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Name: 20170627_Tue_NightlyNews
Air Date: June 27, 2017
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Welcome to the InfoWars Nightly News.
It's Tuesday, June 27th, 2017.
I'm your host, Owen Schroer.
Here's what's on the news tonight.
Tonight, the Fake News Network strikes again!
Project Veritas releases a new bombshell video exposing CNN as Russian conspiracy peddlers.
You are fake news.
Sir, can you stay categorical?
Meanwhile, three of CNN's journalists are forced to retract, apologize, and resign for lying about Trump's collusion with the Russians.
Then, look who's under federal investigation.
Bernie Sanders and his wife face serious charges over a possible fraudulent real estate deal.
This implication came from Donald Trump's Vermont campaign.
That's coming up next on the Info Wars Nightly News.
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Well, you've heard of Donald Trump's book, The Art of the Deal, but have you heard of the latest installment from President Donald Trump, The Art of the President of the United States?
That is what we are breaking down here for you tonight.
Now, I have to tell you, when I was looking at this, and you look at all the angles, and you look at some of the tactics that Trump has taken, some of the things he's tweeted, some of the things he's said, the timing of it all, and then you break it all down from a broader perspective, it really is something to behold, folks.
Donald Trump truly does play 6-D chess.
Let's get into the art of the President of the United States.
Let's start with the rigged election.
Now, if you recall, when Donald Trump was campaigning to be the President of the United States, he kept saying, the election is going to be rigged, you get rigged election, I'm worried it's going to be rigged, rigged elections, rigged, rigged, rigged.
He kept saying that at his rallies, getting that rhetoric into the mainstream.
So then that rhetoric goes into the mainstream.
And you have the Democrats that are actually trying to rig elections.
This is a historic thing.
Specifically with dead voters, illegal voters.
And we'll get to that in a second.
But it took another interesting twist.
And this is where the 6D chess comes into play.
You see, when Donald Trump
Kept saying he was afraid that the election was going to be rigged when he was campaigning.
What he did was he pigeonholed Barack Obama and the Russian narrative that they wanted to either bury or use against President Trump.
So he had them in a corner.
So after Donald Trump says the elections were rigged, I'm worried they're going to be rigged, now all of a sudden Barack Obama's in a hot seat.
And the Washington Post prints this story, Obama's secret struggle to punish Russia for Putin's election assault.
So this is what happens.
Washington Post puts out this 30 page basically nothing burger of a fake news story trying to imply that President Obama was pressured into putting away this Russian election because he didn't want it to hurt Hillary Clinton.
You can keep that graphic rolling folks.
This graphic right here, this is exactly what happened to Barack Obama with this Washington Post story.
So they try to say, well he didn't want to
You know, get involved with the election by coming out and making some announcement about Russian hacking.
But really, he didn't want to vindicate Donald Trump saying the elections were rigged.
So now Donald Trump, by saying the elections were rigged in his campaigns, beats Barack Obama
Into burying any Russian narrative or Russian hacking narrative, or as the Washington Post says, he didn't want to get involved with the election at that point.
So, Obama does nothing!
Obama does nothing!
And now, on the other side of this, now the left is mad at Obama, the Democrats are mad at Obama, but the overarching question is, if they grilled Comey, if they grilled Sessions, if they grilled Jay Johnson, if they grilled Mike Rogers, they grilled all these people about the Russian collusion narrative, grilled all these people about what's been going on with Russia, thinking about looking at Donald Trump for obstruction of justice,
Well now don't they have to do the same for Barack Obama?
What reason would you have then to say that Barack Obama didn't obstruct justice in this Russian collusion, Russian hacking narrative?
If the Russian hacking is as big of a deal and the Democrats are as worried or want to get down to the truth of the Russian hacking as they have pretended to when it was involving Donald Trump, why wouldn't they have that same urgency to go after Barack Obama?
Why wouldn't Barack Obama be put on the stand?
So there you go.
Now again, President Trump tweets out, bombshell in 2016, Obama dismissed idea that anyone could rig an American election.
So Trump has beat Obama at both angles.
First he beats him on the rigged election, saying it's rigged, saying it's rigged, saying it's rigged.
Obama can't come out and say the Russian hacking thing because that would validate President Trump.
President Obama and the rest of the left establishment says, Russia meddling, Russia influencing, Russia hacking, and so then Donald Trump comes out shiny on the other side and says, wait a second, you're the one that said the election couldn't be rigged!
