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Name: 20170531_Wed_Alex
Air Date: May 31, 2017
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In this episode, Alex Jones discusses various topics including attacks on Trump, Oscar Lopez Rivera's parade, and conspiracy theories surrounding Hillary Clinton. He also promotes InfoWars products and discusses Omar Navarro's campaign against Maxine Waters. The hosts criticize mainstream media for reporting fake news and invite listeners to expose 'fake news.' They also talk about overpopulation in Guam, Putin's relationship with President Trump, and birth control funding. Additionally, they share their opinions on various issues such as the deep state, Kathy Griffin's decapitation stunt against Trump, George Soros' influence, and protecting children from a communist narrative.

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The answer to 1984 is 1776.
You're listening to The Alex Jones Show.
There are those moments in history when people do jump the shark at the perfect tipping point.
America and the world was sick of all the attacks on Trump.
They were seeing through them.
I was telling people just last week that we'd reach the tipping point.
And then Kathy Griffin comes out.
Like an ISIS sympathizer and basically promotes chopping the president's head off and the media then suddenly turns against her.
We're going to break it all down with an exclusive big announcement dealing with this lady and others on the other side of the break.
But here is a key John Bowne report that ties into all of it.
To recognize Oscar Lopez Rivera, formerly one of the leaders of the FLAN, a seditious Marxist paramilitary group responsible for over 130 bomb attacks on the United States in the name of Puerto Rican independence.
Well, we'll have a parade for him, of course.
My husband was at a business meeting January 24th, 1975 at Francis Tavern, the FALN.
Of which Oscar Lopez Rivera was a leader, placed a bomb in the restaurant which exploded, killing four people, my husband among them.
His being honored by being Grand Marshal of the parade is an absolute disgrace.
And particularly that it's happening in New York where
The FALN really had a reign of terror that affected all aspects of life in New York in the 70s and the early 80s.
InfoWars' Kellen McBreen writes, New York City's Puerto Rican Day Parade will be honoring convicted terrorist Oscar Lopez Rivera.
He was sentenced to 55 years in prison in 1981 on charges of robbery, seditious conspiracy, and transportation of firearms and explosives.
In January 2017, Rivera's prison sentence was commuted by then-President Barack Obama.
Fellow domestic terrorist Bill Ayers celebrated Obama's clemency for Rivera on Twitter, saying,
In 1999, former President Bill Clinton had offered clemency to Rivera and 15 other FALN members on the condition that they renounce the use or threatened use of violence for any purpose.
Lopez Rivera refused.
Back in 1999, CBS News reported,
Former New York City Police Officer Richard Pasquarella was blinded and lost five fingers on his right hand in an FALN attack.
He was outraged that 12 will be released.
They will reorganize, he said.
They will again voice their ideology on the American public with a bomb and with a gun.
The New York Fire Department and the New York Police Department
As well as the New York Daily News and Univision have dropped out of sponsoring the parade due to the decision to honor the convicted terrorist.
But New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio has no problem marching with him.
Nelson Mandela was viewed as a terrorist in 2008.
Are you really comparing him to Nelson Mandela?
Hold on, hold on.
Martin Luther King was the most dangerous man in America by the FBI.
He was shot and killed violently.
What we're saying, and we do this very often...
What are you saying?
What I'm saying is we conflate a lot of issues.
We oftentimes don't believe in the cause.
I'm not even attacking the cause.
I'm merely saying armed robbery and making bombs are not legitimate forms of political expression.
The United States has supported people who have done violent acts in
In the course of getting their freedom across the world.
What we tend to do with people... When things fall apart, it's people like you who will be responsible for them.
People who told their constituents it's okay to use violence.
It's people like you who actually try to conflate issues.
But what I'm saying to you, whatever it is that is brought up when it comes to strategies for freedom and justice, the people who are privileged usually try to dictate what should be done and who people should celebrate.
You know what?
All of us, of all colors and all incomes, can agree that armed robbery is not legitimate.
Mayor de Blasio, Congressman Luis Gutierrez, and other leftist leaders have swallowed Rivera's lie that he was a political prisoner.
Yet, four Americans died and more than 50 were injured on January 24, 1975, after the FALN claimed responsibility for the bombing of Manhattan's historic Francis Tavern, the pre-revolutionary meeting place for the Sons of Liberty.
The left's open hatred for America and everything it stands for will be on full display June 11th, 2017.
John Bowne for InfoWars.com.
Imagine the world without InfoWars.
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The right-wing smear machine has gotten Alex Jones-ified this election cycle.
There's a guy named Alex Jones.
Alex Jones.
From Infowars.
From Infowars.
Alex Jones.
Alex Jones.
One of those guys who believes Bigfoot was responsible for 9-11.
I heard that on Alex Jones, so it's true!
Claims that 9-11 and the Oklahoma City bombings were inside jobs.
The conspiracy du jour, Hillary Clinton is harboring a secret medical condition.
You just had to keep digging, didn't you, Alex?
I heard it on Alex Jones, so I know it's true!
Google is being accused of hiding negative stories about Hillary and her campaign by changing its algorithm to bury stories like the Clinton body count story.
That's according to website InfoWars.
And this really, this is so disgusting.
The juice of these pickles is on you, Alex Jones.
It goes right from Alex Jones, and it shows up in Donald Trump's mouth.
Hillary Clinton created ISIS with Obama.
The very fringe of the conspiracy movement, like Alex Jones, are being kind of incorporated into the campaign.
If Trump gets elected, he's gonna be Secretary of Defense.
I think that Alex Jones is a lunatic.
Move, bitch!
Get out the way!
Bill Clinton is a rapist, Infowars.com.
Bill Clinton is a rapist!
Bill Clinton is a rapist.
Bill Clinton's a rapist.
The New World Order sends its regards.
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
It's Alex Jones.
Last week, I said this on air, but I've also privately talked a lot about it to friends and family and crew.
The whole Russia narrative, the whole Trump's a racist narrative, the whole Trump is evil misogynist narrative is imploding.
Despite all the push polls and all the spin and all the deception, Trump is going up in scientific polls.
And the establishment is panicking.
They've hit him with everything they've got.
They have committed so many just absolutely massive, massive, massive, massive distortions and lies that they are now discredited.
And they've committed so much illegal leaking that it's now a gigantic criminal scandal and they're being exposed and caught.
They're painted into a corner.
Kathy Griffith, or Griffin, comes out, the CNN kind of failed comedian, looks like a store mannequin, and she comes out
And with a TMZ videographer, reportedly, creates this image of the president with his head cut off with blood pouring out across his face.
Most of you have already seen the image.
It's the top story in the world since it came out yesterday because it's so iconic.
The girl next door looks like an elementary school teacher in a nice 1950s blue dress holding up the severed head of President Trump.
All you need to do is pick a
And the two images are basically identical.
Now why are people so upset about this?
Because everyone is fed up with it.
Everybody sees through it.
I have seen every major newspaper in the country call for Trump's death, call for Trump's murder.
I've constantly heard the left go, man, I sure hope ISIS beheads him.
That is a popular meme.
Every time there's a terror attack, they say, good, go cut some Trump supporters' heads off.
I see this all the time directed at me.
Where they say, Jones, I hope ISIS blows you up or kills you.
And of course, ISIS has put some of our reporters in their videos.
Well now, New York Times columnist tweets joke about killing Trump.
Remember that?
LA Times journalist hopes for Trump's death.
Remember those headlines?
MSNBC counter-terrorism analyst calls for ISIS bombing of Trump property.
Calling for ISIS to strike Trump buildings on international television.
We've got that clip.
So now we're being told that Kathy Griffin should be ashamed of herself, the president says, and some are saying it's criminal what she did.
No, you can say it's art.
You can say that it's a symbol of what you think of Trump.
You know, if you call for someone to cut his head off, then it's a completely different kettle of fish.
But these other people that have been calling for the president to die, and been calling for others to kill him, they know exactly what they're doing.
It is an avalanche.
It is a tsunami.
It is a torrent.
For calls for violence, calls for attacking Trump, his family, his wife, Bow Wow calling for raping Melania Trump and putting her into sex slavery, Snoop Dogg putting out videos about killing the president, with a lookalike.
This is the atmosphere they've created and now they know it's backfiring.
So MSM has now chosen to pick Kathy Griffin
As the scapegoat.
I'm not defending her.
I don't like her.
I don't like her politics.
She wants open borders.
She wants globalism.
She apologizes for the refugees.
As far as I'm concerned, people like her are partially responsible, just like the Pope, for these terror attacks that they try to basically whitewash.
But she's a useful idiot in the final equation.
Because all these other people went even further, actually calling for his death or his murder or saying they want to kill him, and they didn't get in trouble.
She now says, I beg for your forgiveness.
That video is coming up.
So I'm not defending her.
But when the Church of Satan even piles on and says that she's horrible,
Well then you know that it's part of an establishment move because they understand that all these attacks and all these calls for violence on Trump are doing nothing more but backfiring on them in a big, big way.
Now all of that said, I have a video clip that I'm going to play here of celebrities, this is a small sampling from Madonna to Snoop Dogg, threatening to kill Trump.
When we come back, I'm going to announce a major initiative against this MSM terroristic bullying.
That's what it is.
The MSM has been involved in terroristic bullying of the American people, and the Kathy Griffin saga has taken it to rock bottom.
And they have tried to force-feed us all this garbage, so at least for now, they're taking a pause.
On their assault on Trump, because everything they did in the campaign failed, then they tripled the assault the last five months, that failed the last six months, and now they're taking a respite and trying to reorganize and decide what new lies they need to push and put out.
Because the Russian narrative is falling apart.
Everything else they put out is falling apart.
The fact that Trump's mentally ill, that's falling apart.
So they're now kind of reassessing things and putting the brakes on things with Kathy Griffin, a third-rate failed comic, who they are now deciding to throw over the side of
The boat.
Because there are real debates in the whole Soros globalist combine about whether they're going to have nationwide riots coming up in July that they're already financing, cop-killing riots, civil unrest.
I mean, that's being prepared right now.
And so that's why Kathy Griffin and others have been encouraged to act like this, and it's been a safe climate to engage in this type of criminal activity in many cases, where we see terrorism experts saying terrorists ought to strike Trump properties, inviting the attacks, recommending them, colluding with them.
That's what Al-Qaeda and ISIS is.
Is internet media personalities, production houses, trying to encourage lone wolves to go out and carry out attacks.
And that's what the media's been doing.
They've been acting just like Al-Qaeda and just like ISIS.
And that's why the new contest we're launching is called Expose the MSM Media Terrorists.
And you've got the Chicago Tribune and everybody pointing out that Trump's properties are the soft targets, again, trying to run down the value of them, you name it.
These people are at war with us, and now they're silent war, their secret war has been out in the open, and they're getting their butts kicked, so now they want to pull back.
That's what's happening right now.
Because it's not working.
Let's go to that clip.
His wife said, well he's a tough guy.
He's not a tough guy, he's a bully and he's a bitch, and he can suck my f***ing
I hit pause real quick.
Look at this poor guy.
He looks like the Catwoman.
He's had so many plastic surgeries.
He used to be a great actor.
Bombed out of his brain.
Totally insane.
I know folks that know him in Hollywood.
Mickey Rourke threatening the President how he'll meet him with a baseball bat and all these other tough guys how they want to hurt or attack the President all because he wants to try to protect the country and stop people like the guy that came in from Libya and blew up all these little girls.
Let's back this up one more time.
See Mickey, being a tough guy is actually taking care of your family and your country and not siding with Islamists.
And having a big rubber face.
I mean, you look like a clown.
You look like an overweight tranny.
You're the overweight tranny.
And then we've got, um... Kathy Griffin.
She looks like an anorexic tranny or something.
I'm not against trannies.
I'm just pointing out that we've got... I'm trolling the media there.
I'm doing that on purpose as a joke, folks.
I'm not bashing trannies.
It's a joke.
Even though he does look like... the Joker or something.
Let me be serious and play the clip.
Here it is.
His wife said, well, he's a tough guy.
He's not a tough guy.
He's a bully and he's a bitch.
And he can suck my f***ing d***.
I'll meet him in a hotel room any motherf***ing day of the week and give him a Louisville slugger.
Kiss my motherf***ing ass, you bitch, punk, d*** sucker.
Yes, I'm angry.
Yes, I am outraged.
Yes, I have thought an awful lot about blowing up the White House.
And then of course, Kathy Griffin with the severed head of Trump.
They're all trying to say it's okay to be violent.
It's okay to go out and kill.
It's okay to kill the president.
Let's simulate it.
Let's get some copycatters doing this.
Let's hype this up.
This is a group of criminals trying to terrorize this country.
Trying to bully us into submission.
And the bullying isn't working scumbags!
And all the little Hollywood turds that live behind big walls and have armed guards and that live in this free country and that run back to this nation.
Like Ariana Grande, after she says, I hope my fans die, and after she promotes open borders, after she demonizes Trump, they still run back here.
They don't run to the Middle East.
They don't run to Syria.
They don't run to Iraq.
They don't run to Libya.
They don't run to Saudi Arabia.
And who's our government backing?
The most radical Islamic groups in the Arab Spring, that all over North Africa, and all over Eastern Africa, and all over the Middle East, and all over Central Asia,
They're beheading and murdering and enslaving and cutting women's genitals off and I'm so sick of Katy Perry and I'm so sick of Ariana Grande and I'm so sick of Kathy Griffin and all these people running around trying to whip up war, trying to whip up violence, trying to whip up...
A civil war in this country when you don't even know how to shoot guns.
And the main military is awake.
And the main police forces are awake.
And they're awake that you have waged a war against the police and local government because you want to bully and intimidate them into submission under the Strong Cities Initiative of the United Nations so that they become totally political and under your control as tools and implements of oppression.
Well, guess what?
That's not working and that's not going to happen.
You are in checkmate.
Not us!
Our king, our queen, is in the rear with the gear.
And we've got our knights closing on you in a pincer attack.
You are already in check with nowhere to run.
The problem is, will you try to cause riots?
Will you try to overturn the table?
Because you're becoming a regional party?
Because you're becoming a joke?
Because we, the libertarian patriots, are taking over the globalist power structure?
Are you going to realize you're beaten?
No, you're not.
You're going to put out more lies, more garbage, more disinfo, and you think you're going to get away with it when you're not.
Let me make the new announcement.
It's up on InfoWars.com.
It just went live.
It is also up on Big League Politics.
The story again is on InfoWars.com.
Mike Cernovich called me last night.
He called me last night and he said, Alex, I got a really good idea with this Kathy Griffin story.
He said, you know how you did your Bill Clinton's a rapist contest and shelled out about $125,000 on that and how it happened thousands of times on national TV.
It's still happening at Democratic rallies.
They tried to change the subject onto Trump being a sexual predator with no evidence.
When Bill Clinton has settled rape cases and done everything else, and his wife defended pedophiles and other rapists that she knew were guilty, she's admitted that.
So they took their big weakness, just like they were weak on Russia, so they blame that on Trump, they took their big weakness of their sexual predator activities, and Jerry Epstein, and Anthony Weiner, and all the child porn garbage, and so they then projected that onto Trump.
So what we did is, we said, listen, we've got to take action.
So Roger Stone and many others worked to get Bill Clinton's rape victims into that debate.
And I worked with you, the listeners, to go out and simply say, Bill Clinton's a rapist.
