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Name: 20170725_Tue_NightlyNews
Air Date: July 25, 2017
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Welcome to the InfoWars Nightly News.
I'm David Knight.
It's Tuesday, July 25th, 2017.
Here are our top stories.
Rumor has it that Jeff Sessions is on his way out as President Trump meets with his advisors about firing the Attorney General.
And that means someone is about to get a new job.
Will Trump pick an anti-establishment replacement or will he go back to the swamp?
Then, Pastor Rodney Howard Brown wants you to pray for the president after a meeting with a senior Republican congressman who told him of a plot to remove Trump suddenly from office.
They are planning.
The talk on the Hill is the plan that suddenly he'll be removed.
All that plus sperm counts plunged by 60% as modern-day living in America damages men's health.
That's up next on the Info Wars Nightly News!
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President Trump has made no secret about the fact that he's very angry with Attorney General Sessions.
We expect to see either a firing or resignation pretty soon and we're going to have Roger Stone joining us in the next segment talking about who he believes will replace him.
You're not going to like the name, I guarantee it, but stay tuned.
We'll have that replay from today's radio broadcast as well as Roger Stone believes that we're going to have a replacement in the White House Chief of Staff as well with Reince Priebus.
Out there.
But let's take a look at what's going on here with the Attorney General.
Why is Donald Trump angry with him?
Well of course he's not going after the criminals in the intelligence community and the Democrat Party who colluded to try to rig the election and who are colluding to try to have a coup against Donald Trump.
But there's also other reasons to be angry against Senator, well, Attorney General Sessions now.
And that is his obsession with the war on drugs.
But let's take a look first at what's going on.
Because this story that was at the top of the Drudge Report from McClatchy, that Trump messes with Sessions and the Senate Republicans are not pleased.
I think this gets to the very heart of the issue.
Trump is getting a bitter Washington lesson, says the McClatchy paper.
You don't pick a fight with one of the Senate's guys.
Yeah, that's right.
None of these guys, no matter what they do, can be taken out of office.
Just as we saw Comey give Hillary Clinton a pass, they give each other a pass, but not you.
Don't you try this at home.
Remember Comey saying that?
Well now Comey gets a pass, Hillary Clinton gets a pass, all these people get a pass even though we've had the FISA court tell us that the NSA, the FBI violated the law.
That's not the Washington Post, that's not some anonymous source, that's not my opinion, it's not Roger Stone's opinion, it's not Sean Hannity or Alex Jones or anybody who's conservative or libertarian or Trump supporter.
That's the opinion of the FISA court.
Who looked at this and said they broke the law.
Prosecute that!
But Sessions spent, as they point out, 20 years in the Senate.
He won a reputation for affability, for party loyalty.
He understood and doggedly practiced the code of what's been called the world's most exclusive club.
And you ain't in it, folks.
You can disagree without being disagreeable.
You protect the institution and its members.
There you go.
They say Trump clearly doesn't play by these rules.
Well, let's hope that he doesn't.
Let's hope that he gets somebody who doesn't continue to play by these rules as well.
You know, we have rules.
There's rules on all of us.
Just as Comey said, don't you break those rules, we'll send you to jail.
And we saw it with the
Low level non-intention.
He didn't have any intention to violate security.
The guy who took pictures on the sub, those are immediately classified as confidential.
The lowest level of classified documents and yet he went to jail.
But not Hillary Clinton.
Exposing stuff that's above top secret.
Yeah, we have rules, but those rules don't apply to the people who are in the special club.
The FBI, Comey, Hillary, the NSA, all those people.
So we have sources, Trump is speaking to advisers about Sessions, so he's talking about who he might replace him with, what kind of fallout it's going to be.
There's a lot of shakeup going on at the White House, and so as I said, Roger Stone is going to be coming up in the next segment.
But a key part of this is Attorney General Sessions' war on the Constitution.
I don't say the war on drugs, because the war on drugs really is, folks, a war on the Constitution.
It is a war on your private property rights.
And when we see the obsession that Jeff Sessions has with this, ramping up civil asset forfeiture, ramping up
The war on drugs, going after marijuana.
What he is doing is he's closing down the right of the states to have these laws.
We've had the majority of states now
Make marijuana legal for medical uses as well as for recreational uses.
We've had the majority of states come out and say the civil asset forfeiture laws are abusive.
They're abusive of our due process.
People are not found guilty.
They're not even accused of a crime and yet their property is taken.
Massive amounts.
And that's being used to fund law enforcement.
