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Name: 20170727_Thu_NightlyNews
Air Date: July 27, 2017
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Welcome to the InfoWars Nightly News.
I'm David Knight.
It's Thursday, July 27th, 2017.
Here are our top stories.
Tonight, President Donald Trump says, in America, we don't worship government, we worship God.
But in the case of the Bundys, the U.S.
government is God.
And they sentenced Gregory Burleson
...to 68 years in prison for his role in the Nevada standoff.
Then... Attention, House of Blues!
Gun owners are not terrorists!
Country artist Jamie Johnson's concert was cancelled after he refused to disarm.
Meanwhile, new statistics reveal that African American women are increasingly buying guns.
All that plus more threats and security risk to President Donald Trump.
That's up next on the Info Wars Nightly News.
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Well, President Trump on Wednesday had a very controversial tweet.
I'm not talking about the ones about the tran-van and the army, or the military.
I'm talking about the one that said, in America we don't worship government, we worship God.
That's gotten as much attention in terms of retweets and likes as the ones about the tranny-van.
And when you look at this, he's being attacked on the left.
We have the article up at Infowars.com from Michael Snyder.
He's being attacked by the people on the left saying, we cannot have establishment of religion.
Understand that this is both parts of the First Amendment.
Both the free exercise of religion and the exercise of free speech.
You don't lose your ability to speak freely when you become an elected official.
We have to understand that it's also in the spirit of the principles of the Declaration of Independence and natural rights that are laid out there.
When they talk about having inalienable rights that we get from our Creator, the alternative is that we have God-vermint.
Where the government is God, and the government tells you what you can and cannot do.
Everything becomes a privilege granted by the government if it is not a fundamental human right that comes from God.
That's the choice before us.
And we're going to take a look at a couple of examples here of how our government and other governments are acting as God.
But this is something that was at the core
Of Joe Biden's disagreement with Clarence Thomas.
He got very upset with Clarence Thomas for talking about natural rights.
He was absolutely furious with Thomas.
How dare you talk about natural rights?
And yet it's the Declaration of Independence that lays that out.
And so we have to understand that our rights do not come
are not granted by the government, because if they are, they're simply privileges.
I want you to take a look at what's happening in the UK, the final moments of Charlie Gard's life.
That's a very good example of when government becomes God.
We've got a judge, we've got some hospital officials who are playing God with this family, with their child's lives.
They've delayed medical treatment until it was too late, and now in the final moments after his parents have finally given up, because they've been told now by the medical community that the delay
Went so long that there is no hope for treatment.
Now, and the very last thing that they're trying to do, is have some time with him to let him die in a manner that they choose.
Remember this was always about, according to the hospital, according to the judge, according to the government, it was about Charlie being allowed to die with dignity.
But apparently that's not going to happen either.
Because today they met and they couldn't decide whether they're going to allow him to leave the hospital.
Go to hospice, go home.
They were fighting about this.
Today we have gotten the decision.
It has now been denied.
He's not going to go home.
He's not going to be given a couple of days in hospice.
They're going to just turn his life support off in hospice without giving him some time.
That's godverment for you.
Let me give you an example in the United States.
This is playing out right now with some political prisoners in Nevada.
The people who were at the Bundy standoff.
We've had the first person who was convicted be the first person who has now been sentenced.
68 years!
68 years for a 53-year-old man, a political prisoner, because he exercised his First Amendment rights and his Second Amendment rights to defend the property rights of his neighbors.
We reported on this.
I was there.
I saw what happened.
It is absolutely outrageous.
The only people who were threatening anyone, the only people who were dangerous
With the government.
But of course they're not allowed to talk about what the government did.
Those are the gag orders that have been put on by the judge.
Now in this particular case...
Gregory Broulson of Phoenix, Arizona, 53.
He was convicted of eight felony accounts.
They said he threatened and assaulted federal officers.
That boils down to legally carrying a firearm that is holstered.
That's what they're saying these individuals have done.
They threatened the federal officers.
It was the federal officers who were on the bullhorn, threatening to shoot us, to use lethal force.
Not the people who were there.
They weren't threatening the police.
They weren't even, most of them didn't even have their guns out of the holster.
There's only a few that were carrying rifles.
Obstruction of justice, interstate travel and the aid of extortion, firearms offenses related to a crime of violence.
You see how they've trumped up these charges?
68 years.
We have a right to peacefully assemble.
To redress our grievances against the government.
We have a right to private property.
We have a right to carry firearms and that right was respected in the state law in Nevada.
But what they're not being allowed to talk about in this retrial that is beginning now is anything about the actions of the BLM.