So there's his 60 chest destroying Barack Obama and now, in my opinion, puts Barack Obama in the hot seat literally to be testified about why he would obstruct justice and not bring up the Russian hacking narrative back then.
And so then the Washington Post prints that story and literally craps all over Barack Obama.
But then Trump gets proven right in spades again!
Study supports 5.7 million non-citizens may have cast illegal votes.
Trump was right anyway.
The elections were rigged.
Democrats have been doing it for years.
Here's another one.
Students sentenced to prison for registering dead people to vote.
Now these are just two stories.
Democrats rigging elections, specifically with the group ACORN, has been going on for a long time.
So that's how Donald Trump plays 6-D chess with the
Rigged elections comment and then coming out on the other side golden with Barack Obama totally pigeonholed.
Now let's move on to the next.
Let's talk about the tapes tweet.
Donald Trump comes out and tweets, James Comey better hope that there are no tapes of our conversations before he starts leaking to the press.
And so then what happens?
Comey leaks to the press and then admits it!
So Trump tweets that out, pressures Comey, gets him sweating, gets him thinking, makes him testify the truth under oath, and says, I was the leaker.
And then, not only does that force Comey to admit he was the leaker, then Comey also gets caught in his own tracks twice.
And may have even committed perjury.
New York Times debunked, Trump didn't directly order Flynn to end, excuse me, Trump didn't directly order end of Flynn investigation.
And then it goes on to show how Comey changed his stance in his two testimonies.
But also you have to consider the tweet where Trump says, I hope he thinks about tapes before he starts leaking.
And then Comey says he leaked because of that tweet!
So now, a tweet has pigeonholed Comey!
It's unbelievable!
This is 60 Chess Genius!
And so then Trump comes out again, again completely victorious, and says, well, I already beat Comey.
I don't know if there's tapes.
Maybe there are tapes.
The cell phones are recording everything.
We're in the White House.
Everybody's spying on me.
So there might be tapes, but I don't have any tapes.
So Trump looking glorious again.
And then you have Keith Olbermann.
Who is just a little bit lower than the crap that was in the wheelbarrow that fell on Obama there, saying, you are the leaker Trump, you stupid pea-brained MF traitor, resign.
If you could be more than 100% wrong, you would be Keith Olbermann.
But you can't be, so Keith Olbermann, sorry, 100% wrong as normal.
But it goes on.
Then what Comey said in his testimony about Lynch has now pigeonholed Lynch!
So the tape's tweet pigeonholes Comey and now has Lynch possibly going to jail.
Now Judge Politano says former Attorney General Loretta Lynch could face five to ten years in prison for her handling of the Clinton email investigation and the communication between Debbie Wasserman Schultz and everything she did on the tarmac.
That's Loretta Lynch.
How about that?
How about that?
And then this is just a beautiful tweet that describes the whole thing.
What started as an investigation into Trump-Russia collusion has now turned into an investigation into Loretta Lynch.
If you guys can just view that media, just click that button right there to show the people the image that we're talking about here.
Now it's all good.
There it is, that's right.
So again, what started as an investigation into Trump-Russia collusion now looks like people are looking at Comey and Loretta Lynch and their handling of justice.
Master 60 Chess from Donald Trump.
Now let's move on to the Ninth Circuit Court.
So he tweets out, this is after the Ninth Circuit Court, there's other circuit courts, Democrat appointees, that are blocking the travel ban, blocking the sanctuary cities.
So Trump says, fine, you're going to block that?
I'll see you in Supreme Court.
Well, oh and also he tweets out that the 9th Circuit Court has a terrible record, close to 80% of being overruled.
I actually think it might be higher than that when I last looked.
So the 9th Circuit Court is a complete joke.
And then what happens?
Trump gets vilified in, or excuse me, Trump gets verified in spades.
9-0 decision from the Supreme Court.
So how do you like that?
He told them, he said, fine.
You want to block my travel ban?
I'll see you in the Supreme Court.
Took him to Supreme Court.
Won 9-0.
So, how do you like that, folks?
And then, of course, you have Elizabeth Warren, who tweets this out.
Again, if you could be more than 100% wrong, you would be Elizabeth Warren.
But you can't be, so Elizabeth Warren is 100% wrong.
Now, here's some screenshots.
I went on Google and I screenshotted Supreme Court, Supreme Court travel ban, Trump travel ban, just to see what the results would look like on Google.
And folks, the Google censorship has really reached unprecedented proportions.
They will not even put a conservative news outlet on their front page.
And then all of the headlines that you see in the front fold of Google, all of the headlines are spin.