We're turning our law enforcement people into criminals, into crooks, and he is part of it.
The highest ranking law enforcement officer is trying to expand that, coming up with a plan to do an end run around the reforms that were put in at the state level.
So, you look at the Fourth Amendment, the Fifth Amendment, the Sixth Amendment, the Ninth Amendment, the Tenth Amendment, all these different amendments that are violated by the War on Drugs, which comes from the United Nations.
There is no authority in the Constitution given to the federal government to prohibit anything.
That's why there were constitutional amendments to prohibit alcohol.
They had the Commerce Clause, but they needed a constitutional amendment to do this.
So this is his obsession.
And I want to give you an example of what this looks like, how it is corrupting law enforcement.
This is coming out of Baltimore, and this is coming from the New American.
This is a John Birch Society, the most conservative people in the country.
They understand that the war on drugs is not working after 47 years.
They understand that.
And they understand the violation and the corruption that is being bred by this illegal war on drugs that came to us from the UN.
Here's an example.
A drug case in Baltimore illustrates both the value of police body cameras and how far some bad cops are willing to go to make an arrest.
And I would add, how it turns cops into bad cops.
This video is from January.
And it shows a police officer planting drugs in a trash pile near a house in Baltimore before he and two other officers, shown in the video, walked back to the street.
They then activate their body camera, apparently not realizing that it runs in a continual loop.
And it captures video, not just audio, of the 30 seconds before the camera is activated.
So he plants the drugs and he turns on the camera because now he's going to discover the drugs.
Problem is that the thing backs up to 30 seconds earlier.
He doesn't think about that.
And so what we see is him planting the drugs and he comes back and he starts his acting.
He says, well I'm going to go back there and check.
And the two other officers who are in this with him go back to the street.
After they have watched him plant the drugs, they wait on the sidewalk.
Then he goes back and he does a, well looky here, what have we got here?
And what they found was drugs that he planted.
And then they arrested some people.
One of them has been in jail since January because they put him up for $50,000 bail and he doesn't have the money.
So he's been held in jail since January because he can't raise the $50,000.
So, as I point out, there's a problem with at least three of the officers.
There's a lot more than that in the Baltimore Police Department, and it's more than just the Baltimore Police Department folks.
This is corruption coming from Washington, D.C.
The war on drugs is a cancer on our society.
On our Constitution.
On law enforcement.
On our legal system.
On our property rights.
But they point out that it was a prosecutor's office.
There are some good people left.
And I've talked many times to law enforcement against prosecution.
Many of them former prosecutors who believe that they were doing a good thing.
Trying to help people get off of drugs.
Then they realized how it had corrupted people.
How it had not helped anyone whatsoever.
It was a prosecutor's office that brought the video to the attention of the public defender's office.
A public defender
We're good to go.
And so they were working with him for a plea and they were surprised when the prosecutor came back and said, you know what?
I'm not going to accept your plea offer.
I'm not even willing to pursue this.
We should not be willing to pursue the war on drugs.
The whole thing is a setup.
The whole thing came from the United Nations.
It was Richard Nixon who enacted the entire schedule of the four different classes of drugs and put them in the exact categories.
It was a UN agenda from 1961.
He enacted it in 1971.
Let's talk about some other drugs that are here.
Drugs that are killing us, that are killing the West.
You know, I talked a few days ago.
About the U.N., another U.N.
We've got the U.N.
Agenda 21.
We've got U.N.
Agenda 2030 for sustainability, etc., etc.
And we have the U.N.
agenda to replace the people of the West, to replace Western civilization, our system of laws, our culture, our people.
They justified it by saying that the birth rates were falling across the West and that the population was dying out.
So we needed to bring in millions of people from the third world so they could provide us with Social Security.
Yeah, right.
That's their objective.
No, it's not.
And let's talk about what's really causing this, because we had a study today talking about how sperm counts have plunged 60% in 40 years.
I'll get to that article in a minute, but here's how this thing starts to roll.
From Infowars.com today, the EPA has quietly approved Monsanto's genetic engineering technology.
It's called regulatory capture, folks.
They recently and quietly approved Monsanto's new genetic engineering technology.
Don't tell anybody.
They don't have public hearings.
They skip all of this stuff so the EPA can run this through.
This is an insecticide that is not sprayed on the crops.
They manufacture this in the DNA of the crop itself.
The plant's self-made genetically tampered stuff disrupts a crucial gene in the Western corn rootworms.
