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Name: 20170616_Fri_NightlyNews
Air Date: June 16, 2017
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Welcome to the InfoWars Nightly News.
It's June 16th, 2017.
I'm your host, Owen Schroer.
Here's what's on the news tonight.
I'm now back to being an activist citizen and part of the resistance.
Hillary Clinton wants you to join the resistance.
And she is still pushing the conspiracy theory that President Donald Trump colluded with the Russians to keep her from winning the election.
Foreign Affairs.
Then, Senator Tim Kaine is excited about the public outcry against Donald Trump and says the Woman's March was a good example of a grassroots movement.
But now's the time for fighting in the streets.
All that plus Hollywood sends a message to the President.
I'd like to punch him in the face.
Kiss my mother.
All that plus much more up next on the InfoWars Nightly News.
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Well tonight I am going to try to convince you without a reasonable doubt that it is the left that is responsible for all the political violence that we are seeing in the United States right now.
The civil war that the left is trying to take hot.
Now I wanted to start it off with this little cartoon that I think accurately depicts what we've seen take place over the course of about the last 12 months, about the last year.
And you can see during the campaign, you can see the media is all happy.
The Clinton supporters are all happy.
Love Trump's hate.
Love and kindness.
The election isn't rigged.
You're just losing.
Just accept the results.
We remember all that.
We remember the mainstream media telling
The minions, the brainwashed masses, the hearsay mafia, that it was without a doubt going to be Hillary Clinton for the win.
But now...
Well, that the mainstream media was wrong and Trump is victorious.
You can see that the left is in panic, the media is in panic, and now they want to riot, burn everything to the ground, blame Russia for everything, blame Comey, then say they like Comey, then blame Trump.
Not my president.
They won't accept the results.
And many, many more of which we're going to go over now.
First, I'm going to lay the groundwork as to why it is the left to blame for violence in the United States.
Let's start with Tim Kaine, who called for fighting in the streets.
Go ahead and roll that clip.
We are so excited that the American public is energized to speak out against the abuses of this administration.
Democratic Senators led health care rallies, Save Our Health Care, on Martin Luther King Day in about 75 cities around the country, including Richmond.
Tens of thousands of people rallied to Save Our Health Care.
Then the Women's March that was organized at a grassroots level.
Fight in the streets!
Fight in the streets.
A quote from Tim Kaine who says it's a grassroots uprising.
it's Soros funded.
It's a deep state operation.
So there's Tim Kaine calling for fights in the streets.
Let's not forget Hillary Clinton launches the resistance pack.
Hillary Clinton
One of the deepest members of the government, the deepest members of the state.
That was what she campaigned on, all of her experience.
Now, magically, she just becomes the resistance overnight.
But the resistance, you must resist.
We must resist this evil that is Donald Trump, they tell you.
And it doesn't stop there.
We even have leprechauns that have joined this movement.
Robert Reich.
Now this guy has multiple YouTube channels that he's doing videos on.
One you can find all his videos on is Resistance Is Fertile.
And he's got hundreds of videos there.
He's got everybody covering his national resistance campaign to fight Trump's regime.
Again, that phrase, resistance.
And you can, again, here's another YouTube channel he has, InEqualityMedia, which is where you can find some of his liberal propaganda, his liberal nonsense.
But let's roll a short clip of Robert the Third, or the Fourth Reich, from Berkeley University.
Number two.
March and demonstrate.
The Women's March on Washington will be the day after the inauguration.
There should be sister marches around the country.
More marches.
Monthly marches against hate.
More resistance.
Against hate!
Keep the media alive and keep the message going.
As we're shooting people, beating people up.
Number three.
Alright, that's enough of the midget.
So there's Robert Fourth Reich.
So far we've got Tim Kaine, you've got Robert Reich, you've got Hillary Clinton.
The resistance fighting hate, fighting it in the streets.
Building up this animosity.
We're only just beginning.
Kathy Griffin.
Of course, Kathy Griffin.
Everybody knows about Kathy Griffin and her infamous decapitated Trump head.
One of the most disgusting, distasteful things you've ever seen from a member of the media.
And there she is, holding up a decapitated Trump head, and then has the nerve to say that Trump broke her.
No, sorry Kathy Griffin, you were already clearly broke.
So that's nice, Kathy Griffin showing a decapitated Trump head.