And to make it more fun, everybody that gets the shirt for more than five seconds or so, clearly on TV, you get a thousand dollars.
If you do it,
And get Infowars.com out, and the fact that the mainstream media are anti-American terrorists, that the fake news are a bunch of terroristic bullies, terms like that, out on CNN, Fox, I don't care.
CNN's who we're targeting because she works for CNN.
She doesn't just do the ball drop.
She's routinely on CNN.
She does comedy for them.
I see her on there all the time.
I don't even watch much CNN.
She's a CNN worker.
She's a CNN employee.
And to fund this, we're going to sell a t-shirt.
You also get $1,000 or $2,500 if you're seen wearing the t-shirt.
On national TV, C-SPAN, your local news.
If that then gets picked up nationally or goes viral, I will choose $1,000 or $2,500 until it hits $200,000.
Last time we hit $100,000 in like a few weeks.
So many people did it successfully, and then still other folks were doing it, so I still paid out to some other folks, but I didn't really have the money.
I don't really have $200,000 laying around, but this is worth it.
This is a key crack in their facade.
America is awake now.
They jumped the shark.
This is iconic.
So, the shirts are being produced right now.
It'll take them a week to get here.
You'll have your shirts the next week and a half, but don't wait for that.
We're putting the PDFs up on InfoWars.com at InfoWars.com forward slash contest or just on the front page right now, Operation Exposed Terrorist Media.
I'm going to tweet it out at RealAlexJones.
I'm going to tweet it out on Paul Watson's Twitter.
Please retweet it.
You can make your own graphic, your own image, have a poster board, make your own t-shirt.
I don't care what you do.
However you do it, just get it on the news that CNN is a terrorist organization.
That they're terrorizing people, that they're bullying, that they're promoting when Trump supporters get attacked and saying it's okay.
But it's bigger than that.
We're just using CNN and we're using Kathy Griffin as the poster child because they are the fake news network.
You can do it to MSNBC, CNN, Fox, I don't care.
All the big morning shows, all of them, just don't break the law and don't get on private property.
There's lots of ways to do it, with a bullhorn, or behind people, or maybe pull up with a truck.
Right where you know they're about to do a live feed with a big poster on the side that says CNN is a terrorist organization, or it could be any other meme.
Daria put one out today on our Twitter that is the big high priestess that the Clintons go to.
It's admitted in the New York Times, who does the occult rituals that even little kids attend, the Alisher Crowley stuff.
We've got her with a goat's head next to
Kathy Griffin with a bloody Trump head, next to an ISIS guy with a head, and we say they all support open borders, they all support globalism.
And they all want to run your lives.
That's what they have in common.
It could be something like this.
Liberal scum wants to run your life.
You put that on the side of a truck,
You drive that truck, you know, peacefully, wherever they're doing a live feed, Fox News, CNN, MSNBC.
I don't care if it's a baseball game, a basketball game, a college game.
Instead of people standing up the stupid college games on ESPN, holding up all their signs and stuff about the team they care about or the football player or basketball player they love or baseball player they love, put something like this out and get InfoWars.com involved.
And that creates a massive lensing effect, an amplification effect, where everybody then tunes in to InfoWars.com and we reach new people.
Now, it makes the media attack me more.
It makes them try to shut us down.
It makes them try to come after us.
But that's the way it is.
I'm in an information war.
I'm a big boy.
Thank you for your prayers that really came through yesterday.
You notice you're not hearing anything in the news about the big court case yesterday.
In my family case.
Just praise God and Jesus Christ for the truth so far coming out and a good future for my family and my children and just thank you all for your prayers and support.
I'm not going to say anything else.
Just fake news media has got big egg on their face and that's why the MSN walked out of that courtroom and didn't print a word.
Not a word.
Did not print a word.
I'm going to leave it right there but thank you all for your prayers.
I know it's prayer.
Thank you.
God bless you all.
You've got to go into the furnace first, folks.
You've got to go into the lion's den first.
And sometimes you don't make it out of the lion's den.
Christ chose to be torn apart, to be an example.
And I'm not saying I'm Christ-like.
The Bible says we should all try to be Christ-like.
But in the fact that I'm willing to go all the way, that is one of my only Christ-like attributes.
That I love people, and I hate tyrants, and I'm not afraid of them, and I realize sacrifice.
And I don't want to die.
I don't want to be destroyed.
I don't want to be imprisoned.
I don't want to lose my family.
But you know what?
I'm going to lose my family anyways if I don't stand against this enemy.
There's no turning back from this, boys!
So, this is the biggest meme I've ever seen.
We're going to make this whole contest a meme factory, where we post everybody's memes.
I mean, you could use the Ben Garrison meme we just showed, or one of the other cartoonist memes.
We can put it back on screen.
You can put that on a side of a truck or on a poster board and then just plug in fullwars.com.
That way Ben Garrison gets promoted, the truth gets promoted.
And of course, what's the new symbol?
The new Ben Garrison logo?
The new Ben Garrison genius art?
It's Kathy Griffin cutting her own head off with a butcher knife saying, oops!
And that's the other t-shirt we're having designed right now.
Her cutting her own head off.
It is crazy he thought of the same thing.
In fact, I thought about her cutting her nose off and the graphics guy said, wouldn't it be better to just have her cutting her own head off?
I love how great minds think alike, but that is exactly what she did.
She cut her own head off.
Hey, let's call Ben and see if we can license putting that out on the front of a shirt right now.
In fact, I could manufacture these in the U.S., these shirts, turn them around in days.
We're gonna go wild with this.
She's their new poster girl.
Let's make her that.
$200,000 contest, but the real fun's gonna see MSM on its knees, hiding out, afraid to go outside, because everywhere they go, we're gonna be there exposing them as terroristic bullies, and we've now called their bluff.
This is exciting!
Oh, yes!
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We're good.
You'll find Emmerich's Essentials at InfoWarsLife.com or by calling toll-free, 888-253-3139.
And again, I'd like to thank the listeners and the viewers for their ongoing support.
Without you, there would be no InfoWar.
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I think this is one of the best commercials I've ever seen, and I'm really proud that it's ours.
So again, folks, find out why Emmerich's Essentials has so many people really giving it five-star reviews.
Rallying patriots worldwide in defense of human liberty.
It's Alex Jones.
So, we've been hiding under a rock, which I don't blame people doing.
It broke yesterday afternoon.
Kathy Griffin, the failed CNN comic, working with a TMZ journalist, reportedly, a journalist, camera person, did an iconic video
And photographs of her in a Miss America 1955 blue dress with her red hair complimenting a dummy head of Trump that looked a lot like him with blood running down the face.
And Barron saw it and got really upset, obviously.
They've been calling for Barron to be killed.
They've been calling for his mother to be killed.
They've been calling for his sisters and brothers to be killed.
I have stacks of news articles here.
New York Times columnist tweets jokes about killing Trump.
LA Times journalist hopes for Trump's death.
I mean, you all know about every major globalist, minion, wannabe tough guy out there has been talking about how they want to kill Trump, how they want to blow up the White House.
MSM counterterrorism analyst calls for ISIS to bomb Trump properties.
I mean, we can play that clip if you want.
That's from a month ago.
Kathy Griffin should be ashamed, says Trump.
People ask, is it illegal?
No, she didn't say kill the president.
She did some very obnoxious performance art, you could argue, that is pushing the idea of violence and this whole atmosphere of the riots they want in July that Mike Cernovich first broke months ago that Soros is admittedly funding at double the rates he was ever funding civil unrest previously.
He's been a big part of overthrowing parts of the Middle East, Ukraine, you name it.
So he means business.
They're planning something big this summer.
But finally this caught the public.
And it's just people are so sick of it and the demonization has backfired.
I was telling crew members last week.
I said it on air, I said they've hit bottom, it's now backfiring, what is their next tactic going to be?
And I believe it's going to be false flags to make themselves the victims.
We'll talk to Mike Cernovich, whose idea it was to have this contest, and I want him involved in this, help him promote it, in the middle of it, and I guess kind of a ringmaster, because the whole world is a stage, each of us players upon it.
We believe in what we're saying and what we're doing.
But we're doing this as art to expose the globalists, and we want it legal and lawful.
$200,000, that means you could have 200 winners at $1,000 a piece.
But people that say Infowars.com, Infowars.com at least a couple times, and something like terroristic bullying media is the enemy of America, CNN is fake news, Infowars.com is real.
And it's okay if you throw in other stuff.
You throw in Drudge Report, or you throw in Mike Cernovich, but we're the tip of the spear, and we're the main information warfare ship under attack.
I mean, we are under the big frontline attack, ladies and gentlemen.
But in my experience, we've got to go through the attack, and then it always gets better on the other side.
It's rough in the fight, but we come out stronger in every level.
Life's like a video game, or video games are imitating life.
Every level, it gets harder but more interesting, and you get stronger.
And we've just come through some big things the last few days.
In my personal life, total prayer, absolute answer is the prayer.
That's why you hear nothing in the media about my personal life anymore right now.
And I'm just gonna leave it at that.
But just thank God for your prayers and everything else.
Audience, you're amazing.
I am so humbled by you.
When I'm out in public and I run into people, Hispanic, black, white, old, young, it doesn't matter.
We're all together wanting liberty.
And it's so humbling.
Whether I'm at the hospital, you know, having a baby and, you know, there's white doctors and Asian doctors and black nurses and white nurses and black doctors and they're all love me and we're listening just days before and I'm walking out of the delivery room and I hear my voice and people are listening to me on their earphones they've pulled out and then I walk out, you know, side to the car and people run up and I'm not bragging about how big InfoWars is.
The point is you're awake!
It's like radar.
We're sending out our sonar.
Is there anybody out there?
We're getting so many pings.
It's like, wow, half the public's awake.
They just don't realize how much power they've got.
So I'm going to launch probably 10 different t-shirts.
They're all going to be limited runs.
I'm going to print each t-shirt one time and that's it.
And we're going to have a whole bunch of variants.
They're available right now of Kathy Griffin cutting Trump's head off and saying, CNN, terrorist.
CNN at the top, image of her with a knife, Trump's bloody head, terrorist.
CNN are terrorist.
Or CNN, enemy.
We're going to have CNN on top, under it, enemy.
And other slogans like that to really get out there and get in their face.
And how are people going to run up and get violent with us like they do with Trump shirts or Infowars shirts sometimes when it's her doing violence?
It's them.
We take CNN.
We take MSN.
That's the enemy.
We take their weakest point, 6% trust rates in a major AP study.
And we say, oh, it's not about Trump now we're defending, it's about you are MSM, and we're against you, and we're all coming together, liberal, conservative, old, young, you name it, around wearing these t-shirts.
And listen, everybody can make the Kathy Griffin t-shirts.
I came up with the idea for Hillary for Prison.
Mike Cernovich came up with this idea and gave it to me because then I'll finance it.
It's not about personalities.
It's not about who's number one.
It's about how we're winning and magnifying all of each other for the big victory.
So we're going to Mike Cernovich in just a moment.
Get the shirts.
It'll take four or five days to get them printed.
They'll be here by next week.
You will get the shirts shipped to you next week.
Order the shirts.
That'll pay, hopefully, we sell a lot of them, for the $200,000 prize.
$100,000 was the last
That contest, it sent shockwaves throughout the campaign.
It was a total game-changer.
Trump has told me personally that that contest and Hillary for prison got him elected.
But the enemy knows that, too.
That's why they're coming after us.
I think that is the iconic shirt that our great graphics folks have put together.
CNN terrorist.
Robert is so amazing, and I hope you buy a lot of these shirts because he deserves a bonus.
Operation Expose Terrorist Media.
Infowars.com forward slash contest.
Order one of these iconic shirts right now.
I'm going to come out with 10 different designs, and we're going to print a limited run of each one.
I never know which is going to sell.
So if you want one of these shirts, this is your chance to support the broadcast and fund this.
And a lot of people go out and say Bill Clinton's a rapist, like Mike Cernovich still does, and others, they didn't want the prize money.
They thought it was a great idea to be part of this movement.
But it's about showing our power.
It's different than a flash mob.
It's different than the media saying it killed Trump supporters, or attacked Trump supporters, and then people go out and do it.
This is about peacefully going out, showing our power, exercising our free speech, and showing how numerous we are, and how diverse we are, and it sends them to their knees at Cleveland.
And then we're going to our guest for RNC.
When they came to a rally that had like 4,000 people at it, and a third of them were black, the other third were Hispanic.
I'll be honest, I haven't seen any Asian people there because they're too busy working.
Like, us white folks and Hispanics and blacks, we're working, but we also go out and protest.
It's hard to ever see Asian folks protesting.
And I'm not bashing Asians, it's just a fact we've all seen it.
But I mean, it was like, the crowd was at least half quote minority.
That scares the daylights out of these people.
Because they know we're unifying, folks.
That's why they say we're racist all day, because they're so scared of unifying around a culture of wealth and productivity and self-defense and men being men, women being women, and success and honor and community.
We're ready for it.
We want it.
We're tired of being told we're crap all day, turned against each other.
So, Infowarsstore.com, go get your t-shirt today.
Also, we're extending the Memorial Day special, because these are some of the biggest specials.
On two items, the biggest ever, on colloidal silver and on knockout.
You sign up for auto ship, it's 75% off.
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And by the way, when you sign up for it under this, it locks it in the next time at the sales price.
That's an exciting part about it.
Go read the reviews.
I'll give you more of the reviews later because I want to go to Mike Cernovich.
But this is such an exciting time to be alive because I've been waiting for another contest.
I've been saying that we pioneered having these contests for free speech, legally and lawfully, with the Bill Clinton rape stuff and the vaccine awareness things I've done, the Bill Clinton joker and the Obama joker stuff we've done.
But I've been waiting for the right moment, waiting for the right thing.
And when I saw this Kathy Griffin thing, I said, this is going to be huge.
She's going to be destroyed by this.
They've gone too far.
People are fed up.
She did this right at the right moment, where people were finally sick of the poison, about to throw it up, about to reject it.
And the numbers show that, but I can feel it.
She came right at the right time, where they now are throwing her overboard.
And why are they doing that?
That's another big question.
Because they're preparing riots this summer.
They want to pull back now and have the media act like they're not for the violence because they're getting ready to actually trigger it.
They've got it built up and ready.
Now they want to start decrying it a month out from July before they trigger it.
We're almost exactly a month out from the July 3rd riots they're publicly planning nationwide.
So they want to pull back, act like they're all for peace, so they can act like they've repudiated those calling for violence ahead of it and ahead of them launching false flags on patriots.
I've been kind of analyzing it and kind of the teletype just popped out.
That's my analysis.
So Mike Cernovich, the man that thought up this counter offensive against these terroristic bullies that are MSM.
Great job, my friend.
Yeah, thank you.
Right when it happened, I thought, because, you know, a lot of people listening at home don't realize that Alex and I had a big meeting in Austin, and we said, you know, we really want to find ways to help people who listen and maybe want to make a career in journalism, but you can't hire everybody, but we want to find ways to spread the wealth around voluntarily.
And this contest is a way for people to say, hey, you know, maybe I'm a young kid, I'm struggling, or hey, maybe I want to get into the media game or whatever, but I don't know what to do.
And it's fun to add some booty in there.
So help people out financially.
Alex and I, we don't fly around in private jets.
We're not driving around, you know, in 50 different cars or whatever.
We're always thinking, how can we pump this money back into our economy so that people are no longer afraid to lose their jobs?
