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Name: 20170704_Tue_Alex
Air Date: July 4, 2017
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In this video, Alex Jones discusses a range of topics including pedophile networks, immigration, political issues, products, and opinions. He criticizes mainstream media for spreading fake news and being discredited by the public. The speaker talks about the arrests of over 10,000 pedophiles since Trump became president and exposes connections between pedophilia and other forms of evil. Jones promotes various products such as MycoZx, Emerix Essentials Organic Mouthwash, fully cooked bacon with a 10-year shelf life, smoke hoods for protection during emergencies, heart and body extract supplements, a home freeze dryer to preserve food, and insurance alternatives for healthcare costs. The speaker also discusses law enforcement's efforts to uncover networks of child abuse and the need to face and understand these evils to properly address them.

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He aligns himself with the truth, and it's time for you to choose a side.
You're listening to Alex Jones.
I can report to you with certain confidence
That the mainstream media, as we know it, is completely discredited, defunct, and hated by 90% of the public.
Of course, scientific polls already show this, but to see the manifestation and to see even Democrats and Liberals admitting that CNN and MSNBC are the gold standards of corporate vomit
And fake liberal, neoliberal garbage.
Don't you love Trump's tweets last night where he talked about Mika and Scarborough begging to meet him at Mar-a-Lago?
And then his Secret Service detail said, you know, she's out here, she's had plastic surgery, she's got blood dripping out of her, you know, hair.
Obviously, Psycho Joe, as he's known, was pretty revved up.
Who knows what they were out doing.
Word is they like to party pretty hard.
And Trump, you notice, said that she's low IQ and he's a psycho.
Wonder why the president called old Joe Scarborough a psycho.
You ever investigated Joe Scarborough, folks?
Spent a few minutes looking into his past?
Why he left Congress?
Why he's the perfect shill?
They went to Mar-a-Lago three nights in a row on New Year's Eve and insisted on joining me.
She was bleeding badly from a facelift.
I said no.
And she doesn't even know about the tunnel.
I'm not gonna tease him.
I'm gonna stop right there.
Celebrating the fall of these arrogant dirtbags off of their vulture perches as they try to destroy this country and this world, as they try to consolidate total control, is a real pleasure.
It's a luxury.
I relish it with great satisfaction and savor.
Now, they used the whole Pizzagate thing that mainstream media created by pointing at the pizza place instead of the pedophile code words that were in the emails and the wiener procurement operations that we first reported that have been confirmed.
They decoyed us.
And, like a bird dog, we took the bird in our mouth about five seconds, it tasted bad, threw it out, and went after the real birds.
But they've tried to use Pizzagate as a facelift for the pedophile empire.
Paul Watson has an excellent report, pedophiles rule the world.
Well actually, the globalists that rule the world use pedophilia and satanism and other things as the control arm and they want pedophiles as their Renfields, as their servants, as their minion class.
The real controllers torture children to death
They don't have sex with them.
Renfield just wants to play with another slave because he was abused himself.
Doesn't mean the abuse isn't horrible.
And the Catholic Church was infiltrated and taken over by a pedophile network.
Ratzinger was removed and sent to Gandalf Castle being blackmailed that a lot of his top people reportedly were involved in trafficking of children.
He was sent to Gandalf Castle.
I'm not talking about Lord of the Rings.
It really is where he's basically on house arrest at Gandalf Castle.
And then the liberal savior pope came in, who reportedly from our sources had been running the whole op.
Well, just as we're striking back against the pedophile networks here in the United States, they're striking back in Australia.
Australian Cardinal, best friend and top aide to the Pope, is charged with sexual assault of scores of children.
And the Pope's backing him to the hill.
That's right, we're gonna go inside the rabbit hole of the Renfields and the Draculas on the other side.
Word is, Pope Francis is a Dracula.
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We're good to go.
We accept the truth and buck the system and the group collective.
Do that, and you'll earn your way to the next level.
This is the Info War.
Defending the Republic from enemies foreign and domestic.
It's Alex Jones!
We are accelerating towards the global quickening.
A cascade of singularity moments, leading our species toward our ultimate destiny.
The doorway to the future.
The doorway to things the eye has not seen, the ear has not heard, the mind has not dreamed, is before us.
We are entering the threshold, but guarding it.
Guarding it is the fallen one.
Now whether you believe in Christian cosmology, and the final equation doesn't matter because the devil believes in you, and the archetype is certainly real.
Ladies and gentlemen, hiding in plain view, the Vatican has been completely taken over by multinational intelligence agencies using the honeypot of pedophilia.
And once they get people in positions of power, they recruit more in, and then fill all the spaces with more pedophiles.
It's all over the Italian press.
It's all over the Roman newspapers.
It's well documented.
I traveled there last year.
We have had experts on, we should get Leo Zegami back on, documenting the fact that they use child rape and child murder
There's been a lot of children found dead at the Vatican, strangled to death, and they used that information to control the world's second largest religion.
You could say Catholicism is its own brand of Christianity, and there's a billion Catholics, and there's like a billion Protestants, and there's 1.4 billion Muslims.
But I traveled there, I investigated it.
If you're watching on television, it's a time lapse.
I shot off my hotel balcony.
Right over the Vatican and its 100 and 200 foot walls.
And now, the Vatican's top cardinal, the vice president basically of the Vatican, the best friend of the Pope, his confidant, charged with sexual assault and a string of young children.
The rape of children, the rape of little boys.
And you notice that it's over 10,000 pedophiles arrested since Trump got in.
And the police will bust hundreds and hundreds and hundreds, in some cases with houses full of cages with little children, sometimes dead children, and it'll be in the newspaper one time!
That tells you, ladies and gentlemen, that there's a major network here, and we already know that.
I personally am in financing.
Private investigators and others that are interfacing with law enforcement on the trail of this right now.
And that's why the enemy's hitting us so hard.
Because they know behind the scenes I'm not buying a private jet.
I'm trying to finance going after these people.
And giving law enforcement the final piece they haven't had.
Media that's willing to report it.
It's like in V for Vendetta.
And the inspector says, why didn't you do this earlier?
He said, I was waiting for you, inspector.
Well, now it's the other way around.
The police have been waiting for us.
And now Trump has signaled the attack.
UK intelligence has been rounding up the pedophiles.
They've been saying that it literally runs the government.
That's mainstream London Telegraph headlines.
Again, it's a system of evil.
And let me explain something.
In the Netherlands, and in Germany, and in Spain, and in France particularly, and in
Northern European countries, as well, they will bust houses, in some cases with 20, 30, 40 kids in it, starving to death, and many little skeletons buried, and it just gets taken off the news, and what they do is they torture them for months.
They believe they're sucking the energy out of them, the psychopaths call it using them up.
So understand, the Renfields
Generally, we're tortured as children themselves, and then want to go out and associate sexual love with children because they were raped as children.
And I'm not condoning what they've done, they're horrible, horrible creatures, but they are products of the true vampires.
Not metaphysical vampires, not legendary vampires, not true immortals.
But the spirits, the possession that overtakes these people as they, in their off time, are in dungeons with little children begging for mommy.
And that's what they do, and that's who they are, and they hate me, and they hate you, and they hate America, and they hate Jesus Christ, and they hate women, and they hate children.
They want to murder you and your family.
They want to fund radical Islam, bring it in, because it is based on pedophilia and oppression of women and children as well.
And inbreeding.
Well, England's 2% Pakistani and 30-something percent of the deformities are Pakistani.
I'm not bashing Pakistani folks.
They're great, smart people.
But the Islamic inbreeding of marrying your sister, marrying your cousin, is causing this.
And it shows another curse of the mental illness.
The sign of Cain, whatever you want to call it.
But the same mental illness of the royal elites inbreeding together is the same mental illness and the same sickness that we see in Islamic cultures.
And you see this evil alliance with the globalists and Islam.
So here it is.
Australian Cardinal, an aide to Pope, is charged with sexual assault.
That's the New York Times.
You've got to read deep to find out it was little kids.
Pope backs Australian Cardinal in fight against sex abuse charges.
And again, Pope Francis, even the London Guardian admits, used the sex scandals as a Jesuit coup d'etat
Inside of the Vatican.
And it's so sick.
And it's so evil.
These creepy, creepy, creepy, creepy, creepy old men.
And just imagine, ladies and gentlemen, that's only the gateway drug is raping the little boys.
It's always little boys.
Because they want to stunt the manhood and create a slave, create a servant of Dracula.
Again, everything is archetype in the literature, folks.
Every culture said, don't get near the castle at night, they'll kill you.
That's because the inbred elites are always the same.
They want to grab you.
They want to take you.
And they want to suck the life out of you.
They spiritually want to hear those babies beg for their mamas and be in that horror.
And they want to scare the hell out of those children and do horrible satanic rituals where they put on demon masks and just terrorize the hell out of them until they give up and are zombies and are gone.
And they celebrate the destruction of the innocents and the torture of the soul that is the heart of God's creation.
They blaspheme and defile children!
And Hollywood sexualizes the children and they have the ads sexualizing children.
It's all their religion!
Abortion they like.
That's why they've caught them at abortuaries all over the country doing rituals.
It doesn't mean if you were part of an abortion that you knew that or that you're even bad as long as you're aware of the overall program that you were deceived.
They get you involved in the evil and then you commit to the evil, believing that, oh no, it can't be evil, I've got to harden my heart.
But no, that's what it's about.
But even better is getting a three or four year old and torturing them for as long as possible until the light goes out of their eyes.
And these demon possessed psychopaths, I've talked to top psychiatrists on the show, the famous lady that goes and talks to all the serial killers,
And she said, yeah, that's not really in the mainline literature, because they don't want it to be there, but they're all devil worshippers, and they all basically have no consciousness until they're killing somebody, or hurting an innocent person, or torturing a woman, and then there's like white light, and they're alive.
When they're not doing it, they're having nightmares, the demons are attacking them, it's a hellish, depressed existence, until they go out and grab your child and torture them!
And then, then there's ecstasy, the satanic pleasure.
This is the Great Secrets of the Enemy.
Now, let's go ahead and read and break this down.
Vatican's third most powerful figure, he's really number two, Cardinal Pell, charged with multiple sex assaults.
The extent of the charges the Senior Vatican Cardinal is facing has not been revealed by police.
However, according to Patton, there are multiple complaints related to those charges.
Adding that they were minors at the time of the alleged assaults and are now aged from their 20s to their 50s.
The allegations are believed to stretch from the time that Pell was a priest in the Australian town of Ballarat to when he was Archbishop of Melbourne.
It is alleged that the Cardinal Groomboys had a swimming pool at Ballarat in the 1970s and committed the assault at St.
Patrick's Cathedral.
In Melbourne, according to the Australian.
And they commit the rapes in the sanctuary.
That's why Sandusky was at noon on a Saturday at the Fieldhouse at Penn State raping little kids in front of everybody.
Because that's how you do it.
You do it out in the open.
You celebrate it.
The Vatican's third most powerful figure, Cardinal Pell charged with six assaults on minors.
Papal resignation linked to inquiry into Vatican gay officials, says the paper.
Leningradian, no.
The blackmail was the murder of children.
The murder of children.
The murder.
The murder.
The murder.
Face the enemy!
Stop living in denial about who we're dealing with and what we're up against.
They can be easily defeated, but you've got to admit they exist.
Oh, but the news that focused CNN, New York Times, Washington Post on a pizza place instead of the pizza code words and the Podesta emails that got people to distract off into that.
That's the facelift now.
Pedophilia never existed.
It never happened.
Wiener wasn't caught with the 15-year-old, all the rest of it.
Of course, we broke that.
Of course, it's all documented.
And of course, it scares these people.
It scares them to death.
Because they know their system is being exposed and they are hungry for more children to torture and murder and rip their teeth out and flay their skin and do brain surgeries on them with their little faces looking at a mirror.
Oh yeah, it's just the hell on earth and all these globalists having sex in the blood and killing other kids in front of other children and just tailing Satan and praying, praying for the death of the earth, praying for hell to be manifest.
That's who we're facing!
We must take the field and destroy them!
For more than 6,000 years of recorded human history, historians, chroniclers of their time, have all agreed on one great thing.
And it's that there are critical times in history where more happens in just a few years to change the future destiny of humanity's trajectory that happened in the previous hundred.
And with all of the advanced technology, with all of the incredible innovations that limited free market civilization has developed,
We're seeing an acceleration of that great turning.
We are approaching a mass jump point, tipping point, decision point, that our species has never even imagined.
Ladies and gentlemen, the equations that gave us atomic weapons and nuclear power were developed by Max Planck in 1900.
That vision was then manifest in 1945
When two atomic bombs were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan.
That's 1900 quantum mechanics in the human mind.
Theoretical, then put into action.
Today, the elites of the globe have been in consensus, from China to Europe to the United States, that they were going to hoard all the advanced technologies and keep them back from the American people, the people of the world.
But President Trump
In his inaugural speech, foreshadowed the fact that we are about to discover the secrets of the universe together.
And that's because many of the secrets have already been discovered.
And many others have been discovered and suppressed.
And that simple, basic fact is why the globalists hate Trump.
It's why they hate me.
It's why they hate you.
Because you innately have the spark of the universe in you.
As Mahatma Gandhi said, each of us
Has the sea of the universe within our heart, within our soul.
To celebrate our comeback, to celebrate the fact that our Republic is coming back from the dead, I'm going to extend the 4th of July specials throughout the month of July.
Now to be clear, the free shipping will continue.
A lot of these products like X2, Supermail, Lung Cleanse, Selenium and others are very close to selling out.
But when those sell out, I will continue to discount
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Undoubtedly, this is going to be the most intense, long-lasting sale in the history of Infowars, because right now, the quickening, the acceleration of awakening,
The spiritual unlocking is white hot.
And I am just honored to be here with you all together.
Because as one caller said, we're not just the tip of the spear.
This audience of patriots of every race, color, and creed who bleed red blood and want to be free are the sword of truth.
And I am humbled to be associated with you all.
I'm good.
In 1814 we took a little trip along with Colonel Jackson down to mighty Mississippi.
We took a little bacon and we took a little beans and we caught the bloody British in a town in New Orleans.
We fired our guns and the British kept a coming.
There wasn't as many as there was a while ago.
We fired once more and they began to running on down the Mississippi to the Gulf of Mexico.
America is back.
Trump is actually acting as the president.
He is acting for the American people in reciprocal trade deals and energy deals.
I mean, he had the Indian Prime Minister there saying, absolutely, we're buying 100 of your Boeing jets.
We're going to do major investment in infrastructure and buy U.S.
systems and U.S.
power plants.
And you're going to work with us.
And they're already delivering.
All because now we're not going to be allied with basically China and Pakistan against India.
That's how it works, having somebody back who's actually working for the country.
And all the criminals and all the scum and all the king's men of the New World Order that got in control of this nation and were selling it out piece by piece, they are so freaked out.
It's like coming home when you've been gone for a week on vacation and your college son or daughter, we've all heard these stories, is there with a bunch of their friends having a party and you walk in and say, hey, get out of here.
And there's some teenager sitting there on your couch with their feet kicked up.
Just saying, I'm going to leave in a minute.
Or I'm not going to leave at all.
This is my house.
This is the insane arrogance of the parasites that have infested civilization.
And we're bringing equilibrium back.
Again, we're not like the communists or the socialists or the fascists or the technocrats that promised some utopia.
Our imperfection is the utopia.
The great struggle, the great striving, is the perfection.
God experiencing consciousness through each and every one of us.
That's not New Age, that's the Bible.
Christ, the pure manifestation of that.
We're made in the image of the Creator, little g, and look what we can envision, look what we can build, and God is all-knowing, omnipresent, created the entire universe and everything in it, and gives us free will, while at the very same time,
Guiding those that are drawn towards interfacing with God.
It's powerful.
But there are those that interface with the twisted evil, the darkness.
And I know that to those that are pure, the darkness has a certain beauty to it.
But once you're enveloped by the darkness, you find out all it is is sorrow and pain, betrayal and failure.
The opposite of God.
