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Name: 20170720_Thu_NightlyNews
Air Date: July 20, 2017
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It's Thursday, July 20th, 2017.
I'm your host, Owen Schroer.
Here's what's on the news tonight.
Tonight, more Democrats are calling for violence, but blaming Republicans.
But that's not the point of this.
This is supposed to be a budget that prevents the spread of violence.
Instead, they have a budget
That stirs it up.
Meanwhile, a Democrat lawyer wants to put a replica of the Statue of Liberty on the Mexican border as a reminder to President Trump of his hypocrisy.
This is what it looks like when a president fails.
Plus, the CEO of Tech Fusion breaks down a photoshopped picture that a Massachusetts state representative put on social media.
Falsely claiming that he shook hands with the President.
You are fake news.
All that plus much more up next on the InfoWars Nightly News.
As most of you already know, I am a voracious consumer of news and information.
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This is just your friendly daily reminder to thank the good lord in heaven that this wicked witch of the west is not our president.
And with that, we get into some more disturbing news.
You may have heard this story.
Burundi robotics team missing after competition in DC.
Um, when I first read the story, for some reason I started thinking about that old story of those teens that went missing in DC.
There were dozens of them.
And then the police were like, well, they willingly ran away.
Okay, we kind of never got any answers on that, but...
Six teenage members of the Burundi Robotics Team were reported missing after competing in an international competition in Washington, D.C.
The missing team members include two 17-year-old girls and four males ranging from 16 to 18.
Two of the six teens were seen crossing the border from U.S.
into Canada, police said Thursday.
I'm not sure how they really know that, but that's what the police are saying.
Seems odd.
How they got to Canada and were able to cross the border, but that's what the police are saying.
Now, aside from the tragic news here or what might have happened to these kids that were in DC and are now missing, you know, they want to tell you that Trump is cold-hearted, but listen to this.
The competition, designed to encourage you to pursue careers in math and science, attracted teams of teenagers from more than 150 nations,
Nations I will tell you st.
Louis has robotics competition.
That's where I'm from.
I used to actually see these kids I would work these events and these are some of the brightest kids some of the most lively kids just beaming with life It really is a great thing to have these events I do totally support these events a squad of girls from Afghanistan that was supposed to go to this event drew the most attention after they were twice rejected for US visas But guess what happened?
President Trump intervened and made sure they made it to the event.
How do you like that?
The cold-hearted isolationist who hates people from the Middle East stood up for these young girls and made sure they could compete in the competition.
And it gets even better.
Not only did President Trump intervene and make sure they were able to compete in the competition, they win a silver medal, and then they got to meet Ivanka.
So that's a pretty heartwarming story that I doubt you're going to hear anywhere else other than them just telling you Trump is cold-hearted and he hates people coming here from other countries, especially the Middle East.
Obviously not accurate.
There's a heartwarming story for you right there.
Now let's get back to the missing kids situation.
The mentor said the teens traveled from Burundi for the competition and had one-year visas.
This is interesting to me because a representative of the Embassy of Burundi in Washington, D.C., where the kids were, said Thursday morning that the Embassy did not know the students were in the U.S.
until they were reported missing, and he said they had no obligation to check in with them.
Well, I would look right at that representative in the Embassy of Burundi who didn't even know the kids were in town, and I'd say,
Maybe you're not so good at your job.
I'm not saying he has anything to do with this.
I just think that seems to be a lack of responsibility here, especially when you have the chaperone for this event saying he was caught off guard.
He has no idea what's going on.
And now you have Hassan Ahmad, an immigration lawyer in northern Virginia, basically saying that, okay, these teens are on the loose.
If they can seek asylum or if they can file the proper paperwork, well, we can let them in here.
And then we can decide if they're eligible for asylum.
Again, a weird solution to this.
Kids running away and then we just say, okay, you can have asylum here.
Now this is from the AP and this is actually a refreshed story.
Earlier they were running the headline that says, no foul play and missing teens.
They updated that.
The latest Burundi team may have disappeared on own accord.
Organizers of a robotics competition say six teenagers from Burundi who went missing at the conclusion of the event may have self-initiated their disappearance.
And this is where you have the story about the team member chaperone.
He had no idea what was going on.
He couldn't find him after the event.
He said he was caught off guard.
And he noted, though, that the students had taken their clothes from the dormitory where they had been staying.
