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Name: 20170529_Mon_NightlyNews
Air Date: May 29, 2017
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Welcome to the InfoWars Nightly News.
Today is Monday, May 29th, Memorial Day, and I'm Millie Weaver, joined here with Michael Zimmerman.
Today is the day that we need to give memory and honor to those who died for the rights that we hold so dear today.
Our First Amendment, freedom of speech, and our Second Amendment.
Michael Zimmerman's got something here to show you guys.
Right to bear arms.
It's crucial.
It's something we truly embrace here at InfoWars.
We don't just talk about the Second Amendment, we practice it.
And, you know, this Memorial Day, it's so important to remember those who did take up arms and those who died in the process to protect our freedoms.
That's right.
I mean, many people take those for granted, but in reality, somebody died so that you can have the right to voice your opinion.
You can have the right to go out there and say who you support.
So remember, guys, support your veterans and support those who paid with their lives for your rights.
During this Memorial Day, I want to thank the veterans that have fought, but of course, most importantly, those that have died, because that's what this holiday and remembrance is all about.
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These are the biggest sales ever on these items.
You add auto ship, several of these are lost leaders.
So for myself and the entire InfoWars crew, I salute you and thank you for all your prayers on this Memorial Day.
Just understand that without you there'd be nothing, because you are the InfoWars.
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All right, Craig Sawyer is our guest.
He's obviously a former Marine veteran, Navy SEAL, combat instructor, hosts several television shows on History Channel, Discovery Channel, CBS News, you name it.
And he's got tacticalinsider.com.
He's also involved investigating with a group of current and former law enforcement and military, multinationally, the giant child kidnapping, sex trafficking rings that are out there.
And so anybody who's watching today
On this Friday, Global Transmission can simply search engine, UN child sex trafficking, child murders, Haiti.
About a month after Craig Sawyer was on with us, about three months ago, it broke in the Associated Press, a year-long investigation of thousands of children raped, thousands trafficked out of the country, and hundreds dead.
You can go read those reports for yourself.
UN sex trafficking, Haiti, Associated Press.
So that's one of the subjects we're going to get into in a later segment today.
But I wanted to talk to Craig about that because it just goes to the whole mindset of these elites and why those of us that aren't like them are kind of like blind.
We don't have avenue into that mindset.
We don't think like that.
And so we really have a blind spot to it.
So how do you respond to that?
And it's the same thing with Islam.
You can argue Islam needs a reformation.
Well, maybe Al-Qaeda and ISIS is a reformation, because I've read the Quran.
It's getting back to what Muhammad actually did.
Now, here's the deal.
I know there's some nice Muslims, and I know there's Alawites and Kurds and all the rest of it, and I don't want to have war with them.
I don't want to kill them.
But that said, I can't sit here and watch Manchester, 22 girls blown up and killed, another 50-something injured, and then see the pop singer call for more open borders and talk about how she hopes her fans effing die.
That's a quote.
And you've got these elitist Hollywood people with arm guards and walls, but they don't want you and I to have guns.
And then they say have open borders to unvetted countries.
The six countries Trump's blocked are the ones that they have the Sharia law where the local mosque basically hands out the passports.
Syria is falling to these people, but Libya and Sudan and Somalia, it's already fallen to it.
This is crazy.
So I wanted to get Greg Sawyer's take on what happened in Manchester.
I talked to a Green Beret.
About two months ago, off record.
And he said, look, the next place to be hit will be England.
That's where the jihadis are really targeting, because they're trying to leave the EU.
But jihadis see the EU as kind of their own deal.
They're allied with Merkel and others.
We've seen more truck attacks, more shootings.
And then they say, oh, we can't believe this is happening, when they were letting him go back and forth to Libya, and then back and forth into the country.
So I wanted to ask the question, because Craig hasn't just been a Navy SEAL and all the rest.
He was also a federal officer, and worked in many of those modes.
Well, hi Alex Wolff.
I do.
There's a lot of different ways to look at this.
What I look at is the big picture.
You know, they're talking about what's going on over there in England right now with the latest bombing in Manchester and who's behind it and how it was done and all the down in the weeds part of it.
What I look at is more of the big picture from the counterterrorism and the federal law enforcement background.
Look, I know that the British MI5, MI6 and SAS can solve this problem, given the freedom to do their jobs.
So why are their hands tied and why is this being allowed to happen in the first place?
Why is the stage being set for radical Islamists
To blow up concerts, schools and the like.
