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Name: 20170704_Tue_NightlyNews
Air Date: July 4, 2017
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Welcome to the InfoWars Nightly News.
I'm David Knight and it is the 4th of July 2017.
Think of it as Brexit 1776.
Our theme here is liberty.
We talk about that a great deal and this is a great time to reflect on the importance of our own independence.
It was laid out, the principles of this country were laid out by some horrible white guys who came up with the best structure we've ever had to preserve liberty.
It's not perfect and it has to be preserved by you and by me.
But it's important to go back and refer to that.
We've got some special reports coming up for you from Alex Jones and the rest of the crew.
We'll be back live tomorrow at 7 Central, 8 p.m.
You are fake news, sir.
And it's time for humanity to stand up in the info war and say, I don't know what's going to happen at the end of this, but you want to fight?
You better believe you got one!
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In the month of July, 2017, it's now more critically important than ever to think about the state of this nation and its place in the world.
To contemplate where we would be right now if Hillary Rodham Clinton would have been elected.
But not just here in the United States, all over the world, powerful forces of individualism are manifesting themselves through nationalism.
Self-determination and the drive for open, free, dynamic civilization is exploding.
The fires of liberty have been rekindled.
Look at the New World Order, it's falling apart.
Look at crony global capitalism.
That's anti-free market and authoritarian, allied with radical Islam.
It is disintegrating before our very eyes.
The tide of this unelected monstrosity, as Peter Thiel recently said, is going out and going out quickly.
It's hard to give all the reasons why, but I think the tide on globalization is just going out.
It's going out on, you know, all these different dimensions.
And so if you have movement of people, I think, you know, immigration is getting more restrictive, not just in the US, but, you know, throughout the Western world.
I think movement of trade.
I think there's big headwinds there through goods, movement through people, movement through goods, movement through capital, which is mainly through banks.
Banks are going to get more regulated.
And then even movement through information where I think there may be some headwinds for the
The internet was designed to survive a nuclear war, but even so, I think there are a lot of regulatory challenges that the Silicon Valley is going to be facing from Western Europe and elsewhere in the years ahead.
So I think the tide on globalization is just going out in a pretty big way.
If you understand President Trump, you understand free market, renaissance economies,
Versus globalist stagnant command and control economies.
President Trump for his entire life and his father's business life was all about service economies that rise and fall with the prosperity of the people.
He's not a Goldman Sachs banker.
He's not a JP Morgan banker who makes more money and gets more control during recessions and depressions.
For the Trump family, not just President Trump himself, it's always been about his destiny being tied to the destiny of the economy.
Of Main Street, not Wall Street.
And if you understand that fundamental dichotomy, it's all crystal clear.
The globalists want to pull the ladder up of success.
They want to have a giant underclass they control.
They want planned austerity, where third world populations can't even have a car or air conditioning.
And that's called liberalism.
But everybody's going to have to do something.
Everybody's going to have to make some important choices here.
And I expect that it's going to be your generation that helps lead this, because if we don't, it's going to be your generation that suffers the most.
Ultimately, if you think about all the youth that everybody's mentioned here in Africa, if everybody's raising living standards to the point where everybody's got a car and everybody's got air conditioning and everybody's got a big house,
Well, the planet will boil over.
Economic slavery is not liberalism.
Claiming that innovation and humanity having a better life is a bad thing is claiming that civilization itself is fundamentally bad.
Does civilization have its bad byproducts and problems?
They were making those things better in the fifties and sixties and seventies.
Our air was completely polluted, so we came up with catalytic converters.
That's innovation.
That's technology getting better and better and cleaner and cleaner.
Not saying get rid of technology for the general public because it's bad for the earth, but oh the elite, they're going to be a breakaway society with unlimited advanced technology that you don't have access to.
That is the ultimate form of discrimination.
And that's why they're using all this racial push and all this brainwashing about Eric Trump's haircut being racist and all the rest of this garbage to divert us about imaginary boogeymen and windmills we're supposed to slay.
While as a population, as a culture, as a nation, as a planet, as a species, we have a global elite that is consolidating control.
For more than 6,000 years of recorded
Human history, historians, chroniclers of their time have all agreed on one great thing.
And it's that there are critical times in history where more happens in just a few years to change the future destiny of humanity's trajectory that happened in the previous hundred.