Exactly, because just like Henry Ford said, he was a bad guy in many ways, but he's right.
They go, why do you pay people ten times what anybody else does?
He goes, because I want to build an economy where they can buy the cars.
I want to build a middle class.
We need a middle class.
We need to spend money and build things or there isn't a civilization to live in.
That's exactly right.
Building our own economy is the exact phrase that Alex and I used at an Easter brunch we had with my wife and daughter.
We said, how can we build up more people?
How can we build this economy so that people have more success and more prosperity?
So these contests are a perfect way.
And then of course, this contest, which, you know, the rules are, they're not that strict.
If you read them, we're not trying to play games with people.
We're trying to reward good faith efforts.
For people to spread the message that CNN is ISIS, that they are a terrorist organization, that they are trying to not just get Trump killed, but they're trying to get everybody who supported Trump killed.
And it shows how arrogant they are.
And again, a $100,000 contest brought them to their knees, probably changed the outcome of the election.
Imagine what $200,000 is going to do.
And again, we reserved the right
Because moles can go out and try to false flag us and do bad things with this.
So we reserve the right to refuse, you know, anybody winning.
But we paid out to everybody, folks.
You saw the contest winners.
But it's not even about that.
It's about getting back in their face, pointing out that mainstream media is the enemy, and that we will not put up with their bullying anymore, Mike.
Yeah, and it's about speaking out, which is why when I was at that Austin rally, I took on the microphone and said, Bill Clinton is a rapist.
And then you triggered that kind of animosity and anger from them that Kathy Griffin has.
Here's the way I look at it.
If Alex wants to give an event, he's going to have people disrupt it.
If I'm going to do an event, people are going to disrupt it.
It is time for us, legally and lawfully,
If we see CNN out there recording an interview, we need to get right up in there.
It's a free country, public space.
We have every right to go up there.
When CNN is filming something out on the street corner, they don't have a right to exclude anybody.
They don't have that property right there.
So people have every right to go up there and say, why is your employee Kathy Griffin a terrorist?
Why do you support terrorism?
Why won't CNN do the right thing and renounce terrorism?
See, we have every right to do it, and we're going to exercise that right, and we want to incentivize people to exercise that right.
And again, Mike Cernovich is our guest.
Let's expand on that.
If you just joined us, I launched, I've launched many of these campaigns, but the most successful was obviously the Bill Clinton's a rapist situation.
You didn't need to buy the t-shirt.
We had the mp3, or mp3, we had the jpeg image up on infowars.com so that you could download it, so that you could use it.
You can make your own image.
If you don't have the t-shirt, that's fine.
You can just paint it on a shirt.
Or you can put it on the side of your truck.
However you do it creatively, as long as it gets out on the news, national news, $1,000.
You get Infowars.com in and get audio in.
On top of it, that this woman and the mainstream media are the enemy and are terrorists and have been terrorizing us and that they are a foreign force, you get $2,500.
And again, I had a $100,000 budget, I went over $125,000 last time because there were stragglers coming in that did a great job, even though I had stopped the contest after a month, they kind of got mad, so I paid out some more people.
Okay, but we're not made out of money here.
But I just know, I feel in my gut, this is going to absolutely take off.
It was going to be $100,000, remember last night we talked, but I'm doing $200,000.
And listen, if you buy enough t-shirts, it could become its own economy.
Those of you that have money, buy the shirts, promote free speech, let the mainstream media know that they're the enemy, meet like-minded people, and then I'll just keep putting the money back in, we'll go to a million dollars, two million, five million.
I mean, theoretically, if enough shirts got bought, we would change the whole landscape of the country, the greatest meme ever seen, and you'd have people winning $5 million.
Exactly right.
So people can buy 10 shirts, give them out.
Buy 10 shirts, give them to homeless people.
Whoa, I just thought of that.
What do you think of that, Alex?
Give them to homeless people, and then they're going to be walking billboards.
Yes, I just thought of that right now.
People who are more successful could buy, you know, ten shirts, a hundred shirts, walk around and give them to homeless people, and then we'll have everybody wearing these shirts.
And you know what?
The homeless and trendies and people, they like violence and death and blood.
We don't.
But they'll love these shirts, and they'll wear them.
Exactly, and then that'll spread the meme even further.
Because we want everybody to know that CNN, I mean, think back to this, Alex.
For 18 months, the media has lied about the violence against Trump supporters.
They've incited it.
They call us Nazis, and then they go, it's okay to punch a Nazi.
And it came out in the WikiLeaks they were sending women to start fights to get beat up to blame us.
The bird dogging and everything.
All CNN had to do when Kathy Griffin posted that was to say, that's wrong.
We discourage this and she's gone from New Year's Eve.
They couldn't even do that.
She is still going to host New Year's Eve.
As of right now, she will still be hosting New Year's Eve with Anderson Cooper.
That's right.
We want her, we want her fired.
They want to fire Sean Hannity and people for investigating reasonable murder investigations.
They want to fire O'Reilly for settling stuff, you know, ten years ago and I'm not even defending him.
But then this woman and this whole culture, they're saying kill Trump basically.
Many of them are actually saying it and none of them get in trouble.
They all need to get in trouble because they're trying to foment insurrection.
When we come back,
Mike Cernovich, let's start getting into something you've been on for months.
They now admit Soros and others are funding, in July, massive civil unrest, violence, new waves of cop killing have been announced by leftist groups.
They're so bold, they're planning something big.
Tell us about your intel on the other side and how this, what we see with Griffin, ties into this.
But briefly, you've got several websites, Twitter, you name it.
How do folks follow you?
The easiest way right now is Twitter.com forward slash C-E-R-N-O-V-I-C-H.
Twitter.com forward slash Cernovich.
You can get plugged into the books, the videos, the documentaries, the journalism, all from Twitter.com forward slash Cernovich.
I'm late to Twitter, but I'm really starting to get on it, folks.
Real Alex Jones.
Please follow us there.
And of course, over on Watson's At Prison Planet.
We'll be back.
I'm Alex Jones.
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I have a bunch of guests and so much news in your phone calls.
Coming up in a little bit in the next hour, Roger Stone is here in Austin.
He is going to be in studio with us.
Why is Roger Stone here?
Because I'm intending to launch in the next month and a half or so,
I've just got to set an absolute deadline and go with it.
I've got to come up with the name of the shows, I've got to get all the people in place, the equipment, to launch basically a TV network.
And we've got the satellites and we already have some cable and some TV stations picking us up, but cable TV that's in a talk radio format, something I launched 15, 16, 17 years ago, that's basically tailored to talk radio.
So that's what's going on.
That's what's being built.
That's what's being set up.
Cernovich is going to have his own show.
Stone's going to have his own show.
David Knight's going to have his own show.
Owen Schroer is going to have his own show.
And they're going to be somewhat roundtables for part of it, because a lot of our hosts will be remote, but will also be anchored by professional stuff with, you know, HD audio and video here in Austin, Texas.
We're about to upgrade everything.
We've got new huge
Half a million dollar studio going in.
Just the studio.
Another quarter million dollars of equipment.
That sounds like a lot.
That's cheap to build TV studios.
But these are nice.
And we're really making a run at them.
So, I'm so excited.
I know in my heart, my spirit.
That this Kathy Griffin, CNN is a terrorist organization meme is going to take over.
And again, it's not just about CNN.
It's any MSM you want to target.
They're all in on it.
Expose them.
It's just the meme that everybody knows about Griffin and CNN.
So you use that to bring solidarity together.
I know this is going to be huge.
Think about the Bill Clinton's a rapist.
That's still happening every few days at Democrat rallies.
People get on the mics and say Bill Clinton's a rapist.
I mean, this is devastating them.
What do you make, though, as I asked you earlier, about the plans for riots a month from now?
I think they're backing off open calls for violence a month out because suddenly the guns have stopped.
They're saying don't call for violence because they want plausible deniability in one month when their operatives start burning down cities.
Yeah, well it turned out even that that Portland, terrible, terrible person in Portland, he was a left winger running a psyop against the right wing and we actually exposed that before it could even happen.
That's right, explain that.
It's now come out that he was a Democrat and a bunch of other stuff.
Yeah, so what had happened, I was covering the story and I got a phone call when I was doing a live stream and a guy goes, no, no, no, we were at the rally.
We called the police on him.
They reported him, by they I mean the Patriots, the Trump supporters, reported him to the Portland Police, but the Portland Police thought that guy was going to hurt them.
So he thought he was going to hurt Trump supporters, so they didn't act on it.
And that was what happened.
The Portland murder was preventable, but because of these stand-down orders that all these liberal police departments have, they didn't act on that tip that they received.
So this Portland train suspect guy, he stabbed two people.
I consider him a terrorist.
He tried to pretend that he was a patriot, but when you went back through his social media, he said he hates Jews, he hates Christians.
He said he wanted to, didn't he say he wanted to get you too?
Yeah, he wants to get everybody who supported Trump.
Well, look at him!
He's a sack of garbage!
So the left-wing media was trying to frame us.
This was a sign-up.
And I'm not saying he's a sack of garbage because he has long hair.
He has that idiotic look in his eye, that little belligerent gang member thing of like a 12-year-old punk.
Total arrest of development.
Daddy wasn't home.
Daddy never spanked him.
He just thinks he can do whatever he wants.
Well, guess what?
You're going to prison now for 20 years, you dumbass.
Yeah, 35-year-old total loser, like every other terrorist, just a complete and total loser, nothing going on.
And he was a left-wing operative.
And then people who I had sources who sent me the screencaps, he admitted that he was running a PSYOP because somebody buttered up to him and said, oh, hey, I noticed that you're with these Trump people.
Let's frame them.
And he goes, oh, yeah, I'm running a PSYOP on the Trump people, and I want to frame them to make Trump people look evil.
And that's why they're having to drop the story now, and you broke that again.
It's not about praise, but about the fact that people taking action like Cernovich are changing the world, and when you take action supporting us, and spreading the word, and getting involved in this new contest, exposing the media terrorist, you are Paul Revere.
I salute you all.
Hour number two, 70 seconds away.
Visit GCNlive.com today.
A video has gone viral on the internet, where Muslim migrants are caught in the act, stealing flowers and toys from, get this, a memorial dedicated to the victims of the Manchester bombing.
During the video, you can hear the man behind the camera, who is from Manchester, approaching the two migrant men and accusing them of being thieves.
Faded f***ing bastards.
Put them back!
Put them back now!
Now one of the migrants is seen holding a stuffed blue Smurf toy that he had just stolen from the memorial.
I'll knock the sh** out of the pair of you.
How's that?
Now in case you missed that, the man from Manchester told the Muslim migrants, I'll knock the sh** out of the pair of you.
Proof that not all of the citizens of Manchester are liberal cucks.
And you can watch the video in its entirety right now.
At Infowars.com.
We are on the march.
The Empire is on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
I can smell victory in the air.
Yeah, I told the crew.
I told my family I should.
This anti-Trump stuff, I know they're putting 15 points or more against him in the polls, and his polls are still rising.
They're in full panic mode.
Most of the country is pro-Trump.
Only the dumbest, conned trendies aren't.
It's not like we worship Trump.
We just recognize he's legitimately calling terrorists losers because that makes people then not go do it.
You call them dangerous and evil and powerful and all these nerds.
That's who does it.
I don't care if they're white, black, Arab, it doesn't matter.
It's all the same type.
Little wimps.
Who are always jealous of women because they don't want to date them.
Oh, women don't want to date me.
Let me go blow up, you know, 70-something of them.
They are... The FBI has profiles, folks.
These are literally... Of course, who wants to go blow up random people?
If somebody does something to you, go beat the brains out yourself.
And I'm not saying do that either.
But that's what... If somebody does something to you, you know, then you might do something back.
You don't go blow up little teenagers.
They're losers!
Trump is so smart, isn't he?
To call them losers, Cernovich.
Exactly right, and we had talked about this, Scott Adams and I talked about how the propaganda
by ISIS was created with Hollywood propagandists in mind.
So Hollywood had actually helped ISIS do their propaganda videos.
That's something a lot of people don't know.
That Hollywood gives them scripts, gives them camera footage, tells them how to shoot these really inspiring videos that make these loser nerds think that they're going to... Oh I was about to say, some of the footage that ISIS puts out, Stanley Kubrick couldn't do it.
Exactly, that's Hollywood.
So a lot of people don't know that Hollywood actually teaches them how to shoot footage.
They write scripts for them.
There's a big terrorist connection between Hollywood and ISIS and that Kathy Griffin thing was a direct effigy.
It was a direct unconscious message to ISIS to say that we love you and we worship you and that we adore you.
That was the whole reason she did that.
It was a tribute to ISIS.
And it was so bad, again, that the Church of Satan
Even said, hey, keep us out of this.
This is an ISIS thing.
There's nothing about us involved in this.
So what they do is Hollywood teaches ISIS how to do propaganda videos.
And then all these guys like that 35-year-old loser, never done anything, can't meet girls, can't do anything.
He thinks, wow, I'll go be a hero.
I'm going to go live this cool life.
Because he has nothing else going on in his life.
Because none of us, I mean, if you think about it,
None of us want to kill anybody because we're not homicidal, first of all.
But moreover, you have a wife, you have kids, you have children, you have friends, you have family, you have community, you have culture, you have info warriors.
Why would anybody want to lose that?
I want to live a long time.
I want to live forever.
I don't want to, you know, blow myself up or hurt somebody.
I want to live to 120 and meet my great-great-grandchildren and, you know, see space colonies and everything else.
Exactly right.
And we want to do positive things for the world.
But we're not the market for ISIS.
The market for ISIS are these loser beta dregs who have no masculinity.
A lot of them are male feminists.
There's actually a guy, I believe in Seattle, who is an online male feminist activist who was just arrested for killing his ex-girlfriend or something like that.
So male feminists have a very high degree of sexual predation.
And of murder.
So Hollywood, again, is teaching ISIS how to run propaganda films.
And then by having Kathy Griffin hold that head with all the blood on it, that was their way of saying, we agree with ISIS.
And of course, the fake news media, CNN, has not fired Kathy Griffin, which tells me that CNN therefore supports ISIS.
I can't reach any other conclusion.
Do you?
You're absolutely right, and it's even come out in mainstream news that white helmets assisted public-held executions in rebel Syria.
So, the white helmet folks are basically an al-Qaeda jihad force.
I can't believe Salon even told the truth about that, but there it is.
Do a few more minutes with us.
I've got Roger Stone here, but I'm going to war plan with you some more, because I meant to start the show with what you just said, Cernovich, that this is the left's love of radical Islam, their ode to it, their obsession with it, the women wearing the hijabs,
USA Today saying women are wearing the hijab as an act of solidarity and feminism against Trump.
I'm gonna throw up.
We'll be back.
A video has gone viral on the internet, where Muslim migrants are caught in the act, stealing flowers and toys from, get this, a memorial dedicated to the victims of the Manchester bombing.
During the video, you can hear the man behind the camera, who is from Manchester, approaching the two migrant men and accusing them of being thieves.
Thieving f***ing bastards.
Put them back!
Put them back now!
Now one of the migrants is seen holding a stuffed blue Smurf toy that he had just stolen from the memorial.
I'll knock the s*** out of the pair of you.
How's that?
Now in case you missed that, the man from Manchester told the Muslim migrants, I'll knock the s*** out of the pair of you.