How about Snoop Doggy Dog?
He decides that he's going to put an image of him shooting a Trump lookalike in his music video.
So that's Snoop Dogg now joining the party, pretending to shoot Donald Trump in his music video.
Let's recall Madonna.
Madonna gets out on the stage and says, yes, I have dreamed of blowing up the White House.
And when this was brought to Elizabeth Warren's attention, the fake Indian, well, she didn't want to disavow that, did she?
She went right along with that ride of wanting to blow up the White House.
So now you've got Madonna and Elizabeth Warren also on the list.
How about Van Jones?
My boy, Van!
Telling the public it's a whitelash!
Instilling hate against white people because of the election results when people of every race, color, and creed voted for Trump.
But it's not about that.
It's about Van Jones spreading more hate because of the results of the election.
As we've said, the real blame belongs on the left.
And we're starting to see that come down with people like Newt Gingrich.
But it's not enough.
We really need to hammer these points home.
How about Mickey Rourke?
Donald Trump rant that he went on, telling Trump that he can, well I won't repeat it,
Threatening to beat him up with a baseball bat in what could only be assumed a drunken, drug-induced rant from Mickey Rourke.
Truly pathetic.
But there you go, just more of the left spewing violence.
You have the New York Public Theater!
Doing their Caesar play, another example depicting an assassination of Donald Trump.
I'll just say this, the Caesar play is happening right now, and I've got a little inside source that there's going to be a little disruption tonight.
Wait for that to hit the news, folks.
Of course, I'll probably be called fake news, but you just wait and see.
So, the New York Public Theater, again, more depiction of Trump assassination, more depiction of hate, more stewing this violence, more promoting this civil war to go hot.
Let's not forget the reaction to Trumpcare.
Trumpcare could kill LGBTQ people.
That's right.
Remember what they were saying when they were trying to stop Obamacare and they are pushing a new healthcare plan?
It's going to kill people.
It goes on.
Trumpcare could kill an extra 50,000 people a year.
It doesn't end there.
The week.
Killing Obamacare will literally kill people.
Just more hateful rhetoric spewed from the left against Donald Trump without any foundation.
How about this from Alabama?
It's going to kill people.
Alabama protests Trumpcare with dying.
So there you go.
People buying into the fake news saying that Trumpcare is going to kill people and then protesting it.
This is how the fake news cycle works.
This is how it's the left responsible for spewing this hate and for starting this violence.
How about Black Lives Matter?
Anti-Trump protest in Seattle.
We need to start killing people.
Black Lives Matter is yet to be labeled as a terrorist group despite people now being shot.
And that brings us back to Steve Scalise who gets shot at the GOP baseball practice.
So you've got the left
Spewing all this hate, spewing all this violence, lying about Trump, lying about the election results, trying to wind up all of the mindless minions of the left.
To hate and start getting violent in the streets, and now you've got one that shows up at the GOP baseball practice and shoots Steve Scalise.
Luckily, that's all that happened.
But there's been more, folks!
We'll get back to Steve Scalise in a second.
How about this?
The next day, powder-filled letters with threatening notes shut down Georgia Republicans' neighborhood.
So now, they're having to shut down neighborhoods because the left is threatening people with powder in mail.
My goodness!
How about this?
Again, the next day, several shots fired at Trump, excuse me, truck flying Make America Great Again flag.
So now you've got people just firing bullets because they see something affiliated with Trump.
A Make America Great Again flag that triggers an American.
Again, this is because they have been brainwashed by liberal media.
The same people that are putting this into their subconscious.
Trump is evil.
Trump is bad.
Trump supporters are racist.
Trump supporters are bad.
All of this hate, go out there.
Trumpcare is going to kill people.
Well, you're starting to see the results.
This is what the left wanted.
How about this one?
Starbucks customer says she was bullied for supporting Trump.
That's right folks!
I dare Trump haters, I dare Trump haters for one day to walk around with a Make America Great Again hat.
I dare Trump haters, one day of their life, to wear a Donald Trump t-shirt.
You can get them for cost.
$5 at Infowarsstore.com.
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I dare leftists who think that Trump supporters are bigoted, wear a Trump shirt, wear a Trump hat, and see what happens to you for 24 hours in public.
See what kind of hate you get.
