reporters.
And of course now we know that he was baited by fake emails, spoofing reporters' emails to manipulate him into that.
Folks have to understand the dirty tricks we're dealing with.
Separately, so the top story on CNN right now, the black detective from New York, who was originally hired by the family, and who I did see on Fox News talk about some of the suspicions he had, is now saying that was edited deceptively, and he sued
News Corp, Fox News.
Lawsuit claims Fox News and Trump supporter created fake story about killing of DNC staffer Seth Rich.
You know what's funny?
Is we're gonna go back to the clips of him, where it looks like he's pretty clear about what he's saying, but regardless, now he's claiming that it's tied to some Republican donor, and to Trump, and the rest of this, and a lot of people are changing their stories.
But you're not even supposed to question a guy shot multiple times in the back, and it's the most hateful thing you can do according to CNN, MSNBC, the Democratic Party, when it's Debbie Washington Schultz on video threatening the Capitol Police that if they keep investigating, you're not going to like what happens.
That clip's coming up here in just a moment.
We've got Roger Stone on the line via Skype.
But I don't know what happened with Seth Rich, but I know it deserves to be investigated.
And that's not an evil thing.
That's not a bad thing.
And you've got the whole Democratic Party not letting Homeland Security in over a two-year period into their computers.
And you've got all these foreign nationals involved with the highest level security clearances, and who also don't have security clearances, interfacing.
Something's going on here.
And I saw the family at first in the news saying, our son was shot.
This needs to be investigated.
I saw them on television.
I read their quotes.
And then a week or so later, the Democratic Party top crisis manager bills himself as the top guy.
is in there managing it, saying it's insane to question anything, move along, and national television going, some young kid gets shot, and it's a big national news story, move along.
But then WikiLeaks said, we don't give away our sources, but yes, we're basically saying Seth Rich was our source.
So it's highly suspicious.
But this is how they change the subject off of the WikiLeaks, off of the DNC emails, off of what's in them!
They're not denying those are real emails about rigging debates, rigging polls, intimidating people, sending people to Trump rallies to get women beat up, to blame Trump, on and on and on.
They just keep changing the subject!
Where you hate the family of Seth Rich, if you even talk about it.
I have nothing against the family of Seth Rich.
But if we're questioning the Democratic Party, a bunch of known liars, that is the default position.
And they act like something is rotten in the state of Denmark.
Let's play the Debbie Washam and Schultz clip of her just a month ago threatening the DC police concerning these brothers, these Pakistani brothers, with the highest level
Clearances by the Democrats, when the Feds couldn't even get into their computers, getting paid three times what they were supposed to, and then all these laptops and things disappearing, and then the DNC threatening the DC police, give us these laptops or you're really going to regret what happens here to us.
It is not, under my understanding, the Capitol Police is not able to confiscate members' equipment when the member is not under investigation.
It is their equipment and it's supposed to be returned.
Well, I think there's extenuating circumstances in this case, and I think that, you know, working through my counsel and, you know, the necessary personnel, if that in fact is the case, and with the permission of, through the investigation, then we'll return the equipment.
But until that's accomplished, I can't return the equipment.
I think you're violating the rules when you conduct your business that way.
And to expect that there would be consequences.
And that's the lady over his paycheck who in her position controls the Democratic Party who controls D.C.
Directly saying you better basically stop these investigations.
Now let's go ahead and go to a clip of Colonel Schaffer talking about these brothers last week on Fox News.
Here it is.
So that's why the Capitol Hill police rolled in saying there's something wrong here.
And now the FBI has rolled in.
And let me give you the big takeaway here.
It looks like a foreign intelligence service may be the recipient of all this.
And something called the Muslim Brotherhood.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
The Muslim Brotherhood?
Oh, they're going to really say it's a conspiracy theory now.
It's really a conspiracy now, but that's where apparently all this has been going in law enforcement.
That's why the FBI is now investigating beyond the wire.
Well, these brothers have been kicking around Capitol Hill in various capacities for IT, but they essentially were blacklisted by most of the other Democrats, correct?
That's correct.
Yeah, she gave them a home.
Very interesting.
And they actually suspended most of their access in February of this year, and she kept them on anyway.
She's just a very nice person.
Apparently it's a jobs program over there at the DNC.
I guess that $300,000 being kicked over to Pakistan finally was a straw that broke the candle's back.
But his wife is gone.
She's safely over there in Pakistan.
Keep covering it for us.
Lieutenant Colonel Schaefer, thank you so much.
Now joining us from Los Angeles, California is Roger Stone via Skype to break this down.
His new story that he's quoted in at InfoWars.com from his DC sources that we are investigating reportedly has Seth Rich at the Democrat Party
With these same individuals the night he dies.
And all we're saying is, one of these brothers is caught trying to flee the country at the airport.
You got all this swirling around it.
The feds wanted to investigate what was happening inside of the DNC computers.
They wouldn't let him.
More than 20 times.
This deserves to be investigated.
Roger Stone.
Alex, great to be with you and welcome back.
It's really extraordinary because not only does Deborah Wasserman Schultz, who happens to be my congresswoman, the district that I live in in Florida, threaten the Capitol Hill police chief over the seizure of evidence from her office, but after she is well aware that the investigation has been launched, she changes the classification of the Awan brothers from consultant
To a House of Representative employees to ensure that they continue have to have access to the House of Representatives computer system.
This seems to me to be, you know, a crime.
This is this is part of a an ongoing conspiracy and now she's a co-conspirator.
And I think this is a while being ignored by the mainstream media as very best they can.
Not making the front page of the New York Times or the Washington Post or the Fort Lauderdale Sun Sentinel.
This is a cover-up of extraordinary magnitude.
And as it relates to the Seth Rich murder, I agree with you.
Mr. Rich headed a division of the Democratic National Committee from which documents were clearly stolen.
We now know from William Binney and Ray McGovern and others in an extraordinary piece published last week that the evidence shows that the documents were never hacked but were downloaded to thumb drives and removed from the DNC.
So the entire question of hacking of the DNC by the Russians, that's false.
Guccifer 2.0
That now appears to be false, is falling apart, and the Democrats are desperate to distract from the connection between the Alon brothers and the now more than 30 members of Congress that gave access to their computer systems to these two Pakistanis, who by the way, Alex, seem to have scant IT experience.
Raising the question of maybe this perhaps was a Pakistani or governmental operation and the Awans were just fronting.
Key point.
No member of Congress will step forward and testify against the brothers.
None of them will go public, including Deborah Wasserman Schultz.
Is this a blackmail operation?
Or are we not criticizing because it's politically incorrect?
Let's expand on that.
If you go back to 9-11, it was in major newspapers at the time that the FBI said it's as if Al-Qaeda had people at the top of the FBI.
Well, we know with people like
The man heading up the witch hunt right now, Mueller, he has major contacts with the Democratic Party.
His law firm gives 99.8% of their money to the Democrats.
They get massive money from the Saudis, the Pakistanis.
He's the guy that had the FBI in his tenure-tenure take radical Islam off of the list of terror groups when they are responsible for 99%.
of terror.
Is a Islamic woman leading the feminist movement now in the country teaching women to wear burqas?
Why is USA Today saying wear burqas if you're a feminist?
Why is it everywhere?
Why is everything Islamified?
Why when I tune into Trevor Noah or John Oliver or anybody that's attacking me, they say Jones is scum!
He claims Muslims are involved in crime and that Muslims are unvetted and that some Muslims have diseases.
When it's a fact that they're pouring in with TB, it's a fact they're pouring in with crime.
Just look at Europe.
This is the untouchable God group, and it looks like they just infiltrated our wide-open government.
I mean, the owner of Chobani Yogurt.
He's on the New York Federal Reserve Board that runs our country.
It's more powerful than President Trump.
That's checkmaking Trump with all of these interest rate hikes battling him.
This is just absolutely incredible how infiltrated we really are and how it just gets worse and worse.
And now school lunches, not just here but in Europe, are saying no pork served in the schools because of the Muslims.
I mean, they are God.
Well, Alex, they're attacking you because you've been very effective about raising this issue in the consciousness of the American people.
I know they want to cut Infowars.com off.
I know they want to limit our reach to the American people, but they're not going to be successful.
And they're attacking you relentlessly because you have raised the profile of this very important issue.
I want to address also the question of Anthony Scaramucci, which you raised
In the opening here, because I think it's most important.
Turns out that Scaramucci is a political suicide bomber.
Yes, he may have blown himself up, but he took out two rhino-whistling moles in the Trump White House, those being Reince Priebus and Sean Spicer.
I have now determined, absolutely positive, that Rod Rosenstein,
The number two man at the Justice Department, the man who, on his own volition, decided to appoint the Lord High Executioner, Robert Mueller, as a special counsel to investigate a matter in which there is no evidence of crime, the Russian collusion, delusion, that Mr. Priebus is the one who directed the hiring of Mr. Rosenstein, and he did so on the recommendation
With an assassin who will cook up any kind of phony allegation against our president in an attempt to remove him.
And now we know why Cummings is always running around slobbering and drooling over Rosenstein and why he's been on the news saying who he would accept as a new FBI director and who he wouldn't because he's been burrowed into this whole thing when he's one of the most politically discredited, corrupt
Partisan manipulators out there.
And if you will look carefully at Mr. Cummings' filings with the Federal Election Commission from his re-election campaign, you will see that he's violating the law, essentially living off of his campaign committee and being reimbursed handsomely for travel expenses in a completely illegal and improper way.
Let me put it another way.
If Mr. Cummings were a Hispanic Republican, he would be in jail right now.
We've seen the same thing with Maxine Water, where she pressures the government to bail out a bank without disclosing that she and her husband own shares of that bank, that her husband is on the board of directors of the bank.
Again, if she were a Hispanic Republican, she would be in prison right now.
And let's talk about Wasserman Schultz, though.
White women also seem to have this, like Hillary, this invincibility card, because they can play the gender.
I mean, look at Wasserman Schultz, and how she's involved with the DNC, controlling the District of Columbia, and threatening the police with their funding if they keep investigating the computers and don't hand stuff over.
I mean, this group of people is lawless, and Maxine Waters, according to the FBI and others, is the most corrupt member of Congress who's never been prosecuted.
Fortunately, Owen Scheuer was the first to identify the candidacy of Omar Navarro, a hard-charging young reformer.
Who is going to make history in that district?
I was with Omar last night.
I went there voluntarily to help in a fundraiser.
We raised about $25,000, which is small potatoes compared to what Maxine Waters has.
But there's a sea change coming.
Watch this campaign and this district very, very carefully, Alex.
Final point, and this needs to be made.
My sources at Fox and my sources in the White House tell me that the lawsuit filed by the black private investigator, former D.C.
police officer, is completely and totally bogus.
This man's changed his tune so many times, it's hard to keep up with the truth.
He is the one who said that the D.C.
police destroyed the computer or lost the computer of Seth Rich.
He is the one who said there was a cover-up.
Now he's saying he never said those things.
I expect this lawsuit to be dismissed summarily.
Well, certainly it looks like perfect PR for the Democrats right now, whoever's behind this, to kind of smokescreen the larger issues as more comes out about the murder shot in the back of Seth Ridge that we're not going to shut up about.
Thanks, Roger Stone.
Roger's now officially with InfoWars.
InfoWars.com's the most hated news site by global tyrants in the world.
Keep spreading it, they hate it.
We're on the march, the Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Do that, and you'll earn your way to the next level.
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Ruthless offshore elites use their corporate liberal media to attack and demonize any Americans or any independent news that dare challenge their lives.
Five companies own over 90% of the media.
And that's why, whether it's comedy shows, award shows, Hollywood, TV entertainment, the news, it doesn't matter.
It's all focused in one anti-American, anti-free market, anti-family, anti-Christian, anti-gun voice.
And it gets worse.
These ruthless social engineers have an iron grip on our educational system and are teaching our children to hate America and that our president is worse than Hitler and needs to be assassinated.
But as America reawakens, these powerful, deep state, rogue government forces are beginning to panic.
They've even got the former president on television and in the news, and traveling to foreign countries, bad-mouthing America, bad-mouthing sovereignty, and calling for a resistance to our elected president.
In a last-ditch effort, mainstream media is now legitimizing the use of violence against anyone that opposes the globalist takeover, and against anyone who's actually trying to make this nation great again.
They are absolutely intensifying their efforts, screaming homophobe, xenophobe, racist, to make them march, to make them go out on the streets and assault viciously anyone trying to exercise their free speech.
International criminals like George Soros are openly pushing for civil insurrection in America that will lead to civil war.
The beatings, the stabbings, the shootings, the burning cars, the looting of shops, the execution of police officers.
All of this leads to the destabilization, to the martial law that the deep state and the globalists say they need to bring in their final takeover of America.
We are America, and we are the Infowar.
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Crashing through the lies and disinformation, it's Alex Jones, coming to you live from the front lines of the InfoWar.
It is not, under my understanding, the Capitol Police is not able to confiscate members' equipment when the member is not under investigation.
It is their equipment and it's supposed to be returned.
Well, I think there's extenuating circumstances in this case, and I think that, you know, working through my counsel and, you know, the necessary personnel, if that in fact is the case, and with the permission of, through the investigation, then we'll return the equipment.
But until that's accomplished, I can't return the equipment.
I think you're violating the rules when you conduct your business that way.
And to expect that there would be consequences.
Here's the headline.
We've now got filings in Congress by members of Congress calling for larger hearings on criminal activity by Obama, Hillary, Bill Clinton, James Comey,
The list goes on and on.
This is a headline out of Fox News.
Washerman Schultz under pressure to testify on ex-IT aid complaint filed.
Democratic Rep.
Debbie Washerman Schultz is coming under mounting pressure to explain why she kept an IT aid on the payroll for months after a criminal investigation was revealed, facing calls from Republicans to testify, as well as a newly filed ethics complaint.
And now, of course, they've caught one of those aides trying to flee the country.
This on top of them finding laptops, shoved in behind some books in a crevice.
And the Capitol Police investigated, and it's the master files for the DNC.
And of course, we know who was in control of that.
His name's Seth Ridge.
He got gunned down, shot in the back.
That's an unsolved murder!
But now in America, that's called being a conspiracy terrorist.
They have headlines out there that I'm hatefully attacking the family, and so is Sean Hannity, for even questioning this.
It's almost like we killed Seth Rich.
It's like questioning Sandy Hook when they lied about babies in incubators and their brains bashed out and so many other fake events that my listeners questioned Sandy Hook, we questioned it, and now it's all over the news every day.
He's the one that hates the children at Sandy Hook.
He's the one that hates the families.
He's the one.
And the few mental patients that come up to me on the street, they go, how dare you not care about those kids?
They don't care about the million dead Iraqis from sanctions.
They don't care about all the other lies, the Arab Spring, the hundreds of thousands of dead Christians funded and supported by Obama and Hillary.
They don't care about Libya, the failed state.
They don't care about the civil war started by our government in Ukraine.
They don't care about the tens of millions of aborted babies.
They don't care about babies kept alive and their body parts sold according to the Associated Press.
They keep them alive until they harvest their organs.
They get them out of mama, get a partial birth, keep the baby alive, harvest it.
They don't care about that!
They morally get upset when CNN tells them to.
