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Name: 20170728_Fri_NightlyNews
Air Date: July 28, 2017
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Welcome to the InfoWars Nightly News.
I'm David Knight.
It's Friday, July 28th, 2017.
Here are our top stories.
Tonight, you heard it here first.
Roger Stone broke the news three days ago on InfoWars of a major White House shakeup, saying Priebus was out and discussing the three likely replacements.
Roger joins us tonight to break down what's next.
Then, the false left versus right paradigm is on full display for all to see, as Songbird McCain betrays Americans and saves Obamacare.
The government finally gets what it wanted.
Baby Charlie Gard has died after being held hostage by the British courts.
And what's next for you New World Order slaves?
Britain joins France to announce a coming ban on internal combustion engines, so that only remote control battery-operated boxes will be allowed.
All that and more on tonight's InfoWars Nightly News.
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Major breaking news today as there is a big shakeup in the White House and you heard it here first on InfoWars on Tuesday.
We talked to Roger Stone who broke the news as everybody was focused on Attorney General Sessions being the one who Donald Trump was tweeting about multiple times saying he's beleaguered, he's very weak, he's not coming after these people who need to be prosecuted.
Maybe he's going to be around.
We talked to Roger Stone about this breaking news.
We're going to have that right after this segment.
But Roger broke the news that it was going to be the White House Chief of Staff.
He was the first person to say that.
And he gave us three names.
And now that name, one of the three names, General Kelly.
It has been chosen to be the White House Chief of Staff.
NBC News reports Trump ousts Chief of Staff Priebus and installs retired General Kelly, a four-star general.
They say he's pledged to crack down on leaks that he suspected had come from Priebus.
According to NBC News, they believe that what ultimately doomed Priebus was the failure of congressional Republicans to repeal Obamacare.
The source told them he failed.
Yes, he failed to deliver the Republican establishment.
And of course, Reince Priebus had been chair of the GOP, so they were hoping, I guess, that they could get him to play the inside politics to get people to play along.
But of course, you can't get McCain to play along.
We're going to talk about that in just a moment.
He was at the center of it.
They say Donald Trump called Kelly a true star in a tweet announcing his appointment as Chief of Staff.
He says he's very happy with the job that he's done at Homeland Security.
No word yet on who might replace him at Homeland Security.
And of course the White House Chief of Staff, as NBC points out correctly, is the gatekeeper to the President.
Play a large role in staffing and policy decisions in the West Wing, and it's been a very unusual situation to have a divided White House Chief of Staff between Steve Bannon and Reince Priebus.
So we talked to Roger Stone about what may happen to Steve Bannon, and we'll have that in the next segment.
But it was interesting that the New York Times quoted Roger.
They said, some advisers to Mr. Trump were opposed to the choice, arguing that Mr. Kelly did not have the political background for the job.
Quote, the president needs someone who understands the Trump constituency as his chief of staff, someone who has both administrative skills and political savvy, said Roger Stone, anticipating, they say, Mr. Kelly's selection before the announcement was made.
Yeah, they don't want to say that we broke the news on Tuesday, that Roger gave us
First, the news that there was going to be a replacement of the White House Chief of Staff, then gave us three names and then evaluated those three, his concerns about General Kelly also being the fact that he is a hardcore drug warrior like Jeff Sessions.
But let's take a look at Obamacare and what John McCain has done.
We've seen John McCain come back to vote for this, taking the floor, taking the spotlight.
You know, he's kind of gone from an insane Dr. Strangelove, you know, lunatic leader of the military-industrial complex, who learned how to stop worrying and love Al-Qaeda in Syria and elsewhere.
Now he's kind of turned into a nihilistic Nazi, who's kind of burning down the house, burning down the GOP.
I would call it something like Gotterdammerung.
Burning down the GOP, the twilight of the GOP.
Remember that was the long played out Wagnerian opera that would take days to play out.
Well, we've had several elections.
To play this out, to learn that the establishment Republicans were always going to give us Obamacare.
They were there as the fallback position, just in case something happened with Barack Obama.
He was the chosen one of the establishment to bring this through.
But we had John McCain picked by these people, just in case something happened with Barack Obama, to back up.
They always hedge their bets.
We would have gotten McCaincare if we didn't get Obamacare.
We would have gotten Romneycare, which actually preceded Obamacare in Massachusetts.
We would have gotten that if Mitt Romney and Speaker of the House Paul Ryan had been elected.