And I want you to listen to how absurd these rules become.
They instructed the prosecution, or the defense rather, that they would not be allowed to talk about the conduct of the BLM.
They would not be allowed to talk about the man who ran this for the BLM, Dan Love, even though he's been criticized by other people at his level for the way that he ran this.
They're not going to be able to talk about the people who were attacked.
Margaret Houston, who was grabbed from behind, a small woman thrown to the ground.
Or Ammon Bundy, who was tasered.
Or Dave Bundy, who was arrested, taken a couple of hours to Las Vegas, and then just left without any transportation or communication there.
They're not going to talk about the violation of their property rights, they're not going to talk about, they're not allowed to talk about what the Clark County Commissioner, Tom Collins, said.
When he said that the people coming from Utah, in other words, the Mormons, were a bunch of inbred bastards.
And he said, if they're coming to Clark County to support Clive and Bundy, you better, quote, have funeral plans.
And of course, there's nothing about them stealing and killing prize cattle of the Bundys and then burying it because they knew that it was wrong.
They have created essentially a First Amendment-free zone, which is what they tried to do there at the site.
Oh, that's one of the other things that they cannot mention.
But the jury is starting to understand what's going on, and they're starting to derail the prosecution by asking questions.
By asking questions.
And hopefully this is going to be an independent minded jury.
But let me give you an example of one of the ways that they have rigged this trial into a kangaroo court.
They had an individual who worked for the U.S.
Forestry Service and he happened to be in the area just driving by.
Now maybe that is true.
Maybe he just happened to be there.
He took one of the pictures that you've seen of one of the individuals who was laying in a prone position pointing a rifle.
And you can also see in the photograph that there were people who were standing around and they were down behind concrete bunkers as well.
And they asked him, they said, were you afraid?
And he said, yeah, I was afraid.
And so the obvious question then was, who were you afraid of?
Now, the prosecution did not want to ask that question.
And so the
The defense attorney tried to pin him down, asking if he saw anyone on the bridge pointing weapons at him.
Then he asked him if he was afraid of the BLM agents who were at a distance in the wash below.
He said, were they pointing weapons in your direction?
The prosecution objected immediately.
You can't talk about what the BLM is doing.
See, everybody was ducking down behind the concrete barriers up on the bridge above us.
They said they were afraid, but they obviously weren't afraid of those people.
Same thing with the Fox News cameraman who was not afraid of all the people standing around with me.
He was afraid of the BLM agents.
He was saying, don't shoot me, don't shoot me, trying to get over where they were.
Lifting his shirt up, showing that he wasn't carrying any weapons.
They were the aggressors.
They were the ones who were violating the laws.
They were the ones who were violating the property rights of the Bundys after they had driven every other rancher in the area out, violating their property rights.
And many people in the cities and the suburbs don't understand that grazing rights, water rights, mineral rights, mining rights, lumber rights are property rights every bit as much as the land rights that you have your house on.
They only understand that as the kind of rights.
But this is the way this is being railroaded.
Now I want to talk about somebody who stood up for their rights, their Second Amendment rights.
A shout out to Jamie Johnson.
He was supposed to play at the House of Blues in Myrtle Beach.
But Myrtle Beach cancelled his, the House of Blues cancelled his concert.
On Sunday, the House of Blues
Myrtle Beach announced the cancellation via a Facebook post.
They said, Unfortunately, tonight's show is cancelled.
But one of the members of his band set the record straight.
Tony T.C.
Coleman said, as a member of Jamie's band, the House of Blues management was wrong for how they treated the situation.
Jamie was ready to give an amazing performance, as he's done every night since the year and three months I've been in his band.
I stand with him on this.
House of Blues did not need to treat us as if we were terrorists.
See, that's the same thing that's happening in the Bundy Ranch.
If you've got a gun, you're a terrorist, according to the government, according to the House of Blues.
He said they put a metal detector between Jamie's buses and the stage entrance.
And the only people coming in and out of the buses were his band, us, and the crew.
And we all have laminated stage ID.
He said we didn't come to the House of Blues to be treated like we're gonna kill our fans.
If someone came backstage to harm anybody, you better pray there was a Jamie Johnson type of individual around.
Exactly, and so now African-Americans are also getting the message.
Finally, the New York Times points out African-American women are increasingly buying guns.
Show statistics.
They said up to 59% of African-American households now view owning a gun as a necessity.
African-American women have outpaced all other races and genders in terms of securing concealed carry permits in Texas between the years of 2000 and 2016.
It wasn't always this way.
They say as recently as 2012, Pew had found that less than a third of black families saw gun ownership as positive.
