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Name: 20170628_Wed_NightlyNews
Air Date: June 28, 2017
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Welcome to the InfoWars Nightly News.
I'm David Knight.
It's Wednesday, June 28, 2017.
Here are our top stories.
A major scandal rocks the FBI as acting director Andrew McCabe, a central player in the Russian election conspiracy case, is now the focus of three separate federal inquiries ranging from sexual discrimination to improper political activity.
Meanwhile, new secret memos reveal that it was the FBI who intentionally sabotaged Trump's national security advisor and war hero, General Michael Flynn.
Plus, an FBI agent has just been indicted for allegedly lying about the Lavoie-Finnegan shooting.
All that, plus a close look at the total destruction of the fake news network.
That's up next on the Info Wars Nightly News.
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There's a Greek metaphor for corruption.
They say the fish rots from the head down.
Well, that's clearly what's going on at the FBI right now.
James Comey, of course, has left, and his number two guy, Andrew McCabe, who's now the acting director of the FBI, is facing three separate inquiries.
This is the state of the FBI.
Now there's a great job that's being done in terms of research by John Solomon and Sarah Carter at Circa looking at these individual cases and of course it also goes back, as we pointed out yesterday, to Michael Flynn and the Russian investigation.
Let's take a look at what these three separate inquiries are and the behavior of Andrew McCabe.
First one, of course, that we talked about yesterday and we'll mention again is Robin Gritz.
She's a decorated counter-terrorism agent.
She had filed a sexual discrimination lawsuit against Andrew McCabe and then also about retaliation.
Because once she filed that lawsuit, he began investigating her personally, trying to find dirt on her.
So a sexual discrimination and retaliation complaint that names McCabe and other top FBI officials.
She also filed a complaint against McCabe with the Maine federal whistleblower agency in April, alleging social media photos that she found show that he campaigned for his wife's Virginia State Senate race in violation of the Hatch Act.
The Hatch Act goes back to the 1930s.
It prohibits people and agencies like the FBI and also, coincidentally,
People in agencies like the NSA, the CIA, the Director of National Intelligence, and others who were very public in their criticism of Donald Trump.
It prohibits them from getting involved in political campaigns.
Perhaps we should take a look at the Hatch Act violations of others in law enforcement and surveillance.
Nevertheless, the Hatch Act is another
I don't know.
The facts alleged in here, we see that he had pictures that he posted on social media showing him wearing a t-shirt supporting his wife's campaign at a public event and posting this on social media telling people to vote for his wife but then also pictures of their minor daughter campaigning with the mother wearing an FBI
And Hillary Clinton over the email issues.
Both of them were under investigation.
Of course very close ties to the Clintons and Terry McAuliffe.
He was their guy.
He was Hillary Clinton's former campaign manager back in 2008.
He was the guy that they picked to chair the DNC at one point in time.
So very close ties to them.
This guy, Terry McAuliffe, is pushing his wife for candidate as Senate and donating $700,000 to the campaign while he is being investigated by McCabe.
Donating to McCabe's wife $700,000.
Nothing to see here, of course, right?
Just move along.
There's not a problem at all.
And then that all ties back to a larger issue, and that is his personal issue with Michael Flynn.
This person who had alleged that she was discriminated against because of sexual discrimination, the one that they then retaliated against in terms of investigation.
She was given a letter of recommendation by Michael Flynn because she had done work for the Pentagon, done work for the intelligence agency, had done an exemplary job, and so Michael Flynn intervened on her behalf.
Which was basically very highly unusual for people who are involved in politics.
And Michael Flynn is the kind of guy that tells it like it is.
If we've got the government that's getting involved and aiding ISIS, he says so publicly.
And then they fire him.
And if he sees somebody being discriminated against, who's done an exemplar job elsewhere, he writes a letter of recommendation on her behalf, then they investigate him.
That's the way this works.
If you're an honest person, they come after you.
If you do a good job, they come after you.
And this is what we're seeing now with the FBI.
So it's not really any surprise that we see at the very bottom of the FBI, because of this rottenness at the top, we see.
And it's coming up, we have Millie Weaver is going to interview LaVoy Finnegan's widow.
Now it was this last weekend that they broke the story when they were at the Red Pill Conference and Expo in Montana.
They talked to Lloyd Monckton and LaVoy Finnegan's widow at the time.
They said indictments were coming.
For an FBI agent who was indicted for false statements he made about shooting at Lavoie Finnegan, shooting at that truck.
He's now been indicted.
