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Name: 20170721_Fri_Alex
Air Date: July 21, 2017
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In this segment, Alex Jones discusses recent events such as Trump's appointment of Anthony Scaramucci, ongoing investigations into Russian interference in the 2016 U.S. election, censorship against conservatives and libertarians by major tech companies, and InfoWars' coverage of child trafficking rings involving powerful politicians and celebrities. He also talks about standing together against terrorism and extremism, globalism collapsing due to people turning away from it, resistance against violence by left-wing groups, and the need for individuals to protect their freedom and liberties. The show features interviews with Roger Stone and Michael Caputo, who share their views on these topics, updates on breaking news such as Sean Spicer resigning as White House Press Secretary, and promotions for various health products available through InfoWars.

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The Alex Jones Show.
Because there is a war on.
For your mind.
These aren't words.
It's truth.
It's not just claims.
It's fact.
President Trump over and over again, as candidate Trump said,
Hillary and Obama, along with NATO and the globalists, have armed radical Islam with Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and others, and they have turned them loose on our allies, and they are murdering Christians en masse, and my Pentagon sources have advised me on this, and when I get into office, we're going to destroy them in six months.
Today is the six-month anniversary of his inauguration.
And his announcement to kill the TPP, to renegotiate NAFTA and GATT, to kill the carbon tax, to control our borders, and he's delivered in a royal flush.
But the headlines from CNN and the New York Times, the Washington Post, MSNBC, ABC, NBC, CBS is Trump doesn't get one piece of major legislation through.
Trump's a failure.
Trump's in shambles.
Trump's under criminal investigation.
And yes, he hasn't gotten any major legislation, meaning tax cuts or Obamacare repeal through, but a lot of other stuff that is actually major, has gotten through, massive regulations cut, and he's gotten so much done via the executive branch, because they were unconstitutionally doing most of their globalist agenda through it, he was able to turn that back on them and kill it!
And then watch the economy go from sputtering and faltering and stalling, roaring back.
And now, the Federal Reserve announces huge increases.
Coming in the next few months to the previous increases of the amount of money you have to pay to borrow.
And as the interest increases, it's a wet blanket trying to stop the American system that empires have been trying to stop for 242 years.
This is an amazing time to be alive.
And I just tell it like it is, ladies and gentlemen.
Trump has delivered and it is just over-the-top bizarre.
To see all these liars and scumbags sit there and spew their lies with a straight face because it is so over-the-top ridiculous.
And to see McCain, after serious brain surgery, having a large, malignant, fast-acting, most deadly brain tumor there is, associated with cell phone radiation, even Newsweek's admitting that,
Saying Trump's doing a horrible thing in Syria, that he's with the Russians.
Our military made that deal five years ago and told Obama we weren't going to back him.
And now we've smashed ISIS!
And Assad's making noises about leaving, which is a deal he agreed to once they'd kicked the invading forces out of the country.
And the White House has come out and said we want to see Assad now begin to move to leave.
Ending the wars!
Ending the civil wars!
Ending the al-Qaeda-ISIS offensive!
Now having Al-Qaeda and ISIS in two small neighborhoods of two cities, absolutely on the run, and admitting they've been destroyed.
Of course they came in on their convoys from all over the Middle East, from all over the world, protected by Obama, by Hillary, the modern founders of the Al-Qaeda, Wahhabist, Al-Nusra, known as ISIS, Islamic State is their country, between Syria and Iraq.
And they spin that with their bizarre, twisted, upside-down, inverted alchemy that Trump is bad for cleaning up their treasonous, outrageous, criminal activities that they and CNN and others backed and promoted and funded.
And he signed an order killing all funding to the rebels because they're all al-Qaeda.
Let's go out to break with the president to their horror saying ISIS is falling fast while visiting with the military.
As you can see, we're doing very well against ISIS.
ISIS is falling fast.
Very fast.
Thank you.
This will be a day long remembered.
Globalism is falling.
Just 6% of Americans say the Russian collusion conspiracy theory is important.
The Daily Wire pointed out that in a Bloomberg survey pulling Americans on what they feel is the most important issues concerning the Trump administration, 35% said healthcare, 13% said the economy, 11% said terrorism, and a measly 6% said President Trump's relationship with Russia was an important issue for them.
Then why does the mainstream media spend so much time focusing on the Russia conspiracy theory?
They want to undermine the Trump presidency to appease their bosses, the globalist owners of major news corporations.
You've seen the best forms of propaganda spread through deception.
And the mainstream media role plays as objective journalists while pushing a globalist agenda.
But don't take it from me.
Just look at the Bloomberg article that accompanied the poll.
Americans feel good about the economy, not so good about Trump, the headline read.
No, really.
The top three issues that Americans find important are the top issues that President Trump ran on during his campaign.
The mainstream media hates Trump for bringing back Americana and the belief in national self-determination.
And that's why they keep pushing the Russian collusion conspiracy theory.
Which CNN's Van Jones even admitted was a nothing burger.
This is Kit Daniels with InfoWars.com.
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We now take you live to the Central Texas Command Center in the heart of the resistance.
It's Alex Jones.
It's Friday, the 21st day of July 2017.
We have a loaded raft of informative guests today.
I'm going to work on getting Roger Stone on as we speak because
Mr. Scaramucci is next in line to be Communications Director at the White House, and that's the word, is that he's who's being looked at to be announced, probably next week, after Sean Spicer just resigned.
The news was announced two minutes ago.
So, that is breaking.
Sean Spicer resigns as White House Press Secretary.
The embattled press secretary, Sean Spicer, the White House press secretary, resigned on Friday morning telling President Trump he vehemently disagreed with the appointment of the new New York financier, Anthony Scaramucci, as communications director.
So I guess that's going to be announced.
Mr. Trump offered Mrs. Scaramucci the job at 10 a.m.
The president requested that Mr. Spicer stay on, but Mr. Spicer told Mr. Trump that he believed the appointment was a major mistake according to a person with direct knowledge of the exchange.
You see, I hadn't even seen this New York Times piece yet.
I just knew the inner workings a few months ago and a few weeks ago from my sources that Scaramucci was being looked at.
I just learned it during the break when they just said boom on Fox News that the resignation had come.
They pulled up the New York Times, who's always got their ear to the ground, and I guess the word is from Spicer, who's constantly leaking information to anybody that'll listen, that he doesn't like Scaramucci.
Who, by the way, they would do stuff in the last six months like come in and say the president has fired you, get your stuff and get out.
That's what Rens Prevost would do.
And then Scaramucci would call some of his confidants and they'd say, don't go.
Say you want to meet with the president, you want to see it in a letter.
And then the president would be like, I didn't fire Scaramucci.
And Scaramucci the whole time has been giving the president accurate intel on what they're planning.
And that's why the globalists are completely panicking right now.
Because they're getting rid of the people they can't trust that are rhinos, that are neocons, that are playing both sides, that are scared!
Like Spicer hiding in the bushes when Trump fired the FBI director.
You don't need people that are hiding in the bushes having panic attacks and drinking gallons of vodka on the job.
Spicer reportedly has a little refrigerator full of vodka that he's imbibing in quite a bit.
And I don't want to sit here and attack Spicer, but I know all this stuff about Spicer from multiple sources, and I never released any of it because he wasn't publicly going against the President.
But Spicer is showing his hand now, jumping ship publicly.
Because Mueller, who 98% plus of his donations from his law firm are to the Democratic Party and to Bill and Hillary Clinton.
Yes, he was appointed by George W. Bush, who's a globalist, covered up the Saudi involvement in 9-11, covered up so much.
And so that's the bottom line of what's going on behind the scenes, is that Scaramucci is a banning constitutional patriot.
And they have been trying to shut him down and get him fired since day one, and repeatedly
They would leak stuff trying to get Scaramucci in trouble.
And so this is a very good sign that when they tried to put Scaramucci over Spicer, that he flipped out and left.
The moles are being exercised from the host.
Anthony Scaramucci is expected to be named White House Communications Director.
And I heard this months ago, and I just kept my little trap shut.
And boy, I tell you, that just proves how good our sources are.
That is amazing.
Guys, they've got my cell phone.
The crew does, because Dew was downloading videos I shot this morning.
Please get me my phone, because I need to call some of these sources during the next break.
I need to call some people.
That's pretty close to the old White House.
I'll leave it to you that way.
But wow, because I heard this months ago and I thought that it was a bit fanciful because if this happens and this is accurate it means the other stuff I was told was accurate and these sources have only been accurate.
I mean some of these sources
Or as high as you can go in the executive branchels.
Leave it at that.
The media knows that.
Doesn't like that.
But this is such a good sign.
Trump is so real.
This just boggles my mind.
How real he is.
How amazing he is.
Let's get Cernovich on.
To pop in.
Let's get Roger Stone.
I know you guys have been calling for 10 minutes.
He hasn't been answering, but I need to get him on immediately.
And I need to talk to him.
He's already on.
He was already on at 12.30, huh?
Just get him on now.
Get him on now.
He can come back on at 12.32.
Because he'll know more then.
Because I need to talk to him during the break too.
I don't know.
He's one of my sources obviously, but I've got four others.
I'm just going to leave it at that.
And they've all said the same thing about this internal battle going on.
But I want to be real careful about how much I release.
And Roger is officially working here.
He'll officially be employed by Infowars as a contractor.
I guess that's the term.
August 1st.
Hey buddy, I'm live on air right now.
I've got you on air.
I know you're on at 1.30 your time, 12.30 mine, but can you pop in right now about Scaramucci and all this?
Sure, can we do it by phone?
Yes, Nico will call you right now.
Alright, I'm ready.
Alright, thank you.
See, he's got most other phone numbers on Do Not Disturb because his phone rings constantly.
But he doesn't have my number on Do Not Disturb.
That's why I've got to call for Nico.
It's not Nico's fault.
We just need to make sure he gets your number off Do Not Disturb.
I don't blame him.
I've seen him when he takes his phone off Do Not Disturb, it's ringing continually.
Hundreds of messages an hour.
That's why he's got his secretary sitting there during the day trying to handle it.
But you can't get a hold of Roger Stone at night.
I mean, his phone just rings, rings, rings, rings, rings, rings.
It's insane.
Because he wouldn't have been able to make a phone call if he didn't have it on Do Not Disturb.
So... We're gonna... Yeah, I'm gonna not talk about this right now until I talk to Roger.
We'll talk to him on air and see what how much he thinks we ought to put out here.
But let me just tell you something.
This country is in the middle of a civil war.
If you're watching on Facebook, you notice the headline is Obama prepared military for martial law on Election Day.
I told you this previously because I was told this by Army sources I have.
in special operations, that they'd never seen such a mobilization, and that they believe that conservatives might fight back when Hillary won.
But as you notice, the best laid plans of mice and men often go astray.
Madam President!
I bought this for like $3.25 off eBay.
They printed hundreds of thousands of them.
They didn't print Mr. President Newsweek's special editions, commemorative editions.
Here, let's just look at the commemorative edition.
But the big news here is...
They had martial law prepared to basically take over the states, take over the government, in case there was a rebellion by the states.
But because we actually had an election, they were unable to steal all the states.
They stole five, tried to steal an additional six.
They were unable to go ahead and launch that martial law plan.
Now they've got an ongoing civil war inside the deep state going on.
It's not really deep state against us, it's a deep state civil war.
And the public is critical deciding which way this is going to go.
Obama's secret plan to deploy the military on election day.
That's out of the New York Post.
Zero Hedge has it.
The document's now public.
Homeland Security was going to federalize the nation, basically.
And now, look at the President's Advisory Commission on Election Fraud.
Already has found 1,000 proven cases of election and voter fraud, and with indexes from Harvard
They now, the computer algorithm shows 5.7 million were estimated to have voted illegally or repeatedly in dead people's names.
That's Harvard.
That's why they're like, oh there's no election fraud!
While the Democrats brag in what, 11 states they tried to pass laws to let illegals vote.
They're trying to legalize illegals voting.
They've got voter programs to get them registered in all these Democrat states where you can't show an ID and you get a voter registration card.
Oh, but, and then we have all the Democratic officials on video, like eight different ones from New York, Chicago, DC, National, saying, oh, we, we have, you know, people voting at least 10 times in dead people's names.
We bus them around.
There's not an effing thing.
Let's get this break.
There's not a effing thing.
Quote, the American people can do about this.
And then they go, oh, don't look into election fraud.
And then we look, and everywhere we look, it's intense.
Election fraud organizing voter fraud.
Because they confuse it between retail voter fraud and election fraud.
It's all election fraud.
There isn't anybody engaged in voter fraud they've ever caught that's doing it on their own.
It's being directed off of obituary databases, looking at voter rolls, and then handing out the names and busing people to precincts, on average, ten times a day to vote.
on Election Day.
Joining us is Roger Stone.
Roger, I'm glad you could come on on such short notice.
You're already scheduled to be on, coming up in about an hour, because obviously you've been an amazing source on Scaramucci.
Other sources told me the same thing, that if the realignment did happen, and that we brought in Bannon-type patriots, that we would see Scaramucci put in as Communications Director.
Separately, we also know that
There's been a full-on push to remove Scaramucci, but they failed.
From my intel, which you're just obviously part of, but I've got it from other sources as well, this shows a major realignment's about to happen.
Just like day 70, he kind of turned towards the establishment.
Trying to work with him because they lied to him and said they would.
He wanted to compromise just to get stuff done.
He's so worried about the economy stalling, as he said, they screwed him.
30 days later, he turned back towards populism hardcore with a serious jerk to the right, in their view.
And now I think this is going to signify he's going into full war mode with them, with the Mueller fishing expedition.
He's not going to wait till they kill the economy and then try to bring him down.
He's going to try to rally the people and absolutely go into full war mode, which is the only way to be victorious.
Is that an accurate analysis, Roger Stone?
Alex, I think that's a pretty good assessment of the situation.
First of all, the appointment of Anthony Scaramucci, who is a very capable guy, a true patriot, and a Trump loyalist.
His loyalty is not to the Republican Party, it's to Trump and the Trump agenda.
It has long been resisted by Reince Priebus, Sean Spicer, and the establishment mandarins within the Trump White House.
I think this shift is really a manifestation of the extremely poor handling of the Donald Trump Jr.
saga, which the White House allowed to drip-drop out over almost a 10-day period.
As opposed to releasing it all the Friday before our last holiday, which they were urged to do and in place they rejected.
And again, any moron at a college-level journalism course knows you bury something on a Friday evening, you dump it all.
So that was deliberate then, and now Spicer, proving his true colors, is in the New York Times saying how horrible Scaramucci is and that that's why he left.
So he is not just leaving, he's stabbing the president in the back, which reportedly he's been doing behind the scenes the entire time.
Extraordinarily disloyal.
Of course, we have to remember he was never for Donald Trump for president anyway.
This is the same Sean Spicer who said back in September of last year that if Trump didn't get his poll numbers up, the Republican National Committee should suspend its financial support of his candidacy.
Unheard of.
Just unheard of.
Completely ignores the fact that the Republican National Committee exists at the pleasure of the nominee and certainly of the president.
Just shows that they think that they're a fiefdom and an establishment organization unto themselves.
Does this signify though that with Mueller's biggest fishing expedition in history, 98% plus, it's like 98.6% of the donations, the law firm of Mueller to the Democrats, to Hillary, to Bill, expanding it to all his associates, the whole campaign, all financials,
No one's perfect, according to federal law.
They could indict a ham sandwich, as the FBI director famously said.
How far is this going to go?
To me, this signifies Trump's battening down the hatches, which is good, and it also signifies that Spicer's evacuating because he thinks that he's siding with the deep state.
I think you have to read between the lines on the President's terrific interview with the New York Times, conducted by Maggie Abraman.
Where he correctly, I think, expressed a lack of confidence in Jeff Sessions.
I mean, we have now a FISA court decision proving that the Obama administration illegally surveilled, spied on, and charted the phone calls and other communications of tens of thousands of Americans that illegally unmasked them.
All for political purposes, yet Obama has not been arrested.
Susan Rice has not been arrested.
James Clapper has not been arrested.
And you've got Hillary with all the illegal servers, all the uranium, all the Chinese-Russian deals, and they're completely dirty, caught red-handed, and they point at Trump, who's done nothing wrong but tried to find dirt on Hillary, and say, remove him.
You're right, he's got to move against him.
Here is the president, surreptitiously again, I guess recorded by the New York Times, but here it is.
Sessions gets the job.
Right after he gets the job, he recuses himself.
Is that a mistake?
Well, Sessions should have never recused himself.
And if he would, if he was going to recuse himself, he should have told me before he took the job, and I would have picked somebody else.
He gave you no heads up at all?
So Jeff Sessions takes the job, gets into the job,
Recuses himself.
I then have, uh, which, which frankly, I think is very unfair to the president.
How do you take a job and then recuse yourself?
If he would have recused himself before the job, I would have said, thanks, Jeff, but I can't, you know, I'm not gonna take you.
