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Name: 20170612_Mon_NightlyNews
Air Date: June 12, 2017
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Welcome to the InfoWars Nightly News.
It's Monday, June 12th, 2017.
I'm your host, Owen Schroer.
Here's what's on the news tonight.
Tonight, the desperate liberal left is on the verge of starting a civil war.
And they will do anything they can to take down Donald Trump.
Usual suspects, like George Soros, are funding Antifa protests all across the country.
Here come the police.
And the mainstream media wants you to believe the nothing-burger Comey lie that our president colluded with the Russians during the election.
Then Hampton's Architect of the Stars gets busted again for child porn.
And Anthony Weiner will finally plead guilty to sexting with a 15-year-old girl as the war against pedophiles intensifies.
All that plus much more up next on the Info Wars Nightly News.
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Well, ever since President Trump has been elected, there have been a string of arrests in involvement with sex rings and child sex rings and even pedophilia.
And a new string of arrests has just been made.
Here's a report from the New York Post.
Hampton's Architect to the Stars Arrested for Making Child Porn.
Now, there's two interesting points to this story.
Well, actually, there's a couple interesting points to this story.
It just kind of gets weirder and weirder.
This is an architect who designed houses for the stars.
Michael J. Fox, Susan Lucci, Bob Fosse, I'm sure others as well, not to accuse them of anything, obviously, but this was a famous architect.
And the other interesting note is he has been
Arrested for this stuff in the past and then gets caught again.
So he got busted in 2013.
Now he gets caught again where he's secretly taking pictures of children and then literally putting those pictures on the bodies of adults doing lewd sexual acts.
This is a sexual deviant freak.
And I'm glad to see that these people are starting to get arrested.
And of course we wonder how we're finding these people with certain child pornography on their computers.
We'll get into more of that in a second.
And it is interesting because there has never been anything else to break about the story where
I forget who it was now, but they arrested a bunch of people they thought were pedophiles or had child pornography and then they had to drop the case because they had acquired the evidence illegally.
So I don't know how they're acquiring this evidence and finding out that this guy is basically stashing homemade child porn in his house, but Jay Lockett Sears, a famous architect,
Arrested for making child porn.
A two-time accuser.
Now here's one from just a bit earlier this month.
In Dallas, Anna High School, a science teacher arrested in Richardson City Jail on a charge of child pornography.
Lee Whitehead arrested
A science teacher from Anna High School in the Dallas, Texas area.
So another one.
There's just two new ones that personally I had not reported on yet as I'm trying to report on these as they're coming out.
It is wild that all of this is coming out.
Here's another one in this most recent string.
Pillar of Community Arrested on Child Porn Charges.
A well-known member of the Rockdale County community has been arrested on child pornography charges.
Gary Bridgewater, 56, years old, from Rockdale County, the Sheriff's Office told Channel 2 of WSB-TV Atlanta.
And it goes down, it says, oh, this guy was well-known, he was well-liked, didn't think much of it.
And it turns out that he will be, well, he will be facing child pornography charges.
Now, we've seen what the left is trying to do with events like this.
They're trying to normalize it.
They're going to say that this is just a mental disorder.
Well, I'm sorry, but that mental disorder and having child pornography is not a victimless crime.
We're talking about youth here, we're talking about children being victimized by these disgusting perverts.
So I'm glad that we continue to see these arrests, even though it is disgusting, shocking, and horrifying that these people actually exist.
And this is something that Alex Jones said that President Trump was giving certain law enforcements or freeing certain law enforcements into looking into and arresting child pornography and pedophile little tips that they might have or little ideas.
So we continue to see this trend happening.
And just to kind of put a bow on this before we move on, just to go through some of
The other cases that we've seen, de Blasio employee arrested for child pornography.
This is one of the most disgusting cases yet.
Jacob Swartz, a young Democrat coming up the wings, a young John Podesta, if you will.
And he's arrested for having an unbelievable, just disgusting amount of child porn.
He was one degree of separation away from Mayor de Blasio.
So he is arrested.
It goes on, and again, you would think, kind of like how Alex Jones said in the Megyn Kelly teaser, you would think that Megyn Kelly would be doing a special on this.
You would think Megyn Kelly would be doing an entire hour on this.
You would think the mainstream media would want to be covering this, but nothing.
Global sex trafficking ring busted in one of America's happiest, safest cities.
This is in Irvine, Southern California.