And that's starting to change.
A new organization, the National African American Gun Association, and the founder is Philip Smith.
He says police shootings, such as the recent slaying of Philando Castile, have caused a sudden upswing in gun ownership.
And let me say this.
The reason you've got a National African American Gun Association is because the NRA took a powder on the murder of Philando Castile.
He did everything right and he was shot seven times by a cop.
You don't need to have somebody be shot seven times if you're afraid of what's going on.
You don't need to shoot until your gun is empty.
And so they're going to set up their own association for their own defense.
And he says, in his opinion, owning a gun is the only way that African-American men and women can truly protect themselves.
And I would add, that's the only way anybody, whether you're African-American, male or female, can protect themselves reasonably.
They talk about Marshall Tigner, a domestic violence and sexual assault survivor, a victim.
She's been sexually assaulted, domestic violence.
She says black women in particular are likely to be victims of domestic violence.
She became a gun instructor, she explained, so she could give to other women of color the fighting chance she wished she'd had.
And let's say this, we've always said this about carrying guns, it doesn't guarantee success, but it gives you a fighting chance.
And it is an equalizer for women, for the elderly, it is an equalizer, it gives you a chance.
Now take a look at what's going on in Baltimore.
Because there, they're trying to, this is an area, they said, we've got to do something.
We've got over 600 shootings in less than a year in our city, something's got to give.
We're trying to protect citizens of our city, make sure we curb the violence in our city.
So they want to limit gun ownership.
And the people there, at this city meeting, are not having any of it.
And guess what?
Most of them are black, as you can see if you roll the tape there.
They said chaos erupted Tuesday at a Baltimore City hearing for a proposed mandatory one-year sentence for possession of an illegal handgun.
There we go again.
Mandatory minimum so we can fill up the prisons for people who are simply trying to defend themselves.
And they're not having it.
It ended with the arrest of two people.
And when we talk about Baltimore, I just pointed out
Two days ago, when I did the news, that we had cops framing an individual and planting drugs in such quantity that he was going to go to jail for at least a dozen years.
They kept him in jail for six months because he couldn't make bail.
And the cops were busted only because they were too stupid to realize that once they pushed the button, it was going to go back and save 30 seconds before the time they pushed the button.
So it caught them
Planting it.
Fortunately there was an honest prosecutor.
But this is the same city that doesn't want to have people be able to protect themselves.
Now quickly in the amount of time we've got left, good economic news.
Donald Trump has worked to get Foxconn to come here with a $10 billion plant in Wisconsin that will employ 13,000 people.
Now we hope that they will not need suicide nets as they do in China, that they will play by the rules here, and I'm sure that they will.
But I think the interesting thing about this is how we see Trump working on jobs and on trade, setting up a massive deal with the UK because the EU is not going to allow that.
But as soon as they get out with Brexit, they will be able to negotiate.
So we have Donald Trump working on jobs, working on trade, and what do we see from all the never-Trumpers who told us that Trump was going to give us a worldwide trade war, that he was a protectionist?
No, they're the protectionists.
We see U.S.
lawmakers reaching a deal for Senate Russia sanctions vote.
They voted, the House voted 419 to 3 on Tuesday to impose new sanctions on Moscow and to force Trump to obtain lawmakers approval before easing any punitive measures on Russia.
See, they're going to tie his hands on sanctions.
And the Democrats wanted the sanctions on Russia.
The Republicans wanted it on Iran and North Korea.
And what it's going to do is set off a worldwide trade war.
Because part of the Russian sanctions involve blocking the natural gas supply from Russia to Europe.
And the EU doesn't want that.
So they put out a memo saying, if you do this, we're going to retaliate within days.
Which reminds us of where this all started from.
Go back.
Follow the money.
Remember, the regime change isn't just because they don't like Assad.
It also has a great deal to do with the money, with the oil, or the natural gas in this case.
Take a look at the map that shows where these pipelines are.
And you can see there's one pipeline that runs through Iran and Syria.
That's the one that's controlled by Russia and so forth.
Running this through, they want that pipeline to go through the Russian, Syrian, Iranian
But then on the other one, you've got Qatar, you've got Jordan, you've got Turkey.
They're allied with the U.S.
They've got their pipeline that they want to run.
Both of them run through Syria, so Syria has to be controlled.
You understand how this works?
It's not just creating chaos.
It's not just helping ISIS.
Of course, that's always important because then they can create chaos in the West as well.
They can export the refugees into the West and create chaos and terrorism in our countries.
But it's always about the money, isn't it?
Follow the money.
Stay with us when we come back.
Owen Schroeder is going to talk about a book that's been written by a Guardian reporter.