And with all of the advanced technology, with all of the incredible innovations that limited free market civilization has developed, we're seeing an acceleration of that great turning.
We are approaching a mass jump point, tipping point, decision point that our species has never even imagined.
Ladies and gentlemen, the equations that gave us atomic weapons and nuclear power were developed by Max Planck in 1900.
That vision was then manifest in 1945, when two atomic bombs were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan.
That's 1900 quantum mechanics in the human mind.
Theoretical, then put into action.
Today, the elites of the globe
Have been in consensus from China to Europe to the United States that they were going to hoard all the advanced technologies and keep them back from the American people, people of the world.
But president Trump in his inaugural speech foreshadowed the fact that we are about to discover the secrets of the universe together.
And that's because many of the secrets have already been discovered.
We stand at the birth of a new millennium, ready to unlock the mysteries of space, to free the Earth from the miseries of disease, and to harness the energies, industries, and technologies of tomorrow.
A new national pride will stir our souls, lift our sights, and heal our divisions.
It's time to remember that old wisdom our soldiers will never forget.
That whether we are black, or brown, or white, we all bleed the same red blood of patriots.
And that simple, basic fact is why the globalists hate Trump.
It's why they hate me.
It's why they hate you.
Because you innately have the spark of the universe in you.
As Mahatma Gandhi said, each of us has the sea of the universe within our heart, within our soul.
And Trump wants prosperity.
Everything he and his family have done as the blue-collar billionaire is about service economy.
Golf courses, and hotels, and shops, and businesses, and train stations.
If you're not doing good, he doesn't do good.
Globalism is all about picking winners and losers.
It's all about going back to an old feudal system where the elites decide who can even engage in commerce.
So we have a fight between free market, open, renaissance society and the crony capitalist, collectivist model that can manifest itself as fascism, as communism, as socialism.
as orthodox radical Islam.
They're all cults of power based on conquest, not based on innovation.
Has our Republic been involved in military operations and certainly conquest?
No nation, no empire, no people, no culture is perfect.
And those are our better angels versus our fallen angels.
What side we decide to choose?
I, as we enter the month of July, have chosen the greater angels, the better angels of our Republic, of Thomas Jefferson and George Washington, of our forebears, and their true religious freedom to worship Christ or not worship Christ, and to raise your family as you see fit, and to live in an open society where we're tolerant, but we have the right to live like we individually wish as well.
The left sees you as flyover country, whether you're black, white, Hispanic, old, young, they don't care.
They want to run your life.
They want to dominate you.
They want to control you.
They want to shut down any avenues that they can be challenged.
They want to end, as John D. Rockefeller I said, competition is a sin.
So this July 4th, I wanted to look back on the epic battle of the last two years or
So that we can appreciate and quite frankly, be thankful that we have gone from almost no hope to now seeing so many good things happening and real hope and real confidence being restored and to know we've got a fighting chance.
That's why, other than Trump, InfoWars is the most attacked organization now in the world.
They're not attacking me.
I'm just a focal point.
They're attacking you because you've seen through their lies.
You understand their propaganda and you didn't care when you were being ridiculed by your neighbors or friends or family because you know you were right.
In the campaign, we heard Americanism, not globalism.
Well, what did that really mean?
Number one.
And number two, if Trump delivered on his promise of Americanism, not globalism, what would that actually look like?
Americanism, not globalism will be our credo!
Americanism, not globalism!
The era of economic surrender will finally be over.
We will no longer surrender this country or its people to the false song of globalism.
They have gotten the political establishment and the media establishment to become pure, wanton henchmen of totalitarianism.
If you were a foreign power looking to weaken America, you couldn't do better.
I think what the Chinese have done is really smart.
I think?
We started rebuilding other countries instead of our own.
Not a world, Winston, that gets more beautiful and more technological and stronger.
A world that gets uglier and stupider and more stunted.
That the government should allow Hillary Clinton to become President of the United States.
I voted for Hillary Clinton.
Well, I voted for Hillary.
I guess I have to since I'm working for her as well.
You want an image of the future, Winston?
It's a boot stomping on a human face forever.
Muslims are peaceful and tolerant people and have nothing whatsoever to do with terrorism.
Women are treated, discriminated against in all these countries she took money against.