Now, coming up in the next long segment, just look at these headlines.
Help us!
Help us!
Swedish National Police Commissioner begs as number of no-go zones rises.
But our media says, oh, the Muslims let you into any neighborhood, just like you can't go to Muslim countries and go outside of your compound.
But they're not discriminatory once they take over in places.
Sweden and France and Belgium.
But of course it's expanding.
That's coming up.
We've got the total meltdown, not just of CNN, but the entire dinosaur kleptocrat media trying to prop up CNN, getting caught up in the black hole.
It's spectacular.
We're going to go over Cuomo lecturing everyone with a new whopper.
Remember he said that you can only read WikiLeaks through him, it's illegal?
But he's a journalist, so he's allowed to?
Total bull!
Talking to you like you're three years old!
I'm allowed to get in the cookie jar, but you're not allowed to.
I'm allowed to play in the yard, you're not allowed to play in the yard without mommy or daddy.
I mean, he talks to you like you're an idiot!
He talks to you like you're stupider than a dog, than a cocker spaniel!
Who are these people?! !
A bunch of thugs is what they are!
A bunch of trash!
They go get that gangster.
They got that thug.
Real tough guy.
Psycho Joe.
Yeah, Trump's got his eye on him.
Psycho Joe.
Now folks, we're gonna investigate why is he called Psycho Joe?
Let's just say he's a man that can be trusted.
A man.
It's compromised.
A man who's a defiler.
When we return, we're going to get into the collapse of MSM.
It's here.
Now they're going to strike back, but I can tell you, the damage is irreversible.
The tide has now turned.
This is such an epic time.
You are living in grand history.
But be prepared.
The enemy's coming.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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President Trump's tweets have sent the Democrats into a tizzy again.
After President Trump ripped Psycho Joe and No IQ Mika last week, Trump got back on Twitter yesterday and posted a short video of himself beating up another man depicted as a CNN logo.
A total classic.
But the Democrats didn't appreciate Trump's animosity towards the fake news network CNN, and are now drumming up the bill for impeachment based on the 25th Amendment, citing grounds that the President is mentally unfit to serve.
Now, this would require a medical examination, which may come back to bite the Democrats that are calling for it.
You see,
Given a fair examination of the President's health, Trump will pass with flying colors.
But imagine if the tables were turned, and Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Maxine Waters, Elizabeth Warren, and Bernie Sanders were asked to pass the same test, given the importance of their jobs.
I wonder if they would still be pushing this bill.
Something tells me they wouldn't be.
For InfoWars.com, this is Owen Schroer.
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In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military-industrial commons.
In Dallas, Texas, three shots were fired at President Kennedy's motorcade in downtown Dallas.
The first reports say that President Kennedy has been seriously wounded by the shooting.
It is a big idea.
A new world order.
It was almost as if there were a plan in place.
It just pancaked.
Either you were with us, or you were with the terrorists.
But I also believe that a lot of government should agree that AK-47s belong to handsome soldiers, not to handsome criminals.
For many of the police and guard troops, it is an uncomfortable job to do this in an American city.
Is global governance at last?
Is it one world the central bank is in charge?
Aren't we all just living and dying for what the central banks do?
1776 will commence again if you try to take our firearms!
Do you understand?
Live from the InfoWars.com studios, it's Alex Jones.
Remember, it's illegal to possess these stolen documents.
It's different for the media.
It's different for the media.
Remember, it's illegal to possess these stolen documents.
And that's Mr. Cuomo!
He's got his thug brother that says if you're pro-gun or pro-life, get out of New York.
People said, well, you can't say that.
He said, I mean it!
Get out!
We run this country now!
And there is the arrogant slob putting on his con game.
And now he throws a fit.
This whole fake news thing needs to end, and it needs to end right now.
Well, it was your creation.
It was Hillary's creation.
It was Podesta's, but now it's been hung around your head as the blue ribbon pig.
So you wanted to label us that, and so we expose what big fat liars you are.
I mean, CNN takes hundreds of millions of dollars the last decade from Qatar and all these other countries to cover up human rights abuses.
It's a total cesspool of propaganda and lies.
But here they are freaking out that when they're attacking the press secretary or the deputy press secretary, or when they're lying and spewing and grandstanding,
That they dare fight back and speak out, when the news is calling for Trump's death, and his family's death, that while the press secretary might actually say, you're fake news, you've been reporting fake news, when they have like Acosta in there every day, being caught putting out fake news, and they still go to Acosta, then he sits there and makes up more garbage.
I was watching a scene in this morning, and they just try to act so confident.
It's all just a pure confidence game.
They're bad actors.
They're jokes!
And they're sinking!
Their ratings are almost non-existent right now.
And I told you it's a dead cat bounce.
MSNBCs are sliding now.
And quote, their ratings were up 20% from what they were a few years ago.
They've already gone down to almost no viewers.
Yes, news is more interesting now.
People are tuning in for the spectacle.
I'm watching it to keep track of what the enemy's doing occasionally.
But they're universally reviled!
I love how the New York Times kept saying, we're doing great, we're expanding, we're booming!
And I'd go actually read the shareholder news on it, and they were losing hundreds of millions of dollars a year.
They're propped up by a Mexican kingpin, the richest guy in the world, reportedly, of course that's not true, but the richest, you know, nouveau riche.
And they've got massive layoffs.
They're falling apart.
They're a joke.
They're liars.
Here at InfoWars, we're expanding as fast as we can, getting the proper personnel.
We're about to go into a huge expansion phase, thanks to your support and your prayers.
So, there's the proof.
We're expanding.
Pull the trigger on a huge new studio we're building.
It'll be done in a few months.
We're on the march.
The empire is on the run.
Now, let's go to Cuomo, again, lecturing everybody that this whole fake news thing needs to end and it needs to end right now.
But you started it, brother!
You got a lot of huevos to get up there and say.
Now, you're not allowed to read WikiLeaks.
Only we are in the media.
We'll tell you what they say.
And then, of course, you don't.
You also famously said a few months ago, you know, if your young daughter doesn't like seeing a full-grown man in the showers at their school and doesn't like seeing their genitals, they're hateful and you taught them to be hateful.
So see, now basically pedophilia is a persuasion and you're hateful as long as you call it transgender and say a transgendered man, a 300 pound man, wants to go in a shower with your 10 year old daughter and she gets freaked out seeing a naked man.
And as Johnson flying around, you're the weirdo, Cuomo says, he needs to break your will.
The psych warfare chiefs are like, we've lost all credibility.
They hate us, they see through us.
We've got to say such outlandish stuff that somehow it shocks them back into submission.
It's not working, scum.
It's not working, filth.
We know you hate us.
We know you hate our children.
We know you're the enemy.
And I pray for you to be brought to justice.
Whatever God's justice is, I pray for justice against CNN.
Oh, and that brings me to my next issue.
They're the ones with Wolf Blitzer having Gaston talking about the guy that shot Congressman Scalise and the police officers wasn't evil, he was just tired of things, and they've got Kathy Griffin saying cut the president's head off, and they've got New York Times, Washington Post, and all the violence, and Newsweek, the case for rioting and promoting Black Lives Matter, killing cops, and well every time cops get killed, shot in the back for no reason, well it's your fault because a cop might have done something bad in another city.
And Soros is running around financing all this, and you finance the Arab Spring, you finance all these revolutions, you finance all this murder and overthrow the elected government of Ukraine, and then you flood Europe with the jihadis and cover up all their crimes, and then CNN, MSNBC, all these other pieces of garbage, these are the traitors, these are the scum, these are the freedom haters, these are the America haters, these are the people, the type of trash that they can find to sit there and spew insane garbage and lies at you all day.
And then tell you, I'm sick of this fake news thing.
Stop it!
Stop it!
Well, you know, we called it the Kathy Griffin Contest, but I said it's open-ended.
I think we only paid out like $15,000 or $200,000.
You need to get on TV, legally and lawfully, and you need to say, CNN is fake news, Infowars.com.
And by the way, you can do it on ABC, you can do it on CBS, you can do it on C-SPAN, any live event, $2,500, just to make it fun.
There's a big banner on the front of InfoWars.com.
Now, we've got a lot of these videos.
We've been playing.
We're going to play some more.
We've got it.
We have a limited staff.
We're going to get the prizes out to folks.
But it's just starting to, you know, take hold.
But this is the time to do it.
The CNN is fake news contest.
Big banner on InfoWars.com.
It's a very, very exciting time to be alive and to really have these rats cornered by the light of truth.
Now, let's go to Como.
Get rid of all the market reforms, give Americans the freedom and insurance companies to design products that people can afford, that suit their needs, and we won't be spending so much money on subsidies, and people will have, in terms of net effect, in terms of premiums, they won't be harmed.
But two things on that.
We need information, and the debate on this thing has been completely distorted using incorrect information.
Well, two things about that.
Well, first of all, one thing.
I know you're not suggesting that I'm using misleading information, right?
You let me know what I'm saying that's inaccurate.
Because this whole fake thing needs to end, and it needs to end right now.
You tell me what I'm getting wrong, or we'll deal with the numbers at the CBO.
I'm not accusing you.
I'm talking about the fact people don't understand the $22 million, and it was a wrong baseline.
And then the way the premiums are reported, you have to really understand the way economists take a look at this, and what's really happening.
You look at these con men.
And now he tries to put this straight face on.
When we have the internal emails from Wikileaks, we have their own producers on video saying we lie, we deceive, it's what we do.
We're trying to start a war with Russia.
We know Trump's innocent.
And you look at these people trying to double down with their feeble audience.
It's a joke!
And to watch the rest of the media trying to prop them up and run in and try to keep their whole facade going, it really is like watching a bunch of rats run around on the deck of a sinking ship trying to find somewhere to jump off or leap off to.
The public leapt off a long time ago, so enjoy your watery grave.
And by that I mean
Historically, I wish no harm or violence against CNN, or any other MSM, and of course we've always said that.
But they keep saying Trump, and myself and others speaking out against them, they're saying it's our fault the public doesn't trust them, and it's our fault the people hates them.
No, people hate you because they know you're elitist, wannabe scum.
They can't stand you.
They know you're a pack of liars.
That's your fault!
Look in the mirror!
It's your fault!
You wanted to have a war with America?
You wanted to try to bully people?
You wanted to call the public racist because they wanted lower taxes?
Or they didn't want Obamacare?
You want to sit there and try to bully people all day?
Then you're gonna have folks stand back up against you, and your whole bully boy facade is going down, scumbags!
I don't have fake confidence like you do, with your big money and your globalist backing.
I come from the streets.
I come from access television.
They always use that like it's some negative thing.
That I come from the grassroots and I have the pedigree to show it.
I'm proud of the fact I never got government money or big corporate money.
I'm proud of the fact... I was telling my friends this morning, I'm ashamed that I'm in Hollywood movies.
I mean, I like Rick Linklater.
He invited me to be in Scanner Darkly and Waking Life and I've been invited to be in a lot of other movies and I've said no now.
And literally, I would not be in starring roles in Hollywood.
You could not pay me to be in LA.
You could not pay me to be part of that.
It is a total joke and I was never into it.
But now I realize it's beyond not being into it.
I hate it!
I cannot stand it!
It is absolutely toxic and evil and just a total joke and it's so liberating to be completely above the hype and just to absolutely be
Disconnected from the globalist paradigm.
I'm aware of what they do, I'm aware of what they spew, but I don't care what they say, what they push, their lies about me, it means nothing.
Because they're run by a bunch of pedophiles, and devil worshippers, and greedy, hateful slobs, whose time is coming to an end.
And thank God, thank Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior, that we're not with these people and these big megachurches that are all wannabe Hollywood little deals where, you know, the preacher's the star and there's all this other crud and everybody plays it safe.
It's sick!
It's sick!
CNN anchor, Trump putting journalists in danger.
Declaration of war on the media has emboldened.
You're the ones calling for war.
You're the ones calling for death.
You're the ones calling for Trump's wife to be, you know, gang raped.
You're the ones calling for his supporters to be attacked.
You're the ones covering up when your thugs go out and attack the supporters.
And it's in the WikiLeaks!
You're the ones.
You're the ones.
You're the ones pushing violence.
And so you keep saying we're pushing violence as you hope somebody shoots somebody from CNN.
Nobody should hurt CNN.
Nobody should hurt ABC.
You should tell their sponsors you don't like them.
You should not watch it.
You should expose them.
We've got t-shirts that say fake news with CNN's logo.
Wear those out.
This is about celebrating the truth by exposing the lies.
Again, everybody knows they're the ones pushing violence.
And then they turn around and say, we're to blame?
Because the White House won't completely roll over to you people?
Trump's the type of president we need who knew this wave was coming, knew when to run, knew when to take action.
Talk about instincts.
It's here!
It's happening!
Let's go to this clip.
He backed that up by 10 seconds.
Ladies and gentlemen, CNN pushed the narrative to the entire world of Iraq's WMDs that didn't exist.
CNN pushed the narrative of expanded sanctions that killed over half a million Iraqi children under the Clintons.
CNN pushed the fake Serbian war.
CNN pushed the Arab Spring, and the overthrow of all those countries, and the overthrow of Ukraine, and World War III with Russia, and they know it's a lie, but they're quote, getting ratings.
CNN is very fake news.
CNN is the enemy of America.
It's globalist.
It doesn't want us to have borders.
It doesn't want the middle class to have tax cuts.
It wants a bunch of subservient slaves, to quote George Carlin.
And so now, they're up there saying, oh my gosh, this is going to get violent.
You're the ones that want a civil war, which they're trying to start in July.
We're only a few days away from them trying to kick a lot of this stuff off.
So see, now they're trying to brand that it's our fault when they walk up and hit you in the head with a hammer.
Or walk up and shoot a cop in the back.
Let's go back to these pathetic liars who aren't hanging on for their dear life.
They think they're hanging on for their dear life.
They already fell off the side of the cliff.
Let's go back to them.
Chris, I mean, at what point does this become dangerous?
And I'm not just talking about dangerous in terms of tearing at the social fabric.
I'm talking about dangerous as in a journalist gets hurt.
Because I can tell you working overseas in war zones, you know, people are emboldened by the actions of this administration, emboldened by the all-out sort of declaration of war on the media.
If I'm getting it in the neck, Chris, I can only imagine what someone like you is dealing with.
At what point does this become reckless or irresponsible, Chris?
I mean, Como wants war!
He wants to run his fat gangster mouth!
Then you're gonna get it, boy!
Keep running your mouth.
Keep pushing.
Keep thugging.
Take our restraint as weakness.
You're gonna find out now.
You walked into the trap, scum!
You're not getting that bear trap off your leg.
I know you thought you were strangling America.
We were getting our hands around your filthy neck the whole time.
So if I was you, I'd let your eyes roll back in your head politically and see stars.
Because we're going to put you and your system politically to sleep.
And if you try to start a war or a false flag, it'll only make it worse for you in the end.
You can have abstentia.
But you've got to go for it now.
You've got to give up now.
And you're so close to giving up.
That's good.
Go ahead and give up.
Because we're not even trying to run you to ground.
But the time for giving you a quarter is... It's like this big iron door you had up.
And it's already got holes melted through it.
And it's rocking on its hinges.
And when that thing falls down, I'm not going to be able to stop what's coming through on you.
Quite frankly, you're sacks of garbage.
I don't want to disrupt things or hurt anybody.
I just want you people to realize you're losers, come to grips with the fact you're scum, you're delusional, and that you failed.
Because God loves children, drunks, in the United States of America.
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I'm not saying let's put a good face on it.
For this time in the summer, we have the highest ratings we've ever had.
That's the truth.
It isn't me.
It's Lionel.
It's all the guests.
It's because we are credible that they don't like it and they want it shut down.
So when they want to censor Alex, they want to censor you.
Lionel, what's really behind this?
Let me explain something to you.
Nobody has any idea of the power of not only you, but your movement.
And what this is saying.
Nobody understands that.
Now, another thing to it, let me just also bring up, if you wanted to catch you, because believe it or not,
It would have been better had she done what I suggested.