They're going to do whatever they can for the insurance industry, and of course this skinny repeal
That they were talking about was nothing other than repealing the individual mandate and additional taxes that were put on medical devices and other medical taxes.
Does that make health care more affordable?
To tax medical devices?
To tax insurance?
Of course it doesn't.
It was never about affordability.
It was about taking over health care.
And removing the individual mandate was something that they could do if they wanted to because, you know, this was passed for the insurance companies.
They wrote this bill.
They're the ones who have tripled their profits since it passed, as Rand Paul has pointed out.
But the one area where they're not making as much money as they could, where they're losing money, is the individual mandate.
So they could get rid of the individual mandate, but keep the corporate mandate, because that's more profitable for the insurance companies.
And this is all about crony capitalism, a kind of economic fascism.
And that's who McCain represents, as he burns down the GOP.
Today, as this had broke last night, I thought it was kind of interesting
The narrative that comes out of the news.
I saw this article on the Daily Mail.
A couple jumped to their deaths because they can't afford health care.
And they put that on the Daily Mail.
And I tweeted out, I said, how does this work?
Is Donald Trump going to be blamed?
Affordable health care hasn't changed at all.
They shut that down.
And somebody responded to that tweet and said, well, CNN will probably have a headline pretty soon that says that Trump pushed them out of the window as they jumped to their death in Manhattan because it was reported, as the Daily Mail pointed out, and as the New York Post pointed out, that they could not afford health care.
That's what they were telling everybody.
Now they have come back and both of them have changed their story.
They say that they were actually caught in a financial spiral.
That they had financial problems that were not related to health care.
They said it was a police officer who told them and of course you can't really blame the news if the police say they found a suicide note and they haven't allowed them to look at the suicide note and they say the suicide note said it was because they couldn't afford health care.
But you understand that the police or whoever is telling them this is either going to be pushing a narrative or they have heard this narrative so much
That that's the conclusion that they jumped to.
So that was what was coming out.
But let's take a look at last night about the ego trip of John McCain.
How he's willing to burn down not only the GOP, but your health care.
This is the cancer that John McCain has unleashed and kept on the American people, refusing to cut it out.
As the Washington Post points out, it was one of the most dramatic nights in the U.S.
Senate's recent history.
They said this is a seven-year quest to undo the Affordable Care Act and it collapsed.
It has multiple elections that the GOP voters picked the GOP specifically to accomplish this purpose and now we have seen senators who had voted for repeal in the past full-on repeal because they knew it wasn't going to happen because they could do that safely and please their
Controllers in the insurance industry, the corporations who are running this, as well as suck up to their voters.
That was their wedge issue.
And so they wanted to keep that wedge issue, and they knew they wouldn't alienate their puppet masters by actually having the thing repealed.
But then when there was a chance that it was going to be repealed, because Donald Trump was going to sign it, unlike Barack Obama, they backed out.
But let's take a look at what John McCain did.
As the Washington Post points out, McCain kept his colleagues in the press corps in suspense.
Over a little more than two hours late Thursday night into early Friday morning.
They went into the wee hours of the morning with this vote.
Reporters spotted him about 11 p.m.
They said, have you decided how you'll vote?
He said, yes.
They said, how?
And he said, wait for the show.
It's all about the show, isn't it?
It's all about John McCain and his moment in the spotlight, his ego.
His spite for Donald Trump and, of course, serving his masters that have rewarded him so handsomely throughout his political career.
When he arrived, they say, he held a brief conversation with Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer, Chuckie Schumer.
And Chuckie Schumer left smiling.
Schumer later recounted that McCain had already called to share his plans.
So he's coordinating with Chuckie Schumer, with the Democrat opposition.
Left McConnell and Pence and others blindsided.
They were surprised.
They didn't know.
They said few, if any, of his Republican colleagues realized what was about to transpire.
So he goes over and he sits with Susan Collins, Republican of Maine, and Lisa Murkowski, Republican of Alaska, who were the three that betrayed the GOP voters.
McCain took his seat next to his closest friend, Lindsey Graham.
The South Carolinian mostly nodded as McCain gesticulated and signaled through his body language that he was likely to vote no.
And when Murkowski walked over to him to join the conversation, McCain winked and gave her a thumbs down.
Here he is, just like Caesar, giving a thumbs down to the wishes of the American people.
So then they sent over the junior senator from Arizona, Jeff Flake.