And this was one Irvine and this is one that was what they're saying was basically a worldwide sex trafficking thing people coming in from China living here having houses specifically for prostitution.
And that is a case that went down just a few months ago.
Of course, the big one that really kind of busted everything open was the story that was broke by KTLA-5 in Los Angeles.
Huge story!
Still to this day, I've yet to see any mainstream television news cover it.
474 arrested, 28 sexually exploited children rescued.
This is massive!
And I know that this is old news, but this is still big!
So, there you go, just a string of arrests when it comes to child pornography and pedophilia, folks.
But these arrests are happening, and happening in quite a sweeping string of events, if you will.
That you would think maybe you find a loose thread, maybe somebody sings, maybe you bring down something bigger.
Again, 474 arrested, 28 sexually exploited children.
That's about as big as it gets, folks, but you'd be surprised.
I think we're going to find more as these stories continue to break.
But look at the fraud!
Look at Barack Obama!
Again, this is old news, but I just want to really hit home the fraud of these people as we see all of these stories breaking with pedophiles being arrested, children being saved, child pornography, people who have that on the computer being arrested.
Obama speaks on the nightmare that is campus sexual assault.
First of all, that's a false narrative.
Second of all, you've heard zero from Obama on any of these pedophiles that have been arrested.
But it goes on.
In another HuffPost story, check the date on this.
Is Obama Bundler Terrence Bean a gay porn kingpin?
That's what the Huffington Post published on July 26, 2012.
Now, fast forward the clock to November 2014.
USA Today.
Top Obama Bundler accused of child rape.
How do you like that, Huffington Post?
Why don't you put that in your pipe and huff it?
Wrong again!
Yeah, and it was his younger boyfriend that apparently led them to this 15-year-old boy that Terry Bean was allegedly accused of engaging in these sex acts with.
This is a case that has kind of met some murky waters lately, but Terry Bean, folks, top bundler of Obama, accused of child rape while Obama tries to divert
And pretend like college campuses are the place you need to be afraid of.
Maybe it's some of these Democratic wings.
But just to put the final bow on all this, Anthony Weiner, another Democrat, another person within one degree of separation from top Democrats, arrested for sexting with a 15-year-old girl.
So there you go, folks.
There is a string of arrests, a string of charges, a string of people that have all been affiliated with child pornography and pedophilia.
Some of which are one degree of separation away from top Democrats.
Speaking of Democrats, you think they maybe have completely lost their mind and then they do something that reassures that thought.
Illinois Democrat introduces CO-FEFE Act.
That's right folks, the CO-FEFE Act.
Communications over various feeds electronically for engagement act.
Say it with me class.
Brought to you by
A Democrat from Illinois, Mike Quigley.
Now it is funny, the whole notion is that because President Trump's tweets have so much gravity, because President Trump's tweets have so much momentum and have become such a topic of discussion, Mike Quigley wants to basically make them an official statement of the presidential records.
And thus, the Covfefe, or some people say Covfefe,
So depending on how you pronounce that, that act is now on the table.
An interesting notion that the power of social media and President Trump using social media has brought to the Democrats.
But of course they have to call it covfefe.
Now trolling themselves, there's the famous covfefe original tweet, now the Democrats are trolling themselves because
It used to be the Democrats made fun of us.
They'd say, oh look, don't go with anything.
Trump says covfefe and they run with it.
Well, now Democrats are actually running with it more than anybody, making it into actual legislation.
And more from nut job liberals.
San Francisco's Ninth Circuit Appeals Court rules against Trump revised travel ban.
So they're just going to keep ruling against this, ruling against this, ruling against this.
It doesn't matter how much Trump revises it.
What he needs to do is revise the title.
Now Alex Jones and I have actually disagreed on what we think it needs to be called on the Alex Jones Show.
Alex thinks that the travel ban needs to be called the countries that throw homosexuals off of buildings and murder homosexuals ban.
So the countries that
Oppress women and murder homosexuals travel ban.
I think we should call it the countries that the United States has bombed in the last eight years travel ban.
Either way...
It trumps these liberal judges, because it's a fact either way, whether you say ban countries that murder homosexuals and oppress women, or ban the travel ban for countries that we've bombed in the last eight years.
Either way, it's true, but if the Ninth Circuit Court rules against that travel ban, they're openly treasonous.
See, that's how you entrap them.
That's how you trump them.