We're going to have a follow-up interview with Lavoie Finnegan's widow.
And you know, the issue here is not just that he made false statements.
The issue is that they did, that it was attempted murder, followed up by real murder by other agents.
That really is the crime that should be investigated.
But nevertheless, this is a state of law enforcement, the sorry state of law enforcement here in our country right now.
Let's take a look next at the war on Bitcoin.
We've had a war on cash going on for quite some time.
The government does not want you to own any financial assets that they don't know about, that they can't get their hands on and confiscate right away.
That's one of the things that's made Bitcoin very popular.
Now we have a Senate bill that has been introduced, a war on Bitcoin as well.
And this is something that is very serious.
It's going to affect everybody because they're going to be looking at new ways to pry into your personal effects
When you cross the border, they're going to base it on this law.
This is a new bill that has just been introduced.
It's Senate Bill 1241.
Remember that number.
Write these people.
Protest this.
Shut this down now.
These are four senators who have sponsored this.
Senator Grassley, Senator Feinstein, Senator Cornyn, and Senator Whitehouse Shelton.
And what they've done with this bill, as it's pointed out in Private Internet Access, they say, if passed, the new bill would have the U.S.
Border Patrol treating digital currencies like Bitcoin and others as a seizable asset, opening up to a great American problem of civil asset forfeiture.
Now, we've heard that before, haven't we?
Megyn Kelly doesn't know what that is.
You should know what it is.
You should make sure that other people know what this is.
Civil asset forfeiture is simply a license to steal for our government.
It is a legal fiction.
They're going to take your money and not charge you with a crime, not give you due process?
They say it's a civil action.
We can just forfeit those assets of yours.
No, they're going to steal it without any due process is what that really means.
They also point out that everyone is curious as to what kind of infrastructure they're going to need at the border in order to detect the presence of digital currency at the border crossings.
And see, right now, what we have, and a lot of people point this out, they say, well, you know, the danger with Bitcoin and others is when you cross the border between cyberspace and the real world, when you put the money in, when you take it out.
That's when it's most easily detected by them.
But they're taking a look at other aspects of this.
One of the ways that they're justifying this, of course,
Eliminated from money laundering charges, they're now elevating tax evasion to the level of money laundering, which is a very serious crime in terms of what they say they can do to you, in terms of jail terms, in terms of fines and penalties.
In the past, these money laundering statutes have specified that it had to be unlawful activity.
And the Department of Justice currently has a general policy against trying to base money laundering charges on the proceeds of tax fraud.
However, if they get this through,
It appears to transform any cross-border transfer of funds done with the intent to commit U.S.
tax evasion or the filing of a false U.S.
tax return into an actual money laundering violation, including transfers involving entirely clean funds.
This is from Money Laundering Watch.
These are people who specialize in money laundering laws and the laws surrounding that.
Let's take a quick look at the bill itself.
Senate Bill 1241 that has been introduced to give you an idea of what they're coming after.
They're talking about prepaid access devices, digital currencies, other similar instruments.
In other words, they're going to insert into the law things like prepaid access devices, digital currency, any digital exchanger or tumbler of digital currency.
And of course, if you know about Bitcoin and other things, tumblers are a mechanism that helps you to anonymize the ownership of Bitcoin to erase the trail that they can go through with that.
They'll also insert prepaid access devices.
And that means an electronic device or vehicle such as a card, a plate, a code, a number, an electronic serial number, a mobile identification number, personal ID number, or other instrument that provides a portal to funds or the value of funds that have been paid in advance that can be retrievable, transferable at some point in the future.
Understand that as we see phones becoming part of the digital currency, they'll be looking at your phones in great detail.
We've already had the TSA come out and say we're going to start looking at books.
We're going to start going through your books and your magazines.
Isn't that interesting?
I didn't know the TSA could read.
But they want to know what you're reading.
They want to see what you have stuffed in your pages.
Maybe there is something there with a number code or something.
This is the kind of intrusiveness that never ends with these people.
They have to know everything about our lives.
They're not happy unless they have complete, total knowledge and surveillance of our lives.
And understand this.
If you don't have any anonymity with your cash, whether it is physical or digital, they will do a net asset sweep or they'll do a haircut at some point in time.
We have an interview coming up in the next segment with Dr. Jerome Corsi.
And remember, they've already done this to the Fannie and Freddie investors.
Obama needed money to fund his Obamacare subsidies.
Congress wouldn't provide it.
They took them to court, said, we're going to take the money anyway.
They said, no, you can't do that.