Might change your life, to be perfectly honest with you.
Might actually change your life.
It goes on, folks.
Again, I'm just trying to prove it beyond a reasonable doubt.
Trump presidency.
Protests turned violent in Portland, Oregon.
So, remember what they used to say.
They said that this was Trump supporters.
Trump supporters were the violent ones.
Remember that talking point?
That died after about a month because all that happened was violent leftists
We're good to go.
It's all the same thing.
It's all Trump hate and it always goes violence.
In Oakland, in New York City, cops clash with violent protesters.
How about New Mexico?
Protests turn violent outside Trump New Mexico event.
That's not the Trump supporters, folks.
Anti-Trump protests turn violent.
Two cops hospitalized.
More than 200 arrested.
That was during the Women's March in D.C.
Now, here's a list that the Daily Caller has put out.
List of attacks against conservatives is mind-blowing.
I'm not going to go through all these lists, folks.
It's a long list!
I've hit some of them, but not even all of them.
Again, the left is inciting and guilty of violence.
And then you've got Rachel Maddow, who knows she's guilty.
Finally, she has a show that has some ratings.
So she's smart enough, she edits her show to avoid addressing the GOP shooter because she knows that it's her side of things that are responsible.
Now, what happened with Steve Scalise?
What is the story behind the story?
Well, interestingly enough, the New York Times, it's being alleged, tipped off the shooter to the GOP practice field around the time he moved to area.
So, they print the article in April, he then leaves his wife out of nowhere in April, apparently is staking out this baseball field for months while living in his car outside of the YMCA, and then comes out and shoots Steve Scalise.
Here's the interesting twist on a story that also just broke today.
Michelle Carter found guilty of involuntary manslaughter and bizarre texting suicide case.
So this girl...
Has, I guess, an ex-boyfriend texting her saying he's going to commit suicide.
She says, fine, I don't care, do it.
The kid actually then commits suicide.
Now she's guilty of manslaughter.
Why can't we use this same precedent against the left?
We should be using this same precedent set in the Michelle Carter case against the leftists that have been starting all of this violent and now have gotten Steve Scalise shot.
Now, here's a video that Steve Scalise made
Talking about taking down human trafficking rings.
Go ahead and roll that video.
One of America's greatest values is our strong belief in the inherent worth of every human life.
Human trafficking is a direct assault on this core value, and it affects millions of victims throughout the world.
While many of us would like to believe that this issue isn't something that affects us, the sad truth is that human trafficking is a real problem plaguing each and every community here in the United States.
Enough is enough.
This week, the House took strong actions to stand up for the victims of human trafficking, passing tough bills to provide them protection and to target child predators.
Let's work together to get these bills signed into law.
So then Steve Scalise gets shot.
Now, how about this story?
Dems deliver pizzas to Scalise staffers.
What do you think about that, folks?
Put that article back on screen.
Let's just leave that right there.
Steve Scalise gets shot.
Steve Scalise calls for investigating into human trafficking.
It's a serious issue.
Enough is enough.
And then, after he gets shot, the Democrats, whose emails in the WikiLeaks are very sketchy, a lot of weird stuff, pizza-related maps, children being delivered to hot tubs for entertainment, they deliver pizzas, you remember, hashtag Pizzagate, to Scalise staffers.
Who do you think's responsible for the violence, folks?
It's clearly the left.
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Well, despite all of the negative press against Donald Trump, despite all of the propaganda, despite all of the hearsay mafia brainwashed by the propaganda, President Trump's polls are on the rise.
Rasmussen Poll says Trump has 50% approval rating.
And of course, this is something that was celebrated by President Trump.
He celebrated it on Twitter, he was talking about it, and of course he should be.
And it's amazing that he can have such a high rating
Despite all of the negative press, despite all of the television news trying to take him down, despite all of the deep state trying to take him down, despite all of the fake dossiers, the fake hearings, the fake investigations, President Trump's approval ratings are on the rise and
I think that if he just stays focused on policy, he can only see his ratings go up because people don't buy the fake television news anymore.
They really aren't buying it and they don't believe it anymore.
And that's a lot of the reason why Trump got elected.
It'll be interesting to see how those ratings do.
They constantly fluctuate, but 50% is good, and if he can maintain 50% or above, he's basically a shoe-in in 2020, if he's not already.