And he, they say, operates in McCain's shadow.
He stood next to Mitch McConnell, and he walked over to McCain, asked Graham to move over one seat, but McCain would not even acknowledge him or look at him.
That left Flake, one of the most polite members of the Senate,
He was left leaning into the conversation uncomfortably with a pained look on his face, saying that Flake wasn't making any progress.
Pence walked over about 12.44 in the morning.
McCain smiled, said something about, I've got my marching orders here, and stood up.
And the two of them talked for 21 minutes until McCain shut it down.
That's the man that he is.
We will not miss him when he is gone.
Someone that we do miss, however, is Charlie Gard, the baby who would have turned one year old next week.
His health care was delayed, he was held captive by the hospital there in the UK, and he passed away today.
Not, I would point out, under even the terms that his parents wanted.
They said, oh, we're going to let Charlie die with dignity.
They lied about the fact that he was in pain.
They refused to allow him to seek alternative treatment, even though he had, his parents had over one and a half million dollars that they had raised from crowdsource funding.
They held him captive.
Why would they do that?
You know, quite frankly, they treated him worse than a dog.
It was less than a week ago we saw that a University of Illinois vet treated a Chihuahua that had a heart condition from Thailand.
So the Chihuahua, Nana, was allowed to travel to the U.S.
to get the congenital defect in her heart repaired and have a normal lifetime.
But Charlie Gard is not given the opportunity as a dying patient to seek any alternative treatment.
They held him captive.
Why would they do that?
And this is what you need to understand.
We have to point this out so you understand the real world consequences of this tyranny.
It's really about the authority.
The authority of the government, it's about the authority of the courts, and most of all, it's about the authority of the United Nations and the EU, the organization right underneath us.
This all comes from the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.
And as we pointed out a couple of weeks ago when this came out,
The hospital said, well, we are not going to let him go home to his parents, we won't even let him leave our country, and here's the reasons that they gave in their statement to the court.
They said, Charlie's parents fundamentally believe that they have the right to decide what treatment their child should have.
They do not believe that there is a role for a judge or a court, and neither do I, but the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child does.
They feel that they have been stripped of their rights as parents.
They have.
And if we pass the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child in the United States, we are the last country that has not signed on to that abomination.
And if we do, they will strip our rights to educate our children.
We will have the courts deciding that our children, regardless of what we wish, will be educated in a certain way.
We will not have the option to homeschool our children.
We will not have the option to treat them.
We will not have the option to withhold anything from them that the courts demand and of course that's going to include forced vaccinations as well.
They say that this hospital holds and is bound by different principles.
A world where only parents speak and decide for children and where children have no separate identity or rights for the court to hear and to protect them is far from the world in which this hospital treats its patients and we see how they treat them.
Allowing them to die.
Holding them captive.
Also in Britain we see that they have joined France to ban the sale of diesel and petrol cars, they say, or gas and diesel cars we'd say in the US, beginning in 2040.
Remember we had the UN Agenda 21, we had the UN Agenda 2030, they called it for sustainability.
Now I guess we've got a UN Agenda 2040.
And this goes back, if you think this isn't going to happen in the United States, remember when I first came here to InfoWars, it was a case that I was on in North Carolina, where they had the EPA hooking people up to diesel tailpipes.
At the same time we had the director of the EPA, Lisa Murkowski,
Doing a planned dog and pony show with then-Congressman, now-Senator Ed Markey from Massachusetts, telling people, lying to people, saying that fine particulate matter, which you would get out of diesel exhaust or out of coal plants, that it was killing more people than cancer.
They knew that was a lie.
Unsustainable lie.
But at the same time, they had sought
People for the CPA experiment that had respiratory and heart issues hoping that they could up the
We're good to go.
He says we've had a situation he talks about his experience looking at an electric car he said because they're exempt from road taxes because they're electric cars if they cost less than a certain amount of money and there was 40,000 pounds he said he looked at a Mitsubishi dealer to look at a hybrid and once I explained to him how long it was going to take to charge he said no thanks even though they were going to put a
More powerful charger at his house for free!
You understand how they're pushing this?
Because they want the control that will come from the limited range of these electric vehicles.
It's not about the pollution, folks.
It's not a practical solution.
It is about the politics, the crony capitalism.
And as I reported before,
They're going to get the power for these electric cars.
Where are they going to get it?
They're going to have to use coal plants because solar and wind power can't provide a steady state power for the grid.