Why is it being allowed when the people and the professionals across Europe know how to handle it?
Why is it not being allowed to be dealt with?
And it's this whole political correctness lie that's really got everybody's hands tied.
So I say, look, man,
People are going to have to get fed up to the point to where they're going to demand effective action be taken by their governments.
No more.
As long as there is only this soft response to terror, terrorists are going to win.
They're going to get what they want.
They're going to bomb the living daylights out of everybody, every day, all day, until nobody's left.
Until effective action is taken.
It's got to be effective.
And those techniques and tactics are known.
We know what it takes to defeat terrorism.
And my question is right now, why is that not happening?
It's a political problem.
It's a corruption problem.
It's a lack of will to win.
And I think until we address that, there's no point in getting down in the weeds and all the other points of view.
I totally agree with you.
We don't want to blend the military and the police because their hands are tied.
But you look at Stockholm, Sweden.
You look at Brussels, Belgium.
You look at Berlin, Germany or Cologne.
You look at Paris, France.
Burning buildings every night.
People being raped, killed.
Just crazy town.
An inability to address it or do anything.
And then we learn time and time again the security services actually know what's going on.
Known by police.
Known by MI5.
Known by MI6.
Known by the FBI.
I don't
It's like beyond being paralyzed, and of course you've been a federal officer, you've dealt with this in counterterrorism.
What is the general feel then about where this is going to go?
Because clearly it's getting worse, clearly they're bringing more refugees here, most of them military-age men.
What is the establishment thinking?
Well, that's the question of the rank and file.
The people that actually have the skills and the background to make a difference are frustrated.
They cannot
Have their optimal effect without backing from their politicians.
So whether it be in the United States and what we just suffered in the last eight years of being scolded every time we were bombed, as to not to pay attention to who did the bombing and not dare say it, you know.
Now we're watching kind of the same thing over in England and it's heartbreaking to see the victims, needless victims, they should not have suffered this attack.
It's known how to prevent this and the will is just obviously not there to prevent
I think?
It just boils down to enforcing the law in good faith, Alex.
It's really that simple.
Uh, all of these countries have the laws on the books.
If they would only enforce them, could clean this right up.
Let me ask you this.
What is it?
Sure, sure.
I mean, it's not like sometimes, and I've been against many of our wars.
I'm not against our troops or our country, but I'm against some of the wars.
But once the war is going on...
A missile goes the wrong direction, kills innocent people.
We apologize, it's terrible.
A lot of times spam reparations, that's good.
But the Muslims, we apologize, we kill people on accident that are innocent.
But then they won't apologize, just their general mosque, when they go blow up a bunch of teenage girls.
Why do the Islamists tend to target women, children?
It's like they never seem to go after combatants.
They never seem to go after men.
They're always going after women and children.
I mean, is that just because they're cowards?
Because don't they know how bad that makes them look?
Well, President Trump called it right.
They are cowards.
And yes, that is why.
It's easier to kill the innocent and the helpless and the defenseless.
So that's why nobody respects them.
And that's why they will lose.
I think we all need to just start telling the truth again and quit towing around and pretending to have more compassion for a hostile group that are coming against our country than we really believe inside.
It's time to just stand up and call it what it is.
We don't like terrorism.
We don't like the violence.
And we don't condone it.
We don't stand for it.
We should not tolerate it any further.
So it's just a matter of standing up.
Can you imagine being a 27-year-old guy
And they're sure they let him in the back, and now we know he had help.
It's a sophisticated device.
It's usually Muslims in England running security.
I've been there many times.
It's, like, bizarre.
They're at the airport asking you if you're planning something.
You're like, give me a break.
You're wearing a hijab, lady.
And imagine you're around a bunch of teenage girls, and you walk in, and then you're proud to blow them up.
I mean, I'm sorry, that is the most mentally ill, warped logic I've ever heard of.
Yeah, yeah.
Well, it's evil.
Anytime you... anytime...
Mankind intentionally does harm to the innocent and helpless.
That's evil.
There's no other way to describe it.
It has a hunger for it, doesn't it?
Yeah, you're right.
It's a depraved and a sick mind that does that.
And we should not allow it any further.
It's not a legitimate outlook.
It's no way to run anything.
It's just they are the least and the weakest among us.
And they have resorted to that which is completely unacceptable to try to achieve their own objectives.
And we must not allow it.
Of course, Trump has called them losers many times.