Let her just ask you to speak.
I would have done something like, Mr. Jones, tell me what it feels like to be the leader of a revolution.
Tell me.
I would have known your catchphrases.
I would have lowered your guard.
I would have brought out.
It's just like hostage negotiation.
You tell somebody, I understand your plight.
I understand.
They don't respect you.
Then, I would have said, folks, run the camera.
Let it go.
But what she did was, because you knew these answers, because you never said anything that she thought you said.
Because you merely brought up things which she's never ever thought of before.
Basically, that you have questions and others.
Again, I ask anybody to watch that original trailer, Alex.
It's incongruous.
It doesn't make any sense.
But she asks specifically about Sandy Hook.
Your answer, if you listen to it, I'm thinking to myself, did Alex not understand this?
No, that's not what you said.
You know, Alex, we live in a world right now where we hate the notion of plagiarism.
And there's an old expression that says, if you steal from one, it's plagiarism.
If you steal from a bunch, it's called research.
But you know what's worse than plagiarism?
What's worse than taking somebody's idea?
It's taking somebody's idea and removing it.
Making it synthetic.
Making it false.
Building a straw man.
So what she did was, you could say, how dare you?
You know, Mrs. Kelly, Mrs. Megan, I knew you were going to do a hatchet job on me.
I understood that.
But I must have been naive.
I would have thought you and this august organization known as NBC would have had the common decency to let me merely say what I wanted to say.
Do you think Kelly survives?
Because, I don't mean to be mean, but she's aging rapidly, but she's such a cold person, and people don't like her, and her ratings are going down.
This was the nail in the coffin.
This precipitated that which was the inevitable.
She wasn't working.
Nobody at NBC wanted her.
And so now she's gonna get big ratings, but it's like the Death Star blowing up.
That's it, the last hurrah.
Ladies and gentlemen, Como is the embodiment of the arrogance of MSM.
They're hired because they're narcissistic, inward-looking, empty vassals that'll read off teleprompters, but project confidence when they're anything but confident.
But remember, he told you to stop using the term fake news yesterday.
But before that, he said, you don't read WikiLeaks or you get in trouble.
You get spanked.
I am a superhuman.
I am Cuomo.
I am your Lord.
I am your master.
I am your owner.
I am your God.
Submit to me.
Here he is.
Remember, it's illegal to possess these stolen documents.
It's different for the media.
So everything you learn about this, you're learning from us.
Remember, it's illegal to possess these stolen documents.
It's different for the media.
It's different for the media.
It's different for the media.
It's different for the media.
Remember, it's illegal to possess.
And so he goes on, that's a great clip, but we should link him the full clip, where he says, so everything you're gonna get, you get from us.
You get it from me, you understand?
You, I run your life right now, and if you think it's gonna be any different, I'm gonna bust you up.
Meanwhile, Cuomo is what brother there in New York declares state of emergency for MTA, calls transit systems state of decline unacceptable.
Well, you're the ones looting everything and no infrastructure.
You're the ones making fun of Trump's infrastructure plan.
You're a joke.
You're a thug.
You're a scumbag.
You're a nobody.
You're a punk.
You know it.
Hey, have you just joined us, uh, the number two guy?
I was saying he's the number three.
He's the aide-de-camp.
He's the top advisor to the Pope.
His best friend just got indicted for raping a bunch of little boys in Australia.
Across the world, the patriots are moving against the empire pedophiles, Satanists, devil worshippers, and general scum.
Coming up, we have a former CIA field officer joining us to get in the state of the world, Robert David Steele.
Then we'll take your phone calls from the bottom of the hour.
We're going to get into the ongoing Islamic invasion and a lot more.
And then, Wolf Blitzer.
Potentially very dangerous for Trump to call the media an enemy of the people.
Are they getting ready to run a false flag on themselves?
No one's going to buy it.
You know, I said, the minute I saw it, I said, this looks like a false flag, the way it's produced.
I said, that guy, that police captain, looks like a guy I saw in the Narcos series as an actor.
Turns out the guy is an actor.
And the helicopter's attacking the Supreme Court for two hours.
It's fake!
And no one's believing it.
But yesterday, media called it a conspiracy theory to question that it was a real attack on the Communist government.
And now, today, the media says no one buys it.
See, they just don't want you thinking on your own.
They want to tell you how everything works.
There's some Mars junk, probably from one of our landers.
It looks human.
And a photo out today.
I'll get to you later.
That a probe videoed, took photos of, and the conspiracy theorists think it might be man-made or alien.
Well, obviously it's man-made or alien, but the point is, it's probably space junk.
Been a whole bunch of 50-something probes we know of on Mars.
Okay, looks like human space junk.
Looks like our designs.
But they just say, conspiracy theorists think it might be space junk.
See, because only the news can tell you what it is.
Because they have to wait and run back and get told.
That's why for a day, when the whole Project Veritas thing broke, the whole MSM wouldn't cover it.
Because they had to decide how they would spin it first.
There it is.
Conspiracy theorists think it's alien spacecraft.
I think this Mars Curiosity rover pictures proves aliens exist.
No, no.
It's called people are speculating.
But see, having your own thoughts is now a conspiracy theory.
Hour number two, straight ahead.
Spread the link.
They hate it!
We're in a humet war.
Spread that link.
Stay with us.
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It's Alex Jones.
Before America can be great again, she must be free again.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
All right, we have a very informed guest joining us, Robert David Steele, star of the next segment.
As I've been saying over the weekend, clearly the neocons, the Democratic Party, want to start a war in Syria.
They want to cause a crisis before Trump is set to meet briefly on the sidelines of the G20 next week.
And that's their admitted plan.
In fact, can we pull up the clip of the British ambassador to Syria, former ambassador, pointing out that Trump's attack on that base a few months ago green-lighted
The rebels who've been caught false flagging chemical attacks, sarin nerve gas attacks.
It greenlights them to launch more if they can make the president do what they want by staging it.
And I get it.
Trump did it for optics.
They'd already agreed to give up the chemicals.
They hadn't given them all up.
They restored the base.
There's photos of that.
I get that it was for optics.
And Trump has said no, no boots on the ground to remove Assad.
But clearly the deep state is shooting down Syrian aircraft that are taking on ISIS, blowing up armored columns, doing this.
And the Russians have now said, if you come in, we're going to shoot you down.
That is massive brinksmanship.
And we're all just kind of calmly here going, oh, it doesn't really matter.
You know, I wonder what the latest Trump tweet is.
So there's that backdrop going on.
We're going to be talking about that.
But I want to play this short clip because a few days ago, CNN teamed up with Elmo,
And Sesame Street.
To say, oh, we're being mean to the refugees and make the kids feel guilty and bad that Trump's hurting the little baby Muppets and things.
So a listener took Paul Watson's words.
I love it when folks do this, when you take our material, our info, and edit it and change it, whatever.
I even like the stuff that makes fun of us.
Just please, more of it.
I just love it.
But PJW hijacks Elmo character.
So I love how the HUMET of the internet is responding back.
Here it is.
An extremely exciting Facebook Live here for you now.
We're talking about an amazing project that is bringing the wonders of Sesame Street to refugees in different war-torn places across the world.
And we have some really exciting guests
Wait, what?
This is a complete scandal and a huge security threat.
Elmo, can I just start by asking you?
Because I know you went to visit a refugee camp in Jordan, right?
What was it like?
They're not refugees.
Half of them disappear on arrival.
We did.
Many of them support ISIS.
And it's partly your fault.
And did you find that the Syrian little girls and little boys were a lot like your friends here in America?
It's not refugees fleeing war-torn countries.
It's fundamentally dishonest to call it a refugee crisis when it's not.
Wait, what?
George Soros, open society backed foundations like Avaz.org, Medicine San Frontiers and MoveOn.org are also allegedly involved.
Soros invested 500 million dollars to quote, help refugees.
I'm sure.
Why do you think, Elmo, that it's important to help other children?
If you think there'll come a point where the number of migrants pouring into Europe slows to a trickle, then think again.
If we continue these disastrous policies, it's only going to get worse.
Amen to that.
And of course, CNN, the globalists, 8 years ago, 7 years ago, openly started the Arab Spring to put radical jihadists in, overthrew 5 or 6 countries, did all this, but now they're going to send Elmo for the kids that are being mass murdered and slaughtered.
I mean, they're just sick.
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I want to thank you for your prayers.
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Talk show host is Alex Jones.
He's a conspiracy theorist.
Radio talk show host Alex Jones.
Alex Jones.
Jones is the wildly popular conspiracy theorist.
Radio talk show host and conspiracy theorist Alex Jones.
Deeply I think racist.
I just got called racist by MSNBC.
I don't want that man to have a gun.
1776 will commence again if you try to take our firearms!
The Alex Jones Show.
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We're good to go.
We are on the march.
The Empire is on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
All right, for the hour, Robert David Steele is our guest.
At the bottom of the hour, I intend to open the phones up on any subject you'd like to discuss.
He wasn't just an analyst in the CIA, he was actually on the ground in operations in the Middle East and many other countries in real operations, you know, the more James Bond-y type stuff.
And he's a great guy, I would call him liberal or conservative, but he's just overall a really strategic thinker about where the world is right now.
And I wanted to get him on about how
How does he think they're going to try to derail Trump and Russia making a deal, getting in, getting Russia's resources, working with Russia?
I mean, the empire's going to strike back.
The neocons, the Republican establishment, the Democrats, they want a false flag.
And they've green-lighted that with Nikki Haley saying, one more attack of any type, we're blaming you.
I mean, that is telling Russia, we want confrontation.
They've shot down multiple aircraft.
They've bombed armored columns battling ISIS and al-Qaeda groups, al-Nusra.
I mean, this is the only area that I think Trump is really dropping the ball.
I mean, he's been smart, and...
As I said, we don't want a bunch of boots on the ground.
We don't want to take out Assad.
But McMaster and others have put in the Marines, heavy artillery.
I mean, this is serious.
And they're starting to mop up Al-Qaeda and ISIS right now.
So this is the time that you would see that happen.
He's set to meet briefly with Putin next week on the sidelines of the G20.
We'll talk about that.
But Robert David Still, also because of the timeliness of it, he's actually involved promoting and helping publish a book on the whole pedophile empire that's right below the surface.
And that ties into the number three in the Vatican, really number two.
He's the top advisor of the Pope.
The Cardinal of Australia being indicted for just massive child rape.
So this is a sickening cult.
And in the old days, they'd get you for having, you know, cheating on your wife.
Well, that doesn't get it anymore.
So it's got to be pedophilia.
So we'll talk about that with Robert David Steele, who's a researcher and a lot more in a few minutes.
RobertDavidSteele.com, PiBetaIota.net and more here in a moment.
First off,
I plugged for 30 seconds last hour, and I shouldn't be doing that, because we make 70% of the money to fund this operation off of direct sales of water filtration, t-shirts, books, films, non-GMO heirloom seeds, and supplements.
And I'm trying to get more hosts, I'm trying to expand, we're building a new studio.
Every time I've told you we're going to go into a growth phase, you've seen the dramatic response.
We're literally writing the narrative for the return of the Republic.
Not just here, but all over the world.
I'm not bragging.
The enemy knows it.
They're having hearings in Congress saying that it's Jones telling the Russians what to do.
No, it's not.
I'm just bringing back Americana with my guest.
Of course that's sexy.
Of course everybody wants it.
That's why they always wanted to come here.
We're just bringing back the Renaissance, okay?
But it's true that we really are powerful.
We're effective.
We're dangerous.
But we're very small.
It's not that we're that good, the globalists are that bad.
CNN says, you know, you can't look at WikiLeaks, only we can tell you.
We, you know, we publish them for you.
So it's not that we're that good, it's that they're that bad.
We need your financial support.
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So, you ought to try it sometime.
Anyways, I'm digressing.
So, joining us is Robert David Steele.
If you just joined us, I was asking him the question.
They're trying to launch a false flag, clearly, here.
I see that as the big threat.
What is your expert take on that, Robert David Steele?
Obviously, you're not just a former analyst with the CIA, but you were in the field, you know, running a lot of operations and things.
Well, Alex, first off, I was never an analyst at the CIA.
I was a clandestine case officer.
That's what I was saying.
You were never an analyst.
You were actually in the field.
I was a clandestine operations case officer, one of the first assigned to chase terrorists in the 1980s, and I had five times the regional average in recruitments and in production.
Now, I have never been more aligned with you, Alex, in the years that we've known each other than right now.
You and I are on the same page.
I am disgusted with Herbert McMaster, who is a traitor.
We have a source in the White House that has told us that McMaster co-conspired with John Brennan.
Who is still running the dark side of the CIA, just like Alan Dulles ran the dark side of the CIA after John F. Kennedy fired him.
Brennan is leading up to the assassination of President Donald Trump.
He is following the playbook that is in David Talbot's The Devil's Chessboard.
Brennan, John McCain, who I think is going senile, and Herbert McMaster co-conspired with both Saudi Arabian Israel
To pay $300,000 to $400,000 to the white helmets who did the false flag operation, the first one.
An MIT professor has very clearly established that this was a ground improvised explosive and there was no sarin gas.
Donald Trump is being chomped and we out here, the alt-right,
Are very, very concerned that he is breaking every campaign promise he made about no more regime change, no more elective wars.
From where I sit, I'm still holding out hope that Trump will come back to reality.
But right now, it looks like he is an employee of Dick Cheney.
Wow, that is powerful info.
And hearing you speak, we can pull up mainstream news, Cy Hirsch on every front backing up what you're saying.
We have our sources.
The rebels have been caught three or four times staging chemical attacks.
Even the UN has had to confirm that.
They videotape it themselves.
Trump wants to look strong.
He gets roped into the first, you know, strike a few months ago.
The problem is, like the British ambassador said to Syria, once you do that, you embolden the rebels to launch chemical attacks to draw the U.S.
And Haley is saying, the U.S.
ambassador to the U.N.
for folks that just joined us, she said to tweet, what, Monday, if there's anything that happens again in Syria, we're pinning it on Russia.
So she told the rebels, stage the false flag.
Was that not the green light?
Nikki Haley is our first Indian American bimbo in the United Nations.
I'm sorry, but I cannot take her seriously.
She is simply not being intelligent and she's demonstrating a grotesque lack of integrity.
Unfortunately, she's taking her lead from the Trump White House, which is controlled by Mike Pence and Reince Priebus, not by Donald Trump.
I am seriously concerned that our president is in enemy hands.
It is absolutely essential that Donald Trump stop playing the deep state game by deep state rules on the deep state court in Washington, D.C.
He needs the lead.
Hashtag unrigged.
He needs to get out of Washington and reconnect not only with the 26 percent of us that voted for him,
I agree, he's got to do fireside chats, he's got to get back on the road.
Notice they're trying to sequester him like a Chinese emperor or Rapunzel up in a tower, trying to get him to not interface with the public.
But let's go back to what you just said because it's so bombshell.
Let's walk through that.
Brennan, the Wahhabist, still running Deep State, arrogantly telling the President you better watch your mouth, Deep State working against the President, and clearly they're trying to sell the idea and get people ready for the assassination of Trump.
Let's walk through that.
Well, let's start with John Brennan as a Saudi whore and an American traitor.
John Brennan personally signed the visa applications for every single patsy for 9-11 that was carrying a Saudi passport.
They were not all Saudis.
They were simply given Saudi passports as a logistics convenience.
Dick Cheney ran 9-11.
Dick Cheney murdered 3,000 people on 9-11 to get his excuse to go to war on Iraq and Afghanistan.
And now Dick Cheney owns the Golan Heights, which has all of the oil that rightfully belongs to Syria.
This Syrian thing was started by Hillary Clinton.
She sold Syria to Saudi Arabia for tens of millions of dollars of donations to the Clinton Foundation, which is the single greatest criminal charity on the planet after the United Nations.
I really am deeply concerned about Donald Trump.
I wrote the Trump Revolution series at Amazon.
Most of those titles are free online.
Donald Trump is our legitimately elected president.