They work great on your house.
They're not going to work on the grid.
But don't worry.
It'll be out of sight, out of mind, and you can congratulate yourself for your expensive electric cars that they control, that they limit your movement, that they tax and track everything that you do.
And of course, they will own it as well.
You'll just be a renter.
You won't own anything.
We'll be right back.
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David Knight, within four hours we have breaking news.
There's been a major shakeup at the White House, as Roger Stone predicted three days ago on Tuesday when he was on the Alex Jones Radio Show with Owen Schroer and I. This is Reince Priebus being replaced by General John Kelly, who is Department of Homeland Security Secretary at the moment, hours earlier today.
Trump had talked about General Kelly as being one of our real stars, and now he is replacing Reince Priebus.
He was one of the three names, as a matter of fact, that Roger Stone had mentioned as being candidates to replace Priebus.
So we want to talk to Roger Stone.
He's on the line with us right now.
Get an idea from him as to what he thinks of General Kelly.
He said he needed to look up some background information on General Kelly.
Of course, he was very strong in terms of administrative ability, but he wanted to see what policies he might be bringing to the White House, because the White House Chief of Staff is a very important person.
Number two to the President, a strong advisor to the President.
And also maybe who Roger Stone thinks might replace Kelly at Homeland Security, if he has any idea of that.
So joining us now is Roger Stone.
Roger, welcome.
David, great to be with you.
I would be remiss if I did not point out that InfoWars was the first media outlet in the world to report that General John Kelly was under consideration for the position of White House Chief of Staff.
You know, we're very proud of the fact that we broke that news at InfoWars.
Based on everything I can learn, I think it's a strong selection.
Putting aside General Kelly's advocacy of the drug war is the only matter I can find to criticize him about.
He has done a good job at Homeland Security, but above all, David, he is not a leaker.
He will not leak.
against the best interest of the President of the United States.
He's a loyal, solid man with a solid record of loyalty.
I know the President is very impressed with the job he's done at Homeland Security and I think overall it's a solid choice.
Yeah, very good.
Who do you think may replace him?
Is there any indication as to who might replace General Kelly at Homeland Security?
I don't have any report on that but very clearly this is a clear-cut victory for
Anthony Scaramucci, who went to the White House with the stated goal of removing Reince Priebus and the Republican National Committee leakers, who have really bedeviled this administration.
It has been detrimental.
First, as you'll recall, that Katie Walsh,
The deputy chief of staff to Priebus was caught leaking and fired.
Then when Scaramucci, a Trump loyalist and friend of the show at Infowars, came in as director of communications, that caused Sean Spicer, right-hand man to Priebus, to render, or I should say tender, his resignation, which the president accepted.
And now Priebus himself is gone.
This is the housecleaning
We have called for it some time, and I think it will really help the administration refocus a new discipline on their reform agenda without the reprehensible leaks of the Republican insiders who seem only to be interested in aggrandizing themselves and sucking up to liberal mainstream media reporters for their own edification and glorification.
Roger, I want to ask you, what's the situation with Bannon now that we have General Kellyanne, a strong individual in the position of White House Chief of Staff?
Well, this is a solid defeat for Bannon for reasons that I have a hard time understanding because I like Steve Bannon and I'm probably closer to his worldview in terms of his opposition to the globalists and the neocons, but Bannon had cast his lot with Priebus and they had a working alliance.
Bannon was a major factor in keeping Scaramucci out of the White House and smearing Scaramucci because the President suggested Scaramucci sell his very successful hedge fund company in order to join the White House staff.
Once Scaramucci sold his company, Priebus and the White House counsel
Even before Attorney General Sessions.
It appears that way.
I mean, Sessions can save himself.
He needs to indict Susan Rice, James Clapper, John Brennan, Admiral Rogers, Valerie Jarrett, and Barack Obama.
He can save himself if he will do that.
He has in the FISA court rendering everything he needs for the grand jury.
Nothing else is required.
I've talked to two former U.S.
attorneys in the last 72 hours who both tell me it's a slam dunk that the FISA court report was so definitive that an indictment could be easily obtained.
Bill and Hillary Clinton need to be indicted.
It's not a complicated case, it's a simple case.
These people would steal a hot stove, David.
Yeah, let's just review, Roger, what they're saying here.
This is the FISA Court.
This is not a political source.
This is not an anonymous source.
The New York Times and Washington Post.