All of the headlines are spun against Trump.
None of them saying how Trump was constitutional when they said he was unconstitutional.
They all have a spin saying, well, they allow limited versions.
It's kind of a victory for Trump.
Well, it might be a victory.
Some things get to pass.
And this is everything I searched.
Trump Supreme Court, Supreme Court, Supreme Court travel ban, Trump travel ban.
It was the same thing every time.
Washington Post, CNN, CNN, New York Times, The Atlantic.
No matter what, it was always left, it was always spin, never giving Trump the victory that he won in the Supreme Court.
So I just wanted to point that out as just another angle of this story.
Now, here's an unbelievable one.
Five years ago, Trump made a prediction on Twitter about housing, and he ended up being 100% right.
So, you got Keith Olbermann and Elizabeth Warren 100% wrong, and Donald Trump 100% right.
He tweets this June 20th, 2012.
Now is the time to buy housing before values have fully recovered in five years.
Remember, I told you so.
Five years later, he's the president, and look at this graphic, folks.
You know there's rumors online Trump is a time traveler.
Look at this graphic and tell me that Donald Trump wasn't a hundred percent right.
When he tweeted that day the housing prices reached a low.
Now here we are five years later just like he said and the housing market has now reached a high.
How do you like that?
In every index, too, folks.
You can go down and there's other graphics that illustrate that, too.
So that, to me, was just amazing.
Now, here's a video of Donald Trump calling CNN fake news.
How about this video?
These are classics.
It's a disgrace what took place, it's a disgrace, and I think they ought to apologize to start with Michael Cohen.
Can you stay categorically... Mr. President-elect, can you give us a question?
You are attacking us.
Can you give us a question?
Don't be rude.
I'm not going to give you a question.
I'm not going to give you a question.
You are fake news.
Sir, can you stay categorically that nobody... No, Mr. President-elect, that's not appropriate.
That's not appropriate.
That's not appropriate.
Should I let him have a little bit more?
What do you think, Peter?
Peter, should I let him have a little bit more?
Jim Acosta's back.
Just because of the attack of fake news and attacking our network, I just want to ask you, sir... I'm changing it from fake news, though.
Doesn't that under... Very fake news.
I know, but aren't you... He laughs at himself.
He knows it's a joke.
Real news, Mr. President.
Real news.
Real news, huh?
Real news, Jim Acosta.
Is that true?
Real news?
Hmm, let's fact-check that.
Of course, there were three CNN employees that just had to resign over a retracted Trump-Russia tie story where they tried to demonize Anthony Scaramucci as well as Donald Trump and create false Trump-Russia ties.
They had to retract that story and three CNN employees lost their job.
But that pales in comparison to the video released by James O'Keefe
Where they have inside footage of CNN admitting they're fake news.
CNN admitting that they made up the whole Russian Trump thing narrative.
It's all made up.
It's all fake.
All we do it for ratings.
All we do it is for money.
We're fake news.
We don't care.
So, there you go, Jim Acosta.
You said real news.
You said Trump was inappropriate.
You end up being fake news.
You end up being inappropriate.
I wonder if Jim Acosta will have anything to say about that.
And I'd like to see CNN get the ban.
From the White House Press Corps.
They complain all the time.
Oh my gosh, they're putting us in the back row.
Oh, how dare them.
Well, how about he just kicks you out altogether because you're totally fake news.
So there's the art of the presidency showing you how Donald Trump is playing 60 chess and winning with it.
It's really actually incredible.
Now here's the victories.
I want to go down all the victories that Donald Trump is having because this is key for the United States of America and making America great again.
Trump executive order pulls out of the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal.
That is a victory in spades.
Trump did it almost immediately.
That is going to help the fair trade return to this country.
Donald Trump pulls out of the Paris accord in crushing blow to climate fight.
Climate Fight!
Trump got a clear victory for national security with his travel ban and the Supreme Court upholds him 9-0.
He also added Neil Gorsuch to that Supreme Court.
That's great.
How about all of the pedo-gate arrests?
Here's one.
Two arrested.
Three teenage girls.
You got another one.
Hundreds of arrests.
28 kids.
How about the return of the coal industry?
Coal mining begins seeing a revival.
The EPA cuts.
Trump hardest budget cuts to the EPA ever.
Stock market closes at record as tech leads gauge.
You have so many stock records you can't even keep track of them all.
He fired James Comey!
He fired the FBI director!
50 billion coming in from Japan!
Trump keeps winning!