The judge said, that's unconstitutional.
The House has to appropriate the funds.
So Obama just looked around and said, there's money over here in Fannie and Freddie.
We'll just steal it.
We'll call it a net asset sweep.
And that's what they do.
Now, of course, the bankers in Europe and the EU, they've called it a haircut.
Same thing.
It is just theft.
Now, they've said the Homeland Security and Consultation with U.S.
Customs and Border Protection, as part of this law, will detail a strategy to interdict and to detect prepaid access devices, digital currencies, or other similar instruments at border crossings and other points of entry for the United States.
Where will it all end?
Let me just remind you of the case of Dennis Hastert.
The guy who was the longest sitting Speaker of the House.
For the Republicans at least.
I don't know if it's a record for the Democrats.
This is a guy who was a pedophile.
He didn't go to jail for being a pedophile.
He went to Congress because he was a pedophile.
They selected somebody that they could
They knew he was a pedophile when he was a wrestling coach, so they wanted him to run for Congress.
They encouraged him to run for Congress.
He did, and they made him Speaker of the House.
He went to jail for something that should not even become a crime, because there are statute of limitations.
For pedophilia, for sexually molesting children.
But the statute of limitations are less, and it was a more recent event, for him to structure payments.
Now this is not something that he did to avoid taxes.
It wasn't even part of tax evasion.
There was no illegal activity involved in it.
Instead, money that was already in the banking system, he began to take that out.
He took out a couple of large payments of $50,000 and the bank manager said, what's going on with this?
He didn't want any questions about that, so he started taking out withdrawals, not deposits.
That's what the structuring originally was.
They wanted to look to see if people were making large cash deposits because they thought maybe that was going to be tax evasion.
No, this is money that was already in the system.
No tax evasion, no illegal activity with the money.
Instead, he starts taking this out, though, and increments a lot of withdrawals that are less than $10,000 to avoid detection.
So they sent him to prison for taking out his own money out of the bank.
But believe me, they will take your money out of the bank without any justification.
They'll call it civil asset forfeiture or they'll call it a net asset sweep.
Who knows?
Now, the Senators are starting to realize that they are prime targets of the spy agencies.
I want to play for you this video that we played before of Michael Hayden.
Former CIA, former NSA director saying, we don't look at bad people, we look at interesting people.
It's not about guilt.
In fact, let me be really clear.
NSA doesn't just listen to bad people.
NSA listens to interesting people.
Oh, isn't that funny?
And they all laughed.
See, they can get a search warrant for a bad person, but they can't get a search warrant just because you're an interesting person.
Who would an interesting person be?
Well, it might be somebody running for President, somebody running for Senate, somebody who's part of the transition team, somebody like Michael Flynn who is interesting to Andrew McCabe because he's got a personal vendetta against him and they want to take him down.
And so today we have this Patriot Act, this 702, and he talks about that as well.
He says, 702, that's such a safe haven.
But I had an order from the President.
I didn't need any law.
I didn't need any unconstitutional Patriot Act.
I had an order from the President.
I could do whatever I wanted.
And so now we've got Senators like Chuck Grassley and Lindsey Graham who are talking to
The FBI to the Justice Department, others who are saying we want you to authorize this section 702 where we can intercept conversations of people because you know they're prohibited from doing it for people in America as part of what they did to Michael Flynn.
They're only allowed to collect this for foreign individuals, foreign citizens on foreign soil.
But then of course if they're talking to somebody in America they can grab that.
They're not allowed to expose that.
That's what they did to people in the Trump administration.
But they're not legally allowed to do that.
Reauthorize this permanently instead of having to get a reauthorization every few years.
But the Senators are starting to have some questions about this.
They said to the FBI, we're writing to request information regarding FISA-related actions by the FBI and the Justice Department in the course of investigation of the Russian interference.
They're not getting answers.
And today, as they're coming before the Senate committee trying to get permanent authorization for this, they still couldn't get the information.
And so you got people like Lindsey Graham saying,
Am I entitled to know?
Am I entitled to know if my communications were collected?
They said, well, it would be very difficult if we were to do that.
We might have to violate your privacy if we were to tell you that you were being observed.
That is the insanity of this dystopian Orwellian system that we have here, and the senators need to understand they are the most interesting people, and they need to shut this down for their sake and for the rest of us.
Stay with us.
We'll be right back with Dr. Jerome Corsi.
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Joining us from our Washington Bureau is Dr. Jerome Corsi, and we're going to talk about a couple of cases that we believe the Attorney General Sessions should get involved in, and these are hangovers from the Obama administration.