Speaking of the deep state being against Donald Trump, anti-Trump legal group spends $25 million opening DC office.
A pro-LGBT legal advocacy group, Lambda Legal, announced Thursday it's planned to spend $25 million on its Washington DC office, opposition to the President Donald Trump.
See folks, this story right here tells you everything you need to know about the left.
The LGBT legal advocacy group is either totally bought and paid for or totally ignorant as to Trump's policies.
As it is Trump's policies that would be a lot better off for the LGBT community, specifically the way it regards bringing in potential terrorists or sharia law from Muslim countries.
But more importantly,
They're willing to spend $25 million to open an office just for the opposition to President Donald Trump.
That says it all right there, folks.
A, this isn't about politics.
It's all about obstructionism, something they whined about for eight years when Obama was president, when people were trying to obstruct him from killing this country.
The Democrats are trying to obstruct Donald Trump from making this country great again.
And again, they will always say it's all about the little guy.
It's all about income inequality.
It's all about helping out the poor.
$25 million for a legal office to fight President Trump who wants to make the country rich again?
That's fighting for the poor?
No folks, it's fighting for their politics.
And that's all it is.
How about this though?
Trump is getting high approval ratings despite witches trying to cast spells on him.
This is a new one.
Let's roll the anti-Trump witches.
What I do is, like, no, we're punching Nazis in the face.
Like, we're kicking them in the teeth.
And, like, that's okay.
Soros is a Nazi.
A non-physical way of punching Nazis and Trump supporters in the face.
And the Nazis were a socialist party, is the irony of all this.
These people are all socialists and they say they hate the Nazis, but the Nazis were a socialist party.
And this is Laura Loomer, Loomer who goes into the witch shop with a Trump shirt on and the person didn't even know it!
He didn't even recognize that this was a Trump supporter interviewing him.
So would you consider yourself to be a witch?
Yeah, I've been a witch my whole life, yeah.
Is this spell going to be like a lethal, lethal spell?
Like what is it going to do?
Is it going to like end Donald Trump indefinitely?
Or is it going to just kind of... The idea is sort of like divine retribution, right?
So if there is, if there are spirits who... This is the people, these are the people that don't like Trump, folks.
This guy, what is that, a shark tooth for an earring?
A miniature shark jaw?
I don't even know what he's got.
What is he doing?
He's a witch.
There are literal people who think they are witches that are doing casting spells against Donald Trump, folks.
Yeah, this is totally normal.
There's no mental derangement here.
Well, the idea is based off of a really actually ancient practice.
It's the Psalms of the Bible.
So we believe in Hoodoo that the Bible's a spell book, basically, right?
So we use the Psalms as individual spells.
And then when you get down to the last one, Black Arts, which is for cursing, it says Psalm 109.
So Psalm 109 has been historically used to bring down politicians out of power.
I think this man is also wearing makeup.
As a ponytail?
This is key.
Would you cast a spell to stop ISIS?
That was the question.
One of the issues I would have with how that was phrased was only that like, it's not Muslims killing people, it's people killing people.
Don't say Muslim.
Don't say Muslim.
Christians kill people all the time and we see them as people.
Like Timothy McVeigh blew up the Oklahoma City.
They always use Timothy McVeigh.
They've been using it for 20 years now.
There's a new Muslim terrorist attack every week.
That isn't a spell I'd be interested in doing, no.
Alright, you can cut it there.
So, Laura Loomer from The Rebel says, would you do a spell to stop ISIS from killing people?
And he goes, no, no, I don't think so.
So, he'll do a spell to stop Trump.
Literally, multiple investigations have gone into this.
Multiple private investigations.
They found nothing.
So they'll do a spell against Trump, but not against ISIS that is killing people.
Let's move on to Kamala Harris.
You know, I've been really sensing the fall of Kamala Harris for a while, and I think the beginning is now upon us.
Kamala Harris
Twice, paid tens of thousands to appear on Maxine Waters' endorsement mailers.
$63,000 from Kamala Harris to Maxine Waters just to appear on a mailer.
First of all, how pathetic is Maxine Waters that she charges people to appear on her mailers?
Again, not about politics, about money.
But then again, how pathetic is it that Kamala Harris would take funds people give her to run for office and then give it to Maxine Waters?
I mean, what the heck is that?