Of course we're questioning, and we're going to go on questioning until we get to the bottom of all of these events.
But she's the Democrat rep.
Over funding of DC.
And she's in there telling the police that you're gonna pay.
The full clip, she threatens them.
It goes on and on.
We've played the clip many times.
If they don't hand over these laptops that are already the subject of a criminal investigation, these brothers that are under criminal investigation,
You've got a murder in the middle of this, and she's telling the police, you better watch it.
And they're telling all of us, you better watch what you say, you better watch what you do, you better keep your mouth shut, or we're going to come after you, you drop Seth Rich, and you drop these brothers, and you drop Pakistan, and you keep your mouth shut.
And we know.
Our government has been completely penetrated by any foreign government, any intelligence group, any private corporation that wants to get in there.
It's called a free-for-all.
We got us a rock and roll band!
It's a free-for-all.
We ought to go out, play in a minute or so of Ted Nugent's Free-For-All.
But this isn't a fun free-for-all.
We're having fun with a rock concert.
The girls are dancing around.
This is a free-for-all with the Communist Chinese, the Russians to a very lesser extent.
I'm not defending the Russians.
It's just, it's a fact.
I mean, the Democrats had this country's legs up behind its ears for anybody that wanted to come in to have their way with it, and then they just pointed at the Russians because they've stumbled through the gang rape occasionally.
The Chinese basically run this country.
The Chinese Communists.
You got the EU bureaucrats, the big mega banks that have allied with China.
Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan openly admitting they have.
You've got the Vatican and all its mega banking power that dwarfs Russia.
Of course it doesn't really want any part of the gang rape, it likes little kids.
If you like that allegory.
All of this is going on.
Hollywood is here in its America-hating garbage, attacking our families, attacking our values, attacking Christians.
I mean, it is just a free-for-all of mercenaries, criminals, pedophiles, radical Islamicists, infiltrating every facet of our government.
Saudi Prince is buying up News Corp.
The Communist Chinese buying up controlling interest in all six major production companies, major studios in California.
I remember like six, seven years ago, I said, the Arabs are buying control of Hollywood.
I didn't say they own the whole thing.
I said, they're trying to buy it up.
And it was a big joke on the internet.
Oh yeah, everybody knows, you know, who owns Hollywood.
I was out in Hollywood.
And folks were pointing out to me that the studios were being bought up by China and by Islamic groups.
And now that's all over the news seven, eight years ago.
I was just telling you what was being reported to me by people at the highest levels.
But it's Hollywood and the globalists allied with Communist China.
It's like Lloyd Blankfein, a month and a half ago, during Infrastructure Week, when Trump was trying to focus on our infrastructure, how it's going from first world to third world very, very quickly.
He said, oh, I just got back from China.
Best infrastructure ever.
Boy, they know how to do it.
We're moving our investments there.
They're the place.
Ha ha!
You're pathetic.
How's your infrastructure week going?
Taunting the President.
Betting against America.
Celebrating Communist China's ascension.
The Dragon's Century.
Built on slave labor.
Built on Foxconn slavery.
Built on Walmart slave goods and Amazon slave goods and Apple iPhone slave goods.
But it's okay that Apple has the worst slave factories.
With their contractor.
With suicide nets in the stairwells and roofs.
And forced abortions and 18-hour workdays.
It's okay, because it's liberal.
And as long as you're liberal, CNN, MSNBC, Trevor Noah, John Oliver, the anointed screenwriters, teleprompter readers, I mean, you realize that Stephen Colbert and John Oliver and
All these people aren't real.
They're little facsimiles that make certain hand gestures and certain facial gestures.
They play a laugh track.
They're so cheap there aren't even real studio audiences most of the time.
And when they are they tell them when to applause with big signs that say applause with a person out there telling them raise their hands up.
I've been on these shows.
They bring in the studio audience of the types of folks that want to go to New York and L.A.
and go see a live mainstream show.
I mean, that might have been cool 30 years ago.
It's super uncool.
And you're sitting there looking at the people they bring in.
A lot of them are homeless if they can't fill the bleachers.
So you got some homeless guy who's drunk a fifth of scotch up there sitting in his own feces.
I've seen him remove homeless people that are crapping too much or urinating too much on the steps.
On the bleachers.
And they're in there, like 50, 100 people, and they have big signs that say, applause!
But people won't applause when those are going, so they'll have some trendy out there with their hands going, come on!
Come on, waving!
Come on, applause!
But more and more, they don't trust even those audiences, so they just have a laugh track going.
And then they call us fake.
Guys that read off teleprompters that 10, 20, 30, 40 riders.
Some of these shows, like The Late Show, have over a hundred riders.
And they sit there poring over every single thing I do and I say to then twist it and to lie and to attack.
Because they know we've got their number.
And they're so scared that we're going to break the news as it comes out that's going to put them to the bottom of the ocean politically.
Because we've already torpedoed Hillary.
And we've already torpedoed Obama.
We've already torpedoed their carbon tax.
We've already torpedoed their open borders.
We've already torpedoed much of their operation thanks to you.
And so they're in full panic mode and want to brand InfoWars as the scourge of the earth.
So as soon as somebody sees something from InfoWars, they just don't even look at it out of hand.
But that doesn't work, because they're the scourge!
And so the free-minded, open-minded, libertine, libertarian, patriot type...
Not even conservative or liberal.
Just pro-prosperity, pro-common sense, pro-americana.
You know, not North Korea-cana.
Not Venezuela-cana.
Not Soviet-cana.
Not fascist-cana.
Common sense-cana.
Don't wanna blow your brains out-cana.
Enjoy life-cana.
Have a great outlook-cana.
But no, we gotta deal with the crisis of tyranny-cana.
Of mental illness-cana.
Of sabotage-cana.
Because we want freedom, Conor.
Self-defense, Conor.
But we produce the byproduct of a bunch of spoiled, rotten people running around doing whatever they want, bitching and complaining, because folks that really work hard have got so much success.
And the ultra-rich know that the giant unwashed mass thinks the guy that has $100 more than them is rich.
So they teach them, you get ahead by pulling down the middle class when that's actually the stairway for them into success.
But you dynamite that, well, now you've got an elite that always consolidates control over the mass.
And I know you know that, but that's the big issue.
That's the big key.
That's the big secret.
Of the social class warfare that they're cranking up.
I mean, just look at this.
Marie Claire Ryder whines Dunkirk movie an excuse for men to celebrate maleness.
I haven't gone and seen this movie yet because I've read books about Dunkirk, watched, you know, PBS shows about it.
I know all about it.
Here's the 60 second boil down.
The Nazis go into Czechoslovakia, they go into Austria, they go into these other areas.
They think that they're invincible.
So they go ahead then and go into France.
The French military completely gives up because they'd already been paid off beforehand to stand down.
That's why they set up a dictatorship called the Vichy French out of the south of France, out of Vichy.
400 plus thousand person force of the Brits gets driven to the sea at Dunkirk.
There's no evacuation force.
Because they don't have a big enough British Navy to even be able to dock there.
And for weeks the Luftwaffe sits there and bombs them on the beach.
And strafes them and kills them.
So a flotilla of citizens, free market, takes action and goes and saves them.
Now of course 99% of the people were white.
Maybe 1% was Indian.
And so they've complained that there's no black people.
Or no women.
Because there weren't.
It's like if you made a movie about the Roman Senate and Julius Caesar getting stabbed to death, there weren't any women stabbing him or any black guys stabbing him.
It's like if you made a movie about some African tribe or some African king, it would be black people because, you know, black people are black, white people are white.
Make a movie about Shogun or about Japanese Samurais, guess what?
They're Japanese!
But they write articles where I'm mentally ill,
They write them with a straight face.
It's called gaslighting, so someone reading it through peer pressure gives in to the authority of the Salon article, or the Mother Jones, or the USA Today.
Where it says, look at this hateful bigot.
And then they quote me saying, I saw the Daily Mail article headline stating that
A man had given birth to a baby for the first time, and I knew it would be a woman who thinks she's a man who had a baby.
And then I read the article, and sure enough it was, because she was a woman, not a man.
Men don't have babies.
Males don't have babies in any major species.
There are some fish and some other animals that in emergencies can flip sexes.
They have both, and there is an emergency backup.
But not mammals.
And that's just a fact.
And they go, he's a conspiracy theorist, he's a nut.
Now you're hearing this thinking, well that's mental illness.
They know full well that it's a woman who thought she was a man.
It's like, have I self-identified as a rooster?
Or have I self-identified as a walrus?
Or have I self-identified as Count Chocula?
Or have I self-identified as Bill Clinton?
I'm not.
I'm Alexander Jones from Texas.
And I'm a man.
And I got four children.
And I got a wife.
But see, in liberal land, they announce, I don't have my children, I don't have my children, even though I have my children the majority of the time.
And I have my three-month-old baby all the time.
Doesn't matter.
They simulate I'm a failure.
They simulate I've been destroyed.
They simulate that we're no longer on the air.
They simulate, just like with simulated friends on their Facebook bots, they simulate victory.
But Trump coming in kind of short-circuited that, because Hillary... I mean, Newsweek told us she was Madam President.
She got elected.
But see, I said that she didn't.
But then when their great god of delusion, their matrix glitches out, they don't know what to do.
Well, they responded by tripling down their howling and screaming and gnashing of teeth, but that's not going to work either.
The news we're about to cover is some of the most powerful, important information I've ever covered.
Elite publications like the Financial Times of London, the New Yorker Magazine, most importantly Atlantic Monthly, have all come out with articles that I'm going to be showing you on screen while our guest is on, saying we need to overthrow President Trump, we need to have new elections and our homeland security, and take all the Republicans that were elected in 2016 and remove them.
They're calling for death, violence.
This is insane.
So I want to ask Colonel Schaefer, former head of the Bin Laden unit, patriot,
With a lot of big connections.
Helped expose Benghazi, you name it.
Works for the London Center for Foreign Policy Research.
Fox contributor.
Where we are currently and how serious the situation is.
Colonel Schaefer, you're more of an expert on this than even I am.
I know that you've worked in some of the most classified areas there are and really had up a lot of things that I'll never see the light of day for this country.
Am I overestimating how serious this is?
No, Ali, thank you for having me on.
And no, you're laying back completely correctly.
You're essentially outlining the situation based on their own verbiage.
And of course, then when they get caught in the open daylight, they then try to say, no, no, no, no, we never said that.
It's all about you.
Same way the deep state goes about saying the deep state doesn't exist.
We're good to go.
We're good.
We're good to go.
All these things are the same way ISIS goes about radicalizing and recruiting people to become terrorists.
And that is what I'm seeing.
I'm seeing a direct correlation, a direct pathology that is the same.
They put out the message to billions of people.
They know people are going to hack.
It's like advertising.
If you put advertising out to billions of people saying, come eat our hamburgers, they're gonna come.
Well, if you put out advertising to billions saying, kill, kill Republicans, kill Trump, kill Alex Jones, kill, kill, kill, it's gonna happen!
On a lonely, lonesome highway,
Coming up, we have an incredible clip of Fareed Zarqari, a member of the Bilderberg Group, flipping out over why Trump won and spewing a bunch of race-based garbage.
So that's all coming up.
We have Putin retaliating with his sanctions back against the United States, that I've got to say are very, very measured compared to all the economic sanctions that we've put Russia under.
He just said, OK, you kicked out half our diplomats, we're kicking out half yours.
And our media acted like that was another declaration of war.
Russia is not in our business compared to any other major power, folks.
Russia is promoting Christianity and free market politics and battling orthodox Islam.
That's why Hollywood and the globalists who are allied with radical Islam are against Russia, period.
So that's all coming up.
But back to the movie Dunkirk.
Now they're whining, saying there's not enough women in it.
And that's an excuse for men to celebrate maleness.
See, now that they've created all this false narrative and false news and false reality, that false reality wants to demand, territorially, that non-fiction
Not exist.
You understand?
Every time in a culture people become delusional, and mass mental illness starts spreading, and the bedrock culture's removed, that made the culture successful to begin with, the insanity always wages war with whatever's left that isn't insane.
The allegory is of zombies.
What do they not have?
They don't have brains.
They don't have consciousness.
They don't have a soul.
What do they want?
All these are archetypes.
And if something isn't accurate, it doesn't ring true to you.
So that's why they do the same allegories over and over again in Hollywood.
They've all written books on this.
They weren't just doing this after Joseph Campbell's Hero with a Thousand Faces.
They understand the archetypes.
I've never consciously manipulated archetypes.
I flow with the basic archetypes and so I present things archetypally because I'm a primitive.
I'm going with my instincts, I'm going with my guts, I'm going with who I am, my essence, with truth!
That's why they call me in Hollywood and CNN and everything now, not a big evil liar but a master genius and a master manipulator with cunning powers they've never seen.
Now they're telling you what they really think about me.
But it's not cunning powers they've never seen.
Trump is not playing fifth dimensional chess, I can tell you.
He is literally assessing things with common sense analysis and then re-augmenting and changing when he thinks it needs to be done to try to make us prosperous.
And it's grandiose, and sometimes it's a train wreck, but it's real.
And that's why they hate us, because we're trying to create a prosperous economy, we're trying to turn the economy back on, we're trying to be positive.
But also, pointing out what's negative.
By the way, they demonize us everywhere about the fact that we're funding ourselves.
You know, I sell a million dollars of product, on average, half of that is the cost of the product.
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Second hour straight ahead.
Big guests as well.
Spread the word.
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Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order, it's Alex Jones.
Resistance to tyrants is obedience to God.
It's Alex Jones.
The number one thing we can do is lay out how serious the outcome of humanity taking a wrong turn could be.
Just how high the stakes are.
I'm going to lay that out in the next segment.
It's also vital to go back
And illustrate who's been in control of this global system and who those people are and what their worldview is.
That's all coming up.
We have Dr. Steve Pachetnik joining us.
A year ago, he said that Trump should bring in somebody like General Kelly if he got elected.
I remember that.
He's going to be joining us to break that down, give us inside intel.
Of course, he's got big news coming up.
But first, it's important to document the crimes they've committed and keep reminding people.
They count on us having a short attention span.
Here's John Bowne's report.
Repeal and replace Obamacare!
Repeal and replace!
Repeal and replace!
Repeal and replace!
Repeal and replace!
Repeal and replace!
And if you don't, and then if you don't, we're going to repeal them.
So that's John McCain saying repeal and replace, taking Trump's words away from him.
And then as soon as he had a chance to shoot down the bill that was the best one we've seen yet, according to Senator Rand Paul.
When McCain returned, he flashed a gasp-inducing thumbs down.
Devastating McConnell as Democrat Chuck Schumer shushed his elated troops.
It's not a time for celebration.
It was time of relief.
When did you know he was going to vote no?
I can tell you John and I talked four or five times each day since he came back.
And the media is just creamy-eyed right now in a celebration of the, quote, defeat of Trump.
If I were a Republican operative, I would be feeling pretty low right now.
What is your feeling?
Well, I certainly felt that way after last night.
I mean, the sense of failure with the Senate effort to do something on health care, to keep the vehicle moving, was profound.
They're the monsters that created this legislation.
They're the ones that are cowards and won't get rid of it.
They're the ones that will be held responsible by the voters.