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Everyone was wondering what CNN was going to be like today after the devastating blow delivered to them by Project Veritas last evening.
And, well, CNN didn't stop, did they?
They kept putting out fake news.
They kept putting out propaganda.
They kept pretending that anybody is still believing anything they have to say.
I want to cover this story.
TrumpCare would send her to Mexico for birth control.
Oh, just a lovely CNN fake news story.
The implications that this lady makes in this interview are quite astounding.
And the fact that CNN would not even question her as to why she would feel she has to go to Mexico to get birth control and healthcare as opposed to the United States.
And then they don't even mention to her that what she's implying that she might do is illegal.
Implying that she's going to bring back birth control drugs from Mexico if Trumpcare passes.
So first of all, the very notion that this lady gives CNN that if Trumpcare passes she's going to start going to Mexico for birth control drugs and for whatever womanly health care that she needs.
First of all, that's ludicrous and it's illegal to bring it back.
CNN doesn't mention anything about that.
But then it goes on.
And it talks about how she originally had a kid at a young age.
I forget how, okay, 15 when she had her first child.
And it was thanks for Planned Parenthood for being there.
And it talks about how she went to Planned Parenthood and the doctor told her to have an abortion.
How disgusting and despicable is that?
And so, they're sitting here complaining in this interview and CNN is giving this woman a platform and amplifying it, saying that she will no longer be able to get her birth control because Trumpcare is going to defund Planned Parenthood.
So you made an irresponsible decision at the age of 15 to have unprotected sex and had a child, and then you had to rely on Planned Parenthood, because I don't know why that became the scenario for you.
I can think of dozens of scenarios, but regardless, now you're relying on Planned Parenthood.
Planned Parenthood suggested that you abort and kill your own child, and now here you are, standing up for Planned Parenthood.
All because you have been conditioned so much to hate Donald Trump.
And keep in mind, this is all hypothetical because the bill hasn't even passed.
And it's not going to.
So it's all hypothetical.
It's all an attack.
It's all an attack on Trump.
Any angle they can get.
Anybody they can find.
How can we levy that against Donald Trump?
And it's amazing that CNN thinks that people would read this story about this girl who gets pregnant at 15, relies on Planned Parenthood up to the age of 23, and is now saying she'll have to go to Mexico to get healthcare and her birth control pills if Trumpcare passes.
And CNN thinks that people are going to read that and go, oh my gosh!
Trump is such a bad guy.
No, they're going to say, wait a second, we don't want to fund Planned Parenthood.
They told you to kill your child.
That's what they're going to say, but CNN doesn't get that.
And then Brian Stelter comes out.
Brian Stelter.
They all talk like this.
They're all talking about Jake Tapper, Brian Stelter, Jim Acosta.
I don't know what it is with these little, with the cuck news network.
CNN stands by our medical producer John Bonifield.
Diversity of personal opinion is what makes CNN strong.
We welcome it and embrace it.
Thank you, Brian Stelter.
Yes, yes, that's what it was!
A diversity of opinion!
It was a diversity of opinion when your own producer said that it's nothing but a bunch of bullcrap what you're saying about Russia.
This is a perfect story.
So this is, again, CNN thinks that the story on Trumpcare is going to turn you off Trump.
CNN thinks that you're going to hear that story and just be like, oh yeah, that's a producer who just has a different opinion than the rest of CNN.
And they really think that you're going to buy that.
But see, the whole story that CNN doesn't get is that nobody buys it anyway!
The producer that is telling you in the video that CNN and the Russian narrative is BS, that's how America feels!
That's what CNN doesn't get!
They think that that's a diversity of opinion, like that's some different opinion that some guy has that the Russian narrative is BS.
That's what everybody thinks!
That's America's opinion!
The only place where that opinion doesn't exist is the vacuum of fake news that CNN has created!
So, it's just unbelievable.
And then again, I go back to the story that we covered last segment.
The Washington Post prints this story.
It's like 30 pages long.
Obama's secret struggle to punish Russia for Putin's election assault.
So Obama chooses to not do anything or say anything about it.
The Washington Post prints this story and now they've pigeonholed Obama.
Because think about it.
What can Obama do now?
Obama can do nothing right in this situation now because now you have the Washington Post who clearly tried to make this some sort of gratification of the Trump-Russia story and it ended up being the exact opposite.
So now what is Obama going to do?
If he comes out and admits he buried this because he doesn't want to influence the election, well, now he needs to be put on stand to testify why he didn't do it and what he knows, right?