So how are you caught off guard when these teens are packing up their clothes and getting ready to go to an event?
That doesn't make sense.
How are you caught off guard?
So again, there's maybe an issue there.
Police say two of the six were seen crossing the border into Canada.
And here's the key.
No indication of foul play.
You know, this might not be a kidnapping issue, okay?
This might not be a pedophile issue or a human trafficking issue or any of that stuff, but there's definitely foul play here.
You're talking about kids.
You're saying that they self-initiated this, so they basically planned on running away.
Did they plan this whole trip?
Did they plan the whole trip to come here and run away and then seek asylum?
Don't tell me there's no foul play.
When you've got six missing teens and no answers, there is certainly foul play.
Now, it might not be to the extent of, you know, kidnapping or human trafficking or anything like that, but don't just sit here and tell me there's no foul play, DC Police.
Now, more out of D.C., Trump stokes voter fraud fears as commission convenes.
So there was a huge commission today at last hours talking about the voter fraud issue.
And it's amazing to me, you know, the Democrats hate this.
The liberals hate this.
They complain all day about Russia meddling.
Trump wants to do something about the election integrity.
And they complain about that, too.
So speaking out of both sides of their behind, here's a clip of President Trump today talking about this commission.
Welcome you here today as the bipartisan Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity prepares to conduct its first official meeting.
Very, very important.
This commission is tasked with the sacred duty of upholding the integrity of the ballot box.
So there you go, a pretty
Open statement, common sense, you think everybody would want to get behind that, especially the Democrats who are whining about Russia and meddling in the election all day long, but no, they hate it.
And the liberal response was honestly shocking.
Here was a response from the Amazon post, excuse me, the Bezos post, excuse me, the Washington Com post.
This anti-voter fraud program gets it wrong over 99% of the time, the GOP wants to take it nationwide.
Now again,
This headline is so misleading, it's not even funny.
And in fact, they don't even know that this is true.
So what they're alluding to here is this one program that basically does a cross-reference between districts, between voter rolls, and says if they catch an instance where it's the same name, the same birthdate, the same everything, it raises a flag in the system.
Well, they're claiming in this story, the claim is that this technology doesn't work and it's basically having false positives.
And they cite this study.
So I decided I'd look into this study.
Take a look at this study.
One person, one vote.
And keep in mind, the Washington Post is running an entire publication, an entire story off of this study here.
What is the title of the study?
Estimating the prevalence of double voting in U.S.
presidential elections with an asterisk.
We thank Target Smart for supplying us with national voter file and audience members at the Yale Behavior Sciences Workshop for their comments and suggestions.
So they're even admitting they don't have the hardcore numbers for sure to say with stone cold proof that this is the case.
And they may have a case here, they may not.
Again, you get into this whole thing, it's very convoluted and they're basically saying that all of these flags that are getting reported by this system are false positives.
And then they go on to say in the Washington Post article that because of this, this is disenfranchising voters.
I've never seen anything more insane in my life.
The Republicans, the Conservatives and Trump are, they started a commission on election integrity and they want voter ID laws.
That is how you have a fair election.
You make sure the right people are voting, you make sure one person, one vote.
But they say because Trump is trying to do this, that he's disenfranchising the voter.
I mean, it's the most backwards thing you've ever seen.
And then The Hill puts out this opinion piece.
Liberal hysteria over Trump's voter fraud panel proves why it's needed.
But the irony here is, liberal hysteria over Russia meddling in the election proves why it's needed.
The liberal hysteria is on Russia.
It's on everything.
The liberals are totally hysterical all the time.
In fact, here's proof of this.
Now, this is Samantha Bee opening up her show trying to act like Donald Trump is crazy for wanting to have voter integrity while she thinks Russia rigged the election.
Let's go to that clip.
Wow, what a week for POTUS!
On Monday, he got to do a vroom vroom.
Then, Tuesday, his health care bill died again.
Nope, not his health care bill.
But today, he got to lurch out from behind an orgy of flags and solve a national... How dare he have American flags behind him?
...voter fraud!
Yeah, there's no voter fraud, lady.
Just thousands of thousands of cases.
What a dingbat.
Voter fraud doesn't exist, according to Samantha Bee.
I wonder where so many Americans got that concern.
You have people that are registered.
Then she's like, look, President Trump said there was voter fraud and now he wants to do something about it.
This is madness!
People would vote for Hillary considering she probably killed them in the first place.