One of those is going to be the trial of Sheriff Joe Arpaio.
Dr. Corsi is going to give us an update on that, but first we're going to talk about Fannie and Freddie.
And of course, that is a case that is the illegal funding of the insurance companies by doing what they call, euphemistically, a net asset sweep.
In other words, just taking all the money from the investors that have already been defrauded at one level, and then as the thing begins to be profitable again, they steal all the money to fund Obamacare.
So let's get an update from Dr. Corsi on those two issues.
Let's start, Dr. Corsi, with Fannie and Freddie.
Fannie and Freddie is heating up in terms of the theft of the shareholders' value.
There's going to be a hearing tomorrow in the Senate Banking Committee, and Bob Corker, the Republican who works at Wells Fargo and Bank of America, and he's joined by Senator Warner, who is the Democrat ranking member, are proposing legislation to essentially split up Fannie and Freddie, wind them down,
And turn over the mortgage market to big banks and to Wall Street with the public federal guarantee going to be on the mortgage-backed securities they issue.
And a couple of so-called experts explaining this to the Senate Banking Commission tomorrow will be attending and reporting on it from the Senate Banking Commission.
Now, this is a terrible idea.
This is giving Wall Street a license to steal with the federal guarantee.
I think so.
Money was stolen out of Fannie and Freddie to pay for Obamacare.
Let's recap that real quickly for our listeners because we've done a long report on this a couple of times.
But just briefly recapping, everybody knows about the mortgage crisis.
And what happened during the mortgage crisis was that Fannie and Freddie had junk mortgages involved in their portfolio as well.
But the people who did that, who managed it, who got big multi-million dollar bonuses
They got paid off.
The people who got ripped off were the investors, just as we saw in other instruments.
But what they did was they took conservatorship of it with the federal government, and they were only supposed to... they did a deal that was not favorable to the people who had already been ripped off by those who operated it.
But when Obama wanted to fund Obamacare, the Senate and the House did not appropriate any money for it, the House specifically.
And they took it to court because Obama went after the funds of Fannie and Freddie, which by that time were profitable, in order to fund Obamacare.
And the judge said, you can't do that.
But they did it anyway.
I don't know.
To not be anything that is going to be able to survive.
And of course, we've got the Congressional Budget Office coming out with their phony scoring numbers saying, oh, we're going to have these 20 some odd million people are going to lose their insurance.
They don't have the insurance if they're subsidizing it with stolen money that violates the Constitution, violates the law.
Well, that's exactly right.
I mean, all that the Department of Justice Attorney General Sessions would have to say is we are not going to appeal.
The House of Representatives Supreme Court decision in which the court determined that the Obama administration could not fund Obamacare by stealing money from another program, namely Fannie and Freddie, and that's what's been done since 2012.
This is money that should have been being paid to the shareholders of Fannie and Freddie.
And I think a legitimate argument could even be made that the bailout wasn't necessary.
Fannie and Freddie could have survived without a bailout in 2008.
That's going to have to be litigated in the courts.
What I'm concerned about right now is that Mel Watt, who is the administrator of Fannie and Freddie through the Federal Home Loan Finance Agency, could decide on his own authority under the HERA legislation that he was just going to recapitalize Fannie and Freddie, which is his duty under that law, and stop the net worth sweep.
What we're going to find is tomorrow, Corker and Warner, these two senators who want to line their pockets by rewarding Wall Street and big banks with the mortgage market.
Again, both senators wanting to further defraud the shareholders of Fannie and Freddie.
We're going to hear arguments for why Wall Street and Wells Fargo and Bank of America can run the mortgage market.
I think it means the end of the 30-year mortgage.
I mean, it's a theft, a complete theft of the shareholder's value and Fannie and Freddie and a federal guarantee on Wall Street, you know, which is going to further defraud everyone.
And then what happens with Obamacare when they don't have the kitty to rob anymore?
Well, you know, then then we'd have to go back to if, in fact, they're not going to appeal the decision, then the Trump administration has to live by the court decision and has to quit funding
Obamacare with money that was not appropriated for that purpose.
And Obamacare would implode within about a month.
That's going to be interesting to see what happens one way or the other.
As you point out, it's going to have a huge impact on the mortgage market if it goes one direction.
And it's also going to have a big impact on Obamacare because they can't continue this net asset sweep if they dissolve it in favor and turn this over to Wall Street banks.
Yeah, and I've got two objectives in my entire reporting.