Just like everybody else.
Or, wait a second, maybe he didn't do anything about it because there was nothing there.
Or maybe he didn't do anything about it because it was the Clintons and the Podestas that were colluding with Russia.
So where can Obama go?
He has no path to victory now, thanks to the Washington Post.
So I guess the Washington Post has hurt their own cause in this deal.
Speaking of hurting your own cause, Fed's looking into Bernie Sanders and his wife over real estate deals.
So Bernie Sanders is now being investigated for bank fraud, they're looking into his finances behind real estate deals, the defunct college that Bernie Sanders' wife was running.
Folks, they're looking at some serious time here, and Bernie Sanders is now blaming
I heard this, that Bernie Sanders is now blaming Trump for this happening?
So I don't know if that's true or not, but I'll take it if Trump is going to be, again, showing the real fraud to millionaires and billionaires, as Bernie Sanders is a billionaire, bank fraud.
So that's nice.
It'll be nice to see justice come down on the Sanders family.
And that'll be a nice wake-up call for the left, too, and all the people that fall for the socialists.
Here's an interesting wake-up call.
California to list herbicide as cancer-causing Monsanto vows fight.
They're talking specifically about the glyphosates in Roundup that have known to been cause cancer.
There's multiple lawsuits going right now where people that use Roundup got cancer that are suing Monsanto.
And of course you had the guy come out and say, there's nothing wrong with glyphosate, and he had the cup of glyphosate, like, look, it's just fine, la la la, nothing to see here, it's a nice cup of glyphosate.
And then the people are like, hey, you drink that glyphosate, and he's like, ha, what do you think, I'm crazy?
And they're like, well, if it's safe, why not drink it?
He's like, obviously it's not safe, it's gonna cause cancer.
So, now California's pushing to get it listed as a cancer-causing ingredient, and Monsanto is fighting this tooth and nail.
You know why?
Because Monsanto doesn't want you to know that their products cause cancer.
Because you're not going to buy their products anymore, are you?
And then when you look into how much power Monsanto has over our agriculture, over the dairy industry, over all of that, over the FDA...
Well, there's going to be some serious red flags raising in your head, and that's why this, and you've got to hand it to California, trying to list the herbicide as cancer-causing, the glyphosates that clearly are cancer-causing.
Of course Monsanto wants to bury that.
They want to bury the truth.
They think they're more important than you.
They think their profit is more important than you.
Just like Google, who's now been fined in the European Union for an antitrust ruling.
Google basically manipulating the marketplace, censoring the marketplace.
Record fine being imposed on Google.
2.7 billion dollars for rigging the marketplace.
You know, I wanted to celebrate another victory for our side.
Mark Levin
Whose book is condemning media, mainstream media and progressives, has just debuted at number one on Amazon.
So, every time one of these conservatives puts out a book, it goes to number one on Amazon, number one on the New York Times, and there's hardly any coverage of it all.
The same thing for Michael Savage.
So, again, this is just another sign that we are victorious.
How about this health care bill?
Okay, so this is a dead bill walking.
It was going to die the next time they voted on it.
Mitch McConnell, who is just, he is just such an embarrassment.
He's delayed the vote again now till after the July 4th recess, so just delaying the inevitable of this bill failing.
It's going to, it's just not going to be good.
Now, Rand Paul met with President Trump today.
He said it was a great meeting.
He says he really believes Trump understands the issues and wants to work with him.
But, it's all about repeal.
Let's repeal.
Why can't we repeal?
Obamacare didn't exist before Obamacare, but we still had healthcare.
Let's repeal the bill.
It's that simple.
We're going to be joined by Terrence Williams on the other side.
Don't go anywhere.
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Hi, this is Jake Tapper.
Welcome back to the We Hate Donald Trump News Network.
We hate Donald Trump, well, because he beat Hillary Clinton and made us look like fools.
That's why we hate Donald Trump.
Sorry, Jake.
You gotta go, Jake.
It's time for you to go.
It's time for the real news to take over here.
Alright, I am now joined by Terrence Williams.
I'm trying to be as funny as he is.
Actually, Terrence, you landed on my map when you did a video.
This was right when Black Lives Matter was kind of having a resurgence just over a year ago.
And you did a video, and I believe you're eating fried chicken, and you're talking about how much you like fried chicken, and how happy you are that you live in America where you can get fried chicken at a whim.
That was the entire video, and it was one of the funniest videos.
You got thousands and thousands of retreats.
It totally went viral.
Was that the first thing that you did that kind of made you so popular?