Oh, that's nice.
Make a joke about Hillary Clinton murdering people.
Good joke.
Are the president's obsession his white whale?
White whale.
Trump would be a lot less concerned about it voting.
Okay, so first she makes a joke about Hillary Clinton murdering people.
You've got six mysterious deaths around the DNC fraud lawsuit, but we won't talk about that.
Then you have her saying that Trump is obsessed with a white whale of
I guess, illegal voting.
Literally, thousands of cases.
I mean, this is absurd.
ACORN is one of the leading causes of voter fraud.
You've got illegal people voting, non-citizens, dead people voting.
I mean, the numbers are absurd.
Samantha Bee acts like it's not happening.
But just to get another little dig in there, she wanted to blame it on white people.
Oh, Donald Trump is just doing this because he loves white people.
If it's a white person, he doesn't mind.
Hey, Bimbo!
Doesn't matter what color your skin is, when you go to the poll to vote as an American citizen, you get one vote.
Doesn't matter if you're white, black, brown, or anything in between.
But she doesn't get that.
She thinks Trump's crazy for pointing out well-known facts.
Let's see how long Samantha Bee lasts on air.
Wow, how about Nancy Pelosi?
You know, folks, we told you Hillary Clinton was sick.
We told you John McCain was sick.
You just wait and see.
We told you Pelosi was sick, too.
They'll probably announce something on that here before it's too long.
This is Nancy Pelosi, again, the left, again, liberals, Democrats, pushing violence, trying to blame Republicans when it's the rhetoric coming out of their mouths that is actually inciting violence.
Listen to this clip of Nancy Pelosi.
A budget that says we do not measure the strength of our country in the health, education, and well-being of our people.
Just look at her.
She's clearly nuts.
She's mental.
Military might.
And you know what that does?
It requires more military might.
It takes us down the wrong path.
We take a note to protect and defend whatever the mission is, whatever we need, as President Kennedy said, by any phone.
But that's not the point of this.
This is supposed to be a budget that prevents spread of violence.
This woman is making no sense.
Instead, they have a budget that stirs it up.
So, again, what you are doing... So there she says, she's blaming a budget proposal, saying that President Trump's budget proposal, the Trump administration's budget proposal, is going to stir violence.
Hey lady, did you happen to catch the story yesterday about President Trump ending a covert CIA operation in the Middle East, specifically Syria?
See, the news is covering this very mundane saying, President Trump ends the CIA covert operations in Syria, where?
We were arming terrorists.
They want to say anti-Assad rebels in Syria.
That's ISIS terrorists.
Basically the same thing.
So he ends that.
Proxy wars started by the CIA since the 90s.
He ends that program.
But then Nancy Pelosi has the unmitigated gall to come out the very next day and say President Trump is encouraging violence with his budget proposal.
This is a woman who, again, just blamed President Trump for violence, so now you're going to have more lunatic liberals on the streets chanting, screaming, burning, looting, breaking things, and then going home to mom's basement.
But Nancy Pelosi is going to blame that on President Trump's budget proposal, not her, every week, blaming every problem in the world on Trump, and then telling you it's up to you to do something about it.
Yeah, sounds like it's all Trump's fault.
But the liberals, they just keep getting loonier and loonier.
Representative Jose Serrano...
Now says, this is a Democrat from New York, that instead of putting a wall on the US-Mexico border, we should put a Statue of Liberty on the US-Mexico border.
And he obviously doesn't understand what the Statue of Liberty is supposed to represent or that it was given to us by France in the 1880s or 1890s.
And he thinks it's about immigration.
He thinks that it represents immigration.
Now, you know, it's all about
You know, bring us your sick, bring us your poor, bring us your tired.
Okay, but there used to be a process that you had to go through to be in the country.
That's the entire point that he is missing.
And even though I don't necessarily disagree with the wall thing, it's just hilarious that that's where they take it.
Oh, let's just put a Statue of Liberty on there.
That'll really show the Republicans.
Haha, I just made Trump look like an idiot.
So Maxine Waters wants to run for president.
Can you believe this?
And she says that if it is what the millennials want, that's what she'll do.
Here, let's just roll this first salon here real quick.
Just give me the first five seconds.
Go ahead, buddy.
Try again.
I'm D-Rock and today we're gonna give you five reasons why Maxine Waters should be our next president.
And that's it.
Cut him right there.
That's all we need to hear.