It's extremely unfair, and that's a mild word to the president.
So he recuses himself.
Now let's be specific.
This is one of the most important things I've ever said, so please listen carefully, listeners.
This country's gotten run into a ditch by people covering their butts.
We're going into entropy.
We're going into collapse.
And I like Sessions.
He's been an honorable man.
He killed open borders and globalism four times in the Senate when they were trying to pass bills secretly.
I like Sessions, but judges don't recuse themselves unless they've got a conflict.
He doesn't have a conflict.
He never did anything.
He got bullied and intimidated in CYA.
And if the Republican Party keeps doing their old CYA, the Democrats are going to overthrow the entire system and bring in martial law, as is in the New York Post and the
Atlantic Monthly.
They admit they know they've lost the mind of the people.
They admit they've committed all these crimes.
They're going for broke.
They're cornered rats.
You can give them no quarter.
Roger, I'm ranting.
Recap about Scaramucci.
Recap what this really signifies with Spicer.
Recap why you think it's good that he's exposing what's happening with Sessions.
And I totally agree.
He's got to go all out now, while he's still got the people behind him, or they're going to bring not just him down, but this country.
This is America on death watch, with the Democratic Party allied with orthodox radical Islam, anti-God, anti-Christian, anti-family.
They mean to finish us.
We must now finish them.
Alex, I think it's very important people understand the ramifications of what we're talking about.
When Jeff Sessions recused himself on the question of Russia, that empowered the Deputy Attorney General, Rod Rosenstein, and turned around and appointed one of his best friends, Robert Mueller, to investigate the President.
Rosenstein has worked for the Bushes and the Clintons,
Why he's even in the Trump Justice Department is a question of some note.
Wall Street Journal hailed his appointment saying that he would be a leavening influence on the right-wing Jeff Sessions.
Give you some idea where this guy's coming from.
He, based on his own authority, directed by no one, appointed Mueller as a special counsel.
In other words, as the executioner.
Now normally, special counsels are appointed when there is an enormous wealth of evidence that a crime has been committed.
the Clintons.
In this case, there is none.
And also when the Justice Department has some egregious conflict.
Jeff Sessions met twice with the ambassador of the Soviet Union, and he couldn't even call the meetings.
He met him, he passed by him in a reception, and they exchanged words.
And that's what senators do!
Particularly Senators who are members of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.
It's part of their job.
Pelosi meant 30-something times.
So, in this particular case, the reason we have Mueller, the reason we have the sword of Democles hanging over the President's head, and this leftist plot to remove him, despite of an absence of evidence, is because Jeff Sessions recused himself.
Simply that.
We would not be where we are today were that not the case.
What the President must do now is to fire Rosenstein and fire Mueller.
And then if they want to try and impeach him, take all comers.
On the basis of what?
Mueller's coaching of Comey just prior to his testimony?
There's a reason for his firing.
And the President... There's no partiality.
And the President has the trifecta now.
He's got to move against these criminals now.
Let's play a clip from Newt Gingrich laying it out.
Here it is.
The Mueller investigation has so many conflicts of interest, it's almost an absurdity.
The law firm he comes from gave 99.81% of his donations to Hillary Clinton last year.
That's right.
.19 of 1% went to Donald Trump.
The people that he's been hiring are all anti-Trump lawyers.
Several of them have very bad records of hiding information from the defense.
And one case was rebuked by the Supreme Court on a 9-0 vote.
It's hard to understand why he would assemble such a team unless it was a deliberate effort to go after the president and the president's team.
I think that...
This is the most biased lynch mob of executioners ever assembled in modern history.
Even real Democrat liberals like Dershowitz and Jonathan Turley are saying this is insane.
The president should fire all these people.
This is a rogue group and the media is acting like Mueller's the new president and that he's Jesus Christ come down from heaven.
Yeah, it's really extraordinary.
If you go to my page, The Stone Cold Truth, I wrote a piece about a week ago called The Three Amigos.
It's important to understand the extent to which Rosenstein, Comey, and Mueller are best friends.
They have aided each other's career, they have covered for each other, and they have all been executioners for the Bushes and the Clintons.
These guys worked for the deep state.
We're going to post your article at Infowars.com.
Roger Stone, stay there.
I want to talk about what Trump needs to do now.
This is a big deal.
Five more minutes on the other side, then all the other news.
Stay with us.
Roger Stone's coming up again later via video Skype.
I'm Alex Jones.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Waging war on corruption.
It's Alex Jones coming to you live from the front lines of the Info War.
All right, Roger Stone's leaving us in about five minutes.
He's going to be back on later.
And guess who else is on?
Michael Caputo of the White House, of the Trump operations that they've been demonizing and going after and claiming that, you know, this guy who was in the campaign is somehow working for the Russians because he was sent in by the CIA as part of U.S.
aid to keep Yeltsin in power.
And so then they use the file on him to then say, oh look, he lived in Russia for 10 years.
This is next level.
He's going to be joining us because he testified in secret, just like they wanted Stone to do.
Then they gave a transcript to the Congresswoman, but not to the media or him, and then accused him of perjury.
So that's coming up.
Give us a little foray, a little preview of that, Roger, and then let's get back into just a recap of what this signifies.
Sean Spicer being, basically having Anthony Scaramucci put over him, who's a patriot, and then saying, fine, he's leaving, and then giving his reasons to the New York Times, extremely disloyal.
So what does this overall signify?
A total lack of professionalism, in my opinion.
You'd never see this from Michael Caputo.
Michael Caputo is a young conservative.
I met him when he was this press secretary for Congressman Jack Kemp.
Long active in anti-communist activities.
Actually helped the Freedom Fighters in Nicaragua.
And he did work for the United States Information Agency.
Let's back up here for a minute, Dan.
What would you advise the President to do, or the public at this point, to promote and push and lobby for in this shibble war the Democrats admit they basically started?
Because they admit they want to declare the entire election to be a fraud once they get Trump, and remove many Republicans who were elected in 2016, put Homeland Security over the elections thereafter, controlled by the Democrats, and basically ending our political system as we know it and completing our mission into being a country like Venezuela.
Number one, begin the prosecutions of the Obama National Security Gang, Ben Rhodes, Susan Rice, Valerie Jarrett, Clapper, Brennan, Rogers, over the
Over the unmasking.
You do not win on defense.
You only win on offense.
They have broken the law and these are crimes far more serious than Watergate.
Secondarily, we need election law reform and the president's doing the right thing with this election commission.
And we've already proven that the mainstream claim that there is no voter fraud is a fraud itself.
American people need to know that.
Secondarily, I think the President's got it there.
Thirdly, he's got to go his own way on health care, and particularly on the corporate tax cut.
Should not let the establishment Republicans get him off of his reform agenda.
Only a radical reform agenda is going to rally our voters in the 2018 election.
And no more closed door hearings on anything pertaining to Russia.
Let's have it all right out front where the American people can hear it all.
House and Senate.
What they did to Michael Caputo, having him testify in secret, accusing him of perjury when he has no access to the transcript.
Nor does the public.
That's a kangaroo court.
Something else I've noticed is almost everybody they're going after has an Italian last name.
Is there some type of underlying washbish or establishment, East Coast, Harvard discrimination there?
Because I know in the old blue blood elites, that goes on.
You know, it's funny you should mention that.
When I was on WBEN in Buffalo with Michael Caputo the other day, we mused about the fact that we're both Italian-Americans and that we're in the crossfire, as has been Scaramucci.
You know, there are, unfortunately, still a lot of people out there who think that just because you're Italian-American, to me, associated with organized crime, is really insulting.
Well, maybe you guys are just loyal to America and not trying to sell the country out.
We're loyal to Donald Trump and we're loyal to try to save this country.
Alright, Roger.
Get to your Skype.
We're going to talk to you in an hour via Skype.
Thank you, Roger.
Look forward to it.
StoneColdTruth.com or InfoWars.com.
Let me just stop at this moment for just a second with everybody.
Twitter has announced, quote, they've increased censorship 10 times from last year.
Now that's Twitter saying we're censoring and we've increased it tenfold against conservatives and libertarians.
You're not going to bully liberals.
So while they're saying kill Trump, kill Alex Jones, kill everybody, beating people up, the head of Twitter, there it is in recode, says it will punish ten times more users for being abusive than it was a year ago.
They're just introducing us to communist Chinese style.
You're not allowed to show the president, the dictator of China, with Winnie the Pooh, because that's, quote, abusive as well.
They call it bullying!
Literally, that was a popular meme in China.
You get forced labor, three years, for showing an image of him with Winnie the Pooh.
And it's the same thing here.
So, Twitter's been blocking us.
YouTube's been blocking us.
Mark Dice is coming up later.
He got blocked out of his YouTube for a few days.
They were just gonna shut it down.
They've told us that they're on the verge of shutting down our main channel with close to 2 billion views and 2 plus million subscribers.
And that's just one of our many channels.
Just our channels have 4 billion views altogether.
Fan channels, YouTube, back when I was still able to talk to one of their vice presidents, they partnered with us a few years ago when we were in contact with us, but he got moved somewhere else and doesn't talk to us anymore.
But he was the number two guy at YouTube.
We talked to him many times.
Said that they were able to look at all the numbers and it was, this was like five years ago, five plus billion political views.
That's the biggest political channel on YouTube.
Because I let everybody post our videos.
So they want to shut down Facebook, Google, Twitter.
Is all announcing together this week that they're going to start censoring us more.
To sit out and shut up via economic warfare, bringing us to heel.
Remember Hillary said blacks are super predators, they've got to be brought to heel.
Well that's just her view of everybody.
You read the WikiLeaks, it's all about keeping their constituents down, keeping them poor, keeping them desperate, keep them in the dark, and calls you basement dwellers.
She says you live with your parents, and she says you're baristas.
Who want everything free, and that she's not gonna give it to you.
Because it isn't there.
But she'll still tell you it's there, and then you get mad at her, when she doesn't deliver it to you.
It's only there for her.
So, you go to Bernie, and you say, give us all the free money.
He says, I'll do that.
Yeah, just like his wife took over
Disabled shelters and threw everybody out on the street and sold it just like she took over colleges and bankrupted it, but not before she got millions of dollars for herself and her friends.
These are pigs!
Just like Venezuela, just like North Korea.
You think Kim Jong-un is gonna give you some free stuff?
See, once they get control, they go, hey, I'll give you something free.
Free forced labor till you starve to death.
Now worship me or you don't get any food.
The problem is just a little bit of free market creates so many choices, so much decadence that we turn into retarded slobs.
I don't know a liberal poverty pimp that isn't running bank scams and isn't ripping off poor people and isn't managing a big group of helpless people under their control.
That's what these vampires do.
Bernie Sanders never worked a stinking day in his life.
He's a big, evil shyster.
And he knows it.
And he hates you.
But you don't care.
You want to get suckered one more time.
Don't you?
Libertarians and conservatives on average pay three times what anybody else pays.
We're six times more likely to give to charity and nine times less likely to steal.
And give tips on average four times the size of a Democrat or a Liberal.
Don't believe me?
University studies are replete.
Democrats don't give tips.
Democrats don't pay good wages.
You get to be interns.
You never get anything because that's how they want to keep you.
Because they ran the plantations, they ran the KKK, they ran the sharecropping, and they run you real good.
And they got the Republican blue blood scumbags, the psychopaths that are just as bad or worse.
And they're working with them to screw you over.
It's a big club, to quote George Carlin, and we ain't in it.
The American Club is about trying to set something up, where it's not about what elite you're from, or how you manage a government contract, or how you get a monopoly, but what you really produce.
And then that raises the bar, and everybody starts excelling.
Best thing that ever happened to me was growing up in Dallas.
Having quite a few rough scrapes.
I look back on that and it was so formative, so good, so wonderful.
Now I almost died a few times, but that which doesn't kill us only makes us stronger.
As Victor Hugo said, adversity makes men, prosperity makes monsters.
And you've got these nihilistic people that have no idea what they're even dealing with.
We're going to play something very special that Darren McBrain and Walker put together.
One of our great graphics people, Walker.
That takes that video from last week that now it's got like 20 million views.
And it's been written about hundreds of newspapers.
And that has set us a whole new fan base of young people.
Kind of breaking into the whole PewDiePie sphere.
We put together a version where everything I say is documented with video clips, news articles, except for one thing McBreen forgot to put in, which is fine.
I say they want to eat babies, and I have mainstream news, Daily Mail, Associated Press, China taking dead babies they kill that are one child.
They have a girl, they drown the baby, then they turn them into powder, and then it's injected into women's lips as collagen, into women's faces, into women's butts, men's faces, butts, a lot of metrosexual men and things now.
We didn't put an article up there about baby parts wrapped in gold foil out of China caught going into Europe, or children killed under one shot in China turned into collagen.
We didn't show that.
That's the one thing in retrospect, in hindsight, that we didn't add.
Proviso or a epilogue just adding that that too.
There it is.
Thousands of pills filled with powdered human baby flesh discovered by customs officials in South Korea coming out of China.
That's just one article.
So here, for radio listeners, you'll just hear the song.
You go to InfoWars.com forward slash show, or later it'll be archived.
It's up on InfoWars.com, the video itself right now, where we took the Super Deluxe Time Warner kit piece that's been seen 20 million times now, biggest hit they've ever had on Super Deluxe.
Their other biggest videos just have a million views or so.
20 million!
On their platforms.
Last time I checked.
20 million as of Friday last week when it went up at 9 a.m.
So we're about seven days and a few hours into this.
20 million.
Top video on the internet last weekend.
And we've now taken it, and we added documentation to the whole thing.
It's a very important information warfare weapon.
It's on InfoWars.com.
Please post it on Facebook.
Please retweet it.
Get around the censors.
Copy it to your channel, because they're moving to shut down our channel.
Then I intend to, unfortunately, have to file suit against Google, the parent company, but this has to be done, and the groups involved calling for censorship.
We know they are from leakers.
So get this video copied while it's still up.
Here it is.
I've had enough of these people.
They're a bunch of Christian murderous scum.
They're on giant death factories keeping babies alive.
They're selling their body parts.
What more do you need to know about these people?
I've a wife and face this scum.
They literally crawl out from under us.
They're green and looking stupid.
And they run around screaming, we love Satan, we wanna eat babies.
I have them on video.
I f***ing love Satan, so f*** you!
I kill my kids!
Hillary's in the creepy weird six-step man.
We came, we saw, he died.
She sleeps in the same room with that creepy weirdo woman, whose mother wears a hood over her head.
What the hell?
That woman number one is ugly.
Imagine how bad she smells, man.
I'm told her and Obama just stink.
Obama and Hillary both smell like sulfur.
There's a guy on the radio who apparently trumps on his show frequently.
He said, me and Hillary are demons.
Said we smell like sulfur.
Ain't that something?
I have never seen or smelled any woman like that, ever.
People are telling me she smells.
Who could not notice someone who smelled that bad?
In a roof and by a pot and a goblet.
A hobbling round from half to close.
My spirit gets close to that evil and I feel it go Ah, ah, ah We're such self-centered crap We don't even notice hell itself Rising up against us Millions of pointed people Of the very worst type And I'm so pissed We're gonna stab your daughter at the mall
We're gonna stab your wife, your son.
We're gonna stab you with a butcher knife.
And then the police chief is gonna say, We love our Somalis.
We love our Muslims.
Oh, they're so good.
Oh, they're so sweet.
I was watching Fox News as I worked out this morning, and they had the police chief on making excuses from that town of Minnesota.
And they had the Fox News host, this is the Fair and Balanced Channel, going, Donald Trump really stepped in at this time.
He said it was a bombing before it had officially been called a bombing.
And Hillary's on him, and she's got some really good points!
All right, there you go.
That video's up on Infowars.com.
Extremely powerful when we add everything.
The only thing that you could say isn't exactly accurate is I say literal pot-bellied goblin demons coming after us.
And I show Jerry Epstein and Bill Clinton that are known child rapists and fly around on airplanes with kidnapped kids.
And I'm just saying, they're like vampires.
But that's an allegory.
But everything else, document it.
And I show the police going, we love our Somalis!
We love our Muslims too!
Oh, they're so good!
Oh, they're so sweet!
And they're stabbing people.
There's even video of it.
And then the police saying, with signs out, we love our Somalis.
In Minnesota.
The answer when Somalis, you know, stab like nine people in one week just randomly is to go, We love our Somalis.
We love our Muslims too.
We love Stockholm Syndrome.
Oh, it's so good.
Infowars.com is under attack because we're in the middle of the battle and dealing serious blows on the enemy.
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With your support, your prayers, spreading the word, not believing the globalist lies, researching facts for yourself, you have built Infowars.
You are the Infowar.
You've got to have the will to accept the truth and buck the system and the group collective.
Do that, and you'll earn your way to the next level.
This is the Infowar.
Ladies and gentlemen, coming up, we have two videos, one that we produced, another that Mark Dice posted on his channel, that I believe somebody else produced, that is extremely powerful, both of them are.