One is, I think it's disgraceful that the shareholders were robbed of their money, and I think that there needs to be some restitution of that, either through the courts or just, you know, applying money from the Federal Treasury to reimburse these people who had shares.
And I think it can be done in a workout of Fannie and Freddie.
But secondly, I want to preserve Fannie and Freddie.
And I think that's the core, the 30-year fixed rate mortgage, which has been the fundamental building block for homeownership in America.
And if we lose it, the big banks are going to push America to be a nation
Of renters like Europe, and that's what the Obama administration, we have documents from the Geithner Treasury Department, wanted to do.
That's what they want with Agenda 21.
We're almost out of time.
We've got about three minutes left, Dr. Corsi.
I know you wanted to talk about what's going on with Sheriff Arpaio.
He's facing a non-jury trial.
That means one judge is just going to sit in judgment of this.
And what he is being charged for is a criminal charge that he flouted a court order.
To not enforce the law.
To not enforce immigration law.
I mean, this is Orwellian, and this is continuing on under the Sessions Department of Justice.
Go ahead.
Yeah, I think you characterized it correctly, David.
I mean, the section of the law that Sheriff Arpaio is charged under, he did what the law commanded him to do, namely he enforced immigration laws.
He did not violate that statute.
The reason the Obama Justice Department
The only reason they charged Arpaio under the wrong statute was because the statute of limitations had run out under the correct statute.
They waited too long, and this was the only way they could bring a criminal contempt charge.
And they wanted to interfere with the election by putting him under criminal charges.
They brought the criminal charges out at a time when he was facing reelection.
They made an announcement about it, and the judge, Judge Snow at this point, was in
Communication with the Department of Justice, we have that through the Montgomery wiretaps, Montgomery information that he released as a whistleblower on the NSA.
We know that the Justice Department, the Obama Justice Department and Tom Perez was in communications with the judge.
They were influencing the judge in the original contempt of the original order when the order was imposed.
And then when Arpaio supposedly violated the order, which he did not do,
We see that the Justice Department continued to interfere with the judge, and finally got this to a judge who is now proceeding with the criminal trial under the wrong statute because the Justice Department waited too long.
It's egregious.
I mean, no jury trial, wrong statute.
This is Tom Perez, who was in the Justice Department, head of the DNC, was a La Raza lawyer, open borders lawyer.
We see a great law enforcement officer at the end of his career, decades in law enforcement, being raked over the coal by, you know, a socialist LaRosa lawyer in a revenge trial.
Yes, this really is a travesty to see this.
The idea that a judge or a president could order you, just like they ordered the Border Patrol in general, do not enforce the law.
And then if you enforce the written law instead of their dictator dictates, then they come after you for trumped up charges.
It's absolutely insane.
We're out of time.
Thank you so much, Dr. Corsi.
And we'll be talking to you when we get that update as to what's going on with Fannie and Freddie.
Thank you so much.
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An FBI agent is being indicted right now on making alleged false accusations about firing two shots at Lavoie Finnecombe, the man who was gunned down following the Oregon standoff.
Well, it was a tragedy and we actually have Finnecombe's widow on the line right now, Jeanette Finnecombe.
She's a very strong and inspiring woman.
So let's go ahead and talk to Jeanette about the current developments right now.
How's it going, Jeanette?
Thank you for having me.
It's going pretty well.
Thank you.
So what has been going on with the FBI right now?
Were you aware that FBI agents were going to be indicted?
I heard about it yesterday and the grand jury had finally finished their investigation and have indicted one FBI agent.
Wow, that's that's pretty amazing.
It's nice to have some justice.
Well, from your point of view, do you feel like this was definitely an assassination?
I believe that my husband was murdered.
There could have been other things that they could have taken him into custody.
He would have been able to have his due process just like everyone else is going through the court system.
But I feel that the FBI agent who took those two shots
Uh, escalated things, which then put the Oregon State Police on guard.
And I believe that's the reason why that officer shot my husband three times in the back with his hands up in the air.
And we all remember this video footage right here that we are seeing where Finnecombe was shot, your husband was shot.
And you can see that there's a man kind of hiding off to the side.
And so he's the one who fired the shots first then.
Is that what you're saying?
I'm not sure where the position was of that certain FBI agent.
They have not informed me of that.
He could have been in front because those bullets came whizzing through the top of the roof and through the window as my husband was exiting the truck when he had his hands in the air.
The first initial exit of the truck is when those two shots were fired by that particular FBI agent.