We're going to play a clip of that in a moment.
And I don't want to just sit here and bash them all day, because Islam's a threat.
Orthodox Islam's a threat.
But isn't it, Craig, the bigger threat?
A political class in Europe and the United States that is allied with it?
Because it's more than just Stockholm Syndrome and the public capitulating.
Our elites have basically been bought off by the power structure.
And one day after our president throws the gauntlet down and says, listen, stop killing us or we're going to wipe you out, they attack the next day.
Yeah, well, I agree with you.
I don't think folks like Merkel over in Germany are as foolish as they appear by just massively importing terrorists and then, you know, acting surprised when things start blowing up.
I don't think anybody's that stupid.
I do believe and have seen behind the scenes that they are corrupt.
They are in league with globalists that buy them off and promise them political power and favors.
And we've got
A segment, unfortunately, of our society that seek their own personal benefit over the best interests of their citizens.
So they're traitors.
They betray their own people and they pretend that somehow mass importing terrorists can in any way, shape, or form be a good idea.
Well sure, your father was a well-known pastor here in Texas and I don't just say this because I mean I grew up Christian and I was I love God but I kind of got sick of hearing about it all day for my family but as I got older I learned it really is evil we're facing and you look at Katy Perry and all her satanic rituals on TV and then her saying open borders bring them in you know they're allied with it
Because they get off on the evil.
It's a perversion.
They enjoy flaunting it and allying with it because spiritually they're one with it because they are fundamentally losers.
Here's President Trump.
I extend my deepest condolences to those so terribly injured in this terrorist attack and to the many killed and the families
So many families of the victims.
We stand in absolute solidarity with the people of the United Kingdom.
So many young, beautiful, innocent people living and enjoying their lives murdered by evil losers in life.
I won't call them monsters.
Because they would like that term.
That's enough of the president.
I'm not just saying this.
When I watch these jihadis, they just act like, physically, the wimpiest little creepy people.
Like they're trying to be evil.
They're trying to be bad.
And then I ask myself, if they're so pathetic, then how are we so dominated by them, Craig?
Well, like we pointed out earlier, our politicians in a lot of cases, our elected officials, are not representing us.
They're not looking out for our best interests.
And we have to be more assertive.
Thank God we've gotten President Trump.
I do believe that the tide has changed here in the United States because of that.
And I look forward to the results, the positive and effective results from that.
Over in Europe, it looks like they've still got a lot bigger problem.
And I do hope that we sit up and take notice and watch what's going on over there.
And look at just how ineffective their responses are to radical Islam.
And take note.
And follow and back our President and his determination to kick them out.
Get them out.
If you don't want to live among us in peace, get out.
Go blow up your desert where you came from.
We are about peace.
We are about tolerance.
We are about working hard and enjoying the fruits of your labor.
And if you can't get on board with that, then you have no business coming to our country.
So it's a strong leader that will dare to say that nowadays.
In the face of political correctness and all the BS that's been pumped out of our educational institutions and so-called mainstream news media and big Hollywood over the last decades, I think a lot of American citizens have been lulled into a stupor by just hearing this false narrative.
I mean, I think you're saying the sleeping giant's starting to awaken.
We're going to come right back with Craig Sawyer straight ahead.
I want to talk about, right before we went on air earlier, we talked about the attacks on Trump, you know, the attempt to overthrow him, the fifth column in the government, the deep states that's admitted all these Obama people.
Craig has a lot of law enforcement sources and intelligence sources.
We'll get his expert analysis on that right after this break.
Briefly, Memorial Day.
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You can see behind me, you can see very clearly, this is the White House briefing room, and I'll just give you a basic look at it.
If I can, you can recognize it.
Let's go to Dr. Corsi now in Washington.
Welcome, Dr. Corsi.
I'm good to be with you.
Thank you.
Tell us a little bit about getting credentialed.
We had a lot of people mocking us as they always do every time we talk about the fact that the government is watching you through your monitor and listening to what you're doing.
They mocked us for years and now we see pictures of Zuckerberg and others and then we see the documents from the NSA.
So this goes on and on.
Earlier I was talking to Daniel Estelin who for years was part of the reporting about Bilderberg when they pretended that it didn't even exist.
They kept it very secret.
Now it's an open secret and so
In the same way, we were mocked when we said we're going to have a White House correspondent, and they mocked that.
But now you're credentialed with the White House Press Corps, is that correct?