It wasn't just the Shakespeare play in New York where they wanted to assassinate Donald Trump.
Now we've got a Guardian reporter writing a fictionalized book fantasizing about their favorite hoped-for event.
We'll be right back.
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Well, we've seen the New York Public Theater depict an assassination of Trump.
We've seen it in Hollywood with music videos.
We've seen it with Kathy Griffin from CNN with a decapitated Trump head.
The list goes on and on and it continues to grow.
Now we have novels being written, fantasy novels being written about the assassination of Donald Trump.
Now this is a story that comes from the Occidental Observer.
Jonathan Friedland's Trump assassination fantasy.
Jonathan Friedland has devoted the last 12 months of his life to attacking the Trump presidency and he is also a writer for The Guardian.
We'll get to some of that in a second.
But he perceives Trump to be obstructive to Jewish social and political objectives.
And this is most apparent in his journalism for the Jewish Chronicle.
So he's also writing for the Jewish Chronicle.
And you've got all kinds of people saying Trump is an anti-Semite.
Some people say Trump's working for the Jews.
They can't figure it out.
He's working for Russia.
Nobody knows what Trump's doing.
But Freeland seems to have it figured out.
And he further complains that Trump has, I quote, no instinctive sensitivity for Jewish concerns.
Any for him or else extracted under pressure more troublingly, he has an uncanny knack for speaking to and about Jews in a way that thrills anti-Semites.
So Trump's working for the Jews.
He's an anti-Semite.
Nobody knows what's going on, but he needs to die.
That's what they can all agree on.
It's time to assassinate Trump.
Kill the President is the name of Jonathan Freeland's book.
Sam Born is actually his pseudonym that he writes under and that he published this quote-unquote thriller under.
And this is a science fantasy fiction novel that talks about feminist plot to kill the president, a female White House aide, an avowed liberal,
Uncovers a conspiracy to murder a recent elected populist president who unexpectedly won an election against a female Democrat who attracted criticism for being careless with her email service.
Yeah, that's not alluding to this last election at all.
The president, described as a cheat and a bigot, offends the political and media establishments with tweets and lies, grotesque misconduct, acts of unwarranted aggression.
One scene includes the president grabbing a female assistant by her genitals in the Situation Room.
And of course, this is casting the most vulgar accusations and insinuations against President Trump without fear of a libel suit.
The novel's president, an unstable demagogue, is ultimately a marionette dancing to the tune of a rootless chief strategist with an Irish name.
In this instance, Steve Bannon becomes Crawford McNamara.
So as you can see, the entire book is talking about President Trump, President Trump's administration, and it talks about a plot to assassinate President Trump.
This is their fantasy, folks.
They literally fantasize about murdering President Trump, about assassinating President Trump so much they put it in their music videos, they hold up decapitated heads, they have plays in the New York Public Theater, and now they write books
Now, highlighted in this story, this is a work of incitement.
Given the current context of increasingly violent leftist conduct and rhetoric, to kill the president should be interpreted as a very dangerous and deliberately targeted flirtation with the idea of political assassination.
This is the left, this is liberals getting their thrills, getting their jollies, getting off about the possible assassination of President Trump, putting that into the mainstream media.
Now The Guardian, this is actually a writer for The Guardian, Jonathan Friedland, here's a story.
That he wrote in the past, Trump has no shame, that's what makes him dangerous.
And then Jonathan Friedland prints a story depicting the assassination of Trump.
He's the one that's shameless.
He's the one that's dangerous.
For all the U.S.
Constitution's great virtues, it's important, it's impotent against a man who respects no limits on his lust for power.
President Trump gives his paychecks away.
So he literally is working for free.
Friedland goes on, Donald Trump is giving America and the world a lesson in the value of shame and how dangerous is the man who feels none of it.
No, Jonathan Friedland, you are the man that has no shame.
Again, alleging that Trump breaks law in this story.
And then Mark Lawson from The Guardian did a review to kill the president by Sam Bourne.
Does fact trump fiction?
He's not named, but the leader of the free world looks uncannily familiar in this engaging and morally serious thriller that wrestles with the contemporary American politics.
No, this incites an assassination of the president!
That's what this does.
Imagine if someone had written a book depicting the first black president being assassinated.
Can you imagine the outrage of the left?
But now liberals write a book assassinating or depicting the assassinated of Trump and it falls silent on liberal critics and nobody says that this is wrong.
So you've got people within the White House trying to have a coup against the president.
You've got the deep state trying to have a coup against the president.
The Democrats trying to have a coup against the president.
Steve Scalise and others get shot.