As soon as you tell me you have one reason why Maxine Waters should be president is the minute it's time for you to be quiet.
But Maxine Waters says she'll run for president if Millennials won or two.
Please run for president, Maxine.
Please run for president.
Do you understand the meme magic?
Do you understand how magical it would be if Maxine Waters actually ran for president?
Wow, I would love to see that.
It's not going to happen.
Maxine Waters is a fish out of water.
We'll be right back with Dr. Shiva and more news on what's going on with him.
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On Tuesday, Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai was on the Alex Jones Show, and he was talking about fake Trumpers and fake pictures of people trying to pose with Donald Trump.
Now, he didn't get into the details, but this freaked out the conservative establishment in Massachusetts.
Specifically, his opponent, Dirty Deal, and a radio talk show host in Massachusetts, in Boston, Howie Carr.
Now, I don't know what Howie Carr's deal is.
He claims to be with Trump since day one.
It really is irrelevant.
He's not running for office anyway.
But what's strange is that Howie Carr decided to attack Alex Jones and InfoWars along with Sheeva on Tuesday after Sheeva was on the Alex Jones Show.
In fact, he spent an hour and a half of his radio show bashing Sheeva and bashing Alex Jones, saying that Alex Jones is a crazy conspiracy theorist and you've heard the story.
I don't know why Howie Carr wants to pick a fight with Alex Jones, I don't know why Howie Carr wants to pick a fight with Dr. Shiva, but he did something very interesting, and that was triple down on a claim about a picture of Dirty Deal shaking Donald Trump's hand.
Now, the key here, when Dr. Shiva was on with Alex Jones, he did not bring forward the Tech Fusion forensics report on the photoshopped image.
So when Howie Carr went on air with Dirty Deal, they didn't know that such a report actually existed.
We released that interview after Howie Carr got off the air, and it seems that Howie Carr has now changed his stance and will in fact be talking to Dr. Shiva today.
We'll see how that goes.
But let's get back to the story that is the Photoshop.
Now, a five-year-old will look at this picture and say that there's something wrong with that.
But that wasn't enough for Dr. Shiva.
He wanted to know for sure what was going on with this photo.
So that's when he solicited the help of TechFusion.
And we're now joined by Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai, Shiva for Senate, and the President and CEO of TechFusion, Alfred Demirjian.
So I bring them on with me now.
And guys, I want to right in immediately get to the Photoshop picture.
Dr. Shiva, when you brought this photo to Alfred, you said, hey, this photo looks like it's photoshopped, I want to get your analysis on this, and when you saw it, Alfred, what was your first response?
It was photoshopped, and where the connections are made, the fingers, it's blurred, and 100% it was photoshopped.
Now you printed out your analysis of this.
We got that document from Tech Fusion.
So let's explain the theory here.
The theory is that they took Donald Trump's hand that was on his side and then I guess mirror imaged it so it looked like it was someone else's hand and then I suppose created some sort of
Yes, basically the photo shows that one of President Trump's three hands is shaking one of Mr. Deal's two hands.
And I think Trump has two right hands too, it appears as well.
Or two left hands, two left hands, yes.
Yes, one is turned, the other one is straight, apparently shaking hands.
And if we have the original device that this picture was taken, we may be able to find more evidence.
Now here's a key question for you regarding that.
Considering, now the story that Deal has said, is that he gave his phone to his, I guess his campaign manager, and he said, snap some pictures with me and Trump.
The claim is that the original photo is on his producer's cell phone.
So my question for you is, but now hold on a second, my question for you, Alfred, is now what they could do is they could just put that photoshopped image on the phone, but could they rig it to make it appear that that picture was taken on that day?
Or can you still beat that attempt if they provide you with the real original?
If they delete it, I mean,
If they Photoshop it, it's obvious, we can prove that, no problem.
If they delete the original photo, and if the photo goes into encrypted area, if it's an iPhone, it won't be recoverable.
The original photo won't be recoverable, and all you'll have is the Photoshop one, and the Photoshop one, I mean, we proved this one out of the Facebook, and if you have the original, there won't be any problem.
There's no doubt in my mind that this was altered.
So even if they gave you the original on the phone that is that same image, you can still take that, not the one they post on social media, and do an analysis on that too?
Okay, so even if they tried to delete the original that shows that there wasn't a handshake, put the fake one on the phone to try to show it as the original, you're telling me they still couldn't fool you?