Was that what landed you on most people's maps, or were you already out there being funny?
Actually, that was my first video.
I just started posting videos about 11 months ago.
And I basically, I put Black Lives Matter to bed with it.
You know, I got on Facebook and I was just, I was getting so frustrated.
People was talking about, ooh, I want to move to Africa.
I want to move back to Africa.
America, we oppressed.
I'm like, this is the best country in the world.
Y'all done lost y'all mind.
Africa don't want y'all, you know?
And half the people that wanted to move to Africa, they was on government assistance.
So I don't know why you want to know that.
You ain't getting no food stamps over there.
So they were pretty mad about that video, and I was eating my chicken while I was talking.
I was on my lunch.
That was one of the best videos.
You had me rolling.
But it's great because not only do you combine your comedy and your character with it, you actually point out common sense facts.
Like, for example, half of these people, or these people that are saying how bad the country is, literally live off the government.
And it's just like, wait a second, you don't even understand what you're saying.
Yeah, that's true.
They didn't understand what they were saying.
And also, a lot of people, they were blaming
White people for their life, what's going on in their life.
And I'm like, you know what?
This is not the 1800s anymore.
Anything you do, everything you do is on you.
It ain't got nothing to do with nobody else.
You know, people was blaming.
They were talking about, well, I blame the white man because I got nine kids.
That's not the white man's fault.
He didn't push Tyrone inside you.
So I don't know why you mad.
You open up your own land.
But you mad at America because you opened up your legs knowing you was broke, knowing you couldn't afford no kids, so you should have kept your legs closed.
And America will be great.
You know, it's funny, I just covered a story before that was talking about a girl that got pregnant at the age of 15, and she basically was reliant on Planned Parenthood for almost 10 years, and now she's freaked out because Donald Trump's gonna defund Planned Parenthood.
It's like she doesn't know what to do, and she's like, oh, I'm gonna have to go to Mexico.
It's like... Fix my camera a little bit.
Yeah, just sit up on your camera, you'll be just fine there.
Just lower it a little bit to get your head centered.
But you talked about the hate that you got a second ago when you did that video, and the last time we talked you were telling me, and I've actually seen these comments on Twitter, I've seen some of these comments.
People insulting you, calling you a race hater, people are even calling you a white supremacist!
Say what?
I've seen people call you a white supremacist.
That's true!
People calling me a white supremacist.
You know what makes me so confused?
Why I'm so confused?
I'm blacker than Obama, and the people that's calling me a white supremacist, they swore up and down Obama was black, but he was scared to show his personality.
Yeah, it's actually amazing.
Again, folks, you can check out his videos.
He's got a YouTube channel.
Follow him on Twitter at Terrence Williams.
But, honestly, what is it like for you?
Did you expect to have these people threatening your life?
I mean, you've had people threatening your life.
You've had people threatening your livelihood.
You've had people making things up about you.
And you've done nothing to anyone.
You just put out funny videos that make perfect sense.
Well, people, they hate.
The truth hurts.
So I heard a lot of feelings.
That's why people send threats.
You know, they say, well, people tell me, Terrence, black lives matter.
Well, why y'all want to kill me?
Because I'm speaking against y'all's movement that is straight up racist.
And y'all want to kill me?
So now y'all hypocrite.
So how do black lives matter if y'all want to kill me because I don't think the way y'all think?
That's actually true.
Because they're like little kids.
They don't, they can't handle when you think different than them.
They hate when you don't agree with them.
So they send threats and they want you off the map.
That's right.
Black lives matter until you're either an unborn child or you disagree with them and you're black.
Then all of a sudden they don't seem to care about your life.
You've made it on Sean Hannity.
You've got a lot of attention on Twitter.
I'm just curious, before you did that video that went viral, were you ever involved in politics?
Did you care about Trump?
Did you care about Bernie Sanders?
Did you care about Clinton?
I mean, where were you on the political map before this?
Before that, I really wasn't speaking on the internet.
But when the election came around, when Donald Trump started running, I was with him from day one.
And so I had to show my support.
And showing my support, people said, Terrence, you know what?
You just don't come back to the black community because Donald Trump is a racist.
Well, how's he a racist?
I don't know.
The media said he was.
Is this in your personal life too?
Are you talking about friends and family saying this to you as well?
Oh, family?
I had family members tell me, don't you come to the family reunion?
Well, I'm like, well, I'm coming anyway because half of y'all owe me money from last family.
So, I'll be there with security.