Six months of Trump administration today, this is six months, and the contributions, the successes, the devastation of the globalists,
The untying the bowling ball that was tied to our leg, the ball and chain.
It is just amazing and he's only done this with executive power.
He's been completely blocked by the horrible, sycophantic, cowardly, evil, rhino slime bags.
And now, with Scaramucci as communications director and Spicer scurrying off, leaking to the New York Times.
Look for Priebus and others to be next, and the word is, this signifies a hardcore turn to even more of Trump's base, which is the rest ratio of this republic.
That is all coming up.
Stefan Molyneux is going to pop in.
Michael Caputo of the Trump campaign being persecuted.
Going to give you big exclusive breakdowns on the secret testimony that they're now using the fact it was secret to lie about him.
Mark Deiss, Mike Cernovich, and so much more today.
This is going to be a transmission.
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Do you remember Dennis Hastert, the longest-serving Republican Speaker of the House in history, also the highest-ranking U.S.
politician to be sent to prison?
Hastert was a small-town wrestling coach in Illinois when he was what Judge Thomas Durkin of the federal court described as a serial child molester.
Because of the statutes of limitations for acts in the 1960s and 70s has run out, Hastert was not charged for any of the sexual abuse he engaged in, if you can believe that.
He did go down for illegal hush money.
To the tune of at least $3.5 million.
He was fined $250,000 and sentenced to 15 months in prison.
Hardly justice.
But now, the serial child molester is free once again, after serving only 13 months.
Judge Durkin also said, there's nothing more disturbing than having a child molester and Speaker of the House in the same sentence.
I disagree.
There's nothing more disturbing than a serial child molester being free after only one year in prison.
Won't see that on CNN.
For InfoWars.com, this is Owen Schroer.
Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order, it's Alex Jones.
I'm beginning a new effort to fix as much of our immigration system as I can on my own.
I've also directed Secretary Johnson and Attorney General Holder to identify additional actions my administration can take on our own, within my existing legal authorities, to do what Congress refuses to do and fix as much of our immigration system as we can.
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
Having trouble with John McCain?
Just say a prayer.
Ladies and gentlemen, thank you so much for joining us.
This is the InfoWar.
Let's get back to all the big guests we've got coming up today.
But first, Trump getting rid of Spicer, bringing in Anthony Scaramucci.
Devastating victory for America.
That signifies that they're about to clean house.
And that Trump knows they're coming after him and nobody's going to compromise with him.
And that the deep state has got a big raging you-know-what for him.
Here's a powerful piece from Internetland.
I'm gonna find out who made it.
I was just posted to Mark Dice's great channel.
He's joining us later.
But we've got our own six months of Trump video coming up later as well that we produced.
But here's this one.
Here it is.
From this day forward, a new vision will govern our land.
From this day forward, it's going to be only America first.
America first.
Think of the marvels we can achieve if we simply set free the dreams of our people.
Because in America, we don't worship government, we worship God.
All the nations of the world, friend or foe, will find that America is strong, America is proud, and America is free.
A better future is only possible if your nations drive out
The terrorists and drive out the extremes.
Drive them out of this earth.
Today, gathered with friends.
I call upon all people, Jews, Christians, Muslims, and every faith, every tribe, every creed, to draw inspiration from this ancient city, to set aside our sectarian differences, to overcome oppression and hatred, and to give all children the freedom and hope and dignity written into our souls.
I will always stand with the Jewish people.
And I will always stand with our great friend and partner, the State of Israel.
The people of Poland, the people of America,
And the people of Europe still cry out, we want God.
And above all, we value the dignity of every human life, protect the rights of every person, and share the hope of every soul to live in freedom.
That is who we are.
Those are the priceless ties that bind us together, as nations, as allies, and as a civilization.
Our citizens did not win freedom together.
Did not survive horrors together.
Did not face down evil together.
Only to lose our freedom to a lack of pride and confidence in our values.
We did not and we will not.
We will never back down.
The men and women of the United States military have been the greatest force for peace and justice in the history of the world.
Every time you see the sunrise over this blessed land, please know your brave sons and daughters pushed away the night and delivered for us all that great and glorious dawn.
It's time for a grateful nation to join hands with our police and with our sheriffs to build the bridges of cooperation and trust and to make our streets safer for every man, woman, and child in America.
I am asking all members of Congress to join me in dreaming big and bold and daring things for our country.
I am asking everyone watching tonight to seize this moment.
Believe in yourselves.
Believe in your future.
Good luck, globalists.
Good luck trying to overthrow that.
Every morning before I start writing or shooting a video, I take two capsules of Brain Force for a sustainable burst of energy.
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Ruthless offshore elites use their corporate liberal media to attack and demonize any Americans or any independent news that dare challenge their lives.
Five companies own over 90% of the media.
And that's why, whether it's comedy shows, award shows, Hollywood, TV entertainment, the news, it doesn't matter.
It's all focused in one anti-American, anti-free market, anti-family, anti-Christian, anti-gun voice.
And it gets worse.
These ruthless social engineers have an iron grip on our educational system and are teaching our children to hate America and that our president is worse than Hitler and needs to be assassinated.
But as America reawakens, these powerful, deep state, rogue government forces are beginning to panic.
They've even got the former president on television and in the news, and traveling to foreign countries, bad-mouthing America, bad-mouthing sovereignty, and calling for a resistance to our elected president.
In a last-ditch effort, mainstream media is now legitimizing the use of violence against anyone that opposes the globalist takeover, and against anyone who's actually trying to make this nation great again.
They are absolutely intensifying their efforts, screaming homophobe, xenophobe, racist, to make them march, to make them go out on the streets and assault viciously anyone trying to exercise their free speech.
International criminals like George Soros are openly pushing for civil insurrection in America that will lead to civil war.
The beatings, the stabbings, the shootings, the burning cars, the looting of shops, the execution of police officers.
All of this leads to the destabilization, to the martial law that the deep state and the globalists say they need to bring in their final takeover of America.
We are America, and we are the Infowar.
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If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
You're listening to Alex Jones.
Well, it doesn't matter if it's the Financial Times of London, or whether it's the Washington Post, or whether it's the Economist Magazine, or the Harvard Magazine, they all say globalism is collapsing, people are turning against it.
We're not turning against internationalism, or being a citizen of the world if you want to live all over the world, or working with other countries, or accepting other cultures if you choose to adopt them.
But we're not going to be ruled by a secret TPP, ratified and secret for 10 years, that our own governments couldn't see.
We're not going to be ruled by carbon taxes that bureaucrats and Rothschilds and Rockefellers and Soroses make money from.
Story out today.
Future globalism shaken up by Trump victory.
Nationalist political earthquakes.
It doesn't mean Brexit's perfect.
It doesn't mean Trumpism is perfect.
It means it's about taking the power back to the people, back to the states, back to the government.
Bigger politically is always worse, always more authoritarian.
And Stefan Molyneux is a businessman, author, researcher, very popular radio TV host.
Really appreciate him joining us for the next 30 minutes.
Freedomainradio.com, Stefan Molyneux on Twitter, Freedomainradio on YouTube.
Hundreds of millions of views, reaching tens of millions of people a week.
I wanted to get him on like a week ago, just about the general state of the world, what's happening, but now we have Spicer out,
Spicer being out, folks.
From my sources, as we told you, that signifies the populists are even stronger now.
Scaramucci coming in.
They're getting ready to clean house.
Trump's putting this communication guy in first with the rollout.
He knows Deep State's coming after him.
It's on.
So we'll get Malinew's take on that.
Five more years of EU migration.
Cabinet victory after agreeing soft landing transition period that will delay UK getting its borders back.
As the EU announces 10 million Muslims have come in.
The last six years, worse than I thought.
Most of military age, man.
This is the globalist takedown.
Now they've announced an EU Navy.
And the Italian government's blocking citizen groups, just going on and showing how the Islamists come out a hundred miles off the coast, they get picked up and taken to Italy, and then everything's paid for.
This is a plan to force Islamify Europe.
I didn't believe this ten years ago when I heard it from people.
It's really happening.
It's so insane.
But Peter Southern admits it's the plan.
So we'll talk about that as well, and other big subjects here with Stefan Malinow.
Stefan, thanks for coming on.
Thanks Alex, great to be back.
Which one of those two biggies you want to tackle first?
Well, I would like to talk about the globalism thing as a whole because I think there's this massive change that is occurring wherein I think the Trump administration has figured out that it is not the mainstream media that is going to be setting the agenda and determining the popularity of their candidates and their sort of
I don't know.
And that's why they're in free-fall panic!
When every week now we have videos with 5, 10 million viewers just on InfoWars.
One video.
You have videos with millions of viewers routinely.
Always 500,000, 600,000.
You spend 20 minutes, you're done.
500,000 watch it.
That's more than the average CNN show.
They now realize it though.
And this week, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter all launched massive censorship and admitted they are.
They said, oh, we're doing ten times worse than last year against conservatives.
But I'm not really a conservative.
I'm just a common sense free market guy that doesn't want to live in North Korea.
Well, here's the thing.
There is an old principle, Alex, which is that people who spend their time being ostracized, people who spend their time in the wilderness, people who are out learning to eat the stony lichen in the desert, they get stronger, leaner, and meaner.
And the left has gotten very lazy because they've owned academia, they've owned the mainstream media,
They've owned television, they've owned everything that you could conceive of, and they've been importing all these immigrants to reliably vote for the left.
Which means they've lost their edge, they've lost their strength, they've lost their charisma, they've lost their capacity to connect with the American public.
And we really saw that with Hillary versus Donald Trump.
And because they've gotten lazy, and they've lost their charisma, they've lost their mojo,
Now all they can do is scream Russia over and over again and think that that somehow is going to win the American public back, when what it's doing is just driving them further and further away.
As the old saying goes, let us never, ever interrupt an enemy when he's in the process of making a mistake.
That's my next question, but I want to get back into globalism.
Sure, there's an intellectual awakening happening, back to common sense, but they are cornered rats.
So what are you concerned about?
What do you think their next move will be?
Oh yeah, well their next move is always escalation.
Their next move is always to, and you can look at this as far back as the French Revolution and so on, but their next move is always to spread lies, rumour and slander in an attempt to discredit people who disagree with their narrative.
But more importantly,
To whip up frenzy, hatred, and violence against those who oppose the leftist paradigm.
The left is fantastic at being the Iago-like whisperers of sinister facts to the mob, to the point where crazy elements within the mob start to play out a very violent and dangerous agenda.
And we can see this happening against Trump supporters at the moment.
Hashtag hunt Republicans.
Hashtag hunt Republicans.
And you're right, they are escalating that.
So where is it going?
Well, I mean, either they're gonna succeed or they're gonna fail, and I'm damned if I'm gonna stand by and let them succeed because, like yourself, I'm a father and I want my child to grow up with the kind of freedoms that I enjoyed maybe even more.
So we just have to stand firm, we have to be courageous, and we have to, have to, have to recognize that we are in a war for civilization.
Nothing more, nothing less.
This is the greatest battle
for wordsmiths in the history of the universe.
We're not at the place where it's bullets and bombs.
We're at the place where it's words and ideas and arguments.
So if you're good at doing that, or even if you want to become good at that, you are conscripted.
Philosophy, reason, evidence want you to take your place in the front lines of the culture war.
It is now or never.
I think that's the most important thing you've ever said.
I mean, this is the 21st century war.
This is the new kind of war.
They're admitting it's a war.
They're admitting it's a civil war.
There was, quote, right-wing problems decades ago, and still the establishment right-wing is just as bad as the liberals.
But intellectually, the resistance is by the libertarian mind versus the status mind.
And most of the classical liberals are now libertarians, and they recognize that.
But there's an accelerated dumbing down of the constituency that is pro-globalism, where I go out to these events, and it's not like a few of them
Look like they escaped from a mental hospital.
The entire whole of them are frothing insane people out of some type of Day of the Dead movie and I don't take pleasure in that.
I am frightened by it.
Who are these people?
Well, this is the constituent that has been bred to be dependent on the bloody fruits of state power.
The state reaches into the pockets of the productive, as you know, keeps a good portion of proceeds for themselves, and then uses it to buy votes and dependents from now a couple of generations of people dependent on state power.
So when someone comes along and says, we need to limit and control and reduce the size and power of the state, people think that they're going to starve to death, that they're going to die in the gutter, they have become dependent on the state to the point they can't imagine
Living without state power.
You try and take away their drugs, they know in their heads they're going to be better off if it's taken away.
But in their hearts and in their guts, they desperately don't want to lose it.
And we just have to help them overcome that fear, overcome that hump, and sell them on the happiness they'll have when they're free for the first time in their lives.
I want to be specific, because you raise the fact that you're a father, I'm a father.
I'm not bashing people that don't have children.
I have a lot of great friends that don't, and I understand sometimes why they don't, or issues, or whatever the case may be.
No one, it turns out, in the EU government has kids.
I mean, it's the craziest thing I've ever seen.
Almost none of the leaders do.
And when you look at a group of hundreds of people and then none of them have children, you sit back and you go, wow, these are the most self-centered people.
And it really is.
The dichotomy is people that have a connection to everything and really think of humanity as a continuum.
And people that literally are so nihilistic, all they're thinking about is themselves.
And I think that's really the disconnect.
Well, you have to understand that you're part of a chain of freedom.
You know, one of the worst things to happen to modern economics was this Keynesianism idea from John Maynard Keynes, who was gay and didn't have kids.
And he basically said, oh yeah, you've just got to spend your way out of recessions.
Oh, and don't worry, the government will then save when there's economic growth.
And of course, all that was, was it gave theoretical justification for the endless printing of money, the endless borrowing of money, the endless bribery of the general population.
And people said, well, you're going to keep accumulating debts.
They said this to Maynard Keynes.
You're going to keep accumulating debts, keep accumulating debts.
What's going to happen in the long run?
And apparently he turned and snapped back and said, in the long run, we're all dead.
Well, if you have kids, that's not how you think.
Because you know that your kids are going to be alive.
Your kids are going to have to live in the world that your ideas are creating or destroying.
And so you want to fight for their freedoms.
It gives you a ferocity around the encroachment of state power that I think is hard to replicate otherwise.
You're right.
We're going to come back with a final segment here in a moment and get into political wars.
But my view is even if they end up destroying Trump, which I don't think is going to happen,
We've already had devastating victories just against political correctness, showing that we have unelected systems.
I mean, just this movement, and Trump just being a focal point of that, I think really has wrecked the crony capitalist model.
I mean, it's still in place, but it has no credibility, and the power is draining out of it daily.
And they have become lazier and lazier, as I mentioned.
And what we need to remember is we have to think, what would the left do if they had power?
And we've got countless examples of this throughout history.
And Hillary Clinton promised this.
She promised that she was going to consider any made-up cyber attack from Russia to be the provocation for World War III.
She was going to go after freedom of speech.
She was going to import millions of state-loving mass immigrants from the third world.
So what are they going to do when they have power?
When they have a little bit of power, they ram through Obamacare.
We have to be as resolute in our push for that.
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The globalists have been striking back against
Independent media that's attempting to build an open free society.
But despite all their attacks, all their demonizations, and their attempts to take our sponsors and shut us down, you the viewers and listeners of InfoWars have come through.
And so we're able to maintain our position and begin to expand it in the face of the globalists.
Ladies and gentlemen, when I tell you that you are the Hempful Worm, that's not me being patronizing.
You are the reason we're here.
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Stefan Molyneux has really great historical analysis on his website, on his YouTube as well.
And I found he's one of the people that is effectively getting liberals, who actually are somewhat intellectual, to realize they're in a cult.
Because they always go, oh, you're just a Republican.
I hate Paul Ryan.
I hate neocons.
I hate all these people.
Trump's actually trying to end the al-Qaeda forces that Obama and Hillary created.
He's actually trying to have peace with Russia.
And they're demonizing him.
They're coming after him.
And I just wish we could actually reach out to the peaceniks and somehow get them to realize this is all a fraud.
Even Alan Dershowitz and even Jonathan Turley, who are classic liberal lawyers, say this whole thing against Trump's a total witch hunt.
And it's so dangerous because the Democrats have said they're not going to stop with this.
They're talking about civil emergency, overturning the whole elections, and then coming after everybody.
So the stakes have never been higher.
Looking at that, I mean, I don't know how to state the level of history we are at right now.
I mean, I cannot overstate that to folks that we are at such an epic moment.
It will never, ever in human history come down to as important a moment, Alex, and I really want to get this across to your listeners.
If the state wins, if the globalists win, if the communists and the socialists win, capitalism has delivered unto them such monitoring and control and video technology that it is entirely possible we will never, ever be free again.
It comes down to this.
We have the technology to communicate free and peaceful and voluntary ideas across the world.
They have the technology to control everything we do, to monitor everything we do.
They're talking about bringing in monitoring of the internet in the UK and so on.