The voters may be distracted and some of them may be dumb.
But even mainline Democrats seeing their health care go up and working families across this country know they've been lied to and they know Trump didn't create Obamacare.
But we have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it.
Away from the fog of the controversy.
If you like your doctor, you will be able to keep your doctor.
Lack of transparency is a huge political advantage.
And basically, you know, call it the stupidity of the American voter or whatever.
But basically, that was really, really critical to getting the thing to pass.
So there's a lot of basic self-preservation going on out there.
The main problem that MSM has, and will continue to have over the years, is that when they put out these fake polls, even when they don't show the methodology, when they do, you always see them adding 9, 15, 20 points or more.
You can only lower polls so long.
You can't just keep, keep, keep lowering because nobody believes that Trump's got a 35% approval rate.
And they know that there's elections coming up that'll prove their polls wrong.
So now that it's still three years out until Trump's facing full re-election, they're creeping back with the fake polls again.
And it's just what they do.
And we know from industry bots, the same numbers that any major company that subscribes to all these numbers can do.
Why do you think CNN was having to add 15 points on to Hillary?
Because he was 15, 20 points ahead.
They wanted to show her ahead of him.
So it's, again, who they call, who they poll, who they reach out to.
So most of CNN polls are phone polls where you call CNN.
In some polls, they oversampled 34% more Democrat callers.
But they put it in the methodology.
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The globalists' great error is to believe that as they collapse humanity, they end up on top.
The truth is, humanity is coming down fast, but we're miles above them on our journey to hell.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
Coming down fast, but I'm miles above you!
Thank you for joining us today, ladies and gentlemen.
So much happening.
I'm glad that Dr. Steve McShannock of SteveMcShannock.com, co-author with Tom Clancy of many books, best-selling author in his own right, worked with major intelligence agencies, psychological operations, dealt the force, you name it.
Here to talk about the waterfront, this General Kelly appointment to Chief of Staff.
He was calling for this back when Trump
Was candidate Trump right after he got the nomination in July.
So he's joining us to talk about that, to talk about the internal battles that are going on.
We've got some good news.
Analysts, North Korean ICBMs lack effective re-entry to deliver payloads.
So they could hit the United States, but evidence shows they cannot re-enter properly to deliver their payrolls.
The problem is, is soon they'll be able to do that, and they're trying to get sea-launched missiles from submarines now, and threatening to attack the United States.
That's the big problem.
So will Trump be forced to move the next few weeks, the next few months?
They've said all options are on the table.
We'll get Dr. Steve Pucinich's take on that as well.
But first off, let me raise this with Dr. Steve Pucinich.
I know he's not a Russophile, in fact he helped bring down the Soviet Union, but they're becoming more Christian, more free market, they're battling radical Islam, they've worked with the military against the Arab Spring that the traitors of the government like Obama and Hillary openly engaged in.
So there's been an internal civil war for six years with our own military and patriots saying we're not going to go along with your Arab Spring.
So when they say there's a Russian connection, it's there that we've worked with the Russians.
We broke that six years ago, five years ago.
Cy Hirsch came on last year, confirmed that we were right.
We had general knowledge from a lot of sources in the government.
We had Colonel Schaefer.
We of course have had folks on like Tosh Plumlee.
We've had folks involved obviously with Benghazi on.
We've had
Steve Pachinikon, all documenting up front what really happened in Benghazi, what's happened since then.
And so if you want to find Russian collusion, it's Russia working with, I guess, our patriotic deep state, which is more than one deep state obviously, to not actually merge with radical Islam and then double-cross the American people as the EU has done their own population.
So that's the basics from my perspective.
What comes in now is, I see one of Trump's failures as he's being bullied.
By the media.
Bad blood into even worse to prove he's not in bed with the Russians.
And the more he starts fights with the Russians, the more we get into a posture of aggression, the worse they bully the president, claiming these non-existent Russia ties.
So I just don't like seeing the tail wag the dog here of Hollywood, MSM, the Democrats, the neocons, the rhinos, trying to destroy
The truth of the matter is, for some time, as you correctly stated, from the very beginning of the Trump nomination, I said the first things would have to go would be the political operatives.
Corey Lendowski's an excellent operative.
He's still involved, although he had to leave.
But the ones who were not excellent were the ones who were thrown out, Spicer and Priebus.
The reason for that is they're really not qualified to run a complex system.
The reason General Kelly came in and we had McMaster, we had Mattis, we have about six, seven generals now.
Who are involved in the central command of the White House and other important agencies, including the CIA with Pompeo, is that they're used to efficiency.
They're used to effectiveness.
They know very well that Russia is not our enemy.
Now, what is happening is you've got, again, the ineffectual Republican Party, which couldn't pass Obamacare or couldn't repeal it, couldn't do anything.
They had only seven years to learn about it.
They had seven years to be able to improve it.
And they proved to be totally incompetent.
Again, Ryan, McClain, McClellan, and our friend McCain.
So, what we have there is complete incompetency.
Now, beneath that element of the so-called kabuki of politics is really what we concern, the deep state, or what I call the honorable deep state.
And they, in effect,
Are doing exactly what they were supposed to do and what I've been saying for a long time.
Number one, we have had no discussion of the fact that Mattis and our generals in Iraq have been incredibly effective at taking down ISIS.
The Russians know this.
The Iranians have noticed this.
What we have now is a problem that in five days we had a phased attack into Mosul and it was incredibly effective.
You have heard nothing but nothing from the press about the phased victory in Mosul.
The second part is that Iran had been our ally and now they're beginning to turn against us.
So once we went into Mosul and we effectively took down ISIS, then the Iranians are starting to fight with us.
Now, this is a conundrum.
This is not something I expect the politicians to understand.
I don't expect
I don't understand that if you've got this battle of all these different armies together over this key area of this gateway to Europe to be able to blackmail Europe and control the new pipelines and the rest of it, that as soon as we began to kick out the Saudi, Qatari,
Well, the Wahhabist faction that Iran that we've been allied with would obviously try to double-cross and come into that vacuum.
But we have a five-year, six-year deal.
Assad needs to reportedly move towards an open election now.
Iran needs to move out.
And we need to move towards democratizing Syria, correct?
Now, what's important, and you hit it on the head, Alex, and you're one of the few to discuss it, what's important now is that our forces are acting as a peacekeeping force in northern Syria.
I've talked about it before.
They're separating Erdogan's Turkish forces
Unfortunately, as I've said before, it's easier to create war.
That was started by Bush Jr.
and Cheney and the neocons.
It's much harder
To end the war, and I must give credit to our generals, all of them, Mattis, McMaster, Votel, the head of special forces, because they are doing a yeoman's job, not in terms of kinetic killing, but in terms of negotiating and arbitrating peace treaties.
And Rex Tillerson has done an excellent job in decreasing the size of the State Department, and in turn, because he was head of
Exxon Mobil, he knows all the Sunni and Shiite players now.
To get something straight, what happened with Putin was, okay, Trump went along with these incompetent politicians in Congress who placed a misplaced sanction on the Russians.
But the Russians are very clever, so is Trump.
What Putin didn't, what we did not do, was to allow our businesses to withdraw from Russia.
In other words, our major businesses in the gas and the oil and in Air Force and whatever other material that Putin needs are still going forth.
And what really happened, Putin said, well, I'm going to withdraw 722 American staff members of our Russian embassy.
Meanwhile, in Moscow, it was never a great embassy.
I worked out of there.
I never really used it.
I worked in the field.
Sure, so Trump's having to do this for face-saving, but the truth is there are certain global economic interests that want to be able to dictate who can and can't go into Russia, and instead the real way to continue to accelerate the reforms in Russia is to continue the free market connections with the West.
You had it right on the head, Alex.
And what's happening is we're allowing the free markets to go in.
So whatever sanctions we may have against a particular oligarch and all, that's part of the kabuki.
The 722 people are really primarily Russian citizens who work in a non-secure area in the embassy.
So this is all a kabuki.
The reality is our intelligence, CIA, other intelligence units, always work with the Russians.
Our military have always worked with the Russians because they have to.
We're in Syria.
It's a complicated situation.
The Russians are very effective in what they do.
Our military is very effective in what they do.
And in turn, a general like Mattis, of the Defense Department, says, look, we got a problem in Africa.
And even Petraeus came forth and a lot of other generals who were involved saying,
We can't give aid to every major leader of a dysfunctional country in Africa.
So what Trump has allowed the military to do is not only to be in the kinetic part, which is a minor part, but to be in really the negotiation, the strategy, and the literal... And they're having real strategy now.
What do you make of the headlines that they're having debates about fully withdrawing from Afghanistan?
Well, I think it's important.
From my point of view, that was a war that was started by a neocon by the name of Zalmay Khalilzad, who worked with me on the West Bank.
And it's the longest-running war in U.S.
But it was started by then that CIA that wanted some kind of things to get involved.
Afghanistan has no strategic value to us.
It's really an extension of Pakistan and the ISI, or the Inter-Service Intelligence Agency.
For us, the real issues that are important are going to be China, Russia, to get out of the Middle East and pivot to where we need to pivot, which is really to Southeast Asia and to the China Sea, as well as monitor... Exactly, but the Chinese propaganda through our media really want to keep us in the Middle East.
That's correct.
Now you hit it on there.
I think you're the best strategist.
You hit it right on the head.
Oh, no, I can see the strategy, and I can see Trump on every front, following strategies that make sense for America, for prosperity, and for peace.
Let's come back, though, and talk about these brothers trying to flee the country, and Seth Rich, and the next big shoe to drop, and so much more with Dr. Steve Pucinich, straight ahead.
We'll also hear from him about what else he thinks President Trump should do next.
We'll be back.
Well, it doesn't matter if it's the Financial Times of London, or whether it's the Washington Post, or whether it's the Economist magazine, or the Harvard magazine, they all say globalism is collapsing, people are turning against it.
We're not turning against internationalism, or being a citizen of the world if you want to live all over the world, or working with other countries, or accepting other cultures if you choose to adopt them.
We're not going to be ruled by carbon taxes that bureaucrats and Rothschilds and Rockefellers and Soroses make money from.
It doesn't mean Brexit's perfect.
It doesn't mean Trumpism is perfect.
It means it's about taking the power back to the people, back to the states, back to the government.
And Stefan Molyneux is a businessman, author, researcher, very popular radio TV host.
Really appreciate him joining us for the next 30 minutes.
Stefan Molyneux on Twitter.
Freedomainradio on YouTube.
Hundreds of millions of views, reaching tens of millions of people a week.
Stefan Molyneux, looking at that, I mean, I don't know how to state the level of history we are at right now.
I mean, I cannot overstate that to folks.
We are at such an epic moment.
It will never, ever in human history come down to as important a moment, Alex, and I really want to get this across to your listeners.
If the state wins, if the globalists win, if the communists and the socialists win,
Capitalism has delivered unto them such monitoring and control and video technology that it is entirely possible we will never ever be free again.
It comes down to this.
We have the technology to communicate free and peaceful and voluntary ideas across the world.
They have the technology to control everything we do, to
I don't know.
To win, and they're trying it, we must use every legal tool in our arsenal to fight back, take no prisoners, push forward every agenda, challenge every relationship, push forward, because it's now, literally, or never, I strongly believe.
They're going to have a breakaway civilization, put us into total squalor, use it to control us, and then use the fruits of the human mind and open society that has given us almost godlike powers to shackle us!
I mean, this is, this is...
Unspeakably evil!
What do we do?
What do you do?
You have to stop protesting.
You have to start getting out there.
You have to recognize that this is an emergency.
There is no DEF CON level higher than what we are facing right now.
You need to pull out all the stops, get all the information you can.
You have a global communications network.
You can tap into it anytime.
You can challenge people in your life.
It is down to this, because if we don't solve this peacefully, the kind of weapons that we have if it turns to war might end the entire planet.
Stefan Molyneux, thank you.
Always enlightening, but today was extremely powerful.
I'm Millie Weaver and you're watching Flyover America, an InfoWars original series where we're going to be traveling around the United States talking to Flyover America, the people who feel like they have had their voices ignored by their government, by the mainstream media, and by the people on the coast.
So we're going to be talking to the deplorables, finding out why they actually supported Trump,
So, come along with us on this journey as we discover Flyover America.
Throughout our travels, we will be making scheduled stops to talk with those who want to tell their story.
Like us and follow our progress on Facebook at Flyover States of America for meeting locations, updates, and even sneak peeks.
And if you have a story to tell, come tell it.
I'm Millie Weaver and you're watching Fly Over America!
Alright folks, we are back live.
Dr. Jerome Corsi is joining us for the next segment.
He broke the news that they were looting the Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac money for Obamacare, and then he hammered it.
I know, met with some of the folks from the White House as well, and said, have Trump defund this and don't let them loot Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.
And indeed that is then what the President is now saying they're looking at doing.
So that's his ace in the hole to defund this monstrosity if they won't get rid of it in Congress.
So that's coming up in the next segment.
Really key intel.
But getting back to Dr. Steve Pachenik of stevepachenik.com.
Watchdog group asked Congress to probe Representative Washerman Schultz over fired IT aide who got caught with the laptops hidden and
In the Library of Congress, and the cops have got it, and Shultz threatens them, and she's over the District of Columbia in Congress, and says, I'll cut your funding if you don't stop the investigation.
I mean, wow!
Talk about arrogant!
IT worker for Florida, Congresswoman fired, accused of bank fraud.
USA Today, exclusive, Washerman Shultz aide in Pakistan, still liquidating assets in the U.S.
That's Daily Caller.
That's after he got arrested trying to flee.
Meanwhile, lawsuit claims Fox News and Trump supporter created fake story about killing of DNC staffer Seth Rich.
They're acting like Seth Rich didn't even get shot in the back now.
They are so scared of this Seth Rich thing.
And I've seen the clips of this guy and I know they can selectively edit.
But he's up there saying he thinks the DC police, you know, destroyed it or the Secret Service did and that the family hired him to go out and do this.
He's saying he never said that.
Or that Fox News made this up, and you've got the heads of Fox News wanting to get rid of it, so they're kind of inviting these things on themselves, these sexual harassment suits, this, all of it, as a way to move within the culling of Fox to go after each new group they want to bring down.
Sean Hannity's the next domino they want, Sean knows that, and is already looking for an exit plan.
What do you make of this, Dr. Pachenik?
Let me address first the Debbie Wasserman Schultz problem.
There's no question the FBI and other agencies have to be involved in questioning her.
She has no immunity whatsoever.
I knew about her in Miami.
She's not a very bright woman.
She's got a loud mouth.
I have dogs, too.
It's okay.
Go ahead.
The government, they were also involved in counterintelligence and in all forms of infringement, a kind of financial terrorism in the United States.
Now, if they were in fact backed by the CIA, the CIA has to be accountable for it and they're going to have to bring them back.
What I suggest very strongly, and this is a warning to Pakistan, that I suspect these brothers have a strong connection to the ISI in Pakistan, and I would warn Pakistan to regroup them back to the United States and then send them back here for prosecution.
I don't
Group just completely, with no ideology really, just sell everything and everyone out to a level never before seen.
In a way, they are capitalists that they always criticize, but from a purely mercenary bent, but with an overall anti-America culture, which you'd have to have to be able to engage in such nasty activity.