Oh my gosh man, you are too funny.
You know, and the solar wall videos are hilarious when you talk about the solar wall and you do your laugh on this.
I know you get fired up about the solar wall.
Oh my brother, see y'all, people don't know, you know.
Donald Trump is like my big brother, so I call him Don Don.
That's my big bro Don Don.
And, you know, Donald Trump, he killed the liberals with that.
Oh, he killed the liberals.
No, it's so true.
This is what I said.
I said liberals, liberals would put, uh, they would put a solar panel up a camel's butt if they thought it could save energy, but they will not put one at the border.
Oh, no, they don't want it at the border.
Oh, now liberals are against solar panels.
They think solar panels are the best on the planet now.
Yeah, yeah.
Oh, wait, wait.
Hold on a second.
Wait a second, Terrence.
Wait a second.
I'm just getting this from Putin now.
Yep, solar panels are racist.
Solar panels are racist.
So there it is, right then and there.
Solar panels are racist now.
But Trump, he literally, he killed them when he came up with that.
And Trump knew what he was doing.
Trump did that, you know, because he came up with that because he's smart.
And he also did it so he could see the look on people's face.
He really did.
He really did troll him.
A 360 troll with that.
Now, I've seen it.
You can see it, folks.
You can see it on Twitter.
It's nasty, but if you want to, you can look at some of the responses he gets from his videos.
Some of the stuff that people tweets at him.
Some of the comments in his videos.
So, but we know the negative side.
I want to talk about the other side.
What about, have there been friends and family or other people that have looked at you and said, wow, thank you for speaking out.
Wow, thank you for saying that.
Wow, you changed my mind.
Have you seen the good side of this?
Uh, I have a few siblings that I had, I had a sibling called me white Washington cool, but I know we not on the negative part.
But I've had siblings and say, you know, with parents.
You know, you do your thing.
I don't agree with you, but you do your thing.
And a lot of the people, like family members and friends, that's positive about it.
I think they're looking for a check at the end of it.
They, you know, they think I might break them off a couple of dollars.
You know what I mean?
Oh, I see.
If they cozy up to you?
But there have been people on social media that say, Terrence, I have changed my mind.
The way you put it, I understand.
So, thank you very much.
Oh, I just go on.
I don't script nothing.
Yeah, you can tell.
Yeah, I just go on, so that's why, you know, I mean, sometimes I go back and listen and be like, oh, I said that?
So sometimes, like, I need to be writing stuff down, but it's better when you just, you know, go right when it's coming straight from the heart, straight from the mind.
Well, hey, man.
Hey, keep doing what you're doing and follow him on Twitter, folks.
TerrenceWilliams at W underscore Terrence.
You're putting out great stuff, man.
Honestly, your content is creative.
It's original.
It's catchy.
It's funny.
It's true.
I love what you're doing, man.
Keep it up.
Thanks for joining us tonight.
Thank you.
Terrence Williams, folks.
Check out his videos on Twitter.
Have yourself a good laugh.
Alex Jones here with a very important news update to anybody out there that wants to be prepared.
But it goes beyond being prepared.
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You're out there.
Hang on.
Okay, they're shooting.
Hang on.
Okay, we're here.
Go ahead and shoot me.
Stay down.
Stay down.
Stay down.
Are they shooting him?
Did they shoot him?
Oh my God!
Stay down.
I can't get out.
Don't get out.
Are you hit?
Hold on, hold on.
Don't do anything.
Where the hell is the boy?
I can't see.
Shut up.
We're hunkered down in here trying not to be shot.
Shooting more gas rounds in.
The gas is getting pretty thick in here.
Thank you so much for continuing your husband's fight.
What would you say to people out there who don't really know or understand that it could happen to them?
What would I say?
I would say start standing up.
Start speaking out.
Get involved.
Get educated.
Don't be intimidated by what is out there.
Be brave.
One of the last things that my husband said to me was, Jeanette, take courage, have faith, God is in charge, and move forward.
And I just keep remembering that, because my faith is in God, and I know that he will sustain each one of us as we're doing his work, and his work is the work of liberty.
It is.
Well, that's an amazing message to send people out there.
And as far as our property rights, what would you say to people regarding our property rights?
Well, they're in peril.
We need to work fast, long and hard.
There are so many forces working against us.
This two days of
Teaching here at the Red Pill Expo explained many more different ways that they're coming at us.
And we just have to be village, village, yeah, I won't even say that word.
I can't talk, thank you so much.
We just have to keep pressing forward and education I believe is key.