If we lose, we may never ever win again.
There won't be some big cycle of history and your great-grandkids will be free.
It comes down to now.
They would use every tool in their arsenal.
To win, and they're trying it, we must use every legal tool in our arsenal to fight back, take no prisoners, push forward every agenda, challenge every relationship, push forward, because it's now, literally, or never, I strongly believe.
I'm speechless.
That is 100% total veritas.
They even brag, they call it the end of history, where they're going to use all the technology to suppress the normal turning, the normal cycles, to end renaissance, consolidate total control.
Schmitt and Zuckerberg, all of them as you know, Bill Joy warned people.
He's one of them, but he said it's very immoral what they're doing.
They're going to have a breakaway civilization, put us into total squalor, use it to control us, and then use the fruits of the human mind and open society that has given us almost godlike powers to shackle us!
I mean, this is, this is unspeakably evil!
What do we do?
Well, we recognize that with something like the betrayal of Brexit.
Brexit, as you know, Alex, was about one thing and one thing only, which was controlling immigration.
And 80% of white British people wanted control of immigration, 60% wanted it enormously reduced.
Because when the immigrants from the third world move into England, British people, white people, have to move out.
And it never goes the other way.
It's a one-way street, where the places you can even live in England if you're white get smaller and smaller and smaller.
They voted for it, and the elites are now saying they are disregarding!
What it is that people vote for?
To hell with the will of the people, we're going to do what we want and it's going to be six or seven years before we even talk about limiting just EU borders.
And more immigrants came in from non-EU countries to the UK than EU countries.
They've declared war.
They said the will of the people don't matter.
It doesn't matter anymore.
What do you do?
You have to start protesting.
You have to start getting out there.
You have to recognize that this is an emergency.
There is no DEF CON level higher than what we are facing right now.
You need to pull out all the stops, get all the information you can.
You have a global communications network you can tap into at any time.
You can challenge people in your life.
It is down to this.
Because if we don't solve this peacefully, the kind of weapons that we have if it turns to war might end the entire planet.
And the great evil is that they're not trying to reform Islam, they're taking the most radical orthodox forms that are just totally brutal, anti-woman, you name it, to the 10th degree, and then using it as their new shock troops and admitting in their own publications that they're allied with it.
This is madness!
Well, they have no interest in diversity.
This is something so important.
The left sells diversity so that you will accept people coming into your society that will relentlessly vote for the left.
They don't care about diversity at all.
Try being not on the left and getting a job at a leftist university or a leftist mainstream media outlet.
Try being a non-leftist and writing for television.
They have no interest.
You know who has the stats?
96% of voters
Of Washington reporters donated to the Hillary Clinton campaign.
They have no interest in diversity whatsoever.
Diversity means for them, shut up people who aren't on the left, shut up white people and accept your subjugation while I say no to that.
End to the lie of diversity.
And they're not helping!
They're not helping the, quote, brown people by blowing up free market and blowing up Christian civilization that brought everybody in.
Again, the globalists are in competition.
Remember when the leftists used to care about the poor and they used to care about the working class?
Mass immigration drives down the wages of the poor in America.
And it doesn't help the migrants.
It drives them down too.
We've got to build up through free market, through free market globalism, those countries through
Free Association, wow.
Stefan Molyneux, thank you always.
But today was extremely powerful.
We'll be back with Roger Stone.
That was just a man.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Came in last night at half past ten, that baby of mine wouldn't let me in, so move it on over, move it on over, move it on over, move it on over, move over little dog, cause the big dog's moving in.
She's changed the lock on our front door, and my door key don't fit no more, so get it on over.
John Spicer it on over.
Scoot it on over.
Move it on over.
Move over skinny dog, cause the fat dog's moving in.
That's right.
His country was on death watch when Trump got elected.
His rhetoric, I knew, was devastating him.
Just that rhetoric alone, reintroduced nationalism, common sense, free market, anti-globalism.
I said, well, that's positive, but if he goes sideways, I'll expose him.
I mean, that's what I'm used to doing.
I'm ready to attack.
You're a globalist, you're selling people out.
Trump has done way better than I thought he could do.
But they're coming after him even harder than I thought they would.
Now we learn Obama was ready for martial law on election day.
That's the New York Post.
They're looking at COG and having a civil emergency to remove him and saying it on CNN now and MSNBC.
They're getting ready to go operational.
And they got Mueller over there.
98% of his money going to the Democrats.
Everybody on there, except him, appointed by Bush, just as bad as the Democrats.
Everybody on there, appointed by Democrats, brought on are Democrats.
I mean, this is incredible.
We're going to talk to Roger Stone about what this means.
He popped in earlier with us, but he's got more intel now.
We had him on three minutes after the Spicer resignation was brought out.
Little Birds told me months ago that if Spicer left, that it would be Priebus and that would trigger
Basically a palace coup by the patriots.
And into that vacuum, folks like Bannon will really be able to get even more done.
But already, Trump just totally syncs with Bannon because Trump is a patriot.
Before Bannon was fighting the globalists 30 years ago, Trump was fighting NAFTA and GATT and all the rest of it.
So this is a big day.
This is a big deal.
And Mueller moving is forcing Trump to move.
I mean, the crimes of Hillary are legioned and confirmed and just left alone.
Trump's done nothing, so now they've got the biggest fishing expedition of any president ever against him.
All of his associates, all of his campaign people, all their finances.
Hell, they admit I'm in the dragnet.
Let's go!
Let's get these subpoenas going!
Let's go!
I'm going to testify in public, though.
I'm not testifying in secret with Congress.
We have a man joining us who did testify in Congress, coming up in the next hour.
Stone will ride shotgun with us a little bit to introduce Michael Caputo.
They had him testify in secret, then lied about what he said.
And won't release a transcript.
That was the trap they had for Stone, but they knew Stone was going to get the information out one way or the other.
And so they chickened out last week and brought in Caputo.
So that's coming up.
Caputo sent by the CIA into Russia to keep Yeltsin in power, and they used that file on him to claim he's a Russian agent with no evidence.
That's who these people are, ladies and gentlemen, we're dealing with.
So it's a war within the deep state, make no mistake.
Now, briefly,
Over to you, Stone.
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I'm going to get his contract finally completely done and processed today.
But he's on board.
And a bunch of other people.
But it takes money.
It takes board ops.
It takes equipment.
We're building two new studios.
We're hiring more reporters, more video editors.
There's attrition.
I had a great video editor, been here three years.
He said, listen, I love the stuff you guys are doing, but my friends and family are so mean to me because you guys support Trump.
I just, I know people that are coming to work here.
One guy from New York, I'm not going to say his name.
Who his wife left him over Trump.
I mean, I'm not complaining, but this is like the Civil War, where brothers are against brothers and stuff.
I mean, this is hardcore.
And I'm not gonna sit here and lose this fight.
We're starting to turn the tide.
But we need your prayers.
Spread InfoWars.
Spread the videos.
Spread the articles.
Copy our videos to your channel.
Get them out to everybody.
Conservatives and Libertarians are so good.
You ask permission to paint info wars on the side of your barn.
Or, can we use your videos and show them at our church?
It's fair use.
Everything's copyright free.
Use it.
I just want to reach people.
That's why I never monetize the YouTube channels.
Even though the Vice President of YouTube came to me six years ago.
And said, listen, you got five billion views, but only a billion of them are on your channels at that time.
It's much bigger now.
This would be, you know, millions and millions of dollars a year.
He said, we think it'll be three, four million a year if you just let us monetize with bots, everybody.
And I said, I'm sorry, I'd rather have four billion extra views than have three million dollars or four million dollars.
And I'm not complaining, oh, I don't have money.
I mean, money doesn't come first here.
Money is energy.
Once you've got a decent house, and medical care, and decent cars, and some clothes... I mean, I've been wearing the same two blue sports jackets for five years.
They're getting holes in the elbows.
I've got to get new ones.
It's not like I'm sitting there... I just don't care about things, okay?
I don't worship them.
I worship truth and justice and God, and want to defeat the pedophile army.
I want to crush them.
They're trying to destroy me!
And I'm not scared of them!
It's animating!
I can barely control myself!
I love it!
I'm gonna get him!
I'm gonna get you, and I'm gonna win!
Yeah, I'm crazed!
You bet I am!
I know what you are!
I know what I'm up against!
God's gonna give me whatever energy or will I need to destroy you!
So the stronger you get, the stronger I get!
And you realize that, don't you?
I'm never gonna turn loose of you!
I'm gonna get you!
You understand that, scum?
You're gonna pay for everything you've done!
Now, Roger Stone, let me settle down, give you the floor for this segment.
Please, cover the waterfront, my friend, of what this means today with Spicer leaving, and the latest info you have since you joined us one hour ago.
Is Roger there?
Yes, kind of like the last time the President of the United States called you.
I'm walking through TSA, you're going to have to give me a minute.
So that's what happened.
Yeah, one time Trump called me when I was going to the TSA.
I literally said to the TSA, excuse me, it's the president.
And they all knew who I was.
They said, yes, sir.
So I just stood there in the TSA line by the scanners and talked to the president.
That's another thing where you don't want to be uppity, you don't want to be a celebrity, you don't want to be powerful, because I don't care about all that crap.
I'm not a narcissistic person that's about what the media says and all the rest of it.
I'm confident and bold so people misconstrue what it is.
But it is kind of fun to say, sorry, I'm talking to the president right now, and then they know who you are and believe it and go, yes sir!
It's just bizarre.
He's going through the line right now.
Roger's working double time today.
We'll go back to Roger here in just a minute.
Let me play a clip here that lays it all out.
I'm going to play Newt Gingrich again.
Newt Gingrich, Mueller's law firm gave 99.81 percent.
See, I knew I was saying 98, and something told me that was wrong.
The Democrats get 98 plus percent, 98.6 percent, according to federal elections commissions in the 2016 election.
They give 98.6 percent to Democrats.
I'm sorry.
I misspoke earlier.
Mueller's law firm gave 99.81.
And that's true, according to the Federal Election Commission.
Here's that clip.
The Mueller investigation has so many conflicts of interest, it's almost an absurdity.
The law firm he comes from gave 99.81% of his donations to Hillary Clinton last year.
That's right.
.19 of 1% went to Donald Trump.
The people that he's been hiring are all anti-Trump lawyers.
Several of them have very bad records of hiding information from the defense.
And one case was rebuked.
Full clip on InfoWars.com.
Roger Stone at the airport.
Roger, please continue.
Since we talked an hour ago, I know we talked to you just minutes after the news was announced of Spicer.
What's the latest intel?
Well, Alex, it's, I think, one of the most momentous weeks of the Trump presidency.
Not only did the president essentially express a lack of confidence in Jeff Sessions, but we have evidence of a White House shakeup that's been long in the works.
I just think that we're about to have a sea change.
And what do you expect dealing to players that sea change will bring about?
Roger Stone joins us from the airport.
Have you gotten any more intel since we talked an hour ago?
The wonders of cell phones not working too well right now.
While we get him back, I know he's got breaking news, let's reconnect with him.
Happened to the trick where he flips his phone
I don't think so.
I want to play this Mark Dice report.
Trump's been president for six months and now he's made it great again.
That's coming up.
I want to get some of these other clips on record.
Here's one.
Pork banned from schools because Muslims complain.
You don't see pork getting banned out of schools.
Because Orthodox Jews complain.
And again, I don't want to sit here and bash Muslims.
They're the ones everywhere they go that make you comport to them.
They're the ones that make you go along with their system.
They're the ones that make you change.
And here's the deal.
I'm not doing that for any leftists or any Muslims or anybody else.
So here is the clip.
Parents in Austria have got beef with the authorities after pork was given the chop from kindergartens.
It's been missing from menus for five years.
But now it's been spotted, Austrians are in a stew over it.
The authorities claim children simply prefer chicken and carrots.
The dish was dropped due to health reasons.
Among other things, the needs of Muslim children.
But that's one line that's left a non-sweet, all-sour taste in parents' mouths.
And those polls say they now strongly oppose the decision.
Despite the mayor's claim there's been no official decree, it's still news some are finding difficult to digest.
I cannot really see a reason why the mayor of Salzburg is denying Austrian children
Access to normal Austrian pork dishes.
Pork dishes are part of our culture.
If somebody wants to live here, actually, they should respect our culture.
There's the one side who thinks we should pursue a kind of appeasement strategy.
To accommodate Muslims in Europe and to make sure that they feel like at home.
And others who think, wait, wait a minute.
This is Europe.
This is our country.
These are our countries.
We are not Muslims.
We want to keep our identity.
So this is part of a major political conflict.
The strategy of the Muslims is to call any criticism on them Islamophobia.
And now, especially left-wing politicians are almost very much afraid of being called Islamophobic.
You know what's crazy?
Vienna is known for its pork dishes.
In fact, that's where you get...
Some of the names for pork dishes is after the name of the city, Vienna.
I guess Vienna means wine country in its definition, but if you look at Wienerschnitzel and things, that means from Vienna.
Hammered pork, hammered beef, and lightly breaded.
This is how it works, and here in the U.S., they're taking pork off menus.
In Illinois, and in some areas of Michigan, areas of New York, everybody's got to bend over backwards for the Muslims!
And then we get to have Linda Saucer lecturing us constantly.
Stone's going through TSA.
We'll get the latest info from him.
He'll come on later with us.
I know he's about to get on an airplane.
And we also have his friend coming on who is...
Who was in the Trump campaign and then just testified in Congress secretly.
Then they demonized him and lied about him.
He's going to be joining us coming up in the next hour.
And then Mark Dice will also be joining us.
But Michael Caputo is going to be coming up as well.
And I've got a ton of news I haven't even gotten to yet.
Positive thinking could extend your lifespan.
Just believing you're healthy cuts your risk of early death by 71%.
That you watch all the TV ads and drug ads, it's like you're gonna die, you're dead, cancer's everywhere, everyone's dying, blah blah blah.
And it actually is increasing it.
That's why I'm exposing that they're pushing it to actually cause it.
Stone was detained by TSA for talking on the phone.
Absolutely, you can't trust an American, he's not wearing a burka.
Shot Congress Representative Steve Scalise was actively seeking to stop pedophilia.
He had come out and said human trafficking is as easy as ordering a pizza.
That's code word to us, letting us know he knows.
It's over 10,000 arrests of pedophiles, several thousand that had kids in cages.
Hundreds in LA, hundreds in San Francisco, any major city, hundreds.
So we now have Scalise, we learned weeks ago, was coming out saying we're going after the pedophiles.
Then this happens, here's the clip.
This week, the House took strong actions to stand up for the victims of human trafficking, passing tough bills to provide them protection and to target child predators.
Let's work together to get these bills signed into law.
And there were over 400 pedophile arrests in his state just alone last year.
Now, again, you've got Huffington Post writers, it's all up on Infowars.com, saying, you know, it's time for organized resistance.
You've got other writers, major papers saying, you know, too bad there weren't more of this guy.
Matt Bracken, what do you make of the situation where we're currently at?
Because you've been accurately predicting this, and they are really gearing up for it, and it's the craziest thing I've ever seen.
The left-wing mainstream media is absolutely instigating it.
You could almost say stage-managing it, you know, with the help from the Democrats in Congress.
Gateway Pundit has a great story up today about the New York Times article in April 12th this year.
Yeah, I saw that yesterday where they advertised where they are and that there's not much security.
Right, so for a guy like Hodgkinson, who left Illinois as a killer, but the New York Times handed him the information, this is where to go, where they'll have very minimal security.
Maybe some Capitol Police sitting in a black SUV at the ballpark.
Well, that gives you another, you know, 350 degrees of a big fenced-in area away from the black SUV where you can take your shots from.
The New York Times should get an assist on this hit.
They absolutely should get credit for it.
And it's so ironic because the paragraph above the paragraph where it says, you know, that they are practicing at this field,
It said, well, security officials are very cautious about giving out details because they, you know, say it could compromise security.
And in the next paragraph, the New York Times says, you know, wink, wink.
But if you, if you really wanted to get a bunch of congressmen without much security, here's where you would do it.
Imagine if Fox News
Or Breitbart or Infowars had done an article on Hillary Clinton's security.
And in this article about Hillary Clinton's security, mentioned, let's say, you know, tennis clubs she liked to go to with only a close friend.
Oh, here's where Hillary, you know, goes once a week to play bridge, right here at the corner of this.
There's not much security.
There'll just be one car.
So if you just come into the alley, you can get her right there.
If you're driving too fast, I've got a star on my car and one on my chest.
A gun on my hip, I'm a right to arrest.
I'm a guy who's a boss on this highway.
So watch out what you're doing if you're riding my way.
If you break the law, you'll hear from me I know.
I'm a working for the state, I'm a highway patrol.
Oh, Junior Brown bringing us in.
Remember when that old boy used to live in Austin?
He could just go down to the corner, honky-tonk, and watch him play.
Now he's a big old star.