He can still be the greatest president ever, but he has to understand that he is being lied to by Mike Pence and Rens Prebys and Herbert McMaster.
To his credit, Mike Pompeo, the director of the CIA,
The top graduate at West Point, which means he's a genius, it is not easy to do.
Mike Pompeo has told the President the truth about Syria, about Syrian false flag operations.
And Donald Trump is being chomped by everybody else.
His White House comment line, the White House petition line, even Twitter.
Donald Trump's Twitter feed is being manipulated by Eric Schmidt,
Keep going!
Alex, come on.
This is where you guide me.
I mean, I really want to play tennis with you here.
Let me just say that you and I are on the same page.
We are patriots.
We want Americans to come out.
Let me just give you this, Alex.
I want to send you one by FedEx along with your first unrigged T-shirt.
Hashtag unrigged.
This is the international symbol of distress.
And what I really want to see happen here is
Every American this 4th of July needs to understand that their government is in enemy hands.
And they can take this 50 cent flag, and they can turn it upside down, and they can put hashtag on rig if they want to it, I don't care.
Bottom line here is every member of Congress is coming home in August.
That's the opportunity for every American patriot to confront every member of Congress.
Just like we did five years ago when we got Ron Paul and Rand Paul and others to come out and say we're not Al Qaeda's air force.
So they changed the name to ISIS to confuse us.
We've got to...
We're good to go.
We have, you know what, Trump and, I want Trump and Putin to earn the Nobel Peace Prize.
And I was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, but I've said publicly I don't deserve it.
It's Trump and Putin and Xi and Modi and India that can earn the Nobel Peace Prize and they should.
Putin has showed enormous restraint.
What our American patriots don't understand is that under George Bush, with Buzzy Krongard sitting next to George Tenet, the United States of America has been waging a gold war against Russia since 1998.
9-11 was in part about covering up the $250 billion in illicit profits that Dick Cheney earned from the Gold War against Russia.
We destroyed the Russian economy as an act of war.
And Putin has been enormously restrained about all of this.
If I had been Putin, I would have had Buzzy Kroegaard and George Tenet assassinated on the streets of America.
This is absolutely an outrageous
Decade-long war against Russia.
The neocons are out of control.
And isn't that because the Trotskyites got kicked out of Russia so they've always had a hard-on because their daddies and granddaddies got kicked out by Stalin and that's why they're such russophobes?
Alex, that's certainly a very intelligent observation, but I think this is about filthy lucre.
This is about money and power.
It's about getting a continent, I mean Russia, Eurasia, all that has more assets and more raw minerals than Africa.
Yes, but we're not going to do that.
By the way, Russia will invite us in free market to exploit those resources for everybody's gain.
And Rex Tillerson knows that.
Right now, Rex Tillerson is caught between a rock and a hard place.
He wants to serve the president.
He wants to make peace and do commerce.
As Ron Paul says, we need a foreign policy of peace, commerce, and friendship.
I love Ron Paul.
He's one of the greatest Americans we've got.
He'll create the greatest renaissance ever.
But he has been pushed out.
Ron Paul, Dennis Kucinich, Patrick Buchanan, Jesse Ventura, they've all been marginalized.
We, Cynthia McKinney and I, are inviting Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich and Jesse Ventura and Ralph Nader, and I love Patrick Buchanan particularly, we're inviting them to join Hashtag Unrigged and lead the second American Revolution this summer.
And Alex, you could be the single most important kingmaker.
We would love to be exclusive to you.
Well, sure.
I mean, getting the audience behind something like that's a great idea.
Will it defeat the globalists?
Maybe, maybe not.
The point is, the action together will do it and expose this whole situation.
But undoubtedly, Soros is trying to get a bunch of civil unrest going.
What other
Threats are on your radar going into this summer.
I mean, such critical changes unfolding.
That's a wonderful, wonderful question.
The biggest threat, Alex, is that there is an economic collapse coming in September.
Martin Armstrong has never been wrong.
I'd love to see him interviewed on your show.
He's the city's greatest... Go on.
I was telling the crew, let's get him on.
Yes, Martin Armstrong is easily accessible.
He is a genius.
You absolutely should have him on.
He spent seven years in jail because he refused to give his economic model to the Central Intelligence Agency.
He's been on before.
Which is too stupid to create its own.
Okay, CIA is a bunch of drone dwellers.
I mean, I was happy to be one of the 1,400 or so people that are actually in the field.
Everybody else at CIA lives in a cubicle and has no idea what's going on with the real world.
And it's on a power trip because they've got a CIA ID.
Yes, they're good people trapped in a bad system.
And one of the things that William Binney and I, and I hope you have Binney on again soon, he's absolutely wonderful.
We've agreed that 70% of the secret intelligence community should be shut down.
It's worthless.
It is wasteful.
The other big thing, Alex, that I have realized since leaving the CIA is that the greatest threat to our integrity is the FBI, CIA, and NSA spying on our members of Congress and then blackmailing them.
Sure, that's how they're controlling them.
That's come out.
Saudi Arabia, it's our own intelligence community spying on and blackmailing the members of Congress.
I want to, with the Election Reform Act of 2017, I want to free the members of Congress.
And I have told Donald Trump, and he's read the memo, he needs to offer a presidential pardon to every single member of Congress who's being blackmailed for pedophilia tapes with Jeffrey Epstein and others, provided they reveal who their blackmailers are.
And that's the next big issue.
They tried to use Pete Saget as a way to say pedophilia doesn't exist, even though it's exploding everywhere.
Now the number three guy, number two guy, depending on how you look at it, best friends with the Pope, who we know use blackmail to get under control, and they get ratcheting around.
This is a huge move by the Australians.
What is your intel on that?
My intel on that is that pedophilia is how the deep state holds everything together.
The Freemasons, I'm told, actually use sodomy at the higher levels.
That's the third eye.
Pedophilia is being normalized by the United Nations, by Walt Disney, which is selling penis-like toys.
There is just so much evil going on.
Our culture is being destroyed.
And it is being destroyed because the deep state wants us to give up all of our Christian values, give up all of our ethical lanes in the road, and they are literally kidnapping between 800,000 and a million kids every year in the United States of America.
And these kids are not just being sodomized, they're being killed and tortured
Their blood is being adrenalized.
You know how the Chinese boil dogs?
The Chinese boil dogs, in order to generalize the blood, it changes the flavor of the meat.
That's the fastest way I've found to explain to Americans that children are being tortured.
Peter Thiel in Silicon Valley has admitted publicly that he gets child blood transfusions.
He is one step away from paying top dollar for blood transfusions from children who have been tortured to death so that the blood is a job.
But let's be clear on the Peter Thiel thing.
I see him funding a lot of libertarian stuff and other issues.
I think he's being public about
You know, getting blood transfusions, I think, from like teenagers, younger people, and that whole science, we know the royal family's been using it.
If that's through consent, that's one issue, but I think he's talking about publicly doing something above board through a company, legally and lawfully, and taking the black market and ending it.
What Thiel has done is rendered a public service, and I absolutely like the way you've moved this conversation, because what Thiel has done is shown
That's right.
It's purely vampiric.
This is huge what we're talking about.
We're on the same page.
I was breaking this down last hour totally separately.
Former CIA field commander telling you the exact same thing because it's the truth.
We'll be right back with Robert Abastille.
I'm Alex Jones.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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The New York Times ran the headline, Central Americans scared of what's happening in US, staying put.
This has been a popular talking point of the left, aimed at demonizing President Trump's strong border policy.
But think about the paradigm here, implying that somehow it is a bad thing that people aren't rushing to our country in droves because it's not easy to get in and reside here illegally anymore.
The same people implying this also stress the hardship of poor people, specifically citing health care.
Well then how is more people here that are in need going to help that problem?
So the Democrats complain all day about how we don't have enough welfare for Americans, yet they want to take more people in here that need welfare.
But really all President Trump is doing is enforcing border security and law.
But since when is it just free for anyone to come here?
Since when is America supposed to have open doors for anyone?
I don't see anyone from North America rushing to get into Central America.
You know why?
Because you couldn't, and it's better here.
This all equates to one thing.
More Democrats lose.
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He aligns himself with the truth.
And it's time for you to choose a side.
You're listening to Alex Jones.
It's gaining pound for pound.
A gas mask is the couture in the summer of rage.
They're building mass graves within the states.
You and I, they'll vaccinate.
They're preparing us for a new normal.
That's Waylon Jennings' son, Shooter Jennings, a very accomplished artist himself, actually.
M4's inspired that song, Summer Range.
That's about five years old now.
How time flies.
That's the thing, whether you call yourself liberal or conservative, Stephen King also voiced the album.
We all understand there's this hidden darkness of predators who have a religion of being psychopaths and not caring about the public.
They've got their Renfields, their little servants, their procurers that are a lot of times abused children that have grown up.
So they're creating armies basically of trauma-based mind control.
That's what Dr. Ewing Cameron of the CIA got caught doing in Canada and the U.S.
Over 10,000 young children grabbed up.
Give them LSD, PCP, cocktails for years, brainwash, electroshock, giving them commands until you create true Manchurian candidates.
It can really only be done, at least with that old technology, with girls.
With higher levels of success, the boys would end up just being complete mental patients.
But girls compartmentalize it.
They're way beyond all that.
And again, they've used secrecy in the national security state to have criminal elements hide out in these agencies.
I'm not defending the agencies, I'm not attacking them, because they're just like petri dishes growing this.
They could also be used against the globals, like we saw Patriots and U.S.
intelligence with the WikiLeaks, not the Russians.
And most people, most of the police are awake, most of the military is awake, a lot of the intelligence agencies people are awake because they know InfoWars isn't making this stuff up.
All we are is a catalyst and a focal point to validate and let people know in government and outside that you're not alone.
Robert David Steele of course was CIA operations in the field.
And again, that's rare, because most of it is analysts and he's a longtime counterterrorism expert.
RobertDavidSteele.com is his website.
PiBetaIota.net also.
We'll talk about what he means by unrigged.
But give us, and then I'm going to give the number out, it's 800-259-9231.
You've got a question for Robert David Steele or for myself, I want to make a statement.
You disagree, agree.
We don't screen your calls, just that you have a good phone and tell us where you're calling from.
The 35,000 foot view, I see nationalism exploding, awakening to elites, disinformation being exposed, more information coming out, the fact that globalists are using orthodox radical Islam, radicalized, wound up by big foundations as a weapon to then bring in a police state here.
We've seen May doing that.
So we see the pincer attack, but they are having major failures.
They are panicked, even though Trump's only operating on half of the cylinders.
Devastating CNN, devastating The Globalist.
Kind of, again, a catalyst to make people legitimize the feelings they already have.
I mean, I see big changes, but I see the empire striking back.
So what is your prognosis
On the state of the world right now.
Because I see us winning big, even though Trump's surrounded.
The problem is, as you said, they're clearly signaling, anything happens in Syria, we're blaming Assad, we're going to war with you, and trying to start a war with Russia, which any military analyst will tell you, in 25 minutes you go to thermal nuclear war.
So maybe we should walk through that before we take calls.
Well, let me say that I think that Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin have a Reykjavik moment coming up here in Hamburg.
And of course, that's just like Reagan meeting in Reykjavik, Iceland with Gorbachev.
Yes, yes, yes.
Look, one of the things that John F. Kennedy discovered when he was talking to Nikita Khrushchev is the only people our presidents can trust are each other.
Khrushchev and Kennedy actually said their generals were their worst enemies.
The American generals wanted to nuke Russia and the Russian generals wanted to nuke the United States.
Donald Trump needs to rise above all of these traitors and miscreants that he's got surrounding him, many of them of his own choosing.
He is being lied to.
By the way, I have to interrupt.
You were asking me to interrupt earlier and I wouldn't because you're so on target, but I didn't get to this point.
Search engine, you had another thing from Associated Press like 10 minutes ago, Crew.
Trump's pushing to meet with Putin.
He's already met with all these other leaders, the Indian Prime Minister, the Chinese President.
Should have met with them.
Should have met with Russia probably second or third, but they said don't meet because of the optics.
He should double down.
They should hug.
They should have an open debate.
I mean, that shows how they're trying to literally
Trump is being chomped.
I can't say it often enough.
I also say God bless Donald Trump because he opened everyone's eyes to the lies of the secret intelligence world, to the fake news, the crap news network, and all of that.
What Trump has failed to do is change the rules of the game and get out of Washington, D.C.
Donald Trump can be the greatest president ever.
If he leads, hashtag unrigged.
I mean, I'm looking at videos from people all over the country saying, Mr. President, you said we have a rigged system.
Why are you not leading?
Hashtag unrigged.
OK, we have a seven minute video that's going viral.
It may make the front page of Reddit because of you, Alex, and God bless you.
Our seven minute video has Cynthia McKinney up front, me in support, and then it has this wonderful young person,
So let's expand on that.
Even though he's surrounded by hyenas and everything else, he's fundamentally bringing power back to the presidency, back to Congress, doing some good things in the economy.
And I'm not trying to cheerlead.
But it's true.
His big weakness is he loves the military so much he doesn't get it's infiltrated like anything else and that McMaster and them were arrogantly two months ago saying yes we're gonna take out Assad on Fox till Trump and by the way I talked to folks that talked to Trump or I could just say I talked to Trump but I'm gonna leave it at that.
And David Petraeus, who works for a firm in New York City that is not Donald Trump's friend, is also part of this problem.
The military takes up 60% of our budget, is 50% waste, and cannot win a war against Russia or China.
It couldn't even win a war in Iraq!
Now, I really am very concerned.
I like James Madison.
Of course, I'm a former Marine.
But the fact of the matter is, James Madison, Donald Trump, have a **** staff.
They're simply not up to world-class strategy.
McMaster is a seriously overrated person who was about to be fired by the U.S.
Army Chief of Staff.
He should be sent back to the Army for court-martial or early retirement, because he is done.
McMaster is part of Trump's problem.
Trump needs a national strategy advisor, lowercase, a clerk rather than a czar.
Tillerson can still be saved, Mattis can still be saved, but Trump has to provide some leadership in a global strategic context and he's not doing that.
None of these people.
Well, I mean, as you know, though, for two months they've got an unnamed number.
The word is it's a lot of Marines and heavy artillery and weapons, and it's all being prepared and aimed right at Damascus.
And I've talked to a lot of smart folks.
They say that Syria will make Iraq look like a cakewalk.
Yes, and we're building up troops in both Egypt and Romania, okay?
Basically, Donald Trump is being lied to every single day by Pence, Priebus, McMaster, and he's being pressured by
Potential pedophiles, they're certainly being blackmailed by CIA over many issues, including sexual and financial improprieties in their past.
John McCain and Lindsey Graham are being blackmailed by CIA.
These are not people we should have in Congress.
He was compromised.
I've talked to folks on air.
They're dead now.
I also interviewed Admiral Moore, former chairman of the Joint Chiefs.
Did they die naturally?
I'm sorry, what?
Were they murdered?
I have had a lot of guests that have been murdered.
It's kind of sad, but he was old.
He died, but he was a former chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and they were just getting into
I mean, I forgot the point I was going to make, but I mean, it's just totally and completely insane, the point this country's gotten to.
And yet, it's easily fixable, and this is why I was so excited to be invited back to InfoWars.
And by the way, Cynthia McKinney is available on the 3rd of July.
She and I are in St.
Louis together, and she's open in the afternoon if you want her on this really wonderful webcam of mine.
It's the Logitech Z393.
I love it.
$175 at Best Buy.
I was about to say, I know you do consumer reviews as well.
I was going to say, what camera is that?
It looks like HD.
It's some of the best Skype I've ever seen.
It's a Logitech C393 for $175.
I recommend it to all of your guests.
It will significantly improve.
It looks 3D.
I mean, it looks like what a $10,000 camera does.
Yes, it is, and it only costs $175.
Alex, I would actually recommend you buy a hundred of them and ship them to your favorite guests.
I agree.
In fact, that's my next plan, because I want to have folks that are hosting, like you, coming in every week or a couple times a week in roundtable discussions.
That's the type of broadcast I'm about to launch very, very soon.