Yes, today we got the first credentials, and I'll be going on for a while with getting weekly credentials, and then in about three months, we'll be able to apply to get permanent credentials.
We have to establish a daily presence here, and we're beginning to open up an office.
We've rented an office near Metro Center.
And I'm in the very first days of building now what will be a Washington Bureau, where we plan to cover both the White House and Congress on a daily basis, and be able to broadcast and provide live streaming as we're doing right now.
We just finished an initial briefing on the budget, which is embargoed until 9 o'clock tonight by the OMB Director Mulvaney, who will be testifying to Congress later this week.
I got an initial preview of what the 2018 budget is going to look like.
Next budget, 2017 budget, really full budget coming up.
Right now the first year of the Obama administration, 2018, but it will be done to be worked on in September.
You said that's embargoed, but there's been some trickling of that through the mainstream media.
We've had Washington Post, AP, Bloomberg News have leaked out some stuff.
Zero Hedge has reported that what they're saying is that they're looking at massive slashes in entitlement.
They totaled some of this up and they said it was $1.7 trillion in entitlement cuts, food stamp cuts by 25%.
I would hope that he would do something
Like cutting that for immigrants, because there's no other country except perhaps some of the European countries that have been taken over by this population redistribution thinking that is going through Western Europe and America.
But any other country that you go to immigrate to, whether you're going to go to Belize or you're going to go to New Zealand or whatever, you have to have
a means of support before they'll let you come into their country to live and you have to have not only a an income but you also have to have a certain net worth before you can come in and yet we put this magnet there telling people you can come to our country you can get not only a free education but you can get at the head of the line you can get in-state tuition at any university which even American citizens and their parents who have lived here all their lives paid taxes all their lives they can't get that but we allowed that
To be given to foreign students who come in.
So that's, I think, one of the key things.
Also in this budget, they're saying that there's going to be money for the wall.
Is that what you have seen in the budget?
Or can you comment on it?
Well, I'm not going to violate the embargo, but I think you're seeing some initial reporting which will be designed to scare those who are on various programs that they're not going to get their benefits going to be cut.
There's going to be cuts, there's going to be a readjustment of how the money is allocated, how the money is spent.
I think you'll see money in the budget for building a wall.
Again, I think all these elements, as I'm reviewing it, it's really going to be the first taxpayer's budget, where the Trump administration is asking the question of, as a taxpayer, is the money being wisely spent?
I think there's going to be an increasing emphasis on
Getting people off of various government programs and getting them back to work, which was an endeavor that was last attempted when Newt Gingrich was in Congress and the basic plan with America had been passed, one element of which was replacing welfare with workfare.
I think there's going to be a number of elements in this budget which are attempting to balance the budget, which are going to go
I don't
Which doubled during the Obama administration.
I think this is going to be a very fundamentally different approach.
We'll be interested to see what happens.
As these details are being rumored and leaked out by the Washington Post and others, we see of course the Democrats adopting a partisan line.
First in line is going to be Chuck Schumer, but we also saw Mitch McConnell come out and say,
We're going to have something to say about that as well.
Just like they said when there was a compromised agreement in the House in terms of Obamacare, the Senate says, well, we haven't even bothered to look at that.
We're going to come up with our own thing.
And as you pointed out many, many times, they're funding Obamacare by stealing money from Freddie and Fannie.
And you know, when we look at possible welfare reform, Dr. Corsi,
As I said, if we get the immigrants first, have them take the first hit on entitlements, I think that'd be a great deal.
We're losing the American dream just as they're doing a net asset sweep out of the Fannie and Freddie investors.
They're doing a net asset sweep out of American homeowners by opening up our borders and opening up our schools to however many people want to come in.
We have absolutely no control of that.
We're going to give them whatever they want in terms of education, and that education is going to be paid for by property taxes, and that's going to do a
Well, instead of getting into that, I don't want to begin violating the embargo.
The main purpose of my coming on today was to make it clear.
You can see behind me, you can see very clearly, this is the White House briefing room.
I'll just give you a basic look at it.
If I can, you can recognize it.
It's tough with the iPad.
But there you go.
You can see the White House Briefing Room.
It's really a very small facility.
It's actually like much of the White House.
Quite shocking in how small it is when you're actually in the White House.
I've experienced that many times before.
And very compact facility.
But we're going to be here.
We're going to be here on a regular basis.
So you're going to be able to see reports coming out of InfoWars.