But the FISA Court accused the NSA and the FBI of violating the law and violating the Constitution.
And when they come out and make that accusation, that broadly, across these two organizations, that also points the gun at Barack Obama.
Well, I mean, to coin a phrase, what did the President know, and when did he know it?
It's hard to believe that his administration was surveilling tens of thousands of Americans, including yours truly, for the express purpose of political surveillance.
This wasn't done over the fact that any of those under surveillance were suspicious of subversion.
They were quite simply being harassed and surveilled for strictly political purposes.
Yes, yes.
And that's something we should all be very concerned about when we see the vast powers that have been vested in the surveillance state.
To see those powers then being used against political enemies, that is something that should scare every American.
This is far worse than anything we've ever seen any president accused of in the past.
And again, as you pointed out, it's Barack Obama as well as those underneath him who need to be indicted by the Attorney General Jeff Sessions.
Absolutely, and therefore I think that he can save himself.
Well that'd be interesting.
You know, to underscore what you said earlier about Reince Priebus,
The firing of Michael Short.
I was not aware of it until people were talking about Michael Short saying that he had quit the Trump campaign and just left his resignation on his laptop and left it open and just walked away.
Nobody had ever seen him again until Priebus brought him in as the superior, to me, the people who were in the communications department and elsewhere.
And there was, what is going on with this?
That, to me, indicated
That there was a lack of loyalty, not being on the same page with Donald Trump and the Trump administration, let alone his agenda with Priebus.
So hopefully that will change with General Kelly.
I'm hopeful that's correct, David.
Let me ask you, you said in terms of issues like the drug war, you didn't see anything that was a warning sign.
Do you expect that foreign policy in terms of things like Syria is going to change with General Kelly?
Do you have any sense yet of where he is on regime change and issues like that?
See, I think General Kelly understands his job is not to accept policy.
That's not the job of the White House Chief of Staff.
His job is to carry out policy.
And I think he, unlike previous,
We're good to go.
Well, I think he's the right man for the job.
Yeah, that is an accurate statement of the job.
And if he understands the parameters of the job, that would be a great thing.
And of course, he certainly does, as a general, have the administrative skills.
Well, thank you so much for joining us, Roger, and I appreciate the fact that you stopped in.
I know you're limited on time.
You're on your way to another venue.
We're talking to Roger Stone, StoneColdTruth.com.
And of course, he broke it here at InfoWars First on Tuesday.
Giving us the name of the person that had three names of possible candidates, and of course, General Kelly is the one that Donald Trump has now chosen to replace Reince Priebus.
Thank you so much for joining us, Roger.
Thank you, David.
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Well, I've got a tragic story for you.
A female hunter was found dead after an apparent suicide.
This was following online threats from animal rights activists.
This is Melania Capitan.
She was 27 years old, and she became kind of an internet sensation on social media.
She would post a lot of photographs showing her hunting activities, and she'd give advice on some of her hunting tactics.
But she became the victim of an online cyberbullying campaign.
People were threatening her, telling her how disgusting she was, it should have been you that was slaughtered and killed.
So these are the type of things that we've seen, again, when people will dare post pictures of themselves with their game.
Now, I wanted to get Liberty Austin on the show.
We've had her on before.
She's also a female hunter, very outspoken Second Amendment advocate.
She's a hunting editor for The Truth About Guns.
And she was most recently featured as a contestant on Miss Wild Game on the Outdoor Channel.
Liberty, thank you so much for taking the time to get on the show.
I know this is a story that is really close to your heart, being a female hunter and the target of online bullying yourself.
What do you think about the fact... It really is, it saddens... Sorry, go ahead.
No, it saddens me what's happened.
I read that story this morning and it just breaks my heart that this
Girl, 27 years old, being harassed by animal rights activists, anti-hunters that are attacking her for her point of view, basically her passion, and that it resulted in such a tragedy, and that she took her own life.
Right, and I was really impressed.
You made a really spirited reply there, I saw it on Instagram, where you're basically calling out the hypocrisy of a lot of these people.
These are people who are sitting behind a keyboard and they have no problem telling someone to kill themselves, yet they claim that they care so much about animals, yet they have so little compassion for people.
Even after her death, after her suicide, they were still cyberbullying her.
And I thought your response was excellent.
It's something I never even considered myself.
You point out here in your social media response that less than 2% of the entire population hunts, whereas 97% plus eat meat.