So, to give you an idea of what's happening here, this is not
A pesticide that they're putting on it.
This is not a pesticide that they're putting in it.
They're genetically modifying the corn so that it will then in turn genetically modify the bugs that it wants to kill.
Now what could possibly go wrong with that, right?
If you're going to start putting substances in there that create genetic modifications in the insects that you're trying to kill, what do you think it's going to do to the humans that eat this?
You think it might cause genetic modifications in us?
Yeah, quite possibly.
But let's not have hearings about it.
Let's rush that through very quickly and quietly so nobody pays any attention.
And then what is the bottom line on all this?
Well, a study today that came out, reported by the UK Independent, and this is a very large study, they say sperm counts in the West, as I just pointed out, have plunged by 60%.
In 40 years.
And they say, as modern life damages men's health.
And what's the first thing they say?
Or hormone-disrupting chemicals.
Or maybe genetic-disrupting substances that they put in your food supply.
Diet, stress, smoking, all these other things.
You know, we've been told for so long that the declining birth rates in the West were a result of affluence.
They're a result of us being preoccupied with our careers.
Delaying our child-rearing years and so forth.
They were social choices.
No, the physical changes that they have put in.
That's the predominant cause.
That's why Alex has been so...
Energized to sell products to let you protect your health.
He knows where this is coming from.
Let's talk about what's going on.
The sperm counts that have dropped are just the tip of the iceberg, folks.
It has damaged men's health in a variety of ways.
The same trend, however, was not seen in the parts of the world where the UN has already planned to bring people in.
South Africa, South America, Africa and Asia.
One expert commenting on the study said it was the most comprehensive to date.
And he described the figures as, quote, shocking and a wake-up call for urgent research into the reasons driving the fall.
They pretend they don't know what it is, okay?
We very well know what this is.
The public health implications, they say, however, are even wider.
Recent studies have shown that poor sperm count is also associated with overall morbidity and mortality in men.
So do you understand, even if you don't want to have children,
You're going to be sicker.
You're going to die earlier, men.
Because there's a war on men.
There's a war on the West.
It is not just a social war.
It's not just the social justice warriors.
It's Monsanto and the EPA that covers for them.
They're coming for your health.
They're coming to reduce the number of men, to reduce the West.
It is a great people replacement program.
Yet again, we see what's happening with this.
Now coming up also later in the program we had an interview today with Lee Stranahan and he points out here's the article from Infowars.com where we've embedded his article as well as the interview.
The title is Democrats colluded with known terrorists to subvert the 2016 election and he breaks it down.
This is very carefully researched.
He said the DNC operative at the center of the Ukraine election interference was working with Democrats and this guy was a convicted bomber and of course he was doing it before and after the election.
Now, something is brewing in the White House, and it's not just what's happening with Attorney General Sessions and the Russian stuff.
That's part of it.
But there's something that is very dangerous that's coming.
As Donald Trump has been working privately with officials from the UK preparing for a post-Brexit trade deal, they're talking about how this could be very big.
It could be $50 billion a year in just a few years.
And what's interesting about this is that
The UK would not have been able to have these kinds of trade talks with the United States if they were still in the European Union.
The European Union will not allow member states to have that kind of authority over their own affairs.
And so Donald Trump praised this work, he said that the EU is protectionist, he said this is going to be very big, a lot of jobs, yes it will be, 50 billion dollars and that's coming down the pike.
But let's take a look at what else is coming down the pike.
We have Congress has now reached a deal on sweeping sanctions against Russia.
Yes, this insanity that is coming after Donald Trump, that is threatening a worldwide war being used as possibly as a coup against Donald Trump, it is going to turn into a worldwide trade war.
Let me tell you how that's going to happen.
This is being pushed by the Democrats.
Representative Steny Hoyer, Democrat of Maryland, said the deal will allow for sweeping sanctions against Russia.
And here's some bones that they throw to the GOP.
Sanctions against North Korea and Iran too.
So they come to the Republicans and say, you don't like North Korea and Iran, we want to pretend that the Russians are our greatest threat to us, so let's have, we'll all agree that we'll have sanctions with both of them.
And so the Republicans join into it.
Now the problem is,
The White House is signaling that they're going to accept this.
And this is a big problem.
Because as Reuter points out, the House sanctions are going to limit Trump's power.
They're going to tie his hands in terms of being able to remove these sanctions, which are typically the prerogative of the President.
And the EU is very upset about this.
I said it was going to be a worldwide trade war.