And I just wanted to make it clear by being physically present today that
You can actually see we have gotten press credentials and we are now in the White House briefing room which you can see behind me the logo and all the information that makes it clear.
I'm standing right at the podium where press conferences are given and that's really the point I wanted to emphasize today.
Tomorrow we'll come back, we can talk more about the budget details, we can write about it because the embargo will be done.
You're standing right now about where Sean Spicer would be, right?
That's a Spicer's eye view of the White House press conference room right there.
With as poorly as I can do with an iPad to try to give you a basic view of it.
So with that I'd kind of like to sign off and we're here.
I think that makes it clear we're going to get press credentials and
We'll do what we need to do to get here on a regular basis to get permanent press credentials.
Okay, and before you go, I want to just ask a question, let you tease this, because you teased it in your article that we got up on Infowars.com.
Defeating the deep state coup d'etat, silencing the mainstream media, and you point out, you know, what do we do to push back against this?
And you say that in the next few days, Infowars.com plans a series of investigative reports detailing the extensive ties that established Comey as a Clinton fixer.
It has been rewarded handsomely for his efforts since first working for the Clinton Justice Department in the 1980s to make sure, first of all, that they weren't indicted for the Whitewater scandal, but as I was just talking to Roger Stone, to also make sure that Sandy Berger got away with destroying documents out of the National Archives that might have made the Clintons look bad in the aftermath of 9-11.
The guy goes in there.
Take literally stuffs documents this is before we had the issues of servers and so forth not wiping them clean with a with a cloth as Hillary Clinton was mocking but back old school documents where he goes and gets the physical documents stuffs them in his clothes walks out and then is caught destroying them and Comey was the one who did not want to pull the trigger on a prosecution.
Before we get into all this look
I just want to basically show we're here.
I'm going to be having now a microphone and earphones so we don't have to broadcast everything we're saying to the entire press room.
And I'm going to try to cut off at that point.
I'll be writing about this first article will be tomorrow.
And let's kind of end this now by just saying we're here.
We're going to get more established as we go on.
I'm very, very pleased to have made this step today.
All right, great.
Thank you very much, Dr. Jerome Corsi.
And there you can see the Spicer Eye View.
All of you now see what it looks like if you're Sean Spicer.
That's the room, minus the angry mainstream media shouting questions at you.
Thank you so much, Dr. Corsi.
We'll be looking forward to your reports.
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Everything from brain fog, lack of energy, insomnia, headaches, bowel problems.
Joint pain.
It's joint pain.
It's linked to Crohn's disease.
What about the obesity epidemic?
I know they test people that are really obese.
They're just colonized by fungus.
Yeast overgrowth?
I have a study right here by Jacob Titobaum at the Fibromyalgia and Fatigue Center in Dallas.
Yeast overgrowth is linked to an average weight gain of 32 and a half pounds.
By the way, folks, I'm not bragging.
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Let's go to Debit in Florida.
Debit in Florida, you're on the air.
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On April 9, 1865, the Civil War ended at Appomattox Courthouse in Virginia, after more than 600,000 Union and Confederate soldiers lost their lives.
Of the remaining 1.5 million plus veterans, along with the 80,000 veterans from previous conflicts,
Tens of thousands of veterans were in desperate need of medical treatment, housing, and employment.
In 1865, during his second inaugural address, President Abraham Lincoln appealed to Congress and the nation on behalf of these soldiers to address this problem.
To care for him who shall have borne the battle, and for his widow and his orphan,
Becoming the motto for the then Veterans Administration.
In March 1865, the National Homes for Disabled Volunteer Soldiers, which resulted in establishing 11 permanent national homes between 1865 and 1930.
Similar programs cropped up in the southern states for the Confederate veterans.
In 1886, the Texas Confederate Home was established in Austin, Texas, which housed hundreds of Confederate veterans.
In 1888, the Pacific Branch of National Homes for Disabled Volunteer Soldiers was established in West Los Angeles, California.
John P. Jones and Arcadia DeBaker patriotically deeded over 400 acres of pristine West Los Angeles land to be permanently maintained as a national home for veterans.
Carolina Winston-Berry is the great-great-niece of one of the landowners.
This was a fully functional city within the county of Los Angeles.
It had everything, some post office, 150 acres under cultivation, orange trees all over the place.
You can't see an orange tree anymore.
However, a lot has happened since then.
Government documents show that the West Los Angeles VA has made millions of dollars renting out chunks of its property to private enterprises.