And I would love to see President Trump use that kind of a 60 chest move, but I guess he just wants to keep being soft and saying, okay, here's it revised, here's it revised, here's it revised.
Please, come on, we're trying to protect the people.
We're trying to protect the people.
We're trying to protect the people.
And they're just going to keep saying, no, no, no.
And I guess they're just going to have to wait until blood is on their hands
Like the attorney from Texas said today.
Moving on, let's talk about the swamp.
Now, you could find the swamp in the last years of elections by finding out who George Soros is funding.
Now, it's gotten a little bit easier because George Soros' son, Alex Soros, is now the new lead dog for recruiting these, well, mostly Democrats, but politicians.
He's hanging out with Bono, Bono.
He's hanging out at refugee camps.
He's hanging out in Manhattan.
He's hanging out with Chuck Schumer.
As you can see, Chuck Schumer looks lit in that picture.
He's getting millions and millions of dollars.
Here's a list.
Barack Obama, George Clooney, ACLU head Anthony Romero, Keith Ellison, Hillary Clinton, Al Franken, Elizabeth Warren, Richard Branson, Magnus Carlsen.
And he's putting all of this out on his Instagram account.
So now, it used to be we'd have to go and look at all the people that George Soros groups are funding and then that's how we would know where the swamp is, who not to vote for.
Now Alex Soros is just posing with them on Instagram and putting those pictures out there for us.
So, thank you Alex Soros.
Now we know!
Whoever you're associating with, not to vote for.
And I've said this before, folks.
It's up to us to drain the swamp in the midterm elections.
You know, I saw this video.
Omar Navarro is back out on the streets.
He is out on the streets with the people during the anti-sharia law march.
I can't believe it!
I'm just doing my normal routine of gathering news and I'm looking at videos from on the streets of this stuff and again the second week in a row Omar Navarro is on the streets!
This is the type of representation that I want.
A politician that is out there, boots on the ground, with me, not Maxine Waters, spending 10 hours a day just to get her wig on straight, and then do a TV interview.
You've got Shiva running against Elizabeth Warren, taking out Maxine Waters on the left coast, taking out Elizabeth Warren in Massachusetts.
Shiva puts out this video on his Twitter account, breaking it down like a lecturer with bullet points, with notes, with bubbles, with graphs, everything, showing you why we had to get out of the Paris Climate Accord, why it benefits us to be out of it.
This is the type of leadership we need, smart people who can break it down.
You know, let's go to, let's talk about this.
I'm sure you've heard about the New York theater that held the Julius Caesar Shakespeare play depicting Trump getting assassinated.
Well, they're losing sponsors left and right.
They've lost.
Delta Airlines, Bank of America, and now America, American Express.
These are sponsors to the tune of millions of dollars over the course of the last few years.
Now gone.
Lefties, liberals, Democrats, anti-Trumpers are now holding the gun to their head and some of them are starting to pull the trigger.
When will they learn the lesson?
America is sick of your nonsense!
We want to make America great again!
InfoWars Nightly News, we'll be right back.
Thanks to your support, InfoWars has been able to expand its operations against the globalists at this critical time.
And it's absolutely essential that we expand in the face of the enemy, because as history shows, political movements only expand or contract.
And that's why the globalists are hitting us with everything they've got.
Censorship, demonization, attacks, misrepresentations.
They're not just trying to shut down InfoWars.
They're trying to fire Sean Hannity.
They're trying to cold talk radio.
They're trying to silence true, independent, nationalistic media.
And InfoWars is at the very heart of that resistance.
We all see the dumbed-down trendies that appear to be soulless and how they're obsessed with consumerism and criticizing capitalism as they walk around in their expensive Nike tennis shoes and have their slave-made iPhones.
So, I personally am disgusted by empty consumerism.
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In closing, we've already come this far together and we've seen the devastating effects truth has against the global crime syndicate.
But the enemy's striking back.
So again, from myself, the entire InfoWars crew, I want to salute and thank all of you.
No matter what color you are or where you came from, if the love of liberty and justice beats in your heart,
Give the love of standing up against tyrants flows through your veins.
We are all brothers and sisters together in this epic experiment that is life.
So again, thank you all for your support.
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I know you're going to want to check out Caveman Ultimate Paleo Formula for yourself at InfoWarsLive.com today.
Welcome back to the InfoWars Nightly News, and if you were watching liberal media at all today, I'm sure you saw the story about Trump crash his wedding!