And so that means that there's only a very small percentage of people that are actually going and filling their own freezers with meat they hunt.
You're staying connected to where your food is actually coming from.
Meanwhile, these social justice warriors sitting behind the keyboard are probably eating a cheeseburger, never even thinking about how that meat got onto their plate.
That's right, Leanne, and thank you for pointing that out.
I wrote that post earlier.
It makes me so mad that I feel like these anti-hunters and these animal rights activist groups, their anger is misdirected.
When, as you said, 2% of us are hunters and the entire population, when 97% are meat eaters.
So that means that, where are they getting their meat from?
They're getting their meat from these meat factories that have horrific conditions, not only for the animals, but for humans as well.
And it really needs to be directed at
Where the source of the problem actually is, which is these meat factories.
They are killing 9 billion animals a year.
That's a million animals, I believe it's a minute.
It's outrageous.
And it's just a problem that people can drive up to a drive-thru and pick up a burger for $2, but what did that actually cost us for the environment, for basically everything around us that that affects?
And people don't see that.
We're less than 2% of the population.
We actually go out and get our meat.
We harvest animals that are in the wild, living happy, full lives.
Of course, you know, taking their life is a big deal for us as hunters.
You know, we actually get to contact with that animal.
We get to touch that animal.
And it's very real to us.
It's very close and intimate that we have this connection with our food that I don't believe that most people realize exists.
Because they do have such an arm's length transaction with their meal.
Right, and I spoke with you a little earlier and you said that you actually are practicing to be a vegan unless you've actually killed that meat yourself and put it in your own freezer.
Otherwise, you're practicing pretty much a vegan diet, which I think is impressive.
That's right, Leanne.
I am trading my meat-eating ways.
I'm going to be a plant-based diet only unless I have harvested the meat myself.
I feel like that's the only way that I can live without the conviction of knowing that these animals are being slaughtered in such a horrific way.
We're good to go!
Just, for overall, for me to feel good about where my food is coming from and I'm really happy about that decision.
I feel more confident now that I'm going to be able to truly hold my head up as a hunter and say, get rid of that hypocrisy.
You know, there is no, if I want to eat meat, I'm going to have to go get it myself and that's how we should all, I believe, it should be.
That's how it's intended.
Wow, and that's incredible to me because I don't really like hunting.
I especially don't like big game hunting.
It makes me cry, you know, but I'm a vegetarian, so I'm not being a hypocrite, kind of being a keyboard warrior.
First of all, I would never cyber bully anyone, but I'm not sitting there shoving meat in my mouth, but then telling you how dare you be a hunter when you're obviously being very conscientious about it.
But this brings me to another point where it's okay to cyber bully certain people if you don't like their lifestyle.
For instance, when Cecil the Lion was killed, just this massive cyber army actually came out into the real world and were targeting this
We're good to go!
You know, if you dare talk to someone who's in this body positivity movement and they're actually obese and you dare point that out to them, how detrimental that is to people's health, well then you are going to be kicked off of social media and you'll be cyberbullied because there are certain kind of protected groups.
It's just incredible to me.
How do you deal with that?
Well, I get a lot of the hate myself on my own social media outlets for hunting
You know, it's such a hypocrisy to me.
Almost every product that we have around us is made by some animal by-product.
And what people don't realize is that how did that animal die?
How did you get that product?
Are you wearing these shoes?
You're riding in a car that has leather seats.
It's all hypocrisy unless, again, you know where really it comes from.
As far as the threats, they're severe, they're harsh.
I personally don't let them get to me, but I have days where I see this one comment and it ruins my day.
Because they're so hateful.
And the lack of compassion for humanity is, to me, it's just obscene.
That we place such little value on human life and that we are prioritizing other subject matters that I don't believe are as important as a human's life.
Obviously, again, conditions in meat markets and meat factories, things like that, they're horrific, they're awful.
That's where we should be directing anger to, is the people who are really not caring about animal life.
And I think hunting is a far cry from that.
We are conservationists.
All the money that's put into
Texas Parks and Wildlife, the National Parks and Wildlife Association, to help conservation, essentially.
Well, Liberty, thank you so much for using your platform to draw attention to this.
I think it's really incredible to just point out where cyberbullying, it's never okay, but for some reason, some people see it as a protected class.
Tell people where they can follow you and find you on your social media account.
Thank you, Leanne.
I am available at the Truth About Guns.
Read my blog.
I have a hunting digest.