Well, I know this is probably very hard for you to talk about, but I heard from Lord Christopher Monckton that there was some mishandling here, and this whole thing was very unusual, the way they followed protocols, even so that they actually left him out there in the snow.
Is that right?
From what I understand, he was not taken until the next morning after laying there face down in the snow all night long.
That's correct.
That's why he had frostbite on his face.
Wow, that's so disrespectful.
I can't even imagine how unbelievably wrong that just feels to think that they left him out there in the wilderness, just not even covered or protected in the snow.
That's so horrible.
Well, Jeanette, does this give you some bit of justice and relief, having known now that this FBI agent is going to be indicted?
Well, I feel that I feel encouraged that they are going to hold him responsible, but he did plead not guilty.
Amazing, but he pled not guilty to lying and then taking evidence.
But I also feel that the other four officers that were involved in helping him to take and hide the evidence should
We're good to go!
So, what else are they hiding?
What other evidence have they tampered with?
Now, do you know if that firearm that he had on him was a registered firearm to his name?
No, it wasn't.
It was a gift, a recent gift that Christmas from my son who bought it from another friend.
Well, it definitely appears that there's some kind of a cover-up going on, and we don't know how far up that cover-up has gone to, how high up these FBI supervisors were that were helping in this cover-up.
But, you know, Jeanette, what do you think?
I mean, you've told us about how the FBI has still been coming after you and the BLM has still been coming after you.
Can you tell us more about that?
Yeah, well the BLM isn't coming after me, they're ignoring me.
It suits their purpose to not respond to any of the correspondence or requests from my attorney because if they give me a formal denial then I'm able to move forward in my legal aspect.
But as long as they obfuscate and continue to ignore,
I'm not sure what our next recourse can be.
We might have to set precedent here and find a new way to get around that stone wall.
But we are in the midst of filing for our wrongful death suit.
We will be pushing forward with that.
And this is encouraging news because it does raise doubt.
It does raise doubt into who is culpable, who is responsible for the murder of my husband.
Exactly, and it just looks so suspicious.
I know I keep saying this, but the whole thing just seems so suspicious.
Even that video footage looked so suspicious in general.
And isn't it true that they didn't actually have a warrant for him at the time that they set up those roadblocks?
There were no warrants for any of the individuals.
They didn't receive the warrants until the very next day, and they excluded the warrant for my husband because he had already been murdered by that point.
The media portrayed this whole thing as if these men, I believe one of the phrases was the felons, they were fleeing, the felons fleeing from a roadblock.
They were not felons.
Nobody had felonies as far as I know.
My husband certainly didn't.
He didn't even have so much as a parking ticket.
Exactly, and you know, we've seen people have peaceful protests and be armed, and there's nothing wrong with that.
That's our right in this country.
So to try and paint it as something other than a peaceful protest with people who were choosing to be armed is pretty ridiculous.
And the fact that they escalated it to the point where they actually killed him, they murdered this man, it's so horrible.
Well, Jeanette, is there anything that you kind of want to get across and just tell people out there?
Well, yes, I want to say thank you to everybody who has supported our family and who has continued to help us in our quest for justice and for the truth.
I also would like to say keep up the good work, get educated, get involved on your local levels, be responsible in what you do.
Let's fight to restore our liberties and to
Learn more about the Constitution and make sure that we teach our children about these things, too, because they're the next generation.
They're the ones that are going to continue to fight this fight for us.
Now, Jeanette, what actually had happened with this cattle lease and this cattle agreement?
Can you tell us a little bit about this?
The cattle lease, my husband purchased that from another rancher who purchased it from another rancher.
We purchased these leases from individuals, not from the BLM, not from the government.
We do, however, have to have a permit to run our cows on this ground, the grass and the water in which we've already paid for.
And at the time of my husband's death,
Um, they, uh, their stand is that it was terminated upon his death.
However, in the regulations, their own regulations, mind you, it states that for two years, the family or the people who inherit the property are able to continue to run the ranch as they normally would.
However, their stance has been to force me off and not allow me on there.
Now, I went ahead and said, okay, I'll fill out my own application.
I'm a separate individual.
I'm a new person.
The lease prior was not in my name.
However, the loan is in my name.
So I filled out the applications and I proceeded forward, but they're continuing to be very silent.
They're not going to approve or deny my application, therefore keeping me off the property indefinitely.
And in the meantime, I have a wonderful family that supports me that have allowed my cows to be on their ranch.
And otherwise I would have nowhere to put my cows and no grass for them to eat.
Well, you know, we all hope that this investigation continues further.