Again, if I'm either one of these people and I'm saying, hey, we're on the same page, we have the same agenda, we want to do this in the community, this, that, or the other thing, I'm endorsing you for free!
We have policies, we have ideas, we have dreams, we have goals, we want to help people up.
No, these people just want to make money.
These people just want to be, they just want to be so self-absorbed with themselves, being successful.
That's all it's about.
So, Kamala Harris gives $63,000 to Maxine Waters.
How about Maxine Waters, who gives her daughter over $100,000 to run her campaign?
60, excuse me, $650,000 total!
Maxine Waters gives to her daughter.
Don't forget, ethics charges were issued against Waters in 2010 for deals that she was making with banks.
So you've got all that.
You know what, guys?
We'll play the DNC fraud video in the next segment.
I'll tease that in a second.
But let's just go to this Hillary Clinton tweet real quick.
Hillary Clinton tweets, Americans deserve to know what's in the GOP healthcare plan.
Hold hearings and be accountable to your constituents.
That's democracy.
Folks, when I saw this tweet, I just about threw my laptop through a wall.
Obamacare literally, the Democrats literally told you that you could not read it until it was passed.
You had Jonathan Gruber telling you that, thank God the American public is so stupid and so ignorant that we can pass this bill, rip the American people off, and they have no idea!
That's literally from the mouth of the Democrats!
Saying, you can't see it till it's passed, thank God you're so stupid you would let us pass it.
And now Hillary Clinton has the unmitigated nerve to literally, I mean folks, this is literally, this is a human being literally crapping on your face.
I'm sorry to give you that graphic.
But that's literally what this is.
Hillary Clinton tweeting, telling you that you deserve to know what's in the GOP healthcare plan, even though Obamacare, they told you, you couldn't see it till it was passed, and the architect, Jonathan Gruber, said, thank God the American people are so stupid they're gonna let us pass this.
Then Hillary Clinton takes a big fat crap on the American people, saying, you need to know what's in Trumpcare!
It's very important!
They shouldn't be allowed to pass it without you knowing.
What a fraud.
What an absolute liar Hillary Clinton is.
Thank God she's not president.
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Good afternoon.
This is Attorney Jared Beck representing the DNC class action lawsuit in the Southern District of Florida.
This is a class action lawsuit.
The fraud lawsuit against the DNC and Debbie Wasserman Soltz and a big announcement was made in this video.
The plaintiff's entire legal team, I want to acknowledge and express our deep gratitude to all of you who have offered your concerns, prayers, and support in the wake of recent disturbing events.
After much consideration and deliberation, we have concluded
That it is time to bring these concerns to the court's attention.
As such, today, we filed a motion asking Judge William Zlot to issue an order providing for the protection of the plaintiffs and their counsel and families, as well as all potential witnesses in the DNC fraud lawsuit.
In support of this motion, we have cited the following events.
The untimely death of our process server, Sean Lucas.
The unsolved murder of DNC employee, Seth Rich.
We believe Mr. Rich might have been a potential witness in this case.
We've also cited the recent untimely death of federal prosecutor, Barrington Wiseman in South Florida.
Ladies and gentlemen, why isn't this the biggest story in the world right now?
Where are the Democrats?
Where is the media?
They want to cry about Trump colluding and rigging the election all day long.
The DNC is literally being sued.
Debbie Wasserman Schultz, who's disgraced already, is literally being sued.
They're literally caught red-handed.
And now the DNC has motioned the judge handling the lawsuit, give their witnesses protection, and cited Seth Rich, Shawn Lucas, and I forget the guy's name, Wisenhut Jr.
in Florida.
This is bombshell!
This is literal devastation to the Democrats!
And it gets completely ignored!
Please share that video, folks.
Just watching that, I'm literally sweating now.
Because here's why.
Democrat representative!
Very strong case for obstruction of justice against Trump!
You've got Good Morning America.
What is obstruction of justice and how it could apply to Trump?
Stephen Colbert celebrates the obstruction of justice investigation into Trump.
All of this going on.
Meanwhile, three members of Mueller's team that's investigating Trump are huge Democrat donors to Obama and Clinton.
And then you've got this story published again by The Telegraph, shared by Yahoo, Donald Trump latest approval ratings and impeachment odds.
Talking about impeachment, saying he's gonna get impeached.