During the early part of the Vietnam War, construction began on the Interstate 405, which is part of California's major highway system.
A section of the 405, once known as the Sepulveda Freeway, now Sepulveda Boulevard, cuts through the veteran's property.
This stretch of road is named after the Sepulveda family of San Pedro, California, who in 1784 were issued a Spanish land grant by King Carlos III.
Very close to this section of land and on the veteran's property is where the drills for the Sawtail Oil Field are located.
Tell us about the oil that's been found on the veteran's land and what's going on?
Is that oil going to the veterans?
Not at all.
Thank you for asking.
This is a gift.
This will offer two families.
They open the first veteran's home after the Civil War era for disabled, homeless women.
This land was selected.
It's so amazing.
There's an oil well on this property.
Though the veterans were duly entitled to both the surface and mineral rights through Mulholland Water Projects, the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power has the water rights.
Maps reveal that the Sepulveda Channel, which runs subterranean along the once Sepulveda Freeway, now 405, is a major waterway.
While soldiers fought overseas, the 405 was built over veterans' land.
Through the use of federal funds for state highway projects, the Department of Interior ultimately subrogated the Sawtail Oil Field, even though the oil field had been duly vested to the veterans in the original deed of 1888.
UCLA has a baseball diamond in there.
If we would take care of our preference for the matter that UCLA has a baseball diamond on here.
We would be the proudest people.
The VA has designated three vacant buildings on the West L.A.
campus to be converted to housing for disabled homeless vets.
They announced that in 2007, though they took no action.
In 2010, the agency announced they would spend $20 million rehabbing one of those buildings.
It was supposed to open this year.
They have yet to break ground.
Senator Feinstein and Congressman Weisman have never appropriated $1
For one blanket, for one homeless veteran.
And because the pressure's been put onto them through the ACLU lawsuits and all, they recently appropriated $20 million to rehab one of those rat-infested buildings of about 55 rooms that will house 65 veterans a year and a half from now.
We have 20,000 out here.
This is their little tokenism, and if you just do the simple math, it's close to $400,000 a room.
You can buy them.
The list goes on and on of people who have leases in here.
Privileged leases that should supposedly offset the expense of running the VA.
What we have back here is there's 21 acres leased to the Brentwood School with a sweetheart deal.
Brentwood School is one of the wealthiest private schools.
$30,000 a year for grade school through high school.
They have tennis courts, they have swimming pools, they have virtually everything back here.
It's an athletic field, a playground, and up above is the, what's supposed to be the Veterans Golf Course.
A couple years ago, $200,000 in green fees were embezzled.
This is classic of what's going on here.
This is a veterans land.
You got a guy from Parks and Recreation, a paid employee of the government, city government, and they're snooping around at us.
I just hope America wakes up
It isn't uncommon in the United States for its citizens to wind up at the foul end of the deep state's ire, as is eventually revealed by buried evidence spun out of the narrative by the Mockingbird Media.
Now more details surrounding the body count connected to the DNC's muzzling of WikiLeaks
Have begun to find solid ground and it could open an investigation involving the DC Mayor's Office, the DC Police Department and rocket its way into the chain of command at the DNC as to why a DNC staffer who reportedly sent 40,000 emails to WikiLeaks director and BBC Democratic National Committee history documentarian Gavin McFadden was murdered.
In an as-yet unverified robbery on July 10, 2016, WorldNetDaily reported a federal investigator who reviewed an FBI forensic report detailing the contents of Rich's computer generated within 96 hours after his murder told Fox News that Rich made contacts with Wikileaks through Gavin McFadyen.
Seth Rich's parents, Mary and Joel Rich of Omaha, Nebraska, said in August of 2016 in an interview with the Daily Mail that their son had been
That was just a robbery, I believe, wasn't it?
What are you suggesting?
I'm suggesting that our sources take risks and they become concerned to see things occurring like that.
But was he one of your sources then?
I mean... We don't comment on who our sources are.
But why make the suggestion about a young guy being shot in the streets of Washington?
Because we have to understand how high the stakes are in the United States and that our sources are
You know, our sources face serious risks.
That's why they come to us, so we can protect their anonymity.
Alex Jones here with a very important news update to anybody out there that wants to be prepared.
But it goes beyond being prepared.
Our bodies absolutely must have the good halogen iodine or we will die.
And you look at all of the thyroid problems and all the people that don't have energy and that have all sorts of hormone problems.
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It's as important as vitamin C.