Gays and lesbians are either executed or punished severely.
They're mistreated.
She claims to be their champion.
Don't look at me, Winston, and see the black circles around my eyes, and see how ugly and weak I am, expressing myself and dying, and I torture people 18 hours a day, and I have a horrible life!
That's the beauty of the satanic evil of the priest of power ripping apart humanity!
We're here to hurt humans!
We're here to suck your guts out!
Americanism, not globalism, means the American system.
We're good to go.
Because we're the ones that have been picking the winners and losers.
The dishonest media will never keep us from accomplishing our objectives on behalf of our great American people.
Will never happen.
Their agenda
Is not your agenda, you've been saying it.
I will never stop fighting for you.
I am delivering on trade, on the economy, on the Supreme Court, on the Second Amendment, on our military, for our veterans, and on our borders, where we are doing record, record stoppage.
To have a nation, you've got to have borders.
And Trump pledged to beef up border security and deport felons.
He's done that.
And early numbers show a 43% or higher drop in illegals coming across the southern border just since President Trump got in January 20th.
And of course, right after he actually got into office, he killed the unelected TPP treaty that Hillary and others had been secretly ratifying for a decade, absolutely driving a stake through the heart of unelected
World Corporate Government.
He then pulled us out of the Paris Accord and laid out that it was a global carbon tax that only Europe and the United States and Australia had to be under.
Designed to deindustrialize us.
Designed to move what was left of our industry to China and other nations.
And did China and India even get mad at us for that?
No, they actually recognize the fact that we actually have a real president now and have finally started to treat our president with respect.
The Indian Prime Minister embraced President Trump, something never before seen, because they have so much respect for the fact that he's standing up for this nation and pulling out of globalism that is nothing but a planetary form of colonialism.
You are fake news, sir.
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Who would have imagined just a year ago that we'd be watching the literal fall of CNN in real time, caught red-handed, manufacturing the fake Russia election narrative in their own words to make money and to generate ratings.
At the expense of endangering everyone with nuclear war.
And on a daily basis, more shoes drop, more dominoes fall.
Not just at CNN, but at MSNBC, at ABC, at NBC.
Megyn Kelly's ratings continue to drop like a stone because the American people are completely breaking with the old order, with the establishment.
Fifteen years ago, I could have a Hollywood star on the show because they were interesting and people thought it was cool.
Now, if I even talk about Hollywood stars in a hateful manner, my audience gets angry and says, we don't even want to hear about that scum.
Damn them to Hades.
We don't want them in our universe.
Talk about radioactive.
The establishment is the most uncool, vampirous,
Collapsing house of cards the world has ever seen.
But that's why they're targeting our children.
That's why Hollywood's being brought into the schools to sexualize them.
Because it's their only hope is to get in there as cultural and psychic vampiric pedophiles and wreck our children's minds.
Quite frankly, I'm on my knees every morning and every night before God.
Because I am so thankful to see the tide turning against this slime.
Ladies and gentlemen, this isn't just a battle to retake America.
This is a battle to retake the world from elites that have used high-tech psychological warfare systems to brainwash and dumb down the population so they could greedily control human destiny.
No, we are taking control of our destiny from these corrupt elites.
It doesn't mean we're offering some panacea.
Doesn't mean we're moving towards some perfect heavenly Valhalla.
We are simply going back to common sense, tried and true, pro-human, pro-family, pro-God systems that are popular because they work.
They build prosperity.
They build security.
They build civilization.
But they don't build tyrannies.
And that's why dirtbag globalists everywhere hate it.
Look around you.
This isn't hype.
We're changing history.
We're changing the world for the better.
You are the heart and the very blood of this movement.
That's why on my knees, I am begging you to realize how important you are.
And the fact that we are engaged in a non-zero sum game here of total 360 win.
And that's why I'm going to ask you humbly to please continue to pray for InfoWars.
Please continue to pray for our providence, our provision, and please continue to pray for my crew.
And everyone else out there who is fighting on the very front lines against the Globalists, because the enemy does throw a lot of darts at us, they do engage in a lot of dirty tricks, but God always comes through.
Bottom line.
Our provision is your prayers and it's also your support.
So realize this fight is more intense than ever.