Proof that not all of the citizens of Manchester are liberal cucks.
And you can watch the video in its entirety right now.
I'm going to lay it out short and sweet.
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Live from the InfoWars.com studios, you're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
The war was lost.
Ladies and gentlemen, the left is now openly embracing Islam.
Kathy Griffin, though, has gone too far, simulating an ISIS beheading of the president, as ISIS itself is encouraged by MSN and by MSNBC to attack Trump Towers with truck bombs.
We have the video.
They are openly terrorist.
Here's a clip of some of the scumbags calling for Trump's death.
His wife said, well, he's a tough guy.
He's not a tough guy.
He's a bully and he's a bitch and he can suck my
I'll meet him in a hotel room any motherf****** day of the week and give him a Louisville slugger.
Kiss my motherf****** ass, you big punk c*** sucker.
That's white trash right there.
That is white trash.
Yes, I'm angry.
There's more trash.
Yes, I am outraged.
Yes, I hate the West.
Yes, I'm an evil person.
Yes, I have thought an awful lot about blowing up the White House.
You've thought a lot about sending your ass to the White House.
Saudi Arabia.
Look at Snoop, he's so tough.
Simulates killing President Trump.
Oh, he's so tough.
Now they want to kick the civil war off.
Through the Open Society Institute that works to overthrow
Elected governments all over the world, like Ukraine.
George Soros, of course, is involved.
So why are they so upset about Kathy Griffin now?
Roger Stones here.
I want to get some final comments from Mike Cernovich.
You've got some big breaking news.
We have launched a giant $200,000 contest, just to add excitement, $1,000.
If you get Infowars.com and the fact that mainstream media is a terroristic organization, not just CNN, it could be CNN, MSNBC, I don't care.
Kathy Griffin hopefully can be in it with the severed head of Trump.
$1,000 each time you do it.
A couple people won repeatedly.
One guy won three times.
If you get Infowars.com out three or four times, along with that they're terrorist media, that they're fake news, that they're enemies of the American people.
But Mike Cernovich said something so key.
He was pointing out earlier.
That this is their ode to Islam.
You have them wearing the hijabs.
You have them at the rallies, I saw in D.C., handing out thousands of hijabs.
The Soros lady that's being funded is an islamicist who is for sexual mutilization of women.
You've got this obsession with the left everywhere saying kill Trump supporters, kill Trump's family.
But why now, suddenly, are they turning on Kathy Griffin and saying, oh my God, she's in trouble?
And finally, USA Today saying it's wrong and CNN, but not firing her.
Because they're getting ready for the riots and the violence in July, they've been planning publicly, and they want to now pull back a little bit from the explosion.
This is simply, you know, they've laid the explosives, they're now evacuating back.
You know, posing, in my opinion.
What do you think, Mike Cernovich?
Yeah, they definitely realized that they went too far.
All CNN, if CNN had really cared about this, I mean, think about it.
If I did an image of that like that, Alex, you'd text me and be like, hey, Cernovich, you gotta go do your own thing, and that's just the way it's gonna be.
You don't need to wait 50,000 hours like CNN did, and then say, well, we're still gonna keep her on CNN, but we're gonna evaluate it.
I hope it blows over.
So what happened is, Kathy Griffin showed their hand.
That, we can no longer deny it because Roger Stone, you, others, we have long said that the media is inciting violence.
And it was shot in that super HD color, just like the ISIS videos, and people subconsciously, it's now come out, Hollywood helped produce a lot of those.
Obama was behind ISIS, the Arab Spring, the Globalist, George Soros.
This has all come out that the White Hats are executing people, are really Al Qaeda, that's mainstream news.
So it's all, people subconsciously went, I've seen that same super 35mm glossy look before.
So they went too far, too fast.
But you know what?
The patriots are waking up and that is why this contest is so important.
That is our counter-strike.
They're committing terrorism on us.
They want everybody here listening to die.
They want you murdered.
They want your children kidnapped.
The media, if they could push a button right now and kill all of your children, they would in a second.
They hate us.
By the way, Cernovich isn't just saying this.
The leftists are mentally ill people, losers, scum, and sociopathic and psychopathic elites.
They want total conquering.
They see us as schmucks that want open, free societies.
They see us as jokes that actually care about free market and actually care about people's freedoms.
They are allied with authoritarianism because they worship at the dark idol of tyranny.
This is a historic fact.
But they want a war?
Cry havoc and let loose the dogs of war.
They want to kill our republic?
Well, the ghost of our king, Jesus, is now ravenously walking, you know, the battlefields of the mind, and they have sown the wind.
They are now reaping the whirlwind politically.
They hope for violence because they are intellectually losing the war of ideas with us.
Mike Cernovich, incredible job.
Great idea with this contest.
You're going to be a big part of it.
Thank you so much.
Thank you.
And just to emphasize your point, all that pro-pedophilia stuff comes from the left too.
Pro-pedophilia, pro-terrorism, pro-broken homes, attacking the family.
We can now declare the left is a death cult.
This is 100% fact.
They worship death.
Thanks, Alex.
That's why they're allied with ISIS and Al Qaeda.
That isn't rhetoric.
We're going to get to your big breaking news, Roger, but wow, what do you make of this iconic image of the President in this video, in HD, having his head cut off, looked real, scared baron, the classic ISIS image.
You know, we've got the left saying, kill him everywhere, getting away with it.
Why suddenly has it hit such a chord?
I think this signifies a major tipping point.
I told you last week on the phone.
I said I think these attacks on Trump are bouncing off.
I think the public is now not buying any of it.
I think it's now hit a saturation point where it's beyond fatigue, where it's torture, and I believe their terrorization of the public is now backfiring.
Alex, this is nothing short of sick.
I mean, in Hollywood, this is how you revive a flagging career.
This woman was going nowhere.
She couldn't get her name in the newspaper.
She couldn't get in the media.
So she pulls a stunt like this.
Now, we'd like to think
This is a career ender.
We'd like to think that the left will now censure her, but they won't.
This has actually, sadly, re-flagged her career.
She's all over the news today, and that's what they sought to do.
Incite violence, disrespect, and undermine the President of the United States with these kind of violent images.
This just shows you how sick Hollywood has become.
How sick the Hollywood New York excess has become.
Yesterday, we had Rick Derringer, the rock legend, with us.
He and his wife discussed about how they have been snubbed and insulted and abused over their support for Donald Trump by the Hollywood left, by the entertainment industry.
Instead, you get freaks like this getting incredible coverage.
Absolutely, and it's been in the news.
I heard about it years ago, but I've had top producers visit me.
I mean, guys,
Put on shows on television that have budgets of $150 million.
I mean, people bigger than Chris Carter.
I'll just leave it at that.
And they're in secret societies and have secret conservative libertarian meetings in LA and Houston and other places.
I've been invited to them.
I said, yeah, sure, maybe sometime.
I'm pretty busy.
I'm not snubbing them.
I just don't have time to go to secret, you know, right-wing meetings or whatever.
But it just shows how crazy this country has gotten.
That people that have made hundreds of millions of dollars, and they're not even conservative.
They're just libertarian, like Kurt Russell's one of the few guys that said, look I like George Washington, I like America, I like freedom, I'm not liberal, I'm not conservative, but I'm not allowed to be who I am.
They call me a right-winger and I'm sick of it, and the Second Amendment is a good thing.
All these rich Hollywood people have bodyguards, but then they don't want the public to have it.
It's a load of crap!
And they tried to get him in trouble.
I mean, the truth is most people in Hollywood
The most incredible thing about this, I think, Alex, is what happened to the Democratic Party of John F. Kennedy and Harry Truman?
What happened to the patriotic liberal Democrats?
The Democrats now, nationally, seem to be a rollover for radical Islam, for any politically correct meme that comes along.
They are no longer patriotic, they are no longer pro-hard work, they're no longer pro-middle class.
What happened to that Democratic Party?
It's evaporated under the leadership of Barack Obama and the Clintons.
It's a disgrace.
And let's be clear!
When you're saying this, this is not political rhetoric.
They are literally the party of revolution, death, Islam, Satanism, having trannies teach three-year-olds how to have sex.
I mean, it's just, you see the stuff, it's so over the top, they're like the party of mental illness.
It's almost hard to fathom because I don't see the political viability of their point of view.
I mean, what voter would vote for their kind of weak-kneed, pasty-faced, left-wing rolling over for people who want to destroy our democracy?
And by the way, I'd call you a libertarian.
I mean, you're for gay rights.
You've gone to gay pride parades.
You're for marijuana legalization.
I mean, but you still want lower taxes in a strong country.
Well, I'm a patriot.
I believe in maximum personal freedom.
I don't want the government in my bedroom or the boardroom.
Well, that's what I'm getting at here is the left is just a screaming cult that wants to make us take their sexual preference, that wants to make us live like they say, that wants to tell us what words to use, and then they're allied with the most monotheistic, chauvinistic, oppressive death cult.
I mean, what is their problem?
You know, it's very hard to understand where the the constituency is among voters in the Democratic Party for what they're peddling.
This is why... Yeah, Trump's promoting prosperity and he's delivering it.
They're pissed!
But this is why the Trump Democrat is now important.
The Trump Democrat who swung Wisconsin, who swung Michigan, who swung Pennsylvania.
This is, I think, the
The makings of an entire political realignment, where you have a new coalition of traditional Republicans, Libertarians, and right-thinking, working-class, patriotic, hard-working union member Democrats.
We're talking about Survival Common Sense Party.
I mean, the anti-suicide party.
The anti-national suicide party.
We'll be back with big breaking news on the latest that old George Soros, that old snake's up to, straight ahead.
It's a no-brainer.
I want to salute and thank all of you.
No matter what color you are or where you came from, if the love of liberty and justice beats in your heart, if the love of standing up against tyrants flows through your veins, we are all brothers and sisters together in this epic experiment that is life.
So again, thank you all for your support.
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Ladies and gentlemen, everybody knows that I come in here some day and do pretty calm shows, and I only get excited when stuff's really hardcore.
They are planning massive riots this summer.
I'm going to get more into that later.
Open the phones up.
Roger's riding shotgun with us into the next hour.
Other guests are joining us as well.
You've got so much geopolitical news.
Trump is really trying to get tax cuts through Congress.
He's really trying to repeal Obamacare.
He's really trying to kick the globalist out and get small business loans going.
And they're really running around saying kill him.
But Roger Stone has exclusive inside intel.
That he's breaking right now, because I want to be positive about Trump, but it's so complex, even with a company with 70 employees, I don't know what a lot of them are doing sometimes.
They're great people, but we've had some moles, we've had some problems before.
Everybody's experienced that who's, you know, had a lot of people under him.
Trump's got thousands of people under him.
He's got a major Soros mole discovered in the White House, breaking now, Roger Stone.
Alex, this is really hard to believe, but I confirmed the facts again this morning.
George Soros has penetrated the Trump White House.
Soros has planted a mole infiltrating the national security apparatus.
A woman named Fiona Hill
Who has a Harvard background, has been on the Soros payroll and the payroll of the Open Society Institute, has been brought into the Trump White House by General McMaster.
The reason this is significant is because, as you know, the Hungarian government has been fighting the Open Society Institute, which is a front
In Hungary to destabilize the Hungarian government.
And we should add, they are patriot right-wingers that are pro-Trump, pro-Ron Paul.
They just don't like Islamic invasion.
And I am told from the best possible sources in the Trump White House that only days ago in a showdown meeting, this woman, Fiona Hill, now on the national security staff,
...argued that she was a Russian expert and that the Trump administration must oppose the Hungarian efforts to crack down and expose on the so-called Open Society Institute.
That's the group that overthrew Ukraine.
That's the group that was openly behind the Arab Spring.
That's the group openly behind ending the free press here.
That's the group openly behind funding the cop killer Black Lives Matter groups and literally funding the groups chanting
You know, kill the cops, deck the hall with dead cops.
Why would anyone put up with this load of baloney?
And why would anyone have a woman with this background, Brookings Institute, Harvard, George Soros, Open Society, in the Trump White House?
This defies all reason.
Now, my sources tell me that McMaster brought her in.
My sources tell me that she is now asserting herself, claiming to be a Russian expert, and is outraged that the Trump administration would consider joining the Hungarian government and opposing the Open Society Institute.
Let's expand on this.
Next we're going to hear...
When Trump tried to block the Russian expert, was he obstructing justice and aiding the Russians?
That'll be next!
In this load of manure, if you don't support George Soros letting the Muslims in to Eastern Europe, where they've been overrun more than anybody for 1,400 years, Eastern Europe, ladies and gentlemen,
Are the ones that stopped the Islamic invasions over and over again.
We owe our very existence to Hungary and Romania and Poland and places like that who stopped the Muslims' invasions more than 75 times.
It cost millions of European lives battling these people.
Well, Alex, as you know, I am of Hungarian descent.
This strikes home.
The fact that people accuse me of being in bed with the Russians, let's be very clear, the Russians crushed my family members in the 1956 revolution, the 1956 revolt.
So it is anathema to me this idea that I... But you've always been a famous anti-communist.
You helped round a bunch up in the 80s.
But let's be very clear.
What is happening to Carter Page is exactly what is happening to me.
This morning it was revealed by the President of the United States
That the House Intelligence Committee is stalling on the testimony of Mr. Page.
That's because they have nothing.
And they won't release the memo.
The memo's fake.
And Comey said there was no obstruction.
They're caught red-handed.
And former chairman of the committee Nunes said this morning that the committee has not called and not interviewed a single witness.
They're in slow-mo here because they know they have nothing.
And that gutless, pasty-faced, wimpy Adam Schiff
from California does not have the cojones to face me in a public forum.
And that's why for what, seven months they've been saying they're gonna call you, but they never call you to these Bozo hearings.
They just attack you in absentia when you're not there.
Why don't they bring a piƱata in and then have like a recorder saying, I'm Roger Stone, I'm guilty, I'm a Ruski, I'm a commie.
Well, what they proposed is a closed session, two members from both parties, no transcript.
Unacceptable, because they will misrepresent... They will leak BS just like the Comey memo that does... Why do you think they won't release it?
It doesn't exist?
It doesn't exist.
There is no Comey memo.
You said that back in the time.
That's why Trump said, be careful, I got your ass on tape, you little scumbag!
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Clinton operative?
Alex Jones.
America's fighting back now.
Get ready, scum!
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Leading a frontal assault on the lives of the New World Order, it's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Ladies and gentlemen, I'm pretty good at reading tea leaves, and I know it's going to be successful, and I know it's not.
And I pretty much operate, though, off the energy in the country and the world, and just what I analytically see, what I intellectually see, but what I feel at a gut level.
And I've been feeling the last few months and seeing the globalists throw everything they've got against America and against sovereign nations like Brazil and others that are trying to pull out of globalism, this unelected corporate government.
Trump is killing TPP.
He's killed it.
He's killing Napta and Gantt.
He's renegotiating all this stuff.
He's going there and literally, when they try to block him, get to the front podium, pushing past globalist millions.
I mean, they are freaked out by somebody actually representing America, but more importantly, prosperity.
And that's what the Renaissance is about, is getting out of stagnation.
So that's why they're after Trump.
We'll get more into the infiltration here in a moment.
But they're coming after us because
They know prosperity is outcompeting their authoritarian model.
And that's why I have now energetically felt and seen in the last week
Their full will against us, I can like feel it being lifted back.
It's still bad, but now it's more of panic.