That's right, all the liberal media was freaking out that Donald Trump, how dare he crash this wedding?
But they didn't show you the footage of the wedding, did they?
They just painted Donald Trump as a bad guy.
Now here's the actual footage from the wedding!
Trump shows up and he's embraced!
He's cheered!
They're chanting how much they love him!
Even the wedding, the bride comes rushing out!
Look at the joy!
Look at the embrace!
It was a beautiful moment.
It was a great moment.
It was a fun moment.
It was a moment where everybody felt joyous.
Nobody was intruding on anything.
And so what did the left do?
They lied.
They twisted.
They spun it.
And they tried to tell you how dare... Look at that!
They're all cheering, all of them, as he waved to the crowd.
It's a beautiful thing.
And then the leftist media... Look at the bad man Donald Trump!
How dare he!
How dare Donald Trump!
He's crashing the wedding!
Look at the madman!
Look at how upset he's making everybody!
Oh my gosh!
How dare he crash this wedding!
He ruined it!
Donald Trump ruins the wedding!
Donald Trump ruins all weddings!
Donald Trump has now ruined weddings for the rest of humanity!
Oh my gosh!
So that's how the left is reporting this, which was actually a fun moment, a great moment, one that I'm sure everybody there will remember for the rest of their lives.
So make sure when you see the left reporting on that, that you know the truth, that he wasn't disrupting, he wasn't interrupting anything, he was actually welcomed.
Now, James Comey.
This is an interesting one, isn't it?
Let's first go
Let's break this down on a timeline of events.
This is a video from a James Comey testimony on May 3rd while he's still the acting FBI director.
Director Comey, have you ever been an anonymous source in news reports about matters relating to the Trump investigation or the Clinton investigation?
Okay, so Comey says under oath on May 3rd that he's never been the anonymous source on any leaks to the media regarding any Trump or Russia investigation.
That was May 3rd.
May 9th, FBI Director James Comey is fired.
Okay, so now he is the former FBI Director.
May 11th, New York Times.
In a private dinner, Trump demanded loyalty, Comey demurred.
Now, as far as my understanding, and everyone else's understanding, this is the leak that James Comey admitted to in his testimony on June 7th when he said, after Trump's tapes tweet, I felt compelled to leak a memo to a friend of mine to give to the media.
This is the story that I would imagine and everybody else assumes he's talking about.
I have heard or I have not heard differently.
Now here's Trump's tweet.
Trump's tweet is on May 12th.
So here's James Comey saying that he was responding to Trump's tweet.
I tweeted on Friday after I got fired that I better hope there's not tapes.
I woke up in the middle of the night on Monday night, because it didn't dawn on me originally, that there might be corroboration for our conversation.
There might be a tape.
And my judgment was I needed to get that out into the public square.
And so I asked a friend of mine to share the content of the memo with a reporter.
Didn't do it myself for a variety of reasons, but I asked him to because I thought that might prompt the appointment of a special counsel.
Well, I'd like to know what the variety of those reasons are, and I'd like to know where that memo is, why nobody can seem to have access to it or find it now, but the more important thing is, when did you leak it?
Because you said under testimony, under oath, that you leaked it in response to Trump's tweet, which was on May 12th, but the story
Talking about the private dinner that you had with Trump where he demanded loyalty, that story was published May 11th.
On May 3rd, you said, James Comey, under oath, that you hadn't leaked anything, which means
From the date of May 4th to the date of May 13th, James Comey needs to be investigated on what he did or did not leak or what he did or did not lie about under oath.
But here's the problem.
Even if we got the facts, I don't think the left would listen because the left is over listening to facts.
Here's Alex Jones.
The full power of this exploitive globalist system is pointed at Europe and the United States trying to bring us down.
Because if there's no more upward mobility, if there's no more West, then the whole planet can kind of settle into the new dark age of poverty.
And that's why I'm supporting Trump because it's so clear.
You know a man by his enemies and every evil organization on earth is against Trump.
Is he perfect?
Absolutely not.
But he's trying to really bring jobs back and prosperity and empower the individual and build a world based around humanity, not a bunch of global elites.
I don't see how the New York Times is getting away with this.
I don't see how CNN is getting away with this.
I don't see how they do this anymore.
Because, I mean, I saw the clip.
And I read the tweets that were similar, where Donald Jr.
was live-time tweeting the same stuff we were tweeting, not that he was even following us.