When you share a video or an article or when you tweet what we're doing, or you Facebook what we're doing, or you tell somebody most importantly in person to tune into local radio stations, when you financially support us,
All of those things is a trifecta.
Prayer, spreading the word, and financial support allow us to be provisioned and put on the full armor of the information war to march out against the enemy.
You are the wind in our sails.
You are the sunlight that grows the crops.
You are the ocean in which the fish live.
You are the atmosphere of the human heart that is refusing to submit to these tyrants.
Again, in the month of July, more than ever, commit to support the InfoWarp.
I want to thank you all humbly for what you've done.
I want to thank you humbly for the tens of thousands of reviews on third-party sites like Power Reviews supporting our products, our water filtration systems, our t-shirts, our nutraceuticals.
Without you, none of this would be happening.
To celebrate our comeback, to celebrate the fact that our Republic is coming back from the dead,
I'm going to extend the 4th of July specials throughout the month of July.
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Long lasting sale in the history of Infowars, because right now, the quickening, the acceleration of awakening, the spiritual unlocking is white hot.
And I am just honored to be here with you all together, because as one caller said, we're not just the tip of the spear.
This audience of patriots of every race, color, and creed who bleed red blood and want to be free are the sword of truth.
And I am humbled to be associated with you all.
But I'm simply here to raise the alarm as a watchman so that men greater than I can stand up and take action against the globalists.
That's always been my vision.
It's always been my gut level understanding.
And I'm seeing it manifest today because of many of you out there taking action.
Understand, ladies and gentlemen, it is such a revolutionary act against tyranny when you spread the word, when you call into C-SPAN, when you call into a talk show, when you publish a blog, when you talk to your neighbors, when you promote the Constitution, when you promote free market, when you promote non-GMO, when you expose the dangers of vaccines, when you do any of these thousands of things and say no to the corporate bullies, no to the leftists trying to woodpecker you into submission, you change the world.
The moment you stop letting them intimidate you.
Again, this July is a very, very important time.
We're seeing the life and death struggle of humanity.
We're seeing the self-determination battled out right now.
We're seeing our future course being set.
This is a time in history when the major decisions are being made.
If there's one thing historians agree on, there are times historically, when more happens in just a few years, that happen in the previous hundred, and that govern, in some cases, the next thousand years.
We are in that magic space right now.
And we all need to realize it, and be aware of it, and to be involved, now more than ever.
Because if you're watching this transmission, you're the hope.
As I've told you a thousand times plus, you are the resistance.
Be honest with yourselves.
In all the history of modern media, have you ever seen them demonize someone more than they have yours truly?
Ask yourself, why is the corporate media, why is Hollywood so desperately afraid of me?
Why do they lie and twist my every word and then desperately tell you not to listen to me?
It's because, ladies and gentlemen, I've got their number.
I've done the research.
And it's unbelievable the crimes they're openly committing.
They think you're idiots.
They think you're morons.
They brag on C-SPAN that you have the attention of a goldfish.
Zuckerberg says my users trust me.
They're dumb.
Well, you know what?
I don't think you're a dumb.
I think you have a soul and a heart and a mind, and I believe they've been bombarding you with chemicals and biologicals and brainwashing from birth via television until you don't know even what universe you're living in.
So I'm here to shake you awake!
Because if we don't come together, the globalists are going to be able to totally dominate our species and destroy us forever.
Actually tune into the show at InfoWars.com for yourself.
Write down some notes and then search out the terms and issues I'm covering.
And find out, ladies and gentlemen, that the reason they fear InfoWars and myself so much is that we are simply the rabbit hole.
It's up to you to take the red pill and find out how deep it goes.
The Matrix doesn't want you to take that pill.
I just want you to know all I am offering is the truth.
I may look through a scanner darkly and distort some things in my own mind, but the final equation I'm trying to tell the truth, and that's why I've changed the world.
So find out what the enemy's so scared of right now.
Find out what I'm actually saying for yourself and not what they're telling you I said.
Globalists want you to sleep, so they can live.
I want you to awaken, so we can all have a future together.
I'm Alex Jones.
Visit InfoWars.com today, and find out why I am Public Enemy Number One.
If you are receiving this transmission, you are a Resistance soldier.
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Now whether you believe in Christian cosmology and the final equation doesn't matter because the devil believes in you and the archetype is certainly real.