You got Kathy Griffin holding up the decapitated Trump head, Snoop Dogg pretending to assassinate Trump in videos, the New York Public Theater pretending to assassinate Trump, and now liberal authors writing books about their ultimate fantasy, the ultimate liberal fantasy, the assassination of the President of the United States.
Donald Trump.
Now, because of the liberal rhetoric against the President Trump and against the right, we have seen assassination attempts take place, specifically against Republicans practicing baseball when Steve Scalise and others were shot.
Today, President Trump awarded the heroes who stopped more deaths or any death from happening that day.
Here's a clip from President Trump awarding the Medal of Honor to those who were heroes.
As we pay tribute
To real heroes whose courageous actions under fire saved so many lives in Alexandria, Virginia, just six weeks ago.
Matt Mica, Zachary Barth, and beloved Congressman and my friend Steve Scalise were each shot during an attack.
Others were injured trying to evade the incoming bullets, of which there were many.
Capitol Police, Special Agents, David Bailey, and Crystal Greiner raced through the bullets, and that's exactly what they did.
They raced.
Minutes later, members of the Alexandria Police Department arrived on the scene.
Officers Nicole Battaglia, Kevin Jobe,
And Alex Jensen joined the fight.
These officers saved the lives of every innocent person on the field that day.
They are American heroes, and we salute them.
Today, I'm deeply honored to present our nation's highest award for a public safety officer, the Medal of Valor to Special Agent Crystal Greiner,
Special Agent David Bailey and Alexandria Police Department officers Nicole Battaglia, Kevin Jobe, and Alex Jensen.
We have a duly elected president, folks, and we currently are in a state of a nation where people are rejecting this president and it's come to violence.
And it's so important what these officers and what happened that day
It didn't result in death because who knows what could have come if Steve Scalise would have died.
Who knows what could have come if anyone would have died that day, if anyone would have been assassinated.
And it was these officers that made sure that nobody died that day.
Just think about all of the rhetoric coming out of the left, insinuating violence, all of the rhetoric coming out against President Trump.
You know, Bernie Sanders saying that Republicans are a right-wing extremist party.
Democrats saying that the new health care bill is literally going to kill people.
Well, no, it's your rhetoric that's gotten people shot.
So it's very important why Trump gave the Medal of Valor to these officers, because he realizes if they don't save lives that day,
That who knows what sort of a larger conflict could have happened.
And it's very important that, again, we take a look at the situation that's being perpetuated by the left.
Authors writing books about the assassination of Trump.
New York Public Theater having plays depicting the assassination of Trump.
You know, Bernie Sanders and the people on the Hill ranting and raving about how bad Trump is.
He's a bigot.
He's a liar.
And then people go out and actually try to shoot Republicans
Well, who's at fault?
Who made the music video depicting Trump getting shot?
Who's telling you Trump is the bad guy?
And then nutbags go out and try to kill people.
And these officers may have helped stop a larger civil war that day.
They fully deserve the award they received.
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The highest concentration of selenium is in the thyroid gland, but it's actually used all over the body.
As a matter of fact, there's 25 genes in the body that are directly
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Telomeres are the little cups on the end of our chromosomes.
And when it runs out, you start dying?
We chose the PQQ because it has over 175 different clinical trials.
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Some call it the heartland.
Others call it America's breadbasket.
Progressives call it flyover America.
But those that live there call it home.
There's no place like Oklahoma.
As far as the worth ethic, you can't beat Oklahoma worth ethic.
The people are dedicated to the bone to make and do the best thing that they can.
I worked at a produce distribution company and I'm the HR safety director there and I've done HR and safety all my life.
At 67 years old, it's been a while.
Oh, okay.
I'm from California, born and raised in Sacramento, up in the valley.
It's kind of hot up there, but it's usually cool all year round.
My parents are from the Philippines, so actually my mom was visiting the U.S.
and I was accidentally born here, so here I am.
So, I lived in Sacramento most of my life.
I've lived in Oklahoma for five years now.
People here will stand by the door and keep it open for as long as 15 minutes until everybody gets through.
When you're, you know, walking into a store or any place, in California, you open the door, you shut it right back, and people just shut and open the door.
Nobody will stop and open doors for people, and that's just like a really, I don't, that's not exactly what Oklahoma is, but that's how I can explain it.
Like when the tornado happened in 2013, the big tornado that hit Moore, people stopped what they were doing to help
All those that didn't have a place to stay, people welcomed each other into their homes and they're just really nice people.
I never met so many people that were nice until I moved here.
And it's not saying Californians aren't nice, it's just that people are always in a rush out there.