Let me put it more simply.
You've said it very well.
The truth of the Democrats are they're geriatric.
They're 80, 78, 79.
They're stupid.
Most of them are not very bright.
Totally entitled.
Very well educated.
And they're arrogant and very self-destructive.
So you have the three elements here.
Which we worked on when Hillary came forth.
I said to you, she's not very bright.
She cannot see any strategic elements.
Same thing with Dianne Feinstein.
All of them have the same attributes.
And Maxine Waters.
Self-aggrandizement, parasitic behavior, self-destruction, and very low intelligence.
Because... By the way, I should add you're a psychiatrist.
I want you to psychoanalyze them.
When we come back, I know there's the whole Goldwater rule, but just looking at past activity, when I look at Hillary and that power trip smile she has glued on, I've known other people that are mentally ill and basically mania about how powerful they are.
Whether it be a McDonald's manager, whether it be a bank manager, she has that same lunatic power trip look.
How could she think she'd win?
How could she think she was invincible when all the numbers showed she wasn't?
So, as a psychiatrist, you know, not just a former military guy and analyst, tell us what you think of her and this disease of arrogance that Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters and others have straight ahead.
Right down to the comedians that read off teleprompters like John Oliver.
I'm Alex Jones.
Stay with us.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Live from Austin, Texas, broadcasting worldwide, it's Alex Jones.
It's a confidence game.
I don't have a degree in psychology or a doctorate in it or a medical doctorate, like Dr. Stephen Chinning, but just growing up I noticed people who were delusional.
They'd be like five years old and be a little girl imagining she was a princess.
Or you'd be a little kid imagining you were Superman.
But after about age three, I remember saying to my friends, I don't want to play Superman because I'm not really Superman.
And then you get around people in life that just, they get on these power trips and they just think they're invincible.
And they always make the biggest mistakes in business, in life, you name it.
And I don't know what you call that, but I look at the Democrats, the Republican leadership, you name it.
They're on these power trips.
The looks on their faces.
I wouldn't buy a car from them.
If they were my neighbor, I'd be freaked out by it.
They just look crazy.
I mean, Hillary, all the time, looks insane.
Walking around like seething with her eyes bugged out like she just snorted a bunch of methamphetamine with a big weird crocodile smile on her face with a bunch of other weird sycophants running around behind her.
I don't know what you call this psychologically, but it diseases them.
And now we've got Nancy Pelosi.
Every time she speaks almost saying George W. Bush is still president and not knowing what legislation is and they think that Trump's in bed with an attack on Korea with Putin.
I mean these people have less knowledge than
A junior high student.
And then they say, we're not changing any policies.
We're going full steam ahead.
We're not changing Democratic Party leadership.
We're doing a great job.
When all the numbers show they're a dying party, totally delusional, their Russia narrative is hurting them, but they don't care.
We're going back to Dr. Steve McChinney here in a moment.
But remember, we're listener supported.
From the Daily Show, to CNN, to John Oliver, to Trevor Noah, to every program out there.
Every fake news show with teleprompter reading actors posing as comedians, posing as newsmen.
They demonize the fact that we sell products.
In fact, the latest thing is I sell the desiccated bones of dead domesticated birds.
Now, imagine they sit around and say, how do we make a bone broth formula, now the number one seller in the country, how do we make that sound weird?
Well, we say it tastes terrible, which isn't true.
Then we say it's the desiccated bones of domesticated dead birds.
No, the healthiest collagen out there that has no connections to spongiform encephalopathy
Or prions, little crystals.
They're not alive.
It's not even like a virus.
It's just a crystal thing that grows in some bovine that have been fed meat products and then can get in your brain.
So we went with chicken.
Everybody knows you leave the bones in when you make chicken broth when somebody's sick.
Every wives tale, every culture, the hottest thing out there
Two years ago, when I went and did market research at Whole Foods and GNC, the hottest thing and sold out was bone broths.
And so I went to the biggest manufacturer in the country.
They act like Dr. Gribbs, our manufacturer.
He just does a third of our stuff.
He's a great guy.
I went to one of the biggest organic businesses and I said, I want something three times stronger than anything else anybody makes.
And we did it with chicken broth, bone broth, it's got all the trace elements, the minerals, it's got the cofactors, it's got basically the stem cells in it, and they take it and they put it together, and it's super strong, and that's why it's been sold out the two times we produced it.
And that's why they hate us.
So they turned that around.
Let's play the Trevor Noah piece, and I'm going back to Dr. Puccini.
Or John Oliver, whatever the idiot's name is.
And to make it sound like we're dirty and bad, we're so kooky, he says we sell the dust of dead domesticated birds, like we're killing parrots or something.
Now imagine if I said, we sell the meat of dead domesticated birds.
That sounds gross.
If we sold chicken.
But they make it sound bad, and they even attack that we sell coffee.
High quality, southern Mexican, high mountain, volcanic, or super high quality coffee for $5 less than they sell it in Whole Foods.
We get it from the exact same Chiapas farmers.
I drank the coffee 20 years ago.
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We get it from the farmer co-ops for $5 less than it is in stores.
It's a good deal.
Wake Up America Coffee.
They want to make fun of the fact that we sell things.
So here's a brief clip of him engaging in alchemy, making it sound weird that we sell a high-quality bone broth formula with turmeric, chaga mushroom, bee pollen, and more superfoods.
Here it is.
A chocolate-flavored drink mix made from bee pollen, stevia, and the dust of chicken skeletons.
Now, according to InfoWars, it is one of the most popular new health trend in the world today.
And by the look on Jones' face, it tastes exactly as good as it sounds.
Pour that in on a couple ice cubes, and folks, it tastes, when it's creamy and thick, I think better than everything.
And it's got all the bone broth, and so much more.
This is why the ancients, they believed, had such better bones and were so much healthier.
Look it up.
You could freeze this and this would be better than, like, Blue Bell chocolate ice cream.
I know for a fact that Alex Jones did not enjoy drinking that glass of Caveman.
Because I have got a glass of Caveman right here.
And I can confirm to you that it tastes...
It tastes exactly how you imagine a drink would taste.
Okay, I'm gonna stop right there.
I'm going to do an analysis of this today or tomorrow.
It's a 20-minute piece.
He spent the whole show on it, basically, and it's all lies.
He says Jones spends close to 25% of his time plugging products.
If you count plugs on air and the ads, that's the standard for broadcast radio and TV.
Okay, 25% of an hour is 15, and that's the industry average 30 years ago.
It's more like 19 minutes now.
So we have less than the industry standard of radio and TV broadcasts.
And he wouldn't know that because he's on HBO, which is owned by Time Warner, that made $28 million last year ripping folks off on cable.
So hated, one of the most hated companies in the world, that they've changed their name twice the last few years.
So, here's this guy acting like it's bad that we sell a bone broth formula that is so popular.
I mean, it's literally hard to quantify, but we're talking about the amount of nutrients that you get in 50 bowls of chicken soup per serving.
I mean, it's something ridiculous like that.
You can't really quantify it.
It's amazing.
Or BioPQQ.
He makes fun of the fact that we're talking about the fact that that's known for nerve growth factor.
You can even make claims with that because it's recognized as a drug all over the world, but because it's a food, we can sell it.
They're trying to make it a drug right now.
No one debates BioPQQ.
And that we have the organic source that the Japanese Mishabishi makes.
It's expensive.
We have to go through a medical doctor to get it from them.
Okay, so I'm going to stop right there.
It's just, this is how they Svengali this, and how they take
Something and turn it bad now the reason I didn't know Buckley had put milk in it because I've been drinking it for weeks when it came in and It tastes okay in water.
I mean it's very strong.
It tastes okay
Doesn't work with vanilla flavor, it works with chocolate and strawberry flavor.
He added milk, put it in a blender, and I was like, mmm, why is this super good now?
It went from okay, I said that in the full piece, I said, what's going on?
This is lighter color.
He said, no, no, no, I drink it with milk.
So I asked him to go make me some, so I could do it on air.
So the reason I'm going, mmm, why is that so good now, is because it tasted okay before, and with milk, tastes amazing.
You add ice into it, it tastes like a...
Frosty from Wendy's or something.
The point is, you know what?
I'm going to do the John Oliver Challenge.
I'm going to announce it later.
I haven't figured out what it is yet, but I'm going to do something like a discount for folks to get it, and you can return it if you don't think it tastes great with milk.
I've now done it with protein powder and milk even better.
My kids love it, and believe me, they wouldn't be drinking it if they didn't like it.
They're so healthy drinking it.
It's just crazy!
That they think you're so stupid.
So free shipping ends tomorrow.
We've been running it for a month.
Huge discounts across the board.
25% off on Caveman.
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A bunch of big discounts.
Colloidal Silver, 66% off.
One more thing he did is he said that I claim the competition will kill you in Colloidal Silver.
I said in the full clip, don't go
To some place like a drug store and get topical iodine and drink it, because it's not the same type of iodine and will eat a hole in your stomach and could kill you.
That's a fact!
I'm saying, it's not that I'm saying that's competition, it's not for ingestion!
And people have emailed us and said, can I just buy the stuff, you know, at the store that's topical?
And I'm like, no!
Talk to your physician!
It says on the bottle, don't drink it, it's poison!
Ours is a totally different type of iodine!
But again, that's how they manipulate your mind.
Now I'm going to stop.
I'm going to give them the floor for the rest of the hour.
Dr. Steve Pachinik, stevepachinik.com.
It's just that this is a war.
We're trying to cut off our funding.
I should add, you should get his great books at stevepachinik.com, both the fiction and nonfiction.
Okay, going back to Steve Pachinik.
We were getting into Hillary's psychology, Madam President I should say, and just the weird delusional behavior, the way that they think they're invincible.
You're a psychiatrist.
You're a guy that did the Camp David Accord, PSYOPS, the only successful peace deal in Middle East history.
I mean, you helped found Delta Force, you know military psychology.
You're a smart guy.
We've seen all this diagnosing Trump from afar.
So let's be honest.
Give us your from-afar analysis of Trump and then give us your analysis of the Democratic Party leadership that act like the Hillbop cult or something.
You see cults, they walk around with this
We're invincible!
Everything's wonderful!
I mean, what is going on?
Did Martians replace them or something?
Let me say something, Alex.
I may be a psychiatrist, but I'm your friend and I'm a friend of the show and I've got to tell you something.
I want you to understand that you are being praised by every time they make fun of you.
I mean, you got to remember the old axiom, every knock is a boost.
And I want you to turn that around because your mind is
You're so witty that instead of being defensive, which I understand you could be, but you're far better on the attack.
And quite honestly, they're increasing your penetration of a market that they never had.
And so people come up to me... Well, I didn't tell you this.
I hadn't announced it.
We checked the numbers.
We normally lose money on a Sunday and a Saturday.
Because of that, we had record sales for the month on Sunday and yesterday.
People went and bought it!
I know, but here's what I suggest.
Your mind's too fast for what they do.
Now listen to me.
I'm not being counter.
I know you very well.
I would suggest you either invite Oliver on your show and have a discussion or, you know, go at it because you have a far better brain.
I will invite him and his writers on because we all know Oliver is a composite.
No, I understand, but I want just you and Oliver because the wit that you have is far sharper than anybody realizes.
Let me tell you something about yourself that you don't appreciate.
Whatever you are or you're not, you are an incredible wit that can absorb things at a very high speed.
And you've got to use that as a weapon to basically say, okay, they've been knocking me down, but you know what?
I'm still up.
So you got an Anderson Cooper, go and talk to him.
I mean, Anderson can't match your own wit.
We've invited them all on.
They're all scared to come on.
Well, then fine, then go on their show.
And so you went with Megyn Kelly.
What did it do?
It increased your ratings.
But the reality is you started with nothing.
Infowars was nothing.
And suddenly we have millions of people buying a lot of products.
Google has to censor you.
They censor me or Twitter has to censor.
And the point of fact, take that as a point of compliment.
That's your battle medal.
You just went into one battle after another.
And I'm saying to you, look,
I have faith in your ability to absorb and to be able to respond so fast at the moment, even better than they are.
I would not want to say that you're a better comedian, but I would honestly say you're a far better comedian, and you and I know that.
So for you to be able to confront them, either on their show, your show, whatever you care about,
It's not an issue of whether the product is good or not, or whether you have to rationalize anything.
You don't have to rationalize anything!
The bottom line is, I would want you to go face-to-face with these guys, and you know that I know that your mind is far faster, far sharper, far more incisive.
You know, you're lethal when it comes to humor.
And, you know, these are the new
Humorous, so to speak.
They can't compare to the old line guys like Bill Hicks and others who you might have known about.
But these, the Bill Hicks's and the other, you know, the guys who really started the whole industry.
That's what you're like.
And when you come face to face with them, use it.
Don't be defensive.
That's fine if they don't like your product.
I mean, I'm not going to put a diagnosis on her.
I said day one when we went after her, she's not very bright.
She's a manipulative individual.
She's self-destructive.
She's a sycophant.
She has all the elements of what a classical politician is.
But I said very early on, she's not bright.
She has no concept of A to Z to Y. She has no strategic sense.
Neither did Bill.
In some ways, Bill is smarter because he understood what he had to do and he got caught in it.
Hillary got caught on it, but she didn't care.
They're parasitic in nature.
Most of these politicians, Pelosi, Feinstein, they all have husbands who've made a fortune and they color their hair with this absurd brown or black dye.
So, I mean, they're parasites that are, you know, covered over with all kinds of nonsensical pharmaceuticals or, you know, colors.
The diagnosis for Trump isn't, and there is no mental diagnosis for Trump.
Trump may be, he may be forceful, he's aggressive, he's mercurial, he's this, he may be that, but the bottom line is he built a multi-billion dollar organization having to deal with an assortment of people.
Now, if the American Psychoanalytical Association thinks that they can make official medical diagnosis on Trump, I welcome them.
And then I would welcome working with Trump and his family to sue the hell out of the American Psychoanalytical.
I was trained by psychoanalysts at Harvard, and I warned the psychoanalysts at Harvard, Mass Mental Health, you will go under in five years.
I was right.
They went under in five years.
So basically, they're a small cult group.
Freud had some input into our understanding, but Freudian theory is old.
It's not applicable to many things.
And they're a little group where they don't really have much experience in politics or government.
I may be the only psychiatrist who's worked with four or five presidents directly, and then went into the systems and helped them out.
But I wasn't there to say, oh, he's crazy, she's crazy.
I'm there to say, this is what you're going to do strategically.
This is what you have to do tactically.
What can I say?
I couldn't have created a group of parasites that were 80 years old, Feinstein, Pelosi 79, Maxine Waters of Confucius.
I mean, it's so absurd that they're self-destructive.
Well, we're showing some footage right now of the Democrats meeting on Capitol Hill right now.
There's Nancy Pelosi.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
Every article, every video, but especially these articles and videos, we've been breaking down.
Dealing with the martial law, civil war, assassination, removal, sudden removal, coup of Trump.
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I'm taking it now.
This transmission is coming to you.
Alright, you want to go?
All right, final segment with Dr. Steve Pucinich, then we've got Dr. Corsi joining us.
Big breaking news.
I do intend to take a ton of calls later in the week.