They don't know what to do.
There are major power forces that are making more money than ever, and they're kind of saying, why are we trying to have austerity and make everybody poor to control them, when Trump's plan and the American system, that's all it is, is a return of that.
It's so much better.
So the sexiness of America is just too sexy, people can't turn it down.
And the return of it, they've tried to kill it, they've tried to make it ugly, they've tried to make the architecture ugly, the clothing ugly, everything ugly that's been declassified to make you give up and not realize the incredible human potential you've got.
And that's why they're panicking.
Here's the news.
We just retweeted it at Real Alex Jones.
CNN has terminated our agreement with Kathy Griffin to appear on our New Year's Eve program.
Oh, she'll be back.
But the point is, will they terminate all their other reporters saying, kill Trump?
We'll go over some of those people.
Will the guy at MSNBC saying, you know, please blow up Trump Tower?
I mean, will he get arrested?
Because that's way worse than what she did.
And I'm not defending her.
I'm just pointing that out.
So, we're gonna get to that more here in just a moment.
But first off, we need funding.
Let me tell you, if we get robust funding, you won't see $200,000 contests.
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It's about being able to take on the globalists at point-blank range.
Big fish eat little fish.
I want to be as strong and as focused and as robust and as committed going into this fight.
So, please support InfoWars.
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You can be creative.
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We probably need to add repeatedly.
It needs to be, you know, good clean on there.
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We should add to that Infowars.com.
We did all this this morning, wrote this up this morning, so I'm doing this by the seat of my pants, but we need to be specific there.
And again, I always reserve the right to refuse any of these.
We need to add that at the bottom because it could be operatives or globals trying to do it, you know, to discredit us or something.
So, but we paid out on all these before, but it's not about the money.
It's about the excitement.
It is about taking action, it is about changing the world, and it's about showing them there's more of us than them and we're taking action.
With the iconic Bill Clinton rape shirt, before we get into the other news, that Roger Stone developed.
It can be that, too.
With InfoWars.com added to it, you will win.
We've got big posters ready.
You can print them up, go to Kinko's or wherever, put them on poster board.
You know, they got that foam board, so it's hard.
And absolutely dominate.
You're a business owner.
Any town out there, you can call.
They've got rolling billboards that drive around.
They're not even that expensive.
I've done it myself.
Digital and others.
Just pay to have that.
Have it parked in front of the National Fox or CNN where they do their live shows.
Have it pull in right as they're live.
That's how you do it.
It's not about the money.
It's not about winning the money.
I just offer $200,000 to show folks how committed I am and to make it fun.
And then to have people on that are able to do this and recognize them on air and show people we're the power.
And even if the globalists shut the internet off, like they're talking about doing and trying to take the president out during martial law, we can hit the streets on live TV.
We can hit the streets.
Now, do this legally and lawfully, but if martial law comes in, then the gloves come off in the info war.
Now, Roger Stone, you've got the floor for the rest of the hour.
I've been ranting, but can you talk about the Bill Clinton is a rapist contest and your Bill Clinton rape shirt that helped me think of the idea?
Yeah, Alex, this I think is a graphic example of how effective these campaigns can be.
We developed the iconic Bill Clinton rape t-shirt largely because there was a mainstream media blackout
Of the truth of Bill Clinton's long trail of sexual assaults and rapes of innocent women.
The media wanted to call it indiscretions and infidelities.
They tried desperately to downplay it.
It was only, Alex, until you went out with a very similar contest.
And you said, anybody who will get this t-shirt on TV, and get the words, Bill Clinton is a rapist, out of their mouth, will be rewarded.
I remember you upped the total amount several times, and it was like a prairie fire.
I said 120, it was like 137,000 we paid out.
And you paid out every penny, and you could see it on local TV, you could see it on network TV, you could see it across the board.
And people are still doing it!
We tracked it.
We tracked it and we broke through.
The voters finally got the point that Bill Clinton was not only guilty of sexual assault, but more importantly, that Hillary Clinton was the one who had bullied these women, who had threatened them, who had intimidated them into silence.
It's a graphic example of how you can take action here at InfoWars and why this new contest will work, in my opinion.
I agree with Ben Garrison.
She absolutely beheaded herself.
She cut her own nose off here despite her face.
She'll be back.
That's the sad thing about the lefties in Hollywood.
This is a temporary interregnum.
Wait and see.
She'll make a comeback in three months and some Lib Lab producer, some Lib Lab network will hire her to spew her hatred yet again.
Well that's like
Yeah, it's pretty outrageous.
The other thing I wanted to comment on, Alex, I think you may have seen this.
You heard it here first on InfoWars.
On The View today, we begin putting forward the idea that Donald Trump has Alzheimer's.
You said that two weeks ago in studio.
That he's infirm, that he's mentally slipping, that he's confused.
This is all BS.
Ask the European leaders who completely mishandled the President on the question of the Paris Climate Accords.
Trump is so sharp that when I've had conversations with him, he finishes my sentences and totally takes over the conversation, and it's like he's reading your mind.
Well, and he remembers your conversation from your previous interview.
But I mean, he has the brain of like a super sharp 20-year-old.
This is the most ridiculous branding.
But how did you know two weeks ago they were going to start this branding?
Because they're saying, you know, the Yale psychologist violating the Goldwater rule and their own license is saying he's obviously mentally ill.
Remove him.
Oh, and also this analysis of his speech patterns.
You see, so we've analyzed his speech patterns and we see that they've changed over the last two years and that means that he has Alzheimer's and he's slipping.
This is vile.
He talks different to different audiences.
He's that smart.
But this is why, you see, they know the Russian thing is a loser.
They know it's not working.
They know they have nothing.
So you agree with me?
They're panicking.
Yeah, so that's why we're now moving to the... He's crazy.
He's crazy meme because we can't show that he's a Russian trader, so let's undermine him by saying he's mentally deficient, that he's slipping.
It's an insult to his family.
It's an insult to the presidency.
It's an insult to the country that they're going to try to feed this pap.
But if you go on The View, you'll see Whoopi and the girls pushing this ridiculous false
You've been on that show.
They want me on.
Should I do it?
I've been on there too, but what's the point of it?
Well, first of all, it helps you reach a mass audience, and I'm confident that you can handle it.
By the way, I heard that you're going to be sitting down with Megyn Kelly.
Oh yeah, she's coming to town.
She's coming to town next week.
Now that will be quite a match.
Alex Jones and Megyn Kelly.
Yeah, but it's taped.
It's taped.
I know you and I know her.
I'm betting on you.
No, I mean, they're going to be able to edit it however they want, but I mean, the producer was so over-the-top fake nice.
Oh, it's going to be wonderful.
You're going to love it.
I'm like, I'm not stupid.
And Megan's like, oh, we're going to get dinner and a nice big steak.
And I said, Megan, you don't like me.
Stop acting like it.
She goes, I do.
I want to do a new magazine.
She said it was an off-record conversation.
So I'm not going to get into all of it.
I just want it known, I'm not doing the interview because she's a pretty girl.
I'm doing it because I can't be a wimp and turn it down.
You should.
Look, I think you should take her out for a big piece of meat.
They got the best steakhouses in the world right here in Austin.
I can't wait to see this interview.
Well, I'll be sure and take my wife if that happens.
But, you know, the whole point is, is that I guarantee when the interview is over, it's not going to be, let's go get dinner.
That's just all.
It's just like, it's like putting a worm on a hook, man.
It's just.
It's crazy how MSM will act like they're your friend and every time screw you over.
Yeah, but you're fearless.
That's the point.
Oh, I'm not worried about that.
I just want the audience to know, I know I'm walking into a trap, but I think they're so discredited that just like when Cernovich was on 60 Minutes, you know, Pele just lost his job.
Yeah, I saw that.
I mean, the guys, they're arrogant.
He says dumb things like, Hillary campaigns and she's never been sick.
You're a conspiracy terrorist.
He goes, man, you guys lie about WMDs.
Nobody believes you.
They didn't get that their con game doesn't work anymore, Roger.
Well, interesting.
If I recall correctly, when you and I both raised the question of Hillary's health, we were accused of making it up.
Last week at Wellesley, she had another coughing fit.
She couldn't recover from the coughing fit.
And it's the same one.
It's known when you have Parkinson's from the brain tumors and surgery she's reportedly had, that it isn't just shaking.
The drugs can take care of that, but they can't deal with core brainstem issues and that it starts closing in on you and that coughing fits are the hallmark of the type she's having that the medication can't help.
Well, look, in a perfect world, when she came down off the podium at Wellesley, there should have been two federal marshals there to slap the cuffs on her and drag her off.
Oh, that was the great part.
I love how she's saying, I beat Trump and I beat Bernie.
She publicly stole it from Bernie.
That's admitted.
And then she can't even hardly talk while she's saying it.
See, Pinocchio's nose grows when he lies.
She starts coughing and I guess like Darth Vader's interdimensionally choking her.
It's like a tell.
It's kind of a tell.
I'm lying because the coughing starts.
But here's the other thing.
Why did she wear the Monica Lewinsky type beret?
Was that an attempt to look like Monica?
I couldn't figure out what she was doing there.
But she can't get history right.
She says Richard Nixon was impeached.
He wasn't.
The difference between her husband and Richard Nixon was, when he decided his presidency was hurting the country,
He had the good sense and the patriotism to step down.
By the way, she looks like Casper the... I mean, she looks like if Gamelon's or Martians invaded.
That green skin.
I mean, we haven't altered that video.
She looks like she's dying up there.
She does not look healthy.
That's fair to say.
Oh my gosh.
You know, shifting gears.
Back into how they're planning riots this summer, the very Open Society Foundation you're talking about.
So Soros has literally infiltrated.
Tell folks the name of this lady again.
This is big news.
Fiona Hill, again, is now on the National Security Apparatus staff in the Trump White House, formerly at the Brookings Institution.
The John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard has been long on the Soros payroll.
One cannot even fathom what she's doing inside the Trump White House.
Now, the good news is...
That the president has been sticking to his agenda despite some very bad inside advice.
The best example of this was when presidential advisor and chief economic advisor Gary Cohn, formerly of Goldman Sachs, told the New York Post only days ago the president was coming to the conclave on climate change so that he could get smart.
So that he could become better informed.
Like the elites.
This was part and parcel of an attempt by Mr. Cohn and Dina Habib Powell to push the president towards folding on climate.
And instead he came out even more brazenly against it.
And did the absolute right thing.
Instead of being led by his handlers, he stood up for him.
I mean, he needs to get rid of that moron.
We'll be back.
Are you happy?
I want to salute and thank all of you.
No matter what color you are or where you came from, if the love of liberty and justice beats in your heart, if the love of standing up against tyrants flows through your veins, we are all brothers and sisters together in this epic experiment that is life.
So again, thank you all for your support.
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You've seen how much this triggers the safe space snowflakes.
The left
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This triggers snowflakes like nothing you've ever seen in your life.
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It will make me incredibly happy.
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Ladies and gentlemen, we're back live.
We have a special guest joining us in the next hour who went and camped out at Maxine Waters' house and exposed the fact that she needs to be impeached.
Omar Navarro is running for Congress out there, and I know that I'm a fan of his videos.
I've seen him.
I'm also a fan of his work.
So is Owen Schroer.
He'll be in here with us a little bit later in the next hour.
She's got a big problem, Maxine Waters, because I hear the James Brown Foundation wants their wig back.
But you heard Putin invaded Korea?
In Eastern Europe?
He's in Eastern Europe with the invasion of the Koreas?
Putin invaded the Korea?
And by the way, she said it like for the ninth time.
There's another video, in fact we have to play that next hour, I forgot to tell the crew about it, where the leader of the Democrats in the House
Nancy Pelosi still thinks Bush, George W., is the president nine years later, eight and a half years later, and then can't remember Trump's name.
She goes, I mean, these people are crazy.
Well, in the case of Maxine Waters, I made this point yesterday, she and her husband have engaged in business activities that would send a white conservative Republican to prison.
She's gotten a pass during the Obama years.
I think Jeff Sessions and the new Justice Department need to review all of their business dealings because it's rank corruption, Alex.
Why are they allowed to do whatever they want?
The folks at Judicial Watch have done a superb job of exposing Maxine Waters and her husband.
They're corrupt.
If she were a Republican, she'd be in prison right now.
But they're calling Trump mentally ill, while Democrats are in the news saying white genocide's good, these are white guys, ban whiteboards, ban...
The family have, you know, tranny reading days for toddlers at the New York library.
Just complete insanity.
Uma Abedin has invited Anthony Wiener back home a week after she said... I saw this yesterday.
Tucker Carlson tangled with a member of the DC City Council who was insisting that this Puerto Rican terrorist was some kind of hero.
A man who robbed and killed people, and he was trying to argue that's legitimate political dissent, Tucker, because you white people have oppressed us.
That's essentially his argument.
That's like saying if a black guy robbed me, then I would randomly go out and attack black people.
I mean, that's like saying if my great-great-grandfather did something wrong, I'm guilty.
Or my great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-grand... I mean, that's worse than the Soviet Union, where if your neighbor did something wrong, you'd go to jail too.
Look, I give Tucker credit for tolerance.
If it were me, I would have grabbed that guy's bowtie and shoved it down his throat.
He was very good in this exchange.
That's right.
We're going to play that clip coming up the next hour.
We've got so many of these clips to get to.
Again, why do you think they have now basically fired the
Reporter slash entertainer slash moron that is out there saying chop the head off of Trump basically.
Because I think they recognize that once again they have overstepped.
And also they're in the middle of shifting themes.
We have an uprising coming, of that there is no doubt.
It was going to be based on the fact that we have to drive Trump from office because he's a Russian traitor.
That's not selling to the American people.
They can't come up with any iota of evidence.
So the new thing... I've noticed, about a week after you said it, incompetent, incompetent, an idiot, a moron.
He couldn't clear the rush.
He's too stupid.
He's mentally feeble.
He's mentally slipping.
This is going to be the new theme.
He won't listen.
He doesn't want to pay Al Gore carbon taxes.
So this is going to be the new theme in which they try to justify this street uprising.
By the way, we got you some great pizza here in Austin.
That's what you wanted.
We'll do five more minutes.
You can go get some pizza.
Because you're hosting the fourth hour today, Roger.
I can't wait.
And soon, five nights a week.
He's going to be on at night.
Roger Stone, you heard it here first.
I'm Alex Jones.
This is the InfoWar.
Stay with us.
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That's InfoWarsLife.com.
Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order.
It's Alex Jones.
You want to stop tyranny?
Well, so does he.
It's Roger Stone and the ATX.
Broadcasting worldwide.
Extreme media.
Government cover-ups.
You want to stop tyranny?
Well, so does he.
Live from the InfoWars.com studios, it's Alex Jones.
It's Roger Stone!
No shoes!
You pick the ladies up all dressed like that?
I'm a happily married man, as you know.
I know.
I understand.
But that is my theme song.
I do like ZZ Top, and that's one of my favorites.
Something tells me that those guys have hung out with a few ladies.
Yeah, no.
For three guys, they make a lot of music.
That's a lot of Texas guitar right there.
Crank it up for a minute.
Recognize, there's no bass player.
That's two guitarists and a drummer.
That's a hell of a lot of music.
It's a very full sound.
That's a Texas guitar style.
That doesn't get any better than that.
That could be your theme song on your nightly show.
I like that.
Alright, let's have some more fun here.