No, I mean, it's obvious.
I'm good.
I've been doing this for 30 years.
I started with Harvard University, working for Harvard University and NASA.
I was pulled as an expert for Tom Brady's cell phone, Hernandez case.
We recovered 1.9 million 911 emergency calls, which state police lost.
And there are many other cases which I'm not, I cannot talk about it.
I worked on the Patriot missile in the first Gulf War, and a number of other things.
I cannot talk about it.
I'm just curious, and this is perhaps another interview for another day, but did anyone ever contact you to try to find Hillary's missing emails?
No, no.
No, this isn't just you can't talk about it?
This is a genuine no?
Well, that's something that maybe people should reach out to Tech Fusion to try to find those emails.
Who knows what's in those emails.
But let's get back to what we were talking about.
So, now I don't know, I don't know, you know, your politics are really not even involved in this, Alfred.
You're just in this from a forensics analysis.
I'm not really even asking your politics.
But, I mean,
You obviously know the situation here.
You've got a person who's running for Senate who puts a photo out on the Internet claiming it's a picture of him shaking Trump's hand.
You have refuted that.
You have the evidence.
You have the analysis.
I mean, does it shock you?
I mean, I've already asked Dr. Shiva this, but let's get Dr. Shiva to comment on this as well after you comment.
Does it shock you that a politician or somebody attempting to run for Senate would put that picture on the Internet?
Of course.
Especially a politician running for Senate.
If they, I mean, they altered the picture.
They used a device, either the phone or most likely a computer.
And if they have this on the phone, it was mailed to the phone, sent to the phone.
The date
The date would be changed.
And you can actually, and I just thought of this, you can actually cross-reference the metadata on that photo with the photo that Shiva has.
Also, it will show where it came from.
I mean, we can find out where it came from.
The picture came from, was it text to this phone?
I mean, if we get the phone and it has the altered picture,
We'll be able to.
It was either done by computer and then sent to the phone or on the phone so we can.
Metadata will explain a lot of things to us.
Yeah, it really doesn't look good for Dirty Deal putting a photoshopped picture out on the internet and then tripling down on it after removing it from social media on the Howie Carr Show and then Howie Carr insulting Infowars and Alex Jones and Shiva and how dare he say that this photo was photoshopped.
I was there, it was real!
And then they mention all the names of the people that were there but they never explain whose random hand that is in the picture.
They seem to miss that element of it.
Now, Dr. Shiva, I want to get your comments because
When we talked, we weren't really unaware that this was going on.
I was unaware that this was going on.
I didn't know that they were attacking you on the radio there.
And I didn't realize that they were going to triple down on the photoshopped picture.
This was before they knew about the Tech Fusion report.
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Well, you know, it's really unfortunate that I have to waste my time.
You know, I have to, you know, go and get a forensics expert to independently validate something that's so obvious.
As you said, a child, it looks like a child did this and did it pretty poorly.
What's more interesting was that when you're referring to the Howie Carr Show, I was literally
I'm driving home and people are telling me that Howie Carr is ranting and raving about you on his show.
And by the way, you have to understand for four months, we've been trying to legitimately get on the Howie Carr Show in fairness and transparency.
And we were told, oh, you're going to get on at some point.
And during that time, they've had this guy on at least five, six times, in fact, hosting the show.
That's what's interesting.
So now, after we go on InfoWars, after we do our own independent exposure of this, finally we're getting on the Howie Carr Show to share with his audience, who has every right to know this, one of the points, Owen, just to clarify, when he did the Facebook post,
He put on there, here's my picture.
It's amazing that people are trying to lie about this.
And just to be accurate, he said Jared, Howie Carr's producer, or Howie Carr's assistant, used his phone, meaning Deal's phone, to take the picture.
So just to be accurate, he wasn't his campaign manager.
I guess you could call it double quote campaign manager.
Yeah, no, no, and thank you for correcting that.
And Howie Carr did say that he was there, and he vouched that that happened.
So, I mean, now you have to question his credibility, especially if we have undoubted proof that the picture was photoshopped.
Again, pretty obvious that that was the case.
Yeah, I mean, one thing interesting is, you know, when I looked at this photograph, it's fascinating because if you look at the actual photograph, people will notice that there's several people in this photograph, and in fact, what's fascinating is this person, I'm sorry, right here, is Howie Carr.
And so I think I was, you know, I was actually asking Alfred this.