If you don't get iodine, you die.
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You've got to have iodine in your body so that your body can produce the hormones you need.
It is the base to so many things.
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Other iodine comes from the ocean or from other byproducts of chemical facilities and is tainted.
It's bound.
It's not absorbable.
I tried it.
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And whatever you do,
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As for me and most folks I talk to, it's been a game changer in the positive column.
But still, consult your physician because iodine is no joke.
It's a key building block of the body and if you haven't had it for a long time and suddenly have it, some folks say they've experienced things like a detoxing effect and things like that.
You've got to have vitamin C. You've got to have iodine to live.
You've got to have water to live.
Iodine is key.
You must have it.
But consult your physician first before you get powerful survival shield nascent iodine X2 at Infowarslife.com or call toll free.
We can answer your questions.
With Infowars being under unprecedented attack and an all out assault.
I felt it was crucial to come down here to Austin and strategize with Alex Jones.
Infowars has been the tip of the spear in the Trump revolution, in the rise of a robust and vibrant alternative media.
And it is now time to devise a strategy to fight back on those who would strangle our First Amendment rights.
And they're trying to choke InfoWars, and Stone Cold Truth, and Breitbart, and the Time for Action is now.
We can't let them continue to winnow our numbers down and continue to block our access to our viewers.
The David Rock-inspired ban on Roger Stone has been broken.
It's simple.
You get to a certain point where you're so hot they have to have you.
It's about ratings.
I'm sure there were many people gnashing their teeth.
I'm not in any rush to go back and do them again.
You know why?
Because I'm reaching so many more people at Infowars.
All right, Roger Stone has been so busy in New York City, he hasn't even slept.
And he flew down here today.
He's in Austin, Texas.
He'll be with us for a couple days in studio.
We got a one-minute break.
Good to see you, Slick!
I'm afraid to be here.
Crazy, all right.
Hey, man, I tell you, I watched the documentary last night.
Pretty good.
Yeah, it really was.
But come on, you're a lot cooler.
It's like the Patriot defeating evil.
You're not really a villain.
They're the villains.
Well, they tried to make us a villain, but they tried to make both of us villains, but I think the Patriots see it.
They get it.
No, no, they're the scum.
They're the criminals.
We're having to be a little bit tough on them.
They call that villainy when we don't roll over their bullshit, right?
Let's just tell Soros Brock and all of them.
We're beating you.
You'll never defeat America.
We'll never mount our head on the wall.
Roger, join me.
America will defeat you.
Join me in this.
Come on, Roger.
There you go.
David Brock, this is just for you.
We're having a good time here today.
You'll never defeat America.
Folks, we're getting censored more and more on blogs, so it's up to you.
If you want to defeat these people, and I love you to death, I'm not bitching, I'm saying, hey, we're in a war here, spreadinfowars.com.
Spread this link as soon as it's not live on Facebook and Twitter and YouTube.
It's up to you.
You can roll over to the censorship.
We can win.
We're starting to win.
That's why the
If you have a Twitter feed, if you have a Facebook feed, if you're on Instagram, if you're on Snapchat, you're an army of one!
Take the best stories off of him and get him out there.
The most powerful forces of globalism are scared.
They're spending billions to defeat you.
We already beat them once in the election.
We're in a total battle.
They're doing everything they can to defeat our president.
We're going to win if you take action.
Yeah, people repost my videos.
And I've had people say, Cernovich, why do you let people repost your videos?
And they monetize the videos on YouTube.
And I go, good.
The ultimate political battle for the future of civilization.
We're here witnessing.
They have billions.
The Googles, the Facebooks, the Yahoos.
They have billions to fight us.
And we have you.
This is the real war, gentlemen.
And their resources, Google's resources, are unlimited.
But they don't have the people.
If the people are with us, no one can stand against us.
And the people will be with us as long as we can communicate with them.
That's the whole key.
You want to win on immigration?
You want to win on trade?
You want to win on the economy?
Then you can't be censored.
And finally, we're here!
We're fighting!
We're delivering!
We're doing it!
They are destroying me right now, and I feel great.
I don't care.
I'm going all the way to the end, whatever the cost may be.
But let's be very clear.
While they have been destroying the country, they themselves have become very, very rich.
They're parasites.
That's what we're doing.
We're not in this for the money.
We're in this for the country.
I'll say this, I hope we take the country back and everybody's incredibly wealthy and we've all got spaceships.