I've been taking more calls.
Paul Joseph Watson is going to be hosting the fourth hour today.
In fact, after Corsi leaves us, we'll start taking phone calls the bottom of the next hour.
I'll give that number out the next hour.
I want to understand tyranny.
As corrupt people get into governing systems,
They like to steal, they like to cheat, they like to manipulate, they don't like to actually build things.
They bring in more people to build their empire, and at a certain point it drives out all the producers and you collapse like Venezuela is right now.
But you look at the incredible production power of modern societies, it allows the baubles and things to keep flowing, and now with the robots coming in, will we reach a point where despite the fact that we have incredible corruption and waste,
That the kind of automated systems take over and so you've got these insane mentally ill people on power trips kind of running things.
They're the ghosts in the machine.
And then now the mistakes that normally would just kick them out of power manifest as giant wars or crises that get magnified or exacerbated once they actually get triggered because they get held off so long and papered over.
By the advances we've made as a civilization.
Or do the advances expose them and bring them down faster?
I mean, I don't think anyone knows the answer to this.
But a lot of the top billionaires themselves are moving to very remote areas.
They're very paranoid.
They believe things are going to collapse.
Dr. Pucinich is an optimist.
What do you think is going to happen?
I think your latter point was right on the head.
What's happening, and I've said it from day one, and you and I have discussed it, and you thought I was a genius when I said it, but I'm still saying it's a devolution of power.
The federal government is becoming more and more irrelevant.
That's why the Rex Tillerson's can come in, they can cut the State Department, they're 20,000 people.
I could honestly say I could work with the State Department with about 10 people.
Kissinger did that, Baker did that, almost everybody else.
It's the same issue that Kelly will come in, he will cut the staff 50% or even more.
The bottom line is very simple.
None of our politicians
Either Republican or Democrat have ever really created a company or built anything.
And the truth of the matter is America's waiting for the infrastructure.
And that's the one thing I would say to Trump and to Kelly.
Get rid of all the other nonsense.
Let's start putting in money into the infrastructure.
I don't know why Obamacare came up first.
I don't know why anything else came up first.
You have to get in
I think so.
Automation will present a very serious problem and that problem is for the millennials and others because we're going to have to get into a gig economy or GIG economy where an individual who's a millennial might have to have more than one job.
I just met a young man
An African-American who's 20 years old, he has a talent management agency, he has something else, he's involved in the National Guard, he has two or three businesses, and he's only 20 years old.
But he's effective.
The same thing down in the South.
I see young people building up companies faster than anyone can imagine.
The fact of Hollywood, they're finished.
They can't make these five-minute infomercials.
They can't make a five-minute spot on the internet.
So what happened with the internet, and our military and DARPA understood it, we broke up the federal government.
And that's why, in effect, our military understood this better than anyone.
It's not an accident.
I was trained in 1972 by Defense Advanced Research Project Agency.
Tell you what, back in 70 seconds.
I want to hear about this in 70 seconds.
Five more minutes with Steve Pochenek, then Dr. Corsi.
I'm Alex Jones, InfoWars.com.
Tons of key breaking news there right now.
Spread those articles, folks.
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You are the InfoWar.
Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order.
It's Alex Jones!
Waging war on corruption.
It's Alex Jones, coming to you live from the front lines of the InfoWar.
We're starting to win!
But we're in one hell of a fight.
Dr. Steve Pchenik was finishing up getting into... The internet was designed, the bureaucrats believe, to take full control, but instead it's empowering the people.
They're trying to bring in censorship tools right now, so the battle over the future of the freedom of speech, not just the web, is happening now.
But getting back to Dr. Steve Pchenik, who first predicted these net wars and cyber wars 30-something years ago in his books, break down where you think we're currently at and the points you were trying to make.
Well, what I'm trying to make is that the government itself is devolving.
We don't need very much government anymore.
Basically what's happening, we're going to the local government, the governors, the commissioners.
For example, in the government we have cyber issues, but if you have Proofpoint, the corporation, who's the only one that can do quantum encryption, which is a fancy way of saying
That they can handle randomware that's coming all over the world, as opposed to what the government can do in cyber commands.
Things have to be small, they have to be fast moving, they have to be divided up, or they can be infiltrated.
Well, yeah, but again, we're talking about a mass of people.
When you're attacking HBO, they're finished.
When you're attacking Fox, you're talking about the sons of a man who was 88 years old.
They're not relevant.
When you're talking about TV, they're not relevant.
When you're talking about movies, they're not relevant.
So what's relevant?
You have become relevant because that's where they want to go to alternative news media.
What's relevant?
Proofpoint, a corporation that has quantum encryption that's way beyond anything we've ever had in the government because we don't have the ability to fight the malware.
What else is relevant?
We are a formidable force.
We can make a company in 24 hours an LLC and start it up.
We can't do that in England.
We can't do that in France.
You can't do that in China.
You can't do that anywhere in the EU.
So what's happening, the EU will eventually break up.
Brexit will occur.
Scotland wants to go with the EU.
Russia is already aligning itself with China and the United States, irrespective of what anybody else says.
Africa is a point of strategic interest for China and ourselves.
The Chinese just built a 400 railroad from Djibouti to Ethiopia.
So what's happening is we're coming back to what I call the 16th century Dutch model, where the growth is going around the world and what the Chinese call the one belt, one road.
And so they understand.
They don't want a conflict with the United States.
North Korea doesn't want conflict with the United States.
All that missile stuff is junk.
That's just show.
Because underneath it, he understands if we take away his missiles, then we're going to do to him what we did to Qaddafi and what we did to Saddam Hussein.
And most leaders don't like that.
So they don't trust the United States.
It's not an issue.
We're going to war with them.
We don't want war.
We don't need the war.
But we have four structures that can prevent it.
Strategic mutual assured destruction.
We know in the 60s, 70s and 80s that was involved has worked and we don't want to go to war.
They don't want to go to war.
We're not going to have a nuclear war where we will have problems.
And this is what I've said for a long time in the places where the media and the government hasn't looked at.
And that's between China and India.
Those two powerhouses, each have over a billion people, need water.
And right now they have skirmishes over Bhutan.
Which is a small country, but they've been fighting there.
Now you don't have any exposure of that in the news.
Because they're not very bright.
Most of the people... There's also almost no coverage of ISIS and Al-Qaeda being 99% destroyed.
Huge victory.
So you explain it to me.
If you ran a cable network or you ran the New York Times and you had no coverage of the fact that ISIS was destroyed in Mosul, ISIS is being destroyed in Raqqa, what kind of a paper are you?
And now you're seeing India watching China's bid to court Bhutan.
And that's basically going into war.
So, all of the things that attacked you, you have to look at and say, wow, maybe I need more people to attack me.
Because you're the key element and you're the person... Well, I appreciate you being positive and trying to cheer me up.
I know that.
I'm celebrating it.
I absolutely love it.
Thank you, Dr. Steve Pacheco.
I hope the mainstream media feels powerful when you know this is all going on and you do everything you can to lie about what this show broadcasts, what we cover.
The blood of those children.
All over the world held in captivity.
UN caught kidnapping thousands out of Haiti alone.
The blood is on your hands.
Leo Zegami, let me ask you this question.
Who is behind this global sudden wave of thousands of thousands of pedophiles per country being caught?
10,000 plus arrests here.
What is causing this massive move against pedophile rings that even MSM admits may bring down the Catholic Church?
Well, it's happening, and it's happening clearly in front of the whole world with George Pell, but it's also an internal conflict.
And they were using cocaine and they basically had to arrest the secretary of a very prominent Cardinal who himself was waging war against Cardinal Pell.
So there is also an internal war here.
Cardinal Pell is responsible for many decades of a secret plan devised by the Vatican to give the less possible money to the victims of pedophilia and manipulate them.
And he was made a member of the C9 group, which is a group of nine cardinals.
And three of these cardinals have been heavily criticized for having protected in the past pedophilia, including Cardinal Pell.
So many people were actually astonished of seeing in February 2014 Cardinal Pell arriving in Rome.
And he didn't really hide in front of the media or, you know, in front of the other people in the Vatican.
He started immediately acting with a lavish lifestyle that, of course, brought a lot of criticism towards Pope Francis, who wants to be this very conservative pope who doesn't spend much money and is living in
in a modest surrounding.
While instead, George Pell was spending money, was making all kinds of things happening that were putting really in bad light Pope Francis.
But he was not taking care of any of this criticism.
He put him there and he basically became, after the Secretary of State, the number three in the Vatican.
So this is the first time in history, Alex, that such a high-ranking officer, let's say, or minister of this Vatican is
Put in front of a trial.
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
You're listening to Alex Jones.
We don't go over our successes to brag about it.
We do it to explain to the listeners why we're under so much attack, why they lie about us, why they're trying to take us down.
I don't get up here and defend President Trump because he's been on the show before, or I talk to him some, you know, off air, or, you know, because he's the president and I care about some celebrity.
I could care less about that.
I care because the globalists are trying to bring him down.
He's killed the TPP that literally ended our sovereignty.
He's pulled us out of the carbon taxes.
The illegals coming across the border are down 69% according to ICE and the numbers show that.
He is not letting people come in from unvetted failed states like Libya and of course Sudan and Somalia where Imams issued the passports.
I mean it'd be like if some new caveman island was discovered.
We just let folks in from there without even vetting them.
It's like John Oliver said, the xenophobia is incredible of vetting anyone for diseases when they come in.
What do you think Ellis Island is?
What do you think it was used for?
The Statue of Liberty?
It's just insane!
Now, going back to January, Dr. Jerome Corsi wrote stories
Showing in documents, federal documents, in lawsuits, $290 plus billion dollars, now it's well over $300 billion that's been discovered, of money looted out of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac by Obama.
And there'd been no coverage of this.
Months later, the head of the Treasury Department was asked about this on Fox News and said, no, yes indeed, it's true.
Now when we started breaking these, they really started coming after us.
Which is great!
Our audience has gotten even bigger.
Because mainstream news doesn't have many viewers.
But the Daily Show and the Late Show and those broadcasts... John Oliver, you know, his average YouTube video gets like 12 million views.
The top video on YouTube is him attacking me.
And then our sales just skyrocketed Sunday and Monday of Infowars Life products.
Because people instinctively know the show's funny.
Hundreds of writers work on those programs.
You're talking more than 20 full-time just on that show alone.
And so it's funny stuff, but people know that it's the establishment attacking us, so they think, we better go find out what these products are.
So it's exciting to see that, that No Weapon Formed Against Us prospers, and even their own audience know they're liars.
But they're attacking us because of stuff like this because we can take documents that we got from White House sources.
They've been giving this to other media.
They wouldn't cover it.
Which just shows how good Trump is that this information is coming out from the White House.
It's not secret info.
It's info that was available but that no one else will report.
We were put on this back in January.
Of course, he probably wrote 50, 60 articles on it.
And now you see Trump come out last week.
He said, if you don't repeal it, I can just cut the funding out of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac that Obama, using executive power, allowed to be looted.
And he also hinted that he's not going to let Congress continue to have the best health care in the world and have the taxpayer paid for, that he'll try to get legislation sponsored to take that away.
Don't you think that'd be popular?
I say get rid of it, just like Trump gives up his paycheck.
So, they're calling him a loser because in six months he didn't get it repealed.
He's a total winner for fighting hard to repeal it and getting a good bill that Rand Paul called a good bill.
That has Rand Paul and Ron Paul endorsing it.
That's a big deal.
But the good news here is that he's now going to kill it one way or another.
The only way Trump loses is if he stops fighting and if we stop fighting.
It's Obamacare.
They're the ones that created it.
It's not his fault that the Republican leadership who helped write it wants to keep it there.
Democrats should be ashamed of themselves knowing it's a bipartisan screwjob and Trump's trying to get rid of it.
And you're there fighting it when they admit it's designed to bankrupt healthcare fully.
But just like they made fun of him when the Ninth Circuit and others slapped him down and said, you can't stop people coming in from unvetted nations.
Once it got to the Supreme Court, they said 9-0.
Of course, the law, a five-year-old can understand it.
The president has much wider powers than that.
The globalists have taken our Bill of Rights away.
Then they claim there's some Bill of Rights to people that aren't citizens.
There aren't!
New documents support Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac shareholders in court.
These are articles by Corsi.
Proof positive Obama administration stole dividends from Fannie and Freddie shareholders.
Dr. Corsi.
Trump admin.
We intend to stop Obamacare looting scheme.
That's from back in May.
Now Trump's threatening it himself.
Congress still won't stop Obamacare looting scheme.
That's back in April.
Treasury says Obama stole from Fannie and Freddie investors to fund Obamacare.
March 13th.
I'm going from the newest to the oldest.
Obama illegally robbed Fannie and Freddie to fund Obamacare.
That's from February.
He first began to talk about it in January.
Going back six months.
Now all confirmed.
Now the President's saying he has the power to do it.
He has him in checkmate.
Just like he did
with the open borders just like he did with people coming in from unvetted radical islamic countries with the imams issuing the passports from crackerjack boxes so this is a big deal and it's why they hate us and you notice no media covered this the first three months until the head of the treasury said it was accurate then the damn broke and now the president with the public educated can stop the looting
And stop one of the other decent programs to empower Americans for first-time home ownership.
Again, Obama dynamiting and trying to get rid of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, which he admitted he wanted to do, because they don't want a middle class.
They want renters in 200-square-foot coffin apartments.
It's so parasitic.
So, Dr. Corsi, very satisfying for me.
I know for you to see this bearing fruit from your White House sources, what's the next shoe to drop?
Well, and thanks Alex, I think we clearly broke the story and it has been validated.
The next shoe is that Chuck Schumer and the Democrats in Congress think that now they've got President Trump where they want him, that no health care reform or repeal is going to be passed.
So they think they're just going to be able now to go back in and increase the giveaways and increase the insurance subsidies.
Democrats will have to come running in order to prevent a disaster of Obamacare just imploding.
President Obama set this up this way.
I mean, this was a whole thieving out of Fannie and Freddie and using it to prop up Obamacare for funds that Congress did not appropriate on the insurance subsidies.
Well, President Trump has realized this and he's saying, look, I'm just going to pull those insurance subsidies and Obamacare would implode within about 60 days.
And President Trump knows it.
And he's saying, OK, I gave you the chance to fix it.
Now the fix is going to be it's going to implode, Obamacare is going to crash of its own weight, and we're not going to fix it with more government money.
Why did the White House... That's the solution.
Because you've written three articles with similar headlines.
We'll pull some of them up.
You know, Trump can kill Obamacare with one action.
How President Trump can end Obamacare with a struggle of opinion.
You've written three articles in the last few months, going back to April, where you've said exactly that.
Now, word for word, he's saying that, but it's not like he's getting that from us.
You talked to White House sources that alerted you to this, I guess going back to right after he got inaugurated.
We've been on it.
Why did the White House work in that way in reverse, basically putting us on it and then
Letting it develop that way, then having the Treasury Secretary come out and say it's true, and then now have the President say this?
Well, it's a combination of things.
First of all, we've got very good sources in Washington in general, and not for illegal leaks.
This is for simply the sharing of information that the administration does with journalists who will listen.