It seems like anyone in this photo should be able to also find out what this hand is.
Is it a stuffed hand?
Is it President Trump's hand?
Yeah, and actually go back to that picture, guys.
If you can give me the full image of that picture, as you can see right here,
There's nobody who's... Okay, so here, look at that angle.
There's Howie Carr on the right.
There's what they have made out to look like Donald Trump shaking Dirty Deal's hand.
And then you have Chris Christie back and to the left.
Another guy with his arms crossed on the left side.
And then you have some guy behind Trump and everybody.
But they're too far away for that to be their hand.
Now go to the picture that...
I'm good.
Again, there's Deal responding to being called a never-Trumper.
So whose hand could it be?
It couldn't be any of these guys' hands.
There's Chris Christie.
He's walking into the area.
I mean, that's Trump's hand!
That's the hand they used!
That is the hand they used right there.
Here, keep going.
Keep going one more.
So who could it be?
There's no one whose hand that could be.
Chris Christie walks into that space between all of the men.
The only hand it could have possibly been that was in that space would have been Chris Christie, and it could not have been his hand because he was in the picture originally of the Photoshop.
So, I mean, this is just ridiculous.
I can't believe that they tripled down.
And again, I don't really care about Howie Carr.
Howie Carr is some, you know, old-time radio guy.
He's just probably been in the industry way too long, and he doesn't understand the nuances of the new media.
Yeah, right, and he needs ratings.
And he even admitted that, oh, well, you know, I'm friends with Deal because he provides advertising to my show.
So he even admits that he's got a little, you know, a little pay for play, if you will.
He says that you did pay for play.
And you can address that.
I don't need to go down that road.
I don't care.
You can address what he said about you.
But again, I don't care about Howie Carr.
I'm talking about the person who's trying to stop you from defeating the fake Indian, Elizabeth Warren.
So we need to make sure that the people know
Exactly what's going on here.
And it's very confusing.
I mean, to be honest, I'm not even sure exactly what's going on.
But what we do know is that he photoshopped a picture of himself with Trump, tripled down on the lie, and so did Howie Carr.
Yeah, I think one of the points I want to make, Owen, is, you know, this is part of this larger thing of how career politicians work.
You know, they don't create anything.
They don't create jobs.
They don't create products.
What they do is they live on fakery or creating fake things.
Elizabeth Warren, by way of example, says she's an American Indian to get her into Harvard, you know, cutting in front of line.
This guy does a fake Photoshop picture to say he has an alliance with Trump.
Because he wants to mislead Trump loyalists
I think so.
We're good to go.
And I think this is the most important point.
Mainstream media rigs elections with them, so the elections are decided way ahead of when, by the time we get to the ballot.
Keep Shiva out of the ballot, put in Dirty Deal, make sure Baker wins and everyone's happy, get, keep Warren in, cut out deals, you know, cut deals together.
Yeah, this is, this is, yeah, this is beautiful action in play.
And this has been exposed in the WikiLeaks as well.
And it's amazing to actually, you know, it's crazy because when we talk, you know, we're like, we're actually seeing the swamp work.
Like this is the inner workings of the swamp.
We're getting in deep.
We're going in deep and we're seeing how they operate.
And here's all I'll say again.
I support you, Shiva.
I like your work.
I like the fact that you stand out and have been vocal against GMOs.
I just like talking to you on the phone.
You're a real guy.
We have real conversations.
I like the fact that you put your money where your mouth is.
You say, this is a photoshopped picture, and then you say, okay.
Okay, well, you know what?
I'm gonna make sure that this is a Photoshopped picture, and I'm gonna hire Alfred from Tech Fusion to make sure this claim is right.
And you put your money where your mouth is.
You tell Elizabeth Warren, hey, here's my lab.
Let's run some tests on, you know, some of these food products.
Let's run some tests on glyphosates, on GMOs.
No response from her.
So I just want to make my final point is that I'm supporting you.
I want you to get in there and defeat the fake Indian.
I think that you're the future of politics.
This is the future of politics.
And as far as Howie Carr and Dirty Deal are concerned, look.
Hey Deal, if you think that the photo is real, if you want to quadruple down on your claim that the photo is real,
I implore you to provide Tech Fusion with the original copy.
I'm playing this neutral.
I'm playing this center.