This is nuts!
64% chance they say he gets impeached.
44% chance he finishes his first term.
Meanwhile, literally, literally the DNC has been sued for rigging an election.
Literally the DNC is asking for their witnesses to be protected, or the attorney is asking for the witnesses to be protected because there have been three major deaths in the last 12 months revolving around this case.
This, honestly.
Every American's blood should be boiling with this story.
Every American's blood should already be boiling that our government would waste so much time and money investigating into phony stories about Trump and Russia.
But then they should be just as fired up that there's actually a real story going on that gets no coverage.
So here Trump takes to Twitter, I have retweeted this a hundred times, I'm never going to stop retweeting this until I die, probably.
They made up a phony collusion with the Russian story, found zero proof, so now they go for obstruction of justice on the phony story.
Bingo, folks!
They're going to try to indict Donald Trump for obstruction of justice for a case that didn't even exist!
Have you ever heard of such madness?
This is literally Soviet Communist... This is unbelievable!
And he's been all over Twitter dealing with this stuff.
It's just unbelievable.
So now you have the left not only going... They're going full terrorist now too.
And here's John Bowne with that report.
We're just getting some tape in of an acquaintance of James Hodgkinson, the 66-year-old shooter, describing some of his political, perhaps, motivations.
Listen to this.
I just want to let people know that he wasn't evil.
That he was, I guess, tired of some of the politics that are going on.
That's what we just heard.
Perhaps he wasn't evil, just tired of the politics that's going on.
Dr. Corsi, you've been saying they're preparing people for the president to be killed.
They have this college of cowards feeling powerful together.
I don't think they realize they lost the election, they miscalculated.
Clearly, historically, they're going to lose if you look at the cultural topography.
I think that the comments made by my Republican colleagues are
Beneath the dignity of the job that they hold.
Beneath the dignity of the respect that we would like Congress to command.
How dare they say such a thing?
How dare they?
Well, I don't even go into the whole thing.
I can't even begin.
Probably as we sit here, they're running caricatures of me and Georgia once again for over a hundred million dollars of vitriolic things that they say that resulted in calls to my home constantly, threats in front of my grandchildren.
I mean, really?
Predicated on their comments and their paid ads.
So this sick individual does something despicable and it was horrible what he did, hateful.
But for them to all of a sudden be sanctimonious as if they don't never seen such a thing before.
And I don't even want to go into the President of the United States.
I think that, um, I think there's something not, uh, more sleep might be a solution for him.
But the thing is... And his people, just to expand on that, his own people say he doesn't sleep.
He wanders around the White House.
His family's not there right now.
He bangs around there with, like, Steve Bannon.
He's obsessed with the news.
He sits and watches TV six hours a day.
You know, I don't know what his head is on.
I'm just saying, I'm just saying.
I understand what you're saying.
I understand what you're saying.
He's not in a good place.
Well, I was told...
By the Trump administration when they were even in transition.
And of course this came out.
I was told days before that Nancy Pelosi was saying that I wanted to kill her and her daughter and was demanding Loretta Lynch arrest me.
She doesn't even know who the president is.
I'm not being mean.
She literally is senile.
Other congressmen think islands are floating.
That's what's dangerous is these people are crazy.
They're in power.
There's a conspiracy against the Republic.
What's dangerous is they don't realize how crazy this is that they try to kill me or arrest me because everybody sees what's going on.
And then I was told, and then the day after, I didn't say it on air, Pelosi's daughter came out and said, Alex Jones is death-threatening me.
And imagine, I'm talking to the president's crew.
They're going, yeah, they're trying to have you arrested right now.
They're having meetings with the Justice Department.
And the transitioning attorney general's already telling them this is insane.
The lawyers at the Justice Department told him no.
And I'm telling you, they're so whacked out, they want to arrest me!
They don't believe in the First Amendment.
The whole game is to, let me play gotcha.
Let me show you how meaner I can be.
There's a lot of controversy around this network about Alex Jones, for example.
But the fact is that he is an unalloyed racist, a man who's out there pulling the pin on the grenade every day, and he has six million viewers who are paying attention to him.
And the parents, Putin, at Newtown are saying they're hearing from his followers all the time.
They buy into what he is saying, which is practically not true.
So at some point, there's got to be a coming together of the political culture.