Look for the other resources of news.
Don't be the one that is sitting watching CNN or even Fox anymore.
You have to look outside the box and start educating yourself with alternative media, like InfoWars.
Well, you know, it was pretty shocking to hear that the federal government and the government itself is still coming after you and your family and that they're trying to make a lesson out of you guys.
Can you tell some of our InfoWars listeners what they're still doing to you?
Well, what they're still doing to me is ignoring me and in hopes that they'll run me out of time money and resource They don't respond to any Communication from my attorneys either by mail or phone.
They're not responding in any way We're going to have to come up with a different game plan and maybe set precedent and find a new way to combat this
So how did you find out about the tragedy that happened with your husband?
I had just left Oregon.
My daughter was a senior in high school.
I needed to be home because she was playing her basketball games and it was senior recognition.
So Lavoie had written a letter for her because he knew he wouldn't make it in time for her game.
And we were sitting in the auditorium with my son and my daughters and my husband's parents and my family.
It's a small town so everybody was there.
And somebody came in and said there had been a shooting at Malheur.
And so I was scrambling to call LaVoie and my phone was dying and so I had to run to the hallway and plug my phone into the wall and I remember just sitting there redialing over and over and over again with no response and Lisa Bundy got a hold of me and she just was hysterical screaming that they shot and killed LaVoie, they shot and killed LaVoie into the phone.
And I don't really know all that happened afterwards.
I just know that our whole family just held together and went over to the local police station where we tried to get more information, which we didn't.
The people didn't want to release any more information, but that was
It's such an inspiration that you're keeping on and fighting against these people who did this to your family.
And your husband was a brave man to stand up for what he believed in and to try and fight for his family, his property, his property rights, and for others out there.
And I just hope that this story will motivate people, more people to stand up because I feel like
These type of things are happening because not enough people are standing up and they think that they can get away with it and they become emboldened in that.
So, thank you so much for sharing your story and having the strength to do that today.
Thank you.
Thank you so much for telling my story and I want to say to the American people, please stand up for what you know is your right.
Stand up for liberty.
Stand up for freedom and let's help
I don't know how much more to express that.
I know that my husband was doing so as well.
He may have been exercising his right to carry.
He had a legal permit.
That didn't mean he was going to go out a-blazing.
So please be responsible in standing for freedom as we should be.
Let me tell you something else breaking news.
Because when I was on with Alex Jones some months ago, he very kindly has me on about once a month.
And here I am again turning up like a bad penny.
I was talking about this episode, the Finnican murder, and I said it was very clear to me that Mr. Comey and Mr. Obama's policy of treating Christians and people who quote the Bible and people who quote the Constitution, people even who quote decisions of the Supreme Court, are to be regarded and reported
As though they were terrorists, or potential terrorists.
That policy, which led to the death of Lavoie Finnegan very directly, a policy which has not yet been reversed, though I'm going to see to it that it is reversed, I transmitted a short report of this to the administration's transition team.
And I said, you need to watch for this one, because it's going to come back and bite government generally in the backside, unless you are aware of it.
And I said to them privately what I then said, and you can go back and check this, I said this publicly on the air.
It would be necessary, for the sake of Mr. Trump distancing himself from what had been done, that he should fire Mr. Comey.
Both privately to the administration's transition team, and then publicly on Alex Jones.
Weeks later, he was gone.
So don't you think,
You who committed this crime, that because I am from across the pond, I don't have sufficient influence to make a difference to what is going to happen to you now.
From this day on, when this broadcast is drawn to your attention,
You will never again sleep easy in your beds, and very soon you will not be sleeping in beds, you will be sleeping in cots, by a tin toilet, in a small cell, shared with somebody that you might not normally wish to know on your social circuit.
So be very clear on this.
Mr. Comey has already gone.
I called for it.
I briefed the administration.
He went.
I'm not saying, of course, that I was the sole reason for that.
But I've no doubt that my little fourpence worth was added into the balance along with other evidences of his wrongdoing.
But we are going to continue to press forward with this matter, and so the Bureau of Land Management, and let me tell you this, your very existence is under threat as a result of your mistreatment of Mrs Finnegan.
My advice to you is this, that if within two weeks of this broadcast, you have failed to make sure that she is told that she is entitled to continue the land lease that was originally in favour of her late husband,
Then the Bureau of Land Management will from then on be at very grave risk indeed of being abolished and of all its senior management debarred from ever holding any public office again.
Thanks for tuning in to the InfoWars Nightly News.
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