Well the EU is saying that they are prepared to retaliate against Russian sanctions being prepared by the US Congress.
A memo that was an internal memo that has been seen by some in the media say that the EU should act quote within days if the new sanctions US plans to impose on Russia prove to be damaging to Europe's trade ties with Moscow.
What are they buying from Moscow that's so important?
They're buying their natural gas, the pipeline.
And so these European countries are furious.
They're saying the fear is that American policy would restrict the behavior of European countries and impact energy policy within the EU.
They say Europe's energy supply is our concern and we should control it.
And this gets to the key of what's happening with Syria.
There are different factions who want to supply that gas.
Competing factions.
And that is a part of why they want regime change.
And this could trigger a worldwide trade war if Donald Trump is foolish enough to allow them to tie his hands and paint him in a corner.
We'll be right back.
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I'm Roger Stone, and I'm with you for a special exclusive report here on InfoWars.
Very important to understand what's happening in Washington regarding both Attorney General Sessions, possible shakeup at the White House, and what is clearly a decision by President Trump to turn the tables and go on offense.
It's important to understand before we get into the sessions matter that the FISA court declaration at the end of last year nails President Barack Obama and his entire front line on the intel community for the illegal, unconstitutional, willful surveillance of tens of thousands of Americans for specifically political reasons.
Coupling that with the massive scandals at the Clinton Foundation, Donald Trump has two major leverage points on his opponents.
He can, never mind the Russian collusion delusion, turn the table on his tormentors.
And his disappointment in Jeff Sessions is based on Sessions' either inability or unwillingness to do either.
Now comes word from my sources that the president has decided to replace Mr. Sessions, but the leading candidate for that position, at least as of this moment, is CIA Director Richard Pompeo.
This is troubling for a number of reasons.
First of all, Pompeo, who was a supporter of Julian Assange and WikiLeaks during the election, has become a captive of the mandarins at the CIA.
Only a month ago, repeating the canard that there was some proof that WikiLeaks and Assange are cutouts for the Russians.
This is false.
And then there is even more troubling, Pompeo's speech to the Aspen Institute, widely praised by John Brennan, the CIA director under Barack Obama, in which he parroted, once again, the anti-Russian line.
In view of the incredible progress the President is making on Syria by engaging a dialogue with the Russians,
The appointment of a deep stater like Pompeo at Justice would seem to preclude the prosecutions of the Obama intelligence community, including, of course, the CIA.
You heard it all first here at InfoWars.
Additionally, there is much speculation after the firing
First of all, the President deserves kudos, in my opinion, for the appointment of Sarah Huckabee Sanders as his Chief Spokeswoman and the White House Press Secretary.
This is a strong appointment.
She's been doing a much better job defending the President and speaking on his behalf than Spicer, and in my view, she well deserves the job.
So congratulations to Sarah Huckabee Sanders.
In the meantime, however, it appears that there is a three-way decision that the President has before him regarding the White House Chief of Staff.
On this list are David Urban, a decorated veteran, a former chief of staff on Capitol Hill, the U.S.
Senator Arlen Specter.
But nonetheless, a hardline Trump loyalist who ran the nuts and bolts campaign on the ground in Pennsylvania.
Someone the president knows well and someone who has both administrative skills
And political skills.
Urban was the administrative assistant to perhaps the meanest, toughest, smartest, and most difficult member of the U.S.
Senate, Arlen Specter.
This does not in any way reflect the politics of Urban himself, who is a solid Trumpite from the beginning, and in my view, responsible for the historical win in Pennsylvania.
Also, unbelievably, in the running is Dina Habib Howell.
She is a former member of the George W. Bush White House staff, a certified globalist, her best friends Valerie Jarrett, also Huma Abedin, and then, of course, Condi Rice.
She was very successful in squeezing Rick Grenell, another key Trump supporter, out of the position of NATO ambassador, delivering that to former Texas Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison, a certified Trump hater, a never-Trumper, who had nothing good to say about candidate Trump during the election.
And then also, a wild card, and you'll be hearing this first at InfoWars, General John Kelly, currently the head of Homeland Security, is also in contention for the position of White House Chief of Staff.
Researching Kelly, the first thing that pops up is his status as an unreconstructed drug warrior.
Someone who agrees with Jeff Sessions on the question of re-firing up the failed, expensive, and I think proven disaster that was the war on drugs first initiated by my mentor, Richard Nixon.
It is hard to determine
With Kelly's military background, whether he is in fact a globalist, and we're researching that.