We talk about subjects like this.
Look me up on social media at LibertyAustin.com.
Thank you, Leanne.
Thank you, Liberty.
It was great to see you.
So here again, we are seeing that some of the biggest websites used by young children, Instagram and Facebook, are the number one places where young people are facing cyberbullying.
It's never okay.
But we just wanted to point out the hypocrisy there.
If you're going to dare go to your keyboard and target these hunters that are practicing conservation with their hunting, then maybe you better check and find out where all of your food, clothing, and etc.
is coming from.
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We can answer your questions.
I'm now joined by Jerry Ford Jr.
He has been on with us before.
He is a Hillary supporter, a Hillary voter, a Democrat.
He's a radio host.
KJOZ 880 AM.
He's ran for office before in Texas as a Democrat.
And it's been interesting.
We've been talking before.
He shared some stories with me.
I want to start with Bernie.
You shared a story with me how Bernie was being investigated for bank fraud and coming from the left you were shocked at how the Democrats aren't calling this out, the media isn't calling this out.
You've been shocked at the radio silence on the bank fraud investigation into the Sanders.
Yeah, Owen.
You know, one of the problems that the Democratic Party has had this last year, especially with the Hillary Clinton campaign, was this idea that Democrats was corrupt.
And the Democrats, you know, have a issue of illegitimacy.
And when you have a guy who has railed against the corporations and Wall Street,
Um, I think when he, him and his wife becomes under a bank fraud, I think that's something that, uh, delivers a blow to the Democratic Party's brand.
It's something that we need to talk about because that's one of the reasons why Donald Trump right now is in the office of the presidency is because we have a lot of hypocrites in the Democratic Party who will say one thing and at the end of the day, they will, um, be involved in a lot of corrupt activities.
Yeah, you could say the exact same thing about the Republican Party, specifically on the Obamacare vote, but we won't get into that right now.
I would say that, you know, Hillary Clinton doesn't necessarily help the Democrats with the corruption thing, but she currently is not being investigated for bank fraud, so there's certainly not that looming over her.
But, Bernie Sanders actually went back to an independent, so maybe, you know, maybe that's a way of escaping the Democrat Party, maybe that's why they're not talking about it.
But what about the DNC fraud lawsuit?
Are you aware of that and the Bernie supporters that are saying that it was rigged for Hillary Clinton the whole time?
Well, you know, the Bernie supporters always said that the Democratic Party, the DNC, you know, rigged the election for Bernie Sanders, I mean, for Hillary Clinton.
But, you know, I was a Joe Biden supporter at first.
And the DNC didn't come to me.
And let me be clear, 4 million, 4 million more Democratic voters have forced us to vote for Hillary Clinton.
I mean, it is really, you know, when you're looking at 94% of black women, you're looking at 60% of African American millennials who vote for Hillary Clinton and all Hillary supporters, for you to come and say that the DNC, the big powerful DNC rigged the election and forced us poor African Americans to vote for Hillary Clinton, I think it's disrespectful to all Hillary supporters.
And it's going to be a problem for Democrats going forward, for Tom Perez coming forward in 2018 when you want to want, you know, support from the African-American and Hispanic community when you just demonized us and running with this false narrative that somehow the DNC forced 4 million more people to vote for Hillary Clinton.
Hillary didn't run with this message in 2008.
I think?
So there's no doubt that there's a divide on the Democrat Party right now, if you will, between Bernie Sanders, I suppose, and Hillary Clinton supporters right now.
But what is the future for the Democrat Party?
I mean, being a Democrat, what do you see the future for this party being?
If you're divided and you already can't win elections, how are you going to win elections if you don't even have a future leader?
I think what the Democratic Party needs to do right now is to move on from Bernie Sanders, move on from Hillary Clinton.
If you're going to tell Hillary to go away into the woods, you're going to need to tell Bernie Sanders to do the same thing.
I think the leadership of the Democratic Party is in Akeem Jeffries, is in Kamala Harris, is in individuals like that.
Young individuals who have brand new ideas who can lead the Democratic Party.
I mean, this entire country, Democrat, Republican, Independent, we're all tired of corruption.
I gotta check you right there.
What are some new ideas that Kamala Harris and King Jeffries, what are some new ideas of these people that you're talking about?
Well, I think when you look at Akeem Jeffries and you look at Camilla Harris, I mean, these are two individuals who are talking about comprehensive health care issues.
They're talking about the middle class.