Secondly, we had very good sources from the Kennedy... Yeah, this is public lawsuits that no one dare touch.
Right, exactly.
Misinformation is available.
The journalists, typically the mainstream media just won't pick it up and won't investigate it.
Secondly, we had excellent sources all through Washington that were confirming this for us.
People who were very close to Fannie and Freddie.
Some of the shareholders, once we publish our first articles, what happens is people who have new information begin providing it to me, and I begin getting sources that I didn't know I had, coming forward with internal documents that they've had.
By the way, I'm not trying to take credit away from you or myself or anybody.
I'm just pointing out, this is how informed the White House is.
And what the White House is going to do, see the White House is setting it up now that on Fannie and Freddie, it was a very subtle change in one of the Federal Home Finance Agency's communications.
We're being told that before the end of the year, Fannie and Freddie are going to be allowed to keep their earnings.
And that the Trump administration is going to recapitalize Fannie and Freddie to preserve the 30-year mortgage and first-time home buying.
Trump is dedicated to home buying.
Another incredible gift to the American people of free market entrepreneurship and a basis of our economy that the globalists were removing.
And Senator Corker and others in Congress, I attended one of the hearings very recently.
He reported on it in Washington.
The big banks and Wall Street desperately want to grab a hold of the mortgage finance market so they can push it towards big value properties and rental.
That's where the Obama administration was going to go.
We now are told, we're being told, before the end of the year,
Fannie and Freddie are going to begin recapitalizing and the Trump administration is going to save them.
And, at the same time, President Trump understands that Congress, you know, didn't stop Obama from using the Fannie Freddie stolen money to fund Obamacare, but he can.
President Trump, through just a stroke of the pen, through saying we are no longer going to do these illegal payments to prop up
He said virtually those same words.
I mean, it's coming right out of what we're writing, but additionally the administration's headed down this path and they're allowing us to
Telegraph it by giving us information.
This public record, it just needs to be researched, needs to be worked over.
Sure, just like we broke that Priebus would be out and that General Kelly would be in.
We broke that on Tuesday, three days before it broke.
I mean, it's just amazing.
We'll be right back.
Stay there.
Let's talk about the next shoe to drop with this straight ahead.
But this is what a JFK would do, a classic Democrat.
Would do something through free market to empower people economically.
The modern Democrats are dynamiting it and want to give it to the big banks.
All right, so here in America, we're at a turning point tonight with forces now forming an alliance to try and remove President Trump from office.
It's that serious.
This is not a diversionary tactic.
This stuff is real here.
This coup, this silent coup that is taking place is real.
A soft coup is underway right here in the United States of America in an attempt to overturn November's election results and forcibly remove a duly elected president from office.
Sinister forces quickly aligning in what is becoming now, in my mind, a clear and present danger.
I got to go into the Congress and spend three hours from 9.30 in the evening to 12.30 a.m.
with one of the senior ranking members of Congress.
And he told me, and of course this is what I said on CBN but they cut it out, but I'm going to go public with this because we have to.
He said, there is a plot on Capitol Hill to take the president out.
I said, you mean by impeachment or by indictment?
He said, no, to take him out.
This is an effort to subvert the administration of President Donald Trump.
It is nothing less.
It is an effort by the deep state to roll over a duly elected president and a legitimate government and to break the will of the American people.
I'm not overconfident, I'm not underconfident.
Roger, they're going to pull some stuff.
Obama's in for two months.
And now they're saying they want to unseat the elected president because he's a Russian agent and you've got the CIA in the middle of this.
With Obama saying, we've got evidence they were involved.
There's really no way to overstate the unprecedented peril that this country and this world is in right now.
Unprecedented with the CIA involved and electors getting ready to vote against Trump and all this other garbage, I'm here to tell you.
Under continuity of government systems, if there really was someone put in by the Russians, then the directives are to move to remove them.
This is the cover they need inside government to pretend they're a bunch of patriots and try to organize enough people out of agencies to make a move against Trump to remove him or even assassinate him.
And it could go a lot of different ways.
They announce the electors aren't going for Trump.
Next time he gets on board his plane, it blows up.
And they'll just say it's a conspiracy theory, we don't know why it blew up, don't ask why it blew up.
That's how brazen they are.
Because they want a riot, they want a civil war, then they can bring in their control because they can't win a peaceful information war.
You have a politicization of the agencies that is resulting in leaks from anonymous, unknown people.
And the intention is to take down a president.
Now, this is very dangerous to America.
It's a threat to our republic.
It constitutes a clear and present danger to our way of life.
Government bureaucrats, particularly within the intelligence community, have launched a soft coup aimed at the Trump administration.
You can read between the lines.
I said, look, I said that's not going to happen.
He said, he said, well really there's nothing we can do to stop it.
I said we are going to stop it because we're going to mobilize the body of Christ to pray.
And the best description of it is by Barry Castleman in his blog where he said this is a coup d'etat.
He said 14 million citizens in private ballots picked Donald Trump.
20 TV executives have decided to destroy him.
This is no longer a
About Republicans and Democrats, conservatives and liberals, this is about a full-on assault by the left, the Democratic Party, to absolutely carry out a coup d'etat against President Trump.
Crashing the lies and disinformation.
Waging war on corruption.
Coming to you live from deep in the heart of Texas.
I'm your host Alex Jones.
Infowars.com is the news site.
This is the broadcast, the transmission.
Think of the evil.
Looting Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and admitting it was a plan to end entry-level home ownership, to kill the American dream, to make it insolvent, just like they did General Motors, so then come in and federalize it and further loot it.
The Democratic Party.
Talk about evil.
And then you've got Obama and Soros and Bloomberg all over the news saying home ownership's bad.
We want you to live in coffin apartments that you pay more for.
And then you look at who the top Democrats are.
They're a bunch of people that own these rat hole apartments they're coming out with where they write laws locally where you basically incentivize to live in a 250 square foot coffin.
This is the plan.
Trump is dynamiting it as he moves forward, shoring up our economy.
When you really study the economy and things, it's incredible how good Trump is.
But the big question my crew was even asking during the break, why then is he getting rid of his friends so often and bringing in more establishment people?
Well, I think the answer is that's who there is from the establishment is the establishment.
And Trump thinks like an executive and thinks they'll follow his orders.
Stocks are soaring.
Trump's scoreboard holds a 39% increase in the stock market since he got in.
Small businesses and others are the engine of that.
They believe America is open for business, but can the Federal Reserve, by raising interest rates and by other news they've been putting out, beat the Trump recovery?
Dr. Corsi, your degree is in finance and the economy from Harvard.
That's what you've done most of your life.
I'm just a journalist.
What is your prognosis for the economy?
I think the economy is going to continue to be strong, robust.
Already we're seeing the impact of the regulations that Trump has reversed, the Obama regulations.
That's been a huge boost.
And what you're going to see is, I think there will be a tax cut legislation.
I think this is something that Trump will get through.
And you're going to see a huge burst in the economy.
By the way, Alex, I also want to make sure we cover one more point on the... We're doing the breaking advance news already.
The series of stories I'm writing on Mueller.
You know, I've written two on Mueller, how he... The total Democrat Deep State operative, yeah.
How is their ongoing witch-hunt, dragnet fishing expedition of all time going?
Well, and you know, Mueller was a bag man.
He took uranium
I think?
With that, I think it was Mueller was doing advance work for Hillary on this Uranium One deal.
Well, we know he's been a Clinton operative all along.
That's why it's such a joke that Rosenstein ever appointed him.
What we're going to do over the next few days, maybe take two, three weeks, maybe the same series like I wrote on the Fannie Freddie, I'm going to expose various aspects of Mueller's career where we're going to make it absolutely clear to the American public
That Mueller is a Clinton fixer.
And he's in there to go after Trump.
And this is the basis on which Trump is going to be able to eventually convince the American people that Mueller needs to go.
Mueller should be under investigation for colluding with Russia with Hillary in this uranium deal.
Before we're done, the American people are going to understand that Mueller himself needs to be the target
of a grand jury called by the Department of Justice and if he's the target of a grand jury he can't be special counselor.
Trump intends to remove Mueller and we're going to publish enough information to make it absolutely clear that Mueller has no business being special counsel.
And now we have top Republican congressmen saying the same thing and there's been criminal investigations of all of them.
That's why they keep saying Russia, Russia, Russia is because they've all been making a little money on the side in there with the old Russkies.
A lot of money.
In fact, Podesta and Hillary, the reset, was to sell U.S.
military technology to Russia.
And Hillary and Podesta got well paid for it.
This Joe Lee stock, J-O-U-L-E, comes from a that Podesta was getting paid for.
Again, the WikiLeaks made it clear that Podesta was getting the stock under the table.
And they were investing money in his U.S.
This was a payback.
You know what, this is huge.
Stay there.
I want to come back briefly and finish up with this information, Dr. Corsi, and then I want to get into the whole Seth Rich case with these brothers and Imran Awan and
Trying to flee the country, and Schultz threatening the police to give back the laptops, and now they're saying don't even question the murder of Seth Rich.
In fact, the media is acting like he was never even killed.
It's a conspiracy theory to even say he existed.
That's the next level of disinformation.
They are so scared on this topic.
InfoWars.com, stay with us.
We're on the march, the empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Dr. Corsi's leaving us here in a few minutes.
Then I'm gonna take your phone calls.
Here's the number.
It's 800-259-9231.
That's the weekday number.
Different than the Sunday show.
First-time callers.
On any of the subjects that we've raised today, we're taking first-time callers.
Please honor that, folks, because I want to give first-time callers a chance to call in 800-259-9231 on any of these big issues that we've raised or covered here today.
The headline of the London Independent, Robert Mueller must resign as special counsel overseeing the Republican investigation, says top Republican congressman.
The president has warned the prosecutor across a red line if he probes his finances.
Well now he's doing it to his family, his associates, and non-Russia related.
That's Trent Franks of Arizona has said that Mr. Mueller, who is currently overseeing a federal probe, the possible links between the Trump campaign and Russia, alleged attempt to interfere in the 2016 election, should resign because of what he claimed was a conflict of interest.
And then it gets into him and the trips to Russia, the uranium, and all the rest of it.
I mean, it's just incredible how these people, everything they've said Trump has done, they've done in spades.
His whole law firm is Democrat.
His whole witch hunt crew is Democrat.
They gave 99.8% of their money to Hillary in campaign contributions.
That's all coming up.
That's what the whole fake Russia narrative is about.
But briefly,
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And they attack that.
But guess what?
People know that you're liars, John Oliver.
You're writers.
John Oliver said, don't call me boy.
And this is one area he's right on.
You're not supposed to call people boys or girls.
That's hurtful to folks that are non-binary beings, G or Z. So listen here, G. You are a boy.
You've got 20-something writers.
You're not even a real person.
You do these little fake... Ooh, really?
Ooh, like a little leprechaun voice.
And you sit there with your great gravitas.
It took you a month to put together one piece.
We're live on air, teleprompter free.
You have a laugh track rolling.
So, you know what?
You're not a real person.
So I shouldn't compare you to a boy.
You're a facsimile.
You're a talking head that reads off a teleprompter and they play a laugh track for you and you take...
Days to shoot one 30-minute program.
What you are is an actor.
That's why he said, I'm a performer, I'm an actor.
And they seize upon my lawyer constantly.
When they're trying to enter pieces of me, dressed up like the Joker, acting completely nuts, saying this, he's a psychotic.
And we go, Your Honor, don't let this enter into evidence.
He's clearly being an actor, just like Jack Nicholson is when he plays the Joker.
Yes, I'm playing the Joker when I'm saying drink your fluoride, take your Prozac, you'll see pretty colors before you get cancer and die.
It's called satire, but because I can be an actor sometimes doesn't mean I'm an actor when I say these political things.
A two-year-old should be able to understand and differentiate, but they just keep hammering and hammering and hammering because they're actors.
They don't get to be real people.
They get the talking points.
And it's he's exposing the chemicals changing the sexuality of people and the declassified Ford Foundation plan to do it from 1947.
We've got to stop him.
So every show makes fun of me, even though it's all over the scientific literature that people are having their sexes confused, they're getting cancer from the runoff from the estrogen mimickers.
They don't want a debate.
So it's always the talking point.
Attack that.
Then the writers all get the same talking points, and they're frustrated that they don't get to have their own world, they don't get to have their own life, they don't get to have their own questions, that they have to live other people's lives.
They are frustrated that I live, and they're puppets.
So I apologize to...
The writers and the producers that create the composite that is John Oliver for calling you boy.
What you are is traitors and scum and fascistic trash who aren't real people and who are holding on clinging as the winter comes like dying grasshoppers holding on to a blade of grass.
And we all know what happens to people when their season ends.
I'm an ant.
I've been under attack the whole time underground getting ready.
We haven't even emerged and shown you what we've done subterraneanly.
So, the winner is here, Grasshopper.
Dr. Corsi continuing.
Now with the fact that Mueller is in, you know, these operations shipping, you know, samples of and smuggling those diplomatic pallets as the head of the FBI, uranium as a courier boy for Hillary and Podesta, expanding on that and then tying an end to the latest on Seth Rich as Desi Wasserman Schultz comes out and the people being arrested and
People liquefying their assets and fleeing to Pakistan, and as it mounts and mounts and mounts, they're basically saying that Seth Rich didn't exist now.
If you even question a guy shot in the back, you're evil, you're a bad person.
Well, I think both stories, I'm taking pretty much the same approach.
I'm writing on Mueller.
You're going to see a whole series of stories on Mueller that we print.
I've got another one in the works today, expanding this uranium story, because Mueller was Attorney General.
...took this secret trip with bringing uranium to Russia that's never really been explained.
WikiLeaks was the one to reveal it.
In 2009, 2010 through 2013, Hillary and the Clinton Foundation participated in a pay-to-play scheme.
Russia gets 20% of U.S.
uranium mine today.
The Clintons get paid off in the Clinton Foundation.
Mueller's attorney generally does nothing.
This is about the first of five or six scandals where I'm gonna bore into Mueller and make sure the American public know exactly who he is.
The same way we've done with Seth Rich.
I mean, we had a huge story that the FBI changed the time of the break-in to that FBI vehicle to make it seem like
Criminals broke into that vehicle before Seth Rich was killed, used the guns, and then went and killed Seth Rich in a wild act, when the fact is that the report on the break-in of the FBI vehicle was at close to 7.49 in the morning, after Seth Rich was killed.
That's the FBI rewriting history in order to divert everybody to think it was a group of criminals who stole the FBI weapons, who then shot Seth Rich when the two had nothing to do with each other.
And that's what the records show.
But no one article does this, just like I've written.
Many articles on Fannie Freddie and get the point across.
We're going to write many articles on Mueller.
We've got this Debbie Wasserman Schultz and the Imran Iwan case, Seth Rich.
I mean, it was the Democrats who were colluding with Russia.
It was the Democrats who were deep into the hacking and leaking of documents throughout the convention.
And the leaking that was going on in the Obama White House, with NSA taps being leaked to journalists, all of this has got to be investigated.
And we're going to do it.
I was convinced last week that had it not been for the Obamacare vote, I think Jeff Sessions was gone.
I think he was going to be replaced.
He's hanging on by a thread, but Jeff Sessions better start listening and better start investigating the Democrats, or he won't have a long term with Donald Trump.