Ladies and gentlemen, hiding in plain view, the Vatican has been completely taken over by multinational intelligence agencies using the honeypot of pedophilia.
And once they get people in positions of power, they recruit more in and then fill all the spaces with more pedophiles.
Experts from the Vatican themselves admitted there is a very close link between pedophilia and satanism.
They used to have these ambulances, these fake ambulances, parked in front of Termini Station, and they used to pick up these young Romanian kids, 14-year-old kids, and bring them directly into the Vatican.
It's all over the Italian press.
It's all over the Roman newspapers.
It's well documented.
I traveled there last year.
It was the Treaty of Rome
In the late 1950s that founded the covert European Union that is now destroying what's left of national sovereignty and individual freedom.
We have seen the private central banks install presidents in Italy and presidents and leaders in places like Greece.
Truly unprecedented.
There's been a lot of children found dead at the Vatican, strangled to death, and they used that information to control the world's second largest religion.
Because you can say Catholicism is its own brand of Christianity, and there's a billion Catholics, and there's like a billion Protestants, and there's 1.4 billion Muslims.
And now, the Vatican's top cardinal,
The Vice President, basically, of the Vatican.
The best friend of the Pope.
His confidant.
Charged with sexual assault and a string of young children.
The rape of children.
The rape of little boys.
I'm innocent of these charges.
They are false.
The whole idea of sexual abuse is abhorrent to me.
Australian police did not provide any specific details of the multiple charges of sexual assault.
Cardinal George Pell has been in charge of reforming church finances, but for years has faced allegations that he did not properly deal with clergy sex abuse in Australia.
And you notice that it's over 10,000 pedophiles arrested since Trump got in.
The police will bust hundreds and hundreds and hundreds, in some cases with houses full of cages with little children, sometimes dead children, and it'll be in the newspaper one time!
That tells you, ladies and gentlemen, that there's a major network here, and we already know that.
And now Trump has signaled the attack.
UK intelligence has been rounding up the pedophiles.
They've been saying that it literally runs the government.
That's mainstream London Telegraph headlines.
Again, it's a system of evil.
So understand, the Renfields generally were tortured as children themselves, and then want to go out and associate sexual love with children because they were raped as children.
And I'm not condoning what they've done, they're horrible, horrible creatures, but they are products of the true vampires.
Not metaphysical vampires, not legendary vampires, not true immortals.
But the spirits, the possession that overtakes these people as they, in their off time, are in dungeons with little children begging for mommy.
And that's what they do, and that's who they are, and they hate me, and they hate you, and they hate America, and they hate Jesus Christ, and they hate women, and they hate children.
They want to murder you and your family.
They want to fund radical Islam, bring it in, because it is based on pedophilia and oppression of women and children as well.
The media is outraged at Donald Trump for encouraging violence with this tweet.
CNN's response, it is a sad day when the President of the United States encourages violence against reporters.
You want to talk about encouraging violence?
Your network gave a platform to an unhinged lunatic two days after he tried to violently attack Trump.
Donald Trump is a bully.
Your network suggested how Trump could be stopped from taking office if he was assassinated during the inauguration.
Your network pointed what looked like a sniper scope at Steve Bannon.
Your network hired Bob Beckel after he called for the assassination of Julian Assange.
Illegally shoot the son of a b****.
Your network's host held up a blood-soaked, decapitated Donald Trump head.
And you're outraged over a meme.
This kind of rhetoric, this kind of behavior,
Yeah, it was your network's rhetoric that led to a radical leftist shooting up Republicans.
People actually were hurt.
Save me the sanctimonious indignation over encouraging violence.
This is the same media that paints crosshairs on Donald Trump's head while he's bombarded with assassination threats every single day.
This is the same media that legitimized the entire punch a Nazi narrative that led to violent Antifa assaults on Trump supporters nationwide.
This is the same media whose Trump-Russia collusion hysteria inspired a domestic terrorist to attempt to massacre Republicans.
Hey, mainstream media, if you really want to know who's encouraging violence, look in the frigging mirror.
Please RT, if you agree, the cabinet must invoke the 25th amendment today and immediately remove Donald Trump from the presidency.
The 25th amendment.
The president can be removed from office if he's deemed to be mentally incapacitated.