People here aren't really in a rush.
It's gone downhill tremendously.
Companies have decided that due to the many regulations, especially those that were implemented through EPA, it created a lot of hardships.
It was going to put a lot of businesses out.
The state of Oklahoma has seen the biggest increase
Because with Obamacare, if we went over the 50, or 50 and above, then we would have to go to Obamacare.
And everything that we heard, even from our insurance people, and from friends and from relatives...
They were hit with high cost and now they're being hit with higher cost.
I have a friend that theirs has tripled.
And actually I'm scared to death for myself if I ever had to go on it.
I would not be able to get the care and I'm at an age that they would just, it's a way to, it's a glorified euthanasia program.
And so I'm thrilled to see that this is up and could be repealed.
And I'm very hopeful that Trump and the administration can do that.
That's why I voted for him.
By the way, I don't want to break this up because this is going good.
Where's Willie?
Where the hell is Willie?
I think he's absolutely the only man in the United States of America that could do this job.
Being a Trump supporter is like you're awake all the time and you you know what's going on and but at the same time
Even though you know what's going on, when you try to explain it to other people, like what Trump is about or what he's doing, it kind of upsets some people because they don't believe you.
I think CNN is among the worst.
And I don't mean to, maybe I shouldn't say those names.
Call them by that.
It's fake news.
That and, you know, MTV and then the commercials.
Even if you get on YouTube, all the ads are anti-Trump.
If you get on Twitter, it's all anti-Trump.
You pull up the newspapers or you look at MSN on your computer.
There is so much garbage out there that what I in turn have to do is Google and find out, is this going to be a true story or not?
So they've taken my reading learning time and magnified it because now I have to waste time to read something to find out if it's even good.
I mean, it could be something so subtle, but it kind of piles on in the back of your mind, like, oh yeah, just so you know, this is what's going on.
And I think when they paint that picture in a subtle way, all of a sudden you have this idea of, you know, what all Trump supporters are.
I bartend for a living.
I work at a local bar and grill right by the airport.
I'm going to school right now to pursue business.
I did nursing for a little bit and it just wasn't for me.
So, I'm going to continue business and hopefully open up my own business someday.
Hey guys!
We're going to be fishing a belly cleaner.
Let's get going.
Where'd she go?
She's right here!
How are you doing?
Hey, how's it going?
How's it going?
So, you guys live in Oklahoma?
What's it like living in Oklahoma?
I like it!
It's a good old boy's steak.
What's the best thing about it?
Is it the simple life?
Large town, small town atmosphere.
So are you guys InfoWars listeners?
Very cool.
Fox News, InfoWars.
In fact, I don't even listen to music on my truck anymore.
It's nothing but news.
So, who did you guys support this election?
And why?
Because he's the only one that is not a born-again politician for the 18th friggin' year.
And he's willing to try something new.
And he's willing to, he's at least trying to do what he said.
I mean, they're fighting him on it.
But at least he's trying to do what he said.
And, I mean, that right there is 100% better than any other person we've ever had.
It's about time to have a businessman instead of a politician.
Like a business.
I hope to see them reform the tax.
I heard that they're thinking about doing just a 16% straight tax, but just simplify the code because it's miserable right now.
Trust me, believe me, I know this.
And then, I mean, the wall is
It's not so much the wall I care about, it's just securing the borders.
If that's what he's got to do, secure it, but whatever.
Getting these gangs out of here is the next big thing.
And all this drugs and all this other crap that's coming into this place, you've got to get it gone.
And if you don't, I mean... And then if there's healthcare...
I don't understand how you can't have every Republican not on his side to get rid of it or to modify it in any way.
I have company insurance and so does he.
We're in the same place and what is it?
It's tripled ever since Obamacare went there and yet the insurance that we have is less.
I mean, it's freaking stupid.
It's almost cheaper just to pay for an injury out of your pocket than it is to pay for the insurance.
It's the most ridiculous thing I've ever seen in my life.
It's everything.
It's his ideas.
It's his love of the country.
It's the whole nine yards.
It's not just one certain thing.
In fact, he's not afraid to say what comes out of his mouth, which is a bad thing, but it's actually the best thing in the world.
It's the most unscripted, the most honest thing you've ever seen in your life.
And he says what he means, you know?
And then you ask him a question.
They did it during all the debates.
And then he would change his mind on something.
He'd simply say, you know what?
I thought about it.
Maybe we are to look into that, or we need to do this.
Well, I don't know what the answer is to that, but you can assure yourself that I'm going to hire the best person possible who does know the answer.
That's what any good leader does.