Provide Tech Fusion with the original copy and otherwise your claim that it's a real photo is fake and it's a Photoshop picture until you produce the original photo to Tech Fusion
And I don't see how anybody could disagree with that logic.
And as far as how a car is concerned, if you want to make fun of Alex Jones, that's fine.
I dare you to have him on a show for a debate.
But you better be careful who you're endorsing and what you're putting your mouth behind.
Because again, until that picture is provided to Tech Fusion, I don't see any reason not to believe that that picture is photoshopped and he's lying about shaking Donald Trump's hand.
So I'll just leave it there.
Final comments from Alfred or Dr. Shiva?
I think the most important thing, I think you've said it all, I think people are looking for real people, real fighters, you know, real people want to stand up.
Real science, not fake science, not fake fighters, and definitely not fake Indians or fake Photoshop pictures.
I think people have had enough of that.
So, from my point, it is the real Indian against the fake Indian.
And anyone listening, you know, we're at shiva4senate.com.
We're looking for people's support.
But most importantly, you know, this is a historic campaign, defeating Elizabeth Warren, right in the belly of the beast, in the swamp, beneath the swamp.
That's what Massachusetts is, because it's a swamp of the elites.
And this is where the swamp creatures are actually born and created and go to Washington.
They come out of Harvard.
They come out of MIT.
They're essentially given birth here.
So defeating them here is a big, big service, not only to this country, but to the world.
So help us defeat Elizabeth Warren.
Yeah, and I gotta thank my great team of producers here.
We totally forgot about this.
Another claim that they tried to make against you was that you hadn't filed with the FEC.
A total lie!
Thank you guys for your time.
Thank you guys for your effort.
Let's make Congress great again in 2018, Shiva.
Great, thank you.
Thank you.
Thanks for your support.
That's Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai.
He is battling the swamp big time in Massachusetts.
The real Indian set to defeat the fake Indian, Elizabeth Warren, in 2018.
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We can answer your questions.
I'm angry.
I've had enough of these people.
They're a bunch of Christian murderers, scum, and on giant death factories, keeping babies alive.
They're selling their body parts.
What more do you need to know about these people?
I go out and face these scum.
They literally crawl out from under us.
They're screaming and consuming, and they're running around screaming, we love Satan, we wanna eat babies.
I f***ing love Satan, so f*** you!
I kill my kids!
We came, we saw, we died.
There's a guy on the radio who apparently trumps on his show frequently.
He said, me and Hillary are demons.
Said we smell like sulfur.
Ain't that something?
I have never seen or smelled any woman like that.
People are telling me she smells.
Who could not notice someone who smelled that badly?
My spirit gets close to that evil and I feel it go, ah, ah, ah.
We're soft, self-centered crap.
We don't even notice and it's self-rising up against us.
Millions of pointed people of the very worst type and I'm so pissed.
We're gonna stab your daughter at the mall We're gonna stab your wife, your son We're gonna stab you with a butcher knife And then the police chief is gonna say
We love our Somalis.
We love our Muslims.
Oh they're so good.
Oh they're so sweet.
I was watching Fox News as I worked out this morning, and they had the police chief on making excuses from that town in Minnesota.
And they had the Fox News host, this is the Fair and Balanced channel, going, Donald Trump really stepped in at this time.
He said it was a bombing before it had officially been called a bombing.
And Hillary's on him, and she's got some really good points.
Linda Sarsour.
Brave Muslim activist.
Unapologetically Muslim American.
Proud feminist.
Women's March leader, ardent defender of women's rights.
Wasn't it so great to see Sarsour vehemently defend the Muslim Saudi girl who was arrested for wearing a skirt?
I mean that has to be the ultimate example of the patriarchy oppressing women, doesn't it?
And a Muslim woman at that.
Sarsour must have been absolutely on fire over this.
Oh look, she actually said nothing whatsoever.
That's because Linda Sarsour isn't an ardent defender of women's rights at all.
She's a total fraud and a complete idiot.
A fact proven once again when Sarsour's Women's March wished a happy birthday to Black Lives Matter icon Assata Shakur, a convicted cop killer and fugitive who is on the FBI's Most Wanted Terrorists list.
A woman so violent she left the Black Panther Party because it wasn't violent enough before joining the Black Liberation Army, a domestic terror group that killed 13 police officers
That's Linda Sarsour and the Women's Marchers icon.
Literally a terrorist who killed a cop in cold blood.
How progressive!