Why are they so after me?
What is going on?
Because Alex, the plan was that if Hillary won, you were going to be shut down.
They'd already started the fake news meme that was out there.
They were clearly going to say, once they had control of the White House, that you were done.
They were going to prosecute you, they were going to argue that you committed some kind of a crime.
Oh yeah, we had that from the Justice Department.
They're going to shut you down, they're going to investigate, and then you'd go and a bunch of others would go.
Anyone who is not in lockstep with the CIA-funded media, who is not in lockstep with Operation Mockingbird, since the 50s, type of the approved press.
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Department of Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly has wiped out Obama's DAPA amnesty.
Now, this is the Deferred Action for the Parents.
However, DACA, Deferred Action for the Children, remains.
And so, there's been a lot of headlines about this, as we see from NBC, the way they put this out.
They say, Trump administration says, Dreamers can stay, but undocumented parents must go.
The Hill says Trump breaks campaign promise to deport Dreamers.
Let's take a look at what's really going on.
And of course, as we saw with the Paris Climate Agreement and with the Trans-Pacific Partnership, immediately Donald Trump shut down the Trans-Pacific Partnership.
He took some time to shut down the Paris Climate Agreement, but he eventually did.
And I think it's very important for us to take a look at this, take a look at Trump's campaign agenda.
And continue to apply pressure for the Trump administration to do the right thing.
And let's talk about what the right thing is.
First of all, what happened with DAPA?
DAPA would affect a larger number of people than DACA does.
DACA affects about 750,000 people.
DAPA would represent about 4 million people.
It never took effect.
It was something that was put in place by Obama after his Gang of Eight amnesty push failed, after he lost 10 seats in the Senate and midterm elections in 2014.
So what he did then was he enacted an executive action, as Obama always did.
He couldn't get his way, he just put in executive
But it was a Texas-based lawsuit and a Texas judge who stopped it.
And they appealed it to the Supreme Court.
The Supreme Court, after the death of Scalia, was deadlocked 4-4.
So the lower court decision held.
It was never in effect.
So it never took any action.
And as it was sitting here, not affecting anybody, I think it was a very easy thing for the Department of...
The Justice Department and the Trump administration just say, well, we're just going to shut this down.
We're not going to go any further with this Obama executive action.
However, DACA remains.
What is DACA?
Well, as Lysette points out, there's no end in sight for DACA.
This executive amnesty, which is what it is, is now turning five years old.
And they said a couple of days ago, this would be the time for Trump to shut it down.
And the sooner, the better.
It still needs to be done.
Trump said he was going to do it, but let's take a look at what it is.
Data released by the U.S.
Citizenship and Immigration Services officials last week indicated that the government granted 17,311 new work permits under DACA.
They said there was about 107,000 permits from January through March that quarter.
So they said that's roughly equivalent to the number of permits that the previous administration had issued in the quarter October through December.
So in other words,
Trump is letting in as many people with DACA, or not letting in, but keeping them here, as the Obama administration did.
They said the very fact, said a spokesperson, the very fact that you haven't stopped issuing new ones, let alone renewals, suggests that they don't have any idea what to do with DACA.
They're just letting it go on autopilot.
So we need to speak up.
We need to put some resolution under the Trump administration to let them know that they need to stand by this and I'll tell you why they need to stand by it.
We're going to take a look at the results of previous
Amnesty programs going back to the 1980s and the problems that we have with that, especially MS-13, which the Trump administration has identified as a problem.
Unlike the Obama administration, they are working to do something about that.
But why can't we stop these problems before they build?
Let's take a look at this excellent article from Breitbart.
Mr. President, ending DACA will also make Mexico great again.
Not just America, but Mexico great.
And here's the argument.
He says, why is it?
That we have Mexico so entrenched in our debate, in our policy here in the United States.
Why are they involved in our immigration policy?
Well, he says the poorest borders essentially give them a safety valve.
It's a safety valve for the corrupt elite in Mexico.
And as he says, and Breitbart says, the public pressure for genuine domestic reforms is reduced when they have this safety valve to let people come to the United States.
When the U.S.
allows a Mexican to cross the border for low-wage work, it also takes a potential protester or a voter
All right.
Thank you.
They have filed legal briefs in American courts regarding important immigration cases and they've even published manuals to assist their citizens how to navigate their way illegally across our sovereign borders.