You're back in 58 minutes, so let's get into what you're going to be covering coming up today in the fourth hour.
I'm going to try to zoom in on the coming White House shake-up, Alex.
Whether David Urban, who is, you know, a decorated veteran, an attorney, the guy who ran the Trump campaign in Pennsylvania, whether he's going inside, whether Reince Priebus is heading for an ambassadorship to, oh, I don't know, say, Greece, perhaps.
I think Donald Trump has a unique opportunity to save himself, but we're going to talk about how he should do that.
How he should go on offense, what needs to be done.
The answer is not a new war room.
The answer is not a new PR offensive.
It's a policy offensive.
That's right.
It's delivering for the American people on your pledges and it's cleaning house of all these establishment moles who work around the clock
To steer the president towards globalism.
To break with his own constituents and essentially destroy the Trump coalition.
I think the president's too smart for that.
I've got some specific insights about what's about to happen.
We're going to talk about it in the fourth hour.
We should call this little short segment, Trump's Secret Weapon.
Policy offensive, or Trump's secret weapon, delivering.
And again, we know just like the campaign, they'll do 10, 15, 20 points in basic polls, sometimes 30, 40 points.
Worst I saw was about like 36 points by CNN in phone polls.
Extra sampling against Trump to show Hillary at like 64 or whatever.
That's just insane level rigging.
Well, they're still doing that in the big polls showing him at 48-50.
It's more like 60-70.
That's why they're so scared and act like they're being strangled because they politically are being killed.
They're being euthanized.
The Democratic Party is being put into the acid bath.
Well, and because we're going through essentially a deep state takedown of Trump, I've had some experience with this having worked for Richard Nixon.
By the way, there's tons of CIA, FBI coming out saying that's happening.
So it's not just the whole deep state that's bad, there's other folks in the permanent government that are battling it.
But I would make the case to you that Nixon basically, other than the firing of Archibald Cox, made every possible mistake when the deep state was trying to take him down.
And I think it's vitally important that Donald Trump not make those same mistakes.
What are those mistakes?
Well, first of all, he should be using the Justice Department apparatus to turn the tables on his tormentors.
It's time for Mr. Hayden, Mr. Brennan... Oh, they've all got just legions of skeletons.
...Mr. Clapper, Mr. Rice.
They need to be in front of a grand jury in determining whether the law was broken... The leaking.
...in the attempts to create the fake Russian narrative.
They're the ones who broke the law.
They're the ones who violated the law.
And they've been caught red-handed.
It's confirmed!
And now we know that James Comey basically denied the prosecution of Hillary Clinton on the basis of a fake memo.
And he knew it was fake and told Congress it was real.
Stop right there.
Promise me your first 10-15 minutes today will be Roger Stone, Trump's battle plan to take down the deep state.
Because I want you to just lay this out with more time.
That's what we're going to do.
And you'll be able to get your official James Comey nut job t-shirts.
Are you coming out with those?
I think they'll be available at the InfoWars store momentarily.
I love it.
This guy's directing our new propaganda offensive against the globalists.
By the way, propaganda is a good word when it's true.
Oh my gosh.
Ha ha ha!
This will be a day long remembered.
A video has gone viral on the internet, where Muslim migrants are caught in the act, stealing flowers and toys from, get this, a memorial dedicated to the victims of the Manchester bombing.
During the video, you can hear the man behind the camera, who is from Manchester, approaching the two migrant men and accusing them of being thieves.
Thieving f***ing bastards!
Put them back!
Put them back now!
Now one of the migrants is seen holding a stuffed blue Smurf toy that he had just stolen from the memorial.
I'll knock the s*** out of the pair of you.
How's that?
Now in case you missed that, the man from Manchester told the Muslim migrants, I'll knock the s*** out of the pair of you.
Proof that not all of the citizens of Manchester are liberal cucks.
And you can watch the video in its entirety right now.
It's Paul Joseph Watson and the t-shirt has finally arrived.
Nothing triggers safe space snowflakes more than this slogan and my face.
It is the new t-shirt from InfoWarsStore.com.
Conservatism is the new counterculture.
You've seen how much this triggers the safe space snowflakes.
The left controls culture.
They control arts.
They control entertainment.
They have the complete monopoly on culture, which is why conservatism is the new counterculture.
We are striking back in the culture war.
This triggers snowflakes like nothing you've ever seen in your life.
You've seen how much they absolutely hate
The image of my face and that particular slogan, conservatism, is the new counterculture.
This t-shirt is not only a conversation starter, it will trigger the holy hell out of leftists.
It will make me incredibly happy.
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He's a conspiracy theorist.
Radio talk show host Alex Jones.
Alex Jones.
His name is Alex Jones.
Jones is the wildly popular conspiracy theorist.
It's radio talk show host and conspiracy theorist Alex Jones.
Alex Jones, the nut job radio guy.
Talk show host Alex Jones.
A man who trades in such sinister conspiracy theories, you have to wonder if he really believes half of what he says.
I'm here to warn people, you keep telling me to shut up!
This isn't a game!
Hate speech.
Can anything be done to stop the hatred?
I think Alex was the one who took the pro-gun position.
I don't want that man to have a gun.
Alex Jones is a 9-11 truther.
That conspiracy theory comes from the mother of all conspiracy theories.
It's an internet talk show called Info Wars.
I heard that on Alex Jones, so it's true!
I heard it on Alex Jones, so I know it's true!
You're making some very serious allegations against the U.S.
government, saying that they stage attacks, they allow them to occur in the United States against U.S.
Alex Jones may sound crazy.
I think that Alex Jones is a lunatic.
That man's a threat to this country.
He's a conspiracy theorist.
Deeply, I think, racist.
I just got called racist by MSNBC.
He's considered legitimate on the crazy.
Challenge Alex Jones to a boxing match, show up with a semi-automatic that you got legally, and pop him.
I'd love to see that.
In uniform.
Keep shoving lies at your audience, jackasses.
I like that guy.
We have gangsters running this country.
The bigger this war gets, the more freedoms we lose.
We have a fog that has descended upon our entire nation.
The globalists are going to blow stuff up and blame it on you.
Well, Hillary's the one who runs the cover-up.
Everything you've heard us talk about is now going to unfold in triplicate spades.
It's as real as it gets.
I had a Supreme Court justice tell me to my face, it's over for me.
He said, Matt, it's over for you.
They've got the votes now to enforce copyright law.
You're out of there.
You want it, baby?
You're about to get it.
We did meet the British at Concord Bridge to serve tea, be tolerant, and see how many guns or what kind of guns they came to take.
We met them at Concord Bridge, and we blew their punk-ass brains out.
InfoWars has been able to break every record, infiltrate every operation, blow the criminal cover of operatives more than any other institution out there of freedom, and I'm so proud of that.
The notion that Hillary has somehow been an advocate for women.
No, Bill rapes them physically and then Hillary rapes them psychologically.
I hope the enemies of this broadcast, when you lie about us, when you censor us, when you attack us, when you delist us, when you do that, you're signing on to the other side.
These people are of the devil.
Let's be very blunt about this.
Raise, tell, and demand accountability.
It is the most corrupt, degenerate, criminal government in American history.
And it doesn't want to leave office.
Of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
That's right, the globals don't want to leave office.
They are still trying to stay in power.
The swamp is striking back, but the giant is rising.
There's a powerful clip of Omar Navarro out front Maxine Waters' house.
But it's not in the district.
The people that are in the district are struggling, are suffering.
You have homelessness.
You have a lot of poverty.
You have a lot of broken communities.
The black community is broken.
The Hispanic community is broken.
The Asian community is broken.
The white community is broken.
Why is it broken?
Because people who are politicians in our own districts are not doing anything, anything to fix
Any of the issues that are going on.
I'm running for Congress because I care about cleaning up the parks.
If people go outside, let's say you're in a community that's so broken.
Let's say you want to go to a nice park.
Let's say you want to go to a nice park.
Well, you can't go to a nice park because you have gangbangers in that park who can kill kids, who can hurt kids.
I mean, this is what communities I want my kids to go to.
I feel safe here.
But a lot of kids in those communities, like Inglewood,
Like Hawthorne.
They don't feel safe at going to the parks.
They don't feel safe.
They are not safe.
I love it.
I love mariachi bands.
Omar Navarro, of course, is running for office out in California.
I'm very excited about having him with us, and he's been going out and getting a lot of publicity going out at the houses and in workplaces of the Democrats.
They're always doing this to Republicans or Libertarians, but get really upset when we do it.
He's a small business owner and has also worked with many fortune 500 companies.
He earned his bachelor's degree in criminal justice.
He's also assisted victims of crimes in Los Angeles, his attorney's office.
Omar is a contractor, a coordinator for the Unified Small Business Alliance Outreach Program.
In 2012, Omar was an advocate against the redistricting commission maps.
For gerrymandering, he serves as a local traffic commissioner in the city of Torrance, California.
Follow him on Twitter at PressGOP and Omar Navarro on YouTube and PressGOP on Instagram.
And Omar, you're running for office.
Tell us about that.
You're running for Congress in the 43rd district.
I think we just lost his Skype as we prepared to go to him.
We'll get him back up on Skype, I tell you.
It's who he's running against, obviously, is the big issue here.
And whether he wins or not, and he ran before, didn't he, and almost won, he's educating people and injecting real issues, so he's winning by resisting.
He's a young guy.
Even if he doesn't win this one, he's going to end up getting into Congress.
Well, I like the fact that you mentioned his age.
You know, we're the same age, we were both born in 1989, and I'm just so proud to see people that are my age making a difference out there, caring about their communities, finally starting to have an impact on this world.
You know, we can't sit around in our parents' basements forever playing video games or, you know, smoking pot or whatever all these kids are doing my age, complaining about this, that, or the other thing, or, you know, complaining about how great they have it in America.
No, we're actually out here trying to make an impact.
I was about to say, the whole Globalist program is about arresting the development of humans.
Men, particularly.
It isn't about race, it's about, because we're all human, it's about arresting development.
And then adults, who are like, you know, 30, 40 years old, treat 25 year olds like they're kids.
Thomas Jefferson was writing the Declaration of Independence before he was 30.
People used to be married by the time they were 16.
They had huge empires by the time they were 20.
I mean, Alexander the Great launched his whole operation when he was like 15 years old.
Died when he was like 28 or whatever it is.
The point is, it's just the rest of development.
I was politically involved when I was 17.
I had a access show when I was 21.
I had a radio show when I was 21.
I was syndicated by 23.
I was on over a hundred radio stations by 26.
And I built this whole thing.
Now I'm 43.
That's what I'm supposed to do.
Now I'm in the old silverback mode, ready to really be the leader.
Well, these, imagine most people, oh you're a man now, you're 40.
No, I was crushing globalists when I was 25.
People are so beat down by the system that by the time they're of the age of like 23 or 24 and it's time to go out and create something on their own, they're so beat down by the system, they're told they're victims.
Fake college, the debts, all of it.
Yeah, burnout on prescription pills.
So that's why I was so glad when I was introduced to Omar Navarro, as he's about to join us again, and saw that he was my age, he's making a difference, he's ready to make an impact on the world.
You're 27 or 28?
Let's go to him.
Omar, you've run before and got really good numbers.
You're really polling good now.
Wow, this is exciting.
Tell us who you're running against, as if it isn't obvious.
Yeah, my name's Omar Navarro.
I'm challenging Maxine Waters in the 43rd Congressional District.
First of all, I want to thank you guys for having me and for giving me a platform on InfoWars.
I really appreciate that from the bottom of my heart.
No, we appreciate you taking action.
Thank you so much.
So tell us about yourself, what you've been doing.
I mean, a lot of folks love you in California, but now you're branching out.
You've got a shot at beating this gangster.
Yeah, I've been going out.
I'm active, I'm involved, and I'm engaging with the community.
I'm talking to a lot of people.
I have a huge volunteer base that's been helping out the campaign.
Our name is going out there.
We're going viral.
We're setting an example in the state of California.
We're fighting the globalists.
We're fighting this liberal agenda, this communist agenda that is going on here that's destroying the state of California.
We're making sure we're going to do everything possible to take back the state and make sure that we're taking these people out and making sure that we're doing
Everything in a fight for our own communities.
Yeah, a lot of people are saying this and a lot of this information is going out there.
We're active.
We're involved.
If you're going to be lazy and you're not going to do anything, you're not going to get anywhere.
You're not going to get any numbers.
You're not going to get any improvement.
We have to stay active.
We have to stay engaged.
That's the only way of getting the message out there.
People are tired of seeing gangbangers in their parks.
People are tired of seeing streets not being paved in the state of California.
People are tired of Maxine Waters representing them for 35 years and not achieving anything in 35 years.
You know, she's failed me my entire life.
I'm only 28 years of age.
She's failed me my entire life.
That is sad to say that your own representative has failed you your entire life.
And what do you make, though, of Kathy Griffin coming out with this bloody head?
It's so graphic.
She didn't go as far as a lot of hosts and people saying actually kill Trump or let's organize, let's kill Trump.
I don't think what she did was criminal.
It was very distasteful.
But why are people finally standing up and finally getting mad?
Because I saw a tipping point the last few weeks where people now aren't buying any of the BS from MSM.
Yeah, they're realizing they're waking up, they're noticing that they can't no longer drink that Kool-Aid.
That's what's happening.
People are so tired of these actors and all this false media, fake media, making all these lies and not really achieving anything.
I mean, you have my campaign where they turned around and took my announcement in front of Maxine Waters' house.
And they turned it as in there were protesters in front of her house.
There wasn't protesters.
It was an announcement for my campaign in front of her house.
But the media is trying to twist it in a different way.
That's what they do.
If the media really wanted, like some of these outlets that are out there, if they really want Maxine Waters out, they would put my platform out there.
They would make sure they do everything possible and Maxine doesn't get reelected.
But I believe they're conspiring.
They're conspiring with Maxine Waters to help her.
Well of course they are, and we've got the Republican establishment trying to shoot down Trump, putting out all this Russian propaganda, also claiming he's senile, but it just isn't working.
What do you expect them to do next if they're not successful in this summer of rage Soros is trying to fund?
Well, first of all, when I went out to Berkeley and I saw these Antifa thugs attacking people, that was wrong.
What they're doing is they try to censor people's free speech.
They don't respect the Constitution.
They don't respect Americans.
They want a hostile takeover of our country to impose communism.
They don't respect freedom.
My family escaped two different countries.
One country with corruption.
I think?
And their cheat is that they're all illegals.
What about the legal immigrants?
What about the legal immigrants that obeyed the laws, that paid the fines, the fees, everything that is imposed when you're coming into the country?
And the Democrats don't want that.
They want a permanent underclass in the Republican establishment as well to exploit.
We need people that come from Cuba because they understand tyranny and don't want to live under it.
But then instead people now come here from tyrannies.
Like Communist China or Eastern Europe and then they recreate it.
They reconstruct it.
Don't they understand?
You fled this because it's bad.
Don't make this country like it.
It's not about what color somebody is.
It's what they're espousing.
We lost the Skype again.
The miracle of Skype.
But Owen Schroer continuing.
He's back.
Owen continuing along that line.
Well and I think that Omar can also preach to this.
I think that it's gone from a state of people wanting to come to this country seeking independence.
To get away from the socialism, now they want to come here because this is the biggest paycheck.
That's the thing.
People don't understand that you have to respect the nation's laws.