Dr. Corsi looking at Debbie Wasserman Schultz threatening the DC police that as a member of Congress she's over or as representative for that district.
I mean it's so transparent and then the brother trying to flee and getting caught and liquefying the assets and I mean these people are so arrogant it's so crazy and now I saw this detective on TV
Saying he was hired by the family, saying that he thought the FBI had the information.
The family was out first saying they thought it was suspicious.
Obviously there was a shot in the back.
They hire a Democrat PR person.
Now that changes.
This guy sues Fox News saying that it's a conspiracy of Trump.
I mean, Seth Rich got shot in the back.
These brothers are running.
Shultz is saying all of this.
The detective did tell Fox 5 that.
I mean, the clips you can see have been edited, but we've played them before.
I guess we could play them right now, maybe.
I mean, it's pretty clear what he said.
So now what I've noticed is these lawsuits get filed that don't really have merit, and then it just gets used as if a lawsuit is the conviction, and none of it's true.
I mean, they are so scared of the Seth Rich story.
And these things have got to be investigated.
By the time we get finished with Mueller, Mueller should be under investigation himself.
A target of a grand jury for his role in not investigating the Clinton Foundation pay-to-play scam.
Selling 20% of the U.S.
uranium to Russia.
And himself taking a secret mission.
We still don't know what it was about.
We do know they lied.
Because Russia had, since 2006, samples of that exact uranium.
They didn't need it delivered by Mueller on a secret mission on a tarmac.
To hand over the sample of uranium on a tarmac.
Again, just like the Loretta Lynch-Bill Clinton meeting.
And the whole thing stinks.
And we're going to continue boring into that.
Let's be clear why it's on tarmacs.
Because it bypasses customs.
And it's an easy way for criminals.
Criminals always operate on the tarmac.
I mean, you know, that's an easy way to do it.
Look, this and the Debbie Wasserman Schultz story, the Seth Rich story, these stories are not going to go away.
And the more stories, more investigation that continues to be done on them, you're going to find new information coming out.
We still don't have the police reports.
We don't have the hospital reports on Seth Rich's death.
We don't have the autopsy.
All of this is being suppressed.
Well it's clear when they've got the Democrat Party top crisis manager on top of it day one and then now you've got these brothers involved and Schultz is so desperate and the police won't release the laptop because they know they've got something here that they are running scared.
You've got Wikileaks saying that basically Seth Rich was their source.
You've got the media saying don't dare question a homicide.
It's as if we killed Seth Rich now.
It's amazing.
Dr. Corsi, thank you.
A great pleasure, and I think you're going to find Donald Trump doing more tweeting following our Mueller stories in the next few weeks.
All right, there you go, ladies and gentlemen.
That's InfoWars' job.
Putting out the hardcore news first, making it safe for everybody else to pick it up, just like how the Democrats, I told you, were planning to kill Trump.
Glad to have a COG overthrow.
Now it's mainstream news.
We are forcing them out in the open.
All right, I skipped this break so we can get to your phone calls.
We're going to go to Leanne, we're going to go to Kathy, we're going to go to Antonio, we're going to go to Rick, we're going to go to Matthew here in just a moment.
But again, I want to thank you all for your prayers and your support.
I keep pointing out why we're cutting edge, why we're on target, why we're breaking stuff first every day, giving you examples because they keep saying we're fake news, we're frauds, we're evil, we're bad people, because they are all of those things and we are 100% on target and real.
We are committed, and we're having a big effect.
So the InfoWar is your fight.
And I know you know that, but I want you to understand, when you thank me, it's really... Well, it's humbling, because it's you.
Speaking out, taking action, supporting us, spreading articles, spreading videos, getting the stories out.
Quite frankly, after Corsi had written like 10 of these stories about Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac being looted, I said, listen, you can keep writing whenever you want because you're a smart guy, but I said, isn't there other subjects?
And he said, you watch.
This is going to be key to bringing down Obamacare.
This is going to get big.
And the White House thinks this is really important.
I'm like, OK.
And notice you don't see the media attacking me on that.
They're always wanting to make White House connections.
Now that they know those connections are so real and so bonafide, you're not hearing word one about any of this now.
Because they know that and they know how much credibility we have and they know that people
Out there like Will Blitzer having to admit that they have horrible sources and that they're a joke.
It actually broke down two days ago.
I've never played that clip.
I probably should.
But I've got some other clips I want to play here as well.
Procter & Gamble shows black parents talking to kids about racism as if whites are inherently racist.
That's the new corporate model.
In Scotland, the government's funding musicals for TV where whites are inherently evil and bad and have to be done away with?
I mean, it just goes on and on.
I've got CNN host says Trump voters staged a rebellion against people like us.
And then he lists minorities.
I mean, they are just literally turning minorities.
into arrogant, frothing, hateful, racist.
Or at least they're trying to.
And it's weirdo white people that own these big corporations that are the ones doing it.
And the average person is just trying to have a job and live their life and be friendly.
Let's go ahead and play the clip of Fareed Zarkaria on CNN yesterday saying this, and then we're going to go to your phone calls.
I don't know if I have time to get to all the others, but it is just a full-on, cartoon-level race-baiting.
Because they can see the demographics.
They don't want minorities buying into free market, Second Amendment, private property.
It's game over.
But if they can get them to buy into race-based systems that are then attached to socialism, they're going to win.
Let's go to the elitist of the elitist journalist Fareed Zarkaria.
Part of it that I was most impressed by in doing the research for this is we know about the economics.
We know about the hollowed out factories and the coal mines.
What I was struck by was the other two factors.
So that's, if you will, capitalism.
The other factor is culture.
A real sense of cultural alienation that an older white
Non-college-educated Americans have the sense that their country is changing because of immigrants.
Because maybe blacks are getting rising up to a kind of central place in society.
Because of, you know, gays being afforded equal rights.
Because of, frankly, a lot of working women.
You know, everybody is sort of muscling in on a territory that, if you think about it, that the white working man had.
But the final one is class.
Social class.
Talk about it a lot, but the election of Donald Trump is really a kind of class rebellion against people like us, you know, educated professionals who live in cities, who have, you know, cosmopolitan views about a lot of things.
And I think there's a whole part of America that is sick and tired of being told what to do by this, you know, over-educated professional elite that Hillary Clinton in many ways perfectly represented.
And that's why they're sticking with him.
So, you know, the truth is, globalism was a screw job.
America bought into the East Coast elites.
America opened its borders to everybody like nobody else.
Then the minorities were brought in, and then filled with racial hate.
And then now they're saying, kill white people everywhere, white people are the devil.
And so some people are going that direction, but most people just realize this is a globalist takeover, and that everything you push is pure poison, and that you're not the elites.
Sure, most of you are
Professional students, because you've got degrees for an economy that doesn't exist.
You're the chump class that wants to live in a 250 square foot coffin apartment.
That's who you are.
And record numbers of blacks and Hispanics voted for Trump.
And you don't like that fact that your plantation's breaking away from you, so you're pushing it even harder.
Who's up first here?
Cathy, Antonio, Leanne, Rick,
Let's go ahead and talk to Kathy in Arkansas.
Kathy, you're on the air.
Thanks for holding.
Hello, Alex.
Yes, ma'am.
Kathy, it's good to talk to you.
Can you hear me, Kathy?
Yes, I can.
My name is actually Kathy.
OK, great.
Yes, I just wanted to talk to you about foreign elections.
And me and my friend on Twitter, his name is Saas underscore Eisen.
And we would like to have permission to translate your InfoWars videos on YouTube into foreign languages so that hopefully foreigners could, when they're about to vote, they could have this InfoWars mindset.
Sure, well ma'am, I've always said everybody can post our videos, everybody can translate them, everybody can take large sections of them.
We've got to maintain our basic copyright where somebody can't take the whole show every day and post it and then monetize it because then Google can actually say that they own our show and not us.
But people can use large portions, large segments.
People can translate the show.
People can do all of that.
People can make copies of my documentaries.
All of it is out there for fair use, so please do that.
Yeah, because we're not looking to make any money off of it.
Ma'am, that's fine.
What I'm saying is, I have the most open show in the world for people to copy, distribute it, you name it.
So, please.
Translate any parts of the show you want.
Do whatever you like.
I've just run into it where we let other people post our show, and like two years later they go, your show is now ours.
Take your sites down.
We're like, no, I'm Alex Jones.
And I'm going to continue to have my own website.
I'm going to continue to own my own voice and my name.
But everybody is allowed to use it out there.
But I hold the final copyright.
We'll be right back.
Thank you, Kathy.
Fourth Hour with Paul Watson.
More calls straight up.
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From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones.
Turn me loose!
Out on the streets again.
Something you never forget.
Better tear me loose!
Better set me free!
A little bit better than I used to be, cause I'm alive!
It's time for humanity to awaken!
My live wires!
Alright, who's up next here?
We're gonna go to Leigh-Anne, then Matthew and others.
Well then it confuses the listeners, is the phone system we have does a pshhh noise right when you go to them, so they always think they're getting hung up on.
I don't know why the telos system does that.
Every radio station I've worked in has had the same telos system.
And I'm not bashing them, but that's the problem with callers, is you've got to say their name, then hit the button, or they hear a pshhh that they don't know if they're there.
Leanne in Pennsylvania, you're on the air, go ahead.
Hi Alex.
I'm calling because last week
I was listening to you.
I've been listening to you about a year now, and you've completely opened my eyes to so much, but last week I was listening to you and I misheard you, and now it's the term I use.
You were talking about the civil war that they're trying to start in our nation, that they're working on really hard, but I thought you said snivel war.
And ever since then, ever since then, that's like my new term.
It's the Snivel War, because they're such crybabies.
Well, they are sniveling around.
They are sniveling around and whining and bitching and, you know, they want to run the country and tell us all how to live, but they don't want to do any work.
That's right.
That's right.
And if God be for us, who can be against us?
What do you think about the Civil War, though?
Can we stop it?
I'm on our knees.
Yes, we can.
But yes, we can.
Like I said, if God be for us, who can be against us?
Every time they turn around, as long as we're praying, every time they turn around, it's just going to be, they're going to be frustrated.
Well, the pendulum is swinging back.
The pendulum is swinging back in their own elite publications.
They admit they're in big trouble.
That is a fact.
So everything else is a big confidence game.
God bless you.
You know, Hillary sure acted confident and had a little Madam President deal.
Hillary Clinton's historic journey to the White House.
Oh, I mean, mainstream news says she got elected?
Must be true.
Look at that, there's Bill Clinton next to Webster Hubble's daughter and he's back at the White House, this time as the first man.
It's just a role he really likes, yeah.
Yeah, Hillary won, Newsweek said so.
Newsweek also said Alex Jones wants violence.
You can read about how they...
It's just amazing.
Struggling against the strangest candidate in American history, Hillary showed her expertise.
Yeah, that's how she beat him.
Oh boy, I want to do a whole review of this.
She's an amazing lady.
Oh boy, look at her there.
She did it again.
Oh, the human.
Hillary, the human.
She's so real.
She's so good.
Oh boy, I should steal all that.
There she is with some black kids.
She calls super predators and she wants all their tax money to be stolen as well.
Put them all in prison, of course.
And she also stole the Haitian money.
There's her girlfriend, Uma Abedin.
The Queenmakers, yeah.
Oh, they even did a little shot.
Rose had little crowns on her head.
Subliminal right there.
And Hillary's in her circle.
Some came for Bill, but left with Hillary.
Oh yeah, babe.
Oh, baby, that's sexy.
A jihadi.
Her mommy wants to cut your genitals off.
She wears a hood over her head, so it's okay.
I'm for women.
We're for women.
We love jihadi women.
Oh, we love the failure in Libya, the failed state.
We came, we saw the women all got enslaved.
They're selling women into slavery right now, but it's liberal.
Oh, we can read all about it.
Here, let's look at some more.
Oh my gosh, how she... Oh my gosh, in St.
Louis, Donald Trump, who was later criticized for his strange habit of mirroring Clinton's movements, attempted to draw attention away from his mounting sexual misconduct scandal.
Thought that was me, but it's not.
By inventing women he claimed were victims of Bill Clinton's.
By inventing women.
Women that he settled sex cases with.
He invented them.
Look, Newsweek told you it was invented.
Bill Clinton never did anything wrong.
More calls coming up.
Stay with me.
They use their media to assassinate Real News.
They use their schools to teach children that their president is another Hitler.
They use their movie stars and singers and comedy shows and award shows to repeat their narrative over and over again.
And then they use their ex-president to endorse the resistance.
All to make them march, make them protest, make them scream racism and sexism and xenophobia and homophobia, to smash windows, burn cars, shut down interstates and airports, bully and terrorize the law-abiding, until the only option left is for the police to do their jobs and stop the madness.
And when that happens, they'll use it as an excuse for their outrage.
The only way we stop this, the only way we save our country and our freedom is to fight this violence of lies with a clenched fist of truth.
I'm the National Rifle Association of America, and I'm freedom's safest place.
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And you can't support an organization that isn't fighting hard.
Look at the response we're getting.
We're changing the world together.
You are the Infowar.
God bless you all.
We now take you live to the Central Texas Command Center, in the heart of the resistance, rallying patriots worldwide.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
Alright, Paul Watson is hosting this hour.
I'm going to take three calls and hand the baton over to my good friend, international patriot, par excellence, Paul Watson.
So patriotic, so anti-globalist, he's Americana, even though he's not from America.
He's what Americana wishes it was.
Seriously, though.
1776 was built in England, so that's how it all works.
We always forget that.
But getting serious here, why do they bring all these sniveling Brits over here, like Piers Morgan, like John Oliver, to then lecture down their noses at us about how we need to submit to them?
And I want John Oliver to know, we had some of the biggest sales ever Sunday and Monday, so I know his show does have some viewers, but why are all the liberal news shows dying
Why are they then acting like Colbert, Oliver, and others are news when they're talking head actors reading off a teleprompter that, in some cases, hundreds of writers, usually it's about 20, are involved in?
These aren't real people.
Those aren't real applauses in the background on John Oliver's show.
At least some of his shows they admit it's laugh tracks.
So it's a taped deal, took him weeks to make it, he's attacking me, and it's those type of shows that joined in on the whole hysteria about Eric Trump's haircut a few weeks ago, that he trimmed it short on the back, because mullets have been out for a while.
The most popular haircut in the world right now.
That is kind of the fighter pilot military haircut.
But again, Paul, I noticed you got one.
You don't normally have that haircut.
I think that's your best haircut.
I told the folks cutting my hair multiple times cut it shorter on the back.
They won't do it.
I don't want a mullet.
Mullets are not in.
I'm going to get my haircut today.
And I'm going to shave my head if I can't find somebody to trim the back.
It's not because I'm like Hitler.
That's the haircut that I like.
I've had the haircut before.
I don't know what it is.
I can't get anyone to cut it, Paul.
How did you get your Hitler haircut?
Um, shave number two back and sides and leave a bit of length on top.
If you tell them to do that, they'll probably know what to do.
So I'm going to use the shaver number two on the back, use a bit of length, which I don't have much hair on the top anyways.
Keep a bit of length on top, yeah.