Well, to be fair, Keith Olbermann is an authority on mental illness, given that he's going senile.
We are at war with Russia.
Are you crazy?
Is that your problem?
We are the victims of a bloodless coup.
So far, a bloodless coup.
Keith, you've literally contracted a form of mass psychosis, Trump Derangement Syndrome, and now you're accusing Trump of being insane.
Russian scum!
For my money, he's nuts.
Couldn't pass a sanity test.
Open book.
We are at war with Russia.
Trump's tweets aren't funny.
They're authoritarian.
You want to talk about authoritarianism?
Obama used the Espionage Act against journalists and whistleblowers more than every previous president combined.
And what did the left have to say about it?
Obama locked up journalists.
And you're more concerned about the authoritarian threat to journalism, posed by a tweet.
Give me a break!
Anyone with a child under 18 has to be asking themselves, how do I explain the President's actions, especially since he faces no consequences?
Oh, I don't know, Chuck.
Maybe we can ask the parents who had to explain to their kids why the President was diddling an intern in the Oval Office with a cigar.
Maybe they can help.
I did not have sexual relations with that woman.
Both sides have a problem with hateful crazies.
The difference is the left denounces theirs, the right elects theirs president.
Oh, you mean like when you denounced Black Lives Matter, a movement inspired by a cop killing terrorists?
A movement that calls for dead cops?
And whose rhetoric led to mass shootings.
Yeah, you really denounced those crazies, didn't you, Sally?
We want you to know that our hearts are out there marching with them.
A call for violence against the media.
Yeah, one of your newspaper's top columnists joked about ending Trump's campaign by having him assassinated.
Your newspaper literally sponsored and then defended a play depicting the assassination of Trump.
Your newspaper just depicted Stephen Miller's head on a stake.
But now you're all concerned about the depiction of violence.
He is an incitement to violence.
He is going to get somebody killed in the media.
Yeah, you'd know all about people being killed for their politics, wouldn't you, Navarro?
Given your connections with Nicaraguan death squads.
Remember the time the president photoshopped the logo of a news company on a person and then tweeted a vid of him fake wrestling that logo?
Remember the time you mocked a nine-time stabbing victim while he was still critical in hospital just because he was a Trump voter?
Yeah, you don't have the moral high ground.
It's a matter of time until someone hurts or kills a journalist.
This is the President of the United States.
We must stay shocked.
Not okay!
Oh, you must abhor violence, Brendan.
So how shocked were you at the attempted assassination of Steve Scalise?
Wow, so shocked!
The media and the left has done little else than encourage and legitimise violence against Trump and his supporters for the best part of two years.
So forgive me.
Forgive me when I refuse to swallow your fake crocodile tears about a joke wrestling tweet being an incitement to violence.
Forgive me when I refuse to treat seriously the righteous indignation of far-left journalists and activists who have been pushing violent narratives since before Trump was even elected.
Forgive me when I refuse to believe this is anything besides another huge dose of hysterical anti-Trump butthurt.
What could be more triggering to Libtards than my face and this slogan?
Get your new premium quality Conservatism is the new counterculture t-shirt right now at InfowarsStore.com and let the butthurt commence!
Alex Jones here with a very important news update to anybody out there that wants to be prepared.
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We can answer your questions.
Austin, Texas.
Smack dab in the middle of the 4th of July holiday.
Outnumbered by patriots, a smattering of completely uninformed liberals attempted to rally support to impeach the President of the United States of America.
You have no logical case for what you're f***ing saying.
Oh, okay.
Well, I think he's a traitor.
Why is he a traitor?
He so much as admitted collusion with Putin on the election.
Any other reasons?
Well, I mean, he's lied to the public, not that that's necessarily impeachable, but I think it all adds up to a serious indictment of his presidency.
Their cry-bully tactics, led by Texas Representative Al Green, failed in every aspect.
When I announced that I was going to bring impeachment articles against the president,
There were some people who made ugly comments.
People have threatened my life, but I want to assure you that no amount of intimidation, no amount of threats, nobody will stop this movement.
We will march on.
It's about the fact that in the richest country in the world, no one should work full time and live below the poverty line.
In the United States of America, every person ought to have health care.
But we have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it.
If you like your doctor, you will be able to keep your doctor.