But in the meantime, it's very important that the president understand that his next administrative assistant, his next chief of staff, pardon me, should be someone with both administrative skills, but also political skills.
General Kelly, without any question, has administrative skills, but that does not speak to his understanding of the core Trump constituency that won the election and is sustaining the president now as he tries to govern in the face of a mainstream media onslaught that is unrelenting.
So there you have it.
Urban, Habib Powell, or General John Kelly.
This is, again, an InfoWars exclusive.
We are also, I think, able to say that Anthony Scaramucci has already brought a breath of fresh air as the White House Communications Director.
The leakers are now recoiling and trying to hide.
Scaramucci made it very clear that he would root out and fire those who continue to leak to the President's detriment.
But what of the leaking going on in the intelligence community?
Only last week, yet again, the intelligence community leaked a document that showed Russian Ambassador Kislyak
Telling his superiors that when he met with Jeff Sessions they did discuss the presidential campaign.
This is contrary to what Sessions has said publicly and under oath.
And frankly, I think it is the last straw for Mr. Sessions.
Unfortunately, the Attorney General's made several mistakes.
One is his failure to prosecute Obama, Ben Rhodes, Susan Rice, Valerie Jarrett, Admiral Rogers, and yes, John Brennan, for the willful, unconstitutional surveillance of tens of thousands of Americans, and then the use of that surveillance information for political purposes.
Ten times worse than anything that happened during Watergate.
And then there is Jeff Sessions' comments in Nevada only two weeks ago, where he commented on the Bundy case currently going to trial in a Nevada courtroom, thus tainting the jury and potentially creating a motion for mistrial.
Some of you may remember when President Richard Nixon, in the middle of Charles Manson's trial for mass murder, said, Manson is guilty, we know it.
And the liberals in the media went insane.
Why is this different?
How could Attorney General Sessions, an officer of the court, not understand that the comments praising the prosecution for the pursuit of the Bundys taints that trial and is completely and totally inappropriate?
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Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm David Knight with Owen Schroeder.
We're going to be joined now by Lee Stranahan.
He's going to break down a story that he's been covering for months that is just now getting traction.
Let me tell you how.
Today we had Reuters saying Trump, without evidence, cites Ukraine ties to ex-rival Clinton.
Without evidence?
There's no evidence?
Well, there is a lot of evidence.
The mainstream media doesn't want to talk about it.
Reuters doesn't want to talk about it.
Lee Stranahan has been covering this story for months.
And let's go back a couple of weeks, back to July 13th.
We had The Atlantic doing a story, the What About Ukraine defense of Trump Jr.'
's Russia meeting.
And they said, before welcoming Donald Trump Jr.
onto a show on Tuesday, Sean Hannity boiled down his defense of the president's son to one word, Ukraine.
So, after Sean Hannity got onto it, it started to get traction.
We've got Donald Trump talking about it, he came on the show, he's talked about it, now they're pushing back saying there is no evidence.
But going back to January, we had Politico break down a very long expose of this, saying the Ukrainian efforts to sabotage Trump backfire.
They say Kiev officials are scrambling to make amends with the President-elect after quietly working to boost Clinton.
This is the open secret that nobody wants to talk about, that Reuters does not want to talk about.
But I wanted to get the guy on today that's been talking about it for quite some time, Lee Stranahan.
Lee's been a contributing editor and reporter for two of the top news sites in the world, the liberal Huffington Post and conservative Breitbart News.
Well, let's take this to a 50,000 foot level for a second because I really want people to understand why this story is so significant.
In fact, I'm going to argue, David, that this is the most important story in the world right now.
It is the most important buried story in the world.
It is the story of the DNC's collusion with the government of Ukraine.
And the reason I say that, David, is that
If you looked at the media in the past six months, you'd think the biggest story was Trump-Russia, right?
If you consumed establishment media, you'd believe that's the biggest story, right?
But as you point out on InfoWars all the time, there's so much of that story doesn't make sense, it's fake.
So, the reason I say the Ukraine story is significant is Alexander Chalupa is the person who started the Trump-Russia narrative.
She is a significant force behind it.
In fact, the investigative reporter Michael Isikoff from now at Yahoo, but he's covered a lot of major stories.
He called, if you just Google Yahoo 2016 election Alexander Chalupa, you'll find an article he wrote calling Alexander Chalupa, who we're going to make a household name, Alexander Chalupa, you're on notice, you're going to be a household name.
He called her one of the most significant people in the 2016 election back in October.