That was The Root, which is, you know, they got like 400,000 followers on Twitter, they're quite big.
They literally wrote an article saying because Eric Trump got what is the most popular haircut right now for men in the Western world, that that means he's literally Hitler.
They actually wrote an article about it, which again goes back to the Trump derangement syndrome that you've been talking about throughout the show.
John Oliver, of course it came out in the WikiLeaks that the Clintons really loved him.
They tried to get him to their meetings.
He wasn't available at the time.
But again, as he said with the comedy shows, that's the only foothold that the left has on YouTube.
I mean, they've always had being better at comedy.
Now the right is starting to overtake them.
Wait, I just realized something.
Our lead producer, Nico, has that haircut pretty often.
Nico may have some explaining to do.
90% of men aged 18 to 40 have it in the UK right now, so a lot of Nazis hanging around, Alex.
A lot of Nazis.
What about the latest?
They're not just saying Dunkirk is anti-black because there's no black people in it.
It's a historical thing where the Nazis attacked the British tribes who were white.
But now they're saying there's no women in it, so it's celebrating the maleness.
You wrote a story about that.
Yeah, that was an article out of Marie Claire basically whining about the fact that it celebrates men.
Basically triggered.
I mean, triggered is an overused term these days because the left stole it.
They're so anti-white, even though most of them are white, seeing white guys triggers them.
Again, it's part of this historical revisionism.
Alex, the BBC had a cartoon series where it wasn't just Rome and Britain, which I talked about, but other people actually went back and looked.
It was the signing of the Magna Carta, the Norman invasion, and all these other ancient periods of British history.
They've inserted, like, Chinese people and black people into the front of the queue of the people signing the Magna Carta.
That's how deep this historical revisionism has become.
And it's like, if there were black people there, I don't care.
More power to them.
But no, you've deliberately inserted that for PC tokenism.
This is bizarre.
What the hell is going on?
And now you see it with Dunkirk.
We had the USA Today review.
Not enough people of colour and minorities.
Now we've got this Marie Claire writer whining about how it celebrates maleness.
Well, maleness should be celebrated.
But is it 97% of combat deaths are men?
93% of workplace deaths are men?
Men put their bodies on the line and we're lectured all day about how pathetic and worthless we are by the dominant culture, by the left, by the media.
That's why they get so triggered when a film like Dunkirk comes out.
Which, by the way, is not made to be a defense of men.
It's basically just a straightforward action film.
But it's become that ipso facto simply because these leftists became so triggered.
What they're triggered by is a historical film where some white people aren't all the villains.
There's a war against non-fiction because globalism is all about being delusional.
And it's all about the high priest of globalism controlling reality.
And if they don't sign off on something, it isn't supposed to air.
But they're making themselves totally obsolete with all the race baiting.
Where do you see this going?
Well, I mean, look at what happened yesterday with the taxpayer funded Scottish National Portrait Gallery.
They put out a performance art video where this black guy's
Spoken word kind of rapping about inbred spawn soon to die out.
Talking about white people.
Talking about the icons of Scottish history.
And it's like, dude, 0.1% of the population in Scotland right now is black, right?
We're talking three, four, five hundred years ago.
Of course all the historical icons of Scotland are going to be white.
But it's a seething anti-whiteness.
It's a seething anti-whiteness being funded by the insane people that run Scotland to have some guy who fought to get to Scotland so he wouldn't be in an African hellhole bitching and complaining that everybody's shoving silver spoons in his mouth.
Alex, it's as stupid as getting outraged at South Africans, okay, 80% majority black country or more, for celebrating Nelson Mandela.
That's the equivalent.
But even more so, because the population is 99.9% white.
Okay, that's demographics.
That's called statistics and facts.
It'd be like having a documentary about Nigeria and showing a white family.
The BBC said a typical Roman family in Roman Britain was black, which is like going to Ethiopia and saying a blonde-haired, blue-eyed family is a typical Ethiopian family because a few white people live there.
The Independent came out and said that Muslim women in hijabs are a good depiction of Victorian Britain because a mosque was built in London 12 years before Queen Victoria died.
No, that's not typical.
So they're not only warping history, they're warping words.
And it's insidious.
They are just Western-hating, prosperity-hating, insane people, bringing in systems that are diametrically opposed to classical liberalism, so the people claiming they're liberal are the ones that are deconstructing classical liberalism, and it turns out they're really social engineers that know full well what they're doing at the top, but their minions are in make-believe, believing they're part of the social elite who are involved in social engineering, when in truth they're destroying themselves.
No, exactly Alex.
I mean, I considered calling them the alt-left, but when virtually the entire mainstream left now behaves like the alt-left, there are no true liberals left on the left, apart from a smattering, then what do you call them?
They demonize us as alt-right, even though the true alt-right hates us.
The alt-left is far more virulently extremist in every single case.
You just got another teacher fired, a professor fired, for encouraging people to shoot Trump in his own words.
This guy's teaching your children.
So where's the extremist threat?
Why don't we call ourselves the real left, even though that's, in the cosmology, that's not even proper.
Classical liberal like Thomas Jefferson.
We are the real left.
They're the fascist fake left.
They're the radical Islam wedded group of just, we hate everything that's successful scum.
Why don't we call ourselves the real left?
Because compared to what they are, we are the real left.
Well, exactly.
We're the real classical liberals.
But again, the main hate speech threat overwhelmingly is coming from the alt-left.
Yet, what do we see with YouTube today, Alex?
I'm going to make a video about this.
YouTube came out today and said that they're going to patrol YouTube for, quote, controversial videos.
They're not going to censor them, Alex.
Don't worry.
They're just going to hide them so nobody can see them.
Oh, and by the way, you can't thumbs up a video and you can't comment on it either.
But they're not censoring it, don't worry.
And they're teaming up with the ADL.
This is a group that two weeks ago listed prominent conservatives alongside actual neo-Nazis and white supremacists.
That's the impartial, neutral group that YouTube has teamed up with today to patrol hate speech on YouTube.
So you say, okay, what's the bar for hate speech?
Surely that must be a high bar, given the concerns about free speech.
The ADL's bar for hate speech, Alex, is a cartoon frog.
They literally said Pepe the Frog was hate speech.
They're now patrolling YouTube to monitor hate speech.
Gee, what could possibly go wrong, Alex?
And Tom Brokaw says I am a, quote, unalloyed, which means total
Bonafide racist with no proof, they say they want to censor us.
But notice the Orwellian term, the way they say, we're not going to censor, we're just going to hide.
We're not going to kill you, we're just going to lock you up in the Tower of London and no one will ever see you, so who knows if you're really alive.
They've already been doing this, not letting...
Our YouTube videos show up for our 2 million subscribers just on one channel.
Not letting people like, but unlike, automatically unlike Trump's tweets.
This is how they're already doing it desperately.
That's why we have to stay on YouTube, stay on Facebook, and fight them even harder.
Hand-share videos, make videos about it when they censor.
They want us just to give up, to accept the censorship.
Then they're going to come for our sites themselves.
They're already coming for our sponsors.
They're already trying to shut us down.
They're already trying to sue us.
Folks, that's why you've got to support us now more than ever.
You've got to spread the link to InfoWars.com forward slash show where we pay to put our own video feeds.
Very expensive each month.
That's why your financial support is so critical because they've all announced in the last month massive sustained censorship
Fake community guideline strikes to shut down our main channel.
We're going to make a huge deal about it when it happens.
I'm talking to lawyers looking to finally have to sue for discrimination, racketeering, selective enforcement, and other things over the groups that do it.
I'm not happy about it, but it's got to be done because these organizations are sworn
They're trying to shut this country down.
If they can shut us up, next is going to be the President, who again, first he only put negative stuff in his Twitter feed.
Now they're not letting you share his tweets.
This is to the President of the United States, who has the power under all sorts of federal powers, executive powers, to go after Twitter and Google for the monopolistic activities, for the anti-free speech, for the racketeering
They're engaged in, over our civil rights and our speech, classical Chinese-style net censorship policies that we have to address.
Don't worry, we're not gonna ban your hate videos.
We're just gonna not let anybody see them, memory hole them, or share them, essentially deleting them.
What a joke, Paul.
No Alex, they literally delete subscribers off my channel every time I upload a video.
And there are people even on the left, there's a guy called The Amazing Atheist who's by no means an alt-right figure, but he's controversial.
God forbid he's got an authentic opinion about things.
Every time he uploads a video he loses like...
A thousand subscribers because they're shifting content.
Anything that's deemed controversial, people get unsubscribed whenever that channel uploads a video.
The right wing's doing it as well because they don't like the atheists.
They're using the bots to go complain.
People should not do that.
I don't go complain on John Oliver trying to get him shut down.
It's just, it's insane.
Have you noticed the one video, too, that has like 20-something million views?
It got like 3 million on YouTube.
They backed it back to a million.
They put a glitch in it to make the audio off, which is impossible unless you've done it at YouTube level, because the audio and video is laid together in the file.
They glitched out the Bon Iver song because it was too powerful, and they realized it was making people love me.
So they went and glitched it to sabotage it.
No, they've completely changed the algorithms, Alex, in the past few months because they completely freaked out after the election, basically.
The problem they've got is we're still growing so exponentially that their censorship remains kind of hidden because we're still able to override it to a certain extent.
But, I mean, for example, Salon.com wrote an article about me, a hit piece, back a couple of months ago.
We've got virtually no readers.
Most of the comments on it were people agreeing with me.
Got no readers.
But now every time you type my name in InfoWars, because I type it into Google to try and find my own past articles, so whenever it's my name in InfoWars into a Google search, the top article every single time is this salon.com.
Which they admit in WikiLeaks.
Soros wanted this, force-feeding of their platforms.
Which again, no one wants to read, because the humans, like you said, we'll have an article with 5,000, 10,000 comments, a million reads.
A Salon article we'll go look at, according to Google Analytics, may have 20,000 readers, but it's number one.
Google violated its own algorithm and screwed up its own system to force-feed this, and we even have the internal Google documents where they did it, Paul.
No, exactly.
It's kind of a badge of honour, though, to be so hated by Salon.com, a platform, a news outlet that literally gave a platform to a paedophile, and not one, but several occasionally.
To drool over five-year-old girls.
To drool over five-year-old girls.
Literally made a video drooling over how he masturbated over a five-year-old girl.
Salon.com produced dreamy, sensual footage to illustrate that.
Yeah, that's a badge of honor to be attacked by those kind of people.
Look at that guy!
Just look at that guy!
He doesn't... God, he needs to cut that.
Vice.com still gives him a platform, Alex.
They haven't deleted their glowing articles about Todd Nickerson, this guy who's literally a self-admitted paedophile.
Badge of honour to be attacked by those people.
Do they not understand that their attempts to... I mean, because simultaneously, they're lying about me everywhere, they're lying about you, while trying to restrict what we actually say, so that people only see the straw man.
Do they not get that it made us rock star status?
I mean, I get mobbed everywhere I go.
I had the native Hawaiians running up, buying me dinner everywhere.
I had hundreds of people positive to every negative, and the few negatives would walk by and go, you don't have your kids anymore.
Or they'd walk by and say, oh,
I love, you know, John Oliver, like that's hurting me that he's attacking me.
And one time the guy walked by and said, oh, while I'm at a table, while I'm walking back from the bathroom to the table, oh, sorry, where are your kids?
And I looked at the guy and I laughed.
And I went and sat down and he looked at me and I was there with three of my four children.
The baby stayed here in Austin with my wife.
I took my kids from a previous wife, you know, to Hawaii, a working vacation, took some of the crew.
I mean, I'm with my kids and they're laughing at me saying, you lost your kids.
It's the craziest thing, Paul.
They're like in a simulated reality or something.
No, they think they can still manage and dictate reality and create this impression that we're just so hated.
Like you said, the vast majority of people who come up to you, it's all positive.
I've been out with Nigel Farage and the vast majority of people absolutely love him.
They say, you saved this country, I want to shake your hand.
Then you get one person who's already like 20 feet down the street before they yell something with a lame protest.
And you're like, what the hell was that?
And they've already gone.
Everybody goes, screw you, Russian!
And you'll start walking, and they'll run.
Oh no, I don't want to talk to you, we've got our own video.
I'm like, get on over here!
You know, come on, talk to me like you're a person.
Get in their face with a camera and they suddenly become a little bit shy, don't they?
But again, the reaction's overwhelmingly positive.
Yeah, we live in a polarised time.
There's going to be some negative aspects to it.
But again, they try to create this impression that we're so demonised and hated when they're literally giving platforms to paedophiles.
They're the ones who are hated.
Look at YouTube, Alex.
The right, Conservative, Libertarians, whoever, you know, the real woke people, the redpill people, completely taken over YouTube.
That's why they're now freaking out.
That's right and every week an Alex Jones video is number one whether it's ours or somebody else.
We have the most views of anybody John Oliver's ever had on.
We have the most views Joe Rogan's ever had and of course he's a good guy.
We have the most views by like 20 to 1 that's super deluxe.
Owned by Time Warner's ever had.
They talk about me because for whatever reason they know it gets the ratings they crave, Paul.
Same thing with you.
Why is that?
Well, I mean, they're selfish fundamentally, so they need us to generate content because they're such dimwits.
They've got nothing else.
They can't actually research.
They're not talented.
Like, they don't spend 10 hours editing a YouTube video because they don't have the skills.
They can just blather on a blog.
But yeah, it's about embracing the meme.
The left has always had the upper hand in terms of comedy, Alex, but now the right has become so good at beaming.
That's because they've controlled the combines.
They've controlled the memes and distribution.
Now they're dying.
Now left comedy is in total panic because they're the opposite of comics.
They want to control all of the speech.
Because they can't meme.
They haven't embraced the meme.
They don't know how to be funny with memes, and that's what comedy is right now online.
So that's why they're pathetic.
I mean, they still got a lot of views on the late night comedy videos on YouTube, but apart from that, politically, YouTube has been completely taken over.
I mean, it's almost embarrassing at this point.
Twitter's a little bit different, but eventually it'll go the same way.
Obviously that's a very much smaller platform, which is why you see the least censorship really on Twitter, although people have been banned for calling JK Rowling a liar.
Yeah, which is now YouTube.
They're not only teaming up with the ADL, and I'm going to get into this on the show later on, Alex, they've teamed up with this hate speech police, basically a thought policing group that works with the Swedish government, the same Swedish government that even put PewDiePie on a hate list and blocked him on Twitter.
So these are the neutral, impartial arbiters of what constitutes hate speech on YouTube
That they're now going to patrol like Snopes on Facebook, Alex.
Allegedly embezzling all this money to pay for hawkers.
Oh, but they're credible.
They're neutral and they can tell us what's an urban myth or not.
Absolutely incredible.
It's all collapsing and they're panicking.
You're absolutely right.
That is Paul Joseph Watson taking over right now.
I apologize to Rick and Matthew.
Both of you get a free t-shirt of your choice right now.
Give us your name and number.
Paul Watson coming up.
Owen, free shipping ends tomorrow and we got big deals.
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They use their media to assassinate Real News.
They use their schools to teach children that their president is another Hitler.
They use their movie stars and singers and comedy shows and award shows to repeat their narrative over and over again.
And then they use their ex-president to endorse the resistance.