I mean, we have an immigration process that is so broken, especially it's broken outside the country.
People are not respecting our country when they come in here legally.
I mean, they want to turn
California, like Tijuana.
And that's not okay.
We have to make sure that we're fighting against all this corruption that is going on in the state of California.
Let me ask you this.
When you talk to illegals, don't they get the equation like you're fleeing Mexico, but then you want to come here and follow the same socialist, corrupt, big-party machine, El Jefe, Maxine Waters, Dianne Feinstein, garbage?
Yeah, that's exactly what they're doing.
They're following the same status quo that's not helping out our communities.
They're following the same thing that they escaped from in the first place.
That's what's happening.
I mean, they need to realize, they need to wake up and realize, and they are, a lot of them are.
I mean, I had a guy that drove all the way from Berkeley, a reformed Democrat, who was on Antifa's side.
Who came down to my event and, you know, came down a piece of InfoWars, too.
He saw me on InfoWars, which was great.
And he drove all the way from Berkeley to Torrance to see me, to see what I had to say.
This is what's happening right now.
People are waking up.
People are waking up.
That's key.
I never talk about this enough, but I've been told this by Cernovich.
I've been told this by people in Hollywood.
I've been told this by a lot of folks.
They say, listen,
The professors and the liberals, they're all the old original liberals that meant well, were somewhat misguided, just like Republicans can be.
They're tired of this cult where a professor says, no, we can't have no whites weekend at the college.
That's racist.
Then they want him fired.
The left, even like Seinfeld, going,
You know, his daughter says, hey, we're going to move back to New York so you can meet more boys.
We're out here in the country, there's no people.
She goes, oh my gosh, girls with boys is sexist.
And he's like, what is this, a cult?
I mean, it's gotten so bad that I'm told, and I see the demographics, a lot of our new listeners are actually leftist.
I even get told by leftist writers and reporters, oh, we really like what you're doing.
We know you're not racist or all this stuff.
We just have to write this or we get fired.
We actually like what you're doing.
So they see us as the rock stars because we're free.
Because they're still working for the Daily Beast or whatever.
Go ahead, Omar.
You know, that's what's happening.
We have to make sure that we're representing all Americans.
It's time for us to represent all Americans, especially in Congress.
Maxine Waters is going out, you know, opening her mouth every step of the way, and it's helping me in a lot of ways.
By the way, there's only one person who seems more senile.
Yeah, and Nancy Pelosi also was confused at how Trump didn't take his first foreign trip in alphabetical order.
I don't know if you've heard that clip.
He was supposed to go to Antarctica first.
Yeah, he should have gone to Antarctica.
Discovered why the Earth is really flat.
Come on, guys.
But, you know, what's amazing to me about what Omar... She really said that.
She's like, Putin has invaded Antarctica.
It's a litmus test, Alex.
And we talked about this.
I came on the show with you months ago.
We talked about the Trump test.
It's the same kind of thing that's going on right now in the 43rd District of California, which is Maxine Waters vs. Omar Navarro in 2018.
Who in their right mind is going to vote for Maxine Waters?
This is a woman who doesn't live in the district.
This is a woman who's clearly off of her rocker.
This is a woman in 35 years in government, hasn't helped the district at all, compared to Omar Navarro, who actually understands the community.
He lives there, left, got away from communism, has a great company.
He should walk away with this thing.
It should not even be close.
And I wish more... Exactly!
You've got the old, horrible, senile, entrenched crazy lady versus a real American.
Throw her ass out!
And I'm telling you, and more people are starting to see it.
Shiva is starting to see it on the East Coast.
More people are starting to see this.
Look what Omar Navarro is doing.
This is how you get a name in the hat.
This is how you drain his water.
He's running.
He ran once, got a lot.
Now he's running.
He may win this time.
You just keep doing it, doing it, doing it.
He's going to win.
He's going to win.
He will win!
That's why I'm running.
Omar, I interrupted.
You were saying that she's really helping you with the cockamamie stuff she's saying.
I mean, she is helping me in such a big way.
I mean, she's going out there, opening her mouth in a lot of ways.
She's not helping herself out.
What she's doing is also making herself look like a fool on national TV.
That's benefiting me and my campaign.
We're going out into the community while she's not even noticing what she's doing.
All she does is oppose the president, but she's not noticing the needs of her own community, and that's what I'm doing here.
I'm addressing the needs of the community.
You know, I'd like to challenge Trump.
He ought to come to California to support you and other folks that are running against Democrats.
Well, and you know, you saw the announcement that Corey Lewandowski made.
He basically said, get on the Trump train if you're a Republican or prepare to lose.
That's the deal.
And Donald Trump has the power of the stump right now.
He can get out and he can say, hey, look, here are local candidates that are coming up for the midterm elections.
Here are the ones that are on my team.
Here are the ones that want to make them.
Trump really wants to dominate.
He's got his true victory.
We'll be bringing in governors, legislators, and everybody else.
I know he's just so busy with his main focus up there under attack.
It's just that if he created an office, I know they already have it, but the Republican Party's sabotaging it, his own presidential office of outreach, he could just tweet and have press conferences every few weeks with folks like Navarro.
Game over, we win.
It's over.
He takes that energy he's got and just gives it to Navarro.
It's over.
What's your confidence level right now, Omar, minus high?
Yeah, my confidence has been high for a while now.
Just the amount of support that I've been receiving financially, people just coming out and helping me in the campaign, what we're doing right now.
We're doing things that are not being done in the state of California by weak Republicans who have failed us miserably.
They're not doing anything.
But what we're doing here in the 43rd Congressional District
We're setting a standard.
We're setting a standard that these politicians can't stay in there and not do anything.
It's time for us to wake them up.
I'm going to shake up some cages here.
That's what I'm doing right now in the state of California.
I'm fighting for every American, not just Republicans and Democrats.
I'm fighting for every American.
It's time to drain the swamp and reclaim the state of California.
And I've said that a thousand times, the real draining is at the county, city, and district level, and congressional level.
I mean, we gotta do it at the state level, we gotta do it congressionally, this is where you do it.
And luckily, as Omar was saying, the Swamp Creatures are showing themselves on national TV every day.
They're so arrogant, they don't even know what planet they're on!
See, and this is the difference, too.
You can kind of see the difference between a Dianne Feinstein and a Nancy Pelosi, where Dianne Feinstein, you know what, she might have a little bit left in the head, enough to say,
I'm not going to go on TV every day and bash the president.
That's probably a bad idea for my campaign coming up in the midterms.
Where Nancy Pelosi is such a dingbat, she doesn't even know what's going on.
I mean, probably really has a serious problem like dementia.
Yeah, no, it's not funny.
I've had family with Alzheimer's.
It's sad, but she can't be... But what are we going to do, Alex?
They put her in the ring!
I say let them.
Let them do what they're doing.
Just let them do what they're doing.
Do you agree, Omar, that the Democrats are committing suicide as a party?
Well, they are committing suicide.
They've been committing suicide with the Latino and the Hispanic community, within the Black community, within the Asian community, every freaking community.
They've been destroying themselves.
They're not doing anything.
They're simply just walking on themselves, and they're not realizing that they're not serving what they're doing.
They're not doing anything.
And people are waking up.
People have been waking up.
If you walk around, you talk to people, you knock doors, you have events, you invite people, meet and greets, you stay involved and engaged.
You realize that we have a strong opportunity here in the 43rd Congressional District.
This is the model.
This is the model.
I think I'll run circles around all of us.
Stay with us.
Thanks to your support, InfoWars has been able to expand its operations against the globalists at this critical time.
And it's absolutely essential that we expand in the face of the enemy, because as history shows, political movements only expand or contract.
And that's why the globalists are hitting us with everything they've got.
Censorship, demonization, attacks, misrepresentations.
They're not just trying to shut down Infowars.
They're trying to fire Sean Hannity.
They're trying to cold talk radio.
They're trying to silence true, independent...
Nationalistic media and Infowars is at the very heart of that resistance.
We all see the dumbed-down trendies that appear to be soulless and how they're obsessed with consumerism and criticizing capitalism as they walk around in their expensive Nike tennis shoes and have their slave-made iPhones.
So I personally am disgusted by empty consumerism.
But the globalists want to get rid of free markets because there is such a thing as positive consumerism, historically, where people can use the power they have of the purse to actually support building free and independent economies.
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In closing, we've already come this far together, and we've seen the devastating effects truth has against the global crime syndicate, but the enemy's striking back.
So again, from myself, the entire InfoWars crew, I want to salute and thank all of you.
No matter what color you are or where you came from, if the love of liberty and justice beats in your heart,
If the love of standing up against tyrants flows through your veins, we are all brothers and sisters together in this epic experiment that is life.
So again, thank you all for your support.
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This is an island that at its
The widest level is, what, 12 miles from shore to shore, and at its smallest level, or smallest location,
Seven miles between one shore and the other.
Is that correct?
I don't have the exact dimensions, but to your point, sir, I think Guam is a small island.
My fear is that the whole island will become so overly populated that it will tip over and capsize.
I stand here as a free slave.
We've seen nothing that we can work, that I can work with President Bush on, and I'm disappointed because I thought that there might be some interest because of what he said in the campaign.
What are we going to do?
How can a president who is acting in the manner that he's acting, whether he's talking about the travel ban, the way that he's targeting Muslims, or whether he's talking about his relationship to Putin and the Kremlin, and knowing that they have hacked our DCCC and DNC, and knowing that
He is responsible for supplying the bombs that killed innocent children and families and What is Aleppo?
Yeah, in Aleppo.
You are correct.
The fact that he is wrapping his arms around Putin while Putin is continuing to advance into Korea.
And now the eighth time.
That Pelosi, this is the eighth time Pelosi has said that she doesn't know who the president is.
This is not about abortion.
For decades I've served in Congress and for decades I've had to fight the Republicans' opposition to birth control, contraception, and family planning.
They do not believe in it.
And a lot of those people voted for George, for, what's his name?
The President of the United States.
I'll give, I'll honor the position, you know.
See, the key... So now she's covering her Alzheimer's with, oh, like Hillary.
It's because I don't like Trump.
Having seizures.
I'm fine.
I'm not having seizures.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
She didn't have... Here, I just fall over on the ground.
Alex is fine.
Alex is fine right now.
Alex is okay.
Alex is not falling over right now.
He's not rolling off the stage.
He's fine, Alex.
You're fine.
You're fine, Alex.
Look, Alex is fine.
Alex is not falling over the stage.
Everything is fine here right now.
Alex has not gone crazy, that everything is perfectly fine.
Alex did not fall down!
Hillary is perfectly fine.
Hey, we have the clips of CNN going, conspiracy theories that Hillary fell down and they would cut the end off when she fell down, remember?
She wears her seizure glasses in public, Alex.
Listen, she never fell down.
Okay, Alex is not... He's not falling down.
He's not tearing apart the studio right now.
Stop playing!
This is not funny!
Whoa, whoa, whoa!
Alex is not... Okay.
All right, guys.
Alex has been in his seat this entire segment.
Alex has been on the air.
He's contained himself.
There's nothing to see here.
Hillary Clinton is not coughing.
She just has allergies.
She did not fall over in this video.
I want to be perfectly clear.
This is not Hillary Clinton leaning against a rail because she can't stand.
This is not Hillary Clinton falling face first into the van.
She's clearly totally unconscious there.
You are not seeing this.
But see, back to what Nancy Pelosi just said, Alex.
They lie by omission.
The media always cuts right here.
She just stumbled.
She doesn't have seizures.
She just wears seizure glasses when she's out in public.
Nancy Pelosi says, Republicans are so anti-birth control, anti-abortion.
No, what you don't understand is, we're anti-taxpayers funding it!
That's the core principle!
Yeah, but you claim, I haven't fallen over once today!
Alex has not fallen over once.
Alex is not laughing right now.
He's not hysterical.
He's knocking over all the products.
I'm in a bad mood because of that big court defeat yesterday.
Alex did not just knock over his side table with all the InfoWars products over there.
He knocked over the Z-Shield, the Lung Cleanze, the Bio PCA.
What else you got?
The Selenium over there.
Here's the deal.
Republicans always have too tight of shirts.
And they get a little nervous.
We gotta have some fun with these people.
Because it just triggered me watching how stupid they are.
Well, they're completely losing, Alex.
They really are.
I've got a memo here.
You know I didn't fall down once.
Yeah, you didn't fall down once.
Admit it's a conspiracy theory or you're fired.
You were in your seat the entire segment.
You can't prove it otherwise.
I don't ever have seizures.
And by the way, I'm not making fun of people that have them.
The point is she's having one.
She wears seizure glasses.
Alex, again, these people are losing.
You mean she's not John Lennon?
It's not even possible.
My toupee almost came off.
Omar Navarro does not carry out the... By the way, you actually saw me fall off my chair for real last Friday.
I don't know what you're talking about.
I don't know.
I never saw anything.
There's no... Hey, Omar, we're having fun.
They're going to attack you for being on the show, which is good.
Finishing up with the great work you're doing, running for Congress against Maxine Waters, who is a real... Swamp creature.
A real gangster.
And so, you've got the floor for five minutes.
I apologize for ranting.
Tell the folks about your website, your Twitter, your Facebook, how we support you.
A real winner.
Go ahead.
You guys can visit me at OmarNavarro.com.
You can also follow me at Twitter at PressGOP.
Facebook is Facebook.com slash PressGOP.
YouTube is YouTube.com slash PressGOP.
You guys can go on there.
Follow me on Instagram.
I'm everywhere.
I'm making sure that my name is being heard.
That I'm being heard.
I don't want to be censored.
Some of these media outlets censor us and what we're doing out here.
We have to make sure we're doing whatever we can to get the message out there.
I'm sorry, keep going Omar.
This is ridiculous.
This is how Alex takes victory, okay?
This is how Alex takes victory right now.
So Alex has now seen one of ours.
He knows that Omar is going to beat Maxine Waters.
This is how Alex has victory right here.
Keep going Omar.
No, yeah, we're going to do whatever we can to get the message out there, making sure that we're getting the job done.
People are tired of these politicians underserving their communities.
It's time to wake up.
We have to support the Second Amendment.
We have to make sure we're supporting legal immigration, making sure that we're creating jobs, we're sustaining business.
I agree, but you admit Hillary never fell down.
That was fake news by InfoWars.
What do you mean?
She never fell down?
Admit she never fell down, and we know you're mainstream.
She never fell down.
No, really engaging in the campaign.
That's going to be the biggest thing.
I need to raise money.
I need help with raising money in the campaign.
That's the biggest factor.
It's sad to say that we have to raise money, but we have to.
Volunteering in the campaign.
If they live locally, they can help out in such a big way.
If they live far away, they can still help out.
They can make phone calls when it gets closer to the election.
There's going to be a lot of work, a lot of ground game that we need to cover, but right now we're fundraising and that's a big factor.
It takes money to win, unfortunately.
I don't want to be outspent by Maxine Waters.
I want to take it to Maxine Waters.
If people want to really take a jab at Maxine Waters and everything she's saying against President Trump, donate to my campaign.
Make sure I hold her accountable for all her actions.
Well listen, you're doing a great job.
I look forward to having you back.
I look forward to having you back on because...
Well, your Skype's breaking up.
Omar, thank you.
We'll talk to you again soon.
People should support you.
I've watched a lot of his videos.
His demonstration's really sharp.
On target guy.