It's true!
Comey says, no, he never asked me to block the Russian investigation.
He tweets, total vindication!
Exactly what my dad said.
If my dad told him to do it, it'd be straightforward.
They go, they said if his dad told him that, it'd be straightforward.
That means his dad did do it.
No, Comey said it didn't happen.
They don't care.
They just say that Donald Jr.
admits his dad did it!
Complete opposite!
Who cares?
Because, see, they know Donald Jr.
isn't a coward.
He's one of the best people around his father who's got this country's back.
That's why they're out to destroy him as well and slap him down and demonize him and attack him.
Shut up!
Stop it!
You didn't see them say that on C-SPAN.
Word for word he tweets what happened.
Oh, did you see Donald Jr.
lying again?
Why he says that Comey says that Trump never said stop the Russian investigation.
His son is on Fox News and tweets saying, of course my dad didn't order him to do that.
It wouldn't be all ambiguous.
If my dad was ordering him to do something, he'd have just done it.
But Comey's like, well, he didn't order me, but I felt like I was.
And it sounds like that's BS.
My dad's incredibly straightforward.
Oh, you admit he did it?
You admit it?
I mean, these people are scum.
Ladies and gentlemen, if you look at history, globalists have multinational monopoly combines.
That's what globalism is.
Multinational, tax-exempt, diplomatically immune, totally cold-blooded organizations have never been more afraid of anything than they have of Donald John Trump.
Because he's not just some nationalist in the UK or some nationalist in France.
He's a nationalist, free-market capitalist, American system guy that just took over the biggest economy in the world and is exposing that unelected multinationals have come in and taken over.
And he's turning the economy back on because globalists can't compete with their monopoly economy against a free market economy.
So they need America and its free market system to die to bring in their new managed economy.
They can't deal with this.
And there are some people that have been involved in the larger levels of governance, like Peter Thiel and others who know this, who's been actively trying to stop the New World Order and trying to explain to people that non-capitalist, non-free market systems are hellish and we can't have a hybrid between communism and free market.
It's going to be a disaster.
And Trump is another one of those voices.
Stephen Bannon is another one of those voices that want sanity, that want growing economies, that want an upwardly mobile middle class, who aren't cold-blooded globalist consolidators, who aren't selfish jerks.
And so I look at Trump, 3 trillion plus in the stock market, 16% added since he was sworn in, another 4 or 5% since he was just president-elect.
That's 20-something points.
I look at hundreds of billions of new jobs, thousands of companies announcing expansion or return, and I see our flatline economy going over a cliff, suddenly bouncing back.
I'm asking you a question.
How dumb do you think they think we are?
Or is it true we're this dumb?
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Yeast overgrowth?
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It's a win-win.
June 10, 2017.
Act for America, led by global Islamic terrorism expert Bridget Gabriel, staged roughly 30 anti-sharia rallies in cities across America to bring average Americans face-to-face with those that would support honor killings, female mutilation, and a creeping non-conformist sharia law into the final holdout known as these United States of America.
Why I'm here is if they start violence, if they start attacking people or vandalizing, you know, cops are generally told to back down throughout America.
It's going to take the American people to stand up to these guys and put them in their place.
You know, they have every right to do this.
I respect that.
I'm a patriot.
But I will not sit by and watch them assault or vandalize people.
Look at this place!
What kind of behavior is this?
Lauren Morris, a victim of female mutilation and protected by Oath Keepers after her life was threatened for speaking at the event, spoke in solidarity with the victims of Sharia law already affecting females in the United States.
So what happened was, Act for America put up the Facebook event, right?
You know, Islam isn't a race.
You know, your sign makes no sense.
If you took a poll with any of these people over here, I'll bet you they could not even tell you what Sharia is.
I don't see any Muslim people out there.
Do you see any Muslim people out there?
They don't want to associate with these people.
These people started, these people started their own agenda.
And they started their own march.
And they made it about Trump.
And we're standing out there all day with our signs about women's rights.
But the statistics that I got just this week is that there are somewhere between 27 and 30 actual honor killings that get discovered and get found out in the U.S., here in the U.S.
And Texas is a high-risk state for that.
New York is a high-risk state for that.
You know, the public doesn't see it because these are women who live in the shadows.
You've got to understand, these are women that are not allowed to do anything.
They're not allowed to go outside without a guardian.