And the middle class is not what Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders are pushing, which is a move from minimum wage to $15 because Johnny, 30-year-old Johnny, can't raise two kids with his McDonald's salary.
The question is that Camilla Harris and Akeem Jeffers is asking is, hey, why are there 30 year olds working minimum wage jobs trying to make a living?
How about we try to find a way to create well-paying jobs?
How about we find a way?
Okay, so you're going along, I see, so you're kind of going along with the new plan that Chuck Schumer put out yesterday, better deal, better this, kind of like the Papa John slogan, which, you know, which, you know, it's kind of, you know,
You know, if your goal as a Democrat, as Chuck Schumer's leadership, was to convince the American people that you stood for something other than just being against Donald Trump, naming your slogan, A Better Deal, is not a good idea.
You're not going to accomplish it.
So Chuck Schumer is a failed leader of the Democrat Party.
I think that I'm understanding that's your vibes right now.
Yeah, Chuck Schumer is a failed leader.
I think when you look at the top objectives of this new better plan deal, they're talking about infrastructure, they're talking about renegotiating trade deals.
I mean, the Democratic Party is so weak when you're dealing with trade.
And just to go back to what you said earlier, you think the future lies more in
New health care plans, health care plans that are working, and that's kind of the future of the Democrat Party that you're seeing.
I think your best hope lies with Tulsi Gabbard out of Hawaii.
But I want to get off that for a second, because you did say something interesting, and this might have something to do with what we've been talking about.
Why did you send to me, and maybe it was facetiously, talking about changing sides?
Not necessarily coming over to the Trump team or the Republicans, but just, is that more getting off of the Democrat Party, or what did you mean by that?
Well, it wasn't about me specifically changing sides.
The conversation I was trying to get into is about the African-American community.
The African-American community.
And the Democrats do not see this yet because the Republicans just put up Donald Trump as president.
But the Democratic Party is almost at the verge of losing the African-American vote for an entire generation.
Now, if we're going to the Republican Party or no party, I don't know.
But let me tell you this, Owen, if the Republicans would have had sense in 2016 and put up a guy like John Kasich or somebody that we could swallow, I mean, you would have seen more African Americans, you know, changing sides.
But when you come up with this new plan and you're talking about attacking, you know, these rural voters and you just throw all these issues that African Americans community
Who has been your biggest supporter for over a couple of decades, and you do not mention how do we rebuild the black middle class?
How do we help the struggling black business owner?
How do we attack some of these issues?
Well, it does appear that the Democrats might be going with Kamala Harris for the next presidential election.
Does that, I mean, is that somebody that you think would, what you're saying, save the African American vote for the Democrats?
Well, you know, it looks like Bernie Sanders is getting ready to run again for president.
And it seems like there's going to be a lot of Democrats running for president.
I'm hoping Kamala Harris runs because, you know, one of my main issues, and a lot of people who might be conservative or might not be part of the African-American community,
You know, you don't really understand that just as important as coal is to people in West Virginia, HBCU funding is just as important to African Americans.
And we need to have a plan going forward to protect our historically black colleges and universities
And the Democrat Party hasn't introduced anything like that.
The only thing you've heard from Bernie Sanders and the left wing is this free tuition for everybody.
And what that really does for historic black colleges that was created to help the low-income individual, if you are taking away resources from historic black colleges, and then you are making tuition free for every college, where does that leave Texas Southern University?
Where does that leave Prairie View A&M and all these historic black colleges
I don't know if that's going to be a big enough issue in any upcoming election to be brought to the forefront, but we'll find out.
One question, we got 40 seconds left.
What do you think about President Trump so far?
Well, I think that he needs to focus.
I mean, we talked a couple months ago and I said I was going to give him an opportunity, a chance.
He talked about taxes.
He talked about infrastructure.
But he, for some reason, is focused so much on cable news.
And, you know, I'm happy today because the person who has really rolled back Obama policies in the Justice Department is Jeff Sessions.
And Trump, for some reason, he's about to get rid of Sessions.
So thank you, Donald Trump.
Get rid of Jeff Sessions for us.
And that's really going to help us.
So, that's one thing I'm happy for.
Hey, I like your logic.
At least you're willing to stick by that.
Just like the people that said, fire Comey, then they fired Comey and they complained about it.
Hey, thanks for Jerry Ford for coming in.
Thanks for you for tuning in to the InfoWars Nightly News.
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