That's what he said.
She was working closely with Isikoff.
Her sister, Andrea Chalupa,
Said in two separate tweets that Alexandra Chalupa was behind the Trump-Russia narrative.
She was the main researcher for the DNC.
Very important.
You gotta remember, Alexandra Chalupa...
She worked in the Clinton White House.
She goes back to the Bill Clinton era.
She's been a D.N.C.
operative since 2004.
She was working directly for the D.N.C., and as we're going to point out, the D.N.C.
was using Chalupa.
This is what they're doing.
So let me... Reuters, when they say, for instance, there's no connection to Clinton,
That's because Chalupa's a cutout.
In other words, I believe it's very clear, and I've had a source directly tell me who's been involved in this, that they believe this as well.
The DNC wants to keep one level of separation from Chalupa.
Chalupa was funding operations through a guy named Brett Kimberlin.
Brett Kimberlin's a convicted serial bomber, who I've written about for years as well.
And again, no conjecture on this.
She's worked directly with this guy.
So what the DNC's doing, David, this is Watergate stuff.
The cover-up is worse than the crime.
So let's just go over the cast of characters again here because it's significant.
There's a DNC operative named Alexandra Chalupa.
She was involved with the Ukraine, right?
And by the way, you can look this up in a WikiLeaks email, Ali Chalupa.
She sent an email to the DNC.
It's completely proven.
Ali Chalupa worked in the Clinton administration.
Second person you need to know about is Brett Kimberlin.
Brett Kimberlin's a convicted serial bomber.
In the 80s, he set off a series of bombs around Indianapolis, Indiana.
He spent 17 years in prison, right?
But he gets out of prison and becomes a liberal activist.
That's what Brett Kimberlin does, okay?
He was the money guy here.
In other words, this foreign national was contacted after the election by someone with the Democrat Party.
Then, they were put in touch with Alexander Chalupa.
Then they said, we want to bring you over to Washington.
The money
Came from Brett Kimberlin.
Brett Kimberlin appears to be the bag man for this operation.
In other words, the DNC is not going to write a check.
Does that make sense?
Right, right.
They kept one level of separation by using Alexandra Chalupa, who by this time was no longer officially working for the DNC.
She introduced this foreign national
To Brett Kimberlin.
Brett Kimberlin paid for the trip over.
Where did Brett Kimberlin get the money?
Well, that's what an investigation is going to need to find out, right?
They're not going to say.
But this is significant.
They brought the foreign national over.
Well, how does this tie into the Democrats?
Maybe Kimberlin was acting on his own.
Maybe Chalup was acting on her own.
Because this foreign national was brought over to talk to people on Capitol Hill, and he did.
Now, here's the thing, David.
I'm just asking.
You're a well-connected journalist.
If you wanted to get someone from a foreign country to come over to talk to people on Capitol Hill, could you set up meetings?
Because I couldn't.
That's right.
See what I'm saying?
That's right.
I mean, that's very suspicious, the fact that this guy who's got a long criminal record would pay to bring over a foreign national who then he shops around to the highest levels of people on Capitol Hill in Washington.
Now then, months later, this foreign national was involved again with Alexander Chalupa and Brett Kimberlin in a scheme to take down Donald Trump with documents that turned out to be false.
And at that point, and this has been reported by BuzzFeed,
No right-wing source.
BuzzFeed reported on this, and then it was followed up on by the great Chuck Ross at Daily Caller.
Brett Kimberlin, again, paid three times for this foreign national, Jonathan Schwartz, who used to be with the ANC, by the way, in South Africa.
So, back to that.
Heavily communist, yeah.
No, he was.
He was the militant wing of the ANC.
Brett Kimberlin paid three times for him to fly from Israel to Rome to look at these documents.
They got these documents.
They paid $9,000 to get these documents.
And the documents turned out to be false.
BuzzFeed did a story about this.
But they didn't mention Alexander Chalupa's name.
Chuck Ross is the one who followed up on that.
So I'm going to name two countries, Syria and Ukraine, that the U.S.
has been involved in.
Now, the media has hidden what's happened in Syria and the Ukraine.
Now, the reason I mention this is let's talk about who was on the side.
Now, the other side is Russia.
In other words, if you demonize Russia,
You can bury the truth about Syria and the truth about Ukraine.
Does that make sense?
Now, who was behind the burying of that?
Hillary Clinton?
John McCain, who spoke in the Ukraine and has been one of the most vocal advocates for the rebels.