I think you're on the verge of a major breakout.
You've already accomplished a great deal.
But, hashtag unrigged needs a national channel.
And we're offering to be exclusive to you.
That's great.
Well, explain to people what this unrigged initiative is.
It is nothing more or less than having all of our citizens understand that there are 12 specific things that need to be changed in order to restore integrity to our government.
This is the Election Reform Act of 2017.
It is the
And I apologize if I haven't given you the graphic, but if your staff looks up Election Reform Act 2017, they'll get right to it.
But here's the deal, Alex.
Dr. McKinney and I are educators.
We are getting a bus, an RV.
We are going to drive all over the country.
We've already got a meetup.
We've got a national meet-up.
We're setting up 435 chapters, one for every congressional.
Well, I would love to have you reporting with us each week as you go across the country.
That's a fabulous idea.
It would be a blessing from God to have that opportunity.
There's no question.
Well, you're a blessing from God.
I want to go to some calls while we have time here.
Robert David Steele, formerly with the CIA, actually in the field.
There it is.
Summer of Peace.
But we need to have a coalition that brings in liberals that are real liberals like Cynthia McKinney and others so that we can stop Soros trying to create all this violence and division.
But that's my next question.
Clearly they're trying to cause civil unrest.
Clearly they're launching all of this.
And I'm really concerned about this summer.
What are your concerns?
I'm very concerned because Berkeley was a dry run.
I mean, one of the things Trump is not properly appreciating is that the establishment includes all the mayors, all the governors, and all the university presidents.
Berkeley was allowed to be violent.
The law enforcement people were told to stand down.
George Sotos is planning a violent summer revolution.
Hashtag resist is the summer of violence.
Hashtag on rig is the summer of peace.
And I credit Dr. Randy Short, a brilliant Harvard historian, a man of color, who I had the privilege of meeting in Washington, D.C.
There is an opportunity here for the alt-right and the alt-left to come together and say to hashtag resist, we love you man, but join us in the second American revolution.
Let me expand on that.
Isn't it interesting that the Assanges and the Snowdens and a lot of other people, a lot of other people I would call the real left,
Uh, the Intercept, all of them have to admit Trump's really for real.
And a lot of other liberals are saying that.
I mean, when it just comes to returning the republic, jobs, all of it, clearly the elite hate Trump for a good reason.
He is trying to take power back from them.
Alex, I would take a bullet for Donald Trump.
I mean, the man is a blessing.
God bless Donald Trump.
And I've been saying that since July of 2015.
And I've been beating my head against the wall.
Well, he's really smart.
Why do you think he's got McMaster in there?
Because I know everybody else said he wouldn't take the job.
I have to say very candidly, I think Donald Trump is very impetuous.
He makes decisions without proper vetting.
For example, he did not know when he hired Mike Pence, he did not know that Mike Pence was an enabler and cover-up for pedophilia in his state.
Okay, and Flynn got fired in part because Mike Pence's best friend was on the pedophilia list out of Amsterdam.
Okay, I think Trump should offer Pence a pardon and Pence should resign.
We can't fire him.
Pence should resign and Cynthia McKinney should be the Vice President.
Now listen, expanding on that, I know there's a lot of stuff going on, but I mean, where's the news article or the proof about, we know the Vatican's covering up pedophilia, where is it that Pence is involved?
Well, first off, a guy named Troy Smith went on video and documented all of these allegations against Pence.
It's not enough to indict Pence.
It's not enough to convict Pence.
It is truly... Sure, but just to be clear, like with the Vatican and Penn State and Sandusky, we have all the proof, but then, I mean, people say stuff about me.
That's all I'm saying is, how do we know?
I think you're clean, Alex.
No, no, I know I am.
I mean, maybe I drink too much sometimes and I drive my car too fast.
Forget about pedophilia.
The big problem with Pence is he works for Dick Cheney, George Bush, and John McCain.
He doesn't work for Donald Trump.
Well, clearly, I was told early on that even though he was popular with the base, look out, they were going to start trying to promote him to replace Trump.
Now, MSM is promoting Pence to replace Trump.
Well, it's worse than that.
Mike Pence has created a political action committee.
He has been caught calling major supporters of Donald Trump and trying to recruit them against Donald Trump.
And of course, the loyal loyalists call Trump and say, hey, are you aware that Pence is stabbing you in the back?
All right.
Bottom line here is Cynthia McKinney is not a threat to Donald Trump.
And she brings the alt-right.
Cynthia McKinney has told me that no less than one third and as many as half of the blacks are ready to leave the Democratic Party.
But she is saying, and you can ask her yourself on the 3rd of July if you want her on the show, she's saying that Donald Trump has to reach out to the blacks.
He has to offer tangible policy solutions for the black people.
They are being killed by the deep state.
So bottom line here is Cynthia McKinney and I are asking Donald Trump to stop playing the deep state game by deep state rules and the deep state courts.
Well, I agree.
That's what he did in the campaign.
If he does that again, it's going to be amazing.
We're going to come back and go to Doug, Steven, Frank, Jason, and Justin in the next few segments.
Then we have another guest joining us coming up.
And I'll have open phones throughout the entire third hour.
Then John Rappaport has put out a new article today on InfoWars.com detailing how MSM lies.
He's going to be hosting the fourth hour today.
That's always extremely informative.
So much more coming up.
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Joining us now is Mark Dice.
I'm sure you know all about him by now.
Just reached over a million subscribers on YouTube.
New videos every day.
He's also an author.
His latest book is The Bilderberg Group, Facts and Fiction.
I don't know how much longer they can cling on to this conspiracy theory about Russia.
I mean, they might drag it on another few months.
It's been seven months now since the election.
You don't know of anyone that's ever been charged for hoping something.
Is that a fair statement?
I don't as I sit here.
Thank you, thank you Mr. Chairman.
You can hope horrible things onto someone.
That's not a threat.
That's not a direction.
I took it as a direction.
As the President of the United States, with me alone saying, I hope this, I took it as, this is what he wants me to do.
I didn't obey that, but that's the way I took it.
You may have taken it as a direction, but that's not what he said.
It's just insane.
Even Chris Matthews has admitted that the whole Russia collusion conspiracy theory has come apart.
The assumption of the critics of the president, of his pursuers you might say, is that somewhere along the line in the last year, the president had something to do with colluding with the Russians.
Something to do with helping hand, encouraging them, feeding their desire to affect the election in some way.
Some role they played, some conversation he had with Michael Flynn or Paul Manafort or somewhere.
And yet what came apart this morning was that theory.
Let's not forget during some of his previous testimony and another time,
Several months ago, he said that people will occasionally in the Justice Department say that, quote, we don't think there's a crime here.
Or, you know, they'll give, quote, their opinions to us, but never a directive to actually close a case.
And some of his language was so bizarre.
Captain Courageous.
Oh Lordy.
I mean, golly gee, Mr. Comey.
I just don't see a case here.
The guy needs to go away, crawl back into the hole that he came out of.
His bag's under his eyes so big, I could put my groceries in them.
And if we're going to go off of the intent being one of the primary reasons for indicting someone, President Trump did not intend that hoping was a direct order.
Spelling it out in his words, I mean, what was he doing?
Sending him, you know, signals via ESP?
Or, you know, spelling it out in, you know, in barbecue sauce on his plates?
Or in carrot sticks?
I mean... But it's so ridiculous!
It's like, if you're the President of the United States, and you see this waste of time, waste of money, waste of resources, waste of energy, waste of everything, of course you want it stopped!
But he's smart enough to know that Comey is a snake, so he was like, well, I hope you end this.
He didn't.
He said, okay, you're fired.
Alright, I want to go to your phone calls.
Robert Davis stills with me a little bit in the next hour because I want to get back into this Vatican thing.
The best friend of Pope Francis, who's a double dealer.
He was a communist and a socialist, but then helped with the right-wing regime round up all the socialists and communists and kill them.
I don't
I mean, it's the same people make Toms of Maine that's sold in every store in the country.
People know the fluoride they put in toothpaste is a Grignard reagent, heavy metal additive.
I mean, my dad is a dentist.
It's not calcium fluoride that you have to have a little bit of, or you die.
It's hydrofluorosilicic acid.
My dad's an oral surgeon.
I mean, they're making jokes about fluoride-free toothpaste, folks, with iodonic allyl silver.
It's ridiculous!
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I want to thank you all for your support.
Let's go to phone calls here with Robert David Steele, who's been holding the longest.
We've got Justin wants to talk about China.
Jason wants to talk about Luciferians.
Frank wants to talk about fact and fiction.
Steven wants to talk about pedo rings.
Who's been home the longest here?
Let's go to Doug in California on the media, listening on KFCO 1080 AM.
You're on the air, go ahead.
Great to talk with you again, Alex.
I called you before years ago as a comedic genius.
I just want to congratulate the work that you've done, and the only person who's put more of a Superman than you, of course, is President Trump.
Yeah, no, I'm the biggest loser here, and I do politics, but also I do have a water policy think tank.
I, right now, advocate really looking in closely into damming the Golden Gate because of sea level rise.
But anyway, the reason I'm calling it so much urgency is, you know, this new immigration law that they're, you know, considering, Kate Steinle, and then there's another one.
Now, I'm here in the belly of the beast in Santa Cruz, and
They're cutting funding and they're doing a number of different things with this, but what really has to be done to make this law effective is the sworn public servants and elected to have sworn to us to follow the Constitution and laws.
But they have to be, their non-compliance with federal eyesholes basically has to be criminalized.
Sure, let's expand on that.
And here's the deal, nobody wants to persecute migrants, immigrants that were brought here.
But they're being brought in by the Soros groups, weaponized politically, and turned into an arm of disintegration.
That's why we have to say you have to come here legally and deport people that commit felonies and crimes.
And you've seen the courts in rebellion against Trump, even banning people from failed Islamic states.
Now the Supreme Court ruled properly, the President does have that power.
Let's get Robert David Steele's take on that.
First off, I want to say that I really support you on your fluoride-free toothpaste.
I am just appalled at the number of people that are so ignorant they don't understand that you're actually rendering a service here.
And I also have been a victim of basically a mental defective.
Who is live streaming slander and trying to incite people to write letters.
And I've got a restraining order in progress against them.
And Google has just forced him to remove a number of videos that were slanderous, including one playing a phone call with me that he tapes surreptitiously.
So Alex, I totally, totally support you on everything you're doing.
And I really believe that it comes with your elevated status in America.
That's when you start attracting
Yeah, let me ask you that question.
You're a smart guy.
Smarter than I am in a lot of ways.
What do you think I should do at this point?
Because they're definitely coming after me.
We'll be back in 70 seconds.
Robert David Steele.
More calls.
Thanks, Doug.
Stephen, Frank, Jason, Justin.
We're going to all of you.
Stay with us.
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From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones.
Unelected global corporate government that has a eugenics-based anti-human operating system is not going to be popular if we're challenging it and speaking out against it.
They tried to stonewall, that hasn't worked.
Now they're trying destabilization, that hasn't worked.
Mainstream media, corporations, institutions are being totally discredited.
But how are they going to strike back?
We'll ask Robert David Steele to start the next segment to get into that.
I'm going to your calls, obviously right now, and I want to get back into the Vatican.
How big is this?
The main confidant, the aide-de-camp,
The head Catholic of Australia arrested for reportedly a whole string of pedo-ring garbage.
It was this Pope came to power using pedo-blackmail.
That was even in the Guardian.
So now, what's happening?
The word I get is that Trump has green-lighted going after the pedophiles.
Obviously, they've got their operators in law enforcement as well, so there's a civil war over this.
That's one reason the deep state's fighting so hard.
Robert David Steele's going to talk about that more right now.
With Robert David Steele, we're taking phone calls.
Stephen in Florida on the pedo-gate situation.
Go ahead.
Yeah, good afternoon.
First of all, I want to say Romans 12 says, give honor to whom honors due.
So I know you guys are patriots, Mr. Steele and Alex.
I won't say thank you, but I do say I respect you and I'm glad you're doing what you're doing.
And this issue about this pedophile ring and these pervert criminals,
It infuriates me.
It's one of my hot button issues.
No, it's the only time I think about violence.
I don't like being violent, but I mean I fantasize about like jabbing daggers in their eyes, stuff like that.
I mean I'm being honest, I can't help it.
When I think about pedophiles torturing kids, I want to kill.
Go ahead, sorry.
Same way.
And I just wanted to say real quick before I get to that, Johnny Depp,
Look into his ties with Hunter Thompson, the satanist that groomed him in Hollywood.
When he says he wants to kill Trump, I don't think he's blowing smoke.
I take that real serious, so look into that.
But you know, one of Hunter S. Thompson's best friends, he's the famous artist, I interviewed him, he said Hunter Thompson was about to expose pedophile rings and things, and that it was disinfo against him by the pedophile rings because he was writing about it.
Let me see what Robert David Steele has to say, go ahead.
No, I agree with that and let me just point out that pedophilia does not stop with sodomizing children.
It goes straight into terrorizing them to adrenalize their blood and then murdering them.
It also includes murdering them so that they can have their bone marrow harvested as well as body parts.
Pedophilia is much bigger.
This is the original growth hormone.
Yes, yes.
It's an anti-aging thing.
And this may strike your listeners as way out, but we actually believe that there is a colony on Mars that is populated by children who were kidnapped and sent into space on a 20-year ride.
So that once they get to Mars, they have no alternative but to be slaves on the Mars colony.
Look, I know 90% of the NASA missions are secret, and I've been told by high-level NASA engineers that you have no idea.
There's so much stuff going on.
But then it goes off into all that.
I mean, that's the kind of thing the media jumps on.
But I know this.
We see a bunch of mechanical wreckage on Mars, and people say, oh, look, it looks like mechanics.
They go, oh, you're a conspiracy theorist.
Clearly, they don't want us looking into what's happening.
Every time probes go over, they turn them off.
Alex, you're one of the most original guys on the air.
You asked what should you do.
I think you should be the truth channel in America.
And I think you should really try to systematically put guests on that Donald Trump is not listening to because they're being blocked from him.
For example, Carl Denninger, co-founder of the Tea Party.
He should be a guest on your show talking about how the Trump health plan, the Ryan health plan, is completely dishonest.
Because it doesn't have a price list and it doesn't allow the government to negotiate with the companies.
You should have Edgar Fagey, the inventor of the automated payment transaction tax, that would eliminate all taxes, including income taxes, on people like you and me, and it would tax currency and stocks... Is that the Tubman tax?
Is that the Tubman tax?
Uh, I don't think so.
It's similar.
It's a tiny fractional tax on every transaction, including internal corporate transactions where a lot of money laundering goes on.
Well, I don't know about Mars bases, but I know they've created massive thousands of different types of chimeras that are alien life forms on this Earth now.
Comey just self-destructed in front of the world.
Comey just melted down, and the media is trying to change the subject to Marco Rubio's hair, or, oh, the Russian investigation goes on, this adds weight to it.
He said that he's the leaker, and that the New York Times and others got it wrong, what was even in the memo.
But I don't know how the media, how the horror media, how the dinosaur media, puts Humpty Dumpty back together again, because this, to me, was a bloodbath.
Gavin McGinnis, what do you think?
I think it's amazing how the left keeps putting all their eggs into one basket, and then that basket turns out to have a hole in the bottom, and instead of going, uh-oh, I guess I'm wrong, they just move their eggs to the next basket.
Like, they pin all their hopes on some giant myth, and then when it doesn't work out, they never scratch their head like a scientist would and go, maybe I'm wrong.
What's happening here is I'm a Democrat appointee.
I'm an operative.
I've been caught.
The Republicans are in power.
I'm scared.
Just leave me alone.
I'm a possum.
I'm playing dead.
But the truth is, he didn't play dead.
He went and made up this memo, then perjured himself to Congress two months ago, saying nobody tried to influence him.
And now in the hot seat again, he's saying no one did order him.
So here's a clip of Comey saying he's a yellow belly.
You told the president, I would see what we could do.
What did you mean?