You can tell he's not reading off a teleprompter.
He doesn't have people telling him what to say.
He's a patriot.
His parents fled communism.
And this is the type of guy we need to put in Congress.
We want real change.
I like the story he told earlier about the guy that came out to see him speak.
You know, he traveled to see him speak.
You know, that's the thing.
People out there don't understand how they can resonate with people.
You know, you might be sitting at the lunch table at work or something, and you might- And just have a seizure?
No, never have a seizure.
But Hillary didn't.
Oh, sorry.
But you might hear somebody say some liberal nonsense across the table, and you might just speak out and say, hey, you know, that's not true.
You just might be randomly chopping the president's head off.
It's no big deal.
That's what I'm saying, but that's a perfect example!
You're just calling for jihadists that kill everybody in a race war, but you're liberal, so it's okay.
But this is our path to victory.
They've shown themselves.
They're so crazy.
All you have to do is speak up.
It's like you said, it's sending out pings.
It's resonating with people saying, you're not the only one awake.
We are in the majority now.
We got the president in.
We can elect local leaders in the midterm elections.
We can actually take this country back.
We can actually make America great again, not
A Russian pun.
His Skype's been coming in and out, but Omar Navarro, you're back with us, running for Congress, against one of the most deadly swamp creatures ever seen.
The vaunted Maxine Waters.
Deadly, because she's like, has no brain, and is just like a flailing octopus creature.
She's a millennial.
Say what, millennial?
She's a 78-year-old millennial.
Literal mummy, they like, drug out of... Some type of frozen animation.
Sorry, Mr. Navarro, go ahead.
Yeah, you know, Maxine Waters says that she's a millennial candidate.
She's not the millennial candidate.
Obviously, there's a millennial that's challenging her, going up against her next year.
Not only that, last year.
I mean, if she was really a millennial candidate, there wouldn't be a millennial challenging her.
Common sense.
You're being a conspiracy theorist.
You're telling me Maxine Waters isn't under 30 years of age, sir?
Well, that's what she thinks.
She thinks she's under 30 years of age.
I mean, she's got like a body of an 18-year-old.
She's got this shriveled braid.
Then they've got these tranny look-alikes running around saying, kill the president.
Kathy Griffin.
I'm not against trannies, but literally, this woman looks like a tranny.
You could actually have a good Halloween program with Nancy Pelosi, Dianne Feinstein, and Maxine Waters.
Those are like monster-looking characters.
I would more than love to debate any of them.
I'll take them down in seconds.
Oh, what happens though?
Look at that!
You've challenged them to a debate.
We can't beat most people.
I'm sorry Radio Lizards.
We're looking at pictures of Nancy Pelosi.
Oh my god, I'm sorry.
Oh hey, by the way, I might as well just say this now while we're off the rails.
Oh, it says off the tracks now.
Oh hey, I didn't even see that.
There's no teleprompter, but occasionally they give me messages like, you might want to plug, or we got a guest coming up, or be, you know.
But now, this is the only episode we're on, so off the tracks now.
Can we bring the camera in here to cover?
I got a real memo here that we wanted to cover, and we're totally off the tracks.
We're going to cover it, because Roger Stone's coming in.
Hey, since we're off the track, though, I might as well say now, we've been working on this.
Omar, I've been talking to you about this.
This was kind of my brainchild.
I passed it off to Darren McBreen and one of our great people in the graphics department, Walker.
Mad Maxine, Fury Road, the movie, will be out tomorrow.
Mad Maxine Fury Road.
This is something that we've been working on for a long time.
Don't give the name away.
Darren McBreen.
I tip my hat.
He's done an amazing job.
It's Mad Maxine.
It's Mad Maxine.
No, it is.
It's her in the movie.
And it's her in the movie.
She's the main character.
We put her head on the movie.
It's gonna be great.
I think she's hot.
I'm excited to see that.
I'm into necrophilia tomorrow.
Looking forward to it.
Alright, hey, listen.
Great job, Omar Navarro.
Congressman, we salute you, sir.
Thank you, and I invite you guys to come to California.
We want to come.
I want the mariachi band playing.
No, only Tickle.
Do not squeeze them.
Thank you.
We appreciate you.
That's a ripping off an old Joe Rogan joke.
Honestly though, he'll end up winning though and probably won't come on.
A lot of congressmen don't, but I'm sure you will.
We love you.
Bye, Omar.
No, Omar is a true warrior and a true representative.
He had to be here today.
I just can't help it.
It's okay, Alex.
We're having great victories and Omar is a case in point.
I mean, we've had some great victories.
The best victories are the little private ones you don't talk about and you just savor.
And then just watch the media completely silent, not knowing what to do.
That's the Kermit the Frog meme, Alex.
Do you know about this?
No, I don't know about it.
That's none of my business.
Oh my goodness.
Hey, you know what, Alex?
We have the power of Isengard!
Here's what I'm going to do.
I'm going to get you back on the tracks, alright?
I want you to either plug right now or let's talk about the terrorist attack that was thwarted in D.C.
Let's talk about that.
This is BreakingInfoWars.com.
It's at RealAlexJones on Twitter.
Please follow us there.
Here it is.
Go ahead and go to the article.
The Secret Service received information from a concerned citizen and Trump International Hotel security staff.
Oh, thank God they're not being PC today.
An individual was subsequently located at Trump International Hotel in DC.
Agents and officers recovered a semi-automatic assault rifle and a handgun in the individual's vehicle.
Brian Moles of Pennsylvania was arrested by MPD officers for illegal possession of firearms.
So, it is believed that Secret Service
And this, what was, I guess, a tip that came from people at the hotel and concerned citizens, potentially saved lives today, Alex.
Sure, can we put the drag queen Kathy Griffin back behind us, simulating the murder of the president?
So I'm glad that you went there, Alex.
I'm glad that you actually went there because this is a perfect segue.
Alright, Alex, let's get serious for a second here.
I know that it's hard to go from one end of the spectrum to the other, but we can do this.
We are human beings.
This is what needs to be a clear message to President Trump right now with Kathy Griffin holding up your decapitated head.
And Alex, you've been saying this since November 8th.
Megyn Kelly's coming next week.
I want Kathy Griffin, me and Megyn Kelly to oil wrestle next week on air.
Alex, you're going off the tracks again.
Back to the fight.
You've been saying this since November 8th.
This picture needs to scream it to Donald Trump.
This is war.
We are in a war.
No, let's get serious.
I've got a stack where they're saying bomb his hotels, attack his- And then they tried to do it today!
That's what I'm saying, Alex!
I started the show before this even broke.
I've got it right here.
Mainstream News, MSNBC.
A terrorism expert says attack his facilities.
New York Times columnist tweets about killing Trump.
Times journalist hopes for Trump's death.
If you guys can document Cam's shot here, please.
MSM counterterrorism analyst calls for ISIS bombing of Trump property.
We have that clip coming up in the next segment.
I make jokes because it's gallows humor.
We're in a total war!
Rasmussen releases a poll today.
53% say media leaks are an act of treason.
Alex, we are living in a civil war.
We are living in an age where acts of treason are just considered normal.
And I'm just challenging Megyn Kelly and Kathy Griffin to a boxing match.
I'll take both of them on.
And you will win because it's a joke.
It's a joke.
Who is Andy Kaufman would wrestle women?
That's the answer to the future.
Oil wrestling?
It's probably less violent.
But I've got to wear flippers.
So that I can... Or maybe you can tie your hand behind your... Or maybe you can be like a dolphin man or something.
Half man, half dog.
You know I'm in a good mood.
I know you're in a good mood because we are experiencing victories.
I know Alex.
I know.
The victories are just really good.
It's really sweet.
But you know what though?
We are in a war and you've been telling people.
So I'm glad to see that you're able to relax.
I've been a little down lately.
I know.
You couldn't celebrate.
Everybody gave you a hard time.
Oh why isn't Alex celebrating Trump's victory?
Well because now the Civil War is here.
And I feel like we're starting to win.
I think we are.
And I think that the big thing that's happening, at least in the last 24 hours, is that the left is committing political suicide.
I agree.
Hey, let's go to our bumper music.
I don't want to skip this break.
We'll be back with Owen Schroyer straight ahead with two more segments.
And then, Roger Stones will open the phones up and talk about the plan for Trump to get on the offense with the Justice Department against the criminal globalists inside the government who've been caught criminally leaking.
The president has the upper hand.
The question is, will he use it?
I think he will.
Stay with us.
Michael Schneider is our guest.
I wasn't going to get him on about these stories.
Baltimore has become a rotting, decaying war zone as raging opioid epidemic eats away at the city like a cancer.
Thousands flee Chicago, drugs linked to this, for safer areas of the country as America's third largest city becomes a...
Gang-infested wasteland.
Yeah, a couple days ago I wrote an article which went viral on the Drudge Report.
It was posted on the Drudge Report, got a ton of attention about Chicago, the third largest city in America, once one of the greatest cities in the world, has descended into and basically becoming a total nightmare.
Gang members outnumber the police in Chicago by more than a 12 to 1 margin.
And it's thanks to unchecked illegal immigration, the Latin American gangs coming across the border are just pouring into places like Chicago and creating violence like crazy.
In fact, just this week, the Chicago police issued an alert telling every member of the Chicago police force
About the high-powered weapons that the gangs are using.
Because they're just not using, you know, little pop guns.
They're using automatic weapons in many cases.
And so Chicago's totally out of control.
So people are leaving.
In fact, last year, 2016, Cook County had lost more people through domestic migration than any other county in America.
Because people are getting out.
And in one recent year, 2015, 3,000 millionaires, millionaires left the city of Chicago for other places.
So people are fleeing, they're getting out, they don't want to raise their families where there's so much violence, so much crime, where things are completely out of control.
If we see crime exploding in Chicago, the murder rate increased to 60% last year, while the economy is still relatively stable, what's going to happen if we have a major downturn?
Because, you know, right now, Alex, the number of retail bankruptcies has already surpassed all of last year.
And if we continue at the same pace that we're on, we're going to break the all-time yearly record for store closings for retail stores by more than 20%.
We're not just going to break the record, we're going to absolutely shatter it.
So we've got all these economic red flags going up all around us.
These trends started under Obama, so Obama should get the blame, but Trump's going to get the blame.
And we've already got so much anger and frustration and racial tensions being stirred up in our inner cities.
And when things start getting really bad, the mainstream media is just pointing it toward Trump for how bad things are.
I mean, our cities could just explode in chaos.
That's right.
We've had a 50-year rot of America.
We have brought in giant third world populations that have no history of living in a free country or being upwardly mobile.
They're put on welfare.
They're made to be liberal.
They're made to have ships on their shoulders right away.
Trump is desperately trying to get jobs into the areas, desperately trying to create exuberance, trying to create a good attitude.
Everybody knows with the dollar, you name it, it's all about confidence.
And then the media is blaming him when he's desperately trying to right the ship.
Earlier, I ran around pretending like I was having brain tumor-induced seizures and falling down on the ground.
For that, I apologize to anyone that was offended.
I wasn't doing it to offend anybody that has any neurological disorders.
I've had family with brain tumors and Alzheimer's and other things.
We all know it's very, very serious.
It's not a joke.
What I was making fun of is the media saying,
Last year, remember, that Hillary didn't fall down and they would cut the tape right at the point that she was about to fall down and said we were making it up.
And I was just making the joke that if I'm having seizures and falling down everywhere, it's real.
You know, when Hillary had that happening.
And the fact that they're trying to cover it up is trying to get you to not believe your own eyes, ladies and gentlemen.
So we are definitely having some fun here today.
But at the expense of MSM, that's having a very, very, very bad
Here's the latest Clifford Cunningham article.
Clifford's now moved to Austin, is in there with the crew.
Soros insider infiltrates Trump administration.
That's big news.
You've got other big news, Owen Schroer.
Well, this is just, I kind of wanted to, I took a memo here, Alex, because I'm trying to pay attention to what the fake news is doing, and you just talked about it.
You know, another big thing that they're trying to break is this Kushner trying to create a back channel with Russia, right?
This is actually old news.
Which it turns out he really didn't do now, but it's totally normal if he did.
Right, right, right.
But this is old news anyway.
They just decided to add Kushner to it.
So they make it new by adding Kushner in there, and now it's new, even though this is just old, washed-up news that they're trying to recreate.
But here's the crazy thing that's spiraling in my head, okay?
I'm trying to figure this out, Alex.
If they've been colluding with Russia, why would Kushner be setting up this back channel?
Everyone in D.C.
is looking for evidence of collusion and they can't find any.
He's president-elect.
Oh, that's the total proof!
Why do you need a back channel if you're already run by the Russians?
And it's obviously a very successful back channel because everyone in D.C.
has been looking for it, can't find it, so it's obviously working, so why would they need to create a back channel?
Then, think about this angle, Alex.
So you have the Democrats, you have specifically Obama and his spy state, coming out saying, well, you know, we think Trump might be Russian, so we're going to have to spy on Trump.
Okay, so we're going to spy on Trump.
So now Trump knows he's getting spied on, so he says, well, the Democrats are spying on me.
They're trying to get anything they can.
I can't have a safe phone call.
So you know what?
I probably need to create a back channel with Russia because the Democrats are spying on me.
Why are you creating a back channel?
Why are you creating a back channel?
We're not spying on you.
There's no spying.
There's no wiretaps.
You clearly are Russian.
You created a back channel.
By the way, exactly.
If the Russians are trying to cut our taxes, defend our border, expand our military, put the family first, allow Christianity again, I like Russian rule.
How dare you?
The difference is this is not the Russians.
Wait, wait, wait.
You're getting spied on all the time, by the way.
This is all Americans.
So how dare you want to back... Every American has to go through some level
Of personal privacy in their life!
Who believes General Flynn, a hero of the army battling Al Qaeda and ISIS, is really a Russian agent?
Who believes Trump is?
This is ridiculous!
Some super capitalist from New York?
I am...
Stay right there.
Hold on.
We're going to break.
Just a moment.
Just a moment.
We're going to do five more minutes and then bring in the great Roger Stone.
But just briefly, we need financial support.
I'm having a lot of fun here, but we've launched a big contest to go out and expose the media as the terrorist, as the enemy, as the fake news.
Operation Expose Terrorist Media.
Infowars.com forward slash contest.
But the real fun's going to watch all the great patriots out there.
Red-blooded Americans all getting in the media's face, legally and lawfully, pointing out CNN, Terrorist, Fox, MSNBC, I don't care.
Just however you want to do it with your own shirt, your own sign, whatever it is, just get InfoWars.com in there and win $1,000 or $2,500.
Just follow the roadmap of all the other folks that won the big contest.
Bill Clinton's a rapist.
And realize, we've extended Memorial Day specials up to 75% off at InfoWarsStore.com on the nutraceuticals and more.
We've never had sales like this on colloidal silver.
Flood us with capital and I will rampage them to hell!
I am committed!
I will never back down!
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Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order, it's Alex Jones.
The Red Rocker, bringing us in.
Oh, it's Royer!
Had a liner here.
Rushing through the lies and disinformation, it's Alex Jones.
The key for conservatives and libertarians is to start having fun and not caring.
The liberals are the uptight twits trying to act cool off their teleprompters.
We're funnier, we're smarter, we're stronger, we're better.
We're not allied with dirtbag radical Islam.
They can go right back to Hades or they crawl out of the devil's rear end.
Owen, you've been here now a while.