Moved out to Nashville and Hollywood.
I'm a highway patrol.
Alright, let's get serious here.
Roger Stone is in the TSA line.
We'll see if he's with us the next five minutes.
If not, we'll talk to him this weekend or tonight on the Nightly News.
The stock market started going down yesterday after six months of going up.
Of course, it started going up as soon as Trump got elected, so I guess eight months of it going up to its highest level ever and hundreds of billions of new jobs, thousands of companies coming back to the United States.
69% reduction in illegals coming across the border, massive deportations of people that have committed felonies, something Mexico and others do as well, but when we do it, it's supposedly pure evil.
Killing TPP, renegotiating NAFTA and GATT, killing the carbon tax, defeating ISIS, 95%.
Breaking the back of political correctness, standing up for religious freedom,
But see, Time Magazine and the establishment said she's Madame President.
And they don't lie.
She's our president, at least according to them still.
They're supposed to use this whole woman thing, like, we're gonna get rid of free market, we're gonna bankrupt you and your family, we're gonna take your guns, we're gonna get rid of our borders, but it's okay because Mommy's in charge now.
Big Mommy.
The Merkel model.
The Deutschland model.
But now, Mueller comes out and says, I'm doing a fishing expedition into all his finances, all his family, all his associates, and all of his campaign.
I'm going to see if Russians ever bought a condo from him.
Oh, that'll, oh my gosh!
I bet a lot of Russians bought out of their hundreds of properties.
Oh my goodness!
And the stock market started going down yesterday and today.
And the Federal Reserve announced, we're going to increase interest rates even more.
Because the economy's growing too fast, when it's sputtering.
There they are.
There's Mueller and there's Janet yelling, oh, there's a recovery in the crib.
It might get on its feet.
Here, let's take a pillow and put it over baby's face.
But Trump's a strong little baby.
He's kind of fighting the pillow off and snorting some air down.
And they're like, oh, we better slit his throat.
After all, we're big mega banks.
We're liberal.
We're Apple and others that make our slave goods in China at factories with suicide nets.
Everything's liberal.
So, the stock market's going down now because of this Mueller thing.
This is unprecedented.
Roger, what does Trump need to do right now to Mueller?
I mean, the guy is completely doing the biggest phishing expedition ever.
What does Trump do?
He should first fire Rod Rosenstein.
We're good to go.
Mueller will find some bogus charge against the president in the hopes that they will win the House in 18 and therefore have the votes to impeach.
And they admit that's their plan.
Yes, pretty much.
I mean, they have yet to find a crime, so they're going to seek to manufacture one.
Now, looking into the finances of the president and his family prior to the time he was a candidate for president?
By what authority?
It just shows you the desperateness of the ruling clique and the neocons to remove Trump before he, God knows, makes America great again.
Stay there before we have our next guest on, who was in the secret committee hearings in Congress.
He accused of being a Russian last week.
Stay there, Roger.
I know you're at the airport, but do five more minutes with us, because this is such an amazing time.
Folks, tell people to tune in.
It's an info war.
It's do or die.
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It is the new t-shirt from Infowarsstore.com.
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Get yours at infowarsstore.com.
Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order, it's Alex Jones.
We now take you live to the Central Texas Command Center in the heart of the resistance.
You're listening to Alex Jones.
We got five more minutes left with Roger Stone.
Associate, another evil patriot that helped bring the country back from the brink of destruction, who just testified secretly in Congress last week, will be joining us.
In fact, we may just keep him on a little bit with us.
He's now telling us via text message so that he can help me interview Caputo.
But continue.
I mean, this is obviously Trump gearing up, realizing that the fuse has been lit on this metastasizing cancer.
How long does he have?
Well, Alex, first of all, let me apologize to the listeners.
This reminds me of when the President called you when you were trying to go through TSA at the airport, and there's nothing so officious as a Canadian with a badge.
So I apologize for the disjointed nature of this, but I've got a few minutes here, and I really think we're reaching a crucial point here, where Mueller and Rosenstein have to be discharged.
We're good to go.
They don't report it, but I think the American people are beginning to feel it.
I think the President's never, never been stronger.
And this was a plot by Rosenstein.
This was their fail-safe.
They want to do nothing short of reversing the results of the 2016 elections.
What they could not accomplish at the ballot box, they now want to accomplish by fiat.
And they now admit that.
What do you make of the New York Post reporting that Obama had a martial law plan for after the election and the military standing by to basically take over the state houses?
You know, many patriots said this before the election and many of those were people who were well-connected sources of info wars.
I had a tendency to discount it at the time, but I was completely wrong.
The arrogance
But they choked!
But they choked!
We just have the tip of the edge of the massive voter fraud that went on.
If you calculate that into the election returns, you will begin to realize that Trump won so overwhelmingly that they could not steal it.
It was such a mega landslide, and Hillary reportedly, now confirmed, collapsed that night, and their own people just said, this is too crazy, this woman's insane, the Pentagon was going to fight them on it, and so they backed down.
Now they're trying to reorganize, and it's not going to work.
I think that's exactly right, and we know that they began pushing the phony Russian collusion—delusion—within 48 hours of the election, the arch-criminal John Podesta
Bad news for him yesterday.
The Russian company associated with Putin that gave him 75,000 very valuable shares, shares he didn't disclose in his required financial disclosures with the U.S.
government, has collapsed.
And they say Trump was in bed with the Russians?
It was Podesta, Hillary, Bill, Chelsea, Tony Podesta in bed with the Russians.
Their phony narrative is collapsing before our very eyes.
It's just wild.
We're going to go to break.
We're going to introduce a gentleman who was where you were going to be last week, testifying.
They chickened out on you and had their secret testimony to only slander our next guest.
Stay with us, ladies and gentlemen.
I'm Alex Jones.
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Just 6% of Americans say the Russian collusion conspiracy theory is important.
The Daily Wire pointed out that in a Bloomberg survey pulling Americans on what they feel is the most important issues concerning the Trump administration, 35% said healthcare, 13% said the economy, 11% said terrorism, and a measly 6% said President Trump's relationship with Russia was an important issue for them.
Then why does the mainstream media spend so much time focusing on the Russia conspiracy theory?
They want to undermine the Trump presidency to appease their bosses, the globalist owners of major news corporations.
You see, the best forms of propaganda spread through deception.
And the mainstream media role plays as objective journalists while pushing a globalist agenda.
But don't take it from me.
Just look at the Bloomberg article that accompanied the poll.
Americans feel good about the economy, not so good about Trump, the headline read.
No, really.
The top three issues that Americans find important are the
This is Kit Daniels with InfoWars.com
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
It's Alex Jones.
Notice the scumbag Democratic Party and the MSM that gave 98 plus percent of its money to the Democrats in the last election.
Notice that they call themselves the resistance now to Trump and us.
No, it's the globalists, it's the crony capitalists, it's the special interest that wrote Obamacare to screw people over and Trump's just trying to get rid of it.
They're the ones that wrote the TPP in secret.
They're the ones that put us in the napped-in-gat one side of deals and the carbon tax that only we had to pay.
And Trump's saying that's all over and our economy's coming roaring back.
So Mueller comes out with the biggest phishing expedition ever, ever, beyond whitshine, and says everybody Trump knows, all his associates, all his campaign people, any media affiliated with him, we're going to dragnet everything of their financials.
And they said McClatchy, including me.
I have zero to do financially with Trump.
But they don't care.
Everybody's a Russian agent, including Michael Caputo, who did a great job in the campaign, and then who we heard constantly was connected to the Russians, even though I knew months ago when his name was being thrown around that he worked to keep Yeltsin in power for the U.S.
That wasn't secret info.
It is secret.
Who obviously runs that, but it's not now.
It's got three letters in its name, but that shows how keeping Yeltsin in power, he's now a Russian agent, when that was U.S.
policy of the Clintons.
So Michael Caputo joins us.
We've got Roger Stone at the airport riding shotgun because he's an expert on this.
It was Stone and others that told me a long time ago, Anthony Scaramucci, they've been trying to run him out.
He goes in as communications director, get ready for all the neocons and the moles to be taken out and removed.
Spicer just jumped ship.
Notice the New York Times had the scoop first and the Daily Beast, he was leaking it all to them first.
The only misjudgment of Trump was not getting rid of him sooner.
Good Lord!
Good Lord!
Michael Caputo again testified in secret.
They asked for it.
Stone was going to do it, but they cancelled it.
They won't give him a transcript, but now they're putting out supposedly what he said and then suddenly not having him back on the cable news shows so he can respond.
So here he is at InfoWars, Michael Caputo, politicsny.net.
Thank you so much for joining us.
Hey, thanks, Alex, for inviting me.
I really appreciate it.
Well, we appreciate you.
Please just tell folks what they need to know about the committee and why you're in major news publications like the Washington Post.
Former Trump campaign consultant warns president surrogates away from house intel probe.
Well, I'll tell you, I went into this thing with my eyes open.
On March 20th, Representative Jackie Speier of Oakland, California brought my name into a live, televised, open House Intelligence Committee hearing and also brought my wife into this.
For some reason, I still can't figure out, you know, my wife is Ukrainian, not Russian.
Anybody who knows anything about world politics, they know that Ukrainians aren't, if you're married to a Ukrainian, that is not an avenue toward Putin.
No, it just means you have good taste in women.
That's right.
Well, she apparently is not really well apprised.
I bet she couldn't tell Ukraine and Russia apart on a map.
But she went out there and dragged my wife in.
So I immediately moved to, you know, I insisted that I wanted another open hearing on television, you know, live on television to avenge my wife and to set the record straight.
But they refused to give me an open hearing.
In fact, they're refusing to give any of us an open hearing now.
Not even Roger, Paul, Manafort, or anybody.
And so I decided to cooperate anyway.
I'm excited to get my two cents in to try to prove this Russian collusion, delusion is a false narrative.
I went in there, I actually thought it felt pretty fair.
I mean, the Democrats were assertive, not aggressive.
You know, Representative Schiff was not rude to me.
He treated me like a gentleman.
I had high hopes for the results of this.
I fully disclosed that I had absolutely no discussion with any Russians during the campaign, but I knew of no discussion with Russians.
We didn't even speak about Russia even once during the entire time I was with the campaign.
And insults, but it's also impossible that Donald Trump would even consider doing such a thing, or even allow it in his midst, or around him, this kind of treason.
He wouldn't allow it.
So I thought it was a solid meeting, and then after, when I come out, you know, Jackie Speier couldn't be bothered to attend.
In fact, only four members attended, two Democrats and two Republicans.
Jackie Speier couldn't even be bothered to attend, but when she got back to Washington after having her weekend in California,
She decided to tell CNN that I may have lied under oath at the committee hearing, even though she didn't attend, and there still is no transcript, not available to her or to me.
So that speculation is a violation of the confidentiality of this process.
It's certainly a violation of House ethics.
And I'll tell you, even though I felt good about this in the beginning, my advice to Roger Stone and everybody else in this whole situation is to stay away from a closed hearing because it's really just a rigged game.
Well, I agree, and I've got your statement printed out here.
If you've got it, you're welcome to read it out, because again, they want to do this in secret.
Biebenbeckley had the Red Scare hearings, which I think got out of hand some, but there were real communist Russian-Soviet agents back then.
And 15 years ago, the Russians declassified a lot of their files and showed that McCarthy was pretty much on target.
But I do think he violated some people's rights, but he did those hearings in public!
This is so next-level cowardly to do it in private, keep the transcript secret, and then let people selectively use the transcript, but not give it to you, the accused, while Maxine Waters and everybody runs around insane, you know, saying, quote, if you talk to a Russian, you're a Russian agent.
Yeah, it's amazing just how foolish this has gotten.
And I'll tell you, yesterday morning, my attorney sent a letter to the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence telling them that we want my transcript released to the public now, unredacted, unclassified.
We didn't discuss anything that we thought was classified.
We want that out there so I can have Representative Jackie Speier point to the section where she thinks I lied.
I mean, how would she know?
She wasn't there and there is no transcript, so she's operating just on her own, you know, delusions.
But if they don't do it, you know, I can't see how this could be fair at all.
Listen, it's entirely possible that Representative Jackie Speier is the Fredo of the House Intelligence Committee, and that all of her brothers on the committee are upset about how she's embarrassed the family.
And they can send her out to Vegas, wherever it takes to get her out of the mix.
But Fredo has messed this up now.
And even though she's the dullest knife in that drawer, they need to do something to fix it.
The only way to get my reputation back is to reveal that testimony in its entirety and have Jackie Speier point to the section where she thinks I lied.
It's incredible.
I mean, this is criminal in our judicial system and our congressional legislative system if they don't do this.
I've studied our political system and I can't find times where there are closed-door sessions and then they don't
Release the transcript to everybody and then accuse someone of lying and then not say where you lied.
It's beyond Kafka.
I believe, I agree with you, but I gotta tell you, I think even Representative Schiff and Swillwell and others, they probably are pretty upset about this because it puts the lie to their entire process.
If they are trying to pull a rig game and make it look like it's fair and
I think so.
She's just, you know, all of the facts that she read out around, as she was discussing me on CNN, were also a plot.
I mean, she doesn't even get her facts straight.
She said that in 2004, in a guest op-ed in the Washington Post, that I had said that I had worked with Vladimir Putin.
Also another lie.
If she read that op-ed in 2004, she would have understood.
Yeah, just because they read something in a fake newspaper, like the New York Times or Washington Post, doesn't mean it's true.
I mean, I've got right here, Madam President, where Hillary got elected President, according to Newsweek Magazine, it's not true.
I saw you on Tucker Carlson, and from my research of the whole Russiagate, it was absolutely the best testimony I've seen, where you talked about, of course the Russians are trying to influence, everybody does.
We do it.
I was sent in by the Clintons to actually keep Yeltsin in power.
Rehash some of that, but also, why were you picked, when clearly you have a great record of serving this country, why were you just picked out of the air to be the sacrificial lamb?
Well, I'll tell you.
You mean for this hearing or to go to Russia?
Just everything.
Yeah, the whole Russia thing.
Well, I'll tell you.
In 1994, I had worked as one of the press agents for Bushcleal 92.
We had gotten beaten by the Clintons and the wall had fallen.
I had worked for many years in the Reagan doctrine programs.
Uh, trying to have put away this kind of communist conspiracy internationally.
And it was interesting to watch it all fall.
And I wanted to go watch it fall in Russia.
I didn't know much about Russia, so I told the agency that I was available, Agency for International Development.
I may not have been their first choice because I was a Republican, but I was
You know, I came with some credentials working with youth.
I have worked in Rock the Vote, United States, trying to get young people to vote.
And the real problem in Russia was that young people who were all supporters of Boris Yeltsin were not voting.
You were a young, successful political operative that had worked with MTV, you name it, bipartisan.
They sent you in.
Right, and so I started, you know, my first job when I went in there on behalf of the Clinton administration, paid by the United States Agency for International Development, was to help develop and pass an election law that would bring democracy about in Russia.
It was a difficult process.
I did it in several states of Russia as well.
Once we got the election law passed,
I went to work to get Rock the Vote Russia going, trying to get rock and roll bands to get involved in a program to promote voting as a civic duty for young people, because we knew that young people were 85% pro-Yeltsin.
It was very successful.
It was a great party.
Sure, so how did they turn that, and obviously, above your agency, that program was known to being run by the State Department and CIA, so they have your file, they know exactly what you did.
Speak to that police, because they're the ones trying to drag you into this.
It's really just about soundbites and getting another story out there and trying to extend this bogus Russia collusion delusion as long as they can.
That's all it's about.
So they're so desperate they go after people that are part of State Department, CIA programs to keep a pro-America guy installed and democratize Russia and that's your clear pedigree and they turn that around that you're the best they've got as the proof of Russian collusion.
Well, also, Alex, that was the 1990s.
In 2000, when Vladimir Putin took over the reins of the Russian Federation, I moved home to America.
Now, I did a couple more things on behalf of Russian companies, but I never did any work for Vladimir Putin.
And Representative Jackie Speier, the initial insult to me was that I was Putin's image maker.
She absolutely doesn't understand Russian politics, U.S.-Russia diplomacy, and doesn't understand what PR is about or who I was representing and when.
But it was just about extending the roguish Russia collusion delusion as long as possible.
Meanwhile, my wife and I are enduring death threats from people who hear her talking about me as a traitor on national television.
And it's just getting worse and worse.
I'm not going to sit around, Alex.
By the way, Michael Caputo, the reason I raise that is I have these people come up to me and scream,
Two simple reasons.
One, because he'd been in Russia.
He'd lived there.
And secondly, because he had a pregnant wife.
There's no evidence whatsoever that ties him to any connection or communications with the Russian state or any Russian nationals during this election.
Sadly, the other reason I think they targeted him because he is a longtime trusted friend of mine.
We worked together for Ronald Reagan.
We worked together for Jack Kemp.
And I know he is a solid guy with a very big following at WBEN there in Buffalo, where he does conservative commentary.