But for the average person, many folks who don't have health insurance initially, they're going to have to make some choices and they might end up having to switch doctors.
How in the world can this be HIPAA compliant?
HIPAA is designed to protect the patient's privacy and this explicitly says in order to continue you have to accept this condition that you have no privacy or no reasonable expectation of privacy.
Three different people were given access to her account, her address, and her social security number.
And John Kerry said, no, no, no, we're going to tax your health insurance.
We're going to tax those evil insurance companies.
We're going to impose a tax that if they say health insurance is too expensive, we're going to tax them.
And conveniently, the tax rate will happen to be the marginal tax rate under the Income Tax Code.
So basically it's the same thing.
We just tax the insurance companies.
They pass on higher prices.
That offsets the tax break we get.
It ends up being the same thing.
It's a very clever, you know, basic exploitation of the lack of economic understanding of the American voter.
Let us organize in local communities.
Let us go to our churches, our civic clubs, and let us let others know that in this country, no one is above the law, and when you're above the law, the people will demand your impeachment.
God bless you.
God bless the United States of America.
God bless America, land that I love.
What does it say, liberals, when the seditious George Soros-paid Antifa group's uncharacteristic absence reveals that your numbers are as non-existent as any valid argument you may have had for impeachment?
John Bowne for Infowars.com
To see the discredited MSM go from outlandish, incredible lies and just complete walls of fraud, oceans of deception, to now only intensifying that to shrill
Foaming at the mouth, temper tantrums.
I think that is unacceptable.
I think that is the President of the United States taking things way too far.
It is an incitement to violence.
He is going to get somebody killed in the media.
Maybe that will stop him.
The President of the United States is inciting violence against the free press.
In America, we cannot stand for it.
The tweet simply says, fraud news, CNN.
FNN, which means Fox News Network.
What is that?
It's insanity.
I mean, it really is.
I mean, obviously, it's an attempt that might be successful to drum up violence against journalists.
This is a corrupt multinational elite that has come in and exploited our country, exploited other nations, consolidated power, pushed for global tyranny to cement their hold, and now humanity is awake to it.
And so now they're fighting for their lives.
And to maintain control, they've only intensified the amount of fake news that they've been putting out.
And now that everyone's watching it, it's blowing up in their face in real time, minute by minute.
You're seeing the gargling death rattle of MSM right now.
You're seeing them grasp on to their great lust of deceiving.
And harpooning the Western mind and dragging it into the abyss of control freak garbage.
The fake media is trying to silence us.
But we will not let them.
Because the people know the truth.
The fake media tried to stop us from going to the White House.
But I'm president and they're not.
We won, and they lost.
The fact is, the press has destroyed themselves because they went too far.
Instead of being subtle and smart, they used a hatchet.
And the people saw it right from the beginning.
The dishonest media will never keep us from accomplishing our objectives on behalf of our great American people.
Will never happen.
Their agenda
Is not your agenda, you've been saying it.
I will never stop fighting for you.
I am delivering on trade, on the economy, on the Supreme Court, on the Second Amendment, on our military, for our veterans, and on our borders, where we are doing record, record stoppage.
Very, very, very fake news.
It's beyond the clown news network or the communist news network.
It is the wannabe elite class that wants to prey on intellectual endeavors and pose as if they are the fountain, the fount, the progenitor, the headwaters.
of art and culture and everything, and you see it in all the metrics.
Hollywood and mainstream media is all being rejected.
There's nothing more uncool than being establishment.
There's nothing more pathetic and more wretched and more putrid and more stinking than being with the establishment.
That's the spirit of Americana, is the maverick culture.
A maverick idea of the respect of the common man and woman.
Welcome back to Brain Fight.
I'm the real Tuck Buckford.
And coming up this Thursday, I'm going to be in Alex Jones' face, showing the world what a traitor and an enemy he is.
Let's look at another dried lizard penis.
Why, that's Bill Clinton.
Tuck Buckford don't like Alex Jones.
I want to bring up my next guest.
Donald John Trump, he's been on the show before and all of it's gonna be brought to you by CBS and that little angel Stephen Colbert.
So join me this Thursday for the real brain fight during the Alex Jones Show 11 a.m.
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This is not violent at all, but I do this to Trump.
Just do what CBS wants, that's good.
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