I was kind of a slightly cowardly way of trying to avoid telling him we're not going to do that, that I would see what we could do.
It was a way of kind of getting off the phone, frankly.
And then I turned and handed it to the acting Deputy Attorney General, Mr. Bente.
This is a very important clip.
This is, again, where we have Comey coming out and admitting that the New York Times got it wrong in the main about the Russia story.
So he's leaking directly to them and the Washington Post, but saying then they got it wrong.
Here it is.
That report by the New York Times was not true.
Is that a fair statement?
Yeah, in the main it was not true.
And again, all of you know this, American people don't.
The challenge, and I'm not picking on reporters, about writing stories about classified information is the people talking about it.
Often don't really know what's going on, and those of us who actually know what's going on are not talking about it.
No, you just put out memos and leak stuff against the president, and then know full well they're going to twist it and lie about it, and then claim, oh, sorry, jeepers creepers, Gavin McInnes.
I think him and a lot of liberals don't understand that you put all your eggs in this basket, and there's a hole in the basket, and all your eggs just smashed.
And this has happened time and time again, and they just don't wake up.
Waging war on corruption.
It's Alex Jones, coming to you live from the front lines of the InfoWar.
Yeah, there's a storm on the loose, sirens in my head.
Wrapped up in silence, our circuits are dead.
So, they want to say that basically, Pedophilia doesn't even exist anymore.
Even though, rampantly, they're being indicted.
The heads of Penn State, the Sandusky's son, the Catholic Church, number three in the Catholic Church, number two to the Pope, I mean, his main aide-de-camp, indicted for running mass child rape operations, reportedly.
Truth is stranger than fiction.
I mean, Prince Charles
Main bloodline is the Vlad the Impaler, who is the archetype of Count Dracula, whose family crest was the dragon.
And then his offspring would bathe in blood and drink blood, and boil children's bones, and they believed it made them live longer.
That's in mainline history books!
And I'll have national media go, Jones is crazy and claims that
Prince Charles is related to Dracula.
He lives there half the year now, and is in all these weird videos and stuff on TV at orphanages, hugging and kissing on kids on television.
I mean, I don't even want to... If you think I'm joking around, just type in, uh, Prince Charles visits orphanage in Transylvania, and then, like, kids run up and kiss him, and he goes, oh, I've been friends with this little boy for five years.
I love him.
And it's just like, you're just like, oh my God, this can't be real.
But this is how they throw it in your face.
And then Robert David Steele, big career at the CIA, ran big operations in the field.
Respected guy, and he goes, yeah, and the word is, they've got some breakaway civilization, you know, colony missions they launched.
And you hear that, but then I knew a guy, still know a guy, he was actually a big Hollywood producer, who was top of his class when he was a kid, was in one of these programs down in Houston, getting these kids ready for simulated missions to Mars.
And they were talking about, sent him, there were like 10, was in the test.
And then I remember Buzz Aldrin, not Buzz Lightyear, the real Buzz Aldrin,
was on my broadcast about nine years ago and he told no one else this but me.
Later he got asked about it and said some of it on C-SPAN.
This really happened.
People thought it wasn't the real Buzz Aldrin.
Because I don't get into the UFOs.
You know, they say, Jones says there's no space missions, and Jones says lizards run everything, and Jones says that the Earth is flat.
I don't say any of that.
I say there's more space missions than they're telling you.
That's admitted.
So, we're going to go back to our guest.
Your call is here in a moment, but you can Google.
Buzz Aldrin says, look at the moon of Mars, and says there are obelisks on Mars.
And that's on my show.
So about six months before, India crashed that probe in to see if there's water.
Well, they already knew there's water all under the surface of the moon.
Before they did that, and I was talking to Buzz Aldrin out in L.A.
It was off-record conversation.
Most of it, but I mean, I just can't hold back at a certain point.
I mean, he said some of this on air, and it was just wild, and he wasn't kidding around either.
I mean, you know, moon bases, missions that have already been to Mars.
He said, watch, if you don't believe me, they're gonna announce water on Mars.
The probe will find water, sort of laughing.
And he goes, we know, because this is the way we're, you know, we're announcing it through them.
I mean, it's just so weird, the secret societies and NASA and all the occult stuff.
Robert David Steele, that's a whole other can of worms.
I don't even cover that!
But it's something they don't want anybody to touch.
Go ahead.
Let me just say, Alex, you haven't said anything about the book that I'm co-sponsoring on pedophilia.
Well, I mentioned it when you first came on.
Let's talk about that in the Vatican and then go to calls.
Okay, this is going to be a blockbuster.
Hakeem Hagopian is a West Point graduate, one of the best investigative journalists we have today.
And we're publishing every chapter free, online.
And of course, we'd be honored if you wanted to publish them.
This is going to be the definitive book on pedophilia in this generation.
The occult, what you call Satanism, is always the same archetype as associated with this.
Whether it's some genetic manifestation of the brain or whether it's interdimensional, whatever it is, it's real, it's manifesting.
From your deep research of this, when did you discover it's like a pedophile network ruling the planet?
Because that's the consensus now even in mainline literature and research.
This is an empire of people that feed on children.
I have to say, Alex, I was late to really understand all of this.
And I'm 64, 65 years old.
And what I'm finding is that it's not until people get to be about 50 to 60 that their mind's starting to open to possibilities.
Everybody else is happy in the little lane in the road that the government gives them, that the fake news media gives them.
But Pizzagate, for me,
It was a major event because a Romanian taxi driver, not Russian intelligence, got John Podesta to do something really stupid, respond to a phishing attack, and it broke it all open.
The code words, the small children by name invited to the swimming pool party with John Podesta.
You know, all of this is sick, sick, sick, and it's all documented, documented, documented.
What we're not at yet is people realizing that it includes satanic rituals, the murder of children, the drinking of blood.
That's the final veil.
I'm a commissioner on the International Tribunal of Natural Justice with Sasha Stone and the Chief Justice and many others.
In fact, Cynthia McKinney, I think, will also be a commissioner.
We have a year-long project on pedophilia that is going to blow the top off this thing.
And the book is a first step toward helping the public understand that the deep state is glued together by pedophilia.
That's how they control.
Sure, let's expand on that, though.
Let's expand on that.
You go back to every ancient society that got more complex, they would always get more corrupt, whether it was in Western Europe, or whether it was in Asia, or whether it was in Mesoamerica.
You always end up building pyramids.
It always ends up with, you know, throwing virgins into fire.
You know, that means young girls, young boys.
There is some weird anomaly that keeps manifesting itself and it's happening in modern time in association with people in power.
Is it just some sacrament to prove that you will hurt the young and that you're a psychopath?
Is it like a gang initiation or why does it keep manifesting?
Alex, you're one of the foremost commentators on mind control, and I would tell people that not only does David Talbott do an excellent job in The Devil's Chess Board, documented how CIA with Nazi scientist help got a really good, and Yale University help, got a really good job, really good grip on mind control.
That's right, they brought in the Angel of Death to help.
Now it's far advanced.
So what we have here is pedophilia and mind control and blackmail and bribery are all part of how the Deep State, which begins with the Rothschilds and the Black Pope, the Jesuit Black Pope, then the City of London, the Bank, Wall Street,
They use mind control and pedophilia and blackmail and bribery to basically manage the Freemasons, the Knights of Malta, and other secret societies that are willing to betray every national, corporate, and cultural loyalty.
So it's part of the hidden control of our economy, our society, our government.
And that's what Hashtag Not Rigged is all about.
So what would you call this big awakening that's coming?
And then what are the anomalies, what are the counter-strikes that we're going to see by the forces of the vampires?
Well, I'm worried about a pandemic, Alex.
I really think that the Empire is planning a pandemic.
I think that they are going to unleash a virulent, airborne... And Chelsea's new book said that.
We need global government to respond to the global pandemic that's coming.
That's absolutely false.
Global government is the worst possible solution.
One of the things that... A Nobel Prize was given to Eleanor Ostrom for governing the commons.
And what she demonstrated is that the only kind of governance that works is self-governance at the local level.
The higher you move authority... Everybody knows that!
The more you're not in touch with what's happening, the more authoritarian.
Yeah, I mean, a socialist wrote the book Small is Beautiful.
They were right about that, so why don't they see that socialism doesn't work?
You need absolute individualism, then through free market, it creates the ultimate collectivism of individual free will.
Alex, I would like you to be the voice for hashtag Unrig, okay?
This is respecting the flag.
This is the international distress symbol.
No, I agree.
You're on July 3rd.
We'll talk about it with Cynthia.
I admire her exposing the pedophile rings.
And remember in Congress, she exposes it and the Secretary of Defense didn't even deny it.
He admitted it was going on.
We not only have the military participating in pedophilia and military transports bringing in kids that have been kidnapped or purchased in Thailand and elsewhere, we also have a lot of male rape in the military.
We have Kate Griggs, whom you'll remember, Colonel Griggs's wife, in the Marine Corps talking about the sadomasochistic Nazi disease that is prevalent among our senior officers in the military.
Did you ever run into any of that when you were an officer in the Marines?
The short answer is no.
And I feel blessed by that.
I was asked to join the Masons when I was in the CIA.
And I'm glad that I didn't.
Because it turns out most Masons are good people trapped in a bad system.
Well, just like any secret organization, other cults use it to recruit.
I've got to keep it even longer because I promise we're going to calls.
I don't want to cut these callers off, but let's get started here.
We've got Frank, Jason, Justin, Travis, Dean.
We're going to everybody.
Let's go ahead.
Who's been on the longest here?
Justin in Alabama.
Let's shift gears into China.
Go ahead.
Hey, Alex.
Man, awesome to talk to you and Mr. Steele.
While I have you here, man, I was just thinking with the Russia narrative dead.
Would it be a great idea to go on offense and talk about China's involvement in our election?
It's connected to so many things.
That's a great point.
Let me ask you all this.
I mean, I think we've turned the corner.
I think the Russia thing is starting to die.
Do you agree with that?
Yes, I agree with that, and let me respectfully point out to your guests, the only person that hacked the U.S.
election was Hillary Clinton.
She stole 13 state primaries from Bernie Sanders.
And only Trump's talking about it.
Sanders won't even do it.
Oh, Sanders is a sheepdog.
I mean, the People's Party is sheepdog 2.0, and one of the reasons why I feel so blessed
To have Cynthia McKinney as my partner and co-founder of Hashtag on Rig, is she is everything I'm not.
I'm an alt-right white male.
She is an alt-left black female.
And what we're trying to do is reach out to the Sandernistas and reach out to the Trumpistas and bring them together and say, let's move beyond Trump and Sanders, let's restore... Well, you know why McKinney's good.
The way they destroyed her, they lied about her because they're scared of her because she has so much courage.
She'll be on next July 3rd.
You're one of the most elegant people I know, Alex, and I know she would be honored to be on your show.
No, I know.
Well, you're on next July.
You're on July 3rd.
Justin, we're gonna come right back to you, so you gotta come back.
For more than 6,000 years of recorded human history, historians
Chroniclers of their time have all agreed on one great thing.
And it's that there are critical times in history where more happens in just a few years to change the future destiny of humanity's trajectory that happened in the previous hundred.
And with all of the advanced technology, with all of the incredible innovations that limited free market civilization has developed, we're seeing an acceleration of that great turning.
We are approaching a mass jump point, tipping point, decision point.
That our species has never even imagined.
Ladies and gentlemen, the equations that gave us atomic weapons and nuclear power were developed by Max Planck in 1900.
That vision was then manifest in 1945, when two atomic bombs were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan.
That's 1900 quantum mechanics in the human mind.
Theoretical, then put into action.
Today, the elites of the globe have been in consensus, from China to Europe to the United States, that they were going to hoard all the advanced technologies and keep them back from the American people, people of the world.
But President Trump, in his inaugural speech, foreshadowed the fact that we are about to discover the secrets of the universe together.
And that's because many of the secrets have already been discovered.
And many others have been discovered and suppressed.
And that simple, basic fact is why the globalists hate Trump.
It's why they hate me.
It's why they hate you.
Because you innately have the spark of the universe in you.
As Mahatma Gandhi said, each of us has the sea of the universe within our heart, within our soul.
To celebrate our comeback, to celebrate the fact that our republic is coming back from the dead.
I'm going to extend the 4th of July specials throughout the month of July.
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That's Infowarslife.com, Infowarsstore.com, or 888-253-3139.
Undoubtedly, this is going to be the most intense
Long lasting sale in the history of Infowars.
Because right now, the quickening, the acceleration of awakening, the spiritual unlocking is white hot.
And I am just honored to be here with you all together.
Because as one caller said, we're not just the tip of the spear.
This audience of patriots of every race, color, and creed who bleed red blood and want to be free are the sword of truth.
And I am humbled to be associated with you all.
Alright, he's riding a shotgun with us.
At least another 10-15 minutes to take your phone calls, and I've got a Paul Watson report I've got to get to.
I mean, if there's any tombstone for the undead creature known as CNN, this report we're going to air is it.
So the video CNN doesn't want you to see with Paul Watson coming up.
And I've always known if we just promote liberty, promote open, free societies, promote Americana, there are going to be strong men and women that are going to wake up and take action politically and culturally that will be way more articulate than I am or anybody else.
Look at Paul Watson is one of them.
Donald Trump, who would have ever thought?
I mean, I've looked at his past now.
He was fighting NAFTA and GAP 30 years ago.
He was against the globalists.
So he knew about the stuff before I was born.
Dr. Corsi knew him 45 years ago when I wasn't even born.
I'm 43.
Look like I'm 50.
And Trump was awake back then.
He's just been playing possum.
How many other Patriot sleeper cells are there?
It's an amazing time to be alive, ladies and gentlemen.
And I guess I told Steele earlier that he was going to leave at 20 after, but he had said he could stay on longer.
So I guess we didn't relay that message.
Let's try to get him back on.
If not, it's fine.
Always great having him on, though.
Because I was relaying we're going to hold him longer.
He said he could.
Justin in Alabama, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Yes, sir.
You're making the point about China.
Go ahead.
Yeah, I was just mentioning about China.
You know, it's connected to Hillary Clinton and based off of what Hagman was reporting that, you know, the indictments are going to be following fast.
Would that not connect her and help him out in that regard?
And also with North Korea?
It seems like that's what everybody wants to talk about, and those two seem to be... No, no, I agree.
We should change the subject off Russia onto China.
And again, I don't want to sit here and bash China and the Chinese people.
They're great people.
They have a horrible regime and a bunch of corrupt generals, total crony capitalism living off of them.
And I'd love to see China reformed.
I'd love to work with China.
But right now, they're very aggressive.
They're penetrating everything.
I mean, it's just incredible.
Robert David Steele, what do you think about China and its influence?
The bottom line is the American era is over, and the Chinese era has begun, and people need to get a grip on that.
The problem is that the Americans represent the worst form of predatory capitalism, unilateral militarism, and virtual colonialism.
I mean, I stand with Martin Luther King, who was assassinated
Because he said the United States was the worst purveyor of violence on the planet.
China is beating the United States.
I recommend to all of your listeners a book by my friend Parag Khanna called Connectography.
Instead of spending on its military, China is building roads and ports and basically bribing a lot of foreign officials.
Sure, so they've done the soft power takeover, 98% of rare earth minerals.
How in the world could the United States go in the last 30 years from controlling rare earth minerals to giving that strategic system to them?
A lack of integrity in our government.
I am a professional intelligence officer.
I want Donald Trump to have a grand strategy that understands the 10 high-level threats to humanity.
The first three are poverty, infectious disease, and environmental degradation.
And I want him to be able to manage all policies and true cost economics.
We need a balanced budget.
We need to actually focus on the prosperity of the individual average American.
Turning loose the power of the people.
He says he's doing it.
He's made the first steps.
The elites are already so upset.
How far will they let him go?
We'll talk about it coming up.
Frank in North Carolina.
You're On The Air with Robert David Steele.
Yeah, Alex, I respect you for taking my call.
I consider myself to be an amateur intelligence officer.