He's for cucks, cowards and fools to see us getting attacked by MSM and think, oh my God, if I'm for freedom, if I'm for America, if I'm for Second Amendment, if I'm for private property, I'll get attacked.
The attack only makes me bigger.
They're doing it to make you feel like you'll be a loser if you join us in victory.
So it's a sigh upon you.
Do you understand?
Ignore them.
That's right.
And retweet the posts from InfoWars and Stone Cold Truth and Breitbart and Daily Caller.
That's right.
Because the truth will set us free.
There is a cultural war.
They want to bully you into submission.
The cucks are lined up thinking they'll get some type of power if they just serve the system that doesn't give a damn about them.
We're building a better world, an open, free market of real choice.
History shows it's a fact.
Go to North Korea or Venezuela if you don't like it.
If you want freedom, if you want Americana, if you want what's really happening, thank God the spirit of America, like a phoenix, rose to the American people through somebody like Donald Trump and Roger Stone.
You've got the entire deep state that's hijacked America, panicking.
The American people actually elected somebody who's trying to be president.
And that's the thing about Trump.
I still don't believe he's gotten this much done.
But the good news is, I've heard it from my sources, I've heard it from you, I've heard it from Cernovich and all our sources.
The word is Trump is looking at taking his gloves off.
They have made the mistake of hitting him too hard.
He started his presidency in a conciliatory way.
This is a guy who while he was president-elect, he met with Al Sharpton, he met with Al Gore.
He's a counter puncher.
He reached out.
And what did he get when he put out the olive branch to Hillary and said, oh, maybe we shouldn't prosecute him?
They went after him hammer and tong.
So now he understands the gloves will be off.
This is a fight to the finish.
I can tell you this.
Don't ever push Donald Trump into a corner.
You push Donald Trump into a corner and you are going to get a snarling tiger.
This guy is a fighter.
Isn't this the archetypal underdog, the lion against a thousand hyenas and wolves?
I mean, this is so epic what we're watching.
I don't want to give my heart to Trump.
It's America.
It's the striving.
It's our enemies attacking him.
You know a man by his enemies.
The fact is he really is doing things that are so epic.
He wasn't supposed to be elected.
The old media was stacked against him.
The new media was stacked against him.
He was massively outspent.
But the American people rallied to save this country.
He is our last, best hope for the survival of the United States and the U.S.
It's about this lion surrounded by hyenas.
To a lesser level, we're experiencing that.
And it's this kinship, knowing the policy, knowing he's doing good.
And to see all these slaves of globalism, all these cucks.
Most people support us, but a large minority doesn't.
And it's very
Because they are treasonous vipers who are looking for the most opportune moment to strike!
You're already awake.
We love you even more.
I'm with you.
We're brothers.
We're sisters.
But it is the little pathetic cucks that are the victims we've got to reach out to and show they've been lied to.
I want them to be alive and awake.
This is such an epic battle, Roger.
How can they not see what's happening?
Many Americans, many citizens of the world are poisoned by the mainstream media.
I just don't get how some of the population isn't behind Trump, when the entire Republican leadership, the Democratic leadership, the globalists, the foreign governments, the Pope, the Communist Chinese, the EU, are all against him.
Meanwhile, he's trying to turn the economy back on.
Meanwhile, he's delivering sovereignty.
Meanwhile, he killed TPP.
Meanwhile, he's killing the IRS, persecuting Christians.
Put a solid conservative on the U.S.
Supreme Court, the first president to appoint a justice in the first hundred days since 1888.
So he's keeping faith with the American people on what he said he would do despite the best efforts of the Washington establishment to undo it.
It just shows the best laid plans of mice and men often go astray.
The elite believe they're invincible and here comes this reality TV real estate golf course mogul destroying them and then throwing huge mountains of prosperity on even the elite.
Not just the public, and they absolutely hate him for it.
And so it's just very paradoxical to watch him with very good policies, very well thought out programs, getting more done than any president in my lifetime in the first hundred days, and they say, a failure!
Just, you look at the Washington Post, New York Times, Washington Post is the worst.
It is a fountain of vomit.
Two cars drive by and go, F you Alex Jones, F you Roger Stone.
We're showing we're having an effect.
Cars driving by in the dark know who we are?
I mean, good God.
We're not the cowards outside the arena.
We're in the arena, we're winning, and we're going to only accelerate our operation.
Victory or death.
Victory or death, as Ferrell Gravis said.
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