And they're bringing a culture like that to the greatest country on the earth that has laws to protect them better than any place they have ever lived.
Our laws protect women.
And the Sharia courts that want to raise up, that's what it's about.
They want to take those rights away from women.
We're standing with white supremacist guys.
Are these guys?
Am I a white supremacist too?
How about we're just Americans?
They think this is a Nazi party.
There's a lawyer that actually thought that was a Nazi flag.
It's Kekistan.
We're going to create our own country of like-minded people that aren't triggered by the minutiae that you focus on every day of your life.
This is the free speech trap.
And they fell for it.
They're caught like rats.
They don't know what to do.
And as soon as I get up here, I get called a fascist Nazi and all this other sh**.
This guy's pissed his pants while he's telling me this.
As expected, the Soros shill patrol known as Antifa was in full effect, offering zero topics for a rational debate.
Their mind-numbing cult-like teenage shrills, a reverse of the intended effect of dividing the Americans that gathered to question Antifa's moronic subversion, actually bringing average taxpaying Americans on their day off
Together to focus on the tide of extremism threatening the country's future.
It's becoming far too obvious.
Anyone that has lived in Austin, Texas long enough has experienced or knows someone that has been the victim of APD, tossing the innocent into a jail cell and asking questions later.
So why would the Soros-funded Antifa movement be allowed to mount an offensive against Austin's riot police with zero arrests?
Something is rotten in Denmark.
As I approached the area on June 10th at the anti-Sharia rally, barricades had been set up in the streets and numerous paddy wagons sat waiting for a potential mass arrest.
Austin Mayor Adler staged an anti-hate speech rally in front of the governor's mansion across the street.
From an article appearing to promote Antifa titled, Counter-Protest Derails March Against Sharia in Austin, the Texas Observer reported,
Around 50 protesters showed up Saturday at the Texas Capitol as part of a nationwide march against Sharia organized by Act for America, an Islamophobic hate group, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center.
Mohammed Umar Esmail and Austin Imam called Act for America's rhetoric irrational fear-mongering.
Esmail said, We are here to demonstrate our love and make it clear that we are not here to impose Sharia law on anyone.
Rather, Muslims have been following the Constitution since the days of the slave trade.
Now remember, not only did the Muslims run the slave trade on the west coast of Africa, they also ran it on the Mediterranean coast and the east coast.
So the missing part of the story of slavery in America is this.
It was Muslim jihadists who captured the Africans to bring them to sell to the white man on the wooden ship in order they could come to America.
This is really odd, because when Muslims talk to black Americans, they tell them that Islam is the religion of the black man, whereas Christianity is the religion of the white man.
And yet we can see here that it was Africans being captured by Muslim jihadist slave traders who started the whole process going.
So think about this.
What else about your own history do you not know because it involves Islam?
Wakita Wilson, a black woman with the Georgetown-based racial justice group Courageous Conversations, said she was terrified to be there Saturday because, "...300 yards away are people who normally attack folks like me."
Referring to the diverse, peaceful, concerned American protesters.
I do feel that there are two types of laws.
One is a just law and one is an unjust law.
I think we all have moral obligations to obey just laws.
On the other hand, I think we have moral obligations to disobey unjust laws because non-cooperation with evil is as much a moral obligation as is cooperation with good.
The article from the Texas Observer even propagandized the Antifa's efforts with a caption to a picture that reads, Riot police separate counter-protesters from anti-Islam demonstrators.
However, some anti-Sharia protesters actually confronted Antifa members about Islam's tribal Sharia war on women, and the few Antifa that responded agreed that they were against Sharia for the same reason.
It's becoming abundantly obvious that Antifa is nothing less than an extension of the fascism they pretend to rail against.
Antifa was even allowed to protest on the Capitol grounds, even though there were no permits issued according to one DPS officer I spoke to, begging the question, was DPS separating the protesters, or were they attempting to coordinate a confrontation?
Don't be fooled.
The desperate liberal left is on the verge of waging an all-out set-up of the American people by undermining our right to freedom of assembly.
It's the only move they have remaining before Donald Trump's inevitable checkmate on the dying left's subversive agenda.
They know they're all going to go to jail if Trump is able to take control of the government.
That's why they're blocking him.
It's why we're in such a death battle.
Oh, absolutely, Alex.
Listen, here's how serious it is and how imminent it is.