I hope to see more FBI agents being indicted, more supervisors being indicted for this obvious and apparent cover-up.
Why is it only now that we're only now seeing this FBI agent being indicted?
And who else had their hands in this?
Well, it's pretty sad to see, but Jeanette, thank you so much for joining us here.
And you are an inspiration.
I know you are a mother now and you have a lot of children.
To take care of and look after.
So how can people help you out?
What's a quick link or website?
Onecowboystandforfreedom.com is where my husband's book is located.
There also is a legal fund button that if you're interested in helping me fight my battle with the BLM or the wrongful death suit, there is that avenue as well.
Alex Jones here with a very important news update to anybody out there that wants to be prepared.
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CNN's White House correspondent Jim Acosta got triggered this week and now he's acting like a little
It's been a horrific and catastrophic month for the fake news network, as scandals, retractions, resignations, lawsuits, and apologies catapult the cable news network into a death spiral.
And I gotta admit, it's been fun to watch.
They were caught red-handed staging a protest in London, directed by CNN reporter Becky Anderson.
Then three of their employees were forced to resign after the network had to retract another bogus story about President Donald Trump's collusion with the Russians.
You are fake news.
Yesterday, our friends over at Project Veritas released another undercover video that shows a CNN producer admitting the network is guilty of pushing the fake Trump-Russian conspiracy theory, and they're doing it for the ratings.
Could be bullsh**.
I mean, it's mostly bullsh** right now.
Like, we don't have any big, giant proof.
Then why is CNN constantly, like, Russia this, Russia that?
Because it's ratings.
Because it's ratings?
Our ratings are incredible right now.
Now, all this negative attention finally got under the skin of CNN's White House reporter, Jim Acosta, who totally lost it when he found out that he wasn't allowed to bring his cameras into the Oval Office.
Owen Schroyer joins us now to help celebrate the ultimate destruction and demise of America's least trusted and dishonest news franchise, CNN.
And I tell you what, Project Veritas, that's the gift that just keeps on giving.
We've got to give a big salute to those guys.
And they have another video you're going to tell us about it.
This time they caught Van Jones.
And what does he say about the Trump-Russian conspiracy theory?
Nothing Burger!
That's right, and it's Van Jones that's even been pushing that narrative for the last six, seven months.
So it's amazing you put that up against Van Jones talking about Russia, and that's exactly what Project Veritas did.
And I know that a question you had for me was,
Do we continue to allow CNN into the White House gaggle?
Do we continue to let CNN in the Oval Office?
Well, I'll leave that up to President Trump's team.
Meanwhile, for us, it's just entertaining.
I mean, to see CNN's Acosta breakdown like- I like watching the meltdowns.
Oh my gosh.
I mean, you can't write that.
That is just too rich.
And when people see that, that doesn't endear CNN to anybody, except maybe toddlers.
True, true.
Now, tell us more about the Van Jones video, and I want to play that, because I have a problem with this, because it seems like they are different off-camera, or when they think they're off-camera, they act different than they do when they're on television.
Well, he seemed very candid when he spoke to me in Cleveland at the RNC, and as you can see in this video, he seems to be speaking pretty candid to this undercover street reporter as well.
You good?
Yeah, how you been?
What are you doing?
What do you think is going to happen this week?
I mean, with the whole Russia thing.
The Russia thing is just a big nothing burger.
You don't think that uh... There's nothing there you can do to get a break.
The Russia thing is just a big nothing burger.
You don't think that uh... There's nothing there you can do to get a break.
So what's amazing though is that they come on air today and they pretend like nothing happened.
It's just business as usual.
This death blow that James O'Keefe and Project Veritas just delivered to them, oh it didn't happen, we're just gonna pretend like nothing happened here.
And that's the thing, if anybody here at InfoWars, if you and I were caught off camera or outside of InfoWars and somebody caught us on camera, right, in a sneak attack video, there's no way that we would contradict ourselves.
Right, because what we say outside of here is what we honestly believe.
It seems to me like Van Jones and others, they're just, they're different when they're off camera.
Well, I've had people actually try to sneak up to me and to try to catch me in the moment saying something.
Ambush journalism!
But the thing is, like you said, I'm real.
The things I say here are the same things that I'm going to say on the street.
And it really just becomes a joke because they think they're going to have some sort of a gotcha moment and I'm just kind of laughing at them like, no, I am the person that I present myself on when I'm on the air.
It's amazing because it's just CNN is collapsing from all angles.
It's not just Van Jones on the streets.