Not every leader knows the answer to every freaking question, except for if you're a politician or if you're Hillary Clinton.
Hillary Clinton, you know the answer to everything, and don't get nothing done.
I mean, that girl, ooh, we dodged a bullet.
We talked about this, didn't we, Barrett?
I'm all for anybody wanting to come.
Why would you not want to come to this country?
Why would you not want to come here and be safe?
But if you do come here, be here and enjoy it and like it and want to adapt yourself to it.
I don't care if you want to still, you know,
Represent your culture?
Heck, that's where you were born and that's your God-given right.
But if you come here, don't try to make me feel guilty for being here.
I mean, Jiminy Christmas!
I feel like people are so hopeful now.
There are already people traveling and pursuing work and sales just because they're taking the chance and they have that much hope and trump that they're out working again.
But yeah, that's just me.
That's what I do.
But it goes beyond being prepared.
Our bodies absolutely must have the good halogen iodine or we will die.
And you look at all of the thyroid problems and all the people that don't have energy and that have all sorts of hormone problems.
And from my research and a lot of just mainline research, it leads back to iodine over and over and over again.
It's as important as vitamin C.
If you don't get iodine, you die.
But most people are just deficient, so they're low energy, they're sick.
You've got to have iodine in your body so that your body can produce the hormones you need.
It is the base to so many things.
And since I got into iodine four years ago, we've helped change the entire paradigm by developing and bringing to the public deep earth crystals from 7,000 to 12,000 feet of the purest iodine available.
Other iodine comes from the ocean or from other byproducts of chemical facilities and is tainted.
It's bound.
It's not absorbable.
I tried it and I had incredible effects even with dirty iodine because the body needs it.
When you don't have iodine, it absorbs the chlorine, the fluoride, and all these other bad halogens.
Do yourself and your family a favor and check out The Importance of Iodine for yourself.
I think you're going to be blown away.
And whatever you do, support the broadcast and get a bottle of Survival Shield Nascent Iodine X2.
Also, consult your physician because if you've been deficient in it or have other issues, it can have some dramatic effects.
You've got to have vitamin C. You've got to have iodine to live.
You've got to have water to live.
Iodine is key.
You must have it.
But consult your physician first before you get powerful survival shield nascent iodine X2 at Infowarslife.com or call toll free.
We can answer your questions.
Debbie Wasserman Schultz, top IT aide, has been arrested this week while attempting to flee the country.
Imran Awan was arrested by FBI agents and arraigned on one count of bank fraud after he wired nearly $300,000 to Pakistan from a House office building in D.C.
The Daily Caller reports that this charge could be a potential placeholder for more serious coming charges.
Now, I want to take a moment to give kudos to Luke Rosiak over at The Daily Caller.
He's the investigative reporter who has really stayed on top of this story for many months now, and he's done a lot of great work.
I'm going to be referencing his investigative work within this report.
Now, Sunday it was reported by the Daily Caller that the FBI had joined the Capitol Police in this investigation, that they'd actually seized some smashed hard drives from Imran's home.
And now that the FBI has joined Capitol Police in this investigation, there's some speculation that foreign espionage might be a component.
Democratic members seem to be completely unfazed by this apparent security breach.
This is despite the trend in hacks against government entities and despite the fact that we have had to endure months and months and months of Russia hysteria with absolutely zero evidence.
Now that we might actually have some evidence that a foreign criminal syndicate was able to compromise Congress, it's crickets.
Nothing to see here, folks.
Move along.
We've done nothing wrong.
So this is causing a lot of speculation.
Are these members being blackmailed?
Are they being emailed?
Are they being paid off?
Now after Imran Awan was employed by Debbie Wasserman Schultz in 2005, several of his relatives also appeared on the payroll of other House Democrats.
As their email administrators, they would have had access to every email to and from dozens of members, including several members who would be on sensitive committees that deal with the nation's most sensitive issues and documents.
Those IT aides are now all criminal suspects in an investigation into a major security breach on the House of Representatives' computer networks.
So some of these serious violations include accessing members' computer networks without their knowledge and stealing equipment from Congress.
These aides were paid inflated salaries at three times the average rate for House IT staffers.
They were able to collect at least four million taxpayer-funded dollars since 2009.
And this is despite the fact that Democratic staffers tell the Daily Caller that these relatives were rarely seen at work.
They didn't show up, and they didn't call in to the weekly IT meetings.
They also reportedly ignored many calls for computer help.
Those went unanswered.
So they were basically ghost employees.
Despite that fact, more and more lawmakers added the Awans to the congressional payrolls each year.
The Daily Caller also reports that IT companies that offered to significantly undercut the Awan's pricing were also turned down.