But this is nothingness.
They had no probable cause, no reason to drag him before the committee other than to smear him.
Well also, the cover of Time has Donnie Jr.
on it with a little Hitler mustache they put on, and it says, caught red-handed.
Russia's not red anymore, but it's also been the Democrats that were always in bed with the Russians when they were communists.
I just don't see this dog hunting, Michael Caputo.
Politicsny.net, the latest target of the whole Russia hysteria.
Folks just joined us.
He testified in secret in Congress.
It was supposed to be in secret.
No transcript was given to him, and now they have a congresswoman who wasn't even there running around saying he perjured himself.
True defamation, where a man can't even defend himself, but he's here doing it, despite the fact there's no record.
He's called for the record to be released.
6% of Americans in a Gallup poll last week think Russia is important.
90 plus percent believe it is a hoax.
Don't the Democrats know this is a losing, losing narrative?
Well, I'll tell you, I don't think it matters to them at all.
They've lost all reason in this situation.
I mean, this is really a very successful gambit on their behalf to try and delay the President's agenda.
He hasn't been able to get footing on a lot of important issues because of this Russia collusion delusion.
And the problem, I think, is they don't know how to stop.
You know, somebody's already gotten shot because of their strategy.
Representative Scalise and others on that baseball diamond in Alexandria.
And they're pretending they have nothing to do with it.
And somehow or another, the media is letting them get away with it.
It's going to happen again.
Somebody else is going to get shot.
Because these people are spinning up their base.
They're frothing up their base.
And they know they are.
And always, when you froth up your base, the bad apples are going to come to the top.
And they're going to buy guns, and they're going to shoot people.
I'm tired of her running my name and my wife's name out in the middle of all this with absolutely no proof, and now violating the confidentiality of the hearing process.
Nobody should go before the House Intelligence Committee in a closed hearing at all, because they are going to get the exact same treatment I got.
They're going to get fed up, at least by Jackie Speier, if they let Fredo back in the hearing room.
The minutes we have left with you, since you raised that, I mean, here's an example of what they do.
Trump's walking around at the beginning of the G20 meeting, you know, a week and a half ago.
He gets out of the limo, goes in, there's a refreshment area, he walks over, shakes Putin's hand in front of cameras, everybody's shaking each other's hands, you know, he shook 30-something hands walking in of other world leaders and their wives and dignitaries and ambassadors.
He walks over, they talk a few minutes, they say, that's dirty and evil.
Then he has his meeting, they imply that, oh, he did a horrible job and he is a traitor.
When he has the Russian ambassador to the White House, which is normal, they say it's a secret meeting, he gave up secret info when it had been in the news two months that ISIS is using laptop bombs and had been on the cover of USA Today.
So he says, hey, let's work together to stop ISIS.
That's known we're doing that.
Then, on the last night, the G20 seats him.
I don't
He's hobbling the president with a bureaucracy where he can't engage in foreign executive operations and where he's suspect if he talks to the Russian leader at a public dinner that he's supposed to.
I mean, I think he should do his own meeting in Reykjavik like Reagan did with Gorbachev and get in everybody's face and break the back of this.
What do you say?
I think they should do some one-on-one basketball shirtless.
I mean, I don't care what they do.
You know, the one thing Lavrov says, though, they may have had more meetings.
They may have even gone to the bathroom together.
I mean, it's ridiculous.
Let me tell you something, Alex.
One thing most Americans don't know is we have hundreds
Look, quite literally hundreds of Russians who are now Russian-Americans, people who have emigrated to the United States, who have the highest level of security clearance in our government, in our law enforcement, in our intelligence agencies, in our Treasury Department, all over the place.
And they're doing yeoman's work.
They're doing excellent work for our country.
They're as loyal as anybody else.
They are Russian-American.
And they have top-secret special information clearances.
Someone talking to a Russian waitress, or someone waving at each other across a reception of world leaders, is evidence of collusion.
And we better start looking at our own intelligence agencies, our own law enforcement agencies, our own administration departments, with excellent Russian-Americans.
Well, let's expand on that.
We've got a great person who came here when she was a little girl from Russia to get away from the communism.
She was in Army Special Operations, highest level clearances.
But again, she can't be trusted either, see?
Because she's an evil Russian.
It's outrageous, and if this doesn't sound more and more like the McCarthy hearings, I don't know what it does.
I mean, I'll tell you, when I sat in that hearing, I have not talked about it because they asked me not to, even though Jackie Speier has already talked about it.
I've talked to my attorney, maybe I'll start releasing more information, but the one thing that did happen in that hearing is they asked me a long list of names.
And they asked me, do you know this person?
Do you know that person?
I would go, no, yes.
And the longer this list got, and the more I heard it, it sounded more and more like the McCarthy theory.
Well sure, but Trump is well known to all world leaders to pat him and say, hey, we're going to work together and try to sell him on stuff that's good for the US.
I mean, he points at Russia, points at himself, does his hand, shaking a fist like, we're together.
Of course he's saying we're going to work together because Russia's free market now, they're anti-radical Islam.
What is this obsession in DC with continuing Russia as the boogeyman when it's the communist Chinese the CIA admits have a hundred times the influence of the Russians?
Alex, I'll tell you, if Disney World and Florida were some kind of an evil incarnate, they would be wiping the floor with Disney World right now and Mickey Mouse because Donald Trump once went there.
It doesn't matter who this is, whether it's Russia, Mickey Mouse, Venezuela, Fort Wayne, Indiana, they will tar the president with whatever they have.
It doesn't matter what it is.
They've got some traction with the Russia thing because of the negativity that's out there.
And it's all they've got and they're not going to stop pushing it.
That's my final question and please come back.
What do you think Mr. Caputo, Trump should do?
I mean, I think he should fire Mueller, fire the Deputy Attorney General, all of them.
Well, I gotta tell you, I'm a little dicey about firing Mueller.
I do think that he should separate this investigation, all the discussions of it, out into an external unit.
He's already doing that, but also stick to it.
We saw too many questions about the Russia investigation and the White House press briefing.
Absolutely build a wall between the two of them and move forward and start driving his agenda forward.
If Mueller gets out of line, like he's already, you know, the president's already drawn that red line, it's time to consider whether or not this investigation... I mean, Mueller announced he's gonna see if Trump's crap stinks today, I mean...
Yep, yep.
But the question that we really have to have here is, you know, these investigations on Capitol Hill are political entirely, and it's all about playing gotcha.
Of course it is.
Michael, if you've got to go, that's fine.
I appreciate 20 minutes.
If you can come back and do five more and one more question from Roger, that's fine.
Let me know during the break.
But regardless, very important information.
Thanks for giving us a window into this deep witch hunt.
I'm Alex Jones, InfoWars.com, his site.
Need to check it out.
We'll give it to you on the other side.
It's PoliticsNY.net.
We're on the march, the empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Do you remember Dennis Hastert, the longest-serving Republican Speaker of the House in history, also the highest-ranking U.S.
politician to be sent to prison?
Hastert was a small-town wrestling coach in Illinois when he was what Judge Thomas Durkin of the federal court described as a serial child molester.
Because of the statutes of limitations for acts in the 1960s and 70s has run out, Hastert was not charged for any of the sexual abuse he engaged in, if you can believe that.
He did go down for illegal hush money, to the tune of at least $3.5 million.
He was fined $250,000 and sentenced to 15 months in prison.
Hardly justice.
But now, the serial child molester is free once again, after serving only 13 months.
Judge Durkin also said, there's nothing more disturbing than having a child molester and Speaker of the House in the same sentence.
I disagree.
There's nothing more disturbing than a serial child molester being free after only one year in prison.
Won't see that on CNN.
For InfoWars.com, this is Owen Schroer.
All right, Roger Stone is about to take off.
This is the Alex Jones Show.
So I'm going to skip the intro.
Michael Caputo is our guest for a few more minutes to talk about where he sees all this going and how they're trying to block the president's agenda, politicsny.net.
But Roger, your plane's about to take off.
They're telling you to turn the phone off.
Any other questions or comments for Michael Caputo?
Yeah, Michael, I'm curious what you thought of Congresswoman Spears' claim last week that she cannot be sued and that there is no way to hold her responsible for the outrageous and defamatory claim she's made against you, never mind me, saying that I worked for the Kremlin.
To me, that doesn't seem right.
My lawyers are examining it.
I know a member is protected when they speak on the House floor, but when they go outside, when they go on CNN, for example, and say that you have committed perjury, a crime, can they be held responsible?
What's your lawyer's reading?
My lawyers are looking at it as well, because as you know, both of us were trampled by her outside of the halls of Congress, outside of her office.
But there is some indication that congressmen can do whatever they want as long as they're pursuing House business.
And it's not clear whether that's true or not.
My attorneys are still checking it out.
But she's vulnerable on a lot of fronts, Roger.
And a lot of this stuff is an ethical violation.
The things that she's doing are against the code of the confidentiality of the hearings themselves.
Quite literally, this is the Fredo of the Intelligence Committee.
Well, this is all part of the leaking culture.
Look at Spicer leaking to the Daily Beast, leaking to the New York Times before the President even knew.
I mean, what does that say about Spicer?
You know, the problem we have here is that this isn't even leaking.
This is point-blank, flat-out announcing.
It's not even leaking.
Of course.
There's nothing to leak because there is no transcript.
There's nothing to give someone.
She's basically just lying in front of a man.
She uses the secrecy to make up the fiction.
That's absolutely true.
That's the same thing she did with Roger, saying that he was on the payroll of Kremlin.
I mean, the problem she has is that she lives in the delusion
And in my eyes, in a lot of ways, she's in the jackpot herself for the things she's said about myself and Roger and other people.
Well, sure, it's like the lady on the Federal Election Commission saying I'm a Russian agent.
And it turns out she gets all this money from 22 foreign governments.
It's totally illegal.
And Hillary going to Morocco and getting $12 million while she's the Secretary of State.
I mean, these people are literally what they accuse us of.
Roger, we'll talk to you soon.
Get that plane.
Thank you, Roger.
There goes Roger Stone.
Michael Caputo, we were talking during the break and I said, wow, that's powerful testimony.
Can you repeat to the viewers and listeners what you were saying during the break about what their real agenda is and what could fix things versus what they're attempting right now?
In my opinion, I think this is shared by a lot of people.
The whole Russia investigation is designed to delay or even stop the President's agenda.
And in fact, while the President won an election in November, the Democrats have won the first year.
I have no question.
They've stalled him completely.
As a cynical political operative, I would say what they decided to do, they've succeeded tremendously at.
But as an American, I really feel fear for the Republic.
In my opinion, this is very clearly a silent coup, if nothing else.
I mean, the problem we have is this.
They're not stopping.
Even though somebody gets shot because of what they've done, one of their own colleagues, and they're not stopping.
And from my, you know, we look at Alinsky's book and others, the one chapter that they always forget to write is, when do you stop?
When do you stop?
They're not stopping.
And the fact of the matter is, maybe this will burn them themselves.
They'll burn themselves by going so far that they lose the 2008 election because they have made complete fools of themselves.
Or they could go the other direction and be a complete conflagration.
You know, the one thing that everyone who's listening can do
Well, yeah, I mean, that's what...
The whole agenda by Soros is spending hundreds of millions, he admitted, sending out AstroTurf when they come back to their districts later next month to get in their face and have robocalls and all this.
So now more than ever, folks, we asked for a president.
To fight globalism, to defend our borders, to get our jobs back.
It's happening.
They're going, oh look, he's failed at tax cuts and Obamacare.
Well, not for trying.
And so it's our failure not backing him enough.
You want to look in the mirror, and I'm not bitching at the listeners, but here's the bottom line.
I'm in this fight 18 hours a day.
And I know the Russia thing is baloney, because they had congressional hearings four months ago, and again a week ago.
Where they have armed services committees where they have people on their former Board of Governors FCC saying Alex Jones works for the Kremlin and Hillary just says I do.
Look, it's like saying, you know, that I'm a Martian and the moon's made of cheese.
I know none of it's true.
I know I've never gotten Russian money.
I know the Russians don't tell me what to say.
I've never been to Russia.
And it's just very, very frustrating to sit here.
It's almost comical, but it's almost like I'm in a bad dream or something to watch Armed Services Committee hearings.
Then I realize, listen,
This is just about intimidating people.
They know it's bull.
And then what do you call these un-American groups that have hijacked the country, these foreign multinational special interests, pointing at us and saying we're foreign influenced because they're the globalists.
They are the outsiders.
They are the subverters that don't want to make America great again.
It couldn't be clearer.
A final comment on that, Mr. Caputo.
Well, I'll tell you, it's absolutely true, and these are the people who are behind the Russia collusion, delusion, the ones who are delaying the President's agenda.
But there's nothing wrong with the White House administration.
There's nothing wrong with Congress that 3-4% growth across 6 months couldn't fix.
3-4% gross domestic product, you know, we have not had any healthy growth at all since
We're good to go.
We're going to see some economic growth, and if it gets to be in the 3 to 4 percent range, it's difficult to do.
But if it does, and he spends it for six months, he's back, and so is the Republican Congress.
Well, Michael Caputo, no wonder they wanted you to testify in secret, because you're a really smart guy, and everything you've said is documented, so we're all in this together, literally.
Thank you for joining us.
Thank you, Alex.
There you go, ladies and gentlemen.
What a time to be alive.
We're getting Mark Dice on the line.
They haven't called him a Russian yet, but I'm sure that's coming.
We got all these clips too where they say literally you can't talk to a Russian or you're a Russian agent and all the rest of it.
I've got a clip here of Lou Dobbs saying exactly what Caputo was just saying.
I wonder if they'll say Lou Dobbs is a Ruski.
Here it is.
Your thoughts now on what is arguably the most politically corrupt department in the history of the American government.
I'm speaking, of course, of the Obama Justice Department, led by two attorneys general, Eric Holder, who ultimately became the first sitting cabinet officer ever to be cited for contempt of Congress.
And his successor, who is working on matching his record, Loretta Lynch.
She, according to the fire director of the FBI, obstructed justice in ordering James Comey to refer to the Clinton email investigation as a matter rather than an investigation for the purpose of allowing the Clinton campaign to deny the Democratic nominee was under federal investigation.
Today, we learned of the prospect of additional corruption on the part of the Obama Justice Department.
An issue why Attorney General Lynch went to almost unprecedented lengths to permit a Russian attorney to enter the country without a visa.
Long before meeting Donald Trump Jr.
and Jared Kushner.
Not the first scandal to plague that agency, of course.
This meeting took place on June 9th of last year.
But it is unclear now not only why A.G.
Lynch would have given her an extraordinary waiver of U.S.
immigration laws, but how that Russian attorney could have been in the country some five months after the expiration of that so-called immigration parole waiver.
The Senate Judiciary Committee is now investigating Lynch's efforts to protect Hillary Clinton and the role of not only A.G.
Now that's one clip, we've got another where he's on Hannity and says this is a coup against the American people, an attempt to break our will.
Now joining us is one of the most prolific and successful people reaching tens of millions a week, author, you name it, Mark Dice.
And a hard guy to get on.
We're about to launch a bunch of new shows and stuff and I want to get him to be part of some of those.
But just amazing work at MarkDice.com and of course his commentary, he's always waiting as stuff breaks to get right on it and counter them.
And more and more, they're trying to censor him off YouTube.
CNN's been trying to censor him.
We're having them trying to shut down our channel right now with all these false violations.
And it's just really coming to a head.
And Twitter's admitting that they are about to massively increase the censorship.
They say, quote, tenfold.
So I want to talk about this and just the general lay of the land with media critic Mark Deist.
Mark, thanks for coming on with us.
Always good to join you, Alex.
The war against the independent media continues to ramp up.
They just had the Sun Valley Conference, which is basically the Bilderberg Conference of tech in Sun Valley, Idaho, a resort town where every year the big tech moguls and media companies purge to have discussions about acquisitions.
New Terms of Service policies and so that's I think why we're starting to see some of this new censorship rolling out is this is coming out of the discussions that were held at Sun Valley.
Sun Valley of course, this is where the CNN Ty Warner... By the way, you were on a few months ago and predicted we'd see it after this and I noticed they just had the meeting and then it all happened the same day on Monday so that you have nowhere to run basically.
This is where all the big wigs of media and now that tech... How did you predict that?
Because I'm impressed.
How did you predict that?
Well, when all these people, when they have an annual meeting where they're going to get together and you kind of expect what their next move is going to be, that's where they're going to collaborate, kind of come to a consensus.
I mean, essentially, this is one of those big elite consensus building organizations like Build a Bird, like the Bohemian Grove, which also just happened.
But this is specifically focused on tech.
It's not overtly sinister, but this is where all of these big shots go and all the investors
They couch it in stopping bullying, but then they have these groups that go around bullying, saying if you hurt their feelings, talking bad about Hillary, they ban you.