The trainers that train the Soros anarchist, the middle of June, the trainers that train these trainers that go out through the country and train these people are fix it.
They're changing them over, Alex.
But they're going to protest and riot, but they're going to claim they're us.
I ask, well, what is going to happen to those people that we can't re-educate, that are diehard capitalists?
And the reply was that they'd have to be eliminated.
And when I pursued this further, they estimated that they would have to eliminate 25 million people in these re-education centers.
And when I say eliminate, I mean kill.
25 million people.
I want you to imagine sitting in a room with 25 people, most of which have graduate degrees from Columbia and other well-known educational centers, and hear them
Figuring out the logistics for the elimination of 25 million people and they were dead serious.
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This guy started off my last Antifa video.
You got anything else you want to say?
F**k InfoWars!
Why is that?
F**k InfoWars!
Did your mommy not love you?
F**k InfoWars!
You're protesting capitalism today?
F**k InfoWars!
Alright, Rob Doo reporting for InfoWars.com.
We're out here at this anti-Sharia rally that has been trying to be co-opted by some pro-communists.
Are you anti-fascist?
Are you anti-fascist?
Are you anti-fascist?
Did you protest at the Bilderberg group?
He's yelling in my face, but he doesn't like the microphone.
Hey, did you protest the Bilderberg group?
Did anybody here protest the Bilderberg group?
What's up, bud?
I'm the dumb s***.
Yes, I am the dumb s***.
Hey, did you protest Bilderberg?
Did you protest Bilderberg?
That's a no.
You know, I bet they wouldn't do that if these guys weren't in uniform.
I bet if these guys weren't in uniform, they wouldn't be talking this trash.
You know why?
Because these guys would kick their ass.
No more Soros!
No more Soros!
No more Soros!
No more Soros!
No more Bilderberg!
No more Bilderberg!
No more Bilderberg!
Hey, what is right?
What's right?
Do what is right, not what you're told!
Do what is right, not what you're told!
Do what is right, not what you're told!
Do what is right, not what you're told!
Do what is right, not what you're told!
Do what is right, not what you're told!
Do what is right, not what you're told!
Do what is right, not what you're told!
Do what is right, not what you're told!
Do what is right, not what you're told!
Do what is right, not what you're told!
Do what is right, not what you're told!
Do what is right, not what you're told!
Do what is right, not what you're told!
Do what is right, not what you're told!
Do what is right, not what you're told!
Do what is right, not what you're told!
Do what is right, not what you're told!
Do what is right, not what you're told!
Do what is right, not what you're told!
Do what is right, not what you're told!
Do what is right
Just standing here.
They all come after me and then they block the camera.
This is wild.
These are literal animals.
That's a nice plastic bongo drum.
Where'd you get it?
Do you know who George Soros is?
How much does Soros pay you?
How much does Soros pay you?
I hate free speech?
Alright, I'm getting assaulted now.
Hey, I hate men.
You guys are really peaceful people.
You guys are really loving.
And here we're here to protect people, make sure nothing gets out of hand.
And we've got some great support from the Texas Department of Public Safety, the Austin Police.
I think they're getting all their training hours in, because I think I've seen every variety of state trooper that they have.
So, if the state troopers were not here, there'd already be a street war and bodies in the street here.
So, kudos to them for keeping everybody calm and as rational as they'll ever get.
Well, it almost came to that at some point before the cops stepped in.
Were you here when that was going down?
Well, there's no ambiguity in meetings like this because when you unfurl the hammer and sickle flag, there's no debate what side you're on.
Why is it that liberals are so for Sharia law?
Why do they seem like you can't talk about Sharia law or you're a racist?
Sharia law is very totalitarian.
The communists, the Nazis, and the Sharia, and the Muslims have always gotten along with each other.
I've read that Hitler himself wished he were a Nazi because it was a male and masculine religion, as opposed to the effeminate and weak Christianity.
So totalitarian systems like Islam, Nazism, and Communism go way back and are best friends.
And so, do you think these people are getting orders from somebody?
Like, there's a lot of people out here, and they seem to have a one message, which is no borders for one thing.
They seem to hate borders.
They're all getting paid, they're all told where to show up, what to do.
Now, our enemy is learning and adapting.
There are three people with some AK variants here, and now they've learned to keep their fingers straight and off the trigger.
So, it would be a mistake to assume that your enemy will stay dumb and untrained forever.
Do you think there's a chance for a civil war in America in the next three years?