I'm a former 03-11 team leader, 9-11 truther, truth seeker, truth teller, the best I know how, and I am an admirer of Cynthia McKinney, and I recently heard Dr. Steve Schenick state something on your show that you are a master of mixing facts.
Well sir, you know...
One big part of that is, I'm constantly being accused of getting my orders from Israel.
And that if somebody falls on a banana peel, Jews did it.
Do I like some of the things some of the interests in Israel have done?
I mean, there's a bunch of different camps in Israel.
They're constantly trying to overthrow each other.
Just like I criticized communist China, but I said I'm not against the Chinese people.
It's not out of some control.
I haven't had Jews involved in anything I've done.
I've had liberal Jews, you know, call me anti-Semitic and make up crap, and I've not sunk to their race-baiting level.
Because I'm not anti-Semitic.
I'm not against Arabs, I'm not against Jews, I'm not against anybody.
But I'm gonna go to break, I'm gonna let you come back.
Robert, I know this is a short segment, but I'll keep you...
Sorry, Robert, 20 seconds.
I'm going to come back to the caller after that.
Go ahead.
Okay, there are four levels of Zionists and most Jews are not the problem.
It's the Rothschilds and the Zionists at the top of Israel.
It's not Israel and it's not Jews that are the problem.
Sure, I'm going to come back to Frank.
Don't give him a couple minutes on this because it just gives me a headache.
I mean, it really does.
I mean, I work for the Vatican.
I work for the CIA.
I work for the Jews.
You know, how about I did some things myself in my life, you know?
We're on the march, the empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Infowarslife.com, infowarsstore.com, or 888-253-3139.
The New York Times ran the headline, Central Americans scared of what's happening in US, staying put.
This has been a popular talking point of the left, aimed at demonizing President Trump's strong border policy.
But think about the paradigm here, implying that somehow it is a bad thing that people aren't rushing to our country in droves because it's not easy to get in and reside here illegally anymore.
The same people implying this also stress the hardship of poor people, specifically citing health care.
Well then how is more people here that are in need going to help that problem?
So the Democrats complain all day about how we don't have enough welfare for Americans, yet they want to take more people in here that need welfare.
But really all President Trump is doing is enforcing border security and law.
But since when is it just free for anyone to come here?
Since when is America supposed to have open doors for anyone?
I don't see anyone from North America rushing to get into Central America.
You know why?
Because you couldn't, and it's better here.
This all equates to one thing.
More Democrats lose.
Live from the InfoWars.com studios, it's Alex Jones.
You know, what I've found is there's an infighting bug where you're liberal, conservative, Christian, Jewish, agnostic, libertarian, where everybody wants to be this purist that then grades and reviews everybody else.
And it's one of the favorite tactics, and I don't screen your calls, I mean, I'm happy to take this call.
Where people call in and they say, you're covering up for the Jews and all this stuff.
Meanwhile, I have the left calling me deeply racist, unalloyed racist.
Tom Brokaw, you name it, taken out of the crypt, to come out and say it.
And I've got the Forward and the Jerusalem Post saying Alex Jones thinks Jews are evil, you know, and Alex Jones thinks blah blah blah, you know, all this horrible... So it's just crazy, the paradigm where I have, like, almost... I'm not saying you're this, Frank, but the Nazi groups, the KKK, I mean, they hate me more than Bibi Netanyahu.
And it's because most of the Nazi movements and things have been run by the FBI and by big foundations.
They've been caught over and over again.
And so they want to create an internal fight in a nationalist movement to a brand the nationalist movement as a race-based system.
And then anyone that tries to bring everybody in under free market open systems is then branded as a race traitor.
So it's attacked from without and within.
And then people want to feel good like they can call in and they can say to the Alex Jones, you're not pure, you're a fake.
I agree with Steve Pchenik.
He says, who says you mix truth with fiction.
That's not what Pchenik said.
He said I can come in with narrative and archetype and things and story tell and then bring in the news.
All I've got is my integrity.
I have the most open show of different diverse ideas and I'm not here even defending myself.
I care about Frank.
Frank's been calling in, you know, off and on for like 10 years if I remember his voice right.
I have a good memory.
And it's basically always the same deal.
Dude, all you got to do is you want to get on the air and say stuff about Israel or whatever it is, you're going to be able to say it.
Nobody screens your call.
Just say that.
It has to be like, but oh, let's add Alex Jones in because he's covering it up.
I was covering it up, bro.
I could snap my fingers and have him sit there and interrogate people and hang up on folks, or he could plug in.
We got digital phone systems.
Caller ID.
We don't even do that.
And I could have your numbers in there and know that's what other talk radio does.
That's why they talk to you three, four minutes before you get on air.
We're not screening your calls.
What is it about that integrity you don't understand?
See, if you want to say something Israel, I think I even heard you when I was off last week, Colin.
Or somebody sounded like it.
And like, Jones didn't cover the USS Liberty.
I made a film about it.
I had the captain on before he died.
I had the chairman of the Joint Chiefs on.
I had the head of the Judge Advocate General on.
I've done probably a hundred shows on it.
I'm dealing with World War III with the Russians right now.
But again, it's just this little power trip.
And it's not that you hurt me.
You hurt yourself as a man.
To try to count coup on somebody and to say things about somebody that didn't do it.
In fact, it got the white supremacists and people... I mean, we're talking about panties in a wad.
When I made fabled enemies showing how Israel, the U.S., and other governments were actually funding radical Islam and staging terror attacks from the documents.
I mean, they thought it was the end of the world.
And that's because the ADL and Southern Poverty Law Center handlers, like we know ran Elohim City, are pissed!
So the real intelligence operatives, like, like, like, people go, oh, Alex was working for the CIA.
I am so proud I did this myself and with my listeners who get the credit.
I am so proud that I'm organic.
I am so proud that I'm not associated with any of this.
Can I pick the phone up and call current, former CIA?
Can I pick the phone up and call senators?
Can I pick the phone up if I need to and get a call from the president?
You bet I can.
But the point is, is that I'm who I am, Frank.
I don't want to piss on our other callers and not get to our guest who's holding, Robert David Steele here, who will have his own comment on this in a moment.
But again, we're not like mainstream media where something happens, we gotta wait a day to see what the corporate line is.
It's instant.
It's instant here.
So you're really talking to me, Frank.
I'm real.
I believe what I say.
I don't work for the Jews.
Okay, go ahead.
Alex, I'm very sympathetic because you've been prominent for much longer than I have and it's only now that I'm starting to get my stalkers and people who misunderstand me and attack me and so forth.
So what you're paying for is the price of fame.
I'm going to give you the floor on this subject.
You talk about different types of Zionism in a minute.
There's Christian Zionism, Social Zionism, Communist Zionism, Political Zionism, Metaphysical... We'll talk about it briefly, but I want to give Frank a minute.
I've got to rant at him for five minutes.
Go ahead, Frank.
Let me have it.
I appreciate it, Alex.
And like you always say, justice be done, let the heavens fall.
I agree there is a hierarchy.
From my investigation, from my heart, it all seems to be subservient.
I'm not even talking about Israel.
Just look at the organizations of Israel and the money they're able to raise.
I don't think you need to defend straw men that they've created.
You don't need to do that, and what I'm saying to you is they also give mythical powers to Jews, and then say everyone's really Jewish who isn't, or Jews funded this, Jews funded that.
Do you understand that?
It's fundamentally insulting to think that Infowars was secretly financed by Jews.
I'm sick of it.
I want to promote ideology of freedom, not infighting, and then we're going to get Jews, everybody else to join it.
I believe in that.
I believe my ideas, your ideas, good ideas, are going to trump whatever mafia crap there is.
Is there a Jewish mafia?
Do they demonize me for exposing it?
When you expose Jewish mafia, do they call you anti-Semitic?
No, there's mafias in every group.
The Russian mob's big.
The Jew mob's big.
The Italian mob's big.
The WASP mob is so big, they don't even call it a mob.
The point is, and then they misrepresent what I say.
How do you square the leftist press and the forward and all the rest of it saying I'm basically Adolf Hitler and then all the Nazis hate me more than anybody?
How do you square that up?
Well, I checked the names of all the people that you talked about for the past 11 years that are agents of the New World Order, whatever you want to call it, the elites, the globalists.
Almost all of them are Jewish, so that begs the question.
You know, I didn't know anything about Jewish power.
I looked it up on the internet.
I said, well, what percentage of the population do Jews make up?
And I found out that they'd never made up more than one or two percent of the population of the United States.
But I checked the bios.
I ended up calling it a bio check.
They're almost all Jews.
Everybody you talk about on your show for the past 11 years, almost all of them are Jewish.
How is that irrelevant?
But see, nobody then goes, oh, look at Matt Drudge fighting the globalists.
He's Jewish.
Or, you know, look at people in Trump's family that are involved supporting fighting the globalists.
It's way more complex than that.
But listen, you've had your time.
I'm going to get to other callers.
And then I'll get callers saying the Vatican runs it all.
Or they'll say I'm anti-Catholic because I'm exposing pedophile rings that took it over.
I'm not anti-Catholic either.
Just like Masons.
I'm not anti-Mason.
They can use any big organization or group for power groups to form in.
Robert David Steele, I mean, what is your view on this?
We don't pre-interview you like everybody else tries to do.
I mean, we don't sense... Have I ever told you what to talk about or what to do?
I know you've been critical of Israel.
My bottom line is if you're being attacked, you're being effective.
But how do you square the paradox of I'm like number one enemy of the Nazis and white supremacists
And then the liberal Jewish groups say I'm this Nazi.
I mean, it's just crazy.
Look, the reason Cynthia McKinney and I joined together is because I'm alt-right and she's alt-left.
We're actually trying to talk to the bikers about having a biker escort.
No, no, you're all about solutions, but how do you square up what I'm talking about?
You have to be true to yourself and keep doing it.
You cannot let all these nitpickers get you off course.
And one of the things that I'm finding is right now I'm under a massive, slanderous attack from a guy with zero integrity.
No, I agree, but you just gotta move forward and ignore it all.
Because that's what these psychic vampires... I'm not saying the last guy is a psychic vampire.
But some of these people, that's what they do.
And it's important we talk about this in fighting.
My crew comes to me and says, hey, these people are fighting each other.
I think it helps to acknowledge the attack.
I think it helps to acknowledge the attack and to do one gracious response.
And in the event the attack is violating the law, as this guy is with me,
And I gotta give Google high marks.
They forced him to take down videos in which he was slandering me.
So, as much as I don't like the way Google has attacked you, and I hope that's all settled, as much as... Well, it wasn't even Google, we've now learned.
It was a contractor company that actually hooked him with Facebook.
Well, I'm glad to hear that because I think Google has a lot of power to do good, but I don't like the way they've manipulated searches in favor of Hillary Clinton and against Donald Trump.
But having said that, Google, I will say now publicly, Google did well by me in the last 48 hours in ensuring that videos that slandered me, that were illegal and
Obviously, legally actionable, we're taking down.
So, God bless Google, God bless Donald Trump, God bless Alex Jones.
Alex, this next 90 days could be the second American Revolution, and you could be one of the leaders.
Or, I'm going to have you back.
I know you're all hyped about this and it's great, you know, your old hashtag deal, and that's wonderful, but what I'm getting back to is, or it could be World War III.
What do you make of one of the calls?
Of the brinksmanship of our ambassador to the UN signaling, any other problems in Syria, we're going to blame Russia and attack your forces, and Russia says, okay, we're ready to go to war.
That is, that is bad.
Nikki Haley is a bimbo.
She is being badly briefed.
I mean, she's a nice lady.
I'd love to have her have a decent intelligence briefing, but she's clearly not getting it.
Well, let's briefly talk about how this, because you're an expert on the Middle East, you started for many years.
I mean, clearly, you blow up some more Russian aircraft, they go ahead and shoot down your aircraft, then heavier weapons get used, then boom, a tactical nuke gets used, and then the ICBMs get launched, the subs launch, and we're all dead.
There is no congressional authorization for war with Russia, nor will there ever be.
We have 11 presidential wars now, most of them started under Obama.
Donald Trump should be closing all of our military bases overseas and bringing our military home.
The problem that Donald Trump has is he doesn't have the political base.
To show a pair of balls in dealing with the deep state.
So I want Donald Trump to leave Washington and grow a pair of balls that is backed up by 60 to 70 percent.
Wait a minute, I think he's probably grown King Kong size, but I mean, I get what you're saying.
Talbot, do you know this personally?
I mean, his action is what I'm saying.
Hey, hey.
Donald Trump is not standing up to the deep state.
He is being chomped.
I want him to stand up to the deep state.
I want Donald Trump... Well, why do you think the Democrats are suddenly running scare on their Russia fable?
Well, so are the Republicans.
The Republicans want a war with Russia just as much as the Democrats do.
No, no, I know that, but I mean, clearly Trump is winning more and more of his agenda points.
Let's go to another phone call everybody's been holding patiently.
And I apologize going off down the...
Can I say something real quick?
World War 3, it's one of my Trump Revolution series.
World War 3 has started.
It is between the 1% and the 99%.
Everything else is disinformation.
I agree, except I've done the math.
If you look at how less than 1 tenth of 1% has half the wealth and 1% has like 75-80%.
We did the math before, it was like .0000000042 or something.
I mean, you're in the 1% if you're making $300,000 a year.
That's a good middle class person with jobs and getting their nails done and buying cars.
That's not the ultra-rich.
I mean, it needs to be like the one-tenth of one-millionth or whatever it is.
Look, what we have going for us, Alex, is that the only thing that can overcome organized money is organized people on the street.
Not only can the public take back the power in August by basically confronting every member of Congress, all 535 of them,
We can take back the power.
We can restore state rights.
We can end federal ownership of most land.
No, no, no.
I agree.
And Trump should get behind that.
And I agree with you, Robert David Steele, that Soros is funding folks to go harass members of Congress when they're back in their districts.
We need to be at all those events and city councils and using every bully pulpit to promote Americana.
God bless you.
Okay, let's go to Jason in Connecticut, holding like a real trooper.
Jason, you're on the air worldwide.
Hey, Alex Jones.
So, I probably don't have much time, so I'm going to get right into this.
I think to win the war, we must kill their god.
And to answer your question on why and where all this pedophilia, all this
I think so.
We're good.
Well, that's right.
I mean, there's archaeological, there's a Smithsonian.
We got into the big archives, the Getty Archives, a few months ago in Los Angeles.
And when you talk about torturing the kids to then get adrenaline in their blood, then drinking it fresh, that's all in mainline museums.
They just don't show the public.
So, Millie Weaver and Gavin got that info.
Thank you, Jason.
Yeah, what about Satanism or Luciferianism as an operating system?
Well, if you're asking me, I think it's part of the glue that keeps the deep state together.
I mean, one of the things people don't realize is that
The Catholic Church is actually a controlled religion.
It's a religion that's intended to take control away from the states.
I don't believe that the Pope and the Vatican should have diplomatic recognition.
I agree, but let's expand on that.
This Pope has finally gotten Catholics to wake up, where they're promoting open borders, global government, the end of families, saying get rid of Europe's Christian roots.
These are quotes.
I mean, this Pope is outrageous.
It's like the Cardinals elected Anton LaVey.
Well, you know, the United Nations and the Catholic Church are essentially globalist tools.
And I'm publishing a new paper in the Trump Revolution series on taking down the deep state.
And I discuss the United Nations, the Catholic Church, particularly the Jesuits, who violate the confessional.
They're using the confessional as an intelligence.
Well, sure.
I mean, the Jesuits aren't supposed to even be involved as cardinals, much less a pope.
It was a separate army, as you know, created by Loya, and it's completely out of control.
Well, the Jesuits also have 200 years worth of managing the Vatican's finances.
They control the gold in the land.
And I don't have any direct knowledge, but I'm reading voraciously, and my bottom line is, we the people need to end the power of all foreign agents over our government.
And I agree!
We hear about Russia involved.
What about having the Vatican involved in our election?
The Pope against our President.
That is foreign meddling!
Exactly right.
I totally agree with you.
Talk about separation of church and state.