So CNN's Jake Tapper, of all people, called out Sarsour.
Shakur is a cop killer fugitive in Cuba.
This, ugly sentiments from Linda Sarsour.
Any progressives out there condemning this?
Sarsour's big comeback was to claim that Jake Tapper had joined the alt-right.
Yeah, she actually said that.
Linda Sarsour is so stupid she succeeded in making a CNN reporter look good.
So a Jewish guy who gets endless anti-Semitic abuse from the alt-right is now a member of the alt-right.
Well done, Linda.
It takes a special kind of retard to say something that f***ing dumb.
She even made Newsweek writer and Looney Tunes tentacle porn aficionado Kurt Eichenwald look reasonable by comparison.
And if you thought that level of self-ownage wasn't bad enough, SawSaw kept digging.
At Jake Tapper, please share my ugly sentiments.
Unapologetically Muslim, unapologetically Palestinian, pro-immigrant, pro-justice, shame!
So Linda wants us to tell her what she's said and done that's ugly.
Oh, I don't know, Linda.
Maybe that time when you mocked a victim of female genital mutilation who was five years old when it happened and said she should have her vagina taken away.
Yeah, remember that?
Is that ugly enough for you?
Oh, you had trouble remembering it when you got called out and then tried to deflect by shaming the guy who asked the question because he was white.
So I really want to know under what circumstances it's acceptable to say that I wish I could take their vaginas away.
They don't deserve to be women.
And just to give that context, that's one of your tweets off your Twitter.
Let's get some context here because, you know, we have, uh, this is an event organized by an Asian American, right?
Let's just get some, let's get some context to this, what's going on here.
Celebrating a community, right?
Talking about communities of color who are being directly impacted at this moment.
And I have a young white man in the back, who is not directly impacted by any of the issues that I mentioned.
A copy and paste that he got from a right-wing blog.
He doesn't even know if it actually came to my Twitter account because he has a screenshot of it.
You deleted the f***ing tweet!
That's why it's not there!
So you're saying we all say stupid s**t, but then also that the tweet never happened?
Yes, it happened.
You deleted it, and now you're lying about it.
And that's f**king ugly.
I'll tell you what else is ugly.
Endorsing a charity that raised money for a desecrated Jewish cemetery, and then refused to hand over the money.
That's ugly.
Oh, and how about when you exploited a fake hate crime?
That the police said never happened to make money through a bogus charity.
Yeah, that's pretty damn ugly, isn't it?
How about when you called for jihad against Trump just weeks after a violent anti-Trump lunatic had tried to massacre Republicans?
That Allah accepts from us that as a form of jihad.
Yeah, the jihadists who have been knifing, bombing and shooting their way through Europe for the past two years.
No, they're not violent, are they?
They're just engaged in a struggle.
How about your repeated advocacy of Sharia law?
The most oppressive, patriarchal, anti-woman legal and cultural system on the planet.
A culture that enslaves Muslim women across the Islamic world.
A culture that sanctions acid attacks, honour killings, and old men force-marrying little girls.
Yeah, that's pretty f***ing ugly too.
Is that enough ugliness for you, Linda?
Do you want more?
Do you want me to go on?
Do you want me to talk about your ties to Hamas terrorists?
Do you want me to talk about your cosy relationship with Razmiya Odeh, a Palestinian terrorist who bombed an Israeli supermarket and the British consulate?
You want me to talk about Louis Farrakhan giving you a platform?
The anti-Semite who says, quote, white people deserve to die and who lectures women about how they need to cover up.
Is that ugly enough for you?
Remember, Sarsour isn't just a lone figure of ridicule.
Her Islamist allies came out in force to defend her.
She's attracted support from the ACLU and New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand.
She's protected by the establishment left.
And that's pretty damn ugly.
Linda Sarsour, Courtney Love was right about you.
You're using fake stories to generate sympathy and collect dollars under the mask of women's rights and solidarity.
You're not a feminist.
You're not a human rights activist.
You're an Islamist.
You're a vile disgrace to women and all mankind.
You're a phony.
You're a fraud.
You're an idiot!
Thanks everybody for tuning in to the InfoWars Nightly News.
Support us at InfoWarsStore.com.
You stay classy, InfoWarriors!
We have reached the great crossroads.
Humanity is awakening.
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That's why, for myself and the entire InfoWars crew, I want to salute you all for what you've done in the information war, and what you've also done on the streets peacefully.
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