We know that the CIA was involved in the Ukraine and Syria.
We know that they were training people, right?
I'm just keeping this simple.
And we know that George Soros was also heavily involved.
First off, he's one of Hillary Clinton's top donors, but he also spent $100 million in the Ukraine and helped push for things like the Arab Spring.
You with me so far?
Now, what we also know is that the media did not inform the public about what was actually happening in Syria.
I went to Lebanon myself in 2013 and got the truth.
Ukraine, they didn't tell people.
It's like, oh, Russia's the next.
This place and it's horrible, right?
And I want you to notice who's behind the Trump-Russia narrative.
Hillary Clinton, John McCain, the CIA.
How many CIA leaks have we seen to the Washington Post?
The Washington Post has got a six owned by Jeff Bezos from Amazon.
Amazon's got a $600 million contract with the CIA.
Anybody can look that up.
I don't want to shock the InfoWars audience, but you'd almost think, as a provable case, that establishment Republicans and Democrats, in collusion with the media and the deep state, are trying to fool the American public.
You'd almost, I don't know, like I said, I don't want to freak people out.
If you're an InfoWars audience member, you're going...
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John Christopher Collins from The Truth War joins us now, and before we get started, I know you're in college, and I want you to tell me how you plan on going through four years of college without coming out a total social justice warrior by the time you're done.
Right, right.
Well, first, thank you for having me.
It's a pleasure to be here.
You know, really what it comes down to is this.
College is meant to be a place where there's a war room of ideas, and different ideas are shared.
Well, you sound like traditional college.
It's not like that anymore.
Today it's not like that anymore.
Today it is about molding the mind, having everybody think a specific way.
Thankfully, my college is a Christian college, but today that doesn't necessarily mean anything, as you know.
And I have found many modern-day liberals, because they're not real liberals, I have found modern-day liberals at my school
And, I mean, we've heard everything from, you know, white privilege talks to, I mean, you name it.
And I think it's time that even we as Christians, because there are a lot of Christians that are not politically active, need to get involved and need to speak out.
And it's not even the colleges anymore.
We're seeing the traditional, the public schools, you know, through kindergarten all the way up to grade school to high school.
And basically there is a liberal agenda or a liberal mindset.
Let's face it, most teachers are liberal-leaning, if you will.
So a lot of these kids, they're going into college and they're basically having all their biases reassured to them.
Or, you know, as soon as they go into like
This is exactly what I was taught in high school, now they're teaching the same thing in college.
But Christian, you're saying it happens at Christian universities too?
I would say so.
And you know, a lot of Christians, as I said, have this delusion that God doesn't care about politics, that we shouldn't be involved.
And I'd say when you awake to the New World Order, that could be nothing further from the truth, really.
Well, when I was on your radio show a couple months ago, we talked about how the establishment left.
I'd like to point out the establishment right as well.
They're always blaming the establishment left, but it's the establishment, you know, as a whole.
They are attempting a soft coup to overthrow Donald Trump.
We said that a few months ago, Infowars has been saying this all along, and now the iconic conservative figures, you're starting to hear them say the same thing.
We've got Sean Hannity talking about it, Lou Dobbs mentioned it recently, Newt Gingrich.
All right, so here in America, we're at a turning point tonight with forces now forming an alliance to try and remove President Trump from office.
It's that serious.
This is not a diversionary tactic.
This stuff is real here.
This coup, this silent coup that is taking place is real.
A soft coup is underway right here in the United States of America in an attempt to overturn November's election results and forcibly remove a duly elected president from office.
Sinister forces quickly aligning in what is becoming now, in my mind, a clear and present danger.
I got to go into the Congress and spend three hours from 9.30 in the evening to 12.30 a.m.
with one of the senior ranking members of Congress.
And he told me, and of course this is what I said on CBN but they cut it out, but I'm going to go public with this because we have to.
He said, there is a plot on Capitol Hill to take the President out.
I said, you mean by impeachment or by indictment?
He said, no, to take him out.
This is an effort to subvert the administration of President Donald Trump.
It is nothing less.
It is an effort by the deep state to roll over a duly elected president and a legitimate government and to break the will of the American people.
Government bureaucrats, particularly within the intelligence community, have launched a soft coup aimed at the Trump administration.
You can read between the lines.
I said, look, I said that's not going to happen.
He said, he said, well really there's nothing we can do to stop it.
I said, we are going to stop it because we're going to mobilize the body of Christ.
And the best description of it is by Barry Kasselman in his blog where he said this is a coup d'etat.