What about a foreign power, a foreign religious power coming in?
I agree we should have separation of church and state.
We shouldn't have a government certified religion.
We have freedom of religion.
So what is the Vatican doing?
Let me also tell you that I believe that any congressman that signs the AIPAC pledge should be fired.
Well, I know this.
Again, exactly.
I'm not against Israel itself, but absolutely, why does Israel get to be involved in our internal affairs when other governments aren't supposed to be?
I don't care who it is.
Kennedy was assassinated in part because he was about to force the issue of every Jewish organization receiving funding or direction from Israel being required to register itself as an agent of a foreign power.
We're going to go to break right there.
We're going to go to break right there.
We're going to come back.
Imagine the world without InfoWars.
The globalists have already consolidated their power.
They don't want people to have their own economies, their own choices.
When you spread the links to Infowars.com news stories and our videos, when you tell friends, family, and neighbors about our free iPhone and Droid apps, or send them a link to our daily podcast, you are involved in a revolutionary act against tyranny.
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That's why I spend a lot of time trying to not just innovate,
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Day after day
Alright, John Rappaport's coming up.
He wrote a powerful article for InfoWars.com today, looking at the 10 ways mainstream media lies.
I meant to read it today, go over it, but I didn't.
I'm sure he'll be covering that.
There's a Paul Watson piece that destroys CNN.
I haven't aired yet and premiered.
We'll do that at about 6 or 7 after, next hour, and then Rappaport will come on about 15 after.
So that's coming up.
We're going to go to a caller that disagrees on Trump's priorities, and then Dean, Travis, Chris, and a few others.
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So mycozx, back in at Infowarslife.com.
Okay, we've got Robert David Steelman riding shotgun with us, formerly with the CIA, out on the front lines there.
Let's go to who's been holding the longest here.
Disagreeing is Jeremy in California.
You're on the air, go ahead.
Hey, thank you.
Yeah, I just wanted to call because I'm looking at both the articles.
By the way, a quick question that I'd like to ask your guest, that he can answer after I make my statement, is who nominated him for the Nobel Peace Prize if he could provide proof or documents regarding that?
The other thing I wanted to point out was that with regard to Trump tweeting out about Mika Brzezinski, my question for you
Is where do you draw the line?
I mean, why is that cool?
Why is that fighting back?
Oh, this is a seminar call?
Well, let me answer your stupid question, okay?
Trump, they're saying, get rid of his Twitter because they hate him having a direct communication.
It's a joke.
They do manage it, only feed spam at the top of it.
They showed up begging to meet with him.
Reportedly she was bleeding and had her head tied up.
It just shows what a narcissist she is.
And Trump made a joke about it because they demonized him and attacked him.
And she said he's trying to be a dictator last week when they're the ones promoting war in the streets.
So she's saying he's a dictator overthrowing.
He makes a joke and you say, where do you draw the line?
Do you have no decency, sir?
Do you have no decency, Jeremy?
Like you're calling in talking to somebody with a 70 IQ, bro.
I mean, what are you saying?
Is there no decency in you, Jeremy?
What I'm saying is this, is that it is important that the guy... What I'm saying is he needs to take his gloves off and get down here with the people even more and keep calling them traitors and outside powers.
It's killing them, and we're killing them with the information war.
They want to make it violent.
They're a pack of lying scum, and it's not that Trump's even perfect, but I love his bare knuckles boxing.
Anything else, Jeremy?
I think that he needs to stop trolling on social media.
Oh yeah, because it's so effective.
I know, he probably needs to quit breathing too.
I appreciate your call.
By the way, you're an accomplished author, researcher, great guy.
I don't think you want to be nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize now.
They're kind of a joke, but since you asked that question, go ahead.
Yeah, sure.
All the information is at robertdavidsteel.com.
Well, actually, I want to help Trump, Putin, Xi, and Modi earn the Nobel Peace Prize, even though the Nobel Peace Prize has been demeaned.
I mean, any prize given to Henry Kissinger and Barack Obama... That's right.
Stay there five more minutes.
What about the alliance with, since you mentioned the Prime Minister of India with Trump?
Let's talk about that back in 70 seconds.
Hour number four.
Spread the word.
It is an act of resistance.
Spread the link.
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Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order, it's Alex Jones.
Waging war on corruption.
It's Alex Jones, coming to you live from the front lines of the InfoWar.
Look, if the people just start putting out content, analyzing news, playing clips, giving common sense views of it, outside of talking points, but what actually arrives on our own research, it's over for the globalists.
Okay, that's the big secret here.
So I nominate Robert David Steele for a Human Liberty Award.
The first we're giving out, 10,000 times better than the Nobel Prize, since that seminar caller called in.
Let's do two more calls here, and we've got Paul Watson coming up with exclusive info, and then John Rappaport.
Dean in Wisconsin, and then Travis.
Go ahead, Dean.
Hey, Alex.
Yeah, I just wanted to call.
No, thanks.
That was a good rebuttal to that Jeremy, because, you know,
I just want to say about the Climate Accord, that was a perfect dry run.
I'm going to keep on saying this when I call in, if I ever get in.
You just said it just right before.
Compare globalism as tyranny to our sovereignty.
It's over with.
No one's going to be down for that.
I mean, you did it, I think, on the show.
After Trump's speech, it was a perfect dry run explaining how that Paris Accord was a total extortion deal.
Let me, Dean.
Sure, go ahead.
No, and then you said the same thing.
You said it concisely, or you just said it perfectly, too, on the show the next day, I think I saw.
Well, thank you for that.
Let me get to Steele's take on that.
Thank you, Dean.
I just want to get Travis in here.
Yeah, you're going to have a corporate global government that tries to make the general public poor, and you think the public's so done you're going to keep it secret?
Now that the facade has fallen, Robert David Steele, how do they ever set up this global corporate tyranny again?
I don't think you're going to be able to.
I mean, I'm worried about the pandemic, because if they do a pandemic, that definitely creates some issues.
That's their moonraker scenario to depopulate.
Yes, but I supported the President on getting out of the Climate Change Treaty.
And what most citizens need to understand is that, like the Trans-Pacific Trade Partnership that the President very wisely signed off on, those are all about reducing sovereignty.
Those are all about giving the City of London and Wall Street and the Rothschilds and the Black Pope more power.
Those are all about screwing the average American for the benefit of the 1% of 1%.
That's right.
So is this a good sign that the Black Pope's aide-de-camp has been indicted for child rape?
Yes, but they're only throwing one guy under the bus.
The fact is, 50% of the Catholic leadership should probably be indicted.
Look, this is the sign of distress, okay?
This is what every American should be putting on their lawn this 4th of July.
I agree with you, and it's a sign of respect.
Travis in Kansas, last caller before Jon Rappaport takes over.
Go ahead.
Yes, sir.
Hey, how's it going, Alex?
Yeah, I just wanted to mention, you know, everything that you've been saying is true and everything.
And, you know, people need to realize that the true battle is good versus evil.
It's not
Democrats versus Republicans, or left versus right, you know.
And they're trying to divide people on as many fronts as possible.
That's right.
Evil's got players everywhere.
Good's got players everywhere.
Well, I agree with that.
And that's the heart.
And let me end on this.
That's the heart of why Dr. Cynthia McKinney and I have come together to create Hashtag Unrigged.
And we will not talk to any politicians.
All we're doing is educating constituents, one congressional district at a time, on how they can take back the power.
Sure, and how much power they have.
We're going to have you back up July 3rd.
Let's let Travis finish.
Go ahead, Travis.
Your biggest sleeper cell that you got in the American
community is the Democrats, right?
And they know that there's something else out there, that there's more to it.
Yeah, they know Seth Rich got killed.
They know Sanders got robbed.
Well, I think the biggest awakening is just doing full disclosure.
They need to, you know, it's... No, I agree.
Don't get in the infighting, keep hammering the issues.
Thank you.
Real fast for Steele.
Why do you think they're having an FBI dive-in prepared on Sanders?
To keep him in line or why is that happening?
Because he played ball.
That's a really good question.
I mean, I think Sanders has demonstrably been bribed by the Democratic Party.
And I would reach out to the members of the People's Party, which is a Sanders sheepdog movement,
And I would say to them, free yourself from the Democrats.
Thank you so much.
Paul Watson coming up and Jon Rappaport.
Thank you, Robert.
InfoWars is proud to announce the CNN is Fake News contest, an expansion of the already successful CNN is ISIS contest.
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The intent of the contest is to encourage you, the listener, to realize that you have the power to save civilization from the criminal cabal controlling humanity and his fake news propaganda machine called CNN.
The first thing to do is hammer the point to the public that CNN is fake news, which a CNN producer admitted on camera to James O'Keefe and Project Veritas.
We need to come together and remind the world that CNN simply regurgitates globalist propaganda thought up by multinational think tanks that is then fed to the public to suppress individual thought and run humanity into a ditch.
For more contest rules, visit InfoWars.com forward slash contest.
This is Kit Daniels.
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I don't know what's going to happen at the end of this, but you want to fight, you better believe you've got one!
From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones.
Alright, John Rappaport, soon, we'll be, we're going to launch this soon.
I just got a lot of, a lot of fish in the fryer.
He'll be hosting part of his own show whenever he wants to, whether it's every day or every week.
We're going to get that lined up.
He's about to take over in about seven minutes, but I got behind.
Here's Paul Watson's report, The Truth About CNN, that they do not want you to see.
We were at such an epic moment where the entire facade of fake news
That John Roberts has been exposing for decades.
He coined the term, I think, Fake News First.
He's had his website for 15 years, nomorefakenews.com.
It's now happening.
The question is, I don't want to be overconfident.
What's the byproduct?
What do we have to look out for?
My gut tells me, though, and intellectually as well, devastating victory.
This is an incredible time.
The Catholic Church is a giant satanic pedophile ring at the top coming out.
It's all happening.
This is just crazy.
So here is CNN and John Rutherford will be joining you.
Brian Stelter is butthurt that people are being mean to CNN.
He's whining about Infowars promoting hate and resentment towards CNN.
Millions of people are exposed to extreme anti-journalism views daily.
Example, memes equating journalists to terrorists.
This is harmful!
You want to talk about harmful?
And all you got is memes.
I'll tell you what's harmful.
Your network pushed a fake news narrative, Trump-Russia collusion, that your own producer admits was made up for ratings.
Our ratings are incredible right now.
You think the whole Russia s*** is just like s***?
I mean, it's mostly s*** right now.
That your own top contributor admits is a big nothing burger.
The narrative that pushed two superpowers closer to World War 3.
That's harmful.
Your network pushed a fake news narrative.
Hands up, don't shoot.
We want you to know that our hearts are out there marching with them.
That led to two mass shootings, riots, and a nationwide hate movement.
That's harmful.
Your network pushed a fake news narrative.
Iraq having weapons of mass destruction.
That led to one million dead Iraqis and thousands of dead and maimed US troops.
That's harmful.
Your network pushed a fake news narrative about Syrian rebels being moderate.
To show the US, I think that there is a significant amount of moderate rebels ready to take to the ground in Syria.
That led to the rise of ISIS and an international migrant crisis.
That's harmful!
Your network pushed a fake news narrative about the Aleppo boy being a victim of Assad to propagandize for the invasion of Syria.
We shed tears, but there are no tears here.
He doesn't cry once.
That little boy is in total shock.
When his whole family was supporters of Assad and said their son was used as a propaganda tool by the jihadist rebels and by extension, CNN.
That's harmful.
Some of this anti-journalism, it's insidious.
I'll tell you what's insidious.
Your network stage-managing a protest to manipulate public opinion right after a terrorist attack.
That's insidious.
Your network burying the truth by reporting the Michigan airport terrorist said something in Arabic when it had been widely reported for hours before that he had shouted, That's insidious.
Your network telling Americans it was illegal to read WikiLeaks.
That's insidious.
It's illegal to possess these stolen documents.
It's different for the media.
So everything you learn about this, you're learning from us.
Your network cutting off guests who even mentioned WikiLeaks.
That's insidious.
Hillary Clinton's a liar.
She can't be trusted.
And now the two faces of Hillary Clinton are coming out.
The fact, through WikiLeaks, that she says one thing and...
Your network cutting off guests who mention a link between refugees and terrorism.
That's insidious!
30% of their domestic terrorism cases that they're investigating are from folks who are refugees.
It's important not to label all refugees bad people.
That's not why I'm here.
Your network pretending its own cameraman is a random man-on-the-street anti-Trump protester.
That's insidious.
One vote equals one vote?
What's wrong with that?
What's the debate?
You can definitely feel his passion.
There's other people out here who feel the same way.
Like you heard this man, very passionate about the idea he doesn't want Hillary to stop.
Brian, you know I used to live there, and I know that guy.
That's John Gerkovic.
He actually went to Africa with me as a cameraman.
Your network's commentator giving debate questions to Hillary Clinton in advance.
That's insidious.
Your network telling debate focus groups what to say to make Hillary look good.
That's insidious.
America already is great, but we are great because we are good.
America's great.
Alright, so I want to ask you, what was it about Hillary Clinton's argument that resonated with you following Donald Trump's defense of the video?
She stated that America is already great, and I tend to agree with that.
Your network running cover for Black Lives Matter by editing statements to turn them into the complete opposite of what was actually said.
That's insidious.
Y'all burnin' down s*** we need in our community!
Take that s*** to the suburbs!
With his sister calling for peace.
Don't bring the violent here and the ignorant here!
Milwaukee police... Your network calling Milo Yiannopoulos an extremist.
That's insidious.
Most journalists try to be fair and right.
When screw-ups happen, corrections are made.
A Harvard study found that CNN's coverage of Trump was 93% negative.
13 to 1 negative to positive stories.
Is that just a screw-up too?
Whoops, we just did 13 negative stories on Trump again.
What a coincidence!
Oh well, just a screw-up.
That's not a screw-up.
That's not fair and right.
That's having an agenda.
Look, I'm biased, but I don't claim to be neutral.
I don't claim to be an impartial journalist.
The fact that you and everyone else at CNN is still claiming to be impartial is an insult to our intelligence.
Your boy Jim Acosta whines every week about how Trump and the White House take
Questions from conservative media.
Like, how dare they allow anyone to break CNN's monopoly?
Here's a guy who got caught tweeting fake news about Trump not visiting Scalise in hospital.
Every chance he gets, he's bitching about Trump.
He's not fair.
He's not impartial.
He's not a journalist.
He's an activist.
Just be frigging honest about it.
You wonder why?
There's all this hate and resentment towards you.
It's not because people hate all journalists.
It's because you lie all the time, you push an agenda, and you get caught.
But then you have the arrogance to still claim that you're impartial.
You have the arrogance to point the finger at us as the reason for you being reviled.
You have the arrogance, after all this, to still claim you have the moral high ground.
You don't have the moral high ground.
People hate you because you lie about huge things.
You lie about things that cause wars and violence on the streets.
That's why people hate you.
They're not anti-journalism.
They're anti-fake news.
They're anti-CNN.
And you earned that hate because... Oh no!
And now, John Rappaport reporting.
John Rappaport here for InfoWars, sitting in for Alex in the fourth hour.
Yes, Paul Watson.
That's really something.
I've been around for a long time doing news.
There's nobody like Watson.
He's taken that type of presentation to a new height.
Look at all of his work.
Fakery on parade.
There's a story running right now on Breitbart saying that, according to Twitter audit report,
17 million or 50% of all CNN Twitter followers are fake.
17 million fake Twitter followers?
That's the result of the Twitter audit report.
So ask yourself, how does that happen?
I mean, if you wanted to get 17 million fake Twitter followers for yourself,
How would you do it?
What would you do?
How would you work that out?
I don't know.
But you'd have to have some help, don't you think?
I don't think you can just press a button in your house.
No, you're right.
Twitter has to be involved.
I mean, yeah.
How else can you do that?
So, obviously, CNN has some kind of a deal going, right?
In order for them to be able to do this?
To amass 17 million fake Twitter followers?
I don't think it's just, uh, hey, we're CNN and guess what happened last night?