No, I think it's guaranteed.
You think it's guaranteed?
Do you think it's going to kick off this summer or do you think it's too soon?
We're a peace-loving people and it's really when they decide to start attacking and killing in large numbers.
Did you just see what happened?
The riot police came in, broke everybody up.
Yeah, tell me, so were you guys standing on the top of the steps when you saw that?
We were back there, and everyone started running, so I ran down here too, and they just were fighting and pushing against each other.
This woman right here, she fights for her side.
She was backing up the cops, she was getting involved, she was getting batons in the face and stuff.
We saw them coming in this way.
I couldn't believe my eyes so I started recording it and then they get to this point and you hear like the sergeant, stand your ground!
It was nuts!
Now they have horses and everything and you had some Yedem and Tifa.
I didn't like the dance of Antifa guys here with like AK-47s.
They're pointing their guns at us.
Wait, wait, wait.
Who is pointing guns at you?
The guys over there at Antifa.
Where are they now?
Yeah, they're back there.
They were Antifa people?
Yeah, they were pointing their AK-47s at us.
There's Antifa people out here with their faces masked?
The ones all the way back there with their covers on.
They're wearing black and, black and, uh, with k-pots, maybe, uh, green k-pots.
Oh, you know what?
I see them.
I see them.
Hey, I'm gonna go document and I'll be right back.
Alright, this is actually pretty wild.
So, these people just said that these, uh, these, uh, fascists out here named anti-... Okay.
I'm gonna get followed again here now just for walking across the street.
I just wanted to document this.
Now I'm all for open carry and I mean these guys are open carrying and the gun isn't firing off and killing anyone but you heard the witness accounts so I just wanted to document that.
How you guys doing?
You guys like the Second Amendment?
I like the Second Amendment, too.
At least that's something we have in common.
You're from England?
I am, yeah.
Okay, what brings you out here today?
Just vacation.
My first day in Austin.
Oh, welcome to Communist Texas!
How do you like it?
I thought it was more Republican than what I've seen so far.
Well, they say that Austin is the only city surrounded by Texas, and I think that's where we're at right now.
That makes sense, yeah.
So tell me what you witnessed out here.
When did you get here, and what did you see?
I got here just as the riot police were interfering with the rally.
And they were just... What I didn't understand... I mean, I'm foreign, so I don't understand exactly how you guys do things, but it seems the Antifa people were physically assaulting the riot police, and they were just taking it at home in England.
That wouldn't be allowed, but here it seems fine.
So, you're just touring Austin, you happen to be at the State House as a tourist, and you just catch all this madness.
Yeah, exactly.
And I walk down, and the people shouting fascists and Nazis, the ones that are covering their faces and hitting the police and shouting insults,
The irony is just unbelievable.
I'm sure you didn't expect to see this.
And I'm imagining there's three things you didn't expect.
The police tolerating these fascists out here trying to assault them.
But then also you got matching protests.
One group saying one thing, the other group saying the other.
And then how about the group of people over there with just AKs out?
Just some citizens walking around with guns and their faces masked.
Well I think thankfully it's the Trump fans that have 95% of the guns in this country.
So I think you guys are pretty safe.
Now, what do you think?
Europe has seen some of the problem with the clash of civilization with Muslim culture and the culture that's been westernized in Great Britain.
What do you think about Sharia law and the threat that that might pose to America?
Well, from what I've seen, Sharia law and Western law are just incompatible, completely.
There's elements of Sharia law which are just 100% incompatible with Western law.
So, can they assimilate?
No, not from what I've seen.
Look at this, guys.
Look, nice people.
Oh my gosh.
Hey, I went over there.
I tried to talk to them.
I got nothing but hate and screamed at.
You guys are so nice.
What's going on here?
Oh, there they are.
Look at this.
Look at this.
What did he say?
I don't know.
This is sad.
This is sad.
All I wanted to do was talk to these people.
That's all I wanted to do.
All I wanted to do was talk to these people.
Look at these smiling faces.
And they block our free speech, folks.
They block our free speech.
These guys ruin everything.
They're going to ruin our country, too.
Hey, don't touch my equipment, alright?
I'm going to walk through here.
Yeah, excuse me.
You touch my equipment, man.
As you can see, the left has aligned with ISIS.
Thank you for tuning into the InfoWars Nightly News.
Alex Jones Show, live tomorrow, 11 a.m.
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