He said 14 million citizens in private ballots picked Donald Trump.
20 TV executives have decided to destroy him.
This is no longer about Republicans and Democrats, conservatives and liberals.
This is about a full-on assault
By the left, the Democratic Party, to absolutely carry out a coup d'etat against President Trump.
So do you think that everybody's starting to get the picture that we're in clear and present danger of a soft coup to undermine our election and they're going to figure out a way to take out the President?
You know, it's interesting, one of my favorite things from Sean Hannity lately, it was right before the inauguration, and he said, all the conspiracy researchers talking about the UN, all these guys, they were right.
And I think that's what we're starting to see, and even Tucker Carlson, who's maybe not as explicit, I think even he has an inkling of what's going on.
Well, and I think we could take this, when you take a look at how the Republicans refuse to repeal Obamacare, for example.
That's bad news for the country.
However, if you look at the bright side, it's actually good news in a lot of ways because it really illustrates to the American people that this really is a false left versus right paradigm.
Now they're starting to figure it out.
Okay, establishment is establishment.
Doesn't matter if the Republicans or Democrats.
Right, right.
And I think that's the point.
We've gotten so caught up in left-right thinking that the right is always right.
That's not necessarily the truth.
And it's all about being a patriot.
The Founding Fathers had an understanding that, yeah, while we may disagree on things, we're in this for the good of the country.
And politicians today, most at least, don't have that view.
Well, it's just like Obama with NDAA.
I mean, going in with no just knowledge of anything and arrest anybody you want.
And I think when we bring churches into that same situation, that's when it's going to get dangerous.
Pay off pastors to spew out propaganda.
I think that's very scary.
Well, according to this guy, he was saying that it's not going to be impeachment, that they feel that they're just going to walk in and handcuff the president.
I really don't see that happening.
Regardless, if there is an impeachment, I think we are looking at potential civil war, and the best part of this video with this guy, this evangelical, is he basically said it's time to pray for the president right now, and I think you can get full on board with that.
I can tell you the games that are being played, how they're actually trying to set the president up.
In every way.
So, but when he told me what he said, that they are planning the talk on the Hill is the plan that suddenly he'll be removed.
Of course, this is what I said on CBN, but they cut it out.
But I'm going to go public with this because we have to.
He said, there is a plot on Capitol Hill.
To take the president out.
I said, you mean by impeachment or by indictment?
He said, no, to take him out.
He will be removed suddenly from office.
Well, you can read between the lines.
I said, look, I said, that's not going to happen.
He said, he said, well, really, there's nothing we can do to stop it.
I said, we are going to stop it because we're going to mobilize the body of Christ to pray.
So listen, they started a war.
You know, they are so upset about what's happening, because when since when last has the Body of Christ had access into the White House?
It wasn't that way under Reagan.
They might come and go a little bit.
It wasn't that way under Clinton.
It wasn't that way under both Bushes.
And it definitely wasn't that way under Obama.
But we have a President that's opened the door for the Body of Christ.
And that is huge!
It's time to pray, ladies and gentlemen, because the establishment definitely wants to take out the president.
And we said earlier, it's not just Republicans and Democrats, it's the entire establishment who wants to take him out.
John Christopher Collins, tell us how we can find you on the internet.
Well, if you go to TheTruthWar.net, that's my official website.
You can find all the goodies over there.
YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Google+.
It's still in its early stages.
I've got a web developer working on a lot of that, but you can find free videos, articles, and then I've got a paid membership.
You can do $5 monthly or $50 per year and help me out.
And then, of course, there's donations.
But, hey, the point is we're all in this together and we're trying to get the truth out.
So it's not about me.
It's about the truth.
That's right.
And we're all in this together.
And folks, check out his website and watch his blog.
Very, very bright young man.
I've been on his show and I'm definitely going to go back and do it again.
And we're going to have you back on the show via Skype all that in the near future.
Thank you.
Thanks for coming out.
All right, we're going to cut this segment short because I understand we have an urgent phone call right now from Admiral Akbar of the Rebel Alliance.
Admiral, thanks for joining us.
You know, we were just talking about the internet kill switch.
And Barack Obama, you know, he just said that he thinks we should hand power of the internet over to the federal government.
I think that sounds like a scary thought.
And Obama says it will be used fairly and distributed equally.
What do you say to that?
It's a trap!
What happened?
Did we just... Did we lose him?
That's it for tonight's news.
Thank you for joining us.
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