Yeah, the double standard is incredible, and that's part of the reason why my YouTube channel has taken off in the last year, because I started documenting the clear hypocrisy, the violations of terms of service.
Yeah, talk about that!
I mean, they'll have a Facebook with a half million people for a year saying kill Trump, but we just say we don't like Hillary and our thing gets suspended.
I mean, it's crazy.
It's insane.
I came across a very vicious video of somebody threatening police officers, and I had reported it to one of my contacts in the NYPD, who actually worked with the Trump campaign doing security for the then-president-elect.
And so they were investigating this individual.
I reported it to YouTube to have it taken down.
They got back with me, and they said, I think we talked about this before.
And it just didn't violate the terms of service.
I mean, this wasn't just somebody espousing, you know, kind of harsh opinions about the police.
I mean, it was straight-up 100% threat and incitement.
Yet they're taking down
Conservative YouTube channels.
Thankfully, you guys covered the story about CNN and YouTube just pulling my video, which was a very strange form of censorship.
I hadn't seen this before.
They locked my previous video on private.
They didn't strike it for community service violations.
Young Turks had that done to me.
We had the live confrontation, which they set up, and then suddenly our video was just private.
Yeah, so it wasn't copyright infringement because it was fair use.
And for folks that don't know, tell folks about the censored video, what you broke down.
I don't know.
I think so.
I think they're going to start using their Content ID system to block videos, which has happened to me already in the past.
This is the second time that it happened, where I had used a clip from a show from Jamie Foxx talking about President Obama calling him our Lord and Savior, and it was taken down.
Our Lord and Savior?
Barack Obama?
Yeah, now again, it wasn't just uploading the clip in and of itself.
The clip was used in a 3 or 4 minute video.
I've had them hit me with copyright when it's about me, 100% defended by under free speech.
You as a citizen are allowed to show a clip and respond under free speech.
It's totally covered.
Courts have ruled a million times, as you know.
But as you said, they're starting to ignore that.
Well, they're freaking out, which is why we saw one of their hosts, Allison Comorato, quits Twitter literally the day after Sebastian Gorka just ridiculed her live in front of their, I don't know, 200,000 viewers, talking about how the fact is that CNN has fewer viewers than reruns of Yogi Berra cartoons on Nick at Night.
So this woman quit Twitter.
Not only did she quit Twitter, she wrote a breakup letter, Alex.
But I can read part of it to you here.
It is just absolutely bizarre.
She literally deleted her account
And then wrote this letter saying, Dear Twitter, Remember my first tweet back in May of 2009?
Happy Mother's Day!
My God, listen to how hopeful I sounded.
Back then, I believed your promises that you would help me connect with people, that you would be an agent for good in the world, that you would get my messages out and help build a community.
Back then, you surprised me with flower emojis and thoughtful comments.
Back then, it was still thrilling to check in with you and see how many followers you'd brought me.
Those were the days.
But something happened to you.
You're a shadow of your former self.
The one that I was first attracted to.
And this goes on and on.
Now, when I first heard about this, I thought this was somebody mocking her quitting Twitter.
This is her blog on CNN.com.
And now we have internal documents that came out a few months ago that Facebook and Twitter are mainly fake bots for liberals to keep them in a fake community believing, and it's really AI computers, that then other people just copy and create kind of a feedback loop or an amplification snowball mockingbird deal, and they admit we want to keep them desperate and liberal and alone and pathetic, just like the WikiLeaks say.
We've been so ahead of the curve that now, finally, over a decade after YouTube has been in place.
Years after YouTubers like myself have used the platform to develop careers with audiences of millions of people, now mainstream celebrities from Ellen DeGeneres to Kim Kardashian to Katy Perry are now joining YouTube.
They are becoming YouTubers.
That's how much we are affecting this.
That's how powerful this platform is.
And this was the first election, the 2016 election,
We're good to go.
People like myself could develop a huge career and an audience of more people than watch these network television shows just using a cell phone or using a laptop.
And so that's why they're absolutely freaking out.
That's why they have mass demonetized channels.
The adpocalypse where now ad revenue for news channels has dropped 90 percent.
They want to shut us down.
They were trying to go for our wallets.
And so it's an ever adapting.
That's right, let's stay there, because they're launching all the censorship.
I want to get into censorship of independent media.
I want to get into the latest liberal insanity, like the vagina challenge, on the other side of this.
But when we return, the first thing I want to get into is this.
It's more than just everybody having to go to YouTube.
No one likes establishment Hollywood or establishment red carpet now, except for maybe dumb teenagers or something.
I don't mean all of them, but some of them.
People really hate establishment stuff, and there's nothing more Americana than that.
We're finding our roots again.
Stay with us.
More with Mark Dice.
James Wesley Rawls is with us.
I wanted to get him on.
Former Army intelligence officer, best-selling author, runs the biggest survival blog out there, SurvivalBlog.com.
So James Wesley Rawls, a great psychology expert on this.
Do you agree with me that we're seeing devastating human awakening to the globalists?
Huge events, but I can feel, though, their counter-strike is going to be insane, wild, and very dangerous.
Well, Alex, I think you asked where we are.
I'd say we're about 1967 right now.
If you look back to the 1960s and the radicalization of what started out as an anti-draft, anti-war movement, it all got started very peacefully with a group called the Students for a Democratic Society, SDS.
And those protests grew more and more violent, and a lot of the people that were involved got increasingly radicalized.
And then
Starting in the late 60s, 67, 68, 69, you saw splinter groups come off of the anti-war movement.
The Weathermen.
But don't you think we're going to see an acceleration of the radicalization?
I think so.
In fact, I think it can happen much more rapidly because of the rapid dissemination of information.
I think within two years we'll probably see overt terrorism coming out of groups like Black Lives Matter and the Antifa movement.
And an amazing parallel is that if you look at the late 1960s, the real ringleaders of the terrorist campaign that took place then was a mixture of disenfranchised inner-city blacks and ultra-privileged college-educated whites.
They're literally running the same Sololensky plan but in the 21st century.
I think we're going to see them get rapidly radicalized and very rapidly transition into overt terrorism.
And I think their first terrorist attacks will probably be in the cypher world.
And probably then followed by overt bombings, kidnappings.
If, you know, a lot of your listeners who weren't born
Uh, when we were.
Anyone born after about 1965 or 68 probably does not remember this whole period of time, but in the late 60s and the early 70s.
Same deal.
Random cop killing, bank robberies, kidnapping.
Airline hijackings, assassinations.
Yeah, kidnapping's the whole works.
I agree with you, but I think it's going to be 20 times bigger than the 60s, 70s, and 80s.
And I think, as you said, it's compressed, but I think the shooting of Scalise in all of this is the beginning.
I understand he's a lone wolf, but I think with this ambient brainwashing for violence, it's the terrorism is being directed, just like Al Qaeda or ISIS does it from a central deal, and then random people pick up on it and follow the blueprint.
There's a man going around taking names.
And he decides who to free and who to blame.
Everybody won't be treated all the same.
Alright, Anthony Scaramucci gave a press conference.
And he is basically replacing Sean Spicer, but they're going to keep Huckabee's daughter, who does a great job, and the rest of it.
I mean, Spicer really has been leaking information out.
We now know that.
He did it again today.
And thank God Trump's doing this, because, you know, they're coming after him.
They're coming after us.
We've got this little segment and then one more, five more minutes with him after this, because then we've got Mike Cernovich coming up.
I'm going to play some of the Scaramucci press conference with Mike Cernovich.
I'm going to co-host a little bit with Mike, because he likes it.
Mike's going to be hosting his own show three hours a day coming up.
I don't know.
It went from just not being a big deal to my audience hating it.
Even if the Hollywood person was a patriot, they're sick of it and I don't want to really go to movies anymore.
More and more people I know are just sick of all the fake glitz, sick of, you know, all the garbage.
We're just, at a certain point, we're just turning away from it and I think the establishment realizes that.
Yeah, MTV News has failed.
They've just tried to remodel themselves.
Obviously, their YouTube channel can't even get literally a thousand views on some of their videos with big, well-known, formerly well-known celebrities and musicians.
They went full-blown social justice warrior.
CNN is failing.
MTV News... They have shows like Dear White People, where every episode says whites are inherently evil.
Vice News is laying people off.
The CNN app has, last I checked, a one-star rating.
Everything that these mainstream media folks do, it only ends up backfiring because there is a resurgence of true Americanism, true conservatism, rising.
And we're sick of this.
Marine Line culture is so uncool, all the young people at my children's school and other school events where other schools are, I'm not just bragging, I'm like a rock star with 12-year-olds.
I know you are.
They run up and say, you know Mark Dice, you know Paul Watson, you know Gavin McGinnis, you know, you know, you know.
And the parents of all the kids run over because their kids all watch.
I mean, that's got to scare the establishment.
They're absolutely freaked out, which is why they had the adpocalypse trying to hit us where it counts.
They're going to probably start removing more content through the Content ID, particularly the News Analyst Channel.
But don't they know the kids are going to find it?
You try to take something away from kids.
Yeah, they're going to lose either way.
I mean, Jim Acosta got so triggered by me on Twitter that he blocked me.
Popping up!
And I mean, when I say smaller, I mean, you know, even if a channel has 10,000 subscribers, that's 10,000 people that are not going to be watching CNN.
And let's expand.
You add them together into the hundreds of millions, and this is what scares them.
That's the minor leagues.
Think of the Daryl Strawberries and the Pete Roses and the people that are going to come up out of that into the major leagues.
We already see it.
I mean, just in the last six months since the election, we've seen a whole crop of new millennial YouTubers.
Many of them are getting quite popular.
Actually, Patreon just removed Lauren Southern's Patreon page, which is a way that a lot of YouTubers get funding, so they're trying to cut funding through that as well.
But don't they get we came up from nothing to begin with?
We're never going to stop!
On a laptop computer or using a cell phone, any individual can reach more people than them.
They're freaked out.
Voice News is cutting people.
I mean, before the election, CNN could barely get 100,000 viewers.
During the election cycle, they started getting more viewers because people are turning into the news.
But it's still a shadow of its former self.
Let's talk about the Vagina Challenge, the latest liberal insanity.
Five more minutes with Mark Dice at markdice.com.
But we've got to get back on more.
This guy's hard to get on.
He's so busy.
And then we're going to talk to Mike Cernovich, another superstar of independent trim media.
Coming up, we're going to play some of the Scaramucci information.
They tried to run him out.
I don't know if I can tell you some of the Scaramucci stories I know behind the scenes.
Pretty powerful.
Please spread the word, folks.
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Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order, it's Alex Jones.
Rallying Patriots Worldwide, it's Mark Dice.
Rallying Patriots Worldwide, in defense of human liberty, it's Alex Jones.
Well, I know for a fact, Mike Cernovich has some great White House contacts.
We'll get his take on this big shakeup at the White House coming up in the next segment.
What a broadcast day!
I don't know where my show folder is, but we have just had so many great guests on.
The insanity, you know, the establishment is trying to censor, it's trying to shut us down, it's trying to bully, it's trying to call for violence.
We now learn that Obama wanted to have martial law ready the day after the election, but blinked.
That's mainstream news.
Our credibility only goes up.
But the left seems to get more zombie-ish, more insane, as I show in this new video where we added documentation to the whole
Bon Iver video that Time Warner's Super Deluxe put out in an attempt to hurt me got like 20 million views now and only helped as more young people tuned in.
But how are they counter-striking?
I know one point you wanted to get into was the latest liberal insanity.
Well, it's almost impossible in many cases to tell whether or not something is satire or something that it's what the liberals want to do or try to do or are doing.
And so there is a new internet challenge.
We've seen some of these, like the Ice Bucket Challenge a few years ago.
People videotaped themselves getting ice water dumped on them and posted online.
We've seen some really bizarre ones.
The Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge, where a bunch of kids were sucking on shot glasses to swell up their lips, hoping that they would puff up and look like Kylie Jenner's
So now we have a new one, and I thought that this was a prank from 4chan.
I really had to do some serious research into this.
It sounds like a prank, but I assure you that this is actually what they're doing.
The Vagisil Feminine Itch Cream Company has launched a supposed internet challenge.
They're calling it the Vagina Challenge.
Just search for hashtag Vagina Challenge on Twitter and you will see.
Well, they are encouraging women, and some of them are already.
We're good.
Let's be clear, what's happening is, the globalists know that the desperate leftists will do anything for acceptance, so they're chumping them and trolling them, creating a controversy by getting liberals to go out and act like fools.
Don't you agree that this is them trolling their own moron constituency?
Yeah, and to try to promote Vagisil through social media, which is very strange because, I mean, the women who are screaming vagina based off the Vagisil channel challenge, I mean, it really says something about them.
And if you just take a look at them, you'll start to see a pattern between all of them.
Sure, exactly, but it also shows just...
Just like, you know, they made the word negro racist, that just means negro or black, like Caucasian means from the Caucus Mountains.
It's also about demonizing words and just training us that they can ban any word they want.
Here, let's hear her scream the word vagina in public.
Here it is.
To support women's health.
And basically what it is, is for every Vagina Challenge video that's uploaded, they'll donate $5 to Planned Parenthood.
To help kill more babies.
So, here it goes.
I tag Jamie, Carly, and Lauren.
So this is like a participation trophy, right?
It's just, they're trolling these morons.
Yeah, and it's a pathetic viral media attempted marketing plan as well that has backfired almost as bad as the one we talked about last time I was on, which is the Dove body wash obese bottles where they.
A half a dozen bottles.
James Wesley Rawls is with us.
I wanted to get him on.
Former Army intelligence officer, best-selling author, runs the biggest survival blog out there, SurvivalBlog.com.
So James Wesley Rawls, a great psychology expert on this.
Do you agree with me that we're seeing devastating human awakening to the globalists?
Huge events, but I can feel, though, their counter-strike is going to be insane, wild, and very dangerous.
Well, Alex, I think you asked where we are.
I'd say we're about 1967 right now.
If you look back to the 1960s and the radicalization of what started out as an anti-draft, anti-war movement, it all got started very peacefully with a group called the Students for a Democratic Society, SDS.
The Weatherman!
But don't you think we're going to see an acceleration of the radicalization?
I think so.
In fact, I think it can happen much more rapidly because of the rapid dissemination of information.
I think within two years, we'll probably see overt terrorism coming out of groups like Black Lives Matter and the Antifa movement.
And an amazing parallel is that if you look at the late 1960s, the real ringleaders of the terrorist campaign that took place then was a mixture of disenfranchised inner-city blacks and ultra-privileged college-educated whites.
They're literally running the same Saul Alinsky plan but in the 21st century.
I think we're going to see them get rapidly radicalized and very rapidly transition into overt terrorism.
And I think their first terrorist attacks will probably be in the cypher world and probably then followed by overt bombings, kidnappings.
You know, a lot of your listeners who weren't born
Uh, when we were.
Anyone born after about 1965 or 68 probably does not remember this whole period of time, but in the late 60s and the early 70s.
Same deal.
Random cop killing, bank robberies, kidnapping.
Airline hijackings, assassinations.
Yeah, kidnappings, the whole works.
I agree with you, but I think it's going to be 20 times bigger than the 60s, 70s, and 80s.
And I think, as you said, it's compressed, but I think the shooting of Scalise and all of this is the beginning.
I understand he's a lone wolf, but I think with this ambient brainwashing for violence, it's the terrorism is being directed, just like Al Qaeda or ISIS does it from a central deal, and then random people pick up on it and follow the blueprint.
You are listening to an InfoWars.com frontline report.
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
I was told by two different White House sources five months ago, about a month into the administration, that Anthony Scaramucci is one of Trump's favorites from the campaign of getting stuff done.
And that he had him in there as one of his advisors, and that they came in about a month in and said, when the president was on a trip, you are fired, the president doesn't like you.
And he was told this by Rince Priebus and Sean Spicer.
And then he called some of his friends that were outside of the White House, and they said, no, that's what they're doing to other people.
Don't leave, because they'll tell Trump you quit.
And asked to meet with the president.
Well, they wouldn't give him the meeting for a week or so, but he went in, he saw the president, the president waved him in, the president got real mad.
How do you think Sean Spicer feels when he tried to go in there and hoax Anthony Scaramucci?
What you're getting is an exclusive.
But the media doesn't like us to have victories, so they never report on them.
Well, that doesn't matter.
We'll report on them.
Like recent victories I've had will be nowhere in the newspapers here in Austin, Texas.
Because they just want to put out their perpetual hoaxes to the public.
So here's a few minutes of it, then we're going to Mike Cernovich, probably the hardest working guy out there.
I don't work 18 hours a day anymore.
I just can't do it.
I only work about 12, 14.
But this guy is just constantly out there producing films, hosting shows.
And again, in September, September 4th is the date we're launching the show.
It's going to come on 3 o'clock Central every day for three hours.
He'll host it with Roger Stone and Owen Schroer.
Roger will come in for about 30 minutes to an hour every day with commentary, but it's going to be, you know, those two guys really quarterbacking the whole operation.