That's why I like to say even the term illegal alien doesn't really get to it.
They're foreign citizens trespassing illegally.
And of course we have political and business leaders from Mexico helping them do that.
Well, it's because of the corruption in that country, the poverty in that country.
Something could be done about that if we didn't have these educated people who are better off and they could go there and they could become activists in that country.
That's essentially the point that he's making here.
He says that according to a Mexican-based U.S.
journalist, some of the rural villages have lost 70% of their population because of immigration.
Or emigration, we should say.
This exit, he says, this is from journalist Robert Joe Stout.
Stout says this has caused a dramatic increase in the number of single parent families, homeless and runaway children, and of criminal gangs.
And he points out nobody would be better situated to effect reform in Mexico than those who are now currently getting DACA deferment.
He says, if our president, however, allows DACA to become permanent, the problem of illegal immigration will never end.
A look at our long history of illegal immigration and amnesty is instructive.
And this is the tie-in to MS-13.
In 1983, a group of Salvadoran illegal aliens filed a lawsuit demanding that they receive amnesty from the federal government.
And Secretary of State George Shultz at the time said the prospect of inducing further immigration by Salvadorans and the already existing crisis from the flood tide of illegal immigrants into America, he says, is going to be an ongoing problem.
We now see the fruit of that.
It was those same Salvadoran illegal immigrants.
Who formed MS-13 in LA, and that has now spread across the country.
But then there's also the other issue.
What happens to Americans?
What happens even to Central and South American legal immigrants who come here?
Well, they're going to be followed by criminal gangs.
And those of us who have to pay for the education, that's a key part of this.
We have to understand that we're sacrificing our homes, our American dream, for the education of dreamers.
As he points out, what happened in Arizona since they passed a series of anti-illegal immigration measures a decade ago?
They said the state's public school system immediately saw a $50 million surplus.
As Donald Trump said, we either have a nation or we don't have a nation.
Let's take a look at the MS-13 issue here in the few minutes that we've got left.
As Donald Trump said in a cabinet meeting on Monday, he said MS-13 is being depleted.
It will be gone pretty soon.
But it is a big problem.
It is a problem, as I point out, that grew out of illegal immigration in the 1980s, early 1980s, in LA, and it has now spread to over 40 states.
There's over 10,000 members estimated.
Throughout the United States, there's another 30,000 members in El Salvador.
Incredibly brutal.
A detective with the Chelsea, Massachusetts Police Department, reports the Daily Caller, testified in a recent Senate hearing that he's investigated cases in which MS-13 members have cut off limbs, they've attempted to decapitate a victim, and he says this is the kind of violence that he has never seen before.
In 22 years working as an investigator.
We'll talk about that in just a moment, but just today we had on the Drudge Report, the Washington Post story.
MS-13 gains recruits and power in the U.S.
as teens are surging across the border.
See, this is still going on, and we're still not doing anything to control immigration.
And once they come across, because they're children, we set up different, or minors, we set up different rules for them, just as we do with DACA.
They point out MS-13's new push has been fueled by the recent influx of teenage immigrants who traveled to the U.S.
without guardians to escape poverty and gang violence, only to fall back into it here.
This is the Washington Post talking about Obama's policies that have strengthened MS-13.
And they point out the fact that officials don't track these cases.
Immigration records are kept secret.
Because they are minors.
But what are they doing to other minors?
What are they doing even to other Hispanics who are coming from the same region, who are not criminals?
We just saw back in May, we had 44 MS-13 gang members swept up in Los Angeles.
We have had 41, just as last week, picked up in Nassau County, Long Island.
Nassau and Suffolk counties, where my wife grew up, they never had anything like this.
And as they pointed out, they've never seen this kind of violence before.
They said in one attack, six members walked up to four teens playing soccer, repeatedly slashed them with knives and machetes.
This is an example of how it's become a hotbed, according to the New York Post, a hotbed of homicide in Long Island.
They say 400 members just in that one county.
The average age is 18.
And their signature weapon is the machete.
I'm sure Robert Rodriguez is very proud of that.
But we need to understand that we don't make exceptions for this.
And we need to put pressure on the Trump administration to keep their campaign promises.
Well, that's it for tonight's news.
Thank you for joining us.
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