They wanted to stick with this Awan family for whatever reason, including Kina Alvi.
She's also a criminal suspect.
That's Imran's wife.
Capitol Police confronted Alvi at the airport in March.
They found $12,000 in cash hidden in her suitcase, but they were unable to stop her and her children from boarding the flight to Pakistan.
So she's already gone.
She's already fled the country.
Now, the public records show that these brothers had massive debts, years of suspicious activity.
Rosiap reports that they actually owed money to a Hezbollah-connected fugitive.
And so these are all things that should have been a massive red flag to anyone conducting a background check when you're applying for a security-sensitive position.
If you owe a bunch of money to a Hezbollah-connected fugitive, for instance, you could be extorted, you could be pressured into selling off the sensitive information in exchange for cash.
So all of these should have been major red flags, yet they continued to be employed by other Democratic members of Congress.
Now, even though Imran was a known criminal suspect in a cybersecurity probe for months, Debbie Wasserman Schultz refused to fire him.
She just changed his role to advisor.
This means that although he was banned from the house networks, he still had access to the Capitol Complex.
And sources tell the Daily Caller that he's actually been seen there at the Capitol Complex since the ban.
This leads some people to believe, could he have been able to tamper with evidence in this case?
Now during this investigation into Imran, the Capitol Police seized a laptop that was tied to Wasserman Schultz.
And instead of praising them for stopping a potential cyber security breach, Debbie Wasserman Schultz actually threatened the Capitol Police with consequences if they did not return her laptop.
Now the laptop hasn't been returned, but investigators have reportedly been unable to examine the contents of the laptop due to the invocation of the Constitution's speech and debate clause.
So now a lawyer for Wasserman Schultz says that she is in negotiations with the Capitol Police over whether she's going to grant them access.
So there's no telling what those negotiations might look like, but I imagine they'll be quite similar to the negotiations that Hillary Clinton and her top aides were able to engage in, where they were able to destroy the evidence in exchange for testimony.
So no doubt Debbie Wasserman Schultz is going to do much like her ally Hillary Clinton and decide which emails are pertinent to the investigation and which are private.
And then she can go ahead and bleach bit her servers and destroy her laptop afterward.
So major obstruction of justice here.
I mean, isn't this crazy?
Let's not forget the DNC still hasn't even allowed the FBI to access their servers to determine if Russian hackers did indeed compromise the system, yet we have had to endure months and months and months of Russia hysteria due to those initial claims.
So here again, we are seeing Democrats with smashed hard drives and bleach bit, not allowing investigators to move forward
Yet nothing criminal is going on here.
There's nothing to see here.
All eyes on Donald Trump and his son and his aides who still have yet to find any evidence of collusion, any evidence that a foreign entity has compromised our government.
Interestingly, an attorney who is also a major Clinton ally has leapt to Imran's defense.
This is Chris Gowan.
He worked for both Hillary and Bill Clinton and the Clinton Foundation.
He alleges that Awan is a victim of Islamophobia and that his arrest is part of a right-wing media-driven prosecution by a United States Attorney's Office that wants to prosecute people for working while Muslim.
It's very interesting the ties here.
Chris Gowen, he's had to represent both Bill and Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation.
And Debbie Wasserman Schultz remains a close Clinton ally.
She was her co-chair of, co-campaign chair for her first failed run at the presidency in 2008.
She was forced to step down from the head of the DNC after emails revealed that it appeared she was attempting to rig the 2016 primary in favor of Hillary Clinton.
Oh, and of course, right after she stepped down, she immediately went to work for Hillary Clinton's 2016 campaign.
So it's not too difficult to see where Chris Gowen comes in and how he was able to so quickly come to Imran's defense.
So here we have just another huge story being ignored by the mainstream media.
Imagine if President Trump and his aides had allowed a foreign national to compromise congressional files or an
Protect their own.
And as we've seen, they have actually colluded with the Democrats to prop their agent up to the presidency.
When that failed, they've had to circle the wagons around demonizing President Trump and his administration.
It's a total witch hunt.
And we can see, the evidence is right in front of our face, we the people can see the type of stories that get ignored by the mainstream media.
And we're sick and tired of it.
In a land of timeless beauty, he was a man of peace.
The fake media tried to stop us from going to the White House, but I'm president and they're not.
But when they threatened his world and the woman he loved, he was driven to war.
I don't like them putting chemicals in the water!
They turn the friggin' frogs gay!
That's it for tonight's news.
Thank you for joining us.
Join us again tomorrow night at 7 central, 8 p.m.
Eastern for the InfoWars Nightly News.
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