A lot of stations ready to pick it up.
Very, very excited stations.
So we're going to change the clock to the standard 6 o'clock, you know, deal where you come in at 6 after instead of 8 after.
So a lot of exciting things, a lot of affiliates chomping at the bit.
To pick up the war room with Mike Cernovich.
I want to get Mike's intel on what's happening in the shakeup.
Remember, about a hundred and something days in, he said, you're about to get real happy.
Trump's about to get super populist again.
He tried to compromise.
They stabbed him on the back, starting about day 70.
By about day 110, he turned back towards total liberty because they weren't compromising.
And now, the word is he's really going after Mueller and all these other phonies who have the biggest drag nets in history.
But first, here's Anthony Scaramucci.
A press conference that started about 45 minutes ago.
Here's the first few minutes of the panicked prostitutes.
I'm going to make my remarks informal and then I'll take questions from everybody.
First off, I'd like to announce formally that Sarah Huckabee Sanders is going to be the press secretary.
Oh, you can't hear me?
I'm sorry.
Sarah Huckabee Sanders is going to be the press secretary.
And so you can congratulate her after the session.
You still can't hear me?
No sound?
They just say that to make him look weak.
They sit around in the meetings.
Hit pause.
I'm telling you.
Hit pause.
Hit pause.
I'm telling you.
They're such rat bastards.
And our people been in there with the press passes.
Mike Sermons has been there.
They sit back and they go, what are we going to do to make him look bad?
And they say, act like his mic's not on when they come in.
That's a classic tactic.
His mic's are on, you can hear it echoing in the room, not just the Fox mic.
You can hear it echoing in the room from where the cameras are at the back, and they just keep saying, YAH!
From the beginning, like, YAH!
They didn't say, hey, turn the mic on.
Or, hey, the mic, the mic!
It's YAH!
Day one, we're going to game this guy.
Because they're sitting there for a couple hours, going, what are we going to do?
Act like you don't hear his mic.
Make him look like he fumbled when he came out.
Because they're all thinking, how do we manipulate Trump?
Say he's the brain of Trump.
Yeah, yeah.
Do that next.
So let's start that over to see the anatomy of a sign-off.
Because I know microphones.
I know that you can hear it on.
It's on the PA, in the little room.
They can hear it.
The room's so small, they can hear him from his own voice.
Here it is.
Better now?
Better now?
Back that up to the beginning!
Back it up!
See, the whole time, you can hear the mic.
You can hear it's on.
He hits it earlier.
It's working.
He starts talking.
They still say they can't hear.
That's... These are scum!
Their whole life is about deceiving.
It's about hating people.
It's about, in unison, lying when Black Lives Matter kills more people.
Mike Cernovich has been there.
He's witnessed it.
He's called them out.
We're going to play more of this in a moment, but Mike, all of this is so educational.
Do you not see the dirty trick?
What do you think about that?
Yeah, it's good to get behind the news and behind the scene and that of course is why they oppose what we're doing.
As we take people behind the scenes of how they manipulate the message and lie and deceive and feed people fake and false information.
It's textbook.
It's just like they lit you up like a pumpkin for the Megyn Kelly thing.
All these dirty tricks are to be expected.
I mean, his mic's on from the beginning.
You've been there.
It's a little bitty room with a broken bathroom next to it.
It's a filthy little hole.
I mean, literally, the room's like 25 feet from the front to the back.
Maybe 30 feet.
But the mic's on.
You can hear it.
And they just keep saying, no, no, no, it's not working.
Let's play the clip again.
Here it is.
Remarks informal and then I'll take questions from everybody.
First off, I'd like to announce formally that Sarah Huckabee Sanders is going to be the press... Oh, you can't hear me?
I'm sorry.
Sarah Huckabee Sanders is going to be the press secretary and so you can congratulate her after the session.
You still can't hear me?
No sound?
Better now?
Better now?
I'm going to start over.
You guys heard me in the front though, right?
What'd I say, John?
Sauer's gonna be the press secretary, right?
Okay, so congratulations to you, sir.
They're all, they're scum.
They're all about deceiving the public.
So they like to deceive him.
That's their game.
Keep going.
What I want to say is I want to thank personally Sean Spicer.
Not only on behalf of myself, the president, the administration, but Sean is a true American patriot.
He's a military serviceman.
Look at that high road.
And he's done an amazing job.
This is obviously a difficult situation.
It was Spicer that told him he was fired.
And I applaud his efforts here.
I love the guy and I wish him well.
And I hope he goes on to make a tremendous amount of money.
As it relates to me in this position,
I'm going to spend a couple of weeks getting to know the people here, and I'm going to be as coordinated as I can with the people inside the West Wing.
We're going to come back to more of those questions, but I want to turn this over, if he wants to play it, to the one and only Mike Cernovich.
Mike, wow, what does this signify Trump's doing?
A, B, what is your intel telling you?
And I'm going to turn this over to, again, Mike Cernovich.
Go ahead, my friend.
Yeah, that clip is funny too, because the White House press room is tiny.
It's about the size of your studio, where you do your main show.
So the idea that they couldn't hear him, even if the microphone hadn't been working, they're so fake, dude.
They're just trolling him, like they do all the time.
Scaramucci, or Mooch, as his friends call him, this is a very, very, very big move.
I knew about this a while ago, I just hadn't reported it.
I had to embargo it a little bit.
But, you know, you and I both had got sources that spied some of this out.
Spicer tried to block it.
Priebus tried to block it.
Priebus has been leaking negative stories about Scaramucci since last night.
He was up on the phone all night calling Politico, Washington Post, New York Times, CNN, trying to get them to... I can't believe Trump puts up with this.
The one criticism is he needs to get rid of all those guys now.
Yeah, Trump still doesn't really understand.
He's getting it though.
The good guys are moving in.
Scaramucci has a better understanding of media than Spicer.
Spicer all he did was play defense and answer press releases and everything.
Mucha understands that you actually have to create content, you have to push your own narrative forward.
You have to create the narrative, you have to create the story, because the story's America and prosperity and fighting tyranny.
Not let them control the narrative.
The way I always put it is that if you didn't exist and social media didn't exist,
What good about Trump would ever be heard?
What defense about Trump would ever be heard?
Take away Alex Jones, take away social media, and there's no messaging coming out.
They have an entire communications team, but all they do is... They sycophant around all day, brown nose and give BJ's, quite frankly, to other liberal media, hoping they can be part of the in crowd.
They're all trying to feather their nest to go get a job at, you know, Fox News or CNN.
That too, and they also want to be liked.
Sean Spicer definitely wants to be liked.
Scaramucci understands new media better.
The way I always put Sean Spicer is, he never did new media any favor.
He never did anything for us.
He never did anything for the resistance, for the patriots.
He's just another... Well, I'm not going to announce it.
It's Sean Spicer who deliberately killed us getting press passes over and over again.
And literally, people above him, aka you-know-who, had to get us in.
Yeah, I'd had, you know, Spicer, I can't go into the full details of it, but Spicer had definitely tried to sabotage me before, too, and that is a slight that, of course, I did not forget, and I do not forget those kinds of things.
So it's politics.
What Rince Priebus has to understand is that we don't know him anything.
We're not Republicans.
We are Trump Republicans.
We're patriots.
Yeah, Priebus is up next on the chalking block.
I wonder how long until he gets thrown out the airlock.
Trump has wanted to get rid of these guys for a while.
The issue, there's so much going on.
I gotta be careful what I said.
McMaster just held a meeting to discuss me.
Believe it or not, we'll talk about that maybe with you now or at the end of the segment.
No, we're gonna skip this break.
Go ahead and take over.
Give us the data.
Yeah, so there was a story in Bloomberg that just broke right before I got on air, actually, and McMaster held a meeting to talk about my Twitter account, and he said in this meeting, there's no such thing as an Obama holdover, and that you guys should know that Cernovich is a bad person, because I've been talking about these Obama holdovers in the deep state within the NSC and the rest of the intelligence community.
Foreign Affairs and Public Affairs, all the elite publications by name say you're dangerous, you've got real sources, and you're hurting deep states' attempt to sabotage the country.
So now McMaster's had a meeting about you again.
Yeah, yeah, exactly.
It just broke on Bloomberg.
I texted them the story a couple minutes ago, so they should be able to pull it up.
Give us the headline.
We'll put it on screen.
What's the headline?
Yeah, yeah.
Here, the headline is... Here, let me... I'll pull it up right now.
The headline is, the adults are out of the room.
It's a very nasty article about Bannon.
Trump's axis of adults is breaking apart.
So it's, of course, a Bloomberg or global story.
Oh, it's terrible!
There's actually people that want the country's future and, you know, that are battling back.
It's terrible.
Yeah, so in that story they go, H.R.
McMaster said there are no holdovers, and he was responding to a series of tweets by Mike Cernovich.
But it's admitted that Trump can't get his people in, and that Obama's told the New York Times, I'm putting people in everywhere so that Trump can't dig them out!
That was in all the newspapers!
Exactly, and McMaster is siding with the Obama holdovers.
He's actually saying that there's no such thing as an Obama holdover.
These are all great people, even though those people are sabotaging Trump, they're leaking to Trump and everything.
The interesting thing, though, Alex, is just how shaken up that they are.
In the next paragraph of the article, they say that McMaster was responding to a series of tweets by Mike Cernovich.
They have to respond to us now.
A whole new media landscape that Scaramucci understands and Sean Spicer never did.
The National Security Advisor, they're monitoring, I have information, they monitor InfoWars.
And they go on to admit the precarious position.
This is the elite talking to themselves in Bloomberg.
Oh no, if Trump reads this, he's going to figure it out.
We're so precarious.
Which shows how pathetic they are!
Yeah, that's actually a great point.
Bloomberg is very upset to know that you and I have more influence in the media than Bloomberg has.
Right now, the real national security journalism is on Infowars.com, it's on Facebook.com.
Well, let's say it.
I mean, you've really gotten under their skin.
You get special, special, you know, special...
Recognition here, you've done just a great job.
So what does this signify?
How pathetic they are, that everybody knows they're deep state dug in, and they're bitching and complaining that we're exposing it?
Yeah, and that's why the ADL is doing a target list, foreign policy.
Oh, that's why I wanted to get you on.
Yeah, they like literally put you next to neo-Nazis, and in Cleo they're trying to get somebody, just like Southern Poverty Law Center has gotten a bunch of people shot when they attacked the Family Research Council.
I mean, they really are crazy.
Yeah, so there's an alliance now with the ADL, they're unhinged readers, there's an alliance with Deep State Foreign Policy, and the Just Society, which is owned by George Soros, did a hate job on me.
But they're losing.
For example, we had Josh Mandel do a very courageous thing.
Josh Mandel is running for Senate in Ohio.
And he goes, you know what, I'm tired of these witch hunts by the ADL.
The ADL is no longer about protecting Jews, it's about protecting left-wing.
Where's the list of anti-Semites on the left?
It's about protecting Soros, listed as an enemy of Israel, in the WikiLeaks saying, overthrow Israel and give it to the Muslims.
That's what's crazy, the ADL literally works directly against Israel.
Exactly, and Keith Ellison is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood, and he definitely hates Jewish people, he hates Israel, he hates a lot of things.
Look, bottom line, the leftist Jews have completely made an alliance with radical Islam, and just like Soros helped round up Jews for Hitler, he's doing it again today.
I mean, Soros is literally the number one living Nazi.
Right, and conservative Jews are seeing that, and that is why I've always been an outspoken critic of anti-Semitism.
What I've been telling people as I go, if you think that Jews just all think alike, you don't really understand anything at all.
You're playing into the globalist master manipulation.
Yeah, exactly.
The globalists want to make it seem like all Jews are anti-America, and that actually isn't true.
The ADL is anti-America.
The ADL is anti-freedom.
Because they go back to the Jewish Mafia in 1913 founded it.
It was the Jewish Mafia feeding off Jews, abusing Jews, and it was the Jewish Mafia in Europe that wouldn't let Jews get out and made them pay money to them.
So it's always been the group that feeds on the Jews working with the Nazis.
The ADL would extort Jews, actually.
And what the ADL is doing now is extorting Jews.
They're saying, oh my God, look at all these people.
Most of the people they mentioned on the list, I'd never heard of.
Some guy with a hundred people read his blog, he gets two blog comments.
And they put you in with a Nazi guy that you've openly made fun of.
It's just, it's crazy.
Yeah, and it's extorting Jews.
They want to scare Jews and make them terrified so that they can get more money and more donations and everything.
So it's another form of terrorism by the ADL.
And then now they've listed you, everything, your family.
It's just... I'm happy.
The way I always tell people is, hey, I'm on video every day.
Do I look shook?
Are my hands shaking?
Well, sure, they've been attacking me for a long time, too.
It's just that...
I mean, they're like putting you and others, like, literally on the page next to Nazis hiling Hitler, hoping somebody obviously comes after you.
Yeah, and they don't, but they don't have any spiritual core.
They actually made a mistake, too.
A lot of my friends, people forget that you and I both, we have a lot of liberal friends out there, and we have liberal friends in very high places, and they have told me, they said, the ADL is going to be like the SPLC now.
Nobody's going to actually take them seriously, respect them.
They're going to view them as a left-wing advocacy organization.
The ADL doesn't know what it's like to go after somebody like me who people know that I can be an a-hole sometimes.
I can be a little grady.
I'm not always the nicest guy and you know like all people I'm a sinner and I work on it but a hate group leader
That is so ridiculous that even the liberals who hate me were saying, well, I even had multiple people, hundreds, say, dude, I actually think Cernovich is a bad person, but he's not a hate group leader.
It's beyond just calling you a racist with no evidence.
They're putting you in magazines.
They mailed millions of people next to Nazis, which again, it just shows they're totally deceptive and the truth's coming out about them.
Look, I've got to turn the show over to you because I want to listen to it myself while I eat my lunch.
Mike Cernovich takeover.
Very excited about a lot of the stuff we're working on, my friend.
Appreciate you, and I always see you backing me up, too.
I'm trying to back you up with the great work you're doing, so take over, my friend.
Thanks, Alex.
Yeah, definitely we've got to stick together, and I love the new meme coming out with that folk song.
That is more penetration.
Friends of mine who had never heard of you watched that video and just thought it was the funniest thing that they'd ever seen, and they loved it, and now they're noticing and paying attention.
It's a good time.
You're like a cultural icon now.
And, you know, your remix is great.
And I was actually going through pictures from the RNC, and I attended one of your events.
And how far have we all come in a year?
Not to brag or anything like that.
But everybody, including you, it's just been a... There's like great awakening, like George Whitefield had done.
There are cycles of history.
And right now we're experiencing a new
Great awakening where millions of people are waking up all the time.
Trump is gaining 300,000 new social media followers a day.
Paul Joseph Watson is almost going to hit a million YouTube subscribers.
I can't even keep up with all my platforms anymore.
My Facebook did over 100 million unique
100 million unique people on my Facebook page last month.
80 million unique video views at Facebook.com forward slash Mike Cernovich.
So that has become a platform.
And even, I don't know if you guys talked about this yet, BuzzFeed Ben wrote an article about what if right wing media were good.
And he talks about the high production level of
Actually, I mean, here, let me see if I can find this on my phone because I was sending this out.
It was such an important article.
Sorry if I'm breaking eye contact with you live viewers.
I'm thinking of you and everything.
But even BuzzFeed, here, I'll see if I can pull it up.
Even BuzzFeed is admitting how talented the InfoWars team is.
This is called, the headline is, What If Trump TV Was Good?
And it's in BuzzFeed.
And they talk about the high production level coming from Alex Jones.
And again, these are people who don't agree with Alex, they like him for words.
Here's what he goes.
He talks about how most conservative media, and this is a fair point, is a little bit ratty and dingy and not very good.
He goes, there are exceptions.
Alex Jones spends lavishly on production and it shows.
I mean, you want to talk about begrudging respect.
From the enemy.
From Ben.
From BuzzFeed.
He's even saying, it's right below the video, so if you scroll down a little bit more you'll be able to see it.
He even says, Alex Jones spends lavishly on production in his shows.
I mean, you want to talk about... That's as high a praise as you can get for the InfoWars team right there.
Doesn't get...
You can't get better praise than that, because again, that is coming from BuzzFeed Ben, who is the, I think, either CEO or Editor-in-Chief of BuzzFeed News, in Oracle and BuzzFeed, talking about why right-wing media isn't very good.
The production, and it is first class.
That is what a lot of people don't realize, even though we are the resistance that... Well, since you raised this, I'm sitting here watching.
I say I'm going, and then I'm sitting here watching while I eat my chicken.
The thing is, most talk shows that get to this level will just have a mansion or a private plane.
I don't have that.
Not that a mansion or a private plane is bad.
I want to beat the globalists.
Our listeners want to beat the globalists.
And so when they buy stuff from us, 97% of it goes back into the fight.