In their own studio now, they're freaking out.
They're pretending that business as usual is going on, nothing to see here.
But even Cuomo on CNN is getting sick of the fake news narrative.
Well, first of all, one thing.
I know you're not suggesting that I'm using misleading information, right?
You let me know what I'm saying that's inaccurate.
This whole fake news thing needs to end and it needs to end right now.
You tell me what I'm getting wrong or we'll deal with the numbers that the CBO puts out.
So there you can see Cuomo saying the fake news thing needs to end right now.
So, I mean, if you look at that from a reality perspective, that means that he would be out of a job and CNN wouldn't exist anymore.
Well, they're trying damage controls, what they're doing.
And like I said, it's been an extremely rough month for the fake news network.
June 16th, CNN had to delete a tweet and issue a correction for claiming that only the Democrats were praying before the congressional baseball game.
Not true.
CNN Senior White House Correspondent Jim Acosta, well we just were talking about him, he tweeted and then had to remove fake news about President Trump not visiting Representative Steve Scalise in the hospital.
So they're constantly having to retract statements and now they're going into full damage control and from what I understand internally people are very upset as well.
They're embarrassed right now and they should be.
Well, and like you said, you've got lawsuits, you've got fake news, you've got the President saying they're fake news, you've got the reporters freaking out inside the White House gaggle.
I mean, I went back and I looked at the video, the famous video where Trump stages CNN from fake news to very fake news.
The entire press room is laughing.
I mean, everybody is on the side that is not CNN.
You know what I'm saying?
It's not even about Trump.
And that was Jim Acosta then, too.
It was the same nut job.
So it's just amazing.
I think the biggest thing that the people will see from this, Darren, is that
Here, CNN is floundering on the deck like a fish out of water, but they're trying to tell you that they're a land mammal.
And it's like, no, no, no, no, no.
You are the fake news.
You're dying.
We don't believe you.
You can't just go on air the day after Project Veritas releases multiple videos of people within CNN saying they're fake news.
They're pushing a Russia narrative for ratings.
It's not real.
You can't then go on the air and pretend it's business as usual unless you think that little of your audience, unless you think that little of the public.
Well, and I don't think they're ever going to recover from this.
And next will be MSNBC.
We've got NBC, we've got the Washington Post, the New York Times.
You know, CNN's not the only fake news.
However, speaking of CNN, if you are as pissed off at CNN as we are,
Or if you find them as fake and dishonest as Trump believes they are, then this is your chance to get even.
InfoWars announces the CNN Fake News Contest.
And tell us more about that.
This is pretty exciting.
This is guerrilla marketing at its best.
Well, so, we've had a couple of these competitions.
The most recent was the CNN is ISIS contest.
You get the CNN is ISIS on the mainstream news and you shout it out.
You win yourself a cash prize.
Now, CNN is fake news is the challenge.
And there's multiple angles to this.
You can look at it InfoWars.com for more information.
But the challenge is to get CNN is fake news on CNN.
This is tricky because
I have to say, you know, if you look at the most recent Project Veritas video, it looks like the person that caught the undercover footage of Van Jones knew that he was going to be there.
So I'm not sure if he was staking out that area or if he was planning on meeting Van Jones there or what the deal was.
But that's how you do it, folks.
It takes patience.
It takes vigilance.
And then you strike when the iron's hot.
CNN is fake news competition.
I'm sure that we're going to get some interesting entries.
Well, I'll tell you what, to me it looks like the mainstream media, the establishment media, they are willing to do anything to take down Donald Trump and this is basically suicide for them.
I mean, it's not going to work.
This is why alternative news media is completely taking over and they haven't learned from their past mistakes because it's this kind of reporting, this type of coverage that got Donald Trump elected to begin with.
Nobody trusts him anymore.
Well this is what we're going to find out real quick, Darren, because if CNN is truly willing to do anything to bash Trump, that means they will commit suicide.
This will be their final death blow.
So is CNN really willing to get on the stage in front of the American public, slit their throat in the name of bashing Donald Trump, and if they do,
It's only going to build up Infowars, it's only going to build up alternative media, it's only going to build up Donald Trump, and it will show the American people that CNN, mainstream television, specifically liberal news, never had news in the agenda, never had truth in the agenda, just whatever the people that ran those networks wanted.
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I am very proud to announce the introduction of the highest quality InfoWars Biome Defense Probiotic.
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Secure your biome defense in ultra strength or regular strength at InfoWarsLife.com today and get started supporting your digestive system naturally.
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